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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 4, 1902

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Daily Edition No. 1281
Nklson,   British Columbia. Tuesday,   March 4, 1902
Eleventh Yeai
American gunner as the   best   method
of damaging tbe revolutionary fleet.
Members Attack the Premier
for  Not   Fulfilling
Draft of  Canada Northern
Agreement to be Brought
Victoria, March 3.���The address in
reply to the speech from the throne,
was moved this afternoon by Mr.
Clifford and seconded by Mr. Hall.
Mr. McBrido replied in a lengthy
speeoh in which he explained his
withdrawal from the government,
alleging it was puicly because he
could not remain in a government
wbich was organized on anti-Martin
lines but afturw trd had taken in Mr.
Martin's lieutenant, lie opposed tiap
fishing, commented on the absence of
roll'rnnen to the Oriental question in
the speech, and concluded by offering
an amendment calling for an immediate and fair rodistiibutlon bill, said
bill to be given precedenoe over all
other legislation.
Mr. Tatlow attacaed tbe premier for
bad faith in falling to reconnstruot
tlie government and for being supported iu the house by members who were
his employees in business.
During the aiternoon the premier
said the railway contract for the
Canada-Northern had uot yet been
Bigned for the province and thc
attorney-general promised to bring the
draft ol tho contract down.
Premier, on being upbraided by Mr.
Tatlow fir signing the memorial condemning Melnnes, at whose hands be
received oflice, said he was sorry for
it, bnt was misled by tbe advice of
others. ,
Shipping men here are of the opinion that the vessel seen from Carmanah point is the abandoned derelict Laura Pike which since she was
deserted by her crew has drifted northward and was last seen on Friday off
the Umatilla reel light ship.
Shamrock II and Columbia May Again
Have a Contest.
New York, March 8.���0. W. Post,
of Battle Creek, Mich., who offered to
charter tbe Shamrock II in eider to
race her against the Columbia, tho
Shamrock to have an American and
Columbia an English crew,has received a letter from Sir Thomas Lipton
in which the lattor says: "In thc flrst
place 1 do not know whether or not
tho Columbia will be in commission
tbis season, but if so it would in my
opinion, be a far better test to race
Sharurcck II against the Columbia
with tho latter vossel's own skipper
and a crew of Americans and if yon
wish to do this, I will not accept a
charter oi tbo Shamrock II as you so
kindly offer, but I will let you have
the use of her during the coming season without charge, on tho condition
that you fit her out in racing trim and
pay all expenses for the raoing season.
"I do not wish to discourage you,
bnt I feel certain that the Columbia
would liok you."
Mr. Post said tnat to race both boats
with Ameiioan crews would not decide
whether American or llritish yachtsmen were superior. He maintained
that an Americau crew could get better results from the Shamrock and
that a British crew would get less
speed from the .Columbia. De believed
that under these conditions the Shamrock would win. He said he would
send a representative to London to
complete arrangements with Sir
Thomas Lipton.
Senator Frye's Speech on it Listened
to With Deep Attention.
Washington, March 3 ���The senate
today began consideration of what is
known as the shipping bill, a measure to provice (or ocean mail service
between the United States and foreign
ports, and for tbe Common defence, to
promote commerce and to encourage
deep sea fisheries.
Mr. Frye. of Maine, enainnsn of
tbe committee on commerce, made tbe
opening statements in support of the
bill. Ho occupied the floor for nearly
two hours. The policy of protection,
which has been applied, he said, to
American industries has not been applied to the shipping industry. The
result of the shortsighted policy has
been tho decadence of American merchant marine and the consequent
humiliation of Americans engaged in
the Bhipping industry. He was listened to with the closest attention by the
senators on both bides of the
Thinks Cable Will Maintain Suprom-
ecy Against Wireless Telegraphy.
New York, March 3.���At the annual
meeting of the Commercial Cable Co.
held bore today, the board of directors
was increased from 13 to 15. All of
the retiring directors were re-elected
and the two new directors elected
were W. Seward Webb and Ed win
Hawley. The company's officers will
be re-elected at the organization of
the board tomorrow. Vice-president
O.'.Q. Ward addressod those present on
wireless      telegraphy. He     said:
While wo do not Intend to belittlo
the credit due to Mr. Marconi for the
advancement he has made in that
field, we have every confidence in Jho
ability of submarine cables to maintain their commorcial supremacy in
competition with wireless telegraphy,
even shonld it ever extend beyond its
present experimental stage, as regards
trans-Atlantic or othor long distance
Those Received From America the Best
Received From Any Source.
Loudon, March 3.���A parliomentary
paper was issued tonight containing
despatches and reports regarding the
remount department in South Africa.
It refers to the Amercan mules as
being the "best received from any
source, magnificent workers and kept
in condition under tha most adverse
circumstances." The Amerioan
horses, the report says, varied greatly
bnt the majority were excellent.
President Castro Sending Men
Colombian Frontier.
Willerastadt, March 3.���News has
reached here that a revolutionary
break occurred yesterday in the vicinity of Valencia, capital oi thu state of
Cababobo, Veuozuela. The government
hastily sent troops to the district. It
is reported also that President Castro
is sending numerons reinforcements to
the Colombion frontier. The government seems to have concluded tbat the
situation on the frontier It serious.
Prince Henry's Visit but Upholds Past Good Relations.
Englishmen Subscribe Liberally Towards His Polar
Chancellor's Declaration Is Montreal Anxious for Stanley
Heartily Applauded ln
Berlin. March 3.���In the Reichstag
today Herr Gradnauer, sooial democrat, ridiculed the idea ot auy advantage from Prince Henry'B visit. He
said it was very ingenious to expect
any improvement in the relations
between Germany and the United
States to result from such a journey.
Replying, Count Von Buelow said
he deeply regretted the temarks of the
last speaker especially in view of the
splendid welcome that Prince Henry
waa receiving from the American
Thia remark of Count Von Buelow
was greeted with applause from all
sections of the bonse. Continuing,
the Imperial chancellor said that the
journey of the Emperor's brother had
no political object save the natural
one of upholding the traditional good
relations betweenj) Prussia, Germany
and the United States which had existed since the days of the Great
Frederiok and the Great   Washington.
Both nations, said Count Von Buelow, have every reason for mutual
esteem., They have no oocasion whatever, to besmirch one another or dispute with another. They have every
iuterest for living in peace and friendship based upon emu pie to reciprocity
even in the most remote future. My
oye perceives no point where the
political way of the German and
American people eross. I made this
statement in this house some three
years ago. I then was nnder tbe impression that I was in sympathy with
tne great majority of this house. Of
this 1 am now convinced. I am not
saying this for Germany alono, but
also from abroad. I am further con
vinced that I also agree with the great
majority of this house when I recognize tbat tbe German people bave
viewed with lively satisfaction thc
hospitable, chivalrous and brilliant
reception which the American nation
has accorded the brother of the German emperor.
Tbe Imperial chancellor concluded
hia remarks amid the applause of the
house. Count Von Buelow also
assured the Reichstag, in a somewhat
lengthy speech, tbat there was not
the slightest likelihood or desirability of Germany taking any steps to
interfere in the course of affairs in
South Afiica. Such a course said the
speaker, was not in accordance with
German interests and policy.
Gup Before the Ice
Haliiax, March 3.���Capt. Bernk-r,
who has been in England sseking
subscriptions for his North Pole expedition, returned on tbe Allan liner
Corinthian today. He raised $15,000
on the other side. He now wants
$40,000 to entitle him to the aid promised by the government.
Washington,March 3.���Examination
papers were issued at tho stato department today for Charles and Frankie
Savage, oolored, now in the hands of
the pilice in Montreal, charged with
the theft of 1)11,000 worth of cut
diamonds in Portland, Oregon.
Panama, March 8.���The government
gunboat Fuchitata has tired on tho
revolutionary land batteries Snd has
disraourited ono battery. Th e Colombian government bas decided to send
for   and   employ   the  services  of an
Ottawa, March 3.���Tlie rumor is
strongly circulated that llui. A. G.
Blair, who recently left lor New York
will return only to resign from the
minittry. Tho reason assigned is
that his health will demand cessation
oi work and change of air and scene.
