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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 4, 1902

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 Prov Uieiai Liur��rv ,il os
Daily Edition No.  1308
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Friday,   April 4,  1902
Eleventh  Year
ABOUT 6000
magnificent   spectacle    and is   being
watched   liy   a   large     crowd.     The
i trunk   electric light wires have   been
cut   and   the   principal streets aro in
Forty Thousand Votes Polled L
FOR D, 0. C.
In Manitoba on Prohibition.
Dawson    Man   Makes
menso Purchases [In
Winnipeg, April 3.���It is estimated
that tlie total vote cast yesterday for
and against prohibition will reach
over 40,000. Additional returns givej
increased majorities for the amis.
Teach and De Salubcrry give large
mujorities against the act. The official
majority for Winnipeg in 3,-100
aaginst. In round nuuibrs the totals
now stand IV'OO (nr ilII(1 18,000
against Unieported places are expected to split about even, leaving a
straight majority of about 6,000
against the cciorcemcnt of ot the act.
Remains  of   Rev.    II.    Irwin   to
Uuried in New Westminstor,
Montreal, April II. ��� Arrangements
have been completed for the shipment
of the remains of " Father Pat" Irwin
to British Columbia and the;,- will
leave ou tho C. P. R. express in the
morning, It is stated that tho family
of the deceasod will erect a hospital
at somo point in British Columbia,
probably New Westminster, as a
imim.ii-ial of the deceased.
Louis Pnillips, agent of tho Northern Commercial Co., Dawson, is in
the city on an annual pmchasing
tour. Ho bas requisiti ns in his
pocket for about 81,000,0011 worth of
goods of which 75 per cont, will he
purcnased in ('amid-, a large proportion in Montroal.
Blanche Hondo, three years old,was
shot in tho abdomen by her little
seven-year-old brothel today and will
likely die. The little boy while playing lonnd the revolver in one of thc
rooms. He dio not know it was loaded
and was showing it to his sister,
when he pulled tho trigger and tho
ball entered the child's stomach.
Thorold Hanson was tonight found
guilty in the Couit ol King's bench of
the murder last November of Eric
Marette, a nine-year-old boy, and
sentonced to be hanged on Friday,
June lath. Hansen who had only been
in the country a few months, met
young Marette one night while crossing a vacaut lot in Westmount, a suburb of the city. Tlio boy was jingling
a few cents in his pocket. Hansen
grabbed him, stabbeo. him several
times in the neck with a pocket knife
and held him until the boy bled to
death. The body was found that
night by the boy's brothci. Thore
was no trace of tne murderer and next
morning while tho Westmount police
were endeavoring to locate a clue,
Hansen walked into a Montreal police
station and conftsscd. Had ho not
done so, the probability is that ho
would never havo been discovered.
Despondent Woman Goes Over Falls
Before SOO People.
Niagara Falls.N.Y., April .1. ���Delia
Tausey, of Buffalo, wen*, over the
American [alls at il o'clock this evening. It was the most sensational suicde
in years. The woman jumped ovor
the railing of Goat Island bridge,
about ton foet from shore. William
Oonners, of Liverpool, Eng., who was
or the bridge at the timo, ran dowu
the shore and waded into tho river. A
raue was pasBcd to him aud he succeeded in fastening it in her clothes.
Miss Tansey bogged piteously to be
saved. He tried to draw the woman
toward the shore, but her clothing
tore and she was carried over the
brink oi the falls. Two hundred persons saw the woman go to her death.
Nanaimo, April 3���Fire broke out ut
11 o'clock tonight in a big boarding
house on Fraser street, neal the centre
oi the city, and is now blazing. The
building is doomed and surrounding
buildings are threatened. Tho fire
department is handicapped   for   want
he   Present Favoiahlo to Press Lead
W. A. Macdonald, IC. C, is back
(rom Ottawa, whithor ho went to appear before tho Supreme court of
Canada in two British Columbia appeals. One was Fawcett vb. C.P.R.
In lrlflii. Conductor Fawcett was killed
on the C.P.R, at Robson, and this
action was brought by his father to
recover damages. On the trial in
Nelson, Mr. Justice Irving dismissed
the case and on appeal to the Supreme
court of tho province this decision
was uphold. Appeal was taken to the
Supreme court of Canada and the
decision has uot yot been given.
Associated with Mi. Macdonald for
the C.P.R. was E. P. Davis, K.C., ot
Vanoouver, while ,1. T. Garrow. I(.
C, of Goderieh, was counsel fur Elliot
and Lennie, who represented the
plaintiff in thc llritish Columbia
The other case was Collom vs. Man-
ley, an action regarding the title to a
fractional claim adjoining the Ailing-
ton mine in the Slocan. This case
chiefly relies on the question whether
suction 24 of Iho Mineral Act cures
defects in tho location of a mineral
claim. E. P. Davi?, of Vancouver,
appeared with Mr. Macdonald for
Collom and W. A. Galliher, M.P., for
Mauley. In this caso also, judgment
wus reserved.
As to metalliferous mining, Mr.
Macdonald stated that thore was a
disposition not to inves*. in them on
the part of onstt-rii Canadian people
for the present, the chiel objection
being the unstable form of government that has prevailed here for somo
time. The people there would prefer
a party in power tbat would be likely
to remain tor tho regular term of four
years, whether Liberal or Conservative. There havo been so many
changes in the labor and other conditions that thoy prefer to wai t or
some time. Conl and iron propositions
seem to he their favorite investments
and were any in the production of
thoso minerals offered lhe people
would be disposed to invest liberally.
The shaics of the ("row's Nest Coal
company had advanced very rapidly
which showed how thoy viewed such
an enterprise.
Mr. Macdonald thought that were
the matter pushed vigorously that
thoro was a possibility that a duty on
lead would be ltnpoEOd in order to
protect the smelting and refining in-
dustiy.the samo as other manufactures
are. Nono that he spoke to would
advance any argument against the
step,particularly in view of the bonus
and protection that iB granted to the
iron industry.
The ueputation from the Associated
boards of trade had not reached Ottawa
when he was there.
He was disappointed on returning
to find complaints of slack business
prevalent in Nelsou. He thought there
was no justification for this feeling
as business condit ons here wore comparatively good.
Convention at Louisville Enunciates a
Roform Platform.
Lousville, April 3.���A now political
organization was formed here today
under the name of the Allied Peoples'
Party of the United States, lt is composed ol tho reform elments opposed
to the Democratic and Republican
pin-ties. The platform of the organization embodies the platform adopted at
the conference held in Kansas City
lust September when a call for a conference was issued, "to nnito the le-
form forces against plutocracy." It
reaffirms the spirit of the declaration
of principles adopted at the national
convention of the people's rarty in
St. Louis, Omaha and Cincinnati
The deinaud tor tho initiative and re-
fciendum and the government ownership of ul! iitili'ics aro its principal
Vallcyfleld, Qae.r*ApriI 3.���Dion's
olock, occupied hy Dion's dry goods
store and Guerdon und Co.'s bardwaro
store, was destroyed by fire this afternoon.    Loss $20,000.
i Account of Court Martial on
Australians In  the
Avenged Officer's Murder and
Participants Severely
London, April 8,���Lieut. Witton,
one oi thn Australians sentencud to
life imprisonment at penal servitude
at tho same timo that the Australian
officers were sentenced to be shot for
shouting and robbing Boors who were
travelling to Pietersburg with tbe
object of surrendering, has arrivod in
England to sorve his sentonce. He
give an account of tho affair as fol-
luws: Oue of their (three Australian)
officers had been murdorei hy Boors.
Shortly afterwards, tho Australians
captured a number of Boors including
one wearing ihe uniform of the murdered office!. They immediutly held
a drum court martial, found the man
guilty and ordered him to be shot.
For this the Australians were arrested
in October and tried by court martial.
Their sentences, after revision hy the
Imperial government, were communicated to them in February. Two of
the Australians were 6hot."
Gorman Prohibition of Importation of
Meats Premature.
Berlin, April 3.���The government
has been placed in a mest awkward
position on tho prohibition of the importation of meat treated wilh boraoic
acid, hy a declaration today of the
society for tho protection of the in-
teiests of tho German chemical industry, that the government did not oon-
suit the Imperial health council. This
body composed of eminent specialists
from all parts of Germany is advisory
to the Imperial health office. The
government's statement in the North
Gorman Gazette Saturdav affirmed
that tho council was unanimously for
prohibition. It now appears according
to the chemical society that the mat-
tei was never brought before the
A prominent member of the council
informed the Imperial Secretary of
State for the Interior, prior to the
publication of the statement in the
North German Gazette that he was
surprised that so important a step had
been taken without consultiug the
council which was decidedly against
Awaiting His Appointment to
Command Canadian
Recognizes In Citizen Soldiers
Strongest Bulwark of
Montreal, Apiil 8,���The Star's London cable says: 1 have authority to
stato that Lord Dundonald, of Lady-
smith fame, will assume command of
Canadian militia at the termination ol
Gen. O'Grady Haly's term of office.
Lord Dundonald is now at Ascot
awaiting the gazetting of his appointment. Iu view of Lord Dundonald's
selection, I have turned np recent
expressions of his own. lis has tremendous belief in citizen soldiers as
an increasingly important element in
the defence of tho empire and in providing freolv everything to secure tbis
efficiency. He points to his experiences in Natal in the dark days of
1890-1111)0 as proof of the splendid work
in the field which civilian soldiers
were capable of doing when formed
into regiments undbr good regimental
lie says that en the true recognition
of citizen soldiers depends tho solution of one of the gravest political
problems before our race. Ho dwells
on the paramount importance of good
shooting to make lho empire safe.
Such are the changed conditions ol
warfare, wo must he a niitch for tho
euomy at a thousand yeards or moro
uv.'ay. This is only attained by constant practice at rifle shooting.
