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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 17, 1901

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,���.: -^
Daily Edition No.  1117
Nelson,   British Columbia, Saturday,   August 17,  1901
Eleventh  Year
Trackmen Repudiate Recom-i
mendatlons of Gonclla-
tlon Committee,
Full Text of Correspondence
Between Committee and
the Strikers.
Ii. Marpole, general superintendent
of the C. P. K. Pacific division, is at
the l'hair, on one of his regular trip��
of inspection over his territory.
While here he received the telegram
given below, from 1). McNicholl,
vice-president ol the company.
The striking trackmen have refused to accept the report of the
conciliation committee, the composition of which was agreed upon hy
them and the company. It is apparent
from too telegram that if President
Wilson, of the Trackmen's Union,
will hie himself olf to bis home iu
tlio States the difficulties between tbe
company and the men will soon be
settled.   The message was as follows:
Montreal, Aug. 1(1.
R. Marpole, Nelson, B. C.;
Tho following is the report of the
Conciliation Committee whoso services were accepted by the Canadian
Pacific Railway Coinpany and by the
Committee of Trackmen. riense make
this known over  your division ;
Montreal, Que., Aug. 3(1.��� The Committee of Conciliation whose servioes
wero accepted by the Canadian Pacific
railway company and the committeo
of Maintonanoe-of-Way men to see if
a settlement of present strike could
not bo brought about by mutual concessions have given ont tho following
Queens, Montreal, Aug. 10, 1001.
To the Officers and Members of the B.
of L. E.; 0. R. 0.; B. of   R. T. and
0. R. T���   of   the   Canadian   Pacific
Dear Sir and Brother,���The undersigned general chairmen herewith submit the following report for your consideration. In compliance of request
the members of our organizations,
met in Montreal on Thursday, August S, 1001 to renew efforts whioh
some of the general chairmen had
made towards obtaining the consent of
the company and maintenance of way
men for the general chairman of the
five organizations to act as conciliators in the present dispute. Our services being accepted by both parties
we took up the duties of Conciliation
Board. After Several interviews had
heen hold between the board ofconcilia-
tion, the company and committee
reprcsentng the trackmen, we succeeded m obtaining a basis of settlement which wc beloved to be reasonable and fair, uuder the present conditions of the strike situation and
represented that it bo accepted by the
trackmen, explaining to tbem that
the terms submitted were equal to
those obtained by any of the other organizations ia their first offorts to
obtan recognition. After tho terms
of the seltloment had heen fully explained to the Trackmen _and a vote
taken by ihetn, tho following lettor
was preseontd to tlie board of conciliation i by the chairman of the trackmen :
Montreal, Aug. 11, 1901.
Mr. (Jims. Pope,   Chairman, Conciliation Committeee:
The terms of the settlement proposed by the general manager of the C.
P. R. company through your committee to the committao repiesenting the
maintenance of way men is not considered a fair basis of settlement. We
believe a board of arbitration composed of fair minded men would render a
decision more favorable to the men we
represent than has beon prepared by
the general manager, therefore, '<ve
will request the member", of the conciliation committee tu recommend
that the matter bo BBttlud by arbitration.
Hoping it will he consistent with
the viewB of the members of your
committee to comply with this request and thanking jou for tho
cffoits made to bring abont a proper
understanding and fair settlement,
we aro very truy yours,    (Sgd.)
J.  LENNON, Chairman,
A.   F. STOUT, Secretary.
Wc, as a board of conciliation,  feol
that our   duties   as  mediators    have
ended and that nothing further can
be done by ns, unless President WiL
son of the I!. B. T. of A. will agree
to leave the city within twenty-four
hours aod not to interfere in any way
with either ooramitteee and will give
authority to the trackmen's committee to declare the strike off when
in their judgment a reasonable basis
of settlement can be effected.    (Sgd.)
Chairman,  B. of L. E.
Chairman, 0.   R. C.
Chairman, B. of L. F.
Chairman, B. R. T.
Chairman, 0.   R   T.
Steel Strikers Delighted With
Evidences of Growing
Plans of the Company For a Much
Quicker Trip.
London, Aug. 10.���S. G. FraBer, the
Dublin engineer who has prepared
plans for the new harbor at Berehav-
en, Batry Bay, Ireland, in connection
with the proposed steamship line
whioh is to have steamers capable of
crossing tho Altantic in four and a
half days.informed a representative of
the Associated Press today that in the
six large steamers, four for the New
York and two for the Canadian trade,
it is the intention to burn Texas oil.
The Canadian port will be Sidney or
Halifax. Hy building 05 miles of rail-
ronil, and connecting Berehavcn with
all the Welsh lines, the new companv
will be able to take paseegers and
mails from Berehaven to London in
12 hours, thus landing pnsBengors in
New York and London in five days.
The English port will be Liverpool or
Southampton until the new works at
Dover are complete. Austin Chamberlain, Gerald Balfour and Geo. Wynd-
hnm, respectively, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, the President
of the Board of Trade, and Chief.Sec-
retarv for Ireland, besideB Lord James
Hereford (Chancellor of the Duchy of
Lancaster), actively snpported the bill
and advised silence on this side of the
Atlantic until the bill was passed.
Mr. Fraser says much American
capital is interested in tbe scheme.
Denver, Col., Aug. 18.���Young Cor-
bctt was giver tne decision after ten
rounds with George Dixon, former
featherweight champion, tonight.
While Corbett was the aggrossor at all
times, Dixon punished him severely
and from the fifth round to tfee finish
Corbett's face was bathed in blood. In
the 7th, Oth and 10th rounds Dixon
was badly punished by Corbett's persistent jabs in the ribs. Dixon was
In his old time form when it name to
blocking but he fought a defensive
battle all through. He was willing
to mix it up with his sturdy opponent,
however, and always broke even in
tho fighting.
New Orleans, La,, Aug. 10.���The
storm has passed and seems to have
done no great damngo anywhere except along tho river below the city.
Iu the city the only injury was to tho
lako sido resorts and to the Boetion
flooded by the break in a canal bank
which was closed before morning.
Kleo and orange farms ou the lower
const wero severely injured. A largo
house was overturned.
London, Aug. 10.���Mr. Cbamberlnln,
in an interview published by Tho
Daily Mail, says there is no foundation for tho rumor that ho Intends to
make a tour of the United States and
tho British ColonieB during tho Parliamentary recess.
Durban, Aug. 10.���Lord Kltohener,
with a force is moving on Honflwni or
the border of Zululand, where General
Botha is reported to have concentrated
400 Boers. An important engagement
is expected to ensue.
 ������       v>  |
Mobile, A la , Ang. 10.���It is learned
tonight tbat one man was killed and
four injured in Mobile by yesterdav's
storm. Nothing has yet been heard
from any of   the points down the bay.
Colon. Colombia, Ang. 10.���The sit
nation   yesterday     was   quiet  every
whore, the   Government offices   being
closed in commemoration of the  feast
of the Assumption.
Corporation SaysStrlkers Are
Near Flood Tide and Ebb
Will Soon Gome.
Pittsburg. Pa., Aug. 10.���The center
of interest in the steel strike shifted
to the west where Joliet finally swung
into line with the strikers and Milwaukee appointed tomorrow as the
time ond place for a final vote on the
question. The news that came out of
the west cheered the strikers tbough-
out the districts in this vicinity as no
other developments since the labor
war was declared. They count upon
favorable action ai Milwaukee tomorrow and say thai they will yet win
Chicago over. These successes, they
declare,will make tbem masters of the
situation and win the stiike.
The steel operators, on the other
hand, say the strikers are nearly at
flood tide of tbeir success and when
the ebb comes it never can be stoppsd.
They also claim that many of their
men, particularly at McKeesport,
Wheeling and Bellaire, were forced
out by intimidation and will oome
back as soon as the excitement dies
out and their safety is assured; Talk
of terms has been dropped for the
time being and it is agreed that in Its
present aspects the sitnation indicates
a prolonged and stubborn contest.
Two hundred men employed in tbe
national galvanizing of the National
Tube Co.,at McKeesport, struck today;.
They were the last remaining workmen in the affected trades in that city
und the tie up is now as complete as
possible there. Many of the tube
workers, although on strike, have refused to join any union and the opinion is expressed that there will soon
be a break among tbe strikers.
Lord George Hamilton Piesents Annual Statement to the Commons.
London, Aug. 16.���Lord George
Hamilton, Indian commissioner in the
House of Commons, today presented
the financial statement for India.
He Baid that in spite of three years of
famine and acute depression in the
three agricultural staples, tea, indigo and cotton, he was able to present
the most favorable balance sheet since
India came under the crown. The
elief expenditure in the year totaled
��15,000,000 but the same period showed a Burplus of ��0,377,000. Thc season's rain, though below normal, had
been suflioient for agricultural purposes. The crop outlook was fair
and there was a piospcot of a material reduction in the relief expenditures. The results of the gold standard policy had more than realised the
Government's expeet-tions.
Lord George concluded with a prayer that the administration ot Lord
Curzon, of Keddleston, as Governor
General of India, would continue to be
London, Aug. 10.��� The war office
has received the following despatch
.from Lord Kltohener, dated Pretoria,
August 10: "While a puitv of fifty
of French's Bcouts wero prococding to
join a column near Ilethesda they
were surrounded lu the bills by a superior foroe under Theref and surrendered. One man was killed and three
wounded,Capt. Bethelheim dangeious-
ly." Lord Kitchener does not give
the date but tho casualty list indicates
August Nth.
