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Nelson Daily Miner Jul 7, 1901

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 Daily Edition No.    io~_
i.'di in.
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Sunday,  July 7,  1901
Eleventh   Year
Over Six   Millions  Surplus
During the Last Fiscal
Government Anxious to Establish Fast Atlantic Line
of Steamers.
Ottawa, July (i.���Private correspondence from Soutli Africa speaks of life
at Ueidleber as a very busy one.
There is great trouble about hospital
appliances, and the nursing and niecl-
ical staff is consequently hampered in
duties. It appears that there is considerable jealousy between the army
and the South African constabulary
and as the constabulary has its own
separate medical service, things are
delayed in transport beyond what is
necessary. From all accounts, Dr.
Vaux is not an popular as could be
wished, whicli may account in part
or the trouble, lie seems to have
been a triile previous in assuming the
rank of major in South Africa aud to
have bten induced to be more cautious.
The trustees of the Stanley Cup have
stalled out eiiily In the game this
year,having received a challenge from
the Civil Service Hockey Cub, the
Dawson champions of the Yukon territory.
The financial statement of the Dominion for the fiscal year, up to the
close of June is published in today's
Canada Gazette. It represents, bow-
ever, only receipts and payments up
to the end cf last month. Tlie flnanco
minister estimated last session a surplus of 8(1,860,000 but it is probable
tbat the showing will even be u little
better than tnis. Today's statement
shows receipts for the year of 850,735,-
IH7 uriil an expenditure of 888,574,008
with a capital account outlay of S!i, -
550,100. The revenue for June alone
was $4,KM,003 as against $3,027,452
last J ear and expenditure $3,1148,200 as
against $3,350,810. Eiery revenue
producing branch of set -ice shows a
slignt improvement over  last year.
Winnipeg, July 0.���Two hundred
representatives of the railroad brotherhoods met last evening to discuss the
strike situation. The meeting was a
secret one and all present refused
to give any details of the business
transacted. It has, however, leaked
out that It was decided tc send a delegation to Montreal to assist in a settlement. This delegation will consist
of five from the western division, one
from each of the Brotherhoods of Conductors, Engineers, Firemen, Tram-
men and Trackmen. The live men selected leave by tonight's Imperial
Limited fcr Montreal. One of the
men present at the meeting was heard
to declare that there wub strong feeling that the mission would be suc-
cessful and that a satisfactory settlement would be made.
Oeneral Superintendent Leonard
staled today that reports from the
cast showed that the strike was fall
Ing through, Men were returning to
work at many points. In the west the
trackmen were slower about leaving
work when the strike was announced,
and now they were slower to roturn.
He said the track continued <n good
condition   and   trains   wero   iuuuing
Montreal, July 0.���A member of the
federal government stated ,here today
that there was no doubt that tenders
would he Immediately called by the
government fur a fast Atlantic line.
The government is now In communication with various steamship companies on the subject. The exact
speed required haa not been decided
upon, hut It would be in the vicinity
of twenty knots. The minister cald
he believed that with modern up to
date fast -teaming vessels passengers
hy the I.lvcipool and Quebec route
could be landed in Montreal a illy at
least earlier than they are now.
Toronto, July 5.���The statement of
affairs presented Bt the ineeetlng of
the creditors of Talyor llros, this afternoon showed the state to be considerably involved. Most of the property is held under mortgage for advances made and   the assets consist of
stock and plant, book debts and nominal surplus in some real estate. A
��� summary of the affaiiB of the firm
will be approximately as follows, lia-
blities, direct, 843,210.45; secured
$315,234.44, less value of securities
8183,500.80j banking balance $101,-
711.01; preferred $8,235.30. Total
8113,150.35. Assets, 878,025.21. Nominal deficiency 8135,130.14.
Vancouver, July 0.���A large force
of men are kept going night and day
to rush the installation of the strong
rooms in the Government Assay olliee
building. Mr. Beilly, Canadian Minister of Mites, informed your correspondent that the office would not be
ready as reported by the i5th of the
piesent month, but he though it
might be ready tbis month. There
was however a great deal to he done
in the way of getting ready to handle
the Klondike gold. In reply to a
question he said he thought the Vancouver oflice which would be run on
the same basis as the Seattle oflice
would be able to handle as many
millions as offered. The vaults being
built are surrounded by stone walls
and are on a stone foundation. The
gold will he stored in these vaults
and shipped at regular intervals to
the Government mint at Ottawa.
Vancouver, July 0.���Vancouver voted today on seven bylaws, as follows;
To license a music hall, liquor allowed on premises, defeated by a vote of
012 to 370; to build two additional fire
halls, 400 for, 442 against; to purchase a stcue quarry, 538 for, 371
against; to build a new jail, 489 for,
42li against; to authorize the Bale o'.
certain land?, 501 for, 320 against; to
improve the cemetery and buy additional ground, 054 for, 254 against, to
extend the waterworks system, 501
for, 320 against. A two thirds majority was required on all the bylaws.
Winnipeg, July 0.���Fifteen thousand farm laborers will be required to
harvest Manitoba's crop this year.
The harvestii g will commence about
August 10th and thc yield will be a
record one. Thirty bushels to tbe
aero are being predicted with a yield
of 50,000,000 bushels. The weather
continues warm Interspersed with
bountiful showers and thc tusiness out
look is splendid.
Ottawa, July 0.-Inspectors Mc-
M'.ehael and lieldon, customs department left this morning for the Yukon
to inspect various ports in the territory. While in the west they will
hold an inquiry at Dawson City into
the seizure of a United States vessel
by a collector on account of non payment of wages to her crew and for vio-
liition of the customs laws.
Berlin, Ont., July 0.���Henry Jonas,
a farmer living near here came into
town this morning with his wife,
leaving two young sons, 5 and 11
years of age at home. Durin_' their
parents' absence the elder cf the two
children found a loaded gun and
while playing with it, shot his little
brother dead.
Port l'.ric,Ont., July (1. ���During the
terrific thunder storm which commenced here last night about 8 o'clock
and continued for over two hours a
colored boy was struck hy lightning
at the race track and killed, Wll
Ham Bonner, who lives a short distance from the village was also struck
and killed.
Pembroke, Ont., July 0.���Eire caily
this morning totally destroyed the
rusidence and outbuildings of (1 illicit
Delaheyca, barrister, the outbuildings of the Methodist ehuroh paison-
age, dwelling of II. Turin and the
outbuildings and kitchen of A.Coram,
The loss is partly covered by Insurance.
Vauco'ivor, J July (I.���The grand
lodgo of the IuhIioi men's Union of
British Columbia met tonight and
refused tho offer of the canners' executive to pay a sliding scule of prices
according to the pack put up, thc
striko is thercforo still on.
Uoierontn, Ont., July 0.���In a com-
petltlo i practice at the artillery canpp
the fell.wing scorns were made yesterday : Fifth field battery, Kingston,
153; 10th field battery, Woodstock,
'110; 13th field battery,Winnipeg, 143.
White outside home  Whi let
Burns inside  home  . McEni land
Jas.   Woods, .field capt.. ,N.T.McLeod
"Toby' Allen refeiiced in   a   most
satisfactory manner.
! Baden-Powell's Timely   Remarks Allay Rising Disaffection.
Llsgar, July 0.���The election trial
reopens before Chief .Tustico Killam
at Mnnltou on Monday. Clarke Wallace, M.P., speaks at the Orange demonstration at Neepuwa on tho 12th.
Surrounded ln the Hills -The
Soldiers' Rations Very
Medicine Hat Lacrosse Team i
Totally Annihilates
Results of   the   First
of the Nelson
Day's Khootinj
Another interesting communication
has been received by Mr. John Blaney
of this city from his son who is now
in Soutli Africa, who left here re
cently with the South African Con-
staulary, The letter is full of interesting adventure and is directly from
the seat of war, where they were in a
active conflict with the enemy. The
letter is dated the day after Victoria
day and was written at Fort Burleigh, Krugerdoip. He stated, they
were, at tho time of writing, then
on active service and had not taken
off their clothes since they left Cape
Town. As he penned the letter Blaney
was on an outpos; t'068ack duty, and
.was utilizing his two hours off, in
writing a few lines to his parents,
which weie written on the leaves of
a pocket book. At the time the A and
E troops of the S. A. C, which had
left there two days before, weie surrounded in the hills eight miles away.
Heavy iiriiig was going on, day and
night and the Irish Fusiliers and a
troop of Scotch Horse wero inarching
past to go to their relief. Referring
to the Boer families in the refuge
camps, he said, that it was a great
sight to see them all housed in tents
aud looked after by the Government.
The women are apparently more bitter than tho men and often turn their
backs on the soldiers as they are seen
approaching. They aro very foxy
too, as they go out and gather buffalo
chips for fuel. Sometimes while out
on this errand,_t_ey get a 1 itLie too
far away from the camp, and bave lo
be brought back by the soldiers, who
ride after thoin and show thoy where
they live. Theii chip gathering is
frequently only a ruse to get away
from the camp and communicate with
the enemy to supply them with provisions and Information, and, says the
writer, "it would ~poil the big round
up, if they wero to get away too often." Blaney is acting ns scout and
general horse catcher.
