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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 6, 1901

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 Daily Edition No. 1184
Nelson,   British Columbia, Wednesday,  November 6, 1901
Eleventh  Year
election of Low (Fusion candidate
for mayor) by a plurality anywhere
from 30,000 to 55,000 : Brooklyn
Daily Eagle, The Evening and
Morning World, The livening
Journal,   The  Times, The  Herald,
Fuslonlsls Elect Almost Full and the Press.
New York, Nov. 5.���About 11
o'clock Mr. Low gave out a formal
statinuont in which he  said:
Ticket  In   Greater
New York,
Republicans   Garry
Everything   In
New York, Nov. 5.���Seth Low,
tho former president of Columbia
university, ami four years ago the
citizen's union candidate for the
mayor of Greater New York was
today elected the second mayor of
Greater Now York, by a plurality
ranging anywhere from 30,000 to
40,1100, defeating Edward Shep-
pard, of Brooklyn, the Democrat
nominee. The campaign was an
exciting one and the vote was the
largest over polled in a municipal
contest in this county.
In addition to tho canvass for
mayor, public interest centered in
the nomination by the Fusionists
of Wm. Travel's Jerome, for district attorney and Mayor Robt A.
Vim Wyck by tho Democrats for
justice of the supreme court. Roth
the candidate for district attorney
and justice of the supreme court
were voted for only in the territory contained in New York
country. Returns up to 11 p. in.
indicate that Jerome has been
elected by a comfortable plurality
and that Mayor Van Wyck has
been defeated. Tho latter ran
behind his ticket from 15,000 to
20,000. Returns also indicate the
coniulote triumph of the Greater
��� New York fusion ticket, Chas.
Vincont Fornos, the nominee of
the Citizen's union and the Republicans defeating George Van-
hoozon, tho Democratic nominee.
E. M. Grout for the past four
years Democratic president of
the borough of Brooklyn, now
the Fiisionist nominee for comptroller, has also defeated W. W.
Lurid, Democrat.
Reports as received from the various sections of New York state
show that the Republicans will
retain control of the lower house of
state legislature.    In   the
outcome of this election is a splendid vindication of universal suffrage. Prom all points of the city
have come tho votes that have
rebuked the Tammany orgie of
the last four years. All the patronage of city and limitless money
have not availed against the
aroused indignation of people and
it is safe to say that absentee government and government for private gain will not bo seen again
in New York city for many a day.
This is no man's triumph, but is
tho people's victory. The agencies tbat have brought it about
are many. Those who labored so
long to bring about the successful
fusion so loyally are entitled to
tho greatest credit. For myself,
I ask for the generous and constant support of community in the
great task to which it has summoned me. And I dedicate every
power that I have to its loyal service.
Richard Croker at 8.45 tonight
conceded the election of Seth Low,
the Fusion candidate for mayor,
but Mr. Croker was not willing at
that time to give up tho county
ticket. Ha said he was much disappointed at the Brooklyn vote,
as he had expected Sheppard to
make a good showing there, it
being his home borough. As to
the cause for the defeat ot the
democratic ticket, Mr. Croker said
he was inclined to ascribe it to
the large silent vote, and tho fact
that the people sometimes feel
that they want a change.
A Former Leader Appointed
to Chinese Foreign
Ransom Must Be Paid Else
Miss Stone Will Be
Poll   Decreased   Votes
All   Parts   of   the
Labor  Unionists   Leads All
Competitors in San
Pckin, Nov. 5,���NaTung, former
Boxer leader was appointed to the
Chinese Foreign Oflice today by an
edict. This appointment is considered a test of the attitude of the
Chinese towards the restoration of
Boxers to Imperial favor. Not long
ago Japan sounded the powers
regarding the propriety of another
protest against the Manchurian convention between Russia and China
and was disappointed by a lack of
interest in the question on the part
of the United States and Great
Election  of
Faars for Miss Stone's Life.
London, Nov. 9.���It is stated
here, says the Sofia con espondeut
of the Daily Telegraph, that the
brigands will not abate the ransom originally demaned. In Macedonian circles it is maintained
that Miss Stone will be murdered
on that territory in order to remove all traces of the original
Macedonian instigation of the
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 5.���The
state lias been carried by the
Democrats; Louisville by 8,000
���Richmond, Va., Nov. 5.���Col. J
Hampton Hogge, because he objected to students of the polytechnic institute voting, was forcibly
ejected from the polling booth at
Blacksburg today.
has abdicated the leadership of
Tammany and turned it over to
Senator John F. Carroll.
Annual Mooting Held For the
There were upward   of  forty
members of the Curling club present at the annual meeting held
last night in the board of trade
rooms, the largest attendance  at
any annual meeting yet held, and
there was an enthusiasm which
augurs well for a good winter's
9port.    The  club   was   found in
such good financial condition and
with so many   members   that it
various was decided during the meeting
contests   reported  from|to reduce  the membership fee to
up the state the  most  interesting |$(i.
The election of officers resulted
elections noted were those of
Albany, Troy, Rochester, Syracuso,
and Buffalo. The city of Albany
be carrie I by the Republicans.
Senator David B, Hill is taking no
active part in ibe local canvas. The
election in Troy was lively,   a number of arrests for illegal voting being
made.   Former United States Senator Murphy headed  the  fight   for
the candidate   of   the   Democrats
while former Governor Black   manned  the campaign   for  the   progressive       Democrat - Republican
tlcket-   In Buffalo  the  entire   Re-
Publican city and county tickel was
elected,   Erastus   C.   Knight,   the
s'ate   comptroller    being    chosen
mayor.   The   result  in   Rochester
*as   close   but  Mayor    Warner's
���nds claim his  election  over the
Republican candidate.   In Syracuse
%or McGuire,  for a  number  of
ye"rs PHst Hie Democratic mayor of
the city, Wils defeated by Kline, the
Republican nominee.
New York, Nov.   5.���Sheppard,
lammanv's candidate for  mayor of
breaterNew Yorkhas been defeated;
2H5 election districts  out of  1,537
���''he city of New York giving Low
lpu^nist)54,695;ShePpard 44,57,,
and iQ0 e|ection districts out of ^
I Brooklyn    give   Low   40.060,
Sheppard 30,842.
as follows: Hon.-president, A. H.
Buchanan; president, F. A. Tamb-
lyn; vice-president, John Rae;
secretary-treasurer, Stuart G.
Campbell; official umpire, Alex.
Carrie; executive committee, G. E.
McLaughlin, C. Morrison, and
Judge Forin.
Judge Forin, A. II. Buchanan
and John Rae were appointed representatives   to   the   Kootenay
Curling   association   and   F.   A.,
Tamblyn  and  W.  W. Beer wore i (or Nortbport this  week.
appointed a committee on membership.
There was some discussion as
to holding the annual bonspiel of
the association at Nelson and it
was pointed out that for two
years in succession Rossland had
given Nelson to understand that
when this club wished to have the
bonspiel that that club would
give way to Nelson. The members therefore expected that there
would be no difficulty in arranging for the bonspiol here.
The executive committee of the
association is expected to meet
within ten days though the day
has not yet been fixed.
A. McKeon to Havo cnarae of Lo Roi After
Decern tier 1st.
The Spokesman-Review of yesterday says : It is practically settled that A. McKeon will succeed
Bernard MacDonald as manager
of the Le Roi mine at Rossland.
Mr. MacDonald will retire from
the management of the big property on December 1st. "William
Thompson, his confidential adviser, will leave at the same date.
It is expected that for the present
they will retain their connection
with the Rossland Great Western
group of mines. It is not considered probable, however, that Mr.
MacDonald will stay with the
Rossland Great Western very
Mr McKeon, who will succeed
Mr. MacDonald, has been in the
camp a few days. His nominal
mission has been to sample the
mine, and he started at the bottom of the big property and is
giving all the ore bodies a
thorough test.
Jules LaBarthe, the superintendent of the Trail smelter, has
accepted the post as manager of the
Northport smelter to succeed Bela
Kadish.    Mr. La Barthe will leave
.���.  c He  will
probably be succeeded at the Trail
smelter by John Miller, who is at
present assistant at the plant.
With a new manager at the mine
and a new manager at the smelter,
it is expected that th��re will be considerable amelioration of the strained
conditions that have existed between
the Le Roi company and the
Troy, Nov. 5.���Murphy, Republican, elected miyor of Cohoes.
Rochester, Nov. 5.���City complete, Mayor, Rodonback, (Rep.)
15,030; Warner, (Dom.) 14,052.
Rodenback's plurality, 78.
Boston, Nov. 5.���Returns from
40 cities and towns give Crane
(Republican) 8,214 ; Quinsey (Democrat) 3,615. This is a falling off
from last vote, and indicates a
Republican majority in the state of
Jersey City, N. J., Nov. 5.���
Murphy (Republican) has a majority
of 8,000 for governor in Essex
county and is forging aheadthrough-
out the state. Probable vote,
Murphy, 91,418 ; Seymour, 82,511.
New York, Nov. 5,���Results in
440 election districts for district
attorney give Jerome (Fusion)
5S.894! Unger (Democratic) 53,405.
San Francisco, Nov. 5. ���
Schmidt, Labor-Unionist, ia elected mayor by at lerst 3,000 majority. 	
Des Moines, Iowa, Nov. 5.���Returns are slow in coming in. The
Republicans have made large gains
in the state, and Cummins, for
governor, has a plurality of about
Baltimore, Nov. 5.���The Republicans have carried the city by a
majority of 8,000,and claim all the
legislative districts of the city.
Salt Dake City, Utah, Nov. 5.���
Thompson, Rep., has been elected
mayor by about 500 plurality.
T��e followii
ng papers concede the
Woouburn Mills Burned.
