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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 26, 1902

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Daily Edition No. 1276
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Wednesday,   February 26, 1902
Eleventh  Year
Bureau of Provincial Information Issues an Interesting
It Tells of Progress Made by
the Industry During
The bureau of provincial information has issued a general review of
mining in British Columbia for the
year 1001 in the shape of a pamphlet
oi 04 pages. The matter in the book
is taken from the YeBr Book of 1802
and is intended to supply the wants of
the olllee of the agent-gcneial in
London, Eng., and to give general
information to enquiries respecting the
mining resources of the province,until
the annual report of the minister of
mines is available. The latter being
a large and important publication,
necessarily dealing wilh mining id
detail, demands greater care and a
much longer period for production,
more especially in respect to mechanical requirements. The present publication deals In briel with the mineral
���characteristics of each district, affords
a brief review of progress and an indication of possibilties. It has the
following to say of the Nelson
In   the   case   of   Nelson,   while   in
sevoral diretions  developments  of  a
most important  character have  taken
placo during the year, there have also
been   several   notable   mishaps    and
company failures.    The  high cost  of
miuing in certain localities where the
ore bodies are   especially   difficult  to
follow,   on   account of geological displacements,   bas   had   largely   to   do
with   the   non-suocess  of   more  than
one undertaking in this region ot  the
province.     Included   in the   district,
however,   are   two of the most important   mines   at   present   operated   in
Rritish Columbia,   one of   which,   the
Ymir,   has   this   year   crushed   some
05,000 tons of ore,   at a profit of about
$275,000,   while  a successful rehabilitation of the Hall Mines is  a  matter
for very sincere   congratulation.     In
the Ymir division of the distriot some
eight   mines   have  been actively productive   during   the year, the   output
from    these   sources    approximating
80,000 tons.     Compared with the 1900
returns   this   year's output lrom   the
district as a whole will show   only   a
moderate gain.     At   the   same  time
activity has been very   general;  more
"assessments"   have   been performed
by owners of mineral claims, in order
to fulfil the legal requirements,   than
ever   previously,   and   a   number   of
properties in a   more   advanced  stage
of  development   have been  equipped
with stamp batteries, mills aud  other
machinery, in readiness for the immediate  commencement   of   active   production.     The Ymir,   however, is the
only mine in the district  from the returns  of   whieh   during   1U01   profits
have been   distributed.     These  have
amounted  to   the   very   considerable
turn of $192,000. The production of oie
from the mine has been approximately
70,000   tons,   and   the Bhaft has  been
continued down to   a  depth  of  1,000
feet on the ore body.     The equipment
of the pioperty has been Increased   o_
the installation of a cyanide plnnt, at
a coBt of $50,000, by whioh   it   is   expected extraction costs  will   be   still
further   reduced,   to   the   extent    of
nearly a  dollar a   ton.     An   average
of 100 men havo been employed underground,   100 on the surface snd in the
mill, and for the last six   months  100
more In constructing a cyaniuc  plant.
Becent Development Has Shown Existence of Large Ore Bodies.
J. .C Ryan, of Kaslo, who has just
been throngh the Slocan, and is interested in mines theie, waa in the city
yesterday, The Slocan.he says, shows
evidence of becoming a greater mining section than It has yet been. All
tht mines that havo been working are
showing up Urger bodies of ore than
ever before and some of them are
carrying out extensive plans of development. On the Payne, as an example,
all the tunnels have been run from
the north side of the mountain and
they are eight in number. From the
fifth level ��� winze is being sunk at a
point toward the south side of the
property, to meet the eighth tunnel.
The entire depth to be sunk was 350
feet but thc winze is now down 200
feet. They are also sinking on the
south part of the proporty and nre
down between 95 and 100 feet in oro
from three to five feet iu width and ol
richer grade than most that has been
taken from that mine.and it is getting
richer aH it is sunk upon. The Payue
mill i9 now under cuvjr and it is expected that it will be ready for operation about May.
To tho south of the Payne Is the
Payne Deep, in which Mr. Ryan is
interested. This property is situated
nearer the base of the mountain than
the Payne and near the railway track.
Mr. Ryan has made arrangements for
the operation of this group with a
large force of men in the spring. A
company will probably be incorporated to take it over.
A small force of men is working on
the Sobo, another mine which Mr.
Kyan haB a large share in, and some
ore ia being shipped. It Is his intention to put on a larger number of men
in tho Bprirg than he has now and a
company will likely be formed in connection with it.
On the Last Chance drifting f-oin
the long tuuuel continues along the
galena vein encountered at depth and
tbe results have been very satisfactory. The litigation wbich ha. been
commenced betweon lhe Last Chance
and tbe Noble Five promises to involve large interests and to be a rather
protracted one. This will be another
case of extra-lateral rights. The Last
Chance people allowed the Noble live
company to use their tunnel beyond
s point that they then considered was
outside their property, but after the
Noble Five had stopped work the Last
Chance had an eminent mining engineer report on their mine with the re>
suit that he reached the conclusion
that the vein tbe Noble Fivo had
been working had its apex in Last
Chance ground. As that mineral claim
was located under what is called the
old act the claim was made to the
whole vein and the ore loft sacked was
emptied out and shipped by the JLast
Chance. Both parties are getting
ready for the trial.
The American Boy is looking goo.l
and ore is being shipped from the No.
5 level. The Washington is also mak
ing a good showing and is shipping
ore steadily. The Dardanelles has
resumed work with a small force after
having being closed down for some
time. Tbe Reel Fox has struck the
vein from the south side. This tunnel
had beon run in following a stringer
but at a point in this tunnel a crosscut was run and in a short distance
the main vein was stuck. The Ivan-
hoe, owned by the Minnesota Silver
company, is now working steadily.
Tho reduction of the smelter rate
always means a little more returns
from the ore, although with the penalty for zinc the reduction ln many
cases is only about $3 a ton. The
I price for lead bas riaen about 25
cents per hundred pounds and thW
means something more. All things
considered Mr. Ryan looks forward
to increased activity in tho Slocan
mines thia summer.
The one copper proposition of the
Slocan, the True Blue, near Kaslo, ia
working ahead and gotting out ere.
All indications point to tnat becoming a very profitable mine in the near
Cleveland Man Leaves Large
Estate In Ontario Investments.
Loan Company Fears Unsettled  Conditions   In
B. C.
Toronto, Feb. 25.���Attorney-Genersl
of Ontario entered suit this morning
to recover from the executors of the
estate of the late H. P. Payne, of
Cleveland, the sum of $199,362, being
succession duties. It is claimed tbat
Payne leat an estate of 83,987,248, [>
Ontario, chielly investments in
advances to Iho Canadian Copper Co.,
and to tbe Central Ontario railway,
W. H. Beatty, second vice president
of the Canada and Western Permanent
Loan Co.,Bays that company is investing money in British Columbia with
a good deal of caution in view of the
condition of affairs in that province
due to strikes and similar rauses.
Twenty thousand requests bave been
made to the Ontario government for
forms to be filled in by veterans for
land grants which the government
proposed to give men who have fought
for their country.
The Toronto Lacrosse team will sail
for England by the steamer Lake
Ontario, from St. John, N. B��� on
March 28th. They will tour the
mother land.
The Building Trades council, of
Toronto, representing fourteen unions
has decided that in future the organization as a whole would stand behind
the individual bodies it represents in
oases of strikes.
Yacht   Meteor   Enters
Home   Upon   the
Gargigulo, the first dragoman of tho
American legation here, today tele-
i graphed the following from Strumitz,
Macedonia, whero Miss Stone and hen
companion Mme. Tsilka arrived February 23rd after tbo release by the
brigands who had held thou in captivity: "Have Been Miss Stone, will'
leave with the ladies for Salonica
February iOtb."
A Brilliant Assemblage Wlt-
nes the Ghrlstenlng
Chinese Commission   Recommends Increasing Poll Tax to $300.
Ottawa, Feb. 25.���Hon. Senator
Templeman was sworn in aa minister
without portfolio, in the Federal cabinet, before Lord Minto at noon
It ls understood that tne Chinese
commission has reported in favor of
the Chinese poll tax being raised to
$300 for the next two years and after
that $500. The report on Japanese
immigration Is not yet completed, but
it is not likely the government will
adopt any measure which would
offend Britain's, ally in the far east.
