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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 27, 1902

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 a   -   ���   ���     VI
'rofmcvn Llbrsry g31o��H
Dally Edition No.  1301
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Thursday,  March 27,  1902
Eleventh   Year
The reports of the Leopard account for
about 180,000 seals so far.
The steamer Southern Cross put into
the harbor of Oreen's pond this evening wilh only 70 seals on boaid.    She
  did not signt ice,the seal herds or any
other   sealing   steamers   during    her
Big   Legal   Fight   BcgUIl   Over lentire voyage.     She put   into Oreen's
pond because of seveie weather.    Hers
is tbe seoond total   failure   among tho
Cycle Company Flotation,
Bullock Who Treacherously
Killed His Comrade Suffers Death.
sealing fleet tbis season.
Toronto, March 2ii.���Sir Wm, I'.
Ilowland, for 28 years president of the
Confederation Life Association has
been compelled to resign on account |
of increasing age. W. H. Realty succeeds him. E. B, Osier and C, H.
Gooderham havo been added to the
board of that company.
Seats on tho Toronto Stock Ex
change have been advancing by loops
and bounds. The seat bought by
Flynn, of Cobourg, some time ago for
$11,000 today sold for $14,500.
The big legal fight over the promotion of tho Canada Cycle and Motor
company began this morning when a
writ was taken out on behalf of 40
shareholders of the company against
K. B. llyckman, jr., Oeo. A. Cox,
Lyman M. Jones, Warren ll.Soper aud
the executors of the late Walter Man-
soy for discovery ofthe profits, which,
it is alleged, they failed to disclose.
The suit is also for $3-12,000 which
is allleged to havo been paid in cash
to ths promoters in excess of the
amount paid by them for tho busi
nesses taken over, and lor $1,0011,000
common stock issued to them without
any consideration.
The fourth spring excursion left for
the west today, carry 400 people and
40 cars of settlers' effects.
The Massey estate bus offered
8!>0,000, and A. E. Ames, Senator Cox,
Timothy Eaton, J. W. Flavelle and
E. B. Wood, $3,000 each, to St. .lames
Methodist church, Montreal, if the
tiusteos will raise $102,000 by June
1st, 1903.
Ogilvie Flour Mills Taken Over by
Strong  Syndicate.
Montreal, March 26.���Montieal is
to bave a new steamship service to
Rotterdam. It will be inaugurated
by May by the Canadian F'or warding
and Export Co., with a fleet of four
large steamers.
The syndicate which has bought out
the Ogilvie Milling Co., today paid
over the purchase price. C. K. Uos-
mer was elected president and E. W.
Thompson, vioe-president and general
manager. W. A. Brock was appointed
western manager with heaaquarters at
Winnipeg. The company's headquarters will be at Montreal.
Bullock    Who   Shot   His   Companion
Hanged Yesterday.
Fort Saskatchewan, March 20.��� C.
Bullock was exeouted at the Northwest Mounted Police barracks for the
murder of Leon Stanton on April 20
last. Doath was instantaneous. The
condemned man made no statement,
slowly shaking his head when asked
on the scaffold if he had anything to
Rev. A. Aldridge, Methodist mims<
ter here, who haa visited tho prisoner
daily sinoe his oomirittuent, was with
him half an hour before the execution. While he listened attentively to
all the counsel of his spiritual adviser, tho prisoner showed no outward
evidence of remorse and stoutly protested his innoeenco to the last. The
trap waa arranged in the second floor
of the carpentor shop at the barracks
giving a drop of 0 feet. As Rov. Mr.
Aldiidge concluded reading the Lord's
prayer, the lover waa pulled and the
condeiuued allot oowward. No movement indicated tho presence of life
after tbe tiap was sprung. Tne exe-
cutiouer was Capt. U. P. Biukly
Only one Filipino General Remains in
thc Field.
Manila, March 20.���Noriol,[the only
insurgent general with the exception
of Malvar still in the field, had been
captured by Lieut. Frank Bamford, of
the 28th infantry. A major, a captain, a lieutenant and the meu who
were acting as a body guard Noriel
were eautured with him.
They have all been held as prisoners
of war. There is some reason to believe that one member of this body
guard is Ueneral Malvar in disguise.
Lieut. Bamford is certain that if this
general is not ouo of the captured
party, he is in the immediate neighborhood ol Noriol's capture. Noriel
bas boen one of tbe recognized leaders
of the insurrection since 1809. He waa
captured on his way to the coast
while endeavoring to escape. He
admits that the insurrection, as such,
is over aud Eays that the few remaining leaders are fleeing as they do not
command enough men tc warrant surrenders commensurate with their
At noon today the health authorities
reported a total of 40 cases of cholera
and 30 deaths.
Peaceful End of the Master Mind Which
Great Britain's Destinies
in South Africa.
All Admit His Gigantic Conceptions, His
Magnanimity and Substantial Services to the Empire.
Brotherhood of Trackmen Iioftisod Insurance Compnny Privileges.
Ottawa, March 20.-The application
of the Brotherhood of Railway Trackmen of Amorica, of which John T.
Wilson, of St Louis,Mo.,is president,
for permission to carry on insurance
business in Canada for tho benefit of
its members, has been refused by tho
Dominion government. The principal
reasons are that the department is not
satisfied that the calling of the tracic
men is sufficiently dangerous to pre
vent trackmen from obtaining insur
ance at reasonable rates from ordinary
companiea; that the rates are too low ;
that special assessments are levied and
that insurance money has been used
to pay expenses of strike.
Before Testifying Morgan   Had   Snap
Shot Artists Sent Out.
New York, March 20.���J. Pierpont
Morgan gave evidence today before
Special Examiner Maybee in the suit
ol Peter Power against the Northern
Pacific railway company. He was
questioned for two hours and a half
by Oeorge Alfred Lamb, counsel for
Power, and during that time he
answered the questions rapidly and'
without tbe slighest appearance of
Only once or twice when questions
wero asked conoerning the relationship of J. P Morgan and Co. with the
firm's customers, ho declined to
Before the hearing was opened, Mr.
Morgan objected to the presence of a
number of photographors and they
were directed to leave tho room. Several times during tho hearing the
financier showed considerable amusement over tbo questions asked hiin.
Alter the examination, Mr, Morgan
was conducted through several hallways to Judge Wallace's private
chambers whence he made his way out
of the building. All tllis was to get
away  from photographers.
St. Johns, Nfld., March 88.���Tbe
stoamer Leopard has arrived heie from
the seal fishery loaded with 111,000
seals. She brings a much bettor report
from the sealing fleet than the steamer
JJewioundland   brought  on   Monday.
French Police Will Not Permit
Furious Automobiliing.
Paris, March 20,���It is announced
here from Nice that while W. K.
Vanderbilt, Jr., and D. W. Bishop
were passing on an automobile
through tho village of LeLuc last
night ou their way to Nice, they were
arreatd for fast travelling and for not
showing lights on tlieir machine. Mr.
Vanderbilt and Mr. Bishop were kept
in the station house ntll this morning when they were roleased.
Detroit.March 2H.-W. C Ilrownlee,
of Montreal, has been made superintendent of tbe western division of the
(Irand Trunk railway with headquarters hero, to succeed F. W. Egan, wno
is now general superintendent of thc
Denver and Rio Orando.
Capetown, March 20.���Cecil Rhodes!
died peacefully at 5.57 p.m. Ho slept
dming the afternoon, but his breathing became more difficult and his
srength perceptibly diminished until
he passed away. He was conscious
until 5.55 p. m. when he muttered a
few words and sank quickly. The
immediate cause of hia death was two
successive attacks of heart failure.
At his bedside were Dr. Jameson,
Dr. J. W. Smart, tne commissioner of
public works; Col.-Elmhurst Rhodes,
director of signalling of the South
African field force; Mr. Walton, of
Port Elizabeth, member ol the assembly. Mr. Rhodos mst words were tbe
names of his brother and some of the
others present, whieh were meant to
be good byes. The only person who
attended him during his illness and
who was not present at his deathbed
was Dr. Stevenson. All his other
friends and personal servants were
admitted at the last.
The body will be taken to Groote
Sohuur, his residence near Capetown,
in a special train tomorrow. There it
will probably lie iu state for a day or
two, and the publio will be admitted
to view it. It has not yet been determined where Mr. Rhodes will be
buried. lt was his wish that he
should be buried at Matoppo hills,
Rhudesia. Certain cl' his friends
will proceed to Matoppo hills to determine whether it is practicable to
carry out this wish. The features of
the dead man are placid and a death
mask of them   will be taken.
The government has decided to give
Cecial Rhodes a publio funeral. His
remains will be brought here from
Uroote Scbuur for tho burial service
wbich will bo hold in the Cathedral.
The body will then be taken back to
Oroote Scbuur and will eventually be
buried at Matoppo hills.
Since Mr. Rhodes took to his bed
three weeks ago, his friends had been
most anxious that he should recover
sufficiently to be taken back to
The cottage where he died wns a
simplo seaside cabin, small and close
to the railway. It was ill 111tort to he
a sick chamber, although the utmost
waa done to improve the ventilation
and make it more comiortable. Dr.
Stovenion Blept by his patient every
night that he might be iu readiness to
administer cxygen, whieh practically
kept Mr. Rhodes alive. Last Sunday
he lost all interest in everything and
Bince then he doled tlio hours away.
His rally from tho crisis of Tuesday
left but tho faintest hopes for his ultimate recovery. They were entirely
abandoned with the renewed attaok
at noon today.
The news of his death spread
through Capetown between 7 and B
o'clock tins evening and caused profound grief. All places of amusement
were immediately closed. An open air
concort was stopped and thc audience
uncovered while thc band played the
Dead March. The people then suddenly  dispersed.
