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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 12, 1901

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 Provinc-r.i Library _
Daily Edition No.  1189
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Tuesday,  November 12, 1901
Eleventh  Year
gone on for a short time a non-union
man entered at a buck door anil shot
Kennedy, Iho bullet entering lu fron1
of the shoulder anil passing downward. The mounded man lias but
small chance for his life. Tl ��� assailant was arrested shortly afterward
|in[iigp_r|t   OOVCmOr     OIVCS1 anil  taken   on   an  engine,   specially
I engaged, to Colvi"-
Notice to the  Premier.
politicians Again Throng to|JeP"tleghavebe"ngwornin
Another nn-iinion mail was arrested
on Monday for carrying weapons.
Tho shooting has caused considerable
feeling against the iron now working
at   tbe   smelter   and four   additional
Vancouver, Nov.ll.-The Vancouver
World claims to be informed that the
Hontenant-governor bus notified the
premier that he m;:Bt fill np Ins cabinet mid be ready to meet the house at
the usual time early in the year. Tonight politicians from all over the
province arrived at Vancouver and
Victoria and a big mass meeting is
lieiru} lu-lil there tonight to disoiiBs
tbe political situation.
James Mills, managing director of
the Union Steamship company of New
Zealand,operating the Australian line
arrived here today on the PaciHo express Mr. Mills says tbat as tbe
���nbsldies granted tn the line expire
In 18 monitor', the company is endeavoring to Beoure the continuance of the
(.runts. If successful it will put on
a line of finer, larger, ami faster
itnamera than at present.
Diplomatic Relatians Between
France and Turkey
Night Watchman   Drowned  oil
Senator at Est]niroalt.
(SPECIAL TO Till'. HtlNlilK.)
Victoria, Nov. 11.���Frank Nichols,
the murderer of Tom Netes, was captured lust evening about S o'clock in
His litmse nf a friend in Bock Hay,
uno t,f the wards of the city.
Tne chief and eight men made a
onion round the house anil captured
liim without insistence. He was
hilling in the woodshed.
A French Canadian night watchman
m tbe steamer Senator, l>ing at
EsqulmaU. was drownel yesterday.
lining aboard the vessel in an intoxicated state he stumbled, struck his
and aagiii.sl some lumber and sank
lilm a stone. He never enmo lo the
Company Sl, B. C. A.,, tinder Major
Bnrdon, which relieves Company 19
lioro arrived at Halifax on Saturday
morning and leave on November 2!!rd
for Victoria. It will be joined ut.
Halifax by a draft of 20 engineers
uiitier Lioul. the lion. Mr. Hood, who
is also en route here.
Mine  to   Increase   Shipments'
to Granby Smeller. i
(hand Foiks, Nov. 11.-It is oxpoot-
��il tiort tlmt the work of enlarging
the lirnnliy smeltor to tne eupacily
��l 1,800 tons per day will not be oom-
Plfled lieforc" January 15th. Tbe first
instalment of two new furnaces,
whose construction was delayed owing
machinists' strike iu Chicago, reached
"ere today. The balance of the
"ampler machinery has also arrived
Md Is lioing pnt lip. The new plant
'cr the power house will be available
��s soon as tho intake pipes are con-
m'cl��l with the water flume. The
laik will not oecpy more than a few
ThcJewol mine, Long Lake camp,
Ms Ordered a now hoist and will In-
l'�����sc the existing plant by two additional drills. This will enable the
Priiperty to increase its shipments
'"'lie smeltor here.
Fire Brigade and Fire Protection
Under Discussion by City Oouncil.
At the meeting of tho city council
last evening the most important business transacted related to the building
of new sidewalks, a number of which
were authorized.
After the reading of the report of
the finance committee,
Irving stated that he would like to
know how much the city was paying
per horse power for the power it is
getting from the West Kootenay
Power &. Light Co. at present.
Mayor Fletcher said it figured out
at 119 horse power at $3.75 por month
per liorso power.
On motion of Aid. Gillette, seconded
by Aid. Paterson, the report was
A letter was read from A. II. lOtlin-
ger, a Hre insurance inspector, stating
that a lane in the rear of the Houston
block was in bad condition again and
as one Oro had occurred there recently
he thought that something should be
done towards seeirg that the place
was kept in proper shape. Another
letter from tbe same gentleman re-
aied to the alarm of fire at Mr. Buchanan's bouse some weeks ago, in
which he stated that only one fireman
had been on tbe hose reel.
In the first nf these matters it was
stated by A.'d. Selous tbat the place
complained of was not op the lane
but on private property, the lane
being kept in good condition. The
matter wbs referred lo the chief of tbe
(ire brigade.
In the second mutter Aid. Paterson
said that the morning after the alarm
of fire at Mr. Buchanan's house ho
bud heard the report tbat there had
only been ono fireman with tbe reel
and that the cmmutlee bad made a
thorough investigation and found that
such was not the oasc A letter was
read from Dr. Arthur stating that in
order to have tbe furniture for tbe
new high school which it was intended to open on the first of January,
arrive in time, it would bo necessary
to order it at ODOO.and that the sohoo'
board estimated that the furniture
would cost between 81.0(10 and ll,?00.
The matter was left in tbe bands of
tbe mayor.
It was decided to put in six-foot
sidewalks on Ward street from Observatory to (lore and on Observatory
from Ward to Stanley, and on Mill
street from Hendry x to Cedar and
several three plank walks.
A letter was read from John Lynch
suggesting that the compressed air
machines for which be was agent
could be used fcr supplying the power
for tbe oity lighting.
The general opinion of tbe aldermen
was that it would be   cheaper   to  obtain   tbo   power direct fiom the
as   the   other   method
lound about.
The meeting then adjourned to
ineot again November 18th.
Admiral Gaillard's Squadron
Leaves MUylene for
Constantinople, Nov. II.���The
French flag waves today above the
Frenoh embassy in Constantinople for
the first time since August 2iith. M.
Bapst, oouncillor of the embassy, has
Alderman |called upon the Ottoman Minister of
Foreign Affairs Tewfik Pasha, thus
formally renewing the diplomatic relations between France and Turkey.
The destination of the vessels of
Admiral Gaillard's squadron which
left the island of Mitylenc this morning is the island of Syra. The battleships Charlemagne and Gaulois, and
the armored cruiser Admiral Potbuau,
however, will go first to Phoenicia,
about 8n miles northwest of Smyrna,
to coal, afterwards rejoining the
Ships a Corpse as His Own
And Takes a  New
Laudanum  Enough to   Kill
Two Found In the
Cranbrook, nre the soie agents of the
new townsite of Marysville, which he
says is flourishing In speaking about
the outlook in Southeast Kootenay be
said: "Things never looked better
than at present. The district has
arrived   at a stage where capital   has,
confidence, and the development work j Dock  Manager  Enumerates
of the Inst year and the plans outlined,
for the next twelve months nre ample
Would Give Up the Gold Fields as
War Indemnity.
London, Nov. 11.���The Daily Mail
gives todny another alleged peace
scheme which Mr. Kruger is said to
he willing to conclude. This would
be on the basis of granting autonomy
to the two republics under a convention guaranteed by France and Russia
in exchange for a session to Great
lli-itmn of the Rand district and tbe
gold fields which should be regarded
as the total Boer indemnity.
Berlin. Nov. 11.���Count Von Ben-
low, tho Imperial chancellor, after
going this morning to Postdam to
confer with Emperor William called a
cabinet meeting this afternoon. The
North German Gazette asserts that the
effeot of the meeting was to act upon
the changes made by the Ilnndesrath
in the tariff bill. It was learned by
n representative of tho Associated
Press from sources inside the llundc-
sratb that Borne important changes
have been made.
Lcuisvillc, Nov. II.���Newell C.
