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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 26, 1901

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 Daily Edition No.  it
p,.Q. Inf.; .u
LttrktV r**1 00
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Thursday,  September 26,  1901
Eleventh   \'ear
Nelson  Opinion   Unanimous
for B. G. Representation
!n Federal Cabinet.
Vast Interests Requiring Inti
mate Knowledge for Judicious Administration.
There is but one opinion among
Nelson people as to the advisability,
from the broad point of view of the
good of western Canada, of Hritish
Columbia's being given representation
in the Dominion cabinet. Thc subject
is not a new one but has simply beeu
brought to tlie front again by tho appointment of Hon I.. H. Davies to
���lie llcnch. Since Hritish Columbia
joined tlie confederation of provinces,
representaton in tbe cabinet has been
a foremost question with all wbo took
an interest in publio matters. For ��
time, Sir John Macdonald while
premier represented thc city of Victoria, but he coukl not well be called a
western man. For a short time,under
tiie Conseivative government, 'Col.
I'rior, of Viotoria, was at the bead
of tiie Inland Revenue department.
Those were the only times in whioh
this province had a cabinet minister
at Ottawa, The conventions of both
political putties have passed resolutions in favor of it and cabinet representation was a plank in Mr. Galli-
liei'h platform during   last campaign.
The Miner obtained tbo opinion of
several Nelson men yesterday and the
views of one were practically those of
all, aud some very strong reasons were
stated why a man from Hritish Columbia sliouk' roeeivo the appointment to
tlie Dominion cabinet.
S, S. Taylor pointed out that the
western part of Canada was a very
huge territory, to keep in touch with
every part of which waB more than
could be expected of one man. If we
hud a representative in the oabinet it
is likely that definite action would
hnve been taken sooner on various
railway ma tiers of mnch importance
to Hritish Columbia, such as the
Crow's Nest Southern and tbe V. V.
*v E As to tho Crow's Next railway
the cabinet did not understand the
position taken by southern Hritish
Columbia people until Hon Mr. Hlair,
minister of railways, came out himself Tho knowledge of mining matters which a man from this province
would have wonld have beon of mnch
value to the government in dealing
witli the Klondike. Then, too, the
Chineso question was one that eastern
people did not understand aud were
not dooply interested ir. When the
olush arose botween Mr. Mclnnes
aud his cabinet, tho advioo of a minister familiar with proviuoial affairs
woulil undoubtedly have brought about
a course of uation that would have been
more satisfactory than that taken,
lie was very strongly in favor of cabinet representation for this province.
Fred Irvine wus strongly in favor of
cabinet representation for the province as thereby public feeling in western matters would be proporly and
peisistently kept forward. There was
a vory large territory west of Manitoba from which Hon. Mr. Sifton,
the only western moaiber of the oabinet, comes, Mr.Irvine instanced mining
mutters which, he thought, wore not
well understood at. Ottawa, else more
attention would have been givon to
them. The government in times past
had not seemed to realize the immense productive capabilities of Hritish Columbia and it was very important that its interests should be constantly and carefully k��pt to tbe
VV. A. Macdonad instanced quostions
in which there had been clashes between tbo province and the Dominion
as to which had authority. People in
tho east did not care and did not
know how much importance, wo hore
attach to Chinese Immigration bnt we
should know whether we aie u self
governing colony with power to pass
such regulations as Natal had taken
or not. Were there a Britisli Columbia member in the cabinet the present condition of affairs wculd not
have arisen. As to tbe fisheries loo
tliero had been a conlict, both tho
Dominion and the province issuing
licenses to fish on the Fraser rivoi.
tt  was [also   very   necessary that a
member of tbe cabinet should be
familiar with the requirements and
conditions of the mining industry.
It was of very important that Hritish
Columbia snoutd have cabinet representation, which it had not had since
Col. Prior bold a poitfoliu.
Statistics of population and trade
show what an important part of Canada Hiitish Columbia has become.
Tbe lecent census returns show that
this province has a population of
1-0, (100, the Northwest Territories
145,000, and tho organized territories
75,(100. The estimated ordinary expenditure for tbe Dominion government for 1901 is SI,450,000,and in rail-
nay subsidies 81,139,700. The customs
imports for 1809 were 86,773,512, on
which $2,111,322 was paid in duties.
Tho fisheries in 1900 produced 80,787,-
780, about one third of that from tho
whole Domiuion, Thero are 1,443
miles of railway within the province
costing for construction and rolling
stock, it is estimated, $58,433,431. Iu
HIOO there was exported to foreign
lands and84.'J10,568 feet of lumber and
225,000,000 shingles were B'nipped to
other parts ol Canada, while the exports from the mines amounted to
811,940,815. The shipping trade of the
provinoe amounted to 8,401,792 tons
last year.
Oompers and Mitchell Call on Him
to Prove Insinuations Made.
Now York, Sept. 25.���In an open
lettei issued today at the Ashland
house, Samuel Compels, president of
the American Federation o[ Labor ano
vioe-piosident of the Cigarmaaeis' International union, and John Mitchell,
president of the United Mine Workers of America, and second vice-president of the American Federation of
Labor challenged Theodore J. Shaffer,
piesident of Amalgamated Association
of linn, Tin and Steel workers, to
prove bis statements recently against
them regarding their aetion in endeavoring to secure a settlment of the
strike of steel workers. The letter
whicli is addressed to Shaffer says in
part: "There was sent out by tbe
Associated Press and published in the
New York papers a statement purporting to emanate from you in which
grave charges and insinuations are
made by yon against the undersigned.
There is no doubt in onr minds tbat
the statements referred to were made
by yon. We believe tbat you should
be afforded tho fullest latitude in
justifying your course and your
charges and at the same time pillory
us if we deserve it. On the other
hand, you will realize the impossibility of onr allowing your charges and
insinuations to go abroad and stand
unanswered and ur challenged.
"Wo submit the following proposition : Fiist���That a committe of three
shall meet either in Pittsburg, Washington, or the city of New York, for
the purpose of hearing and determining tbe charges and insinuations you
have made against ns.
"Second���That if the committee
finds us guilty of your charges and insinuations we will resign from the
presidency of tho American Federation of Labor and the vice-prosidonoy
of tho Clgarmakers' union, from the
prooidenoy of tbo United Mine workers and fiom the second vice-presidency of the American Federation of
"Third���That tho committee shall
consist of tbree mombers of organized
labor to be seleoled by you from lists
"Wc ennnot imagine that you would
make grave accusations against us
without premeditation as to the consequences; we, therefore, insist that
in oommon justice to us and with
deep regard to the interests which
both you and we reprfsent, you will
advise us at the headquarters of the
American Federation of Labor, No.
4235 C street, N. Washington, D. C,
within three days of your acceptance
of our proposition."
St. Petersburg, Sept. 25.���A report
issued by the Minister of Finance M.
DeWitte shows that the winter grain
crop in ths southwestern provinces is
excellent and that it is about medium
in noitbern Caucasia and Finland.
The winter crop is only mediocre in
southeastern Russia aud in the Volga
provinces. This spiing grain crop is
everywhere worse than the winter
orop on acconnt of drought.
Halifax, N. S., Sept. 25.���S. Looke,
who shot his threo children at Looks-
port some time ago, was plaoed on
trial today. Tho jury brought in the
veidici tbat Locke was Insane. He
will be confined in the asylum until
ho recovers bis reason and will tben
be tried,
Kingston, Sept. 25.���Rev. Principal
Grant's condition is more favorable
today. i
The Royal Train Will Reach
Winnipeg  at   Noon
the necessities   of life, and which the   ~D"P A TYSJ    "Dr\~D
oriminal   code provides   tbat a father   i\i��ja.iJ I    X UJtti
cr   guardian   shall   provide   for    hi*!
Greeted   With   Cheers   and
Bunting at Every Settlement Passed.
Fort William, Ont., Sept. 25.���Tbe
special trains bearing the Duke and
Duchess of Cornwall and their travelling companions westward to Hritish Columbia spent tho day on tin
rugged north shore of Lake Superior,
and by night hud put Fort William
and the lako behind tbem and wen-
speeding on towards Manitoba.
The day's run was for the most
part through long stretches of unsettled country but at all the widely
separated towns and villages the people gathered to offer tbeir cheers and
weloome to tho Royal party. Then
were lumbermen, hunters and miners
aud Borne Indians in tho little cro vds
and the welcome was always a boartj
one. The railway stations were all
decorated and each ,ittle settlement
had a display of Hags and bunting.
Tbe first crowd gathered at Chapleau
which was passed at daylight and far
to the westward after night had come
the people were still gathered about
the stations as the trains swept past.
The Royal train stopped for au houi
at Bolkow to allow tbe party to dress
and the Duke left his car for a brisk
walk. Both the Duke and Duchess
took a lively interest in the country
through which they passed and greatly
enjoyed the wild rugged scenery.
They were particularly interested in
the sixty mile run along the ledges
and promontories on the lake shore
from Heron Bay to Jack Fish bay.
