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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 27, 1901

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 pro.lne:ii UDrtrv 1,31 oo
Edition No.  1176
"Nelson,   British  Columbia, Sunday,  October 27,  1901
Eleventh  Year
Outline  of  the
Position  and
Why It Is Considered Necessary To Get
Mayor Frank Fletcher was seen yesterday In iegnrd to the electric light
malter which at present is attracting
no much attenlinn and when asked his
tiewfc in relation to the same h snid:
"In order that the ratepayers may
inlly understand the present electric
light situation 1 may say it is simply
this: During a certain period of the
year we aio short of water and cannot
develop sntilciont power to run both
waler wheels up to their capacity.
The two largo dynamos, on the direct
current have a capacity of 1,S00 lights
The two small machines have a capacity of 1,WO lights, which together
practically require 250 h. p. to run.
They aie run, however, by a wheel
that only develops 170 li.p . as dynamo, which means 1,700 lights. TheBO
ton: muohi nes have connected with
them 11,033 lights, but this load never
conies on at one time,
"The alternating machine has been
run up lo 170 h. p., whioh means
1,700 lights, and has connected with
It 1,900 lights. To the above must he
taken Into consideration belt loss, loss
by friction, iron loss on big machine
altogether the wheel capacity of the
plant, at dynamos, Is equal to about
M horse power,  or 3,400 lights.
"Lights connected on the whole
ijstctn Munlicr 4,035, whioh shows
that the machines are  overloaded.
"It Is evident that the loss in trans-
iiiixRhin is high od the direct current
Or the lights would he better. The
winng on this system was never good
owing to improper installation.
"Late in September the superintendent reported a shortage ot water, machines having to shut down early,
and today there is nut snllicinet water
to run all uf them eillciontly. These
faclB were fully demonstrated last
"In view uf the certainty that we
were going to be short of light I
���slieil the West Kootenay Power &
Light Co., for a quotation for horse
power to be delivered at tho city power house, based on a flat rate per
horse power, and on receipt of same
placed their proposal before the ooun-
oil, explaining the situation. It was
after discussion that the plan on a
percentage linhis was brought forwaid
liy Alderman Selous and the council
requested me to obtain a proposition
Used on those linos, which was later
on submitted to the council, and
which is now under discussion and
has been printed in the Tribune,core-
folly omitting one of the principal
olum safeguarding the city's   Inter-
"Willi regard to the present plant,
��ince its purchase all its earnings
have really gone hack Into the plant,
tut the capital has been steadily in-
Heated in order to release the money
���o earned.
"In order io give n good service with
the present plai.t and to meet the requirements for extra lighting It
would be noceHsary to put In at least
another |20,0oo in extra dynamo and
auxiliary power.
"In view of tho fact that it was decided by the late mayor and council
"nit the elty waB growing boyond its
I'fcBent plant, by thole applying for a
Power site on Kootenay rlvor in order,
" ""roe future time, to instal an up-
hwlato plant would it be good policy
�� pnt more money into the old plant?
The prosent proposed arrangement
B only to carry mi over until the city
is In a position to borrow the ncoes-
����ry money,^i60,()00 or more, In order
��i carry out such a schomo. It is
8��ncraly conceded that the timo is
��ot now ripe for the piecing of such
��� loan.
"Personally I was of tho opinion
"ill the ����t rate per horse powor
would bo the host arrangement hot
"c rale quoted waa high, t,1c pet.
centago scheme however shows a big-
����' Profit to the city and was more
���MOrablf received by the oouneil.
'��mutt seem  absurd   to   any   nn-
biased latepayer [that the seven business inn in the council deliberately
want to give any privileges or franchises. Thcv simply wish to provide
light for the time being.
" When our accident happened I arranged foi power with the West Kootenay Light & Power Co. in order to
save people great inoonvenience. If
the citizens do not think the present
council are honestly trying to do
their beBt to furnish them with good
light it is a simple matter to turn
down at the polls any proposition laid
beforo them.
"To fully understand the unjust
criticism and distorted statement of
facts with reference to the lighting
question and the proposed action of
the city council I will refer back to
1800 when the Neelauds council, ow
ing to the failure of the lights in tho
winter of 1808-0, had to face the"ques-
tion of improving the electric plant.
Their action was bitterly opposed by
Mr. Houston in the Tribune. At the
some time tho city was face to face
with a water famine unless some action was taken to Increase the supply.
It was decided to put In a steel pipe
to tap Cottonwood creek. This was
also strongly opposed although it was
proven beyond question that there was
a little over one-half the quantity of
water in Anderson oreek that the oity
lequhed to protcot itself dining the
coming winter. Sometime before the
pipe line was finished there was not
water enough to put out an ordinary
flie had it occurred. At this time we
were told 'that wc were'going it
blind; that it was a waBte of public
money' and the counoil was slurred
and abusod from the same souroe but
the by-law carried. I simply mon-
lion this as a sample of what our
present critic has done in the past
"Mr. Houston says that the present
council 'have made no special effort
to secure title to tbe piece of land on
Kootenay river.' This is on pai with
most of his statements.
" When I first came (into oflice I
took this matter up with Mr. Houston
whtlo he win; in Viatrwia-and since he
returned I have had him wire the
government at the oity's ekponBe and
peionnlly I have wired the government nnd writteu letters monthly on
this subject and have only received
one official reply,dated April 1U of the
present year. Mr. Houston is well
nwnre of all these facts I wrote him
on May 1st last at Viotorla aBking
him to obtain us the title for tho oity
foreshore and the park which had
been promised last year, at the sajib
time taking up matters in connection
with the eleotric power site.
"I assume he haB made some effort
to obtnin those for the oity hot so far
the government have apparently ig-
nored'khiin as completely aa they  have
"As regards the elcotrio light rates
the late mayor blows hot and cold.
In oue issue he states that we do not
collect the rates and in another he
says by living up to the schedule
rates that we are increasing them.
As a matter of faot all the flat rates
now charged were estalbished by .Inm
and the present council, tu far as pos-
have been  trying  to  colloct
Sensational Murder Trial at
Brantford at Last
difficult seam of hard coal as it is impossible to work it by oulinary methods.
i The flooding of No. 4 Cumberland
stopped today. The pumping out of
300,000,000 gallons of water (will take
200 duys. The upper levels will be
worked in the meantime.
The stopping in No. 2 Extension
broke last night causing a leakage
from the burning mine. Tne men
were taken'cut of���tho adjoining mines
at once. Tho damage is now repaired.
Trinity University to Raise
an Endowment of
Reilly Manages to Oot Ont of
tho Ooonty Gaol.
Brantford, Ont., Oct. 26.���The case
of Mrs. White, charged with having
poisoned her husband, was given to
the jury at 11.20 this morning after
an exhaustive address by Chief Just-
ioe Meredith, whoso leanings were
against tho prisoner. The accused
woman was taken back to the goal
corridor as soon as the jury retired.
Hae had not broken down, but the
terrible ordeal through winch she has
passed during tho past week has told
heavily upon her and those who saw
her at the begin ning of the
week scarcely can recognize her
as the same woman. She was then
confident that she would he acquitted
of the murder of her husband and she
locked forward to the trial as the end
of a period during which sbo has been
practically isolated from her friends.
While in the dock today she sobbed
bitterly.burying her face in her hands
and scarcely opening her eyes all
morning Sue was the picture of anxiety. The jury returned a verdict of
not guilty.
Viotorio, Oot. 20.���According to advices received by the steamer Olym-
pia, which arrived this afternoon
from the Orient, three more Japanese
sealing schooners have been seized by
the Russian crniser Yakut for sealing
within the limit around the Copper
aud other Russian seal islands. This
makes six steamers and also tbe boat's
crew of another whioh have been
seized this year, or about 71 men,
most of them Japai e��e, but some Americans i"id Canadians. The schooners were taken to Petmpaulovslct
where they weie condemned, and
the men sent to Vlndivostock, where
some were sentenced to a year in j��il
and others were awaiting trial. Another Bohooner which was seized was
icleased as it was shown that thojeap-
taln had lost hie bearings and had
been driven Into the prohibited   zone.
Chamberlain's Candid Friends
Have Much to
A Mysterious Hlndo Prince.
Hicks-Beach May
Last evening a prisoner at the gaol
esoaped in rather a mysterious manner.
His name is John Reilly and he had
been sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment for the larceny of some money and
a bicycle at Grand ForkB, and jnst two
months of his term had boen served.
Reilly had been employed as oook
and tbo last seen of him was at (i o' olook
when the dishes were passed to him
from the corridor. At 8 o'olock, when
time came to lock him np he was not
to bo found. Search failed to show how
he got away ; every tiling in the kitchen
was in the best of ordor and all the
doors wete looked. Tbe only possible
means of exit mnst have been by his
opening the Yale padlock of the grating
and then the heavy lock of the door
opening into the yard, Both the pad-
look and the door he had lonked behind
him, and all doors and windows were
as they had been before.
