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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 6, 1902

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 frtyincliT library
Laily Edition No. 1310
Nelson,  British Columbia, Sunday,  April 6, 1902
Eleventh Year
Spectators Terrace Collapses
Beneath  Crowd of
Dead and Wounded Lie
Heaps Amid Broken
Glasgow, AprH 5.���The struggle of
tho great crowds which gathered at
Ibrox park today to witness the last
international association football contest between teams from England
and Scotland caused the collapse of a
portion of ono of the spectator's
terraces, resulting in the death of
five persons ana the injury of 125
others, 20 of wnom are beyond hope.
When the game began, 7,000 spectators were on the grounds, aud an immense crowd had gathered outside.
Being unable to obtain admittance
this crowd broke down some of tne
barriers and swarmed upon the field,
whereupon the police charged and
drove the intruders buck upon the
terraces and seats with the result that
the railings dividing the crowdB were
broken and the people were throw over
each other. In the frantic struggle
toward tbe exist the pressure toward
the shore portion of the westerly
terrace was so great that 100 feet of
the highest part of the structure collapsed under the weight of the crowd
driven upon it, preoipitating tho mass
ol people to tho ground, sixty feet
below. The injured were piled in
heaps, wedged in with broken wood.
Thc onlookers hesitated to approach
the dangling structure ut first, but
finally began to utilize portions of the
broken barriers as stretchers. A
hundred of the most seriously injured
were carried to the pavilion and to
spaces in the rear of the stands. A
majority of the victims were suffering
from broken ribs and fractured limbs,
while some sustained interna! injuries. Those most severely hurt were
subsequently removed in ambulances
to infirmaries and lesser sufferers
were sent in cabs to surgeiies. A
few persons were thrown down and
trampled upon in trying to escape
from the crush when the police
charged, but most of the victims sustained their injuries in the fall of the
An investigation into tbe causes of
the disaster snows that the breakdown
of tho terrace had begun before the
structure was subjected to its severest
Btrain and it is now believed that the
final collapse was caused more directly
by the efforts of those neaiest the first
break than by the additional weight
of those who rushed upoD the stands
from below. The terrace, although
supported by iron girders swayed and
cracked ominously under the movements of its Irantie oooupants. The
injured in many cases were lying five
or six oeep and it is considered marvelous that there were not more fatal-
ties. One man hung by his boot wbich
caught in a splintered beam, head
downward, fifty feet above the
ground. Finally his boot was cut and
he dropped into a sheet held below.
The strangest feature of the affairs is
the fact that the crowd in the other
parts of the grounds failed to realize
the extent of the disaster and the
game was played to a finish, resulting in a draw. Even the management
appeared to be unaware of the seriousness of tbe accident until It was announced after the conclusion of the
Nearly ail the victims of the accident are oooa. Among the last to be
taken out from the wreckage were two
women both of whom were practically
and company, limited, capital stock
f2u0,00() which is formed to take over
tlio mercantile business of Turner,
Ileeton and Co.: tho Victoria and Vancouver Stovedorlng and Contracting
Co., limited, capita! stock, $-.0,000,
divided into $100 snares.
A. R. M. Harrow, John Henry
Matheson and James Arthur Gilker
have been appointed licence commissioners for tbo Nolson district, W. U.
Bullock-Webster as chief constable.
The following gentlemen have heen
elected benchers of the Law Society of
British Columbia: E. P. Davis, K.
C, Charles Wilson, K.C., E. V.
Bodwell, K..C, John Elliot, A. H.
MacNeill, K.C., L. G. McPnillips,
K.C., H, D. Ilemlokeu, K.C., lion.
C. E. Pooloy. K.C., and G. E.
Corbould,  K.C.
Edward Large, coal miner, selected
to serve as alternate on the board of
examiners of the Michel mine, having
ceased to be eraployea therein and as
the miners employed iu tho mine
neglected to elect two alternates the
minister of mines has appointed
Cnarles Thurman first alternate, and
Albert Duggan, second alternate, for
the mine.
Results    From     Development
Work on Several Claims.
John Devlin came in on Friday
night from the Princess group of
mines situated about ten miles from
Salmo, where be has spent several
weeks doing development work. This
group consists of three olaims on Lost
creek. The vein is 20 feet wide ou tbe
surface and in the ' 20-foot shaft that
was sunk last fall ore assaying 120
ounces in silver and five per cent, copper was got. Tbe work done this
winter was to run a tunnel to catch
the ledge at depth. When Mr. Devlin
left, this tunnel, after being carried
100 feet, had just reached the vein
but the nature of the ore body there
had not been determined. The ledge
will be crosscut and drifted on. Associated with Mr. Devlin in this
property aro T. P. Mclntyre, of Winnipeg, and Wm. Hipperson, of Salmo.
Mr. Devlin reports considerable
activity in that section of tbe country
where the Prineess is situated. Chas.
Wilson, of Nelson, has two feet of
steel galena on a claim about a mile
distant. He has two men continuing
work there this winter. Already
there is a tunnel of 185 feet on the
Another property making good progress is the Queen, owned by Nelson
people and under bond to Messrs.
Holmes and Cameron, of Rossland.
They have about 13 men employed and
have made shipments. On Monday
they will begin hauling down ore by
wagon to Salmo for shipment.
Prospectors are doing development
work on Sheep creek in greater numbers tban in any year for somo time
past and are reported to bo making
good strikes. Among the best was
that made by W. McArthur.of Salmo,
on the Hide Away. Mr. Devlin predicts that the coming summer will be
one of unusual activity in all the district south of Nelson and particularly
in that part surrounding Salmo and
Boer Protest Against New Orleans Forwarding Depot Reviewed at Length by
Louisiana Officials Inclined  to Interfere
but the State Department Leaves
.Question Still Open.
The last issue of the British Columbia Gazette contains the following:
Articles of incorporation have been
granted the following companies:
The Ashnola Coal Company, limited,
non-personal liability, with a capital
of 11,000,000; the Roll Trading Co.,
limited, capital stock, $10,000; the
Cedar Valloy Improvement Co.,capital
stock 810,000; the Empire Placer Mining Co., capital stock 810,000, which
purposes acquiring certain placers in
CJuesnel mining division; the Monarch
Gold and Copper Mines, limited, capi-j
Rumor Denied That Prince of Wales
Was Asked to New York.
Copenhagen, April 5.���Commander
Faussette, a member of the suite of
the Prince of Wales, who is now
here to participate in the birthday
celebration of King Chrislian, said
in response to an inquiry by the
representative ol the Associated
Press, that he had not heard of the
proposal to invite the prince to
assist in the dedication of the new
Home of thn New York Chamber of
Commerce and that ho believed that
any report that an invitation had
been sent was absoutoly incorrect.
St.Jobn's, Nfld.,April 5.���The sealing schooner Kite today entered
White bay, near the straits of Bell
Isle, witn only 2,500 seals. The ice
floes are being driven againBt the
shore by the strong winds and tne
shore folk are making goodly catches
of seals. It is believed 10,000 have
beon secured by a few score of the
settlers. Tlie steamer Rainier is reported lo have passed Cape HonaviBta
homeward bound, loaded.
 ��� T.
Londoo, April 5,���Lead fill,  8s. ltd.
New   York,   April     5.���Close��� Hai
silver 54o;       Mexican    dollars     43c.
taVatock |Yoo"<��07 the Turner, Beeton ] Copper  easy.    Lead quiet.
Washington, April 5.���The state department today made public the cor-
respodece whicb lias taken place this
far between the United States government and the government of Louisiana
respecting the latter's statement relative to the shipment of live stock and
supplies for the British army ' in
South Africa from Olialmette, La.
There are three principal litters and
a number of appendices. The principal letteisare one from the governor
of Louisiana, dated March 29, touching the conditions at Chalmette, a
reply from Secretary nay, dated April
4, announcing that he had ordered an
investigation, (which will be made
by an army officer) and a long opinion from the attornev-Keneral on the
subject of legal points involved in tho
Chalmette shipments.
Governor Hard's letter has already
been outlined in the press despatches.
He received from tbe mayor of New
Orleans a copy Of a letter lrom Secretary Hay calling attention to a
tbieat of Samuel Pearson "to commit
s breach of the peace in New
Orleans" and referring that letter to
the mayor. Mr. Pearson's letter
heretofore published and dated at
Now Orleans, Feb. 1, was addressed
to the president and called attention
to the oondition of affairs at New
Orleans and Chalmette. Tho mayor
transmitted this correspondence to
the governor of the state on the
grounds that the acts complained of
were permitted in the parish of St.
