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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 26, 1902

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 Daily Edition No.  1300
lro��lncl*�� Librsry s31oe
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Wednesday,  March 26,  1902
Eleventh  Year
.stock today was again defeated the
vote standing 78 lor, and 208 against.
One hundred and ninety-seven additional votes were essential tu carry
tho by-law.
C. H. Royal Chosen for Mayer
of St. Boniface, Mani-     j
Toronto   Customs   Receipts
This Month Are Half a
Winnipeg.March 2,1.���Owing to the
resignation of Mayor Wean, C. H.
Royal, lawyer, and son of ex-Lieutenant-governor Royal, was today elected
mayor of St. Bouiface, without
Roger Qoulet, sr., one of the pioneers of St. Bolaee, died today at tbo
residence of his sister, Mrs. MoDer-
mott. The late Mr. Qoulet was (18
years of age, was born in Ht. Boniface
and educated there under Bishops
Provencber and Lafleche.
Big Customs Receipts at Toronto For
the Month of March.
Toronto, March 25.���Toronto's customs receipts month to tbo end of last
week wore $41,1(17 ahead of tbe receipts for the corresponding number
of days last year, the figures being
$440,424 as against 8390,227 for last
year. Tho bulk of the imports are
still in drygoods, though general
merchandise is very heavy. The total
receiptB for tbe month will be considerably over the half million mark.
Disgruntled Because Bullock's Exeou-
tioner is to Be a Yankee.
Edmonton, N. VV. T., Maroh 25.���
Americans here are indignant that
the application for the position of
executioner of murderer Uulluck tomorrow are Americans. Capt. Bink-
ley, of Ponoka, the executioner, arrived on last night's train and vtas im.
mediately driven to Fort Saskatchewan. He claims to have officiated at
143 hangings in Jbio.
The father of the condemned man
arrived in town yesterday and will go
to the fort today to see His son for
the last time. lie is very much
affected and has in nis possession a
rambling letter from bis son wbich
ends up quite unintelligibly. He says
tbe boy's mother is completely broken
down. It was a question whether be
would stay at home to see her die or
go to the fort to see his son dio. The
prisoner had a long conference with
the Kev. Mr. Aldridge, a Methodist
miniBter, yesterday. It is believed he
has made a confession.
Brantford, March 25.���An inquest
has been begun to ascertain the cause
of tbe death of James Quirk, and the
evidence of Kennedy, the beil boy
Ryan, the cook, aud the bartencor at
the Commercial was taken when adjournment was made to Thursday.
It is reported that the doctor's
autopsy has not yet been made. Quirk
carried $17,000 insurance. Tho government has retained Murray in the
Orand   Forks Forms a Hub to Protect
Game and Fish.
Giand Forks, March 25.���The Grand
Forks Mountain and Stream club has
been organized with the following
board of directors: J. A. Manly, A.
B. W. Hodges, H. N. Galer, Dr.
Northrop and Fred Clark. The officers
are: Hon-President, S. H. 0. Miner:
president, L. A. Manly; vice-
president, A. B.W. Hodges; secrotary-
treasurer, Fred Clark, and assistant
secretary, W. A. Harkin.
The club bas leased from the
Granby company the fishing privileges of Smelter lake, whieh will be
improved and cleaned of debris. Its
objects will be the preservation of the
fish and game of tbe district and the
enforcement of the laws relating
thereto. It is proposed to erect a olub
und boat bouse at the lake.
The oity aldermen last night voted
themselves salaries,varying in amount,
according to the importance of thc
chairmanship held by the various
incumbents. The salaries range from
$350 to Aid. Harvey, chairman of thc
board of works, to $150 for the two
aldermen without portfolio.
Mayor Holland declined to aacept a
salary and his action is being warmly
The capacity of the ore nins at the
Granby smeltor is being increased an
additional 3,000 tons, bringing thc
capacity up to 13,000 tons. This is
the second enlargement within the
past six months.
The new briquetting plant oi the
Granby smelter is working satisfactorily. Briquettes are being made
without any lime save what is in the
Hue dust. They arc so hard that they
are sent direct to the fnrc ace. Ordi-
uarily they would have to be mixed
witb from 3 to 5 per cent, of slaei:
lime and then dried for 24 hours
before being dumped into the furnace.
The advantage enjoyed by tbe Granby
ores is the largo quantity of lime they
The Jewel mine, Long Lake camp,
is shipping 30 tons of ore to tbe
Granby smelter daily.
Nearly Five Hundred Dollars
Raised for Tourist Association,
day, Chairman Ilitt is hopeful of
bringing it to an early consideration
before the bouse.
Funds to Be Used for Advertising Our Hunting. Fishing. Etc.
Toronto, March 25.���A movement is
on fout in labor circles to establish a
defence fund to bo used to assist union
men in case of lockouts. The proposal Is to oalleot $1 a year tor cueh
member. Membors will receive $10
weekly In the event of a properly
authorised strike.
Monday, August 4 has been selected
as Toronto's civic holiday.
Halifax. March 25.���It is reported
that steps had heen quietly taken for
thc absorption of tho New England
Gas and Ooke Co., of Everett, Muss.,
by the Dominion coal people. lt is
said that James Robs, vice-president
and managing director of tho oral
company, will meet President Whitby
in Europe and the question of absorption will then be considered.
Woodstock, March 25.���The loan by
law to grant the sum of $12,1)00  to the
Woodstook     Wagon   Co.,     when   resubmitted to the ratepayers of   Wood-
New Zealand is Conneoted  With Norfolk by Cable.
Ottawa, March 25.���The following
cable was reoeived from Sir Joseph
Ward, postmaster general of New
Zealand today:
Auokland, March 25.���Sir Sanford
Fleming Ottawa: The first section of
the Pacific cable connecting New
Zealand with Norfolk island was
finally completed today to DoubtleBS
bay. I have specially arranged to be
present at the landing of the cable and
I send you some of the first messages.
The firjt seotion will probably be
open to the public by the 1st of May.
I hope the cuble will be completed by
the end of the year joining one of the
most important links in the chain
whieh binds together the whole of the
British empire.
According to tbe Minister of Finanoe
Thoy are Flourishing.
St. Johns, NI1J., Maroh 25.���The
minister of finance, E. J. Jackson,
laid tho colonial budget boforo the
legislature this afternoon. The budget
shows that tho revenue for the past
fiscal year exceeded $2,000,000 and
gave a surplus of 835,000, whicb
enabled the minister of finance to
inciease tho colonies' cash reserve to
$1152,000. Mr. Jackson estimates a
surplus for the present year, as well
as for tho fiscal year beginnirg next
Jnly. The financial and commercial
outlooK for the colony is most
Toronto, Maroh 25.���Jennie Abram,
of Toronto, was awarded $2,000 damages for breach of promise agninst
Irving Carley, of Barrie, a railway
man. Carley fllod a pleading of an
agreement to marry, but failed to ap-
pear at the trial and the judgment
went by default.
Montreal,   March   25.���The  MoGill
curriculum has been   arranged so that
students will be  able to pass through
tho arta oourse and either   science  or
1 medicine in six years instead of eight.
Mayor Fletcher, John A. Turner,
and Melville Parry, of the Tourist
Association, were out canvassing for a
few hours yestercay and soon had
secured subscriptions to the extent of
$493. A number of business men have
not yet been seen and it is anticipated
tliat considerably more can be secured
today. The money subscribed is to
be used for the purpose of getting up
a pamphlet descriptive of tbe fishing,
hunting and scenic beauties of the
Kootenays, and in otherwise advertising this country in order to induce
tourists to come here for the purpose
of enjoving themselves. The committee is to be congratulated on thc
success which it is meeting in its
effort to raise funds. Appended is a
list of those who subscribed
James Lawrence  $10 00
Malone and Tregillus     10 00
Geo W. Hale     10 00
J. A. Turner       5 00
E. Ferguson     10 00
H   Bvers     15 00
E. C. Clark       8 00
C. A.    Thomson     10 00
Gilbert Stanley       5 00
A. R. Sherwood      5 00
S. S. Fowler       5 00
Reisterer and Vaughan      5 00
Imperial Bank     10 00
J. Dover      8 00
H   Ginsberg       8 00
Morrison and Caldwell....    ...    10 00
Pateriaado Bros > 00
A. V. R<;sinberger      1 00
Nelson Hardware Co       8 00
Bank of Montieal     10 00
A. H. Buchanan      8 00
Bank of Commerce     10 00
D. J. Robertson     10 00
D. McArthur snd Co     10 Oo
Thorpe and Co       5 00
Canada Drug and Book Co       8 00
W. F   Teetzel      5 00
Kerr and Co      5 00
H. D. Ashcroft      8 00
Kootenav Steam Laundry      10 00
J. J. Walker      8 00
J. A. Irving       5 00
Alex Carrie..         5 00
L. W.  Ferland      5 00
J. A. Bednrd      2 00
W. G.   Gillette      5 00
J. A. Gibson       8 00
T. S   McPherson       5 00
H. T. Steeper      5 00
E. C. Traves      5 00
Jas. A. Macdonld      8 00
P. Lemoine      5 00
Kwong Wing Chong      5 00
A. McDonald and Co     10 00
J. Johnson       5 00
Hyde, Titsworth and Co    10 00
H. G. Ncelands      5 00
J.   A.Armstrong      5 00
Harold Selous      5 00
J. A. McDonald..     .     5 00
J. H. Vanstone       6 00
Dr. R. J   Hawkey      5 00
J.C. Thelan      8 00
John lilorabern        5 00
Gus Erickson     10 00
A. Thomas      5 00
T.  3. Procter     25 00
J, Fred Hume     50 00
Frank M.   O'Brion       5 00
F. E. Morrison       5 00
P. E. Wilson      5 00
II. F. Maeleod       8 00
McLachlan    Hros       5 00
Davison and Walmsley     10 00
Wm. Gosnell     l0 00
J. A. Oilker      5 00
Thomas Madden       5 00
W. Soatle      5 00
LnJonta, Colo., March 25.-Wallace
waB lynched at 8 o'clock tonight in a
corner of the court house square,being
hanged to an electric light pole by a
yelling mob of 4,000, who had been
hunting for him all day. Aftor the
hanging hie body wus riddled wilh
bullets. The prisoner made no resistance, bat died protesting his
Statesman and the Genera!