The Conservative members of par'ia-
ment in caucus this morning, die-
cussed division routine work of the
The Donaldson liner Parthenia is
booked to aail from St. John, N.B, tor
South Africa with Canadian merchandise between March 10th and 12th.
"I will live on water until the time
comes and I will then mount the
scaffold like a man and be hanged,"
said StaniElaus Laeroix.tho Montebello
murderer, to hia jailer at Hull,
St. John's, Nfld., Feb. 25.���The demand of the Canadian authoritiea for
the extradition of Arthur Prideaux,
tho self oonfesaed accomplice In the
murder of Miriam Grossman, at North
Sydney, C. B., on Jan. 35th, was
granted today. Judge Conroy, a city
magistrate, authorized the surrender
of Prideaux. It is understood the
prisoner will plead guilty and otter
himaclf as a crown witness In the
conviction of Dr. Bayley, tbo allogod
principal in the crime, and that
Prideaux will throw himself on the
lenienoy of the court.
Halifax, Feb. 25.-A terrific explosion of 200 pounds of dynamite occurred this morning at the American
tunnel mine, Waverly, killing JameB
Munro, a watchman, who was thrown
200 feet Houses were wrecked in the
vicinity and the next mine building
was Dlown to atoms.
St. Thomas, Ont.. Feb. 25 -George
Fausee, 65 years old, was killed at
Montague yesterday by the Miohigsn
Central railway express. Be jumped
in front of an express aa it was ap-
proaohing It is supposed to bave been
a case of suioide.
Winnipeg, Feb. 25.���Dominion
liance officials today presented a
petition to Lieut.-Governor McMillan
asking him to disallow the act passed
by the Manitoba legislature for holding a referendum on prohibition.
The Ottawa Hockey club, the
champions of last year, havo challenged the Winnipeg Victorias to
play for tho Stanley cup. The Vies
have replied saying they will eonsidei
a ohallenge against this year'a champions ln a series of games beginning
March 14th. They don't consider the
Ottawa's ohallenge deserves consideration.
Justice Richards delivered his decision today ordering the extradition
of John Tupper, who is obarged with
larceny and tho embezzlement of $215
from Mesara. Hendriokson and   Olsen,
of Grafton, N.D.
The Northwest Cattle company, of
wbich N. Montague Allan, of Montreal, is president, has lold out to
Gordon Sc Ironsides, tho Faros Co.,and
George Lane, the consideration being
somewhat over $200,000. Tbe ranch is
ot 17,500 acies and the sale includes
5,500 head of cattle and 200 horses
Brockvlllc,    FeD.   25.--Mrs.    Aikln
Dorwain Is dead,   at   Westport,   aged
103 years. 	
' New York, Feb. 25.���In a drizzling
rain and iu the presence of a brilliant
assemblage, amidst cheering and the
roar of cannon, the German emperor's j
new schooner yacht Meteor was
launched from Shooter*' Island today.
Unlike tlio weather, tho arrangement
were perfect and no untoward accident maired tbo occasion. The vessel
went graoefully into the water with
the Ameiican Hag flying out at the
tafl'rail. American and German
national airs were played and from
the scores cf cralt containing excursionists came enthusiastic cheering.
Miss Roosovelt wore a dreas of Bap-
phirt blue velvet, a large black hat,
trimmed with ostrich feathers and a
fur muff and boa.
The special train bearing the Preai-
dent from Washigton to the launching reached Jersey City at 6.40 a. m.
Tho prcaident remained on board until
tho arrival ot the prince's train a few
momenta after 8 o'clock. A cylinder
head on the engino of Prince nenry's
special blew out and the train wus
more than an hour lute in reaching
Jersey City. The accident occurred
shortly after leaving Baltimore. The
stalled train was pushed into Magolia
by a passenger train and there got a
uew engine.
Tho peraident and Prince Henry
arrived at Shootera' island at 9.30.
They were received with oheers by
those present and the presidential and
royal salutes, 22 guns each,were fired.
Shooters' island, in anticipation of
the arrival of tho distinguished visitors, presented the appearance this
morning of a military encampment
rather than the scene of an ev��nt of
international comity.
Two battalions of naval militia
reached the island at 8 o'olock and
were posted at various points between
the landing atage and the scene of tbe
launching. They were supplemented
later by a squad of petty officers and
oailors from the Hohenzollern, who,
though not under arms, presented a
military aspect. Polioe swarmed
everywhere over the little island and
out in the bay revenue cutters, naval
tags and police patrol boats manned
by naval militia and blue coBts darted
about to keep the excursion fleet baoa
of an imaginary line.
The party proceeded diiectly lrom
the ferry boat to the stand which had
been orected at the inahore end of tlie
ways on which the Meteor rested. The
president and prince with Mrs. and
Mias Roosevelt arrived on the platform at 10.22. The prince conduored
Miss Roosevelt to the small platform
immodately uudor the bow the boat.
On this platform at the time of the
launching were President Roosevelt,
Prince Henry, Mra. Roosevelt, Mibb
Roosevolt, the mayor of New York,
and Ambassador Von Hollenben.
Exactly at 10.30, Miss Roosevelt
broke tlio champagne bottlo, saying;
"In the name of the German Emperor
I christen thee, Meteor"
Guns roared, bands played and great
cheering lasted for several minutes.
The prince handed a bouquet to MiBS
Rossevolt and then raising his hat, in
a few words acknowledged the cheering of those on tbe main platform.
The launoh occurred without mishap.
The president's daughter lifted a
silver mounted hatchet and struck tbe
rope. It parted cleanly and down
came the weights, the wedges flew up
and out. The yacht trembled, started
forward and then slid slowly down
into the water to the cheers of tbe
distinguished gutherlng.
She took tho water safoly and
brought up in the middle of the Kill
Von Kull without aicident. Prince
Henry and Miss Roosevelt were thon
photographed. The prince presented
Miss Roosevelt witb a silken cap ribbon of the new yacht Meteor and she
wore It on her left arm as she stood
before the camera with the prinoo.
For   Brutal   Murder of
Wife Last June.
New York,Feb. 25.���Joseph Wilfred
Blondiu, charged with thc murder of
his wife, by cutting olT her head, at
Helmsford, near Boston, last June,
was arrested here today. He was
idortified by a detective from HoBton
while he was making application to
be examined for au engineer's license.
The prisoner admitted his identity
but ho professed to know nothing of
the killing of his wife,
Yesterday lllondin called at the
headquarters of the bureau of boiler
inspectors to apply for an engineer's
license. He evidently did not notice
his own picture posted on tbe wall
witn the usual announcment of reward for his apprehension. The aimi-
larity between tbe portrait and the
applicant caught the eye of a roundsman who slipped out and nutilied
Captain Titus of the detective bureau,
who directed him to toll tho man too
call again this morning nnd wired
Boston for a detective who could
identity the fugitive. When Blondin
returned this morning he was instantly identified by the Boston detective. At a signal four policemen
threw themselves on thc man and
secured him. In court the prisoner
was remanded until tomorrow to
await extradition papers.
At headquarters ne declared that he
had last seen his wife while he waa
seeing her off irom the station at
Boston. Hearing of the discovery of
her body, he feared,he said, he would
be accused of the murder and flod 11
New York He said that he had lived
in Brooklyn, Mt. Vernon and White
Plaina and had made several trips aa
a coal passer on North German Lloyd
steamer. When arrested he said he
waB trying to get the position of engineer in an hotel.
Negotiate   With   Opposition
so as to Drop Martin.
Bodwell's Friends Insist on
His Election Unopposed.
Victoria, Feb. 25.���The legislature
spent a couple of hours today discussing the reports in the morning paper
of the unseemly ri(,'ht over the possea-
aion of a certain chair in the legislative chamber yesterday and then adjourned until Monday. There is said
to be a deal pending for au amalgamation of the government and opposition forces for the preseut session at
least and the dropping of Joseph
Martin and bis followers by the kov-
ernment.. It ia further snid tbat the
opposition declines to accede to the
request, unless E. V. Bod well, the op.
poeitou candidate for the vacancy of
the City of Victoria, is included and
that his election be allowed to go by
Storm signals have been flying from
the weather bureau all day and mariners havo been warned to keep in
shelter for the next 24 hours, a big
storm is raging in the straits bnt so
tar it haB not reached this city.
Tho ship Antelope has arrived from
Honolulu aftor an exciting passage.
