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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 23, 1901

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4. :-
Daily Edition No.  1122
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Friday,  August 23,  1901
i L-j'.r
lloolt or IS   miles   to   windward   antl
buck.    Sir Thomas with   a   party   of
; three guests, will go to Oyster liny in
on   Saturday to witness the
races   between   the   Constitution   anil
  Columbiu on Long Island 8ouud under
tho management  of the Souwunhuka-
Hard Work to Decide Which Corinthian Ya.m ciub, whoso guest
lie will be at dinner that day.
Yacht Will Defend America's Gup,
Shamrock II HasQFIrst Trial
Spin at New York and
Sailed Well.
Oyster Bay, lj. [., Aug. 38*,���-Flying
the Hag of the Seawunhaka-Corinthlan
Yacht Club, the Constitution propped
Anohor olf tlie club house late .yesterday afternoon and this morning her
crew wero ready on deck to prepare
the intended cup defender for another
race with her rival,tbe Columbia, The
preparatory signal was tired at 1.80
anil the start was made at 1.85. Tlie
wind was then blowing about four
knots au hour.
The Columbiu gave tlie Constitution
a Rood sound beating twice around
tlie Zunhuka triangular course. On
corrected time the old boat won by
two minutes and seven seconds and on
elapsed lime by one minute 80 seconds.
Hut the figures do not represent, the
deciveness of the Columbia's victory
for, us a matter of fact, she beat the
new hoat twice. Thc first time around
the tiianglo of li,.j' miles .she gained
over five minutes, and then a shift of
wind on the short leg across the
sound put the Constitution upon even
terms when a new race was practically started, the wind now coming
true again. This time tho Columbia
gained over a minuto and a liftn. It
was a day of (luky sound breezes, but
if either got any advantage from the
changes in the wind it was the Constitution. It was at no time a white-
cap breeze and tho water was smooth,
conditions which always favored tbo
Constitution. The new boat did not
seem to have any of the speed she has
shown in light air. She was sluggish
on tho starting line and although the
two yachts crossed almost at tlie same
minute with a one gun start, the
Columbia romped off and took a lead
of one-eighth of a mrlo while the
Constitution was gathering way.
To be sure tbe Constitution was -tying a new mainsail and drew veiy
badly during the first round bnt it
kept getting hotter and better and for
tbe last IS miles of the course was
drawing very well.
Then too, tlie club sail was at most
use in the windwork work. But all
this does not account for her defeat.
Even on the last leg of tho race, in a
close run for home, while both boats
had exactly the same wind and the
Constitution's sails were apparently
drawing foi all they were worth, the
Columbia added over a minute on her
lend. With the International contest
less than a month away today's race
reopens the whole cup defender proposition and the yacbtsmon urn guessing again.
The two boats will start again over
the same course on Saturday. This
will be their last race before the trial
at Newport.
Columbia won by ono minute, -17
seconds; corrected time, three
minutes. The finish time was as
follows: Columbia, 5.8o.!-0; Constitution, 5,,6:17.
New York, Aug. 22.��� Sir Thomas
Lipton'a new challenger (or the
American cup, Shamrock II. hud her
first spin in New York lower buy today, and although it only lasted 00
minutes it was a most satisfactory
performance from start to finish, sir
Thomas Lipton and Designer Watson,
both of whom were on board the
yacht duiing her trial, expressed
themselves as perfectly satisfied with
the result, In sailing about eight
miles dead to windward against a two
knot tide, she covered the distance in
57 minutes and the reach back of six
miles in forty minutes. The wind
was freshand fairly steady from about
south by east and of ten to twelve
knots strength. The yacht carried
mainsail, working topsail, forestays
"nd jib. After tbe yacht's anchor
was down, Sir Thomas boarded tbe
Associated Press tug and told the reporter that the Shamrock would go
ont for a long trial spin tomorrow,
extending to Sandy Hook and perhaps,
it there was clear weather nnd a good
breeze, she might try to eovoi tlio
Aiuciica's   cup   course   outside     thc
Steel Magnates Claim They VVill Soon
Open Mill.
Pittsburg, l'a.. Aug. 2:!.���Aside
from tho partial equipment of tbe
Star plant, of the American Tin Plate
Cc, and the preparation for is immediate resumption of business, there
weie no special developments in the
strike situation in this city today
No further trouble occurred at the
Pennsylvania Tube works and at all
other strike points quiet reigns. Thc
incident at thc Stai plant this morning is given as un example of special
significance and, to use an amalgamated otlici.U's expression, shows that
the men bave been educated to tbe
knowledge that tbeir strongest
weapon in sueli cases is silence and
submission until it is demonstrated
that the mills cannot be operated successfully without tho uid of skilled
men now on strike.
The steel men, on the other hand,
are highly pleased with their success
in manning the Star plant and say
that if the men tbey secure are not
molested it will be a short time until
all of .the mills will be in foil operation and doing good work. While the
strikers claim that four of the new
men at the Star plant have deserted
tbeir company and say that others
would leave if tbey would get out of
tbe mill, Superintendent Harper main
tains that he has 100 men at work,
that none havo deserted and that the
men can go and conic from the mills
as they please. Mr. Harper says that
the plant will he in smooth riiauing
order tonight and he apprehends no
further difficulty in its operation.
The Painter mill has 250 men at
work and tbe management expect to
be running full handed by next week.
Two mills are beiug operated at the
Lindsay and McC'utcheon plant, one
of tbem being the ten inch mill. No
sign of a break in the Carnegie upper
and lower iron plants made it sappear-
anoe today. McKeesport is still completely tied up but an attempt may be
made to start the Demmler Iron works
tonight with men secured from outside
points. At Irondale the Tin Plate Co.
gained another victory today by the
succcssfull start of one of the rollers.
There are said to bo enough men in
the plant to man one mill one turn
and the oompanv officials saT now
that tbe break has been made they
will get, back the men.
Secretary of Manufacturers'
Association Discusses Industrial Conditions.
Most   Enjoyable   Shooting   Party  in
an Alabama Town.
Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 22.���A
s*jalf correspondent of tbe Birmingham News telegraphs from Ashville,
St. Clare Co., today, saying that in a
buttle which occurred there at 1
o'clock between Sheriff North's posse
and a niob of 400 men, who were
.seeking to lynch James Brown, the
negro rapist from Springville, three
men were wounded, two fatally. The
mob dispersed for the time being.
Brown was tried at a special term
of court this morning and sentenced
to be banged September 20th. The
trial lasted two bonis and the jury
was out eleven minutes. When it became noised about that tho court bad
directed the Sheriff to take the prisoner back to Birmingham for safe
keeping, a mob surrounded the court
where Brown was being guarded by
the Sheriff and deputies. The mob
demanded the prisoner and the Sheriff
informed them he would shoot the
rirst man that put bis foot on the
court bouse steps. Ir a few minutes
one of the mob dashed up the steps,
firing a revolver. A genoral fusilade
followed. The Sheriff's force fired
through thc windows and doors and
the mob retreated, firing as tbey
went. Walter Blankenship was shot
through tne head. Arthur Blankenship waB shot in the head and
shoulders with buckshot. Both will
die. A boy named Ilunby was shot io
the bead. Owing to a heavy rain, the
mob sought shelter in nearby stores.
Tbe Sheriff is still in the court bouse
and is trying to open communication
with the Governor in older to get
troops. Another attack on the c ourt
liouse is feared.
Importance of Preparing Evidence for the Railway
No Relief to Strained Situation Between the Two
Frenchmen Enthusiastic Over
���    Approaching  Visit  of
tlie Czar.
u special despatch fiom th.i Turkish
capital,    thnt   the Sultan will accord
full satisfaction to M. Constans without coercion on the part of Franco and
the incident will have ended within
:' I hours.
Air. T. A.  Russell,    secretary of tbo
Canadian Manufacturers'   Association
of Canada was in the city yesterday
enroute oust from a trip to the coast
in tbe interest-: of the association.
Ilo has interviewed tbe leading manufacturers of tbo wost and yesterday
culled on some of those prominent
along different industrial lines in
Nelson. Ile'eontinued his trip east
lust evening.
A Miner reporter called on Mr. Kus-
sell at the IItime yesterday : "The
Canadian Manufacturers' Association," he said, "is au organization of
the manufacturer of Canada for the
purpose of tuking up nil matters bearing upon the industrial progress of the
Dominion. The membership at the
present time comprises piactically all
the large manufacturing concerns and
numbers approximately a thousand.
The Association has a central executive committee comprised of representatives from all the provinces and
from all the leading industries; it has
as well an executive committee for
each province, to deal with questions
of local interest, and also to cot far on
subjects of wider Dominion importance. The British Columbia commit cc was elected at Vancouver re
cently with Mr. W. Sully of E. H.
Heaps & Co., (lumbermen), Van
conver, us chairman; Mr, D. It. hter,
of Brackman-Ker Milling Co., as vice
chairman, and a strong list of representative men on the executive. Organized in this thorough way the
association should be able to deal
with some of the leading questions
that affect the interests of this
country, especially of this province.
"The object of my visit is to become as thoroughly acquainted as
possible with the vat-ions mutters requiring to be dealt with in order to
advance the industrial interests of
this province so that the whole Canadian Manufacturers' Association
may be in a position to support any
action along these lines. For this
purpose I have visited many of the
industrial centres in the province and
have met representatives of the mining and smelting interests, of the
lumber, fisb canning, iron working
and other industries and have through
them learned much that will assist
me in obtaining for them the support
of the easteru Canadian interests in
tbe measures of reform for which they
are asking.
