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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 8, 1901

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Daily Edition No.  u6oprovinc._dl Libr,rv g31oo
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Tuesday,   October 8,  1901
Eleventh   Year
Referendum Likely to Work
all  winter,���New Ainsworth Shipper,
Bornlte Bank Looks Good.
Development Starts on
Iron Horse.
Tlie following particulars of tlie
operations of the mill uml cynmdjng
plurt of Hie Athabasca (fold .Mines.
I i mi toil, were obtained fiom E. Nolson
Fell, tin1 manager:
In the cyanide plant the class of
material treated consisted of accumulated tailings in dn 111.
No. of ton tioatud, 1,582.4; value of
bullion recovered, (16,200.94; value
of bullion per ton treated $9.07; average percentage of recovery, Hll per
Mill Run���The oro treated was Unit
which was produced from development
winl; curried out daring May, June,
July and August. This worn was
carried on in the. granite formation nt
tho horizon of our deepest level. The
vein looks liner born than it lias at
any previous per'od of the history of
the mine.
Number of tons milled, 184; value
of bullion recovered in mill, .1,017.01;
concentrates recovered, $N'l.r).3!). Totul
values recovered, 92,883, Value per
ton, $19,31.
Tho now raanngci ofthe Referendum
mine, J, Netterfield, with three inure
men and a qunntity of supplies left
for the mine yesterday. A number
of new enbiiis are to lie put up at
once and besides the old force a number uf new men will probably he
added. It is the intention of the company to develop the property cxtcn-
lively during the coining winter, J,
Lynch has completed his conduct
fin- erosscutting at the luu*fuot level
locating nt that depth two veins
which have been developed to sume
extent, fiom the surface. These veins
Show Btrong and curry good vnlues.
Tho new work will ho surface prospecting of another vein farther up the
hill. The Referendum is looking well
now and expects to orusli oro in the
spring ut latest,  if not this year.
The Iron Horse, In Ten Milo district, is now ready to be developed by
Mark Manly, the well known mining
man and Mr, Wrighlor and bis associates of Spokane, The Miner hus
been advised thnt these people huve
taken up the bund on this property
und that orders have been issue for its
future development. The propeity is
supposed to have a continuation of
the Enterprise lead. It is the intention of tlie syndicate to Immediately
erect a boarding house, with ground
dimensions of 8Sx50 feet, a shaft house
and will nlso make a wagon road,
1,1(1(1 feet in length, tu connect with
tin* Enterprise road which runs to the
Hume landing at Enteipise.
Yesterday's transactions at, tho
record ollice were; Transfers, n two
twelfths interest in tlio Cold liar
olaim from W. li. Lultch , to Erlo
Ilnri'iiei-s, consideration, $25; a one-
fortieth Interest in the Muy Day and
l'ink Diamond from .). K llnrbotlln
tu A. MoWlrter, $8uo, Locations, International, on wost side of Barret
crook, by P, ,1, When; Ilclonu, on the
north fork of Barrett cieuk, by 0, W
Mol.iian nud Thomas Livingsttunn;
Brick,between the oust fork nf Cottonwood and tlio west folk of Anderson
oreek, by Anson Porto. Certificates
of work were issued to John A.
I'uiiiei, et ill, on the Burlington
Fraction and Livingstone; to John
L. Purdy on Happy Man and King
Shannon Sr. Mctiilvrny, the pin-
prietois of tlie Ncpowah proporty,
situated on Ton Mile oreek, nbont
seven miles from Enterprise landing
have been at the Ilnmo hotel for the
past few days und they came to Nelson
to get acquainted with tbe wholesale
merchants of tins city   who will no
doubt furnish supplies for them during lhe development of this property.
Tbey have what is supposed to be
the continuation of the Arlington
lend, and have been developing tne
eauie in u   systematic   manner.     The
man who bas had so much success
with tho electrical ore Under around
I Sandon has been operating at the
i mine for several days nt an expense of
8100 per day, and has discovered a
ledge on the pioperly. Under his
direction the lodge has been opened
fuij a considerable distance and is
found to have n pay shoot four feet
wide while on the surface it. was only
about seven inches in width. Messrs.
Shannon & MoQIlvray are now developing tbe ledge and are in a quandary
as to whether tbey will sell the property or woik it themselves. In
oither event tbey consider the find
one of tbo most valuable made in thut
district as the ore is dry and uf a
very high giade.
J, I!. Cranston was in town yesterday from tbe Bornite Bank Hold Mining company's property which consists of four claims located on Morning Mountain, only a few miles from
this city. Considerable work has
been done uu the group, which was
conlined principally to two shafts aggregating ITS feet in depth. Mr.
Cranston had reason to think that
these shafts did uot tap the main
ledge and this season lie sank several
small sliufts and now he has every
icuHoii tu believe that he has the
main shunt in a twelve fout shaft, as
the entire bottom of it ia iu ore which
seems to be of a good grade. Yesterday be brought n lot of the ore to
thin city and is having it assayed,
The Kaslo on Saturday brought
down live carloads of or^o from the
Slocan Star, yesterday it brought live
UUrlDads of ore from the same mine,
and un Sunday one carload from tho
American Hoy, all for tile Trail
J. Little, M. 10., of Vancouver, is
at present making an extended inspection uf the Robin Hood group, hack uf
Nelson, in lhe interests of tlie Jubilee
lliild Mines, limited, which has the
property under bond.
Tne steamer Kokanee yesterday
brought in ton tons of ore from the
Mount Vernon mine at AlnSWOlth, the
first shipment from thai property.
Tha oro was tor the Hall Mines
Prospects or Actual Yacht Races Next
New York, Oct. 7.���Prom present
indications it is highly probable that
there will he somo very interesting
tuning among tbo yaobls noxt season.
Sir Thomas Linton has decided to
keep thu Shararook II. in Amet'ca
tills winter with a view of racing
her next summer against the Constitution and the Columbia.
Tbo Shamrock is to be dismantled nt
once. Her must will bo taken oft' so
that she can pass under the Brooklyn
bridge and she Is to bo towed, after
being stripped, to New London,
Conn., there to he laid up for the
winter with the Constitution which
will also bo stored in the same place.
Sir Thomas Lipton is conliuod to his
yacht, tho Kiin, which is lying oft
Weat 2iith streot in the noith river.
Ilis right leg, winch was hurt while
he wus boarding tho tender n few
weeks ago is beginning to feel the
effects of the tremendous strain it was
subjected to during tlie recent racuS
aud his doctor lins ordered absolute
rest for It on tho penalty of bis lining
laid up in bed, and the possible cancellation of all engagements. Elaborate preparations are lining made at
the New York Yacht club to   fittingly
receive sir Thomas at the club tomorrow night. The affair is to be in tbe
nature of a reception to be followed
by a few toasts uml informal speeches.
Exports to the United Statos lnorouse
���Terrifio Stoiins Yesterday.
lierlin, Oct. 7.���The final figures as
to tho exports from nil Germany to
tho United States during the third
quarter of the year show a total of
$84,788,577   or an increase of $858,908.
Reports trom various purls of tlor-
niany tell of violent storms yesterday
nnd today. Frankfort had a terrific
hurricane Inst night, hundreds ol trees
being destroyed and muoh damage
done to houses and  telegraph   wires.
Twenty-ono persons wore more oi less
Woodbridge, O.t. 7.���Clarke Will*
lui'o'a condition Is not quite so favorable today. Salts arn being administered in an effort to change tlio eondition of his blood.
Draft of Agreement Abroga
ting the Glayton-Bulwer
Chronicle Calls Salisbury In
different and Lansdowne
London, Oct. a.���Tlie Washington
coirespondent of the Daily Chronicle
gives the alleged substance of a provisional canal treaty abrogating the
Clayton-Bnlwei treaty. Cor_mo:iting
editorially upon these advices the
Daily Chronicle says: "Englishmen
will be staitlcd to learn that wo have
abandoned our rights under the
Ciayton-IIiiliver treaty and Surrendered every disputed point without any
compensation. Tho new treaty is
apparently another instance of Lord
Salisbury's placid indifference und
Lord Lansdowne's impulsive generosity. Il is said that the piesident of
the United States will recommend its
adoptiun by the senate. Doubtless
Gieat llritain will agreo to it.
Although it leaves us nothing at all
it will have the advantage of getting
rid uf all outstanding grievance with
the United Stntes."
Expired Thursday Morning���Bablfa
Oulah Khan Will Succeed.
London, Oct, 7.���The Ameer is
dead. A despatch tu the Associated
Press form Simla BuJS the Ameer was
taken seriously ill on September 28th,
llabib Oulah Khan on October ,,
publicly asked that the people's prayers bo offered for the Amer. In the
morning on October Brd, llabib Oulah
Khan aniionuced lhat his father liud
expired at :i o'clock that morning.
That is the only news so far received.
Nothing is known of the state of
affairs at Culm I.
London, Oct. 8.���No confirmation
has been received at the foreign office
of the death of the Ameer i.f Afghanistan, but the acouraoy of the repoit
is not doubted. Al Simla it is believed that llabib Oulah Khan, who
was regarded by liis father as his successor nnd bus bad a large share in
tho government of   the   country, will
assume the succession peaoeab'y, Be
is at Oabul, For sume yeurs, under
bis father's controlling bund, be has
bud charge of tho urniy and tbo
state treasury and the supreme court
uf appeals.
Wenig (Jets a Decison Over Creedon on
an Alleged Foul,
Buffalo, Oct. 7.���A1]Wenig got a
decision over Dan Creedon in the lith
round tit wbat was to have been a :.'()-
round    bout   at    tin*   International
Athletic club tonight, Creedon looked
ful und lunch above his best weight
while Wenig appeared to be trained
to the ounce. Cieednn outclassed
Wenig uud from tbe first to tho fifth
round kiioekeil him all over the ring,
Creeiliin looked tired in the sixth
round and Wenig groggy. Wenig
went to his knees several times tu
avoid   punishment   null   while in that
position Uroodon slruok him a light
blow.      Referee    McBrlde declared
Wenig the winner and thut the blow
was a foul one. Eighteen hundred
poeplo   saw   the   light   nnd   a   small
amount was wagored at oven money.