She was 10 days in making the trip
from Honolulu to tho Capo, but sho
was off the entrance to the straits (or
16 days being unable to get in on
account of the storms. She shifted
her ballast and altogether had a close
oall from being wreaked.
The steamer Amur took the first big
shipment ot goods of the season for
Yukon points, she having a full cargo
of drygoods wbich will be taken to
Dawson over the ice.
Motion Carried in Imperial Parliament in Spite of Government.
London, Feb. 25.���The government
was defeaeted in the House o( Commons tonight. Captain Norton
(Liberal) cal.ed attention to the ox-
cessive hours of labor of railway men
aud moved that the government should
be empowered to demand returns from
the railway companies of tbe houis
excoeding 12 per day worked by their
servants. After some debate wbiob
was directed towards showing that
accidents aro se from overwork on the
part of the railway employees, Gerild
Balfour (Conservative) on behalf of
the government, admitted that there
was some justification for the motion
and that he was willing to accept it
in a modified form but the house
carried Capt. Norton's original motion
by 155 votes to 154, amid ltud cheers
from the opposit'on.
The Daily Mail, in a despatch from
Johannesburg, presents tables showing
that 11,000 rebels joined the Boors
from Cafe Colony during the war.
Bunk House of Standard Mine, Mace,
Mysteriously Set Aflame.
Spokano, Feb. 25.���Four men lost
their lives and a dozen others wero
injured in a fire of unknown origin
which destroyed the boarding houso
and bunk houses of tho Standard
mine at Mace, Idaho, today. Sixty
men were asleep in the bnildings
when the fire was discovered and the
dames spread with such rapditv that
all escape was cut off except through
the windows. Moat of the injured
were hurt while making their escape
in this manner.
Ovation to Prince Henry Described
Height of Flunkyism.
New York, Fob. 25.���Amid a scene
of confusion the banqet ct tho Georgia
society was concluded at the Marlborough hotel. James P. Gray, second
vice-president of the sooiety, was the
last speaker.' Uo launched into an
attack on the popular demonstration
accordod Prince Henry. The diners
were thrown into confusion and at the
conclusion of his remarks most of
them hurriedly left the room. "I do
not approve of this reception and this
great ovation of the American people
to a German paper admiral which
has itself done scant credit to a real
admiral, an American," Mr. Gray
said,"it Is tho height of   flunkyism.
Matched Yesterday to Fight Not Later
Than October.
Cincinnati, Feb. 25.���"Young Corbett" (William Rothwell) and Terry
McGovern were matched here tonight
for a 25-round boxing contest to take
place beforo the club offering the best
inducements on or before October 15th,
1902. Thc articles of agreement wero
signed by Joho A. Corbett, manager
of "Young Corbet!," and Sam H.
Harris, manager of Terry McGovern,
at the ofllco of the Cincinnati Enquirer tonight.
Constantinople,     Feb.    25.- A.
London, Feb. 25.���The War office
today denied the minora whioh were
circulated in the lobby of tho House
of Commons last night, that General
Louis Botha, the Boer commander in
chief in South Alrica, had mnde an
offer to surrendei on certain conditions. The Btory appears to have
come fron Paris. It had a good effect
, on KltflirS.      ., toil* .hi
Buffalo, Feb.25.���Manager Herman,
of the International Athletic Club, of
Fort Erie, tonight announced three
important matches. Frank Erne anil
Curley Supples,of Buffalo, have signed
articles to ��<ct at thejelub home
across the river on March 17th, for
tho lightweight championship. Two
weeks later Martin Dully, of Jhieagn.
and Joe Gans, of Baltimore, are
scheduled for a 25-round bout, the
winner of thia match to meet the winner of the Supples-Erne go on the first
or seoond Monday of May. Arrangements have been practically Completed
for a 25-round go botwecn Terry MoGovern and Kid Broad at 126 lbs. for
the latter part of April.
Kanssas Citj, Feb. 25.���Tommy
Ryan defeated the Australian, Tim
Murphy, tonight in a one-sided contest
which ended in the ninth round.
Mnrphy ��mnde a poor showing and
allowed himself to bo counted tu
escape further punishment.
.   IH
-' * Nelson  Daily Miner,   Wednesday.   February 26,  1902
Tlie Nelson Miner
Publi-ined   Every  Morulna  Except  Mondai
Dal!j per month, by carrier ���    6*
Dally, per month, by mail     WO
Dally, per year, bv carrier ��� \ VI
Dully, por yesr, by mall    J W
Daily, por yt_r foreign    n m
Weekly,por half yoar  *J 25
Weekly, por year    J JJJ
Weekly, per year, foreign    om
H'ltMCriptlonB luvarlably 111 advance.
115 Fleet Street. E. C.
Central Proas ARoncy. Ltd., Special Admit*
Alcxnndor Sc Co.. 521 First Avenno, Spokane
VF&sh., koop thin paper on file, and are our
aul.horl7.cd aitents for advertisement* and bud-
The abovo Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons or stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
Tho cruaade commenced by the
Canadian Pacific railway company
early in January against the Crow's
Nest Southern lailway and the Crow's
Nest Coal company haa afforded the
people ol British Columbia no little
amusement. The object sought is
to secure for a company allied with
the Canadian Pacific 50,000 acres of
ooal land reserved by tbe government.
Tho crusade was begun early in
January under the direction of a
veteran journalist, who does this
claas of work for the C. P. R.
This individual arrived in the Kootenays early in January for the purpose
of looking into the situation and
gathering data for the propoganda
which he shortly afterwards began to
circulate in the shape of apecials, editorials and articles, puolished in the
organs of the corporation. These
were ln the shape of appeals to patriotism, aDd oontained statements that
when the Crow's Nest Southern was
cjmpleted all of the coke and coal produced in tbe Crow's Nest mines would
be hauled to the south of the line and
tho smelting industry would be
transferred from British Columbia to
the States. They appealed to the
people to prevent the carrying out of
the wicked schemes of Jim Hill
and the Crow's Nost Southern and oi
the Crow's Nest Coal company. As
a matter of fact the Americana do not
caro paritcularly for the silver-lead
orea of this section and have plaoed
an import duty on them in order to
keep them out, and so far as gold-
copper ores are concerned none of
tbem are exported except those whicb
go to Northport to a smelter owned by
the aame company that extracts tbe
oro from its mines at Rossland. Thsir
screeds appoared in papers from Vancouver to Cranbrook and uufortu-
nalely for the plans of the C. P. R.
some ot the typewritten articles were
handed to the editor of the Inland
Sentinel and as he held no brief from
the railway company he began an investigation which led to the discovery
that all of the specials, editorials,
etc., were evidently the work of the
bureau conducted by tho newspaper
writer in the employ of the C. P. B.
This exposur': showing as it did the
studied, syatomatic attempt to manufacture public opinion favorable to
tho 0. P. R. made the cruaade tho
laughing stock of the province, and
for a short time there was a cessation
of the attempt to mould public
If at first you don't succeed try, try
again is evidently the motto of the
director of the crusade in the interest
of the railway company, and after
a short rest it was resumed. Then
tho organs began to harp in unison on a new string. MoBt of the
matter since published was evidently
sent from Montroal and oven the
Associated Press wires have been
prostituted to scrvn the purposes of the
Selfish end sought to be nttancd. The
organ* have been shouting in chorus
that the prices of eoke. whieh has been
reduced to $4 per ton, and coal,
which is sold by Ihe same company nt
Ferule for ,B per ton, are too high.
They huve also been declaring that
James J. Hill, of tho Gieat Northern
railway, is the owner of the control
of tho (row's Nest Coal company's
stock,   notwithstanding  the   official
statement of the Officers of tlio company that he owns only a three-tenths
interest. It has also been ulleged that
there was a shortage of ooke at some
of the llritish Columbia smelters, that
it was the fault of tbe Crow's Nest
Coal company, and was caused by
favoring the American reduction
plants. It is true that there rvus a
shortage nt one smelter and a short
time, owing to its failure to innke
necessary financial arrangements* but
just as scon aa this was done it was
supplied wilh ample fuel. The coal
company has a large surplus of both
coke and coal and would bo pleased to
receive additional orders for from 250
to 800 tons more of coke   per day from
British Columbia and would not have
the least trouble in filling them. The
mines of the company aro now por-
ducing about 2.500 tons of ooal per
day and the 63(1 coke ovens whioh It
has constructed are capable of producing about .SO tons of coke a day.
