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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 10, 1901

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 J**/ ll J ft* -
-*Provinc;_i'Llbf*<x*v g31 oo
Daily Edition No.  1162
Nelson,   British   Columbia, Thursday,   October io,   1901
Eleventh   Year
sure that plumy of on* cm bo ox���
traoted fiom it to keep the Bincltor  in
*DT>r\DT "DT\/T ' "*1l'ra,'on f"r a *ol*8 period.    Even nt j
JT jXUjjJjJuJXL I u"?   present   price  of lend the ore of 1
the   .Sullivan will  average (_> to   the
ton anil we  an*  certain   there   is  no
iloulii   with   a   smelter   and  refinery
HOW   MlO   Sullivan   Group   Of that it can be made to yield handsome
dividends. However, we will be
absent for about a week and when
we return we will be nlilo to tell you
more about our plans,*' concluded
Senator Turner. With Senator Turner arc I1". P,  Hogan, E. D. Saunders,
Mines Purposes Solving It.
U. S. Senator Turner Discloses Plans of His
U. S. Senator George II Turner,
une of the foremost men ill the state
of Washington, was in tlio city last
evening, en route foi Marysville in
East Kootenay. The senator told a
Mlnei representative how the Sullivan
Group Mines, limited, intended to
solvi* lhe lead question so far as theii
interests in it are concerned. Incidentally tho aotion of his company
will blaze the trail, if suucesslul, for
others to follow. The Senator iu substance staled that tlio low price of
lead had made it practically impossible for silver-lead mines having oro of
an ordinary grade to make any piotit
by sending their output to the snieit-
eis in the United States and pay tbe
exorbitant freight and treatment
charges imposed by the smelter trust.
What the Sullivan company purposed
doing wns to build a smelter at
Marysville, near its mine in East
Kooetnav. Contemporaneously with
the erection of tlie smelter it is the
intention to put up n lead refinery.
11 is contended by Senator Turner
and his associates that by smelting
tho ore in P. C, refining it in thc
same plaee. that they can (ind a niar-
lict for their lead and that mines oi* a
comparatively low grade can thus be
mnde. to pajf, A3 far as 11 .nurket is
concerned, first, there is the home
market to hi supplied and then there
��re tlio foreign markets. The Aineii-
oan lead trust pays foni cents ,1 pound
for load to Unitod Statos mine owners
and cannot afford to go outside of the
Uniled St'itos to market the load, hut
this is not the case with the British
Columbia producer ol* lend. He can
find a market in tho Orient. China,
t'or instance, uses an*enormous quan*
tlty of lend for wrapping ten, and
there has always been a steady and
reliable market for it there. Lean
will not always remain at its present
price and ono reason why its value
has fallen is owing to thc war in
China whicli has lessened the. output
of tea, and as a result lessscned the
consumption of lead. Now that tne
troubles in China aie about over tlie
producation will soon become normal
and thero will bo an increased demand for lead and as a result of this
a market for the load of Hritish Co
lunihia at bettor prioes. He contends
that there will be no competition in
tlio Orient from American lead but
that tlio Hritish Columbia producer
will have to meet tho competition
���offered by tho Spanish and tho Australian lend.
In Speaking about when tho smelter*
wonlu bo completed tlie Senator said:
"Wo are going to East Kootenay to
100k ovur tho ground and if the winter is an open one we will be able to
have our smelting and refining plant
finished and in operation by March
1st nixt year, but if the winter is
lncioment t may be May isi befoie
linished.     The Intention is  to
If. S. Austin and M. A, Mckenzie.
have two furnaces of 100 tons each so
that ono will be oble to relieve the
other. Al Hint wo will operate only
one of the furnaoes. It is intended to
reduce tlio ore of othor mines, and as
the output increases additions will
bo amdo fiom timo to time in accordance with the requirements, East
Kootonay alieady has three groat
producing mines tho Sullivan, tlie St.
Eugene and the North Star and a
number of others are being developed,
We expeot to be there several days.
L. S. Aiutin, who is with us, is our
smelter man, and M. A. McKenzie
is our constructor and builder, and
from this you can see that, we intend
to push matters. E. P, Hogan. who
1s nlso a member of the party, intends
tn look after the townsite, to have it
survoyed and platted so that the lots
oan be placed on sale. As far as the
Sullivan mine is concerned, Ihave been
told by one of the in ust competent of
mining oxperts ir whom I have the
utmost confidence that the Sullivan hns
ono of tho largent silvor-lcad 01*0
deposits extant. Tbo ledges ure wi*le
and the ore
Why Helmcken Was Left Out of  the
Cabinet and Brown Taken In.
(Sl'liiCIAl. TO Till!: BUlt'EIt.)
Nanaimo, Oct. !).���Tho premier has
made a furioiw attack on Mcllride.
in tlie course of an interview he said
that with ono exception all liis
pledges had been can ied out and Mcllride knew it. The exception was a
cabinet position for Helmcken but
the latter had oohaved io so extraordinary a manner that Dunsmuir had
lost confidence in him, Mcllride
found the Opposition all right when
the railway bill was passed. ltefore
that he had worried and badgered
Dunsmuir abont tho bill's passing
until lie was sick of liim, but whon it
passed he was jubilant. Mcllride. expressed groat fear lest tho opposition
would fail at tlie critical moment.
Hrown was taken into the cabinet as a
disintorested supporter of legislation
for the good of the country, not as a
Martiuito. Dunsmuir repeated that
he would not resign until he "nail
tested the house. He had a majority
of twenty-two but would accept the
verdict of the people without complaint.
Dunsmuir has given another interview in which ho says ho is not tired
of politics nor will he resign. Ho
added that overy ono of his pledges
had been carried our_cxcopting that of
taking Ilelmckoii into tlie cabinet.
Portfolios were offered to Vancouver-
ites but wore refused for good
(SrllCIAL TU THIil RUN Hit.)
Rossland, Oct. B.���A member of the
executive of the Miners' union being
shown the following despatch in tho
Spokesman-Review: Thirty members
of tho Miners' union formerly engaged
in sinking the Hve-cornpai tment shaft
in tlio Lo Roi mine by contract have
notified the company thHt they are
prepared to resume their contracts.
Tliis work would be started now were
it not for the fact that the shaft is
not iu shape for the work to proceed.
This is being attended to and the contractors will go to woik in a day or
two, said : "This is but a half truth,
suoh as wo have had to meet so often
in the course of this struggle, and
does not indicate any break in the
union ranks. The company notified
tho contractors that they would hold
their bondsmen respjusiblc if the contracts were not carried out. The contractors had no wisli to cause loss to
theii friends, and after consulting tlie
unicn, and witli its consent, offered
to complete their contracts. The oompany havo furthermore threatened to
withhold the balance coming to the
contractors wlien the slllke was called
and it would be unfair to cause these
men to lose this money."
Havana, Oot. U.-A. W. Miller,
former city clerk of .Sandusky, Ohio,
who has boon arrested hero in con*
n-ction with an alleged shortage of
nearly (1100,000 whioh came to light
after bis disappearance from Sandusky eight months ago, will uot
resist extradition but will leavo for
tho Uniled States next Saturday. Ho
says ho can explain the discrepancies
in the accounts.
St. Petersburg, Oct. I).��� Tlie United
States ambassador, Mr. Tower, has
beon most active in connection witli
the abductiou of Miss Stone. Mr.
Towers has had several interviews on
the subject with the ollicials of tho
foreign ofiice. The Russian government is cordially supporting tlie
efforts being made to sBCure the
release of the American missionary.
Montreal, Oct. u.���The Vancouver
lnorosse team will have no difficulty
in securing possession of the Minto
cup if it defeats the Shamrocks. A
telegram from tho captain of the
Capitals today stated tho oup had been
Russia Supports the Claims
of the Ameer's Younger
Troops Moved  to  Hush  In
Readiness to Seize
London, Oct.. 0.���"It is regarded
hero as certain that there will be an
outbreak of civil war In Afghanis*
tan," says a despatoh from St. Petersburg, to the Daily Mail, "arising
from tho claims of the fourth son of
the late Ameer, Mohammed Oulah
K'lian, who is favored by Russia.
Telegrams were sent to Rush today
ordering large reinforcements ol* Russian troops along the frontier to be 111
icadiiicss if necessary to seize lloiat."
Rumors as to Negotiations and   Probable Terminus.
Montroal, Oct. 0.���The Star's London cable says: Doubt is thrown in
well informed circles upon the stiftc-
racnts cabled fioin Ottawa, that further steamship service negotiations
are so far advanced as to permit of the
issue of invitations for tenders within
a fortnight with Sydney, Capo Breton, as the Canadian terminus. It is
known here that one big north England shipbuilding firm, hitherto unconnected with negotiations, has been
making careful and detailed enquiries
but nothing definite has been decided
on. ��� Sydney's selection as the port is
attributed to the presence there of the
Dominion Steel and Iron works,but it
is doubted if the Intercolonial railway
link with Montroal as it now exists
will be sufficiently speedy and
Tho president of the Hoard of Agri
culture has decided so far to reopen
the question of tho admission of Canadian cattle as to receive deputations
of Scottish agriculturists who desire
the leiuoval of the embargo. Agricultural journals cover tlie ministry with
warnings of the terrible risk of importing disease, foigetful that tho
prosident himself admitted that the
embargo cannot be justified on the
grounds of diseaso. It must be justified, if justified at all, on the grounds
of general policy, in other words as
a departure fiom fiee trade in the interests of the Hritish farmers.
aiu.      ane leuges are wue   capum** -a**-"*..*' *>.....���*
shoots long, and   wc  feel j shipped to Montroal,
New York, Oct. 'J.���Local yaohts-
nien, who heard today of the challenge committee's decision not to accept the challenge of Sir Thomas Lipton to race Shamrock 11. against
Columbia for the America's cup again
next year agreed that it was a wise
on1'. They also agree that if Sir
Thomas should challenge with a now
yaoht there would be an excellent opportunity for him to use the present
Shamrock as a trial horse having the
new yachts tuning up strings on this
side of the Atlantic. This is considered to bo a distinct advantage for the
challenger. Sir Thomas when told
of Iho committees decision said he had
no comment tu make nor wouhl he
say whether he would challenge again
with a new yacht. The erew of the
Shamrock are to return to England it
is said on the steamship Oceanic
which sails on October li'ilh.
