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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 16, 1901

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 JProvinciai Libr.ry ��31 oo
Daily Edition No.  1166
Nelson,   British   Columbia, Wednesday,   October 16,  1901
Eleventh   Year
Scores Made at  the Shoot
of thc Rifle Association,
A Rossland Man Carries off
the Grand Aggregate
nnl a box of cigars piestmted by J. A.
M.ieiliiiinlil ; lour prizes of $:;, and live
of ,1.
The team match resulted as
Miliary Team���W. Hart MeHorg,
(III; C. McDonald, r, 1 ; N. T. McLeod,
Dl j A. S. Emhree, 30, J. D, Tinkiss,
���10; J. Dodds, LI; T. Brown, 42; J.
RiohatdlOD,  IO.    Total,  'Mi
Civilian Team���II. Bird, 43; Dr.
Hall, S7; A. Carrie, 50 j W. Johnston,
20; II. A, Langford, 51; D. McKay,
88; A. Orant, 47;; II. J. Robie, 53.
Total, 372.
The second annual prize meeting of
the Nelson Rifle Association was oon-
clmleil yesterday aftei a two days'
shoot, whicli was partioipnted in by
the lowii rillomen ns well as by representatives of Kossland and Slocan
Clly. The weatbor was fairly good
for ihnotiog and altogether the meet
was an unqualified sucooas. W. llart-
Mollarg of Rossland, won thu grand
aggiegnte prize. This was so much
Iho case that It has been unofficially
deciileil to enlarge the scope of the
next annual meet so that tbe riflemen
from Spokane, and other nearby
cities un the American side will
participate and the occasion will take
on an international character.
The result of tha several events and
the scores made in each were as follows, lhe first name*, winning first
prize, and the second the second
prize, and so on:
Nursery Match, 200 yards���Dodds
32, .1. Simpson 31, C. McDonald 30,
U. ,1. Robie 88, W.Uatt-McIIarg ?7, A.
S. Kiuliroo 28, R. Preston 20, M. S.
Johnson 22, D, Porter 10, C. Mollnrdy
18, J. Wartds 10. The prizes were as
follows: First 35; second, f 1; third,
?_; (our prizes of $2, and Hve prizes of
C P, R, Prize, 200, 500 and 000
yaids-W Tlart-McIIarg, 03; N. T.
McLood, 0!;Dr. Hnll, 00; II. Bird, 87;
W. ,1. Dodds, 8C; A. Can ie, 85, T.
Brown, 84; J. D. Tinkiss, 84; D.
McKay, 82; J. Richardson, 81; A.
Orant. 81; H. A. Langfoid, 80. The
first prize in this event wns a cup
presented by the C. P. R. employees to
become tho property of nny one winning it twice and $5. The second
prize, an umbrella presented by Fred
Irvine and 84, thc third prize a pair
of .lioes presented by the Wright Shoe
Co., and Hi ������ There were four other
prizes of $2, and 6vc of $1.
Tramway Match, 500 yards-J.Richardson, 31; A. Carrie, 31; D. McKay,
Hi; W.J. Langford, 30; II. J. Robie,
M; A. Grant, 30; J. Simpson, 80;   W.
Biid, 30; W. Hart-Mollarg, 29; J.
D. Tinkiss, 28; Dr. Hell, 28; T.
Brawn. 28. Tho flsrt prize was a cup
prosented by the Nelson Tramway
Co., to become the property of anyone winning it twice out of three consecutive shoots, or three times in all,
and 05; second prize $4, and an umbrella donnted ny J. A. Gilker; third
prize, 83. and an umbrella donated by
the Thomson Stationery Co; four
prizesof ,2, and five prizes of (1.
Corporation Match, 000 yards���W.
J. Dodds, 31; A. Carrie, 20; J. I).
Tinkiss, 88; N. T. McLeod, 28; N. J.
Ungford, 28; D. McKay, 88; W.Hart-
MeHarg, 27; Dr. Hall, 25; O. McDonald, 22; J. Richardson, 23; H.
Bird, 21 j A. Giant, 18 The first
prizo was a pair of binoculars, wortn
MS, presonted by the city of Nelson
and 85 in cash; second prize a pair
of opera glasses preaeuted by the Nelson Hardware company, and S4 ; thiid
prize. $4 and a silver flask prcse ited
D.v Jacob Dover; four prizes of 82 and
fivo of 81.
Ladies Match, 1,000 yards-H. it.
Robie, 28; W. Hart-MoHarg, 24; N.
T. MoLeod, 22; A. Carrie, 22; H.
N'"*, 22, A. Grant, 21; J. Richard-
���*"���*. 31; J. D. Tinkiss, 21; A. S.
Embree, 20; D. McKay, 20: H. A.
langford, 10; C. McDonald, 10. The
first prize was $10 in cash and n vase
Presented by tbe Canada Drug __ Hook
c->.; second prize, $8 and a dozen
Photua donated by the Queen Studio;
third prize, 80; four prizes of 83, and
five of 81,       ,
<*rand Ageregate-W Hart-Mcllarg,
���?3; N. T. McLeod, 107; A. Carrie,
1B7i J, D. Tinkiss, 161; D. McKay,
j"-i H. Bird, 100; J. Richardson, 155;
j1* A. Langford, 154; A. Grant, 150;
Dr. Hall, 150. j Don-dai
Robie,   134.   T    B
Scientific Papers Read on the Medical
Treatment of His Caso.
Now York, Oct. 15.���Physicians and
surgeons from all parts of the elate
aud some medical exports from othor
parts of the conntry gathered today
foi the semi-annnal meeting of the
Medical society of the Stato of New
York, which was oponed in the New
York academy, when tho morning
ssossion began at 10,80 o'oloek, with
the president of the society iu the
ohnir. Among the first papors read
was one of the Otliolal Relations of,
the Medical Profession to Private
Charitable Institution, by Enrich V.
Stoffnrd, of Rochester, commissioner
of charities.
The physioians and surgeons who
attended President McKinley through
the closing days of his life presonted
a lengthy report covering the medical
and surgical history of the murdered
statesman. It was signed by Drs.
Matthew 1). Maun, Herman, Mynter,
Eugene Wasdin, Charles Q. Stockton,
P. M. Rixey, Rosewell Park, aud
Chnrlos McBurney, and was read by
Dr. Mann.
Dr. Mann did not mention thc operation, omitting that altogether. He
described the president's sypmtomsand
teatment from day to day, going into
the fullest details. In speaking of
bulletins Issued, Dr. Mann said tbat
only une of them was absolutely tiuc.
He told of tbe progress of the patient
till the fatal turn of the seventh day.
Dr. Mann said that there was abno-
lutely no bacteriological infection.
Continuing he said : If you ask me
what caused the president's death, I
could not tell you. 1 doubt if that
will evor be discovered. Amongst oon-
tiibuting caaees, however, were the
piesidcnt's nge, his lack of exercise
aud his natutnlly weak heart which
made his pulse high. Dr. Mann was
asked by one of the listening medical
men why thc X-ray was not applied
so that the missing bullet might be
located. Dr. Manu replied that there
was nothing in the condition to show
that the bullet was doing any harm
nnd he said thnt if the X-ray had
been used it would only buvo been to
satisfy tho omiosity of the physicians
and the excitement ntteuding the operation wonld have been harmful to the
patient Ho the doctors refrained fiom
using the X-ray apparatus. Dr. Maun
went on to say tbat ut no time whatever had there boon the slightest disagreement among the physicians. He
snid he had never known such complete harmony among the physicians
iu ottendanee on a s'nglo patient.
Wlien Dr. Maun "US introduced the
reporters were asked to withdiaw.
It wns explained that there had been
an agreement between thc various
physicians who attended thc president
that any utterances on tbe subject of
his ease should be given drst to tho
modicul papers of tbe country.
Air. Rockhill Speaks of Conditions at  Ghinesc
Many Insurrections in Central China.���Russia Wants
China's Fleet.
143; H. J.
rown,   122.     First
Prize tiophy and $8;  second prize,   80
a   carving   set   donated   by tho
rence Hardware   oompany ;   third
Prize, !f4, and ease of pipes presented
, VV- A* Thurman ;   fourth prize,   J4
tlrowing Belief That Offloinls Count*
onuncod Miss Stuiie's Abduction.
London, Oet. 15.���The United States
government will insist that Tuikuy
immediately make good any deOoit in
thc subscriptions for tbo ransom of
Miss Stone, says thc Constantinople
correspondent of the Daily Telegraph,
and also refund the full amount subset ibed. It is supposed that the
brigands who captured Mis? Stone
have withdrawn into the interior of
Macedonia in the direction of
Nevkropkof, says a despatch to the
Daily Telegraph from Sofia. Former
membuis of the Macedonian committee, who wero arrested on suspicion
of complicity, donied befoie a magistrate any knowledge of the affair.
The belief is growing here, snys a
despatch to the Standard, from Constantinople, that the Bulgarian and
not the Turkish government is responsible for the retention of Miss Stone,
whose capture was committed witb
the connivance of Macedonian agitators, if not with that of hijr 1���
authorities. The attitude of t..t
latter towaids the brigands is most
suspicious and very different from
wbat it was during tbe time of tho
Stamboul affair.
Immense Combine to Build
Steel Ships for the
Vanderbilt and Pennsylvania
Railway Interests to Be
Victoria,Oct. 15,���Mr. W. Rockhill,
the commissioner who represents!
tho United States in the negotiations
between the allies and China, arrived
bv the Empress of Japan, on hiB way
to Washington with a copy of the
protocol between China and the
powers, which was recently signed by
tbe representatives of various nations
interested. Ilo will proceed direct to
Washington by tho C. P. R.
Affairs in China have resumed their
uonnal state, tho commissioner said
in an interview, and no further
outbreaks were expected. The so-
cnlied insurrections in Shan Su and
Manchuria he snid were simply local
uprisings whioh had been very muoh
exaggerated. Three hundred Chinese
troops entered Pekin on September
17, aud tbe keys ol the gates were
handed over to Prince Chang with
elaborate and brilliant -ceremonies.