Bernaid, out of the jurisdiction of the
city authorities The governor immediately wrote to Sheriff Nun ez of the
parish about the matter.
The sheriff in his reply to a part of
the governor's lettsr dated St. Bernard, La., Feb. 28, reports that mules
and horses were being loaded at Chalmette for the Uritish government, but
the loading waB done by longshoremen of the city of New Orleans,supervised by Englishmen, who might or
might not De officers of the Uritish
irray. Certainly there was no one
there in unifoim. In conclusion the
sheriff says: ''There is no such thing
as a Jiiitish post with men and soldiers established at Port Chalmette.
So far as the recruiting of mon is concerned, I am sure I can certify that it
is not being done in the parish of St.
Governur Heard says that it is oon-
cedod by the British officers themselves th��t the animals were for the
British army in South Africa. He
says turther: I cannot but feel that
the establishment and maintenance of
a base of war supplies for the British
army upon her (Louisiana's) soil
placeB upon me a grave responsibility.
These mules and horses shipped from
Port Chalmette, it is claimed, are
mdespensible to the opoiations of the
Britisli army. Hence they must be
considered to be contraband of war,
of greater valuo than arms or soldiers,
that England can so easily furnish
from within her borders,
The governor calls on the secretary
of state for his views in the matter,
ln a postscript to his letter, the governor reports the arrival in New Orleans
of General Sir Richard Campbell
Stuart, an aid of tho British army,
on a tour of inspection of the transport service in the vicinity of New
Orleans, ne also encloses a number
of newspaper clippings and statements
from individuals as to the operations
of the llritish remount service, a tran
script of the proceedings in court  and
of the company in the Unitod   States.
The  original   company will carry tbe
controlling     interest   and    coonoratoj
wilh   the   American   company in   all i
matters affecting the working of wire
less telegraphy.
that from the governor says: I have
received youi letter ol March 29 and
Bubraittod it to the president who
directs mo to inform you that he has
requested a opinion from the attorney-
genernl in regard to the points of law
involved iu the mattor to which it
refers, and has also ordered an immediate investigation of the facts in the
Tbe attorney-general's opinion is
dated Apiil 4. He says: It seems
necessary to say nothing as to the
duties and powers of the state of
Louisiana, except that they involve,
of course, the exercise of the usual
civil means of preserving the peace,
in the improbable event of its breach
in the manner supposed to be sug-
geste'd by Pearson. His object is
doubtless to bring forcibly to the attention of the government that he
considers the proceedings of the British equivalent to carrying on war
upon ou   territory.
The attorney-general says that the
principal question, and a delicate on,
is whether there has been a departure
from neutrality on tbe part of our
government in this matter and notwithstanding the urgency of Pearson
and Governor Heard "thinks thiB government should not take any action
without mature consideration by the
president and his advisors.
The attorney-general adverts at
some length to the difficulty in disposing of cases involving the question of
neutrality or differing fro-u the other
and without exact precedent and he
falls baca upon the principles recognized in international law, that the
preponderant characteristio must control tbe determination. He enters into
a long citation of cases in the nature
of precedents and says in conclusion:
In the case before us there is no statement of facts by you uuon which to
give an official opinion as to the law,
and I do not understand that one has
been requested. A number of allegations and some testimony have been
sent me and they aie sufficient to
challenge attention. But the first
thing to be done is to asoertain
whether the allegations are true. I
have endeavored as well as I could in
advance, to indicate the law to be applied to them and shall only add that
among the points by which to be
guided are the systematic character
of the transactions, their greater or
less extensiveness, their persistence in
time or the reverse, thoir governmental character or the absence of it,
tneir objects and results and, principally, of couisn, tlieir relations, if
any, with tbe prosecution of tbe
military operations in South Africa.
France Given Over to Politicians,
Faddists and Campaign Posters.
Paris, April 5.--France has entered
into the throes of an election period.
Immediately the session closed yesterday, the members of the chamber of
deputies loft Paris for their respective
consistencies and are already actually engaged in canvassing and making addresses to the electors, Thursday was the first day for tho declarations of candidacy at the various prefectures and up to yesterday no fewer
than a thousand candidates had presented themselves. Thore wero 179
candidates for the 40 seats representing Paris and the department of the
Seine. Paris bas become a paradise for
bill posters and every available wall
space seems already to have been covered with multi-colored olectoral
posters. The common trick of candidates of printing their declarations
upon tri-colored papers has been
stopped this yeat by a declaration of
parliament prohibiting the use of the
national colors. Offenders are liable
to a fine of 50 francs for each breach
of this regulation. The custom which
haB hithertc obtained of smothering
national monuments under a hideous
coating of election bills, has also been
An original note has been struck by
the Woman's Suffrage league, whieh
has issued a niuk illustiate.1 plaeeo
representing a man standing beside a
ballot box politely bowicg to a
woman aud asking her to vote first.
An appeal for female suffrage, signed
by the writer and other advocates of
women's rights is being circulated.
The writer, M.Auolert, in a published
interviow says that France ore long
will have to follow tne example of
America in several states of which
women have equal political rights
with men.
The Ministerialists express confidence that they will be victorious^in
tho elections. M. liaudiu, minister
of publio works; M. Leygues, in iu islet of publio instruction and worship, and M. Delanntssen, ministei
of marine, appear to be only members of cabinet whose positions seem
insecure. M. Waldeck Rousseau, the
premier will remain in Paris from
which point he can engineer tbe
whole Ministerial campaign, through
the prefect he cau exert telling influence iu aid of the governmental candidates. It oannot be said that the
Republic is at stake in the present
election which will be a struggle
between the Ministerialists and tbe
adversaries of the government mainly
composed of Nationalists, moderate
Republicans, under M. Mene, and
uncompromising Socialists who op
pose the cooperation of M.Millerand,
tbe minister of commerce, with the
ministry. Present indications load
to the beliel that the last two named
will lose ground.
Picturesque Landscapes and
Prosperous Homes Opposite Nelson.
Necessity of Wagon Road as
Means cf Communication.
American Company Formed Hut Control Not Transferred.
New York, April 5.���It was announced tonight tbat a company to bo
known as the Wireless Telegraph Co.,
of America, is In process of formation to take ovor the American rights
of the orgiuial Marconi oompany. It
is the purposo of the backers of the
new concern to organize under tho
laws of New Jersey and it is proposed
to place the capital at $(1,150,000. E.
H. Moeran, Mr. Marconi's attorney,
said tonigtit th.it the deal was not
absolutely closed but that negotiations
hnd been going on for a long time and
there was no doubt the contracts
would be signed shortly.
Mr. Marconi Baid: The Mar""��ii
a number of letters   from   individuals 1 company lias not parted   with   all   its
Atlanta, Ga., April 5.���Alfred
L'Oro, champion pool player of the
world, in an exhibition game with
John Dahl, of Chicago, in this city
tonight established a new world's
record for continuous pool. He ran
np a score of 81 balls without missing. The former world's record w as
held by Grunt Ebey. of New York,
with a straight run of 79 balls.
Vienna, April 5.���Witn a view of
giving fresh proof of the pacific
tencdncy of the triple alliance, the
powers interested have docidod, after
the completion of the new treaty, to
publish a statement pointing out the
unchanged defensive character of the
alliance, which is only operative relative to European questions.
Copenhagen, April 5.���A meeting of
the members of tbe opposition in the
Landsthiug was held tonight and an
exciting debat.6 occurred. A majority
of those present declared themselves
in favor of the sale of the islands
but demanded that a poblsoite be
protesting   against tho continuing  of I rights    to   any     company     in    this
the animal shipments. I country.    A company has been foimed
Secretary Hay's letter   in answer to | In this country to take over the rights
Mnneie, Ind., April S.���Ihe
Muncie polo team won the polo
championship of America tonight) In-
winning two games out of the series
of throe, played with the Lowell,
Mass., team,
A repoiter of The Miner was yesterday shown by Captain C. W. Busk
over the proposed route of the rjad
along the north shore of the lake from
Gray's ranch to a point opposite Five
Mile point, although it is hoped that
eventually the road will be continued
live miles further west. The property
owners along the north shore of the
lake are at work extending tbe road
through tlici- respective ranches and
hope to interest the government sufficiently to pioviile a grant of f.1,000
towards extending the road through
the unoccupied crown lauds which lie
between Uray's ranch and*Fivo Mile,
only amount to about three-quarters
of a mile, and also to aid in puttii.g
through a portion of the road on tbe
ranch of ono resident whose land extends for over a mile ulong tlie lake
front, although not extending far
With the exception of the portions
mentioned, ou which a small amount
of rock work will have to le done,
the building of it will be surprisingly
easy. For mile after mile the blazed
line which indicates the proposed
route of the road runs along a perfectly even grade, encountering nj
rock tbat could not be easily removed
with a orow bar, and very little of
Traversing tbis lino for most of
thc distance it is hard to imagine that
either mountain or lake are near, as
both are hidden by wide stretches of
level nnavily timbered country, except at intervals when tbe lino comes
out on broad clearings with hundreds
of apple, plum,cherry, peach nnd other
fruit trees and bushes planted in long
symmetrical Hues. At these clearings
generally one or more men were plowing,and getting ready for their spring
planting. Horses and cows pasturing
on the clover and grasses, which are
already green and well up, and fat
turkeys, chickens aud other poultry
combined to make as pretty a pastoral
scene as could be imagined.and which
to one who has only viewed this side
of tho lake from a steamer appeared
almost incredible.
