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Nelson Mercantile Review May 14, 1901

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Daily Edition No. 1036
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Tuesday,   May 14,  1901
Eleventh   Year
The Thriving and Prosperous Metropolis
of the Kootenays.
Manufacturing and Commercial Center of the World Famed
Kootenay District.���Historical Sketches and Mercantile Reviews of the Leading Wholesale and Retail Merchants. Manufacturers.    Etc.,    Etc.
There nre not many people who
have not liearil favorably of Nelson.
But tlie nuinhei of those who have
studied the. causes of the remarkable
growth ami development witnessed
here are few as yet. Nelson, though
practically a vomits eity. '">9 IoD8
since censed to he an experiment ai.d
today is recognized as thc coining city
Of the inland empire. The pillars
Upon which its ultimate prosperity is
fouded ere of a most substatial character, ofTciing the stnnnchest guarantee for the city's ultimate future.
Strange to say the historian has used
but little ink either examining into
Or dcsciihing the history of this part
of Hritish Columbia or the eity of
Nelson. Why, cannot be conjectured,
nnt surely on account of dearth of
material, for the early history of Hritish Columbia abounds in legends and
romances that outrival the tales and
myths or classic limes. It is a history
replete with chivalry; of sturdy adventurers; of the Indian and Ills depredations und opposition to tin.' tread
Of advancing civilization ; a story of.
privations, starvation and ultimate
success: a tale of men with hearts of
oak and nerves of steel, who knew no ,
fear and who were the pioneers thiit:
blazed the trails, made the roads,
found the mines, and made possible
tlie glorious futnie that is even
now unfolding its wings of gold and
makes this both a heaven and homo
for all who seek the shelter of its
hospitable area; and it is this city
so replete with everything that constitutes the nucleus of a great mining
metropolis that we will endeavor to
hoi tray lo our readers that they may
nave sonic idea of its trades, manufactories and industries, of our prosperity and of the possibilities of
the future. In so doing the writer will
make no pretentions to a flowery How
of language nor exaggerated assertions, but con tine himself lis nearly as
possblc to fuels, giving statistics as
tbey have been gathered from the best
authorities from time to time, and in
writing of these, so closely are we
connected with the surrounding coun-
try��that Rome description must he given of that also. Therefore we will
commence with
The Kootcnny Distiict is hounded
on the north and east by the Carilo
district in Hritish Columbia and Alberta, on the west by LUlooet and
Yale, and on thc south by the United
States boundary line and this district
contains more mineral wealth than
any other portion of British Columbia
and to undertake a description of the
different dividend paying mines of
thc Kootcnny would require more
space than is contained in this enl'ne
su.iplnient. and as this work is Intend-
el more to give outsiders a description
of Nelson than a representation of the
mineral distiict wo will simply men
tion   a   few   of   the   most prominent
mines in the immediate vicinity.
Located sonic five miles from the eity
on Toad mountain is the Hall Mines,
which were located some dozen years
ago. It is one of the pioneer mines
of tlie Kootenay ; it showed rich ore
from the grass roots, and was sold
when only a prospect to the English
syndicate which is still operating it.
Timiu is an aerial tramway which
connects the mines with this company's smelter in this city. This
group has not only heen a dividend
payer from tbe start, but the immense improvements and .levclopment
work done, as well as the smelter,
which lias the largest blast copper furnace in the world with a capacity of
:.'S0 tons per day and a blast silver-lead
furnace with a capacity of 100 tons
pur day. Two huge calcining furnaces
and two reverboratory furnaces have
all been constructed from the prolilsof
the mine. Among other dividend paying mines in the immediate vicinity
of Nelson we will mention the Atha-
busea, Granite, Doorman, Venus,
Molly Gibson, and also the May and
.lennie, which is owned by a French
syndicate, Mr. J. J. Fleutot being
the local manager. This company is at
present putting up a mill and making
numerous other improvements. We
could continue page after page with
the desci iption of the di lie re tit dividend paying mines of this section, hut
will simply say that in no mining
section on the continent has there
been so little booming done or bo few
wild cat mining propositions on the
maiket as in this section. Tho mines
have been developed by honest companies, and while there has never
been the rush and excitement so often
witnessed in mining camps there has
been a steady development from the
lirst and to this fact In no small
degree is due the steady growth of
the city which is today the commercial center of this great inland mining empire.
was laid out and plotted by Arthur
Hunting iu 1887. Howevei some dispute arose between Hunting and the
mining recorder and nothing was done
until 1888,when Mr. Gilbert M.Sproat,
the gold commissioner, arrived and
declined this land to be covered by a
government reserve. Hunting and
other pic-einptois were crowded off,
with the exception of Mr. Henry Anderson, who still stayed with it. Up
to this time tlie town had been known
as Salisbury. Sproat now changed the
name to Stanley and he and Anderson
continued to contest eacli other's right
until the beginning of 1889, when the
gold commissioner left and was succeeded by G. 0. Tunstall. What there
was of the town bore two names until
a postofllce was established, when a
compromise was made and It was
given tlie name of Nelson In honor of
the lieutenant-governor of the province.  With the   lioh mineral <ll��-;ovcr-
ies on Toad Mountain Nelson begun
Its prosperity. The first general store
was established by Drury and Devine
The first hotel wns owned hy .lohn F.
Ward, which was a commodious tent.
Mr. James A. Gilker, who now conducts one of the largest clothing and
furnishing houses ill the Kootenays,
opened for business in 1880, also in a
tent. The first school was established
in 181)1, which was presided over by
the Kev. T. H. RogerB, the accommodations being a room in thc residence
of I)r. E, C. Arthur. From the start
Nelson has had a steady growth.
Never having experienced n fictictious
boom the town has gradually grown
as the demands of the smrounding
country demanded it, until it has
reached its present importance. While
the census just taken has not been
made public there is no question but
it will give this city
of between 5,500 and   11,000   souls, by
odds the largest town in Eastern Hritish Columbia.    Nelson lias long   since
been noted for her
and no town of its size on the North
Ameri.an continent can boast of as
many exclusive wholesale concerns ns
this city; however, a careful study of
the transportation facilites explains
this at once. All the great timber
and mineral belt to the east being
made tributary to this city by the
Crow's Nest Pass railroad to Kootenay
Landing and thence by boat. The
large mining district of the Bound,
ary country to the west is esnnected
by the C. P. It., via Robs.*. The
Slocan country via C. P. R. to :Slocan
City. The country to the north is
made tributary as far as Revelstoke,
via Arrow Lake steamers from Robson, and also the Lardo country, which
is one of the most promising mineral
districts in Hritish Columbia, is made
directly tributary to Nelson via
steamers on Kootenay Lake and also
a branch road now being constiucted
by the C. P. R, to connect with her
steamers at the head of Lake Kootenay. We also have the Spokane &
Northern which gives us an outlet io
the south, m well as the Kootenay
Railway A Navigation Co., which
has steamers that mnke regular trips
to all points on the lakes and connects
with the Great Northern at Kusko
noon. The city of Nelson is located
in the center of one of the largest
and richest mineral and timber producing countiies in Canada and is
directly connected with every mining
camp, sawmill or settlement for 180
miles to the north, 250 miles to the
east, 150 miles to the south, and 200
miles to the west, by either water or
rail, a.d when the connections nre
made arid the bridge built at Kootenay landing and the C. P. R. extended from Midway to the coast (and it
is only a question of a short time until this is done), all through trains
of the C. P. B. will then be run over
the Crow's Nest Pass road and Nelson
will be located on the greatest transcontinental line on tho western hemisphere. Nelson also boasts of an up-
whicli is operated hy thc Nelson
Tramway Co., an English corporation which Is also largely interested
in Nolson real estate, hotli business
and residence. They arc nlso owners
of the park, which is connected with
the city hy their line. The eompany
arc making extensive iuipro/ements
on the park grounds and as it is located on the lake front and the surroundings are all that could be wished
for, there is no question but Nelson
will before the season closes have a
resort to bo proud of. One of the
most important as well as fortunate
features of   Nelson   is   that she owns  manufacturing of Nelson, wc now ask
and makes the necessity of any engine
unnecessary for lire purposes, and also
gives to the city one of the best natural sewerage systems in existence.
Nelson hns nn excellent
which is composed of four paid men,
is supplied with all the necessary apparatus and has an electric (he alarm
system, and is under the management
of Mr Thomas Lillie, who has proven
himself an efficient   chief.     When it
comes to
Nelson is second to none. She has
Owo large publio schools buildings.
Mr. J, II. Soady, principal, where
every advantage is giveu to scholars.
There arc also kindergartens and private schools, a thoroughly up-to-date
business college in the city, besides
the Sisteis of St. Joseph seperate
school, which is Hie best sepeinte
s.'hool building in the province and
is conducted by most efficient teachers.
The different
represented in Nelson comprise almost every known seel, and while
tiiis city is a typical mining camp, it
is noted far and near not only for its
many church and ministers as well as
the large attendance enjoyed by all,
but the high morality of its citizens
in general, and the entire absence of
the rough element usually accorded to
mining towns. The Episcopal, the
Methodist, the Presbyterian, the llap-
tist, Congregational and Catholics all
have nice buildings anil resident pastors,while the strongest branch of the
Salvation army in Hritish Columbia
is located in this eity. They have a
first class full brass band and a large
following.      The      Kootenay      Lake
is located in this city and is  supplied
with ail the modern paraphernalia and
hair an   excellent staff   of   physicians
and nurses, under the direct supervision of Dr. Doherty.    All the
are represented and have,large   memberships and  good   attendance.   The
city also boasts of one   of the best organized
in western Canada. Mr. Grange V.
Holt is president, and Mr, F. W.
Swannell is secretary. Mr. Swannell
has proven himself not only a very
etticieut olllcer,but a very enthusiastic
one, and to his untiring energy is duo
many of the advancements of the city.
There are needed in Nelson more
While Nelson is acknowledged to bo
one of the wealthiest towns of its size
in Canada, local capitalists have been
accustomed to such large returns from
regular mercantile and short investment systems as well as mining property investments, that thoy have been
slov to undertake manufacturing enterprises, and there is no question
but right hero in Nelson there are
more'openings for safe investments
with surer and safer returns than is
offered to
in any community on the continent.
Thc eity has expended a considerable
sum of inonev iii the last year in Improving the streets, putting In crossings and general repairs and every
part of the publio works of the city
arc in excellent condition, showing
plainly the elliciency of her otlieers.
The police force have lately received
new uniforms and helmets, and present a city appearance in every sense
of the teim. Wo ilo not propose to
draw on our imagination in picturing
Nelson's future, but we simply say
we have followed the settling of new
countries from the Missouri river
through to the Pacific const and nre
free to sny wc hnve never seen a country under the sun with the natural
resources and advantages, and offering the opportunities that does thiH
section in common, and Nelson in
particular, and to give final emphasis
to the grand truths concerning the
importance of the trade,commerce and
J.   G.   BUNVAN  A  CO.
that are
ecelVe  a
Wholesale and Retail Furniture  Dealers
Undertakers    and    Embalmers,
Baker  Sheet.
Among the new enterprises
constantly springing up Jn ow
eily lllere are none that will
more hearty welcome from the general
public than*J. G. Bunyan & Co., wholesale and retail furniture dealers.
Mr. Bunyan was for a number of years
connected with the linn of D, McArthur
a. Co. as salesman, while Mr. S. G.
Campbell, who forms the company, has
for a number of years been bookkeeper
for Klrkpatrick A Wilson, and these gentlemen have both made   many   friends.
The new store, located west on Bakei
street is being fitted up Inelegant' shape
and llieir large stock is constantly arriving, and as they have bought everything
new and from the leading manufacturers,
and shipping in car lots, they are ill a position lo quote prices that are bed rock.
Their slock will consist of every article
known to the furniture business, and in
bed-room and parlor suits they are exhibiting some of Ihe tinesl goods ever
broughl to Ibis oily.
They are also embalmers and undertakers and are prepared lo take charge of
fimeials, furnish hearse Hndas Iheyareex-
perts can guarantee perfect satisfaction al
reasonable prices.
The proprietors Messrs. J. G, Bunyan
A Co., are thorough business men and
the Review In wishing Ibis linn every success but utters Ihe sentiment of everyone
who knows them.
Dealers in Jcwelery, Watches, Clocks,
Silverware, etc.
It may be truthfully said that in no line
of business is Ihe average purchaser more
dependent upon the honesty of Ihe dealer
than when buying a tine jewel or Watch.
Nol one person in twenty knows any more
Of a watch than its exlernal appearance,
and the average person knows even less
of precious stones. How important ihen
that our jewelers should be men of recognized standing and integrity of character.
Considering Ihe above, it is gratifying
that Nelson has, in the firm of Brown
Bros., jewelers of well established reputation, earned by years of experience in the
trade and a uniform course ol" honor in all
business transactions.
Brown Bros', salesroom is one of the
most artistic and attractive in Nelson.
The elegance and the newness of everything gives the impression that the contents of the beautiful show cases have just
come from the hands of Ihe artists who
made them. Their stock is one of the
best in the Kootenays and embraces
everything known to the trade and usually
found in a first-class jewelery establish,
ment, including diamonds, watches,
clocks, fashionable jewelry, cut glass and
silverware, both sterling and plate. They
have a full line of souvenir and other
goods manufactured especially for their
trade, and being manufacturing jewelers,
make everything in special designs in the
way of badges, charms, trophies emblems,
We would also add that Mr. T. II.
Brown has taken a full course at the Canadian Ophthalmic College and is prepared
lo examine Ihe eyes and guarantee the
best of satisfaction in the filling of glasses.
