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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 8, 1901

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 Daily Edition No.   1136
Nklson,   British  Columbia, Sunday,  September f., 1901
Eleventh   Year
'resident McKinley Will Then
Roach  the  Critical
|..oridi.loii Yesterday As Sat-
ls.ac.ory as Could Be
1,'iillaln,   N. Y.. Snpt.   7.���President
klelviiiley'8    condition   is  extremely
���i".    The crisis will prohablv come
ii'illiin '.'4 hou 1 s.  While his physicians
���mill  out. hopo  and the   developments
[if   ihe   ilny   have heen somewhat en-
enraging, in that none   of the symp-
iims of blood poisoning,    which they
in muoh dread,  have   appeared, medi-
pal experieuee   with   similar   wounds
���Hikes terror into then hearts and they
llmlm their heads gloomily ijrbon they
���panic   of  tho   future.   Although the
Blinguished   patient's condition bas
lieeu   favorable   throughout   the   day
lliey do not desire to huoy the country
]i|i with false hopes.    Intlainmntion is
���.hat they fear and at tho first sign in
int direction the country  must  steel
Itself for the   awful   blow.      For   the
lime being   the bullet of the   assassin
vhieh is still in the body is a secondary   consideration,    for   while   it hus
lot been  abstracted   or   located   they
II agree that after   passing   through
lhe aiiiioiiieiial cavity antl penetrating
lhe waits of   the   stomach   pouch,   it
lodged   in.   the   fleshy   muscles of the
|ack   and   if   necessary   it   could   he
.sily located with the Hotongon rays
jinl extracted.    They agree   that it is
low of more importance that tiie Pres.
Bent should recover from the shock of
Be lirst operation   than   that the built should he   recovered.      Peritonitis
1 what they   dread   most   and   after
at septic poisoning and suppuration
' the wound.    The crucial point will
bine within IS hours, possibly soonei.
luli'ed one  of   the   attending   physiques snid today if uo sign of   inflam-
intion     appeared     before   tomorrow
light he would consider the clywces of
lltliuale    recovery   are   exceedingly
���ood.   Several uf his colleagues, how-
per, aro not so sanguine.
The    President   has     been   dosing
Irowslly   throughout   tho  major portion of the day.     Two physicians and
Iwo  trained nurses aro  constantly  at
lis bedside.      lie hns not,fully recov*
���red   from   the  effects   of   tho  ether
[��liieh was administered to him.    The
Icsult   is   that     although     perfectly
fntionnl    whon     conscious   he   doses
i)in~i of the timo.   Absolute quiet and
Ircciloiu   from   excitement the   pbysi-
linns regard   as   tho   great  essential
Point now and visitors are rigidly ex-
|luded.     Not  a   cabinet  officer,   not
oil Secretary Cortelyon   was allowed
the sick chamber today.
With   the   exception   of  physicians
attendants,    Mrs.   McKinley was
the  onlv   person   wlio    crossed     the
sliolil.    The Preqident ashed to see
nnil his physloians  did   not  have
|ln' lieiiit to refine his   request.     She
Im thme hut 11 few   minutes,   seated
r<- Ills bedside as he,in his devotion to
In Iicr illness, had so   often   done
rt hers,
��ln.   McKinley   has  been   warned |
|int to tn IU and the   President nnd his
vile exchanged only a few word., tut
lhe pressure of their  hands  iloubtle&s
���polio volumes.      It was only when he
P~.eil her to be bravo  for   both   their
���jukes  thnt   sho   faltered  and   almost
1'ii'iilin duwn.     With   choking   throat
jni'l liriinming eyes she promised with
���ion nf bo,, head.    Almost immediately
���tlinrcaftur she waa lead from tho room
I".v Ih'. Rixey.
Mrs, McKinley throughout this try-
|ii>B ordeal has shown remarkable for-
Ij'tiitln. she naa been mistress of
I'lsrsiilf and her sorrow and has heen
liiinst calm and self possessed, for
Jlliinughout it all the President has
I Men cooler than those ahout him.
When Dr. Rixey told Mrs. McKinley
jn> the extreme gravity of the ease she
I"nl not break down. On the con-
��� '"'ry, feeble as she is, grief seemed to
'I her stieogth and like a noble
I ""mum, she folt tbat sho must bear up
] for his sake.
The President has tauen no hourish-
>n<"iit since he wns Bhot. Water is
I Riven to him at intervals but no food
"f any kind as yet His physicians
H��y be has plenty of reserve strength
'"draw unon and for the present
neither nourishment nor aitilioial
���jtlinulaiits are necessary. Beyond
'"oiling after the wound no medicine
'""''''IU. digitalis has been given.
"IgUalla is administered to quiet his
pulse, which mounted this morning to
141). Hoth his respiration and toniner-
uturo, although they varied considerably during the day were considered
I satisfactory, lbs doctors issued live
bulletins between six this morning
and 0.80 p in. They showed an
absence of unfavorable conditions up
to 0,80 p. in. They were regarded us
very hopeful. The record of pulse
slu>wcil a wide variation dming the
day but any alarm occasioned on
that score was minimized hy a statement from Dr. Rixey that the President's pulse under the normal r-ondi-
tions wns inclined to be erratic and
that he was not unfavorably impressed by the circumstance. The physicians were not concerned as to the
patient's eondition. During iho forenoon and well into the afternoon it
held at 11):; degrees arrd then began to
increase slightly. At 8,4fl it was at
108 2 and three hours later it hud
risen to 103.5, but even at the hitter
point it was loohud upon as buing
quite satisfactory.
Vice President Roosevelt renehed
the Milburn resilience shortly after 1
o'clock today after travelling eontinu-
oulv since 7 o'clock last night, when
he left Burlington, Vt. He was
escorted from the station as far as
the Hotel Iroquois hy �� squadron of
mounted police. He expressed his
deep distress nt tlio tragedy but beyond that decided not to make any
statement. Ilo remained at thc residence ahout half an hour and then
went to the nearby home of Anslov
Wilson, whose guest ho will be during his stay.
By evening all the members of '.he
Cabinet except Secretary Hay nnd
Secretary Long had arrived. Both the
Secretary pf State and Secretary of
tbe Navy aro expected tomorrow.
Secretary Wilson and Secretary Boot
spent most of tbe day at the Milburn
residence. All the members of tho
Cabinet will remain here until the
result of the wounds is determined.
It is probable that after they all arrive a Cabinet meeting will he held.
Informally they have discussed todav
the possibility of Vice-President
Roosevelt being called upon to act as
chief executive during the disability
of the Piesident but all precedents are
against such course, w bile the President lives.
The scene about the Milburn house
nt midnight was cheerless. A blustering windstorm blew up during the
nigbt and with it drifted licht clouds
of fog. Tho temperature fell materially and the sentries wbo were on
duty hsd to rnuflle up to keep warm.
In addition to the regulars a .score of
police were also on guard but they
paced deserted Invite. A few shaded
lamps burned in tho Milburn home,
one marking the room where tbo
President lies. It was the opening of
the day named as the critical one for
the victim of the crnel tragedy and
the watchers were keenly alert for the
expected change.
Those in the sick room reported
that tho patient was still doing very
Leon Czolgosz, the self avowod
disciple of Emma Ooldman and the
radical anarchist leaders, who shot
President McKinlcv. insists that bo is
alone rcsponsiole for bis crime. lie
says that ho talked it over in advance
in a general way with hia friends but
that be ivnB not advised by tbem and
that there was no plot or conspiracy
to take the life of the President in
which any one else had a part. He
dcolined to furnish the names of the
men with whom he discussed the,
crime of Friday nut ihe police believe
they will' yet learn them and tlrat
when thoy do they wil I havo exposed
the anarchistic plot of whicli they aro
confident the prisoner was the iinal
agent of murder
Czolgosz submitted to six hours of
examination at tbe hands ofthe police
ollicials today and wns tired out when
they led him tack and locked him up
for the night.
The examination of the prisoner was
unsuccessful savo in so far as his own
individual fate is concerned, for
while be tells nothing that would implicate any ono eisn in his crime, he
went over the scene at the Temple of
Music when ho shot tne President
again and again Ho even went to
the extent of illustraing to the ollicers
the manner in whioh ho shot tho
President and told with pride how ho
decloved the President and his protectors with the bandaged hand that held
the revolver.
When ho was In ought before Superintendent Bull and District Attorney
Penny he was not disposed to talk
very freely, and when a question was
put to him he took ample time to do-
liberate. Later his tongue loosened
somewhat and by the close of the
afternoon ho talked more freely. His
admission tbat be had discussed tho
e.-ime with many friends wns finally
drawn from him but there he stopped
and would not be moved. Tbe police
say that when he comes to a true appreciation of his position, ho will
break itown and fully confess. Io addition to the examination to which
the prisoner was submitted, city and
federal detectives spent tho day in
scouring the citv for some trace oi
possible confederates. They did not
succeed in connecting him with any
of thc societes who make tbeir headquarters here.
The general theory now held by the
detectives is that a circle of Czolgosz's
assooiates plotted tho murder and
thnt he waB picked by lot or induced
by persuasion to finally carry out the
conspiracy. Ilis trail has beon taken
up at Cleveland and it in said that the
inquiry there will let in some valuable light as to his coinnanions nnd j
his fellow conspirators.   Tho prisoner
was kept secluded today nnd an a
result of a suggestion from Socretary
Of Wur Itoot, the police inquiry will
| be mado as secretly as possible. The
prisoner has not retained counsel and
when the subject was mentioned to
him today, he said that he did not
desire n lawyer to defend him.
Newspaper Man's Narrative of the
Buffalo, N. y., Sopt. 7.���On many
material points, and particularly the
utterances of the President after he
was shot, the witnesses of yesterday's
tragedy at tho Tempi? of Music fail
to agree. Tho acting of the tragedy
was very fast, and its commission was
followed by a scene of confusion in
which it was difficult either to see or
hear with accuracy,however close one
stood to the President and his assailant. It is now conceded that the
President did not say "May Hod forgive him," after he wan shot, and it
is agreed that his first audible speech
was a reference to his wife, "I trust
Mrs. McKinley will not be informed
of this; nt least I hope it will not be
A newspnper reporter who stood
just behind tht President when the
shooting occurred gave out the clearest accounts obtained tbis far. Ilo
said: I stood about two feet from
the President, saw Czolgosz aproneh
him. The latter had his right hand
drawn up close to his nreust and a
whito linen handkerchief wrapped
abont it, boie the appearance of bandage. He extended his left hand and
I am qnite sure the President thought
it wns injured for he leaned forward
nnd looked at him in a sympathetic
way. When duectly in front, of President Czolgosz threw his right hand
forward and IIred. I saw tho flash
and smoke followed by the report and
heard the second shot instantly.