London, Oct. 7.���The Dally Tole-
grnph publishes tho following from
Viennii: "Mr. Dickinson and tho
director uf iho Ameriean missions
had a long audience wilh Prince
Ferdinand at Sofia. There is not a
doubt but that Miss Stone was abducted under orders from the Miioedonia
London, Oct. 8. ���It is reported fruin
Sofia, su.vh u despatch fro"? Vienna,
to the Daily ExpiOSS, that U. S.
Consul Dickinson and au envoy of the
missionary society arrived thereon
Saturday Intending to follow up Miss
Stone, ami to deposit a portion of the
ransom, The brigands have extended
I the time lor payment one month.
He Takes up Numerous Matters With the Ministers
at Ottawa.
No Additional  Member for
Yale or Senator Just at
When the members of the cabinet
(jot through discussing with W. A.
(Inlliher, M. P., who returned from
Oilawa on Sunday evening, the mat
ters he brought to their attention
thoy must have realised that the constituency of Yale-Kootenuy-Cariboo is
of sufficient importance and has
enough diversified intorosts to be
worthy of three or four representatives, rather than one ns at present.
Speaking of redistribution Mr.
Galliher laid lhat it was tho general
impression among mombers of the
house, though be had not discussed
the matter with any of tho ministers,
that a redistribution bill, rendered
necessary by tho census returns,would
be passed at noxt session of the house.
This would not, however, nienn im-
medate increasod representation, ns
lhe usunl practice is for the sitting
member to retain his sent during the
life of the parliament to which he
wns elected.
Mr. (Jalliber thinks tbat no steps
will be taken soon to uppuint another
senator for the province. Although il
is the policy of eveiy government to
make the senators representative of
the diffeiont districts, these districts
have no hard and fust boundaries.
Candidates may rest easy for some
months yet.
Among the matters taken up by Mr.
(Jalliber with thc various departments
wns the erection ot lighthouse nt Cape
Horn, tlie point between Crawford
und Pilot Hays on Koclcuay lake. An
appropriate on wns made for this at
last session and Mr. (inlliher got the
promise that ns soon us arrangements
could bo mnde for sumo ono lo take
care of It the ligbtbousn would be
Postal facilities loquiro many
changes in a growing community such
as British Columbia. Mr. Mnllihui
discussed with tho postal department
iiiii advisability of sending tho mail
from (loloen to Windermere twice u
week liereaftoi,taking off the through
mail from Koit Steele to (lolilen. He
also urged putting on a stage oarrying
ninil between Krugors and Princeton,
with pustolfices on the way at lledloy
uud other places. A postofiice nt
Cnmborno in the Lardeau, is also
likely to be established soon.
Mr. Ualliher was gratified to learn
Of the completion of the Ashcroft*
Dawson telegraph line���a large portion of which is in his constituency.
Now poles have been erected for this
line all tho way from Ashcrofl passing tbiougb Barkcrvillo,hence following tho route of the old Dominion
telegraph lino. The poles of the old
lino were badly rolled in places nnd
now the wiros will be removed lo the
now poles nnd the old ones taken
down. An upproprintion wus made
fur a line branch leaving this through
une al lso-Milo House and going lo
CJueinelle Foiks nnd thence to the
llorsclly mine but it is probable this
will not bo constructed this yeur.
As to thu view taken of lhe labor
trouble at Itosulund and the deportation al Ottawu Mr. Oui liber laid the
facts beforo the cabii.ot. At the
lime he left Nelson matters had nol
roncbed the aouto stnge Ihey have now
so thnt no decimation was madu by
the minister of labor of his intention.
Discussing the Alien Labor act, Mr.
(lullilier pointed out that by the
amendment, of iast session the machinery was provided wlieieby locul
parties cculd begin legal action to
enforce tbo penalty but at the same
time the power of deportation rested
in tho attorney-general of Canada,
remained the same ns nnder tiie act of
1S1I7. Tho words of tho stntute are
that the attorney-gunornl of Canada
upon satisfying himself thnt the law
has been violated may order tlie deportation of alien laborers nt the
expense of the parties inducing tbem
to oome. This was dono with railway laborers In tbo Norlbivest last
year and the Kcssland situation
hinges      on     whether  evidence     Is
brought   before  him to   "satisfy him
that the law Is being   violated.''    He
could   not   see   why     the    attorney-
general of Canada should act one way
at one tunc and another   at   anolbei.
Mi. Willhains, an   officer of the labor
department,has been sent to Boss land,
in o doubt to investigate and icpcit on
[what   he   finds     On that report   will
| depend whether deportations will take
place or   not.      Certainly that   matter
must await   thc decision of tne   attorney-general.
As lu proposed cabiuet changes and
representation from Hritish Columbia
he thought the chances of this province were good should any new mon
be taken in as u consequence of Sir
Louis Davies' elevation to tbe Supreme Court bench, but the chances
were uguinst this as Hon. Jas. Sutherland, previously minister without
portfolio, was administering the department of militia, and Dr. Horden
that of marine and fisheries. Hon.
Mr. Mulook, postmaster-general, wur
not in good health but wns not. likely
to retire for some time yet.
He urged upon Mi. Tarte the desirability of having tho plans for the
poBtoflice ohanged so that the examining room would run up another
story and so tbat thero would be an
entrance from Waul street as well as
Vernon street. These matters would
bu considered by tlie department of
works, and though the proposed alterations would cost about ($18,000, be
had good hopes that the changes
would be made. Among other matters
was tho appointment of nn examiner
for master mariners' certificates al
Nelson and the holding oT civil service examinations here.
Publio Suicide in Foo Chow���Japanese
Sympathy for McKinley.
Victoria, Oct. 7.��� When the steamer
Duke of I'ifo sailed from Yokohama
on Sept. lilst the city was in mourning for lhe president of the United
Stales, W. McKinley. On the morning
of Sept. 22nd, the day following the
steamer's departure a memorial service was lo bu held in the American
cathedral at Tokio under ibe auBpicen
uf Col, Buck, U. S. minister to Japan.
At this setvice the Emperor of Japan
was tn lie represented by a prince uf
the blond, and tho minister of state
anu    foreign   representatives nt the
capital weie also to be present, The
American consulate at Tokio leceived
a stream of sympathising visitors for
some days after the receipt of the sad
news. The premier and cabinet of
Japan and n large number of notable
Japanese and foreigners called.
The steamor brings a strange story
of the public suicide of a Chinese
woman at Foo Choiv. She resolved on
the deed aflei the death of her bus*
band, and informed the public af bei
Intention. The Tno Tai endeavored
to prevent ber and on account id
typhoon and floods the suicide wus
twice postponed, but all efforts failed
to divert the wimian from her put pose,
and bedecked in her finest clothes she
publicly banged herself on a plnUurm
before whicli stood several spectators.
The agricultural districts in noitli-
ern Japan suffered sovorely from
floods Inst month and many people are
in a distressed condition, Land was
flooded, bouses destroyed, bridges earned away and railways destroyed.
Victoria, Oct. v.���A snaler, the first
of the llehring sea licet to return this
senson, was reported coming up the
straits this evening.
Work was resinned in the tunnel at
the Extension mines tbis morning, a
committee of minors having Inspected
it nnd reported it to be free from gas
and damp, lt will bo sume time befoie thoy are able to upon portions of
tbe mine iu which the bodies are.
Tho first suliuuii ship of the season,
the Largo Law, will sail for England
Toronto,    Oot     ".���The   master   in
ordinary today awarded Mrs.   Barclay
Stephens, of Montreal, 95,880   In  her
Bult agalnts the Covenant Mutual Life
compuny to recover ten thousand
dollars un a policy. The company refused to pay alleging that Stephen's
death,   which followed the failure Of
tlie Western Loan company, of which
he was manager, was not a natural
one. The muster made personal Inves-
ligaliun and awarded tho above sum
us a compromise.
Toronto, Oct. 7.���Speculators who
bought up thn best seats for the
military rovicw at thu Duke's visit.
are endoaovrlng tu sell tbem today at
,a each, wilb but scant success.
Great Success Shooting Duck
at York Lodge, Lake
Will   Try   His Luck Today.
To View a Threshing
York- Lodge, Lake Manitoba, Oct.
7. ��� (Via Poplar Point, Man.) ���Yesterday and today were probably the most
informal spent by Ilis Royal Highness
the Duke of Cornwall and York anil
party, since they began their tour
through Canada. Aftor arrival at the
lodge lust evening tho paity partook
of a splendid dinner, served in banquet style in a marquee erected for
tlio purpose immediately adjourning
the oottnge occupied by Ilis Royal
Highness. Tim arrangements made by
Senator KirciiulVcr fur entertaining
his guests were perfect in overy detail. At a very early hour this morning the camp was astir and the canoes
fur carrying the distinguished sportsmen were undei w.iy to the haunts of
the wild duck. There were in all
seven oanoes and each chose a different route. A capable guide, or veteran duck hunter, taking charge of
each boat. Thc well known hunter
and trapper, John Atkinson, handled
the paddle uf the canoe carrying the
Duke and valet. The morning was an
ideal one for duck shooting, the sky
being slightly clouded aud a light
breeze blowing and ibe party took
every advantage of Ibe morning
For tivu Injurs lhe sound of the guns
conld bo heard from overy part of Ihe
big marsh,and shortly after in o'clock
the canoes arrived at the lodge. The
!ir**l to land was the Duke and
although -there was no cheering crowd
to greet his arrival this did not appear
to depress his spirits, for the excellent
morning's shoot and splendid luck had
thoroughly delighted him. Lord
Minto, Sir Charles Cuat, Prince Alexander of Teok, nnd Major Maude, and
Sen a toi Kirchtilfcr arrived in quick
succe-siuii and tbe duel, laden canoes
landed, As a result of the morning's
spirt nearly 200 ducks, which number
Included nil varieties known lo Manitoba hunters, were brought iu and in
addition to this number numerous
birds were shut, but could not be
seemed because of the impassible
marshes, His Royal Highness proved
himself an excellent shot bagging B2
birds and of (he adventurous ducks
coming within range uf bis unerring
aim, few indeed escaped, lie expressed greal pleasure and was enthusiastic
over ihe outing.
