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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 17, 1901

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Daily Edition No.  1167
Nelson,   British Columbia, Thursday,  October 17,  1901
Eleventh   Year
[do not want
an inquif"
bo nbont  817,000     Inside of five years
ho expects to iiave over 11,000 bunrlog
��l"n"ot*i LtbrVrv ��3100V8 y6" h*7
"" .   ....     ''runes,   Ilo
per lb.;   apples,   r,e;   pears,   8c,   and
[injunctions Asked to Stop
Montreal Bribery Investigations.
j Remarkable Surgical Operation���To  Attack  Ice
plums, 10c,      All his   output has been
sold  locally.
Montroal. Oct, 18.���The harbor
board today decide to ask the government to plnce the Lord Stanley in the
St. Lawrence river this winter to
ondftivor tn keep tlie Cape Rougo ieo
bridge from forming. Snoce.s would
niciui ti**o weeks of additional navigation in spring at Montreal
A. 0, Lariviere, the well known
carnage builder, is dead.
Miss Thomson, of at. John, will
play Miss Young of Montreal tomorrow for tlio Indies' golf ohampionshlp
of Canada. This mornings' contest
in the semi-finals between Miss
Thomson unit Miss Marlor, Montreal,
wan one of the most interesting of the
tournament. Miss Thomson only winning out after two extra holes had
li.on played, defeating Miss Marlor
unly after that lady had held the
victory well in hand.
Unit was enteicd today by Ryuu
& Macdonnel, contractors, against
MoEenzie, Mann & Co., and Daniel
Mann personally, for sums aggregating 81(15, IS-l.07. In July, 1891), Ryan
__ Macdonnel took over the contract
which Messrs MacKenzie, Mann it-
Co, had received from tho government
uf Nova Scotia for .building tha
lover��� & Richmond railway in Cape
Breton, It tiie work wero not finished
by December, 1 ooo, defendants were
to take over plant and continue work
This they di3. PlatntifTs ullege that
they wero not able to carry out their
contract because of delays caused oy
the defendants.
I'iie tonight did $10,000 damage to
tho choose warehouse of A. A. Ayer
4 Co. The building contained 8500,-
UM worth of cheese. Further damage
ilnnii by smoke nnd wator cannot be
estimated until an examination is
mado hut will be considerable.
Building and contents were fully
covered by insurance.
Some time ago tlio nine year old
eon of 11. Mitchell of this city was injured in a railway accident. In ordor
that the railway accident wounds
-night bo skinned over his sister
Matilda, seventeen years of age,
offered herself ee a snbjoet and todny
tile goneral hospital, 00 square
Inchon of cuticle was removed from
hor body and grafted upon hor
brother's body. The operation was
ono of the moat extensive ever
An injunction is to be taken out
against tlie investigation ordered hy
tho eily council into tht charge made
oy Alderman Cleuriuue thnt an
attempt has been made to bribe him
In connection with awnrding the
rocui.t olocirlo light contraot. This
aotion bus deepened the impression
"'at it in necesBnry to get to..the
bottom of tlio mnttor.
London, Oct. 10.-*-At the Newmarket races today the Americans, both
owners and jockeys, had a most successful day. Kearsargo, (Maher) wou
u maiden (entry) two-yeai old stakes,
of five sovereigns eaeli for starters
with 100 sovereigns added, distance
five furlongs. W. C. Whitney's Spectrum, (J. Riefl) won tbe select stakes
of 20 sovereigns each for starters with
300 sovereigns added. Dundonuht,
(Jenkins) won the autumn handicap
of 13 sovereigns each for starters wilh
200 sovereigns added. J. R. Keeno's
Charocnac (Maher) won the Rennet
plate of 200 sovereigns i E. Corrignn's
Lute, (Thorpe) was second and Frank
Gardner's Monsieur lie l.orine,
(Jenkins) third. All thc winning
horses and jockeys in this luee being
Washington, Oet. IB.���Ahout 21 per
cent, ol the total population of the
United States attended public schools
and about two per cont. of rest private schools, according to tho annual
report of the commissioner of education. The giand total in all schools,
elementary, secondary and higher,
public and private for tho year ending
July 1st. 1000. was 17,1120,701! pupils,
an increase of 282,345 over thc previous year.
New York, Oct. 10.���The new
French liner La Savoie bound from
New York for Havre was rsported by
cable ns passing the Lizard head on
the southwestern coast nt England at
7.fin o'clock this evening. She is making a fast trip and it is estimated
that she will cut down her fastest
time, six days, 13 hours and two
mtnntes, wbich beats the record between New York and Havre by about
one and half hours.
Kingston, Oot. 10.���Lieut.-Col.
Hudon refused to accept the South
African medal. He savs that officers,
his junior, who had seen little or no
service were decorated with the C. M
15. or raised a grade, while he, who
fought at the front was not remembered except by receiving a medal
such as was- given to ordinary
soldiers. Lieut.-Co'. IIudoD commanded O battery, which marched
through Rhodesia and participated in
tho relief of Mafeking.
M.  Lessar  Using  LI Hung
Chang to Accomplish
His Ends.
Russia Seeks to Legalize Her
Occupation of Manchuria.
London, Out. 17.���The new Mnnahu-
rian convention which has been tho
subject of negotiations between M.
Paul Lessai, Russian minister to
China, and Li Hung f-linng, is on the
same lines ns the convention whioh
RnsMii witndiew on April 1,1th, suvb
tho Pokin correspondent of the Times,
but it is more elevorly worded so ns
to save China's faoo. The correspondent continues. In consequence of
previous disclosures a jealous secrecy
Iihb been observed ; but the important
nogotiaions by which Russia seeks to
legalize her occupation of Manchuria
have beeu entrusted to Li Hung
Chang, who can be bettor trusted to
serve Rusaion interests than any other
Chinese statesman. Prince Chang is
indignant because he has been kept in
iguoranco and both the Yang-Tse
viceroys have protested against the
negotiations. The same powerful
opposition that was employed before
is again endeavoring to prevent the
signature of the convention but
Russia's promise to restore the rail-
wny from Shan Hai Kwan to N.eu
Chang is a po erful lever in the
hands of M. Lessar,
Hangar, Me., Ont. HI���A torrific
explosion presumably of gasoline in
the second floor kitchen of Nathaniel
Ludd's restaurant on Harlo stieet this
afternoon Drought also immediate
death to Miss Henry, whose appart-
ments adjoined, and Mrs. Mary F
Corrigan, the second cook, nnd fatally
burned John Barry a waiter. The
explosion wrecked two floors and
falling debris caused minor injuries
to a number of people.
A   Cook   Found   Dead-Profits   From
Fruit Growing.
"rand Foiks, Oot.lO.-ChaH. Hulett,
�� cook employed at one of the oon-
"truotlnn camps of th*. Republic &
Urand Forks railway near thiB city
wn. found dead In bed yesterday. A
'"idiot of death from natural causes
"ns returned by the coioner's jury
The Jewel  mine,   Long Lake oan
������an constructed to  deliver
ore to tt,o Granby smelter
���John l.ane, of this oity, has been
��wiiti1-d the contract for building all
t��e bridges and trestlos on the
"opublic & Grand Forks railway
moiten the boundary lino and Cur-
������*-*����� lake, tt distance of 19 miles.
W. 8,   Stout,   general   manager  of
'ho Dominion Express  company,   was
1 Yesterday on a   tour   of   inspoc-
150 tons of
Vienna, Oct. 10 ���Tho Neus Abend
blatt reports that thoio has been not*
ing in Kicheneff, Bessarabia, whero
1,000 students attacked and wrecked
the house of the governor, tne headquarters of tho police and the oflice
of thc official gazette. Many encounters took plnce between the students
and the police and 11 persona were
killed and 8(1 injured.
Preparing for   Military Review���A Mysterious
Russian  Encroachments  In
Gorea.���Slave Girl Becomes Empress.
���the ranch and   fruit farm of W. II.
this   city is one of  the
Ballston, N. Y., Oct. lO.-Jos. C.
Batiks of Waterloo, N. Y., was
arraigned in the Supreme oonrt on
an indictment for murder in tho first
degree in shooting and instantly killing Herbert O. Tackabery, of Oltnwa,
at Saratoga Springs, on August 10th.
Banks was supci intendent of a circus
and Tackabery a discharged employe
and it is thought that jealousy was
thn causo of the quarrel and shooting.
Banks pleaded not guilty, and asserts
the-shooting was in Belf defense
Change in the Name of the Church Up
For Discussion.
Sar, F at elsco, Oct. 10.���Considerable routine business was transect"*'*
at today's session of the Trienni.il
Episcopal convention, n new bish"p
was erected and in the house of
deputies there was an animated
debate on the proposition to change
the national name of the church. This
question did not corns op as a direct
issue but, on a motion to consider a
report of the house of bishops oreat-
ing n joint commission to which the
subject should bo referred. There was
much division of sentiment in regard
to the matter. A proposal to refuse
tu eousiiier .he question in any form
was strongly supported, but this, it
was argued, would fall to show proper
respect to the house of bishops.
Finally, tho reference of the subject
to 8 joint committee was agreed
No further action will be taken
until the meeting of the general con-
veutin in 1004. The house of deputies
unanimously elected Dr. Cameron
Mann, of Kansas City, to be mission*
ary bishop of North Dakota. The
Huntington amendment to article 10
of the oonstitution adopted yesterday
by the house of deputies, was not concurred in by tho bishops.
The rooms of the Women's Auxiliary vere closed this evoning in respect to the memory of the honorary
seeretary, Mrs. Mary A, E. Twiug,
of New York, whose funeral was held
from St. Luko's church. There was a
reception at tlie Japanoso mission this
aftornoon and tonight Bishop Howe
of Alaska addressed a missionary
mooting at the Cathedral church
Good Samaritan.
