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 Daily Edition No.  1134
���Nelson,   British  Columbia,  Friday,   September 6,  1901
Eleventh  Year
Provincial Convention Opened
in the  Congregational
Church Here.
Morning. Afternoon and Evening Session.���Business
for Today.
Tlio eight annual convention ofthe
Brilisli Columbia Union of Clnistiun
Kmli'iivoi opened in Emmanuel Con
grcgalinnnl church yestciduy. The
business as laid down i~ the convention programme ��as seriously inter
fried with by the non-arrival of the
delegates from the , oust who wero
delayed bjthe accident on the main
lino and who did uot arrive until lute
lust night. The convention, therefore,
could not get fully underway but
wiil bo in complete running order today when the roll will be complete.
The report of the Provincial secretary will bu read toduy The rest of
the programme will be:
.Morning���0 o'clock, Prayer service;
0,1., ousiness session; 10,80, Hvf
minute addresses followed by open
discussion. Topic���" Foundation Principles." (a) "The Pledge " Mr. II.
Pillar. French Creek; (b) "Tho Prayer Meeting," Mr. I~ W. Morrison,
Rossland, (c) "Committee Work," D.
II. Biggs, M. D., Vancouver; (d)
"Soul Seeking, *' (The qualifications
necossny for success.) M. Pnttosou,
Ol'lUl'joolf ; (e)"The Quiet Hour," (Its
relation to successful soul seeking,)
.Miss Hlack man, Kaslo.
Afternoon���a o'clock,Devotional exercises; 2.15, Continuation of roll-call
of societies; 2 45 Worker.-' conference,
"Junior Work." (l) Junior Superintendent's Report, Miss M. P, Nicolls,
Vancouver; (-) Roll-call of Junior societies; (II) 'A Model Junior
Society," Miss M, P. Nicolls,Vancouver, (I) Discussion ofthe following
points as dealt witli in the foiegoin--
address; (a) "How to Develop the
Powers of the Juniors, " Mrs. ,1. Dick,
Vancouver; (b) "Somo Ideas on
Junior Coin in it tec Work,'' Mrs. A.
McLeod, Vancouver; (o) "What
Juniors can do for Mission," Mrs.
Young, Ymir; (d) "How can Juniors
Help the Church and Sunday School?"
Mrs. S. II. Green,Kaslo.
4.00���Quiet Hour. Topic ���"One
by One." Encouragement from "Tbe
Word." Led by Rev. VV. A Wilson,
Neemucli,        India, (Presbyterian
Evening, Haptist Church���7.30,
Praise Service, Devotional exercises;
8.Oil,Address, Rev. W. A.Wilson, Neemucli, India (Presbyterian Mission-
ary:) address, Miss A. E. Easker-
vi I le, Madras, India, (Raptist Missionary).
Vocal Solo���"King of Eternity,,"
(Uartweil-Jopes), E Grizzelle.
Open Parliament���"A Patriot's Attitude to Missions."
The convention opened jester-
''ay morning with a short service of
prayer, addressed by the clergymen
in attendance, Tho formal opening
nf lhe convention was to have been at
0.80 . hy President F. M. Chadbourn,
but owing to the delay of the train
on tlni main i'uo by which tho eoost
delegates were prevented fro-n being
present nt the day session, Mr. Chad-
lionrn decided io postpone the formal
I'liening until the evening. It wns
dooided after some discussion that the
session should be adjouured till three
o'clock iu the afternoon, which was
accordingly done on motion of Mr.
Thomas Parkinson, seconded by Rov.
E. White.
The afternoon session opened at
three o'clock. President Cliadbomn
was in the chair. Tho hymn -'lllossed
ASKuian-e," vras sung and Rev. Mr.
Thompson of Kaslo,  led in prayer.
Rev. Dr. Wright opened the business of the session by discussing the
'inestion "The Influence of the C. E.
Movement on the Life and Work of
the Church." Every age, he said,
liad its own peculiarities and the
Christian Endeavor society was the
untcomc of an effort to supply one of
the needs peculiar to the present day.
He did not believe the former times
were better than these, wc occupy no
lower platform than our fathers   did.
However one of the pressing needs of
our time is n more active and progressive Christian spirit, the same Hint
marked the lirst duys of Christianity.
A revival is in progress and never
before has the Macedonian cry come
from such immense numbers, Are wc
meeting tlie demands of the age. are
wo furnishing men and meuuH to
reop tho harvest that is ready'.' A
more heroic faith and increased energy arc needed and the evangelic
spirit must be emphasized. Another
need of the church is the consecration of the Christian wealth to thc
Christian cause. The comparative
failure of the church to discipline the
powers of the church to get the most
out of the latent power. No propot-
ticnute impulse has been felt hy the
young people of the church, tbey hove
not been properly utilized for the purposes of the church. Tbis wns the
fault of the chucrh on account of its
neglect to drill tho young. A well
organized and well drilled force can
accomplish much more than untrained
forces of many times tho size. The
church forces, if utilized to the full,
would be- a power that would sweep
Canada, would close saloons, purify
politics and enrich private, social and
national life. Laxity of life cuts the
strings of the church's life; when the
lives of the members of God's chuich
are daily evidences of the power of
Christianity the church has u strength
that wonld make all enemies bow before it. Is the Christian Endeavor
society in any way fulfilling these
missions? If true to its ideal it must
exact an enobling, purifying, uplifting effoct on church life. The whole
scope of Christian Endeavor is within
the Church, not something tacked on
the outside of it. All tbe appeals
that are made are to tbe purest and
best in the human heart. Spiritual
life is contagious and the inevitable
outcome of the C. E. movement must
be tho enriching of tbe Christian life.
The young people are taught to witness for Christ and it is a grand step
along the lines of Christian life. One
danger of the church is that it falls
into a comfortable routine and the C.
E. is well adapted to arrest this routine and to fan into a livelier llanie
the energy of the church. The in>
gathering of mauy young people into
the fold of Christ is a great work that
the C. E. is doing. Dr. Wright referred to many other goods tbat the
movement was doing and concluded
an excellent address that was listened
to with which interest by those
Under the heading, ' My Society,
What it bas done; What it is Doing,
and What it Plans to do." reports
from various socioties of the union
were read. There were from Vancouver union, the society of the First
Presbyterian church, Vancouver,
Presbyterian church, Slocau City,
Cranbrook Bociety, Kaslo society
Greeenwood Presbyterian church
society, St.Paul's Presbyterian church
Nelson. These reports dealt with the
organization, growth and woik of the
different societies and, on the whole,
showed them to be on a satisfactory
and flourishing basis.
When the reports had been presented
on evangelistic meeting led by Bev.
Mr. Thompson, wss held. It lasted
an hour, after which an adjournment
was made until even ing.
Devotional exercises opened tbo
ovening session when the church was
almost filled, although the delegates
from the coast had not yet arrived.
The lateness of the train again interfered with the programme.the address
of Rev. R. G. MaoUeth of Vancouver,
having to be eliminated.
President Chadbourn addressed the
meeting, making a brief referenco to
the origin of the Christian Endeavor
union and.the work that it accomplishes, lie expressed tho hope that
the convention would increase tho
enthusiasm of the delegates for Christian work and accomplish the great
good that was expocted of it. He
outlined the work that was to be
The delegates were welcomed to
Nelson by Judge Forin, on behalf of
the citizens. He was sorry that there
wore rot more delegates present and
that tho delay in the train service
causen many of them to bo too late
for the opening exercises, but he extended a hearty welcome to all and
expressed the wish that the convention would bo in every way successful.
E. Robertson woloomed tho delegates
on behalf of the business men, He
said there was no reason to be discouraged at the small attendance as
many small conventions accomplished
great good.    He was followed by Rev.
or hire the necessary   proper clothing
to   attend    the   civic   reception al the
I city hall.
Richmond. Que., Sept, .'>.- Ur. II.
F, McMorine died suddenly today
while paying a professional visit. Tile
English Yachtsmen None tociA True Blue Man Who Ac- cause was heart disease
Sure of Winning America's Cup.
They Think Columbia  Is a
Boat That Will Be Very
Hard to Beat.
Loni'on, Sept. 15,���-While a section
of lhe English press has been print
ing   sensational   New   York   specials
cuses Catholics of Deep
Dark Scheme,
Latest Strike Is Among Census
Clerks at Ottawa.���Interest In Boat Race.
lately representing that   nil   America I of Ontario yosterday
Toronto Junction, Sept. ... ��� Grand
Master Jamos Worrell, in bis address
to the Loyal True Blue's Association
iiii lie consid-
despairs of keeping tlie America's Cup
and that even the New York Yacht
Club members are. betting on the
Shamrock, the stories givo little real
encouragement in English yachting
ciicles. Tho feeling there is reflected
by the "Yachtsman" which says
today: Why tho fears of our cousins
should be excited or the hopes of Sir
Thomas Lip ton's friends bo railed by
the turn of events is not easy to see.
Of course if Columbia had lieaten Constitution nil through t iiu season, we
should known that H.i-reschoff bad
improved on his design. Hut tbe fact
that this is not proved to be the case
indicates lhat the oid design is perfect, it simply shows that Columbia
is a very difficult boat to beat and anyone who has seen her will bo quite
prepared to admit that fact. Of one
thing we are quite certain and that is
thut the chances In favor of the defender, though Shamrock may make a
close fight.
Gales Interfere With tbe World's
Championship Sculling Raoe,
Rat Portage, Sept. 5.���After the
disappointment yesterday everybody
hoped for line weather today, but the
elements are again unfavorable
though later on in the day it is hoped
that the lake mav calm down sufficiently to allow thc great race to take
1.45 p. m.���Weather brightening up
and some wbo know the lake and the
winds believe that by 4 o'clock the
race may be called. Towns and
Pierce have returned from a four mile
spin, the firmer riding the waves
beautifully in his 26-foot shell.