Hold Acrimonious Correspondence.
Former Says Omissions In
Dispatches  Were  Made
for Latter's Sake.
London, March 25.���An acrimonious
correspondence between A.y. Balfour
and Gen. Buller bas been published.
Mr. Balfour contends that General
Uuller was in chief command at the
battle of Spion Kop, while General
Buller denies this assertion. To his
contention Mr. Balfour says: "There
is no reason why all the Spion Kop
despatches should not be publisbod."
To this General Buller rejoins that
he hopes the despatches will be published, without manipulation.
Yesterday Mr. Balfour replied to
Geneial Uuller and protested against
'he latter's insinuation and declared
that the only manipulation which had
been exercised r.ith regard to General
Buller's despatches was tho excision
of a single sentence, criticising Sir
Charles Warren, whilst the omissions
from Lord Hoberts' despatches, relating to operations ln Natal,wero made,
said Mr. Balfour, "Sololy for tbe purpose of, if possible, sparing your feelings and maintaining yoJr military
Nationalists     Do   Not     Seem   to  Bo
Enthusiastic Over it.
London, March 25.���The chief secretary for Ireland, George F. Wyndham,
introduced the Irish land bill today
in tbe house of commons. The main
provision of the bill authorizes the
land commission to take over the
whole, or any part, of an estate,
whoso owner is willing to sell. Tbe
commission will then resell it to the
Unants. The assent of three-quarters
of the number of tenants is necessary
to purchase the land before the commission will undertake to transfer
any part of an estate. The Irish
membors evinced little enthusiasm
over the bill.
John Redmond, the Nationalist
leader in the house, said he purposed
to reserve his judgment until he had
studied the provisions of the bill
carefully. He warned the government
that universal compulsory purchase
must be the ultimate solution of thc
problem, as nothing else would be
Timothy Healy (Nationalist) said
he believed that bill would do something towards settling tho question,
but that much depended upon the constitution of the new estates and the
It is to Be Made an Independent
Republic on May 20.
Washington, March 25.���This after-
coon Secretary Root made public Ins
ordei to Generul Wood by wiring him
to turn the control and government of
Cuba to its people on May 20 next.
The order requires tlie Cuban government to assume all treaty obligations.
It directs General Wood to leave a
small artillery force on the island to
avoid leaving it entirely Defenceless
until the Cuban government shall
have had an opportunity to organize
its own forces. Gen. Wood is instructed to instruct the Cuban congress
before May 20 to consult with President-elect Pulma and to substitute
such persons as be shall desire for
those now holding offioial positions
in Cuba.
The Cuban question occupied nearly
the entire time of tho cabinet meeting
today, tbo details of the transfer of
the islands to the new government
being considered at groat length. It
iB the desire of the administration to
provide as fully as possible for the
absolute and complete turning over of
tho government as soon as the Cuban
flag is raised. There was only a passing reference to the rei'ODt Miles incident and a disposition was manifested
to ignore the case for tho present.
It is Calculated to Destroy Effect of
Piince's Visit.
Berlin, March 25.���Simplicissimus,
an illustrated journal, which has
often been confiscated by the police,
because of its irreverence towards high
personages, appears today with a
drawing representing Miss Alice
Roosevelt at sea in an open boat, an
immensely fat hog in one end of tlie
boat and Miss Roosovelt standing in
the other, holding a pig wrapped in
the stars and stripes. This drawing
is inscribed, "We received your
prince, you must admit our hogB."
Accused of Complicity in the Abduc-
tion of Miss Stone.
London, March 26.���It is reported
Irom Salonica, says the correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, that
the Turkish authorities have arrested
Pastor Tsilka on suspicion of copmlio-
ity in the abduction of Miss Stone.
Redistribution Bill Passes the
Second Reading. After
a Debate.
Boitin, March 25.���Joseph Wilfrid
Blondin, in the superior court at Cambridge today, pleaded not guilty to an
indictment charging him with wife
murder. Ho was committed to jail
without bail.
Belleville, Ont., March 25.���Tho
Canadian Golatlelds company will
close down all their plants, except tho
arsenic works, on April 1. They will
continue mining operations.
It is Reported Favorably to the House
From tho Committee.
Washington, Maroh 25,���Tho house
committee on foreign affairs completed
the consideration today ol the
Chinese Exclusion hill and by a practically unanimous vote ordered that it
bo favorably reported to the house.
Tbe measure bus been mo6t carefully
considered for more than a month,
and it comes front the committee witb
quite a number of changes. The exclusion of Chinese laborers is made
complete, both as to the mainland
territory of the U. S. and all insular
possessions, including the Philippines
and Hawaii. The committee finally
restored the prohibitory clause recommended by thc Pacific coast senators
and members and in addition tho
committee framed a new eection
spooifically drecting tho Philippine
commission to put tbo exclusion law
iuto force.
San Juan, Porto Blco, was struck
ont from thc ! int of ports where
Chiueso may enter, as it was feared
there would he a Chinese influx at
thut point owing to the lack of sufficient ollcial force to make careful inspection. Tho prohibition against
Chinese sailorB on American ships
was struck out, thus permitting such
Chinose sailors to be employed.
Tho term Chinese was made to include all thofio who are Chineso by
birth or descent, leaving out tho reference to mixed blood.
After reporting thc bill   on   Thurs-
London, March 25.���The Liverpool
Post today says it understands that
ih; continental and Britisb steamship
lines have settled their uiffercnces
and that an agreement in regard to
saloon rates between Europe and the
United States will be announced in a
few days. The Beaver line of steamships has declined to enter tbe agreement concerning saloon rates and the
Cunard lino only acquiesced when the
Dominion lino promised to withdraw
the   new Saturday sailing for Boston.
The Dominion steamers, which were
to have sailed on Saturday, wil|
hencefoith sail on Thursaays.
Pekin, March 25.���As a result of the
rebellion in the southern part of
llonnn province and the murder of
lourteen converts an edict has been
Issued ordering thu magistrate of Pi
Yang to bo degraded and the magistrate of Tung Po to be punished. It
is ordeied that tbe rebels he beheaded.
One priest is reported to be mining,
The governor of Honan province says
that the collections for the indemnity
caused the trouble.
Bill for Extension of Canada
Northern Before the
Victoria, March P6.���The redistribution bill passed tlio second leading
tonight after a lengthy discussion in
which the bill was generally approved
tiy the opposition, while criticizing
the details. The chkf objection is
taken to the remarkable configuration
of Alberni and to the carving up of
Revolstoke, whereby it ia claimed
that the Trout Lake district, is taken
from its natmul setting with Revelstoke and placed in Kaslo. The most
ardent champion of the measure was
Joseph Martin. duly three members
voted against tbo second reading,
namely Neil, of Alberni, Hayward,
of Fsquiinult, (which loses one member), and Taylor, of Revelstoke. It
will bo committed tomorrow, but will
hardly gut through the committee beforo the house rises for the Easter
The government tonight tabled tho
completed contract will, thcEdmonton,
Yukon and. Pacific railway company
for tho building of a railroad from
Bute Inlet to Yellowbead pass. Tho
contract is altered somewhat from tho
original oiaft. lt provides Ior royal-
tit-s on coal, petroleum, pine timber
nnd Douglas th.biit not on pulp wood;
Ior two per cent ol the gross earnings
after ten years, aud the commencement of work in tbree months after
satisfactory arrangements with the
Dominion have been made, ani for its
coinpetion in bix years thereafter, Tho
land is subject to municipal taxation
after ten years, and ten miles square,
the smallest blocks in whioh the lauds
can bo selected out nf the railway
reserve, if such selection ls necessary.