John Parker, tho colored man, and
���Secret Agent Foster were upon Czolgosz and tney hore him to the Hcor.
Czolgosz, lying prostrate, still retained a hold on his revolver aud he
seemed to bo trying to get his arm
free to fire Again. The President did
not fall, he raised bis right hand and
felt his breast and seemed to be maintaining his uptight position only by
wonderful effort. I am sure he did
not speak at that moment. He gazed
fixedly at his assassin and with a look
which I cannot describe, but which I
shall never forget, in a moment
reeled back into the arms of Secretary
Cortollyou. C/.olgosz's revolver had
by that time been knocked from his
hand nnd some one had picked up the
hnndkerchief which lay at his feet.
Czolgosz was puked up. forced baok
and again knocked down. Mr. Cortelyon and Mr. Milburn supported the
President and led him to a chair. I
heard him ask that the news be kept
from his wife and a moment later,
when Secretary Cortelyon asked him
if he felt muoh pain he said, "This
wound hurts very much." He seemed
to be fairly easy as be rested in the
chair and somo of his fading color
came bock to bis face. lie i cached
his right hand inside of bis shirt and
when he withdrew it his fingcis were
tipped witn blood.
He paled again at tho sight of the
blood and.I think he fainted. Senor
Azpiroz, tlie Moxican Minister, broke
through the crowd and rushing up to
tho President cried, "My (Jod, Mr.
President, are you shot?" The Minis*
ter seemed annul to throw himself nt
the feet of the President and was
restrained. The President's answer
came very slowly and in a halting,
subdued voice. He said, "Yes, 1
belicvo I am "
The President's attention was attracted by the scuffle of the officers
who were dragging the would-be murderer away, but be did not speak. His
head rested on the arm of Mr. Mil-
burn and he seemed only partially
conscious. His courage was Birperb
and whilo he wns conscious he wns
the master of tho pain which he
suffered. When the ambulance arrivod
a stretcher was brought in, he started
forward and partially regained bis
feet unassisted.
I heard not a worn from the assailant or tho Preiident. Ilo was struck
down the moment he fired the shots
and if he Aid speak it was probably in
an exclaraattion at tbe very rough
treatment be was receiving.
Precautions Were Taken to Protect thc President.
Milburn Residence, Buffalo, N. Y.,
Sept. 7.���Secretary Wilson desires the
country to understand that overy possible precaution was taken to prevent
tbe awful tragedy yesterday. To an
Associated Press correspondent today,
he said:   "Last Thursday night when
the President witnessed the grand
i 11 mil i nnl ii in nf the Exposition I was
Impiesscd with the ease with which
some evil dlsoosed person might hnvu
crept np in tlie darkness between tho
Hashes of pyrotechnics, and have dorm
the President bodily barm, Seoretarv
Cortelyon was similarly impressed and
we talk*rd tbe matter over at great
length as we sat. on the bench watching tho display. 1 confess that much
of my pleasure was destroyed bv the
dread of what might have happened.
Wo i.poke of the reception at the Temple of Music which had been arranged
for the next day. We both agreed
that the danger which might exist
would he from Olganized Anarchists
or some demented person, hut tho
pos'iblity of just such a tragedy as
this occurring, we could not but.
admit. The only thing we realized
woiijd not do, wns to dissuade tho
President fron holding the reception
arrd with the memory of this conversation in his mind, Secretary Cortelyon
yesterday took special precautions.
Detectives, guards and soldiers were
employed,nothing that foresight could
imagine was omitted, and yet the
dastardly crime was committed.
While it wns warm, many peoplo
were mopping tbetr brows with their
handkerchiefs aud the detectives who
were watching vigilantly for a possible weapon in the band of a would-be
assassin hail no suspicion of what lay
concealed in what apparently was the
bantlaged hand of Czol_osz. All the
secret service bird been especially
cautioned. I desire to have this statement, made public, not only that the
people may understand that the ns-
saull cannot be attributed to carelessness, but ttltto in justice to Seeretary
Cortelyolt, who with a faithfulness
and hiypltv seldom parallelled, has
striven upon all oeaasions to safeguard the life of the President."
for 10 hours more we feel that he will
surely recover, 1 pertonnlly feel
quite hopelul.''
Buffalo, Sept. 7. ���Among the callers
nt the Milburn home tonight were
Viee-1'u'sident    Roosevelt,      Senator
I Fairbanks of Indiana, who arrived tonight from New York,Secretiny Until.
jSecretary Wilson, aud Postmaster-
General Smith, They left the house
shortly nften ten o'clock, leaving Seeretary Cortelvou with the President.
Secretary Cortelvou haa taken no rest
since the President was shot anil he
practically has been in charge of
affairs. He refuses to leave the side
of his wounded chief,
New York, Sept, 7. ���Mayor Van
Wyok today issued a proclamntion
calling upon the peoplo of New York
city to meet in the accustomed places
of worship tomorrow to join in prayer
for "Our suffering Piesident, and a
safe deliverance from his peril anda
speedy restoration to health and the
i discharge of the duties of his great
office." lie also sent a message of
sympathy to Mrs. McKinley.
Rome, Sept. 7.���The Pope hns
directed Cardinal Mnrtinelli, Papal
delegate to the United States, to express to the (Iovernment the feeling of
Indignation of His Holiness at the
attempted assassination of the President, and his earnest prayer for Mr.
McKinley's recovery. Thc press
strongly condemns the outrage and
demands the stringent suppression of
ami rebuts.
Buffalo, Sept. 7.���The President's
physicians issued the following bulletin at II a. in. : 'Thu President bus
passed a good night, temperature 102,
pulse 110, respiration 'ii.''
The following bulletin was issued
by the physicians at (i 01) p. m. t
"There is no change for the worse
since Inst bulletin, peine 1.10. temperature 10^. r, degrees, respiration 20.
8.80 p. in ��� Milburn Residence��� Secretary of Agriculture Wilson has been
abont the only oaller. Tbo Presidents condition is unchanged,
II.IS p. m.���Around the Milburn
home tonight the scene is very quiet.
Cilk-rs at the house nre remarkably
few and the silence is only broken by
the measured trend of the guards, antl
tha clicking of the telegraph instruments. In the house are gathered a
few friends of the President and the
Milburn family. Tbe reports tbat
come to the telegraph booth are all
of a reassuring nature,
11.20.���Drs. Uixey and Myntor are
to keep the night vigil at the bedside
of tne President and the other physicians have left the house. 'A very
close watch is being kept on the
patient, for, if there are to be unfavorable symptoms, they are expected
to manifest themselves in a lew hours.
At midnight it was stated that the
condition of the President was unchanged.
The following bulletin was issued
by the physicians nt 9.80 p. in.--Conditions continue much the same. The
President responds well to modion-
tion, pulse 132, temperature 102.5,
respiration 25. All temperature reported are taken in tho rectum. The
physicians in attendance wish to sav
that they aie too busily engaged to
replv to individual telegrams. (Sgd.)
P. M. Uixey, M. D., Mann, Boswell,
Parke, Myntor, E. Wasbin, (Ieo. K.
Cortelyou, secretary to the   President.
Scntaor Hunna returned to the Mil-
burn home nt 9.30 p. m. A report
conies from a reliable source that the
President's condition is quito satisfactory. If he carr sustain the same
meas'irse of strength for 21 hours
longer the outlook will be decidedly improved.
Chicago, 111., Sept. 7.���Chicag6
anarchists, in response to a call issued
three days ago, mot last night in a
saloon on West Chicago avenue and
discuss.id the attempted assassination
of President McKinley. The reason
for tho meeting conld not be learned
froi" those present. They made no
secret of the fact that tbey anticipated
something of wbtob they might talk
over. In the speeches mention of the
name of McKinley brought cheers of
condemnation and there were cheers
for the President's assailant.
Lnko P. Collerau, chief of detec'
tives, concerning the anarchists said :
"I found upon examination that they
have beeu in China, Switzerland.
France, England, Germany, Bohemia
and Russia. They claim they are
more ratlical than persons nnd spies
were. They believe in no ballot box
but in government by groups."
Chief O'Neil of tile police depart
ment received a telegram from Buffalo
giving but little foundation for the
belief that the plot originated in
Chicago. The text of the telegram is
as follows: "We have in custody
Leon Czolgosz, alias Fretl C. Nieman,
the Presidents assassin. Locate it
possible .1. L. EseoK, who is editor of
some socialistic paper."
Bulletin���Milburn Ho-ise, Buffalo,
Sept. 7.���Mr. Milburn camo from his
liouse at 10.40 nnd joined the newspaper men nt press hfiidqiiniteis.
He was iu good spirits and said that,
the last repoi t from the doctors was
very pleasing. "Everything is proceeding satisfactorily," he continued,
"If the patient runitrtains bis strength
New York, Sept. 7.���At the telephonic request of Secretary Cortelyon,
Thomas Edisrn shipped by the IS.30
Deleware Lachiiwnna & West Shore
train au X Ray apparatus to be used
to locate the bullet remaining in
President McKinley's hotly. The
trirn is due in Buffalo at 7 a. in, tomorrow. Dr Roll and several of Mr.
Edison's assistants are on the train.
New York, Sept 7. ��� Commodore
Kane, of the New York Yacht, Club,
gave out a statement tonight saying
that the races between Shamrock II
and Columbia will take nlace according to programme should President
McKinley recovei, In the other event,
they will be indefinitely postponed.
Chicago, 111 , Sept. 7.��� Tin on more
alleged Anarchists were arrested here
tbis afternoon. They were found in
the rear of 100 Newberry avenue, antl
were nt oneo taken into custody with
the nine arrested last night.
Activity   in     Mining    and     Smelter
Ornnd Forks, Sopt. 7.���At (ireenwood on tho 22nd of October, Chief
Justice MeColl will preside at the first
sitting of Ihe supreme court ever held
in the Boundary district.
Tho Hartford Mining Co., with a
capital of (900,000 has just heen Incorporated, It will operate the Hailford,
Hartford Fraction, Ranger, Naboli
Fraction, Golden Eagle Fmctiun, antl
Golden Crown Fraction, all of which
are situated iu Wellington onmp.