Rathbone, who was supposed to bave
been dead in a Jeffersonville, Ind.,
hotel on Thursday, was arrested in
Louisville. According to Rntl.bonc,
the corpse wnicli was shipped to
Little Rock for nurial as the body of
Rathbone was the body of W. L. Ten
Tne police say Rathbone has confessed to desertion from tbe United
States army and to having formed a
plan fradulently to collect $70,000 insurance on his life, but denies killing
the man who was found dead in Jef-
fersonville. He is held as a fugitive
from justice. The arrest was made on
tb inlormation from Sergt. Skinner
of the United States recruiting station. Rathbone enlisted under the
name of Lou Root, Detroit. Sergt.
Skinner had read the story ot the
Jeffersonvillc cose and the circumstances connected with the new re-
omit aroused his suspicions. Ono of
these was the fact that tbe man had
on a government suit of underwear.
Rathbone said he had bought the
garments from a soldier friend.
Another nircuinstance was his knowledge of army affairs about Little
Rock. De passed the examination
and enlisted successfully. The police
are trying lo establish tne identity of
the dead man. One of tbeir theories
is that he was a tramp that Rathbone
had fallen in witb. The police have
telegraphed to the Little Rock authorities to hold the corpse. A gold
watch bearing tbe name "VV. B.
Ellis," was found on Rathbone. He
refused to sbv where he got '.t. The
police say the handwriting of "Lou
Root," the recruit, was very similar
to the signature " W. L. Ten Eyck,"
on the Jeffersonvillc hotel register.
Coroner Coots, of .leffersonville, states
that he examined the stomach of the
dead man and found enough laudanum
to kill two men.
would be   too
evidence of this fact. With coal and
coke, iron and the principal p-ecious
metals, in vast bodies, besides a
splendid farming. and grazing
country, and splendid timber resources,the people beifin to appreciate
whit a splendid country we have.
Work on the llritish Columbia Sunth-
ern railway is making as rapid pro-
gre��s as possible. Tbis road will
open the Tobacco Plains and tap the
new eonl towns of Michel and Mor-
risey. The plains are noced for including in their confines a spl nlid
agricultural country und this road
will give the farmers an outlet for
their products nnd open up a number
of new sections.
"What is regarded as of great importance is the building of the sniel-
tei at Marysville. Work on the smelter is being pushed as rapidly as pos
silile. A number of new buildings
have been already erected there and
stocks of goods are coming in for vnr-
ioas lines of business. The activity at
Marysv'lle is already felt in the increased business which it gives Cranbrook and other towns. Marysville
promises to become a place of considerable prominence.
"Among the projected onterpises
that will be of help to Southeast
Kootenay will be the continuation of
the North Star branch up the St.
Mary's river valley. This read is
ultimately to bo extended on to Pilot
Pay. It would tap the Great Dane,
Llazen group, De Mars' group and
others. On all of these proper!ies con
slderable work has been done and
each has a large amount of ore. on the
dumps. The road when completed
would make the distance 70 miles
shorter to Nelson than by way of
Kootenay Landing and the ferry trip
would only be a few miles.
"Another road whicb is almost certain to be built uextyearis one up the
Kootenay valley from the main linn at
Jaffray or Elko. This lino would
reach the properties around Fort
Steele and up the valley to the Winde-
niere district. There are any number
of mines there which would at once
become shippers if they only bad railway facilities."
Defects of Montreal
Lord Strathcona's Views on
Governorship and Fast
Montreal. Nov. 11 ���The address of
F. G. (.milestone, general manager
of the llnstol & Avonmouth docks to
[the board of tiade today, was a heart
to heart talk, Girdlestone expressing
his mind freely about the tardiness in
completing the harbor improvements,
the poor buoy and light service in the
river and other needed improvements.
All concerned came in for some hard
Lord Strutheona left tonight for
New YorK. sailing for Liverpool on
the Oceanic on Wednesday, Before
leaving, referring to the proposal of
his appointment as governor-geneial
he said it wonld not do. Tho governor-general constituted a most valuable tie nctween the colonies and the
mother country and nothing should lie
done to weaken it. lie would not
say anything about the fast Atlantic
service except to reiterate hiB opinion
that the country required it at once.
'P'dy Minister of Labor Will Try to
���- Get a Settlement.
RoBsland, Nov. ii.���W. L. Macken-
"e King, deputy minister of labor,
""'veil m the city on Saturday night.
'''Im Mining Stock exchange   has rc-
astiltolet the Evening World have
'" dally bulletin of  stock quotations.
On    Saturday   a   serious   shooting
".""' occurred  at   Northpo t.      Ed
Kennedy,   a union smelter man, went
"""�� saloon
tlio m
Official Statement From Gen.
to That Effect.
New York, Nov. 11.���When the report that the oily of Panama hud been
occupied by the Columbinn insurgenls
reached here n few days ago, Consul
General Aturo de Prigaia, cabled to
General Alban, the governor of the
department of Panama,   The message
told of reports in circulation here and
asked for information concerning the
military situation on the Pacific side
of Colombia. An answer to the inquiry has been received as follows:
"No truth in the story of fall of
Panama or change in tbe situation
here. We are preparing to recover
Tumaco.  (Sgd.) Alban."
Best Speakers in Anglican Communion to Attend,
New York, No". 11.���The confer-
once of the clergy of the city of New
York, composed of the clergy of the
Protestant Episcopal church, today
approved plans and decided to inaug-
rate a movement for the holding of a
series of meetings during Advent
sesson in 1902. The meetings as
planned arc to be held for the poimotion of interest in all branches of
missionary work, parochial, domes*
tio and foreign. These meetings,it is
ordered arc to be addessed by "the
best, informed and most Inspiring
speakers is the Anglican com-
miiiion" tbus including England as
well as America.
Trenton, Nov. 11.���The bout tonight
between young Peter Jackson i
Jimmy Handler was stopped by the
police In the lSth round and was de
dared a draw by tbo referee. When
the fight was stopped Juakson was
hammering Handler hard and at will,
and lt was evident tbat tho later
would have been Deatcn in a minute
or so if the contest had continued.
Falls From a Fourth Story Window
to the Flagging,
New York, Nov, 11.���Richmond
Mayo Smith, a professor of political
economy at Columbia university, was
killed tonight by falling from a window in his study on the fourth floor
of hiB residence on West 77th Street
to the stone flagging In the rear, So
far us the police have investigated tbe
case they conclude that the fall was
Toronto, Nov. 11.��� David Ilawefl. a
colored railway porter was found
guilty today of criminal assault upon
Louise Lcbar,17 years of age, lie was
sentenced to ten yeats' impiisonment.
In passing sentence, Chief Justice
Ferguson observed that hanging once
was the penalty for tho offence ml
the law was still on tho statnto books.
Iu view of the increasing prevalence
of offence it was a question wbethel
it might not bu again resorted to.
The Lebar girl wbb enrouto from
Winnipeg to Oshawa. While waiting
for a train at Union station she
struck up an aequainence with Hawes,
who enticed her into a private ear in,
which be was employed and assaulted
in whioh were several of
en working in the smelter.    Ho
to   sing    a   song   in     which
were   held   np to  contempt
����eii a row followed,    When tbiB had
Masse;,   Ont.,   Ni.v. 11. ��� While ascending tbe shaft
Copper mine
Anlnlno   Mn
flashed to pieces at
Boston, Nov. 13.���Firo in a group
of buildings at tho corner of Ilroad
and Franklin streets ill the wholesale
districts this morning did fully 810V
000 damage to one building, chiefly
occupied by the Murphy Varnish company. Numerous mercantile firms in
adjoining buildings have losses but
extent will not be known for some
in a bucket   at the
,..., near heie this morning,
Anlnlno   Mnnssoan fell   out and   was
the   bottom.     He
leaves   a    largo    family    .of    small
lluffiilo, Nov. II.���Curly Supples,
of Orleans, was given the decision
over "Spike" Sullivan after a 20-
roun'l bout at Fort Eric tonight.