Woodstock, Nov. 5.���The Wood-
bum Milling  Co.'s  premises  were
destroyed by fire last evening.   The
loss was $i6,ooo;$8,ooo insurance.
Guilty of Manslaughter.
Toronto, Nov. 5.���The jury in
the case of Lewis, the Christian
Scientist, returned a verdict of manslaughter. The case will go before
the court of appeals. In charging
the jury Chief Justice Falconbridgc
said he felt obliged to tell the jury
that according to law, Christian
Science treatment was not the treatment the law called for in such
Lincoln. Neb., Nov. 5.���Returns
seem to show that the Republicans
have made gains of about four per
per cent, over the vote of a year
ago. Sedgwick, (Rep.) will carry
the state for Supreme court judge
by from 0,000 to 10,000.
New York, Nov. 0.���(1 a.m.)���
Latest returns show that the
Fusionists carried three of the
presidencies of boroughs, the Democrats one with one in doubt.
They also elected three justices of
the Supreme court and will have
control of the taxing machinery
of the city and of the various
boards concerned in the appropriation of public funds.
New York, Nov. 5.���Returns
show that the lower house of the
state legislature will be made up
of, Republicans, 34; Democrats, 45 ;
Fusionists, 21.
Sioux Falls, S. D., Nov. 5.���The
Republicans have likely elected all
eight judges though the Democrats claim the third and seventh
New York, Nov. 6.���Mr. Croker
They Hold ,1 pioasant and Well Attondod 11,111
quot-Tho Toasts.
The Lodge 1002 of the Loyal
Orange Association, of British
North America, hold a banquet
last evening at the Victoria hotel.
It was pleasant and well attended
affair, about 00 ladies and gentlemen being iu attendance. Two
tables were arranged in the form
of a horseshoe and completely
filled the dining room, A splendid menu had been prepared to
which tho assemblage did full
justice. Rjv. Dr. Wright asked
the blessing.
John Toye  was chairman   and
Robert Weir was   vice chairman.
Tho guests  of the evening  were
Mayor Frank  Fletcher and  Rev.
Mr. White.     After a short speech
from   Rev.  W.  W.  Bradley   the
first toast of the evening  was to
the King, which was drunk standing.     The   next toast "Canada"'
was proposed   by   the   chairman
and after the orchestra had  rendered the "Maple Leaf  Forever,"
R^v. W Monroe, Rev. Dr. Wright
eloquently     responded.      Among
tho good things  said   was   a   remark by Rev. Monroe on the difference between a patriot and a
politician.     The patriot wishes to
do   something   for   his   country,
while   a   politician    wishes    his
country to do something for him.
The toast "The  Grand  Lodge  of
B.   C,   and   the    Sister     Grand
Lodges" was responded to by  W.
W. Bradley,   Worshipful  Master
and Mr. Evans, Grand Master for
the Northwest   Territories.     The
next toast,  "The Nelson  Lodge,"
was responded no   ably  by  John
Toye   aud   Robert   Weir.     "The
Sister Lodges" was  responded  to
by Messrs. Stanley,  Annable and
Flatt.     "The Day We Celebrate"
was replied to by  Rev.  Dr.   Morgan.    He stated that the day was
the 300th anniversary of tho discovery of the Guy Fawkos plot to
blow up the king and  the commons and the Bpeaker made many
complimentary   allusions   to   the
members of the order.   "The City
of Nelson" was  responded to by
Mayor  Fletcher  and    Alderman
Irving.     "The   Ladies"   was  responded to gallantly and pleasantly by F. J. Bradley. The last toast
of the evening was "The Host aud
Hostess  of   the  Victoria  Hotel,"
but the host and hostess were too
modest to respond.   It was one of
most  enjoyable gatherings   ever
held by tho   order   in   this   city.
The Milward orchestra, under the
leadership   of   Professor  Steiner,
furnished excellent and appropriate music.
i President of Manufacturers'
Association on Trade
Regiment at Halifax Volunteer Service for South
Montreal, Nov. 5.���At the afternoon session of the Manufacturers
Association reports were received
from different committees on yesterday's work. An open meeting
was held in the evening when
President Ellis delivered his annual address. The most striking
paragraphs in it were devoted to
British perference and reciprocity.
The former, Mr. Ellis was not
wholly disposed to discourage, if
it gained any advantage for Canadian farmers, but pointed out
that Canada's first duty was to
Canadians. The report of Win.
Whyte, of the C. P. R., on his
recent trip to Russia was read by
Secretary Russel in Mr. Whyte's
absence. It was devoted to a description of the country. James
Cummings contributed a paper on
South African trade and C. J.
Alexander one on Canadian manufactures from a British view.
Governmont Says No.
Halifax, Nov. 5.���It is reported
here that the Canadian regiment
in garrison here has volunteered
for service in South Africa, the
offer being made to Colonel Bis-
coe, the British commander here.
Ottawa, Nov. 5.���It is officially
denied here that the Royal Canadian regiment at Halifax will be
sent to South Africa.
Sydney Railway Extension.
(M'l-.. IAI. IO Till!  M1MII.I
Victoria, Nov. 5.���Two hundred
tons of 05-ponnd steel rails were
ordered by the terminal railway
people today to be here by Saturday from Seattle. A cable bas
been sent by Capt. MacKeuzie to
England for the remainder and
they will be brought out by sailing ship.
Up a
N. W. T. Lacrosse Champions.
Medicine Hat, Nov. 5.���A lacrosse match for the championship of the Western league and
the Taafe cup was played here
yesterday between the Medicine
Hat and the Wolscley teams. The
result was rather one sided, Medicine Hat winning by 0 goals to 0.
Murderous Assault���Attempt to Blow
Nanaimo, Nov. 5.���An attempt
was made last night to blow up a
house in Extension by dynamite-
The perpetrator was disturbed
and "threw the explosives into
middle of the road whore they
went off with a loud concussion.
Their identity was not established.
Today two foreigners, Pier
and Loiter, quarrelled over money
at Extension. Loiter attempted
to kill Pier kicking him about the
body most brutally, and reducing
him to a terrible condition.
A Chinaman fell between two
cars loaded with rock at Union
this morning. The wheels passed
over his body crushing the life
out of him.
Manitoba Station Burned.
Winnipeg, Man., Nov. 5.���News
reached the city today of a disas-
terous fire at Mariapolis, a station
on tbe Morris-Brandon section of
the Canadian-Northern railway
between Greenway and Swan lako.
The railway station was burned
to the ground aud all records
 . ��ii
Davln's Bad Example.
Jarvis, Ont., Nov. 5.���J. W.
Rogers, editor and proprietor of '.he
Jarvis Record, shot himself through
the head with a rifle at noon today,
the ball entering the mouth and
passing out through the top of the
head. It is supposed to be a case
of suicide.
Street Car Blown
Scranton, Pa., Nov. 5
A street
car on the Scranton andCarbondale
line was blown up by dynamite
today. The motorman, a nonunion man, was hurled into the
street and  severely   hurt.    This is
Steamplpe Causes Death.
North Sydney, N.S.,   Nov.  n.���
A steampipe burst on the  last  trip
of   steamer    Bruce    to     Port    au
Basques, killing  Dan   McLean,  of
sireci.   mm    JKVCIClJ    "tun.        ��MW   ������ 1 	
the first outrage of the  kind  since I North Sydney, and  fatally injuring
the strike began* ] three others.
i Letter     i
Files i
particular, the
made? If so,
index and covei
For a better 1 (
File made we r
non," witb ind
letter size 00c,
For Olliee Sut
know no better
��� ��/WWWW*
t Tbe family of
to NoIkoii from
und will take u
At St. Paul's
Rev. Dr. Wri|
services both m
.lease Grahan.
dunce ou Mill
Porter, and lef
Grand Forks.
The lit. Bev*j
L., bishop of
Kootenay, will
vices at Kt. Sav:
Tbe subject oi
in tbe liaptist c
Drifting, and
Times. Strai
Another lot ol
came down on
Moat of them
fields of M.initi
intention of re
A company i
the Neloon cot
Mountain Rut
when a oop and
peted for by the
A moi-tiiifr of
of St.Saviour's I
Mindly evenin
ous matters of i
tion with tbe c
will preside.
II. A. Prossei
l.mii.-. where lit
restaurant Ijumu
store and busine
been purchased I
the Old Curiosit
James Anilersc
Monro, of CiimU
lienses for theii
Friday, yesterd
hotel outfits ol
Nelsou furnitun
Men are still c
the Forty-Nine \
portions and
showed up n.-i
Contractor MoLe
mined tbat N��li
ulass driveway.
At I'owder I'oi
is   being   'June
bave   faken   up
A. Walley, nf Ei
.   week   planted   3
-   section owned by
other   ruiichevs
.   busy with the fr
been arriving fn
'��� Or lied 'Ihern on I
When a studi
down from lack
��� focd there are On
either take him
him proper)' on f
tbe brain und ne:
is drupe Niitc.
A boy writes 1
Y., saying, ''A
into a bad cond
but Mother havir.
Nuts Fond begun
satisfied my bn
Other food, and I
vol r.:n. I got lies
My usual morn
pi'.'iit-.l, and fouili
long     period    w;
effects of it.
After ; bad bet
Food for about t\
a new boy ultog
been pale and tl
round and has c
have gained grt
well bs flesh ar
to study now tho
with my head. 1
-in iiialiniis   with
percentage,   extr
them,   nnd   it wa
saved   me   fiom
tering college.
Father and Mr.