London, March 27.���The estimates
of the careei of Cecil Rhodes and the
effect of tbat career ou the history of
the Uritish empire are oolorod largely
by tha political views of the papers
making tbem. But the opinion is
unanimous in the press here that in
spite of the defects and tho limitations
of bis forceful oharacter, few men
have more profoundly impressed tho
imaginaton of their contemporarieB.or
played a larger part in the world's
affairs   than   Cecil   Rhodes and   tbe
poorer by   his   premature
With the expressions of admiration
for his great services are mingled
kindly words of regreta for the disastrous mistake mado in the Jameson
Tne Standard says: Theie was a
certain largeness and magnanimity
even in bis failings. He remains a
impressive and inspiring ligure and
the real lover of his country, who
sacrificed much to make England
great and powerful.
Tho Daily Mail describes him as
the successor ol Lord Clive and Warren Hastings and says: The violence
with which he was hated abroad is
tbe measure of his servico to England.
Tho Daily Chronicle says: There
was nothing in tlie career of Cecil
Rhodes to support the charge that he
was a vulgar money grabber. There
was i othing small about bim, even his
olunders were colossal.
The Daily News which bitterly
attacks Mr. Rhodes on account of the
Jameson raid, declaring tbat not even
Randolph Churcbiil shattered a more
brilliant career by a more conspicuous
act oi folly, also defends him from
the charge of money grabbing.
The Daily Telegraph says: If
Cecil Rhodes was guilty of a blunder
in 1895, he paid as dearly for it as
his most bitter foe could wish. Now,
lhat he has passed beyond the reach
of malignity, of censure, only the
magnificent services rendered tho empire bo loved will be remembered.
The Times says in an editorial:
With all his undeniable faults, and
the errors which marred his noble
work, Cecil Rhodes stands an heroic
figure around which the traditions of
Imperial history will cling.
Tho newspapers all devoto much
spaco to sketches of the career of Mr.
Rhodes, to reminiseenses of the man
aud tho expressions cf foreign opinion
concerning bim. Considerable curiosity is evinced as to the probable
disposal of hi? property and interests.
The general notion ia that the bulk of
his property will bo bequeathed, not
to an individual, but to public interests in South Africa, and that Dr.
Jameson will be designated to succeed, so far as any one can succeed,
to tbe charge of his Rbodcsian
interesta. It is understood that Rhodes
wished to be burioJ at Matapopo hills
bucausu this was the scene of his
histoiie conference with tho Matabclu
A dispatch from Capetown published
tbis morning in the Dally Express
says tbat Dr. Jamuion is authority for
the statement that Cecil Rhodes left
Oroote Scbuur, his residence near
Capetown, to tbo people of that city,
and large sums of money to cbnrilies.
New York, March 2(1.���Earl (Jrey,
before sailing for England gave the
Associated Press an interview concerning Cecil Rhodes.     He Bald :
"Cecil Rhodes is the only example
perhaps in our generation of those
idealists who in the days of Elizabethan adventure, made the Anglo-
Saxon the predominant partuerfin the
world's firm. Tho world, at least its
governors, do not much like such men
as those who keep tbem awake at
night, and so the greatest Englishman
of our day has coino to be looked upon
with somowhat mixed feelings. Ho
had a never failing confidence in the
growth of tho federal system of the
government. I personally have always
opposed home rule, being at that time
in the bouse of commons, I left Mr.
(Hailstone's     party   over   this   issue.
Rhodes, however, never wearied of
I assuring me that I ougltt to have gone
j forward, that iu tbis direction alone
I was safety.
"Rhodes, in the first place, was
premier in Cape Colony, he knew
I Kruger would light to tile death any
federation of South Africa nnder our
flag; he knew that either South Afiiea
must come under the Dutch flag or the
English flag.
"If the Transvaal, arming to the
teeth.continued this condition of preparation, then, also every man in our
colony of Natal must similarly arm.
It is no longer possible that a cioss
board of little armed 'nations' can be
permitted. Rhodes saw this; he saw
that, 'independence' on the Kruger
plan was incompatible with individual freedom ; that involved all round
Passing to the effect of the death of
bis friend, Loid (Jrey said :
"The world will be poorer, no one
will dream such dreams, and try to
draw them on maps; no one living
porhapB, will try as he tried to federate the Empire on the American system. A great genius goes out with
Rhodes; true bis work will go forward in somo ways more smoothly
perhaps, becauso ho had inevitably
aroused great antagonism,but ne shall
not see his l��ke again, and bis passing
will for mo and many others take
much color from our lives."
Jury Finds Him   Guilty   of   Inducing
Rice's Valet to Kill Him.
New Y'ork, Marcli 2fi.���Albort T.
Patrick, lawyer, was convicted this
evening of the murder of an elderly
millionaire recluse, William Marsh
Rice, on September 23id, HiOO, the
penalty under tbe statute is death in
the electric chair.
A scant tbree hours of deliberation
at the close of a trial prolonged b.r
nine weeks and replete witb secsa
tional interest sufficed tc enable tbe
jury to reach tbeir verdict. The issue
of the trial establishes thu charge that
I'atrk'k conapired with Rice's valet
Charles l\,Iones to obtain possession oi
the Texan's estate, estimated at
17,000,000 and that Jones killed him
employer by the administration of
chloroform at the direct instigation ot
Much Ship's Wreckage Found
on Queen Charlotte
Judge Walkem  Will Inquire
Into Charges Against
Oang of Counterfeiters Captured on
Long Island.
New York, March 2(1.���The U. S.
secret service agents reported today
that a large counterfeiting plant was
iaided at Coiona, Long island, last
night and that five men were arrested.
According to the secret service men,
the counterfeiters wero imitating ID
gold pieces when the ollicers appeared. They sumbitted to arrest and
made no attempt to get rid of bogus
coins in their pockets. Throe of tho
men gavo their names as Marino
Mosso, Santos Carazo and Antonio
Shiaro. The others declined to give
tbeir names. Tbey wore arraigned today before U. .S Commissioner Heuo
diet, in Brooklyn.
Militia to Uo Called Out to Keep
Peace in Alabama Settlement.
Biimingbam, Ala., March 20.���A
special to the Age-Herald fiom
Jasper, Ala., nay. information had
just beon received there of a race riot
twelve miles eaBt of Jasepr lato this
morning. One bundled .and fifty
shots, it is roportcd, had been exchanged, but the casualties could not
be ascertained at that hour. A farmer
named Murray came in about 7
o'clock for ammunition and has
returnad. SherilT Moore bas asked
Oovornor Jenks to call out tbe local
militia company and the men are now
getting ready to respond to the call
which is momentarily expected.
Montreal, March 20. ���In tho bye
election for the House of Commons io
Ik-auharnois, necessitated by the unseating of Loy, Liberal, (or bribery
by his agents, Loy was elected by 108
majority, defeating llegron, Conservative. In the last election with the
same candidates Loy's majority was
Kingston, Jamaica, March 20. ���The
governor, Sir Augustus lleming, accompanied by Lady lleming left hen-
today on his way to Santiago,Cuba,to
visit Oovmnor (ieneral Wood. He
will sail from Port Antonio tomorrow
on Ueneral Wood'ii yacht Kanawha.
Victoria, March Ml,���Thomas
Ilensy, ex-chief of thu Victoria file
department, who was offered tne position aa chief of tbe Dawson flie de-
paitn:cnt, has declined the position.
Price Ellison, M.P.P., of Vernon,
has purchased K.P. Ritbet's thoroughbred stallion Broadbrim,which is now
racing iu California Mr. Ellison
breeds horses (or the llritish army.
In conneotion with the proposed
combine ot Uritish Columbia salmon
cancries it is officially announced that
tbe canneries on tbe Fraser and northern rivers, owned a'd controlled by
Messrs. Ritbet and Co., have beon pul
in but S. N. Todd and other Victoria
owners of canneries have declined to
enter tbe combine.
Justico Walkem bas boen appointed
a commissioner to inquire into tbe
charges made in the legislature by
Smith Curtis against Premier Dtins-
muli in connection with the sale of
the E. and N. railway to Messrs. Mac-
Ken/.ie anil Mann.
A while board, bearing the name
"Alavclla" in dark paint, a piece of a
ship's boat with the name Nauies, a
laige gang plank paintol, a life buoy
lettered "II.M.S. Condor" and two
cases of canned Salmon, unmarked,
are included in a l���t of wreekago
which bus lately been washed ashore
at Deo Lee point, about six miles
nortb of Skidcgate, t^iieen Cbarlotto
islands. Tiie news of thia discovery
is contained in a letter to Abraham E.
.smith, V. S. consul, from William
Ross, of Skldgegate, written under
date of March 0.
The finding of a vamo board of the
Ataveila would seem to indicate that
the well known Norwegian ship has
eitner met with disaster or bas had a
stiuggle with tho elements. She received her cargo at the Hastings
mills, Vancouver, and passed out to
sea on Feb. 8, bound for Ostend,
Belgium. There were 986,440 feet of
lumber aboard, Valued at $7,785, The
ship loaded on account of Ibe British
Colomba Mills, Timber and Trading
company, owners "ol tbe mill. Sho
waS doubtless driven by some ol the
terrific southwest winds prevailing,
shoitly after she went to sea. Capt.
Ojerlsen, a Norwegian skipper, and a
crew of upwards of 20 men wero
aboard, a number of whom Hre believed to have shipped on tho vessel at
Vancouver. The Atavella was a line
able ship and belonged to a licet of
nineteen vessels owned by the Johnson, Julian Oo.i of Christians, She
was nn iron vessel, built at Glasgow
in INCH.
Tbe name Nanies given on tho
ship's bunt referred to cannot be
located in shipping directories. Thu
gang plank alluded tn may have belonged to the Condor, and as for tiro
IB 1 mon there is a possibility that this
wreckage came from the Red Rock.
The letter states that on neither boxes
or tins were any maiUs liy which they
could be Identified, In connection
with the salmon cases found some
time ago, it might lie stated that '-a I-
tnou so marked was shipped on the
lleinilale, as well as the Red Ruck.
Tbe representatives nf tee steamship
companies having steaineis on Ibe
Alaska loute, held a meeting beru
today. It was decided to permit tbo
Dolphin, as well as the City ol
Seattle, to call ut Vancouver for catllo
on her way north. They decided upou
the sumo local rates as last year and
left the through tariff to tlio White
Puss and Yukon to publish.