Early this afternoon the party
started out again to remain until suu-
duwli. The guests are thoroughly delighted with lhe spurt   here   and will
oinbaik    fur  civilization    tomorrow
with feelings of regret. Lord Cricbton
and Commander God troy Puwcott are
the guests of Mr. (lull,of Winnipeg,at
the shooting lodge throe miles eust.
Tomorrow morning the guests will
again go after the ducks nnd immediately after luncheon un tbeir return
tbe parly will leave foi the train. lt
is tile Intention to afford tbem in
opportunity io witness a thesbing
scene neur Poplar Point tomorrow
beforo theii departure,
Philadelphia, Oot, 7.���Tho Philadelphia cricket team termlnateil Its
final International oontest with
llosanquet's English o'even here today
by winning by 280 runs. The un-ior-
lainty of the game was never mino
oleaily demonstrated than nfter luncheon today when the entire English
side was disposed of In 15 minutes.
Percy Clark won the laurels, oaptur*
ing sevou wickets for *J'.' runs. Soores,
Englishmen, Bret inning, 811 second,
IK. Philadelphia, first innings, 1061
second,  108.
(IPBOtAI* IO nn: **UM h.i
Vancouver, Oct, 7. ���Another rlnh
gold find was made nn Texada island
about four miles from Van Anda by
0, Miller. One hundred pounds of
quartz taken trom the surface was
worth if.1.nun. Finding of the Ore
caused     great     excitement     on     the
Island ami ninny claim!   were   staked
iu Iho vicinity. Nitu-o-.  Daily Minir, I-^day.  October ��, ������_��'
The Nelson Miner
llif-b-wl   Kvory  Morning  Except   Monday
Dally per nicnth, by carrier     ���'���oc
Daily, por month, by mail      SOc
Daily, per year, by carrier $ 7 00
EMlly, per ye-^r, by mail..    6 00
ly, per ywar forei��n    9 OU
Weekly, |  r half year  91 25
Weekly, per yoar    2 00
Weekly.per year, foreign    3 00
nb-Jcriptioiia invariably in advanco.
145 Fleet Street, K. C.
Press Atf-cncy. Ltd.. .Special AKent--
Aloxnn.lcr _fc ('o ,521 Fir-T Avenue. Hpokane
vVa-h.. keep this paper on Hie. and are our
authorized agontfl for arlvuriUi'i-ieni-H ub
Tho court of revision of the provincial voters' list will be held m
the court house. Neloon, on Monday,
Nov. Ub, before Harry Wright, collector of votes.
As there is some probability of n
general election within the next six
months, it is important that all whu
are entitled to vote, and whose names
are not on tlie list, should give the
matter nttention at unce. Unless the
name of a voter is on the list at the
time of tbe forthcoming revision, the
person will not be entitled to vote at
any eleotion that may be held before
May 4th next,
Applicants to have their names
placed upon the voters' list must
obtain from the re��istrai of voters a
form of notice of claim which he
must fill out, sign in the presence of
a witness ami ictiiin to that otlicer.
ln this form the applicant, aftor making formal application and signing
bis name with address. states, in
answer to questions appearing upon
tho paper, bis full name nnd occupation, whether over 21 years of age,
whether be has ever takou the oath of
allegiance to any foreign state,
whether r natural bom 01 naturalised
subjeot, whether a resident of the
province for six months and of the
electoral district fur une month prior
to date of application, if registered in
any oher riding and if so whioh, the
street numbor, residenco mid postofiice
address. This application is haniied
to thc registrar of voters who immediately puts the name on a tomporiiry
list whioh Is kept hung up in the
hall wuy of the court house for two
weeks, after whioh the names arc
written in an alphabetic list. Any
time before, or In tbe oourt of revision
any porsou may enter objection to the
name being on the list and, after
notice tu the applicant, a decision is
rendeied by the collector of votes.
The eourt being held on   November
4th,   Saturday,   Oct, 10th   is the Inst
New Fall Goods Arrived
The very latest creations in Latlies'Costumes
Jackets, Skirts, Waterproofs,
Japanese Dressing Gowns,
Parisian Blouse Flannels and Wool Delaines,
American Silk and Satin Waists.
Dress Fabrics (i suit lengths) in Newest Shades and Weaves.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
they beat tbe Cornwalls befoie the
Duke of York a fen* days since and
the cup was presented to them by Dis
Royal Highness. However,this may be
the Vancouver team is hurrying eastward to play for tbe cup. This is
because tbey beat the hitherto invincible Westminsters twice last week in
well contested games. It is hoped the
Vancouver aggregation of players will
be as successful as was the New West-
niinstei team last year on the occasion of its visit there. The Westminsters were not defeated anywhere
and only once were they tied and tbat
was by tlie Toronto team. They defeated Montreal, Shamrocks, Capitals,
Tecumsehs and other crack teams.
This made the Westminsters the
champions of the world,until the titlt
was wrested from them bv tho Van,
oouver Y. M. C. A. players, who are a
lively and scientiliu combination.
The Eastern clubs, However, refused
to recognize tho Westminster's title
to the championship. Aiehie JIc-
Naiighton is captain of the Vancouver's and promises to give a good
account of himself and team when
he returns.
are showing a more
their duty.
effective aeuse of
day upon which ;
received for name:-.
that court.
ppllcatlons can
Ij be confirmed
It was a matter of comment at some
of tho cities visited by thoir Itoyai
Highnesses, the Duke and Dnchess ol
York, tbat the former in his .speeches
and ordinary conversation spoke in
much the same manner as well educated Canadians speaii, and in this
respect he could not be distinguished
from some to the manor born. There
was nothing utiHod or artificial abuut
what ho said, nor did he affect a
peculiar accent. He spoke the King's
English naturally and piopcrly and
this had the olteot of bringing out its
beauties and it is a beautiful and
sonoious language when it it is utter*
ed properly. Its eupbonuus and sonorous qualities can of course, be best
appreciated on bearing Henry Irving
recite, for instance, the soliloquy at
the beginning of Richard 111. Tlie
words when uttered by a great reader
like Irvlng'.seem to have form and
substance, encli syllable is distinctly
anil clearly enunciated uud the sentences seem as endmiiig as though cut
from mHrble. In Victoria the graceful and collect manner ID which the
Duko spoke was noticeable and The
Colonist took occasion lo rebuke those
who, through HlTo'ctation caricature
the noble language In almost every
word they utter. It said: ''Victorians
have recently had the opportunity of
hearing tbe King's English 'as she is
spoken'' by gentlemen nnd ladies of
unquestioned position. Is it too much
to hope that hereafter young peuple in
this fair city will not consider it
necessary to cultivate a tune which is
a oroBs between tbe squcsk of a wheel-
baiiow anil sneil of a leghorn in
order tn establish that they be lung to
the true and only aristocracy',1"
Tbe Dominion Iron and Stool company has secured a foothold in the
United States market, and has demonstrated that it is u competitor of the
American plants. Three cargoes of
pig iron, aggregating 2,000 tons, have
been shipped from Sydney, two going
to Boston and oue to llobokea. Other
cargoes ate to follow Twenty thousand tons of the iron have been sold in
Scotland and 5,000 tons of this is on
its way across tbe Atlantic on the
steamer Dunmorc. Whon tbo iron
works are established at Kitchener, in
this province, it will be just as easy
to lind a market for its output at
Pacific coast points, on both sides cf
the ocean, as it is for tlie Dominion
Iron and Steel company to market its
output on botli slides of thc Atlantic.
The St. Paul Pioneer-Press sagely
remarks: It is very questionable
whether the world 'do move'1 after
all. The cause of this skepticism is
the facsimile of the New York Times
of September 18th, 1851, in which
besidea the international yacht races,
elsowbere touched upon, one finds a
long article on the Nicaragua canal,
an editotial on Cuba whioh might
have been written in 18117, quotations
of Erie and of Reading stock, a wail
concerning disorders in Texas winch
has the true ring of a mild anti-
imperialist weeping over our burdens
in the Philippines, and an item concerning the appearance oi two
"bloomer" girls in Sixth avenue.
Evidently the disease.*! from which we
suffer are chronic.
Pianos   for   sale   at
prices  for  cash or   on   easy
payments on tiie  instalment
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Delivered^to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
Twelve years ago J. W. Sullivan,
of Hartford, llonn., scratched his leg
with a rusty wire. Inflammation and
blood poisoning set in. For two years
he suffered intensely. Then the best
doctors urged amputation, "but," he
writes, "I used one bottle of Electric
Hitters and 1% boxes of liucklens'
Arnica Salve and my leg was sound
aud well as ever." For Eruptions,
Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Sores
and all blood disorders Electrio Hitters has no rival on earth. Try them.
Canada Drug & Hook Co. will guarantee satisfaction or refund money.
Only 50 cents.
A. lacrosse
soriiss the
if plnylng
'en I for the
The Vancouver Y. M. ('.
team Is speeding ils way
continent for tbi- purpose
tbo Shamrock elub of Muni
.Minto cup, which represents the
championship of the world. There is
some dispute as tu the cup and it ii
now in the possession of tbe Capitals
of Ottawa, and they refuse to give it
up unless the Shamrocks play for it.
Tht)   Capitals   claim the   cup because
There is considerable dissatisfaction
expiessed because tbo Dominion
autboirti.es have made November 88th
Thanksgiving Day. This is the same
duy which the United States observe
as Thanksgiving Day. It has been
the custom in Canada to nave Thanks,
giving llay fall on the same date as in
the United States, but last year there
was a change and il was fixed by proclamation on October IStb, more than
a month earlier than usual. This
wbb because it was pointed out that
the date fixed in the United Stntes
was too late for Canada. Thin year
the government reverted back to the
old date again and it is said that this
was because tlie transportation companies desired the earlier date. If the
people, however, feel that it is more
desirable to have Thanksgiving Duy a
inuutb earlier than it is held in thc
United States their wishes in this
respect should be granted, the trans
portation companion to tlie contrary
Basperry plants if2.au a hundred.
Strawberry plants (1.25 a hundred.
Asparagus, and rhubarb roots, fruit
trees and ull kinds of ornamentals at
Riverside Nurseries, Orand Folks.