Rossland, Oct. tl.���The residence of
Mrs. 0. A. Baldwin wan the scene of
a quiet and pretty -wedding at noon
today. Tlie contracting parties were
Charles F. MoIIardy of Nelson, II. C,
and Miss J. M. Ailoway, of Toronto,
formerly of Rossland. The ceremony
wns performed by Rev. A. Jl. Sanford, B. A. After a dainty lunch was
served, Mr. and Mis. McIInrdy left on
the afternoon train for their homo in
Nelson, followed by the well wishes
of their many friends here.
Washington. Oct. 9.���The postofiice
department today decided to plaee the
late President McKinley's head OS the
new issue of postage stamps which
will appear Shortly aftei December
1st next
Military    Law    Proclaimed
Throughout All of South
Only the Ports Win Be Ad
ministered by Local Authorities,
Capetown, Oct. fl,���The (laze.tto
today proclaims martial law in the
districts of Capetown, Wynborg,
Siinonstown, Pert Elizabeth, and East
London. The proclamation is tho
outcome of the lecont visit of the
preuiior of Cape Colony, Sir John
Cordon Sprigg, and tho Under Secretary of Native Affairs in South Africa
,1. Rose limes, to the liritisli High
Commissioner Lord Milner. lt places
under martial law control, the few
points in Cape Colony hitherto exempted and the constitution, therefore, is now suspended over tho entire
ooiony, Tlie action taken probably
foroshadows the commencement of
vigorous measures which those on tbe
���spot, are understood to believe necessary to end the war.
Capetown, Oct. 9.���Martial law will
bo modified in its application to tho
ports leaving the dooks. railways and
harbors under the control of the civil
authorities. Military rule will be
mitigated in some other respects.
Pekin, Oct. 9,���Prince Ching has
written to the ministers of the powers
requesting a withdrawal from Pekin
of foreign business establishments. It
says that Pekin is not a treaty port;
that foreign business houses have been
illegally established there, and that
all should be moved to treaty ports.
lie desires the ministos to secure their
removal. The ministers have arranged
a meeting on tho request of Dr.
Mumm Von Schwaitzonstein, the
dorman minister, to endeavor to
agree upon ioint representations in
opposition to Piineo Chlng's demand.
A controversy regarding the payment
of octroi by foreign merchants appears to havo precipitated the issue.
One company doinp a large business
with the Chinese objected to the
octroi tax arguing that the goods
were for the uso of the legations.
Prince uhing points out that goods
required by thc legations can be
ordered by them from the treaty ports
and when so ordered are not dutiable.
The foreign business community in
I'ekin, although small, is important.
Its presence is essential to the comfort.
and convenience of the legations and
its meinbeis hope their status may
now be defined.
Erie, Pa., Oot. 9.���This afternoon
a large boiler in the brass foundiy of
tho Hayes Manufacturing company,
in West 11th streut, exploded with
terrific foice and completely demolished the three story brick building in
whioh it stood. Adjoining this build
iug and directly back of the Lie be 1
house, which fronts on Statu street,
was another three story brick building connected with the hotel by a
levered passageway across the alley.
This hotel annex was also completely
demolished, nothing but a portion of
too side wall remaining. Al the time
of the oxplosion supper was being
served and six girls worn in tho
kitchen and were carried down in tho
wreck. A general tire ahum was sent
in and in a veiy few minutes the
entire fire department wus at work
extinguishing the Humes, which had
started, and rescuing tlio injured. The
hotel was badly injured by tho con-
cus-ion and all tho windows were
wrecked, as were all the plate glass
windows in the stores in thn vicinity.
San Francisco, 0;t. B.���The aetion
of greatest importance taken today
by the Triennial Episcopal convention
was the adoption by the house of
bishops by a vote of 37 to 21, of canon
36, whioh relates to the solemnising
of marriages. Its provisions had
previously been figured, except those
contained in Section 1, which forbade
the marriage of persons divorced and
for any cause not existing before tlio
first marriage,   "For causes not exist-
intr before muriiagu" is understood to
refer to such causes as insanity, inability to execute a contract,the existence of a living wife 01 husband, or
like reasons which practically tendei
the marriage null and void. This see-
lion has been a bono of contention, a
strong element iu the church holding
thai the re-marriage of tlie inncecnt
parly to a divorce granted on tbe
grounds of Infidelity should not be
fuibidileti. This element have refused
to accept this view of the matter. The
question is by no means settled as the
whole subject is now to come up in
the liouse of deputies where it is expected to oause a protracted debate.
Buffalo, Oct. II.���The total number
of awards announced by the Pan-
Aiuoriear, Exposition judges today
were 3,198, divided as follows: Cold
medals, 887 j silver medals, 1,109;
bronze, 1,147, There weie also 1,384
oxhidils that received honorable mention, Tho United States heads the
list of pnze winners, with 001 gold
trophies, 6b8 silver, 502 bronze and
170 honorable mentions.
Mexico comes next witli 7S gold
medals, llil silver, and 130 bronze,
Canada received l.'I gold, 23 silver, 17
bronze aud 84 honorable mentions.
Syracuse, Oct. 9. ��� Ilariy Brainarrl,
of Albany, a passenger trainman on
tuo New York Central, i-hot three ')'���>-
calibre bullets into John Myers, of
Kingston, N. Y., formerly a railway
man, at tho Central station in this
eity at 9.20 o'clock this ovening.
Myers had Rrainard's overcoat on his
arm, which about an hour before had
been stolen from the locker of one of
tho coaches of train No. 8, on which
lirainard was employed. Braiuard
was placed under arrest. Myers was
taken to the hospital. He will
Montreal, Oct. 9.���Sir Christopher
Furness, of London, head of the
Furncss line of steamers, arrived here
this morning. Tomorrow Sir Christopher, accompanied by Sir Wm.
Van Hoiiio, H. M. Whitney and Jas.
Russ start on a visit to the works of
the Dominion Iron and Steel Company at Sydney. After that they will
go over the C. P. R. to Hritish Columbia for tho inspection of the mineral
wealth of that province.
Owen Sound, Oct. 9.���A decided
eifoi't was made early this morning to
rob Molson's bank here. The noiso of
breaking open the rear door aroused
Clerk Van Dozen, who was slesping
in tho bank. The robbers opened tin-
on him and he returned it, hitting
one of the burglars, who thereupon
decamped. The police are working on
the ease.
Kingston, .la., Oct.. 11.��� The news
papers here print a number of letters
from Bocae Del Torro and other ports
of Colombia complaining of outrages
on Hritish .subjects, including women.
Strong appeals aro made to have the
government send a warship for then
proteotion and also to demand compensation. Over loo refugees have arrived here from Colon,
Toronto, Oct. fl.���Canadian sheep
swepi the boards at tlie Pan-American
just as Canadian cattle did. Canadian
sheep captured 82,152 in prizes, while
United States sheep though entries
were fur more numerous won only
lierlin, Oct, 9--The Berliner
Tagl.'latt says theie are renewed
rumors by way of London of the early
resignation of United States Ani-
bassadol While. Nothing is known
here definitely on the subject.
Brussels, Oot. fl.���It is announced
that the government of the Congo
Free State is about to begin tlie construction of 1.01)0 kilometres of railway in the Upper Congo distriot.
San Juan de Porto   Rico, Oot. II. ���A
very serious storm is   in   progress on
tlie   central  coast   of   Dominica   and
moving west, not th west.
The registrar of the Supreme court
yisterday received a despatch stating
that Mr. Justice Irving would hold
the Supreme court sittings here. The
court opens on Monday, Oct, 11th,
Fishermen  Who Intimidated
Japanese Found Not
Northern Pacific Moving Towards   Construction  of
Vancouver Line.
Vancouver, B. ('., Oct. il. -The ease
of nix men who during tho fishing
strike drew gnus on Japs iu the gulf
for the pnrposo of compelling them to
discontinue lisbing, was concluded
today before Mr. Justice Drake. The
justice charged with gieat severity
against prisoners, not admitting une
extenuating circumstance and declared
that mob law was the worst thing
ihut could happen any country. Justice Drake, as well as W. J, Bowser,
warned ihe jury against any mistaken
sympathy. The jury evidently did
not tako the warning to heart, as.
after 30 minutes deliberation they returned a verdict of Not (iuilty. Tho
verdict was a surprise to the crowded
court 100m. The most sanguine sympathisers of the prisoners expecting
nothing better than a disagreement,
it is thought by many that no jury
can be secured to coiwict white strik-
���)is of similar violence against the
A party of oreat Northern surveyors
have arrived in Yineouvor to complete
thi survey of a route of a railway
line between Vancouver and Victoria.
Preliminary lines have been surveyed
Lo the Hastings and lhe Royal City
mills giving color to the rumor that
both mills will be used aa a station
for the new line whioh is known in
Canada as tlio Westminster, Vancouver Northern .t Yukon  railway,
The I. O. G. T. of Hritish Columbia
met in Vancouvar today. The reports
of the different officers wero favorable,
although the meeting was not as representative of the province aB might
he   desired.
<SJT.tl.Vl, TO  THIS  111 I Si!-, It.)