This lirm carries a full line of optical
goods and are very reasonable in their
Their system of business is absolutely
one price and il is suffeient guarantee to
the excellence ol' an article thai il is
known to have come from this establishment.
real estate, relieving thc owners from
care. Ilis roll estate list contains
desirable town property, consisting of
residences, business property and lots
in every part of the city. We do not
propose to utter fulsome compliments,
but will say that this is one of the
most reliable real estate, insurance
and financial agencies in Western
In Hit) Insurance line this gentle
man represents some of tbe oldest and
stnuncliest companies doing business
in Canada in fire, life and giiaarntee
Headquarters for Groceries, Crock-
cry and Glass Ware.
Thei. is no more important factor
in the commercial and industrial
growth of a city than the grocery
trade and no morn unerring index or
text by which to judge its enterprise.
Flourishing, prosperous and well
established grocery firms indicate the
existence of qualifications among Ihe
citizens which are the surest evidence
of progress and development in commercial circles. Among the firms
in this line of business whose high
standing and marked reputation entitles them to proper Miction in a
work of Ibis kind is Wm. Hunter A
Co., in whose -salesroom are to be
found all kinds of staple and'fancy
gioceries, fruits, vegetables, etc, including a complete line of crockery,
queensware, glassware, lamps, etc.
This firm make a specialty of teas,
coffees, aromatic spices, condiments
and canned luxuries. They also have
stores in Alamo, Silverton, Three
Forks, and Phoenix,' B. 0. They im-
port direct from first hands and in
laige quantities, and by this means
are io a position to quote prices as
low as the lowest. Pillions will find
Mr. T. H. Wilson, the genial man
ager, a thorough business man, well
posted, and ever ready and willing
to extend to customers every courtesy
of tho business.
her own wnter works system and also
her own
both of   which aie on a paying   basis
nnd a   source   of   a great   deal of revenue to the   eily,   malting   it   almost
self-supporting.    Tho
Is a gravity system, the supply being
derived from mountain streams piped
to a reservoir located on the mountain above the city,and while the water is melted snow and perfectly pure
the pressure In the city is strong
enough to throw a   stream   from   the
the privilege of intorducing to all of
our rcuders the representative business
establishments of tho city nnd iu
so doing we tltitter ourselves that a
more satisfactory method of leave-
taking could not be conceived, for unquestionably theio uinsl bo a strong
desire on the part of those into whose
hands these papers fall to become
more thoroughly familial with the individual character of a community
that evinces such a spirit of modern
day progressiveDess and courageously
pushes aside every obstacle that dares
to obstruct the fruition ot its ambition to become prominent through the
hydrants over any building iu the city . acts of pence und industry
Real   Estate   and    Insurance���Baker
The management of a leal estate
and insurance business requires as
much marked ability, promptness In
uctinn, keen perception nnd conservative judgment us any business transuded ill Nelson. Mr. A. 11. Sherwood
is in an eminent degree possessed of
these qunliilcnlions, nnd is nlso a good
judge of the value of real estate,which
has won for him the confidence of
property owners. In a review to be
circulated largely in and outside of
the city and designedly to call attention to Nelson as a commercial and
miiiiiilaeluriiig cenUr, we take pleasure in giving n biief mention nf this
well known antl popular gentleman,
Mr. Sherwood since his beginning in
business lias characterized nil bis
trnnsuctions by honest und fair dealings, nnd with such u business policy
has built up a large and lucrative
trade. This gentleman buys, sells,
rents, collects, makes loans, pays
tuxes for non-residents nnd looks ufter
Wholesale Merchants,
The first large eastern wholesale
firm to recognize the importance of
Nelson as the commercial center of tlie
Kootenays was A. Macdonald & Co.,
ol Winnipeg. This firm have their
large two story and basement store
nnd wnierooins located in this city,
convenient to both railroad tracks and
wharfs. Tbey are importers of teas,
coffees, spice., thied fruits, tobaccos,
cigarettes and cigars. They are also
among the haveiest dealer, in staple
and fancy grocercis, farm, dairy anil
packing house products. Tbey nre
also wholesale jobbers in blankets,
woolcu underwear, mackinaw clothing, miners' boots, rubbers, mitts and
gloves,overalls and staple furnishings,
The Nelson branch is under the pel-
sonal management of P. Chapnnn,
and to his social standing, business
nlbllty and untiring energy, coupled
witli the ability of the house to
quote pi ices beyond dispute, is due the
large and constantly increasing trade
of flic Nelson house.
R. Hurry, Proprietoi���Open Hay nnd
In writing of the large and smaller
concerns of Nelson that Strangers
may huve some idea of the different
enterprises of our city wc could not
Oluit to give prominent, ment ion to the
popular Delmonico Cufe,   situated ul-
most in the heart of the business district on linker street is to liu found
one of the neatest and coziest dining
mid lunch rooms in this putt of the
country. Here is to bo had nny vnri-
ety of delicacies the market affords
and everything in this place is lustily
arranged and the service is of that
superior ordor which makes one feel
nt home. Tlie popularity of this place
���which bus no Chinese, employing
nothing but white help- is attested
by the large number of business men
who patronize the well known cufe.
The  accommodating   proprietor,   Mr.
Hurry,lias had an extensive experience
ill conducting resorts of this nature,
and wc can truthfully say that he
thoroughly understands his business,
nnd we will sny to travellers, business men, or any one, in fact, if yon
want a Bquare meal or lunch, yon
can do no better than patronize the
Delmonico Cafe. Patrons will Und
Mr. Hurry pleasant, congenial and
Obliging, ever willing to extend to
them every courtesy of tlie business
and tbe ehnigosare always reasonable.
Dry Goods, I..: il, ,' Clothing, Furnish.
i ,���.,   Eto.
In giving   a   commercial   review of
Nelson   wc   find some   firms  who by
close    attention   to    business   coupled
wilh honest, liberal   treat nt to  all
customers as well as supplying them
will a .superior article ul merchandise
huve built for themselves a reputation
aud trude seldom achieved in a town
the size of Nelson. Such a linn is Martin O'Reilly & Co., headquarters for
dry goods, ladies' wear ���f every description, nol ions, novelties, etc.
The dress goods department comprises
one of the most olaborate selections
in this section, from the finest of imported fabrics,in ,-,|| t|���. |atest ,,.,,., Vl,Si
styles and patterns from tin- finest to
the cheapest, Shirtwaists, ladies'
tailoi made cost nines, Indies'aud ohil-
dien's underwear, laces, embroideries,
handkerchiefs, umbrellns, gloves,
hose,and a thousand uml ,,���,. specially
imported novelties and trimmings.
O'Reilly & Co, have built a reputation for their store which extends not
only over the entire city of Nelsou
but the entire Knooenay district, and
their immense mail order business comprises by no means a .small portion
Of their trade. The store IS located on
Halter and Josephine Btreets in one of
the most handsome blocks in the city
and O'Reilly's is a household word
among all the leaders of lashion. In
conclusion wc will but say that these
gentlemen's business, built as it is upon Hie broadest laws of equity, could
not be otherwise than successful as
well as popular.
Manufacturers of Hrick and Lime nnd
Owners of  Kootenay Lake Marble
Quarries���Baker street.
Among the many manufacturing industries of Nelson there are none that
occupy a hlghei position or 'hat it
gives lis greater pleasure to mention
ill a work of this kind than does the
Mansfield Mfg, Co..whose commodious
olliee is located on Halter street. This
firm, besides being owners cf tho
Kootenay Lake marble quarries, which
received the highest awards nt the
Paris exposition last year, are also
manufacturers of brlok and lime.
Their large brick yards are located in
the eastern purl of the city whcio
thoy have nil the latest improved machinery for the turning out of a superior article. The pressed and
moulded brick used in the contruo-
tion of the K.-W.-0, block were manufactured by this company and the
mere fact that this company received
diplomas and medals at the Spokane
Industrial Exposition is all that need
be said in regard to this product.
They are also manufacturers of a superior quality of lime, which is perfectly pure, making it not only very
desirable fin plastering anil the making of morter, but ul.su for finishing
purposes and especially adapted for
lliixing, We will hut say ill conclusion
that the proprietors as well as tho
manager, Mr. T. (I. Haultain, are
men of push and ability, noted for
their business enterprise, und ns the
city of Nelsou advances, which it is
sine to continue to do, this firm will
enlarge the different branches of its
business to meet   all demands.
Manufacturer .>i  rents  and   Awnings.���
Dealer  in Clothing and Gents'
The above establishment, which forms
Ihe headquarters for Mr. Theodore Mad-
son's business, is worthy of special men-
lion in these columns,
Mr. Madson conducts a lent nnd awning factory, where everything in the line
of canvas is kept in shark or built Ut or.
der. Ho is nlso conducting on Baker
street n clothing nnd   gent's   furnishing
store which is supplied wilh ;i full line of
up-to-date tailor-lilting men's nnd youth's
clothing, shirts, underwear,, sho.-s, etc.,
but owing ta' the enormous Increase in
tlur lent and uwniilg business Mr. Mud-
saui has commenced a closing out sale in
liu? clothing and furnishing lines in order
thut lie may give his entire attention lo
his other business. The sale is now on
and goods .in' now selling al ridiculously
low plica's, in many cases below the actual cost of iiinmifnclure. This gentleman Informs ns ihal Ihe s.-,ie will continue until tin- enlire snu-k is disposed ol
ai which lime he will enlarge the tent
land awning factory very materially, expecting to make il by otitis the largest
and best canvas goods  establishment  In
ibis sectl
ion ot the country. =^____._...;���.   ���"'-��� -'^'^.^sy J___rr3*a����_^.,______
Incorporates   1670.
The Great Stores of the Great
Headquarters for Every Art!
cle of General Merchandise.
Ii giving a commercial review
the business houses of any town in
the western part of Canada, the above
linn naturally takes the lead. This
corporation has done business ovei the
northern part of North America for
ovei 200 years, and it would be utterly impossible for us lo al tempt a
history o' their operations during that
time. Today some thirty general
Btores and some 200 trading posts arc
operated by them, besides various
other industries in which they are engaged.
Tbeir inaiigiflecnt cslalil'sincnt in
Nelson is under the same liberal, enterprising and courteous management
that characterizes this company's
method of doing business everywhere . Their store, a new, beautiful and commodious building, is centrally located on thc comer of linker
and Stanley streets. It is built of
brick and stone, contains two stores
and has a basement 00x00 feet, extending under all. Ilic store fittings,
counters, etc., arc of quartered oak
and beautifully finished. It contains the largest stock of diy goods,
clothing, gents' furnishings, boot and
shoes, hats and caps, carpets, linoleums, oil cloths,wllll papers, crockery
and glassware, groceries and provisions, liquors, etc.. to be found in tvie
Kootenay district.
In tho dry goods department there
is a rich abundance of dress goods,
tastefully displayed in all their elegance. The finest silks and most expensive, fabrics, as well as thc cheaper
and more serviceable ones arc shown
in endless variety. From the wealthiest of the land to the humblest toiler,
every one's requirements, suited to
their taste and purse, can be supplied
and at prices which are no higher
thun those which rule in eastern cities. Ladies' costumes, new and stylish, just from the makers' hands in
white and colored muslins, nnd in the
more expensive cloths and serges, of
various shades and colors are found
here. Costumes and dresses are also
nude upon thc premises from such
stuffs as may be selected,a thoroughly
competent lady being in charge of the
dressmaking rooms. The display
of blouses, laces, embroideries, muslins, ginghams, notions and novelties,
and of u thousand and one other articles found only in a first class establishment of this kind,is fairly bcwihlr-
Here aro .shelves artistically dressed, show cases displaying tempting
fancy articles, and tables on which is
placed, In studied disorder, ladies' ap
pare] in every conceivable pattern and
In the gents' furnishing department there is a complete assortment
of everything that is newest and best
iu shirts, underwear, collars and
cull's, ties, gloves, handkerchiefs, umbrellas, etc.
A large, specially selected, choice
stock of men's and boys' clothing,
rubber coats, etc., as well as hats and
caps are shown.
Tho boot and shoe department is replete with all varieties of foot wear.
This part of the business has been
made u study by specialists ut the
company's head depot in Winnipeg,
where every line thoy sell has been
taken up Individually twice u year
and actually studied, whi'e they are
constantly turning out old lines and
adding new, practical nnd hygienic
Shapes,as fast us the shoe scientists of
the day bring tbem upon the market
and tbey are approved by tbem,
This is a marked fact, Ofcn In their
cheap und medium priced goods, for
when il is n question of expending n
few cents extrn ill order to add materially to the wearing qualities or to
the individuality of tho article, they
do not hcsltute for a moment in having this addition made, knowing this
of couise to be to tbo customers' advantage. Then, again, tremendous
purchases���and for cash���mean low
prices to them and thcrcfoic to those
who buy fiom them.
From the daintiest lady's slipper to
the heavy boots for mountaineers and
miners, complete lines of each are
there for you to choose from.
Nelson being in the centre of what
is considered perhaps the finest trout
fishing region in Canada, this store
also cor.tiiius a very complete assortment of fishing tackle, It comprises
ull up to dute contrivances in the
shape of rods, minnows, Hies, etc.,
etc., which when placed in the bands
of a competent fisherman will entice
the wiliest trout to forgot his cunt ion
nnd swallow the tempting bait.