Thc settlers are principally anxious
to get this road through for convenience of access to each other's ranches
and also that a common centre for
postoffice and school may bo selected,
as there are a largo number of
children of nchool nge at the various
ranches who at present are deprived
of school privileges, as it is utterlv
impossible for them to get to Ntlson.
All that is plannoa at present is to
get a four foot road through for the
whole distance, bb the character of
the land through whieh it is to run
makes it a comparatively easy matter
to widen it later, while tlie small road
way will meet tho moie pressing requirements of the community. All
the settlers havo road* running across
tbeir propertied for varying distances
but it is lelt by nil that a level road
connecting all the settlements is what
is needed, as the short roads mentioned are not parallel and do not
eonneot.mablng the transfer of horses
and stock, from one ranch to another
a difficult operation.
Besides these considerations another
important point Is tho many beautiful
spots that csn easily bo reached from
the proposed road, which in some
places is more than half a mile back
from the lake, although not 50 feet
above it. Among these may be mentioned the beautiful and romantic
waterfalli and canyons on Kokanee
creek, the falls on Six Mile and other
creeks, all of which aro reached by
following somo of the pretty little
putbs which wind to tho northward
among thc trees. Thoro are also
several charming lakelets within a
few miles supplying a countless variety of views to tbe artist or amateur
photographer. If tho road is run
through, as   at present   proposed,    it
will be available for bicycling for
nearly the entire distance. Hall a
dozen' good trout streams are also
croSBcd by it. Nelson   Daily Miner,   Sunday,   April 6,  iqo-j
Tlie Nelson Miner
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^inscriptions invariably ln advance.
Display Advertisements, $1 por inch per
month; Display Advartiwmenui 19 cunix por
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authorized agent* for adverllscnionte and sub-
cri prions
The abovo Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner Irom
our subscriber's doors.
London   papers   havo   como to hand
with   accounts of the   meetings of the
Kossland-Great Western and Kootenay
Mining   companios   wbich were   held
there on March Hi.      From   theso   the
following account   is   gleaned:     The
meetings were called for the   purpose
of receiving the reports of the  officers
and to consider the   best means   of re
constructing th; boards.    Irevious   to
the meetiDg Messrs. White and Dealtry
had   sent   out a circular to the shareholders   soliciting   proxies   in     their
favor.     As   they   are   supposed to be
friendly   to the interests of Whitaker
Wright their efforts to secure   proxies
evidently   did   not    meet with   much
favor and at the meeting it trauspired
that   Mr.    Deaitry   had   tendered   his
resignation as a member of the boards
of both   companies,    and that Colonel
llartopp had also   resigned   from   the
board of the Kootonay company.   This
left Tyndale White as the sole director
of both companies.     E. T. Holloway,
who   acted   as spokesman of the committee,   brought   up a proposal   that,
having   regard   to   the community   of
interests between the   companies   and
tlio   close   proximity   of their properties, it was desirable that they should
be amalgamated.and he suggested that
a committee be appointed to lormulate
a Ecbemo.    The proposal   was   unanimously   agreed   to   and a   committee
appoint'd     for   the     purpose.      The
director; appointed wero Messrs. Tyndale   White,   W.   Milne,   and   E.    T.
Holloway,  with F,. Surridge   a�� additional director   of   tho Kootenay oompany.    During the course of   the   proceedings the chairman announced that
Bernard   Macdonald   had,   since    the
previous meeting, sent in his resignation as mining   superintendent for the
companies.     Tho chairman, however,
expressed the hope tbat   Mr.  Macdonald might be induced to reconsider his
Frrom the above it is evident that
tho same combination of brokers and
their friends who secured control of
the Le Boi, and who were such bitter opponents of Whitaker Wright, are
now dominant in the affairs of tbe
Rossland-Clreat Western and the
Kootenay mines. When they secured
the Le Hoi it wus an open secret that
they intended, as soon as the opportunity presented itself, to do likewise
with the Itossland-Great Westein and
the Kootenay mines. That this has
been done is shown by the retirement
of Mr. Iiealtry and the appearance of
individuals in the directorates who
are not friendly to Mr. Wright.
In the amalgamation of tlie properties of the Kossland-tircat Western
and tho Kootenay mines it ls the consensus of opinion in the Kossiand
camp that the holdings of the former are more valuable than those of tin-
latter, and hence an amalgamation on
anything like an even basis would be
a palpable injustice to the stockholders of the Kossland-Great Western.
The latter is producing considerable
ore aud is amply equipped with machinery aud should be able to pay
dividends. The Kootenny gronp bas
not tnaou a shipment since it was acquired by tlie B. A. C��� bas only an
ordinary equipment ol machinery, and
it will be necessary to build a railway
spur at considerable cost before its ore
can be economical}' shipped, The ways
of the English directors of mining
companies, bowevjr, aro sometimes
passing strange, and can only be accounted f ir on the theory that they do
not understand the mining conditions
well enough in this profinoe to handle them as they should be.
The King aa Prince of Wales traveled
a great deal in foreign countries and
everywhere that he went be made
friends, and. as a consequence, the
world is interested in him and his
doings. As a result of this there will
he a larger throng of notable personages gathered in London on the occasion of the coronation than ever attended similar ceremonies of any
lung that ever reigned in the British
Isles. Besides this,the llritish emnire
never was more generally prosperous
than at present and the representatives of the several colonies, official
and unofficial, including tho pr:mier��,
will make up an aggregation of men
of more than ordinary note. Those
who em afford to be :u London at the
time will be able tr see tho greatest
imen of Ihe empire,aud men who have,
during recent yeuis.greatly assisted in
mailing its history, in advancing its
interests and expanding its territory
in tho four quartets ol the globe. The
occasion will be one which is worthy
of participating in, even in the capacity of a spectator, as apirt from its
spectacular effects, its pageantry and
royal spendor, it will impress all with
the solidarity of the empire with fhe
community of interests, of ideais and
aims which animates the people of
the Mother Ccuntry and tbe colonies.
It will be remembered what a
quickening effect the eeremonies
incidental to late Queen Victoria's
diamond jubilee had on the impelial
spirit, when the leading officials of
the army gathered together ana portions of the troops from tbe colonies
and dependencies were assembled to
honor tbeir sovereign As great an
effect as this historic occasion had in
cementing together more strongly the
various parts and parcels of the empire we believe tbe orowniug of
King Edward will still greater
in the same directon and will
go a long ways further in crystalizing
the imperial spirit and making the
���'vaster empire than has been" more
of a unit in every way than heretofore.
On the occasion of the Queen's
jubilee all of the patriotic subjects
could not attend tbe ceremonies, but
tbey showed that they participated in
the spirit of the occasion by holding
celebrations at centers of population
all over the empire. Several towns in
the Kootenays observed the day with
trne patriotic fervor, and bo testified
their loyalty to their sovereign and
the empire. On the day the King's
coronation takes place like celebrations should be held. These should
be worthy of the occasion. Nelson
should do something in this direction,
aud should hold a celebration. There
is ample time in which to arrange the
d' tails and let it be one which all
can be proud of. Only a few can go
to the coronation of the king, but all
can join heartily in the celebrations
in honor of the event.
Hello���Is thnt the Grocery   Department ?
Will you send us i lb. Tetley's Tea, 2 lbs.
of Hudson's Bny Coffee, one piece of your
nice Breakfast Bacon, and 1 lb. of Peek
Frean's linglish Biscuits and also one bottle
Hudson's Bay Special Scotch Whiskey.