Another ridiculous food fad has been
branded by the most com potent
authorities, They have dispelled the
silly notion that one kind of food is
needed for brain, another for muscles,
and still another for bones. A correct diet will not only nourish a particular part of the body, but it will
sustain every other pait. Yet, how-
evei good your food may be, its nutriment is destroyed by indigestion or
dypepsia. You must prepare for their
ppcarauce or prevent their coming by
aking regular doses of Oieen's August
Flower, the lavonte medicine of the
healthy millions. A few doses aids
digestion, stimulates the liver to
healthy action, purities the blood, and
makes you feci buoyant and vigorous,
You can get Dr. C. O. Green's reliable
remedies at W. F. Teetzel ._ Co.'s,
Oct Green's Special Almanac.
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uu arrival of steamer, at lhe
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Golf [Capes
Skirts, Etc.
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styles produced.
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C.P.R   offices.
'i 1
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Mr. Gold win Smith in Weekly Sun:
Anarchism is uot local, but cosmopolitan. Tins country in which tile
crime happens to be comniitlcd cannot
bu justly charged with the breeding
of tbe criminal. Nor can the blame
well    be    laid   on    laxity of police or
over-Indulgence ii freedom of opinion.
There in no laxity of |olice or freedom of opinion in 1-iisuin, where,
under a local form havo been the most
tetrible manifestations of the disease.
Yet the Toronto World was warranted
In pointing to the prevalence of lawless violenco anil recklessness of
biimnii life in tbe United States lis a
thin*, on which thc attempt upon the
lifo of tbe President may well load
the American people to reflect.    There
is. however, an awakening of opinion
on this subject,   and local  authorities!
obtained in nil countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman.    Hank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver,  B    C.
Write (or full particulars.
service,   taking place
inrtant,    40   minute
and after
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop,  Jo
sephine Street
ProVlOU! lo tho Introduction of   Griffith!1
Mi'iiiluil Liniment, belladonna M. mimi and
porons phuton wen. oxtonRtvol-f used,   Kor
pains in ,ny iuil'1 of tho ImlJ llririilli- M.-ni l,,,l
i.inl iii i*. superior in phwors nt uny kind. II
Immediately ponotratos in 'lie imliiiul parts,
rt.lleviliK in 11 tew iiihiulos.   Vrlee iii cunts.
Kor sale by J. H, Vanstou.  Nol .on. II. U
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Reduction in
Sunday   29th
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11*111   T.llll.K.
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To San Francisco and Return
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This especially low  rato is  made
on account ofthe Episcopal Conven-
San Francisco,
Kootenay Railway and NaT. j
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Shortest uml <|ulokosl route In Iho oast unit ��n
points on tho O. K. K N. and Northern I*
cine Railways In Washington, Oregon ium
Southorn suites,
Time Card Effective August 1,150' (
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
lll:'x> (i.iii.
I Kaslo
1:00 p. I
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Nov. iith
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Buffalo and Return
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and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains bc-
tween Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
Leave DAY TltAIN Arrive
0 :(Kl a.m Spokane 7 :35 p.m
l'i 1.6 p.in KiiHsliuu! 1 ill) p. 111
111:111 it.m Niilsnn 0:05 p.m.
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Late of Geological Survey of Can*
ada.    Six years experience in B, �����'
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Nelson   Dais v  Minkr, Tuesday October 8, .90
in His Commission Leads to
Some Uncertainty.
By iiouie niJans or other confusion
bas crept into the notice in tbe Canada
Gazette oi the appointment of Judge
Loamy to the County court bench.
That notice whioh appeared in the
liazitte of June 22na, leads: "The
Honorable Andrew Leauiy, of Greenwood City, in the County ot Kootenay, j
in tbe Province of Hritish Columbia
ti be judge of the County court of
Kiutenav in the province aforesaid."
A second" notico in the sntno issue an*
nouuies bis appointment as a local
jndge nf tbo Supreme court of British
Columbia, His Honor Judge Forin
,.. the County court judge for Kooto
nay and there bas yet bien little dih-
cnsHion or the appointing an associate
or junioi judge to act with bun. In
designating Greenwood us in Kootonay the department of justice bus
made an error In geography ami no
doubt also in specifying Kootenay as
His judicial district. As the practice
of the eourt now stands Judge Leatny
is entitled to bold court in Kootenay
but not in Yale without the definite
request so to do by Judge Spinks of
that judicial district. VV, A. Galliher, M. P., has brou-M those errors
to tlio nttention of tin) department
and -o doubt they will be *>**ibse
quenfly rectified by amending Jndge
Leauiy'a appointment to read for
County court judge tor Yale district,
as tbe present necessity is for n judge
for tiie southern part of Yule commonly known as lioundaty country.
So far us nan be ascertained hoio
Judge Leatny had never nny intention
of making Nelsou liis place of residence.
-ptysoME ..-������-:.^.
- ������'" - i__X-J?S5l(3!Sk-*f_-*'*-ri--���.-
Superioftb AliimBakih��
Powders,  Etfiialtoany
dtherAnti-Alum Baking
Powder and costs but
N^jialf the price.
A Torpor Tills of a Storm and Other
.1. 1. Stewart,a trooper of tbo South
African constabulary, has written to a
friend in this citv from ltoit Springs,
South Afrca, under date of August
2ii. Among other things lin says:
"Wn had a very bad rain storm last
night, the lirst of the season. You
talk about your western Btorm, but
thiii was what 1 call a storm. Tbo
rain cumo clown, not in pailfu Is but
in lubl'nls, nnd then tbo tierce wind
and bnil stones as largo as robin's
eggs, lt was very luoky that some of
us hnd been on outpost duty for a
month and that we had built a blockhouse with a good ruuf. The captain
was up to sve us today and he thought
wc wore ull light at looking nftor our
own comfort. Chief Thompson and
0. Partridge are bach with us again.
Oscar Robinson and Samuel Calkins
��'u going buck to Canada, All iho
boys who weie wounded are in ^ump
with ns again and are looking well.
Tilings are looking bettor around
bore. The spring is hero and tl o
grass and trees are turning green.
Tho lioers aro boooiuing a liitlc boldur
and lighting is brisk in this vicinity.
A column of 1,600 New Zoalaurlci'S
and Australans passed through hero
last week. Our boys accompanied
thoin part of the way and hail a scrap
with the lioers. Wu got :;."i of tlie
enemy and a lot of wagons,*'
mine in the Ten Mile eieek section.
A few mornings since Have Ileinzo the
blacksmith, when be awoke form his
sleep in the combined bunk and mess
bouse wns Buprrised to see a 350-
pound bear make its way into tho
room through a window which had
been left open. Dave says lie (bought
to himself whal funny thing-* oiie
sees, when unprovided with u gun.
There was some fresh bread on the
table and Bruin lookeii at lhe bread
and then at Dave and hesitated as
though he was nonsidering whether be
would have ment or bread first. Kin-
ally ho ioso on his hind legs and went
nftor tne bread. Foi innately there
were several loaves whicli tlio bear
consumed leisurely and eveiy once in
n while it would take a look al Dave
and the latter interpreted these
glances to mean *'Koep still, my
friend, I r,ill hnve you for desert."
The animal was bctweon Dave and
the door and he could not get by it
and so remained trembling in bis
bunk. The staff of life seemed to
satisfy Bruin's appetito for aftor bo
had finished it be went leisurely out
by tbe window and disappeaed in the
brush. Davo says only for the brend
bo would have been a "goner.''
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convinced that the most complete stock
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M tymo AHl/i/ ��� -tnftTp *s C44tP
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$ At//foi
incorporated under tho laws of British Columbia.
Capital $ 1.000.000 in 1.000.000 Shares. Par Value $ 1.00 Each.
All Treasury Btoch,  Rio Promoier*.* and No Preferred Blook.
Cnmhourne Qroup, 9 Claims Oyster Group, 6 Claims
Located in the Free Goltl Fish River Camp,   Lar-
ileau Milling Division, British Columbia.
AdverUHomontH inri-ortod under thin heart at-
Lho rate uf one coul* a word per lnnert_or_.. No
ailvorLiHomunb taken 'or h���*���-.-. than 25 con to.
Situation Wanted advertta-omenta Inserted
three tlmon free of ohaifce.
FOR SAI-K.���A tame <lo_> fawn; would
make   a   nice pet, porfectly   docile.
Apply A. II. S.. Granite Siding:
Are you
*    If
yon are,
ie people,
iner w
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iill'll l/et
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and Joseph I ue streets.
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80 bedrooms, dining room, parlors,
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IfOOMS 'I'll KKNT. ��� K. W. C. Illi".;,-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facing the west. On September 1, two sir^ie rooms anil two
or three en ri, to facing Baiter st.
Fui'iiisliel or unfurnished. Mrs. P.
J. Squ.re, Uoom 11, K.    W. 0. Block.
WANTED.- A position as 000k.   Have
many   years'   experience   in   camps
anil hotels.    Steady and reliable. Ail
dress "Cook" this oHiee.
NELSON Employment Agency, Baker
street,     l'hone ~7M.    .1. II. Love.
WANTED ���Cook, $00. Dishwasher,
840, Kailroad men for Lardo. (Jirls
for housework.
Con tracts taken for Diamond Core
WANTED.-  Waitress,Qirls for House-
wont.     Men   for    Railroad   work,
men tor sawmill, scjoiul cook $50   per
month, stone mason.
Western   Employment   Ollice,  II. A.
Prosser, Phone 210.
Storage���] have a   large   warehouse
for     storing       household     or    oilier
Large Veins.
Free Hilling Gold Ore
It Is Suggested That Thoy Ilo Treated
as Lunatics.
There was an unusually large attendance ineluiliug a nuinbui ol ladies at
the Socialiulc meeting on Sunday
afternoon, when an interesting paper
was read by Jonas Coxhead on What
Shall lie Done With the Lazy nnd j
Criminal Classes, He claimed thnt
they wore hut the result of the cut
throat competitive system of the
present day which wns responsible for
their existence, and claimed thnt hy n
ir.nrii equal distribution of the wealth
of the nation, and a social commonwealth, delivered from the anxiety
anil strife of commercial wur thut this
class of Iho com inn uity will gradually decrease until they ceuso to exist
In suggesting n means of dealing
with the supremely aud incurably
lazy nnd vioions, that in such cases
they hnd developed disense, and
should lu* treated as such. Tbeir onses
would require the sume cnio und
solicitude ns that of an ordinary lunu-
tic whore they would bo free from
contamination with the rest of the
human family and absolutely prevented from reproducing their kind.