"Generally speaking business is
quieter in Hritish Columbia than well
wishers of t'oo province would wish
to see it. Although the lumber trade
is in a fairly good position at present,
the lumbermen foel the injustice of
the present tariff relations between
Canada and the United States. A
heavy duty on lumber entering the
United States prevents Canadian
shipments to that market while the
American lumberman can at any
time ship any surplus stock into the
Canadian market duty free. In this
way while a mill south of the boundary bas its own large market to itself.
and also a free entrance to our smaller
market, the one north of the line bus
no entrance to the large market and
only an even chance lor the smaller.
This condition tends to injure the B.
C. lumberman in the domestic mnrket, and more adequate shipping
facilities seem to be required for the
foreign trade.
"The canners on the Fraser rivet-
are, as every one knows, enjoying a
splendid run of lish and the indications are that this season's pack will
be a recoid one. As soon as the large
amounts of money involved in this
industry begin to be distributed trade
on the coast will improve. The canners, however, complain bitterly that
the Dominion (iovernment is not
properly caring for this industry by
the establishment of hatcheries, nor
in its fishing regulations. Tlie mutter
will likely conn- up for full discussion
at Ottawa very soon.
"But   the   most  serious    condition
(Continued oil Third Page-)
Paris, Aug. 22.���According to the
foreign office officials this afternoon
there is no news und no chnnge in the
Turkish situation. It was noticeable
that the officials were moie reticent
than yesterday. While reasserting
tbat no naval demonstration is contemplated, they refuse to confirm or
deny the truth of the news contained
a in special despatch suving thut
three battleships and n orusier, which
arrived ut Toulon tbis morning, are
taking coul aud provisions on board.
Thoy said they had no information on
the subject. Perhaps it is not lacking in significan.'e that M. Deschanel,
President of the Chamber of Deputies,
who was attending the council generul
at Oh art res, suddenly went to l!am-
boullet this morning to see President
Loubet, and ulso that M. Delcusse,
the Minister of Foreign A Hairs, leaves
the consul-general of Arile und returns to Paris tomorrow to ut'.end u
special meeting of tbe cabinet called,
it is asserted, to arrange the programme for the reception and entertain men t of the Czar. In the meanwhile, tbe Turkish Ambassador,
Muuir Bay, is absent and at the
Turkish embassy only minor officials
are usable. They assume an air of
absolute indifference and ignorance in
the whole affair. Most of the diplomatists are away for the summer
holidays, hence, it is difficult to obtain
a concensus of opinion. Talking to
the correspondent of the Associuted
Press, one of the oldest ones, who
has been connected with the diplomatic corps for over 25 yeurs, said ;
���'The Sultan's hand contains one
trump just now. It is not likely that
France will ran the ri6k of opening
the question on the eve of the Czar's
The newspapers here under the influence of the overwhelming joy at
tho Czar's approaching visit, are paying scant attention to Constantinople, and generally ure taking the
view that the matter will soon be
settled to France's sutisfaction. The
coming of tho Czar is causing intense
satisfaction throughout tbe country.
The Council General are now sitting,
nud even those in which the opponents of tbe Government are in the
majority are passing resolutions
warmly congratulating President
Loubet and thc Ministiy on the occasion of the Czar's visit which is regarded us a happy result of the Government's foreign policy. The Temps
hus tyi official note this afternoon on
the lines of the interview which the
correspondent'of tlie Asociated Press
obtained jeiterdny with a high official
of thc foreign office, suying: "The
rupture as yet is only the peisonal act
of M. Constans, (tbe French Ambassador at Constantinople), and will only
iiecome officially complete if the Sul-
tun persists in his present attitufe, in
which case, us Munir Bey is absent
fiom France, it will only be necessary
to notify him not to'roturn until diplomatic relations are resumed."
The Temps udds tbat there is no
question at present of a naval demonstration und sin's if it becomes neces-
sury, France may imitate the example of Austria who once under
similar circumstances seized the custom houses of certain Ottoman   ports,
Brussels, Aug. 22.���The Indepen*
dente Beige today prints a despatch
from Copenhagen wliioh says; "It is
currently reported in Russian circles
that the Czar has dcoided to broach
Soutli African intervention to Emperor
William and President Loubet. He
considers the time opportune for
friendly mediation." The paper
adds, under reserve, that the Czar during bis Btay iu France will receive
Mr. Kruger in private audience and
obtain from him a direct statement of
tha Boer position with a view of
formulating u plan for action.
| Liberals   Win    u   Battle   Prom    tIn*
Clerical Faction.
New   York,    Aug.   22. ���Ur.    A.   .1.
Reitrepo,   diplomatic   agent  of  tbe
Liberal party now attempting in take
possession of the Government in
Columbia, received a dispatch todny
from tlie Liberal agent at Quito, un-
nouncing another battle with the
Government forces. The dispatch was
as follows:
"Quito, Aug. 20���Tlie expected battle near I'asto wus fought on Saturday
the 17th und the Liberal general:-. Won
triumph over the clericals.''
Through his secretary Dr. Restrcpo
explained thut PastO where tlie battle
was reported tu have been fought Has
in the extreme southern part of
Colombia, "Oil miles from where General Uribe was operating and thut it
indicated successful execution of the
plan ot cumpuign mapped out by Gen-
erul Uribe und forwarded to the commanding officers of the other Liberal
forces before tbe general left Mew
York early in tlie Bummer.
Willemsdute. Aug. 22. ���Venezuelan
steamers huve transported SIK) men
from Maacabie and Coro undor command of General Davila who located
and captured General Herimde, to
invade Colombo near Uoi Uucliu und
to support tieneral Uribe. The Vein .
zuelatl authorities have aIno sent am
munition to that point.
Colon, Aug. S3.���-The Colombian
(iovernment is now enforcing a strict
Victoria, B. C, Aug. 22. ���Rev. John
McNeil, the famous divine, will arrive
here on September 3rd, via the C. P.
R. and will spend 10 days iu the city.
He will he accompanied by his youngest brother, Rev. Joseph McNeil, and
will preach once and perhaps lecture
here. Ho will visit his brother William, ussistant to Hon. W. C.   Wells.
Lieut. B D. Ilurtly, who wus.reported dangerously ill in u cable from
India yesterday, has succumbed to his
illness. Tbe coionel of the 4th Hussars cabled his grandmother, Mrs.
Dunsmuir, "Deeply regret your
grandson died today, whole regiment
shares your loss. (Sgd.) Kinkuid
Smith." Hurvey wus the youngest
child of the lute James Harvey of
Nanaimo, was 23 yeurs of age and
was educated at the Royal Military
College, Kingston. He joined the 4th
Hussars, two years ugo, anil was acting as adjutant at tbe time of bis
London, Aug. 22. ���.Meetings of the
Harvey Steel Co. of Great Britain; und
the Harvey Continental Company,
agreed to the sule of tbe compuny's
assets to the Harvey United Steel
Company. It is understood that a
New Jersey company is actively interested in tlni consolidation.
Nanuinio, B. C, Aug. 22. ���Matti
Lefbuka's head was severed from his
body by a fall of rock iu thc Extension mines this Afternoon.
London, Aug. 22.���It is believed   in
official circles in Constantinople, says
There is no hope of thc Islander
ever being raised. Where she sunk
there is a depth of 40 fathoms of
water and when it is considered thut
it is impossible to work below 12
fathoms, it will be seen that tlie doom
of the unfortuna tc liner is sealed forever. She was fully insured, however, and her 1-iss will therefore not
be felt by the owning company except
in thc excellent service which she
provided and for which it will be
difficult to liud another vessel to uphold her record for speed and comfort.
Her hu'J lies neur the end of Douglas
Island, in a narrow channel. She is
not far from the entrance of Taku
iulet, from Which place comes an incessant. Ilow uf bergs, one of which
was responsible for tlie disaster. Her
loss is a proof uf the necessity for
double bottom boats for service on
this coast, although in point of con-
stmction tbe Islander was a splendid
ship. Her hull wus con'.ructed of the
best of steel, li wus provided with
three collision bulkheads, one for-
wurd, one amidships and one aft.���
Vancouver Province.
Cresceus Trots Final Quarter
Of a Mile ln 29 3-4
University  Athletes   Arrive.
Hitch in Ruh_ln-Jeffer.es
Proposed Mil!.
Dadville, Mass., Aug. 22. ���The
celebrated Cresceus, who, through bis
record of 2.08)_ is tho king ul all
trottcis and leader uf the torf, was
the muget toduy to draw almost 15,001
people to the grand circuit here. As
u sort of recognition uf tin- favors
shown him In the way of applause
when he appeared on tho track, the
chesnut horse proceeded, iu the second
heat uf his big race with Lord llerhy
und Charlie Herr, tu lower the
track record lor the mile by three
quarters of a second, and the world's
record of final quarter by trotting
that distance in 2DJf. By this latter
performance Oresceus lowered the
record of 80 seconds for the final quarter, which he himself made al Detroit
about a month ago when be did tho
mile in 3.06. Tin* ueeoniplishiiu-nt of
toduy wus not the fastest quarter of
ull kinds, for Peter the Great and
Timmy Rrutton did tho second quarter of licut at Lexington, Ky., several
yeurs u^o in "-".''u seconds. Something of the interest was removed
from the free fur ali trot for a pur so
of $2,500 when Charlie ,Herr, who
was driven by the owner, was distanced in the first heat, thus leaving
the affair tc Cresceus und Lord Derby
and there wore some wbo saw the big
lace who believed that the (Jeers
gelding would have done something
wonderful in the second und lust beat,
hud he not broken coming borne, for
on the lust of the bend he was in
front of tho world's favorite. All tho
horses got u good reception ut the
scoring when they weie olf in the
ihst heat, Charlie Herr had the pole
witli Lord Derby beside him and
CreHccas on the outside. At tlie thrS0<
quii.ters, Lord Derby wus breathing
on Ketcbem's buck. Coming homo
his driver got ull he could out of his
gelding, but the mighty strides or
Cresceus brought bim ahead by a half
length. The time was 2.07-.. In the
second heat Cresceus drew awuy from
Lord Derby until at the half he was
two lengths to thc uood. At tbe
three-quurters the Kentucky horse
hud bis nose ut Cresceus wheel and a
little inter he wns abend of Crcsccns
but at thu't moment Lord Derby broke
and it was all over.
