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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 19, 1901

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Array :
Daily Edition No.  n
w***��� ��31"
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Saturday,  October 19,  1901
Eleventh   Year
sion of tho military and   naval   fortification, at  EsqulmaU would oventu-
Tl'DTOrtMt'DO i n"y   comI,e*   'h*   evacuation   of  tho
JTXliloUJNljiXlb! Utile naval town   thme as  effectually
as   though the   place   had been   bombarded by an enemy.     The prediction
is lilcely   to   be   realized   within   the
Bulgarian and Turkish Troops
Acting In  Conjunction.
Bulgaria Will Not Accept any
Responsibility for Miss
Vienna, Oct. 18.���According to the
Pnlillsiihe Coircspondenz, M. Snratoff,
Bulgarian Minister of the lnteiior and
Interim-Minister of Foroign Affairs,
addressed a note to Mr. Dickenson, U.
S, Consul-General iu Constantinople,
a few days ago, iu whicli after complaining that the consul genoral had
exprvssod dissatisfaction with tie
umasiuos the Bulgarian government
had taken against tho kidnappers of
Miss Stone, ho strongly protested
Ognlnat his government being held
responsible for a crime committed on
Turkish tenitory and declared that in
order to guard itself against a senons
and unmerited acoasation the Bulgarian government has rosolveri,
should the ruhhoi band try to cress
the llulgarian frontier or succeed 'n
stealing into Ilnlgaria, to huve it
mercilessly pursued and annihilated
by llulgarian troops.
We will not enter into nny negotiation whatever for p-iying the rnr.r,om,
said M. Sainton', aa wc do not want
precedents established for tho many
robbers infesting Die neighborhood to
urn to Ilnlgaria when this seems to
thoir advantage. We ate firmly deter
mined to make an example which
will iiitoi robbers (rom repeating snch
speculations. It then will no longer
be possible to accuse Rnltjuria of
harboring secret committees whicli
organize bands for kidnapping
foreigners to Turkey and removing
them to Bulgaria there peacefully to
enjoy the ransom they extort.
'next two years, for work will shoitly A
commence on Signal Hill, a huge
rocky bluff uveilooking Esquimau,the
manning of whiob will mean that
residences in Esquimalt will be rendered untenantable. All visitors are
familiar with this bluff, which is
passed oil tho right just before the
terminus of the ear line is reached,
Tho hill is at present being connected
by tolephonie cublo with the forts on
MacAuiay Point and liodd bill, the
latter place being by submarine lino.
The work is being carried ont under
thc direction of Capt. llowdler, R. E.,
and a corps of submarine miners and
those will bo reinforced in a few days
Strike Is Threatcnd Unless Concessions Are
Wen Ask an 8-Hour Day and
an   Old-Age   Pon-
Paris, Oct. 18.���The premier, M.
Waldeck.Rossoan, has replied to the
secretary of the Miners' federation
by another detachment which has loft' ref,tlra\ng the government's intention
England. Colonels Collaid and llisooe,   towards   the demands  of   the   miners
oi Halifax, wlion here somo time ago,
thoroughly     surveyed   the   hill    and
for  an   eght-bour   day,    a   minimum
wage   and   u pension of two francs   a
made arrangoinents for  the   work   on  day Bftei. ->*��� yearB work, who thieateu
the fortifications tiion, to start this
winter. The forls will probably
require two years to complete and
will be hews out of solid rock. The
foits will bo mounted with two ii'Mon
disappearing guns of 5.2 calibre.
St. Paul's chin en, for years the most
western of Anglican churches in
Cannda, and tho rectory adjoining
will have to be removed and the same
reinnrk applies to other houses in the
village as a single didchargo of tbo
guns wonld wreck the plnstor, windows and similar parts.
The Dominion government is still
considering whether or not to lonn
tha D, 0. H. Quadra to the provincial
polioe to visit Kingcome inlet, and
punish natives who attacked the police
and took two prisoners from them
A line of railway ia being built
from the mines ot Mount Sicker to tho
east coast of Vancouver island, where
the Heinzo company is about to erect
a smelter.
Michael Pete was arrested today for
kicking into insensibility a woman
with whom he had been living. The
woman may die. Pete is a laborer
employed at the Woik Point barracks.
J John P.|Bubco_k, the new lish commissioner,  arrived here this morning.
London, Oct. lit.���An extraordinary
version cf the Stone abduction case
comes today trom Constantinople,says
a dispatch from Vienna to the Daily
Telegraph. It is declared in olllcinl
circles Hint Miss Stone sympathises
"lib the Macedonian committee and
herself agreed to the kidnapping so
that the lansotn would be paid to the
committee, Comment upon this story
is quite superfluous,
Commenting upon the stntemont ol
the Politiscbe Correspondenz, regarding tbo letter from M. Earatoff, the
Bulgarian minister, to Mr. Dickinson, the Vienna correspondent of the
Standard Bays; It may bo regarded
as convincing proof that Bulgaria is
Shielding the Maoeionian cominitleo
and that the Sofia correspondent of
the I'nlitslobo Correspondenz, and
other papers wero correct when declur*
ing that Macodoinnna disguised as
'l'nilis had kidnapped Miss Stone, and
��� hnl a regular game is being played
".V llulgarian troops on one side and
the Turkish troops on the other, of
the frontier,each side trying to smuggle pinoiiers over the bordet in cider
that the ransom paid by sentimental
Americans may be roenverod, as the
Bulgarians with from Turkey and as
the Turks wish, from Bulgaria, and
that some prisoners but for this farce
could hn produced at any moment.
The right course now is not to pay
iniisuin, but to hold Bulgaria respon-
sihle for every hair of Miss Stone's
head, Those who know the fncts see
no reason to anticipate any danger to
her life.
Pour thousand Bulgarian and Turkish troops nave boen occupied in the
effort to obtain Miss Stone's, release,
8Hys a despatch from Sofia to the
Morning Leader. It is boi Hived Here
thut her release would have been
effected but for Mr. Dickenson's re-
'"sal to offer her captors more than un
ordinary pour bolre, Mi. Diokenaou's
extraordinary action is regarded ns
suicidal. A large sum must be pnid
to the brigands as otherwise, Miss
Btuue's life will ho snorlflced. If
Mr, Dickinson desires vengeance on
the brigands the won-.cn must be ran-
soinoil first.
Washington, Oet. IS.���Lord Pauncefote will sail for the United States
October 80th, before the Hritish cabinet council has had an opportunity to
review the protocols which embody
the proposed new Hay-Pauiicefote
canal treaty. It is thought here, bow-
ovor, that that fact will uot delay
sonsibly the final negotiations which
will take place here between Secretary
Hay and Lord Pauncefote, for the now
treaty, like that which it will replace
on tho dookot of tho senate shall
finally bo drafted and signed in tho
City of Washington. It is Baid tnat
when the now documents arc framed
the 'fortifications" will have been
found to bnvo dropped ont, leaving
tho United Slates at liberty to lortify
tbo canal, hut it is distinctly stated
that it is not obligated to do so, and,
in fact, there Is no piesent intention
of eroding fortifications, which it is
stated would be much more expensivu
than a fleet of battleships and less
to strike on November 1st if their
request is not granted. The premier
says tbo government cannot pronounca
a decision on the eight-hour question
until tho parliamentaiy committee
has made its report, while, respecting pensions, lie recalls the fact tbat
the chamber of deputies will discuss,
dumg the coming session, a general
bill providing for workmen's pensions. As to tbe minimum wage, tbo
premier says this waH a matter which
bail been freely argued between the
workmen and the employers. The
-,'eply cannot be considered very satisfactory to the men, whoso federation
committee will meet Sunday and resolve whether to strike or not. The
surreptitious distiibution of arms
among the miners of Montceau Les
Mines has assumed a graver aspect
lately Abput 10,000 rifles,from which
the rilling has beeu removed in crder
to avoid their seizure as military
weaponp, are now iu the hands of the
mine's. The government has realized
the Boriitusnrsa of the situation and
announces on the declaration of a
strike all these rilles will be immediately seized under the law authorizing such a step in case of urgency.
Rights of
Mining   Partners
the   Sheriff
New  Legal  Ground Taken,
The Beamish Case
up Again,
Money Is at Bottom of
(-.1-liH'IAI. TO THEI Mll-Hll.)
Nanaimo, Oct. IH.-The Foresters
visited the mines this morning. At
tho afternoon sesblon a proposition
to inc.-easo ihe funeral benefit from
$78 to 81DI) was voted down, The
ollloers elected nnd installed were:
District Chief Ranger, F. Nulson,
Victoria; Sub Chief Ranger, J. Ih
Pearson, Vancouver; Treasurer, S. A.
llantl.y, Victoria; Beoiotiiry, F. P.
Watson, Victoria. It was decided to
offer .100 in prizes to tho lodges showing the greatest increase in member*
ship next yeor. A donatio!! of .-'���>
was made'to tho Extension Relief
Fund. Tho convention will meet at
Wostminstcr next year. Thc visitors
aro being entertained tonight nt a
banquet by local brethren.
National Association of Manufacturers
In Kavor of Reciproc ty.
Philadelphia, Oct.. iH.���The committee ou arrangements of the
National Association of Manufacturers met here l:day to perfect
arrangements for tho holding of n
national recipi-ooity convention,which
was the first proposed at the annual
meeting of national association in
Detroit. It was decided to hold the
convention at Washington, beginning
November 10th. The convention will
pro! ably last threo days. President T.
C!. Search,of the National Association
of Manufacturers' presided at the
meeting which was attended by 30
prominent members from various
parts of the country. Thero was 'a
general discussion regarding the details of the convention at the conclusion of winch a oall was adopted by
the oommitteo and will be sent board
cast over the country. The call states
tbat tho solo purpose of this convention is to discuss tho expedioucy^and
practicability of broader applications
of tho piinciples of the commercial
reeipiocity as a means of expanding
the foroign markets for American pro
duots, without saotitioing the interests
of anv of our industries The object
of this convenlion is to ascertain accurately the view of representative
manufacturers on this subject and to
formulate if possible, some practical
suggestion for snob legislation or
diplomatic negotiations as may be
necessary to establish that intimate
eo'iinioioial relations between
United States and other nations.