Topeha, Kas., Nov. 11.���Frank
Thompson, the negro leader of the
mutiny at Fort Leavenworth, prison
was captured after a hard fight this
evening near Council Grove, Kuns.,
by a. posse under Deputy U. S. Marshal Prescott. Thompson was slightly wounded in the head. None of the
posse was injured,
Troy, N. Y., Nov. 11.���A big landslide at Mechanicsvllle today caused
the death of tbrecltalian laborers who
were buried under about 1,000 tons of
day. One body has been recovered
Four other workmen escaped.
Copper���London, ��05, 13s. lid up 2s.
(id spot; t04. 15s. futures; New York
|10.50 to 817 for lake, 81(1.:i7<_ to 810.
(12 j_ for easting.
Lead���London,��11.10s.down 2s. (Id,;
NcwVork, *4.37>,'.
Si Ivor���London, 207-1 ��d ; New York
Editor Simpson Says tho Country
Never Looked Better.
F. E. Simpson, editor and pro-
piietor of the Cranbrook Herald, is in
the city on a business visit. Mr.
Simpson   and   John    Hutchinson,   of
Rev. James Turner Visits aud
Adresses His Former Charge.
The Methodist congregtion com
memorated tho fifth anniversary of
the building of its church with
special service on Sunday and a high
tea and entertainment on Monday
evening. Rev. James Turner, who
was the first Methodist missionary in
Nelson, oame from Ashcroft to preach
and to deliver an nddress. On Sunday
the services were well attended and
Mr. Turner's sermons were listened
to with much interest. At the evening service the subject of bis remarks
was Gold whioh be took as the type nf
true religion. In developing the
simile he told ninny incidents of the
persistence, of the hopefulness and
of the almost indescribable hardships
endured by the Seekers after the
precious metal in a way that held tin-
closest attention. So, he pointed nut,
true religion, a state of holiness,
could not be attained without struggle
ami persistent effort. Like gold. Untrue Christian character had a beauty,
a value and the nntiirnishul.lc qualities that made it worth the utmost
endeavor of vvvry human being.
On Monday afternoon the Indies nf
the church held a sale of work at.
which a good sum was realized) then
at 0 o'clock the high tea was served
to which about 250 sat down. The
ladies In charge of the tables deserve
tho highest commendation for the
skill with which they attended to the
wants of the large numbers they had
to wait on. At 8 o'enek Rev. Mr.
White, tho pastor of the church,
untied the assembly to order when a
short musical entertainment was
given. In this R. L. Brown and
George Kydd contributed solos which
were so much appreciated that they
were heartily ononred. Rev. Mr.
Turner followed with a most interesting address on the labors of a missionary in the Klondike, which though
often, told in a general way. when
related by one who   bad been Hi rough
Winnipeg, Nov. IL���The jury returned a verdict of not guilty in the
case of J. G. Thompson, charged with
having received money, knowing the
same to have been stolen from registered mails in tbe Winnipeg post
Banff,    Nov.    II.���Last   night    the
Grand View Hotel at tho   springs was
bumcil to the ground.      Very little o
the contents was   saved.     The   los
partly covered by insurance.
Crew Must Have Been Rescued
Passing Schcnner.
Chatham, Mass., Nov. 11.���A three
masted schooner lies in five fathoms
of water at Little Round shoal and in
all probability the members of her
crew are on board iinothei schooner,
which at dark was going over the
shoals to the southward. The disastei
was due to the fierce gale that swept
the coast yesterday anil the presumption is that tne vessel sprung a leak
while al anchor mid while being coal
laden went down. The miisls were
seen from Monomoy life-saving station this morning and dipt. Marshall
Kldredge tool,- bis crow out for a long
pull to the wreck. The crew returned
lute in the afternoon ami Capt. Kldredge and that when he stinted out
lie thought there wore men in the
rigging but. when he got. within bailing distance the objects had disappeared. His opinion win that a
schooner seen near the wreok had
sent out a boat and taken off the men.
Capt. Kldredge thought the wreck was
of a 400-ton vessel. Nothing had
washed to the surface which would
give an idea   as to its name or port.
The Ilaguo, Nov. II.���The numinis-
tration council of the Arbitration tri-
uhnal will meet on Niiveinl.ur 20lh to
decide on the appeal of the Boers
against   the   ruling   that   Ibe wsr in
all   the hardships of norlhern life had
added interest and was   n   Ireat to all I South   Africa    Is   not   subject
who attended. I courts consideration.
lo the Nelson  Daily Miner,  Tuesijay.   November 12, 1001
Tlie Nelson Miner
The coDditian of the discredited
Dunsmuir government is indeed pitiable as it is the positions of the
drowning man who grasps at straws.
Premier Dunsmuir still sticks to the
claim that he can muster 32 when the
house meets, but it is doubtful if he
can llud 2u supporters whicb is not
sufficient to carry on tho affairs of
a province like British Columbia.
At present tho ministry is practically
a one man government. Mr. Wells,
is in the east, presumably for tbe purpose of consulting the oflioials of the
C. V. R. as to a railway policy. Mr.
I'rentice is on the way to the Old
Country it is claimed for the purpose
of endeavoring to Heat some railway
bondB for the province. This leaves
Mr. Ebcrts and Mr. Dunsmuir to attend to the affairs of the provii.ee,
and, as it is well known tbat Mr.
Dunsmuir's tastes do not run in tho
direction of attending to detail work,
hence the departmental work is all in
the hands of Air. Eberts.
The portfolio of the minietei of
mines which is the most impoitant
so far as the inteiests of the interior
of British Columbia are concerned
is vaoant and bas been so evei since
Mr. Mcllride resigned two months
since. That it has not been filled is
one of the strongest signs of the
weakness of the present administration as no politician, who can look
n month ahead, would accept the
place, as it is patent that the Dunsmuir government is short lived. It
is afllioted with the incurable disease
of imbecility, which has been shown in
its railway policy, it affiliation with
Hon. Joseph Martin, after a majority
of the electors had put the seal of disapproval on every ting that savored of
Martinism, and in its failure to properly attend to the departmental busi-
nes. A notable example of this is
shown in the ense of the city of Nelson
in its endeavor to secure a water
right near lionnington Falls. Mayor
Fletcher recently stated that he bad
written every month for several
months to the government concerning
the water rights and had failed to
elicit a reply. This incident shows
how poorly the government is attending to departmental work and in a
measure show how lamely tbe affairs
of the people are being attended to. It
will be remembered tbat it was stated
when the Dunsmuir government first
went into office a business administration was promised and yet ol all the
governments that have conducted the
affairs of the province it has proven
itself the poorest from a business or
any other standpoint.
It is useless for it to endeavor to
lengthen its existence any longer and
out of respect fur itself it should
lesign and make room for a moru
competent administration. After it
resigns it would bo possible, perhaps,
to form a coalition government, but it
now seems certain that tbe next general election will be on party lines
and this will result in the placing in
power cf a government that will be
permanent because it will attend
properly to the business which is in-
truBted to it, nnd will bave a policy
that will cause the development of the
natural resources and tho upbuild'ng
of the province, instead of retarding
matters whicb seems to be the principal task of the existing administration. The people have become awfully tired of the aggregation of incompetency nnd imbeuility and for
this Mason are anxious for a change,
nnd the sooner the change is mnde
the better they will like it.
The action of the lieutenant-governor in requesting Mr. Dunsmuir to
fill his cabinet Hiid to be ready to
meet tho bouse at the usual time,
about the beginning of tho yeai.
shows that he realizes that tho time
is past foi longer showing favor to a
discredited government, and that he
is anxious to bring an unsatisfactory
condition of affairs to an end.
cals, large developing trays and in
fact, everything tbat will be found
about a well regulated photograph
gallery. Care has been taken to provide ever thing necessary to govern
the light conditions so that little difficulty is experienced getting perfect
The maps are the same as kept by
the engineers of any mine, showing
the wokings from each shaft, so that
all taken together they form a complete picture cf the mine. At the close
of each month the mining captains go
to the office anil point ont in each
drift of crosscut just tbe amount of
work done in the 3(1 days. The engineer marks tho map accordingly, and
his marks are afteiwads inked so that
tho workings are all shown in black.
