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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 3, 1902

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 Daily Edition No.  1307
iltorrny Qe i' IB   ill nt
!-I-o�� -
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Thursday,  April 3, 1902
Eleventh   Ye;ir
tons  every   21   hours   can   easily   bo
redooed,     With the (Iraiicl Forks smol-
TiPIT A TPTl''"'   turning   out   UOO   tons   and   the
UJjr Jjii.lljJJ j Greenwood plant BOO tons per day  the
lloiinclary   output   during   the present
year   should   be   large.    The   pyritie
, smelter   will   soon he ready for opera-
All   POpillOUS   Manitoba   Gen- I tion and when this is nn accomplished
. fact the   comhinecl   Boundary   smelter
trOS 00 AfjalnSt Pro- capacity will be  something over  2500
tons per day.
Unprecedented Price Offered
for Seat on Stock Exchange.
Winnipeg. April 2.���Returns ot the
referendum vote taken throughout
Manitoba today are not jet Completed
hut sufficient lias been learned to j
make it evident that tlio prohiuitory
liquor act has heen defeated. It required lit! per cent, of lhe total vote
polled and it now looks as il' the
liquor interests would havo the majority. The figures received so far show
a majority of over 5,000 against the
net and of lhat number 8,387 are in
Winnipeg. Tho places yet to hear
from aro largely in the rural districts,
and it is expected these will go temperance aud poll down the o side
majority, sn that thc Winnipeg
majority wi'.l likely be deciding.
In the eity the vote stood : For the
act 2,450, against it 5,BIT, making a
majority ol 3,:i(i7. St. Honitace town
gavo over 500 against prohibition and
the French settlements will giv similar returns when heard from. llran-
don. Portago, Minnodosa, Moiden,
Selkirk, Gladstone, Carberry, and all
the more populous districts declared
against prohibition by large majorities. The weather was most favorable
for voting in tho eity, but roads were
in bad condition for the rural vote.
C, 1'. R. Making Large Additions to
Banff Springs Hotel.
Montreal, April '!.��� An offer made
tonay by Rodolph Forget of $25,000
for a seat on the stock exchange found
no acceptor among 45 holders.
The Canadian Pacifio today awarded
the contract for the extern-ion to the
ISanlV Springs hotsl to J. A. 'i'omp-
kins, Brockville. The work will cost
8100,000 and will be begun at once.
Remains Havo Heen Conveyed to Cape
Parliament Buildings.
Capetown, April 3,���A private service tor bis family aud friends was
held over the remains of Cecil Rhodes
at Oroote Sehuur Inst evening. The
body was brought here at midnight
last night and deposited in tho vestibule of thc parliament building. Tbe
cotllu is drapped with a tattered
Union Jack which belonged to Mr.
Rhodes, nnd which he regarded with
peculiar veneration and with tattered
Hag of the British Chartered South
African company which wont through
lhe fight ut Massikessi. On these
two Hags rest the jap and gown which
tiie deceased wore when lie took his
degree at Oxford. Cape policemen are
grouped in the corners of the chamber
as a guard over tlie remains. A beau-
tilul wreath of flowers from Queen
Alexandra has been placed at the
head of the hier, Rudyard Kipling
will take part in the funeral
Scheme by Which Shamrock1
III Oan Be Brought to
Thought to Have Struck a Sunken
Rock and All Perished.
Halifax, April 2.���Steamer .Tesserio
which has arrived here from Greenwich made a special search for the
steamer Huronian, and went as far
north as On deg., but saw no traco of
the steamer. The captaiu believes
the Huronian struCK a virgin rock
which is covered by 18 feet of water
and sank leaving no one to tell the
Four   Thousand to Tie Hung Up   For
a Meet in July.
Grand Forks, April 2.��� The Grand
Fonts Driving Park and Athletic
association has deoided to offer over
81,000 for the big race meet to be held
heie on July I and 2. The programme
will ho one of thc best ever presented
in the interior, and already many
inquiries have been received from
llutte and other racing centres in the
west. The new half-mile race track
here will be completed this spring at
a cost of 1(12,000.
Ed Morgan, who was mentioned in
The Miner of Tuesday as having disappeared suddenly from the Sherbrooke hotel in Nelson, was undoubtedly the man who was employed here
until abuut that date in Aug.Heisebl'
restaurant. He bad forgca and cashed
two b gus ohequos for 812.50 oach in
the name of his employer. He is supposed to have gone to Republic.
United States  Government  Retaliates
iu Tariff.
Washington, April 2.���While no
policy has been defined as to tbe
cuurbo this government will pursue in
meeting the new exclusion of the
Germans,all the measures that appear
to be practicable probably will be
adopted. The matter so far is only in
the preliminary stage, but today it
progressed so lar that facts and
figures bearing on tho trade and the
artices of import from Germany whieh
may be available for imposition of
sim iiar restrictions are now reaoy for
submission to the president and his
The department ot agriculture has
been gathering these facts and a list
ot artices found to bo treated with
borax or other preservatives against
which has been laid the charge that
they arc injurious has been completed
and the question of policy will be
given serious consideration very shortly. The artcles that first will be considered along this line are sausages,
wines, beers and delicatessen. A
large per cent, cf these among other
things bave been found to contain
preservatives such as might cause
tbem to be barred on tbe same theory
as that adopted by the Genians.
The United States has been excluding for some time articles containing
salicyllic acid Bnd another acid,
clearly proved to bo injurious,but the
enforcement of those conclusions undoubtedly will be made even more
rigorous. The German view of tbe
deleteriousness of borax will be accepted and used for meeting their exclusions and other regulations in all
probability will be adopted ban lag
stuffs treated with other presrevatives.
Whatever restrictions on articles
are decided upon, it ia likely that
Germany will not be specifically
refened to, though the articles selected will be such as affect mostly tie
imports from Germany.
Anxious  to   Have   Her
the  International
Greenwood, April 2.���The installation of furnace No. 2 in the smeltoi
here is almost completed and will
soon he ready for tho reduction of ore.
What will delay matters some will be
the putting in of a new crusher at the
mine. This is being done and the
delay will bo a matter of only a few
days. The No. 2 furnace is a Jupli-
cate of the No. 1,     The latter handles
Chief Justice Strong Has Applied to
Be Relieved.
Ottawa, April 2.���Sir Henry Strong,
chief justice of Canada, will retire
from the Supreme court in September
next. He applied to the minister ol
justice to be rolievod. Justice Tas-
chereau will be promoted to tbe
chief justiceship, aud it is very
likely tnat Justice Moss, of Toronto,
will be appointed to the judgeship,
which will become vacant through
the promotion of Jusli o Taschcrean.
'lhe idea prevailed Here that Jus-ice
Mess is about the best available foi
the pisition.
Ottawa.     April     2.���Miss   Marion
Blair,   daughter of Hon. A   G.   Blair
was   marriid   to   C.  Walter Clarke al
St. Andrew's churoh this afternoon.
Chicago, April 2.���All question
about the ability of tlm management
of the athletic games to have Sir
Thomas Lipton's Shamrock III. in
Lake Michigan waters t;i compete in
an international yacht race off the
water front of the city was settled in
an interview between the Olympian
games officials yesterday and Captain
D. Sullivan, thu Chicago representative of tho Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Transportation Co.
The latter said: It will be an easy
matter to bring a yacht of the size of
Shamrock III fiom deep water in tbo
St. Lawrence to the lake trout. This
could be accomplished in two ways.
As the draught wator in the St.
Lawrence and Welland canals is
limited to 14 foet it would only be
necessary to use pontoons for the
purpose of lifting the yacht to conform
to that draught of water and to put
her in dock at Ouobec and hox her
keel, decreasing her displacement
sufficiently to reduce her to the required diangbt. There are two or
three companies at St.Lawrence points
which have successfully accomplished
this with other vessels in a number of
cases. There would be no risk to the
yacht and the expense would be
moderate. This has been done so
often that che proposition is a simple
one. It was done successfully when
thc draught was only nine feet in
the lower St. Lawrence and there is
absolutely no question about the feasibility of it now. Sir ThomaB said lie
would send the Shamiock III. to
ChieBgo if she could be taken to Lake
On the Verge of Delirium fremons a
Policeman Commits Murder.
New York, April' 2.���Policeman
John O'Hrien. ot Brooklyn, [shot an.i
instantly killed his young wife,
Minnie, today at their home in that
city in the presence of his. children
and his mother-in-law. Mrs. O'Brien
handed ner husband his revolver just
as he was going out on duty, when
without a word of warning he shot
her through the head. He had been
drinking heavily and was on the
verge of delirium tremens, it is said.
He was arrested immediately after
the shooting.
New York, April 2.���Believing that
Bishop Potter's salnry of $12,500 a
year is inadequate and far out of
proportion to the dignity, importance
and needs of his position as head ol
the greatest Episcopal diocese in
Amcu ica, prominent members oi the
New York clergy and laity are abont
to make a determined effort to raise
a fudn from tbe income of wbich tho
Hishop's salary will be materially
For the maintenance of tho bishop
of this diocese the fund is now about
$210,OIK). Many clergymen and laymen believe that $:i00,000 should bo
the minimum amount in tbe ohurch
treasury to be used for this purpose.
Toronto, April 2.���At the annual
meeting of Ihe Canada Northwest
Land company, held here nn increase
of salts of crown lands last year as
compared with tbo previous year of
8130,300 was reported. Sir William
C. Van Home was selected as
London, Apirl .��� The Patagonia
collided with and sank the ship Maxwell in a dome fog today, hut suc-
oeccd in taking off the lattei'screw
before the ship sank.
Liverpool.    April    2.���The   disabled
Cunarder   Etruria   which   left  Fayal,
frum 425 to 450 tons per day and when j Azores, on March IT,    in   tow of   two
tbe   new   furnace is in operation   sOdJ tugs, arrived here today.
Passengers Suffer Five Days
From   Hunger   and
Riot Over Food and Desperate
Passenger Committed
Loudon, April :.'.���Lead fill, 7s. 6d.