The lako was constantly in sight and
the views along the rock rimmed coast
were a succession of impressive pictures . The earlier hours of the day
were bright but in mid afternoon it
began raining and the temperature
fell to chilliness.
The Duke and Duchess will reach
Winnipeg at noon tomorrow and an
alteration in plans which will extend
their stay waB made today. They bad
intended to leave there late in the
afternoon but have now decided to remain for dinner at Government house
and will not resume tbeir journey
until late tomorrow night. Some of
tho time will be made up west of
Winnipeg but it ib probable that
there will havo to be a slight rearrangement of the western schedule.
Paris, Sept. 20.���The Journal oflioi-
ally publishes today a decree appointed General Florentine to be Grand
Chanoellor of the Legion of Honor in
the plaoe of General Leopold Delvout,
the Duke of Austadt. This is likely
to raise a storm, as the Figaro and
other anti-ministerial papers assert
that the reason for tho removal of the
Duke of Austadt is tbe luct that he
has opposed conferring tin) decoration
of the Legion of Honor upon certain
persons whom the ministers wished to
reward in tbis fashion,
London, Sept. 20.���"It cannot be
denied," says the Daily Chronicle,
"tbat tbe Americans have given us a
handsome beating, which cannot bo
explained away. Tbe only consolation is that we excel unmistakably
in stamina as the Americans do in
the dast " Tbis is a fair sample of
the comments in the morning papers
today upon the contests at Berkley
Berlin, Sopt. 25.*-Prince Chun, thc
Chinese onvoy, will not return home
by way of tbe United States. Iu accordance with the telegraphio instruc
tions just recoiveJ the prince will go
to Genoa and thence on October 1st
will sail direct for China.
Halifax, Sept. 25.���Nominations for
Nova Scotia elections took place today. Six Liberals were elected by
acclamation and no Conservatives.
The-elections take place October] 2nd.
Rossland  and Butte Teams
Meet  In a  Special
by  a Very Narrow
oblldiec. The prisoner was remanded
to jail and tomorrow will be allowed
out to appear fur sentence when called
upon, ne furnishing bonds to the
satisfaction of the attorney general,
lingers admitted that the teachings ol
Eugene Brooks, who is also oharged
with causing the death of the children, led him not to call in a doctor
wlien his family were Buffering from
diphtheria.    Brooks will not be  tried
Americans Win  The $1000 until November 4th.
Evidence of a rather sensational
character was brought out at the enquiry in the afternoon session. Dr.
A. W. Phillips said he was not aroused and only went out because his wife
heard a noise and was uneasy. When
they reached tbo deck all tlio boats
and rafts liad left and they were
drawn down with the steamer. He
eame to the surface again but bis wife
and daughter did not. Mr. Preston,
also of Seattle, testified that the boat
in which bo left the ship only contained 14 people, one of whom was a
tiromau. They did not pick up others
us thoir boat
were nut oarsnio
tion that the captain 'was drunk was
his action in waving a jtarowell to
some friends on the wharf at Skagway
with both hands, and his actions in
an argument. No one seemed to havo
charge of tho boats but when he laft
the steamer there seemed to be nu
more passengers to take away. It
took the men about two minutes to
lower a boat. They did not seem to
understand it. In one boat there were
only seven men and they all looked
like members of the crew, one of
them having a unifoim on.
He judged tbey were mombers of
the crew because they had rough
clothes on. They may havo been
laborers or miners. No one aroused
the passengers and nn ono ordered the
boats to stand by. He heard a man at
the inquest at Juneau give evidence
to the eft'et that the pilot was drunk,
and his wife remarked as he came
aboard the ship at Skog ay that he
looked as though he had been drinking. Mis. Preston testified tbat the
captain looked as though ho hud boen
Capt. McLeod of the steamer Danube
testified that when ruining nortli and
thinking there is ice present, be keeps
a lookout aud when tlie weather Is
tnick two lookouts. Boat drills be
said aro not generally practiced on
tbis coast.
Mate Green, of Tacoma, swore positively that the captain and pilot were
drunk. The captain was at the bar
for two hours and bo had seen him
take two drink. If all the boats had
not left tho ship many more lives
would have been saved. Two of the
lifo preservers picked up after the
wreck had been weighed at Juneau
aud weigued 45 und 10 pounds respectively. The enquiry goes on tomorrow.
A Chinese boy employed by Mrs.
Baylies, 131 Chatham street, was acci-
rlently shot by Guy Haynes, a 17-year-
old boy this evening,and died tonight.
Tbo boy was trying to extract two
cartridges from his shotgun whon
thoy were discharged. This is tho
boy's statement.
The Prospects Are  Good fur
an ExclMng Contest
Spokane, Sept. 25.���Not satisfied
with tlie result of yesterday's driling contest when BradshaW and
Kreetby, tho Butte team, beat the
'���eeoi'd of Boss and McLood, tbo Rossland team, made tbe previous night
the latter challenged the Butte mon
fo drill again for (1,000 a sido. This
match came off tonight. Before a
orowd of 2,000 peoplo in tlie big tent
used by the Wilts' carnival shows, the
Butt'e team again defeating Boss and
McLeod. It was otily by a olose margin that Butte carried off the money,
for an inch more by the Rossland
team would havo turned the tables.
Che Butte team drove the drills dowu
52 inches, while tiie Rossland team
had 511-i inches to its credit when
time was called. Both teams wero
unfortunate in selecting tho spot to
start tlio drills. The grantia must
have been obstinate when tbo drills
negan to penetrate to a depth, for
drills stuck for both teams and there
was considerable time and distance
lost because (f that fact. Ross swung
the hammer like a demon and McLeod
came down on tho steel with temend-
oub force, but luck was agaiust the
Hritish Columbia visitors lt semed
to be an eveu thing to the betting
fraternity, and Butte money found
ready takers at evens. Rossland was
last to drill of the four teams in last
night's tournament, and tho exicte-
ment was at fever height during the
last moments. When the judges announced tbat Butte had carried off the
31,000 purse there was a gioan of dis-
inpointT'ent from a large contingent
who fancied the Scotchmen. Davy and
Stevens, of Marysville, Mont., drilled
53% inches against 49~{ inches by
Patterson and Stephens, a picked
team. These teams had better luck
with the reck than the other two.
Damaging   Testimony    Against    thc
Captain and Pilot Given.
Victoria, Sept. 25.-The inquiry
into the loss of the stoamcr Islander
reopened tbis morning, K. V. Bod-
well being present to represent the
Dominion government and elicit all
the facts. Commissioner Gaudin aud
Mr. Bodwell had a little tilt, Capt.
Gaudin asking Mr. Ilodwell to stute
wbat instructions be had from Ottawa. Mr. Ilodwell said it was unusual for counsel to disclose instne-
tions hut he proposed to cross examine.
This, privilege Capt. Gaudin was not
disposed to grant and Mr. Ilodwell
suggested adjourning for an hour or
two until spocitie insturetions could
be got from Ottawa. Finally the
commission allowed the privilege o'
cross examination and the hearing
Dr. Phillips, of Soottle, testified
that be had bad a drink with Capt
Foote the night of the disaster but
was not diunk. His wife was awakened by the shock and commented on it
but no alarm was raised und bad it
not boen that he looked out into the
Baloon nnd saw people putting on lifo
preserve]s ho would likely bavu gono
down iu bis cabin. When he reached
the deck all tbe boats and rafts lad
gone. He could not find lifo preservers in tbe state room but found soir.o
in tho saloon,
A. W Preston gavo similar ovidonoe
in regard to the failure to warn passengers. He also stated that Captain
Foote acted In a poculiiar manner
whicli loft tbe impression on his
mind and that of his wife tbat ho bad
been drinking. Several witnesses testified that tho pilot and captain wero
drunk at tbe time of the accident.
John Rogers, a member of tho
Christian Catholic Church in Zion,
was today adjudged guilty uf manslaughter by Mr. Justice Walkein on
the charge that ho caused the death
of liis two children by failing to provide   them with   medical   attendance
Betting Slightly Favors American Boat hut Owners
Say Nothing.
London,     Ont,,
reucbed hero today
New York, Sept. 25. ���Weather
��� sharps and yachting experts united in
predicting that a breeze will blow
j tomorrow that will give the Shamrock
II. and the Columbia a nice which
will be memorable lu tlie long series
of cup events. When the sailors of
cup yachts and their attendant vessels
* i i ��� I      a i * * *..     I ��� r *.    n      - ' I :    i i ;   -. , '.    i     . . - -
,    , .        '       ,        turned   out for the Inst week   of prep*
vas   leaking and thev I       ,.        ,   , ....     ., .
,    ,.   ,.   *    aration    today,    a 30-mile   wind   w;,a
n.    lhe   only .icdicu-   , . , . .
lucking   up   the   white caps In Sandy
Hook bay and outside a heavy s��a
was running aud sailing vessels were
pounding along nnder close reefed
sailed. While tho wind died with the
sunset the weaterwise sny it will
como aguin in tlie morning.