Victoria, Oct. fl.--11. C. Hawkins,
ex-president' of the White Pass railway is in the city today iu eonnection
with a transportation schema for
Hritish Columbia upon whicli ho does
not care to speak at present. He
states that he has obtained the
O'Brien charter for the Klondike
Mines railway granted by the
Dominion government in 1H1I8 antl il
nothing unforeseen occurs, ho will
have the lailway 1 mining out to tho
creeka by SepUrabei next. The terminus of tbe railway will be at
Klondike City where s'x hundred feet
of water front has been reserved
under the chattel for wharfage purposes. The lino will follow tho Klondike river to Grand Forks and thence
to Dominion, provision being made,
of course, for branch lines. Coal
beds will he tapped and the coal used
for f'iel and transported to tho river
and loaded directly on liver steamers
lor conveyance lo the bases of the
other milling camps. Later the lino
may be turned into an electiic one.
New York, Oct. .1. ���Hon. Hugh
Kelly, seoretary ol the Royal Ulster
Yacht club, sailed todny 011 the
stttamer Majestic. lie expressed himself as being perfectly satisfied witli
the treatment he received here and the
fair treatment that hnd boen accorded
the Shamrock II. Hn said that Mr.
I.iptun wool'! mil challenge next year
and Mr. Kelly had no idea when he
would. He was satisfied, however,
that England would again strive to
lift the enp.
lierlin, Oct.   0.��� lt is rumored   that
Emperor William has   instructed  the
Kiel Yacht elub to challenge   for   Iho
Aioei loa's enp.
New      York���Copper       unchanged,
Lake 810.!i0 to 817, casting   fiti.'.llii to
.Hi.'!*.".;..    Lead   dull   .1.37.1s.     Silver
57 t_C.
London���Copper unchanged, ��86,
ss. lid. for spot, ��03. 5s. for futures.
LeadJBH, 10b, being Is.3d. off. Bilvci
���10 ll-10d.
\ IlisLSow  JJAllV MiHR"!   fUlnB-JAI _        ......_-.....-... -   -.--���-.
3*2fe^22^____^_^^fe--.-- - '
The Nelson Mine)
Ml^bfld   Kvery  MornhiK  Except   Monday
Daily per m:n!h, hy cirrlor     ?&
JUily, per n_o.ith.hj* imkH..      KM
Ii.illy, por year, hy carrier ��� < Pjj
ito Ily, por ye*\r, hy mail    5 j*
ly, por fytt foreign    9**
Wookly, i  r half year  IJJ
���Weekly, per yoar    J��
Wookly, per yoar, foreign    3 00
ubHcrlptlouri Invariably In advance.
115 Floot Btroet, E. 0,
nlral   PkH  A���nnc7.  Ltd., Hpoclid AKont
Alexander ft Oe.. Hi Pint Avenue. Spokane
-V'k-Ii.. ki'i'ii ihi- sapor on Ble, uml nre onr
lutbortsed sgentl lor iiilvortlsniiicnlH ub
The Trail smelter at Trail is being
enlarged and when tho additions
under way are completed it niil have a
capacity of 1, IU0 tons per day. With
additions being made to the plnnts at
(Jrand Korku, (ireenwood and Trail.
a new srr.eltei under erection at
Marysville in East Kootenay snd some
others in contemplation it wculd
seem as though all the ores produced
in tho Kootenays and Yale will soon
ho treated at home, and at the same
time it is a sign that the ore output
is increasing when there is such a demand   for more smelting facilit;es.
The ore will be treated at home and
the preference will he given to the
home smelters provided a liberal
policy is adopted; iu other words, th
miner owers must tc able to do as
well at home or a little better than
they conld abroad if they give their
ores to the local reduction plants. It
Is tu the interost of the home smelters
to adopt a liberal policy and there is
hut little doubt that they will do the
very best they can by the mine owners- Jnst at present the silvei-lead
miner., are somewhat discouraged over
the low price of lead and other matters and need to be encouraged a
little. It would he to the interest of
the mining iudu.ry, when contracts
for the coming year are renewed,
if a reduction in the present freight
and treatment rates was accorded to
them. In times like the present,
wlien the prolits of tbis class of miners
are down to the miminum, it
would be good policy for the smelters to reduee their prolits a little
too. Further on when lead is higher
the charges for freight and treatment
can be adjusted to suit the times.
The following from tlie Sandon
Paystreak may perhaps partly explain
why the capacity of the smelter at
Trail is being enlarged: "The
activity of tbe Canadian Smelting
Works in securing the bulk of the
output of thu Slocan mines is causing
comment in reining circles. They
have now secure I the output of moot
of the mines around Sandon, particu
larly along the K. & S. The title
deed of the new iron deposits around
Kitchener is said to havo been made
out to T. 0 Shaughnessy, president
of the Canadian Pacific railway, and
associates. These deposits have been
proved with the diamond drill, and
found to be practically inexhaustible.
This gives the Trail smelter all the
flux of that nature required, Added
to this they have gone into the dry
ore belt around Slocan City, Silveiton
and Enterptisc and made contracts at
low figures for the output of the best
mines. All this, coupled with their
evident desire tc secure the silver-lead
output, points very conclusively to
the supposition that a refinery will he
built by this company."
New Fall Goods Arrived
The very latest creations in La.lies'Costumes
Jackets, Skirts, Waterproofs,
Japanese Dressing Gowns,
Parisian Blouse Flannels and Wool Delaines,
American Silk and Satin Waists.
Dress Fabrics (i suit lengths) in Newest Shades and Weaves.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
instance of this   female Ilend fourteen   doubtful   if
from tliem.
realized   much profit
Students of criminal anthropology,
and masters of tbe scium-e like Lam-
brose, nave n new and tu them interesting subject for study in Mrs. ,1. A.
Witnier a widow (sell made) who bus
heen arrested at Buffalo, Ohio, on
suspicion of having cominiteed fourteen minders by means of poison.
This remarkable ciiminal, the police
have reasons for thinking, hns mur
dered four husbands, five children,
one sister and four members nf dilTer-
ont families ill which she was house
keeper. The last victim ol the modern
Lucretia Borgia was ber sister, who
died a short li"'e since under mysterious circumstances, The dispatch,
which appear,.d in yesterday's issue
of this paper, states that no conceiv
able motive for tbe suspected crimes
has been disclosed. II is added that
ono sister of the accused woman is an
inmate of an insane asylum. The
conclusion, therefore, is that she is a
degenerntc born with a predisposition
to commit Clime which she has followed out with the most deadly effect
so that fourteen victims, io is thought,
iiave perished at her bands. There
may be may niois ol whicli no one
now has cognizance. Tho murderer who slays victims hy means of
poison, as shown in the present case
if tho suspicions of the police nre correct, i-i tlie most dangerous of ciiml-
nais, because It is so difficult to guard
against tbem and they can carry on
their destruction of life for such a
length of   time   undetected.     Iu   the
victims were sent to their graves before the officers of tlio law took the
murderess into custody. Hy what
mental piocesses Mrs. Witmer could
have justified herself to herself thus
to send friends, relatives and children
to death and at the same time show
no visible remo.-se is difficult to
understand. It shows that tbe machinery of her mind must have moved
in au entirely different manner from
what it does in the normal person
and proves beyond preadventure that
she is an extreme typo of tbe degenerate. She is like Jesse Pomroy, who
has been confined in a Massachusetts
penitentiary for life and who has been
a piisoner since boyhood. He tortured
and murdered bis youthful companions foi tbe mere sake of giving
them .pain and watching the agony
which he indicted.
Mrs. Winner's intellect must be
more than ordinarily subtle and keen
tu have covered up her tracks so well
thnt she could commit thirteen murders without suspicion, as it was only
when the fourteenth victim died that
she was arrested.
Justice in her case should move
swiftly to tho end that she may in
the shortest possiblo time he handed
over to the tender mercies of the
hangman,as, if the trial is prolonged,
there is danger that she may contiive
to poison the judge and the  jurymen.
With the death of Clarke Wallaoe a
prominent figure is removed from
Canaoian politics. Mr. Wallace was
a natural leader, being gifted with
genuine patriotism, unswerving honesty and loyalty to the causes which
he espoused. The latter characteristic
was evidenced by his resignation of
the important position of controller of
customs in ISM because lie ditapprov*
ed of the course of the government in
forcing separate schools on Manitoba.
That tho people fully recognized his
many good qualities is shown by his
re-election to the Dominion house of
parliament at every general election
since 187s, and when lie was re-elected
in .lune, 1890, his majority, 4,litis.
was tho largest in tho history of Canada. There are many who believe
that had Mr. Wallace been a shade
more ambitious and pushed his own
interests more that he could have been
the leader of tho Conservative party.
The fact, however, thut he was at the
head of the Orango cider, in a measure, prevented this. Hid he,however,
taken the leadership of the party It is
evident that he would havo made a
mure BUCCSIsful leader than Sir
Charles Tupper for thu reason that he
was much more diplomatic than the
latter, who lead his party to defeat.
Mr. Wallace was above all things a
patriotic Canadian and one of his
ohief ambitions was to see his native
laud prospoi and grow and nothing
pleased him more than to put into
effeot plans that woujd aid in developing any resource which would add lo
the importance of tlie Dominion. Mr.
Wallace bad an abiding faith in the
future greatness of the mines of British Columbia and it wns his delight to
discuss their present and their possible output. He hold the opinion lhat
the flow of preolous and useful
metals from our mines would within
a few decades inuke Canada one of the
wealthier nations and assist her to a
great and glorious destiny. It is all
tlie more regrettable, therefore, that
ho was cut olf in the midst of a career
of usefulness and that he oould not
have livod to see his native land,
which is already prosperous, enjoying
a still greater prosperity, fie showed
that liis faith in the mines was ot the
genuine type by investing his own
money in mining venture! at several
points in tlie Kootenays, hot owing to
his     inexperience   in   mining   it    i-i
The Vancouver l'rovince evidently
thinks tne laugh is on the remittance
men, for it says: "On one count
Caradians will join in congratulating
the duke���he has not thu s'ightest
trace of a 'haw-haw' in the way
that he talks the King's English.