The provisional oirectors are, S II.
C. Minor, ,1. H. McKechnie, Granby,
(Juo. ; A. C. Fluinmerfelt, II. N.Ualer.
Orand Forks; A. L. White, II. Louson,
and W. A. Matley, Montreal.
Thus far about 118,000 have, boon
expended in development work. A
shaft 100 feet deep and a drift therefrom 125 feet long are all in ore on
the Hartford olaim, During the construction of the C. P. U. spin, the
graders uncovered a ledge of gold-
copper ore on the Hartford. It is unlikely thnt the treasury stock will be
offered to the public.
Ninety per cent, of the work of enlargement of the (Irnnby smelter to a
capacity of 1,1100 tons daily hns been
completed. Two    electric   cranes,
twenty and forty tons respectively, to
carry tho matte from the furnace
building to thu converter building
have arrived ami aro being installed.
Tlie machinists' strike at Chicago has
delayed tbe completion of tlie two additional furnaces.
John A. Keogh, formerly superintendent of the Spragott sawmill, bas
been appointed airent of Lequime &
Powers, of Midway, who are erecting
a mill here with a daily capacity ol
411,00(1 feet.
D. C. Corbin, of Spokane, has arranged to ship ore from his King
Solomon mine in Copper rump, to the
Granby smelter. The tonnage on the
dump is about 1,000 tons. His property, which is now being developed,
is   regaidnd   as   one   of   the   highest
grade propositions in the Boundary.
The steady shippers to the Granby
smelter rrow include the Phil Sheri-
den antl El Caliph, two reservation
properties; the Winnipeg mine, Wellington camp, nntl the Iron Mask, of
Knmloops,. The Winnipeg shipments
now average one carload a dav.
,1.    A.    Sullivan and Oeo.    Ilrolette.
of   this   city   have   been malohed   to
wrestle   catch   as   catch   Can   in   the
Music   hall heie on the 11th inst., for
In   wager   of  1100  a side.    (Ieo. Cum-
linings will net as malinger and master
'of ceremonies.
The Man   From   Over   the
Water Captures the
B!g Event
Towns Wins Sculling Supremacy of the World From
Hat Portage, Out., Sept. 7,���Towns
took the lend nt the start and wns
never in  dangoi.     Ik- Increased  his
lend gradually to the turn which he
made much quicker than Jake and
got around live lengths to the goorl
Towns took il easy un the rclum but
kept well in the lead Unishing two
and a hnlf lengths ahead, Time wa3
sloiv,  20:33,
Course was a little choppy. Gaudaur
took defeat in good style and wns
first to shako hands with the new
champion. Sullivan wns trying to
get all the bets he could at even
money ns soon as thu racw was started, but only got up $3,500. With
Towns well in the lead he offered 2 to
1 with no takers. Towns rowed u
beautiful race and after lirst in in nil
was looked upon as a winner.
The following bulletins were received during the race;
111.31) a. m, ��� Referee just going over
course. Uaeo expected to be pulled off
at 11.
10.55 a. m.���Men are now swinging
the boom nntl the judges' boat, is
goi ng over lhe course. There is a
light northwest wind blowing, tint
witter is quite smooth. There is a
large crowd gathering around the
11.15 a. m.���Judges' boat coining
down the course to bont house, nil
Steamers blowing whistles ami bells
ringinj.* in city. Race culled for 11.45
antl Gaudaur and Towns havo been
advised lo bo ready at that hour
11.80,���-Gaudaur has jus' left boat
house for trial spin amid great cheers.
11.35.*��� Towns is gelling into his
boat and starts out with great cheering from course. Thousands are
standing along the bank. The referee
is going out to starting point. The
men are now making for tlio stalling
Stake, Gaudaur bus the inside slake
which is the better position. Both
uow at the stakes and in readiness lo
11.45.���They're oil'. Towns in lend
by a length. (laudnnr gaining
lupidy. Now even. Towns now
slightly in tho lead. Both men rowing 33 strokes to the minute. At the
quarter as fur us can be made out
Towns has slight, lend. At the half
Towns is still lending. At three-
quarters Towns still in the lead. Men
now out of sight around the point of
Coney Island,
11.iiii.���Towns makes turn six
seetiiuis ahead of Guuduar. Men will
be in sight again  in few minutes.
12.10. ���The referee's boat has just
appeared. Towns wins by live
lengths. Time 30 initritt's,:io seconds.
Towns could have thme much better
if pushed. He passed winning post
Buffalo, Sept. 7. ���At the Pun-
American world's championship meet,
held iu the Stadium at the Exposition this afternoon, II. Arnold of
Union Settlement A. c., broke the
world's locord in the 410 yards hurdle
race, timo 5ii 1*5 seoofids, Kny W.
Ewry of tim New York A. ('., heat the
world's record of 5 feel a inches, by
titling the standing high jump of 5 feet
Gljj inches.
Hartford, Conn., Sept. 7.���Owing to
the lameness of Charlie Herr, the race
between i rcsceus. Itotulmn and
Charlie Hen, nt Readville mi Sept.
Ill, hns been declared olf and the
forfeits now in Mr. Jewett's hands
will bu paid. Mr. Lawson offers a
$30,010 purse, the proceeds to go to
charity, for a rooe between Cresceus
and The Abbott, to tnko placo at
Readville on September 10.
London, Sept. 7.���Lord Roberts sent
the following message today to II. S.
Ambassador Choate. "Please convey
to the President nntl Mrs. McKinley
on behalf of myself anil the British
army our profound regret at what has
o02urietl antl our earnest hone that the
President's valuable life may be
KING EDWARD anxious.
London, Sept. 7. ���U. S. Ainbassn-
dor Choate wired King Edward at
Copenhagen ns follows "l hnve been
touched by Your Majesty's kind ines-
snge of deepest Sympathy at the dastardly attempt upon the President's
life nnd will keep Your Majesty advised of his eondition. The latest
in fount ���, are favorable.'
l'l NitLBO-i Dailv Mines, Sunday. SfiPTEMBBR 8, 1901
The Nelson Miner
lllshetl   Kvery  Mornin.*: Kxcopt   Mondsy
ii illy, per month, by earrlor     UfiO
11 illy, per month, by mn.il     5"<-
11 Ily, per year, by Barrier $ 7 00
it.IIv, por your, by mull    5 00
u.ily, per year foreign   BOO
Weekly.per half year  $1 25
,V enkly, per your    - ,M'
Wookly, pur your, forelun    HOC
ubscriptloiiH Invariably In uilvutioo.
IIS Kloot Btroot, K. 0.
ntral  1-ronH Anoncy. Ltd., .Special A~cnt~
Alextiiuter & OO..0SI Kirxt. Avenue, Bpokone,
iVash., keep tills iinpor on file, ana are our
authorised agents for advertistAnonts and sub*
s, iripttons.
Southeast Kootenay is coming rap*
idly to the front of lato and a period
of aotilvty and prosperity is certainly
sotting in there. Contraots have
been let for the constiuction of most
1 of the British Columbia Southern rail
way and within tbo next few days
the will all have been let. Tho
work has been divided up into small
contracts 80 as to expedite construction and in a ^hort time several hun
tired men will be employed in construction. In anticipation of the
completion of the iuilway line thi'
Crow's Nest Coal Company is opening
up some new _*oal seams, putting in
additional machinery, building additional coke ovens, and it is certain
that before long the present uutpul
will be at least doubled and that tin
present force of Illinois and coke oven
tenders will be increaed from 000 to
1.S0O mon. It is obvious that the
completion of the British Columbia
Southern,which will give a short con
nection with the (Ireat Northern sys
tem, will open np a new aud enlarged
market for both coke and coul.
The owners of the Sullivan mine
have fully decided to build a smelter
nt MaryBville on Mark creek and this
will give the mine owners of East
Kootornay a nearby reduction plant
and do away with the long haul to
which the ores aro at present subjected and should prove an Important factor in the future of the section.
A. Uobo, tho representative of a
wealthy Montana syndicate, has bond
ed for 8100,0(11) a group of iron proper
ties on Bull creek. This following so
close in thc heelB of tbo purchased by
tho syndicate, headed by Sir William
Van Ilorno, of the group of iron
properties near Kitchener indicate
most clearly that capital is taking a
deep interest in iron deposits and
that ere long the making of iron and
steel will ne adoed to tho other Industries ot the province. At Kitchener
the work of developing the iron deposits is going ahead as rapidly as
possible in order to determine if the
quantity is sufficient to justify tho
erection of 11 large plant for the manufacture of iron und steel and the explorations so far indicate that the deposits are sullieiently largo for tho
purpose   which    tho   coinpany has   in
From thc Windermere country the
news is of an encouraging character.
The Paradise mine bas just completed
the shipment of 1,000 tons of ore to
the Trail smelter, and several iiupoi-
tant strikes of ore of a good grade
have been mado thero. When the section is given a railway there will be a
good tonnage of  ore  for it to handle,
It is evident that the time has turned and is on the Hood in the mining
section to tbe cast of us antl that
from now on it will prosper. It is
tine of the best mining sections of
i'ritish Col in bi a and was for a period
overlooked in the desire to invest in
eiiinps which for the time being were
booming, but now that ils merits are
being recognized it will ratlinly come
to the front.
King Edward has appointeed a commission to investigate Proiessor
Koch's theory in regard to tuberculosis. This is paying a very high compliment to the theory of the (ierninn
s dentist, but shows how important
anything is that w'll throw any light
on a disease which is more destructive
to human life thaD any other. Profes
sor Koch's holds that animal tuberculosis as it exists in cattle, for in
stance, cannot be transmitted tc human beings. It has generally been
held bv physicians that, milk from
COWS afflicted with tuberculosis wns
one of the main vehicles by which the
disease was spread.
It has been established that the dis-
ease is contagious,antl must be treated
ns such, and that it is easily curable
in the eariier stages.
The foundation of its modern treatment was laid when Professor Koch
discovered the bacillus tnbeicnlosis in
lssii. It wus found that expectorations of a patient during period
uf 04 hours contained billions of
ihe germs. They obtain entrance into
the system through inhalation and
the secretions of the nose destroy
them. If they pass the nostrils o' a
healthy person they are destroyed, but
the   great   danger   to  one constantly
A carload of this Famous Beer has just  been   received   anil
we are selling it to the Family Trade al
$2.50 per Dozen for Quarts.
$1.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered to Any  Part of the City.