Thero appeals to he quite n lot of
dissatisfaction among the troops,
especially by the non-commissioned
otllcerB and men, and according to the
writer there is danger of surprising, Badon-l'owell paid them a visit
of inspection on the Monday before
and roasted the sergeants aud coipor-
als. He told them plainly that the
sooner tbey stepped nagging the men
the sooner they would have a happy
family. Tho writer adds, "I can tell
you the mun did give him some rousing cheers when he left us, because he
said just what we wanted to say, but
didn't know how to begin."
He claims thut the Transvaal is a
Une grazing countiy and that the soil
will grow anything. They are all
looking for peace, as soon ns it can
come, so that they can sa?e some of
their pay as tbey do not appear to
he any too well provided for. Anything In the way of extras they have
to buy and as everything Is very deal
they have not much opportunity to
economise their earnings. Whnt they
call extras,most people would call lie
cessltics such   as oatmeal, hi end, and
A groat many of the men havii been
ill with mumps, dyientry and measles which the doctors are trying their
best to arrest, The writer reports
himself ln thu beSi of health and
concludes a very Interesting letter
with remembrances lo his Nelson
friends and promises to write again
in the near futuie.
Score of Eleven to Two
Registered Against Local
The lirst match of the Nelson
branch of the Canadian Military Rille
League took place yesterday afternoon over the Nelson range. There
wore two teams organized and the following was the score:
First Team ���N. T. McLeod (il, 1).
McKay 80, Dr. Hall 8B, A. Carrie S4,
J. D. Tinkass 84, II. liird 83, F. E.
Weir K3, J. McKcnzie 81, A. Grant
78, II. A. Langford 71. Total team
score 837.
Second Team���I.. Gobey 75. ,1.
Richardson 72, II. J. Roble 08, E. C.
. ,   ,. , ,  , Ingrain   (id,    T.    Brown 8, J.   Rue 04,
A most distressing gome of lacrosse  Se?gcaIlt   .stcck,   G;;,   ,,.  simpK0I1   SB\
was played at   the recreation grounds  o. Borden 50, Judge  Forin 54.    Total
yesterday afternoon.    It was   dlstres-1 team score (i.'lll.
sing   because   it    showed   how
Besides those above mentioned there
very I
. -,,..,. ,,  ,  ,        I were   three   others who tired   in   the
much superior the Medicine Hat team I colllp(,tHion    in(lividl1il)1y,   thure   Dot
was to  the   beBt  aggregation   Nelson! being   enough   to   make   up   a third
could   at the   time,    put   up   against, tenrn.    They were   J.    Roberts 53, .1.
them.    Tne men   from   the territories Christie 51, and E. Weeks   50.    There
,   I. ,, ,       ,     was a stiongand variable wind blow-
managed   to   score   the    provokingly  ,__ ,,���_,__ t"he ���,���._.,, whj(.h oodMw.
large total of  eleven goals whileain-|ably   interfered   with    the  shooting;
ing the same time it took Nelson's
representatives all their time to score
two. There is no use trying to disguise the fact that the ;ery much better team won by a very much bettei
score than they should have. The
visitors watched their men as lacrosse
players should do and when it came
to shooting they lost no opportunity
to put the rubber in the vicinity of
the Nelson goal keeper. Their defense played a magnificent game, but,
at the same time, they missed the presence of "Billy" I'eard, who played
the star game for the team on Tuesday last. But it was not so much the
good game, that the vlsitois played as
it was the poor game that the local
team put up,that won a victory for an
outside team such as Nelson should
never see again.
When on Tuesday afternoon last the
same two teams met thoy provided a
fast, scientific, and brilliant exhibition of Canada's national game, Such
as lias never before heen seen here. It
showed that the players of both teams
were capable of playing very good lacrosse, hut yesterday afternoon's game
proved that it would take an awful
lot of piaetice to put into shape anything like a good Nelson team. The
members of the Nelson aggregation
certainly require a large amount of
conscientious training in team play
before they can be pitted, with credit
to themselves or to the city, against
tho teani6 who pretend to play the
game. Yesterday Farrow, the point,
played the most useful game on the,
defense field, nnd Arthur I'errler was
hy long odds the best man in the
field. Joe Thompson, the "Iron
horse" certainly did some fine work,
and Dan McNicoll distinguished him
self until he was so battered that he
had to take a seat on the bleachers.
Both the Jeffs did well, hut they cei-
tainly do show a decidedly bellicose
disposition, but the whole weakness
of the Nelson tenm lay In their over-
lasting disposition to pass on the
home field when shots on goal would
have been very much more to the purpose. They llirted with the hall when It
should have been thrust home and
several times this reliance on theii
passing abilities cost thoin shots on
the goals which might have resulted In
scores. Nelson scored , one perfect
game, hy receiving tho hall from a
long pass from the defence field and
running dowii passed to "Dlek" Mc-
Eurland,who scored. Ilnl. that could
not compnro with one of the games
registered by the visitors. Their
point mun got the hall who passed It
to the third defense man, he sent It
along to centre aud from bim it went
to outside Inline and then to Inside
home who sained by nn excellent shot,
(lames scored by such play niiriowly
escape being classified as perfect lacrosse.
some trouble and inconvenience was
also caused by the shortage of rifles,
three and four men having to shoot
with the same weapon.
Nelson   Mining   Property   to Be Disposed of Next Week.
A pioperty in the immediate vicinity of Nelson and upon which a considerable amount of money has already
been expended, will next week pass
into the hands of a large and influential Eiigli-i company. The Miner
has beon requested to refrain from
publishing all the particulars of the
deal on account of the amount, of
truth there is In the old saw, "There
is many a slip 'twixt Clip ami lip."
but it is not betraying nry confidence
lu saying that tbo deal will most certainly be Consummated and that another dividend payer will shortly lie
added to the Nel-on list, as the work
already done ou the property shows
that,the installation of proper machinery to treat the ore will Quickly
make it a profit producer.
Tho strike situation appears to be
much the same round Nelson. Many
of the trackmen have gone up to the
Lardeau to work on construction, but
the brldgemen are staying In town to
await the termination of the trouble.
Mr. McMaiiniiinii, of the Trackmen's
Union, stated today that he had just
come over with 117 Italians from Bob-
son, who had been hired by the C. P,
It. at Boston at 81.35 a day. On
reaching Reveltsoko they had heard
about the strike and refused to go to
work. They came down to Nelson
and will go up to tho Lardeau the beginning of the week.
When   Medicine
such another team
to meet it  again,
tiseuient   for   the
Hut can send nut
Nelson would like
It is gicat adver
town In the Torrl
It Will Prove an Important
Transaction to Kootenays
What Is Being Done at the
New  Mining  Gamp on
Fish Greek.
The "hot wave" struck Nelson yesterday.
The Bonnington Falls I'ower Company turned on the lights last evening
and the city wus brilliantly lighted,
so much so that when they were turned off about 11 o'clock the streets
seemi.il  darn.
The members of St.Saviour's church
school will hold their annual picnic
on thc steamship Moyie to Procter on
Wednesday, July 17th. Tho steamer
will leave -Nelson nt'.i in the morning,
returning to the citv at ii p. hi. A
good feature in connection with this
outing is that il has been arranged
that those who dislike bolheiing with
baskets can obtain lunch at the Proo-
terjliolcl. thus doing away 'vith u frequently troublesome pint ol   a picnic,
There was n meeting of the lire,
water and light committee yesterday
morning, called for the purpose of
considering the oll'ei of the Huiiiihig
ton Fulls I'ower Company to supply
the city of Nelson with elect] ie light.
They weie only in session for a few
minutes nnd unanimously turned the
proposition clown. It was evident ut
the time thnt the proposal was made
that it would receive no other treatment. Some other matters of minor
importance were also dealt  with.
On Friday evening July Bib a local
union to he known UN thc Musical
Protective Association No. Ill, nlllliul-
ed wilh the American Eciloiiilinii of
Musicians was organized iu Nelson,
An executive board pro tern was appointed to net until the charter was
tilled. Sixteen names of musicians-
huve been put on the charter list ho
fur. The executive nllbcis lire: Ties-
Ident, T. A. Mills; Vice-I'icsidciit.
Ii,'8, Otis| Secretary, 3, II. I'ollnr.l;
Treasurer II. Wiiinhnhl; Sergl.-at-
Arnis, CliiiH, Lewis. 'I hit chatter will
lie left open until August 1st, so that
Intending members muy get their
names on   the   lift.    Applications   for
membership are to bs left with 3.   R.
l'nllnrcl   at   E. J.    Ruble's   store   on
Baker street.
The police are loiiiiding up the.
turnips and keeping them on the
move. Every evening tbey take their
r'liliids and frequently succeed In
(Hitching some of these gentry in the
unoccupied shacks which are to he
fOUild in various paits of the city.
with the result that next nioining
they aril made to appear before the
police magistrate and given a chance
tn hit the ties, which they Invariably
succeed in doing. On Saturday u
trio of these "lloatsaiii" of society
were mnde to puss in rotation before
the representative of the law and
ptove a visible means of support or
suffer tlio consequence.    They pleaded
Hatcher point Farrell   guilty to the charge of   vagrancy and
McCurriy o. point Eraser I were   remanded until   Monday   when
M.l'enrd defense Thomson   instead   of putting In   an   iippeaiancc
Williamson      "       Hawkins   they will be In fresh   fields   and   pns-
Bcll       "       McNicoll   tu res new.    The    police     authorities
Cavaiimigh contre A. Jeffs  think it better   to give them a chance
In the sale of the Eva group in the
Fish River camp one of the most Important mining transactions to Nelson
that have over been put through tool;
place. The Imperial Development.