All the troops were withdrawn with
the exception of the Legation guards
and guards at the railway stations.
Since the Tien Tsin affair there had
been no trouble over the ruilway from
the coast to Pekin which is controlled
by thc British, in fact the commercial
interests seem to be taking charge of
countiy and a commission was being
orgai.iKc. lo conduct commercial nego*
tiatio'is with China. This commission will revise tho treaties and
arrangements for the opening of more
ports The commissioner is of
opinion that '.lie woik of the commission will briu;' nbuut a much better
state of afl'aiis. Tbo British and
Chinese {members of the commission
have already been appointed and the
other nations hail been asked to name
their representatives. lieforo Mr.
Rockhill loft Pcliin the Chinese troops
bad commenced to police the city, the
legation concessions had been greatly
increased and the British legation is
being built in the form of a fort with
a mont and guns mounted. The British had obtained tho largest extent of
land but the Germans and Russians
had also increased their holdings considerably. Mr. Rockhill suid he expected to hear very shoitly of the
return of the court   to Pekin.
The Russians are having considerable difficulty on tho China-Manchuria
railway on account of the floods.
They do not allow officers of other
nations into their country but have
no objections to civilians travelling
through. Mr. Rockhill does not look
for a boom when China is again
settled but says the trade will be
News was received by the Empress
of Japan of further rebellions in
China. A pitched battle occurred on
September 2nth between the Impeiinl
Chinese force under General Sen and
1 foieo of 7,OCO lnsugeuts near Uainso
in Chi LI, sixty miles soutli uf Paing
Fu, Thirty rebels were killed and
the remainder fled. Several Tillages
were taken by the troops. In Chow
Chow a rebellion has also taken
place and the missionaries have been
driven in. At Kinng Sbu several uf
tho rebels have been seized and bo
headed. Missionaries also tell of
troubles in Kinng Si,
Mnny letters have been written to
the North China Daily News telling
of the risings in the vicinity but giving few details. The North China
Daily News reports much military
activity by Russia in the north and
states that a number of troops have
been sent south, where it is bolieved
they will be massed on the Keton
Russia haB offered China five
million tnets for her fleet of war
ships, according to the Shanghai Met
oury. The same paper reports that
elaborato ombroiderics and expensive
silks are being sent in quantities to
Kai Fang to celebrate the Empress'
i birthday. Many papers print repoits
that the return of the court to Pekin
1 bas been postponed for two years.
New York, Oct 15.���Tbe Journal
and Advertisei tomorrow will say that
an industrial combination to consoli
date tho armour plate manufacture of
this country, enter into tho building
of in'rohunt and war ships for the
world's trade and take over the largo
and growing export trade of the U. S.
Steel corporation about to be organized by J. P. Morgau and his allies.
The article then says that while no
official details are obtainable that the
project will not only consolidate
many details of tho hteel and fuel
business of the country, now sepnrat-
3d, but also serve to bring into closer
relationship their interests and the
great railway interests controlled by
the Vanderbilts nnd the Pennsylavnin
railroad. These interests aro also to
be closely allied with, If not made a
unit with, large interests of like
character abroad and that the new
oompany is to be called the Anglo-
American Steel Co,
posed to Have Found a
Railway Pass.
Grand Jury Urges the  Construction of
a New Court House For Nelson*.
The fall criminal assizes opened
yesterday tefore Mr. Justice Irving in
tbe court hrfuse at 11 o'clock. The
following grand jurors answered to
tbeir names: 0. O. Buchanan, Kaslo;
G. W. Riouardson, Rossland, and H.
R. Cameron, Henry E. Croasdaile,
Riohard W. Day, Henry J. Evans,
Arthur Ferland, Arthur G. Gamble,
Robert R. Hedley, Charles Hillyer,
William Irvine, James M. Lay, and
Thomas M. Ward, of Nelson. Mr.
Croasdaile was chosen foreman.
His Lordship'a address to the grand
jury was short niorely referring to the
oases coming before them. In Rex vs.
Wilson a oharge of malicious injury
to property, tbe private proseoutor did
not appear so no bill was returned
In Rex vs. Lydon, ns the accused had
loft Nelson gaol without leave, and
had not come back yet, was held over
pending his return, voluntary or
True bills were retnrned in all the
othor cases, namely, Rex. vs. Barrett,
forgery; Rex. vs. Granville Forbes,
procuring for grossly indecent purposes, and R'.*x. vs Bloomfiold and
Row Ian robbery.
Edward Bairett was first put on
trial with the following jury, Peter
Shoenfelt, foicinan, C. II. All'n, John
V. Annable, Leonard Seott, Charles
J. Wilson, T. Henry Wilson, Edgar
J. Orlckraay, George 8. Hawthorne,
William R. Seatle, Arthur Shannon,
George DeMaine, John Hepburn.
The accused was charged of forging ��
time cheque ou Porter Sc Cur bon, tho
contractors for the Lardo railway,
and also dealing with the same time
cheque as if it were genuine knowing
it to be fraudulent. He was found
guilty on the last count and sentenced
to one year's imprisonment.
Granville Forbes was then charged
with procuring for an act of gross
indecenoy in a pubiu place, also with
the same in privacy.' He was also
charged with attempting to commit
those offences. The following was tbe
jury: Jaoob J. Walker, George G.
Thnrman. Jonas Coxhead, Len.
Fogue, William G, Meagher, James
Neolands, William J. Watchorn,
Henry H. Avery, Duncan McDonald,
John J. Maloney, Edward Ferguson,
and George Ritchie, foroman.
The Jury returned a verdict of
guilty on the charge of attempting to
procure, and he was sentenced to two
and one-half years in the penitentiary.
The last oase on the list was started
about 4.30 0 clock and was not concluded, when the court rose. It
was thut of Fred Bloomfleld am: Fred
Row Ian ohargod with assault and robbery, committed upon a Finlande.i
named Charles Johnson. Johnson in
his evidence stated that he came in
from Porto Rico sawmill where he
bid   been   working on June  1st.    He
Hating's Injuries  Described
by an Eye-Witness.���Divers Go Up.
had   about   835   in cash and a cheque |
for 8.8.      Ue   pot   the cheque  cashed I
about   midnight   In   n   llakcr   street'
saloon,   then   went   to   the   hotel he
was stoying at and   le t all his money
there except about  $8.     He tbon took I
another   walk around town aud about
�� o'olook In the  morning, when  near! EX-GOVCmor   Dewdney   Sup-
the street leading from the wharf two
mon set upon him,   struck him In the |
face,   knocked   him   down   and went|
through   his   pockets   taking   all the
money he had, a oout $4.      When   the
men   left   him he was without a   hat
and fiuding ono theie woie it.    it waa
a stiff ono,   whereas   his had   been aj
soft felt one.    In   tho struggle he had
seized one of the men by the lace  inflicting a scratch.    Shortly   after this
had   occurred   the   accused had   beon
arrested by the city police.      Tho cuso
will Uo continued today at 11 a. m.
During the afternoon sitting the
grand jury aTter inspecting the public
institutions of the citv made the following presentment:
Assize Court, City of Nelson, Oct.
15th, 1001.
Thc grand jury summoned for this
assize desire to piesent that the public
feeling of Nelson and the surrounding
district is strongly in favor of tht
erection of a now and suitable court
house at Nolson and that thoy believe
this feeling is snared by both the
Bench and Bar. 'Ihey do so for the
reasons that the present court bouse is
entirely unsuitable at the piesent day
for the purpose for which it was
erected, that it is wanting in size, in
proper arrangement, io accommodations and acoustic properties, that it
is extremely drafty and that many
severe colds bave been contracted by
those forced to attend.
The grand jury trust that this presentment may be forwarded to the
pioper authoiitios with the approval
and support of the Honorable tho
Judge of Assize.
In conclusion the grand jiuy desire
to congratulate the Hon. Mr. Justice
Irving upon the few and unimportant
criminal cases which have come before him this assize und the evidence
thus afforded of the maintenance of
law and order throughout this large
mining community.
His Lordship said that he would
gladly forward the presentment to the
proper officers. He could hear testimony to the inadequacy of the court
house. It was certainly a matter fur
congratulation that the number of
cases of serious orime was so small.
The grand jury was then discharged
unless thoy should be summoned by
telephone, and all the petit jury exoept those on the case under.lrial were
Civil oases are expected to be reached this alternoon.
Premier  Bond Unanle to Get. lnstiuc-
tions From Colonial Department.
London, Oct. It;.���According to despatches published today by the Daily
Mail, a crisis is immlnont iii Newfoundland unless the British government pays moro attention to the demands of the colony than has hitherto
been the ease. A loug special from
St. John's says: "Sinco Mr, Bond,thi
Newfoundland premier, left England
last April he has not received n single
word f 0111 the Imperial government
regarding a settlement of the French-
shoro question,nor us Mr,Chamberlain
answeied the dispatch from tlio Newfoundland government sent Ave*
mouths ago, urging the Imperial
authorities to persuade Sir Wilrld
Laurier, the Dominion premier, to
agree to a latificatiou of tho Bond-
Blaine convention"
The despatch gives the dotails of
the recent Bond-Lnurier conference
and asserts thut the Dominion premier
based his refusal to agree to ratification on the ground that the Joint High
Commision had discussed the matter
and that all being well, thc commission would discuss it again.
Viotoria, Oct. ir,.���Hon. Edgar
Dowrlney, who was appointed by the
provincial government to -make a
Survey with a view to ascertaining
whether it. wns practicable to built a
railway through tho Hope mountains,
southern British Columbia, has returned to tlio city, lie states that tbe
survey has been completed much
earlier than be expected, but ho
declines to make known the result.
In view of the faut that the work wns
completed _,n soon, it is thought that
a practicable route has been found.