New York, April :;.���Close���Bai
silver 5.1 7-Ho; Mexican dollars 4:io.
Copper  dull.    Lead quiet.
St. Paul, April 2.���Passengers airiv-
Ing today on the Gieat Northern train
due last Friday tell of being sno* -
bound lor four days and five nights
on the prairies of North Dakota in the
worst blizzard the northwest has seen
in many years witb only fond cnougli
or two frugal lacals a day and with
such a small amount of fuel that tho
ladies had to wrap themselves in
blankets and the men had to wear
their overcoats day and night to keep
from iieezing.
Late Thursday nl'ornoon, tho train
crawled out of Williston In the hope
of being able to roach Minot, some 11
miles east befoie night. About midway is a place called Kay,where there
is only a siding, a water tank and a
coal shed. Theie the train was
stalled. The engineer started tbe
engine bacn to Williston for aid taking the conductor along hut the
engine got stuck in a drift in a cut
near town and had to bo abandoned.
Tbis left the train of eight coaclics
and about 250 passengers alone on the
siding with all communication cut
There was an incipient riot on the
first day. The second class passougers
insisted that they must havo as much
or more food than others and as they
were in lniger numbers and had more
ravenous appetites, it was difficult to
confine them to their quota. Thc first
class passengers insisted that tbe
women and children should he fed
and taken care of first, and after some
argument tho seoond class passengers
wero prevailed upon to subside.
On Monday evening, Prof. Colgrove,
of the University of Washington, who
had been dospondent, cut his throat
with a razor There was a physician
on the train, but he had no instruments and it became absolutely necessary to get communication with one of
tho neighboring towns. The passengers desperately broke open everything
in the train oheit. In the conductor's
box they found a telegiuph instrument. A young electrician faced the
blizzard,"tapped one of thc wires and
attached tne instrumnt, notifying the
operators at both Minot and Williston
of what bad occurred.
A snowplow was started from each
place in front of an engine.bearing a
surgeon. Tbe ono from Mino*, after
a hard night's work, reached tho
siding eaily the following morning
and the wounded man was removed
on the first train to St. Paul where
he was cared for at the city hospital.
The almost famished passengers who
bad suffered from the cold and exposure were given food and warm
bertns in the first train pushed
througn the diifts. The rotary plow
made one trip through tbo drilt
between Kay aud Minot, but the snow
piled in so rapidly that it was necessary lor the rotary to pass through
again and then preeeed the passenger
through the cuts.
Prof. Colgrove's jugulai vein is
partially severed. It is not believed
he can recover. lie had been ill and
had decided to spend a month with
friends and relations at Hamilton,
c invention adjourned   In   meet   again
tomorrow morning.
Will Approach Carnegie For Gilt ol
Havana. April 2.���As a result of au
Inteiview between Lieut. Matthew
Hanna, commissioner of schools for
Cuba, aDd a secretary of An. n
Carnegie, the mayor o( Havana has
received a letter from Leiut. Hanna
relative to a proposal from Mr Carnegie to give $52i),ooo to tho municipality for a public library. The munlcpal
council of Ibis city voteci today to
seud a letter to Mr. Carnegie saying
it had been informed he would give
Havana this sum lor a public library
provided the city Would give laud
for tbu building aud guarantee $25,000
a year for improvements and maintenance of the library. This letter
will say also that the counoil lias
decided to give a site for tlie proposed
library anil that it accepts the provisions attached to the gift but lhat
the law does not allow it tu bind the
action of future municipalities in
matteis of this kind.
Venezuela Complains That Trinidad
Allows Str. llolivar to Coal.
Caracas, April 2.���Tho Replica, a
semi-official newspaper, has recently
published several indignant ar'icles
directed to tho authorities of lhe llritish island of Trinidad on account
of the hospitality shown the Matos
revolutionary steamer Bolivar, formerly the Libertauor and the Ilanrlgh,
in permitting her to outer tile haibor
of Port of Spain and to coal and repair there, notwithstanding the faot
tbat friendly relations exist between
Ureat llritain and Venezuela.
The Repuulica urges the Venezuelan governmont immediately to make
reprisals against Trinidad by excluding all vessels (rom the island from
the ports of Venezuela and by the
imposition of an additional duty of 30
por cent, on all goods brought to
Venezuela by British steamers touching at Trinidad. The Repnblica also
urges Venezuela to demand an indemnity from Great Britain for damages
resulting from the operations of the
Bolivar and cites the Alabama case
as a precedent for such action.
Difficulties of Health Officers in Overcoming Cholera Outbreak.
Manila, April 2.���Tho health board,
since the establishment of tho detention camps, has been having much
difficulty in finding the whereabouts
of cases of cholera. So soon as thc
members of a household find a case
they either send the sick person out of
the house or flee themselves. Major
Maus. the insular health commissioner, has written to thc liishop
objecting to the action of the piiests
in informing the peoplo that no eases
of oholeia have occurred, that only
eases of cholerino have been discovered and that the Sanitary precautions are only taken to annoy the
Major Maus has made a great number of postmortem examinations and
found that they were all of tbem a
malignant Asiatic type of cholera. Up
to noon today 117 cases of cholera had
been reported aud 73 deaths from the
disease had occurred.
Nine  Big  Oopper Mines at
Butte Are Now Tied
Smelter Stocks  Are Small.
5000 Men  Will   Be
Butte, Mont., April 2.���The strike
of tbe h listing engineers in the Amai-
gamHtcMl mines for higher wages
whereby nine of tbe principal producers of the big copper mining company are tied up anil over 8,000 men
are rendered Idle with the prospects
tbat as soon as the supply of ore hi.s
been exhausted in the smelters thousands more will bo thrown out of
work, shows few i gns of ao early
settlement,    The strikers aie defiant.
Word from tho Wasboa smelter at
Anaconda is to tho effect tbat about
another clay's running will exhaust
the oie binds ami necessitate the closing of the big works. This suspension
will inuan the idleness of 2.500 inoio
If Operatives Strike All Augrsla Mills
Will Snspond Operations.
Augusts, Qa,, April 2.���Ihe following notice signed by the president of
the mill in which it wan displu<cd
was posted In every mill in thu
Augusta district today: Owing to ti
demand made ou John P. King Manufacturing company, for an advance e-f
tun per cent. WS-oiripsniCd by a noilco
that if not granted, its operatives
would refuse to work after .Saturday,
April 5. and said demand having
been refused, notice is hereby given
to the employees of this compnny that
should such a strike be inaugurated
this mill will close Indefinitely on the
evening of Tuesday, April s.
Tbis order is a result of .the decision carried by tbe manufacturers
association to light the union. It
means that if thu strike goes on in tlie
King mill, as scheduled, every mill
in {Augusta, Granitovillc, Aiken and
Langley will be closed, throning
1(1,01)0 operatives out of work, Tbe
union strike will take place Monday
although many operatives are opposed
to  it.
Convention In Louisville to Fight
Louisville.Ky., Apiil 2.���Tbe movement for the formation of an allied
party, comprising adherents of all
parties opposed to tlio Republican and
Democratic parties, or as the call for
tlm meeting stated, "a union of reform forces against plutocracy" took
definite shape, when a convention
attended by about 200 delogates, representing eight states and as many
different parties, was called to order
in this city. The woik today was oi
a preliminary nature. A temporary
organization was effected and committees are apnointed to prepare for
the   permanent   organization.       Ths
Both Died Mysteriously Within Two
Moncton, N. B., April 2���Mrs.
Harry Gallagher, wife of an fnter-
eoloninl raWway employee, was taken
suddenly ill yesterday and died
within a few hours. This morning
ber husband, who had expressed fears
that he might suddenly pass away,
was speaking of his affliction to
friends when he collapsed and died in
a few minutes. Two young cibldren
are left orphans.
Washington,     April     2.���Secretary
Hay and Mr. Bakes,   secretary  of the
British embassy.today signed a trinity
extending to the British colonies tho
provisions of the original treaty between the United States and Ureal
Britain for the protection of industrial
Relations   Between    2.   P.     It.    and
Trackmen Declared Most Coidial.
Montreal, April 2.���There weie
many unconfirmed rumors ailoat regarding a trackmen's strike between
St. John, N.H., and Montreal, which,
however, were emphatically denied
by 0, W. Spencer, general superintendent. "The relations between the
officers ol the road and the Canadian
Pacific trackmen aro most cordial,"
said Mr. Spencer.
"Then there is no truth iu tho
rumor of tho strike?"
"None whatever."
"Or in thc story that the company,
in anticipation of trouble with the
trackmen, is sending a large force of
Italians out west.'"
"Wo havo a large amount of construction and improvement work on
hand, and we aro sending a good
many men out West.hut not iu antlci-
ation of any trouble."
About a hundred men left for thu
west today,by the usual coast express,
and a large number ef Italians are
being hired and collected at the Dal-
hosie Square station for transmissi' n
west. Il is said tbat special lodging
and cooking cars have been built for
their accommodation.
Manila,    April 2. ���Private lion ly of
the   27th   infantry   was   hsngc.t   this
morning   for the murder ol   Sergeant
Morland, in April,  1W)1.
Assiiiihoine River Expected lo Reach
a Record Height.
Winnipeg, Apiil 2.��� Railway communication between Winnipeg and
Portage la Prairie was cut off this
aiternoon, owing to the River Assini-
boine overflowing its banks at tbo
Portage. The water is the highest
known in yenrs, and railway bridges
in the I'm tage district are in danger,
Tlio water is rapidly rising in Ihe Red
and As-iniboine rivers hero, and will
probably   reach   the   highest mark iu
yean within a few Jays.
��� Nelson  Daily Miner,  Thursday,   April
The Nelson Miner
Pabllnbad   Evury  Morning  Kxoopt   MondaX
Q-ttf por month, hy carrior     Mc
Dally, ror month, by mall.      mo
Dully, per yoar, hy carrior I 7 po
Dully, per yew, bj niaii   gpo
Dally, pur yuar (orelg      �� W
Wuukly.por halt yoar  JIM
vVce-kly, per year...    ��W
'Veokly, por yoa,, t��/Mlgtl    n w
g'ibHcrlptionrt iDVarlably In advanoe.