A discussion followed in which
many Interesting addresses were delivered by the members of the elub.
since the inauguration of the club
considerable debating powor bus been
developed and the meetings am gaining in interest. Now members nre
coming in nnd the club now numbers
about sixty members, A series of
mectirgs for thc lust quarter cf the
yenr in which a number of the prominent professional and lending citizens
are expected to tnko part is to he
City   Wharf  to lie Raised���Now Fire
Alarm Hell.
At   the meeting of the eity   council
last evening   very   little   business  of
importance came up for consideiation.
After   tho reading of the minutes of
the previous meeting the report of the
Qnnnee committee was   read   and  accepted, it was as follows:
You,* committee beg to recommend
the payment of the following
accounts: Electrlo light, maintenance payroll, 925.75; electiic light
construct on, $71.50; waterworks,
Construction payroll, $160.35; water
works maintenance, 8105.50; streets,
payroll, $157, Nelson Economist,
printing, (35.50; Edward Lind, price
of fire lioisc,  $'.'75.
A number of applications for the
position of driver of the fire team
were read, but nftor discussion it wns
decided to ionve tlie mntter in the
hands of the mayor with power to
net. Several applications for side*
wnlWs nnil rottds wore received and
but one was favorably acted upon.
This whs the application for a sidewalk along Water streets from ICwong
Wing Chung's store west to Ward and
up Ward to connect with tho sidewalk
noiir the Orand Central hotel. The
applications weie left in the hands of
the board of works with power to
Mayor Fletcher Uiou announced that
tho contract for the leplanking and
repairing of tho city wharf bad been
let and brought up the question of
raising the city end of tho wharf to
tho siiine guide ns Hall street. On
motion of Alderman Selous, seconded
hy Alderman Gillette, it was decided
tbat this should be carried out.
Fire Chief Lillie Appeared before
the council to announce thnt the lire
boll wus so badly cracked that it was
Utterly useless.
On motion of Aid. Scions, seconded
by Aid. Madden, it wus resolved Hint
u new bell should be purchased al
oiieii. The council tben went into
executive session to consider business
tho aldermen do not cam to make
public nt the present time,
In view of thc splendid showings of both high and low
grade ore and the unrivalled facilities for the economical
developing and working ofthe properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will the present issue of stock be sold
quickly, but th it no.more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for
stock to
-A-l    N. M. Cummin*-, Lousee��� Kvery known
viu-iui*.' ut soft drinks,   I'UHuxtw.  Tuluiihuu
No, ;n. Hoover Struct, Nelson.  BotUora of the
Unions Ut, Leon Hot Springs .Mineral Wuter
C1ANK & MACDONALD (II. Ottui), Jume
J A. Miicilonultll -.Architects mid suporin
Lolldonls, Broken Hill lilook, eoruur liakur und
Wiinl sireni-s, Nelson
KVAN.s & CO.-Baker Street, Nel
m���Wholesalo dealera in liquors, ol*
Ram, eeiuent, lire brlok and lire* clay, wutur
pipe ami bteel rall__, ami guti-ural cumiiiiifeion
A    MACDONALD   & Co.-
t  and  Hall tttreets-
Coruer  Fron
_..   Wholesale grocer
ami jobbers in hlf_.nk_.-u-:, glovon, imti.-, buoLa
rubber*., uockinawH and coiners1 Kuminur..
ij BURNS & Co,���Baker Street, Nelsoo-
X ��� Wholesale1 dealors in froHli and cured
meate.  c��id Storage.
BUTUHKR   00.-
Wlioluhulo di.ii
Bakor Street, Nelson-
ers In Crosh and cured meats.
Xj  Street, .Nelson ��� Wholosalo doalars io
ft_.tl.i_  l.l.miii.' liniii   Properties���We nre
mixiitiH lo secure .1 few free milling uold
jirop-rU-i ��* al once*   The   Pro*pec.or'*   Ex
change, Nelson,  n.  <:,  Boom 4, k \v, r.
GOLDBILVEK-COPPER_._fi.iD���MUiei   ami
priiijH'cis wauled. Mend report mid hiiiii*
pies to the Prospector's Bxebange. Nelson
IM'.   Uoom 1 li. W.-C. blOfik.
S. M.
P. O. Box 556, Nelson. B. C.
Official Broker.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. i. o.b
Provincial Land Surveyor
Corner Viotoria and^Kooten��y Sti.
P.O. Hox 500 loloplioiio No. a.
NKLSON LODGE'   No. 23, A. F. te
M. inoolri BOOOIld Wuilnomluy in
month.   Vi-;.in,,- brotlicrn wolcomo
1, O. O. F. Koolonuj* Loil|;o
$�� Nu. 10, moots ovory Monday night,
at thoir Hall, Kootonay Btroot
flojoupnini, Oild KiiIIowh cordially invitod.
John A, MoRao, N.u. D. W. Bttlhertord, V.G
Fred J. Squlro, Per, Soo.
Nolnon Hoyal Aroh Ohaptcr No. 198, U. It. C.
Moots i.hlril WednOHday. ^ojoitriiinK oompan
ioiiK Invited. Oooi'Ko Jolmstono, A. K. VV.
Matthews, s. K.
rimoota in li. of I', hall, OildfoliowH hlook
inovoryTueeday ovoninK at- 8 o'clock.
*/All visiLiiiK knightH conlially  invito
Wm. Irvine, CC.
A. T. I'AIIK, It. ot lt. and S.
Nolnon Knoa inncnt No. 7. Mocl.*i ovory 2nd
and ll.h Kriday of each nlonlli, In Odd KoIIovvh
Hall, corner Ilakor und Kootonay Hlrur.L*),
Nolrion, A. II. Chiinonts, 0.1*.; II. McArtlm.'
It. 8.  ViniUiiu brothers alwayii wolenmn.
i   Blacksmith   11 ml    an    Adv.'iitoic
Willi a ll'nt Hear.
Boar   are bociulilo at tlio Enterprise
Wm. Henderson, reuiflent nroliltoet
of thn iiupiiitiiiuiit u( publio wiiiIih in
Britleli Columbiu, waa in Nolnon you-
toriliiy amoiijf utlior tlilDgs looking
into the lniittci* of the stono being
used   in tho poelolliue   building,    Mr.
Henderson Iihk also oharge of tho construction ol the (,'oviirniiiont telegraph
lines within the province.
Every your a lnrge number of poor
BOfferers whoso lungs nre nore ami
racked with ooughs are urged to go to
another climate. But this Is costly
ami not always sine. Don't lie an
exile when Dr, King's NewglJiscoverv
for Consumption will cure you at
home. It's the most infallible incili-
cinn for CohrIir, Colds, ami nil Throat
nnd l.uii}! diseases on earth. The first
doso brings relief. Astounding nureh
result fiom persistent use. Trial bottles free at Canada Drug & lloolt Co.
Price   !i0o   and   (1,00,     Every   bottlo
Lipton's Tea is n winner. 1'iiie,
finest llavor, ami lirst package ten put
N KLHON L. 0, L. No. 1009 mooU in Kra-
li'i nily Hall on tlml and third Friday evenings
of oacli month al, U o'clock. ViBll.iiii* niotiihor
cordially invited. W. W. ilnulley, W. K.
A, Mlnty, K.b.	
NKLSON AKHIK No. 2i, F. (��. K��� moolH
every Hecond and fourth WcdliOMdayH of oaot.
m onth, ViHittnK ineiubcrs cordially invlt,
Oharles Prosser, Rnnretory,
Koolonay Tcnl No. 7, IC. O, T. M��� hold tholr
rogutar mootloBs iu ITraternity Hall, I. O. o. F,
lilock,uu iho in. and linl Thursdays of ench
month.  Visiting brothron oordlally Invited U>
at lend. G. A.Hrowli, lt. K.; A. P, Purdy, Coin.
It. .1 .Steel, 11. H.O.
NKLSON'S   .JL'ICKN    NO.   iii I
SONS    OF     KNGLANI),    lilootH
int ami 3rd Wednesday evenings of
each  month   al.  KiaUirnily nail,
cornor of  llaker  and Kootonay
HLroctw.   Visiting brothorn cord-
iail) Invited.
KnwAiiu MAOI.BOD, SoeroUiry.
COURT KOOTENAV, 1. O. F��� No. ��-��.
MootlniiB ith Thursday of month. Fraternal
liall, J A lrvlnu C  It   P. 't Klonillil.. R.H _
NelBon Court SLir ol Kootenay, A. O. F.
Moots Had and Ith Wodnosday* to. overy
inoiu.li. VUWng brothron woloomp.
Mlllnn. C.R
Certificate of Improvements
Matilda Mineral Olaim. situato in the
Nelson Minim** Division of West Kootenay District.
Where loonted Near the East Pork
of Champion Creek, ubout six mile*' from
the Columbia Itiver.
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, Kenneth L,
!'.unlet, ngeut for inn Mount Sicker, anil
liritisli Columbia Development Company, Limited, free miner's certificate
No. 15634111, iutend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder for n certificate nf improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
(irnnt of the above claim.
And furthei* take uoticc that action,
tiuder section 37, most bo commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 20th dny of August, A. D
Has Money to Loan at 8 per Gent,
(in     improved     Heal       Estate    in
amounts cf SI 000 aud upwards.
Loans quiokly arranged.
(Three,   four,   flvo   and six   roomed
houses for ront.
IS-Boomed Cottage for sale, 11,700,
Two ������"i-foot building lots , !f*iij(),
Insurance, Heal Estate, Rentals.
Will pay the highest oash prion for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anyi iiinj: from uu anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperU*,
-ooking utensils, bought in bousohold
quantities. Also oast olf clothing.
Oall and see mo or write. Address
Silver King MUm, Box Ulto. H__*
Street, Nub/on. it  11
ion ��� Who
minors' Buppllos, . i,ori ihk kooUh
\/l'LAt!HLAN IlliOS. (Succos��or�� to Van
J.TJL couvcr Hardware (.'o. Ltd.) Ilakor HLreol.