Lord Dundonald anticipates his
work in Canada with the keenest
interest. He duly appreeintos that the
oonditions of Canadian life whieh
must guide him, il possible, to avoid
the pitfalls of his predecessors. Lord
Dundonald sends me this message for
publication: ''Canadians who solved
under me iu South Africa, were men
from the tops of their heads to the
soles of their feet, or to be more explicit, there aro persons with ritlcs
and men with rifles. When a general
has men under him with rifles, he
knows what ho can do and what risks
he can take."
was played und the mourner's murel
proceeded to tho station. There tin
collin was burno into the DoBeerscom-
pany'H biiIoou ear which had been con-1
verted into a chapol arduute Tho
family and tho executors ol the will
and others accompanied the remain!
to Rhodesia.
Iloers Charge that Louisiana Supply
Station is Unlawful.
Washington.April B,���Secretary Hay
has recoivod from Governor Heard, ol
Louisiana, the statement referred to
in this morning's publications alleging the existence of a British camp
atChalmetto just below New Orleans
on the Mississippi river. By direction of the president it has been referred to the attorney-general with a
view to securing an opinion on certain legal points involved. Meanwhile
it will not be mado public.
Wiile the State department will not
hestitate a moment to make inquiry
into the correctness of any charge preferred by any responsible person, such
as tho governor of Louisiana, it is believed that even now the departmtnt
is not without its own idea as to what
is going on at Chaluietto anc this
Knowledge has not shaken the department's original view that thoso operations aie entirely lawful.
Goncral Samuel Pearson, formerly
of the Boer army, has returned to
Washington from Now Orleans where
he wont to gather proof to substantiate his charge tbat thu llritish
authorities in Louisiana have set up a
regular military establishment fiom
which their army in South Africa is
being furnished with men, horses,
mules und supplies. General Pearson
made this charge iu a letter to President Roosevelt who, he says, sent to
Governor Heard off Louisiana or investigation and report and the latter,
in turn, culled upon him (Pearson)
for proofs.
Argonauts  to  Treasure  Island Reported In the
Wrecked 1,100 Miles Westwards of
Barbadoes���Driven to Their Beats.
St. Thomas, Danish West Indies,
April 3.���News was received here today confliming the report that a boat
containing nine men and a woman,
the captain's wife, belonging to the
wualer Kathleen, of New Bedford,
Mass., had arrived at the Island ot
Dominica, British West Indies, March
28th, They were all in a weak statt
u! tho result of 11 days of hardships.
Tho party repjrted that while fishing
1,100 miles westward oi Harbadoes the
Kathleen was struck by a whaie,
which stove in a p'.ank and caused the
vessel to sink in half an hour. The
whalers who reached Dominioa be-
oaine seperatud at night all, from the
threo other boats of the Kathleen. The
three missing boats of the Kathleen
arrivod safely at Pemambuco.
Brazil, about, March 30, Capt. Thomas
U. Jenkins of tht sunken whaler was
among        those who        r ached
of   water.       The   conflagration   is  aj $i'.,ir>0,o00
London.     April   3.���The     Marconi
Wireless Telegraph company   has sold
its American rights and patents  to an
American company    with a capital   of
St. Johns, Nlld., April 8.���A violent
scone occurred in the Colonial legislature last night between the Minister
of Finance E. Jackman, and Mr.
Morin, the leader of the Opposition.
"Mean, dirty liar," "scoundrel,"
"blackguard," and "coward," were
mong the epithets exchanged between
the two mon.
London, April 3.���Lead ��11,  8s. ��d.
New York, April 3.���Closo���Hai
silver 5lo; Mexican dollars 430.
Copper  dull.    Laad quiet.
Impressive Ceremonies Previous to Removal of Rhodes' Remains.
Capetown, April 3.���Throughout tho
morning contiuous streams of people
passed by tbo coffin containing the
body of Ceoil Rhodes, as it rested in
tho Parliament house.
The fnneral procession this afternoon was most imposing. Tho coffin
was draped with the Union Jack
whioh belonged to Mr. Rhodes and
whioh he regarded with peculiar veneration, and with the tattered Hag o f
the British Chartered South African
Co., which went through the fight at
Massikeasi, and was carried on tbe
"Long Cecil" gun carriage, used at
the siego of Kimberley, through the
crowded streets to the cathedral. The
streets were lined by troopers who
saluted the passing cortege. The pall
bearers wero Sir John Gordon
Spriggs, the premier of Cape colony,
and six others. The chief mourner
was Ool. Frank Rhodes who walked
alono and bareheaded, and was followed by tho brothers of the deceased
und representatives of Lord Milner,
Ihe British high commissioner, and
Sir Waller Hcaly Hutchison, the govornor and commandoi-in-chiet ofthe
Cape of Good Uope.
All business was suspended during
tha funeral and all public buildings
were draped in mourning. In trout
of the cathedral stood a huge crowd
and the building itself was tilled to
its capaoity. The archbishop and
other clergy received the body at the
poich and there tho opening sentences
of tne burial service were pronounced.
Tho procession passed down the main
transept. The Archbishop made an
address during which he declared that
Mr. Rhodes had faults, of wbich he
probably was as eouseicus as any one,
but nevertheless he was a groat man.
Though not a great church goar, co--
tlnued tho Archbishop, Mi. Rhodes
was essentially religious.
At the conclusion of the service tbe
procession   reformed,   a   dead   march
New York State Enacts Stringont
Repiessive Measures.
Albany. April 3.���Govornor Udell
today signed tbe bill designed to
stamp out anarchy in th r.tate. It
imposos a penalty of not more than HI
years' imprisonment or moro than
$r>,000 fine or both, on porsons who
advocate anarchistic doctrines by
speech, writing or oth;rwise. It also
makes it a loisderaeaor punishable by
a fine of not moro than$2000 or impris
onment of not mire thun two yoars, or
both upon editors or publishers who
permit the publication of books, nows-
papers or seriula advocating anarchy
and upon owner, agents or occupants
of buildings who arbor anarchistB.
Victoria Agog to Know Results of Expedition to
Company Promoter's Misfortune Leads
to Ohattly Deed.
New York. April 3,���Charles II.
Worthen, a promoter, aud his wife
were found dead iu their room in a
boarding house on West tilth street
today. Worthen had shot his wife
and cut her throat and then cut his
own throut. Financial trouble is believed to have been the cause ol the
deed. Worthou and bis wife caine
here from St. Paul a year ago. He
was a company promoter and was also
identitled witb an insurance company
and a spring-water company. Yesterday he gave a cheque for $150 in payment or a back board bill, This was
returned today marked no good.
Train Crews Keported Killed in Wreck
at Blue Canyon.
Salt Lake. Utah, April 3.���A bad
freight wreck, it is reported, occurred
in Bluo Canyon on the Southern
Pacific railway. Two freight trains
came together in the canyon which is
on the western slope of tho Sierras.
The cars were piled up so badly that
traffic probably will be blocked fur 21
bouts. Sevoral members of the train
crews are repotted Ui I le 1 or injured.
isi-iri ii. tu THIS IHIMcn.i
Victoria, April 3.���lo the proceedings before Justice Walked] In re tho
accusation bruught by Smith Curtis,
M.L.A.. against Premier Dunsmuir,
the newspaper repurtois stated that
the ministry deelarotl that Grceii-
shields was acting us the acciedited
agent of tho government in t~e do-il
with thc Canadian Northern. At tbe
same time it is clear that ho was acting as the representative of Mackenzie
and Maun, tho promoters of the samo
railway, thus B'tlng in a dual
Tho feeling seems to bo setting
strongly against James Dunsmnir and
it is only the more pronounced since
North Victoria has nut any ropesmua-
liun in the house duii..g tho passage
of the redistribution bill. There
exists _ feeling also that thero will be
some unexpected revelations uf policy
with regard to the bill.
Victoria, April 3. ���Messrs. Heltn-
cken. MoPblllipi and Tatlow were un
thc stand this morning before tho
Royal commission and eorrobi.rated
the evidence uf the newspaper reporters that the government never hinted
that Greenshieids was not acting fu.'
thorn, but always referred tu him as
tlieir accredited agent iu the railway
negotiations, until after Smith Curtis
has brought bis charges.
Tho hrigantine HlultclcT, tho treasure ship which left horo several
months ago, to dig for treasure buiitd
by pirates on Cocos island, is in tho
straits bound home tu Victotia. It is
impossible to learn at preseut,
whether she has been successful or
not, as she had passed Carmanah
point hofore signals could be made to
hor. She is now over toward tho
American shore heating up the straits.
Tho news has created a regular
Uttttor among tho shareholders in her,
wbo include high officers of the navy
und some of the best known public
men nf the city, although they havo
cuncoalod their cunnection with the
matter through fear of ridicule. Tho
report was received hero from Honolulu a short time ago tbat a ship
airivod there bad passed Cocos ii-lantl
and bad sighted the lllakclcy and tha
the latter hud then recovered a largo
amount and was still prosecuting the
Admiral Palliser, who proieaitcd
the search with a party of marines
and bluejackets frum II. M.S. Imper-
iouso a few years ago and the Bailors
who accompanied him, claim that
they found tho treasure, but that
water coming in on them prevented
them from securing it. The hrigantine Blakelcy, which was purchased
by the company for the trip from
Seattle parties, will cither bo co-uinis-
sioned for trading purposes or sold on
her arrival hero. The investment uf
the stockholders will be the Hist charge
on the profit! of the expedition.
St. John, N. II., April 3.���Jane
Whaten, aged 60, who live' alone,was
found drowned in her well tbis morning. Tnuught she over balanced while
drawing a pail uf water.