Ill-play idvortliemonts, $1 pur Inch per
mouth! Display AavertUementa, -a oents por
iti.li oaoh Insortlon lew than month; booals, in
oent* pur lino eaoh lasortlonj UlaralHsd .Mln-r
tlMtnonU, I cent per wonl each Insertion!
Wholesalo   Ciir'ls,  S'60 per inonlh; Hucicty
1 artU is.sopui month,
145 ("loot Stroot. K. C,
���Jcnlral  Prow Agonny, Ltd., Spuolal Agontf
Aloinnelor Sc c.o.,62t Klrrit. Avcnuo, Spokane*
rt'11-h.. keep this papor on flic, and are our
authorised agents fur lulvortlnuinonUi and Hubert oIIodh
The above Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner lrom
our subscriber's doors.
All sorts of obstacles are being
placed iu the nay of the^contruction of
the V. V. and U!. railway in its attempt to get through the Boundary
country. Tbe company has built its
tracks up tu the lines of a eeitain
rannh and aro prevented from gbing
further by an armed baud of deputy
���hnriffs. Tbis does not seem to be
the proper spirit to show on tho part
of the people of tho Boundary
oountry. For several years the residents of tbat section, and particularly
of Orand Forks, have been anxious
to secure a competing line so that they
might have the benefit-, which it
mould bring. Twice attempt to socure
a charter for the road was defeated in
parliament, although the Boundary
peoplo sent delegatus to tho seat of
government to assist in securing the
charter, who made personal appoals
to the government to grant their
prnyoi-b. The attempts were balked,
and mainly through tliejnlluene-o oi
the Canadian Pacific railway, wnich
last year received 8100,000 for the
transportation of ore and supplies
f-tm one Bounnar.v company. Now
that the V. V. and El, is built into the
Kouudary and is carrjing on the extension of tbe enterprise witiiout
either a subsidy of money or land it is
opposed by some who will be most
benefited by its completion nnd by the
advent of a competing lin;.
Mr. Hill ha* evidently made an unwise move. Had be asked for a subsidy fiom both the province and the
Dominion and half of each of the
townsites which be passed through he
would not have been opposed ; on the
contrary, he would have had tbo path
of his builders smoothed, instead of
obstructed, and he would have been
welcomed ty public ovations and
brats bands.
It wonld appear from the obstructive tactics that are being used that
all tbe talk and fuss which tbe people
of the Kettle river valley made to the
effect tbat tbey wero apparently anxious to secure, the benefits of railway
eompetitiou, were mere pretenses and
tbat they are satisfied to go on forever
paying the present exorbitant transportation rates to the C.V.ll. Tbey do
not want cheaper rates ior the haulage
of their coke, ere and supplies, and
apparently, judging from tbeir actions.
are anxious to be left with only one
railway. If this is what tbey want no
effort should be made to help them.
We believe, lioitever if Mr. Hill
would pull up bis survey stakes, refuse to go on with his railway and
leave tbem to present conditions, they
would in a few days be sending delegations to St. Paul to interview him
and petition him to go on with his
enterprise and at the same time would
promise that no more obstructive
tactics would be resorted to. There
are many, however, who believe that
the C. P.K. is at the bottom of tbe
obstruction and that this compauy is
behind tbe Hot Air line, which is
pntially responsible for tbe delay
wbich is not being experienced in tbe
forward operations of tbe V.V. and
Japan is said to have no millionaires as the larger fortunes there con ���
sist of about *-';r>0,000. Thore are aaid
to be 411 persons whose possessions
ageregate liOO.MO yen or (1850,000 each.
This means that there Is only one
rich man in every 100,000 population.
In the United States tbeie are 3,1128
millionaires, or one for every 20,000
population. Wealth in Japan is very
generallv distributed.
A meeting hns been called for Apiil
14th at the Halcyon Hot Springs for
tho purpose of frrming a press institute lor British Columbia. There will
be two sittings of tbe institute, one i
the forencon and the other in the
afternoon Ol tbat date. Some interest-
iug subjects for discussion have beeu
rtuggeH'ed. One of the subjects to be
considered is a combined excursion
witb the Western Canada Press Association in January, 1008, to Utah,
California and others ol tbe western
Thc mines at tho coast are bo/inning to come into prouiinencu and
promise to give a good account of
themselves. A l?-foot ledge of ore
has been struck on the Lenora mine
at Mount Sicker. Tbe Mount Sicker
district bas already shipped considerable ore and the o.itlook is that there
will be considerable- of an increaie
during tbe pivscnt year. Tho Lenora
is owned by the Lenora-.Mount Sicker
Milling Co,,and has shipped a number
of thousands of tons of ore during the
past three years. The ore averages |20
to the ton and carries gold, silver and
copper. Thero are a number of other
properties of merit in the Mount
Sicker district, including the Tyee,
Queen Bee and Lord Roberts. Tlio ore
from the Mount Sicker district is sent
to the Van Anda, Everett and Taooma
Mrs. Alfred Hannsworth is ono of
the best-dressed women in London,
says the Etnpiro. she thinks nothing
of going to Paris to try on a couple
of dresses, returning to London the
same night. But she spends more and
more of her time in tho gay city, and
says she hopes to persuade her husband to buy a Puris ioidence. She
has just caused a huge sensation by
appearing in a most novel automobile
coat, mado of the hide of a perfectly
white yonng colt, trimmed with dark
sable tails. Tr.e effect is startlingly
���'suiait." All tbe wealthy ParisionncE
rushed to get imitations, lt was the
first time an English woman had set
the fashion for Paris. On account of
the scarcity of white colt skins a coat
costs tsOO. Redfern, the maker of the
original model, cannot make others
for Mrs. llarir.sworth bought tne exclusive rights. Yet she gracefully
gave him permission to make a duplicate for the Empress of Russia.
The circular of lames Lewis and
Soob, of Liverpool, of March 17, has
the following to say of thu copper
situation : The market for copper has
not been very active during the past
fortnight English consiliums continue to absorb copper very freely,
taking delivery of purchases previously made, nnd American copper hns
beeu forwarded from here to Oermany,
direct supplies not being sufficient for
immediate requirements. American
eleotrolytic copper has been exchanged for ordinary standard at 5s
Od. per ton premium, chief part of tbe
stock now uoneisting of this quality.
From ��53 lis. on the 3rd inst. Standard
copper rose to ��r>5 on the 10th, but
has gradually receded until ��3.1 10s.
for caBn and ��53 5s. Od. for three
month's prompt has been accepted
today. The Amalgamated Copper
company's shares fell to $03 on reports
that the dividend shortly due would
be passed. In addition to the fall in
tbe value of copper, this oompany
suffers considerably from the fall in
the value of silver, and, probnbly,
also from a decreased percentage uf
copper in the oro raised from thc
lower working of their mines. A
higher price than that at present ruling for copper would therefore aopear
to be a necessity to this company.
It will be depressing Dews for those
who have tbeir wea'th locaed up in
what aro supposed to be burglar proof
safes to realize that the cracksmen
can break them open in a lew
minutes. The best tempered steal
safe, no mntter hov thick, is not
proof aganist a new chemical compound, called thermite, which up-to-
date cracksmen have learned to use.
Wnen this compound ia mixed with
magnesium powder it will destroy the
hardness of the metal and 10b it of
its tepmer, euabling a burglar with
ordinary tools to cnt into it as though
it were lead. The best means for foiling burglars to be found, so the experts say, is tne electrical signal system, which when disarranged will
sound an alarm. It seems curious that
the cracskmen is able to open any lock
or get into any safe so far invented,
provided he has the opportunity for a
short period of doing so. The use of
the chemical thermite is a case in
point. Tbis is due to the fact that
human ingenuity in any direction has
a limit. The locksmith and the safe
maker working in one direction
although thev are very ingenious are
met by the ingenuity of tbe burglar
and the thief. If the ingenuity of the
burglar in picking locks is equal to
that of the locksmith who made it he
ean opoo it. This is the real reason
why no lock is made but what can be
picked or no safe so strong that it
cannot be broken into.
Editor Miner,���If the Medical
fraternity were n unit as to the
efficacy of vaccination (which it is
not) and a country like Germany
where vaccination is oompulsory
enjoyed   immunity   from   tbe disease
Grand Sorin
Friday, April 4th.
Music From ?.._o to 9 p. tn.
Tea and Coffee Servod From 3 to 6 p, m.
Glorioui Sprint; Opening of fascinating intereat to nil.    Summer is here
displayed in full bloom, so charmingly typical of Bunny, flowery days  is
tliis exhibition of the world's fashions.
Everything New
Latest Styles
Do not forget the date, Friday, April 4th.    Wc   welcome the   Kootenay
Teacher's Convention.
Hudson's Bay Stores
^ \*> k*/ \i> ifc V*/ v*j�� ���* d/ i4> \*/ 44/ id/ w rS \*> \4/ v#/ \#/ iii \��> \i/ iii \*> \*/1*> \*i ^
1..   CHINA   HALL   ..!
if   __
For the balance of this month
we will give
'S Fancy China. Lamps,   Toilet Sets,   Tea Sets m
�� Dinner Sets, Etc., Etc. ��
9 Call and inspect. 5
1 S.   Y-   BROCKMAN. |
To enable us to dispose of tho stock of Tweeds nnil Woollens jnst purchased   nt
a rate on tbe dollar from B, J. Kobie,  Merchant Tailor we will for the next
HO days give the largest discount ever giveu in ordered clothing.
Fine- mulish Worslril TroiiHcrliiK*. Marti- lo Order
Fine Scotch Tweed Bulling* Hade to Order
Fine Mack Knullsli Worsted KnlllugH made lo Order
Sl li..""!
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Union Hade.