The Whol* \illago to Make   Way For
Extnnslvo Fortifications.
Vlotoria, Oct.lM.-For some years it
'as  hon   piedioted   that   the exton-! hounds is in pursuit.
Now Lexington, Ohio, Oot. 18.���
Six masked men er.tored the residence
of Chas. Tagne, a merchant of Mc-
Lury, and nt the point of a revolver
bound   and gagged  the whole lamily.
The   house was  searched and by Uu  *  Bry Un ^   ,our
ure   with   hot   irons to  his feet  Mr   gan, 7 ^   ..^
Tague was compelled to give up the ���'"JJ"1^ *,���,., ������ filivi���g crew
keys of bis store which ��* ^J l fl ..,��� ������,������ aod ciew
looted.     A sheriff's posse with   bipod.bt0?*��� ,���
St. Marys, Ont., Oct. 18.���Tho general bourd of missions of the Methodist church concludod its meeting
hore today. The financial report
showed the receipts to be 8-70,323,
and the disbursements -_88,108. Tho
clergymen engaged in domostio mis-
slona'rv work will rocoivo 7H per cent,
of thoir nalaries, as compared with 7(1
per cent, last year.	
Mich,     Oct.    18. -The
State   of   Michi-
without loss.
At the supreme court yesterday
before Mr. .Instice Irving thc case of
Carmichael & Burns vs. Mrs. Egan
and Stubbs came up for trial. Carmicbael and Burns rented the Palace
saloon premises io Sandon from Mrs.
Egan some time ago and on the 37th
of April last were in arrears to her for
.05 rent. She placed S. Stubbs id
possession of the place as bailiff to
distrain the goods and chattels of the
firm, but finding that under the Distress Act it was necessary for "the
sheriff to appraise the good*) she
deoided that the goods were not worth
the cost of such action and so abandoned the distress. Cannichael and
Burns brought suit asking fcr $1,000
damsgos for the breaking np of thoir
business, and also for the goods they
had left ou the premises. Judgment
without costs, for 805 was given in
their I'tjvor, Mrs. Eg��u bad a counter
claim for the ,95 of rent in airears,
which counter claim, without costs,
was also granted. F, L. Christie noted
for lhe plaintiffs and S. S. Taylor for
Mrs. Egan and M. Ii, Grimmett for
Mr. Stubbs.
In the caso of McMillan vs. Sandi-
lnnds, Crawford and John W. Peok
Sc Co., judgment was also given yes-
terdny. Tbis case arose out of the
wjntUnJM oo of the estate of Crawford
.1 McMillan of Sandon, who assigned
for the bcoeflt of their creditors on
February 4th, 1808. The first assignee
was E. M. Sandilands, wbo managed
the property for a short time and then
inriiiid il over to the creditors lepre-
hented by .1. W. Peck Sc Co. The business was cained on by the creditors
and fresh goods purchased for the
stock, assessment work performed on
certain claims and tbe estate treated
as a going affair, and as Peok & Co.
contended, with McMillan's acquies-
euce. McMillan in the suit claimed
that they had wasted a surplus in the
estate to the amount of 80,000 unnecessarily, and so managed the estate
that it could not pay even tho liabilities to tho creditors. The action has
come up for hearing four or five times
and had beeujdisniisfled as far as McMillan was concerned on throe occasions with coats against him, and
with leave tc change and amend bis
pleading so as to bring a proper issue
before the court. On Ibis occasion at
the conclusion of the plaintiff's cross
examination the plaintiff's counsel
consented to the dismissal of tbe ease
without costs to any party. W. A.
Majdouald, K. ('., and A. M. Johnson acted for tho plaintiff; S. S. Taylor, K. C, and R. W. Hannington
for John W. Peck Sc Co., dtfondants;
P. L. Christie for E. M. Sandilands,
defendant; nnd W. A. (Jallihcr for T.
L Peele, an added defendant.
The famous ease of W. F. McNaught
vs. Van Norman, Harvey company and
Balfour & Co., ot al., was decided
yesterday. This Is the much spoken
of Interpleader aotion. The plaintiff,
W. F, MoNnught, is the owner of the
thi'im quarter interest in the Hampton
group near Slocan City.
On the 31st of May last the sheriff
seized the quarter Interest, in lhe
Hampton Rioup belonging to hi
partner McKinnon on the suit of the
abovo named defundints. McKinnon
on tbo same day allowed his free
miner's license to expire, which date
wus after seizure bnt boforo the
sheriff hnd sold. McNangkt therefore
claimed that under soetlin I) of the
Ml.inral Act that the the lapsing of
thu certificate gave to bim the undivided one-qnartcr interest heretofore
belonging to McKinnon in thn Hampton group, thou under seizure. Tho
defendants, who wero the creditors of
McKinnon,elainied thnt thc seizure of
tho sheriff carried the claim over the
:tlst of May, and that as the execcu-
tlon creditors on tho 7th of June took
out in McKinnon'h naroo a special
free miner's license, under seotion 4
of the Mineral Act of Isiiu. tbat by
such special license tbey secured the
interest  of   McKinnon   in   the   said
It  Is  Suspected,   However,
That the Gash Was
Hampton group.  McNaught contend,..! ; T7"p*]U*p**V"rTpT   A TV]*
that   McKiunoii's Interest conld   only i  ' -LJil-uZi U��jLlia.iN
bo revived subjeoi tollls (MeNaught's) |
rights,   and that  he "hon, under section 0 of tbo Mineral Act,    taken over
McKinnon'u interest on thc lapsing of 	
the hitter's free miner's license as the!
said MeKinnon's  co-owner      He fur-' Captain   Of  the   Arcnda   SayS
ther contended that the creditors   bo-1
ing   strangers,   notwithstanding   thei
execution, could not takeout a special
free minor's liconso   without   MeKinnon's request.      In   connection   with
these points it was argued   by counsel
lor McNaught that a sheriff's  seizure
gives  no   title   to     cither   execution
creditors   or   the   sheriff,    but simply
gives the power to sell.
His Lordship, without expressing
any definite opinion was inclined to
believe that if the spcc'al free miner's
IIeens9 had been taken out by Mo-
Kinnon under section 4 of the statute
of 1809, it might have levived his
title, but as the certificate was taken
out by the creditors, who under the
authority cited were absolute strangers to McKinnon, and who had no
title by reason of seizure, thnt thoro-
fcre tho special free miners' license
taker out by them could be of no
value. Ilis Lordship therefore gave
judgment for McNaught. annulling
the seizure of the defendants and
putting the sheriff out of possession
w'tii costs. The case was on an absolutely new point of luw. S. S. Taylor
acted for plaintiff, McNaught, and!
John Elliott, B S. Lennie und E. C.
Wragge, for the defendants.
Interesting Lognl Point Raised.  Argument on Wednesday Next.
The celebrated Beamish oato was
once more brought before the courts
It came before Mr. Justice Irving in
tbe shape of a motion for a rule Nisi
in Habeas Corpus proceedings. Tbe
matter bad beon before Mr. Justice
Walkem at Rossland in the same way
aod he bad held that be had no jurisdiction to entertain the application on
account of one of tbe sections of the
criminal code. Tho question as to
the jurisdiction of a judge of the
Supremo court to e.'tertain an application in this way was veiy fully
gono into by Mr. C. E. CliUan, who
appeared on behalf of Beamish, and
the case of Regina vs. Arscot, 9 O. R.
541, a decision of the lute Mr. Justice
Bone, was particularly relied on, us
covering the ground of the jurisdiction for one of tbe judges of the
Supremo court of the province to en-
teitain an application of this   nature.
His Loidship on hearing tbe argument of counsel for the prisoner,
granted a Bule Nisi iu the matter returnable at (ireenwood before himself
on Weonesday next.
The chief contention, apart from
technical (.-rounds in this case, was
that no offense had been charged
against the prisoner within the meaning of section r,23 of the criminal code
under whioh the information had been j
laid. The uffence oharged was In
substance that the prisoner had persistently followed and with other persons in a disordoily manner followed
the complainant Joseph Horn about
tho streets of Bossland with a view
"to compel the said JosepU Horn to
abstain from proceeding peacefully
through thc stroets of Bossland."
This it wns contended by oounsel for
the prisoner, was nol an offenso within the spirit and contemplation of the
act, which is adoptod from tbe
English criminal laws framed and
known as ''The Conspiracy nnd Protection of Property Act'' passed in
1878, This net oonld only applv
where intei ferenco had been made
with a man in proceeding to or from
his work as in the casu of Horn he
was simply poising through tho city.
The argument was an nblu aud interesting ooo. The matter will bo
argued in all of its phases on Wcdnei-
day next ut the sitting of the coutt to
bo held at Oreer.wood.
Willemstadt, Island of Cuvacoa,Oot.
IS. ��� A fishing schooner whicli arrived
hero today from Aruba island, northwest of Curacou, brings a story that
the A rendu, a Venezuelan schooner,
hound from Laguayra for Miiraeaibco,
bringing a sum of money from the
government destined to puy the'troops
on the frontier,the amount being variously estimated from (38,000 to $1110,-
000, was lost. She encountered heavy
weather last Sunday night when off
Aruha island, and foundered in deep
water, tbe entire sum being lost.
The crew reached tho island in a boat.
Thc money is supposed to have been
:part of some raised in Caracas n
fortnight ago from the Bank of Venezuela by President Castro. If it is
totally lost- the government has s".s*
tnined a very serious loss. The sinking of lhe steamer was attended with
certain suspioious oircuinstnnces.