The carpet department Is  kept   up.
stairs In   a   large  room,   Borne 90x30 J exist
feet.    It is simply ustcunding   to  bee      The   company's
oilcloths.     f',u_"lUti,    Cnnnidinn     uml   n��,sui,ilng largo proportions and   thi'jr
Scotch manufacturers are represented, j shipments   io   outside points   form  a I
and   qualities, Including   the  famous  considerable   part   of   the   wholesale'
pure Cork inlaid    linoleum   in   which   business done In Nelson,
the colors go to the  back   and   which i     Tbeie   is   one   other   thing   which
will oultast a generation. strikes ono   forcibly   and   very pleas-
Then as   to   the carpets themselves,   antly in the company's store heie, aud
Well, we counted 175 rolls and   found | that   is   tbe   quiet  spirit   of    perfect
older which prevails throughout the
whole establishment. Everyone seems
to know his business and to attend
to it, customers aro waited on
promptly and politely, and shopping
is made as pleasant as possible to
among them the products of the
world's best makers, such as Temple-
ton's famous A x minster, Crossley's
celebrated Wiltons, Velvets and Brussels. Hughes' Hrussles and tapestries,
and a choice range of ingtain carpets. Life long experience and fine
taste have assisted in the selection of
these goods. Thc different designs
and colours will please the most fasti.lions and it would Indeed be bard to
find anyone who would not be suited
The drapery and fnrnilurc coverings arc in keeping with the rest anil
excite honest admiration.   The   it rap-
Among the many hotels of Nelson,
and some of them are above the aver
age, there is not a   reasonable   priced
iu the city that enjoys a higher  Stoek carried
In any city the dry goods, milliner]
anil ladies' furnishing trade occupies
an important position in its commercial interests ami in.Nelson this is especially true. Among tbe dry goods,
millinery nnd furnishing, houses in
this city the large establishment of
Fred Irvine .v. Co. ranks us the leader. 'Tlie commodious und thoroughly
metropolitan store has a commanding
position anil is arranged witli due re-
gaid lo the best dispaly of tbe immense stoek carried for the conveni-
] | once of both buyer and seller. As for
it  would be Impossible
ing      material     is    particularly   Sue,   house
everything necessary to make drapes, reputation than the Madden House, It0 describe it in detail, but we can
such IIS fringes, tassels, ornaments, ' located on Baker street and conduct- simply Say that it combines the ele-
otc, is kept. -Silk tapestries, brooades, led by Mr.Thomas Madden. This pop-'��""<*and completeness of araetropulh
velours, etc, vie with each other In ulai house is well furnished through- jtan ladies* antl gents' rendezvous. Nev-
attraclivcoess. As for the various'out. the oflice, balls, dining and *r -n the history of Irvine & Oo. has
rugs and mats they really must be ' sleeping rooms being large, roomy, j their stock been so elegant andelab-
seen to understand the exquisite shad- well voiitilatecd, cleanly kept und orate ns it is for tlie spi ing of 1001,
and superior quality. well   attended   to.    The   table   is  at (and the exquisite   assortment   cannot
all times supplied with the best the .he surpassed, and the public show
market affords���fish,game and fruit in their appreciation by a most liberal
senson.    The   bnilding     is       lighted [.alienage    The   ladies   will find   an , ..^ _,,��� t       ���..,��������� b|.,.
by electricity.    There   is  elegant   line   of   dress   goods,    tailor ,    .,     ', .     '    ......
made Suits,    shirt waists,   and   ready
In curlains, there arc Brussels, and
Sw'iss net, white and coloied, Irish
point. real Renaissance, Point de
Sole, Nottingham lace. A large number of portieres, some in cotton and
some In mercerized and silk tapestry
are particularly handsome and rich
In the same department are kept
blankets,comforters,, pillows, etc. etc.
as well as a very extensive range of
wall papers, in which one can see all
the latest designs and colors. The
company have all carpets bought
from tbem sewn aud laid without any
extra charge,and tbey also bave paper
hanging done by competent workmen.
There is a cosy corner in the carpet
room, which is beautifully and tastefully decorated, and which looks extremely comfortable und inviting. It
awakened pleasant memories of our
youthful days,and we fain would have
lingered and rested awhile in it, but
our quill drove us on.
The grocery department occupies
neatly one-half of the ground fioor,
and is one of the most complete of its
kind to be found anywhere and would
do credit to a large city. It is beautifully arranged and ornamented
with palms and other plants. Anything required for the inner man,
from the indispciisible staples to the
finest delicacies which can be procured in the markets of the woild, is
kept in stock.
The reputation of the Hudson's Hay
Co.. for selling tbe best, and thu best
only, is well upheld here. While doing a very large family grocery trade,
considerable business is also don in
supplying stores, hotels, and mines,
all through tho Kootenay   country.
The liqmii department is on the
same Hour as the groceries. The quality of the Iluudson's Hay Co.'sllquors
and wines is so well known that their
purity and superior quality has become a household word in Western
Canada. A very largo stoek of these
goods is kept, and all the most celebrated and favorably known brands of
domestic aud imported whiskies, etc.,
are represented. Bonded warehouses,
one for customs and one for internal
revenue purposes aro attached to the
Lust but not least, the company have
lately opened up a Complee crockery
and glassware department and a good
trade is being done in it. In conformity with everything else in this big
store, it is complete in every detail,
and the compuny are pepared to supply
all the dishes und glassware needed to
lit out a large hotel, or to supply a
single cup and saucer, A beautiful
display of dinner and tea sets, bedroom sets and ull kinds of crockerv,
china ware and glassware Is made, und
some lovely things in genuine cut
crystal are shown.
Wc have tried ill the foregoing
lilies to convey tu our readers an idea
of the  kind uf an   establishment the
City of Nelson can boast of in having
the Hudson's llay company located
Thc advantages which the practically unlimited capital of Hint company gives them in buying gords, the
prestige which they bold in the business world, thc push, energy nnd enterprise antl ability shown by their
head officer in Canada in which ho is
loyally assistetl by ii large and experienced staff holding respectively more
or less Important positions and charges
throughout the country, nnd the perfect syitein of Control exercised by
him over all, so that the whole vHst
concern acts with unity nnd consequent strength, place the Hudson's
llay Co. iu n position unrivalled by
any mercantile firm In Canada.
It goes without saying that the
prices they can afford to quote for
their goods are beyond competition,
Tbeir business in Nelson is in a most
prosperous condition antl is iiaily Increasing, in spile of tbe somewhat
dull   times   wlreh   are    supposed
condiments nnd nil tublo delicacies,
hams, bacon, cheese, fresh butter,
eggs, gulden and much pioduce of
every description. This firm is veiy
prompt in delivering to any part of
tbe city, aud patrons will find Messrs.
McNeill gentlemen,reliable ill all business transactions, while they quote
prices that cannot bo equalled in tlie
���ily. the merchandise handled being
all of the best and superior brands,
and wh'le these gentlemen have n
large trade and have become very
popular throughout the city, no order
is too small to have their closest personal attention, Customers will find
Messrs. McNeill Bros, obliging, painstaking gentlemen with whom >t is a
pleasure to do business.
ri.nl'.    AND    MANAGER
One of the most popular hotels in
the western part of Canada in which
to take up your abode is tho Phair of
Nelson. This hotel is now being remodelled and rebuilt, ami   when   bli
the bust nnd thu cuisine cannot be
excelled in Nelson. Here Is served
the choicest steaks, chops and roasts.
as well as all fruits, poultiv and game
in season. The dining room is very
attractive and the service is very po
lite and ellicient. This popular cafe
under the management of Mr. Scott
keeps open nil night and the Nelson
public will find this resort to be a
model in every respect, lirst class and
at reasonable prices. Patrons will
find Mr. Scott a gentleman wilh
whom it is a pleasure to transact
business, and one   who will make vou
in recordl
It affords us   pleasure
the   industries of Nelson   to   i���,.,lti ,
those   firms   or   Individuals
contented and at home at   the   Nelson [ branch   of trade   who  have" achl ""h
Cafe.    Give this popular place   a   call   prominent positions tlliongh  force'of
natural ability, uualde. by any Inflo,
and sec for yourself   that wc have
no way misrepresented it.
electricity.    Theie
a well   regulated   bar,
in connection
where all kinds ot foreign and domestic wines, liquors and cigars may bo
bad. Tins is the only hotel in Nolson
that has remained under one management since 1800. nnd the proprietor,
Mr. Madden, has bad years of experience in the hotel business, and as a
host is a decided success. Thc help
in each department are polite and
ellicient, and spare uo pains in assisting the popular proprietor to make
each and every guest perfectly at
We have no hesitancy in recom
mending this popular resort as well
worthy of your patronage. When in
Nelson give them n trinl und see for
yourself Hint wc huve in no wuy misrepresented them.
Among those businesses of Nelson
which nre deserving of speciul mention in these columns we find the
Nelson Wine Co. This firm, under
tbe nbove name, bus been in business
in Nelson a number of years, and
when taken charge of by the present
manager, Mr. Frank A. Tamblyn, in
1898,wns considered to be in ntiything
but a prospcorus condition, Since
that time, however, this business bus
gradually grown until today it stands
upon a foundation ns broad and sub
stunfial as any in this city. The firm
carry a full lino of foreign and domestic wines, liquors and cigars, which
are for sale in nny quantities from
half-pints to a carload. One of the
speciul features of this house is its
family trade which is supplied by
the dozen or disc. They are handling
nt this time Calgary beer, which is
recognized by experts to bo the best
beer in Canada, This firm ure recognized in Nelson for their prompt dc-
livciy as well as the superior quality
of the product handled and the manager's reputation lor honesty and
square dealing is not only unsurpassed but unquestioned by any who know
him. Give the Nelson Wine Co. a
821  TO    331    BAKER   STREET,  MA-
One of the leading hotels in Nelson
is the Treuiout house, which enjoys a
reputation equal to that of any in
the Kootenay district. The building
is a handsome structure, thoroughly
modern, steam heated nnd lighted
with electric lights throughout. Tbe
dining room is neatly furnished, cosy
and exceedingly attractive and homelike. The meals are without doubt
the best in the city. The dinners
served in American and European
styles would do eiedit to the most
fashionable resort of the oust. This
fashionable resort has for its guests
some of the most prominent business
men of the city and is patronized exclusively by the host class of people,
its location on linker street, almost in
the heart of the business distiict,
making it especially desirable for
commercial men, tourists, pleasure
seekers, travellers and business men.
The sleeping apartments are ivcll
furnished, well ventilated and models
of cleanliness. The proprietors of tbis
house arc experienced hotel men whose
social qualities unci courteous manners havo gained for them n widespread reputation throughout this section. Tbey take every pains to please
[0und entertain their guests, nnd have
i that happy faculty of making them
.   ,      , ,   I feel at home,   und well   contented   at
wholesale    tiade  the Tremout   house.     When   in Nol-
made skirts, in all the latest spring
shades, weaves and pattern., choice
laces, elegant imported novelties of
every description,all kinds of hosiery,
underwear, embroideries, gloves, umbrellas; handkerchiefs, etc, Th!s linn
also do the largest mail order business
of any firm in the city and particular
attention is paid to this department.
Their millinery department is replete
with all the latest styles direct from
the leading headquarters of fashion.
They nlso carry the largest assort
ments of tapestry, carpets, trunks,
valises and gents' furnishings in
the eity. Messrs. Irvine & Co will
make a special aim for the coming
season to supply the market with
the largest and most complete stoek in
their line that bas ever been seen in
Nelson. We will but say in conclusion tbat the business is conducted
under a management at once liberal
and enterprising, and whioh will not
fail to maintain its reputation for
goods kept, which arc always up to
that point which will place tbem In
the first standard of excellence.
Among those business houses largely contributing towards swelling the
enviable reputation of Nelson to a
prominent commercial point by their
enterprising Indusrty is the eminent
nnd favorably known establishment
of the Nelson Haidware Co., wholesale jobbers, importers and retail
dealers in carpenters' tools, builders'
supplies, cutlery, etc., including a
large stock of shelf hardware of every
description, as well as guns, ammunition, and sporting goods, including
Hardy Bros,, double twisted casting
lines and hand tied Hies. They are
nlso large wholesalers of paints, oils
and glass. This large and constantly
growing establishment imports direct
from the original manufacturers in
car lots and when it. comes to prices
are second to none in Canada. Tbe
energy displayed by this linn in upholding Nelson shows plainly that
this city is not minus public spirited
men. The large variety of goods carried by this liouse affords such selection thnt the most exacting buyer
can heie be satisfied both ns to goods
und prices. The fair rcputntlun of
this house for honotahle business
dealings has brought them a trade
that extends over nil of Southeastern
British Columbiu and they stand toduy a representative firm in their
lino of business and are able and willing to grant as many desired advantages as any house In Canada, The
Nelsou Hardware Co. conduct their
business upon n sound basis and in a
liberal manner and have n rcputution
extending throughout the country
for honest dealing and low prices, nil
of which spenks in the most expressive
terms of the confidence uud esteem
with which they nre so widely and
justly regarded.
ing and the fiirnituic and fixtures
throughout are of the best, and under
the peisonal management of E. E.
Phair, has gained the reputation of
being one of the beat hotels In western Canada, thus rendering it especially desirable for commercial travellers, pleasure seekers, tomists and
business men. 'The sleeping apartments are newly furuisbcd, carefully
attended to, cleanly kept, well ventilated, cheerful and pleasant. The dining room is very attractive, a model
of neatness, and is supplied with a
service that has made tills house popular. The tables nro all served with
the best that the market affords,
meats of various kinds, fruit and vegetables, all kinds of tish and game in
season, pastry, rich creams, teas,
coffees and numerous delicacies. At
the Phair the guests may always calculate on having well cooked meals,
ns the cuisine is unsurpassed, nnd
unstintingly served, with cure und at-
There is nlso in connection with
this hotel one of the finest liars and
billiard rooms in the city, and the
reputation of this department for tho
quality of foreign aud domestic
wines, liquors and cigars is unexcelled. The Phair is patronized by the
better class of people, and all speak
in the highest terms of their treat
ment. Mr, Phair, the genial proprietor, is nn ideal gentleman, sociable,
and always pleasant, and treats his
guests with courtesy and attention
and is eiteemed by the frequenters of
the liouse. As a host this gentleman
has proved a success in every sense of
the term, and has built up the uume
and fame of this popular resort.