San Francisco, Aug. 22,���A hitch
bus urisen in the arrangements for
the proposed .lellries-ltiihliii light.
When the fighters' representatives met
toduy with three local clubs no scaled
bids for tbe fight wero In evidence.
It wus announced that the clubs had
agreed nut tu put in bids until certain
clauses of the agreement made by i.hu
fighters on Tuesday sliould nc modified. The clubs wish to have the
(2,600 bond clauses eliminated, also
the one pertaining to the referee.
Tlie olubs object to Geo. Slier for
referee on the ground that supervisors
will not issue a permit if the referee
shall oc chosen outside of tlio Stale.
It hus developed that the clubs have
an understanding with each other
and arc willing to give up 65 per
cent, of the receipts. Madden and
Delaney ure holding out for 08 per
cent, und ,500 training expenses.
Iloston, Mass . Aug. 22.���The
Dominion line steumer Common*
wealth, from Liverpool, and Qucetis-
tnwii. anchored at Quarantine at 11.46
tunigh*.. Among bei passengers arc
the Oxford and Cambridge athletes
who are to compete against McGill
and Toronto Universities iu Montreal,
and against Harvard ami Yale in New
Vork uext month.
Montreal, Aug. 22. ��� First steps
have been taken by prominent New
York capitalists to secure a through
line from Montreal to an Atlantic
seaport, Tbey have acquired control
of the South Sliure railway, ami at a
meeting today an issue of bonds
sufficient to continue the line lo Point
Levis was authorized.
wwr*m*- ...
i -!
I I  !
l       !
Nelson  Daily Min_r,   Friday.   AU-Urt 2,-,, 1901
The Nelson Miner'
. Itshod   Every  Morning  ESxoept  M outlay
Doily* per month, by carttor.
Dally, por monl b, by mull ��� ���
Dully, par year, by oat rlor	
Doll). por yoar, by mall	
Daily, per year forolffn	
.. 00c
.. flOo
.$ 7 mi
.,    fi (HJ
Weekly-; por Imif yoar	
Weekly- pur yoar  	
Wot'Uiy, pur yoar, forolsn*,	
.ubsoriptlona Invariably in advandb.
91 M i
_! IM)
LU Floel Btroot, K. <'.
Pro-' Agency, i_m... Bpoola] Agonta
Alqxnnilor & Co���ffi.l Plrnl Avenue, Bpokano,
W11-I1.. koop ili<> papor ou fllo, anu aro our
authorised atfonU rer advortlaomonti and BUb-
BoHpl Ions,
place   important  coni-
lu   addition to this Vah-
an important center  of the
The eeiisn. shows that the population ul Vancouver is 80,100, while
Victoria has r..:i7.'i less, or 20,821.
The press ol the Island Otly Is takinu
the fact that their town has fallen
from first to the second place in importance philosophically and the Victoria    Tim.-s    cheerfully     remarks:
���'Vancouver  is   b minj_ quite a bij_
city. Victorians rejoice with the
citizens of the most populous city in
tlie progress sic iias made in
tho past ten years. Whon sic becomes tbe chief city of Canada Victoria wiil be close in hor walte."
The progress of Vancouver has been
wonderful and shows how rapidly
cities arc built up in the west.
Thirteen years ago it w.inu straggling
village with a Bingle streot snd a
few logging road.- extending from it
into the dense forest, and now it is a
splendid city with vusl mercantile and
manufacturing interests. It is the
l'acilic terminus of Ihe Canadian
1'iiciliu railway and this bus aided
groatly in giving it importance, as
the compuny lias centralized Its .shops,
eto., there. The trade of the orient
is another large element in its
importance as tbo C, P. If. steamship
line brings the products- of China and
Japan regularly to its ducks from
whence thoy are distributed to points
on the mainland, and in the east.
Steamers nlso ply between Vancouver
and Australia, Hawaii anil Samoa.
bringing the products of them
countries and carrying away those of
British Columbia. Besides It enjoys a
coastwise trade with Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington, This
has made the p
cou ver is
salmon canning and lumbering industries, and tbey have aided materially
in her upbuilding, The metropolis
has many minor industries and is
certainly destined to beoomc a com,
meroial and industrial centre of considerable Importance,and it is obvious
it will be in lime tbe largest city
in Western Canada.
Victonu will not be far behind
Vancouver in importance. It is one
of the most desirable residential towns
of tho coast, having a picturesque
location and line scenic surroundings.
It is the scat of tin- Provincialflovevn-
lunnt and tic Government building
constitues ;i leading leal,nre so handsome is it. liis Ilis Majesty's l.iuillti
Naval station. The Hudson's Day
Company established on the site of
Viotoiia a post early in tlie present
century, and it numbers among its
people thc older and the wealthier
men of the Province. II was tic
Fraser river gold excitement of 1858,
however, that lirst made Victoria a
flourishing oity and from that Minion it continued to grow and, until
Vancouver outstripped it. il. was the
leading trading point ot the entire
British possessions west of tbo Rooky
mountains because of its accessibility
by water which previous to the building of the Canadian Pacific railway-
was about (lie only means uf transportation, it was the outfitting plaoe
for the Cariboo, and Cassuir and
Stikene miners and is still their favorite winter quarters. It is the
headquarters of tin- sealers, as tbey
outfit their vessels there and at tho
end of the season make it theii- place
of rest. The place does a large
business with ihe Vukon and along
the coast. Willi the development of
the mineral ami agricultural resources of Vancouver Island, the large
trade which her merchants uov enjoy
und the natural increase iu iter manufacturing industries there is nu reason to doubt that Victorai will Ion;,'
onjoy tho distinction of being the
second city in size and importance in
ilritisb Columbia,
carload of (his Famous Beer has just   been   received   at
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J. Q. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers,
Hudson's Bay Company.
a   total   of
with  823,-
us   year.    This
up of gains "i
$n 438,508  in   tlie    Australian and
$8,307,077 in tlie Klondike gold.     The
total for   tho   year   is I lie largeBt  on
record,    as   the l'acilic const goltl imports iu   the   twelve   months  ending
Juno 30,  185)0, only reached   an aggregate   of $43,880,000, although   in lhat
year the enormous sum ol 833,000, i
in specie wuh receiver] from Australia.
Increase in the way of speed resulted, to $28,218,007, making
Tbis is because a majority of those!$48,023,389, us compared
who travel desire to milke tic ocean 117,050 in lie provi
passage in the minimum of time und large increase is mud
the result is that only the few
patronize tho slower steamships,
This disposition to reduce the length
of time occupied in dossing the ocean
bas become a sentiment -which is International in cbaructer.anil in whicli
Canada, (Ireat Britain, Germany and
United States arc deeply interested,
It. is a contest which each country is trying hard to win. This
was manifested in the lliitish House
of Lords il few days siucc when
that body gave special preference to
the enactment which will authorize
the establishment, of a great Irilns-
Atlantio shipping port on the southwest coast of Ireland, connecting the
Irish mainland with the English com-
munities by a rapid railroad and a
quick channel ferrying system. The
Port of Halifax is the nearest
on the. American mainland to the
proposed port on the southwest oast
of Ireland, and is tbe point in Canada
[ruin whicli the Steamship lines should
operate in order to make the trans*
Atlantic trip in the quickest timo.
With a good licet of ateamors, properly equipped so as to give the best
and nn.st comfortable service, and an
assurance that tho time occupied
would bo shorter than made by steamers Hailing from New York,
and other points in tho United
Gall Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
���_BMicc3py~T i l nnnrHBUKnn
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Prosperity ir. the  Dominion during
the   pust   year   is reflected by II -
turns which the Canadian Pacific
exhibits in respect to earnings, suys
llradstreets. Heretofore that great
corporation lias icportcd its revenues
for tbo year ending December 111. The
week ending August I?, however,
witnessed a departure from this custom, a statement having been made
nublio which presents the earnings
for the fiscal year ending June llli.
IBOl. In thut period the gross earnings of the system were $30,855,21)3,
the net revenue $18,042,800, nnd the
surplus over charges 85,730,015. After
paying tbe regular I per cent, dividend on the preferred stock there was
a balance equal to H'A percent, on Uncommon stock.      The   directors of tho
corporation wore, in pome quarters ex-
Boston I pected to Increase the 5 por cent.
States! dividend   rate on   the   common,   an'
BUCll a lino should in a very
time secure a majority of the trans-
Atlantic passenger and fieight business, ily tbis route it should not be
long before the timo of orossing the
Atlantic would lie cut down to tour
short there was consequent ly disappointment
because at their meeting on August
13 only tlie regular '���'.'. per cent,
semi-annual dividend was declared.
This course, however, Buds approval
in conservative financial circles both
in tlie Dominion and iu the United
A publishing firm lias printed on a
card in a form suitable for hanging
on the wall Robert Louis Stevenson's
prayer, lt would be of benefit to a
number of peoplo to procure a copy
and rend it occasionally. It rends as
follows. "Tlie day returns and bring
US Ihe petty round of irritating concerns and duties. Help us to play tbe
man, help us to perform tbem with
laughter and kind faces; let cheerfulness abound with industry. llivo un
to go blithely on our business all this
day; bring Ilo to our resting beds
weary aud content and unilisbonored,
and grant us in tho end the gift of
sleep.    Allien."