Boston.    Mass.,  March   88.���George
Gardner,   of Lowell,    wns   signed   by
Wm. A Pierce, his manager,  today to
light   Tom   Suarkej,   at   London,   in
June, taking the place of Peter Maher.
London, Maich 88,��� Lead ��11 ft.  .'Id.
New York, March 88.���Close��� Hai
silver r,:'. 7-~ c ; Mexican dollars II 1-4,
Copper    easy,    Lead  quiat.
I    .f ��� !
Nklson   Daily Miner.   Thursday,   March 27,  igos
Tlie Nelson Miner
Published   Evory   Morning   Ezoept   Monda��
Dally per mouth, by carrier ���    65c
Dally, per month, by mall      50c
Daily, per year, by carrier I 7 00
DMly, per ye<w, by mail    6 00
Daily, per yjar foreigu      9 00
vVoekly.per half year	
Weekly, per year...	
Weekly, per yeai-. (..reign-........... ���
wutwcrtptionH invariably In advance.
. 91 25
. 2 00
.   3 00
Display Advertisement*'. $1 per inch per
month; Display Advertisement-". 25 (>enU per
Inch each i'lsertion lew than month; Locals, 10
cents per line each in-ertion; Clandiled Adver-
tiseinenLS, 1 cent DOT word OOCh insertion;
Wholesale Cards S2.50 per month; Society
r.tiij. f2.50 per month,
115 Fleet Street. K. C,
Central Press Agency, Ltd., Spoclal Agents
Alexander & Co.. 521 First Avenue, Spokane1'
Wii-h.. keep thi��� paper on die, and are our
authoriKed agents for advertisement** and Hub*
The above Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons ol stealing The Miner irom
our subscriber's doors.
The delegation from tbe Associated
Hoards of Trade, which recently convened in Kaslo met the government a
lew days since and presented tho matters which they had been directed to.
Tbe main question presented by the
delegates was the protest against the
tax of two per cent on the product of
the ore from the njines.less the freight
and treatment charges. The delegates
held, and with very good reason, too,
that tbis tax bears heavily and sometime* unfairly upon thuse mines which
only return a small net profit per ton
of ore. Tho smmlness of tbe profit is
due to large cost ol mining, or to the
low grade of the ore. The Colonist,
wbich i? the mouthpiece of tbe government, treats the petition in rather
a cavalier mannei. For instance, it
compares the royalty collected by the
government out ol tlie product of ore
to tbe poll tax. It says if a rich mining company is not making a profit
out of its ore it ought to be taxod just
the same because the poll tax is levied
whether the laboring man is working
cr not. This is not a proper spirit, and
if it represent.* the sentiments of the
government, it is not tbe right sort to
display towards an industry which if
properly fostered will be of the greatest help to the province ln making it
rien and prosperous. The tax as at
present levied works in many in-
stances an Injustice, as it often has
the effect of actually increasing the
losses of a mining company. Supposing, for instance, that two per cent,
was taken from the gross proceeds of
the eoal that is mined by Mr. Dunsmuir and others in this provioce, less
the cost of freight, what a howl
would go up about injustice. We ore
not talking about 3 per cent, on the
profits, as the miners aro not allowed
to deduct the cost of mining from tlie
gross returns from their ore. If it
would be unjuit and inequitable in
tbe one case why not in the other?
Some more equitable tux should be
placed on the mines and tho burdens
thrown upon them should be made as
light as possible.
Another matter presented by the
hoards of tride was the request that
tbe recording fee for recording annual
assessment be raised from $2.50 to
$12.B0. This is something that should
not be done. Mayor Qopdonough, of
Kaslo, and ti F. Martin, a banister
of that city, wero on hind at Victoria
to protest against tbe raising of the
recording fee and entered a vigorous
protect ugainst its being done. Tbey
stated that it would be a seri >us mistake to inciease the rscoroli g fee on
each annual assessment from |3,50 to
$12.50 as suggested by the Associated
Th Kaslo boaid of trade's suggestion
that tbo government should appoint a
commission to take evidence on the
question ot milling taxation is a good
one, This board could by catiful
inquiry and the taking of evidence
arrive at u prop"r conclusion on the
subject aud frame an equitable substitute for tbe present manifestly unfair
The government promised to take
the potitions presented to it on
behalt of the boards of trade and of
the Kaslo board of trade under favorable consideration and to do what it
thought was fair in tbe premises
dent of the Geographical   society   and
founder of Nigeria,    has just returned
to London   from a thorough investigation of South Airican affairs.      While
there he conferred with   Lord Milner,
Lord   Kitchener,    Cecil   Rhodes,     Sir
William    Iieiy-Uutchinson,   governor
of the Cape of Good   Hope,   and other
prominent   personages.     Sir     (leorge
regards the condition in   Cape   Colony
as dangerous   and he says tbat serious
ditliculties will be   encountered   there
in   tbe   future,    besides those   which
exists at   present.     The   question   of
pe.-u'e negotiations rests in   the   bands
of President Steyn, as be declares that
Mr. Kruger and   the   other   Boers  of
Europe     no   longer     represent   Boer
sentitnerit.     The real   obstacle   in the
path of peace, he believes, is the question of granting   Bmnesty   to tbe Cape
and Natal rebels. The vague promises
made by tbe   British    government   in
the past have not   the shghest   weight
while tbe rebels are in   their   present
frame of mind.    Sir (leorge favors the
granting of amnesty to the   rebels but
insists that everyone   be disfranchised
for life.    He estimates   tbat the Boers
have   a   force   of   10,000   men in  tbe
field. Tbis is a remarkable number in
view   of   the fact that  according to a
recent   compilation   there   are  42,000
Boer prisoners.   The estimate is based
on the following   figures:     Prisoners
out of South   Africa,   at   St.   Helena,
Ceylon,   India   and Bermuda,  19,000;
prisoners     in   concentration     camps,
15,000,; prisoners at   scattered   points
or     en     route,    3,000;   prisoners   on
parole, living in their own residences,
The fact that the British army
authorities in South Africa have
allowed Acting President Schalkburger
and his party to pass through their
lines on their way to KronBtadt to
endeavor to induce the Boers to come
to terms would indicate that they
think that there is some hope of
bringing tbem to proper terms.
We wish to call your attention to our immense
stock of
Spring and Summer Staple Goods
and Novelties
In making our selections this season we have endeavored to choose a stock which will please the most delicate
tastes. You will find the finest assortment of both Imported and Domestic goods in the country. New goods
arriving daily.
Hudson's Bay Co.
Lawrence Hardware Go.
The Fishing season is now open and we invite our f'iends and  patrons to
inspect our large and complete, stock of
Rods, Keels, Casts, Flies, Fly Books, Lines, Fishing Baskets, Trolling Spoons
Guns and Ammunition
ftbelRosalBank of Canaba
Incorporated 1869.
Capital* AuthoriiKl,
Incorporated 1869
��3,IMK>,UOO.oo I Capital Pald-np,
Kent,       .
Roaril of Director*     Thomas E. Kenny,  Prosldont;
Wilev Smith, H.G. liauld, Hon. David MnclCnro.
Head Oflice, Halifax 1
Uflnoral Manager, Mil,-.on 1. IVims, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branchcw.   W. M. 'lorramw, Mon'real
Branches 1
Nova   8��oUa���Halifax   Branoh,   Antiironi.r
Thomas Kltohle, Vice-President
P. G. I��lt.��d���Charlottotown, Sumuiemido.
<Jiieb*e���Montreal, lOlty OrUcei, Monttoa
West End (Cor. Noire Dame nnd 8el|<-
neu-s Streets): Woslmonnt (Cor. Greene
Avenue and St. Catharines  Street,
Ni-YiTounillaml-St. John's.
Cuba. Went lildlm���Havana.
Unilr.il Mute-Now York (10 Kxchange l'laon
. ������,��, f
Thc release of General   Methuen by
Commandant     Delarov,      no     matter
whether   the   act   was   inspired     by
chivalry   or   because   the Boer   ufllcer
did not desire to trouble   himself with
a wounded prisoner,    has   produced a
good impression in llreat Britain   and
tbere   is   renewed talk ol peace.   The
hitch   will   bo   over   terms,    and the
question of granting nmnosty tn   Capo
rebels will probably be tbe stumbling
block,   Sir Oeorge Ooldie,   vice-pteai-
The long cherished dreams of the
people of Cuba for self government
will be realized on May 20th, when
the United States will withdraw its
military forces irom the island and
turn _e diiection of its affairs over to
tbe recently elected President Palma
and bis cabinet. After many
struggles, after much bloodshed and
cruel repression the Cubans are a free
people and will oDjoy the luxury of
living without being under the Spanish yoke. It will be a glorious day
for General (Jomez and his fellow
patriots who fought so hard and so
long and made so many patriotic
sacrifices for freedom. It remains
now to be seen whether the rather
turbjleut people who inhabit Cuba
are capable of self government, and
doubtless in case tbey are not it may
.et be the duty of the United States to
step in and take the island over. The
giving of Cuba to the Cubans is in consequence of a promise made at the
commencement of the Spanish-Ameri-
can/vnr by the United States to the
insurgents who were then fighting for
freedom against Spain, that thc war
was not one of conquest and that in
tho event of victory tbe island should
be turned over to the people. The
United Stutes in keeping faith with
the people of Cuba is performing a
magnanimous action, for Cuba, which
is known us the pearl of the Antilles,
is a most valuable possession. The
United States is entitled to great
credit for its action.
Although the Americans were so
kind on tbe one banc as to give the
Cubans the country for which they
fought, on the ether hand, and notwithstanding that the war was not at
first intended to be one of conquest,
brfore it was over, they became
alllictod with tlie lust for territory
and when the opportunity came they
took possession of the Philippines.