H. M. VINCENT, Merchant  Tailor, Baker St.
(which it does not) there might be
something in Dr. Montizamher's ideas
as to making the unvaccinated sufferer
from smallpox ameuahle- to a flue or
imprisonment or both. Unfortunately, the medical fraternity is forever chasing the eftcct, disease, in
place of the real cause, tilth. It
would be a great deal tnorH to tbe
point if the worthy doctor and those
wbo are inclined to endorse his proposed wild drastic measures for tho
elimination of the disease, if they
were to make it a crime punishable
as above for anyone not keeping his
body and surroundings scrupulously
clean. Only very recently has it been
admitted that public spitting is'condu-
oive to the spread of consumption
and quite a number of cities have
made it a punishable offence. What
shall we say then of the filthy surroundings in which too many live and
move and have their being to the risk
of contaminating the whole? If there
were more agitation over the true
prevention there would be 1'iss responsible ciiatter over the cute.
Finest ana Bost  Bar ln tli�� City.
The best Brands or Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
JOSEPH HARWOOD,   -   Proprietor
All kinds of express work, coal and
wood.���West Transfer Co. Telephone
McLachlan Bros, have just opened
ud a large shipment of fishing tackle.
All the latest specialties, automatic
reels, Tacoma Uaits, etc.
The tonsorial establishment of J. H.
Mathesun and the basement shop of
McMahon and Gardner have consolidated and are now doing' business
next door to the Bodega saloon, wh^re
they will be pleased to meet old and
new customers.
For Mrst-claflH leather write
B. C. Leather Co.
Vancouver, B, C.
British Columbia Amenta for the reloibmtort
"PKMETANG" Solo Leather, Cut Solon und
Hflol Pieces.
Harnettx Leathers, Bridle. Baldlo anrt Skirt-
Ingleather*, l-aco nnd Lattgo Leathers) Upper Leather! of all kinds
Manufacturers of Closed Uppers of all
Shoemaker*' Tools and Findings, Saddlery
Hardware, Bide-* nud Oils.
Catalogues and price lints on application.
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Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine  Lumber Always lo
We curry a complot* Block of Coast Flooring
Ceiling, luHido Finish, Turned Work, Sash fttic
Doors. Special order work will receive prompt
attention-  Mail orders solicited.
Porto Eico Lumber Co.,
Head Offlce���Hendrvx and Vernon Po., Nelson
Seeds, Trees. Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural   Implements, Bee  Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Oiitulogae Free.
M.  J.   HENRY
3009 Westminster Road, Vancouver, B. C
Lawrence Hardware Go.
The Fishing Benson is now open anil wo invite our Criendl anil patrons to
inspect our largo and Oomplete Block of
Rods, Reels, C'usts. Flies, Fly Hooks, Lines, Fishing Boskets,Trolling Spoons
Guns and Ammunition
^be1Ro>palJ6ank of Ganaba
nipiiuil Aulliorliril,
Incorporated 1869.
ftll.OOO.aou.OU I Capful Paid-up,
Nova tootle���Balilax Branoh, Ant.i|ronl��h
Brtdgemtar. UutHboro. l.ondonilorry, 1,11 -
Hi-inn i:. MalllunS (Hnr.i? Co.), l'lotou. Port
Hmvkoebury, Bydnoy, Mliuboniieailie.Truro
dew Brnn��wlrk ��� Bathnrnti, Dorchontor
Dolhousie Fruilorlotnn, Moncton, Now
e i 1 In, Itexton (Kent. Co.), Uaekvillo bt,
��oar��l or ��Hreetor��    Thomas K. Kenny,  Pronlrlont:   Thomas HlUXiie, Vloo-l'ronlilcnii
Wllov Bmltbi H. G. Bauld, Hon. llnvlil MaoKoen.
Haul Offlce. HuiiriiTi
in ner.".l Manager, Kiinon U Pease, Montroal.
BcporlntoDdent of lliuncim...   W, it. Torrauoo, Montroal
llranrhes t
I*. <���',. l-.ll.ti.l-l 'harlot.1 i-lowii. Hiiiniimr .ii|,.
Quebec-Montroal, (Ulty lUltlooi, Momma
Wost Knd (Uor. Notre Uamo and tiow.
neu-s Htruetfll: Woiitmonnt (Cor. Uruuue
Avonuo and Ht. CatharlnoB  Btreet,
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cnlra, ve enl Iodic*���Havana,
Hulled M(alc��-Now York (1(1 Mrohanite IMaot
Hopublic, Waih.
Grand   Fur&s, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
VorrespondcntH t
1'nnada���Merohaulis flank of Canada. Bopitou-Natlona Hhawmut Hank. I'hlcafto-Illlnnli
Trust und Savings Hank. San "r'rnnrlico���Novtulu National Hank, London, lu, -Bank ot
Scotland, 1'arls, franco -Crodlt Lyonnala. Hcrmudu��� Hank ot Hortnuda. VhlDa and Ja.
pun���Hoiik K011K and Shanghai Hanking Corporation.    Spokane-Old National Hank.
Ueneral Bonking Btulnea* Transacted; Storllag Bills of Exchange  l&ough
and Sold, Latter* of  Credit, BU., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favornlile terms.   Intereat allowed on epecia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kyddt Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Be Sure and Get the Genuine. _\
| Lawrence Hardware Company |
���T Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C. 2
has been discovered on the
Similkameen   Valley   Coal    Company's
On the 15th instant I will offer for sale the Company's stock at $1.10
PER SHAKE, payable $io monthly per ioo shares. A further advance
will lake place on April ist.    Rush in your orders.
Nelson, B. C. Official Broker
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. fi.
Allan Lino Tunisian  April 12
Allan Lino Nnmitlian Ap-ii 111
Beaver Lino Garth Cantle April 2d
Allau.Liuo steamers call at Halifax two days
Frcm Portland.
Dominion Lino Dominion Apiil 12
Dominion Lino Californian April IB
From New York
Ounard Lino Lncania April 12
Cunard Line Saxon iu April 111
White Star Line Germanic April 16
White Star Line Teutonic April 23
American Line Philadelphia ��� April It)
American Line St Paul April 83
St. Lawrence Boilings
Lakfi Champlain May 8
Dominion Line Parisian. May 3
Continental sallingti of French. North German Lloyd, II. A. P. and Italian Lined on application.
UATK8���Saloon faroB $12.50, und upw.irdn
Pecond $85 and upwards according to Hteamer
a--d location of berth. Steerage quoted on up-
plicatlon. Prepaid passages from Kngland and
tho continental lowoet rates.
H. L, 11ROWN,      W. P- F. CUMMINGS,
City Agt. Nelnon.     Gen. Ascent, Winnipeg
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern SEW.
Nelson  Sl Fort
Sheppard RY
Red Mountain R'v.
Between Nelson and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle - 21 hours
Nelson to Vancouver - 26 hours
Nelson to Victoria       -      a6 hours
Leave DAT TRAIN Arrive
9:20 a.m Spokane 7:15 p.ii*.
12:25p.m Kossiand 4:30 p.id
10:30 a.m Mountain S'fi'l p. m-
9:40a.m Nelson 0:45 p-m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. * T.A.
Spokane; Wftsa
Agent, Nelson, B.
D. ffl'ARTHOR & CO.
Y. O. GREEN        V, 8. OIjBMENTs
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
cor. Kootenay & Victoria sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone M
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
office toronto,  ont.
About that second-hand article o
yours. You'll aell it if you'll adver
lise it in Tht Miner want colyuie
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. h. "�����*��*. B��*�� Bt'
LSNNO*. Bakw Nelson   Daily  Miner, Thurs ay, Ai'rii. ;���  1902
Teachers  Vote  Down   Pro
to Join Coast
Suggestion Made to Form a
Teacher's Glose Corporation,
Tlioic was tho same excellent at-
tondanco ut the DJeetlotf of the
Teachers' asooiation vestorday  as on
the previous day and keen interest
Was manifested in eacli nf the subjects discussed. The llrst paper was
ono by K. .1. Clark, M A,, of Nelson,
on school niHnagenient. In this he
dealt generally witli suggestions as to
discipline and the relation of the
pupil to the teuoher, The pupils
should be encouraged to think for
themsolvus. Thero should be no haste
and rules should be as low as possible,and these he would coiiden-e into.
tell the truth, and obey at once. The
subject matter of the paper was dis-
oussd by Messrs. Clement, Dove, McTavish and Clark.
S. li. Clement, of New Denver, then
read a paper which elicited a rather
brisk discussion and in it ho made a
dip into tlie future with a prediction
lhat startled tho more conservative
The duties of tho teacher was bis
subject and in developing his view of
this ho hold that while ideals of
i Inn actor building wero to be kept in
sight yet the parents demanded lhat.
tho suhool education should be such
as makes tho pupils successful in life
and to be able to grapple with tbe
problems of tho stnte. The trend
of things was changing in the
political world arm u new condition
of things s arising for which tbe
people should be prepared. Those
classes who previously had little
to say in affairs of government were
realising their power aud tliat power
was increasing. These olai-ses would
probably bo in command at some
time and tlio duty of the teacher was
to keep this iu view so tliat when
these great changes come, which some
oonsldor they will, they may bo
brought about au quietly 88 possible.
As to the duties of tho teachers to
each other he would advise tliem to
organise to protect their own interests
ou tlie lines of the societies in the
legal and medical professions. This
could deal with the matter of salaries,
hours, legislation and anything else
ull'eotiug tho teachers. Ho advocted the
adoption of a national system of education as one that would be more economical, and the pensioning of teachers with the view to making the profession oftener the life-long profession
of those who engage in it.