The government tonight issued a
royal commission to Judge Wulkem to
investigate the churges mnde by Smith
Curtis ugainst Premier Dunsmuir and
hi6 ministers re the railway deals
with Mackenzie and Mann. Tho commission sits at 0.15 tomorrow, as it is
alleged that Mr. Greeiisbields wants
to leave for tho east. Mr. Curtis may
decline to proceed on such abrupt
The deal for the sale of tho E. and
N. being off application is being made
for separate charter for tho Vancouver
1,1.mil section of the Mackenzie and
Mann railway line, coming from Seymour Narrows to Victoria via Alberni
and Cowlcbun valley. The government also proposes to submit an
agreement for tha construction of the
Coust-Kootenuy line and of a line
from Kjtimuat to Point island. The
Coast-Kootenav line will, it is stated
on good authority, ask for 1,000,000
acres of land und for $0,400 a mile
for 100 miles and $4,800 for 130 miles.
Now Vork, March 25.���An involuntary petition in bankruptcy was filed
in the federal court today against
Otto tl, Mayer and Co., of this city.
TLc firm is one of the oldest in the
city in tbo lino of shipping aud
Capetown, March 20. -Cecil Rhodes
experienced a bad heart attack yesterday evuning. At midnight he was
weaker than at any time dnriug his
Illness. Mr. Rhodes rallied this
morning and took some nourishment.
Tottenham,   Ont.,   March   25.���Tho
byaw   to raise $6,000   to   establish an
eleotrlc light plant was   carried   here
yesterday two to one.
A Gang of Laborers   Buried   I'nder   a
Mass of Clay.
Cleveland. Mni-ch 25.���As   the result
of caving In of a lingo   bsnn   of earth
at the Main street plant of the Cleveland Coke anil Has Light Co., today,
six laborer! uio dead, another injure',
but it is believed not seriously ro.
The men were working close to a
bunk of clay when it gave wuy, bury,
ing thuui beneath the muss of enrth.
Fellow workmen soon got six of Iho
men out, some alive, some dead. The
living were taken to a nearby hospital. The fall of clay ia attributed
W the thawing of the ground by the
warm sun.
  2 :i
Elm bet tiers of Cuban Postoffice Funds
object to Sentences,
Washington, March 25.���Official
advices received at tlic poslofilcc
department from the director general
of posts of Havana indicate that Rathbone, Ncely and Reeves, who wore
sentenced yesteiday to 10 years' Imprisonment eacb and heavy fines as
the result of the Cuban postofllce fraud
will appeal lrom tlieir sentences to
the Supreme court of Cuba, the highest
tribunal in the island. 1
Nelson Daily Miner,  Wednesday,  March 26, igoa
Tlie Nelson Miner
Published   Ever;  Morning.  Except   Mondai
Dallj per month, by currier ���.    65o
Dally, per month, by mall      oyc
Daily, per year, by carrior ~..| 7 00
Dally, por year, by mall    5 00
Dally, per yv&r foreign      9 00
Weekly, per half year ��J W
Weekly, per year    * 00
Weekly, per year, foreign     8 00
^ilbaoriptlons invariably ln ml vanoe.
Display Advertisements, $1 per inch per
niontn: Display Advertlsomanti, 25 conts per
inch each insertion les* than month; Locals, III
emits per line each insertion; Cliissilled Advertisements, 1 cont per wool each Insertion;
Wholesalo Cards, $2.50 por month; Society
Cards, ?2.50 per month.
115 Fleet Street. E. C.
Central Press Agenoy. Ltd., Special Agents
Alexander & Co.. 521 First Avenue, 8pokane��
Wash,, keep this paper on file, and are our
authorized agent** for advertisemonte and sub-
' crlptions
The above Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner Irom
our subscriber's doors.
The Toronto Telegram complains
that protection has never had a fair
chance in Canada, and it declares that
even Us great apostle, Sir John A.
Macdonald, was lacking either in the
oourage or wisdom to fully utilize the
principle foi the upbuilding of the
country. Canada has been nominally
under protection for nearly 25 years
and in that time the^country has built
thousands of miles of railway at the
public expense. Continuing the Tele
gram says: "A polioy wbioh docs not
develop the iron industry of the
country by making its own rails is a
poor half hearted apology for genuine
protection. Canada is not developed
as the country would have|been developed if her conservative leaders had
been inspired by tho wisdom and
courage of their professed   principle."
While it is probobly true that Canada with her immense iron and coal
deposits could long since have em-
barkea profitably in the making of pig
iron, steel and rails for her railways
It was not until recently that the
home market was a large one, and ono
of the first essentials for success in
any manufacturing enterprise is a
good sized home market. Under the
Liberal administration the Dominion
Iron aud Steel Works has been making rails for several years and is
finding a roady market for its output
at home. At Sault Ste Marie, Mr.
Clergue und associates have established large iron and steel plants and
will Boon be turning out rails. At
Kitchener, a few miles southeast of
this city, another large iron and steel
enterprise is being pushed and the
outlook is that before a groat while
it will be turning out iron and steel
and further on rails. There are one or
two iron and stool enterprises in process of formation at the coast, which,
if they materialize, will in due course
of time be turning Canadian iron
ore into rails for Canadian railways.
While it may bo true that the policy
ol the Conservatives wus half hearted,
as the Telegram suggests, thore has
been nothing weak about the Liberal
polioy in regard to the protection of
industries which have load to making
rails. The enterprises above refeired
to snow that the parties embarking in
tbem havo firfUi in the policy of the
governmont nnd know that their output will be protected,by a duty sufficiently large to insure 'heir salo at a
profit iu the homo markets. It was
probably the half heartednoss of the
Conservatives, which tho Telegram
admits, as much as anything else,that
caused them to lose the reins of government. The Liberal tariff policy Is
a wise and boneflciul one and is building up the country.
Now thnt tho legislature is in session an ofTnrt should be made to
secuie the school of mines for Nelson.
Rossland had the sell nil fir three
winters nnd during Inst winter allowed ft to lapse through indifference on
tbe part of tho citizens. The school
coulo have been kept in motion thero
had the citizens been willing to defray
a part of the cost of running it, but
they allowed it to lapse because the
city's affairs wero in �� depressed condition owing to the strike. Anyway,
be people of Rossland allowed the
school to lapse for one winter and it
should be no* given to some city
which would taks enough interest in it
to make it a constantly going concern.
Nelson should now tako np the school
and we believe would make more of
a success of it than Rossland has. The
mining school is an important institution, inasmuch as it can be mado the
means of giving thoso who cannot afford, or have not had the opportunity of taking a scientific mining
course, a ohanne to learn the rudiments,   at   least, of   geology, miner
alogy, etc., so that they will make
better miners and prospectors than if
they did not attend tbe lectures and
demonstrations of the school. Nelson,
by reason of her geographical location
and mild winter ia more of a rendezvous for mining men, prospectors and
others during the winter months than
any othor town in the Kootenays, who
would take advantage of the school of
mines. Besides, we believe it has a
larger proportion of families with
growing children than Rossland.
Many of Nelson's boys could, with
advantage, attond tlie mining school,
and we believe that they would do so
were it established here. Naturally,
as mining is the chief industry of this
section, they take a deep interest in it
and would welcome an opportunity to
study so as to gain at least a elementary knowledge of it under proper
The school, if prcpeny fostered,
should grow in time to a large institution. Some of the best mining
schools in Germany are located in
centres where mining is carried on,
and the students are thus given the
opportunity to acquire both a scientific and practical knowledge. Nelson
has mines near enough to its limits
to offer like advantages to the German
towns. The people of Nelson should
make an effort while the legislature is
in session to necure the school of
mines for next winter. The board of
trade could take up the matter and
with a little energy and the help of
the Nelson representative in the legislature, the secorng of tho school
should not be a very diftioult task.
Now that the redistribution bill has
been brought down by the government, accompanying it there should
be a measure adopted hy which the
voters' lists could be put in better
shape than they are. At present there
are opportunities for fraud, which
makes it essential that the present
lists be cancelled and that registrations be safeguarded to prevent tbe
possibility of fraudulent voting.
Under the present system it ia possible for many fraudulent names to be
on tbe register and for them to be
voted, although they do not legally
belong there.
Among the reasons for reform are
the following: (1) Names were
registered unaccompanied by affidavit); (2) tbe lists are tbree general
elections or more old, and perhaps
one-third of the names represent
those who are absent. It is possible
for those who desire to do so to vote
the names of the absentees; (8) anyone could register fictitious and
illegal names by simply filling out
blanks and mailing them to tbe
As a remedy for this the following
is suggested: (1) New lists to be
made only on affidavits as to faots
made befoie some official competent to
administer oaths Those admitted to
reigstration to be compelled to give
residence and occupation foi identification purposes; (2) allow voters only
to voto in the polling divisions where
they are registered; (3) provide for
separate wards in towns and cities,
and for precincts in districts outside
of towns and cities.