Nelson���VV holosalo dealers in lianlwaro and
ininini* Bupplioii, plumbern' and tinsmiths' uu|i
NKLSON   HARD VV ARE   CO.-Wholosale
paintH, oil*, ami glass: mcchauicH' tools
Agonts foi Ontario I'owdcr VVorkis; lynaiulio
ITIUBNKR, 11KKTON (t Co.-Cornor Vornon
X. ami Josophlno Btroebs, Nolnon���VV'hclo
sale dealers In liquors, olgars, and dry goods,
Ai'enis for Pabst llrowlng Oo. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Urowlng Oo of tialKary.
HUDSON'S HAY Co.-VVholoMilo grooerioa
anil liquors ole, llaker Stroot,, Nelsou.
Oflleo corner Hall and Front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, oollUlK, lloorioK, and ovory
Ihini* in wood fur bnildiiiK lmi'iiosCH. GoL oui
prices.   Corresponilcucu KoliciUid.
rp GALLON fr. CO.���Dottier*, in oro sacks
X ��� and 1 wines. Always a larKO stock on
hand. Telephone205.  Room 41, K.-VV.-C  Illock
Certificates ot Improvements
VenuN and Saturn Fraction Mineral
CliiiniH, situate in the Nelson Miniii*-
Division of West Kootenay District.
Whore located���On Morning Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, I<\ C. Green,
acting as a^'i'iil, for thu Venus Gold
Mining Company, Limited, Free Miner's Certificate No.BriO.ltW, intend sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply  to
thc Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining   Crown   (jiianta  of   the above
And further take notice that action,
under section !i7, must lie commenced
before tho issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this __)Ui day of Julv, A.D.
11KI1. F. C.  GREEN.
VV. Mac-
Pohrrl. MoLOOd  Sec,
It is just liko throwing awuy money
when you throw away the SNOW
SHOE TAGS which are on every plug
nf Bobs, Pay Roll nnd Currency
Chewing Tobacco. Save them and
you can have your choice of 160
handsome presents.    Tugs are good np
to Jan. 1st, 1008,
Ask your drolar for our new illustrated catalogue.
Certificates oflmprovements
New Year, Amethystine nnd Tourmaline mineral claims, situate in the Net
sou Mining Division of West Kootenny
Where loonted���On the Fast bank o
tho Columbia Itiver, two miles south
of Trail.
TAKK NOTICK that I, J, D. Anderson, F. L, S., of Trail, Ii. C, agent for
W. VV. Carlisle, Free Miner's Oerlili
cite No. I! B08M, intend, sixty days
from tho date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtain*
ing Crown Grants o( tlie above clniins.
And further take notioe Unit notion,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of finch Certificates
of Improvements.
Hated thisaith day of July,   A.  D
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
niMin-u K>l���>.-���*.-,:?������. NOTAUY
Wludoruiero Minus.   CorrourondonoeSollolto
OAf-S.-MEALS a la 0ARTE.
Close connection Kast and West*
bound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Fulls und Northern Railway,
Direct connection at Bt, I'uul without change of depot, with all trains tin
Chicago, Toronto, Mont real, New Yuri*
and all points West and Soutli.
Leaven Spokano daily for .East aOilb am
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8*00 p.m.
West-hound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, Sim Francisco, und all points
on the Bound,
During the season of navigation Fust
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagiiillcent,steamships North*Wee.
and North-Land of iiieNoithern Steamship (Joiiipmiy Line, operated in eon*
nection with the Great Northern Ball-
For fuither information, maps, fold-
ers, etc., apply to any ii|;e|itnl Hpokane
Falls k Northern Ily., Kaslo Sc Slocan
Ky., Kootel ai Railway Sc Navigation
Ci* . or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt, W 7ol  VV,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
O. K. TAOKAUUKY, Local Agent,
Ration. 11 O
About   that secoi d a lielw of
yours.    You'll sell it if you'll   adver
lee lt in The Miner want uil'iiun
To  All   Eastern   Points  via
Lake Route, All-R;iil or Soo
Line, via  St.   Paul   or  Chi
Pau-Americau Exposition
BUFFALO, $76.00.
Sixty    Days'     Limit.
Good going Oct. i -151 li
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto- Arrowhead to Vancouver.
Civil Engineers and Pro   <Klal Land
P. O. Box 141 X.    on, II.C.
For  pamphlets descriptive of^Oan
adinn l'acilic loins and foe Time Tab
Kates,  Tickets,   apply
II. Li Brown,
0 ty Passenger Ageut)
. S. Cautkb,
Dis. Pub. a,:i.
B, J. Coylk
A. tl. P, A.
Vancouver N5LS0H  D��tV fctBttt   hjtt>tt   Otl^ttli,   <^fc'
-      '
�������� k*(i t*mt       0- -
~, -
h  .��,*,��,    ''- c     iudtit   to
Paper kOMMfOf !�����-=.::�� IH I:
vsriafcir fiodiLg that p**p*>;T is :i-si*vtr
��nd IsasiWj n-,r** >��'.:s'**������;��� Brt wi
kjj**-.r:.:.-.*- : .: r ���.��*.-< JerJ =_r.'! *3*e��.--
I [jm �����.*.*.' .* rxr^ming tolled. I:
xKore* ��*. 2 *: ,;i' -. It:' -r 1*000 :'. tec-
an's it, faet s good lantat *'��������� :���-���. ���' -���������
having vzr*t Thtie is VV��:. Pip*.- sari
Wall Paper ow IfaB Paoai �����_*! tb.
other load Jfoa "JU pay D* n:'.**���-.
mach i��u, .*. ;��'.i. for oar -op-todat**
r��&j-*-rt thi*. foi foferioi read oidsi te*
suns ebv-o.l.*.:'- O-.r Fall SaJs .*��� vorti
theattention ..' -*������-���t*-* ;���.���* wabeldat
���   ��� _.*.
. .    ���:. -1
-        i ;.-:.-     ';._   iriult* "..: -i -.:
��� srtA     III iv*:- s*d ;W:: Ml
hiougM   tc   Um   -.:-.v   v~*.-r:aj    lit
ami t a *-*
For   bos    ���.'.���-     .'   paf Bg-cii  to
;��cd ->.._- C:a-*?.r_   E_t   tb* C. P. K
-.    '���,- - ti*     IM&HUt
i i   SMgfcferi  -o  .-��� "���
salretoi HoiUod   '.: btattpropv-ea
:-.   Mai   sio-h*  tf   UttMfei   *���-   J
z~:c.t iii   Z'.i>-.::   .-   Vl::��S   -stei
TttttCte f A i   l��bL^gyai Bank of clanabaj'
lldllMCi     Ova incorporated 1869.
i (ifclUl  Anthorlzed.
Incorporated 1869.
gj.OOOOCO.oa : Capful P*ld*ap,
NKLSON.  b. G.
a aon '���-.*** bom tc tiie *w:'*r 0 I J
Doeka, Obaairatorj streot,   yesterday.
H;�� Honor Joiige Foria will boie
chao-ter- a-, tr,*; coo/- hoes* t'/Jav.    *
W./rk ii, I.-'.;.������-.'.* c.-i '.i*;anr-_* '..*.e
Tarry rsoet a*. Thrums, <vi*_-bt miles
beyond Bloean Junction. t_nite a
Burnt**.*- i.s:t pn -abased laci iu thai
The ii Italians wbo went ap to tht
Lardo la?i **��-k lo work cm tiie eon-
Ktro'.-tion ol tbe ce.-. ..ce a.. a.-.-;T*rC
Dae* io Helaoo yeaterday, oot being
katiafied **l'..-. ���..".<��� -icrk.
yesterday a P*rty ot tie ;&cr,g
\jko\iU, iDt'uaioe tun yooDg ladies
read- the aacent ttt -.'tie n&ociHaio op-
posit* Nely-JD scJ plant*-*-! a iarj?e Sag
on tbe tinumj!. The fia-.' is aix by
nine feet slo' is plainly visible fron,
the city.
A special drill of the Heboa company of the Boeky Mountain tange.-s
was held laat evening and another
will lake place on Thursday w ith the
iaspeetion or. Friday evening at tbe
skatin-; r'u.A IM'jre Lieut. Cr.j.
iiol-oes,  D. O. ' .
yesterday appeal was eDtere.; by S.
8, Talyor. solicitor for tbe plaintiff,
against the Judgment for the 'jjfeti-
da-*i in the County couit case of
Malone .*��. Ferj/uson. Tin* -,'roura
taken is thai the etidenoe diaelowd
negligecce on the part of tbe defendant
A. li. Creelroari *^f Boasland goes np
this week to beejn '.vork baildiog on
tbe Lardo Iiunean railway. His
present contract is for one station
house and two section houses. As the
laying of the rails progresses, others
will be built 'his year. He will have
a force of I. men.
The party .'.on the Atlianasca who
were out shooting for two days at ths
end 01 last week up the east fork oi
Cottonwood creek, had very j_;oo<l
SBCCeSS durilij/ tbt.il trip, securing
o*.'.*r forty grouse, and only stopping
when they bad enough. These birds
Were very plentiful.
At the court of assizi-s which ��|l)
he beld in Nelson next Tuesday there
are hut four criminal cases on the list
at present to crime before the judge.
They are as follows: Hex vs. Forbes
a cnte of criminal aasuall from Mlccan
City: Hoex vs. Boiand and Bloomfleld
assault and robbery; Bex. vs. Barrett
forgery of a timocheck in the   Laidu
Ai the smelter yesterday, while a
numbei of workmen were engaged in
repairing the ���.vaterjacket on one of
tbe fanraces a bar of iron, weighing
about one hundred pounds fell from a
ledge a little more than a foot above
.1. White. It struck him on tbe right
aim, which ivas broken by it between
the elbow and wrist. He was removed to the Kootenay Lake (ieiural
An addition of four stalls to the
roundhoust- at the C. F. it. yards is tc
be put in at once ami work has already commenced, This new work is
tendered necessary owing to tbe increased trallic through Nelson. The
contract has been lei to A. a. Creel-
OiaD, of Boasland, who came over yesterday to begin tie. carpentering
work. Whackh'ton ,v .Simpson have li,,,
subcontract inr tin* masonry, which
will be wortli about 13500.