New York, Aug. 10.���The Cunard
liner Lucania, Capt. McKay which
sailed from Liverpool for New York
on August 10, was spoken through
the medium of wireless telegraph by
the Nantucket lightship, shortly after
six o'clook this evening.
San Diego, Ual., Aug. 10.���The
United States steamer Singer, undei
orders to proceed to I'annnin, has been
taking on supplies today and will
start a :i p. in. tomorrow.
History of the Iron Properties
Purchased by Montreal
A Man Who Has Stuck to the
Goat River Mining
The iron claims whioh were transferred to the big Eastern syndicate
for $80,000 cash on Thursday of this
week were staked by C. P. Hill, in
the summer of 18U3. He thought he
had the biggest copper propositions
under tbe earth, and that the immense
ilon dike was bnt a copping over tbe
oopper. He continued to think tbis
way until this year when the diamond
drilling proved that the iron went
awuy down and showed that there was
nlocopper in the neighborhood. Since
the claims were staked he has manipulated them somewhat by disposing of
various interests in individual claims
and every cent he has received has
gone back into tho ground in development work. Four years ago be disposed of six claims to the .London &
B. C. Gold Fields which company did
considerable work, driving a 250 foot
tunnel. The company acquired these
claims two at a time. A short time
later he disposed of cne third interest
in throe claims to a syndicate composed of fifteen Nelson people represented
by F.W. Peter9 and one third interest
to another syndicate of fifteen represented by S. M. Brydges. E. J. Matthews and Mr. Hill retained the remaining third interest. The six
claims,which completed the lb acquired by the Montreal Syndicate, were
owned outright by Mr. Hill. In January of this year he bonded the properties owned by tbe London & B. C,
and the two-tbirds interest in the
three other claims so he acted as vendor for the whole group. James D.
Sword helped matters along in t e
East. *
The ledge, which varies from 50 to
200 feet in width, takes a diagonal
course over a mountain that resembles,
in contour, the extremely hideous one
across the lake from Nelson. The
apex of the mountain is 0,200 feet
iiVovo sea level and tbe ledge runs over
its highest point. It iscootained within well defined granite walls.
Mr. Hill nas another group of 15
claims on the same lead and he expects some day to make a big deal
with them. He is positive the deposit
is large enough to warrant (he erection of large iron and steel plant.
"I began to get tired of gold and
silver mines," he said yesterday,"and
staited alter iron and coal just for a
change. I think the deal Swill do au
immense amount of good to the conntry as with the depression exitsing in
other branches of mining, the establishment of laigu industrial enterprise will put B. C. in a new and favorable light before Investors."
It was on the 13th of April, 1888,
that Mr, Hill first entered this country. He had a party of six men with
him. Tbe guide was Benny Benson,
now of Greenwood, and another member of the party was Tom Coffee, who
later went to Rossland, discovered
mines and wealth, and is now vegetating in the Klondike. The party
came in by Jennings, Mont., and followed thc Kootenay river to Ainsworth and what Is now marked on
tho map as Nelson. They stopped at
Kootenay Falls, 52 miles east of 1km-
ner's Ferry,for a while and then went
oil overland to Fort Steelo and from
there down the river lo Jennings.
For three years Mr, Hill managed
to stay away from this country and in
1801 he came back, He staked the
whole Goat river mining district,mure
or lesi, and still has a large slice of
It recorded in his name. He bad the
copper bee in his bonnet and worked a
few claims in tbe hopes of finding
that metal but was unsuccessful. On
June 20,1803, be was appointed deputy
collector of United States customs at
Port Hill, which was named after him,
and he resigned that position on
March 31st lust year, from which time
he has given all bis attention to the
iron properties and eoal lands. His
men discovered several rich coal deposits which are now being worked.
S. W. (iebo is developing one of the
deposits and Is shipping 500 Ions a day
the most of which goes   to   the C. V.
R. Quite a town bas sprung up at the
mine but as yet It has no name. Mr.
Hill has 3,200 acres of coal lands and
he will shortly put men at developing
it. Be also has several metalliferous
claims, on most of which work is being done. He has a very blustery
and tempestuous group composed of
the Whirlwind, Toruado and Cyclone,
which have a rich copper and galena
showiDg. They have 12 feet of good
Mr.Hill thinks that in five years the
Goat River district will be one of the
biggest shipping districts in the
Rapid Work Being Done on Wagon
Road West of   Nelson.
Government Engineer Killeen le-
ports that good progress is being
made with the Nelson-Granite wagon
road, the first mile of which is now
completed, and the second is nearly
finished. One of the many good points
about the road is the splendid grade
tbat bas keen obtained, making heavy
hauling much easier than could be
expected on a mountain road. The
average grade for the whole road is
four per cent. There is one short
section where the grade is nine per
cent, and two others, none more
thun a quarter of a mile long, where
it is eight per cent, and to counter
balance this there is a stretch where
it Is less than two per cent, giving
many fine reaches for driving, when
thc loose top soil has be^n settled
by a little ruin.
The foreo at work on the road,
comprising nt present about 40 men,
are spread out over about half a mile,
two miles from the city. A few are
drilling and blasting a small rocky
portion about a mile and a half from
tbe_ city. When this iB completed
the seoond mile will also be open for
traffic as the bridges are being put in
at the same time as the grading is
being done. After the first two miles
are, done, the next conple of miles
will be comparatively eaBy, as there
is little rock. As an example of what
a splendid grade has been obtained,
the lower end of Baker street from
Kootenay to the C. P. R. depot is
11 per cent, while the steepest part of
the hill going up to the bench on
the new road is but nine, Mr. Killeen said that the* road would undoubtedly be of great benefit to the
city as it put in connection with��� it
all the rich mineral region between
Sandy and Rover creeks. There are
many abort branch roads from the
various mines, with all of which the
Government  toad will connect.
Tbe heat has been felt rather severely by the men at work, especially
during the last few days, but there
have been no cases of illness. The
camp is situated a mile nnd a hnlf
from the eastern end of tho road, and
is in a pleasant location with plenty
of good spring water available.
From Nelscn Mr. Killeen leaves for
East Kootenay where a bridge across
the Elk and a short wagon road, to
connect with another road up the
valley, are to bo put in near Michel,
on thc line of thc Crow's Nest, At
Fort Steele some improvements are to
be made in the appioacbeB to the
briage across tbH Kootenay.
Pekin, China, Aug. In.���The troops
nf the powers havo not yet evacuated
the public bindings. The liritisli
and Americans propose to occupy the
Temple of Heaven and the Temple of
Agriculture until their barracks are
Sir Ernest Satow, the British minister thinks it would not bu wise to
withdraw before the protocol has been
signed in conjunction with thu Chinese plenipotentiaries as the withdrawal would remove tbe chief inducement to the Chinese to sign. The
Japanese still hold the northern section of the oity. It is considered significant of tbeir relations with the
Chinese that a Japanese colonel has
beon selected to oommand and organ
i/.e the Chinese. The opinion is grow
Ing that the court will refuse to return so long us the powers maintain
such forces in the province ol  Chi Li.
Tho protocol does not piovlde for
the dentructioii of thc forts, ministeis
of the powers having failed to agree
on this point.
Rossland, Aug. 10.��� Colistro, who
wus convloted yesterday of assault on
Horn and sentenced to two months
imprisonment, was today admitted too
bail in the sum of SHOO, pending an
appeal to n higher court from tho
judgment, nf Police Magistrate Iloult"
bee In tho ease.
A Summary of the Situation
In Canada for the Past
Look for Prosperous Times In
B. C. on Account of Sal
mon Run.
Toronto, Aug. 10.���Uradstroeet's report says business at Montreal haa
been fair for this soason. It is soarce-
y time yet for any active movement
in business such as is alnays experienced in the latter part of August.but
the preparations already being made
for the fall trade plainly indioate that
the movement tbis year will be large
and retailers intend to be well prepared for an increased demand before
snow flies. Values are steady all
round. Collections are fair for this
season. Trade has been rather lesB active in Toronto and this week then)
has been a fair number of fall orders
coming to hand but travellers are now
coming off tbeir routes to prepare for
thc sorting trips and when they return
to their routos it Is expected theie
will be roncwod activity in buying
among the retailers. The crop prospects are Bncouraging to business and
the genornl expectation is thnt the results will be increased activity in
many departments of trade nnd manufacture the next few months. Values of
staple goods continue steady to firm.
Payments are not very satisfactory at
the moment, but tbey never are expected to be good at tbis time of tbe year,
when the farmeis are busy getting in
their crops and little or uo produoe is
being marketed.
Tbe feature in business ��'. thc "��.
cifio coast thc past ten days was tho
enormous ran of salmon in the Fraser
river,which has beaten all reuoids and
the take has been very heavy. This
will do much for the prosperity at the
Coast and cause the circn'ation'of a
great deal of money in the far wost.
The outlook for retail trade at Vancouver and Viotoria is brighter. Payments are still somewhat slow.
Business at London is fair for this
week for the midsummer holiday season. Retailers have been buying
some good parcels of goods for tbe fall
and the prospects seem to Indicate
that when the grain movement begins
there will be considerable activity in
trade at country market points as
well as increased activity in the larger cuntcis.
Tbo attention of business men in
Winnipeg is pretty well absorbed In
the crop situation at the moment.
