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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 16, 1901

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 <ir,rv b31����
Daily Edition No.  1193
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Saturday,   November io,  1901
Eleventh   Year
He Successfully Defends the
Championship Against
The   Akron   Giant   Fought
Well but Was Clearly
San Francisco, Nov 15.���Jim
Jeffries won the fight from (Jus
Knlilin tin' Akron giant at the Me-
chin ic's pavilion tonight, Ruhlin's
seconds throwing up tbe sponge nt
tlic end of the fifth round. There
were 10,000 spectators,
Long befoie the opening tho house
was sold and ticket speculators did a
rushing business on the onrh, selling
};i tickets for $5. It was the largest
house on recoid for any prize fight
10 San Francisco,
Ihe preliminary liouts were fast
anil inlt resting. The first between
Billy Condon and Mike Gorlfh at 140
pouoils was declared a diaw, after
fight haul fought rounds.
Spldor Woliih and Joe Fields then
entered the ring for an e'ght round go
at IIS pounds, Welch put Fields out
with a right hander to the jaw in
the fourth,
Jeffries enters the ring chewing gum
at9,31, He was attended by Billy
Delaney, Jack Jeffries, Bob Arm-
striiiig,nnd Vaneonit, He was immediately followed by Ruhlin, seconded
hy Denver Ed Martin, B'lly Madden,
Charlie doff, and Young fltbbs of
Cincinnati. C. Roberts will keep
lime for Jeff and Phil Ward for
Tim Mc'l.'irlli on behalf of Tom
Sharkey challenges the winner of the
Tiny will fight straight Marquis of
Qiiccnsbury rules and will break at
tlic nnlcr of the referee As they sit
in their corners Jeff looks considerably llin larger and harder.
Round 1. ���Ruhlin taps Jeffries on
ear with ielt;,Ieff makes Gus back
away and puts to neck. They clinch.
Jeff putH left to .stomach. Jeff
orou h'S, blocks a left swing. Ruhlin
ducks left swing and puts left on
monih. They exchange lefts on neek.
Ruhlin ducks a left swing Ruhlin
hacks away; they then exchange lefts
tu body. Ruhlin ducks another left
RWlng. Jeff hacks Ruhlin to ropes,
Puis light loft to face.  A tame round.
Round J.���Ruhlin finds right to
rihs, and they clinch, Jeff sends left
to neck. Ruhlin ducks left swing an '
they exchange rightB to body. Rubiin
Mods stiff left to stomach. Jeff,
crouches, rushes Rnhlin around the
r,11;r. Jeff keeps Ruhlin ducking his
left, Ruhlin sends stiff left and
rieht to face. Then they exchange
rights to body. Rualin jabs left to
month, jumps away from Jim's left
���cad, Ruhlm puts left to head gets
hind right on ribs. Jeff's mouth is
bleeding fiom a straight left jab.
''""" is siill short with left. At tho
Ml Rnhlin ja__ left to mouth and
Bets Jell's right on ribs.
Round :i.���Ruhlin jabs left tn
month. Jeff gets right home to ribs.
Thoy exchange lefts to face Ruhlin
Bends left to mouth but Jeff lands
horil left on head. Again Jeff chases
Ruhlin around ring ana tries Ictt.
Jeff rashes Ruhlin to ropes, puts left
to stomach. Ruhlin jabs left to chin.
''im misses left swing for head
Ruhlin smothers left for chin. Ruhlin
"'nils straight left to head twice.
Ru'ilin ducks a straight left and Jeff
P��*6 right to ribs at bell.
Round 4.-R���hlin tends sharp left
I'd' to mouth; they rush together.
''11 semis hard left to neek twice.
Rnlllin semis stiff left to face; in a
cl"ioh, Jeff crosses Rublin-'s neck with
Wt elbow and is hissed. They ex-
ohange letts to face. Jeff puts left to
nnlilin's eye, lands left and right on
"Oily and Ruhlin looks serious for a
moment. Ruhlin is fairly correct
""h his left but has not done much
damage, They cinob, as tbey break
""ay Jeff upper cuts with left and
"Kht. Jeff has Ruhlin groggy from
'Wit and left to jaw. Ruhlin went
to his knees from a light left to ne-k
""d takes eight seconds. As he comes
UP the bell rings.
Round 5.-Ruhltn gets straight left
to forehead. They Baste no time
"Staring, bnt fight all tbe time.   They
exchange lefts to body. Ruhlin sent
left to stomach but Jeff sends hard
left upper cut home to chest. Jeff
swings hard left, tu neck. Jeff has
Ruhlin very tired. Jeff sends lift to
jaw. Ruhlin is short with left to
face. Next lime be connects lightly.
Ruhlin is on his knees from a light
left swing to neek. Ho stays down
eight seconds. When be getR up Jeff
sends stiff left to the neck. Ruhlin
ducks two left, swings that were im
tended to put bim out of business
Hotb men are t'red and Ruhlin hang
ing on. Ruhlin's seconds throw up
j the spov.ge nt the end of the round.
Ruhlin was very groggy and a beaten
man. Jeff is warmly congratulated
nnd is not the least bit damaged herring the bruise on his mouth. Madden throw up the sponge, saying bis
man was fairly beuten and he wanted
to save him, Jeffries would have
surely have won in tbe next round.
Ruhlin did his best but was hopelessly
Cattleman's Invention Did   Not Work.
Second Trial Today.
Sandy Hook. N. Y.. Nov. 15.���Tbe
failure of Inventor Cattleman's theory
of his invention in the test made hero
todav, is ascribed bv lilm to nn imperfect detonation of the fuse in the
interior of the shell. The army
officers, however, claim that they
have found aonvinoing proof to the
contrary and say that everything in
connection with the test wns ns perfect as possible to make it. in accordance with the inventor's wishes The
board has deoided to give a second
trial, to which the inventer is entitled tomorrow morning.
A test made later in the day with
the regulation gun on tho duplicate
target was a complete success.
The gun used today wan n specially
nuilt piece of ordnance six inches
larger in bore and several feet longer
than any now in use being of Is
Inches bore and 44 feet in length.
The projectile was ai shell IH inches
in diameter anil six feet in length,
containing a charge of 5U0 pounds of
wet guncolton the whole, including
shell, weighing 1.850 pounds,
The claim of tho inventor wns that
with a charge of !ilo pounds of power
his shell or torpedo wonld disable any
battleship in exiftene at a distance
of 3..100 yards. A duplicate target on
which the regulation 12-inch breach
leading rillo with a 12-inch midvale
armor-piercing shell, loaded with the
government high explosive 'D" was
tested at 4 o'clock. Tbe projectile
pierced the II -inch Krupp plate. It
made a perfectly clean entrance and
exploded after passing through the
plate.making a most deplorable wreck
of the interior. A report of the final
result will be given tomorrow.
London, Nov. 10.��� The tale of
wrecks due to the recent gale is not
yet complete. It bus been ascertained
that as many as four more vessels
foundered at the mouth of tho Tync
during the storm on Wednesday night
with all hands, according to the evidence of tbo coast guards, and the
wreckage washed up. It is feared
also that a small steamer from Ayr to
Dundalk, Ireland, bas been lost with
eight hands. The body of the eapain
has been washed ashore at Wioklow.
The Hoods caused a big bogslide near
fjiseondor, County Clare. Muoh damage was duoe and several farmers
were ruined.
Paris. Nov. IB.���La Liberto today
asserts tbat ?,000,000 francs worth of
deteriorated American tinned food
have been discovered among the military store at Verdun. (len. Andre,
the minister of war, has ordered all
tinned food among the army stores
whether French or American, to be
sold, on the ground that it would be
better to have no store at all than to
depend upon canned provision which
would be found to be bad at the outbreak of war.
A District Company Wastes)Wants  Prior and Drury to
Ammunition and Joins
Yeomanry  Again   Surprised
and  Suffer Several
Mlddleburg, Cape Colony, Oct. ,15.���
(Friday)-Ono hundred and eighty
mounted troops, composed largely of
Dutchmen, with their arms and horses
surrendered to Sniutz commando
October 3rd. Tbis district troops fired
most of their ammunition at long
rarge and then refused to tight further. Capt. Thornton, their commander, believes their surrender to
have been prearranged.
London, Nov. 18, ��� A despatch from
Lord Kitchener, dated from Pretoria
today says that a strong patrol of
Yeomanry while rceonuntteritig on
November 13th at Brakspruit near
ZeeruBt, in the Transvaal, about 140
miles   west   of   Pretoria, as   sur
rounded bv 300 Iloers and lost six men
killed and Hi wounded. Some of tbe
troopers were captured and subsequently released. The rear guard of
Col. Hyng's column wiis attacked near
Heilbron, Orange River Colony. Nov.
14, by 400 Doers,said to be under command of Oencral Dewet. After two
hours lihgting the Iloers retired leaving eight dead on the field. Of (Jot.
Hyng's column, Lieut. Mcnugb and
ore man were killed while three
officers and nine men   were wounded
London, Nov. In.���Two of Lord
Kitchener's monthly reviews dated
August 8 and September 8, were pnb-
lishetd in the Gazette this afternoon.