Syndicate, who disposed of the property, is composed almost entirely of
Nelson people. It was organized
wilh a capital of $200,000 divided into
31)1) shares. The directors were empowered to place on the market lull
shares, which were nearly all secured
by local parties. At an annual meeting of the company it was reported
that the Eva Group bad been acquired
at a cost of 80(1,000. To meet the payments and continue the development
work Die directors were authorized to
sell 50 more shares. These weie
offered to the original stockholders
only and about lu of the second isBue
bad been disposed of when the offer
of a quarter of a million wus received
for the property, and accepted.
The coinpany still retain a valuable
propeity in the same camp as the Eva,
called the Cliolla group, on which
Ihey purpose to push development
The sale of the Eva has caused great
excitement in tlie district contiguous,
and all of Lexington mountain oil
which it is situated has been staked.
The mountain is a hogback running
out at uu angle from a mail) range,
and several other valuable \eins have
been discovered, some of which are
likely lei prove as valuable as the Eva.
Ali are free milling gold propositions,
and are now held at high figures.
At the present lime Within a rad'iis
of three miles of the Eva there are
about Inn mun at work on other
The 0, P. R survey runs through
tho lower claims of the ('holla group
which will make the question of
transportation for the different properties an easy one.
The importance of this deal not
only to Nelson but to the Kootenays
generally can hardly be overestimated.
It shows the world generally that
the people, who live iu the country are
the strongest believers in the value of
ils prospects, and are willing to back
up their belief witli the strongest of
arguments���cold cash. Many other
dealers have been helped it long by the
consummation of this one and it is
likely this will follow an era of great
activity in opening up of claims
whoso owners had almost given up
hop". A peculiar thing In connection
with these discoveries of free milling
oro is the fact that till they weru
made tbe distiict was supposed to be
a silver-lend one uud   wns   prospected
extensively for that mineral,
In the light of those latest departures the Lardeau will probably soon
take ils place as a leading producer
of free milling gold ore.
Tlie camp in situated uliottt II miles
above Comapiix, on I'Inii River. Thu
country is snid to he very similar In
appearance to that around Nelson, and
is i a I In-1- dilllciill of access.
torles and when the people there have
such a fine team to support they
should not bo beggarly In sending II
abroad to show just what line athletes the town In the "Gopher" belt
can produce.
Tho teams wero as follows:
Medicine Hat. Nelson.
J. I'eard goal Vanslone
Neff home.
Extensive Work Going oil In Goat
River District Iron Properties.
The Canadian l'lieiflo Hallway St
presSnt is busily engaged In prospect
ing tlie Iron deposits of Uonl liver ln
tlie neighborhood of Kitchener. They
hnve taken option:, on n nuiiibei of
eliilms cm one of   which   B    large   0.0
body of high grade hematite hns been
discovered which is over 800 feet in
width. Since May "st Iho cuinpiiny
has splint over 813,mill in surface
work nnd diamond drilling on this,
Mr, Illakcmore, consulting engineer
of thu C.  P.   11.   being    in   ebiiigo   of
the operations,
111    connection   with    the   company
working tills deposit there ure several
points of gnat Interest to Nelson citizens.    Tlio ore is of  too high a gnide
to be used for (melting and is what is
, used for refinery.   Taken   In   coniuc-
C.Jeffs   to get out of the city tlinn to   compel   tion with    Cue probable building of   B
 I'errler   the   city   to    eiltcituin     then,    hide- '' iclliiery here il would seem that   vre-
. Archibald   finitely'in the lock-up. |parulions arc going   rupldly forward. Nelson  Daily Miner,  Sunday    July 7,  1900
The Nelson Miner
ubllnhod   Every Morning Except   Monday
���HY THK���
Limited Liability.
Dally, por month, by carrlor	
Daily, per month, by mail	
Iiaily, per year, by carrier	
Dull., per year, by mail	
Daily, por year foreign	
.. R5n
.. 50c
..$ 7 00
..    5 00
..  y 00
Weekly, per half year  $1 25
Weekly, per year    2 00
Weekly, per year, foreign    3 00
JibricriptioiiH Invariably in advance.
146 Fleet 8troot. E. C,
Central  l*roHH Agency, Ltd., Special Agcntw
All Obaokfl should be made payable to the
order   of   NBI...O.N    Pt.riLir.niNu    Company,
Alexander & Co., 621 First Aveinu!, Bpokano,
WksIi., keep this paper on Hie, anil ure cur
authorised iigonts for adverUiieinoQta anil nub-
T\ONT forget to inspect the HUDSON'S  BAY STORES
"|\/f OiN'DAY and following (lajra this week.
TNSIDB our building wo will a_.ton.ah you:
VTOT with our ordinary stock, but
T NSTEAI. we have on our holiday attire, and wc invite you all to come and hoc us.
_F variety of _._ .. ....   _ _._     r  ��� 	
Hoots and Shoen, Genta' FurniHliingK, GrocoricH, Crockery,
Best Assortment
OK variety of (roods we have no end.   Our stock is complete In Dry Goods, Carpets, Howe
Furnishing . Hoots and Shoes, Gents' Furnishings, Groceries, Crockery, and Liquors.
TONE of 01 r
of the worl
.coda are of tlie trashy kind, but are selected from the best markets of
T"\ON'T leave Nelson without making your purchases at our storew,
A ND thus terminate what we hope haa been a well spent holiday.
"\rOU will never regret it.
It wan aft-d tbflt the St. tingene. of
Moyie, w����s closing down, but during .hint1 the output was 2,200 tons,
It was a Iho fail] thai the property bad
gone mtu thc possession of the American Smelter trust, l'"t thi1- is denied
on tire authority of Mr. Cronin, the
manager, who probably knows pore
about the affairs o' his company than
thc gossiping newspapers. '1 'be St.
Eujfene Is a wonderful mint., lias Icon
well managed from the beginning,
is in good hands, and much will be
heard   of   it   in   the   time   to  come.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13,
Some Anglian correspondent in
South Africa started a Htory to the
effect that a body of Strathcona troop-
era lynched some Boers who had murdered a comrade. The story was without the least foundation, ano was
probably invented out of compliment
to the Nrathconas, who inspired their
Hritish cousins in South Africa wit!)
mixed feelings of admiration and
terror. Nothing quite so daredevil
had ever been seen in regular service
in the old world, and a lynching, of
course, would seem appropriate to
their character.
Hudson's Bay Company.
Come Early and Get
^ %l> v*> i*> i*> ��*i ��.#> i4i ite ito i*> i*i ii>> 4^ i*> iii i*> ��#> **> t��/\i/\��> ^|jr il>\fc ��fc.
i D. McArthur 8 Co. i
^ J. G. NELSON, Manager. |j
|       Furniture Dealers, |
1        Undertakers and Embalmers.      I
From $10.00 up
From $2.50 up
From $13.50 up
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
existing   Province   and
posed <if tlni vast region
another com-
To tliruw a lot of stuff together in
thc form of blank verse and eall it a
poem doen not make it a poem. We
suppose The Toronto Globe, in devoting so miich of the first page of its
Dominion Day issue to those lines of
Ilungough'H "inscribed to .Sir Wilfrid
Laurier,'1 thought it was printing a
poem. Hut it was not, nor is Mr.
Bungougli a pout. And The (llobe in
eruel In encouraging him to think
that he is. He can write fairly decent
prose, but his poetry is invariably
twaddle. It would be a mercy to the
man to let him know this.
Mr. .'orti, the London coricspond-
ent of The N. Y. Tribune, cables the
following: "Mr. Henri Hourassa, the
French-Canadian M. P., who is lEilk-
iucr a short stay in London, admits
that h.) and his faithful pair of foi
lowers Stand almost alone in the Canadian Parliament as supporters of the
Boer cause, '-lit he maintains that he
represents a tremendous body of opinion in Canada, nearly the whole of
the Province of Quebec and a large
part of Ontario. Canada is, lie complains, kept in the dark with regard
to South Africa affairs. Uo is not
very hopeful about the future, but lie
will keep pegging away nevertheless. "
Mr. Hourassa must he a greater ass
than he was taken to be at Ottawa.
Canada sent one   of   the best   teams
it eould get together down    to   Philadelphia to play ciieket. but lost in all
the matches.    There is capital cricket
material in this country, as good perhaps, as in   any other) <but   we   never
see any   of   those large scores  in   the
home matches, and we never do   anything away fiom home.    This   is   not
to be wondered   at, however.    Cricket
is a game that requires long and   constant    practice.    One  cannot   become
a good cricketer   in   a   single season,
and   the   best   cricketer   cannot   stay
good   without keeping liis   hand   in.
