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Nelson Daily Miner Jul 9, 1901

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 Daily EditioPf,.
Nelson,   British   Columbia. Tuesday,  July 9,  1901
Eleventh   Year
'   &w_ Oft
ed across and brought the   frightened
but   happy   party   back   to the main-
Jrlibbl    I-ArlJJlb!    The boats   were then hauled   up   to
the railway track. Mr. Chris Allen
had in the meantime secured their
steam   launch,    with     which      they
Narrow Escape of a Parly 1 brought aiibao_ to the city. Tims
I ended what will   undoubtedly be   the
of Pleasure  Seekers
A   Lady   and   Four   Small
Children Have a Thrilling  Experience.
Yesterday an exciting incident occurred that was within a hair's
breadth of terminating in a terrible
tragedy. Enrlv in the afternoon
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hume, with
their three children and the little son
of Mr. Hume's sister, Mrs. Vanwart,
who is stopping with them, went for
a fishing excursion. Mr. Hume rowed tlie party across the lake and to
near the swift water sign at Selous
Point, where they landed and he continued ou foot to the mouth of Groh-
mau creek, a few hundred yards fat
ther down. The river at this point
is most deceptive Near shore is a
slight eddy and looking across, the
current is almost imperceptible, while
the rush of Grohman creek along its
boulder strewn bed utterly drowns
the Hoarse roar of the nearby rapids
on the Kootenay. After Mr. Hume
had been gone a little while Mrs.
Hume took the children out in tlie
boat iutending to row them around
a little. The eddy gently drifted tlie
boat up stream and then outwards
without ihe cccupan's realizing tbat
anything was wrong. Tlie first intimation of danger came in a about
from Mr. Harry Hubbard, of The
Miner, who with his wite was fishing
a short distance below, and called to
Mrs. Hume to row for the shore, lie
at the same time waded out as far as
possible, hoping to catch the boat,
which, seized in tbe swift glassy
current, was now traveling rapidly
down stream. Mrs. Hume tiied to
row in, but the force with which the
current swung the boat out caused her
to take a false stroke, with the result
that they were swept still farther
out. Mr. Hubbard seeing that nothing could be done from where he was,
waded back to shore, met the
two Allen brothers,who live close by,
who with Mr. Hume had seen the
boat being swept past (Jrohman
CTcek. The four men ran up to where
Mr. Hubbard's boat was moored, but
short as the time was the other craft
was already almost in the first line
of breakers, which commence just
above the island. If the water bad
not been high nothing could possibly
have saved Mrs. Hume and the children, and even as it was their escape
waa miraculous. At thc lirst white
topped surging wave struck the boat
It appeared to utterly swallow it up,
and to the few watchers the moment
before it emerged on the crest seemed endless. .Swinging and dipping and
with tlie waves sweeping right across,
the boat still weathered the first
rapid, and was wliilred around the
head of the island and into the eddy
below, from which Mrs. Hume paddled it to the islaud.
Meanwhile Mr. Hubbard and .1 im
Allen bad rowed across with desperate energy,landing on tlie south shore
at the very head of the rapids.
They ran _down the railway track
nearly a mile when they saw that
Mis. Hume had been successful 1.
making a landing, so they went back
to tho otbei shore, after working the
boat up stream, to get ropes and tell
Mr.  Hume the good news.
Mr. Hume's position hud been a terrible one, as he was directly opposite
the principal rapids and utterly powerless to save, saw bis family swept
down to what appeared to be certain
death. He was at tlie tune beiow the
mouth of Grohman creek, whuio the
current divides into two bodies, one,
the principal, sweeping to the soutli,
the other to tha north side of tho
island. The shores of both banks
are rocky in the extreme, while iu the
shallow watei near the head of the
island immense boulders break up tlie
rushing water into boiling chaldrons
of foam and create croBS currents innumerable.
After Mr. Hubbard and the .lim
Allen secured tlio ropes they and Mr.
Hume leturned to the south shore,
where their boat was carefully lined
down through tbo rapids.    Thoy row-
most memorable fishing   trip   of   any
of   those who took part in it.
j French Paper Grlticises the
Governments Immigration Policy.
Court Decides on an Important Real
Estate Heal.
Ar, important decision was rendered at the sittings of the county court,
before Judge Forln yesterday, in a
case of a real estate transaction between Willia.ii Vi__ and .lames Wil-
|liams, both of Nelson, plaintiffs, and
S. M. lirydges also of tbis city, defendant. The defendant went to the
plaintiff in regard to the purchase of
three lots, formerly owned ty J. G.
W, Dickson, late of this city, and
told them that he had this property
for sale. He also intimated that it
was a snap. Plaintiffs, before purchasing the property enquired as to
the how the title stood, and were informed that there was only one mortgage of 81,(lull against it, hut in the
opinion of the defeudant the instalment could be arranged as the property would be able to meet the same
out of the monthly rentals.
It turned out that there was at the
time a second mortgage against the
laud, which the plaintiffs were nor
advised about although tbey were ad-
vised of a first mortgage. All information about the title was brought to
the knowledge of the plaintiffs hy thc
defendant. The plaintiffs paid to the
defendant Slim in cash antl gave him
a note tor $150, this being the amount
of the first instalment of the purchase
price. They ascertained after payment
that there was a second mortgage and
demanded the money back.
The note was returned, but the defendant, a real estate agent, claims
that he hod a right to appropriate
the Sum cash payment and apply it on
a debt owing by the principal to him
and that after such appropriation tne
plaintiffs must look to tbe principal
for the $100.
The old ease of Hullene vs. Harrison in Cowper's reports 508 has been
cited. It covers the facts and the
lii'v remains unchanged.
Lord Mansfield says: "Now the
law is clear that if an agent pays
over money which has been paid to
hiin by mistake he does no wrong
and the plaintiff must call on the
principal. Hut on the other hand
.hall a man though innocent gain by
a mistake certainly not Is it conscientious then that the defendant
should keep money which he has got by
his   principal's   misrepresentations?"
This money was paid over on a misrepresentation or mistake as to title.
The defendant may have been quite
innocent but cannot rely on this as
be communicated all information as to
title to plaintiffs. Judgment for
plaintiffs with costs was consequently
S. Taylor appeared   for   plaintiff:
Conservative Majority in the
Senate Dwindling to the
Vanishing Point.
Mayor Announces that Overdraft Will  be Wiped
Out Immediately.
and A
Whialler for defendant.
Constable Humes, of Fort Steele,
arrived in Nelson Sunday night, bringing with bim John U'Leary, sentenced to six mouths fcr disorderly
conduct at    Fernie.
The work of placing the machinery
to be used in the erection of the post
ollice building is now going rapidly
forward. The derrick is bting placed in position and in a short time tho
work of laying the foundation will be
There will bo a social at tke First
Baptist church Wednesday evening at
8 o'clock . under the auspices of tho
choir. Refreshments will be served,
All friends are cordially invited.
There will be no admission fee but
a collection will be taken up in aid
of tho choir fund.
The black and white 3ollie that lies
outstretched on tho sidewalk before
the Silver King hotel during a good
part of tlio day nad an experienco
yesterday which should persuade him
to move in nearer the bulldiig He
was lying in his customary attitude
when a little boy pushing a go cart in
which was a bag of potatoes came
along. The boy was making the cart
go as fast as he could, and drove the
front wheel over the dog before he
knew anything had gone wrong.
The .log rose up very rapidly and upset the cart, potatoes and small hoy
with one jump.
Montreal, July 8.���"Sir Wilfrid
Laurier says he does not share French
Canadian sentiment at all and he
permits Mr. Sifton to completely
swamp the French race in Manitoba
with hordes of Russian savages and
adds the government is just in importing a new menagerie of 12,Ono Mo-
lokans. Molokans," says Le Trirlu
vien, "do not smoke, do not drink
and do not eat. pork and, like Men-
uonites and Doukhobors, are afia'd
of guns and will not touch them.
When, theroforo, the Umpire, or
Canada will have need of its children,
to guard its frontier, Laurier will
send French Canadians to be massacred, while these imported barbarians will peacefully feed their rloek
on the rich plains of thc west."
Ottawa, July 8.���It is commonly
reported in political circles that
there are at least five members of the
Senate, appointees of tha late Government, whose votes can no langer he
counted on against tlie Liberals in
any party division of consequence.
Conservative nominal majority in that
body is about eight, but those best
acquainted with the condilions say
that the actual plurality is not more
than one or two and when it is taken
into consideration that there is never
a day when some of the older mouthers are not on the sick list and absent
from their seats it was to be seen
that even next session it may be impossible for Sir Mackenzie Bowell to
throw out any bill on whicli the Lib.
erals lay particular stress. One bill
upon whicli there is sure to be a
warm debate is for tlie distribution of
the electoral district in accordance
wilh this year's census.
Brocitville, Ont., July 8.���Col.
Otter inspected the 41st regiment here
Saturday and was banquetted in the
evening. Speaking to the toast,
"Our Guest," and referring to attacks
made on him in reference to his conduct in South Africa, he said: "I
was placed in a peculiar position as a
part of the Hritish army and beside
trained soldiers with men comparatively green to their duty as soldiers.
The responsibility was gieat, but 1
did the best for them and the country. Perhaps I made them sick sometimes by continually harping on this
string, 'what will they tliink of us at
home 1 We must do out best for Canada and the empire.' What the results were you all know." The colonel grew warm when he spoke of
attacks made on him by a portion of
the press. "I have been attacked,"
he said, "but I havo never replied,
and never shall for there is one place
at headquarters where all complaints
can be heard and all wrongs will be
righted and only there will 1 make
reply Up to date not one man has
over liis own named lodged complaint
A voice���"They never will."