Kansas Jity, April 1.��� Tommy Ryan
was   given   the   decision   over    Billy
Stift, of Chicago,   horo tonight   at the
end ol a   ten-round   bout.    Stift   was
I much   outclassed.
Instant Death of a Young Man at Fire
Nakusp,    B,  C,    April II. ���A    Dane
namotl Potor   Thisted,   aged 23, aeci-
dentaly   shot   himself at I'iro   Valley
yesterday in oarelessly handling a gun
while hunting. Tint bullet tore off a
portion of kis skull and he was in-
tsantly killed. Be had been employed by tho ICdgcwuod Dairy Co. up to
Apiit 1, but had left. He formeily
livetl in Cornwall, Minn. An iwjinst
Is to he held tomorrow.
Kroonstadt, Orange River Colony,
Apiil I.���Aotlng President Schalkburger has opened negotiations with
President Steyn who hus been local'd
with Delarey and Kemp, out the
whrereubouts of the party has not
been ascertained. Dowct bos been
located near lloshof. Nelson  Daily Miner,   Fkuay,  April 4, 1902
The Nelson Miner
Pabllabed   Kvery  M-irntnn Except  Mundai
Daily per mcnth, by carrier ���    66c
Daily, por month, by mail     60*"
Daily, per year, by carrier t 7 00
n��ily, por yi'��*r, by mall    5 00
Daily, per yu&r forelun    9 00
Weekly,p-T half yuar fi jB
vVoukly, per yuar    2 00
'Veokly, por year, t./roiwin    3 00
���/ubBcrlpUoiin Invariably in advance.
���play Adverlisoinfnl-', 81 \ter inch
month; lil-piay Ailvfiti-'-iin'Nis. ���__) Mnta per
web oaoh 1'Hori im loan I h va month: Locata io
oents per Une eaoh Lawrtion; Olaralfled Adver'
ttuaiontli 1 conl per word cucli UnerttoD]
Wbolwals Cards, tSiO pur mouth; Society
I ard> |LflO Per mouth,
115 Kloot fcJtreot, E. C,
Oonfiral  Ptohh ARoney. LM1., Hpoclal A��ontf
Alexander & Co.. 521 Kirnt Avonne, Spokano'-
tVo^h., ki��op thin papor on file, and arc our
in: hnrl/.nl .iki-ii).   for  iwlVQrLlriementa and Bub-
The abovo Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that ,vtll con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
A finely Illustrated pamphlet,   published   by   the Mount  Royal Cemetery
Co.,   ot   Montreal,   has   reached   this
oflice.   It gives in a concise form   tho
history,   practice   and   advantage   of
cremation as a method of disposing oi
the bodies of thoso who  have died, as
well  as a bistoty of the company.   It
seems tliat four years since the lato .1.
H.   Molson   left a legacy of $10,000 lo
the   Cemetery   Co..    for the establishment  of a cre'natorlutn, but as legislation was necessary the bequest  was
declined.   Sir Win. Macdonald in.KiOO
offered   to   supply   tho needed   funds,
and when this was done the   company
applied   for   und   obtained the necessary change in its charter and a crematorium   was  erected.    No   charge is
made for cfomation and the conditions
under which   creiniilion   can   be procured are:     That   the   deceased shall
have   the   right   to   be buried in   the
cemetery ; shall have   expressed   a desire,   which must he reduced to writing, for  cremation;   that there  shall
be a medical ceitiflcate of  death,   and
that    the   permission   of  tbo coroner
shall be obtaineti.     These   rules  arc
essentia!   to   prevent   tbis   method of
disposing of the dead irom being used
in destroying evidence of crimes,as in
the   cases   of   those   who   have  been
Modern cremation, which is now
being received with considerable
fnvoi-, is but thc readoptoin of an
ancient ens'om. It was practised
among the primitive Ari.ins, who had
tho belief that only by means of fire
could the body be tarnsformed into
spirit. The ancient inhabitants ol
Haul and Hritlany burned their
dead. The Scandinavians for many
centories previous to the Ninth century did likewise and the piactice
prevailed among the Slavs until the
Klevouth century. For a time the
practice ��as ibandoned, but iu 1707
Legrand D'Aussy, a .lesuit lather and
a number of the institute of France,
began an agitation in its favor which
had considerable effect. In Italy in
1860 it was adoveated by a large section of tbo per pie of that country.
Garibaldi directed that his body be
given to the llames, but his friends
refused to carry out his wishes and he
was buried. In 1891 the Italian law
was changed so that those who desired
it could have their bodies cremated.
In 1878 Fanee adopted a similar law.
In Kugland the first modern cremations took place in 1885, in Germany
in 1878 and in the United states in
18~li. Now there are crematories In
Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, and
Working in Great Britain, und a
number in I-iance, Germany, Italy
and the United States.
That cremation is gaining in popularity and that the Dumber uf bodies
diposed of in that way is increasing
annually is shown by the augmentation in the number of Crematories.
It is much cleaner and lhe bodies of
persons who die of snch contagions
diseases as smallpox, cholera, etc.,
are prevented from spreading further
contagion when burnt in crematories
The custom has, however, been so
long to bury the dead that it will
pro':nbly be many years before all
bo lies will be disposed of by the
file method.
crated by the outing and the exchange
of ideas. At the sessions held several interesting papers were read and
discussed and these aro of bont&t to
the teacher as thoy are tho results of
actual experience in the school room,
Teachers huve most important functions as they have charge of the education ol the young and at a period
when the character is being formed,
and,if they have tho proper attributes,
the re(ini-��ite know ledge,and love tlieir
work and are endowed with the capacity f.jr itnpaiting lhe knowledge
which they possess to those who ure
studying under them, which Is much
rarer than is generally supposed, their
power ior doing good, though confined to the iour walls of a class
rooin, is sometimes very large.
Earnest able teachers, who make their
profession their lilc work, can bring
cut all the better qualities of those
in trui-t.-tl to their charge, whi'o
pedagogues of the Squeers type, so
uptly described by Dickens, simply
degenerate those whom they endeavoi
to teach. The calling of teacher is u
noble ono, when followed with the
pre p-r spirit and with a sincere dure
to make it so
The teachers assembled at the insti-
tuto, in the main,seemed to be endowed with the proper spirit as they were
evidently animated by a aeaire to
learn from one another, to keep
abreast of thc times and to put themselves on as high a palne an possible.
As these institutes result in eo'nmcli
that is beneficial they should be held
as olten as possible. They serve to
encourage the teachers who attend
them and are certainly of a distinct
advantage to education.
Grand SorlM'ODenlM
Friday, April 4th.
Music From 2.30 to 9 p. m. Tea and Coffee Served From 3 to 6 p. m
Glorious Spring Opening of fascinating interest to all.
displayed in full bloom, so charmingly typical of sunny,
this exhibition of the world's fashions.
Summer is  here
flowery days
Everything New Latest Styles
Do not forget the date, Friday, April 4th.    Wc
Teacher's Convention.
welcome the   Kootcnav
Hudson's Say Stores
A   referendum   was taken iu Manitoba on Wednesday to   decide whether
the   prohibitory, liquor  act should or
should not go into force   with the   result that it was  defeated by a considerable majority.    This will settle,  we
believe,   for  a  considerable   time a
vexed   question   which  has   agitated
the  people   of   Manitoba   for  several
yearn, ano a period of quietude should
ensue   on the  part of the advocates of
prohibition.     The" contest  for prohibition   began   when Hugh John Mac-
doin.id was premier.   Ile'promised thc
prohibitionists   it they   would   decide
by   plebiscite  that  tbey desired  prohibition ho would have  passed an act
favorable to them. The plebiscite was
canied  and   in   oue time the legislature,   as   promised,  passed a law- prohibiting the sale of intoxicants.     Tbo
constitmionality    of    tho  act    was
attacked  by   the   liquor interests and
the    case   was   fought   through   the
courts  till     it   reached     the    Privy
council,   which   decided that the act
was constitutional and that the legislature of Manitoba had  power vested
in it to pass such a measure.      By tbe
time this was done Premier Macdonald
had   been   succeeded by Premier Roblin.    Th; latter waa oot so friendly to
the interests of the  prohibitionists  as
'he   former  and   Premier Kohl in decided before the aci should be put into
effect  there   should be a  referendum
and that it should secure 02 per   cont.
of the totil   vote    polled in order  to
carry.   Tho government caused   a bill
embodying     these   provisions   to   be
adopted   hy   the   legislature and   the
referendum was taken   with the result
that proihibition was defeated.
It is a matter of history thai prohibition has been a failure wherever it
has been or is in existence. The
attempts .to enforce its provisions are
evaded and it is claimed there was no
ciminution in druukeness in those
places where it has been in effect.
South Dakota tried prohibition for a
period and so many fueds were engendered by a system of espionage put
into effect by the stronger ��� adovcates
of temperance that it gre?�� to the
dimensions of a great public evil. A
majority became so dissatisded with
thia condition of affairs that the law
was repealed. During the prevalence
of prohibition there seemed to he no
abatement in the drunkeniess, and it
seems impossible to enforce temperance by statute. Tho better way
would be to teach the children the
evils of intemperance in the public
s      CHINA  HALL     *
m Fancy
For thc balance of this month
vvs will give
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Rods, Reels, OustH, Flies, Fly Hooks, Lines, Fishing Baskets,Trolling Spoons
Guns and Ammunition
���EbelRosatBank of danaba
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Incorporated i860.
f&l.uvu.uoo.ou I Capital i-ald-np
KOHl, . .
rtunril or Director*    Thomas E. Knnny,  Prouldout;
Wllov Hiilith,   ii. O. lUulil,  Hon. ilull Mtvukoon
Dead OAlec, Uulira.il
���    ���     ���Aeoo.SDO.M
"      "        ...    f/ll,70o,fNllM)D
ThqroM Ritchie. Vloe.I'rmiuciit)
Uoneral Manager, Edson L. Pemo, Montreal.