Canadians   have   not   tlie   leisure   to
play cricket day in   and day out, season after season ; they   have the problem of their bread and butter to face.
And another disadvantage   ia that the
same   players   cannot keep   together.
Until we have a leisure class,we shall
never have   first-class cricket, su.h as
they have   in   England, and   such   as
they very nearly have in a few  places
in the United States, Philadelphia included.    There is   a  loisure   class   in
Victoiia, it is true;   at   least,   so  we |
were informed the   other day; but we
have not heard that   it  is much given
to cricket.    It is supposed to run more
t'i draw pokor.
If he'd had Itching Piles. They're
terribly annoyingi but Hucklen's Arnica Salve will cure the worst case
of piles on eaitb. It has cured thousands. Kor Injuries, Pains or llodily
Eruptions it's the best salve in the
world. Price -fie a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by Canada Drug ~*. Hook
the popular
turies when
Some curiosity is expressed to know
If  the   legislators at Keginn reflected
sentiment   of   the Terri-
they   declared   the other
day for a   single   Province.    It is not
at all   unlikely   tbat   they   did.    The
people of the   Tei rilories,    like   their
reprcsentati'TH    In       Ihe     Assembly,
would probably prefer to hold all they
have,    and,    when   the   time   is fully
ripe, lo see it    transformed    into   one
new   Province.    Tin;!    would    be natural.    They art? massed together now,
and they    would   rather   stay   massed
than to   lose any of   their   territory.
Hut although   il   is   quite   right lhat
their   wishes should   count foi a good
deal, Il is as   well lo  understand that
neither the legislators nor tbe   people
of   tho   Territories   have   all   to   say
about it.    Tbe lliuil  disposition of the
territory   purchased   with     Canadian
money    from    tbe Hudson's Hay Company is a Canadian question quite  as
much as it is a   Territorial   question.
To   throw    Assiniboia,   A Iberia,   and
Saskatchewan into one Province,   and
leave   Manitoba    with    ils    present
boundaries,    would be   an   absurdity,
When       Ministers      ul     ntUwa   arc
brought   face   to   face with the question, they should take a    map   of   the
enlire Northwest   on their knees, and
Invite reason and common sense to assist in something that will approach a
Hoientiflc   division.    There   is   no duality about the present boundaries   of
Manitoba,   and   it was  not   intended
that there should be;   il w���s still less
intended   that    there   should   be   the
monstrous   disparity  between the one
From a to S.r��0 p. m.
Miss Helen Hall
M. Sheldon Pearce
Grand Concert
July 9th
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Line Parisian fulyfl
Allan Line Australasian ..July 13
Allan Lino Corinthian Filly 20
Beaver Lino Wanna.. July fi
Heaver Line Lako Obamplatn July L2
Beaver Line Lake Megantic July 11)
From Portland, Mo.
Dominion Line Dominion. July li
Dominion Line Gumbruinan luly 13
Krom Bo.ton
Dominion Lino Common.v.>allh  July 3
Dominion Line New ICngland luly 17
Cunard Lino Ivcrnia July ti
Cunard Line Saxonia July 'Hi
From New York
White Star Line Germanic July :t
White Star Line Cymric Julyil)
White Star Line  Mijestio July 17
Cunard Line l-lnirja Filly ti
Cunard Lino Servia July 9
Cunard Lino  Campania July IM
American Lino  St.  Paul July Hi
American Lino St. Louis July 17
Anchor Line Astoria      July ii
Anchor Line Anohoria .Jul) 13
French Line La Champagne July I
French Line La GftRCOgne luly II
N. G. L. Kuiserin Maria Tlicrcsl. Inly 9
Hamburg*Amerieati Douteohlancl July il
For further particulars apply lo
City P.i8scn���er Agont, Nelson, B. C.
Gonornl S.S. ��g.nf. O.P.B. Ofl-'SB. Wliihlnog.
���1 VERANDAH CHAIRS                                     |:
| RATTAN CHAIRS                                         ��
^00 Reception, Easy and  Large  Rockers  K*r.
| PARLOR SUITS                                            |
__S Pccej '..cn O.urs, Couches, Lounges, Divans.                  at-
���__��� ���'
PAT. SEPT.. 1900.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisu fctiict Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C. Block. Ward Stleet, Nflson.
Oiders by mill receive careful and prompt attention
Oyster und Consomme
a la Colbert
French   Sardines  nnd   lliikud Salmon
a la Maltre d'hote.
Ox long1 lie Ilordelatae Sauue
Chicken Pot Pie Country style
Lamb Curry and Uice
Ilalied Giblet Tie
Hollo Fritters Hum Sauce
Loin Heel   Yorkshire Pudding
l.i-y of Lamb Mint Sauce
Turkey,   Oyster   Dressing
Mixed tickles Chow Chorv
White Onions      Qiieon Olives
Lemon (.'ream snd Custard I'io
Strawberry Tart       [llano Mange
Assorted Nuts and Raisins
Coffee Cheese
Strawberries and Ice Cream
Home  Ollice Minneapolis, Minn.
Victoria, Ii. C, May 20th, 1001.
Mr. Jno. Ti Pietre, Nelson:
Dear Friend John,���Yonr favor from
Kaslo duly received with 8.1.00 enclosed and herewith please Hud
receipt for same, also herewith
please find four contraots for Sam nnd
one for Maloue. llusiness, I am pitted to say, is just booming here and
I tell you they are talking Tontine
pood now. This is the list of payments I have made this week:
P. ciombi. ...DIG0 Dr. Lewis Hall.88��0
A.MoLaggAD,, 480 Ilnrry Maynatd 880
Tom Sniantis.  Kill A.   Bancroft... dflo
.los.r Stewart 160 i>. T. Scott.... mo
Jos. Mayer....  100 II. Llcbenbaum 1(10
II. J. Case   160 N.Shakespeare 320
$12.0 S22IO
(3,580 is pretty nice I tell you and
always looking for more. So just tell
your friends to get aboard, I have
how myself 80 and hope to get It to
B0 before long. With best wishes to
you,  1 remain yours very truly,
Oeneral Agent B.O.
For  further  information   apply   to
JOI1NT. i'lEKUK, Hiil.ageiil, Nelsou.
lest Transfer...
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Blairmore Coal,    -    $6.75
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -   $10.75
No order  can bo accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Office on   Baker  -treet. Tel. U7
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
* ^ ______
Threeyearslea.se on ground
property   at  $10.00
Direct From Manufacturer
Of All  Kinds, for  Your Bar and for Your Table.
Excelsior  Teas and Coffees
are making muny sad hearts happy.
For domestic or steam use.
supply  always or
all  railway and
| H. H. PLAYF0ED \
\       & CO.        !
Cigars ._
A   full
Rates to
lake points.
-r .   kt      .    General AScn>
i el. No. 265.
Office ��� Two  doors   west
C.P.R   offices.
Apply to
Baker Street.
! WM. HUNTER & GO. ��
\ Groceries,  Crockery. j|
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
��.-5 ����������������������-Sv9
Phone 117
��������������������������������� ********+a.a,4.*O0
Caveats, Design . Oopyrlghts and
Trade Murks 11I1Iniiicd iu Ofiiiiul*
mid all foreign countries.
Room .'I, Buuk of British North
America,  Hastings Htr.o'   Van
1" have a complete stock on hand ul
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors,
Inside Finish-
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY. Yards, NELSOU
and LAR) >0.
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
order. b> malt to ai��v branch will have careful
aranust attention.
���mm nnou-B.       ,0TAir- P|IBnc 1
Wlnd.rmsi.MlDM.   <!nn'MDo>,d_M,aoll_(le<! I
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
j. a. Wayward.
Is    lame    or    intei feres
bring  him' to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
Ladies' acd Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers,
Suits Made to Order.' Cleaned, Dyed, Altered and Keusurod.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarhe Hotel.
Mail Ordeis .Solicited. "   "   Box 634
St��C eon.in^ fihPiCl. '" thG ab0V�� Iines'    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried   by the
LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO. l\elson Daily Mine., Sunj.y, July 7,  1901
: '���'���>
. ,
On    Tuesday   evening    the    Nelson
Opera House should    be the   meeea   of
all those who are   musically   inclined ;
in Nelson.    It   is seldom that   an op-;
portnnity is given in   this  country of
hearing   such   a   high  class artist as j
Madame Camilla Urso,   who for years!
has   been   recognized as the   greatest i
woman vioiniste   m   the   world.    She i
has charmed audiences in all parts   of f
the world aud   will   certainly   charm;
all   those   who   hear   her    here   thisi
It is said of Camilla Urso that her
reportoire is larger and more varied j
than that of any other artist on any ,
instrument. It comprises over four |
hundred pieces, all of which she plays!
fiom memory. She never is seen j
with 11 tnusie stand in front of ber.
Her appearance upon the stage is mod- I
esty itself���no airs, uo affectations, no
tricks. Her attitude is so deferential
that it appears almost one of apology
that she should presume to piay at
all. When the time cctnes to put
her bow to the violin she closes her
eyes, and she sees nothing and knows
nothing but that violin until the
piece is finished. And no other artist
can bring such strains from the
strings as Mme. Urso. Tlie opportunity to hear such a player does not
often come to Nelson. She has with
her Miss Helen Hall, contialto, and
Miss M, Sheldon l'earce, pianiste,
both recognized artists in their respective lines. The event promises to
be by long odds the best ever given
in Nelson.