Most successful rehearsals has recently been held by members of the
Nelson Operatic Hociely under the
directorship   of   Herr    Nli-iner       Tbe
woik under taken has been the Garden
scene from Faust,    and   the   MitBrSrl
from II Tiovatore,     The performance
will be given 'n the Nelson Opera
House on tho evening of Thursday,
October 17th under lhe auspices of the
NellOB Operatic society. The rendition of those works is an ambitious
undertaking for the amatetiis of Nel-
.-.on but Conductor Stelnor promise.,
that the results will be such 11s Nelson
people may feel proud of. Tn fact
Ibis Is the first time that grand opera
has heen sung by amateurs In Iliitish
Columbia, Taken altogether the
productior. r. ill undoubtedly be a
highly satisfactory one for the audience and will merit 11 generous patron*
age. A full rehearsal of the principals and orchestra will be held lit lhe
bouse of Mel /ill. Parry this evening.
���-.-. ���   5'ea.x.i   twice   a   assBi
l-^-.i}-   tci    Fri-iay   ban    Pioeto
-   i---:-.g -x ������ :���.'. Kokanee   .vt*:r.z
Vclaoa i 'r. rn.
Laat evening a ������.-:.. - ill -x��s
mart to tbe Sr* j-*.***.mei.t fi a "-���
���  s.i. .-..-���'.. .'.. Sat .-.acan.   comer
A Hesdryx aad Carbonate tfneta. tart
-' -���  tbi BieBea arrived it waa aeea
*.���.-.:   ���   ire   was .-.. ^Er.gt.*    .' ��   -ri.
I;.-       C-..C   oi   tbe alarm waa   Um
ca ban  eg oat at all  the   ii  sunt light globes        ied bj a Saab
I    gbtning ���:��� kiog   tbe  tariiea   ont-
-: ..r.     h-:    . ������->���:-.'.*.   ::.-
: ��� .- : damage ��Ss 2r.i.e. Ibe
bos* reel took a eonrse along Viotoria -:: ���'. \:.f.L:r t'p Ware s*.<ret ti
Carbonate., f.'c '.ca: st-eet at Hali
-*..-���*. ::.e ;*"arn c*n;e to a stand. Br
tnie time ali danger fron, i.-e was *r.-
nonneed as over and tbe teart
Th- Ladies' Hospital Aid society
to give a ma-rca! *'At Home
in tbe parlors of tbe Pnair hcte! or.
Tcs-s-iay ',���.*'. -.- : -*.L .'r.ji ���: to 1.30
c. a. f.,r ::e benefit of tbe boapital.
Ti,e oes* amateur voeaiiat* and inatni**
mentaliatt in tbe city w-jij participate
and a musical treat of moie than ordinary excellence is promised. Tea and
cocoa will be served at 10 cer:t�� a cup.
la tbe evening, beginning at S.30
there wiil be a donee in -he dining
room of tbe .-"hair which furoishe*;
ampie room for this purpose. One of
*:.e features of the occasion will I* a
waltz for which tbe p.-iz* wii! be a
splendid cake, tut It is provided tbat
tbe cake must be donated by tbe
coople, who are so fortunate aa to
win it. to the hospital. Tickets for
tbe '.jnce tl.SO.
Goal ^5 Wood
Best  I*".' and  Tamarac  Al
ways on i.and.
�� Ail Kinds of Te^miDg and
Commission Work-
OS*-* f r.   Bak-M SUeet
1 rendu'
Ar. evrL*. cf *:i*;t oca. :'-.-.: ..'��� ���'���
���':.-. tmtmn ergajemer-. a; tic Ne.s*:":
Opera H.nfc oi " A Wiae Wnasas ' I
' oicsic*] -x-medy farc-e :c ttaee seta.
It is t-.z'.i t'.a: :'-.-. irstantare*:"* I '���
:l~ p:*-.:e ^.aie has >.
latiVE cf L-.a.-;. ri-i ��
which it was tiooked to as lo - -
the marager to accept c naaett
o-treti ir. thc .a.-ge: c:t:~. Tic tc-
gageraaant .-.-..-.;- .*.y w:.. i^ kept bj
Manage.- Accaiic cas ar. :::l-:.-- I
xmtraet to that e^ect.
Tei. S3
Porto Rico Lumber
Co,, Limited.
*      J;'t">o.l)(*l.-i|
mr"i     ��� ���'���ist.tSSI
Hoard or Dlrfftor.     Dioma-'F.. Kenny,  P.*citdcn:;   Ti-oma- Ritchie. Vici....,,,,'''!
W'Uey amith   H. 0. Bauld, Hon. David MacKeen.
Head Office, Halifax 1
Genera! Manager. Bd^on L. PaaB, Montreal.
SorA.ruitendenf of Branches, and ritcretarj', W, B. Torrance. Halifav.
Bran    e��!
'ova   gf��IU-Ilalilal    Branch,   Antigonl-l*
Brirtgewawr. liuysboro. t-Dndonderr)'. l.n
enbnrg. Maitlnnd (Hint- Ca), Pictou, Port
Hawkesbnrr, Hydeer- Shubcnacadic.Truro.
��w    Bron.-ilrU-Itathaivt.     Don-hosier,
Kredericton, Kingston lEast Co.), Mono-
loo, S'eweaaUe, Sackviile, it, Jot.n.V* ood-toik'
i*. E. inland���Charlottetown, Hnnuneialae,
; cbre-Montrea! (City Offler-i �����,, ,1
West Kud (Cor Notre Dsm, . *',?':Sg I
near- Btrecwi; �� est mount nor t:', * I
Avenue and St. Catharine-   ���street" ���
>.���������!,.11 lull,ill,i
< Ul��H.  V, , -I  fiiill".
lnSTe1iU-hc,','\V,ihW Y��rk UC ���k;*tC"1"'l*��I'U_
Fuiis, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver
Vanconver East End, Victoria. '
( orrcipontl^nf*-:
Gmm4j_   M-rchif.:- Rtnk of C_inadft.   Ku-ti*in -N>_Ul_nuU Shawm ui Bank.   ChieAgo. |i|,r
Tru**: acd aaTiiiitT" Hank.   f*��n  !���>���*-ri*ru--Kir-t   Nattooal  Baafc.   tuiitlun.   Umxt- ������
.���>;o_.'-.n'i.   Fartv Franff���Credit Lyonnai-.   B-ttmmiA��� BiT1*'
paa���HOOg Kong and --ha.-iglial Iiwikiri.; Corporation,    ip*
Buk 0/ BennodjL cilia slid jj
[loaatiue���Old   National Bank.
:   .;���;.-  v. AKD  R ���---I-AM)|
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
A-l White Pine Lomber Always In
tv-'-.-...:- - :-:* ;     - stock ofCoa��t Flooring
.   ...:..  ;���.'���:   ;.-..-.   rented Wot*. Bam ana
;   .- -.    - -      .. :.-der worit w i.l receive pronip'
tion'   M-;. crcei- -o.'.i'.td.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Heal Oflk
p*-ul^rT *i*.c VeTP*��-l   u*_. NelsOT
.Sandon   manager of
was in the cit*? yeo-
3. M Harri
*.be Beco rni
ilev. Mr. Hedley, of tbe Angelican
church at Eotsland was in the city
P. McL. Forin and Ur. D. E. Kerr,
of Boasland, have been on a fishing
excursion to the Slocan river.
S. M. Bridges l��ft on Sunday tor
���Joloden   in   bis   capacity  as   official
court stenographer fo. the assize!1.
B. 0. Wafrson. of Toro'to. representing Ailcock, I.aight & Westwood,
manufacturers of fishing tackle, flies
a.id fishermen's goods, at Bcdditcb,
Eng., was in Nelson yesterday.
Melville Parry has retuined from a
t--.ur among tbe agencies of the Confederation b,i,'e company in tbi
province. While he was away be
visited Vancouver, the 150-Mile llonse
and many otber places.
8. A. Kelly of the Kootenay Cigar
company, has returned from the east
with bis bribe to whom he was
married a few days since in Ottawa.
Mr. and Mrs. Keily ��ere the recipients of nianv congratulations yesterday.
Ij. .1. McNally the wcii known mill
builder arrived in the oity on Saturday from Enterprise where he has
been engager, in installing the new
JO drill comprMor. tramway and con*
eentrating plant for the Enterprise
Mining company, limited. He states
lhat tbe machinery will be in operation within a week and that everything will rnn satisfactory under the
snpei intendency of S.S. Fowler, M. E.
Bepubiic   Ready   -.-.    .-":.:;     HI    Toi
v.:. .1 Haliway is Finish, i.
'.rand Porks Oct. .. ��� L. S. Hon
ton-BarroU ���/. Greenwood, is ': ��� re :
NsriBees '.r. connection with th*? Gold
ec Eagle mire, r.or.b fork ni K-*.t.
river. Mr tfoalton-Barrett hopes I
complete    bnancia.   arranstemsi::-   tc     Shin^leS.  A'iOUldingS.
ecabie   bim   to zesnme   wc;.:   on tbe ,='      	
property. He spent two months curing the summer in tbe Cariboo district ?nd was ;uccefsfui in ���������*:-;.���:���:-> a
lease of foor and one ball miles .'.
placer gronnd or. Horae Fly creek.
Witn one man be was abie to usirie 5'
p^r day by mean* ot 0 siuice box. He
expects tc organise a compar.}* *:
work the diggings by meats of
hydianiic p<ywer. Tbe goid ooc-ors in
a gravei bank,ibe distance to bed rock
being thirty feet. The Carib./G Ht-
draolic company in which Sir Wii.iam
Van Home is interested, is operating
on tbe same creek very successfc!iv.
Mr. Monltoc-Bariett also secured
seven miles of placer ground in tbe
Omineea district. He expressed the
belief that quartz mining in those
districts wiil eventually prove a very
profitable industry.
C.   C     Wood boose, jr .  a pioneer of
I Bepubiic, is here.    He states that   the  DominionUngNew KnalaikL
..    .     I Dominion line Cbmmoowealui
jcamp   will   oe   id position to ^hip BO.  <:.��� .* 1 ;.-��� ��� 1-������:.*...
tons 0/ ore daily to   tbe   Grand Forks ConardUne Saxonia
smelter as soon   as   raiiwav   commni- ;
,      .      , ' t'-ir. .:c li] t     '  ������-.T.-.h   ...
cation ia obtaineu. jCnnard Lin*-   b'mbria   . .