Try us for High Class Groceries
and Liquors.
Fresh Hot House Lettuce Every Day
Hudson's Bay Stores
To enable us to dispose of the stock of Tweeds and Woollens just purchased   at
a rate on the dollar from E. J,  Hobie,   Merchant Tailor wo will for the next
30 days give the largest discount over given in ordered clothing.
Fine FnglUli Worsted Trouserings, Mftde to Order
Fine scotch Tweed sailings Maile lo Onlrr
Flue Black F,nsli��li Worsted Hulling*, made lo Order
$ oz.n
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Union Hade.
H. M. VINCENT, Merchant Tailor, Baker St.
Lawrence Hardware Go.
The Fishing season is now open and we invite our friends and  patrons to
inspect our large and complete Btock of
Rods, Keels, Casts, Flies, Fly Books, Lines, Fishing Baskets,Trolling Spoons
Guns and Ammunition
���IhelRosalj-Bank of Ganafca
Capital! Authorised,
Incorporated 1K69.
&1.OO0.O00.00 i  Capital Pald-vp,
Kent,       .       .    ���
���        ftZ.OOO.OAO.flO
���      ���   *l.7iwi,ini;ui|,
Board of Directors    Thomaa K. Kenny,  l'roriidont;   Thomas Klftohle, Vloe-prcr-idcnh
Wllov Smith, H. Q. Bauld, Hon. Dnvld MaoKeen.
Head Ortlcr, HnllfaXt
(ion oral Manager, FA. on L* PeaHG, MonLreal.
Superintendent of Branches,   W. U. Joirunoe, Montreal
Braarhes t
Nova Scotia���Halifax Branoh, Antlfronior
Br Id go water, GuyHboro. Londonderry, Lu -
oiibiirg. Maitland (HaniH Co.), Pictou, Port
HawkoHbury, Sydney, Hhubonaoadlo.Truro
New Kruntmlrk ��� Bathurst. Dorchester
DiilhuuKio Hrederleton, Mono ton, Now
car-itlo, Huxton (Kent Co.), Sackville Bt,
*\ I. In I und���Charlottetown.SunimeMdo
Quebec���Montreal,   lUiDy   tUtUoe-,    Mouiroa
WeHt Knd (Cor. Notre   Dame and Hoia-
neu"8 Utreote);  WoKtmouut (Cor. Ureeno
Avenue and BU Catharlnea  Btreet,
On 111 rl o���0 tta wa.
Newfoundland ���9t. John's.
Cuba, Went ludlea���Havana,
Hulled Mate*���New York (IB Kxehanjto Plaofl
Republic, Wa*-h.
Grand   Forts, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents i
I'anada-Merchants Bank of Canada.   Bontun-Natlona   Shawtnut Bank.   Chicago��� Illinois
Trust and Savings Bank.   8��n FranclMO���Nevada National Bank,   London, i;uK.   it ,.lk  ol
Scotland.   Paris, franco -Credit Lyonuais.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda.   China anil Ja-
pan���Hour Kong and Shanghai BankluR Corporation.   Spokane���Old National Bank.
Genera! banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   (tough
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tho most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on ppecia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
The offer of Canada to sena 2,0U0
mounted men to South Africa has
been accepted by the imperial authorities and they will be mobilized at once
so as to take ship as early as possible.
As on former occasions there will be
no difficulty in securing the required
number, on the contrary, it will offer
an opportunity to many who desired
to volunteer in the former contingents
to do so now and more d,esire to go
than can. Those who will go are
anxious to see service under the flag
of the empiie. and although there is a
prospect of peace, it is probable that
they may be able to reach Africa,
see a little service and be present at
the close of hostilities. Besides this,
at the close of the war tne presence
of a force of considerable size will be
necessary to preserve order during
the period of reconstruction. For tbis
service the Canadian troops are par-
ticulary well qualifiod.
The coronation . His Gracious
Majesty King Edward VII. will take
place in less than thiee months and
promises to be om1 of the most mngr-
11 iti Lut   ceremonies of modern   times.
llritish Columbia mining men have
a grievance in the mattor of the tax
exacted on their mineral output, says
the Mining Review. As it now
stands, the tax is :; por cont. levied on
the gross output of tbe mines. They
will try to change this to a levy on
tho net produot. Using gross figures
ns a ba>is for assessment is eminently
unsatisfactory and unfair.
The meeting for the purpose nf
forming a B. (!. l'ress institute, which
was called for April 14, at Haloyon
Hot Springs, has been changed 10 Kii-
ilay, April 11. and will continue in
session until the business of the intei-
ing shall bave beon completed. The
intention is to establish a more uniform price for legal advertising and
job printing.
I Fred Irvine 8 Co. I
**.  �������
C3    House Cleaning time has arrived nnd we have our usual   complete   ��5
0\ lines to meet the requirements cf the season. 2\
O Axininster. Velvet, Brussels. Tapestry, Wool and p
K     Ingrain Carpets, Rugs. Linoleums and Oil
q       Cloths. Window Shades, Curtain Poles and
H Trimmings, Large Assortment of Beau
tiful Lace   Curtains, Tapestry
and Chenille Curtains
that   will beautify any home.     Our stock as heretofore is   most
complete iu all lines. fe
ered during bis balloon ascensions
somo new and novel iaoas which he is
certain will make his aerial machine
a success.
That $12.50 recording fee resoluticn
passed by the Associated Boarus of
Trade was a luoky fluke after all,
says the Sandon Paystreak. The wise
men who compose the associated
boards asked the Dominion government to put a prohibitive duty on
lead imports, raise the refinery bonus
to $7 a ton and give the government
coal reserve in the Crow's Nest to tbe
C.I'.R. They did all this with such
awe-inspiring solemnity that some
unsophisieated folk might have been
deluded into imagining that these
men knew what they were talking
about. But when they wonnd up by
recommending the Provincial government to tax prospectors if 18.1SO foi' recording a location or an assessment,
that gave the whole snap away. It
was equivalent to a declaration that
these board of trade gents don't know
enough to come in when it rains.
Onr Wallace A lllllii'��, llliknr Ht.
New York has a rival of Santos
Duinont io t'��e person of Leo Stevens,
a balloonist. Mr Stevens is now tbo
finishing touches on a machine on
whioh hu has been working for IB
yenrs. Mr. Stevens has entered his
machine fcr the flying machino con*
test which is to tnke place at the St.
Louis exposition, but expects to take
a number of trips over the skyscrapers
of New York long before that.
Mr. Stevens claims   to   neve   discov-
J. C. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining; districts.
Baker Stre�� Nelson. B. c
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural  Implements, Bee Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Catalogue Free.
M.   J-   HENRY
mio9 Westminster Road, Vanoonver.B. V
Finest and Best Bar ln tli* City.
The best Brands of Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
Be Sure and Get the Genuine.
| Lawrence Hardware Company |
B Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C. 2
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. B.
Allan Lino Tuninian  April 12
Allan Une Numidian April Iii
Beavor Line Garth Castle., April 25
Allan;Lino stoaraera oall .at Halifax two days
From Portland.
Dominion Line Dominion April 12
Dominion LineCnlifornian % April in
From Now York
Cunard Line Lueania April 12
Cunard Line Saxonia April 19
White Star Line Geraianie April Iti
White Star Line Teutonic April 2"i
American Line Philadelphia " April 1(J
American Line St Paul April 23
St. Lawrence Sailings
Lake Champlain ; May 2
S. S. Vancouver and Parisian May  3
Continental sailings of French. North German Lloyd, II. A. P. and Italian Lines on application.
KATES���Saloon fares 142.60, and upwards
Second $35 and upwards according to steamer
a--d location of borlh. Steerage quoted on application. Prepaid passages from England and
the continent at lowest rates.
H, L. BROWN,      W. Pt Ft CUMMINGS,
City Agt. Nolson.     Gen. Agent, Winnipeg
Spokane Falls d
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
Wa carry a complete mock of Coast Flooring
Coiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and
I)oorn. Spocial ordor work will receive prompt
attention?  Mail order-H solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Office���Hondrvx and Vernon t>o,. Nel��on
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full narticulars.
Winnipeg Vancouver
Toronto Viotoria
Ottawa Seattle
Montreal Portlaud
New York San Frnncisco
via Soo Line, Ht Paul, Chicago
and all U. S. points.