After listening to his excellent intonation and unalfeoted diction, Canadians will be satisfied to smile indulgently as the remittance men talk
about what they did when they were
'rawnchin." '
Pianos for sale at close
prices for cash or on easy
payments on thc instalment
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Delivered^to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
The customs  revenue  continues
mount higher   and   higher,   says
To onto Globe. The revenue collected
during the month which has just
ended is over two millions and three-
quarters, as compared with less than
two millions and a half collected during September, 1000. The gain is not
far short of $300,000, nearly 11,!;. por
cent. That the gain is steady is
shown by the fact that the ens wns
revenue for the quarter of the cun cut
fiucl year just expireu exceeds by
nearly half a million dollars the returns for the corresponding period of
last year. The regularity with whicli
every trade return proves to be a sub
stantial improvement upon tlie "corresponding period last year" is perhaps the most gratifying feature of
the situation. Six years age the customs revenue for the fiist quaiter was
84,878.677, as against J8,03ji,094 for
thc quarter just closed. Almost
equally pleasant is tlio reflection that
this steady increase of revenue accompanies a scaling down instead of an
increase of tbe tariff. Over a oentury
ago Pitt amazed the poiticians of his
day by getting increased returns from
reduced duties. Some politicians
have not recovered yet from that condition of amazement. At present
SS.oOO.OOO of revenue aro collected at
a less burden to the people than attended the collection of less than
85,000,000 six years ago.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber.
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and L._RJ O.
j. a. Wayward.
"Will wonders ever cease,'' inquire the friends of Mrs. L. Pease,
of Lawrence, Kan. They know she
had been unable to leave her bed in
seven years on account of kidney and
liver troubles, nervous prostration anil
general debility ; hut "Three bottles
of Electric Hitters enabled mo to
valk," she writes, "and in three
months, I felt like a now person.*'
Women suffering from Baokaohe,
Headache, Nerovuanese, .sleeplessness,
.Melancholy, Kainting and Dizzy Spells
will find it a priceless blessing. Try
it. Satislaction guaranteed. Camilla
Drug & lioul; Co.    Unly 50c.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning Immediately
ou arrival of steamer, at the
rate of ,
75 Cents per Month
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with tlie agent,
D.   J.   YOUNG.
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply  always on
Kates to  all  rail
lake points
lway anil
Tel. No.
General Agent.
Another ridiculous food fad has been
branded by the most couipeteui
authorities. They have dispelled the
'silly notion that one kind of food is
needed for brain, another for muscles,
and still another for hones. A correct diet will riot only nourish a particular part of the body, hut it will
sustain every other pait. Yet, however good your food may be, its nutriment is destroyed by indigestion cr
dypepsla. You must prepare for their
ppcarance or prevent their coming by
airing regular d osos of tiioen's August
flower, the tavonte medicine of' the
healthy millions. A few doses aids
digestion, stimulates the liver to
healthy action, purifies-the blood, and
makes you feel buoyant and vigorous.
You can get Dr C. 0. Green's reliable
remedies at W. F. Teetzel & Co.'s.
(let Green's Special Almanac.
Office ��� Two  doors
C.P.R   offices.
N. E. T. C07
Reduction in service,
Sunday 29th inrtant
service before   11   a. m
taking place
40   minute
lit ei-
7.40 p. m.
7.00 11. *��.
20 minutes
nil!: TAIIIE.
Stanley si.
7*20 a. in.
Kvery _*n minutes Between, at
hour,  20 past and 20 to.
-Mlllllfy  M
X White and Grey, All Weights and Excellent Values
The Blanket weather will soon be with ua and buyers of Blankets
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Just opened a very Nat*y  Line  of Ladies'   French
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8 C
*_r *****        --w mm m c
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We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
Spokane Fails &
Northern H'v.
U eJsjM__SMFort
Red Mountain R'v.
To San Francisco and Return
$51.50 ALL KAIL
546.50 BY STCAMLK.
This especially I
on account ofthe
linn to he   held  in  San Fran
Dates of sale, Sept
inclusive.     Good
Nov. 13th,
ow rate is  made
Cpiscopnl Conven-
23rd to  27th
return   until
7.20 p
obtained in nil countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
7.20 p. m.
io 40
���!,.rar.       last car to ,switch
10 ;Gi_NTS
P. L. S.
KASLO.   B.   C.
Mineral *l*u,���, and mincs sulveveU
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains be-
tween Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Bhortosl nnil nuickest roulo to the 00*1 nnil {��� I
points on tho 0. K. & N. and Northern l*
iiiio Hallways in Washington, Oregon �����
Southorn States.
Time Card Effective August 1.19011
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
Ml.  I.V.
in. Al*.
I Kuslo
Ar. llMP.��� I
LV. 1:1=1'.
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
1:111 ]!
in. Lv.
in. Ar.
Connoolltig at fflvo Milo
& Fort fhoppatd Hallway
Itonsiand, oie
KAM.O   ItOI II ���
Nolnon Ar, II
Kiuslo l.v
l'oint will'
n. in, I
:00 ii. rn.
Iioili in and 'ii��� I
Tlokota Bold to all parts ln Unitod S*"l***ud'
< lanada via Uroul .Soilhorn nnil O. It K "'
I.'O.'S HtlCK. .     ,, ���
Ocoiin Btonmshlp tlokota and ralon vi����|
linos will hofnniislioii on application.
ICor further particular** cull on or adtlnw
w��n��ei.,r. IC.isln.H. U I
O. K Tackaiiuky AkciiI. Nelson B.U
'J- 0.
D :00 a.m.
�� p.m.
��� ��������>okane. im p.m
��� ��� .KOBSIMld -Ullp.-u
������'Nelson 8;05p.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. & T.A.
0* K. TAOKABURY 8p0kaD8  ^Mb
As-ant, Nelson, B.(J
You ahouW'nt son.] out of town for
��� /*  for yourself  or   your husband
Late of Geological  Survey of Can*
ada.    Six years experience in U*
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head offiok toronto, 0nt'
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage
Apply to a. Ji. Ui.NNO_<, li"*.**"* ���*
Nelson. mm Wm hm% fkppipft ft*
. ;;;^^--f;r;:_^___S^--?..
���--..-^*-_-__-��.-.--'--���-''" - -���*     ���    -        . r~
I    MINING NEWS,    |
���Mi* Arohie 0, McDonald of lhe
Fairbanks Co., New Yorlc City, (Mon**
triml liranch) is at the lluine.
Mae 1�� en his way to the coa't after
in the  coal   min-
~&-;_>x>*4��s***'-^'':'' * " *���?**���-j**-. .-;**"-*i^**:*
tttftfiM.   th tiioli ..tali step! lb I'lB-
V-iit lb. triiiihfi;i' nf the _t)_f_i
tiinil'.v, H Spokane man, tb whom
Haueli had tiunsferref) them brought
aetion to I'tifnre tlio Ithnster to hiin
am! after trial, about a year lifo, the
suit was settlo.l.
Cliulio turned his notes uvui to the
Hoyal llanli of Canada in .those
possession thev are now,and the latter
brings action to recover on   tlirm, to-
spendlng some time
,ng sections   of   East   Kootenay   and
��1 Win     It   was learned that   lie has .
Allm hi,   company  in getner with interest to date,   oraount-
' ing in all to $1137. is. Harris docs not
purpose conceding one jot of his legal
rights and is defending the soil, which
will   come   up   at   tlie     fotthcoming
placed contracts for
tlie   above   mentionsed   districts     ns
follows:    With tbo frank Hcbo mine,
of Frank, Alberta,   ono 105-toot, -50-
ton traok soule, two   160*borse  power
(lrtx"*.') boilers, one 120-borne power
high   speed    automatic engine,   two
llil-k. w. niultipolai direct current
dynamos, (with n total capacity uf
1200 lightc) together with full accessory equipment, also loon ton per day
ooal tipple and outfit, including live
Coal cutters.
At Fernie complete machine shop
equipment for the Crow's Nest Coul
company, comprising the following:
Lathes, planers, diill presses, shapers,
holt cutters and trimmers, valve receding machine, key seiners, emery
grinder and wheeia, now process twist
drill grinder, Merrill pipe cutting
aud threading machine, track scales
lor Jliniiel and Morrissey, etc., etc.
This   company   are also   furnishing
complete   waterwoiks   plant   for
following     towns:       Ulairmore
Frank, Alberta,    and   Morrissey
Michel, B. 0.
The Fairbanks Co. have
equipped a complete new
shop for tlie Hull Minos Smelting Co.,
of Nelson, and bave also furnished a
new sn-toii soaln to tho same corporation. This outlit for the local smelter
lias been installed by their engineer,
A. Johnson.
Mr. McDonald's firm have recently
shipped to Vancouver over 1,000 of
their vulcabeston, renewable disc and
ring valves for use in the placer mines
of the Yukon.
It is learned on good authority that
the Fairbanks company liavo recently
acquired tbe exclusive selling rights
for tlie west, ot the Cannda Radiator
company, of l'ort Hope, Ont.
Tne agent of the coinpany, who
made the sales, was reluctant to give
liguies as to tbem, hut it was
learned from authentic sources that
they aggregate over (203,000,
Mr. \V. P. Skitfington, chief engineer of tlie Fairbank company, recently completed a tour of British
Columbia and tlie territories and ox-
pie.ssed himself as greatly pleased
wilh the prospects ami Diophesicd a
great future lor the country.
session of the Supreme court. His is
contending that by means of marked
cauls, signs, extra cauls and other
unfair methods he was defrauded by
Clarke and others. He discovered
this fraud a day 01 so later alter giving the notes. Ho disputes tlie right
of the bank to enforce payment for
several reason!, one o' which is that
it knew that the notes had been
frailulently obtained and given in
settlement of a gambling debt, that if
it did not   know   this   it should   bave
ascertained the fact,and further that In
any case tlie notes are held hy it only
as collateral security.