Hon. James Sutherland Is mentioned as Mr. Blair's successor at the
head of the railways and canal department, and Hon. Mr. Templeman as
'minister of marine It is quotod aB
being signflcant that Hon. W.Temple-
man's delayed admission to the cabinet took place ou the day Mr. Blair
left for New Ycik to consult
Colon,Colombia, March 3.���The local
government officials declare that
severe fighting has occurred at Facata-
tiva, near Bogota, Bnd that tbo rebels
wero routed. No detailB of tbe engagement have yet boen receivod here.
Willomstadt,       March     3.���Loroto
Lima, tho Mocha, loader who was recently wounded, is dead.    He expired
In the military hospital.
Marconi Cannot Be Granted Licenses as
the Admiralty is Experimenting.
London, March 3.���Speaking of the
attitude of tbe government towards
wireless telegraphy in the House of
Lords thia aiternoon, tho Marquis of
Londonderry, the postmaster general,
said that while he personally regarded
the wireless telegraph system as the
greatost invention ot the age, ho could
not grant Marconi licenses to establish signal stations in thu United
Kingdom for fear of interrupting the
extensive experimental work now
being carried on by tbo admiralty
from which the government hoped to
attain most important insults.
It Repudiates All Responsibility For
the Capture ol Miss Stone.
Constantinople, March 3.���The
United Statts Minister John G. Lcisb-
raan has presented a note to tho Porto
regarding tlie capture of Miss Ellen
M. Stone by brigands, demanding thu
punishment of the guilty parties, Tbe
Porte, is reply, repudiates the responsibility and denies all liability.
Montreal, March 3.���Christopher
Archibald, a driver for thc Dominion
Express Co., wound up a protracted
spree tonight by putting a bullet into
hiB head. Heath is expected
Montreals Challenge Victorias For the
Coveted   Trophy.
Winnipeg, March 3.���J. C.G. Army-
tage, president of the Victoria Hockey
club, reoeived the following telegram
this morning, from P, D. Ross, one of
tho Stanley cup trustees: "Montreal
club heie have challenged for Stanley
cup. Trustees accept. Dates are
March 13th, 15th and 17th, which we
recommend. Please wire time nominations for referee to narry L, Show,
president of Montreal club, Montreal.
Better wire him likely gate receipts,
arrangements and as to condition of
Mr, Armytage says that those dates
aro quite satisfactory to the Victorias
and an answer will likely be wired
back to the trustoes to that effect.
At a meeting of the Viotoria Hookey
club tonight the challenge of the
Montreal Hockey club for the Stanley
cup was accepted for the dates suggested. William McFarlane, of the
Winnipegs, Harry Trihoy and Arthur
Farrell, of the Montreal Shamrocks,
wore suggested as referee.
Ontario Civil Engineers Want Tbeir
Profession Protected.
Toronto, March 3.���It is announced
on good authority that the date has
been sot for the Ontario provincial
eleotion, namely Tuesday, June 3rd.
The Ontario civil engineers waited
upon the government today and asked
that their profeession be placed on the
same plane as the medical and legal
professions, penalties to be provided
for the illegal use of the words 'civil
A Milo of Streets Burst Instantly Into
Welcoming Illuminations.
Chicago, Match 3.���Prince Henry
upon his arrival in this city this evening Was given an enthusiastic welcome. At 0 o'clock his train arrived
at the depot of the Chicago and Alton
railway where ho was met by Mayor
Harrison and tbe members of thc reception committee.
Thousands of psople on Jackson
boulevard awaited the arrival of the
prince and tlie sidewalks everywhere
wcio solidly massed witb cheering
multitudes. Every building along the
line of his route from the depot to the
Auditorium hotel waB decorated, the
prevailing scheme being the Ameiioan
and (lerman Hags entwined with the
Black Eagle of Prussia. Many buildings bad on their fronts olaborato
dcviceB in electric lights, but no hint
of tho plan of illumination was given
to the prince until after his carriage
had passed ovor Jackson boulevard
bridge and was descending the slope
that leads towards Michigan avenue.
Then the lights were turned on. The
torch beareis, who were German veteran soldiers, lit their torches at
almost thc same instant and from end
to end of the boulevard between the
bridge and Michigan avenue two-
thirds of a mile away, there was an
instantaneouB blaze of red fiic from
both sides of thc streot.
The train stopped with tbe prince's
oar opposite the main gate of the
depot where Mayor Harrison and tho
members oi tho reoeption committee
had beeu waiting for IS minutes.
The prince, iollowed by members of
his suite, went nt once to thc banquet
hall. Aa Prinoo Henry, escorted by
Mayor Harrison, entered the hall thc
cheering   was   tremendous    and   the
orchestra struck up the German
national anthem. It was shortly after
H o'clock when tho prince and his [
suite entered their carriages for the I
orive to the armory. From there he
returned to the Auditorium hotel
about 10 o'clock to take part in the
ball arranged in his bonor.
A Train Has a Race With a Broken
Ice Jam and Wins.
Fort Plain, N. Y., March 3.-The
flood in the Mohawk valley yesterday
did great damage. Between here and
Palatine bridge, for a distance of
three-quarters of a mile, the N. Y. C.
roadbed was washed away. An immense jam of ice suddenly began to
move with great rapidity and bore
down on a work train that was passing east. The engineer quickly realized the danger and with full force
made his train fairly jump, until it
reached a point of safety. As the huge
mass of ice tumbled along it cut down
15 telegraph poles as if they were so
many stiaws. At points both east and
west from nere the bank between the
Mohawk river and the Erie canal has
been washed away. The loss to the
state will be heavy and the havoc now
being wrought to the canal will certainly delay the opening of navigation on the canal.
Schnectady, March 3.--The Mohawk
has again swollen to high water mark
today as a result of yesterday's rain
and fears wero entertained that
Scotia, a suburb along the livei,
wonld be wiped out. The new shop of
the American Locomotive company
and Alpha Knitting mills are flooded.
Toward evening the water in the
Mohawk commenced to recede and
danger is again averted. Trains ou
tho New York Central and Delaware
and Hudson lines are being run without any regard to schedule and Cen-
tial trains take West Sbore tracks at
Hoffman's, 10 miles west of tbis city.
Ogdensburg, N, Y., Marob 3.���The
water ln the Oswegatchie roso two
feet during the night, caused by the
heavy rain yesterday. The lower floor
of mills are flooded with water. The
docks aro under water and valuable
lumber and timber are boing carried
away. An ice gorge was formed at
the bridge connecting Ford and Lake
streets and should the ice above the
dam give way, heavy damage will
Wilkesbarre, Pa., Maroh 3.���The
high water in the Susquehanna rivet-
is tailing rapidly tonight and the
worst ib over. Tne river was almost
stationary fiom 10 o'clock last night
until noon today. This aiternoon it
began to fall slowly, about three
inches an hour, but at this writing
(10p.m.) it ls going down at.the rate
of 10 inches an hour.
Two Employes of the Fern
Mine Charged With
Their Wages Were ln Arrears
and They Paid Themselves.
Whitehall. N. Y., March 3.���Tho
water in Lake Champlain is higher at
this psint than for several years.
Ten loaded canal boats are ashore and
are badly damaged. Bridges have
beon chained and barely escaped
being carried away.
The railroad track to tho north was
washed out and trains delayed about
tbree  hours.
Libertador Bomba ds a Port and Panic
Prevails in Vicinity.
Port of Spain, Trinidad, March 3.���
The steamer Libertador now operating iu tho interest of the Matos revolution against President Castro, of
Venezuela, and whose name was recently announced to havo been
changed to Bolivar, yeBterday bombarded tbe port of Gniria, for tbe
purpose of protecting the landing of
insurgents for supplies thore. Detnilh
of, this action cannot be obtained but
it is bclfeved here that the government came out second best in tho
affair. This belief arises from the
fact that there Is a panic at Carupano
where measures of defense aro being
Simon Pleff and II. J. I.allrash, of
Ymir, are at tbe provincial jail iu
Nelson, awaiting trial tllis morning
before Stipendiary Magistrate Crease
on a rather unique charge. It appears
that on Sunoay last P. J. Nichols,
lesse of the Fern mine, was superintending the monthly clean-up of tho
mine. With him were working iu the
labratory the two prisoners. As a result of the cleanup there was a brick
of gold valued at $700. This brick
Pleff and I.allrash arc said to have
kept possession of, informing cho
manager that as their wanes were considerably in arrears they would cut
off enough from the brick to satisfy
their claims. This, the prisoners
statu, they did, returning tlie balance
to Mr.Nicbolls,together with a receipt
for tho amount received. Tho latter,
from information received, learned
tbat tbe two men wero coming into
Nelson by the evening train and immediately left or the oity on foot, and
on arrival had a warrant issued for
their arrest. The charge is as follows:
"Tnat they, the said Simon Pleff and
H. J. Laltiash, at the I'ern mine near
HaU Siding in tho country of Kootenay on the 'loot day of Match, 1909,
being then and thorn servants to P. J.