Buporlntondent of Branches,   VV. r). lorrauoo, Montreal
Branches 1
Nova Hcotu-HiilUax Branch, Antt|roul��h
Brldirowater, Uuyshoro. Londonderry, Lu -
epburg, Malllnnd lllrir.u- Co.). l'tutou. Port
HnwkoBhury, Hydnoy. Hauouuttcadlo.Tmro
Sew 1:1 ikikvi lili ��� Bathurst, Dorchoator
Dalhoiuie Krodorlotun, Monolon, New
civstlo, Roxton (Kent Uo.l, Hackvlllo bt,
P, K. uh.hiIChariotifltown, Sumnier��lilo
Quebcc-Moniroal,   ojlM   ,omou),    Monirm
Wost Kurt   Cor. Not.ro   "
Dame and Sol
��uun   .11,1-ju.-.,,    v. OMLUloHUtl   (Cor,   UrOQUQ
Avenue and Bt. Catharlnos Bbreeb,
ftrvrrnundlaml-St. John's.
Cuba, Welti lad!*;-��� Havana.
United KtukM���New York (IU Biohaoge Plaoe
>       Uortubllc, Wash.
Grand   Furfcs, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
CorrcApoMdcutH t
Canada��� Morohanrn Bank of Oanada,   Uoiina-Nation*   Shawmut Bunk.   Chlcneo���Illtimt��
Trentar.d Saving Bank.   Snn FrnaclMO-Nevtulft National Hank.   London, Kug.-Baiii   cl
Beouand,   I'arU, f rnnee -Credit Lyotttinui.   Ilt-rnitid*��� Bunk of Bermuda.  cntiia ami J.
pan���Honir Kong and Shanijhal Banking Corporation.   Hpokanc-Old National Bank,
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange
and Sold. Letters of Credit, Eto., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed
dopodte and ou Saviug Bank accounts.
on ppecia
Geo. Kydd. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
���ST- i ��~~
���^(t>'!-j!- fty^w w^^ w w^Mt^$(ty ft>(t>*rtyft>(f>(n^^ft> >> f^-^
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�� a.m
a navigable waterway for piactically
the entire distance, thia being via the
Red river, Lake Winnipeg and the
Sasketehewan river. There are obstruc
tion at Cedar rapids near tbe mouth
of the Sasketehewan, where a short
break occurs. The undertaking is a
large one, but as it would open np an
immense section to water navigation
it would he of the greatest benefit
to the country immediately east of the
Rocky mountains. As it is almost
essential to tbe betterment of a most
fertile country there is but little
doubt thst in time it will become an
accomplished fact.
All kinds of express work, coal and
wood.���West Transfer Co. Telephone
McLachlan Bros, have just opened
uo a large bhipmentof fishing tackle.
All the latest specialties, automatic
reels, Tacoma ISaits, etc.
The Kootenay Teachers' Institute,
whieh has been in session for tho past
thrio days in this eity, closed yesterday. It was one of the largest gatherings oi pedagognes ever bold in the
Kootenays. The weather during the
three days was delightul, all the conditions favorable for a gathering of
this ehartaeter, and the result was
both profitable and pleasant for those
who attended. Each mercber of the
institute who attended will return to
take up his work benefited and invig-
A ilispatch IromfjOttavva says that an
application wiil be made to parliament for the incorporation of the
Lake Superior and Rocky Mountain
Navigation Co. The company proposes to open n waterway from Lake
Superior to tbei Rocky mountains.
This looks like an impractical scheme,
but is said to he leasible. Those who
are promoting the uoinpany say that
there ia a natural waterway for nearly
all of the distance, a considerable portion of which ia now navigable.
This route includes thc Lake of the
Woods, Kalny river and Rainy lake.
There would he some .heavy work at
the Lake Superior end. From the
Lake of the Woods to the Red river
thn countiy is low and level, lt is
claimed that it would not be a costly-
undertaking to connect the lake with
the Rosseau river, which flows westward into tbe Red river. Krom Winnipeg to the Rocky mountains there is
The tonsorial establishment of J. H.
Matheson and the hasement shop of
McMahon and Gardner huve consolidated and are now doing business
next door to the Ih.dega saloon, wh^re
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Finest and Best Bar ln Ui�� City.
The best Brands of Liquors
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$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
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Similkameen   Valley   Coal    Company's
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Nelson, B. C. Official Broker
Over Wallace Jt nilli-r'n, Itaknr Ht.
J. 0. GWILIIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
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Por first-class leather wrlto
B. C Leather Co.
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Atlantic S,S. Sailings Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v,
From St. John, N. B.
Allan Line Tunisian  April 12
Allan Line Nuroidian April lit
Beaver Lino Garth Castle April 25
A liuii .Lino steamers call .at Halifax two days
From Portland.
Dominion Line Dominion April 12
Dominion Line Calixomian April 1(1
From New York
Cunard Line Lncanla April 12
Cunard Hue Saxonin April 19
Whito Star Lino Germanic April 111
White Star Line Teutonic April 23
American Lino Philadelphia ��� April 16
American Line St Paul April 23
St. Lawrenoe Sailings
l,ake Champlain : May 2
S. s. Vancouver and Parisian May 3
Continental sailings of. French. North German Lloyd, H. A. P. and Italian Lines on application.
RATES-Saloon fares 812.50, and upwards '
fecond $M und upwards according to steamer
a-d location of berth.   Steerage quoted on application.   Prepaid pa-sages from England and
tho continent at lowest rates.
H. L. BROWN,      W. P, F, CUMMINGS,
City Agt. Nolson.      Gen. Auont, Winnipeg
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Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Between Nelson and Spokane
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Roses, Bulbs
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26 hours
a6 hours
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
9:20 a.m Spokane  7:15 p.m,
12:25 p.m Kosslnnd 4:30 p.id
10:30 a.m Mountain r. -si) p. m.
9:40 a.m Nelson 6.45 p.m,
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. * T.A.
Spokane, Wash
Agent, Nelaon, B.
ttShtt m: iwc in C|T��
About that second-hand article o
���7i��Ur?; ,Y9?'ll8eUitif you'll adver
Use it in ThtlMiner w��nt colump
Y. O. GKEKN F. 8. OLKMEN'i'ri
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Gor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone 261
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head offiob toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. h. UCNNOX, Bakw 8i.
bTelaoA, Nklson   Daily Miner, Fri ay, April 4, 1902
*,*+***+**** **************
It is altogether likely that before
many days have gone by the Hoisc-
slioa mining property ou Trout creek
will pass into the hands ol American
capitalists, says the Trout Lake
Topic. If the pending deal goes
through, and there is every reason to
bslieve it will, the new company will
continue tho work now being prosecuted with a largely iucreasetl force
of men. liocently in tlic tunnel now
being driven, ore was encountered and
there is every indication of thepruseiice
of a largo body ol oro as tho tunnel is
now uearlng   a point   below   the   big
stiriaco exposure,    Tbe Horeshoo, as
far as tho value of the oro is concerned, is u second Triune, und should
it pass from the present owners there
ii little doubt bat that it will in time
turn out a fortune [or the buyer.
Call   up   33   if you riant   furniture
or pianos moved.���Wc-.t Transfer Co.
Large Shoot Uncovered on the Fourth
Level of the Mine.
Of all tne mines in the Slooan there
is cot one that is managed with
creator business tact, and with so
little noise to attract applause as the
Monitor mino of Three Forks, says
he New Denver Ledge. Managertlintz-
burger dees not do his mining
through the colomus of a newspaper.
But he gees after the ore for its value,
not to boom the mines' stock, aud���he
finds it
A very big and impoitant strike of
oro was made on tho Monitoi last
Monday. The stiikc w��s made in the
lower levul, No. 4 tunnel, where the
main ore shoot has been developed for
a distance of -'75 ieet on the horizontal. The paystreak shows in the drilt
tbree feet of solid oie with every indication of it opening into a very
large ore body.
A raise has been driven on the ore
shoot from No. 4 to No. ',' tunnel, a
distance of 132 feet, and tho ore wok
found absolutely continuous, from
eight inchosto threo feet in tlii-knoss.
The strike made in the lowest developed level is conclusive proof that the
ore shoot goes down, anil, also that it
incroase in width with depth.
Hydra&geas, Snowballs, Lilacs,
Spiretis, strung, foui-year-old healthy
shrubs. Riverside Nurseries, Orand
the question of tho time aud place of
the next meeticg.
A. Sullivan, presented the report of
the resolution committee, 'the fll'lt
of these convened the thanks of the
convtntun to the local stuff of teachers
nud to all others who had contributed
tu thc success of thc convention and
to tho enjoyment of those attentliug.
This was supplemented after by ono
passed by the visiting teachers who
especially thanked tho Nclsun teachers
and inviiud them and their friends ti
an informal reception in the parlois of
the l'hair holel.
'ihe second resolution askeu tho
department of education to provide
for tlie distribution of complete
samples of minerals from tbo provincial miiLciini, us promised by tho
curator, to all the schools, The next
resolution presented asked tho executive committee to use its best endeavor
to promote the organisation of a
teachers' protbetive association.
All these were unanimously carried
except the lust against which threo
The convention then adjourned after
singing the national authotn.
The touchers who have beon in attendance on the instituto aud their
friends had a merry time at the
l'hair last eveuing. The parlors and
dining looms wero turned over to
them by Mine Host Phair. They
danced, played ping pong, and other
games until an early hour this morning. This was a very pleasant liuale
tor the institute.
AdvorLlnomonlrf lnnortod untlor thin head at,
thu rata of or:o conl. a word pur int-urMon, No
advei'tlKBiiiRnlj takun for !"������. than 2h centa
;iu nation Wanted artvorUnomonta lutjortod
three Union froo of ohartce.