They are chiefly summaries of wide,
sweeping movements throughout all
pans of the disputed territory with
the results, casualties and prisoners
captured, as previously reported. An
astonishing number of horses were
captured, those in August alone num-
being 13,570. About 20 per cent of
these are fit for remounts, and others
are brood mares and foals. Though
auuiitting the disappointing results of
some of the operations,Lord Kitchener
comments on them as follows: So
long as this rate of progress can be
maintained, there can be little doubt
of its ultimate effect on the enemy to
whom no other form of agreement
seems to appeal. The reports further
say that tbe system of chains of blockhouses at intervals of a mile and also
along the railways was being extended. Lord Kitchener says: The influence of the Ecer leaders and their
organized system of intimidation still
kept in tbe field a large number of
burghers who, if left to themselves,
would be ready to surrender. The
writer favorably mentions several
hundred officers, non-commissioned
officers, and men.
..iiiiiilon, Nov. 15.- A leading mim
ber of the Liberal Imperialistic
League, says that Lord Kosebery's reappearance in politics was instigated
in ly King Edward, who thinks the
cabinet needs strong opposition as n
stimulus. Rosebeiy is expected to
give decided expression   of opposition
to Mr.   Chamberlain's extermination
policy in South Africa and to formulate a new policy for the sell lenient
of the troubles there.
L. W, Kribbs tbe contractor, leaves
this morning with liH family for the
new town of Frank. Mr. Kribbs will,
in company with Messrs. Manuel and
Clayton, go into the hotel business
there. They have put up a building
GOxfiO feet, three stories in height
which will be known as the Frank
hotel, the largest in the place. Mr.
Kribbs reports business brisk ut
Frank; the mines are being rapidly
developed and already about 400 tons
per day is boing taken out. The
whole output is being taken by the
C. P. B.
Mania, Nov, 15.���The chamber of
commerce bas cabled to President
Koosevelt urging that the Pacific
cable bo aid and snying that the main
object would be an immense increase
of the rubber industry of the Philippines estimated at If 15,000,000 and also
economy and facilitation of  business.
Paris, Nov. 15.���The president of
the Compagnie Generate de Traction
professes to know nothing of the story
published in tbe United States that a
group of American capitalists, headed
by John D. Rockefeller and others
bad practicnlly secured control of his
Entery   His
Prlor  Himself Ambitious to
Guide Provincial Destinies.
Victoria, Nov 16.���During the
absence of Ceo. McL. Drown and Jos.
Martin from the capital, the premier
is getting restive and manifesting a
disposition to fill up bis cabinet although he denies that the lieutenant-
governor has directed bim to do so.
Yesterday overtures were made to
some public men In the city of the
opposing political complexion with a
view to filling up the vacancies.
These were Col. Prior and R. L.
Diury, tho defeated Liberal candidate
in last Dominion general elections.
Tne latter wns offered the post of
provincial secretary. Although be
declines to discuss the mailer, Prior,
it is understood told, Dunsmuir in reply to his represents ions that it was
impossible for one of the government's supporters to cHrry the city.
It is believed here, and with good
grounds, that Col. Prior is anxious to
take over the provincial premiership,
although be knows that he could   not
[.elected as a supporter of the Dins-
miair government, even if so disposed.
II is even stated that the suggestion
was made to Dunsmuir that he drop
out, nominating Col. Prior to the
lieutenant-governnr, but Dunsmuir
wouldn't listen to the proposition.
Prior agrees that in the evebt?0f forming the cabinet, to make it a nonpartisan one and thus relieved of the
Dunsmuir incubus be believes there is
little djubt but that the new cabinet
could carry the oity. The examination
of Prior and Earle under the election
petition is proceeding today before
tne registrar, preliminary to the trial
which is sot for November 2!lth.
The Yiaka mineral claim on Mount
Richards near the Osborne Ray site of
the new smelter, wbb bonded vestcr-
day for (85,000 to Tacoraa parties who
agree to expend $10,500 in development.
A   Ledge   Running Upwards of 81,000
to the Ton.
Vanoouver, Nov.15.���Word has been
received here from Atlin that the
Sunrise Hydraulic company while
engaged in cutting the bed rock on a
claim, Btruck some marvelously rich
quart, with gold sticking out in little
specks all over it. The find, of
course, has caused a great deal of
excitement, but the company arc very
reticent as to the possibilities of tne
find. They say that until they have
further proved the claim tbey will
give no detailed information beyond
the fact tbat they have been packing
ore to the old Featherstone mills at
great expense, and it has averaged on
the plates $180 to the ton. As tbe
mill is not effectively recovering the
gold, this only represents about one-
tifth of the gold iu the quart, as has
been ascertained by a careful assay of
the tailings. The vein can be traced
for one mile but little is known ��� s to
the extent of the marvelously rich
ore. Rumors are rife as ta the
property. One report is to the effect
that tho ore runs from $1,0011 to $5,00(1
a ton. It is nt least true, as the company admits it, that the walls assay
$iit) to the ton. The Sunrise company
has not been able to work their
hydraulic claim since the government
ordered them to discontinue using
water through their 12 mile ditch,
and it was while prospecting that the
quartz was struck.
Well known resident, was found banging 111 a barn on a deserted farm this
afternoon in a state of decomposition.
Melancholia caused by excessive
drinking, is supposed to be the cause
of the suicide.
Iu the case of N. Fredico, this even-
ing Magistrate Yarwood found the i Socialist Wiltshire to Reach
prisoner who was  arrested in   the act,
of   rifling a store not   guilty.     There!
is ouoiiderablo Indignation  in   town
Representations will  likely be  raadi
to the attorney-general,
Rossland, Nov. 15. ���Miners' Union
hall was crowded to the doors last
night at a meeting at which a municipal league was organized. A platform was drawn up and committees
appointed to carry on an active campaign tor the municipal elections.
Tho members of the committee are all
strong union men or union sym-
Americans Through
Interesting Judgment. -Exhibition   Deficit-Smallpox in St. John.
Victoria Nov. IB.���Flank Nichols
was committed for trial today on the
charge of murdering Tom Netes whom
he stabbed to death a week ago. A
plea of self defense is being urged.
Toronto, Nov.15. ���II. Oaylord Wiltshire,the American millionaire socialist, is here for I lie purpose of arrang
i Ing for the pulbiciition of his paper
called the Crusade in Canada. He has
been refused the privilege of the
United States 'malls and Wiltshire
asks to get buck through tne medium
of Hie mailing courtesies existing between two countries.
Copper���London,��05, i7s. d.Oup-s.
lid. ;   spot   ��05,   futures;   New   York
$10.85 to $17 for lake, S10..'(7J.; to $10.
u'i>_  for casting.
Lead���London, fill. 3s.9d New Yoik
Silver��� London,HO 5-10d, ; New   Yolk
Pckin, Nov. 15.���The Chinese court
has arrived at Ka Fong Fu. capital of
No Han, having left the people along
its route of march half ruined by the
contributions levied for entertainment, repairing of loads and
London, Nov. 15.-The Times says:
Lord Salisbury must know that Great
Britain went to war with South
Africa very imperfectly equipped with
knowledge. Urgent representations of
many who knew the country and the
Uoer people were put aside as not
worth listening to by official advisers,
who subsequently found they bad
everything to learn. When the
country is spending a million and a
half pounds weekly it must really be
pardoned if it sometimes asks whether
there has been slackness in the discharge of duty. Tbo Tunes says the
nation should be told exactly what
the   rate   ot progress in South Africa
Fort Worth, Tox. Nov. 15.���At the
W. C. T. U. convention today, the
corresponding secietary's roport
showed that literature to the amount
of 5,o00,00o pages had been distributed
this year and that the correspondence
had included Cuba, Porto Rico,
Mexico, Hawuii. Nineteen states
have received assistance from the
Francis Williard fund. The treasurer's report shows the expenses to be
S3,000 less than ton years ago while
the results obtained aro incomparably
greater. Receipts for the year 1000
were $24,013 with expenses $38.1)10.
Toronto, Nov. 15.���The Toronto exhibition receipts fell off $23,035 this
year, on account of bad weather, the
Pan-American and the Royal visit.
The company is asking the city for a
grunt of $11.0110 to square accounts.
Toronto, Nov. 15. ��� An interesting
judgment was given this morning by
tbe appeal court. P. J Mcllngli was
killed on the Grand Trunk. His
mother sued for damages hut died
while the kirt was ponding. A
brother of MoHngh continued the
suit as the mother's heir. The lower
conrt decided that the brother could
not inherit ins mother's claim, as the
benefit is to be gained bv the mother
was personal. The appeal court sustained   the decision.
Sl. John, N. B., Nov. 15.���Six
deaths from smallpox occurred here
today; four new cases are reported.
New York, Nov. 15. ���S. S, Tcutonio
docked today at li a. m.
Montreal, Nov, 15.���Beaver line.
S. S. Lake Ontario, passed South
Point, inward at H.iiO a. m.
He Was Only   Joshing When   He Said
He Would.
Nanaimo, Nov. 15.���Dr. Walkem,
eX-M. P. P., denies that there is any
truth in the statement published in
tne Vancouver World that he intended
lo run in South Nanaimo. He says
he was joshing the reporter.
The   body  uf   John   Rosebloom,   a
Toronto. Nov. 15.���The reciprocal
treaties between the United States
and Canada are to be made public.