Special and very favorable terms to the Trade.
Hudson's Bay Company.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
D. McArthur 8 Ci
J. G. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
's _?
Loca! Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Nelson Agent
Our Hardware
Tin.' hoolckoepcr tdkes
a trial balance; you
take u trial of onr
hardware, anil you'll
stay with us tho balance of your days and
tho balance will always ho in your favor
Hardware should be carefully selected, heeaiiso it is
not bought every week in the
year, and onoe a good article
is purchased you are doubly
breathing such perms, which is tlie
ease when ii the company of an
iiuliivilual suffering from the disease, is when the system is weakened
from some cause or other, as fatigue,
sickness or low vitality, the germs lind
lodgment in the system. Preventive
measures are, therefore, necessary and
the expectoration must lie disposed cf
Ho tlial it mav not infect others. The
laws that are now being put into
effect in tiie cities cf this Province
uguinst expectoration on the siilo-
wnllis and in public cuiiveyuuci.'s have
been found of service elsewhere in the
crusade that is being waged against
the disease.
In lii.'imany tbo life Insurance eoui-
panites have demonstrated that the
disease is curable iu its earlier stages.
Once one of their clients shows the
first symptoms of tho disease he is Immediately sent to a sanitarium for
treatment,. It is reported that sn per
cent of those tiouted iu saiiitai iuius
recover after an average of three
mouth's treatment. Pure aii is onu
of the chief Items in the treatment.
Now that the nature ami treatment of
tuberculosis are better understood
and that it is contagious is fully
known it can bo bettor luiud'oH, unit
in the future it should not be such a
scourge to mankiud as It has heen In
the past.
Canada, with a population of 6,338,-
���i.'i. us shown by   this year's   census,
lands ahead of .Scotland,  which numbers 4,471,0(17, Ireland,Wilh 1,4611,5411,
Sweden, 4,774,400,  Holland, 4,.111,415,
the Argentine Republic 4,086,402, and
Portugal, 1,31111,551,   to say nothing'of
Denmark, Norway and Switzerland,
Sometime BgO tho Canadian government applied to the imperial authorities for some nf the guns tn he located
in Canada that had been captured in
South Africa. A cable was recently
received which stated that a distribution uf gun's wonld be made but that
the war ollice was not, ready to ni-ilic
the distribution. When tho time come
it was assured that Canada would not
he forgotten.
Wu are not surprised to notiee in
some quarters a reaction against kin-'
dergarten teaching, says the Presbyterian Review. Like almost cvely
other good method, the kindergarten
has been abused. Enthusiasts have
sought to apply its principles whore
no good could result, and the method
has beon discredited. A little reaction will do good rather than harm.
Already the objections raised to the
methods of the kindgarten huve
brought out replies that indicate clearly the limitations that are supposed to
govern the application of these methods. For awakening interest, fur cultivating the powers of observation
and of elassiiioation, for training the
child to submit to discipline, and for
cultivating tbo social instinct, no
method will ho found better than the
kindergarten properly applied.
H. & M. BIRD
Mr. Hen Hodgv's residence on Mill
street with four lots; five rooms down
stairs, three bedrooms and large
bathroom upstairs. Furnace jnst put
in���A well built and comfortable
home'.    Terms of payment  easy.
Hoe also list of houses and lots for
sale and residences for rent at door of
our ollices next ta MoArthur's on linker street.
und try a boulo, a dos-on, or a barrol of
CALGARY BEER ��<" it iH iho i��-\ untl
ehoap-iHt, on lhe mnrkot. Alno try our
WINES,    LIQUOR&     and    CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M .n. ������_,
Tflkphono IW D^���rSL. N(-1hw.
I-octorsHui.l They Could Only Ol-u Him Temporary Relief. Clivrke'H Kola Compound
Cured Permanently.
H* D. Pitt Esq.. KaiuloupM. T\, C��� write:.:
"For thirty-five roan 1 h ive.ilmost eoiuLantiy
Milt'crnd from iisUima and dilllei'lt brealhlnK.
I spent a fori une on remedies-ami ilonLors.   AI
laai my dootor Bald I might nut Home temporary relief liul wo'dd always be troubled. Winn
Ami hearing of Clarke's Kola Compound 1
tried it, Tbe lirst boi Ilo dii nol ruliove minimi-, but aftm* taking font! hot'leu I waa eom-
pii-ieiy cured I can now broathe as frooly as
ever and aathmtt does not trouble mo in the
tenet." Chirkos Kola GonTpouud not only relieves but permanently oiiren aat-hma Hold
by all drof<tt~H _s or tbe Griffiths A, Maophorson
Co.. Uriiit.it], Toronto.
J''oi .-.ulc b> .1. >.'. Van .ton.-   Nt)'-)...). II. ( -
Come and See Oir
New   Arrival   if
9    Oak Center Tables,
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Selling Fast.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand al
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
9        Io mnltc room for our Fall stock of Carpets ami Rugs will go at   -W
_-S    Cost    To Clear,  Hahv Carriages and Go Carts, leHs than cost. 0,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn unds Poultry in Season
/_��.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
K.-W.-C   Block, .Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mail receive careful _*!*d P1"0"^1 attention-
P. BURNi? & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
The Delmonico has changed  hands
and in the future will be run strictly
up-to-date in every particulnr
Meals Served in First-Class
Style at all Hours.
We will keep in stock a variety that
cannot be excelled in the Kootenay.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors wesi
C.P.R   offices.
Il\ O. GKEKfif F. B. OliEMBNTIi
Civil Engineers and Pro   twlal Land
P. O. llox 115 N     1111, H.C.
-P-^C& ������������������������ ������"CS?'-!!-
Branch Markets in Rossland, Tri-1*. Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Tart*. Porks, New Denver **& Slocan City.
Order* by mail n> ���_>�� branch will have careful tfoa mmnat attention.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce t
With Which Is Amalgamated f
The Bank of British CoIun_~��ia- !
Paid up   Capital,   ,8,000,000.    RcHerve   Fund,   j*,000,000; I
Aggregate Resources Over $fi!>,()no,o(X).        , ,. I
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. S. WALKI.lt, ��Vor"' MannR-1"-   '
London Offlcei 6n Lombard Street, Ei. C. ���
New York Office; 16  Exchange Plate. j ���
And (18 branchos in (lan&dti and tho United Staten, tnolutl B'
ATLIN Grkknwood Nklson nStSHtvmi
CitANimnoK        KAMi.noi'H Nkw Wkstminstkb   ,~V���,,
Fkknir Nanaimo Kossland ���jWJTobi*
YUKON DISTRIOT-Dawson and Wiiitk Housk. .
UNIT HI) STATES���Nkw Yoiik, San Fiianoiboo, Skattlk, Port*
Savings Bank Department.
Di-lioeitu llecdvod and Inti-reBt Allowed.   Prosoilt Kate 3 l,r C8I,t
I Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
WA m^^^**Af^fA^A\^*mA^**jiaiA*A^^A0jr **lJP*^Vf ***X9"
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.   ^a" ;,nt' "e
convinced that the most complete <"oc't
is carried   by the
Having    been    appointed    iiiliuinl |
brol.or for the iilmvi! Company I will
offer shares for tlie next lil'teen 'lays.
These will undoubtedly advance as
rapidly as diil the Crow's Nest 1'uss
Coul Coinpany.
Kor further particulars and prospectus
apply  to
J. 0. BUNYAN & 60.
I __& 00.
I       MADDEN     BLOCK
j   Cigars- {
1   Tobacco    ���   ,
��� Phone 117 X ' . Money -�� lo"" on StraiRht Mortgane,
I I  Apply to 0. L. LBMNOX,   Bak-r   Bt
*********** ********* ****** Nelson.
We have the Largest and  Find1
Assortment in the city.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office Toronto,  ont.
Brewers of pineU-��9r
Beer and Pttee-
N���leo�� R �� Nelson   Daily Minbk, Sunday September ti, .qc\
John Bu'rtt Morgan.
i;i Tbo character of God������"perfectly good." Here again, as always, we
nra oonfna ed with the limitations
of human tnought and the Inadequacy
of human language. It is true lis has
li.'i'ii frequently pointed out, that
men's standards of goodness vary
widely and much diversity of opinion
i- manifested in their classifications
of character and conduct. Nevertheless there is a deep and general agreement as 10 what, constitutes "goodness" and tho word thus stands for a
definite, though varying ideal. Moreover it does not matter that this ideal
varies, since all re-ogni/.e that the
nature und existence of the thing
Itself is not measured or determined
hy the mental concept wb'iofc any in-
ilividual or individuals may havo of
ii. Realizing, therefore, the necessary variations of standard and confessing the int perfections of the highest thought, we may say that Hod
combines In His character the perfection of all that may he described us
(3) The relation of Hod to all other
iiNisteiico--''creates,sntains and orders
all." Nothing can bo more rational
than the relationship revealed by
Christianity as existing between God
and the universe. If Hod be Ood, Ilo
must he recognized as the originator
of all thiol's. How He creates is entire lv aside from the question. If
Ilis power is not and has not always
been, sufficient for the calling of all
things mto existence there must tlion
he another greater power, and He
peases to he tin Supreme. And hy the
binne necessity must lie sustain and
order all. Consonunt with these demands of reason, the sacred i-ioriptures
open with the masterly assumption,
���'In lhe beginning Ood," and the
eloslng seal is put upon divinf revelation while the unique and majestic
declaration; "i am the Alpha and the
Omega," sounds through the arches o.'
heaven and re-echoes du.vu the loug
corridor of the centuies.
|(l) The motive of Ood ���"holy
love." To uiifoltl the marvelous,
match loss, inexhaustible, Imperishable
and ''holy love" of Ood to mankind
may be said to he the peculiar glory
of the Christian religion. Imperfectly
sjen in nature and vaguely surmised
in human philosophy it remained foi
Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of Ood,
iu whom "dwelli'th nil the fulness of
the Godhead bodily," to put into tlie
Intelligible characters of concrete life
and activity the truth that -'God is
love." And yet how slew has been
the progress toward this supreme
truth 1 Anything hut an acceptance
of It! And" today men half and stum-
tile on the threshold of the kingdom of
God, failing to grasp the signiliennee
nf Oalrary or to discern amid ihe discordant clamors of "isn-.s" and
"ologies" the gospel call of love.
Won In they but listen to heaven's
message, "Peace on earth, good-will
toward men" would speedily become
the song1 of earth's as ut il as heaven's
choirs, 'Thy kingdom come, thy will
he done."
