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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 23, 1902

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Daily Edition No. 1274
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Sunday,   February 23, 1902
Eleventh  Year
ring- BATTLE
McGovern Defeats Dave Sullivan After a Desperate
Issue Was In  Doubt Until
Finishing Blow Was
Louisville, Feb. 22.���Terry Mc-
Oovem defeated Dave Sullivan tonight
in the arena of the Southern Athletic
club after as desperate a fight aB was
ever seen in any ring. From the first
tap of the gong until tbe end both boys
���vont at it hammer and tongs nearly every second both men working
away with all tho strength they
possessed. There has selaom been
teen a battle where tho issne was
more in doubt. In une round it would
be Sullliavn's and in the next Me-
(lovern's. McGovern, knowing that
the fight meant his position in the
front ranks as a fighter, was after bis
man every seoond. In the majority of
the rounds be was on tbe aggressive
and Sullivan was forced to do wore
defensive work than bis opponent. He
put up a wonderful fight, however,
was game to the core and lost tbe
tight more through a blunder of bis
own than because be was knocked
out. When tho finish came, howcvci,
he was groggy and going fast. The
buncos are that he would not havo
lasted many more rounds even had he
risen to his feet before Fitzsimmons
nailed ten. This Was greeted with
howls of applause.
There were loud cbeers aa Bob Fitzsimmons stepped through the rops to
referee the preliminary event and
urgent calls for a speech. After some
hesitation Fitzsimmons advanced to
the ropes and said : I suppose vou
know I am matohed to fight Mr.
Jeffries some time in May. I shall
train as I have never trained before
and will do my beat to "do" him.
The gong then rang for the contest
between Eld Sparks and George
Schub, Both boys are from Louisville
and they were to fight ten rounds at
catch weighst. Tne men weighed in
the neighborhood of 140 lbs. The
decision waB a draw.
The fight between McGovern and
Sullivan by rounds is as follows:
Round 1.���McGovern led with right
hand on the bead. \ clinch followed.
McGovern rushed Sullivan lo the
ropes. Referee bad trouble separating
the men, Sullivan holding. Sullivan
landed light left on head. Men
clinched and wrestled. Sullivan put
his rigbt to face. McGovern rushed,
landing left to faoe and repeating a
second later. The men clinched, Sullivan holding. Sullivan put hard left
to mouth. They clinched again,Sullivan holding. McGovern landed left
and right in succession.
Bound 2.���McGovern landed left on
jaw. The men clinched, fighting
savagely with short arm body blows.
McGovern put left to mouth. Sullivan
led left but fell short.getting a left in
the stomach and clinched. McGovern
put left to jaw and right to body and
then left to nose, staggering Sullivan
to the ropes. McGovern put lett to
mouth and right to the ribs. Sullivan
landed left to ear and got hard body
blow with right. McGovern ducked
left swing and landed a succession of
lefts and rights on Sullivan's face.
Sullivan backed away followed by
McGovern who put'tight to body and
left to jaw. Sullivan landed right on
neck. At ena of round Sullivan was
Round 3.���McGovern put left twice
to face, Sullivan swinging right and
left to body. McGovern rushed Sullivan to the ropes and Sullivan clinched. McUovern got hard left on jaw
and put right and left on Sullivan's
jaw in return. Sullivan put two lefts
on body and a hard right on ear.
They clinched. MoGovern put Sullivan to the ropes. McGovern put two
leits to body. Sullivan landed two
rights, on face. McGovern landed hard
right on neck and Sullivan clinched.
Sullivan upper cut MuGovern with
right and swung left to neck. Men
clinched and in the break-away
Sullivan got two hard rights to Mo
Uovern's neck.
Ruund 4.���McGovern put light left
to body. Sullivan put left to jaw and
right to cheat.     They clinched,     Mc
Govern punching while they hold,
amid cries of "foul." McGovern sent
left to oneBt. McGovern swung right
and left wildly. Sullivan landed right
living on ear. McGovern 'anded right
and left on jaw. with return. Sullivan uppercut McGovern on jaw and
landed right hard on chest. McGovern
was staggered by a left on the neck.
Sullivan put left on tbe mouth, right
on ear and left on mouth without a
return. McGovern seomod tirad at
tlie close.
Round 5.���Sullivan put left to jaw
and got right on neck in return. McGovern bored in, putting left and
right to neck. Sullivan put left to
face. Men clinched. McGovern appealed to referee to make Sullivan
break. Sullivan put left to face and
right on ear. Sullivan landed stiff
left on the jaw, putting McGovern
back. MoGovern swnng wildly, missing Sullivan by six inches. Sullivan
put left to face and right to body.
Sullivan staggered McGovern with
light on jaw Sullivan pushed McGovern to tne ropes with right and
left and MoGovern was groggy, McGovern staggered Sullivan with left
and right to jaw. A hot mix-up followed, both fighting wildly aud both
tired.    This was Sullivan's round.
Round ii.���Sullivan came out of his
oorner determined to finish McGovern
if possible. He rushed McGovern to
the ropes, both landing light blows on
body. Sullivan put two lefts to faoe,
and got a hard right on the jaw
which Btaggered him. McGovern
landed left on tbe jaw. Sullivan
uppcreut MoGovern with right as he
came in. McGovern put left and n���'ht
to jaw and got straight left to mouth
in return. MoGovern landed hard left
to Sullivan's mouth, starting a fen
drops of blood.
Round 7.���McGovern inshed and
Sullivan clinched. Both men tired.
Sullivan put right swing to jaw aud
right to body, stopning MoGovern.
McGovern landed left and right on
jaw, sending Sullivan to the ropes.
McGovern landed right on jaw aB
Sullivan came out. Sullivan cl inched.
McGovern landed left on neck, but hi?
right for body was blocked. McGovern
put left to face and right to jaw, and
brought a savage uppei cut flush on
Sullivan's chin, shaking Sullivan
badly, Sullivan is bleeding freely
from mouth. Sullivan uppercut McGovern oo ohin with right, bnt was
sent baokward by a series of short
arm hooks. McGovern swung viciously with left, but was blocked and
Sullivan clinched as the bell rang.
Round S.���McGovern led with left
for face but was blocked. He staggered Sullivan with a left and then
staggered him in the opposite corner
with a right, botn blows to the jaw.
MoGovern led for tbe body, but was
blocked and Sullivan clinched. McGovern upperout with left and put
right to jaw. Sullivan put right to
body but got left on face in return.
The men clinched and were pulled
apart by the reteree. Sullivan on the
break landed a right on the jaw, and
get a left under the right eye, nearly
closing it. McGovern put left swing
to the bad eye and right to the body.
A fierce mix up followed, MoGovern
endeavoring to uppercut in the
clinch. The men were wrestling at
the finish of the round.
Round 9.���McGovern led. and landed
left and right on face. On the breakaway he put a heavy right on body.
In the clinch that followed McGovern
received a hard short arm jolt on tne
ohin from Sullivan's right. McGovern landed a hard straight right,
staggering Sullivan, and followed it
with a left on tbe bad eye. McGovern
rushed again, putting a heavy swing-
on Sullivan's mouth. A clinoh followed, Sullivan uppercutting with
right on chin, in tbo break away.
McGovern put left to jaw aud Sullivan
clinched, uppercutting with right
and putting left to jaw, as thoy
parted. The men clinched as referee
broke them. Sullivan got a hard
straight left on the nose.
Round 10.���McGovern put left to
jaw aud got a similar one in return.
McGovern landed a left on mouth and
swung right low, Sullivan appealing
to referee, Sullivan landed a stiaight
left on nose, sending right to body.
As he clinched McGovern swung twioe
with lefts to jaw but was blocked.
MoGovern put upper cut on chin and
lett swing on ear. The men clinched
and wrestled all around the ring.