The publication will also include' the
pending treaties which are still un
ratified. These treaties were never
published and only a recent act allows
the injunction of secrecy to be
Madrid, Nov. 15. ���It Is expected
that lienenil Weyler, minister ot war,
will temporarily replace Senor Sa-
gasta should the tatter's illness continue, lt is further said that the
Duke of Verngua, the minist��r of
marine, will resign if the chamber of
deputies refuses a credit of 13.O0o.ii00
pesos for the new warships now under
Postoffico Loses 9820 and Half llreeds
Have Pockets Picked.
Edmonton, N. W. T., Nov. 15.���
Yesterday morning it was discovered
that the pi steffice at Strathcona,
across the river from here bad been
entered by thieves dui ing the night
and that between $800 and $1,000 had
been stolen. There is no safe in the
office and the money was kept in a
drawer. Tlio Mounted Police have
the case in hand,but can find no elue.
This is the first robbery of the kind
that has occurred In the district. lt
had been suspected tl at there were
thieves here as a half breed lost $450
tho other day, after coming from the
scrip Commission, Bnd a half-breed
woman lost $100. It is believed their
pockets were   picked.
New York, Nov. 15.���Defalcations
amounting to $1,0,000 have been discovered in the accounts of the Williamsburg Savings' Hank, an institution conducted at Williamsburg in the
suburbs of Hrooklyn. Oencral V.
Meserole, president of the bunk, is
authority for the statement that tho
parties implicated in the affair arc
Hurry E. Corbett, former paying
teller of the bank, who died November 2nd, and George Zcclinliefer a
relieving teller,who it is alleged gave
the first Information leading to the
discovery. The bank is full protected
by the bonds of both Corbett and
Kansas City, Nov.  15.���A lire wh'eh
broke   out in the canning building of
A remarkable strike of ore is re-
poitcd from tbe Wonderful near Sandon. A ledge has been located on the
'surface carrying galena and carbonates. The oBr of ore shipped some
time ago to the Tiall smeller returned
over 1,000 ounces in silver.
Wiobita, Kas., Nov. 15.���The busi-
tho Oudaby Packing company's evtnli- ' ness portion of Newkiik, the county
lishment today destroyed that build- scat of Tay county, was destroyed by
Ing wilh a large slock of canned tire today. f.iss, $00,000. Nowklrk
nunts. The loss Is estimated at $150,-jh��S no fire protection. Fire waa
000 The Ire was net under eontrvl caused liy the explosion of gasoline,
foi three hours. iThe loss is only partie.illy Insured. Nelson  Daily Miner,   Saturday.   Novfmuer 16, 1901
The Nelson Miner
Publl hml   Kvt'iy   Mornlna;   Kioept   Monday
O.illy por month, hy carrier -������    66c
h.vily. por month, by mall     W^
I);iUy, por year, hy carrier. t 1 00
I>��Uy, por yew, by mail    6 00
Daily, por y^ar foreign    9 00
Wookly.per half year 11 26
A'ookly, por yoar    2 00
'Vttolily, por yoar, foreign    3 00
U'lbHorlptlonH invariably tn advanoe,
115 Fleet Street, K. C.
Central   Press AKonoy,  Ltd., Special Agent*
Aloxnndor&ro..52I FlrHt Avonno, Spokane
WaHii., kf��3p thiH jiaper on Hie, and an' our
m: honwd tgftnti for advorliHoniuntH and nub-
The above Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will convict persons of stealing The Miner lrom
our subscriber's doors.
The resignation of Bernard Macdonald from tho poet cf general manager
was ezpeeted in London, as a logical
outcome of the situation. Mr. Macdonald had for many years been the
close friend of Whitaker Wright.
When they were young men they
worked together in Colorado and have
kept up their friendship over since.
It was on Mr. Macdonald's report tbat
Mr. Wright consented to the purchase
of the Le Roi for about $3,500,000.
It was Mr. Wright who named Mr.
Macdonald for general manager of the
Le Roi and the other British Ameir-a
Corporation properties in the Rossland
camp. It is alleged that Henry
Uratnobei some time since sought Mr.
Miieiliinnld and offered him a large
sum of money to operate the Le Roi
mine so that it would not pay, to
the end that the stock might be beared
in London. It is further aleged that
Mr. Hratnober was acting in the 111 ���
terests of the snydicate which has
since secured control of the Le Roi.
Mr. Macdonad very promptly and
most properly informed Mr. Wiight of
the alleged attempt at bribery. Afterwards the syndicatce which is behind
Mr. Bratnobcr secured the control and
as it is not in love with Mr. Wright
or any of his friends it was a logical
outcome of the situation that Mr.
Macdona?d would ultimately be removed from the place of manager of
the Le Rio and a man who is
friendly to the syndicate's interests
installed in the place. This, we believe, is the real reason for the resignation of Mr. Macdonald. No charges
could successfully be made against his
competency, as he is one of the best
of mine managers. It is true that he
is inclined to be somwebat belligerent, which is evidenced by his trouble
with the unions at Northport and at
Rossland, but this was not the cause
of his resignation.
That the charge which Mr. Macdonald made against Mr. Hratnober had
considerable to do with his resignation is borne out by the following
which is taken from the Colonial
(ioldfields (lazette of London, of tbe
Issue of November 2nd :
"No surprise will be caused by the
announcement that Mr. Bernard Macdonald has resigned his post as general manager of the Le Roi mine. We
have pointed out more than once thut
if the directors of the Le Roi company
declined to take cognisance of the
very grave chaiges made by Mr. Macdonald against Mr. Henry Bratnobcr
no course but resignation was open
to the general manager of the mine.
That course has now been taken, and
Mr. Freuhevillo cables from Rossland
that he has succeeded in appointing a
trustworthy manager in Mr. Macdon-
ald's place. The manager of the
Northport Smelting works has also
resigned. With regain to Mr. Macdonald' s resignation it is to be hoped
that shareholders will be furnished
with a full statement of the reasons
which induced the late general man-
nger to sever hiB connection with the
company. Admittedly Mr. Macdonald
was an able mining man, and developed the great Lo Rot mine both
vigorously and scientifically. In
other respects his resignation is by
some considered unfortunate, as he
represented the Bank of Montreal,
which institution was always willing
tn advance money against ore shipments.
ing miners of this province, for at
least a psrt of the product of Slocan
and East Kootenay. This may be
taken with a grain uf salt as it is
probably made for the purpose of
forcing the mine owners of the Coucr
d'Alene aud other lead producing
sections to sign the proposed five
years' contracts. There is however, a
bare possibility that out of the disagreement which has arisen there
may come some little advantage *.o the
silver lead miners of   Slocan, Lardeau
and East Kootenay.
In the meantime it in Htated that
the prospects of the erection of the
lead refinery here are much blighter
than they were a few weeks since.
The refinery would lie of mine benefit
to the silver-lead producers than even
to havo tlic lead trust come in and
purchase our ores. The rctincry would
at once make lead for home consumption and for export to foreign markets. It would render the illver-lead
miners Independent nt the lead trust.
Then if the trust wanted lead from
llritish Columbia the would have to
pay for it and at the figures ruling
here aud not at such a price as they
might be disposed to offer for it.
Every effort should, therefore, be
made to forward the erection of the
factory as it will make the British
Columbia lead producers entirely independent of the lead trust.
There is a hopeful tone to the address of President Olonston of the
Canadian Bankes' association delivered at the annul meeting held in Montreal on Thursday. His review of the
business situation was optimistic as
he declared that every standard of increasing commercial prosperity indicated that business wan goon and that
he thuug'nt it would continue so for
somo tine to come. The immense
wheat crop of Manitoba, the increasing yield of tho mines, the growth of
the manfactunng industries, the
growing Oriental trade and ether
causes have brought universal prosperity to Canada and it is reflected in
the speech of President Clouston.
Hankers keep in closer touch with
every interest than any other class
and in their roviews of business conditions tbey are prone to be pessimistic, but Mr. Clouston finds conditions
to be such as to warrant him in taking an optimistic view of affairs.
There is one fly in the bankers'
ointment, however, nnd Oeneral Manager Farewell of the Eastern Townships bank, gave voioe to the grievance. It seems that the banks have
an agreement that not more than 3
percent t-hall be paid for interest on
deposits. Some of the bankers as an
inducement to secure deposits have
been paying the interest half yearly
whicb brought the interest up to
more than 3 per cent. The matter of
disciplining the offending bankers
was referred to a committee which
will, doubtless, ban) them over the
coals for their offcndings.
A disagreement bus arisen between
the lead miners of the United States
nnd the American Smelting ,fc Refining company, commonly known aa tho
lead trust. The contrails expire on
January 1st and the trust desires a
renewal fnr a term ol live years. The
mire owners do not like tho terms
held out to them nnd they may refuse
to sign the Contracts and lt is wilhin
the range of possibilities that they
may form a combine and smelt their
own ores. The lead trust, however,
is making threats of resuming business relations with tbe   lead   produc-
The completion of the railroad connecting the coasts of Russia marks an
important era in the progress of that
nation. It will be to Russia what the
completion of the Canadian _I'aoific
was to Canada, or the first transcontinental line, the Central Pacific and
Union Pacific and connecting lines
was to the United States. In both
Canada and the United States the
completion of the transcontinental
highways wcro followed by marked
material development, which is still
being felt, These roads brought immense areas of virgin country into
use and prosperous cities and eommvr-
nities were built up along them. The
same results will follow in Russia
along its transcontinental line. This
outlet which the Russians now have
on the Pacific, too,,cannot fail to
have a great effect on the commerce
of the I'aci.io and llritish Columba is
in a position to secure a considerable
share of this. There are many articles of Canadian growth and make
that the Russians will want and tney
have products which are needed here.