"I boliove they never will," remarked Col. Otter, "for there never
was a period In my life when 1 was
more satisfied with my work than I
was with what was accomplished in
South Africa. True, 1 had to bo severe sometimes witli men who forgot
themselves, or were ignorant of theii
duty as soldiers, but I defy anyone lo
say I ever acted in a harsh or arbitrary manner, but" I always had
before my mind the honor or the country we were representing."   (Cheers.)
Napanee, Out., July 8.���Thc funeral of the late Johu Hell, M. P., yesterday was the occasion of a very
large concourse of residents and visitors. Tho burial took place under
tho auspices of the Orange association and tover sixj hundred members
of the order attended. Among tho
prominent members present were
Clarke Wallace, Grand Master of British America; Mackenzie   Howell, past
Question of Retaining Electric  Display  on   Baker
Street Discussed.
(Continued on Third Page )
The City Father* met last evening
at the City Hall at 8, but it was half
past before they were called together.
All the aldermen were present except
Alderman Madden. As the Mayor was
not present at the commencement on
motion of Aid. Selous, seconded by
Aid. Gillett Aid. Hamilton was voted lo the chair. City Clerk Strachan
was present, occupying his placo for
the lirst time since his accident.
Before the council adjourned the
Mayor made the gratifying announcement that the city debentures had
been disposed of at a good figure and
realised a total of $105,11110. This, in
addition to the amount of the licenses
which the city would receive during
the present month, would place the
city in a solyent condition and would
wipe out the over draft, whicli was
an encouraging condition of things as
it was tho first time in the history of
Hie council that they had been in
that foitunate position.
The r. port of the fire, water and
light committee was presented on
tbe matter of the proposal of the Bonnington Falls Power Company's offer
to supply the city with electric light,
wording of whioh was substantially
the same as that already reported in
Sunday's edition of Tlio Miner, tho
company's offer being refused.
The report of the special committee to confer with the trustees of the
p'iblic school was verbally presented
to the effect tbat they had met and
agreed to call for plans from the var-j
ious architects of the city. In son-
nection with this matter Alderman
Selous, at the close of the council
meeting,(asked permission to make a
personal explanation in tcference to
the letter appearing in The Miner
from Architect Macdonald, accusing
him (Aid. Selous) of canvassing in
tlie interests of paritcular architects.
He gave the story his unqualified denial. He admitted that when the
matter was brought up before the
finance committee, he had suggested
a]query as to the possibility of the
trustees being ahle to erect a school
on the plan suggested at the figuie
they were proposing lo do it with,
and had enquired of a city architect
Mr. Ford, as to whether it could be
done for the money. It was a case of
enquiring from Someone, and the
gentleman interviewed on the matter
had drawn a hasty sketch of the proposed building with the statement,
after a rough estimate, that it could
be done for the money. This statement, togother with the outline, had
been discussed at the meeting of the
committee, aml_thal was the extent of
his inteiest in the matter in one
way or the other. Alderman Hamilton, ns a member of tho committee,
verified tlie statement and the Council weru ot the opinion thnt Alderman Selous w_s exonerated in the
matter and advised to pay no attention to It.
A proposal was mado to tho eity
from Ewart Bros, and Riugrose,
offering to the city tho electric lights
which bad been put up fur the Dominion Day celebrations for the sum of
J:t0fi, witli the request that the matter
be given Immediate consideration, as
if the city did not intend to take
tbem over thoy wished to remove
thorn at once.
The Mayor stated that ho had gono
into the matter with Superintendent
MoPheeJ and Mr. Mason, and onu
difficulty presented itself, even if tlie
city and the council desired to have
llaker street illuminated in tlie manner it was during the celebrations,
and that was tbe irregular voltage,
because at times it was so strong
thnt it broke the lamps, and although
the power could be regulated it would
cost a large amount of money to do
so. In addition the Mayor stated
that so fai he. had heen unable to procure a statement of the probable cost
of supplying tlie light from the Tramway Company.    While they  were dis-J
cussing the matter a telephone message was received from Ml. Mason to
j the effect that ho could not give tbem
a price in time for the council that
evening. Ue also suggested thai the
celebration committee should be consulted on the matter as they had or-
Idered the electrical display. Alder
man Patterson enquired as to thc attitude of tlio Baker street merchants
on the uiattei and suggested that they
should be solicited to support tlie
scheme financially.
The Mayor was of the opinion that
they would be willing to support the
scheme, onough, at any rate, to cover
the cost of breakages. After a little
more discussion it was agreed tbat
they could not pursue the question
any further until tbey knew what
would be the cost of supplying the
lights, and to dispose of (ho matter
the chairman of the fire, water and
light committee and the Mayor were
a committee appointed to go into the
question with the celebration committee. Tho general expression of
opinion seemed to be iu favor of retaining the lights.
A communication was also received
from Adjutant McGill of the Salvation Army, requesting the Htono in
front of tlie Phair hotel towards the
erection of tbe Salvation Army bar
racks, which tbey propose creeling in
the near future on Victoria street.
It was decided that the request could
not he aeceeded to as tbey would require the use of the stone for the erection of the new High School and instructions wore given to have the
stone removed to tho school site as
soon as the location of the building
was decided upon.
Petitions were presented from the
Nelson Transfer company asking for a
sidewalk in tt.e vicinity of their
property and the grading of Vernon
street as at tlie present time tbey had
no access to their stables. The matter was referred to the city engineer.
A similar petition was presented
from Mr. McRae and twenty other
citizens on Houston streot (the former gentleman being present to represent the petitioners) requesting tbe
grading of the street and for the placing of sidewalks from Josephine to
Kootenay streets. The matter was
referred to tho city engineer for an
estimate of the cost and then to refer the matter to the hoard of works,
who would report at the next meeting.
The e'ty clerk w��s asked to present his report on the condition of the
opera house, but explained that he
wa6 unable to report on the matter
as he had no information as to tho
demands of the committee who bad
authorized the changes, As it was
understood tbat all the* demands of
the council had been compiled with
the city clerk was authorized to issue
a license to Mr. Annanle.
The matter of repairing the bridges
on Carbonate and Silica Btreets was
authorized and thu matter of moving
the city weigh scales was referred
to tlie mayor and city engineer.
A number of accounts wore authorized to be paid on the recommendation of the finance committee, and the
cemetery and city improvement bylaws were given a six week's hoiRt
and tbo Council adjourned to meot
again on tlie lfith.
Bridge   Carpenters  Brought
From Portland. Oregon.
by the C. P. R.
Tlie followng are the mining records
for yesterday : Certificates of work --
Mario to Wm. McArthur; Alierdeen,
to Wm. McArthur; Alaska, to H. F.
Fml,ree;Oom I'anl Fractional, lo A.
W Boyd; Finerald.lo I'. N. Thompson
et al; Porcupine, lo I'. M. Thompson
et nl; Ruby, to P. M. Thompson
el nl.
Locations���Delaware, nn flilliam
creek, about one and a half miles
from railroad, located by W. Plnnna-
gan and Win. Riley; Nelson, on Wild
Boise creek, near Ymir, relocation of
the Dominion, located by John Nelson; BmeraUl Fractional, on tbe south
side of Porcupinu creek, about three
miles east of N. & V. S. railway,
bounded on north by unknown
claims,   on   tlie   south   by   Emerald,
Preparations Being Made at
Victoria to Welcome
the Duke.
"Victoria, B. Ci July 8.���Six bridge
carpenters arrived in tho oity yesterday having been engaged in Portland
by an employment agency to work
out of the city at $5 a day. They found
that their destination was on| tho C.
P. R. the men being brought to Victoria and to betuken thence to Vancouver thus disarming suspicion that
they were being brought iu from the
United States. The Trades and Labor council rcpiescntatives, however,
learned of the presence of the men in
tbe city,and laid tho facts befoie them
with thu result that as soon as tho
Portland carpenters learned that
they were to take the place of strikers, they declined to bave anything
further to do with the job and atartod
back home last night.
Victoria, July 8.���Word has been
received of the promotion of Captain
.\anton, a son-in-law of Lieut,-Uov.
Joly, to be a. sistant-director of railways in South Africa with local rank
of major. Sir Percy Girionard is director of railways there.
Vitcoria, July 8.���Tlie reception
committee tbis morning drew up a
programme of recaption to the Duko
of York. The party is to be met at
tho outer wharf by tlie governor and
civic authorities, welcomed to Victoria and the province, and then escorted to tho city by returned Sr utli
African volunteers and citizens, nnd
thu military. Here the address will
be presented after which tbo royal
party will proceed to their temporary
residence at Oak Bay hotel. That
evening there will be an official dinner at the governor's residene, a
grand Indian war dance on the old
government grounds by torchlight
mil illumination of the city. Next
day the Duke will lay the corner
stone of the James Bay causeway,
then will be escorted to Point Kllieo
by war canoes and lay tbo oorner
stone of the new bridge and open tho
agricultural exhibition. There
will be a publio reception in parliament buildings in tlio evening. Tho
morning of toe third day there will
be a naval and military review and
presentation of medals to South African volunteers.
Brampton Falls, Que., July 8.���Jos.
I.abree, Oeorge Wardle, Phillip T.
