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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 16, 1902

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 lTpHy Edition No. 1292
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Sunday,  March 16, 1902
Eleventh Year
Rossland-Boundary   Produce
Weekly Over 16.000
Railway Communication With
Republic Expected on
April 5.
Republic will be reacted on April
5th, the date fixed lor the formal
opening. Only the decking has to be
added to the five principal uncompleted bridges.
Tbo (Irand Forks Lacrosse club hns
elected the following officers: President, L. A. Manly ; first vice-president, Geo A. Fraser j second vice-
president, A. M. Dunham; socretary-
treasurer, Arthur 0.Cochrane; captain,
Fred W. Grant.
C'ommitee, K. C. McDonald, A. E.
Savage, E. Miller, W. D. Botts, A.
Henderson. It wan decided to affiliate with the B.C. lacrosse association
and to play according to those rules,
which dilter in several respects from
those of the eastern clubs .
Phoenix, March IS,���Shipments of
ore from Boundary producers for last
week total 9,340 tons, an average of
1,55') tons per day for the six shipping
The following are the shipments in
detail: Uranby mines, 6,337 tons;
Mother Lode, 2,772; Snowshoe, 180;
Golden Crown, 60. The Uoundary
smelters treated 8,612 tons of ore as
Granby smelter, 5,709 tons, Green-
wood smelter, 2,004 ; total treatment
for 1002, 74,832 tons.
| Highly   Sentimental   Terms
Mark a Bitter Dispute.
Satisfactory Payroll at the Mines of
Rossland, March 15.���Tbe shipments
from tbe Rossland camp for the week
ending tonight are substantially over
the 7,000 ton mark. The Le Roi sent
out 5,160 tons; Le Roi No. 2,1,300;
Centre Star, 600; Cascade, 30; Velvet,
25; total, 7,205 tons.
Tbls brings the output for the year
to date up to 03,133 tons, well within
the figures necessary to make the
camps production reach the three
hundred thousand ton mark before the
enu ui iu.. j^tti.    win. *u- o- - o -.-
continuing to send out ore and probably increasing itq output almost immediately, the weekly output will
take another stride foiward. The
stoping crew at Le Roi No. 2 has heen
increased during the week and this
will lead to increased shipments from
that propeity.
Tbe payroll for February was distributed by the mines during the
week, Le Roi mine's list aggregating
$45,000; Centre Star and War Eagle,
818,000; Rossland-Great Western,
Kootenay and Le Uoi No. 2, $16,600.
A. W. Lynch, claiming to be a
doctor from Winnipeg, was fined $25
or 30 days on each of two charges
under the Medical Act here today.
The stiike inaugurated hy the employees of the smelting plant owned
hy the Le Roi mine of this camp and
located at Northport, nine months ago,
has been called off by the union. The
350 or 400 men who originally went
on strike and dwindled down to
seventy, forty cf whom voted to cease
hostilities. The plant has been operated continuously with non-union
men. The Immediate loason for ending tbe strike waa that the Western
Feieration of Miners has cut off the
smeltormen's weekly ttrike pay. Tho
union has surrendered its charter and
Last Issue of the B. C. Gazette Con.
tains the Following Notices.
fir. Q. A. B. Hall of this city has
been appointed medical li.alth officer
iu and for the Nelson Mining division.
Dates have been set for the spring
assizes taioughout the province. The
date for Nelson is May 6, when both
civil and criminal cases will he
heard; Rossland, on May 13, and
Greenwood, May 19.
The following license commissioners
have been gazetted. Kaslo���D. J.
Young, alderman, and Neil F. McKay. Slocan--Donald D. Robertson,
alderman, and George Nicoll, Sandon
���Thomas Drown, alderman, and A.
II. Dockuteader. Trail���J. P. Byers,
alderman, and li. M. Perdue.
Several' new companies have been
incorporated during tbe week. Tbey
are: The B. C. Transfer company,
capital $15,000, to carry ou a general
livery aud teaming business; Boseco
Mines, Limited, capital 810,000, to
carry on mining; Rock Creek Placer
company, limited, capital, $30,000, in
$30 shares, tu acquire the assets of the
Keck Creek Placer Mining company,
limited, and to pay for tbe same in
shares of the new company; Slocan
Co-operative association, limited, to
narrv on rreneral meichandise business.
Creditors of the Athabasca Gold
mine are required to send their claims
to R. G. Tatlow, of Vancouver, the
liquidator, before April 14,
There are 64 dentists authorized to
practice in iditish Columbia according
to a list publisbed in the Gazette. Of
these 10 are not now residents of the
On petition of John Houston, an
order has been made winding up The
Messrs. R, J. Skinner, J.R Martin,
John Murray and Chailes J. McArthur
have been appointed officers of the
Lands and Works department, with
full power to carry out the provisions
uf tne Land Act relating to the collection of royalty upon timhei, cord wood
and other wood, including the power
tu seize, detain and sell timber, cord-
wood and other wood upon whicb the
royalties   imposed   by   law   bave  not
been paid to the crown.
������������������~��� i,
Work   on   Republic    Railway   Being
Pushed With Vigor.
Giand Forks, March 15.���Tho new
briquetting plant of the Granby Bmel-
ter commenced operations yesterday.
It has a rapacity of 100 tons daily.
Its function ia to compress tbe Hue
dust into bricks which are then
resmclted. The plant was furnished
by the Henry Mould Co., of Pittsburg, Pa.
A daily passenger Bervice over tho
Kettle Valley lines was inaugurated
yesterday. The first train left here
at 7 a.m. and proceeded to rail head
at St. Peter's creek, a distance of 26
1-2 miles, returning to Grand Forks
in the afternoon and connecting with
the east bound C.P.R. express. About
20 passengers bound for Republic on
the express connected at St. Peter's
ereok with a stage which covered the
intervening gap of 15 miles. Among
the passengers on the first train were
Assistant General Manager W. C.
Morris and Superintendent Clute, of
the Kettle Valley lines. The iucom
ing train conveyed 25 passengers to
Grand Forks. The work of tracklay-
ing is being rushed. Two engines
are constantly employed at rail head
and     the vials    feel    confident
Money to Be Raised For His System
in United States.
New York, March 15.���A company
is being formed here to promote the
Marconi Bystem of wireless telegraphy
in this country.
It is proposed to incorporate this
company in New Jersey with a capi-
talof $i0,000,000 and it is stated that
the raising of $750,000 will place it on
a commercial basis. Of this latter
sum $250,000 will be raised to the
preent English company and Mr, Marconi is quoted as authority fur the
statement that the other $50(1,000 will
be a sufilcient amount on which to
start operations,
Commission Does Not Recommend Exclusion at Present.
Ottawa, March 15,���The report of
the Japanese commission recommends
that while the present restrictions on
immigration to Canada are continued
by lhe Japanese government, no action
he taken by the Dominion to restrict
the immigration of Japanese parliament changing this law, the provisions of the Natal act ho made to
apply to all Japanese entering the
Dominion. The report is much less
vulumious than that of the Chinese
commission, and shows all issues
involved to have been very carefully
London, March 15.���The Canadian
gold and food exhibits at the Colonial
exhibition at the Royal Exchange are
attracting large interested crowds and
must do much good.
Paris Amused at the Letters
of a Poet to an Actress.
Paris, March 15.���The Parisians
are keenly interested in thc development of a pretty quarrel between
Sarah Bernhardt and Catulle Mendes,
the author and poet, about the production of the latter's poetical drama,
Sainte Tnerese, which had been promised to the Comedie Franoaise. Mme.
Bernhardt heard of the drama, begged
to be allowed to produce it, and M.
Mendes withdrew it from tLe Comedie
Francaise and gave it to her. under
stipulations ensuring a good run.
M. Mendes subsequently took it back,
when in full rehearsal, on the ground
that Mme.Bernhardt had mado arrangements to go to London, which precluded a satisfactory run for Sanite
The story has been told in a series
of remarkable letters exchanged between Mme. Bernhardt and M. Mendes, which the latt r published. The
letters are most amusing, with their
mutual gushing compliments and
poetical forms of address, which
however, deteriorate to the chilliest
expressions as the quarrel became
embittered. Mme. Bernhardt first
addressed M. Mendes as "My Dear
Eeloved Poet.,'' asking to be allowed
to produced Saint Therese and Mendes
responded to his "Despotic
Sovereign," offering tne piece for the
coming season. Mine. Bernhardt then
replied to her "Darling Friend,"
promising to produce it on March 1.
Mendes thereupon telegraphed as a
reply: '' Dear Therese, the play and
the author are yours."
Later, nowever, he heard lhat Mme.
Bernhardt was making conflicting
arrangements and telegraphed for explanations. This time Mme. Bernhardt merely addressed him as
"Friend" and explained that her arrangements did not affect the pioduc-
tiou of the piece. M. Mendes was not
satisfied but was induced to leave the
play with Mme. Bernhardt. The
rehearsals were begun, but M, Mendes
says he found Wme. Bernhardt had let
her theatie to an Italian company for
a period which rendered the promised
rnn impossible. Be lealized tbat all
was not plain sailing for Sainted
Tnerese and got back his manuscript,
which, he wrote, he will place in a
drawer strewn with red roses, symbols
of bis admiration for Sarah Bernhardt
and with violets, emblems of tier
fickleness. The last communication
of M. Mendes was written in tbe third
person and was addressed to Madame
Sarab Bernhardt.
Mme. Bernhardt replied to the publication of these letters by explaining
thut M. Mendes was wrong about the
arrangements which he thought
would interfere with bis play. She
intended to give it a run of 20 nights
and Could not arrange for a longor
run, because of the risk of losing her
London season, which brings her a
large sum of money, und complained
thut M. Mendeo resorted to a trick to
get back the manuscript, whieh be
suid was only needed for a few corrections. Mme. Bernhardt concluded
her letter as follows: "In a teriible
fit of despair and teurs I drowned my
illusions, hopes, admiration and my
friendship for that man. I came out
of tbis crisis a physical wreck with
my brain in a whirl, but my will safe
and sound. As long as I live I will
never see Catule Mundes again."
M. Mendes. on reading this, telegraphed as follows to Mme. Bernhardt: "I�� it not sily for us to quarrel, when in reality we love ono
The authot poet, however, then
offered to give Sainte Therese to Mine,
Bernhardt if she would only promise
to run it while it was drawing
money. Mme, Bernhardt did not even
reply to this communication, whereupon Mendes writes to the Temps,
replying to all tho points ol Mme.
Bernbardt's letter and concluding a
fervid outburst of admiration <ur ber,
thut he would await "repentance in
her dear, royal and cruel heart." The
matter thus remains without   hope  of
a reronoliatioii.
The Vieomte Christian de Villebols]
de Mareuil, a brother of the hero of I
Boshof, South Africa, has written to
tho llritish government requesting
permission to take a French ambulance to tho Boers. He says the ambu-
lanoe is ready lur South Africa immediately if Great llritain gives the
necesfary authorization. Tlio vieomte
would have made the request before,
but was deterred from so_doing by the
refusal to allow other ambulances to
go to the Boers. N'ow, however,
since General Uelarey's release of Gen.
Methuen, tbe vieomte thinks tbe British government may consent to the
French ambulance going to tbe
Capetown, March 15.���There has
been no further change in Mr. Rhodes
cundition up to this hour. He is very
drowsy and hardly speaks. His
strength is kept up by means of
oxygen and stimulant','. The weather
is warm and not favorable to the sick
First Games ln Chess  Contest  Falls  to  the
The Early Defeat of Marshal!
and Pillsbury Were
New York, March 15.���After two
days of hard fighting thn American
chess team vanquished the British
team tonight, thi.. being the seventh
of the international series of meeting
with tbe Newnes cup delencers.