The case promises to bo an interest-
lug one inasmuch as it will reveal
sDnio of the intricacies nf the gieat
American game as played in Sandon
in the halcyon days of that city
jji^yty"***.,, -'���^���'^^Kr.'t1'
zr>, i-*Ym��._ ->
- ,t*A-:.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We nre showing this  season  a full
line of these gonds  lind   solicit yom'
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
A-lvenir.tiji__.nl*--. fn^urted ander tbis bead at
tho rat-o of one cent a word per Insertion. No
advortiriuiii-nnL taken for lea than 25 cfmU
Situation Wanted advertisements Inserted
three Uiih;*-. free of chi_ic-j.
FURNISED       ROOMS.���Apply      on
Silica,      aucood    door   west     Ward
I-'UK ISA MO. ��� No.      -'    I'eltou     water
motOi for Bale*      Almost new.    Address Trail News, Trail, li. C.
Are you in   want?    If
tlie people, through   Tin
column,  wli   I    you are
You'll i_,     i
you arc, tell
Winer want
want,   of.
TWENTY-TWO   unfurnished   rooms,
corner Hall and    Ilalicr   streets,   tu
rent, all modem conveniences, suitable for Lodging rooms or living
rooms. Applv at shoe store on
Full SALE.���Cheap for cash, bouse,
chicken liouse and lot, 50x12(1, oorner
of Cedar and Observatory streets.
"ood garden.   Apply on premises.
A, IT. Rosenhei-Kgr returned last
evening to the city from the Lardeau
where lie has been superintending the
opening up of work on the Oyster and
Camborne groups in the Fisli river
camp. On the Oyster group contracts
for two fifty foot shafts have been let,
as also for a fifty foot tunnel and Iifty
foot shaft on the Camborne. The
building of several cabins for the use
of the miners lias heen com me need, as
also various other Improvements, and
it is intended to prosecute development work vigorously during tho coining winter. During Mr. Rosenberger'.*.
stay at the camp a strike of a two
foot stieak of the richest ore yet
found in tho Lardeau was made in the
centre of a ten foot ledge on the Camborne. Thc ore is freeinilling gold
and tlio gold on this particular streak
is extremely coarse, occurring in fair
si/cil nuggots. Tho rest of tbe ledge
run .40. It is not known yet what
tho shoot will average. He brought
down several fine samples.
K M. Quirk, manager of the Nelson
and Vernon Telephone olliee in Hos-I-
laml, is in the city in connection with
a deal for some mining property in
the Slocan in which he is jointly interested with M, McAndrews. There
is every piospect, ho'says, of sale
be I no* made of the property at a good
At the record oflice yesterdny certificates of work were issued to HiiTro!
Leiobvre on the Imperial fraction and
Imperial mineral claims.
What    is   Being] Done   For   Summer
Travo'. in tlie Maiitirae Provinces.
W. B. Ganong,   proprietor   of  The
Cedais,    a   summer   resort on the   St.
.lohn River between   Fredericton   and
St. .lohn, N. II.,   has   been in   Nelson
for the last few days, and is  a   guest
at the l'liaii.    In conversation With a
Mine     reporter    Mr.     (laming   was
asked   for some    particulars   of    the
Tourist Associations which   have been
suoh an important factor   in   attracting   tourists   to   the Maiitime  provinces, especially   dm ing   Ihe  summer
and fall lnonthN.     lie stated that this
yeai   there   was   a larger amount  of
tourist travel through New Brunswick
and Nova   Scolin than   over beforo   in
the history of tlie provinces, and tourist travel in these  provinces has   now
reached   an   Importance   that    would
surprise an outsider.     Despite thu exposition     at   liuiTalo     the   obnntless
resorts existing in the   many   favored
localities    of   New   Brunswick   were
well-filled   from the beginning to the
end   of   the   season,   and   many new
resorts   came   into  exis*ence.    One of
'lie most  important   means,   whereby
Ibis large   volume of high-class   hade
has   neen   securi'd   has been Hie wonderfully   effective   worlc   of   the   two
tourist   associations,    one with   headquarters   at St. John,   for New llrun-
siok,    and   the   other  at Halifax, for
Nova Scotia.    These associations have
branches   at   all the chief towns   and
cities.     They   are   supported entirely
by the voluntary subscriptions  of tlie
members   who   comprise   the   leading
business men and hotel   proprietors of
the   country.      All   the   officials give
their services free with the  exception
of tho   secretary,   who   early   in   the
spring of ench year visits all the leading resorts, securing
incorporated undet the laws of British Columbia.
Capital $ 1.000,000 in 1,000,000 Shares. Par Value J1.00 Each.
AU Treasury Stoch.   N�� Promoters' and No Preferred Stork.
Cambourne Group, 9 Claims Oyster Group, 6 Claims
Located in the Free Gold Fish River Camp,   Lardeau Mining Division, British Columbia.
FOR SAI.I'..��� A tame doe lawn; would
make   a   nice pet,  perfectly   docile.
Apply A. II. 8., Granite Siding
FUBNISUED Rooms,   every convenience ; soutli east corner of Carbonate
and Josephine streets.
FOR RENT���Home Temperance hotel,
20 bedrooms, dining room, parlors,
kitchen, all furnished complete; S75
per month. Apply to A. (,. Gamble,
agent,  llaker street.
-131    N. -M. Cannulas, Leasoo���Kvery known
variety of oott driulu.  PO liuxss.  Tuluiiiiuu
No.31. lioovur Streoti Nelson.   Bottlorsol Lhe
famous dl. Leon Hoi Bprfngfl Mineral WuUu*
C1ANJ.; & At tl IIUN'ALI) 111. Cllllo, Jiuilu
/ A. Maodonald!*���Architects mid *m*jurlii
tendonts, HiuKcu ilill llluiis, curnur iliikci untl
\\ mil Utroote, .MjUoii
HJ. EVANS it CO.���Bakor Btroot, Noi
��� sou���Wholesale dealers in liquors, ui*
Kinv, cement. Hie brlok anil lire cluy, water
plpo ami btoel rail.-, and general couiuiitjition
ROOMS TO RENT.���K. VV. C. Itlock���
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facing th*- west. On September 1, two sir_;ie rooms and two
or three en i.u.lo facing Baker st.
Fiii'iiislit".*. or unfurnished. Mrs. F.
J. br-u.rc, Room il,  K.    VV. C.  Illock.
Large Veins.
Free Hilling Gold Ore
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's Nest
Southern    Ry.      Hood   wageH, long
job   Headquarters, Eklo,   II.   C. A.
Outline & Co.
NELSON Employment Agency, llaker
street.    Rhone 21H.    ,1. II. Love.
WANTED���Cook, $00,  Dish-washer,
Sid.      Railroad men for l.ardo,    Oirls
for housework.
ConLracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
MACDONALD   St (Jo.-Corner   Fron
und   Hall   rtlrccLs���Whulusalu   Kroour
uml jobbers in blanket*.] k1ov_)__, mitts, uootH
rubburs, tuaokinaws uud niuors' Bundrios.
BURNS & Co.���llaker ISti'uot,  Nelson���
U'hole-alo dealera in  frohli and curod
moats.   Cul.i SI uraKe.
TV     llaker Street, Nelson-
ll'.i in fi'crili and ourod meats.
Wholesalo ilea
Street,   Nelson ��� \V uolofi
In view of thc splendid showings of  both high and low
grade ore and   the unrivalled  facilities  for  the economical
developing and working ofthe properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will the  present issue of stock  be sold Is����<
quickly, but thit no more will be offered at less than par.       i     ���
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for
stock to
OlTiciiii Broker.
WANTED.- Waitress, Girls fot Uquso-
woi'K.     Men   for    Railroad   work,
men for sawmill, B0_!Ottd cook $50   per
month, stone masun.
Western   Employment Offioe- II. A.
Probser, Phone 27U.
Storage��� I bave a   large   warehouse
for     storing       household    or    other
_iAitJ>\VAltK  CO - Hake!
_ nfo  dBolaiB in
irdware, miners' supplies, Hportin-^ yoodH
M'LACHLAN BH08, (SuooOBSOra u> Van
oouver UardwtiroCo. Ltd.! JinkurSLruut.
Nelsou���Wholesale dealers in ImrOwaru uud
mining supplies, plumbera' and litiHuiiilia'uup
X\ paints, oils and Klum; meohanles' iooIh
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
P. O. Box 556, Nelson. B. C.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting*, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
'tin* Kuslo yesterday brought down
two cars of Slocan Star ori' connigni'il
to the Trail smelter. On Tuesday tbo
cargo mas tbree ears ol Whitewater
one car of American Hoy ore, both for
the Trail smelter, and one car of
Recti, for the Selby sineitor at Kan
full   particulars
of all attractions to be found in  each.
This is later -revised   and put  in   in-
teresting     loading     form,   profusely
illustrated    with      lianilscine      bait
tones,   depicting   scenery,     hunting,
fishing,   and   various  other   sporting
seces.     These    booklets,   -which   are
most   attractively   get up, are sent, to
tlie   different   sportsmen's shows  and
other     places   where   experience   has
shown that the class whom   it   is   desirable   to   reach   will    come  across
them.     In   these booklets, boside   an
interesting account of the   places,    is
iucluded a list of guides,    and   hotels
with    railway   rates   aud    steamboat
fares and all particulars that would be
bandy     to     those    planning      suui-
mor vacation,     Besides this thero is a
variety  of other   advertising done by
the   association,   and   the     secretary
gives any aditional   information when
requested   by   correspondence.      Thc
advantage of an association htmilar to
tli's in tho   Kootenays   is   so   obvious
that it is lo bo hoped that some   steps
will be lakon to inaugurate  a branch
in Nelson during the coming   winter.
The   literature  of the association circulates   whore   ordinary   advertising
matter would bo utterly uiinuticed.