Nicbolls, tlieir master, did unlawfully
steal a ocrtaiu gold brick of tho value
of $700 from P. J. Nicbolls, their
The two men came into Nelson on
Sunday and pioceoded to the KIon-
dyke hotel, where they were shortly
afterwards arrested by the police, two
portions of a gold brick having been
placed in the possession of tbo hotel-
keeper by them on arrival. They w��ro
brought up for trial Defore Magistrate
Crease yesterday morning, It. M. McDonald acting for the prosecution.
A. Johnston, of the Klondyke hotel,
was called as a witness, and stated
that on tbe ovening of Sunday, March
2nd, the prisoner Pleff deposited with
him two portions of a goldbrick
(which he produced in court and
whicb were made an exhibit in the
case, I weighing about 85 ounces.
At this stage the prisoners stated
that they wished to be represented by
conusol and tbe case was adjourned
until 10.30 this morning when it will
again come up for trial, the defense
being taken by S, S. Taylor. The case
will be tried in the otlice of the provincial police.
;|Herlin, March 3.���Tho United States
navy department has ordered a complete outfit for two stations of wireless telegraph systems of Slahy nnd
Arco from thc Allgemelne Eloericit-
ats Gcscellschaft, of Beilin, for the
purposo of experimenting   against the
Murconi system,
Insurgents Rout a Detachment of
American Constabulary.
Manila, March 3.-Members of the
constabulary of Murong,10 miles from
Manila, encountered 80 well armod
insurgents today. The former after
expending all their ammunition fled.
Eleven of the constabulaiy are unaccounted for and it is expected thev
were killed or captured. The samo
band of insurgents turned back a commissary wagon, hut di<l not molest tbe
escort consisting of three men.
Monto Carlo, March 3.���The chess
masters today began the seventeenth
round of the international tournament
and at the first adjournment the following results bail been recorded:
Napier won from Mieses, Uunsberg
downed Maroezy, Mortimer lost to
Mason, and Pillsbury defeated Tai-
ranch,    Popiel resigned his  adjourned
gamo   wilh   Marshall    I  the   13th
mmo without further play. In the
afternoon session Popiel and Schlechter drew, Eisenberg went down before
Wolf, Marco defeated Mnrsiiall,
Teichinnnn and Tschigorin adjourned
their game in even position, uud Janowski beat Scbevo.
London,March 3.���Lend ill 13s. 0d,
New   York,    March   B.���Close���Bar
Bilver Bt l->i;   Mexican dollars   43 IM,
Copper weak.    Lead, <Jrm, $t.l- l-l. Nelson  Daily Miner,   Tuesday,   March 4, 1902
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The above Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
terests must ne made consonant with
Canadian interests in Canadian mutters. Tnls is tbe most important question tbat is in the political aiena and
changes that may eventually become
momentous depend upon how statesmen on both sides of the water
grapple with it.
The tone in whioh two rather remarkable speeches in tho Ilouse of
Commons were recieved, added to the
speeches themselves,indicates strongly
though quietly, the trend of a sentiment, in Eastern Canada at leaBt,
which no recent event has given opportunity for tbe expression of.
Mr. Bourassa, member for Labelle,
is asking for papers regarding the
negotiations which lead up to the
abrogation of tho Clayton-Bulwer
tieaty, drew attention to the fact that
in these negotiations the question of
the Alaskan boundary had not been
taken into consideration at all. He
maintained tbat Oreat liritain bad
continually sacrificed the interests of
Canada to what sho considered Imperial interests. Such words coining
from Mr. Hourassa, who has been accused of being not loyal to Uritish
connection, would nut have occasioned
much comment but what is remark-
aole is that the premier in declining
to bring down the papers,which could
not be done as tho work of the Joint
High commission is not yet finished,
did not administer a stinging rebuke
to the outspoken member, but said
Ins opinion might not bo so much
different from that expressed by the
member for Labelle doing farther
there was not a member even of the
Conservative party, which has in times
past arrogated to itself the custodian
ship ol the loaylly of Canada, expressed any sentiment different from that
of Mr. Hourassa, remaining silent on
the question. One member, it is true,
launched into a tirade against the
encroachments of tho United States
but be was alone in such a course,
though also, none showod any love for
the republi- to the south.
Following on this comes the speech
of John Charlton, meinour for Norfolk, who is unowu to have given
close study to trade questions, in
which ho showed that Canadian goods
are practically shut out of the Unitod
Htatos by the high tariff wall while
we purchase more from that country
than from any other. De advocated
letaliatary or preferential taiiff, as
tbe case may be, not only with the
United States but also with any other
nation. Ho also pointed out that the
importation of goods from Oreat
llritain nail shown no marked increase
in spito of the pieferential duties and
be suggested greater preference.
Carried to its logical connlusion Mr.
Charlton's programme of special
duties or preferences in duties to each
nation, means notlnug more nor less
tban the right to make treaties touching on matters of trado by Canada
independent of the policy of Oreat
liritain. Though lho name of
"treaty" may not be used the result
would be the same, and this npons the
question of how far Canadian interests
shall bo made subservient to the policy
of tho mother country.
Coming close ou the heels of these
unusual sprechs iu tlio house of com.
mons is tbe cable dispatch from London to the effect that the Canadian
ministers havo delivered what is practically an ultimatum to the Colonial
oflice that an end must lie put to the
continued concessions to the United
States, which may or may not be a
true representaticn of tbo facts, but
[torn Sir Wilfrid Laurler's remark ln
replying to Mr. Hourassa there is just
a possibility of truth in the cable.
Tbe Manchester (luardiau. which is by
no means an Insignificant journal,
hints that Canadian statesmcu could
make a better bargain with the
Unitod States thin. Uritish diplomats
have up to the present been able to.
These incidents would tmll eate tbat
there fs n strong sentiment in Canada,
which hitherto lias not found expression, that Canadian interests must
be made paramount iii   this   country;
The interest displayed in the proposed tourist association is large and
growing and the outlook is that the
people of Nelson will take hold of it
energetically and make it a useful
institution Every property owr,er,
merchant, business and professional
man; In short, every interest will be
benefited by tbe work of the association and all should take a band in
making it successful. Similar associations hive proven of great benefit
'n oommunitics where the attractions
and facilities for sportsmen are not
nearly as good as they are here. If
the proper means, therefore, are
adopted the tourist association cannot
fail in being of great advantage to
the city. It will require a long pull,
a strong pull, and pull together, to
bring it up to the highest state uf
efficiency, and hence all should work
in harmony to accomplish the ends
sought for. Ibe meeting tonight
should be attended by all who desire
to see Nelson an important place. Iu
the selection of the executive the very
best men should be picked as if individuals who lack energy and public
spirit are chosen they will accomplish
little or nothing and the association
might just as well not be formed ; on
the other band,if just the right sort of
men are put st the head of the affairs
of the society it is certain to make a
brilliant and useful record for itself.
It i9, therefore, hoped that the meeting tonight will be well attended,
that nothing will be done in a perfunctory manner, and that as much
earnestness and as much care be displayed in properly launchng the association as ls taken by those wno
make it up in their business and
personal affairs. It should be a
genuine manifestation of the spirit
that has made Nelson the successful
plaoe that it is.
The question of whether a divorce
granted'in the United States, where
tbe parties were married in Canada, is
legal ana consequently reoognizable
by tho courts of the Dominion, is to
be formally decided by the court of
appoal fcr Ontario. The appeal has
been prepared by tbe Crown and tbe
case stated asks that tbe following
points be passed on: Is a divorce
granted to either party from a marriage contracted in Canada pronounoed
by a United States court fot "extreme
cruelty." a cause recognized as sufficient by the laws of that state, but a
cause not recognized as a sufficient
ground for divorce in Canada, to be
considered a valid decree in Canada?
If sucb a divoice is considered binding in Canada, does it constitute in
law a good defence to bigamy.
The appeal grew out of the celebrated oase of Miune G. Woods found
guilty of bigamy, wbo married Dr.W.
