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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 30, 1901

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 provincial Libr��rv 831 oo
Daily Edition No.  1128
Nelson,   British  Columbia. Fkiday,  August 30,  1901
Eleventh   Year
|preparatlons for Constructing
a Tramway From Mine
to Mill.
Remarkably Rich Returns of
a Shipment of Triune Ore.
Mining News.
A preliminary   survey  of the tramway to uonnect  the   Venus   workings
*ith the present Athabasca   tram has
ion completed.     The   difference  in
ivi-l between the  two   points   iB   :)7ii
(Get whiub, it is expected, will oe
.indent for the purposes of a gravity
ysk-m such us will be erected. Mr.
-II aid Mr. Mussen are now engaged
In working out tbe details of the in*
lulliition, and as Boon as the amalga-
mien of the two companies is legally
tfleeted, a start will be made and
dive operations carried on with
(Igor, and it is likely   that   tho   line
till be completed this fall, when the
tliubuscu mill will probably be en-
awed and run on ore from both prop
irties. The engineeiing difficulties
if the Hue are few as the ronte is ex*
ii'.mel.v   good and   the   grades   easy.
(While    running   the survey lines  a
plendid moose head  was   discovered.
t.   had     apparently   been    there   for
iveral years, and was probably   shot
j some early prospector who thought
poi0 0' the meat thau the magnificent
urns which wuuld rave brought more
lash to  the   -nan   that   some   of   the
claims   staked   in   those   days, when
(lorning Mountain was considered   to
I in tlie barren   zone, while   the hill
tad. uf Nelson was thought to be fill-
il with the precious n.etal, but is
deserted by the mining fraternity, while the former tin* proved to be
I mountain rich in minc-al.
that, tho contract price is to be ,T,r.00.
This road will open an Important sec
tion in the northern portion of the
Trail creek division and among the
mines that it will reach are ihe Cas-
cude anil the Rossland-Bonanza,which
have considerable ore on their runups!
ready for shipping. The road willl
start from the liossliind-llonaiizii,
cabin, which Is 200 feet below the
Cascade mine tunnel. Prom that
point it. circles around Greenville
mountain il 7-10miles to the Columbia
... Western railroad at a point four
and a half miles northwest of Gladstone. When the road i s finished the
mines reached by it should become
tributary to Nelsou. ,
.7. M. Miller ofthe Old Gold Mining
& Milling Co. inf n-med the Topic
yesterday that his company has per*
fected arrangements for making ;i
shipment of oie from the Old Gold.
This shipment, for tbe reason that tne
trail up the little. West Fork is nit j
yet completed, will have to be taken
out over the divide aud down the
Trout Lake wagon road to Thompson's Landing. The packers are already at work but it has not yet been
decided what size the shipment will
take. Mr. Miller says it is likely
that the government will turn over
tho work of completing the trail up
the West Fork to his company, in
which case the completion of the
trail in a couple or three weeks is
assured.���Trout Lake Topic.
(��~^.._k..#����~^*.��0''>''>''��'''''��'>��'><''��>'**'-0"C"g������*^l"*"<"*BH#'**������*�� [ tons.    Shutdown  every coal   mine on
t     THE POPULATION OF NELSON     ilthe K��"th Am6r,0M oont,Dem' *""
. there is sufficient coal here alone to
i supply every demand for at least 2a
I years.
Tbis   is  only one of the Hritish Columbia coal fields.    The   intermittent
_ 1 recurrence of coal basins to the nerth
AI has   not   been   prospected     for     yet,
�� I though coal   is   picked   up   again   on
' Canoe River, north of the Kit; Bend of
the Colunna river,   antl then in   time
we come to the   Peace   River   Valley.
field   with   an   oil   field    surpassing
��    uvei   _,_vj_,. Pennsylvania.    To tho wost again, be-
l*^th*>o>>^^*��*Wr>t-E��**ttl*^ SC"l\    "ear   1,,ai��iew
 in   the Okanagan valley,  we  have an
outlying    indication    at    Swan   (01
(Special to The Miner.)
Ottawa, Aug. _y.���Nelson City has within its corporate limits, a populatiorf of 4,610, with 1042 dwellings and 1085 families.
Kamloops has 1591 population, 319 dwellings and 323 families.
The above returns do not include Bogustown, Addition A and ** 1 wo uuim .... ��uv   ..���...,   _ 	
otter suburbs, which the census shows have a population ol over a f Dr'   Bel1'   of  Ottawa,   has explore
., , . ��� ,   .  1 ,  .-      r       xi 1 c ��� 1      ui i 1 here, and   pi-  licts   another   immen*
thousand, mak'ng a total population tor   Nelson   ot   considerably *��l       .     r         ,_
over 5,500
Corporation Says It Will Soon
Have Men  Trained   as
Skilled Workers.
Railway Disaster Near Newark, Attended With
Fatal Results.
Train ln Colorado Leaves the
Track and a Passenger
Is Killed.
Interesting Article by a Nel
son Man in The Mining
Journal of London.
Strikers Say Scheme Is Not
Feasible as It Requires
Years to Perfect.
Great Importance of the De
posits on Future Development of B. G.
I The   returns from the recent   ship-
pent   of Triune ore have been recoiv-
I.    They give a net   value on almost
. tons, of  $2.18 to the   ton,   says   the
1 Front Luke Topic.     The   total   gross
!old value was ,112.70 or about $19 por
bn.    The total gross  silver   value   is
4,7-2.70 or within a few conts of 8225
0 the ton.    The total gross lead value
sus  $21111.71 01 a few cents over 814 to
Ihe ton.    The total gross of all values
8(1,435,    and   deducting   $31   for
freight   and treatment   charges   from
Landing   givo# a   net return   of
|4,006.    From thi., take the charge for
sight from the mine   to   the   Land-
Ing. 82.1 per ton, and the total proiit
s .4,471 or a total profit per ton of
Out of this will have to be
laken oo'st of mining and living excuses which will reduce this figure
0 about 8200 per ton which goes into
the pockets of the owners free of a
further tux on it whioh is a wonderul
i-howing r;ith   the   metal   market  in
I tlie shape it is today, and the smelters
will only pay for 05 per cent of tbe
gold nnd'siiver and 00 per cent of tbe
On Tuesday last the Cromwell people had several samples of the ore
tested io oi-ner to arrive at some idea
as to the average value of the vein.
They went as follows, No. 1 samples
0.60 ozs. gold and 21.70 ozs Bilver,
valued at 8205.02. No. 2. sample,
one oz, geld and 4,50 oza. silver
valued at 822.70. No. 3 sample, 7.02
ozs.-gold and M ozs. silver valued at
8100.80. Four men are busily engaged
taking down nnd sacking the ore for
another shipment.
One shot brought down over 50 sacks
of ore and this is being sacked and
made ready for shipment.- Trout Lake
Topic, Aug. 24.
On Wednesday last the long tunnel,
which is being driven under the showing in the upper workings, encountered the chute which shows up where
broken into abort six inches of fine
ore. This means that the Nettie L.
people huve an ore body of varying
width above ihoiu for about 450 feet.
It means also that, if it is the wish,
uf the owners, a force of from 50 to
100 men can obtain employment and
the output need only be limited to
thc quantity which can be handled by
the transportation companies.���Trout
Lako Topic.
At the record oftie yesterday's
transactions were: Lc cations, Joe,
on the head of Cariboo creek, about
six miles south of Erie, by Donald
Fraser; Eagle, Anderson creek, 8 1-2
miles from N. & F. 8, Ky, by James
Hubbard W. A. Connell and A. F.
Reid; Bodega, adjoiuing Eagle, by
same parties.
Ceitificates of work were isbjed to
Canadian Pacific Expiess Co., Ltd.,
on Leona j D. Fraser, ou Moonlight;
T. A. Weeks, ou Huron and C. M.
Gething on Silver Chip.
Pittsburg, Pa., Aug 30,���Officials of
the mills of the   United   States   Steel
Corporation that were  closed   by   the
strike of the   Amalgamated   Association, stated today that   they   are   receiving many applications from former   employees   for   work.       The   announcement that   the company   would
start their mills non-union,   has,   the
officials believe, caused   a   weakening
in the ranks of the strikers and many
are seeking cover.     The amalgamated
officials,   however,   claim   that   their
ranks are unbioken and that  they are
as strong as ever.     One   of   the   steel
officials said todny thut   there   was  a
general   mistake   being made regarding the time it would   take   to   train
inexperienced   men   anil   make  them
capable of operating   mill   machines.
This haH heen believed   to bo   tho case
so   long   that   few   have   taken    the
trouble to prove   it  otherwise.    It   is
now determined, he snid   to have new
men placed in posit'ons that will give
them a chance   to   learn   the   skilled
The Mining Journal, Railway and
Commercial Gazette of London. Eng.,
contain the following article written
by Ronald C, Campbell-Johnston, M.
I., M, M��� of Nelson.
Coal is the basis of all industries
and commerce of one of the most im-
poitant itoms in the future prosperity
of a country. In coal, as anthracite,
bituminous for cooking and steam,
and lignite of good quality t'or domestic purpose, liritisli Columbia is immensely endowed, and will take
second place to no part of the world,
aiea for area, in this respect. This
is n<> exaggeration, as the following
facts will prove, and so liritisli Columbia will stand as a future commercial province of the utmost importance
to tbe Hritish Empire on the l'acilic,
and will surpass the Western States of
Ameiina, since they have to draw on
the wealth of British Columbia for
their fuel.
True that development   is only now
beginning  to   produce   these .results,
tiiem a ciiancu    10   m-iu    ��.�����*-   *��**        " , .  . %.���   ���..
work and many of the  men who held   but Nature in the moun   ins      y       ���
menial positions n the union mill
are to be taught "dulled work with
which they aro in a measure more or
less thoroughly acquainted, otten hav
posing natural sac-lions of the geology,
has out-dist&tlced man's endeavors
The geological data as to the forma
tions in tlie districts are   being   oare
less thoroughly acquainieo, oiteu n~v-   ..w���	
ing  worked in tho mills.    It is conli-1 fully gathered and tabulated, and the
li-U.lo., fr... rlx.    i. ���....telle,, of    coal
deutly asseited tbat before many
months pass, it will be possible to
produce many new men and plenty to
man all the plants that are now idle
and whicli union men hnve refused to
take hold of. The strikers say it will
take yeais to accomplish this.