Wheat cutting is progressing favorably in moat distriots The outlook
is more encouraging than it was ten
days ur two wcekB ago and there Ib
less beard about the deterioration of
tbe grain now and many districts are
repoiling good results.
Railroad traffic is already very heavy
and the increase ln the movement
when the wheat begins to move will
bo very great.
A meeting of the local creditors of
the Chapleau Consolidated Gold Mining Company was held yesterday afternoon. The coinpany has arranged
to pay 83,000 thiB week on account of
the claims against it. which will
leave a balance of (8,000. Thc creditors have garnlshced the appropriation
made by the Provincial government
in aid of the wagon road, amounting
to. about 80,000 and it is expected
that the whole matter will bu closed
up shoitly. Considerable dulay ha-
occurred through the vouchers for payments, made in cunnoctlor with
the wagon road by the Chapleau company, being held by the engineer in
oharge of the construction. As tho
vouchers have to be in possession of
the government before any money
is pnid on account of the appropriation nothing bas yet been obtained
from that source. At the meeting
ycsteulny lt was stated that the engineer had retained possession of the
vouohers because he had not receivou
payment of somo account duo htm Oy
tho Chapleau company. The creditors have instructed tholr solicitors
to take the neoesHaiy legal steps to
obtain delivery of the touchers, an
they claim that the engineer has lo
right to bold the vouchers foi any
personal clulin. :-t
Nelson  Daily Miner,  Saturday  August 17, 1901
The Nelson Miner
1 llshed   Every  Morning Except  Monday
Daily, per month,by carrier     g��
Iiaily, per month, hy mall - ,��ffi
ll lily, per yrae,, by carrier  '��
llnily. per year, by mail    5 *
Daily, por yoar
~~_i~~~::::::::: 9����
f 1 25
Weekly.per half yoar  .1
Weekly, jier yoar  2
Weekly, por year, foreign  3 00
ubserlptions invariably In advance.
US Klcot Street, K. C.
ntral  Pitta A-oncy, Ltd., Special Agonta
Alexander & Co..521 First Avenuo, 8pokano,
~'a.li., keep ___ paper on tile, and are our
Authorized 1 ���enl~ for adverllHetnonU and nub-
A large consign
ment direct from the Factory has just been received  and
we are enabled to oiler them at
| D. McArthur 8 Co. {
$ J. G. NELSON, Manager. 5.
I       Furniture Dealers,
_       Undertakers and Embalmers.
The closing of the deal for the iron
claims near Kitchener by which tbey
bave been acquired by a wealthy Montreal syndicate marks the beginning of
an enterprise which, we firmly believe,
will play an important pait in the
industrial development of the prov-
it means, unless tho uncx-
that as   a result of   It
English Sole Leather Trunks, State Room Trunks. Suit
Cases, Bureau Trunks, All Kinds of Trunks-
Solid Leather Valises, Kit Bags, Hand Bags. English Oluh
Bags, Telescope Oases, Every Shape and Style is
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
9 Oak Center Tables,
-^        <<        "        '���
_2 '' ' * "
���^ Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers
_g Elm Folding Tables
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
Worth $3.50 for 2,50
" $5,00 for 3.75
" $6.00 lor 4 50
" $4.50 for 3.75
'! $5.00 for 3.75
" $6.00 for 4 25
" $6.00 for 4.50
!' $6 50 for 4.75
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "       Rockers
To make room for our Fall stock of Carpets and Rugs will go at
CoBt.   To clear,  liaby Carriages and Go Carts, less than cost.
pcoted occurs
there will be established large iron
and steel works. It means that employment will be given for many generations, to thousandi of skilled aud
unskilled workers and the industry
should, when it is placed on a firm
fooling, equal, if not surpass, in importance tbe gr. Id, silver, copper and
lead mines of tbe province; it means
that the production of the furnaces
will after a certain period bas elapsed
increase to beyond the absorbing capacity of the home market and that
there will be a surplus turned out
for export to other countries.
The maiket for the   products   to   be
manufactured'by the new enterprise is
a large and a waiting  one,   and until
other iron   manufactories   are   estab
lished the   Montreal corporation   will
have practically   a   monopoly   of   the
field.    In    Hritish    Columbia   it   will
bave the   province to itself,   while   it
should be   able   to   meet its   Eastern
rivals half way   across tho  continent.
Then   it   may   be said when it conies
to exporting   its   output   it   bas   the
countries on both sidiiB of thc   Pacific
ocean with its largo archipelagoes for
a market.    The Orient should furnish
it many customers,   while Australasia
should also purchase it wares. Should 1
the tariff wall be too   high   to   admit
the H. C. iron and steel inlo the Unit-
edStatOBr.be Mexico the Central American countries and   the   South   American republics bordering along the Pacific should be able to fnrnlsb customers  for largo   quantities   of   its   products.    It is obivous that  the   market
available is larger than   tho   capacity
will bo to   supply it till   the industry
has giown to lnrge dimensions.
It seems Strange, when   there aro so
many   places in   which   the   products
of the   irons   and   steel   furnaces   oan
be     sold   to   advantage     that    large
plants   were   not   before   established
at some of   the   coast   points.    There
re some extensive deposits of iron   ore
along the   const.    (In    Texada   Island
there urn a number of iron ledges and
some   of   the oro from there bas been
sioelted in   tbe small   furnace of   the
Union Iron works at I'oit   Townsend.
There are  largo iron   deposits in Oregon and   Washington.    Oa   the    west
coast, of Vancouver Island, udfacent to
tide water, there are known to be sov
earl deposits, nnd   the   ore   from one
of these   011    llnrcliiy  Inlet, has   been
pronounced by oxpertH to be of a quality equal to tbe celebrated  I'lilmn iron
ore.    Ibis deposit   wns  examined   by
Pittsburg   pin ties   seveial   yours   ago
and for a while they seemed   inclined
to take hold of it,   but   the   dilHculty
of   obtaining cuke suitable   for   llu.\-
ing ami some other   complications led
to the abandonent  of   the   enterprise.
There will be 110   trouble    in   that ru
gard with   the    Kitchen T   enterprise.
The   OOke made from the Crow's   Nest
ooal is peculiarly   suited for smelting
iron   on.    The   coke made   from   the
coast   coals,   it is claimed   by experts,
crumbles when Bred and allows the ore
which   is placed on top to fall to   the
bottom   of   the furnncii   before It   has
smelted   und   the risnlt   is   imperfect
smelting,    hut   this   is   not    the ease
with the Clow's Nest   product.    It remains   (inn   nnd   solid, holds  up   its
load of ore until tho process of   smelting has been completed.    This quality
of   the   coke   wns   one   of   the   main
reasons why ihe deal for the Kltchen-
01    iron deposit   was  closed.    Besides
this the   deposit   located   closo   to   it
extensive   mnsses     of   HuxeH   in    the
shape of lime nnd magnesia   and it is
nn important   matter in tbe   economy
of iron making to have   siiltnblu   and
ohetip   llux   closu at   hand.    Another
decided advantage and i  which will
materially alii the enterprise is that
the bnul on tbo eokii from oven to furnace is a short one, nnd then too, the
price of the fuel Is not high.
While the cost of labor at Kitchener
is and will lie Hiimewhnt higher tluir-
the Knsterii miuiufnetnrers pay, this
wil] be compensated for by tho long
haul across tlie continent, which is a
most potent faJlor In favor of the
local   enterprise,    fur   once iron   and
Hudson's Bay Company.
steel oommences to be made here it
will shut out all like products made
With an almost limitless maiket,
with abundant fluxes close nt hand,
with cheap and ellicient coke within
easy distance and the transcontinental
haul in favor of the enterprise, there
seems to be no reason to dcibt that
the industry can be soon established
on a profitable, sound and enduring
basis and it looks as though the project would be ono of the most Successful) ever established in thc province,
provided, of course, as Mr. Blake-
more says, the deposit proves equal
in quantity to what it is in quality,
and there is not the least doubt us to
the latter.
The outlook, therefore, is most
promising for the enterprise and in
due course of time thc province may
have its Carnegies, its Scwabs, and
its Morgans, with tbo accompaniment
of a big steel trust.
One of tho pleasing features of the
deal is that tbe purchase price, _H0,-
iiui) is distributed among men wbo are
rciddent of this or other cities of the
1 Kootenays and that most of the money
will undoubtedly be invested in
enterprises conducive of the goneral
prosperity, and not a little to it, perhaps, in other mining ventures,
and in 1900 It was only 1,8.10, but the
number of offices increased in the period by 200.
Montana is experiencing a moral
wave and all uinds of gambling is
prohibited and the attorney general
has declared tbat shaking dice for
cigars and diinks must cease. He
personally notified a lawyer and a
cigar dealer who were shaking dice
for cigars tbat if they did not desist
they would be prosucuted. It is anticipated that his next step will be to
prevent   boys   from   playing
foi keeps."
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Great consternation was telt by the
friends of M. A. Hogarty of Lexington, Ky,, when tbey saw he was
turning yellow. His skin slowly
changed color, also bis eyes, and he
suffered terribly, His malady was
Yellow Jaundice. He was treated hy
the best doctors, but without benefit.
Then he was advised to try Electric
Hitters, tbe wonderful Stomach and
Liver remedy, and he writes: "After
inking two bottles I was wholly
cured." A trial proves its matchless
merit for nil Stomach, Liver and Kid
I ey trouble. Only 25o. Sold by Canada
Drug   & Book Co.
Have yon tried���Ironbrew.