N. Barnhard, in Windsor. Afterwards
in the stato of Michigan she secured a
dissolution of tbo bonds that tied her
to Dr. Barnhard. After threo years
of single blessedness she married John
Pendril and was arrested, convicted
and sentenced on a charge of bigamy,
the Ontario court holding that the
divorce granted in the United .states
was null and void as applied to those
married in Canada.
The appointment of Gordon Hunter,
K.C., to the exalted oflice of Chief
Justice of '.ho Supremo court of Uritish Columbia will bo regarded favorably throughout the province. The
now chief justice stands high as a
lawyer, his opinion carrying grea^
weight with the bench. Mr. Hunter
has never taken an activo part in
politics, but when ho did it was invariably in the direction of purifying
the political atmosphere, lu private
life he is a most entertaining and
brilliant conversationalist, and though
not apt to make many friends he has a
oapacity for keeping those ho has
made. Mr. Hunter bas not reaohed
his tortieth yoar; iu the natural course
of events he can look forwnid to a
long and useful career on the bench.
Tho Miner unhesitatingly endorses the
many expessions of congatulation by
the provincial press to Mr. Hunter on
his olevation to thc bench.
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I ' > ��.i*S*_
��� Nelson   Daily Miner, Tues ay March 4, 1902
^^ �����������>�������������������������������������������������
I     MINING NEWS.     J
The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Lillooet, Fraser River
and Cariboo Uoldflelds was held the
other day in London. The company
has, in addition to tbe numerous mining prospects in British Columbia, a
sum of near ��50,000 remaining, wlncli
has been invested in trustee stock. It
is proposed to liquidate the company
as soun as possible and divide the
assets among shareholders who would
thus realize about 20 per cent, upon
their original investment at par.
The Silver Cup people, says the
Lardeau Eagle, bave out nearly 700
tons of the proposed,800-ton output,
nnd it is reported havo also struck a
large new chute of ore in an unexpected portion of the mine, v hieh if takon
out will largely increase the output.
The Nettie L. people are continuing
development work and ore is now
beiPg rawbided down over the wagon
load. Work is being prosecuted ou
the Black Warrior,Horseshoe,Beatrice,
and a few individual properties, but
of course there can be very little real
activity expected tor a couple of
months yet.
Speaking of the old Big Bend diggings, Wi Haley, who was there in
those days, informs the Kootenay
Mail, that the best gold was got on
French creek where pay gold was
found /or two miles extending up the
creek. There was only one claim
wbich paid on MeCullough creek,
(iood prospects were got on Smith and
Camp creeks bnt he is not aware of
any claims being reckoned as paying
G. Lafnrme returned some days ago
to Revelstoke, from tne Prince company's property in Standard Basin,
and reports the mine looking well.
Work is now being continued in No. 3
tunnel to cut the lead at about 300
feet depth, under where tbe rich ore
was recently struck.
It is estimated that at least if 150,000
has been spent on tve development of
mineral claims in the Big Bend, and
(000,000 on placer and deep sinking
and hvdrauliciiig operation thore.
Tako laxative Promo Quinine Tablets. AI
druKKbts refund the money if lt fails to oaro
K. W. Grove's signature is on each box.  25c.
A Meeting to Be Held at S This Evening to Form One.
This evening at H o'clock a meeting
will be Held in the Board of Trade
looms of those interested in the formation of a Tourist Association. Tbe
meeting is called to lay before those
wbo attend the objects, methods of
works, and particulars of similar: organizations in other cities and towns,
and it is hopea that the whole will be
thoroughly discussed, A large number
of the leading business men of the
city have promised to attend and a
clear under-tanding of the feasibility
of the plan or otherwise should be
arrived at. At the meeting tbe following points aro among those to be
1. What attractions Nelson has to
offer to the tourist.
2. Where tourists can be brought
(rem to this city and tbe best and
cheapest methods of inducing them to
8. What the work of the Nelson
Associatioan should be besides bringing the tourists here.
4. Tourist associations at other
places and what they have accomplished.
If Nelson was on tbe main line of
either of the two railway systems that
call here it would not be necessary to
have a Tourist association as hoth
would then have an incentive to advertise lt. As it is both those railways have their own resorts where thej
have put in hotels and invested considerable capital, and under such
circumstances it ia not to their inter'
est to divert travel from the main
lines thereby luting any of the benefit
that at present accrue from such
travel. If Nelson wishes to get any
of this tourist traffic it must be by thc
work of her citizes it will be induced
to come,
It is reported on good authority that
the C.P.R. intends next season to take
one of their steamers off Kootenay
lake, running only one which will
ply between Kaslo and Kootenay
Landing, calling at Procter where
pas sengers tu or from Nelson and the
west will be transferred to the train.
If lhe Tourist Association is taken
hold of properly, instead of talking of
taking off a steamer thore would soon
be a necessity for another running
between Nelson and Procter during
tbe summer, calling at a number of
camps and summer resorts.
One of the features proposed in connection with tho association is that
there should be sumething arranged to
take place every Saturday in Nel son.
The great success of tbe regattas, got
up by the boat club last summer, shows
that if thiB is taken hold of by tbe
citizens generally It would be an easy
matter   to arrange ao tliat eaoh Satur
day that visitors from surrounding
towns will be certain of finding something going on in Nelson, with a band
concert in the evening to finish with.
There are plenty of enthusiastic
amateurs in the city and with baseball, football, lacrosse, bosines the
boat races mentioned, it should be
possible tu make a most attractive
list, with a match or race each Saturday. If special Saturday to Monday
rates can be arranged on the steamers
and by rail there is no doubt that
there would be a good influx of
visitors. In connection wilh this the
proposed race track would also be of
great help as there are said to be a
number of local men who would be
willing to put tlieir money into til's
latter enterprise.
A penny saved is a dollar earnott.
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Tranft'or Co., all kinds of teaming
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Eight   Shippers   In   the   Vicinity   of
Peterborough, Windermere District,
Feb. 27.���The following properties
are shipping this winter viz., Del-
phine group, M. T. fraction,Paradise,
Iron Cap, Silver King, Rod Line,
Silver Belt, and Banyon.
Thomas Starbird, representing^ an
American syndicate, recently purchased the Silver King group ou McDonald creek, irom B. C, Burton, et
al. The property was purchased outright for a large cash figure.. The
property is a vory rich silver-lead
Tho Paradise mine is improving
daily undor tho able ioremanship of
John I, McMullan, a practical man,
from the grass roots. This proporty
shipped 1,000 tons last wnter. This
winter Capt. F. P. Armstrong has the
contract for transporting the ore fiom
the mine to Peterborough on thc
Columbia river. Manager R. Randolph
Bruce is to De congratulated for the
systematic way tbat this wonderful
silver-lead property is being operated.
Immense bodies of high grade ore
have been uncovered dnring the
The McDonald Mines, Ltd., the
American syndicate operating the Iron
Cap, Silver Kiug group, and|Red Line
group, on McDonald creek, is cne of
tbe strongest concerns operating in
tbe Kootenay distriot. Thomas Star-
bird, manager lor this syndicate, has
been tbe backbone of the Windermere
district for tbe past four years and has
always taken a keen interest in the
welfare of the camp and has always
(like B. Randolph Bruce) given the
prospector resident here every opportunity to secure a winter's work,
whioh means eveything to a new
During the past week a petition was
forwarded to the postmaster geueral at
Ottawa, urging that Wllmer be substituted for that of Peterborough, lt
is understood tbat it has caused considerable annoyance from time to time
to the postoflice department on account
of Peterborough, Ontario.
R. 8. Gallop expects to develop the
Shamrock, situated adjoining the
Paradise mine, on Spring creek.tribu
tary of Toby creek, during the present
season and has already surveyed the
group in anticipation of applying for
crown grant.
A large town ball will be erected
here in the immediate future.
Everything points to a livelv summer in this district.
Advertisements Inserted under tr Is head ai
tho rate of one cent a word per lnsertioa. Ni
AdvorMsemont taken for less than 26 oents.
Situation Wanted advertisements inserted
three times free of oharge.
TO RENT���lsl March,   store in   good
central   position   on   Baker Tstreet.
Apply S. M. Brydges, K.ff.C. Blook.
A SNAP���in house rents! Six-roomed
house, double plastered, hot aud
cold water, bath, etc, in good condition, $10 a month. It. J. Steel,
liaker st.