2.45 p. in. ��� Strong, high wind still
prevails.    Water very rough.
G p. m.���Referee gone over the
course on inspection trip, good breeze
blowing, all hopeful for calm water
11.30 p. m.-No race. Hurricane
blowing. Water still very choppy.
Very little prospect for race tonight,
Referee Gait, wiil not declare race
off until 1 o'clock.
7 p. m.���Race postponed until tomorrow morning at 11 o'olook, on
account of choppy wattr and high
(Continued on Third, Page.)
Has Heen Asked to Succeed McBride--
What Martin Says.
(SPECIAL, TO 'I'llIE MlNlt-ll.)
Victoria, Sept. 5.���Martin said
today that the Opposition had virtually ceased to exsist and that be
would abdicate the leadership of tho
Opposition, which wus absorbed by
the Government, He was in thorough
accord with the Government and
would give it his support.
Eberts, it is said, will resign as
soon as ho has wound up some departmental affairs.
A telegram has been despatched to
Murphy offering him the portfolio of
ered that the agitation of the Roman
Catholics to have the coronation oath
changed was the first step towards the
obliteration of everything that made
it necessary for the sovereign to be
the defender of the Protestant faith.
Ottawa, Sept. 5.���The casualty department, at Saperton cables today
that Lieutenant Colonel Gordon, formerly of Montreal, who has been seriously ill, was out of danger and progressing favorably.
Ottawa, Sept. a.--Some of tbo census clerks failed to turn np this morning, owing to a dispute in regard to
the question of wages which have been
referred to lion. Mr. Kisher for
The Pan-American authorities are
appealing to the Canadian Government
for a supply of Canadian black bass
for preservation.
Toronto, Sept. a. ��� The Evening
Telegram's cablegram says much interest is being taken in Loudon in the
Gauduur-Towns iculling championship race at Rat Portage toduy. Tho
general opinion there seems to uc that
Towns' youth will asseit itself and
enable him tu win out.
Ottawa, Sept. 5.-The Duko of York
will present the Victoria and South
African war medals at the drill hall,
Vancouver, about noon ou September
.10, and at the, Oak llay hotel, Viotoria, about noon on October 2.
Tho Guard-, Signal corns, which
wus organized less than a year ago,
opened up heliograph communication
between Kingsmere and Renfrew, a
distance of 45 or 50 miies on Monday.
Quebec, Sept. 5.���Mrs. Fitzpatrick,
mother of the Socicitor-General, died
today, aged 81.
Montreal, Sept. 5.���Mrs. Eosco, who
was shot threo times yesterday by
Amable iiarilc, still lives. An ante-
mortem statement was taken today at
tne hospital in tlio presence of Uarile.
It was read to Barile and lie was asked if he desired to ask tho woman
any question. "No,' be answered,
-'its all true."
Montreal, Sept. 5. ���Wm. Weldon,
residing on Coursel street, was instantly killed today hy a fail from n
third story window in bis home.
Ottawa,   Sopt.   fi.���Father Heraldry,
missionay or   the   Olatodeer,    who   Tuesday   mori.ing.       The
Montreal, Sept. 5.���The Royal Electric Co., today accepted the city's
ofTor to pay $00 per year per light for
lighting the streets The present contract runs to 11104, and the average
price is .118 per light.
Toronto, Sept. 5.���A writ has been
asked for winding up tlio Publishers'
Syndicate of Toronto. It is asserted
that ten thousand dollars worth of
books have been removed from the
warehouse for the benefit of John Mc-
Grail, one of the creditors,
Gore Buy, Ont., Sept. 5.���Tlie Mani-
toulin Islands steamer, John G. Long,
was burned in the Meldrutn Bay dock
v   bad
Montreal,    Sept.   B,--Brown   Bros., i
leading retail butchers   of   Montreal,
assigned today with liabilities of SOI). -
000.    The creditors are mostly secured
by mortgages.
" Montreal, Sept. 5.---AlbertP.I.esper*
ance was today appointed general
manager of City and District Savings
Quebec, Sept. a.���Captain Wolvin,
unable to reach ar.y arrangements regarding the building of elevators,
etc., at Montreal, has approached the
Quebco harbor board with a similar
end in'view.
Lardeau Property Which Contains   Very   Rich    Ore
Bonded for SiiO.OOO.
Victoria, li. C��� Sept. 5.���Tlie Mio-
wera, which arrived today, brought
news of the wreck of the bark Lizzie
Hell of Liverpool, while bound fiom
Wellingtton to Newcastle. Of her
crew of Is but six survived. Some
were lost when the bunt in which they
left the bark capsized, two died in
tlie boat, arid two others who hud jnsl
strength to get ashore died on rocks,
when rescuers arrived. She was
owned by Peter Hell ot Liverpool.
The inquest into the death of the
five year old child of 11. Rovers, a
Zionite, who failed to cull a physician
although his child suffered from
diptberia, was begun today, and
when tlie parent returned from the
inquest lie found another child, four
months old, dead of the same disease.
Advices from Honolulu tell of the
prevalence of sharks off that port,
attracted by the carcasses of 11)0 horses
destroyed in a fire which have been
dumped fro/n a garbage scow off the
port. The fishermen have been driven
from their grounds by the sharks.
Toronto, Sept. 5 ���lleo. A. Magoon.
Pittsburg, and Ered S. Grise of Honey
Habor. last Friday caught eighty-
three lish in l;'j hours at Honey Harbor, Georgian Hay. 11 is Iho largest
catch for thai place for the time, on
Halifax, Sept. G. ��� Lnnnunlmrg
Liberals have nominated E. D. Davidson and A. J. McLean as candidates
in the Provincial elections on October 2.
St. John, N. B., Sept. 5.���Christopher Connelly, 33 years of age, is dead,
from injuries received last Eriday
from a bull.
Montreal, Sept. 5.���Montreal Chinamen are willing to Bpend 82.ODD in
decorations to show their respect to
the Duke of Cornwall and York.
Paradise Mine  Ships
Tons of Ore. -Work
Forty-Nine Creek.
Mr--. Mary Henderson and Frank
Ifulmer of Selkirk, yesterday closed a
deal whereby they bonded the two-
thirds interest belonging to Lonelier
llros. in tlie Beatrice group, for 850,-
DDD on which a cash payment of $1,000
was made. J. Boucher of Boucher
llros., has charge of the far at tbe
Queen.--' hotel, Nelson.
The Beatrice is situated about nine
miles from the Eva group nt. Cain-
borne, near the summit of Mohawk
creek, a branch of Fish river. The
property was located in 1807 and was
bonded by the owners !���'. K. Kulmer
and liouoher llros., to Nelson parties
in the summer of 1808 and worked in
a desultory manner until lhe spring
of 1000. It appears that during this
time the property was worked in anything but a satisfactory manner, and
the owners Anally took it over again.
In the past the ore was taken out by
the holders of tlie option wherever it.
happened to be easily available untl
uo systmatic attempt was made to
develop the property with a veiw to
continuous snipping. Over Sir,,(Hill
worth of the ore from the properlv
lias been shipped to the Trail,smelter,
Tlio ore consists of a good grade' of
galena and grey copper and the vein
has an average width of IS inches,
although in places it widens out to
nearly six feet.
Tbe smeitor returns on the lust lot '
of ore shipped was .125 per ton. Tho
purchasers have engaged the services
of Mr. McNeill, mining engineer for
the Silver Cup. and are putting a
large force of men at work immedi
The development work done on the
Beatrice so far consists of three tunnels run in on the lead, connected hy
a shaft. The longest tunnel is 1 SO feet
long and is in ore nearly the whole
distance. Thc lead is 25 feet wide and
oi: the lower tunnel the puy shoot is
from two to three feet wide.
At present the only means of communication is by means of a trail to
Camborne over which in wintei the
previous shipments sent out were
iu~ hided.
Toronto, Sept. 5.���Hon. Ed.    Blake,
M. P., for South   Longford,   Ireland, 1-j *,,_sl   ���
is   visiting   his   brother,   Hon. S. H.   ytislcrilay
Blake, of this  city.    He   expects soon
to   return to London.    He is enjoying
good health.
1'icton, Ont., Sept. 5. ���An explosion
of a gasoline stove in a Chinese laundry caused the almost complete destruction by lire of the Norman block-
on Main street this morning. One
Chinaman was badly injured, and bis
recovery is doubtful.
was commissioned to take the census
in the unorganized region of Quebec
und Ontario north of James Buy, reports a population of 721 in the former, and 712 in the latter.
Commissioner   Ross   of   the   Yukon
arrived in Ottawa this   norning.
Halifax, Sept. 5.���The Nova Scotia
legislature dissolved yesterday afternoon. The campaign will be a very
short one, nominations Sop!. 25. voting October 2. Cumberland eonnty
Liberals have nominated   Moses Hlack
a narrow escape.    Loss 88,000.
St. Johns, Que., Sept. 5.���Rev.
Charles St, George, parish priest of
Iberville for the past thirty-four
years, died today, aged 118.
Windsor. Out., Sept. 5.���Owners of
peach orchards in Essex county do
not know what to do with the fruit.
Thoy can only get a dollar a bushel.
Last year thev received $4 and SJ5.
