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D.iiy Edition No. 1103
Nblson,  British Columbia, Thursday,  August 1,  1901
Eleventh  Year
No Prospect or a Settlement
of the strike Yet In
An American Compares Kru
ger  to William  of
Pittsburg,   Pa.,   July     81.- -"Hope
deferred   maketh   the   heart    si'ok.''
This is exprO'sive of   thc  feelings  of
the majority of   Pjttsbiu-gora   tonight
outside   of   the   inner   circles of   the
Amalgamated  Asssociation  executive
board, who have bi 3n <onsidering the
proosals  for a   scttlon ent of the steel
strike   fjr   two   days  wii'iout agree
ment. How the members of the board
feel is known to no   one  on  the   outside.   The second day of the executive
board's    deliberations    was    notable
for the  many  rumors  iu   circulation
nnd  for this conspiouoc. oefitll of results.   The absence   of  t.i'ee  of   the
principal members of tbo board would
tend to show that the members  differ
in their   ideas of the peace  proposals,
and that in ordor to   satisfy   all, Secretary Williams had been sent to New
York   tn   seek   modifications  at    the
hands of Messrs. Morgan and Schwab,
while Assistant   Secretary Tigne   and
Trustee Morgan   had   received a co.i-
mission to visit   Senator Banna to secure   his   aid   in   bringing about   an
amicable arrangement.    No,ring tangible   could   bo   learned    concerning
these supposed trips, however, and all
talk in relation to them must  remain
merely conjecture uutil the   rolurn of
these members and their lips  are  unsealed.    Newspaper   men   ;n theii endeavor to got news eoccerning the pro
gross of the conference spent   a weary
day on thc sidewalks around the heart-
quarters,   orders   having   been issued
that reporters should not be  admitted
during session of the board.   The conditions    of   affaiii'1 tonight,   may   be
summed up in th's para;, jpb.
The steel workers strike against thc
United States Steel Corporation is
still unsettled. The status of the contest is unchanged,"the men are lighting for every advantage while the companies are stengthening their position
as ranch as possible. The conference
of the members of the general executive board of the Amalgamated Association which was expected to Bettle
the trouble one way or the other, today adjourned at 0 o'clock tonight,
without accomplishing its purpose.
San Francisco Cal., duly 31. There
wero but lew changes in the local situation today. Both employers and
strikers aro standing firm, and each
side claims confidence in winning
without drawing on its reserves. No
serious disturbance of tho peace has
occurred. The strikers aro observing
strictly the injunction to abstain from
violence. Thc employers hold out no
hope for a speedy settlement of the
troubles, say there is nothing in sight
but a hnrd battle. The intimation
was made that the steamship companies will if uece.-sary, bring men to
San Francisoo from other points in
the United States.
Arriving vessels loday were deserted
hy their crews who reported immediately at the headquarters of the sailors' union, ,
The drivers for the Pacific Transfer
Co. weie called out today. This will
have a serious effect on ths handling
of baggage.
A thousand teamsters were also call
ed out. The new development may
put a stop to building operations
throughout, the oity. By the best informed students of tlie situation, it is
declared that the outcome of the con
tention is mainly dependent on the
coal supply. ~>ne large bunker was
in operation this morning and it iB
said there is not enough in the city to
meet the demand longer than two
The uity front federation granted
pormiBsion today to a number of
teams to haul coal into the light
house tender so theie will be no stoppage of tho light house service. Permission has illso beon granted to the
charitable institutions and hospitals
' to receive supplies hauled by union
The genoral appearance of the harbor is  one of inactivity.    There are
i ores   of   vessels   awaiting   cargoes.
vl-.ich nre ready to be put uboan
when the men shall be fonnd to handle tbem.
Tbe Hague, .Inly 111.���There was ai
Interview yesterday between Robert
���II. Van Shack, treasurer of the Holland society of Chicago, and Mr.
Kruger, who received him cordially
Mr. Van Shack, his wife,and Mr. Kru
ger conversed together for an hour
When Mr. Von Shack announced thai
he was the bearer of the society's
invitation to Mr. Kruger to be theii
guest, assuring Mr. Kruger of the
hisjh esteem in which lie wns held ir
the United States as a patriot whosi
noble devotion to the cause of libertx
recalled the devotion of the Prince o'
Orange, Mr. Kiuger was visiblj
itffected. He said he knew a good
many warm friends whom he would
like to thank. Mr. ICi-ugtr presented
Ml-. Van Shack with his p.iotograph
and autograph. The great Boer state
man seemed lo be feeble and distressed .with grief.
Humors of War Among the Little
States Bordering on Austria.
London, July 31.���Nothing bas boen
received here to confirm the news contained in the despatch of the Pall Mai!
Gazette, from Buda-Pest and outside
of Vienna, scant attention is paid to
tlie alleged political intrigues whicli
arc asserted to be at the bottom of the
present agitation in Albania. Accord
ing to a sensational Austrian news
paper, Italy and Montenegro started
the Mussulmans in Albania on then
pre ent anti-Christian campaign with
the view of obtaining an exce:,e of
some kind for intervention, the object
being to checkmate the Austrian
priority claim on Albania, iu the
event of its separation from Turkey.
Italy has several times denied the:*
allgod designs on Albania. The Italian papers asieit that its only objeet
is to prevent Germany from utilizing
the Dnebund for the purpose of securing German predominance in the Balkans and to re-establish the equilibrium oh the Adriatic, which has been
disturbed by Austria's supposed designs on Albania. There is no indtci-
tion at present, however, of the Balkan question being brought up in a
serious manner in the immediate future.
Naples, July 31.���The bulletin issued tonight regarding Signor Fran
cesco Ciispi announces that he has
suffered a relftpse and is weaker. His
terrible struggle for breath can be
heard even in the roadway of the
street where he is residing. The members of his family and of his two secretaries are around his bed. It is
reported that the family have refused
priestly offices. The latest words pronounced by Signor Crispi were on
hearing the telegrams from King Victor Emmanuel and Dowager Queen
Marguerite: "Oh, God; good king,
Hong Kong, July 81.���It is reported that the new British battleship
Glory, llagship of tho British China
squadron, is ashore somewhere between heie and Shanghai. Tbe warships Eclip e,Daphne and Pigmy have
left this port suddenly.no explanation
is given of their departure.
Paris, July 31.���Tho Moorish mission left Paris today after concluding
negotiations which are understood to
have resulted in an agieoment regarding tho south west Algerian frontier,
which will hasten the complete pacification of that region.
��� Washington, D. C, July 31.���Tbe
Venezuelan charge this afternoon received a message from Gonzales Es-
te\es, the Venezuelan consul general
at New York stating that the revolutionary movement headed by Dr. Ran-
ga Gardaras has completely collapsed.
Yesterday's baseball games   were:
Toronto,   4     Rochester,    9;   second
game, Toronto, 5 Rochester 10.
American League-
Chicago, 3; Detroit. 0.
Philadelphia, 13; Boston, 10.
Eastern League���
Hartford, 2; Providence, 0.
National League-
Boston, a; New York, 0.
Philadelphia, 3; Brooklyn, 0,
I    Chicago, 4; Cincinnati, 1
The Cornwall  Canal Badly
Damaged by a Steam
Freight Rates Between Mont
real and Britain Very
Cornwall, Ont., July 31.���Four lock
gates in the Cornwall canal were
curried away today by the steam
barge Hebron. Navigation will be
delayed a couple of days at least, as
all vessels coming up the St. Lawrence have to use the canal to avoid
the Oalops rapids. Vessels going
down river will not be hindered; as
even schooners, etc., arc towed dowr
the rapids.
Montreal, July 31.���The ocean rates
from .Montreal to Great Britain are
lower at present than for years. Corn
is being carried to Glasgow for six
pence a qua.-ier. Rates are an per
cent lowor than last year. The reason given is that buyers in Great
Britain are holding back waiting for
a break in the price of grain, only
ordering enough to keep them   going.
Montreal,    July    31.���Marquis de
la Gaudara, of Borne, is in town. Be
intends going  out  west to shoot big
game, making   Sicamous,   B. C, bis
Monties"., July 31,��� Tho city hall
had a nariow escape from de .miction
by fire this morning. The loss will
reach $10,000.
Woodstock, Cnt,, July 31.���Alder
man James Rapson is dead, aged 511.
Wa.-bington,    July   31.���Up   to   the
hour when tbe departments closed today the state department had not called on the navy department for a ship
to go into Venezuela waters. In
view of the serious condition of affairs
there and the unsettled condition in
tbe neighboring republics of Colombia
it ts not improbable that an American
warship will be sent to the scene of
trouble for the protection of American
interests. I" a ship is called for.
some difficulty might be experienced
in finding a suitable vessel for the
mission. About tbe only ship available at this time is the small gun boat
Maclnas. fitting at the Boston navy
yard. Tbat vessel, however, would
not he ready to Bail for about two
weeks. There is not a single American
warship in Southern waters. In case
of extreme urgency one of the battleships now in commission, of course
would be sent.
Atlanta, Ga., July 31.���Governor
Chandler satd today he had not agreed
to let Jeffries and Ruhlln fight noxl
October in Savannah. "I have co authority to license prize fights in this
state," said the governor. "Anv
gentleman may come into Georgia
and depart unmolested, unless he
while here violates thc law. In such
cases he will be held and punished
for his crimes. There is no law
against prize fighting in Georgia and
Bhould the contest take place the participants could only he arrested on a
charge of assault and battery.
London, August 1.���"I am informed
on good authority," says the BruasolB
coirespondent ot the Daily Mail,
"that Mr. Kruger's visit to the United Sates bas been absolutely decided
upon. It will take place probably
about the middle of September and he
will be accompanied by Messrs.