With these safeguards opportunities
for frauds against the ballot box
would be reduced to the minimum
and would be a great improvement,
we think, over the present loose
method of registration of voters. The
matter should be taken up hy the
present legislature and passed contemporaneously with the redistribution
bill, which is now pending in the
Candua is coming to the frcnt as a
copper producer. In IllOO tho output
was 0,000,000 pounds and in 1001 it
nad increased to 80,000,000 pounds or
l5,n(HI short tons. This output made
Cuiiudu oighth on the list ot oopper
producing countries. Uritish Columbia
headed the list of the provisoes in the
production of copper.
The San Francisco mint shows a
larger mintage of bullion than any
similar institution in the United
States during the year 1001. There
was at noon, January 2nd last,
8141,707,580.70 ol United States rroney
or bullion in charge of tbe superintendent. During last year the San
Francisco mint coined $78,000,000 in
gold and $3,000,000 in silver coin,
This is the highest amount ever
coined by one mint, tbe nearest approach being that of tho Philadelphia
mint in 1881 when the amount coined
wns $70,097,125.50. Canada should
have mints turning the gold mined ln
her territory into coin.
Here is the condensed logic submitted by the Editoi and Publisher to
the fellows who don't know whether
advertising pays or not: "The only
purpose mon have in advertising in
the newspapers is to secure business.
They will not advertise if it doeB not
pay to do so. Hence the fact that the
columns of daily newspapers In the
progressive cities of tho bountry ato
crowded   with   advertisements is cer-
We wish to call your attention to our immense
stock of
Spring and Summer Staple Goods
and Novelties
In making our selections this season we have endeavored to choose a stock which will please the most delicate
tastes. You will find the finest assortment of both Imported and Domestic goods in the country. New goods
arriving daily.
Hudson's Bay Co.
tain proof that advertising pays. You
will always note in every community
that the most successful merchants are
those who advertise. They do the
largest business, thoy have the best
goods to sell and they give greater
satisfaction   to   the   public."
A Fronchr count, de Saint Ouen.
has left $2,000,000 to b6 used to raise
a race of giants. People of large size
are to be induced to marry by a
$20,000 dowry for one such marriage
eaoh year. Frederick the Grout, it
will be remembered, was very fond of
giants and formed a reigment of
guards whieh he assembled oy securing the eivilued world for them, and
he gave special inducements in order
that they might enlist in his giant
corps. If giants had intelleots in
pioportion to their size they would he
tbe rulers of the world, but it is more
often the case that the largest of men
have not the brightest of minds. Men
of medium size are usually the
brightest. Just what Count do Saint
Ouen hopes to accomplish by breeding
giants is hard to discern.
Wc have the he.it value in men's
and boys' boots and shoes in 11. C.
This is an old fashioned, fiat-footed
statement, but we will bet our b.iots
on it.���The Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.
The tonsorial establishment of J. H.
Matheson and the basement shop of
McMahon and Gardner bave consolidated and are now doing business
next door to the Bodega saloon, where
tbey will be pleased to meet old nnd
new customers.
Our New Stock is now open,
A Very
to Dew
D Ot
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Ooast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tards, NELSON
and LARDO,
Finest and Best Bar  ln tr.�� City.
The best Brands ot Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
JOSEPH HARWOOD,   -   Proprietor
J. 0. GWILIIM, B.,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stree Nelson. B c
The Prices Will Suit the
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
A shipment just 'arrived ami wo
can now offer you n oholoe selection of everything;   known  ns
Watches,    Clocks,    Jewels,
Souvenir floods, Etc.
Wc can please yon in choosing
a Wedding Present,
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty
1 J. J. WALKER i
���������������������������������������������������������������������������a I
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always lo
Wo carry __ comploio Rlock of Coant Flooring
Colling, Inbido PlniHh, Turnod Work, Bash and
Doora apodal ordor work will roooive prompt
ulUiiilion���   Mall ordortj aollcttod.
Porto Eico Lumber Co.,
Head Office��� Hendrvx and Vernon Wc,, Nelaon
Lawrence Hardware Go.
The Blehiag season is now open and we invite onr friends ami  patrons to
inspect our large and complete stock ot
Rods, Heels, Casts, Flies, Fly Books, Lines, Fishing Briskets, Trolling Spoous
Guns and Ammunition
ftbelRo^alBank of Canaba
Capllall Aniliiirlzi'il,
Incorporated 1869.
trt3,ooe,uoo.oo I mpllul Paid-up,
Board of Director*    Thomas K. Konny,  President;   Thomas Rltohle, Vlce-Proeldom
n, H. Q. Bauld. Hon. David Mackoen. uonD
;-WUo�� Sruitb,
���lead Offlce, llaliraxi
Ueneral Manager, Hdbon _.. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branohos. and Secretary, W. B, Torrance, Mon'real
Nova   Scoila���Halifax   Branch,   AntlKonH
lirldgewater, Guysboro. Londonderry, Lu -
enburg. Maitland (Hums Co.), Plotou, Port
Hawkosbury, Hyil noy. Khubonacadle.Truro
New    Brunswick ��� Bathuret, \ Dorchester
Fredorioton,   Hexton (Kent    Co.),  Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sackville St, John .Woodstock.
P. K. Island���Oharlottotown, Summersido
Quebec���Montreal,   (City   lOiHoef,    Moutrea
'. Notre   K
West Knd (Cor. Notre Dame and Sola-
neu-s Streets): Wostmounb (Cor. Greene
Avenue and Sit. Catharines Street,
Newfoundland-" St. John's.
Culm. West Indira���Havana.
���lulled Wales���New York (16 Biohatirce Plat*
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
Vanconver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents t
Canada-Merchants Bank of Canada.   Boston-Nationa   Shawmut Bank.   Chleaio-llllnnU
Trust and Savlnrrs Bank.   San Pranclsco-Novada National Bank.   London, Enav-Bjnk  ol
Scotland.   Parts, France -Credit LyonnaiB.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda.   Wilna and J��.
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.    Spokane-Old National Bank.
(Joneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Kouzh
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on ��pecia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
+Z_\ ������*
��= Be Sure and Get the Genuine. 3
| Lawrence Hardware Company 1
B Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C. _\\
has been discovered on .\i_
Similkameen   Valley   Coal    Company's
On the 15th instant I will offer for sale the Company's stock at $1.10
PER SHARE, payable $10 monthly per 100 shares, A further advance
will take place on April 1st.    Rush in your orders.
Nelson, B. C.
Official Broker
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply at the next sitting of the
board of license commissioners Ior the
Oity of Nelson to be held after tlie expiration of thirty days from the date
hereof, for a transfer of tha retail
liquor license now held by rae lor tho
Uoyal hotel, situate on Stanley street
in the City of Nelson, on lots 3 and 4,
block 2H, subdivision of lot B5, group
l,Wcst Kootenny district to Sol Johns,
of tne City of Nelson.
Witness: I). A. McFarland.
Rated this 27th day of Februarv,
1002. J
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. B.
Allan Lino Pal Ulan March 29
Allan Line Corinthian April  5
Hoavor Lino Lako Superior .; April 11
Beaver Line Garth Castle April 25
Allan.LIno steamers oall .at Halifax two days
Frcm Portland.
Dominion Lino Callfornlan April 12
llouiinloii Lino Colonian April 2(1
From New York
Cunard Lino Campania Maroh 2(1
Cunard Lino Umbria  April  5
KHr8 gj"1, l.no Iu��wnlo March 211
Whito Star Lino Oceanic April  2
Amor can Lino Philadelphia Muroti 211
American Line St Paul, April  2
Red Star LlnoMorion March "'I
Hcd Star Lino Havoriord April til
Continental sailings ot French. North Qer-
inan Lloyd, H. A. P. and Italian Linos on application. v
HIS.AZiKifcSal50n farM, WJO, ana upwards
S.cond $35 and npwards according to stoamor
a-d location of berth. Stoerago quoted on application. Prepaid passages from Kngland and
the continent at lowest ratos.
II. L. nilOWN,      W. P, F, CUMMINGS,
City Agt. Nolson.     Gen. Agent, Winnipeg
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson  Sl  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red fountain R'v.
Eetween Nelson and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle - 21 hours
Nelson to Vancouver - 26 hours
Nelson to Victoria       -      26 hou's
9:20 a.m Spokane ...
12:25 p.m Kossiand...
10:30 a.m Mountain	
0:40 a.m Nelson	
.7:15 p.m,
4 tfO.p. m
6-59'p. m.
6:45 p.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, Q. P. _
Spokane, Wwa
A areut, Nelson, B.
H \i:H U. l.lltl. TOI1H. KMIUI..1IKU8.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
KelioB B. Q
if. O. OREEN        Y. S. OLEMENTri
Civil Engineer* and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootenay a Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone 261
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto, ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to O. h. liKNNOX. B��k�� Sl.
