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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 10, 1902

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"������ 'i Libi ��rv
;��fV fcdi
^* .,
Daily Edition No.  1313
Nhlson,   British  Columbia, Thursdav,  April io, 1902
Eleventh  Year
pointed   Bishop   of
Dundonald's Appointment Is
Gazetted.���Sifton Trial
Winnipeg, April !).��� At a meeting
of tho House of Bishops held at
Bishops' court today, the Venerable
Archdeacon of York. Joseph Loft- i
bouse, was unanimously elected bishop
of the Anglican diocese of Keewatin.
This diocese was f-irmeily included in
that of Ruperts' land, but the requirements of this territory have increased
rapidly in the past few years.
It is announced here that tlie contraot for building a new wheat elevator of 3,000,000 bushels capacity for
the CP.lt. at Fort William has been
aware to C. II. Ilaglin, of Minneapolis. The elevator will be of concrete and the contract is to be completed for this year's crop.
About 3 o'clock this morning fire
was discovered in the one-story block
on tbe northeast corner of Main streot
and Portage avenue east. It originated in Scott's real estate olfice and
was promptly extinguished. The loss
will not exceed a few hundred dollars.
Most of the damage was clone to the
Marble Palace limber shop of Louis
Drumm ; James Scott, real estate; R.
D. Waugh, insurance, and S.
Ilan'seomb, broker,
E. C. Arthur, E. W. SutdilTe, E. E.
Chipman, W. J. ouinlun. H. Dyers,
A, J. Marks, D. Morris, Sydney A.
Kelly, 1. N. Davids, I. II. Nolan, A.
R. Sliorritt, G. W.Kydd, S. Y. Broek-
man, J. K. Salter,   W, A. Macdonald,
F. O.   Green,   J. J.   Driscoll, O,   H.
Archdeacon    LofthOUSe    Ap-IKiurade, J. A. MoRae,   Win. Douall,
James Lawrence.
The visitors present were: O, Mortimer, J, W. Allan, John D. Nelson,
E.J. Brown, Georgo McFarland; John
Fletcher, E. F. liishop, K. J. White-
aker, E. Rammelmeyer, T. J. Duncan,
G. W. Steele, H. I). R. Stewart, W.
W. Bradley, L. O. Henderson, Ed. E.
Kicharcls, J. A. Macdonald, N. A.
After the viands had beon discussed,
Worshipful Master E. A. Crease, who
acted as toastmaster, proposed the toast
"The King and tho Cinft," which was
responded to by all standing aud singing the National Atliein.
G. W. Kydd rendered -'Annie
Laurie" in an effective manner and
was rewarded with vigorous applause.
The toast " The (Irand Lodge of
British Columbia'' was first responded
to by E. E. Chipman, R. W. Deputy
Grand Master, in a felicitious manner. He declared that Messrs. Byers
and Quinlan had visited all of the
lodges in tho jurisdiction .and were
most intimately acquainted with the
lodges and could give a good
account of them. He was proud to
state that masonry was growing and
flourishing and spoke of the great
pleasure it gave him to visit Nelson
lodge and to meet his many old
friends among its members. In conclusion he thanked the members for
the very cordial rcceptiou accorded
him, both on his own behalf and that
of the grand lodge.
R.W. District Deputy H. Byers gave
a pleasing and interesting address in
response to the toast of "The Grand
Lodge." Gatherings like the present,
he said, were beneficial aline to
masonry and its members. He spoke
of the great harmony that existed
among the lodges of the order nnd said
ne hoped to fii-.d the lodges iu East
Kootenay equally prosperous.
V. W. Orand Secretary Quinlan told
some humorous incidents concerning
Messrs. Chipman and Byers wbich
brought down the house. Tlie present
year, he said, was the most prosperous
masonry had over had in Biitish
Columbia. There soon would be 38
lodges, where 11 years since when he
was first made grand secretary there
were bnt 13.
W. Bro. G. L. Lennox sang the
"Tho Maple Leaf Forever" in flue
' The Old Guard of Masonry in
Nelson" was respondod to by Wor.
Bro. W. A. Jowett, who heartiy
thanked the members (or the enthusiastic manner in which they had received the toast. He had been connected with masonry in the Kootenays for ten years and it pleased him
greatly to note the progress it was
W. Bro. Dr. E. C. Arthur responded
to tho toast "Old Guard of Masonry"
and gave an interesting account of the
first masonic logde in Nolson in 1803
and how it had grown and flourished
since that time.
W, Bro. George Johnstone also
responded to the toast of the "Old
Guard of Masonry" and spoke of the
necessity of getting the best muetrial
inthe ordei. Masonry, ho declared
had higher purposes than that of holding meetings and conferring degrees.
Captain Duncan also responded to
the toast of "Tho Old luard" and
gave ono of his humorous talks which
elicited a round ol applause.
"The Visitiug Brethern" was re-
spono to llrst by L.G. tlcndeison. who
mado a bliof but sensible talk. Captain Gifford responded to the same
toast in an interesting manner.
W. A, Macdonald made an excellent
address during whioh he spoke ol tin-
necessity of the members of tho order
being friends and brothors to one
another. G. MacFarland also spoke
to this toast in his usual pleasing
manner. J. Lawrence rendered a
Scotch song in a most acceptable
Tho banquet adjourned after the
singing of "Auld Lang Syne."
Bricklayers Will Strike   Unless Wages
Aro Advanced.
Toronto, April 9.-���Tho Canadian
Copper oompany's mines at Sudbury
have been closed down throwing 1,200
men out of employment. The shut
down is indefinite.
Tho brisklayers bave agreed to
strike on May 1 i( the employers have
not granted 45 cents per hour by that
The Telegram's London cable says:
The appointment for Major-General,
Earl of Dundonald, as general officer
commanding the Canadian militia in
succession Major-General O'Grady
Daly, has heen officially announced.
Attornoy-General Gibson has applied
on behalf of the Ontario government
for administration of the estates of the
following porsons who died intestate
on tne dates indicaed with neither
kith nor kin to claim money which
will pass into the provincial chest:
Edmund Gilchrist, Jan. IH, $213.81;
Chas. Farley, Sept. 20, $40.0?; John
Pottner, Oot. 18, S510.23; Mary A.
Hinds, March 2?, $48.35; D,McDonald
Gillies, February 18, $371.13. All the
parties had died in 1894.
Two hundred and fifty settlers with
IU carloads of effects left Toronto
today for Manitoba ana the Northwest. The settlers, who were of a
good class, were drawn from thu
Toronto district.
London, April 9.���Tho crown witnesses in tho Gerald sifton murder
ca6e have boen bound over io the sum
of $400 each tc appear at the next
The War Office Will Ignore
Them Until Formally
Transvaalers Fcr Peace but
Free Staters Hold
London, April 9.���The charges made
against the conduet of British troops
in South Africa attributed ti General
Delarey have not been brought to thc
notice of the war office, and will be
ignored unless a question on thc subject is aiked in the House of Commons. Even in this event it is not
probable that any action will be
taken, unless a responsible authority
formulates charges in a more definite
and more direct form. It is pointed
out that if General Delarey had w ish-
ed to make such allegations he had
ample opportunity to communicate
them to Lord Kitchener, who, it is
believed at tho war olliee, woulc have
notified the home government of the
fact wbich he has not done.
Gerald Balfour, president of tlie
Hoard of Trade, said in a speech at
Leeds tonight that if the Boers still
insisted on independence the present
so-called peace negotiations in South
Africa might as wel'. bu broken off
The Associated Press understands
that the peace negotiations are progressing satisfactorily so far as the
Transvaalers are concerned; but tho
latest advices Indicate that there is
sinali probability of the Free Staters
surrendering in a body.
The negotiations thus tar have i>k.o
mainly explanations oi British intentions. It has beon made plain to tho
leaders that tlieir surrender will not
ODtail banishment, and this has a
potent influence. The leadiog Transvaalers urge their allies to arrange
peace terms. The inner circles of the
war otlico believe that if the present
indications are fulfilled and the
Tansvaalers agree to surrender, the
backbone of Boer resistence will be
broken and that the Free Staters' opposition will soon be overcome.
The admiralty has ordeicd the
cruiser Thames to search the North
Atlantic for the misning Allan liner
Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal,
fligh Commissioner ot Canada, was
presented with the freedom of Abei-
deon at the townhall there this morning in recognition of his position as
Lord Rector of the university and of
his services to Canada. A distinguish
ed assemblage was present at the
The Daily Chronicle publishes a
rumor this morning that Loid Rosebery is going to South Africa to study
the situation there with a view ol
submitting hif impressions und advieo
to King Edward.