Neither Sir Thomas nor Mr. Duncan
cared to risk a trial uudei tho conditions of wind and water that prevailed iu thu first half of day, but at
2 o'clock when the wind had fallen,
the Columbia's mainsail was hoisted
and a few minutes later she sailed
away under mainsail, club topsail,
stay sail and jib. Sho returned in
less than two hours and made fast to
her buoy for the night. After a consultation with Manager Jameson and
Designer Wutson, Sir Thomas Lipton
decided that it was not necessary to
take the Shamrock out for a trial
spin, so she lay moored at hor buoy
all day.
When Sir Thomas was told today
that as a result of tbo official measurement of yachts, Shamrock would
have to allow tho Columbia I.'I seconds
in a .'10 mile course, be was much
"Don't you think we hav�� a splendid chance to win the oup?" he remarked. "We fully expected to have
allowed tiiuo but of course wo are
very well satisfied with the lesult.
And again I say, may the best boat
win. if tlio Shamrock should lose, I
can certainly say that I have done
everything a man could do to put the
yacht in perfect condition for the race
and I think every one admits that she
is as nearly perfect as can be "
Tlie two yachts lie within bailing
distanoe of each other. It has beeu
seen that skill nnd experience onn suggest, Uut none of thu principals will
malic a prophecy us lo tho outcome.
(Inly the betting shows the trend of
opinion and the prevailing odds aro 10
to a on tbe American boat. In some
instances these have been increased to
10 tu 7. but so far as can bo learned
no largo wagers have been laid.
Tho final arrangements for tin* races
are complete and tbe regatta committee having the matter in charge
fool assured that everything possible
has been done to givo each yacht a
fnir show. As was the case two
years ago, the course will be patrolled
by a Meet ol revenue cutlers in command of Captain Walkei of thc Revenue service and the yachts will have
an unobstructed oourse ol a least a
mile wide. As is usual iu all American club cor.tests.cluts represented mi
the opposing yachts. Buller Duncan,
who during tin* past, year managed
ih,. Constitution, will represent the
Now York Yacht olub on board tbo
Shamrock II. Gn the Columbia will
he II. M. MoGlldowney, of the challenger ot the Royal Ulster Yacht club,
a gentleman nf wide yachting experience. It will not bo known until tomorrow what coarse tho committee
will render.
The olllcinl foreenster at Washington, Frank En field, of the weather
bureau, tonight made the following
prediction of tbe weather foi tomorrow's yacht nice. "We will have tomorrow oil Sandy Hook.light to fresh
noith to northeast winds and fail
Montreal, Sept. 25. ��� During the
Royal visit, loeal hackmoii made u
rich haul, refusing lo drive fares in
some Instances for  less  than   *t*i  por
hour. Ono man was liuulud tiefore
court today anil lhe recorder promptly
fined him 910 and costs and announced that uny citizen who had been
overcharged or who has been unable
to secure a hack for tne legal chnrge
by coming before him with his complaint would receive attention. II is
expected that the recorder will
kept busy.
of   tin
death   in
South Africa id Lieut. Skirving of llli
st. oompany, Imperial Yeomanry. He
wont to South Africa with tho Strathcona horse and when he returned to
Canada received a commission in the
Yeomanry. Ho was wounded in action on September 5th and died September 0th,
Belleville, Sopt. an.���The Belleville
FMectrlc Streot railway was sold at
auction today and purchased by
Mayor Graham for $0,750 for parlies
in Toronto who hold bonds of road.
Hamilton, Sept. 25.-Fire this morning did   190,000  damage   to the premises of Chadwick Bios.,    brass   luanu-
whioh tho trial judge hold  was one of  iacturers.   Insurance |5,(X)~,
London   Ont., Sept. 25.���The entire
morning   sessicn   Of   the Sifton   tria
was occupied in tho cross examination
of Herbert.   Ills story was not shaken
in    the     least.      He    said     that     he
confessed because he    was   afraid Sifton Would attepmt to throw lbs cutirn
guilt upon bi   , 	 ti&mtmmmm 'H jto^jIM *oim*>ioo\mmjrvriekWi'M
NkLsort Daily Miner, Thursday, zWTtmm it, *$��
^_,u- ^M-pnn t. n���* t<t*ti^>E*y.E*��3oremioi^iomoi *e&r^^!**a&tU*i*yW wmy-fr^-*-^;^^
The Nelson Miner
lllsbed   Every  Morning Except   Monday
Daily, por month, by carrier     05c
Dally, per month, by mail      GOc
Dally, por yoar, by carrier V 7 <*'
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Daily, por yj*r foroiKti    J *W
Wookly, i  r half year  $1 25
Wookly, por year    |W
Weokly.por yoar, foreign    *> w
ubscrlptious Invariably In advance.
115 Floot Struct, E, C.
ntral  Prosd Agoncy. Ltd., Spoclal Agonts
Aloxnndor & Co.. 521 Kirst Avenue, Spokane
vViwh.. kocp this pupor on lllo. and ure our
authorized agents for advurUaouionla ub
The Americans are to lay a transpacific cable and it will be constructed without the aid of the government. A company has beon incorporated in Albany, New York, for that
purpose and it tiled its articles on
Monday last. lt is made up of a
syndicate headed by John W. Mac-
kay. The cable wil. stretch from
California to the Philippine islands
oy way of Hawaii, a distance of s.fiOo
miles. The portion of tbe cable from
California to tho Hawaiian islands
will be completed in nine months and
in two years tho remainder will be
finished. Mr. Mackay and his associates do not ask for a cent of subsidy
and have already applied to congress
for landing rights in California, the
Hawaiian islands and tho Philippine
islands. lt is simply a business venture and its projectors are willing to
rely on the roeeipts to recoup them
for the oout of the cable and
to give them a profit on their outlay. Mr, Mackay's name is a sufficient guarantee that the enterprise
will bo a success. Mr. Mackay started
in life with a miners' kit as bis sole
capital and was oue of the most successful mining operators of the continent. As one of the ownurs of the
famous Consolidated Viriguia and a
member of the Bonanza firm of Flood,
Mackay, Fair and O'Brien, he mado a
vast fortune and when ho wont to
New York some 20 years ago ho was
considered among the larger capitalists even of tbe financiers of that
city of many millionaires. Since then
ho has engaged largely in telegraph
and cable enterperises. He is tho
chief epirit and larger ownei in the
Mackay-Bennot Cable company, and
the Postal Telegraph company, which
is the only rival of any magnitude of
the Western Union, is domiuated by
him. In these enterprises ho has
been verv successful and has added
through them to his already large
fortune. Therefore he is provided
with ability and finances sufficient to
carry out thu Pacifio cable scheme to
a successful issue.
Long bofore tbe Mackay trans-Pacific
cable is laid the Britisli cable, which
is to connect British Columbia with
Australia, will have been laid and
in operation.
We offer many lines of
Ladies' Wear,     Boots and Shoes,
GetltS' Furnishings C���. and See Our
At Greatly Reduced Prices   New  Arrival  of
We wish to clear out our present stock
as much as possible before our new
goods arrive.
Watch Our Window Display and Note the
Terms on the Goods.
Hudson's Bay Company.
gold   as possible,   mined  in  Canada,
should be retained hore.
A roccut issue of the Fost'Intulli-
gencor contains a picture of 875,000
in gold bars, which was shipped from
tho Vancouver assay ollioo to the
assay ollico in Seattle. The article,
which is printed under tbo ploturo,
statoB that "most of the gold whicli is
reieived nt the Vancouver asiay ollice,
sooner or later, finds its way to the
Seattle ollice. There it is melted and
refined, and tbe owner of the treasure
receives its equivalent in money.
Vancouver has tho distinction of having an assay ollloe, but owing to tlie
fact that there is no mint, in either
British Columbia or the othor Canadian provinces, most of tho gold is
merely melted down into lump form,
then brought to the United States to
bo transmitted to some mint for coin*
ugc. When the Vancouver as-.ay ollice
was established it was hoped that, the
golden stream would bo diverted from
Seattle. Tho hope of tho Canadian)
bas not boen realized to any great
extent. '*
It Is a pity that tho brnnell of tbe
Royal mint wns not established contemporaneously with the government
assay oflloe at Vancouver, as then
"tho golden stream" from the Klondike would How into Canada and not
flow out agaiu. Tho gold is coined
into American 820, 810, 85, and 82..IO
piooos and these coins serve as *ong
as thoy aro in circulation as advertisements for tiie United States, instead
of for Canada and Ureal Britian. In
order, therefore, that tho gold may
stay at homo, as it laigely would if
n mint were In operation in Canada,
the mint shun If, be established ns
quickly as possible, There is no use
of having nn assay ollico if the gold is j time. Vancouver and Viotoiin should,
lo pour like water through a sieve ��� therefore, greatly proiit by reason of
from Canada into   tbo United   State.*,. ! the operation of tbo lino.  Besides tbis
The  object   in view  In  establishing lit will  be of benefit tn the trsnsmis-
the   assay   olliee was to keep the gold j Hon of news and    in   the   sending   of
in this country. Canada is large private messages, Tha line was con-
enough to have a distinctive gold j st' noted under tho greatest difficulties
Coinage which could be coined so as over a rough and wild country muoh
lo correspond to the gold money from ! of which had never before been trav-
tlie   British   mints*    As much of   tho  ursod   by man, and was probably   the
There has been great activity in
prospecting for oil in several states of
tho union and the results have been
that many new flowing wells are
pouring forth crude oil in a number
of places. Tha industry is under a
oloud in California, Texas, Coloiado
and Wyoimng, caused by the question
of whether tbo increased supply will
bo mot by increased consumption. In
California and Texas, where there is
but little coal, the question is being
answered by the railways which are
using the oil for fuel and it is thought
tney will be able to cousumo all tbat
is produced iu these statos. The oil
boom has reached British Columbia
and lu tho Boundary a well iB being
bored and others arc projected. A few
days since a Byndicate was formed in
Rossland for tlie purpose of boring for
oil on the east slope of the Rooky
mountains near the Crow's Nest Pass,
where the indications of oil are said
to bo very strong. There is no danger
of an oversupply of oil in Canada in
the immediate future and there are
fortunes for those who bore flowing
wells in either British Columbia or
Alborta. It has long been an open
seoiet that there are many Bigns of
oil on the west slope of tbe Rocky
mountains a little to the west of the
big coal measures of the Crow's Nest
Pass. This is a matter worthy of tbe
attention of our local promoters, investors and prospectors. Besides this
a few dozen flowing wells would be of
groat benefit of the province.