Sullivan put loft to mouth without a
retrn. McGovern rushed, putting right
on neok, sending Sullivan's head
back immediately after with a left on
chin. Both clinched, Sullivan landing an uppercut on chin in breakaway. Sullivan's left ear was badly
split and   bleeding    profusely   aa  he
New York Armory Fire Spreads to the Park
Avenue Hotel and Fifteen Persons
Lose Their Lives.
Lights Went Out and Five Hundred Guests
Struggle for Life Amid Smoke
and Darkness.
New York, Feb. 22.���For the third
time since New Year's day, Park
avenue, tbis citv, was the scene of Iosb
of human life. First was the collision
in the New York Central tunnel on
50th street and Park avenue; the
second came in the dynamite explosion on thu Bapid Transit subway on
41st, and the third, today, was a fire
which started In the 71st regiment
armory at 33rd street and then spread
to tbe l'��rk avenue wbere 15 persons
were killed and many injured. It
was the worst hotel fire since tbe
Windsor was destroyed.
The fire was first seen about -.30 in
tbe morning in the armory and In a
remarkably short space of time tbat
building was aflame frum end to end.
The firemen made their way through
the streets deep with slush as best
they could and did all possible to confine the fire to the armory, but after
they had been at work nearly an hour
the discovery was made that the hotel
was on fire. The hotel was crowded
witb guests who had oome to attend
the festivities to be given in honor of
Prince Henrv. More than 500 persons
were in tho house. The fire was confined principally to the fifth and sixth
floors near the elevator and air   shaft.
At about the time thc hotel was
found to bo on fire the lights went
out and the corridors were filled with
smoke. The guests, unable to find
their way through the darkened hallways, jumped from the windows or
ran directly into the flame swept portions of the building. It is thia fact
whieh accounts for the 'arge loss of
life, although the hotel was not
The   fire   in   the armory started  on
the third iloor on the 32nd street side
where there was a tier of rooms occupied by different companies of the
regiment. Within Hve minutes the
whole structure was beyond saving
and ten minutes later the roof fell in
with a terrific crash. There was no
one in the armory at the tlmo except
a janitor and his family. They escaped by going through a scuttle hole in
the roof and thence along the battlements on the 33rd stroet side to safety
on the roofs of the houses to the east.
This passage was attended by muoh
danger owing to the ice covered roofs.
Six alarms were turned in for fire,
but in spite of the quick response the
armory was soon doomed to destruction. The prevailing gale made it
impossible to check the flames. Several hundred pounds of ammunition
stored in the tower of the armory,
detouated in a series of minor explosions, partially wrecking tho portion
of the walls near which It was stored.
This added terror and caused fear of
greater explosions to those who were
fighting the flames.
It was not until nearly 3 o'clock
lhat flames were discovered in the
Park avenue hotel directly across
from the _g armory. Manager Reed
of the hotel had been on tne rcof
watching the fire in the armory witb
guests from the hotel. He had
descended to the first floor and was
standing, talking to a guest when a
burst ol flame came up through the
elevator shaft. ImmediatelyJie ordered
hiB men to go through the hotel to
give the alarm. The lights amost im-
medately went out and the hotel corridors   were   in darkness.   The   flames
went to bis cornor.
Round 11.���McGovern rushed, putting a left to the ribs. Sullivan put a
right to body. Sullivan put right to
body and McGovern put left on Sullivan's bad eye. They clinohed and
Sullivan got in an upper cut on the
jaw. McGovern staggered Sullivan
with right on neck and floored him
with a left on jaw. The referee
stopped fight and wiped tbe rosin
from tbe gloves of both men. McGovern put right on Sullivan'b damaged ear, bis left on jaw and sent him
reeling with a right swing to the jaw.
Sullivan landed a straight left on
jaw, but got a left swing oii neck in
return. McGovern put a vicious right
to Sullivan's jaw staggering him. As
the round closed McGovern swung
heavily with right on Sullivan's jaw.
Sullivan was very tired at end of the
Round 12.���MoGovern swung wildly
with right and missed. McGovern
pounded Sullivan's bad ear with
right. They clinched and McGovern hit
the ear again. Sullivan backed around
the ring. McGovern followed closely,
attempting to land on Sullivan's ear,
but Sullivan blocked every blow. McGovern landed loft on Sullivan's jaw,
and wrestled bim to the ropes. McGovern put straight left on Sullivan's
mouth and got straight left from
Sullivan. Sullivan put left hook to
jaw. A scries of mix ups lollowed
the men being broken repeatedly by
referee. Sullivan uppercut with right
and got a bad left on jaw at the finish
of the round.
Round 18.���McGovern rushed.putting
left to body. McGovern put left to
nose and landed a series of rights and
lefts on jaw, punishing with two
swings to body. MrGovern put right
to body and Sullivan put straight left
to face. Sullivan uppercut McGovern
with light and tbe mon clinched. McUovern put right to nose and rigbt to
body.    Sullivan pnt left to ribs. Both
men missed right and left swings and
McGovern put right to jaw. Sullivan
began fighting on the defensive. Sullivan put right hook to jaw and received right swing on mouth. McGovern put hard right to ear and they
clinched and were wrestling at the
close. Both were tired and were slow
thougbout the round.
Rounu 14.���Sullivan got left jah at
McGovern's chin following with a
straight loft to mouth twice in succession. McGovern put left hook on tbe
face and a clinch followed. Sullivan
put left to body and MoGovern slipped
and fell to his knees as he tried to
come in on Sullivan. Ho was up in
an instant, however. Sullivan pnt a
light left on mouth and McGovern
drove right into ribs. Sullivan put
le't straight on nose and followed it
with right and left swings and MoGovern tried to counter. McGovern
put hard right on Sullivan's ear,
bringing blood in streams. McGovern
put his -ight and left to jaw folowing
by a storm of blows to eai and neck
and jaw that made Sullivan hang on
for deal lite. During the round
Sharkey coached Sullivan audibly and
Referee Fitzsimmons shouted at him
"Keep still there Thomas."
Round 15.���MoGovern missed a left
swing for body and received left on
neck. McGovern rushed, but was
blocked and Sullivan clinched. McGovern rusbed again, putting right to
jaw and backing Sullivan to the
ropes. Sol li von put two lefts to face,
but they were weak and lacked steam,
McGovern put loft and right to face
staggering Sullivan badly. McGovern
planted two lefts and a right on thu
jaw, sending Sullivan half aiorss the
ring. Sullivan was very tired and
holding on. McGovern knocked Sullivan down lor tho count. Sullivan
was not knocked out completely and
could have risen had he tried. Fitz-
Blmmcusn counted nine and Sullivan
rose partly to his feet. As he did so
McGovern started at him and ho Mink
back without straightening up. The
refeiee then called ton aud declared
McGovern the winner. Sullivan began
to argue but Fit/, took him by the
shoulder and pushing hlni towards his
cornor said it was all over and tbat
Sullivan had lost.,
leaped up through the elevator shaft
and seemed to congrgegato around the
fifth and sixth lloorj, filling the halls j
with dense smoke and making exit I
by means of the stairways almost impossible. Manager Reed lan up to
the fourth floor andj there entered tho
elevator whieh was descending. He
alighted at thu flrst floor and soon
ufter the elevator was a wreck.
Various opinions were given as to
tho origin of the flie in thc hotel. The
manager claims it was of incendiary
origin. Others hold tbat the tiro
originated from sparks from tho burning armory building swept by the
wind in the direction of tho hotel.
The idea of incendiary origin is
scouted by guests of the hotel and by
Fire Chief Crocker. Another theory
is that the fire started on tho fifth and
sixth floors and thus resulted in the
damage to those floors more tban to
any other portion of the building.
The flames mounted rapidly and the
lire extinguishers made little impression. The guests on the fifth and
sixth floors had been aroused and
those who had not Inst their heads
started for the stairways olad only in
wrappers and some with only sheets
thrown ovor them. Scores of people
wero taken from the windows of the
third,fourth aud fifth floors of the house
by fireman and by police, many of
the rescued being made hysterical
from fright and terror. At the windows on tho Park avenue side of the
hotel appeared many persons at different places.