Canada only consumes about 20o tons
per day of the output of the Crow's
Nest Coal Co.'s ovens.
The fight mado by tbe C. P. R. has
been mercilessly waged and but little
regard has been paid to tne truth
wherever it wus thought a point could
bo made against either the Crow's
NeBt Southern railway or the Crow's
Nest Coal company. We have before
us an issue of tho Trail Creek News.
This paper is printed at Trail and Is
generally supposed to bo completely
under the domination of Trail smelter
management and ol the Canadian
Pacific railway. It usually has only
four pages but on Saturday last it
printed six pageB. Seventeen columns
out of 23 in the issue are devoted to
abuse of the Crow's Nest Coal company and Jim Hill. It reproduces
articles lrom the Canadian Mining
Review, the Nelson Tribune, tbe
Phoenix Pioneer, Rossland Evening
World, Vancouver Province, Grand
Forks News, Boundary Times, the
Rossland Miner and other papers
besides copying interviews with Paul
Johnson, J. B. Johnson and others.
Thia issue is not intended so much for
home circulation as it is for the use it
will be put to in the east in an
endeavor to make thc members of the
house of commons and others believe
that the various misrepresentations
contained in the several articles are as
true as gospel.
Some of the boards of trade in the
Kootenays and Yale have been persuaded by misrepresentations of the
situation in that portion of the press
which is friendly to th O.P.R. to paas
resolutions asking that the Associated
boards of trade which convenes in
Kaslo tomorrow to pass resolutions
directed against the Crow's Nest Coal
company. Sucb resolutions should
not be adopted. The Crow's Nest Coal
company has invested large sums of
money and is furnishing employment
at its mines to about 1,000 men. It is
a legitimate enterprise engage! in a
legitimate business. Its prices for
coal and coke arc not high when the
cost of labor, supplies and the royalty
paid to the government are considered.
Coke is sold for the price of production at present in oider to tide the
mining industry over a dull, period
caused by the low price of metals, and
all will admit that fl per ton ia a
reasonable prico for coal at the mines.
The Associated boards of trade should
not lend ItsHlf to so selfish a scheme
aa to assist the C.P.R. 10 an endeavor
to injure a company which has done
and is aoing so much for the province
as the Crow's Nest Coal company. It
would obviously be an injustice to
adopt such resolutions. The Associated boards of trade should be above
the domination of the C. P. R. and
should also be above lending itaelf
ot assist in carrying ont a discreditable and selfish scheme. The C. P. R.
should not be allowed to dominate
all of the interests of the interior of
British Columbia, which is evidently
its desiro.
The Hudson's Bay Stores
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We do no} often advertise special reductions, but when we
do they are. genuine. No inferior goods are bought by us
and offered as so-called Bargains.
Tho members of the legislaure
should drop their personal feuds long
enough to repeal the clauses of the
companies' act which provile sucb
severe penalties fur tbe failure to
deposit the names of directors, otc,
with the registrar of joint stock
companies. Tho ponalties are greater
than they should be for merely technical violationa and therefore calculated to work hardship in a quarter
where it ia not good polioy to be too
drastic. Corporationa like tho Nelson
Tramway Co.. tho Byron N. White
Company, limited, the Nelson and
Fort Sheppard railway company the
Jackson Minea, limited, the Payne
Mining Co., limited, Whitewater
Mines, liimed, and others whicb have
been sued under tho provisions of this
act arc of benefit to the province and
should not be mulcted large sums for
mere oversight which oonstiutcs a
technical breach of tbo law. If any
great harm resulted to any intorest or
to the community b) these lapses tho
penalties should bo rigidly enforced
but as they do not huve audi effect
nud mercy shou'd temper justice aB
thc enforcing of the atrlot lev
ter of the law wonld in some
instances mean absolute ruin to
tho companies concerned. Somo of thc
companies sued are foreign corporations and have come bore is good faith
and invested their capital in exploiting our resources. Under eucIi
circumstances they aro entitled to
consideration and should not be
severely proceeded against. It tbe
law takes its course, however, It will
result in further hurting this country
in tho eyes of foreign investors so
that in time it will bo impossible to
got capitalists to invust here, where
for a mere technical violatlou of too
law, which in most Instances is probably an oversight of the one particular
officer of tho company charged with
such duties,suoh severe punishment is
mceted   out.   Thc  legislature  should
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General Manager. Kdson L Pease, Montreal.
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_mm_.\ ?*?��� Nklson   Daily Miner, Whdnes ay February 26, 1902
Maik H. Gilliam came in yesterday
from the Bayonne mine situated np
Summit creek which flows into the
Kootenay river near the boundary
Early in December he took five men
to the mine and they have been working steadily ever since. Cabins have
been built and a tunnel started, ou
which good progress has been made.
Thsre is about six fet of snow on the
mountain, less than is usually tbe
case in that part ai the country. The
enow is now bard and Mr. Gilliam
had no difficulty in coming out on
snowshoes. lie leaveB for the mine
in two or tbree days and does not expect to return to tho city again till
about tho flrst of April. This mine,
which is a free milling proposition
with a very largo vein, is under bond
to S|.iil;iine people who intend to test
:)be pioperty thoroughly as soon as
tbey can. The operation of tho mind
would entail the erection of a stamp
mill to get in which wonld require
the construction of about 25 miles of
road which would ooit about (1,000
per mile to build.
At tho record office yesterday S.
Hawkina transferred a two-thirds
interest in the Horseshoe and Royal
Standard claims to J. L. Porter, consideration f25. A. Miner transferred
a one-third interest in the Alamo to
W. J. Watchhorn, and a two-thirds
interest in the same claim to T. 0.
J'ollock.eonsideration nominal in both
case. Certificates of work were issued
to W. A. Powys on the Golden Gem,
Kopuhlic and Republic Fi action, and
to Joseph Duhamel on the Copper
King, Copper Prince and C. and K.
The Highland Mining Co., in the
Ainsworth camp, intends to put on a
force of SO men about March 1st to
drive a long tunnel. The tug Halys
Captain West commanding, has been
engaged and has commenced the task
of taking tho timber from different
points on the lake to One Mile point
for the purpose of timbering the
working. As scon as this is done the
men will be put to work.
The steamer International yesterday
brought in two oarloads of Whitewater ore consigned to the smelter at
Mops llm Conch
ana Work, on* tne Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Qninine Tablet* ouro   a cold
n ono day.  NoCure, nol'ay.   Price 26 cents.
river to opposite Nelson would be a
great help. If this was done and a
feriy put in ihere would be a great
deal of traffic along it, especially in
summer. While this would not help
out any as to tbe bringing in of small
quantities of goeds it would at least
enable tbe rancher to drive to town
and deliver his goods himself instead
of having the produce sent through
threo or four different people, eacb of
whom had to get his share. Present
conditions mean that it is very difficult for the home grown goods to
compete with those from outside, tbe
freight charges more than counterbalancing tbe customs duties. The
ranchers living along tbe lake shore
hud all,with but one exception,agreed
to build the road through their land,
but nothing could bo hoped for until
this part was included in the Nelson
division. Great eftjrts are being made
by the coast fruitgrowers to obtain
entrance to tho Nelson and Kootemiy
markets and it seems a peculiar state
of things when this can be done and
the local growers be shut out.
Plums from Captain Busk's ranch
took Becond prize at the New Westminster exhibition last year in competition with the fruit of the coast
and many varietiea can be raised
around Nelson that for quality and
flavor cannot be surpassed anywhere.
With proper faoilitie, for shipping
this would no doubt add quite a little
business here, as it wonld not only
becoming the natural shipping point
bnt also the shopping centre for tbe
ranchers instead of. as now, that it is
not only cheaper but far easier to send
away for goods. Captain Busk spoke
a very good word for the courtesy and
obligingness of the steamer officials
who did everything in their power to
make things as easy and convenient as
possible, but, of course, as to times of
running aud costs of freight they had
to go by their timecard and schedule
of rates. Ranching here under proper
conditions, the captain thought,should
be both pleasant and profitable, bu1
at present it was suffering under some
very heavy and unnecessary   troubles.
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MEN WANTED���On     Crow's       Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job, Headquarters, Elko,   B.   C.     A.
Guthrie <fc Co.
Inconveniences Hamper   Development
of Fruit Growing.