FOR SAuE���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in tho Kootenays,
best location, 25 nicely furnishud
rooms in connection. The best business proposition in thc district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cale,
Box 225, Nelson B.C.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
board.     Apply     ou   Silioa    street,
socond door west of Ward,
Appiy   to   Mrs F. J. Squires, Room
40, K. W. O. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Fhone 278.
LADY wauts employment, as cook   or
housekeeper, good   salary   expected.
Highest references given.     Apply   _.
T., Miner Office.
WANTED���Pupils in shorthand,
Typewriting, Bookkeeping or ordinary English branches, classes day
and evening. Custom typewntini; a
specialty. Victoria Street, opposite
City Library.
HELP     of   all   kinds     wanted    and
furnished.     Western   Canadian Em
ployment Agency.      Large warehouse
for   storage; call   at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages, long
job. Headquarters, Elko,   B.   C. A.
Guthrie & Co.
ENGINEERS, Firemen, Machinists
and Klectiicians send for 40-page
pamphlet containing Questions usked
by examining board of engineers to
obtain engineer's licence. Address
Geo. Zeller, publisher, 18 S 4th St.,
St. Louis, Mo".,  U.S.A.
Braiso8, Sore Back, Buns. Sculds, Neuralgia, Headaches, Lumbago, Soro Throat and
every oilier ailment whero outward application h wanted to give quick Jollcf.
Mr. Mack White, the wejl known trainer of
the Toronto Lacrosse Team and Osgood Hall
Football Club writes: "I consider GriftiLhs
Menthol Liniment unequalled for athletes or
thoso training. I havo uBed it with the best
success and can heartily recommend it for stiffness, soreness, sprainsand all forms of swelling
and inflammation.   Price 25 cents.
lor sale by J. H. Van stone, Nelson, B. 01
Real Estate, Fire and Life Insurance
Money to Loan.
Appointments    Made   ���   Examiners
Named For the Coal Mines, Eto.
The last issue of the Provincial
Gazette contains tbe appointment of
Hon. E. Q. Prior as a member of the
executive council of tho province and
as minister of mines.
J. E. McMillan has beon appointed
as returning officer for the approaching by-election in Viotoria.
Thomas Alfred Mills, of Nelson,
has been appoiuted depnty clerk of the
The Yerka Copper Company has
been regietered as an extra-provincal
company with a capital of $1,000,000.
The head office Is in Taooma, Wash.,
the oflice in this province is at Duncans, Vancouver Island, and N. S.
Clarke, mine superintendent of Duncans is the attorney for   the company.
A public highway has been established in tbe townsite of Elko and extending to the centre of the wagon
road from Elko to Fort Steele. Tbe
Red Mountain and Northport wagon
roads, in Rossland, have also beon
Examiners under the Coal Mines
Regulation Act have been appointed
as follows:
Coorox���Appointed by the owners:
Richnrd Short and David Walker;
alternates, James Strang and Alexander Somerville. Appointed by the
Lieutenant-Governor in Council;
William Johnston. Elected by the
miners: James Reid and John Comb;
alternate, Thomas Doherty aJd
Riohard Coe.
Coal Creek���Appointed   by the own-
Houses to Rent in a'l parts of the
City. See list at entrance to our
offices, next to McArthur's Furniture store.
ers: Robert G. Dinnan and James R.
Wilson ; alternates, David Morton and
W. H. Brearley. Appointed by the
Lieutenant-Governor in council:
Edward Barton. Elected by the
miners: Thomas Addison and A. II.
Ferguson ; alternates, Daniel R. MacDonald and Charles Burrows.
Michel���Appointed by the owners:
D. Evans and Charles Simister; alternates, Thomas Corkbill and E. H.
Dehfinstreit. Appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council. Blvan
Evans. Elected bv tho miners: Edward Simister and William Almond;
alternate, Edward Large.
Morrissey���Appoiuted by the owners: K. Pearson and Thomas M. Morton; alternates, II. F. Martin and R.
M. Wilson. Appointed by the Lleuen-
ant-Governor in Council: Wiliatu
Stainsby. Elected by the miners:
John Haddow and Aug. Johnson;
alternates, John Leslie and Ralph
Stop now, tbink it over, better examine our shoe stock���The Wallace-
Miller Co,, limited.
N. M. Cummins, Losr.ee���Kvery kuowr.
varioty of soft drinks. P O Box 88. Tcleuhon
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nelson. Bottlers or th
famous tic Loon Hot Springs Mineral Water
A MACDONALD Sc Co.-('ornor Fron
��� and HaU Streets���Wholesale grocer
and jobbers iu blankets, gloves, mitts, boots
rubbers, mackinaws and minora' .mudrles.
P   BURNS tc Co.-Baker Street, Nolsou-
���   Wholesale dealers iu  fresh a      cured
meats.   Cold Storage.
Baker Streot. Nelson���Wholesale dea
ore in fresh and curod meats.
J Streot, Nelson ��� Wholesalo d Balars ir
hardware, miners' suppb'es, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. Baker Street Nelson,
B. C.,���Dealers In gonoral harhware,
mining supplies, gljtss, pat its, Portland Cement, lire clay aud Scotch lire brick. Agents
for VVilkins and Co.'s celebrated steel wire rope
paints, oils and glftss; mechanics   tools
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; lrnamlte
TURNER, BEETON & Co.-Cornor Vernoi
and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whcle
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for I'Abst Brewing Co. of Mllwauket
and Calgary Browing Co. of Calgary.
UDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholesalo grocoriti
and liquors etc., Bakor Stroot, Nelson.
Oillco corner Hall and Front Streets
Velson���Lumbor, coiling, flooring, and overy
thing in wood for building purposes. Got oui
prioos.   Correspondence solicited.
J     A.   M'DONALP,      AgenD
���   Dairy Co. Iee Cream.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B.,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre�� Nelson. R. C
Finest and Best Bar  ln the City.
The best Brands of Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
JOSEPH HArwood.   -   Proprietor
A deputation, composed of Messrs.
John Armstrong, Chris. Foley ana
Thos Vodden, lepresenting the Trades
and Labor Council, waited upon Mr.
T. G.Blaokstock, vice-president of the
Centre Star Mining company, in
Toronto, recently, with reference to
tho strike which was inaugurated last
summer in the company's mines.
They asked tbat some action be taken
with regard to the discrimination
against union men. Mr. Blackstqck
assured the deputation that he would
lay tbe matter before tbe manager al
tbe mines, with a view to ending any
discrimination that exists.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full oarticulars.
Kootenay Railway and  Ns-
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and qulckcut route to tho cant and al
polntH on _-0 O. R. Sc N. und Northori. 1;
clfio Kallwayn lu Washlngum, Or .koi, and
Southorn StatCH.
Time Card Effective Nov. 10. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
S:90 a. m. Lv.
1U:W p.m. Ar.
Ar. 1:00 p. m
Lv. 1:1;> p, in
Int Nav- & Trading Co
Ar. 10:110 a. ni.
Lv. 7:00 a. in.
0:00 p. m. Lr. Nelnon
'.1:10 P. m. Ar. K u.-lo
Connecting at Five Milo Point with Nelnon
It Fort Hhepnard Railway both to aud from
RoHHland, etc.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manaver.
K.-W.-C j Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by��mail receive careful and prompt attention
I The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of_British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,00(1;   Reserve   Fund,   12,000,000;
Aggregate   Hesonrces Over JOS,000,000.
HON. QKO. A. COX, President.      B. K. WALKER, Ueneral Managei
London Otlice: 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Oilier; io Exchange Place.
And 08 branches In Canada and the dnltod Hlalo��, Including
Atlin Greenwood Nfi-on- Sandon
CIkanhrook        KAHtoOP* Nkw Wkrtminbtkr   Vancouveb
Fkknib Nanaimo Kohhlanu Victohia
YUKON DISTRICT- IIawbon and Wiiitk Hoksk.
UNITED STATES���Nbw Yokk, San Kranciboo, Bkattlb, Portland, Bilaowav.
Savings Bank Department.
i DeponlU Rocclved and Interest Allowed.   Present Uute 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
__ ____________ ______* ___1 A *
Similkameen   Coal   Stock
For   full   particulars   apply   to
R. J. STEEL, Broker, Nelson, B. C.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE HOPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates turnished.
H, E- 0R0ASDAILE Agent Hetara-
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Kosslaad, Trail, Nelaon, Kasl.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan Cit>
Order* by mafi to an* breach will have eeretnl and nron��<n ettnntloo.
aREAT NORTHERN Spokane Fall8_A
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Tlckots sold to all part* In United State,, and
Canada via Great Northern and O. lt.  6c N
'Jo.'b linen.