America wou 5 1-2 games and Great
Britain 4 1-2 games.
The distinction of achieving the first
victory fell to tho Englishmen by virtue of Trenchard's brilliant defeat of
Delmar on board 7. Almost simultaneously came the news lhat the
amateur, Atkins,had leveled the colors
of Marshall. This was bard blow,
as tbe Brooklyn chess club had relied
upon Marshall and Pillsbury wiunng
their respective games.
; At tbat time the outlook was that
the match would be lost. Hymes was
then in difficulties and Voigt appealed to he beaten. The former,however,
soon extricated himself and proposed
a draw whioh Mills accepted. Voigt
also declared himself the game being
eventually drawn. For a long time
afterward the score remained at 2 to 1
in favor of England, tbe solitary win
for the American side havirg been
achieved later on the last board by
Hymes. Pillsbury was unable to make
any headway aguinst Lawrence and
had to b3 finally satisfied with a
draw. Parry made a great effort to
win, hut could not do it and finally
accepted the otTered draw. After lho
agreement of the contending parties
the remaining games ended us stated
above and the victoiy belonged to tbe
Splendid Forward Work Vanquishes
Winnipeg Hockoylstn.
Winnipeg, March IB,���The second
match in the series fur tho Stanley
cup was played here tonight between
the Winnipeg Victorias nnd tho Montreal hockey team.
The ice was in good condition and
despite the terrible blizzard blowing,
over 3,000 peoplo witnessed thu game.
The Montreals were winners five to
nothing. They won by superior combination work on tbe forward liue
end by tricky tripping tactics. Tbe
final game in the series will be played
on Monday night.
Two HundreiMnmutes Have a Narrow
Denver, Col., March 15,���St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum, situated in the
northern part of the city, was badly
damaged by tire this afternoon. There
were 200 oiphans in the initiation.
All were rescued unharmed. The
asylum is conduct by tne Catholic
Siaters of Charity.
Big  Offers  Made   for   Jef-
Crowds   Witness StocKton's
Annual Four-Mile
San Francisco,' March 15.���Bids for
tbe Jell'rics-1' Itzsiromons fight were
opened here today und a number ot
local clubs .submitted bids. Tbe only
oulside club to dut in a bid was the
Century club, of Los Angeles. The
bids with the exception of the Los
Angeles club nffeied only a straight
percentage of the grosB receipts. The
Los Angeles club submitted three
propositions: A purse of $'.'5,000; 75
per cent, oi the gross receipis with a
guarantee of $20,000; and 75 pjr cent,
of the receipts.
The local bids were as follows:
National Athletic club, 82 per cent;
Yoiemite Athletic club, 06 u-3 per
cent; San Francisco Athletic club, 70
per cent; 20th Century A. C, 80 per
cent; Bay City A. C, 03 1-2 per cent
to the principals and 12 1-2 per cent,
lo charity ; Hayes Valley, A. C, 75
per cent.
Delaney, representing Jeffries, announced that the different bids would
be considered by Jeffries and Fitzsim-
mons and they would probably require
some time to determine which was the
best offer.
Stevens' Siddon Wins By 50 Lengths
Over Bangor.
San Francisco, March 15.���In thc
presence of more tban 4,000 people
Siddons owned by T, C. Stevens, won
the Thornton stakes at four miles over
a fast, track at Oakland today. Be
was 50 lengths in front of Lizella at
the finish, v hile Bangor, the onlv
other starter, was last, four lengths
behind Lizella. The event was a great
drawing card, and proved a lively
betting affair witb Siddons going to
the post favorite.
Jackson, on Siddons, and Turner,
on Bangor, waited and O'Connor
made the pace with LI?,11a. Tbe mare
was so full of speed that O'Connor
could hardly hold her back and he
choked her considerably. To add to
thi i the saddled slipped, and on tho
third mile Siddons took command and
won as he pleased, Bangor found tbe
route too far and stopped badly. The
puree was valued at 83,000.
Arrangements Made For Interesting
Boxing Bouts.
New York, March 15.���Thc program for the international tournamunt
to be held under the auspices ol thc
National Sporting club during coronation week in London, has been completed hero by the Nntioaual club
representatives, Messrs. Gavin and
I.mi. Since tbeir arrival in this
country a week ago thu Englishmen
have clinched six matches that will
bring togethei muiki good boxers.
Thu piogrumme was coucludud
today when thc mutch between Frank
Erne and Pat Daly wus announced us
an additional tlxture to tho carnival.
Mr. Lea said that the bout between
Harry Harris, of Chicago, and Andy
Lukcll, tho English fhainpion, was
also an assured event.
The other bouts uro as follows:
Peter Maher will light Tom Sharkey
for the Irish championship; Gus
Ituhlin will tackle Kid McCoy; Joe
Woleott will box Tommy West and
tommy Ryan will encounter (ieorge
Jack O'Brien, of Philadelphia,
champion middleweight and heavy
weight pugilist of England, today
signed articles of agreement to meet
Tommy Rvan ior the middle weigh
championship of tho world. The
men will figbt before the Southern
Athletic (luo. oi Louisville, on May
3rd, weight to be IV) pounds at
Business Suspended From Storms-
Stock Loss Heavy.
Bismarck, N. D., March 15.���The
storm thut has raged fur 24 hours is
still furious tonight, with a temperature of 5 degrees below zero and a
wind blowing 45 miles an hour.
Trains on the Northern Pacific are
snowbound at Mandan and Dawson
after ineffectual efforts all day to get
them through the heavy drifts. The
storm is the worst in tli is section for
ten years in violence and length nf
duration. Cattle on the [unities are.
scattered widely and thero may be
considerable loss where the owners
havo no shelter. It is feared immigrants recently arrived here and inadequately provided with shelter, will
suffer greatly.
Ilorta,     Azores,     March     15.���The
steamer Elbe left   here   this   morning
fur Liverpool with   the   passengers  of
the Cunard liner Etruria, whieh was
towed in here with less of her prupei-
lor and milder on Marcli II, while
bound from New York for Liverpool,
all were well.
Both the Dakitas Suffer From High
Winds, Juld aud Snow.
St. Paul, March 18.���Billiard news
is contained iu specials to the
Dispatch from various points in both
Nortli and South Dakota. A bard
snow storm is reported Ht Fargo, delaying* trains and breaking duwn
wires. Tbe storm is western und
northeastern North Dakota is said to
he the worst in years and with snow
three feet deep on the level There is
no sign of any abatement of the storm
at Bismarck, where it has been raging
furiously for over 12 hours; al] business tin re is practically autpended ami
in lhat vicinity all trains aie snowbound. The Northern I'aeilie westbound train has been stalled at flaw-
son, N.D., since last night. A plow
is attempting to clear tlie track of
snow. The Washburn road, north of
Bismarck, is snowed in completely,
Reports received from along the line
oi the road state that it is the worst
storm of the season. Abont Huron.
S.D., the storm set in today and drifls
are interfering   with the railways.
Telegraph    Companies   Make   War on
Private Stock Reports.
Springfield, Ills., March 15.���In the
U. S. circuit court today the W. U.
Telegraph company. Postal Telegraph
Cable company and Overland Telegraph company filed a petition for an
injunction against "bucket shop"
brokers located in several towns of
Illinois, to restrain them from having
wires in iheir offices, ov( r which mar
ket quotationns are being sent. Tin
writ is diiected against bucket shop
keepers in Spring Held, Decatur, Cerio
Gordo, Deli..out, Viiginia and other
The petitioners allege that some
timo ago tbe Cleveland Telegiaph Co.
closed wiih the Chicago beard of trade
a contract to furnish market reports,
also that tho W. U. aud Postal companies have similar contracts. They
allege that keepers of so-called''bucket
shops" are by unnlawful methods re
eeiving quotations and reports daily.
They allege that this prevents them
from receiving market quotations by
agents or other persons.
Appeal Against His Sharing in Santiago Capture.
Washington, March 15,- The transcript of the record in the case of the
United States vs. Admiral Sampson
and others, which has heen appealed
from the decision of the .supreme court
of thc distill I of Columbia! was tiled
in the 'J. S. Supreme court todny.
Thu case involves the question as to
whether tho prize money slu nil be
awarded to Admiral Simpson aid the
officers nnd men of thu North Atlantic
squadron on account of the vessels and
supplies captured in the battle of
Santiago on July 8, 1808.
Wife of Premier ol Ontario Suddenly
Toronto, Marcli 15.���The whole eity
nnd provinco were startled by news of
the sudlon death of thu wife of
Premier Boss. Mrs. Ross was taken
ill on Moday night, but nol seriously,
and had been out shopping ns lato as
Monday aftornoon. The deceased lady
was arranging to accompany her h::s-
batid to lho coronal ion festivities next
summer. She was widely known in
the city and waa very popular.
Redistribution Bill Is to Be
Presented on Monday.
Kootenay and Yale Is to Have
Increased Representation.
Victoria, March 15.���Bon. D. M.
Eherts hss given notioe of a rcdistri'
hution bill lor Monday. The membership of the bouse is likely to be increased from 'A. to 42 or 43. Esquimalt
will lose a representative, and the two
Lilloocts be combined in one, also
there will be a covering up of rvortb
Victoria, that portion of Vancouver
Island going into Soutb Victoria, the
Islands being grouped with other
islands of the gulf. Vaneouver city is
expected to get one additional member; Rossland riding now represented
oy Smith Curtis, ' will it is said, lie
divided into three, Rosslano, Trail
and adjacent mines getting one member, Grand Forks another, and Greenwood another. East Yale is to he
divided into two, a line being drawn
about Pentioton. A north riding will
be formed with Vernon as the centre,
and the south making one comprised
of the districts of Rock Creek, Princeton, Camp McKlnney. Fairview and
Keremeos. Tho other three additional
members will likely go to Sioean,
Nelson and South Kast Kootenay.
This i'b believed to he a rough outline ot the present draft, but it fa
being constantly charged and may be
materially altered before Monday.
Charles Love Sustains Terriblo Accident in C. P. li. Yards.
A terrible accident took place in the
C. P. R. yards yesterday afternoon by
which Charles Love will probably lose
his life. He was working with a gang
fitting up the new steam shovel which
had baeu received by tbe railway company from tbe makers a few days bo-
fore and while standing on tho end of
the arm the chain slipped and the arm
descended rapidly. The loose ond cf
the chain swung swiftly upwards
striking him on the top of tbo head
severing part of the skull and crush
ing pieces of it down some distance
into the brain. Bu was taken to the
hospital, where a portion of tbe brain
was removed by Dr. Hose, bnt little
hope iB felt as to his chances of life.
Love waa unmarried, and about 35
tears of age. He camo to Nelson from
Brandon, Manitoba, some months ago,
uu bas a married sister residing at tne
abovo mentioned town,
Annual Report of tbe Company.���
Results Most satisfactory.
The fifth annual meeting of tha
shareholders oi the Crowa'a Nest
Coal company was held in Toronto on
Match 7th..
The net profit for tbe year, after
paying all operating expense, and ell
charge cf every kind amounted to
8270,84s.30. After paying dividend
at tho rate uf ton per cent., per
annum, a bnlance of $28,142.80 was
carried forward to tho credit of profit
and Iobb.
The number of men employed during the year was 1,312,
Six hundred nnd thirty-ijx coke
ovens have been constructed, with a
capacity of 1,,'liti tons of eoke per day.
During tbe year the company expended tho Bum of IMOS.MS.OO.
Payroll amounted to SOU,407,15 Expenditure for freight waa 1840,002,41.
The company's operations are progressing satisfactorily, under the
management of an efficient staff; and
still more satisfactory results will be
shown at tbe end of the preacnt year.