The general trend of tho discussion
Was opposed to the principles advocated by Mr. Clement and was participated in by Messrs. Claik, Wilson,
Tait, Itwin and Sullivau. Mr Tait
lavoreU the suggestion of a teachers'
In the afternoon there was a sharp
discussion as to what action should be
taken ou the proposal of the provincial association. That body had in a
letter sent to the executive proposed
that all the teachers of the province
should hold a joint session, and on
Tuesday morning a telegram was received by ^tne secretary lrom the
secretarv of the association uow in
session in Viotoria asking this association to name the olliceis for the
coming year and appoint a place of
Inspector Wilson moved, seconded
by K. J. Clark, tbat, Whereas it has
been hitherto impossible on account
of expense of travel for the teacheis of
the interior to attend tho meetings of
the Provincial Teachers' Institute
until this time always held at tbe
cowt. and
Whereas it is deemed highly neces
sary in the educational interests of
the interior that the meetings of said
institute be held in alternate years at
the  coast and in the interior, and
Whereas, for the reasons just mentioned the said institute now in session in Victoria.has by resolution requested this institute to elect officers
for its next meeting ut some point
in the interior to be selected by this
Therefore, be it resolved. That this
institute comply with the request to
select a suitable executive committeo
for the next meeting of the Provincial
Teachers' Institute to be held in the
This motion was defeated after
debute by a vote of 24 to 17. with two
spoiled ballots, and a resolution was
adopted instructing the secretary to
notify the institute to that effect.
Wilbert Elley, of Rossland. thon
read a paper on Should Music be
Taught in the Schools. He contended
that It should, as it was a noble ail
and thould be cultivated,   that it  had
a psychological value, on account of
Its bvgonic value as a breathing exercise, for the pit) mure and entertainment it gives, that both boys and girls
may have equal opportunity, that it
cultivates tlio aesthetic und emotional,
and that its general tendonoy is
toward good and morality.
A. ,1. Dove. M. A., of Kaslo. gave
the paper which was the most admired
of tbe convention, on Ideal Discipline. The object ol discipline should
be, he said, to enable tho child to be
self directing, to know that it must
suffer tbo icsiiHk of its own acts. It
must be shown how to build up its
own it.cals and to fcrm its own standards of history aud literature,
from Incidents tliat happen In the
locality, and in art from the ornamentation of thu school room aud tbe
grounds. lt was not the business of
the luacher to sit In judgment on tho
acts of the child but to teach it to
judge its own Hots. The paper was
listened to with great intorest and at
the eouelusion by resolution it was
decidud to have it printed and distributed to the members of the association.
The session then ndourned till this
to rucm a 1.01.11 in irtt hay
T:iko Laxative Hromo Quinine Tablets, A
drsUgguits refund the money If It tails to curi
111. W\ Grovo'urlnuutui-o is un each box.   2fio,
Tho annua! meeting uf the True
l"lue mine took place at Kaslo, on
Friday, The old board of directors
waB re-cleoted, and the reports received show the mine to be in a
promising condition. Au adjournment
wus taken for several weeks, and at
thc next session figures as to the production and valuo of the ore will be
presented. During the winter months
considerable ore was minod and
shipped to the Uull smelter at Nelson. The breaking up of the rawhide
trails put an eud to sloping, and the
crew is new employed ou development. A tunnel is being run to tap
the load at greater depth. If the
development proves satisfactory it is
the intention of the company to go
seriously into tho question of constuct-
ing an aeiial tramway between the
mine and Kootenay lako, a distance
of some three and a half or four miles.
The cost ot this enterprise would, of
oourse, be considerable butprrbably
not exceed that of making a wagon
road to thc property, while the cost ot
transporting ore to the lako aftor the
woik is completed would be substantially less by tramway.
Holders of diamond contracts in
Nelson will rejoice to loam that they
will be protected, says John T. Pierre,
the local agent, who has been
olb'jially notified by Fred Carno, jr.,
of Victoria li C, thc president of the
Pacific Mercantile company, which
has been incorporated in the State -if
Oregon, and will assume tho liabilities of tho old company in llritish
Columbia, Washington and Oregon.
The period of payment has been extended to 7(5 weeks making a total ol
$100 paid in and on maturity the hold-
orjwill receive If Kit) or a diamond worth
fjloO a. the holder's pleasure.
Holders of paid up contracts will
have to p.y f30 more on eacb oontract
or have 820 subtracted when paid so
that profit to all will be equal,this in-
Creased payment and reduced profits
will greatly strengthen the now company who expect to double the business of tho old one in a short space of
Call   up   33   if yon viant   furniture
or pianos moved.���Weit Transfer Co.
Hume���H. E. Wettlaufer, Uerlin:
W. A. Ulair, Medicine Hat; 0,
Alwyn and wife. New Denver; V. M.
Purely. Sandon; Mrs. J. Harris, St.
Louis; Mrs. A. E. Peck, Chateau,
Mont.; E. C. Hollingswcrtb. M.
Reddy, M. Harrison, F. Dodds, O. H.
llancrrft, Spokane; <ieo. E. Fish,
Portland, Oro.: A. S, Williams,
Toronto: S. Werner, Montreal; C. A.
Bell, Kos-land.
Phair���Mrs. J. H, Gray, Victoria;
W. I. Wueelans, Miss Wheelans,
Kaslo; H K. Miller, Spokane; J. C.
Gumslock, Chicago: C F. Parker, C.
P.Alleu.Jr., W.F. Allen, Casoade: .1.
F. Pritchard and wife, (J. P. Mcpherson and wile,  Montreal.
Madden���A. E. Powers, llreckon-
ridge: .1. K. Turner, J. W. Turner,
F. Turner. A.N. Turner. Guthrie. O. ;
Mrs. W. A. Sexton, Chicago; J.
Fontaine, .1. Campbell. Sandon; C. J.
Detler, Ymir.
Queen's���J. S. Ingram, Rossland:
li. Qarlgen, Republic; 0. (.arisen,
Buffalo; D Mclntyre, Erie; M. Fraw-
loy, Vancouver.
(irand Central���R. llulmor, Sioean ;
J. S   Babbitt, Creston.
Tremont���M. Adams. Kaslo; S.
i-'orster, A. Broadman, Spokane.
-W.   Collins,     F.   Nelson,
THF    MINFR'S' est Kootenay Butc-*er c&
Advurl ii-cfiuini.-i Innorl ��� .1 under triln head nt
tho mt o of one oent ft word por innortlon.   No
u'hvri !fii!UMii   lull.in for lbM than 25  f't'iit-..
Situation   Wanted   advorUrtoniitiita   limorlod
thl'uO  linn:     frOO Of chin'Kit.
To RENT���A five room bouse nn Mill
street,    Hour   Stanley,    all     modem
conveniences. Apply, a.k. Sherwood.
FOR SALIC-Snap���For   one   week    1
olTor   six   roomed house, now,   and
two   lots   |D0O Cash,    Balance I'll) per
month.    A. (I. Oauible.
FOR SALE. ���Eggs for halchinit,Black
Minorca,     Brown      Leghorn,    and
Plymouth Rocks.      P. 0, Box 008,   or
Miss Kdwnrus, Fairview.
STORE    TO    LET���Second door from
corner JoBipbine on Baker. Enquire
at Vanstone's Drug store.
TWO Oentlemen can   get  comfortable
room, breakfast and   dinner for   $:ir,
per   mouth,   within   two   blocks    of
hospital.    Apply \.  li., Miner olliee.
PIANO FOR SALE���Taken in exchange, new, only one month in
use. Co.-t $'00. Will sell at a
bargain. See it at E. Ferguson and
Oo 's warerooms, Vernon street, cily.
N. M, CuuiiniiiH, IjOHnim���Kvury kuowi.
Variety of huR drink,..   1* O llux 8S.   'I'ulopliun
Nu. Bl. Hoover Btreet, Nelson,  Bottlers of tn
f.unoUH til. Uion UotoprloilS Mineral Water
AMA01IONAI.il ��c Uo.-fJornor Fron
��� and Hail tltrosts���Wholesale uroc-ur
anil jobburM in blankets, aloves, mitts, buoU,
rubtiul'H. luackinuWH u.il mini!!-,,' ..unilnuH.
PliOHNd Sc Co.-llakor Stroot,
���  WhoiuHaio dealers iu (rui-a u
moaU.  Cold BioraRe,
llakor Street, NelHOn���Wllolu��olo doa
ent In fresh and cured uiuaui.
FOR SALE���Eggs for hatching from
Barred Plymouth Rocks and Pekin
Ducks; choice stock. Strawberry
plants. John llougliton, Crawford
FOR SAi.E���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in tho Kcotonays,
best locution, 2r> nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best business proposiiion in tlio district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cale,
Box 925, Nelson B.C.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
board.     Apply    on   Silica   street,
second door west of Ward,
Appiv   to   Mrs F. J. Squires, Room
40, K. W. 0. block.
3. H.  LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. 0. Box 405, Phone 278.
ENGLISH   TRAINED   Nurse   desires
caie   of   infant   or   other   position.
Miss Doughty, Nelson, B.C.
MEN AMI) Women wanted to work at
homo,   (lood wages   Write Glasgow
Woollen   Company,    Department    C.
WANTED���A     nurse   girl   about   14
years.     Apply Mrs. R.    N.   Riblet,
socond     door   from     Fall   street   on
Victoria street
Footer Crafts,of (Jharles'own, Mass.
write home as soon as you can as
financial interest await you there.
Very Important,   I. F. Crafts.
HELP of all kinds wanted and
furnished. Western Canadian Em
ployment Agency. Large warehouse
for storage; call at Piosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,   B.   C.      A.
Guthrie St Oo,
On Thuisdays the baths at the Bon
Ton Barber shop will be reserved
exclusively for ladles. Mrs J. P.
Ileaurais will bo in attendance to receive tlie lad!es.
Parties wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footed oan have them done by
applying   on   corner   ol     Ward   an
Victotia street, opposite postoffice.
Our New Stock is now open,
J titvucW NoIhoii ~ Wholopflle daalarn ir
h;i.ii!w.m, milium1 huuuMcm, Hpurting goodt-
M'LACHLAN  BUOS. HakorHiroet Nolson,
.   B, 0.,���Deal ore In general harhwai-e,
IllililiiK  Kllppliur,,   Kl-iHrl,   paT:tt&,    )'urU'iinl  ' v
meat lire olay and Seoton lire brick.   Agents
for vviikiiiriaiid Co.'h celebrated Bteej wire rope
puintH, ��� jiJ - uud kI'ih*; jiu-chanicr*   ..ml.
