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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 15, 1901

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 Daily Edition No.  1165
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Tuesday,  October 15,  1901
iV-m. *31.00.*==
ior   which   it   has
Eleventh   Year
Mayor Fletcher Advises the
City to Accept the Power
Company's Offer.
By Laws
to  Be  Submitted.
Madden Alone
The qnestion as to how the oity is
tn be lighted for the next twelve
months ocoupied the attention of the
coucil last night during its session.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read by City Treasurer Wasson
in the absence of City Clerk Strachan.
The lirst business to conic up was the
reading of the report of the lluniicc
committee for tho previous month.
Tbe accounts aggrcgatod J10,t)02. The
repoit was received and adopted.
The mayor then stated that the only
business to come up was the question
as to what was to be done about the
lighting of the city. The winter was
coming on and many citizens were
asking for light whioh the city at
present was not in shape to furnish.
The maohines at present owned were
overtaxed,and if other machines could
bo procured thero was the pioDlem of
obtaining power. No more power
cniilil be obtained from the creeks,
and it was impossible to supply light
to tho lingo number of citizens who
were applying for it, leaving out all'
question of lighting the streets. The
citv was in receipt of proposals trom
tho Wost Kootenny Power Sc Light
Co. It is a question as to whether
tho city shall try to struggle along
under the present system or be properly lighted with bettor returns. The
two proposals befoie the city are:
(1) That tho Power company wil."
supply tbe eity with all the extra
h. p. needed at the rate of $50 per
horse per annum up to 200 horse
power and over that and up to 500
horse power at the rata of J45 per
annum. Over 500 horse power at the
rate of 840 per horse power; (8) to
supply the oity with all the power it
conld use, the city to pay the company 45 per cent of the gross receipts.
Tho terms of ngreunient to be for one
J ear or more, notice of change to be
given by the city six months before
termination of time first agreed upon.
Mayor Fletoher went on to say thut
at pietaut the eity could not supply
more tnan 05 per cent of the lights
needed. All the available power in
the creeks adjaoent to the city bad
beon utilized It is a question as to
whether we shall supply thc balance
of the people by getting in outside
help or olse witb the advent of cold
weather cut down the present number
of lights to give any kind of service
at all to the others. It is not a question of giving up a oity franchise, bnt
of tiding over a difficulty until the
eity is in a position to supply the
wholo needs of the community with
an enlarged plant, which it at present
is not able to put in. As far as the
present plant is concerned the figures
'or the last year, 1900, weie: cash
receipts $10,203, cost of maintenance
and construction, 9io.8G3.20; leaving
e clelt.it of gooo, without mentioning
the light that was supplied during
some months in the winter. The
h mded interest on the 870,000 capital
that is invested in th* plant was
���8,300 whioh means that the citizens
had to pay that muoh for operating
the plant. The plant bas never paid
since it was put in. And the only
way that dividends were declared on
It was by declaring the issuing of
new bonds capital, and it has never
Paid except by paying dividends out
ol that capital. This year it is not
going to pay the city a cent, even
supposing that they could continue on
the pres-nt Oasis. So far this year
the receipts had been $15,000, and
expenses of maintenance and construction 87,507 with the addition of 84,735
'�����*���__, Allowing for no further
troubles and only ordinary expenses
the city would still oome out behind,
has never paid a cent since it
put in, and tha construction and
mantenanee is running the invested
MJital in It up to. great extent."
Alderman Paterson-Would not the
entering into of an agreement such as
��"-*"Uo���ed, cvork against the oily
<"*��"������*��   the   water   rights   on   tbe
Mayor Flnlcher���Wo have never
boun able to get any satisfaction
regarding thotu rights through out
local mombor or anyone olse. We
bave written every member of the
government, and even the premier on
the subject, but Supposing we could
obtain that right today it would moan
the expenditure of $860,000 or (800,000.
Alderman Hamilton���If we could
get Hit would take eighteen months
to instal it, and iu the meantime the
rnto of taxation would reach an immense height. The city is not yet in
a position to attempt such a scheme,
but tho present system is most decidedly Inadequate,
Alderman Madden thought it would
be better tc buy what they needed
from the Power coinpany from month
to month, [lo was opposed to making
any agreement whatever with them.
Alderman Selous said that lm had
jotted clown tho four alternatives
before tho city, assuming tbat son c-
thing must be clone: Kirst, to secure
additional power trom the Kco'enay
river; second, to put in steam or gas
power; third, to secure additional
power from tho Power oompany
people; fourth, to make an agreement
on a percentage basis as pre ,iosed.
As to the tint it would cost $250,000.
In the second proportion it would
cost $11,0(10 for 200 horsepov *r. In
the third if we secured hnlf from the
power company and supplied hilf onr*
solvos besides having the expense, ono
half would bo getting a 24-hour ser*
vice while the other would only got
the present short syttotu which would
cause considerable dissatisfaction.
in the fourth proposition we would
reoeivc all the light needed say at a
cost of 813,000, with estimated receipts of $27,000. Out of theoity's
balance all that would come wonld be
the cost of one man to look after tbo
lights and a small proportion for repairs. Ilusides this the eity would
havo a first-class light rr inlng 24
hours per diem. It seftraed tc him
that the city bad been charging a
heavy rate for an oxtremely poor
light. Now we have the chance uf
securing a first-class light with a
good profit.
After some further disonssion of the
various plans the following motion
was proposed by Alderman Selous,
seconded by Alderman Gillette:
Tbat, in tho opinion of the couneil it
is expedient and necessary that the
council should take action to improve
the electric light service,
All but Alderman Madden voted in
the affirmative.
Alderman Selous then made another
motion, seconded by Alderman Paterson : Thnt, after full discussion of
the various schemes suggested that
the council is of tbe opinion tbat the
percentage system is the one best
adapted to tbe oity.
In this the vote stood as in the previous motion.
Alderman Helo-is then proposed his
third and final motion: That, the
mayor be requested to confer with the
city solioitor with a view to bringing
in a by-law embodying thc terms of
this suggested agreement to be submitted to the ratepayers at the earliest
possible opportunity. On this Alderman Madden was .._8'n in opposition.
Informal discussion of the matter
followed and the council adjourned. J
Montroal, Oot. 14.���On tbe ar.-ival
of tho S. S. Lake Ontario here yesterday Joseph S. Oiriaux, a former
cashier in tbe Canadian Paclfio
freight ollices at Uochelsgs slock
yards station, was arre6* Jtl ny the
special service depni .incut of tho C.
P. B. on a warrant charging him
with larceny of about $300 in August
last. Uirraux absconded at the time
of the defalcation but his whereabouts
was traced and the arrest made as
above on his return to this country
from Europe. Beiora Judge Lnfon-
'aine this morning tho prisoner pleaded guilty and was remanded for sentence till Wednesday.
Tunnelton, W. V., Oot. 14.-By an
explosion iu a mine hore today thirteen miners were burned, five probably fatally The aocidcnt was caused
by a miner loading a hole witb too
much powder, causing the dust from
the electric machines to ignite and
St.   Marys,   Ont.
Oct. 14.���Mis.
Richard Gannon, was struck by a
Grand Trunk train today while crossing the tiaok a mile from here and
instantly killed.
Will Seize All Foreigners to
Show  Conditions   in
Macedonia.   .
Mission Board Appeal for Balance of Miss Stone's
London, Oet. 15.���It is announced
from Bucharest, says a despatch to
tho Daily Mail Loin Vienna, that
Herr Rosenthal, the ret .-esentative of
a German firm, has boon kidnapped
by Bulgarian brigands at SilUtrla.
Tho Roumanian government has sent
a protest to Sofia and tho Bulgarian
gov3rnment has ordered troops to pursue the brigands. It is rumr.recl that
the Macedonian committee bnsclenidod
to capture every foreigner within
reach in order to attract European
attention to lhe bad state of public
security in Macedonia.
Circular Issued   Asking   Subscriptions
Por lialincu Necessary,
N-jw York. Oot. 14.���Rev. Chas. O.
Crcegan, district secretary for the
American Board of Foreign Missions
gave out a letter today pait of whioh
'To the American people���The case
of Miss Stone, now in the hands of
Turkish brigands lias unclergoie no
matorial change. In the office of the
American Board nnd among her immediate friends tbe greatest anxiety
prevails. Our government at Washington bus not mortified thc opinion
uttered by President Roosevelt, thnt
thete is but one. thing to he clone, and
that is to raise the sum demanded for
her ransom ns quickly as possible. Of
this sum $00,0,0 has already subscribed, far the larger part of it from
Boston nnd iu the immediate vicinity.
A multitude of ber neighbors in every
condition of life have po. red their
gifts into the Boston ollice for hoi
deliverance, but it is not sufficient.
Fifty thousand dollars more are required. We appeal now to those
among us who by the blessing of God,
have larger financial ability, to supplement the contributions of theii
neighbors, that the necessary Hum may
be reached. An answer is anxio'isly
awaited at the office of the Amerioun
board, 105 East 22nd street, New
York,where subscrptions to the undersigned will be received. (Signed) C.
O, Crcegan, district secreary; Henry
Stimson, recording seeretary "
Dr. Crecgan said the hoard nad received assurances from the United
Stales government in the past few
days that the only thing that could be
done was to raise the money ncoossary
for the payment of the ransom.
London, Oct.14.���The Daily Express
bas received the following from
Vienna: Todroff, the driver who accompanied Miss Stone when she wus
kidnapped, bas ariived at Sofia. Ho
says her captors are Turks. The
Bulgarian police, who are not satisfied with his statements, are keeping
him under closo eurveillouce.