<M'i;<*i��i. 10 'inid "m.M'it.i
Victorin, Oct. 16.���F. W. Vincent,
manager of the C. P. N. Co. returned
at midnight from tho scene of the
Hating wreck. He says tlie vessel is
in a covo of Lasquetl island between
that i-huid and Jarvis, the latter
being mistaken by the pilot for
Texada. At high tide tho vessel wits
00 a perfectly even keel and there
was only a little water in the forward
compartments which aro perfectly diy
ut low water. A few plates forward
ure damaged and rivets stinted back
to tlio main must. He thinks Diver
Mellardy, who went up on the Trader
last night with wrecking miiU'ii.ls,
will be able to got her patched up
sufficiently lo make port in two. or
thiee days.
Company No. 10, II. O. A. consisting of 2(10 ollicers and men has received instructions to proceed to Hong
Kong. They will be relieved by
Company No. 71 now nt Beimudn.
No. 1!) hns beon hero for just two
Rails Purchased For Westminster-
Victoria Line���Salmon Pack.
Vancouver, Oct. IS.���Tho Ladnei*
Sydney ferry scheme which is to give
tho Great Northern a terminus in
Victoria, is progressing favorably.
Rails for 111 miles of railway from
New Westminster south to a point
just below Ludncr's have been ordered
in England and will come by sailing
ship. It is leported that during the
summer tho lino will be completed
lo the water's edge from the Groat
Northern railway station at Westminster. This winter the attention
of the promoters of thefeiry will be
directed to putting on fast steamers
for tho ferry service.
Official figures of the northern
salmon pack are 311,000 cases, making
a total for the province 1,138,918
which heath thc record by u substantial majority.
London, Oot. 10.���Pastors DimikrofT
and Serkoff, with three female mission workers, says 11 despatch from
Vienna to the Dally Express, have
keen killed by tbe brigands who kidnapped Miss Stone.
St. Johu, N. IL, Oct. IS, -Park's
Cottcn nulls were sold by public
auction today under mortgage Ol
8140,000. The purchaser was .Lis. F.
Robertson who will form a local company.
Tho Governor-Generalship Had Been
Previously Mentioned to llim.
Toronto, Oct. in. ���Thc Evening
Telegiam's Loudon cable snys: Lord
de Blaquire, who resided lor many
years in Canada states that he has
been approached, though unofficially.
and asked to allow his name to bo
considered as successor to Earl Minto,
as goveinor-gcneial, but ho will con*
sider the proposal. Loiel Blaquiie
says thut when quite young influential citizens of Canada from Sir Wilfrid down, npproaoheel him in regard
to the governorship. At that time ho
declared he hati no ambition for the
diplomatic service. Nothing is known
at the High Coiniinssioner's office
about tho reported friction between
Lord Miuto and the Canadian government, or ot Lord .Minto's intention to
real n.
Nanaimo, Oct. 18.���It Is reporled
thnt Speaker Booth who came out of
the Jubilee hospital this morning, on
landing at the wharf at Salt Spring
island waa taken very lick indeed,
and nearly .ell into the water. The
doctor wns summoned at onOO Ilia
loonaition ii said to be seiions. Nelson Daily M__.br, Wednesday, October 16, 1901
The Nelson Miner
MWied   Kvory  Morning   Kioept   Monday
Dally per m-:nth, by carrier     65c
llnily, per month, by oiall     Wc
Dally, per year, by carrier   I j gj
Dolly, per foot, by mail    B 00
ly, por y^AT foroiKo    ** 0��
Weekly, 1   r half year  II �����
Weekly, per year    JW
���Veokly, per year, foreign    3 w
ubrfcriptioiiB invariably In advance.
US Fleot Stroet. K. C.
ntral   Pros.   Agency. Ltd.. 8poclal Agonte
Alexander Sc Co .521 First Avenue. Spokane
>V'a. h.. keep thi- paper on nle. and are our
��ii;,horized agent, for advertisements
The ratepayers will shortly be
called upon to vote on the question of
supplementing the city's supply of
electrical power by purchase of the
needed quantity from the West Kootenay Power .v Light oompany. Two
propositions have been submitted bj
the Power company, one to furnish
all the extra po-er that is needed at
the rale of 3.11 per horse power per
annum, or to furnish up to 200
horse powor and over and up to 5*10
horse po'vrr at tbo rate of 845 per
horse power per annum. Over 500
horse power at the rate of SI0 per
horsepower. Second, to supply the
city with all the power it can use at
the rate of 46 per cent of the gross
It is alleged by those who favor the
acceptance of cue or the other of the
piopo8itioRB o'. the I'ower company
that the civic plant is inadequate and
that it cannot fully supply the demand
which already exists for lights, that
the plant dose nut pay, ami that to
put in plant of a sufficient capacity
near Bonnington Falls and to extend
the system to this city would cost
from ..'S I.IKIO to *(300,000. This is
moie of an expenditure than the city
could aff-rd to make at present : that
the arrangement with the I'ower company would be a temporary one to be
made until the time arrived when it
could afford to mtsall a plant of its
own of sufficient capacity for all re
qnirements. It is urged, too, that it
is an absolute necessity to secure sup
plemental power as winter is coming
on when the demand for lights is
much greater than it is during the
The opponents of the plan claim
that the city light plant, if it wore
properly managed, wonld be a source
of revenue to the city. In support of
this contention they point to plant.
run by private companies, updating with n.--i 11 at a large cost
for fuel and yet they yield a
profit, while the city light plant is
operated by water power which is
much cheaper than where fuel is
used. They claim if no convenient
1'jwer company, like that which is
being operated at Honnington Falls
wus not on hand that tin- existing city
plant would have to be enlarged and
that there wouhl in that case be no
talk of getting powei from any other
source. It iH fuither alleged thut
once the Power company secures 0
foothold    and    enters   into   a   virtual
partnership   with   the  city    it   will
bo next to impossible to shake it. off
and what is regarded by many as a
valuable asset of tlio municipality
will iu time be entirely lost to it. It
is u-lso alleged Unit the price asked
for the power is too high ; tbat S-ir, per
horse power wouhl be a big price to
pay, fir (he quantity to be used will
be large, unci in case lhe second prop
osition is accepted that 40 per tent,
of the gross receipts from lights
would be quite sutlieieiit to pay anil
would leave the Power company a
handsome profit.
The Minor bslieves that under no
circumstances sboulil the eity surreu-
iln the right of furnishing the citi-
zens with light. The right is a valuable asset of the municipality, and if
the lighting plant is properly and
economically conducted it will prove
a source of profit lo the city that will
grow with the growth of the city.
Other oities have mado proiit out of
the furnishing of electric illiiiniiiiini
and motive power to their clti/.i-us
and why should not Mellon? Of
course, if it  is absolutely  necessary
and there is un otber way ont of the
difficulty,a contract should be eitereri
into between the clly and the West
R'Ootenay Powflr company for a
limited period, but the price should be
lower, if possible, than pioposcj 111
the two propositions submitted The
interests of tb3 city should lie safe'
guarded in every possible way lo tl.e
end tbat the Power company may not
at any time ever be utile lo take from '
the city tbe right to supply its olti-l
zena with lighs. The mntlter is '.0 he I
submitted to n vote of the ratepayers
and they in their wisdom will give
their verdict on tli��* matter.
Tho proposition should bo submitted ho that the wishes of the people
can he fully ascertained, and so that
Jhey can vote for first,the installation
The best which art can produce and  money  can   purchase,
is now ready for your inspection.
Novelties of All Kinds
Stylish Goods in every shade and make for evening wear,
bequin Robes, Dreams in Embroideries, Facts in
Good Values.
From the Kitchen to the Ball Room and from  the cradle
to the grave, we have everything you can possibly require
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
of   power   on   tbe   river;   second
] favor of putting   in    additional power
iat the eity works:   third,   to purchase
I surplus   power   Irom tlio West Kootenay    Power   .*���:    Light   coinpany,   and
fourth, to lake   all    the   power   from
the West   Kootenay   Power   &   Light
company on a percentage basis. There
should   he   no   juggling in the matter
nnd the   ratepayers  should   be  given
lull     opportnnity    to    protect     their
rights, as the   question involved   is of
vital importance.
Dr. ilaanel bas been appointed
sun rinteudent of mines for the
Dominion of Canada. Be has a
splendid reputation as geologist and
mineralogist nnd is noted for his
business ability and energy. The
mineral Induetry of the Iiommion hAs
grown lo such importance that the
Federal authorities are doing all they
can to co-operate with the provinces
to fuither their development. With
this cntl in view a mines branch ha,
hcen established under the department
of tbe interior and this bureau is to
be under the direction of Dr. Ilaanel.
One proposed innovation is the publication quarterly of exact and accurate
information of the latest news relating to mines and mining. This wiil
be a step in tlie right direction.
The work of lhe Dominion geologist
and his staff have been of great
benefit. A recent incident r.veals
this. Last year a geological aod
topographical corps visited the Boundary country and made surveys ol the
country adiaceut to the Kettle river
and its branches and lhe report published after the corps bad compiled its
notes was to the effect that the section on one of the forkB of tho river
indicated the prcsonce of coal. This
hint wns taken by a shrewd prospector
who explored the region and the result was that he found coul and since
then over :i(),nil() aores of coal lana has
been taken up in that section by the
fortunate prospector, his friends aud
others. Analyses of the coal show it
to be of excellent quality and the
(Iranliy Company has purchased a
large area of the land taken up find
intends to develop some of   the scums.
Tbe geological maps so far prepared
hy the geological department are of
great benefit to both the miner and
tne prospector, an they serve as a
guide to what sort of metals mny be
found in certain formations and of
tbeir totul absence in others. They
arc u&cfjl lo ihose ill searob of cer-
lain minerals ns they actually show
where they may be found uud where
they may not bo, and in this way
prevent seeking for lodes iu soctlons
where there i* no possibility of liuding
Iheiii. Maps have been prepared ol
the most of Trail deck division anil
Sections nf the lioundary und some
Othei pails of the Kootenays and Yule
aud it is planned to make   snch   limps
of nil ibe mineral uicas of Stilish
Columbia. Work of this sott is of
great value and it is fortunate that
thc Federal government is taking
such a deep interest in the development of the mineral resources.