Montreal, Sept. 5. ���It, is staled
today on good authority that the sale
of tho South Shore railway which
runs between St. {Lambert, opposite
Montreal and Sorel, with charter and
giants for an extension good to Levis,
opposite Quebec to tho St. Lawrence
and Adirondack road, owned by the
New Yorn Central, has been practically arranged. The purchase and extension of the road would give the
Now York Central a terminus at
Montreal, Sept. 5.���The harbor
board today let the contract for the
construction of grain elevators un the
harbor front to,I. Adamson, Montreal,
for 8042,001). other tenderers were
Harnett & Record Co., Minneapolis,
(830,000, Macdonald Engineering
Co.. Chicago, (075,000and A. E. Chap
man & Co., Buffalo, $1,000,000.
Montreal, Kept. 5.���Tho civic rccep
tion committee for tlie royal    visit de
and Ex-Mayor Tuoker of Purrsboro,as [elded today  to   allow   any   reputable
candidates. __.��.., _ ....
l    CHien  loiuty    nt    allow    uny     lopututiiu
J citizen wbo promises   he can   uorrow
Washington,    D,   c.,   Sept.   .",.���A
cablegram was received here today
from an authoritative source in Call,
Colombia, near the Ecuador border
stating that Ecuador had moved
against Colombia with an army well
equipped with stores and war
_R, R. Bruce, manager of the Paradise mine in the Windermere division
Kuotenay, was in tbe city
on a hiiHin.'Ss visit. Mr
Bruce reports that the town of Windermere is nourishing and that the
countiy around it is being rapidly
developed. One of the principal improvements being aiade is the construction of a wagon road fiom
Peterboro to the .Macdonald mines, a
distance of 28 miles. The government
has appropriated $15,11011 towards iho
highway ad the Macdonald Mines will
put up the remainder of tlie cost.
The Macdonald Mines is operating the
famous Red Line gioup and intends
to ship a large tonnage of oro during
the coming v. Inter,
.Mr. Bruce .ays that tlie shipping of
1,0011 tOUS~of ore lias just been completed from Hie Paradise nunn. which
is situated.)., miles from Peterboro.
The ore was sent In Trail and other
shipments are to follow, but owing io
the low price of lead only such oro us
is taaen out in the course of development is to be sent to the smelter. Tho
ore is a gray oabronate of good grade.
Several strikes have been made during the season in the Windermere
division, the most important being in
the Silver Belt whioh adjoins lhe
Paradise. The ore in tlie Silver Bell
is an oxidi/cd iron carrying silver in
large quantities , The ore is so good
a grade that the owners purpose packing ool a carload to Petorboro for
shipment this fall.
Tbe government has extended the
Toby creek wagon road from Spiing
creek to the north fork of Toby Oreek,
a distance of 20 miles. The completion of the highway will enable several properties on tiie north fork to
ship during lhe coining winter Mr.
Bruce says   tin' mining outlook iu tim
Continued un Third   L'agc. Nklsow  Dailv Mirbr.   Friday,  jeptemhek o, 1901
The Nelson Miner
1 lish.'d   Every  Morning  Kxoept  Monday
bl'liacltlPTlON KATES!
i) illy, .or month, by carrier     a5o
I eilly, f ter month, by mail    _50c
II dly, pi-r year, by carrier 8 \ 00
Haily, per year, by mall    �� 00
Ually, per year foreiKu    9 oo
Weekly.per half yoar  81 8fl
.Vuiikly, per year    j 00
Weekly, per yenr, foreign    3 00
utMcriptiouu invariably ln advance.
115 Fleot Stroet, E. 0.
ntral IJro-�� Agency. Ltd., Special Agonta
tloxaiuler Sc Co., 521 Kirst Avonuo, Spokane.
Wash., keep lliis paper ou Illc, and aro our
authorised agent-for advertisements and Hub-
Those who have played fifteen ball
pool know that it is a game of skill
rather than of chance. Montreal is at
present agitated over the question of
whether or not a pool table should be
one of the forms of amusement provided by tbe Young Men's Christian Association of that city. As a matter of
fact, and the supporters of the plan of
Introducing the table in the Y. M. C.
A. building at Montreal cite it to
support their contention, pool tables
have been introdced in tbe buildings
of the Y. M. C. A. in Hartford, Conn.,
and at St. Paul, Miuu. It is claimed
that the wisdom of such a course has
been vindicated. The tables are given
over to the uso of all members, over
H! years of age, between tne hours of
li and 9 p. m. Eaoh player pays one
c-rt per game so as to remove all
temptation of gambling. In Hartford
trom 251) to 500 games were frequently
played in a day until tbe hot weather
c-juimenced and then tbejgames were
fewer. It is claimed as a resuit of the
introduction of the tables that tbe
young men frequenting the room
wbieli contained them have been
orderly, a social atmosphere has been
created in a pleasant way, members
have been lead to unite with the asso-
i.ition and, so far as known, no barm
has come to anyone from the experiment. A majority of tlie Hartford
clergymen give the policy thoir un-
qualilicd approval, while only two
out of 17 express regret that the c
pcrimont lias been tried. The tables
will stay in the Hartford Y. M. C. A.
building and if they are put in by the
Montreal association it would be a
step in t'io right direction. The introduction of pool tables into buildings of the Y. M. C. A. shows that
Christian institutions are advancing,
liud .such a proposition been even
advanced a few decades since it would
have boen met with the strongest condemnation and would have been impossible of accomplishment and besides those who proposed it would
have been driven out of their churches
for being too liberal in their views.
Ono of the boldest and most astounding scheme lately broaohd in mining
e unes from Suuth Africa. The ore
there is of a moderately .low grade
and the margin of proiit Is small.
Somo of the mines have reached such
depth that tho hoisting ofthe ore cuts
quite a figure in the expense of min-
ing. In order to obviate thin it is now
proposed to erect mills iu the mines
in large chamber bla6tod out for the
purpose. The water for tbe reduction
plants is always present in the workings, lt is claimed that the plan is
perfectly feasible The tailings can be
used to fill up the stopes from which
the ore has been extracted The mills
can be erected on the lower levels cf
the mines so that the ore will come to
Ihem by gravitation. The mining
engineers of the Rand say that tbe
scheme is entirely practicable and
among tbem jan be fonnd many who
have international reputations. The
plan iB to be followed out in the
'deep deeps," as the deepest mines in
that suction are culled.
Tbe plan seems reasonable and
should operate satisfactorily. Ily
locating tlie reduction plant practically in the oro bodies the cost of hoisting and haulage is entirely elimlnat-
ed and thia must necessarily cut down
the cost on the final production of the
metal. It will enable tho mining
and milling at a profit of lower grade
ores than ever befors. Altogether this
is the boldest and most novel innovation in mining that has "been put
forward for a long time and it is one
l!-at might with advantage be adopted
in some of the British Columbia free
milling mines.
A carload of this Famous Beer has just  been   received   and
wc arc selling it to the Family Trade at
$2*50 per Dozen for Quarts.
$1.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered to Any  Part of the City.
.    Special and very favorable terms to the Trade.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
grow far   more   rapidly than Ontario 1 the enterprise of extracting the yellow
and Quebec there will be an ever in-
crosing demand for free trade; or
while it may be argued that protection benefits us iu the east, it is hard
to demonstrate that it benefits tbe
prairie fanners, who produce far more-
wheat, oats, etc., than they can cou-
sume and are in no fear of American
competition. The western farmers
want to buy their goods in the cheap-
est market, whether it be Canadian,
British or American. It has been
argued that tbey ought to aoquiesce
cheerfully in laws intended to encourage Canadian industries because the
eastern Provinces have spent so much
money in developing tho west. Wo
doubt whether much weight will be
glveu to tbis argument. As the western farmers by growth of population
gain in political power they will
probably use that power to promote
their own interests; and the result
may be such an agitation for freer
trade, or even absolutely trie trade,
thut no (iovernment, cf whatever
party composed, will bo aide to resist
it. Such a movement may be dclayeu
ten or even twenty years; but it is
useless to try to close our eyes to the
fact that the growth of the west will
probably mean a growth of free trade
That watermelons, muskmelous.
citrons and grapes can be grown on
the land around Ncson Is a revelation
to many of tho people of Nelson, as
it was thought that they could not be
successfully cultivated here, Mr
Torry who raised such fruit on his
plaoe near Slocan Junction reports
tnat it was produced in the open air
without difficulty. The fruit is of
excellent quality and commands good
prices in the loeal market. Now that
it has been demonstrated that melons,
grapes, etc., can be successfully cultivated here, larger areas wiil be
planted and next year there should be
enough raised to supply the local
market and then there wili be no
further need of i in port ing from the
states. There should from no- on be
an Increased demand lor arable laud
in this vicinity. the mountain sides
witli southern slopes should be more
utilized than they are us they are
suited to the growth of all the hardier
varietres of fruits.
Some of our Conservative ootitem-
piraries are trying to extract from
the census returns the lesson thut we
ought to put higher protective duties
on eery thing that we consume, says
the Toronto (Hobo. There is another
point of view. Tho returns show thut
the   western Provinces are increasing
very rapidly and the eastern Provinces
very slowly. The manufacturing industries are in the east. Manitoba
linn the Territories are almost entirely
Agricultural.     If    they   continue   to
The uso of electricity is constantly
incrensng and now two Yule students
have discovered that an electrio light
is the best bait for lisbing. Fish, the
inventors say, will hover about this
sort of b- it us moths do around a
candle. They think they will be able
to revolutionize fishing with tbe
electric light and that the equipment
of those who go-a-fishiug will hereafter include a small storage battery
and iniiiiiituie electric light plant.
Lights on the surface have long beeu
used at night by fishermen with
which to attract lish and the Indian/
make use of this device in capturing
salmon. Tlie electric light, however,
can bo placed under the water where
it is said to bu u more successful lure
than u light above the water.
metal from the salty sea aro as certain to come to grief as was the company which went into the pioject on
un extensive scale on the coast of one
of the New England states a few years
since and after erecting largo worus
the corporation collapsed leaving the
stockholoders valuable experience
but considerably out of pocket. It is
certain, therefore, that Mr. Bull will
fail as his predecessoi-3 in the same
line have and that successful mining'
for gold will be carried on under the
old fashioned methods.