James Ru berford, M. E., is in the
���ilv from the Lardeau. He has beon
looking after the development on a
-roup of seven jlaiins owned by the
liiinleau Valley Mines, Limited. The
R.oup is situntod on Tenderfoot creek
nl a point only ono and one-half miles
Jfrom the line of the road which the
I'. 11. is now building The vein
13 feet 111   width   and   has   an   ore
I shoot of three feet which has been
traced for a distance of 150 feet. The
I is an aurifeious quartz, carrying
ubo-it an ounce ot gold to the ton. It
is a milling ore, and about one half
of tho value carried can bo caught on
the plates and   tbe remainder by con-
Ioontration. Mr. Rutherford stuted
thnt ho was much pleased with the
I.mdeau country generally and felt
satisfied that it has the makings of a
rich mining country.     The   railroad,
I which is now being built, he said,
will do more than anything else to
Btimulate It. development. ��� 'It is. "
lie snid, "a country of high grade
ores, and, one in which the development w'll not be costly."
The contract for the construction of
the wagon roud from the Colnmbia A
Western railway to tho mines on Norway and St. Thomas mountains has
been let to II. W.C. Jackson, cf Rossland. The road is to be completed by
November 2nd   and   it   is  understood
Vancouver, Tl. C, Aug. 20 ���Harry
Treat is back from England. He has
sold the Van Anda copper properties
to an English syndicate on a working
bond. Mr. Trout says that when ho
ready to discloBo  tho nature of tho
deal   all   the   stockholders
will   be
Paris, Aug. Ell.���The western army
manoeuvers opened today with an
attempt to land an expedition at La
Roohelle in the presence of Oeneral
Andre, thu Minister of War. Three
transports, heavily laden wilh troops,
esuort~d by twenty iron clads, belonging to tbo northern and Mediterranean
squadrons, appeared before the port
this morning. The warships reduced
the forts to silence.
The United States training snip
Hartford arrived at La Roohelle yesterday evening to witness the operations, and was the object of considerable curiosity. Oeneral Andre, who
reached I.a Rocholle this morning,
immediately visited the Hartford and
was shown over tho vessel.
Washington, Aug. 211.���Seoretary
Root left, for his summer home at
Southampton, L. I. He is suffering
from a recurrence in mild from of the
trouble whioh affected him last
spring.    Oeneral   Gillespie,   chief   of
Rossland, H. C, Aug. 21).��� The outcome of the meetiig of the directors
of the Le Roi company in London.
England, yesterday, is conveyed in
the following telegram   received   this
afternoon :
" London, Aug. ,0,
"Bernard Macdonald, Manager, Rossland :
"New board   of directors fully  endorses   your   policy   with   regard   to
(Sgd.)    "Le Roi Mining Co., Ltd."
This will naturally be an important
factor in the strike situation here.
isi'Hii.u. tu THB miW'iit.i
Nanaimo, Aug. 211. ��� It is reported
from Alberni tbat the Uchuekleset
harbor at the mouth of the canal, will
be made a small naval station for the
defense of the landiug placo of the
Futific cable at Banfield point.
Uchuekleset is perfectly suited for
the purpose. It contains a natural
basin which can be converted into an
excellent dry dock.
Havana, Aug. 89.���Major Hnvaid,
chief surgeon, says that as tho yellow
fover commission regards the experiments with the cabins serum as demonstrations of its uselcssness, tho commission has definitely severed connection with   the   Brazilian   expert  and
spring.    General   v-iiiospiu,   cmc.	
engineers,   is   acting   as  secretary of   will not supeivise any further experi
tho war department. I ments conducted by him.
possibilities for the  existence of  coal
predicted tiy tbo   geologist  are   daily
being practically proven  by tho   prospectors who bring in samples.      From
what we already know let us ondeavor
to ascertain the   reason and   sequence
of the occurrence of the coal basins.     |
In   discussing British  Columbia we
havo   to   hark   back   to   our  pioneer
geologist,    Dr.   G.   M.    Dawson.    He
mapped out   British Columbia as consisting of Tour   ranges   of  mountains
with north and south   trend.    Taking
the Structure of those  ranges and having pioved that our  eoal exists in the
cretaceous divisions of  the Mosozoic
series, then we  expect our coal basins
to   run   north   and   south   like     the
ranges, since the coal-boaring   formations aie   aiming tho   later   ones, and
act as the top layer where not denuded
away   or   thrust   aside   by   intrusive
ro-ks.   When wc say   the   top   luyer,
wo mean in sequence as by tbe upheaval of  the   mountains,   and   slanting
position'though seemingly a paradox,
this top layer muy ho   in   tho   valleys
between the    ranges, as the   intrusive
ro"kb liavii done their work.
Beginning at the oust of British
Columbia, what do we llnd ou each
side of th.* Rooky Mountains? In
the Northwest territories there is an
almost unbroKcn continuous coal tiold
from Lethbridge, near tbe international boundary line north, past
Pincher     Creek,    High    Rivor,  Sheep
Creek, Anthracite, uontnore, and so
on to the north around the Peace
River valley. On the west side of
these Rocky Mountains in Ilritlnh
Columbia we begin with tlie Crow's
Nest Pass coal fields.
Heie is the account written of them
by members of the Gcogologicnl Survey of Canada, and by those actively
engaged in their development, Thu
I area of woikable coal Is 280 square
miles of a thickness of ion feet of
good seams, representing 153,480 long
tons to tbe acre, or a total, calculated
after years of onreful plotting and
mensi lHincnts, of   88,698,000,000  long
Vaseau) Lake,   at Okanagan Falls, up
the north fork of the Keltic river, and
into   the Fire valley   and   Okanagan
districts around Whauchope.   ln these
discoveries   wo   have the  rims of the
coal basins cropping   out, and   boring
is now going on to locate   the   deeper
parts   of   the  basins.     To the north,
through the Monasbee and Eagle 1'ass
districts, the country   is  unkown and
unexplored, and   this applies  further
north.     Similar   indications    appear
again to tho   west, commencing  near
the southern   boundary, at Princeton,
in the   Similkameen   valley,   further
north   on the   Tnlameen   river,   near
Otter   Flat,   at    Gulliford'.    Ranch,
Coultree, Nicoas, Stump Lakes, North
Thompson river, Hat creek,   near   the
Marble canon,   and to the unexplored
north.Here is a long slretcb of basins.
To the west   again, at Somas, beyond
the Hope mountains,   tbe broken   rim
of   a   basin   is   again shown, this  is
picked   up   at   long   mtrevals on   the
Squamish,     anil   eleswhero,    till   we
come   to   another   piece do resistance
in the llazolton district,   around   Ba-
bino and Stewart Lakes.     Here again
explorations   arc   going  on, and surveys for railways are being completed
to open up a second   Kootenay  in   all
its wealth   of   coal, copper,  lead, silver, and gold.     Dr   Dawson predicted
this in the 80's.    Tlie coal basins here
are said    to   equal    the   Crow's   Nest
basin in quantity and quality.
Hack to the west again, beginning
on Vancouver Island and following up
north, looking on the islands along
the coast as the highest peaks of a
submerged range. JNnnaitnu lias been
supplying California, the Hawaiian
Islands, and other foreign parts for 50
years, tho output for last year being
1,888,870 tons. Coal beds aie known
at intervals to Quateinc Inlet on the
north. On other islands there is eoal,
and up to the ljueen Charlotte gioup
on Graham and Moresby.
This long list of known occurrences,
and those not   mentioned,    will   cou-
vinco anyone of the wealth of  Kiitish
Columbia   as   to   quantity    of   eoal.
Now let ns  hear   about   its  quality.
Dr. Percy, 40 years ago,   in his works
gave tho analysis of   Nanaimo   coast,
and   compared   them   favorably   with
other bituminous   coals  from   Wales,
Aust'-nlia and the States in lowness of
bbIi,   steam   production   and     coking
qualities.    Since then the Ciow's Nost
coal has come into commercial impoit-
ance to supply Canadian   and   American smelters.     This surpasses Nunai-
uio in quality,equaling any coke from
Waies,    Pennsylvania,   or   Australia.
Tho Hritish and American admiralties
have practically proven by hard   tests
Its Steam'producing powers, and have
agreed to substitute Crow's Nest   coul
for   Welsh   eoal   on   completion of   a
railway along   the   Columbia   to Golden to transmit it. to tho coast.
These coal lieids of British Columbia
are not only of looal Importance to
smelt tbe iron, copper und lend minerals in abundance here, but are of
Imperial and continental Importance.
First Imperial, since Hritish Columbia
is the only Hritisl; possession on   this
{hide   of  the   Pad flu   from   which   to
outfit aud repair   tlie   I.net   to   watch
the    western    mouth   of   the   future
Isthmian canal, and from its proximity   to   Siberia,    Korea,    Japan   and
China is   an   alternate baso to   Hong
Kong.       Second,    continental.      Tho
commercial race for the trade   of Asia
between the Britisli and Americans is
from hero.    All    ships   to   make   the
noi them   and   lesser   curve    of    the
earth's surfuoe have to   come near the
Aeutlian     Islands.       Those     He   olf
Alaska, an   isolated   territory, and so
make Hritish Coliuuliia ports, whether
Quatsiun or Simpson, of immense importance to transcontinental railways
to   shorten   tbe   route fur passengers,
mail, silk and ten.    All matters go to
prove thoroughly that Hritish Columbia from hoi coal has a   future second
to no part of the Empire.
Newark, N. Y., Aug. 20.���The accommodation train leaving Sodus
Point, over the North (.Mitral railroad
and whicli airived in this village at 6
o'clock, was tonight derailed at the
station lit Fairville, about ten miles
north of bee. Two were killed and
28 injured. The train was made up at
Sodus Point and consisted of four
roaches, baggage ear aud engine, with
William Meagher at. tbe tjrottle.
dies dr Flarloo was fireman, and
Conductor II. S. Meiriman, of Sodus
Point, wa.> in chargj of the train.
The train was running   nearly forty
miles an hoi--.    Approaching the station at Fairville. there is a cui.-e and
gravel pit.     For some ren-on, the engine jumped the tracit  while   passing
tho gravel pit.    Tho force of the accident turned fie engine around, throwing the live cars on   tbeir   sides.    Tho
train load of some hundred   and   fifty
passengers was thrown into the ditch.