Fishiog Tackle and Spotting Goods a Bpeoialty
rpUHNli.Il, HEKTON Be Co.-Oorner Vornoi.
X and ,!'j--c)iiiim: Btrouu, Nelson���Whole
Hilly doaiorti iu llquori', citfarH, and drygoodn
Agents (or I'abHt Browing Oo. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Oo of Calgary.
UDSON'B HAY Co.-Wholoialo grooerte
and liquors eto,, Baker Street, Nelson.
Oflleo corner Hall and Front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, celling, flooring, and ovory
thing in wood for building imrposCH. Get oui
prices,   Correspondence solicited.
J    A.   M'DONALD,     Agent   Hardwood
���   Dairy Co. ire Cream.
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply always op
Kates to   all  railway  and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office  - Two  doors   wesi
C.P.R. offices.
To SILAS H ORO-SS, or to any person or persons to whom be may bave
transferred Ins interest In tbe   lliu-vy
Joy Mineral Claim, sitnate on Moi-n-
iuir Mountain, abont 1 1 -li miles westerly from  the Silver  Kiui:  Mine,  in
tlie Nelson Mining Division  of  West
Kootenny District, B, _'.
YOU or any of you are hereby notified that I have expended one hundred
and two dollars and Ulty cents iu labor and improvements upon tbe above
mineral claim, undei- the provision of
the Mineral Act, and If within  ninety
days from the date of  tbis notice you
fail or r, fuse to contribute yonr proportion of such expenditure  together
With all costs of advertising, your interest in  said claim  will   become the
property of the subscriber nuclei- section I ol an Act entitled An  Act   to
Amend the Mineral Act WOO,
Dated this Ulh day of March. 1002.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
A im Pin Boo of
New Desips ai
The Prices Will Suit the
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Brook vi lie, April ���'.. ��� William Peer,
u farmer living near Hell's Crossing
committed suicide this morning by
hanging himself. He was involved in
legal difficulties recently and it is believed this deranged his mind.
J. C. GWLLLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in II. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre�� Nelson. B C
Certificates of Improvements
Queen, Niagara, Lewiston, and Burlington (Fractional), mineral claims
situate in the elson Miuing Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located���On Wolf drees, a
branch of Sheep Creek, which is a tributary of Salmon River,
Take Notice that I, William Waldie,
F. M. C, B50026, for myself and asag-vnt
for John A. Turner. Y, M. O. B60160,
and Michael Scully, Free Miner's Certificate No. BB000O, intend UO days
from tha date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for certificates of
iuiurovemeuts, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of tbe ubov��
And further take notice tbat aotion,
nnder seotion 1)7 must bo commenced
before the issnanoe offcsueh Certificates
of Improvements.
Datod this 18th day of February,
A. D. IDOa.
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manavlr.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nflson.
Oiders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The Canadian Bank of Commerce t
With Which I. Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
l'aid-up   Capital,   88,ono,ono;   Reserve   Fund,   82,i)O0,0uOj
Aggregate   Resources (Ivor 166,000.000.
HON, OEO. A. COX, President.      B. B, WALKKK, I'eueral Muiib**i
London Office: oo l.s-iihsr.l Street,  1'.  C.
New York Office; |6 Bichanue Place.
Anil 08 hnwirii, < lu Canada and lho i/nitM buiioh, tnoludtnir
Kkiinik Nanaimo Kohsi.ano Victohia
YUKON DBTKIOT-Dawbon ano Wiiitk Hohhk.
UN1TK1) B't'A'l'KS���Nkw Youk, Wan Fhancimcci, SxatTLI, Portland, Hkauwav.
Savings Bank Department.
LDepnsits Heccivod ami lull-rent Allowril.   I'n-m-nt Kate :i Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT. Mitna^r.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE HOPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E. CEOASDAILE Agent Nelson.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, ELasl.
Sandon. Thrue Porks, New Denver and Slocan Cit>
Order* by man to af>* branch will have carnful and nramnt attention.
and try a bottlo, a dozou, or a barrel of
- -    ~\__    BEER   w  It
CALGARY BEER a�� It is tho best and
onenpuht on tho mnrkot. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and     CIGARS.
PRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M........
Tr-lrohnnn IB Haltnr Bb.  Ml l��on
Brewere of Pine Lager
Beer and Porter,
H>l��no  R O
Close connection Kast and Westbound at Spokane with trainB of the
SpDkane Falls and Northern Railway,
1) rect connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and nil points   East aud South.
Leaves Spokane dailv for East at 9:40 i jn
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:20 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 8:00 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria und Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all pointf
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth wilh
themagniflcentsteamships North Wesl
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern liail
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Ky., Kaslo Sc Slocar
Ry., Kootei ai Railway A Navigation
Co., or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt. Agt, W 7ol  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY. Local Agent,
MeU'VD.R 0
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Turds, NKLSON
nnd LARDO.
For Stylish Up-to-DaleH.it--
go to
Opera House Block
The Waverley Hotel
Rates *ll.00 to $1.50 per day. First
class Meals, 25c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria St., Nelson.
Under and by virtue of tho powers
contained in a certain mortgage which
will be prod need at tbe time ol sale,
there will hu offered for sale by public
auction, by H. V. Tuck, Auctioneer,
at hia officea. Ward street, Nelson, li.
U., on Monday the ?th day of April,
liiO^'. at the boor of eleven o'clock ln
the forenoon, the following   property:
Lot numbered twenty-two (82), in
Block numbered aixty-elffbt (<��hj, of
the city of Nelson, BritJab  Columbia,
BUb'dtvision lot ninety-five ('.i.ri),group
one (J). Kootenay District, according
tj the offioial plan or survey.
The property i.s sltimte on Vernon
Street, and known an the "Occidental
For terms and conditions of Rale
apply to,
Burnfl   BlOOk,     Halter Street,   Nelson,
B. C, Solicitors for the Mortgagee!.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
ohthlned m all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars,
Real Estate Fire and Lire insurant*
Monoy to Loan.
Three Cotlag.s across thc lake
opposite Nelson full particu'ars on
Houses for rent and sale in all
parts ot the City.
snw   .-���*������  ��*t Tr
Nelson L)ail\ Miner Tiiirsdw, April 3, 190*
11 Cents per
lie. per roll is a
very low price to
pa; lor a Wall
Paper that a l��dv might put on tin
walls cl her bouse and bo pleased
witn it; yet it is all wn ask lor n
dainty HgH-ground paper of neat
design, delicately shaded and with i>
Very nie-ttv ceiling and border tc
match. Or course we have battel
papers. A glance at our show windows wil' prove thai. During the
next week we shall have some special
bargains to olfei in Wall Papers.
Booksellers. Stationers
NELSON.  13. G.
Show Room fur Mason it Risch pianos
The large float on which tlie boat
club building is to be placed was
towed into position yesterday and
workmen are now busy getting it in
Two loaded freight cars ran off tbe
end of the slip at Balfour yesterday
morning, one ear that was lull of
coal, went to tbe bottom, and tbe
otner,having a more buoyant load.was
All the newest books in our
lib.ary ���Morley and Laing.
The Xeipsichorean club has
holding its weekly dances
summer,   tbe   last   assembly
Is your Hair
worth One Dollar?
It so, buy a lottleof Newbro's Hcrpl-
ciiH I slop thut flundralt thut Is
slowly but surely tendering you bald,
Is the only preparation on the innrke-t
that re-ally will slop It, for It 1, the
only one that kills lhe microbe- ot work
en ih,- hair root, thus destroying the
nine uud otnuequaotly mnovlng the
one trial will ronvl nee you. the prune
as It bus this '��� doubling Thomas ":
Han KiUNrtscei, C'al.. Ppc. 1, *M.
Whr-Tl HioilKlilllinllH'llloof llrnilcul'--
fcwmondiB j,,-". hs�� o Kijonty orsaen
tmnuMlons, I tie-niiiit it wouhl prove ��
tul.e.lMilluiiili��lipyt'istun-ll"iCltil,w��i; I,
Hiiil.-ven mere, U.;m y>>u rlalm font. Jly
luur Is irmwliw rnpl-lly. BesiH-i-lliilly.
alf. k. Km.i.v.2i�� DmnwroM.
For Sale at all First-Clm Drug Stores. ���
Harry Collins, foimerly mayor ol
Vancouver, was in Nelson yesterday.
Letters oi probnie were issued yes.
erchiy cl the will of the late J.Roderick Robertson lo Mrs. Robertson as
tola executrix. Tbe will was inacie In
Vi.. These papers were tho liist
oassing through the Nelson Supreme
jourt registry given under the hand
if the new chief justice.
The spring opening oi the Hudson's
Hay Co. store will tako place tomorrow. The store will be spo.-ially
dressed 60 as to make as nice a display of the large, varied and excellent
-tuck as possible, In ordei to make
ihe occasion as pleasant as possible
lhe city orchestra will be in attendance and will discourse popular airs,
and refreshments will be served
upttalri ln the honse furnishing
department The public is cordially
invited to attend and it is au event
which none should miss.
Agreeable and Gomforting
for the
t i   the
season having boen held inst Thursday. Tbe secretary repoiti that the
club bad a most successful winter.
At the record office yesterday Anson
Porttr entered the location of the
Leopold fractional mineral claim on
Cottonwood Oreek. Certificates of
work were issued to M. 0. Monaghan
on tlie Rubey, Gold Standard and
Garnet mineral claims on Bird creek.
office Supplies.���Morley Sc Laing.
Nelson can now claim to have the
best equipped public school in thc
province, and also the best school
library. The new appaiatus. amps,
etc.. scoured by the school board will
prove a great convenience to the
teachers und should assist considerably in making Melsoi. tlie educational centre of the Kooenays.