Smith   Curtis   appears   before    the
public in a new role, and tbis time he
is   a   Pathfinder, and   is trying to locate a route for the Coast to Kootenay
railway   to   cross   the Cascade mountains.    He announced   at   a   banquet,
held in Princeton a few nights   sinoe,
that he bad found a feasible route and
it is   his   intention     to   explore   thc
Suiiilliiiiueen   Pass in order   to   ascertain if its gradients ore better suited
for   milway   building   than   the  one
which   be   bad   already     discovered.
Mr. Curtis   bus   set his heart   on   the
early opening up of the   Similkameen
country   by   a   railway,   and   ho has
bis   own   Ideas   as   to   how   and   by
whom   tbe line should be constructed.
At     first    he     favoied     government
ownership, but   as   the ministry   was
opposed   to   this,   he   abandoned   the
idea,   and   asked that an independent
or competing lino be uuilt.    He is opposed to   allowing   the   C.    P.   R.   to
build the line.    Ily hook   or   crook he
is   determined   that   tbe     road   shall
materialize and as the peopio   of   the
Similkameen uro   anxious for railway
transportation       facilities    mi 111 nil ly
tbey   are   enthusiastic   and    applaud
Mr. Curtis wlien   be I)nils and   points
out to them new   and   feasible   pusses
through   the   mnuntuins.   This,  however,   of itself will not build the line.
Germnn Syrup Is the special prescription of; D. A, Boschee, a celebrated Herman Pbysicittn, and is acknowledged to be one of the most fortunate discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs, Colds and all
Lung troubles of the severest nature,
removing, as it does, the cause cf the
affection and leaving the parts In a
strong and healthy condition It Is not
an experimental medicine, but has
stood the test of years, giving satisfaction in every case, whi lb its rapidly increasing sale overy season confirms.' Two million bottles sold annually. Hoschee's German Syrup was
introduced in thc United States in
lHtlrt, and is now sold in every town
and village in tbo civilized world.
Three doses will relieve any ordinary
cough Price 75 cts. Got Green's
Prize Almanac.
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be SoM Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at $10.00
per month.
Apply to
Baker Street.
For domestic or steam use.
I    A  full   supply  always  on
Kates to  all  railway  and
lake points.
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Outers by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
order* by m���� to M~r branch will hare careful a��4 oromot attention.
A delightful tonic���Ironbrew.
If you don't like Blue Eibbon Tta it's
because you never tastal it.
United .States wursliisp arc being
sent tu the Isthmus and the United
.States may possibly lieeonie iniivlvt'd
in the war which is on between Colombia and Venezuela. Tlio explanation of this Is tbat the 11. S. Is pledged by treaty to preserve not only tbe
neutrality but the bovendgnty of Colombia. This Ik because of the rights
which the Anii'i leitiih have acquired
for   the   building     of    the    Pauaina
The telegraphic system of Canada
is much larger than many BUppaoo,
Nearly 4,000 mi let, of land lines and
cables are directly owned by the Uov-
eiiiiueiii, while loinpnnies control another ill,linn miles, so that in all
there are 84,600 miles of lines, 01 84,-
500 miles of wire. During tbe past
hix years the mileage of line under
Government control bus increased by
1.1-'! miles. The private lines conveyed 4,111-),000 message) last year. In
1SIH the average number of messages
carried annually per  ollice was 1,700,
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors,
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
West Transfer Co.
Goal w Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on  Baker -treet. Tel. IB
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
A   U 'II Known  Toronto KCIltllilllllll trloil nil
tint Catarrh 0UMM huuril nt for years] ut
liutt .lupilliem, t nl,11111 {'.urn removed every
tdt_yn_itoino( tl'*' _Ibq_m,   It curon permit!
II tutu
Mr W. II. Wllllum .  nf  -II   Oll-Nh  Htleut
Toronto, writes:���"I bave uaodJapae���lOato&h
I'ure fur I'lilnrrh. ami bolloVQ 11. In tin nn urtialu
of aupqrlor merit, li him _l von mc Immrilim,.
relief, ami cured me OOrnplotoly nf iieute oh-
larrli. wlileh liml I rmilili-il inn for years. I lie
lleve I Iiiivii Irleil every oilier remedy known
fur nil iirrli, hut lu oneli Inntutiee my eutnrrli ro-
t.uruotl- Il in now ,-onie llmo Kluee being cured
wilh Juiiiiuem.'t'litarrh euro, uud I hnvu nlnce
IhhiII free from every H) ni|ilnin uf tlio diHelWo,
1 oan hlirldy recommend thin romudy.' Prion
6D OOtlU, nil drill.;.i.:l i.
Kor ..iiln by J. 11 Vanstoao, Koluoa, II. C.
In thc matter of tlie Estate of William Thomas Head lei, late of the
town of .Salmo, British Coluinhln,
ilecensen, intestate.
Notice is lieretty given, pursuant to
the "Trustees and Executors' Act,"
that all creditors and others having
claims against the estate, of the said
William Thomas lloadlo- ������vlio died at
Nelson, 11. C, on the 17th day of
April, 1001, are required on or before
the Ullth day of August, Will, to send
by post prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned, solloltors for the administrator of the estate of thu said deceased nt Nelson, II, C.. their Christian
names nnd surnames, addresses and
descriptions, the full pnrticulnrs of
their claims, the statement of their
accounts,and the nature of the securities if nny, held hy tlmm.
And fuither take notice that after
such last mentioned date tho Administrator mill proceed to distribute the
assets of the said deceased among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which he
shall have than had notice, and that he
will not be liable for the said assets
or any part thereof, to any person or
persons of who~e claims notice shall
not hnve been recevod by him at the
time of such distribution.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this lstn day
of Julv, llau.
Solicitors fur   .Iannis    Lawrence,    administrator of tbe estate of  the said
iluccii-cil intestate.
1901 1901
The Store With
Right Prices
New Goods Arriving Every Day
When our new stock is complete we will have by far the FINEST DISPLAY OF FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS
ver shown to the public of Nelson.
Call and see our Rattan Chairs, Baby Carriages, Go  Carts,   Morris
Chairs, Verandah Chairs, etc.
;    J. G. BUNYAN & GO.
anil try a bottle, o dor.011, or a barrol ot
QALQARY BEER un It in the bout und
ciicuiicHt. on ilin ,,, ,,-kei. AIho try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     ami    OIQARS.
PRANK   A. TAMBI-YN. M_~__-_.
Till illume HI U��.er HI., NoIhou
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;    Reserve   Fund, .82,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over 805,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. OOX, President.      B. 8. WALKER, Oeneral Monagor.
London Office; 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New York OHlce; lA Exchange Place.
And 68 branches in Ciuiiulu nnd tho Unltoil Ht,ul,e . tnoludlng:
Atlin Grkknwood Nklson Sandon
CiiANiinooic        Kamlooi _ Nkw Wkbtminbtkr Vancouver
. kiinik Nanaimo Kobbland Victoria
YUKON DISTItlCT-DAWSOi. and Wiiitk Horsk.
UNITK1) 8TATK9���Nkw York, San Fhanoiboo, Bkattlk, Portland, SkaowaY,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Reoelvod and Interest Allowed.  Present Sate 8 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GBANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head ' office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Btraight Mortgage.
Apply to a. Ia. liENNOX, _ak�� St
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Nelson. R. Q. Nelson   Dailv Mi~e__, Saturoax August 17, 1901
end this letter to (leorge Phillips
both answer it ae quickly
.Nelson Officer in South Africa With
the   Constabulary.
Captain George S Ueer writes from
Belfort Kopje, near Petrcsburg, 60
miles from Uiomfontein.O.R.colony.as
follows to a friend in this city :
Hear Harry,-I've got a few minutes to spare you for a -hat. I'll Dot
sit on   your   counter this   time.    Ypu
can r
anil vou can
w possible. Well here I am for today
011ly, I had a very good trip ont.
We lost four men ln Ave days and
,v_rc on fire for a week, but thut's
all in the huslntss. We landed at
('line Town and were fired up country
in two taouis after
days' steady traveling
_ro_i.it ns to Hloe-nfontein. Only 600
of .wonine this far, the others,including tlie Kootenay and Nelson lads,
went another way and so I have lost
all track of them. I'll try and get
Smyth and Blaney in my troop later
on, Wc immediately left the train and
marched ten miles to our rest camp.
Wc camped there for two weeks waiting for saddles, eto., which did not
come and for that matter have not yet
arrived. Then we were ordered
south to this (Petersburg district) and
off w. marched. The ofllcers were
supplied with saddles and horses, 111
saddles lor 100 men and about two
horses. Well, we have beon marching
and building forts ever since and tomorrow we mareh again. I hear that
| at the next place we go to we stay
for a month or two and get our sad-
'��� dies, and so the men'are cheered up a
hit It is no fun, Harry, to see my
trooD "foot slogging" in boots, say
a No. 10 on a No. 7 foot. But you
con gamble that our mes aro furely
doing well. I suppose you would
wonder why we are moving about so
much. Well, we are not constables
yet, at any rate only in name, hut
are acting as Boldiers and working
with the British troops clearing the
country, lt is a diflieult task to drive
out tho lloers. Wo shell them one
day and clear them out, the n.xt day
tney can be seen sitting on an ant
heap (out of range) looking at us.