Toronto, Oct. 14.���The Evening
Telegram's London cable says: Tho
opinion of half a dozen prominent
steamship managers here is, that the
projected Canadian fast line will
prove a failuie. Two expressed no
fear of competition with a Cape Breton line, as during the summer it
would secure only a fow passengers
and In winter praotically none. A
twenty-knot service, they say, is not
considered necessary to carry iron ore
to this  country.
Kingston, Oot. 14.���Principal Grant
is able to sit up. Ton.orrow he will
see the Royal party and witness the
oeremonles at Queen's fiom the window of tho general hospital.
Montreal, Oct. 14.���British   Columbia   laorosse team   are   spending   the
time   sightseeing.     Gross   receipts of
Sat in dny 'h game wero $2,'MH,
Hon  Smith   Curtis
Pointedly on Premier's
Five Million Dollar Loan to
Be Floated without
Hon. Smith Curtis is in the city en
route to Roisland from the coast and
the Similkameen country, where he
has spent tho last six weeks. While
speaking of the condition of aiFairs
in tbo Similkameen he suid: "Tilings
are still quiet there, but there are
signs of an early revival based upou
the belief that there will soonbo a now
government which will make pro
vision for the construction of a Coast
to Kootenay railway. There is a
large amonnt of capital ready to go
into that district the moment it is
known that the railroad will como. "
While in the Similkameen Mr.Ouitis
closed a deul for the salo of his town-
site at the foot of Copper and Kennedy
mountains, known as Copperfield, the
pnrbeasors being made up principally
of Nelson people. Tho townsite is
splendidly situated and, besides being
the natural site for tbe mining town
of the very large and rich copper district adjacent to it, Is also underlaid
with and surrounded by deposits of
coal whioh are controlled by the Nelson company.
"1 whs told that on Nine Mile
creek, which is on the west side
of the townsite, thc company had uncovered a coal seam having an apparent thieknsss of about 50 feet and
that the ooal is of a good qualilty.
The company has also secured cool
rights in Collins' gulch, a few miles
north on the Tulameen river, whore
the veins aro 5(1 feet thick. 1 had an
analysis made of this eoal by the government assayer at Victoria and tho
results show it tu be a valuable coal.''
Speaking of the political situation
at the coast, Mr. Curtis said: "The
assertion of Premier Dnnsmuir that
he has tbe support of 22 members is
perfectly absurd. It is doubtful if he
can master 14. As a matter of f;irt, a
it-majority of the members is pledged to
vote want oi commence ia the government. Mr. Dunsmuir ought to know
this and especially after the reveise
which his now departure mot at New
Westminster should resign, and if he
does not soon take tbis couise of his
own motion he will likely be forced
to do bo by other moans. Upon bis
retirement a coalition government
will doubtless be forced for the purpose of passiug a redistribution act
and it may also deal with other pressing matters if they can be agreed
upon. These metiers would include a
coast to Kootenay railway and tbe
recently disallowed acts respecting
immigration and the employment oi
certain labor. Probably a fairer re*
distribution act oan be got from such
a coalition than from any party government. To obtain my support, for
instance, there would havo to bo an
express agreement by tho government
funned that in ihe event of any difference in the coalition party as to the
proper distribution of scats the chief
justice or some other justice of the
supremo court would be asked to give
his opinion as to what was fair and
tHat such an opinion would be followed. Tbis rather unusual way would
prevent the old charge, and I fear, the
just chaige, of tbe Island and the
Coast getting an nndue poitiou of
"As to how far oi long I would
support such a coalition government
that would depend upon two factors,
ibe first being to what extent it was
dealing promptly and effectively witb
progressive measures for tbo development of tbe province, and tbe second
being, tbe wishes of the Libeials and
Labor people throughout the province.
I would consider it my duty to carry
out in this togaid tlie wishes of these
two classes of the voters of whom
almost entirley I owe my seat io the
"Although the government ie undoubtedly moribund and wuuld meet
signal defeat on the assembling of the
house one of the ministers   has   stuted
| that it may uot meet   until   April   or
May, which would mean that nothing
JiH to bo clone   meantime   for the relief J
of business in tlio country by instituting u vigorous policy of development.
that tho Hon. Mr
Prentice will start next week foi
England to negotiate for n louu ni
8b.000,000  for   which   provision  was
_. -nade by the Public Works' Loan Act.
OpeaKS ||t is hardly to be believed that Unpeople or its mouthpieces the press
will, without vigorous protest, ever
submit to a discredited, minority-
supported government acting in this
outrageous manner. Suoh a government could not possibly negotiate a
loan on any fair terms. This attempt
to do so shows how utterly unfitted
tbo premiur is to occupy his piesent
position, how little be cares about the
wishes of tho people and what small
knowledge he has of fair play or constitutional government.
"A general election is not unlikely
to come in tbo near futuro and in m.,
-���pinion it will be run upon party
lines of which I am heartily in
Imperial Ec'ict   Enjoins   Vioeroys   to
Carry Out Reforms.
Pekin, Oct. 14.���Tho Dowager Empress has issued two edicts ono ol
r.bich establishes throe new boards
and abolishes many minor officii:-.
The other admonishes officials to enforce the reforms decreed in the recent
edicts and says: "Myself anu the
Enipc.or for tiie past yoar havo slopi
on wormwood and eaten gall," a
Chinese metaphor for nouns'.iug vengeance, The edict goes on to say that
the board of national administration,
Yung Lu, chancellor of the revenue
board, f.nd others, urge the court ti
inform tho whole empire that it is
determined to execute reforms anil
enjoin officials to study aud adept thi
western methods recommended bj
Viceroys Lu Knn Yi and Chang C'hii
Tung. "No trilling measures," sayi
tbe edict, "will restore prosperity,
the destiny of the government whetbei
for happiness or destruction is Involved in theso reforms which will
make China independent. "
The Foreign Minister at a meeting
today determined to evict foreign merchants ooounyini*: houses without the
consent of tho owur :s. The Chines)
do not desire to disturb those who
wero established before the seige. Ii
was decided also that the question ot
opening Pekin to foreign trade sbali
be taken up when commercial trestle*
are negotiated und that meanwhile
the Chinese shall collect an octroi,
equivalent to the transit dues of 21
per oent. on goods nut paying tin
Thoy Are Taken Ono Way While
Royal Party Go Another.
Toronto, Oct. 14. ���The press cones
pondents who are accompanying thi
Royal party are in a mosi indignant
frame of mind. They left Niagara
this morning and since then all thej
had seen of the Royal paity was for e
couple of hours at Hamilton, when
they were compelled to leave befon
the close of the ceremonies. Aftei
leaving Hamilton the train on which
they were came through direct tc
Toronto aud lott for the east lei.
minutes later. The Royal party pai'
visits to BiHiitford and Woodstock
after leaving Hamilton, arriving
here at 7.80 and leaving at 7.50 foi
Bolloville, dinner boing served wlnh
the train was hero. The press me
talk of a protest to the governor-
Jlayton, Ohio, Oct. 14 ���Tho formal
charge of murder iu Iho first dergci
was today placed agairst Mrs. Marj
Belle Witwar, suspected of having
caused tho deaths of her four husband;
and ber own children by poisoning
The affidavit was sworn to by Ohlel
of Detectives Frank T. McBride anil
wns based on circumstnntiul evidence
entirely. Tbe chemists report if
promised today.
A T*
Says   He   Has Not   Beon Askod to Become Governor-Gcnernl of Canada.
Lon Ion, Oot. 14.���The Daily Chronicle   publishes   today   an     interview
with Baron de   Blaquirc   whose name
has   been   mentioned   iu     connection
with the post of Govemor-Oonoral   of
Canada.    He says ho has not been and
does not expocttobe approached officially   on   tho   subject  declaiing   that
among many   reasons    why   he   could '
hardly   accept   tbe   position   even   If
Offered, is the lact   that his fortune is'
not large enough. j
WORK I     '
A Sapper Shoots at One Man
and Kills Another Instantly.
A Verdict of Wilful  Murder.
No  Motive for  Hie
Victoria, Oct. II. ���A terrible affair
took placo at Work Point barracks
last night when a Royal Eta.inner
named (Jill shot and instantly killed
Gn.iner Cliumok, of tbe Royal Aitil-
lery. . ('Munich and a companion
named Mithonoy were playing cnnls
when Gill entered with a loaded car
nine and lircd nt Mahoney. Bystanders utteicd a winning just as ho pulled the Ir.gger and Mahoney moved his
bead and tbe bullet whizzed past his
ear and eniired Clinnick's heart. He
���lied almost instantly. Gill is just
twenty passed. No motive has been
found foi the act. Gill was perfectly
Tuu steamor Trader left here tonigiit with a complete wrecking Cut-
fit for the* sceno of the wreck of the
Canadian Pacific steamer Hating and
an attempt will be made to iloat   bar.
The coroner's juiy tbi.) evening
nrciigbt in a vordict of wilful murder
in the caso of Sapper Gill,of the* ttuyiil
Engineers, who shot and instantly
killed Gunner Cllnnick of the Royal
Artillery. At thc inquest it came mt
tbat tlie shot was intended for Gunner
Mahoney, who was sitting opposite
Oliniiick at thu card table in the canteen where the shooting occurred.
���ill borrowed a carbine 'rom one of
the men In tbe narracks and went to
the canteen to shoot Mahoney but ior
what reason nobody knows, Mahoney
nimsclf saying that be can conceive
no reason for it.