Money spent in tills way is in the
nature of an Investment the profit on
which will be manifold, The securing of the services of   a   man    of   toe
splendid scieiiiiile attainments of Or,
IIhiiih'1 is another step in the right
direction and nmlor his care the
Federal bureau of mines will become
a most useful institution to all Ibe
provinces and none will seeur-* more
proiit from it than liritisli Columbia,
which is tbe chief treasure house of
the* nonunion.
be given : the first pi ize is to be $7r,0,
second 8*150, third S200, fourtn SIM.
Standard rules will prevail, and
(iunnison granite will bo used
Drillers from all ov.-r tbe West will
attend. Messrs. Hradshnw and
Freethy of Butte, with a record of
fifty-five inches and Davcy ami
Stephens of Marysville, Montana,
with a record of fifty-three and seven-
eighths inches will attend, as well as
al! the champions of Colorado, Utah
and British Columbia. The contest
will he worth going many miles to
A private who served in the ���
Regiment during the last Afridi war
���it is London Truth that tells this
story, discussing the marvels of
modern survery���complained of agonizing pains in one of his eyes. Aftei
a time the doctors decided that thc
only possibility of lelieving him was
to take the eye out. An operation
was accordingly performed, the man
being placed nnder chloroform foi
the purpose. Imagine his annoyance
on discovering, whon he came to, that
the doctors had removed his left eye,
whereas the pain was in tbe right!
Natuialiy his pain was not relieved
by the operation. Thc mun declared
that he would lather be blind for life
than endure it, and evcutully be wos
again placed under chloroform and
the second eye removed. Strange to
say the pain continued as before, and
even grew worse. It then occurred to
somebody that the paiu conld not
have proceeded from the man's eyes.
Further examination disclosed an
abscess et the root of one of his teeth.
A third operation was more sucoess-
ful The tooth was extracted, and thc
man at once recovered.
There have been some big mining
consolidations In the past such as the
assembling of the Mi:,ei-Graves syndicate smelter and several large mining
properties ownnd by ns many companies under the (Iran by Consolidated
Mining & Smelting compuny with a
capitalization of 815,ooo,Ooo, but one
is unrer consideration nt Spokane
which completely eclipses this. This
company wiBhns to put ull the 1,001
claims on Palmer mountain, Wash.,
into one vast corporation with a ca-oi-
tal uf (30,000,000 tn he called the
Palmer Mountain Mines Consolidated.
The plans are on a vast scale. It is
proposed     to     Continue    the   I'nimer
Mountain tunnel, which has already
oetn driven for n mile, nine and a
half miles further, which will make
ils total length ten and a half miles.
This will make it the longest mining
tunnel in the contirent. in order to
put the finanoes of the eompnuy on u
good basis it is proposed to place 810, ���
000,000 in guaranteed gold bonds,
bearing 5 per cent, interest, on the
London mnrket. It is ccitainly a
gigantic mining scheme and thi re Is
considerable prospect of carrying it
out to a successful issue.
A rock di tiling carnival is tu be
held in Loadville ou October '.'lib and
.Mil.     Prizes aggregating 01,450 will
Jewel., cuudy, lloweis, man-that is
the order of a woman's preferences,
Jewels form a magnet of mighty
powei to the average woman. Even
that greatest of all jewels, health, is
often rumen in the strenuous efforts
to make or save the money to purchase them. If a woman will risk her
health to get a covetod gem. then let
her fortify herself against the insidious consequences of coughs, colds and
bronchial affections by the regular
use of Dr. Hoschee's German Syrup.
It will promptly arrest coiiMimption
itH early stages and heal   the   affected
lungs und bronchia I tubes  and  drive
the dread disease from the system. It
is not a nine all, but it Is a certain
.:ure for conghs, colds and all biou-
chial troubles. You cmi gel Ur, (I.
D. tlreen s reliable reinedje-s nt W
F. Teetzel .fc Co. Oct Green's Special
Pianos for sale at close
prices for cash or on easy
payments on the instalment
Canada Drug and
Book Co,, Ltd.
Deliveredjjjto any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Drossed
MouldingSi Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tarda, NELSON
and LAW *0.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at tiie
rate of    	
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to ho left,
with the airent,
D.  J.  YOUNG.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors wesi
C.P.R. offices.
If 70a linii't like Hlue fiibb-u l'i8 it's
became you never twted iu
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction in service, taking place
Sunday -Kjlli in< tant. 411 minute
service before 11 a, m. and alter
7.40 p. m.    20 minutes between.
Mill. 1'AIII l;
Begunlowi Mwiw hi.
7-����*'  ���"* 7.20 a. m.
7* 40 8.00
8**-�� 3.40
tj.OO j,20
9*4�� I3.00
10-2�� IJ.40
11'���� I I.OO
II.20 |,,20
Every 20  minutes  Between, at  the
hour, 20 past and 20 to.
���.mm.-., m
7.20 p. m.
**��. 20
10 40
Ut rat law car to switch
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral -lain*.** mit mine*, suiveyed.1
Hum,.tin, 11
7.20 p   ��
White and Grey, All Weights and Excellent Values
The Blnnket weather will bood be with us and buyers of BlnnketK
would do well to consult us before making tbeir Fall Purchases,
Anth       Warm   Proposition Is  the Values.
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Vests,    Drawers,   anil    Combinations     remarkably low prices.
Just opened a very Natty  Line  of  Ladies'   French
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Children's Jackets,   Children's   Caps  and   Hood",
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Every size in Women's and Children's Hose,   Plain
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Filled with Medicated Filling, and excellent values,
��� From $1.00 up.
Jackets, Tailor Made Suits and Wrappers, all Newest Notions.
8 CO.
J. 6. BUNYAN & CO.
We have the Largest [and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
Spokane Fails *%
Northern K'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
To San Francisco and Return
$46.50 BY STEAMER.
This especially low rate is made
Oil account of the Episcopal Convention to be   held  in  San  Francisco,
Dates of sale, Sept. 23rd to 27th
inclusive. Good to return until
Nov. 13th.
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains be-
tween Spokane and Nelson. Bullet
service between Spokane and
Leave DAY TRAIN        Arrive
. ��� ;l?r' ������m Spokane 7.88 p.m
i-i-op.m KoHBlnnd 4 ill) 11,10
-"���"���a-m Nelson li :113 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, Q, P. tc T.A.
,1 it- .... ..��� Spokane   YVasb
Agent, Nelson. BU
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest mul oulckcat roilto to tlio oast anil all
polntsonU10O.lt, Sc N. und Northorn l-a*
clllo Itl.ill.iiyn lu Wa.hlng.oil, Orotfon ami
Southorn Slates.
Time Card Effective August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
S::��n. mi. L\
111:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:0il p. m
Lv, 1:1= I'. 11*
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
��.ao p. ni. i.v.
0:10 p. 111. Ar.
Nolson Ar. 11:1.1a. in.
Kaslo Lv. 7:111) a. 111,
Oonnooling at Vivo Milo Point with Nolson
& Fort "hoppard   Hallway  both to anil fi'""1
Hi).-tan,!, oto
Tlokota aolil to all parts ln United SU1I0.- anil
Canada via Ureal Northorn andO. It. nc N.
Co.'s lillOH,
Oooan .loam, hip   tlokota and  ratos via all
linos will bo furnished on application,
tor further particulars call on or address
ROBKItT IBVINU    ,   _  ,,
M��n��K0r. KHfllO.B, t,
U. K Tacicahuhy AkciiU Nolnon B. C.
You Bhould'nt hem] out of town for
-nr-ln for yourself or your IiuhI.iiikI
until yon see ��_*_.t The Miner can do
for you.
J- C. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc-,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in D. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head offiok toronto.  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to ti. L. LKMMOX BakK *K.
Netfon. Nelson   Daii v  Miner, Wednesday October 16,  .901
At the Phair yesterday was Ilemy
Boy manager of the London-Richelieu
Consolidated, who was en route to
the mines of the company, near Crawford Bay. He ��-P��rts tbat the tia"1'
way whioh is to have a capacity ol
,0i) ions per day, is making good pro*
s Ti,e work of setting.up the
Lions, m in number, ���� wel1 undtr
wav and it now looks as though
Byron C Hiblet, tlie contractor, will
fimsli the work in the 90 days slip--
lata, in the contract. Mr. Boy say_
that one man at the headworks will
be able to handle the entire apparatus, At the foot of the tramway,
which i. about two miles in length,
w0 ore bins of 100 and 200 ton-
capacity are to be erected. The
buckets at the terminal of the tram-
nay   will   dump   automatically   into
those. I''rum the6e bins the ore wi"
bo loaded by means of shutes inn
|elgba to be hauled to tbe lake front,
a distance of 11 miles, and as tht-
iciid is down grade all the way heavj
loads can bo hauled over it. At the
Landing ore bunkers of a capaoity of
401 tons will be erected in a natural
cleft in the wall of the lake. The
water if. deep enough in front of the
biiiil-ors to permit the loading ol
steamers and barges t>y mtans ol
cliutes. As soon as the tramway i*-
tinislied tho company wiil conunenci
the task of delivering 15,000 tons oi
ore to the smelter at Trail.
At Iho  record   oflice   yesterday   tbi
following   locations   woro    recorded:
Daylight, cn   south side of   Kootenai
rivot, about   six miles east of Nelson
on Ihe Balfour railway extension,   b.i
J. .1. llnrgieaves and Charles Chrlsto-
phtifion;   Morning   (ilory,   on    sontl
Bide of   Kootenny   river,   about    six
miles  east   of   Nelson,  by J. J. Har
greives and  Charles  Chrlstopherson:
Starlight,   about   six   miles   east   0'
Nelson, ny Catherine  Christopherson i
Moonliglit,   about   six   miles   east ol
NeUon, ly Louis Sinkan ;   Gladys, op
Hover creek, about three and one lial
miles from Kootenay liver,   by W, W
liegeman:   Minnie,   three and three
qnnrteis milos fiom   Kootenay   river
by W.   W.    lIOKeniiin;   Tredivell,   oi
Sheep    creek,    by   J.   P. Bell,   Ler:
Cliniiee on Hhecp creek, by .1. P. Hell
Cranston's   Bank, on Toad Monntui
about   Unco-quartem of   a mile   w,-*-
uf  Hilver   King   mine, liy John Sk   ���
son; Crown Prince,   on   the   head   o
Morning mountain, by .las. It. Cum. ���
ton:  Alice,   on   head   ot east fork oi
Barrett cieek, hy Aiion   Miswald;   M.