Manila Paper Very Severely
Criticises Major Waller's
Gareer of Reckless Boldness
and  Unreasonable
Victoria, April 9.���Tho Manib^
Times treats without gl^MHSjcuf
Waller ol tho United StateS-Marine
corps, who is being trod iu Manila
for tho murder of nativos, who ft is
alleged he had tortured. Tho paper
recounts tho alleged murders and acts
of cruolty and adds Major Waller's
previous appearance before a court
martial in Cavite when he was exonerated . *
He was of opinion that all that was
necessary in Samar was to form a
chain oi posts-across thc island and
drive and bag the insurgents like so
many rabbits. His plan proved a sad
failure, some twenty men losing theii
lives and many,more corning out of a
nightmare experience in" the hospital"
witb marks whtch tliujr wiJJ^iarry. to
their dying days. The "lajor went in
to establish a record and he certainly
did it. It is' believed that his sad
failure irritated him somewhat and
caused him to resort to the terribly
drastic measures already related.   -
Major Waller's career in the-mari.-.o
corps has beon a picturesque blending
of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde characteristics. In his varying moods he has
been piince bountiful to "his j-other
officers and even to persons outside the
service; at otjbers his "'soldiers, subalterns and e jil-.-rhis ft-llow citizens
hove ie_.__ i,. approach him on legitimate business lie exeruprrmrtt ^.i.
sides of Ills nature during the China
campaign a year and a half ago. His
undoubted courage and devil-may-care
mannor made him popular with certain of tho soldiers but others told
some dark tales. Among others it was
said that on the advance from Tonku
to Tientsin where an American and a
Russian battalion were ambushed and
enfiled, Major Waller gave orders to
abandon two wounded men and that
had it not been for the nerve nf a little medical officer and a lieutenant,
who stoutly protested that they would
never leave the field so long as a
wounded man remained behind, the
order would havo been obeyed. This
matter was hushed up but those who
witnessed it allowed it to be inferred
that had not the order been countermanded, a tragedy such as has seldom
occurred in the American service
would havo happened.
tbe Big Four last night whereby two
persons were killed and threo injured,
the locomotive and mail car wonl over
thc embank-nent. Engineer .M'-Gratb i
and Fireman Mt-Nally were buried
beneath   the   debris and are supposed
to have met instant death.
Col. Crowder Arrives to Look Iuto
British Mule Station.
Chicago. April 9���The Tribune's
New Orleans ecu respondent says there
has been an exchange of notes between Col. E, 11. Crowder. assigned
to investigate charges by Boer representatives tbat England is violating
the neutrality laws, and Capt,Fencer,
running member of the squad of English "rmjj^jpm'oers, directing the shipment of Intrses and mules lo South
Afrioa. A"s a result the two will meet
today and Cpl. Crowder will state the
object of hJB visit here, says tho
Tribune*? special. If the British
authorities offer to make a full statement of the methods, then the way
will be paved toward an early official
ascertainment of actual conditions.
On Saturday Gen. Pearson, the Boer
lepresentative. is expected to arrive
from Washington. Ho will be called
on for proof of his charges.
Col. Crowdt-r refuses absolutely to
discuss bis mission. It is understood,
however, that his olders from Adjutant-General Corbin are broad to a
debtee, leaving him lull sway as to
rte^Wetlrods to be pursued in gathering facts and filling the scope of thc
inqu iry.
Canadian   Northern   Takes
Skeena for Coast Terminus.
Boers Believed to Be Disheartened
' '*" and Ready to Give in.
5�� Pretoria, ,T April 9���The British
authorities are making preparations
for a great seripa of''drives" on the
ari'-ivai of reiu'orcemnts. Tho general
outlook for the Boers is said to be
most disheartening. It is thought
here that the bulk of tho Boors are
only awaiting a promise that they
will  not   bo   banished   to  come  and
Mr. Steyn, the ex-president oi mo
Orange Free State, who is tailing part
in tho peace negotiations in South
Africa, is suffering from severe ophthalmia and is threatened with total
The Looal Lodge Entertains Grand
Lodge Officials.
Itignt Worshipful Dopnty (Irand
Master E. E. Ohipman, of Kaslo;
Right Worshipful Distriot Deputy
Grand Mastei H. Byers. of Kaslo, and
Very Worshipful Grand Secretary Dr.
W. J. Quinlan, of Nelson, paid an
official viBit to Nelson Lodge, No. 23,
A.F. and A.M. last evening. The first
degree was conferred ou a candidate.
The lodge work lasted till 10.30 whon
a banquet was spread in the lodge
room. The menu was excellent and
was done ample justice to by tbe
membors of the order present.
Tho members of the lodge present
Fred Irvine, E. A. Crease, 0, K.
Crandon, R. W. Day, John A. Turnei,
Geo. Johnstone, J. F. Dewar, It. A.
Weir, T. S. McPherson, Charles
Maltby, W. A. Jowott, Duncan McFarland,   S. P. Shaw, G. L.   Lennox,
Noisy Session of Commission.
No Change In Mineral
Shortage of Canadian   and   Argentine
Stock Sends Moat Up.
Liverpool, April O.���The rise in the
price ol meat hero is attribued more
to the prohibition of Canadian and
Argentine cattle than to the American
beel combination. During the first
quarter ot this year more than 8,000
fewer cattle were imported through
Liverpool than during the corresponding period of 11)01. and the South
American dead meat trade has failed
to oompensate for this shortage.
The butchers' associaiion and the
association ol foreign cattlo traders
aver that the scarcity in meat will
increase unless the government permit
tne entry of South American ana
Canadian live cattle which might
safely bo clone, as disease among the
stock has disappeared.
Instructions were received yesterday
from London 11 suspend for the pres
ont, at least, the operation oi the
street railway lines in this city. It
is not known bere for how long the
suspension will continue.
Melbourne,     April   fl.���The   Paoific
Jcablo has reached the Fiji islands.
lockout in roacfl.
Employees Struck at One Mill and All
Others Closed.
Augusta. April 9.���The lockout of
all mill employee, whioh was threatened by tho manufacturers' association in retaliation tor the strike on
Monday of tlie employees ot the King
mills, went into effect this morning
Every mill in Augusta and in the
House creek district is closed. The
lockout effects 10,000 men.
Chinoso Government Forces Victorious
But Revolt Not Yet Crushed.
Hong Kong, April 9.���Advices received here lrom Lieu Chow say that
the Imperial General Ma and Marshal
Su havo defeated the Kwang Si rebels
in a battlo at Jeng Chuen. The Imperial army was driven bach when
Gen. Wong with tbree quick tiling
guns and two Maxims arrived on the
scene and turned the tide. The rebels
retreated to the mountain strongholds,
whence they have been making occasional sorties. The rebellion inland
is spreading.
Governor Will Not Have Jeffries-
Fitzsimmons Contest in Carolina.
New York. April 9.--Governor Mc-
Sweeney's declaration that the
Jeffries-Fitzsiromons light shall not
bo pulled off in South Carolina has
cast much gloom over the Fiuaiia-
uions quartets on Long Island. I'itz-
simmons manager sa.vs tlie tight will
now have to go to California, It is
understood that the Ban Francisco
bids still stand..
Company Incorporated Under New Jersey Laws With $4,00l),0u0 Capital.
Trenton, April 9.���A certificate of
incorporation was filed hero today for
the British Columbia Packers' Association capital 84,000,000, to engage
in a general packing business. The
incorporators are K. K. McLaren.
Louis Bailey, H. O. Coughiin, all ol
Jersey City.
Berlin, April 9.���Prof. Duhondey,
au expert on canal construction, at a
meeting ot tho canal society today expressed the opinion tbat to enlarge
thc Erie canal for ocean going vessels
would be without practical \dvantagc
He asserted that tho traffic on tho
Detroit river doubled every six years
and that in 1901 it was 40,00,0000 tons
against 8,SOO,000 on the Suez canal.
New York, Apiil II.���Bob Fitzsimmons refused positively today lo light
Jim Jeffries in Los Angeles, San
Francisco, or anywhere else in California, In consequence the negotiations lor the fight are virtually off.
because it is Impossible to pull il off
anywhere in the oast or the south.
Victoria, April 9.���Thc news frcm
Ottawa last niglit that tbe felowbead
Pass had been abandoned bv the
Canada Northern in favor of the Pino
river pass, with prospective terminus
at Nkeuna was the burning topic of
couversaticn among government supporters last night. This will have an
important hearing on t,he( government's, railway policy which contemplated, the Yellowhead andTlul'ejjSHbo
pass ami tin- terminus.
Thc mining committee in the legislature met this morning and decided
to make no alterations in mining
legislation ttiis session, as such alterations woulc have a bad effect on the
The commission becomes noisier   as
it progresses.    Smith Curtis in disputing with the commissioner this morning thumped bis desk and .Mr. Justice
Walkem sent lor the sheriff to  remove
Mr. Curtis.     The latter said he would
not  take   back a word but apoligizcil   ��
for thumping   the  dssk.     The  judge
said that thereby ho saved  "his   ueck.
Both   Curtis   and   Dunsmuir  buoamo
excited and shook   tbeir   lists   nt  ono
another.    Curtis read figures   to show .-*,
that   E.    and   N.    was   losing     irom '.