Fischer, Wessels and Wolmarans."
Pittafleld, Mass., July 31.���E. L. Fob-
burg, the father of May Fosburg.
who was shot and killed August 20,
1900, made an unexpected move today
in withdrawing all rewards previously
offered in tbe caBe and substituting a
rewaid of 81,500 for the arrest and
conviotion of the guilty parties.
The sale of the estate of G. M.
Fronlt, will be conducted at the premises today at �� o'clock by C. A. Wat-
Mall Gar Mistaken  for Express and Blown up
With Dynamite.
Only  Booty a  Oold Watch
Taken From the Engineer.
Chioago, 111., July 31.���The Baltl-
mo.-e & Ohio passenger train from the
east tonight was held up oy five masked men at 8 o'clock between Edgemore
and Grand Calument Heights, tndi
ana, 31 miles out from Chicago. One
of the mail cars which contained no
money was dynamited and wrecked.
The attempt at robbery was made after tiie two mail cars had beeu detached from the train and rrn a quarter of
a mile ahead. The failure of the robbers to make a rfch haul was due to
the fact that the express car which
contained the train's treasure was in
an unusuul place. It was the third
oa.' in the train. ALer wrecking the
mail car and obtaining no booty the
robbes disappeared in the darkness
without attempting to rectify their
mistake. The only loot they carried
away with them as a result of their
adventure was the gold waioh rf the
engineer. The train was the New
York and Washington vestibuled limited. Most of the trainmen were shot
at and had nairow escapes 'roro the
bullets. No person was inured eil-er
by the dynamite or firearms. Tne
train was running at. a high rate of
speed as it pa.sed Calnmet Heights
and immediately after pa-sing out of
sight of the station, Engineer J. W.
Collins saw directly in front of his
engine a large fire on which some
rails had been placed. He slowed
down and as he did so, three men
wcaiing masks jumped into tbe oah
and covered Collins and his fireman,
James Whipple with revolvers. After
mounting into the cab of the engine,
the robbers coveting the engineer and
Bremen with their revolvers, made
them step dow.i and go back the
length of two car-. They ordered the
men to uncouple the first two cars,
which was done. They then hustled
the two trainmen back into the cab
and still keeping the engineer covered with revolvers, directed him to
pull up some distance from the rest of
the train. He did so aud while one
the men remained to guard him, the
others jumped off and hurling dyna
mite burst open the door. Hastily
climbing in to get at the safe, they
were astonished to find that they had
broken into a mail car; Tbey threatened the engineer with death for not
telling them that tbe cars which he
had uncoupled were not expreBs cars
and ordered him to return at once and
uncouple the next car behind the baggage cars. Climbing once more into
his cab, he coupled onto the third car
which tbe fireman was made to uncouple at the rear and and still with
the muzzle of the revolver at his head
was ordered to run down the traok as
before. He d.ew away from the balance of tbe train about the same dis
tance as on the first occasion, and the
robbers still leaving him under the
charge of one of their number, made
for this car. When thoy reached it,
they found to their great wrath, tbat
they bad attacked another m*U oar
and that it contained no money. Tbe
train had been delayed now fully 30
minutes, and fearing that if they delayed it any longer help would be
coming to the train c/ew, the robbers
gave up their attempt to'rob the train
and jumping down ian into a thicket
of scrub oaks at the side of the traok
and disappeared. The train was hastily made up and come on to Chicago,
arriving here somewhat late, a stop
having been made at Whiting to report the robbery.
Tony Leydon Once Moie Proves that
Stone Walls do Not a Prison Make.
It is not a cause of much surprise
that the Provincial jail is such a popular place with the evil doers of the
community, when it is such an easy
matter to got away from it when the
surroundings become uncongenial, or
when confinement becomes oppressive.
On frequent occasions there have been
complaiDts of   the  frequency  of  es-
on the Kokanee at
capes from "durance vile."   Since I In-
new warden has boen appointed   there
has  been   a      markod     decrease    in \
breaks for liberty, but   Tony Leydon, I
who was imprisoned   in the jail on   ii
charge of   previous jail   breaking,   is 	
once more free.    Yesterday a'ternoon,
iat about li.io it was found timt i.ey. RallwayLaborers Raise a Row
, don was nol. al his poit of duty and
at once a hue and cry was raised.
A reward of 82,1 is being offered for
his recovery, a graphic dcsoiiption accompanying the announcement of the
reward. It appears that when he was
supposed to be out in the yard, tho
warden noticed that Tony was not
present. Diligent search was made
for him around the grounds,but without avail. It was then ascertained
that he had made his escape over the
high board fence, which encloses tbe
whole of the jail grounds. A search
party was at once formed and the bush
in the neighborhood was scoured for
the missing man, but without avail
It was concluded that he has mude his
way ac-ois tbo la ;e. In order to
complish such a hasty flight it is
ideut that he had accomplices as he
was in prison garb, and irons. Petrie, who had been ono of his prison
"pals" was let out of jail early this
week, and though he was supposed to
have left the city yesterday morning,
it is surmised tbat he has been an accessory to the ilight. Up to the hour
of going to pre:;s no trace of him had
ben found.
Survey of Hope Mountains for
Pass for New Railway.
Excellent Hand Concert Last Even n;;
Attracted Crowds to tbe Park.
It was a happy thought of the
Tramway Company to have the band
concerts at the Pain. The first one-
was held last evening and it taxed
the capacity of the ears to the utmost
to carry all those who were anxious to
enjoy the sweet mus c wnich wa:i
made sweeter by the freshness of the
lake breezes. The bund's programme
was excellently arranged and each selection wns a gem in itself. Perhaps
the most popula.- piece was the II
Travotore selection which was rendered with great artistic kU,11. In the R.
M. R. band Nelson has a musical organization Lli.u It uas ever;; rea~0_ l'��
be proud of. In connection with
these concerts, which will be repealed tomorrow and Sunday nights, the
Tramway company wishes it to be
understood that the first announcement that there would be a concert
on Saturday night, was an error. It
was arranged for Sunday night but a
mistake was made and Saturday was
printed on the bills. Thc band will
give its usual concert on Baker street
on Saturday night and the company
never intended to interfere in anyway with the anangements to that
The Nelaon ngaita boys returned to
the city last c<cuing and although
they have not brought buck the prlz?s
they are in the best of spirits. They
express themsehes In eloquent aid
glowing terms of the treatment thev received from the coast people. Tbey
declare that they nover were better
used in their lives. The Vancouver
regatta club used them espocially well
and sent over their senior crew to
coach the Ne.bon crew, and assisted
them in every wa> they were able.
As far as the race wns concerned the
bovs are not at all disconraged at the
result. The Viotoria ciew had their
rudder unshipped and the boat became
unmanageable and fouled with the
Vancouver boat. This euu>,ed a collision with the Nelson boat, and resulted in their oars becoming locked.
Notwithstanding this bad luck at the
beginning of the race, and although
they were nine lengths behind tbe
Portland crew, they succeeded in
pulling up six leugtliB, and when the
race was concluded, they were only
three lengths behind the winning
boat. This in addition to the fact
that the Portland crew had been
practicing for at least a month prior
to the event, against the two week's
training the Nelsou boys had does not
in the least discourage them. They
are confident that if they had the
chance to race the event over again
under favorable conditions, the result
would be differently reported, nnd they
hope to be able to make a record for
themselves next year when the regatta
ts held iu Nelson.
Washington, July 31.���The state
department bas received from the
United States legation at Buenos
Ayres telegraphic information to tho
effect that the state of seige declared
iu that capital on July stli by reason
of political disturbances has been
Kaslo, B. C, July 31.���A free fight
on board the steamer Kokanee wus a
feature of that steamer's departure
from here last night for Lardo with
75 laborers foi the Lardo-Arrowhead
road. The men were under contract
to work fork Carlson and Porter on
the new road at $3.50 per day. On
reaching here they were informed that
the rate was $2..50 per day. Some of
them refused to go any further and resorted to force to secure possession of
thei:-baggage and in the general rough
and tumble which ensued committed
oveit acts whioh landed two of them
in the eity jail. About 30 of the number taken up last night returned hero
today on the steamer International, and
as they are all union miners from
Rossland it is tbeir intention to go
into mines here, where there is demand for their services. The trial of
the prisoners is tonight.
Victoria, B. C. July 31.���An exploration party which will seek for a pass
through Hope mountains for the government leave this morning by steamer Rithet for New Westminster.
There they will transfer to steamfir
Heaver, when;e they will be carried
to Hope, and will arrive Saturday
morning. Dewdney is in charge.with
U. Carry, engineer in chief, assisted
by Frank Moberly, anr^ Messrs. Duw-
ljoll aim Harvey; the F"'<> oo_jit��.t�� of
.10 men. Carry will precede the party.
They will travel together till 35 miles
from Hope then diverge on different
routes. They expect to be gone two
Napier Deni~ou, of the meteorological oflice here loaves tonight for Glasgow, to read a paper before the Hritish Association on the effect.nt atmospheric pressure on thu surface of tbe
earth as recorded by his seismograph.
Br. Fletcher, Dominion farm entomologist, arrives at Vancouver toduy,
and will be joined at Nanaimo tomorrow by Anderson, deputy minister of
agriculture, when tbey will conduct
meetings at Nanaimo, Alberni, Co-
inox, Victoria, and then on to tbe
The government has received word
from Major Maude that the original
programmein regard to a three day stay
of thc Royal party Is likely to be carried out. In addition to the big suite
the Royal party aie bringing 14
horscB, and two crrriages, for which
accommodation will have to be provided at Mount Baker hotel.
Keii-.Hardie Attacks Conduct of
Campaign in British Parliament.