Tourist Sleeper Service
V  k OT'      IjV- Dunmore Junc-
KAS I     daily
*-" mv-' *        Lv. Kootepay Ldg,
Tuesday aud Friday, St. Paul, Toronto
Montreul and Boston.
li /t?0'T�� Leave Revelstoke
WI r.-S I daily. Vancouver,
" *-<mJ A      Seattle Ooast.
Northern R'v,
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Between Nelson and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle - 21 hours
Nelson to Vancouver - 26 hours
Nelson to Victoria       -      26 hours
Leave DAT TRAIN Arrive
9:20a.m Spokane 7:15 p.m
12:26 p.m Rossland 4:30 p.m
10:30 a.m Mountain 5'SU p. m.
9:40 a.m Nelson 6:45 p.ru
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. Sc T.A.
Spokane Wast
Agent, Nelson, B.
Y. O. QREBN        Y. 8. CLEMENT'
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Gor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone 201
Kootenay Railway   and Ma
Company, Ltd.
Opera ting
Shortest and quickest route to tho oast an * *)
points on aie O. K. Sc N. snd Northern 1��
ciflti Hallways in Washington, Oregon an"
I    Southern States.
Time Card Effective Nov. 10.1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
Home Seekers' Westbound
Excursions, March 1 to
April 30.
ThrouRh bookings to Europe, via all
Atlantic Line
Prepaid tickets from all points at
lowest rates
Fur   artistic   jib   work place   your
orders with The Minor. Union Lsbol.
Por berths, time tables, rates and full
Information apply to Oity Ticket office
City Agent.  Nelson
J. 8. Oabteb, E. 3. Ooylk
Dis. Paes. Agt. A. G. P. A.
Nelson Vance arc
8:30 a. ni. Lv,
10:55 li. 111. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. m
Lv. l:�� P. ra
Int Nav- & Trading Oo
0:00 p. m. Lv.
D:10 p. m. Ar:
Ar. IO:*) a.
Lv. 7:00 a.
Connecting at Flvo Milo Point with Nol����n
6 Fort Hheppard Railway both to aud from
Rossland, otc
Tlckots sold to all parts In United Sl��to�� ��gf
Canada via Great Northern and O. K. ��
Co.'s lines. .      . ��� ���,  .
Ocean steamship tlokots and rales vi
linos will befumlsliod on application.
For further particulars call on or aaaroo
Mmairnr. KaslO.H. u
O. K. Tmjkabubt ���nana, Nelson B.O. Nelson   Daily  Miner, Sun ay, April 6,  1902
I     M1NINQ NEWS.     |
The Sandon ore shipments last week
were 122 tons.
Ore shipment from Whitewater for
tbe month oi March were: Whitewater 022 1-2 ton aud Wellington 16.
The concentrator at the Rambler
wili be in operation in about two
weeks time when the water supply
will be greatly increased by the
spring thaw.
The Urban Mining and Milling
company are applying for water rights
on Falls creek near the Payne, lho
application states its uses are for mining and smelting purposes, and will
be conveyed by flume and pipe.
The Reco mine made its regular
spiing close down this week, letting
out all but seven or eight men, says
the Sandon Mining Review. They are
working a rich carbonates vein now,
and in it there is too much loss of
silver in the wet workings to allow
operations. In a few weeks work will
be resumed,
The Last Chanco lot out all ol its
men but six or seven on Monday
This, however, is not a permanent
drop; it is occasioned by the water in
the workings. It is believed that in
a month or so tho workings will be
sufficiently dry again to allow the full
staff to be taken on. In other respects
there is nothing new to report at thia
The rawhide trails have been broken
up by the warm weather of the past
few days. The Sunset loaded its last
car yesterday and the Reco has quit
rawhiding and laid off part of the
force. The American Boy has about
three cars on the dump which they
will try to get down to the sidetrack.
A temporary reduction of the force
will probably be necessary there also.
Tho Mountain Con, which went
through a checkered career within the
last two years, is to be worked again
tbis summer by the orginnl owner,
J. A. Whittier, who has formed a
company for the purposo, says the
Sandon Mining Review. This is the
property that Was bonded some two
yoars ago by Mr. Warner, and subsequently bonded by him to an English
There was a smelter meeting in
the city hall on Tuesday evening at
Sandon, says the Sandon Paystreak,
io further discuss the Vulcan propo
sition. Mr. Ryan, the smelter man,
failed to put in an appearance so a
committee of five was appointed to
find out who Mr. Ryan represented
and what his company amounted to ;
aUo what bis proposed smelter was
likely to cost and what kind of
proposition, if any, he had to make to
the eity of Sandon.
The Silver Crown Mining and Milling oompany held their annual meet
ing in Spokane recently, when arrangements were completed to begin
extensive development work on their
property near Cody, the Alice and
Zuni claims. The claims have been
worked for some time past and have
Bhown up some rich ore. They are
looated near thc Carbonates No. 2, on
which a rich strike has recently been
made. Ore from the ledge encountered averages about 200 ounces in silver and 70 per cent. lead.
Mr. Garde is getting everything
into excellent shape at the Payne, as
well at the new concentrator as at
the mino. A week ago today he received the dynamo and electric appliances at the mill from Heterboro.Ont.,
and a ponderous piece of machinery it
was, if we judgo from the way the
draymen had to lift in transfernng it
from one railway to the other. The
work of installation is going on now,
and when completed the maehineiy
will be run by water power, there
being several streams hard by that
can be harnessed for power purposes
if necessary. The machinery will
work tlie drills in the tunnels, furnish
light for all the workings, the mill,
offices, boarding house, etc. This of
course,, will considerably reduce the
old time expenses, ind to ao extent
onable the mine to compete with the
low price ot tne minerals produced���
silver and lead.
The connection between the shaft
from the No. 5 aud the raise from the
No. 8 was made last weok. This was
a very aitficult piece of engineering
as the survey had to bo curried from
the No. 5 out on thc Sandon side, over
the hill and iu through tho No. 8 tunnel on the McGuigan side, requiring
some very intricate and extensive oal-
culations. As tho workings met to a
dot the management feels considerable
satislaction over the result.
In London, the market
of the world for fine wines,
Pommery "1892" sells at
$5.00 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Pommery " 1893" sells at
$8.50 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Wherever Champagne Is
sold according to quality
the highest prices are
paid for
Wednesday. April in, will bo Tho
Montobank on Wednesday night, on
Thursdny night Julius Caesar, and at
the Thursday matinee King Lear.
Each of the plays by the Frederick
Warde company hero will he given
with a complete equipment of special
scenery. Every attention has been
given to tbe historical truth and accuracy of the costumes and stage settings; in faot Mr Warde brings every
production practically complete so far
as scenio investiture is concerned.
The scenic features of tlie Warcc plays
are the following: King Lear���thc
throne room of the palace, the storm
on the heath, a cornfield near Dover;
for Belphegor, the Montebank���the
village of Courgeinent, illuminated lets
at the chateau, and tbe duke's palace,
and for Julius Caesar���gardens of
Brutus' home, the senate chamber and
the palaces of l'hillippi. Tne mechanical and electrical effects of the
storm scene in King Lear were invented and executed by Fred B. Bradley, und are operated under his personal supervision. The costumes for
the variuus productions were selected
with due regard foi historical accuracy by Mr. Warde, who is himself a
great anthority in these matters.
The sale of seats for the Frederick
Wardt attractions will open at McDonald's fruit store at 10 o'clock of
Thursday, April 10.
Hammocks, Hammoks, Hammocks;
all shades and styles at McLachlan
Tho club held its regular weekly
shoot on Saturday nfternoon and the
following scores were made. The
attendance was light, only five men
showing up.
Event No. 1, 25 blue rocks, Patenaude Handicap Cup, Sergeant system
���Clarence Goepel, scratch, 10; Georgo
Steele, scratch, 12; Jasper Phair,
scratch, 10; Qoorge Tierney, handicap
4, 18; H W. tf. Pollok, handicap 4,
Event No. 2, sweepstake,five birds���
Geo. Steele, 3; Jaspei l'hair, 4; H. W.
F. Pollok, 2; C. Goepel, 4; Geo.
Tierney, 4.
Event No. 3, sweepstake, five birds
���Geo. Steele, 2; C. Goepel, 3;
lasper Phaii, 1; Geo. Tierney, 4;
Pollok, 2.
Event No. 3, sweepBtake, fivo birds
���Jasper Phair, 2; C. Goepel, 3; Geo.
Steele, 4; Geo. Tierney,3; Pollok, 1.
A tie was then shot off botween
Tierney and Pollok at five birds, for
a prize which was shot f'>r on (lood
Friday. Mr. Pollok won, breaking 1
to Mr. Tierney's 0. The prize was
well worth winning.
