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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 25, 1901

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 Daily Edition No. 1174
 Province Libm'v"g3J.o^
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Friday,  October 25,  1901
Eleventh  Year
October   7th,    concluded     last    night
when the prosecution closed   it   case.
mf\TTT1T3"E'P 'Tl'�� dtfen6t' w��i,el1 the ri��ht of call-
yUll'L��XlU inK witnesses and Magistrate Watson
committed Hill for trial at the spring
session of the Supremo court.
Only Liberals Are Nominated.
Promotion for Admiral
Canadian Fishermen Wanted
to Serve In British
1 ���
Mistreat, 0cl- -'I.���Nomination in
provincial by-oleotious took place
today In f��,ir counties. In Vaudreuil
and Levis, Liberals were eleoted by
noclnicatioii "ml in Drummond and
QoellOO where there will be contests.
Only Liberals arc in the .field.
Halifax, Oct. 24.���'A letter received
at the (lock yard hero says Lord Win.
Cavr iH to resign as First Lord of the
Admiralty and bo succoeded by Sir
Jubn Fisher now on this station.
Toronto, Oct. 24.���The Evening
Telegram's London cable says Admiral Hopkins tit a dinner given by
tlie London Chamber of Commeroe,
said that if some one would make a
move by holdine; up his hand in favor
of the Idea, 10,000 or 40,0tl0 Canadian
fishermen would ,ioiti the Royal navy.
Those who had jot&ed in tbe past hud
proved to be the veiy best seamen.
Montreal, Oct. 24.���Semi-annual
meeting of the executive committee of.
the western section of the alliance of
reformed churches throughout the
world holding the Picsbyterian meeting hero today delegates boing present
from all sect;ons cf the United States
and Canada. It was rtecldud to hold
the next meeting in Pittsburg in
April, 1303, No business of public
interest was transacted.
Montreal, Oct. 24.���Tho gross earnings of the Montreal Street railway
for the year are (185,000 greater than
for last year, but not earnings are
only 82,000 greater.
lToronto, Oct. 24.���W. E. H. Massey
this morning had rallied slightly.
Prayers for his recovery were offered
at the Ontario Sunday School convention in eession here thin morning.
Toronto, Oct. 21.-John Strachan,
'or many yt.ars general agent in
Toronto of the Erie railway, and one
of the best known of the oity's railway men, Is dead, aged 07 years.
Toronto, Oct. 24.���The   natural history    building    at   tho     Inhibition
Cronnds was totally destroyed  by   flte
Portly before noon today.
""Hilton, Oct. 24,-Thc executive
ooinmittco ot the National Council of
Women, held a meeting here jester-
a��y and were entanalned by local
'"embers. Arrangements are being
���'le to hold the annual convention
JUioh will hkoly be held at St. John,
London, Oct. 24.-Mrs. W. Wilt-
f��. committed Buic|(ie this morning
J taking a dose of laudanum and
eaihohe acid. She suffered from mel-
����eho!ia and religious dementia.
Bruntford, Out.   Oct.   24,-Tbe evi
enee of   the   defense   in   the White
2nW'  �������   this   morning went   to
�� that tbe actions   of the deceased
'"''ins death indicated   that White
"lU'"'l��l to do away with himself.
Ottawa, Oct. 24.���It Is stated here
that Premier Hnultain. of tho Northwest territories has boon offered the
position of legal advisor to tho
Government in the Yukon.
Wheutley, Ont., Oct,
24 -A   valu-
was struck here yester-
aide oil
���   it is estimated that its capacity
PrllimT"'0"'   N-     8-   0ct    2*-T"-
R "a'.V    examination   of   Julius
HathT? ,   WUh   tl,e   mnr��<"    of
*��""�� Kaplan at Clark's   Haibor on
City  Council Discusses the
Bargain With Power
Mrs. Taylor Safely Plunges
Over Niagara Falls in
a Barrel.
St. Johns, Nlld., Oct. 24.���The programme for the Duke and Duchess of
York was carried ont today amid
frequent rain showers. The Royal
party landed at 11 o'olook without
any of them wearing uniforms and
drove to the government house under
the esoort of mourned police through
the streets lined with sailors and
marines fiohi the fleet. At the government house, Sir Wm. Whitoway,,
chairman of the citizens' committee,
presented an address of welcome to
which the Duke replied in suitable
The .governor of Newfoundland, Sir
Cavendish Boyle, then presented the
people's gift, two splondid caribou
heads, mounted,for the Duke, and two.
albums, containing photographs of
native scenery,for the Duchess. The
women of the colony, through Lady
Whiteway, presented the Duchess with
a mink carriage rug. The Duke,
later, laid the commemorative stone
ot the new court house and then
children umbering 5,000 in the rink
presented tho Duke and Duohess with
a Newfoundland dog, harness and cart
for the Royal children. The Duke
thanked them. Tho only funotion this
afternoon was a reception by the
Duke and Duchess in Government
house which was attended by about
500 per-ons. When the affair was
partly over it was suspended for a
time as the Duchess became somewhat
The reception closed at 4.10 o'clock.
Tne royal party then drove to the
dock and went on board the Ophir
where the Duke and Dncbess rested
for a few hours returning at 8 o'clock
to attend tho state banquet at government house and to drive through the
city at 11 o'clook for a view of the
illumination. At 11 o'clock the Duke
and Duobess returned to the Ophir
which will sail for England at daylight tomorrow.
KansasCity,Oct.24.���Cresccus at the
Kansas City Driving park this afternoon broke the world's trotting
record for a mile, on a half mile
course, making the distance in 2.0��J��.
The previous record, 2.09K, was
made at Toledo. The time by quarters
was: First quarter, 32^; half,
IMH; three-quarters, 1.30}��;milo,
2.09 '4.
Constantinolpe, Oct. 24.���The missionaries, who are operating from
Samakov, Bularia.are at last in touch
with the brigands who abducted Mips
Ellen M. Stone and her companion
Mme. Tsilka, according to despatches
received here today, though, whether
negotiations for the ransom have actually boor, opened is not disclosed. The
missionaries on the spot are expected
to conclude the business with the
utmost dispatch.
Washington, Oct. 24 ���Nothing has
been received at the state department
from the agents in Turkey and ltul-
garla touching on the case of Miss
Stone for the last three days. The
faJt is regarded by the officials here
as indicating that the agents have not
been ahle to secure a trtjje of th'e
missing woman. Up to tBis moment
the department has.b'eeo dependent
npon the missionary advices for news
as to ,lhe movements of the brigand
hands, having ./ailed to get in touch
through its own agfrp.tB.
London, Oct. 24.���A despatch to
the Daily' Mail from St. Petersburg
relates the discovery of a serious plot
in Teheran to murder the shah. The
leaders were the shah's own two
brothers, the grand vizior and the
shah's son-in-law. The whole ievolutionary party together with the high
priests have been banished.
Chicago, Oct. 24.���The secretary of
the Hammond Packing oompany estimates the loss from yesterday's fire at
$000,000 with $400,000 more from loss
of business through inability to fill
orders. The company will rebuild at
The Unexpected Question of
Buying Transformers
Gomes In.
A meeting of the city council was
held last evening to consider the new
light ty-law. All the aldermen, with
the ixccption of Alderman Irving
were present. A letter was read frcm
Mr. Downie, superintendent of this
division of the C. P. R., relating to
the nomina' rental which would be
chargd the city for the use of the land
on which the city weigh scales stand
and also for the crossing of the city
Sewer under the railway right of
way.    This was read and accepted.
A letter was read from nssistnnt-
alcctrican, J. A. Sproat, stating that
as he had decided to take up the study
of medicine at Trinity University,
Toronto, he would not restme his
position at th�� power house.
On motion of Aid Selous, seconded
by Aid.Gillette, the council then went
Into committee of the whole to consider the light ty-law. The draft
of the proposed by-law was then read
clause by clause. The first two
clauses, relating to the quantity of
power the city would take and the
oompany deliver, and the delivering
of tho power through the sub-station,
Were passed and accepted. On clause
3, it was stated that the city should
supply "all the pole lines, transformers, and other fitting necessary
for the reduction of the pressure from
2,000 volts to a suitable voltage for
the furnishing of incandescent Iigts, "
an objection came up. This was that
for the city to supply the transformers
that would be required the cost would
be at IcaBt $2,000. These transformers
would have to be purchased or else
the city would have to take down all
its copper wires and substitute wires
suitable fur handling the alternating
current, the same as is at present supplied by its ore alternating machine.
Aid. Selous stated that he had not
figured on the purchase of t��e trans
oimers, as knowing that the transformers had come with the last
machine purchased he had supposed
that the others were provided in the
same manner. He asked Electrician
McPhee, who was present throughout
the meeting what the value of the
copper wires would be. Mr. McPhee
said that the city had at present
88,000 worth of copper wires up.
After a little discussion it was seen
that as the transformers would always
bo useful it would le as well to get
On clause four, which related to the
prices to be charged tbe different
classes of consumers, a long and fruitless discussion followed the reading of
it. It was seen that with the new
light the old rates and terms were not
compatible, as the terms with the
power company allowed for a 24 hour
service. It whs decided that banks
should be classed with residences, as
far as rates went. The subject of
putting i In meters also oame up for
consideration, Out although it was
seen that the moters would settle the
most difficult of the points that had
oome up, it was decided that it would
not be wise for the oity to incur so
much extra expense at present.