St. John's, Nfld., Oct. 10,-The
nuke of Cornwall and York by a telegram from Canada, makes large alterations in tho programme for bis reception in St. John's next week, virtually
oorapressiug the whole affair into a
few hours. The royal yacht Ophir
will arrive Wednesday afternoon,
October 24th, but the Duke will not
land until 11 o'clock the next
Viotoria, Oct. 16.���The autumn
manoeuvres of the Japanese army,
according to advicos brought by the
Empress will take place on November
tb and on the following day there
will he a giand review of 15,000
troops beforo the Emporor.
The JapaneBe Daily Mail pnhlishes
a statement, to the efleet that Russian
officers havo been urging Oorea to
fortify the coast of the peninsula, and
have offered to supply money for the
purpose without interest.
The Emperor of Corea has invitod
the foreign representatives to an entertainment to be given on Octobor
23, when Lady Oui will be introduced
as tho new empres". Lady Om was a
slave girl rescued from the captured
pirates hy tbe Corean court. The
Tokio Asahi is authority for the state-
ment that a pirate ship hns left Formosa under coimna-'d of Mr. Okatnura
a former oflloer of the Japanese army,
with a crew of ten Japanese including
one former officer of tho navy and
ex-gendarmes and -mb-oflicers of the
navy. There are also some Chinese
on the vessel which the Asahi says it
is the intention to throw overheard as
soon as the vessel gets to sea.
It is said by papers received by the
Empress of Japan that as China has
no loDgcr any ports in the nortli it
has been proposed to amalgamate the
northern and southern armies and
navies. The southern viceroys have
objected ou the ground that they have
not the necessary money and in consequence the forces have been greatly
50 shot Jacob Hazen-   "DT) T- A T1    U TPiU *v3
a   gua, inflicting   a.DIX��lAU   lilUlb
couple of weeks ago shot Jacob H
fratz   with   a   pe:
wound which is was at   lirst   thought I
would result fatally,    was today committed   fur   trial   on   the   charge   of
attempted murder.
Advicoi from the north   are   to  the
effect that big money   is   being  made j Municipal BUlldlngS and RCSl-
on Big Salmon rivor.     Five men have
been taking out an average of
$ 1,700 a day and ou one occasion took
out 510,000 in three days. A big
strike ha9 also been mado on Conglomerate creek in the Klondike and
miners declare that a second gold run
has beon discovered.
On his return to Dawson, Governor
Ross, gave an interivsw to the Yukon
Sun in which he said that Hon. Mr.
Sifton, would visit the district early
in the spriug.
fdr-rcCIAL, TO Till-. -UUT.Ell.)
Kublo,   Oct.     10.���Alex   Matheson,
de.nccs  Burned
Bandit  Mussol.no  Gapturcd
After a Two Year's
London, Oct. 10.���Tho Lemherg
papers report brean riots a Tnrsskova,
Kant.in Russia, says the Vienna correspondent   of   tho   Daily Mail.      in
was brought dor.n from tho Arrow-! Saniaia the starving peasants stormed
head-Lsrdo lailwuy thiB aftrnoon ��� the municipal buildings and the resi-
m an open boat with an arm severely deuces of wealthy persons selling
lacerated by the traeklaying machine, suico on fire. Troop? were summoned
Dr. Harkin found umputaliou ut tho j and 14 peasants killed. Similar riots
shoulder necessary. Matheson when
in the act of reaching for a lever had
his arm caught in a revolving shaft
and was drawu round by it several
times. The arm was shattered from
the wrist to the shoulder.
Toronto, Oct. 10.���During   the   two
the   railways
ght twelve thousand viritnrs into
fiom   ihe  sale  of his fruit,  the   eily   besides   11,000    volunteers.
K'am and rcot crops, Ibis season, will  This does not Include regular truffle.
when the functions will be
hurried through. The Btate banquet
will be given in the evening and the
Ophir will Bail for England Friday
""���" P*accB of the Kettle rivor valley, 'days of the Royal   visit
'��� Covoit estimated   lhat the   gross ! brought twelve thousand
Sarnia. Ont., Oct. 10,-The trial of
tho ease of Miss Viotoria Middleton
ngainst Dr. Williamson, both of
Sarnia, opened hem today. Miss
Miditleton asks 116,000 damages and
alleges grievous offences. The
doct-ir alleges the case is a conspiracy.
Gold   Finds   iu   Klondike
mann's Valet Arrested.
(SrECIAl. TO Till-. ..-INI.it.)
Victoria, Oct. 10.���Tho funeral of
the late Gunner Clinnick, shot in barracks at Work Point on Sunday night,
took place yesterday afternoon from
the Station hospital. The gun oarri-
age was covered with wreaths sent by
officers and ladies, by R. E. R. G.
A., and eergeunt's mess of whicli
doceased was a member. The band
from the flagship attended and the
burial took plaee ir the new Military
The preliminary hearing of Sapper
Gill today seemed to bear out the
ugly rumors that his act was due to
the belief that Mahoney had involved
hiin during a drunken sptee in an
unatural offence. To one- of the
guards who arrested him Gill said he
would rather die than be dishonored.
It is said that Gill was constantly
annoyed by fellow soldiers by constant reference to this. GUI was
committed for trial.
On the arrival of the San Franeieeo
steamer this morning, the police acting on adviae from Han Francisco
ohiof of police arrested Bessie Vincent, aged 10, and Sadie Creek, or
Hay, aged 17, who were in charge of
a Vancouver Dupont street procuross,
Blanche Lewis. The girls will bu
returned to San Francisco.
At the outer wharf this morning,
the negro valet of Hermann, the
magician, was arrested for stealing a
purse from a woman.
Captain Joly and Gaptain Nanton,
son and son-in-law of Lieuenunt-Govur-
nor Joly, both in Girouaro's stuff,
have beeu made majors.
Walter Morris, one of the best
known canneryraen of thc province,
died at 2 o'oloek this morning from
typhoid fever. lie opposed 0. E. Red-
fern for mayor two years ago. Hi*
was a very prominent Methodist and
temperance man
One of the C. P. R. officials down
to meet the It. M. S, Empress yesterday, stated that tbe contract for the
irouwork for thc new ferry boat to
vun betwoen Vancouver aud Victoria
had been let to tho Bertrams of Toronto. The hull will be on tlie lines
of the Toronto, of the Richelieu and
Ontario fleet.
Ernest     Nti'vens,    the   boy   wbo   o
A quite remarkable strike has been
made on the Wonderful near Sandon.
A few days ago somo looae earth slid
down into the old sluiceway exposing
a large ledge ahout 40 feet above the
No. 2 tunnel. This ledge is 12 feet
wide and has a foot of carbonates on
either side. The ore has beeu struok
from the No. 2 tunnel thus pioving
it to a depth of 50 feet. Mr. Warner
has spent most of thu summer exploring the surface and though he has
found ore in many places, it was not
t'll now that lie wan sure of coming
on the main ledge of the property.
Men have been put to work stripping
tho ledge and sacking the carbonates.
A crosscut will be run lrom No. 2
tunnel."""On "TRe* Wonderful ore has
heen found iu many places and there
are considerable bodies that will have
to be concentrated but no mill has yet
heen erected. This is the mine from
which a large quantity of ore wus
taken by raeaus of sluiciog and it
therefore bus the distinction of being,
re far as known, thc only mino in
which silver ore was piocured by
hydraulic operations.
The p-.-.tilie school trustees huve
outlined a progressive scheme for the
schools of Nelson. After the new
year the schools will be under full
control of the city, which will have
to bear all the running expenses less
a per capita grunt on tbe basin of
average attendance from tne provincial government. The school board ,nstanCe they aro unable to do so
will then consist of five members wbo
in whioh several persons weie killed
oceuried at Andowesk, where two
landowners had been murdered, ami
also at I'eBtrowandels, in the samo
Rome, Oet, 10,���The notorious
brigand Mussoliuo has been captured
nfier a fierce resistance at Urhino. He
had long occupied Calabria and ia
credited with having committed
twenty-live murders. Owing to the
sympathy shown him by tlie peasantry he had always escaped, despite
the rewind offered for his arrest. Ilis
oareer a. ao outlaw began two years
ago when ho was liberated from what
lie considered an unjust imprison.
ment. Ho vowed to kill the fifteen
witnesses who w?re responsible for
his conviction and he is said to have
actually despatched twelve cf them.
London. Oot. 10.���When the hearing of tiie chaiges against Theodore
and Laura Jacksin (Ann Odolia Diss
de liar) was rcsumod in tlie police
court today the woman entered the
dock dressed in spotless white. sho
placod her hands together before hor
face and closed her eyos in the attitude of prayer. The crowded court
room wan silent.
The hearing was devoted to testimony of the 'behavior of the malo
defendant towards a young woman
who was the victims of tlie pair. Tho
allege! deceptions were seemingly
accompanied by hypnotic influences.
As the prisoners left the dook they
were hissed by tbe Spectators, Jackson criei!, ''Keep quiet, you reptiles.1'
Tho testl-Qony was of such a character, that the London piess, which
usually prints verbatim reports of
sensational   trials,   say   tbat  in   tliii
will De elected at the same time as
the municipal council. All the present board will then retire but are
eligible for re-election. The new
school building in course of erection
will be completed in time for opening
of school after tbe Christmas holidays. Of the four rooms the high
school will occupy one whi',e two of
the others may for the present be
devoted to publi-s school purposes.
Dr. Arthur yesteiday speaking of
the plans of the board said that the
member! wore anxiuus to make Nelson high school such us would attract
pupils from all parts of the upper
countiy and he thought that by this
lnea.-is the attendance would Boon hi
enough to warrant the division of
subjects taught into depailmeiits witli
ii specialist at the li-'.ail of cant). In
liis opinion he would favor giving
especial attention to science nnd even
tho practical know lodge of mining so
that students of special brunches
would be attracted. Another matter
ho discussed was the establishment of
a normal shcool iu Nelson. Tho cost
of sending a man up to take charge
of the normal class at Nelson would
be greater In the aggiegitle than le*
quiring so maty teachers to go to
Vancouver or Victoiia to reside for
several months.