In Soutli Africa the plan has now
been adopted of currying somo prominent Boer prisoners on tbe armored
trains, so that if tho train is derailed
or fired upon the prisoners will be in
equal danger with tho British oftloer
and mon. The same plan was adopted
by the Hermans in France in 1871 in
sectious where the war had boon
limited to guerilla attacks upon railway trains.
Those who have been victims of thnt
"tired feeling," and wbo has not,
can now rejoice for a cure nas heen
found for it. Like nearly all human
ailments it is caused by bacteria and
Professor Uautior of the Institute of
Franco has isolated what is known
as "tlie naotoria of pbysieial fatigue"
and finds that it ia poison closely
resembling ptomaine poison in nature. Uautior bas discovered antidotes
for tho bacteria and by then means
tbo peison can bo rendered inocuous
and the tirod feeling banished. Thero
should be a large demand for the antidotes of Professor Gautier evou in
Nolson, where there aro a few individuals who aro constantly allliotod
with that "tired feeling."
On Tuesday the first message over
tho line which connects Dawson with
the outside world was sent from Vancouver to tbo Dawson metropolis by
Governor Ross, of Yuokn territory, to
his legal adviser. The establishment
of telegraphic communication over
this all-i aiiadiau line should result in
greatly inoieasing the businuss of tbo
miners and business mou of the
Yukon UOCtlon with tho coast cities.
Rush orders can now bo sent to the
coast cities Instead of forwarding by
mail,   which   occupies   several    days
most difficult piece of work of the
character evor attempted on thiB continent. Dawson people must have
boen overjoyed over the fact of being
connected telegraphically with the
reBt of the world and doubless celebrated the event with considerable
Within a few years some dictionaries of high order have been publish
ed and among those that stand iu tho
front rank are the reivsed Webster,
the Ceutury and the Standard. These,
however, are to be dwarfed by the
Oxford dictionary. This work has
been proceeding lor 25 years and it
will take 20 years to finish it. It is
claimed that it will be tho dictionary
of dictionaries and that publications
of the same class in the future will
be but supplements, emendations,
revisions or condensations of this
great work. It will represent nearly
50 years of work of a number of
scholars aud men of letters. It will
give the derivation and meaning and
shades of meaning of every word in
the language in use or mat has been
in use. Obaucer as well as Kipling,
Shakespeare as well as Tennyson,
anoient manuscripts as well as the
modern newspaper, all will be searched and soanned in order tbat no word
may be overlooked when the book is
finally issued, It will be by far the
most pretentious and valuable work
of its charaoter ever issued, and will
be of much use to those who read as
well as to those who write. It is
regrettable that it will take 20 years
yet to linisli it, as the scholars of the
present day would like to have access
to so valuable a publication,
"Will wonders never cease?" inquire tbe friends of Mrs. L. Pease, of
Lawrence, Kan. Tbey knew Bhe had
been unable to leavo ber bod in seven
years on account of kidney und liver
troubles, nervous prostration and general debility; but "Three bottleB of
Elootric Bitters enabled me to walk "
she writes, "aud ln three months I
felt like a new person." Women
suffering from Headache, Backache,
Norovusness, Sleeplessness, Melancholy, Fainting and Dizzy Spells
will find it a priceless blossing. Try
It. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Canada Drug & Book Co.    Only 50c.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always to
Wo carry a completo slock of Const Flooring
Colling, Inslile Finish, Turned Work, Hash nnil
Doors. Special oriler work will rucuivo prompt
nltentlon*   Mall ordors HOllcltcil.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Oflloe���Hn*"l.~r nnd ".union . U, Nolson
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral, Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Thioo Days  of  Instruction,  Interest
and Enjoyment.
Miner il Exhibit, Bucking Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, IloiseiUces. Tho
best program ever seen in Iho country,
See posters anil circulars for fordid
pur!miliars. Hpeciully low return mil*
rat/OH from nil piriuLs.
A. W. M'VITTIE, Soc'etary.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manage*.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
TCpfllltifnl       PrflTTIPd      Orders *-*v mail receive careful and prompt attention
Art Productions. P.  BURNS & CO.     ^
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber.
Mill nt PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rate of
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent,
D.   J.   YOUNG.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Ofiice ��� Two doors west
C.P.R. offices.
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction in service, tiijking place
Sunday 39th instant. 40 minute
service before 11 a.m. and after
7.40 p. in. 20 minutes between.
Tim: 1'ahi.k.
llllKUHlowII Klunl.j HI.
7,00 a. m. 7.20 a. m.
7.40 8.00
8,20 8.40
9.00 9.20
9.40 10.00
10.20 1 1.40
11.00 11.00
11.20 11.20
livery 20  minutes  nctween, at  the
hour,  20 past and 20 to.
���loKiiHimi 11 Stanley hi
7**-�� p* ���*��� 7,20 p. m
7*4o S.oo
8.20 3.40
8.40 rj.oo
9*20 9,40
10.00 10 20
10.40 lai4 Tar.
last car
P. L. S.
KASLO,  B.  C.
Minera.1 t'aiius and mines suiwiyed.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn bud Poultry in Season
Branch. Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to acv branch will have careful a-ad nrumot attention.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which 15 Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   .2,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over $05,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. B. WALKER, General Manager,
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branchos in Cunaila ami tho _ nilod Htale . Inoluding:
Atun Grkknwood Nelson Sandon
Ckanurook        Kami.ooi'h Nkw Wkhtminbtbr   Vancouver
Fkrnik Nanaimo IIosblanu Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT-Dawson and Wihtk Horsk.
UNITK1) STATES���Nkw York, San Francisco, Skattlk, Portland, SKAGWAY,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Ilocclvod and Interest Allowed.  Present Kate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager,
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
J. 0. BUNYAN & 60.
We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
obtained in nil oonntries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of 13. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
_-.lton B. O
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
; Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to G. L. LENNOX. Bakn St.
lietween Henry Uey, plnintHT.jmlK-
raoiit creditor, Hnd John Harold WW
and Barry Locl.wood, defendant*
judgment debtors.
Notice is hereby given that puisiiaiH
to an order of" this oourt dated tn��
mtii day of September, 1001, under ana
by vii'ti'io of the" Judgment Ant ������
Amending nets, sealed tenders for t����
purchase of Lot Ilill (Four thmmam
and threo hundred aud tlovi-n) >*i,'"l'P
One (1), Kootenay District BrltJ"
Columbia according to the official PJ��"
or survey of said district, being t"1-
propcrty of the abovo named judgmcni
debtors, will he received by me at "i.Y
ollico at the Court House , ����"��"'
-iritibli Columbia, up to ami untl too
second day of October, A. D*i )���" '���
at 12 o'clock noon to satisfy the J��"K
ment obtained in this action by '"���
above named pluintilT judgment
ereditoi against the abovo named u��
fondants, judgment debtors, on "��
80th day of June, 1901,  for the ��ura ��
.uou.oo  for debt and taxed posts w
gether with interest  thereon from
said   80th   day of  June,   1001, at tUB
rate   of 5 per cent   (live   per
iien turn)
J- 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C,
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B. C
per annum, and   also   together  Wl��
the costs of sale and   all   other  costs
incidental thereto incurred i-ubscq"'
to said date.      The charges appealing
on   the   Register against   said  lan����
are as follows: ,_ .���
1901���SOth   Juno,   11)01,   *������'������'   I'*.
Registration ol judgment Henry aoj>
plaintiff,   .ersua John   Harold Bow
and Harry Loci.wood for }88��.W.
Dated this 17th day   of  Sopteuibrf.
A. .D, 1001. Nti-tott Dm* Hmm, HummM Smmmn Mt _$of
iv;^~"rr-*-^"^^-J^''^^ i r^��r*''*rTt*~'mTi~?^
Manager of B. G. Goldfields
pleased With His Visit to
British Columbia.