The engine and all tbe ears were badly broken in several plat 'S, and Fngi-
nec Meagiic-   wns killed     Tbis   account 1 for tho large numoer of persons
icalded.   Help was quickly summoned
from  the neighboring   houses und all
tbo assistance possible w. -,   rendered.
Word was   sent to Sodus   and Newark
foe physicians and a   special containing five doctors left   Newark   at  0.45
o'uloon. Upon its arrival, the Ncwaric
pasenges were placed aboard and h-jr-
riod to Newark.     Rev.    Dr.   Burgess,
ono  o'  the   injured, was for twenty
years pastor of the Park   Presbyterian
church at New York, and is the father
of W, C.   and F, II.   Burgess,   editors
of the Arcadian   Weekly   G.izett .   of
this place.     Ilo is ~.'l years' old and it
is doubtful whether ho   will   receiver.
Mrs, Burgess is among   the  seriously
Coroner Thatcher took charge of
Meagher's body and will hold an Inquest. The nows of the disaster
spread with remarkable rapidity and
upon the nrnval of the special at
Newark with the injured aboard, a
most pathetic scone was 1 lacted.
Friends and relatives we c anxiously
awaited and it was pitiful to see thu
injured and dying carried from the
The private car of Superintendent
Spencer Mead wns attached to the
train. His wife wns seriously ill.
The cm was derailed but tho occupants were not injured. The cause of
the wreck is not known exactly, but
it is thought tho rails spread. There
have been heavy ruins recently anil
p.'obably in this way the tracks wero
When interviewed by an Associated
Press correspondent the olllcials o.'
the road bad nothing to say. In spite
of close questioning they would givo
out absolutely nothing,
llowaid Tulihs, the ticket agent at
Sodus Point, who was on thu engine
with Engineer William Meager, was
badly scalded nnd otherwise injn.'ed.
He died shortly before II o'clock on
the hospital train nt Newark.
Denver, Col., Aui��. 211. ���A special
from Durango, Colo., says: Hy tin*
turning over of a Pullman cur on tho
westbound Rio Grunde train today.
Mother Haptiblc. of Denver, mother
superior if Colorado, was killed and
Sister Mary Nora   and  Hurley McCoy,
also of Denver, and Pullman Conductor Whan, wero injured. The accident oc.urred at Lobate Hide track.
Elui'ua, N. Y., Aug. 211. ���The breaking of a coupling pin cuuscd a wreck
at Homing Branch, Pa.,on the Northern Central railroad this uiorr Ing
which re,ulted in the death of Engineer J. C. McKay, of Klmira. Fireman 0. Artley leaped from the ongino
in time to avoid the crush, which
dualled several ears and demolished
the engine.
 ������ I    1
lierlin,   Aug. 80.���-Baron Sohioklers
Seinendria won the grand prize,
820.(Hit) at Radon todny and the Grand
Duke of  Baden's handsome gold cup.
Buda Pest, Aug. :.".i.-Johnn Nogy,
an nnaiihist, has been arrested at.
Doheczin. The police found In bis
possession letters threatening the lito
of Emperor Francis Joseph. W
j    ;
v�� ' 1
��� i
Nelson Dailv Miner,  Friday, august _,_*, 1901
The Nelson Miner
Mlabed   Kvory  Morning Except  Monday
acFscniPTioN ratesi
Dally, per month, by carrier     <j5o
Dally, per month, by mail    JOB
Daily, per year, hy carrier * 7 ou
Dally, per yoar, by mail    6 ou
Daily, por year foreign    �� w
Weokly.por half yoar  ��J 25
Weokly.por yoar.......    ' ���
Wookly. por year, foreign    ���""
ubHcriptlonn invariably in advanoe.
1*5 Fleet Btreet. E. O.
ntral Press Agency, Ltd.. Special Agents
Alcxnnilor & Co.. 521 First Avonuo, Spokane.
Wiiflh.. keen this paper on flic, and are our
authorized agents for advertisements and sub-
HcripttonH. ^_^~^^____^__^_��-
The Miner's Vancouver correspondent says the Stave Lake power
scheme has been taken over by the
same syndicate that installed the
power plant at Snoqualmie Falls.
This syndicate has interests in Seattle
worth 87,000,000, and its financial
abiity to carry out the Stave Lake
proposition is unquestioned. When
the power plant is installed it will be
the means of furnishing Vancouver
and its vicinity with cheap power and
lights. The power fuinished from a
plant of this sort in a city like Vancouver is a boon to new factories as
it enables them to operate small machine plants,whereas if they had to int
stall steam plants the expense would
be too great. The cheaper motive
power, however, enables them to get
a start and in time these small manufacturing concerns grow to large
proportions. Usually, too, the power
companies furnish lights for considerably lesa than illumination with oil
would cost and are a great benefit to
communities whioh they reach. Vancouver is to be congratulated that
capital has at last taken hold of the
power poposition, which has been
talked of so much by the press of the
metropolis frr the past couple of
Electric plants are multiplying on
all sides. The Kettle River Power
Company is putting in a plant near
Grand Forks will furnish which 6,000
horse power. The West Kootenay
I'ower & Light Company is doubling
the capacity of its works at Bonnington Falls.
Nor is this activity confined to this
portions of Canada. Among the large
enterprises of this kind Is the dam of
the Kuowatin Powor Company at the
outlet of the Lake of the Woods, 120
lmlos from Winnipeg. The dam
made of granite and cement and holds
a large expanse of water. It gives
30.000 horse power, and it ia purposed
to utilize the power in lighting
The distances over which electric
energy can be sent is increasing with
the knowledge which is being acquired
of the proper wiro conductors and a
plant is being constructed in California to deliver electric power In San
Francisco from a waterfall 150 miles
distant. It is claimed that a copper
cable ono inch in diameter will transmit 50,000 horse power over almost
any distance with a loss of only one-
ilfth of ono per cent, per mile.
Tho Mining World speaking of the
mo of oloctrical Dower and machinery
in mining says:
"Ono of tho few things which is
revolutionizing the mining business is
the use of electrical machinery. Ono
of the most notable examples of thc
transformation of a mining property
from a noii-wuruabli- proposition is
tho Comstock lode in Nevada. This
lodo was as is well known worked to
an immense depth until tbe cost of
mining became enormous. The water
flow was so immense that tho biggest
pumps wore required to bundle it.
"The diflicultlos to be surmounted
wore so great and the expense so enormous that thu proporty was abandoned, but since thu oloctrical transmission ot powor has become an established tact the Comstock is again being
drained of tho accumnlated water and
tho chances aro thnt with thc improved machinery It will again become a great dividend payor. Tho
flow of water from this proporty is by
somo clever devices made to furnish
electric powor to drive the machinery.
"All over Colorado and In tho other
mining statos of thc wost and in British Columbia oloctrical apparatus is
coining more and more into uso. Perhaps nowhere is this uso more general than lu Cripple Crook. Nearly
all the samller plants hare electric
hoists and the larger ones arc being
giaduully equipped with tbem. Every
day some properties aro adopting elec-
tirc power where it has not. herotoforo
boon employed. It Is often much more
easily available than steam power for
a line of poles can he permanently
afllxed to a stoop hillnidn and maintained summer and winter where tho
utmost difTlculy would be obtained in
securing supplies of coal.
"It s*_tns quite likely therefore that
the coining power of big mines and
small mlnos is electric powor. both by
reason of its convenience and its
conoiny.    And by thc very   reason  of
A carload of this Famous Beer has just  been   received   and
we are selling it to the Family Trade at
$2*50 per Dozen for Quarts.
$1.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered to Any  Part of the City.
Special and very favorable terms to the Trade.
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
Hudson's Bay Company.
its economy it will enable small propositions to develop into paying mines
and will enable bigger properties to
pay greater dividends."
(Irano Forks and Columbia are now
happily wedded under the name of
Miner. Tho change in name was duo
to the prejudice which the residents
of each town had against the other.
The citizens of Orand Forks felt that
life would be burdensome if the consolidated town's name was made Columbia, and Columbia residents would
prefer to remain in single blessedness
to residing in a municipality called
Grand Forks. Now that tbe amalgamation has boon effected, with the exception of tho legal formalities, Miner
should forge rapidly to tbelront, as it
has around it ono of thc garden spots
of British Columbia In tbo Kettle
River valley which stretches twenty
miles east and west with an area of
about'15,OIK) acres. Thegiain, fruit
and vegetable crops in thu valley aro
very prolitic, while the grassy hillsides stretching up from the valley
furnish good ranging ground for cat
tie. Minor is certain to bo a railway
center of considerable importance mid
already has one smelter in operation
and at least one other is promised.
Besides it has valuable mineral properties closo at band aud tbe recent
discovery ot coal measures in a section which Is tributary to it should
form an important factor in the upbuilding of tbo pluce.
The Citizens of Miner aro of tbe typo
who could, if needs he, build uo a
city in u wilderness or on a desert.
They are pushing, energetic, have the
utmost   faith   in their town   and   are
certain tbat it bus a bright future,
and arc endowed with a public spirit
which prompts they to do all that
thoy can and oven make personal sacrifices for the public good. Minor
should, therefore, from now on be a
prosperous coin nt unity.
Legitimate rivalry between towns
like Orand Forks and Columbia is
propor and helps each, but when tho
feeling between cities and sections
degenerates so that the peoplo of one
locality circulate libels concerning
the other tbey unconsciously harm tbo
entire district, and their own seetion
in the estimation ol the outside
world. It Is tbe sumo way with the
owner of u olaim, who trios to build
up tbo repntation of bis property by
running down tbat of the adjoining
location. The communities of the
Kootenays and Vale should stand
together and be truly loyal to each
other, us it is by having u community
of interests lhat tho eountry can be
bent built up. Ml must woik lu harmony for the general good and the
motto    should    be    like   that   of   the
"Three Guardsmen," "Ono tor all,
and all for one." What we want hero
is more people nnd eapital with which
to develop our mines and othor industries. If another community In this
suction happens to become larger and
more Important than Kelson it should
not cause hor residents any tiueiisi.
ness, on the contrary,    they should be
pleusod beoause the   biggot the other
towns grow tbo more trade wo will
secure from them.