When the map has been brought down
to date it is removed to the gallery
and photographed; the plate is then
developed as it would be by any photo-
pher and blue prints are made,
enough being made to supply the east
ern otlice anil the files at tho mine.
Tne great advantage in this method
is, of course, the fact that the maps
are brought down to a size that may
be easily handled oi sent through the
mails. They are also more easily
studied, the same facts being shown
as upon the larger ones.
The method is highly spoKcn of by
Ihe mines officials. They fool that
they now have not only a way of preserving their mnps but ono that will
show thc-m at any time in the future
the condition of the property at any
given   timo in the past.
Grocery and Liauor
Our Pall Stock of
Furniture and Carpets
is now complete.
We buy of the Largest Manufacturers ami Importers.
J. G. BUNYflN & 60.
The Complete House Furnishers.
���J m
The method employed by the Tuinu-
raok Mining company in making and
preserving maps of the underground
work is something novel, nays tho
Houghton.Mich.. Mining Gazette. So
far as Is known it is entirely original
with the Tamarack people and it Inn.
been found of inestimable vnluo to
both tne engineers and officials at the
mine and the eastern office, ns it Is
possible at the mine by referring to
the files to tell exactly what work
was done during any month, while
the eastern representatives are kept
fully informed as to the work of each
30 days without there leing necessary a lengthy Written description.
The company qmto a time ago hit
upon the plan of photographing the
maps nt the close of each month, aud
there are now in the mine office blue
prints of the underground workings
for several yenrs hack. The engineers
have fitted up a "gallery'' where
every appliance necessary to take
photographs 20x24 Inches in size is
provided. There is the dark room
with   the  necessaiy supply of chemi-l
The unrevised moLtlily statement of
tho import nnd exports of Canada are
to hand for the month of August
IDOi. It gives the statistics of the ex-
poits nf ore and minerals to be as
Gold- To the United States, $4,080,
112;   to   other   countries,   $1,4SU;   to
Great Britian, none.
Copper, fine, contained in ore,
matte, roguluu, etc.���To Great Britain, 2,000 lbs., value, $200; United
states, 2,588,310   lbs, valuo, 8275,142,
Silver, metallic, contained in ore
concentrates, eto.���To United States,
330,000 oz., value, 8185,512,
Lead, metallic, contained in ore,
etc.���To United States, 3,111,874 lbs,
value, 897,459.
Nickel, fine,contained in ore, matte,
speiss, etc.���To United States, 987,774
lbs., value, 842,930.
lion ore���To Great Britain. 50 tons
value, 81,500; to United States, 50,205
value, 8140,584. Total value of all
mineral exports, 85,722,925.
The imports of lead aud its products
were as follows:
Lead and manufacures of, old,
scrap, pig and block, 15 per cent,
duty���From Great Britain, 143 cwt.;
from United States, 3,350 cwt., value
81,270; other countries, 1113 cwt., value
8403; total 4,095 cwt., value $5,005.
Hars and in sheets, 25 per ciut. duty
���From Great Britain, 810 cwt.,
value, $2,582; United States, 4 cwt.,
value, $32.
Pipes, 35 per cent, duty���From
Great Britain, 7,700 lbs.; value, 8203;
United States, 51,805 lbs, value, $-115.
Shot and bullets, 85 per cent duty���
From United Stntos, 100 lbs., value,
Manufactures of lead, not otherwise
specified, 35 per cent, duty���From
Great Britain, $530, United States,
81,407; Germany, $1,435; other
countries, $2,847.
Dry white and rod lead, orange
mineral and zinc white, 5 per cent,
duty ���From Great Britain, 200,995
lbs., value $9,975; United States, 551,-
(101 lbs, value, 821.500 ;Uerraany, 520,-
275 lbs., valuo, $19,113; Belgium,
11,015 lbs..value, $100; other countries,
27,200 lbs., value, $546. Total, 1,378,-
nrtO lbs , value. 851,510.
Lead, nitrate and acetate of, fine���
From Great Britain, 35,318 lbs .value,
$1,523; United States, 1,121 lbs.,
value $71; other countries, 18,500 lbs.,
value (801, Total, 55,035 lbs., value,
Lead, tea   lead,   free--From  Groat
Br'tnin, 07,750 lbs., value, $2,82(1;
United States, 48,000 lbs., value,
82.120. Total. 110,750 lbs,, value.
Total value of lead nnd lend products, $50,405.
The Boundary smelters, says the
Phoenix Pioneer, have a weakness for
breaking records. Recently the Groon-
wood smlteer made the phenoinonal
run of 130 tons in 24 hours in one
furnace. A few days since the No. 1
furnace at the G.anby smelter treated
175 tons of ore in the same time which
later, it is claimed, estahlisbcB a
win I'1's record for a iM hour run.
Evidently the Boundary Miiolterd
managers nro not at all slow.
Save Your Snowsboe Tags
The most popular brand of Ohcwing
Tobacco in Canada toiliiv is "Pay
Roll." Every Ping of "Pay RolP'
boars a "Snowsboe" Tag. Consumers
shonld save these fugs, as valnnbla pres-
sents are given for them. When you
buy "Pay Roll" ShewingTobaoco, ask
your dealer fur onr new illustrated premium oatnlogne. Tags are good np to
Junuaiy 1ft, 1003.
The following Goods are now in stock.
or will arrive in the course
of a  few   days:
Two carloads of Ontario Canned Goods.
One carload Assorted Groceries from ihe Ea&t.
One carload Assorted Groceries from the West.
A direct shipment from England of Peak, Freen &
Co.'s Fancy Biscuits; of Pascal's Sweets and of
Rowntree's Confections.
New Evaporated Fruits direct from California.
One carload of Canadian "Whiskies.
One carload of Imported Liquors from Victoria.
A direct Shipment of the Celebrated Kilmarnock
Whiskey, straight from Glasgow.
A direct shipment of Sherry and Claret from France.
A direct Shipment of Port Wine straight from Spain
One carload of the celebrated Hudson's Bay Flour.
Half a carload of Choice Fall made Creamery Butter,
One carload of Timothy Hay.
One carload of Upland Prairie Hay.
Three carloads of Ashcroft Potatoes.
One carload of Oats.
Ask  for Price List.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
There is nothing like Asthnmleue. It
brings instant relief, even in tbe worst
cases.   It cures when all else fails.
The Rev. C. F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
111., says: "Your trial bottle of Asthmalene received in good condition. I cannot
tell you how thaukfnl 1 feel for the good
derived from it. I was a slave, chained
with putrid sore throat and asthma for ten
years. 1 despaired of ever being cured. ���
saw your advertisement for the cure ot
this dreadful nnd tormenting disease, Asthma, and thought you had overapoken
yourselves, but resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment, the trial aoted like a
charm.    Bond me a full size bottle.
Bcv, ��r. Morris Wcchnlcr,
Rabbi of tha Cong. Bnni Israel,
Nkw York, Jan, 11, 1001
Dn Tai-t linos. Medicine Co.,
Gontlemen: Your Asthmalene is nn
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hny
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
troubles which combine with AsUimn
Its Biiccess is astonishing nnil wonderful.
Aftor having it carefully analyzed, we can state that Asthmalene contains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.    Very truly yours,
Avon BPRINOB, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1001,
Drh. Taft Bnos. Mriiicinb Oo.