Settled Condition of Legislation and Labor Troubles
Will Bring Capital.
Oliver Wethored, who was In Nelson
a few days ago is chairman of tbe London ami Hritish Columbia Goldfields,
one of the leading and most successful coprorations operating in the
Kootenays. Mr. Wethered is a
thoroughly experienced mining man,
mid has extensive mining interests in
many parts of the world.
The London Sc B. 0. GoldBelds is
particularly fortunate in regard to
the fact that all the English directors
of the company have lately visited the
piopcrties in thi*! country in which
they are interested and are conversant
with the conditions here, to which
much of tho success of the company is
In an Inter!vew in Rossland Mr.
Wethered said: ''Last year I made a
tour of Now Zealand and Australia,
and as mining districts 1 found both
very fine, but of all the districts I
have evoi seen liritisli Columbia possesses the greatest natural advantages.
By natural advantages I rotor to the
ease of transportation, water power**
available and the unlimited supplies
of timber and fuel for mining purposes. The mining companies in
whicli 1 am interested have been very
successful, largely beoause of the
ability of our local representatives
I may say tha*. we have encounttred
three serious drawbacks in tbe development of our mini's, briefly as follows: 1���'J'he strike of two years
ago. 2.���Tlie dilliculty attending tho
economical reduction and profitable
mnilieting of silver-load ores, one
reason lor which was tho withdrawal
from the British Columbia silver-lead
disliicts of tho American Smelting ...
Refining company; and 3.���The unfortunate troubles attending the opor*
atiuns of London Bnanolers. In re-
icnnl lo the IIrut point 1 am glad to see
that thero seems to be a likelihood of
tho ma'.tei taking its proper bearing.
The Dominion government lias taken
steps to deal with the smelter dilliculty by granting a bonus to a Canadian rclinory, and, as to the third
drawback it would seem, if one oan
jud.e from newspaper roports, that
oue eloment iu counection with the
London financial troubles has been
'���On coming to the Kootenays,''
oonunucd Mr. Wethered, "my first
viBit wai to Rossland, where i had the
privilege of seeing the Lo Roi. Having examined Bonie of tbe great mines
of the world, Including lhe Groat
Boulder in Wost Australia, the Waihai
in Now Zealand and several of the
big Victorian mines, I have not the
slightost hostatiun in expressing the
opinion that the Le Roi is one of the
big mines of the world. From the.
purely selfish standpoint of ono holding largo blocks of shares in British
Columbia mines I am particularly
glad that oue possessing the mining
and commercial knowledge of Mr.
FrecheviUe is coming out from England to investigate the position of tho
Lo Roi coinpany." Speaking of the
Vmir mine, he said: "I tben visited
the Ymir niir.o, but as I am a diroctor
and two of my other companies own
'fi per cent, of the Ymir company's
shares 1 do not care to refer too freely
to tlio proporty. In justice to the
management,however, it is only right
'hat I should say thoy have at comparatively small coMt developed a vory
hig mine and equipped it with 80
stamps that are now earning AltlO,000
per year for the shareholders. This
amount will bo materially increased
when the cyanide plant is oompleted
and in working order at tho end of
tne present yoar. As so fow gold
mines bave been opened up in British
Columbia 1 would like to express the
Opinion that any expert who viewBthe
Ymir cannot but arrive at the conclusion that it is ono of exceptional
strength ns regardB the width and
Values of tho vein, and that it gives
every encouragement for tlio development of other gold bearing dopositn
in Hritish Columbia."
Mr. Wethored was of opinion that
with more settled conditions of tlie
country witn regard to legislation and
labor plenty of BritiBh capital would
no forthcoming for legitimate mining
> Between Nolrion and Cottonwood
lake ut present nearly fifty men are at
Work on thc hills to the east side of
Hie creek. On the Robin Hood thme
are six men at work, and development has beon in progress foi nearly
�� year, consisting  of ground  sluicing
Bml tiinrii'llti',, On the Diamond tli.f-
are four men. Pearly six, Snowden
four. Look Harbor four, Little John
six, just Btarting, and small forci s at
work on tho Glad Hand, Morning,
Elkhorn and a number of other
claims. On most of these the assessment work for the year has been done
and the owners, having been greatly
encouraged by the showings obtained,
are keeping on developing the claims
as long as tho weather will permit.
The principal dilliculty in connection
with the working of the claims at
present is the state of the trail leading io Nelson. It is along tbe N .1
F. S. railway track for over three
miles nnd in many places tbere Is but
little room for a loaded pack horse to
turn off. Several narrow escapes have
occurred when pack trains going up
to the claims have unexpectedly encountered a freight train Bwinging
around a curve. At the trestles the
trail leads down in the gulches,and at
several points is almost impassable
for horses.
Late news from the Onondaga is to
the effect that work is making steady
progress. Sloping is under way and
the ten-stamp mill is being operated
steadily, as there has been plenty of
water sinco the rain began falling a
few days since. Carlyle N, Jones is
now the superintendent of the Onau-
daga mine and mill.
The steamer KaBlo yesterday
brought in one carload of American
Hoy ore for the Hall Mines srrelter;
Tuesday it brought in three oars of
Whitewater ore for the Trail smelter,
and two cars from the Rambler-Cariboo for tho Solby shelter at San
Get your trees aud shrubs from tbe
nearest nursery. The advantages are
obvious. All varieties of fruit and
shado trees grown at Riverside Nurseries, Grand Forks.
"tbe IRotfcl Bank of^anaba"
Incorporated 1869*
Capital Authorized,
S8.-NM 000.00 1 Capital Paid-up,
Ill's), . .      ���
#1, TOO, 000.00
Board of Director*     Phomaa E. Kenny,   President;   Thomas Ritchie. Vioo-President
Wiley Smith   H.G. Bauld, Hon. David MacKeen.
Head Office, llalifnxt
General Managor. Edhon U Poawe, Montreal. 	
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
���(ran    ea 1
;*ebec���Montreal.   (City   Office),   Montreal
'ova   8-coUa���Halllax   Branch,   Antigon^
Bridge-water, Guysboro. Londonderry, Lu
enburg. Maitland (Hants Co.), Piotou, Port,
Ha wkesbury, Sydney, Shubenacadie.Truro,
New    Brunt) wick ��� Bathurst,     Dorohostor,
Fredorlcton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono
ton, Newcastle, Sack ville, St, John,Woodstock*
P. E. Ifllaiid���Charlottetown, Summernido.
Went Knd (Cor. Notre   Dame and Seigneurs Streots); Westmount (Cor. Greene
Avenue ar.d St. Catharinos Street,
O n ta rlo���Ottawa.
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba, West ladles��� Havana.
United Etta-let���New York (16 Exchanfio Plan*
Hopublio, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents 1
Canada���Merchants Bank of Canada.   Boston -National Shawmut Bank.   Chicago���Illinois
Trust and Savings Bank.   Sim Francisco���First National Bank.   Lon-thm,   End",*- Bank  of
Scotland.   Paris, France���Credit Lyommis.   Bermuda���Hank of Bermuda.   Cblna and Japan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Hpokaue���Old National Bank.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling: Bills of Exchange   Bough
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on frpecial
deposits aud ou Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Shipments Commenced From the Bodio
Mino to Greenwood.
Midway, U, C. Sept 25.���M. M.
Walsh, superintendent of the Duck-
horn mine, Copper mountain, Myers
oreelt, ~as in Midway today. He
states that the tunnel on the liuck-
horn, which is being run to tap the
lodge at the 'KlO-foot level, is now In
100 feet, and that it is expected to encounter the ledge in another 40 feet.
A shaft on tbis property sunk to the
depth of 100 feet, from which a crosscut was run, showed the ledge to be 30
feet in width, samples from whioh,
when assayed, gave good values. The
Striking of the ledge at the 800-foot
level on the lluckliorn is being watched with great interest by those having claims in the sumo camp as it
will to a great extent determine the
values and extent of thu ore bodies ou
Copper mountain at depth
The tirst carload of ore, being the
beginning of regular weekly shipments from the Godie mine, Torodo
creek will leavo Midway this week for
the (ireenwood smelter. The ore is
being hauled to Midway is wagons
and from here taken by train to the
smelter. lt is the intention of the
liodie company to ship a carload of
ore each week until winter, when this
amount will De considerably increased. The liodie which is situate
on Torodo creek is the property of the
lindio Mining Co. There Is a good
wagon road from the mine to Midway
making the cost of transportation
comparatively small. Several months
ago u trial shipment was made from
the mine, which gave such satisfactory returns tbat the company decided
upon its pcrscnt course which places
the Bodie on the list of regular shippers. Considerable work has been
done on the property a tunnel has
heen run for over 400 feet crosscutting
two fair-sized ledges; two shafts have
boen sunk one 40 feet and the other
70 feet in depth, the latter encountering an enormous body of rich ore,
assaying 380.80 in gold and four and i*
half ounces in silver. W. G. Madison, superintendent of the mine was
iu Midway today arranging with the
customs officer at this place for the
clearance of the llodlo ore as it arrives. Mr. Madison appointed It.