Thc iconoclast is again at work and
if ho is not stopped in his destructive
work there will be nothing left to
believe in. At a meeting of tbe
American Association for the Advancement of Science, held a few days
since in Denver, Colorado, Professor
W. .1. McUec, said to bo an eminent
ethnologist, read a paper on "Current
Questions in Anthropology,'' during
which he said that for centuries students had adhered to the supposition
that mankind had sprung from a common parentage, but modern research
had shuttred this theory. It must be
apparent, ho held, that the negro, the
Mongolian, the Malay and the Caucasian could not nave descended from
thc same pair. The talk of Adam and
Eve having set up housekeeping in the
Garden of Eden was,in the professor's
opinion, absurd. There must have
been several such couples. Professor
(Joorge Dorsey, of the Anthropological
section of the Field museum of Chicago, and Professor Frank Hussel, of
Harvard, defended Adam and Eve,
and stoutly held for tho belief that
alt mankind sprung trom them, the
first parents, but the rest of the mem
bers sided with Professor Mcliee and
so tho question stood when tho meeting adjourned.
"1 suffered such pain from corns
I could hardly walk," writos II.
Robinson, Hillsborough, Ills., ''but
Iiucklen's Arnica Salve completely
cured them." Acts like magic on
sprains, bruises, cuts, sores, scalds,
burns, boils, ulcers. Perfect hoaler
of skin diseases and piles. Cure guaranteed by Canada Drug   &   Book   Co.
Gold exists in minute quantities iu
sea water and various plan.-, have
been devised for ils extraction. a
number ol processes have been patented
for its extraction and the latest patent
for this purpose has beeu Issued to
Uonry 0. Bull of London. The inventor in this case proposes to u5c lime
as a reducing agent. Thu idea of extracting gold from sea water is as chimerical,so far as profitable results are
cocered, as was that of tin' alchemists
Who sought to transmit"' base metals
into gold, it Is nearly as elusive a
proposition as taking the colors from
the rainbow.     'Those who embark   in
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R   offices.
The Leading Canadian Whisky-Try It
To be had wholesale in bulk,
2, 4 and 7 years old. In cases
'83 and STAR
from lhe warehouso in Nelson
R. P- Rithet & Go*, Limited
P. 0. Box 521
Ki'Mir HL'llt'll itf
Nel soil.
__��S\i/lilA-/V.A.A./\i./\4- ... .fci./vlii.lA.Aii^A-/\4A4/\.A.A.i.iivi,it
Come and See Our
New Arrival ofj|
Beautiful Framed ||
Art Productions.
J. G. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Oak Center Tables,
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
MI-MIIII  ___���_���_���_���������>
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand al
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
aud LARl-O,
Worth $350 for 2.50
" $5,011 for 3,75
"      $6,00 lor 4,50
" -*4-5�� &>r ,.-7.S
. $5.00 for 3.75
" $6.00 for 4 25
" .if) .00 for 4.511
'.' '$6 50 for 4.75
To muWe room for our Fall stock of Carpets .mil Ruga will go at
Cost.   To clear,  Haby Carriages and (lu Carts, loss thau cost.
Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockei
Elm Folding Tables
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "       Rockers
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block. Ward Street, -Nflson.
Otders by m-ail receive careful and prompt attention
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest nnd quickest route to the east and all
points on the O. R. k N* and Northern l'acilic Railway*, in Washington, Orugon ami
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
8:30 n. ty, Lv.
10:55 p.m. Ar.
1 Kaslo
Ar. 4:00 p. m.
Lv. I'M p. in.
Int Nav* & Trading Co*
5:20 p. m. Lv. Nelson Ar. 11:00 a. in,
9:10 p, m, Ar. Kuslo Lv. 7:00 a, in.
Connecting at Five Milo Point with Nelson
& Kort Hhoppard Railway both to and from
Ros.-.and, etc.	
Steamer from Nelson leave.-! lv. K. _fe N.
wharf. Kaslo, R. (..., St. for Lardo ou Mondays,
Wed-iOHriuys and Fridays at 0:80p. in. returning the same evening,
-c ���a .-miliu i,i . 111111,,
Ticket.. Hold to all parts in United State-and
Canada via Great Northern and O. R. ��
Co.'h lines.
Ocean stcan_..hip  tickets  and  rates via all
linen will he furnished on application,
'   For further particulars call on or oddreas
M<uvuior. Ka.ln.B, 0
G. K TAOKABURY Agent. Nolson, H. C.
The Delmonico has changed  hands
and in the future will be run strictly
up-to-date in every particular
Meals Served in First-Glass
Style at all Hours.
We will keep in slock a variety lhat
cannot be excelled in the Kootenay.
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
����_&- **** **+*~^*A3
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Kelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tkry�� Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by oinfl to wv branch will have carotu! c,����.i oramot attention.
I The Canadian Bank of Commerce
iVk'lth Which Is Am;il_iiniul,J
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up  Capital,   88,000,01)0*    Reserve   Fund,   32,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over 866,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. 8. WALKER, -.enera! Manager.
London Oiflce:  6ll Lombard Slrett,  E. C
New Vork Office; i(> Exchange Place.
Ami OS brancuo- in Cauadu and tho Unitod ritau-. including:
" Atlin Greenwood Nklson Sandon
M ohanhuook       Kamloops New Westminster  Vancouver
i Fernie Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson and White Horse.
1 UNIT~li STATES���New Vork, San Fkanoiboo, Seattle, Portland, Skagway,
I      Savings Bank Department.
V Deposits Received mid Interest Allowed.  Present Rate ;t Per Cent
|  Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager,
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried   by the
Oorpoi ation of the Oity of
Notice- is hereby given that undor
the provisions of By ���law No. 74 of the
City of Nelson, 11. C, ami of the Explosives Act, Chap. 74, IH',17, it is unlawful to store or Ueep in any way
moro than u-n (10) pounds uf dynamite or any cither explosive substance,
(except gunpowder of whicli nno hundred (100) pounds may be kept,) within the limits of the City of Nelson.
The Fire Wardens find that quantities of explosives, largely in excess
of this limit arc Kept in various business promises and they hi'ieby give
notice lhat in the future the provisions "f the nbovo named lly-laiv and
tim Explosives Act will be striotly
ii. si.i.ous,
T. VV. UU.I1.,
I'M re   Wnrilens.
Nelson, II, (J., Sept. Ilrd, 1UU1.
ci. Uo DUii
We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head  office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan ou Straight Mortgage.
Apply to iii. k. LWNNO-i, bakv: Si
Brewers of Fine Loget
Beer au-jl Porter.
2_"ilsna I'*. O. Nelson   Daily   Minir, Friday September 6, .get
il from Kirst Page.)
Wright who welcomed the dele.
,r;iies on behalf of the churchos of
Nelson. Hijs remarks, in welcoming
the members of different denominations, were   eloquently  expressed and
liuctoi was lonely
ho tick his seat. ~lr.
itii-on. president of the
applauded as
Thomas Park-
Nelson onion,
il the welcome of the local
lie said the loeal societies
lnul done a great ileal to cement the
Nelson churches together ami that
thoy weie continuing to do good
work. Ihey weie very pleav.'d to
huve the convention und he expressed
Hie hope that il, would be productive
01 great good.
Mrs. Melville Parry then sang,"The
Children's Home," by Cowen. She
was in excellent voice and her solo
was decidedly pleasing,
Rev. Dr. McLaren of Vancouver, responded to the addresses of welcome.
Nulson, he said, was famed all over
the Province, not only for its business
reputation,but for the whole hearted
hospitality of tlie people. The visi-
tui,, he snid, felt at home here. The
future of II'- city would be great and
niic'il. He referred to the non-observance ol' Sunday in Nelson and he
hoped that the result of the convon
tion would be en improvement along
thnl line. National stability has
nover characterized a country that
bus not recognized God. The greatest
iilisi.icle tn Christianity today is the
abominable Inconsistencies of Christ's
avowed followers, said Dr. McLaren.
Deliberate practice of wickedness by
Christian worshippers did moie harm
than anything else to the church. The
quality of unity, of Christian activity
wore lunched on and the greut good
that can be done by the Christian En-
tloavor movement. Dr. McLaren's address w as an excellent one.
Recommended for its heal'hfnl
ties.    Sold by all grooirs.
35 Cent Tin 12 Ounces*
Can be had from any Wholesale Grocers in Hritish Columbia.
(Continued from First Page)
Nelson Opera
Under direction of
Hal Reid's Greatest Play
A Beautiful Story of Old
Windermere division was nevei more
promising than now. What is need 3d
to more fully biing the section to the
front is railway transportation anil it
is expected that this will be provided
before long. Mr. ISruco left for Tn.il
by tho afternoon train.
KKliR ~ CO. an
the La Vida and W
sole   agents
I!. Corsets.
From P, J. llolihan, who arrived in
town from Phoenix yesterday the
following particulars concerning the
drilling matclu's there on Labor Day
were obtained. For the heavyweight
prize there was only one team entered
lioss. who weighed 194 pounds, and
McLeod, (1S7 pounds.) They drilled
43 inches, and were awarded $175.