Oooan steamship tfekota and ratos vi   a
linen will bo furnished on application.
For further particulars call on or address
hlatiaeer. K.lHIO.B. O
G. _.Tackabuhy Accent. Nolson _t.V..
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head offiok toronto,  ont.
Money to loao on Straight Mortgage.
Vpply to O. L,. LBNNOX, Bektr Bt.
0ABS.-    AL8 a la OABTE.
Clone connection Kast and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
.Spjkiine Falls und Northern Railway,
D rect connection at St. Paul with-
ouf ihange of depot with all trains foi
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all i oiats West and South.
Loaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 i.'m
Leaves Spokane duly tor West at 7:20 am
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 800 p-m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Bound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagniflcent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNortheru Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the Client Northern Hail
For further Information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls ft Northern Ity., Kaslo St Slocan
Ky, Kooter si Railway Sc Navigation
Op , or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt,  W 7ol  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
_. K. TACKAtiUKY, Local Agent,
NhIhoo.R (:
and  try  a bottle,  a down,   or a barrol  ot
CALGARY  BEER as it U tho best and
cneaiHMt    on    tho    market.   .Also .try   our
WINES,    LIQUORS     ����d    CIQAR8.
T��lt��houo IB Bekw  t. No
For the comfort of the number ol
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffe*
Car service has been inaugurated
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or th
Close connections made  at  Spo
kane for the south, east  and   west.
Only io hours to Seattle and   18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
8:20 B.m Spokane 7:15 p.m.
12:25 p. ra Rowland t :30 p. m
10:30 a.m Mountain r. ��� r.'.t p. m.
'j :lu a.m Nelson 6:45 p.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane, Wash
Agent, Nelson, P.
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural  Implements, Bee Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Catalogue Free.
M.  J.   HENRY
:i0o!) Westminster Itoml, Vancouver, B. 0.
If there is anything you require,Mb
for it in    )i�� eelunin  of the Miner
l Nelson Daily Miner Tuesdvv, March 4,  190*
Trunks and   Yo,> can fiee in
our store  a   very
Valises complete line   of
TRUNKS from the very cheap make
to tho solid oak travelling Trunk canvas covered with briss fittings, h regular globe trotter. We can supply you
with GRIPS at prico ranging from 85c
to $20; also SUIT CASES from $2.r,0
01.1 eacn.
Booksellers. Stationers
Show Room for Mason ,fc Risch pianos
��� vw%w*w��^wvwwww\f
The water in the lake has risen during tho past week an inch and a ball.
A small force of men was sent np to
the Highland mino near Ainsworth
yesterday, to recommence development
At. record otlice yesterday a certificate of improvements was granted to
J. Deah on tho Black Diamond mineral claim.
J. J. Boucher and wife, formerly of
tho Queens hotel, bave returned from
Ottawa, where they have been visiting
for the past thiee months.
Mis) Leigh Sponcer, the lady insurance and mining agent, ol Vancouver,
is a guest at the Phair. Miss Spencei
is here looking after a mining deal in
which she is interested.
The steamer International yesterday
brought down 08 tons of ore from the
Whitewater mine, consigned to the
Hall Mines smelter, the same amount
being brought do~n on Sunday.
This afternoon at 4 o'clock M.Cline,
accused uf assaulting the station agent
nt Slocan City with a whip and an
umbrella, will bo tried under the
Speedy Trials Act. before Magistrate
There was a small lire in tho residence of G. V. Holt on Carbonate and
Hendryx street on Sunday at 2.30 p.m.
The loss was small, bnt it was
promptly settled by A. R. Sherwood,
local agent ot the Phoenix and London company.
At the courthouse yesterday in
the case cf Fraser vs. Davis, tbo defendant applied for an order that the
plaintiff on affidavit produce all documents in his possession respecting the
case unuer advisement;. The usual
order was granted
At tho couit police yesterday rooming John Dean, a cripple who has
been selling lead pencils around the
city, was fonnd guilty of having been
drunk and disorderly and of creating
a disturbance on Saturday night on
Lake street and was sent to jail for
two months without the option of a
The hockey team that Nelson will
send to Sandon tomorrow morning to
take part in the coining inuttih will
probably bo composed as follows:
Goal, Paul Greyerblehl; point, D.
Ruthorford; cover C. Jeffs; right
wing, Joe Thompson; left wing, A.
1'errier; centre, F. Pullen; rover, 0,
Nace. This team is regarded aB
about the strongest that could bo got
together in Nelson although they have
not had tho practice together tbat
boy should have,but can be depended
ipon to put up a good game.
Gerald Hopkins.of the Silica Reduction works, is at the Phair.
George C. Tunstall,Jr., leaves today
on a business tour through tbe Boundary country.
A daughter was born yesterday to
the wife of Frank Phillips, shut fore
man at the Silver Hill m ine.
J. U. Brock, managing director of
the Great West Life Insurance Co., is
here from Winnipeg on a business
visit.    He is a guest at the Phair.
At a meeting of the Kootenay Fish
and Game Protective Association on
Saturday W. H. Bullock-Webster
read an extract from the Dominion
regulations by which ''it is contrary
to law to catch speckled trout or
brook trout of any spicies during tlie
close season." No mention is made of
certain of the varieties of lake trout
in this law, and the association will
endeavor to interest the government to
have this clause altered.
You would he dollars in pocket had
you  used   Crow's   Nest   coal.    Never
too   late   to   mend.     Good   stock   of
fir   and   birch   wood.      Call    up   33
West Transfer Co.
London, March 3.���Tho first public
discordant note in the preparations for
the King's coronation has been
sounded. The Borough Council of
Bsttersea, tho most socialistic district
in London, which is represented in
parliament by John Burns, considered
recently a recommendation from its
finance committee to vote a sum of
money for tho coronation celebrations,
Deputations of labor and socialist
organizations attended to oppose any
appropriation for tbis purpose. Some
of the speeches were most violent, but
tbey drew applause from the public
galleries. Tbe mayor frequently
called the speakers to order for die
respect to tho King, who, one speaker
aaid, should bo crowned with crape,
owing to the war. Tho council, by a
vote of 31 to 18, re-referred the scheme
to the committee.
3,000 barrels of men's suits���The
Wallace-Miller brand���your size, your
price and pattern to please you are
here.    Call in.
When Friends Tell the Truth.
Many peoplo become coffee topers
before they realize it, and would be
angry if thus described even by a close
It will pay anyone to examine carefully into whether or not coffee has
gained tlio mastery over thorn. A
coffee toper may suspect that his oi
her ails come from eoffio drinking,
but tbey will inavanahly charge the
diseaso to some other canso, for right
down iu t heart they realize that it
Would be practically impossible to
give up coffee, so they hope against
hope that it does uot hurt them, but it
goes en v (,h its work just tbe Banie
and thc Jsult Is complete collapse
nnd nervous prostration, lasting sometimes lor years, unless the poison that
causes the disease is discontinued.
There ore hundreds of thousands of
illustrations of the truth of this statement.
Any person addicted to coffee can
make the ohange from common coffee
to Postum Food Coffee without trouble
provided the Postum is properly prepared so as to tiling out the color,
flavor and food valuo. It has a rich
black lirown color and changes to the
golden brown when good cream is
The change will work wondors ii
any one whose nervous system oi
stomach has been unbalanced or dis
turbed by coffco.
Ottawa, March 3.���MoBsrs. Bertram
representing the Bertram Shipbuilding
Company, Long and Poison,   all ship
builders, mot a committee of the ministers recently, and submitted to them
a system for  the huilding,   maintain
ing and   operating  of a large   fleet of
Canadian   built   boats,   by which the
waters of the Great Lakes and the  St,
Lawrence ' shall   he   navigated,    and
Canadian freight transported   entirely
by a Canadian company.     The scheme
will   require  government  assistance,
not  only   in   the way of the frc�� importation of materials used in the con
struction of tho boats,   but also either
by   means   of a bonus on the   vessels
built, or a subsidy.    The negotiations
are being ptivately conducted.
Rain coats, umbrellas, rubbers, new
goods, just received; everything with
stylo, quality value, you'll find here.
���The Wallace Miller Co., limited.
Cape Town, Maroh 3.���The Princess
Radiwil], who has been accused of
issuing notes to which the s'gnature
of Cecil Rhodes had been forged and
who settled one olaim of this kind for
$5,7.10 two weeks ago, has been arrested on thn charge of forging Mr.