Mellon. Nelson   Daily Minhr, Wednes ay, March 26, 1902
I     MINING NEWS,     |
At the record office yestnlay eertili-
cates of work wero issued to J. H.
Wallace on the Lochaoer, Lizzie and
Ella mineral claims. Neil McDonald
recorded the location of the Lucky
Stone oo Evening mountain.
Captain Uifford, manager of the
Silver King mine, reports that a few
men have recently been discharged
pending the result of the diamond
drill explorations in the lower levels.
Th 1 mine is in good condition and is
now constantly shipping 50 tons ofore
por day and tbe shipments have been
kept up steadily since Decomber last.
The oro bins are full and everything is
moving along in a satisfactory
Dr. E. C. Arthur, who bas just
returned from a visit to the east, reports that the newly reconstructed
Athabasca Co.expects to resume operations on a largo scale by the end of
June or the 1st cf July. lt is now
conceded that in tho Venus property
the new company has ore reserves
sufficient to jun the ten-stamp mill
to its fullest capacity and to provide
sufficient funds for tbe development of
the Athabasca claim.
Good news comes from the Rambler"
Cariboo, in the Slocan, as it is announced that tho big ore body had
been met iu two places on the 000-feet
level. The large and very rich shoot
of ore, it is claimed, it has been dem -
onstrated, extends down to the depth
of 600 feet. The ledge has been crosscut and is from three to three and a
half feet wide, and runs 200 ounces in
silver to tho ton. The shaft, which is
being sunk, ran out of the ledge
between the MO and 600-l'oot levels.
When the 000-foot level was reached
a drift was run to tho north and
south. The crosscut to tho north
struck the ledge several days since
and on Monday tbe ledge was struck
in the south crosscut. The strike is
an important one, as it demonstrates
that the ore body is strong at depth.
Miller Co.
Ties���Tbe       Wallace-
Word bas been received from Cranbrook tbat the East Kootenay team
that is coming here on Easter Monday
is an exceptionally strong oro and is
doing some good hard practicing in
anticipation of the game. Tbo local
team will be well up to the standard
that has been able to bold its own in
the nast, and if they have the benefit
of a good practice on Friday should at
least be able to make a close game of
it. The practice on Friday starts at
4 o'clock and everyone who can is
particularly requested to turn out as
the team will be finally picked after
the game.
Said to |.Fabulously Rich in Ooarse Oold.
Prospecting for gold makes husky
men even if tbey don't always find
tbe gol A. Sometimes theso men can
tell interesting tales.
Joseph Morehead whose headquarters are in Elgin, Ore. writes, " Last
Fall I came down here, attracted by
the rich strikes in the Baker City
fields. On my arrival I heard a 'fairy
story' of a 'lost lake' in the Rlue
Mountains whiah was said to be
fabulously rioh in coarse gold. The
story bad all the 'ear marks' of the
'lo^t mine' and 'lost cabin' stories to
be heard in evory mining district;
prospector driven out by Indians,
brought pocket full of nuggets with
him, died and left the customary
rough sketch of the locality, etc., eto
I determined to have a look for it,
and as the formation is volcanic it is
too rough for pack animals. The
problem was how to cany food
enough, in addition to my pick, pan
and blanket, for a two weekB' sojourn
in the mountains.
I had, a short time before, been
prospecting with an old mouutaiueer
in the Hitter Root lange in Montana.
He was au enthusiast on the subject
of Grape-Nuts and Postum Coffee. Iu
fact he lived on them. I used to
'josh' him about his'gru ' but soon
grew to like it myself and finally got
to eating Grapa-Nuts three times a
day and as much uftenor as I gol the
So with my former expeiience in
mind I got five packages of Grape-
Nuts and Bome packages of Postum
Coffee which, with a litlte sugar and
Bait, were all the supplies I took with
me, and for nine days' laborious
climbing over the roughest country
out of doors I had nothlnir else except
an occasional trout caught from the
stream. I came back feeling first class
and am offeing to bet that I can average thirty miles a day over mountain
trails with thirty pounds of blankots,
etc., ou nothing but Grape-Nuts, "
This food can be digested and will
fattei. a nursing infant nnd it also
sustains and works wonders witli tho
hardest physical and mental workers,
including football and baseball players, athletes of all kinds, doctors,
ministers, lawyers, business men and
Other brain workers.
The origin of tbe Easter bonnet is
lost in the mists of history but it is
certainly an object that at the present
season of the year occopies the
thoughts of womankind generally to a
very large extent. Although it is
only a few jears since tbe flrst millinery department was put in at Nelson
vet already the display of ladies' head
gear nt the semi-annual openings are
looked forward to with eager interest
not only by the ladies of tho city but
also by those of all the surrounding
towns. The displays this year are very
handsome and re licit much credit on
the skill of those responsible for tlieir
At Kerr and Co.'s Miss T. McGrory,
the bead milliner, showed a Miner
reporter some most beautiful creations,
Blask is the predominating color this
year, caused princ'pally by the early
date ^that Easter falis on. Of the
other colors beige and different brown
shades probably lead. An Anna Held
style was shown whioh was a large
picture hat of black horsehair braid
and meline, trimmed low on the hair
at the back and flare in at tbe left
side. The ornaments were black beads
and cabacbons. Anothci handsome
hat was a French toque in pale green
and blue, with rose crown and pearl
ornaments. The window Ot the
new premises occupied by the millinery department is beautifully draped
with purple and white.
Mrs. Enfield has also a very handsome showing of hats. The most expensive one shown is a dress hat witb
a turban effect, French roues, sequin
crown and trimmed with black lace
nnd drooping streamers. Another
striking bat is a handsome black
Gainsborough w ith white plume,
cabochons and pearl beads. Mrs.
Enfield stated that the back part of
the bat seemed tc be the most important this season.
At Fred Irvine and Co s' a large
number of ladles were Bbsembled all
day yesterday admiring the large
variety of hats. Miss Darvuau showed
the reporter two of ber principal hats.
One was a hat of Nacre chip straws,
crown of heavy Arab lace. A cascade
of Coquelicot satin and velvet ribbon
between two wreaths of foliage and
cherries held in place by two cut steel
and pearl cabochons, the colors being
nacre and Coquelicot. The other was
a toque with facing of circles of crinoline braid, the crown also being made
in like manner. The draping is made
of tucked ohiffon through which is
ruu veiy narrow straw biaid. Cockade
of brush osprey in rossette of taffeta
Mousseline iibbon, and gold bar set
with pearls.
Besides the brown shades there are
some very pretty designs shown at all
of tbo stores in baby blues and greens.
The styleB as a rule this year are net
anything like as bright as is usually
tho case, but are uot any the less
pretty on tbis account.
AdverllHomeute inserted under UiIh head al
tho rate of one oent a word per insertion. No
advertisement taken for letiH than 25 cento.
Situation Wanted advortieomente Inserted
throe mm;,- froe of oharee.
PIANO FOR SALE���Taken in ^exchange, new, only one month in
use. Co.it iflOO. Will sell at a
bargain. See it at E. Ferguson and
Co 's warerooms, Vernon street, cily.
FOR SALE. ���Eggs for hatching,Hlack
Minorca,       lliown   Leghorn,     and
Plymouth   Rocks      P.O,    Box!ii03. ..or
Miss Edwards, Fnirview.
N. M. Cummins,  I, ou    K\ iry known
variety of HOft drinks. P O Uox 83. Tulouhoti
No. 31. Huovor Street, Nelson. HoUiors of th
famous SU Loon Hot SprinKs Mineral Water
COTTAGE to Rent���Newly fitted, and
with all conveniences, nenr business
contre.    Apply to J. II. Wallace.     ���
FOR    SALE   or   Kent���House,^Silica
street, wili sell   or rent,   furnished;
all conveniences.    0. E. Miller.
FOR SALE���Eggs for hatching from
Barred Plymouth Rocks and Pekin
Ducks; choice stock. Strawberry
placts. John Ilougiiton, Crawford
FOR S4LE CHEAP--$850 each, will
bny two well linished cottages 22x24
on Gore streot. between VVard and
Josephine. Terms easy, for further
particulars call at Miner office.
FOR SAbE���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in the Kootenays,
best location, 2!> nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best business proposition in the district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cale,
Box 225, Nelson B.C.
FURNISUED rooms with   or without
board.     Apply     on   Silioa   street,
second door west of Ward,
Applv   to   Mrs F. J. Squires, Room
40, K. W. 0. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. 0. Box 405. Phone 278.
Wanted���Woman Cook.    Waitresses.
Girl for Housework.
WANTED���At    Hotel     Phair,     two
dining room girls.
WANTED���Good smart boy, apply W.
F. Teetzel aud Co.
Foster Crafts,of Charles'own, Mass.
write bome ns soon as you can as
financial interest await you there.