A description of him and che offer ot
a reward of t50 for his capture were
sent to surrounding towns. He is described as 5 feet, 0 inches high, weight
134 pounds, veiy light oomplexion,
olean shaven , small moustache, heavy
bead of very light colored hair, high
cheek bones, sunken cheeks, small eyrs
with' heavy lashes ; be is refined in
appearance and address.
There is every liklihood he was
assisted by confederates on the outside
This theory is substantiated by tbe fait
that after the O. P. R. ticket agent had
left hie ofHoe two men milled and asked
the telegraph operator, who was tbe
only one present, for a tioket to Montana and they alio asked if they could
leave by n train that night. One of tbe
men answered the description given of
the man who esoaped.
London, Oct 20.���There is no end
to criticism current regarding the
government's conduot of the war in
South Africa, but it emanates chiefly
from those who Mr. Chamberlain in
his speech last night characterised as
his ''Candid friends." The outcry
does not appear to strengthen in the
slightest the chances of the Liberal
party. II. C. Lehman, who has just
resigned the editorship of the Daily
News in an artiole this week's Speaker admits that he sees no hope for
Liberalism until it has acquired and
put forward a strong definite policy
in regard to South Afrioa. To do this
he confesses would mean tbe loss to
the party of some of its most prom
i.ent supporters,but he maintains���tbnt
even this is tetter than tbe pietent
inipotenoy. One of the most strik
ing signs of discontent within those
circles traditionally governmental is
found in the fact that tbe Cambridge
Onion has passed a resolution   to   tbe  nounced to be merely geographical.
that tjeie is no such Indian chief as
Prince Itaniit, Baluchistan But tbat
neither condemn the mysterious
stranger, nor clears up his identity,
as Unn.jiI is nalahly as assumed name.
When interviewed, in London, where
he by no means courted publicity,
Prince lianjit declined to give any particulars regarding Imnsefl beyond remarking once: "I am a king."
Whether he is, or is not, a king, he
certainly lived like one, spending enormous sums of money. Tne retinue
which sailed with him inoluded musicians, who produced from weird Instruments still more wierd sounds. A
dancing girl formed a prominent: part
of the daily entertainments, which the
suite provided for their master, Who
spent most of his time in Bed. Be Is
a man of fine physique, dark skinned
nd handsome. All bis food was
prepared in accordance with the
strictest Oriental usages by big own
servants, who wore gorgeous robes
and were nightly marshalled by a major domo for exeiciee in an adjoining
park. Thisfiiiysterious man, it la said
will make a tour of Canada and
United States,returning, to England
in time for King Edward's coronation.
Berlin, Oct. 20.-Tbe Pan-American
congress at the City of Mexico baa
caused much press discussion here,
the general tone of which ia belittling
and skentical of its success. It is interpreted as being a scheme of the
Uuited States to increase its influence
over Latin America. Any alliance
between the tinted States and the latter is regarded as chimerical owing
to the racial differences, the only
connection between them   being   pro
per schedule.
"In conclusion 1 would Hke to state
that the oity government is endeavoring to do tho very best it can  iu   this
light matter to test subserve   the   in
terests of the ratepayers.    We do   not
pretend to l.e Infallible and are   willing to abide by   the   decision   oi   the
it   may   be.    The
to   be
Berea, Ohio, Oct. 30,-The hardware store of Lawrence & Hrightman,
in the center of the village was entered by burglars early this morning
and booty worth more than J10O,OO0
stolen. Among the valuables ^taken
were records, bonds, notes and deeds
of Baldwin university, many of which
it will he impossible to replace.
Hamilton, Oct. 20.���Henry
head of the   firm   of   Oil lard
wholesale grocers, and one of
known men in the  trade
&   Co.,
the he t
the   pro
vince and even in the dominion, died
suddenly at an early hour this morning of apoplexy.
London, Ont., Oct. 20.���The London
Tobacco Curing Company's extensive
building on King street, together with
conlentswere destroyed by fire at an
earlly hour this morning. Loss not
majority whatever
editor of tho Triblune uppeais
the 'bogey man' on  all   public
tlOllB. "
Washington, Oot. 20.-A table prepared by the director of the mint
shows that the ooinage of gold for the
world dnring the last calendar year
was $3!i4,��3fl,407,a decrease from $411(1-
110 410 for the preceeding yenr. The
coinage of silver was ��177,0I1,��03, an
increase over the proceeding year of
$|0,m81 0118.
Washington,Oct. 20.���AsBlstuut-Sec-
rctary Taylor of the Troasury department, has made a ruling that Earl
Russell though oonivoted of bigamy,
will be allowed to enter tho United
Stntes. Mr. Taylor holds that Earl
Russell oan legally marry in tho
United StnteB and hence hnd net been
guilty of any crimo that would have
put him in the criminal elass had the
act been committed here.
Toronto, Oct. 80.-|8' ./roderlck
Young, one of the leaders 0* Iho Imperial Federation in Great Britain,
addressed a well attended meeting of
British Empire loyalists last nlgnt,
and uraed that steps be taken lo reach
a coroirion'lmperial position in relation In questions of defense and emigration. Hon. G. E.Foster-dealt with
the commercial Bide of the question
and argued that if Great Britain had
consistently taken her food auppl cs
from her own colonies, and so built
them up, the question of defense
would have solved itself.
where   Bha
RoBsland.   The
to   death    from
Tho   decensad   was
a   native  of
Ont., and
O.i and   a
was   a
Vaileyflell, Que., Oct. 20-The
Mortreal Cotton Mills closed las
night for an indefinite period or until
such time as certain employes, some
30 In number, submit to the discipline
ol the mills. The closing down of the
mills has thrown out of employment
about 2,800 employes.
Rossland, Oct. 20,-A report is to
hand from Spokane, Wash., that Miss
Elizabeth Hogan was found dead in a
room at the Pacific hotel
had registered from
Indications pointed
heart trouble,
nbout 30 yenrs of ago,
Newport, near Brantford,
has a brother at Burton, B,
slBtcr at Montrose, Colo. She
trained nurse at the Women's hospital,
Buffalo, N. y��� and held a reponsible
position in the  institution.
Nanaimo, Oct. 20.-A Chinaman
was hurled to death last night with a
car of timber down the shaft of Number 5, Cumberland. The cage is at the
bottom wrecked.
A mass meeting cf employes of the
Wellington Colliery Company today
passed resolutions favoring the   amal-
gametion of all mineis' unions on the
I.niidoii, Oot. 20.���West and central
London are enveloped in a black fog
which caused absolute confusion
among the fashinnahle eqnipages after the theatres. Many accidents have
boen reported to the hospitals.
Newcastle, Natal, Oct. 20.���Com-
mnndnnt Botha has rejoined Acting-
President Sohalkburgher who is established westward of Amsterdam.
Botha'n force is scattered In small
The New Vancouver
coal   oompany
sue nsn   - ���-  ,        ,.
,11 introdoce machines to  mine the
Georgetown, Ky., Oct. 20.���The
jury In the Caleb Powers conspiracy
ca,e returned a verdict of guilty and
Fowors was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Constantinople, Oot. 20.���Miss
Stone and her companion wore alive
and well fire days ago. Consequently
the report of the death of Madame
Tsilka ii untrue. This news comes
tbrougb a sure channel.
effect that tbe government alone is responsible for the prolongation of war.
This aristocratic debating society is
composed mainly of those who are related or acquainted with the rnling
class and who have hitherto always
warmly suppoited the government's
South African policy. A reversal of
feeling1 in such a university as Cambridge,; means, perhaps, more than
any demonstration or political meetings.
Rumois were rife regarding cabinet chances, during the early part of
the week. It was persistently said
that Sir Mlohael Hicks-Beach, the
Chancellor of "the Exchequer, whose
relations with Mr. Chamberlain have
never been cordial, was determined
to step out, and Mr. Hanbury, the
president of the Board of Agriculture,
was to sucoeed him. Inquiries
made by a representative of the Associated Press, however pointed to the
fact that Sir Michael will remain in
oflice though not very willingly and
that no serious oabinet shake up is
likely to occur in the near future.
The British Admiralty ia taking
the most lively interest in the working of the personnel bill in the American navy with a view to the possible amalgamation of line and eiigi-
neer~otticnrs of the British service.
Arnold Foster, secretary to the Ad,
miralty, recently requested speoial
reports on this matter and Vice Admiral Fit/.gera?d today writes to the
London Times on the topic The Admiral's letter Is a spirited defense of
tbe navy against recent criticisms,
but bo admits that the line office���
most wake up and become expert me
chanical aa well as good seamen in order to muster the complicated machinery of fighting ships, or else the engineers will oust them from their present position.
1 ho long looked for production of
���'The Laid of the Dandies," by Clyde
Fitch, presented by Beeibohm-Tree on
Tbuisday evening at Her Majesty's
theatre is a triumph of acting and
stage setting, The play Itself is very
disappointing. Berbohin-Treo has
put on the piece beautifully and accurately rcpioduces the costumes and accessories of the period.