This clause was finally loft, on
motion of Aid. Selous, seconded by
Aid. Patterson to the mayor and the
city electrioian to decide and report
on at the next meeting cf the council.
In the clause relating tu how many
free lights the city should have Aid.
Gillette objected to the limit being
put at fifty lights for the municipal
buildings, and after this had been
enquiro into the number in the agreement was ohanged to 75.
The remainder of the clauses were
accepted without comment, except a
few questions from the aldermen as to
the meaning or scope of some of the
provisions. On motion cf Aid. Selous,
seconded by Aid. Patorson the committee then rose and reported progress
to the council. The council then adjourned till Monday, October 28th,
when the date for the voting on the
by-law   will bo set.
First Time This  Feat Was
Done Without Instant
Niagara Falls, N, Y.,Oet. 24.--Mrs.
Annie Edson Taylor, 50 years old,
went over Niagara Falls on the Canadian side this afternoon and survived,
a feat never before accomplished, and
indeed never attempted except in the
deliberate commission of suicide.
Not only did she survive but she
escaped without a broken bone, her
only apparent injury being a scalp
wound one and a half inches long, a
slight concussion of the brain, some
shock to her nerves and bruises about
the body. She was conscious when
taken out of the barrel. The doctors
in attendance upon her last night said
that she was somwhdt hysterical, hor
condition is not at all serious and
that she wiliprobably be out oi bod
within a fen days.
Mis. Taylor's trip covered a mile
ride through the Canadian rapids
before she reached tho brink of th3
precipice. Her barrel, staunch as a
barrel could be, was toppled and
buffeted through those delirious
waters, but escaped Serious contact
with rooks. As it passed over the
brink it rode at an anglo of about 45
degrees on tbe outer surface of the
deluge and descended as gracefully as
a barrel can descend to the white
foaming waters 158 feet below. True
to her calculations the anvil fastened
to the bottom of the barrel! kept it
foot downward and so it landed. Had
It turned over and landed ou its head,
Mrs. Taylor's head must have been
crushed and her neck broken. The
ride through the rapids occupied 18
minutes. It was 4.28 o'clock when
the barrel took its leap. It could not
be seen as it struck the water below
because of spray, hut in less than half
a minute after it passed over the
brink it was seen on the surface of
the scum-covered water below the
falls. It was .carried swiftly down to
the green waters beyond the scum, then
half way to tbe Maid-of-the-MiBt
landing it was caught in what is
known as the Maid-of-the-MiBt eddy
and held there until it floated so close
to the shore that it was reached by
means of a pole and hook and drawn
upon the rocks at 4.40 o'clock. Ten
minutes later the woman was lifted
from the barrel and half an hour
later she lay on a cot at her boarding
house at First street, in Niagara Falls
on the Amerioan side.
She thanked God she was alive,
thanked all who had helped her in
any way. (She said she could never
do it again, but that she was not
sorry she bad done it "if it would
help her financially, " she said. She
had prayed all during the trip except
during "a few moments" of unconsciousness just after her descent. The
barrel in which Mrs. Taylor made the
journey 1b 4% feet high.and about
three in diameter. A leather harness
and cushions inside protected her
body. Air was secured through a
rubber tnbe conneoted with a small
opening near the top of the barrel.
Telia of Incidents Before the
Battle of Santiago.
Washington, Oct. 24,���Admiral
Schley today took the stand on his
own behalf at tbe court of Inquiry
which is investigating his conduct as
commander-in-chief of the flying
squadron during the Santiago campaign. He was summoned a few
minutes after the court convened at 2
o'clock for the afternoon session and
when the court adjourned at 4 o'clock
he apparently had only gotten well
under way in his testimony. Captain
Ghas. Clark, of the Oregon, nad jnst
concluded his statement when Mr.
Raynor,rising from his seat said: "1
should like to have Rear Admiral
Schley called" and the admiral was
accordingly asked to take tbe stand.
It was a turn in the proceedings for
whiob apparently neither the members of the court, its officers, nor the
spectators were  prepared and a mur
mur of surprise washeardon all sides.
It had been expected that the admiral's name would be reached
towards the close of the afternoon
session. There were ttill two witnesses on the list who had not been
heard and it was understood to be his
purpose not to take the stand until
tho entire list had been exhausted.
He, however, responded immediately to the call and before the audience was well aware of the faot he
had begun his narrative of the campaign which terminated in the destruction of Cervera's fleet. The
admiral, in answer to a question from
his counsel, proceeded to give a careful and detailed narrative of all the
events of the campaign up to tho
battle of Santiago. He had not
reached the stage of his testimony
whore he will tell of the battle, when
the court adjourned for the day.
There was no appearance of demonstration of any kind during the
admiral's recitil. On the contrary the
silence was almost unoroken except
for the sound of witness' own voice.
When the court adjourned for the
day many of the spectators pressed
forward and shook the admiral's
Chief Provisions of the Power By-law
Before the City Council.
The following aie Rome of the more
important provisions of the power bylaw. The city is to take approximately 2,000 volts of alternating current which the company shall deliver
at a sub-station for which tho company shall supply all wiring, regulators and appliances.
The city shall supply all pole lines,
transformers and other fittings necessary to reduce the 2,000 volts to a
suitable voltage for furnishing incandescent lighting. These transformers
shall be of a certain degree of efficiency.
The city shall pay the company the
following sums for each light supplied by tbe city:
Lights ir stores and banks, one to
six lights, 45c per month per 1G c. p.
lifht, seven to 15 lights, 33%c per
light per month ; above 15 lights 22'jC
per light per month. Lights in residence and offices, one-half the above
rates following the same scale accord-
ing to the mmber of lights used���all
lights of different candle power to be
paid for in proportion to the candle
power thereof. Lights in hotels down
stairs, 2'4c per c. p. per month, hotels
upstairs, 1 7-20c per c. p. per month.
Five ampere arc lights, $3.37%o per
month. In cases where meters are
used the city shall pay the company
9o per 1,000 watts in lieu of any
payment per light. The oompany is
to supply power for 50 five-ampere arc
lights or that equivalent in incandescent lamps at S3 per arc lamp per
month. The city is to pay the company on the 20th of each month foi
the previous month's lights and the
lamps are to be those using four watts
per candle power or less. The hospital, the public library and all the
city offices are to be lighted free.
Provision is made for inspection bj
both tho city and the copmany is to
furnish a 24-honr service.
The by-law provides for the agreement to go into force not liter than
December 1st of this year and is to be
for one year, but may be renewed
from year to year up to a period not
exceeding five years. The city upon
giving three months notice may terminate the agreement at the end of any
It is understood that this agreement
does not give the company any right
to genorate or distribute or dispose of
any elcctiic ligtt or electric power
within the limits of the city of Nelson
except to the corporation.
Shanghai, Oot. 24.���It is reported
here that General Yung Lu in a
secret despatoh to LI Hung Chang
asserts that the Empress Dowager is
anxious to enter Into friendly relations with Russia which power has
promised to prevent all foreign ag
grcssion and to protect the Empress
Dowager at Pekin. It is said also tbe
despatch adds that Li Hung Chang
must promptly conclude the Man-
churian treaty relying on Yung Ln
t:> support him against the opposition
of the southern-viceroys.
Jury of Farmers Disregard
the Advice of Justice
Rush to Cariboo Continues.
Coal Discovered at
Baltimore, Md., Oct. 34.���Al. Hereford, of this oity has matched Teter
Maher, the Irish champion, and Jim
Jeffries, of California, to box ten
rounds in this city on Novejiber 8th.
The bout is to ho for a decinion.
Vancouver, Oct. 24.���Considerable
excitement was caused in the city today by the announcement that a seam
of coal had been struck near the western limits of the oity. The prospect
was promptly sold for 81,000 and will
be explored. ,
Excitement continues over the gold
finds in the Cariboo and every mail
brings news that the strike is even
better than at first thought. Soma
predict a second Klondike rush and
say that the historical old Cariboo
road will he the scene of another gold
rush suoh as happened to old Cariboo
10 years ago.
Canadian companies desirous of engaging in the halibut business here
claim that American companies are
fishing the Canadian halibut banks
dry, while claiming to fish in neutral
waters that they may take advantage
of neutral fishing laws and ship their
fish free of duty to the United States.
Tbe Canadian companies who have to
pay dnty will appeal to the Federal
authorities with alleged prool of complaints and failing redress say that
they will go to the courts.
The provincial attorney-general's
department have again failed to get a
conviction against the fishermen who
went out in patrol boats with guna
and held up the non-striking Jap
Ssbermen during the strike. Tbe
venue was changed from Vancouver to
New Westminster as a jury of labor
unionists here acquitted them after a
very strong charge against the prisoners by Mr. Justice Drake. At New
Westminster today, however, a jury
of farmers again acquitted the fishermen, although Mr. Justice Martin's
charge was against them. There are
seven or eight more counts against
the prisoners.
Estimated Co*t of R< pairs Will Ex.
ceed $:;o, ooo.
Victoria, Oot. 24.���Surveys of the
stean_er Hating, which ran on the
rocks near Lasqueti island while on
her way from Skagwuy with 150 passengers, are being made this morning
by different firms with a view to bidding on the contraot for the repair of
the nhip. The steamer was hauled out
on the Esquimau marine railway.