In the lightweight chss tho dii'l-
ers were Durham (100) pounds,) and
Tallant. (ins pounds) wuo drilled :(0'..;
inches; Forrest (158 llis)a:.o McKinley
(143 pounds,) who drove the steel in
3] 9-16 inches; [Henderson, (hit
pounds), and Cox (103 pounds) who
drilled iiii;"';,' inches and won litst
money for lightweights! lliley (MO
pounds,) and McLeod (103>�� pounds,)
who drilled 83J, Inches,
For the boy drillers there wero two
musses, heavy and lightweights, and
Oidotti and Demuth.ol' Rossland, won
the light weight money by diilling
12% inches, and Looney and Nurse, of
l'cmiblic, Wash., wbo drilled 11..
incho . won the heavy weight boys'
prize. In thi' single hand drilling
Hums drilled 13';, inches; Stevenson,
13Xl Dillon, 111 li-lli, and .Sandberg.
1%. Stevenson was awarded lirst
Ross unci McLeod, the champion
drillers of Hritish Columbia passed
through Nelson yesterday on their
wuy to tho Elks fair at Spokane,
whero they intend competing at the
various drilling contests to be held
there, at which it is expected thu best
drillers of Washington , and Montana
will he present and compete. There
are the men who won the contests at
Nelson on the first of July and at
l'hoenix on Labor Day. They aro from
ilie Star mine at Sandon, and inn
their work on the above occasions
should stand a goon show of winning
sonic of the big prizes uttered.
At Forty Nino creek thing? bave
brightened up _ considerably during
the past week. Reside the Referendum woiking, and tbe opening up of
the ('iiunite-l'oorman properties whicli
will in al! probability be very soon,
quite a number of prospectors have
gone in and are developing their
claims in thc vicinity. On the May
and Jennie there arc two men at work
at present clearing away some rock
that bad fallen in the tunnel, aud
fixing things up generally. On the
customs house, Jeff .Steel is working
on a six foot ledge whicli is said to
be showing some very good values.
On the Promise there are two men at
work on a three foot ledge of quartz,
on which they are lunuing.an open
cut. On the Keno Jack there aru also
tw men at work aud thc claim is suid
to be showing up very well. On tbis
claim they are at present drifting to
out tbe ledge, which they expect to
strike very soon. On Siawash Peak
there aro several men at work on the
Partridge claim and a number of prospectors arc working in the mountains
A Romantic Melodrama  combining
every element of pathos and comedy
intetpreted by a
Splendid Company of Players
I Advert! Heme ii t�� Inserted auder tnis hw_d at
the rate of one cun la word par f ..hurt-lull. N'a
advortlrinnienti taken for leas Mian 25 oentH
Situation Wanted advertisement-. Inserted
three times tree of oharfre.
Patenaude Bros.
Seats at McDonald's.
At the record office yesterday the
following transactions wore recorded : |
Locations, Circus, on Wild Horse
creek, abont seven anil one half miles
from Ymir, by David lleth and Sid
Cummings, also tho Discord Frac-
tlual.on Wild Horse creek by the same
locators; Best Fractional, near the
head of Whitewater creek, by Theodore lleanchamp.
Certificates -if Work, were issued to
A. Uader on the Goffer, and Ground
Hog; 10 George Davis, ou Florence
Nightingale, Lilly .T., Minnie Davis;
and to W. A. Arnold, on Arnold.
Transfers, one-third interest in No.v
Girl, from G, W. Taylor to E. F.
Crawford,- consideration nominal;
one-third interest in the Lucky Jim,
from Frederick lloycr to Joseph
ISoyer, consideration nominal; Perla
11., and Ida claims, on Toad Mountain, five miles from Neiion from
Thomas M. l'arr to NileB Zeterburg,
consideration ,lU0;Golilon Queen from
I. fl., Ernst to B. B. Migbton, consideration nominal.
The steamer International brought
down two carloads of Whitewater ore
from Kaslo to Nelson yesterday, to be
forwarded to the Trail smelter by rail.
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
Apply to
i, E. CAIIN, UHt
Baker Street.
N. E. T. CO.
20  Minute   Service
Cars leave top of Stanley street and
the Park at the hour, twenty past
and twenty to.
Late Car 10:40 each End.
many  good
The Company have
building lots for sale.
Apply at the Office
on  Vernon
FOB SALE.���Corner Hall ami Ob-
servatory streets, three lots and
Bungalow, erected less than a year
ago. House has drawing room, dining room, nail, two brick lire place.-,
three bedrooms, a large bathroom,
kitchen, cellar, outhouse, wide verandah two sides of bouse, water,
sewer and electric light, very complete, view unexcelled, very comfortable home for small family. To he
sold with or without furniture at
unco. Ownei leaving Nelson. Apply
on premises or to Messrs. II. Sc M
Hiril,  llaker Btreet.
Arc you in    want','    If
the people, through   Tin
column,  what   you are
You'll get it
you are, tell
Miner want
wa��*.   uf.
BOOMS TO KENT.���K. W. 0. Blook-
4 Two rooms en suite, on Ward St.,
also rooms facing the west. On September J, two single rooms and two
or three en suite facing Baker st.
Furnished or unfurnished, Mrs. F.
J, Squire, Boom 41,  K.    VV. C.  Illock.
KOOM and board in   private   family.
Apply ou Silica  street, second   door
west of Ward.
BOOM for   rent  at
Silica street.
Mrs.   Melieath
PRIVATE SALE of contents of
drawing l-coin and t.vo bed rooms,
property of Mrs. Horace Hume, Hume
Hotel, will be sold by private sale
this week. Articles may he seen at
any lime.
PKESSMAN desires situation,    Newspaper or  job   woik.     "Pressman,"
Miner Ollice.
West Transfer Co.
Goal and Wood
Best   Fir  and  Tamarac   Al]
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
OHlce on  Baker Street. Tel. 33
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Mmnxeul
Allan Lino Tuni.ian  Aug. 30
Allan  .Uno Numidlan BopX. 7
Boavor Ijino Ij-iUo tiuporlor AlU.30
Beaver Linn l_uko Slmcou Sept. 0
Franoo-t-iniuliuu Line OarLh CasLlts..  .Auk. 80
Franco-Canadian Lino Was-.au Sopt. 17
Krom Portland, Mo.
Dominion Uno Vancouver Sept. 7
Dominion line Dominion ..  Bopt. la
From Now York
Whlto Star Line Tout-oni 3  A"1?'2?
WtiitoSiar Lino G or in an ic   Bopt, 4
(Junard LineBlruria.-.i Aug 31
Ounard Lino dorvla..  s_��pt*A_.
American Line Bt. Paul Aug. 28
American Lino  Ht. Louis Ht;[.l.  4
(Trench Line L'AquiUiiao Aug. 20
(Trench Line La Champagne  Sept. _���
N. O. L. Kai e>in Maria Thuro.ua Sept. 10
Anchor Lino City or Home. Sept.   7
Hamburg American Deutschland Sept.  0
For further particulars apply to
City Panaen~or Agent, Nolnon, B. C.
ROOM Wanted by   young   lady.
vate family preferred.   Addie
B., Miner Office.
WaNTED.--Position as timekeeper
in mine or engineer's or asso.yer _
olliee. Knowledge of -nine bookkeeping and assaying. Practical underground experience. Willing to be
generally useful in small mine.
Alpha, iiiinor Olliee.
Amercau La   Vida uml   W.   B,
a 'e   on   display   at Kl'UUt &
Colonel llrayton, ��lio is well known
in Nolson, arrived in too eitv yester-
ilny from Marcus, near wliiuh place
In1 is superintending the surveying
mid luyinj.- one of th�� new townsite of
I''rnnU, on the V. V. & E. railway.
The future town lies in the State of
Washington at the junction of the
Kettle rivi'i and the Columbia, and
where the big stool In Iclge across the
Columbia is now being built. A
short distance above the town on the
Kettle river are falls 75 feet high in
a narrow canyon, affording excellent
faeilities for obtaining immense wuter
power, Mill sites havo beon seemed
at this point by the owners of the
townsite and they expect to see an
important lumbering town spring up
very rapidly, as all along the Kettle
river there is   plenty of good   timber.
Capetown, Sept.5.���Sobreiner'n commando, consisting of three hundiod
men and 1100 horses appears to have
reached the limits of its southorn raid
and turned to the northward after
having gained some recruits. One
hundred mounted men have been following, endeavoring to unite, with
Bohreiner's commando, but have been
unable to overtake it.
There's no rest for those tireless
little workers���Dr. King's New Life
Pills, Millions are always busy,
curing Torpid Liver, Jaundice, Hili-
ousneso, Fever and Ague. They banish Sick Headache, drive out Malaria.
Never gripe or weaken. Small, taste
nice, work wonders. Try them. _5c
at Canada Drug -t Uook Co.
-Two Ohinarue
Kingston. Sept.
from Toronto huve undertaken to do
tin* work of four domestic* servants
at one of the houses of the ofllcers
I'liinoctcd with Royal Military
College, at Point Frederick. Their
action cause, talk among domestics.
The nioBt miserable boings in the
woild ure those suffering from Dys
pepsin nnd Liver Complaint. Mon
thun seventy-live per cent, of the people in the United States are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; Hueh as Sour Stomach, Sick
lleudache, Habitual Costiv-Miess, Palpitation of the Heart. Heart-burn.
Waterbrash, Gnawing and burning
Pains at tlie Pit of the Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue aud Disagreeable Taste in the Mouth Coming
up of Food after Eating, Low Spirits,
etc. Go to your Druggist and get a
bottle of August Flower for 75 cents.
Two doses will relieve you. Try it.
Gat Green's Prize Almanac.
Gonornl S.8.
Vo-i-it, C.P.ll. OlH-m. Winnin--
Ho  sure and got the genuine   BENNETT'S UUTTA PERCHA FUSE.not
something that looks   like   it.      aw
rence Hardware Cc, Agents.