The most popnlar uud enterprising
establishment in the grocery business
in Nelson is the one above mentioned.
In hut few brunches of mercantile
nctiviiy huve more marked Improvement and nitisti; development been
attained in recent yeurs thun in house,
sign and decorative pninting uml nr-
tisitc paper hanging, which may be
said to have well nigh reached perfection. Among the leading exponents of this interesting avocation,
and those who dcseive to be leaders
therein, is tbat of P. .1. Bradley at
Co. This thin occupies ample und
well equipped headquarters on Josephine street, where muy be found the
most exquisite designs of wall paper,
and all orders for picture framing,
bouse, ollice, sign or decorative painting, receives p'oiupt attention, the H-
bor is performed by skillful nnd experienced ntrisuns in un enticly satisfactory manner, Messrs. Bradley &
Co. are thorough artists and possess
the happy faculty of originating designs   and    harmoniously    blending
colors and shades to produce a ulcus-
ing and artistic effect. Plain and fresco painting, graining, staining uud
paper hauging nre speciul branches
of the business, as well as house, sign
and ornamental painting, In which
they arc unexcelled and it is no exaggeration to say thut there is not u
plu.e on the continent where you
cun get better Satisfaction in artistic
sign writing unit painting thun from
these gentlemen.
This linn curries the finest stock in
the city of artistic ceiling decorations,
borders dadoes and wall papers. We
cheerfully commend this liouse to
our readers as one nf the
best, and we cannot close this
brief notice without a word
appreciative of the business and genial personal qualities of the proprietors, who have made this establishment one well worthy of note, and tie-
serving the generous patronage which
is accorded it.
In giving a general review of the
business houses of Nelson there are
none that it gives us more pleasure
to mention   than docs   the  California
this grocery has   since   its inception | WIne Co
met with substantial success and now
enjoys a widespread patronage extending throughout this section of the
country. The store is titled up in a
neat manner uud the fine display
therein of choice staple and fancy
groceries is unsurpassed by any other
house in the same line. Here can be
found the finest choice Japanese uud
Ceylou tens, Java nnd other fragrant
coffees, anil pure Indian aromatic
spices, the best the world produces.
Every variety of foreign nnd domestic
fruits, hermetically sealed In glass
and tin. lino Imported jellies, jams,
condiments and ull table delicacies.
This popular house has also constantly on bund u full line of choice Ontario und western niuilu cheese, fresh
eggs, graden produce, extra nice dully
and creumery butter, hums, confectionery and country produce. This
grocery is a model one and u grout
credit to Nelson, us our renders will
agiee with us after paying this gentle ���
mun a cull.
Ltd. This firm have built
for themselves a reputation for the
superior quality of goods handled,
which extends over all of southeastern
Britisli Columbia, and ns their reputation for honest aud fair treatment
to nil is second to none, it is only
nnturnl Hint their business should
have growu to it., present largo proportions They are agents for the
celebrated Calgary beer, which has I
been pronounced by experts to be superior to nny mude in Canada, Their
assortment in eigurs is large, which
places them in a position to fill nil
orders with promptness. If you are
not already a customer of this firm
give them u trinl order nnd bo convinced we huve in no way misrepresented them.
ence except those exerted by their
own ability and Industry. Such
firm is that of MeLaehlan Bros,, ,-,,,'.
irally located on Halter street! who
huve by .lose attention to buslnon
largely Increase a their snles oncli
month since succeeding the Vancouver
llardwiiie Co., until now tbey enloj
and command a large (,.,���!,,. T]|,
lircinL.es are ample- und are stocked
with a full line of heavy and shelf
hardware, bronzed goods,' mechanics'
and builders' tools, stoves, ranges,
furnishings, miners', plumbers' ami
tinsmiths' supplies, etc., Including
the best assortment of paints, ���j] ,,,���|
glass in the city.
The   pioprietors of this   th-m   have
had n number of years experience in
tlie hardware business and their ex.
pert facilities for buying place !!���.���,
in a position to make the closest
prices and a specialty is made of,..,.
tering to contractors and builders,
As their stock of house furnishings is
replete in every respect, private parties who nre contemplating doing
their own building cau do no better
than apply to Ibis compuny forflgiiren
ninl estinuics on the mnler'nl required
iu their line This firm's Blandlug
and reputation may bo regarded as a
guaiantt-o of the highest satisfactory
fulfillment of all promises and the
prompt execution of nil contractu
the luiineube   stock   of linoleums and , throughout   thc Kootenay   country is son give this pluce a trial
On the eastern part of Halter street
will be found one ot the neiitest and
best stocked grocery and provision
houses in Nelson. This place is conducted by McNeill Bros, Here is to be
found in their grocery a complete line
of slaplo antl fancy groceries, lens,
codecs,   spices, sugurs, every   variety
This Cafe has steadily won its wny
to public favor until toduy It stands
in the front rank. Tho locution untl
ueut apartments occupied are among
the best, devoted to the business in the
city, everything being fresh und the
service being first class in every respect. The bill of faro always contains a generous list of tempting substantial, and all the delicacies of the
.     NIPOU,   PROP.
ol   green   and   dried fruit,    lienneti
cally sealed   gojds in   glass nnd   tin, (season.    A   special feuturo of tnl
canned   goods   in nil  their  elegance,   tublishment   is to servo   nothing  but
Among the many enterprises of our
ever growing city wc wish to cnll
paiticulur attention to the Nelson
Lnundry und Dyeing Works. Mr,
Nipou, the popular proprietor, is just
putting in a steam plant and all the
latest improved machinery nnd in future will give customers their choice
of hand or steam laundried work.
This gontleman is nu export in his
line of business und his large anil
constantly incicasing trado requires
the employment of quite a force of
help. He makes u special feature of
curtains and ull kinds of fancy work
and satisfaction is guaranteed nt nil
times. Ills ohnrges are reasonable nnd
he collects nnd deli veins ull orders
promptly. In the dyeing nnd cleaning
department ho is considered the best
in the Kootenays. If you are not already a customer give hi iu a  trial.
Especial attention is directed in
describing the commercial Interests
of the city to the most imporiint .i ii tl
reputable houses doing   business here.
One of the most prominent and reliable places of the kind in Nelson is
that of II. F, McLean, whose pleasant
and attractive quarters me located on
West Baker rtreet. This gentleman
bus during his business cuieer built
up a nourishing trade nnd gained the
confidence of the public by his Indomitable pcrseverncc, integrity, fall
dealing nnd close attention to business, with a view to the welfare of his
patrons ns well as his own interests,
He keeps constantly on hand a complete slock of drugs, foreign and domestic chemicals, proprietory preparations and medicines. They are
pure and fresh nnd his stock of toilet
accessories,funcy articles and druggist
sundries, compare favorably with
tbat of any establishment  in Western
Cnnuda. 'The proprietor's knowledge
and long experience enables him to
meet all the requirements of the trade
and profession. Tho policy upou
whicli this gentleman conducts his
business is characterized by liberality
and careful regard for the interests of
ull bis patrons, so tb.it business relations once begun with bim arc not
only pleasant for the time being, but
are of such a satisfactory nature that
they necessarily become permanent,
and what is more Important to the
general pulbic, the quality of the
goods dispensed by him ure in every
respect the best und purest. Mr. .Mo-
I.enn is In the enjoyment of the confidence of the lending medical   practi
A recent visit by a reporter ut the
huge store occupied by ,1. .1. Walker
in this city finds it replete In all departments for the demands of thc
coming senson. One of the speciul
fentures of interest to our readers is
the large und complete stock of specially imported watches curried by
this house ; here ulso is to be found the
most complete stock of silverware,
clocks, ornaments, uud things useful
us well ns beautiful, including the
largest assortment of diamonds to be
found in Ne'son; in fact nny article to
be had in the lurgest eastern jewelry
emporium will be found in this well
regulated and up to date store. Particular attention is paid to repairing
and none but experts arc employed.
One of the most Important things
with this bouso is price, whicli Isnl-
ways as low as is consistent with
high class   goods.    Mr.    Walker  does
buth a wholesale and  retuil business
and tbe trade controlled Is a guarantee of honest and fufr treatment to all.
Especial attention is given to mail
*���"* < )���_���%
(gpHUlAlJ ����
nnipeg,   May 13.-Four cases
see  of|Co'
Among the most prominent wholesale establishments of Nelson, the
branch house of J. Y. Griffin A Co.
ranks as leaders. Their beud ollice and
packing house is located In Winnipeg
and the capacity of their plant is BOO
hogs per duy. Hy packing their own
product, shipping only In car lots,
they are enabled to quote very low
prices, taking Into account the quality of their goods. A special feature
of their cured meat business Is Hint
all their meats uro smoked In Nelson
on tho same system ns that used at
Winnipeg nnd Vancouver,where nothing but freshly smoked goods can be
This firm bus lately added to tin-it
business In Nelson a full line of fruits
and vegetables, whicli tbey are receiving regularly in car lots. This department has already proven a decided success.
The Nelson branch is under the personal management of Robert Robertson, to whose active, honorable, and
liberal business principles is due in no
small measure the huge trade enjoyed by this firm in the Kootcnny district.
The superior quality of the goods
handled by this Dim me recognized
throughout the entire country, their
reputation for honorable business
methods, prompt deliveries und full
weights Is second to none in Canada.
'To those who are pcisonally acquainted with this house it is no surprise
that their already largo business is
constantly on tbe increase.
thoroughly understand It In every
particular, employ quite a force of
help which they are continually in-
crensing, and patrons will find them
liberal, enterprising and ever willing
to aid customers in planning or esti
mating contracts. Tbey ure sociable
and pleasant to transact business with
and never fail to give satisfaction.
J. C. T. CROFTS. M. I. MECIi. E.
NUMBER    676,     NELSON.
NELSON, 1801.
The first thought of people intending or contemplating coming It) u now
country is the expense uf the trip, the
hotel accommodations, and the i i
chniges. In no town or city in the
east can better hotel accommodation
be had for the money than in Nelsou.
and among thc different places in tlie
city where good service may be bud
for a reasonable price there is none
more worthy of mention than the Silver King Hotel. This house is located on Baker street, in the centre of
the business distiict, and is supplied
with ull necessnry conveniences. The
dining room is neat und attractive
and the tables ure supplied with nil
the market affords, Game and fish in
The sleeping apartments are com
fortably furnished and well ventilated, and In fact here is the best 81.00
per day liouse to be found in the Kootenay district. There is in connection
with the hotel a well stocked bur
where will be found the best and purest of foreign and domestic wines, liquors and cigars. This populai house
haB a large trade nnd patterns will al-
ways find Mr. G. L. Theiin, tbo popular proprietor, sociable, agreeble and
polite, ever looking after the welfare
of his guests. The help in nil parts
of this hotel will be found to spare no
pains in assisting the proprietor to
make all guests comfortable antl at
The fast growing popularity of tbe
above establishment has brought it
most conspicuously before the general
publio and we therefore think it our
duty to make u brief Statement in its
behalf. The superior manner in
which Messrs. llebdeu .t llebden, tho
genial pioprietors, have conducted
their business and served the public
has guined for tbem u witle and enviable reputation in Nelsou nnd
throughout the surrounding country
for the superior clnssof goods handled
as well ns the skill nnd promptness
shwn in all work performed und ns
most rellublo dealers. They do ull
kinds of plumbing, hunting und ventilating, cut and thread pipes, do all
kinds of fitting, handle and set up
force nnd lift pumps, enrry in stock
plumbing fixtures, beer pumps, steuin
and hot water boilers, bath tubs, etc.
They also do steam heating, and
some of the most complicated jobs in
the city huve been satisfactorily bundled by this firm. This place is supplied with all tho necessary machinery for the cari'iyng on of their business and all orders ure filled with euro
and promptness. There is nothing
pertaining to their line thut is not
either carried in stock or mudo to order. Their charges nre reasonable,
These gentlemen have had years of experience in their line   of business and
In giving a commercial reivew of
Nelson we take great pleasure In mentioning  the   business    of  .1.   C.   T.
Crofts, M. I.,   Mech.   E.,   loented   on
linker street in the Henley block.
This gentleman in aildtion to his
business as civil and mechanical engineer is agent for the Wm. Hamilton
Manufacturing Co., whose bead oflice
and wonts nre located at Peterborough, Out, This firm are among' the
largest nianulfaoliirers of mining,
milling, evaniding and sawmill machinery in Canada, lie is nlso agent
for the Ristlon Iron Works, manufacturers of gold dredging machinery,also
represents Cooke A Co., Sheffield,
Eng., and carries iu stock a full line
of their who rope. Mr. Crofts also
represents Babcock at Wilcox, Ltd.,
manufacturers of water tube steam
boilers, the California Wire Works,
llallidie Ropeways, and the Trenton
Iron Works, Blcichcrt Ropeways,
Campbell at Co., manufacturers of gns
uud oil engines, the Federation Patent Pick Co., besides carrying a large
stuck of llexible metallic hose. This
gentleman, aside from representing
the many niaiifaetniers mentioned, is
also tbe local inspector of the Hurt-
ford Steam Hoilei Inspection and Insurance Co., whose total assets leiich
the enormous sum of 82,701,087.06,
To enter into detail of tho muny lines
of business conducted by this gcntlc-
miin would require more space than
we can devote in this short sketch,
and wo will simply say that parties
interested will find Mr. Crofts thoroughly posted in ench line nnd in a
position to handle all orders promptly,
thoroughly responsible, and a pleasant and agreeable gentleman to transact business with.
est, for ladies, gentlemen, youths,
misses, boys, girls nnd children in
all the bes'. and most popular brands
made in Cnnada nnd United Steles.