Colon, Oct. 10.���The situation on
the isthmus of Panama is unchanged.
News has been received here thut tbo
government has defeated the insurgents recently at Pauuneuie, killing a
large number. I'unoueme is now in
the hands of thc government. Tho
government loss in tlio engagement
was 40 killed and wounded, among
the latter being Colonel Navia. By a
recent decree all import duties in this
depaitiuent wore doubled, nd valorem
duties now being 2(1 per cent. All
liquor duties have also been   doubled.
Washington,     Oct.     1(1.���President
Roosevelt    accepted   today   honoraiy
membership in tlie William McKinley
National   Memorial   Arch association
London, Oct. 17.��� In rosponso to
nn inquiry as to tbo repoit that ho
was the chairman of a syndicate of
fourteen organized lo challenge for
the America's cup, John Erskine of
Belfast says: The report is prematurely published und without my
aiithni ily. I iigret that I cannot
afford lur'.hcr infoimatiou   just now.
Madrid, Oct. 10.���In the chamber of
dcputioH today the minister of war,
General IVoyler, read a telegram from
the captain general of Seville announcing thai order bad been restored
there and that the eily had lesunied
its usual aspect. General We)ler nlso
introduced u bill reducing by 40,000
men the army enlistment fur 1903,
Berlin, Oet. 10.���A terrible ncri*
and gave his approval to its purpose dent occurred in the Pilinengnrten,
of erecting by national popular sub- Loipsic, during n roneeit. A piece of
BOrlptlODi a memoiiul^arch at Wash- the coiling full, killing n ynuug
inclon   approach    to     the     memorial | woman outright and Severely injuring
hernial   others. Nklso*  Daily Miner,  Thirsuay.  October 17, ������*-'
The Nelson Miner
Hl**l   Y.very   ilnr-imz   KrurxjA   rival*.
[UQj per n.:-.-..**. v-r c-jrl*r.
I uniy. per moc'.h. by n_*a ���
iMli/. per ;��_/, Sijr tUTier	
Itell). per yi-v, bj ix-ftil	
.'*��- ;  ^.- .-.- lonwu.	
**V*.-:i-*7,1  r I*-*;.' jretr
���*--__A.y. J-*** je+r
��� '*-.. ��� J . f. -   1 "3��J 	
-V-#*)j, per ye^r. forHfD	
H ���.->txlVLtOL, ItrirtxaL _a __r__-__
t_ i'
-   ���
IU r_��t Blrtrt. ��. C.
atral   Pre*��>  Aiiet-ej    IM.  S*p��lil  A*��c>
Alrvtrrler t f'/jKl Flrft A Tcc-e, ajeiu*
*'*-.!*. k*ev tfci- p-.f*r or. ��.*. -x^i _lt�� c^i-
-_a_bonz��_l c^t:,'*, for *4veru*-i-^_ht_* 0***
The Scaxn African rsr has d?_co_;-
_t.it��*d that the rifle is thc BOd
efficient weapon, ilachine g*-t**.
���mall ace large' aDi-on are useful.
under certain (.-on-litioca, bet to tbe
rift* ig credited tl.e most effective execution as i: *<i.is and wouudi more of
::.���:'-.:.. rn ��� and )D3icu tbe not! damage un-itr a rcaj'.ritf of condition!
I'.s increased rai'ge and its capacity
to kill at o.er a milt has cban_-eu the
entire eyaum cf warfare so that men
can no longer make .'rontai attacks in
cloee order. The war bat thnun-
is Ira ted, too, tbat other conditions
being equal it is the best *..:���--:.-:.
wno win. for with tbe incrfea&ed range-
there has come a .',������_-���.;. for bitting
the enemy at a greater distance and
hence the modern soldier must he a
better mark .man than hi* predecessor
of a ter. decades since whose weap:in
was only effective at from MO to MO
yards. Tbi, being the caw it is no
wonder that Tommy Atkins at Ihe
commrncenreut of the bostili'ies io
South Africa was at some little die-
advantage as the Iloers shot somewhat siraigbter than he did.
Lord Salisbury recognized fiom this
that there was a necessity for bettri
training in tbis direction and advise".
the firitsh all over tlie empire to form
rifle clubs *n order that they might
hit the mark. This good advise ha*
beeu followed all over the empire and
nowhere to a greater ex'ent than in
Canada. There are but few of tbe native born whodonot know bow to Bhoot
and bow to aboot sti-aigbbt. Tbe
majority have Ducted more or lest in
their boyhood and manhood with both
i-ifle and shotgun and of some it may
truthfully be said tbat they have been
raised with guns in their hands. The
Canadian contingent., which went to
South Afirea, showed, if anything,
that tbey wore better shots than the
Iloers. Tne rifle eluba serve, how-
eter.to make still belter marksmen of
those who are fairly good and to great
ly improve those who are orly ordinary. By means of these clubs Canada will add largely to the number ol
ber sharpsbooleis, as number!! have
become interested through ibem who
otherwise would not have done so.
In case of an invasion Cana.'.a would
have a larger number of citizens wlu,
are good abotl than evjr before and
would be that much better fitted to
cope   with thc invaders.
Nelson lias a lillie club which II
developing some good shot", which
has just held its second annual tournament, which waa an unqualified sne-
0-tM. Thi. wan so much the case that
it ii intended to enlarge its scope aim
at the next annual mett the (hooting
will be participated by riflemen from
the states to the south of Hritish
Colombia. This will gi.e the event
an international character, put the
provincial participant*! on their mettle
a some good scores shoDld be roade
al this and future tournament*. We
will learn something from them
and tuey will learn something from
ua and the frinedly rivalry is certain
to greatly increase the good feeling
which already exists between the two
great branches of the same common
stock. The practise wiil '.* beneSciel,
as It is simply carrying into effect the
good old axiom, "ln lime of peace
prepare for war. "
The be*-! which art can produce and   money  can   purchase,
is now ready for your inspection.
Novelties of All Kinds
Stylish Goods in even,* shade and make for evening wear,
Sequin Robes, Dreams in Embroideries, Facts in
Good Values.
From the Kitchen to the Ball Room and from  the cradle
to the grave, we have everything you can possibly require.
White and Grey, All Weights and Excellent Values
The Blnuket weather will soon be with ue and buyers of Blankets
would do well to consult ub before making their Fall Purchases
Pianos   for   sale   at  close
1 prices  for  cash or   on  eas)*|
payme.ru on the  instalment
Another Warm   Proposition Is  the Values.
We are showing in Natural Orey and  White,
Knit   and   Wove,   Women's   and   Children's
Vests,    Drawer?,   and    Combinations     remarkably low prices.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
In considering the question of tin
electric power fur tbe city tbe mutter
of furnishing power for industrial
enterpriser!, which is important, has
been partially loBt bigbl of in the
prominence which is now being given
to tbe question of electric lights.
Nelson is already tbe wholesale centre
of tbe Kootenays and VHle and Mir
la time will nuturally make it a manufacturing point of importance. Al
ready a number of smalt manufacturing plants have been ostai.lished hen
aod these will grow and as the city
increases in size others will follow.
An important factor in tbe uoonomy
of the*-e enterprises is cheap power.
Electric power owing to Its cheapness is preferable to steam energy.
Th? tnun'clpality by augmenting the
present electrical plant or by the con-
���trnction of a larger plant would
place itself in a poiition to furnish
ancb power to any who might care lo
��������� It.    Vox instance, if il could do so
:-. probably could secure tbe contract
for furnishing the Nelson tramway
*ri:b power :'or propelling its cars. It
it old ie to the interest cf the city to
s*-il tbe pG<-_er to street car lines.
fa>-iorie��. foundries and all wbo
might need :t a .-lightly aboTe cost,
lor the reason tbat in so doing it
would be a-iding to tbe importance of
Nelson by fosteiing industries witbin
the corporate limit*. Naturally it
could afT-nd to furnish power cneaper
than could a private corporation, because the latter would certainly
endeavor to earn large dividends for
its shareholders. Tbe city should, as
-.���:.*_.-i*. can with advantage do so.
erect a plant at aorne point on tbe
Kootenay river so as to plaee itself
in a position lo furnish all tbe light*
and power that in the future may be
needed. Such a plant would oot only
yield a profit bnt would add more
than any otber venture in which the
city could embrak, to tbe lostenal
advantage of tbe eity.
There is an indirect benefit abont
cheap lights aod water which ia sometimes loat sight of. They make living
cheaper in a city wbich haa ancb
advantages, make it a more desirable
residence plaee, tend to increase tbe
population, and are favorable to tba
investment of capital because capital
is c��rtain of larger returns iD place
so favored. Nelson is in position to
folly control these utilites and should
not for a moment neglect the opportunity.
j by governments. It is prcoable.
j therefore, that the Commercial com*
j pany w-;ii bave an opportunity to
|prove its wiliingeess to provide cabie
'service between the Philippines and
j the United states.
I    Jewels, candy, flowers, man ���tbat is
, tbe order cf a woman's    preferences.
i Jewels   form   a   magset   of    mighty
i powei to   the average woman.      Even
) that greatest of all   jewels, health, is
|often  ruineo in the   strenuous   eiforts
i to make or save   tbe   money   to   purchase them, if a woman will risk her
I health   to get   a coveted gem, tben let
j her fortify herself against tbe  insidi-
joos consequences of coughs, colds aud
bronchial   affections   by   the regular
use of Dr. lloschee's   German   Syrup.
Ir will promptly   arrest   consumption
its early stages and beai   tbe   affected
longs and bronchial tubes   and   drive
tbe dread disease from the system.    It
is not a cuie all,    but   it   is a certain
_are   for   coughs, colds and all bronchial   troubles.      You can get Dr.   li.