The defendants in tbe suit of Winter
vs. the Kaslo and Slocan Railway
company have entered appearance and
demanded statement of claim. This
suit which is for $10,00:1 damages for
injuries reci i ol by the plaintiff'
Annie Winte) ' at Cody through the
running away of a ear In which she
was at the time, v. ill come up at the
May session of the court.
Fountain Pens.���Morley Sc Laing.
Steamer arrivals yesterday were : the
Kokanee with passengers and one car
of or* lrom the Molly Gibson for the
Hall Mines smelter; International,
passengers and general freight and
two can ot Rambler-Cariboo ore for
the Selby smelter, and one car of
American Hoy for Everett; Moyie,
passengers and general freight;
Hercules, with two bargos of limestone for the Hall Mines smelter;
Surprise, barge of lumber; Halys,
with barge of firewood and freight
from way points.
George II. McFarland, representing
E. W. Gillette, of Toronto, is a guest
at the Phair.
John S. Ingiam chief of police of
Rossland, was in the city yesterday
on a short "isit. lie reports that Rossland is prospering.
Married-At St. Paul's Presbyterian
church. Nelson. B. C, on April 2nd,
by tbe Rev. Dr. Wright, Thomas M.
Stoddart, L. D. 8��� to Janet Park
MoQillivary, third daughter of John
Mouat, Nelson.
Stawberry plants of best varieties.
Also asparagus and rhubarb roots.
Riverside Nursuries, Grand Forks.
All preparations are progressing
well for the annual bail of the NelHon
Miners' union to be held in Fraternity hall on the ovening of Friday
next. The advance sale of tickets has
been good and as Millward's orchestra
has been engaged, the music will be
of the highest class.
John Love, representing the Cop sol
idated   Stationery Co.
We   can   make    your   work
agreeable   as   well    as   you
comfurtable by
Fitting Your Eyes With
Proper Glasses
Patenaude Bros.
Baker St.
Nelson, B. C.
New York, April 2.���Miss Helen
Gould will soon make her homo, for a
neck or more, nt tbe Gospel Settlement House. For a long time the conditions that exist in that poition ol
tbe east side have strongly appealed
to her.and she has signified her desire-
to live thero for a while, that
may better know the needs of
thousands of poor children who swarm
every tenement. In a lettei to Mrs.
Sarah J. Bird, the founder oi the
settlement, slie said; '-Ihave long
wished to I'now more about the
people of your locality, and it is my
intention in the near future to make
my home with you for, say a week."
It wus Miss Gould's plan to visit
the settlement t.0 weeks ago, but her
plans were changed. Now she is expected there eaily this month.
SILK SPECIALS���800 yurdsSllk Luxor in fancy stripe designs. Colors
cardinal,  sky, turquoise,  myrtle,
pink, hc-lio, purple, black, fast
colors, choice of li') patterns, special
for summer Shirt Waists, worth
T."c., per yard 50c.
cloths, "ill fo fil inches wide,
gt-y. fawn, brown, navy,
Special to clour per yard...
WASH GOODS-A complete r.ngo of
Scutch Gingham and Chainbrov's
Fancy Stripes and Checks in fast
colors of cardinal, sky, pink, Ox
ford, Navy, per yard 1 S0i
Helped Himself.
When the doctor himself brings on
heart disease by the use of coffee it
is time- for ordinary people to think-
carefully ol the ' effect of the.
Tho testimony of Dr. O.W. Matbew-
son, 1354 Penn Ave;., lies Moines, la.,
is a follows. His letter ls rathen long
and this extract is necessarily con-
"I am a physician of is yours practice. 1 felt tile need of a stimulant
and for the lirst five or six yoars of
my practice used strong coffee. Kight
ten years ago I began to notice
symptoms of heart disease. This
seemed to be a regular organic type
ami year by year became aggravated.
Dizziness, faintness and later, inability to walk, at times.
Physicians could find no marked
symptoms of disease but thought there
might be cf a kind tbat escaped observation Finally I became a confirmed
invalid and gave up practice,
Sceral years elapsed with the
symptoms growing worse. I was considered as marked for an early grave.
It finally became Impressed upon me
to give up coffee. Tbis 1 found easier
to do when Postum Food Coffee waK
used io its place. I did this more to
satisfy Iriencs than witli any hope of
benefit from such a simple change
especially in such an incurable case
as mine. I was debilitated and very-
weak and about 30 pounds short of my
old weight.
From the lirst week I noticed a
marked change, and within three
months I was almost fully restored to
my old strength and health. These
fHcts are known to hundreds of my
friends and acquaintances.
of Winnipeg,
will be in the "distriot on bis usual
visit. His quarters for the week will
be Hume hotel.
At tbe rallle neld last evening iu the
Hume hotel for a magnificent caribou
bead, the highest throw was -tr, which
feil to ticket No. 13. The owner of
the ticket was not present and is probably in the Lardeau as tbe first lot of
tickets were sold there. Altogether
225 tickets were disposed of which
will net a handsome sum to tbe late-
owner of the head for whose benefit
the rallle was held.
The lake is still stationary at the
lowest level of the year. A general
thaw was in progress yesterday in the
high mountains, the cold winds of tbe
last month having been replaced by a
warm wind from the east. I rospectors
coming in last night reported considerable snowslides everywhere, so it is
likely that the rise of water will
commence prcbably today or by-
So far *>!U8 has been subscribed to
the Tourist association. In addition
to tbe subscriptions already reported
of *>7H0 Arthur Booth and the Nelson
Soda Water works have contributed (5
each, making a total ol $740. The
membership fees hitherto reported
amount to ?170. In addition to thiB
E. Ferguson, William Reynolds, F.
G. Clark, 0. C. Hodge, John Marshall, Joseph Walker. Frank Shannon
and George Benny have eacb contributed $1. This makes the total
membership fees $178 This added to
the subscriptions gives a giand total
of !f'.il8, W. A. Jowett reports that
increased interest is being taken in
the association and that it is certain
to be a great success.
Appointments were made yesterday
for two examinations. In the case of
Porter vs. The Hastings B, C. Exploration Syndicate, U. E. T. Haultuin
will be examined on Monday, April
7, for discovery. Tllis is an action
for damages brought by the plaintiff
for injuries received by bim nt the
same time tliat tlie foreman of the
Arlington mine, Robt. Hammill, was
killed. The) same date was also set
for trio examination of fl. McArthur
for discovery in tlie suit of Levero vs.
McArther and Co. Ibis is also an
action for damages received by the
plaintiff while working on the dredge
near Nelson last summer through falling from tbe top of the derrick,breaking some of his nhs and sustaining
other injuries.
John Keith owns 1,000 acros of land
near Erie. Most of the land is meadow
and considerable of it is cleared and
sown with timothy, clover and other
grasses. Considerable of it is under
cultivation and annually a large crop
of hay is raised. Mr. Rcith has heen
improving the land for the past 12
years, fie supplies Ymir, Salmo, Frie
and many of the mines with milk
and butter. Lately ho has enlaiged
his dairy and this season he intends
to extend his operations so as to lo-
elude Nelson. This he will do at the
solicitation of a number of the people
liere. It is probable that Messrs.
Wilson and Harkley, who own adjoining ranches, will assist Mr. Reitn in
ins enterprise.
New York, April 2.���Albert T.Patrick, convicted last week of murder
in the lirst degree for plotting tbe
death of millionaire William Marsh
Bice, and now awaiting the death
sentence and Mrs. Addie M. Francis
have become husband and wifo in tbe
matron's room of the Tombs, according to tbe American and Journal. A
penstroke did it, despite all measures
taken to prevent it. The arrangements
were so perfectly made, so secretly-
planned and so cleverly executed
that,not until the martiago was irrevocably completed were Patrick's
guards cognizant that it was even
Our store closes at 6 o'olook every evening except Saturday.   Wo request our
customers to assist the movement by shopping early.
Cor. Baker & Ward Sts. Nelson, B. C.
San Francisco
Paul, Ohioago
I. points.
New York
via Soo Line, 8t
anil all I), i
Tourist Sleeper Service
FAST *&'Dunmow '"������*
*-"*W ' Lv   Kootenay  Ldg,
Tuesday and Friday, St. Paul, Toronto
Montieal nud lloslnu.
Lome Revelstoke
daily, Vancouver,
Seattle Cloast.
Home Seekers' Westbound
Excursions, March i to
April 30.
Through bookings to Europe, via nil
Atlantic Line
Prepaid tickets from all points nt
loyvest rates
A-< an offeottVfl healer of soraiu
splints,seoiiiro.il, oouirbs, swelling, t_.
inflammation in horses and entile, Grifttths'
Liniment ha- proved a supremo success���as
gonii for tho liors-i ns for b's master.
P. 11. Itilehi-i ��,'. Co., lanohera, Vancouver,
H. C. say: "We consider IJrilllllis' Menthol
Liniment unequalled for hor-"*-. Ore of ours
had a bad swelling on the left leg, whh h was
swollen to an immense size, we applied tho
Liniment unci In two days the RWOlHni bail left
him. Wc have tried many LininiJiits but have
found nothing toequalit,
I-or sale bv J. B, Vanslone.Neisou. B. Cl
Ottawa. April 8.���Provincial premiers will not bo allowed ta witness the coronation, Sir Wilfrid
Laurier being tbe only representative
of Canada to enjoy this honor. The
provincial premier will he "simply
shown the sights."
Stops lite Cnngli
and Worts oil' llic Cold.
Laxative Biomo-Quinine Tablol-' euro   a cold
none day.   NoCurc,  noPay.   Price 25 conts.
Quebec, April -.���It is stated hereon authority of a well informed coi-
respondent in Rome that Archbishop
Ilegin Is to be appointed Cardinal during tbe papal jubilee,
Certificate of Improvements
Oatherire Mineral Olaim, situate in
the Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where looated���One mile east of N.
A F, ri. Railway, adjoining tlie Bob'n
Hood mineral e-lt.im.
TAKE NOTIOE that I, Francis J.