The firm also make n special featur;
of miners' boots. If yon wont an
easy, bioud, comfortuble shoe, or in
fact unything in the line of slippers,
rubbers or bunting boots, go to Lillie
Bros.' shoe store end you will find
just what yon ure looking for. Tbis
linn have gained a very high reputation for the superior class of goods
handled, and it is plainly attested by
the large nnd constantly increasing
trade which this bouse now controls.
Few concerns enjoy a more widespread reputation, und dining their
business career in this city, Lillie
Bros, have pi oven themselves honorable and straightforward in nil business transactions nnd huve built for
tbemslves il repututioii coextensive
with the city  of  Nelson.
Lord Strathcona nnd Mount Royal,
president; Hon. Geo. A. Drummond,
vice-president; E. S. Clouston, general manager. Nelson brunch,
corner Buker und Kootenay streets,
A. H. Buchanan, mauuger.
ERS     IN     ALL
There is no business of more Importance to tbe community nt Inrge
thun the furniture business, und in
this line theie are none in Nolson who
surpass I). J. Robertson nnd Co. In
their commodious sales and warerooiiiB
located next door to the new post
oflice building now being constructed
on Vernon stieet will be found a most
elegant line of brass and ircn bedsteads, bed room suits, parlor suits,
side boards, dining tables, centre
tables, rocking chairs, dining -.hairs,
and easy chairs, both in upholstered
and plain, china cupboards, picture
frillies, und ornaments of every description for the home.
IJ. .1. Robertson & Co, make a special feature of embalming and undertaking, and are prepared to take
charge of funerals and burials, und
pat ions may depend upon the utmost
cure and considerate attention. Tbey
are just icceiving an elegant hearse,
which will in future bo nt the disposal of patrons in this line. This firm
are in a position to buy everything in
their line direct from the original
manufacturers and by shipping in oar-
load lots ure able to quote prices as
low us the lowest dealer* located In
any part of southeastern H. C, Intending purchasers will do well to
give this linn u call. Their business
Is conducted on strictly up to date
principles nnd tbo firm enjoy the reputation of being prompt and stalght-
foiward in all   business   traductions.
One of the lending hotels in Nelson
is the Queen's, which enjoys n reputation equul to nny in the city. This
hotel is located on linker street, in a
quiet yet desirable part of the city.
The building is n lnrge, three-story
structure, its ofiioe and halls are neatly furnished, the parlor pleasant and
well furqished, the sleeping rooms are
well fiirriiBhed, well ventilated, comfortuble und lighted with electric
lights Every denurtment is in first
clnss order. Tho dining room of the
house is in keeping with the high
standard of excellence which attaches
to the other departments, being first
clnss in every particular, Here not
only the substnntials, but the delicacies of the market are to be found,
and the help in each department aro
attentive, polite and obliging. There
is in connection with this liouse one
of tne best burs in tlie city, where is
kept ut ull times u full lino of foreign
und domestic wines, liquors nnd cigars. The proprietress of this house
is nn experienced hotel lady, whose
social qualities und courteous man
ners have gained for hern widesprend
repututioo* throughout this section.
She takes every pains to please and
eiitertuiii her guests nnd has that
happy faculty of making them feel at
horns and well contented at the
Queen's. When in Nelson give this
place a trial.
The Bank ol Montreal is one of the
live financial institutions of Canadn :
its history is u recoid of signal pros-
erity and the conduct of its affaire
baa been characterized by such prudence and sagacity us to preclude tin
infringement of its stunding or
strength by uny public emergency oi
private exigency. They have a paid
up cupitnl of (19,000,000, and a rest
fund of $7,nun,ooo, and undivided profits amounting to (487,180,80. Lord
Strathcona and Mount Royal is
president and thc Hon. George A.
Driiininonil vice president.
This bank bus branches in London, England, New York, Chicago
and ull the principal cities of Canada
They also have a savings department
where interest is paid on time depos
its. Tbey transact a general banking
business, buy and sell foreign nnd domestic exchunge nnd utilize every
modern system which in uny wuy
tends to benefit or enhance financial
transactions. Deposits nre solicited,
collections nre mudc on all points at
lowest rules, and the business of all
correspondents is carefully guarded
nnd faithfully served. Patrons will
find Mr. A. II. RBuchanan, the manager of the Nelson branch, accommodating, courteous and ever ready to extend to them every marked favor consistent with sound business principles.
street,   This gentleman has long since Co., who  are located on Baker atreet.
been regarded as the leader In Nelson, ! These gentlemen   curry   a   full line of
and as tbe gentleman bringing to bear ! wines,  liquors,   and cigars, as well   as
the widest range of   practical  expert-1 cement, fire   brick,  blacksmiths'  coal,
ence, coupled with the best   facilities | coke, Bteel mining rails, sewer pipe,etc:
nnd iu'iueiitial  business   connections.
He keeps in stock the  choicest, newly
imported, and   domestic   cloths     and
suitings,   including    woolens   of   all
weights, cashmeres, diagonals, worsteds,   tweeds and   suitings, in   all the
latest   spring   patterns,   shades    antl
textures, and   the   result Is  that   the
most fastidious can here find fabrics to
suit them.  Mr. Gee is a master in bis
proession, noted as a tasteful designer, ensuring an accurate, perfect fit,
and finish of honest nnd superior
workmanship. Every garment leaving
this etablbment is perfect, nnd tbe
best proof of bis ability is shown by
the permanent retention of the patronage of many of the mist prominent
and wealthy citizens of Nolson and
the surrounding towns. Mr. Gee is
ever in the van of progress, ulivc to
the best inteiests of his numerous patrons, and achieving uu enviable repute! ion throughout the trade.
In their wine, liquor and cigar department will be found the choicest foreign
and domestic goods and at prices to suit
all. Their trade extends over all of
Southeastern British Columbia and these
gentlemen have gained the reputation oi
being honorable and courteous and
are worthy the trust of all. We lake
pleasure in commenting this firm to retail dealers as substantial citizens and reliable dealers.
It is with pride that wc mention
the above firm in these columns.
They nre one of the oldest established
business houses in the city and since
their inception in business in Nelson
have mnde it n study to keep nlwnys
in stock for their customers the best
and purest stock of tens, coffees,
spices, etc., the world's mnrket
affords. They nlso carry the most
complete stoek of staple and fancy
groceiies in the city and their large
and increasing patronage is a satisfactory proof Unit the people of Nelson
npprecinte this fact. There is no
place In Nelson where will be found a
neater or better selection of everything that is good to eat nnd drink,
canned and hermetically sealed goods,
tins and glass, shredded wheat biscuit, grape-nuts, camp coffee, Postum
Cereal, Vun Camp soup, butter, eggs,
cheese, farm produce and all table
delicacies. The fast increasing trade
enjoyed by this firm reflects great
credit upon tlie proprietors and is
proof thnt intelligence, extensive experience, business talent, and close attention to business is always a sure
roud to fluccess.
There nre severnl concerns In Nelson which, in the handling of certain
specialties, have secured for tbem
sel/cs a wine and enviable reputation
nnd bu ve done much to advertise the
city throughout the country. Of such
the Lillie Bros.' shoe store is entitled
to recognition in these columns ns a
representative establishment in their
line of business. This firm is among
our heuvlest dealers in bocis and
shoes nnd makes a special feature of
having always in stock the latest up
to date styles and shapes ii all iho
popular colors and materials. Here
will be found all   grades   nnd   prices,
A sketch of ihe most enterprising linns
of Nelson would be Incomplete indeed
without the mention of the Queen's Studio. In no line has there been more advanced and improved methods brought
forward than In photography, and in no
place ill the west will be found a more
complete or improved process than is
used in this popular studio. Here may
be found Ihe largest display and finest
work in Nelson. Mr. Lean is a first class
photographer and is noted for artistic
skill. Readers as well as visitors will
find il worth their trouble to visit this studio. It is not often in the far west that
parties wishing for work of this nature
are able to get something that will surpass in skill, for .superior  finish,   delicacy
of touch and life-like expression the work
of the finest eastern studios. Mr. Lean is
a gentleman with whom il is a pleasure to meet and is justly proud of his
ability. His business principles have always been lo give patrons the best possible service for (heir money,  guaranteeing
There is no one thing more important lo tlie new comer or visitor than
the hotel accommodations of the city,
and in this respect Nelson is very fortunate. The Grand Central hotel is
one of the best moderate priced houses
in the city, anil has a reputation extending over the entire Kootenay district. Everything about the house is
in keeping. The sleeping rooms are
comfortable, and every part of the
house is supplied with nil ncceBsary
conveniences for the welfare of their
gnests. The tables are supplied with
nil the mnrket affords, fruit, fish and
gnme in season, and the cuisine is unsurpassed. The help in ench departure attentive und polite. Mr. Gust
Erickson is nn experienced hotel mun,
nnd pntrons of this place will find
him sociable and ever ready to extend
any favors that will in any wuy ndd
to the comfort of his guests. We have
no hesitancy in recommending tbis
popular resort to the public in general,knowing that ull will be contented and well satisfied wth their lot ut
the Grand Central. There Is also in
connection one of the finest burs in
the city where nil the best of imported
und domestic wines, liquors, nnd cigars mny bo obtnined. There is also
an elegant pool aud billiard room us
well as every modem convenience.
from the finest aud best  to the cheap-  satisfaction in every respect,
Nelson being the acknowledged commercial centie of not only the Kootenays but nil southensteru British Columbia, it is perfectly natural thut
every line of business would be represented here, und uniting the many
wholesale houses, manufactories, etc.,
represented there ure none that rank
higher for the superior quality of
their product thun does the Castle
Brewery. While they have not got
thc capacity for quantity that some
of the larger concerns enjoy, when It
comes to quality wc have no hesitancy in saying thoy are second to
nono, There is not an expert iu Can
ada that will not tell you that the
product of the Cuslle Brewery is puic
nnd wholesome, their product hns n
peculiarity of its own nnd the sweetness of tnste, coupled with its excellent Hnvor, bus long since mnde it n
favorite In Nelson nnd surrounding
The proprietor, Mr. Wm. Gosnell, is
a gentleman of push und energy, nnd
to his business ability ns well us his
superior knowlege of tlie business is
due the high excellence ot tho product of this well and favorably known
There is no profession in existence
that is more necessary and useful for
the good appearance anil well being of
mortals than that of the dentist. As
much care and attention should be
paid to the teeth us to nny pttit of the
human body. If not for health's sake
it should be attended for the fact
that no other one thing so detracts
from the beauty of man or woman
as bad und decaying teeth, and there
is hardly one person in a hundred who
cun boast of u perfect set. To keep
them in perfect order a visit should
be paid to un experienced dentist nt
leust twice n year, if not oftoner, and
to no other gentleman in tlie profes-
sion can vre more willingly recommend our readers tnnn to Dr. Stod-
dnrt, whose dental parlors uro located
in rooms in the Mudden block, Buker
street. This is one of tlie best appointed dental purlors in the city, the
proprietor of which is preeminent in
his profession, hnving hud un extensive practice of many years to rely upon. In the making of artificial sets
of teeth and the filling of decayed
and broken ones, the doctor has an extensive practice. A specialty is mude
of gold fillings, gold nnd porcelain
crowns, bridge work, new mctul und
light nluminum plates, all of which
are inserted by the latest and most
improved methods. Patients'will find
Dr. Stoddart to be a courteous gentleman and a pleasant one to do business with,
In recording the different business
interests of our community we lake
great pleasure in git iug paitlculsr
notice of those dims who, by their
active, energetic and progressive enterprise, advance in a marked degree the
commercial industries of our oily The
Kootenay Wire Works M'fg. Co. nre
manufacturers of mattresses, Bpring
beds, upholstering, grill work and turning, they have in their factory, all the
neoessnry machinery which is of the
latest improved patterns for the turning
out of a superior grade of work and are
in a posilion to quote piices that, practically gives them control of tbe line of
business iu the Kootenay ilistriot. They
do all kinds of tbe above work made to
any de.ign, size or order' Til is establishment isoue with whom it is always
n pleasure to transact business autl one
which has ever been comliioted npon an
honorable and cqtiituhle basis.
As a representative of our reliable
and prosperous mercantile establishments the grocery house of Geo. Hell
and Co. calls for speoial recognition
among Ihe substantial and enterprising
institutions of Nelson, occupying a
oommodiouB building centrally located
on Bnkei street, where they keep constantly on hand n full and carefully selected stook of ohoios groceries, both
Btnple nnd fancy,every variety of dried
and green fruit, canned goods, iu all
tbeir luscious elegance, hermetically
sealed goods in glass, condiments, and
table delionoies of every notable brand,
eto. This firm have a brnnch Btore nt
Enderby, 15. O. and receive from there
regular shipments of It nit. vegetables
and farm pioduoe. They aro both wholesale and letiiil dealers in hay and grain
and are among the lurgest shippers in
this line iu the city, receiving samo
by the ourlond at regular intervals.
The customers of thiB house rendily
appreciate the niivii.itugn of dealing
with an establishment whoso repiesent-
iition may always Im relied upon and
whose efforts are constantly directed
to securing the best goods at the most
reasonable prices. Tho above firm am
wide awake and progressive business
men, wbo will keep pace with the city
iu which they live,, guarding well the
interests of their patrons, giving them
goods of a superior quality nt the lowest prioen. Thoy are prompt and reliable and have built their large nnd In-
mousing business upon a basis of honesty and integrity, without which no
business can be an ultimate success.