Njw York, March I.",.���Joseph Wilfrid Blondiu, accused by tho Boston
police of the murder of bis Wife, was
taken on board a Joy Hue steamer
today en route to Massachusetts for
New York.  March   15.���Bar   silver,
53 7-8o; Mexican dollars, 43 1-4,    Copper dull, lead steady.
_m_z -***> *_ Nelson  Daily Miner,  Sunday.   Makch t6, iqt>
���* \
The Nelson Miner
PubUrbod Every MarninK Except
Weekly, per year	
(Vnekiy, ucr year, foreign	
S'ltjicriullonu Invariably In advance
...   2 0U
...   300
Display Advarttoemonta. ti per Inch per
inoiiiir. Iiiipiay Adverii���in .���inn. n oenf no,
i���, h each 1> scrllon loMthan month; booalii, 1
cents per line each Insertion; ClwHineti Aiiyer
tl-ienienW, 1 cent per word e.iti ra*srnani
Wholesale Cards. H.M per uiJtKtr, BooletJ
I iird*. ilM por inontii.
tor are not very oterous. with the exception of the unmaking director. It
is barely possible tbat the reninuera-
tion mentioned is for all the directors,
although tbe way It reads would lead
to a different oonclusien. If the ��i>00
is to bo divided among all the directors the paying of it would not be
very burdensome on a company with
a capital stoek of 13,800,000.
114 Moot Barest, E. C.
Oeni.rsl Press Aftoncy. Ltd., Special Arnmn-
Alcxnndor Jr. Qo.,W1 First Avonuo, Spokane-
W�� h keop this paper on nlo. ana are oui
authorised agents fur ndvertiaeraonl* and sub-
That mining is forging ahead in
Canada is evidenced by the large
production of last year. From the
way it is growing it looks as though
it would in time be the most productive Industry, when all of itr, branches
are taken into consideration, in the
dominion. A lecent compilation of
the exports of Canada to tlie bscal
year 190(1-1 shows as follows.aocording
to the official method of classification :
1'roducts of the mines, $40,367,<i��!l,
products of fisheries, $10,720,251; products of forests. $30,008,887, animals
nnd their products, T5fl,4115,311 j agri'
cultural products, $34,781,480; rnanu
factures, $10,012,208. This reveals,
as classified, that the exports of ani
mals and tbeir products aloue exceed
ed that of the mines. Of course animals and their products are the pio-
uot Oi the farm as well as agricultural products nre, and when these
two are addea they exceed considerably the exports of the output of the
Canada has immense mineral areas
and there is every reason to believe
when the country is opened up to a
larger extent by transport ation facilities that the mines are very liable to
gain the aucendeucy. The eastern
papers aro awakening to a recognition
of the importance ot the mining in-
dustiy and are strongly agitating in
favoi of the formation by the Federal
overninent of a mining bureau.
Jyntreul exchttjrge in speaking of
tbis matter^Bays. t.bat the extraordinary
growth of mining indicates tho possibilities oi national wealth that lie
beneath the surface, and lays upon the
various governments in the Dominion
tbe duty of promoting, hy all reasonable means.the full development of our
mineral resuorcis. lho Federal minister of tbe interior, lion. Clifford Sifton, is understood to bu fully alive to
the necessities of the caso. That he
will be able to do all that tho Jlining
Institute requests, and secure the creation o( a department of mines, oannot
be suid, but it may bo expected that
Mr. tiifton niil propose legislation the
aim cf which "ill be to further, in a
more compre' - isive as well as more
concrete manner than is possible with
the present 'tepurtmentul machinery,
the great raining interests of the
country. The Geological survey is
doing a splendid work, but what appears desirable, in furtherance of its
efforts, is pi,.vision for tlie investigation of problems of production and of
marketing of our mineral resources,
even as in th�� department of agriculture such provision exists in regard to
the PTOuucets of tho suil.
Endeavors hate been made to create
prejudice against the Crow'l Nest
Southern railway and tlie Crow's Nest]
Pass Coal Co, ont of the Incident that
ocoured in a Minneapolis court, when
.lames J. Hill of the lireut Northern
railway testified that the Northern
Securities Co. was negotiating for the]
stock of the Crow's Ne. t Pass Coal
Co. Some of the local papers, which are
friendly to the Canadian Pacific Kail-
way Co., endeavored to distort this
evidence to make it appear that the
Northern Securities Co. mas endeavor'
ing to secure tne control of the stook
of the C.roiv's Nest Puss Coal Co., and
they went so far as ti s'ly that it was
pertain to do so; that the effect would
injure II. C, etc. Paius have been
taken to secure the facts and they are
entirely differ.'tit from what the
orgni s have endeavored lo make them
appear. The denials come from an
authoi it'itivc source and ure a complete controversion of the attempted
diatorUtion by the organs of thc railway company. This amounts to
another exposure of the utter unreliability of the statements which bave
continually been made use of in waging the war ngaini-t interests which
are being carrien ou in a manner
which is of the utmost benefit to tne
community. At first tile hireling
sheets shouted as loudly as they could
that Mr. Hill had acquired a control
of the capital stock of the coal
They were shelled out of this
position by a volley of facts fired at
them by one of tiio officials of the
Crow's Nest Co. who stated that Mr.
Hill was the owner of only three-
tenths of the stock and that he had
paid a premium lor it.
Discomfited by the exposure of their
misrepresentation they for a time remained quiet. Then they went, hammer and longs,into the old business of
mendacity again, and because Mr.
Hill stated that the Securities company was negotiating for certain stoek
they jumped to tho conclusion that
that corporation desired control and
was seeking to purchase it. On this
foundation they built up some wild
charges. What are the actual facts?
Simply that the Northern Securities
Co. has been negotiating with Mr.
Hill for his present Holdings of stock
in the Crow's Nest 1'at-s Coal Co., just
us they are negotiating with him for
his present holdings of stock in ti.e
Great Northern railway. There are
not aud never huve been nny negotia-
tionu between the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co. aud the Northern Securities
Co. fur any stock. It is therefore,
obvious that the statements of the
organs in this matter, as in many
others, simply amount to misrepresentation
SON'S BAYj4tMmbep��
Delivered to any point
oa Kootenay Lake.
We wish to call your attention to our immense
stock of
Spring and Summer Staple Goods
and Novelties
In making our seleclions this reason we have endeavored to choose a stock which will please the most delicate
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ludson's Bay Co.
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ilill at PILOT BAY. Tnrde, NELSON
anrl LAEUO.
J. 0. 8WILLIM, B.,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre* Nelson. B C
'^^t^>   '
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We nre showing this season a full
line of these goods und BOlicit your
esteemed patronnge.
Lawrence Hardware
ZCbclRo^aUBank of Canaba
Incorporated 1869.
rajiiuii? '. 11- ' ��� in ���',
ft.VHKI.lHMi.W I   Capital   Ptitd-llp,
FM-.i. ��� .      ,
���     ���    ..\..ty>_u..>A\\}
���������-:'. of ..'!������. ������-':;-    rhomaa E, Kenny. President 1  Thomao Ritchie, Vice. Pr est dent
Wile*7 Smith, 11. ii. Baud, Hun. l"\vld M*cKoen.
Ilfiiri Office, Vallfexi
Ueneral ManAger. KUson L, PeatWi Montreal*
fcJuporinLcnuimr of Branche*?. aud Secretary, W. B. Torrance, HalifaT,
branches I
Nova Srrttla��� Balilax Branch, Anti^oni***
Bridgewater, Qnraboro. Londonderry, l.u -
euburg. MalUana (Hantfl Co.), Piotou, Port
Hawkeubnry, Sydney. Hhubcnacadie.Truro
Wuy mouth.
New     Ki'miMwlck ��� Bathnraif,     Dorfhfwtor,
Frcdoricion, Kingston (Kent Co,), Mono
too. KewoaatJOt Sackville Bt, John,Wood stock*
P. fe* ibluud���CharloU-etown, HuramorFlde,
The Kaslo-Sloeai Mining und
Financial Corporation, limited, has
heon (ui'iii'ii In liondon to take over
the claims oi the Onnpleau Mining Co.
and those lhat have hitherto beon
buiidh'd by I must Mahaflold, The
capital bt il, is MOO.OOO cr $3,600,000.
Mo further ninth has reached thia city
ir repaid h, tlic plans  of   the  newly
The minister of finance is fathering
a shori net to regulate public aid to
hospitals. Only one such institution
in each municipality is to receive go��-
ernoient uid, which is to 1,0 bused
on the total number of days'treatment
in the year, "days' treatment" being
defined as the totnl niiiiilier of patients
treated in a hospital for bodily din-
eases on such day, Hospitals where
Si^ total number of dais' treatment in
a yeBr does not exceed r.OO will receive
the sum of $600. Ovei 500, Me sum of
one dollar for the lirM, one thousand
days' treatment : over lOUl) the sum of
75 cents tor the lii-t 1,500 days' treatment in excess of 1,111)0 in addition to
tbe dollar for the flrst one thousand;
between 2,500 and 8,000, 65 cents in
addition    to   above     mentioned   aid;
between 6,000 nnd 10,000,45 cents, bnt
tlio uid iii do case i* tu exceed $10,000,
An   Engl In J   exchange   tells of  the
organized company,   but the prenimp-1 heaviest  snowfall of tho  wliitoi   In
tion thai tlm properties  whioh  it has|Sontbport and district.     It   says thu
snow began to fall ���t an early Hour In
the day nnd continued to lull with one
or two short Intervals till iate in tbe
afternoon, when it reached a depth of
about four inches. Notwithstanding
the serious nature of the snowfall,
vehicular Unfile was not much Imped:
ed, tlm tramways and railways
Buffered little Interruption, What
would they say at the .Silrer King
mine if abont four Inches of snow
fell, where at present there is abqut
13, feet covering the sides of the
mountain? What would some of tbe
veteran railway men, who are Inking
trains through the Bosky mountains
think of a mnn who would ash them if
about four inches of snow would
block mil wny trallle when they nre
able to get through, almost without
Interruption,    by  the   aid   of  snnw
There is nothing like Asthmalene. It
brin ?s instant relief, even in t e worst
cases.   It cures wheu all else fails.
The Rev. O. F. WELLS, o Villa Ridge,
111., says: "Your trial bottle of Asthmalene received iu good condition. I eaunot
toll you how thaukful I feel for the good
derived from it. I was n, slave, chained
with putrid sore throat and asthma lor ten
yenrs. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
saw your advertisement for the cure of
this dreadful nnd tormenting disease, Asthma, and thought you had overspoken
yourselves, but resolved to nive it a trial.
Tomy astonishment the trial acted like a
chinm.    Send me a full size bottle.
Rev, Dr. .llurrls tVccasler.
Rabbi ot tha Cong. Bnai Israel,
New York, Jan, 3,
Dn. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.,
Oentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for ABthma and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
trouUes which combine with Asthmn.
Its success is astonishing nnd wonderful.
After having it carefully analyzed, we cat. stnte tbat Asthmalene contains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.    Very truly yours,
Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1901.
Drs. Tait Bnos. Medicine Co.
Oentlemen : I write thiB testimonial from a senBe of duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of yonr Asthmnlene, for the curo of Asthma. My wife has
been ntHcted with spasmodic asthma for the past 12 years, Hnving exhausted
my own skill as well as many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon your
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My wife commenced taking it about the flrst of November. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma hns disappeared
and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend the medicine to all who are afflicted witb this distressing disease.
Yours respectfully, O. D. PHELPS, M. D.
Du. Taft P.iios, Medicine Co, Feb. 6,1001.