TO RENT���A five room house on Mill
street,   near Stanley,   all   modern
conveniences. Apply, A.R, Sherwood.
FIJI' SALE��� Snap���For   one   week    I
oil'or   six   roomed bouse, now,   and
two   lots   $.riOU Cash,    llalance fit) per
mouth.    A. 11. (iambic.
N. At. (Juitituitiri, I.' -i'<. livery knowi.
variety ot nott drinks. P 0 Box _t. '1'oluphon
No. :u. Hoover Street, Nelaon. nottlerx of th
famous St. Loon Hut SpriiiKtt Mineral Wutor
FOi: SALE.���Eggs for batohlng.Black
Minoroa,     llrowr,      Leghorn,    and
Plymouth Rocks.     P, (J. Box liOli,   or
Miss Edwards, Fairview.
Steps Taken For Formation of a
tective Associatiou.
The annuul meeting of the Teachers'
association w��b brought to 0 close
yeBterday afternoon and In the evening tho visiting teachers tendered a
reception to the staff of the looal
BOhools and their friends in the pailors
of the l'hair hotel. It was a convention tnut was enjoyed by all and the
papers road were of interest and
helpful to these who heard thorn.
On assembling iu the morning
Inspector Wilson asked leave to intio-
duce the subject that had been discussed the previous day and suggested
that the telegram sent regarding a
joint convention with the coast institute scarcely conveyed the views of
the association and might be construed to imply a want ot sympathy with
the coast people. He moved a resolution declaring the sympathy of the
convention with the Provincial institute and appreciation of its offer to
hold its text meeting in the Intoriur.
lie also suggested that Eevelstoke be
named as the place of meeting for the
provincial institute. These resolutions were oarried but his third
motion suggesting names for the
officers of the provincial institute
was negatived by a narrow majority.
Officers were elected for the ensuing
year as follows: Honorary president,
D. Wilson,[of Nelson; piesident, J, S.
Brandon, B. A , Trail; first vice-
president, D. N. McTavish, Bossland ;
second-vice-president, Miss K. Scanlan. Nelson ; third vice-president, D.
McD. Hunter, Greenwood : treasurer,
Miss M. L. Edivards, Slocan; recording secretary, D. S. Tait, Bossland;
executive committee, G. W. Clark, M.
A..Nelson; F.J.Watson, Fernie; W.U.
M, May, Grand Forks; Miss Hewton,
New Denver; Miss A. Smith,
A. Sullivan, of Nelson, instead of
reading a formal paper gave an address on the viBit he paid last year to
the National Educational association
at Detroit, which was full of valuable
suggestions to the teacher.
Iupector Wilson followed in an
admirable paper en Tho Recitation.
At tne afternoon session D. S. Tait,
of Rossland, gave a paper on elementary arithmetic and H. A. McTaggart,
of the Rossland High school, on Pupil
and Teacher. Rev. Dr. Wright concluded the regular programme with an
essay on the beauties of Tennyson
which was an excellent guide to a
compreheDBive reading of that poet's
Works. He was accorded a hearty
vote of thanks fcr tlio parer.
After some discussion a resolution
was passed leaving with the executive
A good story is told of John
Maguire the veteran Montana manager, who is known to every theatrical person who has ever visited that
Silver State, as a jovial, wholesoulcd,
prince of uoocl fellows, and a wag of
the flrst water. A few years ago,
MaRuire was managing the Grand
jpeia house in ilutte City. The welt
known tragedian Frederick Warde
was due to appear there in "Kinu
Lear.'' Mr. Warde's advance agent
put in his customary advent of a
week ahead ol his attraction,and aftei
transacting his routo business witn
Mr. Maguiie, was about to depart tor
the next place that Mr. Warde was
booked, when Maguire asked nim for
a cut of 'King Lear." Tbe agent Baid
that he had none, explaining that in
a recent hotel Ure his cut trunk had
Veen cremated and that he did not
have a Biugle cut of "King Lear"
left. Nothing daunted by this state of
afloirs, Maguire said: "I must have
a cut of some kind for that long
article on King Lear" in Sunday's
paper." "Come to think of it" replied the agent, "I havo jut one cut iu
my hotel trunk���but that's Warde as
Hamlet." "Go and get it and 1 will
do the rest," Maguire said seriously.
It duly appeared in the Sunday paper,
and Mr.Warde's consternation may bo
imagined when he saw it, for it road:
King Lear Whon a Hoy!
STORE   TO    LET���Second door from
corner Josiphine on Haker. Enquire
at Vanstonc's Drug store.
TWO Gontlemen can   get  comfortable
room, breakfast and   dinner for  $:i!>
per   mouth,    within   two   blocks    of
hospital.    Apply    .  II., Miner otlice.
1'iANO FOB SALE���Taken in exchange, new, only one month in
use. Cost $400. Will sell at a
bargain. See it at E. Ferguson and
Co. 's warerooms, Vernon street, city.
FOR SALE���Eggs for hatching from
Burred Plymouth Rocks and Pekin
Ducks; choice stock. Strawberry
plants. John Houghton, Crawford
FOR SAbE���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in tho Kootenays,
best location, 8r> nicely furnished
roims in connection. Tho best business proposition in the district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cate,
Box 235, Nelson U.O.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
'joard.     Apply     on   Silioa   street,
second door west of VVard.
Apply   to   Mrs K. J.
40,  K. W. 0. block.
TO   RENT.���
Sim ires, Room
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. 0. Hox 405. Phone 278.
Two girls want housework.
ENGLISH   TRAINED   Nurse   desires
caie   of   infant   or   otber   position.
Miss Doughty, Nelson, B.C.
AMACDONAU) Be Co.-Cornor Fron
��� and Hull Streets��� Wholesale Kroner
ond jobbers In blankets, aloves, mitts, boou
rubbm-H. itmckiniiw* nnd minors' .-undnoK.
P BURNS 8c Oa���Bakor stroot, Nelton-
���   Whulufttlo <ii:;ilt;rn in  treak tt      curod
moats.  Cold Storage.
Uukor stroot, Nelson��� Wholesale dua
era In front! ftnd ourod meats.
J streot, Nelson ��� Wholesale asalars ir
hardware, minoi'ri' Hupt'liad, HuortinK noodt-
M'LACHLAN BROS. HakorSiroot NoIhop,
. B. 0,.���Dealers in general harhware,
mining supplies, glass, pollts, Portland Co-
nir.-nt, nre olay and Scoton Are brick. Agents
for W ilktnis and Oo/S celebrated htuol wire rope
NKLSON   HAROWAKK  CO.��� Wholesal,
paints, oils and glaBSt niouiianicn   tool*-
Fiahiog Tackle and Spoiling Gojd-i a specialty
rpURNER, BKETON & Co.-Cnrnor Vornoi
H    aud Jonephine  Strootn,  Nelson���Whole
salo deulern in liquor*, oigars, and dry goods
Agonts for Pabst Browing Oo. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co or Calgary.
HUDSON'S HAY Oo.���Wholesale grocerie
and liquors et&, Maker Street, Nolson.
Oflice corner Hall aud Front StruoU
Nelson���Lumber, celling, flooring! and every
thing in wood for building purposes*   Oot oui
pricoK.   Correspondence solicited.
A.   MIIONAU),      Agent   Uazulwood
Hairy Co. Ice Crimm.
MEN A IS I) Women wanted to work at
liome.   Oood waces   Write Ulasgow
Woollen   Oompany,   Department    C.
WANTED���A     nurse   girl   about   14
years.     Apply Mrs. R,   N.   Riblet,
second     door   from
Victoria street:
Fall   street   on
Tako Laxntivo Bromo Quinine Tablets. A
druftfflsts refund the money Kit falls to oaro
K. W Grove's signature In ou each box,
Hume���W. H. Conley, J. Y. Mo-
Intosli, Kaslo; T. U. Breen, Winnipeg; T. Iironsdon, Toronto ; Kubort
M, Kiewert Milwaukee; J. Garden,
Vancouver; J, A. FridaUer, Spokane;
Mr. and Mrs. Kingston, Geo. E.
Ellis, Toronto; James H. Davidson,
James P, Dell, Fernie; Miss Pattie
Kbodes, Frank B. Gibbs, Grand
Forks; H. II. Mnckelston, W. Hunter, Phoenix; J. Fleishman, Vancouver; A. A. Sparks,  Victoria.
Pbuir���V. W. Smith, Lardo; W. E.
Walsh, Moitreal | J. R. Pollock and
wife, Fernie; Harry Mcintosh, Ross-
laua; George II. Williams, Charles
Coit, Spokane.
Queen's���John Bull, Slocan; F. A.
Hamburg, Sandon; VV. A. Innes,
Restigouohe; Rev. R. W. Craw,
Kaslo; Miss Doughty, Phoenix; J.
Jonos, Everett
Trernont--Rod McNeill, Rambler
mine; Miss S. Smith,Slocan City; W.
McDelomney, Greenwood; James
Dean, J. Former, F. B, Royd, Greenwood.
Madden���J. Brown, Kansas; J.
Sparks, Fernie; Frank Ross, Kuska-
nook ; James Lamb,  Rossland.
Grand Central���D. S. Hobbitt, Cres-
ton; T. Stamp, Elko; S. Benzie,
Pilot Bay.
Foster Crafts,of (Jharles'own, Mass.
write home as soon as you can as
financial interest await ynu there.
Very important.   I. F. Crufts.
HELP     of   all   kinds    wanted    and
furnished.     Western   Canadian Em
ployment Agency.     Large warehouse
for   storage; call   at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,   B.   C.     A.
Guthrie Sc Co.