Prince Ranjit, of Baluchistan, wbo
to our curiosity and wbo to an unusual extent, has succeeded In exciting and baffling London curiosity and
who is variously described as an Indian potentate and prince of Siam,
sailed on October 24th, from Liverpool
for Montreal' on board the steamer
Lake SimcOe, whence he is going to
Now York, accompanied by a dusky
suite, numbering eight persons, He
lived a fortnight in all tbe Splendor of
Oriental opulence aa a fashionable
London hotel, where he 'bad dropped
in unannounced end unconcerned engaged 23 room,, in spite of the pub
llcity which such an arrival waa
bound to crcato, he has left England
as much In the dark as to his identity
as when he arrived. Tbe India office
has issued an   official   annonnpement
Therefore,"   sayB    tbe    Berliner
NeuBte Nachrichtcn,   "Pan-Americanism is more   lacking   in   a   practical
basis than pan-slavism."    Iho   paper
continues, "The  Pan American   idea
is solely capable of development  upon
the basis of subjection of all America
to the  hegemony   of  U. 8.   The  re
public  of    Anglo-Saxon    and  Latin
America differ so   greatly   respecting
territorial conditions and the   compo-    '
sition of  populations, tbat   a  closer
union is only   conceivable   upon   the
presupposition of a   decided   predominance.    Dr.   Hans   Wagner   discusses
the subject at   length   in   Der   Tago.
He says the Monroe dootrine no longer
means   America   for   the  Americans,
but America for the North Americans.
Tne Cologne Volks  '/fitting calls this
Utopian and also     regards   Dr. Wagners a being wrong in thinking Piesi-
dent   Roosevelt   Intends   to  adopt   a
harsher policy toward Great  Rritaio.
The Cologne Volks '/eitnng   refers ' to
alleged attempts In American newspapers to create an   anti-German   sentiment by the assertion   that   Germany
wants to establish colonies  in   South
America,    admitting   that   tbe   Pan-
German papers have   given   abundant
cause thirefor.    The   paper   classifies
the whole idea as   being   among   tbe
most splendid castles built In tbe air.
The   Cologne Volks Zeltung also says
it   will bet one  hundred to   one   tbat
suspicions will ce east  on  Germany1*
policy because she has decided   to  establish ab iiifiiriuatii.il bureau in Berlin for emigrants under   the   management of an ofllcial who was   formerly
a German consul  In   South   America.
In conclusion the Cologne  Volks   '/ei-
tung says that  if   the   South   Amert
caiiB, through fear of   Germany,   free
this friendly animal, it will,never let
it go.    Colonial a Hairs and tbe establishment of emigration   bureau   have
beet   wlduly   discussed    during   the
week.    The object of (ho  bureau Is to
guide   German   emigration   into   tho
colonics,   but   tin-   press   Is   largely
skeptical of its success.
Rossland, Oct. 20.���The ore shipments from tbe Rossland camp for
the week ending tonight total S.0BO
tons, made up as follows: La Rot to
Nortbport,:;,lino tons; Lo Ro| lo Trail,
1,800 tons; Le Roi No. 2 to Trail,"SO.
Tho total for the year to date 1* 342,-
37s and for tbe period since wprk waa
resumed on September 1, 25,070 tons,
Since woik started 623 men base applied for work and this Is approximately the number at present working. The Nickel Plate mine is being
uuwatored end work will be resumed
on November 4th. This will add sub-
stantially to the weekly  shipments,
Toronto, Oct.   20.���The  corporation
of Trinity nniverslty has  decided   to
raise an endowment fund   of  1100,0110
to pnt the university into good ' '
olal condition. i**?"
Nelson  Daily Miner,  Sunday    October 27, 191-1
The Nelson Miner
1 Hi.Ii.m1   F.very   Morntni?  Except   Monday
Dally per nicnth, by carrier     G9c
ll tily. per month, by- mall      fiOc
billy, per year, by carrier, $ 7 00
I ,,fly. p,:i ye,r. by mull    6 0S
Ilalty, per ywsr forebrn.    9""
Weekly, |  r half year 11 IS
Weekly, per year    3 00
Weekly, per year, foreign    S ""
HubsDrlptions Invariably In advance.
other localities Local people should
have a share of the benefits tn the end
that towns like Nelson Should become
largerand more prosperous than they
aie, and further that Province may
also become enriched.
116 Fleet Street. K. C.
ntral  Prow Agency, Ltd., Special Agents
Alexander fe Co.. mil First Avenue, Spokano
vV'ii^h., keep this papor on lllti. and are our
suthorinod utfoiite for advertisements
The future of Nelson depends largely
on tho manner in which the residents
reach out and utilize the natural advantages which are tributary. It requires energy and enterpriso to make
these natural advantages yield the
wealth which they contain. There
should bo larger local ownership and
Nelson would be more piosperous
than she is if the citizens were more
largely interested in paying mining
properties than they are. The question may be asked, therefore, if Nelson
is reaping from the raining Industry
all the profit that it should?
Almost no profit yielding mine is
owned wholly by local people. A
number of mines are owned by parties
having local agents. These agents
roside here, buy what they need for
their sustenance and supplies for the
properties they purchase, and in that
thejlienelil to tho city ends. Men in
Spokane, in Toronto, or in Loudon,
Eng., own the producing mines, pocket the profits ami iuvest them in
brick blocks, in snmmor residences in
running horses, or as thoir taste and
fancy may dictate. Nelson might hi
well have more palatial residences,
more summer homes and more of the
comforts of life than it has. This city
has seon the wild oats slaughtered or
driven ont of the woods; it has seen
how mines are made and how fortunes
are wrecked, and profiling by this
ejpjrioiica and with money at command, should be in an exceptionally
good position to go into mining with
confidence, with good judgment nnd
hence in a manner to insure success
Mining in Kootenay has passed tho experimental stage.it is not a gamble as
it vas considered to be in its earlier
stages in British Columbia, but an investment worthy enough to engage the
attention ol tbe most conservative,and
there seems no good reason with its
centisl position, its money, and the
energyof its people, why Nelson should
not quickly establish itself so that
more of the dividends from mines will
come to her residents. The people
hero have already accomplished won-
deis in the way of developing the surrounding mines, but the tendency has
be i n in the direction of selling
the beat and most promising proper,
ties t? outside syndicates and capitalists and to retain no portion nr
interest in tbe properties. As a result
of this if profits are made they
go to outsiders and so the country is
drained of its wealth and the only advantages which it receives are in the
shape of wages paid, supplies pur
chased and Ih�� taxes collected by the
government. In the future an effort
should be made by tho people to develop and bring to a profit bearing
stage sume of the better elans nf properties with home capital lo the end
that the profits may remain here for
the benefit of the community. If this
is not done all the profits will find
their way out of the oountry and
will aid in the upbuilding of other
sections instead J of assisting in
making larger and greater the home
communities. The matter we believe
Is worthy nf mirious  consideration,
In putting foiward this suggestion
there Is ik. Intention of decrying the
foreign corporations and syndicstes
which have made so many investments
in Kootenay, as they are fully entitled to whatever profit they are making. To tlii-iii great credit is due for
thoy have pointed out tho way in
which others to advantage to them
Helves may follow. They invested in
the mines here at a time when success win problematical and when it
was doubtful whether there would be
any gains to bo made for their daring,
energy aud enterpilso. Not a few of
them operated at a large loss, as nt
the start in now districts the outcome is more or less doubtful. All ol
the existing prosperity is due to their
enterprise,faith and investments In
the country. The mining region is so
extensive thnt there Is plenty of room
left for foreign capital to exploit In.
This class of capital in an absolute
necesltv and will lie as long as mining
is oarrled on. Tbe Idea wbion we
are endeavoring to express is what
the local people should endeavor to
i,nn, contiol and receive the dividends
from more uf the miaes, to the
end thaat all ot tbe dividends may not
��� II pass ont ol the country   to  enrich
"It is nn undeniablo fact," Hays the
New York Herald, "that the most Influential business   men  of  the world
bare turned their attention tn raining,
the source of nearly all wealth ;for persons who have been   enslaved   to   the
idea that   the   only   safe   proposition
was a five per cent or six per   cent security, new realize that many millions
of interest  havo   been   lost   to   them
through heeding the  advice   of   those
interested in cheap money,   and    tbat
among the banking institutions of tbe
West eighteen and   twenty   per   cent,
per annum is   not   considered   hazardous western profit or exoessive   dividend on the'great majority of our gilt
edged mining securities, and   further,
the richest men in the world are mining kings, many of whom have grown
powerful enough through   tne   proper
application of originally   a   moderate
oapital, and it is   proven-  that   while
millions of dollars have boon   lost   in
railroads, farm mortgage, eastern   industrial   and   building   associations,
tbe Ameilcan mining industry  steadily advances,making enormous profits
for   Its   supporters,    building    great
states and   cities,   and   points   with
pride to tbe   American   possession   of
253 mines that have paid   in   diviends
over   JfiJ5,100,000.     "In   mining  investments   extremely   large   amounts
are not necessary to make one successful,   for the man of moderate   means,
properly advised, has opportunities of
quickly   doubling   his capital. Under
incoiporation great achievements   art
made possllbe through combining limited sums of thousands, thus equaling
the capital of the individual   million-
airs, making possible gigantic   undertakings that are productive   of   enormous revenue.    The dollar of tbe man
of moderate means is equally as  powerful as the dollar of the money king.