The weather Sunday night was calm
and the captain of Arenda resides on
Aruha island. 'There are ether minor
details pointing ti the possibility of
collusion with ouulders to seen re
possession of the money.
Politics I
non. J
from   the
in     Quiet���The
Situation, Eto.
Fred   Hume bus   returned
cast after an absence of
nearly three week's which he passed
principally In Vancouver . and Victoria. Business, he says, in tho coast
towns is decidedly dull owing.to the
natural collapse that followed tbo
reception to the Duku nnd Duchess ot
Cornwall and YurU nnd the fact that
trade with tho northern goldfields is
over for tho season. Mr. Hume bad
the pleasure of seeing the Boyul
couple and wns most agreeably impressed with them. Matteis political
are undly mixed up, und there is a
gieat deal of hostility expressed
against the Dtinsmiiir government,
and he thinks if nu election wero held
tomorrow that there nouid be one
of tho grcutost turndowiis for tbe
ministry over witnessed in the province, ln some quarters the fear is
expressed, if the meeting of tho house
is postponed over the nana.1 time, that
the government may be able to influ-
oncc sonic of tboso who ntc now
opposed to it into supporting it. lie
had a talk with Hon. Jos"ph Martin,
who laughs over the political ijUub-
tion and seems   to think it something
In the nature of a lark. Mr. Iltuue
called Mr Martin's attention to tbo
changed nltltudn of the Colonist
which in now calling him Hon.
Joseph Martin, whereas a short lime
since It was roughly abusing hiin.
Mr, Martin intimated that there luul
been certain, changes in conditions
recently which had altered the altitude in public ut least which the
Colonist bad of bim, though Fighting
.loo thought that their private opinion
of bim bad not altered In  the lenst.
London, Oct. 10.���The Admiralty
bus sent instructions to Dovonport to
prcparo for tbo construction of n battleship larger than any now existing.
Ilor displacement will be 10,GOO tons
and ber length 488 ft. She will bo the
first vessel of the King Edward class
St. Petersburg, Oct. IS.���The llril-
isli and Biissinn governments havo
come to a completu agreement regard*
ing the Afghanistan situation, lt ia
usserted in high diplomatic elides
hero   that even   should   complications
arise in Afghanistan   in consiqucii �����
of tbo death of Abdul Ithaiiiinaii and
the accession of llabib Oulah, these
would but loud to concurrent intervention.
Rome, Oct. IS.���The recurring nows-
papcr reports that the Pope is suffei-
Ing from weakness and Is subject to
fainting spells havo called out a
denial from the Vatican. Ills Holiness is in perfuct health, glvos audiences regularly aud passes tlie fine
days in the gardens.
Lowell, Mass., Oot. Is.���Alboft C.
Smith, teller, and Lewis K. Swift,
bookkeeper, of the Merchant's
National Hank, failed to reiiort fur
duty this morning. Inquiry showed
that neither had been at. his hoine
last night. At 10.30 o'clock this evening Iho directors of Iho bank are still
in session, but a statement may be
made later Nklboi! Daiw Mikbr.  Saturday.  October 19, �����_*-<
The Nelson Miner
lH_,.-n   Kvory  Morning  Except   Monday
IM*Vf  iter month, by onrrior      65c
JVilly, [,,*r nunu.li, l,y mull      WO
bally, per yoar, by oarrlor.   f 7 OO
wily, por yew, by mall    6 00
fl****!. por yuar foroUm    8 00
���Vaokly.i r hall yoar  81 ,*��
���W_.kly.por year    2 00
8f aokly, per yoar, foreign    8 00
_lab��orlpMona Invariably in advaooo.
11) Fleet Htreot. K. C.
ottoi  Press Aaenoy. Ltd.. apodal Agent*
Alexander & Co.. 521 First Avonuo, Spokane
���Vm.li.. koop thlH paper on file, und are uur
mfnnrinyl agents for advertisements "'���
The best wliich art can protiuce and   money  can  purchase,
is now ready for your inspection.
Novelties of All Kinds
Stylish Goods in every shade and make for evening wear,
Sequin Robes, Dreams in Embroideries, Facts in
Good Values.
The question of procuring a suppy
of electrl, al powei for tbe city con
ti nuea an absorbing topic. There Is
a wide difference of opinion as to the
matter and several solutions have
been suggested. The business element
favors tbe purchasing whatever addi
tional power may be needed from the
Weat Kootenay Power and Light Company for a period which will not
exceed a year, out they are unanimously opposed to tbat which would
savor of a partnership arrangement or
in the nature of anything that would
toud to Borieuder the city's right to
furnish electrio lights. The Iiabor
element is opposed to entering any
airangemcnt other than to supplement tbe present plant of the city till
lt is of a sufficient capacity to meet
ourrent requirements. Others say
that the city should get along without
the assistance of the West Kootenay
Light & Power company. Those who
cannot prooure electric light service
from the oity can seuure gas from the
Nulson lias Sc Coke oompany which is
a local corporation engaged in the
business of furnishing lights to customers and whose plant is looated
within the corporate limits and
which gives employment to residents
tt tho oity.
I'lio determination of the oitizens
that no right wbich belongs to the
ritjr under which it can furnish oieo-
Uic lights to its residents shall be
. given up is a wise one. They reoog-
XA-tJti in it a valuable asset and one
whioh will be the source of no in*
aonaiderable revenue when the city
haa a larger plant.
The city of Rossland should serve as
a good object lesson for Nelson. A
(aw years ago the oity council of
i Bstmlond began negotiations for the
purchase of the light and water plant
ot the Rossland Light & Water com*
pany. After a period the water
plant waa purchased, but the council
clumsily and foolishly allowed the
eVeotrie light plant to slip through
Its    Sogers.     A    good    profit    has
on realized from the -nator plant
at II is claimed that the returns for
furnishing lights are greater. The
West Kootenay I'ower & Light company has a virtual monopoly of tbe
furnishing of electrio lights to the
eity and makes a large profit from it,
The city government and the citizens
generally very much regret that tho
municipality did not scour.' tho electrio light plant when it puiehased tiie
water plant, as in that event it would
have two sources of profitable revenue
instead of one.
Tbe best policy for Nelson to pursue
is to rely as much as possible on itself
in the light matter, but if it is com*
polled to purchase power let it be for
tho shortest possible time. The preliminary steps should be at once taken
tor the installation of a plant of a
^ient capacity for preHent, and for
Ure requirements for at least   three
three years.
From the Kitchen to the Ball Room and from  the cradle
to the grave, we have everything you can possibly require.
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
rise of ��1. 15s. for the week. Thus
lhe copper scare bas run iis course ,
as far as its effect on London and
Paris is ooucerned. The Bourse, in
fact, is now more oheeitul, the
monthly settlement baving boen surmounted with very little   difficulty,"
Advices from London state that tbe
shareholders in the Bossland-tiroat
Western and Kootenay Mining companies recently reoeived circulars asking them to subscribe money for the
purpose of makiog an attempt to set
aside the contract for tbe sale of the
proporty to each oompany, to make
the vendors and promoters refund
moneys paid for them, and to remove
the present board of direotors. Tbis
Is probably a move by those opposed
to Whitaker Wright and his friends
tu get tbem out of the management of
those oompanies, in much tbe same
manner as the Wright directorate was
compelled to vacate their places in
the Le Roi board. It is obvious
tbat the parties who have met and
defeated Wright aud bis friends lately
at eveiy torn do not intend to stop
until they are in control in all the
companies in which Wright was and
is interested in the Rossland camp.
From certain information which has
leaked out it is certain that they desire the Le Roi No. 2, and from thc
latest move made by tbem in London
it would seem that they also wish to
control the Rossland-flreat Western
and the Kootenay mines. With these
four mines under their domination lt
would mean a complete elimination of
lhe Whitakei Wright interest in the'
Rossland camp. From tho reckless
manner ln whioh tbe shares have
boen manipulated, to the great loss of
many investors, it is palpable that a
change which would result in the
four companies being handled in a
more conservative and businesslike
maimer would be of benefit to the
Rossland camp and to liritisli Oolum
bia mining interests.
grams received from that gentleman,
he is geatly impressed with the Ymir
and other mioes belonging to the
London and B. C. Goldfields Company.
If only a few more English directors
would follow Mr Wethered's example,
and pay a visit to the mines wbich
tbey administer, it would be greatly
to the advantage uf the shareholders."
Jewels, candy, flowers, man-that Is
the order of a woman's preferences,
Jewels form a magnet of mighty
powei to the average woman. Even
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D. Green's reliable remedies at W
F. Teetzel Sc Co. Get Green's Special
Have you used healthful Hygenio
Baking Powder, the latest discovery
in chemistry 1
Kootenay Street. Next Oddfellows' Hall
P. O. Box 633.
Quite a soare was created a couple
uf mn',k�� since among those interested
In mines producing copper, by a fall
of nearly UU per ton In copper
in the London market. Thli was
caused by a reduction lo the Anaconda
dividend and the expectation that
there would he a deorease in the dlvl-
| dend of the Kio   Tinto.    It   was   held
tbat   the   reduction in tlie   Anaoonds
, dividend was not due to speculative
causes, but was becsuse thu directors
found tbat tbo current prolits din not
warrant tbem in distributing more
than they actually ueolnrcd. The
bears alleged, too, that depression in
trade un tho continent, which is
marked in Germany, and the decreasing demand for oopper in oonocctlon
with electrical construction throughout Europe was another cause for the
decline in the price of the motal.
Tbe English exchanges which came in
by yesterday's mail have a more bopo*
ful tone and one of them, Ibe London
Citizen of October 4th, says: 'One
of the leading events of tbe week has
boen tbe announcement of the Bio
Tinto dividend, at thc rate of .I'm. per
ahsre for tbe half-year, which is distinctly better than was estimated, and
caused a further rally iu Uio Tinto.