D.   Green's reliable   remedies at   Vi
F. Teetzel <fc Co.   Oet Green's Special
If 70a don't like Blue Bit-boo Tti hi
because too nsver tasted it
The Toronto World has thc following words in favor of publio owner*
shin: "Tbe principle of public ownership mny be ridiculed by corporations and light-weight politician*,
but facts speak for themselves. Thc
city which has bail most experience
in the direction of public ownership
is the strongest advocate of the principle. I- Glasgow tbey kown whereof
tbey speak. Tne city's recent installation of a great monicipal telephone plant more than offsets all tbe
aigumeots that are nrgd against
municipalization. Tbe municipalization of tbe telephone in Glasgow
follows aa a matter of course upon
the success of tbe principle of public
ownership applied to electric and gas
lighting, the operation of street cars,
public laundries and various otber
MRS.   ENFIELD   wishes   to announce to the ladies of Nelson  that
owing to the increase of business
she has secured
All orders can now be (jot ready
on the shortest notice at most
reasonable prices.
H. & M. BIRD
A ten-roomed  house  and   comar
I lot on Stanley street, close to Baker
I street  complete with   furniture.    A
i Bargain for immediate sale. Terms
on part of the purchase money.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand oi
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tarda, NELSOH
and LARK).
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rate of	
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent,
D.  J.  YOUNG.
It -.-:: nn, that tne field is open for
tho Mackay company to construct a
Pacific cahle wit'iuu any k-giblatiou
!iy the ooigresi or any action on the
part ol the executive department, says
the Minneapolis Tribune, tl. 8. At-
toneyOeoeral Knex ha. decided that
any ocean caulo can obtain, under
the general law, the same landing
right! on any American islands tbat
huve been secured by tbe Allan tu
cables on the American coast. There
la no reabnn, then, if thc commercial
company is in earnest, why it ijhould
not v,o ahead with its plan. Probably congress could pass special
obstructive legislation, hut it Is hardly conceivable that it should do this.
There could bo no ground for snch
aetion, except obvions favoritism to
other privute companies tnat desire
subsidies, 01 the intention to build a
govi'i'umentt cable. Il would be
olTonsive to assume that any member of congre-s wishes to obstruct the
ouilding uf a private cable without
subsidy It is quite possible lo
understand that some members of
cingress might honestly prefer a government cable to a private cable.
The experience of the world, how-
over, point, tiie other way, and Ihe
majority of congressmen are not
liliely lo ignore Ihis. Stntisiics ahow
1.1,1x10 mil,s of ocean cahle owned by
private corporation*   to 20,1100 owned
Several good houses  at   reduced
e nts.    Call and see our list.
- SEE ���
West Block, East Baker St.
oalSary^beer 1_f.? b"t& tSU
pbaaPMt    on    '.ho    market.    Also   try   ou-
WINES,    LIQUORS     aud    CI.&RR
PRANK   A. TAMBLYN. U.......
Ti lcnbone 93 n.v-,, st��� Nel8-_,
A. R. BARROW, a m. l 0.1
Provincial  Land  Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria and;Kootenay 8ta.
P.O. Box 500 Telephone   No. ��
Brul-os. -rVite Hack. llur.B, SciWi Ncur.il-
Kin, Hea-Uohw, Uunbuo, .-Soro Tbr.iul anil
overy othnr Mlmcnl wh���ri* 01 Uvaril application Is wanted tog)-Oqulak raliot,
Mr. Mick Wliiu*. tht, �� 1 known tnii .or nf
y* To-r*;*1*" LaemMO Toam ami o��e W| Hall
Kootbv (lul, wrltaai "I con-lilor firiiniJiH
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those t-nlnli k. I rmvo used II with the best
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and Infl iinnntlon.   I'rieo Haania,
roroolvutJ.r1. Vans-out Sol*m.B.C.
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply always  on
kates to  all  railway and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two  doors   wesi
C.P.R, offices.
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction in service, taking* place-
Sunday 29th in.tant. 40 minute
service before 11 a. m. and after
7.40 p. m.    20 minutes between.
��-*��Q_luw�� DUnlry U.
7.00 a  m, 7.20 a- m
7-4�� 8.00
8*2�� 3.40
9* ���� ).20
9-40 js.oo
,0-2�� IJ.40
"���00 11.00
"'20 (I.20
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hour, 20 past and 20 to.
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8 CO.      j
J. 6. BUNYAN k 60.
We have the Largest ^and Finest
Assortment in the city.
Spokane Falls *%
Northern R'v,
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral -l-O-i un\ miucs guiveyed.
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
To San Francisco and Return
$51.50 ALL RAIL
$46.50 BY STEAMER.
This especially low rate is made
00 account ofthe Episcopal Convention to be   held   in  San  Francisco,
Dates of sale, Sept, 23rd to 27th
inclusive. Good to return until
Nov. 13th.
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains be.
tween Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
���fflO* DAJ TRAIN Arrive
,   ;*B*m apoknue 7:35 p.m
J*!���P-�� Kosslimd 4:10nm
10:IOa-1" Nelson ..0.05 pZ
H. A. JAOKSON, G. p. tc T.A
G.K.TAOKABDRY8p0k,lne  ^
Agent, Nelaon, B.O
���,    '" -"nouM'nt   send out of town for
ennis  for yourself   or   your  husband
?��,������� "* VbMt Tbe Mlncr can   do
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Sliorlot nnd qulckrut routo to iho on. t nnd nil
points on tho O. H. tc N. nnd Northorn l'��-
cillo Kullwiiyn In Wa^nu^jn, Otokoii nn*1
Sou-horn States.
Time Card Effective August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
S:*l n. m. Lv. iKaslo Ar. 1:1)0 p. m
10:06 p.m. Ar. Sandon Lv. VM P.��
Int Nav- & Trading Oo*
���i:'-!1 p. in. Lv. Nolson Ar. 11-001. -ft
0:10 p, tu. Ar; Kaslo Lv. 7:00 n. Ul,
CpnneoUng at Five Milo Point, wilh Nnl.-_
ft rort Hhoppntd Hallway both to and frinu
Uu.- l.ilnl, otc
Tickets sold to all partn ln Unitod State-uii'l
Canada via Uront Northorn andO. II. K '������
l,'o. _ line*'. .
-Icouii stoaiiibhip ticket, and ratos vlnnil
Iii11*., will bofurnlnliod on applleatton.
x or further partleulani oall on or addrces
HOMBKT IRVINU    ,   ��� ���
Manoeer, Kaslo.B. <-
O. K TiCKiBUHi Agont. Nolnon a 0.
J- 0. GWILLIM, B-, Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Ndsoo. B
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head ovfioe toronto, ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage-
Apply to O. !_. WNNOX Bikw St.
\ Nelson   Dad v  Minur, Th-irsdav October 17,  .901
Vi. H. Blakemore, managing director of the company opening up the
great iron deposits at Kitchener arrived in Nelson yesterday, and leaves
tbis morning for Rossland. In conversation with a Miner reporter Mr.
Blakemore stated that the -working
force on the property had jnst been
douuleJ. It was the intention of his
company to push the work of develop-
jiij* the ledges wilh all possible vigor
while the piesent flue weather lasted
anil through er, much o( November ub
the snow would permit. When the
suuw seta in all work would be shut
down for the winter, but it is hoped
thai this will not occur before the
last Of November, The development
work so (nr dono on the property consists principally of diamond drilling
anil open outs, whicli have proved the
continuity of the veins   of   iron.     At
present t
no shafts are being sunk ona
ledge of solid iron ore twenty feet in
width, whicli rune from 0.r> to 75 per
cent, in pure metallic iron. One shaft
is down 30 foet and and the other,
which wns started but a few days ago,
is down ten feet. A. H. Heylaud is
suiveying the whole property on
which application will be made for a
crown giant on the completion of ths
survey. On the mountain on which
this property , is located over forty
claims have been stiilied tbia season ou
all of which veins of iron bave beeu
found. There is a large number of
prospectms at work in the vicinity,
ami considerable work has beon dono
on several groups of claims near Kitoh-
Theie is a probability of a bond
lioing taken on the Harris and Fisher
groups on White Orouee momitiiu by
an American syndicate.
At Kitchener a number of town lots
have been sold and several new stores
put in.
Hugcno Croteau, secretary of the
Cascade Gold Mining oompany, was in
town yesterday from Rosslaud. The
Cascade company owns three mineral
claims located six miles from Hamill
creek station on tlie Columbia Sc
Western railway. Mr. Croteau reportt
that recent developments on the Cascade group havo given the most satisfactory results und reveal that it has
the makings of a mine of more than
ordinary importance. A five foot
ledge has been drifted for a distance
of 78 feet and at a depth of over 100
fee', hy means of a drift, tunnel and
shaft. I'nrefnl sampling made ut the
(Jinnby smelter shows that the ore
will average .26 to the ton. ptinci-
pa'ly in gold. An upraise is being
made from the tunnol to connect with
tbe shaft and when this is completed
there will ho sufficient oro in sight to
keep up the shipments all winter at
the rate of lid tons per dny. A wagon
Mad is being made and will be oom
pleted in ten days from Twenty-Mile
station. This road was built by the
government at a cost of $6,000. When
tho road is finished the shipments
"111 be commeuced and kept up continuously. Tho smelters ha/e offered
a vory low late, for reducing this
on on account of the laigo quantity
of limestone in it. The haul to the
smelter from the station will oost $1
pur ton and it is thought tho ore oan
be hauled from the mine to the railway for 82.50 a ton. There are a
number of othor claims near the (Jas-
oade of considerable piomise.
The llayonne ulaitn in the Ymir
district, upon which the strike of free
milling-gold ore was recently made,
lias boon sold for $40,000 to eastern
purtios. About six weeks ago a niuo-
foot ledge of free gold ore was encountered on the propeity and the
showing was so leraarkable that it
attracted niteution at once. Eut little
development work has been done on
thn property, and the prioe reported
t�� have been paid for the mine Is
about the highest paid for a claim in
that district for the amount of work
���tone, If the oro holds good in thc
nine foot vein, as It has been found i
nn Ilu* surface, the owners will have
a nch proposition. The government
haa granted |900 for tho building of a
"ORun road to the Fog Horn mino,
and a large force of men will be put
to work at onoe. As soon as the
(.rude is comploted a trial shipment of
ore will be sent out from the mine.