Humming Bird Mine lias Shipped IS
Tons of Oie.
(SI'KCIAI. HI   ill III atiMSH.)
Grand Forks, Oct. 14.���Leqnirae &
Powers, of Midway, have commenoed
the construction of a new sawmill at
���imeltor lake, t.vo miles from this
oity. The plant will have a daily
oapacty of 40.000 feel ; h .; s will
e obtained on tin north fork of Kettle river.
O. H, Bllaei
'rom the IU ..una
eonsideiablu activity prevailing In
mining circles. Ue surveyed tbo Eva
Hell and thc Pride fraction, owned by
lohn Rogers, of this city. He was
informed that Marshall Jackson bad
raised eupiUl in Glasgow to develop
the Mother Lode.
The Pathfinder Mining, Reduction
.���i Investment Co., has been ni-orgau*
izod, Tho stoek will be redncoil from
one in i 11 inn dullats to 9180,00(1 in
1,500,000 shares of the par vain,' or
ten cents, and this stock will be made
|iaid-iip to the value* of live cents per
share. It is proposed to le / assess-
���uciits or two mills Tor tin: Hrsi assessment ami aftei thut whaterei shall be
Recent shipments from the Humming Bird mine to the (Iranby smelter
have exceeded ISO ioiih.
Montreal, Oct. II. ���McGill authorities have decided that undergraduates'
rushes arc Id bo things of the past.
The Arts faculty students wero recently fined fi each. Today the Applied
Science Hiculty dealt out same penalty
to thc students of that faculty with
intimation that tbo recurrence of such
conduct next year would result iu a
much more severe penalty.
Havana, Oct. 14.���The Indictments
in the post office* frauds cases have
boun sent by the officials to the
court, but have not yet been madu
public It is known, however, that
tbo Fiscnl bus nsieed that (J. 1*'. VV.
Neely, E. (J. iiatbbone and W. II.
Heevos, tin* iiiniciiil officials, bo son-
tenoid to Imprisonment tor terms
niii-'ing from M to U'li years. Eucb of
the iicc.ii-.cd   men    wetc charged    wilh
fro ii is to is offences,     riie counsel
for tho defense have Ull days in which
to file answers to the indictments. Nklson  Daily Miner,  Tuesday   October 15, ��<M
The Nelson Miner
lllabnri   Kvery   Morning  Except   Monday
fully por ninnth, by carrier     j}?0
Ii.iily. i��cr month.by inall.,     Wo
I)lily, per year, by curriur I I *JJ'
Dnlly, pel ye*.:, by mail    j> JJ
IftVOryyOt forniwi    BOO
Wookly, 1 r half year  .��� 2S
Wookly, por yoar  100
'Vcekly. per year. fnrcf(.n  d 00
iib*cr'.|ii.iii!i" Invariably in advance.
1W Klcot Streot. K. 0.
niral Proaa Agency, Lid.. Hpocin! Agonl*
Alexander tc Do.Ml Flrsl Avonue.8pokane
Wfi_li��� keep  t-l.ar_ papor un   HI", "Ud  "l'i:  our
suthonsfld agonts for advertisements        ub
It is stated that Hon. .lames D.
Prentice, piovineiul treasurer, is to
start for London noJt week for tho
purpose of negotiating a loan there of
$5,000,000 for which provision was
mnde by the British Colombia Public
Works LoaD Acl, 1001. This money
is to be used for aiding thc following railways: (a) For n railway
from tlie eily of Victoria, from the
city of Vancouver, and from icnie
point in the neighborhood of English
BlofV, near l'oint Roberts, via i'iiilli-
w.-i'k and Hope to Midway, in tho
Boundary district, approximately 330
mlleB; (>>) For n railway from the
present terminus of tim Esquimau and
Nanaimo railway to tlio northern end
of Vanconver Island, approximately
340 miles; (c) For u railway Itom
Midway to Veinon to connect wilb
the NbuisWup and Okanogan railway,
approximately 125 miles: (d) For u
railway from tbo count, at Kitaraaat,
to Hnzelton, approximately 100 mile*,,
(e) Foi a railway from Elko, or some
point on thn Crow's Nest I'ass Railway, sonth of Fort Steele, via Fort
Steele, to ('olden, approximately l>0
The act provides that ,500,000
muy be borrowed forthwith and at a
rate of Interest not to exceed four per
cent, lor the purpose nf causing to re
built u bridge across the I**r8ser river
at New Westluinstcr at a cost not exceeding (500,000 f("' lb" purpose of
railway, vehicular uml passenger
traffic ami it i-> further provided that
no subsidy shall be paid before .lauu-
nrv 1, 1908. The bnlnr.ee $4,800,000
shall not be borrowed till .luminary I 11)03, The object sought to be
gained bv ll.e acl as stated in tne pre
amble of the bill is because the existence of extraordinary mineral
wealth iiir. been substantiated in
muny purls of the province and there'
nre valid reason.; for believing that
there arc nuinei'ouc districts in th"
provinoe yet unprospeoted, which
will prove i ien in mineral treiiltb,
and that an extensive immigration
and increase of population may be
nntlclated if moans of communication
nru alTciilcil by railways, ronds and
other works for developing the
IIMuial wealth which exists both iu
minerals, timber and fanning lands,
and it. is expedient that the trade
und commerce of Uriiish Columbia,
accompanying such development and
increase in population, should, us fains possible bu retained in the
Dominion of Canada, which will be
best effected by the early construction
of railways,   toads ami public works,
Thc Dunsmuir government has been
in power for about a year and a quarter and has had power, to negotiate
the loin since April, yet it hud met
defeat virtually, is nisuicdited and
practically dead before it sees even
the necessity of moving in the mutter
of putting the provisions of the lint
Ish Columbia Publio Works Loan Aot
Into effect. It la probable with the
defeat of Mr. Brown and the disaffection whicli ol 1-nintitcd in that eveut
it saw thi handwriting on the wall
and came to tbo conclusion that il
would    be   a good   idea to send   Hon.
Mr. i'rentice to  London  to negotiate
the loan ami so lie Ibe people np irrevocably to thu plan and in which It
probably hut some prlvnti* liitcicsu.as
when the legislature meets It might
abrogate Hie net. Before tbe defeat
i I Mr. Drown, Premier Dunsmuir and
his advisers probably were of the
Opinion thai tbeir lennie of ollice
would be a long one and that there
wus ample time in which to build the
luidge near New Westminster und lo
develop thn material interests of the
province bv encouraging the construction of railways Thut tbey are now
fighting for time is evidenced by the
declaration thut. thu legislature Instead of being called together In .Iiinu-
arv mny not be enlivened until Mny.
This would give ample time to ar-
rnttgo for the lomi and to curry out
perbspl other plans in relation In it
in the hope of restoring the ministry
to its lost prestige.
It is palpable lo anyone who will
give the mulli'i the slightest iiloiuion
that llm presuni moment is must inopportune for Mr. i'rentice or anyone
else to arrange a lonu In Loudon,
The downfall of Mr. Whitaker Wright
The best which art can produce and   money can  purchase,
is now ready for your inspection.
Novelties of All Kinds
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Sequin Robes, Dreams in Embroideries, Facts in
Good Values.
From thc Kitchen to the Ball Room and from the cradle
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TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Oompany.
land the. losses which have* resulted to
the pnLlic fmn bis reckless   manipu-
j lation of tbe Hritish Columbia mining
companies iu which bu was interested,
uml in some of winch be is nominally
still Interested, together with the
stiike in tho Bossland camp, and the
misrepresentation and misapprehension of the mining situation in
Loudon have nil resulted in giving
the "provinoe a bad reputation among
financiers, Wc believe it will be
difficult, if nol impossible, for Mr.
l'i en Hoe to arrange for un advantageous lean under the piesent condition
of affairs. It is possible, however, in
thu anxiety which thu present ministry manifests to secure tbe loan thnt
any terms, no matter How onesided,
will be entered into in older to arrange for it.
Wb.it tho discredited government
should in ducenoy do would be to
leave the matter of obtaining the loan
lo its successors and then a time
which is more auspicious than tbo
present could be tuken for securing it.
Witiiin a few months al the most
there should be a change for the bet-
tei in British opinion of the province
and then the loan could be negotiated
to much more edvuntage than at
present. Thc whom plan looks like
one of Premier Dimsniuir's linre-
btained schemes to rejnabiliate nis
government in tlie estimation of
tbe people. It is an effort to obtain a
reprieve after the death sentence has
necn pronounced and in the present
Inatanoc it will not effect the desired
and do anything in reason ; but they
will not sacrifice tholr properties,
being convinced that it is only a matter of a shoit time until they realize
fair values. Already there are snv
eral properties in the camp under
bond, and so far as work has pro
ceeded results have been satisfactory.
Ho far, so good. A few additional
shippers will do much to promote the
welfare of tne cnnip by establishing
thc extent and richness of the mineral
deposits. An extra force of men has
been put on at thc Wilcox sneking oro
so as to be icady for rawhldlng as
soon as the soason opens; at tha Foghorn tho new wagon road is well
nnder wuy, which will facilitate tho
work iug of thnt big mine and do
much towards opening up other good
things in that immediate district; al
thc Dundee another grout body of oie
has htiun uncovered, which may do
much towards tbe starting up of'wcrk
there again; the cyanide plunt at tho
Ymil irino is ncaring completion, and
when in operation will add niatori
ally to the profits of the concern
Then tli'ero is considerable .develop
ment work going on 1hr**.u^tio ���.*! the
camp, so that on the wholo tho pros
pects for winter ate very bright,
Several rich locutions havo been mnde
during thu season."