WANTED. ���Young     man    to     drive
grocery     wagon.        Must   be   woll
acquainted with city.     None hut lirst
class men need apply,    box 197   eily.
NELSON Employment Agency.  Baker
street,    l'hone. -78.   ,1. II. Love.
WANTED.���Cook.pi Laborers.     Waitresses,     Railroad   Man.      Men   for
Station  work.    Girls   for Housework.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
_L1     N.  JU. UUUUUIOfl,   I.o.mj-j- l'.vui)   IUUWI!
Variety of dutt urimc*,   i* ,j uua _.   i eiu',i,uii
~u. ii, Uuuvur ~li-oul, Nul-ji,.   Juului. ut tin.'
i-niou.- au i-ouii iiuL._i,.iiiK., Miuoral ~'���u-r
ANJi. ec MAUUONALU til, (Juno, J.u.io
.-t-_,uuuutiiu.��� ArcaiUJOUl ,mu t_Upuri_l
-e-iuom.., ui.jh.en am t-loott, eurnor jjokui and
u a_,n_uLi-. i.eL.uu
HJ. lOVAN'ri _c CO.���...iikiT titroot,  jNoI
���    null��� WilulU.aiU   dt_-.l_.rtf   ill   Il-JUUIH, Ol'
K-*ro, ooiuoul, ttru DnoU ana Uro clay, water
t��ipe iinu riLoul railtii una gouorai couiiuutubu
n i _r.;l i___K,...
MAU-OONA-LD   *% Oa���Corner   Jfron
aim    Jiall   oU'OOttf��� V-Ii-j1_ji.uk;   Ktu.;t;r
uua jobber* in Mau^oU., giovca, unite, boote
rnuutiir., luao-tinuwo (��uu uuiiom tiuuui'ititf.
i|p IJUltNo ta Co.���Baker SireeL, NuJson-
JL ��� Wboiosalu dealera in ��ru_Ui and cured
nit-iite.   v^oia bwraxe,
liuker titroel, l\u1bou���VVholutfale dea
oio iu frectU una euiea umate.
HAKUWAiiK & MliNi_\U   SUi'FJLdlJ-b
I   AWKJflNOJ.   liAltlJWAIiK   00 ��� JJakoi
J.J  bti-oot,  JNolsou ��� W'hoiecalo  dsalai
.on ��� WholOfttit-
dware, uiinoiti1 uuppuutf, HpurUntf kooUm
M'LACHLAN   iiitOS.  lauOCCaBOffl   lu   Van
oonvor HartlwaroCo, LLd./uauorcitroot.
iNUt-aon���v* Iiuiuhuhi dealc
iiiiuiiiy tfupuuet., pluuibei'd
in   li.uilwiiie auU
ana  LiiismiLU..' ..up
VT Ki-.-UN J1A1U. V\ AKW CO.- Wholesale
_i_l u.unLi., Olln aim Kli.ss; UIQolianlOfct1 tOOlH
-_.Kent_.iui Ontario Powder Woik.; ifuiuini-u
itUHNKH, HKK'I'u:. a Co.���Oorner Vernon
and Jooopbuie Btreota, Nelson���Wliule
Bale dealera in Iiquora, ol_;arst and iiry t,uodn.
Agonte for Pabst Urewing Oo. o_ MilwaUKoe
and. Calgary Jirowing Oo ui Calgary,
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop,  Jo
sephine Street
OAflS.-M-tlALS a la OASTE*
Close connection East and West-
liound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokano Falls nnd Northern Railway,
ami ut IionncrV Perry witn Kootenay
Kail way Sc Navigation (Jo.
Direct connection at Ht. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and ull points West and South.
Leave:', Spokane daily fori East at!9:15 am
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 a-iu
Loavos Spokane daily lor West at 8:00 p.m.
West-hound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland* Han Francisco, und all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of theNorthcrn Strain
ship Company Lino, operated in connection with the Great Northern ltail-
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokano
Fulls ft Northern Ky., Kaslo & Slocau
Ky, Kootei ui Kail way & Navigation
Co , or to
Ii. A. JACKSON. Com'l Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKAliUKY, Local Agent,
tfelson. R "
J* 0. GWILLIM, B*.  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street
Nelson. B- <\
WANTED��� Waitress, for ol town, ,:ir,
a month ; girl for housework, !f:~> a
month ; three men for cutting roudu,
$2.50 a day; one man for haying;
dishwasher. Western Canadian Employment Office. 11. A. Prosser.
l'hone -7(1.
Storage���I have a large warehouse
for storing household or other
ft'ltt.--- -tlklliiijc .-(tlil Fr.-iM.rlle.-���We ure
uiixt"iih lo secure u few firce iiiltilnx n��i**
i>i "ji< riic . ai oni'u. The Protipeetoi.*8 Ex-
ebiiiitfei Nelson, ti. .', i��hhh t, k u.*'.
tiOLW-ttlHVI.lt-COFFEIt-l.KAW- Mhu-h    itiul
proMperU .tuaii-ii.   tteml report uml ~iim-
lile.s lit the FroMpeelor'H KxcIiumki-* Nelhi.n.
It.C.   Room 4 H. W.-C. block*
HUDSON'S HA V Oo.-Wholosole nroo��no_i
una liguuib i.i.e., HaUcr rtLrui--., iM-Ikuh.
uiJi.:_; coriior Hull aud brum BlrooLa
helsou���LiumLi-.r, Gi.ihiiK, (loorUig, uml uvmy
Lhlug in wood tor buliding puryoaoe, Uot oui
prions.   CorroapuodunoQ uuhuitM.
(iALLON  V, ('!),   [),',],:r, in   on: mrkt*
ami Cwinos.   Always >. largo stock on
ud. 'J'olispliuiiu__;__..  Itooiu 11,K.-W.-(J l_lti--k
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
if.y nelson b c
Spokane Falls &
Will pay the highest canb prioe for all
kinds ol seoond band goods. Will Imy
or Bell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperts,
-unking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast olf clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box HUO. Hall
Sto-eet, NhI-jou. B   <-.
Northern R'v.
Nelson *% Fort
Sheppard RY
Red Mountain R'v.
oclal Land
Civil Engineers and Pro
P. 0. Box Mr. N
on, II.0.
If you don't like Blue Rib'.on Tea it's
because you ever tasted it.
Yon shouldn't send out of town for
Cards for yourself or your husband
until you sec what Thu Miner can do
for you.
Notice is hereby glveu   that I   hnv
assumed sole control and management
of the Hume Hotel and that I will pay
all liabilities of   tho   said   hotel   and
collect all accounts.
.1. K1.I.I) HUME.
Dated at Nelson,    IS.   C,    Aug,   :17,
Spokane Interstate
Spokane and Return $9.50
Sept. 9 to 20, Inclusive
America's Mast Scenic
Tn All   Eastern   Points
Route, All-Rail or Soo
via   St.   Paul   or   Chi-
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through   passenger    trains   bc-
I tween Spokane nnd Nelson.   Buffet
service    between     Spokane     and
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Fan-Amcricaii Exposition
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going Sept. 3rd, 171I1
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
0 :IKI a.m.
l2:2b p.m.
10:111 a.m.
... .Spolnine....
.., .Rossland   ..
... .Nelson	
.7 :M p. ir.
.-1:111 p.n.
. 0 .05 p. m
H. A. JAOKHON, G. P, St, T.A.
Spokane   Wast
Ai_ont, Nfllaon. B.O
Ab.nit   that seeoiid hand    nrtielu ol
yours.    You'll sell it if  you'll   advei
Use It in Thc Miner waut isal'ima
pamphlets descriptive of Can-
Pacitto tours and lor Time Tali s
, Ticket*, apply
J. S. Carter,
Dis. Pats. Agt.
11. L. Brown,
Uity Passenger Ageut
J. dl'YI.K
���V. (1.  P. A.
1IIM.S1: KUOkl.U, NOI till  1*1 Kin:
A'tiidorinoro Mlnort.   OorNflpondeiuuiBollotta
.     ���    o* Nblsoi. Daily Miner Fri-my, September 6,  1901
This cut il
lust rates
the simple
way which
this popular
pen is tilled
with ink ;
no unscrewing of the
pen section,
no inky lingers, and always an even,
regular flow of ink. Made in all
grades of points���fine, medium,broad,
eoarse. Absolutely guaranteed. 8:1 to
Sn. Money back if not satisfied.
Strangers are welcome to look through
our store, and your welcome is not
dependent on a purchase.
Pianos to Rent at 87 per month.
The quarterly meeting of the hoard
oi license commissioners for Nelson
distriot will bo held next Wednesday
at _ p. m.
A manrage license was issued at
Spokane, on Tuesday last to J, tl.
Whitaore of Nelson, B.C, and Miss
M. J.  Pomeroy   of Minneapolis.
The tug Surprise towed a barge
from Pilot Ray to Nelson yesterday-
loaded with shingles and dressed
1 imber consigned to Sayward & Co.
There is still room for a good fire
liorso at the fireball, the animal that,
was brought up from Spokane for the
purpose not having proved satisfactory.
The first snow of the season was
visible on the hills bordering the
main lake yesterday,and at tho Silver
King mine yesterday morning a severe
snowstorm was raging.
Some magnificent apples were
brought in from Rusk's ranch at
Kokanee creek this week, which were
as good specimens of fruit Doth tor
shape,size and Havor as any grown in
The local company of the Rocky
Mountain Rangers held a drill at the
skating rink last evoning, when the
movements that will probably be
gono over at tlio inspection were
The steamer Kokanee took over to
Pilot Ray yesterday a considerable
quantity ot household goods and furniture the property of H. L. Sawyer,
who is romovtng with nis family fiom
~'olson to Pilot Ray.