B.   A.   Brown,   genera! manager ci \^j-. j >-; ,   :;:���nir
the   SoiUBfrt   mine,   :���-,-.   ]e/t   for   the I White Stai Uoe M..   i
SimnkameeD od a butinem trip. k&mericaii L..   .
Wm. MinicD,   a prospector,   claims 452S__�� ^S*�� '���'
to tiare diaccjTtired bitumiDou* coal al !    .*   .. ...
.���    lut-thtr  Falling--- .'or lhe shore  Uoei   iko
trankhn   camp   od   the   ea^t fork of j fteoch, Bed Star. Jio:L'.i* i-Vr::'-ric_iii, H. A. i-
florth fork of Kettle river,   across   tbe H
divide   fiom
Ueneial BankloK Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   II.uf,
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, ate., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most farorable terms.   Interest allowed ou cpncinl
deposits ami on Saving Bii.'.k accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Mo:.
-i-i'.: I Ot   -''������' z     	
A ban tine C&intbiaii	
A:iAnI-ir.e l's:.-_-.-.
beav_r I,...: I. -.   ES
Bearer Lhr.e Laks .**! -
; Beaver Lice I^ike CA.^ario...
Oct, 1-'
.. Oct. IU
...is:.  I
Oct. 11
.... . 1*
From Por-Jani. Mc.
Lsdx::.:o;   L...-:   T*
Doixiinion Li.-.e DoBinioo    .
'��� ZSOZT   ..Ct-z LIT.'-  , Wls***_*l
Hume. ���Ii. C. Watcrson. Toronto;
J. (I. Mam and wife, Kaslo; H, H,
Cooper, K. C, Sawyer, Vanconver; It.
Kwart, Krie;C. Thompson, Vancou*
ver; (J. VV, Stalle, Philadelphia; H.
E. Weltlanfer, lierlin, Ont.
Phair. ��� ';. A. Caven. 0. 0. Bnchan-
an, Kaslo;.I. A. Herron, A. I). Moll
and wife, Spokane; .1. M. Harris.
Sandon ; T. Q. Holt, Vancouver; W.
Aiidnisoii, Cascade; C. T. Thompson
and wife,    liosloii.
lirari'l Central ���P. Plcaid, Poor-
man; ,1. Scop Ymir; J, ti. Montgomery, l.ardo; W. .1. Elliott, l.ardo;
B, II. stiihbs. Phoenix j J.J. I.emi-
eux, Tbre9 ForkS; .1. Sloan. Slocan;
A, II mini from, Slocun ; 0, II Win-
laws, Winlaw'i* Siding: W. B, Hollo-
way. Armstrong; \v. a. Weston.
Boasland; K. .1. Miller. Rossland; W.
MoyJo, San Francisco.
Queens ���.I. A.  Ilrown   Spokane.
Aid. Paterson has shown The Miner
S copy of a booklet got out by the
printing nouse of W. and II. **'.
Thomson of Dundee, Scotland. Mr.
Paterson's native place, giving an
outline of tbe extensive printing and
publishing business conducted hy the
Messrs. Thomson. This firm prints
one morning anil one evening daily
ami threo weekly publications, and to
one wha has nol given Dundee a
thought, the extent of the business
conducted there is a surprise The
weekly circulation of those puliliciv-
tions is BflO,000 copies; ollices are
maintained in London, Olusgow and
Edinburgh, Wiinin the last few
years thn Courier has sent a delegation of fiii mors to study an,I roport on
America,  another  to  the  Argentine
lepnblic,    one   of     artisans   to    tho
  Oe:. 12
...Oct -ti
K:. :n Boston
.    ..nc:. S
... oet.a
  Oct is
 Nov. S
r*.-onj New Vork
 Oct.  a
  ������ _ 1.'
Oct. U
  (Jet.  2
 '."."..   'J
. . .Oct ;���;
.Oct.   2
 Oct.   'J
 Oct. HI
00 tbe
He bas
the   coal   fields
west fork of the same   river,
recorded his find,
A lodge of the Knights of Pythias
will be estalished here on Wednesday.
Several P.ossiand visitors are expected
to participate in tbe ceremonies.
v.*. p. r.cinaaxoa
G-::. Atren*. Winnipeg
D. P. A.. Nei-on.
Morgats and Chad-Wells Meet When
Four Were Killed.
Knoxvile. Tenn, Oct. 7 ���A bloody
fight occurred at the Union Baptist
church at Big Spring-. Tern, ten
miles from Tazewell, about noon yesterday. Servicer were being held a<
eburcb   and   six hundred   people
bad gathered. Just before the services.
began, 'Tip" Chad well went to the
spring SO yards from the church.
"Itush" Morgan was. at the spring
and began firing at Chadwell. Both
factions immediately gathered and the
fight lasted half an boar. Tip Chad-
well, P.usb Morgan and two others
were killed, and two were mortally
wounded, while three were slightly
wounded. The sheriff attemped to
arrest one of the Chad wells who
The feud between the Morgans and
the Cbadwells has existed for a long
time. They met last Christmas at
Walnut Hills, Va., and a pitched battle ensued in which several were
killed. Eighteen months ago they
met near Hancock. Fighting followed and ooe was killed. Both the
Cbad wells and Morgans are prosperous and lnluential and have large
families.    More trouble is feared.
Shares a; 25 CENTS for a few day
only when the priced*, iii be   raised to
'���;���', cent-.    T":.is is [rjsiticely   tl,"   las
chance   0:   obtaining   shares   at   thi
H. & M. BIRD
A ten-roomeci  house and  corn
lot on Stanley street, close to Baiter
street  complete with   furniture.    A
tj-*trg*ain for immediate sale.  Terms
on part of the purchase money.
Several good houses  at   reduced
rents.     Call and see our list.
Albany. N. Y., Oct. 7.���State Supe
intendent     of   Prisons     Collins   has!
given   orders   that Czolgosz, the mur- '
derer of President   McKinley must be
tbe subject of no   notoriety   while  in
prison   awaiting   electrocution,       He
must not be Heen and visitors must not'
be permitted to  enter anj part of   the
prison,    where   knowledge   might   be
gained of bis   location.   Tbe  warden
has   been   instructed   to   inform   the I
guards   and   other   employees   of the,
prison,  thai the   divulging of any in-j
formation     concerning   him    or   his!
doings   shall   be  considered  a  great
breach of discipline and   will be dealt
wi'h accordingly.
Paiis. Oct. 7.���Violent storms are
raging along the French coast, partic- '-
ularly in Brittany. Many wrecks are
reported in the cbnnel. Tbe haibor of
Dunkirk and many others harbors are!
orowdeo with vessels that have sought
reluge. The storm extends even to
the Meulterraneau, Much damage
has been done by wind and min at
Belfort nud points inland.
I & CO.        j
X       MADDEN    BLOCK       T
j  Cigars,,, j
I  Tobacco
X Phone 117 Z
If you don't like Blue Bibbon Tea it's
because yon   ever tasted it.
Be   sure anil get the genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PEItCHA FUSE, not
something that looks   like   it.       aw-
rence Hardware Co., Agen*3"
Brewers of Fine Eager
Heel und I'oiter,
*��WROU    It.   0
* *Ao**VV*v\\\%%*l>r>r**%%l\Ar**Ar*^
i NO. 4 K.-W.C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. G.
J Gold. Silver-Lead   and   Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANHK.
0 FKEE   MILLING   GOLO  properties  wanted at once for Eastern
J investors.
J Parties  having   mining   property for  sale are   requested to semi
�� samples of their ore to the EXCHANOE for exhibition.
> We  desire  to  bear from prospectors who have promising mineral
�� eiaims in British Columbia.
0 Prospectors  and   mining  n-.en   are  requested   to  make  tbe  KX-
j CHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
J All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
0 Correspondence solicited     Address all communications to
1     Tele-ihone No. 104.
P. O. Box 700.
Is WW ���*-,*���*,*.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelt30n, Kaslo
Sandon. Tiirtto Forks, New Denver and Slocan City,
Orders by mad to a****�� branch -will havo careful a**i nraotpt atteation.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which li Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   |8,00_,00_*   Reserve   Fund,   $_,000,000;
..   ���  _ __        A'lKiek'nte  Resources Over 5<;5,iiiio.oiia
HUN GhO. A. COX, Preaident.     B. E. WALKKK. (ienernl Managor.
London Oilicc: be Lombard Street, n. C.
.   , ���,    "Oot Vork 'ililce; 10 Kichanuc Place.
Ar.d is branehea in Canada and me L'ni;<*.l Btatos, includinni
A-rri.v Obsentvooo Xku-o.\- Bamdoh
iVvi1*i'_-nl,1*^,'!L't''1^,,**"^',N A*s" WH-��� House.
I. .M11S.II Sl-1 A I K8-NBW i uI.K, 8AM I'llANl 1800, SKATIUt, I 'OHTLANn, SKAOWAV,
Savings Bank Department.
eceived ind Interest AlloiVCd.   Present lint
e ,i Per Cent
I Nelson Branch. (JEANGE V. HOLT, Manager. I
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fir
re Pot greatly increases tie heatinc- capa-
city of the slove, andlin connection with the deflectorTriog forces lhe
beat to the floor.    The base is hot, the lloor beii "
base burner.
eiiij,** warmer than  W'lll
r*,r Z r Alt��cl)mcnl.tflkes in the cold air through a duel al lhe
rear of the fire pot, the heated air being discharged in a circle at .he top
of fl e poi over fire, thus consuming all the gases and propels of com-
ii In,   lt.ca"beoPerated'�� connection with the front draft  door, or
, mi  n'i y', y ;iSCT rLTl" '" th�� rL'ar ��(b^< Imuring complete
control of the stcve with nearly perfect combustion
lhe large Hot Air Circulating Flue on th
the floor and ejects it  intensely healed
to the heating capacity.
���o-STuma !inr'"VC |S 'lpen"^ ,accordi"S to directtons> guarantee il lo
consume all the gas contained in soft coal, th
all ihe heat in the fuel consumed, causint
fuel over any other stove on the market'
*4 to 48 hours without attention.
back takes the cold air from
through the top ad-'ing greatly
us deriving the benefit ol
a truly remarkable saving of
The stove will hold fire   from
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and
Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E-   c-   TRAVES.   Manager.
K-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mull receive careful and
prompt attention


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