There aie many natural advantages
in and about Nelson and the future of
the city will rest on the ability of Unpeople to take bold of tbem and turn
them to tbo best account. So far this
has beon done to tbo extant of our capital nnd nhilltios, and if Ihe sumo
enterprise, the same energy, the same
keoness is shown for the next few
ycarr It may be regarded as certain
that Nelson when the next census is
tuken will be the largest town in the
interior of Hritish Columbia,
to have discovered, a year ago, that
epilepsy was caused by a parasite.
He now announces the discovery of
the means of destroying the parasite,
and claims to have actually cured a
young lady of epilepsy by the process.
In another column will be found
the returns on a shipment of ore from
tho famous Triune mine, There were
_1 tons in the shipment and the total
gross value was 85,435, Deducing tho
cost of freight and treatment, mining
etc., and there wa6 a charge of $,">
per ton for transporting the oro from
the mine to tlie landing, and it leavos
a net profit of $200 to the ton. This
is an excellent profit, and one which
will be increased when the Triune is
furnished with railway transportation facilities. Still the owners should
be and doubtless aro fully satisfied
with a proiit of $:i00 per ton. The
success of tho Triune shows in a way
the possibilities of the Trout Lake
and Lardeau sections, which contain
some mai'volously rioh mines, and
which iB now being opened by a railway. When this road is finished the
real development of thoso two sections
will be commenced and thsy will nut
quite a prominent figure in the production of the precious and useful
metals. Tbo section is tributary to
Nelson nnd the miners there will purchase most of their supplies here, and
make Nelson tbeir headquarters and its
development will bo quite a factor in
aiding iu our development.
"When a child I burned my foot
frightfully," writes W. II. Bad's, of
Jonosville, Va., "which caused horrible log sores for 30 years, but Huck-
len's Arnica Salvo wholly cured me
after everything else failed." Infallible for Burns, fc'Calds, Cuts, Sores,
Hruises nnd Piles. Sold by Canada
Drug it   Hook Co. -5c.
A delightful knie--Ironbrew.
German Syrup is the special prescription of, 1). A. Boschee, a celebrated German Physician, and is acknowledged to bo one of the most foi-
tunate discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs, Colds and all
Lung troubles of tho severest nature,
removing, us it does, thc cause cf tho
affection und leaving tbe parts In a
strong and healthy condition It is not
an experimental medicine, but Iiiik
stood the test of years, giving satisfaction in every uase, which its rapidly increasing sale ovory season confirms.- Two million bottles sold annually. Hoschee's German Syrup was
introduced in the United States in
1808, and is now sold in every town
and village in tbo civilized world.
Throe doses will relieve nny ordinary
cough 1'rieo 78 cts. Get Green's
Prize Almanac.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
WUl Be Sold Cheap
Three years Jease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
.�� . 43.
w -_..-_tJLi_.
Apply to
Baker Street.
For domestic or steam use
A full   supply  always on
Kates to   all  railway and
lake points.
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two  doors   west
C.P.R, offices.
West Transfer Co.
Goal and Wood
Best  Pir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Office on   Baker Street.
Tel. .33
The newest and best summer drink-
Iron brow.
l'rof,. George II. frenuh of tbe state
normal university of Illinois, claimed
There will be a meeting of the
PBrl.hlonei'S of Ht. Saviour's church
iu the S'tiidiiy school   ou   Wednesday,
September 4tli at s p. tn,   It is Important  that  all    parishioners    should
(il.ouiii. JOHNSTON!.
FRED 1HVI.N'���:,
Church Wardens.
LEY COAL CO., Limited.
!!!'!?. 'J? ft bottle, a dozen, or a bnrrol ot
OALGARY BEER as It in tlio bom, and
PSSt?Sfi on l*"> market. AIho try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
FRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M__��_._.
Toleunono !tt ��av0r su. Nelson
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Coinpany, Ltd.
Shortcut and qulckoHt. rtrato to tho utiHt anil all
1-t1ni~oni.i1uu.it. ec n. ami Northern Pa*
ellln Hallways In Washington. llrogoli and
Southorn HIuU'h.
Time Card Effective August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry*
tun n. mi. Lv,
10:55 p. in. Ar.
I Kaslo
Ar. 4:110 p. tn.
I.V. 1:11 p. in.
Having     been     appointed     olllcinl
broker .or the above Company 1   will
oiler shares for the next llftt'on days.
Thoso will undoubtedly advance as
rapidly na did the Crow's Nest Puss
<'oui Company,
Kor further particulars and prospectus
applv   to
Int, Nav* & Trading Co*
MilMO.N    KASI.O  KOI Tl'.
8:80 p, m. Lv. Nelson Ar. 11:(�� n. ni.
11:10 p, in. Ar. Knslu LV. 7:110 a. in.
Opnnootlng at. Five Mile Point wll.lt Nolson
ft Fort Hhopi-irtl ltullwny both to uud from
I to-mint. ulo.
Stoainor from Nelson leaves K. It. *, N.
wharf, Kaslo, 11. (' 81, for l,ardo on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 0:80 p. in. returning iln' samoovetiliiK,
Tlekels sold to all pari- In United -talo- and
(iiiiiui. via uroat Northern anil O. It. ��. N.
Co. s linns,
Oooan steamship ttoketS and rates via all
11 in-.' will In-tu mi .in.I on application.
For furl her particulars call on or addrons
������_ _ ��Mi��wr, Kasln.B. 0
O. K Tackahuhy Agont. Nelson, 11. O.
i D. McArthur 8 Go.!
���*% J. G. NELSON, Manager. |
|       Furniture Dealers,
|       Undertakers and Embalmers,
9    Oak Center Tables,
Worth $3.50 foV 2.50 5i
"     $5*��*> f��r 3*75 Si
"     $6.00 tor 4.50 ���_,-
"     $4.50 for 3.75 *
".      $5.00 for 3,75 ^
"     $6.00 for 4 25 S-
"      $6.00 for 4.50 �����
!'     $6.50 for 4.75 |.:
To make room for our Fall stock of Carpets and Rugs will go :n ����
Cost.   To clear, Ruby Carriages and Oo Carts, leSb than cost. 0,
Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers
Elm Folding Tables
11 11 it
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "       Rockers    -
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to u>v branch will have careful t**i oramot attention.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried   by the
J. 6. BUNYAN & 60.
We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
ifeit lit .;-
mw w ���������
_M_____________     ���
^0"*0" ���*- *w��� ^^-*w*-^^���or*. w**-w" w
If there in anything you X.quirt,B_k
tor  it  ln    h* aolumu   of the Miner.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Pfvid-up   Capital,   88,000,01)0;    ReHervo   Fund,    ,2,000,000���
_,   ��� A��frMftt._   Hcsourccu Over  ,fi_,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. OOX, Pt-u_ident,      B. 8. WALK]..., General Manager.
London OHlce: 60 Lombard Street, li.  C.
, ������,    Ne.w Vork 0,,l"i l0 Exchange Place.
And 08 bnuiohori In Canaan and tho Unltod States, including-
immsii Columbia
Ohanhhooic        Kammmh- Nkw Wkstminstkk   Vanoimivich
-KiiNiK Nanaimo Hohulanu VICTORIA
UNUK1) HTATKB-Nkw Yohk, San Kuanoihoo, Hkatti.ic, Pohtland, Bkaowav.
Savings Bank Department.
I), posits llooclvod and Intirmt Allowwl.   l'rosont Hate il P��r Cent
I  Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto.  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to U. L. LENNOX,   Baku;  bt.
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Porter,
N .Jans J. O. Nelson   Daily Miner,  Fridax August*"30, igoi
The Open Season Commences
on Sunday. September 1st.
Iho Principal Haunts of Game
in  tlie  Vicinity   of
\\ [iii the   opening   of   tin
HUT i--t there  will be
Recommended for ils hcal'hfnl   quali
ties    Sold by all grocers.
35 Cent Tin 12 Ounces-
Can li  hnd from nny Wholewle Ore
cers in HritlKh Columbia.
He   sure and get the genuine   BEN-
something that looks   like   it.       aw-
rence Hardware Co., Agents.
, ;1miii on Septem
iln nsiial large influx of sportsmen to
Hritish Columbia to enjoy the unrivalled facilities the province affords
.*���  way of   obtaining   game   bulb
lnrge and   small.     Nelson,   although
tie advertised by the railway or
-traiiiship companies as a headquarters
and outatiug point for tourists and
sportsmen, ib, from its natural merits
nc tlie centre of the best bunting
region of tbe Mainland, becoming
hotter (mown and patronized each season, although to. nothing like ths
degree that would be the case wero
its merits spread abroad more. 1"
mum ol [he eastern cities and towns
Tourists' Associations have keen
formed which by the printing ami
distributing if suitable literature,
telling the kinds of game to be found
in [In' vicinity, tlie best means of
reaching the hunting grounds, names
uf guides, descrlpiio'i uf the surroml-
ii(j R.i-nory and information as to the
supplies thut can be obtained, have
heen the means of attracting large
a umbers of tourists. Where tlie game
laws are properly enforced this has
had no bud effeot on tbe quantity of
game, Instead, as the last few years
have shown in parts of New Brunswick and Quebec, the game is increasing considerably each year. In the
i nnil districts where settlers ure few
and far between in the east, it is frequently the case that the shooting is
poorer than comparatively near to
cities, where the game laws are rigid-
ly cnforced.
1'nun Nelson so many good places
are within easly reach of the fisherman ami hunter that only a few of
them i':m be mentioned here. In a
booklet regarding hunting in Canada,
published by the C. 1J R, regarding
Hi,' Bshing near Nelson it says: "Too
much oan hardly bo snid in favor of
iho Balling in the lower Kootenay
i iv.r mar Nelson. I'm Bshing seii'
son is a l..ng ono. and thu rainbow
tiont which are found in this magnificent river are not surpassed in game
qualities by any lish that swims
Weight I'or weight and inch for inch
even tbo salmon does not surpass the
mngniilceul rainbow trout that inhabit the cold green waters of the
lower ICooteuny river. Moreover tbey
must be fished for with delicate tackle
and small Hies such as are used upon
l.lll'opeun trout, si reams, hence the
sport is more  than usually difficult,"
Besides the fishing In the Kootenuy
quoted above there is hardly a stream
running Into it east or west of Nelson
from tlie lake to the Columbia in
which the brook trout   are not plenli-
Bshing   and   the
Made by Thorpe ~ Ci
A Hritish Hoad Will Sena Representatives to tbe United Slates.