At the next meeting of tho Neluon
Socialistic Club, which will be held
on Sunday afternoon, in the llincis'
Union Mali, the addressed wiil be delivered by Rev. W. Munroe, on the
"Ideal Commonwealth." A free discussion will   follow,
The roadway of Baker street in
front of the K. VV. C. block having
boen built over an extensive fill the
roadbed sank sevoral inches, and
woikmon are now engaged in tearing
up the pavement and coping and will
bring them up to grade again.
In consequence of the large ship
ments of loeal fruit received closely
following shipments of Washington
fruit, watermelons yesterday were
selling for la cents and muskmolons
for live cents, which is tho lowest
price ever reached in Nolson
In chainbcis yestorday before Judge
Koriu there were but two cases to
come up, both from outsido points.
'J'ho lirst was from Kossland, Clarke
vs. Connan, in which an order was
made for examination of a judgment
debtor. In the case of Lemioux vs
Simaril, a I'ort Steele ca?o, judgment
waa given for   the plaintiff, Leroieux,
Cards were received in Nolson ves*
lerday from Rev. and Mrs. Crawford
nf New Glasgow, P. l'l. I., announcing
tho marriage of thoir daugthor, Miss
Azza Hrownell Crawford to William
(ilivor Rose, M. I)., of Nelson, H. C .
mi Wednesday, August 28th. The
couple left after the wedding for a
honeymoon trip through thc Maritime
piovinees and the Eastern States, and
will visit tho Pan-American exposition at lluffalo on thoir way west.
They will bo at home in Nelson on
tlio 'jrith of the present month.
: NO Cooking!! f
There will be shooting at the rifle
ranges tomorrow afternoon.coniT-ecing
at 2 o'clock.
Shares in the Similkameen company j
have been selling very rapidly during I
the past week, a large number of
orders for stock having been received
fiom outsido points, and the sales in
town also have been extremely numerous.
An excursion will be run up the
lako tomorrow for the entertainment
of the delegates to the Cnristian Endeavor convention. It will nol, however, be confined to them, and the
committee hopes to see a large turn
out of passengers.
Kodan views enlarged and framed
make beautiful, artistic pictures.
C_uecn Studio docs it.
1) W. Moore, ore buyer for tlie
Trail smelter, >n at the Hume.
Alfred C. (larde, manager of the
Paymi, is a guest at the Phalr.
Miss E. Gray, late of the Kootenay
Lake Oeneral Hospital, nursing staff,
leaves this morning for Victoria.
Fred Hathaway, a prominent business man of Kaslo, passed through
Nelson on his way to Cascade yes-
Rev. R. O. MacReth, Mrs MacLeod,
Miss lie-ssie Murphy, and Miss Margaret MacFarlane, Vancouver, arrived
in the city last evening to attend ihe
C. E. convention.
Peter McVeigh is in tho city from
Victoria. He is hero for the purpose
of centering with J. E. Poupore, witn
whom he is interested in a contract
to build seven miles of the Crow's
Nest Southern railway.
Denny Fletcher, manager for the
Postal Telograph Company at Spokane, passed through the city last
evening en route for Montreal,
whither he goes for the puprose of
visiting his old home after an absence of seven years.
C. J. Clayton, president of the Nel
son   Carpenters' Union, and Mr. Mai
thews of the Labor Union,  leave next
week   as   delegates   from the   Nelson
Trades   and   Labor   Council   to    the
Dominion   Trades   Congress,     which
will be held ln Brantford, Ont., com
mencing September 15th.
Just a little
cream or milk
a little sugar
T arc ready.
I Sold hy all Grocers
The latest for Blouses, fancy effects
in Cashmere���See KERR & CO.
Ten Thousand   Paid on   the Bond   on
the Ruby Group.
Grand Forks, li. C, Sept. 5.���Import duties at this customs port last
month reached 8I0.0D0, an increase of
83,000 over the month of July.
F. M. Hayes, president of thc Creston National Rank of Detroit, has
just made the first payment of 810,000
on a bond of 840,000 on the Ruby
group at VJoundary Falls. The property is owned by Geo. Cook and W. G,
MoMynn. Development work will be
pushed immediately.
W. F.Pickering,of Sagiuaw, Mich.,
is here. He is interested in the company organized to acquire the Tammany group near Gladstone. lie reports that a tunnel has been run 110
feet, cutting two small ledges aud it is
expected that the main ledge will be
encounteicd within the next 75 feet.
The surface outcroppings aio described as excellent.
B. Lequime & Co., of Midway, have
secured a contract for supplying the
Granby smelter and Granby mines
witli lumber for the next five years.
The firm will immediately begin thi
erention of a sawmill at Smelter lake
near this city. It will also erect a
sash and door factory, shingle and
lath mill, etc. Tho supply of cedar
will be obtained on the north fork of
Kettle river.
Tom Donald has returned from the
west fork of Kettle river. He reports
considerable activity in that mining
section. A good wagon road extends
35 miles from Roek creek to Reaverton
wheio the rival townsites of Reaver-
ton and lleadell have been amalgamated undor the name of Beaverdeil.
A well known claim in tho vioinity is
the Highland Chief which has a 45
foot ledgo and from which no little
froe gold has boen extracted. Like
thu Hig Strike it is a gold-conpcr
proposition. The Rig Strike has a 75
foot ledge of pay ore on the surface.
The Carol, an adjacent mine is in a
position to ship oro and tho advent of
a railway is being eagerly looked forward to.
According to Hie official figures furnished by P. T. McCallum, assistant
Dominion census commissioner, the
population of the amalgamated cities
of Grand Folks and Columbia is in
round numbers 2,500.
A Chinaman was lined 820 and cost
is in the police court today for infraction of a new by-law, which provides
that all laundries must use city water
and be provided with cess pools.
celved from Brisbane on the arrival of
the Miowera this morning. The
massacre of the little party occurred
souie six or seven months or even
longer ago, paiticulars ot the eruel
manner in which they were killed
being published soon after. The
Cormorant, when sent to investigate
the affair met with stiong opposition.
Her crew was compelled to fight a
pitched battle, and the result was
most disastrous, the natives sustaining a loss of so killed and 17 captured.
After tbey had been thoroughly subdued the captured wero taken to Her-
bertshoe at German New Guinea.
The Miowera brings news of a serious accident occurring at Quiiindi last
mouth. The Imperial hotel balcony
of that city collapsed with 150 pol.
people on it. Mr. Macdonald, president of the club, had just finished
presenting the prizes to the winners
of the gymkanana events, and was
about to present the cup to the Wee-
talabah team, when the balcony began
to sway, the flooring seemed to give
way also, and the rafters and rcofing
came down. Amidst the screams of
the women, vigorous efforts were
made to extricate the people, but it
took several minutes to get the timler
and iiofi away. Many people had
been seriously injured, women lying
about the roadway were dragged from
amongst the debris. The balcony fell
with a leport like a cannon, Tlie
Imperial hotel interior was like a
hospital afterwards. Many aged pas-
lorialists were present with theii
wives, sons and daughters. The
people of the town soon gathered and
dragged the fallen timber and iron
away. It is estimated that IS persons
sustained broken legs, 4!) were seriously injured, whilst a large number
suffered from minor injuries.
New   Yoik Styles   in Silk Waists at
Government Agent at Revelstoke is
Sent Up On Two Charges.
Revelstoke, 11. C, Sept. a.���V. G.
Fauquier was brought up before J. D.
Sibbald, J. P., this morning on two
charges of theft, one for land sales
amounting to ��2,0117 in 1(100, and thu
other for $sn taxes collected in 1001.
The third charge of misappropriation
of 8100 while mining recorder at
Naausp was not brought up at this
crial. He was committed to stand
his trial at the fall assizes.
Victoria, B. C, Sept. 5.���Information regarding tho operations of the
German warship Cormorant which
was recently despatched to the Matthias Islands to punish the natives
for the massacre of Herr Meroker
and three or four others, forming a
party   of   German  scientists, was re-
Victoria, B. C Sept. 5.���A number
of witnesses were examined before the
commission enquiring into '.lie loss of
thc Islander today.
The majority denied the reports that
the captain and pilot were intoxicated. Edgar Ashley, fireman, told of
the closing of tbe watertight bulk-
heade doors. II. II. Macdonald, a
deck hand told how the shook of the
collision hurst in the partition between watchman No. 8'siobm and thc
forecastle and of how he hoard the
crunching of ice when the steame
struck. Capt. froup, manager of the
C. P. N. Co., testified regarding tlie
changes in the Islander's bunkers,the
bulkhead water tight door having
been placed lower down to allow of
cairying coal below.
Victoria, Sept. 5.���At today's session of the Islander inquiry Capt.
Troup slid he had never upbraided
his captains for being late, but only
for not getting away in time. Noth
ing additional was brought out be-
yona what has already appeared in
II ami      Embroidered      Irish    Li.ion
Handkerchiefs, at KERR St. CO.'S.
Berlin, Sopt. 6.��� Prince Ohun and
his suite arrived here today fiom Pols-
dam, and wero conducted by General
Von Hoelifner to apartments in the
Thiergarlen. T icy were.accorded no
reception eicept by members of , tho
Chinese legation.
Prince Chun and the now Chinese
minister, Kien Chang, were formally
presented to the Empress today. This
ends the official recognition of Prince
(.'bun's presence in Berlin. Ilerea.ter
he will he merely a dittingulshed
guest. Tbo Gorman newspapers are. by
desire of the government it is understood, paying scant attention to the
presence of the Chinese mission in
Germany. Prince Chun's further stay
here will probably bo brief.
bique announces the seizure by Portuguese government officials near lies
sano Garcia, on the Tiansvaal frontier, of a large supply of ammunition
anil dynamite ^intended for the
Pekin, Sopt. 5. ���Li Ilnng Chang tonight notified the foreign ministers
tbat the Imperial edicts providing for
the signing of the protocol had arrived. This announcement, made immediately after tctllcment of the
ditilculties which Prince Chun experienced before going to Berlin, confirms
the impression here that,.tho Chinese
used tne protocol to induce Emperor
William to waive the kmvtow ceremony.