Copper, too, bas further recovered,
bring   now   quoted   at   ��04.    19a.;   a
For tho flrat time in several months
a statement has been made of tbo
strength of the British army in the
Hold in South Africa. It seems there
up- 200,000 mon there, with 4S0 guns
and 388,000 horses and mules. All thc
necessary stores are suppllod for four
months in advance, and 10,000 remounts a month are landed to take
the plaoe of Ibe animals that give out.
The statement was mnde by Mr.
Broderick by way of proving lhat
everything possible is beiug done to
bring too war to an end.
The troopB at AlderBdot recently
put in their fleld-flriug under novel
conditions. Instead of tho ordinary
targets being used, a position was
prepaied witb dummy guns, oavolry
and infantry, a lino of hills showing
the flgureB of men as an enemy might
show himself, and a number of Ingenious expedients being resorted to
intended to givo an air of verisimilitude to the operations. The troops
bad to advance against this position,
judge the distance for themselves and
fire as they would in aotion. On two
days 17,Sill rounds were fired at -'US
dummy figuius and 808 bits were
scoied. Troops who in aotual battle
could score such a pcroentage of hitB
would be oertain to win.���Toronto
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attention'   Uall orilors solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co,,
Head Ofiice
Ii��_^r. w ��,,d Vornon ft., Nel��o_i
The absentee direotors ot mineral
properties ought to clip out the following and paste it in their pocket-
books for the sentiment expressed is
worthy of all acceptation, says the
Trout I .a Im Topic: "Mr. Olivor
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For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors
C.P.R. offices.
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction in service, taking place
Sunday 29th instant. 40 minute
service before 11 a.m. and after
7.40 p. m.    20 minutes between.
TIMK T.1111.1*.
IHiKHHlnwr Wanloy g|,
7*����a ��. 7.20 a. m
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8.20 3.40
9.00 j. 20
9*4" l3.oo
10.20 ,J>40
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11.20 |,.J0
Every 20  minutes  Between, at
hour, 20 past and 20 to.
IloMiislo,, r
7**-��F ���***��� 7.20p.
J. 20
lo 40
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KASLO.  B.  C.
I Mineral ��'���-����*-(�� aod -jiiues sui veyed.
Close connection East and West
bound at Spokane with trains of the
Hpokane Falls and Northern Kailway
Direct connection at Ht. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Uliicngo, 1 nronto. Montreal, Mow Yorli
and all points West and Houth.
Leaves Spokane daily forjEart atl. :15 a m
Leaves Spokane daily tor Wost at 7:15 a,m
Leaves Spokane daily ior WeBt at 800 p m
West-bound trains make direct con-
IwZh S Vi*Jtori'*1 ,,nd Vancouver,
During the season of navigation East
"Hind trams opnneot at Duluth with
themagnitlcentstoainshiiis North.Wes*
and North Land of thoN_,the,*D Bto___.-
ship Compuny Lino, operated in con-
nection with tho Great Northern Il_.il*
For further information,    anB   fold-
KnM_ai��'i!jap,1,|i-y t0Sny "?��'" ��f Spokane
���rails & Northern Ry., fMlo & **BloCfttl
Co.'oru! UIWay * NavfeaUoi.
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Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shot-tout and quickest route tn the oaat uml nil
points on tho O. it. ft N. and Northorn I'u-
ciilo Railways ln Waihlnguiii, Orogon uml
Southorn States.
Time Card Effective August 1.1901
Kaslo & Slocan By-
3:90 a. m. Lv.
Ar. 4:00 p. m
Lv. 1:15 p. in*
Int Nav- & Trading Go-
5:20 p. m. Lv. Nolson Ar. 11:00 n. in,
11:10 p, m. Ar. Kaalo Lv. 7:00 a. m.
Connecting at Five Mile Point with NiiImii
4 Kort "heppard Hallway bot.li to and (rum
Itowuand, oto
Tickets sold to all part*, in Unitod St��t_��iuul
l*uiiiula via Groat Northorn and O. ����� �� N.
CO. B IlllOH.
Oconn nloam���liIp ticket*, and  raten via all
linuH wiil be fnni!siu��� 1 ou application.
Kor further particulars call on oi addriwi
HOJJKRTIUVIN-I    ,   ��� ,,
Minuter, Kaulo.il. U
U. K Tackaiiuiiv Agent. Nolxon II. ���'.
J- 0. GWILLIM, B-, Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B, C
mining district.*;.
Baker Street Nelson. B.
Certificates oflmprovements
Apeax, Silver Rent and Onrfew Mineral claims, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located���Near head of tho
main fork of Whitewater Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Theodore
Beaucbnmp, acting as agont for G. T.
Hoy, free miner's certificate No. B6()80!>
and J. J, Malone, free miner's certificate No. BB05H8, intend sixly days
from the date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a oertifioateotini*
pioveuieuts for the purpose of obtaining Crown llrants of the above clainifl.
And further take notice tbat aotion,
under seotion 87, must be commenced
before the issuanco Of such certifloi11**
of improvements.
Doted this Sth day of 8*��pte<nber,
10ol. T. BEAt/CiiAMP. ��� -., ���}
Nelson   Daii v  MiNur, Saturday October 19,  .get
a*^************** ��� ��� t
Senator Turner on bis   return   from
jlarysville   said   tbat work had ooin-
Bience.1 upon the smelter for the Hulli
..���   group   oe.ore   he left.    The con-
had   started to make   bricka
vmill   plant    had    been
irrival    it   will   be
and put In opera-
and   the   saw
ordered.     Upon
immediately sot up
The   engineers   had   surveyed
nnd cicavation of rock for the
commence   inunc
the site a
foundation would
diutely. '-I'1***- worlt wl11 conl"ul--
tlirongbout Hie "intei if the weather
I, mild enough to permit it. If things
���o well the smelter will be ready to
commence operations about Matoh
1st: if delayed hy a severe winter it
may be a little later. L. S. Austin,
who will superintend the construction,
in iiii experienced smelter man from El
Paso, Texas His associates, Mr.
Turnei snid, were netting matters
well in hand and would return in a
**n,v (lays.
Hpenliing of the Sullivan mine Mr.
Turner snid that sufficient development had heen done to turn out 150
tons a day and there was ore enough
in sight to keep the smelter In
chelation for tour years. Tbe mine
hnd been closed down since March
lsst and "ill not resume operations
until tbe smelter is blown in. The
mine anil smelter together would
give employment to 350 men.
The townsito of Maiysville has been
surveyed and agonts appointed for
the sale of lots. Several business men
have announced their intention of
building and a newspaper, to be known
as the Marysville Tribune, will be
issued early in the coming month.
The Marysville hotel will be remodelled anil two other hotels will be
putupatence. Mr. Lumsden, ofthe
C. I1. It. stair, is surveying a line
truin the North Star branch up St
Mary's valley and work on it is expected to start in the spring. A system of waterworks will be put in.
be   poshod   ahead   all
The Lavma group in the Lardo section, according to 11. Luekman, who
is engineer in charge of operations, is
looking better thun ever. A month
si.ieoa lend was looated on tho sur-
fnoe nnd this has been prospected by
means "f open crosscuts and found
to be about 400 feet in length and
from fonr to live feet iu width
Theie is 11 inches of clean oie of high
grade and the balance is concentrating ore. A crew of men Is working
on a trail which will be used to rawhide the ore over as soon ns the snow
is in condition for it. Tho ore will
hnve to he hauled five miles to the
Duncan river, from which it can be
biought by hoat down the lake nnd
from thence soot by rail to the
smelters. As there is considerable ore
besides that in the recent find in the
workings, it is anticipated that the
shipments iluiing the winter will be
large. Mr. Luekman leaves today for
the Continental group of claims io
Idaho in the Interest of A. M.
The locations entered at the record
oflieo yestorday were: Aimer, about
ono mile irom Craigtown, by W. C.
Rnnilnll; Muck Hunter, north of
divide between Wolf and Lost creeks,
about two miles from the Yellowstone
mine by tl. B. lloie; Columbia, near
headwaters of Coon eroek, ana about
two miles south of the Yellowstone
mine, Shamrock, at headwaters of
0 on creek, about two and a half
miles south of tho Yellowstone, by
W, K, lloie; Hillton, near thc former
-Win, by W. E. lloie; S'rnbiaber No.
2, at hoadwators of Hall creek John
Innes; Seymour,at headwaters of Hall
Creek, hy T. M. Kixeu ; Golden Treasure, on west fork of Kokanee oreok,
���������tout three miles from where it
empties into the main oreek, by Catherine Gieyerbiehl. Ceitificates of
worlt weie issued to W. Harris on
Chmax, Polar Star; to Thomas Kane
onCaieless; Henry Keanrs on Car*
���I'URi) and L. N. fraction, and to T.M.
RlxBn, os Frobisber.
'ibe annual meeting of the Arlington Mines, Limited, was hold in the
cumpnny'e ollice, Slooan City, on
1'uesday. J. Frank Colloin, managing diroctoi, and a number of local
"tocldioldorc wore present, the former
being chairman and H. D. Curtis
"oeietary. Upwards of 600,000 sharCB
wore voted, Mr. Collom holding tho
���***.0rlty of the proxies. The finan-
*-���������. stuteuieiit of the past
Presented, revealing the
���HT'-Irs to bu in a
The  old   hoard
Rithet, A. 11. Williamson, John Law
���**"i, Tll��s* Hmny, W A. Macdonald
���""J J. Frank Collom. was re-eleoted.
Mr, Rithet Is president, Mr. Lawson
���worctary, and Mr. Collom again man*
aK'"K director.