Thompson and Charles Doherty, all
of Fast Angus, were drowned last
Saturday evening. Four men, with
live others employees of the Royal
Paper mills, Fast Align.., wero engaged iu driving logs which bad gono
adrift during the recent stoim.
Their boat struck a submerged lock
in the rapids and the moll were all
thrown into the water. Tho live men
managed to reach shore, but four,
who are named, were swept away.
War,lie was a member of " ." Company, First Canadian Contingent,
l.oekport. N. S., July 8.���Sidney
Locke, while temporarily insane, shot
his threo cbi ilron, liuby aged H,
Howard aged II, and Fniina aged 8.
Ruby and Fmina weie Instantly killed and Howard died after suffering
nn hour's agony. A large calibre
revolver was used by the demented
Toronto, July H.���A despatch front
Richmond   Ind.,    says   Prof.    F.     W.
on Hie east by Sunrise,   on   the  west jOhltten, graduate of Toronto   Cniver-
by   Imperial,   located   by F.   8. Cle- gity nU _een chosen to rtll  tbo  chair
ments; Beaver, on Grohirnn creek, nd- |0f   Science in the school  nt Portland,
joining Maple Leaf   on south, located   |n,|.
by M. Anger. ������
Transfers���The Humming Bird and: Kingston, July.8.���A movement is
llluo Jay. the latter depending on le-.on fool, in Addington country to In-
suit of appeal now   In course of    law. ! vite Hon. (leo.   11.    Foster   to run   for
Hint riding,   taking the
situated     ou      Morning      uionnlain.
tiansferred to A.  Powys, from Charles
Parker:   Galore,   Bltuatod ' on    Red
Mountain,   on Hall creek,   about   six-
miles west of Hall,   transferred from
Charles   Cameron lo   John   Melnlyie,
Hall, li. C. ; Rocket,   one   half Inter-
1 vile Hon, (leo
Commons   in
place of the late J.  W. Bell,
, George UiehardMJii, a convict from
Sault Sle. Marie, who escaped from a
Grand Tiunk train Friday morning
while bring brought to the penitentiary here,  was captured last  night at
: Wiltona.    Richardson   was   sent here
,lo serve ten years for incest.
*f '      ' Nelson   Daily .Miner,  Tuesday.   Julv 9,  1901
The Nelson Miner
Published   Kvery  Morning   Except   Monday
���B-  THK���
Pally, por monlh, by carrier	
Iiaily, per month, by mail	
Iiaily, jHir year, by carrier	
Pally, per year, by mail	
Ilaily, per year forotjn	
..     fiSc
.�� 7 on
.. 9 00
.,    9 1*1
Wookly, per half year $1 2".
Weekly, per year    2 (111
Wookly, per year, Cnrolgn    3 (XI
tttoorf. ttons invariably in advance.
llj Fleot Stroet, K. ('.
Central  j'ro<~ Agonof, Ltd., Special Agontf
A1.! Check* nhouUl ne made payable to the
order  of   Nelson    Puhi.isiiino   Company,
Alexander & Co...121 KIrnt Avenue, Spokane,
Wa~h��� keep this paper on llle, and are our
authorized aKonln for ailvertlnomentrt and ���ub-
If thc conditions of the mining industry in till. Province are not aH satisfactory as could be wished, the
reason is, in tlie opinion rf The ."Mining Record, that capital for development is timid and slow of coining.
This is the difficulty,upd it is important to know what creates it. Tbe
Mining Record devotes a good deal
of space to the consideration of this
queston, and traces thc difficulty *o
the following causes: Exaggerated
anticipations on the part of investors;
extravagance and incompetence on tbe
part of the representatives of investors; hnd mining laws; unstable relations between labor and capital;
overtaxation, and injurious incidence
of taxation; extensive swindling on
tlie part of company promoters ; abnormally high cost of production from
inefficiency of labor.
There is no unqualified condemna
tion of the mining laws, They are
not perfect; but tbey arc pretty much
what tbey were when capital was
flowing more freely than it is now, It
iu not so much the laws themselves that
produce thc trouble, but the continual
tinkering with them. There is an
impression abroad that in administering them tbe Government is not in
sympathy with the industry; its actions give too much reason to suppose
that it Values the industry chielly as a
source of revenue and as a corpus vile
for cxpermental legislation. The laws
themselves may net bo utterly ha:!, hut
hotter they were than to have them
administered in this spirit. In this
reference to the mining laws, we understand that the term applies only to
the regulations laid down by statute
for the actual conduct of thc business.
There are other laws affecting mining which are more positive in their
evil effects than the mere legal regulations. One of these is the mineial
tax, which in common parlance is
reckoned as a mining law. (,f our
contemporary's observations on this
point wc quote the following:
"The mining industry of British
Columbia is undoubtedly overtaxed.
Of tbat there cannot be any question
nt a'l. Directly and indirectly its
contributions to tlie Provincial lev-
cnue are far in excess of what is necessary for its own regulation and development, and ils legitimate ratio of
the expenses of government. But
oven more oppressive than the amount
of the taxes levied is the method of
tlieir levy. The taxes are none of
thorn upon property, hut all upon industry and development. So long as
one iB content to hold mining property and nol work il the taxes are infinitesimal, hut as soon as any attempt
is made lo develop and produce a ser-
vies of excessive imposts are encount-
erd. An example of tbis may he given
which would be ludicrous if it -ere
not an Illustration of a system which
ifl disastrous in its effects. A mini ig
coinpany may hold a Crown grant lo
a pleou of mining property merely by
paying an insignificant sum demanded
us the tax on "wild land,'' but as
soon as an attempt Is maile to work
the ground it is necessary to lake out
a liceliho costing Slim. If it were the
other wiy about it would he a comprehensible system of luxation. If a
coinpany were charged a fee to hold
milling properly without working il,
and lhat fen win remitted when it did
woik the ground, the system would
he capable of being understood,'1
On the whole it must be said that
the "laws" are injurious. Of another cause, the unstable relations between labor and capital, wc can all
apeak, If not with positive knowledge, at least with an instlnot that
servos foi knowledge in a matter of
this kind. There is something in the
air that wc all feel, to which it is not
easy to give a name. Capital is full
of appiehctision, while of labor it
would pcibaps he necessary lo draw a
fine distinction and say that it Is not
so much discontented as Hot conliMit.d.
At this wilting rumors Are rife of
an open breach between the two in one
of the principal mining centres of the
Prpvlnce. The other causes mention-
pd by Tlie Mining Rccoid may not   bo
We  have just  received  the   following   dainties  especially
suited for
Camping and...
Picnic Parties:
A Choice Awnor ment of
Arijiolir's Country Club Specialties
He sure and add to your order some of the following goods :
OHIOKEN A LA MARENGO-  Composed of largo pieces of broiled chicken,
mushrooms and Prenoh truffles, with tbe addition of a full flavored sauce.
TENDERLOIN OF BEEF���Mode from tbe fillet of tenderloin, broiled and put
Up in the natural beef gravy.
Mnci'doiue Slew, Veal Cutlets, Pork Outlets, Sliced Chicken and Tongue, Sliced
Dried Beef, Ham Loaf, Veal Loaf, Chicken Loaf, Sliced Star Hani; etc.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
so direct in their influences, but they
all help to produce   a   situation   that)
will stand    a   good deal   of  improve
ment before it can be said to be satis
They are starting a new town over
Similkameen way, called Tullameen.
Tbe usual first, step has been taken
in the shape of a nicely executed map
of tbe place, to be followed no doubt
in a few weeks by a newspaper. The
town has that fresh, prosperous appearance which maps have a way of
taking on, and in addition it is said
to havo advantages of location which
are bound in time to make it a place
of no little consequence. Until the
advent of tbe inevitable newspaper,
however, it will not be consuleied as
fairly launched.
A current paragraph conveys the information that .Mr. C. 1'. Lu'as, C.
II., of the Hritish Colonial Office, bas
just completed the first, part of a new
history of Canada. As no one connect
ed with the Colonial Ollice "as ever
known to visit a eo'vny, Mr. Lucas's
history is probaoly a compilation of
archives,and nothing else. That may
be valuable in its way, but it is not
One of the political rumois current
on the Coast last week was that Mr,
Dunsmuir was to give np tbe Premiership to Mr.Turner anil take a subordinate positon in the Cabinet. Hut why
to Mr. Turner, who has booked himself for London? If suddenly blessed
with the grace of resignation, Mr.
Dunsmiur is more likely to invite bis
mentor, Mr. Martin, to step into bis
shoes. The rumor is doubtless a wild
one. Mr. Tinner's going out leaves
a vacancy, whicli will probably be Bleed by Mr. Winchester Hrown, and
there thc changes will cease for a
Miss Helen Hall
M. Sheldon Pearce
Grand Concert
July 9th
Tlie or8 shipments in tbe Boundary
country for tho whole of 3900 were
07,771 tons; for the six months of ldOl
they were 170,750 tona. The year .so
far Ih thought to bo none of the beat,
as far as tho mining industry is concerned; but they are making good
progress in the ltoiindary. And all
around lord, out and rejoice.
The annual picnic of st, Savjotu'a
church wilt tal.e place to Proctor on
Thursday the 25tll inst.
Buy    Only   Union - Ma.e   Shoes.
Workers union I
.���factory N? 86
This Hlamp used by the .IOIIN Me-
I'lllOliSiiN Co., Limited, of Hamilton,
the   only Union Factory Ii] Canada. -
Home Office Minneapolis, Minn.
Victoria, H. C, May -Hth, 1001.