Cor tl float es of work wero issued yfis-
je*!**iy to Joseph Caron on British
Chief, Joseph Caron on Hlack Prince,
���Joseph Cat on on Princess fraction.
'"'cations, Crowning King, at head
<���' Cleai water oreek, south of Trout
'"���'���e, by  J. j. n.)<1(*. Lnst Chance at
ud "f   Clearwater   creek,    north  of
Uloomfield and   Itowlan   Acquitted
Robbing Charles Johnson.
The trial of Fied 5 loom fit Id and
Frank Buwlan for assault with robbery upon Uharles Johnson was continued yesterday at the assizes and
occupied the whole day. Crown witnesses wero called to show that the
prisoners knew that Johnson had
received somo money the night before,
that they had beeu seen on Lake
street ahout 1 o'clock on tHe morning
in question when they had nuked two
men if tbey had sion "the Swede,"
and the circumstance of llloomfield's
having a so't hut in the morning
whereas he had had a stilt' one the
night before.
The defence was an alibi. IOach of
the prisoners wont into the witness
hox and told where he had been the
night previous to the robbery and the
morning it. Uowlan said they had
had a drink at thc Bodega saloon
shoitly after 11 o'clock on the night
of the Saturday in question, lie and
Uloomfield had gone to several saloons
after that and separated about 1
o'clock in Sunday morning opposite
the Tramway company's office Bloom-
field said he was going home. lie
bad mot a man named Goldstein antl
walked about with him, tben about
3 o'clock he hnd met Uloomfield, who
said his father had found fault with
hiin for being out so be had not
stayed at home. Together they had
theu gone to the Sherbmoke hotel,
the manager and oook of whioh were
called to corroborate this.. It was
during tho time that Itowlan said he
bad been with Goldstein that a crown
witness said he had seen the two on
Lake street. The orucial point of tbe
evidence lay in whether this witness
were correct when he said ho bad seen
them cn that stioet.
The addresses of the deputy attorney-general and S. S. Taylor for the
prisoners and of the summing up the
judgo wore completed only a few
minutes before 6 oclock. The judge's
remaikB weie much commented upon
for their thoioughness, fairness and
lnginal arrangement.
It was not until 8.30 that the jury
agreed upon a verdict, the court in
the meantime having taken a ienesi.
They reti rned a verdict of not guilty
and the accused were discharged from
A Good Sum Realized For the Hospital���Thanks For Courtesies.
The members of tbe Ladies' Hospital Aid society are to be coiigrntu*
Inte-i on the sneeess of tbe ten, musi-
cale and dan.ie which were held it
tli3 Phalr on Tuesday afternoon aud
evening. Tho afternoon tea and muei
csle netted S38, while the ball given
in the evening will add tho very respectable sum of $235 to tho treasury
of the Kootenay Lake Gencal hospital. The four decked cake, the
prize for tne most gracetu] waltzers,
was won by Mrs. Ur. Lallan and
Mr. Wetmore. Tho ball was such an
unqualified success that the society
desires that the names of the oora-
mittee on arrangements shall be pub
Used. Here they are although thc
ladies fair who make up the committee were reluctant to have them published, but it waB thought best that so
much light should not be hidden
under a bushel, Mrs. Dr. Lallan,
Mrs. Harry Connon, Mrs. Goepel and
Dr. Isabel Arthur. The ladies desire
to t.,ank most heartily Messrs. Phair
and Gibson of the Phair hotel fur
donating thc dining room and parlors
of the hotel and for the many
oourtesies shown them by these two
Nelson Opera
Under the auspices of tho
Nelson Operatic
Garden Scene Act HI.
Act II.
Curtain Will Rise at 8130 O'clock Sharp
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B.N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
West Transfer Co.
Goal as Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on   Baker Street Tel. S3
Jl     Nl
NKLSON LODGK    No. 23, A. F. &
moota second Wednesday in
month.  Visiting brethorn wolcomo
I. O. O. F. Kootonay Lodgo
No, 16. mcot-s ovory Monday night,
at thoir Hall, Kooten.iy etroot
Sojourning Odd Fellows oordlally invited,
John A, MoKae. N.U. 1). W. Hutherford, V.G
Fred J. Squire, Por. Soe.
Neluon Itoyal Arch Chapter No. 123, G. It. C.
Mei..-- third Wednesday. -Sojourning com pan
iotiH invited.    Georgo Johnatono, Z.    Jfl, \V.
Matthews, S. K
NKLSON LOOGK  No.25, K. of P.
-\ine--lh in K. of P. bail. Oddfellows blook
r,��vuryTu68day evoning at 8 o'clock.
J/A11 visiting knights cordially Invite
Wm. Irvxnk, CC.
A. T. Park, K. or 11. and S.
Nelson Knca pmont No. V. Moots uvory 2nd
and 4Ui Friday of each month,. In Odd Fellows
Uall, corner Baker and Kootonay streots,
Nolson. A. H, Clements, C. P.; 1). McArthur
R. 9.   Visiting brothers always welnom*.
NKLSON L, O. L. No. 1692 meets in Fraternity Uall on first and third Friday evonings
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting member
cordially invitod. W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A,Mlnty, R8.
NKLSON AKIUK No. 22, F. O. K, moots
overy second and fourth Wednesdays of each
m onth. Visiting members cordially lnviti
Charles Prosser, Henrotary.
Kootenay Tent No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold their
regular meetings ln Fratornity I lull, 1.0. O. F.
block, on tho 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each
ii.onth. Visiting brethren cordially Invitod to
attend. G. A.Brown, It.K.; A. P.Purdy,Com.
K. J.Stool, D. S.C.
1st and 3rd Wodnosday ovcnlngs of
each month at Fiatornii-y hall,
corner of Bakor and Kootenay
streots. Visiting brethcrn cordially invitod.
Edward Macleod, Secretary.
COUKT KOOTENAY, 1. O.  F., No.   31*.
Meetings -lib Thursday of mouth.   Fraternal
hall, J A Irving O R.   P. R. Fleming. R.S.
Nolson Court Stir of Kootenay, A. O. F.
Moots 2nd and 4Lh WedncHdays in every
month. Visiting brethren welcomo. W. Mac-
MlJl.-r O.lt    Pohflrt McLeod Her.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Mirer can do
for you.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
Wo nre showing tliis senson n full
line of these goods mid solicit your
esteemed patrnnnge.
Lawrence Hardware
Ailvorti- i-niutii - intiurtod under Mil huad nt
the ruLo ol ono oont a word per Insertion. No
advertisement) taken for lent* Lbnn 25 oenu*.
HituaLlon Warned advertisements Inserted
three Union Ireo of chai*Ko.
NICELY    Furnished    room   to   rent.
Young lady or gentleman, or gentleman nnd   wife   preferred.      Apply   at
Miner olliee.
F-IRNIBHD       BO0M9.���Apply      on
Silieu,     seuond   door   west     Ward
BOOMS and BOARD.���Every convenience ;   soutli east   comer of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
FOU RENT���Home Temperance hotel,
20 bedrooms, dining room, parlors,
kiteben, all furnished complete; $75
per "jonth. Apply to A. (j. Oninble,
agent, Ilakor street.
ROOMS TO RENT.���K. W. C. IMoek-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facing thc west. On September 1, two sirgie rooms and two
or three en cute facing Baker st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. F.
J. _-u.ii.re, Room 41, K.    W. O. Bloek.
WOMAN   COOK   want position   In   i
mining camp   or hotel Address   J.
Miner Ollice.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    11.   C.     A.
Guthrie & Co.
NELSON Employment Agency, linker
streot.    Phone 278.   .1. LI. Love.
WANTED.���Woman Cook.    Waiter.
Deckhands.       Girl     for   Housework.
Railroad Men for Lardo.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED.- Waitress.Girls for Uouso-
woru.     Men   for     Railroad    work,
men for sawmill, sc*ond cook if50   pur
month, stone mason.
Western   Employment  Otlice, II. A.
Prosser, Phone .'170.
Storage���I have a   large   warehouse
for    storing      household    or    other
LOST.���On     Stanley     St.,      between
Scanlan's      sto.o    and    Carbonate
street,   a  sable    collarette.     Finder
please leave at this otlice.
iki.i: mhuii* I'uiii   I'miiiriicH-ivi* are
anxious tu secure a Tew Tree in 11 ling gelil
properties ul once. Tlie 1'rospeeliir's l.v-
cbungc. Nelson, B. 4*. Uoom 4. K.-YV.-I*.
Jft tynv AHtAs <& -ififtnp A/ Cr^A/
The Lake Manitoba Is a new and j
commodious palace steamship which !
bas just beeu built ln Great llritain
for the Elder-Dempster Co., and is to
be tbe latest addition to the Beaver
trans-Atlantic line of steamers and is
a considerable improvement on the
steamers belonging to that line. Her
sen-going qualities, speed and man-
ouevring properties were demonstrated
recently to a party of invitod guests,
who at the invitation of Messis.
Eldor-Dcmpster Co., and Messrs C.
S. Swan & Hunter, the builders,
accompanied the vessel on her trial
runs. For further particulars concerning this steamer and tbo Heaver
line apply to U. L. Brown, C. P. R.
lickoc agent in this city.
WUko, by Walter �� ;ir?er n.e_t \ ��[$ lleTD&yTholi;
"I would oough nearly ail night
long," writes Mrs.Charles Applegate,
of Alexandria, Ind, ''and could
hardly gut any Bleep. I hnd oonsump*
ion so bad that if I walked a block I
would oough frightfully Hnd spit
blood but, when all other medicines
failed, tlirec_$l.()0 bottles of Dr.
���-*--������- cured
incorporate.! under the laws of British Columbia.
Capital S1.000,000 In 1,000,000 Shares. Par Value . 1.00 Each.