New York, Aug. 28.���The North-
ea-le'iji railway, one of tbe great
Hritish svstems, is to send representatives to this country In the persons of
its general manager, general freigl'l
agent, Icoomotive superintendent and
dock engineer. Tne general purpose
of the visit will be to gain au exhaustive Knowledge of railroad management in general and railroad dock
construction in particular.
Il is the intention of the British
road to construct a line along the
north bank of thc River Tees, with a
view to developing the industries in
that region. Tbe Northeastern company's lnadi|iiai leis are at York. Its
main line serves as a connecting line
between the Yurkshiii* terminus of the
(Ireat Northern railway aid the Scotch
roads. The system is toe lliiril ill
Importance aa regards mileage in the
United Kingdom.
Within the pasl two years prominent officials of the Great Northern.
Midland and Lancashire & Yorkshire
railways have come here to inquire
Into the transportation facilities in
this country.
Patenaude Bros.
I & 00. j
I       MADDEN     BLOCK       I
|  Cigars __ j
I  Tobacco
Phone 117 *
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to   the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
Atlantic S.S, Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Uno Tunisian Auk BO
Allan   Uno Numidlan Sopt. 7
Beaver Lino Lake Superior auk. SU
Boaver Line Lake Biineoo..' Sopt. (J
Knuicn-Caiin-lian Uir. l__irt.li Cnt-tle... .Aiitf. HU
Franco-Canadian Uno Was.au Sept. 17
From Portland, Mo.
Dominion Lino Vancouvor.
Uuiiiiinuii Line   Domitiiun
For Rainbow Trout
T. G. Procter's houseboat is now for
rem by the day or week. Special rates
for family parties. First-class cook
aud attendant in charge. Kates $2. BO.
per day. Parties can get oil' boats
either going or returning from Nelson.
Tbe boat for the next two weeks will
be stationed below the Briokyard,
nearly opposite Proolov.
Fii'slclass Ashing,, wiuimiugand boating. Apply to T. G. Procter, Baker
street, i'or furl her information.
Mines Examined and Reported On.
Mining Engineer.
Koom 4, K.-W. O. Block,
Nblson, B, C.
Kor bunting the places to go are
many and varied Grouse are scattered all over tho country, but parts of
llast Kootenay, reached in Iofs than a
day from Nelson.aie best, ns even the
amateur without a g-.iide there is
almost certain ot getting a good bag,
II lie has any knowledge of a gun
whatever, Kor duck the immense
marshes and sloughs iii thc neighborhood nf Kootenay Landing, at the foot
of the lake are the resort of myriads
of these, ami with a shallow draught
In al Ihe host duck hunting mav he
enjoyed with few of the disadvantages
thai are met with at other hunting
Kor deer, grouse, etc . the shores
ol Slocan and Arrow Lakes reached
by rail or steamer (mm Nelson, afford
:ill tl iiportnnlties desired, and further olf the Elk valley in Kast Kootonay i another favored ri-sort, and also
ihe i.. Mm along Goat liver aud its
tributaries near Kitchener.
I r bear, the Lardeau, Slocan nnd
parts of Kast Kootcnny aie tbe best,
though every year tbey are shot within a tow miles of Nelson, particularly
around Rivet ami Eagle creeks, and
the country near the mouth of Slocan
Kor goat and grizzly, the mountains
bordering almost any of the lakes are
good, although it is not advisable to
go after either cf thoso varieties without no experienced guide. For mountain -,beep and bighorn the Upper Elll
valley can baldly be beaten, although
a guide Is also necessary there.
Everywhere the scenery is magnificent and the air is so fresh und bracing that in I be hunting months of
September and October especially it is
a treat to he otV iu the mountains
""joying it. Tlie appetite for food
ami the nound. refreshing sleep Unit
these outings lire
aro      i-uito      as
0. C, Olsen, who   lias returned fiom
a trip to Marcus,    says   tbat the woik
of grading the lireat Northern branch
line to Republic   is   about  completed
near that town.     The   Porter  Bros.,
who have  a    largo   part   of   tbe con
tracts have launched   the scows, and'
the driving   of   piles for the construction   of   a   rough "-bridge   across  the
Columbia will be started this week.
The supplies and material for the
rest of the work are to be transported
across this bridge, and the work will
then be carrko on Willi but little
delay. It will not take a great deal
of tune to put in a rough bridge, and
the two ends of tl.e grading at Marcus
will then be brought together.
The grading at bulb approaches to
tin. river is nearly completed. On the
other side of the river about a mile
and a half of work has been done.
On Ibis side, from tbe main hue to
the river, Ihe entire grade is nearly
completed and the trains will sood he
able to run to tlio river
At the present time the road is not
going forward as fast as it should,
owing to thc scarcity of men. Some
of the tenm owners are unable to get
men to do the driving. Duiing the
lust few days many more men hnve
come ill, and it. looks as though all
thnt were needed would soon be se
cured.���-Spok line Chronicle,
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
-ooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also cast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Addret*
Silver King Mike, Box 300. Hall
8*"-��Ht. N��l��on.  P   O.
White Star Line Teuioni*...
W line _mr i.iiui Gormanlo	
I htn.it d Line Klruriu.	
Cunard Line  borYla	
Amorlcan Lino ~t. Haul	
American Line ~i. Louis	
Freneh Line IVAqultulne	
.ronch Line La Ohampalrne 	
N. it. L. Kal ci in Maria Thorosia.
Anchor Lino Oity of Homo	
Hamburg Amorlcan Doutschland
 bopc. 11
Krom Now York
 Sept,   4
 Aug 31
 Sopt.   3
 Aug. 28
 Sept.   1
 Aim. 211
 Sept.   5
..Sept. til
..Sept. 7
..bept.   5
For further particulars apply to
City PasHongor Agont, Nolson, B. C.
(ieuorul S.S. ��...n. O.t-.R. Olfl*._ Wlnnln'R
ne Falls &
Northern R'v.
&  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red fountain R'v.
AdvoriiH-itnoni.!. Inserted under int* iM-itc. at.
tho rate of ono com a word per i ii-.rtion. No
advorUwmonti takon for [em tf un _J_> ceil-*.
Situation Wanted odvortlsome.ita Inserted
throe times free of chart.*:..
FOR      SALE.���Domestic
Jj Machine.   $'-.'..     Upright   piano
gttod condition,  ;i bargain.     Apply i
Hox 188.
Are yon in
want! If yon are. toll
the people, through The Miner want
column, what   you art-   '
You'll  get  it.
IVJLUt      of.
gOR BALE.���Corner Hull and Ub-
BOrvatory BtreetSj tint**1 Iota and
Bungalow, erected less than a year
ago. House has drawing room, dining room, nail, two brick fire places,
throe bedrooms, a large bathroom,
kitchen, cellar, outuouaci wide ver-
and.ili two Hides of bouse, water,
sewer and electric light, very complete, view unexcelled, very comfortable home for small family. To lie
sold with or without furniture at
once. Owner leaving Nelson. Apply
on premises or to Ales.sis. II. & M
Bird, Haker street.
ROOMS TO RENT.���K. \V. C. BlocU-
. Two rooms en suite, on Ward st.,
also rooms facing the west, on September l, two Bingle rooms and two
or three en suite facing Baker ht.
Furnished or unfurnished. MrB. V.
J. Squire, Boom -il, K.    W, 0. Block.
ROOM and board iu   private   family.
Apply ou Siliea  street, second   door
west of Ward.
X^   .>. M, i iniiiniiin, Losbuo���Every known
vurioty uf nod driuks.   I'UBoxUB. Telepnon
No. 81. Humor Dime'., Nolson.   i~illlui_ol  tlio
Unions at. boon Hot Uprlogfl .Mineral Water
C-iANK Sc .VIAI.'lJONAI.Il |H. 0__0, Jiuilo
.    A. .lli.cuoiuilii)-Architects ami huyunu
Leudeuis, iiru>.cu Hill nines, oornor mikei mui
U unl .-irecu., i-.el-.uu
HJ. EVAN8 & CO.-Baker Btroot, Nui
. bou���\\hoie~ile doalura in ut-uora, ol*
k-io'o, ooinont, arc bnoU uml nru olay, wutor
ijijiu and aieel r.iii.', uml KOuorul oouuuutuon
ROOM for   rent  lit
Silica street.
Mrs.   M.Beatli'B,
TO LET.���Knur roomed cottage across
tne lake. Furnished. Apply 1'. 0.
Box 88.
_\ 0. GBEKN V. S. OIjI-I-IBNT!5
Civil Engineers and Pro   nclal Land
P. 0. Hox 145
N , on,' B.C.
HINIKG UiLOU!:.:, Mil'lil*. I'llllLI)
Wlndoruioro Jlloea.   Corrii-iomlenuoSol'.oltn1
WtNnRBMRPK. li. C.
Spokane Interstate!
Spokane and Return $9.50
Sept. y to 20, Inclusive
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
0:00 n.m Spokane 7:35 p.m
ia::;5p.m Rosslund 4:10 p.m
11):in a.m Nelson 6:05 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Waec
/Yennt. Nfllaon. B.C
WANTED.--Position us timekeeper
2 in mine or engineer's <>r asBoyer'a
ollU-e. Knowledge of *nlne bookkeeping anil assaying. Practical underground experience. Willing to be
generally useful in small mine.
Alpha, Minor Office,
WANTED.���Billets for tbe convontiou
delegates. The members of the different cliurclies are hereby advised
that the cominitH'ii of the Christian
Endeavor Soolety will call on them
in the next lew days to ascertain \vh-��
will entertain the visitors to the convention from 4th to stli Si-pti-inlni.
Any information will be thankfully
received by 15. J. Flatt. Chairman of
H > HA-1C.\1AN-Kttlt .Illl.J.INli CO., LTIi.-
JL> Wbolegale una rutuii deolerii in Kiuin,
bay, iluur, li'uii. .Mills ul Viotoria, Mow w'chi
ununlur; h.(lniunUiii, AlUi. Jfilovators un (Jul-
I'.irj una i-.iiinuni.on Ituilwuy. Mauufaotureni
ui Liii; uuiuiiiuujii il. tc h.. brand curunin.
MACDONALD   Se  Co.���Corner   Krou
ana juuntir.  in  blauauus, ^luvun, iniiu, buuui
rubbut't., ruuokinawa and unuerei' suudiio~t<
���   vvtiuiu^uto ilealera in traati una cut-uil
niuuih.   Culd tiu.ruKu.