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E* CROASDAILE Agent Nelson*
itii'X. Mtlllnfr Uold Propertlo�����We arc
ttuxt-tus in secure h few freeluiiiiuu _,.��_.i
pi.tpii ������) s-������**. ni unco* Thi; Prospector's Kit-
change, Nelson, i:. <'. Boom 4, H.-W,-C.
4:OL-��SlL\i:iMOI*l'i:i�� LIMir   .liiM-H    itu-l
tin-SIMM.!* wanted,   send ri.purt and nam
y.iv> to ihi- Prospector's *.\ri_;i!_-_;�����. Nelson,
K.<:.   Room l K.-W.-C. block. ��
rpUKNKtt, BBKTON & Co.���Cornet Vernon
JL nnd Jeuophino [Struuiri, Nelson���Wholo
utile dealera in liquors, olgoro, and dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Urewing Oo. ot Miiwiiukee
and Calgary Browing Co ol Caigary*.
UUDSON'S UAY Co.���Wholesalo Krooorlo^
nnd liquors etc, Bakor Street;. Nelson,
Ollico oornor IJull and Front, Streets
Noffion���liumber, colling, Qooring, and overy
thing In wood for building purposes. Got oui
prioes.   Correspondence solicited.
Real Estate, Insurance, Money to Loan.
il-RootntlouHe, modern, $20,
a Room House, modern, 815.
5-Boom House, modern, 910.
Several small houses.
Fur Sale, a <*ood gardeu plot.
���"I"! GALLON >r. ro.-Puiiler,, |��� ore suckn
X. and iwiuu.-. Aiwaya a large atoolc oa
hand. TclopbonoHM. Room U, K.-W.-C Illock
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
169 nelson b c
A. R. BARROW, a -m. l o.b
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Corner Viotoriu and^Kootenay Sts.
P.O.  Box 600 TaleDlioue   No. a'
NKLSON LODGE'   No. 23, A. V. &
M. moete aecond WcdnoHrtay in
month,   Vinlting brothern vvclcomo
^a@Ki*- L O* O. P. Kootonaj- Ijodgo
Wmm^Se*E N��* Id. nieots every Monday night,
^t&llf^^ at thoir 'tall, Koolonay Htrool
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
Joiin A. Moltai*. N.u. 11. \v. Rutherford, v.o
Frod J. Squire, Per. Sec.
Nelson Hoyal Arch Chapter No. 1211,0. H. 0.
Mect.s third Wednesday, riojourniiig compiin
ions Invited, George Johnstone, /.. K. W.
Matthews, S. K.
Not.is (liven in Settlement Get Into
the Bank Which Sues on Them
The boards have not yet been
cleared after the now rather famous
Kiinie of poUor which was played by
.1. M. Harris, J, K. Clarke, Arthur,
FrtcrBon and Hauck in Sandon on
November 10th, 17th and 18th, 1808.
Hauck, according to the evidence
givon in a previous case, was a professional gambler and card sharp.
Harris wound up loser by several
thousand dollars, and when the ir<i��*e
closed settled by giving Hauck 0,000
shares of Reoo stooK, and Clarke two
notes aggregating 8850. lie Inter
found     that     the   game     had    been
Washed down a telegraph line
which Chas. C. Ellis, of Lisbon, la.,
bad to repair. "Standing wnist deep
in ioy water," he writes, "gave me
a terrible cold and cough. Il grew
worse daily. Finally the best dootors
iu Oakland, Neb., Sioux City and
Omaha, said I had Consumption and
could rot live. Thee I began usin*.*
Dr. King's New Discovery and was
wholly ourod by six   " "    ""'
tivaly guaranteed   for   Coughs
NELSON  LOUGH   No.25, K. of P.
Ainools in K. of 1*. hall, Oddfellows block
jsJoveryTue-iilay evening at 8 o'clock.
*/All visiting knights cordially   invito
Wm. Iiivink, CC.
A. T. PillK, K. of It. and S.
Certificate of Improvements
Mntildn Mineral Claim, situate in tbe
Nelson Minim** Division of West Kootenay District,
Where located Near the East Fork
of Champiou Creek, iiboutsix miles from
the Columbia River.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Kenneth L.
Burnet, agent for tne Mount Sicker nud
British Columbia Development Company, Limited, free miner's certilicate
No. B63443, intend, Bixty days from tbe
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate nf improvements
for Ihe purpose of obtaining u Crown
Grant of the above claim.
Aud further take notico that action,
uuder section 37, most bo commenced
before the issuance of such certilicate of
Doted this 29th dny of August, A. D
Nelson Enca pnieut No. 7. Meets evory 2nd
and 1th Friday ol each month, hi Odd Follows
Hall, corner Haker and Kootenay streots.
Nelson. A. II. Clements, 0. 1'.; D. McArthu.-
It. S.   Visiting brothers always woInornA,
NKLSON  L. 0. L. No. 1001 meets in Fraternity Hall on first and I bird Friday ovenings
ol each month at S o'clock.   Visiting member
cordially   invited.     VV. W,
A, Minly, H. &. ^__
18  ni
Wtndcirmcro Miaou.   Cnrrospoiitlonoo3ol'.olle
W. K.
NELSON AEl'.ll'.  No. 22, F. O.   K.,.meets
' fourth	
.   mem
OharlOs Prosser. RnorBtary.
every second and fourth Wednesdays of each
"��� onth.   Visiting   inemhors conlially   Invll.
and all Throat and Lung  diseases   by
Canada Drug & Book Co.     Price 500.
Linton's   Tea   is  a winner.   Pure,
finest llavor, aud first package tea put
Koolonay Tent. No,7. K. 0. T. M ��� hold tholr
regular meclings 111 t niteniily Hall, 1. <>. O. V,
block, on the 1-t and :ird l'hurai riy�� of.MOh
, nnlli Visiting brut iron conlially invited to
aito,,'!'. O.A.Urow,,, K. K.; A. 1'. Purdy, Com.
R. J.Stool, U. S. O, 	
1st andSrd Wednesday evenings of
each month at Fraternity hull,
corner of linker and Koolona)
htrootH. Visiting brethern cord-
inllj invited.
KnWAHii Maci.koii. SocrolJixv.
Certificates oflmprovements
New Year, Amethystine and Tourmii
line mineral claims, situate in the Nelson Mining Divisiou of West Kootenay
Where looatod���On the East bank 0
the Columbia ltiver, two miles south
of Trail.
TAKE NOTICE thut I,,I. D. Anderson, P. L. 8., of Trail, B. C, agent for
W. W. Carlisle, Free Miner's Oertiti
cats No. B 150854, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to npply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purposo of obtaining Orown Ornuts of lhe above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be eommenoed
before the issuance *of such Certificates
of Improvements. j
Dated this29th day of  July,   A.  D
COUHT KOOTKNAY. t O. F., No. 31*,
Meetings in. Thursday of mon th. *raternal
hall, J A living 0 K.   P. *t. Fleming. It.a
Kasporry plants if:.'..10 a hundred,
Strawberry plants (1.-5 a hundred.
Asparagus,   nnd   rlmbarb roots,   fruit
trees and all kinds  of  ornamentals at I monlb."visiting brothren wolcomo
ltiversidi* Nurseries, llrand Folks. Millan, C.H    I'obort MoLood. 800.
Nolson Court star ot Kootenay,
2nd and   Ith. Wodnosdoyr
O. F.
oclal Land*
0AE8.-MEALS a la 0ARTE.
Close connection East and West
bound nl. Spokane with trains of thc
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection ut Ht, Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New Yor_
and all points Wist and Mouth.
Leaves Spokane daily for .East at!9:lb a m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 am
Leaves Spokane daily tor Wost at 8*00 p m
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria nnd Vancouver,
Portland, Sun Francisco, and all point,'
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation Ensl
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North AVes*
and North-Land of theNorthern Bteam
ship Company Line, operated in con
nection with the Great Northern Rail
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Kails ._ Northern Ry., Kaslo & Blooar
Ry., Kootel ai Railway & Navlgatior
Ci* , or to
City Pass, and  Tkt   Agt,  W  7ill  \V,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash,
li. K. TAOi-AUURY, Local A|.eut,
Nelson. 1. '
To  All   Eastern   Points  via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via   St.   Paul   or  Chi
Civil Engineers aod Pro
1'. O. Box 145 N
on, B.C.
Yon shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what Tbe Mii'or can do
for you.
Pan-American Exposition
BUFFALO, $76.00.
Sixty    Days'     Limit.
Good going Oct. 1-15th
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For   pamphlets descriptive of^Oiin
ailian l'acilic loins and foi Time Tub
Rates,   Tickets,   apply
11. L. Brown,
City Passenger Agent1)
J. S. Cahthr,
Dis. Pass. A_*t.
E. J. CllYI.K
A. (I. P. A.
Vancouver Nelsou Daily Minhr Tt\bi\&i\f, October Id, tQoi
|    Mrvrr-
Usdlflrttl �����_�� frequent*,-\    Ueoirt,   Tr��gulLi
)i_v��  oMUiofi   li   rapw j a, Ssdwr itturnM yfturaty iroi
Pflptf    beuestoi  twftsti .ii*- '��-k,.,,_  ������  Qroiunaa eresb wbuw H-te*
. **7 .      a     ��.._   .....       ._.     i-     -k,. *vtr ,   '
u two ilayt' buiulii^', securing   '
.siiBiiiy fto-log thai wet l�� OblJPW
nnd iDfinitaly eno-sa tmtmitoty Hiw J"
kidrr.miiip paper cost* lees and wears I fair rt^ed PPCU
longer without beeooing soiled. R
aeenres and holds a better clnss of ten-
ante: in fact aK'-101- tenant will inei-it on
having paper. There ii Wall Paper ��aa
Wall Paper, our Wall Paper an 1 tbe
other kind. Von will pay no moro.
innch less, iu fact, for our up-to-date
papers than for inferior and older designs elsewhere. Our Fall Sale Is worth
til- attention of every householder.