A.  on head oi Barrett oreek, hy Alice
Miswald,    Certificates of work  wen
granted to \V, M. (Iriflith, oil Priuccst
nnd D. 8. A.     Transfers,   "Vancouvei
minora! claim   from   C.    McKlroy   ti
Charles A. Calzin, consideration nominal: on the  Cauadian   tiirl,   Yaukc.
Iiiii and Yale Fraction, O. A. liovell,
1).  K.  Orobe, ,J.   H, tlraliain, and D,
A. McLeod reeoi'dod an  option to purchase   by   Neil Cochran of   Rossland.
Ccitiflcates    of    improvements   wen
issued to   Charles   A.   Calzin   on   tb*
Vancouvei', and to Herbert  Porter on
the Doin.
^WHOLESOME        "
m ^DEEFEtrriV^
Copper���London, quiet, till. Ss.
for futures, Ss. dowr ; New York, unchanged, Lake, ,16.75 to 817, casting
-IB.50 co ��10,0*.,^.
Lead���Loudon, spot, ��11. Ills. !ld,
an advauoe of Is. (id: New York,
unchanged,  .I..l7.*i.
Silvor��� London, 26%d; New York,
57 '.o.
Michael smith, who "found" 0880
' chicken house of Mr. and Mrs
near Repoblio and who fled to
side of the line only ta b��
ted by Constable Forrester at
on, was released from custody
he had mnde restitution of 8180.
other Antl A*IUntsBia|wig_.
Rowdier anil:feasts but _'-
in till
Ollicers   and   Committee   Elected    to
Porfect Organization.
The Independent Labor party of
Nelson held a meeting iast evening al
the Miners' Union hall for the pur-
Dose of electing afllcors and transacting any other business that raigln
arise. After J. Knauft had been
elected to the chair, \V. R. Kee, s?c-
relary of tho paity, mnde a slior'
speech in which he called attention b
the likelihood of an eleotion in the
near future in tbe municipal field,ami
the necessity of the labor party nuit-
ing their efforts again in preparation
for it. lie suggested tlio formation of
a club, if possible at which debates
relating to labor subjects oould take
,1. Leoltie, a member of tlie Nelson
Socialistio club then arose to protest
against anv division of the labor
party trom the socialistic. All the
labor literature tbat was circulated
through this province *vas socialistic.
The suciali .tics wanted not only government ownership of railways and
other franchises,the sumo us the labor
party laid down in their platforms.
but also government ownership of the
mines. lie thought tlio labor part;
Should unite with the socialists.
Several othor rmimtiers of tlie socialist club who wore present followeo
ilong the same lines7 and one member, O. Broad ley, said that if thi
labor party would join with the
aicialists in Nelsou the - Hi b office it
-ould resign their positions,    so as to
Tinit the new members to have an
- [iijiI say in   tho running of lhe club
Mr. Keys objected to the socialist
-lull introducing the issue they wore,
loing. The meeting was not Called
'or discussing tlie difference of similarity betiveun the two organisations
mt to continue the organization cf tiie
labor party, which be though! was,
���road enough lo take in all the socialists as well, Ii wnd only by tbe workmen banding together for legislative
pnrpistia that they could hope lo ���: in
t.ieir onils. Divided and disuuil
they oou'd do nothing, but united
they could noli love wbat tbey wished.
In the campaign last full in which
v'hris Foley had run, although the
labor party had been defeated yet il
nad shovvn ils strength. Altliouuli
the next campaign would probably be
iu municipal politics and as such some
of the planks in the platform used in
'the last election would uot be suitable
yet the spirit, would be the same.
It was proposed by O. DevOre thai
provisional ollictrs of the society and
an executive committee bo elected.
The following ollicers and committee pro tern wero then chosen by
aoolamation. President, W. B. Kee,
vice-Presidcnt, .1. Slyer; Secretary,
Max McSwain; Treasurer. J. Knauft.
Executive coiiinr.Uoc, Messrs.Peacock,
Ebbs, Payne, Hancock, Schalm,
Roberts, Devote, Philip and Wonlavcr.
It was decided that the question of
further mee'iugs and organization
should be left in the hands of the
officers and committee named.
He would have beon extradloted had
It n it been that the aggrieved Neab
retained a special attorney to prosecute Smith instead of applying to the
prosecuting attorney. Their attorney
applied for the necessnry application
for extradition papers to me Governor
of Waihlngton, who roplief thnt tiny
conld only be issued on a request from
the pruseeiiMiig ultornoy. This clash
of authority ennsod a delay and when
the accused offered to make Mestltu-
���lon ol thu 8480 it was accepted. When
s"iiih was released Sheriff Lowery
'nude hiin believe that the Spokane
train was the Robson train and he
boarded it feeling confident thai he
wus making his way towards Victoria.
Tim intention waa to thus get Smith
to voluntarily ctosb the line into the
United Stales and the presumption is
that too ruse worked successfully und
that ns soon as Sheriff Lowery and
Smith weie to the south of the international bonndary line he was placed
under arrest. This would not have
happened   if  Smith   had
now ledge of the geography of the
���wintry had been a little more aecu-
>ute. When he left on the Nelson &
Fort Hieppard train yesteroay he
"as in that condition when all trains
Jooktd alike to him,
At the regular   weukly   mooting
Kcolonay Lodge No. 10, I. 0. O. I'*. a
vote of thanks wns passed to the
ludios   lor   their   kind   assistance   in
eonnection with lhe banquet to Urand
Master Hogg last Friday livening.
E. J, BUTTON, See.
_ tjfl
Nelson Opera
Unilei tbe auspices of the
Nelson Operatic
Garden Scene Act III.
Act II.
Plan Open Monday  11  a.   m.  at  McDonald's Fruit Store, Baker Street.
obtained in nil countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of 11. N A. building)
Hastings St., Vancouver, B   C.
Write for full particulars.
West Transfer Co.
lb ir  and   Tamarac
ways on hand-
All Kinds of Teaming ana
Commission Work-
OffliMs ou   Kalw Street Tel. ***
NELSON LODGE    No. 2-., A. V. &
IM. mt)..t*��� Hef.o.i-1 WedtMMl&y   in
monlh,   Visiting brothorn wi-luoinu
>_J3M-5t&_: - ** i}' U" ^' Kooumity Lu-Ik*
-j^g^fce No. IB, mootH ovory MonJayniij-i.
^SW-PS-**'   at  their  Hail,   Koou-n ly nlrooi
Sojourning Odd holJown cordially invitod.
John A. uottae, N.U.   D VV. ltu.t-lior-.or_l. V.li
Froa J. Squh-o, Por. Soe.
NclHon Hoyal Arch Chapter No. 123, G. it. 0.
Mecta third WodncHday. cojuurnluK compan
ions invited. George Johnstone, Z. K. W.
Matthews, S. K.
Nifll-SON L.OUGK  No_t% K.of P
{.meet-'in IC of P.hall, OddfellowHblocl-
|LeveryTuenday ovoniug al 8 o'clock.
J/AU viHitios knighta cordially  iavito
Wm. Ikvinf, 0.0,
A. T. I'ai.k, K, of It. and S.
NoIhou Enca pment No. 7. MeeU every 2nd
and 4th Friday of each month, in Odd Kellowe
Uall, coiner Baker and Kooteiiay Hh'i.e.l.-
NoIkoii. A. 11. CloinentH, O. P.; 0. MeArthu*
tt. S.   Visiting brotl'ers alwayH waif*""**-
NELBON L. O. L. No. 1_��2 mccU in Fraternity Hail on first and third Friday evcuing*-
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting member
cordially invited. W. W. Bradley. W. K.
A, Mlnty, K. S.      ____	
NELSON AERIE No. 22, F. O. E., meet,
every Hecond and fourth Wednesday a of eacl
in onth. VMtinK members conlially invi'
Charles Proaaer. ftAorotary.
Kootonay Tent No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold theii
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, 1. O. O. F.
block, on tho l^t und 3rd Thursdays of each
ii.onLh, Visiting brethren cordially invited tc
attend. O.A.Brown, tt. K.; A. P. Purdy, Com.
tt. J.Steel, D. 8.0.
int and 8rd Wednesday ovenloj
each month at Fiuiornii.y
corner of Baker and Kootenai
l\V J)}   stroet-s.   Visiting brothern cord*
^=^^   i;ill> invited.
Kdwakd Macleod. Secretfl.rv.
OOURT KOOTENAY,  I. O.   F., No.   813k.
Meetings 4th Thursday of month.   Fratevur.)
hiill, J A lrvintt C  K.   P. 'I. Flaming. U.S.
Nelson Court Star of   Kootenny, A. O. F.
Meets 2nd and   4th    Wednesdays in  ever)
month.   Visiting brothren Welcome. W. Mao
Miil.tr  C.lt     Pnhnrt Melicod. Sec,
You shouldn't Rend out of town foi
cards for yourself or your hnsband
until you see what The Mirer cnu dr
for you.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We nre nliowinfr tMs  spiipoh  a full
ue of (tho... goods nnd roliclt youi'
efiteeui.d [intronaRe.
Lawrence Hardware
/ /
M ijno AttlA/ A tfife-ij, A/ cu^/
rf #4s4lMai
diliUrt^lJ     fLAS
AdvoAideoieiib-uwarled u.j,i.-< tui.bo4U<v
tl.e rt*tfl ol ono cent, 0 worrl por in_i'iti(m. No
fMlvorl.lionionL Uikon lor Iohk lhan 2ti oontM.
Sltnal.ion Waniod adv-.Tli .omon-H Ituertod
threo tiuicH free of oh&ffto.
NICELV    l''iiriii*i|Kil     roiiiii   to   relit.