Rhodes' name to the bills. She was
remanded for a further hearing, and
afterwards released on bail. The
princess was arrested on information
sworn to by Dr. Scholt, who put in au
affidavit ot Mr. Cecil Rhodes in support of his case.
London, March 3.���It is understood
that tho new coins for ibe colonies
differ in several particulars from
those that aro being issued by the
mint for home circulation. Tbey have
been executed by Mr. de Saulles, the
dosigner to the Royal mint, who was
also commissioned to do tho English
coinage. He has, however, treated
the King's head for the colonial
money in quite a different manner.
As in some of the issues of the Victorian money, tbo Sovereign is shown
wearing the crown. Tho head, too, is
smaller, with more of the bust showing, and King Edward is portrayed in
uniform, with the ribbon of the
Dandruff and
Falling Hair vanish
before the magic touch of
Newbro's Herpicide, the
latest scientific discovery.
It kills the dandruff germs.
Destroythe cause, you remove the effect. Kill the
dandruff germ, and your
hair will grow abundantly.
St. AHTnonT, Idaho, Dec. 8, 'W.
Uurplclilt! does nil Unit you eluliii lor It.  It
tinn cleaned my hend lrom dandruff, and lett
my hair lliii' untl SOU.  I II: a '. i. i: M. CBOM11KK.
For Sale at all First-Class Drug Stores.
Ottawa,March 3.���Tho customs revenue for tho eight months ending Fob.
26th, was $1,878,430 greater than for
the same time list year. The figures
are $20,07.0,210 as against $18,WiD,777
for ihe last Hscal year. For tho month
of February there was $4,000 of a
decrease, but it should be remembered
tliat February last year was $150,000
higher than tlie year previous.
Berlin, March .���The Relehanziger
this evening, published decrees providing for the gradual abolition of
house slavery in thc G'aineions and
Togo colonies,
A Majority Suggest a Per Capita   Tax
of SnOO Be Imposed.
Ottawa, Feb. 27.���The"report oi the
Chinese commission, consisting of 040
pages of typewriting, was tabled thi
afternoon. The conclusions of the
commissioners, which occupy abont 4:
pages, may be briefly summed up a
follows: The farming community in
British Columbia, excepting only the
large laud-owners who lent theii
lands to the Chinese, favor exclusion.
The manager of the New Vancouver
Coal company, the largest exporter of
coal, favors exclusion. Hon. James
Dunsmur, president of another colliery
favors higher restiiotion and the enforcement of the Natal act. The gen
eral manager of tho Wellington colliery favors nnrestrioted immigration.
Two of the principal exporters of
lumber favoi exclusion. In the
shingle husiness Chinese are employed
iu considerable numbers, and are ro
garded as necessary to the trade. The
Chinese immigration is not likely to
seriously affect tho industry, as there
are sufficient Chinese now in the
country to carry on the business. As
cooks and assistants in hotels the
Chinese are regarded favorably by
their employers. However, if they
were excluded a better class of mon
would become available for these
positions. In domestic service they are
considered very valuable, as servant
girls are not easily to be Had. The
commissioners ure of opinion that the
interests joi the country are not promoted by unduly stimulating an unlimited supply of ehe;ip labor.
In unskilled labor the Chinese, by
working at a lower wage, bar out
whito labor. The constant presence of
Chinese is a real danger to the existence of the whito workingrnnn. He
becomes dissatisfied, and in many
cases leaves the province, or if he
remains advises bis friends not to
come. The laot is established that
white laboring men cannot compete
with tho Chinese and decently support
their families. The decision is reached that tbe Chinese keep out immigrants who would become permanent
citizens, and create conditions inimical tj labor ami dangerous to the in
dustrial peace of the community
whore they reside, spend little of their
money, and trade oh'efly with their
own people. Tho commissioners believe it is impossible ior the province
of British Columbia to take its plaoe
and part in the Dominion unless its
population is free from any taint of a
servile class not imbued with a Sense
of the duties and responsibilities
appertaining to citizenship. Tho estimated whito population of British
Columbia is 120,000, and 10,000
Chinese. Tho commissioners point out
that British laws recognize that
aliens oan be kept out cf tho country,
especially if as a class they aro undesirable. The commissioners qnito
approve the views of the legislature of
British Columbia, alleging the probability of a great disturbance to tbe
economic conditions of the provinco
and of grave injury being caused to
tho working classes by the large
influx of laborers from China. The
commission find that the capitation
tax at $100 his ineffective and Inadequate. Tbey are of opinion that the
further immigration of Chili eso laborers into Canada ought to he prohibited, and in tho meantime that the
capitation tax should bo raised to
850<l. Messr��. Olute and Foley recommend that tho capitation tax should
ho raised at once, while Commissioner
Munn recommends that S300 should be
imposed for two years, and if a prohibitive treaty lie not obtained within
tbat period, that it be raised to $"iU0.
Monarch Special
A Watch built especially to stand
the hard usage of this country, it has
as a fine timepiece. It will be at
home on the railroad or in the
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| Lawrence Hardware Company 1
B Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C
according to seniority," or adding
thereto the words ."the olergymeu of
religious denominations other than
those having archbishops and
The honorable member's chief point
was that in this country all religious
denominations should be on tho same
The premier, in reply, said that the
question, though cf no great import-.
ar.ee, was yet one of some difficulty,
ns the govornor-goneral is not free to
follow his own will in the mat'er.
Sir Wilfrid continued-��� 'It is not permitted to him to follow his own inclination as to what degree of Honor
he shall give to thoso whom he invites
to his table. He is Instructed from
Englaud as to how he bhall proceed in
all stato ceromonieds, and as to how
he shall seat those who are his
The premier added that the task of
forming a table of precedence was ono
of extreme difficulty and full of intricacies. However, the question was
now under consideration of the Bov-
crnment,and in view of this statement
Lieut.-Col. Hughes withdrew his
Between S. S. Bailey, Plaintiff, and
Dellie Mining anil Milling Oom.
pany (Foreign), Defendants.
Pursuant to nn order of the Honorable, Mr Justice Martin, made ill the
above action on Friday, the :.'lst day
of February, 190:.', and of tho regis
trar's directions dated the 1st day of
March, l'Ml, and filed herein, there
will bo offered for sale with the ap
probation of the Deputy District
Kog:strar at Nelson, by Samuel i\
Tuck, Auctioneer, at the court honse,
Nelaon, British Colu..ibia.ou Monday,
the 17th day of March, 1902, at tho
hour of 11 o'clock in tho forenoon
ALL AND SINGULA!! tnat certain
parcel and tract of land and premises,
situate, lying and being in the Koote
nay District of British Columbia,com
posed of Lot Hi in Group I, nnd
known upon the official plan or sur
vey, of tho said district, as the
"Dellie" Mineral Claim, for tho pur
pose of satisfying the plaintiff's jiidg
ment, which was obtained on the 15th
day of February, 1903, for the sum of
$5,761.97 and costs taxed at $24.14
with interest thereon at tho rate of
per cent, per annum, since said date
and the costs of these proceedings.
The purchaser  will be   roquirod   to
make payment in cash at close of salo.
The purchaser will also be  required
Viotoria,     Maiih   3.���Hon.   C.   K.
Pooley was today elected   Speaker   of
tbo   legislature   succeeding   the   late ! to   satisfy   himself   as to the interest
Hon. J. P. Booth. I am' title ��' tIie defendants. The high-
 ' lest bidder will be the purchaser.
Further particulars may be obtained
from tbe plaintiff's solicitors or the
Dated at Nelson, British Columbia,
this 1st day of March, 1902.
Deputy District Registrar.
Elliot      and    Lennie,    .Plaintiffs'
Trunks, valises���The Wallace M,i'ler
Col. Sam Hughes Moves to Have the
Table Amended.
Ottawa, March 3. ��� Lieutenant-
Colonel Sam Ilughos has moved in the
Houso o f Commons a resolution do ���
daring for a change in tlic table of
precedence for Canada, by omitting the
section   re  "archbishops and bishops,
Bartlott.���C. F. James, Ymir.
Tremont���W. Leslie, C. Washington, R. Clifford Rossland; J. R. D.
Campbell, Ymir.
Madden���J. King, E. Johnson, Mrs.
C. B. Taylor, Sioean City; R. B.
Dugan, 49-Creek; R. Ward, Granite
Siding; C. B. Taylor, Slocan City; P.