There i�� not much lighting; it's jnst
chasing. Sometimes they spit at us
and we bear the bullet sing, but your
humble servant does not approve of
being turned out of hod in tho oold
mornings at 4 a. m., and when there
is any firing I just go out and get the
men np and ariiied. Then if we are
not ordered on to some place till later
I tell the men to turn In armed and
I slide into my own tent and go to
sleep. The weather is beautiful,clear,
cuol days and cold nights, with occasional frosts. The oountry is like
our Oanadian prairies, only the hills
are more abrupt and roeky. Tell
George to remember me to the company and let me know how it is getting on. Extended ordor and firing
drill aro the only things to practice.
The war may he over at anytime and
may not be over for a year. Lord
Kitchener expects to catch 1000 Boers
por month (last month we got 3,040
all told) and he considers there are
20,000 Boers in the field, so there
yon are. Dewet and Delarey are
s.ueezed pretty hard some times hut
do nor get canght. I am in elegant
health and strength and so for have
not had mneh trouble to hold down
my job. I am gutting, as we all are
to be given, a war modal and a war
gratuity. Well, old man, write soon
and send me some papers. Yours to
a olnder. HEOROE S. BEEU,
Captain Mth Troop, S. A. 0.
i AIURI Qn_ra oatAlj or ratOVOO roWDi .
Highest Honors, World's FalP
Oold Medal, Midwinter Pair
Avoid linking Powders  containing
alum.   Thoy aro Injurious to health
as possible. Of course there aie difficulties tu contend with, but they are
not insuperable, though they may entail loss. The river is shifty, rising
ar.d falling in a very eriatie manner
in accordance with the waterfall In
the mounains and fool hills, ana under these circumstances deep dredging
meets with many interruptions, but
in years of low water, the earnings
should be large and steady. We congratulate the management on the
success met with. It has been clearly
demonstrated that profitable gold
dredging can be done on the river and
all doubts havo heen dispelled.
The newest and beet summer drink���
Nelson Opera
4   NIGHTS   4
Wednesday, Aug. 21
in high class Dramatic Productions
with   special   Scenery  and   Accessories   opening  with   the   powerful
pastoral Comedy Drama
"Was She to Blame?"
Popular Summer Prices
Only 25, 35 and 50 Cents-
The amusement loving community
could not have a more appropriate
entertainment to while away evenings than a visit to the Opera House
next week. The New York Theater
Company who come to us highly
recommended, will open their four
nights engagement Wednesday, Aug.
31, with the pastoial comedy, "Was
She to Blame?" a dramatization of
Bertha M. Clay's great novel, "A Bitter Atonement." The story has been
widely read in Europe and Amorica.
The clover playright in dramatizing
it has added a vein of comedy which
relieves that monotony which so often
occurs in the best of dramas. The
following complimentary notice is
from the taau Francisco Call: "For
purity andj. grandeur that 'Was She
to Blame' haB no equal. The comedy
is bright and sparkling, whioh causes
the most sober -ninded to burst into
laughter. A play never to be forgot-
ton j Bweethcarts, husbands and wives,
children, all should see It. A lesson
(with two hours solid amusement) to
old and young'"
Summer prioes only 25, 35 and 50
Seats now  on
aid's Fruit Store.
sale  at  Macdon-
Cooling  and   refreshing���Ironbrew.
Ladl-6  Tailor   Made   Suits   at  one
half regular prioe.        KEItK & CO.
Tho following are the scores
made at the Rifle range on Thursday
last. The extromely hot weath*r and
the dense smoke eombined arc the
causes for the low scores made:
200     500     000 Tot'l
Be [sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FUSE.not
something that looks   like   it.   Lawrence Hardware Co., Agents.
L. O. GREEN        F. 8. CLEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Bio 1.1 .Wel��n  B.0
Is    lame    or    intet feres
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral, Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Three Days of instruction. Interest
and Enjoyment.
Miner >1 Exhibit, Bucking Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse Raoes. The
best program ever seen in the country,
See poster's and circulars for further
particulars. Specially low return rail-
rates from all points.
A. W. M'VITTIE, Secretary.
N. E. T. CO.
Patenaude Bros.
& CO.
Cigars __,
��� Phone 117
'. '+********* **** **********
By kind permission of Capt.
if fine.
AdverllHeinunlH Inserted nnder tain head at
the rate of one cent a word ner Insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 26 cent~.
Situation Wanted advertisements Inserted
threo timos freo of charRe.
ROOMS TO RENT.���K. VV. C. lllock-
Two rooms en suite, on Ward st..
also rooms facing the west. On September 1, two single rooms and two
or three on suite facing Baker st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. _'.
J. Squire, Room 41, K.    VV. C. Block.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are i�� want of.
Vou'll set it
TO RENT.���Rooms and ollice in   Clement,   Hillycr block.    Apply to   the
Nelson Electric Tramway offices.
ROOM and board in   private   family.
Apply ou Siliea  street, second   door
west of Ward.
ROOM for   rent at
Silica street.
Mrs.   McBeath's,
NELSON Employment Agency, llaker
Btreet.    Phone 278.   J, H. Love.
WANTED.���Cook. Waitress. Waiter.
Railroad men for Lardo.   Two  men
to load lumber. Oirl for Housework.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WESTERN Canadian Employment
Office.    Phone   270.  II. A.    Prosser.
WANTED.���Railroad laoorers. Girls
for   housework.    Woman   to   Cook.
first-class Cook, out of town.
FBEK Milling liolil rro|MTil.�� Wc ure
anxInns to secure n Tew Tree milling gold
properties at onee. Thc Prospector's ~v
cbauge, Nelson, V. _, Boom 4, l_.-W.-C.
Band Car and extra leave
Stanley street corner at 7:40
p. m.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
<;ou�� sn.vi;iU'oi"i'Kit i,~.u>. Mine,   and
prospects wanted,  -end report and sam-
pies te the Prospector's  Kxrliiilisc. .Nelsou.
B.C.   Boom 4 _..��� W.-.. block.
NELSON I.ODQB   No. 23, A. V. Sc
meets second Wodnosday in
month.   Visiting brothern wolcomo
_!_. N. Al. CuiuuuiiH, Lessee���Kvory known
variety of soft drink.-. . o Hox Ss. Telephone
No. 31. Hoover aii-cut, Nelson. JUottlersot tbe
1.1111011K SU l��ou Hoi SpriiiKH Mineral Wator
CIANK Sc AIACDON/U.ll ill. .une, Jamo
) A. Mucdonaldf���Architect- aud supenn
tondoiiLs, Broken Hill .Block, corner ilakor and
Ward Stroeto, Nelson
HJ. KVANS & CO.���llaker Street, Nel
��� sou���VVholcule dealers in liquors, ci-
Kur . cement, lire brick and lire clay, water
pipe aud steel rails, uud general couilult-ion
Whuiosale aud retail dealers in grain,
hay, flour, food. Mills at Victoria, Now West
miustor; Edmonton, Alia. Elovators ou Cal*
gary and Edmonton Hallway. Manufacturers
ol the celubrated H. Sc K. brand cereals.
A MACDONALD it Co.-Corner Fron
��� and Hall btreets���Wholesalo grocur
uud jobbers iu blaukuts, gloves, mitts, boots
rubburs, luuckinuws and luiuurs' suudrios.
F  BURNS & Co.-Bakor Street, Nelson-
���   Wholesalo dealors in frosh and cured
moat-.   Cold Storage.
Baker Streot, Nelsou���Wholesale dea
ors in frosh aud cured meats.
Stroet, Nelson ��� Wholesale dsalais ln
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
���^BS___. L ��- ��- F- Kootonay Ixidgc
K Ib No. 10, moots ovory Monday night,
^���P*^ at their Hull, Kootenay street
Bojournin , Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
John A. MoRao, N.G. D. W, Rutherford, V.G
Fred J, Squire, Par. Sec.
Nelson Royal Arch Chtptor No. 123, G. R. C.
Meots thin". Wodnosday. Sojourning compun
ions invited. Genrgo Johnstono, 2. E. W.
Matthews, S. EL
A.   Carrie 32
H. A.   Langford. 24
.1.  Rae 21
Pte. E, .1. Boyce. .23
Pte R.J. Strachan.21
Lt. G.M.Phillips. .17
23 28 83
23 15 02
21 19 61
21 1(1 00
12 14 47
17 0        40
Shooting at the long ranges, 800,
900, and 1000 yards, will commence at
3 p. m. Saturday afternoon. Shooting nt these ranges will tano plaoe
every Saturday at 2 p. m.
Gold dredging on the Saskatchewan
Is an Industry that promises to bo
come a most important one. The
treatment of the gold-beurmf, black
sand so as to extract from It the precious metal which it is known to contain is pajing quantity, has long befell,
a difficulty with assayer. and mining
experts. There were many who hold
that it was a smelting proposition
and there are thoso who still adhere
to this view, but the results of work
of the dredges now in operation
show tho extraction of the gold yields
to the cyanide process now In use by
tho dredging companies, and settles
the course of treatment to bo adopted. Already a lnrge amount ot gold
haB been taken out, how much Is not
exactly known save to tho managor
of the works, hut several bricks of
great value have been Been at the Imperial hank and it is understood that
tbe weekly clean-up pays expenses
and glveB a satisfactory return on the
Investment, The fact having been
established that gold in paying
quantities can be taken from the
river bod, au industry hns heen created that is oapable of groat expansion
giving employment to many persons
and meaning the expenditure of a considerable payroll in tbe town. The
companies working on the river, de-
rl ling so much profit from throe
dredges, will probably not stop nt
that but in order to work their concession fully will augment thc mechanical force so as to realize   11s soon
"Our little daughter had almost
fatal attaok cf whooping cough and
bronchitis," writoB Mrs. W. K.