Very important.   I. F. Crafts.
WANTED.���Position as  housekeeper,
cook   or   housemaid for respectable
party.      Address,   Mary   Sparks,    52,
Southern Ave., Cleveland, O.
WANTED���Good   man   used   to   ma-
chineiy   to   learn   shingle   sawing.
Can make good pay from start.    Apply
,1. A. Sawyard.
HELP of all kinds wanted and
furnished. Western Canadian Em
ployinent Agency. Large warehouse
Tor storage; cull at Piosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages, long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C. A.
Guthrie Sc Co.
Fish  and  Game   Association is  No-v
Permanently Organized.
A meeting of tbe Kootenay Game
and Fish Protective Association was
held last evening over the Bank of
Montreal, a good number of tbe
members being piesent. Tbe chair
was taken by H E. Croasdaile, after
which tbe minutes of thc pievious
meeting wero read by G. D. Curtis.
Tho flrst business to be taken up was
the election of officers which resulted
iu the following gentlemen being
elected for the succeeding year: H.
E. Croasdaile, president; T. Morley,
vice-president; G. D.Curtis, secretary;
E. R. Woakes, treasurer; H. A,
Stewart, honorary counsel; executive
committee, John Cholditch, J. F.
Weir, Rev. Mr. Graham, A. M. Johnson, F. A. Macrae, T, Q, Procter und
W. V. Hunt.
A draft of the bylaws and constitution was then read by the secretary
and considered clause by clause aud
adopted after some slight cbangos bad
been made. It was resolved that the
work of the association should be
pushed vigorously from its inception
and several cases were cited of viola
tions of the game laws on which it
was decided to act at once. An outline of work to commence with was
discussei aud several matters left with
the executive committee to enquire
iuto and report on. Another meeting
ol the association will be called at an
early date.
KID Gloves nicely cleaned at the City
Cleaning and Repairing Parlors.
ENGINEERS, Firemen, Machinists
and Electricians send for 40-puge
pa-uphlet containing Questions asked
by examining buard of engineers to
obtain engineer's licence. Address
Geo. Zeller, publisher, 18 S 4th St.,
St. Louis, Mo.,  U.S.A.
Parties wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footed oan have them done by
applying   on   corner   of     Ward   an
Victoiia street, opposite postoffice.
London,Maroh 25.���Lead ��11 fls, .Id.
New York, March 25.���Close���liar
silver 53 7-8 c; Mexican dollars 48 1-4.
Copper    easy,    Laid  quiat.
Halifax, March 25.���John Hamilton,
of  St. Johns church, blew  his  brains
out this morning.
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural  Implements, Bee Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Catalogue Free.
M.  J.   HENRY
3009 Westminster Road, Vancouver, B, 0
For flrst-claes loathor write
B. G Leather Co.
Vancouver. B, C.
British Columbia Afrontn for the celebrated
* PKNETANG" Solo Leather, Cut Solon and
Heel Pieces.
Humerii Leathern, Bridle, Saddle nnd Skirting 1 I'.'i Ikt', Laeu nnd Lalitfo Louthon*, Upper Leathers of all kinds
Manufacture��� of Cloned Uppers of all
Hhocmakers' TooIh and KindlngH, Saddlery
Hardware, Hideo aud Oils.
Catalogues and price Huts on application.
Lumbago, pains In the baok or side, soronoBs,
HwelliiiK or Inflammation find no standing
ground aftor an application of Orllllthri' Liniment���penetrates in �� minute, dispels tho pain,
stops tne Buffering, Vou will Hnd H better
than plasters.
Mr. Mack White, well known trainer of Uio
TorontoLacro-tso Club and Osgoode  Football
club says: ''Griffiths' Liniment is unequalled
forathlctcri or thoso training, 1 have used it
with the best of success tor 801*0 back, stiffness.
aoroncHH, sprains and all forum of swelling anil
For tale br J. H. Vanvtono. Nelson. B. Cl
A MACDONALD Be Co.-Cornor Fron
��� and HaU Strootri���Wholosale grocer
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boot*
rubbers, maokinawfl and miners' sundries.
P   BURNS & Co.-lJakor Street, Nelaon-
���   Wholesalo doalera iu  frobh a      cured
meal:..   Cold Slorago,
Baker street, Nelson���Wholesale dea
ers in frosh and cured muatri.
J Stroot, Nolsou ��� Wholesalo dealara ir
hardware, minors' wupplies, sporting good?
M'LACHLAN BROS. Bakor Street Nelson,
. B. C.,���Dealers in general harhuarc,
mining supplies, gluss, pal its, Portland Cement, tire clay and Scotch lire brick. Agonts
for Wilklns and Co.'ti celebrated utee! wire rope
NKLSON   HAHDWARK   CO.- Wholenale
paintri, oils and gluss; mechanico   tools
Fishing Taok'o and Spotting Goods a specialty
rpURNBiR, BEETON 8c Co.-Corner Vernoi-
X and Josephine StreetH, NoIhoii���Whole
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for Pabst Browing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wbolosalo grocorio:
and liquors 61,0., Baker Street, Nelson.
Offloe corner Hall and Front Streets
Nelson��� Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposo^. Get oui
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
y   a. t m;donald,    Agent  Haeolwood
Dairy Co. Ire Cream.
100,000 SHARES OF  C.   & C.   MINING
CO., Limited Liability.
Between tlenrv B. Huie, Plaintiff,
and Timothy O'Leary, Administrator of the Estate and Effects of
John II. O'Leary, deceased, and
Timothy O'Leary ani Daniel
O'Leary,  Defendants.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
Richard W, Day, receiver, Nelson, B
C, and marked "Tender" on the
envelope, will he received hy the
undersigned up to IS o'clock noon of
the Snd day of April, A. D., 1002, for
the purchase of one or more blocks of
shares in the C. and (.'. Mining company,limited liability. 100,oOu shares
will be sold in blocks of 10,000 each.
The highest tenderer will receive
one block und have h'ist choice, at
same price, of as many other hlocks
as he desires. The tenderers next
highest in order will each according
to the amount of the tender be giveu
the opportunity of taking one or more
blocks at the highest tenderer's bid
and this plan will be lollowed down
thc list of tenderers until all hlocks
are disposed of.
All tenders must he for at leaBt one
block at an amount per share and not
per block, aud the highest or any
tender will not neccessanly be
A marked cheque payahle to the receiver for at least ~'0 per cent of the
tender for one block must accompany
eaoh tender and should tho tendeier
not pay tho balance within two days
after his or her tender is accepted aud
telegraphiu notico sent to the address
given in thc tender tbis amount will
be forfeited to the receiver and the
shares will be re-sold. All cheques
accompanying tenders not ar-cepted
will be promptly returned to the
respective unsuccessful tenderers.
Thc nominal par value of each share
is fi.1 ii and the authorized capitalization of the   company   in   *r>ui),00l).()0.
The company   was    Incorporated   in
British   Columbia   in 1890   under   the
Companies   Act,    1890 and   Amending
Acts.      The   company is snid to   own
the   C. and   (J. mineral claim   within
the Immediate   vicinity of   Rossland,
II. 0.
For further particulars apply to
Nelson,    11,   C,     Solicitors   lor   the
Receiver or to
Receiver, Nelson, B.O.
Dated al Nelson, II..C,   I'Jth March,
A. D.,  11102
For domestic or steam use.
A   full   supply always  on
Rates  to   all  railway  and
lake points
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� ��� Two doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Man aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nflson.
Oiders by nail receive careful  and prompt attentii n
������W"W"W"9* .���<_    1    B"��"B   �����������-'��)-'��)ii��)iiOii��)n��ilf)ilt)..��)ii��),i��),.ai. 1
The Canadian Bank of Commerce !
With Which la Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
__ Aggregate   Resources Over 886,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. E, WALKER, Oeoeral Manage.
London Olllee:  off Lombard Street,  !..  C.
New York Olllee; 16 Hjcchanje l>lace.
And 68 branches in Canada and the United sum, Including
Atlin Gheknwood Nklbon Sandon
Obanhrook        BulMLOOPa N��v�� Wkbtminstbh   Vanoouvkr
Fbknie Nanaimo Rossi anii Victoiiia
YUKON WSTltlCT-IiAWHoN and Wiiitk Horde.
UNITK1) STATKU-Nkw Youk, BanFranoiboo, Skattlk, Portland, BKAOWAY,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Inti-rent Allowed,   Present Kate H Por Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Unde'ground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. _��� CROASDAILE Agent Nelson.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kasl.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Order* by mall to ��<>�� branch will have carefnl and nromot attention.
GREAT NORTHERN:1N ��� me court of
Close connection Hast and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
D rect connection at St. Paul with
out change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points   Kast and Bouth.