Mr, Jno, T, Pierre,  N.lsoii :
Dear Friend .lohn,���Your favor from
Kaslo duly received with fj.1.00 enclosed and herewith please find
receipt for same, also herewith
please iind four contracts for Ham and
one for Maloue. Business, I am pleased to say, is just booming here und
I tell yon tbey are talking Tontine
good now. This is the list of payments I have made tbis week:
P. (,'ioinbie. ~$l(iii Dr.Lewi.Hail,8320
A. McLagg.in.. 480 Harry Maynaid 320
Tom Harantis.  100 A.   Bancroft... Will
.los.P Slew-art 100 D. T. .Scott  liin
Jo'8, Mayer...  100 H. IJebenbaum  100
11. .1. Case....  100 N. Shakespeare 820
81280 82210
83,520 is pretty nice I tell you and
always looking for more. So just tell
your friends to get aboard. I havo
how myself 80 und hope lo get it to
no before long. Wilh best wishes to
you,  I remain yours very truly,
' FEED -ARM, Jr.,
Oeneral Agent B.C.
For further Information   apply   to
JOHN'!'   PIERRE, mil. agent, Nels.u
Caveats, Designs, Copyrights and
Trade  Slinks obtained in Oaiiadn
and all foreign countries.
Koom .'1, Bank of Uiitish North
America, Hustings Htr"' Vancouver
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors wesi
C.P.R   offices.
& CO.        j
MADDEN    BLOCK       1
Cigars... j
Tobacco I
Best Assortment
Come Early and Get
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Krom Moii-.cal
Allan Line Parisian    Julyli
Allan Lino Australasian Jul. 1.:
Allan Lino Corinthian July ~"
Beaver Lino Wassun July 5
Beaver Lino 1-akc Ohamplftln July 12
Beaver Line Lako MoKantic. July lit
Krom Portland, Mo.
Dominion Line Dominion July*!
Dominion Lino Canibroman July IH
Krom Jio. ton
Dominion Line Commonwealth  July 3
Dominion Line New Kngland  July 17
Cunard Line Ivernin July fl
Cunard Line Saxonia July 20
Krom New York
White Star Line Germanic luly 3
WhitoStar Lino Cymric July JO
White Star Lino M ljeatlc July 17
Cunard Line Ktruria July *i
Cunard Lino Survia July It
Uunaid Lino   Campania July 13
American Ltno  St, Paul July 10
American Line St. Loui~i ....July 17
Anchor Lino Astoria July li
Anchor Lino Anchoria July 13
Krench Line La Champsgno July I
French Lino La Ohm-o^ho Inly 11
N. G. L. Kniscrin Muria Theresia July!)
Hamhurff-American DeutHchlnnd July 11
Kor further particulars apply to
Clly Pasaengei' Agent, Nelson, B. C
Goneral S.S. *ornt. C.P.R. I Iff-ok. Winning.
West TransferCo.
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil 0o. Ltd.
Blairmore Coal,    -    $6.75
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -    $10.75
No order  can bo accepted unless
accompanied by cash,
Office on   Baker Street. Tel. 147
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10,00
per month.
Apply to
I "is
Baker Street.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand o>
Rough aod Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
-^;*/vi-it/.^.\^>\./\i>i*/i^/v*>iil>iii(4/i4>i^' -i>\*/i*> .*/^/il>v*/i*/v^j^
21 NcArthor 8 Co. *
J. G. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.      *
From $10.00 up gj
From $2.50 up ^;
From $13.50 up  ^
Reception, Easy and  Large  Rockers  S
R.ccpl' .11 Chairs, Couches, Lounges, Divans
PAT. 8EPT.. 1900.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
ALL   KIND3   OF     -
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
K.-W.-C. Block. Ward Sti.eet, Nflson.
Orders by m��il receive careful and prompt attention
Direct From Manufacturer
|| Of All  Kinds, for Your Bar and  for Your Table.
s ���~~���
#       Excelsior  Teas and Coffees
?l? are niiikiiiK' ninny sail hearts happy.
Groceries,  Crockery.
If holesale and Retail Meat Merchants
*��- ********-^*>
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Neluon, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Ordei. by mail to apv breach will have careful a*4 uromot attention.
Mill at PILOT BAY. Ynnlfl, NK1.HON
ami LAKJ.O,
15 Phone 117 t
NELSON B C [t****j**,***x*******A*MM*t
Is    lame    or    intei feres
bring  him   to   the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
scphine Street
Ladies' aDd Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers,
Suits Mode to Ordor,' Gleaned, Dyed, Altered aud Eopaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel,
Mall Orders Solicited. P. O. Box 634
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO. ..elson Daily Mjnei . Tues~>\v, July 9,  iqoj
i Barbarians for The Plains
(Continued from First Page)
I Grand Master, and several other
members  of   the   order    and   of  the
'liouse   of    Commons.    Kev.    William
Uvethnal conducted services assisted
),y Rev. W. J. Young. The Orange
service was read by Grand Master
Wallace assisted by Sir Mackenzie
Ru'vell   and   Mr.    William Johnston.
I The pall bearers were MeBsrs. Wallace, Howell, Holland, Munro, Clarke,
Duff and Loudon. liefore the fun-
ral   left the house,   Wallace and Ho-
[well referred to the great I03S the
community had suffered by the death
of Mr. Bell.
Montreal, July 8.���There wns 254
I deaths here last week compared with
:>7:i in tho prcvio is week, UK! were
young children compared with 312 the
week before. Three deaths last week
were due to sunBtroke.
Toronto, July 8.���J. S. Morang &
Co., and B, Lecike & Co., the latter
an English publishing firm, took the
lira! steps   on Saturday in a big   suit
I o er the school publishing business.
They caused a writ   to   be   issued   to
I restrain Copp, Clark & Co., W. J.
(luge & Co., and the Canada Publishing Co., from selling or exposing for
sale copies of the second reader au-
thorlzed for use in Ontaiio schools by
I the minister of education, on the
ground that it contains reading from
HIiiekH'S   and   Morang's   copyrighted
\ workB. Morang is fighting what he
culled the school book ring in this
Province, because tbey refused to
give him a share of the school book
t'ade while using unauthorized reader's selections that .he claims to be
his own.
John D. Kiely, a well known street
railway man, died Sunday of heart
failure at bis residence on Stratton
street, Kiely was a member] of the
syndicate which leased the Toronto
railway after tiie city took over the
franchise in 1801.
Winnipeg, Man., July   8.���As some
rumors were current   that   the trainmen and engineers   contemplated tak
ing some   action   with   the; tiackmen
and us a general "walk-out'   wus spoken of a   prominent   engineer yester-
| day   said   that   as   to   the   engineers
! views of the situation    that this body
| did   not   contemplate   for   a   minute
any   move     towards    striking.    "As
long as the   road is fit   to   run   on,"
I said the engineer,   "aud the company
I are not asking us to   take   any   risks
I there will certainly   he   no   rao;c   on
our  part.    We are not   asked to make
fast   time   ovor   a soft   track,   which
I would he all right now if   it   had not
been for the heavy rains.    We are not
doing any kicking.''
Speaking to an official of the company the reporter learned that the
company had not asked for any conciliatory deputations to Montreal. The
company considers that the strike
through the east is practically over,
reports arriving daily of the men returning to work and in one instance a
member of tho general committee was
amung those who had returned.
W. Stitt, C. I'. R. assistant genoral
passenger agent, may be appointed C.
1\ I!, general agent in Australia.
Vancouver, July 8.���The steamer
Islarder arrived from Skagway today
with nhout 140,000 in treasure. Mr.
J. 11.Chai leson,superintendent of Gov
eminent telegraphs was a passenger.
He says tbore is still a gap of 50 miles
between the ends of the line. Owing
to the difficulty of feeding horses in
the country wlioro thu operations are
being carried on, there has been delay caused, nnd lines will not be finished by the 15th of July as Intended.
Business in Dawson is roported ruined by too mauy scow loads of provisions ni'i'iivng. Many lines are selling
al serious loss to shippers. The
stampede ��� to Nome continues, ships
leaving every few days loaded with
pussengera for Nome.
' ft-Una CRAPS   OHM-   OP T-MT-N   . OWD-H
Owen Sound, July 8.���Iicv. I''.
Langford, II. I)., Calgary, ���who came
east on his holiday!, is critically ill at
the home of his father, l'.ov, Alex
Langford,   from appendicitis.
Bt, John, N. II., July 8.���A train
wns wrecked on the bridge nenr
Courtney liny today, the engine going
through the bridge. Will Nodwell,
driver wus burt so badly that he
died a few minutes later. No others
weie injuied.
Highest Honors, World's Fair
(iold Medal, Midwinter Pair
Avoid  linking  1'ouili rn   containing
alum.   They in. Injurious to lu'iiltli
joke. Mr, Lee is a guest at the Allan
House today, lie has no lady lriends
in Kossland, and Miss Harris is a
product of the imagination so far as
he is concerned."
The   following are   the   latest   rille
scores of the R. M. B.:
200     5IK)     000 Tot'.l
J, Tinkiss 28        _:i       2!l 80
II. J.   Robie llli        28        25 Til
A, Grant 27       2!l       28 7!l
J.  McKenzie .fl    -28        111 71)
O. Horden 27        24        17 (18
J.   Roberts 17       21       22 60
The next practice of the   R.   M. R.
will take place at tho   ride   range on
Thursday afternoon of this week.