All kinds uf express work, coal and
wood.���West Transfer Co. Telephone
Stage Settings and Costumes Complete
and Historically Correct.
The   plays   to   bo   presented at  thc
Nelson   Opera   house   commencing on
Advertisements Inserted under tbis head at
the rate of one oent a word por Insertion. No
advertlHement taken for less than 25 cents.
Situation Wanted advortlflomenla inserted
threo Union freo of cbartte.
HOUSE��� Furnished,   and two acres of
land, Herons lake. Young fruit tree,
Htrawbon-y plants,eto. Prioe and terms
moderate,    riox 108.
FOB SALE,���Very cheap���A smull
blook of shares in the .Similkainceii
Valley Coal, Lta. These can be had
at a great reduction on market price.
E.  II. Mcllurinid.
TO RENT���A (ivu room house on   Lu-
tiiner street, near Stanley,all modern
conveniences.  Apply, A.U. Sherwood.
FOR SALE���Snap���For   one   week    I
offer   six   roomed house, now,    and
three  lots (IBOO Cash,    Balanco if'iO per
month.    A. G. Gamble.
FOR SALE.���Eggs for hatohing,Black
Minorca,     Brown       Leghorn,    and
Plymouth Rocks.      P. O. Box BOB,   or
Miss Edwards, Fairview.
J.1 N. M. CummiriH, LoauOO Bvoff knowi
variety oleoft drinks.   POBoxBS. Telephon
No. 31. Hoover SLruel, Nt'Uon. Holllorri of 111
fjuiourt SL Loon 1 [ni ... ������ .i,.i   Minerul Witter
AMACD'JNALI) & Co.-Cornor Kron
��� snd Hull StroelH���Wholesale grocer
ami jobbers in blanket*, kIovim, iiiIILh. bool>
rubbei-H. iiiiulUiuiWh und mittens' .tuituriuH-
P   BURNS & Co.-Uakor Street, NelWD-
.   Wholesale ileulertt tit freub u      curor)
utoubs.   Colli SUtruKO.
Buker Btroet, NoImoii���Whuleiiulo ilea
ora ln fresh and cured meats.
STORE   TO    LET���Second door from
corner Josephine on Baker. Enquire
at Vanstone's Drug store.
TWO Gentlemen ean   get  comfortable
room, breakfast and   dinner for   S35
per   mouth,    within   two   blocks    of
hospital.    Apply A.  li., Miner otlice.
PiANO FOR SALE���Taken in exchange, new, only one mouth in
use. Cost !fl00. W'ill sell at a
bargain. See it at E. Ferguson and
Co.'s warerooms, Vernon street, city.
FOR SALE���Eggs for hatching from
Barred Plymouth Rocks and Pekin
Ducks; choice stock. Strawberry
plants. John llougnton, Crawford
FOR SAi.E���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restaurant in the Kootenays,
best location, 25 nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best business proposition in tho district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cate,
Box 225, Nelson B.C.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
hoard.     Apply     on   Silioa   street,
second door west of Ward.
Apply   to   Mrs F. J. Squires, Room
40, K. W. O. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Phone 278.
WANTED���Railroad Men.
WANTED���A    good   general   servant
must be well recommended.    Apply
to Mrs. W. T Reid, Craubiook, B. C.
ENGLISH   TRAINED   Nurse   desires
caie   of   infant   or   other   position.
Miss Dougbiy, Nelson, B.C.
MEN AND Women wanted to work at
home.    Good wages,  Write Glasgow
Woollon   Company,    Department     C.
Foster Crafts,of Oharles^own, Mass.
write home as soon as you can as
financial interest await you there.
Very important.   I. Y. Crafts.
HELP     of   all   kinds     wanted    and
furnished.     Western   Canadian Em
ployment Agency.      Large warehouse
tor   storage; call   at Piosser's Second
Hand store, Ward stcet,
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages, long
job. Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C. A.
Guthrie A Co.
Editor Miner,���Will the grocers of
Nelson advertise a list of tlieir prices,
that the public can oompare them
with the lists of other merchants,
then by allowing some 2 1-3 per pound
for froight from the east they will
get some idea as to whether they are
overcharged or not.
We hear a good deal about dealing
with T. Eaton and Co., but aro not
tho grooers doing exactly tho same
thing, i. o. buying whoslosalo in tho
East and getting in distribution cars?
If Nelson is not a wholesale centre
it is nothing, yet when a move was
made lately to obtain a rate whioh
would allow our wboesale merchants
to compete, with thc coast, etc, did
not these gentlemen issue a ciroular
and do everything in their power stop
this, and thereby provent the town
becoming a wholesale centre? They
seem very mush afiaid that the letter
in thc Kossiand Miner may hurt the
town, but it cannot possibly do as
much harm as the aforesaid circular,
and may do a great deal of good.
What is sauce for tho goose is sauce
lor tbe gander,and if they dent in the
eabt why should net the retail customer:    Yours faithfully,
Anril 3.
John Love, representing the Consol-
idnted Stationery Co., of Winnipeg,
will be in the district on his usual
visit. His quarters ior tbe week wil
lie Hume hotel.
On Thuisdays the baths at the Bon
Ton Barber shop will be reserved
exclusively for ladles. Mrs .1. P.
Beaurais will be in attendance to receive tlie ladies.
Streot,   Nolriun ��� Wholesale  dBalars tr
l ��� Wholesal
imnplitid,  sporting  good*
hardware,  minora
A/t'LACHLAN BK08. Baker Street Nelson,
1'X B. 0.,���Dealers in general harliuure.
mining supplies, gl.tss, palate, Portland Co-
Hint, lire eluy and rieotelt lire brick. Agent.1-
for W ilkins and Co.'k celebrated steel wire rope
.1^1 painl*. oils and gliiss; nienhunicH tools
Fishii'g Taeklo and Spoi ting Qoodfl a speeialty
rpURNKU, BEETON Sc Co.-Cornor Vernot
A and Josephine Streets, Nolson���Whole
sale doulers in lit; 'ors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for PabsL Brewing Co. of Mflwauko*
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSUN'H HAY Co.-Wholenalo grocfirlo
and liquors etc., linker Hlr<nit, Nelt-on.
Oftlco comer HaU ami Front Streets*
Nelnon���Lumber, ccilintj, flooring and every
tiling in wood for ImildiiiK mir^orier*. Got oui
prieeH.   Coitoh pond unco solicited.
J     A.   M'DONALU,      Atfent   Haaolwo
��   Dairy Co. Ice (.'roam.
Our New Stock is now
A Very Fine
The Prices Will Suit the
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Parties wishing tiolf or auy stockings
knitted or footed oan have them done by
applying   on    corner   of     Ward   an
Victoria street, opposite postoffice.
GRADUATE   NURSE   takes sick and
maternity cases. 7 McDonald block,
comer Josephine and Vernon streets.
LOST���A small garnet  and   and chip
diamond   tie   pin.       Finder   please
deliver   to G, N. Express Co. and   get
For domestic or steam use.
A full   supply always or
Rates to   all  railway  and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office  ��� Two doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
For Stylish Up-to-Date Hats
go to
Opera House Block
TO fl 111'. A < OM> IN ONT. DAT
Tfiko 1-axutivc Promo Quinino Tablets- A
driiKKlHtH rofutid tlio ttiouoy if it falls to curt*
IC. w. Grove'** Hlgnaturo in on oach box.   25o.
Certificates of improvements
Queen, Niagara, Lewiston, and Burlington (Fractional), mineral claims
situate in tlie ���'��� <'s'ln Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located���On Wolf Oreek. 11
branch of Sheep (reck, which ia a tributary of Salmon River,
Take Notice that I, William Wnldie,
1'". M. 0. B50626, for myself and as ag 'nt
for John A. Turner. K. M. O. BBOloU
and Michael Scully, Free Miner's Certificate No. BB0006, intend 60 dayH
[rom the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Kecorder for certificates o"
improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the abov#
And further take notice that action,
under seotion 87 muHt bo oommenoed
before the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of February,
A. D. 1002.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Man aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Otders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which l> Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Haid-np   Capital,   W.OOO.UOu;    Reserve   Fund,   J2,000,0001
Aggregate   Resources Over 805,1101), 000.
HON, GKO. A, COX, President.      B. K. WALKER, Ueneral Mann��ei
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, B. C,
New York Office; 16 F.ichaniie Place.