I,unng the last week the Arlington
"I PP0d 280 tons of ore and the l...ter-
P'-iso K) tons making a total for thc
KM 'rom Slocan camp of 4,711 tons.
rl'e owners of the Rose, on the
��'��t north fork of Lemon creek, have
���sued   a   new  tunnel and driven   _*.
feet.     It will
J. VV. Haves and ,1. 11. Hunker, of
Spokane, arrived in on Monday, to
make an examination of the Laoy
Franklin group al the hoad of Lemon
crook. Mark Manley accompanied
M. Maurer and Nat Tuckei, two
of the owners of the I.ilv B., have
been doing considerable surface work
of late ou tho Portland claim of the
group, on the soutli side of Springer
creek, in the expectation of cutting
the Ailington lead. In this they
have been successful and tho voiu has
been found in placo and stripped.
Ore is fonnd sentleied through the
ledge matter, which is as wide as on
the Arlington.
An important strike of six foot
lodge carrying two pnystreaks of tour
inches and eight inches respectively,
was mado at the head of Springer
croeit this week on tho Monterey
group, consisting of tbe Mcntsrey,
Oregon and Bancroft claims. This
group is owned by N. F, McNaught,
R. Milloy and Leo Doiron. Thc ore
is a sulphide showing the presence of
copper. The smaller streak assays
from 41(1 to 500 ounces in silver to the
ton and the larger 80 ounces. The
ledge matter assays 00 ounces. Various outs have been made which prove
the chute for ;|00 feet while croppings
show on three claims. Work has
ceasod for the year but will be resumed in the spiing.
Tho North Star mine in East Kootenay purpose making an experimental
shipment of 100 tons of ore to
A placer property cn Perry oreelc
bas recently heen sold to Wisconsin
people for 812,000, Thc claims will
be worked vigorously next spring.
Tho miners of Perry creek diggings
aro making well this summer. It is
now generally conoedod that the bed
of this creek is au immense deposit of
gold and only capital Ih required to
make the camp a large producer.
The lessees of the Bondholder
appear likely to make a good thing
out of that property. They started
work by running crosscuts from the
tunnel started hy Paul Hanck and in
eight foot of woik cut a ledge of 18
inehos of shipping ore, aiostly sul-
phurols and carrying high values.
Arrangements have been made to oon-
tinue work nil winter.
The Kaslo yesterday brought in
three enrs of Whitewater ore, two cf
Slooan Star and one of American Boy,
all for the Trail smelter.
MRS.   ENFIELD   wishes   to  announce to the ladies ol Nelson   tnat
owing to the  increase   of  business
she has secured
All orders can now be got ready
on the shortest notice at most
reasonable prices.
West Transfer Co.
H. & M. BIRD
A ten-roomed hous; and corner
lot on Stanley street, close to Baker
street complete with furniture. A
Bargain for immediate sale. Terms
on part of the purchase money.
Several good houses  at  reduced
e nis.    Call and see our list.
��� SEE ���
West Block. East Baker St,
mid try a bottle, a dozen, or a barrel ol
CALGARY BEER aa lt is the best and
elicaporit on tlio markot. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and     CIGARS.
rlcohono 93
, TAMBLYN. M��_��___,
*o*>***orSt.. Nolson
Fir and  Tamarac
ways on hand.
AJ1 Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Office on   Baker Street Tel. 33
A  N'
NKLSON LODGE    No. 23, A. F. &
moota second Wodnesday in
month,   Vihll.iiiK brothern welcome
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodge
No. 16, meet s every Monday night,
at   tholr  Hall,  Kootonay stroet
Sojourning Odd h'ollowN oordlally invitod.
John A. Mcltae, N.O.   D. W. Huthortord, V.G
Frod J. Squint, Por. See.
Nolnon Hoyal Arch Ohaptor No. 123, G. It. C.
MooU third Wednesday, sojourning compau
lone invited. George Johnstone, /.. K. VV.
Matthews, S. K.
.        NKLSON LODOK   No.25, K.of P.
ftmcotu ln K. of P. hall, Oddfollows block
lelevci-yTuesday evoning at 8 o'oloek.
All visiting knights cordially Invite
Wm. Iiivink, O.C.
A. T. Paiik, K. of It. and 8.
Nolson Knca pment No. 7. Moots ovory 2nd
and 1th Friday of each month, in Odd Follows
Hall, cornor llaker and Kootonay streots.
Nolson. A. II. elements, C. P.; O. McArthiu*
It. ti.   Visiting brothers always ivclemnn,
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1H92 moete ln Fraternity Hall on Urst and third Friday ovonlngs
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting member
cordially invited. W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A, Minty, R. S.
NKLSON ABRIK No. 22, F. O. K��� moots
every seoond and fourth Wednesdays of each
in onth. Visiting members cordially iiivlt;
OharloB Prossor, Henretary.
Kootonay Tont No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold thoir
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, 1. O. O. F.
block, on tho lai and 3rd Thursdays of each
n.onth. Visitin< brethren cordially Invited to
attend. G. A.Ui-own, lt. K.; A. 1*. Purdy, Com.-
lt. J.SUiol, D. ti. C,
Advertisements inserted undor this head al
the rato of ono oent a word por Insertion. No
advortisemont taken for loss than 25 oents.
Situation Waniod advortlsemonls luserUxl
throe liinos freo of charge.
UOUStl   hi rent   on Vernon     street.
Apply Captain T. J. Duncan.
NICELY Ii'Drnislied room to rent.
JJ Young lady or gentleman, or gentleman and wife preferred. Apply at
Miner olliee.
FU UN I.SGD       BOOMS.��� Apply       on
���Siliea,      sonoad   door   west      Ward
ROOMS and BOARD.���Every convenience ;   soutli east   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
FOU BENT���Home Temperance hotel,
20 bedrooms, dining room, parlors,
kitchen, all furnished complete ; 875
per month. Apply to A. U. Clamble,
agent, linker street.
BOOMS TO KENT.���K. VV. C. liloe^-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facing the west. On Sep
tember 1, two sirgie rooms and two
or three en cu.te facing Baker st.
Furnisliei or unfurnished. Mrs. F.
J. Squ.re, Room 41,  K.    VV. C.  Hlook.
WOMAN   COOK   want position   in   I
wining camp   or hotel Address   J.
Miner OUicc.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.      tlood   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    Ii.   U.      A.
Uutlirie & Co.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
W. F. HuBnis, superintendent at
the Arlington * mine, was married at
Seattle on October 10th to Misb Laura
Lodar Huinmoud, youngest daughter
of the late H. R. Hammond, formerly
of Sandon. Tho presents wero numerous and oostly. Mr. and Mrs. DuBois
wont east over the C. P. R. and will
take in the Buffalo fair and other
points ol interest before returniug.
"A Wise Woman," tho sparkling
comedy which comes to the Nelson
Opera House on Monday, October 31st,
for an engagement of one night has a
plot and situations so good that it
seem6 impossible that the play can be
new. To tell tho plot would spoil a
visit to the play, which is in exceedingly capable hands, it iB said.
year  was
healthy   condition,
of   diioclors,   B.   P.
It ia a mystery why women endure
Backache, Headaohe, Nervousness,
SleeplesBness, Melanoholy, Fainting
and Dizzy Spells when thousands have
proved that Eleotrie Bitters will
quickly euro such troubles. "1
suffered for years with kidney
trouble," writes Mrs Phebe Cberley,
of Peterson, la., Vand a lame baok
pained me bo I could not dress myself,
but Electric Bitters wholly cured me,
and, although 73 years old, 1 now am
ablo to do all my housework" It
overcomes Constipation, improves
Apppetit., gives porfoet health; Only
BOO at Canada Drug Sc Book Ct.
1st and 3rd Wednesday ovonlngs uf
oaoh utonth at Flaternlly hall,
corner of Baker and Kootenuy
streets. Visiting brothorn cordial 1) Invitod.
Kuwahii Maoi.isod. Seorotarv.
Meetings Ith Thursday cf mouth. Fratorual
hall, J A Irving (.' K.   P. H. Fleming, lt. S
Nelson Court Star of   Kootenay, A. O. F.
Meets  2nd and   Ith    Wednesdays in  cvory
month.   Visiliug brothren welcome. W. Mac-
MillarO.lt    Robert!MoLeod. Bee.
Yon shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see wbat The Miner can do
for you.
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street.    Phono 21$.    J. II. Love.
WANTED. ���Edgerinan.     Boomman.
Chambermaid, (130.      Laundress,    (510.
Uiils for housework.      Railroad   men
for *uardo.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The .Miner want
column, whal you are io waut of
You'll vet it.
N. Al. Cummins, Lessee���Every known
variety of soft drinks.   I' o Hux Sd.  Teloplion
Ho, 31. Hoover btroot, Nelsou.   HuUleio ol the
iainous St. 1.0011 Hot Springs Mineral Wutor
C1ANK &; ilACDUNALU (11. Cano,  Jaiiu,
/   A. Macdonald)���ArciiiLocto una suporin
.oiideiiU,, Broken Hill UluoK, corner Bakei and
Ward Btreets, fiulson *
KVA-Na fie CO.-Caker Btreet, Noi
iu���Wholesale dealera iu li-tuord, ci-
RAM, coinout, (ire brick and lire cluy, wulur
yi.nj and 11<-Ml mill., iiuii guuorul cuiuiuihmiuu
uiurouiu. _**_.���
MACDONALD   Sc  Co.���Corner   Fron
and  Hall  Streets���Wholosalo   groom*
unit jobbjrs in  blankets, gloves, mitts, boots
rubbers, maokiuaws uud minors' suudrios.
F   BURNS Sc Co.-liukor MLroot. Nelson���
���   Wholesale dealers in fresh and curod
meat*.   Cold ; u��i,t_r.
Busol' Street, Nelson��� Wnolosalo doa
ers iu fi'>'..h and cured meats.
WANTED.- Waitress,tiirls for Llouse-
WorK,      Men   for     Railroad    work,
men for sawmill, so.:ond cook $50  per
mouth, stone mason.
Western   Employment   Ollico, II. A.
Prosser, Phone 2111.