Haviland, of Artnonk, N. Y., "but,
when all other remedies failed, wo
saved her life with Dr. King's New
Discovery. Our nelco, who had Consumption In an advanced Btage, also
used this wonderful medicino and today she is pei'foetly well." Desperate
thruat and lung diseases yield to Dr.
King's New Discovery as to no other
inodiciue on earth. Infallible for
Coughs, and Colds, boo and $1.00 bottles guaranteed by Canada Drug &,
Book Co.   Trial bottles free.
harmful   ingredlentB   in���Iron-
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
Wo carry a comploto slock of Coast Flooring
Celling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and
Doors.   Spcolal order work will reooivo prompt
nl trillion-   Mull urdors solicited.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steumer, at the
rate of    	
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent,
D.  J.  YOUNG.
For Rainbow Trout
T. G. Procter's houseboat iB now for
rent by the day or week. Special rates
for family parties. FirBt-olaBs cook
and attendant in charge. Hates $2.50.
per dav. Parties can get oil boats
either going or returning from Nelson.
The boat for the next two weeks will
be stationed below the Briokyard,
nearly opposite Procter.
Firstclass fishi-ig.swimmingand boating. Apply to T. O. Procter, Baker
street, for further information.
\V. H. BROWN & CO.,   .    NELSON
Construction Work
Atlantio S.S, Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Line Australasian Aug. 17
Allan Line Hrotorlan... Auk. 24
Allan Lino Tunisian   _-ug ??,
Denver Lino I.ake Cliamplaln Au.. lu
Beaver Lino Lako Mogantlo  .... Aug. S3
From Portland, Me.
Dominion Lino Dominion  August 10
Dominion Line Cambroman Aug. 17
From Boston
Dominion Une New England  August 14
Dominion Line commonwealth Aug. a
From Now York
Whlto Star Line Ooltlc Aug. IS
White Star Line Majostio Aug, 14
White Stir Line Ocoanlo Aug. 21
Uunard Lino Campania fug. 10
Oniiard Lino Umbrla Aug. 17
American Lino St. Louis Aug. 14
Anchor Lino Anohoria Aug. 17
Frouoh Lino La Brotagso  ..Aug. 15
Hamburg Amorlcan Augusts Victoria Aug. 16
N. G. L. Kai'orin Maria TheroBla Aug. U
NKLSON UJDOK  1.0.25, K. ot P,
Simeets in K. of P. hall, Oddfollows blook
Hirst and 1 hire Tuesday evoning of e.ich
jluonl h at  8  o'clock.
'All visiting knights cordially  invite
Wm. Ikvinb, C.C.
A. T. I'amt, K. ot R. and ti.
Nelson Enoa pmont No. 7. Meets ovory 2nd
and 4th Friday of each mouth, lu Odd Follows
Hall, oorner Baiter and Kootonay streets.
Nelson. A. H. Clements, C. I'.; D. McArthiu
R. ti.   Visiting brothers always wolcm-i".
For turthor particulars apply to
City Passenger Agont, Nolson, B. C.
Oeneral S.S. *... na. C.P.R. OKI .H. Wlnnlnifc
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson *% Fort
Sheppard R'v,
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1002 moeta in Fraternity Hall on trst and third Friday evonlngs
of eaoh month at 8 Ycloclt. Visiting uieiubcr
cordially lnvltod. W. W. Bradley, W. IC.
A, Mlnty, R.8.	
NKLSON ABIUK No. 22, F. O. K��� meet*
every seoond and fourth Wednesdays of each
month. Visiting members cordially invll.
Charles Prosser. Rnnretary.
LACHLAN BH03. (Buccossors to Van
oouver Hardwtu-0 Co, Ltd.) Bakor Streot.
Nelson���wholesalo dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' uud tinsmiths' sup
paluts, oils and glsss; mechanics' tools.
Agents toi Ontario Powder VVorkB; lynamlle
rpUHNGIt, UKIOTON & Co.-Cornor Vornon
JL and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whdo
sale dealors Id liquors, oifiars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pubst Brewing Uo. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co 01 Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesale groceries
and liquors etc., Baker Street, Nulson.
OIH00 cornor Hall and Front Streets
Nolson���Lumber, celling, llooring, und overy
thing In wood for building purposes. Got out
prioes.   Correspondence solicited.
rp GALLON tr. CO.-Doaler,, ln oro
J. ��� and twines. Always a largo st.o
hand. Telephone 21)5. lloom 44. K.-W.-c
Kootenny Tent No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold thoir
regular mootlngs in Fraternity Hall, 1. O. O. K.
blook, on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of ouch
month. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to
attend. O. A. Brown, lt. K,| A. P. Purdy, Com.
R. J.Steol.D.S.C.
COUHT KOOTKNAY, I. O. F��� No. 31*.
Mootlngs Ith Thursilay of mouth. Fraternal
hall, J A Irving 0 R.   P. H. Flonilng. R.S
Nelson Court Star ol Kootenay, A. O. K.
Moots 2nd and Ith Wednesdays in every
month. Visiting brethren welcome. W. Mac
Mlllan, C.H.   Robert McLood, Sec.
1st and 3rd Wodnesday evenings of
oaoh month at Kiatcriilty hall,
corner of Baker and Kootonay
street-, Visiting brethorn cordially lnvltod.
Kdward MACLIOD, Secretary,
Red Mountain R'v.
Porto RicoLumber Co.,
HoadOfl_>o-l-."1r~tMid Voriwn ^t.   Nolson]Street, Nehoa, B  U.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Write for full particulars.
Will pay the highest oasb prioe for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oatperts,
-ooklng utensils, bought In household
qnanti'des. Also oast off clothing.
Oall und see me or write. Address
Silver   King   Mike,   Box  300.     Hall
Winnipeg One Fare Round
August 20th to 28th
On Account of Medical Association Convention.
Buffalo and Return
Good lor sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
9:00 a.m Spokane 7:3S p.m
I2:'_5p.m Kossland 4:10 p.m
10:10 n.m Nelson 8:0S p.n_.
H. A. JAOKSON, Q. P. __ T.A.
Spokane   Wiw~
Agent, Nelson, B. V.
H. & M. BIRD
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Mr. Hen Hodge's residence on Mill
street with four lots; five rooms down
stalrB, three bedrooms and lnrge
bathroom upstairs. Knrnaee just put
m���A well built and comfortable
home.   Terms ol payment   easy.
See also list of houses and lots for
sale and residences for rent at door of
our offices next to MoArthur's on Baker street.
Wlniliirmore Mines.   -orrMVondanotSollolUxl
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via St. Paul or Chicago.
I have a largo warehouse and am
prepared to store all kinds of goods.
lJroBaer's Second Hand Stole, Ward
J. 0. QWILLIM, B-, Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nel job. b. C
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Lmys'    Limit.
Good going August 6th, 20.
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
Kor pamphlets descriptive of Canadian Pacitlo tours and for Time Tab s,
l.BteB,   'lic-oU,  apply
H. L. Bhown,
City Passenger Ageut
J, H. Oaktkr,
Dis. X'ass. Agt.
E. J. (klYLK
A. (1. P. A.
Vancouvt Nblbon Daily Mij.j.1., lAftHUw, /.must ... xgoi
! I
________ 4
- ������"   ��� --(-_______jMfljj��rf^^.-riomMMir-^r- mi ii -HiiWifrri "mil
i i  i.i ramrntnTiwuoisiiifii-Ti-r. ���
. A touch of warm
H._v�� mOckS weather sug-
gest s Hammocks. Where can you find (.ore
comfort than in a Hammock?
Where can you find more square
met ol luxury lor so little money as
in the particular Hammocks we are
selling, tiood colorings, well made,
large and roomy, and above all
strong and good value.
Pianos to Rent at 87 per mouth.
The smoke at the head of the main
lake has now become so thisk that
navigation is becoming very difficult
between Kaslo and the Lardo,
Large supplies of csrts and grading material have been taken up this
meek by the Kokanee and International to the Lardo to be used on the
new line.
Owing to tho lake now being two
feet below the level of the lowest part
of the city wharf, the International
ties np at the end instead of at the
side of the wharf.
At Emmanuel church on Sunday
evening Uev. Mr. Munroe will preach
on "Christian Science." Special music
will be rendered hy the choir. Everybody will be welcomed.
A number ot new shelves have been
added at the Nelson Public Library
on which the nonunion statistical
blue books will bn arranged in order,
thus forming a reference series of
great value.
Tho vertical and threshing engines
lately belonging to the Ontario Powder works have been secured by A. J.
Malone, who brought them down to
thu city on a raft yesterday from Powder Point.
In thc case of Thurston vs. Weyl
the application uf tho defendant for a
commission to examine witnesses in
Paris wns granted yesterday, but the
plaintiff has appealed against the
Everybody is looking forward to
the coining of Sells & Oray's United
Shows next. Monday, with anticipa
tions of great pleasure, and there is
.sure to he a longested condition in
tho streets with the inflowing multi
tudes from outside points.
"The Wrong of War,'' is the sub
ject which will be discussed at the
regular meeting of the Socialise Ed
ucational Club, on Sunday afternoon
in tho Miners' Union Hall. The
meeting will commence at half past
threo (sharp) aud will be addressed
hy Mr. Oeo. Broadley. A freediM'
cussiou will follow.