The outlook, therefore is that an important trade can be built uo between
the two countries. Mr. Whyte of the
Canadian I'acilio railway visited
Siberia recently for tho purpose of
asevtuining tho possibilitiess in the
way of trado between Canada and
Siberia and the report was so favorable that it was nnnouned that the
company intended to put on a line of
steamers, to ply between British
Columbia and Sibeiia.
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The Canadian Bank of Commerce
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The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up Capital,  88,600,000;   Reserve   Fund,   J2,000,000j
 .B Over 805,000,000.
B. B. WALKER, Meneral Manager
V.VJIll.,1,       VU,U<ni,UVU|        AX,.',..* ...        ........       .
Aggregate  Resources Over 805,000,(100.
HON, GEO. A. CI0X, President       "   '    ����,���,,,,  _
London Oflice: 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
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And 08 branches lu Canada and tho drilled Statos, Including i
Atlin GWIIHWOOD Nhxbon Sandon
Ckanbkook        Kamlooi'S Nkw Wksthinbtkr   Vanciiuvkr
Fbknik: Nanaimo Rossland VTOrOBU
YUKON HISTIUCT-Dawbon anu Wiiitk Honstt.
UNITED STATUS���Nkw Yokk, San Kkancisoo, Skattuc, Pout-land, Skauwav,
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To my astonishment the trial aoted like a
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Rev, Dr. Morris Wcchsler,
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Gentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
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Yours respectfully, O. D. PHELPS, M. D.
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Home address, '��iT> RivLngton street, S. RAPHAEL,
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D��. not delay.   AVrile at once, addressing DR   TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
OO., 70 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager,
The new CobI City is owned by the Similkameen Valley Coal Compnny,
Limited; who have placed ono thousand lots on the market at Ihe following
prices: from $50 to $225, one fourth cash, bnlnnce tbrte, six aud nine nionlim,
without interest.
There is also a small block of the firsl ono hundred thousand shares remain'
to be sold at 35c, 5c. a share down, balnnce in six monthly payments, Whto
these are sold the shares will be advanced to $1 encb by the Company.
The Company's land, including the townsite of Ashnoln, is underlaid with at
least three fine seams of coking, steam and furnace coal. The Oumiuiny aim
own the water rights and nt !<>ast V5,000,000 feet of tine timber. All the above
is owned by the one Compauy, and every shareholder will participate in tbe
profits aoorniug from the enle of any or the above mentioned property.
A full force of men are now nt work nud will be kept on continually during
the year.    For further information apply to.
R. J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson, B- C
Or Vedder & Ounningam, Greenwood, B. O.; J. E. Olinroh, Viotorin, B. C. I W
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Kootenay Railway and Nav.
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SliorliiHl anil quickest rout* to ihu cast and ��]'
puintH on J10 O. H. & N. nnd Northorn 11 ���
clBo Railways In Washington, Oregon nmi
Sonthorn States. .
Time Card Effective August 1.1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ey-
S:30 a. to. Lv.
10:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p.m
Lv. uM V- "���
Be  sure and get the gennine   BENNETT'S OOTTA PERCHA FUSE.not
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Connooting at Five Mile Point with Nelson
&, Fort ^hoppard Railway both to ana '"""
HosHiand, oto
Tickets sold to all parts In United States nnil
Canuda via Groat Northorn and O. ft * "'
Co.'h linen. ,      _,. ���il
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linos will bofurniHlicd ou application.
For further particulars call on or addrorf
ROBERT IRVINli        ��� n
Q. K Tackaburt Airent. Nolnon B.".
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-, Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada. - Six years experience in B. t-
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelsoi.BC. Nelson   Daily  Miner, Saturday November 16, 1901
l    MLNING NEWS.     J
The Slocan Drill says that work is
lu  ,.clone on the   North HUrgroon
hid. is owned bv Frank Provost
, d1 W. P. UoBols. This group ad-
""ins tlic Arlington.
eighteen   '���";,,eB ��'   olean orc  WBB
' u   in the  lower  tunnel   of   the
WMlnngtOU  early this week, says the
1,   gtroak     The tunnel was bteted In
*.������� ��< ��**ana n,n ���" r0^1
J,,,,,,,, feet nearly   parallel   io  the
ledlfe and then a crosscut was made
tie right The strike was made by
orOMOUttlng to the left and at a time
_ben the search wns considered al-
nost hopeless. John L. Hetallaek has
_,���,������ ���nrt lease on tbe Washington,
_���. ���i,o on the Blooan Boy which is
Ihu ml join 1 "Lr property.
p, ,1. Kcogan nnil D. MoPhall, who
.Igoo.erod a three foot head of black
nulphurets assaying BOB 0t8��� slUer,
toil who failed to stnke tho pruspoot
,vIi,mi disoovered, arc now oonsuler-
tlliy ohagrlned over tbeir experience,
gays Ihe Knslo Kootoiiain. It ap-
pears that when tbey went to stake
the property a f��w ''"J"* nB��' tlR'v
wcro met by J. M. Ollles, whom tbey
liml left in Kaslo and who bad covered
every font of vacant ground Willi
locations tor himself and partners.
Il is a dry ore proposition and is
easily worked.
S. VV. Hall, manager of Ihe Cnscnile
ami Honanza mines, on St. Thomas
mountain, yesterday made arrange.
meats with the 0. P. It. for the construction of n siding fur the mlnej at
(Hailstone. It is expected that it will
ba completed by flewmbor lBt. when
���hlpmenta from those two mines will
begin, They are ready to send out
oro now lint to do so wonld necessitate an additional handling of it, so
that will not be done. A small nnan-
lity will be sent to the Hall Mines
smelter for analysis with the possibility that some uf the ore will subsequently lie sent there for treatment.
the entire width of the shaft Icing in
copper and galena ore, with copper
predominating. This group is owned
by K. Lade, i). English, and C. P.
Hill. Mr. Hill slated that he had
paid more to the govern ment olllee In
connection wilh his mining interests
this year thau all the rest of the owners in the tioat lliver district put
TO �� I IKK   A <.'OI.lt IN' 01* II4V.
Tako Laxative PromoQuInlno Tablots. A'l
nruaglnta refund tho money If It fails to ouro.
E. VT. Grove's signature son each box, lie
Extensive additions arc being made
to the plant of Ihe Crow's Nest Coal
company at fernie. Last year an air
compressor was put in capable of
operating ten conl cutting machines,
ami ordors have been placed for three
others of equal capacity. One of these
is on tho way out and the two others
are building at Montrea'. Eaoh of
theso machines is capable of compressing 1,4(111 cubic feet of air per minute
anil when completed the incohanical
capacity of the mines will be folly
three times what it is now. Besides
the compressors the oompany is putting in two 40 11. p. engines and two
75 h. p. hoisting engines. All this
new plant is being supplied by the
James Cooper Manufacturing company, of Montreal, and will be installed by tho New Year.
Editor Miner,���There aro some
matters upon which I would like to
lie enlightened before I feel that I am
competent to nasi an intelligent vote
upon the by-law now before the elec
tors, lt Is, of course, intended that
eventually tbo oily will be in position
to furnish electric power to those who
desire it to operate inaiiiiirery with.
Now, if I purchase a motor of the
design suit utile to he used with the
power supplied from the West Kootenay Power company Is that motor
going to be adapted for the use with
power supplied by the city when it is
ready ti furnish power? Will a new
converter bo needed, or will alternations be required on the one that
would now have to nu put in before it
will work setiafaotorily? The city, as
I nnderstiiiul it, has nn alternating
system of distribution of energy,
while that of the power compauy is
tbo three-phase system.
Thon again, the greater part of the
incandescent lumps that have been
kept in stock by the city are constructed for a current of 101 volts,
while the power now being supplied
for the oireuit connected with the
Power compnny is delivered nt a voltage of 11(1. In consequence the lights
are a little stronger than the standard
but the lumps burn out sooner.
It is most likely chat should the
city instill a plant at a distance from
the city of ten or morn miles thai the
thrce-plinse system would be used,
and then again, do all three phase
machines produce the same current?
I would like to bave these matters
clear In my mind before voting in
favor of the by law and I would like
to bnve a clear enunciation of the intention of tile oity ns to its future intentions as to the kind and extent of
the betterments it will make.
A. F.
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to do nil my housework." It overcomes Constipation, improves Appetite, givos perfect health. Only 5()e at
Canada Drug & Hook Oo.
The  llritish
November   2nd
Columbia Record of
has the following to
say of the Athabasca: A special meeting of the shareholders in the Athabasca Hold Mining oompany was held
on Tuesday to disouss with the shareholders' committee which was appointed at a general meeting of the
company in August last, the best steps
to be taken to conserve their interacts.