Both serve their purpose; both arc entitled to their proportionate profits,
"In legitimate mining a twenty-five
per cent, dividend is not considered
startling, and the mining interests of
the West are willing to pay that interest for tbe use of money, for, by
the aid of capital they open up tremendous ore hedies tbat lead to still
greater fortune. The employment of
$10,000 iu mining is the equivalent
of 840,000 in most any other branch of
"For years the wondrous profits of
tho metal industries have been whispered among iuvestors, who apparently weie afraid to let their neighbors
know they wore identified witb mining, but the recent efforts of the financial czars of the world iu forming
combinations to control, first the murkest of the miners thiough the 'smelting trust' and thon the mines through
the 'Amalgamated Copper trust' have
opened the oyesof the conservative and
modern investors, and they arc making effoits to obtain their shun- of tne
metallic wealth which nature has
spread so lavishly."
In View of Coming
.. Events ..
we are paying special attention to the requirements of
The Ball Room
We cannot go into details but we would  ask you  to have
A Look at Our Windows
We have the choicest, newest and daintiest goods procurable in the best markets of the world, and at prices which
will agreeably surprise you.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
Scientists in London are seriously
considering the piacticabiIty of a permanent continuous line of vessels between Kiigland nnd the United States,
keeping passengers m oontinotis communication from slu,to to shine by
means of the Marconi system. If it is
possible to do this business men could
keeping In touch with their affairs
throughout the voyage across the Atlantic and would not be compelled
to cut themselves oif from them
during the several days which trips
occupy. In addition to this if a steamer became disabled prompt news nf
the fact could be sent and tho other
steamers could hnrry to her relief, it
would greatly lessuii the peril of voy
ages lo and from Kuropo.
It seems to bo a hud time for scmo
of the Hens Hen Most was sent to
serve a year in an American prlnon
for publishing a seditious article and
now the news comes from Merlin that
llerr Mnnrer, n Berlin journalist, has
been condemned to spend four months
in piisnn because be printed in his
papor an article nppioivng of lTei.i-
dent MoKlnloy's assassination, 'those
.vim print articles noutisjllng murder
as well as thoso who murder seem to
bo getting about what they are entitled to In connection with the IlulTnlo
There is nothing like Asthmalene. It
brings instant relief, even in tbe worst
cases.   It cures when all else fails.
The Rev. 0 F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
111., says: ''Your trial bottle of Asthmalene received in good condition. I cannot
tell you how thankful 1 feel for the good
derived from it I wns n slave, chained
with putrid sure throat aud asthma for ten
years. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
saw your advertisement for the cure of
thin dreadful nnd tormenting disease, Asthma, nnd thought you hud nverspoken
yourselves, but resolved to give it a trial,
To my astonishment tits trial acted like a
chnrm.    Send me a full size bottle.
Itev, Or. Morris Wecnsler, ���
Rabbi ot the Cong, linai Israel,
Mew York, Jim, 8,1001
Dn Taft Bkor. Mbdioinh Co.,
Gentlemen t Your AHthmiilene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates nil
troubles which combine with Asthma.
Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it carefully analjzed, we can state Hint Asthmalene contains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or other.    Very truly yours,
Avon Springs) N. Y, Feb. 1, 1001.
Dub. Taft Bkob. Medicine Co,
Gentlemen I I write this testimonial from ft sense of duty, having tested tbe
wonderful elfeet of your Amliinalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife has
been idllieted with spasmodic asthma for the past 12 years, Having exhausted
my own skill us well an many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon your
windows on 180 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of Asthnialeiin.
My wife commenced faking it about the first of November. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma lias disappeaiid
and sbe is entirely free from all symptoms. 1 feel that I can consistently recommend the medicine to all who are nllliotcd with this distressing disease.
Yours respectfully, O. 1). PflBLPb, M. D.
On. Tait linos. MbDIOINH CO, Feb. 5, 1001.
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried numerous remedies, hut they have all failed. I run nomas your advertisement, aud
started with a trial b ittle. I found relief at once. I have since purchased your
full sized bottle, and I am ever grateful. 1 have a family of four children, and
for six years was unable to work. I am now in the best of health and am doing
business every day.   This testimony you can make such use of as yon see lit.
Home iiddreas, 2,'iG Rivinglon street. S. RAPHAEL.
07 East 1201b St,,Now York Oity.
lb. not delay.   Wrile at nnco, addressing  DR.  TAFT BROS, MEDlOINr
OO., 70 East 180th St., N   Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
others? I charge y iu,sii,to beware of
stirring np strife It is your mission
to save souls. A grand work. I
wish you preachers wonld tend to youi
own business. Your work, coming
from a novice, leailsjine tojwarn you
to know more and say less. Preacn
Hell I Rut I say to you, sir, mind
your own business.     Signed	
Arrival and Closing of Malls.
The editor of the Freeman's Labor
Journal was in Nelson Inst week, and
when he got hack home to Spokano,
the following letter which he snys
was sent to one of the Nelson clergymen, appears in that paper. Whetbei
such a letter were ever sont nr not is a
question but ns Indicating what a
mighty soul in traval with a great
thought cou'd produce it unfettered
by tho restraining conventicniillets of
9..T0 a. m.
13.011 p. m.
f>.0fl p. rn.
9.30 a. in.
ii.ee p. m,
7.3(1 a. m,
��.M a. in.
4.90 p. n,
I.S0 p. in.
*    KxCOpi Huntiuy
(     1'hlh'il HUtoi lui.l
{ Kivduru  Canndi.
I       a F. ft N.
((V'ivv'h Ni'ht   |HiintH
and   KiixUirii
IRnvolHtolto    and
Main  Lino 6, I .
WtlHt.iUirt riutl.
Koh I'.nri
lloumlary Polntl
Slot an l.itlto I'olnU
KhhIo, pilot Bay >nd
Route itay Uik'u
(    Balfour TuoHday,
rl'hurniiay,   BatunUyJ
,d ^
d�� *
.ml    ,
:\ It
m    J
5.20 p, m.
4.00 p, in.
10.30 p. 111.
5.20 p. in.
111.30 p. in.
111.311 p. 111.
3 3(1 p. Ill,
11.00 a.m.
Another ridiculous food fad has boon
branded by tho ino��t competent
authorities. 'l'bey have dispelled the
silly notion Iliat one kind of food Is
needed for bruin, another for innsulos,
and still another for bones. A correct diet will not only nourish a particular part of the body, but it will
sustain every other pnit. Yet, however good your food may be, its nutriment is destroyed by indigestion cr
dypepsin. You must prepare for their
ppcnraiics or prevent llic-lr coming by
nking regular (|���sns of (linen's August
Flower, the tavonte medicine of the
healthy millions. A few doses aids
digestion, stlm-ilnles tho liver to
healthy Ration, purines the blood, and
makes you feel buoyant and vigorous
You enn get llr 0, (I. (Ireen's reliable
remedies at VV. F. TeOtzul & Co.'s
Get (ireen's Special Alumnae.
written language, th��T letter-  Is   uni
llear'Sir.���What consummate fools
yon preachers are I Why do you meddle witb people, who arc working for
If he'd had Itching Piles. They're
terribly nnnoying; but Hucklen's
Arnion Sslve will ouro tho worst case
of piles on earth. It lias cured thousands. For injuries, or Bodily Eruptions It's the best Salve In the world
Price 25 cents a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by Canada Drug & Book
Kootonay street. Next Oddrellows' Hall
P. 0. Box 633.
A. R. BARROW, a. m.lo.i
Provincial Land Surveyor
Ooruer Victoria and Kootenay Bt*.
P.O. Box 500 telephone Ho. v.
We are doing the Blanket Trade of Nelson.
See values. Every pair full weight and prices
We duplicated our
Jackets and ....
Tailor=Made  Suits
They are a success.     Every garment a model
Our stcck ot Gloves, in Kid and Wool, are fully assorted.
An exceptionally nobby thing is a Silk Lined Kid Glove, warm
and not clumsy, just the thing for cold weather.
It will pay you to see our Wool before buying elsewhere.
Underwear, Vests. Drawers, and Combinations, all sizes.
8 CO.
Cosmopolitan Patterns. AH Patterns 15c each
Our Fall Stock of
Furniture and Carpets
Is now complete.
We buy ot the Largest Manufacturers aud Importers.
J. G. BUNYAN & 60.
The Complete House Furnishers,
The new Goal City is owned by the Siniilkameen Valley Coal Oompany,
Limited; who have placed one thousand lots on tbe market at th,e following
prices: from$50 to 8225, one fourth cash, balance three, six and nine months,
Without interest.
There is also a small block of the lira! ono hundred thousand shares remain-
to be sold at H";e., lie. n share down, balance in six monthly payments. Whsc
those are sold the shares will be advanced to $1 each by the Oompany.