Improved by the
Food, Mother
sleepless nights,a
looked ".-livwom.
normal strength i
well iilfc'hts."    E
NitLsow  Daily Miner,  Wednesday.   November b, igol
Tiie Nelson Miner
Pnbll.hml   K.very  Morning  Exoepti   Monday
Daflj por menth, by currier --���    65o
Dally, per niontti. by hiaII     SO}'
l):iily, pcryoar, by carrier �� J J*1
IHIly. porye-\r, by mull    8 W
Daily, por yoAr foreign    9 W
Weekly, per half year *J 2S
Weekly, per year    I W
���Veckly, por year, for'-ign    aw
SiibHcriptiouu Invariably In advance.
KS moot Stroot. R. C.
Oontral  Ptohs Agoncy. Ltd., Bpoolal Agont*
Aloxnnilor & Co.. 521 Flral Avonun, Rpokano
A'ath.. koop toll pu|K>r on fllo. anil arc our
authorised ngont* for advertisements ami nub
A fow yoars ago thore were no
smelters in British Columbia and
all the ore reduced by the fire
method had to be sent to the
United States for treatment.
Now, however, there are a number of smelters and the bulk of
the or9 is treated at homo by
home reduction companies and the
money paid ont for labor iu the
plants and for supplies remains at
home aud is an aid to the commonwealth instead of going
abroad to build up and enrich
communities thore. The first
smelters procured their fuel from
Washington, Pennsylvania and
other states of the union. As
a result of the development of the mining and
smelting industries the coal
measures of Bast Kootenay have
boen opened and the smelters of
British Columbia now obtain their
fuel from home collieries while
the surplus is imported and sold to
the smelters in Montana and
elsewhere. The extracting of the
coal and the manufacturing of it
into coke gives employment to
resident workers where formerly
it went to workers in the United
As a result of its development
what a change has been wrought
in this section and where, a few
years since, there were a few
miners' shacks thore are now
many prosperous and growing
Within a shore time there will
be a new and important change
and the spectacle will be seen of
Republic, the largest mining camp
in the state of Washington witlt a
number of important mines sending all of of its output, and also
that of adjoining camps on the
reservation, into British Columbia
for reduction. There are tons of
thousands of tons ready for stop-
ing in and about Republic, but
which is useless at present owing
to lack of railway facilities and
because the cyanide and other
processes of reduction so far tried
are not satisfactory and do not
extract all of tho values in the
-On Monday of this week the
first spike was driven on the
Republic and Grand Forks railway, which will give the miners
of the Republic and surrounding
camps transportation facilities to
Grand Forks, Greenwood, Trail
and Nelson smelters. This road,
which will be finished in January,
as the grading is now approaching
completion, will bind the Republic
camp and adjacent camps in
Washington to the reduction
plants of British Columbia and the
people here will witness the spectacle of largo quantities of ore
produced in tho United States
coming into Canada for treatment
and aiding in giving employment
to home workers and in building
np the communities in British
Columbia. Tims the whirligig of
time brings its compensations and
British Columbia will get back
what she l'ras paid out for the ores
which were sent to the plants in
the United States for treatment.
In Fast Kootenay when the
British Columbia Southern railway is completed and the Sullivan
Mining Group is in operation there
will be witnessed a similar spectacle. The smelter will need, in
order to flux the wet ores of the
Kootenays, tome of the dry ore
produced in northern Idaho and
northern Montana and  the mine
ownejs have promised to furnish
the necessary supply.
In tho matter of smoltors there
was a need for them and as it is a
profitable form of industrial enterprise to engage in, they have
been built and there is already
more ore available than they can
handle, and still more will come to
them, and, as a consequence, they
are being enlarged to meet the
There is need for a lead refinery.
It is a business which usually
yields a large profit and there can
be no doubt about the successful
outcome for it as a promising proposition. It will do more to put
silver-lead mining on a permanent
and profitable basis than perhaps
any other project that could be
inaugurated. A little hitch has
arisen between tho mine owners
and the parties who have tho project in hand. This slight disagreement should be overcome by
mutual concessions and the refin
ery should bo built. Lead matte
will come to it from the most unexpected places as ore is coming
to the smelters at present. It is
certain of success and no time
should be lost in starting work on
this most benefiial enterprise. In
the matter of lead refining British
Columbia wants to be able to rely
on herself the same as she has iu
smelting. When the refining plant
is a snecoss the next thing will be
a copper refinery and from tho
way tho gold-copper mines are
producing it will not be long before sufficient copper will be produced to keep a plant of this sort
in profitable operation.
With plenty of smelters, a lead
refinery, a copper refinery, the
mining industry would, indecd.be
in an independent position and
could afford to snap its fingers
at the American lead, smelting
and copper trusts. AVe would
then be perfectly independent of
We havo a most wonderful mining country and it is large enough
and rich enough to be independent
and to stand on its own base. We
must have the courage of our convictions take the initiative more,
have self reliance, and not be cast
down or think the world is coming
to an end when obstacles are met,
but meet them manfully and in a
little while we will be able to
show tho world what the mining
resources of British Columbia
really are.
Inquiries have been made of late
as to the date of Thanksgiving Day
this year. For a long time the
habit had been in Canada of holding
Thanksgiving Day on anyone of
the Thursdays in November. A
the weather is finer in October than
in November and as the celebration
in the latter month interfered considerably with lake and canal navi
gntion during a period of the year
just before the close of navigation
on account of the ice it was thought
expedient to put the holiday back
about a month and last year it was
celebrated on October i8lh. What
suited ihe transportation interests
met with the objections of the
grangers as they are busily engaged
in laic harvesting and in fall plowing in October the holiday lost for
them a day at a time when it was
of importance, Thjs year it was
at first determined to declare
October 31st as the day but after
careful consideration of all ine interests affected it was decided that
November 28th would offer the
least Inconvenience to those interested, and it is the same day
which the Americans observe. For
having the same day in the two
countries there is a good reason
brought     forward. There     are
many thousands of Canadians
in the United States and a number
of these like to partake of th
thanksgiving feast at home with
theirpeople, They see the announcement of Thanksgiving Day in the
American papers and naturally conclude that it is held at about tlv
same time in their native land. Last
year a number came home to celebrate the day n ilh their relatives
only to find that they were a month
behind time.
In View of Coming
.. Events ..
wc are paying special attention to the requirements of
The Ball Room
We cannot go into details but we would  ask  you   to  have
A Look at Our Windows
We have the choicest, newest and daintiest goods procurable in the best markets of the world, and at prices which
will agreeably surprise you.
Our Fall Stock of
Furniture and Carpets
Is now complete.
Wo buy of tho Largest Manufacturers nuil Impniters.
J. G. BUNYflN & GO.
The Complete House Furnishers-
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
There is nothing like Asthmalene. It
bring9 instant relief, even in tbe worst
cases.   It cures when all else fails.
The Rev. 0 F. WELLS, nf Villa Ridge,
111., nays: "Your trial bottle of Asthmalene received in good condition, I oannot
tell you how thankful I feel for the good
derived from it. I wdb a skive, cliainnd
with putrid sore tbront, nnd nsllimu for ton
years, I despaired of ever being cured. 1
saw your ndveilissruent for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, Asthma, nnd thoaglit you bad overspnken
yourselvesi but resolved lo give it a trial,
To my astonishment the Irial acted like a
chnrm.    8��nd me a full size bottle.
Iter. Dr. Neurit Wi.-lislrr,
Rabbi ot tlni Cong. Bnai Israel,
RBW Yokk, Jan, 3,1901
Dn Tait Biios. Mbdicinb Oo���
Gentlemen : Your Aflthmnleno is nn
excellent remedy for Asthma nud Hny
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
troubles which combine with Asthma.
Its success is ttstnnisuing nnd wonderful.
After having it carefully nnalyzed, we can state flint An.tbmalene contains
no opium, morphine, ohloioform or ether.    Very truly yonis,
Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1901.
Dtts. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.
Gentlemen : I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested tbe
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene, for the cure of Asthma, My wife has
beon nfllcteil witb spasmodic asthma for the past 12 years. Having exhausted
my own skill as well a* many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon your
windows on 130 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of Asthmaleno.
My wife commenced taking it about the first of November, I very soon noticed
11 radical improvement. After using one bolt.le her Asthma has disappeared
and she is eutiroly free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend the medicine to all who are afflicted with this distressing disease.
Yours reapeotfully, O. 1). I'UBLPb, M. D.
Dn. Taft TSnos. Medicink Co, Feb. B, 1001.
Gentlemen : I was troubled with Asthma for 22 yenrs. I have tried nnmer
mis remedies, bnt they have all failed. I ran across your advertisement aud
started with a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have since purchased your
full sizod bottle, Bnd I am ever grateful. I have a family of four ohildren, and
for six years was unable to work. I am now iu the best of health and am doing
business every day.   This testimony you can make such use of as you see fit.
.Home address, 235 Rlvington street. S. RAPHAEL,
07 East 129lh St,,New York Oity.
Do not delay.   Write at once, addressing  DR.   TAFf BBOS, MEDICINE
CO., 71) East 13t)th St., N. Y. City,
Sold by All Druggists.
Though long delayed it is evident
that British Columbia is soon to
have a representative in the Dominion cabinet. The Ottawa Citizen,
one of the foremost of the organs of
the Fedeial government, in an
article which is supposed to be inspired says it thinks that Hon.
William Tcmpleman. of Victoria,
will go into the cabinet to succeed
Sir Louis Davies, who is tobe given
a seat on the supreme bench. Mr.