Captain C. W. Busk was  in tbe city
yesterday on business connected   v 1th
his ranch.     Tu a  Miner  reporter   be
stated that the prospects for  the ensuing season were good but   he   was  of
the opinion that the   ranchers on  the
other side of the   lake   were   laboring
under a good   many   moro  difficulties
than should be the case.    One trouble
is that they are included in the Slocan
electoral division   instead   of  that oi
Nelson, so that to vote in any election
it ia necessary to go all the way to Ain-
worth,     their   nearest   polling   place
while    their   interest    lies   in  tbis
division. Between Nelson and tbe out
let of the main lake the  population is
now about 150  people,   comprising  a
large number of children   but with no
school    within   reachable    distance.
Another  drawback these settlers bave
is that to send a small   paicel  to Nelson   or   to  have  one brought by  the
steamers    costs   35    cents   for   each
article, which is not   only   a   seriouB
inconvenience   but a most costly matter bb well.   There is no postoflioe and
to ooine to the city   to make  any purchases    means   that the rancher   will
have to stay in the   city   over   night.
Thus   in   shipping   eggs   or  fruit   a
separate shipping bill has to bo   made
out with  each   consignment,   making
small orders   unprofitable.   The  only
remedy for this the lailway  oompany
says is to wait until there   Is  enough
coming   to   one   person   or dealer  tc
make a large parcel,   bnt this in   the
oase  of eggs or fruits, such as strawberries, is very difficult.   The farmers
oan   raise   plenty   of  vegetables  and
other   food    supplies  which, if  they
could   be   handled direct to tbe  oity,
could   be   sold     at   most   reasonable
figures, bat  after passing through the
cost of teaming to the   wharf,   steamship   charges,    teaming   at   tha other
end, commission merchants percentage
and  retailer's profit   tho  share ot tbe
rancher has got down very low   while
the price to the oonstimor   has climbed
away up.   In illustration of this Captain Busk stated that last year he sold
$1,250  worth  of   fruit from his ranch
hut tne cost   of   picking   and   freight
alono amounted  to $900, although the
market is only  22  milea  away.     All
along   the   shoru   of the lake  is good
land   which   would support   quite   a
population, besides making the cost of
living in the city less if this difficulty
of transportation oould be overcome.
Asited as to whether he could suggest any remedy for this state of
affairs, Mr. Busk said that he thought
a   road   along   the  north  side of the
Results That Followed Advertising the
Attractions of Colorado.
Great interest is being taken generally in the proposed Tourists' association, and a meeting will probably be
called about the beginning of next
week to formally organize the movement. A gentleman stopping at one of
the city hotels in discussing the matter stated that in Colorado, where he
had come from, thoy felt the advantages of such associations in very
practical form. He said a mine was a
good thing to help in building np a
town, but that in Colorado it had
heen found that towns where there
were fair attractions fcr tourists and
these attractions were properly advertised that the results had been simply
marvellous. The benefits from an
influx of tourists was felt by all
classes of the community in a favorable way as it meant the spending of
large sums of money and that money
as a rule was distributed so tbat all
felt the good effects of it sooner or
Tbe work of the association may
consist in issuing pamphlets to he
distributed in proper places, in bringing influences to bear on tbe government so tbat in the advertising literature Issued by it tins district may be
well represented ; and in gathering material suitable to be inserted in these
government reports and railway literature, suoh as half tones. These could
he furnished the government free, and
could also he sent to eastern papers
which might insert them. These are
but a tew of the ways in which the
association can work and at the start
many of them can bo used which will
cost bnt little but will, bo sufficient hi
demonstrate the practicability of the
A gentleman who has done considerable hunting in the district and is
well acquainted with its resources
yesterday remarked that in advertising this district it would not be necessary to give anything but tho facts.
There would bo no advantage In publishing glowing reports ef anything
that wonld not come up to the descrip
tion. The fishing here cannot be
beaten and within a day's journey
many flrst class hunting resorts may
bu ruaabed. Among these might be
mentioned tho head of Sanca creek
where.oaribou are quite plentiful and
in the neighborhood uf Howser lake
where bear may quite frequently he
obtained. There are bears and deer
within a few miles of the city, but
they are not easy to got at, being
mostly in impenetrable parts of the
mountains. In flshing.bowever, somo
of tho finest trout caught in British
Columbia bave been taken within a
couplo of hundred yards of the
wharves of Nelson. As the fishing
comes in the height of tho tourist
season it iB the more important.
Besides these sports the opportunities for canoeing, camping, mountain
climbing,       boating,     podostrianism,
ENGINEERS, Firemen, Machinists
and Electricians send for 40-page
pa-uphlet containing Questions asked
hy examining buurd of engineers to
obtain engineer's licence. Address
Geo. Zeller, publisher, 18 S 4th St.,
St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.
J.. N. M. Cummins, Los&oe��� Kvory know)
variety of soft drinks. P O box 88. 'i'eluption
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famous Su Loon Hot Springs Mineral Water
A MACDONALD Sc Co.-Comor Kron
. and Hall Streets���Wholesale grocer
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots
rubbers, mackinaws and miners' .mndries.
P  BURNS & Co.-Baker Streot,
���   Wholesale doalors iu fresh a
meats.   Cold Storage.
Baker Streot, Nelson���Wholesalo dea
ers in fresh aud oured meals.
Streot,   Nelson ��� Wholesalo   daalars ir
.,  Nel
miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. Bakor Street. Nelson,
B. C.,���Boilers in general li^rhwnre,
mining supplies, glass, pants, Portland Co-
mi nt, lire clay and Scotch lire brick. Agonts
for VVilkinsand Co.'s celebrated steel wire rope
NELSON   HAHDWARK   CO.- Wholesttlt
paints, oils and glass: mechanics  tools
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; Ifnamite
alURNKR, BEETON & Co.-Cornor Vornoi;
. and Josophine Streets, Nolson���Wholo
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukoi
and Calgary Browing Co. of Calgary.
UDBON'S BAY Co.-Wholeaalo grocerio:
aud liquors ale. Baker Street, Nelson.
Offlco corner Hall and front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes. Got oui
priceR.   Correspondence solicited.
A.   MDONALD,     Agent   Hazolwood
Dairy Co. Ico Croam.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
1&) nelson b;c
Brewers of F;ne Lager
Beer and Porter,
V.lonn   B. O
Be  sure and get the genuine   BEN
something that looks  like   it.
J. 0. GWLLIIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stree Nelson. B. c
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
ALL   KINOfl   Of
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Man aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which la Analzamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   82,000,0o0j
Aggregate   Resources Over JUS,000,000. ���
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKEK. General Manngei
London Office: ofl Lombard Street,  B. C.
New York Office; it  Eichange Place.
And 08 branch!)* In I'aniulti and tho Jnitod tilatOH, lncludlngl
Atmn Oiikrhwood Nklson Sandon
Ohaniikook        Kamloops Nkw W'kstminhtkb   Vanoouveb
Fkknik Nanaimo Rossland Victokia
YUKON DISTRICT-IlAwsoN and Wiiitk Hohsk.
UNITKI) STATK8-Nkw Yokk, San Kkancisoo, Skattlb, Portland, Skaoway.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Rocclvod and Interest Allowed.   1'resent Rata ii Por Cent
, Nelson Branch.
GKAIWE V. HOLT, Manager.
Similkameen   Coal   Stock
For   full   particulars   apply   to
R. J. STEEL, Broker, Nelson, B. C.
Finest and Best Bar In the City.
The best Brands of Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
JOSEPH HARWOOD,   -   proprietor
Tor this painful trouble Griffiths' Llnlmont i��
anabnolute pain destroyer-it pene;ratos and
lubricate* tho jolntH, takes away all tho stillness and gives relief in a fow lnlnntcs-works
wondors fn chronic rheumatism cases.
Mr. H. K. West of Water street, Vancouvor,
B.C., was a groat sufferer from painful attacks of Ithouiuallsm ln his shoulders, so severe wore tho attacks that, ho oould not raise
his irnis. Ho applied Griffiths' Menthol Liniment, tho great pain rollover, and In less than
four hours tho pain had entirely left him. Ho
says: "It oertafiily Is a groat pain reliever.'
For sale by J. 11. Yanitone, Nelson. 11. Cl
For investment, bearing 6 per cent.