$14,000 to t';i).(K)u     yearly,   and   only"
showed   a   profit    iu    isflfl.    when the'
balance in favor   of   rovenue   aocoinit
���...:��� an nun ���TllAn1Mpu'-r said IWjtUad
to   put   up   SiiBO.OOn   in   uiu ..*-T^-~��
years to meet losses. Dunsmuir said
the Wellington collieries nevor paid
dividends. The collieries would
likely reap a benefit from the construction of tne Canada Northern.
Going down stairs alter the inquiry.
Dunsmuir said bo would have to hit,
Curtis in the tacc, for ho could nut
help it.
Victoria. April 9.���A bill was passed
by the provincial legislature thin
afternoon prohibiting aliens from
voting at municipal elections, Heretofore in the province aliens owning
leal estate huvu been permitted to voto
at all municipal elections and In some
cases tbeir vote had qnito a bearing
on the result there being many holders of real estate who bave not been
The citizens tonight decided that
they would celebrate Victoria Day
May 84, as usual. It was proposed
tbat the celebration should be held on
coionation day but. this was left lo
the government to observe,
New York. April 9.���William Marconi sailed for England today on the
Majestic. He said ho was going home
for �� rest and would remain in England about two months.
Now York. April 9.���The tug Covington was sighted today with tbe
tmrgo Kentucky in tow. Shu i* supposed to have lost Hie barges Myatia
Belle and Mindora, coal ladon. whose
crews aio thought to have perished.
Washington,    April     9.���Dr.
mage's symptoms now Indicate tbat
he ls suffering Irom congestion of the
brain. Ho has been unconscious most
of the day and his condition is grave.
Cleveland,    Ohio,    April   9.-In the
wieck of the Indianapolis  special   on
Brussels, April 9.���King Leopold
wbs hustled today by a crowd of
Socialists who surrounded bis automobile shooting, 'Long live the repulbic," and waving a red ilag in his
Hamilton. Apiil fl. ���Mr. and Mrs.
James Mehln have both succumbed to
effects ol gas escaping lrom coal stove.
Popular Rat Portage Man Died in
South Africa.
Rat Portage, Apiil D.���Through a
letter to a friend here, Lieut. II. A.
C. Machin, now in South Africa, conveys tho sad news uf the dentb of
Frank Mlcvellc who left bere last fall
as a iuembei of the same company.
Although not mentioned in despatches
Mr. Mievelle died some wcm-ms ago
from enteric (ever. The deceased oair.o
to Bat Portage live or six years ago to
engage iu mining, arid subsequently
acted as manager of the   Begina mine
or a lime,   Mr. Mievelle was a social
favorite and his untimely doatb came
as a gieat shock to his friends He
was English by lirth and about IB
years of age.
Brockvllle, April 9. ���The town
council last night decided ti grant lho
petition ol the corporation laborers
for a 0-hour working day.
The tender ot the Molson's bank for
$88,88(1.88 town debentures has boen
Petroled, April O.���.l. I), and R.
D. Noble of tliis place havo sold tlieir
oil wells to an English syndicate
known as the Canadian OitflH]da Syndicate, limited, The company will
purchase a large number of weils unci
will do considerable drilling. '
Tlie Nelson Miner
Published   Kvery  MorninR  Exoept   Mod da/
Dully per mcnth, by carrier ���    Kk
I> tily, per month, by mail..     50i
DitHy, por yonr, by carrior 9 7 -*
Dully, pur yesr, by mail    5U.
Daily, per >��*�� toreiRn    9 OC
Weekly, per half yoar.
vVookly, P�� year... ���������----
'Veokly.por yea,, LyelRn..
'Veokly.por yea., i ..-������i-.-u	
-'tii-fii.ji I'm,, invariably in advance.
. f 1 2:
. 2��,
,    3-X
Display AdverUMtnenta, ?i per Inch per
month; Display AdvertUonuuitfl, ~i_. oenti pet
Inch eacb Innertion torn than month: Lo;_____ 10
cen-t* per line oticli losertloo, Claratned Adver
lir-eniMnl-, 1 cent DOT word oaoh insertion:
Whole-aalQ <'anK S'JoO per month; rioci<Hy
lurd* %2.o0 per month,
145 Fleet 3tnret, K. i,
Central Press A��ency. Ltd.. -<p��-i*l Agent*
Alexander fie Co.,521 Bint Avonne, Spokane"
���A'aah., keep thin paper on Hie, and are our
authorized agents for advertisHtnentH and nuh-
The abovo Reward will De paid to
anyone giving evidence that will oon
vlct persons ol stealing The Miner lrom
our subscriber's Qoors.
The Canadian at Dornbalt. though
overwhelmed by sevenfold their number covered themselves with glory and
rellected the highest honor on the
country which gave tnem birth. When
called upon to surrender by the enemy
Lieutenant Carruthers, though he
recognized tliat he and his little band
were boplessly outnumbered,sprang to
his feet and exclaimed that he wouH
not surrender and shot the foremost of
tbe Iloers dead. Then began one of
the most stubborn ol resistances which
was kept up until ol the Heroic ha__
only 1", were alive and unwound-
ed. Then the Doers made a rush and
captured the handful who were still
Bgbtinir. The bravery exhibited was
ro great that it excited even the admiration of the Boers and when it
was proposed to shoot Lieutenant
Carruthers the majority was against
it, saying he was too brave a man to
die that way. The severity ol the
fight may be judged from tho fact that
all of the oeaJ and most of the injured
had several wounds.
All Canadians must thrill with
pride over the way their countrymen
fought and died against the fearful
odds which confronted them at Dorn
has suddenly ceased to exist as currency and bfl been transformed into
a check on the United States government, having all of the safety of any
check and ready for incljsure in a
letter. When the payee receives this
check be treats it just as he would
any other check, indorses it and goes
to the nearest bank or postoflice and
deposits it or has it cashed.
The paid check finally reaches the
treasury department, when it is replaced by a new one with lho blank
place unfilled. This keeps the circu-
la'.iou at par.
No change is made in tho financial
policy of tbe government whatever.the
only change being in the character
of the bills of i'i Bnd under.
The bill also provides for the issue
of 178,000,000 in fractional currency
with blank space similar to those on
the bilis of larger denomination. The
government fee on the 5,10,15, 85, and
50 cent pieces is to be one cent each.
The many advantages of this system
are obvious.     It will not be necessary
for anyone   desiring to eend a   mouey
order   to   go   to the postoffice aud   go
through the formality of purchasing a
money order,which involves a considerable loss of time.   With a supply of
these bills on band small sums can be
sent without this trouble.     The   government   would   derive   considerable
revenue from tbe staups cancelled on
the bills and besides  would be relieved of the trouble and cost  of   mal-ing
nut   imney   orders,   and the only expense would be that of   printing   and
cancelling the bills.     If the system is
adopted iu the  United States it is certain to be copied by other countries.
Nblsun   Daily Miner.   Thursuav,  April io, t.��*
HOSIERY���Ladies' fine Ctitlon Hosiery.
Ilerinsrlorf Hlack, double heel uud
toe, B pairs for 60c,
Ladies' fine Lisle Thread, high spliced
heel uud toe, double s le,   Herms-
dmf blink,  warranted stuinlesa, 3
paits for 81.00
Ladies' Hlack Lisle  Lace   Hose,   extra
special "���do.
Ladies' extra fine LtileThread Hosiery,
double sole, silky finish, pir pr, Toe.
3 specials in Children's Horriery, Plain
and   Ribbed,   loc., '20c., Hoc.  pe:
Oxford Grey Frc'ian Skirts, five rows
Stitching, Hudson's Bay make 80.50
Black Freize Skirls, with white stitching, G in. hem, well mnde $6,00
Lawrence Hardware Go.
The Fishing season is now open and we invite our friends and  patrons to
inspect our large nnd complete slock of
Rods, Iteels, Oasts, Flies, Fly Books, Lines, Fishing Baskets,Trolling Spoons
Guns and Ammunition
RAINY DAYS-Thst is nothing new hut
our Rainy Lay Skirts aie new.
have the very latest Btyl��s I
quarter   anil full  length.    Lowest
price ij.lt.uo.
,00.      \____ . '������	
_i:i^bc1Ro^al3Bank of Canada
^oweBtl Incorporated i860.
Capital! Anlborlied,
Covers  from
WHITE   WEAR���Cars-t
25c. to ft! DO.
Drawers from 40c. to $3 50
Night Robes from 75c to ��5.00
Skirts from Too. to $900.
See our Colored Slip Waists,
Hudson's Bay
Incorporated 1869
*..i,utMi,i!Oc.uo I far-Hal Pald-np,
iM'il, . .     .
Board nf  itlrrciorn    Thomas K. Kenny,  President;   Thomas Kltohie,
Wilov Smith, H.G. Bauld, Hon. i'uvid afaoKeen.
Head ��iraee, [inllrnxi
Ueneral Manager. Kd., on I. Peane, Montreal.