No Discovery iu medicine has ever
created one quarter of the excitement
that has been caused by Dr. King'B
New Discovery for Consumption. Its
severest tests have been on hopeless victims of Consumption, Pneumonia, Hemorrhage, Pleurisy and Bronchitis,
thousands of whom it has restored to
rpefeot health. For Coughs,Colds, Asthma, Croup, Hay Fever, Hoarseness
and Whooping Cough it is the quickest, surest eure iu the world. It is
sold by Canadh Drug & Book Co.. who
guarantee satisfaction or refund money. Large bottles 50e and $1.00.
Trial bottles free.
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
beo.use you never tasted it.
The most miserable beings in the
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. Moie
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the United States are afflicted
with these two diseases nnd their
effects; such as Sour .Stomach, Sick
Headache. Habitual Costivencss, Pal-
nitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Waterbrasli, Gnawing and llurning
Pains at the Pit of the Stomach,-yellow Skin, dated Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in the Mouth Coming
up of Food after Eatiug, Low Spirits,
eto. Go to your Drnggist and get a
bottle of August Flower for 75 cents.
Two dosos will relieve you. Try it.
Get Green's Prize Almanac.
Windermere Mines.  (InrrouroinlonooSolloltoil
Mines Examined and Reported On.
Mining Engineer.
Koom 4. K.-W.-C. Block,
Nei.hon, B. C.
NKLSON LODGE No. 23, A. F. & A
M. inootB sucond Wednesday In each
month,   Visiting brothern welcome.
^ajfljM... 1. 0. O. F. Kootonay Lodge
w hk Nn. HI, meets every Monday night,,
^^mEm*^ at. tholr Hall, Kootenay street
~olournlnff Odd Follows oortlf-lly lnvltod.
John A, Mc.llno, N.O. 1). W. Ilutliorford, V.Q.
Fred J. Squire, Per. See.
Hays the Rossland Miner: "Fred
>'��� Gutellus returned to Nelson yesterday afternoon. Ar it wur, in all
probability, Mr. GuteliuB' last visit
W Kossland prior to leaving for his
new post in .Montreal as head of the
maintenance of ways department, his
numerous friends In Rossland gave
him a cordial sand-oil."
Thus is another lie nailed, The
Rossland Minor says: "Both the Nelson papers appeared yesterday with
stories to the effect that Herb E. Lee,
a Nelson business man, was married
on Thursday evening to Miss Mabel
Harris of this eily. This is a pleasant little fiction originated by the
gentleman's   friends   us   a  practical
Nelson Royal Arell Chanter No. 123, tl. It. 0,
Meets third Wednesday. Sojourning compnii-
InliH Invited. George Johnstone, /.. K. VV.
Matthews, H. K.
NKL-UK 1,1)1)0K   No.M, K.of I'.
Ivinoels in K. ul' P. ball, Oddfellows block
lueverv Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock
fjAll vMtlng knights cordially  Invitod
11. M. VlNCKNT.O.O.
A. T, I'AHII, K.of It. and H.  |
Nelsuli Kiicaill|>incnt No. 7. Meels every '~id
and Ith Friday of each munLli, In Odd Follows
Hall, coiner linker mid Kootenay Htreets.
Nelson. A. II. Clements, 0, P.; 1). MiiArthu/
It. H.   Visiting brothers nlwayH weli'nnin,
NKLSON L. 0. L, No. 1(1112 moots in Fin-
loniity Hull on lirst. end third Friday evenings
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting members
cordially Invited. W. W. Bradley. W. K.:
A. Mlnly, It. 8.
from. Kootenay Common
Pan-American EiHtilin
BUFFALO. $76.00.
June 18, July 2, 16, Aug. 6, 20
If Oft! Lotpi letli
July 13. 14. '5-
NKLSON AKHIK No. 21, V. O. K��� moots
ovory second and fourth Wednosduys of ouch
111 onth, Vislllng members cordially Invll.
Charles Prosser, Soorotury,
Kootenay Tent No. 7, K. <>. T. M��� hold their
regular meetings In Fraternity Hull, I. O. O. V.
blook, on tho 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each
11.onth. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to
nl lend. O. A. Hrown, 11. K.j A. 1*. 1'urdy, Com.
It. J.Stool, I>. 8. 0,
COURT KOOTKNAY,   I.  O.   F��� No.   31%.
Meot.lngs Ith Thursday cf month.   Fraternal
hull, .1 A Irving O R.   P. U. Fleming. 11.8
Nolson Court Star ol   Knot-nay, A. O. F.
Meets  2nd and   4fh    Wodiiesdiiys in   every
month.   Visiting brethren welcomo. W, Muc
Mlllun, C. It.   Robert McLeod, 800,
CMsto Enaeavor Court
July 2, 3.
National Eteational Ass'n
DETROIT. $71.25.
J"iy 2, 3-
For   Time  Tables,    Rates,  Tickets,
npply II. L. Brown,
Oity Passenger Agont.
,1. S. Carter, E. J. Coyle,
Dis. Pass. Agt. A. O. P. A.
Nelson. Vancouver
St. Louis
To be had wholesale at Nelsou,
R.   P.    Hithel    &
CO., Ltd.
A. B. GRAY, Iillkcr st- Ncl90B
Kootenav Airen-.
T )RS.
Ilids will bo received by the Canad
ian Pacific Railway  Company   for the
building   of a cut   off from    Field   to
Ottertail iu the district of East Kootenay, British  Columbia.
Work will Include clearing of right
of way, grading and bridging,
Plans, profiles and specifications
may be examined in the ollice of J.
Q, Sullivan, divisional engineer.
Trail, II. O.
Ilids for this work are to he sent
to the ollice of W. _\ Tye, Chief Kn-
gineer of Coiiiitruetion, 2us Main
Street, Winnipeg, Man., and must,
reach there not later than 12 o'clock
Monday, July 15th, 1001.
The 'lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted
Divisional   Engineer.
Trail, 11. C, July :it_,  1901.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at tlio
FARES���Cash, 10 cents.
Tickets, 10 for 50 cents.
SERVICE���Every 20 minutes, leaving
park and lip-town terminus at 7
a 111. 10 10.40 p.m. Early car leaves
H. B. Stores 0:45 a. ni.
TRAINS���Oat. meet 10.86 n.m. and
6.46 p in., and outgoing only ou
SPECIAL���The public are requested
to stop cars only ou the far side of
cross streets; not to ride on, enter
or leave by front platform; also to
motion by hand if they intend to
hoard the car, and to notify conductor 11 short distance before they
wish to leuve.
COMPI,AINTS-\Vill receive prompt
ai t out ion at the Company's oflice,
Vernon Street, Oily.
A large number of good residential
building sites adjacent to the lines of
their tramway, chiefly in the southern portion of the eity to be sold on
easy terms.
Apply Tramway Oflice, Vernon
Managing Secretary.
As we need the space for
other goods, we have decided
to sell out our line of
Granite In Ware, Etc.,
Call and Get Prioes.
Baker Street.
Phone 261.
H. & M. BIRD
SHOO     Four roomed liouse on Victoria
street, close to C'edai street.
��'.S.r)     Two    lots   on   Robson   street,
close to Hendryx.
1600     House    and     lot   on    Victoria
street; house 22x14.
83,300 New   (I roomed   house   on Vic'
toria street, close to eity offices;
cash 81,000, terms for balance.
tflr> Five-roomed cottage on Ward st.
KM Furnished house on Victoria street
8:18 Furnished   liouse    on    Carbonate
$:;o House   on    Mill   street,   all   improvements.
;.'() House ou Robson street,   close   to
Stanley, all Improvements,
Advertisement- Inserted undur this lieail nl
tho rain of one cent a word por insertion. No
advertlHomont tnkon for Ichh tlinii '.'.1 nonbi,
Situation Wanted advertisements lusorled
three timofi free of churicc.
SI,son   buys well   established grocery
business in good   location.    Address
" M ", Miner ollice.
FOR    SALIC- liooil   secondhand     bicycle. Slu, or will trade for good guitar.    "I'.ilie'' .Miner oflise,
KOOM TO BENT in IC. W. C.   Block.
on July 1st, corner room facing
Baker anil Ward street. Two rooms
en suite on Ward St., and two inside
rooms. Furnished or unfurnished.
Mrs. F. ,1. Squire.
Arc you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column,  what   you are   in   want   of
Vou'll   L'et  il
TO RENT.���Rooms and office  in   Clement,   Ilillycr block.    Apply to   the
Nelson Electric Tramway otlices.
ROOM and board in    private. , family.
Apply ou Silica   street, second   door
west of Ward.
ROOM for   rent at   Mrs.   McBeath's,
Siliea street
FOR SALE.���Tug Hoat "Red Star."
and Barge���At reasonable figures to
cash purchaser or time with good
security. Applv to Ontario Powder
Works,  Nelson, 11.  C.
HOUSE to   Rent.���Furnished   01
furnished, apply T, Miner offic
SITUATION    WANTED���As   waitress
or  chambermaid in hotel or boarding house.    Address   M.   N.,      Miner
WANTED. ��� Thoroughly competent
bookkeeper for a mine in liritisli
Columbia. Must understand keeping
and tabulation of mine ami mill costs
and stores accounts. Apply giving
past experience and references, to
postofiice drawer No.
II. O.
WANTED.���Trustworthy men and
women to travel and advertise for
old established house of solid financial
standing. Salary 8780 a year and expenses, all payable in cash. No canvassing required, (live reference and
enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Address Manager, 308 Caxton
rate of
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to bo left
with the agent,
D.  J.  YOUNG.
mid try a bottlo. a ilomn, or a barrol nf
CALGARY BEER SB, it is the nasi and
cneanoHl. un the market. AIho try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     ami    OIQAR8.