O' Reilly, ageut for 11, R Hedley, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B50878, the Dun-
Duncan Mines, Limited, (Foreign)
Free miner's Certificate No. BC0448
intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder for a certificate of improvements,
for the purposo of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And furlher take notice that nction,
under seotion Hi, must be commenced
befoie the issuance of sncii certificate of
Dated tbis 12th day of Febrnnry, A.
D.. 11)02.
The new Wall Papers attract favorable attention. Tbey lelleet good
taste in colors as well as in pattern,
and people of taste commend them.
They have an air of elegance and are
most durable in quality. Investment
in such Wall Paper is a paying investment, before placing your order, it
will pay you to .see our new designs,
and got our prices.
F. J. Bradley & CO.
Sign rnliillng :11ml rn lure Framing
n specialty.
Will pay tbe highest oash prioe for all
kinds of seoond band goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarpertt,
cooking utensils, bought tn household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Addreci
��tlver King Mike, Box Uno H��''
Street. Nelson.   B   C
DO YO'J Need Yonr Clothe* Pressed
or Cleaned? If you do make a call
at the City Cleaning and Pressing
Parlors. Your clothes well kept in
excellent repair and v ill be sent for
and delivered to any part of the ci'y
for $1.M) per month, allowing one
suit per week. Any work you may
bave, give mo a trial. A. L. Hays,
Broken Hill Block, Nelson, B. C.
170_ can juilee die value of an
��� most articles in commerce bvappearnnco
and tiiicL-. ��� Willi Sects it is different-"Any
Seed must bo valued by what it will grow
ana nut by a "cheap" price.
Poor Seeds arc taose- of uncertain growth
and product���they are as valueless as tbe
broken-down mule. It is extravagant waste
to use them. "Cheap" Seeds may ^ive
greater   profit  to the seller but tlio   user   is
the loser.
"GOOD QUALITY" in Seeds Is the
foundation of worth-it is tho result
from selecting and improvinir strains,
together with euro and intelligence In
growing and means success to tho user,
Steele-Briggs Seeds
aro known for their "Good
Quality "and "Worth." Moro
oP them aro sold and used In
Canada than any othor kind.
Buy your Soods from dealers who soil
Steele~Briggs Seeds
nnd Insist upon having them. If you
cannot Ket them from a local merchnnl
Bond your order direct. Refuse substitutes or "Just as Good." Send for
catalogue if you havo not received it.
The Steel
Seed Co., Limited, Toronto.
Canada's Greatest Seed House."
sold by All Newsdealers
Furnishes Monthly to all lovera of Song
and MubIc a vast volume of New. Choice
Copyright Compositions by tbe most popular authors. 64 Psrcs of Piano Muttc,
half Vocal, half Instrumental���ai Complete
Pieces for Piano���Once a Mouth for 35
Cents. Yearly Subscription, $2.00. If you
will send uh the name and adrireBs of Fivr
performers on the IManoor Ornan, we will send
you a copy of tbe Magazine Free.
J. W. PEPPER. Publisher,
Clghth * Locust Ste.. Philadelphia. Pa-
Kooteaay Railway  and  Na
Compauy, Ltd.
Shnrtent und quickest route to lho earft and ai
pointn on the 0. K. Be N. and Northorn t'a
oiflo Itnlhvayn In WaflhliiKMiii, Oregon and
Southern States.
Time Card Effective Nov. 10. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ey
S:30 a. 'u. Lv.
10:35 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. m
Lv. 1:16 p. m
Int Nav- & Trading Oo
0:00 p. m. Lv.
9:111 p, in. Ar;
Ar. 10:30 a. m.
Lv. 7:00 ft. in.
Connecting at Flvo Milo Point with Nelson
& Fort Sheppard Hallway both to and from
Holland, eto
Tickets sold to all parts in UnlUid Stat*,, and
Canada via Great Northorn and O. It. R N
Co.'s lines.
Ocoau steamship tickets and ratos vi   a
linos will bo furnished on application.
For furthor particulars call on or address
M��t\wr<>r, Kanln.B, O
O. K. Taokabuhy Agent. Nelson B. C.
For bertha, time tables, ratus and full
information apply to (lily Ticket office
H. h. BROWN,
City Agent. Nolson
J, S. Carter, K. 3, Coylk
Dia. Pane, Agt. A. 0. P. A.
Nelson Vance a <e
NKLSON IJQDGK    No. 2_, A. K. &
M. inoetfl second Wednesday in
month.   Visiting brethern welcomo
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Loi1k��
No. IC, moctaevery Monday ,.:...,
at their Hall, Kootenay streot)
Sojourning Odd Fellows oordially invited.
VV. 11. Smith, N. O.; G. V. Motion, V. {..��� A
liOnghnrst. Hon, Boo,	
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. 123, O. It. I'.
Meets third Wednesday.
i.   S. K.
..   riojournmg comimu
Ouorge Johnstone,  X.    T. J.
xC-"X        NKLSON L-ODUK   t\a.2\ K. of I��.
/K^ll^moet* in lv. oi' P, ball, Oddfellows blook
ge very Tuesday evoning n-t 8 o'eluck.
/All visiting knights cordially   invito
Wm. Iuvinb, O.O.
Hugh Stevkns, Iv.of H. and H.
Nelson Knca ptnent No. 7. Meets every Snd
and 1th Friday of oauh month, in Odd Fellows
Hall, coiner Baker and Kootenay streets,
Nelson. A. H. Olemonts, O. P.; I). MeArlhu;
U. 8.   visiting brothers always welnoinA.
NKLSON L. O, L. No. 1692 meets in Km-
temity Hall on first- and third Friday nveniogi
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting mi*ni,u��
cordially invitod, W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A, Minty, R. S.
NKLSON AKRIK No. 22, F. 0, K.. meoU
evory socond and fourth Wednesdays of oach
m onth. Visiting members cordially luvit
Charles Prosser, K-v.rfitftry.
A shipment just arrived anil we
ean ne<w Oiler you aEcboice selection  of everything   known  ns
Watches,    Clocks,    Jewels,
Souvenir floods, Etc.
We can please yon in choosing
a Wedding Present,
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty
! J. J. WAtKER I
��� ���
Certificates of Improvements
King Alfietl and King Solomon
I Mineral Claims, situate in the Ne-lsou
I Miuing Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located���On Iron Mountain,
ahout 5 mil"s from the month of the
South Fork of the Salmon Kiver.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis J.
O'Reilly, of Nelson, B. 0,, as ageut for
F. W. Lewis, of Indianapolis Ind.,
V, S. A,: Free M net's Cortlfloabe
Nn. -^"illi, ititenel, sixty days from lhe
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificate's of improvements,
for tbe purpose of obtaining Grown
Grants ofthe above claims.
Aud further take notice that action,
ivder et ctlon HI, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certillcat?s of
Dated this 10th day of November,
Kootonny Tent No. 7. K. O. T. M��� hold thoir
regular mooting* to Fraternity Hall, I. el. 0.1-.
blook, on tho 1st and 3rd Thursdays ol each
u.out h. VMtlnK brothron oordially Invltod ta
attond. G.A. Brown H. K.; Dr. Hose, Coin
K. J.Stool. D. S. C.
lat and 3rd Wodnosday evenings!)!
oach month at Fraternity bull
oorner of Bakor and Kootenai
stroots. Visiting brethorn cordially Invltod.
Edward Macleod. Socrelnrv.
Nolsou Court Star ol Kootonay, A. O. 1
Moots 2nd and 1th Wednesdays in every
Mouth. Visiting brethren wolcomo. V- Mac
Million, C. P. ; Horbort McLeod. Sec
COURT KOOTENAY, I. O. F., No. 81��.
Meetings 1th Thursday ol month. Fraternal
haU, J A Irving C H.   P. *��� Fleming. B��
Subscriptions taken for the Nelson Daily and Weekly Miner at
publisher's prices by J. F. DEL-
ANEY, New Denver,  B. C.
Ceitii.cate of Improvements
Allen Minerul Claim situate in the
Ne-lsoD Miniug Division of West Koot-
eiiiiv District.
Where   located���On the divide be
tween Bheep and I.OBtOieeks, 10 miles
from Salmon Hiding.
TAKE NOTICE that I. N. F. Towns-
| end, acting ns agent for J. W. Thompson, Free Miner's Certificate No. B42007.
intend sixty days from tbe dute hereof
to npply to tho Miuiug Recorder for a
certificate ot improvements for the purpose of obtaiuiug a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further tnke notice that action
uniler section 117, must he commenced
before the issuance of such certilicate of
Dated tbis 2nd day of November, A.
D��� 1901 N. F. TOWNSEND.
Certilicate of Improvements
Drum Loin mon Miueral Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division ot
West Kooteuay District.
Where looated : On Craig Mountain,
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson,
P. L. S., of Trail, B. O., agent for
P. Burns, Free Miuei's Certilicate No, B'lOB-'S, intend, sixty
dayB from the elate hereof, to ai'l'o
to the Mining Recorder for a 0��'-
tillcate of Improvtmeats, for tin' I''"';
pose of obtaiuiug a Oi-own Grant Of II"'
above claim.
And further tnke notize tlutt act Ion,
under seotiou til, must be commences:
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements. ..    ,
Dated tms 14th day of MaroD
A  D. 1902. T. D. ANDERSON
To   A.
lo hold
H. Fischer or to any
person or persons to whom he iniij
have transferred his interest iu the Manila nnd Silver Queen Mineral Claims,
situated al the head of Midge CreeK,
Kuakanook Mining District,Vt est Ivoov-
e\on and each of you are hereby notified thnt I have expended oue   "inui''
and thirty-three dollars  In labor m"
improvements   upon   the  above
tioned mineral claims in order
said mineral claims  under W8.P������
ions cf the Mineral Act, tmd 11  ��>��'"
ninety days of tbe date of fins notioe
you fail or refuse to contribute yonr potion of such expenditure together wi
all costs of advertising, y<v.r interesi
said claims will become the proper y
tbo subscriber under section 4 ul ;'* fl,
eutitled "An Act to Amend tne Miners
Act, 1900. _ p 0LrBB.
Dated this 10th day of February, V*


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