After the variouB points at issue had
been clearly set forth by the chairman
of Iho committee, and thoroughly
discussed, it was decided that tbe
Canadian shareholders should be invited to co-opcrnto with their English
confides in agreeing to an assessment
of 4s. per share, by which means
suflicicnt capital would be raised, not
only to pay off all the present indebtedness of the company, but also to
prnviilo the requisite funds to oan-
tinue the working of its properties,
railing such eo-operation from Canada, it is probable that the Engislh
sluirehnlders will assent to tho assessment of 4b. per share, which would
enable them to free the company from
its present indebtedness, and to retain
the properties until the iwlning outlook improves.
C. P. Hill arrived from Kitchener
yesterday, un_ leaves for Spokane
"lis morning. Ho states that work
has been closed down entirely on tho
irnu properties, there now being four
feet of snow around the workings. A
force, of men is at present employed
"i putting In a new bridge across
Uoat river on the trail from Kitchener
tu the properties, and when this is
completed nothing more will he done
for the season.
Ihe Morning Star groun ,of claims,
tbo property of Messrs. j. and O.
Bershcroft, w. Graham, and J. Bor-
fc*oss, was sold recently to a company
'rom London, Ontaio, for a considerable sum, a cash payment of 83.000
""���ing made last week. On this property here Is a fonr foot ledge of copper
<"'<���. and although little work has been
done on the claims as yet the showing
W��e is said to be remarkably good.
Another group in the vicinity of the
Hon property is the Whirlwind.which
lias teen worked for Mie last three
m��nths, and on whioh a shaft has
been sunk on the lead   for   fifty  feet
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attontion-   Mall orders solicited.
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COGNAC is mellowed by its great
ago, and is recommended to Con-
noiseurs, and for medicinal purposes.
Agency for full stock at Victoria
for '
Edinburgh, the largest holders in
tbo world of Hcotcb Whiskies.
Whisky is one of the leaders.���
Try it.'	
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H. & M. BIRD
Money to Lonn On Improved  Seal Entitle
IhI Morlgase* at X per cent.
f HMl Four roomed houso and cellar
and Improved lot orr Mill Btreet,
planted witb fruit trees
$ KM)'House and lot on Obsorvatory
street, we1* of Joseph ire, cash
$.3!i()   ba'.ance easy terms
!f:;s00 Eight room houso and two oorner lots, plumbing complete,electric light, $(100 cisb, S'.iOu in IS
months and assume If 1300 loan
fid Seven room bouse, modern improvements, corner Stanley Streot
and Mines Road
$20 Six room house, corner of Observatory and Stanley Streets
|18 Cottage cor Ward and Gore streets
V'.Ti Furnished house on Carbonute St
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
__��� !>��� CxlvA. JL   Representative
P. O. Box 521
Kootenay Street, Next Oddfellows' Ha
P. O. Box 633.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R. offices.
Advortlsomonts lnnortod niidor ml ��� hood at
the nile of ono omit, a word pur lunorMon. No
advortlnomont taken for Iohh than '25 eontn.
HJIt,untlon Watilod advorLlnomciitti lnnortod
l lire,; tilllCH froo ot ohlll'Kn.
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rooms and BOARD.���Every convenience;   smith east  corner of   Carbonate and .In' epliino street.
rooms TO RENT.���K, \V. c. Block-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
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or tbree en tu.to facing Baiter st.
Furnisbe-- or unfurnished. Mrs. 1<\
J. Squ.re, Room 11,  K.    W. 0.  lllock.
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YOUNG Man wants   situation,   otlice
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The Rossland of the Lardeau
Full particulars of
Wtndorrnoro Mlnee.   CorresnondonoeSollolli
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wanted���Orders for help receive
prompt attention. 1!. I'uril.v, Employment agent. Plioue -14. V O. llox,
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's       Nest
Southern   Ry,   ' Good   wages,   long-
job   Headquarters, Elko,    II.   0.     A.
Guthrie Sc Go.
NELSON Employment Agency,  linker
street,    l'liono 27H.   ,1. II. Love.
WANTED���Cook,   and   Cook,  Dish
washer,  Laundress
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(lonnlft; poKsflsHiun De. 1st.
7-room     lioude,      modern    conviMii-
eiice. $22.
Groom      houfle,    modern     conveniences, 818.80.
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n-room hoase, Carbonate at.   81.000,
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i A. MucUumild)���ArcluluulH and HUpuriu
LondentS, Ifrukuu Hill Miui'k, cm n,'i luiu'i and
Ward BtnetA, NeuOQ
A MACDONALD & Co.-Cornor Fron
��� and Hall cilrootM���Wholuuulu grocur
und jobborn In blankuU, kIovuh, milt*, uuuIh
rubbers, maoktnawa and miners' Bundrlos*
i>   BURKS & Co.-Bakor titroot, Nelson-
���   VVIiuluttalu dualui-H in frutih a d curud
muaU.   Ould UloraKu*
Balrer Street, Nelson��� Wholesale dot*
era In fresb and cured meats,
J ril reel, NoIhuh ��� VVliulcr-iilt: dualaru in
liardwaru, udnurri' ��� upplio, HporLin_{ ttoodd
Vf'LACHLAN BROS, (HucocsriorH Lo Van
lu, couvor Hardware Co, Ltd.) HakorStroot.
NelBOu��� vviioioMuio doalors in hardware and
mining BuppUes, plumbers' and Unstnithe1 sup
Nklson hardware oo.- wholesale
paiulH, oil. and Kh,sh; uiociiauicH'  tooln
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works] ttjmamite
rpURNKR, BKKTON 8c Co.-Cornor Vernon
X and Josephine UlrootH, Nelnon���Whole
Halo doalurt* tn liquorn, ci_.arH, and dry .{oodti
AKunth? for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
und CulKary llruwinK Co of Cul^ury.
UD80W8 HAY Oo.���Wholesale grocorlo.
aud liquorHolo., liakor Huuot,, NoIhuh.
Olllco corner Hull aud Krunt Hlrcets
Nelnon���Lumber, coilinu, iliinrini:, and uvury
LhiuK In wood for huildiiiK purpoHUK. Out oui
prtoes.  Oorrospondonoe solicited.
You can put in your coal and then light the fire
from the top. It has a large ash pan so the ashes
can be removed without trouble. It has a draw
grate so the clinkers will go down in the ash pan.
Ask for the
Ox Air Blast
Porto RiooLumber Co.,
[load omcn-Hcndrvx and Vernon Ht., Nelwi
stamped on every
garment, insures
Hyou genuine
the most perfect, most healthful,
1   most  delightfully comfortable
underwear made.   Endorsed
by physicians.
For Men. Women nnd
-���������� Children, ���m-
S^vlinrntulartr. DryOoodfU
^    HioroB keep full   j*M
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral ,tlo��i���� and mines suiveyed.
Will pay the highest oash price for all
kiuilH oi BiKionil hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything (rom an anchor to a
noedle. tforniture, Btoves, oarpertn,
ooking uientiilH, bought in hiiuiiiilinld
,|nantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Addreet
Silver King Mike, Box 300. Hal!
Street, Nelson,  IS. C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
* ���   unit Lwinurf.
('<).���Dealer. In oro nooks
Always a larire Block  nn
li.inil. 'I'i'li'iiliiiiii' l\\,\.   Hooill II, Iv.-W.-U Hlock
Dominion and
Land Sur/eyor.
j6g NELSON   B C
!        & 00.
|   Cigars...
I Phone 117
****** *���������*���* **��������������������� ***���+*+
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVE3,  Manager.
K.-W.-C Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Hail Catarrh so badly thnt for nioiitriRi pro-
violin to ����lni? JanancHi) Catarrh Cure^ he
could not briiath throunh Ills nostrils.  Jivp-
alipso Cutarrli Cure cured.
Mr. John MoKonsslo, Kl_in. N. S   ?>*"?"���-
"I feel it a duty I owe you ic toll what Japanese C�� tar rh Cure has done for M>.^Fpr some
yrars I havo beon a grg I- sufferer from catarrh
In its worst form, and for somo months 1 ronW
no- breiithothrough ray,nostrils,  blnoo coiii-
plctlngthotrMtmont. with uiipiinosc Catanh
8_ro,1 am pleas-id to say 1 am a>wolutoly fnic
from oauirr'-, and c n now bre.ith ns naturallag
over through my nostrils.   Japanese (.atarrii
Cure "urns catarrh bv healing every diseased
porlto-of the murous iiioinhrane Hrures por-
iianonUr.   Sold by all drnggisUi atw conts.
Kor sale by J. J'- Vanstoue Nel-no. U. C.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We nro showing this season a full
line of these goods and solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buflct
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
U. S.
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and 18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points,
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrivi
9:20 a.m Spokane 7:15 p.m
12:25p.m Rossland 4:30 p.m
10:30 a.m Mountain 5M p. m
9:40 a. m Nelson 0:45 p. no.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Waai
Agent, Nelson. H (1
nnd try a bottle, a dozen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER as it Is tho best and
oncaptiKt on tho market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Teknhono m Halter St.. Nelson
CARS : : :
in  addition   to  usual   equipment   on
Crows' Nest Section-
Leave  Kootenay  Landing
Tuesday and Friday  for  St
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for 1 oronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box 146 .Nelson, il.c
Kor berths, timetables, rates and full
inl"i in.il imi apply to.
H. L. Biiown,
Oity Passenger Agent
J. 8. OAnTKB,
Die. Pass. Ant.