KERR ,t 00. nre sole selling agonts
of Knittolit Underwear in Nelsou.
Tin' Work Has Heen Divided Among
Several Contractors.
t'miiliiook, Sept. (I.���Contracts have
beon lei for tho construction of the
Hritish Columbia Southern road which
is to connect with tbo Great Northern
branch line north from Jennings,
Mont,, to the international boundary
aa follows:
Tho lirst six miles of the work has
been given to Twohey Bros., of
Spokane. They have the lirst work
on the British Columbia side of the
international line. It is all steam
shove] work, which will average 80,-
1)00 yards to the mile, and Burns *
Chapman have the next section.
From 101k river to Elko, a stretch of
abont six miles, is supposed to bave
liei'ii awarded to Poupore & McVeigh,
This is siyd to be the most docirablo
piece of work on the line and will aggregate 400,000 yards, it is principally wheel scraper work. The next
three miles bas been let to Grant A
Smith. It is steam shovel work and
will average about 80,000 yards to tho
���1. G. McLean, of Seattle, has the
next two and a half miles of roi k
work, and adjoining bis work W, C.
McLean, of Naifldn, has two miles of
rock vvjrk. Tho remaining two and
" half miles of rock work has been
l��t to Fobs A. McDonald, the Slocan
Hreckenridge & Lund , have live
mill's of the work adjoining that of
-osa .V Me.ollunld. The balance of
the work is now being looated und it
Is expected thut it will he in shape to
let within the next 10 days.
Recommended for its heal'hinI  qualities.    Sold by all  groctrs.
35 Cent Tin 12 Ounces.
Can be bad from any Wholesale Oro*
eers in Hritish Columbia.
existing between hard labor and capital and the fear that Judge Hanford
might issue an injunction against
talking Mr. Crow decided that there
would be no speeebmaliing���only
talking���and the atfair consequently
passed oft' without friction. Mr. Carter read a cable from Mr. Whitaker
Shaughnessy announcing the satisfae-
toiy settlement of the trackmen's
strike and it wa�� received with cheers
and applause. Muxey then told ine
sad story of his lite, which incluilod
his experience with the cigar makers
nf Nelson and sat down amid loud
applause, Oassidy who was breathing hard, during Maxey's recital,
remarked that anyone who attempted
a speech would he thrown down."
The menu was as follows:
Nelson Opera
Under direction of
Hal Reid's Greatest Play
A Beautiful Story of Old
It Was Tendered by Muxey Crow to
Ilis Friends.
kossland, Sept. T.���The l.ouis Blue
champagne lunch tendered by Count
Muxey Crow to a few of his friends ut
the Hotel Allan was the prinoipal
social event of tbe week aud the
pleasantest ullnir of the ulnd that bus
ocuurrcd since the mines closed down.
The ehuir was taken by John VI.
Jackson, the U. S. consular agent,
"���v 11 i I u Edwin Durant, of London,
dig., gracefully lilleil the vieo-ohair.
The guests were so numerous that
inch of space prevents telegraphing
ilium. Among the more piouiinent
were 1''. II. Cassidy, the popular mining mini from linker City; J. C. Carter, the trackmen's friend of tlie great
iron band which binds together the
Atlantic and I'lieiHc, and the people of
Canada; Hector MoKae,   president of
the Wide World Mining Company,
and many others,
Governor 0, II. Mackintosh sent In
legiets, suving that be could not come
owing to (lie faot that he was busy
answering cables.
Owing lu the strained iclafions now
A Romantic Melodrama combining
every element of pathos anil comedy
interpreted by a
Splendid Company of Players
Shredded Iviiddish with Pulnier Sauce
Minced Mine  Managers, Union   Stlye
Evening    World
Kossland   Miner
The Two Macs.
Thc toothpicks and shovels were
kindly supplied by the managers of
the Irou Mask. The music wils furnished by the Salvation Army band
and came in throng i an open window.
The Intest   in   American   Ready-to*
Wear Hats at KERR & CO.
A R3-Pound Dog Salmon Caught at
Six Mile Point on Thursday.
At the big blulV at Six-Mile Point on
Thursday, T. Whealdon, who fishes
for the market, caught a dog salmon
which weighed 58 pounds, measured
four feet 3j. inches in length, and
two feet Hrjuud the girth. It is tho
biggest lish ever caught in Kootenay
Lake as far as known and is now on
exhibition in tlie window of the Athabasca saloon.
Whealdon wits fishing from a boat
with a Ily and was landing a pound
fish in tiie shallow ��� water near the
shore when the giant salmon appeared. He struck it with nn our nnd the
oar broke. Whealdon jumped into tho
water and in some peculiar way
caught the oar in the gills nnd so
pushed the fish ashore.
Automobile   Coats on   display Monday at KERR & CO.'S.
"Roanoke" is tbe name of Hal
Reid's greatest dramatic effort. Perhaps Mr. Reid bas written more and
better plays in tbe past ten veins than
any other American author, and
''Roanoke" is conceded to be his
masterpiece. "Human Hearts,1.' "A
Night Before Christmns," "A Homespun Uenrt," are all from his prolille
pen. "Roanoke" is a play of southern lifo, us its name implies, and tbat
beautiful southern atmosphere of love
and devotion are dopicted in a masterful manner. The company which will
present this beautiful play at the
Nelson Opera House on Monday night,
is un excellent one. Each artist being
selected for his or her speciul fitness
fur the characters. The scenery and
offeets are said to he very beautiful.
The company is under the management of R. E. French who ii an old
favorite in Nelson. They only remain in Nolson ono night and make
the long jump from Hpokune to play
Nelson and Rossland one   nigbt each.
Seats wero placed on sale yesterday
und the indications nre thut tbey will
oe greeted by a full liouse.
M. M. Austin, n civil wur vet.ernn,
of Winchester, Ind., writes: My
wife wus siok u long time in spite of
good doctor's treatment, but was
wholiv curod by Dr. King's New
Life Pills, which worked wonders for
her health." Tbey always do. Try
them. Only 2!ie at Canada Drug &
Rook Co.
The most miserablo boings ln tbo
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. Moie
than seventy-five per cent, of lhe people in the United States aro afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such us Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual Costlveness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heurt-burn.
Wuterbrasb, Gnawing and linrning
Pains at the Pit of the Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue arid Disagreeable Taste in the Mouth Coming
up of Food after Eating. Low .Spirits,
etc. (lo to your Druggist und get a
bottle of August Flower for 7fi cents.
Two doses will relieve you. Try it.
Gat Green's Prize Almnnnc.
Seats at McDonald's.
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
H. r!��UAMR0N; Apnt
Baker Street.
If yon don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
beoause you   ever tasted il.
lest Transfer Co.
Goal w Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac   A1J
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Oflice on  Baker Street Tel. 311
OABS.-M-bALS a la 0ABTE*
Close connection Kast and Went*
bound at Spokane with trains of tbe
Spokane Falls nuil Northern Railway,
nud nl Bonner's ferry witn Kootenay
Railway Sr. Navigation Oo.
Direct connection ut .St. Paul without change of depot, with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and nil points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily forjEaat at'9:lb a.m
Leaven Spokane daily lor West at 7:15 a.m
Leaven Spokane daily tor WeBt at 11:00 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on tbe Sound,
Dining tlie season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Dululli with
themagnilicent steamships North West
andNoiih-Land of tlieNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Kail-
For fuither information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any AgentofSpokane
Fulls Sc Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kootei oi Railway Sc Navigation
Co , or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'l Agent,
Spokane, vVash.
G. K. TAOKA-.URY, Local Agent,
Nelson. II (1
Patenaude Bros.
N. E. T. CO.
20  Minute   Service
I Ail vt'ii i-,'uioiii - Ins, ,ri ml undor UiIk head al
tho rale of ono cenl a word por liinerMoD. No
nilvorllHomonlj Ukon for lo*w Lhnii 115 nonts.
Situation Wanted advortlrtominit- Inserted
threo linie- frco of charuro.
FOU SALK.--Corner Hall ami llli-
servatory streets, three Iota and
Rungalow, ereoted less tluin a year
ago. House bus drawing room, din-
ing room, nail, two brick lire places,
three bedrooms, a large bathroom,
kitchen, collar, outhouse, wiile verandah two sides of house, wutei,
sewer and electric light, veiv complete, view unexcelled, very comfortable home for small family, To he
sold with or without furniture at
onee. Owner leaving Nelson. Apply
on premises or to Messrs. II. Sc M
Bird, Halter Btreet.
Cars leave top ot Stanley street and
the Pnrk at the hour, twenty past
and twenty to.
Late Car 10:40 each End.
The Company bave many good
building lots for sale.
Apply at the Ollice; on Vernon
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Moucreftl
Allan Lino TuniHian  Aug. 80
Allan  liino Numidlan Sept.  <
Heaver Line Lttko Superior Aim; 80
I.eaver Line Lako Simcoe   .....Sopt.  t��
Franco-Canadian Lin*_(.art.. Castle.*..Au��, 80
Franco-Canadian Lino Wasaau Hope. 17
Krom Portland, Me.
Dominion Lino Vancouver Sopt,  7
Dominion Lino  Dominion Bopt. 14
From Now York
Whito Star Lino Teutoni-  Aug. 28
Whito tit. ir Line Urn-manic   Bopt,   4
Cunard Lino Ktruria A��K 31
Cunard Lino  Hor. la Sept 8
Amorioaii Lino Bt. PftUl Aug. IM
American Lino  St. Louis Bopb   1
French Lino L'Ai.uiiahte Aug.89
French Lino La Champagne Sept.  ft
N.U.L. Kai orlt- Maria Thuiu-da K<i-t. 10
Anchor Line City of Kumo Sept.  7
Hamburg Amur lean Doutsbhlahd Sept,, ft
For further particulars apply to
City PaaHOiigor A���out, Neluon, H. C.
General S.S. \.o*iti. O.P.R, om-in. V. Inul n�� k
Uo  sure and get tiie genuine   BEN
something that loolis   lilte   it.      a
renco Hardware Go., Agents.
Are you in want'.' If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are in want of
You'll  L'et  it.
_��)(_* MS TO BENT.���K. W. 0. MooU-
a Two rooms en suite, ou Ward st.,
also rooniH facing the west, on September 1, two single rooms and two
or three en suite facing Baker st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. V.