Meyerhoff who has the contract for
hauling a large amount of the ore, as
his agent to attend to tlie duties ot
clearing tho Canadian customs and
shipping the ore as occasion may
Another ridiculous food fad has boen
branded by tbo most competent
authorities. They have dispelled the
silly notion that one kind of food Is
needed for brain, another for muscles,
and still another for bones. A correct diet will not only nourish a particular pnrt of the body, but it will
sustain every other patt. Yet, however good your food may be, Its nutriment is destroyed by indigestion or
dypepsia. You must prepare for their
ppearauee or prevent their coming by
a king regular doses of Gieen's August
Flower, the favorite mediutne of the
healthy millions. A few doses aids
digestion, stimulates the liver to
healthy action, purifies the blood, and
makes you feei buoyant and vigorous.
You can get Dr. C. G.Green's reliable
remedies at W. V. TeeUel & Co.'s.
llet Green's Special Almanac
If you don't like Blue Bib bon Tea it's
beoauBe you  over tasted it.
Lip ton's Tea is a winner. Pure,
finest flavor, and first package tea put
For 1'rovincial Exhibition New
Westminster, Oct. 1 to 4th. Tha Canadian 1'aeifio Hallway will issue round
trip tickets from Hevolstoke at
812.88, Tickets on sale Sopt. 20, 30,
Oct. 1 and 2, good for return till Oct.
NO. 4 K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B. 0. t
Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.   J
FREE   MILLING   GOLD  properties  wanted at once for Eastern   $
Parties having  mining  property for  sale are   requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire  to  hear from prospuctors who have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
Prospectors  and  mining  ir.en   are requested   to make  the  EXCHANGE theiv headquarters when in Nelson. J
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID. >
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to ���{
Tele phono No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON. B. C.   J
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot greatly increases the heating capacity of the stove, and in connection with the deflector ring forces the
heat to the floor. The base is hot, the floor being warmer than w;th a
base burner.
The Hot Blast Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at the
rear of the fire pot, the heated air being discharged in a circle at the top
of fire pot, over fire, thus consuming all the gases and products of combustion. It can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control of the stcve with nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the back takes the cold air from
the floor and ejects it. intensely heated, through the top adding greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions we guarantee it to
consume all the gas contained in soft cod, thus deriving the benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkab'e saving of
fuel over any other stove on the market. The stove will hold fire from
24 to 48 hours without attention.
rf /Hs&AUi    diALstjlfrMj 'fCK/
4j, $Alc iji$4*nv��4*fa
Alive.*. i-'-'MKjni." in*-.ortod under Min head al
the rate of otio cont a word pur insertion. No
advort.KGinent taken Tor 1��*nh than 25 centn.
Situation Wanted advertisements Inserted
threo time*, free of charge.
FOR SALiK.���Upright -Piano.      Itird's
Bye   Maple    ca.se.    (Decker   Bros.,
New York.)    Apply Mux OR, Nelson.
BOOMS TO RENT.���K. W. C. Block-
Two rooms en auite ou Ward St.,
also rooms facing the west. On September 1, two tijr^ie rooms and two
or threo en E-y.te facing Baiter st.
Furnisher or unfurnished. Mrs. P.
J. bqmre,  Koom 41,  K.    W. C.  Block.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are in want of.
YnnMl eet it.
KOOM and board in   private   family,
Apply ou Silica  street, second   door
west of Ward.
A YOUNG Lady wishes   plain sewing
by   the   day.    Mending   especially.
Apply Seamstress, Miner Office.
A good woman rook   wants   a   situation   in   a hotel   or carup, or would
accept any position iu a hotel.    Apply
Mirer Otlice.
WANTED.���A second   baud   roll ..top
deak.    Apply -Miner olliee.
WANTED���A lady wishes a   baby   to
tako care of.      Address "A.   li. 0."
this ollice.
WANTED,���A good cook stove,   price
must be reasonable.    Address  X. V.
Z.,  Miner otlice.
NELSON Employment Agency. Haker
street, l'hone -78. J. H. Love.
WANTED. ��� Laundress. Janitor for
mine. Oirls for housework. Rail-
read Laborers, Stone masons. Sawyer.    Edgcr for sawmill.
Contracts taken  for   Diamond  Core
WANTED.- Waitress,Girls for House-
; work. Mun for Railroad wurk,
men for sawmill, scjond cook $5(1 per
month, stone mason,
Western Employment Otlice, II. A.
Prosser, Phone 2li).
Storage���1 have a large warehouse
for storing household or other
I ki;i,   MHUiik Uold   rropertlet-We arc
itiivi nis lo secure a few free mining gold
properties ut onee,   Thc  Prospeet-or'a   Exchange,   Nfl-iim,    B.   i\   Itooiu 4,   K.-W.-I.
t_-m)siLVKK torri.it u,ai�� Mines  ami
prosper In waiiic.l.  SpimI report antl samples to the Pros pec tor's Exchange* Nelson.
B.C.   Koom 4 K. u. t. block.
Has Money to Loan at 8  per Cent,
On improved Ileal Estate in
amounts of 81,000 and upwards,
Loans quickly ar ranged.
Three, four, live and six roomed
houses for rent.
5-Koomed Cottage for sale, 11,700.
Two M-foot building tots , $500.
Insurance, lteal list at e, Rentals,
H. & M. BIRD
_\. M. UuuiininDi LoBBeo���Ifivei-) kuowa
v;uieiy ol soft iinnKn.   1' u Uux &_������.   J elophou
No. SI. Hoover t_.ire_.li Nelsou,   BotUuru ui the
i*__inuiin dl.. beOll J in l, npu-iKr*. Mil i-_Uui \V .lur
LiA.s'fc- a, MAUUUNAiiU ill. Cuno, Jame
' a. AiucauuriJ-i)���AicinLucu ui ui superin
Luud-mL-i, Uiokcu Hill muck, corner linker uml
Ward oU'o-uUt, Nclsuu
HJ. KVANB & CO.-Baker Street, Nel
m nop ���WliolLnalu deulurtl in ii-tuor*., ol-
KiU'o, ccu'ciil, lire brick ami Uro clay, water
pipe aud  Hteel   rail*-, aud K-Jucral comiiiinniou
A MACDONALD _�� Co,���Comer Fron
��� aud Hall btreots���Wholesale grocer
unit jobbers in blankets, gloves, mltte, boou-i
rubbers, mackinaws und miners' nundi ies>
IJ   BURNS & Co.���Haker tiLreel,  Nelson���
, ���   Wholesale dealers In fresh and cured
muulh.   i 'ii.ni Storage.
Baker Street. Nelson���Wholesale dea
oro iu Cresh and cured moats.
SireeL, Nelson ��� Wholesale dealars ip
hardware, miners' supplies, spurting goodr-i
li/T'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Van
JJA. OOUver Hardware Co, Kid.) Baker riLreuu*
Nelson��� Wholesale dealers In hardware and
mining supplier-., plumbcm' and tinsmiths' ��up
\] KKriON HARDWARE CO.��� Wholosale
J3| paints, oils and glass; meohanlos' tooln
Agonts toi Outario k'owder Works; dynamite
rpURNKR, BEETON & Co.���Oorner Vernon
__L   and Josephine Streots,  Nelson*-Whole
t.uiu dealers in liquors, cigars, aud drygoods.
Agents fur Pabdt Ilrewing Co. of .Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co at Calgary-
UDSON'S HAY Oo.���Wholesale groocriea
and Uquors etc., linker Street, Neisou.
Oltlce corner Hall and Front Btreets
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, lloorinn, and every
thing in wood for buildniK purponus. Uut oui
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
rn   GALLON fr, CO.���Dealer. In  ore sacks
X*    and iwines.   Always a  large slotk   on
bund. Telephone203. Room u, K.-W.-c Block
West Transfer Co.
Goal anu Wood
Best  Fir  and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of TeamiDg and
Commission Work-
Patenaude Bros.
Bo  sure and got the genu 1 Da   BENNETT'S OUTTA PHROHA FUSE,not
something that looks   like   It.      aw-
rence Ilardwnre Co., Agents.
and try a bottlo, ft domn, r>r n bnrrol of
CALQARY BEER ft" " '���< lh" 1"''il "���*"'
ofioftuiwt on tho morkot. Al��o try our
wir.ES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Teknhoio 03 O��vo** St., Nclnor
can be engaged for Private Parties,
Socials. Receptions, Halls, etc. For
particulars apply lo J. B. POLLARD, E. J. Robin's Tailoring
Establishment, Baker Street.
8800��� House and two lots on Robson
street, close to tho terrninuH of
the tram line.
$1,000���Throe and a half acres of land
in Addition A. House, Stable
and Cblcken house.   Easy terms,
81,750���Six roomed Iiciusc on Mill
street, between Josephine aud
Hall Btreets; almOBt new. i'.as}'
$15 00���Cottage on Ward street.
(12 00���Cottage ou Robson street.