Superintendent ol Branohe:i.   W. H. Tonanoe, Montreal
ttranrhes I
1   ell,7lrli,wi.,.ii,|
p K. UUwafl���Ottarlottetown, Snmmer��ldo.
Uneoeo���Montreal, (Oily lOltlcei, Momma
West End (Cor. Notre Uftine and Belii-
ueu-e Street*!); Woatmount (Cor. Greoiio
Avenue and St. Catharines Street,
\��wlooi��llan<l���St. John s.
mint. West ladles��� Havana.
Dulled rfinleit-Naw York (IB Kichaiige Plaon
Republic. Wash.
Sovn ftrotla��� HalU&X Branch, AnUfroni"r'
BrldKewafrr-r, Carsquet, Gu>aboro. Lon
donuenr, I-un ���mourn. Maitland, (Hantp
Co.). Pietou, Port Hawkoabury. Sydney.
Shubenaoadie. Truro. Weymouth.
Sew Brunswick ��� Bathurst. DalhOUflia
Dorfihedtei Frederiotou, Monctou, Now
cattle, ltexton 'Keui Co,), Sackville. Bt,
Forts, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
To enable us to dispose of the stock of Tweeds and Woollens just purchased at
a rate on the dollar from E. J. Koine, Merchant Tailor we will for Ihe nest
SO days give the largest discount ever given iu ordered clothing.
Corrrnpondcuts 1
I Canada���Merchants Bank of Canada.   Boston���Natlona   Shawmut Hank.   Chicago���Illinois
' TrUrit and Savings Bank.   Bab "Frimcliico��� Nevada National Bank.   London, Une.���Batik  ot
{ Scotland.   Parts, f ranee -Credit LyonnaU.   Bermuda���Bank ot Bermuda.   China and j*.
t pao���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane���Old National Bank.
' Ueneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  B��u;h
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed ou trpeoin
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Thev were in a position of th
raanfuiiy   confronted   it   and raadu
shining record for themselves, Tbey
showed that they inherited the pluck
oi brave ancestors when they preferred
death to surrender. It was a splendid
displav ol tliat true Lruvery which is
admired by all mankind, aud ibe
pages of tbo history of the war in
South Africa whiuh contains the
account of tbo struggle at Dornbalt
will be read with much pride by the
people of Canada in tlie future.
In every trying position in which
the Canadian volunteers have been
placed they have showed themselves
to be iutcrpid soldiers, resourceful,
alert and aide to tuke care ol themselves under any and all circumstances.
When alone or in numbers our boys
have the capacity of taking the initi-
ati-.o. The troops ol the regular
army have Heen trained in a different
school, Tbey are used to depending on
tlieir officers on every occasion as all
their training bas been against relying on themselves,and,tberelqre,when
out of bearing of tlic voice of those
in command they boom to lie hclplcES.
It is the very opposite with those who
are rented in Canada and particularly
in tbe went, where the spii it of independence an i self rolilnce is the
strongest. Tbis results 11 the production of a man who is vei , ilnsbl 1 in
the kind of warfare tl t i being
waged in South Adieu, rleuce we
believe had Lord Kitcf-euer 40,000
Canadians under bis command tne
war in South Allien could be quickly
brought to a close.
Among the bills pending before congress is one which will, if adopted,
greatly faciliatc the sending of
money through the mails, aud it is so
simple and hns so many good features
about it that it could, we believe,with
prollt, come into use in tbis country,
as it would be of great benefit to those
living remote from money order post-
The measure is known as the pott
check currency, bill and provides lor
the printing of II, )3 and $r, bills in
the future with lilanlr spaces on tbe
face. Thcsu bills nre legal tender and
pass from band to hand before they
are used. When it is desired to send
one through the mails the blanks are
filled in with tbe name of the payee,
his city and state, a two cent postHgo
stamp is placed in another blank anci
cancelled with the Intlnls of the
sender in ink, the name of tho sender
is signed ou tbe baok,   and bis money
F. Aug. beinze, who built the
Trail smelter and the Columbia and
Western railway from Trail to Rossland and from Trail to Kobson, and
who was a very prominent figure iu
the Kootenays a few years sioee, has
since made a large fortune by his
brilliant operations in copper mines
and smelters in ISutte and vicinity.
His career has been a remarakle one.
Starting a few years since as an
assayer in Ilutte ne has in about a
docade acquired a fortune which is
valued at many milions. He is
Napoleonic in his methods, is a man
of wonderful business and executive
capacity and has shown that be is
able to hold his own among the bright
and adriot copper kings of Butte, even
where they have had many times bis
resources. He shines as a tighter and
when he emerges from a contest, legal
or political.it 19 generally as a victor.
Mr,   Heinze is a comparatively young
 .    .    ..._ .     ,      ">,    ~-..�� .... to is
nmn ,'0*    t. ���
no telling what bis wealth  will be by
the   time he has lived another ten   or
fifteen years.    He is a man essentially
of   large affairs and bis   latest scheme
is the organization of a gigantic   copper company of which he is to bo   the
president   and   leading   spirit.    It is
stated that then the company will   be
capitalized   at  $".0,1)1)0,000,   of which
$���111,000,000 will be common  and   $10,-
000,000 preferred stock. Tbe properties
now grouped under  his name have an
annual output between 35,000,000   and
fiO 000,000 pounds of copper   per   year.
Mr. Ileinzehas beon engaged in a contest
for some time with the   Amalgamated
Copper Co.,  a   powerful   organization
in   the   metal market,   and it is   said
that   tho   new   company, which he   is
forming, is for the purpose of making
a   better   contest   with   his   wealthy
coprorate adversary.      With a  strong,
well   equipped and wealthy organization   behind   him   it is   certain   that
Bi Inze will be a   more   potent factor
than ever in   the   metal   market   and
even the Amalgamated had better look
to its laurels.
Fine Fugllsli Worsted Trousering*. Made lo Order
fine Scolru Tweed Suiting* Made to Order
Fine Black English Worsted Suitings made lo Order
an ia>
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Union Hade.
H. M. VINCENT, Merchant Tailor, Baker Stlg
1 Fred Irvine e-r* m
Be Sure and Get the Genuine.
House Gleaning time lias arrived nnd we have our n��nal complete
lines to meet the requirements cf the season.
Axuiinster, Velvet, Brusse's, Tapestry, Wool and
Ingrain Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums and Oil
Cloths. Window Shades, Curtain Poles and
Trimmings, Large Assortment of Beautiful Law   Curtains, Tapestry
and Chenille Curtains
will beautify any home.    Our stock as heretofore is
complete in all lines.
|| Lawrence Hardware Company |
Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C. 2
obtained in all countries
; Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman.    Bank of B. N A. building,
I    Hastings St., Vancouver,  B    C.
1    Write for full particulars.
Spokane Falls Sl
I    For   artibtic   jib   work place   your
ordern with 1'he Miner. Union Label.
Hon. .1. H. Turner as the aijcnt
frenerul for the province in London,
is attracting considerable attention
and through his ir.utlenco the re-
Kourccs of Iti-i 1 i^li Columbia arc tiein^
made known by tno press as tlioy
never wero before. Mr. Turner whh
so ninny years in public life lu li.C,
during m^st of which time he was
premier,iiudliad opportunites for securing a comprehensive knowledgo of the
affairs and resources of the province.
This knowledge he is distributing in
an attractive manner bj means of
lectures and addresses, and as it
comes from an ex-prof li r ai.d a popular gentleman the i ress gives it
wide circulation. Mr. Turner lias a
personality that wins confidence and
commands attention and it is certain
that his work will result in attracting both capital ard immigrants to
the province. It was a fortunate move
on the part of the government to send
Mr. Turner to London.
We are leaving our present promises on May 1st and the balance of the Stock left at thai date we are Moving to Ontario consequently everybody buying from us can depend on getting Big Bargains, for
the less goods we have on hand the less freight money we will have to pay out.
Thc stock consists of
Northern RY
gjejgon Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Between Nelson and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle
Nelson to  Vancouver
Nelson to Victoria
21 hours
26 hours
26 horns
Leave DAT TRAIN Ariive
9:20a.m Spokane 7:15 p.m
12:25 p.m Koselund 4:30 p.m
10:30 a.m Mountain 5-fi9 p. rn,
9:40a.m Nelson 0:45 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, ii. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wau��
Agent, Nelson, 1.1.
Spear's Restaurant���Meals at nil
hours. Next to Vunstone's Drug store.
Only white lahor employed,
Dominion and
Provincial'-O ���
Land Surveyor.
Dry Goods, Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats, *|
Caps, Boots and Shoes ^
This is an opportunity to purchase goods at less than   Eastern   Prices.
and see for yourselves.
My Residunce Mid 2 Lots on Carbonate Stroet is Tor Sale at a Bargain.
Y. O. GREKH        V. B. OLEMBNTrf
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
cor. Kootenay & Victoria sts. Nelson
P. O. Box US Telephone 881
Kootenay Railway   and
Company, Ltd.
Shortost and quIcKcsl route- to lho oust nnd a)
polntnonUioO.lt. Sc N. and Northern '��
olllo Railways In Washlntiiou, OroKon una
Bouthorn States.