3. Squire, Koom 41, K.    IV. C.  Block.
BOOM and board in   private   family.
Apply ou Siliea  street, second   door
west of Ward.
KOOM for   rent at
Silica street.
Mrs.   Melieath's,
l'KIVATK SALE of contents of
drawing room and two bed rooms,
property of Mrs. Horace Hume, Hume
Hotel, will be sold by private sale
this week. Articles ma}' be seen at
any time.
PRESSMAN desires situation.    Newspaper or   job   woik.      "Pressman,"
Miner Otlice.
WANTED.*���Young     man    to     drive
grocery     wagon.       Must   be   well
acq ua iu led with eity.      None but lirst
class men need apply.     Hox 1117   eily.
N 1*1 I.HON Employment Agency,  llaker
street,    l'hone 21H.    3. H. Love.
WANTED,���Cook.      Laborers.    Railroad men.    Men for   station   woik.
Bell   boy.        Waitresses.      tiirls     for
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED*--Waitress, for ot town, .3d
a month; girl for housework, 1(211 a
month ; three men for cutting roads,
$3.lit) a day; one man for baying;
dishwasher. Western Canadian Employment Ollice. II. A. Prosser.
l'hone 870.
Storage���I have a large warehouse
for storing household or other
i til... .mill--'*. ..olil Propertied���We are
iinvl'.HH in ���enure a Tew Tree iiiIIIIiik K��l.l
|iru|M'i-tlt's at Oltee. Tlie PriiKpeetur'H Ex-
ehhnkei Nelson, It. .;, Huiinl 4, li ~.��.
<;<��i,I)hii.h;k <orri:it l~ai>-_<Iim'.   ami
lii'iisjH'i'ls wanted, seml report mid nam*
I>1��". lo l lir rrOHiici'lor'h Excitant*;.*. Nelson,
B.C,   Koom I K. W.'*C. block.
Is    lame    or    intei feres
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop.  Jo
sephine Street;
J* 0. GWILLIM, B*.  Sc*,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C.
mining districts.
Baker Street
Nelson. B. r
Will pay the highest oanh prioe for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will bny
or soil anything from an anchor to a
needle, furniture, stoves, .imports,
miking utensils, bought In household
.pnintities. Also east, off clothing,
Dull and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box .00. Hall
Ss'eet, N��l_on.  H  fl.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Hank of 1$. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
-1-.    N. iu. Cuuiniuie, Iaumo���liven kuowu
v.n-ioiy of soft, UriuKH.   r o iux so.   luiuiiuun
No. ;n. liuuvei- Btreet, Nolnuu,   bottlerBui me
laiuoiiH si. r,Uun ii���i ~i���,���K��� Muicttki Water
ClANK ec AIAOAJNAUl ill. Uuno, Jiuuu
/   A. iVluuiluiitilill- ArciulueLn uua ouuoriu
lUlldOIILN, UlUKOU Hill llluCK, CUrilUl' 15U.KUI  Ulld
H Hill b~*(*l*U. .\UlnUll
HJ. KVANS ic UO.���Jluker Sl~~!t, .Nul
��� noii~vv imlaaaiu ueUituij in nquoni, el*
K_r��, uemout, lira oriole and (Ira ci<ij, water
lnpo uud (.Lcul railh, uml K_-~--Ul OOWlUuauun
AMAUDONALD & (Jl..-Corner Fiou
��� aud if..11 bLroetri���v\ holttMuiu groour
una jobbers in UlunkuU.. kIuvuo, nmu, Ikm. la
niut-ur.., umukiiiHWh una tumult. _H.m_,i_tm.
13   BUilNti it Co.���Hukur tit-root.  Nulson���
. ���   w noiuKuiu dtwilorti in frtMb and cured
JlJt-ilL...     Culll SUjl-W.
JJulfur tiU'UUt, Nelson-Wliuiui-iivlu dun
urn m fru.in and uorud mauttf.
Btroot, Nulsim ��� VVlionisilu (lDtttatH in
liurilwuru, Uliaort)1 .suppliUf, Upurtllltf KOOdri
M'LACHLAN  BROS. (SdoucHMorH  t��  Van
0OUV0C HurUwurt:(.'o, Ltd.) J hi Lor dLruot*
NeWon��� w hoioHuio doulur__ in  fturuwuro ami
ininiiiK Hiipphurt, plumhuri.' und UunuiiUim' hup
-Ll painbs, ull. iiiid kiuhk; ntooJlauu���l., loom
AKontH foi OnUrio 1'oWdor Workn; IfaaallU)
'pURNKK. HEETON & tlo.-Conior Vornon
JL und Johupliiuo titrootSi NoIkoii��� \Vli_-lo
uaiq (louiorn in jiiidor.s, cigar?; and dry koikbi,
AKOiiU for  i'libnt  liiowiny Co. of   Milwaukee
uud Calgary Jirowliig-Gu ui Calgaiy.
UDSON'ti UAY Co.-Wholoi.iilo grucunu^
and liquorri ulc, liukor cilrom., iNuisou.
i.1 iiiiu'i: corner Hnll and (Trout (Streets
Nuiison���Lumiior, ooiling, flooring) und ovory
LluiiK in wood for buildup puri/OcHM. Uot oui
pricui..   UorroflpondenOti Bolioiloa,
lumd. TelephoneH\M
GALLON ft CO.-Doalera in ore RackR
Lwaya a largo hUx
Loom II. K.-W.-C   Itlui I.
About Hint MM'iiiiil liiiml artiolo ol
yours. Vou'll Hell It if you'll advertise it in Tin' Minor wunt ealuma
Lipr Dptnt
A VtJry I'llII line of these, incluil-
iny several reserved brands on
hand* Shipments for Kootenay
are made from Victoria.
Adilil imih to our stnelis an* being
(lontiniuiusly ri'uuivml Ijy Hiiilini, vos-
scln viu (_iiu Horn.
A stm'k of tliosti embraoing the leading brands, is carried ut Nulson,
thereby enabling ijuloli delivery to
Knull'imy buyers,
Carried in Btoek In Nelson.
Tin' undersigned will receive tenders up to iiiiuii of Wednesday, Sept.
istb, 100! for ii quantity of saw lojrs
(estimated to out Into'about 600,000
foot nf lumber) lying in nnd <m the
short' of Granby smelter Lake, southwest Ann, nt'iir the site of Spraggett'a
saw mill recently destroyed by Are,
about two miles from Orand Forks.
There is a lirst class opening hern
for a t. mil saw-mill man. it is understood Hint the ilrunb.v Smelter Co, desire to lease tlie premises anil may as-
clst to rebuild, if a good tenant is se-
Terms foi saw I u/s, easli. No trailer necessarily accepted,
Kor further particulars enquire of
the Eastern Townships Bank,  Grand
Forks, or of
t'U.MI.N'!' ~ SPENCE,
B.'iiristnrs, etc., Grand    Forks,
tees for parties Interested,
Grand Porks, Aug. :.'7tii, tool
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
t6g NliLSON  B C
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Koule, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via St. Paul or Chicago.
COMPANY, Limited.
R. P. Rithet & Co*, Limited
P,  O. Hox 521
Notiee is hereby (jivim that nn extra*
ordinary general meeting of the above
oamed company will be held at thu
registered office of the  Uotnpaiiy on
Baker street in the City of Nelson.
Hritish Columbia, on Montlay.tho HBrd
dav of September,   A. lb, 1001, nt the
hour of eleven o'elm'li in the forenoon for the *.inrpose of eonsiilerinir.
nnd if thought lit,pnsslTJi- a resolution
anthbri-ing .tiie diieotors to mis" the
Mini of one hundred thousand pounds
(��100,000) by the Issue of mortgage
iiomls, or debentures, or otbei wise, In
hiicIi person or persons, company or
corporation, and upon suoh terms nud
conditions as to tbo directors may
siiinii mi'i't.    Ity order,
JOHN riUSI.1.,
Ni'lsmi, Oth September, 1001.
buffalo, mm
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going Sept* 3rcl, 171I1
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg, to Toronto; Ar-
rowhead to Vancouver.
For paiiiphli'lB descriptive of dim-
ailiiin PttoltiO tours and for Time Tub h
Kates,  Tickets,   apply
II. L. H1111WN,
City Passenger AK""t
,1. H. O.MlTKIt, B, J. dllVl.K
Dis. 1'iiflii. Agt. A. (). P, A.
Nelson. Vancouver
if there is anything you require,ask
(or   it   ill     li-  auluuiu   of the Miner.
tllM-,1: KltOKKK, KOTtllW fl'MIIC
Wtiidonnnro Mliiw.   OoRWVOndtteBBolloiU
.   I Nklson Daily Miner Sun.) .y. 5iirrEMnER 3, igdi
This cut il
hist rates
the simple
way which
this popular
pen is Qlled
with ink :
no unscrewing of the
pen section,
no inky fingers, ami always an even.
regular How cf ink. Made in all
grades of points���line, medium,broad,
i',,arse. Absolutely guaranteed. S:', to
t*'",. Money hack if not satisfied.
Mrangers are welcome to look through
nur store, and your welcome is not
dependent on a purchase.
Rev. J. M.    Rohinwn. of   Rosslanti,
will preach at the Presbyterian church
this morning, and Rer. "li. (',. McBetfa  'felling tiees  or otherwise trespassio
in the evening.  At the Baptist church
a perpetual   Injunction   is grant'.'ti restraining tDc defendant Ludgate from
on said lands, to   which   plaintiff   is
Kev. 1!. (i.  Mclieth wiil preach in the   called to immediate possession,
morning and Dr. Wright in tho   even-]     The   salmon   pack   is   as   follow
I'ianos to Bent at ST per month.
At the Methodist chinch S. J
Thompson will take the service both
morning and evening.
At the evening session of the Chris*
tian Endeavorcrs tbe following message was received from Ur. V. E.
Clark, the father of the Endeaovr
movement, in answer to the message
of sympathy sent regarding President
McKinley: "Sympathetic message
gratefully received, and forwarded
to Mrs. McKinley. My affectionate
heaity sympathy and greeting to convention.' '
Everything   from   a minature to a
life   sized   enlargement   at the Cjuean
O VW*V��VV-V-��WW>V.'--V/V^*>**,��
Rov. Ii. 0. MacBeth   of Vancouver
'������ill preach at the Haptist Church this
morning and the sune pulpit will be
oceppied by Dr. Wright in the evou-
ing.    Public cordially welcome.