Tho people thore had beeu engaged in
a struggle for freedom whicn broke
out at intervals during several centuries against the Spanish rulers. In
many respects the situation waa similar tu that in Cuba. Thore is no talk,
however, ol giving tho Filipinos
liberty nnd the right to self government which thev so much long for.
In one case a promise was givon, nnd
in the other this was not the case.
Tho Filipinos besides aro an entirely
different kind of people from the
Cubans and broke faith with the
United States, The determination is,
therefore, to subjugate tbem, and this
is being slowly but surely done. As
the Americans are better colonizers
and wiser governors than the Spanish
thoy will, wo believe, he able in the
course of a few yenrs to tranquilizc
the people and will give them' an
infinitely superior government to
that whioh prevailed during Spanish
ascendancy. In time the Filipinos
should become loyal American
advances made by Marconi with wireless telegraphy were made. In view,
however, of the piomised perfection
of ihe wireless system it might be a
wise move on the psrt of the Canadian
government to postpone tlie construction of the proposed cable for a period
in order that it be known whether the
Marooni system will not render the
cable obsolete. Cables are costly and
it is better to wait for a time rather
than to make an expenditure for one
which in the course of a short period
might become valueless.
There was a time whenneaily all
of onr mining was of the haphazard,
cut ana dry, variety; and during
that period speculation was rife and
all mining was considered as a grand
gamble and lottery, says Alines and
Mineral. Mining is now being done
upon a more or less scientific basis
and tbe mining business compares
favorably with any other business in
the country, but the impression that
it is all a lottery still prevails among
a, large class of people. The best cure
for tbis condition is tbe education of
the general public as to the true
status of the mining industry at the
preseut time. The more widely miniug information is disseminated
throughout the country, tbo more
stable will tbo mining business
become and the more popular will be
miniug Investments. Educate the
public in regard to the magnitude of
the mining industry and its present
condition, and the mining lakir must
of necessity disappear and become
an extinct specigs.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete rtock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber.
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tarda, NELSON
Bridgewater, QujHboro. Londonderry, Lu
enburg. Maitland (Hams Co.), Plctou, Port
Hawkesbury, Sydney, tihubenocadie.Truro
New Brum* wick ��� Bathurst, Dorchester
Dolhousio Fredericton, Moncton, Now
castle. Rex ton (Kent Co.), Sackville bt,
Grand   Furfcs, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vanconver East End, Victoria,
Canada���MorcOanba Bank of Canada.   BMtOtt��� Natlona   Shawmut Bank.   Chicago��� Illinois
Trust and Savings Bank.   Ma Francisco���Nevada National Hank.   London, Eng. -Bank  0|
Scotland.   Purl*. France���Credit Lyotinaiw.   Ilermuda���Bunk of Bermuda.   China aud Ju-
i>*u���Hour Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.    Hpobane���Old National Bunk.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   tough
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moBt favorable terms.   Interest allowed on ppecia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Be Sure and Get the Genuine. _\
The gruesome  murders   of the Benders   and   the awful   crimes of Burke
have     parallel   in   a   guild of criminals who   were   banded   together   for
robbery   and   murder   at   lleaumont,
Texas.    No less than BO murders, it is
said, can be traced to this gang.    The
scheme of the thugs   was to   approach
men in saloons Or   on   street   corners,
entice   them   to the house of   a negro
woman,   who   gav.i thorn   "knockout
drops."     Tnen,   while    unconscious,
they    wore    robbed     and    in   most
instances   murdered,   as   tbe   ruffians
went on the old black flag theory that
"dead men tell no tales."   Tht bodies
were   thrown   into   the water   where
they were nearly always   devoured by
alligators. For about a year past large
numbers of strangers have   Hoiked   to
Beaumont owing to the oil disooveries
there.       As    those   murdered     were
usually     strangers   there     waB    less
chance for inquiries,   concerning them
and   for   a   long time the   murderers
plied their horrible   vocation   without
lisoovery.     The lleaumont  tragedies
convey   tbe   moral   that   visitors    to
strange cities should be   careful  witb
whom   they     associate   and     should
endeavor  to   mix   only v; ith those of
known respectability and   reputation.
We have the bent valuo in men's
and boys' boots and shoes in II. C.
This is an old fashioned, flat-footed
statement, bnt we will bet our boots
on it.���The Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd,
Finest and Best Bar In tt!�� City.
The best Brands of Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
JOSEPH HARWOOD.   -   Proprietor
I Lawrence Hardware Company |
^ Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C. 3
has been discovered on the
Similkameen   Valley   Coal    Company's
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stree Nelson. B. C
On the 15th instant I will offer for sale the Company's stock at $1.10
PER SHAKE, payable $10 monthly per 100 shares, A further advance
will take place on April 1st.    Rush in your orders.
Nelson, B. C. Official Broker
Spokane Falls Sl
A shipment just "arrived and wo
can now offer you a choice selection   of  everything    known   as
Watches,    Cocks,    Jewels,
Souvenir Goods, Etc.
Tbo llirminghnm Post, whieh is thc
organ of IIou. Joseph Chamberlain,
makes tho stateraont thnt the Canadian governmont has resolved to lay a
cable between Canada and (Jreat
llritain. This would have been a
uove in tho right direction   beforu the
��   We can please you in choosing
0 a Wedding Present,
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always in
We oarry a oomplote slock of Const Flooring
Colling, Insido Finish, Turned Work, Sash and
Doors. Special order work will reoelve prompt
attention:   Mail orders solicited.
Porto Bico Lumber Co.,
Head Offloe���Hondrvx and Vernon He. Nelson
Fine Witch Repairing a Specialty
Notion is hereby given that I intend
to apply at the next sitting of tbe
board of license commissioners for tbe
Oity of Nelson to be held after tiie expiration of thirty days from the dato
hereof, for a transfer of the retail
liquor license now held by me lor tho
Royal hotel, situate on Stanley street
in the City of Nelson, on lots 3 and 4,
block 2H, subdivision of lot fl.">, group
1, West Kootenay district to Sol Johns,
nf tne City of Nelson.
Witness: D. A. McFarland.
Hated tbis 2?th day of February,
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. 8.
Allan Uno PiuUlan March 21)
Alliin Linu Corinthian April   _
������ -  1  I��� I ��>"���   U,. _+__-_,_     . A ,���.i 1   1 I
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Between NelsoD and Spokane
Beaver Lino Lake Superior
Beaver Une Garth Gaetle..
...Xp"rii ii
w���. ^. __...�� _. ~ April 90
Allan.Line HteamorH call .at Hnlifax two dayH
Frcm Portland.
Dominion Lino Califomiau April 12
Dominion Lino Colonian    April 20
From New York
Conard Lino Campania March 29
Cunard Lino Umbria... April 0
White Star Lino Teutonic March 86
Whito Star Lino Oceanic April   2
American Lino Philadelphia .Murcn 2lt
American Lino St Paul, April   2
lied Star Line Morion March 80
Ucd Star Lino Haverford April IU
Continental Ballings of French. North German Lloyd, U. A. P. and Italian Linos on application,
UATK8���Saloon faros $12.50, and upwards
Pecond $35 and upwards according to steamer
u-il location of borth. SU3ora#e quoted on application. Prepaid passogeH from England and
tho continent at lowest ratos.
H. L. BROWN,      W. P. F, CUMMINGS,
City Agt. Notaou.     Geo. Agent, Winnipeg
Brewers of Fine Lunar
Beer and Porter,
Hftaes B. 0
Nelson to Seattle
Nelson to  Vancouver
Nelson to Victoria
21 hours
26 hours
26 horns
Leave DAT TRAIN Arrive
0:20 a.m Spokano   7:15p.��
12:25 p.m Kossiand 4:30 p.W
10:30 a.m....Mouutaiu B'59 P-in'
9:40 a. m Nelaon 6 :4d p. m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. * T.A
Spokane, Wa��
Auent.Nfllson. B.
F. O. GRKKN        Y. 8. OUSMENTtf
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
cor. Kootonay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 14�� Telephone M
Canada Permanent and Ww
tern Canada Mortgage
Money to loan on Straight ��������
Apply to G. I*
l on siramni """"-j
LBNNOi,  t?��k��  ���� Nelson   Daily  Minep, Thursjay, March 27, 1902
I     MINING NEWS.     |
A cablegram was sent to tlie London
office ol the Velvet Mines, limited, on
March 10 as follows: G.r> tons yielded
02 ozs. gold, 100 ozs. silver, 7,720 lbs.
sopper, wet assay; gross value, $2,208
or an average of $33.07 (��0 10s.) per
ton; not proceeds from smelters,
$1,300.52, or au average of $30, (��4)
per ton."
Tbo Velvet is located on the west
slope of Sophio mountain, 12 miles
from Rossland. It ls developed to a
considorablo extent. The intention of
tbo Velvet company is to construct
an electric railway to connect the
Velvet and Portland mines with thu
Canadian Pacific railway ut Rosslaml.
Owing to tlie sleep grades tu be
surmounted the road will bi about 30
miles long.
Miller Co.
Ties���The       Wallace-
Puts a Dash of the Comic in tho Case
For Threatening.
At the court house yesterday the
case of John Mclntyre, who was
charged by li. A. Ibbotson with
threatening to "smash him" and
whom the latter asked to have bound
over to keep the peace, eaiuo up for
trial. The trial occupied all of the
morning session and a good deal of
the afternoon, owing to the difliuulty
of getting proper evidence from two
of the witnesses, who apparently
were indisposed. Tho two principals
in tho quarrel were related and, as
tbe magistrate remarked, the whole
affair arose out of bickering and that
under ordinary circumstances he
would have bound both parties over
to keep the peace.
One of tbe witnesses especially
caused considerable suppiessed hilar-
ity among the audience in the court
room. As he carao on to be sworn ho
remarked confidentially to the magistrate that he was "a Bob Ingersoll
man but respected tlio law and had no
objection to taking the oath." This
drew a sharp rebuke from Mr.