The Company's land, including the townsite of Ashnoln, is underlaid with at
least three flue seams of coking, steam and furnace coal. The Oompany alwi
own the water rights nnd nt Ijust 85,000,000 feet of line timber. All the shove
is owned by the ono Company, and every shareholder will participate in the
protlts ocorning from the sale of any of the above mentioned property.
A full force of men arc now nt work and will ho kept on ooutiimally during
the year.   For further Information apply to.
R. J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson, B- 0-
��� Vodder & Onnningnm, Greenwood, B. 0.; J. E. Olinroh, Victoria, B.
W. Fellows, Sandon, ii. O.; C. E. Douglas, Vancouver, B. 0.
0.1 w
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We nre showing this season a full
line of these goods and solicit your
i sfcoined patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head officii! toronto.
*��n<2.ft 'ow on Straight Mortgage
Brewer* of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
B.O. Nelson   Daii v  Minar, Sunday October 27,  .gci
0,e shipments for the week   ending
��'k     4fro,n   Blown   City   are   as
W'��       Aincton 230. Enterprise 20,
'0"Tpincl 30, Bondholder 8, Hamp-
^!ri��l0f 280   tons,    and    5,003
I total
'Ti:  Me   "all Mines   smelter.
Tt;;;raen will work on the Myrtle
ill week. ^	
The  shipments   from   Sandon     for
T        week   were   ,1114   tons.    The
^Slsnee at Hear   Lake
.to. a carload   of   ore.    The
Em 1..B ore that run. 1700   to   the
r���� ��<""< r��turDs nr<! exv
from tbe carload.
The Fort Steele Prospector says the
Estclla has passed the P^Peeting
riusiad become a mine. The devel-
Zntwork of tbe past year has
���Lor) beyond a doubt the existence
ilhrge bodies of ore of a fair quality
M a recent meetinginMoyle of those
Interested in tbe Lamb creek plaoers
��� WIS decided that all owning claims
on the creek should stibcribe tc a fund
lo be lined tor tbe purpose of sinking
to bod rock.
A Discovery has been made by
Charles Parrell and T. Lovo of a ledge
���( hematite iron eight feet wide on
Baiter mountain. Tho iron is similar
In character to that found on Hull
river. The deposit lis extensive aud
lour claims have been staked.
Woik Is hi be resnined on the Mol-
lie Hughes says the Ledge, and one car
rails and steel went out this week.
It is estimated that 180,000 worth
oi ore is blocked out.
Tho Perry Creek Gold Mines Company, of K��st Kootenay, has concluded to i nst.il a lOsl.unp mill on its propel ties on Perry creek.
Near Movie on the Aurora a seven
(oot lead of galena recently enoonnt,
ered has widened out to eight feet.
The ore is of a pay grade.
Ilonry (liogerleh lias bought the No.
1 mine at Ain6W0ri.li for the creditors.
The No. 1 !s a dry ore proposition.
The Slocan Drill say t that IS  ounce
ore from that ramp   can   be   shipped
vf'.th profit.
Conper-I.ondon, SM. Via. fid np 7s.
ed.spoltCM.l'Js.lid. futures; Now York
���16.7.1 to 817 for Inke, I10.87X to 81(i.
7s, fid IS-., for casting.
I.ead-I.ondon, ��|1. Ills, down Is
Nsn fork, ,4.87>i.
SI Ivor- London, IIS 7-1 fid ; New York,
Superior to Alum-Baking
Pevvders.   Equal to any
other Anti Alum Baking
Powder,and costs.but.
v.half tfje price.~.';"*-\,&
and His disoiples beca me not "servants' but "brethren," which lead
that Apostle who best knew Ills Master's heart to aillrin "Now are we
the sons of (lod. " To such God should
hencoforth be more than a orcative
Father to bo served in "the spirit of
bondage." Having " received the
Spirit of adoption" they should evermore be privileged to cry "Abba Father." Paul sums up the whole
thought in Komsns 8:14, "For as
manyjas are led by the Spirit of (iod,
they are tbe Sons of God. " In the full
and true meaning of the term therefore, tho Fatherhood assigned to God
in the gospel can only bo claimed by
those who are "children of the Kingdom" in the ob&tieiico of a living,
character-deloimining faith.
Hlepsllie 4i>ii:;li
ami VrerhsoflT ike Cold.
Laxative Hioiiio-Q'iinino Tableto cure a cold
In oi.ii dav.   No Cure, No I'ay.   Price80 oenuii
Our Compound Syrup of
^hite Pine and Tar
Cures Coughs and Colds
Beware   of  the   "just   as
good" kind.    Insist on  getting the genuine C. D. & B.
Compound   Syrup  of White
Pine and Tar.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
- SEE ���
West Block, East Baker St.
Jokn llurtt Morgan,
It will, I think, be admitted with
out question that tho world is indebted to the teachings of Christ for a
clew and authoritative pronouncement
upon tho piitornal nature of (lod. Human philosophy had for centuries hcou
Btratninp; alter a satisfying conception
of the Supreme llelng, and at times
had seemed on the vorge of realizing
its desire. Tho Old Testament sages
beheld the Infinite in a Btill truer
h?M. But it remained for Hod's Hon
himself to unfold the Father in all
"if fullness of His glory and power
���ndlone. This Ho did with snob exquisite Riaoe and convincing clearness
���� to renotinco the subject forevov
I'oin the Bold of speculation, and to
����tlio task of reading aright His
thouRlit ulone remains. Therefore,
Wiold we draw conclusions upon
*l��eli life's nonduot shall be hnsod.lct
����make no doubt that we perceive
"enrly Ills teachings.
Mueh has been made In some qnar-
"""'Wiiisi's supposed nBB01.tiou of
1,9 ""''"sal Fatherhood of God. It
���*���trlklng illustration of tho popu-
M perversion of Scripture truth that
J1��� a misstatement should have
'ouo.1 large acceptance For It is a
Wtaertl, fact that while our blessed
ho.d .loll hted to speak of "the Fa-
���f. there is not in nil the gospel
��Wda one clear use of  the   term   by
������ meaning  tho  Father  of  all
"������"nd It |8 tnie m th��� fto hj
(h ���. "ilvcrsal Fatherhood forms
���";y*���tnmofii|. teachings and
[M��_UhM the key to Ills mission, oc-
y ''"ing   to   tho  surface   as
Whan  I
" the sermon on tho Mount he
ul Z , ""��� c<lual 'Hepeosatlon of
Mil" ,,*���ms"<'Pon tho just and the
an ml ,Bul0,en he��� the setting ia
eon ��";,U"��"0����lpl.. for loving
��ut toward their bitterest foes,
f !JI ������� b�� the children of your
Snl^u    iS   in   HuH���'' "   Head
1..����"��) other hand, Christ's Supreme
,r       ;i?st"'��veal(iodas   peeuli-
g; ontho, ���t ,hUBe wnopwouM
ll��aH|i,TntRnCOfrOT"   tl,eir   ��bel-
- >PMin��l1 *���e��U"��* <*  Himself
"* "*  'Son of (lod   with  poWer..
A. F. Roscnbergor left Friday
evening for Camborne to personally
attend to the development ot the
Camborne and Oyster groups.
Dr. Hall, finding that lie could
not make connections lliroigh to
Calgary on Friday remained over in
Nelson. He leaves tomorrow morning and will be back in ten days.
The ladies of the W. C. T. U.
will hold their first regular meeting
in the pallors of the Baptist church
on Monday next from 3 to 4
o'clock. A very cordial invitation
is issued to all ladies interested in
the temperance cause.
Good progress is being made with
the postoffice building and another
week or ten days will see the first
story finished. The quarry has
been a hard one to open and this
has had the effect of impeding the
work. Building will progress as
late in the fall and as early in the
spring as the weather  will  permit.
There will be special music at the
Presbyterian church at both services
today. In the morning Mr. Brown
will sing He Giveth His Beloved
Sleep, by Abt, and in the evening
Mrs. Parry will sing The Children's
Home, by Cowen, and the quartette,
consisting of Mrs. Parry, Miss
Johnston, Mr Grizzelle, and Mr.
Kydd will sing Shelley's Behold the
Western Evening Light. In the
evening Dr. Wright will preach a
special sermon to young women.
The executive of the Nelson Curling Club met last night in the office
of N. T. McLeod, Mr. McLeod pre
siding, to talk over matters lor the
coming winter.    Tuesday, November 5th was fixed as the date of the
annual  meeting.       Owing to  the
absence of  A.   V,   Mason,   of the
Tramway company,  the  committee
adjourned till Tuesday evening next.
The curlers are looking  forward to
an active season's sport during the
coming winter and there is a disposition to arrange to have the bonspiel
for the district held here this year.