On Tb.uisda.vs the baths at the linn
Ton Barber shop will be reserved
exclusively for ladles. Mrs J. P.
Beauraie will be in attendance tP receive the lad'es.
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply  always  op
Rates to   all  railway  and
lake poinls
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office  - Two  doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
West Kootenay Butcher Co
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fisn und Poultry in SeasoD
E.   C.   TRAVES.   MAN aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which 11 AmnlriniiilrH
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000j
Ajrpregatc   Resources Over MB,000,000,
HON, QKO.A, UOX, President.      B. E. WALKEK, General MBnaj,ei
London Office: 64) Lombard Street, _. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
Anil 60 branch!)* in i 'anruht and tlio Llnlto.l st .l: .��� , InoludlnR
CiiANiinooB        KAUiAiura Nkw Wkstminstkk   Vancouver
Kkunik Nanaimo Hossi.anu Victokia
YUKON DISTRIOT���DAWtOK and Wiiitb Hiiiihk.
UNITK1I STATJ��ti-Nkw Yoiik, Han Kkancisco, SXATrLK, Portland, Bkaowav.
Savings Bank Department.
1 iUcDOBlta Uocelvod ��inl lntc-ri .��� t Allowed.   PiiiBcnt Kate 8 Per (.'ont
i Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting-, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E. CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
Parties wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footed can have them done by
applying   on   corner   of     Ward   an
Victoiia street, opposite postoffice.
Certificate of Improvements
Armour Plate Mineral Claims situate
in the Nelson Mining Division of
West Kootenny District.
Where looated : On Mineral Mountain,
near Erie, B. O.
Tnke notice thnt I, J. I). Andersor ,P.
I, S., of Trail, B.C., ngent foi K. Dalby
Morkil), Esq.,Free Miner's Certificate
No. B. 501411. intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to npply to tho Miniug
Kecorder for a Certificate of Improvement! for the purpose of obtaining a
Clown Grant of the above claim.
And further tnke notice thnt action
under section HI, must be cmiunencMl
before the issunnee of suoh Certificate
of Tmi rovements.
Dated this 25th day of March, A. D.,
1802, J D. ANDBKSON.
Our New Stock is now open,
i Very Fine
To SILAS II ORO.'S, or to  any pel-
sou or persona to whom he may have
transferred his inlerpst in the   lluivy
Joy Mineral Claim, situate 011 Morning Mountain, about 11-2 miles \vest-
erly from the Silver King Miue,  iu
the Nelsou Mining Division  of West
Kootenny District, B. C.
YOU or any of you are hereby notified that I huve expended one hundred
and two dollars nnd fifty centp in labor aud Improvements'npon the above
mineral olaim, under the provision of
the Miueral Act, and if within ninety
days from the date of  this notice you
fail or ri fuse to contribute your proportion of such expenditure together
with all costs of advertising, your interest in snid claim  will  become the
property of the subscriber  under seotion - uf nn Act entitled An  Act   to
Amend the Mineral Act 10UO,
Dated this 14th day of March. I!)(l2
Wholesale and Retail Meal Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelaon, Kasl_
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Order* bv mutt to fu���� branch will h��ve carr'id and ����<n>ol et.'entlon.
and try  a bottle,  a do7.on,  or ft barrel of
:oapoHt   on    the _ market.   _Ainq_try
CALGARY BEER "���' It tu the best nnd
clioapuHt on the market. Al-��, try onr
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
TolTOhnnnfB IWo'-Hh.
The Prices Will Suit
Certificates of Improvements
Queen, Niagara, Lewiston, and Bur-
liugton (Fractional), mineral claims
situate inthe ' elson Miuing Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located���Ou Wolf Oreek, 11
branoh of Sheep Creek, which is a tributary of Salmon River,
Take Notice Unit I, William Waldie,
F M. C. B60026, for myself and asagint
for John A. Turner. 1'. M. O. B6OI66,
and Michael Scully, Free Miner's Certificate No. B60006, intend Co days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
MiuiiiK Recorder for certificates of
iuiDroveinents, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grunts of the above
And further take notioe that aotion,
under seotion 37 must be commenoed
before tne issuance of^such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of February,
A. D. 1V02.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
8top-t Ihe Couftlt
and! Work* ulT the I'oM.
Laxative Biomo-Qninlne Tublet" ouro   acold
none day.   NoOure, noPay.   I'Hce 25 cents.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
N��lnna  B. O
Fur   artistic   jib   work place   your
orders with The Miner. Unioa Labal.
For Stylish Up-to-Date Hats
Opera House Block
Close connection East apd Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Sp ikune FbIIb and Northern Railway,
D rect connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points   East and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:10 a,*m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:20 i.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 800 pin.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagnificentsteamships N.irth West
and North-Land of thcNorthem Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with thu Great Northern Kail-
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocar
Ry., Kootei ai Railway Sc Navigation
Co,, or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt, W  7ol  W,
Ri'-erBide Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
U. K. TAOKABURY. Local Agent,
Nelson.B 0
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hund of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tnrds, NELSON
and LARDO.
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1.00 to $1.50 per day. First
class Meals, 26c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Hox 310. Telephone HI.
Victoria St.. Nelson.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Under and by virtue of tho powers
contained in a certain mortgage wliicli
mill bo piiMinced at tho time of sale,
theio will ho offered fur sale by publio
auction, by S. P. Tnck, Auctioneer,
at his ofllees, Ward street, Nelson, li.
O, ou Monday the 7th aay of April,
11102. at the hour of eleven o'clock In
the forenoon, tho following   property:
Lot numbered twenty-two (22), in
Blook numbered sixty-eight (US), of
the Oity of Nelson, BiUish Columbia,
sub-divinion lot ninety-five (05).group
one (1), Kootenay District, according
to the official plan or survey.
The property is situate on Vernon
Street, and known as tlio "Occiilontul
For terms and conditions uf sale
apply to,
Burns   Block,    liaker .Street,   Nelson,
B. C, Solicitors for the Mort|(aifein.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Real Estate. Fire and Life lnsurence
Money to Loan.
Three Cottages across the I
opposite Nelson full partlcu'aru
HoQses for rent and sale in
parts oi the City.
all 1
Nblson Daiia Miner Fridw, April 4, ,coi
11 Cents per   Ile- p(,r '���'11 is f
11   11 very low price tc.
KOII [iay   tor   a   Wall
Paper   thnt   a   lady might put OD.tht
walls o[ her house ami hu pleat-etl
with it; yet it is nil Relink fori
rlitiiity light-ground ptiper of neat
design, delicately shaded and with a
very pietty ceiling and border to
match, Uf course we have bettet
papers, A glance nt our t-how windows will prove that. During the
next week we shall have some special
bargains to offoi in Wall Papers.
Booksellers. Stationers
Show Room for Mason Sc Riseb pianos
��� -JWV WW**** vwwvwww
Fred Wrlght,pursor on the Kokanee,
is ill.
A certificate of work was issued
yesterday to .1. 11. Baxter on the
Ophir mineral claim.
Work has been commenced on the
opening up of the foot of Josephine
street fiom Front street through to the
A    largo   shipment of hay and   oats
was eeut up to tne Lardo yesterday by
the   Kokanee   to   be used at the con
struct ion camps.
A. F. Rosencrger left yesterday   for
Idaho to look after tho interests of the
Mines  Exchange  in   that   state.    II
will be away several months.
Fountain Peus.���Morley ,t Laing.
The steamer International yesterday
brought in one car of Sunset ore, one
car of Whitewater and one car of Last
Chance, all (or tbe Trail smelter.
W. A. Macclcnald, K. I!., returned
on Wednesday everting from
months' absence it Ibe cast during
which he visited Toronto. Montreal
..-Cottonwood creek bas been turned
into the new Hume wbich is working
satisfactorily althougn it will not be
really tested until the water rises
All the newest books in our lending
libiary ���Morley and L-iing.
The work of getting the new vapor
lanchcs in shape for u*e is progressing
quickly and it is expected that by
next week about a dozen of the craft
will be in commission for the season.
The Kokanee yesterday brought in
one cor cf Molly Gibson ore for thc
Hall Mines smelter; the Surprise
brought in a barge of lumber from
Pilot Day and the Hercules two barges
cf limestone from Kasio for the Hall
Mines smeiter.
At the police court yesterday three
disorderly characters name up for
trial, two on the charge of creating a
disturbance and one for aggravated
assault. The two first mentioned
were fined 820 and costs and the latter
was remanded until Tuesday next.
The fishing in the lake has improved somewhat tbe last two days,
several good catches being made yesterday of trout, although no large fish
were caught. One fisherman at tbe C
R.P. wbari eauj.-lit three trout ranging
from a pound to a pound and a half
in weight.
Wanted to Wiite a Letter.
A man came upon his little girl in
a grevious and tearful oondition, because sho had been restricted in her
allowance of Urape-Nuts. The father
says, "I am little at home and I
hardly understood why the absence of
one particular footl should excite her
urief, but upon inquiry discovered
tbat she had taken such a deoided
fancy to il. that .hi was refusing
meat and almost every other kind of
Since she has been using (Irape-
Nuts a serious oondition of constipation of the bowels has been changed
to a thoroughly normal condition ano
hor rlesh is as solid as a rock.
I quieted ber grief by agreeing to
lot her writo a letter,or 1 would write
if she would tell me what to sa\, so
here it is: '"S'y dear Mr. drape Nuts:
Mamma will not give me all the
(Irape-Nuts I want. Sue says I must
eat some beef, nnd 1 don't like it; i
just like (irape-Nuts better than anything else, with cream tin tbem.