P. O. BOX 189. VICTORIA, B. C.
driving, amateur photography, and
summer sports generally are unlimited. Both up and down the lake are
ideal camping places where if this
movement is successfully oarried out
comfortable cabins will be erected by
the owners and placed at the disposal
of campeis for moderate rentals. A
few cabins placed at the Twin Lakes,
at Bonnington Palls, Slocan Crossing
and many of the beautiful points
jutting out into the lake and placed
for disposal in the hands of the association as agents of the owners, wonld
bo but one of the features of the plan.
There aro at present two houseboats
on tho lake, and as this form of outing is each yest coming more and
mote into favor, there would probably
in a year or so be a demand for a
dozen or more of theso vessels.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting-, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Ageut Nelson-
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kasl.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City
Orderc by matt to afw branch will have careful and oramnt attention.
and try a bottlo, a dozen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER as it ls the best and
ohoapent, ou toe market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     aud    CIQARS.
Telephone 93 Baker  t. Ne
Kootenay Railway and Na$
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quickest routo to lhe oast and ai
points on Jm (.). li. Be N. and Northern J'(��
clflo Railways ln Washington, Oregon ana
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
(JARS.-     ALS a la OABTE.
Northern R'v,
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
3:30 a. >n. Lv.
10:05 I).in. Ar.
Ar. 1:00 p. m
Lv. 1:10 P. ra
Int Nav- & Trading Oo
5:20 p. ni. Lr. Nolaon Ar. 11:00 a. u
9:10 p. in. Ar. KiimIo Lv. 7:00 a.
Connootlng at Five Milo Point with Nelnon
A Fort, Hheppard Hallway both to and from
Rowland, oto.
Tlcketfl Bold to all parts ln Unitod State and
Canada via Great Northorn and O. K. & N
CO.'H HllOK,
Ocean Htoamshlp tloketf* ...
IIiich will bo f urnisnod on application.
and ratos vl   i
For further particulars call on or addrens
Flannel Suits���wo havo tliom coming. Beauties, suits that will fit,
near well, and will not fade. Will
tell you when they arrive.���The Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.
Uanaaer, Kanlo.B, O
Taokabcrt AkchI. Nelson II. ('.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Olose connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls und Northern Kuilwny,
D rect connection nt St. Paul without change of depot with all trainH for
Chicago, Toronto. Montrenl, New York
and ufl points West and youth.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 _'m
Leaves Spokane daily ior West at 7:20 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 800 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victorin and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation Kast
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagnifloent steamships North-Wesl
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Oreat Northern Railway.
For further inforniBtlou, aps, fold
era, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Ky., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry,, Kootei ai Railway Sc Navigation
Oo , or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt,  W  701  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K, TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nolaon. B 0
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffe*
Car service has been inaugurated
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or th
U. S.
Close connections made  at  Spo
kane for the south, east  and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and   18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
0:20 a.m Spokane 7:15 p.m
12 :26p.m Rossland 4 :3() p.m
10:30 a.m Mountain 5 r.'.i p. in.
'J:l(i a. in Nelson 6:45 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. Sc T.A.
Spokane, Waan
Agent, Nelson, B.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to ii. L. LENNOX, Baku St,
Will pay the highest oasb price for all
kinds ol seoond hand goods. Will boy
or sell anything from an anchor to ���
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperta,
cooking utensils, bought ln household
quantities. Also oast off elothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Sliver King Mike, Boi. 100. HaU
Mineral ilaiaos and mines suiveyed [street, Nelson, B. C.
**_,' Nklson Daily Miner Wednesdvy. February 26,   190s
Trunks and   Y��" can see iD
our store  a  very
Valises complete  lino   ol
TRUNKS frum the very cheap niakc
to tho solid oak travelling Trunk canvas covered with brass littiugs, a regular Klobo trotter. We can supply you
with (iRIPS at price ranging from 85c
to ISO 1 also SUIT   CASES   from   $2.50
to si-r> each,
Booksellers, stationers
Show Room for Mason Sc Risch pianos
| WW W^WrfW wwwvwwm
Robert Irving, manii^er of the K.
and 8. railway anil tilt) International
.Steamship company, was in the city
A trapper named Gardner came in
yesterday with a pack of furs that
nirpa��sed in quality any that have
beeu brought in this winWr, in fact,
seldom are better peits procurable.
He had taken 2>> maiten, one mink
and one wolverine. Gardner has been
trapping for the past few woeks on
Fish meek in, the I.ardeau miniug
division and lias had good success. Ho
found ready sale for his catch iu
J. F. Dickson roturned last night
from Elko where he has just complnted
the contract for two miles of road.
F. A. Tamblyn returned yesterday
from Winnipeg, having stayed at
Brandon a few days to visit friends
after the conclusion of the bonspiel.
N. T. McLeod is callinn for tonders
for tlie purchase of the balanco of
the Bunyan stock, tenders to be received np to March 12th.
The tug Hercules has secured the
contract tn transport liuio rock from
Lardo lo Nelson for tbe Hall Mines
smelter and the Trail smelter tor the
ensuing year.
.1. L, Donpe, assistant land commissioner of the C. P, It. at Winnipeg,
from which the land ol the company
in Rritish Columbia is now administered, wus iu the oity on Monday.
Tho machinery of the tug Red Star
is to be sent north to Horsefly lake,
where it will ba put into a new hull.
The vessel will be used by the miners
nnd prospectors who nre going into
that secttou this year.
William Ginol and Mrs. Emma E.
Turner, both of Sanoa, weie married
at tho Methodist parsonage yesterday
aiternoon by Rev. J. U. White, Mr.
Ginol is a miner at Sancn. where they
will tuku up their residence.
On Friday afternoon C. A. Waterman and Co., will sell by auction in
the West block, a quantity of household effects, iron bedsteads, carpets,
etiairs, tables and such goods. The
salo begins at 2 o'elock sharp.
The postmaster desires to gi��e
notice that anyone defacing or destroy
James   Crotnn,   manacer ol the   St.
Eugeno mine, is at the Phair.
"You would be dollars in pocket had
you used Crow's Nest coal. Never
too late to mend. Good stock of
fir and birch wood. Call up 33,
West Transfer Co.
Monarch Sneclal
Milk Diet Tailed
Food that will actually lift one out
of a sijk bed is worth Knowing of.
A Chicago lady writes: "I want to
tell of a positive cure drape-Nuts
Food has made in a ease that was
considered almost hopeless
I know yon do not look upon Grape-
Nuts ns a medicine but, inasmuch as
tlie food certainly does build up worn
out systems, it seems to me it i��
closely allied to a tonic, Now about
the cure.
Last Spring a denr girl friend fell
ill aud was taken to one of the hospitals, but weeks before entering the
hospital she had been able to take
nothing but milk to nourish liar, all
other foods distressed tho stomach so
much tbat she tired to live on the
Willi alone.
The doctor in the hospital endeavored to keep her alive with broth and
otnor food, but her stomach refused to
retain anything but milK, and very
little of thut ut a time.
1 worked away at the resident
physician until he consented to my
taking her home to see what the
change would do for her. The poor
child was so very weak and nervous
and so frail that I felt quite dubious
about the outcome, nevertheless 1
knew enough about Grape-Nuts Food,
which 1 intended to give her, to feel
that it would bring her ont. After
she had rested a little while I warmed
somo milk and poured it over a table-
spoonfnl of Grape-Nuts and persuaded
Tier to take it. She did so with fear
and trembling, for she did not expect
to keep the food down. After giving
her the food I started to read her a
story,and although it was an inteiost-
ing one, she fell asleep. When she
linally awoke her lirst words were
'Did I really keep the Grape-Nuts?'
She had kept them but could
scarcely believe it. After two or three
hours I gave her a little more with the
same good result. Gradually and
Cautiously 1 increased the amount
until after a few days she was ublo to
eat a saucer full with no bad effects.
Sho lived on Grape-Nuts entirely
and gained strength so rapidly that
she soon recovered, and i"ii recommends Grape-Nuts to all her friends.
She says she would be Rind to have
anyone who is suffering from stomach
trouble write her, und she will tell
what Grape-Nuts Kood has done for
her, and how grateful she is to the
man who had the forethought to manufacture a food already digested so
that weak sto jachs can take it. Her
name is Lillie M. Gestabt, 4410
Wabash Avo, Chicago.
A clergyman of our acquaintance
cats a dish of GraueNuta before preparing his sermon. I asked him once
il he got inspiration from the food.