Canadian    Minis, * at the   Methodist
Conference   n London.
London, Eng., Sept. 5.���-Most of the
time at today's Methodist Ecumenical
conference was taken np by reports
on the progress of Methodism In the
United Slates and inula,Mexico and
South America. The proceedings
were enlivened by an arde.lt pro-
English speech delivered by the Rev.
Joseph Gibson of Ingersoll, Canada,
wbo defended the a'tion ofthe British in South Africa, amid frequent
interruptions from the British delegates oneof whom finally declared if Mr,
Gibson proceeded he would have to be
answered in a controversial strain, as
be was voicing sentiments by no means
shared by many present, whereon the
chairman called Mr. Gibson out of
order. The Hov. J. ('. Gouclier of
Baltimore, rend a paper on "Tim
Present Postilion of Methodism in thc
Western Section." The Uev. J. I).
Hammond of Nashville, Tenn, reported on Methodism in the south, and
the Rev. W. Johnson, of lleiloville,
reported for Canada, Lev. Deckles of
King Williainstown, Cape Colony,
went, into the relations between thc
South African natives and the Europeans, lie said he believed the war
would purify the administration of
the natives.
Bishop llaitzel, missionary bishop
of the Methodist Episcopal church in
South Africa, said that the present
time was the beginning of another
empire of Anglo-Saxon civilizations.
The war was merely an accident. Dr.
Leonard of New York, thanked ~od
for what Great llritain was doing in
South Africa, and expressed tbe hope
that the war would soon end with the
union jack floating.
Gold, Silver-Lead   and   Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE    i
FREE   MILLING   GOLD   properties   wanted at once for  Eastern   >
Parties  having  mining   property for   sale are   requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We  desire  to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors  and   mining   men   are requested   to make  thc  EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID. {
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to 1
Telephone No. 104.   P. 6. Box 700. NELSON, u c.   \
Zbe 1Rov>al Bank of Ganaba"
.'uphill   Authorized,
Incorporated 1869.
)f-:-,ooo,(M.:��.oo ] Capital Paid-up,     .    .    .     Wmmhuhhub
KCSt *l,?HO,iHHI,i|ij
Hoard or iMre-r lor*     I'homap E. Kenny,  Prc~.idc.iit.;   Tho man Ritchlo. Vico-l-'n.. liUm-
(Wiley Smith, H. G. Bauld, Hon. I. avid MacKoen.
Until omcc., Halifax i
Goncral Manager, BdbOD h. FuaHO, Montreal.
Superi-itondoi-- of Brauotu.8, and Secretary, W. B. Torranee, Hallfat,
It rr. n     CH I
1-ebor.���Montreal,   {City   Oflice),   Montreal
'ova   Scotia���Halifax   Branch,   Antigenic
Bridgowator, Gujwboro. Londonderry, i_u
enburg. Maitland (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port
Htywkesbury, Sydney- Hhubonacadic.Tru.ro,
Hevr    BnniHwIch ��� Bathurnt,     ]>or..hentcr1
Predorloton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sackvilln, St, John,Woodstock*
l\ 8. Isluii-I���Charlotte town, Hummer, ida
West Knd (Cor. Notre Uiiino and Soju-
neara Streets)! Wostmonnt (Cor. (_mmu
Avenue and st. Catharines street.
Newfoundland���St, John's.
1'utm, Wesl Indies��� Havana.
Hulled Rtates���New York (l(i .exchange Plar.
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Kossland,     anconver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
Correspondent)* :
��� aniHla-MorohantH Hank of Canada.   Boston-National Shav.-mut, Hank.   Chicago���Ulltioli
Trust ana Savings Bank.   Smi Fr��iiclsr<>-Firnt National Bank.   1,1111.1011,  Hug.-Hank ol
Scotland,   i-iuis, France���Crodil, Ljoiinais.   Bermuda-Bankof Hnriimda.   < liiini ami ,i��
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   n*>okiiin*-01d National Hank.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills ot Exchange   tk> ugh
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, liic, Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on epreiul
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Glasgow, Sept, 5,���James Barton
today explained to tlie engineerine;
congress now in session here the pro
posed tunnel between Scotland and
Ireland. The committee which considered the routes, thought thai the
best one was 1'ioin a projecting portion of Wigtonshiro, where the Scotch
const is within 2a mile:', of tho coast
of County   Antrim,    in Ireland.      The
cost is estimated at ��1,000,000.
I       & CO.        I
I      MADDEN    BLOCK       I
��� V_*i��<,(l_I _J  and     *
I  Tobacco
Phone 117 I
backed by Hie payroll of and owned by
the Biinllkanioon Valley (Joal Oo , Limited! which is arranging for the following expenditures during tbe con ing
year by the following Companies:
$150,000 to bo expended by Wator and Light
$5o,ooo to bo expended by ihe Slmilkameon
Valley   Coal   Coinpany, Limited   in
developing and Installing machinery.
$ 5o,ooo by 1 he Toronto Company in development and Installl-g machinery.
��� "  *""-lno��t buildings by Individuals
lenoos by inniviifnals.
xpetaleil on residences hy Iho
Land ilupnriincnl, of Ihe Company.
tf 50,000 to bo expended by the Company in
giw ing streots a-'d laying sidewalks,
ui he expended by a hold cimpany.
on sawmill, brewery and oilier enterprises already arranged for.
Total, One Half Million
*T.l.n>,i>tn, 0)1  1)11
tji  95,000
���S 94*000
W   ItfttOOO
Our Hardware
The bookkeeper takes
w trial balance; .von
take a trial of onr
hardware, and you'll
stay with us the balance of your days and
the balance will always be in your favor
Hardware should .... carefully selected, because it is
not bought every week in the
year, and once a good article
is purchased you are doubly
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE. ���
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
Loca! Slock carried, cstimales furnished.
 H. E* CROASDAILE Nelson Agent*
I be  developnienl.   o[  tbe   Company'-!  coal
mine will la-Mailed by November 1st, i(KH, and
a full forooof 1 1 kept conlinnnily nl  work
developing tho pro-jortj* during the year. Hy
Oc olici'1-l, I'.KJl a rumple!,-stair nf ih0 Company will he en the grounds, when tho con*
sliiicii 11 ol ofllcoHnndolhorbuildings will bo
commenced ounourront will* stl-ooi grAHnu
which will not only tond to advance lhe price
cf the Company's Hlook, bdt will no doubt
double the yolui iv ry Int. in A.-hnola. whioh
Is,   anted in tho honrl  of ihe Slmilknmoon
Valley  nnd    nmnindrd  liy tho following re-
Bonro'S! Coal, gold, coppor, lond, fruit, groin,
hay. tinibor. and flno grant jg land, with .1 climate all thai conld bo de-iivd-
For further information apply to iho Com-
piny Boffloial brokers,
It .l.is'l'Kl'.i,, Nolson, B. 0,
FRANK 8KA.RS, Orand Porks, II. 0.
Messrs. VKDiimi & OUNNINQRAM,
*i. ,,���  ..... ... Greenwood, 11. ('.
W. W, FALLOWS, Sandon, B, 0.
I,i-;iion,   Sopt.   5.���Aii   offlolal  ilcs-
patcli received here today from Mozatn-
Tor this painful trouble drillllhs' Liniment i-
..iiahsoliile pain destroyer .\\, penc rales and
Iuhrloatos tho Joints, lakes away all the stiff
ness nnd glvos relief in a few niinntes-works
wonders in chronic rheumatism casus.
Mr, ii v.. ~Ysi ���i Wator street, Vancouver
11. (,..wiiKa groat sufferer from naimul at'
lacks Of llheiiinali-in in his shoulders so HO
yore were the attnnks Mint he could not raise
Ills veins, lie applied Orlflltlls' Menthol Linl.
incut. Hit- ureal pain reliever, and iu less Hum
four hotirs tho pain hod entirely loft him lie
says; "It oortafnlj but groat pain reliever.'
For sue by J. l\. VanaUm. Nolson ii o
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral. Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Three Days  ol  instruction,
and Enjoymont.
3.Mineral Exhibit, Bnoking Contests,
Agrionltnral Exhibit, Ilnrsc Races. The
best program ever seen in the oountry
See posters uml oiroulars i'or fitrthe:
particulars, Specially low return rail
rates from nil points.
A. W. M'VITTIE, Sec .tary.
;Mr. lien Hodjr.'s residence on Mill
Interest str.:et wUI' 'our lots! live rooms clown
stairs, three bedrooms ana i-i't*1
bathroom upstairs. Furnace just P"'
in���A well built unci oomfortaow
home.    Terms of payment   easy.
Having been appointed official
broker for the above Company I will
offer shares for the next fifteen days.
These will undoubtedly advance'as
rapidly as did the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Company.
Por further particulars and prospectus
apply  to
See also list of housos and hits foi
sale uml residences for rent at door ol
our ollices next to MoArthur's on IW
Iter street.
and try a bottlo, a dozon, or a bJ,rIc,���,Hi
OALGARY BEER as, it -�� _*�� ���*��' '0',,r
chunpoHt on tlio market. AJH2..�����oc
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIG��"��'
Telephone93 -~_.crs... Nc-wn
A. R. BARROW, a.m. La-
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria juid;Kootenay Stfc
'islophoue -No* M
P.O. Box 5(10


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