Crease, who asked him what he meant
by offering to be sworn if he did not
believe in the scriptures. This the
witness indignantly repudiated, and
said he did believo tuem, bis former
remark being figurative.
lie then was questioned as to the
defendant's reputation but acccording
to the reply it was hnrd to judge what
this was, as "some thoug! t ho was a
good fellow, while otheis thought he
was any kind of an old thing.''
Aftor considerable fruitless questioning he was asked if lie had not
been drinking intoxicating liquor.
"I had my hair cut.''
"Anything else?"
"Yes, I had a shave."
"Anything else?"
"Well, I have not tounned liquor
since last July till this morning, and
then I had a drink,"
The magistrate finally cut short the
testimony of the witnesses and dismissed the oase with costs against the
The tonsorial establishment of J. II.
Matheson and the basement shop of
MeMahon and Gardner huve consolidated and are now doing business
next duor to the Bi.dega saloon, where
they will be pleased to meet old and
new customers.
Tnke Laxative Bronio Quinine Tabids. Al
driiBKifts refund tho money if It fails to euro
E. W. Grove's pignuture is on each box,   "'
and LaFrance Creek tiails   some work
was done.
From the report it would seem that
the lion's share of improvements fell
to Vancouver island where over
$100,000 was expended in roads and
Nelson Cook and Waiters' union lias
elected its delegates to the convention
to be held in Kamloops on Apiil 14.
AU unions please note.
Order Hot Cross Buns early   at  Star
Tourist Association   (lets   Big List
Subscriptions Yesterday.
Tlie committee of the Tourist Association continued its canvasB for subscriptions toward the ob]ects of the
association and 8208 moro was added
tu the amount at its disposal,bringing
the total subscribed up to $701. This
with the membership fees ol $200 more
makes a grand total of $901 and between 8.10 and $00 more is promised,
as seieial of the local representatives
of Hillside firms have to submit the
matter to their head offices, so that
betore the eno of the week it is expected thore will be at least $1,000 on
hand. ThiB as tbe result of two afternoons' canvass uoes not look as if
Nelson people were Buffering from
haul times. The committee has decided to have Melville Parry go to
Rossland to assiBt W. A. Jowett in
interesting the people of that city in
tlio objects of the association.
The following is   the list  of   those
who subscribed yesterday:
Nelson Saw and Planing Mill. $   5 00
S. P. Tuck       2 50
R. W. Hnnington        2 50
J. O. Shurman       5 00
(Ireeu and Clements      5 00
Nelson Cigar Co       5 00
Ewert Bros,   and   Ringrose      5 00
Elliot and Lennie      5 00
John Hamilton       5 00
Y   A. Tamblyn      2 00
Royal Shoe Store      5 00
Nelson Freight Sc Transfer Co.
The Wallace Miller Co.
John Cholditch.
Report of the  Chiet  Commissioner
Lands and Works.
The report of tho chief commissioner of lards and works of the province of British Columbia for the year
ending December 31, 1901, has just
boen issued, containing considerble
interesting information as to the work
done on the reads and trails ol the
province during the past year.
In the Nelson riding the total
amount spent during thc year was
$23,380.05. Ot this $10 902.07 was
expended in the building of lhe road
from Nelson to 40-crock. This road is
eight and one-half miles in length.
The timber was felled lor a width of
20 feet tho whole distanco and tbo
road graded a width of 10 feet, 540
feet of cribbing, six foet wido wus
put in ; 340 feet oi corduroy work, and
9,000 by eight feet cf rock excavated.
There are 17 culvorts and 24 bridges
the latter varying in length from 10
to 100 feet, with a width of 14   feet.
On the Granite road $2,000 of work
was expended, tlie other principal expenditure being on the Molly Gibson
road whore the government assisted in
the construction to the extent of
On the Roberts'   ranch   road bridges
were   ropnired   and   Boino guneral repairs     made;    some     goneral
being   also   done   on thc llall
Thc government spent 8558 in improving tbe trail from the Nelson road
to Bird oreek,   and on the Whitewater |
Ad v or Line men ta lnnortod under thin hood ai
the rate of one oo.it a word per insertion. No
advertisement tAkon for lean than 26 cent*.
Situation Wanted advertisements iusertod
three times free of chtsrKO.
PiANO    F'JR   SALE���Taken   in   exchange,    new,   only   one month   in
use.      Codt $400.      Will     sell     at    ^
bargain.      See   It at B. Ferguson   and 1 AT KLSON
Co.'s wareroorus, Vernon street, cily.
FOR SALE. ���Eggs for hatching,Hlack
Minorca,       iiiown   Leghorn,     and
Plymouth   Rocks     P.O     Box.003, .or
Miss Edwards, Ifairview,
COTTAGE to Rent���Newly fitted, and
with all conveniences, near business
centre.    Auply to J. II. Wallace. TT_1t
FOR    SALE   or   Bent���House, Silica
street, will sell  or rent,   furnished;
all conveniences.    C. E. Miller.
FOR SALE���Eggs for hatching from
Barred Plymouth Rocks and Pekin
Ducks; choice stock. Strawberry
plants. John Houghton, Crawford
FOR SALE CHEAP--$850 each, will
bny two well finished cottages 22x24
on Gore street, between Ward and
Josephine. Terms easy, for further
narticulars call at Miner ofliee.
FOR SAl,E���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in the Kootenays,
best location, 25 nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best business proposition lu the district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cale,
Box 225, Nelson B.C.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
board.      Apply     on   Silioa   street,
second door west of VVard.
Apply   to   Mrs F. J. Squires, Room
40, K. W. C. block.
10 00
5 00
5 00
Drs. Hall and Rose  5 00
W. A. Thurman  15 00
P.Burns and Co  5 00
Macdonald and Johnson  5 00
Y. Irvine and Co  5 00
Kootenay Elecric Supply Co.... 5 00
Starkey  and Co  5 00
W.J. Quinian  2 00
F. J. Bradley  5 00
S. M. Brydges  5 00
Morley and Laing  5 00
J. Harwood  5 00
A. L. MoKillop  5 00
E. E. Phair  5 Oo
Sol Johns  2 00
Palace Bakery  5 00
S. A. Kelly  ���> 00
Dr. Stoddart  5 00
Taylor   and O'Shea  5 00
A.'L. MeCulloch  5 00
Poro Rico Lumber Co  10 00
W. P. Tierney  2 00
N. F. Maeleod  5 00
R. VV. Drew  5 00
John Campbell  5 00
Dr. McLennan  5 00
Uapt. T. J.  Dunoan  5 00
Previously acknowledged
Alex Carrie  5 00
L. VV. Ferland  5 00
J. A. Bedord  2 00
W. G.   Gillette  5 00
J. A. Gibson  5 00
T. S   McPherson  5 00
H. T. Steeper  5 00
E. C. Traves  5 00
Jas. A. Macdonld  5 00
P. Lemoine  5 00
Kwong Wing Chong  5 00
A. McDonald and Co  10 00
J. Johnson  5 00
Hyde, Titsworth and Co  10 00
n. G. Neelands  5 00
J.   A. Armstrong  6 00
Harold Selous  5 00
J. A. McDonald  5 00
J, II. Vanstone  5 00
Dr. R. J   Hawkey  5 00
J.C. Thelan  5 00
John Blombern  5 00
Gus Erickson  10 00
A. Thomas  5 00
T.   4. Procter  25 00
,1. Fred Hume  50 00
Frank M.   O'Brien  5 00
Y. E. Morrison  5 00
P. E. Wilson  5 00
II. If, Maeleod  5 00
McLachlan    Bros  5 00
Davison and Walmsloy  10 00
Wm. Gosnell  l0 00
J. A. Gilker  5 00
Thomas Madden  B 00
W. Seatle  5 00
.lames Lawrence  10 00
Malone and TregilluB  10 00
(Jeo W. Hale  10 00
,1. A. Turner  5 00
E. Ferguson  10 00
H   Byers  15 00
E. C. Clark  5 00
C. A.   ThoniBOU  10 00
Gilbert Stanley  5 00
A, R. Sherwood  5 00
S. S. Fowler  5 00
Roisterer Bnd Vaughan  6 00
Impcrinl Bank  10 00
J. Dover  B 00
H. Giusborg  5 00
Morrison and Caldwell  10 00
Patenaude Bros  5 00
A. F. Rosenberger  1 00
Nelson Hardware Co  5 00
Bank of Montreal  10 00
A. H. Buchanan  5 00
Bank of Commerce  10 00
I). J. Robertson  10 00
I). McArthur and Co  10 00
Thorpe and Co  5 00
Canada Drug and Book Co  5 00
VV. F   Teetzel  5 00
Kerr and Co  5 00
H. I). Ashcroft  5 00
Kootenay Steam Laundry   10 00
J. J. Walker  ���'' 00
,1. A. Irving  5 00
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. f-hone 278.
Wanted���Woman Cook.    Waitresses.
Girl for Housework.
WANTED.���At     Hotel
dining rcom girls.
Phair,    two
WANTED���Good smart boy, apply W.
F. Teetzel and Co.
Foster Crafts,of Charles'own, Mass.
write home as soon as you can as
financial interest await you there.
Very important.   I. F. Crafts.
WANTED.���Position as   housekeeper,
cook   or   housemuid for respectable
party.      Address,   Mary   Sparks,   52,
Southern Ave., Cleveland, O.
WANTED���Good    man   usod   to   ma-
chineiy   to   ifam   shinglo   sawing.
Can make good pay from start.    Apply
J. A. Sawyard.
HELP of all kinds wanted and
furnished. Western Cauadian Em
ployment Agency. Large warehouse
for storage; call at Piosser's Second
Hand store, Ward stcet.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C.     A.
Guthrie Sc Co.
KID Gloves nicely cleaned at the City
Cleaning and Repairing Parlors.
ENGINEERS, Firemen, Machinists
and Electiicinns send for 40-page
pa-uphlet containing Questions asked
by examining board of engineers to
obtain engineer's licence. Address
Geo. Zeller, publisher, 18 S 4th St.,
St. Louis, Mo.,  U.S.A.
Parties wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footed can have them done by
applying   on   corner   of     Ward   an
Victoria street, opposite postoffice.