As the vessel stands high and dry
from the water her twisted aod broken
stem an 1 indented plates impress one
with the narrow escape from total
destruction which she had. The damage is located nearly all forward of
the bridge The stem is twisted in an
almost irrecognizable shape. Farther
aft, however, tho weight of tbe
steamer appears to have been boroe
on tho starboard side and by one huge
dent in it It) plates are so punctured
in places and bo badly bulged in that
upwards of a dozen will have to be
removed arid either straightened or
renewed. On tbe port side there are
two dents of smaller size at some
distance apart. The keel, too, has
suffered and in a couple of places is
jammed the full bieadth of a couple
of plates which are over two feet wide
and stand almost upright. Within
the ship some 15 or 18 frames are said
to be damaged and will either have to
be substituted or straightened. Tho
cost of reprairs can only be given en
the rough approximation of contractors who have seen her. According to
these the amount will be at leant $20,-
000 while it is estimated that the
steamer will remain where she is for
fully six weeks or two months. The
steamer Amur another of the C. P. N.
liners, which touched the rocks and
was only naved by her double bottom,
has just como off tho same ways after
having had $110,000 of repair work
done on her.
Grand Forks, Oct. 24.���Scott Rose,
nged*18 years, was today sentenced to
four years in New Westminster penitentiary, for forging a time cheque
on the V.  V. & K. railway.
: The Nelson Miner
Mhibod   Kvei-y   Morning  Kxoept   XoodV
Dally per nnntn, >>t enrler ���.    Mo
Daily, per mont'., by mall      too
Drity, per year, by oarrlar. I J *
;>'.iiy, per yev, by mall   o 00
Dally,peryxar foreign..'    >�����
Weekly, i r hall year 81 jg
Weekly, per year    J W
"Veokly, per year, foreign .    I "J
a-itwcrlptious invariably In advanoe.
1U Fleet Streot. E. C.
atral Press Ajronoy, Ltd.. Special Agents
Alexnndor ft Co.. Ml First Avenue, Spokane
tVn-li.. koep this paper on n)o, and arc our
authorized agenta for advertlaemeDU ub
The mining industry is slowly but
steadily Improving In the Koote-
nays and Yale, and tbe revival looks
like one of permanence. In the Slo-
can the shipments are increasing, and
this Is particularly noticeable around
Slocan City, where the shipments last
week were the largest for tbe same period for the year. Tbe Payne, one of the
banner mines of the Slogan, is about
to install a Concentrating mill, of a
capacity of 100 tons per day, and a
complete electric and water power
plant. With these improvements completed the Payne will douotleas be
able to renew 1U dividends and per.
haps repeat its former feat of distributing Jl,000,000 among its stockholders, as there are large reserves of
concentrating ore available for tbe
conscentrator as soon as it is put in
Work on the railway which is
being extended into the Lardeau section Is making good progress, and as
that country is one of the riohest in
mineral resources in British Colombia
it may confidently be expected that
the shipments from there as soon as
the road is finished will cut quite a
figure. The officials of the Canadian
Pacific railway, who have an intimate
knowledge of the resources of the
Lardeau, say that they have great
confidence in it and its mines which
they consider full v warrant tbe assumption that tbe tratlic in tbe way of ore
coming out over their road and supplies going in will be large.
In East Kootenay tbe prospect of
having a smelter, which is to be erected by the Sullivan Oronp Mining
Company, is having a stimulating
effect on mining. The railroad which
i�� boing built to connect the Crow's
Nest coal fields with the Great Northern main line will open up a conntry
which besides having considerable
agricultural laud is known to have
valuable mineral areas.
In the Nolson division there is a
groat deal of aotivity. Tbe properties
of the Hall Mines are producing well,
the Mollie Gibson la arranging to resume shipments on an extensive scale,
the Ymir continnes to show a profit
each month ard new deals are fre
queutly reported and the ontlook is
In the Trail creek division in the
Rossland camp, notwithstanding tbe
continuance of tbe strike, the shipments
are increasing eaoh week and it
should not be long before they will
equal what they were before the
trouble was inaugurated. Besides the
mines in the Hoss'and camp those of
the west slope of Sophie mountain and
in the Norway mountain section con-
tinue to be operated witb tbelr usual
forces and some of them give promise
of making mines.
Id the boundary mining matters are
in full swing and the mines there
kesp the smelters in continuous operation, and, in order to meet tbe increased ore that can be extracted both
the smelters there ate being enlarged.
Republic will shortly be conneoted
witb the Bjundary amelting points
by rail and nearly all tbe ore from
that on nip will be sent to tbe Boundary plants for treatment. This will
call for a still further Increase in the
existing reduction plants, or the
ereotion of new ones.
Still farther west in tbe Himilka
meen setcton a number of properties
are being developed of which nothing
mncb is heard. For instance, the
estate of the late Marcus Daly is
developing tbe Nickle Plate group and
about 1200,000 has been spent In opening it up and it is already a valuable
mine, as the ledges are large and the
oref if a nay grade. Tbe opening np
of the coal measure* there is also
under way and they promise to produce large quantities of coal o' a good
grade. What the section to the west
wants most is transportation and this
should be given duiing the coming
The above outline shows, in a measure, that Kootenay and Yale are progressing and that they will come to
the front more rapidly than ever during tho coming I : months. IIv ad-
Justin.: their affnirs to the changed
condition* brought ahont by the low
price of lend the owners of silver-lead
properties, producing ore of a fair
vslne, flnrt that 'hfv ran lie operated
at a profit.     Tbe demand   which  has
NlUOM   DAItV MtHRft,   PWOAV    OoTOBBB I).   ��*H
com.- from the smelters tot dry ore*
owing to the action of the American
smelier trust virtually refusing to
accept the heavy lead ores, aDd, as a
consequence, caos'rg tbe increased
reduction of ore of tbe latter class at
home, bae led to the development of
tbe dry ore belt of the Slocan and has
been of great help to that section.
There seems to be an end in Bight to
the labor trouble in the Rossland
camp and when this is reached there
should result a lasting peace between
employer and employee. This is a
greatly desired consummation. Transportation is the prime necessity for
successful mining and the railroads which are under construction in
tbe Lardeau, in Southeast Kootenay
abd in the Boundary will open up
large and promising areas of rich
ground, and render a number of partially developed properties accessible.
On tbe whole.the condition is promising for a lively winter and spring.
Nelson the wholesale center will
share in this renewed prosperity ; each
camp as it improves will purchase
more goods and supplies hero and
thus will it become a much larger and
more prosperous community than it
A St. Petersburg despatch, published in yesterday's issue of The Miner,
states that Count Tolstoi, tbe Russian
antboi and reformer, has bar? a
relapse and that his condition is considered serious. Count Tolstoi is considered one of tbe remarkaolu authors
of the time, but there is something
awful in his production that brings a
shudder while one reads, and reveals
the intense melancholy and mobrid-
ness of bis nature. The productions
are painfully realistic. His "Death of
Michael lllitch," describes the last
illness and death of a fairly prosperous man in such a manner as to give a
sensitive person tbe nightmare. His
views on marriage, as outlined in the
famous "Krcut?er Sonata" and in
latter publications, are not healthy
and show his extreme morbidness.
It is held by Count Tolstoi that
marriage is a sin and not a duty, and
that the idea of religious and moial
men should be tbe abolition of marriage and this at the cost of the gradual
extinction of the human race. The
God-fearing man, married or celibate,
should be as o'naste as possible.
Marriage, he contends, is not a Christian institution, Christ did rint marry,
nor did any of nis disciples. In addressing the multitudes, among which
were the married, He told them not
to put away their wives,not to divorce
them as allowed by the Mosaic law.
To some He declared it were bet'er
they did not marry, and He told all
that the greatest sin was to regard a
woman as the ohjeot of desire.
Marriage, Tolstoi says, is anti-
Christian as It turns men and women
away from the only purpose of life,
from their only duty, the realization
of God's will.
Men have tyrannized over women,
he declares, and held them in legal
subjugation, but with disastrous
effect, ns by passive resistance they
have yielded a subtle yet effective
power and are the real controllers of
society and a power In all the affairs
of mankind. llo .olds that they
mould poblio opinion, which is
stronger than governments. As their
influence is based on their attraction
be believes that is essentially im
moral and irreligious. As a remedy
they must be resisted and converted
into co-workers, comrades for  Christ
His theory in a much smaller way
Shakespeare puts into the mouth of
Hamlet when he tells Ophelia to go to
a nunnery so that she may thus avoid
becoming a breeder of sinners, and
when Hamlet declares there shall be
no more marriages In Denmark,but then
Hamlet was supposed to be morbid and
was suspected by tbe other characters
in the play to oe touched with mad
ness. There Is much of the same nior
bidness and a like touch of madness
In Tolstoi's views on marriage as are
siiowii in the words of the melancholy
Dane.and he might well be called tbe
Hamlet of literature. Tolstoi's views
a<-e unhealthy and they are impossi
ble of accomplishment exoept by a
few enthusiasts. In substance be finds
ianlt witb tbe Creator for the plan
which be adopted for the pio-oreation
of mankind. Ho would improve on
the work of the Diety. Pro-oreation
is tbe strongest characteristic of every
form of life that lives and breathes,
and it will take a stronger writer
than Tolstoi to induce the human
race to bring about a gradual extinction of its kind, because it is an
attempt to set aside ore of the natural
and consequently immutable laws of
nature,and notwithstanding his views
against the sacrament of marriage
there will continue to be marriage
and giving in marriage.