A Mrs. Charlotte Bennett und ner
husband, of Alabama, stiod on the
fifth floor on a ledge directly over thu
portico and main entrance of tho
hotel. Mrs. Bennett, thinking that
no one was going to rescue her,
struggled from her husband's grasp
and shouted that she was going to
jump. The firemen gathered in a
circle below and stretched out their
arms. She wrenched herself from her
husband's grasp and flung herself
headlong out uf the window whilo the
flames bad reached the window behind her and had almost enveloped
her. She was killed. Her husband
rushed back mtc the hall and made
his escape.
Colonel Burdett, after making a
desperate attempt t > save his life,
met death in a shocking manner. His
skull was split open and he was
found shortly after 0 o'clock lying ln
the court yard within the hotel. Be
bad fallen six stories. Colonell Burdett was a guest on the sixth floor of
the hotel. Soon after the alarm of fire
reached bim, and escape was cut off.
He dragged the mattress from his bed
and dropped it to the roof ot an extension ovc the hotel dining room
three stories below. Then by tying
the sheets together be made a rope
and secured it to the window. His
object was to land on thu mattress and
thus break his fall. He miscalculated
the distance and fell to the court.
One of the saddest Incidents of tbe
fire was the death of Mrs Salome
Foster, the "Tombs angel" who for
15 years has dene service in bebalf of
female prisoners ln the Tombs and
other city prisons. Mrs. Foster was
the widow of John W. Foster and had
lived for the last fivo years at the
Park avenue hotel. Her income which
was at one time considered large was
for the most part expended upon the
deserving poor.
Frederick R. Heed, manager of the
hotel, said: The minute the fire
started in the hotel I summoned every
available man and sent tbem through
the halls tu give warning. I cannot
see how any one could have failed to
have been aroused by tbe bells that
were rung from the office. I went up
stairs and got my wife wbo was on thu
fourth floor and descended with her to
the street in safety. Then 1 went to
the roof and when I found that the
flames were becoming dangerous 1
desoended for my own safety. Thc
fire unquestionably Parted In some
way in the bottom of the elevator
shaft. I believe that thc fire was ot
incendiary origin and in no way contingent on the fire in the armory
Mr. Roed was himself burned about
the face and neck and after he bad
been attended by an ambulance surgeon directed affairs in person.
Fire Chief Crocker said : I believe
thut the fire in tlio hotel was separate
and distinct from that whieh destroyed the annul y and thnt the hotel did
not catch fire from any sparks that
came from tho annory. The fire originated in thu basement nnd spread
through the elevator shaft to the
upper floors. The fact that the hotel
was practically Oro proot wns responsible for the fact tbat a greater con-
, flagration was uvurted.
Win the Hockey Final From
Sandon by Five to
Lyon Takes Snowshoe Cup
and Hartman the Ski
Rossland. Feb. 22.���Five thousand
people witnessed the sports of the
carnival tuday,and some good contesta
were seen. In the three-mile championship snow shoe race over the
course laid down by tho late Rev. II.
Irwin, Robt. S. Lyon, who has run
hi'ond in every race since the competition was established, suei'euded at
last in capturing the coveted prize.
Tho other contestants were A. Mc-
Phail, the champion of last year, and
R. Lamont. Lyons won in 3x minutes,
the fastest time evory made over the
conrBe, MePhail second. The result
of the other sunwshoe races were: Ono
mile���First, J.Klomnn: second, R. S.
Lyon, Prospectors' race���First, R.
Lamont; socond, E. Henncgar. 100
yards���First, J. Kloman, second; A.
The results of the ski races were:
Championship of British Columbia
and cup, first, T.H. Hartman; second,
T. H. Dunn. Men's race���First, 1).
Lawlor; second, J. Luwlor. Hoy's
race-First, A. Boultbee; second, II.
There were cutter and dog races on
tbe street in the afternoon which were
watched by large crowds.
At the rink there was a scratch
gume of hockey between Kossiand ana
Nelson in the afternoon, the homo
team winning by a scoie of 11 to 1.
Tho big championship final between
Nelson and Sandon packed the rink
With spectators ana was a splendid
game throughout. Sandon mon were
confident and bet all their pile teforo
the play began and then sent home for
Their close game at Nelson in thd
match played in that city recently and
the importation of two players from
the east made them teel certain of
Play in the fir&t half time was if
anything in favor of Sandon and the
score stood one all at the end. In the
seoond half the greater weight of tho
Nelson men and the speed of Nase
soon told in favor of tho Nelson team
and thuv piled up goals in quick succession finally winning by a score of
5 to 2.
The ore shipments from tho Rossland mine this week aggregated 11,1108
ton made up a follow: Le Roi, 5,134;
LeRoi No. 2, 1,430, Velvet, 44.
Refused to Participate in Paunccfote's
Note on Spanish War.
St. Petersburg, Feb.22.���The official
Journal de St. Petersburg tomorrow
will publish a long inspired account
of the actions of the ambassadors of
the powers at Washington on April
7th and 14th, 18118, whieh will bu
almost textual ly a repetition of tho
Berlin Reiubanzeiger's statement on
the subject. The Russian statement
concludes as follows: Russia did not
agree to the presentation of the note
drawn up by Lord Pauncefote on
April 14th, because she did not regard
it as being in the nature of an amicable appeal, but considered that it
tended tu bo an expression of disapproval of thc United States' policy
and that to have participated in such
a note would huve beeu contrary to
the attitude of moat scrupulous neutrality maintained by Russia throughout the war, her conduct In this respect beiug renewed proof of tha
traditional friendship of Russia and
the United States.
Fort William, Ont., Feb. 32.���A. A.
Kennedy, general superintendent of
tho Deeriog Harvesting .Machine Co.,
of Chicago, is in town,with the intention of locating a Canadian factory
Grand Forks, Fob.   22. ���During tho
week ended today   the Granby smelter
treated 5,078 tons  of ore.     ihe   total
tonnage treated to date is 320,945 tons.
-r*��   *��w Nklson  Daily Miner,   Sunday.   February 23, 1902
Tiie Nelson Miner
���'uiili-liixl   Every MornlnK  Except   Mouda-<
Daily per month, by carrier -.    65c
Daily, por month, by mail     60c
Dally, por yoar, by carrier I 7 OU
D'dly, per ye*vr, by moll    6 00
Dally, per ruar foreign    9 OU
Weekly, per half year $1 25
Weekly, por yoar    2 00
'Veekly, per year, foreign    3 00
HurworiptloiiB Invariably ln advanoe.
115 Fleet Street. E. C.
"antral Press Anenoy, Ltd., Special Agent*
Alexander & Co.. 621 First Avenue, Spokane"
Wnxh., keop thlH papor on lllo, and arc our
<tnthorir.od agents for advertisements and Hubert POODS
The abovo Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner rrom
our subscriber's doors.
The papers favorable to the absorption by an ally of the Canadian
Pacific railway of the 50,000 acres of
coal lands in East Kootenay held in
reserve by the government as a hostage and for the protection of the
people prate a great deal about their
boing a monopoly in eoke und coal.
Such a thing is impossible Jas there
aro coal areas to the uast and south of
tho holdings ol the Crow's Nest Pass
company which exceed in size, it
said, by far the land held by that
company. In several instances these
areas aro being developed on a com
prehensive scale. Per instance, thc
company which is operating at Frank
owns about nine miles of ooal land
along the Crow's Nest railway. The
company has developed its property
by ono level from which 300 tons of
coal is now being taken out each day
Another level will bu ready for the
extraction of coal in six weeks and
from this it is anticipated that 500
additional tens each day enn be mined.
Tills will make a total of 800 tons
per day. The company has let a con
tract for 250 coke ovens and these
should be finished so lhat somo coke
can he put to use within the next few
months, and all should be_HnishvdJand
turning out coke before the snow
begins to fall.