Storage���I havo a   iarge   warehouse
for     storing      household    or    other
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We are showing this season a full
line of these goods and solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
FOUND.���A pair of gold oye   glasses.
Apply to Redgie Cummlua, ('. V. fi.
Telgraph ollice.
M /ifttv shhaJ/ <& <iM<y A/ olA/
/ /
rf- /HAr^U    tsUrlL^O^uJ fLAS
HIKE Hllllnir Uold l'r��i>crllc,���Wc nn*
iiiixl*,lis lo secure a tew free inllllni; ;���<.!<.
properlles ul onee. Tlie rrosweclor-s U.v-
cluniKC, Nelson, B. <*, Boom 4, H W.*<.
UOUI. NILYl'l*.���UOP-raUt LEAII-Uines    ami
prospects wauled. Heml report anil Hints
pies lo the rrospeclor's Exchange. Nelson
ll.e,  Itoom i K.W.-C. u'ock.
Real Estate, insurance, Money to Loan.
JAWUfc-NCK HAltDWAKJi- CO ��� JBukur
J Hired, Nclsuii ��� Whole-Hale deuluiK ip
iuudwuro, win-urn' ttupplloe*. Hporting u*u*>^��*
VJ 'LA-UHLAN BROS. (Bt__.6oeS-.Ott Lo Van
aj/.K.   ouuvur liuriiwm-oCu, Ltd.) linker -SU'Ouli-
Ncli-toi-���WhuIoHtilo dualon) in hardware uud
.liimi-*; ������,/i; >\i li,..-, iiliihihi.-i*.-' and   I im-iuiui**.' (-iiji
ELSON   llARDWAUJJ-   CO.- W__.o1uh._Io
h, oils .uid glut)..; .ni'i.liaui**..-*'  i.ihiir.
Atfente fui oiiiinu i'lm-uT Works; iratumio
iiUUNKK, BKKTON fc Oo.-r.ornur V, r.,ju
and Jonci'liinu atreou,  Nelson���VVficte
��ale lioulci-H in iiijiioi-M, olgora, ami Ui*j goiiils,
AseniH ler r.i!,i iirowlak Oo. ��i Mu-waliaoe
anil (jalgarji llrewlog Cu of Cal^aiy.
nUDlJON'S HAY Co.-VVIiuliaiale BroourittS
and liquor ulc., llaker btreet, NOUttili.
Ollice corner Hall aud troiiL tili-eets
Mel.son���l.uniliui-, eelliiiK, llooring, ami every
1,1'iiiL* iu vvujii iur building pai-pu,.iM. Get oui
price*!.   -Jprrespoudoooo solicited*
U-Itoomllouse, modern, Si'l.!*,!)
I room Bornet Uloclc, $5.00.
S-Boom House,  modern, ?10.
Several small houses.
For Sale, a good gardeD plot.
Spokane Falls *%
Northern R'v
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
beoaiiBo yon never tasted it
Hail Catarrh bo hadly that for mouths pro
violin to iihlnu Japanese Catarrh euro lie
could not breatli through liln nostrils, Japanese Catarrh Cure cured.
Mr. John MoKons-lc, Klgln. N. B. ��MW''-
"I fool It a duty Iowo sou to 1*11 what Japan-
oso Catarrh Cliro llau done for mo.   Ver Home
yeaw I havo boon a great suireror from fatatrj
In lt* worn-, form, and for wmo months I rould
no* bro-the through my nostrils.   Sinoo ooiii-
lilotlnglhetroiitmonl, with Japanosc Cataib
Cure, I am ploasral to say 1 am absolutely free
from oatarr", and o n now broath os natural as
over through my nostrils.   Japanese Oalarrh
Curo curoH catarrh bv healing every diseased
portion of the mucous nioinlirano. It cures por-
uanonl.lv.   Sold hy all druggists at 60 eon ts.
Kor salo by J. rf Vanslone N��l*��ii. B. o.
Cascade Water   Power   &   Light
. Company, Limited.
Tonders   will   bo   received for
immediate construction of a stone and
brick powor hou-,0 to bo erected at
Cascade City, B. C. Main building
anproxiniately 50 fent by 1!10 feet.
Materials to bo supplied by company.
-"Una and flppciUeations may no in.
spooled nt tho Company's olllcos on
llaker s'roet west, Nelson.
Incorporated under the laws of British Columbia,
capital $ 1,000,000 in 1.000.000 Shares. Par Value S1.00 Each.
All Trinsury 8t��ek.   K<> rromoleiVnnd So Prr.emd Klerk.
Cambourne Group. 9 Claims Oyster Group, 6 Claims
Located in Ihe Free Gold Fish River Camp,
denu Mining Division, British Columbia.
Large Veins.
Free milling Gold Ore
n view of the splendid showings of both high and low
crrade ore and the unrivalled facilities for the economical
developing and working ofthe properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will the present issue of stock be sold
auicklv but thit no more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for
stock to
p. O. Box 556. Nelson, B. C. Official Broker.
Me!son  &  Fort
Sheppard f-Ty
Red fountain R'v.
in   ore Racks
Always >* largo nio_.k uu
huiiU. TskJt___.om._tW. l-oo.ii*n. ic.-vv.-c Block
rll   GAJLiLQN ft ('O.-UoalBr..
Jl ���   ami 1 wincH
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
���.69 nelson b c
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily BuHel
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railw;i)s in Canada or the
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, cast  and   west.
Only 10 hours to Seattle and iH
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points,
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrivi
9:00 n.m Spoknne 7 :8S p.n
13:35 p.m Itosslnnd 4:10 p.a*
10:10 n.m Nelson 6.05 p.m
H. A. JAOKSON, Q. P. ic T.A.
Spokane  Waal
Agent, Nelson. BO
A. R. BARROW, a m. l o.B
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Oorner Vlotoria and^Kootenaj SU.
P.O. Box 500 Xalephone  No. ��
���IIMN*. IIROKKIt, MOTitltf
Wlndormora Mlnon,   Cnrre^tondenooBollolt
CARS : : :
addition   to
Orows' Nest Section-
Leave  Kootenay  Landing
Tuesday and  Friday   for   St.
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for 'I oronto,
iMontreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
Pure Egyptian Cignretteb nre fully up
preoiated by Cigarette smokers. Tho
ecormous salo of this brand proves il.
gold everywhere.    16c. per paeknKO.
For berths, tlinatoblu, rates and full
ii fiirmnl.i.iii apply tn.
H. L, Brown,
City Passenger Anent
, 8. Oabtkb,
Dis. Pass. A -t.
Nu I son
E. J. U"YI.K
A. O, P. A.
Van cn ii vet ,
Nelsou Daily Miner Saturday. October 19,  ��9��*��
A strong romaotio story
has a flavor that appeals
to all aud in "Heart and
Soul" Mrs. Skinner ha*
prudoced sneh a book. Tbe '
wonderful  variety   of
Dr. Wright leave* tbi* morning for
Slocan City, where tomorrow be eon-
daots the serine** with the reopening
'of the Pr_��tjterian oburcb, whieb
the j has be��n quite renovated within tbe
t.aro'a adventures can only be ap- j |��st lew week*. Bev. Mr. McKee of
���jroiched by a perusal ot tbe book. : gloMn cj conducts tbe serviaea in
As the pint.commencing on the border I . ��.,���_
of Windsor and Detroit shifts to New ���>������ P����l" <*������>��--������<. J,elK,D-
Vork. Pari* and the Southern States j Tbe service* will be held at the
ik* reader will find exciting reading ��� a(raaj bours at tbe Bapti* church ta-
^f,hrnnyrVai,.-5cSri��.T.hna;nxorrow morning and evening and
I* on exchange to members of oor I will be condueteJ by the pastor, ibe
leading club. Uave yon joined it subject ef ll.e morning sermon will be
If not, we will   be   pleased   to : The   iuC-mpKTz.hle     Preacher.       The
evening service will be of an evangel
i sve you do so.    we are sure tbat   tbe
nivio*   we   can   give you will please
lstic cnaractir as   ueuai.     Everybody
is cordially invited.
At   the millinery   establishment   Of
Mrs.   En6eld an experienced   trimmer
frcm the east has been   secured.    As a
'result of this   all   orders   can   now be
! fili-i at the shortest noiiceand at rei-
  *���*������             -|*onatiie   prices.  Ladle* are   invited lo
^.��v>v^Aiv��**wv��vA��  step iuio ibe shop   for the   purpose of
-  ex*minlng the excellent   stock on dis-
p,sy.     Mia    Enfield's store   Is in tbe
Ope a House block,  Victoria street
'    The   mayor   has   received   a   letter
I  trom   the   wcrclary   of   the   General
 >   Belief  Pond of   Extension Vancouver
Island.asking for financial sid for the
; widows and orphans ofthe miners
1 who were killed in the late trrrlble
|di*asier in the coal aiine*. In the
\ loiter it is stated mat ten families, in
P. will bold a Maxim gun piaciice at j nearly all of which ore a number of
tne tbonssnd yard range this after- ;sm,n children have been lrft utterly
n>jn at the butts. !destitute by the sad occurence.     Sab-
Work   on   the eily   wharf has   been j scripl ions are being eolicited from tbe
dosed down for a dny  or   two  owing: people   of   all the towns and eitiel
The Herculei brought in a barge of I
l.me f.'om Kaalo yesterday for the |
Hall Mines smelter.
Tbe Nelson company of   the   B.   M.
to delay In getting lumber. A little
less than half tbe wharf has been
Architect   Macdonald    went   up   to
British   Columbia   and   may   be Bent
through   the   Canadian Bank of Commerce branches.
A meeting of   tbe ladies of   tbe city
is being taken.
The next regular meeting of the
Socialistic Educational club will be
held In tbe Miner*' Union ball tomorrow aftcrnoen to commence at 3
o'clock. After the first half bour,
v h ih will be devoted to the business
ot tbe olub, tne meeting will be
thrown open for impromptu discussion.