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Total to date $701
Agricultural  Implements, Bee Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Catalogue Free.
M.  J.   HENRY
N. M. Cumuiiiiri, l*���-������������<���-Kvory fcnowi
variety uf -toft drink*. 1' O Bux 88. '"ulophon
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nelnon. BottiWI of th
fimoiiH Sl. IjOoii llultipriiitfn MinunU Wiilcr
AMA(JI>'JNAU) & On.���Comer Fron
��� anil Hall Hirooth���WholoHalo urocor
and jobburri in blankets, kIovoc, uiitLc, boot*
rubburn. luacklnawn and ui1iiui-h' .mndrloH.
P BURNS & Co.���Baker street. Nelson-
���   WholuHale doalerd in  trehb a      cured
meaUi.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson��� Wholesale dea
ern ln frorih aud cured moats.
j  street,  Nelson ��� Wholesale dsalars ir
hardware,  minora'  tmpulJCH,  uuortiiiK  roqhIh
Vf'LACHL-AN BROS. Baker Street NoIhod,
iXL    B.   C.,~Dealers  in   general harhwure,
mining supplies, glass, palits, Portland Ce-
m* ut, fireclay and Scotch iiro brick.   Agents
for WilkijiHiind Co.'a celebrated Htuoi wire roue
paint,*, oil* and glass; mechanics   tooln
fftshiog Xaok'e and Spotting uoods a specialty
rpUKNKH, BEETON & Co.-Corner Vornoi
JL and Jonephino StrootH, Nelaon���Whole
sale dealers in liquor.-*, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for Pdbst Brewing Co. of Milwauke<
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholo.-alo grooerle:
and liquora eto., Bakor Street, Nelson,
Ottlce corner HaU and Front Stroots
kelson���Lumber) ceiling, flooring, and ovory
i Is'ng in wood for building purposes. Got out
pricoH.   Correspondence solicited.
A.    M'DONAI.Il,      Agent   Hazolwood
Dairy Oo. Ice Cream.
���OF��� *
100,000 SHARES OF  C.   & C.   MINING
CO., Limited Liability.
West Kootenay Butcher Co*
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Man aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, NKLSON.
Oidcrs by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   18,000,000j    Reserve   Fund,   82,0110,000!
Agfrreptitc  Resources Over 165,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. (JOX, President.      K. B. WALKER, Oeneral Uana*��
London oilier:   61, Lombard Street,   B.  C.
New York Office; io  Kichanirc Place.
And 68 branchcH In Canada and the o'nited 8UU)-(, Including
Kkhnik Nanaimo Hdmhiami Victohia
YUKON DISTRIOT-Dawson and Wiiitk IIoiisk.
UNITKD 8TATKS���Nlw York, San Khanuimco, Skatti.ic, Portland, Hkaoway.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Kecelved and Intercut Allowed.   Present Kate 1 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager,
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Unde-ground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E. CROASDAILE Agent Nolson-
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
*.���__. ********-____
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, KasL
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders bv mall ta a_t branch will have careful and nromnt attention.
For HrHt-claHH lcatlior write
B. C Leather Co.
Vancouver, B, C.
British Columbia ABonlH for the celebrated
��� PfiNKTAKi." Solo Leather, Cut Solon and
Heel IMocch.
HaraOSI Leo thorn, Bridle, Saddle and Skirt-
Ing*] onthor \ Laco nnd Latlgo Leathern, Upper Leathern of all kinds
Manufacturers   of. Closed   Uppers   of  all
Sho'einnkern' Tooln nnd Findings,  Saddlory
Hardware, Hides end Oils.
CatalOKUos and prico lists on application.
Between   Heurv   B.   lioie,    Plaintiff,
and Timothy   O'Leary,   Administrator of the Estate nnd   Effects of
John 11.   O'Leary,   deceased,   and
Timothy     O'Leary     and    Daniel
O'Leary, Defendants,
SEALED* IBNDEBS,   addresRed   to
Richard W. Day, receiver, Nelson, B
C ,   and   marked     ''Tender"   on   the
envelope,    will   he   received   by    the
undersigned   up to 19   o'clock noon of
the 2nd dny of April, A. D., 1008,   for
the purchaso of one or   more hlocks of
shares in the C. and C.   Mining   company,limited liability.    100,000 shares
will be sold in blocks of 10,000 each.
Tbe highest tenderer will receive
one block and bave llrst choice, at
same price, of as many ether hlocks
as he desires. The tenderers next
highest in order will eacli according
to the amount of the tender be given
the opportunity of taking one or more
blocks at the highest tenderer's bid
and tllis plan will be lollowed down
tlie list of tenderers until all blocks
are disposed of.
All tenders must be for at least one
blncl- at an amount per share and not
per block, and the highest or any
tender will not neccossarily bo
A marked cheque payablo to the receiver for at least 20 per cent of the
tender for one block must accompany
each tender and should the tendoier
not pay tho balance within two days
after iiis or her tender is accepted and
telegraphic notice sent to the address
given in the tender this amount wiil
he forfeited to the receiver and the
shares will be re-sold. All cheques
accompanying tenders not accepted
will bo promptly returned to the
respective unsuccessful tenderers.
Thc nominal par value of each share
is (1.00 and the authorized capitalization of tlie   company   in   WoO,000.00.
The   company   was     incorporated   in
lliitisli   Columbia   in 1806   under  the
Companies   Act,    lH'.iO and   Amending
Acts.      Tbe   company is said to   own
the   C. nnd   V. mineral claim   within
tbe immediate   vicinity ol   Hosslaud,
11. 0.
Kor further particulars apply to
Nelson,    II,   C,     Solicitors   for   the
Receiver or to
Receiver, Nelson, H.C.
Dated at Nelson, H..C,   10th March,
A.D., 1002
and trr a bottlo, a dozen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER as It ls lho boat aud
cheapest on the market. Also try our
Tolenhrwe 93
BatewSb. N>taon
Men's and Boyi' spring suits about
3,0>'O to choose from. We may be asking too much money for them. Quality considered they "look good to
us," You'd better see them anyway.
���Tha Wallact-MiU.jr Co., Ltd.
Previous to Uio introiiuc.'k.n of Griffith)1
Monthol Liniment, bulliulonnu Menthol und
porous piaster!  were oxtonstvoly otad,  ',"(,r
pains in iny jmrt of the bo'y Urifltthn Menthol
i tnlmont is superior to platters of any kind. Ft
Immediately penetrates to the painful parts,
relieving in a few ininnteH.    PrloQ '25 cent*.
For Halo bv J. H. Vanstone. Nelson, H. Cl
We have just
spring stock of
liratllev and Co.
received   out    new
Wall   Pnuer,   F,  J.
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply  always  on
Kates to   all  railway  and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office  - Two  doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
Close connection. East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Sp ikane Falls and Northern Railway,
D rect connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all point.   East and South.
Leaves Spokane dailv for East at 9:40 i jn
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:20 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West ut 81KJ p tu.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria aud Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all pointf
on the Sound,
Daring the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
thernagniflcentsteauiHhips North Wesl
and North-Land of tbeNortheru Stuam-
ship Oompany Lino, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, aps, fold
era, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Hy., Kaslo Sc Slocau
Ky., Kootei ai Kailway St Navigation
0c, or to
City Pass, and Tkt.  Agt,  W  701   W,
Ki-erside Ave,, Spokane, Wash,
fi. _.. TAOHAJJUKY. Local Agent,
NelRon.IS (1
In the Mutter nf the "Winding Up
Act" and Amending Acts and in
'ho Matter of tho ''Tribune As-
souitition, Limited."
NOTICE is hereby given that by an
order of the lion. Mr. Justice llruke,
made herein on tbe 1Kb dav of March,
lilt)-', it ��us ordered that Friday, tbo
���lib <iny of April, 1909, at the hour of
eleven in tlic loreooun, and the oftico
of tne Distriot Registrar of tho
Supreme Court of Brituh tolunibiu at
Nelson, be appointed as tlie tine and
place, for the meeting of the creditors
and contributcries of the said company for tlic purpose ol tbe receiving
propcjHiils by tbe snid District
Registrar for the appointment ul a
proper person to bo the otilciat liqui-
detnr of the oompany and thut tbe
mid District Begistrai do forthwith
report the result of sti'.li meeting to
the court ut Victoria and that Friday,
the llth day of April, UK)-, at the
bour of 10.M1 in the forenoon and tbo
court bouse. Bastion Square, Victoria,
belore the Judge in Ubamheis, bo
appointed the time and place f'.'r tbe
consideration of the report of the result of such meeting and for such
appointment and order to be mado
thereon as may bo deemed expedieulj
und it was ordered that notice of the
suid meeting be advertised seven cou-
secutlve limes in "The Miner," a
daily newspaper published in Nelson,
and twice in tlu British Columbia
Duted the 171Vl dny of March, HK)2.
BO Langley Street,  Victoria,  H.C.
Solicitors     for   John    Houston,      tho
petitioner herein.
The Waverley Hotel
Rates fl.00 to $1.50 per Hay. First
class Meals, 25c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria St., Nelson.
PATENTS, TRADE HARES mi iWi'ltllillTii
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. huilding,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Under and by virtue of tbe powers
contained in a certa(n mortgage wbicli
will lie produced at   the time   ol sale,
there will be offered for sale by publio
auction, by S. P. Tuck, Auctioneer,
at bis (itllces, Wnrd street, Nelson, 11.
O., on Monday tbe 7th day of April,
1908, at tbe hour o( eleven o'clock In
the forenoon, the following   property :
Lot numbered twenty-two (It), in
Block numbered sixty-eight l<t.. of
tlie city of Nelaon, Htitish Columbia.
sub-diviiion lot ninety-live (115),group
one (I), Kootenay District, according
t.i the Offioial plan or survey.