The best which art can produce and  money can  purchase,
is now ready for your inspection.
Novelties of All Kinds
Stylish Goods in every shade and make for evening wear,
Sequin Robes, Dreams in Embroideries, Facts in
Good Values.
From the Kitchen to the Ball Room and from the cradle
to the grave, we have everything you can possibly require.
Hudson's Bay Company.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
There is nothing like Asthmalene.   It
brings instant relief, even in tbe worst
It onres when all else fails.
The Rev. O F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
111 , Bays: "Your trial bottle of Asthmalene received in good condition. I cannot
tell you how thankful I feel for the good
derived from it. I was a slave, chained
with putrid sore throat and asthma for ten
years. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
saw your' odvertieerneut for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, As
thma, and thought >ou hud overspoken
yourselves, but resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment, the trial acted like a
charm.    Send me a full size bottle.
Rev, Mr. SlorrU IVri-lislcr,
Rabbi of th�� Cong. Hiiai Israel,
Nkw York, Jan, 3,1901
Db. Taft Broh. Medicine (.!(>.,
Gentlemen : Your Asthmiilene is an
excellent remedy for Afdhina and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
troubles which combine with Asthma.
Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it carefully analyzed, we can Btate Unit Arfthmalene oontains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.   Very truly yours,
Avon Springb, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1001.
Drs. Taft Bsoa Medicine Co.
Gentlemen : I write this testimonial from a sense of doty, having tested the
wonderful effect of yonr Asthmalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife haa
been afflicted with spasmodic asthma for tho past 13 years. Having exhausted
my own skill as well as many others, 1 chanced to 6ee your Bigu upon your
windows on 130 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of Asthmalene.
My wife commenced taking it about the first of November. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma has disappeared
and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently re
commend the medicine to all who are afflioted witb thiB distressing disease.
Yours respectfully, O. D. 1'HBLPS, M. D.
Dr. Taft Bbos. Mbdicine Co, Feb. 5,1901.
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried nniner
ous remedies, bnt they have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and
started with a trial bottle. I fonnd relief at once. I have since purchased your
full sized bottle, and I am ever grateful. 1 have a family of four children, and
for nix years was nnable to work. I am now in the best of health and am doing
business every day.   This testimony you can make such use of as you see fit.
Home address, 235 Rivington street. S. RAPHAEL,
07 East 120th St,,New York City.
Dr. not delay.   Write at once, addressing DR.  TAFr BROS, MEDICINE
CO., 70 East 180th St., N. Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
something over 814, aim a day for the
period during which the president was
under treatment. It is not every day
that medicos get a chance to tieat a
wounded president and they, like
others, evidently believe in taking full
advantage of an opportunity like this
when it cornea to them.
England holds the record for the
longest regular railway run without
a stop says an exchange. This is
from Paddlngton to Exeter���194
miles. Franoe cornea next, tbe run
from Paris to Calais being 185J< miles
in length. Tbe longest rnn without a
stop in tbe United States is from New
York to Troy���148 miles. One would
suppose that in Canada, with our magnificent distances, we coulo beat this,
but we cannot. The longest run in
this country Is probably on tbe C. P.
K., from Keewatin wsat to Bird's
Hill, a distance of 131 miles.
Acoording to a Washington dispatch
Congress will be asked to appropriate
1100,000 for fees for the physicians
who attcnrled the late President Mc-
Klnley, after ho was shot, for a period
of ope weel< and ten hours. This is
good pay for even   doctors,   as   it   la
The Scientific American publishci s
cut of a proposed air-ship invented by
Rev. B. Cannon of Texas, or rather
constructed by him on tbe lines laid
down In Ezekiel's vision aa told in
the third chapter of his prophecy. It
is designed to run along the ground
until the full speed of the machinery
is attained when it soara into the air.
A gas engine furnishes the motive
power.   It baa   many   wheels  which
the   inventor   claims are  constructed
acoording to Ezekiel's designs.
Another ridiculousfood fad has been
branded by the most competent
authorities. They have dispelled the
silly notion that one kind of food is
needed for brain, another for muscles,
and still anotbor for bones. A cor
reot diet will not only nourish a particular part of the body, but it will
sustain every other pait. Yet, how
ever good your food may be, its nutri'
ment is destroyed by indigestion or
dypepsia. You must prepare for their
ppearance or prevent their coming by
aking regular doses of Ureen'sAugust
Flower, the lavonte medicine of the
healthy millions. A few doses aids
digestion, stimulates the liver to
healthy action, purifies the blood, and
makes you feol bnoyant and vigorous.
You can get Ur, C. U. Oreen's reliable
remedies at VV. F. Teetzel & Co.'s.
Get Green's Speeial Almanac.
Have you used healthful Hygenic
Baking Powder, the latest discovery
in chemistry 1
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.'
Write for full particular!.
We are doing the Blanket Trade of Nelson.
See values. Every pair full weight and prices
We duplicated our
Jackets and ....
Tailor-Made Suits
They are a success.     Every garment a model
Our stcck or Gloves, in Kid and Wool, are fullv assorted.
An exceptionally nobby thing is a Silk Lined Kid Glove, warm
and not clumsy, just the thing for cold weather.
It will pay you to see our Wool before buying elsewhere.
Underwear, Vests, Drawers, and Combinations, all sizes.
Cosmopolitan Patterns. All Patterns 15c each
J. 6. BUNYftN & 60.
We have the Largest and Finest
Assortment in the city.
Tbe new Goal City is owned by the Similkauieen Valley Coal Company,
Limited; who have placed one thousand lots on tbe market at the following
prices: from$50 to 8225, oue fourth cash, balance three, six and nine months,
without interest
There is also a small block of the first one hundred thousand shares remain-
to be sold at 35c., 5c a share down, balance in six monthly payments. Whea
these are sold the shares will be advanced to $1 each by the Oompany.
The Company's land, including the townsite of Ashnolu, is underlaid with at
least three flue seams of coking, steam and furnace coal. The Company aleo
own the water rights and at least 25,000,000 feet of fine timber. All the above
is owned by the one Company, and every shareholder will participate in the
profits accruing from- the Bale of any ot the above mentioned property.
A full force of men are now at work and will bo kept on continually duriug
the year.   For further information apply to.
R. J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson, B- C
Or Vedder & Cunningam, Greenwood, B. O.; J. E. Ohnrob, Viotoria, B. 0.; W
W. Fellows, Sandon, B. O.; C. E. Douglas, Vancouver, B. C.
4f "trio AHlA/ & 4nf*u, My-euJ/
~.m  .      ��., ijjbf.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We are showing this season a fn"
line of these goods and solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
hkad office toronto, ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortaam.
kSSL q- u wo* ��KJT
Brewera of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Msot B.0 Nrlion  DaiivMinu, Friday Octobkr *��,, '9C��
:   iKfNWfl WSWB.     J
^���^ww ����w
The Enterprise mill has now been
Ineted and will prubabiy com-
S operations within the next few
imM1      ,.   I.   .   noiirse   concentrator
plant wi��>
tons s day.
i   a   course
a capacity of seventy-five
It will bn run   by water
id   from   Ten-Mile   creek
flume for about
ii iK',
The huilding is   about   fifty
nil   the   machinery   is
i lines lis  ' '"
nhich is brought in
and has  110 feet of head
��� ,,,���  noint   where    the   power   Ik
loot  square,
UWtfd m a general way   upon
other concentrators for
handling Sloeau ores, but several new
loprovemedts in milling machinery
ton been put In ^ wl,io" " ls 1,oped
.hhtli "e��rM ��' ,),Uui""cy "'" be
obtained in handling the ore from the
Enterprise mine. In addition to the
mai��� building there is another structure containing a nominal ten-drill
empress, and a dynamo for light-
in,, both tbe mill and the mine
premises. Tbe ore will bo brought
from the mine to the mill by a train-
nay 1.600 feet in length. At present
80 men are employed in the mine and
a foico of ten men will be put to work
in-ho mill. When the mill is running satisfactorily tho mine force will
be increased considerably, probably
within the month of December. The
mine is s.iid to De looking very   good
At the record office the following
entries were made yesterday : Locations, Welcome, on Iron Mountain, by
Robert Beeves; En'erprise, on Sheep
creek slop", try J. P. Hell; Surprise,
on Sheep reek, sis miles from Salrno,
by :icorge I) Belli Old Ironsiles, on
Urio Mountain, about two and one-
half miles northwest of Erie, by W.
J, Wilson; Lord Roberts, on Erie
mountain, about throe miles northwest of Krie, by W. .1. Wilson; I. X.
L��� upon Krie mountain, two miles
northwest of Erie, by W. J. Wilson;
Nora, on Kokanoe creek, about two
miles from Kootenay lake by W J.
Mcheuil; Hell, two mites from Kootenay rivot, on Kokanee crick, by J.
Moen. Certificates of work were
granted to the recorded owners on
Vermont, N. F. Townsend, ogent.