And 68 branched in Oanada and tha United 9LaUw, Including
Atlin Gkeenwood Nki.ho.v Banuon
Ckanhhook        Kami.ooi-8 Nkw Wkbtminbtih   Vancouver
F111NIK Nanaimo ltos��i.AND Victohia
YUKON DI8TBI0T-DAWB0N anii White Hokhk.
UNITKI) STATES���New Yokk. San Khancisoo, Seattle, Pohtlanii, Skaoway.
,      Savings Bank Department.
T LDepodtl Itoceivod and Intiront Allowed,   I'rc-scnt Kate a Per Cent
I Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Unde-ground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnl.h.a Monthly to all loven of Bonn
and Music a vaet volume of Haw, Cholca
Copyright Compoaltlona by the most popular author*. 64 Paiea of Piano Mualc,
half Vocal, half Initrunwiitiil�����i Complatc
flaeaa for Piano���Once a Mouth for as
Cent*. Yearly Subiicriptlon, ��i.oo. MJ__
will ��end u�� the name and address of Fivj
performer! on the I'lanoor Oiyan, we will send
you a oopy of the Majraztne Free.
J. W. PIPPta, Publlahar,
ClfhtH a Locoat SU., Philadelphla, Pa-
About tbat second-hand artlclu o
yours. You'll sell it if you'll adver
tise it in The Minor want '-clump
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Bossland, Trail, Nelson, KasL
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to u��w branch will hava careful and nramot attention.
nnd try a bottlo, a dognn, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER aa il is tho bcr-t and
olicapcr-t on thu market. AIho try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
PRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M�����*<�����
Tolonhonn (H Bake.*- SI.. Ne Ihoii
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
H ���
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Sprkane Fulls and Northern Railway,
D rect connection at St. I'nul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreul, New York
and aU points Kast and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 -'.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:20 &-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 840 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Dulutb with
the magnificent steamsh i ps North WeRl
and North-Land of tlieNoi-thern Steamship Company Line, operated iu connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Ky., KiihIo & blocai
Ry., Kootei ai Railway ic Navigation
Co, or to
City Pass, and Tkt   Agt,  W  7ol   W,
Ri-erside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
Q. K. TAOKABURY. Local Agent,
I have a complete stock on hand ot
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Ooast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill nt PILOT BAY. Yards, NKLSON
and LARLO,
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage
Apply to G. L. LENNOX Bakar Hi.
Will pay the highest cash prioe for all
kindH of seoond band goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
cooking utensils, bongbt in household
.|iinntitinB. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Boi 300 Hail
Streot, Nelson,   li, C.
Certificate of Improvements
Farnhnm Minerul claim situate in
tbe Nelson Mining Division of "Acst
Konteuav District.
Where located    Near ihe Ymir  Minn
TAKE NOTICE that I, Kenneth I..
Unmet, agent tor .((din Dean, K.M.C.No.
B80M6 and Mrrrtln Salmon, F. M. 0.
No. B5008U, intend, hilly days from the
ditto hereof, to apply t" the Mining Kecorder for a certificate of improvement)1
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grout OI lhe above claim.
And further tnke notice that nction,
uuder section HI, must be oommenced
before tbe Issuance of such ceriilicute of
Dated this Kllli dny of April. A. t.
Any pcrr-on knowing tin* prcspiii
"chtToabduls of Alexander Stfuvart.
Intt-I.v in the tunij.oy uf   Porter   Uro^..
ut Mara on, WnMi., u��8 A., will ooofor
a   favor   liy   cunuiiunicatin^ witli the
Brewers of Fine Leg- r
Beer and Porter.
U.lnAr     P.   tl
Subscriptions taken for the Nel-
, son Daily and Weekly Miner al
' publisher's prices by J. K. DELIAS'liV, New Denver, 11. C.
�����   *M*rw+-.-.4 Nelson L)ail\  Minbr Sundyv, April 6, tgoj
Gold         0,le of the most useful   Books   that can
DllSt        be   obtained   at the
present time is
How to Find lt and How to Mine It.
In view of the new placer diggings
on Cooper Creek, this book should
be in the hands of everyone interested.    Price 25c.
Booksellers, Stationers
Show Room for Mason Sc Bisch pianos
Agreeable and Gomforting
We   can   make    your   work
agreeable   as   well    as   you
comfortable by
Fitting Your Eyes With
Proper Glasses
Patenaude Bros.
Baker St.
Nelson. B. C.
There will bo the usual services,
conducted by the pastor, at the Meth-
ooist church today,
Tbe steamer Moyie was five hours
late yesterday, having had to wait at
Kootenay Landing for the Crow's
Nest train which was delayed by a
Trunks and Valises���Morley and
The following new books havo been
received at the Nelaon library:
Audrey, Mary Johnstone; Man From
Glengarry, C, W, Gordon; Secret
Orchard, A. and E. Castle; Life and
Times of Gov. Siracoe,  D, B. Bead.
Whisks, and Clothes Brushes��� Morley anil I.aing.
The lake has commenced to rise
again although the change in the level
of the water as yet amounts to but an
inch. A slight rise has also coui-
menoed in Cottonwood and oth;r of
the larger creeks,
Hammocks, Hammocks, Hammocks;
all shades and styles at McLachlan
Appearance lias boon entered by the
Royal Hank of Canada and the Columbia Telephone and Telegraph com- |
paDy, in the suit of Georgina L. A.
Davies. The ease will probably not
ecme up for tiial until the October
term of the court.
Silk Shirt Waist. American Style at
Kerr and Co."
On Friday the Hr6t car of Ontario
creamery butter for the season was
brought to Nelaon. This is unusually
early for creamery butter and the color
is yet rather light, This was eagerly
taken op by local dealers. The price
of butter is likely tc go up rather
than down,
Agents for Cownn Rros. and Co.'s
Notlingham Lace Curtains. Kerr Sc Oo.
Interpleader proceedings have been
instituted by Sheriff Tuck with reference to the seizuio of tbe chattels ol
F. Brandon, of Luke stroet, under the
suit of Fred Irvine and Co. The
claimant is A, E.Crossett who claims
to own the goods aud that they were
not the property of the defendant
Placer and Mining Laws���Morley
and Laing.
Trout have commenced to bite at
tho fly and a number of l.ical fishermen have had good luck during the
last few days' although most of the
trout caught have been very small. At
the mouth of the small creeks empty
ing into the lake is said to be the
most likely places for trout at
Dotted Swiss, Madras and fancy
enrtainettes.    See Kerr and Co.'s.
The supply of produee for the
local markets is beginning to come
from the source from which it is
drnwn during the aumroei months.
Californian eggs, fir instance, are
practically off the market or will be
within a week. On Saturday tbe
first carload of eggs arrived from
Winnipeg, though some from thc
Northwest have been coming io for
sor.e timo by express. From this
time forward the supply of th
commodity will be drawn from the
Edmonton district, WClIe a little
later in the sesson parts farther cast
and Ontario will get a share of the
business. Tho tendency of prices in
eggs is downward.
The Food Was Grape-Nuts.
It helps one to know thc kind of
food to select if they can learn the experiences others have had.
"I ennsioer it my duty to let you
know what Grape-Nuts 1'ood has done
or me. I was suffering from dyspepsia and daily stomaoh trouble. After
taking many kinds of medicines without, finding relief I saw a description
of Grape-Nuts Breakfast Food and
began using it regularly, Bnd in less
than two weeks my indigestion was
entirely gone.
When I began using tbe food I
weighed 135 pounds, I now weigh lnu
pounds end lee! stronger than I have
ever lelt belore. TliBnks and praise
to the makers of Grape-Nut*." Name
and address given by Fostum Co.,
Battle Creek, Mich.
Judge Forin is expected to he in
Nelson to bold chambers on Monday.
Dr. W. VI. Walker, quarantine
officer (it Fort II111. is a guest ai tbe
L. Moriarity and wife, of North-
port, were visitors to the nity on
S. Ii, Long, P.L.S., of Rossland,
left last evening for Kelowna, where
he will spend the summer.
The steamer International yesterday
brought frcm Kaslo one cur of Sunset
oro for the Tiail smelter.
Grass Linen and Linen Batiste or
dresses at Kerr and Co.'s.
The Ladies' Uospital Aid will meet
in the vestry of the Presbyterian
church on Monday afternoon at
There will be a meeting at the
Hume hotel on Monday evening to
organize a lacrosse club for the coming summer.
Commencing today the steamer
Kaslo will take the run of the International irom Kaslo. It is not decided
for how long.