The property is situute on Vernon
Street, and known as tbo "Occidental
Kor terras and conditions of sale
apply to,
Hums   Blook,    liaker Street,   Nelson,
II. C., Solicitors for the Mort|r��(rce��.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
169 NL'LSON B Cj
ma   , .    �����**<**�� Nelson Dail\  Minerr Thlrsd\y, March 27, 190s
Prayer       During  Holy   !  A eouPle o( men were bus,,yen-
P *      I gaged yesterday putting   tbe   grounds
Books W66k "' t'le ^e'eOD Quitting club in shape.
We are making a very large show of' They expect  to bave them in splendid
English and Roman   Catholic   Prayer I condition ior play by today.
Books:     also   Ornaments.     Rosaries. |    There will be a big bargain   sale at
Missals and Devotional Book*, china Hal1 ,i!i thB eDd o( this month.
Il is probably   tbat   the   Sunnyside
We have the new '-George,Prince of
Wales" Edition of Prayer Book.
Booksellers. Stationers
Show Eocm for Mason i Risch piano;
A daughter was Dorn to tbe wife of
F. W. Laing yesterday.
A daughter was born yesterday to
the wife of Andrew Lindblad.
Captain L. H. Fraser, of the steamer
Kukanea returned from his trip to
the coast yesterday.
The board uf works meets at 3
o'clock this afternoon to discuss the
laying oi new sidewalks.
The city assessor yesterday started
on the making up of the assessment
rolls lor the current year.
David T. Morice is seriously ill at
bis residence and not Mrs. David
Mjrris as stated in   yesterday's issue.
A C. P. R. construction gang leaves
this morning for tbe Lardo to commence work a^ain on the Lardc
The steamer Kokanee yesterday
brought in a car of ore Irom the Molly
nibson mine, consigned to the Hall
Mines smelter.
Fountain Pens.���Motley A. Laing.
The steamer International yesterday
brought in two cars of Wonderful and
one car of Reco ore, consigned for the
Hall Mines smelter.
All kinds uf expresG work, coal and
wood.���West Transfer Co. Telephone
A meeting of the city license commissioners was beld yesterday afternoon, but nothing but routine business
was transacted, no complaints having
been presented.
Hot X lions at Star Bakery Order
eni ly.
Chris Sherbert, who was severely
frostbitten in a snow slide on Kokanee mountain some weeks ago, was
able to get out again yesterday, from
the hospital.
Several fishing parties will leave
the city tomorrow to be away for the
Easter holidays. During the week no
very good catches were reported of
trout or charr .
Tbe Easter law vacation begins on
Friday and in Supreme court matters
it will end with Thursday of next
week. For county court business the
otlice of the registrar will be closed
for only Friday and Monday.
Made Over by Using Ooffee
Coffee probably wrecks a greater
percentage of Southerners tban
Northern people, for Southerners use
it more freely.
The work it does is distressing
enough in some instances; as an illustration, Miss Sue W. Faiiall, 517 N.
4th St., Richmond, Va., writes, l;l
war, a coffee drinker fur years and for
about six years my health was rum
pletely shattered. 1 suffered fearfully
with headaches and nervousness, alsu
palpitation of the heart and loss of
My sight gradually began to fail
and finally I lost the sight of one eye
altogether, The eye was operated
upon and the sight partially restored,
then I became totally blind in the
other eye.
My doctor used to urge me to give
up colfee but I wns wilful und continued tu drink it until finally in a
last ease of severe illness the doctor
insisted that I must give up the coffee
hu I began using the I'ostum Food
Coffee, and iu a month I felt like a
new creatoro.
I steadily gained in health and
Strength About ii month ago I began
using drape-Nuts Breakfast Food and
the effect lias been wonderful. I
really feel like a new woman and
havo gained about 2.1 pounds.
I am quite an eldcity lady and
before using Postum and Grftp8*X7utB
1 could riot walk a square without
exceeding fatigue, now I walk ten or
twelve without feeling   it.      [formerly
in  reading  I    could   remember  but
little   but now my memory  holds fast
what I read.
Several friends who   have   scon   the
remarkable effects of Pustom and
Grape-Nuts on me have urged that I
give the facts to tlie public for the
BHke of suffering humanity, so,
although. I dislike publicity, you can
publish this letter and my name if
you like."
hotel will be doubled in size, tbe
work to be started soon. The extension to the building will be erected
un tbe adjoining lots to the west
At The Palm ���We have Hszelwood
ire cream today. We are agents i- r
1902. We bave cut flowers for Easter.
Phone 2.14.    VV. 0. Hrowce,  Prop.
At the debate on Tuesday evening
by the Young Men's Doiat ng ciub of
tbe Congregational church, tbe subject
for discussion, '��� Resolved that the
modern stage is more ol a detriment
to society than a benefit, "was decided
in the affirmative.
First ice cream of the season at
McDonald's branch of the Hazelwood,
liakei street.
Nothing has been done yet as tu the
disposal of the two horses tbat were
drowned last Sunday and they are
floating around tht city wharf, tbe
high winds of yesterday having
blown them away ffrom tbe mudbanks
where tbey were at first stranded.
New shirts, stylisb, natty, some
very cheap, some more costiy, some
may be too dear. Come see about it���
Tbe Wa[laee-Miller Co.
Dr. Hall and W. H. Bullock-Webs-
tei yesterday proceeded to tbe school-
house in the Hume Addition wbich
they thoroughly fumigated with formaldehyde. Considerable difficulty is
being experienced by the trnstees otthe
school in getting the government to
grant any allowance towards keeping
the building io proper repair and for
scavenging and other expenses.
All kinds of Household Brushes and
Dotters at McLachlan Bros.
The new uniforms for the Nelson
company, Rocky "ountain Rangers,
arrived yesterday at the C. P. E.
station and will be distributed within
a few days. The new book on musketry instruction bas also come to
naod. Tbis volume is prepared uoder
authority of the Militia depaitmeJt
and deals witb shouting and the care
ol the arms. It is not yet decided
when regular drills will commence.
Ofliee Supplies. ���Morley it Laing. '
Tbe examination for discovery in
the case of Porter vs. The Hastings
Exploration Syndicate, limited, will
take place before the registrar of the
Supreme court today. In this case
the plaintiff sues for damages for injuries received while working in the
Arlington mine at Erie. He was
working in the mine along with
Robert Hanom'll when the explosion
occurred in which Hammill was
Before pitcing your order for wall
paper it will pay you to see our new
designs,F. J. Bradley^and Co.
A meeting of the Independent Labor
party was held last evening in the
Miner's union hall, whicb has been
newly decorated and improved considerably. J. Matheson was called to
the chair and, in the absence of tbe
regular secretary, George Broadley
was appoiuted secretary pro tem. The
only business transacted was the appointment of a delegate to attend the
convention at Kamloops next month.
J. Coxhead was t_e choice of the
members present and he will therefore
represent the Nelson section of the
party on that occasion.
A member of the band discussing
the probability of having a band lor
the coming summer says it is only a
question of money. In times past the
Nelson band has had a reputation for
ability that is wider than the province. It has regularly played music
which few except professional bands
attempt, and in every way bas been
ono of which tbe city might be proud
of. The patronage has been limited
while the cost of maintenance has
been high. The band, therefore, has
usually bad difficulty in procuringsuf-
licient funds to buy music and to pay
the wages of the men for the time
they pjse from their regular employment. The sum of $200 a month
assured, or even a little less, would
assure a band for Nelson whicb,
though uot perhaps in number*,, at
least in ability, will equal tbat of any
band outside the largo citios.
A number of the rifle shots of the
city are discussing tbe holding of a
shout at the ranges un Friday and it
is probable that thero will be a practice on thut day. Au effort will be
made tbis spring to organise a rifle
association in affiliation with the
Dominion Rillo association. For this
a membership of 40 is required, each
of whom pay fl as a membership fee.
The department of militia win turn-
ish each member uf a civilian association wilh 100 rounds uf ammunition
ree and what is required iu add tion
will be famished at a price   which   is
little above cost.    It is the Intention
to organize among the mourners of the
Bangers firs', each of whom would
receive 200 rouncs, and if sufficient
names can be procured to organize a
civilian     association, Application
blanks have been sent for and arc expected in a few days. Those who
wish to shoot on Friday should notify
J. Wadds.
[[fair makes [f|eautiful
BEAUTIFUL II AIR, because it destroys tbe deadly microbe at work
upon tbe hair root-,, thus making
dandruff and falling hair impossible, and promoting a thick, luxuriant growth of hair, Increasing the
owner'sgood looks fully 100 percent.
It veill also rnre your father. lirou>r, hne.
band or s-A-wjlheart ef any scalp affrtlion
tt,*.y may have, evn hallnew. (or il w.cka
like a charm upon lho batiteat pau*. I/w II
y . .r. i", IheD you v. i.l surely recouinitu'l lt.
For Sale at all First-Class Drug Stores.
On good Friday all tbe grccery
stores of the eity will be closed.
A telegram was received last night
by the chief of police from Twohey
Bros., comractors. notifying him that
D. II. Fawcttt, of Nelson, had been
accidentaly killed at Elko, and asking
him to inform his family. Mr.
Fawcett has been engaged in teaming
and a short time ago went to East
Kootenay to work on the construction
of the railway from Elko to the
Boundary. He leaves a wife and
family of small children.
Call up 33 if you want furniture  or
pianos moved.--West Transfer Co.
Tbe club will bold a shoot on Good
Pridfy at 1 p. m. sharp. The programme will be made up of tbe following events:
Event No. 1���Sweepstake, 10 birds,
entrance 50c; divided .10 per cent., 30
per cent., and 20 per cent. High gun
will receive prize donated by Lawrence Hardware Co.
Event No. 2���1.1 singles, entrance
30c..sergeant sistem. Prize .100 shells
donated by the Dominion Cartridge
Co, Ibl 250, 2nd 150, 3rd 100.
Event No.B.���8weep5take,10 singles,
entrance 50c; divided .1(1 per cent., 30
per cent., and 20 per cent.
Event No. .. ��� Patenaude Handicap
Cup, entrance 50c; 25 singles, sergeant
system. 1st prize cup. High guns
will receive gold, silver and copper
luckets respectively.