Mamma Used to soak them in water,
but now 1 just eat them dry with
cream on them. If I bail ten dollars
to buy Grape-Nuts with, I would lill
th- big pantry shelf, then ma in ma
would give mo more. 1 am six years
old. With love, and thanking you for
making (irape-Nuts.    D,  L   F.' "
Her father adds: "Right horc I
may gratefully give eretlit to Orape-
Neis, (which has largely taken the
place of rich, Indigestible food in my
own case,) for curing a distressing
catarrh of tbe stomaoh," This father
and little glil live in Truro, Nova
Scotia. Name niveu by Postum Co..
Battle Creek, Mich. I
In London, the market
of the world for fine wines.
Pommery ���' 1892" sells at
$5.00 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Pommery "1893" sells at
$8.50 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Wherever Champagne is
sold according to quality
the highest prices are
paid for
Hamilton. N.Y.. last evening directing that her husband be given every
Copenhagen, April 3,���The rerorts
from Washington that members of Ihe
Lancthings (upper house) lurnisbed
Congressman Richardson with memorials for his disclosuies have Created
intense indignation here and there is
talk of impeaching those members for
rjvealing state secrets.
Agreeable and Comforting j _________]
A. A, Sparks, manager at Victoria
for the Giant Powder Co,, is a guest
at tbe Hume.
Charles Colt, assistant superintendent of the N. and K. S. railway, is
at tiie Phair,
R. T. Lowery, the sage of New
Denver, and editor of the Ledge, is on
a visit to Nelson.
George H. Williams, traveling
agent for the Great Northern, with
headquarters, at Rosslad, is at tbe
Sayward and Co. on Wednesday
shipped one car of lumber to northern
Alberta and yesterday sent two more
carloads to the same destination.
Travellers coming through from thc
territories report a steady stream of
immigrants going north towards
Office Supplies.���-Morley Sc Laing.
A copy of the Sacted cantata
"Christ and His Soldiers," by Joseph
Farmer, was lost bewteen the store of
the Canada Drug and Hook company
nnd the postoffice, and anyone having
found it will confer a favor by communicating with Rev. 1<. H. Graham,
Phair hotel.
The many friends of Adjt. and Mrs.
McGill will be pleased to learn that
the adjutant will spend Sunday in
Nelson and will conduct the meetings
at the Salvation Army barracks on
that day. Por the past eight mouths
they nave been statiouei in Vancouver and their labors there,as in Nelsor,
have been successful.
Now that bicycling has commenced
thc police are busy keeping those on
wheels off the siewnlks. Yestorday a
girl was riding on the sidewalk when
by accident tbe handle of her machine
touched a passer-by and she was
thrown heavily and slightly hurt.
Riding ou bicycles oo tlie sidewalks
is an offence under the city by-law
and the police pmpose enforcing tbe
John Love, representing the Consolidated Stationery Co., of Winnipeg,
will he in the district on his usual
visit. His quarters for the week will
be Hume hotel.
A concert and dance will be aiveu
under the auspices of the Ladies' Hospital aid on tlie evening of Thursday,
April 10. The Cosgrove orchestra bas
heen engaged for the occasion and
will render a musical programme in
the opera house beginning at 8
o'clock. At 10 o'olock the dance will
begin in Fraternity hall for which the
same orchestra will furnish the
music. Ticketh for the concert will be
sold at r>0 cents and for the dance at
75 oents or for both at $1.
Mrs. Helen Criddle, wife of E.
Criddle, died yesteiday morning from
the effect of heart disease. Mrs.
Criddle was a native of London,
England, aged 40 years. The funeral
will take place from the family iesi-
dence on Kobson street on Saturday
at 2.30 p.m. Services will bo held in
the residence by Rev. Mr. Graham,
rector for St. Saviour's church, at 1.30
p.m. Mrs. Criddle was of a kind and
benevolent disposition and her loss
will he sincerely felt by a large circle
of friends.
A me ting is to bo held on Monday
evening at the Ilunr.e hotel of those
interested in lacrosse for the purpose
ol forming a elub for the summer, aud
all those interested in the game are
requested to be present. It is intended
to join the Nelson Hockey club with
the new organization under thc name
of the Nelson Hockey and Lacrosse
club, to play lacrosse in summer and
hockey in winter as it is thought bv
this means too elub can be kept well
together all the year around, Thore
aro several lacrosse clubs in surrounding towns this year, so that it should
be easy to arrange a series of games.
Great Loss of Property in a Seaside
Atlantic City. April 3,���Twelve
hotels and more than a score of small
buildings adjoiiing tho board walk,
which is built along the oieau edge
were aestioyed hy lire today, wbich
swept the beach front for two long
blocks. Ihe less is believed to exceed $750,000. ln this respect tho
conllagration is tbe most disastrous
that has over visited this city.
Tho loss will be only paitly covered by lnsuraite, as the rate of fire
per cont. charged by insurance companies on property here is regarded as
almost prohibitive. Fortunately no
lives were lost, though probably a
dozen persons were injured and burned during tho progress of the fire.
It was reported early today that six
'mon perished in tbo ilames, but the
rumor was without foundation.
The origin of the lire is unknown
but it is suid lo bave been started in
llradley'd bath o>- tho Tarleton.
which adjoins the bath. The city
tonight is guarded by a company of
militia whose services were requested
by the municipal authorities, to aid
the police in the prevention of looting. Some arrest) were made during
the day.
Charles Kelcr who conducted a
drug store on tbe board walk at
Kentucky avenue, estimates his loss
ut $1)0,000 and Victor Freisengor, pro-
pietor of au art store at St. James'
palace and the board walk said his
loss is $f)0.o00. Other losses range
from $5,')00 to $1(1,000. There were
numerous other smaller hootho and
serveral cottages iu the rear of the
board walk which were either partially or entirely destroyed.
The lire was discovered shortly
aftor 0 o'clock this morning aud for
nerHiy five hours the Ilames raged
with such violence as to tbrjaton the
city with destruction.
We   can   make    your   work
agreeable   as   well    as    you
comfortable by
Fitting Your Eyes With
Proper Glasses
Patenaude Bros.
Baker St. Nelson, B. c.
SILK SPECIALS���800 yimlsSillt Luxor iu fancy stripe designs, dolors
cardinal, sky, turquoise, myrtle,
pink, hello, pnrple, black, fast
colors, choice of _o patterns, special
tor summer Shirt Waists, worth
l.c,, per yard 50c.
clotbs, 50 fo 64 inohes wide, colore
gley, fawn, brown, navy, green.
Special to dear per yard $1.00
WASH GOODS-A complete rmge of
Scotch Gingham and Chambrev's
Fancy Stripes and Checks in fast
colors of cardinal, sky, pink, Ox
ford, Navy, per yard 150
New York
via Soo Line, Rt
and nil U. S. points
San Francisco
Paul, Chicago
Tourist Sleeper Service
i*""* 4 OT*1      I'7- Dunmore June-
nAS 1 da,lv
*-"  ��V * Lv   Kootenay Ldg,
Tuesday and Friday, St. Paul, Toronto
Montreal aud liostou.
ll/CCT Leave Kevelstoke
VV r.^ I (1"ilv' Vancouver,
VV ___t\J 1      Seattle Coast.
Herpicide is Used to Cure Dandruff.
E, II. Loyns, New York, N. Y.,
says: '-I am very fond of Herpicide
and enjoy using it. It is refreshing,"
llr. J. H. Hush. Toledo, Ohio.,
writes: "Newbro's Herpicide has
giveu betrer satisnetion than anything
I have ever used.1'
Mrs. llorkey, of Chadron, Neb ,
says ol Horpicide : "It clear.od mv
head of dandruff and stopped my hair
from falling out. It is the best re:n-
���dy for dandruff I ever used, and I
hava used a gient many."
R. S. Cleittan, Ann Arbor, Mich.,
says: "I bave used two bottles of
Herpinide and derived benefit therefrom.' '
St. Paul. April :t.���Prol. F. W.
Colgiove, of the University of Washington, formerly of California university, who cut his throat while travelling on a Great Northern train fiom
Seattle to St. Paul, is in an improved
condition at the city hospital and
will recover. His mental condition,
however, is not so encouraging. His
mind appears to be deeply affected
and It will be some time before he
recovers bis mental equilibrium.
Mm.     Coi grove     telegraphed    from
Our store closes at 6 o'olock every evening except Saturday.   We request our
customers to assist the movement hy shopping early.
Cor. Baker & Ward Sts. Nelson, B. C.
Will pay the highest oaHh prioe for al)
kinds of second baud goods. Will buj
or sell anything from an anchor to u
needle. Fnrniture, Btoves, oarperts,
cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oaat oil clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike. Boi 300. Hall
Street, Nelson,  B. C.
Certificate of Improvements
Oatherire Mineral Claim, situate iu
the Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenay District
Wher�� located���One mile east of N.
iSt F. H. Railway, adjoining the Rob'n
llo'ttl mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis J.
O'Reilly, agent for U, R. Hedley,  Free
Miner's Certificate No. B60878, the Dun-
Duncan Mines, Limited) (Foreign)
Free miner's Certificate No. BC0448
intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to npply to the Mining He-
coi-der for a certilicate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further tnke notice that action,
under section HI, must be commenced
before the issuance of sccii certilicate of
Dated this 12th day of Febrnnry, A.
D.. 1IW2.
Kootenay Railway  and  Na
Compauy, Ltd.
Shortcut and quickest route to tho oast and at
points on .he O. K. 8c N. nnd Northern Pr
effic Railways in War.hitiK">n, Oregon and
Southern States,
Time Card Effective Nov. 10. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
S:.T0 a. >n. Lv. Kaslo Ar. 4:00 p. m
in:;,;, p.in. Ar. Sainton Lv. 1:45 p. ro
Home Seekers' Westbound
Excursions, March i to
April 30.