In giving sketches of the icpiesentit-
t.ive business establishments of Nelson,
in connection with the business interests of the oity, it would ill become Ibis
work to not give to Messrs. Heisterer &
Co., brewers, more thun a pasting
notice. Their brewery is located in
the 8oiitbei'ii pni't of the city uml is
supplied with tlie most complete and
lnstest improved machinery for the
brewing of the best quality of beer,
which is considered by all who have
tried it, to be equal, if not superior, to
nuy beer miule in British Columbia,
being recognized for its richness of
flavor anil purity of quality, and will
always be found to be up to tho standard. This liouse has always held a
prominent place among tbo brewers of
the west, with such a reputation it is
no surprise that it bas alaways been n
favorite one. This establishment docs
an extensive business, anil their trade
extends over u large portion of the surrounding country besides their large
city trade. Tho history of this enterprise is uu il lust ration of what can be
accomplished by enterprise, nctivity nnd
liberality, and reflects great credit on
tlie proprietors, who are gentlemen of
In gathering stntistios we find some ' intelligence and progression, possessing
linns   that   for    straightforward   uud  sound  business judgment anil natural
��� .....ess methods are objects   business  talent, so that His esluhlish-
Arthur Gee, whose premises me looat- of special mention   iu these   columns, I incut could uot  be otherwise than pop-
The above named establishment is
deserving ot more than special mention in our columns. Messrs. Robin-
Bon Bios., the popular proprietors,
have, since their inception in busriess
in our city gained the high reputation
of being expert bakers and caterers,
and perfectly reliable and fair in ull
their dealings. These gentlemen curry
a splendid stock of bientlstnfis and
make a decided specialty of bread
which is baked fresh daily, also cakes,
pies, rolls, etc., ut wholesale antl retail
Their cakes and pastry are for sale ut
McDonald's confectionery store and
also at the Kootenay Colfee Co.'s store.
The Palace Bakery makes a
specialty of supplying hotels, restaurants, and private families and being
expert cake bakers, are at all times
prepared to give prompt service, and at
the most reasonable prices. They employ quite a stuff of help, the service
being very polite and efficient end
great favors are shown to all customers
and visitors. Messrs. Robinson Bros,
are pleasant and courteous gentlemen
and justly deserve the large and generous put.i'onugc accorded lo them. Those
who give these gentlemen n call will be
convinced that the products of their
bakery have uot been iniarepresented.
H- J EVANS & 00.
Prominent among the most popnlur
and reliable gentlemen devoted to
fine merchant tailoring Is that  of Mr. I honorable busin
cdin   the   Tremont   Blook on   linker J Among these, we name H. J. Evai s & ' ular.
There is no establishment in Nelson that gives us more pleasure to
mention than the above.    This establishment   is  located  on Hoover
Street and is   ' upplied with all the
latest machinery and necessary apparatus for the making of a superior
quality   of    the   different   mineral
waters-lemon,   raspberry,    strawberry,   cherry, cream soda, vanilla,
sarsaparilla,     orange,    pineapple,
banana,   pop,     ginger   ale,   birch
beer, etc.    They  are also  bottlers
of    the     famous   St.    Leon    Hot
Springs     Mineral     Water.      This
firm  have  conducted their business
upon   such   honorable  and  liberal
principles,   using  nothing  but  the
most wholesome ingredients in the
manufacture of their  product, that
now  they have a  trade  extending
not only over the entire city of Ne1-
son   but   in   all   the   .surrounding
towns    and     villages,    and     their
drinks are becoming more celebrated and popular with  each  month's
business.    Mr.   N.    M.  Cummins,
the genial and ever accommodating
manager,   has   had   a   large   and
varied  experience in  this line and
is thoroughly posted, enabling him
to  place   the  different   articles   of
their   product   on   thc   market   at
prices  as low  as  is possible with
high   class  goods.      Patrons   will
find   this  gentleman ever ready to
extend  to them all the courtesies of
the  business,   and  we   predict for
this  establishment  a  success  well
worthy of the untiring energy which
has characterized  the  management
trom the beginning.
A commercial Review of Nelson
would indeed be incomplete without
mention was made of Ihe above
firm. The Porto Rico Lumber Co.
does both a wholesale and retail
business, and their trade with
mines is second to none in British
Columbia and constantly on the
increase. They have yards located
at Nelson, Rossland and Ymir, the
head oflice being located in this
city. Their large mills and planing
works are located at Rorto Rico
Siding, where they manufacture
everything in their line, and the
large business handled is evidence
of the low prices this firm are able
to quote. Patroni will find the
general manager, Mr. J. A. Dewar,
thoroughly posted and ever willing
to assist in making estimates or
quoting prices.
Capital $1,500,000
Real  1,715,000
II, s. 1 lowland, President.
T. K. Merrill, Vice President,
William Ramsay.       Robert Jaffray,
T, Sutherland Si ay tier.
Ellas Rogers. Wm. Hendrie,
HEAD  OFFICE   -   -   -     TORONTO.
I). R. Wilkie, General Manager,
E, Hay, Inspector,
Niagara Fall
St.  Thomas
St. Cathcrim
Sault St. .M:n
Port Colborne
Rat Portage
Si. Thomas
t Weiland
a" WoodslOa'k
Edmonton, Aha.
Nelson, B. C.
Portage La Palrle,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Vancouver, B. C,
Brandon, Man.
Calgary, Alia,
Golden, B. C.
Prince Albeit, Sask
Winnipeg, Man.
Strathcona, Alia.
Agents London, Eng.-Lloyd's Bank,
Limited. New Vork���Bank of Montreal.
Bank of America. South Africa���Standard Bank of South Africa, Limited.
/' NEU61.   DAltV Hlimt, Tu��ftJVV,   WAV  14,   ��9flJ
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Freeh
and .Suit Ments, Fish,  Poultry and
Gaiiie in Season.���E. C. Treves,
Mansger.-K.-W.-0, Block,
Ward   Street.
In reviewing our leading enterprises
iu each und every line of industry we
take great pleasure in calling the attention of the public to the West Kootenay Butcher Oo , Mr. E. C. Treves,
Manager, This lirm conducts one of
the largest, und best markets iu the district nut! is al all times prepared to buy
cuttle, hogs, sheep, poultry, etc , paying the highest cash market price I'or
the same.
Tbis popular mnrket is located on
Wnrd street, in the K.-W.-C. block,
nnd here is to be found tlie choicest
steaks, III ' jiifiest roasts aiial the ten-
deresl ohops, at wholesal, and retail id
the lowest prices. Tills market has become one of the leading establishments
in this line of business iu the city as is
all sled by the daily tinting of people
who Hock here for tbeir meats. The
benefit derived from dealing with tbis
market is that nil meats bandiedaieol
the best to lie obtained, a fact to which
is tine in no small degree thc huge patronage enjoyed by this place
Mr. Treves, the genial manager, 1ms
bail many years experience in this hue
of business uml thoroughly understands
it iu till its phases. This mnrket is a
model one and well deserves tbe large
antl extensive patronage accorded it.
Mail oideis receive prompt attention.
situations, hut fmniubes tellable  help
for employers,
Parlies out of employment, bookkeepers, clerks salesmen, dining-room
auil hotel help, cooke, etc., will do well
to place their names with this gentleman, und to parties wishing help this
oflice recommends no one unless snre
tbat applicants are just what they pretend to be. lu conclusion let it be eaid
that Mr. Love is �� thorough business
mun in his line uud enjoys the confidence and respect of all who kuow
Dealers in China. Crockery, Glassware,
etc.-F. I. McFurland and S. Y,
Hrockinap, Proprietors.
At this day and age of tbe world (lie
firms who pay their entire attention to
one particular line are the ones who
are iu a position to give patrons tbe ne-
ee'snry assortment at prioes that are ut
nil times below those quoteil by firms
carrying mixed stocks. And nmong th
firms of Nelson who givo their entire
attention to one particular line we wish
to call special attention to the proprietors of the China Hull, Messrs. McFurland and Brookman, located on Baker
Here is to he found the most complete stock of china, crockery, lamps,
glassware and house furnishings to tie
found in the Kootenay district. This
lirm makes a special feature of bar and
hoLi'l supplies. They pay ihe closest
attention to mnil orders snd correspondence is solicited.
Patrons will liud this store very attractive nnd the beautiful as well as
useful tilings displayed would require
more space to describe than we can
give to ibis short sketch. The proprie-
tois 1110 men whose ulerliutr business
methods aie beyond dispute.
Painters,    Decorators     and     Paper
The leading artists in the above line,
and the most thoroughly representative is that of Thompson & Douglas,
whose shop is located opposite the post
office. Since their establishment they
have been recognized ns tbe most prominent firm in the business, having developed to a position of great magnitude. The work is that ol artistic sign
writing, of which a decided specialty is
made, also house, carriage, plain und
fresco painting mural decorations,
hardwood finishing, graining, staining,
and other elegant, interior furnishings
of buildings, mid having always maintained the highest standard of excellence in the various departments of the
profession, their clientage is a most extensive one, aud Includes among its
numbers mauy of our best and most
distinguished oiti.cus. These gentlemen hold a great name for fitting up
walls aud wainscots and their beautiful
frescoing is much admired both for private residennes and places of public
resort. Messrs. Thompson & Douglas
possess an unusual amount of artistic
talent as sign writeis, us decorators,
and ns ornamental as well ns plain
painteis and are completely reliable ns
well ns very expert, nnd well merit
the extensive patronage which they
have permnneutly retained.
Sydney A.   Kelly  Proprietor,
The above establishment is deserving
of special note among tbe manufacturing enterprises of Nelson, This well
known factory bas recently changed
Inn lis and Mr. Sydney   A.   Kelly,  lin
new proprietor, Informs us ihut if by
haul work, closi attention'to business
mid the use of nothing tint the b st 11111
(t' 1 i.i 1 in the mailllfuoluie uf Ilis pro-
duet will incrense the already envlubl
and widespread reputation of ihe pro-
duel of this factory that it will Biirel)
be done.
The Kootenay Cigur factory is 11
Union factory und each box bears tin
Union Label Tlie new proprietor will
continue to stake the reputation of his
factory on the Royal Seal null Kootenay Belle.
Those parties wlri believe in supporting home industry and at the same
t me getting 1 lie- best value for thoii
money, should insist   upon   their cigar
dealer fnrnisblog them with homemade
Union Oignrs.
Patrons will linil Mr. Kelly, the new
proprietor, a very obliging and 0 rtcons
gentleman end we biartily recommend
the Nelson public to give the firms'
goods a trial as be is not only worthy
of our patronage, but is reliable, tiust
worthy and honest.
Drugs  aud   Assayers   Supplies,
The success of Pharmacy is recognized to be one of the most important
brunches of human activity, the entire
welfare of thu community depending in
n gieat measure upon the skill, ability
aud integrity of our Pharmacists.
The most reliable house engaged in
this line of business in tlie oity of Nelson, is that nf \V. F, Teetzel & Co.,
located on Baker street. This establishment is very haudsomeiy and attractively fitted up and furnished and
will always be found to contain a full
nnd complete stock of pure fresh drugs
and eh. in it-ills, all the reliable proprietary and family medicines, choice pei-
funiery, toilet ami bath requisites and
all those many ar icles known to tbe
trade as druggists' sundries.
The prescription department is also
complete in every parficiiliir, being
equipped with the iHtest improved apparatus and facilities known fo that
Important branch.
We wish to call pnrtictilnr attention
lo the fast that this firm ure wholesale
and retail dealers ill nssayers'   supplies.
They ure the British Columbia agents
for the Deliver Fire Clay Co.'s guilds,
Wm. Answorlh ._ Sons' balances.
Smith a. Thompson's balances and
They ure now just receiving n cm-loud
Brim-fin's pocket transits.
The members of the above establishment nre Well nnd fnvorubly know ir.
trade and general circles and command
the confidence and esteem of h11 who
know them, while their botiso is conceded to head the foremost 1 unk.
Fied Burnett, Manager nnd Secretary
Oue  of  the   young   manufacturing
plants of Nelson anil one Ilia! is fast
.pro _iug itself lo be one of the most important to thu iiiiiiinfiioturiiig interests
of tho city is the Nelson Coke & Gar
Co. Ltd. This company hns their plant
located near the smelter in the western
part of the city and in ollice on Bitkei
street. They manufacture nnd supply
coke for fuel mill bulcksmilbiug purposes as well as for a number of mines
which use it in preference to coul. The
coko produced is niHile from ('row's
Nest coal, which is acknowledged to be
the best coking coal 011 the North
American continent.
Thoy ulso manufacture nnd supply
gas for lighting, beating, cooking and
power. Thev manufacture u splendid
quality of tar wnich is mnde und sold
for many purposes ill Ihe Kootenays.
Their buildings are all built of stone
aud Ihe plant throughout is supplied
with all tlie latest modern machinery
fail1 the turning out of an excellent
quality of their different products and
they have n capacity of 70,1101) cubic
feet per day. They are at this time
supplying many residences wilh urns for
heating aud fuel purposes, put ions finding their product much cheaper uud
oleiiuer than wood or coal.
���While the business was only stnited
Mnrch 8th, lllllti, it has already giown
to larger proportions than expee'ed b>
the owners, wbo are Toronto capitalists. The company is thoroughly satisfied with their Investment anil have
great* faith iu Nelsou becoming the
muiiiifucfiiring and commeicbl center
of all eastern British Columbia.
Patrons and visitors to the oflice will
find Hie genial manager, Mr. Fred
Burnett, who is nlso secretary of the
company, a pleasant 'gentlemnu who
thoroughly understands his business
aud is ever ready to exteud to them
every business courtesy.