Lost yesterday afternoon about 3
o'clock, one fl bill and on* 12 bill
belonging to one of the boys wbo
solves Tbe Miner to it* customers.
The finder will please return to this
otlice and receive tbe thanks of Ihe
boy. Tbe money waa loat between
Tbe Miner office and T. J. Scanlan's
grocery store.;
The regulations for tbe voting on
the municipal elections 1* advertised
io this Issue. Those rn til led to vote
in tbe municipal elections are an;
British subject male or female, wbo
has paid all mnnioipal taxes, assessments, rates and license fees for tb*
catrent year, and who Is tbe assessed
owners of lands or improved property,
or wbo is in business and tbe holder
of tbe regulation bounce, or else householder within tbe municipality, but
all householder sre required to file tbe
necessary statutory doclratloa before
the first day of December, 1901, witn
the city olerk.
Or. II. L. Keller yesterday received
intelligence tbat bis brother, Captain
K. II. Keller, had received a bullet
wound in the stomach during an engagement that took place at Itala,
Mouth Africa, on October 4th. Cup-
tain Keller wus a short time since
awarded the D. S. O. He belongs to
the First Foresters of the Fir��t Darby*
shires and has been in otber campaigns including one against the
Afridin. The Hoem attacked the poet
,,n llutober 4th for tbo purpose of capturing some supplies and they fought
ftubbornly for 19 hours before they
were routed and it was during this
flgbt that Csptain Keller was
������������ "iin,led. Dr. Keller does not know
the result of his brother's injuries as
be has no advices later than October
Kaslo jesterday afternoon to make an Interested in temperance work waa
inspection of the quarry fiom wbich I held in the Baptist church last e-ren-
tbe marble   for tbe poatofUce building j ing at which Mrs.   Gordon   Grant   of
Victoria was present, and a Women's
Christian Temperance Union organ
ized. Tne following officers were
elected; Preside, t, Mrs. Robert
Robertson; Vice President, Mrs.
Kohl. Armstrong; Secretary, Mrs.
Bobeit Bichie; Treasurer, Mra E. C.
Traves; superintendent ef press work,
Mrs Craig, superintendent of tempar-
ance teaching in school*, Mrs. W. E.
Ellis; superintendent of sick snd
floral department, Mrs. B. W. Drew;
superintendent of parlor meetings and
tbe use of unfermented wine at communion tables, M.-s. J. H. White;
superintendent of mother's meetings,
Mr*. J. B. Morgsn; superintendents
of Loyal Legion. Mis. Geo. Bell, Mr*.
Mclntyre, Mrs. E. C. Traves and Mrs.
(Dr.) W. O. Bote. The new organization start* with a promising field for
work, a strong support in public
sympathy and bids fair to do much
good. Beginning with October 34th
it will bold fortnightly meetings upon
alternate Mondays at 3 o'clock p. m���
In tbe pallors of the   Baptist   church.
XI  : 0 ���'..��� Oansed ths Trouble
II,,.*  to
stop '.
: us*.                    was
II '������    '
'��� b
��� ' rotor    told    *'ie   1
I   ' ��� ow I wss   a
. *i'.
. id .    . ��� uusiy,   but
I i uuv'i that   . vi.  e   was   the
OSUSS el tbe trunble
I oould not drink milk, and tea
van as bad for me aa coffoe.
Uot water was nauseating. I therefore turned to Postum Food Coffee,
I. it s package and made It according
to directions nnd found 11 just the
thing I needed. Husband bad no
flitli in it, so I male ceilTee for him
and Postum (or rnyseK. For three
years I iish,1 I'ontuin and the change
It has wrought ia wondci-iul.
Instead of being thin, sallow, nervous, wenk and miserable, I am
plump, with clear complexion, pink
cheeks, and seem t*; have the endurance and vitally of a young woman of
twenty, although I am twice that
age. Husband, after seeing the
change Postum has made, finally
asked iric not to make ooffee for him
any mon* ss he preferred Postum. It
bas been u Godsend to our family.
Myra J. Toller, UK'.l Toost Ave
Ksnsss City,  Mo.
W. Hsrt McIIsrg left yesterday for
U. Walker, editor of tbs Freeman's
Labor Journal, of Spokane, is in tbe
Mr. A. Enstead snd fsmily left tor
Spokane yesterday morning, wheie
tbey will make their future home.
II. S. Jenkins, general superintendent of telegraphs for tbe C. P. K., at
Winnipeg, is stopping at the Phalr.
A. J. Scott, president of the Noith-
western Development Syndicate, left
for his home in Michigan yesterday.
W. B. Blakemore, who Is ln charge
of the development of tho Iron lkiiii*-
ucar Kltohener, left tbis morning for
James Wilson, superintendent of the
i -inatiinn Pacific Telegraph company,
at Vancouver, Is expected to arrive in
Nelson today.
Dr. Hei.lt, late house surgeon of
Toranto General hospital, and also
St. George's hospital, London, Eng..
was a guest at the Nelson General
hospital yesterday.
Mrs. S. McIIardy, who has beon
visiting her son, C. 1'. McHsrdy, left
for her borne in Clinton, Ontario, yes-
tei 'ay. She will stop off at Winnipeg for a few days.
The two sons of City Clerk Strachsn
who wen* iu Nelson attending theii
brother's funeral lefi yesterday for
the tonus where they uro at piesent
employed. W EL Strachan went by
the Spokane F'all .t Northern on hit
way lo DesMolnes and II. F. Strachan
io Eholt over the 0. P. R.
PbSir.���II. Turkman, W.F. Blaney,
Rossland; Mr. and Mrs. McArthur,
Han Francisco; H. S. Jenkins,
Hume.-W. II. Saunders, W. Williams, Montreal! A. L. Davenport,
Spokane; W. WllUen, Strallicuns ; T.
W. Holland, Graud Forks; V. M.
Wells, liepublic.
yiieens.���T. A. Scott, Clinton; .1.
D. Campbell. Sandon; A. L. McLean,
Slocan ; W. W. Warner, Sandon ; 0.
Moms, D. Campbell, Ymir; M. ('.
Kichard,  II.  Fullmer",  Sandon.
Grand Central���A. Smith, Slocan
City; Mrs. Campeau. McGulgnn: D.
Haley, T. Wilson, Twin Kr.lls, H. C. ,
It. Grny, M. H. Erirkson, Spokane;
C. Hn tbour, Rock Tunnel; A. Ilndon,
A. Normand, Oltaws; L. Thurston.
KloeaB City ; O. George, J. Mpellman,
Ymir; W. Doherty, Silver King; T.
Pearson, Slocan.
All Farm Produce to  Grand Forks  to
Get a Reduction.
In tbe arranging of tbe tralff of
freight charges of the Boundary
country tbe C. P. R. ran one of tbeir
lines of division between Columbis
and Iraad Forks, so tbat tbe rate*
to Grand Forks were consldmoly
higher than taose to Cascsde City.
Tbe Board of Trade of the former
place (HXik the matter up and H. E.
Mscdonnell. general freight ageu' for
the C. P. R . took a tiip over a few
weeks ago and after talking the matter over with the merchants and business men promised to do sil he could
to rectify tbe discrimination.
Laat week the Board of Tiade of
Grand Forks received s letter from
bim in which he stated that the rates
on produce would be changed on
November l'tb. including Grand
Forks in the right division snd placing the dividing line west of that
town Tbe Grand Forks News in
speaking of   tbe matter said:
"No r"ou'Dt -.he people of this city
will feel kindly toward ihe C. P. R.
for their action in thi* matter, but
Tbe New* would like to know the
meaning of the word -produce.' Doe*
it mean potatoes, cabbage, fruit and
cereals? Or does it mean butter, eggs
and cheese? Or does it include all
"The word 'produce' is generally
construed as meaning agricultural
products of all kinds. If tbis mean
ing is given it, this action of the C.
P. R. mesns a good deal to onr mei-
chants; if not, it means very little.
This matter should be given the immediate attention of the board of
trade, and a true definition of the
word, aa ronBiroed by the C. P. B.,
be ascertained."
When shown tbe paragrah in the
Newa by a Miner reporter, Mr. Macdonnell said that tbe tariff will include net only all tbe articles men
tioned In tbe Item quoted but also
flour, oatmeal, and bay. The new
division occurs to th* westward of
Grand Forks in accordance with tbe
topographical lay of the country.
Copper���London, small demand,
spot ��63 15s, a drop of ��1. 10s; futures
��62. Ms. New York, qnlet, lake
116.75 to CI"*; casting \lv.31H to
Lead���London ��11. Ts. 6d.; New
York, ti.37**,, unchanged.
Silver���London, 36 9*I6d. ; New
York, _7^c
(SPECIAI, tO TUB SUitlvll.l
Vancouver, Oct. 18.���Tbe steamship
Hating arrived at Vancouver tonight
under h< r own steam, besides towing
the Trader sent to tow ber in. After
being patched up she wss easily floated. Repairs will be made on her here
on the marine docks.
New York, Oct 16.���Five men were
killed and two injured this morning
when an enormous mass of rock caved
in from tbo aide and roof of tbe rapid
transit tunnel In tb* oourse of tbe construction on Broadway about tbe line
of 111th streel io this city.
Qo.heo, Oct. 18.���W. MeNaught, of
lb* Gieat Northern railway,la author
ity for th* statement that Sir Christopher Turner has promised to put on
a line of stoamships betwoen Quebec
and London next summer.
"Ono night my brotb��r'a haby was
taken with Cronp, " ��rites Mrs." J C.