Young lail.v nr ^L'ntk'iiiiiii, or gentle-
innn uml  wili)   preferred,     Appl-y   nl
Mi hit otlici*.
-, ���
Are \t.-tt in    >* .1 ..*
th-j pcoplt, tbroiitj 11
eoluuiD, ivhat   |;uu i
Ynn'll irol I'
l* II UNiSiOU       ROOMS.���Apply      oi.
milctli      Hocouii   ilyur   wist      VV;n .
SOOMcl ami IIOAIMl. ��� livery con veil I*
voce;   south oast  eornc-r ol   Ombo*
aate and Joi*eplilne street.
Koil BENT��� Home 1'emperance liutel,
2o bedrooms, dining room, parlors.
:<itclieu, all furnished complete; 175
per "lontli. Apply to A. (J, Uainble.
sgenti llaliur street.
UOOMS TO KKNT.-K. VV. C. Hl.-.;,-
i Two rooms on suite ou Ward St.,
also rooms facing til', west. On Sep
lember 1, two sir^io rooms and two
or three en cu.to facing Balier st.
i^ui'Dishe-: or unfurnished. Mrs. I1'.
J. Sijii.re, Room 41,  K.    VV. O.  ltlueii.
WANTED.--A pood  general   servant.
Apply at tlie Miner ollice,
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern    Ry.      liood    wages,   lonf
job   Headquarters, Ellio,    B.   C.     A.
iiuthrie Sc Oo.
NELSON Employment Agency.  UuUei
street.    Phone 1378.    J. il. Love.
WANTED.���Woman Cook.    Waiter.
Deckhands.      <_irl     for   Housework.
Kailroad Men for Lardo.
Contracts talieu   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED.- Waitress.Oirls for Housework.     Mcu   for     Railroad   work,
men for sawmill, second cook ifsu per
month, stone mason.
Western   Employment  Ollico, n. A,
Prosser, l'hone 2in.
Storage���1 have a   large   warehouse
for     storing      household    or   other
if ood s.
FRKE Mllllnir lliil.l ��-|*i>l>i'i-lli'H���We nr<
miviins lo secure h few tree iiiiiiiiii*; -_oi<.
Oro|ici-IN*H nl oliee. 'I'lie rr,��*iii4*.*loi*-*i IA
cIihiixc, Nelsou, II. I), Uoom I. II.1T. <.
linn sil.vi'if i <>i-i*:;it LK.tll-llliicH   um,
proHpcclH wunleil.  Hcuil roporl uml hiiiii
pies to the Prospector's Kxeliunge. Nelson
It.!,'.   Hi i I H.  IV. I. lilork.
0. D. J. CHRiyTIE
Real Estate. Insurance, Money to Loan
(1-RoomIloiiPe, modern, $[..
1 room Burnet Block, $5.i>>
8-Room IloiiM*. modern, SU
Hovefal small houses.
Kor Sale, a (food garden pl<
kept   sober   perfently
'>"<''*    he   was     released   or   if   his'liver an"
* Tho sucoessfnl comedy with the
suggestive title "A Wise Woman"
will be presented for the one timo in
this oity at tho Nelson Opora Honso,
Monday, October 21st. It is a legitimate comedy and is quoted as tilling
one of tho most dainty and rippling
plays produced in many a day and is
said to create a sensation wherever
The   old   Idea that the   body sometimes needs a powerful dinslic, purgative Dill   has been exploded ;    for   llr.
King's   New    Life   Tills,
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Moisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarimvnys and Underground Hailing*
Local Stock tarried, estimates furnished,
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson*
- SEE -
West Illock, East Baker St,
H. & M. BIRD
���vl IfiLttON   bOUA    VVATit-U    VAUTUJ
Ol      Ni   Al. 1 in mi u.m,   i_ru.iouw- Ji.\t.J>   H...
l> v||
i.ricL) ol rtoli. ui iiiK.i.   1*0 iiu\ Hn   iuiupi
-.o. 81, Uuovur airtrui.. Nulituu.    ttulliii v* vi
kUMIUri  tl. LBUII   ItuI bpJIligfl Alu.ur.d \\ .
C1ANK SC MAlltON/M-l-t (li. Uhi_o, Jhiiiu
/ A. Maodouald)���Ajr-uliiteoia and supoiiu
'Mnit:ii!.s, iiiDji.cn ilill iiluck, curuur liokt-i iuid
���Vur-d biruei��, Nulson
*-l ��     HO
kvans &. CO.���Baker stroot, Nel
BOP���Wholesale duAlcru iu litjuorrt, oi*
Kara, cement, flro brtok und Uro clay, wau>r
pi *o and t*tool rail��, uud general ooinuiwion
MACDONALD   & Co.-Cornor   Kroo
and Hull Btreets��� w boieealo grocer
nd jobbcrn in  Ijl.uiki.i.-, gluvod, mn i -,  buutn
I'ubbert., maokiuawa aud i-amora' Hiiudnos.
ij   UURNrf & Co.���Baker dtroot, Nulsou-
. ���   WholuHuio dealera iu fro^u and ourod
uo^t-..   Cold rftoraxe.
Bakor btreet, NeUon���Wholesale Uua
iirti iu trodli and oured ineate.
JAWltKNCK   HAUmVAltK   CO - Bakoi
J   atroot,  Neluon ��� Whoitvalo  dsalaio iu
liardwaru, minetu' supplies,  Hportlng goods
V| "LACIU-AN HHUd. (Hucoeaaow to Van
*x_L eouver UardwaroOo, Ltd.* Baker -Stroot..
vOlson���Wholesale dealers Ln hardware and
i.uni.iK ujii.iii'- plttmbere'uud tlnsuutbs1 wup
puiuiH, oils aud kIuhh; nieohaulos1  tuOiH
Agents toi Ontario fowdor Works; lynauilte
tUWlNKir BfiliJTON &Co.-Comor Ver
aud JotiepblDO Stffoots, Noirfon���\\ .
tale deolore in Iiquora, cigars, and ilrji go��
igouts for Pabsfi Brewing Co. of IVluwau
iiud Calgary Brewing Co ui Calgary ,
/ f UDdONd UAY Co.���Wholesale grooonoa
KJL   and liquors eto., Baker Stroot, Nolsau,
oin.-c oorner Hall and  Kront Btreots
Ison���Lumber, poJJing, tlouriug,
'.blng in wood for building purpoa
urious.   Corruapondenoe solicited.
ind oyery
..   t.Jtjt on:
GALLON fe CO. -Douli ���- ie  ore wicki
und tivineB,   AlwAyM -t l&rac- Htock >.i
. *l'L*i,ii)noM.-'iii..  Room 14. K.-W.-C lllw I.
hlcli n"1
liiirmloss, fjsntl.v Ktimiiliiu*
bowels, to oxpel poisonon*i
nmtlor, olean.su tin* system anil absolutely euro Constipation anil Meli
lleadaclie. Only 2Se at Canada Drug
& Book Oo.
Havo von used healthful Hjganlu
Baking Powder, the latest diseovory
in ctieuiislry ?
SlSaiSf on   m. ">nrkot.    AIho  try   our
WINES,    LIQUORS     ami    CIGARS.
Tclcnhonti ta
BnVnr Ht., Nolnon
A. R. BARROW, a iiU
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Corner Viotoria ana;KootM_ay Sts.
P.O. Box 000 lelepbone Ho. ��
A ten-roomed house and corner
lot on Stanley streel, close to Haker
street complete with furniture. A
Bargain for immediate sale. Terms
on part of the purchase money.
Close connection East and Wept
bound at Spokane with trains of tin
Sp'ikane fulls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at, .St., Paul wlln
out change of depot with all trains foi
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New Vor*
and allpoiiiii) West and South,
Leaves Spokane daily for .East at!9:lb a m
Leaves Spokane daily ior WeBt at 7:15 a. in
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at li 00 p hi
West-bound trains make din*ct con-
r.eotlon for Victoria and Viiiieouvei*
Portland, Han Francisco, and all point'
on tbe Sound.
During the seaHnn nf navigation Ban'
bound trains connect at. Duluth  with
themagnlfioentsteainshlps North Was'
and North Land of tbeNortbern Bteam
ship Oompany Lino, operated in con
nection with the Great Northern Rail
For fiu-th'-r information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokam
Falls & Northern Ky., Kaslo & Bloofti
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co , or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt,  W  7(ll   W,
Riverside Ave , Spokane, \Va��h.
U. K. TAOUAHUltY. I^cnt A��eot,
Motion. B "
Domini .
Land Ji
iiim-v.; I'itii.ii.a, aOTAUX
Wbidai'iiiBre Mloen.   Corro_pondunc'*Hol_.llj
EFFLCTlVliOGf. 13.
Several good houses  at  reduced
cuts.    Call and see our lint.
Will pay the highest obbIi prioe for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will tiny
or sell anything from an anubor to a
needle. Fnrniture, stoves, oaiporte,
-unking nteusils. bought ln honKtthold
.iiiiuitiiiiiii. A I'm oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Hike, Boi WO. Hail
S��i-��el. Nol-Kin. B   ���"
CARS : i :
addition  to
cq tup-
Crows' Nost Section*
Leave Kootenay Landing
Tuesday and Friday for St.
Paul via Soo Line.
I-'riday only for '1 oronto,
Montreal and Boston and in-
tcrmc.liatc* points on direct
If there ia anything you requira,auk
tor  it  in    li- "u'muii   of tbe Miner.
For IiitIIip, timetables,rat3
Information apply to,
and full
Oity Passenger Ageutf
J. H. Oahtbr,
Dis. Pass. Agt.
A. ��. P. A.
1 Nblson Daily Miner Wkdwhw-W, October i6,  1901
VVflll Landlords who frequently
-rj h .ve   occi_c,i.,n    to    repaii
HflpCr houses for tenants are invariably finding that paper is cheaper
and infinitely moi**�� satisfactory than
kalsomiiiP, paper costs less and wear*
lunger without becoming Boiled. It
������� cnrea and holds a better class of tenants: in fuel 11 |_h<m1 tenant will insist on
having paper. There i�� Wall Paper and
Wall Paper, onr Wall Paper and the
other kind. Yon will pay no morn,
much leas, in tact, for onr up-to-date
papers than for inferior and older designs elsewhere. Onr Kail Sale is worth
the attention of every householder.