"I suffered such pain fiom corns 1
could hurdly walk," wiitesH. Kohin-
son,      Hillsborough,        Ills., 'but
Bucklen'8 Arnica Salve complete)}!
cured them." Acts like magic on
sprains, bruises, cuts, sores, scalds,
bums, boils, ulcers. Perfect healer
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Co.    ,5c.
A delightful tonic���-Ironbrew.
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
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Three years lease
property   at
on  ground
Apply to
H. i mm. Agent
Baker Street.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points.
General Ayent
Tel. No. 265.
Ofiice ��� Two doors west
C.P.R   offices.
West Transfer Co.
It is a rather curious fact that
Australia lias nearly ceased tu attract
immigrant foiin the old world. The
���Jiiinninnwealth is growing rapidly in
material possessions, but slowly In
population. Between issi nnd 18til
there was a good increase of population���41 per cent. Between 1891 and
I001 tbe increase was tint lDJper cent,
and this was mainly iu thc lirst half
of the decade. The London Economist,
whicli is an authority on statistics,
computes that in tho past five years
the gain was not moie than 0 per
cent The outlook for the iniinediae
future in Australia, according to the
same journal is one of slow growth in
A vast sum is spent annually in
trans-Atlantic fares an.I freights and
tho traffic on this ocean route of the
world's trade Is enormous. The
ceaseless effort of the steamship companies nngnged in tlie trans-Atlantic
service Is to uut down the time occupied in the passige t" the lowest pus
���ible limit, because the speediest
ocean greyhound gels the business.
The clforl to reduce the lime ban been
constant and no expense has heen
considered too great,   if tho   slightest
A l'. S. treasury statement, recently
issued gives details regarding the
imports of gold at I'acific coast ports
whicli are of more than ordinary interest, according to tlie statistics the
receipts of gold at San Francisco and
the Puget Sound and Alaskan ports
during the yenr cndil g .lune 30, 1U01,
amounted to 845,9-8,L'S9. It is to be
observed that the gold output of the
Klondike and other districts in the
Canadian northwest is treated in the
same way as Australian or other
foreign specie. Tbe figures show that
In the year 328)704,463 of gold enine
from Australia and tlio Orient to the
l'acilic cities of the Union, while the
Klondike gold they received amounted
The most miserable beings in tbo
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. Moie
than seventy-five per cent, ot the people in tlie United States are afflicted
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effects; such as Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual Custiv.ness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Wntorbrnsh. Gnawing and Burning
fains at the Pit of tlie Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in tlie .Moulh Coming
up of Food after Eating, Low Spirits,
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tooling and   refreshing���Ironbrew,
J* 0. GWILLIM, B*,
Late ~f Geological  Survey of Cun-
ada.    Six years experience in B, C
mining districts.
Baker Street
Nelson. B. c
Kooteaay Railway aud Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest ami nulokoat runic In I lie oast and nil
points oil thu O.K. & N. and Northern l'a-
oinc ltiillwuj-B in ..a-hhtgton, Oregon anil
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August I. igoi
Kaslo & Slocan Ry*
9    Oak Center Tabli
jg Oak Leather Seated Fancy
^ Elm Folding Tdbles
9 Cane verandah Chairs
���$       " "      Rockers
Worth $3,511 for
" $5.00 for
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ar,  Hiii'y Carriages and ilo Carts, leu-, than oost,
West Kootenay Butcher Co
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E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manai,e>\
K.-W.-C   Block. Ward Street, Nelson.
Oiders by m-��il receive careful r.nd prompt attention
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants!
MS ******** _SM)
Branch Markets in Roewland, Trail, Neluon, Kaslo I
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City, f
Orders by mail to a. v branch will have careful m**t srpnut attention.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be |
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
We have the Largest and   Finest
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H_ .-}.. _(_ *|S.. .V*>. 2
I The Can
8:30 a,
. l.v.
. Ar.
1:110 p.m.
1:15 11. in.
Int Nav* & Trading Co*
i>:20 |i. 111. Lv.
0:10 p, 111. Ar.
K.��KM>   5.,,1 IE.
Nolxon Ar. 11:00 n. nt,
JvukIo Lv. 7:0011. in,
Connoottng nt Five Miio Point,
& Fort <*hepp_r_ Railway both
Kos-iuiiil, Die.
witli Nolson
10 and fi-uin
11. _   N.
in. retum-
Qrlffitb'e Ltntmont I* an emergonoy dootor
that'll always at hand and oovof l-iiu in Ui*m_
,li-cn-ow which 80 Hiiililunly nnil lin xpt-deilly
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thoy may, quioft rollof i- ajisurod.
For sale by J. II. VanHtono. N'elnou, B. C.
Steamer from  Nelson leaves   K.
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\\ oil .omii.,1 s and F.-idaj s al II:* p.
Ing the wime ovonlng,
Tickets sold 10 all owls In Unii ~l State, und
I nnnda via Qreat Northern and o. it sc N.
Co.'.s liin-s,
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linos will bofurnlHhod on application.
Kor further particular. ooliOn or address
Ktuinij-er.  ICn-ln.c.   n
T-OKAJICRV Agont. Nclaoil, ]). C.
G. K
If tbei
for   it   i
jh anything yon require,ask
tb-��> ��ttlmui_,ol" the Miner.
adian Bank of Commerce
Willi Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up Capital,   J8,oo0,000i   Reserve   Fund,   92000000;
ami mrrt   a   /.,. .-'v, lUl'- ~__30m'oe~ 0ver W.*-,0.0!00_.
HON. GEO. A. l,U\, -'resident.       B. S. WALKER, General Mto-gar.
London Olfice: 00 Lomburd Street, E. C.
1  ^ no,    Ne,w V""; 0l'te��l'�� Exchange Place.
And 08 hrnnchoj in innnda and tlio United -tales, including-
Atun Qbbbnwood Nelson n.*,~-��
F. ~ .',',TK        N~. u.!'/. ~~2 w�����������   Va~���-VER
n~J&_~.'-}?7iW*rl,AVi?"s ANn W,"TK Ho��a��-
I'NIIKI) s,lAlli,b-l.Kw \okk, SanKRANciaoo, Seattle, Portland, BkaOWAV,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received _nd mte_e_t Allowed,  Present Kate 8 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager,
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mort i/iii~~
Apply to Q. I- LJCNNOX. B.k-r Ht
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
jy��l8on 1. 0. Nklson   Daily  Minsk, Fridav August 23, 1901
Continued from Fii*_t Page.
seems to prevail iu tbe mining industries of tlio province and tlie effect uf
this is being felt not only in tins
province but throughout the whole
Dominion. ltrielly Bpoalting tlio
(lillleulties seem to arise from tu-o
sources, (1) tlio lubor situation and
(_) provincial legislation.
"The labor question is a grave and
dillh-tilt one, and one witli whicli our
association has never to anv extent
interfered, tbe members ot our euni-
mittees not. favoring any organisation
of employers as against employer!.
This    sentiment  is    now  changing
rapidly, however, an labor unions in
every province and in almost every
ti ndi! have oomo forward mailing
demands that would seriously cripple
the industrial progress of Ihe conntry.
Many members who bave always been
most friendly disposed to the labor
cause have during the past lew months
written us urning- that tho time lias
now come when tlio manufacturers
nnd employers of labor al' the whole
Dominion must stand together In resist thu demands being made
upon them. .Such an action is Inevitable aud will ho (piieltly consummated unless thete is some modification
of the labor situation.
"Hence there has heen much discussion as to tho adoption of a system of
compulsory arbitration, and New
Zealand is nuw a much quoted
countiy. I am not in a position to
spealt in any way officially on this
subject which may at no distant date
be discussed by the manufacturers,but
sur.ly New Zealand, a country a
week's sail from any neighboring land,
is hardly a fair parallel to Canada,
whose territory is at nil points contiguous to, and whose trade relations aro
so interwoven with the United States.
"However, I believe that if assurance could he given first, that tho
liiKiiiiys of an arbitration board would
be as binding on the employee who
can move to the United Stales on a
moment's notice,as an employer, who
has permanent investments in tbo
country nnd second, that no political
consideration could become interwoven
with its administration, then and
then only, many employers of labor
would welcome a system of no called
compulsory arbitration.
"As to the provincial legislation
hampering tbe mining industry 1
would not care to speak at present
other than to deplore any such class of
legislation should it exist. There ure
two considerations that should not
be lost sight of in legislation of this
kind. Tbe first is that the mining
and all its attendant industries are.
yet in their infancy in this province,
and a policy looking to the encouragement of foreign investments in tbis
line Is sure to reap far greater ultimate results than any hasty attempt
to get all that Is possible out of
pioneer establishments.
"The second is tho hazardous
character of investments in this and
other industrial lines. If for example
a retailer or wholesaler over purchases in any line lie ran sell out at
50, GO or 80 cents on the dollar; if
however, u mun invests in plant,
machinery, ete., and makes a mistake
he must sell out at ten or twenty cents
on the dollar. Ilence a generous
policy in dealing with the establishent
of industrial enterprises is not only
bound to be the profitable policy in
the long run but it is just ar.d
fair In principle.
"As to railway matters, I see that
Prof. S. J. McLean, the Government
railway rate commissioner, is soon to
be in this district. Mr. .McLeans'
mission is, of course, not. a remedial
one and he has no power to deal wilh
any grievances that may bo presented. His mission is solely to secure
sneb information as to the classes of
grievances that prevail in railway
rates in order that tho Government
may ho in a position to legislate intelligently on this important mailer.