Time Card Effective Nov. 10.1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry
8:30 a. <n. I.v.
10:59 P.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. r"
Lv. 1:1S P. m
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural  Implements, Bee  Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Outttlogae Free.
M.  J.   HENRY
8000 Westminster Road, Vnuoonver, B. O
Real Estate, Fire and Llle Insurericr
Money to Loan.
Three CottatfiS  across  the lake
opposite Nelson lull particul arton
Houses for rent  and   sale  in  all
parts 01 the City
For Wagon Road Required.
The SIocan-Republic Mining &
Development Company propose to
construct a standard sized wagon
road from Slocan to their mines.
The grade Is surveyed and laid out.
Tenders arc requested for the complete work. For particulars apply
Consulting Engineer, Nelson.
Int Nav- & Trading Oo
6:00 p. ill. Lv.
9:10 p. m. An
Ar. 10:30 a. !"���
Connecting at Flvo Milo Point *��>>��%&
A Fort whuppard Railway both to and ""
Rossland, oto.
Ttc)!0W sold to all parts In United Slate. M,
Canada via Oroat Northern aud O, It. ��
C06eea!!��8toarnshlp tlekels  ami rales vl  ��
lines will bo furnished on appllcaUoii.
For further particulars call on or addrc*
O, K.T40X4BUBV Agent. Nelnon RO. Nelson   Daily Miner, Thursjay, April io, 1902
I     MINING NEWS.     |
i*********** **************
The bond on the Morrisou mine, to
be paid today, says the Spjkanc
Chronicle of Tuesday.has been thrown
up by A. C. Whitney, of Chicago, and
the property will be entirely in the
hands of the Morrison company tomorrow. Up till last night it was
thought the bond would be taken up
and the properly transferred. If, H.
Oliver, manager of the Morrison, received a wire last night stating that
the bond oould not be paid.
The bond was for if 185.OUI) and tbe
promoters of the bond wore una'ilo tu
raise lhat amount. In addition tney
had also to pledge $125,000 for development purposes. This would make a
total of $1)10,000 for the mine.
Of this sum but $148,000 could be
raised, and tliat under tbe condition
that fhe 8125,000 for immediate development be forthcoming. It is not yet
known what will be done by the
Morrison company. A meeting of the
di ectors will have to bo call-.d to lay
out future plans.
Marc Gilliam is in from the
liayonne group. He-reports that the
drift tunnel has been driven for 2110
feet and that HO feet of crosscutting
has been dono. The breast of the
drift has a vertical depth of 00 feet.
The ledge is 30 feet in width and is
looking well. The intention is to
lttep np the development continuously
during the year, although it may be
necessary to shut down for a month
owing to the impossibility of getting
in supplies until Juno. It is thought
the supplies on hand will be used up
before June. Pour men aro now at
work. Mr. Gilliam says the snow is
commencing to thaw and that the
journey of 27 miles from Kootneay
lake to the group at this season is a
difficult one. Mr. Gilliam is at the
Hume and intends to remain in town
for several days.
Word comes from Ymir that Mr.
Wood, who was at ono time foreman
on the Ymir mine, has returned to
Ymir and will take up the development of some other properties in the
vicinity of the Ymir mine. Mr.
Wood has the reputation of understanding the geological formation and
the trend of the ore bodies of that
camp, and as the properties he has in
view havo good surface showings, the
(act that he has the directing of capital is looked upon with satisfaction
by Ymir people.
A small force of men has heen put
at norrf on the Summit company's
property, on Summit creok, about
seven miles from Ymir. On this property there has heen a gieat deal of
work done which has shown up a
large and continuous body of ore. It
is the intention of the company now
o do about 200 feet of woik and probably this will be followed by 300 foet
moie. A wagon road has been constructed to the property and it is well
supplied with the necessary buildings.
Tako Laxative Brorno Quinine Tablets.   A
druvRlKtH refund tho monoy If it fails- lo cure
E. W. Qrovo's hiffnaturo is ou each box.   25o.
tfl eaafly obtnfnublo
t hr'-ndi tbo use of N��� ",'.--
bro'e Horpicido, thc only
pstjpai iti ion on tbo in.it-
hei thut ronohos arid in,-
uildlatc1 tbo germ or
microbe tbat is rospon-
eiblo for all scalp diseases.    Ik thus maker) dan-'
<lmiv and fulling  bnir im-
iiosi-jblo, and causes a thick,
lujcurifint grow tli lo roplitco
tho formor ttiio, brittlo hair.
Tho gontlomen will nlso
find it an inoHtiiuablo boon
to thorn, as it works like a
charm ou bald hoad��, bringing forth a
growth of soft, thick hair that auyono
might bo proud of.
livon (IniKgiHts proclaim Ita virtuos, as
per tbo following:
l'reB'Tipiion DragKiit.
MAliYrjVii.i.K, Mom., 12-19,'M.
Dear .Sirs: ll'Tpiu'li! is certainly u court
article, and will do tbe work ha UmtSed ;
that Is why we sell it. I ausraniH every bottle, and none DM been returned. PlWWMnd
liic'inotlier dozen, and oblige. YoursrWPWfr
For Sale at all First-Class Drug Stores.
I      WANT   PAGE.
AdvortiNementa lnnertod ander \m- bond ai
tho rate of ono cont a word por lntwrLion. No
ft'1-'.i-iiMsn.wit, takon foi' Icm than 25 oonta.
Hituaiion Wanted advortiriomentt* lnnerLed
three times free of chargo.
I''UK   BENT   CHEAP���Twenty-three
bedrooms   and    newly lilted dining
room In good hotel centrally   located, i
Apply X.  Y. _,,   Miner olliee.
FOB SALE���Five good lots with six
j rnoiueil hou^e, b.itli, hot and eold
| water, wired ior eleelric light.     8.500
easb, balance easy terms,   Apply   tl.
and M. Bird,
proximity of the neighboring buildings, whieh aie all ol* wood and very
dry, tbe whole corner would probably
have gone.
The building was insured for (1,2(0
with the Etna Insurance company, of
which H. R. Cameron is the agent.
iTO  I,hi���After    May 1st the   Central
hotel,   Front street.    Apply Samuel
M'llington, Kaslo.
FOR SALE.���Very oheap���A small
block of shares in the Similkameen
Valley Coal, Ltd. These ean bo bad
at a great reduction on market price,
E.  11. MoDermid.
All kinds of express work, coal and
wood.���West Transfer Co. Telephone
Hume.���J. R. Gifford, Hall Mine;
E. C. Chipman, Kaslo; II. Cleod, New
Denver; Sam ltae, Jr., Glasgow, Scotland ; M. H. Jiillcr, Rossland ; J. F.
Macdonald, Montreal, Mr. and Mrs,
VV. II. Harris, Midway; U. L. Johnston, Greenwood.
Phair���L. A. Stellcr, Chicago; F.
MeLasaey, P. Friclr, St. Paul; Wm.
Rahn, J. Havener, J. Marnell, San
Francisco; L. Hunt, lioston; W, Siln-
kamp, Now York; G. C. Corkendale,
Trail; F. O. S.Denis, Sherbrooke,
Que.; Mrs. J. C. Esling, W. K. Ealing, Trail; Rev. H. Beer, Kaslo; .).
Q, Gordon, Silverton; E.C. Curastoek,
Woodstock; L. E. Filmore, Loudon;
G. W. Hull, Marysville; Rev. J. M.
Williams and wife, Colville; P. liush,
San Francisco.
New York, April 0.���It is announced that Edwin Morton, the president of the American Can company
has resigned and that au important
lease has been signed by wliioh the
plant of the Pacific Coast Canneis'
asociation will pass into the hands of
the Ameiican Cau company.
Fort William, April 9.���Two vessels, supposed to he the Midland
Queen and tne Algonquin, are outside
the harbor making theii way through
the ice. From all that can be seen
from land thoy aro having no trouble
and will likely reach dock this
Overturned   Lamp  Causes   Brisk Fire
on East Baker Street.
A fire took place at 8 o'clock last
evening which did considerable damage to a house on East Haker street
between Hendryx and Hall, belonging
to W. N. Rolie, aud oconpled at the
time hy E. Smith. Tho fire lasted
about an bour and did about $800
worth ot damage,
Smith, who was living alone in tho
house, which is a two-story frame
building, bad taken a bath and was
just goiug to bed. As he passed a
table in *he bedroom on which a coal
oil lamp was standing, he accidentally pulled the tuble cloth, upsetting
the lamp,which Immedately exploded,
on tbe bed. Smith seized some
clothes and rushed out into the street
and au alarm of Ure was sent in by
lelephono from the laundiy across the
street. Whon the brigade arrived,
owing to the extreme dryness of the
building, the fire bad obtained a good
hold from the blazing oil,and running
up between the Inner and outer walls
set Are to the roof. The Uro sproad
inside the wall, and Oiled the house
with dense smoke although but little
Ore oould be seen for some time except
at the back whore the flames burst
out through the roof at the cornice.