At tbe oustora houso the value of
oie shipped out of tlio poit of Nelson
for last week was 8*12.693.
An engine off the track at Bobsou
delayed the morning passiiigor train
for a couple of hours on Monday.
At tno wharves the water guageS
row record that the level of tlie lake
is but eight inches above low water
A, J. Kelly and family moved to
Nelson from Ainsworth yesterday, the
Kokanee bringing down their
A few of the curling enthusiasts
are trying to arrange for tiie building
of a rink to be devoted exclusively to
the game during the oomiug winter.
Tonight a full dress rehearsal of II
Trovatore and Faust will beheld in
the opera house commencing at 7.45
for the orchestra and 8 o'clock for the
In tbe police eourt yesterday a viola-
lion of a bylaw prohibiting the riding
of bicycles on the public sidewalks
was punished by the infliction of a
fine of (5 nnd coBtii.
Rev. H. Young and bride (nee
Bertha Sutcliff) of Ymir, are visiting
in Nelson. Mrs. Young makes hei
debut on the concert platform wilh
Nelson amateurs on Thursday.
W. 3, Murphy, and a party of
friends who have spent lhe last ten
days shooting in the neighborhood of
Crawford Bay returned yesterday.
Besides a quantity of birds they
secured a iinndsoine caribou.
Judging from the very large advance
aale Nelson amateurs aie to be greeted
by a packed house toiuoirow (Thu-s-
day.) Performances by our own
people iu the past have bien of a very
high standard nnd classes with the
very best talent over visiting Nelson
or Rossland. IluirStvlner promises
hia patrons a rare treat.
Sent for Letters Abont 3rape-Nnts.
3*10 boxes of gold and greenbacks will
be sent to persons writing Inlerestmg
and truthful letters about the good
that bas been done them by the urc
of drape-Nut-, food.
10 little boxes, each containing a
flO gold pioee, will be Bont the 1(1
writers of the most interesting
30 boxes oaoh containing a ,_ gold
piene to the 311 next most interesting
writers, and a Sl greenback will go to
each of tho 300 next best. A committee of three not members of the
Postum Co., will mnko decision between Doceinher 1st nnd loth, I'.lol
Write plain, sensible letters, giving
detailed fncts of lll-honltli caused
from improper food nnd explain thi
improvement, the gain in strength
in weight, or in brain power after
uslin* Uiape Nuts fond.
It is a profonnd fact that moat nil-
of humaulty come from improper and
non-nourishing food, such as white*
br.'ad. hot liiiscuit, starchy and
uncooked cerealu, etc,
A uhange to perfectly cooked, pro-
digested food like Grape-Nuts, scluc-
titlcally made and containing exactly
the elements nature requires for
building tho delicate and wonderful
cells of bruin and body, will quickly
changu a half sick person to a well
person. Food, gojd food, is Nature's
strongest weapons of defense. InclOdC
in letter the trim iiaiiii-s and addresses,
carefully written, of'JO persons, not
very well, to whr.m wc can write to-
garding tho food   cure by OrspS-Nuts,
Almost evory one ioteiestel In pure
food is wiMing to-have his or her
numu appear in the papors ior such
help  as   they    may   eff'er the   human
raco. A request, however, to omit u
narao will be respected, for   onu
of the 3:i() prizes, Kv rvone has an
equal show. Don't write poetry, but
just honest and interesting fn"ls
about the gcod you have obtained
from tho pure 'rod Orape-Nuts. If a
man or woman has found a truo wny
to get well, it should be a plea:.urn to
stretch a helping hand to humanity,
by telling tlie fuels,
Write     your     name     and    address
p;ainjy on letter   auu   mail   promptly
to the Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle 1
Creek. Mich. J
j The home of W. A. Thurmaii.
tobaoconist, was made happy yesterday by the nirivnl of a boy.
Grading of the lot to the westward
of Patenaudc Brothers, jewelers, is
being done by Alex. McDonald, who
will erect a one story brick building
The swing section of the bridge at
Robson has been partially put in position but some slight difficulty is said
to havo developed in connection with
the fitting of it which may delay the
work some.
H. V. Wambold, who has been
closely identified with several of the
musical orgaul?ations of the city during his residence in Nelson, loft Monday night for Vancouver, where he bas
aocopted a position with Mason Sr
Ulsch, piano manufacturers.
This evening the Ladies Aid Society
of Emmanuel Chnroh will give an
'���At Home" in the parlors of tbe
ehuich. Small focks have been dis*
tribute*] as widely as possible and
whatever donations of money have
boen placed in them will be emptied
while the guefts are being entertained
lo music and refreshments. Everybody is invited.
The remains of the late Harold
Strachan arrivca by last evening's
train from Spokane, and were taken to
the undertaking parlors of I) J. Rob-
eitson where the casnet was opened.
Tho tact was very peaceful and almost
lifelike in appearance. The body now
lies at the residence of the parents,
from whence the funeral will lake
place to the Baptist ohurch, where
the burial seivice will be held and
then to the cemetery. The funeral
will leave tbo house at 2 o'clock this
Positively after this date no Lesh-
biidge Cult Coal will bo delivered
excepting paid in advance.
* Jas.   A. Macdonald,  architect,   goes
up to the Kaslo quarries today.
City Engineer McCullough returned
Monday night from the east after an
enjoyable vacation.
I". A. Hunter, J. A. Gilker, Al.
Trogillue, W. Paris aud Dr. Hall
leave today for a week's shouting.
J. F. McNaught, of Spokane, ami
W. F, McNaught of Slocan are registered nt the Hume. They are here in
attendance t-n the Supreme oourt, tie
fore which tbe latter has a case
Ihuue.���0. A. ('nrlsun. W. J.
Twiss, A. W. Goodenough, N. M.
Watson, Kaslo; Mrs. ,1. Black, Now
Denver; .1, A. ICelogg, Northport;
Clay S. Dorryinnn, J. F. McNaught,
A. Forbes, Spokane; Mrs. L. Pratt,
Sandon; H. E. Jameson, Toronto; E.
A. Harvey, Vancouver; R. S. Bevan.
Creston; E. Dobares, Grand Forks;
T. M, Thomas, Montreal.
Phair.���J. A. Macdonald, Rossland;
(1. Hopkins and wife, Salmo; Mr. and
Mrs. C. N. Monsarrat, Montroal; J.
C. Holden, Trail; A. II. Mackenzie,
Henry Roy, Rossland; J. J. Young,
CalgSVy ; T. W. Turley, Cranbrook ; E.
11. Woodwaid, Fort Steele; J. M.
Young, Toronto; (1. W. Hall, Revelstoke.
Queens���A. Forrestor, Robson; Mrs.
J. A. Kelly and family, M. Tn'la-
maino and wife, Ainsworth; C. C.
Brown, Rossland; G. Greenshields,
Slocan; A Sproat, New Denver; E. F.
Cameron, Sandon; Miss Illakomay,
Cheslev; L. U. V. Bogart, Ymir; L.
II. -VorMilngton, Fire Valley; J. II.
Mi'.M 11 Iiiii, Armstrong.
Grand Central���Miss Lyon, Calgary;
A. Berg, Spokane; J. McDonald,
Erie; J. J. Rents, Ymir; J. Uoilly,
���I. Hanks, Fire Valley; W. II. Moore,
The afternoon tea and musicn! given
yesterday in tho pnrlots of the Hotel
l'hair was one of the most successful
ovor held in Nelson. Iho musical
numbers wero particularly good. Mrs.
Row Iny played the ac-sompanimonts
and gavo an instrumental solo as well
as Mesdames. Davys, Coldwell, J. J.
Qampbsll nnd Murray and Messis.
Day, Lennox and I.ocluire. The tables
were Ini'l in pink and wero bedecked
with sweet peas ill cut glass vases.
Mesdames Connon, Campbell and
Lallau received,while Mesdames Painter, Byers, Day, Goepel, Bird and
Miller attended to the wants of tbe
ninny guests, of whom a gratifying
proportion was gentlemen, al tlio
largo refreshment lable. A very attractive feature was the confectionery
table whore Missos Flora and Poppy
Macdonald disponed of their ampls
supply of bun bons to a persistent
struma of customers. Tlio uuioiint of
lhe receipts which go to the funds of
the Kootenay Lake Jcuerul Hospital,
was very satisfactory. Tlie ladies of
the Hospital Aid appreciate very
highly the kitidnuaa of Mr. I'h.ir
who left nothing undone that would
assist them.
The ball given in the Phalr hotel
in the evening was one of the most
billiant social functions ever held In
the oity. Thc largo dining room
decorated with pictures and putted
plants formed nu ideal ball room,
while     the     spacious    parlors   woe
itilizcd for reception, sitting, and
-cooking rooms. On the commodious
verandahs chaits had been provided so
that whan some of tbe dancers be*
oame tired they oould rest and at
the same time watuh through the
large windows those within enjoying
themselves to tuneful measures. Tbe
attendance was large and included
most of tbe leading society people of
the city. The Indies of the Hospital
Aid Society had carefully arrangod
every detail and there was nothing
left nndone tbat conld provide foi the
enjoyment of those present; the
orchestra furnished the latest cl dance
musio, tbe floor was smooth and tbe
result was thut those in attendance
had a most enjoyable time. The ball
did not come to an ending till consid
erably after midnight.
Constantinople,    Oct. 15.���The Rus
slan   government  has repeated its ex
prcssion     of   a   desire   to   assist the
United     States     government   by   a
practicable  means   in   rescuing   Miss
Stone.     The other powers are equall;
solicitous but  Russia   is the best abl
to   bring   the   necessary   pressure   to
bear.    Messr-i. Baird   and Haskel, the
misionaiies have   not yet succeeded i
getting   into touch with tbe brigand
or opening negotiations.
Montreal, Oct. IS. ���The Sisters of
Ihe Gtey Nunnery today held an
elaborate celebration of the UOOth anniversary of the birth of Mother
D'Youville, the founder of   the order.