Gentlemen: 1 wns troubled with Asthma for 22 yoars. 1 have tried numerous remedies, bnt they have all failed. I ran aorosB your advertisement and
Started With a trial bottle. I found relief at ouoe. I have since purchased youi
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Home address, 2155 Rivington street, S. RAPHAEL,
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___���������__���________��������� "���
Do not delay,   Write at once, addressing DR   TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
OO., 71) East 180th St., N. Y. City.
Soid by Al! Druggists.
moment. In the vicinity of South-
pott, Kn(.'., they evidently do not
know what a genuine snow storm Is
wh^n a fall of about fonr inches is
railed the heaviest snowstorm of the
taken over, which aro icry promising,
will be H, in,.i uuring the next few
knontbl, and will rusult ln the expenditure of a i;���i-i.!erable sma, and the
Bdditl -ii i i one or two to the grow ing
Hit of BhipperB, Mr. Mansfield, it is
preaumi . i. the promoter of the new
company anil he is to be congratulated
on his bu cosn in securing capital.
There in one feature of the announcement nf the new company
whicii I" : lilie a handicap to it.
The pruspu i is states that tho number
of di r t is is not to be less than
three i.ur ������ m than 14,the subscribers
to oi'.ii.t ti,,, Hi-ht. Qualification
4!l00. Il, ii i inration ��Hii0 per annum
and 10 per ie it. of all too net profits
in excess ,.f ��>,000, divisnhle. If each
director i-, t. be paid *>00 per annum
(tnd there are only  three  directors  it
would mean an expenditure of $12,000 I plows, places win re the snow is piled
a year. This alone would be consiu- ou the track for twenty and sometimes
crahlu to coma out of the income of a thirty lent? 'they would laugh at the
BOW company, especially when it is suggestion of about four inches of
considered lhat thc duties of a  diicc-jsuoiv    blocking   trufllc    for  even  a
On   March   .1th   Leotard   Lewisohn
died   in     London.      Mr.   Lewisohn's
[ health was seriously affected  by  too
dose attention   to a business during
the several months since the beginning
of the copper slump. He was on his
way to Oarlabad, where he intended to
try the effect of tin" medicinal waters,
when dentil overtook him in London.
The immemnte cause of death wns
pneumonia superinduced by a cold.
Mr, Luivlschu was one of the chief
spirits In the American Smelting and
Refining Oo. nnd of tbe United Metals
Selling Co. It is thought thnt the
anxiety eauied by the fall in copper
and the consequent depreciation in
the shares of tne cupper companies in
which be was a large stockholder nnd
his Intense devotion to business, ns a
consequence o( the critical cqndition
of the mniket, brought on a low state
I of health which made him nn easy
victim of pneumonn. Mr. Lewisohn
was a man of wonderful financial
' ability nnd hnd n close Bnd intimate
I acquaintance of tho mineral market. Hy renson ot this knowledge he
made a large fortune.
Our New Stock is now open,
A Tory Fine Up of
The Prices Will Suit the
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
New York
San Francisco
via Soo Line, Rl Paul, Chicago
und all U. S. points.
Tourist Sleeper Service
i""��  A  C"T��       L,v. Dunmore Ju:c-
r AN I   aa-1*
L-tl iW A ijV   Kootenay  Lrig,
Tuesday and Friday, St. Paul, Toronto
Montreal and Boston.
lllCCP Leave Revelstoke
\hl I- ^\ I daily, Vancouver,
VV __J\J A      Seattle. Ooast
Qiiebec-Montroal, (Oity lOrllco), *MontrSB
West Knd (Cor. Not.ro IMuto and Moi��-
ncu"fl street); WoHtmouni lOor. Qreonu
Avoaue and SU Catharines BIrwiI),
Newfuumllanil���St. John's.
Cuba. Went lodlra���Havana.
lino ,1 Slates���New York (1(1 Kichar.mj Plao��
Republic, Wash.
Srand   Fvirfcs, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Kossiand,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
Correspondents t
Canada���Merchants Rank ot Cnnada.   Boston���Nations  Shawmut Bank.  ���hlc��a�����Illlnoln
Trust and Savings Bank.   Han Franelico-Firat Natloual Bank.   Lontliin,   F.iiE^-Biiik  ol
Scotland.   Paris, frutee -Credit, Lyonnate.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda,   ihiu ���. jv
pan���Hong lions and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spoliane-Old Notional Bunk.
Qeneral Bank'nz Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bough
and Sold, Lit ers of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tbe most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on tpecia
deposits and ou Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Home Seekers' Westbound
Excursions, March I to
April 30.
ThrouRh bookings to Europe, vio all
Atlantic Line
Prepaid tickets from all points at
lowest rates
For berths, time tables. rateR and full
information apply to City Ticket oflice
H. L. BROWN, Agent.
J. 8. Cartkh, E. J. Ooylh
Dis. Pass. Agt. A. G. P. A.
Nelson Vancrnre
Certiiicate of Improvements
Drum Lomiiioii Mineral Claim, situ
ate in tbe Kelson Miuiug Division of
West Kootenny Dintriet.
Where located : On Craig Mountain,
Take notice tliat I, J. D. Anderson,
P." L. S., of Trail, R 0., agent for
P. Burns, Free Minei'g Cettiii-
cnte No. B0OD2:.', intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Grown Graut of the
ahove claim.
And further tnke notico that aotion
under section '.il, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Gel tilieate
of Improvements.
Dated this Mth day of March
A  D. ll��02. 1   n. ANDKliSON
Certificate of Improvement's
Alien Mineral Olnim situate in tbe
Nolson Mining Division of West Koot-
ennv District.
Where   located���On   the divide be
Uveen Sheep nnd Lott Creeks, 11) miles
from Salmon Hiding
TAKE NOTIOE that I, V. P, Towns
end, acting as agent for,! w. Thompson, Krie Miner'sCertiflcuteNo.BlUOuL
intend sixty dajs from the dale hereof
to 111> 1 > y to ihe Mining Recorder for n
eei-titieate of imiircvenietils for the put*
pose of obtaining a Crown Crant of the
above olnim.
And further tnke notice tbat action
under section 87, must he commenced
before the IstuaDoe of such certificate ot
Dated this 2nd day of November,   A.
1)., 1901 N. F. TOWHBBND.
Certificates of Improvements
Queen, Niagara, Lewiston, nnd liur-
llugtun   (Fractional),   mineral  olaims
situate in 'be <���'.'���<in .Mining I >,vi.-ion of
West Kootenay District,
Where located���On Wolf Oreek, a
branoh of Sheep Creek, which in a tiilm-
taiy of Salmon River.
Take Notice that 1, William Waldle,
K M. 0, B50620, formytelf and ns ag -nt
for John A, Turner. F. M, O. B5O160.
and Mii'bael Scully. Free Miuer'H Certilicate No. BB0006, intend 60 days
from the date hereof, to apply to tlie
Mining Kecorder for certificates of
improvements, for the purpose of ob-
taining Grown Grants of the abova
And further tnke notice thnt nction.
under section SS7 must ho commenced
before trio Issnanoe of jraob Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated   this   18th   day  of February,
A. D. 1003. i
Be Sure and Get the Genuine.
I Lawrence Hardware Company 1
B Scle Agents, Nelson, B. C. __\
has been discovered on the
Similkameen   Valley   Coal    Company's
On the i nth instant I will offer for sale the Company's stock at $1,10
PER SHAKE, payable $10 monthly per ioo shares, A further advance
will take place on April ist.    Rush in your orders.
Nelson, B. C. Official Broker
NOTICE pnrt0 Rjco Lumber
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply nt the next sitting nf the
ooard of license commissioners for tbe
Oity of Nelson to le held after tlie ex-
piratlon of thirty days from the date
hereof, for a transfer of the retail
liqnor license now held by mo ior the
Royal hotel, situate on Stanley street
iu the City of .Nelson, on lots ;i aud 4.
block 29, subdivision of lot OB, group
I, West Kootenay district to Sol Johns,
nl tne City of Nelson.
Witness! n. A, McFarland,
Hated  tbis  liitii day of  February,
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From ML. John, N, B,
Aiiiin Uno Puislan	
a Iimi 1 [no Oorlnl blftn.	
benver Lino Nake superior .��	
Boavor liiitu (jiirth Ciuiiii'	
...April   fl
.  April il
>, .April SO
AUau.Llne stoameca oall at, Uuiiri.x lwo duys
From Portland,
Dominion Line California^ April \i
iJuiuiniuM Lino Uolonlan  .. .April Bu
Krom Sew York
Qnnard Lino Oampaniu Maroh 88
Cunard Line Umbria April ���'��
White Star Une Toutxmlo March 28
White8tarLinepoaanio  .April i!
Ainorican Lino PhlliiUulphitt  Maroh -<>
Amei loan Line 8t P ml April _
ltd I Star Lino Merlon Maroh BtJ
Hod Star Lino Haverford April \_
Continental Battings of French.
man Lloyd, II. A. P. uud iuwiun '
RATK8���Saloon farea $12.50, and upward!
Peoond $85 and upwards according to Bteanjer
a Mi location of berth. Steerage Quoted on ap
pHuHtlon. Prepaid panoses from Kngland aud
the com incut at lowest races*
IX. L, BROWN,      W. Pi F, CUMMING8,
Oity Agt Nelson*     Gen. Aaont, Winnipeg
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always m
Wn carry a enmpiuto niock of Oout Flooring
CtilllnK, IihiiIu KInlHh, Turned Work, Kiu,li null
Dihii-h, Hpuclal oritur work will rucuilvo prompt
tiltunUoir   Mali ordorn Holtoltod.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
tliwd Ofltcn���ITimdrvx apd Vnrnnn    _, Nol.on
 April ill
h. North Our-
LtnuM on ap J
Will pay tbe hi(?hi'nt ounb prloo tor all
kindu of seiunid hund Roods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to *
nondle. Furniture, stoves, oarperte,
cooking ntenuils, bonght in horiflehold
.innutlties. Also oust off clothing.
Oall and Bee mo or write. AddreFB
SUver King Mike. Boj ano Wall
Street, Nelson, R. C.
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Porter.
SpUob  tt. O
Roal Estate. Flro and Life Insuranco
Monoy to Loan.
Houses to Rent in a'] parts of the
City. See list at entrar.ee to our
offices, next to McArthur's Furniture store.
i Nelson   Daily Minsr, Sun >ay, March 16, 1902
\     MINING NEWS.     |
^���inety-Bve tons of ore wero shipped
irom thc Whitewater mine last woek.
Duncan Mel hail has sold a sixth
interest in tne Silver Ulance to H. 0.
From 15 to 20 men are working
steadily at the Idaho mine, though no
shipping is being donr.
The Carbonates No. 2, Spring creek,
sent another shipment of ore amounting to 15 tons to Nehon last week.
The Enterprise, on Ten-Mile, says
the Sandon l'aystreak, shippo't three
carloads of concentrates last week.
On the Fisher Maiden, Four Mile,
tho lodge has been struck in the lower
tunnel ami shipments will soou be
The Red Pox mine liaH been shipping regularly since the lirst of the
year. For last week 22 tons ot ore
were eont out.
lt is understood tho Noble Five
moitgage deal will be settled up one
way or the other on tho 20ih of May
and that the mine will icsume regulai
work on the let of June.
Tbe rawhide trails to the Reco,
Suutet and American Hoy were blocked by the heavy snowfall of a week
since, but since havo been cleaned out
and shipping is proceeding steadily.
No ore was shipped over tbe C.F.R.
from Sandon last week, says the Sandon Paystreak. The K. and S.
handled 100 tons. The Reco shipped
two cars, and the Last Chance, American   Hoy and Sunset one each.