Transfers, one-fourth interest in the
Smuggler fraction, ou Wild Horse
creek, about six miles from Ymlr,
from Samuel Marshall to Alfred I,
Curie, cnsirleration 8.100; Sampson,
from W. Allen to diaries Monroe,
consideration nominal; lledar Tree,
"B," anil Copper Matt, from B, H.
Ilodenberg to Charles Monroe, consideration nominal.
Shareholders in the New Fairview
Corporation, are responding promptly
to the call for the second and final
aksos.sment of \\ cent per share, says
the Midway Advance. Managing
Director Richard Russell reports that
each mail brings from $1,500 to 81.700.
E. llaminelmeyer, the new superintendent, is rapidly getting things into
snaps. At the big mill, the erection
of which is in charge of Mr. Osten-
berg, nearly all the machinery has
been set up.and by the 20th, If certain
supplies have been received, crushing
should he started. The mill���a 2fi
stamp���will nave a capacity of 75
tons per day. At the outset, until
stopaa are opened, the one now on the
Stemwinder dump will be milled.
Mr. Ilnuimelmeyer has his work cut
out to make the enterprise a profit
paying one, when it is understood that
the grade of the ore will run between
J4.50 and $r> per ton. Should he be
successful with 20 stamps, the mill
capacity win at once be doubled or
trebled, and the machinery at the
niiuu augmented to handle the Increased tonnage.
Superior to Alum Baking
Powders. Equal to any
other Anti Alum Baking
Powder and costs but .
v half the price.        y
Our Compound Syrup of
White Pine and Tar
Cures Coughs and Colds
can Htar for '.ho Trail smelter; on
Wcdnstday it brought one car of Last
Chance and four cars of Whitewater,
nil for tho Trull smelter; and yesterday it brought one car of lteco and
one of Rambler-Cariboo, both for the
Selby smelter, two ears of Hloeao Star,
one car of American Hoy and one oar-
load of ore shipped by J. Keith from
Hear I.alto, (oame of mint not given),
all for the Trail smelter and two cars
of Washington ore, for the Hall Mines
Work has been resumed on the Dar-
denellca and soon small shipments
Will be made from a vein of dry ore
now being developed. For the present
no shipments will be made of the
silver-lead ores.
Cooper���London,    ��fi3.   17s.   op
spot, ��112. Is. Od .futures; New York,
$10.8!i to $17 for lake. *lij. :iTJ-i to tin.
02;^ for casting.
Lead���London, ��11. lis. down Is
3d. ; New Vork, ��4.37,S.
Silver���London, Ku>i"d, ; New York,
57 Ho.
The Ladles' Aid Society of St.
Paul's Presbyterian chncrh will hold
a sale of work and Hallowe'en supper
in the stores next to the Lawreuoe
Hardware Co., on Thursday, October
31st. The sale of work wiil begin at
2 o'cloca and supoei from 5 30 to 8
o'clock. Afternoon tea will be
Beware   of   the   "just   as
good" kind.    Insist on  getting the genuine C. U. & B.
Compound   Syrup  of  White
Pine and Tar.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
��� 8EE ���
West Block, East Baker St,
Rowland Brittaiu, patent attorney,
Vancouver, roports that the U. S.
patent office during the week ending
October 8th, issued 11 patents to citizens of Canada. The following patents
were issued to British Columbia in
ventors: John T. Warren, Nauuimo,
elevator lock; Karl K. lijerkness,
Kaslo, firearm; Cbas. Ramos, Van
eouver, gold gravel washer. This
machine is well known It is for the
rapid washing and concentration of
auriterous gravol, and Mr. Ramos is
making arrangements for its introduction into practical service.
W. Nelson LePage, of Vancouver,
whose name has been associated for
some time on this coast with efforts
for the recovery of glue, and similar
products, from the fish offal of the
oanneries, received this week a Canadian patent on an improvement in
dryers, intended to effeot the more
rapid removal of moisture from the
fish guano residue.
Brigden, Ont., Oct. 24.���Jas. Williamson, pastor of the Latter Day
Saints'   church, died suddenly yester-
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R. offices.
MRS.   ENFIELD   wishes   to  announce to the ladies of Nelson   tnat
owing to the  increase  of  business
she has  secured
All orders can now be got  ready
on   the   shortest
reasonable prices.
notice   at   most
0AR8.-MKAL8 a la 0ARTE.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Foils and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
an d all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for jEaot al��9:15 am
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:15 a.in
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 800 p m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the Beason of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagniflcent steamships North-West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Bail-
For further information, aps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kooteiai Railway & Navigation
Co , or to
City Pass, and Tkt- Agt, W 701 W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
Q. K. TAOKAJJUKY, Local Agent,
Nelson. P.O
A'lvoruMiiiioiiLH hiHoriert uuder tain hend ul
tho rair of one cent a word per Insertion. No
'irlvortiHuiuentJ taken (or lew th&n 25 cent*-.
Sii uftiiiiu Wiint txl advertirtemtintH Innertfld
three timet* free of churtte.
VVEl-L Famished house to   rent.
iooiok   fur   G   months.      Apply
Latimer ircet. neat Stanley.
tl()i!SL   iu rent   on Vernon
Apply Captain T. J, Duncan.
1'UttMI Ulili, & UMJIi
BTJBN1SBD      BOOMS.���Apply      on
Silica,     seeuud   dour   west      Ward
street.    .
ROOMS and UOattD.���Every cunv -
ence;  smith east  corner ot  Carbonate und Josephine street.
BOB UK NT���Home Tempenmo hotel,
2d tied rooms, dining room, parlors,
kitchen, all furnished complete; $75
per month. Apply to A. (J. Oamble,
agent. Maker street.
BOOMS. TO' KENT.���K. W. C. Block-
Two rooms en suite on Ward si.,
also rooms facing the west. (In September 1, two sir^ie rooms and two
or three en eu.te facing Baker st.
Furnished ot unfurnished. Mrs. F.
J. brju.re, Uoom 41,  K.    W. C.  Block.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      NeBt
Southern    Ry.      Hood   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C.     A.
Guthrie & Co.
day while ont driving,
was the cause.
Heart failure
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Line Ans>rallan .Oct, 25
Allau Liuo I rotorian Nov. 2
Allau Line Tunisian  Nov.  7
Boavor Line Lake Cham plain Oot. 25
Maaver Lino Lako MofMlltio Nov.  1
Beaver Lino Luko Ultuooo Nov. 8
From Portland, Me.
Dominion Lino Cambroman ....Oct.26
Dominion Lino   Vancouver Nov. 9
Frorn Now York
Canard Lino KtrnrU v.0oU2S
Cuiurd LinoCiimuania.  Nov, I
While Star Lino Conic 0ot"��:
While SUr Lino Toulonlo Oct. 23
White Star Lino Uormanh  Oct. 40
American Line Philadelphia Oct. 53
American Lino St.   Paul Oct 30
Anchor Line Anch'Tla  -Oct 2B
Anchor Lino FurncBsia ������ Nov.  2
N.Q. L. Kai��er Wllholm dorQrufiso Oct. 22
French Lino L'Aqultaine Ool. 24
French Lino La Champagne. .Oct. 31
Hamburg-American Duetsohlalid.,  Oct. d\
Allan Stale Lino Laureuiian Oct. 30
From Boston
Dominion Lino Commonwealth  .Oct. 23
Dominion Line Now England Nov.  20
Cuuard Line Saxonia Nov. 2
Further willing" for tho above lirlps also
French, Kcd Star, Holland-Amorloan H. A. P.
Co., N. G. Lloyd on application,
Gen. Agent, Winnipeg, Man.
J. 8. CAP.TKR. D. P. A.. Nelson
NELSON Employment Agency. Iiaker
street.    Phone 378.   J. H. Love.
WANTED���Chambermaid.     Shingle
jointer and packer.   Laundress.   Bail
road men fur Lardo.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
J. llOi
111.. ',,!
I:    I   D .  .^
Ar.K.ih.i    a.*i
NK.L.-i'*.',      -11   -
,   ,.r.\r.
\J   A. .,lueaoii.
.iu;���.lichluci*. iiuu   ,uyui
u.iMirn    , I'm,)."- i H .i   uiuck, curlier ij.ik.
Ward btreeis, .\ulsou
r.iu ,, v
a .\ O   Ct    ^ > /. ��� OrliiUJ    OU HUL.
(Vbolttfttifj diMit-iti Li uquui
Kara, ueiueui, iire'onuk una lire ul&ft w
pipe unit nLuul r.ui', diM K,Ju��-.rtu ooilUili
MACDONALO   & Co.���Coruor   Fron
and  Hall  alruelu��� v\ hofesale   gru, i
ami jobbuiH iu blauKelH, gluvtia, mnla, livut
rubbui-H, ruackrnawn and miner,,' auuunc:..
PBUHNrf & Co.-Bakor dlrool, NcImju-
���   Wholesale Uoulom -in IrOHh and oured
moals.   Cul(l.SLoruj<e.
Baker Street, Nelnou��� Whuloaale dea
eru in fruuh and curud inoatir.
WANTED.- Waitress.Oirls for Uouse-
wurii.     Men   for    Railroad   work,
men for sawmill, second cook $50  per
month, stone mason.
Western   Employment  Office, B. A.
Prosser, Phone 271).