Templeman at present is senator
from Westminster. For many
years he has been proprietor and
editor of Ihe Victoria Times and in
that capacity he has shown himself
to be broad-minded, capable and
energetic with a comprehensive
grasp and liberal treatment of
affairs from a newspaper standpoint
Mr. Templeman is a pioneer of the
province and in his capacity of
journalist has kept in close touch
with its industries and has watched
them grow trom small beginnings
to their present size. Although he
is a resident of the island and is, to
a  certain   extent,  an  Island  man
still he has paid frequent visits to
the interior and hence is in touch
with its interests, its wants and its
ambitions, and as he is too broad-
minded a man to neglect one por
tion of the province in order to build
up the other if he is made a cabinet
minister there need be no apprehension that he would not look after
our affairs fully as well as he would
those of the Island and the Coast.
The Federal government could
scarcely select a man in the province
who would give more general satisfaction than Mr. Templeman,
' Don't Let Them Suffer.
Often children are tortured with
itching and burning eczema and
other skin diseases but Bueklen'i
Arnica Salve heals the raw sores
expels inflammation, leaves the
skin without a scar. Clean, fragrant, cheap there's no salve on
earth as good. Try it. Cure
guaranteed. Only 25c. at the
Canada Drug Hook Co.
Be  sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FUSE,not
something that looks   like   It.    Lawrence Hardware Co., Agents.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce j
With Which 1> Amalgamated I
The Bank of British Columbia. "
Paid-up   Capital,   18,000,0001    Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 805,0110,000.
HON, GEO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, ttenerul ManiiRer.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street,  I-:. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And C8 branches In Caniulu and the 1JnlLe.1l Status, Including:
Atlin Grkknwood Nklson Sandon
Fiihnik Nanaimo Uosslanu Victoria
YUKON DISTIUCT-Dawson and Whitk Hoiisk.
UNITKI) STATUS���New York. San Francisco, Skatti.k, Portland, Skaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposit! Received ind Interest. Allowed.   Present Kate it 1'i-r Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager. *
The new Coal City is owned l>y the Similkameen Valley Coal Company,
Limited; who have placed ono thousand lots OS the innrkel at the following
prices: front960 to 8225, one fourth cash, balance three, six and nine montin,
without interest.
There is also asninll lilock of the Ihst ono hundred thousand shares remain-
lo be sold at 35c, 5c. a share down, balance in six monthly payments, Whou
these are sold the shares will he advanced to $1 each by the Oompany.
The Company's land, including Ihe townsite of ArIiiioIii, is underlaid with at
lenst three fine seams of coking, steam and filruaoa coal. The Gompnny also
own Ihe water rights nnrl at laast 86;000,000 feet of line Limber. All the above
is owned by tbe one Company, nnd every shareholder will participate in the
prolits accruing from flic aula of any of tbo above mentioned property.
A full force of men nre now at work nnd will be keyt on continually dining
tbe year.   For further Information apply to.
R. J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson, B- C
Or Vedder & Cunningam, Greenwood, B. 0. j J. K. Church, Vietmiii, B, C.; W
W. Fellows, Sandon, B, O.; C. E. Douglas, Vancouver, H. 0.
Gold, Silver-Lead   and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who bave promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining rren are requested to make the EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelsou.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON,
��� \
N, B 0.   {
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
����.<IT. ********   _l_*
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tnree Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mail to ai��w branch will have careful and oramot attention-
stamped on every
garment, insures
Hyou genuine
, the most perfect, most liealiliful
most  delightfully comfortable'
. underwear made.   Endorsed
��y physicians.
JH&vSiB" *���*
���i^sSlorc��|li,0p(U|1     *
: West Transfer Co:
Coal�� Wood
���.. ANE[
Best  Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
I Office on  Baker Street TeL 83
Spokane Falls A
Northern JTv.
Nelson  <fc Fort
Sheppard R'V'
Red Mountain R'v.
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Bullet
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of
larger railways in Canada or
U. S.
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and  i��
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Lenve DAY TRAIN Arrive
0 -M a. m Spokane 7 lB5 |>. m
I2*5p.m Itossland 4:10 pm
10:10 a. m Nehwn 6:05p.m
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Waa*
Ageul, Nelaon, BO
the Nelson   Daily Miner, Wednesday November 6, 1901
f  MfNING NEWS.     |]
At the Mining Recorders ofl.ce
^following enterics were made
CX, Ella,  two  and onP.
.jfTues southwest of Ymir and
SngSe May Blossom by Bob-
pencer. CertiHcates of work
Joseph Duhamel on Pelton,
public and RepnblicFraction; to
Snry   Beichart   on    Monarch.
��2* ���>��� L- 8tomford\ Neil
M(,U,ilo.nan, Frank Seaman, James
Skene and B. B. Migbton to Roys
ton Gold Mines, Ltd., the Royston,
Lton Fraction, Nellie, Skene-
ie, Adonis, Bruce, Lady
Queen mineral
Morning Mountain,
the Itoyston Group,
T. Mowat to Frank
Ids interest in tho
his interest
di��v, III"'
Mlrito, Golden
WHOLESOME        :^
'iSu^erior to Alum B^kiog
Ppwders.' Equaltoanv.
^Bpr^MiAiurn Baking;
l$$iei and costs ^ ;
C half thp price    \��,yJ
Tho C. P. R. compatiy are putting in warehouses at Trout lake
in connection with the branch of
railway being put through.
above claims, also all
In the Boston Gold Minos, Ltd.,
N. Iliutmaii to Moses St. Charles
one-fourth interest in the Air-
castle on Stag Leap Mountain, C.
Wilson to Muses St. Charles one-
fcmi'th interest iu Silver Crest on
Stag Leap Mountain.
Yesterday the Royston.Royston
Fraction, Nellie, Skcneilow, Barrie
Adonis, Bruce, Lady Minto and
Golden Minto and Golden Queen
mineral claims were transferred
to tlio Royston Gold Mines, Ltd.
This transfer brings the holdings
of the Royston company up to 10
claims making it the largest pro-
petty holder on Morning ronun-
tnin, Its holdings take in nearly
all tho north and west slope of
mountain, and nearly surround
the Atliabasc-a and Juno and
Venus groups and includes practically all tho tunnel sites on the
On the Silver Hill mine tramway two thirds of the supports
for the cables have been put in
and the terminals and oro bins
completed. Might horses were
shipped yesterday from Nelson to
be used on tho work which is to
be rushed on to completion as
rapidly as possible. There is no
snow on the level in the vicinity,
but commences about half way up
all tho work, however, has been
completed that the snow could
interfere with.
Corpoi ation of the City of
BY-LAW   NO    101
1 Ky-l.��w In Keuaril lo Pui-rhiiNinsr Certain
Power I'rolll Un- West kiliitelniy Power
anil Llfclll Company.
Hair Brushes
Nail Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Clothes Brushes
We arc showing a
splendid new lot at
Very Low Prices.
Hair Brushes 50c. to $3.50-
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
H. & M. BIRD
50���Six roomed house on Victoria
street, close tu the city ball all
improvements. Cash $1050, balance easy terms.
$500���Three roomed furnished honso
and 50-foot lot on Hoover street.
81100���Two story house and corner lot
close lo depot. Cash $500, balance easy terms.
$15.00���Pour roomed   cottage on Ward
818.00- Six room house on Robson St.,
close to Stanley street.
10,000   Royston   Hold     Mining   Co.
shares for sale at 5 cents.
obtained in all countries
Reg i.stered   Patent   Attorney,   Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman.    Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver,   B    C.
Write for full particulars.
If there ia anything jmni requira.ask
for   it   in    b�� column   of the Miner.
The Kaslo yosterday brought
down two cars of Rambler-Ctiri-
1)00 ore for tho Solby smelter at
San Francisco.
S(u|is ilit' I'ou^ll
;uul WiirVKOir IIir t:oi��i.
Uxnllve Hi iimo-Quinine Tablet* ouro n oold
iu ono day,  No Ouro, No Pay.   Price 26 oentfl
A meeting of those interested
in tiie project of establishing a
branch of the Young Men's Association in Nelson, was held Monday evening in the parlors of the
Congregational church at which
there was a largo attendance, A
committee was appointed, consisting of J, W. Nunn, B. James, J.
Burgess, and W. A. Eraser, to canvass for subscriptions towards the
association, and to ascertain what
the sentiment towards forming
tlte organization would be. It
WaB felt by those who were in*
Btnimontal in starting the movement that such an institution
would provide an acceptable place
for many young men to spend the
evenings who were at present
forced to uncongenial aurround-
wige. Another meeting is to be
held shortly when it will be decided whether tho plan as at
Present figured out will be feasible
Mid arrangements made for or-
/Tho Municipal Counoil of iho Corporation of
Iho City of Nelson in Council Assembled enaota
UH tijllliWM
1. Subject to the torms, conditions und pro*
v atona nerolneftercontained, It i* agreed Hint.
tho Corporal ton sluill take and the Oompany
him 11 BUpply electric pow-r at. I he sub Niation of
the Company iu t Im llity of Netwm for tho
lower and lighting purpose of the Corporation.
2. The quantity of powor to ho I, ikon by the
< 'Orpor itli ii from the Company will * ot bii lem
than 100 horse powor, such horse power to bo
delivered ut a pressure of 2200 volts.