The general belief is that drtring
next session a bill will he introduced
to provide lor the appointment of a
permanent railway commission to deal
with all railway grievances.
"It is of course important that the
fullest information be given to the
Commissioner iu order that when
the permanent commission is appointed, it may be fully equipped to
deal with the matters brought befo
"Our association appeared before
l'rof. McLean in Toronto and look up
the question from the standpoint of
the Canadan manufacturer and shipper, protesting against the policy of
extending better rates to foreign man-
uacturers than to our own. At that
time the relatively high rates from
Eastern Canada to tbia district was
discussed, and I havo no doubt but
that your Board of Trade wi.l go
more fully into this. In so doing
they will strengthen the hands of the
Government in passing any legislation that may be requited.
"Generally speaking trade throughout Canada has been very good during
llcciimineiiil.il for its beal'liful   qualities    Sold by all grocers,
35 Cent Tin 12 Ounces-
Wholesale by
T. EARLE, Victoria. B. C.
the piesent year. The exports of
manufactured goods Increaied nearly
20 per cent, over those of last year
Hi us denoting increased employment
tor Canadian labor. The grand harvest ot Manitoba will further extend
the development of that province and
assist in livening the business of the
whole countrv.
" 1 am gald also to note that the
people of eastern Canada are coining
to tnke a livelier interest in tbe questions lhat atVccl the west, an interest
that should hear gcod results in the
near future.''
Nelson Opera
Lady Audley's Secret or the
Mystery of Audley Court
East Lynne
Under the Gas Light or Life
aud Love in These Times-
Popular Summer Prices
Only 25, 35 and 50 Cents*
The Opera House   Well   Filled
With (satisfied People.
The New York Theatre Company
delighted another large audience last
night when they played. "Jack's Lost
Paradise," a romantic drama of groat
All the characters were excellently
taken and everyone enjoyed the ingenious plot and startling   situations.
As Jack Diamond, the loving husband who ruins his home ii'o for
years by his gambling habits, Mr. J.
0. Stuttst bad a chance to show his
histroiiic ability, and he certainly
took advantage of the opportunity
and played the part in a must natural
manner. Miss Gordon as the injured
wife, acted the part in a vety careful
manner and had the sympathy of the
audience throughout. Tbo acting of
Miss Anderson, the old maid aunt, wus
one of the features of the play and
hei facial expressions ln the final
scene were extremely funny. Mr.
(ieorge olmi made a very entertaining
villian and sustained his reputation
tiB a careful aotor. The remaining
members of the coinpany filled out a
very well balaneed production nnd the
company are to bu complimened on
the manner in whioh they are able to
put on their various   plays.     Tonight
'Lady Audley's Secret"willbe on the
boards. The play is a most interesting und exciting one based on Miss
M. E. Uraddon's well known book.
Mr. -tutt-s wil'. play the pait of the
lawyer and his acting alone in this
play should be well worth the prioe of
admission, which, for the class of
productions given by the company, is
extremely low.
Se.its now  on
aid s Fruit Store.
sale  at   Ma.clon-
Patenaude Bros.
lie'"sure aud get tiie genuine   BENNETT'S OUTTA PEUCHA FUSE.not
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F. 0. GREKN        V. S. CLEMENT.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Uiu.
P. O. Bio It I .V��t��-in   B.*J
Is   lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to   the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
MiDeral. Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Three Days   of   instruction,   Interest
and Enjoyment.
W Miner il Exhibit, Hucking Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse Races. The
best program ever seen in the country,
See posters and circulars for further
particulars. Specially low return rail-
rates from all points.
A. \V. M'VITTIE, Secretary.
N. E. T. CO.
I & CO. |
I       MADDEN    BLOCK       I
I Cigars.��_ |
i   Tobacco
X Phone 117 ��
By kind permission of Capt.
if fine.
Adv_3rLif-uim.i-.-H Inserted ander tnu hi^ud nt
~ho rate of ono otJnt a word por _iiM_r_._ou. No
advertisement) taken for leai bhan 88 oenta.
Situation Wanted advertisement-. Inserted
three times free of onargei
FOR BAJjE.���Corner Hull and Ob-
NLTV-iioiy Btreets. three loir, and
Bungalow, erected lest, than a year
ago. House has drawing room, din*
intf room, hull, two brick Are places,
three bedrooms, a Urge bathroom!
kitchen, cellar, outhouse, wide verandah two sides of house, water,
sewer and electric li^ht, very Complete, view unexcelled, very comfortable home for .small family. To be
sold with or without furniture at
once. Owuoi leaving No.son. -Applv
on preai.ios or to Messrs, 11, & M
Hird, linker Btreei.
BOOMS TO KKN'T.---K. W. (.'. Muclc-
Two rooms en suite, on Ward St.,,
also rooms faolJtg the west. On September 1, two h.utflu rooms and two
or three en suite facing Haker m.
Furnished ur unfurnished. Mr... V.
J. Squire, Uoom 41, K.   W. 0. liiocU.
TO RENT.���Rooms and office in   Clement,   Ilill.ycr block.    Apply to   tlie
Nelson Electric Tramway offices,
ROOM and board in   private ..family.
Apply on Siliea   .street, second   door
West of Ward.
KOOM for   rent  at
Silica street.
Mrs.   McBeath't
WANTED,���At llou-l   Phair, a   ;;ood
smart  young   man   to act as  night
Tlio following books have been
added to the Publio Library: Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ninety-Three,
Toilers of the Sea, Hugo; Light of
Asia, Arnold; Intellectual Life, Ilaiu-
erton; PilgrUn's Progress, Bunyan;
Emma, Mansfield Par, Pride and
Prejudice, Austin ; Con. Crcgan, Jack
llinton, Sir Jasper Caiew, Lever;
Three Musketeers, Twenty Years
After, Dumas; Pickwick Papers,
Diukeus; Pile No. 13, Gaboriau; Man-
prat, Ueorge Sand ; Ivanhoe, Walter
For Rainbow  Trout
T. G. Procter's houseboat is now for
rent by the day or week. Special rates
for family parties. First-olnsa cook
and attendant iu charge. Rates $2.50.
per day. Parties can get off beats
either going or returning from Nelson.
The boat for the next two weeks will
be stationed below the Brickyard,
nearly opposite Procter.
Firstclass fisliing.swiiiimioar and boating. Apply to T. fi. Procter, Baker
street, for further information.
Band Car and extra leave
Stanley street corner at 7:40
p. m.
NELSON Employment Agency,   llaker
street, l'hone 21X. ,1. II. Love.
WANTEI).--Two cooks. Two Dish-
washers. Woman Cook, Men lor
buying. Tieiuakcrs. Laborers. Kail-
road men for Lardo. Janitor for
Contracts taken for Diamond Core
write, telephone or telegraph Western Canadian Employment Office,
Phone 3791    II. A.  Prosser.
Storage���I have a large warehouse
for storing household or other
Are you In want'.' If you are, tel!
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are iu wus. uf.
You'll get It
_L^    N. M,Ouiumins, Leiaoe���Kverj knowu
variety ot soft ihnih-..   I'ujig-Hs.  'i'olepiion
No.81.HooverHcroot, ~ri-.un.   UotUersdl tho
lauiouN bU Luuii Hut Springs Mui'.riil Water
C1ANK be MAUJJONALll ill. Gone, Jamo
J    A. Mac_i_m.__u.��� ArohlU.01. and SUporlU
Ufudentfii liruuun ilill bloolc, oornor liakui und
Ward __._r.joU-, Nelson
HJ. 10V ANS <x CO.���Bakor titroi
���   Bob���Wholesale dealers In liqi
liqUOIi., ol-
Kton, cement, lire brick nnil are cmy. vvu.ur
pipe und ��Luel rallo, aud goaorul oouituitu.ion
Wlioiur-Uo ami rumd dealers in uruia,
liay, flour, feud, Mills at Viotoria, New \V usi,
ininater; JCdmunLou, Allu. J&levutors on Cul*
Kai'j una iidinuuluu lUilway. ManufaotOTOlf
u. tin- celebrated J*. & ii.. brand oereals<
MACDONALD   it Co.���Corner  Fron
and Hull btreets���Wholesale grocer
ana job Lin i-m lu  blunkuU, kIuvl.., null",  noou
rubber.., niackinuwb uud miners' Bimctries.
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JiUUNri be Co.-
Wholesale deal
Cold btorage,
WEST    KOOTENAY    liUTL'HKlt    00,-
ilakor btroot. Nelson���Wholesale dea
i'i.- in frunb and cured meui.,
lost.���By   a  messenger boy,   letter
addressed to Dolly Lewis, 2U0  Luke
st. ; finder will be rewarded by returning' to Messenger Office.
tiiruuL,  Ncl~uu ��� Whoieoule  dsaluxs in
liardwaru,   nuucf.,'   riUppliUH,   BpOrtlng   KOO'ln
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Sucoe.worH to Van
oouver Hardware Co, Lut.) Bakor Suvot
Nelson��� vv bolesale dealers in bard ware and
mining riuppliut., pltMiiburi.' and Unsmltbit' sup
FBtEII ..IHlliK. i.olil I'rop, rllis - W�� lire
nil Minis to secure il ti'w free mUIIllit ^uld
liropcrtlX'H lit 0nC6< The Vvo .|M'r!nr' - K\-
rliKU_.c, NeMoil, It. *'. Koom 1, K. H'.-L'.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Moncrcal
Allan Lino Tunisian  Auk. 30
Allan  Line Nuiiiidiiui Supt.  7
Beaver Line Lake 8upurior Auk. 30
Beaver Line Lake Blmcoe Sent, li
Franco-Canadian Line Garth Cantlo ��� Au���. 30
Franco-Canadian Line Wasiau Sopt. 17
From Portland, Me.