(ientlemen : I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, hnving tested the
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene, for tho cure of Asthma. My wife has
been affloted with apaBmodic asthma for thr> past 18 yenrs. Having exhausted
my own skill as well as many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon your
windows on 180 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of ABthmalenn.
.My wife commenced taking it nbout the first of November. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma lias disappeared
and she is entirely free from nil symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend the medicino to all who are aHlioteil with this distressing disease.
Yours respectfully, O. D. PUBLPb, M. D.
Dn. Takt Bnos, Medicine Co, Feb. 5, 1001.
Gentlemen ! I was troubled with Asthma for 22 yenrs. I havo tried numerous remedies, but they havo all failed. I ran across your advertisement and
started with a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I havo since purchased your
full stood bottle, and I am ever grateful. 1 have a family of four children, and
for six years was unable to work. I am now iu tho best or health and am doing
business every day.   This testimony you can make such use of as you Bee lit.
Homo address, 215 Hivington street, 8. RAPHAEL,
07 Eiust 120th St,,New York Oity.
Dr. not delay.   Write nt once, addressing DR.  TAFT BROS, MEDIOINF
OO., 70 East 130th SL, N. Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce II
Will. Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate   Resources Over 805,000,000.
HON. QKO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, Ponornl Manager.
London Utile.-: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New Voi k Olflce; 16 ExchRMKC Place.
And 68 branches in Canada nnil Lao Jriitc.1 Stales, Including:
Atlin Gkkknwood Nki*on Sandon
Obanbrook.        Kamlooi'B Nkw Wkstminstkb   Vancouver
Fernib Nanaimo Rowland Victoria
STRTriT���IlAWSON ano Wiiitk Hokhk.
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson ano Wiiitk Hoksk.
UNITED STATICS���Nsw York, San Francisco, Hk.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Reoelvod and Interest Allowed.   Present Rate 8 Per llont
| Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
The new Oonl City is owned by the Similkameen Valley Coal Company,
Limited; who have placed one thousand lots on tho market at. the following
prices: from $50 to 8225, one fourth cash, balance three, 6ix and nine months,
without interest.
There is also a small block of the first one hundred thnntand shares remain-
to be sold at 33c, 5c. a shaic down, balance in six monthly payments, Whon
these nre sold the Bhaies will be advanced to $1 et.ch by the Company.
The Company's land, including the townsite of ABiiuola, is underlaid with fit
least three flue seams of coking, steam and furnace coal. The Company also
own the water rights and at luast 'ib,000,000 feet of fine timber. All the above
is owned by the one Company, and every shareholder will participate in tbe
profits aocming from the Bale of uuy or the above mentioned property.
A full force of men are now at work aud will be kept on continually during
the year.   For further information apply to.
R. J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson, B- 0-
Or Vedder & Cunningam, Greenwood, B. C.; J. E. Churoh, Victoria, B. C.', W
W. Fellows, Sandon, B. 0.; C. E. Douglas, Vancouver, B, C.
NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. 0. t
Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.   S
FREE   MILLING   GOLD  properties  wanted at once for Eastern  }
investors. J
Parties  having  mining  property for  sale are   requested to send  S
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition. I
We  desire  to  hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors  and  miuing   rr.en   are requested   to make  the EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent hy express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Tolo phono No. 104.   P. O. Box 700.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelaon, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to at��y branch will have careful and nromot attention.
N. E. T. CO.
Forty minute service until 11 n. m.
and after 7.40 p. m., 20 minutes between. Leaving h. 11. Store 6.4s.
1n.KUKt.1w1.. Maiilry hi.
7.���� a  m. 7.20 a. m.
7 4" 8.00
8.20 8,40
9^��o 9.20
9-4�� 10.00
'o-2o I0>40
"���00 11.00
Twenty minutes until 7,40 p. m.   at
the hour, 20 past and 20 to
llouiHtowr UtuulryHl
7-4�� P  m 8.00 p. m.
8-2�� K.40
9-oo 9.20
9-40 ,0i0o
10.40 last rats. 10 20
The lo p m. car from Stnnloy street
meets the Kl.lo p. m. train at tho depot,
goes up Stanley street and then to Bo-
Good lots for sale in Addition "A"
close to Tramlines. Fur all information apply at the Company's ofilce,
Vernon street.
F. 0. ORESM     HO."lR^MENX^
CIvU Engineers and Provincial Und
P. O. Box US NeIsol>i uv
Kootenay Railway and Nav-
Company, Ltd.
Shorl��i.t. nnil quloltost route lo the oast and ��"
points aa .hu O. K. & N. Mid Northern v*
olflo Railways in Wa'<hli._wii, Oregon nn"
Southern SUU'n.
Time Card Effective August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
S:30 a. .ii. Lv. IK��k1o
10:55 p.m. Ar. Sandon
Ar. iM P- m
Lv. 1:U V- "'���
Int Nav. & Trading Co-
5:20 p. m. Lv. Nelson Ar. ll:0f; ����� '"���
1):10 p. m. Ar. Kaslo 1>v. 7:00 ����� ��'���
Connoctlnif at Five Mllo Point with Nolson
it fori Hho|ipur<J Railway both to and fiom
UosKiand, olo	
Ticket* Bold to all part* In Unitod Statftj n'1'1
Canada via Oroat Norlhoni and O. It s "���
CO.'H UllOK. ,       ,|
Oooan Mtoamahlp  ttckotH  and  rntos via ���"'
linen will bofurnlKliod on application.
Ior lurthor particulars call ou or addroa
M��n��tror, Ra��l��.B. v
G. K Tuckabuby Aitont. Nolnon IM-.
brewers of Fine LoRer
Beer and Porter.
JUIwm fi.0 Nelson   Daily Miner, Tuesday November 12, 1901
^_i+**4-**+++++++++t  Revelstoke connecting
_   MLNING NEWS.    |
leaves   today for tbsj
in Idaho and   will
there with   the
Wm.   Roberts
in  prore.ty ^d on the road.leading
it     He   has chartered   a   special
Lnor   which will take his party to
of   the   wagon   road to the
usual couise of travel not
.Iflnff J**   conneotionB from K��0t��'
the eod
mine,  tl"
���.r Landing southward.
At Pmt I'111 l,e wl" m66t
brother. Capt Barry Kooeits,
nniutii *bo la president of ibe com-
���������v mill A Klockmann, of Rossland,
��.e. the general plan or operating
i|ie mine will be mapped 6ut. It Is
���l,,p���(,���,l to run 11 nrossmit tunnel of
in 'oet from the adit tunnel to
1 a shaft 011 another vein.
-ml -
��� point under
Three eight-hour shifts will bo put to
W0rk and the undertaking curried
throng" "'ll1 ��" P0!:slbl0 BPend 80
t:,,it it will bo completed by the time
the ro.ul tn Iho mine, upon which 150
men aie working, will be finished.
The mine will then be in shape to
and this will   be
stupe and "hip  ore
soon ns there is sufficient
sleighing. Ibis crosscut
beneath nn outcopping  of
snow   fur
will   P��B!
ore nnil should cut it at a depth of 100
feet, The present work going on is
the erosRcutting of Ihe ledge from tho
tnninil. The cut lins ucen driven 13
teet already and is still in ore. This
large body is ore that will concentrate
four to one, or five to one and it is
the intention of the company to put
in n concentrator next summer to
operate which there is n good supply
of water.
The Continental mine is now owned
by the Idaho Continental Mining
Company, dipt. Ilnrry Roberts, a
lendinr- iron mine operator of Dnlnth,
il president, and Wm. Roberts, of ibis
city, will be mine superintendent.
Mr, Roller's has had considerable experience in iron mining in the cast
and in metal mining in British
Columbia, in the course of which he
has demonstrated that be is a master
ol mine operation,
The - Northwestern Development
Syndicate intends to drive a tunnel of
150 feet on the Morning mineral
olaim this winter.