Storage���I have a  large   warehouse
for     storing       household    or    other
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortoul and quickest routo to tho oast and all
points on MioO. R. Sc N. nnd Northern Pa-
cillo Railways in Washington, Orogou and
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry
FltEB Jlllllnt- Void rroiwrllen���We are
anxlaiu to Hrcurc a Tew rre�� milling gold
propirlieH at once. The rrastftxitor'a Ev-
ebauge, Nelson, B. V, Koom 4, IL-vT.-*.
COL��-8II,Veil'COrPEK LK*.I�� - Mine,   and
prospect!! wanted.  Send report and nam
pies to the ProHpector'B Exchange. Nelson.
B.O.   Uimiiu I K.-W.-V. block.
Real Estate, insurance. Money to Loan.
J Stroel, Nelson ��� Wholumilo dsalaru in
hardware, jninord' uupplies, Hporlhig good,
olo, ,    .
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Van
oouvdr Hardwire Co, Ltd.) liakor Slrooc.
NeUon���Wholesate dunlernJin! uardwaro and
uiiuiug tmpplicti, pluuibord' and Uuumllhu' .up
plies. ���   * ' ���
i^l    palom,
  Bios' fctOOlM
Agonhitoi Uuiaho Powder Worku; turuauilto
biU and gh,mt; uiuchanios' -tooln
rilUUNKR, BKETON & Co.-Cornor Voruon
LL and Jobephhie dlroets, Nelson���Wude
sale dealer. In liquor., cigars, and dry guoda.
Agcnlx tor Pabal Browing Co. ol Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co or Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAV Co.-Wholosalo grooerle?
aud liquor, olo., Bakor airuos Nelmm.
S-X a. ui. Lv.
10:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. IK�� p. m
Lv. 1:12 p. m.
siniii the (oiisli
and Works on* Hie fold.
Viblct*1  euro a cold
���ay.   Price 25 cents.
Lnxstlvo Bromo-Q'iinilie
in oi.e day.   No Cure, No
Pel. H. W, Ray returned yesterday
from the Mullie Gibson mine, Brnce
White who went up with him staying
at the mine. Mr Ray and Mr. White
"out through the various workings of
tlio mine. He states that the genera.'
plan of development already entered
"Pen will he carried through the
work In the meantime being done on
tuniiBls 4 and 5. Tunnel 4 reached
the ledge which has been drifted on
"bout 2 feet. Tunnel 5 will have to
0e driven some distance yet before the
lodge is cut and when that Is done ao
unrHise connecting these two workings will be made. About 400 tons are
re<"ly for shipment and that will be
������hipped as soon as snow falls and
snipping will be continued from that
takon out in drifting. Col. Bay want
to Uossland last night.
Tbe Hnll Mines Mining & Smelting
Co., hnsoidered from Messrs. Wilkins
& Co., of London, through their Vancouver agents, Robert Ward & Co.,
limited, 20 tons of wire cable. This
Is to duplioate the wire rope at present in use on the Hall Mines tramway
and which was also supplied by
Messrs. Wilki���8 & Co. When this
new section is put on the Hall Mines
will have in operation nine miles of
cable manufactured by this well
known London firm.
Tbe steamer Kaslo on Tuesday
brought down two carloads of Rambler-Cariboo ore for tbe Helby smelter
��t San Francisco, and sis cars of Slo-
The Spokesman-Review in its issue
of yesterday states that Szontagh, a
metallurgist of Salt Lake, has been
offeree1 tbe position of manager of the
smelter at Nortbport to succeed Bela
Ksdish. Mr. Szontagh is now at
Nortbport looking over tho situation.
If be likes tbe outlook he will take
ohargc of the plant. The paper states
that E. E. Wcrtenweiler of San Francisco, and a olose friend of Henry
Bratuobcr, is talked of as manager
for the Le Roi to succeed Bernard
Macdonald. Mr. Wertenwsiler was
in Rossland recently looking over the
situation. It is believed he would be
entirely satisfactory to Mr. Bratnober
as manager of the property, but the-e
is some uncertainty as to whether he
| would accept the position.
"When a child I burned my foot
frightfully," writes W. H. Eads, of
onJesville, Va., "which caused horri
ble leg sores for 30 years, but Buok
leu's Arbica Salve wholly cured me-
after everything else failed. Infallible for Burns Scalds. Cuts, Sores,
Bruises and Piles. Sold by Canada
Drug & Book Co.    25c.
H. & M. BIRD
$2250���Six roomed house on Victoria
street, close to the city hall all
improvements. Cash $1050, balance easy terms.
$500���Three roomed furnished house
and 50-foot lot on Hoover   street.
$1100���Two story house and corner lot
close to depot. Cash $500, balance easy terms.
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
MBLbON-KAbLO route.
5:S0 p. m. Lv.           Nelson Ar. 11:00 a. m,
9:10 p. m. Ar:           Kaslo Lv. 7:00 a. m.
Connooting at Five Mite Point with Nelson
It Fort ��� heppard Railway both to aud from
Rossiand, eto       	
Tickets Bold to all parts in United State,, and
Canada via Great Northern andO. R. & N.
Co.'a HnoH. ���
Ooean Htoanmhip t'okets and rates via all
linos will bo furnished on application.
For farther particular-*! call on or addreos
ROBERT IHVINO.   ,   _  ���
����t,airnr. Kaslo, B, C
G. K TiOKABURY Agent. Nelson B. O.
G-RoomHouse, modern, $13.50
(t-Room House, Victoria St., $20.
5-Room House,  modern, $10.
Several small houses.
For Sale, a good garden plot.
2 lois Observatory St. $450.
Spokane Falls 4,
Northern RY
Nelson  A Fort
Sheppard R'y
Red Mountain R'v.
i^t Utilce oornor Hall and Front Streets
NelHon���i.uiuooi-, celling, llooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes. Get our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
GALLON fc OO.-Doalero In ore sacks
rnuiii. Telophono 295,
and twines.   Always a large stock on
Room ��, K.-W.-C Block
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
169 nelson b c
Windermere Mines.. L'orrespondenosdollolt
NKLSON LODGE    No. 23, A. K. &
meets second Wednesday in
month.   Visiting br,sthorn wolcoruo
$15.00���Four roomed   cottage on Ward
$18.00���Six room bouse on Robson St.,
close to Stanley street.
10,000   Royston   Gold    Mining   Co.
shares for Bale at 5 cents.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
If yon don't like Blue Bibbou Tea it's
because yen never tasted it
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral   ������"'��": ��od miaes BU,veyed-
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Bough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doom
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tarda, NELBOM
and LABI O,
I, O. O. K. Kootenay Lodge
No. 18, meets every Monday night,
at  their  Hall,  Kootenay street
Sojourning Odd Fellows oortlialty invited.
John A. Mcllae, N.G.   1). W. Rutherford, V.G
Fred J. Squire, l*or. Sec.
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter ho. 12.), O. U. C.
Meots third Wednesday, dojohnuag conipnn
ions invited. George Johnstouo, /. K. W.
Matthews, S. K.
; NKLSON LODGK  Nu.23, K. of P,
58\nioets in K. of P. hall, Oddfolfows block
h govoryTuesday ovoning at 8 oolook.
JAU visiting knights cordially  In Ite
WM. lKVlNH, O.O.
A. T. Paiik. K. of R. and S.
Nelson Enoa pment No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and I1I1 Friday of each month, in Odd Fellows
Hall, coiner Baker end Kootenay streets.
Nelson. A. H. Clements, C. P.; D. McArthu.'
R. 8.   Visiting brothers always wolonn"".
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1*2 meets in Fraternity Hall on first and third Friday evenings
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting uiember
cordially invited. W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A, Mlut.y. R. 8. 	
NELSON AERIE No. 22, F. O. E., meeis
every second and fourth Wednesdays of each
month. Visiting members cordially invlt.
Charles Praeser, Hnnretair.
Kootenay Tont No. 7, K. O. T. M,. hold their
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, I. O. O. i.
block, on the 1st and Srd Thursdays of eaoh
n.onth. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to
attend. G. A. Brown, R. K.; A. P. Purdy, Com.-
H.J .stool, U.S. C.
NO. 241
1st and 3rd Wod nusdny evenings of
each month at Fraternity hull,
corner of Baker and Kootenay
streets.  Visiting brethorn cord-
lallj Invited
COURT KOOTENAY, I. O. F��� No. 31*.
Meetings 1th Thursday of month. Fraternal
hull. J A Irving OR.   P. 'L Fleming. R.S.
Nelson Court Star of  Kootenay, A. O. F.
Moots  2nd and   4th    Wednesdays in  every
month. Visiting brethren welcome. W. Mao-
MiUac O.R.   Robert MoLsod Sec.
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffet
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
U. S.
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east  and west.
Only 10 hours to Seattle and 18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Leave DAY TBAIN Arrive
9:00 a.m Spokane 7:35 p.no
12:25 p. m Rossland 4:10 p.n>
10:K) a.m Nelson 0.05 p.m
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. '* T.A.
Spokane  Wasi
Agent, Nelson. B.O
CARS : : :
addition   to
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.r
Provincial Land Surveyor
Corner Viotorla and"Kooteuay Sta.
P.O. Box 560 Teleobone No. ����
Yon shouldn't send out of   ten for
cards for   yourself or   your   husband
until yon see what The  Miner can do
, tor to��-
Kootenay Street. Next Oddfellows' Hall
p. O. BOX 633.