Smitn was greatly excited and tried
to run Into the house repeatedly, having to be restrained by tho police.
He was finally persuaded to go into a
nelghboritg house. A strong hoad of
water was on, as a number of spectators on the north side of tho stroet
realized to their cost, when a btroam
uf water from tho bose whicb was
being played at thc rear found its way
over the roof and deluged the crowd.
The damage done was principally lo
tho roof which was burned through.
Two rooms upstairs escaped altogther
and only ono room clown stairs was
badlv burned. Fortunately no wind
was blowing, otherwise owing to  the
Montreal, April 9.���Fire last night
destroyed seven houses at Valois,
chiefly the property of Montreal bumper residents. The loss is placed at
Mexico City, April II.���President
Diaz has selected William Landny
Escandon, the mayor of this city, to
represent him at the coronation of
King Edward.
Richmond,   April   9.-Rev.   C.   W.
Finch, of the Methodist church   bore,
will    be transferred   to the Manitoba
Ottawa,   April   9.���Recruiting    for
the   fourth contingent   will begin   in
Uritish Columbia on April 24.
Too many times the origin of a hoadaohe i��
iniHcnloiilnlod. and one IiukIhn do��lwr Hid Hiniii-
aoh tor it, whim nn application ol GrUUtlm
Menthol liniment would draw out the pain
auditive Immediate relief. It will euro any
livwlacbo no matterJjow ���evart.
Hor wile tiv J. II. Vanslnno.Nolson. B. Cl
For domestic or steam use.
A full   supply always on
Rates to  all  railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ���Two  doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
TO RENT���A live room house on   La-
tinier street, near Stanley,all modern
eonveniecnes. Apply, A.U, Sherwood.
FOR SALE.���Eggs for hatching,Black
Minorca,     Hrown      Leghorn,    and
Plymouth Rocks.      P. 0. Hox 1103,   or
Miss Edwards, Fairview.
STORE   TO   LET���Second door from
corner Josephine on Baker. Enquire
at Vaustone's Drug store.
TWO Gentlemen can   get  comfortable
room, breakfast and   dinner for  S3">
per   month,   within   two   blocks    of
hospital.   Apply \. B., Miner olliee.
PIANO FOR SALE���Taken in exchange, new, only one month in
use. Coat $100. Will sell at a
bargain. See it at E. Ferguson and
Co.'s warerooms, Vernon street, city.
FOR SALE���Eggs for hatching from
Barred Plymouth Rocks and Pekin
Ducks; choice stock. Strawberry
plants. John Houghton, Crawford
FOR SAbB���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in the Kootenays,
best location, 25 nicely furnished
roams in connection. Tho best business proposition in the district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cale,
Box 2li5, Nelsou B.O,
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
hoard.     Apply     on   Silica   street,,
second door west of Ward,
Appiy   to   Mrs F. 3. Squires, Room
40, K. W. C. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Fhone 278.
WANTED���Sawyei.     Girls tor housework.     Railroad men.     Two waitresses want situations.
MEN AIM I) Women wanted to work at
home.   Good wages   Write Glasgow
Woollen   Company,    Department    C.
Foster Crafts,of Charles'own, Mass.
write home ns soon as you can as
finaucial interest await you there.
Very important.   I. F. Crafts.
HELP of all kinds wanted and
furnished. Western Canadian Em
ployment Agency. Large warehouse
for storage; call at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
Parlies wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footed can have them done by
applying   on    cornor   of     Ward   an
Viotoiia street, opposite postoffice.
GRADUATE   NURSE   takes sick and
maternity cases. 7 MoDonald block,
corner Josephine and Vernon streets.
LOST���A small garnet  and   and chip
diamond   tie   pin.      Finder  please
rioliver   to' G. N. Express Co. and   gut
and  trr  a nol'le, ft dor.en,  or n burro! of
CALQARY BEER ns lt Ih tho bo. nnd
oheopSl    on    tho    markot.    Alno   try   our
WINES,    LIQUORS     nud    CIGARS.
TolephoueSB Bakor BU Nelaon
Our New Stock is now open,
A Very Fii
Hew Dt&Eii ii
N. M. Cummins, Lettuce���Kvury knowt
variety of soft drink&j V u Box 88. Vulepliot.
No. ai. Hoover Btreet- Nelson. Houlun-. of ih
fiuioun St. Leon Hot Spring! Mineral Water
A MACDONALD 8c Co.-Cornor Kron
��� aud Hull StreoiB���YVholunalo ktocut
and Jobburn in blankets, glovon, milU, boot*
rubbors. maoktnaws und nunera1 sundries-
12   JiUltNd Be Co.���Baker Street, Nelson-
.  ���   Wholenalo dealer* in  ttenh a      curod
moaU.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street. Noteou��� Wholesale doa
ore in fresh and ourod meats.
J Street, NoIhoii ��� Wholesale dealers ir
hardware, minor.'' supplies, spurting goodn
M'LACHLAN BROS. Bakor Streot Nelson,
B. 0.,--Dealers In general harhware,
mining supplies glass, paiita, Portland Co-
ment. Uro clay and Scotch lire brick. Agents
for Wilkinauiid Co.'t* eolobrated hteol wire rope
NELSON   HARDWARE   CO.���Wholesale
paints, oilfl and glass; mechanics tooin
Fishing Tackle and Spotting Coodri a specialty
TfUHXEK, BEETON & Co.-Cornor Vornoi
and Josephino Street.*', NelHon���Whclc
rjale dealers iu liquors, cigars, and dry goodf
Agonts for Pabfit Browing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Go or Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesalo grocerle
and liquors eto., Bakor Streot, Nolson,
Ofllco corner Hall and Front, Slroets-
Volrion���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and evory
thing In wood for building purposes. Get out
prices,  Correspondence solicited-
X     A. ( MCDONALD,      Agent   Hazelwood
Dairy Co. Ice Cream.
Receiver's Sale by Tender
100.000 SHARES OF C.   & C. MINING
CO., Limited Liability.
Ki'twpen Hurry li. Iloie, I'laintiff,
and Timothy O'Leary, Administrator,
et al. Defendants.
Sealed tenders addressed to IJ. W.
Day, deceiver, Nelson, H.C , lor 100,-
000 snaps in tlie abovo named company will be received by tlie undersigned H.W. Day up to nonn of April
2'J, 11)02. Toe saio will be mado to the
highest bidder. Terms 20 per cent,
when tender in accepted,balance within ten days thereafter, The nominal
par value of each share is $1.00 and
the authorised capital of the company
us $.'.00,01)0.00. The company was Incorporated in British Columbia iu laiifi
under tho Companies'Aet, 18M, and
Amending Acts. The company is said
to own tbo 0. and O. mineral claim
near Rossland, IJ.C, For particulars
apply to
Nelson,B.O., Solicitors for the Receiver,
or to
Receiver, Nelson, H.C.
Bated Nelson B.C., April 10th, 1908.
The Prices Will Suit the
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Finest and Best Bar In ti:�� City.
The best Brands of Liquors
and cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
JOSEPH HARWOOD,   -   Proprietor
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn ixiid Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Man aver'.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
����'�����'����������. t>..��,i��.ia,i��.,>����������.,��.,e.,
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which I* Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88.000.000;    Reserve   Kund,   32,000,000;
_,__ Aggregate   Resources Over 80.1,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. K. WALKER, Ueneral MnuRjter
London Olfice: 60 Lombard Street.  E. C.
New York Olfice; 16 liichanue Place.
And 68 branches in Panada and tho United SlaUw, Including
Atlin Grrknwood Nklson Sandon
CBANBRooa        Kamlooiu Nkw Wrrtmihrteii   Vancouver.
Fkknik Nanaimo IUmhlanu Victoria
YUKON DISTUICT-Dawson and Wiiitk Hoksk.
UNITED STATE&-NKW Yokk, Ban Kkancihcu, Bkattle, Portland, Skaowav.
Savings Bank Department.
tDeporitl Received and Interest Allowed.   I'rrseut Rate 8 I'er Cant
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Untie'ground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. _��� CROASDAILE Agent Kelson.
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelsion, Kasl.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan Cit*y
Order* by mnn to np* branch will ha���� earntitl end ornraot utten'lna.
Winnipeg Vancouver
Toronto Violoria
Ottawa Beiittlo
Montroal Portland
New York San Fnineisco
via Soo Une, 81 Paul, Ohioago
aud ull U. S. in ii m t s.
Tourist Sleeper Service
I.v. Duumore Jiiik:-
liv- Kootenay Ld��,
Tuesday and Friday, St. Paul, Toronto
Montreal and 1 lust mi.
�� . j j�����o>"*jp Leave Revelstoke
\KI r* ^ I daily, Viiucouwr,
VV ___1\_J A      Seattle Ooast.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Ynrdn, NKLSON
and LAP.l.O.
Home Seekers' Westbound
Excursions, March i to
April 30.