San Francisco, Oot.   15.���Kid Carter
won   his   fight   from Jos   Walcott tonight in the   seventh round,   Walcott
claims a foul.
Montreal, Oct. 15.���A case of small
pox was discovered in the Notre Dame
hospital   today.      Tbe patient was re
moved to the civil hospital.
New Ycrk, Oot.    15.���The Duko   de
Alba   died   in   this   citv    todny from
St. Paul, Oct. 15.���Adtices received
here are to the eff'oct that the east*
bound flyer No. 4, on the Groat North
em railway, ran into an open switch
tonight at Kilva, Mont. The engino
and three coaches left the track and
were badly wrecked. Engineer Huif-
n.an was instantly killed and Fireman Keyes seriously injured.
The fame of Ilucklen's Arnica
Salve, as the best iu tbe world, ex
tends round the earth. It's the one
perfect healer of Cuts, Corns, Bruises
Sores, Scalds, Boils, Ulcers, Felons
Aohes, Pains and all Skin Eruptions
Only infal ible Pile cure. 25c a box
at Canada Drug & Book Co.
No company that we have ever
heard of has over come to thiB city
with such favorable comments as "A
Wise Woman." Tbey have the unanimous endotsement of the press, and
this you may rest assured will be
your only chance to see this superior
oompany, as they make but few stops
going from New York to San Francisco. We have no doubt of their
success here.
/��v3.i 'F*A\   Trade
Wi       Mark
��*_r~.;ec-_**-^      _,
- ���wets
Ctampcd on every
garment, insures
|> you genuine
tlie mo_i perfect, mosi holihful
mi-il   delightfully comfortable
underwear ni.-.dc.   Endorsed
by physicians.
Por Me*. Whmk i
���'OhlMlwa. h-
j. Allilr.Lilii,, Drvlloodii
- sum* t[<>(,,,ftill
iii'iillili'. Llniinonl is nn iitnorgcncj' doctor
thill's iil>vny_ 111, hunt! und novor fulls In thoso
duoasos which nit suddenly und un'-x|>ncli��lly
1 iiil.-uuier Ihe livo* ol children-let the uiiuck-
coiiio when I hey may. unit with whnt sovority
Ihey may, ipiick rullcf I. ussured.
Kor sulo by J. I1  Vanst-iti-*  Kal-ton, 11. O
Porto Rico Lumber
Go., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always id
Wn curry u complnm stock of ('oil* t Flooring
Colling, Inside Klnlsh, Turned Work. Basil uno
Door*-. Kpei-l.il order work will rocoivopioincl
ittlouUoir   Mull crdor_  u .filed.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Ollla��~-tt**ArrToad Veino-i St., NelMD
Fi'nt time in Se'son of the
deliciously f.iuuy Comedy
in three  nets
"A Wise Woman"
XLhc 1Rov>al Bank of Canaba"
Incorporated 1869.
I'uplUI  Authorized,
$3,1x10.000.00 I Capital i'uid-up,
Kent,       .       .    .
Board of Dlreeion     Thomas K. Konnj*.  President;   Thomas Hltohio. Vloe-Prwldenl
Wiley Btulth  H. G. Bauld, Hon. David MacKeon.
Head onir.r, Halifax I
General Managor, EcUon L. Pease, Montroal. _
Superintendent ol Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Bran    es I
Hranch,   Antigotii*--
'ova   Deotla-HulUax
Bridge water, Uuysboro. londondorry, Lu
enbui*K. Multlund (Hunts Co.), Pictou, Port
Hawkosbury, Sydney. Shubonacadle.Truro,
Sew    Brunswick ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,
Frodorlcton, Kingston |Kont Uo.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sackvlllo, St, Johu.Woodntock*
p. K. I*land���Charlottotown, Huumiorslde.
;��beo-Montroal, (City oillcn), Montreal
West End (Cor. Wre Dame and S
nours Stroetsl; Wesunount (Cor. Grouse
Avenue and St. Catharinos Htreoti,
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba. West Indies���Havana.
United SUten-New York (10 Kiohanffe Flaw,
Kepnbllo, Wash.
Grand   Furies, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
VorreRpondnntH i
Canada���MorohanM Hanlt (if Cm .art a.   Bm Ion���National Shawmut Bank,   fill cago- Illlnolh
Tnirtun.lHi_vii.K--i Hank.   San Fr.-wictm-o -Flrnt Natlonul Bank.   Lontlou,   Bmg.-liank  of
SuoUand.   1'arln, France-Credit Lronnaln.   Bermuda��� Bank of Raruinda.   China and Japan��� Hong Kong and -Shanghai Banking Corporation,    Hpokane��� Old National Bank.
Ueoeral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   tough
and Sold, Utters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposite and ou Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Marie Lamour,
Ethel Balch,
-frederic Murphy
and   a   Competent   Cast.
PRICES:   50.  75  AND  $1.00
i     & co.
I Phone 117
**********-********** ****
Is lame or interferes
bring him to the City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
Sharon in the abovo Company cai) be
boiiRhl for 35 cunts now.
Bush in 3'our orders a9 tlierfl in
every prospect, ot another advance in
the near future.
Brewers of Fine Lagpr
Boor ami Porter,
J!o   sure and (jot the gen*ainu   BENNETT'S (IUTTA PE1.CIJA FUSE.not
something that loolis   like   it.      aw-
ronce Hardware Co., Agen!
If. 0. OKEEN        V. 8. OLEMENTP
Civil EnglnoeM and Pro   octal Land
P. 0. Box 148 N     on, B.C.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Krom Montroal
Allan Lltio Ali*it.nil:nn   Oct 2b
Allan Lino Hrotorlan   No-' t
Allan Uno Tnni. ian '.'."'   Nov' 7
Uonvor Lino Uilco t'liniiiplain    Oot ii
Uonvor Lino Lnko Mogantlo [)ov, 1
Itfii-.'.'i' l.iin   l���iko siinooc  Nov', 8
From Portland, Mo.
DoniiiionI.ini! Oambromau Oel Wi
lluiiiinion  Lino   Vancouver ...Nov.*  11
���        , .,      --.     , '''rom Now York
(Junnrd Lino   KlnirU  od %
(lunr.rd Lino Campania    Nov   2
vvhiiestar Uno Collie  <)-.,' n
Whilo Star Une Teutonic  .Oct id
Whilo.Star Line Uorinanto  OcL io
Amorlcan Line Philadelphia      Oct 23
Amorlcan Lino St.   I'aul...       OcLM
Anchor l.lno Anohorla ,,Oct 20
Anchor Line Fiirneiwio '���*-,',,*   ^
\. 0. L.Kal ,. ivilhelm dorGrOB��o...!.OoLltll
French LIdo L Aqnltalno       Oct, 21
French Line Lu unnmnagno  Oct 31
Uaftitrarg-Amerloan Dueuchland., ...  O01.81
Allan Stale Line Lauien'.ian Oct'.Si)
Fi 0111 lloHlon
Dominion Lino Commonweal-h o-L 23
Dominion Line New Kn^iaml       No.    ai
Cunard Lino Saxonia ..Nov   8
Further -I'llinij- f;)r lhe ahnve lines also
Crunch, Ited .Slur. I lii!l.,n,l American, II \ I'
Co., N. G. Lloyd on application, '    '
t>itg)iig)iigiipii J11 Jii|^iiipii0iiipii(Dii|||ii0ii(^iiOiipnil)iig)ii^ii^ii^iiOii^ii^ii(g|i m
The Canadian Bank of Commerce I
With Which \b Amalgamated 1
The Bank of British Columbia. 1
Paiil-up   Capital,   88,000,000;    Keservo   Fund,   82,000,000;
.8 Over 8(35,000,000.
B. E. WALKEU, "ieueral Muuu��er.
Aggregate  Resources Over 805,000,000
BON, GEO. A. COX, President
London office: Co Lombard Street, ii. C.
New Vork Oillcc; it Exchange Place.
And Gd braucho. la Canada and tlio United duties Including:
CnA.Miitooii.        Kamloops Nkw Wkstiiinstbh   Va.vcouvbb]
Fkunik Nanaimo F-OSi-Land VierortiA
UN1TKD b'i'ATES���Nkw Yokk, San Fkancisoo, Ska'cfi.k, Poutland, Skaoway,
Savings Bank Department.
DcpoBlta Itocclvcd ind Inlcreet Allowed.  Present Kate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Ide;i Deflector Fire Pot greatly increases tlie heating capacity of the stove, anil in connection with the de.flector^ring forces the
heat to the floor. The base is hot, the floor being warmer than with a
base burner.
The Hot Wait Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at the
rear of the fire pot, the healed air being discharged in a circle at the top
of Are pot, over fire, thus consuming all the gases and pro'lucts of combustion. It can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control ofthe sti ve wilh nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the back takes the cold air from
the floor and ejects it .ntensely heated, through the top .'ad.'ing greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions'we guarantee it to
consume all the gas contained in soft coal, thus deriving the benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkable saving of
fuel over any other stove on the market. The stova will hold fire from
24 to 48 hours without attention.
NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON. B. C. t
?^'Jlil^',liey,   and  c��PPcr M'***-s wanted at the EXCHANOE. i
BKlt-lll   MiLLLNG   I.OLD  properties  wanted at once for Eastern S
investors. ?
Parties having   mining   property for   sale are   requested to send S
samples of then- ore to thc EXCHANUE for exhibition |
We desire  to hear from prospectors who have promising mlnoral $
elaiuiB in Hritish Columbia. re ��
^rlAIN!)T.<it0���^^,l".   mhlinff  lren  nre requested   to make the  EX- J
cuANltli their headquarters when in Nelson, Z
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID >
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to f
Telopt.on.No.10..   P.O. Box 700. NELSON   B 0 S
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
-WC ���������.������������-ssfi
Branch Markets injRossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tim* Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Oram by _a__j to n. branch will havo cartful _-mj w.owt atteatloe.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   5alted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.  O.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block. Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by m_.il receive careful and prompt attention


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