London, July 31.���Today, in tho
House of Commons, Mr. Lamm-here,
radical, protested against granting
gratuities to military men while nothing was given to civilians who wero
doing something for tbe benefit of
their country. Mr. Kelr-Hnrdie, Socialist and Independent labor, took a
similar -����'. He declared lhat in
the opinion of experts at homo anil
abroad, Lord Robert's failure primarily was responsible for the continuance of the war.
Mr. Swift, Irish Nationalist, said
he considered Lord Roborts operations
were conducted with a maximum of
cruelty and a minimum of humanity,
and that his farewell speech was horrible hypocrisy and blasphemy. After further debate for and against the
measure granting the allowances Mr.
Ualfour moved tho cl, sure, which was
carried by 257 to 10H. The resolution
was afterwards adopted by a vote of
-HI to 73.
Detroit, July 31.���Secretary Harter
of the Illinois Longshoremen's Union
has ordered a strike to affect the boats
of the Anchor Line in all ports. The
Anchor line refused to concede to
demands mndi- by the longshoremen at
I their convention in Toledo. Nelson Daily Miner,  Thursday,  August i, 1901
The Nelson Miner!
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aqthorltod agonu for advertisement* an" Hu"-
iM-ripl.toiiH.  ^^
Free Traders in Great Britain arc
beginning to -'under if. aftur all, the
prosperity of England and tin- unity
of the Empire would not bo better
preserved by the adoption of a policy
of piotection. It is a live topic in
the newspapers and tho eonntiies.sacb
as Canada, that have prospered under
protection, are being used to
strengthen the arguments of the anti-
free traders. One correspondent in The
London Express writes: "K'ee trade
is foredoomed because its successful
work depends upon tho violation of
true economic laws We hive opei.ed
our raiiikets to the fliLod of foreign
produce, buying eagerly of their
waies, and endeavoring to sell ours in
competition with their protected] arti.
eliiH. That we are failing to do the
latter can astound nobody, ln buying
of our neighbors we bave boycotted
home produce. In endeavoring to break
through the barriers of foreign protection we hnve failed miserably.
The proof of the pudding Is in the
eating, ami here we have the proof:
"In 1K40 the United Kingdom
mined 3,51)0,0(10 tons of iron ore, while
the rest of the world mined only 3j900,
000 tons; in 1894 our iron ore production wns only 18,400,000, as against
the colossal aggregate of 40,800,000
tons produced by all other manufacturing countries. Taking the figures
of tbe United Stales, the greatest protective country in the world, we find
them startling indeed. Tile output
of iron ore in tlie States during 1840
was 5110,111)0 to.-is; in 1804 thc output
had increased to 17.000 00(1 tons. The
remarkable growth of the country under protection is further shown bv its
revenue receipts. In I860 the revenue
of the United States was ��11,600,000,
and its expenditure -13,10(1,(10, being
a deficit of 81,100,000, During last
year its revenue was 6116,600,000, and
Its-expenditure B101,600,000, leaving a
balance I" ll�� fnvor of ��15,000,000.
In face of inch facts as these, can protection be dubbed aught else than n
The Board of Trade,meets tonight to
tako steps towards preparing a statement on railway rales to lay before
the Commission on Hie freight question whioh will shortly sit at Rossland. Every member interested iu this
question Bhould attend. Nelson can
be made or marred by freight rates and
is consequently at. the mercy of the
railway companies. Wholesalers and
other shippers here claim Ihey have a
grievance. Now is the timo to formulate tbo charges against tho companies. The Hoards of Trade in tlie East
are preparing elaborate statements
for tlie commission and judging by
the reports of the proceedings a strong
case against the rottds is being proven.
The Nelson Hoard should also take up
the matter of the sitting of the commission. It is announced that the
only sit'ing in this dist.-icl. will he
In Kossland. Nelson is tlie wholesale
centre of Southern liritisli Colombia
and Kossland makes no pretentions tu
be doing anything in that line. Why.
therefore, the silling is Iti bo bold
tn Kosslaml, iliMcnil of Neh.un, is
probably known only to the person or
persons responsible for ii. The Board
should make a strong cITort to have
the comuii-sion come here.
Mr. Blchnrdsoll's paper, The Winnipeg Tribune.defends Punch reprosentt-
lug Canada in a cartoon an a squaw,
with tomahawk, fealneis and blanket.   -Mr.   Richardson  may   imagine
that Hie I'ainiiliiiiis who got after him
'il Lisgnr looked like tho cartoonist's
conception of tho Canuck but the rest
of us woulo like something more civilized   as   emblematic   of   this   great
oountiy.   The  OolonisVs   suggestion
that she should have been clothed in
a bicycle suit, and carry a camera,
would have made it more representative if carried out. It could bo further
Improved on by putting a modern Can
adian girl in the bicycle suit.
Cotton Goods
BOO yards ol good Prints, 21 inches wide $ �� "jj
Hull yards Ovum's best Prints     ' }"
25(1 yards Chnitibray, handsome designs ��� ��� ���      ' ';'
200 yards Fancy Muslim), former prices 25c., 850, aud BOc, your choice...     0 20
SlKiyai-d-Fancy Dress (inodB for summer wear, including many  all-wool
goods 12 inches wide	
2' 0 yauls Wash Silks, fancy and plain	
$10,00 Crash Costume	
$12.00 White Costume	
��7.50 Colored Costume
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
0 25
0 15
H (II)
I) 00
B 00
HaveakiXuToarwiiidow-,'where you will see these goods marked in
plain figures. __________���_____���
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
190I I90I
The Store With
Right Prices
i .I
New Goods Arriving Every Day
When our new stock is complete we will have by far tlie FINEST DISPLAY OF FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS
ver shown to the public of Nelson.
Call and see our Rattan Chairs, Baby Carriages, Go  Carts,   Morris
Chairs, Verandah Chairs, etc.
Gall Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
-_> \*/ ,l> \4> v*/ \i/ \*/ iii .*> i^> i4. \^> \*i _��\i. ^4. Vfo \i/ \*i \4> \*> V*> \i/ \d. i*>..; ^   m    |"~"
ID. McArthur 8 Go.
;| J. Q. NELSON, Manager.
I       Furniture Dealers,
i. i
Undertakers and Embalmers.
m    Oak Center Tables,
Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers
Elm Folding- Tables
���1 1L II . .
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "       Rockers    -
Worth $3.50 for 2.50
" $5.00 for 3.75
" $6.00 for 4.50
" $4-5o ft* 3-75
'! $5.00 for 3.75
" $6.00 for 4 25
" $6.00 for 4.50
:' $6 50 for 4.75
plans, the School Hoard being responsible for the transaction.
Manitoba's grain crop is estimated
at 00,111111,01111 hu6hels, the principal
part o" whieh, of course, is wheat.
The failure of crops in other parts ol
tUe word, notably in France, where
a largo amount of wheat will havo to
bo imported, instead of exported, as
is usunlly thc case, will assure the
farmers of the Vrairio Province the
most prosperous season they have evor
had us the price should be larger than
that provLiillng for some years.
It is hard to be a hero in the Unit-
eil States. Hobson and Schley were
great heroes after the Santiago naval
fight. The former kissed his reputation away and the latter, it seems, is
about, to have his investigated away.
Of the two methods Hobson probably
adopted the most enjoyable and instead of reviling him the publio must
now give hiin credit for being long
Minneapolis Tribune: The Duke of
Cornwall and York, the heir apparent
to the liritisli throne. Is, it is said
going to cut New York out of his
viniting list because he is afraid that
Mayor Van Wyok might inBult him in
order lo curry political favor with
the element that usually trains in the
Tammany crowd. It is believed that
Mavor Van Wyok is quite capable of
doing siK.11 a thing, but perhaps he
would not Venture to do ho while his
master, ltiuhard C.-ol.ci-, is dependent
to a certain oxtent upon i-oyil favor
to enable bim to carry oa bis raoing
enterprises in England. The heir apparent should eoiuu anyhow. He will
HmlI plenty of decent people to welcome hiin and siiow him the usual
courtesies. This is an era of good
tceltng between the two oountrles,
ami our people wou'd be as kindly
disposed towards a representative of
the Hritish government, paying a to-
cial visit, as we should hope the
Hritish people would lie towards President. McKinley should be visit lilng-
Mayor Flcteln-r yesterday explained
to The Miner that, the City Council In
no way is responsible for the selection of plans 01 letting of tin; contract
for the High School building. The
City givna tlio roobey to the School
Hoard and acls with that body only
In-a nominal advisory capacity. Such
being the cuho The Miner was in error
yesterday in oriticising the Council
in connection with the selection of the
Victoria Colonist: An organization lias been formed in New York for
the purpose of promoting tbe annexation o* Canada to tlio United States,
The oi-agni/ers aro particular to say
that they only purpose to work by
pcacoi'ul means, and tbat they will
do nothing calculated to givo offence
either to Canada or to Croat Britain,
but to our way of thinking, the formal ion of suuii an orgnnl/jttlon is an
affront, or rather, it would be in any
countiy where international courtesy
is respected, Paul Dana, of the New
York Sun, is ut tlio bead of tho thing,
and wc observe the names of a number of then, prominent in public life,
on the roll of membership. Conspicuous on tha active work ia Francis
Weyland (lien, who has for some
veins past been making himself un-
pleasatly conspi. nous by his misrepre-
sentatlons of Canadian sentiment. He
is now making b^insolf -obnoxious by
telling tin- people cf Camilla, through
the columns of such papers as will
print his eU'iipions,. that the objeet of
the organization above mentionen la
to relieve   Canada    from   tho   burdens
and disabilities attaching to Hritish
Connection, and of course, to promote
the material welfare of the Dominion.