The Ymir camp and the district
around ii. is more prosperous thun it
lias been for a long time past. Tho
mining section around Yrair is onu of
thu most valuable in Hritish Columbia, and the on'y reason tbat it in
not in a more advanced stnto is a lack
of capital, but what money has been
invested there has pioduced as good
results as anywhere iu the Kootenays.
ibe citizens of Ymir are alive to the
possibilities of tho district und to the
necessity of advertising thorn. With
that end in view they Inst week held
nn enthusiastic meeting and formed a
board of trade, Tho enlarged prosperity which Ymir is enjoying is reflected in the columns of the Ymir
Mirror, in which is found the following: "The business transacted at the
mining recorder's ollice at Nelson for
thu past couple of weeks has been
chiclly from thc Ymir district, na the
official list, published in the Mirror,
shows. Older sections of the country
nave mado themselves agreeably
proniineut���that is, camps that were
csinhlishcd before (juariz creek was
known or Ymir appeared on tho ie*
vised map uf the Kootenays. Now our
turn is coining, and Ymir is to havo
her innings. In this camp is one, nt
least, of the best paying mining properties in Hritish Columbia, dropping
eighty stnmp-i, and thero is other
ground in the distiict equally as
good, which is bound to he taken up
and which will piovo just as profitable. Ymir is, without doubt, the
free milling camp of the couutry.
The rock sparkles with gold, and
every property lhat has been worked
shows up exceptionally well. While
other camps have been boomed, Ymir
has beon slowly but surely coming to
thu front, and lt is today receiving
more attention than perhaps any other
part of tho Kootenays. Tbo claim
owners here havo Confidence in their
properties, nnd are piepnred to hold
on to the until ihe proper parties open
negotiations. Thexe are no wild cuts
offering and while there arc several
decidedly cheap prospects to be picked
up, the well-developed holding will
nil be purled with nt n sacrifice.
Claitn-lioldeis,   however,   aie  nt   ull
Biitish Columbia has a splendid
systom of waterways and thoy have
played an important part in the
development of tbe mineral rooomces,
as they furnished in the earlier history about tho only means of trans,
portation. With a little improvement
here and there they could be made navi-
gaiile to a greater extent than thoy are.
The Kootenuy Mail states that Mr. C.
Holtcn, who has been in charge of
the improvements on the upper Columbia states that both Priest aud Death
rapids ou the Columbia can be made
available for navigation, nud tbere
is no reason why steamers should not
run from Revelstoke to Cauoe River,
thus opening up to transportation a
large urea of country. Mr. Oulliber,
M. P., should, during the coming
session of parliament, obtain a substantial sum for the improvement of
the Upper Columbia. Tho traffic
betwoen Uevelstoke and Canoe river,
when the impediments to navigation
between the two places at Priest and
Death rapids arc icmoved, should be
large. It is thought 1900,000 should
be sufficient to put the Upper Colum
bitt in li-sl-ilasH shape and tins sum
should hn appropriated for that pur
pose by the Federnl government.
The Liberals regard lion. Joseph
Martin in mnch the samo way as Sin
bad did the OU Man of the Moun
tains, and arc dotetmined that he
shall not rido on tbo back of thc
party. The Vanoouvor Liberal Asio-
cintion at a mooting held a few
nights alnce "turned down" Mr. Mnr-
tln and bin followers. Tho Vancouver
Province in commenting upon this
Bays as a result of the repudiation of
Martin and his henchmen "the asso
elation is now in the bands of men at
whom straight Lihersls have no cause
to look askanoe. It is not to bo supposed that Mr. Martin will be at all
abashed by the signal defeat with
which he lias met on ground of his
own choosing. His power for doing
harm is Infinitely lessened by the
o.0>(f*-o. **ua"_
H>\\  g
times   willing to give   working bonda
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KbUod. Nelson   Daii t  Miner, Tuesday October 15. .901
I    MINING NEWS.     |
At the rocord office yesterday tlio
transactions were: Locations, Impaction, on Ymir mountain, about
ll.e miles frcm Ymir. by J. K. Mills;
Morgan, near Erie, by J. Fraser;
.Milroso, on east side of noitb fork of
Salmon river, by James Moirison;
Edward Seventh fraction, north of
Wild Uorse oreek and about three
milcB from Ymir, by John Dean;
l'enai Olrl, on lisai Gnleh, about two
nnil one half miles east of Ymir, by
Archie tJilfillani Illlnov, at head of
Coon creek, above five miles south of
Yellowstone mine, near Salmo, by
John Wulbbeee. Certificates of work,
wcr�� issued to E. J. Miller, ot al, on
the Mexican; John Dean on the Hlack
Diamond; K. 0. McLeod, on the
Monarch, Copper King, Shandon Bell;
John Moisnn on the Black Hear; 0.
A. I.ovell, on the Little Nell, and to
Philip White on tho Warwick.
George McFarland, contractor for
tne construction of the cyanide build*
inn nt the Ymir mine, was in yesterday. He statos that good progress is
l'-iin-, Hindi) and he expects to be
tliruiiuli by the end of November. The
worn is mostly heavy framing. The
imiin bnildiing is 40 ft. 6 in. by BID
feet, wilh two wings, one 28x00 feet
aiid ibe other 40 ft. 0 in. by (10 feet.
Afier the erection of the building it
will require probably two months to
complete the oyanlde plant.
Joseph Gottlieb arrived from Coma*
11!ix last evening to act as witness in
the liollius Uloomflald case at tho
assizes here. He brought with him
somo very promising looking specimens fr.im his claims, the Lucky Joe
ami Kaiser Wilhelm, also from other
claims in the Oomnplix conntry. Tho
Lucky Joe has a good ledge of free-
milling oie running thiough 't while
on the Kaiser Wilhelm is to be seen
some high grade galena.
The tilling of the Chinaman   was not
denied,  the   defence   being   that   the
I accused was insane at the time.     The
' jury   cjol-.ided   that  this was the case
| ami Lascelles was taken   back   to   the
New Westminster asylum.
Work on the compressor at tha
Pooriimn-Granite mine is progressing
rattier slowly, nnd in consequence
operations at the mine are practically
suspended as nothing enn he done
Until the compressor is completed.
The ICaslo brought in yesterday
eighty-five tons of ore from the White-
unt'i' mine oonsigned to the l'i a i I
Aa preliminary to the session of the
Supreme "ourt, notices of several
itio'ions wero filod yesteiday. One of
these is to adjourn the two oases of
liu.listader vs. Ilotsfoid. In the oase
of Peters vs. Tramway Co., tried at
lost eourt when judgment was given
for tha defenoants, the defendants
niw ask the plaintiff, who is appealing, to put np security for costs. In
Imperial Mines vb. Valparaiso Mining
company, motion will be made to
.'Hike out the defendant's counter
cbii'u, and part of their defence. It
was expected that McNaught vs. Van
Norman would go before the court as
a stated case, but now it is found that
evidence wil! be offered so the ease
will go to trial as an issue. In Felt
vs. Dickenson, an order wns mado for
an i lamination de bene esse on Wednesday before the speoial examingr.
In the case of Adams and Mueller
Ts. P. J, Hickcy, the Sandon case In
connection with the Cody fraction, an
erder was made allowing amendment
ol do-once. It will come up for trial
in December,
Mr. Justioe Irving arrived on Sunday and though anxious to get to
Work none of the motions was ready
to come before him.
H, A. McLean, deputy attorney*
gonoral, also arrived ou Sunday night
to prosecute in the oases before the
Civil nnsizes.
Tlie last issue of tho Hritish Columbia  (laisette   contains   the   following
Francis   Bernard   Lewis,   of Revel-
stoltu, lo he a notary public.
guvcrnor ��� general - in -council
Views Expressed hy   Smelter   Man of
Wido Mxperience.
D C. Johnson, oro buyer for the
Everett Smeller, passed through Nelsou yesterday after n trip to Kaslo.
In converralion with a representative
of the Miner, Mr. Johnson discussed
several phases of smelting as the market fot silver and lead ores are
alTented theioby.
The demand for the different
classes of ore, he said, may be said
to go in cycles. Some years ugo there
was n surplus of dry ores in the
Uniled States, to form a smelting
mixture with which the wet oies of
the Slocan were required. Then exceptionally good rates weie given.
Later the rice in the price of lead set
all the prospectors and miners looking for lead o es wilh tho result that
it has come about tbat there is an
overproduction to counterbalance
which the demand tor dry ores has
sprung up. Since the opening up of
so many load mines within the United
Stales the home production tliore is
greater than tbo demand, consequently all lead in oro imported has
to find a market abroad. The price of
lead in Loudon is now only a very
little below the average of the last
twelve years so that condition may bo
called normal. Most of the Everett
smelter's lead obtained from imported
ores goes to London and is nhipped in
steamers. To obtain the proper
smelter mixture roquired it to draw
supplies from a very wide area. Just
now it was getting ore from various
parts of tbo State of Washington,
British Columbia, Butte and Alaska,
and it is even negotiating with
some Chilian mines.
As regards the smelting aud refining of the silver-lead ores of Kootcnny
in Nelson, the conditions are on a par
with thoso at Everett. A local smelter
would requite t J get the proper fluxes,
then tn do the roHniiijr and finally to
ship tho product to the markets of
the world. He oould not see that the
conditions were any different, neither
hotter nor worse.