Through hookings to Europe, via all
Atlantio Line
Prepaid tiukete from all points ���|
lowest rati'm
For herths, time tables, ratim and full
Information apply to Oity Tloket olllee
City A(jent.  Nelson
J. 8. OAItTKB, E. 3. OOYLK
DU. Pa��e. Afc-t. A. O. P. A.
Nelson Vanornv*
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head okfioe toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to (i. li, LENNOX Biakw St.
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Roasters of Choice Coffees-
Quantities   to    suit   at   wholesale
Our Java and Mocha at 40c, and Our
Choice Illend at 25c.
is the hest value for the money.
We guarantee satisfaction if you
buy or order direct from us.
Pure Choice Teas
All varieties and grade.
Went Baker St. Tel 177. P O, Box 182,
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Ht. John. N. IJ.
Allan Linn Tiinlxian  April 19
Allan Lino Niinildinn Apiil III
Hoavor Lino forth Ottatle April V,
Minn I.ini' Htoutnors call .at Halifax two (lay*
Frcm  Portland.
Dominion Lino Dominion ...Apill 12
Dominion Llnol'allfornlan April III
From Now York
Cunard Lino Lueania April 19
Clinard Lino Haxnnia  April III
White Star Lino Uormanlc April ID
Whito Star Lino Teutonic April il
Amorloan Lino Philadolpllln * April ID
American Lino Hi l'aul A prll 98
St. Ijiwronco HalliiiifH
Lnko phunplala 1 M��y ''
H. H. Vancouver anrl Parlnian      .May  :i
Continental HalliniiH of Kronen, North German Lloyd. II. A. I', and II.ill.in  Lluox on  ap
UATKH-Haloon fares iriSD, and upward*
Hocond |U and upward* aeooTdtng 10 stoamei
a"d location of berth, Btofltngo quoted cm ftp
plication. Prepaid paaaagM from Bnglftnd and
tlio continental lowo��t ralca.
H. L. BHOWN,     W. P, F, OVMUNOB,
Will pay tbe higheHt oanh price for ill
klnde ol xeoonil baud goods. Will buy
or Hell anything from an anchor to ft
needle. Furniture, utovee, onipvrU,
cooking uteusilH, bought in household
quantities. AUo oast off clothing.
Oall and eee mn or writ*. Address
Hllvcr King Mike, Hoi SOO H��ll
Streot, Nelson,   H. O.
Any perion knowing the present
���flieruslumts oi Alexander Stewart,
tritely In tlio employ of l'orter Brot.,
lit Miirciis. Wilh., L.S A., will confer
u favor by communicating witli the
Brewers of Pine Lager
IViT and Porter,
V.lnon    R.  II
City Agt. Niilnon,     (Job. Agoiit, Wlunlpog
Subscriptions taken for Ihe Nelson Daily and Weekly Miner at
publisher's prices by J. P. DEL-
ANEY, New Denver. B. C, f
Nklson Dail\ Miner Thursdw, April io, igot
Give the little tots a
Cbince. The children's
department in our store
does not get the mention id the papers
that it deserves. It is a mrst important department with us,occupying the
entire seoond flat of the sture and is
filled with toys of all kinds, just the
things to bring joy and gladness to
the hearth ol tbe little ones. Special
Bummer toys are liouts. Harden Sets,
Watering Cans, P.ubberlialls, Skipping
Hopes, Croquet, Baseballs, Kites.Doll
Cans and (Jo-Carts and tbe ever popu
lar doll.
Then lor the baby we have a lot of
Go-Carts that for style and value are
Booksellers, Stationers
Show Room for Mason & Risch pianos
i I
The sale of seats for the Frederick
Warde Go's plays opens at 10 o'clock
Miss Clara Bennett, of Slucan City,
is visiffag Mr. and Mrs. T. Henderson, of Ball Mines Road.
Trunks and Valises���Morley and
The steamer International yesterday
brought in one ear uf Reco ore and
one ear oi Whitewater ore, both for
the Trail smelter.
Special values in silk Blouses at
Ken and Co.'s.
There will be a meeting of tho Florence Crittenden society in the Presbyterian church ball tomorrow (Friday)
afternoon at 3 p.m. sharp. All ladies
interested in tho work are invited ��o
Call up VI if yon *ant -furniture
or pianos moved.���West Transfer Co.
On account of the muddy state c
Cottonwood creek at present the steel
pipe connecting it with the city water
service was temporarily disconnected
yesteiday. All the water is nov> being
drawn from Anderson creek, which
has not yet been effected by the spring
Silk Shirt Waist. American Style at
Kerr and Co."
Befoie the registrar of the Supreme
court yesterday the plaintiff In the
ease of Melville vs. Georgo was examined for discovery. This is a suit
brought by Mr. Melville in connection
with the special accountancy work ho
did for the defeudant in tho settlement of his withdrawal lrom the Wallace Miller company, limited. The
plaintiff was examined lor discovery
in the ca-ie of Lever vs. McAithur.
When You Tell People to Quit Ooffee
"At   least   75  people   among    my
acquaintances   have   boon   helped   or
cured by leaving oft' coffee and   using
I'ostum   food   Coffee   in   its   place,'
writes  a   little woman from Indopen
donee, Ia.    "1 will mention one case
Miss   Cora .    1   learned she   was
suffering   from   nervousness and eon
htipation   and   went   to call on   her.
Found her in bed, and she looked like
a   living   skeletjn.   so wild and   haggard that 1 feared for her reason.
1 asked Cora II she was improving
any. She said uot but was gradually
growing worse. Tho doctor was
coming twice a day and giving her a
powerful nervine, She said, 'I am
so miserable that I tell you privately
if I don't get better soon I will end it
all myself some day." 1 told her not
to talk tliat way for I believed it was
something she ate or chunk that cans
od the trouble and she might get well
by making a change in her diet,
told her my own experience in leaving
off ooffee when 1 waa In almost as baa
a shape _f she. but as soon as I inen-
lionen coffee I had a fight on my
hands, tor she insisted that coffee
helped her nud ber mother backed hoi
in it saying that it was 'the only
thing sho did enjoy' and 'she did not
believe ooffee hurt anyone.'
1 talked with them a long timo and
finally got Cora to agree to lot me
niako a cup of I'ostum Food Coffee for
her supper. alio was surprised that it
wus so good. Said she 'had heard it
was terrible wishy-washy stuff.' I
told her it was because they did not
follow directions in boiling it enough.
She promised to use it faithfully for
two or throe weeks and if she wns not
better I wonld admit that was I
I went to see hor again in about ten
days and Cora met me at tiie door
witli a smilo and said "Ada, your
doctor I'ostum is the best doctor of
them all. 1 can sleep all night, can
eat heartily, and am growing stronger
every day. Ma and all the rest of us
use Postum now in place  of coffee'
The facts aro the girl was being
actually poisoned to death by coffee.
Cora has since married and has a
happy home and you may depend
upon it no coffee is allowed to enter
there." Name given by I'ostum Co.,
Battle Creek, Mioh.
The marriage tonk place yesterday
morning at the church of St. Mary
Immaculate of W. McLean, manager
of Thorpe's Soda Water works, and
Miss E. Clark, Rev. Father Ferland
otliuiating. Tho happv couple left
later in the day for Spokane and tho
coast ou an extended tour.
Harden Rakes Spading Forks,
Hoes, etc.,   at McLachlan Bros.
A move is on foot to get up a baseball and lacrosse match for Dominion
Day, as it is felt by a number that
although not advisable this yoar
to hold the regular celebration on
account of the regatta, yet if there aro
some att,actions on that day there
will still be a number of visitors to
the city.
Strawberry plants of best varieties.
Also asparagus und rhubarb roots.
Riverside Nurseries, l,rand Forks.
Prospectors ooming in for supplies
state that on tlie upper mountains the
snow is still powdery and dry as it
was in midwinter. Roports differ as
to the quantity of suow in the hills,
some saying that there is considerably
less than usual and others that there
is more. Tho lake has gone clown
slightly again.
Whisks, and Clothes Brushes���Morley and Laing.
Agonts for Cowan Bros, and Co.'s
Nottingham Lace Curtains. Kerr Sc CO.
The local Salvationists are making
preparations for the coming of Miss
Booth and Brigadiers I'ugmire and
Freidiich who are in charge of the
musical party accompanying them.
Entertainments are to be given in the
Opera house next woek and Miss
Booth is to deliver an address the subject of whieh will be Past Mother's
Dotted Swiss, Madras and fancy
curtainottes.    See Kerr and Cu.'s.
The present prospects are that Nelson will have uo city band this sura-
���.nor. as a piominent musician said
tbat to get a band in shape wonld
take at least six weeks and so far no
move has been aiade towards organizing one. The band concerts last year
were greatly enjoyed by all who
heard them, and it is to bo hopeci that
something will he done in this direction before it is too late.
Placer and Mining Laws���Morley
and Laing.