Hiik .rr fc.tr_.et. Nolson���WhO-tisalo Uou
era in frosh and ourod muata*
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral, Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Three Days  of  instruction,   interest
and Enjoyment.
Washington, Ang, 21),���No olllcinl
dispatohBB have been received respecting the situation in the insurrectionary parts of Colombia nnd Venezuela
since the brief report of the arrival nt
Colon or the gunboat Macliias, H
may lie stated in view of reports that
our government will adhere strictly to
Its well established i-ulo of non-Inter*
Mention, Nothil f but an interruption
ol Intlitimiiin truliic, whioh the United
States is pledged to lie ip open, or a
threat diroetod against Amorloan in*
tercsts, could Induce the government
to Interfere.
A  POOH  MII.I,Hi..All.l.      '
Lately starved In London beoanee hu
olould not digenl Ilis food. Early use
if Hi. King's Now I,ile rills woulil
have sitved nini. They strengthen the
stomach, uid digestion, promote as*
simllalon, Improve npotltu, Price 2lic,
Money buuli If ii"t sutlsiled. Sold by
Cainiiiii Drug * Hook Co.
No harmful Ingredient! in���Ironbrew.
���"Wineril Exhibit, BuoUinft Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse Races. The
bfst program ever seen in the country,
See posters and circulars for l'lirllu-i
piii'tieiihirs.   Bpeeially low retain mil-
rnl.es I'l'om all -minis.
A. VV. M'VITTIE, Sec elary.
PjEEAT northern
WANTED.���Young    man    to     drive
grocery     wagon.       Must   be   well
acquainted with city.     J.'oue but lirst
class men need apply.     Box 197   city,
NELSON Employment Agency. Ilakor
street.    Phone 378.   J. II. Love.
WANTED.���Waitresses.  Railroad men
for Lardo.    Woman Cook.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
write, telephone or telegraph  Western    Canadian   Employment    Olliee,
fhone 270.   11. A. Prosser.
Storage���1 have u large warehouse
for storing household or otber
street, Nulrtun ��� Wholesale doaltus in
hardware, miners' Buppilos, sporUng kuoiI-i
M'LAOHiiAN BROS, ISucci^aora lo Vun
oouvor Hardware Co, i.iil.i Bakor rii.iuuu
Nuisoa��� ~'holesale dealers In hardware uml
liniUh),' HUUphun, lllulllbern' null   llllKllilllls' nun
pumi . ui!.-. uml Kli'Ss; Dioohi
Agotit- tot unuirio Powder Works
hlOll1   UJOlrl
ri-iUUNKR, HKKTON & Co.���Oorner Vernon
J. uml Josephine -ireein, Nelson���* Wholu
h,ue doulors in liiiuors, olgars, and dry kuuiIh,
Agents lor i'ub^i Browing "Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Oo ui Calgary.
HUDSON'S UAY tio.-WliuleHiile grOOOTlOS
and liiiuuih etc., linker .siieel, Nelnun.
-\tj.;i.sii\ SAW ANU PLANING MILL-
J^l Ulllee corner Hull and 1-roiil Btreeta
Nelson���Lumber, ooUlog, flooring, nnd every
thine; iu Wood for buililins' PUrpOSOS. tiet uui
prices.  Oorrospondonoa solloltud.
N. E. T. CO.
20  Minute   Service
Cars leave top of Stanley street and
the Park at the hour, twenty past
ami twenty to.
LOST.���On Saturday last, card case
of dark green leather containing   cards   of   Mrs.   R. Welsted
Day-    Finder will receive   reward   by
leaving al Miner ollice.
mil: MUiiiiK '���">'< l'1-oporllo.-Wo un
iiiiximis to secure a few free iiiIIHiik gold
properties ttt once. The Pronpoetor's Kx-
cbniiKi', NelsoBi II. <'. Kooui t, h w. -'.
��;oi.i>sii.��i.it<oi*i-Ui ii;m>   nines   anil
iinisiH-rii. wanted. Send report and >uui-
pica to the Hroipector'i Bxebange, Nelson,
ni.   it ��� t K.*W.-C block.
K you don't like Blti'i Kibbon Tia it's
becftiisn you  over United it.
iu Irieil��� -Irunlir--..
Lumbago, i
veiling nt-
nl afti r
tin- lu Ihe back or Me, soronass,
nllinuniiitlon Uml no Htnndlng
n nppllcatlnn ot Orilllilis' l.lni-
. in ii in to, dlspols tlio, j  '
is et'l'Ut'
il  during
utops the -ii11< ring, vou will ibm It bottor
i li in pluslom,
Mr Mui'ic While woll known tralnor or tha
Torontobocrm u I'hih ami tlngooilo Fooilmll
< lulimivm "iti'iiltili".' I.inlnieiit Ih unequalled
forathloU' '"' tho ' training. I havo tisod ii
willi I lie best of HUci-osM for sore baoK, stllmosSj
Horonoss, spt-ahiH uml nil forms of mwiiIIIhk uml
Koi'huIc lo .1. 11. V un-ituii"  Ni-lsun, II. O,
Late Car 10:40 each End.
The Compuny hnve muny tfooil
building lots for sale.
Apply at the Ollice; on Vernon
obtained In all countries
Registered I?atent Attorney, Me-
ehapical Engineer and Draughtsman. Hank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, 11. C.
Write for full particulars.
0A__B.-M*iAL3 a la OAETE*
Close connection Kast and Went*
bound nt Upokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
nud at, Hinini'i's Kerry witn Kootenay
Railway ._ Navigation Co,
Direct eonnection at St, Paul without change of depot witli all trains for
OhloagO, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and nil points West nnd Bouth.
Limvo_ Spokane daily forjEa.t at!9:lb am
Laitven Bjiokiinv daily tor W��8t at 7:15 a.m
LimvcB Bpokuuc daily lor Weat at 8-00 p.m.
West-bound trains make dlreqt con-
neotion for Vlotoria and Vnncouvur,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on Hie Mound.
During the senson of navigation Eiwt
bound trains eminent nl Duluth  Willi
tin-iniiKiiillconlsteamships North-West
and North-Land of theNorthern Hteain-
sblp Company Line, operated in connection with Uio Great Northern Bail'
For further Informatlou, maps, fold
era, eto., apply to any agent of Spokane
Kails ._ Northern Ky., Kimlo & HlocftD
Ky., IConlei ai Kailway & Navigation
0o . or to
H, A. .lAOKHON. Com'l Agent.
Spokane, Waul).
G. K. TAOKAIJUKY, Local Agent,
Hellion. I..'l
NKLSON 1.01111 K    No, 83, A. V. tc
'., meets seoond Wodnosoay In
month.  Vlnliins* brothern wolcomo
h O. O. t. Kootenuy IxiiIko
No. in, moots every Monday night.
al  tholr  'lull,  Kootenuy Htreul
Sojourning Odd Follows oordlally Invited.
John A, Mcllue, N.U.   II. W. KuLlierl'oril. V.U
Krod J. Hnulro, I'er. Soc.
Nolnon Hoynl Arch Chapter No. 138,0, It. 0.
Moots third wodnosday, -nlournlcg compan
Ioiih invited. Qeorgo Johnstone, /., K. \N.
Matthowrt, a. B,
NKI-SON I.1III11I'; So.ii, K.of r.
AiuuotH In K. of I', hull. Oddfellows blook
Jprstand t.hlre Tuesday ovonlng ol o oh
HiiioiiiIi at 8 o'clock.
'All vl-itliig knlghi" cunllully  Invite
\\'��, Iicvink, (l.C.
A. Ti I'aiik, Iv.ul It. uml a.
rp GALLON ft HO.-Doiilur-. In oru Racks
X. uml twines. Always a targe stock on
bund, TolophonoHOS. Koom II. IC.-WVU Block
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
i6q NELSO.N �� C
Ni-I'on I'uu.i pineiilNo. 7. MiiiiIk mitiy Jiul
and till Friday of eaoh (nonth, In ml.I Fellows
Hull, coiner linker nnd Kootonay ItrootS,
Nolnon. A. H. OleniollU, 0.1'.1 li. .UiAriliu.'
It. a.  visiting brothers always wolnninsi
NKUION I.. O. L No, 1601 menu in Fin-
toridty Hull on iiril uml third Friday ovonlngs
oroaon month at II I'olook, Vultlng member
oordlully luvllud. W. VV. Hrndley, \V. K.
A, Mlnty, H.H,	
NKIiHON AKIHK No. 'li. V. O. K.. 111.1.1I1-
ovory mocoihI uml lonrtli Wedneiwfty of eaoh
month, viniiing members oordlally tnvii.
tihurioH Proner, Hnnretary.
Kootenuy Tenl. No. 7. K. 0. T.*.VI,. hold II	
regular ineolhig�� lu I'luUinilly II ill, I. 0, II. F,
biock, on thu 1st uml ;ird Thursdays of eueh
a.onth. viBlting brotbren cordially lnvltod to
ttttond. 0.A,Brown, U.K.;A.P.Purdy,Com.
lt. J .atoel, li. a. 0,
J. C. GWILLIM, B*.  Sc,
Lnte of Geological  Survey of Ciin-
ada,    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
I Baker Street N^mo, B. C.
COUltT KOOTKNAY.   1.  O.   F.,
Meetings 4th Thursday cf iiiiiinb.   Fruloniul
hall, J A Irving I'  K.   I". H. Flomlng. ll.H
Nulson Court. Slur ol Kooleimy, A. I). F,
MectM 2nd and lib wodnosdays In ovory
month.   Visiting brolhl'nn woli'OiliH.   VV    Mm
Mlllua, O.K.   Itobort MoLood,Sec,
NKLSON'S ill.'KICN No. 211
BONS OF KNIil.AN'l), moots
1st unit 8ra VV'odno-iluy evening- of
oueh monlh fit. Kiutnniii> hull,
corner of linker und Kooleimy
..ii.-i i -.   V'li.ltlng bretbeni  eord-
laili Invited,
KliWAlil) .VI.ici.Kiiii. Socreliirv.
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-Kail or Soo
Line, via St. Paul or Chicago.
Pan-American Exposition
BUFFALO. $7~.00.
Sixty   Days'    Limit.