All TrriiHury Slock.   No Fromolcrs'anil No Prcfcri-nt Nloi-k,
CambourneOroup, 9 Claims Oyster Group, 6 Claims
Located in the Free Gold Fish River Camp,   Lar
deau Mining Division, British Columbia.
Large Veins.
Free Hilling Gold Ore
"'Morn,   at   Summit   of  Clearwater   me Rnd I   gained   58   pounJs
��iek,   by  ,7.   j.    u-j-Jd;   Frodnoton,   absolutely guaranteed to cure Coughs,
Ashorott,   Toronto   fraet.on.-iJlinton,   %��*������ ��* ������������'PflSSSL '"p*.","
Bradford   nud    rin��� ..      ���       Throat   and   Lung   IroubleB.      1 nre
mom �����.     u     ,     y'     0D    Morni"f? 500   and  fl.UO.   Trial bottles free  at
mountain   by   L.   L.   Merryweatber. ' Canada -Drug & Hook Co.
fransfers,   bond  on   Canadian  Girl, I	
Jankeo Girl and Yale fraction to Neil'    .. .���,���   Tca   ,,   a winner.   Pure,
assigned      to      Eugene flncHt llavor, and first package tea pu,
n view of the splendid showings of both high and low
grade ore and the unrivalled facilities for the economical
developing and working ofthe properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will the present issue of stock be sold
quickly, but that no more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for
stock to
P. O. Box 556, Nelson, B, C. Official Broker.
��;oi,��*sil,vi;i!<i>i-i*i;�� 11,111   -nines   ami
proupcrlH wattled.  Send report nuil huiii-
plea to tbe fronpector'N Eveliungc. .N'cl.ioii
ll.e.  SoomlK.-ir.-C. block.
Re��il Estate, insurance, Money lo Loan.
o-RooinllmiRc, modern, 8x3.50
1 room Burnet Illock, lf.1.00.
5-Room House,  modern, 810.
Several small houses.
For Mule, a good parden plot.
Are you in watit? li you are, U'U
the pOOpld, tbrOUgb The Miner want
column, what you are in want of
You'll tfet it.
Xi    N_ JUL Cumiuiiiri, J_*isriou���Kvui> known
v.-riuLy oi doiL drinks.   I' 0 Hox 83. TelupUoo
NO. 31. Huuvur *-*.;.it.'i, NelHoa.   J toi ilci.- of Lhe
l.unuii" til. Lbun J nil ; ','i'i nj.;- Mineral Wnt-or
ClANiO & -MAUUONALD (H, Cane, Jawe
J A. Mi.cdoualdJ���ArcbilueLh aud .-a^.riui
umdoulN, i.nj'i"ii iiiii lilock, ccruur JUuku and
Ward Slruulu, i~-.o_i.ui_
HJ. iCVANa & 00.���Dakor Street, Noi
���  boo���VVholwale dealers in liquors, oi-
K'U'ri, cemont, lire brick and llro clay, WuLor
pi jo and Mtuol rails, and gouoral eouiuiitioiun
A MACDONALD & Oa���Corner Froo
�� aud Hall tiLruota��� VV holttHuio ^rouur
imd jobbers hi blankets, gloves, mitts, uooi*
lubburH, niackinuwd und miuoi'd' Huudnon.
L>  BUKN8 &. Oo.���Bakor dtroot, N_.l-.on-
X  ���   VVholot-ialo dealera iu tivnh uud cured
moutih.   Cold oioraKc.
liuKor titreet-., Nuinou��� Wholesale deu
ers in great) and curod meats.
-AJ titreet, Nolsou ��� VVhol.n->uIe duulaiH in
hardware, uiiuori.' uupplicH, aperling goodn
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Succe.-won. to Vau
couvor Hardware Co, Ltd.) JBaker Street.
Nelsou���Wholesalo dealers in hardware and
min::.;; ��� upj.-Ii-.: , plun)boi'cj' and  i ii...mii.n ." Hup
l.S paints, oiit. uud glass; mechanics' tooin
Agents foi UUtorio Powder Works; lynandto
/nUltNKU, JIKKTON & Co.-Corner Vertiotl
X nnd Jouoplnne StroetH, Nolson��� \\ im <u
naio dealers in liynors, oigars, aod dry .goods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Qo. of _VUiwauik'*e
find Calgary Brewing Oo ol Calgary*
UDtiON'd iiAV Co.���Wholesalo groo��mo<
und Uquors etc,, ilakor Stroet, Nelson.
Oilim 'junior Hail mul Front tftruclu
Nolson���Lumber, ooliiug, flooring^ and every
thing In wood for boiluXng purpoeos. (Jet oui
pricon.   Correspondeuoe Rolieited.
rai GALLON ft CO.-Dealon. in oro sacks
X ��� ami I wines;. Alwa}*8 '���*��� large .slock on
hand, Telephone205. Room il. K..-W.-C Bloek
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
.139 -NELSON B C
0AR3;-MEAJ_3 a la OARTE.
Close connection East and Went-
liound nt Spokane with trains of the
Spokane FbIIb iuhI Northern Kailway,
Direct connection at St, Paul with
out change of depot with ull trainx for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points Wot. and Kouth.
Leaves Spokane daily for Jlaat at��9:lb a m
Loaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 a*m
Loavos Spokane daily tor West at 8:00 p m
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, und all pointi
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation Easl
hound trains connect at Duluth wilh
theinagiiillreiitiiti'iiiii.'.liips North \l'i-:t
and North-Land of theNorthcru Steam
ship Company Linn, operated in connection with the Ureal Northern liail
For further informntiou, aps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of .Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Ky., Kn..lo & Slocau
Ky., Kootei ai Kailway & Navigation
Or* . or to
City Puss, and Tkt   Agt, W  7ol   VV,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
U. K. TAOttAIJUKY, Local Agent,
Helton. R fl
Will pay the highest oimh prioe for all
kinds of Heoond hand goods, Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
noedle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
-ooking ntensilg, boaght tn household
anantlties. Alio oast off clothing.
Oall and gee me or write, Addreee
Hllver King Hike, Box UO. Uall
erf.*-, Belaon. B  ti.
���ti-ilM. (IKOHKS. AOT4UV
*Vlndsruiere Mlnoi.  l-nrrouconilonc8Sonoit
CARS : : :
in   addilion   to   usual   equipment   on
Crows' Nest Section*
Lepve Kootenay Landing
Tuesday and Friday for St.
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for loronto,
Montreal and Boston and in-
tcrmeuiate points on direct
For berths, timetable*,rates and full
Information apply to.
II. L. Biuiwk,
City Passenger Agont
,1. S. Uaktkh,
Dis. I'lim. Agt.
E. J. CtlYLR
A. U. P. A.
VancoiiVHi ��� ������
Nzu-ow Dailv MreM tliotlJW. October 17.  l0CI
Landlord,  -rho fwj-aerttj
n hive    aaMrikia    to    repiir
reaper bMm tot t**n*iots ove Invariably finding that pap*--r is cheaper
and j'jfirjitely moi - satisfac'ory that
kalsomiue p \rx-r ,-u.,ts less and wean* j
1 Dger withoijt L.**<>aiiDg soiled. It
secures hh.1 holds a bt-tter clhss of ten-
so's: in bet ��� good tenant will jnr-tst on
hivin-f paper. Thei* is Wall Paper an-3
Wall Piper, our Wall Paper and the
oiher kind. Y*n will pay no mure.
mnch Ifss, in far*', for oar up-to-dr,te
papers than tot Interior snd ol*ler designs tlMrb-K. Our Fall Sale is worth
the attention jf every householder.
Work hai. been commenced cn the
fcidewaUi on Ward street from Wa'.ei
ttreat to the Urand Centra] hostel.
The tug Hwruiet came in witb a
ljad of limeatone and the Sorprioi
with a barge load of lusiber yesteiday.
The iteaioei Helaon, which h3�� been
ut tbe nbinynrds for the pact hvt day**
undergoing repairs, svan pnt on ifif
ian between Nelson and Ka_-i*j
M**s. liordon Orant of Victcria, wbo
spent Sunday and Monday in the citv
in the interests of the W. C, X. I'.,
has arranged to return tomorrow acd
will be glad to meet all ladies intei-
este.i in temperance work at the Bap-
lint church at i p. m. She -vill also
explain the work of the I.oyu.1 Legion
to the children at 3.30 iu the MetLo
(list church.
Staff-Captain Taylor of the Sil.a-
liou Army, of which he is the secon-i
in command in the Pacific division,
will arrive from Spokane tomorrow to
conduct the ipecial services at the
hariackis tomorrow evening. Cadet
Lewis, who has been transfdred to
Nelson, arrived ill lhe city yesterday
from P.eveMoke. Captain Soothall,
the new officer In command for this
city was formerly in command at
The Retail (/racers' unsocial ion will
bold its meeting tpnlgbt at which
the wholesalers are invited to nieei
them so that lioth sides can come to a
mutual understanding. A number of
thu retail merchants from nearh)
towns are expected in today to attend
the meeting, and the various grievances complained <>l by both whole
salers and retailers will probably be
thurotigh*y Uu untied out. The Retailer r,' association has prepared a statement of its case which will ho presented tonight.
With the closing of the open reason
for trout fishing a number of fishei-
ircu who have been making a profitable living trom supplying the markets ol Nelson, Kossland, and other
towns with trout Iroin the lake nre
thrown out of thoir chosen occupation
for a while. Thu past season has not
been an extra good one as far as fishing around Nelson is concerned
although a number of good strings of
fish have been caught. Home of the
largest trout that have been secured
have been taken in Ihe water to the
northward of tee C. I'. 11. duck, which
MioiDi to tie a favorite both for the
rainbow und lake varieties of tiout.
���Expeiiencs With the Berry*
"I have gal nee'   twenty-five   pound;
slnoe I iMft olf colfee and began drink
Ing Postum Food Colfee in its placo.
I had become vory tbln Is flesh mid
sulTuied tortures with I-i iirtbuni, wus
a norvoon wieek with liuauuelin praetl*
cn Ily nil the time until e;no dieadeii
flay when thu good doctor told no I
must quit drinking colfee. ss he hud
nothing left to try to relieve mu.