3. Tho Company will supply all tlie reguHt'
if�� npparal ixstu their sub-station for regu<atli>g
the power necessary for properly operating in-
candesoont lights.
i. Tho Company Shall supply power from 100
horse powor to WO horsepower if required by
tho Corporation at tho same rate a* hereinafter
agreed upon, without furthor notice. Tho ex-
etm of powor over 100 horse powc r to bo
eh ��iKed for according io tbo horse powor used,
In oa��e of iho Corporation requirin' further
powor tho Company wilt agree to supply tho
4-iiiiu n'ronSO dajH notice Upon Iho following
biui<: In tiiKo LBO to800horse power la required
by t,lie < 'orp ration, the Company will at? oo to
supply the same tip to 200 ho-so powor as ro-
qulreuOllftrging for a minimum of 15. hor-o
powor And for the excess of horse power over
151 according to tho borne poweruwd. In ease
200 tn 360 horse power Js required by tho Cor*
porntion the Company will agree to supply the
Nunc, charging for a minimum of 200 horse
power and from that Up to ItfiO horse power according to the power used in case 300 to 800
horse power i* required br the Corporation the
Company wl<l agree to Hiipply tho same charging for uminimu nfHOOhorKo powor and from
that up to KM horse powor according to the
horse power used    lu  easo  350 Ift  4U0 horse
power is roqutr u by the Corporation the Com-
nanj wUlsgreoto supply the suhe charging
for a mh'iiiiiim nf350hor e powor and from that
up to ioo horse power according t-�� the horse
power used. In erne 4iflto 450 horne power is
required by the Corporation, the Company wlh
nKrue to Hiipply tho satno charging for a minimum of 400 horso power and from that up tn
450 horse p iwor accord! g to tho horso powor
USid. In case of 450 to 50W horo power is required by the Corp ration, tho Company will
iiKi'ee to s��pply the sarin1, charging for a minimum of 450 home power and from thnt up to
500 horse power nooordintf to tho borne power
used. It being tbe into lion th*t the Company
will always keep In reserve 50 hOrSO p wer
over nnd abovo iho minimum stated by tbo
Corporation to ho required, nnd shall charge
for the said 50 horso power according only to
tbo horso power usoi,
.And it is understood that tho highest; minimum load fur any moii li during the contract
hereunder shall be the minimum load for each
or t ho nnsning months during the contract, unless the minimum is increased by tho Corporation.
5. Calculations Of the quantity of poworused
by thoCorporation aro to be ba��od upon tho daily
average peak lo d. such peak load to bo at*
rived at by tuki g volt-ampere readings, and
tho calculations made from such readings.
such readings shall be taken after the powor
has passed through tho regulators.
0. Tho Corporation will pfty to tho Com
nauy monthly on the 29th day of each month
for Iho powor used (not being less than lto
horse power) during the preceding month at
Ihe following rato: For all horse powor up to
800 horso power at ho rate of $1.75 per horse
powor por mouth; and for all homo powor i
excess of SUJJ horso power at tho rate of *3.33i
por horso powor por mo th.
7. Tho powor supplied by tho Company shall
ho continuous as required during tho whole
Advertisements inserted under this head at
the rate of one cent a word per Insertion. No
advertisement) taken for less than 25 cents.
Situation   Wanted   advertisements   inserted
three times free of charge.
FOB RENT.���On Josephine street,
between Silica and Carbonate street
an eleven roomed house excellently
adapted for a private hoarding house.
Contains all conveniences. Thoroughly
renovated recently.    Beer ltros.
BOOSE!   tu rent   on Vernon    street.
Apply Cttptalrj T. .1. Duncan.
iniUNISBI)       ROOMS.���Apply       on
Si liuu,     second   door   west     Ward
ROOMS and HOARD.���HVery convenience;   Honlli cast   corner of   Carbonate aud Josephine street.
BOOMS TO RENT.���K. VV. c. Block-
Two rooms on suite on Ward St.,
also rooms faeii-g the west. On September 1, two sir^ie rooms nnd two
or three on cti.to facing BnWer st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. F.
J. Srin.re, ltoom 41,  K.    VV. C. Blouk.
WANTED���At Oi.ce unfurnished rooir.
��� P.O.Box (174.
You can put in your coal   and  then  li^ht  the  fire
from the top.    It has a large ash pan so  the  ashes
can he removed   without  trouble.    It  has a
grate so the clinkers will go down in   the  ash
Ask for the
Ox Air Blast
WANTED���A     position    as     housekeeper for family ov   mess,    or   any
place   ol   trust   by   an     experienced
woman.    Apply O,  Miner Ollice.
of  help
O.    Ilox,
EMPLOYMENT.���All hinds
wanted ���Orders for help
prompt attention. 11. Purdy,
Dient ii/eut. Phono 44. i'
J. HODE&TSON & OO.���Next door io
_ Mienuw Tout, Ollli-u HiiiMini;, Vermin
NrlMHi.    Itiiy '(ill 'H'1 -"'-- Ni^fll'|)llonu  'Jul.
_Ll N. M. Cuinuiiiiri, Leasee��� Kvory known
variety of xofl drinks.   1* O itox _.   Tulopiion
Nu. M. lioOVOr .Sl,li:i:L, NulHOU.     Kul I ii.T.. Of   Hie
i.ujiuiis riL. I.eun Hot UpriliKs Minural Walor
C1ANH; St MAl'llONAl.l) 111. ('ami, Jalllo
I A. Miicdonaldf���ArcliiLocLs aud Htipurin
tundonld, ItiuRnn Hill Ulouk, cornor Hakur and
Ward 8U-U0LM, isuluon
MACDONALD   & Co.-C'ornor   Fron
and  Hall sirucu���Wholesale  Krocur
ami jobbui-ri in blankuU, kIovuh. nun.-, boots
rubburs, luacklnawrt and uiinors* huuiIi-iuh.
Ii   BURNS ft Co.-IJakor ritroet, Nulson-
.   WboloHiilo dealers iu Irut*h u d cured
luuat*.   Cold MLoraKO.
. .     Baker ULruel, Nelsou
til's in fresb uud cured meaLs.
Baker airuet, Nelsou��� Wholesale dot.
J   Street,   Nelson ��� Wholesale  duulius  in
iou ��� VV holesak
iiiiuers' supplius, spurtiuK gooils
WANTED. ��� By a woman work of any
kind.     Would  pofer   looking   after
offices.    Enquire at Welson Cafe.
WANTED���Hy yOUDR   English    lady,
certificated,    position   as governess,
II. It. II., Y. VV. (J.  A., Vancouver.
WANTED���A   pood tinsmith apply to
C. V. Comer & Co. Calgary Alia.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry,     Hood   wapes,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,   H.   C.      A.
Guthrie & Co.
Incorporated under the laws of British Columbia.
Capital % 1,000.000 in 1,000,000 Shares. Par Value $ 1.00 Each.
All Treasury Stock.   No Promoters* ami \o Preferred tttor.k.
NELSON Employment Agency, linker
street.    Phone 278.   J. II. Love.
Wanted.���Railroad   men for Lardo.
Bridgemeu Tie     cutters.       Wood
Choppers.        Laundress.        Girl     for
M'LACHLAN BUGS. {SueuesHorn to Van
(���Oliver liurdwuruCo, Lhlj lukcr Strivi,.
Nrlson u huli-.s;i)i! duulurH in ImrOwuru und
milling HUppliuH, i-luinticr.,' uud iim-unUi-.' uup
piiMii,n, oiin Him kiii.'vi; uiechauicrt' uiulu
AnonU foi UnUirio l'owdur W'orkH;  ljii.miii.n
X    aud Jonophiuo tilroutn,  Nulrtou���Whclo
Cornur Vornoii
  Niiil.-.uu-   Win In
��uln deulurt* in Uquortj, uitfurH, uud dry K-'ml-i.
AgeuU for I'iihsi Brewing Co. of Milwuukoe
uud Ciilj^iiry HruwhiK Co of ('nl^.u'j .
HUUdON'S BAY Co.-WholoHiUu uruounu-i
and liquors etc, Bakor StruuU Nolnon.
Oflioo oornor Hall and
 .            _ front SLreuw
NoIhoii���Lutnbor, coiliiiK. flooring and uvory
thinK In wood for buildiuK purpoHOH. Get out
prieui-t.   CorroHpondoiico Kolicltod.
Cambourne Group, 9 Claims Oyster Group. 6 Claims
Located in the Free Gold Fish River Camp,   Lar-
��.:..:��� n:..:,.:���,.  British Columbia.
dean Mining Division,
Large Veins.
Free Hilling Gold Ore
Wonty-four hours of each day.
8.   If by roiwon rf any accidon
8. If by roarion rf any acciaon or any rause
Whatever ovor which tho Co-npany Hhull havo
no oontrol, a stoppage In the supply of powor
hhall at any time occur, tho Corporation shall
bo allowed a rebate from tho price in ttiU
tiKrecmont provided, proportionate to tho actual i line, of tho said Nloppage.
0. Tim riur-it ion of the nifrcoiuont hereunder
shall be I'..r thu period of cue you" from tho
date tho Company shall cotmuonrothodolivory
of power to 1 lie Corporal inn. which date .shall
nnt bo later than December Is1, l'.Hil.
10. in the event of any dispute or difToronco
ari ing between tho Company and tho Corporation i'i rcKtU'd to the conntruciion to he placed
on this hy-Taw or the contract to bo executed
embodying tho provitfionH hereof, or tho administration thereof, or any dclnilriof bllHillOHH
between tho Corp. ration and tho Conn any in
roSpQPt thereof, ilie Kiimo cliall bo referred to
tho arbitration of threo arbitrators, o o to
bo oliOHcn by the t'otnpany and ono by the Cor-
liorntton aud thrho two arbitrators BO HOloHed
'-' '��� ,1'1"'1 "'x1 "��>v dceiriion upon the
hull Holoota tliird, and anydv���.��� ,...._
r--vl   rnoiuiharrl\od at by iho majority of
BUon urbltratora shall bo final and blmliuK up
point or |
Li view of the splendid showings of both high and low
grade ore and ��the unrivalled facilities for the economical
developing and working of the properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will the present issue of stock be sold
quickly, but that no more will be offered at less than par.