The Fishbournc-Prnctor syndicate at
Hlairmore has; its proporty so well
developed that with the expenditure of
$10,000 for rniprovemunts, including
about a quarter of a milo of railway
traok, and some development work, the
mine would yield easily from 500 to
800 tons per day. The seams there are
25 feet wide and in some places even
At another point an English syndicate is developing some conl properties
and intends soon to huve a spur extended to its workings, a distance of
seven miles from the Crow's Nest railway tracks.
There is considerable coal land In
tho vicinity of these properties that
can be purehused for a reusonalbo
figure. To the south of thu Crow's
Nest Pass an.1 immediately north of
the international boundary line.is the
Kootenay Pusb cuul busin, where there
are large areas of coal lands. These
coal fields can be reaohed by a spur to
the cast from the Crow's Nest Southern railway
It must bo eonsidared, too, that the
fuel produced in tho Crow's Nest Pass
is not tlie only coal and coke
iu tho province. In 1900 according to tho report of the minister of
mines the Vancouver Island collieries
made n groes output of 1,383,370 tons
of ooal,of which 47,353 tons wero used
for coko making, producing 111,234
tons cf coke. Of the product of thu
Vancouver collieries 900,219 tons of
coal and 12,703 tons of coke were
We understand that even under
present condiitons tho coke ovens at
Fernie and Michel are not run to tlieir
full capacity und that the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal company has in its banks
a surplus of about 3.000 tons and that
it is prepared aud would be pleased
for udditionul orders for from 25u to
300 tons of coke pur day. The capacity of the ovens at Fernie is about 28
carloads of coko per day and the demand from Rritish Columbia for this
cole is about ten carloads a day.
There was a temporary shortage at one
establishment but this v im'it result^of
a failure to make satisfactory financial
arrangements, .lust as soon us the
details were arranged as to finances
the shortage at this particular establishment ended.
Under the circumstances with tbo
Crow's Neat Pass Coal company producing nearly two uud a half tunes as
much coal and eoke us can be marketed nt home, with the Frank establishment outputting 300 tons a dny und
within a short time nOO tons a day,
nnd wlien Its oven are completed of
turning out largo quantities of 2oke ;
with several other concerns developing soul properties in the Crow's Nest
collieries extracting coal to the extent
of at least u million and a half tons a
year and making much more coke
i h.'iu the homo markut can absorb, it
is dilHcult to seo how there is to bu
either a monopoly or'a.famine in coal
and coke. / Resides all'this there aro
coal measures in theSimilkameen and
elsewhere which are being developed
and will soon bu in a position to aid
in supplying the market with,fuel,
i If the Bmeltera of Rritish Columbia
consider tnat they are oppressed,
which us a matter of fact they are not,
by the rato of 84 por ton for coke and
$2 pur ton for coul which is the prioe
charged in the collieries of East
Kootenay and Alberta, thoy ; have tho
competing conl and coko companies on
Vancouver Island to fall back on.
There however, the..price is higher
than it is in the Crow's Nest Pass. We
have boen informed by a gentleman
connected with ono of the Pugot
Sound smelters that coke theie costs
$5 per ton at the ovens. Tho organs
of the Canadian Pacific have nothing
to say about the high price of fuel at
the coast, possibly, becunse there is
not 50,000 acres of coal lands there
that tlie C.P.R. is anxious to secure
for an allied corporation.
The Yukon and White Pass railway
has been brought to timo by the
Laurier government and has reduced
its freight rates. Tllis company be-
oamo arrogant with its power in having the'shortost and quickest route to
the Yukon and charged whatever its
fancy dictated. Thejrates were so high
that freightB were rushed over the
long water route via St.Michaels after
navigation opened andjkept for that
route after it closed. The excessive
charges over the Yukon and White
Pass railway discouraged shipments
via the Canadian Pacific railway. The
result was that the traffio was driven
to American ports and to American
vessel*. Through the influence of the
C.P.R. and others complaints were
lodged at Ottawa and the reBult was
that tho rates were lowered. The
government for this action deserves
the commendation of the people of
Canada us it waa a move in thc direction of diverting trndo from America
to Canada.
The Canadian Pacific should now be
taken in hand by tho government.
That road is cliarging too much in the
Kootoanys lor the haulage of ore and
fuel. Tbis is a matter which the government might with advantage to the
people take up and rectify. The boards
of trade of Nelson, Greenwood, nnd
Grand Forks might pass resolutions
recommending tho Associated boards
of trado to pass a resolution requesting the government at Ottawa to have
the freights lowered. This is a matter which is serious and should bo
looked into.
Campaign literature beari��g the impress of tho Dun��muir fraternity made
its appearance in the camp this week,
says the Slocan Drill, James muBt bo
gutting truly uneasy. Oh, that the
government might hold togetber_till
after the coronation!
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Tbe renewed activity in railway
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ncss among the peoplo of this section
who have patiently worked and waited
for the advent of a railroad to make
possible tho develoment nnd progress
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boundaries of British Columbia
On preferential trade Mr. Seddon,
tho premier of New Zealand, Btnnd
firm, says tho Mail and Empire. Be
proposes that tho colonies shall grant
a rebate or drawback on all the British manufactured goods brought in by
British ships, the Imperial authorities
,'ranting a similar rebate on colonial
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ohargoable at home. Further, it would
ho wise to nnposo duties on foreign
products now free, the colonies and
the Mother Country being exempt.
This plan, says Mr. Seddon, will
strengthen the solidity of the empire.
We do not notice that Piemler Seddon
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Yours respectfully, O. D. PHELPfcs, M. D.
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It there is anything you requlrB.aslt
for  it  In    b- ���eliKun of the Miner. Nelson   Daily Miner, Sunday February 23, 1902
Tourist   Association   Would
Bring Many Travellers
to Nelson.
No District Offers Such Excellent Attractions to
Tbe article that appeared in The
Miner regarding the formation oi a
Tourists' association here is meeting
witn general approval, as all see the
benefits tbat would be derived from
the establishment of such an organization. Each summer sees a large number of tourists go through to the coast
by the main line who could easily bo
persuaded to visit the Kootenays,making Nelson their headquarters while
enjoying the fishing and shooting to
be found in every direction.
In visiting Nelson, besides the attractions mentioned, the tourists
wonld have an opportunity to visit
mining camps and other industries
connected with mining, a subject
which to the average tourist is most
fascinating. From the city trips can
be taken to visit Bonnington Falls, the
glacier at Twin Lakes on the Molly
(libson road, nnd numerous other
beauty spots in all directions, while
at the same time enj lying first class
hotel accommodations in the city.
For sportsmen tne oity presents
espcecial attractions as they not only
can get all supplies at most moderate
price?, but if they wish to bring their
families along Nelson offers ideal
headquarters, as within a day's trip
all the choicest hunting regions of the
Kootenays may be reached. With the
completion of the Nelson-Granite road
the city has also obtained one of tbe
few attractions it heretofore lacked,
namely, a road giving a long practically level stretoh for seven or eiifht
miles, with magnificent scenery in
view all the time, and on which those
fond of driving or riding are afforded
every opportunity for enjoyment. This
road is to be extended to Bonningtou
Falls, when the drive will be one that
can not be beaten anywhere in the
George Ncelands when asked regarding his opinion of tbe value ot such
an association, said that he thought it
a decidedly good move. The starting
of this association would be sure to
arouse an interest in game protection
and prevent the ruthless slaughter that
is being carried on of many kinds of
game now. The game laws of tho
province he regards as at present entirely inadequate, and tbe only way to
have them improved and then enforced
is by showing the people what a valuable asset rte game is. With proper
game protection the game would
rapidly increase as there is nowhere
on the continent where nature has
provided each safe retreats for all
species as in the Kootenays. With
good game laws well enforced and the
resources properly advertised each
year wonld see an increasing number
of sportsmen visiting the eity,not only
from the east alone but also irom
Britain and the continent.