The plan of seats opens at   Macdonald 's tomorrow morning.
Circular Issued to  the Shareholders of
the London ..   II. 0. li. F.
The following circular from the secretary of the London and Hritish Columbia Gold-elds was recently sent to
the shareholders;
"I am directed to ilifoi in you that
the financial arrangements fur com
pletiug the works of the Kettle River
rower undertaking have been carried
out. From the Prospectus ol the Met
tie iliver I'ower Company, Limited,
recently sent you, yon will be aware
that tlio capital necessary for completing the works had been underwritten,
and tlie issue has been uiade. The
result of this arrangement is tnat the
works and thu provision of the machinery ure now being pushed foi
ward as vigorously as possible, and
any anxiety as to uDduly trespassing
on the resources of the London i_ Brit*
Ish Columbia Ooldlields Company has
been removed.
"1 am ulso pleased to be able to in-
form you that thu London and Hritish Columbia OoldSalds Company bus
within the last few (lays, Completed
arrangements fur securing an exceedingly large free milling gold property
in tlio Lardeau District of Hritish Columbia, upun the strong recommendations of "ur local manager. Mr. Robertson, and engineer, M". S. S. Fowl
er, both of whom describe the deal as
being a very valuable one. Thi_ is
fully confirmed by the information
placed at the disposal of the company
by Mr. E. Nelson Fell, brother of Mr. >
Arliut' Fell, ono of your directors,
who is well acquainted witli the details of the property
"A very largo number of propeitieB
have been under examination and eon-
sideiation, but your directors were
desirous of waiting until thoy could
secure a guod propeity with a certain
amount of development, and one cu-
puhlo of producing a lnrge output, at
low working costs. Thc new property promises to fuliillall these condition*.
"Owing largely to the exertion
of Mr. Robertson, the Canadian (iov-
crnineiit huve granted a bonus in connection with the treatment of silver-
lend ores,whioh it is believed will, in
a short time, enable .shipments of the
product from the Whitewater and
Kntli Mines to be-resumed,
"The returns from the Ymir mine
continue to he highly satisfactory, the
average operating profit during the
Inst three months being about ��5,(100
pei month . The fact that a substantial further profit can be made by the
application of tlie cyanide process to
the treatment of thc tailings, places
the undertaking In a still better position as regards increasing profits,
while the developments continue to lie
in every way satisfactory.'1
wood and vicinity duriDg his all too
brief residence in the town. Mr.
Smythe was born in Ilerlin, Ontario,
in 1809, so was only 32 years of age.
He entered the service of the Canadian Hank of Commerce 14 years ago,
commencing his duties at Strathroy,
Ont. After many years of progressive
service lie came west during the time
of construction of the Crow's Nest
i'ass railway, first having charge of
the bank's business ut Fort Steele and
afterwards of the Cranbrook branch.
About u year ago he came to Oreen
wood, following as manager of the
bank's local branch, 1). A. Cameron,
now manager at Seattle, Wash. Mr.
Smythe quickly made a very favorable
impression among those with whom
ho came into contact, and one important result of his cordial and friendly
manner was a steady and satisfactory
accession of business to the bunk.
whose interest he ut the same time
carefully conserved. A few weeks ugo
Mr. Smythe took a trip to Ottawa,
but shortly after his return his health
failed even more quickly than before,
until a fortnight since h9 took to his
bed, from which, notwithstanding
lhat he had close medical attention
and skilled nursing, as it transpired,
he was not to rise again. About 18
months ago Mr. Smythe married Miss
Maud St. Clair Keay, formerly of New
Westminster, whom he met at Cranbrook an.l who is now left a young
widow. In her bereavement she has
the heartfelt sympathy of numerous
relatives and friends both here and
elsewhere. Through tlio trying ordeal she has had to pass she has had
the solace afforded bv the presence
with her of Mrs. and Miss Keay, her
mother and sister.
Tlie funeral took place on Saturday
afternoon, the interment being made
at the cemetery some three miles from
(lieenwood. liev. W. A Robins, M.
A., rector of St. .hides church of England. (Ireenwood, conducted the burial services, first in the church, where
there was a large congregation and
afterwards at the grave. Appropriate, music was rendered by the church
Manager   of   the   (Ireenwood    llranch
of Hank of Commerce Passes Away.
(Ireenwood,  July   li���Very   general
Sometimes a fortune, but never, if
you have a i-allow complexion, a Jaundiced look, moth patches and blotches
on the skin���nil* bigns of Liver Trouble. Hut Dr. King's New Life Tills
give Clear Skin, Rosy Cheeks, Rich
Complexion. Only 2a cents at Canada
Drug & Hook Co.
from Kootenav Common
Pan-American Eilition
BUFFALO. $76.00.
June 18, July 2, 16, Aug. 6, 20
Euwortli Lean Meeting:
July  13, 14, 15.
Christian Enfleavor Court
July 2, 3.
National Educational Ass'n
DETROIT. $71.25.
July 2, 3-
For   Time  Tables,    Rates,  Tickets,
apply II. L. Brown,
Oity Passenger Agent.
,1. S. Oatitkr,
Dis. Pass. Agt.
E. J. 0O-X.H,
A. Q. V. A.
Si. Louis
To be had wholosale at Nelson.
R.   P.    Rithet    &
CO., Ltd.
A. B. GRAY, 1{"Ucr st- Nc,so��
Kootenav Asfent.
Rids will be received by tlie Canad
an l'acific Railway Coinpany for the
building of a cut off from Field to
Ottertail in tbe district of Kast Kootenay, British   Columbia.
Work will include clearing of right
of way. grading nnd bridging.
Plans, profiles aud specifications
may be examined in tlie office of 3.
0. Sullivan, divisional engineer,
Trail, li. C.
Rids for tbis work are to lie sent
to the ollice of W. i . Tye, Chief Engineer of Construction, I3IIS Main
Street, Winnipeg, Man,, and must
reach there not later than 12 o'clock
Monday, duly llitb, 111(11.
Tho lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted
.1. (1. SIII.LVIAN,
Divisional   Engineer.
Trail, ]j. <_., July Ilrd, 1001.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rate of        ,
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to lie left
with the agent,
D.   J.   YOUNG.
and try a bol.Uo, a dozen, ar a barrol of
CALGARY BEER an It Ih tha best and
cfiuapuHi on tho market. AIho try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Tolouhon   in. p.-ki-hi,   Nnlwin.H..
regret found expression in (Ireenwood last night when the sad news
preiul that J. W. II. Smythe, the popular manager of the (ireenwood branch
of the Canadian Hank of Commerce
was dead. Hi.', denth was not unexpected by those who were aware of
the serious nature of his illness, nev-
ertbelcsa to the general community tlie
mournful tidings came as a great
shock, for ho was greatly esteemed
and had mnde many friends in  Oreen-J Almanac
If you don't like Blue fiibbon Tea it's
because you never tasted it.
German Syrup is the special prescription of Dr. A. Boschree, a celebrated German Physician, and is acknowledged to be one *of the most fortunate discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs. Colds and all
Lung troubles of the severest nature,
removing as it does Ihe. cause of the
affection and leaving the parts in a
strong and healthy condition. It is not
an experimental medicine, but, lias
stood I lie test of years, giving satisfaction in every case, which its
rapidly Increasing sale every season
confirms. Two million bottles sold
annually. Iloschree's (lerman Syrup
was introduced in tlie United States In
1868, and Is now sold in every town
and village In the civilized world.
Three iIohch will relieve any ordinary
oe ugh. l'rice 75 cts. Kor sale by W.
!���'. Teetzel & Co.    Get  Green's  Prize
General laborers, gardeners, rock
men, etc., will be furnished free of
charge to all persons requiring help
of this uind by applying to the Sucre
tary, Nelson Laboiers' Protective Union, Hox 887,  Nelson,   It, O.
A. R. BARROW, a. _.i.cu
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P.O   Box r.
Tolnnhone No.
FAKES���Cash, 10 cents.
'Tickets, 10 for 50 cents.
SEKVICE���Every 20 minutes, leaving
park and up-town terminus at 7
a. m. lo 10.411 p.m. Early car leaves
H. B. Stores 0:45 a. in.
TKAINS-Cars meet Il).:~5 a.m. and
0.45 pin., and outgoing only on
SPECIAL���The public are requested
to stop cars only ou the fur side of
cross streets; not to ride on, enter
or leave by front platform; nlso to
motion by baud if they intend to
board the car, and to notify conductor a short distance before they
wish to leave.
COMPLAINTS-Will receive prompt
attention at tbe Company's oilice,
Vernon Stieet, City.
A large number of good residential
building sites adjacent to the lines of
their tramway, chiefly in the southern portion of the city to be sold on
easy terms.
Apply   Tramway       Office,     Vernon
Managing Secretary.
As we need the space for
other goods, we have decided
to sell out our line of
Granite Iron Ware, Etc.,
Call and Get Prices.