Loavea Spokane daily for East at 9:40 1 'ui
Leaves Spokane daily tor Weat at 7:20 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor Weat at 8:00 p in
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
Dining the Benson of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls ft Northern Ry., Kaslo Sc Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Railway Sc Navigation
Up., or to
City Pass, and Tkt. Agt,   W   7<ll   W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
U. K. TiOKAWJKY. Local Agent,
No1hiim.ii 0
In the Matter of the " Winding Up
Act" and Amending Acts and iu
'lie Matter of tbe ''Tribune As-
so^intiop, Limned.'1
NOTICE is hereby given that by an
order of tbe tion. Mr. .Iu>tiee Drake,
made herein on tbu 14th duv of March,
i��0^, It was ordered that Friday, tlio
4th dny of April, 1(108, at the hour of
eleven iu tbe lorenoon, and tbe ofllco
of tne Distriot Registrar of thu
Supreme Court of llriiihh Columbia at
Nelson, be appointed ns Ibe tin e and
plaoe, for tlio meeting of the creditors
and contribotories of the said company for tbe purpose ol the receiving
proposals by the said District
Registrar 'or the appointment o[ a
proper person to ho tbe offioial liquidator of tbo company and that the
said District Registrar do forthwith
report the result of such meeting to
tiie court Ht Victoria and that Friday,
the llth dny of April, 11102, at tho
hour of K).:iU in tbe forenoon and tbo
court bouse, Bastion Bquare, Victoria,
before the Judge in (Jhambeis, bo
appointed the timo nnd place for the
consideration of the report of tbe result of such meeting and for such
appointment and order to be mnde
thereon as may be deemed expedie. t]
and it was ordered that notice of tbe
said meeting be advertised seveu con-
Beoutl*e limes in "'Ibe Miner." a
daily newspaper published in Nelson,
and twice in D13 llritish Columbia
Dated the 17th day of March, 1U02.
80 dangle; Street, Victoria, B.C.
Solicitors     for   John    llouhton,      tho
petitioner herein.
mill try a bottlo, a, rlozmi, or a barrol of
CALGARY BEER ax It In tho bout and
rslioaporit on the market. AIho try our
WINES,    L1QUORB     and    CIGARS.
TflfiphonofiS Bakor Ht. NVIhoii
The Waverley Hotel
Kates $l.nn to $1,110 per day. First
class Meals, 2.1c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Jiox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria Ht.. Nelson.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars,
Under ami l>y virtuo of tbfl puweffl
ciHitiiincd in a certain mortgage wbioti
will be produced nt tho tlmo uf nhIc,
thfiu will be offered for salo Uy pub)Id
junction, by   St P.   Xnok,   Auctioneer)
I at bis offices, Ward street, Nolson, B��
O., on MdT.rlay tbe 7th day   ol   April,
11902i at tbe hour of eleven  o'clock  m
tbe forenoon, tbo following  property:
Lot numbered  twenty-two (88),   In
j Block   numbered   sixtv-efght {'iH),  of
[tbo city of Nelson, British Oolnmbia,
Bnb*dlvifiion lot ninety-live (09),group
'one (J), Kootenay Distriot, according
to tbe official plan or survey.
J    The property   is   situate on    Vernon
1 street, ami known aa thu "Occidental
i Hotel."
Kor terms and conditions of Pale
apply to,
Burns   Block,     Baker Street,    Nelson,
li, C, Bolicltors for tbe Mortgapeei.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
!' Nblson Dailv Minerr Wednesdw, March 26, igoz
During Holy
We are making a very large show ol
English and RoiuaM Catholic Prayer
Books; also Ornaments, Rosaries,
Missals and Devotional Hooks,
We havo the new "Ueorge,Prince of
Wales" Edition of Prayer Hook.
Booksellers, stationers
Show Koom lor Mason Sc Risch pianos
Mrs. J. Fred Ilun-e will in future
receive on Thursday afternoons.
Mrs. David Morris is confined to the
house hy a severe attack of illness.
The steamer Kokanee Monday
brought in a carload of Molly Gibson
Fountain Pens.���Morley ��t Laing.
A special meeting of tho Ladies'
Hospital Aid will he held thiB afternoon at the residence of Mrs. J. M.
All kinds of express work, coal and
wood.���West Transfer Co. Telephone
J. Fred Hume and Captain flifford
are reported to be practising ping
pong steadily and are becoming adepts
at the game.
received   out    new
Wall   Paper.   F.  J.
We have just
spring stock ol
llradley and Co.
A   meeting
tbe board of works
will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3
o'clook to consider the various applications received lor new sidewalks.
Call up 38 if you want furniture or
pianos moved.--West Transfer Co.
A house and lot belonging to H. M.
Vincent, on Mill street, was yesterday
sold to B. E. Sharpe for 81,750, the
sale being put through by K. J.
All the newest hooks in our lending
libiary ���Morley and Laing.
The case of .lohn Mclntyre, of Ball
Siding, against whom a charge of
threatening to break tie peace has
beon laid, will be beard this morning
at 10.30 at the court house.
Beforo pHcing your order for wall
paper it will pay you to see our new
designs,F. J. Bradley; and Co.
The steamer International yesterday
brought in two carloads of Rambler-
Cariboo for tbe Selby smelter at Sun
Francises and one car ol American
Hoy ore^for the Everett smelter.
All kinds of Household Hrushes and
Dusters at McLachlan Ilros.
Prospectors who have boen out in
he lower mountains doing assessment
work report that owing to the almost
continuous snow of the past month in
the mountains thnt there is now con-
sideiably more snow than is usually
the case at this season. There is said
to be from two to three feet more than
thure was in March last year on the
lower summits.
* Thc two horses that were drowned
off the city wharf on Sunday evening
and have since been tied to the floating dock broke Ioofo yesterday and
floated down to thc shallows near tbe
C.P.R. wharf wheie tbey now lie.
Mrs. G.C. Coulson, who left Nelson
with her husband a vear ago for New
Zealand, returned to this city on
Saturday night, and Mr. Coulson is
expected in the course of a few days.
Thev like Uritish Columbia a good
���leal better than New Zealand.
The photo of the group of the South
African constabulary sent to Mrs.
Ulanoy by her son is on exhibition iu
Jaejb Dover's window and attracted
much attention yesterday from the
friends and acquaintances of tho Nelson boys who aro pictured in it.
New shirts, stylish, natty, some
very cheap, some more costly, some
may be too dear. Como see about it���
The Wailace-Miller Co.
Dr. E. C. Arthur, who has been on
an extended trip through Ontario,
returned to Nelson on Monday evening. While away he visited his old
home at lirighton, Out,, aud reports
that in 30 years the appearance of the
place bad changed hut slightly.
There is at present a butter famine
throughout not only the province but
in Manitoba as well. The higher
grades of butter are at present almost
impossible to get and telegrams sent
to Manitoba to the various centres of
supply yesterday revealed a similar
condition of affairs there.
At the boat house considerable work
is being done at present in the way of
fitting up the fleet of steam and vapor
launches and sailboats for the coming
summer season. A number of canoes
and row boats were hired yesterday,
although the breeze was slightly cool
for boating.
At the police court yesterday morn-
ng Bowell and Scranton, tbe two
youths accused of stealing bottled
beer from the wrehouse of Turner,
Beeton and Co., were brought up for
trial. It was the first appearance of
the former in court and as be manfully took his share of blame be was
released on suspended sentence, his
employer going surety for bid
future good behaivour. Scranton, the
elder of the two, who had been the
principal in the affair, had a bad
record and had been up a short time
before for drunkenness. The magistrate sentenced him to six months'
There was considerable discussion
around town yesterday on tbe best
means of placing some safeguards on
the city wharf to prevent any further
loss of horses there and also loss of
human lift, which might occurr at
any time. The great difficulty ol
placing a railing or chain that would
be of any use lies in the high water
experienced at the busiest time of lhe
year, when tbe wharl is covered at
the lower end by many feet of water,
the steamers coming right ovar it. The
steamers also are compelled to change
their landing places to suit the varying stages of the water and a permanent rail would not answer, while for
the guard rail or chain to be of the
slightest use it would have to be
strong. Probably the only satisfactory
solution of the difficulty will be to
widen the wharf and place foot paths
raised at either side. This, however,
Is not likely to be done for some time
��� to come yet.
In London, the market
of the world for fine wines.
Pommery " 1892" sells at
$5 00 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Pommery "1893" sells at
$8.50 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Wherever Champagne is
sold according to quality
the highest prices are
paid for
A Coffee Slave
Plenty of Them All About
"To my stispiiso I discovered Unit
the coffee habit wns fixed upon me, and
I looked forward to the beverage at
meals ns indispensable.
"I felt that I would rather do without lhe balance of the meal than thc
ooffee. and became impressed with the
fact that my free, independent iniiii-
homl wns practically gone,
"My heart gradually became weaker
nnd winker until it was so crippled that
my feet nud bands were nlwujs cold,
except immediately after di irking coffee; snd
after the effeot of the
coffee wore oil, I hnd
thut horrible, relaxed,
wrimg-out liken dish-
rng feeling thut made
feel like an old, decrepit
man nt the age of thirty
"When I awakened t<>
my oondition I quit coffee niid took up Posluin
.Cereal Food Coffee,
"finding it a most pala-
tablo nnd perfect beverage My heart had reoovered its normal strength,
and I am again a young and henlthy man. It is very plain to me now t-at
coffee was robbing me of my strength and vigor. Postum helped me quit
and built up my nervous system.