Pastor Morgan will conduct the
services at the Haptist chnrch tomor
row. Ilis subject in the morning
will be "The Church's Need," and
in the evening "The World's Need."
The Sunday school will meet at
2.80 p. in. and the pastor's Bible class
at 3.15 p. m. Strangers and all persons who do not habitually attend
church are especially invited.
Rev. A. C. Crews, of Toronto, general secretary of Epworth Leagues
and Sunday schools for the Dominion,
will preach in the Methodist church
tomorrow morning and evening, and
will address a young people's rally
in the Opera House nt the eloso of
the regular evening services In tho
churches. Mr. Drews is returning
from thu gnat international E. L.
convention in San Prancisco where
Im wns a prominent speaker. The
mass meeting in the evening is held
under the direction of the locnl young
people's union representing all the
young people's societies in tho city.
Pew men in Canndii are niorn familiar
limn Mr. Crews with young people's
work nnd the evening inlly Is expected to he muting the largest ever
held   in the city.
Ooffee Agrees With Eome People, but not
With All.
"Coffee has caused my son in-law to
have DBUSea and pain in the stomach
and bowels. In my own case I nm
UDBble to dnnk ooffee without having
distress afterwards, and my sou
eleven years old. bus bail dyspepsia,
caused   by   drinking coffee.      Wc   all
abandoned tho    use ot ooffee some
months ago and have been    using   the
Postum Pood Coffee since.
Each and every one of us hnve been
entirely cured of our troubles and wc
are naturally great friends of Postum. I have tried several different
ways of ninking It, but there's no
way so good ns to follow thu directions properly! then wc have a delicious drink." Mrs. A. E. Monblo, 331
Lynn �����., Maiden, Mass.
The public and high school- will
roup.- Monday unless hew Instructions   are   received from Victoria.
Charles Ilillyer has received a contract for erecting a cottage at Kitch-
euei for W. 11. lilakeinore, who will
develop the big iron group for the
Montreal syndicate that purchased the
property this week.
Engine No. 003. which was taken
from the yards at Nelson two weeks
ago to go to Revelstoke for repairs,
has been despatched for Service on thu
Sandon branch and was placed on a
barge at Arrowhead for shipment lo
A meeting of the finance committee
of the city council was held last
evening. A slatement of arrears of
water and light accounts was laid before the committee and instructions
were given to compel payments both
for the past and curicnt year.
Another begging cripple ariived
from Sponane yesterday, hut before he
had gone the length of Baker street he
whs arreated and taken to the C.P. R
station and told to purchase a ticket
for Borne other point, which he did
and left shortly after for Slooan.
The sixth in the series of summer
concerts by the K. M. R. band will
he given tonight at 8 o'clock at the
oorner of Stanley and Raker streets,
The (eature of the programme wiil be
a cornet solo, entitled, "Ripling
Rills," by J. B. Pollard. As usual
Mr. Pollard will wuiid the baton
These concerts are to be continued
during September.
The Tramway Company officers are
nut kicking at the present spell of
hot weather. Every afternoon tbe
park is alivo with youngsters who,
io scanty attire, wade and splash
around the water and enjoy themselves
immensely. The older folks are en
joying the cool breezes snd shady
walks of the park and every evening
a large number of citizens tnke the
trolley to Nelson's popular lakeside
Considerable improvement in the appearance of the cemetery   grounds has
been made   possible hy the   action   ot
the civic   authorities   in   introducing
the city water system, putting a fence
round the premises, and gtading   and
fixing the walks.    Although thc   cera
etcry is quile a distance up the nioun
tain it   hns   many   visitors   who  ap
predate the action of  the   conncil   in
introaucing    the   city   water as it en
ables them to   koep the   plots in   bet
ter shape than formerly was   posslblo
aud in  a few years   the cemetery will
be one of   tho prettiest   spots   around
A Snap you seldom get. Ladies
Tailor Made Suits all this season s
styles, at one half tho regular price,
12,1.00 suits for 81_.611, 8-0.00 suits
for 810.00, 818.00 for 80.00, 816.00 for
87.60 and 810.00 for ,5.00, and $8.00
for 84.00. If yon want a suit do not
delay, prices good for five days only,
John McKane left yesterday for the
Lavina group.
D. W. Moore, ore buyer for the
Trail smelter, is at the Hume.
P. C. Niven, of tho Whitewater
mine, is stopping at thc Hume.
C. P. Hill, the prinsipal vendor of
the Kitchener iron properties to the
Montreal syndicate, left for Kitchener last nigbt.
Hi 3. Cambie, chief engineer of the
C. P. R., Pacific division, accompanied Mr. Marpole to the city. Miss Q,
Cambie Is also here.
J. Frank Collnm, of tbo Arlington
mine, Slocan, arrived in the city last
evening. He is accompanied by his
son and two daughteri.
.lames II. Sword, who has been In
thu city In connection with the Kilcli-
oner iron deal, left last night for
Montana on a business trip.
R. Kerr Houghton, agent for thu
Yorkshire (Hiarantee and Insurance
Coinpany, was at the Phair yesterday,
and leaves today for Vancouver.
Among those registered at the Silver King were: 1). .1. Ilill, Erie; R.
Nelson. Juno mine ; .1. Atlierton.Hric ;
II. Connelly, A. Sutherland, Kossland ;
C. 0. Foote, Toledo.
W. II. lllnkenioru, who has been In
Nelson for some time in connection
with the big Iron deal, left Inst night
for Kast Kootenny. Hi' was accompanied by Mrs. Hlnkcmore.
(luests at tbo Queens yesterday
were: 0. W. Duy, Phoenix; Miss
Hill, Kuslo; Mr. und Mrs. Sawyer,
Pilot Boy I Mrs. II. Y. Anilerson,
Trout Lake; J. M. Turner, Pilot Hay.
The guests at the Hume yesterday
were: K A. Harvey, J. 3, McKay,
Vancouver; J. P. Miller, Kaslo: V. 0.
Nlven, Whitewuter; II. fl. Nicholls
midwife, Ymir; II. 0, Van Houten,
Seattle; H. 0, Smith, Rochester, N
Y.; Charles llrecn, Toronto; W.J.
Thompson, Silverton; D. W. Moore,
Ysterday's arrivals nt the Phair
were: II. I!. Miller, Spokane; A,
W. Allen and wife, Kaslo; W.    S.    10.
Bernardo, Erie; u. W. Jaooby, Montreal | 0. K. Hope, J. McQuillan, J.
Carroll, Vancouver I U. S. Wood. London, Out.; R, Klrskouguto, Vaneun-
vers.l. K. Itushinill and son, Minnne-
apolis; U. V. White, T. It. Hobson,
Sandon; C, M. (.'rouse, Mtdwnvi J.
Mayhood, It. Marpole nnd son. Master
Charlsor., A. F. Arniislead, II. J.
Cai"hie, Miss IJ. Cambie, Vancouver,
H, J. Pratt. N. P. Townsend, Rossland;,!. P. CollutU, Alameda, Cal.;
Miss Nancy. Miss Cucilc, and Master
Kenneth Collnm, Alameda; W. U.
Scott and wife, ljuceu Bess mine.
Tho statement in Thursdays' Tribune as to the Payne trum at Sandon
being party burned was incorrect, as
the fire never reached it. When the
forost fire first threatened the tram
gangs of men were despatched to fight
the flameB, which they were success
ful in doing.
Rossland, Aug. 16. ���The Abe Lincoln mine on Deer Park mountain,
overlooking this city, will resume
operations at once. The pioperty has
a promising showing but has beeu
closed down for two years because 3f
a depleted treasury. This hns been
remedied and operations will be coin-
mencad with a view to demonstrating the merit of the proposition.
P. C. Niveu, of tbe Whitewater
mine, is stopping at the Hume. In
conversation with a Miner representative he _tated that prospects are
brightening consderably there. Sinne
the opening up of the Whitewater on
August 1st, the force has been gradually increased until there are new
fifty men working. The mill is now
running with a day shift. A fd_Pb of
men have also been started on the
Echo group. Since tbe closing
down of the mine some time ago there
has been no school at the Whitewater.
There are now a number of families
living there and a sulli"ient number of
children of school age, ana the parents are very anxious that the school
should be started again.
At the record office yesterday the
transfers were one-half share in the
Beaver claim from A. O. Mellander
to J. Holm, consideiation nominal;
a half share in tbe Vega, Balloon
Fractional and Oold Central, from
John Holm to A. Mellander, consideration nominal. Locations Touchstone at the head of Champion creek
hy David McKirby; Dandy, on the
southwest side of the north fork of
Salmon river by D. Denny, M.Collins,
J. Ilrean and VY. Flannigan. Certifi
cates of work were granted to Martha
Colins et al.on Standard, Fissure, and
Monitor; to Chris Creamer on Red
Seal; to John Holm, on tbe Vega,
Hal loon ii'raotional; to A. 0. Mellander on the Beaver and Ooid Central
Fractional; C. C. Ladd on Clarendon;
E. A. Rand on Red Seal; J. Fleutot,
on M. S.; and to N. B. Thomson, on
the Svlvia.
A circular has been forwarded to all
stockholders of the Brandon and
Guillen Crown Company announcing
the reorganization of the company
and the fact that stock may now oe
exchanged for certificates in the new
corporation, which will oe known
as the Golden Crown Mines, Limited.