$:'5 00���Seven roomed house on Carbonate street. Very handy to
town. t Heaterl hy furnace,
8_5 Oo���six roomed lioune next to the
corner of Stanley street anil
Mines road.
Dominion and
Land (Surveyor.
l6g NliLSON b c
Olllne on   Baker Street
Tel. 33
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Mom mil
Allan Lino TudWan Oct, .
Allan Lino Corinthian  Oct, l'i
Allan Line Parisian  Oct. i.)
Hr.ivi'i* Llnu 1*hI���.i Htineoo Oct.  4
Hcuv-urLtno Luke Manitoba Oct. 11
Boavei Lino Lako Ontario Oct. It)
Krom Portland, Mo.
Dominion Lino  Vancouver Oct. 12
Doi ii iii inn  Iii i in   Dominion Oct. 19
Dominion Lino Camhromau Oct. Wi
Fiom Boston
Dominion Lino Now England Oct.  9
Dominion Lino Commonwealth Oct. 2.1
Cunard Llnalvernla Oct. in
Cunard Lino Saxonia Nov.  2
From Now York
Cunard Lino Campania Oct. 6
Cunard Lino   Cmbria Oct. 12
0Utiara Linu Lucinia Oct. 19
White Star Line Uermanlo Oct. 8
White HUir Lino Majohtlo OcL   9
Whlto Star Lino Oceanic Oct. Hi
American Line Philadelphia Oct.   2
American Lino Ht.   I'aul Oct.  9
American Line   tit. LouIh...* Oct. 10
WU1 pay the highest caah prioe for all
kindH of BCOOIld hand goods, Will buy
or Hell anything from un nndior to a
needla Furniture, stoves, OBtpertfl-
"ooking utensils, bought in houHohold
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall aud see me or write. Addre<*
Silver King Mike, Buz auu. Hal*1
8*weei Nelson. P   -*1
The wise iiiiid who waits to buy
Hhtire** ip the Hirnilhaiueen Vulley
Coal <.nn[i.iri\, Limited until traus*
portntion reaches the coal fields would
have to pay at least ifr. per share for
what he ean now buy for 25 cents In
four  equal   monthly   payments   from
America's Greatest Scenic
To All   Eastern   Points  via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via St.   Paul   or Chi
Further HalllnK*' for tiro above line* alr*o
French, lied Btar, Holland.\niiirii_.ii, 11. A. I'.
UO,, N, u. l.luyd un application,
lien. Af*<*nt, Winnipeg, Man,
J. a. CAIITUH. D. 1'. A,, Nolnon,
Ow'pjy to change of management all
aOdOUOtfl duo the Hotel Hi.me Co.,
Ltd*] must be pttld to me on ur before
the Uuth of September, IOol, if not
H&ine will be ^lftQOd in thu humta of a
.1. l'KKl) IJi.MK.
IhUmm Bipsition
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixly   Days'    Limit.
Good going Sept. 3rd, 17th
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For pamphlet* descriptive of Oan
ailian l'acilic lours and fur Time Tub   u
Kates,  Tickets,  apply
H. L. Brown,
City Passenger AKcut
,1. S. (lAUTKn,
Dia. Pan* Agt,
A. (->. P. A.
If there is anything yon require,asli
for   it   iu     h*> auluina   of the Miner.
���iimm; HKOIiKU, -.on 111 PBIUC
-'ludoruiero Minee,   CnrretrpondonoeSollcllo
WINUKHMKBlt, li. t. IT?,.
RffLflON Daily RlwiR Tm'uuIj.%1. September 20,   190
We have on pnlefor
a few dayB a line of
Item n ants   of
Tho    enormous sale
of our well-known
hns left u-i with a
few oddri and end*-
tbat wo wich to clear
��� kWVW\V^WVW*VVW.W-\��
\ A son was born to tlie wife of Mr.
Joseph Harwood at the Kootenay
1 akc Geneial hospital yesterday afternoon.
.1. Adams, who was slightly injured
in an accident at Hobson, was
In'ouglit to tho Kootenay Lake General
I'ospital last evening.
Lot Hi, hloek _ together with the
white frame house situated on it were
hold yesterday by Alexander .Shannon
1 1 Alfred Bunker, the deal being put
t irongli by J. l'l. Annable.
William Ragles,, who was a resident ol Nelson fur somo years, but
1 ft last spring to g? into business in
i-pokanc, died lately in that city as
lhe result uf injuries received while
breaking in a young horse.
II. (iroen, the young man from
(hand Forks who was arrested,
.���barged with non-payment ol a board
loll, is Ptlll under arrest at the gaol,
III thong 1 it is expected tho matter
--vill be settled this morning. Con*
���.table MoArdle, of Grand CorkK, came
nver last u'ght to aLtend to the
The citv yesterday received the title
deed to forty aores of park land lip
Cottonwood ureek valley, including
tho land at present occupied by McLeod's mi 1U ranch and a number of
���ranches held by Chinamon, The land
���formerly belonged to the 0, I', il.
3'ortions of it are well adapted for a
race track, which il is hoped will
eventually bo put in there.
The two transformers fur the elec
tiie light department which were purchased some time ago by the city
council have been received anrl one of
iheni has been put in position, tbe
other being kept in reserve. Ily the
use of tbese transformers the electric
i urrent whieh is received from the
power house is kept at an equable
t-ilrongth, instead of at tbe full voltage, whicli frequently would he of
(.ullieiont force to burn out the lamps
nnd attachments. Tho object of keeping one transformer in reserve is to
insure, In ease of anything happening
lu the one in use, that the city should
not be in darkness while new apparatus was on thc road.
E. E. Phair returned yesterday from
n visit to (ireenwood and Phoenix and
reports that they both are lively. The
)nines of Phoenix pleased him very
���uueli. He told how ho climbed the
bill on which are located the Knob
Ilill and Old Ironsides mines at
l'hoenix and how they quarried the
oie out of them instead of mining as
be bad seen it doue in other mines
which he bad visited. Both tha
towns, he said, have any number of
hotel and they all seemed to be doing
st fairly good business. l'honix, be
deolared, unless something unexpected
happens, is certain to ue a very large
place, whilo Greenwood, owing to its
excellent location, should increase to
a much larger place than it is at
present. lie was asked concerning
Grand Folks, but said he did not stop
ott there, but bad hi en told that it
���was enjoying more than usual prosperity.
Ooffee Drinkers Become Slaves.
' James A. Macdonald, architect on
the postoffice building, states that
operations are likely to go on now
without any further interruptions,
At Mt Bavlnur's church this evening at the Thanksgiving service, besides tbe usual hymns and the anthem
form of "Nunc Dimitla" and "Tbe
Magnificat," by Semper, the anthem
"Ye Shall Dwell in the Land," will
be sung by the choir. The service
will be fully choral and the church
has beon very prettily decorated with
(lowers and fruits. The offertory will
be for the Society for the Propogation
uf the Gospel.
An unfortunate state of affairs is
said to have come to light yesterday
when the drain to connect th�� sewer
from the new Salvation Army barrack's bail readied the middle of Victoria street, where connections were
to be made with the main. The people
who aro constructing the building
state that the pipe was found to be Ul
inches below the main drain.
The system of drainage used in the
new building comprised a weeping
drain, a six inch pipo, which runs all
iho way round the cutside wail and
which is set in cement under the bottom layer of stone. All the waste
pipes have been connected with this,
which i.*, turn was to discharge
through the pipe which should connect with tho niian sewer. The builders state that now only two courses
are possible either to take out the
whole foundation and alter the plan
uf the building or else build a new
main sewer for a sufficient distance to
obtain the necessary, drop, but this
would likely have to be for a long
distance, as the grade of the sewer on
Victoria strc*t is very slight. Tha
matter will probably come before the
eity council at the next meeting,
weather. The fine weather finally
came but lasted but a Jshort time,
and waa followed by tbe snow. As
tl.e wheat and oats used in the Kootenays come principally from Alberta,
this will probably have the effect ofj
running np prices on these gaius.
Constable McArdlo of Grand Forks,
is at the Queens.
' II. Ij. Keller, of Ferguson, is a
guest at the Phair.
J, MeCullum of Kalo, is in Nelson
on a business trip.
8. M. lirydges loaves this morning
for Spokane uu business.
A. .1. Kerr, of Kerr .t Co., has gone
lo Grand Forks to visit his sister.
Horn, in this city, September 2ath,
to the wife of H. fi, Harris, a   son.
John Meiklejnhn, real estate dealer
of Greenwood, is a guest at the Phair
Sheriff S. P. Tuck, accompanied by
Mrs. ind Miss Tuck left Nelson yesterday for a trip through tne   Slocan.
Dr. aud Mrs. Host arrived in Nelson yesterday morning after their
wedding trip and are receiving the
oougratulations of their many friends.
At St.Saviour's church next Sunday
Rev. II. Peer of Kaslo   wil] preach at
both services,  having   exchanged pulpits   for   the day   with   Kev.    II.   S
Mrs. John P. Peterson of Trail, is
visiting the family of J. Boucher of
this city. Mrs. l'oterson is the wife
of John Peterson, of the Crown Point
hotel, Trail.