Large semi-tlctachcd house
owned by F. P. Gutilius is
offeied for sale at less than
Has all conveniences and
rents for $50 per month.
Tolonhnri    93.
1.���i,,.,-hi.   NolMin.H. ��1
General   laborers,   gardeners,  rock'
men, etc.,  will    be   furnished   freu of
charge to all   persons requiring  help
of this nind by applying to the Secretary, Nelson Luboiors' Protective Union, llox 887,  Nelson.  II. O.
Ut anil .'It'll Wednesday tivonlnirsof
each month at Kialernlty hull.
cornor of linker and Koolonay
HtreetH. Visiting brothern cord-
iiillj lnvltod.
.loi'M     A'i'soN, Socrotarv.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what Thu Minor can do
for you.
A. R. BARROW, a. _. 1. o.B
Provincial  Land  Surveyor
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
Mr. Maehin, general agent   Bennett
Fuse Co,,    headquarters   at    Victoria,
11. 0., begs to say tbat iu consequence
of attempts to impose spurious aud
cheap Imitations of their white coun
i.ered, patent safety l''uso, Crown
llrand, lie feels it necessary to ask
consumers to bo sure tbat they gel
thu genuine Dennett's Kuse. The sole
agents In Nelson is the Lawrence
I lard ware Co.
NELSON Employment Agency,   llaker
street,    l'hone 878.   .1. II. Love.
WANTED���Teamsters.        Waitresses
Girls for housework.   Nurse tllrl.
Situations wanted by Cooks, Laborers, Blacksmith, Carpenters, etc.
W'ANTED���First-class bead sawyer
for circiilai mill. Men wanted for
R.lt. construction, li'are and employment fee advanced. Western Canadian employment Ofiice, Ward st.
TO Builders and Contractors���1 am
prepared to take eonrta, ts for B-inoll
single Hues at 7B cents per fiot, double Hues, Jl.U per foot. Clustering,
two coats. 23 cents a yard, haul Hi,-
{sh :;,i cents a yard. W. II. Hrown,
Hume Addition.
From date until October 1 the dental
offices of Nelson will be closed ut 1
o'clock, p. ir., cm all Saturdays, remaining closed during the balance of
the dav.
W, .1. WIN LAN.   D. D. S.
F. E.   MORRISON,   IJ. D. 8.
T   II. STODDABT,  D.  1). S.
rpllOHPK _c CO. Limitod-Uuriier Vornon
JL and Cedar -irecl. , NelHOli���iManufuclur
era of and wholusulo dealors in aerated wauir.
aud fruit syruiis.   Sole agents for llalcyou lio
-pniiK-s mineral water.   Tolepliono UU.
X. N. M..Cummins, Lo^oo���Kvory known
variety of r,ofi drinks, 1' O llox 88. Toloiihuno
No. ill. Hoover -trool, Nelsou.   liottlorsof Hit
f.uiiou*  SI,, boon  liol Springs .Mineral WuUir
C1ANK. it MACDONALD (11. Ciuio, Jamo
J A. Maeilonaldl��� AreluloeUi aud uuperlu
lei.denLH, Broken Hill Illock, cornor llaker and
Ward Streets, Nelson
HJ. EVANS Sc CO.-Baker Street, Nel
��� son���V\ boloaalo dealerH in liquors, ci-
gars, oetuent, lire briek and lire clay, water
pipe and steel rail*, and _oueral couiiubjuion
|>KA~KMAN-_.~.K M1LL1NU CO., Ltd.-
1 > Wholesale ami retail dealors in grain,
liay, Hour, feed. Mills al Victoria, Now VV'e-tr
minsier; KdiuonUin, AlUi. Elevatum ou Cab
gttry and Kdinoulun Hallway. Manufacturers
of the cclcbraled 11. & K. brand cereals.
A MACDONALD & Co.-Cornor .'ron
��� and Hall Streets���Wholesalo Krocor
mid jobbers in blankets, gloves, mills, boot-
rubbers, uiaekinaws and miners' suudrios.
WOMAN    wants   work   of   any   kind
during  the   day.    Apply   at   Miner
ALL KINDS    of    goods bought    sold
or exchanged   at    dosser's   Second
Hand Store,   Wnrd street,   l'hone   87(1.
IT WILL PAY you to read  our ad. iu
another column. Our blend of tea at
Thirty cents   per pound will suit you-
Kootenay Coffee Co.
.lAI'AN TEAS���"Snider Leg," "Pan-
fired,' "Sun Cured,"-have a place in
our stock. The new "Ceylon Green"
is fine flavored and economical, Kootenuy Coil'ee Co.
I ll-i:   MIIIIiik   -old    I'riii lies -We  are
anxious in seoure a r��w free milling gold
prepi-riii", ni iiiire.   The  Prospector.   Kx-
chiiiiKe,  Ni'Imoii,   H,   (',   K n I,  K..T..-I
WE HAVE   in stoek choice teas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan.   We
blend tbem to your taste.   All  prices
and qualities.     Kootenay   Coil'ee Co.
��;oi,i��su.��t:it corn it i,i:n��   Nlnea   iiiial
promeeta wanted, hmmI Veporl ami ism
plea III I lie rrn��|li'i liir'�� KxehllOge, NrUmi.
il...   Him ni I K. vt. <. li'iii'K.
1}   BURNS & Co.���Bakor Stroot, NoImoii-
.  ���    Wholesalo dealers In frosh and cured
moats.   Oold SleraKe.	
Baker street, Nolson���wholesale doa ���
ers in fresh and cured meats.
Streot, Nelson ��� Wliolesulo denims ie
hardware, minors' supplies, sporlin_ _ood~
M'l.At 1II.AN BROS. (Successors to Van
comer Hardware Co, Ltd. i linker Btroot,
Nelson��� \\ bolosalo dealers in hardware and
miolng supplies, plumbers' and ttusiuiUiH' sup
__1    paints, oils anil Klsss; mechanics' tools,
Agent- foi Ontario 1'uwder Works;  ijrniunlle
L'UHNKIt, IIKIOTDN & CO.���Oornor Vornon
and Josophlno Streets, Nelson��� Whclo
-ale dealers In liquors, cigars, and dry Kooda,
AgODta for I'absl. Browing Co. of Milwaukee
uud (,'alirary llrewinir Co of Calgary^	
UD-ON'S HAY Co.   Wholesale groooru~i
nil liquors ole., llaker Hi reel, NoIhou.
iiilii-ii corner Hall anil Kroul SlroeU,
Nolson���Lumber, ceiling, ItoorliiK, and every
thing in wood for buildiiiK purposes. Uot uuc
prices.  Oorrospondonoo solicited.
The annual general meeting   of The
Cascade Water Power & Light Company
Limited, will be held at. the ollice of
the company, linker street, Nelson.
II. C, on Wednesday, the 17th day of
July Inst., at tl  o'clock In   tbe   urter-
P.O. Box fi
TaleDhone No.
W 111 pay the highest oash price for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, carports,
-noliing utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box UM~ Ue]>
Street, Nelson.  B   V.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter.
Nelson. II. O.
Notice Is hereby given that I have
made application to the Chief Coin-
missiiincr of Lands and Works nl Victoria, II. C, fur il special llconso to
cut and carry mviij limber on nnd
from ihe following described Crown
Lands in the Goal River section of
West Kootenay district, II. C. :
Commencing at a post placed on tlie
South    bank   of    Meadow   Click   and
marked "South East Corner," said
Meadow Creeli   being a tributary  id
Goal River and above   point ;s sltuiit
ed about    four   miles east of the   i.la-
llon    known    us    Kiteheiiei     un     Ihe
Clow's   Nest   branch    of      Ihe   II.    C,
S.    Rniiway.    Comineiieing    al      said
southeast  cornur  nnd   running  west
Hill chains, North lllebnins, East Hill
Chains and south lu Chains to place
of  beginning,  containing   about, 1110
Dated at Muyie, II.(' . June 111,   IDOL
rp GALLON fc CO, Dealers In ore saets
V. . anil I wines. Always a larKO slock on
bund. Toln.lioliolttU. HiMini H, IC.-W.-C, Hloek
Our Frosh Rmmtod Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java ami Anibian MiK'ha. per pound 9   *'
Java and Mooha Hlend, n pounds  ' at
Kino Bantm. < pounds i <*>
Hiuilns Hlend, J pounds  1 HO
Our   . | . i I ,!II|..|hI. i.  i "I"   I '��'
Our Rlii ROBSt, II pounds  101)
A Till.! I. OHII.lt HO-ICIT-H.
Hai.khkoiimh I
Nelson,      -      b. cu
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to O. I.. LWNNOX. Baku St
Take notice that I intend to apply
Ilo days after date lo the Chiof Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria, B.O., to purchase the following
described vacant Crown Lands ill tbe
District of West Kootenay,   II. I', i
Commencing at a post planted on
the west line of Lot llli:.', group 1. West
Kootenay District and about '.'Oil ft.
from North West, Comer of the said
lot, and which post is marked "James
Croat- B Noith-West Corner," thence
west HO chums, tbeliee suulh su
Chains, thence east mi chains, thence
north so chains to place of beginning,
containing (140 acres more or less.
Dated,  the llith day of June,  1901.