Tbe delegates from the IocbI unions
of the Western Federation of Miners
for this district left for Katrloops lust
night where the meeting of the district union will be held on Friday and
Saturday. Oo Monday the convention
of labor, socialitic and other organization will commence at that place.
The propects are that there wil 1 be a
large attendance both from the upper
country and from the coast.
Grass Linen and Linen Batiste or
dresses at Kerr and Co.'s.
Miss Eva Booth the head at the Salvation Army in Canada, Will lecture
on April -'3 in this city. Tho price of
admission has boen fixed at 'lit cents.
The entertainment of the Red Knights
oi the Cross takes place on the 24th
and tho price of admission has been
placed at 10 cents. Tickets for both
Icoture and entertainment are now on
sale at tbe Salavtion Army barracks.
The Chinese mission of Victoria
stioet which is conducted by Mon
Hing,a Chinese missionary appointed
to the Kootenays by the Presbyterian
mission board, is progressing very
favorably, the attendance of Chinamen now averaging twenty. A number of the members of the city
churches also attend the meetings
which are held in thc mission rooms
on Victoria street.
R. J. Steel, mining and real estate
broker has received tho sad Intelligence of the death of Mrs.Sarah Steel,
his stepmother, at tlillingham, Kent,,
England. Mr. Steel and his brother,
Captain O. R. Steel, R. N., ol Calcutta, India, aro the sole burvivors of
the family and the sole heirs of Mrs.
Sarah Steel. The death will necessitate the visit of Mr. Steel to Kngland
lor thc purpose ol settling up the
estate which is a valuable one.
One of the important yearly events
to Chinamen occurred at the beginning of tllis week in tho feast held in
honor of their deeeasod progenitors.
An ornate feast in which roast pig
player! a prominent part took placo at
tho cemetery and prayei ard addresses
were presented to the spirits who are
supposed to be allowed to be present
to visit the earth that day and enjoy
tho feasts given by thoir descendants.
To most Orientals the continuance of
existence after physical death is very
real as many uf their ceremonies aro
based en such belief,
it is expected thnt 7"> people will
come from Spokane to attend thu
opening ceremonies at Grand Forks
ond Republic of the Kettle Valley
lines on Saturday, while there will be
Id from the const. For the convenience of tvoso who aro ooming from
the south, the C.P.R. will on Friday-
night run a special train from Rossland after the arrival of the S.F. and
N. train. On Sunday morning thero
will be a special train from (irand
Forks that will nrrive in Rossland in
time for the Spokane guests to catch
the southbound train ou thut day.
This will shorten the trip of those
Irom the south by two dnys.
Goods and Silks
We've too many Dress Goods and Silks.    Thc season being advanced we realize that a special effort must
be made to sell.    Now you want the best and at the lowest market prices.    We want yonr
patronage.    Look over our prices and compare them with those you are in
the habit of paying.    Then decide whether or not we merit it.
silk fin-
Black Dress Goods, Bargains.
2 pieces Black Coaling Serge, all wool
quality, 40 to 42 inches wide, fine or heavy
twill, special for every day wear, 75c -,.
quality going at	
10 pieces of Black   Mattilisse,   Brilliantine
and fancy effects, all wool quality, fine
ish, 40  to  44  inches wide,   regular
$ 1.5aand $1.75, going at..
$1.00 Dress Goods 65c.
English Whipcords,   Poplins)   Diagonals,
and fancy effects in heather mixed suitings,   all
wool quality, 40 inches wide, colors  light and
dark grey, tan, brown, oxford and navy,   ... ~
regular $1.00, clearing out at DOC .
Serge, Half-Price.
3 pieces all wool Storm Serge, in colors
navy, black and green, 38 inches wide, special
for children's wear, 40c quality clearing
at, per yard	
75c Coverts 45c.
10 pieces Bengaline,  Poplin   and Coverts,
in colors navy, fawn, green, blue grey,    �� ���
brown, 40 in. wide, special to clear 4tOC .
Cut Prices on Silks.
Wash Silks for Blouses in light and dark
stripes and fancy effects, in colors cardinal, sky,
pink, green, navy, helio, the 50c
qualities clearing at	
75c Silk Luxors 50c.
In fancy stripes suitable for summer shirt
waists, fast colors of cardinal, sky, navy, nile,
pink,    fawn,  helio,   a  splendid assort-
ment, clearing  at.
A Rare Taffetta Bargain.
Taffetta Silks, 20 inches wide, good weight
Lyons dyed, bright finish, colors cardinal, sky,
pink, old rose, nile, black, white, moss, myrtle,
helio, mauve and others, an most com- ��� p.
plete range, $1.00 quality to go at -i UC.
Taffetta Blouse  Silks,   in   stripes,   checks
and fancy designs, Foulard silks  and   satin,   a
choice lot of silks, regular  price $1.25 ��� -,
and $1.50 per yd., clearing at a OC.
Silk Shirt Waists-Special.
Silk Blouses made of Silk Luxor, a material having fine bright finish and will not cut,
colors cardinal, sky, pink, black, all sizes, the
latest styles in tucked and hemstitched effects,
new collars and sleeves, lined e -, _..
throughout, special vpD.OU
Taffetta Silk Blouses, the "Bedford Waist"
tucked and hemstitched front and back, trimmed
with pearl buttons, Bishop sleeves tucked and
hemstitched, new cuffs and collar, colors sky,
pink, cardinal and black, o'l A _~\l.
special olU.UU.
The Gibson Waist made of Taffetta Silk, in
colors cardinal,   sky,   pink,   brown,   graduated
tucking on front, new collar, sleeves^..^ ,-,,-.
having new cuffs, our price vplU.UU.
Thc American Waist made of Taffetta Silk,
in colors cardinal, black, old rose, pink, having
graduated, tucks on front and back, yoke of
tucked white Taffetta, new style sleeves trimmed with graduated tucks, flared g,-^ ,-..-.
cuffs, a chic American style sPl-i.UU.
Curtains and Draperies.
Nottingham Lace Curtains, 3^ yards long,
50 inches  wide, overlocked corded    <ir 1  r> -'
edge, good patterns, per pair JM.^O.
Scotch Lace Curtains, 3^ yds. long, over-
locked corded edge, a splendid range   ^n .,   -_, -,
of patterns, per pair sjpl../0.
Nottingham Lace Curtains, 31^ yds. long,
extra width, overlocked corded edge, ^^ ��� --.
new designs, per pair qh^.OU
Swiss Curtainettes made of fine material in
dotted effects and fancy designs; good    ,-��,-.
width, special, per yard _iUC.
Bobbinct for draperies, having ruffle formed
of insertion with heavy lace trimmings,    ,-,.-.
good width, our price, per yard OUC.
Madras Muslin in colors, having tassel
fringe, special for draperies, .-�� _
our price DOC.
Cotton Blouses
Cotton Shirt Waists made of  Percale and
English   Points   in   light  and   Dark  Stripes,
fast colois, Sizes 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40   ��� _
Special     iOC.
KERR & Co.,
Baker and Ward Streets.
Agreeable and Comforting
_j<\',_\\__________a^ m
We   can
make    your   work
as   well    as    you
comfortable by
Fitting Your Eyes With
Proper Glasses
Patenaude Bros.
Baker St.
Nelson, u. c.
Thoie will he the regular meeting
of tbe Nelson board of tiadc this
evening at H.M o'doek in the hoard
The regular monthly meeting of the
hospitnl board wus held on Tuesday
afternoon, there being a good attendance of tbe members, Hesides the
routine business it was decided that
the maternity ward of the hospital
should be done away with as soon as
the present contracts expire. Tne
building will then be turned into a
residence fur nurses, that being tlie
purpose for which it was built. It
was also deoided that the tender system of purchasing supplies should be
continued and that supplies would be
purchased on six month contracts.
Thero was not a large attendance at
the concert given hy the Cosgrove
orchestra last ovening in the Opera
House under the auspices of the
Ladies' hospital aid, but the programme was one that pleased all
lovers of music. All the numbers wero
instrumental wth the exception of the
vooal solo hy a boy baritone, which,
though remarkably good for one so
young, was hardly up to the mark
when judged apart from this consideration. The dunce held in connection
with   the   concert   took   plaoe lo the
Fraternity hall and wai well attended
and the surroundings novo well
suited for an enjoyable time which
tnose who attended certainly had.
The musio of the Cosgrovo orchostra
was much appreoiatcd.
The new Wall Papers attract favorable attention. They leflcct good
taste in colors as well as in pattern,
and people of taste ccmrnend them.
Thev have an air of elegance and aro
most durable in duality. Investment
in snch Wall Paper is a paying investment, before placing your order, it
will pay you to ace onr new designs,
and get our prices,
F. J. Bradley & CO.
BIkh Fainting nnil Picture Framing
a Hueclalty.
H M'K tl, ��IRECTOE8, F.MBAl.11' I1S
Over Wallace A Mlllrr'i, Bakor at.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-, Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C,
mining districts.
1 Baker Stre�� Nelson.B C
For Stylish Up-to-Date Hals
opera House Block


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