Baker Street.
Phone 201.
H. & M. BIRD
$800     Four roomed liouse on Victoria
street, close to Cedai street.
81185     Tiro    lots   on    ltobson   street,
close to Hendryx.
8000     liouse    and    lot   on    Victoria
street; bouse .:.'xl4.
$.2,-01) New   (i roomed   liouse   on Vlo
toria street, close to city offices;
cash 81,1)0(1, terms for balance.
$1.1 Five-roomed cottage on Ward st.
Sill) Furnished bouse on Victoria street
8:.'8 Furnished   liouse    on    Carbonate
8:10 House   on   Mill   street,   all   improvements.
$80 liouse on Robson street,   close   to
Stanley; all improvements.
Large semi-detached house
owned by F. P. Gutilius is
offeied for sale at less than
Has all conveniences and
rents for $50 per month.
Advertisements inHortod under this head ai
the rate of one cent a word per Insertion. No
advertisement taken for Josm thun 25 renin
Situation Warned advertisements inserted
three times free of churice.
51,800   buys well   established grocery
bubint'K.s in tfood   location.    Address
"M", Miner ollice.
'Are you in want? If yo
the people, tb rough Tbe M
column, what
Vou'll get il
you are
1 are, tell
iner want
want   of.
FOR   SALE.���Hood   secondhand    bicycle, Sin, or will trade for good guitar.    "Rike" Miner olli.v.
KOOM TO RENT in K. W. ('. Block,
on .luly 1st, corner room facing
Haker and Ward street. Two rooms
en suite on Ward st., and two inside
rooms. Furnished or unfurnished.
Mrs. F. .1. Squire.
i   From (late until October 1 the dental
I offices   of   Nelson will be closed   at J
'o'clock,   p. ir., on   all Saturdays, remaining closed during tlie   balance of
the day.
W. .1. OTINLAN,   II. I), s.
F. E.   MORRISON,   D, I). S.
T   II. STODDABT, I). I), s.
TO RENT. ���Rooms and office   in   Clement,   llillyer lilock.    Apply to   tlie
Nelson Electric Tramway otlices.
ROOM and board in   private .family.
Apply ou Silica   street, second   door
west of Ward.
ROOM for   rent at   Mrs.   McBeath's,
Silica street
FOR SALE.���Tug Hoat "Red Star.''
and l~irge���At reasonable figures to
cash purchaser or time wilh good
security. Apply to Ontario Powder
Works,' Nelson,' li.  C.
HOUSE to   Rent.���Furnished   or u
furnished, apply T,   Miner olliee.
WANTED���At Ouse, respectable young
man   or youth.    Apply to tbe steward,Nelson Club.
WANTED. -- Thoroughly competent
bookkeeper for a mine in liritisli
Columbia. Must understand keeping
and tabulation of mine and mill costs
and stores accounts. Apply giving
pist experience anil references, to
postofiice drawer No. .05, Nelson,
II. O.
WANTED.���Trustworthy men ami
women to travel and advertise for
old established bouse of solid financial
standing. ��� Salary J780 a year and expenses, all payable in cash. No canvassing required, (live reference and
enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Address Manager, ;iii."i (Jaxtun
NEIjSON Employment Agency,  llakcr
street.    I'lione 378,   .1. II. Love.
WANTED���Teamsters.       Waitresses
Gi.lS for housework.    Nurse tlirl.
Situations wanted by (looks, Laborers. Blacksmith, Carpenters, etc.
WANTED���First-olasS head sawyer
for clrculai mill. Men wauled for
R.R. construction. Fare and employment fee advanced. Western Canadian Employment office, Ward st.
WOMAN    wants   work   of   any   kind
during   tlie   day.    Apply   al    Miner
ALL KINDS   of    goods bought    sold
or exchanged   at   I'rOBBcr's Second
Hand Store,  Ward street,   l'hone   370.
IT WILL PAY you to read  our ad. in
another column.  Our blend of tea at
Thirty cents   per pound will suit you.
Kootenay Coffee Co.
.lAI'AN TEaS���"Spider Leg," "Pan-
fired,' "Sun Cured,"���have a place in
our stock. The new "Ceylon Green"
is line flavored and economical. Kootenay Coil'ee Co.
IH~i; MIIIIiik l.nlil Pro|ii'rlii'n-W. nri'
illlxIftllN lo Recuro ll IV- free milling Kohl
liroiM-rlli'H nl once. The Prospector** Kx
chance, Nelson, it. <:. Kimm 4, K.-W.-C.
Mines Exau'iued and Heported On-
Mining Engineer.
Room I. K.-W. 0.  Block,
Nklson, B, C.
rplloi'.l'K & CO. Umltod���Corner Vornon
X and -utiur .treats, Nolson���Manufaolur
ei-n el and wliolos-lo dealors in aorated waLoi-
und fruit (wraps, _olo -KOnts fur Hnicyun Ilo
~prin���s milium! wtilur.   Toluphono lie.
JJH N. M.Cuuuuins, 1.ossoe���Kvci. known
variety of soft drinks. l'OHo_s~. 'lolepliuiic
No. Si. iloovur -Liuui, Nelson. Hutllursul tlie
famous -I. Loon Hot -prints Minora! Water
C1ANK & MACDONALD 111. ~u.no, Janio
/ A. MocdoniUdl���Architect* uud supuriu
tunilcnis, Hi-Son Hill Hluuk, curnur Hukur und
Ward ttlroots, Nelson
HJ. EV_N~ & CO.-Hukur Btreet, Nol
��� sun-\vhuksulu dealers in liquors, cigar, cuinuiil, lire brick und lltu Clay, wuler
pipe uml Btool rails, uml _oner_l cuuiuiit~ion
JJltAUKM-J. KJ-tt Mll.l.l.NU CO., LTU.-
>   Wholosale uml retail dealers in Kuiin,
liuy. Hour, food,   Mills ut Viotoria, Now wost*
iiiinsiur; hilniunUm, Alia, KIovuluis on Cal-
__ry and fcilinuuton lUulwuy. l~untiiuulurur>.
uf the oolobrutod 11. & lv. bruiul oereals.
A MACDONALD & Ca���Corner Fron
��� uml Hull btreets��� Wholesale grocor
uml jobbers in blankets, gluvoH, mills, boots
rubbers, luaokinaws and miners' sundries.
1)   13U11N8 & Co.���Baker Street, Nelson���
���    WllolOSulO doalers ill frosh ami cured
uiouls.   Colli Huii'UKe.
\?      Huscr Btroot, Nelson- Whulosulu Uou ���
its in flush uud cui'uil inuul~.
WE HAVE   in slock choice teas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan,   We
blend tbem to your  taste.    All   prices
and qualities.    Kootenay   Coil'ee Co.
-UU) HILVKII rem it ll H>   hi ni.   ami
|ti'n���i��i'rls ~mileil. Hrml ri'imrl mill mini
pies lo the l'roH|M'(-lor'H lAilinnyi'. Nelson.
Il.~.   Koo in I K.-W.-C. I.'mk.
Mr. Machin, general agent Dennett
Fuse Co., Headquarters at, Victoria,
D. C., begs to say that in consequence
of attempts to Impose spurious and
cheap imitations of their white coun
tered, patent safety Fuse, Crown
llrand, he. feels it necessary to ask
consumers to be sure that they gel
the genuine Dennett's Fuse. The sole
agents in Nelson is the Lawrence
Hardware Co.
Will pay the highest oash prion for all
kinds of seoond hand Roods. Will buy
or sell anything from au anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, osipert*,
"coking uluiisilH, bought In household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
(lull and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box KX_ Hal)
S*��-eet, Nelaon, B v.
The annual general meeting of The
Cascade Water POwer& Light Coinpany
Limited, will be held at the office of
the coinpany, Raker street, Nelson,
B, C.. on Wednesday, the 17th day of
duly inst., at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Poller.
Nelsop. B. 0.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. li. LWNNOX, Bakn Ht
Notice is hereby given that I have
made application to the Chief Com-
niissiuiier of Lands and Works at Victoria, 11. C, for a special license to
cut and carry away timber on and
from Ihe fullowing described Crown
Lands in tbe (lout River section of
West Koolenay district,  II. (.', :
Commencing at a post placed on Ihe
South bank of Menduw Greek and
marked "South East Corner," said
Meadow Creek being a tributary ol
GOBt River and above point !s situated about four miles east of the sla-
tion   known    lis   K ilclieuei     on     Ihe
Ciow's Nest branch nf the 11. c.
s. Railway. Commencing at said
southeast eorner and running weal
160 chains, North III chains, East Ilill
chains and south in chains lo place
of beginning, containing about 040
Dated at Moyio, II.C .June 10,   1001,
Take notice that I intend to apply
llli days after date to the Chief Commissioner of 1.nnds and Works nt Victoria, II.0., to purchase the following
described vacant Crown Lands in the
District of West Kootenay,   II. C. :
Commencing at a   post  planted  on
the west line of Lot III!'.', group I. West
Kootenay District and about '.'nil fl.
from North West Cornor of the said
lot, and which post is marked "James
Cronin's North-West Corner,'' thence
west HO chains, thence south so
chains, tlienee east so chains, thence
noi th HI) chains to place of beginning,
containing Hill acres inure or less.