Are you in want? If you are, tel.
tbe people, through The Miner want
column, what you are in vast of
You'll get it.
Crows' Nest Section-
Leave  Kootenay  Landing
Tuesday and Friday' for St
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for 1 oronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
For norths, timetables, rates and fall
infiii-miilion apply to.
H. L. Bbown,
City Passenger Agent
J. 8. Oartkr,
Di*. Pans. Agt
K. J. Ooyuc
A. U. P. A.
If there is anything you reqnira.aBk
in    b- aoltuno  of the Miner.
If tl
|for   it
i Nkuon Daily Minsk Frijw. Octobkr >$, ioot
Heart      A   *trang   romantlo   story
has a flavor  that  appeals
��nA '" *" and '"  "Heart   and
nnu Soul"   Mrs.   SUInner   has
-       I produced auoh a book. Tbe
oOUl wonderful variety  of  the
hero's adventures can only be approached by a perusal ot the book.
Ah the plot,commencing on tbe border
of Windsor and Detroit shifts to New
York, Paris and Ihe Southern States
the reader will find exciting reading
throughont the whole story. This
book is in our popular 75c series, and
is on exchange to members of our
reading club. Uave you joined it
yet? If not, we will be pleased to
i.ave you do so, we are sure that the
service we can give you will please
A building is being erected over the
scales for weighing cars of ore on the
branch line leading up to tbe smelter.
John McKane, Henry Roy, J. C.
DrewiJ and L. A. Campoell were
among passengers to Rossland last
The workmen on the Orauite-Nelson
wagon road are now divided into two
gangs, and are occupied in finishing
off the road and fixing tbe rough
places that had been left when the
load was first cut.
I., connection with the Methodist
anniversary servioes, the ladies of the
church will hold their annual high
tea on Monday, November 11th, at
which there will also be for sale a
liumi'Oi of useful and fancj articles.
B. Marpole, H. J. Cambie, Grant
Hall of the C. P. B., and Campbell
Sweeny, of tbe Bank of Montreal, at
Vancouver, left yesterday for the
Lardo. Thos. Tait, manager of transportation, is expected in on Saturday
and they will return with him.
Ah Qoong, who was summoned for
allowing rubbish to accumulate back
of his laundry premises was fined |r,
and costs, yesterday, and warned to
see that the place was kept clean
future on pain of a heavy penalty if
he wan brought before the court
At the police court yesterday,
besides tbe Chinese cases for infractions of the health by-law, two cases
of furious driving were beard. Iu one
of these the driver was fined 110, tbe
other remanded until today to allow
the accused to secure further
The foreman of the post office build
ing was busy all day yesterday superintending tbe raising of tbe derrick
on the city wharf, which through tbe
loosening of the inner supports had
toppled into the lake. The derrick
will probably be ready for use again
by tomorrow, none of the main tim
hers having been broken iu tbe fall.
Tbe address to be presented to Rev.
II. S. Akehnrst by tbe Sons of Eng
land Benevolent Society, previous to
his leaving Nelson will be on exhi
bition in the window of Thomson
lircs., bookstore today. The address
is very concisely and appropriately
worded while the engrossing is a
masterpiece of penmanship by Peter
James Sinclair, a provincial officer
of Kam loops, was in yesterday. He
had gone to Greenwood with a witness
In the Hogan and Glencross case, who
had been placed under arrest to make
rvrt-iin that he would be in attendance when required and came to Nelson to take to New Westminster Granville Forbes, sentenced at last assizes
to a term in the penitentiary.
Dr. Hall went down on Wedoestlay
to Robson to attend the Indian woman
whose illness was reported in Tuesday's Miner. He found on examination ttiat jagged piece of bone over an
inch in length wsb lodged in the
lower part of her throat, where it had
been for over a week, causing a variety of symptooiB. The bono was removed and the woman almost 1 nimediate.y recoverrd.
In the famous ','awi!l" case judgment waa rendered yesterday by
which the detendaut Chinaman had to
pay a fine of flu without costs. The
case was fought out in court and tbe
laws relating to swill and other
savory articles from the time of
George III. to the present day were
abundantly quoted by the counsel on
both sides A. M. Johnson, who acted
for the Chinaman, brought forward
four pages of objections to By-law
100, under wnlch the caw had heen
brought up, but Magisliate Crease
held that although the words of the
bv-law said that line seven T.as to he-
amended, when it should have been
line six, yet the intention of the law
was clear,and the chief objection rendered was only relating to a mere
clerical error, and as aucb he would
fine the defendant. Mr. Johns,.n
gave notice that his client would pay
the fine but retained the right to
appeal. ,
The tug Hercules brought in a
barge load of limestone from Kaslo
News waa received yesterday from
Kitchener that Frank Shannon and
Hugh English were seriously injured
oo Wednesday by an explosion of
dynamite in the shaft of tbe iion
deposits which are being developed
there under the management of W.
Blakemore. Two physicians were
summoned from Cranbrook and left
for Kicbener Wednesday evening.
As the mines are ten miles from
Kitchener It lias not yet been learned
how serious the injuries to the unfoi-
tunate men are.
A score of friends assembled at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
I'aquette on Wednesday evening fur
the purpose of celebrating the second
anniversary of their hosts' wedding.
The evening was pleasantly passed
with vocal and instrumental music
and games and the entertainment concluded with a bountiful supper. At
the conclusion of the festivities Mr.
and Mrs. Paquette were tendered congratulations and the hope expressed
that they would have numerous
pleasant anniveisaries of their wedding in the future.
Oo Monday the Nelson made a
special trip to Lardo with a load of 38
laborers from Manitoba to work on
the railway. The luggage belonging
to tbe men had been left behind by
some mistake along tbe line, and
wbeu the men found this out they refused to start to work until their luggage was produced, They have remained in t.aido since, and on Wednesday night a fight occurred between
two of tnem in which one of the men
is said to have been rather severely
handled. Last evening tbe missing
baggage having arrived the Nelson
took it up on her regular trip to
Henry Roy, of tbe London-Richelieu
Consolidated, is   at the Phair.
H. H. Welch, traveller for W. J.
Pendray, Victoria, is at *.be Phair.
Mr. Julius Elrich, dealer in fruits
and vegetables, of Greenwood, and
wife, are at the Phair.
Hume.���W. McDonald, Sandon;J.
E. Church, Victoriaj W. M. Jackman,
Toronto; II, W. Keith, Cranbrook; L.
S. McKindsey, Tronoto; D. W.
Moore, Trail, Mrs. N. J. L'avanaogh,
Sandon; G. W. Hull and wife, Toledo, Ohio; O, R. Dayman, Toronto; J.
Gordon, Vancouver; 0. J. Vail, Vernon; G. Durregh, Kaslo; It. 11. Whit-
tock, Louisville.
Phair.���H. II. Welch, Victoria;
James Waugh, Lardo; J. C. lire wry.
Rossland; D. C. Johnson, Everett;
Henry Roy, Rossland; J. A. Harron.
Spokane; Mr. aud Mrs. J. Elrich,
Queens���A. L. McLean, Slocan;!).
A. Rankin, Lardo; Mrs. Wm. De
Witt, Salmo; A. J. McDiiah, Sandon;
J. McCorquodale,   Ymir.
Grand Central.���H. Haft, Medicine
Hat; B. Palker, Cranbrook J. B.
Winlaw, Winlaw's Siding;John Campbell, Kaslo.
Arrival and Closing ot Malls.
Close __        Arrive
5.20 p, m
f   United SUtes and   1
0.30 a. m.   '. Eastern   Canada via ���
I        8.  F. 4 .V. )
( Crow's Nest points *1
12.00 p. m. {        and   Kastcrn        J    1.00 p. m.
I. Canada. )
{Revelstoke    and    \
Main  Line  C. P. R. ) 10.30 p. m.
went and cast      i
9.30 a. m. Iton-l-mil 10.30 p. in.
C.00 p. m. Itosuland 10.30 p. ro.
6.00 p. m, Boundary Point* 5.20 p. m.
9.30 a. in.       81ocao Lake I'oinU       3.30 p. m
rKaslo, Pilot Bar audi
1.50 p. in. <      Kcotcnar Lake     > 10,30 a. m.
1. Points )
,Wn ���   /    Balfour Tue.-idar,    1   ,����� _
4.50 p.m. (ThurMmT)   Saturday/ lu'30 *���
Lately starved in London because
he could not digest his food. Early
use of Dr. King's New Life Pills
would     have     saved     him. They
strengthen tne stomach, aid digestion,
promote assimilation, improve apetite.
Price 25c. Money back if nut satisfied. Sold by Canada Drug a Book
Outline of the Work Done
Throughout the Koot-
Civil Engineers and Provincial  Land
P. O. Box 145 Nelson, B.C.
Be   sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S GOTTA PERCHA FUSE.not
something that looks   like   it.    Lawrence Hardware Co., Agents.
nd try a bot.-Je, a dozen, or a barrel ot
CALQARY BEER as it la the beet and
chrapeHt on the market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and     CIGARS.
PRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M........
Telrnhone 93 B.i.er at,. Nelson
If yon areat nil BOSptiOS] about trying Griffith" Manthol Liniment joilrilriun!i��t will sail
It with ihe umliirsIaiidinK rbat if not entirely
satisf ictory your ruoocy bnck. I'se It for
rheumatism. pcurnlKi.. soralns, brui.es, muscular soreness and all forms of swelling and in
flao-niAtion.   Price 25 cents.