Special values in silk Blouses at
Kerr and Co.'s.
Hcniy J. Fuller, manager of the
Fairbanks Co., Moutreal, and Mrs.
Fuller were in the city yesterday, Mr.
Fuller is making a rush trip through
B.C. with his western manager, A. C.
McDonald and expresses himselt as
very much pleased with prospects.
The rire, water and light committee
has this week been inquiring into the
requirements ol tne fire depaitraent
and it is probable thut the recommendation of some small immediate altei-
ations in the arrangement of the ball
will be made to the council at its
next meeting.
Rev. A. W. McLeod preachs in the
Baptist church today. The subjeot
for the morning sermon will bo The
Second Coming of Christ; musio, quartette, He Shall Feed His Flock
(Excell) ; evening subject, Tho Gospel
for an Age of Doubt; anthem, Come
Unto Me t Lewis) ; trio, We Have an
Anchor (Kirkpatrick)
Today at Emmanuel Congregational
church, Rev. Wm. Munroe will preach
in the morning on Salvation. In the
evening the subject will bo The
Twentieth Century Christian. Musio
lor the evening service: anthem,Teach
Me 0 Lord (Bierley); anthem, Only a
Beam of Sunshine (Sweeney). A cordial Invitation is extended to every
There has to date been no regularly
organized bowling club in Nelson but
this year it is proposed to have a
formal organization. A meeting for
the purpose will be held in the court
house on the evening for Tuesday
next. It is the intention of those
most actively interested to extend the
green and to procure additional
Call up 33 if you vrant furniture
or pianos moved.���West Transfer Co.
The sisters oi St. Joseph tender
most grateful thanks to the Ladies
Progressive Whist club and numerous
friends who so cordially united in
rendering the Calico ball a most
decided success. The ball was given
Ht the Queen's hotel on Easter Mon
day, as a surprise benefit for the
sisters, and the net proceeds were
indeed an agreeable surprise,
The funeral of the late Mrs. Criddle t^ok place from tbe family resi
denco on Robson Street at 2 o'clock
yesterday afternoon. Services were
held at the house, with Kev. F H.
Graham, of St. Saviour's, officiating.
The pall boaters were A. E. C. Buchanan, S. S. Fowler, M. S. Davys,
R. W. Brigstocke, A. M. Johnson
and Mr. Hawthorne. A number of
friends attended to pay tbe last
tribute of respect to the memory ol
the departed lady.
On Monday the third steam shovel
on the Kootenay division of the C. P.
U. will be at work. One of these is
the big shovel working at the Robson bridge and the second that on
tbe Naksup nraneh. Tbe third one
bus been got ready and will work
between Nelson and the Kootenay
river. The proposed improvements to
tho roadbeds of the railway in this
division are being pushed vigorously.
The steam shovel at Robson may bo
called a marvel in its capacity for removing earth nnd one day tbis neek
it made a record of 300 ears. The
firing at the bridge is nearing completion.
1'hotographs of the steamer York
which was built in Toronto and put
together on Okanagan lake, und is
now in commission there, have been
received at the C.l'.R. offices. She is
not large but is well suited for freight
and passenger trade. Repaiis are
making good progress ou the steamer
Abeideen, whose place tho York is
taking on the Okanagan lake, and
within three weeks the work of taking the Yojk apBrt and conveying her
to Trout lake will be commenced ��o
that her parts can be taken through
to tbo lake as soon as the rails are
laid on tbe Lardo line.
Fruit trees, ornamental, strawberry
plants, etc. Dug and shipped from
Riverside Nurseries, Grand Forks,oue
day. ready to plant at Nelson the next
day.    Verb. sap.
Hume.���Mr. and Mrs. W. N.
Bravton, Kaslo; M. McLean, New-
Denver; J. A. Meyer, Seattle; W.
McKeogh, Slocan; J. 0. Bourinot
Ottawa; A. C. Martin, Victoria; Mrs.
Dickinson, Toronto; N. Luke,
England: M. S. Smith, Loudon,
Ont.: E. 1!. Savage, Minneapolis;
W. K. Morton. Oroville, Wash.; II.
Stratb.  Winnipeg.
Madden���A. Madden, Slocan City;
M. Hennessey, T. L. Oliver, J. A.
Fleming, Sandon; D. Shea,New Denver; F. Wade, Gianite; M. II.
Knight, Ainsworth.
Grand Central���F. F. Cusack, J. J.
McKenzie, Ymir; Miss J. Campbell,
Gait; Jos. Carter, H. VV. King, Sault
Ste Marie; A Franklin, Solean , H.
Fraser, Spokane
Pnair���J. Frank Collom, Oakland,
Col.; H. Allenburg, Spokane; Ben. J.
Bell and wife, Phoonix.
Queen's���J. Wadsworth, 0. Simp-
sou, Seattle.
Tremont���W. Pult, Greenwood.
Unsolicited   Testimonials Tell of It's
Alf. R. Kellev, residing at 2105
Devisadero stroet, San Francisco,Cai..
wiites tbe following:
'When I first purchased Herpicide,
I thought, like the majority ot hair
preparations, it would prove a fake.
I am happy to state that, on the contrary, it is all, and oven more, than
you claim for it. Qui.e a number of
barbers throughout the section in
which I travel have called attention
to the new hair sprouting out on my
scalp and inquired of me what I had
been using. I tell them 'Herpicide';
also give them your name and
A  Subject  Jr'or  Eemarks,
The new Wall Papers attract favorable attention. They reflect good
taste in colors as well as in pattern,
and people of taste cemmend them.
Thev have an air of elegance and are
most durable in quality. InvestmtJ.
in such Wall Paper is a paying investment, before placing your order, it
will pay you to iee our new designs,
and get" our prices.
F. J. Bradley & CO.
Bien Fitlutiiis mill Picture Franiluft
��� Specialty-
Doctors Said They Could Only G^o Him Tcm
porary Ueliof. Clarkc'a Kola Compound
Cured Permanently.
R. D. Pitt Ksq.. Kamloops, B. C, writes:
"Kor thirl y-flvc year* I hive almost constantly
suli'orcd from asthma and diffloall breathing,
1 spent a fortune on remedies aod doctors. At
last my doctor said I might net Rome temporary relief but wo Id always be troubled. When
li-r-t hearing of Clarke's Kola Compound I
tried it. Tho first bottle di t not relieve mo
much, bu* after taking fonr bottles I was completely oared I can now breathe as freely an
over and asthma does not trouble me in tho
le��st." Clarke's Kola Compound not only relieved bnt permanently cures asthma. Sold
by alt drngaTe ��� or the GrlfiUhr' & Maophcrson
Co,, Limited, Toronto.
I or sale by J. II. VansUmo.NeUon, B. Cl
and solicit a share of your patronage.   We guar
antee satisfaction or Refund Your Money
We   make   a   Specialty   of
Watchmaking and
Eyes Scientifically Tested
Free of Charge
Watchmaker and
Optician ...
E. J. Ruble's Old Stand, liaker St., Nelson, B. C.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
We have been notified to leave our present premises on May 1st and the balance of the Stock left at that date we are Moving Back to Ontario consequently everybody buying from us can depend on getting Big Bargains, for
the less goods we have on hand the less freight money we will have to pay out.
The stock consists of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats,
Caps, Boots and Shoes
This is an opportunity to purchase goods at less than  Eastern   Prices.    Come
and see for yourselves.
My Residence on Carbonate Street is For Sale at a Bargain.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
*6q nelson b c
Real Estate, Fire and Life Insurance
Money to Loan.
Three Cottages across the lake
opposite Nelson full particulars on
Houses for rent and sale in all
parts o�� the City.
Under and by virtue of the powera
contained id a certain mortgage wlm'��
nil) tie produced at the time of sa e,
there will be offered for sale by publio
auction, by S. P. Tnck, Auctioneer,
at his offices, Ward street, Nelson, �����
O., on Monday the 7th day of April.
1902, at the hour of eleven o'clock in
the forenoon, the following property.
Lot numbered twenty-two (22), 'n
Block numbered sixty-eight (08), <"
the city of Nelson, British Colombia,
sub-division lot ninety-five (fl��)i.K?�����
one (I), Kootenay District, according
to the official plan or survey.
The property is situate on \ erne"
Street, and known as the "Occidental
Hotel." ,    .���
For   terms  and   conditions ot ����'=
appb' 'macdonald A JOHNSON,
Burns   Block,    Baker Street,  Nelson,
B. C, Solicitors for the Mortgagee*


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