Dominion Line Vancouver Sept. 7
Dominion Line Dominion  Sept. 11
From Now York
Whito 8tar Line Toutonic Auk. 2��
\Vhite_-tar LineGorinanio Sept, 4
Cunard Line Etruria Auk 31
Cunard Line aervia Sept. 3
American Line St. Paul Auk. 28
American Line  St. Loula Sept.  1
French Line L'Aquilainu Auk. 20
Fronuh Line La ChampaKiio  Sept. 5
Nj G. L. Kal-orin MariaThereaia Sept. lo
Anchor Line City of Rome... Sept. 7
HamburK American Dcutschland Sept. 5
4iOM>-ILVKIt (lin'HI LEA l>   III lie.   mill
proHpei-ls uiiuletl.   Mend i-i-iinrt uml hhiii-
l,li-s to tlie rri,H|H-rtor'H i:\i-liuiiKe. NeUuu.
It.C.    Itimni I K.-H.-t,'. lilock.
Eastern   Loagtfe���Haitford  2,
onto 2; -oelicster !!, Worcester '
jfamo,     Boohester    7,    Worcester  !!;
I,rockLon r>, Montreal 5.
National League���New York 1,
llroolilyii 7; l'ittaburg 4, St. Louis 3;
Philadelphia l, Huston 5; Chicago 8,
Cincinnati II.
Ameiioao League���Milwaukee B,
Washington 4; Chioago 6, Baltimore
IS; Detroit (I, Philadelphia 1; Cleveland 3, lloslon 4,
Mines Examined and Keported On-
Mining Engineer*
Koom 4. K.-W. C. Block,
Nelson, B, C.
W. H. BROWN & CO.,   .     NELSON
Construction fork
For further particulars apply to
City Passenger Agent, Neluon, B. C,
General8.3. \_nnti. C.P.R. Olflie.. Wlnnlopg
NELSON LODGK    No. 23, A. F. &
M. meets Beoond Wednesday in
month-   Visiting brethorn weloome
^mWKfu*    ** ��* *-*���  ^*     Kootenuy Lod��o
J^BraSfe ^��' '''��� ; ''" every Mondayniyht,
^m^mmm**9   at   thoir   Hall,   Koolonay street
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invitod.
John a, MoRae, Nu.   1). W. Kuthetford, V.Q
Krod J. Squire, Per. Bee.
K KLSON  HARDWARB  CO,��� Wholesale
paints, oilh anil ��lb8fl; meoUanlos1 too_n
Agents toi Ontario Powder Woskfl) lynamiu;
ri-URNKR, hkktun & 0o.-0oruer Veruou
JL, and Josophlno tttreuis, Nolsou���Whclo
(ialo doalora in liquors, cigart,, and dry Kouda,
Agonts for Pabst Brewing Oo. uf Milwaukee
and Calgary Jirewing Co of Calgary.
and liquors etc., Baker atreet,
Wholesale groceries
Otlice corner Hall and Front Streets
Nelsou���Lumber, coiling, llooring. and every
thing in wood for building purposes. Get oui
prices.  Correspondence solicited.
Nolson Royal Arch Chapter No. 123, U. U. C.
Meets third Wednesday, oojourning ootOpan
lOUB invited. GobrgQ JohnnLone, /. K. W.
Matthews, S. K.
/CB_X        NKLSON  M_ll.UK   No.2.i, K.of P.
jSPWatmedta in K. o~ P. ball, Oddfellows block
gtJtjgflrstaod third INiosday evening ol e ,ch
ninonth at 8 o'clock.
All Visiting knights cordially  invito
W.i. Irvink, C.C.
A. T. P_.]_.v, K.of It. and S.
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  &, Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
I'cliin, Aiif,. 'iii���-The Chinese peaue
I'uumiisMoiiern have not yet signed
the Bettlemeot protocol. Prince Ching,
President or the foreign oflice, telegraphed to the Emperor requesting an
edict empowering him to sign, but
no leply was received. He telegraphed
today in strong terms and says he
expects a speedy answer. Li Hung
Chang has had a serious attack of
sickness, the result of over exertion
in connection with the conference. Ue
is better today.
     l i_   P
Have you tried���Ironbrew.
obtained in nil countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Write for full particulars.
There's no rest for those tireless
little workers���Dr. King'6 New Life
Pills. Millions are always busy, our-
ing Torpid l.iver Jaundice, Billious-
ness, Fever and Ague. They banish
Hick Headache, drive out Malaria.
Never gripe or weaken. S-nall. taste
nice, work wonders. Try them. S
at Canada Drug Sc Hook Co.
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds of second band goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
-ooking ntensils, bought in household
qnantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box _.���-. Hall
Sweet. Nelson. B  CL
Nelwcn Kiicil jiiiient, No. 7. Meots evory 2nd
and uli Friday of uuch mouth, in odd Fallow.
Hall, coiner Hukur and Kiioumay HtroiilH,
Nelson. A. II. Clements, 0.1'.; li. MoArthiu
H. a.   VisitinK brothers always Welnnms,
NKLBON L. O. L. No. 111'.- mevw in l-'ra-
tcrnity Mall on Brst and third Friday ovunin~-f
of cacli niontli at 8 o'olook, Vlsltfnb nioinbur
cordially Invited. VV. W. Bradley, \V. K.
A, Mint., R. 8.
NELSON AICKIK No. tl, i\ 0. K., meets
every nocond and fourth WcdlnwlayH of eaoh
m onth. VI-itiuK members cordially invlt
UharkiH Prosser. ReoreUiry.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
169 NELSON  b c
Windarmere Miaee.   (^orreBnondenoaSolloltod
XV^.tlKH^fKRK. ...  ��
Spokane Interstate
Spokane and Eeturn $9.50
Sept. 9 to 20, Inclusive
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty clays, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. Bullet
service between Spokane and
Leave DAT TRAIN Arrive
u:00a.m Spokane 7-.35 p.m
12'.U5 p.m RoBSland 4 :10 p.m
loan a.m Nelson tialo p.m.
Kootenay T, nl. No. 7, K. 0, T.'.M., hold tholr
regular meotiugs in Fraternity Kali, I, O, 0, F.
blook. on the Ut and :ini Thurndaya ol ench
i,.onth. Visiting brethren cordially lnvltod to
attend. G.AtBrown, It, l~; A.P.Purdy, Com,
it. J ,stool, 1). a. 0.
COURT KOOTKNAY,  I. O. K., No.   3131;.
Moelingri   Ith ThlirHlny cf monlh.    Fralcrnal
hall, J A Irvlnu 0 lt.   l: <<.. KluiniiiK. H.H
A, II.   F.
iii ovory
V.. Mac-
NoImou Court Btat of Kootenay,
Meets 2nd and (th Wednesdays
nionih. Virtitini* brethren welcome,
Milhui, O.K.   ttoborl .McI.cikI.~cc.
SONS of ENGLAND, meets
Ihl und 8rd WednesdayevenioKsof
eaota montfa m Fiawrnlcy hall,
(.ornor of llakcr and ICuotunay
bLretsU*. Vi .ILiiiK brothorn cord-
iullj lnvltod.
Edward Maolbod, Booretexy.
H. & M. BIRD
About that second hand artiulu of
yours. Vou'll sell it if you'll advertise it in The Miner want uoluiua.
H. A. JACKSON, Q. P. h T.A.
Spokane  Wash
A(.ent, Nelson, B. V,
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via St. Paul or Chicago.
��Mr. Ken llodt/'i'.s renidence uti Mill
street with four lots; live rooiiis down
stairs, three bedrooms and large
bathroom upstairs. Furnace jnst put
iu���A well built and Oomfortaol-
home.    Terms of payment   easy.
Kee alsn li.st of bousea a,-,d lots for
sale and residences for rent at door of
our offices next to McArthur's oil Halter street.
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going August 6th, 20.
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For pamphlets descriptive nf Canadian l'acilic iours and for Time Tab s.
Rates, Tickets,  apply
H. L. Brown,
Oity Passenger Agent
J. S. Cahtkk,
Dis. Pais. A (it.
B. J. (Vyi.i.
A. (1. I'. A.
imW "wo���* ���*��� Nelson Daily Minkr, Frijw, August 23
-, , A touch of warm
H pit. mocks weather suggests 1111 ni-
mocks. Where can you find more
comfort than in a Hammock?
Where can you find more square
met ol luxury lor so little money as
in the particular Hammocks we arc
selling. Good colorings, well made,
larjje and roomy, and above
Strong and good value.
' i
NELSON.  13. G.
pianos tn Bcnl al 17 per month.
. I
The Liberal Association uf Ymir
bave endorsed Dr. A. C. Sinclair of
Bossland, for senator.
A considerable shipment of matr
tresses and springs is to be sent to
Ymir by tbe Kootenay Wire Works
A tasteful and useful presentation
was made by the crew of thc .Moyie lu
Captain Alfsmo this wee:;, consisting
of a handsome fishing set and address.
The water in the main wesl of Hall
street on Front, was shut off all yesterday morning to allow of n hydrant
being put in at tbe .Nelson Saw &
Planning miils.
The tug Hercules took out n number
of buoys yesterday to In-used in marking tbe channel in tin- Narrows near
Balfour, replacing a number of those
at present in use.
The It. M. 11. Hand excursion to
Kokanee Creek yesterday wns a great
success. A large nuinbor enjoyed the
dunce in tbe evening, returning lo
the city by the incoming Crow's
Nest hoat.