The shaft on the Criterion is down
30 feet and the ore at the bottom is 10
inches wide. There is another shaft
on a quartz ledge on the property
which shows good values.
The Trout Lake Topic states that
there are twelve properties that will
be working all winter. Tbey will
store the ore at the landing to ship
over the railway when completed.
Over 100 loads of supplied have left
Trout Lake for the claims during the
past week.
At the reoord olllee yestorday the
only rooord entered was the issuance
of a cerlicfi.ite of work to K. C.
Arthur on the Recluse.
Joe Gottlieb, the owner of the Lucky
Joe and Reiser Wilhelm.is reported to
havo receive! an offer of $100,000 for
the olaims.
The foroe on the Eva
orcased to 20 men.
is   to   be in-
TO <1 Iti;   A CUM> IS OMK HIT.
Tako Laxative Bromo-Qulnhic Tablets. All
.-Iniir^is! ; refund Iho money if it fails lo euro.
K. w. Grove's elgnatura >n on each hex.   25e
The wintry appearance of the
weather yesterday caused a heavy
demand for coal and wood which the
iooal dealers are finding it bard to
keep pace with. There is plenty of
wood in town, but not enough teams
to haul it and in consequence the
householder who lias put olf ordering
urt.il the last moment iB liable to bo
without fuol for n day or so, some of
the dealers being loaded up with
orders for   several days ahead.
H. & M. BIRD
Money to Loan On Improved  Ileal Estate
Itit MortKugex at s per cent.
Hair Brushes
Nail Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Clothes Brushes
We are showing a
.splendid new lot at
Very Low Prices.
Hair Brushes 50c, to $3.50-
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
$ 850 Four roomed house and cellar
and improved lot ou Mill street,
planted witb fruit trees
$ 850 House and lot on Observatory
street, west of Josephine, cash
$250, balance easy terms
$2800 Ellghl room house and two corner lots, plumbing complete.elec-
trie light, ifliOO cash. SHOO in 12
months and assume $1:100 loan
$25 Seven room house, modern improvements, corner Stanley Street
and Mines Road
$20 Six room house, corner of Observatory and Kmn It-y Streets
$15 Cottage cor Ward and (lore streetB
$25 Furnished bouse on Carbonate St
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
The Leading Canadian Whisky-Try It
Oliver Wfthered in a letter to thu
lioaid of the Enteiprise (British
Columbia) Mines speaks very highly
ol the future of the Enterprise mine.
Soinu time ago a letter fiom British
Columbia lia.i stated tbat there was
ore enough blocked out to keep the
concentrator working 500 days. These
rosoives had beon increased considerably bince then and the width anrt
vahio of the ore had also increased.
Tlio eiincentrntor was the simplest in
design that ho had seen anil the work
of building it bad boon thoroughly
well ilono reflecting ;rreat credit on
Mr. Fowler and Mr. Off. In connection with the nunc there is also a
compressor inn by the same water
power that runs the concentrator and
it 1,bh materially reduced the cost and
facilitated mining. Speaking generally Mr. Wethered was very well
pleased with tho outlook of the property aim predicted substantial profits
from its working.
Smelter returns of the oie shipped
hoin the Cromwell mine, Trout Lake
havo been received nnd show tho ore
to lie ol extraordinarily high grade.
There was 10,28!! pounds of ore shipped
and it gave 5.18 ounces of gold to the
ton or 23.748 ounces worth 11481.88,
In silver it ran 21 ounces, that in the
nlinlo shipment being woitb $52.70.
Alter deducting freight and treatment
Ohargos the net returns were. 8401.01
or ahout $lio to the ton. The completion of the railway to the foot cf
Hie lake will mean the charges on ore
��ill be reduced about $20 to tbe   ton.
No Disuovcry in medicine has ever
created one quarter of the excitement
that has been caused by Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption. Its
severest tests have Utou on hopeless
victims of Consumption, Pneumonia,
Hemorrhage, Pleurisy and Bronchitis, thousands of whom it has restored to perfect health. For Coughs,
Colds, Asthma, Cioup, Hay Fever,
Hoarseness and Whooping Cough,it is
the quickest, surest cute lu the world.
It is sold by Canada Drug & Book
Co, who guarantee satisfaction or re-
funo money. Large bottles 50c aud
Sl 00.    Trial bottles free.
All   Li|)ton'8   teas aro grown in his
own gardens iu Ceylon.
Cruelty to  Animals
A public, meeting will be held in
the Court House this,, (Tuesday)
evening at H p. m. for th purpose of
forming a branch of the British
Columbia Society fur the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals in tbis oity.
His Worship the Mayor will preside.
Ladies and gentlemen are  earnestly
requested to attend.     (lood Speakers.
0. J. SOUTH,
Secretary 1!   C. S. P. C. A.
To be had wholesale in bulk,
2, 4 and 7 years old.   In cases
'83 and STAR
from the warehouse* in Nelson
R. P- Biithet & Oo-, Limited
P. O. Box 521
��������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������
& CO.        j
t  Tobacco
X Phone 117
Wishes to inform the public that
lie has started in business as a
Chimney Sweep. Work carefully
and promptly attended to. Orders left at Prosser's second-hand
store, Ward Street.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R. offices.
Advert!KomnntH innerted under 1 hi- hood at
the rate of one oont a word per insertion. No
advertisement taken for lena than 25 conU.
Situation Wanted advertisements Inserted
throe ttmes free of chanco.
FOR RANT.���Comfortable   warm furnished     rooms,    cheap.      Apply   X
Miner Office.
nelson, b. c.
FOR RENT.���tin Josspbine street,
between Silica and Carbonate street
an eleven roomed honso excellently
adapted for a private liniii-iliiig house.
Coutniusnll conveniences. Thoroughly
renovated recently.    Beer Hros.
DJ. BOBKRTBON St. OO,���Next iluur io
.   llio new 1'osl OMluu BuililiMK, Vernon
Bt*, Nolson,   Day 'pli.,nu '��\rl. Ni_lit 'i.iiuno 'JH7.
HOUSE    tu rent   on Vernon     street.
Apply Oliptatu T. J.  Ihino'in.
rORNIBHD       ROOMS.���Apply      on
Silicu,     second   door   west     Ward
ROOMS and BOARD.���Every convenience;   south east   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
ROOMS TO RENT.���K. W. C. Blocii-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facirg the west. On September 1, two sir^io rooms and two
or three on Eu.te facing Baiter st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. IT.
J. Squ.re, Room 11,  K.    W. C. Block.
EMPLOYMENT.���All kinds of help
wanted���Orders for help receive
prompt attention. R. I'uriJy, Employment agent. Phone 44. IJ O. Box,
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's Nest
Southern    Ry.      tlood    wages, long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.    C. A.
Guthrie & Co.
X^t iN. At. Cummins, Loaace Brery knmvu
variety ot soft driukai l' o iiox &i. Toinuiiun
No, 81, Hoover Street, Nelson.   Bottlers of the
Uiiiouh .Sl. I.ciu.  It.,,. r,|i;niK- Mineral Water
C1ANE & MAUDONALU 111. Carlo, Jamu
/ A. Maedonalil/���Architects and nunorin
lenduni*, ilrokoa Hill Bluck, corner linker and
Ward au-eulH, .mjIhou
AMAODONALb & Oo.-Corner Kron
. and Hall titrocU���Wholesale grocer
mid jobbers in blankets, kIovoh, mitts, bouts
rubbers, lnackinawK and miners' sundries.
t> BURNS Sr. Co.���Baker Street, Nelsou-
X . Wiiulewilu dealers in fresh a d cured
iueat_.   Cold StoraKO.
Ilulrer Street, Nelson���Wholesale doa
ers in frogh and cured meats.
., Nulsuu ��� Wholi'saltt dealais id
miners'  supplies,  sporting  goods
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street.    Phone 273.    J. H. Love.