James tiilker tnought tbe movement
an exceedingly good one and hoped it
could be carried out successfully. To
secure ' our proper share of the tourist
tiade it is necessary to properly advertise the attractions to be found in the
district, and tbe proposed tourists
association seemed about the best way
that this could be done.
Charles Hillyer was pleased to hear
of the plan and thought it a move in
the right dirootion. Nelson had good
hotels, and accommodations and first
class shooting and fishing could be
found nearby. By the formation of a
tourists' association giving the visitor all the information be desired in
planning his trip, keeping a list of
guides, camps, stopping places and
snch details on hand and in other
ways helping to make it a desirable
place for sportsmen or tourists to viBit
the city and distriot.must neccessarily
derive great benefit.
J. Fred Hume, of the Hume hotel,
has given the matter considerable
thought and he has reached the conclusion that a tourists' association
would do a great deal of good in
bringing people to the Kootenays.
There are few places he said in which
there is better fishing tban in the
vicinity of Nelson, but tbe objects of
tho assccation need not be oontined to
the immediate surroundings of this
city. At one time the C.P. R. had
built shacks near Robson which those
wishing to enjoy the fishing conld
rent and they had usually been occupied almost continuously. Of recent
years these had fallen out of mind.
During past yearc there have been
many wbo came for the fishing
alone and many others who being lu
the place spend a day or two additional to have some sport. If accom
modation were provided and the facts
regarding the opportunities for enjoyment made know there would be many
more. There would be eventully men
who would qualify themselves lor
guides and then when a man came
who wanted to shoot a moose, a cariboo or a bear, these guides conld take
him to a plaoe where ho was likoly to
get one. He was sure that the information disseminated would add much
tc the business done in the oity.
He would also havo the game laws
enforced to prevent the needless
slaughter of game and the collection
of shooting licenses looked after. In
New Brunswick the government had
recognized tho good work the associations wore doing and tbe increase in
receipts from the shooting licenses to
the extent of making a grant to eacb
of the associations so that now tbe
members expended none of their own
money. Ue believed that the government here wonld take the matter up
in the same way. He was thorouglhy
in accord with anything that might be
done in tho direction indicated and
hoped that soon a meeting would be
called to take practical steps along tbe
lines indicated.
(1. A. Hunter, who is quite an
enthusiastic sportsman, expressed himself thoroughly in acoord with tbe
suggestion of a tourist association and
pointed out that ho had no doubt but
that in time, with proper advertising,
there would be a demand for many
cottage along the lake for occupancy
during the summer months and there
wonld be a great number of persons
who could ne attracted to the dis
trict. The establishment of the association would lead to better protection
of the game of the province. At present there are many who shoot deer or
pheasant at any season of the year
justifying themselves, if aqcused of
breaking tbe game laws, by saying
that under their free miner's license
they are entitled to shoot as many
deer or game birds as they thought fit.
This was not the intention of the law
and means should be taken to stop
such oonduct. In the Northwest there
is a license fee charged sportsmen and
the development of the opportunities
of the province would bring a great
deal of money to these parts.
E. fhair, of the Phair hotel, spoke
of the number of people from Spoakne
and elsewhere who come to Nelson
and vicinity for fli-hing. Be believed
that this number could be increased
to a great extent particularly by those
from Spokane and the south of tbe
line. He bad been informed that with
making special provision for the
amusement of the Spokane people a
great many would prefer the excellent
opportunitea for Kiting and fishing
bere to those on Loon lake. If houses
were built along the lake they would
be occupied for most of the summer.
Tne possibilities from tbe fishing conld
be developed to a great extent and
would bring much money into the
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40, K. W. 0. block.
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A force of 15 men ia employed in
the North Star mine in East
In the lead tapped by the long
tunnel in the Last Chance the pay-
streak is improving.
Work on the Sullivan mine will be
resumed as soon as the smelter at
Marysville is completed.
The last of the Payne concentrator
has been delivered un the new site
and the work of putting tbe plant in
position is being crowded.
Work on the EBtolla property in
East Kootenay,continue! to be pushed
and the management hepe to begin
shipping sometime during the coming
summer; a shoot of ore in the property is four feet wide and of good
The development work on the St.
Eugene at Moyie continues to make
good progress. The working force has
been increased and the impression is
prevalent tbat it is to be further
addod to. The company ia waiting
till lead reaches ��13 per ton in London before it will start up its concentrator and rcsumo shipments of concent rates.
Mr. Gintzberger says the Montlor
mine never looked better than at
present. They aro now upraising
from 4 to 3 tunnel, 117 feet. They
are up about 75 feet in a solid body of
good ore all the distance, giving them
a large body in sight. The mine has
uot shipped for some time, but iF now
shipping steadily *o the Trail smelter.
���Sandon Mining Review.
It now appears a certainty that the
Urban (late Donnelly group) is sure
to become a mine, says the Sandon
Mining Review. In the tunnel of 100
feet in length, 40 feet vertical depth
this   week   the miner* ���ncountered  a
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Spent Hundreds of Dollars io Obtain Froedoni
From Asthma���Was Perfectly Cured by
Clarke's Kola Compound.
Mr. Albort Dixon, contractor, Nanaimo. B.
C, wrl'es:���"For nearly ninn years 1 havo
been a constant sufferer from bronchial asthma, night after ni.'ht having to Fleep sitting up
inaohair. I spent hundreds of dollars witn
doctors and remedies, bui. got only tempirary
relief. My druggist, Mr. tftcarman, recom-
mondol Clarke's Kola Compound. I took in
all five bottles of thisgrand weiiicioo, and am
to -i ay completely cured. lean now sleep well
every night, and now play my instrument in
the city band once more." This remarkable
story is also certified by Mr. F. C. Stearman'
Phm.B., one of Nanaimo's loading druggiHts,
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and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesalo grooerle
nnd liquors etc., Baker Street, Nelson.
Offloe oornor Hall and Front. Streets
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes. Get out
prices.  Correspondence solicited.
A.   M'DONALD,     Agent   Hazolwood
Dairy Co. Ice Cream.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-, Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre* Nelson. B. C
Finest and Best Bar ln the City.
The best Brands or Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
JOSEPH HArwood,   -   proprietor
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   MAN aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
! The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which la Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   ��8,000,00();    Reserve   Fund,   J2,000,000;
B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
Aggregate  Kesonrces Over 809,000,000,
HON. GEO. A. (JOX, President.
London Office: on Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Office; 16 Eichaniie Piece.
And 68 branches in Caniulu and the u'nilcd tilutoe, lnolndlngl
Atlin Gkkknwood Nkixov Sandon
Cranbrook        Kamlooi's Nkw Wkstminstek   Vanoouvkb
Fernie Nanaimo Husmi.a.nu Victoria
YUKON DIBTRICT-IUwsnit and Wiiitk House.
UNITED BTATKH���New Yokk, San Kkancihco, Seattle, Portland, 8kaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received aud Interest Allowed.   Present Rate 8 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Similkameen   Coal   Stock
For   full   particulars   apply   to
R. J. STEEL, Broker, Nelson, B. C.
Manufacturers ofBEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
E. ��. CROASDAILE Agent Nelson.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
^   r���r    _________.__.a___,    yt    m.
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Easl.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Order* by mall to ai>�� branch will nava earafnl and nroroot attention.
pay etreak of several inches of good
steel and cube galena, first class shipping ore. In prosecuting work in any
section of tne vein they encounter
very strong stringers of good ore,
showing the presonce of a large body
close by. As tbe ore can be loaded
from the tunnel into the cars, avoiding rewinding and all packing ex-
penses.it will not requre a high grade
ore to wake a profitable mine, though
this promises to be as good grade as
the average of the camp.
The new placer mining oompany
who are now engaged in exploiting
the deep diggings on Wild Horse
creek, are now washing the gravel as
it comes from the tnnnel, which is
now in over 80 feet, says the Fort
Steele Prospector. The gravel prospects well in gold, in panning coarse
gold bas been taken from the pan,
several pieces trombone to two dollars
have been found. Tbe blue gravel
through which the tunnel ls being run
contains good pay, and indications
are tbat as soon as tbe bedrook in tbe
old channel 18 reached large quantities
ot the yellow metal will be found.