Thu crews of the Nelson Hoat Club
who will taku part in the. regatta to
be held on September 7th next, arc
practicing steadily eaoh afternoon,
and getting In good shape for the
e oming contests.
A Htrinj; of eleven lish with a total
weight of twenty pounds, -jaughl in a
little over I wu hours and 'a half, is
the record Mr. .1. A. MacDonnld. of
Cane & McDonald, made at Ileasley
Siding Wednesday afternoon,
It wns rumored around town yesterday tbat Tony Leyden, who escaped
from the Nelson jail some lime ago,
had returned his shackles by oxpross
fiom some town in Montana, with a
note to the effect that he had no
further use for thoni so wus sending
hem hack. The report eon Id not he
vei ilied.
Word was received hy i.lifl loeal Salvation Army official1) from Major
Bargreavon at .Spokane that the tenders received from the contractors for
tin- erection of the new barracks
ranged from $0,000 to $7.uno. The
tenders have been forwarded to headquarters for approval and as soon as a
selection is made, the worl- nf building will Ue commenced.
Dr. A. C. Sinclair of Kossland,
Dominion quarantine inspector, with
hadquarteis at Rossland, has received
a letter from Dr. Newman, health
ollieer of tho State of Washington, In
whicli he states that since, duly 15th,
SO eases of smallpox hnve been reported principally in the northern and
nothwestern portions of tho stale, a
copy of the hitter has been forwarded
uy Dr. Sinolair tu the Dominion
health olllcials,
A lecture will be given this evening
at the Millers' Union hall at B p, m.,
by   A.  _,   Kundsen,    Fellow     of  Hi,-
ThuOSOpllioal     Society.        The     subject
will be ''Beinoarnation,"   or the law
ofieiiirth, wliici, finds expression in
the question in St John IX-.1. as lo
whether the man was born blind for a
sin of his own or of his parents, Al
the close of the lecture questions may
he ashed and will he   answered,      All
interested    ill     I ring     B-OUl     tills
(astern belief und desiring any infOi*
minion along the lines of Hie bighoi
thought are c-rdially invited.
A loaded 1-efrlgeratOl ear on a N. a
!���'. K. train ran oil' tin- trail,- a little
to the west of the sampling works
yesterday afternoon about -i o'clock,
and was dragged for a couple of car
lengths, jolting with such force that
the rear truck was torn loose and lefl
fifty yards behind, the front truck
also being loosoncd aud -cached the
rear   end   of   the ear before the train
COUld he slopped.        In    the  rear of the
refrigerator    ear   was  a   cattle  cai
loaded wilh SbCOp. lie- null wheels
<if this ear also jumped Ihe traok, hill
no damage was done to the live stock,
A gang of men was quickly at woik,
and although at Dial point Un- right-
of-way inns Blong a narrow lodgp,
and the ties ami rails bad been considerably lorn up and damaged, hy
the time the evening train came along
the wreck had been removed and the
tracks cleared.
Mrs. (iallop. of Balfour,   is visiting
her daughter,    Mrs.   Captain   Mil.en-
nun. for a few days.
K. Bradford, of Lardo, who has
been visMing his family in Nelson,
left by tin- Kokanee yesterday
Louis lllne of Rossland, who was in
the city for  a   couple   of   days   on   u
usiness visit, left tor home yesterday.
Bev, I). Holford, of Cranbrook, who
is in the city, will be the guest of
liev. Morgan, of Hie Haptist church,
during liis stay.
II. B. Wilkie, president, of Die Imperial Hani; and also president of the
Bankers' Association of Canada; and
one of Da- highest banking authorities
in Canada, arrived in .Nelson last
C. -I. Black, auditor of agencies,
.lames II. Shearing, auditor of piiss.-n-
gcr receipts, and II. .1. Ila'ton, chief
travelling auditor, three i'. 1'. II.
men, arrived in the city last evening
and aie at the Hume.
11. A. Jackson, general passenger
and traffic agent of ihe Groat North-
i. and (Joorgc II. Williams, freight
agent of the Great Northern, at Kossland, are at the Phair. They are
here on a business visit.
Robert living, manager of the
Kaslo .v; Slocan railway is in the city
enroute from Spokane to bis home in
Kaslo, being detained here on account
of the railway accident near five
Mile Point which caused Inui lo miss
the Kaslo boat jester dav,
Kev. Dr. and Mrs. Armstrong
Black, the well known Presbyterian
minister of St. Andrews' church,
Toronto, are visiting the city on a
western holiday tour. Dr. Black is
the author of a well known devotional
manual entitled ������Morning and Evening." Last night he conducted the
prayer meeting at St. Pauls' Presbyterian church.
Property Has Been  Bonded
for a Term of. Five
placer groiiDil, within half a mile of
the station at the siding. They and a
���umber of others are now working on
this and are said to be having very
fair-success, although it is too early
yet to say whether the lind is of much
value as is at present thought to be
the case.
Good   Placer   Ground   Has
Been Found on Hall
No   harmful   ingredients
An Islander Survivor Tells His   Story
of The Catastrophe.
Victoria, 11. C, Aug. .12.���A. C.
Reach, who was one of the l'Mrst, Contingent in South Africa, was on thc
Islander at lira time of the wreck,
lie says: ''Everybody seemed resigned" to waiting for boats. We
drifted on a raft, first one
man, and then another swimming
away, Imping to Improve his condition. .Then a isft appeared looming
up large in the mist, and a lot of men
thought to improve their lot and swam
towards her, '.owing our rafl with
them. They found the other raft,
little better than ours, excepting that
there were fewer men clinging to her
line. Several men from our raft in-
eluding Olier liurkliolder, who had
given up his plaee ill a boat to a lady,
joined this raft, whicli paddled away,
the men on hor using wreckage to
navigate her. Our raft then cap-
si/.Pd. I immediately dived clear and
not being encumbered with life preservers, swam back to hoi and re
gained my position. So did three
other men, including a big Chinaman,
who rolled about, capsizing the raft
subsequently at various intervals. I
tried to throw him into tho water as
he bad u life preserver on. but was
unsuOCOSsful, and then tried to choke
him into insensibility, but the raft
capsized preventing this, and I submitted to the inevitable.
"The noise and cries of the people
who thought they wero in danger
was heartrending. Many suffered
terribly from cold. Several people
seemed to Im delirious. Tbey would
shout, 'Good-bye, boys, I'm going,'
and no doubt thought tbey were, but
their life belts preventedliiein Among
these was the captain. lie bid us
good-bye several times. At last, he
shouted, ' Good-bye,' aud throwing up
bis arms the life belt slipped upwards
over his shoulders and head and he
sank like a stone. "
Paris, Aug. SB.,���A pro-Armenian
sheet issued in ''aris asserts that the
Turks have heen looting and murdering in the Sassoun district since July
15, and seveial Armenian villages
have been wiped ont.
Certificate of Improvements
Kma .Mineral Claim, situate in Ihe
Nelson Mining Division of West. Kootenav District.
Whore Located:���on North Fork of
Wild Horse Creeli, six miles from N.
l_ r. s   Railway,
TAKE NoTir'i. that I, K. s. Cla
ments acting as agent for Win. Douglas. Free .Miners' Certificate No. ii.
60077, intend sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder lor a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Qrant jf the above claim.
And further take notiee that action,
under section :it, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certilicate
of Improvements,
Dated this 37th dav of July, A. D.,
inn*. V. S. CLEMENTS.
P. .1. Nichols, a well known mining
man. has just closed a deal whereby
he secures a bond and lease on the
Kern mine for live years. Tbe group
tncludeds lour claims and two
fractions, the, Kern, Etrurla, Eureka,
Hidden Treasure and Chicera and
Hope fractions. It is situated on
Hnll creel; about two miles from Hall
Siding. During the early part of 1900
some BOO tons of oro were mined and
milled, and the company paid a
dividend, but later the mine was shut
down and has been closed since.
Mr. Nichols, the lessee, is a
thoroughly practical mining man,
having had 2a years experience in the
business, aud believes the mine can
he turned into a profitable one.
Nearly 1,500 feet of tunnelling has
been rnn on tbe ledge, wTiich has an
average width of three feel. The development work done consists of four
tunnels, the total length of which are
given above, connected by a shaft
through to the surface. On the lower
tunnel 1(10 feet of vein has been
blocked, but little sloping has heen
done as yet. There is also a ten
stamp mill on the property. The ore
consists of a quartz gangue carrying
gold and the average net return is IflW)
to tho ton. ")f this 00 per cent, is
saved in tbe mill and the remainder iu
the form of concentrates. The ore has
improved in character with depth, as
near the surface it was only rich in
spots, being broken and bunchy,
while at depth it is solid and contains an even value throughout. At
present 15 men are employed, but this
force is to be doubled in a short
An interesting development of the
strike in Rossland is the presence of
Henry Bratnoher, the eminent mining
expert, who is said to be looknig
over the situation on behalf of himself
and London friends who have large
interests in the Le Roi. He has visited Kossland and Northport I'or the
purpose of getting a neaier view of
the situation and thc presumption is
that what he is cabling to London is
of a nature unfriendly to the interest
of Whit alter Wright and bis friends.
It is alleged that it will be used in
the endeavor which will be made lo
ou��t Mr. Whitakor Wright frryii his
position as director at, Hie extraordinary meeting which is to be held
in London on Thursday next, this, it,
is alleged, will be done provided the
necessary three fourths vote can lie
drummed up. It is claimed if Mr.
Wright call be ousted that a speedy
end wil] be made of the strike Tin-
situation is a most interesting one.
The transactions at the record ollice
yesterday were: Locations, Riverside,
on east side of Columbia river, at a
point opposite and between Murphy
and Sullivan creeks, and about one
mile from the river, by Jeff: Sanders:
U, S. on Colombia river near the
Kivoiside claim, by Jacob Schulfer.