He is endeavoring to gijd his annexa
tion pill in the hope that it will be
more readily swallowed. We arc not
surprised at anything Mr. Olcu muy
say or do, nor is it at all extraordnary
that the New York Sun should endeavor to create any sensational discussion, but it is astounding that
men in responsible public positions,
such as members of the MjKinlcy
cabinet, should lend their countenance
to what is a piece of international impudence.
"Will wonders ever cease?" inquire
the friends of Mrs. L. Pease, of Lawrence, Kan. They knew she had oeeu
unable to leave her bed in seven years
on account of ktdny and liver trouble,
nervous prostration and general debility, but, "Three bottles of Electriq
Bitters enabled me to walk," she
writes, "and in three months I felt
like a new person." Women suffering
from Headache, Backache, Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Melancholy,
Fainting and Dizzy Spells will Unit a priceless blessing, Try it. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Canada Drug
& Book Co.   Only 50c.    .
Is   lame    or    interferes
bring him  to the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
Certificate of Improvements
"Dora" Mineral Olnim, situate in the
Nelson Mining Division ol West Kootonay Distriot.
Where looated: on Craig Monntain, near
Tako notioe that I, John D. Anderson, P. L. H��� of Trail, B. O., agent for
Herbert Porter, Free Miner's certificate No. Ii 5(11-1), intend Uu days
from tbe date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Grown Grant of Ihe abova
And further take notiee that action,
under seotion :it must be coniniouoed
before the issnanoe of suoh Oertiflcate
of Improvements.
Dated tbis 1st day of July A. D.,
Certificate of Improvements
'Warfare" Mineral Claim, situate in
the  Nelson Mining  Division  of West
Kootenay Distriot.
Where looated : On Craig Monutnin,
near Craigtown.
Tako notioe that I, J. D. Anderson,
P.L.8., of Trail, B.C.. agent for Mis.
:Katherine Seed, Free Miners' Oerlifi-
No. B50.(171, William Seed, Free Miners' Certificate No. Bf~>, 1S8, and Gideon
Madore, Free Miners' Gertillcuto No.
H5571, intend, IK) days from
date hereof, to apply to the Mining-Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above olaim.
And further take notice tbat action,
under seotion 117, must be commenced
before tbe issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated tbis ~tti day of July, A. D.
J 001.
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
Apply to
B, I MM, w
Baiter Street.
For domestic or steam use
A  full   supply  always  on
Rates to   all  railway' and
lake points.
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two  doors   wesl
C.P.R   offices.
West Transfer Co,
Goal and Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac  Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on  Baker Street Tel. 38
In the matter of the Estate of William Thomas lloudlcs, late uf the
town of -iilmo, Britisli Columbia,
deceased, Intestate,
Notice is hereby Riven, pursuant to
the "Trustees and Executors' Act,
111 ;.t ull creditors and others having
claims against the estate of the said
William Thomas Beadles who died at
Nelson, It. ('., on the 17th day of
April, 1(101, are required on or before
the .nth day of August, Hull, to send
by post prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned, solicitors for the administrator of the estate of the said deceased at Nelson, 11. C, their Christian
names and surnames, addresses and
descriptions, the full particulars of
their claims, the statement of their
accounts,and the nature of the securities if any, held by them.
And fuither take notice that after
such lust mentioned dale tho Admlnis
trator will proceed to distribute the
assets of the said deceased umong the
parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which he
shall have then had notice, and that he
will not he liable for the said assots
or any part thereof) to any person or
persons of whose claims notice shall
not have been recevod by him at tbe
time of such distribution.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 18th day
of July, 1901.
Solicitors for   James   Lawronce,   administrator of the estate of the said
deceased intestate.
nnd try n. bot.l.lo, a dozon, or a. barrol of
CALGARY BEER ax it I- the bent and
pmapoat on the market. AIho try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Toloiiliou   IB. Baker Sb  Nelson, B,C
To make room for our Fall stock of Carpets and Rugs wili go at
Cost.   To clear,  Baby Carriages and Oo Carts, lesu than cost.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
K.-W.-C. Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Otders by imil receive careful and prompt attention*
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Thine Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by man to ai��v branch will have careful a��d orampt attention.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stack
is carried  by the
The Hot Weather
Is causing quite a run on our many summer drinks,
but it has not affected the sale of
Excelsior Teas
As they drink equally as well
As they do hot.        Have you tried them?
Groceries,  Crockery. j
ii ______> -ft- lift- __> ____!_ _fc Hk _l_ __> * i
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Nelson. B. 0.
About   thnt second:hand   article of
,Tru 1 y,�����.'" 8el1 " if - ��u'"  ��dver
use it in Thc Miner want culunin
Canada Permanent and Wes-
tern Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. I,. LENNOX Baktt St.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for -yourself or your husband
until you see what Tho Miner can do
for you. Nelson   Dail.   Minbk, Th._sday August i,   1901
. Kaslo, July 31.-A meeting of the
Erectors of tne Rambler-Cariboo mine
was held last night here, when a dividend of one per cent, was declared.
During the month the mine has shipped nun tons of ore, nnd they are putting up n large concentrator also n
compressor to be run by water power,
and an electric light plant and improved hoisting machinery. Tuat the
company are able to pnt in nil these
improvements amounting to 186,000
aDd extract enough ore to pay for
them and Btill decinie a dividend
Bhows that the mine Is in a very
healthy condition, and hns had the
effect of making the price of Htock In
the mine go rapidly upwards.
; A run. iuh oruu ot lUn.A rowsss.
Highest Honors, World's Fai.
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid  linking Powdors   containing
iiliiLLi.   they uro 1 uJurloiMI tu health
Nelson Opera
Monday. August 5th
50  PEOPLE   50
2   BANDS  2
A Carload of Scenery
In regard to thc above the Rossland
Miner yesterday says: The people
who bought into Itambler-Cariboo
when the shares were selling under
.in had their innings in earnest, and
the movement of the stock will be remembered in Rossland Tor many a day
as one of the most sensational incidents in the history of stock trading.
On Monday BambHr-Carlboo was held
at 43, nut no one would touch it on
���bhange at this figure. Now most of
the dealers regret that they did not
plunge at 13. Yesterday the stock
oneiied strong nnd sales were mnde
at 48K. Tlie sensational incident in
connection with the stock transpired
during tbe afternoon, when the stoek
went up by leaps and bounds to the
highest figure reached since Rambler
started from the 22 mark last, winter.
At a o'clock last evening one firm of
brokers sold a block of 10,000 at 40,
and a few minutes later thoy received
a wire from Spokane stating that a
salo had been made at BO,
,1. VVerldon hns   completed   the season's assessment   work   on the King
stou   group   of   claims   on    Morning
Mountain, belonging   to   T. J.   Sims.
There are four claims  in   the   group,
viz.,   the     Horse    Shoe,     Kingston,
Lucky May and Oro.    The claims   are
situated one above  the   other   on   the
same lead which   is six feet wide   between clearly   defined granite, walls,
with n   porphyry   contact.   The   lend
haB been stripped   for   400 feet on the
Kingston and   Lucky Mny   cluims, on
which the   prinoipal   work   has been
done.    Oi the Kingston a 37 feet tunnel   hns   been   run,     the     paystreak
being 21 inches at   tlie point reached,
The or- is   a   free milling  gold, running from 88 to 816   on   the   average.
On the Lucky   May, some 300 feot below the tunnel on the Kingston, a 24-
foot tunnel hns been   rnn, the ore being of the same quality as that on the
Kingston.    At the Oro   l othing much
haB  been   done except   stripping   the
ledge and running a few shnllow open
cuts,but n shaft will probably he sunk
shortly. The claims are situated n'.out
two miles   from   town, there being   n
good trail   out   to   connect with   the
Granite-Nelson    wagon    road.     The
ledge is easily traeed from the lako up
for n couple of miles and several other
claims have   beon   located   above   and
below   Mr. Sims'   on the   same   lead.
There was a bowling match held
yesterday between two teams of government employees and teams captained by Messrs. 3. F. Weir and .1.
II. Wallace. The challenge originated with the government team who
were defeated by five. A return match
is to be played next week. The rinks
were composed as follows:
Government Team No. 1.���Judge
Forin, snip; McLeod, 3rd; McLennan
2nd; Laing, 1st.
Weir Rink���Weir, skip; A. T. Wnl-
ley, 3rd; J. Dover,2nd; Judge Leamy,
The match between these two teams
resulted in a victoiy foi the latter by
14 to 7.
Government, No. 2.���John A. Turner, skip; Simpkius, 3rd, Nolan, 2nd;
Jarvis, 1st.
Wallace Rink���Wallace, skip; T.
Uooth, 3rd; Renwick, 2nd; Wilson,
The score between the second teams
was 12 to 10, in favor of Turner's
rink. As the totals of both rinks were
added the reBults were, Weir and Wallace's rinks, 24, Government employees, HI.
New York, July 31.���Gonzales Ef-
teves, consul general for Venezuela
when he snw the dispatch from Will-
stndt said there was no truth in the
report of a revolution in Venezuela.
"As late as 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon," he added, "I reoeived u cablegram from the Minister of Foreign
Affairs in Venezuela, which roads'.
'All   right, country at peace.' "
Four Hig Comedians, viz.
Special train of Pullman   Palace
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via St. Paul or Chicago.
Strongest Singing Turn ever
iutroduced by a Minstrel
Magnificent    Free    Street
takes place at 2.30 p. m.
Seats on sale at Macdonald's.
Washed down a telegraph line which
Chas. C. Ellis, of Lisbon, la., had to
repair. "Standing waist deep in icy
water." he writes, "gave me a tetri-
hlo cold and cough. It grew worse
daily. Finallv the best, doctors in
Oakland, Neb.*, Sioux City and Oma-
ha said I had Consumption nnd could
not live. Then I began using Dr.