Good going Sept. 3rd, 17th
l'hrough Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
Kor pamphlet* dewrlpfclve of Canadian I'ni-ilin tOUrs and for Time Tali a,
Kates,   TiokeUi  apply
(My I'assongcr AKont
,1. S. (lAKTI'.it,
UiH. 1'llfH. Agl.
"  Nelsou.
A. G. P. A.
Vancouver Nulson Daily Miner, Fi.ij.y, Auoust
This'cut il-
iust rates
the simple
way which
this popular
pen is filled
with ink ;
no unscrewing of the
pen section,
no inky fingers, and always an oven,
regular How cf ink. Mado in all
grades of points���fine, medium.broad,
coarso. Absolutely guaranteed. 8:1 to
85. Money back if not satisfied.
Strangers arc welcome to look through
our stoic, and your welcome is not
dependent on a purchase.
Pianos to Rent at 87 per month.
On Monday next. Lnhor liay, the
steamer Moyie will leave the oity
wharf at 2 p. in. for Procter, The
excursion will be a pleasant one.
Tne C. P. li. lias fixed a rate uf tifty
cents for the lound trip.
There was a clean docket at the
police court yesterday, not even a
drunk being on hand.
A number of miners went up to tlie
Silver King yesterday, having heard
that more men were required there.
It is reported tbat the bush files all
through the Kootenays were totallv
extinguished by the heavy rains of
last week.
L. llarret, who came up before
Judge Forin in chambers yesterday,
elected to have his case tried at the
next sitting of the assizes.
The International brought dowu
three carloads of ore from thc Slocan
Star yesterday,which were transferred
to the Nelson Sc Fort Sheppard train
at Five-Mile Point for shipment to the
The excavations for the new sewer
on Hall Mines road were started yesterday. Owing to the low elevation
of the brewery with which connection
is to be made the sewer wili have to
be sunk over twelve feet.
Messrs; Johnston, Newling and
Morley have put notices up prohibiting hunting and shooting over their
land across Ihe lake, and are determined to enforce it. They say that
they would like to enjoy a few of the
grouse themselves.
Yesterday afternoon the Odd Fellows of Nelson Encampment No. 7
held a very pleasant picnic at Squire's
ranoh across from Nelson. Hale's
launoli and a number ol rowboats were
used in conveying the party, number
ing some forty, to the pionio grounds.
A set of gang-saws for outting marble are being installed at the Kootenay Marble aud Monumental works by
Messrs. Shaokleton and Simpson, the
proprietors. With this addition to the
resources of the establishment thoy
will be able to handle blooks of marble of any size.
Magistrate Urease has consented to
address the meeting of the Socialistic
Educational club on Sunday afternoon
next on the subject of "The City
Under Socialism." Tne meeting will
be held in the Miners Union hall and
will commence at 3.30. At the close
of the address there will be a free
A deal was consummated yesterday
whereby Horace Hunto disposed of his
interest ill the Hume hotel to J. Frod
Hume, who sometime ago acquired
the Interest of J. A. Kirkpatrlck, and
now owns the hotel outright. It is
understood that lloruce Hume, whose
health lias been unsatisfactory for
Home time, will, with Mrs. Hume and
family,spend the winter in California.
An Informal meeting of the Nolson
Hoard of Trade was held last evening
to arrange for the reception of S. ,1.
Mel,ran, the coiunilHsionci appointed
by the Dominion Uovernmeut to enquire into the freight rates. It was
decided to leave the matter in the hands
of tin- Committee who has been preparing Ihe Statement to be laid he-
fore Mr. McLean. The cominlssion
will be held next Tuesday In the
Hoard ot Trade rooms.
Hale's largest uaptlia launch was
taxed to the limit of its capacity yesterday afternoon by the teachers ai d
ofllcers of the two Haptist Sunday
Schools and the members of the
Pastor's llible class. The merry party
started   up the   lake  about 1 :3(l p  -in,
and enjoyed a inosc delightful outing.
Trolling nno rod lisbing were enjoyed
by those of sporting tastes, while the
mujoiity were inclined to make the
most of the sail. Tea was served at
Stock's ranch by the ladies of the
party in thnir usual generous and appetizing style, calculated to delight
the heart of a continued epicure. The
return run waB enlivened by pleiu-nn-
try, story nnd song, and S o'clock
fonnd all at home with another addition to the Reason's pleasant
J. C. Drewery returned yesterday
from the lireat banc mine and left
for Rossland.
Henry .1. Matheson. editor of the
SiLvertonian, of Silverton. is u guest
at the Hume.
M.S. Logan returned yesterday 'mm
a visit to the Juno group and leaves
today from Kossland.
A daughter was born to Mrs. William Kayuard, Kootenay street, on
Wednesday morning, August E8,
Fred Williamson is in from Fire
Valley at the headwaters of Kettle
river, where he is interested in mining
Born���To Mrs. David Dart, corner
of Observatory and Cedar streets, a
daughter on Thursday morning.
August 29.
Mrs. L. H. Fraser, wife of Captain
Fraser of the Kokanee. left Wednesday
for a couple of months' visit to hor
parents at Vancouver.
Fred P. tiuteiius left for the coast
yesterday. Altera short stay there
he will go to Montreal to assume thc
dunes of his new position.
Mrs. A. M.R. Harrow and familv,
with Miss Ma el Astley, returned
from their camping trip in East
Kootenay, Wednesday evening.
James Bannerman, who is looking
after the lleadle estate for the administrator, has just returned from Erie
aud will leave shortly for Salmo on
business connected with the estate.
Rev. P. n. MoEwen, superintendent
of Baptist Missions for B. C, returned
to Nelson yesterday after a trip over
the Crow's'Nest. Ho leaves for Kaslo
tomoirow, and   thence   for   Rossland
destruction of the Ottoman empire.
Tnis action was taken to forestall
what were conceived to be the designs
of Russia to seize Turkish territory
and Russia herself was led to subscribe
to tbe agreement by force of circumstances. Although several times severely strained, notably by snch events
aa the last war between Turkey and
Greece, this part has so far been en-
dnred without amendment, but it is
I apprehended now that if the action of
France is carried out to the extreme
indicted in the dispatches eacb of the
other signatory powers will feel
obliged in self protection to disregard
the agreement and pious upon Turkey
the vast financial and other claimc
that have aceuminulateil in the past
quarter of a century, with the result
of disrupting the present Turkish government.
City of Trenton Wreck Worse Than
First Thought.
Philadelphia, Pa. Aug. 29.--It developed today that the result of the
explosion of the boiler on the steamer
City of Trenton while on her way up
the Delaware river, from this city to
Trenton, N. 3��� yesterday afternoon
was more appaling than was at lirst
supposed. Nine persons are known
to be dead at least, IS are? missing,
most of whom are believed to have
been on the steamer, and two of the
inju't-d still in the hospital will piob-
ably die     The ideutilied dead arc:
Wm. Nelson, aged 07, a veteran of
the civil war; James McCormlck, aged
33, WHmlnfe.on. Del.; Elizabeth
G-.cn, aged 21, Philadelphia; Wm.
Dunn, aged 83, Philadelphia; Arthur
K. Lansing, aged 14, Trenton, N. J. ;
W.   H.    Keen,   Philadelphia;   Jessie
panics of the Rocky Mountain Rangers
aa follows; Rossland, Oclob.-r !);
Nelson, October 11; Kaslo, Octobir
H: Revelstoke, October 111; Kamloops,
October nl.
..here be will supply the pulpit of the  Stratton, Tr.nton, died in the hospital.
Baptist church ou Sunday. In addition   to these   there   are   two
G.A.Carlson,of the firm of Carlsou Sc
Porter, which has the contract for tho
construction of the Lardo railway
was at the Hume hotel yesterday and
left for lirnud Forks. The tirm is experiencing considerable dillioulty in
seonrlng men enough for the railway.
Queens���W. L. St. Claire, Field;
W. McGregor, Toronto; V. T. Smith
and wife, Sandon; Mrs. E. Stewart,
Spokane; Mi6s MacDonald, Mr. and
Mrs. Ira Cutler, Kaslo; Miss A.
David, Sandon; J. Fleishmai, Vancouver; C. Y Handle, Cranbrook ; Mrs.
Garland, Miss Garland. Rossland;
Miss S. V. Lence, Eholt.
Hume���C.   L. Tnbayne, Toronto ; G
A. Carlson, Neil   F.   Mackay,   Kaslo;
].\.     R.    McKinley,    Toronto;. R.   J.
Kirkwood, Slocan; 11. .1.Matheson, E.
F. Simth, Silverton ; A. 3. Cavanaugh,
Sandon; A. R. Tufts,    Vancouver;   .1.
G. Whiteacre, Toronto: P. Argall and
wife, Denver; J. Argall, II. A. Small,
Grand Central���John I!. Smith,
Quebec; Miss G. E. Roberts, Great
Falls; Mrs W. J. Wolfe, A. Rumpel,
Erie;.I. McDonald, Joe Hanson, A
Wana, F. llutler, Fernie; A. Gazett,
G. J. Moore, Erie.
Phair���C. 13. Hunting, Vancouver;
II. W. Brodle, Winnipeg; J. C.
Drewery, Rossland; E. Nehon Fell,
Athabasca; R. Ilourman, Vancouver;
Miss Cussun, Grand Forks.
charted bodies, believed to be those of
females, in the morgue. They are beyond recognition and will be buried
in the Polteis' field.
Commissioner McLean, who will
take evidence on freight rates in Nolson next Tuesday, is a distinguished
educationalist, his work being rooog-
nized and highly valued in the United
Stales ns well ns in liis own native
land. He was born in Quebec city 111
1871,and graduated from Toronto University in 1804, In 1804*8 he was the
McKcnv.ie Fellow in pollttcnl science,
and iu the former year was tbe liam-
sny post-graduate scholar In economies. In that year, ho wrote nn
essay. "The Tariff History of Can-
ads."   which   wae recently published
by the (Jtlawa government. In 18911 0
ho was fellow in economics and
sociology at Columbia College, New
Yoik, and in 1800-1 he occupied the
same position iu the I'Diversity of
Chicago. Ill 1801 he took his degree
as Doctor of Kciinomles and Sociology
III the University of Arkansas, which
position he still occupies. l'rof. McLean has made u speciul   study of the
transportation question ns it affects
Canada, ami hits written much on the
subject.    In   istn be commenced the
publication in the Journal of Political
Kconomy of the University of Chicago,
of a series of articles on the beginning
ofthe rflilw&y policy of Canada In
Rig Combine Being Oiganized in the
United States.