W. J. Ross, the well known Phoenix
rock driller, who made a good record
with bis partner, McLeod,nt Spokane,
at the Elks' io I; diilling contest, lefl
Phoenix on Tuesday's train for Lead-
ville, says the Phoenix Tioncer, to
tako part in another similar cuntest
on October 20th, The dav before he
received a telegram from MsNicol, at
Victor, Colo., telling niin of the great
conlost at Leadville, where $1,000
would be the first prize, 8300 the
second nnd so on. Ross will drill wilh
McNicol, also uf this camp, and who
won first prize with Burns at Grand
Forks on Dominion Day. They will
doubtless give a good account of
themselves when tbe great event
takes placo.
"I was troubled for several yeirs
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debility,'' writes F. J. Green, of
Lancaster, N. 11. "No reined) helped
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all thc medicines I ever used. They
have also kept my wife in excellent
health for years. She says Electric
BilterB aro just splendid for female
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invigora.or for weak, lun down
women. No other medicine oan take
its place in our family," Try them.
Only 50e. Satisfaction guaranteed by
Canada Drug & Book Co.
Liptnn's Ten is a winner. Pure}
finest llavor, aud first package toa pu,
has .cun fit to disallow two acta
p:i��M'd al, Inst session o'. the British
Columbia legislature, namely, nn Act
*" lloRiiliito Immigration Into Biitish
���-���'linribia, and an Act Regulating the
Employment on Works oarried on
under Franchises granted by Private
Tlio assignment of the California
Wns company of Nolson, to N. T.
MacLeod, dated October 8rd. The
mooting of oredltors will be held on
ojitnrday, Oot. loth, |n the offloes of
Macdonald & Johnson at 8 o'oloek in
"lo afternoon.
There were 30 new ooal prospecting
lioencos issued during tho  past week.
Al the criminal assizes at Golden
la�� week tho chief ease of interest
���"is that of Hon. Frank Lascelles
���������'*ir..ed with tho murder of a China-
"""I last summer. Since the prelimi-
n**rj bearing beforo justices of tbe
PWmb, I.a_u.i:_a hns heen confined to
-*������*������*   provincial asylum for tbe insane.
Jewels, candy, lloweis, man-that Is
thu ordor of a woman's preferences,
Jowels form a mag.net of mighty
powci to the average woman. Even
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to mnlce or save the money to pur-
uhase thoin. If a woman will risk her
health to got a coveted gem, then let
her fortify herself against the insidious consequences of coughs, colds and
bronchial affections by thc regular
use of Dr. Hoschee's Herman Syrup.
It will proraplly arrest connumplioii
its early stagea nnd heal tho affected
lungs and bronchial tubes and drive
the dread disease from tbo system. It
is not a oiuo all, but It is a certain
euro for conghs, colds and all bronchial troubles. You can get Di. G.
I). Green s reliable remedies at W
F. Teetzel Sc Co. Oot Green's Special
Whot will grow nt Riverside Nurseries, Grand Forks, will certainly
succeed at Nelson, Why go poking
off to Eastern Canada or the coast for
trees that you can get from a nursery
nt your own door?
If you don't like Blue Bibbon Tea it'l
baoauss yon n^vor tasted it. 	
Nelson Opera
Under the auspices of the
Nelson Operatic
Garden Scene Act III.
Act II.
Plan open Monday II a.   m. at McDonald's Fruit .Store, Baker Street.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
West Transfer Co.
Goal a��� Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac  Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Ofllne on   liakur Street
Tel. X>
NELSON LODaii   No. 23, A. K. &
M. inoets neoond Wednonday la
month.   Visiting brothern vroloomo
I. O. O.  F.     Kootonay Lodgu
No. 10. inoclH every Moutlay night,
at  tholr  Hall,  Kootenay Htreot
Sojourning Odd Fu'lows oonlinlly lnvltod.
John A. Mottae. N.G.   D. VV. Huthorford. V.G
h red J. Si|iiii'i.*, I'or. Hoc.
Nelson Koyal Aroh Chapter No. 123, G. It C.
AlccU third YVodnusday. sojourning compan
ions lnvltod.    Georgo Johnstone.  /..    Hi. W,
Matthews, a. hi.
NKLSON 1.01 111 IC   No.26, K.of P.
.ynoul.t; in K. ot f. hall, Oddfellows block
evoryTnenday ovonlng at 8 o'clock,
[/All visiting knight* cordially Invito
Wji. Iiivink, CO.
A. T. l'AHK, K. ot H. and 3.
Nelson Knoa pruotit No. 7. Moots ovory 2nd
and ii.li Friday of ouch month, ln odd KoIIowh
Hall, coinor llaker and Kootenuy stroots.
Nelson. A. II. elements, C. P.; 1). MoArthu.*
It. 8.   Visiting brolhors always wclenm**.
NKLSON h. 0. L. No. 16112 meots in Kra
ternity Hall ou first and third Friday oveuiags
of each month aL 8 o'clock. Visiting member
cordially   invitod.    W. W. Bradley. W. K.
A, Mlnty, lt. S.
NKLSON AKHIK No. ii, F. O. K.. meets
every seoond and fourth Wodnosdays of each
m onth. Visiting members oordlally invlt
Charles Prosser, Rero-Htary.
Kootonay Tout No. 7, K. 0. T. M��� hold their
regular mootlngs in Fraternity Hall, I. O. O. F.
block, on thu 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each
month. Visiting brothren conlially Invited to
attend. (I. A. Hrown, 11. K.; A. P. l'Bvdy, Com.
it..i.stool, li.s. c.
1st and 3rd Wodnosday oveutngs of
each month at Fraternity hall,
oornor of Haker and Kootonay
slroots. Visiting brothorn cordially Invitod.
Howard Macleod. Socrotarv.
COURT KOOTENAV, I. O. F��� No. 313K.
Meetings 4th Thursday of inom.li. Fraternal
hall. J A Irving OR.   f. U. Fleming. It. H.
Nolson Court Star of  Kootenay, A. O. F.
Moots 2nd nnd   4th    Wednesdays in every
month.   Visiting brothron wclcomo. W. Mac-
Millar C.lt     1'nhnrl, Mol-Ond Sec.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
Wo nre showing this season a full
line of these goods and solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
rf /HaMai,    m^itCtr-orxJ fLAS
incorporated under the laws of British Columbia.
Capital S1.000,000 Ir 1.000,000 Shares. Par Value $ 1.00 Each.
All Trmmiry Much.   Ho rromotent'oott ��*��� Treferred Dlock.
CambourneOroup, 9 Claims
Oyster Oroup, 6 Claims
Located in tho Free Gold Fish River Camp,   Lardeau Mining* Division, British Columbia.
Large Veins.
Free Hilling Oold Ore
[A. R. BARROW, a ��. 1. o.B
Provincial Land Surveyor
Oornor Viotoria and^Kootenay Bta.
P.O. Box 600 X-lepbone -No. ����
n view of the splendid showings of both high and low
grade ore and the unrivalled facilities for thc economical
developing and working ofthe properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will the present issue of stock be sold
quickly, but that no more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for
stock to
AdvorUHO'ueniHInserted uudor tbis boud at
tho rate of ono coul. a word por Insertion. No
ailfortuomant taken for lea than 2a cut**,
situation Wanted aaverttBOmonta inserted
threo limes free of chi-ruo.
NICELY   Furnished    room   to  rem.
Young ludv ur gentleman, ur gentleman ami wife  preferred,    AiijiU-  at
Minor oNiea.
HlUNISISll        R00M9.-
Silicn,     second   door
-Apply       on
.vi*ht      Wind
TWENTY-TWO unfurnished rooms,
comer Uall and Haker streets, to
rent, all modem oonvenien.es, suitable for lod(,iii(? rooms or livin*.
rooms. Applv at shoe store ou
POtt SALE.���Cheap   for cash,   house,
chicken liouse anil lot, 60x130, corner
of   Cedar   and   Observatory    streets.
Good gaiden.   Apply on premises.
FOB .SALIi,���A taint' doc lawn; would
make   a   nice pet, perfect!;   docile.
Apply A. II. s., Granite Killing
ROOMS and HOARD. ��� Every convenh
encc;   south east   corner of   Carbo*
nate anil Josephine street.
IfOR RENT���Home Temperance hotel,
20 bedrooms, dining, room, parlors,
Kitchen, all furnished complete; h'ia
per 'nonth. Apply to A. U. Gamble,
agent, linker street.
ROOMS TO RENT.��� K. V/..0. Block-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooniH facing the west. Ou Sep
toniber I, two sii'gie rooms and two
or three en to.to facing Baker st.
Furoishei or unfurnished. Mrs. V.
J. bqu.re, Room 41,  K.    W. C.  Illock.
WANTED.--A good  general   servant.
Apply at the Miner olliee.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's Nest
Southern   By.      tlood   wages, long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    U.   C. A.
Guthrie & (Jo.
NELSON Employment Agency. llakcr
street.    Phono 378.   J. II. Love.
WANTED.���Woman   Cook.      Waitress.      Laundress.      Railroadmen   foi
Liarilo.    Girls for houscwoik.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED.- Waitress,Oirls for Ilouse-
won<.     Men   for     Railroad    work,
men for sawmill, scjontl cook $50   per
month, stoue mason.
Western   Employment  Olliee, IL A.
Prosser, Phone 270.