He said, 'Not only that, but it seem6
to clear my mind and make my
thirdlies and fourthlies come much
more quickly. Just think about one's
stomach not having to think about
digesting Grape-Nuts at all, they have
done the digesting themselves, aud all
we have to do is to tickle tho palate
by swallowing thom.' This same
gentleman assured mo that he would
rather dispense with any artiole of
f.ind on the table tban Grape-Nuts.
We cat tho food regularly with some
times a little fresh or canned fruit
added. We call it out 'tonic' My
husband joins in thanking you
heartily for its manufacture." Name
given by Fostttm Co., Rattle Creek,
Mjou.   ' ___.
ing the notices posted in the poslorllee
is liable to a tine of 850. Some of the
notices that have been put up there
recently have been scribbled on anU
otherwise injured.
Since tho ice on thc arm of Kootenny lake broke up there ar3 logs
scattered along tho sandbars from
Nelson to Nine Mile narrows. The
logs are suopofled to bo from the boom
of the Nelson Planing mill. One boat
captain counted 04 logs lying here and
there along the arm.
A letter wus received in this city
yesterday from Dawson, which stated
that the thermometer registered 50
degrees below zero there on the February 2nd. The letter states that the
papers there are a little high. The
cost of the Sun and Nugget is $3 per
month, while the News costs $4 por
A dispatch was received at this
office yesterday from Blairmore, whieh
stated that tho contract for 250 coke
ovens at Frank had not been let aa
stated by Tli2 Miner a day or two
since. Ihe information as to the coke
ovens came from what was presumed
to be reliable authority and was published in good faith by this paper.
The mtchanical force of the Tribune
declined to work last night, it is understood on acconnt of suitable financial arrangement not having been
made, and as a consequence there will
be no issue of that paper this morning.
John Houston, the manager, is in
Victoria in attendance at the Provincial legislature, of which ho is a
member, and in his absence no one in
Nelson is in a position to make an
announcement as to tho lutnre intentions of the company.
Mrs. Roberts, of Florence Park, is
bewailing the loss of 26 pigeons recently imported by a local firm from
tho Colville valloy and sold to her.
After keeping the birds confined for a
few days they were liberated. The
homing instinct appeared to take
possession of them and atter a ion
eircies through the air they struck for
the south und long since reached
their former home in the Colville
valley. A now Hock has been seoured,
however, and it is thought these will
remain at tlie park.
Among the guests at the Hume last
evening were Engene Croteau, of
Rossland, E. W. Thomas, of Phila
delphia, J. I'. H. Cunningham, of
Newcastle, I'a., J, E. Boyle, of
Eureka, Cai., and F. M. Learner of
Denver, Col. The four latter are
friends of Mr. Croteau and they have
been In the Ymir distiict with him
looking at the Ymir and other mining
properties there. They are much
pleased with what they saw and say
that il they had such a property as
tne Y'mir in the states they would
place it on exhibition. Tney leave
for Rossland this morning.
The two prisoners who were brought
in from Fernie on Monday night will
come up for trial on Thursday before
Judge Forin to elect as to whether
they will take a speedy trial or wait
until the asBizes. These two men,
Solomon Gabriel and D. L. Brieze,
have no less than 23 charges against
them. They are accused of being members ot the so called "Kootenay
Association" which advertised for
men to till different positions in
Fernie, guaranteeing ,100 per month
and expenses out lrom the east. This
advertisement was inserted in eastern
papers and to the large number of applicants letteis were sent telling them
the position had boen fillod but that
others wero open and to obtain them
they would have to send $1 and promise to pay a certain percentage of
their first month's Balary,
Causes,   Preventatives   and   Approved
Methods of Treatment.
At the Baptist church   last   evening
tho third lecture in   the   series  Riven
under   the   auspices  of the   Florence
Crittenden society   was   delivered   by
ono of the citv doctors.     Tlie lecturer
Rave a   comprehensive   description   of
tho terrible ravages   made by tuberculosis throughout lhe world and showed
what  a   scourge   of   humanity   H  is
rapidly bt coming.      Il is slightly less
prevalent in the tiopics   than   in   the
temperate   zones,   he   said,   although
natives of the tropics when brought to
a colder country were very susceptible
to it.      In describing how    it   spread,
ho suid the means nf   infection   were:
First,   by   inhalation.     Through   the
indiscriminate cxpectoratlou of   those
suffering   from   the   disease,    in   the
streets  and public places,   the dust of
thestreets were laden with these germs
and     they   wero     inhaled       by   the
thousands;   secondly, by eating foods
inlected,   snoh   as   moat   and    milk,
althouRh infection by the latter means
is   denied   hy   such an expert as   Dr.
Koch.     However,   the speaker was of
the opinion that it was much bettor to
err on   the side of   safety, if   at  all.
and all   precautions should  be  taken
against the use ol milk in   whieh   the
germs might be present.     Thirdly, ln
washing   or   handling   clothes   of   a
patient.    Fourthly,  in   a wound from
an instrument on which   the germs of
the  disease   were   present.     Fifthly,
although     vory     rarely,     hereditary
Predisposition to tlie disease was
not uncommon, but with proper care
this need never develop into the
disease. He showed how sunlight and
fresh air were two of the greatest foes
of the disease that existed, and played
the largest part in assisting nature to
throw off the disease after it had once
obtained a hold on the system.
Persons of all ages are liable to
take the disease, although between
the ages of )8 and 35 this disease is
tho most common. Women were
slightly more susceptible to it than
men, which was explained by the fact
that as a rule their occupation was of
a more sedentary nature.
He described the symptoms of the
disease at length, taking up both
galloping consumption and the chronic
form. The latter of these is by far
the m_.i common, and is wi.at. con
stitutes the yreat menace to society
today. The best way to prevent the
disease gaining a lodgment in the
system was by keeping the body in
shape to throw off the attacks. When
it was acquired, the patient should be
segregated irom healthy individuals
as much as possible and placed in
open air sanitaria. He gave a list
of these sanitariums in various parts
of Canada and the United States, and
read some statistics which showed
that, ot the patients who had entered
them from 40 to 00 pei cent were
As to tho stamping out of the disease
one of the hardest fights would have
to be against promiscuous cxpectora
tion, which was mainly responsible
for the spread of tne disease. It
should be made a law tbat a list of all
patients suffering from tho disease
should be given to the medical officers
so that tho patients could be kept
nnder proper care and restrictions.
Consumptive children should not be
allowed to attend educational institutions and sit beside healthy children,
and expectoration except in properly
disinfected public spittoons should be
made an offence. Of course to carry
out tbis successfully public opinion
must be aioused to the great danger
to which all wore exposed. No one
hud assurance of immunity fiom th
disease. All were exposed to it and
each year saw the danger assuming
greater proportions. He desenbed the
various climutoa ot tho world as help
lul or otherwise in the treatment of
the disease, touching on tne agitation
that was being made in some places
where the climate was beneficial to
prevent consumptives being brought
A Watch built especially to stand
the hard usage of this country, it has
as a fine timepiece. It will be at
home on the railroad or in the
Have a look at it before  buying.
Patenaude Bros.
i Be Sure and Get the Genuine. __\
in China,   with  beautiful  Enamelled   Canadian   Emblems,
Only a few left.
Fine Witch Repairing a Specialty
X Cor. Baker & Stanley Sts.. Nelson
A penny saved is a dollar eamod.
Save yonr pennies by burning Crow's
Nest      coal. Satisfactory        and
economical. Telephone 33, West
Transfer Co., all kinds of teaming
promptly and cheaply done.
There arc a few chances left in the
rallle of a workbox, walking Btick
and several other articles. Call and
Ret a ticket before thoy ara all gone.
Most of tno large tickets have been
drawn; drawing to be beld at tbe
Palm as soon as the tickets aro all
February, the money-losing month
of the yenr. Don't misread us, uot
everything sold at a loss but vast
quantities of goods turned into money,
less money than they cost. 1'runing
season, Pruned stock. Healthy store,
helpful to you. Royal money-losintr.
but nothing lost; money we lose, you
find. Come and look���The Wallace
Miller Co., Ltd.
1 Lawrence Hardware Company |
Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C. 3
I will sell my
Stock of Fresh Groceries and Provisions
At wholesale prices until it is
all cleared out.
Cor. Hall & Vernon Sts. Nelson, B. C.
In accordance wilh the By-Laws uf lhe Ho-
cluty, tltti Annual (Jcnural Meeting will ba held
iu tho Board o( Trailu ltooms un Tuosdsy,
March lllli at 3 p. nl.