Quite a large crowd assembled in
the baseball  grounds  yesterday  to
witness    a     game     between   the
government staff and  the legal fraternity of the  city.    The  civil employees cume off victorious by 12 to
10. but they h.id  a  narrow  escape
for the legal men were just gelling
into   the form of their schooldays
when the game  was  called  at  the
end  of   the   fifth   innings.    Harry
Wright pitched lor the government
and struck out quite a number, and
never allowed anything  worse than
a three base hit.    Johir- Elliott was
in the box for the lawyers and held
honors about  even.    Dr.   Doherly
was a satisfactory umpire.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Moncrpftl
Allan Lino TnniHian Nov. 9
Allan Una CorinUiiun, w.Nov. ll��
Htmvor Lino I.tikn  BltnoOQ Nov.  8
lli'avnr Lino Lako Mitnilitliii Nov. 15
From Portland, Me.
Dominion  Linn   Vancouver , Nov. 1ft
Komi lion Kino Dominion Nov. 23
From Now York
ftiimnl Lino   Umbrltt, Nov.  ��)
f'unut (I Lino Lncnniii Nov. lit
White Star Lino Mnjoat.O Nov   (i
WhiteSUr Ltne Oouanlo Nov. 18
Atniirirt.ii Line Philadelphia ..Nov, 13
American Lino Sl.   Paul Nov. 30
N.u. li. Kaiser Wilhelm dorGroaso No... jo
Hamburg-Amirli.m Kurwt. l.irimaick...Nov. 23
Anchor Lino Funiewnift Nov.  2
French Lino La Ihiricogiic. Nov,  7
Fiom Boston
Canard Lino Ultonla Nov. ia
Dominion Lino Commonwealth Nov. 27
Gen. Agent, Winnipeg, Man.
J. S. CARTER, 1>. P. A , Nelson
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
You should'nt ncml out of town for
enrds for yourself or your huslinnd
nutil yon see what The Miner ean do
for you.
Close connection Host and Westbound lit Spokane with trains of the
Hpiknne Fnlls mid Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St, i'anl without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montrenl, New YorV
and iiTl points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:1S a ra
LeaveB Spokane daily lor West at 7:15 a-m
Loaves Spokane daily lor West at 8:00 p m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vn ncouvev,
Portland, Han Francisco, and all point"
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Diiluth with
theniagnificentsteainships North Wflir
and North Land of theNoitheru Stoam-
ship Company Line, Operated in connection with the Great Northern Bail-
way, j  I
For fHither information, aps, folders, efac., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Ut Northern Uy., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry.,jKoutei ai Railway & Navigation
Co ,ir to . .   .
|      H. RRANDT,
City fass. nnd Tkt  Agt, W 701  W,
Kiversido Ave., Spokane, Wash.
G. K; TAOKAHUUY, Local Agent,
Nelson. R fl
AilverLinomontH Initerted under tola head at
the rate of one oent & word per insertion. No
advertlKoment taken for leas than Sfi oenta.
Situation Wanted advertlitemente Inserted
threo tlmos free of chance.
WELL Furnished house to   rent,   five
i(inn)s   for   ti   mooUin.      Apply   120
Latimer areet, near Stanley.
HOUSE   to rent   on Vernon     street.
Apply Captain T. .1. Duncan.
li'UHNISED       ltOOMS.-Apply       on
Si lieu,     seeond   door   weBt     Ward
BOOMS aud UOAHD.���livery convenience ;   south eaat   corner of   Carbonate and JoEephine street.
FOR BENT���-Home Temperance hotel,
21) bedrooms, dining   room,  parlors,
kitchen,   all furnished complete;   875
per month.    Apply to A.   O.   Gamble,
agent, linker street.
BOOMS TO BENT.���K. W. C. Block-
Two rooms en suite on Ward St.,
also rooms facing the west. On September 1, two sirgie rooms and two
or three en cu.te facing Baker st.
Furnished or unfurnished. MrB. F.
J. Sn.il.re, Boom 41,  K.    W. C.  Block.
WANTED���A   good tinsmith apply to
C. I''. Comer A. Co. Calgary Alta.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's       Nest
Southern   By.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    li.   C.      A.
Guthrie & Co.
NELSON,Employment Agency,  linker
street.    I'liono 278.    J. II. Love.
WANTED���Chambermaid.     Shingle
jointer and packer.   Laundress.   Railroad men for Lardo.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED.- Waitress,Girls for House-
wori<.      Men   for    Bailroad   work,
men for sawmill, second cook $50  per
month, stone.mason.
Western   Employment  Office, II. A.
Prosser, Phone 270.
Storage���-I have a   large   warehouse
for     storing      household    or    other
DJ. lt<niKR'l'niiN & CO.-Noil door la
���  t.houuw I'���.'<[, oltlce linililliiK, Vumon
.11., Ntl.ua.    I luj '[.li.,11,: -e,rl. NitflilVlious WI.
N. Al. Cuuimlns, lswueu���Kverj kuowu
varioty of soft drinks.   1' O liox 88.  Telophon
No. 31. Hoover au'uui, Nelson.   Uottlors of tlit
(��uioud au Loou Hot Sprlnirs Mluersi Wutor
CIANK ti .MAl'llONAl.l) (11. Oium, Jama
/ A. Mucdunnldl���ArelntooUi and Hunurln
UiudonLs, Hi uk,:ii lilll llluck, corner Bakur and
Ward tiireuu, ..i:I^,ii
HJ. KVAN8 sc CO.-Uaker Street, Net
��� son���Wholtaale dealers In liquors, ol-
Kara, ccinenl, lire brick upd lire clay, water
pi in: aud btuol iiiilH, mill gnuural cuinliilsHlo n
A MACDONALD & Co.-Corner fron
��� and Hall Streets��� Wholesale grocer
und jobburri in blankuts, gloves, mitts, boots
rubbers, mackiiiuwH and milium' sundries,
Ii   DUHNd & Co.- linker Street, Nelmn-
. ���   VVbolusalo doalors in fresh and cured
menu..   Cold Sloraxo.
\\; Ka'l'   KOOTKNAY   itUTCiiKH   Co.-
\\     Daktir SLroet, Nelson���Wholesale daa
era in fruali and cured niuats.
Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale dBalalg lo
hardware, miners' Huppiieti, sporting goods
Vf 'LACHLAN 11KOS. (Successors to Van
-LVX couver HnrdwareCo, Ltd., Baker Street,
Nelsoii���Wholesale dealers In hardware and
iiuulug supplier, plumbers' aud tinsmiths' sup
i_l| painid, oils aun glsss; uieehanios' tools
Agents foi Ouuu'lo I'ow.ler Works; afnalnlte
WANTED���Two woman cooks, hotel
$511; two general servants,|25; waitresses, , others. R. Purely, Employ
ment Agent, P. O.   Box 583, Phone 44.
$21 IN CASH, j
imoneywXbo divided equally. For instance should 5 persons send in corrects
1 aMWenTeach will receive #0) should 10 persona send in correct answers, J
I ChwSl receive $20 ; twenty persons $10 each    We do thisto introduce j
our firm and goods wo handle M ouloWy M pojjlbte.   REND NO MONEY i
WITH YOUR ANSWER.   This is a FBEE contest.
.111.1*   iuul'.'   r    . ; , n t.l.,��� In,,,, n her,>ntl
A poet card will
ThoVo wh"hn"vo'not received anything from other contents, Vy this one.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mini.ip; Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnishved.
H, E- OROASDAILE Agent Nelson.
incorporated under the laws of British Columbia.
Capital $ 1.000,000 in 1,000.000 Shares. Par Value 11.00 Each.
All Trcniiury Slock.   Mo Promoters' mill No Preferred ��loeIc.
Cambourne Oroup. 9 Claims Oyster Group, 6 Claims
Located in (he Free Gold Fish River Camp,   Lardeau Mining Division, Hritish Columbia.
Large Veins. Free ���"ing Gold Ore
��� vn'W of the splendid showings of both high and low
md  the unrivalled  facilities  for  the economica1
developing and working of the properties, it ^confidently ex
PKKK llllllliiir Void Properties���We are
mixlhim to secure a few free uillltnK gold
propertlM al once. The Prospector's Kx-
cbmiKe, Nelson, It. <:, Umiii 4, H.-W.-C.
<;<>t,���� Hii.vmt.��:oppku LE4U���Mines   and
prosper!K rruntcd.  Hend report aud sample* to the Prospector's Exchange. Nelson.
B.O.   Itooin I K.-W.-C. block.
Real Estate, insurance, Money to Loan.
O-Rooinllonse, modern, Ji3.50
��-l!oom House, Victoria St., $20.
S-ltoom House,  modern, 810.
Several small houses.
For Sole, a good garden plot.
2 loiaOhBorvatory St. $450.
Spokane Falls A
Northern RV
Nejgon *fc Fort
Sheppard R'v
11 lUKNElt, BKKTON & Co.-Oorner Vernon
X. und JohQuttuie dtruele, Nelson���Whole
huie doalei-u in liiruors, ciksxh, aud dry goods,
ak,:iii ������ for I 'ttbsi. Hrowiug Co. ot Milwaukee
and Calgury Jlrewilig (Jo. of Calgary.