Storage���1 have it   iaige   warehouse
for     storing      household    or    other
i-UKi: mililiijr Void l'Ri|ii'rlli'< Mf ar.
auxI'MiM lo Ht-cure a IViv free mill!*,'* ;*���l,l
properdin ul oucc. The reospe.-iorN |*\.
cluiUKi*. NelHou, K. ���, Itooiti I, K. ��.-('.
<,oi,i>suviit<ori*;;i:LIUD���Mine*   and
l��r.m|M***l*i wh.iH.mI. Seu.l report und sun,
pies lo Ike I'roKpcctor'i* Ksceliuntfo. Nelson
IM*.   Kooni4 It.. IV.-C. block.
Real Estate, Insurance. Money to Loan.
���j.RnonillouHc, modern, $20.
li Room House, modem, sir,,
S-Rooin liouse,  modern, $10.
Several small houses.
For Sale, a good garden plot.
P. O. Box 556, Nelson, B. C.
Official Broker.
0ABB.-M-EAL8 a la OABTE*
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Hpokane Falls und Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St, Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Ohica^o, Toronto. Montroal, New York
and ull points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for .East at!9:15 am
Leaves Spokane daily ior West at 7:15 a*m
LeaveB Spokane daily lor West at 8:00 p in.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, und all points
on the Hound,
During tho season of navigation East
hound trains connect at Duluth with
thoinagnillcentstoainships North West
and North Land of thcNoi'thcru Steamship Company Line, operated in connection witb the Great Northern lla.il-
For further information, nps, folders, etc., apply to any agei t of Spokano
Falls & Northern Ky., Kasio & Slocan
Ky., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Oo , or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt, W Till  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
Q. K. TACK A unity, l_ cal Agent,
*e___*u. llli
Are you iu wautV If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you arc in want of
You'll cct il.
_4-t|    ��. Al. yiinunlna, Le-Meo-ftvurj known
v.inoty ol null dniikM.   1* u llox 88.  '1 duWiun
No. 81. Hoover Street, NoJaoo,   Hotiicm uf the
t.iuioud au umii Iiol Upringa tumoral Wuler
C1ANH SC AIAI'L-ONALU (11. c_m,, Jaino
/ A. uoodonulal���Arcnitccto and uuperui
tt-udeutt, lumen Hill uioeu, cornor Ilakor nnd
Ward hi.roul^, Aulnun
HJ. MVANa tc 00.���Buker Streot, Noi
��� boo���Wholesalo iluuiura in liquor**, ot*
(Mr**, ootuent, iiru brick uud nre oluy, wuter
pi.'o nnd steel mIIii, uud gouurat oouuutaulon
A MACDONALD __ Ca-Oornor Fmn
��� and Uall streets���Wholoeulo grocer
aud jouueirf in bluukntii, glove*!, mitta lio*,i..
ruoburs, mackinawii una uunurii' miudrlcs.
11  BURNS Sc Oo.���Baker street, Noluou-
. ���   \v liuio.i-.io Uealora lu fresh una cured
uiuuu,.   Ookt Storage.
,   llaker Street, IMolwou��� Wlioio.jalo ilea
orw In frosh und cured meats. -.
J  streot,  Nelnuii ��� Wholesale duUma in
luirdwiuo,  uiinoi*ri'  Hupiiliea,  s|>orLing  goods
VI'LAOllLAN IIKIJS. (dueee:i.ors tu Van
IVX. oouver Hard wore Oo, Ltd.! Bukor Stroot,
Nelson���\V holuuatu Ueuler,: In luinjwaro awl
mining supplies, plumbers' and lliiumitha' t:up
i.H puluts, olid and gluss: ueohaniiu' tools
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; [UrouDilto
��� I lUltNKli, BBI2TON & Co.-Corner Voruou
X.   and Jo^oijiiino Streets, Nelson���Whole
s-'ilo douteni in liquors, olg&ni, nail drrgooils
vi;ent. for Pabst BrowliigCo.of Milwaukee
Mid Oalgory Brewing Ou 01: Oalgury.
UDSON'S UAK Oo.���Wboloulo grooorlos
aud liquors uta, liaker S roat, Nolson.
i_l Oillvu oorner Uatl aud brom Stftwta
���jtiiHon-J^ombor, coIIuik, flooring, aud ovow
ihjng tn wood for buikunR purpotus. Uot oui
;irku:.s.   Coj'rot-pviidonco uolioitiod,
'jl UALIiO.V -fe (.0.-Dealera in oro hilcUs
X ��� uml twine*. AHvuyn a largo slock on
nit-iil. Tolophono-HU. Koom n, ____.-W.-0 Blook
Domiuion and
Laud Surveyor.
'IIMM; BB0K8II, .*��.. km
'Vlndorrnere Minod.   Corre��Foiidenei>_olUji;f
CARS : : :
in addition  t >  usual  equipment   on
Crows' Nest Section-
Leave  Kootenay  Landing
Tuesday and Friday  for  St.
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for T oronlo,
Montreal nnd Boston and intermediate points on direct
For bertha, tiinetublos, rot is uuil full
information apply to.
u. L. Brown,
Oity I'lumoiigor Anent*l
J. 8. OARTK*a,
Dis. Paw. A (1.
Nlll nil
E. J. OllYI.K
A. (��. P. A.
Viiiiniiiivai ��=_=
'f mo  parties of -rt-ur.-f people aiad*
the ascent   ot  the mountain  oppc.il?
Nelson yesterday, the time ia making
the ascent being about threo hours.
City   Clerk    strachan   yesteiday re-
l'jnger without   becoming soiled.    Jtjce-ved word that through the train on
secures auJ be' '
Wall LandiPrds wbo freqtieDtly
I-. have   occasion   to   rcpaii
PapCP bonses for tenants are invariably finding tl at pnpor is cheaper
and iofluitely mora letMfectory than
kalaomine, paper coeta laai end wears
better cli-ss of ten
which his son'*} lemains was   coming.
nn's: in fad a g ����1 tenia.t will intvi on
h*Hin_- paper. Th. ,*> is Wall Paper -.nd ; having been too late to make conrec-
t\'a!l Paper, our Wall Paper and the. ijons a: Spokane with the Nelson
other kind Yon will puy no more, '!raln Uial (he corcse wonld nol get
Iiioeh Ir***'. in he*, te our up-to-date
and older de-
papera than for infe.-
atana alaswhure   Our l**u! 1 Sa.e i- worth
the attention Ot every householder.
NSUDII tJAlLV MliS.R 'fwMjiY, PcTttMt- ij,   <90*
iTCctcd at to pivc Nsope tot the telre*
dnotion o? spw.-laltias and from the
reviews seen of the production these
restores are said to be of a very
superior order.
bere befoie tonight, which necessitates a faiiber postponement of th?
funeral    till    tomorrow   at   I   o'clock
from tne bouse of his father to the
Baptist church wheie tbo services
will be iiei 1.
The sale of   -eats   for   the  operatic |
con,-crt   cn   Thursday evcDing started |
ou; well yesterday   which shows   that .
tbe   public e.voect   a good perforaance |
which     Ikrr   steioer   and   his   able'
associates   will     undoubteddly    give |
them.       Principles,   chorus   and  or-1
cbes'ra had an   excellent rehearsal   at I
the   cpeia   liouse   last evening.    Her** |
ilolt/. has arrived from Spokane and is j
giving   able   assistance   to   the   loeal
talent.       Many   wil!   remember   tbe
.A sod was norii to the wife of   Kle.    delightful   cello soles by Herr riteiner
F. Crawford   at   the   Kootenay   Lake | BD(i vill Le pleased to knew   that   he
Oeneral B06pita] yesterday afternoon
At tbe police court yta-erday tnoin-l
ing a drank was tiaed $10 and costs j
for creating a disturbance on Baker!
A scow   loan of stone is expected in I
this morning for   the postoSice   building w'ne�� operations   will   be   pushed
forward with vigor.
Woik on the Salvation Army
Lanacks is being pushed rapidly
a.iead and it is expected that it will
be ready ior occupaucy about the las:
of November
Tne   Nelson-Granite     wagon    road:
will be   closed   for tbe neat   few daysj
to allow the filling in   of a lex places I qd(
that had been left to settle   betore the
flniabiDg tonobes were done.
The Epwcrth League will hold their
regulai meeting tbis evening at which
the subject will be ' Temperance, "
Principal Sullivan of the public
school will address tbe meeting.
Tbe steamer   Nelson   will take   the
run fiom Nelson to   Kaslo,   commune- j
ing   tomorrow     afternoon,    and    the
Kokanee wili Le laid up for six weeks
to undergo a thorough overhauling.
A number nf ranchers from along
the shores of thc outiet between Nelson and Procter came iu to Nelson
yesterday to lay in supplies, the
Kokanee alone having to make ten
stops at way points.
Work oo the city whan was commenced yesterday by the tearing up
of a quantity of tlie cross planking.
This necessitates passengers for the
steamers walking the narrow eroea
beams to make connection from the
wharf to steamer.
The tworoomed shack on Water
Btreet formerly occupied oy lames
Hubbard, the smallpox patient -aa
ourned to the ground on Saturday bj
order of the health officer. The tire
brigade was present to prevent tie
fire from spreading.
J. S. Carter, distiict passenger
agent foi Ihe C, P. K., ha6 returned
from a trip to tbe Lardo Traiiic on
that road is now open for eight miles,
and the contractor is confident of
having the rails laid as far as the
lake by the end of November.
Adjutant F. S. Aiward and Lieut.
Rowland, of the Salvation Aimy.
leave this moining for Spoaane. Captain Sou tha 11, from the latter point
will be Adjutant Alward's successor
as commandei of the army in Nelson.