J. C. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Can-
iidii.    Six years experience in B, C
mining districts,
Baker Street Nelson, B. C.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Lan_
P.  O.  Bio Ul Kolma   B.U
J About that second band arliele ol
yours. Vou'll sell il if you'll advei-
Use it in The Miner want col min,
By thc week from $5 to -6.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'Li-UQHTJN, Prop*
.:~___*'___S_a_f-l_ ���
Nelsom   Daily  Miner, Tuesday,   July 9,   1901
The Helmet    J?�� cla" ��' fl,c
_ ., tion   appeals   to
of Navarre the weu informed mind as does
the historical novel. The deeds of
men who lived in past ages hold an
all-absorbing interest for the people
of today. Miss Bertha Runkle, although a comparatively new writer,
has, in The Helmet of Navarre, presented a fascinating romance which
will take place among the foremost
historical novels of the day. The
Siege of Paris manes a strong, vivid
background for a charming romance.
interwoven with tales of ndventu .���
and daring. Th" story is well told.
the plot carefully thought oul and
cleverly carried to 1 te climax. Oiliei
new books are :
The Crisis. Winston.Churchill. 75
Pro l'atria Max I'einberton, 75
MisticPss Nell,  llazellon.  75   cents.
Her Mountain Lover, Hamlin Garland, 75 cents.
The Observations of Henry. Jerome
K. Jerome. 75 cents.
Pianos to Rent.
������WVWWV^l^WWWVWWW ���
The hot wave has  struck Nelson.
How would yon like to be the iceman'.'
\V. II. Hrown, a contractor, formerly of Vancouver, and now of Nelson,
advertises in today's Miner, a reduction of prices for Sinch single liues
to 75 cents per foot, double lines to
81.15 per foot, plastering, two coats
to 3,'l cents a yard,and bard finish to lis
cente a yard.
The Haptist Sunday School of thiB
city will run their annual excursion
to Kokanee creek on Thursday.
July '8th. The steamer Moyie has
been chartered for the day and will
make two round trips, leaving Nelson
at 0 in the morning anj 2 in tlie afternoon, returning will leave Kokanee
creek at 12 noon and 0 p. m. Tickets
will be adults 600. i children under
12, 25c.
Although Mine. Camilla Uioo, the
great violinist, lias never before visited Nelson, there arc not a few people
in this city who have heard her in the
east. These will not willingly miss
the chance to hear her again, and t
those who never heard ber the great
reputation she bears brings promise ol
an uncommon pleasure. She will appear at tbe opera house tonight.
J, Circular letters have been issued
announcing the seventeenth annual
session of the Trades anil Labor Congress, to be held at Brantford, Ont.,
beginning Sept. 17th. Trades Unions
are allowed one delegate for each one
hundred members or under, and two
or more Trades Unions whose aggie-
gate membership dues not exceed 15(1
may unite to send one delegate. Unions not rcpreseuted may havo their
views on nny subject presented by
Tlie following tale of woe is told by
The Kossland Miner: "A Nelson
man who is in tlie city for a day or
two came a bad Oroppei over tbe Medicine Hat-Nelson lacrosse match played in Nelson on Saturday afternoon,
tin Tuesday Nelson played a lie game
with the lint men, au 1 the lattei
team then defeated Grand Forks.
The Nelson man was confident bis
townsmen could beat the buys from
the other side of the Divide, anil
wagered liis money freely wi'.lt Ross*
land sports who differed with him on
this point, lie dropped 8140 on the
game, whicli Medicine Hat won by
the close margin of ii goalti to .'.''
The Medicine Hal laorosse club ih
very anxious to hove the Nelson t&aui
play a return gaum at tbe Territorial
town during August. If the Nelson
men would gei out and practice Ihey
Could give tlie lint boys n goud game
but if they remain ns Indifferent as
Ihey have been thus far this yoar,they
had better not visit onj more popu-
Ions centres than Wnr.l's Crossing or
Fivu Mile Point, Nelson is quite cap
utile of putting up a tenm that wilt
give tlie Medicine list twelve a close
gniiio and if thoy sliuw a disposition
lo do.so the people i.f till! eily will
attend to tbe expense pint of tbe trip
tn recover Nelson's losl laurels.
Greatest   Living    Woman    Violinist
nl the Opera House Tonight,
The coining to Nelson of Camilla
Urso, the great violinist is much
tallied about in musijal circles. Hers
Is no epbeiuei.'il reputation, drawing people once to see whether a sensational exploitation of genius fullllls
its own promise upon the stage. She
long ago took her place in the very
front rank of the masters of the violin, and she lias held undisputed possession of it ever since. Her vititB to
this part of the world come nt long
intervals. She never has been beard
in Nebon. and it probably will be
long l�� fine sbo will come again, so
Jier piosciit   visit slioubl bu made   the
mo.-t of by all who value real art in
music. Slio will appear at the Nel
son Opera House this evening and
those who wish to enjoy an evening
with a master should attend. Nelson
is so far from ihe main line of attractions that it is seldom the opera bouse
management is able to announce such
an attraction and the only way to se
cure more of them is to encourage
ihose who do some.
.Mr. Annable has  handed The Miner
the following   'otter   for publication : j
I'o the Patrons ol   the   Nelsou   Opera |
Madam Camilla Urso, who will
appear at tbe Nelson Opera House I
tonight, is second to none in her line
of music. The most severe critics
pronounce her to be thc greatest lady
violinist in the world. Her playing j
is simply marvelous and Nelson citi- I
zens having tbe name of being great
lovers of high class music should avail j
themselves of this opportunity of
bearing her. She has with her a
contralto singer, Miss Helen Hall,
who will please those who are move
particularly fond of vocalists. As
manager of theOpora House I bave always tried to secure as high a class of
attractions as possible. Madame Camilla UrEo's manager wanted a date
at Nelson on the night of July 1 st,
but on account of the Water Carnival,
1 refused to book them on that date
as I thought a great many of the musical people would like to patronize
both events and Madame Urso has
been filling in the time ai Rossland,
Greenwood and Grand Forks, aud a
telephone message from the opera
house maiager at Grand Forks yester-
day noon stated that nearly every seat
had been sold. The company consist
of four people. They will arrive in
the city lrom Grand Forks on the 0.30
train this evening; the concert will
begin at s.:tu and Capt Gore has kindly ccusented to bold the Crow's Nest
boat till 11 o'clock, so that the little'
woman who will handle the how tonight will only remain in Nelson
about four hours.
Manager Nelson Opera House,
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which li Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   $8,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   52.000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over (05,000,000;
HON. OEO. A. COX, President.      B. S. WALKER, General Manager.
London Office: 6n Lumbnrd Street, E. C.
New York OHlce; ,6 Exchange Place.
And 08 brauche? i_ Canada and the United States, including:
Atlin Greenwood Nklson Sandon
Fernie Nanaimo Uosbland Victohia
YUKON IIIST1IICT-Dawson ami White House.
UN1TK.I) STATUS���NEW YoltK. San FuaNOISOO, Seattle, 1'okti.and. Skagway,
Savings Bank Department.
iii'iiimiis Received mil Interest Allowed.  Present Kate a Per ('eat
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Nelson Branch
Hammocks and Refrigerators.
Going at Greatly Reduced Prices.
We are  cleaning out  what we   have
left of these goods at Bargain Prices.
The Leonard Cleanable Refrigerator
Is the Best.
We sell watches that are
reliable and that we can guarantee. Learn our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Watch repairing our specially. This department is
second to none in the country. All work guaranteed
satisfactory or money refunded. Get a price on the work
before leaving it.
A most appropriate Souvenir of the Dominion Day Celebration is
the Sterling Silver Miners' Candlestick, Pin and Badge. Don't fail to
secure one.    Only 50c, at
Jewelers,  Nelson,  B. C.
3 1901
Six Prisoners Drought Up Defore
Judge Forin Yesterday.
Yesterday morning- there were six
eases before His Honor Judge Forin
for trial under the Speedy Trials Act.
Five of these were bandied during
the morning session, tbe sixth case
being continued in tbe afternoon.
George Pierce, who was brotight up
on the charges of breaking and entering, had Ins case adjourned to
July IS, He is accused of having
stolen a crosscut saw and some pike
poles from a shack at Bowser lake.
W. Gardiner, who wai* brought
from Kaslo, accused of indecent as
sault, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year with hard labor.
Joe Peel, the Indian, was found
guilty of shop breaking and was given two years witli baid labor.
In the case of William Harris,
accused of attempted suicide, and
who had been released on Iub own
bail some time before, there was no
prosecution and he was discharged.
The lifth case, that of Tony Ley'
den. accused of theft, was adjourned
to the assizes.
In the last case brought np a rath
er Interesting feature developed. The
defendant, John Smith, was accused
of stealing au opal ring, the property of a Fernie hotel keepei by whom
be had been employed. The ring
bail been left on the bar for some reason, and the defendant, whose duly
it was to clean np the premises generally, hnd been iu the vicinity while
tbe ring was exposed. After the
ring bad disappeared seveial suspicious circumstances occurred which
pointed to Smith being the guilty
party, end dually resulted in bis arrest, Tbe ring was found by Ihe prisoner at the bottom of a pail of slops,
thnt I uid been taken bv hiin from behind the bar, for the purpose of emptying ii. The defence endeavored to
prove thut the ring might have been
ill the pall and stuck    1"   the   bottom
during iwo previous emptyings,   This
was shown to have been Impossible
and the prisoner v.as Found guilty
and sentenced to six months with
liartl labor.
Hbe IRoval JSank of Canaba"
Capital  Authorized,
Sei.iiiiii.iiiMi.iiii 1
Capital rniil-up,     ,    .