HUll.-.'.IN'S DAY Co.- Wholosalo groosnes
and liquors ���ic, Hnkor blreeb, Nelson.
1> Ollleu eoniur Hull and Krone Htreels
Nelson���Lunihor, oeillng, ilooring, and every
UiinK in v.-i,.;< 1 for building purposes. Get out
prieuH.   Corrusponduiitie solicited.
ril   HAI.UIN Sr, CO.-   Healer,, In  ore sacks
and I Willi's.   Alwayti a largo Htock on
liiuiti. TelepbonoittW. Koom H. K.-W.-C Block
Dominion and
Land Surveyor,
Wind armere Mines.   torrcsBondenoeSollolt
Red Mountain R'v.
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffet
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
U. S.
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east  and  west.
Only 10 hours to Seattle and 18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all liuropean points.
If yon don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's.
became you never taatud it
grade ore and  the unrivalled  facilities  for  the economical
oping and working o       ,    .      . .
p,oted that, not only will the ??���^�����a����i ^sold
uuicklv  but thdt no more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for
stock to
^  ��, i������  n  r Official Broker.
P. O. Box 55^', Nelson, B. c.
.. .Hpoknne 7:35 p.ro
 ltoHHlnnd 4:10 p. iu
...Nelson 0:05 p.m
A. JACKSON, G. P. ft T.A.
Spokane  Waal,
Airenl.. Nelson. B.I)
1:1 ::;!> p.m..
10:111 ii. ra..
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral   '���>'����<: and mines suiveyed.
obtained in all eountrieii
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
OARS : : :
in  addition  to  usual  equipment   on
Crows' Nest Section.
Leave Kootenay Landing
Tuesday and Friday for St
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for Toronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
For lici tliH, tiiui'tiililim, rates and full
information apply to.
H. L. Brown,
Oily l'iiHH��iif(nr Agentl
J. 8. Oartkr,
Ola. Puna. Agt.
A. O. P. A.
If there is anything yon rwjnira.asit
Cor  it  In    b* ssslMHl  udheUimm, ���Wis���
Nelson Daily Miner b��N jay, October 27,  igoi
A  strong  romantlo story j    A wagon   load  of  supplies  was
has a flavor  that  appeals
to all aud lu "Heart   and
Soul"   Mrs.   Skinner  has
e       ��� produced such a book. The
jOtll wonderful  variety  of  the
hero's advoutures can only he approached by a perusal ot the book.
As the plot/commencing on Ihe border
of Windsor and Detroit shifts to New
York, Pari* and Iho Southern States
the roader will find exciting reading
throughout the whole story. This
book is in our popular 79c series, and
is on exchange to members of our
reading club. Have you joined it
yet? If not, we will be pleased to
iiiivo you do so, we are sure that the
service we can give you will please
1 The public school staff of the city,
part of the post office staff and a
number of other mountaineers
ascended the mountain on the other
side of the Jake yesterday.
The Socialistic Educational Club
is arranging to hold a Poverty
Social on All Hallowe'en, at the
residence of Miss M. B. Merrill, on
Victoria street, four doors above
the city gaol.
The morning sermon at the Baptist church today will be upon the
subject of "Sanctification," and the
evening/discourse upon "The Silence
of God." A hearty invitation extended to everybody.
The derrick on the city wharf has
again been put in position by the
postoffice contractors and now
appears to be none the worse for its
The Chinamen at Thirteen-Mile
Point yesterday shipped in two more
tons of potatoes from their ranch
This brings their shipments of this
article of diet up to thirty tons during the present month.
Owing to the low stage ol water
in the lake the steamers now stop
at the extreme end of the city
wharf, the water at the float not being sufficiently deep. The lake has
again started to sink to a lower
level and is now but four inches
above last winter's lowest mark.
' The Socialistic Educational Club
will discuss the proposed agreement
between the City Council and the
West Kootenay Power Company at
its meeting in the Miner's Union
Hall this afternoon, and will be
pleased to have present all interested in the principle of civic ownership.
Oould Hot Get Strength From It-
A Kplscopalian ministei of lillen-
ville.N. Y.,wbo Is interested not only
in the spiritual welfare nf his congregation, but in their physical well-being also, says, "I can now do an immense amount of Work and feci no fatigue, for the reason that I am using
lirnpe-Niits breakfast food and have
quit colliu entirely and am using Postum Food Coffee.
Myself and family are greatly Improved in health. Wo have largely
abandoned the use of white bread.
Upwards of twenty-five poisons have
ehanged their diet, on my rccomraen
datiou. It is gladly given, because 1
know, from personal experience,
whereof I speak."
It is a well-known faot that white
bread Is almost entirely composed of
starch and this is diuVult of digestion by many people, particularly
thus,' who have weak intestinal digestion. Tho result of the use of much
white bread is a lack of brain and
norvons power to do mental woik and
it also ciestes intestinal troubles, be
cause the excess of starch ferments in
the intestines and makes the coudi
tions right for the growth of microbes; whereas Grape-Nuts breakfast
food contains the needed starch, but
in a predigested form. That is, it is
transformed into grape sugar in the
process of manufacture and delivered
in tbe packages, ready cooked and in
such shape that it is immediately assimilated without hard work of tbe
digestive organs.
The food also contains the deli.-nte
particles ot phosphate of potash
which, combined with albumen, is
used by nature to make the gray mutter that must be In the cells if tbe
brain and the nerve centers thiongh-
out tbe body,In order to give strength
and ability to stand long and cont'r-
iii.us work. Hotli the Postum Food
Coffee aod Urade-Nnls are sold; by
ail nrsl-tilaea grocers.
shipped out to the May and Jennie
mine yesterday over the new road.
Supplies are new shipped to the
mines in the neighborhood of Forty-
Nine and Bird creeks at one half
the cost entailed before the road
was built.
Tonight, at Emmanuel church,
Rev. Wm. Munroe will preach on
the subject announced, Christ in the
Storm. The anthems for the evening are as follows : The Lord is
King, by Leslie, and Sweet the
Moments, by Bierly. A cordial welcome is extended to everyone.
Messrs. Hunter and Wallace, who
went up to Killarney, on Arrow
'ake, last week on a hunting trip
returned Friday evening to Nelson.
They went with the intention of
getting deer but not finding any
contented themselves with grouse,
of which they brought back fifteen
plump specimens.
Speaking of the present magnificent weather, an old-timer yesterday stated that in 1892 there was a
similar long period of fine weather
which lasted through October and
November and half of December,
only three wet days occurring in
that time, the rest being bright and
clear. The rainfall for the past
thirty days has been only one-eighth
of what it was during the corresponding period last year.
The workmen who are putting in
the six-inch water main on Vernon
street between Stanley and Ward
streets have found it necessary to
build a box flume to carry the pipe
across the remains of the ravine
thiough which Ward creek ran before it was turned into the sewer.
This pipe will complete another circuit and add immensely to the volume of water available in case of
fire in the neighborhood of Vernon
and Ward streets.
A number of the freight tugs plying on Kootenay lake were in port
yesterday. The Hercules brought
in two barges loaded with limestone
from the quarry at Kaslo for the
Hall smelter ; the Surprise came in
from Pilot Bay with a barge loaded
with lumber for the city wharf and
another barge with firewood for
local dealers ; and the Ymir came
in from Procter for supplies. At
Procter the Ymir left a barge with
twelve empty cars and two loaded
with steel, the latter being consigned to Lardo.
A. McCulloch, track engineer of
the K & A. Railway, writes to make
the following correction in the report in the Miner of Tuesday last of
the death of Claude Durkee cfi that
railway last Sunday. Mr, Durkee
was in the act of making a coupling
instead of turning a switch when the
accident occurred and he was not
dragged under the wheels. From
the time the w heel struck his foot
until the train stopped the train did
not move more than eighteen inches,
or the distance from the foot to the
knee. Mr. and Mrs. Durkee never
resided in Nelson. While Mr. Durkee has been in the west, in the
country adjacent to Nelson for two
or three years, his family moved
here from St. Paul only a few
months ago.
R. Marpole, superintendent of the
Pacific division, 11. J. Cambie, chief
engineer; Grant Hall, master
mechanic ; William Downie, superintendent of the Kootenay division ;
and Campbell Sweeney, of the Bank
of Montreal, Vancouver, arrived in
this city yesterday from their trip to
Lardo and Sandon, and report that
they had a pleasant trip. The fact
that they travelled over the K. & S.
road gave rise to the rumor that the
C. P. R. was about to take over
that road. Thomas Tait, master of
transportation, whom Mr. Marpole
came here to meet, is expected to
arrive todiy. He came west on his
private car and will arrive with it on
the car barge from Kootenay Landing. Mr. Marpole and Mr. Tait
will inspect the C, P.R. in Kootenay
and then it is thought they will proceed   to the Coast.