A Revelstoke special to tlie Rossland
Miner sajs: The biggest deal in the
histury of the Lardeau miuing district
wus completed today aftor several
Week's negctiatons, when the Silver
Cup and Sunshine mines changed
hands for a cash consideration up in
the hundreds of thousands. The fortunate purchasers are William U, Foil,
of Ferguson, and Jno. J. Young, of
Tho Silver Cup is undoubtedly the
richest und biggest mine of its kind
in Uritish Columbia. Together with
the Nettie ti., Triune, and Ophir-
Lade, it bus estabished he fame of the
Lardeau as a camp  of  phcnomcnallly
bigh    gtuut, miuco.     i>bU6 >u. Ti~.._.-
mine ot the district, it is eiusider-
ably further advanced in development
than other properies in tho same
camp, and its oro shipments to dato,
including seven hundred tons now in
sack, amount to over two thousand
tODS of the average value of $125 per
tOD, in silver and gold or a total of *
quarter million of dollars. The ore
reserves in the mine are enormous,
and as it comprises nino claims its
possibilities for the futuie are regarded by mining men as exceptional.
Thc tunnel on the Silversmith is
now in 400 feet and gives _ depth of
250 feet on the vein. Tho ledge, whioh
has been twisting considerably and
lay pretty flat, is now taking a
decided strike und is straightening
up. The ore chute bus never lett them
since first discovered nnd in tho face
is a veritable bonanza. The whole
face of tbe tunnel is in ore und there
is every indicUtion that another of
those phenomenal showings whicb
have made the Slocan Star priperties
famous is beiug opened up. Thore are
only Ave mon employed In the tunnel
and no stoping is being doDe, yet
several carloads of clean ore havo been
sacked in the ore hiuse or lie broken
in the mine. Tho ore is high grade,
carrying considerable gray copper, A
trail is being opened from tbu mouth
of the tunnel to tbo No. ,1 pocket of
the Sioean Slur tramway, so tbat tbu
ore chh be easily shipped. A two
bucket tin in will probably be huilt ln
the spring to connect the Silversmith
tunnel with the mill, so that tbe ore
can ho sont down in bulk und ciushtd
at the luwer end.
Ian, J. J. Walker, J. S. Carter, ,1. H.
VVard, E. E. Phair. E. Titsworth, J.
Johnson, Mrs. Mallette, Gust Erick-
son, Marry Wrignt, E. A. Crease, Melville Parry, (J. L. Lennox.
Futher subioriptions will be gladly
received by rnembeis of the coin-
Eastern newspapers state tbat the
city council of St. John, N.B., recently made a grant of $750 to tbe
Tourist Association of that city, The
deputation that waited on the council
state that during the previous year tho
government of Now Brunswick bad
granted the association $ 1,000 and tho
city of St. John $500, while the
citizens had subscribed $1,1100. The
association had decided to circulate
50,000 pamphlets.
The Ottawa Valley has also a Tourist association and on March 1 the
city oouncil of Ottawa granted 8500
towards its objects, on condition that
$1,000 bo raised by the eitizons.
Kaslo Repudiates Any Responsibility
For Resolution of That Hody.
A. W. Goodenough, mayor, and Q.
E. Martin, of Kaslo, were in the city
yesteiday un their way to Victoria, as
delegates from the Kaslo boaid of
trade, to lay the views of the board
befoie the government and the mem-
bets of tho legislature. Mr. Martin
left by the Spokane Falls and Northern railway In tbe morning, and
Muyor Goodenough in the evening by
the C.P.R.
The particular resolutions which
tbe delegation go to Victoria to
further are those passed taking a
different view from that of the Associated board of trade on the proposed
change in the mining laws by making
the fee for registeiing an assessment
work $12.50 instead of $2.50, and also
that dealing with the tax on the mineral output.
The Kaslo boaid felt particularly
strong on these two questions because
the members did not wish the impression to go abroad that tbat city was
in any way responsible for the passing of snch resolutions bv the Associated boards because the meetings of
the latter happened to be held in that
Tbe full text of the resolution passed by the Kaslo board is:
(1) Resolved, that this board respectfully requests the government to
appoint a commission to take evidence
and inquire into the whole subject of
taxation with a view to ascertaining
whether the said mining industry is
beine uniustlv discriminated against
by said jtax compared witb other industries of the province.
(2) Resolved, that while tbis board
is in entire accord with the Associated
boards of trade in the sentiment expressed against thc inequitable and
unjust working of tho present tax
charged on the net smelter returns,
and which tax we think should be rearranged, it is our opinion that the
suggestion to increase the fee for
recording each annual assessment
from $2.50 to $12.50 would be a grave
error of judgment and business foresight ; therefore he it resolved, that
this Knslo board of trade hereby expresses is emphatic dissent from the
said resolution, and requests lhe delegates to Victoria to lay this resolution
beforo tne government
Mr. Goodenough stated that the
Easlo board could see no good reason
that would justify the passing of such
a resolution as the Associated boards
had mused. They thought that tho
whole question of taxation should be
inquired into and lhat a fairer
arrangement of the basis of taxation
than the present one,could be deivsed
Stop now, think it over, hotter examine our ehno stock���Tlic Wullucu-
Millur Co., limited.
Tourist Association Has Now 8150 to
its Credit,
A meeting of the executive com.
mittoe ol the Tourist association was
held yesteiday, when the secretary
reported that $150 had been placed in
the bank to the credit of the association and thnt ovor 50 persons had
promised to become members In
addition to the names ol those wbo
contiihuted $117 the following have
since subscribed 81 each : Dr. Stoddart, Dr. McLennan, J. Dover, J.
Kelly, Hamilton Hyers, Alex Carney,
W. G. Gillette, J. A. Irving, W. J.
Quinlan, Dr. Hawkey, G. F. Hawthorne, A. S. Hlakemore, S. M.
Brydges, J. Klllot, liruco White,
lllako Wilson, P. E. Wilson, II. Bird,
M. llird, E. SutclifTe,    U. J. McLach-
Advertisements innert,ed under this head at
the rate of one co.it a word per lnBortlon. No
adverLinemen* taken for less tban 25 ceDte.
Situation Wanted advertisement*! Inserted
threo times free of chur��e.
FOR    SALE   or   Rent���House, Silica
street, will sell   or rent,   furnished ;''AERATED AND MINERAL WATERS
all conveniences.   C. E, Miller. I ���	
J3i . Al. Gummlns, Ijoi-ouo��� Every kuowi
variety of soft drinks. POBoxffi. Telephon
No. it. Hoover Street, Nelson, iiuulum of th
fdtnouri ��!��� Ijoui, Hot Springs Mineral Water
FOR SALE ��� Eggs for hatching from
Barred Plymouth Rocks and I'ekin
Ducks; choice stock. Strawberry
plants. John Houghton, Crawford
NEATLY furnished room with clothes
closet.    Apply nexi to last house on
Carbonate Street near Kootenay.
TO LEI'. ���A Hut   of   eight   furnished
jooms, abnve   grocery  stoie,   corner
Hall and    Vernon   stiects.    Apply   at
grocery stoie.
COTTAGE to Rent���Newly fitted, and
with all convenience!, near bur,ines��
centre.    Apply to J, II. Wullace,
FOU SALE OR RENT. ���Will sell my
house, Silica St., or rent furnished
for the suininer to family without
children, Coal and gas ranges, elec-
trio light, lino t>atn, veranoa and
balcony; every convenience. C, E.
Miller, of Tho Wallace-Miller Co.,
FOR SALE���A house of five rooms
funished or unfurnished, in Hume
addition. Also crockery and hardware
store Will be sold cheap for cash.
Hox 603, Nelson.
FOR SALE CHBAP--fS50 each, will
buy two well Finished cottages 22x24
on Gore street between Ward and
Josephine. Terms easy, for further
particulars call at Mirier oflice.
FOR SAl-E���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in tho Kootenaye,
best location, 25 nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best business proposition in tbe district today,
for full particulars write Nelsou Cale,
llox 225, Nelson Ii.C.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
board.     Apply     on   Silica   street,
second door west of Ward.
Applv   to   Mrs tf. J. Squires, Room
10, K. W. C. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Fhone 278.
Wanted���Woman   cook.       Men   for
WAi\ ll'jti���Slnngo     1'acker.     J.     A
WANTED���Respectable  young    man,
about   twenty,   willing,    and   well
mannered.    Apply to Steward, Nelsou
HELP     of   all   kinds     wanted    and
furnished.     Western   Canadian Em
ployment Agency.      Larfe warehouse
for   storage; call   at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet. ^J
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    13.   C.     A.
Guthrie Sc Co.
Foster Craft*.of CMiarlen'own, Mnss.
write home as soon us you can as
financial interest await you there.
Very important.   I. F. Crafts.
ENGINEERS, Firemen, Machinists
and Electricians send for 40-page
pamphlet containing Questions asked
by examining board of engineers to
obtain engineer's licence. Address
Geo. Zeller, publisher, 18 S 4th St.,
St. Louis, Mo.,  U.S.A.
A MACDONALD & Oa-Oorner Fron
t and Hall Btreets���Wnoleflale Kroner
and jobherrt In blankets, aloves, mitts, boot*
rue-born. muckhiawK and mineri,' sundries,
PBUliNH tc Co.���Baker Street, Nelion-
���   Wholesale dealers in fiv.-li a     curod
moats.  Cold Storage,
Bakor Street. Nelaon���Wholesale don
ore in fronh nn. ourod meats.
j street, Nelnon ��� vVaolosale tl3ulnr��� ii
hardware, minors' supplies, .porting boouV
M'LACHLAN BROS. BakerSr-rent Nelson,
B 0������Ostlers in general harnwore,
miidnir supplies, glaBS, pal its, Portland Cement, tire clay and Bootoh Uro brlok. Agents
for vViiktns and Oo,'s celebrated htcol wire rope
NKLSON   HAKDWAUK  CO.���Wholodalt
pain's, ells anil irli>s��; moouanlea   tool*
Fishing Taoltio and Spotting Goods a specially
ri iUKNKK, BEETON Sc Co.- Oornor Verno,
A and Josephine SLreots, Nelson���Wants
sale doalors in liquors, ciirarti, and dry goods
Agonts for Patjflt Browing Co. of Mllwankei
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
J I UDBON'S BAY Oo,���Wholesale grooerlo
. 1.   and liquors etc., Baker Street, Nolson.
Ofllco corner Hall and Front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, selling, flooring, and every
thing iu wood for blinding purposes, Got oui
prices,  Correspondence solicited.
A.   M'liONAI.D,     Agent   Eaaslwood
Dairy Co. Ico ('renin.
Kootenay Railway and Na-
Compaiiy, Ltd.
Shortcut and quickest routo to tho otut and ai
DuintH on ..he O. it. Be N. and Northern It*
cine Kailvviiyn in Wa-hliitfiuii, Orogon ano
Southern Htatcs. ,
Time Card Effective Nov. 10. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
8:30 a. m.Lv. 'KiihIo Ar. 4:00 p. ra
10:55 p.m. Ar. Sandon Lv. 1:15 p, in
Int Nav- & Trading Oo
Ar. 10:30 a. m.
Lv. 7:00 a. in.
6:00 p. m. Lv. Nelson
0:10 p, ui. Ar. Kaslo
Connecting at Five Milo Point with Nolson
4 Kort s>hoppard Railway both to and from
UoiMiand, eto.
Tickets sold to all parts in Unitod Stato�� and
Canuda via Great Northern and O. lt. sc N
Co.'s lines.
Oooan steamship  tickets and  niton vi   a
lines will no furnished on application.