E. C. Frown-Cave, wife and child,
leave this morning for Vancouver.
Mr. Brown-Cave has been on the oflice
staff of the Hall Mines smelter, for
several months.
Kev. II. S. Akehurst has accepted
the rectorship of Kamloops, but at
the request of the bishop of the
diocese wiil remain in Nelson until
the end of October.
The New York Herald of May Htli
said: "It's strange what strides the
stage has made during the past five
years, not to speak of a century.
Rtisinessmen have now taken a hand
in the pie. und find it a very piolit-
able investment. Lawrence Barrett,
during his grand struggle through
numbei less difficulties, was bacaed by
some of the solid business men of Huston. V'ola Allen, who has electrified
this country and at present time is
the talk of the entire east, in 'The
Christian,' was furnished the necessary funds by a large printing establishment in New York. And now a
leading business man of Chicago has
taken hold of tho comedy farce, 'A
Wise Woman,' and having encaged an
extraordinarlyv good oumpai y will appear in all tbe principal citie*. in a
trip across tbo oontinent. Prior to
tbeir run in San Francisco they will
take in some of the minor towns and
thus make the journey to the coast
with more ease. Theatrical managers,
look Bbarp. The business men will
crowd you out.''
At the record oflice yesterday the
following locations were entered:
Comstock, on south fork of Sheep and
Wolf creeks, by John P. Hell; Yellow
Quartz, between forks of Sheep creek,
oy John P. Bell; White Quartz, bo-
tween south and middle forks of
Sheep oreek, by John Waldbeser; Virginia, between south fork of Sheep
and Wolf creeks, by Mrs. 0. L. llorton ; Observatory, at head of Sixteen
Mile creek, on the divide between Six
teen Mile and Clearwater creeks, and
about eight miles east from Nelsou Sc
F'ort Sheppard railway, by Win. M.
Thomas McNaught writes from
Halcyon Hot Springs in relation to
the proposed formation of the press
club that owing to representations
made, invitations have been sent out
to all the press in British Columbia,
and when the assuciatiun is formed it
will be for the whole of Hritish Columbia instead of for the eastern
section as was at first intended.
Phair. ��� L, Hrooke, Pinehtr Creek;
A. K. Hhodeu, Lug laud j Mr. and Mrs.
1'*. W. McLaine, Midway; J. Meikle-
jobn, Greenwood; II. L A. Keller,
Ferguson; John Peek, New Westminster; G.  Mulligan, Victoria.
Queens.���J. Sullivan, D. A. Rankin, Lardo; S. S. Arnold, Toronto;
John Bull, W. H. Davidson, W. J.
Ilinehclife, Slocan City.
Grand Central.���If. Eldridge, Colorado; Frank Unfried, Kaslo; W.
Montgomery, I). McLean, J. B. Win-
law, Slucan River Mills; D. Hartney,
''The experience, sorTering, and
���slavery of some coffee di inkers wonld
he almost as interesting as tho famous
"Confosslons of an Opium Eater,"
nays a Hoston man, VV J. Ttison.l.il
"W.Newton street. "For twenty years
I used coffee at the breakfast table
and, incidentally, through the day, I
craved it as a whiskey drinker lungs
for his morning bracer. I knew perfectly well that it waa slowly killing
me, but I could nut relinquish it.
The effect on the nervous system was
finally alarming and my general
health greatly impaired. I had dyspepsia, serious heart diflieulty, anil
insomnia. When I would lie down, I
would almost suffocate. My doctor
assured mo it was due lo the action of
caffeine (which Is the active principle
cf coffee) un the heart,
I persisted in its use, however, and
suffered along just aa drunkards do.
One day when I was feeling unusu-
nlly depressed, a friend wbom I met,
looked me over and said : ''Now,
look here, old man, I believe I know
Uxactly what's the matter with you.
You are a coffeo fiend and it's killing
you. I want to tell you my expel i
encc. I drank coffee and it ruined my
.nerves, affected my heart, aud made
***** a sallow, bilious old man, but
through a friend who had been similarly afflicted, I found a blessed re
lief and want to tell you about it.
Try Postum Food Coffee, a grateful
delicious beverage, full of nourishment, that will sHtisty your taste for
coffee and feed your nervous system
back into healtn, rather than tear it
down as coffee has been doing.'
I took my friend's advice and within a week from that time, my digestion seemed perfect, 1 slept a sweet,
re fresh in if sleep all night, and my
heart quit its quivering aud jumping.
J have been steadily gaining iu health
���jnd vitality right along." ,
Hume.���A. French, Thos. R.
French, Vancouver; Geo. W. Hall
and wifo. Toledo, Ohio; Sam Newa-
wander, Kaslo; W. Wall.eui, Nanaimo.
A vury pleasing event took place last
evening in St. Saviour's cburoh, when
Miss Emily Louise Hatch and Mr.
Frank L. MaoFarlaod, were happily
married. Rev. II. S. Akehurst officiated. Mr. Wm. Irvin gave the bride
away. The bride was attended by two
dainty little flower girls, Misses Mildred Irvine and Corinne Painter.
The church was crowded to the doors
rind a large number wore unable to
gain admission. The bride wore a
handsome dress nf white silk with
veil. After tho ceremony a wedding
march was played by Miss Tyers,
the organist for tho occasion.
After tho ceremony the happy couple
repaired to the home of tho brido's
parents, here the wedding feast was
served to a few immediate friends.
The bride will bo at home to her
friends after October 7th.
WuBbed dowu a telegraph line
which Chas. C. Ellis, of Lisbon, la.,
had to repair. ''Standing waist deep
in icy water," he writes, "gave me a
terrible cold and cough It grew
worse daily. Finely the best doctors
in Oakland, Neb., Sioux City and
Omaha said 1 had Consumption and
could uot live. Then I began using
Dr. King's New Discovery and was
wholly cured by six bottles." Positively guaranteed for Coughs, Colds
and all Throat and Lung diseases by
Canada Drug Sc Hook Co     Price 50c.
851.50, l_ept.  23 to Sept.  27.
On account of Episcopal church
meeting at San Francisco the Canadian Pacific Railway wiil sell round
trip tickets via Portland and Shasta
route ai $51,50 good till November
5 for return. Full particulars from
local agents,
D. P, A., Nelson.
As an effective healer of sprains, galls,
splints. so"e throat, courrh.. swelling, Boroness
inflammation in horses and cattle, Griffiths'
Liniment has proved n supreme success���as
tfood for tho horse as for his mast or.
P. H. Ritchie Sc Co., rnnehers, Vancouver,
H. (J. say: "Wc consider Griffiths' Mentha
Liniment unequallod for horses. One of ours
had a bad swolliiiKoa thc left lei?, which was
swollen to an Immense sizo, we applied tho
Liniment and in two days the swelling hod left
him.   Wc havo tried many Linlmonts but have
found nothing, to equal it.
For sale by J. H. V uimtono  Ne! ~>n.
F. O. GREEN        F. S. CLEMENT!-
Civil Engineers and Pro   uclnl Land
P. O. Box 145 N     on, B.C.
COGNAC, possesses a delicious
COONAC is mellowed by'its great
age, and is recommended^'.* Con-
nuiseurs, and for medicinal purposes.
Word was received yesterday in Nelson tbat tbe snowstorm mentioned
yesterday was far moie widespread
through the territories than was at
lirst thought, From the mountains to
five hundred miles east of Calgary
there is over a foot of snow on the
ground, while in some sections it is
quite deep. Thousands of acres of
wheat which had been cut and placed
in shocks will probably be destroyed.
The weather iu the territories had
beon so wo4- that the farmers were
keeping the grain out as 'ong as
possible to ripen   it   hoping   for   line]
Every department is being filled  with New  Goods.
I Special Mention
Agency for
full stock   at   Victoiia
Edinburgh, the largest holders in
tho world of Scotch Whiskies.
Whisky is one of the leaders.���
Try it.
R. P- Eithet & Co-, Limited
P. O. Box 521
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring   him   to   the   City
Horseshoeing Shop,  Jo
sephine Street
Our Ladies' Jackets and
Tailor Made Suits   .   .
Have opened up to our entire satisfaction and
are models of perfection in style, Material and price-They are Right.
See Them Before Buying
Close connection Kast and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
aud at Bonner's Ferry witn Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Oo.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains fur
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily forjEast at!!9:lb a m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:15 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8:001> **������
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth With
thomagnifleeiitsteani.'-hil'S North-W est
and North-Land of ihuNorlhcrn Steamship Company Line, operated in 0011-
uectiou with the Great Northern Kail*
For further information, maps, f"1""
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Hy., Kaslo Si SloCM*
���Ky., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co,, or to
a A. JACKSON. Oom'l Agent,
Spokane, Wash*
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Kelson. R "
I        & CO.      J
I       MADDEN    BLOCK      X
I  Cigars- }
X Phone 117 %
A. R. BARROW, a m. l o.b
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Oorner Viotoria and^Kooteoay St��.
P.O. Box 500 l��lophone No. ���*���>


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