"   nquirics for information, or applications for
FIII.K IHIIIIwr <inl<l I'rwprrllci-Wi- nre
HlixlouN lo si-cure n IVw rrer mf IIIiik sold
propertied id once. The ProHpctlor** IX-
ehunge, Nelson, B. ��', Boom 4, ll.-W.-C.
UOI.il-SILVEROOPPBB i.Kto   Mum    I
pronpeclH wanleil. Semi report ami sum
pIch lo the PriMpeclor'H Kxehnngc. Nelson.
���Ml.   it...,hi I K.�����'.('. bloofc.
Money to Loan at 8  per Gent.
ORIces now occupied by R. M. Mnc-
ilonnlil; iinssiissidii l)c:.  1st.
7-room liouae, rnodcrn convenience, $82.
0-room luuw, modern oonveni
enci'i   SKI.Ml.
4-rooiu liouae, water only, $11.
Two lots, Observatory 8t, 1J4I50.
fi-room lio'.i.-u', Uarbonnto ��t.   SI.iiiki
7 room house, Carbonate Bt,   (2,100,
GALLON fc OO.-Doalera in ore Backs
aud twinoH. Always a largo Hloek on
Telophono295.  Room II, K.-W". C lllock
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
l69 nelson b c
Wlndsrnisre Mines.  OomapondenoeSolIoll
stock to
P. O. Box 556, Nelson. B. C.
Official Broker.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Another ridiculous food fad has hocn
��..?u . by tl'" moRt oompetont
n ttiorltloB. They lmve dispelled tbe
"Jiy notion that one kind' of  food is
n '"ifil for bruin, another for musclos,
""still ���r���)Uior for bones. A cor-
JJM "let will not only nourish a par-
"Wlw port of tho body, but it will
��u��Hln every other   pai't.    Yet,  how-
"r Rood your food inity be, its nntri-
���"t la destroyed   by    indiffestion   cr
. Pt'iwm.   Yon must prepare for their
I'l'inince or prevent their coming bv
wnj reuolar doses of (Ireen's Angust
hi���ui ' ".'" ,n'"nte medicine of the
���>% millions. A few doses aids
h..,ii "' ,Kti",-'l��<��s the liver to
' Uliv notion, pnrlfluH the blood, nnd
��us you feel buoyant and vigorous.
r��ZTKvi 1)r ��- ��. "reen's reliable
u�� (Ireen's Special Almanne.
on both the Corporation and company. Such
abrltralioii othorwiHo >��� hull be ]<ovi'i nod by the
prcvlHioimof Iho Arbitration Act. being Chapter II uf tbo Itovirtod Ktalutort of Uril.Wh Columbia, an ' any aniendinont thorut) now or hereafter made.
It A contract PfAbodytng tho provlnions
licroof and eovenaidHi>n tne na t of Iho *'om
pany to confotin to aud.fullii all in-iu-.r.-i ad
hrovlfuona hereby r* quired of It, nbail bi
drawn anil Hlmll bo oxeoutrd by Ihe Cor,mm
lion and the Company within ono month aftor
tho date on wht'-h thiH bylaw Hhall take effoct.
12, It Isundoratood that nothing In this bylaw contained Hhall be construed aH eonfnrrln#
upon tho Compan: -��-*-�� n_ ���W|
uneratu or uutri
Fresh   and   5alted   Heats
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors wesi
C.P.R. offices.
iv any rii?ht or privilege to
Kinicii.M- ui ........ iliule or dlHpoKc  of electric
light or electric powor within l be limits of tbe
City of Nelson except to tho Corporation.
18.   In t,'l"1����inw hhn axnrofflion "The
mean tin
and iho oxph
-invii refc. ._
'owcr & ! .luht. Company.
in thini>y law tho oxprotfion "TboCor-
herovor UHjd Hhall refer to and
moan the Oorpotation of the i by of Nelnon,
.. .'10 oxpriHHlon "Tho Company" wherover
nurd shall refer lo and mran the WonI,
nay *" "
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.  O.   TRAVE3,   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nflson.
Orders by m-atl receive careful and prompt attention
WokI. Konto-
.Inilted, Its sue
This by-law shall take ofToot and bo In
force on and after tho iiOLIt day of Novomuor.
IS.   Tli's by-law may ho citoil as " The I'nwor
Hy-I.aw No. 11)1.
1 inn,- and nasHod In f'ouncll asHomhlcd this
day of 1U0I.
von   rised  heMtbfnl Hygfitiio
TAKE NOTICK that tho above U a true copy
of tbo proposed by-law upon which tho voto of
tho Muutfl|iallty will ho lakon on Tti'-Hday tho
llHh duv *"
of November luHtant  between  (ho
treet and for the
.... IllllJl     iiiou.iii.     ...
.." Jghto'olook A.M.and! o'olotilt i'.M
for tho Kant ward at tho city Polloo Court o
tho eant Hide of .loHephluc .,  ._
West Ward at theofllco of Ward Urothorn on
the north Hide of Maker street between Htanley
and Kootenay ntrocU In tho Oity of VoIhoii.
Clerk of the Council.
Motion. ii.O,,
November 5th, 11*01.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
Wo are nnc-wing tbis uoamm a full
line uf thi'Hi- ironds and aolicit your
(Btei'inid patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral   l��l��"�� and mines suiveyed.
CARS : : :
Will pay the bigheut oanh prion for all
kindH of Himond baud goods. Will bay
or sell soythtng from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, atovea, oaiperU,
-ooklng ntensils, bought tn bnnaehold
.jnanlitioo. Alio oast off clothing.
Oall and aee me or write. Addrew
Silver King Hike, Box ano. Ua��
Street, Nelson,  11. C.
addition  to
Orows' Nest Section-
Leave  Kootenay  Landing
Tuesday and Friday  for  St
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for Toronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate poinis on direct
and try a bottle, a dozott, or a barrel of
��� -'��v bebf. _ :;
aALQARY BEER  ����< ft' 1h tho bom and
eapuHt   on    tin)    market.    Altto   try   our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
PRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M.......
Tnlr tiliniii! D3 Uak��" HI... NelHOn
Civil Engineer* and Provincial Land
V. O. Box US .Nelson, B.C
For Itcrths, timetables, raloa nnd full
iiifcii-iiiiil.iuii apply to.
H. L. Bi��)wn,
Oity Paasongcr Agent
, H. (Iaitru,
I)is. Pass. Agl.
A. (I. I��. A.
��� SEK ���
West Block. East Baker St. __%W
better      i
Files )
particular, the
made? If so,
1 'Accountant,''
index and oovei
For a better 1:
File made we ��
non," with ind
letter size 90c,
For Otlice Sut
know uo better
i Tho family of
to Nelsou from
and will take u;
At St. Paul's
Rev. Dr. Wrii
services both m
Jesse   Grahan,
dence   ou   Mill
l'ortnr, and   lef
Grand Forks.
The Bt Eev?i
L., bishop   of
Kao'enay,  will
vices at St. Sav:
The subject ol
in the liaptist c
Drifting,   and
Times.        Strar
Another lot ol
came down on
Most oi them
fields of Mailitc
intention of re
A compnny I
the Nelnon cot
Mountain Run
vili'-n a cup aud
pctetl for by the
A meeting of
of St.Saviour's c
Mciid.y evenin
ous mutters of i
tion with the c
will preside.
II. A. I'rossoi
Louis, wheie lit
restaurant tntnin
store and outline
linen pnrohased I
the Old Curiosit
James Anilerw
Munro, of Ciestc
lienses for thei:
Friday, yesterd
hotel outfits of
Kelson furnitun
Men aro still i
the Forty-Mine l
portions and
sliovred up ns
Contractor McLo
mined that Nell
class driveway.
At Powder Poi
is being done
have taken up
A. Walley, of Ki
. week planted :i
section owned by
other ranchers
. busy with the fr
been arriving frj
- Or F>.ed Ihem en I
When a studi
down from lack
- focil thorn are on
either take him
him proper)' on f
the bruin nnd nei
is drupe Nuts.
A boy   writes I
Y., saying,  ''A
into   a had corn!
but Mother huvir,
Nuts Food begun
satisfied   my   hu
other food, and II
velost, I got lies]
My usual morn
penred, and fount
long     period   wi
effects of it.
After : had bee
Food for about tv
n new hoy Alton
been pnle anil tl:
round and has c
have gained gre
well hh llesh an
to study now tha
with my head. I
animations with
percentage, e-tr
them, and it wa
saved inn fiom
tering college.
Father ami Mc
improved bj the
Food, Mother
sleepless nighls.a
looked I aivworn.
normal strength i
well i.lghts."   D
Nelson Dailv Miner WednESjay. November 6,  tool
Letter        Do yon   waut a good      Freight shipments of   produce! storm which is general along the
Files Letter File, one that Is j from the ranches along Kootenay west coast of the island.
honestly made In every
particular, the lest cheap File ever
made? If so, r.e recommend our
' 'Accountant,''   with     double    arch,
Index and cover.   Price fiOe.
For a better File, in fact, tho best
File made we recommeud the "Shannon," with index and cover. Price,
letter size 90a., Cap size $1.00.
For Office Sundries of nil kinds we
know uo better place than the
lake have reached to a consider-1 Information was sworn to today
able amount this season, each charging D. Falconer, editor of a
steamer bringing in shipments.; weekly paper, with criminal libel.
In another three years the ranchs The information is sworn to by
in the neighborhood of the city Mayor Hay watd.charging the city
should  be able  to supply all the | officials with corruption.
Colombia Gains an Ally.
London,     Nov. 5. ��� A    secret
j treaty is said to have been arranged between  Chili and  Columbia
J. McIJriile, who came in from
Robson on Sunday night Buffering
from erysipelas and delirium
tremens died at the Kootonay
Luke General hospital yesterday
at noon. He was 53 years of age
and as f.ir as known had no relatives in this part of the country.