"My wife, also, hss been wonderfully bonefitod by the use of I'ostum
Food Ooffee, and wc have been engaged in an active crusade in its behalf.
Have found many peoi le who bad turned down Postum solely on account of
not making it propei 1 . It is easy to make if ono will use four heaping
teaspoons to the pint 01 water and allow it to boil long enough, We always
use good, rich cream, uml sweeten thecup to taste It is a delicious
"The following persons wero affected very muoh as I was, and have recovered thoir health by the use of Postum Food Coffee: Dr. J. A. Schuelke,
of the United States army, also Mr. John Corcoran, of South Omaha, with
the Cudahy Packing Co, "With best wishes." W. II. Spaulding, 1(110
Cass St., Omaha, Neb,
The Cooks' and Waiters' union, at
tbeir regular bi-monthly mceting.held
last evening, elected delegates to the
labor convention to be held in Kamloops on April 14. The labor unions
of the city are taking up tbe matter of
the convontion witb keen interest and
intend to see that the labor interests
of this city are as substantially represented as possible. The Trades and
Labor council, the Miners' union, the
Carpenters' uuion and tho Socialistic
club have already elected their lull
quota of delegates and it is expected
that many other unions will shortly
do likewise.
Office Supplies.���Morley Sc Laing.
Charles Hillyer, of the Nelson Planing mill, is back lrom a visit to the
coast, whither he went for the purpose of bidding on some additions to
the Banff hotel and other work. In
tho several towns between Nelson and
the coast and in the coast cities he
reports tbat all are in a buoyant condition and have an air of prosperity.
The residents of these places declare
that business is good and they anticipate even livelier conditions during
the coming summer and fall. Mr
Hillyer says if the few who go about
croaking about hard times in Nelson
would cease to do so that it wonld be
of material benefit, as in some way
or other the impression has got abroad
that this city is in a bad condition.
When told that this was the case
while on his journey he told his informants that Nelson was in good cor-
dition and that the outlook for a
good year heie was most promising.
Men's and Hoys' spring suits about
2,0X1 to choose from. vVe may be asking too much money for them. Quality considered they "look good to
us." You'd better see them anyway.
���The Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.
Tne wedding of Capt. E. V. Rhoda,
and Miss Marguerite Baker waB
celebrated at the residence of Joseph
Jackson on Stanley street at 7 30 last
evening, Rev. Wm. Munroe, of the
Congregational church, was the
officiating clergyman. A few of the
mmediate friends of the happy
couple were present. Mr. Rhoda is
captain of tbe tug Vallballa and is a
popular gentleman. His bride Is a
well known and accomplished resident
of Procter.
Slops tlic CoiIKll
and Works off the Colli.
Laxative Bromo-Quinino Tablet* euro   acold
n one dav.   NoCure. noPay.   Prico 25 cents.
Kingston, Ont., March 2T..��� Jos.
Browelt, aged 85, died yesterday after
a brief ilness. Be was an Engishman
and had been associated with Inger-
so], Ont., business interests for over
half a century. In 18H8 he came to
Kingston to reside. His wiie survives
Quebec,    March   85,���Mr.   H.   John
McMarn,manager Quebec branch Bank
of Montreal, is seriously 111.
Ilume���.1. H. (llass, Jr., London;
A. K. Holt, Toronto: A. Forrester,
Kobson; J. A. Browne, Spokane; A.
W. Johnston, Vancouver; (J. II. Barn-
hart, imir; 3. Campbell, Erie; J. W.
Pantell, Spokane; W. McLeod, Winnipeg; W. E. Smith, O. H. Bancroft,
Spokano; D. W. Moofe, Trail.
Grand Central���P McMnster, Vancouver; E.Cameron, D, .1. McLachlan,
Sandon ; II. .I. Herman, Cody ; J. F.
Gentry, Sundon; Mrs. Wheeler nnd
son, Silverton; II, I'raser, A. Cawley,
Spokano; C Foley,wife and daughter,
Queens���T. L. Kennedy, Kaslo; W.
Mason, Monaghau. Wash.; G. L'rqu-
hart, Spnkune; W. Sinclair, F. B.
Morrison, Elko; Sister Leona, Spo-
akn; P. W. George, Greenwood,
llnrllett-Juines Rattray, Slocan
City; H. E. Wcstover, Silver King; J.
Slattery, Slucan i 0, Campbell, Kaslo;
T. King, Silver King.
Madden.���S. P. Cameron. II. Snd-
beck, Bensloy Siding; J. Howell, J.
Laws, Pernio.
Tremont���E. F. Wheilden, Givoout
oreek; G, Dennis, Silver creek.
Phair���T. S. Gore, Victoria; R. J.
Inglis, Montreal.
March 25th & 26th
"vi _7*
'\__~9  _a*-^-^-0a��.0_t.^'^.^.^Za^-0m%X_Z^__\l_Z_Z^^^^^ 9'%
We will have on display in   our  show    ���'���
rooms on  above  days  a  magnificent    (fl
stock of the jt\
Latest Productions of Paris  -JJ
and New York. ny
Pattern  Hats and Ladies' (fl
Ready-to-Wear Hats.      i\\
We specially invite every lady   lo  call    iii
and examine our stock. ."
New  Dress  Materials.  Blouse ;L
"Waists, Summer Muslins,  Child- -���
ren's Dresses, Ladies' and Child- (fl
ren's White Wear, Embroideries, fj\
Laces, Ties, Belts, Etc. iai
Why Should You Wait
Until you are old to wear glasses ?
If your eyes'are defective why
not have them attended to at
once and preserve what
have for later
Patenaude Bros.
Baker St. Nelson, B. G.
To enable us to dispose of the stock of Tweeds and Woollens just puroha ?ed  at
a rate on the dollar from E. .I. Liobio,   Merchant Tailor we will for the next
30 days give the largest discount ever given in ordered clothing.
line FluclUli Wonted Trontel-lngla Made to Order
Flue Scoll-li Tweed KmIIIiikh Mnde le Order
line Murk Engliitli Worsted Bull Ing* mnde to Order
$ G..-.0
: 10.110
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Union Hade.
H. M. VINCENT, Merchant Tailor, Baker St.
Millinery Opening
The ladies of Nelson are cordially invited to attend my   Spring
Millinery Opening on
Tuesday, March 25th
and following days of the week, when  1 will exhibit the latest styles in Spring Millinery Novelties in Dress and Ready-to-
J    Wear Hats. Misses' and Children's Hats and Bonnets specially
}   Opera House Block. Victoria St.. Nelson    ,
Fare and One-Third
On sale Mar. 27th, 28th,29th
good to return till April 2nd.
For berths, time tables, rates anil full
information  apply to   Local   Agents
City Agent. Nelson
J. S. Carter, B. J. Coyle
Dis. Paes. Agt. A. G. P. A.
NelBon Vancrnre
inery upeni
No  advance  exhibit.    All  invited.
Today ��� First    showing    Spring
No  special   invitations  or   priv;ito
This Is Our Only Invitation and It's
Addressed to You-
It  is  Necessary   that     lho   Dandruff
Germ Be Eradicated.
"Destroy the cause, you remove the
effect." Kill thc germ that causes
dandruff) foiling hair aud baldness,
you will have no more dandruff nnd
your hair must grow luxuriantly.
Herpicide net only contains the dandruff germ destroyer, hut it is also a
most delightful hair dressing for
regular toilet use. No other hair
preparation is on this scientific basiB
of destroying tho dnudruff germ, and
none other claims to bo, for the
simple reason that it is only recently
that a destroyer of the germ has beon
discovered���Newrbo's Herpicido, thc
only hair preparation thai actually
ItilU dandruff.
Will pay the highest cash prioe for al)
kinds ol seoond hand goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to 1
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperti,
cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Addrest
Silver King Mike, Box 800. Hal<
Street, Nelson, B. 0.
Real Estate, Fire and Life Insurtirri
Money to Loan.
Houses to Rent in all parts of tht
City. See list at entrance to our
offices, next to McArthur's Furniture store.
We believe this UK):; collection to bo
the choicest we've ever gathered, But
we're prejudiced���Perhaps it's not-*
Better leave that to your judgment-
This, however, may be 00111111111115'
olinmed, that it reflects the latest London and Parisian fashions as a polished
prism reflects light. It holda up tlio
mirror to the mnde.
Bigger stooks may be seen but none
choicer and what's more no fancy
About that second-hand article ��
yourd. You'll sell it if you'll ��"Tor
tlsejf trlTht Miner want column '


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