Kor salo br J. P. Vanstooe Nation, a C.
Nelson Gets a Share.���Bridg
Ing Wild Horse In East
H. C. Killeen, provinolal road
inspector, leaves this morning for
Rossland to look over some government work in that vicinity. In conversation with a Miner reporter yesterday Mr.Kill-en stated that practically all the wcrk in tbe way of building trails and roads and bridges that
bad been laid out for the season's
operations had been completed. While
in Nelson he took a trip over the new
wagon road running westward from
the city witn which be expressed himself greatly pleased, saying that be
thought it tbe most important and
best road that had been built in tbe
Kootenays this year. He laid that it
would bo a little while before the
people of the city appreciated what it
was to have a Brst-class driving road
out of town, giving as picturesque
and interesting a drive as could be
found anywhere, but when they did it
would undouhtsdly be considered as
one of Nelson's attractions for the
In East Kootenay, which Mr. Killeen has just returned from, he says
that this season the government hate
put in new wagon bridges over Bull
river and Perry creek, acd also have
laid out one to cross the Elk at Michel
prairie, which will be completed
shortly. A new bridge has also been
put in on tbe wagon road running
south from Fort Steele, over Wild
Horse creek, the new bridge being
some distance below tbe old one, and
necessitating half a mile of new
Wild Horse creek, although not a
very large stream, is %ue of the most
troublesome In the province. Since
the placer gold discoveries in 1860
hydraulic mining on a large scale has
been prosecuted on the banks of the
stream, about eight miles from the
mouth, witb tbe result that the large
amount of gravel washed down by
continually cbokii.g np tbe various
channels of the stream has made tbe
bed of it nearly half a mile wide. In
hign water the stream continually
ohanges its channel, gouging out deep
oourses in tho shifting gravel one day
and filling tbem up tbe next. Owing
to tbe gieat depth of the gravel where
the wagon road crosses, it is very
difficult to get a solid foundation that
will not be washed out the first high
water. To meet this condition of
things one span of the bridge baa be it
made seventy feet in length, and en
and the sections on eaob side of it are
made entirely independent so that if
one section is swept away, despite the
precautions that have been taken, the
reat of the bridge is not so likely to
At Bull river, fifteen miles beiow
Fort Steele the old wagon bridge, a
mile from where Bull river runB into
tbe Kootenay, has been repaired and a
new bridge put in where the old pack
bridge was, eight miles from the
moutb. The trail which connects
with tbe Fort Steele road has been
widened into a wagon road as far as
tbe Cbickamon Stone. This mine is
situated about two miles from the
bridge but it is Intended to continue
tbe wagon road as far is the bridge
next season as tbe opening of the
iron bed on Boll river will undoubtedly have a great effect on the future
of that section of country. Bull river
is believed by many to contain rich
placers at tbe bead waters, such is
weie discovered on Wild Horse and
Perry creek in tbe early days, but
owing to tbe great difficulties of prospecting more than twenty miles up
above tbe brllge tbe section of
country lying Stove that point is
practically unexplored. Whether tbe
placer gold is^there or not it is
known that immense bodies of iron
txUt on tbe lower river and tbat
alone will be enough to bring Bull
river to the front again, A couple of
parties have endeaovred to reaoh tbe
headwaters of Bull river from tbe
npper Elk, but bo far as known without success.
On Perry creek a new bridge has
been put in a short distance from
Marysville, which latter is situated
on St. Mary's river. Mr. Killeen
regaids the prospects of East Kootenay as very bright and says that great
progress has been made this season in
opening up   the   different   portions of
You should'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see whpt The Miner can do
for you.
& CO,        i:
Phone 117
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction in service, taking place
Sunday 29th inrtant, 40 minute
service before 11 a. m. and after
7.40 p. m.    20 minutes between.
Bo��oki���v, r Stanley Ml.
7,00 a  m 7.20 a. m.
7.40 8.00
8,20 8.40
9.00 9.20
9.40 10,00
10.20 10.40
11.00 11.00
11.20 11.20
Every 20  minutes  Between, at  the
hour,  20 past and 20 to.
"Gbe "Royal Bank of Canaba"
Incorporated 1869.
laplui Aalfcsris**.
���3,0M.M0.M I  Capital r��ld.����,
Beard ��f ���treeurs     rnomaa K. Kenny,  r-n
Wiley Smith. H. Q, Bauld, Bon. David Maokoen
���      n.��M,SM.M
 . WI.IOO.OWi.ih,
rnomaa E Kenny, Prestdenls  Thomas Rltobio. Vloa- President
ftSl����S32 &tt'3t2E�� W. a Torrano.. Halifax.
Quebec-Montreal, (Oity Ollloo), Montr���
Wast End (Cor. Notre Dame and U0I11-
neura Street*); Weatmouut (Cor. Qreena
Avenue aud BL. Catharines Street,
Hewnraadland-St. John'a.
Cabs. Weil Indies���Havana.
United aisles���Now York (10 Hxohanae Place
Republic, Wash. "      ""
Neva   neotla��� Halifax   Branch,  Antlgonl.h
Brldnwstsr, Oaraboro. Londonderry, La
euburg. lUltland (Hants Co.), Plotou, Port
Hawkenbury, Sydney. Bhubenaoadio.Truro,
Raw    ���ranswtek ��� Bathurat,     Dorchester,
Fredorioton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton. Nowoaiitle, Backvllle, St, John.Woodatook-
r. K. bland���Chsrlottatown, Buruinornide,
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Corre .pendent* 1
tanada-Merohanta Bank of Canada. Boitoo-National Hhawinut Hank. Ckleaco-llllnolii
Tru��t and Saving. Bank, nan VronelMO���Flnt National Bank. London, Kog. -Bank o|
Scotland. Paris, Vranee���Credit Lronnala, Bermnda-Bank of Bermuda. China ami j..
���in���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane���Old National Bank.
aeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bough
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
7.2O p
Stanley h
7,20 p. m.
J. 20
10 40
last car.
car to switch
West Transfer Co.
Goal ��Wood
Best   Fir  and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hantl.
AH Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on   Ba>��r Street
Tel. 33
J. C. GWTT.TiTM, B-,  So,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining- districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B C.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rate of ,
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent,
D.  J.   YOUNG.
Is   lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing; Shop, Jo
sephine Street
Will pay tbe highest cash price for all
kinds of seoond hand Roods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to ���
needle. Fnrnitnre, stoves, oarperts,
"ooking ntensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Hike, Box 800. Hall
Street. Nelaon. B  ri
Corpoiation of the Oity of
Notice to Municipal Voters.
Notice is hereby given that under
the provision uf the '-.Municipal Election Act," the following are entitled
to vote for Mayor and A Mermen at
City Munisipai Elections,  viz.:
Anv male or female, being a Ilritlab
subject of tbe full nuc of twenty-one
years, who   has paid on or before the
First Day of November all Municipal
Rates. Taxes.  Assessments,  and
License Fees
payable by him or her, and
'' Who is the assessed owner of lands
or of improvements or the assessed
occupier of lands wilbiii the Municipality, or
'Who is a   resident   of and   carries
on   business, and   i.s   tbe bolder of  a
traders' liconse in the Municipality,or
''Who   is a   householder within the
Householders   are   required   on    or
before   the   first   day of December to
enter   with   tbe   undersigned,     their
names   as   a   voter, und   to depver at
the same time a statutory  declaration
in the form provided bv the statute.
Citv Clerk.
Nelson, II. C, October 18th, 1901.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce t
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   18,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   12,000,000;
is Over MS,000,000.
B. E. WALKER, Oeneral Manager.
Aggregate Resources Over (05,000,000.
HON. ��EO. A. OOX, President  """  '
London officer ����� Lombard Street. G. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And H branchei in Canada and the United BUvtes, including;!
ATr.rn Obeenwooo Nelson Sandon
CKiNBBOOE        Kami/UPS New Wkhtminbter   Vancouveb
Fnnxin Nanaimo Rossland Viotobia
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson and White Horse.
UNITKD STATES-New Yohk, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaiiwav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.  Present Kate S Fer Cant
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Just Received
A large Shipment of ^
Portable Basket Grates and Irons,
Brass Fire Sets,
Brass Fenders,
Spark Guards-
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch. Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Ordart ny maB ts> a**- branch will hay* careful a*e4 sraampt attention.
NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON. B. C. (
Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.   >
FREE  MILLING  GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern   *
Parties having  mining property for  sale are  requested to send
samples of their ore to the BXCIUNGE for exhibition.
We desijae  to bear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in ltrjtish Columbia.        Z
ProspectMrs  and  mining  men   are requested  to make the  EX-
CI1ANGK th��r headquarters when in Nelson. 7
All ssSfpOs should be sent.bV express, PREPAID. Z
Correspondence solicited.   ArWresa all communications to ���
Telephone No. 104.   P. a Box 700. NELSON, B 0.   >
,��VVVVV��vaA��>*^��yVV��VVVW*W<vWMW��VV^vW^V^%%VV��,*"''��v* '
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn mid Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   MANAGE*.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nrlson,
Oiden by mail receive careful and prompt attention


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