The illness of Mrs. Aiward in Spokane is the cause of the exchange.
Voter-* are evidently giving some
attention to registration as ibe time
app oaches for closing thc lists.yesterday IB name.-, being aded. Nairn*.-, wili
be accepted np to Monday. October
-1st, not Saturday, as prcviousl,*
Stated. Tboae entitled to vote should
not delay as the time is now comparatively short.
The Ladies' Hospital aid will give
a ���iius.c.'..* this afteihoon in the parlors of thc Phair hotei from .'! to 5.80
o'clock. A choice pio^gramme will Le
given in which Meadamea W. A. .Macdonald, Murray, Davys, and Hoi*, ley.
and   Messrs. Hex Macdonald.  Ii.  Day.
will on Thursday night play Chopin's
Nocturne and Litania by Schubert
Positively after this date no Leth-
biidge Gall Coal will be delivered
excepting paid in advance.
W. P. Tlt-KNEY.
Hating   (lues   Down   SO   Miles
North of Vanconver.
(SPECIAI. TO THE*. Ml.\i:ll.l
Vancouver, (let. 11.���The steamer
Hating due to airive here at 5 o'clock
Ou Satutdav afterncjn was wrecked
on tbe eud of Jarvis island, 'io mites
op the eoast. She was bou nd from
Skag^av to Vancouver with 17'.' pas
sengers. most cf whom were monied
men from the Klondike. In a dense
fog while running at hall-speed she
went ashore and refused to rise with
the incoming tide. All the passengers
with their baggage, were got safely
There was upwards of hail* a million dollars worth cf gold aboard all
of which was saved. The Hating was
one of the finest steamers in tbe C. P.
It. fleet and was valued at $200, OCO.
I        & CO.        I
Ebe TR.ga. Banh of Cana_*a"
Incorporated 1869.
I Phone 117 ���
Is    lame    or    intei feres
bring  him   to   the   City
Horseshoeing* Shop. Jo
sephine Street
Capital   Authorized.
DH.tKMI.UOO.OO I   Capital   Paid-up,
Rest,       .       .     .
Wiley ,-jiniUi
��� l.-JIHI.-MHI.N
of uin-tni���     Thomas E. Renny,  President:   Thomas lUtchlo, VloaProaldoni
ith  H. 0. Bauld, Hon. David MacKeen.
Head Olaee, Halifax t
General Manager, Kelson L. i'caap. Montreal. 	
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary. W. B. Torranoo. Halifax,
���Iran    es I
;-Bb*e���Montroal,   (City   Office),   Montrmi
Wost Knd (Cor. Notre   Damo and E
neurs Struetal:  Wo. t mount (Cor. QfmTI
Avontio and Ht. Catharlnos Stroet
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba, .Test ladl*ra���Havana.
Stanley Henderson, insurance agent.
of Vancouver, is io Nelson.
C.    P.    Hill,   of   tbe iron mines  at
Kitchener, is a guest at the Phair.
Miss    M.    McLennan,     leaves   this
evening ior   her   home   at   Goderich,
E. J, t'latt leaves tomorrow on a
mouth's business trip through tbe
Ja nee O'Sbea, barrister, was taken
to tne hospital yesterday soffering
from pleurisy.
Mrs. Cnas. Hulton. of Winnipeg, is
Tisiting her brother, J. A. Turner,
government agent.
F. I.. Gibbs. manager for the Hrack-
man-Ker Milling company,has returned from a tup to the coast.
A. E. Wasson, city treasurer,
returned yesterday after spending his
holidays in Eastern Canada,
Tlios. Milliard, agent for the Canadian (leneral Electric company at
Rosilaad. waa in yesteiday.
Lee Coombs, of the Uossland Transfer Co.. Is n the city on a business
visit.      He is registered at tbe Phair.
U. Vi. Richardson, insurance agent
of Kossland, is at the Phair. lie has
been summoned to serve on the grand
L. G. Henderson, of Henderson's
directory, returned from a visit to the
Rossland and Boundary districts and
left last night for Winnipeg.
C. St. L. Mackintosh and Mrs. Mackintosh, of Rossland, were in Nelson
on Sunday on their way home from
Montreal and Quebec, where they
bave spent tbe summer.
S. M. Bridges returned on Sunday
from Golden, whither he has gone as
official reporter to the Supreme court.
He states that he has seen no more
businesslike town than Nelson since
he left here.
Mr. and Mrs. George Stanley Ktlla-
way anel family left for Manitobi or
Sunday morning. Mrs. Kellaway and
family will spend the winter there.
Mr. Kellaway is on a purchasing
trip for the Hudson's Bay company
grocery department.
J. S. Lawrence, trainmaster for tbe
C. P. R. ln this division, has returned
from a vacation trip to t_e east.
Wlnle be was away be visited th leading cities in Eastern Canada and also
the Pan-American exhibition at
Bnffalo and reports that be had a
pleasant lime.
Hume.���C. W. Keep. Windirmere:
���la-. Pcaid. P.terboro, Ont ; Mr. ar d
Mrs E. J. Kelt, New York: O. B.
Trench, Washington, I). C. : K. C.
lioyce. San Francisco: Mrs. Holdos-
sen. Boston ; 0. W. Devoe. "Weston : L.
V. Shaw, Lewiston; C. W. McAnn,
Kaslo;!. F. Maloney, Howser, B. C. :
J. W. Moon. Lardo Citv; R. McGnire.
Molly Gibson Landing. Vi. E. Bole.
Kaslo; D. Vi. Muore, Trail; W.
Williams. Montreal, N. F. McNaught. slocan City; H. L. McCain.
Kaslo; .). Bowes. Sandon; .1. H.
Freeman. Victoria ; W. Peard, Medicine Hat; H. L. Gulline. Granby,
Oue. ; W.    Mexire   Jackman.    Toronto;
John Lochore and G. L.   Lennox   will; J. Crawford,  Miss Crawford, Phoenix,
take part.    Tea will be served   by   theJH. A. Small, Vancouvr.
. _,, .     , Phair. ���F. G. Com ad.   Chicago;   U
When   the   case   of Michael Smith, j ��.    Fielding,   Grants l'a��s, Ore  ;   C.
held for   extradition   proceedings   on IH.    Uili     Kitchener;   J. C.   iloldeu.
the   charge   of   lareeov in   Bepobllo,   Lardo:   J.   R.    Dunlop,   City.D.   C.
was "called before   Judge Form jester-! ?��',?SODr'  BT��'M L^   P��"nhre'Ro^
.land; t. H. Sinclair, Toronto,
day, W. A. Galliber. who had bteo j cbailes Corbet, TorouloiG. W. Rich-
retained for the prosecution, state J tardaon, Kossland: Q. Ingles, Toronto;
lhat tbe State of Washington did not iV* *E* Ashdowu, Toronto; C. F.
intend to pursue the case farther. 1 AlieD and ��ife,_Montreal.
The prisoner was consequently die- Grand Central.-Wallace MaCteary,
charged from custody. 'Mrs. A. Wallace.   Miss   L.    Williams.
.,    ��� ,        ,. 'Winnipeg:    N.    Mai tin.      Kaslo;   Ed
On Saturday afternoon some   young   Cnnp(.   y,D-_. ,,   oimpbell.  Slocau; (i.
men fiom Nelson, who were ont shoot-   M. Lightbody,   Ymir.
ing iii*ar Kokanee (-reeked,  killed two "~~~���~
homos and a half  grown Jolt   belong-!     Queens.--!.    Wilson.     Creston;     J
ing to Captain Husk.      It   is suppled   {��"�����; ?' | {���**����� f Jj^"^ H��J
" r . rl Barber, K. K. McMillan. Hairv 1 ork,
that the* shooters were   hung at ducks   Slocan.
at one side of the point at   the   mouth 	
of Koakute creek,    anil    being   armed I '-  WISE  WOMAN*.
with rifles the shots carried   to where       The engagement of this   uompany at
the horses **cre feeding in the pasture   tbe Nelson Opura House give*, promise
and   killed   three.      Ihe   captain    is   of being tbe   most   important musij.il
determined that such dangercos sho'jt-   e'omedy even; of lhe season.  The play.
ing on hia ranch ahall be (topped. which   is  m   tbree  acts,   la ao con-
Londcn, Oct. 14. ��� John O'Donnell,
Nationalist, attempted to address his
constituents today in Kilmaine,
County of Mayo, the scene of recent
evictions. He was dragged off tbe
platform several times by the police
and finally after a tierce struggle, wa**
taken to the barracks. One hundred
and fifty police weie present at the
meeting. Tne crowd hurled stones
and several persona were injured.
John O'Donnell is a young tenant
farmer and a protege 01 William
O'Brien, M. P. He is secretary of the
1'nited Irish League and was first
returned to ll.e house of commons for
South Mayo in February, 100f>, suc-
-.���eediug Micheal  Davit*..
Toronto. Oct. 11. ���A special from
Nashville says that at the horse show
there on Saturday nigbt, Sure Pop,
belonging to Crowe and Murray of
Toronto, broke the world s record for
high jumping,clearing T feet 4 inches.
Tne previous record was 7 fee: 'rl'tt,
inches made by Rosebery, owned by
George Pepper, of Toronto.
Washington, Oct. 14.���Representative Sherman has announced his intention to renew the fight for ami*
tioket scalping and Pacific cable legislation, at the coming session of congress. He wiil reintroduce measures
on these subjects substantia'!'.- identi
ca! with those be introduced in the
last congress.