Tho regular weekly practice of the
lire brigade was held yesterday morning to the corner of Ward and Vernon
slieetH. Very good time was made by
tho brigade in responding  lo the call.
In the heavy easterly gale that was
blowing yesterday, tho yacht Myth
dragged her moorings from -Iain's
hoatnouse to the foot of .Stanley street
lortunately missing the ice house
The Seventh Duy Adventist ir_spel
meetings which have been held in the
toot at the corner of llendryx and
Haker streets have been discontinued
on account of tbi' cold weather until
Wednesday evening next.
An afternoon meeting for children
will be held at the Opera House this
afternoon at which an illustrated address will be delivered by the Rev, S.
.1. Thompson of Kaslo. The members
of the C. l'l. convention hone to make
this one of the most interesting nicotines held, and cordially invito all
ciiildien to attend.
Although it was blowing hard on
the arm of Kootenay Lake ne<ir Nel-
H m all day yesterday, on the main
lake it was compartively calm, only a
lair breo/.u blowing. At Nelson, beside the Hoat club regatta, and the
excursion for the Christian Endeavor
delegates several otber excursions
which had been planned for the day
bad to be abandoned, as it was quite
unsafe for launches and small craft to
venture out.
The chief architect at Ottawa yestorday notilied Mr. Macdonald, the
architect superintending the construction of the post ollice building, that
the plans and speciBostions for the
building must be strictly adhered to
by the contractors without any deviation. When these instructions were
received by Mr. Ma'donald he served
a copy nf the telegram on the foreman
and ordered him to shut down the
work, but no attention was paid to
either telegram or order.
A free lecture on "The Higher
I'liysicial Life of Women." will be
���jiven to the ladies of Nelson on next
Tuesday afternoon at .1 p. in. in Fraternity hall oy Dr. Agnes llaviland of
Han Francisco, Cal. Dr. Haviland
bus lectured in all the principal
towns and cities of both the IJ. S. and
Canada on this and similar subjects
nnd her lecturi's here wHi be a treat
nf whinh the ladies of Nelson should
avail themselves.
W. N. Everett, bookkeeper of the
Rossland Miner,is in town from Rossland for the purpose of meeting Mrs.
I'.verett who bus been spending the
summer months in New llruiiswiek.
.Mi. Everett reports that Red and Spokane mountains at Kossland are about
half covered with snow. This is
earlier than usual for the Hist fall of
mioiv in Rossland and would indicate
that the coming winter is to be a
longor one than usual.
IC. Kcigu.~)ii returned from a trip
through the Boundary country last
Mrs. II. Bird who has been camping
across the lake for the past few weeks
returned to the city yesterday.
Dr. Agnes Haviland of San Francisco, who will letcuie next Sunday
to the ladies of Nelson, is a guest at
the Hume hotel.
D. I!, -bung, of the Similkameen
Valley Coal Company, leaves today
for a visit to the coast towns in the
interest of his company.
Miss Frances Fletcher of the Victoria Jubilee hospital at Vernon ar*
rived in Nelson last evening to spend
a vacation with friends heie.
C. Wilson and J. Ilunlop left for
Kootenay Landing on Friday evening
to enjoy a few days' shooting in tho
district around the mouth of (loat
Miss MoQrory, head milliner at
Kerr & Co.'s, returned yesterday from
the east where she attended the fall
millinery opening at Toronto, Montreal und Chicago.
.Mr. A. C. Qarde, manager of the
Payne, left last evening for the east
and will visit Toronto, Montroal and
New York before he returns. He ox-
epcts to be absent about a month.
Mr.   and   Mr:;.   F. K. Jameson,   of
Dunlin, urn registered at tbo Phair,
Mr. Jameson is of the firm of John
.lamcsor .V. Sons, which operates one
of the biggest distilleries in. Dublin.
He is a cousin of W. <!. .lamoson, who
is to sail the yacht Shamrock in the
forthcoming races for the America's
cup. The fact that Mr. Jameson has
been selected to sail the Hritish boat
is evidence of his sikll as a yachtsman. He is an enthusiastic sailor and
has owned a half dozen speedy boats
and fells confident that the Shamrock
will win. Mr. and Mrs. Jameson are
making a tour of Canada that will
occupy about two months.
Have   you   tried   Hygenic
Last Saturday there was closed in
this city ono of tne largeBt bonds so
far made on an Aspen drove propeity,
says the Similkameen Star of August
30. Alexander GalUhger of Oshkosh,
Wis., has bonded tho interests of
Messrs.Silverthorne aud Rogers In the
Mount Maria group on a basis of S10U-
000. The group, consisting of four
claims, adjoiLS that of thc Portland,
and was located last yeor by Jack
Hates. He sold the same for a nominal consideration to the present
owners. This summer, with the expenditure of a few hundred dollars
they succeeded in opening a four-foot
vein of yellow and grey copper showing streaks of native coppor. On this
lead they sunk two pro-peel shafts SIS
and _0 feet deep respectively. In the
former at a depth of seven foot an average sample of the ore gave 10 per
cont. copper and 83.50 in gold.
The values as depth was obtained m
creased most satisfactorily. Mr. Gal-
linger will promote a company in Oshkosh Wis., to acquire and develop
the group.
Fraser river, B73,689
river 28,000 cases;
1,175,751) cases.
cases; Columbia
Puget   Sound,
Piof.   McLean   Received   a Statement
From tbe Nelson Board ot Trade.
Yesterday afternoon ('rot. McLean,
the Doimnion (iovernment Commissioner, appointed to enquire into
freight rato grievances met members
of the Nelson Hoard of Trade to take
evidence regarding the complaints of
the Nelson shippers. There were
present. V, Chapman, R. Robertson.
B. J. Hamilton, J. C. T. Crofts, Vi.
W. Beer, (I. V. Holt, W. A. Macdonald, K. C. P, W. .Swannell and
II. E. Macdonnell.
The proceedings consisted entirely
of the presentation of a statement by
the Hoard.    It was as follows:
In submitting this report we desire
to state that we do so on behalf of the
wholesale trade of the city.
Firsts-There is a largo and well
established wholesale trade now
between Nelson and the cities and
towns of IOastern and Western Soutll-
Kootenay, but the following figures
will indicate to some extent the dilli-
cnlties which confront our wholesale
trade in competing In their own terri-
to-y they being compelled under
existing conditions to sacrifice their
profit on tho additional cost of the
goods, such additional cost being
caused by a higher inward rate than
that paid by their competitors.
Second.���Comparing the outward
rates from Nelsou to adjacent points
it will be seen that thc forjier are
much higher.
Miles ~~
Nelson to Slocan City 45
Vancouver to Nlconion..*.65
Kelson Io Casc'tlc H2
V.ini'oiivor.lo Ruby Creek.St
Nelson to Ferule 201 127
Vancouver to Ashcroft... 2ii;i ill
In comparing goods i in poi ted
Nelson from Vancouver and distributed to adjacent points as against tbe
same shipped direct from Vancouver
to same points, the latter onse being
governed by the Vancouver Wholesalers' Tariff
(Here another table showing more
comparisons as aboie was inserted.)
While these comparisons have been
taken with western points only the
same can be made with Eastern
points, owing to the same inward
rate applying to something like forty
points i:i Kootonay. Whilo rcogniz-
ing the difficulty of nrranging rales
to please everyone, we feel that Nelson wholesalers should be given a
special wholesalers' schedule the same
as granted to other whloesale centers
where shipments are made by wholesalers to retail traders
Third.���It is n well known fact tbat
at times goods are mis-described in
order to seoure a lowor class rate and
this leaves our wholesalers two alternatives, viz. either to stoop to the
practice or allow their competitors to
secure business through this illegitimate way, and while we believe the
railway companies are doing all in
their power to prevent this by the
employment of inspectors, wo think
that the best remedy lor this evil
would be for the government lo make
it a penal offensu.
Propur Selection of Great Importance  in
Vents, Drawers and
Suils for Ladles, Misses
in the Knittolit.     KERR
and Children
&  CD'S.
The feeding of infants is a very
serious proposition, as all mothers
know. Food must be used that will
easily digeHt. or the undigested parts
will be thrown into the Intestines and
c.'ilisii sickness.
It is Important to know that a food
can be obtained that is always safe;
that is Ornpe-Nuts.
A niothei write*,: "My baby took
i He lirst. premium* at a bally show on
too 8th inst., and is in every way a
prize baby. I have fed him on Grape*
Nuts since lie was live months old. I
n Iso use your I'ostum Food Ciill'eo' for
myself." Mrs. L. !���'. Fishback,
Alvin, Tex.
(Iiapc-Nuts food is not made solely
for a liahy food by any means,   but IS
manufactured for  all  human  beings
who have trilling, or i*erious, difficulties in the sjomncli and bowels.
Ono opecial point of value is Hint
the food is prcdlgefltod in Hie process
of manufacture, not by any drugs or
chemicals whatsoever, hut simply by
the action of heat, moisture, ami
time, which permits the diastase to
grow,   und   ohange   the   starch   Into
grape-sugar, This presents food to
ihe system ready fur Immediate assimilation.
Its especial Value lis ll food, llevond
the fact that It is easily   digested,    is
that it supplies the needed elements
to quickly rebuild the cells iu the
brain and nerve centers throughout
tin* body.
At the morning session of the Christian Endeavor convention yestorday
the unfinished business of the previous
day's session was taken up, nnd the
committee on the constitut
notini'id that It bad completed its
work and presented its report. Several changes wore made in the constitution.
In lhe afternoon a number of the
delegates were taken through the
Hall Minns smaltcr by the local En*
deavoreis and were much interested
in studying the varions processes the
ore was put through.
At the evening session interesting
addresses were delivered by Uev. S.
.1. Thompson of Kaslo, and Re**. R.
ti. Maeiii'ih, Vancouver, After the
proceeding closed the visiting delegates weie entertained with refreshments and an informal At llomn was
held for half au hour before the delegates dispersed.
Owing to   pressure  of  other  news
The Miner's extended   repoit.  of
convention   had   unavoidably
Montreal, Sept. 7.���The bulletins
announcing the attempted assassination of President McKinley caused
profound sensation in Eastern Canada.
Expressions of sypmatby are many
and prayers have been offered for Mr.
McKinley's recovery.
Knittolit���Something new in undei -
wear.     Call   at   KERB &   CO's  and
New York, Sept. ?.��� John Nelson,
the bicyclist rider injured at Madison
Square, garden had his by amputated
at the thigh this afternoon.