Hoard or Itlrertora     Thomas E. Kenny,   President;   Thomas Kilohli
Wiley Smith. H.G.Bauld, Hon. David MaoKoen.
Head Olllre. Halifax:
General Manager, Kilson L. Pease. Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary, W, B. Torrance. Hallfn
Bran    es I
���ova   Scolln-Hallla-   Branch,   AntlgonK
Bridgewater, Guysboro. Londonderry, Lu
enburg. Maitland (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port
Hawkosbury, Sydney, Shubonacadie.Truro,
New    Brunawlch ��� Bathurst.     Dorchester,
Frodcricton, Kingston iKeot Co.l, Mono
ton, Newcastle Sackville, St, John,Woodstock-
P. E. Island���Charlottetown, Sumincrsidc.
#'-'.11011. mil), lie
. ebec���Montreal.   (Oity   Oflice),   Montreal
West End (Cor. Notre   Ilanio and Seigneurs StreeU);  Wcstinounl (Cor. Ureene
Avenue ai tl St. Catharines Slreot,
Newfoundland-*-St. John's.
Culm, West Indies���Havana.
I nn. ii stales-New York (IB Kxrha' go Plaen
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents 1
I'nnada���Merchants Bank of Canada.   Boston���National Shawmut Hank.   t'lilrBi. i-lllmoi-
Trust and Savings Hank.  San Francisco���tint National Bank.   London,  Ens.-Bank  of
Scotland.   Paris, France���Credit Lyonnais.   Bermuda-Hank of Bermuda.   China and .In
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.    Spokane���Old National Hank.
(ieneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed  on  special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Mrs. Onpt. -caiiian of Nlocnn City,
who bus been visiting with Mrs,
('apt. McMorris, left foi home this
Mr. and Mrs. Al. Grey of Kokanee
Crook, were in town yesteidny. Mrs,
Grey left this morning for a three
month's visit to the   eastern States.
Capt. and Mrs. McMorris leave on
tonight's boat for a two month's
trip to enstcrn Canada, They will
lake in   the   l'an-Ainerieiin    ami   the
principal Canadian cities.
Mr. Frederic Lucre, under whose
direction   Madame   Camilla   Urso  is
touring tbe Province, arrived from the
Boundary country last evoning and
is a guest  at  the Phalr,
Mrs.Etelene Braet.ob.who represents
Ili'iinoh Hall, (formerly St. Mary's
llalll Hoarding School for girls, Spokane, is in tbe eity for two days, in
the inieiests of hot   school.    Sbo is   a
guest at the Phair where she would be
pleased to meet any prospective pupils.
A. S. Karwell, who had heen ill at
the .Slocan hospital, for three weeks,
has been back in town for a few
days, Mr. Karwell is still vary weak,
but feeling considerably  better.
.Mr. II. A. Mault-bv, for two years
foreman of Tbe Miner composing
room, left yesterday morning for
Dawson City, where he bas accepted a
lucrative position on thc Dawson Sun,
Mr. Maulsby is a capable man in iiis
profession and has made many friends
here.   On  Sunday  bis companions In
the craft tendered him a farewell supper at the Nelson Cufe. All ithe
members of the Typographical. Union
of which Mr, Maulsby was president,
were piesent und a most enjoyable
time was spent.    Mri.    .Maulsby   and
family remain in Nelson until .September when Ihey will leave for their
fur northern home,
Count Frederic de llallllenoonrt,
who departed unexpectedly for Fiance
mi Sniidiiv eveniugi during bis short
visit to Nelson made many friends
here who hope that nothing will interfere with his plans in return to
Nelson next month 01 early in September. The Count is very heavily
interested in British Coluiiibia mining properties,    having    been   nillinly
Instrumental iu  the formation of the
Excelsior Hold Mines of B, <!.. which
Is now merged with   the   t'nltcd Hold
Fields of 11, C , who recently bonded
the Mnv and Jennie group. He Is
very largely interested In Camp Mnns-
llebl and with assoeiales owns practically the wholo oainp. It is under
slood tbat his present trip to France
has to do with some mining business
of much Importance, to thu Province.
He was accompanied to the boat on
Sunday by a large number of friends,
who heartily wished bim lion   voyage.
Thc ex-Winnipeggers of Nelson are
anxious to play the ex-Toroiitotiians
and ex-Montrealers, an extraordinary game of lacrosse sometime In
the neai future. J. S. Carter and 1!.
H. Carley will look after the interest
of tho men from Manitoba and will
be pleased to hear from the representatives of the other side. Senior players (ire barred.
. "I was troubled for several years
with chronic indigestion anil nerv.
011s debility," writes F. ,1, Green, of
Lancaster. N. II.. "No remedy helped
me until I began using Electric
Hitters, whicli did me more good than
all the medicine I ever used. They i
have also kepi my wife in excellent
health lor year. She savs Electric Hit-
tor arc just splendid for female trouble; thnt they are Ja grund tonic and
invigiirnliii' for weak, mri down women. No other medicine can take
its place in our family," Try them.
Only .inc. Satisfaction guaranteed
by Canada Drug ft Hook Co.
Spokane  Falls <S_
Northern R'v
Nelson  ___  Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain W'v.
Cincinnati, 0., and Return
$68 50
July isi, 2d and 3d.
Detroit, Mich,, and Return
July 2d and 3d.
San Francisco and Return
July 13th, 14th and 15th.
Buffalo and Return
July 2d, 16th, and every first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Iltiflet service  on  trains between
Spokane and Northport.
Leave          DAY TRAIN Arrive
BlUO n.m Spokane 7;8B p.m
lDiBO p.m Kossland 4:10 p.m
9118 a.m Nelson 7:]r, ,,.,_.
II. A. JAUKSON, G, P. ,. T.A,
Spokane Wa_i
Agent, Nelson, ll.C,
The Store With
Right Prices
New Goods Arriving Every Day
When our new stock is complete we will have by far the FINEST DISPLAY OF FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS
ever shown to the public of Nelson.
Call and see our Rattan Chairs, Baby Carriages, Go  Carts,   Morris
Chairs, Verandah Chairs, etc.
* NO. 4 K.-W.-O. BLOCK, NELSON, B. C,
5          Gold, Silver-Lead  and Copper Minos wanted at tbe EXCHANGE).
FREE MILLING COLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Coliuuliia.
Prospectors and milling iron aro requested to make the EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should lie sent by express, PREPAID,
Correspondence solieited.    Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104.   P. O. Bo* .00. NELSON   B.O.
est, situated on Dtinlop creek, from
Thomas .1. Duncan to the Duncan
Mines Co. Ltd,
0Ai'...-MliA_iS n la OAETB.
Oloso connection Kast and West-
hound nt Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Palls mid Northern Railway,
and ni, Hoimi r's Ferry wii.n Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Oo,
Direct connection nt St, Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Ohiengo, Toronto. Montreal, .New York
and all points West mid Smith.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:1b a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7;15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8:00 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct con-
nection for Victoria and Vanoonver,
1 oil land, Sun Francisco, and all points
on ihe Sound,
During the season of navigation East
nound trains conneot at Duluth with
tnemagniflcentsteamships North West
andNorth-Land of theNorthern Steam-
ship Ooinpany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Bail-
For further Information, maps, fold-
'.' .1 ?_"_,"''|,ly '" ftny "Kont or Spokano
Falls & Northern Ky��� Kaslo & Blocan
Ky., Kootei aiilaihvuy & Navigation
Oo,, or to
H. A. 3A0KS0N. Cimi'l Agent,
O.K. TAOKABURY, liPe0altt_.g,Ja8b'
Nelson, 1MI
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
YAltns   AT   NKLSON  AND   ltOSSLANl)
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always in
Waoarryn oonmlotosUxik of GoastFlooring
Calling, luHi.ii. Finish, Turned Work, Sash anil
iiiioi'.^. special order work will receive prompt
nl Hon-  Mall oraeri aoliolted.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
lieail 0    n-Fo-"lrrTandTornon . ~  Nolsnn
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
0:00 n, ni, Lv. Nolson Ar. 9:1X1 n, in.
li.l,ia. in. Ar. Kaslo Lv. 5:211 p. in.
Bulletin No. li ��� Until  furthor notico tho
Jtoamor Albert* will leave Kaslo City Wharf,
[opt of  ihinl slrccl for Lardo on Mondays,
U cillicsilajs ami Fridays, at lO.lllla. iii.
!H" "''"' Lv' K""'�� Ar. 1:50 p. in.
���ass. p.m. Ar,        Sandon        Lv. 8:35p,m.
Ami all points Bast and West via Str. Alberta,
Htr. Kaslo  II. & N. anil K. V. Bys.
aiidG, N. Ky,
IJlOOn, in. Lv. Nolson Ar 10:00 p. in.
I -jiu p. in. lv.   Bonner-Ferry   Ar i:i5p. m.
Spokano        Lv 8:uo a. m,
0:10 P. in, Ar
limned iik at Bonner's Forry with Groat
rypruiorn Blyor oaatbound nnd ai Spokano
"iii,iGroatNorthorn torPaolflq Coast point.,
leaving Spokann al 8:00 p.th.
1 ally frolgbt service bou-cen Sandon ami
Slcamcr Alhcrla leaves Knslo for Lardo and
AiKiiihi, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
To ascertain rat��� and full Information ad-
droHH l
., ,. ,��� ������r._Br. Kaalo.B. C
G. K lACK.wiuiiY Local Agent
I       I


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