I could not drink tea and had tried
everything else, oven I'nstutn, but put
It hy at the first trial, because   it win-
Forced to it. sgnin. I dotoiinlnud to
sen If It could nut be mado palatable
and found at oiion that when I followed dlrcoioiis and bulled it long
enough, tbat [jiut only liked it but
gave it to my hushund for several
days without his finding It ont. I
havo the name of mulling splendid
colfee, and wu always used the bent,
hut of late I bnvo given Postum to
guests many times in plaee of OOffefl
and havo never been detected yet.
Our four children havo not drunk
eofleo for throe years, ami nil have
gained health nnd flesh sinco using
Postum, One boh, who was always
olok, has been gieatly benefited hy Its
use, and as above stated, I have*
gained twenty-five pounds since talking up I'ostum. 1 am haulthlor toduy
than 1 hive been for jours und give
Postum nil the credit. Please do nut
use my name in public."
This    lady    lives   in   Burlington,  2" ty'**".!:
' I' v v fi 1 < I '     ^V
Iotvu, and thi name will be* furnished
He*. E st. Rowe. of Victoria, hn*
w:!'._��n that he ezpect** to visit lbs
Kootenays shortly on a holiday trip.
While here he will ureach and r-eli*"*ei
one of his popular lectures on social
George Seelands returned to Nelson
yesterday from (Iraniu cro">W where
has neeu on a couple of weeks'
ihooime trip He brought with him
the skins and r.i^-i& of five magnifi-
���ent cariboo.
The sock Mclal at the Congregational church list evening was a great
success and w��.s well attended. A
eboiee programme was given which
*vitb the scoper was a delight to
young and old.
The anniversary services cf the
Methodist churcn will be held on Sun-
isy and Monday, November loth and
11th. Rev. James Turner, wbo organized the chorcti ten years ago and is
veil known throughout Kootenay,
win spend the Sunday in bis old
The special examination of Ihe
plaintiff in the case of Felt vs. Dickenson took place yesterday and occupied most of tbe day. At the conclusion of the Criminal trial Justice
I: sing heard a motion in the case and
an order was made allowing the
plaintiff to amend his statement of
*.-laim upon his payicL' all costs of the
adjournment of the case to next sittings of the court. Ii. W. Uanning-
ton appeared fjr the plaintiff, 3. A.
Marhor-alu for the defendant. Dickenson, and Kobt. tlouge lor the defendant B. Wilson Smith and others:
represented by him.
Word was received from Bepu'oiie,
Wash., yesterday that Sheriff Lowery
had telegiaphe.l there that he would
arrive the next day (today) with
Michael Smith in charge. Smith is
the man who stole .the money frum
where it was concealed in a ben house
near liepublic, and fied to British
Columbia, was arrested at Robson
and was releasee whon he had made
re--.it .lion and owing to hitches
wbich aiose over his extradition.
When lie was released he imbibed too
mnch liquor and as a consequence
took the wrong train and instead of
speeding towards Victoria, as he
thought, was conveyed without his
realizing it to Northport. Sheriff
Lowery, who waa on the same train,
planed him under arrest ae soon oo
the train was on American soil, and
now Smith will have to answer to a
charge of grand larceny.
J. J, Warren, manager of the White
Dear at Kossland, was at the Hume
Robert Hodge,bairistor of Rossland,
is iu the city in attendance upon the
Supremo court.
Ralph Ilanow, who icpreaents
George Herrmann of San Franoisco, is
a guest at the Phair.
Lugene Croteau, secretary of the
Cascudu Mining Co., uf Rossland, was
among the guests at tlio Ilium* yesterday. Ilo loft on tho ovening train
for homo.
U. H. Senator Ueorge Turner oame
in from Marysville, East Kootenay,
Inst evening where tbe Sullivan
i.roup Mine, in which he is interested, has a sincltor under construction.
Senator Tumor leaves for Spokane
P, Walsh, tho railway contractor, is
at thu l'hair. He came from the Lai-
deuu and reports that less difficulty is
now experienced in go'ting men to
work on thc Laideuu railway aud
lli.it good progress is now being made
with construction.
F. K, Michaels, superintendent of
the Spokane Fulls and Northern Tele
graph compuny, arrived here yesterday. Bo is on n tour of inspection of
the line and has visited Rossland,
Republic, (irand Forks, Noithport
nud other poits, He says the line is
In good shape for the coming wiutor.
Mi*. Michaels leaves today for Spo-
Queens���Bev, A, U. Menziea W. A.
I),ivies. Kaslo I Mrs. L. Larsen, Miss
I'. I.urseu, I'orto Rico;.las. Anderson,
Phalr.���.I. A. Whittioi, F. L.
Clin-tie, K, M.SandiUnds. Sandon; A.
W. Allen and wile, Kaslo] F. K
Kichiwds, Spokane| .1. M.Hurns, Sandon ; F. W. M.-iiuliiiii, Spokane; W.
iilaiuinore, Montreal; W.   w. Tattle,
[Terms | Rev. 11. Ileur, Kaslo; P.
Widen, Spokane; W. S. W, Raymond,
Iloston; li. P. Raymond, St. John,
N.   II.
li-imo.-W.   N.   Drayton,    W.  II.
lame, II. Mitchell, Kuslo; .lames J.
Warner, Toronto; B Hodge, 10. Crotuuu,
iNi-laiul ; .1. 0 Haskell, Spokane; A,
VV Smith, Montroal; M. Li.Oi linuielt,
Bandon] II. T. Kirkwood, Slooan| Mr.
uml Mrs. .1. II. Stiekluud, Now
Denver;   J,    A.    Loudon,     Montreal;
Ueo. Turner, Spokanet A. J. Scott,
Michigan| VV. VV, Muora, Vancouver;
A lei. Sprout, Nu��v Denver; T. M.
Thomas, Montreal.
(irund Central���B, Johnson, J.
Palm, ('. Tiilierman.J.Vlkberg, Kas'o;
ii. T. (Jinnee, Shu-wood, unt.; I).
Cbleholtn, D, MoMullan,   Wm. Tmni*
hie, ().  HullivOD,    Clearwater,    Man. ;
M. Olilo, I, P.  Murray,  Spokane;   C.
i, Kailoi B,   II.  Ostrander,
Savage,   A.   Snyder.
IFerulei C. Hllvarhnrn and wife, Phoe
hy the IWum Cereal Co., _-M.,jr,lx; .1. UsstlngS, H, II. Moniscu,
llattle Creek, Micb., lo those inter- (liwnw.iodI Mrs. J. M.Barry and
.fMi'-o j laughter, Colombia,
A full dress rehearsal of Ibe so*n<
fiom the operas of II Trovat-ire and
Faust which ore to be given tonight at
tba opera house was held last even-
ng. The performers have gone to
gieat pains in the preparation! for
this ente.tainment and the reec.*-
from ail appearance will well repay
them as far as appreciat;on isooneern*
ed. In tbe Miserere scene from Ii
Irovato-e, Mrs. Parry gives a most
artistic and sympathetic rendering of
the difficult psi-.s assigned to her.
Ihe scenery including three charge-,
is perhaps the best combination ere;
presented to a Nelson audienrt
Hear*. Miller A Dervant h��ve takeo
especial pairs in providing the societ\
witn appropriate costumes. The
spinning wheel used in tbe scene
'rom Faust is of local manufacture,
and is mechanically perfect. The
whole production being under tbe
auspices of tbe Nelson Operatic
society will undoubtedly add anotner
triumph to their many successes.
The funeral of the late John Harold
Strachan was held yesterday aftjr-
noon to the Nelson city ocmetery. Toe
funeral party lett tbe residence of
City Clerk Strachan at 2.30 o'clock
and proceeded to the Baptist church
where tne coffin was carried and
placed in front of tbe pulpit. The
pail bearers weie R. Robertson, J.
Bowman, VV. E. Ellis, F. C. Ingrnn.
J. A. McDonald and W. Enslead.
The floral tr*.tutes were numerous
and teantifu!. the one from the city
hail staff and police department wss
especially fine. The following is a
partial list: Members of the family,
wreath; E. K. and Emma Strachan.
spray; Mis. Steel and Mis. Ingram,
cross; May Symes, cross; Ke-i-.h
Symes, wreath; City hall staff and
po'ice department, wreath; Mrs.
Oakes, wreath: Mr. and Mrs. Thos.
M. Ward, wieatb ; Mr. and Mrs. Mc-
Astocker, spray; Miss Hancox,
wreath; Dolly "McLeod, bouquet;
Rose and Baby Willie Strachan, flow-
ers; Archie Symes, flowers; Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Miller, bouquet: Ueitie
Sinitb, Lulu Ellis and Blanch Jack-
man, ffoweis.
In the service that followed Rev. J.
B. Morgan preached an eloquent sermon, taking as his text Jesus Wept.
Sereral of the hymns that had been
favorites of the young man while he-
bad heen attending tbe church were-
sung hy the large congregation present, among whom were the mayor and
mombers of the city council, the civic
employees, the Sunday school class
which Mr. Stiaohan had taught, aud
a large number of tbe business men
of the city who had been intimately
acquainted with him, and who attended as a last tuken of respect.
After the singing of Abide With Me,
his friends wont forward to take a
lust look at the remains before being
hid from view, and then they were borne
to the hearse and tbe journey to the
cemetery commenced. At the grave
side Mr. Morgan delivered the funeral
"I Btuck to my engine, although
every joint ached and every nerve was
rackod with pain," writes C. W.
Bellamy, a locomotive firoman, of
Buiiingtnn, la., "I was weak and
pale without any appetite and all run
down and I was about to give up, I
got a bottle of Electric Bitters and,
aftor taking it I felt as well us 1
overdid in my life." Wean, sickly.
run down poople always gain new
lifo, strength and vigor from their
use. Try them. Satisfaction guaranteed by Canada Drug Sc Book Co.