A. G. P. A.
Vancouver Nelson Daily Miner Satur >ay, November 16,   1901
We desire to Inform
Iho publio that wu
have taken over thu
bnsinesn of
which will in tin- future be earned
on under the stylo of
Wo ask for the support "f Hie resilient* of
Nelson and the Kootooay Country.
Our   premises   .'ire  being enlarged   Bnd   "n
proved to moot tlio over urging trade of tbe
Tho8took of Booka.Off.ee Supplier. Stationery ami Kniirv Qoods will he Increased ami of
foredal prioea whicb will make It worth your
���Y lilo to ileal with US.
NELSON.  13. G.
��� vvvvvvv��v***vvvvvv*/��,vv��y��.;
1   came  in   yesterday   to   look after the
i Interests of his many customers  here
W.K.DuBois, who has been superintendent   of   the   Arlington ever since
i the    Arlington     company,     limited
Jutt     coming   out���Half-honrs
Japan liy T. Forquarts.
J At the record otlke   yesterday   there
wss but one entry, a   location   cf the
Panadora   rlaiin.   about   two    mi les | took hold   of   the   property,   has
from Porto Hico Siding, by T. Living-  signed to accept a more lucrative posi-
The Kaslo ysterday brought down
three ears of Whitewater ore for the
Trail smelter, from Kaslo,
Another large barge of firewood was
brought in from the Chinese ranches
1111 the lake yesterday morning.
The proprietors of the Waverley
hotel are arranging to give a dance at
the Hotel on TlmnKsgiviug eve.
Passengers arriving from Mnnitulia
yesterday reported that on the prairie
the cold is intense, with six inches
of ice on tlio rivers and plenty of
Borne freight cars on the Spok ano
Fall ,fc Northern jumped the track
near Ymir on Thursday evening, causing a slight delay to truffle on that
At St. Paul's Presbyterian church
llev. Itr Wright will conduct service
niurning and evening. Miss McCoy
will assist the choir, and will sing a
solo   at the evening service.
Considerably more extensive altera-
tions have beep found necessary on
the steamer Kokanee than were at first
anticipated,and it will be three weiks
or more before it will be ready for
use again.
At the Congregational church tomorrow there will be a sermon to young
people by the paster, subject, "A
Chip of the Old Block." There will
be a short musical fleivicu witli
special music by the choir.
The regular meeting of the Socialistic Educational club will be held in
the Miner's Union hu'l tomorrow
afternoon. Tbe sulj.-et for the afternoon's discussion will be Land Monopoly, and will be introduce! by Wm.
Kbbs.    The meetimr is free to all.
The concert in St. Paul's Prusliy-
lerian church on Monday evenmp, will
he great treat to all lovers of classical
music with the ikelihood of all vocal
encores being Scotch songs, as both
Miss McOoy and Mr. Lochore excel
in this department  of musio.
Determine Structure and Physical Hi altb.
If parents could realize what a
crime they committ in permitting
children to have heavy drugs, for in
stance, as coffee, which stunts their
rowtb, prepares them lor dyspepsia
and nervous wrecks, they world do
anything,fo to any amount of tiOUble
and care, to change the methods and
give their children the advantages
tbat nature demands to produce perfect spcciinQns.
A sixty year old woman writes:
"My over-indulgent papa nsed to say.
nt the table, 'Why not let the child
have what she likes; it wont hurt her
any.' lie referred particularly to my
drinking coffee, which I wns very
fond of as a child. He honestly
tbought it didn't hurt me, for with
his strong body, apparently without
nerves, he was not consciously affected by coffee, but the effect on me��� a
bundle cf nerves���was to develop restlessness and stunt my growth.
The first effect after drinking coffee
wns that of delightful exhilaration
and 1 fell courage and Btrength to
attack almost any amount of active
work, hut in a few hours the reaction
name, with misery in my chest, palpitation of the heurt, and must u .bearable pains in my stomach.
Finally mj attention was called to
l'estiim Cereal Food Coffee and we
secured some of it. It wns prepared
according to directions. Dllt breakfast
being delayed, the I'ostum got an
extra boiling, which dovoloped all Its
virtues.and we all fell In love with it
from the first moment. The elian,
in our physical health, after drinking
Postum, was something remarkable
We have as delicious cdffec as any ono
could ask.but it is n perfectly bealtby
Coffee, ami the more we drink of it,
in reason, the better we arc. I am
satisfied that the Increasing amount
of heart difficulty of late years, among
young people, is directly attributable
to the use of coffee, and it is a great
blessing to have so snfo and delicbus
a fond coffee as Postum.     Please om't
my name Iri'in publication, , Kast
Brook lit-Id, Mass. Name given upon
application to Pnttum Cereal Co, Ltd.,
llattle Creek, Mich,
stone and R. .lames.
Tbe It. H, It, bund will hold a
Maxim gun practice at the butts this
afternoon. The mechanism of tli is
weapon is exceedingly ingeniou- and
the practice with it very interesting.
Fishing for trout is still kept up
along the wnl-i front, with varying
success, although tbo season (or the
rainbow and brook trout has dosed.
Tbe lake trout is a larger Bib and
doos nut take the liy, meat bait being
The news thai the Sandon curling
rink had been flooded and would be
ready fur use In B couple of days
caused envious feeling towards Sandon among the members of the Nelson
curling club, us in Nelson it will
pronably be a month or more before
there is any chance of curling.
Since tho recent convictions of
Chinamen in the police court for
carrying swill in empty coal oil tins
the Celestrials have finally concluded
that it is cheaper to obey the law
than to try to evade it, and have had
special sijuare zinc buckets made wilb
tight-fitting covers that meet with the
approval of tbe sanitary inspector,
thus doing away with au odoriferous
The firm of Chailbourn & McLaren
has purchased the insurance and loan
business of D. J. Dcwar. Among thi
companies taken over are the London
Assurance Corporation,Phconix Insurance Co., ot Brooklyn, the Standard
Loan Co., of Toronto. Chailbourn &
Co., are also agents for the Phoenix
company of Hartford, and also of the
Confederation Life Insurance company. This gives the firm a large line
of insurant: and it is the intention to
push the business and to devote the
entire time of the members to insur-
nce, loans and real estate.
On Monday night the Auditorium
Stock company will open a week's
engagement at the Opera house. The
opening nlav Monday night will he
La Ilelle Mane," on Tuesday night
A Country (Mil" will be presented,
on Wednesday evening'A Man ofMys-
Icry," and others for the remaining
evenii'_-s. A matinee will he given on
Saturday afternoon. Some of the
members of the company are well
acquainted in Nelson as they visited
here on several occasions when members of the llittner company. The
prices have been placed ut 35 and 5u
cents which is low for Nelson. A
large crowd should greet this company on Monday evening.
The meeting nf the creditors of
Thoo. Madson, who assigned recently,
was held yesterday afternoon in the
otlice of Elliot & Lennic. Nearly all
the creditors, most of whom are from
outside points, were represented personally or bv proxy. A statement to
the assets and liabilities was put in
showing the assets to be valued at
SH.500 and the liabilities to amount to
S8.U0O, practically none of which is
owed outside of the business. P.
Criddle, of Turner, Beaton & Co.. the
largest creditors, wns appointed assignee. It wns decided to wind up
the estate as soon i s possible and a
notice asking for tenders for the stock
and fixtures appears elsewhere in this
Ihe case of Waterman vs. tne City
of Greenwood was yesterday up before
the Supreme court at Vancouver, on
appeal and the appeal was dismissed.
The plaintiff sued tbe City of Greenwood fur $5,000 damages, alleging
that he bad been damaged to that
tent by overflow caused by  improper
grading of streets. Tbe case wns
bruught on for trial some time since
before Mr. Justice Drake and a jury.
The jury found a verdict for the plaintiff for 111.000 damages. Tbe defendant appealed from tho verdict and
the court upheld the verdict of the
jury nnd dismissing the appeal with
costs in favor of the plaintiff. Macdonald & Johnson appeared for plaintiff and W A. Galliher and Andrew
Loamy for the defendant.
tion elsewhere. Mr. DoBols has
developed the Arlington into one of
the beat mines in the Slooan.
R B. Bisbbum and T. 0. Procter
returned from their shooting trip on
Thursday, and brought with them two
handsome cariboo heads that they
secured. They spent most of tbeir
time on and around (.rouse creek, a
tributary of Ooat river and reported
having seen large quantities of giuuc.
J. II. Brook, manager of the Great
West Life Assurance company, arrived in XcImui yesterday, on his way
through the province on a tour of inspection of the agencies of the company, lie was much pleased with
Nelson, and said it appeared to he
the most progressive city of the size
he bad visited.
The   Queen   Studio   le giving away
picture frames.
^Auditorium Stock Co.
"La Belle Marie-"
Queenb. -  ltoht.      Forrester,       New
Denver;   E.   J.   Wilson,    Kaslo;   A.
Peterson, Port Angelos.
Hume.���W. Brydson, Toronto; J. J.
Doran, Montreal; W. <). Damer,
Toronto: E. S. Thompson, Vancouver;
0. E. Ellis, Toronto; 0. F. Rlebel,
Phair.���S. 0 .Faulkner, Vancouver:
J.    H.   Hrock,    Winnipeg;   John   A
(love.Montreal; U. P. Hill, Kitchener:
H. IVnald Hnpc, Birmingham; C. W.
Ulley, Athabasca.