King's New Discovery and was wholly cured by six bottles." Positively
guaranteed for Coughs, Colds and all
Thioat and Lung troubles by Canada
Drug & Rook Co.   Price 50o.
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty   Days'    Limit.
Good going August 6th,   20
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg.   to  Toronto.   Arrowhead to Vancouver.
Advertisements inserts nnder thin head al
the rato of ono cent a wc- per insertion. No
advertisement taken for loss than 26 conU
Situation Warned advertisement- Inserted
three times froe of charge.
NEWLY    furnished   looms   for   rent,
313 East Baker street.
BAUUAIN!���Up-to-date   ladies' Hartford bicycle for sale   cheap.    Money
talks.    Apply Hike, Miuer.
ROOM TO RENT in K. W. C. Block,
on July 1st, corner room facing
Baker and War'l street. Two rooms
en suite on Ward Bt., and two inside
rooms. Furnished or unfurnished.
Mrs. F. J. Squire.
TO RENT.���Rooms and olliee  in   Clement,   Hi I Iyer bloek.   Apply to   the
Nelson Electric Tramway offices.
ROOM and board in   private ..family.
Apply ou Silica  street, second   door
west of Ward.
ROOM for   rent at
Silica street.
Mrs.   Melieath's,
For pamphlets descriptive of Canadian Pacifio tours and for Time Tables,
Rates,  Tickets,  apply
H. L. Brown,
City Passenger Agent.
J. S. Carter,
Dis. Pass. Agt.
E. J. Coyle,
A. G. P. A.
FARES���Cash, 10 cents.
Tickets, 10 for 50 cents.
SERVICE���Every 20 minutes, leaving
park and up-town terminus nt 7
n.m. to lo.4o p.m. Enrly car leaves
H, B. Stores 6:45 a. m.
TRAINS���Cars meet 10.35 a.m. nnd
6.45 p.m., and outgoing only on
SPECIAL,���Tho public are requested
to stop enrs only on the fnr side of
cross streets; not to ride on, enter
or leave by front platform; also to
motion by hand if they intend to
board the car, nnd to notify conductor a short distance before they
wish to leave.
COMPLAINTS���Will receive prompt
nttention nt the Oompnny'B oflloe,
Vernon Street, Oity.
A large number of good residential
building sites adjacent to the lines of
their tramway, chiefly In the sonth-
ern portion of the city to be sold on
easy terms.
Apply   Tramway      Oflice,    Vernon
Stre6t- A V. MASON.
Managing Secretary.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrivnl of stenmer, at the
rate of
HOUSE to   Rent.���Furnished   or-un
furnished, apply T, Miner ofl _e.
Are vou
you are,
the people.
Miner want
column, w
you are
in   waa'.
You'll net,
TplHORPB Sc CO. Limited-Corner Vernon
X and Cedar street-. Nolson���Mnuufaotur
ui-s of and wholesale dealers In aerated waters
and fruit syrups. Sole agent* for Halcyon Uo
Springs mineral water.   Telephone (JO.
_Jl N. M. Cummins, Leaeoe���Kvery known
variety of soft drinks. P o Box 88. Tolouhuuu
No. 31. Hoover Btroet, Neluon, Bottler* uf the
famous _u Leon Hot Springs Mineral Water
FOR   SALE.���Pianos.    Used     pianos
for sale or rent.    Big   values,    Canada Drug & Rook uo.
FOR SALE.���One   pair of geese,   one
trio of Pekin ducks, two dozen   live
pigeons,.    Address   K.     Hendershott,
Waneta, B. C.
WANTED.���Two   boys   Electric   Dispatch Messenger Office.
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent,
D.  J.  YOUNG.
TEACHER WANTED���Holding 2nd
or 3rd class certificate, for Reaver-
mouth school, duties to commence
August 12th. J. A. Morrison, sec-
treaB., Heaver, P. O., B. C.
WANTED���Stationary engineer of six
years'   experience   wants situation.
Good   references.     Apply,   Engineer,
Miner office.
.    A. Macdonaldl���Architects and superin
tendents, Broken Hill Block, corner Baker aud
Ward street*, Nelson
HJ. EVANS Sc CO.-Baker Street, Nel
��� son���Wholesale dealers in liquors, ci-
nam. cement, iii-i! brick aud tiro olay, water
pipe aud stool rails, aud general comiuisslou
Wholesale and retail dealera In grain,
hay, flour, feed. Mills at Victoria, New Woat
miuster; Edmonton, Alta. Elevators ou Calgary and Edmonton Railway. Manufacturers
of thc culcbratod B. Sc IL. brand cereals.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. R. ��
The following are the mining records of yesterday : Certificates of work
���No. 7, toN. N. Naltstead; Bristol,
to L. L. Williams; Lndysmith, to 3.
D. Borg; Alexandria, to Louib D.
Berg; Bull Horn, to Josh Stussi.
Locations���Carrie Nation, on Quaiu
creek, about one and a half miles
troui Ymir, being R re-location of the
Florenco, located by Sam Miller; Donnelly, on Copper mountain, about two
miles east of Porto Rico station and
adjoining Oold Cup, located by Felix
Donnelly ; Prudence near the west fork
of 40-creek, between it and tho head
of Bird creek, und u relocation of the
Michigan, locatod by Erie Darkness
Morning Dawn, near Creighton, north
font of Salmon river, nnd a relf cation of Pen Mar, located by Thos.
Kirby, John Herton and Willinm Connelly ; Walker Fractional, situated on
Morning Mountain, bounded on north
hy Durnngo nnd Glen, south by Alberta and Gladys, east. Camprey Glen
nnd Alberta, west by Gladys and Durnngo, locatod by B. JJelson   Fell.
German Syrup Is the special prescription of, D. A. Boschee, a celebrated German Physician, and is so-
knowledgcd to be one of the most foi-
tunnte discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs, Colds nnd all
Lung troubles of tho severest nature,
removing, as it does, tho cause cf the
aft'eotion nnd leaving tho parts In n
strong ar.d healthy condition It is not
an experimental medicine, but haB
stood the test of yearB, giving satisfaction in every case, whnh its rapidly luoreaslng sale every season confirms.' Two million bottles sold an-
m~~.lv. Boschee's German Syrup was
introduced in the United States in
lstis, und is now sold in every town
and village in the civilized world.
Three Hoses will relieve nny ordinary
cough Price 7!> cts. Get Green's
Prize Almanac.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street.    Phone 278.   J. II. Love.
WANTED���Railroad   men   for Lardo,
82.25 and 82.50.    For   mines���Night
Cook.   Bakor.   Wniter.    Dishwasher.
For town���Two   Dishwashers.    Wait-
resses.    Girl for liouse work.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
A MACDONALD & Co.-Cornor Fron
��� aud Hall Streets���Wholesale grooor
und jobbers iu blankets, kIovos, mitts, boot,
rubbers, luackinaws and minors' sundries.
P  BURNS & Co.���Bakor Street, Nulson-
���   Wholesale dealera lu frosh and cured
meal*.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nulson
ors In fresh and cured meaUi.
W holesale doa >
WANTED���Men   wanted for  railroad
construction.       Fare   and   employment fee advanced.    Western  Canadian Employment Office, Ward st.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.B
Provincial Land Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P.O   Box l> Talenhnne No.
Street, Nelson ��� Wholesalo dealers Id
hardware, minors' supplies, spurting goodH
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Van
couvcr Hardware Co, Ltd.i Baker Street,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers In hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' uud UnsmlUis' sup
piles.   ,
LOST. ���Between   Hale's   boat   liouse
and hospital   on   Frout   st, , a gold
brooch, set with pearls,  finder   please
leave at Miner office.
WOMAN    wants   work   of   any   kind
(luring the  dny.   Apply   nt   Miner
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always in
Wecarrya comploto stock of Coast Flooring    _,���,,. ���	
Gelling. Inside Finish, Turned Work. 8iwh ���and I   f lmprovementS
Doors.   Special ordor work will reoeivo prompt lul_""i';".'. .   ...
attention:   Mail orders sollolted.
Another rich strike is said   to   hav
heen   made   on the   Noble   Five mine
ln the Last.   Chance   tunnul   Tuesday
Certificate of Improvements
"Vancouver" Mineral Claim, situate
in the Nelson Mining Division of WeBt
Kootenny District. .  ���
Where located : On the N. & F. 8.
Railway, 9 miles from the international
boundary. _    ���    ,   ,
Take notioe tbat I, J. D. Anderson,
P L. S., of Trail, B. 0��� agent for
Charles A. Onlzin, Free Miner's certificate No. B5u,917, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to npply to the
Mining Reoorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
olaim. ,,     ,,   .     ,.
And further take notice that aotion,
under neotion 87, must be commenoed
before tbe issuanoe of suoh Certificate
IT WILL PAY you to read our ad. in
another column. Our blend of tea at
Thirty cents   per pound will suit you.
Kootenay Coffee Co. 	
Porto RiGoLumber Co.,
Head Office���FH"" and Vernon ~t,  Nelson
T. H. Procter's houseboat iB now for
rent by the dny or week. Speoial rates
for family purties. First-olnss cook
and attendant in charge. Rates 82.60
per dav. Parties can get olf O. P. Ii.
boats either going or returning from
Kootenny Landing. The boat for the
next two weekB will bo stationed at the
mouth of Midge and neighboring oreoks,
where a big catch of rainbows is
nssiu-ed. Apply to T. Q. Procter. Baker
street, for further information.
H. & M. BIRD
Dated this 5th day of July, 1001.