WANTED���Cook,   3nd   Cook,   Dishwasher, Laundress
The Rossland of the Lardeau j
I'lU.E Aimintr <���<>.<. PlroperUet���We arc
anvi��iu to secure a few free iuMIIhx uofii
liriiperlieM at once. The Prospector** Kx-
chtiiiKr, NcIhoii, B. <', lEoom 4, K.-W.-C.
Full particulars of
vvindermer. Mines.  CorrosoondonooSolicit
Tho tug HalyH leaves this morning
'or Banner's Ferry with a harRe in
'"�� with a force of men, nine horses
and a largo quantity of supplies on
tomd. T.ie oulfft will be in charge
��' A. I,. Iiavenport and consists of
tne winter's supplies for the Bayoiinc
mine, lotfether with the horses for
Packing the goods in and a working
torco of man for the mine. II. X.
Steopm of Nelson, took the contract
or packing up to the mine from tho
'"���"ling, and A. Stewart and R.
Jair,os will g0 0VCI to 1(,ok ttfter Ulc
The Kasto yesterday brought in the
""(,'est load of oro for the season,
'mounting to loo tons, being part of
'"c oio accumulation at tho Whitewater cuncoutrator. The oro was
Wlded as follows, six cars from the
""Hi. four from tho Last Chance, and
��"e from the American Boy, all lor
""���Trail smelter. On Sunday' the
'arj-n contained ono car of Roco, four
fis of Last Chance, four ears of
also for the Trail smelter.
rho Vancouver World has an article
"" lail��ny construction in the Kootenay in which is pointed out the possi-
"V  that   a   line   of  railway   will
"' '���hilt round Trout Lake next sum-
���'r and that  that  will eventually be
I"' though route (rem East Kootenay
��� tne const. From the upper end of
���rn��t Lake there will be a line to
Arrowhead   and   there   is one now to
Kootenay Street, Noxt Oddfellows' Ha
P. O. BOX 633.
You can put in your coal and then light the fire
from the top. It has a large ash pan so the ashes
can be removed without trouble. It has a draw
grate so the clinkers will go down in the ash pan.
Ask for the
Ox Air Blast
��;oi.!> si!.n;it 11 lit il. tit -Mine*   ami
l.r..s|..-.i�� wanted, Heml report anil mini
i.i.Mi.. Hi.' Prospector** Bxohtmge, Kelson.
K.V.    lliHiid 1 H..W.-C. lllor.k.
Offices now occupied hy B, AI. Macdonald ; possession Do. 1st,
7-rooin     house,      modern    convenience, $J2.
0-rooin     house,    modern     Conveniences, J13.60.
4-rooiu house, water only, 311.
Two lots, Observatory st, 84SO.
Ti-room house, Unrbonate st.   31,000
7 room house,  Carbonate st,    $J, 100.
P. L. S.
KASLO.   B.  C.
Mineral i'������������* and mines suiveyed.
LAUHLAN BROS. (SucccsdOm U> Vim
_ couver JlartlwuroCo. Ltd.) l!;.k.:r riiru.'..
Nelson��� WholuHulo dntilorH in hardware and
ininloK uuppliuti, pliiinborH' and liii.iuiil.li..' wup
NKLdON   HAItUWAUK   CO.- Wholttuilo
puintH, olid anil ,<,i;>.. -; iiioclianics' tools
AKualw Ioi Ontario Powder Works; lynaniito
'rUUNKIl, I1KKTON & tJo.-Cornur Veroou
X ami Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whclo
sale dealers in liuaora, olgarH, and ilry koiiiIh,
Agents for r.ihsi ltrewinu; Co. of Ah) wi.iikei'
and Oalgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
HUUSON'S UAV Co.-Wholesale grooorlo)
and liquors otc.. Baker Street, Nelson.
Xl OlHeo corner HaU and Krout StrueU
Nelson���blilober, ceiling, llooiiug, and every
tiling ut wood for ImildliiK piirpiwos. Got oui
prices.   Correspondence iinlieitiid.
'II   GALLON ��r. CO.-Dealers In  oro sacks
i. .   and twines.   Always a large slock  on
hand. Telephone905, Room M, K.-W.-0 Block
Will pay the highest oash price for all
kinds ot Beoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarpert*,
-ooking utensils, bought in household
qnantiheB. Aluo oast off clothing.
Oall and gee me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box HOO. HaU
Stroet, Nelson,  B. C.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber'
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tnnle, NKLSOS.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heat*
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Tako Notice tha-t I, Mar Kim,
have purchased the laundry business of Kim Chung and that I will
not be responsible for any debts
contracted by Kiln (.'hung.
Nov. 7, 1001. MAR KIM.
     .   -^
Fisn aad Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by m*il receive careful and prompt attentii n	
Provlona lo tho inl.pnliiiilr.iio' ,(Jrl,n"11'','
Menthol Llnimunt, belladonna Menilioi ami
nnroiis DloHtora wuru nxltinnlvii'v uboj, for
palniln iny purl of l.ho ball Urlfllllm Menthol
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We nro Bliowin(t tliia Rnncon a full
Mue of Ilii'M' (,'iiihIh or.it voliuit your
i pL'i'ii.i il nalrunaRe.
Lawrence Hardware
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffet
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, cast  and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and 18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points,
Leave PAY TRAIN Arriv*
0:15 a.m Spokane 8:10 p.id
12:35 p.m Kosslnnrl 4 180 p.id
10:80 a.m... .Mountain B Till p. in.
!):40a.m Nelson  11:45 p. id.
H. A. JAOKSON, (J. P. A T.A.
Spokane   Wm
A cent Nelnon. BiO
OARS : : :
addition   to
tinrt try n bottle, a rtowin, ar a bnrrol of
CALGARY BEER ��w it Ih the bent and
oheapcHl, ou the mnrkot. Aluo Lry mir
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Telephone A3 HalwBl., Nnlson
Crows" Nest Section-
Leave  Kootenay  Landing
Tuesday and  Friday  for  St
Paul via Soo Line.
P'riday only for Toronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
For hnrtliH, timetablea, rates nnil full
inl'i.i���inn' i"ii apply to.
II. L. IlltOWN,
City Passenger Ageut
J. S. Oartkb,
Kih. Pane. AkL
E. J. (lOYLK
A. 0. P. A.
Are you In want? If you arc, tel.
tho people, through The Miner want
column, what you aro _in want of
You'll vet IL   _. _
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-,  So.,
:minino KNGINGKR.
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in IJ. C
mining districts.
Baker Street NelSMLB C. Nelson Daily Miner Tues my. November 12,   1901
Jitter Do  you   waut  a  good
Piles Letier File, one that is
honestly made in every
particular, the best cheap File ever
made? If so, -e recommend our
''Accountant," with double arch,
ilidex and cover.   Price liOc.
For a better File, in laot, the best
File made we recommend the ''Shannon," with index and cover. Price,
letter size Otic, (Jap size $1.00.
For Office Sundries of all kinds we
know no better place than the
��� SEE ���
West Block. East Baker St,
��� ���vwvvwwwvvwwwvvw*;
The band of the Rocky Mountain
Killes will give a smoker in the Opera
House on the evening of Tuesday,
Nov. 2(ith. A good programme is
The meeting of the committee engaged in arranging for the forming
of a branch ot the Young Men's
Christian Association was postponed
from lust evening until Wednesday.
(lood progress so far is reported by
those interested, and It is expected
that arrangements for commencing
the work of the association will be
made shortly.
Had weather caused a temporary
cessation of work on the federal
huilJings yesterday. It is intended
to complete the fitst floor before work
is finally shut down for the winter.
On the city wharf, the bridge on the
lane between Vernon and Baker
streets, and other city work, as Well
as private contracts, work also had to
stop yesterday.