Paiis. Oct. II.���The baloon of
Cointe de la Veu'ix. wbich left Les
Sablettes, ue>ar Toulon, on Saturday
night on a voyage across the Meliter-
ranean waa reported yesterday near
tbe Balearic islands with all ur board
No Discovery in medicine bas e��er
created one quarter of the excitement
tbat has been caused by Dr. King's
New Discuvery for Consumption It's
severest tests bave heen on hopeless
victims cf Consumption. Pneumonia.
Hemoirhage, Pleurisy and Bronchitis, thousands of whom it has
restored to perfect healih. For
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Croup, Hay
Fever, Hoarseness and Wbooping
Cough, it is the quickest, surest oure
in the world. It is sold by Canada
Drug Sc Hook Co.. who guarantee
satisfactir.n or refund motley. Large
bottles 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles
He   sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FUSE,not
something that looks   like   it.       aw-
rence Hardware Co., Agen**'-
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed   Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always Id
Wo earn a coturle:c slock of Coast mooring
Ceiling, lns.de Finish. Turned Work, Sash m-.d
lloor-. ��i>cciai order work will reeoive prompt
attention-   Mail orders soMciu**!.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
llOAd OHIO**-��� |I**-*HFT-r and Vein-m   -*���_. Nol-m<
All who are interested in the welfare of
th*? Independent  Lalior Party are invited to attend the  Aunnnl Meeting at
the Miners I'tnou Hall on
Tuesday Evening, Oct. 15th
at S o'clock sharp for  thc election  of
offioen and other business.
'ova   ge-otla-Halltax   Hrar.ch,   Anitgt,i,i-l
Brtdgewater, Oujsbon*. l.'iniion(len*y, l.u
cnburK. Maitluud lllar.ts Co.), 1'icton, Port
liawkonhury, Sydney, Shulicnacadic, Truro,
Mew    llrunswlck ��� Ilathurst,     llorehostcr,
Krodericuni, Ringaton iKettt Uo,}, Mono    	
t_n.N_v.ci__i.lo.Sackvilla, st, John,Woodstock*   Va,lfa m.ir.-Now York (16 Uiohaoao Plu.
r, ������ Maad���Charlottetown, nuiuiiiopdila,      |       Republic, Wash. "" ' "**
Grand   Forts, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
Vancouver East Sad, Victoria.
Currf ftpOBd-Mtl t
���fiiniKlH -M.-r.'.imn1 - ���.-���wil; "' f.f ���<���];<.   _t-.-..i)_.   Na, i;m u Shawmut* Hank.   ChlriMtA���HlhiolR
Trust and Saving! Bank. Im Fraitelteft���First NaLiimai Riuk.  ton dun, Eng.-jUnk of
Scotland.   Pur)-., Fnut-ee���Oredll !.,.<.��� :.:.ti.-.   IIcruin-lB-IUnk of Hcrnmdn.   OUu nnd J��.
pan���Houk Kong aud BbaoKhal Banklag Corpomtiou.   HpnUanc��� Old National Hank.
Oeneral Banking Buslneas Transacted; Sterling BliU of Exchange  tWugh
and Sold, L+Hq.-a of Credit, Etc.. Negotiated.
Accountn received on the moai favorable terina.   Interest allowed oa epecial
deposits and ou Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
shares in the abov.* Company can be
bouaht fcr 35 cents num.
Rush i'd your orders as there is
every prospeec ot another advance in
the near futuie.
t^*E4^k*M*oA*%*OAMOOA^4^lomro4M^0V   f**^**^^* f*%* t Cm\*S ^^^fcjffc** t\\
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
l". uli Whicli is AinnlKiimatcd
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capita),   .(.,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   $2,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over $65,000,000.
HON, GKO. A, COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, Oeneral MaimKer.
H. & M. BIRD
A ten-roomed house and corner
lot on Stanley street, close to Baker
street complete with furniture. A
Bargain for immediate sale. Terms
on part.of the purchase money.
Several good houses  at  reduced
rents.    Call and see our list.
brewers of Fine Lngor
Beer aud Porter.
.!_.._,._  R a
- SEE ���
West Blook. East Baker St.
OAlKaMeR ST* if tito bS0'a,f_
aheapest on tlio market. Aluo Lrv our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    ClS.R8.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M____._.
Me Dho-c 03 i>��v���P st., Nolnon
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kindB of second hand goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an nnchoi to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, ourperus,
-ooting uterusiln, bonght in honsohold
quantities. Also oast oB alothing
Oall and see ine or write. Addross
911ver King Mike, Box 100. Uall
S'TSet. Nal-on, B  O
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Allan Lino Au-trallan
Allitn l.lno Firloriun 	
Allan Lino Tunisian	
Beaver Uno Luke Champtain .
Bottvor Uno Ijiko Meganila	
Boaver Lino Luke Simcoe
Uoini linn Uno Cunibroiuaii
Dominion   Uuo   Vuncouvi-i
Krom Montreal
Oct, 25
Nov. ���:
Nov. 7
Del. 25
Nov. 1
Nov.   8
London Office:  60 Lombard Street,  B. C.
New York Office; 16 Bicliange Place.
And C8 brandies in Canada and tlie L'uilud ataLos, InoludlDg:
Atlin Ohpkvwood Nkwon Bandon
YUKON DISTRIOT���Dawson and White IIoksk.
UNITED STATKS���Nkw Yokk, Bam Fiiaxcisco, mkaiti.*, Poetland, Skaoway,
Savings Bank Department
? DepoBlte Roccivod iud Interest Allowed.   Present Kate 3 Per Cent
I Nelson Branch. QliMiGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Q t*<^t*-*^-t'**!jB**-*_J **\3 r***ri '**mw* **>3 <h*0**w **QM-Hit- ***'0"''^-l ***f^***^ 1 t-Q **)M&***mw**m9 ***9****\w**A9r)**^f**4
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot greatly increases tke heating capacity of the stove, and in connection with the deflector^ ring forces the
heat to the floor. The base is hot, the floor being warmer than w*th a
base burner.
The Hot Rlast Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at the
rear of the fire pot, the heated air being discharged in a circle at the lop
of fire pot, over fire, thus consuming all the gases and pro-lucts of combustion. It can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control of the ste ve with nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the back takes the cold air from
the floor and ejects it .ntensely heated, through the top ad.'ing greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions_\ve guarantee it to
consume all the gas contained in soft co'al, thus deriving the benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkab'e saving of
fuel over any other stove on the market. The stov*- will hold fire from
24 to 48 hours without attention.
NO. 4 K.-W.-C.
S?*rd,'-.*Silver~L'cad  and  Copper Mines wanted at the
I KEE   MILLING   GOLD  properties  wanted at one
once for Eastern
laities having mining propeity for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from piospeetors who have promisinir mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
m���Klo.re,*".   mining  nr.en  are requested  to make  the EX-
CIIAJNUH their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should he sent by express, PREPAID
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Tcloohone No. 104.   p. 0. Box 700.
NELSON. B 0.    }
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
����������_. ******** _g-^
Eranch Markets inSRossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tnree Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
orden by mall to anv branch will have careful ho aranut atteottov.
Krom Portland, Mc.	
.\s an etr*ctiv(* healer of spnlnp. gallA
-phnt*.. -ot ii'ruBt, oon*rhi*, BwalUng, mreuoeii
in;1, nunmimn in huri-e- and oaltle, Orilllth.-.
Liniment hi- provM a Bupramo -uccc-.��� im
lio.ni fur Ui* norm 1 - for ir- master.
V H. I'itciil** ic Co.. ranchers, Vancouver
II. U. ���*��)���' "tVo consider Giwliili-' Mcniliol
l.ininnnl in:1 ijiiallal for hoi-c... One of oor>
had a bed ���.welllogon the left lei;, whicli was!
swollen to an inuncn.-c *_se, *.*c appUctl tho
l.lnimcnL -tiid in two da] - thc swelling had left i
him. Wc have tritilmin} Liniment*. Uul havo
loumi nolii'iii* lor,|iialu
Kor ,.di: bj J. I'. VuftUwe Nr'no. B. 0.
Cunanl Line  Ktrurii ....
I'unird Llnut'ani|ianln	
White Star Line Coltlc.	
White Star Line *iViiionio	
White BtarXdne Uornut>_i] * . ..
A'uerican Lint I'hiliiduljilini,..
Aiueriean Lino yi.   i-aul	
Am hor Lino Anchorla .1	
Anohor Une Kuini.-a.la  ,
N*. U. L. IC ii-cr Wilhelm del- Qressc
French Line L'Aqnltaine	
Irccch Lin** La Uhnrnpaitno	
H��mtmrg-AmeTloan Duetschland.,
Allan BtaUl Line Lilucnliaii.  ..  .
 llet. ail
-..,  Nov.   11
From New YorV
I lei, ill
Iloinlnlon Line t'onlliionwoallh
Domiuion Lice New Liiilaud....
Cunard Line riaxonin	
Nov. .
.Oot. 83
"ol. Ill
,Ool '-':i
.Oot -.il
Nov.   -.��
Oct. a
I let. 21
.Oot, 81
.O01, :u
Dot, DO
K10111 Boston
 Nov.   -Jti
Nov. a
Fu-thor s-ailinn- for lhe abovo lines nlnu
SVotioh lie, Star, llolland-Amu-loan II. a ���
lo., N. O. i.loyd ou ii|>|iliealion,
West Kootenay Butcher Co��
Fresh   and   5alted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
OiUers by mall receive careful and prompt attention


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