JAPAN TEAS���"Spider Leg," "Pan-
flred,' "Sun Cured, "���have a plaee in
our stock. The new "Ceylon Green"
iB fine flavored and economical. Kootenay Coffee Co. _
I iti:~ MIllliiK Uo~l l"ropci'tlc��-Wc nre
nn xlnns ~> MClim! a few free milling K��l<l
properties at once. The Prospector'h Exchange, Nelson, B. tl, KlMlIil 4, K.-W.-C!.
.L.    paints, oils anil glass; mechanics' tools.
Audits (oi Untarlo Powder Works; urnuiuilo
' J .URNKR, BKKTON & Co.-Corner Vomon
X     and JnsephiiLO  Streots,  Nolson���Whole
salo dealors in liquors, olgar*,and dry goods,
Agonts for Pabst Browing Co. of Mtlwi
aud Calgary Browing Co. of Calgary.
HUDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholosale gn
and Uiiuors ole., Baker Stroot, Nolson.
Oillcc cornor Hall and Front Stroet-
Nelson���Lumber, coiltntf, lloortng, and ovory
thing In wood for building purposo*. Got out
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
WE HAVE  In stock choico teas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan.   We
blend them to your taste.    All   prices
and qualities.    Kootenay  Colfee Co.
T   GALLON ft CO.-I>onle~. ln oro
���   anil twines.   Always a largo sto
hand, Telephone 295. Room It, K.-W.-C.
(iOLl) SILVER t'OI .��_B-_KAI>-.nllieH   null
prosper.!* wauled.  Send report nnil samples lo llie Prospector's Exchange. Nelson.
lie.   itLiLi in 4 K.-W.--. lilock.
W. P. Tierney & Co., of Nelson,
who had the contract for grading the
approaches to tho now bridge across
tho Columiba nt Castlegar.bave linisli'
ed the grading and the next, feature
nn the programme will be traoklaylng.
Five cars of steel work for the bridgo
have been delivered at the east ap-
pronch and the Dominion Bridge company's foreman, James Findlny, is
now on the ground to start the work
of erecting the steel superstructure.
Thc Nelson Sew & Planing Mills
company have the contract for cutting
the timbers to be used In the false
work, and ns soon as they deliver the
timber at the bridge site, the work on
the shallow water spans will be commenced. It is expected that oven with
adverse clrcumstnnces the bridge will
be comploted by the end of November.
S. Saviouks [Enoi.isiiI OiiuROii-Cornor
Ward and Silica Ste. Sundays; Holy Communion 8 a. in.; and on the 1st and 3rd Sundays
in the month alter Mattins; Mattins at 11 n.pi.;
Sunday School 2,30 p.m ; Evensong 7.30. Dally:
Mattins at 9.80 a. m. Thursdays and Saint's
Daysi Holy Communion 10 a. m. Fridays:
Kvensong 7.3(1 p. m��� followed by ohoir prao
tico. H. 8. Akehurst, Rootor. Frod Irvine,
Goo. Johnston*, Wardens.
Catholic Onuiton���Corner Ward and Mill
streets Mass ovory Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m
Benediction at 7.30 p.m.   Mass ovory wook day
at 7.15 a.m.   Rov.  Father Forland Rootnr.
Pk-Buvtkkian Cauiioit���Borvloesat U a.m
and 7.30  p.m.    Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Sr.flO House on Victoria street 22x14,
thoroughly well built, plastered
inside, eity water and improved
8B00 Four-roomed   house   on   Victoria
$28b Two lotB on ltobson strciet closo
to Hendryx.
815 Five-roomed cottage on Ward st.
83U Furnished house on Viotoria street
828 Furnished house on Carbonate
830 Seven-roomed house on Carbonate
street, electiic light, hot air furnace, all conveniences.
820 House on Mill street, nil improvements.
820 House on Robson street, close to
Stanley; two fenced lots, aJl oon-
Certificates of Imprnvements
New Year, Amethystine nnd Tourmaline mineral olnims, situate iu the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenny
District. ....     ,    .
Where located���On tho hnst bauk of
the Columbia River, two miloB south
of Trail.
TAKE NOTIOE that 1,J. D. Anderson, P. L. 8., of Trail, B. 0��� agent for
W W Carlisle, Free Miner's Oertifl-
cate No. B B08B-, intend, sixty days
from tbo dnte hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Cettifioates ol Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Grown Grants of the above claims,
And further take notice that aotion,
under section U7, must lie "ommenced
before the issuance of such Curtilleates
of Improvements.
Dated this _l)tb day of July, A. D,
NKLSON LODGE   No. 23, A. F. Sc
M. uioets second Wodnosday In
month.   Visiting brethorn welooino
I. O. O. F. Kootonay Lodgo
No. 10, moels ovory Monday night,
at their Hall, Kootenay street
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially Invited.
John A, mtoo, N.O.   D, W. Rutherford, V.G
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Fred J. Siiuiro, Per. Sec.
Nolson Hoyal Arch Chapter No. 123,0. lt. C.
Mools thlril Wodnosday. sojourning eonipan
Ions Invited. George JohnsUino, Z. h. W,
Matthews, S, K. 	
NKLSOU  LODGE   No.26, li. of I',
Kmoots In K. of I', hall, Oddfellows bloek
Haver.   Tuesday  uveulng at 8 o'olook
_A11 visiting knight* cordially  Invite
Wm. Ikvink, C.C.
A. T. 1'AIIK. K. ot R. and B.
Milieu Examined and Reported On.
Mining Engineer.
Room 4. K.-W.O. Block,
Nelson, B. C.
WlndBnnore Minos.  CorrespondonotSollolltsl
. WrN.~RPM~.BK. ~. O
Nelson Kncn   plnenl No. 7.   Moots every
od llli Friday of each month, In Odil holli
'rayor mooting Thursday ovonlng at 8 p.n
:hrlstlan Kndeavor Society moots ovory Tut
day evoning  ofc 8  o'olook.
Christian ICndeav-or Society moots ovory Taos-
Rov. R. Frew,
Mbthooiht CnuKon���Corner Silica and
Josephine Streots. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.8f
p. in.; Sabbath Bohool, 2.30 p.m.; Prayor meet
Ing on Thursday evoning ot 8 o'olook: Kpworth
LoaguoC, K., Tuosday at 8 a.m. Rev. J. H.
White, Pastor. Rcsldonoo, Josephine Stroet
roar of church.
Salvation Akmv���Servlo s ovory ovening
at 8 o'oloch In barracks on V otorl stree'
Adluilant Kdu-~nL,ibn in charge.
Baitist Chuhcu ��� Services morning and
evoning at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayor moot.
Ing Thursday ovening at 8 p.ln. the B. Y
P.U. Tuesday ovonlng at 8 o'clock. Strangers
nrdlally wi.lciinioil. Rev. John Hurl! Morgan,
B.  ...Pastor.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee BeBt cf
Quality, as follows:
Java and Arabian Mooha, por pound 1   IB
Java and Mocha Blond, S ooundB ��� J K-
Fine Santos, �� pounds.  1 H
Santos Blend, fi pounds-...  Jjg
Onr Special Blond, fl pounds  J 00
Our Illo Roast, 6pou__s  10"
Kai.knhooms :
IslELSON,        - B- 43.
Certificate of Improvements
"Good Enough" Mineral Olaim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of
Went Kootenay DiBtriot.
Where looated : Near Ornigtown.
Take notice that I, J. D. Andersnu,
P. L. H., of Trail, B. O., agont for Joe
Bernard, Free Miner's Certificate No.
B608U, D. Boyer, Free Miners'BCertificate No. B.1241I7, mid Paul Honnet, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B5<H0O, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further ti.ko notice thnt aotion,
under section 117. mimt be commenoed
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this _2ud dny of July, A. I).
1001. J. !>��� ANDEB80N.
linil. oornor "Baker and Kootenay streots.
Nelsou. A. II. Clements, 0, P.; D. McArlhiu
R. 8.   Visiting brothers always wnlnnmn,
NULSON L. O. L. No. HUB meets in Fraternity Hall on Urst and thlril Friday evenings
of each month at 8 o'clock,   ": '���" '���-
oordlally   Invited.
A. Mlnty, R. B.
W. W. Brad
Visiting n
W. K.
NKLSON ABR1K No. tl, V. O. K��� moots
overy soeond and fourth Wednesdays of each
month. Visiting members oordlully invil
Charles Prosser, BocroUiry.
Kootenay Tent No.,7, K.O.T.M hold their
regular meetings In l-l-ntcrnity Hull, 1. O. O. F.
block, on the 1st and llrd Thursdays of each
n.onlh. Visiting brethren cordially lnvltod to
attend. G. A. Brown, R. K.-, A. If. l'unly, Com,
R. J Stool,D. B.C.
COURT KOOTKNAY, I. O. V., No. 31*.
Mooting* Rh Thurwlayct month. Fraternal
hall, J A Irving 0 R.   1'. H. Fleming. R.S
Nolson Court Star of  Kootenay, A. O. F.
Meets 2nd and    Ith    Wednesdays In  every
mouth. Visiting brethren welcome. W . Miu-
Mlllan, C.R.   Robert McLeod, tine.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finishi
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
and LARDO,
SONS   OF    KN-'
NO.   2*1
...GLAND,   mcol*
litanSBra Wodnosday ovonlngsot
each  month   at  Fialcniily hull,
oornor  of  linker   and   Kootenay
)]l  stroet*.   Visiting brullicrn  cord-
#   lull} Invited.
John    atbon. Socretary.
J. A. "aATWAED. Nelson Daily Minkr, Th.rsjvy. August i,  igoi
During- the vacation
months heavy reading
seems out ofthe question. Holiday makers and stay-at-
homes alike have given themselves
over to tlie perusal of current fiction.
To meet this demand our book
tables are well filled with all that is
best, among others the following-;
Pro Patria. Max IVmbert.in lac.
The Helmet   of   .Navarre.    Bertha
���       Hunkle       ?.".c.