Event No 5���Sweepstake,10 singles,
entrance 50c; divided 50 per cent., 30
per cent., and 20 per cent. First prize
iu tbis event wili be well worth
Tbe committee in charge are Geo.
Tierney, J. R. Hunter, and C. D.
Goepel. All tbe events with the exception of No. 4 will be open to all. Any
shooter will be allowed to compete in
the open events, lit. J. Steele has consented to act as referee.
Hot Cross Bun?.
Order Early     Star
All the newest books in our leuding
libiary ���Morley and Laing.
Queen's���A, Mnl'hail, Camp McKin-
ncy; C. C. Brown, Kossiand; R. M
Halpenny, Eholt; Mrs. J. W. Master-
son, Ymir; G. Harris, Trail; J.
Carruthers, Rossland; Mrs. C.II. Ella-
cott, Grand Forks; N. D. Darling,
Vancouver; J. T. Sullivun, Rossland;
J. G. Owens, Trail.
Hume���A. E. Robb, E. W. Walker
and wife, 0. S. Sterling, N. Melzter,
Toronto; R. J. McPhee, Slocan City;
Miss M. Rheo, Cranbrook; F.Williamson, New Denver; D. R. Ker,Victoria;
Mrs. LeQuine, Mrs. Norris, Lcwiston,
Idaho; W. R. Roche, London; W. U.
Carre, Chicago.
Grand Central���Mrs.Mary Andrews,
Denver, Col. E. L. Weffe, New Westminster; BT. Cameron, McGuigan ; B.
E. Davis, Union; A. Bremner, Molly
Gibson; H, Crittenden, Sandon i A.
Marians, West Superior.
Phair���J. A. Herron, Spokane; E.J.
Boswel), Trail; A. II. Dawson, Montreal; G.ll. Reefer, New Westminst-i;
'_'. G. Williams and wife,   New York.
Madden���R.     Link,   C.   Wells,   B.
Wells, M. Wells, Spokane.
Tremont���O.     Lowe,   Sandon;     E.
Barrett, Majestic mine.
A calico ball will be held at the
Queens hotel on tbe ovening uf March
31, Easter Monday, under the auspices
uf tho Ladies' Progressive Whist Club.
would not take bonds.
Havana, Marsh 2(1. ���Senor Lopez, a
Spanish merchant,went to court today
and announced that ho was wiling lu
furnish bonds in any amount for E.U,
Rathbone, for the former diiecter of
posts, wlio was arrested last n'ght
after having been sentenced to the
year's imprisonment, but tho court
absolutely refused to accept bonds.
Washington,    March   2d.���It is   the
present understanding   that   Gonzales
do Qnesada,    formerly Cuban commissioner, will be the flrst minister   from
Why Should You Wait
Until you are old to wear glasses '.
If your eyes are defective why
not have them attended to at
once and preserve what you
have for later
Patenaude Bros.
Baker St.
Nelson. B. C,
SILK V,' MSTS-With so many styles
on display you probably bave an indefinite idea what make to select.
We'll help you decide tlie question.
Our suggestiun :
The Oibson   Waist���Made of good
quality     Taffeta,    neat    side    elfect,
trimmed with Pearl Buttons, gradunted
tuaks on front also tanking ou sleeves
ami   back,   fancy   collar,   new   bishop
sleeves    with    deep    bias  cuff,   lined
throughout, colors cardinal, sky. pink.
Brown. Price |10.00
The Bedford Waist���Made of good
quality Silk Loxon, tucked nnd bem-
slitebed front and back, trimmed witb
Pearl Buttons, fanoy collars, new bis
hop sleeves tacked and newstyle cutis,
lined throughout, colors, turquoise,
sky, pink, cardinal, Hlack.    Price 8050
Neckwear and Pelts���Specials for
Easter Trade���Belts in Burnt Leather
effects,   Patent Leather belts, tucked
Taffeta belts, Elastic belts. Crash Silk
collars, Feotherbone Stock collars in
fancy effects, Crepe de ('bin? Ties with
Point Lnce trimming?, Embroidery
collars, Sailor collars in Lace elfectB,
Kid Oloves���Just in. lhe new tiuts
Modes, Tans, Browns, Straw, in Dress
Kid or Suede. Pen-in's make, pvery
pair guaranteed.    Price 11.26 to $2.00,
We believe this 1903 collection to he
the choicest we've ever gathered. But
we're prejudiced���Perhaps it's not-
Better leave that to your judgment.
This, however, may be confidently
claimed, that it reflects tlie latest London and Parisian fashions as a polished
prism reflects light. It holds up tbe
minor to the mode.
Bigger stooks may be seen but none
choicer and what's more uo fancy
Cor. Baker & Ward Sts.
Nelson, B. C.
1..   CHINA   HALL ..!
ijj                                For the balance of this month ��i
-5                                               we will give ��;
^5 __i
5                                                ���IN��� ^
__  Fancy China. Lamps,   Toilet Sets,   Tea Sets S-:
'���%                    Dinner Sets, Etc., Etc. $j
^J                                             Call and  inspect. j;
I       S.   Y.   BROCKMAN. f
To enable us to dispone of the stock of Tweeds and Woollens jnst purchased   at
a rate on the dollar from E. J.  Kobie,   Merchant Tailor we will for the next
80 days give the largest discount ever given in ordered clothing.
Fine l-'itiil Jsh VI orsli'il TroimerliiRK. Made In Order
Fine Bcofi-u Tweed Milling Made In Order
Flue Itlurk English Wormed SuiilugH made tu Order
�� 11.50
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Union Hade.
H. M. VINCENT, Merchant Tailor, Baker St.
Millinery Opening 1
The ladies of Nelson are cordially invited to attend my   Spring
Millinery Opening on
Tuesday, March 25th
and following days of the week, when I will exhibit the lat- V
air est styles in Spring Millinery Novelties in Dress and Ready-to- %��
%s    Wear Hats.  Misses'and Children's Hals and Bonnets specially   S]j
��5   Opera House Clock. Victoria St.. Nelson   _\
Cuba to the United States. The United |
.States   diplomatic     representative  to
Cuba   will   be   a   minister aud not a
Guthrie, Oklo., March ao. ���Great
excitement has been caused at Daiv-
ton by some miners' diRcovory of an
8.r] pound midget, 81 per cent pine
gold, in tbe Wichita mountains. It
was found in Devils' canyon, tbo location of one of tho ancient Spanish
mines where many crucibles have
been unearthed recently.
Real Estate, Fire and Life Insurenct
Money to Loan.
Three Cottag.s across the lake
opposite Nelson full particulars on
Houses for rent and sale in all
parts oi the City.
Washington, March 5ii.���Enrique
Knntihener, second secretary of tho
Mexioan ombasBy this city, dropped
dead on the stieet bere this afternoon
He was a consumptive and his health
had been very poor of late.
Will pay the higheBt oaiib prioe for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an nnehoi to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, onrperto,
cooking ntensils, bought ln household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Addrosc
Silver Sing Mike, Box W0. Hall
Street, Nelson, B. 0.
Our New Stock is now open,
A Very
p it
lis ii
The Prices Will Suit the
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd,
Estate of A. Ii. Gray. Deceased
Take Notice that probate of the will
of the late Alexander lllnir tiray has
been granted to Ed ."aid Albert Creise.
sole executor. Creditors are required
to send particulars of tbeir claims
duly verified to the undersigned on or
before tlie 15th April, 1��02. After that
date the executor will proceed to distil bote the estate having regard only
to those claims of which he shall then
bave received notice.
Dated 18th March, 100?.
17 Fort Street, Viotoria, B. C, Solicitors foi the Executor.
Fare and One-Third
On sale Mar. 27th, 2Sth,29th
good to return till Ap^il 2nd.
For berths, time tables, rates and full
information  apply to   Local    Agents
City Agent.  Nelson
J. S. Carter, E. J. Oovlk
Dis. Po^s. Agt, A. G. P. A.
Nelson Vanerare
Kootenay Railway   and  Na
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and. quickent route to tho east and ut
point* on J10O. K. Be N. nnd Northern I'i*
ciflc Kailwaya in Wa. ���1ulki.hi, Oregon ami
Southern Staten.
Time Card Effective Nov. 10. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
8:30 a. ni. Lv. iKanlo Ar. 4:00 p.m
10:55 p.m. Ar. Kundon Lv. 1:15 p. ni
Int Nav- & Trading Co
IDisiis   Iie-i.li mil TK.
0:00 p. in. Lv. Nelson Ar. 10:110 a. ra,
iiiiii p. in. Ar. Kiulo Lv. 7:00ii. m.
Connecting al Five Milo Point with Nolron
_ Fori --lir|i,i:iid hallway both to and from
Rowland, etc
Ticket* Bold to all mrU In Unllod State anil
Camilla via Ureal Northern and O. H. Sc N
Oo.'h llnoH,
Ocoan iteonmhlp  UokcU and  ratQH vl   a
linen v. ill tioriirnlnlHMl tin application.
For furthor pariiculara oull on or OOdrM
v.,������,������. ���   KJanlo.fl, O
G. K. TACKAmjllY Airout. Nelnon B. C
sold by All Newsdealers
Purnlthes Monthly to oil lovers ofM'��
and Mimic a vast volume of New, Choice
Copyright Compoeltlona hy the iniHl popular nuilin���. 6�� l����Rea ol Piano Music,
halt VOCal, half IhltrUtnonUll- ai Complete
Plieea for Mano-Qnpe a Month !������
Cents. Yearly Bulmcrlptlon, li.oo. "i<m
will iinrt u�� lho namo anil aiiilrew "'���";���,
pcriorraera on lho I'lnno nr Orean, we will mki
you a oopy of tho ?liiirn?.lue Free.
���   J. W. PSPPEH, Publl.her.
(If nth * Locust Ste.. Philadelphia, ra-
About thnt seeond-band article o
yours. You'll sell it if you'll adver
tiee it  n Th�� Miner want co'mnp, _


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