NELSON.  B. 0.
A    meeiiug   of     tne   Nortlivvetteiii
Development   syndicate    shar<iholrl*-rs
will be held   tomorrow   afternoon   in
the   officeb   of   the   Prospector*,'   Ex
change at 2 o'clock.
A. .1, Scott, president of tbe Northwestern Development -.indicate, is expected tu arrive this evening from
Hancock, Michigan, to attend the
meeting ot the shareholders, leaving
tomorrow eve  lug for tome.
Tin* llrand Master Vi. Hogg, ot
Vancouver. will visit Kootenav
Lodge Sc.    16, i. 0. 0.   1'..    on    Pri-
f Horn���To the wife of William Wal*
die. Carbonate street, a son. October
9 th.
The Uertule.- yesterday brought in
t-.o bargc-i loaded with limestone
from Kaslo for the Hall Mines smelter.
The linanee committee of the city
council will meet tomorrow evening
at the city ball for the purpose of receiving aud passing the accounts for
tbe month.
There will be a meeting of the Nil-
son Hoard of Trade at the board room
this evening, at which several matters
of importance will he dealt with, if
enough of the members are present to
form a quorum.
P. Nipou, who last week was struck
in tbe eye by a piece of glass frum a
lubricator which exploded while be
was examining it, is able to get
around again. It is not known yet
whether the sight of the injured eye
can be saved.
Tbe sale of tbe Napoleon Bonaparte
mineral claim to S. S. Taylor was
recorded yesterday. This claim na-
sold under execution by Sheriff Tuck
on Sept. 24 in the ease oi the 0 el ber
Brewing Co. vs. Kdward Dufour. The
amount realised for the claim was .31.
In the case of Hall vs. LaBau, the
defendant has appealed against the
order of adjournment, The appeal
will be heard on Nov. 5th at Vancouver, with Galliher ,v Wilson fur the
(defendant) appellants, and Taylor Sc
Hannington for the 'plaiutilTs)
The case of Michael Smith, who
was brought in from P.ohson.on Tuesday night by Provincial Constable
Forrester, who had arrested him at
that poi nl 'in insructtions from the
police at liepublic, Wash., eontains
si vet al uousum] features. Smith was
employed as a farm laborer for a man
named Mcllride, and was set to work
to clean out an old chicken house.
Under a foot of manure he spied the
top of an oblong can, which as he
shovelled it ont gave foith a pejuliai
sound. He investigated and found
inside it a large pickle botilc in
which was over Snub bright American
gold coin. Having struck such rich
nay dirt, and further investigation
proving that it was nut a ledge, hut
merely a poockct he took the next
train, not caring to make too close investigation as to property rights in tlie
matter of treaure trove Not having
kept the news secret he was sent after
by the former owner of the land, who
felt that as the manurd belonged to
him its contents should nlso he his
property. Extradition proceedings
ba/e been commenced which tin-
prisoner has engaged counsel to
run test.
a four decked cake, j tbe  d..ke aa cut *n
He     recommenced
   ������������ "|day. Oct.   11th.     All   members     and
#��^vvvvivA.VV��*iV-vvvvvvvv-vvvve | .:sjting   brethern are   invited   to   he
C C . present.
!     Those who attend the   "At   Home"
jand dance   to   he   given   on   Tuesday
���evening next at the   Phair  under   the
'auspices of the    Ladies'  Hospital   Aid
'society are   certain   tf   an   enjoyable
time.     A feature of the dance will be
tht, prize wait/* f
Tickets are 81 50.
William Walter, a negro, aged 88
yeais, who ha- been residing in
Nelson fur some time, died at tbe
hospital on Tuesday night. He was a
native of Kingston. Jamacia. The
funeral will take place from McArthur undertaking establishment
this afternoon at 3.30 to the cemeteiy.
A telegram was received yesterday
hy J. K. Strachan from his son, W. K.
Straehan, who is a deepatcher on the
Chicago & North Western railway at
DesMolnes, stating that he would
leave St. Paul for Nelson that day,
ai riving here in time for his brother's
funeral which is to be held on Sunday afternoon.'
Dr. Hall and A. Carrie left Tuesday
for (lianite Siding with the intention
of cutting across country to Hproule
creek, where Mr. Carrie ia interested
in some mineral claims. From there
they will continue on to Slocan City
taking till Saturday for the trip.
They went well armed for any kind
of game, and hoped fur some good
I.t.-Col. Holmes, D. 0. C��� who has
been inspecting the Rossland company
of Kooky Mountain Rangers, is expected in today to hold tbe annual inspection hire. lhe local company-
will ho put through its exercises at
the armory on Friday evening. The
men have been drilling industriously
and will no doubt be able to give a
good account of themselves.
Tho Nelson Rifle Association has
prepared an excellent list of events for
its annual meeting on Monday and
Tuesday next. Lioeral prizes in cash
and trophies will be offered for competition and some Rossland men are
expected over to tako part. The members of the association have had
many difficulties to overcome as a
young organization and it is hoped
before another year passes some uoces-
sarics to popularize rille practice will
have been piovided.
foUl woik litlM August, IftflO airniui.!*
i-d to ��*\ l��et diiven, Sliu tun- 01 6H
mliicd and ltd tout tblppod.
In addition to the work in the
mine, a substantial aerial tramway
���J,"00 feet long and complete in every
detail has bepn erected, so that ore
can be cheaply handled from the mine
to the railway or to the mill when
erected. The tramway has worked
very smoothly and well, the cost of
handling fifty tons of ore a day being
15 ceiits a ton.
After describing tbe result of the
work done, which does not appear tc
have given very satisfactory results,
the engineer states: On the discovery
post portion of the vein I obtained
most satisfactory values, from ,4- to
8,-is per ton, over 12 to 13 inches wide
of the paystreak. As tlie development
of tbis portiou of the vein is practically nil, no estimate of the values can
be given. On thc bCEt showing oo the
property, where high values were
obtained, notiiing more than six feet
of Woik bas heen done, and it would
appear that the best portion of the
mine exists on the southwest side of
the adit tunnel,
sinking near the
discovery post, following the ore.
This work should pay its cost, and
would eventually develop ore bodies
sufficient to supply a sirali mill with
30 tons daily. The test made at
Silica showed tbat ore running $i to
the ton would yield a proiit of 51.3:1 to
the ton, and that running $10 would
return S5.-3.
West Transfer Go.
Zbc literal _?!__!___ ot Canaba"
incorporated 1869,
���:.,.. .,.1   AulhorlMil,
��:i lieu mw.Ofl I ��'ep!lal I'ald-np,
It. si. ��� ���       ���
Best   Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Office on   Haker Street
Tel. a"
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
'    ���     Sv.OWi.mn1.11.
.   HH.IiXi.ikhlih,
i-onii! of Itlreelon     momas E. Konny,   Freslden.j   Tho'nas Kitchle, Vieo-Pr. ������.*,.���,_
Wiley Smith   H. 0. Bauld, lion. David MMKeen.
il, nil outre, Halifax I
�����-_�� BStiW**��5S* W. a Torrance, Halifax
Itran    c*!
tfew    Br ii n* *_<-!_ ��� Bathurst,     Don-lies lor,
Kroderici-on, KinastOfl (Kent Oo.), Moncton Newcastle, Sackville, Si, Johu.WooastOCiC'
p. ��. iiiumi���Charlotte to wb, Bummorsi-ae,
!���_.���.-. fouii-Miiii-I���Sfc. John's.
Cuba* wrut lu die*���Havana*
Palled Matin Now York (18 (Cxchango I1;-.,
The company which will present
"A Wise Woman,'' the latest musical
farce, at Lhe Nulson Opera House in
lhe near future has a really wondertul
array of well-known people enlistcfl
in the ranks of tiie organization. The
management do uot believe in the too
common system of ''one or two giving
the whole show," but have organized
what Is undoubtedly one of the
strongest farce comedy casts ever
brought together.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pin_ Lumber Always in
We carry n complete -toek of Count KloorinK
Colling, Insiilu Finish, Turned Work. Basil and
Doors. Special order work will receive proinpl
attention'   Mail order- solicited.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
CeirespendenU t
('-uiiiiln-Mercli.it!!- Bank of Canada.   Boston-National Sbawmnt Rank.  OUeago-Ullnoli
Tru-i and Savings Bank,  San Francisco���First National Hank.   Liniiion,  Eiig.-iiuit ol
BooUand.  Paris* France���Oiedil Lronnals.   Bermuda���Bank of Bermaao.   Chins ami jtt.
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane���Ola National Hank.
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills o( Exchange   ttouj-h
and Sold, Letters ol  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on spr-rial I
deposit? mid ou Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Itfanager, Nelson. B.O.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Offlcfl��� H^'i-^T and Veinon _��t, Ne_ww
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
NO. 4 K.-W.-0. BLOCK. NELSON. B. C,
Uold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at tlie EXCHANOE.   }
FREE   MILLING   UOLD   properties  wanted at ouee for Eastern   j
Positively after
briilye Qslt dial
excepting pain iu advance.
--- ' VV. P. TIERNEY
tlii.s dnto  no Le'.h-
v.'ill   bo   delivered
For tho Old Fashionad Ocffie Wan Killing*
'���'I always drank ooflos with the
rest of thn (amIly, for n Beamed as if
thern was nothing fur breakfast if we
ilid not have it nn tlio table.
I ha.I been troubled soma time with
my heart, which did not feel right.
This   tiuiihlo   grew    nurse   steadily.
Sometimes it would beat  fast and  at
other ���mil's very slowly, so that 1
wouhl hardly be able to dr. work for
an hour or two after breakfast, and il
I walked up a bill, it gave me n
severe pain.