Work. /.il,. 75c.
Good Red M.-irth.  Bootby   7��c.
The Crisis, Winston Churchill....75c.
Qraustark,   McCutcbeon 7Sc,
Your I'nele  Lew.   Sherlock 7',c.
Lireat lloer War. Conan   Doyle... .75c.
Have you   joi led   our   Lending   Library?
Pianos to Rent at S7 per month.
Mrs. Currie Nation was imir.ortaliz-
ed in this district by having a mining
claim named after her. It was recorded at the office yesterday.
The Rev. .1. II. White has agreed to
addiess tlie meeting of the Nelson
Socialistic club, at the Miners' Union
hall, next .Sunday afternoon on the
subject of "Socialism and Jesus
Last evening was thc tniicl night
that the citizens in the residential
part o' the city have been without
light oiving to the shot off of the electric power caused by the repairs to the
dynamo shaft. Tbe repairs nre expected to lie completed this evening.
The .Seventh Day AdventlstB will
commence their services this evening
in the big tent on Hendryx street neai
Haker. At the meeting tonight the
subject will be, "Is the Bible Inspired?" W. 0. Yunng and W. I!. .Smith
will conduct the meetings which will
he educational.    All are welcome.
There will he a special meeting of
the Board of Trade in the hoanl room
on Thursday, August 1st at 8.30 p. m.
to consider the request of the Dominion Commissioner on railway rates
that a statement outlining grievances
in detail should he submitted to hiin
at Rossland on   August 311th and 31st.
The .Methodist Sunday School picnic
ia being held today at Procter. Tho
hoat will make a double trip and the
afternoon one will he convenient for
those win wish to spend the Thursday afternoon half-holiday on the
like. Bcfresbknents will be provided
on tho ground, and with the splendid
fishing in the district, there is sere to
bo a big crowd.
It was reported late last evening
hat Tony Leydon had been seen yesterday afternoon taking a tie pass iu
the direction of Robson, An interview with the police gai'e uo eoiilirm-
ation of the story. Jn making his
escape it appears he found a ladder
conveniently placed against thi- high
board fence, tvbloh not only faeili-
tateil his escape, but also led to the
conviction thut he had heen assisted in
bis escape by Home outsioo fiiend.
The police commissioners had a
short meeting nt the city hall ycstoi-
ilav afternoon, to consider the ease of
P. C. lleabenor.who had it melee with
a man named Cunningham on Monday Inst. The ease hail been postponed until iho conclusion of the trial of
tne man who attacked him which had
oceupieil the whole of the morning.
As all the witnesses in the ease were
notjpresent and as I'liiiningli.-iui is not
leaving tin.' oily it was decided lo postpone the examination until this morn
ing nl l�� o'clock.
Evidently H Line people prefer the
tender cure of thi: look-up to the fron
air of hi'iivi-n. and   .Ion Ilovvnes has a
different opinion of the   "iron bins''
and "stone walls'' than Tony Layilon.
At the time thnt Leydon wns escaping Joe was qualifying for the position being vacated, As Ihe chief of
police wu* passing the government
buildings lie I'oiiml .Lie intoxicated on
the step of Ihe building. Ilo wns left
in that condition until the search for
Tony was completed, Joe was then
taken on an rccproBS wagon lo the
lock-up, where ho was still oblivions
to tlie fact that he was again a guest
of the eity.
There will be a great game of baseball at the recreation ground at i
o'clock this afternoon when teams representing Hie legal profession of the
eity will endeavor to evi-rlastinglv
wallop tbe government offices men.
The tennis will be: Lawyers���VV. A.
Macdonald, foreman, John Elliot, W.
A. (lalliher, B. C. Wragge, James
O'.Shea, A. M. .loliiison. Judge Forln,
I'. Wilson and Geo. C. Herman,
Government���J; A. Turner, chief
commissioner, and minister of Halls
and Hats, II. .'. .McLeod, K. T. II.
Sliiipkins, .1, 0, McLennan, K. w.
Using, T. Henderson, Geo, Doyle, J.
Ii. Martin, aud 0, 1). Jaivie
Thc Richards it Pr-ngle's Minstrels
.vill present a mammoth bill of merry
minstrelsy at the Nelson Opera House
next Monday. This season the organization numbers fifty performers and
presents a cboiee collection of mirth
provoking and novel acts never seen
here before. The whole bill is a
"screamer" from beginning to end.
Every phase of gooii minstrelsy and
vaudeville is presented and the programme is crowded with big hits, in
tlie way of latest songs, dances, acro-
batisms, eomeiliflns, aerialists, quartettes, the miitiary sensation, "The
Black Watch Drill," a score of funny
i-ml men, an oriental first parr, with
brilliant Japanese settings and cos
turning���a'positive novelty in minstrelsy���and an abundance of other
features that stamp this organization
the besi and most liberally equipped
of its kind playing here this season.
It travels in its own train of private
ears, carries a magnificent orchestra,
two brass bands and stylish English
dog-carts drawn by Kentucky thoroughbred horses, all of whicli are seen
in its attractive stroet parade, which
takes place Monday at 9.80 p. m.
The beautiful scenic settings for the
first part of the big minstrel perform
nnce is an exact reproduction of a
Japanese village.with it breezy luxuriant perpeolive and unique architectural conceits. The idea is refreshingly
novel and adds a striking oriental
beauty and splendor to a usually ster-
otyped part of a minstrel show.
Every feature of this big combination
is presented in the same meritorious
way���different from any other similar
organization and of the very best.
E,    Nelson   Fell,    nian~ger   of   the
(Athabasca mine is at the l'hair.
Ralph Harron, tho well known
prune agent from San Francisco, is
slopping at the Phair.
V. '. Walker, a well known mining
bt- k' , ami mining mun from Ross-
i..s11l. is in the eily anil is at Phalr.
Elias Rogers, managing director of
the Crow's Nest Coal company, is in
the city, and is a guest at the   Phair.
A. "rogan, a Rossland   capi-
:it the Phair, and is visiting
Of Getting a Good
Timepiece at a Most
Reasonable Price.
Watch   Repairing  Our
Specialty.  All Work flust Be Satisfactory or Money
Jewelers,   Nelson,  B. C.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Moricrcn]
Allan Lino Tunisian , Inly 2V
Allan Line Nu mid Ian Aug.lHb.
Beuvor Line Lake Superior    July 2(1
Beaver Lino Lako OnUrio Augu.-.t ::
From Portland, Mc
Dominion Lino Vancouver  August 3
Dominion Lino Dominion   AugUBtlO
From Dost on
  Jttty 31
... .Atigue. li
Dominion Uno Commonwealth
Dominion Line New Km,'.-nnl  .
White Star Lino Teutonic.
White Hiar Line Germanic
Cunard Lino Lucauia 	
Cunard Lino Klruria	
American Lino Ht. Paul.
Knmi New YorJ*
 AtiMit-t 7
 July 27
 AllU'UM   ,
French Line Ln Champ, ^no Aii^um l
Anchor Lino Astoria Auyu-l Hi
For further particulars apply to
City Passenger Agont, Nelson, 11. C.
General 8.S. Awmfc O.P.R. Offl-Pn, W< min^
Mr. Mack Whit*, the well known tmi.irr nf
thc Toronto Lacm-wo Team and Osgood Hail
Football Club writes: "1 consider Griffiths'
Monthol l.inimont u.i(.<|U-illf>d for athletes or
those training. I havo u^cd it wilh thfl bust
Hucoesn uml can heartily recommend It for stiff-
no.s, Mireness, spruit'., and all terms of swelling
and in flam m uion.   Price 25 cent..
For sale by J. II. Vanstonc, Nelson, D. C.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce j
With Which Ils Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   J2,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over 865,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. S. WALKER, (.eneral Manager.
London Office:  <~i Lombard Street,  11.  C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branches in Canada and the United ~t_t_n, including:
Atlin Gbeknwood Nkuon Sanson
Obanbrook        Kamuioi-s New W kbtminster   Vancouver
Fernik Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT-Bawson and White House.
UNITKD STATKS���N'uw York, San Francisco, Kiiattuc, Portland. Skagway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Rate 3 Per Cent
| Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
XS.be ikopal Bank of Canaoa
Capita.   AulhorlziMl,
incorporated 1869.
$..,u(Ni,ooo.oo I capital Paid-tip.     .    .    .
Roaril of IMrrc.i..      1'homap E. Kenny,  Pr en. dent-;   Tbomas Ritchie,
���Wiley Smith. H.G. Bauld, Hon. Duvid Mi.cKoer_.
Heart Office, Halifax t
Goncral Tvfamiffor, Kdbon L. Peuse, Montroal.
8upori;iii!:.deut of Branche... and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax,
Bran    es t
'ova   Scotia���Halllax   Brunch,   Antigcmier
Bridgewater, Gujwboro. liOiidondsrr>, Lu
onburg. Maitland (Har.tH Co.), Pictou, Port
Ha.wkepbi.ry, Sydney. Shubenacadic,Truro,
New    Brunswick ��� Bathunit,     DoreheRtcr,
Frederii'lon, KlngKtfln {Kent Co.). Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sack villc, St. John, Wood ..lonk*
I*. I_. Islanil���Charlottetown, Hiimmei-fiide.
���    ��i* I,. (Ml, (HM Ut(|
. ebec-Montroal, (City Office), Montr.i.1
West End (Cor. Notro l)amo and Bota-
nourH Strr.eUf); Wentmount (Cor. Grm.o
Avenue acd Sr,. Catharine*  Street,
Ontario��� Ottawa.
Newfoundland--St, John's.
Cuba, West Indies���Havana. '
United stales-New York (16 KxchanRe Placa
Republic, Wash.
tlie   lookout   for invesl-
taliat, is
the Oity   on
infill ts.