He will be bttried  this  afternoon.
Three cases of smallpox are reported from Bossbnigas occurring
among tho railway men working
near the town. The state authorities took immediate steps to
isolate the cases and no further
danger is anticipated from that
quarter. The strictest inspection
is still maintained on the Spokane Falls & Northern railway
and will not probably be mitigated for some time. Medical men
state that the outbreak of tho
past two years have been wider
in the areas covered than they
have ever known outbreaks in
many years. The disease seems
liableto appear in any part of the
continent and a large proportion
of the cases have been of a virulent tj'i*. They lay the cause of
this to soldiers returning from the
wars in Cuba and the Philippines
vegetables  aud most of the fruit
used iu Nelson.
P.   _. Johnson and   A. Johnson
arrived here yesterday from Moyie
and are registered at the Queen's j whereby Chm will 8upply Gul.
hotel. They brought with them' bia with __ ^^ _ene.
the body of Thomas Johnson, 1^ ,n Tetu_ fo_ Colombia sup-
their brother. Tho latter wasl ortil)g chili at the Pan-Amori-
drowned in Lake Moyie on Wed- ^ congreHH in the city of Mexico.
nesday last by the overturning of
a canoe, while he was crossing the
lake en route for the Lanib creek
placers, where he had a contract;
to sink a shaft   to   bedrock
Miss Sibbald, has returned to Nelson, after a three months trip east.
She will take tho place of Miss
Dynes. Misses Irvine and Sibbald
will be pleased to meet the Indies of
Nelson, who kindly patronized the
former dressmaknrs. Peters & Dynes.
Ilroken Hill block.
' L. S. Otis, piano tuner, having re-
tuned from a vacation trip is again
ready ior business.
Should Bt Ted Just Eight When Growing.
When parents are at a loss to
know what kind of food to supply
their boys aud girls it will interest them to know of the experience of some mothers in the selection of food that actually does rebuild and nourish the young folks
in their school duties.
A schoolgirl in Springfield, Mass.
writes, "I wonder if you care to
hear from schoolgirls, and I wonder , too, if you have any idea how-
many girls there are who are
troubled as I was before I used
Grape Nuts Food.
About a year ago I began txi
have severe headaches and could
not sleep well. Was so nervous
that I would cry at the least little
thing, and finally began to have
attacks of faintness. My parents
were much alarmed and thought I
would be obliged to give up studying. Our physician said my
trouble was extreme nervousness
and a disordered stomach.
I was tired all the time and rode
home from school because I did
not feel able to walk. Mother
tried to tempt my appetite in
every way. Breakfast I did not
care for, meat I could not endure,
aud the different cereals I did not
care for as a rule.
I attended the high school and
we have an excellent lunch room
in the building. As I kept getting worse Mamma said 'I am going to try this Grape-Nuts Food
that I see advertised, but I am
afraid you will not like it.' Well
she got a package of it and it was
so delicious in taste with a little
cream poured over it that I liked
it at once, and since then Grape-
Nuts has formed the principal
part of my breakfast. I have also
a banana or orauge with now and
then an egg.
1 wish you could see the difference in me. I cannot tell how
much I bave gained in weight for
1 do not know my weight when 1
was ill but the difference is great.
As for strength, I walk both both
ways to school and do not feel at
all weary from it.
I can study much better and am
entirely free from headaches; 1 am
so well, in fact, that I am very
happy. 1 fall asleep almost as
soon as my head touches the pillow and rest thoroughly.
I am afraid my letter is lengthy
but my subject is Grape-Nuts of
whioh I cannot sny too much."���
Clara L. Condon.
The mother adds to this letter,
"I would liko to add just a lino
expressing my gratitude also for
the benefits which my daughter
lias derived from Grape Nuts. Re-
spevtfully," Mrs. I. C. Condon.
Food Changed to Polslon
Putrefying   food  in  the intes-
 tines produces effects   like those
ijijjg I of arsenic,  but Dr.   King's   New
,    , ... ...        i Life Pills expel  the  poison  from
body was finally recovered from dogged bowels, gently, easily but
the water at a short distance from'surely curing Constipation, Hil-
where the fatal accident took j lor.sness, Sick Headache, Fevers,
place. The Johnson Brothers f>U Liv��"'. Kidney and Bowel
, .   ,       r      r^i        ���    w.,,.1.    Troubles.    Ouly 25c. at the Can-
leave today  for Oiympia, Wash., 1^ DfUg & B(*k ^
Where the   body of  their brother _________
will be taken for interment.
During the past season considerable lumbering lias been done
along tho line of the Crow's Nest
railway between Cranbrook and
the border line of Alberta. The
but in the Lardo, outside of that
removed in clearing the railway
right of way has not been very
great, the demand not beingstrong
enough for the Lardo timber to
meet the difficulties encountered
in getting it to a point of shipment. During the summer mills
have been established at about
a dozen different points in the
territory on the Crow's Nest mentioned, and a large quantity of
first class lumber got out but not
enough to more than fill tho local
demand. Iu the Lardo the cedar
especially is of excellent quality,
and is claimed by experts to be
the equal of any to be got in British Columbia. With the opening
up of Lardo by the advent of the
railway this timber will be made
avnilable and a flourishing lumbering trade will be built up iu I
short order, the proximity of the
Kootenays to the timberless
country of the prairies, as well as
the large demand for lumber
locally creating first class markets.
& CO.
\  Cigars...
i Phone 117
N. E. T. CO.
Forty minute service until 11 a. m.
and .-liter 7.40 p. m., 20 minutes between.   Leaving at
The King's
Saturday November 8th and our store will he closed. To make
five days receipts as enort as tbe regular week we will give
SPECIAL REDUCTIONS on many lines of desirable dry goods.
The Rossland of the Lardeau
Full particulars of
Col. W. N. Drayton, of Kaslo, is
at tho Hume.
Miss Gertrude Phair returned
yesterday from a visit to Grand
A. 11. M. Hodge, manager of the
Giauby smelter at Grand Forks is
at the Phair.
David Simpson, assistant manager of the Rank of British North
Amerii a, at Vancouver is at the
Mrs. Bruce White returned yesterday from a visit to Boston
where she has been spending tho
Rev. J. II. White returned last
evening from New Wcstminer
where he has been in attendance
at the meeting of the executive
committee of the Methodist
church of the province.
W. Hart Mcllatg, of Rossland,
came in yesterday afternoon fiom
being on a hunting trip with a
party at Kitchener, as a guest of
W. Blakemore, of the iron mines.
They were after big game aud
under direction of a guide spent
neatly a week in the mountains.
Though Mr, Mellarg and the guide
went over the summit of the
mountain and spent tne night on
the snow they had very bad luck.
��� IS  THE ���
Leading Scotch  Whisky
Slanlrj St.
7.00 a m.
6.45 a, in.
7 40
Twenty miiui
7.40 p. m.   at
the hour,
and 20 to
KUnlry St
7.40 p  m
S.00 p. m.
9. JO
10 20
last rat
last car
Ladies' Tailor Made Suits
Tailor Made Suits made of Pebbled
Cheviot, Homespun mid Storm Sorgo.
Colors,Oxford (irey.Navy. Brown,Mack
Kawu. Jackets made with Lapels.
Doable Breasted aud Silk Stitched.
liaeri throniihnnt witli goon quality
Italian. Skirts made with flared
Flounce, lined with Peroallne, binding
of Velveteen.   The SIT    " -    -  ���
and $18 liues thia week
Tailor Made Suits made of Broadcloth,
Colors, Fawn, Brown, Muck. .lacketH
made tight fitting, hnttoned. Li'aaglir
Collar, military effect, lined throughout with Taffetta. Skills made with
Inverted Plaited bank. Flared and
Strapped with Silk, lined with Perca-
line and bound with Velveteen. The
$25,00 nnn$'iT.50 this tf QQ fifi
week     w����%\j\j
:t!lt I1I1U,   U1UUIUM
Ladies' Black Bromloloth Capon, <)o
inches long, mode of all wool material
Neat, Trimmed with Kontaohe Brpia'
storm Collars, Regular 80.50 j
aud <_'.:,(),    This week.
Ladies Brondolot- Cai/es, colors. Blank
and Navy, 80 inches loin:. Pleated baok
Trimmed with Mohair Braid and high
Hull Collars. Regular 810 50 f"
'11ns weak	
lors. Blank
aaterl imt-k,
1 and  high
Jacket* mnde of Rood quality beaver
Colors Fawn, flrev. Black, having [_\
pels; Plain or a Velvet Collar. Semi.
Fitting Muck. Lined throughout wilh
Serge Silk. Regular $H 00 ~
This week	
 K     WMI1
Prices Cood for This Week Only.
W��rd & Baker Sts. Nelson, B. C.
The 10 p. in. car from Stanley street
meets the 10.10 p. m. train at the depot,
goes up Stanley street and then to l'.o-
Good lots for sale in Addition "A"
close to Tramlines. For all information apply nt the Company's oflice,
Vernon street.
Managing Secretary.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sasb Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mil! at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSOU
R. P- Rithet & Co-, Limited
P. O.  Box 521
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Oouper���London, ���65. i2s. up 7s.
spot; ��04. lis. lid futures: New York
$!0.��5 to 817 for l��ke. II6.37 M to 110.
02* for casting.
Lend���London, ill. ins. up Is. 3d.;
New York, $4. :i? :i.
Silver���London,   K%d  ;   New  York
Shi ii'111111   Much
1 .titi.r   Is In
Delayed   An
Victoria, Nov. 5.���Heavy atorma
delayed shipping considerably to
day. Among the stnamera delay
waa the II. M. S. Empress of Japan
bound for the Orient, which laid
in tho Roadfl all day wniting for
tho wind to subside. The N. P.