Eur further particulars call oo or addross
Manager, rCsaln.B, C
G. K. TAcrcAnuuY Airent, Nolwnn B. fl
The Rossland Miner of Wednesday
said: A packed house greeted tho
ijueun of Hayti company last night
and vvitnesseu ono of the must pious-
ing performances ever seen on a Rossland stage, Thn comedy aDounds in
catchy songs, laugbablo situations,
witty sayings and funny dances, New
oopluur airs, rug tune und plantation
snugs were all noil rendered. The
chorus work of the oompany was
lirst-elass. If Rossland is lucky
enough to continue booking this kind
of attractions the town will regain its
forinci reputation as a good show
town. 'Ihu public can always bu
depended upon to patronize a good
The specialty part of last night's
entertainment was a revelation lu
novelty and wonderful features. Kro-
ton.the hoop roller, is a wonder. Ills
act has novel been seen west before,
uud it must bo scon tu bo appreciated.
The (Miliums were received with
rounds of applause, and they well
earned it. Tho Grundy's and Vnugh-
ner wuru repeatedly recalled, their
buck an-' wing dancing boing tho best
cvur seen hero. Kirk the "Happy
Hooligan," did a novelty musical act
which was most pleasing. He plays
on nothing but his own mako of instruments Por the first timo this
season tbo boxes were all sold and
many persons had to Stand up.
This company will appear In tho
Nelson   Opera   House  on   Wednesday
Parties wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footed oan have them done by
applying   on    corner   of     Ward   un
Victtnia street, opposite postoffice.
and try a boulo, a dozen, or a barrel of
CALQARY BEER an It Ih the bent and
oheauuHt on thu mnrkob. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
PRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M*��*�������.
Telephone (tf Baker St. N* Ihoii
And  Blirhfc Yoars Tortured  Witb Asthma
k'iM't    In  nn   AirliRlil   Itonm   for Months
Was Cured wIthOlarko n Kola Compound
Mr, UO- i omlncuii. U, lv R.onglneor, Winnipeg, Man. wrltGHI "My hoii, who in jiml, e gh<
toon yuiii'rt of nue, Imn Di en il lun'iblu IUAbler
IVotn unilmm fur ofght your*. Ilunrlricln of
iluiini'M 1 spout on doctors and romealoa during
tho>e yeur' only brought temporary reipf, For
niontli-< be win kept r< an niin'irlii. romn.
Ab mi tlie flrst of BoDtombor, isiw. welpur-
('humeri some Clarke's Kolu ("omp'mnil tie
look In nl) woven huitliw and hitri rduco beer
i'inii|i|i-if'\    (Milrd.    It   linn  cerlainiy   heen   a
blosang to him. Bold by nil druggists. Kn-
e oho mix oents in hIuuiih for free sample, to
thefJri mil uml MacphersonCo., Limited, km
Church Stroot. Toronto.
Kor nale bv J. 11. VatiHtxmo, NoNon, H. CI
Will be received addressod to me at
tbe Imperial Hank, Nelson, H. C, up
to and including tbu 21st day of
Jlarcli next, for tbe purcbasu of tbe
plant, business, book debts and ironc!
will of tlie "Nclsi.ii Miner," n daily
paper published at the said City of
For terms and particulars  apply   to
Macdonald   and   Johnson,     sole'tors,
! Hums Block,    llakur   street,   Nohon,
All tenders to be marked in the
upper left hand corner: "Tender,
Nelson .Minor."
.1. M. LAf,
Manager Imperial Hunk of Cunada   ut
Nelson, H.C., Maroh 7th, 1902.
- OF ���
A remarkably beautiful assort-
ment of all tbe nice things tbat
go to make up a complete toilet
outfit in many new pattern! and
shapes, ali of the best quality
of Sterling Silver, and at extremely reasonable figures. We
Want you to see tbem,
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty
��� Si
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
e.   O.   TRAVES.   Man aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Wakd Street, Nklson.
Orders by m��il receive careful and prompt attentirn
There will   be  a  meeting of
MARCH    17
at 8 o'clock for the election
of Piesident and the transaction of other important
Sec'y Pro Tern.
Finest and Best Bar In the City.
The best Brands of Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
The Waverley Hotel
3. N. DAVIDSON. Prop.
Rates $1.00 to $1.50 per day. First
class Meals, 25c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Box 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria St., Nelson.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is ,\n,,,ieiim,.|, ,l
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   18,000,000j    Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate Uesonroes Over 885. ooo, ooo.
HON. GEO. A. G'UX, President.      B. E. WALKER, (ienernl Mttnrisei
London Olllee:  64) Lombird Street,  h.  C.
New York Ofthe; 16  I-,,.-!., ������.;,��� place.
And 68 tu'.up in - iu i iinailii and lhe Unlietl Suite*, Including
Fkknik Nanaimo Kohhi anu Viotohia
IJNITKH STATES���NEW Yukk, .San FBAifOTSOO, Skattijc, Poktlano, Headway.
Savings Bunk Department.
Di'imaltf, Tlociived -u��l InliT'it Allnweit.   I'liwnt Itatf 1 Per Ont
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
$l,00o ��ili buyoottnge containing live
rooms and *.��o lots In Hume Addition; beautiful view of tb< lake
from verandas.      Very eus.v terms,
$loo  down   balance   in monthly pay
ments will buy a (i-roomod cottage, all modern iuipmvernents,
1 1-8 lots. Close to Baiter street
unit pleasantly situated. Full
partlculara of
R. J. STEEL, Broker, Nelson, B. C.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE EOPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Undcfgrotind Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates lurnished.
H. E. CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Easl.
Sandon, Thr��d Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall ra aav hrnnch will have narefiil and nramot attention.
M. uiootH second Wednesday in
monLh,    Vi'.iiinK brudfuiu welcome
Spokane Falls Sl
Oloso conneotion  Bart nnd West,
liOund at .Spokane witli trains of tlie
Hp ikanu Falls and Northern Railway,
I) lent connection ul Nt. Paul with
out ohange of depot with nil trains for
Ghicinzo, Toronto, Montieal, New Vorti
and all points   Hut and Eouth.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:i0 tt 'm
Leaves Spokane daily tor West al 7:20 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 810 p m
West-ljound trains make direct connection for Victoria und Vancouver,
Portland, Ban Francisco, and all pointc
on the Sound.
During the Mason of navigation East
hound trains connect at Duluth  with
the magnificent steamships North Weil
and North-Land of theNoitheru Hteani
ship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Kail-
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc northern Hy., Kai:lo St Hlocan
Ky., Kootei ui Hailway A Navigation
Of , or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt.  W  701   W,
Ri>-ursido Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAUKAHUilY. Local Agent,
Nelson.B C
Between S. S, Bailey, Plaintiff, and
Dellie Mining and Milling Company (ForeignI,  Defendants.
MENTS' ACT,  181)9.
Pursuant to an ordir of the Ilonor-
uhle, Mr Justice Martin, maiie in the
abuve action on Friday, the Silt day
uf February, 1908, and of the registrar's directions dated the 1st day of
March, l'JU-, and Hied herein, there
will ho offered for sale with the approbation of the Deputy District
Itegstrar at Nelson, by Samuel P.
Tuck, Auctioneer, at the couit house,
Nelson, llntisn Coluubia,on Momlnv,
the 17th day of March, 1009, at tint
hour of 11 o'clock iu the forenoon,
ALI, AND SINGULAK Hint certain
parcel and tract of land and piuinlses,
situate, lying and being in the rtoote-
nay Distriot nf Kritish Columbia,computed of Lot 1141 in (irnup I, and
kiiuwu upon tlm iillli'ial plan or survey, of the laid district, ns the
"Dellie" Mineral Claim, for the purpose of satisfying tbe plaintiff's judgment, which was obtained nn the 1.1th
day of February, IHO'.', for the nun ol
15.761.97 and cm-ts taxed at |M.H
With interest thereon at tho rate of S
per cent, per annum, since said date
ami tho costs uf these proceedings.
The purchaser will be required to
make payment in OSlh at close of salu.
The purchaser will also be nquired
to Mitisfy himself ns to the interest
and title of the dufendanti. The highest bidder will he the purchaser.
Further particulars may be obtained
from the plaintiff's solicitors or tho
Dated at Nelson, llritish Columbia,
this 1st day of March,  1H0:',
T.  A.  MILLS.
Deputy Distriot llegistriir.
Elliot and Lennie, Pluintl<rs'
I. O. O. .. Koutenny LihIkc
Nu. Hi, meets every Mnn lay night,
at tholl Uull, Koolcniy street
Bojourninir (aid Kellows oordlally tavltod
w. 11 Hnilth. N. U.; (J. K. Motti n. V, O,; A.
LouKl'U'st. ttec. Huj,	
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. Ml, U. It. (;.
Moots third Wodnosday,  dojournliiu ouoipoa
inns   Invited.    Ueur^e Juhlihloite,   '/,.    'I,  J.
HIiiih,   a. hi.
~(J!_K       NKI.UO.N Mil Mi K
_T__ytooaa_ In K. of l
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
ISO.**, K. of p,
hall, Odrifullowri Muck
.���'fviTvTiir 'l.tj uvf.mlii){ ul  8 o'clock.
^All vibltlnK knlK'it*  cordial!/   Invito
Wm. Iim.NK, C.C.
Hi'un Btbvi nh. EL of u. nnd h.
Nelson K.nou   jniiont. Nf). 7.   Mootfl BVOTf 2nd
and 4t,h Friday of each month, In Udd KoIIowh :
Hall, oornorTJiUcer and ttootono], HimntH. ,
Nulrion. A. H. OlomooUi O. 1'.; i>. MoArLhnj '
K. a.  vImIiIiik broi-hen always wtlmmn
NKLSON   U O. L. No. 1608  moets in Km-
h-tiiiiy Hull un !���! -i ami third Friday ovonlngi
of '-Dili inoiii h ,H . -r.'iiu i.. Vi MiiiH moinber
oordlally invllwl. W. W. liriulloy. W. K.
A, Mlnty, it. H.
Between NelsoD and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle - 21 hours
Nelson to Vancouver - 26 hours
Kelson to Victoria       -       26 hours
NELBON AKHIK No, 39, K. ft,  IC. rueolJ
overy seoond ilih! luurth WsdnssdaTI nf eucl.
in onth. VlsiMiiK iiifiiihnrs conti.illy InvC
IJImrlcM Prosier, su^>r���rJirv,
KooUmay Tent No. ", K.I). I'. ,Y1��� hc,l,l Iliull
retfiiiur intictii'Ks lu Fraternity 'Ian, 1.0. 0, K
hluek, on tin, Ul slid 8rd Thuradaya of oaot
it.onlh.   \'i cine hrethruii i'ji,lti,lly Invltod to
ultenil. II. A. Hrown   It. K.;  In. KOM, Coin
H. J.rileel.I). B. O.
NkXHIIN'H   .IVKKS    Nil.   Z|i
8ON8   OF    KNill.ANI).   in.i-i,
III nnil.'lld W'c.lni: ih,) OVOningJOl
iwich iiiniith nt ITratsmlt) hull
OOmST ot linker 1011I K<ii,leu,)
ItrmtS,    VlsltiiiK  tirethcrn  cool-
lllll)   Im I
KliWAUl, Maciroll. Secrt'lnrv.
Umve DAY TKAIN Arrive
U :'lo a.m Hpokiuie   7 :1S p.m.
il :DS p in KimmIiiiiiI 4 t.'lll p.in
111:30 a.in Mountain S'59 p, m,
��:4ii 11. in Ni-n.iui (1.46 p.m,
H. A. JAOKritiN, U. P. Sc TJ_,
Spokane   Wain
Airent Nptnon. H.
Nelson Conn MUr ot Kniitcnsy, A. 0. r
Muuls 2nrl and 1th wadnsfdoyi in ever)
Mnnth. Vl-iiinir brethrmi weloooie. v�� mm
.\tliiiiin, 0, P.; usrbsrl MnLood tin-
CiiUKT KOOTKNAY, I. O. P., So. ill *.