Dealer in Huri.e.sP,  Saddles,  Blankets,
Robes,  eto., etc.
A review of our lending interests
would be incomplete without n mention
being made of the establishment occupied by .1. M. Ludwig, dealer in nnd
manufacturer of hand made harness,
saddles, collars, robes, blankets, bits,
spurs, girths und a general liuo of strap
This gentleman makei a specialty of
manufacturing a superior quality of
hand made work. He is a skilled me
clianlo nutl lakes great pride in milking
any special article in his Hue to order,
for people who want something different from the regular line kept, in slock,
and having bad years of experience in
the business giveB the best sutisfnolion
iu bis line. Tie also carries a complete
line of stable nnd turf goods, blankets,
halters, robes, whips, etc.
There is not a more reliable mini in
Nelsou with wboui to transact business
than J. M. Ludwig. While be quotes
prioes ns low as the lowest, he offers
the public work that entitles him to
the name of lender an his line of bus!
ness. This gentleman is prompt nnd
reliable nnd has built bis large uud increasing business upon a basis of integrity nnd honesty, which hns ehown
from the stmt thnt his plnce was des
tined to become one of the solid institutions of Nelsou.
J. H. Love, Proprietor.���Baker Street.
Among Ihe most convenient enterprises ol this city is the one which
forma the subject of this sketch. The
Nelson Employment Office is one of the
most reputable establishments in this
line of business in tbe city. Mr. J. H.
Love, the proprietor nnd manager, has
bad many years experience in this occupation and thoroughly understands
it in all its phases. He not only secures employment for those looking for
Men's Outfitter, Clothing, Hale
and Furnishings,
There   are   muny   places  in  Nelson
where gents' furnishings nnd clothing
may   be  pnrchnsed.    But   nmong   the
firms who make a specialty if tbis iii
there are   none   who   use   more care
or better judgment in the selection of 11
stock that will give the most value ft
the money than does Mr.  Weir, Nelson's  most popular gents'    outfitter
aud todny  there cannot be  found ii
Nelson a better assortment of men'
tailor-fitting,     up-to-date      clothing,
umbrellas, hid-', caps ami  all  kiuds  of
men's furnishings than in this elegant
and attractive store.   His stock is very
neatly and systematically arranged  en
abling salesmen to find any desired ar
tide at a iiionu nt's notice.
This gentleman buys direct from the
original manufacturers und by this
menus is enabled lit all times to make
tbe closest prices always with thut well
earned assurance of quality,
Mr Weir's reputation for honesty
and equate dealing has built up for him
a business of which he is justly proud
and we heartily advise our readers to
call at this store as you will find 1111 elegant assortment to choose from, best
stock, lOW prices nnd au obliging gen
tli'inun to deal with,
Wholesale I IU porters.
Among the many wholesale ccmoerus
of Nelson there lire none that enjoy a
more lucrative trade llian Ihe subject of
this sketch: Mes-rs K, Ferguson & Co.,
wholesale importers of wi.uBS, liquors
and cigars.
This firm ulao carries cement, fire
olay, fire brick, pressed brick, Cumberland coal, steel mining rails, sewer pipe,
contractors' supplies   and billiard   and
pool tables uml ull fixtures aud supplies,
They are row just receiving a car
load of Dog's Head Ale direct from
Reed Bros , London, England. They
are also special agents for" Peter Dawson's celearated Perfection Scotch Whiskey and lire having nn exceedingly
lnrge|snle on their Special Rye. They
are ngeutH for Grantlu's Havana Cigars
and carry in this line the most complete
stock iu the Kootenay district.
Patrons will find Messrs. Ferguson &
Co. ever alive to the best interest of
their trnde, supplying them nt all times
with the best the market, alfouls and at
prices as low as the lowest anil ever
ready to extend every marked fuvorcou-
sisleiil with sound business principles.
11. T.
Steeper,  Pioprietor.
Among the well patronized business
places of Nelson, there ure none who
enjoy better pntionage, in their particular line, thun does the Miners'
Livery, Feed nnd Sale stables, of
which II. T. Steeper is proprietor.
This gentleman conducts a livery,feed
and sale stable located on Stanley
street, opposite tlie Royal   hotel.
Here is to be found a number of
stylish rigs, such as carriages, buggies, etc., as well as some of the best
teams and saddle horss for both Indies
and gentlemen, to be found in the
city, lie ulso docs packing and bus
for hire puck horses in uny number
aod makes a specially of moving mining machinery, us well a�� conducting
a Iiaclt aud express line, teaming.
Irnnsf.ring, etc. Telephone No. 0?
if in need of a hack or express,
In addition to the above he also
lakes cure of horses und makes a special feature of boaidiug horses by the
day, week or month; and as this gen
tleman has had years of experience
in this line be thoroughly understands
the business aud gives excellent satisfaction in this  department.
Parties wishing for anything in this
line will do well to give this plnce a
call us they uro assured of getting
Iho best of treatineut a.id the most
reasonable prices. Patrons will find
Mr. Steeper u gentleman of rare busi
ness ability, obliging and ever ready
lo extend to them every possible favor.
Nelson In this line This gt,n|lcmnn
caters to tho best classes of tho community and has become celebrated for
the excellence and variety of his .selections and carries by odds much thc
largest assortment of confectionery of
any lirm in the city, making a special
feature of Hunting's li. H. chocolates
in boxes, besides a full assortment in
fancy packages, ornamental cases and
boxes of candies from the leading
manufacturers of Canada. The prein
ises are most attractively fitted up
and his show window, fi.led as it is
with all kinds of foreign and domestic
fruits and vegetables, is something
pleasant to look upon. This gentleman also has one of the finest soda
water fountains in British Columbia,
where llungerford Smith & Co. 's pure
fruit juices nre used. There is in connection pleasant private booths where
ice cream, fruit and cuke ns well us
all soft diinlts are served Mr. McDonald has achieved a high reputation in
his line of business, while his bonoi-
able methods and sterling integrity
insures fair ami liberal treatment to
IviKiTt.NAY islilTLY  CO., LTD,
Wholesale nnd   Retail���Josephine St.,
Between Baker and Vernon.
The city of Nelson is a place in
which every line of business is efficiently represented, fu many instances
these representative establishments
arc headquarters from which a large
portion of outside trade is supplied
in addition to the strictly local re
quirements. Among thc most interest
ing establishments within the limits
of our prosperous and still growing
city is the well fitted up wholesale
and retail electricnl supply house of
the Kootenuy Electric Supply and
Construction Co., locnted on Josephine
street, between Baker aud Veinon.
This linn carries n full line of electric
suplies, lumps, bells, telephones, annunciators, etc., and they make u
specialty of installing plants in towns,
cities and mines. They aiso do bouse
wiring and dynamo repairing. There
is nothing belonging' to the electrical
line that is not carried by this firm
They employ none but expert electricians nnd linve been very successful in
constructing electiic plunts at differ
cut mines. Mr, Applewhnitc.the man
agcr, is u mun of strict integrity in
ull his business transactions, und patrons will find supplies from this firm
strictly first class and iu all cases
just us represented.
Contractoi and   Builder.
There has probably been no branch
of business in Nelson offering a great
er scope for enterprise than the vari
ous departments of the building trade
and energetic, determined men who
ure conversant with tho practical de
tulls of the business are important
members of tlie community. Such
mun bus Mr. Hepburn proven himself
to be during Ills career iu Nelson. He
can point to his wuik in ull parts of
Ihe city as evidence of bis uiidcisiuiul
ing of his business, gnining for him
self n wide repntation us n skilled
mechanic, reliable contractor and n
pleasant, agreeable gentlemnn. This
gentleman ulso makes a specialty cf
stair work, repairing and jobbing,and
in tills speeinl brunch he cannot be
excelled. Mr. Hepburn keeps none
but skilled mechanics in his employ,
and is always prompt and reasonable
in his charges. In conclusion we
will but sny to those who contemplate
building or lepairing either in the
city or siirroundiing towns that he
will furnish close estimates.
The Review takes no risk in guaranteeing that his part of any contract
will be faithfully   executed.
__���__, -   - p
Confectionery, Fresh    Fruit   and   Ice
Cream Parlors, Baker Street.
A most impoitunt addition to the
facilities and opportunities offered to
the people of Nelson und visitors is
the elegantly fitted up confectionery,
fruit and tobacco store of J. A. Mc-
Doald.    This   is the pioneer  liouse of
Winnipeg,   May 13,-rour cases  o. | ���
Dealers in Dry floods, Ladies' Clothing
nnd Millinery, Bakor Street.
The dry goods nnd ladies' furnishing house occupies with respect to business tlie most important of any in
commerce and it is essential that with
the progress and prosperity of the
city nnd surrounding country there
should be a central point or place
where all the ninny nrticles thut go
to make up an establishment of this
kind are within the easy reach of the
people. Such an establishment have
we in Kerr & Co., which is one of the
most elaborate of its kind in the Kootenay district. The gentlemen who
compose this firm are among the best
known business men in Nelson, ami
have had a laige and varied expert
ence in their line of business. They
have in their large and well arranged
store ample room for the judicious
display of their well assorted stock,
consisting of dry goods, ladies' furnishings, otc. Hero is lo lie found
dress goods from the finest silks down
[0 the common prints, nil the tntcsl
in ludies' tailor made suits and costumes, skirts, shirt waists, muslins,
embroideries, linderwears, handkerchiefs, etc., as well as n large assortment of specially imported novelties
and notions. They also have in connection one of tlie best appointed millinery departments ill British Columbia, which is under the management
of an expert trimmer and skilled artist in this line. Being tlirect Importers
of dry goods and ladies' tailor mado
costumes places these departments al
tlie head in the city of Nebon for
selection and price. A special feature
is children's wear, und one of the
strongest points of the firm is the E.
T. straight front corsets, and C. Perrin
Freres' kid gloves The large variety of goods carried by this firm afford such selections Ihut the most crit-
icul and exacting buyers ure here satisfied both as to goods and prices. The
repiitatioaii of this firm for honorable
business transactions and low prices
bus brought them a trude such as has
not been attained by any other house
of the kind in Neison. The public
huve always found these gentlemen
capable, enterprising und relinble business men, who for energy displayed
in advancing the interests not only of
their own business but tlie interests
of that city which has the good for
tune to reckon them among its most
substantial business men.
Importers   and    Wholesalo Dealers In
llrocerics   and Farm   Produce���li.
E. C.   Martin nnd II. W. Fcr-
guson-Pollok, Managers.
Among the representative business
houses of Nelson, whom it is our
province to note, that of the Kootenay
Supply Co. comes under our notice.
The firm occupies premises ou Veinon
street convenient for both receiving
and shipping their goods, and there
have one of the best assorted stocks of
Groceries and produce to be found in
the Kootenay district. Here every
thing in the grocery linens well us all
manner of farm produce may be
found. This firm buy direct and ship
in car lots and nre in u position to
quote prices ns low us the lowest.
We huve no hesitancy in saying to
nil retail dealers in the Kootenuy district that if you are not already a
customer of this lirm or if you arc not
entirely satisfied with the lirm you
aro at present dealing with, give this
lirm a trial order antl you will ut
once become a peramneut customer.
The Kootenay Supply Co carry on
their business with untiring energy
and diligent") and excellent management. They arc noted for their fairness in all their business transactions,
conducting their business upon the
broadest laws of equity. Patrons will
find Mr. G. E. 0, Martin and Mr. II.
W. Ferguson-l'ollok, the genial managers, courteous, obliging and pleasant gentlemen to transact business
Joseph    Sturgeon,     Proprietor���Near
Depot, Buker Street.
Among the ninny excellent places in
Nelson, where the travelling public is
entertained at a moderate cost, none
is more justly popular than the Sherbrooke House. While not one of the
largest hotels in thc city, the Sherbrooke is in many respects superior to
the houses usually found.in mining
camps. The rooms uro neatly and
well furnished and aro so arranged
that each may be heated separately.
Electric lighting, sanitary plumbing, modern improvements and every
convenience are ail'orded throughout,
everything being provided for the
comfort of guests. A well appointed
dining room is maintained in connection aud caters to guests ot the house
and to the general public. The cull
nary department is in charge of a
skilled chef, and the cuisine has made
this house a popular dining place.
This hotel has iii connection n well
regulated bar; it is in perfect harmony
with the superior quality of the elegant assortment of foreign and domestic wines, liquors and cigars,
which arc kept constantly in stock.
Mr. Sturgeon,    the  genial pioprietor,
Is known far ��and wide for his social
ami entertaining qualities ami guests
will always Ami this gentleman sparing neither pains nor expense in making this one of the best popular pi iced
houses in Nelson.
New und Second llnnd Goods   Bought
and Sold, Hall Street.
Among the many branches of business fust growing into public favor
because of their convenience, we may
notice the rapidly increasing number
of what may ne called "household exchanges," where everything new nnd
old may be bought, sold or exchanged.
Silvei King Mike entries a complete
stock of everything useful such ns furniture, stoves, carpets, cooking utensils uml nil household furnishings,
Here anything from a needle to an
anchor can be bought or sold nnd it
will he to tlie interest of our muny
renders to remember that this establishment is the temple of economy,
and headquarters for those Becking
cheap house furnishings or desiring to
dispose of their goods. And ull will
find the proprietor n gentleman hon-
nruhle and htiaighl forward in all
business dealings, us well us sociable
and accommodating.
of this plant Is thoroughly appreciated by the Nel'011 public.us Is attested by their large trade. There can be
no besituncy in recommending the
lender to give this pluce a trial, and
we cun assure you perfect satisfaction.
(Incorporated 1800.)