During the post year the ground just
below the workings of the new company, has been worked successfully,
the gold taken out was coarse, and
nuggets of eight and ten dollars were
common. There still remains a vast
quantity of gravel unwashed, which
will take years nf hard work to
and try a bottlo, a dozen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER aa lt la the best and
cheupont on the market. Also try onr
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    OIQAR&
FRANK  A. TAMBLYN, M��......
Telciuhono 113 Baker  U Ne
Kootenay Railway and Na?
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quickest route to the oast and al
points on ..lit) O. K. Sc N. and Northorn 1J.
ciflc Railways in Washington, Oregon and
Southern stales..
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan By-
8:30 u. >n. Lv.
10:50 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. ra
Lv. 1:13 p. in
Int Nav- & Trading Oo
5:20 p. m. Lv.
9:10 p, m. Ar:
Ar. 11:00 a. u
Connecting at Five Mile Point with Nolson
ft Fort Sheppard Railway both to and from
Kossiand, eto.
Tickets sold to all parts ln United States and
Canada via Groat Northern and O. li. sc ti
Co.'s lines.
Oooan steamship tlckots and rates vl   a
lines will be friniisheci on application.
Kor further particulars call on or addrert
Manairer, Kaslo, B, 0
Tackaiiu.iv Aitont, Nelson II. ('.
GREAT NORTHERN Spokane  Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson  Sl  Fort
OAfiS.-    ALSalaOABTE.
Flannel Suits���we have them coming. Beauties, suits that will fit.
wear well, abd will not fade. Wili
tell you when tbey arrive.���The VVal-
laca-Millor Co., Ltd.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings'St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Oloae connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
D reot connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South,
Leaves Spokane dailv for East at 9:40 a *in
Leaves Spokane daily tor Went at 7:20 &-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 800 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagniflcent steamships North-Wes*
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Rail-
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Hy., Kaslo Sc Slocan
By., Kootei ai Railway Sc Navigation
Co.. or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt,  W  7ol  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokanf, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nelson.B 0
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
For the comfort of the number ol
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffe*
Car service has been inaugurated
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or th
Close connections made  at  Spo
kane for the south, east   and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and   18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
'.i iJO a.m Spokane 7:15 p.m
\2 :-'."> p.m Rossland 4 :3U p.m
10:30 a.m Mountain 5'59 p. in.
9:40 a. m Nelson 6 :43 p. m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane, Wash
Agent, Nelaon, B,
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mi'ieral iliim* and miues suiveyed
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. L. UBNN02, Bak.t Hi.
Will pay the highest oaah price for all
kinds of Beooiid hand goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperta,
cooking utenBils, bought tn household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and se�� me or write. Add row
8ilv��r King Mike, Box SOU. Ball
8treet, Nelson, B. C.
8   i**�� Nelson Dailv Miner Sund vy, February 23,  190s
Trunks and   Yo" clD see iD
our store  a  very
ValiseS complete line   of
TRUNKS from the very cheap make
to tlie solid oak travelling Trunk canvas covered with brass fittings, a regular globe trotter. We can supply you
with GRIPS at price ranging from 85c
to $20; also SUIT CASES from $2.50
to Sir, each.
Booksellers, stationers
Show Room for Mason Sc Risch pianos
��� WWWWVWV www www ���
Joe Dowson   leaves thiB morning on
a trip to Collingwood, Ont.    ; _^,
: The steamer International yesterday
brought in 40 tons of ltambler-Cariboo
ore for thc Everett smeltor.
Miss G. I). Sexton, demonstrator for
the I.aVida and \V.    U.    Corset  com
pany, is stopping at the   Hume.     She
is   making   Kerr   and Co.'s store her
headquarters while hore.
The Nelson Gun club will hold a
meeting in the Hume hotel on Monday
evening to re-urganize for tlie coming
season. All interested in trap shooting are invited to attend,
Alesandro Hartlett, the Italian who
had a rib broken and sustained other
injuries iu a fall of rock at the quarry
tw��o miles west of the city on Friday
is progressing  favorably.
Practically all the ice that is needed
for the coming summer has been cut
at Mirror lake and laid up in ice
bouses. The crop this year was good
although the season was a very short
A deck hand on tho International
while running out the gang plank on
Fri'-ay at the C.P.R. wharf slipped
and went overboaid head first. The
water was deep where he fell in but
with the aid of a boathook he was
fished out.
With tbo opening of the trout fish
ing season only a few weeks ahead
some ol the local fishermen are already
getting their lines in shape. The
closed seasjn for trout in British
Columbia commences on October 15th
and lasts till March 1th.
The steamer Kaslo will not be plac
ed on the rnn between Nelson and
Kaslo yet for another two weeks, as it
was found necessary to send to Toronto for part of the cylinder heads
that wero blown out. Tho International is taikng her rnn.
The work of enclosing Cottonwood
creek in a wooden flume is being
rapidly pushed forward. Tho creek
has been diverted ut a point a little
below the Baker street bridge and
now finds an outlet to tlie east of the
C.P.R. wharf while the permanent
channel is being put in shape.
The committee of tho Nelsou Boat
club is already looixng after arrange
mens for the regatta to be held here
next summer. The Winnipeg club haB
written that it will send a crew to
compete if it does not send a crew to
England. It ia more than likely that
te clob njll be represented at
Food That Bonds You Along
I "I found a food at last that I could
work on and that would keep mo fresh
and strong. I have been a school
teachor for eleven years, and every
year toward the last have felt ra ore or
less worn out, aud have been bothered
particularly with my stomach and
serious constipation.
Last Jeur I used (Irape-Nuts regu-
lalry at botli mornijg and evening
meals and the result was really wonderful. I have been entirely cured of
the troubles spoken of, and don't
know what it is to take a dose of
physic any more. The old nervousness
and sleeplessness have gone. No more
do I lie awake nights until my brain
is in a whirl. Now I sleep all night
long like a healthy child.
I was tbe only teacher out of fourteen, in our public school who did
not miss a dny nnfaccuunt of nekness
during the last session. I havo beeu
able to do more hard studying than
ever before, and took up the teachers'
state reading work, completed the
course and passed a .successful exann-
n-ition at the last institute.
(.rape Nuts in my case has proved
the truth of the assertion that it is a
brain and nerve builder, I would
especially recommend it for tired,
over-worked school teachers, or any
other brain worker." Name given by
I'ostum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
It is far wiser to build up health
and strength naturally with food than
to cratch nlong on some kind of medicine and let the disease finally do its
0. Somerville. of the Hudson's Hay
company left this week for the east
on a purchasing trip for the firm.
A. Kendall, of Vancouver and Nelson, and E. Hooper, a mining man
from England, leave today for London,
The St. Saviour chapter of the
Brotherhood of St. Andrew will take
charge of the Sunday afternoon ser-
vioe at the Kootenay Lake General
Hospital today.
Mrs.E. H.H. Applewhaite and child
leave by the Crow's Nest steamer this
morning bound for Liverpool, Eng.
They will sail by the Campagnia from
New York on March 1st.
A general invitation is extended by
the members of the Epworlh League
of the Methodist church to attend thc
meeting on Tuesday next when the
topio will be "Al Evening With
A box social under the anpices uf the
Ladies' Aid of tho Methodist church
will be held at the residence of Mrs.
E. C. TraveH, on Lake street, on the
evening of Wednesday, Feb.U'li. There
will be a programme of music and refreshments will be served.
Tonight at Emmanuel Congregational church Rev. Wm. Munroe will
preach on Tbe Message of the Uhuroh
to the Problems of Today. The music
forthe service will be, soprano solo
and chorus, by Miss Ida Hanson and
ohoir, Great Jehovah, God of Nations
(Emerson). Anthem, One Sweetly
Solemn Thought (Ambrose.) A cordial invitation is extended to everyone.