MoultliKs IIII ThUmdav rf ninntli. Kr.iU'rnn
hull, J A IrvlHK 0  ft,   P. 'I. KIiiiiiIiik. 11.
: Canada Permanent andWks-
tern Canada Mortqaqk
hkad onrioa tokonto, ont.
Monev to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply tn (i. I..  LKNNOX    Bakat
If there is anything you require,a*V
for   it   Id     b>  oolumn   of tbe Miner
For Drstmlatl loiillmr wrlto
B.C. Leather Co.
Vancouver, B, C.
BrituuT Oolurnbla Aire"i�� fur tht ool bratod
* P��KltT��KO" Hole l^iiiher, I'nl Hole^ uml
Until Plssas,
Harnori Leithor*, Drldlo, Saddle and Bklrt-
hi' i'  'in i . l^ieu uml i.utiuu Loathera, in
I    Munufiit'lui'orH   of   t'loied   Uppers   of   all
Bbwnnakan1 Tool* nwi FlDdlngs, Baddlsry
Hntilwiiru, tinli- uuit 011.
t    Cataloso.l wnd prlCS Uotii en npiillcnttou.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Civil Engineers and Provincial .Land
Cor. Kootonay & Victoria Sts. Nolson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone a
�������<    ��*#*     ���**��*��< Nelson Daili Minerr Sundvy, March 16, rgos
WALL    Choice Designs for
PAPER    ^Dainty People-
The dainty colorings of this season's goods have never been
equalled. In choosing Wall Paper
yon want the prettiest and best.
Vou can get a better variety of Designs, Tints and Colors in Florals,
Stripes and Ingrains with Ceilings
and Borders to match, at our store
than anywhere else and at prices
ranging from ^c. per roll up-.
Booksellers. Stationers
8how Soom for Mason Sc Riseh pianos
\  i
OAAAAA/V* fVV>* r*i*l'* ������<**����>^<��
A son waa born to the wife of
Joseph Thompson yesterday.
A certificate of work was granted
yesterday to K. McCormick on the
Dumfries mineral claim.
Captain L. H. Fraser left last evening for the coast. He will be away
about a neek or ten days.
T: Collins.of the Hotel Hume barber
shop, has sold it to Jas, Koepell, who
arrived recently from Gait, Ont.
Mrs. James Lawrence and daughter,
Josie, leturned last night from California, where they have spent the
Trunks, valises���The Wallace Miller
As quite a number ol the members
of tbe Gun clnb could not attend tbe
shoot yesterday afternoon the shoot
was postponed until thiB morning.
Word was received yesterday by
Constable Beavener of the death of his
father which occurred at the home of
the latter near Orillia. Constable
Heavener leaves this morning for
Orillia to attend the funeral.
The regular semi-monthly meeting
of tbe W.C.T.U. will be held on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Congregational church parlors. All members are requested to attend, if possible, and all visitors cordially
When you have any team work or
want ooal or wood call up 33 West
Transfer Oo, otlice Ward street, opposite Miner office.
A social will be given by the
Ladies' Aid of the Methodist chrueh
on Monday evening, St. Patrick's
day, at the home of Mrs. Geo. Bell,
Silica street. Refreshments will be
served and a musical programme of
Irish selections will be given.
Tho usual meeting of thu Socialist
club will be held in tho Miners' union
hall at 3 c'clook Sunday afternoon.
Subject for eli-cussion will be, Organisation, Provincial and National.
Miss II. Merrill will open tho discussion after whioh it will be open to the
publio.   Everybody welcome.
As    an   inducement   to   buy   wall
papers early, Morley and   Laing   will
give a special discount oi :.'!> per  cent.
off all wall paper   purchases until the
���    end of Hie month
Today at Emmanuel cnurch Rev.
William Munroe will preach in the
morning on Tl.o Christian Call. In thc
evening the subject will be The
Religious Lite of Our Province.
Muaio for the evening will be,
anthem, Blessed Be Thy Name, Cer-
kins). and anthem, Lead Me, Saviour,
(Davis.) A cordial invitation is ex
tended to everyone.
Friend Told Him to Change His Food.
Once in a while one can servo n
friend nr.d win a lilo-long obligation
by a little food advioe. This is worth
while. "Very thankful I waH to
friend or liis udvlco when he told me
nboi,t (Irape-Xuta Breakfast Food at
tho tune I was sull'erlnjr. My
stomach tumble originally came from
neglect oie Ids whieh caused oatarrh
of thu Itomscb, then followed misery
��� from dyipepiia, headache, loss of
vitality and flesh. Last August a
friend in disoussing my health said II
I woniil change my food and take
Grape-Nuts Instead of any other food
or nic rino for one week he wonld
guan nl" ihat I would bo greatly Improved him /t.0|   Hke a new man.
He mi. ,o positive thnt I concluded
to try il nn '. an I said, I am exceeed-
ingly tin,���i (ui to him. In a week's
time I lost ihe heavy, dead feeling in
my bend, nai-Bsa had ceased and the
nction of ny general system wua
greatly i,m,ioved. I have stuck fast to
Grnpo-NutH. Now I weigh nine
pounds more nnd am steulily improving. Grape-Nuts haB a most exhilarating effect on the system and makes
one feel bright and alive, as though
they wore well nourished as a healthy
man should be.
The price of Qrapo-Xuts is within
reach of all,but I consider It worth its
weight in gold." John Havwood, 3031
Aspen St. Philadelphia, Pa.
A tlieosophical meeting will be held
at the residence of F, W. Pettit on
Monda   evening.
Ed Mallamlaine, Jr., J. P., of Cies-
ton, passed through the eity last night
en route for Creston. He has been
spending tho winter at Victoria.
A special meeting of the Liberal
association will be held on Monday
evening at A o'clock in thb board of
trade rooms for the purpose ot electing a president and the transaction of
other   important     business.      A    full
1 attendance is requested.
Fine      American     shoes���Wallaec:
Miller Co.
Inquiry at. tbe Minors' union hall
last evening developed tho fact that
the eornmitloe in charge of the annual
ball of that union had decided to postpone the affair and it will not he held
on Friday evening as originally intended. The exact (late will be announced in The Miner later.
Don't overlook us in our new quarters opposite Miner olhco. Ward street.
Coal and wood, West Transler Co.
New Hats. New Hats, New Ilats.���
The Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.
The services on Sunday in the Methodist church will be conducted hy the
paaUr. The subject of the morning
sermon will be, Love's Constraining
Power, aud in the evening, The
Simple Gospel. The music at the
morning servico will be, anthem, I
Will Bless The Lord ; qusrette, Come,
Thou Fount. The evening music will
be: Anthem, Blessed is the People
(Maxfleld); solo. Abide With Me,
(Hutehins,) Mrs. Bell.
Before placing your order for wall
paper it will pay you to see our new
designs,F. J. Bradley and Co.
Rain coats, umbrellas, rut hers, new
goods, just leceived ; everything with
style, quality value, you'll find hero.
���Tho Wallace Miller Co.,  limited.
Chris Sherbert was seen yesterday
at the hospital in regard to the two
letters that appea'ed in The Miner
from two of the employees at the
mine, the foreman and the cook, the
latter of whom drew np the note for
$100. Sherbert stated that he had
nothing to say as to their account except that ho would sta.id by all he
had said before, as previously published in The Miner. Ho said that the
flrst account as published was if anything more favorable to the men than
waB justified by the circumstances.
House Cleaning Necessity���McLachlan Bros, have the latest shades in
Alabastine or Mntalo. Thu best adhesive porous wall finishes.
Men's and hoy's shirt waists and
colored shirts, latest American styles,
just received���The Wallace-Miller Co.
A number of complaints have been
mado lately as to the unsavory condition of some of thu backyards of the
citv, particularly in some of tbe suburbs. The police have notified some of
the householders to have this attended
to and there will probably be some
prosecutions follow. At this season
of the year many disease germs tbat
have been lying dormant through the
winter aro released on their work cf
destruction and unlets the accumulations of rubbish in whioh the germs
find a breeding ground are destroyed
much unnecessary illness follows.
A copy of tho winding-up order in
the matter of the Tribune Association, Limited, was yesterday served
on Sheriff Tuck, who has been in
possession of The Tribune plant for
some time under nn execution. On
Monday, Charles II. Ink, provisional
liquidator will tako formal possession,
it no hgal objection 1b raised in tbe
meantime, which is not probable. By
the order appointing him, tbe provisional liquidator is empowered to
take possession, collect and protect
the assets of the oompany, but not to
distribute or patt with the snme until
further order. The winding-up ordei
maintains the preference of tho workmen in arrears [or wages to the extent
of ttirec months, but it annuls their
power of realising Immediately upon
tho asdiitH under tbeir lien.
I Ferni
R.   McPherson,    Foorinan
��� We have just
spring stock of
llradley and Co.
received   out    new
Wall   Paper,   F.  J.
Toronto, March 15.���The Presbyterian Home Mission committee has
concluded its work. It was decided
to recommend to the General Assembly that two superintendents of mission work be appointed for the Western Canada field, formerly under the
supervision of the late Dr. Robertson.
0 ," of these will be assigned to the
Synod of llritish Columbia, aud tbe
other to the Synod of Manitoba and
tho Northwest Territories. In addition, the appointment of a general,
or field secretary,whose territory shall
include the whole western section ol
thd church, will be recommended.
The   following   in thu druw   of the
children's matches at   the   ping   pong
tournament i
Girls' Singles���Mlsi D. (.'iimminH vs
Miialvy .Iohstone;M iss Helen Macdonald, Ine; Miss Greta Macdonald vs
Miss Kvelyn Gurd.
Boys' Singles���II. Gallon vs T.
Campbell; Tom Gallon vs 0. Robertson.   D. Pettit and ('.   Cummins get
byes   and   enter   the   contest   in   the
socond round.
Anyone wishing to see the cutties
will find them in The Miner of Saturday, Marcli 1.1.
Hume.���A. R. Rubb, A. W. Good-
enough, IChbIo; W. 0. Wilzel, Portland; W. MoLeod, Winnipeg! ii. W,
Moore, Trail; Charles Cox, bpokanet
,1. A. Solomon. Toronto; A. 0, Forde,
Winnipeg; I). Ii. Pottinger, Victona;
V. Hyde liaker, Cranbrook,
Madden���T. Bagley, Lnrdo; J.
Pearoy, Vernon; J. S. John, Greenwood,
Grand Cenlrnl-
P. Bahol, Sioean
-N.   White,   Slooan;
A. Bremner,    Molly
Tremont���Charles Arcnts, J. Taaein ,
London, Marefl 15,���The statement
has been cabled that Canada would
gladly rerder futhur assisanee in the
war if the Methuen disaster indicates
the need, is widely quoted with expressions of warm appreoiation.
Montreal, March 14.���J. G. H.    Bergeron   has   accepted the   Conservative
nomination in Keauharnois.
Sir Wm. Macdonald lias given the
Day nursery $10,000 for new buildings,.
The   Germ   That Causes It Has  to Be
Destroyed, to Cnre Dandiuff.
Many a woman spends an hour
twice a week scouring her scalp,
thinking scrubbing off the scurf will
cure the dandruff. Two hours a woek
at the age cf 40 \ears, she has spent
2150 days of 13 hours each, or two-
thirds of a year of her life, in that
vain hope; vain because you can't
curo dandruff germ, and the only hair
preparation on earth thut will do that
is Nowbro's Herpicide���also a delight'
ful antiseptic hair dressing, and
thorough antiseptic against all contagion from use of other's hair
Tbe tonsorial establishment of J.