Grand Central ���A. (lillie, Knslo:
N. McMillan, Molly Gibson Landing;
U. L. Breinner. M. Dewar, T. Mabcri.
Ymir; Miss E. Vogel, Sandon; R.
Crumet, Ymir.
Thames I!. Stodkett, the new manager of the Crow's Nest Coal company
has arrived and taken ehaige.
F. II. Harris, the shoe dealer, and
James Needham, leaves by the Crow's
Nrst boat Ibis morning on a trip to
W.   A.   Galliher,   who  has been at
Vancouver   in    attendance   upon   the
Supreme     court,    arrived
Jon Curler district pasengcr agent
of the 0. P. H.. returned yesterday
from a trip eastward on the line as
far os Macleod.
S. S. Taylor returned last evening
from Vancouver, where he has beeu
looking afrer legal business before
the Supreme court.
W. A. Macdonald, who ha? been In
Vancouver lu attendance on tin
Supreme court for Ihe post week, returned last evening.
It. II. Jameson,representing Thomas
(1. Earls, Sir Thomas Lipton and tha
Hygenic   Unking   Ponder    company,
"One night ray brother's baby was
taken with Croup," writes Mrs. J.
C. Snider, of Crittenden, Ky. "It
seemed it would strangle before we
could got a doctor, so we gave it Dr.
King's New Discovery, which gave
quick relief and permanently cured
it. We aways keep it in the house to
protect our children from Croup nnd
Whooping Cough, It cured me of a
chronic bronchial trouble that no
other remedy would relieve. Infallible for Coughs, Colds. Throat and
Lung troubles. 50c aud Sl. Trial
bottles free at Canada Drng & Book
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting:, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulagj
Local Stock carried, estimates iurnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
Zhc 1Rov>al Bank of Canaba"
Incorporated 1869.
$:i,00i).eeo.O0 I Capital I'atil-np,
I'niiliiil  Aiilhorlied,
of iMrcelora     rhomap K. Kenny. President;   Thomas ltttohlo. Vloe-Prosliiont
ltb   IL G. Baulil, Uou. Drivld MiicKoon.
Wiley Hinltb
MISS  RUBY] MIGUEL,   Leading"; Lady
Auditorium Stock  Co.;_
PRICES :   25 & 50 CENTS.
Saturday Matinee.    Seats  on  sale
at McDonald's, Nov. 13th
.lewels, candy, flowers, man���that
is Ihe order of a woman's preferences.
Jewels from a magnet of might power
to the average woman. Even that
u'reatest of all jewels, health, is often
ruined in the strenuous efforts to
make or save the money to purchase
them. If a womau will risk Tier
health to get a coveted gem, then let
her fortify herself against tho insidn-
OUS consequences of coughs, colds and
bronchial alTections by the regular
use of Dr. lioschee's German Syrup.
;t will promptly arrest consumption
in its early stages and heal the
affected lungs and bronchial tubes
and ("rive the dread disease from tne
system. It is not a cure-all, but it is
a certain cure for cough", colds and
all bronchial troubles. You can get
Dr. 0. Q. Green's reliable remedieb at
W. F. Teetzel & Co.'s. Get Green's
Special Almanac.
Tenders are invited for the purchase
of the stock in trade of Theo. Madson,
nf Nleson, U. C, consisting of Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Mens' Furnishings, and Chattels and a Tent and
Awning Factory, with Canvas, Tent
llnnhvtirc and Sewing Machines, etc.
Tenders may be for the whole of the
stock in trade or for any part theieoi,
Tenders may he for Cash or on
Tenders to be 'n wiitingand addressed to the undersigned on or before Monday the S5th day of November. 1901, nt 12 noon.
tinted at Nelson, II.0., this lsth day
of November, 1901.
Assignee estate Theo. Madson.
Macdonali & Johnson, Solicitors
for Assignee.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. R
Allan Linn Parisian Nov. 83
Allan Lino Nnmidinn..  Nov. 80
Throe Stoamon Bail from Halifax ono day
From Portland, Me.
Domhlon Lino Dominion*. Nov. 23
Dominion  Lino C&mbrunmn Nov. 30
From Now York
White Star Lino Geltlo Nov. 26
White8tar Line Uormanlo Nov. 27
White Star Line Majestic Doc" i
Cunard Lino Ktruriu Nov. 23
Cunard Lino Campania Nov. 30
Cunard Lino   Umbria, Dec.   7
American Line Haverford  Nov. 27
American Line Philadelphia Dec.   4
Anchor Line Astoria Nov. 30
French Line L'At.ultaino. Nov. 28
Fiom Huston
Cunard Lino Haxonia Dec. 7
Dominion Lino Now KnRland Dec, 4
For further Information regirding N. G,
���,���,,, ,,.,- Lloyd Hamburg-American, Holland-American
.' , ,��� (. [ linen ana for rates, reservation of berths, etc.
'M,'h    Ia'��"   Apply to
�� . ���m~.      Gcn- Agent, Winnipeg, Man.
. S. CARTER, D. P. A.. Nelson
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Pinter.
N.lona   P. O
If there is anything' yon reqaira.ask
tor  it  In    b�� aolamo  of the Miner.
Delivered to any poini
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumper-
anil LARI O.
���Icnil onirr, llniirnm
nonnral MftiinKor, K,d.,on L. Peivio, Moiil.roal.	
SuporhiZilonl ot HmiicIicm. nnd Hooretarr. W. a Torronoo, HnlltaT,
Braiielica I
Quebec��� Montroal.   (Oity   Odlco),   Mnnlrea
West Knd (('or. Nolro   Dumo nnd Hi,|_.
neurn Strootui; Woatmonnt (Cur. (Irr,.|,a
Avuniio and HI. Cai.harinon  atrniilj,
Ontario���Ot lr. wa.
Newfoundland���St. Jotln'H.
Culm, Wml Indira���Havana,
imii il ��tatc�����New York (IC KxehanRo Plana
Kopubllo.Waah. "    "���
��ova   Scotla-Hiilltax   Branoh,   Antlnont-I
Uridirowauv, fluysborti, Londonderry, k_
onburn  Mollland (Hantfl Oo.l, I'lcloii, l'url
Hawkoi.tilirj', Hydnoy. Sliutioiiiioa.lic. Truro,
��ew    llruniiwlr.k - Balhiirnt,     Dorelienlor,
Krodorlciou, Kiiiffntou (Kent Uo.), Mum;
, Nowcanllo,Sackville, .'it, Jnlm.W'oodrtock'
J*. E. lal.nil���Churlottotown, sumuioirlde.
Irand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Kelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
(���'orre ipondents i
ilanada-Morchantm Bank of Canada.   lEimlou-NalLonal Shawmut Bank.   Chicago- Illinois
Prnst and Savings Bank.  San Franclico���First National Bank.  London,  Kb..-Bank ol
-cotlalid.   Paris, Fr.lire���Credit LyoiinalR.   Ilermada���Bank of Boriiiuda.   China anil Ja-
.1111 -Hutu,' Kong and Hha*i|zliai Banking Corporation.    Hpoliane���Old National Bank.
teneial Banking Bt sl teas Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bough
and Soil, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Vecounte received on the most favorahle terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposite and on Saving Bunk accounts.
3-eo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
pany will agros to supply the sine charging
(or a minimum ofSfiOhor 0 power and from ibat
up to 400 horrid powor according l> the horaO
power u��ed. Iu case JtX) to ISO horm) power in
required by tlio Corporation, the Company wil
igroe to supply the mime charging for a mini-
nium of 400 horso power and from that np io
150 liorso power aooordirg to tho horse power
used. Encase 450 to 600 hor e power is required bytho Corporation tho Oompany will
agree to n"piily the same, charging for a minimum of 400 horso power and from that up to
500 borne power nwording to the hors* power
used. It boing tho Intention th*t the Company
will always keep In reserve 50 horso p wer
overand above the minimum slated hy the
Corporation to be required, and shall onargO
for the said 60horso power according only to
the horse power usod
Aai il ia undorstocd that tho highest; mini
borcuudor shall be the minimum load for each
mum load for any month during tlio conflict
NKLSON LODGE    No. 23, A. K. &
\^M* niOOtS second Wodnosday in
month,   Visiting hroLhurn welcome
__________   L ��' ��* F*    kootenay Lodge
S_2_@ih__F N,)' lf'" m,',;,s evory Monday night,
~Ma\_Wa~r  ai, their Uall, Kootonay street
Sojourning Odd Follow* cordially invited.
John A. MeUae, N.Q.   D, W. llutberford, V.fJ
[''red J. Squire, I'er. Sec.
of the muming month-- during tho contract, unless the minimum Ih i in-reused by tho Corporation.
5. Calculations of I bo quant ity of powor used
by thoCorporation are to be ha^od upon the daily
average peak lo d, such peak load to be ar
rived at by taking volt-ampere readings and
*   ill"' '
tho calculations made from such readings,
ich roadiiiKS^hal1 be taken after Iho powi
as passed through the regulators.
Ii.   Tho Corporation will pay to the Con
West Transfer Co.
Goal m Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on   Ttakir St.rnet Tel
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. Ii. LENNOX. Buktr Ht.
Corpoiation of the Oity of
BY-LAW  NO.   101
A Bylaw In UcgAriHorurrliuHliiK tt>rfnlii
Tower from I lie Went Koolenuy Power
and Light Company.