1 had no iden what the trouble was
until a fii.iul suggested thai perhapi
it might be caused by colTee drink
ing. I tried leaving oil* tlio Coffee
and liegnn drinking I'ostuni Cereal
Kood Coffee, The change caine quickly. I am now gliul to say tnat I am
entirely well of the heart trouble and
attribute the cure to leaving off coffee
and the use of I'ostum Cereal Food
A number of my friends have abandoned the old fashioned colfee ami
have taken up with Postum, which
thoy are using steadily, Thero aie
some people that make Postum very
weak and tasteless, but if it is boiled
long enough, according to directions,
it is a very delicious beverage. We
bave never lined liny of tlie old fashioned colTee since it was first started
in otlr bouse.'' Mrs. I. A. .Smith.
Blodgett Mills, Cortland Co.,  N, Y,
Mrs. Langndge left yesterday on a
threu months nip to Kngland.
Miss Neelanils left last evening by
the Ci-oVh Nest boat   fcr Detroit.
\V. 11. Adams, manager of Ihe
Rambler-Oatlboo, was in town yesterday on a business visit.
James Cronin, manager of t*ie St.
Eugene, was in town yesterday en
route from Spokane to Moyie,
Mrs. I'ainton left on yesterday's
train for Urand Forks, her future
home, accompanied by her mother,
Mrs. Terry, of Bristol, England.
Arthur liooth, Insurance agent, left
last night by tho Crow's iSest steamer
for Liverpool, Eng. lie will hail by
the (iceanie. Mr. liooth has boen
called home owing to tho illness of
Ilis mother.
Queens-Angus     Campbell.
Rev. Father Lspolnt, Ymir,
llnnie.��� J.   I
B, li. Caswell,
E. I). Saunden
Turner,     M.
Lewis,    Spokane
11 ogon,
. Main.  \\
Kaslo; I'
,    L.   S.    Austin,   (Jeo
A.   McKenzie,   A.   H.
��� I.    .1.    Thompson,
I'liair. ���AV. tl. Mackenzie, Vancouver; ii. Vi. Williams, Syracuse; F.
VV. Sterling, Toronto; O. A. I'ease,
Prince's Landing,
you don't like Bine Ribbon Tu it's
because you tasted il
��� SEE ���
West Block. East Baker St.
V.'. Muck White, the well known trainer of
rh, t'orontoLacrosse Tniuii and O-g.-oil Hall
Koothall Club writer : "I con.-iiler Griffiths
Menthol Liniment unequalled for athletos or
IhObO training. I have Udcd it with the he.-l
Buece.-*, und cun heartily recommend it for still".
ne-.s, -.orene.^, -iiraiiiri and all forms of swelling
and inllumiuition.   Price 85oents.
For sale by J. P. Vanston" N'olson. B. C.
Will pay the highest cash prioe for all
kinds of seooud band goods. Will boy
or soil anything frum au anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
-ooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast olf clothing.
Uall and see me or write. AddreK
Silvsr King Mike, Box 300. H��!>
6*ireet. Nelson.  B   ������
and try a botule, a dozen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER as it is Iho best ami
cheapest on the market. Also try out
Wlf.i.S,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Telephone 93
, TAMBLYN. M_��__._.
n**>er rit_, NOlSOIl
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to   the   City
Horseshoeing* Shop.  Jo
sephine Street
Certilicate of Improvements
Iron Age Mineral Cluim, sitnute in
the  Nelson   Mining  Division   of  Weht
Kootenay District.
Whers located���Approximately one
mile eiist of Slocan Junction on  the
poulli ltnnk of Kootenav river.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis .).
O'fieilly, of Nelson, li 0., as egent for
L, A. Campbell, Free Miner's Certificate
Ni . lifioMil, Intend, sixty days from tbe
diiii- licreuf, to npply to the Minin_- Reoorder for a certificate of Improvements,
for tin* purpose of obtaining n Crown
Qrant of the above claim.
And farther take notice that action,
nnder section 87, must be commenoed
before the issuance of snch certificate of
Duted thi*, llh dny of August. 1001.
(iranil Central ���II.Woolaver, Hunts-
port, N. S. ; 0. Greenwood, Movie; ,T.
VV, Annlie, VV. li. Knoivlon, Uall I F.
Sleemnn, B. ES, drove, VV, .1. Walker,
Spokane; li. Dookatader, Sandon,.!.
A. Maker, If, Labergc, Slocan; C
Okergren, Howser: C. Tiilieruuin,
Annual   UeportH   Indicate   Profits
lie Expected.
The Tamarac   Mines,   Limited,   hns
issued a statement showing  what Ins
been 'lone in tnat  company's picperty
near Ymir during the past   yuttr    The
Certificate of Improvements
Deei Trail Mineral Claim, nituati' ii
the Neluon Mining Ilivision of West
Kootenay District.
Where located���On first AVeat Fork
of North Fork of Salmon River.
TAKE NOTICE that I. F. -S. Clements, acting ns agent for John Hull,
free miuei's certificate No. B50104 and
Fred \V. Eleslewood, free miner's certificate No. B40650, intend sixty dayH
Ironi the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
Anil fur'her lake notice that action,
under seel ion 1)7 must lie commenced
before the issuance of such certifieate
of ImproToinODtB,
Dated this 81st day of July, A. D.,
i- rom
Allan Line Ar.s'raiian .. ,	
Allan Line Protorian	
Allan Line Tunisian	
Reaver Line Lake Charaplain	
Leaver Lino Lake Megantic	
Heaver Line Lake Simcoe	
From Por
Lonii lion L:n? Carnbroman	
Dominion  Line   Vancouver	
Cunaril Line   Firuri*.  	
Ounard Line Campania	
-VbiteStar Line Celtic..	
White star Line Teutonic	
White Star Line Uormanls	
American Line Philadelphia,	
Amorlcan Line St,  Paul	
Anohor Line Anchoria	
Anchor Line Furne- ia	
S*. G. L. Kaiser Wilhelm der Orcs-i
French Line L'Ai|iiiUiine.	
Freucli Line La (Jharapagno	
Hamburg-American Daetschland.,
Allan Btate Lluo Laurcntian.	
Dominion Lino Commonwealth...
Dondnion Line New Ungland	
Cunard Line Saxonia	
Mom real
...Oct, 25
...Nov. 2
. Nov. 7
.. llet. 25
.Nov. 1
..Nov. 8
tlantl. Mc.
 Oct. 2fi
...Nov. 11
New York
...Oct, 2(1
...Nov. 2
 Oct. 22
 Oct. 23
. . Oct. 10
... .Oct. '..1
 Oct. an
....Oct. -.Ii
...Nov.  '.'
 Oct. 22
...Oct. 21
... .Oct. 31
 Oct. 3!
 Oct. 30
om Boston
..Oct. 21
Nov, 2il
Nov.  2
Furl her Palling*' for ihe above line- al-o
French, Hod Btar, Holland-American, H. A. P.
Co., N". 0. Lloyd on application,
G**n. Ai*eni, Winnipeg, Man.
J. S, DARTER, D. P. A��� Nolson,
b'liares in tlie above Company can he
lioutilit for :i.*i cents now.
Rush in your orileis as there is
every prospect ot anothei advance in
the Dear future.
PHONE 27fl
H. & M. BIRD
A ten-roomed house and corner
lot on Stanley street, close lo Baker
street complete with furniture. A
Bargain for immediate sale. Terms
on part of the purchase money.
Parties having ininini.' property for sale are requested to semi
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Ii.X
CHANCE their headquarters when iii Nelson.
All samples should be sent by. express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
TelcohonoNo. 104.   P. O. Box 700. , NELSON, II 0.
>-vt-v-v*\v��**'^i-V-vv--->-v%v��%w^v-vw *-ovot
Several good houses  at   reduced
rents.    Call and see our list.
j        & CO.
\  Cigars
Phone 117 1
He   sure and get tiie genuine   BEN-
something that looks   like   it.      a\v-
rence Hardware Co., Agon""'*
Brewers of Fine Lngor
Reer and Poi tor,
S-lsnu   ft 0
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
**&******** rStS
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nolnon, Kaslo
Sandon, Tkme Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
orders by mall to anv branch will have careful a��d nremct attention.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is ,\i,i:,lK[iiiiii-,,.<t
The Bank ofJBrltish Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   _s,hou,000;   Reserve   Fund,   83,000,000j
Aggregate Resources liver 805,000,000.
HON. QKO. A. OOX, President.      B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
London OHlce:  mi Lombard Street,  R.  C.
New York Office! n, Exchange Place.
And OS braiichej in Canada und I lie United suites, Including!
i Atlin Greenwood Nelson Bandon
9 Riiamikook        Kamloops Ngw Westminster  Vancouver
I Fkrmk Nanaimo Hosslanii Victoria
t Vt.'KON DISTRICT���Dawson and White House.
m UNITED STATUS���Nbw Xobk, San Francisco, Seattle, PORTLAND, SKAOWAV,
|      Savings Bank Department.
r Deposits Reooivod snd Interest Allowed.  Present Hats :l Per Cent
| Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager. 2
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot greatly increases tie heating capacity of the stove, and in connection with the deflector' ring forces the
heat to the flour. The base is hot, the lloor being warmer than wUli n
base burner.
The Hot 'Hast Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at the
rear of the Are pot, the heated air being discharged in a'circle at the top
of lire pot, over fire, thus consuming all tlie gases and products of combustion, li can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently; by a.screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control ol the stcve with nearly perfect combustion.
Ihe large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the back takes the cold air from
he floor and eiects it intensely heated, through the top adc-ing greatly
to the heating capacity. * B  B
Where the stove is operated according to directions'we guarantee it lo
����>ume a Ith e gas contained in soft coal, thus deriving ihe benefit of
all the heal ,n the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkable saving of
lue over any other stove on the market. Tlie stove will hold lire from
2,\ to 4b hours without attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
O.ders by m,il receive careful and prompt attention,


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