Snider of Crittenden, Ky., "it seemed
it would strangle before wo oould get
s dontor, so we give It Dr.King's New
Discovery, whtuh gave quick relief and
permanently cured it. We always keep
It in the house tn protect our children
from Croup and Whooping Cough. It
cured me of a olironio bronohial
trouble that no other remedy would
relieve." Infallible for Coughs,
Colds, Throat and Lung troubles,
soo and $1.00. Trial boitlos free at
Canada Drug Sc Book Co,
Tin* time ia Itiscn ot the
deliriously fanny Oomedy
to thjee acts
"A Wise Woman"
"Zbe TRoffU Bank of Canaba"
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Aatk-rUed,    .     .    __i,*eo.eee.eo I Capital P.ld.up. ,   .    .     ��_,,o_,__|.,
mo**,                 .     . .    .     .   ill,.** ohm
Kurd *f -Mreet-r*     rhomas K. Kenny. Proeldont;   Thomas Ritchie. Vloe-Proe*,*..?
Wiley Smith II. 0. Bauld, Hon. David MaoKeen. *"'���"-*"
Bead OMee, Halifax 1
Oeoeral Manager, Hdxra L. Pease, Montreal.
Sot-atoteodeni ot llmriohos. and Secretary, W. a Torranoe, Hallbre.
Quebec-Montreal,   (OWy   Offloo).  Moot����i
West Knd (Cor. Notre   Dame JSftSj-
nenrs Streetel; Weetmounti (Cor. |i2
Avenue and St. Catharines Btroot:     '
���atari**- Ottawa. **���
Hewfoandland���St. John's.
ruiia, West ladles���Havana.
liDited Males���Now York (16 Kxchanira pin.
ltapubllo.Wash. �����'���<
ra   aaatlB  Balllaa   Brooch,   AntlgouM
irtSgOwOtto, Onrsbovo. 1-onAontliirrv, I.u
ant-sui. MaltfcMfl (Hants Cal, I'iotou, I'ort
{J awtartntr, Spdacr* Bhrabon��oadle,Tniro,
We/ nasi fin.
���few    Snuirldi ��� Ilut.t'.'i*-.'*,     Dorvmoritcr,
rrodorlcKm. Klnavton (Kent Co.l, Mono-
Urn. Nowmslla, HmtJi villa, St, John, Wi-odxtook*
P. .'. Islnntl���ClioiiolXutown. Hummm-fido.
Grand   Por&s, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
f'orrf *ii_-)firt*'-i(�� i
rnnada���MnrchanLs Bank of Ganodv   tt-utoa-NaUoiml iilwiwiniit. Bank.   OklttUo��� Ullnoti
Tnut ft-^d SttvinjtH Bum.   fUn Kr^nci_,!�� -H-Yt. N*..t!<i-f.l  Rink.   Loftslan,   Kate. - lt:uik of
rjoolliuul.   PArttt, i'r__,i--M!---'i-8-lIt Lponnals.   Beriuadn -!Unk nf RarmnfU-i   ��'-ii..n (,,,���[ J
pan��� Honfc Kong iuid ShAnKhul BAoktOK (Jorpuralluii.    .���������'���i��ok_iBe���Old National Hank.
General Banking Buslne?*-* Trensactdd; Sterltiig Bills of Exchange  U-euth
and Sol.i, EvrtteM ol   Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
A-ccountB received oti the DQOflt favorable terms,   Interest allowed on epecial
dcpur.ii.ii aud on Saving Bank account*.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C,
Marie Lamour.
Ethel Balch,
Jr'rederic Murphy
and   a   Competent   Cast.
PRICES:   50.   73  AND   J1.00
& CO.
Pboae 117
Is   lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
>"->">"��"P"'>'"->"8|w**>"i>*">">"a">"<"<"->">">'"*"**>"<"��"��iiiiii>ii i
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Wit!'. Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   $8,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   M,000,000;
Aggregate  Resourcefi Over 905, (KM), 000.
HON. OHIO. A. OOX, I--r_o1d,*nt.      B. E. WALKER, c-encral Mmi-igur.
London OHlce: do Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Oflice; id Bichanrie Place.
And 68 tn*anctio3 tn (lanruln. and the United UiaLee, Inolndlnir:
Atias Gmkknwooo Nklto.-. Ha.vdon
Cuvvimoim.        Kamloops Nkw V\'E��mmsTKn   Va.sciiuviui'
Kkhnib Kanai.mo Kossland Viorouu
YUKON HIHTRICT-Dawson ami Wiiitk House.
(W1T101) HTATK8���Nkw Vork, San Francisco, .*-kaiti.ic, Portland, Hkaoway,
Savings Bank Department.
BMmlta Baodmd mil lutercut Allnwril.   Trcwat Unte 3 Per Cent
Nelson Br&neh.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager,
Sharon in tbe abova Oompnny cun be
bought for 35 cents now.
Uu.-.li Id jour order* as there Is
everj prospect ot another advance in
Ihe near future.
Brewers of Pino I-u^-vf
Beer and Porter.
w*l��-�� K o
He   sure and get the gennine   BENNETT'S (JUTTA PEKCUA FUSB.no.
something that looks   like   It.       aw-
renco Hardware Co., AgorC
Oorpoiation of the Oity of
Notice to Mnnioipal Voter*.
Notioe in hereby given that under
lhe proviaion of the ''Municipal Kloo-
tion Act," tlie following nre entitled
Io vote for Mayor and Aldermen at
City Municipal Elections,  viz.:
Any male or female, being a British
subject of the full age of twent.v-onc
years,  who   bus paid on or before the
rirst Day of November all Municipal
Rotes. Taxes. Assessments, and
Llconse Fees
payable by him or her, and
" Who In the ansfnM>d owner of land*
or of improvements or Ihe aKsossed
occupier of InndH within the Municipality, or
'Who is a rcsiJent of and carries
on husimsa, and Is the holder of a
trndcrs'  license in the Municipality,or
''Who In a honneholdor within the
Householder* are required on or
befoie the first tlay of December to
cntor with the undersigned, their
names nn a voter, and to del'ver at
the sanio time a ntatutory declaration
in the form provided by the statntc
Citv Clerk.
NeUoD, B. C, Ootober 18th, nan.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Ifroiii Montreal
Allan lie,! Au "rnllun  (Jc(  ��5
Allan Uno Irelorlun      "'       ' vu7'   ���>
Allan Uno Tiuilidan  Nov' I
Boavor Uno I/iko I'liaiiiplnln.'.!'  Uot'It
uoi.ver Uno Uko MegaiitlS!   .....     ..Nov   1
Hearer Uno take uimuoo nov, h
Prom l'ortloiid, Ma,
Domlilon Line ivniitirniii.-ui (let. in
IHwiitnii.il Uno   v'aaootivov .Nov. _
rk,-��~. t.       ,-. "ronl Wow Vork
Ounard Uno  Ktmrti*.  ,,,., A
VJ-hltcSlnr Lino lellle  . .  " (vV* ��
Willie Htor Uno Tc-lilunlo   Jlhf* S
WhtteHtarUce Uorinaai.  " if  5
amoriean Une rhUadelDhla, Oolb
AiiiitIi mi Um: ,-'r.   I'aul  'l'l,.|��i
.-nuhor Line Anchnrla .'.. J..,5��
Anchor Une Purnonla Nov  I
V O. I,. KalMr wiihulm dor Utoaio Ooin
nanohUaoL'Aqultalno        Ootu
[ronch Uno in Unampagne       ' Oct ii
uamoorg-Amfrtoan iMi.wchi.ui_ '..'Ocr.'si
Allan Btatcl.lne /jitironllan Oct.��
Kioin ll,,.iri)ii
Dominion Lino Oomiiionwo'illl,        .      OiM B
i*oi.,i���io,ii.i���-N,.w Bogiaua"   . iioSra
Ounard UnoBoxonla..." !!   Kov. 1
Further mlllnir* for Iho nlmve lines uw>
Kronch, Ited Mlar. Holland American. l| A I?
> o., N. U. Uoyd on application,
J. 8. CAKTKI-. I ".''.'^AA.ToV���!.,^l"n""���^,'^ M""'
V. O. OHKBN        9, a OUtttENT-l
Civil Bnglneera and Pro   ocial taml
P. O. Boa 149 N     0Bi Bx
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot greatly increnses the heating capacity of tho stove, and in connection with the deflector^.ring forces the
heat to the floor. The base is hot, the floor being warmer than w;lh a
base burner.
The Hot Blast Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at the
rear of the fire pot, the heated air being discharged in a circle at the top
of fire ppt, over fire, thus consuming all the gases and products of combustion. It can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control of tho stove with nearly perfect combustion.
Tha large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the back takes the cold air from
the floor and ejects it. .ntensely heated, through the top jadr'ing greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions"we guarantee it lo
consume all the gas contained in soft coal, thus deriving the benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkable saving of
fuel over any other stove on the market. The stova will hold fire from
J4 to ^8 hours without attention.
Gold, (.liver-Lead and  Copper Mines wanted at tbe KXCIIANIIR
ITKKH MILLING GOLD properties wanted at oneo for Kastern
Into* tore,
Parties having mining property for sale are reqnested to send
aaaiplea of their oro to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We dealro to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims In liritisli Columbia. /
mA^ESS-!?**?"   nlul  mllll"ff   T<"i   aro requested   to mako  the   KX-
'.���IIANllH their headquarters when ln Nelson.
All samploa should be sent by express, l'HEPAID.
Outreepotulonco solicited.    Add
Address all communications to
Tolophono No. 104.   P.
0. box 700.
11 0.
*%*^***>^^"'*-***'*'^'***^'^**V'V^*v-va^-*4-*a)^^(Vv��*^^ i
Wholesale id Retail Meal Merchants
*\*m ******** **_a_t
Eranok Markets in Rossland, Trail- Nelson, Kaslo
Bandon, Tim* Porks, New Denver and Slooan City.
ordere by man to ar* branch will have careful rroa oraawt attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co*
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
K.-W.-C   Block. Ward Strhkt, Nrlsom.
Oiden by nail rectitn careful and prompt attention


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