Dated,  (he tilth day of June, Uml.
Btroot,  Nelson ��� Wholesale dealare in
hardware, minors' supplies, sporting kooiIh
\jl 'LACIII.AN HHO~. (Successors lo Vun
IVX oouvor liardwuroCo, Ltd.) linker Stroot.
Nelson- w holosalo dealors in hurdwnru urn!
toinlug supplies, plumbers' untl tinsmiths' sup
paints, oils and glass; moo-antes' touls.
Agents foi Oiiiario Powder Works; irnaiuito
'1H1KNKU, IIKKTON & Co. -Cornor Vornon
X and Josopllilio Stroels, Nelson -W'htlo
-ulc deulors in liquors, ufgtU., unit dry kiksIs.
A_ont_ for Rabat Browing0o�� of Mllwutikeo
uml CulKury JlrewiuK Co ui Culgary.    	
II UliSON'S HAY Co.���Wholosale grocorloH
1    uml Iiquora etc, Hukur Street, Nolson.
Oltlco corner Hull uml Kront Streots,
Mel.-iiin���Lumber, celling, flooring, uml uvory-
thing in wuoil fur biiililiiiK purposes.   Cot our
pricos.  Correspondence solioitod.
rii GALLON fr, co. Di-ulur*. In oro Bool's
Jl ��� uml twtnoa. Always a lut-Ke sluck on
hand, .olophoiiofflK, Koom 14, K.-W.-C, Hlook
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best 0.
Qualily, as follows :
.lava uml Aruhbin Mocha, por pound I   .)
Java nnil Mooha INontl, :i poundii  1 110
.in�� Santos. 4pounds  l oo
Sunlos Bland, o pounds  1 UO
Our   . [,.-. i.t 11 Ut-nil. II pounds  1 (10
Our Klo Rout, 0 poll mis  1(10
rtELSON.        -        B. C.
2 About that second bund article of
yours. Vou'll sell it if you'll advci-
Use it in Tlie Miner want coNnin,
J- G. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Can-
ada.   Six years experience in B, C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson, B. C.
F. O. OREEN        V. 8. OLEMENTI3
Civil Engineers and Provincial Laud
P. O. Rxo HI Vot-tn  B.U
By tbe week from $5 to 1*6.
Hy thc day 81.00.
J. V. 0'L-.UGHLIN( Proo. .
The Helmet    J?�� clKB8 "' "c
-   ' tion   appeals   to
Of Navarre tbe well informed mind ns does
the histoiieal novel. The deeds of
men who lived in past apes bold an
all-absorbing interest for the people
of today. Miss Hertha Runkle, although a comparatively new writer,
has, in The Helmet of Navarre, presented a fascinating romance whicli
will take place among tbe foremost
historical novels of the day. The
Siege of Paris inaues a strong, vivid
background for a charming romance,
interwoven with tales of adventure
and dai ing. Tlie story is well told,
the plot careful ly thought out and
cleverly curried to its climax. Oilier
new  books are:
Tho Crisis. Winston Churchill, Tr.
cents.      ;
Pro Patria Max l'einberton. la
Mistreesa Nell, llazelton, Tn  cents.
Her Mountain Lover, Hamlin liar-
land, 7.1 cents.
l'lie Observations of Henry, Jerome
K. Jerome. 7li cents.
Pianos to Rent.
Manager Annable announces that
Rosco ,t Holland's Georgia Minstrels
will be at the Nelson Opera House
about July 20th.
The members ol Nelson Lodge L.
O. Ij. will attend divine service in the
Haptist church Sunday evening.
Members are requested to meet in the
lodge room at 7 p.m. Visiting brethren
are invited to attend.
On account of the Presbyterian
Sunday School picnic which has been
arranged for Thursday afternoon next,
that of tho clerks' union lias been
cancelled as they will partonize the
Sunday school affair.
A number of photos of some of the
floats used in the Dominion Day celebrations are on exhibition in the
window of a Haker street photographer and are attracting much attention, the picture of the children's
iloat being exceptionally good,
The following are the mining rec-
oids for Saturday, July ��;: Certificates of work -While Eagle, to E. li.
Dunlop; Condor, to Duncan .Mines
Co., Ltd. There was only one location, the Or I, at the head of the
west fork of Kokanee jrefck anil a relocation of the (Irmanda claim, located hy Isaac I.ougheed.
The Postum Cereal Co , Ltd..of Rattle Creek, Mich on June 22nd increased its capital Btouli from 837.010
to 851000,000, if whicli one milium
is preferred I per cent. The last dividend paid was 700 per cent upon tlie
old capitalization, and baiancc carried up to surplus. No slock is for
sale and no changes were made in the
The Presbyterian Sunday School
have arranged a picnic for Thursday
next to Kokanee creek. The Moyie has
been engaged for tbe occasion and will
leave the wharf at the hours of nine
in the morning mid two in the afternoon, returning to tne city at one
o'clock and seven. Tickets will be
on sale at ii�� cents for adults and 30
cents for children.
Prom ull accounts received the hot
weather that is being experienced in
the east must Indeed be terrible. A
member of The Miner staff received a
letter from u friend in Toronto in
which it was stated that the temperature in that city had been "Ilil in the
shade aod 07 in the sun." Western
people must feci thankful that in this
country tbey can at least get into thc
shade to cooi oil'.
j Are You Fit j
t To Be  Trusted J
f With a Ootid Set t
I of WAINS? |
��� Keep Them   in ���
��� Order. ���
Every minister, lawyer, journalist,
physician, author ot business mini is
foiced under pressure of modern con-
rtitioiis to tlie active and sometimes
over-active use of the brain, Analysis of tbo excreta thrown   uut   bv the
pores shows thut  brain work  breaks
down the phosphate of potash, separating it from ils heavier companion,
albumen, and plain common sense
tea dies thai Ibis elemental principle
must lis Introduced into the body a-
nuw each day. if wc would replace the
loss uud rebuild the liruiti tissue.
We know that the phosphate of potash, as presented in certain Held
grains, has an affinity lor albumen
and that is tlie only way gray mailer
in the I.rain can be built, n will
not answer to take the crude phosphate of potash or tiio ding shop, for
nature rejects ii. The elemental
mineral must lie presented through
food directly from Nature's laboratory,
These facts have been made use of
in iho manufacture of Orape-Nuts,
and any bruin worker can prove the
value of the proper selection of food
by nniKliig free use of Oiape-Nuts for
ten days or two weeks Sold by ffro.
c-.h everywhere (and in Immense
quantities). Manfaetured by the I'ostum Cereal Co., Ltd, Battle Creek.
Nelson   Daj.v Mjnek, Sunday,  Ji't-v 7,   igo��
The fire brigade had their weekly
run yesterday morning to tlie corner
of Kootenay stieet about 11 o'clock
and made quick time there and home
Tbe slierff 's sale advertised to take
place at the sheriff's ollice yesterday
of the Ilamp'on claims did not take
place as advertised on account of
the fact that there were no bidders.
The sale has been adjourned indefinitely.
An accident occurred on Cedar street
on Fnday last to a little girl residing
on Victoria street, named Myrtle Mc
Lean. She was walking on the street
carrying a pitcher, when she tripped
her foot against a stone and fell. In
falling she came iu contact witli the
pitcher which broke and bruised her
arm so that seven stitches had to be
put in.
This morning at Emmanuel Chnioll
tbe sacrament of the Lord's Supper
will be observed. Several new inem-
'iers are to be receive! into the membership of the church. At the evening service, which will be at s
0 clock, Rev.Wm. Munioe will preach
on "Strikes, are Tbey Justifiable."
A cordial invitation is extended to
Tbe regular meeting of the Nelson
Socialistic Educational Club will be
held tills afternoon in the Miners' Union hall. Tbe meeting will commence
at 3 o'clock and will be opened by
Mr. R. Papc, who will introduce the
subject of the " Relationship of Cooperative Societies to Socialism."
Free discussion is invited and a hearty
invitation extended to those interested in the discussion of the questions
of the day.
The members of the Medicine Hat
lacrosse team who were in town yesterday stated that the weather on the
pruiiie bad been very similar during
the past month to wliat we have
had in Nelson, cold and wet. From
the universal amount of rain tbat
has fallen in that country it is expected that tlie growth of grass on the
prairies will be exceptionally high, I
making the herds of cattle that will
feed on it fat and healthy. j
Mr.   C.   F. Witcher,   of   Stanstcad,
Quebec, who is stopping at the Hume,
was   speaking  last night to  a   Miner
r.porter   of    the    valuable    asbestos
mines that are being   worked at present   on   the   line   of the Quebec Central   near     Black     Lake,       Quebec.
This   peculiar   substance is found   in
veins ranging from on inch to  a  foot
in   width,    and   at   present five companies are operating on the Quebec deposits.    It is proving so valuable that
the dumps of waste that  were thrown j
out the first   year   have   now all been |
utilized.    It   is   slid   that  there   are I
veins  of   asbetos   in   the   immediate I
neighborhood of Nelson but tbat none
of sufficient extent   to work have  yet
been found.