Chicago, Aug. 20.���Nearly thirty
plow manufacturers of the United
States were in session here discussing
plans for consolidation of all the
plow interests of the country. After
the meeting it was announced that
tlie proposed jonsolidatlon was practi
cally a sure thing from present prospects and that abont850,000,000 would
bo represented in the organization
when it should be completed. The
New York Guarantee nnd Tiust Co.
has made a proposition to the plow
manufacturers to engineer the deal
und a large majority, it is said, have
signified a willingess to enter the
London, Aug. 30.���The Daily Mail,
publishes today an article written by
Ali Nouri Hey, former Turkish consul
in Rotterdam, declaring that the n?us-
sacre of Armenians by Kurds, whicli
has just recommenced, is pari of a regular system of exterminai.'on, Be
eays: "Tha number oi A.ineuians
killed will depend upon the outcry
raised in Euiopo and tbe pressure
brought to bear upon the Sultan.
Tho same horrible prooesB will he repeated year by year till all are
National League���Philadelphia 7,
Now York li; Brooklyn I, Boston 51
Chicago 4, Pittsburg 1; Chicago 1,
Pittsburg 2.
American League.���Boston 3, De-
trol*. 5; Washington 111,   Cleveland 11.
East.m League���Hartford 4, Buffalo 5i Montro.il 3, Providence :?;
Worcester 7, Toronto 11.
Sbamokln.  Pa., Aug. 10,���One miner
was  killed   nnd   seven   others   badly
I Injured  by  an explosion of dynamite
today at the   Scott  shaft   near   here.
John BhSfloksyu   was so bndly Injured
that he died. The others will recover
I Tne   explosion was   cauM-d by a   d ill
accidentally running into 11 charge   nf
Cooling and   refreshing-Ironbrew.
Probable Outcome of Trouble Between
France and Turkey.
Washington. Ang Ull.���11 is feared
in olllcinl circles here that the withdrawal of the French ambaasaor from
Constantinople marks the dissolution
of the concert of European powers
under which   Ihe   Integrity of Turkey
was   guar.'iitt I.      Hy   the   treaty of
Berlin all Ihe great powers   of Europe
subscribed to un agreement to  refrain !
from any   act that would lend to   the J
San Francisco, Aug DO,���The Merchants' Exchange mis posted the following bulletin: British bark
Hiuoda, bound from Callao for Portland, Oregon, stranded eight miles
soutli uf Ooqiilllo river, sea smooth,
crew saved. Guod prospects for float-
lag vessel.
Copenhagen, Aug.   20. ��� The   oity Is
full of Russian anarchists in anticipation of the Czar's visit. 'Two Rus'ians
were arrested here   last  night.    The
authorities tried lo keep the matter
secret. The rough weather prevailing
renders the Czar's arrival before Monday improbable.
(SPECIAL to tiiib U1-.1.11.)
Victoria. B. C,    All),'.    90.���Colonel
Holmes will inspect the various   com-
English Mining   Journal   Deals   With
Mining In This Province.
The Mining Journal, of London,
Eng., ill its issue of Aug. 17, contains
an exhaustive article under the caption, "British Columbia Economically
Considered." It deals fully with conditions prevailing in this country,
and oonc-udes:
What conclusion then is the British
investor to draw from this statement
of conditions',' Is he to leave British
Columbia severely alone 1 Such a
course would not be justified. Perhaps, purely industrial or manufacturing enterprises are things bos.
avoided under existing conditions, but
mines stand ou a somewhat different
basis. Tho mineral is there, tbe
climate is excellent, there is abundant
wood in every portion of the Province,
and only in a few districts is there
any soarcity of water, and notwithstanding the difficulties tbat have
been spoken of, mining will pay.
Americans make it pay, and why
should not tne English'.' But then the
Americans show more courage, perhaps because they are nearer and can
more easily see with their own eyes.
They buy mineral claims at small
prices while they are not yet ill the
chrysalis stage and are merely
"prospects, " and one fortunate vei-
ture will enable them to pay for many
failures and make handsome profit.
The English capitalists are more inclined to wait until some one else,
generally an American, has developed
the "prospect" into a mine and until
ore is being raised, nnd then to purchase at a iigure which leaves little
room for profit, and which, if the
vein "pinches out,"' as it often docs
in British Columbia, leaves ample
room for loss. The English should
coine in where the Americans do, act
ing on thc advico of some trustworthy
man. w.10 really knows tbe country
and its conditions, and not merely
on that of an expert sent out ad hoc.
If local knowledge Is important in the
case of choosing a property, it is all-
importnnt in the mat c* of managing
it: more than one scheme has been
wrecked owing to the incompetence
for the particular task of tho men
sent from England. American mining
is a tiling apart, and cannot be
thoroughly understood until after a
long apprenticeship, and no amount
of mere technical knowledge will
compensate for ignoranco of the
co.intry and the ways of its people
and Government.
R. fl. R. BAND
Can be engaged for summer months for Excursions, Picnics, Lawn Socials or anything- that requires music.
Wambold's Orchestra
For Balls, Part'es, Receptions, Banquets, etc. Regular
prices. All nre members of Local No 04, A. F. of M.
Musical Protective Association. Apply to J. B. POLLARD, at E. J. Robin's Tailor Shop, linker Street.
"Zhe IRoval Bank of Canaba"
Ciipilal Authorized,
Incorporated i860.
tiCUlWMHHMH) j   Capital   l*ut<l-up,      ���     ���     ���       U.000*000.00
lE-'-l, ��� ���      ��� ...    *T.I,7.HJ,��HHMn.
Hoard of Director*,     rhoraat- K. Kenny,  President.;   Thoman KItohie, Vtae-Prfl-.fd_.tu.
Wiley Smith. II. G. Bauld, Hon. -David MaoKeen.
II.'ad Oflice, Halifax:
General Manager, Kelson U Peaao. Montreal.
Supuri-.Londeni of Hr__.nc._eH. and Secretary, W. B. Torranoo. HalifaT,
Itrau    et 1
ebec���Montreal, (City Ofttoo), Montreal
Went Knd (Cor. Notre Dame and Seigneurs Streets); Woatinouut (Cor. Greene
'ova   Scotia��� Halifax   Branch,   AntiRonH
Brldgewater. Gujseors. l_onaonderry. lin
enburK. Maitland (HantsCo.), Pictou, Port
Hawkesbnry, Sydney. rfhubonacadie.Truro,
New    Brunswick ��� Bat-Hirst,     DoreheKter,
Frederloton. itinstston (Kent Oo,), Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sackvilit;, ^i, John,Woodstock'
I*. E. Inland ----'ii._r.ot!. inv, n, Mum in oroide.
Avenue and St. Oathariuos Street,
Newfoundland���St, John's.
..til.a. We .tlodlra��� Havana.
United rttutcH���New York (Hi hlxchange Place
ltepublic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,
Yam.Bu.ei' East End, Victoria,
Cnnnrta-Morcliaiitfl Bank of Canada, Bomon-National Shawmut Bank. Chlrago-Illinoli
Trust and Savings Bank. San Frsnolico-Piret National liank. LuikIuii, Bug.-Bank ol
Scotland. Farm, France-Credit Lyonnais. Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda. ~hln~ aud Japan���Hong Kong and ~lw:igliai Banking Corporation.    Spokane-Old National Bank.
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  B*u gh
and Said, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed  oo special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C,
Sold, Silver-Lead   and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE   MILLING   GOLD  properties  wanted at once for Eastern
Parties  having   mining   property for  sale are   requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We  desire  to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in liritisli Columbia,
Prospectors  and   mining  ir.en   are requested   to make  the  EX-
���    CHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
J All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID,
0 Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
0     Telephone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. O.
No Official Intimation cf Any Changes
Yet in Royal Itinerary.
Ottawa, Aug. 29,���Official corroboration is still unobtainable of the report that it is contemplated to curtail the itinerary of Their Royal
Highnesses. Wince the programme
was originally published the only
change effected was to alter the date
of the arrival of the royal party in
Toronto from tbe Tth to tho loth of
Outober. The three days thus gained
will be added to the time whicli is to
be occupied on tbe return trip from
Hritish Columbia, No itinerary will
be published for tliis part of the royal
journey, so that the party will be at
liberty to stop over at Hanff or other
points of Interest in the Rooky Mountains, as they may choose.
Winnipeg, Aug. 80,���Major Williams, of tlie^ Royal Canadian Dragoons, of this city, has received word
that lie has been oboapn to command
the escort for Their Royal Highnesses
the Duke and lluchi'ss of Con wall and
York, on the occasion of their visit to
Ottawa next month, Major Williams
will st-lort the escort from the Dragoons at Toronto, leaving there September hi for Ottawa,
ty /kmo AntA/ <rc -ifUtnj, A/ cuA/
Wind has been    ri-onlvml   at Toionto
that tho ophir, ojuveylng the royal
party to Canada, will be escorted hy
tlie Diadem and Ntobe, Tim lattei
ship is a cruiser commanded by Capt,
.1. Deniaon, a ,'intivn of Toronto nnd
brother of Lieut.-Col, Denison, police
mag] -.trnte of Toronto.
Then1   is much grumbling over the
decision of the Dominion Government
to deduct Ave per cent, from the pay
of warrant officers of tlio Third Royal
Canadian Regiment, in order to provide a pension for them.
H. & M. BIRD
_.Mr. lien Horlg.'s residence on Mill
street with four lots; live rooms down
stairs, three bedrooms and large
bathroom upstairs. Furnaoe just put
-A well built and comfortable
home.    Terms of payment   easy.
See also list of houses and lots for
sale and residences for rent at door of
our otlices next to MoArtliur's on Haker street.
Every housewife wIid
takes delight in a
spick nnd span kitchen will find what she
wants in our stock of
The shining quality
of thc surface is indicative of the superior merit of tlio
goods through and
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand oi
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY. Ynrds, NKLSON
aud LARJ -O.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l oi-
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P.O. Hox nno Telephone No. 95
Custom Honso Broker and Employment
Office. Telephone ... P. O. Box 683.
Stanley Street, Nelson. B. 0.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning Immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rato of
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to bo left
with the agent,
D.  J.  YOUNG.


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