Sometimes a fortune, but never if
you have a sallow complexioD.a jaundiced look, moth patches and blotches
on the skin���all signs of Liver
Trouble. Hut Dr. King's New "Lilo
Pills give Clear Skin, Rosy Cheeks,
Rich Complexion. Only 25 eentr, at
Canada Drug & Hook Co. "ZZZ
���IN THE���
under the auspices of the
Methodist Church by
Rev. Elliott S. Rowe,
of Victoria.   Subject
"Where Are We At?"
H. H. PIA.YF0ED ii
& CO.
���  Tobacco
I Phone 117
"Zbe 1Rov>al Bank of Canaoa"
Incorporated 1869.
Capital   AulhorUdl,
<U,��M,aoe.M I Capital Paid-nil,
Boar,I or Director*
Wiley Heilth  H. Q. Iteuld, Hon. David Mac
*     T* III.lit is
rhoraaa El Konny, President;   Thomas Kltohle. Vloe-lwi.,7
Hon. David MacKoea. w ' nwnieut
���lead onlec, Halifax 1
General Manager. Kdson L. Pease, Montreal.	
Superintendent pi llraiiclies. and Sooretary, W. B. Torrance. Halifax
Branches I
dm-licc���Montreal, (City
West End <Cor._Notri
nenre    ' ...       ,
Avenue and UU Catharines utrani,
Ontario-Ottawa. ""'
Newfoundland���Bt. John's.
Cuba. West ladles���Havana,
Nora   nentla-Halilax   Branch,   AntlgonM-
Brldgewater, Oursboro. Londonderry, i.u
unburn. MalUand (Hante Co.), i'lclou, Port
Hawkesbury, Sydney. 8hubonacadie,Truro,
New    Brunswick ��� Bathurst,     Dorohostor,
Krederlcron, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sack vllle, St, John, Woodstock-
1'. E. Island���Churlottotown, Uumuiursldo.
n:..d (<��.. Notre "Smi'and'ft
Btrootsl; Wostmount (Cor uS
0 and bt. Catharines Bt����, """���
""'{��?���;��.e,Vas��hW YOTk W "��*����� H*
Admission 25c.        Commence 8 p. m.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
We carry a complete stock of Coast Flooring
Colling, Iiuldo Finish, Turned Work, Bash and
1 toors. Special order work will receive prompt
itttciilioir   Mall ordcra flolicited.
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction in service, taking place
Sunday 29th instant. 40 minute
service before 11 a.m. and after
7.40 p. m.    20 minutes between.
ntanley Bt.
7,00 a  m
7.20 a. m.
Every 20  minutes
hetween, at  the
past and
20 to.
Forks, Nanalmo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria. '
Correspondents 1
Canada���Morohantn Rank of Canada.   Boston���National Shawmut Bank.   Chlcazo-iiii,,ni
Trunt and Savings Bank.   8an Francisco���First National Bank.   London,   Kiik.-Hunk  ,,t
Scotland.   r*rl��, rranee���Credit Lvonimta.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda.   China and J.
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   npokane-Old National Bank.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of exchange  Uauzh
and Sold, Letters of Credit, etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorablo terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.G.
Itogimlow 1
7.20 p m
Porto RiooLumberCo.,
Head OlnoR���H��"H��tt and Vlttnrm ��t. Nolan"
tbadc     This
MARK       stamped on every
garment, insures
Hyou genuine
the most perfect, most healthful,
mosl  delightfully comfortable ,
underwear nude.   Endorsed
by physicians.
for ��������. Women aa
Allflmcliw. DryOw
v .Stored keep full
The Ladles' Aid Society of St.
Paul's Presbyterian clincrh will hold
n sale of work and llalluwo'mi .supper
in the stores next In tho Lawrence
Hardware Co., on Thursday, Octoher
:iit,t. Th.1 sale of work will begin at
'! o'cloca and anpaei from 6 30 to 8
o'clook. Afternoon tea nil] be
H. & M. BIRD
82250���Six roomed house on Victoria
street, close to the city hall all
improvements. Cash $1050, balance easy terms,
fsoo��� Three roomed furnished honsc
and rill-foot lot on Hoover   street.
81100���Two story house and corner lot
closo to depot. Cash $500, balance easy terms.
815.00���Pour roomed   cottage on Ward
SIX.00���Six room house on Robson St.,
close to Stanley struct.
10,000   Ruyston   Hold    Mining   Co.
shares for sale at 5 cents.
Civil engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box 14.1 NelHon, B.C.
Do  sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S UUTTA PERCHA FUSE.nnt
something that looks   like   it.    Lawrence Hardware Co., Agents.
nnd try ft bottle, a dozen, or n, barrel of
CALGARY BEER aa it In tho bmt and
ohojurUHt on the market. Aim trr onr
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    OIQARS.
A. TAMBLYN. M.N.��...
*****"��� BU, Nelaon
Tele phono 03
.'ml Kiyht Yean Tortured With Asi.hnm
Kept in an Aii'iiKl.t Itoom for Mouths
WiwCuml WithQlorko'fl Kola Compound
Mr. L.O- UMiitnciiN. (\ p. K. nogfneor . Winnipeg, Man. wriUn: "My Hon.wlioirt juhIo'kI.-
teen yonrrt nfiiKn, hnx Ih.cii ii torriblu HuflVrrr
from uxihmik for uIkIiI year*. Hundred*! of
ilnlLii ������< 1 Hpent on doctorH nnd rumudifH durlnfr
Otero yoftW only ImniKht temporary rolcf. For
innntliH he wm kept in nn ulrliKht room.
About tho llrnt of Sent ember, l&H, wol purchased enme Cwie'e Kola Compound Ho
took in till M'vrn l>i;ttU" and box tflDOe bcoh
completely eunil. It Iiiih ocrlntuly hoot, ft
lilt���H-.liiK to him." Hold by all druiCKttcUi. Kn-
o ono nu ceiiU in Hlaiupn for free HAiuple. lo
the OH flthMand Miu pho;��on Co., lJmiu*L 121
Church wlreet. Toronto.
rt*e��JelvJ.JlV��Mt��nf Nehen.    a
last rar.
to "
Blanlry 81
7.20 p. m.
j. 20
lo 40
last car to switch
The Canadian Bank of Commerce I
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
West Transfer Co.
Coal m Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac  Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Offlfie on   Baknr Street Tel. 83
J. C. GW1LIJM, B-,  So.,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B C.
For domestic or steam use.
A- full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R, offices.
Is   lame    or    intei feres
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
Will pay the highent wish price for nil
kinds of Honnnil hand goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarporta,
-ooking QtensiU, bought in hoasebold
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box gOO. Hall
Hfrnt. Nelaon. H   O
Corpoiation of the City of
Notice to Municipal Totem,
Notice is hereby given that under
the provision of tho "Miinioipal Kleo-
tion Act," the following are entitled
to vote for Mayor nntl Aldermen nt
City Municipal Elections,  viz.:
Anv mule or female, being a Ilritlsh
subject of the full age of twenty-one
years, who lins paid on or before the
First Day of November an Municipal
Rates, Taxes, Assessments, and
License Fees
payable by him or her, and
"Who is tho anscssed owner of lands
or of improvements or the nasessed
occupier of lamls wilhiu the Municipality, or
"Who is a resident of and carries
on business, and is the bolder of a
traders' license in tbe Municipality,or
"Who is a houMholdor within the
Householders are required on or
before the first day of Ilecember to
enter with the undersigned, their
names bh a voter, and to dePver at
the same lime a statutory declaration
in the form provided by ihe statute.
Citv Clerk.
Nelaon, 1). c, October lBtb, umi.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,oiX),0Uil;    Reserve   Fund,   ��2,000,001);
Aggregate   Resources Over $05,0011,(mil.
HON. GKO. A. COX, President.      B. B. WALK Kit, Ueneral Mannger.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Oflice; 16 Rxchang-e Place.
And 68 bronchos in raniula and the ijnitixl States, lnoludlngi
Atlw Greenwood Nelson Sandon
Cranbrook        Kamuhu'm Nkw Westminster   Vancouver
Fbhnik Nanaimo Kosbland Victoria
YUKON DlSTItlCT-DAwsoN and White House.
UNITK1I STATES���New York, San Franciboo, Seattle;, Portland, Skaoway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.  Present Bate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Just Received
A large Shipment of
Portable Basket Grates, And-Irons,
Brass Fire Sets,
Brass Fenders,
Spark Guards-
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orderi by mall to a��w branch will have careful aatl utimat attention.
3E i
NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON. B. 0.
2o1^'c.811v,cr"Lcad  alul  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FllBB   MILLING   GOLD  properties   wanted at onco for Eastern
Parties  having  mining
samples of their ore to the E   .���..���..
We desire  to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in Uiitish Columbia.
^iiA1x?,01T!Cut,0.r8LHn?  m,uinB*  "".en  are requested   to make  the EX-
Wl ANUl'. their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by cxprcsfl, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited,    Address all communications to
property for  sale arc   requested to send
BXCIIANUE for exhibition.
(, nn siuni
1 ��� Correspo
J >    Telephone Nc.
104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. 0.    .
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.  o.  TRAVES.  Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nrlson.
Oittwri py m*il receive careful and prompt attention^


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