It. Str. Queen Adelaide coining
from the orient ie 17 days out and
ia no doubt being delayed by the
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always in
We carry a complete *lock of OOMt Flooring
CeUingi btfUtfl Flnii-h, Toned Work, Baoh and
)>ooi>. Special order work will roceivoprompl
aiU'titioir   Mail ordcrn -oiirivd.
Manufacturers ofBEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways nnd Underground Haulagt
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
"Gbe IRoval Bank of (Eanaba'
(feplUl   Authitrlzril,
Incorporated 1869*
9X000.000.00 I   IMpllul   r-til-UU,       ,     ���      ���        #'>,<HMi,lHHUM)
Km!, ��� ���      *        ���      ���       ���    (ftlJiMi.miu (H)
ftiiard of Dlrcr.tvrn     FhomM K. Kenny.  Presirlonti;   Thomas Rltohlo, Vloa���Prcflldont
Wlloy _(ulth   H. Q. Bauld, Uo_. Dtvid MacKeen.
Hcuil Office, Elalifn~:
General Manager, Kdr-on L. _Vi-*o, Montreal.
Supetlatendont 0/ Hrnnchos. and Secretary, W. a Torrance. HaM&Y.
Quebec���Montreal.   (City   Office).   M on tret
Went Knd iC'or. Notre   Damo and Bclg-
neurs HtreetH);  WoHttnount t(\>r. llioone
Avenue and tit. Oathariuiw  Btrooti.
< 1 a larlo ���O tta w \.
NcYiTuunUland���9L Johu'ti.
('aba. West Imdirn��� Havana.
I'mint Hiatal��� New York (l(i t_Tcha-iR0 1'Iac*
Republic, Wanh.
Neva   ImN-- HallfBX   Hriui-h,   AntlgouK
Uiidgowaler, Ouyi.tioro. l,ODdoiitlerry, Ln
entrani. Maltlmid (Hunt., Co.), Pictoti, Port
HawkoHlmry, ttyducy. tinubonacadie.Truro,
New    Braanwle- _ Bathui-Ht,     DorWwstor,
Frederlcton, KlufMton (Kent f'o.l. Monc-
tnn, Nowrawtle, Slick villi). St, Jolui.WooiNuii'.lf
IV K. Inland���CuarloLUrtown, xuiiuner-iilu.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,
Va-conver East End, Victoria.
('nrrrnpiinilriitx t
Caaada���Merchants Rank of Canada.   Koxlua-National Shawinut  Bank.   (��lilr��i;a��� ���lllliiiil."
Trii��t ai'd Suvlmti) Bank.   Sau Fr.ncl.ro   Flint National IHnk.   Lnndon,   Ku*.- Dank of
Scotland.   Farta, Praace���Credit LyoiinaiR.   Ilermada-Hank of Horuiuda.   China ami Julian���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.    Spokane���Old National Bank.
Qencral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of exchange  U��ugti
and Sold, L ttere of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tbe most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on ppeciul
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Homl OfRre-Hrndrvx ��nd Vnnn. "t.. Nfll��n
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan line Tunisian  Nov.  7
Allan Uoe Corinthian Nov. 16
Boaver lino Ijake Himeoe Nov.  8
Beaver Line Lake ManiLuba Nov. l.'i
From Portland, Me.
Dominion  Line   Vancouver  Nov. lfi
Domi-iou Liuu Domiuion Nov. 23
From New York
Canard Line   I'mbria, Nov.  9
fun \nl Line Luc tiiin Nov. lti
White Star Line Hajeetia Nov.   (i
White Star UnaOeeaalo ..Nov. 13
American Unc Philadelphia ' Nov. 13
American 'J',ie ii'-- ,uu' Nov.90
N. G. 1_ Kaiwr Wilh elm derQiraro No... hi
IHinbunf-Aim ri(~m Fuist, Bi.-niaick...Nov. it
French Line 1_\ Uascoane Nov,  7
Fiom Boritot
Oonard Line Ultonla.  Nov.   1G
Dominion line Commonwealth Nov. 27
Gen. A-pTent. Winnipeg, Man.
J. S. CARTKH. D. P. A., Nulxon
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Kootenay Street, Next Oddfellows' Hall
P. O. BOX 633.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nrlsoo. R C.
Will always havca well tried and reliable
remedy in the bOBM for scalds and bnrnc. ��-
ii<���.������drill - %rc liable to occur <%t any time without wnrninK- OritTlthn* Menthol Li"imnnt
Htojw *hc buniiiiK ^nsationinntantly and produce*) that hoi thinu nnd cooUnK sensation, a
virtue po**iwod only by thin remedy. No home
rihould be without It,    I'r ce25>ccnta.
KortoJeby J. )r. VuAtooe  Nel��m. a C.
You should'nt   send out of town for
cards   for yourself   or   your   husband
until yon see what The Miner can  do
j for yon.
Shortest and quickest route Lo the east and all
points on UiO O. IC & N. end Northern Pari tic Itnilwayrt in Wa hiii^Lon, Uregou and
Qontbern fcuua.
Time Card Kfectlve August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
5:30 a. mi. Lv.
lU���o p.m. Ar.
t Kaslo
Ar. 4:00 p. m
Lv. l:i: p. m.
Iut Nav- & Trading Co.
Nf,l>ON-   KASMI   UOITi:,
��� >:\!" p. in. Lv. Nelson Ar. 11:00 a. m.
It:l'i p. in. AT. K.��-lo Lv. 7:<��i a.
ConnectlnK at Kivc Mi!o Point with Neloon
i Kurt - huppard  ltailway  both to aud from
lio- -i.unl. otc       	
T.fki-t ������ -old to all part* in United States and
Canada via Ureat Northern and U. it & N.
( '<l'h line*.
Ocean steamship t'ekets and rates via all
line- will in- fui M-lird nn application.
tor further particulars call on or address
v��n����nr. KapIo.B.
G. K TACK\m;KY AuMMit. Nehun H. ('.
NELSON I,Ol)GE    No. 23, A. F. &
M. maotH Recoml WodoOBday III
nioni.h.   Vi.-i! ini; brathern woloomo
I. O. O. V. Kootenajr l/xlK"
No. in, meolJ. evory Mon.liiv iil��lili
at  Iholi   'lull.  Kooloniy street
ts-xlourniiiK Odd KoIIowm oordlallf Invited.
John A. MoRao, N.O.   1). W. Bttthorford, V.i)
Krpd J. Squire, Per. Sec.
Nelnon ltoval An-.h Chapter No. 1��. <������ _ L
Mecls third Wednowlaf. sojoiiriiiiK eoiinwi
ionn Invited. Georue Johimlone, /.. *��������
I MatthoWri. a. K.  __^_���
/5^0^meoi> io K. of I', hall. Oddfolloyffl bloc*
JBovoryTuosdaj evoniiig at i o oJook,
/AH visiting knighta cordially lnvile
Wm. Ikvink, CO.
A.T. 1'AiiK, lv. of It. amis.
NelspnJCnoa   pment No. 7., Mootijeve
ry ind
. artd't'ih Vvi'day of'iinchni'oiiili.'iii odd fej0"?
PALAOE DINING AND OBSERVATION  h*,���'^',, j^__^0^o%'S
Hrs.""vki"ting broihci-s always welcon"'
Close connection East und West-
hound ut Spokane with trains of the
Kpnkane Falls mid Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St. I'aul wiiu-
out change of depot with all trains (or
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York .	
aud all points West and South. I    Kootenay Tent No. 7. K. o. T. M.. hold tjiojf
Leave. Spokaae daily for East at 90S a m I u^ou'u^T aufSrS' TiSiIiS %\ jM
Leaves Spokane daQy io: West at 7:15 a.m \ njontt. l^i^&^&oS^
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 8 4)0 p ui   'it. j .dtool, 0. a, v.
NKLSON L. il. L. No. IBM nicci* in ft*
tcrnily Hall on l!rsl and third Krlday evoUUW
uf each uionill at 8-I'clotk. VIsltUlB ""'l,',[l"'.r
oordlally invited, w. \v. Bradley, w.K.
A.MlDty, R.8. .
NKLSON AJf.lUK  No. Q, F. ft  K., meoW
every nccond and fuurih WodueadayB ofwfj
in ontli.   VIhIlIhk   ineniborH cordially
Oharlos Promor, rt��irel*rT.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage
Apply to O. h. UUiNOX. Bakw 81.
West-hound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, Ban Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
theinagniticent8teainships North WesJ
and North Land of IheNortheru Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern ltailway.
For further information, aps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls .v Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ky , Kootei ai Hail way _ Navigation
Co , or to
City Pass, and Tkt   Agt,  W  701   W,
Riverside Ave., Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKARUHY, Local Agent,
Nelson. B C
Brewers of Pine Lnger
Beer and Porter.
-4m- B.0
Iut and 3rd Wednesday eve ling*��
each  month   at  Kiawrniiy,l>��(|;
IS III   utroets.   Vi��IUng brothern com
%===^   lally Invltwl n_��__v
EliWABD Miici.KOl). SecrotwT.
_ O.   K., No.   8UW.
MeotingV ifh ThuradaVef ,"'��!|*-1,^"itT
[eetlngs tih Tbnndt
hall. J A Irving C K.
Nelnon Court Star of   Lootennj,  A. 0.
Moots 2nd and   tth   Wodaesdayj in "J.
month.   VlHllini! brothron welconio.   w . ��'
Millar C.ll    I'nhnrt MnlxiOd bee. ^
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning Immediately
ou arrival of Bteamer, at tne
rate of '   ,
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent,


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