Tho services in the Methodist church
on Sunday will be conducted by the
paBtor. In the evening the subject
will be: Rising in the World, Ta k
to Young People. The morning
anthem will be, Lord, for Ihy Tender
Mercy's Sake (Tarrant), and in the
evening, The Radiant Morn (Woodward). Miss Walker of Winnipeg will
sing a solo.
Although the remaining ice on the
lake is getting very soft and unsafe a
number of boys took advantage of the
frost of Friday night hardening it to
enjoy a game of hockey in the cone
between the city what and Hale's
boathousc yesterday. The water there
is only two or there feet deep so there
was little danger of anything worse
than a ducking.
Keep your boys feet dry, our stock
ot boys footwear is worth your attention���The Wallace-Miller Co.
The ioe breaking up has libeiated
some of the logs belonging to the Nel
son Saw and Planing mills which
broke loose in the big storm in Janu
ary lrom the boom and workmen yes
terday were engaged in towing them
back to a place of safety Most of tbe
logs drifted up on the beach east of
tho C.P.R. dock where they can prob
ably all be secured when the water
rises  a little.
Ihe Canada Drug and Book company
yesterday received a number of copies
of a photograph of the late Rev. Henry
Irwin, M.A .(Father Pat). This is the
only photograph of Father Pat ever
taken in Canada and is a splendid likeness. They are to be sol3 for $1 eaoh.
The proceeds of the sale are to be applied to the building fund of the St
Hecrge memorial church, which is to
be erected in Rossland aa a memorial
to Father Pat.
Reports from Sandon are to tbe
effect that thre has beon sharp weather
Ultra for the past two or three days
and the ice is in good condition
Nelson will be represented at the bon
spiel of the Kootenay Curling association there hy three rinks maae up as
follows: J. Neelands, Dr.Armstrong,
H. R. Cameron and J. A. Tumer,
skip; G. Ball, R. J. Hamilton, R.
Robertson, G. C.%odge, skip, and G.
Stanley, D. J. Robertson, A. Carrie,
and W. Richardson, skip. The latter
rink will compete in those events in
which only one rink is to represent
the club.
The contract for building the club
bouse for the Nelson Boat club was
yesteiday let to VV. Pfeifer, for a Bum
in the vicinity of $1,500 for the building and float. The contract for the
logs was let to John Shannon. The
club house will be story and a half
with boat racks below and diossing,
bath and committee rooms above.
Tbero will be a balcony at tho front
of the building and below there will
be racks for eight pleasure boats besides tne racing and practice boats of
the elub. Work is to be started at
once and it is expected that the building will be finished by April 1st.
It. Mncbin, of Victoria, general
agent in CanaJa and tho United States
for the Bennett ''Crown" fuse and
Ilolman's Cornish drills, was in the
city yesterday taking delivery of a
carload of fuse which arrived this
week for Nelson and Slocan points.
There also arrived this week part of a
carload of diills for points in Nelson
and Slocan mining districts. Tbe iu-
crcaso In tho quautity of this brand
of fuse used in this district and the
number of the drilllshas boen remaik-
able. Mr. Machin docs business in
these giods in all parts ot the continent, from Dawson to Mexico, and
from Newfoundland to Skawgay, in
fact everywhere that mining ia done,
.1. D. RendBll. mining engineer, is
here on a visit from London.
Fr.-d Cowan, superintendent of the
Emily Edith, is in tbe city and makes
his headquarters at the l'hair.
The rink will be open again to
skaters on Monday evening and au
effort will be made to get on another
hockey match. The ice is in good
ln Supreme court chambers at Victoria an order was made last week
making continuous the injunction
obtaineed by the Noble Five .Mining
company against the Last Chance Mining company until the date ot lhe
George A. Keel'er, resident engineer
for the Dominion, with headquarters
at New Westminster, arrived in the
city last evening and is at the Phair.
Mr. Keefer is looking after tbe improvements in the narrows on Arrow
lako. In speaking of the improvements he said for tbe present thoy
would simply be tho removal of snags.
A contract, he sain, has been let for
the construction of a dredger of the
cup type, to the l'olson Iron works of
Toronto. This dredger is to be built
at Nakusp and should be ready for
service in June, With the dredge the
shallow places in tbe marrows will
bo deepened.
Messrs. J. Rae. F. J. Bradley,
3. H. Fox, arrived on the -row's Nest
boat yesterday on their way back after
tbeir trip to Winnipeg. The other
curlers from Nelson have not yet ar
rived but are probably remaining!
few days to rest and recuperate. In
the windows ot Wallace and Miller are
displayed two pictures allegorieally
showing the departure of tho curlers
for tho bonspiel nnd also their return
Above the pictures hang a number of
tin medals about the size of small
soup plates,each with the name of ono
of the curlers inscribed and a copper
cent hung at the bottom by a black
shoe lace. At the bottom is a tin
boiler with "Winnipeg Mug" written
across it, also a notico stating tbat it
is a loving mug to be used at meetings of the city council and at St.
Andrew's dinners and to be the property of the city of Nelson,
However, despite thoir lack of success the returned curlers state that
they had a very pleasant time, being
used most hospitably. Rae won five
games and lost five. A smoker was
given in honor of the visiting curlers
on Sutuday last at one of thc large
city halls. J. H. Fox states that
Flavelle, of Lindsay, was tht best
player at tho bonspiel. Some of the
Nelson contingent will not be back
till after the first of Ihe month, evidently wanting to take time to think
out explanations of tbat 32 to 1 scoro
Sunset Mine Near Cody Pays its Fifth
The Sunset mine distributed divi
dend No. 5, amount ?6,000,on the i5th
inst., making the total dividends to
date $80,000. This property is located
at the head of Jackson Basin, and two
miles from Cody. It is not an incorporated compat-y, but is operated by
its owners, G. W. Hughes, of Alamo,
John Daly, of Kaslo, F. J. Finuoane,
of Greenwood, and Mr. Cockshutt, of
Brandon, Man. Tbe mine is under
the management of G. W. Hughes who
owns a half interest in the property.
Equadorian Police Justice Causes
Arrest of Construction Manager.
Guayaquil, Ecuador, Friday, Feb.
22.���A police court judge here today
issued an order for the arrest and imprisonment of Jackson Smith,manager
of the J. P. McDonald Construction
Oo., until he has paid the sum of
about 84,000 claimed by a sub contractor named Darquea who it is said
really owes the McDonald company
money. It is asserted that the case is
not even according to Evuadoiian law
one tor a police court, and that thu
sentence is arbitrary. The whole case
is looked on as an attempt to harass
the American Construction Co.
Monte Carlo, Feb. 22.���Only adjourned and drawn games were contested m tortny's play of the international chess masters' tournament in
the city. The usual adjourninet was
made at 1 o'clock when the following
results had been recorded: Tiech-
mann had beaten Eisenberg, Albin
worsted Marco, Pillsbury disposed of
(iunsberg, and JanowBiii and Tschi-
gfirin diow.
- In the afternoon sitting, two games
previously drawn wero disposed of as
follows: Schlechter beat Mason, and
Napier and Tarrasch drew again.
Montreal,    Fob.   22.���In ti.e hookey
match here tonight tho score was 3   to
1     in   favor    of   Ottawa,     over  the
Quebec, Feb, 22.��� The hockey game
today resulted 7 to 1 iu favor of (jue-
boo over the Shamiocks, of  Montreal,
Monarch Special
A Watch built especially to stand
the hard usage of this country, it has
as a fine timepiece. It will be at
home on the railroad or in the
Have a look at it before buying.
Patenaude Bros.
: Be Sure and Get the Genuine. 3
| Lawrence Hardware Company ��
;E Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C. __\
I will sell my
Stock of Fresh Groceries and Provisions
At wholesale prices until it is
all cleared out.