The statement details the development at. the mine, which is claimed
to have oost about 800,000, and predicts that when the debts of the company are settled und arrangements
made foi continuous shipments the
property will pay its own way. The
increasing Bmelter facilities with the
consequent loilnoed iate for froight
and treatment are referred to as feat-
ores that will mateilally enhance
tho value of the company's shares.
Recent development work on the
Mountain Boy group of claims on the
south side of Poole creek has resulted
ln some discoveries of very rich tree-
milling gold ore. The group is situated in the same belt as the Eva
and Oyster groups In the Lardeau
district nuJ belongs to J. McGee and
W. Gerard. The propeity wns located nearly fonr years ago as a galena
moposltion and assessment work has
been done each yoar. The lodge was
a la'ge one but the ore was of such a
low grade that little hopo was entertained of the property proving to be of
any great value. The rsceut discoveries on the Eva and other adjoining
properties having shown that tho
claims couiprised in thu group were
in the free gold district the ledge waB
thoroughly prospected and stripped
for a considerable distance. This resulted Ir a ohute of extremely rich
gold ore being found in thu ledge that
had before been worked only for silver. The owners are naturally much
elated over the discovery.
Kooteaay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quickest route to the Oast and all
pointH on the O. u. & N. and Northern Pacific Railways in Washington, Oregon and
Southern SUUs.
Time Card Effective August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
8:3f) a. m. Lv.
1U:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 1:00 p. m.
Lv. i.i-j p. rn.
Iut Nav- & Trading Co.
Ni:i.S<.S-KASI,..   EOITK.
6:20 p. m. Lv. Nelson        Ar. 11:00 n. m.
9:10 p. no. Ar. Kaslo Lv. 7:(Kta. in.
Connecting at Five Mile Point with Nelson
4 Fort "heppard Railway both to and from
Rossland, etc.        ___
Steamer from NoIhou leaves K. R. & N.
wharf, Kh. In, H. C, 81. for Lardo on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:30 p. "'��� returning the name evening.
'ileketH wold to all parts in United State. and
Canada via Great Northern and O. R. _�� N.
Co.'n linen.
Ocean steam, hip tickets and rales via all
lines will be furnished on application.
For further particulars call on or address
Mnnnver. K��<rtn.B. C
G. K TACKAnuK..  Agent. Nelson, B. C.
Close connection East and West-
hound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Palls and Northern Railway,
aud at Bonner's Ferry witn Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Oo.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot, with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 8:00 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San J. rancisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at lJiiltil.li with
theiungiliiicentsteamships North-West
and North-Land ot theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agentof Spokane
Falls & Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kootei ui Railway & Navigation
Oo , or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'1 Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
SI_|_ou. R n
Certificates of Improvements
Venus nnd Saturn Fraction Mineral
Claims, situate iu the Nelson Mining
Division of West Kootenay District.
Where loented-Ou Morning Mountain.
TAKE NOTIOE that I, F. C. Green,
acting as agent for the Venus Gold
Mining Coinpany, Limited, Free Miner's Certilicate No.BM), t(i~, intend sixty
days from the date hereof, to npply to
the Mining Recorder for Cert ideates of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grams of the ubove
And further lake notioe that action,
nnder section i!7, must bo coinmcncid
before tbe issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dnted thiH _l)Lb day of .inly, A.D.
1901. F. C. GREEN.
Editor Miner,���I shall he niuoh
obliged by your Kindly stating in tho
Daily Miner that 1 have no personal or
financial interest in the deal transferring mineral claims in the Coat
River district to Eastern parties. My
connection in this matter wus merely
as representing my company and others
from whom my company Had taken
, bond.
Nelson, Aug. Ill 1801.
Made by Thorpe A Co.���Ironbrew.
Idines Examined and Reported On.
Mining Engineer.
Room 4. K.-W. 0. Illock,
N-IJION,   Bi   0.
A. R. BARROW, a. *. l on
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Oorner Victoria and Kootenay SU.
P.O. Box F- Telephone Na
Certificates of Improvements
Gold Standard Mineral Claim situnto
iu the Nelson Mining Division ot West
Kootenay District.
Where located���On Tond Mountain,
north east of Silver King Miue.
TAKE NOTICE that I, F. C. Green,
noting as agent for A. II. Kelly, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 1150451, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certilicate of I inproviiraeuts, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe
above claim.
Aud further take notice that action,
under section 117, must bo commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated thisSlth dny of Julv, A. D.
1001. F. O. QUEEN.
Certificate of Improvements
"Iron Silver and Silver Queen" Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division ol West Kootenay District.
Where loouted : Ou Craig Mountain,
near Crnigtowu.
Tnke notice lhat I, ,1. I). Anilerson,
l>. L. H., or Trail. B. 0��� agent for
George Davis, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B8-440, and .lohn H. Nolan, Free
Minci's Certificate No. H50M1, intend,
sixty days from the dato hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for n Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining n Orown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that notion,
under section '31, must he commenced
before the issuance of BUch Certificate
of Impi'iivi-melieii.
Dated this 18th day of .Inly, A. D.
1801. J. D. ANDEKSON.
Can be engaged for summer months for Excursions, Picnics, Lawn Socials or anything that requires music.
Wambold's Orchestra
For Balls, Part'es, Receptions, Banquets, etc. Kegiilnr
prices. All are members of Local No 114, A. F. of M.
Musical Protective Association. Apply to J. B. POLLARD, at E. J. Robie's Tailor Shop, Baker Street.
ty *%nv AtHlA/ *ro
rf /HAt-AOu     *4XlsU4-ti*J   ft*/ j
ty $Au/diUim/M ''
"Zhe 1Rov.al Bank of Cat .aba
Capital   ~itllM.rli.cl,
Incorporated 1869. ��
m:i,ii��i,iKHi.(Hi I Capital Paid-up,     ���   .    .     _>2~~~>,ooo.ih>
Rest,        .       .     ���       ...   ntl.Jwi.lilHl.iiu
(("���'"Board of Directors     rhomas E. Kenny, President;  Thomas Ritchie, Vice-Presldonl
WUoy Smith, H. G. Bauld, Hon. David MaoKoen.
llo.nl Office, Halifax 1
Oeneral Manager. Edson L. Pease, Montreal.	
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Hallfa-i.
Bran    en I
'ova    Scotia-Halifax    Branch,   ~,ntl~oni"l
Bridge water, Guysboro. ���__donderry, Lu
cnburg. Maitland (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port
Ha wkesbury, Sydney. Shubenaoadie.Truro,
New    RrmiH ~i~k ��� Bathurst,      Dorchester,
Fredoricton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle Sackvlllo, St, John,Woodstock-
; ebec���Montreal. (City Oflloe), Montreal
West Knd (Cor. Notre Dame and Solg-
neure Streets); Westmount (Cor. Greono
Avenue and St. Catharines Street,
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba* Went IndlM���Havana.
Hulled Maten-Now York (10 Hxchange Placo
Republic, Wash.
E. Island���Charlottetown. Sumuierside,
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,     ancenver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Canada-Merohants Bank of Canada.   Hoston-Natlonnl Shawmut Bank.  Chicago���flllnol.
Trust and Savings Bank.   Ban Francisco���First National Bank.   London,   Eng. - Bank  of
Scotland.   Paris, France���Credit Lyonnai..   Bermuda���Bank of Bernmda.   China and Ju-
nan���Hoiik Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Upokane--Old National Bank.
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Beugh
and Sold, Ld-Um- of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
��� NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. C,
1 Gold, Silver-Lead   and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE   MILLING   GOLD properties  wanted at once for Eastern
Parties  having  mining  property for   sale are   requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We  desire  to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors  and   mining  n-.en   are requested   to make  the  EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104.   P. O. Bon 700. NELSON, B. C.
Every housewife wha
takes delight in a
spick and span kitchen will Hnd what she
wuuts in our stock of
The shining quality
of the surface is indicative of the superior merit of the
goods through and
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to the 20th day of
August, U>()1, (or the purchase of the
stock in tiade of general merchandise, book debts, business and good
will of tho late William Thomas
Beadles, of Saimo, and Erie, B. C,
storekeeper. The property consists of
a two-storey frame building at Erie;
wilh a stock of general merchandise,
and a stock of geicral merchandise at
Intending purchasers may bid fo��
the whole   or either of the stocks.
Stock lists and  inventories   can   be
Been on application to James Banner-
man at Erie, B. C.
Dated this 18th day of July, 1901.
Solicitors for   JameB   Lawrence,   Administrator of the estate of William
Thomas Beadles.
Certificate of Improvements
"Kaffir" Mineral Claim, situate in
the Goat River Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where looated : On the Crow's Nest
Puss Railway, about 3 miles north of
I Take nrtice that I, J. D. Anderson,
P. L. 8.', of Trail, B. C, agent for W
J. Ledingham, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B. OmiS, intend, sixty dOys from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for tbe purpose ol obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above olaim.
And further take notice that action
under section 27, must he ooniineuciil
before the iseunuce of suoh Certilicate
of Improvements,
Dated this 23rd day of July, A. D.
lu0,l ... I). ANDERBON.
About that second hand article of
yours. Vou'll sell It if you'll adver
tl&e It in The Miner want oo><iniu
Custom House Broker and Employment
Office. Telephone 44. P. O. Box 582.
Stanley Street, Nelson, B�� O.


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