Thomas E. Kenny. President; Thomas
Ritchie, Vioe-President| Head Ollice
Halifax ; Branches in Nova Scotia,
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Newfoundland, Cuba
British Columbia and the United
States. Correspondents in all parts
of the world. Geo. Kytld, Manager
Nelson Branch. ,
Of the ninny financial institutions
of Canada there are none thnt rank
higher or that are considered with
more confidence and pride than tho
Royal Hunk ol Canada. It being incorporated in 1600 it is one of the old'
est banks doing    business   ill   the Ilo
minion. Its biBtory from Its inception has been one of progress ami
prosperity. The Nelson brunch is
under the personal supervision of Mr.
Geo. h'yihl, and patrons will find this
gentleman courteous, obliging and
ever ready to extend to customers
every business courtesy consistent
with sound hanking principles. Tbis
bunk does a general banking business,
linys and sells exchange, issues letters
of credit available in all parts of the
world; interest is' paid on lime deposits and special attention is paid to
collections; deposit) are solicited,
and satisfaction guaranteed.
Headquarters For Furniture.
In giving a general description of
the different business interests of Nelson it is perfectly natural to find
among the most prominent the inline
ol McArthur A Co, the popular furniture dealers. This linn since its em-
barkalion in business has constantly
increased its business in proportion to
the growth of the city and now have
one of the most complete slocks in
their line to be fouud in the Kootenay district. Ill their commodious
store centrally located on Buker street
is to be found everything in the furniture lino. These gentlemen nre prepared to furnish your house from gar-
ict to cellar with all the latest designs ami styles ut 11 moment's notice.
Hero lire to be found china closets,
refrigerators, dining tables, side-
hoards, parlor suits, upholstered iu
damask or plush, bedroom suits from
the finest to the cheapest, easy chairs,
locking chairs, dining chairs, picture
frutnes, easels, ornaments and brie a
brae to ornament the homes of the
most fastidious. They also cairy n
full line of carpets in Brussels and
ingrains,which they are selling at the
lowest prices, baby carriages and
push carts in endless variety, and In
fact everything to he found In the
largest eastern furniture emporiums,
and what is of as much interest to
contemplating purchasers everything
in this establishment is sold ut bottom prices. McArthur 18s Co.'a business connections enable Hum to buy
their wares so that they are in n position to simply dofy competition. Visitors to the store will always find the
obliging nnd veiy accommodating
proprietors ready to give tlieui their
Closest personal   attention.
Fruits     and     Confectionery���W.    II.
Browne, Manager.
Just around the corner on Ward
street from Baker is to ho found one
of the nenlest resorts iu Nelson. The
place to which we refer is 1 tie confectionery, ctrttVe and ice cream parlors
of the Palm, Mere is lo he found nil
the delicacies of the season. 'The
front of the store is arranged as a
confecttionery ami fruit store which
is supplied with one of the finest soda
fountains in tlie oily null tlie syrups
used in ull drinks served ure pure
fruit juices, .lust buck nf the confectionery department there is one of the
heist arranged and most cozy ice cream
parlors that is to be found in tbe west.
There is nothing but lia.elwood ice
cream served, which is acknowledged
to be the beat. They also reeve coffee,
lea and cuke, und when the season becomes a little further advanced this
pluce will become a general rendezvous for the young people of the eily.
The service is polite nnd efficient,
unit the manager, Mr, W. (1, Browne,
deserves brent credit for inn'ntninlng
tt resort of the high .'.landing whicli
this place enjoys.
Manufacturers of  ull  Cereal Product)
nnd Wholesale   Dealers in Gruin,
liny and Feed.
There is no city In Canada of Its
size that can boast of as many exclusive wholesale bouses as Nelson, and
among the many represented hei
there uro none that are mote worth-,
of mention In a general commercial
review of the city than is tho Bralt-
man-Ker Milling Co. Ltd. 'The B. ,<���
li. company are by odds the largest
dealers in their line in Canada, uml
Ihe stock curried comprises the very
best that cun be obtained In the bay,
grain and feed Hue. A full line of
lloui and cereals is ulso stocked, in-
eluding the well nkowii brand of rolled oats manufactured by this linn ut
their extensive milling plants at Vic-
toria, New Westminster and labium
ton, Alia. The II. ._ K. brand is a
household word throughout Brlltsli
Columbia, and any goods bearing this
trade murk enn be aenended upon us
being the very highest grude manufactured. The World's Fair (Chicago)
gold medal, and the sumo lit the Mid-
Winter Fair, Sun Francisco, enrried
off iu competition wilh the world bv
the II. & K. brand attests this fuel
very emphatically.
In their feed department, their motto is "Nothing is too good fcr Kootenuy." Timothy buy from the Paloiise,
oats from the Canadian Northwest
(supplied from the linn's line of elevators on the Calgary at Edmonton 1!.
R.), wheat from the Washington
wheat belt, and so in every line, tho
aim is to keep only the highest grades
The concern is purely n Britisli Columbia one, having their head office
nl Victoria, with branches nt Vancouver, Westminster, Rossland, Nelson
und Edmonton, Alia, in addition to
the local business carried oil 111 the
Kootenay country at their Rossland
aud Nelson branches, a very large
carload trade is done with all Kootenay antl Boundary pouts, shipments
being inade direct fiom the different
nulls ami elevators of tlpi compuny,
Mr. Frank II Glbbs is the Kootenuy
manager,with headquarters.^} Nelson:
Mi. c. W, shipp is the -ookkeeper,
and Mr. Geo. A. Blown has charge of
Ihe shipping ilepm tiueiit.
I'a irons will find this firm ever
ready to extend to them 11 hearty welcome und in a position to quote prices
which are acknowledged to place
rlrakman-Kcr at the bead in their
hue of business.
.1. A.   Gilker,   Proprietor���Dealer   in
Clothing,    Boots,    Shoes,   Hats,
Cups,  and   Furnishings.
Of the houses engaged in tlie clothing and boot and shoe business we can
with confidence assert that none occupies a position of higher rank 01 is
more entitled to consideration with
reference not only to the high commercial standard upon which itsoper-
aitons are based, but also to the extent of business transacted, and its
inlluence in commercial circleB.
Since its inception this house bus always maintained a prominent position
in the general trade. The premises
occupied by Mr. J. A. Gilker, so far
as regards facilities for the operation
of his business, lire ull thut could
be desired, boing umple, roomy, and
centrally located on Buker street.
Here is to be found everything in
men's, youths' and boys' ready-to-
wear, tailor-fitting, high elasa clothing, and Ilis stock of spring goods 111
this line was never in its history more
extensive. All the latest up-to-date
boots and shoes, from line footwear to
the common and more serviceable
grades. In men's furnishings the
stock is replete in every respect und
patrons will find that the long established reputation of this liouse for
high grade goods at lowest prices has
not ���diauged in the least. We take
great pleasure in commending this
gentleman to the public ns being energetic, enterprising and honest in all
business transactions.
Groceries, Fruit, Confectionery, Bread,
Piea, Cakes ami Holla.���S. I).
Howell,    Proprietor.
On tbe corner of Ball and Vernon
streets in this city will he found one of
the neatest and best conducted small
business concerns of Nelson. H. D.
Howell, the geuial and ever accommodating proprietor, beeps consliinlly in
stock a full line of groceries, all kinds
of fresh f 1 nits, vegetables, etc, ns well
��s 11 full stook of the finest and most
wholesome confectionery, nuts, tobacco,
The product of his bakery Is unexcelled and a full line of bread, cukes,
pies, rolls, etc, is kept constantly 011
This gentlemnn is very prompt in deliveries and bis repntation for honest
and honorable business methods is tin-
quetfioued by nny who know him. Ilis
trade is constantly increasing and the
public nre guaranteed satisfaction in
every respect.   Givo him a call.
Orders Promptly   Gathered and Delivered.
A sketch of tlie most enterprising
establishments would indeed be incomplete without meniton of iho Kootenay Steam Laundry. This estab
lishment is consideed the best of Its
kind in the eily. It ts located on tho
eastern part of Baker street and is the
pioneer laundry firm of Nelson, having been in business here a number of
yearB. Thc laundry ib supplied with
all the latest improved machinery foi
tlie turning out of the best class of
work Tills firm have had an extended experience in the laundry business
and they thoroughly understand the
required process to give to their product the supberb color, and gloss,
which so muny lnudrios fall to get.
There is never too much blueing or too
ittle stureh und the finish is unexcelled, The firm employ none but white
tut) union labor.
The proprietors are very accommo-
Juting nnd patrons mny always depend upon the beBt of service. This
laundry guarantees to give satisfaction in ull cuses. It sends after and
delivers your work promptly, never
failing to deliver at tlie exact time
promised. Ihey employ quite a force
of help and the stirei <��>_   management
Stores in Nelson,Victoiia and Vancouver, B. C., and   London, Eng.
Among the large outside firms who
have recognized the importance of
Nelson us a commercial center we
Hike pride in culling our renders' attention to Turner, Bceton a. Co., who
are aenkowledged leaders as wholesale merchants, shippers and importers of dry goods, liquors, cigars, ore
bugs, drill steel, cement, eto. This
firm curry in stock in the dry goods
line every urticle that the trade demands, As wholesale liquor dealers
they are sole agents for Robert
Brown's Four Crown Scotch Whiskey
und keep constantly on blind a large
stock of ull kinds of wines, foreign
nnd domestic liquois, cigars, tobaccos, etc. Tho lurgo demands of their
different stores coupled with the fact
that they buy direct from the original
manufacturers ns well us Importing
their supplies direct to Nelson plnce
them in a position to quote prloes.thal
uro simply beyond competition. TMs
lirm nre noted for their fair und hull
est dealings and the superior uml lib
eral management of thu Nelson brand
is beoynd dispute.
Plumbers, lias   litters, etc. ���Opposite
In gathering statistics and writing
a genera] business history of Nelson
there Is no firm which is more deserving of mention than that ol
Strachan Bros., plumbers, They have
the necessary machinery for the performance of their work, which consists
of plumbing,    ventilation,   heating,
cutting and threading pipes, placing
in position steam uud hut water bo'l-
ors, buth tubs, sewer connections, etc,
These gentlemen hy cnoigy, enter*
pri o und close nttention    to   business
have built for themselves a reputation
second to none in this line. All over
the eity mny be seen expert work.
which bus been done by this tirin.
The Review hns no hesitancy in recommending these gentlemen to ii_
readers as honest, reliable, enterprising citizens, who may be depended
upon to fulfill all contracts with
promptness and despatch, giving at
all limes the best of satisfaction, and
for pri ;es as low as is consistent
with high class workmanship.
Dealers in Clothing   nnd Furnishing ,
Hall Illock,  800 Baker Street.
The fast growing popularity of this
cslahl.sliin.iut lias brought it most conspicuously before the general publio
am] we therefore think il our duty to
make a brief statement In Its behalf.
The superior manner in which
Messis. Brown _�� Co. have served the
public has gained for them nn enviable reputation in Nelsou and
thiongh the surrounding country for
the high grade goods carried iu stock
and as must reasonable dealers. This
firm hare become identified with the
people in Ibis section and todny stand
without a peer. In their huge and
well stocked store will be found a
complete line of tailor fitting ready-
to-wear, lip-to dute clothing, In all
the latest weaves, cheeks, stripes and
patterns for men, youths, boys und
children. In huts and cups thc stuck
is very complete, comprising all the
latest ncnt and nobby styles, shapes
and colors. The gents' furnishing department contains nil thut tlie word
implies nnd their line of spring and
summer clothing cannot be surpassed
in the west, cither foi quality, selection or price, nnd let uu Bay light
hero that when it Domes to pi Ices this
house Ib the decided leader. Patrons
will find Messrs. Brown A Co. ever
j ready to extend to them every business
'courtesy. The policy of these gentlemen Is progressive, liberal and enterprising.nnd assures for them the same
popularity In the future that they
nave always enjoyed in the past.
Ptptilar   Shoo   Dealer, Bultcr   Street.
To keep pace witli the modern hoot
aud shoe trndo requres nol only energy
and enterprise, but a careful study of
the merits of every advancement.
Among the representative dealers in
this line is Mr. II. MoCiiuslnnd. No
one gives n more careful nttention to
the selection of 11 stoek that will meet
the demands of tho trade than ho, und
todny there cunnot bu found a better
assortment of line and heavy footwear
in Nel.on than in his neat and attractive store. His stock is neatly nnd
systematically arranged, enabling the
salesman  to find uny desired boot  or
shoe in nn instant. This gentleman
also nttends to repairing antl making
of hoots.and shoes, which arc executed
with neatness antl dispatch. We heartily advise all our readers to call on
this popular gentleman, ns you will
find an elegant, assortment to choose
from, bedrock prices, and a square,
obliging gentleman to deal with.
R. G. Joy, Proprietor.
In these necessarily brief sketches of
the individual industries we cannot bo
expected to enter into minute details
but to present the chief attractions and
special foufuris of the various firms
which in Friendly rivalry are competing
for publio patronage. Among these
firms Hie ciiiisiiul observer must accord
to the Star Bakery n prominent position in their line of business. This enterprising bakery has recently established a bta eh ou Josephine street,
next door to F. Irvine's millinery establishment, and keep constantly ou
hand an excellent stock of Blend, Rolls,
Pies, Cakes, und nil lire freshly baked
nnd of superior quality. The Star
Bakery wagon delhers all Old, is
promptly liud when notified makes regular calls nt your door. Mr. R. G.
Joy, the p"pulni' proprietor, is a gentleman of push und energy, perfectly reliable nnd ever iu Ihe van of progress.
-.,- "*< ���   ���
)���im Idil���'SHlirsnBMWIiTiW
had <


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