H. Matheson aud tlio basement shop
of MeMahon and Gardner bave consolidated and are now doing business
next door to the Bodega saloon, whore
they will be pleased to meet old and
now customers.
Subscriptions taken for  the  Nel
son   Daily   and  Weekly   Miner  at
publisher's prices  by  J.   F.   DEL-
ANEY, New Denver,  B. C.
II.    Fischer    or   to    any
persons to  whom  he may
To   A.
person  01
have transferred his interest iu the Manila and Silver Queen Minerul Claims,
situated nt the bead of Midge Creek
Iviiskniiiiok Miuiug District,WeBt Koot
You und each of you are hen by notified that I lmve expended one hundred
Bnd thirty-three dollars in lahor and
improvements upon the above men
tinned mineral eluims in order to hold
said mineral olaims under the provisions of the Mineiul Act, nud if within
ninety days of the da'e of this notice
you fail or refuse to contribute \ onr portion of suoh expenditure together with
all costs of advertising, ._,.v interest in
said eluims will become the property of
the subscriber undor section 4 of an Act
entitled "An Act Lo Amend tne Mineral
Act, 1 OUO.
Dated this loth day of February, 1002
Certificate of Improvements
Oatherire Mineral Claim, situate in
the Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenay Distriot,
Wbara looated���One mile east of N.
Sc F. ti. Railway, adjoining the Kotrn
Ilmiil mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis J.
O'Reilly, agent lor It, It  Hedley, Free
Miner's Oertifloote No. HfioiiTH, the Dun-
Duncan Mines, Limited, (Foreign)
Free Miner's Certificate No. B50M8
Intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder fi ru certlfioateof lmpiovementa,
l'ir the purpose of obtaining a Ciowu
tlranl of lhe above claim.
And farther tnke notice Mutt nction,
under reotion 87, must be commenced
In fine tbe issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 12 tin dny of February, A.
a. 1002.
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnlahsa Monthly tn all Invert of Sunn
" volur
lBh_ _
alarauthprs,   64 Pages of Piano Music,
uml Mimic ft vant volumo of New, Choice
Copyright Composition* bj the. mini pop-
ball Vocal, ball instrumental��� 91 Complete
Pieces for Piano���once a Month (nr as
Cents. Ycurly Hubucrlpllon,���������OO. Ifyou
Bill nend us the name nnd address of five
performer! on lhe I'liinoor Oriran, we will need
you a copy ot the Magazine Free.
I. W. PEPPER, Publisher,
Ilghtn a Locust 8ts., Philadelphia, Pa
NEWNESS in Ladies' Muslin Undergarments manufactured expressly for KERR
& CO. The latest styles inCorset Covers, Drawers, Chemises, Night Dresses
and Skirts, Trimmed with torchon lace and insertion, vallenciennes lace and insertion, embroidery and insertion, tucking and hemstitching. Our assortments are
complete and prices unusually low.
Lawn Aprons 3a inches lon^ witli ��3 inch
hem, at $     25
Lawn   Aprons  38  inches lonj,r,   trimmed
witli 6 tucks and Wide hem, at ���       35
Lawn  Aprons   40 inches  long,   finished
with insertion ami 5 inch hem         50
Lawn Aprons wilh or without   bib,   trimmed with (ticks, lace and insertion, special...        75
Wash Goods.
15 pieces Scotch gingham in litfht and
dark checks and stripes, guaranteed fast
colors, special price   $
to pieces muslin in fancy designs for
summer dresses and blouses, fast colors at...
Dimity muslin in fast colors of sky, pink,
white, navy and black, mercerized finish,
special price	
Linen Batiste 44 inches
wide, the new material in
dress goods, per yard   84��
French Organdies in fancy
light and dark designs, fast
colors, at, per yard     35
2 5
Drawers. I
Drawers of muslin wilh trimmings of
cluster tucks and embroidery, at $      35
Drawers made of cambric having 2 rows
of tucks and embroidery ruffle, extra special..        50
Drawers made of muslin having cluster
tucking and 4 inch embroidery ruffle, at  75
Drawers made of lonsdale with trimmings
of cluster tucks and torchon lace, our price. .        65
~ Drawers made of fine cambric and trimmed with 15 rows of fine tucks 5 inch embroidery ruffle, our leader al      1 00
Drawers made of fine muslin, having 8
rows ot tQcks and vallenciennes lace ruflle...     1  25
Drawers made of fine English cambric
having cluster of shell tucks and wide Swiss
embroidery ruffle, special      2 75
Drawers made of muslin, having hemstitched ruffle and frill of 5 in. embroidery, at    2 00
Drawers of fine muslin with ruffle hemstitched and trimmed with vallencieneslace..     2 25
Onr showing this season is exceptionally good. You'll find
Parasol newness here. See the
goods and you'll be convinced
that the qualities and prices are
Parasols for Children wilh
fancy gingham tops, satine
lops and silk coverings,
prices 25c to $1  50
Corset Covers.
Corset Covers made of muslin having
embroidery trimming on neck, all sizes, at...$
Corset Covers made of cambric, trimmed
with ruffle around neck and sleeves, special
Corset Covers made of lonsdale, having
embroidery trimmed neck and arm, extra values at..,	
Corset Covers made nf English cambric,
with torchon lace and baby ribbon trimming,
special  75
Corset Covers made of English lonsdale
wilh Swiss embroidery on neck and sleeves,
special         75
Corset Covers made of fine muslin, having fancy trimming of hemstitching and embroidery, very special         85
Corset Covers made of super quality
cambric with body neally tucked and embroidery trimming on neck aud sleeves, a
leader      i 00
Corset Covers made of fine lonsdale cambric with fancy trimming of embroidery and
insertion, extra value at      1  25
Corset Covers made of fine quality muslin wilh vallencienes lace and baby ribbon
trimmings, our price      1 00
Direct importation of Embroideries from Sl, Gulls, made expressly for KKRR & CO.
We have hud the manufacturer! make these embroideries in ends of 4^ lo 7^ yards per
piece; our prices are exceptionally low.    Note these.
g ends of 4 1-2 yds. in each, i 1-2 inches wide, per piece $    10
t 00
' 25
i 50
2 1-2
2 3-4
4 1-2
7 1-2
Silk Waists.
Just placed in stock, the
Gibson Waist, in colors
cardinal, sky, pink, brown
They're correct, our price $1000
Tucked and Hemstitched Taffetta Waists, in colors of sky, pink, having
bishop sleeves with band
effect, special to clear....    5 50
Night Dresses.
Night Dresses made of muslin, having
ruffle on neck, sleeves and down front,
special  %
Night Dresses made of cambric with
tucked yoke and trimmed with embroidery
insertion and ruffle down front and on sleeves
Empire Night   Dresses  of fine  cambric
licvrlllif    1 uitji imiIvi j   11 in 11111 il   nillni 1    .iH.\. rvo
and front, at      1
Night Dresses of fine muslin with tucked
yoke formed of embroidery insertion anil
neatly trimmed on  neck,   sleeves and front
with embroidery, special      1  50
Night Dresses of lonsdale cambric, having hemstitched and tucked ruflle on neck,
front and sleeves, very special      1  75
Night Dresses ot lonsdale cambric, with
lucked yoke and trimmings of torchon lace
and insertion, extra value      1  75
Night Dresses made of cambric with cm-
broidery inserted yoke,vallenciennes lace and
baby ribbon trimming, at      2 75
Night Dresses made of fine muslin with
embroidery inserted yoke, vallenciennes lace
trimmed, tucked ruflle on neek, sleeves and
front, special     3 00
Empire Night Dresses of super quality
muslin, tucked front with embroidery insertion, neally trimmed with embroidery and
insertion, al      3 50
Underskirts made of lonsdale, having
trimming of cluster tucking and ruflle of 6
inch embroidery, extra dust frill, special If
Underskirts made ol cambric, having 6
rows of tucks and wide embroidery trimming,
Underskirts made of line muslin with 12
Inch flounce, trimmed wilh 9 rows of fine
rucKlitg rtnvi _,,,_ trinu,nuiciy, extra dust
frill, a leader	
Underskirts mado of fine qualjty lonsdale, with 12 inch flounce of lawn, trimmed
with hemstitching, tucking and embroidery,
extra special	
Underskirts made of line quality lonsdale with wide lawn flounce, having shell
tucking and embroidery trimming, extra dust
frill, at	
Underskirts made of English cambric,
having very full flounce, lucked and hemstitched, finished with wide embroidery,
special price	
Underskirts made of triuslln with 18 inch
lawn flounce, trimmed with 3 rows torchon
insertion and lace, our price	
Underskirts made of fine muslin, having
double flounce, trimmed with embroidery
and vallenciennes lace, extra dusl frill*	
Underskirts make of finest lonsdale cambric, having 18 inch flounce, trimmed wilh
14 rows of shell tucks, 6 rows of hemstitching ami embroidery, at	
2 75
3 .50
2 75
4 5��
5 5"
Our Millinery Department
has been removed to the
Store lately occupied by Lee
S Burnett. Entrance Ward
Corner Ward and Baker Streets, Nelson.
Early Closing movement.
Our stores will close every
evening except Saturday at
6 o'clock sharp after Tuesday, April 1st.
Monarch Special
A Watch built especially to stand
the hard usage of this country, it has
as a fine timepiece. It will be at
home on the railroad or in the
Have a look at it before  buying,
Patenaude Bros.
Cambric Chemist's having embroidery-
trimmed neck and bleeves at $     65
Muslin Chemises with fine embroidery
trimming' on neck, insertion and ruffle down
fron I, special.               85
Fine Muslin Chemises wilh wide ruffle of
embroidery around neck and sleeve, our
price #     1 00
Muslin Chemises with neek and sleeve
trimmed with torchon lace and insertion,
special      1 40
10 dozen Children's Handkerchiefs with
fast colored borders, special value, 6 for $
10 dozen Ladies' Hemstitched Lawn-
Handkerchiefs at, 6 for	
3 dozen Ladies' Swiss Embroidered
Handkerchiefs, new designs, special, each...
3 dozen Ladies' Linen Lawn Handkerchiefs, fancy embroidered, clearing* at,	
2 doz. Ladies' Hemstitched linen Handkerchiefs, 1-8
inch bem. special value $
2 doz. Ladies' Hemstitched Linen Handkerchiefs, 1-4
inch hem, at	
1 50
To enable un to rltipoae of the stook of Tweeds nnd Woollenw juHt puroha��ed  id
a rnte on the dollar from E, J, Bobio,   Merchant Tnilor we will for the next
30 diiyn give tlm lnigi'gt discount over giveu in ordered clotuiuK-
Fine rnitiikii Wonted Tronierlngi, Hide te Order ��� ��� �� *o:'0
Pine Mi'oi.'ii Tweed liiMlnti Hudo la Order - ��� ��� ''���'���""
Hue UUcli KiiKiii,ii Wonted suitings made i<> order . ��� M,m
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Union Hade.
H. M, VINCENT, Merchant Tailor, Baker St.
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural  Implements, Bee Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Cutaloguo Freo.
M.   J.   HENRY
HOOP, Westminster Road, Vanoouvej',B, 0.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always or
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Olfice  ��� Two  doors   wes
C.P.R  offices.
.. Nelson Opera House .. j
ONE NIGHT, Wcdncsdiy, March 19th.
The Queen of Hayti
THE largest and best colored company travelling
red)' Oirl*
Hewllelilng MllHle
Corgeoua I'lmiiinien
Hprrlkl Heeneey
(Irand Operatic
Hand coneerl i>..'i*�� p. ���"���
Prices soc, 75c. & $1    Seat* on Snlc Tuesday at HcDonald'a.


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