All anniml nnbHerlbcrn to lhe mini cf Ten Dol
lursaro members of tlio Booiety. eligible to
take port in the election of alreolors fur lho on-
niiirg lonu and in nunc ef illne is ure untitled tu
fiuo treatment iu thu hoipltal.
Soft    Weather   Causes  Postponement
Till This Afternoon,
Sandon, Feb. 25.��� Sandon won the
Oliver tropby against all-oomers by
five points. All the other events were
called off till tomorrow afternoon on
account of soft weatber.
Household Effects
Monte Carlo, Feb. 25.���The following are the results of today's play iu
the international chess tournament:
Schlechter worsted Eisenberg, Reggio
went down before Tschorjin, Napier beat Janoskwi, Marshall downed
Teichmann, while Mieses vanquished
Marco, Albin upset Mason, and
Popiel suffered defeat at the hands of |
Scheve. Gunsberg and Wolf divided
Acting  under  instrucPons   from the
owner we  will sell   by pnblie auction
in the West Block ,Oor. Baker and Hall
Streets on
Friday, Feb. 28, 1902
A lot of Household Goods,   Iron  Bedsteads,  Carpets,   Chairs, TableB,  etc.
Chas- A, Waterman & Go-,
Until further notice tho steamer
KoUanee will only make a trip to
Lardo once a week on Thursdays.
Queens���H. Stouke, Greenwood.
creek: If. A.
I.   Reimelle, Crawford
Forti,     Silver     Hill
T. Watts,
-A. M.
McPherson,   Erie
Grand Central���W. A. Alexander,
Kaslo; A. Sannderson, Winnipeg; C.
Peterson, New Denver; It. W. Reeves,
Mrs. M. Lillie, Erie.
Phair.-Eobt. Irving, Kaslo; T. J.
Coyle, Winnipeg; Mrs. Hammond,
Miss Hammond, Seattle; James
Cruuin, A. P. Macdonald, Moyie; A
McMasters, Fernie; U. Van A. Smit
z.er, Toronto.
Hume���J. 0. Rvan, Kaslo; W. I).
Sckill, Toronto; T. C. Welsh, Kaslo;
C. A. Cornwall, L. W. Brown, Uon-
nington Falls; T. Foley, St.- Paul; Vt.
Yates, Toronto; M. II. Gilliam,
Bayonne mine; L.A. Thurston, Slocan
City;.I. P. II. Cunningham, Newcastle, Pa.; E. W. Thomas, Philadelphia; Eugene Croteau, Kossiand;
I'. W. Lohmen, Denver; J. F. llagley,
Eureka, V. N. Dodd, Spokane; E.
Uobcner, J. A. Smilk, (irand Forks;
R. U. MchPail, Toronto; 0. Scott
Galloway, Greenwood; Vi. F. Gaunce,
Greenwood; Geo. C. Hose, G. K.
Stoeker, F. Asprey, Cascade.
New Scientific Treatment Kills   Dandruff Germs, and Makes Hair St ft.
It is an accepted fact, a proven fact,
that dandruff ia a Kcrm disease; and
it is also a demonstrated fact that
Newbro's Herpicide kills the dandruff
germ. Without dandruff faliing hail
will stop, and thin hair will thiclon.
Herpicide not only kills the dandruff
germ, but it also makes hair as soft
as silk. It is tho most delightful hair
dressing made. It cleanses the scalp
from dandruff and keeps it clean and
healthy. Itching and irritation are
instantly relieved, and permanently
cured. At all druggists. There's
nothing "just as good." Take no
substitute.    Ask for "Herpicide."
Keep your boys feet dry, onr stock
ot bovs footwear is worth your attention���The Wallace-Miller Co.
Tenders will be received by the  un
dersigned at his office,   Nelson, until noon on
Wednesday, March 12,1902
for the purchase of the
stock in trade of J. G.
Bunyan & Co. consisting of
Furniture. Picture Moulding, Carpets,
Draperies,    and   Undertaking
Fixtures and Supplies.
as follows :
Furniture, etc.
Carpets, etc.
Undertaking Stock
& Fixtures   -      817-28
Bids will be considered for any  one
line or for the whole stock.
Stock lists can be seen at office
of the undersigned, Nelson, B. C. ;
at the office of The Canada Furniture Manufacturers, Toronto, or at
the office of H. R. Ives & Co.,
The stock is all new and up-to-
date, no old shop worn goods, as
the firm has only been in business
for a short time.
Any further information will be
gladly given by
N. T. MACLEOD, Assignee.
Nelson, B. C, Feb. 24,  1902.
NELSON LODGE    No. 23, A. F. Sc
M, meets second Wednesday in
month,   Visiting brethorn welcomo
I. O. O. P. Kootenay Lodgo
No. 10, meots ovory Monday night,
at  their  HaU,  Kootenay street)
Sojourning Odd FellowH oordially Invited.
G. W. Halo, N. G.;  G. F. Motion, V. G.; A,
Loughurst, Roc. Sec,
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. 123, G. R. C.
McetA third Wednesday. Sojourning cum pan
Ions invited. George Johnstone, Z. T. J.
Sims,   8. E.
,       NELSON iXHJUE No.25, K. of P.
KmoetH In K. of 1'. hall, Oddfellows block
gevoryTuosday evening at 8 o'clook.
JAM visiting knights cordially invite
Wm. Ibvine, C.C.
IIi (in hTKvi.Ns. K. of R. and 8.
Nelson Eoca pnient No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and 4th Friday of each month, in Odd Fellows
Hall, cornor Baker and Kootenay atresia,
Nolson. A. 11. ClnmentB, C. P.; D. McArthuf
R. 8.   Visiting brothers always welcomo.
NELSON L. O. L. No. 108 meets in Fraternity Hall on first and third Friday evenings
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting member
cordially invited. W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A.Miuty, R.S.
NELSON AERIE No. 22, F. O. E., meets
every second and fourth Wednesdays of each
rn onth. Visiting members oordially iuvit
Charles Proas**, Secretary.
Kootonay Tent No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold their
regular meetings in Fraternity HaU, I. O. O. F.
block, on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each
n.cnth. Visiting brethren cordially inviled to
attend. G.A. Brown R. K.; Dr. Rose, Com"
R. J.dtecl. D.8. C.
1st and 3rd Wednesday ovenings of
each month at Fiaternity nail
corner of Baker and Kootenay
streets. Visiting brethern cordially Invited.
Edwakd M��ci.kod. Secretary.
Nelson Court Star of Kootenay, A. O. F
Meets 2nd and 1th Wednesdays in every
Month. Visiting brethren welcome. V Mao
Milllan, C. P.; Hertwrt McLeod Sec
COURT KOOTENAY, I. O. F., No. 3138,
Meetings 1th Thursday uf month. Fraternal
hall, J A Irving O. R.   P. H. Fleming. R.8.
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1.00 to $1.50 per day. First
class Meals, 25c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Box 210. Telephone 147,
Victoria St., Nelson.
Y. O. GREBN        F. _. OLKMENTri
Civil Engineer* and Provincial Land
cor. Kootenay & Victoria sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone 2
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Front sl. John, N. ti.
Allan Line Tunisian March  8
Allan Line Numldian Ma>ch 15
Beaver L*ne GarthCastle Mirch U
Beaver Line Lake Ontario. March 28
AUanSLine steamers call at Halifax two days
From Portland.
Dominion Line Dominion Match 8
From New York
Whito Star Line Oceanic March  5
White fctir Line Mnjcstio March 12
Whito Rtar Line Germanic March 19
Cunard Line Umbrla March 8
Cunard Line Lueania March 15
Cunard Lire Etruria March ii
American Line tf t Paul March 12
Anicrican Line Su Louis Mn rch LO
Rod Star Line .eouthwark March 5
Rod star Line Vaderland March 12
Continental callings of French. North German Lloyd, H. A. P. and Italian Linos on application.
RATES���Saloon far��� $12.50, and upwards
Pecond $35 and upwards according to steamer
a*��d location of berth. Bteotaga quoted on application. Prepaid passages from England and
the continent at lowest rates.
H. L. BROWN,      W. P. F. CUMMING8,
City Agt. Nelsou.     Gen. Agent, Winnipeg
About that second-hand artlclv o
voura. You'll sell it if you'll adver
Use it in The Minor wast celuour


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