But her beauty was completely hid-
den by sores, blotches and pimples
till she used Huiklen's Arnica Salve.
Then they vanished as will all Erup.
lions. Fever Sores, Hoi Is, I'leers,
Carbuncles and Felons from its use.
lufalllihe for Cuts, Corns, Hums.
Scalds and Files.\ Cure guaranteed
-Tic at Canada Ding ~  Hook Co.
Here is your chance to get all kinds of Winter Clothing and
Gents' Furnishings at your own prices. During'the past two months
I have made a special drive in Summer Goods and have succeeded in
clearing out the bulk of my stock. For the next Thirty Days I will
endeavor to run off my large stock of Winter Goods.   This sale will mean
iQ-h Grade
__ S'C,^,&'C,&'_i'--'g,i,~r^-i!'_f'^,_r'S'_-iS'^"*'<*'-^
^.**T'***T'*oT'*\t-><a*. ^^���^���^���^���$5^^^^^^*^*^-^^.^��fc.
jt A Genuine Clearing Sale $
AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE COST. This may not sound like
business but it is a drive to clear out my stock, as I am retiring from
J This is a Genuine Clearing Out Sale.
11 Theo, Madson,
Men's Scotch Tweed Suits, $15, reduced to  $10.
Men's Scotch Tweed Suits, $13,  reduced to $8.
Men'-, Blue Serge Soils, reduced   lo $7,   $S,   $9
and $10.
Double and Single Breasted, sold formerly at
$15 and Sjo.
Men's Worsted Suils, $15, reduced lo $8.
Men's Heavy Woolen Socks, (1 pairs t'or$i.
Hoots and Shoes below cost.
100 pairs of Blankets, from $1.50 per pair up.
Men's Blue Woolen Shirts,  reduced   from   $1.7-;
.      tO$l.
.Men's Heavy Kersey and Tweed Shirts, reduced
from Ifj and $1.75 lo $1.2511111] $1.
Fine Grey Underwear, reduced  from Si   to Oo
cents each.
Men's Hals, all .shapes, below cost.
Fine Natural Wool Underwear, reduced from $7
to $5 a suit.
Baker Street, Nelson, B, C
"*;.__.���.-*_- --S *�����_�� v_S___s ���-S.-S :-____.___& :^8oo-2fc A-*-__t -**2-*2 AA __����� ____-___* ____??
iO*r-A*0-0*0  a0-00- 00- 00. 00-00100-00%%- 00.0,0. 00-00^-0\0'0\\t.^.m}i1mZ,-^t'^
backed by the payroll of ;uul owned by
the Similkamcou Valley Coal Go ,-_.___-
ited; which [a arranging for the following expenditwea during tlie coming
year by tht! following Oompanies:
$15o.(ioo to bo oxpondod by Wator and Light
$ ftOf'ooo to bo oxpondod by ihe Simllkamoon
Valley Coal Company, Limited.-in
dovoloplng and Installing machinery*
$ .".;��.i by iiiu Toronto Company ia duvolop-
ment and Installing maohinery.
$i(-o.o-H�� on businami buildings by individuals
JH 25*ooo on residencies by ItiaivldualB.
tj* ..">,moo 10 Ut.' oxpondou <ni residonooa lij* thc
Land department of tho Oompony,
% 5o^ooo to bo oxpondod by Uio Company tn
gfftt togstrooten d laying sidewalks
# '.''>,iiii�� tube oxpondod by a betel company.
W 85��ooo on Bawmi.1, brewery nnd other en
t-orpriscfl already arranged for.
Total. One Half Million
j <V*-->s*^VVVVVVV��>��VVVVV'V^^^/'^/VVVVVVVVV��VVVVVS/v^vvvvyyyy.
Hold, Silver-Lead  and   Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once lor Eastern
Parties, having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors wbo have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
' na Al_.��Sil?e<;t0.1's   "'"'  min'"J~'  -r-en   ar3 requested   to make  the  EX-
VilAJMGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples Bhould be sent by expresB, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
0    Telephone No. 104.
P. 0. Box 700.
to   be
(Si*i:< 111, to Tin; MI1.8II..
Victorin,   II.   C.    Bopt.    ?.���Judge
Mnrtin  gave judgment today   in  the
liiiidiniin's Inland 08*0. Th* judgment
cover* -i typewritten page* ot matter,
being summarized ns follow-,: The
defendant!-.' ca*e (ails, and the title to
I li'iidiiuin s Uland is declared to he iu
Ilis Majesty the King on behalf of
the province of liritisli Columbia, anil
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Bhortenl uml qulokost route to Ihe en*.i, iukJ nil
1 1 ������ nn il,, 11. it. (C N. uml Northern Pa-
dlla Ilulhviiy- in WaHtiiiiKlon, OroKOU uml
Soul hern 8l~tcM.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ky*
S:M1 n. m. Lv.
10:59 p.m. Ar.
Ar. l:(KI)i. m,
Lv. 1:1,'; p. in.
Int Nav* & Trading Co*
Ml.sllN    MSI.II   ItOITR.
6*80 p, ni. Lv. Neluon Ar. 11:1m n. in,
OilO p, in Ar. KiihIo Lv. 7:(��) a, in.
Connecting at Five Mile Polnl with Nolnon
& Knrl **hi>|,|iiird Railway hot.li tu mill from
Roauand, etc.     	
Btoamor From Kolaon tenvoa l*~ It. ,V N.
wharf, Kaslo, U. (_, Bt, for Lardo on Monaajn*,
Wi'ilmMilu.,-uinl Frlilnys nt 0:311 p. in. roi urn
ui* ih'i Ramp ovonlng.
Tli'lo't- -nlil to nil pnrls in United Btnto��and
Canada via Ureal NOfthorn nmio. It. & N.
(leeuii -l.iiLiii-.liip UokotS nnd mien vln nil
hiic- will Ih' ftinil-lii'd on npullciil Inn.
rer farther particulars oau on nr addresa
Uftnturur. K"��l<\ll, c
O. K Tackahubv Auonl. Nolnon. II. C
The dovolupmont or tho Company'a coul
mine will bcatarlod by Novombor l-t, iuui, nnil
a full Forooof moo kept oontliiuaUy at work
dovoloplng tho property during the yoar, Ry
00 "hor l-l, IOlJi II i'oiuplol" ..nit of Iho Coni-
pany _ill bo nn tho grounds, whon the onu-
struoli n uf of flow and othor buildings will bo
ooiuroonood oononi'ro.ii wilh strout grading,
whi,-h *"iil notorflr tend tondvanco tlio prion
of iho Company's stook, leu will no iinuhi
'inutile the value ofovsry lol i" Ashnoln. wliloli
Im-ltufttod in the hoar nf tlio Hlrnllknmoon
Vulley and surrounded by lliq riilinwnii! io-
nourors: cool, gold ppoi*, lend, frail, grain,
buy, timber, and flno grasl ig land, with o all*
luiiiiiidl iliui ciiulii ho dostred:
Kor fori hot' infornintlon apply in iho Com-
ii'iivV nfiioiiil brokora.
It. J. 8TKBL Nelson, II. i'.
PRANK HK.Mis. Orand forks, II, 0.
Qroonwood, n. C.
W.w. i'ALI/iws. Sandon, B. 0,
A. R. BARROW, a. m. i ok
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Corner Viotorlu und KootoDay Sts.
P.O. Hox 500 Xalephone No. aa
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral. Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
GKAN13K00I., SLPT, 25 TO 27.
Throe Days  ol   instruction.   Interest
and Enjoyment,
vjf <J.ino AHtAs ffo 4*U><nj. tt/ caA/
"Zbe IRoyal Banl. of Canaba
Cnplmi  aiiiiioii/,,1.
Incorporated 1869.
ki.i.iiihi.immi.iiii 1 <���i,ii���i raid*np,    ,   .   .     tgiD.ooo.oon.iHi
Kl'il, . .      . .       .        .    WI.JIMI.IHW.I'-1
Roiird of III rrri'.r-     ThomaH K. Konny,  I'rosldont i   Thomas Ritchie. Vloel'riwldeul.
! Wiley Hmlib   U.O. JUauld, Hon. Ilavlil MaoKeen.
Hoad oillio, llnlirnxi
Qoncral Mam_,or, Kdr,on 1,. Puiiho, Montroal.
Buporintendoiii of HraiichoH, and Ki oroinry, W. II. Torrviue, Hnllfii-,
Itr.'iH    es I
:-ebee���Montreal,   (City   Olllool,   Montreal
Wost Knil (Cor. Nolro   pamo and rlelir-
neurs Btrooteh Wostinount (Oor. Qreeno
Avonuo ami HI. Catharlnus Btreot.
���ova   Srolla-Ilnlltax   Rraneli,   Antl~oni-t
liriiiHowiucr, iiu\���iumi, Londonderry, l.u
enburg. Maitland (Hants i;o.|, I'ictou, Port
1 jawkesliury, Hjrdnuy, rJliulionacadicTruro,
llruiiHwIrli ��� Hathurst.     Dorcliostor,
Kroilcrlouin, KliigsUni (Kont, Co.l, Mono
tan,NowennMo,~ackvIllu, St, John, Wor~lntock'
i*. k. inland���charlottetown, Huinnioii'ido.
Ncwrouudland -St. John's.
Cuba. West Imllrs���Havana.
Ilnileil Hintes���Now York (111 HlxchaiRO I'lacs
ltopublto, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,     anconvcr,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
, . Correspondents t ,
'nnaiia-Morohanls Jlank of Canada. Bonimi -National Bhawmut Rank. ehlcago-llllnolH
irii.-tiii'dSuvliiifB Hank. Kan l'r��iir!seu-Flrnt National Hank. London, BBg.-Bank ot
nioiiiiiiii. Paris, Vmnrr-Credit Lyonuais. Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda. VU��a �������� ��������
pan-HOng Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   dpokane-Old National Bank.
Miner 0 Exhibit, Bnoktng Oonteats,
Al_i'.ciiltiiial Exhibit, llniKi'UaccH. The
host progrom ever Been in tne oountry,
Sec poaters uml otroulnra for fiirthei
liiirliciilni'H.   Bpneinlly low return rail*
Hfiominpoiiis^ ^  ^   I Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O*
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   B-.ugh
and Sold, Letters of Credit, BU., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable lerniB.    Interest allowed on ppecial
deposits and on Having Bank accounts.


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