J. Nichols, Fern mine.
Phair���Gerald Hopkins, Rossland ;
A. York, Slocan; George C. Bobbins,
Erie; 3. H. Brock, Winnipeg; A. E.
Thorne, Toronto; T. J. Jameson and
wile, San Francisco; Wm.O'IIallorau,
_���_���_���mm "     RI
Queens���.J G. Macdonald, Sandon;
O. B. Appleton, 8-Mile; L. A. Long,
Kaslo; M.   McDonald,   New   Denver;
F. Dingman, G. W. Boyd, J. H.
Thompson, Mrs. Martin, New Denvei;
E. R. Rea, Revelstoke. ; H. Brown,
Grand Forus: J. A. Allen, Broadview,
Grand Central���R. E. McMillan,
Molly Gibson; J. Lunnon, Fernie; F.
Philip?, Silver Hill mine;/. Oates
and family, Poorman mine. A. Brem-
nor, Molly Gibson; B Tnnton, C.
Hatfield, Sumnierside. P.E.I.; S. A.
McKee Trail; Rov, VV. T. Stacknonse,
Winnipeg; J, R. Mcintosh, Ottawa;
A. Jackson, Mr. and Mis. McUreury,
^___t_ '- IS"
Humc.--T   W. Fletcher, Armstrong ;
G. II. Bnrnhart and wife, Ymir Aleo
Trltes, Feinie; J. F. Crofts nnd wife,
Boston; J. Watts, J. L. Duncan,
Winnipeg; J. E. VV. Thompson and
wife, Phoenix; H. T. Winsby, Cranbrook; H. P. Jones, R H. Keller,
Rossland; A, P.Wilson, Vancouver; J.
A. Taylor, Arrowhead; Mrs. T.
Morris, Vernon.
Y. O. GREEH        F. 8. CLEMENT,,
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone 2
In accordance wilh the By-Laws of thc Society, thn Annual Uonaral Meeting will beheld
In lho Bowd of Trado Rooms on Tuesday,
March intuitu p. ni.
All annual subscribers to tbu sum cf Ton Dol
Ian aro members of tho Sooloty, ollglblo lo
Uso part In tho election of directors for tho on-
sulrg term anil In iuso of Illness aro untitled to
frou irualinunt In thu hospital,
^  Socrotary1
Special Prices This Week.
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty 5
! J. J. WALKER ���
Cor. Huker.S Stanley Sts.. Nelson
By a Resolution passed by the
Municipal Council of the City of
Kaslo, on the seventeenth day of
February, 1002, a closet situate in the
rear of the Slocan Hotel on Lot I,
Hlack 10, Map 303, in the City of
Kaslo, was condemned as a nuisance
and prejudicial to publio health and
ordered to be torn down and the pit
cleaned and filled up.
This is to notify all persons concerned that unless paid closet is pulled
down and the pit cleaned out and
filled up with earth within five days
frum tho date of this notice, same
will be carried out by the council at
tho cost of the owner.
City Clerk.
Kaslo, B. C, March 1st, 1002
Tenders will be received by the  undersigned at his olliee,   Nelson, until noon on
Wednesday, March 12,1902
for the purchase of the
stock in trade of J. G.
Bunyan & Co. consisting of
Furniture,-Picture Moulding, Carpets,
Draperies,    and   Undertaking
Fixtures and Supplies.
as follows :
Furniture, etc. $2596-69
Moulding - 171.45
Carpets, etc. - 1332 38
Undertaking Stock
& Fixtures  -      817-28
Bids will be considered for any  one
line or for the whole stock.
Stock lists can be seen at oflice
ot the undersigned, Nelson, B. C, ;
at the oflice of The Canada Furniture Manufacturers, Toronto, or at
the oflice of H. R. Ives & Co.,
The stock is all new and up-to-
date, no old shop worn goods, as
the firm has only been in business
for a short time.
Any further information will be
gladly given by
N. T.  MACLEOD, Assignee.
Nelson, B. C, Feb. 24,  1902.
NELSON LODGE    No. 23, A. F. tc
M. meets second Wodoosday ln
month.   Visiting brothorn wolcomo
I. <)��� O. P. Kootonay Lodge
No. 16, moots ovory Monday night,
at   thoir  Hall, Koolanay street
Sojourning Odd Follows oordlally Invltod.
p. W Halo, K. G.; G. l'\ Motion, V. G.: A.
\oiighursl, Roo. Hbj,
NelBon Royal Arch Chaptor No. 123, G. R. 0.
Mcuts third Wednesday. Sojourning compan
ions  invltod.    Gcorgo Johimtono,  _.    1. J.
Sims,   S. B
Anyone wishing stockings knitted
or footed can have them done by
applying on corner of Ward and
Victoiia street, opposite postolllco.
Subscriptions taken for the Nelson Daily and Weekly Miner at
publisher's prices by J. F. DEL-
EMEY, New Denver, B. C.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. U.
Allah Line Tunisian March 8
Allan Llnu Numliliiin      Maroh IS
Beaver Line Garth CasUe ..March i'l
Beaver Lino Lake Ontario March 28
Allan Lino Htoamors call at Halifax two days
From Portland.
Dominion Lino Dominion March 8
From Now York
Whito Slur Lino Ocoanic March  6
SHttS&lMSiW!!!* Marofil
.Marnti 1!)
.March 8
.March IS
March 22
March 12
Whito Star Lino Gonnaulo
Ounard Lino Unibrla...
Ounard Lino l.ucanta....
Cunard Lino Elrnria ...
American Linost Paul.
American Lino St. LouIh    March hi
Red Star Lino Houthwark  ______ ��
ltoil Star Lino Vadertana '.'.March 12
Continental sailings of French, North Oor-
Eliom ItaUaa Un��� on "P-
RATKS-Saloon faros ��I2.50, and upwards
Peconil ?.�� and upwards according lo Htoanier
a-d location of berth. Bteetago quoM 0���2
plication. Prepaid passages from England and
tho continent at lowest rates, '��""'" ��mi
H. L. BUOWN,      W. P. F. CUMMINGS,
City Agt. Nolson,     non. Agent, winnlpog
About that second-band aTtTcuTo"
yours You'll sell it if you'll adver
tise it in lhe .Miner want cel.uu?
.JiX       NELSON LODGE   No.25, K. of P.
0j\*nioelH in K. of P. hall, Oddfoflows block
JSovoryTucsday ovening at 8 o'olook.
yAll visiting knights cordially Invito
Wm. Irvine, CO.
Huoh Stkvkns, K. of K. nnd S.
Nelson Enca pmont No. 7. Moots ovory 2nd
aud 4th Friday of oaoh month, in Odd Follows
Hall, cornor Bakor and Kootonay stroots.
Nolson. A. H. Olonionls, 0. P.; 1). MoArthUi-
rt. S.   Visiting Mothers alwayH wolonmi.
NELSON L. O. L. No. 1602 moots In Fraternity Hall on llrst and third Friday ovonlngs
of oaoh month at 8 o'clook. Visiting member
cordially   invltod.    W. W. Bradley, W. IC.
A, Al inty, lt. S.
NELSON AEKIB No. 22, F. O. K��� moots
every seoond and foarth Wodnosdays of eaoh
iui onth. Visiting members oordlally luvlti
Charles ProHaer. Rnnrotarv.
Kootonay Tont No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold thoir
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, I. O. O. F.
block, on tho 1st and 3rd Thursdays of oaoh
month. Vlsitlng brethren cordially Invited to
attend. G. A. Brown It. K.; Dr. lloio. Coin-'
It. J.Stool, U.S. C.
DN8   OF    ENGLAND,   meet*
1st and 3rd Wodnesday ovotiings of
oaoh month   at Fiatorniiy hall
a A p'     oao'1 month   at Fiaiorniiy
j��v*i*||i   oprnor of__Bakor  and_ Kootenay
stroots.   Visiting brothern cordially Invltod.
Eowaho MAGl.Bon. Bnexntnrv.
NolMon Court Star of Kootenay, A. O. F
Moots 2nd and ith Wednesdays In ovory
Month. Visiting brcthron welcomo. Vr Mao
Mllllan, C. 1>.; Horliort Molxiod. Soc
COURT KOOTKNAV, I. O. F��� No. 8181).
Mootlngs 4th Thursday of month. FnilorinU
hall, J A Irving C, R.   P. H, Fleming. R.S,


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