Tho Municipal Counoil of tho Corporation of
theClly of Nelson in Council assembled Qnaota
tui follow;:
1. Subject to Iho forms, conditions and pro-
v'sions hereinafteroontatiied.it is agreed that
tho Corporation shall Ukc and tho Company
h-hall supply elect rlo powor nt *ho sub station of
tho Oompany in the city of Nelson for the
powor and IikIiUok purpo^oHOf the Corporation.
2 The quantity of power to bo t .ken by the
Corporation from the Company will cot bo le89
thin 100 horso power, such horse powor to bo
delivered at a pressure of *2200 volts.
3. Tbe Company-will auppl* all the regulating apparut us in I heir Huh-station for regulating
tho power necessary for properly operating incandescent light*.
4. Tho Company shall supply power from ioo
horse power to ISO horsepower if required by
the Corporation at tho same rate as hereinafter
agreed upon, without, further notice. Tho ex-
ecus of power over 100 horse power to be
chuged for accord ing to tho horse power used.
Innate of tho Corporation requiring farther
power tho Company will a��reo to supply iho
name upon 80 dajs notico upon the following
boKis: In ense 150 to 2<i0 horsepower is required
by the Corp latlon, the Company will agree to
supply the same up to 2iK) hose powc an re-*
quired charging for a minimum of 15. hor-o
powor and for the excess of horne powo- ovor
150 according to the horfo uowcrusori. In cane
900 to 960 horse power ia roqairod by the Coi-
pomtion the Company will agroe to supply the
name, charging for a minimum of 200 horse
poworand from that up to _ujhorsepow
Compnny will agree to supply the same charging for a minium of ItOO horse power and from
that up to :vw bone power according to the
horso power used. In case 350 to 400 borne
power ib rcquir u by the Corporation the Com-
fiany monthly on the 20fh day of each month
or tbo power usod (not being less than It 0
horse power, during the preceding mouth nt
the following rale: For all horse powor up to
300 hnrso powor at ' ho rate of $3.75 per horse
power per mouth! and for all horse power i
excess of 8u0 horse power attbe rate of ��3.33i
per 1101*80 powor per mo th.
7. Tho power supplied by the Company shall
he continuous as roquirod during the whole
twenty-four hours of eaoh day.
8. If by reason rf any nceiuenl, or any cause
whatsoever over which the Company shall have
no control, a stoppage in tho supply of power
shall at any timeooour, the Corporal ion shall
bo allowed a rebate from tbe price in tho.
agreement provided, proportionate to the actual time of the said stoppage.
il. The duration of the agreement hereunder
shall bo f- r the period of ono yea? from the
date tbe Company shall commeneetbedelivorv
of power to the Corporation, uiiieh date shall
not be later than December is*, 1901.
10. In the event of any dispute or difference
ari-ing between the Company and the Corporation In regard to the construct ion to be placed
on this by-law or the contract to be executed
embodying the provisions hereof, or the administration thereof, or any details of business
between the Corp nil ion and the Company in
respect thereof, tho same i-hall be referred to
the arbi ration of three arbitrators, o c to
be chosen by tho Company and O'.oby the Cor.
poration and thot-o nwo arbitrators so sole Hod
shall select a third, and any decision upon thu
point or point*, arrived at by tbe majority Of
such arbitrators shall be final and binding upon both thoCorporation and company. Buoh
abritratioa otherwise Khali be govol ned by tho
previsions of the Arbitration Act, being Chap-
tor 9 of tho Revised statutes of British Columbia-an l any amendment thereto now or hereafter made.
11. A contract embodying the provisions
hereof and covenants nn the pa t of the Company to conform to and.fiiliil all matters and
provisions hereby n quired of ir, shall bo
drawn and shall bo executed by the Corporation and tho Company within omo month after
tho dato on which this by-law shall take effoot.
12. It is understood tbat nothing in this bylaw contained shall be construed aa conferring
upon the Company any right or privilege to
generate or distribute or dispose of electric
light or electric powor within the limits of the
City of Nelson except, to the Corporation.
In this by-law the expres
' The Cor-
porntion" wherever hh id nlmil refor to and
mean tbo Corporation of llm i Ity of Nelson
and the expression "Tho Company" whorevor
used shall rotor to and mean the VViwt Kootonay Power & Light Oompany, Ltinitod, Its mio
cctworrf unit iuwIkhh.
II.   Thin by-law Khali lako elTeol nnil lie In
force on nnil utter the 20th day of NoveniDor,
15. Tli'e by-law nmy bo cltral as " The Powor
By-Ijiw No. 101.
Done and passed In Council assembled this
day of 19(11,
TAKE NOTICK that tlio above Is a Irno cony
of thu proposed by-law upon which ihe vote of
the Municipality win tic taken on Tuesday tho
ltllh day of November inslant bulwoon tho
hours of eight o'clock A.M. unit I nVlock I' M.
for tho Kast Waul at tlio City I'oliee Court oil
the cast siilo of .loseiihinc Streot anil fur tho
West VVard at thn olllee of Win d BrolhorS on
tho north sido of Maker street betwoen Stanley
and Kootenay streets in tlio City of Nelson
Nolson. D.C.. ^rk of the Council.
November 5th, 1001.
Corporation of the City of
of Nelson will betaken on II .('aw Nu.101. "A
r in'thcWc'f'r" ",' P>>���_B<"��fS _A power
from the vvesi kootenay Powers. I.luht Company on Tuesday, tho 19th day of Hovombor
Vo',"ockbpUm.0'' U'�� ",lm ��'8 ��'���<* "���'�� '>''<!
Kor (hi! Kast Ward at the City  Police Court
tide o nl,?, S""1, Urolhei's. on tlic north
mile or Baker Street, between Stanley anil
koolenuy Streeta in tho City of Nolson
1 wenn- ni'i v "'' f''"Vl1"- l,c,'"K of lhB ful1 <W�� at
tad��,��rJ7! Wh0 '" 'h0 MWgMd owner of
HOCor-  SdnollfvaLift   _toP��rV.   within   the niu-
,������ tothc horso power us��V Yn case iioTo :��0 I SSftS B?_*&_ i^'S^
feaS^yffiMl^^A^^CqtporaUon the  widen ho orlho��5y ��**___*&_ __$ or
real property.
ve��nb?rVi!mdfi0n, B' C"thlH 8Lh *�� <* N��"
Itctuming Officer
Nelson l.oyal Areb Chapter No. 188, (J. It. t'.
Meets third Wednesday. Sojourning coni|i:_n
ions invited, tioorge Johnstone, Z. KIV,
Matthews, B, K.
NKLSON LODGE  No.25, IC.of 1'.
.meets in K. of P. hull, Oddfellows block
voryTuesclay evening ut 8 o'clock.
All visiting knights cordially Invito
Wm. Ikvinr, C.C.
A. T. Park, K. of It. and a.
Nelson Knca pmont No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and 4tl\ Friday of eaoh month, in Odd Koflows
Hall, corner linker and Kooteiay Btreols,
Nelson. A. II. Clements, O. P.; H. MoArtinu
U. ti.   Visiting brolhors always welenmn.
NKLSON I* O. L. No. 1002 meets in Pni-
ternity Uall on first und third Friday evonlnga
of eacli month nt 8 o'clock. Visiting inciiilitT
cordially invited. W. W. Bradley, W.K.
A.Mlnty, B.8.	
NKLSON AK1UK No. 2i!, F. O. K., meets
every second and fourth Wednesdays of eaoh
m onth. Visiting members cordially liivlli
Charles Prosser, Kwrntary.
Kootenay Tent No. 7, K.O. T. M��� hold tholr
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, 1.0, U, K.
block, on the 1st, and 3rd Thursdays ef each
month. Visiting brothron cordially invited to
attend. G.A.Hrowu, It. K.; A.P.Purdy,Com.-
H. J.Stool, I). B.C.
1st aud 3rd Wednesday evening of
each month at Fraternity hall
corner of Haker and Kootenay
stroets. Visiting brethorn cordially invited
Edward Macleod, Soernt4i.rv.
COURT KOOTENAY. I. O. K��� Sro. 81��.
Meetings Jth Thursday cf month. Fraternal
ball, .1 A Irving O R.   P. 't. flaming, lt.s
Nolson Court Star of   Kootenny, A. 0. F.
Meets 2nd and    Ith    Wednesdays In every
month.  Visiting brethren welcome. Vt. Mao-
Millae C.li    Pnhnrt MoLood Sec.
Close connection Eiist and Westbound nt Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Fnlls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains lor
Ohicago, Toronto. Montreal, NewYorK
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:15 vm
Leaves Spokane daily ior West at 7:15 am
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8:00 p in.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound, _,   .
During the soasnn of navigation Bast
hound trains connect at Duluth ����
themagni'Jcentsteainshijis North Wesi
and North-Land of theNortheru_Steam-
ship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern !��"���
For further informntiou, aps, tola
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokiinfl
Kails & Northern Ry., Kaslo & .Hlocau
Ry., Kootei ai Railway k Navigation
Op , or to
fl. BRANDT. ���   .  ..,
City Pass, and Tkt. Agt,  W 701 W,
RiverBide Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOJ.ABUKY, Local A(?ent,
Nelson. B V


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