N. F. Townsend, a well known min-
in;' man from Rossland, and an old
resident of tho city of Nelson, Is a
guest at llio I'liair.
Dr. II. L. A. Keller, of London,
ICuglanri, and late of Ymir, where he
is Interested in mining property, iB
Stopping at Ihe l'hair.
Mr. Galbralth, one of the proprietor.? of the Guelph Moioury, passed
through tbe city on Tuesday evening
on his return to tho east via the
Crow 'a Nest.
.lurt^e Lenny of (ireenwood arrived
in the eity yesterday, and is a guest
at the Hume.    He wil   be here lor the
xt few ilnvs. rotuining to his home
at the end of the week.
A. E. Watts, of Valmei's Bar, is in
Nelson. Mr.Watts is inspecting some
mines in the neighborhood of Nelson
with a view io drilling on them with
the Diamond bore drill.
Frank Watson and William (Ireenwood of Spokane are guests at. tho
l'hair. They were until ieeently interested in the Arlington mine, and
are visiting the eity in connection
with the Fisher Maiden property.
C. li. Winter and E. V. Thomson,
two members of the Nelson crew who
rowed at Shawnigan Lake last week,
returned home last evening. They
were aoeoiupanied hy E. W. Mut-
thewH, captain of the elub. Messrs.
Ford and Day will bo along in a few
days. Tboni who have returned re
port having had a very enjoyable
Rov. O. Fotin, O. M. I., from Paris,
France, and visiting ge_e.nl of the
eduoal onal Institutions of the Itoman
Catholic church, passed through the
city last evening leaving on the evening hoal for tbe C-liw's Nest. He was
aocotnpanied by Kev. H. II. Constan-
(ineau, (I. M, i.. Ottawa University,
10. M. Iliinoz. 0. M, I., New West'
minster, and .1. A. Ileden, 0, M. I.,
Rev. A. 0, Crew, of Toronto, genernl secretary of the Epworth League
and Sunday schools of the Methodist
church, and editor of the Epworth
Fin. is on his return from the CalI-
foi-n-a convention and will arrive In
| this city in a few nays, He will
conduct the services at the Methodist
church on Sunday, August 18th. and
will he lie- guest of the Rev. J. II.
Mr. and Mrs. Hood, who havo just
returned from the cast, on their
honeymoon trip will, for the timo
being, taken up their residence in the
house lately occupied by Mrs. A. D.
Emory, who has lu ft. on an extended
trip to the east. In celebration of
I he ir ie) urn a moonlight excursion
purlv was held on the lake the olbet
evening. A very pleasant time was
Bpsnl and Ihe newly married couple
returned to their now home amidst
the good wishes of their guests.
A marriage license was Issued on
Tuesday last to George Henry Keys
and Miss,lane Ella McCoy of Owen
Hound.    Asa   consequence   theie was
n quiet liiile wedding yesterday at the
residence of O. W. Steele, on Carbonate street. The ceremony was per-
fiinncd by the Rev. .1. II. White, and I
tbe bridesmaid was MIsr Dolly Steele.
A sumptuous dinner was provided at
tho house where the ceremony was
performed, aftor which the newly
married pall left to start housekeeping on their own ncconni at llicir ies-
idence in BogostOWO, amidst the best
wishes of a large circle of friends.
Stanton vs. Cunninghnm   Heard   Yesterday at, the Police C^ourt.
The     Stanton      Cunningham    case
came up for bearing yesterday   morning   at the police   court,   before   His
Worship, the Mayor.    The   complaint
made   by   Stanton was that  he  wcnl
into the Madden house   oue   day   lust
week, where   he  had   been   drinking
and while there had met the prisoner.
It appears that   there   bad   been   bad
blood between them for the   last   two
years and   witness was   struck  across
the mouth by Cunningham.    While in
the hotel they got up an argument,  in
which the accused   lnsinna'.eil that bo
(Stanton) had   no money.    He  stated
that he then left him, but wus followed by   Cunningham.   Witness   warned
him   tbat   he   did   not want to   have
anything   to   do   with   him or to   be
bothered with him. Cunningham then
proceeded to attack bim and succeeded
in knocking bim down  nnd   then proceeded to   kick him when he   was  on
the ground.    Br.  Rose   testified   that
Stanton was suffering from a  fracture
of the   rib,  which   might  havo  been
caused by falling on a table or a blow
from some   bard   substance.    Ilo  also
stated that the witness   was   disfigured about the eyes, and the  Ride of the
face, as thougn he had received a succession of blows.   The injuries received, would piobahly lay him  up   for a
period of three weeks before he would
be able to resume work.    John Grant, i
hHitonder, testified that he heard tbem
arguing as bo went out   of  the  room
for a few minutes.    When he returned
he found Cunningham on   the   top   of
Stanton, holding him   by   the   arms.
Stanton mi., calling on him to let him
up.    The   evidence of   a   man   named
Fraser, who was a witness fLir tbe ill--
fence, went lo show   that   the   couple
were in a mix up fight   and   that   the
plaintiff   said   to   Cunningham. "I'ul
up your   hands, " and made a   pass a I
him.    The   prisoner then   bent  down
and   caught   Stnnfon   Vy     the    legs,
throwing him heavily to the  lloor and
hold him by one arm at the same time
striking him on   the side of the   head
two or three times,    The   evidence   of
the ilel'eiidanl   went   to show   that be
had been threatened   by   the plaintiff
who had said that if be said any more
he would "slap his   face."   Cunningham followed   him   and innile a   pass
at him and aftir catching   him throw I
bim down   and   held   him there,   lmi
did not kick bin when he was   down.
The   mayo;-,    is    summing   up   the
case, said that as  Stanton was a man
of B0 years,   that lie should  have  had
some    consideiatlon     and      however
much Cunningham wus abuseil, he was
not justified in  taking   the   law   into
nis own hands and therefore   Inflicted
a fine of 81.1   and   costs,    which   was
paid on the spot.    The  case lasted all
the morning and did not conclude until 1 o'clock.    Taylor   .i   Hannington
appeared for  the Crown   nnil   QalllbOr
&   Wilson for the defence.
Close connection East, and West-
In,und at Spokane with brains of thc
Spokane Kails and Northern Railway,
l. ud at'Bonner's Perry wil.n Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Co.
Direct connection at St. Paul without, change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Mont real, New York
uud all points AVest ami South.
Leaves Spokano dally for i.ast at 9:15 a-m
Leaves Spokane iiaily fo- V. sat at 7:15 a.in
Leave!! !ipcka_c daily tor West at 8:00 p.m.
West-bound t.ri ins make direct con-
iiectlon I'or Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and nil points
in the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Diiluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land ol'theNoi-therD Steamship Coinpany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls ,. Northern Ry., Kaslo & Sloctui
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co,, or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'l Agent,
Spokane, WaBb.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
N. (aon. R fl
Grand ,Forks, KanaliM,   Nelson,   Bosslard,   V.nconv.r,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
('orre upmiclcntH i
.'nn��<ln���Merchants Brink of Cnnada.   Bont.ui���Nation a 1 Sbnwnuit Bank.   Chicago��� itlf nol a
Trunt ami Sax ink's Hani-.   Bali Fraucl*co���Fire. National Bank.   Loudon,  Eng.��� Bank of
Scotland.   ParlM, France-Credit LyonnalR.   Bernimla��� Bank of Prrnmda.   <'h.mi ami .la
pan -Ifnup Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.    Spokane���Uid National Bank.
Geneva. Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   (tough
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Account*, received on the moat favorable terms.   Interest allowed on -Special
deposite and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
*~**t **+*******************
^ fl. H. PLAYFORD f
& CO.        |
madden   block    i
Elver; housewife wliD
takes deli^i-lit in a
spick nnd span kitchen will flml whnt she
wants ia our stock of
The shining quality
of the surface is indicative of the superior merit of the
poods through and
Z Plione 117 i
****** ****���*.** ************}
Spokane Falls dc
Northern R'v.
Wel��en .& Fort
Sheppard R'v.
If you don't like Blui Bibbon Tia it's
bociuii)'! you never taated it.
July i^lh, 14th and 15th.
Winnipeg One Fare Round
August 20th to ~8th
On Account of Medical Association Convention.
Buffalo and Return
July 2d, ibth, and every first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Iliiflet service  on  (rains between
Spokane and Northport,
t NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. C.
i Oold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
J FREE  MILLING  GOLD  properties wanted at once for Eastern
$ investors.
i Parties  having   mining  property for  salo are  requested to send
J samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
J We  desire  to  hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
i claims in Hritish Columbia,
j Prospectors  and  mining  rr.en  are requested  to make  the EX-
$ CHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
<r All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
C Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
��    Telephone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NULSON, B. G.
Leave DAY tha IN
"^'n-ni Spokane.,,
1��!d0 p.m Kossland.,
O1I8 a, m Nelson	
...7:35 p.m
..4:10 p.i_
. .7:15 p.m.
a a.
JAOKSON, 0. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent. Nelson, B.O,
Construction Work
I have a large warehouse and am
prepared to store all kinds of goods.
ProBser's Second Hand Store, Ward
If there is anything yon require,Wk
for   il   iu   Uih columns of the Miner.
, 0. GBEKN        V. 8.  OIiEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. BxoUi ,Melton, B.*i
By the week from $5 to 86.
By the day Vi.oo.
Caveats, Designs, Copyrights and
Trade Marks obtained in Oanad*
and all foreign countries.
Room 3, Bank of British North
America, HastiuRS Btra-*-. Vancouver.
(luslom House lliokor and Employment
Oflloe. Telephone __. P. O. Box fist
Stanley Street, Nelson, B. C.
**��� V-�������


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