Through bookings to Europe, via all
Atlantio Line
Prepaid tickets from all points nt
lowest rates
For berths, time tables, rates and full
information apply to City Ticket oflice
Oity Agent. Nelson
J. S. Oarteb, E. 3, Ooylk
Dis. Pass. Agt. A. G. P. A.
Nelson Vancrure
NELSON LODGE    No. 23, A. F. ic
'.. meots second Wednesday In
month.   Visiting brothorn welcome
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lt>i��e
No. 16, moots evory Monday ntjibt,
at   their  Hall,  Kootonay street
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
W* H. Smith, N. G.; G. K. Motion, V. ().; A
Loughuri-t. Hoc,  .e~\
Int Nav- & Trading Co
m:lsov--hlaslo boute.
0:00 p. m. Lv,
0:10 p. in. Ar;
Ar. 10:30 a. m.
Lv. 7:00 a. in.
Connecting at Five Milo Point witb NoIboii
4 Fort Sheppard Railway both to aud from
Kossiand, otc
A  Subject  Jr'or  Remarks.
The new Wall
able attention,
taste in colors
and poople of t
Tliey have an a
mo<t durable in
in sncli Wall
vestment, hefore
will pay you to
Papers attract favor-
Tliey lellect good
ns well as in pattern,
aste ccinntend them,
ir of elegance and are
quality. Investment
Paper ia a paying in-
placing yonr order, it
ice our   new   designs,
and get our prices.
F. J. Bradley & CO.
81j��ii PatntlnK and I'h-lure Framing
a SpiM'iiili.v.
Notice is hereby given that A.
Anderson lias made application untler
the provisions of the "Liquor Licence
Act, 191)0," for permission to transfer
his licence for the Vallov hotel near
Ymir to Joe Hoyer, and that a meeting of the Hoard of Licence Commissioners of tho Nelson Licence District
will he held to eonaidjr such application at tho Coutt house at the City of
Nelson on Friday tbe is'h day of
April, 100!!, at the hour of 10 o'clock
in tbe forenoon.
Chief Licence, Inspector.
Chief Constable's Cilice, Nelson, B.
C, 3rd April, 1002.
"I sell him cheap!
YOU can judge the value of an animal and
most articles in commerce by appearance
and price. ��� With Seeds it is different.���Any
S-jcd must be valued by what it wiil grow
and oot by a "cheap" price.
Poor Seeds nre those of uncertain growth
and product���thoy are as valueless as the
broken-down mule. It is extravagant waste
to use tbem. " Cheap" Seeils may give
greater profit to the seller but the user is
the loser.
"GOOD QUALITY" In Seeds Is the
foundation of worth -it is the result
from selecting and Improving strains,
together with care and intelligence In
growing and means success to the user.
Steele-Briggs Seeds
aro known for thoir "Good
Quality"and"Worth." Moro
of them aro sold and used In
Canada than any other kind-
Buy your Seeds from dealers who sell
Steele-Briggs Seeds
and Insist upon having thcin. If you
cannot get tlietn from a local merchant
sond your order direct. Refuse substitutes or "Just as Good." Sond for
catalogue If you have not received it.
The Steele Brieus
-    Seed Co., Limited, Toronto.
"Canada's Greatest Seed House:
GrUUth'fl Liniment lr> nn emergenoy dooto
that's always at hand and never tails in thnsr
diseaweH which ho suddenly and un xpuctf-rilo
whinger the lives of children���lot Iho atiiickNy
come when they may. nud with what severit*
thoy may, quick relief in assured.
y or sale by _., II. Van-JUme.NeUon, V. Cl
Tickets sold to all parts in United States and
Canadu via Great Northern and O. H. Be N'
Oo.'a lines,
Ocean h team-thin  tickots and  ratos vi   a
linen will befurni -he. on application.
For further particulars call on or addroes
Unniwnr, Kasln.B, C
0. IC.Taokabuhy Agent. Nolson RO.
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. 12:*, G. R, 0,
Meets third Wednesday. Sojourning oompan
ions invited. George Johnstone, Vt. '1, J,
Hims,   B. K.
NKLSON LODO IS   No.2.r), K. of 1\
.^nioets iu IC. of P. hall, Oddfellows block
^evcryTuosday evening at 8 o'clock.
y'AU visiting knightB cordially  invito
Wm. Ikvink, CO.
Pluon STBVJfiNSi K. of R. and a.
Nolson Enca pmont No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and 4th Friday of oach month, in Odd Fellows
Hall, coiner Baker and Kootoiiny Htroola,
Nolsou. A. H. Clements, C. P,| D. MeArlhia-
R. S.   Visiting brothers always welnni"".
NELSON L. 0. L. No. 1B92 meets ic Fm-
tornity Hall on first and third Friday BYontngH
of oach mouth at tt 1'clock. Visiting memlnc
oordially invited. W. W. Bradley, W.K.
A, Minty, R. B.
NKLSON AERIE No. 22, F. O. E., nieoU
every second and fourth Wednesdays of each
month. Visiting members cordially Lnvlb
Charles Prossor, Swrfttaty.
A shipment, just arrived  aittl we
can now offer ynu Hi choice selection  of  everything   known  us
Watches,    Clocks,    Jewels,
Souvenir floods, Etc.
We can please you iu choosing a
a Wedding Present,
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty
Kuolcimy 'rent No. 7, __ (). T. M.��� holtl Midi
regular inuotingH iu Fraternity rlall, 1. 0. 0, F.
block, on tho 1st and 3ru Thursdays ol eaoh
I n.onth. VittilinK uruLhren cortlially Invited lo
attend. G.A. Brown It. K.; Dr. K040, L'ottr
B. J.Utool. U, d.C.
��� Itlt JEWEL**** ���
Certificates of Improvements
Kiiifr Alfietl and King Solomon
Minerul Claims, situate in the Nelson
Mining Division of West Kootenay Dis-
' trict.
Where located���Oo  Iron   Mountain,
I ah'iit 5 mil'-B from  the  mouth of the
i South Fork of the Salmon Kiver.
j    TAKE NOTICE  that  I,   Piaucis J.
1 O'Reilly, of Nelaon, H. C., as ageut   for
F.   W.   Lewis,   of  Indianapolis Ind.,
U.   S. A,:  Free   M iter's    Certificate
No. 2">l(l, intend, sixty days from  the
date hereof, to imply to the Miuing Kecorder for certificates of improvements,
for  the purpose of obtaining   Crowu
GiiintH ot the above eluims.
And further take notice that action,
ivder Rrctton 87, must, he commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 10th day of November,
IhI and 3rd Wednesday evenings ol
eaoh mouth at Fraternity mill
corner of liaker and Kootona)
KtreetH. VisitittK bretiitnn cordially invited.
Knw,\RD Maci.kod. SocrotJtrv.
Neltton Court Star ot Kootenay, A. 0. K
MoeUt 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in every
Month. Visiting brethren wolcomo. V Mtto
Mllllan, C. P, ; Herbert McLeod Sec
COUKT KOOTKNAY, I. O. F��� No. 818��, ,
Meetings 4th Thursday of mouth. Fraternal /
hall, J A Irving C K.   P. K. Flouting. B.
Subscriptions taken for the Nelson Daily and Weekly Miner at
publisher's prices by J. F. DEL-
ANEY, New Denver, li. C.
Certiticate of Improvements
Drum Lornmon Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Divisiuii ol
West Kootenay District.
Whore looated : Ou Craig Mountain,
Take notice that I, J. I). Anderson,
P. L. S., of Trail, B. C, agent Im'
P. Burns, Free Miuei's Certilicate No. BB068U, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a del"
.tifioateot Improvements, for the pur-
I pose of obtaining a Crowu Grant Of Hie
above claim.
Aud further take notice that action,
under seotiou 87, must be oommenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements. ,
Dated this 14th day of��� Maroh
A   D. 1002. T. D.  ANDERSON
Sold by All Newsdealers
Copyright Compositions by the'most popular authors. 64 Pages of Piano Music,
half Vocal, half Instrumental���ai Complete
pieces for Plsno���Once a Month for 25
Cents. Yearly subscription, $2.00. If you
will aend us the name and address of Five
performers on the Piano or Organ, we will send
you a copy of the Magazine Free.
j. W. PEPPER, Publisher,
C'ChtH �� Locust SU., Philadelphia, Po-
Cei'tiiCite of Improvements
Alien Mineral Olnim situate in thc
Nel ion Miuing Division of West Koot-
euav District.
Where looated���Ou the divide between Sheep and liOstdeeks, 10 miles
fron Snlmi'ii Hiding.
T\KE NOTICE that I, N. Y. Towns-
end, acting as agent for J. W. Thompson. Free Miner's Certilicate No. B42I107.
intend sixty days from the tinte hereof
to apply to Ihe Mining Recorder for a
cerlificale nt improvements for the pur-
posti of obtaiuiug a Crowu Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice tbat action
untler section M7, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate ot
Duted this 2nd day of November, A.
D., 1901 N. F. TOWNSEND.
To A. H. Fisoher or to any
person or persons to whom he n"'>
have transferred his interest in the.manful and Silver Queen Mineral Claims,
situated al the head of Midge OreeK,
Kuskunook Mining District,West Kool
eU"Tou and each of yon are hereby notified that I have expended one hunare
and thirty-three  dollars   in  labor ami
improvements   upon   the  above   men
Honed mineral claims in order to nolo
, said mineral claims  under the ,provw
1 ions of the Mineral Act, and if Wil >n
, ninety days of the date of this notioe
you fail or refuse to contribute yonr >
1 tion of such expenditure together ��'"
all costs of advertising, your intereat
said olaims will become the P(roPor'yAr.,
the subscriber under section 4 ol an     ,
eutitled "An Act to Amend tno Mincnu
!Act,i900. j.p.oLUBB
I    Dated this 10th day of Febrnnry. if


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