Price 5UC
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-i White Pine Lumber Always in
VVti curry n comploin RlOOk OfOoait Kloorlnt
cuiiii-K. LtW-de Kin-Hi., Tun.od work. Bun nno
Iii.'-. .   ��� p.. i..: ontur wui-k will ruoulvuprumpf
nUuiiUoii'   Mall urdorn r-ollcltcd.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Ktiiul O/tlii.i���Hi���Hrrr and Vmrnn ���*!,, n,.|..mi-.
Certificates of Improvements
Apeox, Silver Rout and Onrfew .Mineral claiuiH, :.u iiuir in tlie Nelson Miu-
IngDlvlitnn of WoetKootenay District.
When' looated Neiir head ot tbo
main fort et Whitewater Oreek,
TAKK NOTIl'K that I, Theodore
IJniiiicliiiinp, OOtlng as agent for (). T.
Hoy, free miner's cerlillcatoNo. BBOffiu
und J. 3. Malone, free miner's certificate No. BG06S8, intend sixly days
(nun tbo date hereof to apply lo the
Mining Reoorder for a oertifioate of Im*
pioveinenlH for the purpose ot obtaining Crovrn lirants of the above cliiitm.
And further lake notioe thai action,
Under teollon .'17, must be aommenotu
before the laensnoo of such oertifloatei
of improvements.
Dated Ibis r>tb day of Mi iib'/nlicr,
lt.il. T. BKAtK'UAMP.
Zhe 1Ro?al Bank of Canaba
(���initial   AulliorlnMl,
Hoard of Dlrrelon
Incorporated 1869.
Mxouo.eoo.oo I Capital Fald-ap.     ,    .    .     M.ooo.aoo.o-
Keit,       .      .....  Wi.ioe.eeo.wi
rhoma��E.KennrfcI,r<��ldenti;   Thomas Kltohlo. Vloe-ProBldeut.
Fi'st time in N'e'son of the
deliriously funny Comedy
in three acts
"A Wise Woman"
.'I**,**-   -Vra***!   _
*    ��� *-Z^i^i^cV'' &&
Board or mrertora     mouiae m..���>��'i"'i1. * "*-
-WUefSmltli  U. 0. I*��uld* Hon. L'avid MacKoen.
Brad otilre, Haliraxi
Buperlaleii-lent ol Umuchen. and Secretary, W. B. lorranoo. HaUtaT,
Itran ilM'H I
Oaefeee��� Montreal,   (City   OfBoe),   Montroal
Went End (Cor. Notre   Dame and SoIk-
neurs StrootBl;  Woatniomit (Cor. Or
Avenue and tit. Catharlnos btreet,
Hewronadlaad���St. John'B.
Caba. Went ladle*���Havana.
Nova   Hcntla-IIalllnx   Rranoh,   AntltronI**h
Biidgewater, Otiynboro. Jxliidondurry, l.u
enburg. MalMand (Hantu Co.l, IHctou, Purl
Hawkenbury, Hyduoy. miubeniMladle.Truro,
Sew    llraniivrlck ��� Batliurst,     Donrticster,
Kredericton, Kinirdton iRcnt Co.), MuiiC'
ton, Newciwtlo, Saclrvllie, Ht, John.Woodntock*
V. V��� Inland���CharlottoUlwn, huaiiiier-*lde.
United atatea���Now York (11 mxchange Plam
ltoiniblic, WaHh.
Grand   Furies, Nansdmo,  Nelson,   Rossland,
Vanconver East End, Victoria.
Marie Lamour,
Ethel Balch,
Jr'rederic Murphy
and   a   Competent   Cast.
Ciirrmpoiidrnl!. l
(iinada-Miirotiant^ Hank of Canada. Boitaa -Nutlonil Shawmut I! ink. I'hlrau'i - IlMno(���
Tru-il, and Bavioga lUnk. :*.;.i 1 r im'Ui,- I ir..i_ Natiniial H.:;k. London, Una.-Bank ol
-lo.Ltitnd. Parln. l-'ranco���Credit I.ynnniiiii. R**rniuda-Hank of Boruinda. I'lilna ami ju.
imii - llui ��� ivoutf and .--Ii.'-ikhii ii.ni..!'rt Coriioratlon. Mpobane��� Old National Bank.
Oeneia! Banking Business Traatecti,o; Sterling Bills of Exchange B��ugh
aod Sold, Letter! of Credit, Btc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the niout favorable Utius.   Interest ivllowod on irpecial
depojits and on Saving Dnnli acui.autt,
Geo. Ks^ld, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
9**m*1*f>*my>>m**tr***r**9*l*r******9r***^ a
The Canadian Bank of Commerce {
With Which ta Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
PRICES:   50.  75  AND  S1.00
Paid-up   Capital,   &,000,000;   tteservc   Fund,   83,000,000:
Aggre-jiite Ilesources Over 605,000,000.
HON, GEO. A. COX, President.     B. B. WALKEM, ttonorul Uiicn*_cr.
London Otlice: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New York Office; 16 Bxchiinge Place.
And 6G bronchus in Canada and the United sui,*, inoiudlng:
CuA.NHHooa        Kami/ioii) Nkw Wi^stminbtkr   Vanoouver''
Fbkmx Nanaimo KokhLand Victokia
YUKON* DISTKIOT���Dawbon ano V.'nriK Hoksk.
ONITBT) STATES���l.'iw Vr.nK, San Fuancihco, Skattlk, 1'obtland, Skaowav,
I        & CO.        j
X      MADDEN    BLOCK      1
I  Cigars -
I  To&acco j
Phone 117
Is    lame    or    intei feres
bring  him   to   the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
b'horee in the above Corapr.ny can be
bought for 8S cents now.
Ii.ui.li in your orders as thero is
every prospact ot another advance in
thc near future.
brewers ot Pine Lagot
Beer an! Poi ter.
V��lonn   P. ("I
Ilo  sure aud get the genuinu   1'1'N-
nomcthiog that loolis   like   it.      iiiv-
icnce Hardware Co., At;en2
P. O. UKEKN        ti'. B. OLEMBNTe
Civil Raglneera and Pro   iclal 1-uik*
P, O. Box 145 N    on, B.C.
Atlantic B,S, Sailings
From Montreal
^iian UooAuiirnlloii (>ct,2fl
AlUn Lino rlf-tOfUfl    ,-Nov.  2
ADiaii Miiu lutiiniiiD  Nov,   7
Ituavur Mno (/>ikc t'haiiipti.iu *>vX,4��&
l-.!avi;r I-Inu 1-iiHu M0tf_U_U0. Nov.  l
BWVOr l.iiii- Laku himcou Nov. 6
Kruui PorUaod, Uo.
4     Savings Bank Department.     J
T Ihipnslts Received Mid Interest Allowed.   Present Kate 3 Per C��nt J
4  Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
AOO *4p4fti**.^tf*^fc*J *9L f*rfi2**>f^**r4&*^��&***^bll{t.**&n\**��lt'EO*1^**.^- *OAAX*AO^t..
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot greatly increases the heating capacity of the stove, and in connection with the deflector* ring forces the
heat to the floor. The base is hot, the floor being warmer than w;lh a
base burner.
The Hot Blast Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at thc
rear of the fire pot, the heated air being discharged in a circle at the top
of fire pot, over fire, thus consuming all the gases and products of combustion. It can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control of the sttve with nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Klue on the back takes the cold air from
the floor and ejects it. .ntenscly heated, through the top ^adrMng greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions'we guarantee it to
consume all the gas contained in soft coal, thus deriving the benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkable saving of
fuel over any other stove on the market. The stova will hold fire from
24 to 48 hours without attention.
> NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON. B. 0. ��
t Gold, Hllvcr-Lend  and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCUANOE. |
FREE   MILL1NU   GOLD  properties  wanted at once for Eastern 2
Parties having mining property for salo aro requested to sond
samples of their ore to the EXCHANOE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
Prospectors and mining ir.en are requested to make the EXCUANOE their hoadquarters when ln Nelson. ��
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID. t
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to ���
1    Telephone No. 104.   P.O. B0X700. NELSON, B. 0.    >
vv*v-vvvv*i***/*vv-v-��vvvvwi/vv-w-**i^^ >
iionii iiun l.lnn Oambroman
iioiiiimuii l.iiiu   Vunoouvor,
 Nov.  u
Krom New York
iQofc 211
Cinmril Line   hlniri'.	
I-mould Iiliiui'iiiiipiuiin	
WhluiHIur Line cull In	
White Star Lino Toutonto...
Ulilturiiur t.uiii (li.'i'iniiiil: .
AimiiU-.ui Line I'hiliululpllki,
Aworloan Line 0% 1 mil uci.mi
Anohor i.ino Anohorta Oct ai
Ah'-liuf Line Kiiriii'Hwlii Nov.  2
N.U.).. Kni-er Wluiolm uorOKKuo ve\..Ti
[muoh Lino uAquttimia Out 21
Kronoli Lino l.u Olinrnpafflio Oct. Ill
uooiuurB-Ainertoaii tuiutiwhlaDd Oui.iti
Nov.  2
I leu IU
.Oct. ss
IM. mi
Fiom Boston
 Oil. 28
 N'lir.   IM
. Nov.   1!
Allan Btalo i.fiio Lattrooltna.
Doiiiliiion Lino lloiiuiionwciillli
Ooinliilor. j.lne Now Lii-iiinil...
Ounard Lino Baxoula	
Kii'llicr i-��f.llinK-* f'^r llio obova Unci u'.so
Kronoli, lti*tl H1.11-, Holland American, It, A. I',
Co., N. U, Llnj'il 011 .vim.' .1 nn.,
lien. AKcnl., Wlmiluiii/, Man.
t. H, t'AKTBIt, I). V, A., Nclnoli
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Bandon, Tnroe Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Ordere by malt to sov branch will bave cartful mod ottunt attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn fctnd Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Strbbt, Nklson.
Older* by mail receive careful and prompt attention


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