Certificates of work, to E. li. Uunlop
on tiie Dun lop; to A. !���'. Hind, on
Modesty and Gladiator Fractional i to
W. .1. Caldwell, on the Dividend: to
.lohn Lore op tho Rainy Day, and to
,1.  \V. Koof, on the Maggie.
A dispatch from llaker City, Ore,,
announces that Albert Geiser, president, of the Citizens' Hank,and former
owner of the Bonanza mine, has taken
a contract to deliver Ml) tons of lime
rock to the Northport smelter. Another con tract given him was Ihe
quarrying of the stone for the new
converter and refining plant to be
erected by the Northport Smelling &
Refining Co., at Northport. A third
contract was for thc grading of three
miles of roadbed for the new eleittric
road which is being built bv the
smelter company. A fourth contract
is for the extinction of I'd) tons of ore
per day from the Le Koi mine. Mr.
Geiser says he hopes that he can get
the union mon of Kossland to work
for him, as he says there is no strike
jagainst hiin, since when working for
Ihim as contractor they will not be
��� working for tlie Le Uoi company,
Certificate of Improvements
(iold Tip Mineral claim, situate in
the Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
When- ineaied���On Toad Mountain,
north of Silver King mine.
TAKE NOTICE that!, K. 0, Green,
aei ing us agent fur A. il. Kelly, F.M.O.
I.5046. nnd A, H. Buchanan, I-'. M. C.
No. 1.50(121, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to tin- Mining Re*
ciu-iler for n (Jertiiloaba of Improve*
ments, for the purpose of obtaining a
Clown (Irani, of the above claim,
And further take notiee that action,
under section 1)7, must be commenced
beforet-he issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this20th day of .Inly. A. D..
lllnl. K. C. Ui-eeu.        I
Considerable development work is
being done on Eagle creek properties
this summer. Mr. .1. Sccdberg, who,
with W. 11. Swcrdfeger, owns the
Eureka, went out yesterday with'a
large pacit train of supplies and will
commence sinking an incline shaft on
the loner or white quartz lend whicli
in the past has produced some remarkable specimens. On the upper, or
"Star" ledge a shaft will be sunk for
loo feet, which will undoubtedly show
up some lino copper-gold on-, as a
shaft on the Star which adjoins the
Eureka has proved the existence of
rich bodies of high grade ore in this
A week ago three prospectors drove
a small tunnel through tbe shoulder
of a hill on Hall creek and by a Hume
diverted about three hundred inches
of water from the creek, by this
means they have opened up what is
said to be nearly fifty   acres  of  good
few inches to -
galena   which
.Mr.   John   Holden.   superintendent
of the Tainnra.: mine on SpringOl
creel,-, was in town yesterday. The
mine has over 700 feci of tunnels and
uprises, all on the vein, which has a
j paystreak varying in width from a
feet   of high    glade
irries    considerable
unlive silver.
The men at the property are now
engaged in sorting und sacking or for
shipment. It is probable that two
ears of select ore will lie sent to either
the Nelson or Trail smeller.
.1. Sleeper is opening up the Emma
group of claims, a short distance
southeast of the junction of Hall
creek and Salmon river. At present
three men are employed on this prop
erty, running a tunnel on the ledge.
The oro carries a fair percentage of
free-milling gold. Several cabins aie
being built in preparation fcr carrying on milling operations during the
fall and winter months.
William (Taffy came in from Salmo
Wednesday to record some claims he
had located Of. the south bank of the
Salmon river, about three miles and a
half from the mouth of T,ost creek.
Some very rich surface showings were
found, the oro being composed of
chloride ot silver, grey copper and
bromide of silver,the values in silver
being large.
0. P. Hill was in the city yesterday
from Kitchen3r. Forty men have
been put to work on the iron proper-
tics recently purchased by the Montreal syndicate. Development will be
continued where it was left off before.
Another diamond drill will be operated at once. Mr. Bill returned to
Kitchener last, night.
Vf'*/i      ' ���-'     '%:���<
Close connection Eos! and West-
bound at Spokano with trains of the
Spokane Kails ,-lihI Northern Railway,
ami at Bonner's Perry wil.n Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Oo.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot wil h all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New Voili
and nil points Wist ami Soutli.
Leaves Spokane dally for E;ist at 0:1b a.m
Loaves Spokane daily lot West at 7:15 a.m
Leaves Spokaue daily lor West at 8:00 p-m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Viefoiiit and Vancouver,
Portland, Son Francisco, and all points
on the Hound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Diilulh with
tbe magnificent steam -hips North. West
and North Land of thcKoi-l heru Steamship Company Line, operated iii connection with the Great Nor thorn Railway.
Kor further Information! maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Hy., Kaslo Sc Slooan
Ry., Kootei al Railway & Navigation
Co , or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'1 Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Looal Agent,
Unison. H "
Certificate of Improvements
"Kallir" Mineral Claim,   situate iu
the   Goat   River   Mining Division   of
West Kootenay District.
Where looated: On the Crow's Nest
Pass Railway, about '3 miles mirth of
Take ni'tice that I, J, D. Anderson,
1'. I_, H��� of Trail, li. C., agent for W
.1. Ledlngbnm, Free Miner _ Certilicate
No. 11. 03578, intend, sixty dllys from
the date hereof, lo apply lo the Mining
Heci-rih rfor n Certificate of Improve*
luentH for the pur,ioso ol obtaining a
Ciown Qrant of the above claim.
And I'urthi r lake notioe that action
under seel ion 27, must  be  coinnienceil
before the iseunuoe of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated thin S8rd dav of July. A, 1).
1 <.)(>!; .1. D.  ANDERSON.
R. fl. R. BAND
Can be engaged for summer' months for Excursions, Picnics, Lawn Socials or anything that requires music.
Wambold's Orchestra
For Balls, Part'es, Receptions, Banquets, etc. Regular
prices. Allure members of Local Nn 04, A. F. of M.
Musioal Protective Association. Apply to J. B. POLLARD, at E. J. Robie - Tailor Shop, Haker Street.
"Zbe Ivoyal Bank of Canaba"
r.iplinl   AudiorlziMl,
.      ���        M.-.I..H..0.>fU!ii
���    $1,300,000..>|)
Tbomat. Kitchio. Vice-Prefidoni,.
Incorporated 1869.
$i},OOO,OOO.0O I  <��� ...rital   Fuld-up,
SC��-HB, , .      .
wnai'ii of Director*     PhomoaK. Kenny,  President);
Wiley Smith   H, G. BftUld, Hon. JOnvldMaoKOen.
���lead OffloCi llalirnxt
General M .naffer, EdhUii UPeaso, Montroal.
Super in ton don 1 o~ Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax,
..ran    ch 1
'ova   Scotia��� Halifax   Branch,   Antigenic
Brldgewator. Gtuytiboru, i_on<iondorry, l_u
enburgi Milttano (11 utta Co,}, Piotou, Port
Hawkoebury, Sydnej, Shubonaeadio,Truro.
Mew    Br1_.1i-.W-.Gb ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,
Frederioton, KJiiERton (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newoaatlo, Sackvllle, 8t, John.Woodstock'
1*. K. Island���Charlottetown, Sunimerside.
; e.hoc���Montreal, (City Ollice), Montreal
West End (Cor. Notre Dame and Beig.
neura Streeta); We -amount (Cor. Greene
Avenue and St. Catharinon Btreet,
s."n'--j~m.-hiii..  -St.. John's.
i-iiba, Went Indies���Havana.
United suites���New York (16 Kxchange Place
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Kelson,   Rosslaufi,     anoonver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
-orrcHponflciilN i
Ouuda-Morohanta ii-nk of Cannfla,   Koitoii-Natlonal Shawmnt Bank.   Chicago-IUIhoU
mist and Savings Bank.  Sun l'rijii_l��eo���First National Hunk,   tiiiidoa,  Hug.-Bunk 0(
Beottond.  Piirls, Pranyo-qrodlt Lyonnais.   Bermnda-Bank o( Bermuda.  Calna and Japan���Hong Kong uml Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane���Old National Hank.
Oeneral BanklnR Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   tfough
and Soil!, Lfilets of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most, favorable terms.   Interest allowed oo speciul
deposits nnd on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. E.G.
�� NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON, B. C.
> Oold, Silver-Lead  anil  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCEIANOE.
. FREE   MILLING   SOLD  properties  wanted at once for Eastern
p Investors.
{ Parties linvinf;  mining  property for  sale are   requested to send
r samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
I We  flesire  to  hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
�� claiiiiH In I.i-itisli Columbia.
i I'rospi'ctui-  ami  mining  men  are requested  to make the EX-
L CHANCE their headquarters when in Nelson.
�� All samples should be sent hy expreBS, PREPAID.
r Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
P. 0. Box 700.
a    Telephone No. 104.
��� VVVVV^>A^V'/��A/'VV-VVV^V-VV'l**^/V��*/VV*
Every housewife who
takes delight in a
spick and span kitchen will find what she
wants in our stoek of
The shining quality
of the surface is indicative of the superior merit of the
goods through and
Delivered to nny point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand o(
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, aud
Finished Lumber.
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LARJiO.
A. R. BARROW, a.m. lob
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Oorner Victoria and Kootenay Sts.
P.O. Box f> TM.ADhone No
Custom House Broker and Employment
Olliee. Telephone II. P. O. Box BSD
Stanley .Street, Nelson. B. 0,
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every ninrniug immediately
on arrival of steiimer, at the
rate of        ,
75 Cents per Month
Suhseriptions to be left
with the agent,
D.  J.   YOUNG.


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