Cor. Hall & Vernon Sts. Nelson, B. C.
Board of Horticulture Is Maintaining
One at Vancouver,
Thomas Cunningham, Vancouver,
provincial fruit inspector, is in tho
oity from Vancouver, Mr. Cunningham is a pioneer of 42 years standing
and came here to the sessions of the
Orange Orand Lodge. The board of
horticulture, he says, is greatly im-
piessed with the pissibilties of this
section for fruit growing and intends
to devote considerable attention to it,
Mr. Cunningham will visit the vicinity of Nelson later in the season to inspect the orchards. The board nas organized a permanent exhibition of the
fruit, vegetables and cereals at Vancouver for the province. It is the intention to add minerals to the exhibit.
Tbe idea in maintaining this exhibit
in Vancouver is that it can be shown
to those passing through there from
nearly all partB of the world. Some
aro seeking places in which to Bettle
and when they see wb at British
Columbia can produce in the way of
cereals, fruits and vegetables, and
what its mineral possibilities are they
sometimes decide to remain. All possible information concerning vacant
and, aud land for sale is furnished
them. Last year, through the instrumentality of the board of horticulture,
a numbei wore induced to locate on
farms in British Columbia. Those who
have fruits,vegetables, grains, grasses
or specimens, which they think would
be of service to the exhibit can forward them free ot cost to Vancouver.
All that is necessary ia to box them
and the buard pays the express
Until further notice the steamer
Kokanee will only make a trip to
Lardo once a week on Thursdays.
so no claim made by Mr. Wood wouid
have been considered. I am, sir,
yours truly,
Revelstoke, Feb. 31, 1902.
February, the money-losing month
of the year. Don't misread us, not
everything sold at a loss but vast
quantities of goods turned into money,
less money than they cost. l'runing
season. Pruned slock. Healthy store,
helpful to you. Royal money-login?,
but nothing lost; money we lose, you
find. Come and look���The Wallace'
Miller Co., Ltd.
Editor Miner,���I have this morning
received a letter from Father Pat's
brother, Arthur W. Irwin, of Newtown, Mt. Kennedy, Iro., an extrac
from whicb will doubtless interest
many of your readers:
"My brother started for noine sometime about Christmas. On December
16th he wrote me 'Say, I'm on a holi
day and I'll be home if 1 can make it
bnt how or when 1 know not, this
side up with care!'
"He never reached home. He was
taken to a hospital in Montreal, the
Hotel Dieu, with both his feet completely frozen. They thought to save
his feet but suddenly toxemia set in
and ho died on Jan. 13th, having been
nine days in hospital. To the last he
was cheerful and happy trying to
hide the pain ho was suffering, and
charmed all by his cheery, kindly
good humor. Kev. Edmund Wood,
rector of Church of St. John tho Evangelist, claimed his body and buried
I need hardly point out that; this
last sentence shows how nnloun-Jed
was the stutemont made some little
time ago tbat Father Pat bad joined
the Roman Communion ;  had be  done
Phair-G.V. Hopkins, Kossiand; T.
Armitage and wife, New York; F.
Smith, W. C. Cooper, Toronto; H.
Chapman, Victoria; C. Cummings,
Grand Forks; (J. A. Keefer, New
Westminster; W. V. Hunt, Bonnlngton Falls.
Madden���R. Jameson. Joe Delemero,
Nakusp; W. Rae, Medicine Hat; O.
Redmond,Fort Steele; P. H. O'Connor,
Trout Lake; J. Bandoun, E. Burns,
H. St. G. Burn, Spokane; Q. S, Cos-
tello, Grand Forks.
Hume.���J. Fyfe, Montreal; W."N.
Bray ton, J. F. Malony, Kaslo; J.
Beveiidge, J. J. Sonthcott, Vancouver; w. Davie,'Kossiand ; C. S. Crad-
dock, Medicino Hat.
Queens���A. O. Heuiand and wife,
Jamestown, N. D.; O. B. Appletnn,
Eight Mile [Point; A. S. Torney,
Eholt; J. Macpherson, Fort William;
G. Macaulay, Vancouver,
Grand Central���H. E. Astler, North-
port; J. W. Lowthcr.   Howson; J. W.
Lockhart, Silver King mine; A.Brem
ner, Mollie Gibson Landing; E.Ohlin,
Dandruff,   Which is a Germ Disease-
Kill the Germ.
Falling hair is caused by dandriuff,
which is a germ disease. The germ in
burrowing into the root of ;the hair,
where it destroys the vitality of the
hair, causing the hair to fall out, digs
up the cuticle in little scales, called
dandruff or scurf. You can't stop the
falling hair without curing the dand-
luff, and vou can't cure the dandruff
witliut killing the dandruff germ.
" Destroy the cause, you remove the
effect." Neworo's Herpicide is the
only hair proparatior. tbat kills the
dandruff grem. Herpicide is also a
delightful hair dressing.
For first-class leather wrlto
B. C. Leather Co.
Vancouver, B, C.
in China, with beautiful Enamelled Canadian Emblems,
Only a few left.
��� Fine Wstch Repairing a Specialty
Cor, Baker & Stanley sts., Nelson
F. 0.  GKEKN V. 8.  OLEMENTri
Civil Engineer* and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone 2
J. G. Bunyan and S. G. Campbell,
trading and carrying on ' business
together as partners, under tbe firm
name and style uf J. G. Bunyan tnd
Co., of Nelson, British Columbia,
Furniture Dealers, have hy deed of
assignment, bearing date the Oth day
of Feburary, A. D., 1002, assigned all
their personal property, real estate,
credits and effects, which may be
seized and sold under execution to
Norman T. Maeleod of the said City
of Nelson, accountant in trust, for the
purpose of paying and satisfying rate-
ably and proportionately without
preference or priority all the creditors
of the assignors, tbeir just debts ao
cording to law.
Notice is also hereby given tbat a
meeting of tbe creditors of the said J.
U. Bunyan and S. G. Campbell, is
called for Monday, the 24th day of
February, A. D., 1SI02, at tbe office of
Elliot and Lennie, solicitors, Baker
St., Nelson, British Columbia, at the
hour of three o'clock in the afternoon,
in pursuance of said act, for the giving of directions with reference to the
disposal of the said estate.
Dated at Nelson, li. C, this 7th day
of February, A. D. 1(102.
Elliot and Lennie,
Solicitors for the Assignee.
In accordance with the By-Laws of the So-
ill be held
ciety, the Annual General Meeting will be held
in the Board of Trado Rooms on   "
March llth at 3 p. m.
All annual Bt.bscr.bcrs to tho sum cf Ten Dol
Jars are members of tun Society, eligible to
take part in the election of directors for tho on-
suing term and in ease of illne-s are entitled to
freo treatment in tho hospital.
As a going concern the business carried on by the
under the management  of the late
A. B. Gray,
�����rRr"*���*"    "0l�� Leather. Onf s^lnu .,���.,
Hfiol Pieces.
Harness Leathers, Brldlo, Saddle and Skirt-
Manufacturers   of   Closed
Uppers  of  all
a&SS__ltS_i%,ttm^ fMS^i
Catalogue* and price lists on application.
For investment, bearing 6 per cent.
will be received by the undersigned
up to 12 o'clock noon, Monday,
February 24th, for the stock in
trade and fixtures ofthe above company,   made up as follows ;
Cigars, Domestic      -      $3262.94
Clgurs, Imoorted     - 434-53
Cigars, Imported. In bond 367-80
Scotch Whiskey, In bond 316.69
Fixtures 6 Office Furniture 480-25
Separate Tenders will be received
for the Cigars, Liquor and Fixtures.
2 s per cent cash, balance in 2, 4
and 6 months, with approved security with interest.
This is an excellent opportunity
to secure a good paying business.
The stock, books of the Company,
and stock sheets may be inspected
on application to the undersigned.
The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
CUraeots-Hillyer Block      Liquidat


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