Phone io P. o. Box m        |*
YOU may send to Toronto, you may import from Spokane or Chicago, you may ask your friends to send
so and so from Victoria, Vancouver or Montreal, but we defy any man or woman to say that a better
class of goods or a finer line of Groceries can be had in any of those places than those found on our
shelves today. We carry a fine line of canned, bottled and package goods, all of which are of the very best
brands. If our stock wasn't up lo date, how could we be found supplying, as we are, the very best trade of
Nelson today ? This alone is proof of thc superiority of our goods. This paying good money for poor
goods is a thing of the past, when good, reliable goods can be had at the fame figure.
A very fine assortment of Eastern Fancy Biscuits���something entirely new in the biscuit line. Call
and see ihem.    Picnic and excursion parties will do well to consult our shelves before going on the trip.
Our lea is fine. Our Coffee is delicious. Are you using it? if you are not, it's because-you
haven't fried it.
McPherson & McCammon
Successors to Kirkpatrick & Wilson.
A. (1 i 1]ivary of Trail, is a guest at
the Waverley hotel.
(Jco. L. Ilremnei, Slocan City, is a
guest at the Clarke hotel,
Spencer Sanderson, one of Ymir's
leading citizens, is a guest at the
P. Hums, of Calgary, the cattle
king, is in the city and is stopping at
the Phair.
J. K. Turner. Moyie, and M, McCarthy of Sandon, are guests at the
Royal hotel.
Ed Nelson, Kaslo, and I). ,1. Mo-
Ken/ie of Ymir. are guests at the
Grand Central hotel.
Miss Urquhart, publio school
teacher of tbe Ymir school, is on a
visit tc tho city to spend her vacation.
W. II. Mclnnes of Winnipeg, general passenger agent of the western
division of the C. P. R., is in the city
and is a guest at the Phair Hotel.
Count Frederic de Baillieneourt,
who accompanied Mr. Ernest Mansfield to Nelson, leaves tonight for
���Trance. lie will return in about six
Mr. C. !���'. Grundy has arrived in
the city to instull the pipe oigan in
St. Saviour's church. Mr. Grundy is
a member of the Grundy Music Co..
C. F, Jnckson, Rossland i Cha��. F.
Williams. Hamilton; W. E. Boie,Kaslo; J, L. Heckwith, Victoria, and A.
C. Bailey, Winnipeg,arc guests at tile
Hume hotel.
.lames Ilanneruian, who has beon in
the neighborhood of Krifi during the
last few weeks, returned to the city
last evening. He reports everything
ij.iiet in that neighborhood.
W. Swain. Rossland: C. Kwnit.
Kaslo; W, Cayzer, A. McPhnil, Cas-
tlcgar; Chus. T. Sleeper, Spokniio; E.
Strickland. P. A. Miinro, New Denver, and Win. Harris. Slocan City, are
guests at the Queens hotel.
Mr. .1. A. McCamcy has returned to
Nelson after spending the winter and
snring In Montana and Seattle, Mr.
McCamcy is a lacrosse player of wide
experience nnd will probably he
pressed into the service of the Nelson
laciossc club.
Chief oC_ PoliitO .Tarvlsjhas rented
the house lately occupied by Sir.Inird,
recently a member of The Miner
stalT. and will resume housekeeping
In the course of a few days when Mrs.
Jarvis returns from her trip to the
The arrivals at the Phalr hotel
yesterday were, 0, U. Bowman, Vancouver; W. Jervis Stephenson, liroo|(u
Roislandi P.
Sanderson, Ymir, A. B, Haker, BoM.
bind; W. R, Machines, Winnipeg-;
W. II. I.aniran. Winnipeg, and Alfrt'd
0, Onrdo, Sandon.
! The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,(100;    Reserve   Fund,   82,000,1)00;
A~.-,~~���t_  B�����.���s ()vel. 895,000.000.
B. 8. WALKER ffeueral Manager.
Aggregate  Resources Over 80.1,00(1,000
HON. GEO. A. COX, President         .-...-.-,.  .
London Office: on Lombnrd Street, B. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 08 branches in Canftdn uml the L'niteil States, including:
Ati.in ��� Gkkknwooo r~SL80N SANDON
Ckaniihook        Kamloops Nkw Westminster   Vancouver
Feknib Nanaimo Kossland Victokia
UNITKD STATUS���New Yokk, -an Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skagway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Hate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
I 11 ��� 0110**01 ��� %ft 10110 ***jJ0*i**g**
QRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
__A____k_____l*____k-____l A _____________________ ______ ___t__ ___���____!    I
��� T"^��"W"^_F���^f *"^�����^*���T_P���V��**^i**^>*,^.'"l    I
Hammocks and Refrigerators.
Going at Greatly Reduced Prices.
We are  cleaning out  what  we  have
left of these goods at Bargain Prices.
The Leonard Cleanable Refrigerator
Is the Best.
i __ w
We sell watches that are
reliable and that we can guarantee. Learn our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Watch repairing our specialty. This department is
second to.none in the country. All work guaranteed
satisfactory or money refunded. Get a price on the work
before leaving it.
A most appropriate Souvenir of tlie  Dominion  Day  Celebration is
tlie Sterling Silver Miners' Candlestick, Pin antl  Badge.    Don't fail to
Only 50c. at
secure one.
Jewelers,  Nelson,  B. C.
"Zbe TRov>al Bank of Canaoa"
incorporated 1869.
f'lpl.ul  Auitiorlicri,
jjw.ooo.ooo.o�� 1 Cf.in.u_ rniti-up,
���        *    IHI.7-H.,tHH..<iO
Hoard of Director*    Thomas E. Konny,  President;  ThotDM Kltchio, Vice-Frtwldunl
*Minrii   vi    1.1 rreturn        i iiuuion __. . _~uhj ,    . _<
IWUoy Hinith   J). G. HauM. Hon. IMvld MncKeen
Heart Office, lln.in.x:
General Manager, Kdhon I... Pea ho, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branobes, und Socretary, W. B. Torranoo, Halifax.
It ran    ei t
'ova   Mf��tln--Halllax   Branch,   ADtlgotil".
IlrtdKewuLer. Uu> .boro. Londonderry, I.u
cuburK- -Mutilnini (Hantfl Co.). Pictou, Port
Hawko. bury, Sydney, Shubenuuadic.Truro,
_.��w    lEriiiiMwIrk ��� HathurHt,     Dornhester,
Fri'dri ii't .m, KlngHton (Kent Co.), Mono
ton, Newcastle, Baelmlle, Ht, John, Woodstock*
r��� k. island���c barlottetow��. summon?, do.
��� ������������   ...i  un fin. 11-nj 11,    niiiiiKc  a
K'nsln; 11.   o.   Creelman, I
'. Burns, Galpar. ; Spencer I
��� ��>>��f-M-ntrciil. (City Ofllcel, Montreal
WiiHt hurt (Cor. Notre Dame nnd SoIk-
nourn Btreetell Weatmount (Cor. Ureono
Avenue awl St. Catharines Hlroot,
NrwroundlaiHl   si. John'H.
��:��iia, Wcm ladlei���Havana.
liuiied Matea-New York (10 Uxcbarse I'lnre
Hopnbllc, Wanli
Tnrn. Ont., July r,. -Tin- I.ili. mis of
North Bruce net today ami runnrni-
oated tlie present member, ,i. Hrown
Stratton, who was present ami. ipoke.
Grand    Forks, Nanaimo,   Kelson,   Bossl-.nl
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
(niimln-Morchartj Bank 01 Cniiadn.   ���Hwlon-Nntlonnl Shawnml  Ilnnlc.   . lilrniio-Illiiioi.
TruataraSavlngaBaqk,  Kan Frtajlaeo-Plrat National Hank.  London, B11B.-B0 k  nf
Scotland.   rnri��, France���Orodlt Lyohna 8,   iieriniuin-Kank of Ji.i imiV.    ri.i.... ...!. .
pao-Hong Ko���k and Shanghai Hanking Corporation.   IpOkane-OId Nal ion!,' II Ink""   "
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Bxchange  Boueln
and Sold, Ustters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accouuts receiv. d on thn most favoialilp terms,    Int. rest allowod  oa fnocial
deposits mid on Saving linnk aooounte,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
1901 ,901
The Store With
Right Prices
New Goods Arriving Every Day
PLAY OF KIRST r, \tTr^l\^\\\ have& far the pINEST DIS-
\lt\ZUo^t^Sr^ a',d H��USE ^^ISHINGS
chaiS:^i~].~^~s^chairs'Baby Cani:,ees- g�� carts-Mor-
TELEPHONE 142       _^                                     BMFR
��v.��~~........ A******
n ,,   _���,     N,��- * K,W-"C- BL0CK- NELSON. B. C,
claims in ^'itiHh'cohM .~~;"' prmPeci����� wh�� ��>���" promising mineral
n.^iK^iXut^^-ri^eSr-^ to makc th��Kx-
Ail samples Bhould be sent by express  lil.'PATn
Correspondence solicited.    A-dJW'eo-Sffltlons to
.     Telephone No. 104.   P.o'Txroo��1V   F'   ROSE/^BE^GER, .


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