The first cfvil service examinations
to be held in Nelson will begin today
in the office of Dr. Arthur, who has
been appointed examiner. There will
be three candidates writing, one ol
whom takes the preliminary examination only, one the qualifying only,
and one will take both. The preliminary examinaion will be finished
loday.and Ihe qualifying examination
will take two days longer. Had longer
notice been given tbat the examination would be held hero, there would
have been more candidate? as several
who intended to write did not get
their applications in soon enough.
Curling is having a boom sucn as
it never had before in Nelson. At
last meeting of the club 30 names of
new members were handed in and
accepted. Other names will also be
presented at next meeting. The
names of those joining the club now
for the first time are John Cbolditch,
W. .7. Heaven, W. U. Jones, M. S.
Davys, Ed. Matthews, F. W. Swan-
nell, A. II. Oraeey, Dr. Doherty,
Wallace Ilruwn, E. C. Wragge, C. Ii.
Winter, S. S. Fowler, W. Telford, E.
C. Davison, T. W. Lillle, Rout. Robertson, S. S. Taylor, E. C. Rrown, II.
E. Croandalle, and T. II. Urown. New
mombers wibhing to buy stonesshould
npplyto the secretary, Stuart, 0. Campbell.
Coffee Eeing Unplaced  by  Postum  Food
"I am the wife of a minister,
A bunt, three years ago a warm fiiend,
an exemplary mother and the conscientious wife of a minister, nsked
me if I had ever tried giving up co<tce
ano using the I'ostum Food Coffee. I
had been lulling her of my exe'ssive
nervousness and 111 health She said:
"We drink nothing else for breakfast
hut I'ostum Food Colfee, and it Is a
delight and a comfort to have something that we do not have to tefuse
the children when they ask for it.'
I was surprised that she would permit the children to drink any kind of
eoflee, hut she explained that it was
a must healthful beverage and that
the children thuved on it. A ve.-v
little lb,Might convinced tne that for
brain work one should not rely upon
a stimulant such as coffee Is, but
should have food and the very best
of food.
My first trial of I'ostum was a failure. The maid of ail work brought
it to tho table, lukewarm, weak, and
altogether lacking in character. We
were in deiptlll but decided on one
more trial. At the second trial we
faithfully followed the directions,
used four teiispoonsful to the plnl of
water, lei it holi full lllleun minutes
after the ical boiling began, nnd
served it with 1 Ich cream, It was
delicious and we were all won,
I have since sung Iho praises of I'ostum Food Coffee on many, many occasions and have induced numbers of
friends to abandon ccflVo and use Postum, wilh remarkable results. The
wife of a college professor said to
me a sliiul time ago that nothing had
ever produced so marked  a change in
her husbnrid/s hcullli as the leaving nlV
of coffee and tbe use nf I'ostum Food
Colfee." lidilli Smith Davis, Apple-
ton, Wis, j
The exports of ore through the port
of Nelson for tho week ending November 11 amounted to 72 tons, valued at
Provincial Constable Barnes came in
from Kort Steele yesterday bringing
with htm a prisoner named Chauncey
Boyengton. who has been committed
for trial for horse stealing.
The local societies of Christian Endeavor will hold a rally at tbe Methodist chuieh this evening. A good pro-
gamrae of special music has been
arianged. Rev. J. B. Morgan will
deliver an address.
The arrival of the first snowfall of
the season caused great glee In the
hearts of tho childron of the city yesterday and hand sleds were quickly
in evidence. A good deal of coasting
was indulged in by tho children on
the sidewalks, but, at times to the
danger of pedestrians.
Work on the railway siding in
coarse of construetiou west ol Hall
street is progressing rapidly. Altogether about 00 men are employed
and work was kept up ah day Saturday and Sunday as the additional
facilities that will be afforded by tha
track are urgei tly needed. When this
is completed the new track will be
used as a main line, the former one
being used as the siding.
A musical entertainment of rare excellence will be given in St. Paul's
Presbyterian churoh next Monday
evening November 8th, under the auspices of tho congregation by Misses
McCoy and Robinson assisted by
some of our best local talent. These
young ladies have within the last few
months won for themselves an enviable reputation, by a series of concerts given in tho ooast cities and in
several inteiior cities and towns.
Miss ljuoenie McCoy, daughter of Rev.
Mi. McCoy, of Vernon, B, C, is a
soprano ol great sweetness, purity
and power and musical people speak
of her singing with much enthusiasm.
Miss Join Robinson daughter of Rev,
J, M. Robinson of Rowland, is regarded by exports as a very acoin-
plished pianist. Among the local
talent assisting will te lJrof. Steiner,
one of our most accompished profes
sional musicians.
The-Queen   Studio   is giving away
picture frames.
ThomaB Parker, of Rossland, was
in the city yesterday. _.    """^
R. B. Roiley leaves this morning
over the Crow'B Nest, having taken a
position at, Elko.
John McKaue, ot Rossland, is a
patient at the Kootenay Lake I lenernl
hospital. He Is now on tbo way to
Ralph Clark is spending the present
week in Portland attending a session
of the Undertakers and . Embalmers'
Mr.   and Mrs.   George   M. Phillips
will  be  at home  to their friends  on
Nov.   13th, 11th and 15th,   in room 24
K. W. C. block.
II. fl, Killeen, inspector of roads
was in the city yesterday arriving
frtin Rossland in the morning, and
leaving for the main lino In the
Meeting Tonight to Form Local Organization For Prevention.
A meeting of those interested in the
work of tho Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals is to be held
this evening In the court house at 8
p. in., when Mr. C. J. South, secretary of the British Columbia branch
of the society will deliver an address
explaining tlio r.ork and objects of
tho society. In conversation with a
Miner reporter last evening Mr. South
stilled that he had formed a branch at
Chilllwack, and col responding secretaries had been appointed at Mission
and Agassi/,. Nelson had been selected
as the best point to eover a large section of the Kootenays and it was tho
wish of the Ansuclation to foini a
strong branch here. The society's
object was prevention. No case is
taken to court on a private statement,
but a thorough investigation is made,
and even whoro cases were proved
only four per cent, so far have been
taken to court. Mr. South has with
him some photos illustrating instances where the society has acted in
II. C. that are enough to convinco anyone of the necessity of suoh an organization. Among the instances of
erulty bj children Mr. South quoted
one in Vancouver, where some school
boys had been fcund with a nest of
half grown robins cutting the birds
open with pen knives to "see how Iho
hart wonted," From Nelson Mr.
South goes to Uii.'sl.iiul and then
through the Slmilkamein. Tho pto-
vinclal government this summer appropriated .1 sum for Hie use of the,
society, which has been   used in send-1
ing Mr. South through tbe interior
forming new branches of the association.
'I was troubled for several years
with chronic indigestion and nervous
debility," writes F. J. Green of Lancaster, N. II. "No remedy helped me
until I began using Electric Bitters,
which did me more good than all the
medicines I ever used. Tbev have also
kept my wife in excellent health for
years. She says Electric Bitters are
just splendid for female troubles; they
are a grand tonic and invigorator for
weak, run down women. No other
medicine can take its place iu our
family." Try them. Only 50c. Sat-
islaction guaranteed by Canada Drug
& Book Co.
Auditorium Stock Co.
"La Belle Marie."
Jewels, candy, floweis, man-that Is
the order of a woman's preferences,
Jewels form a magnet of mighty
powei to the average woman. Even
that greatest of all jewels, health, is
often ruinea in the strenuous efforts
to make or save the money to purchase them. If a woman will risk her
health to get a coveted gem, then let
her fortify herself against the insidious consequences of coughs, colds and
bronchial affections by the regular
use of Dr. Iloschee's German Syrup.
It will promptly arrest consumption
its early stages and heal tbe affected
lungs aud bronchial tubes and drive
the dread disease from the system. It
is not a ouie all, but it is a certain
sure for coughs, colds and uli bronchial troubles. You can get Di. (1.
D. Green s reliable remedies at W
F. Teetzel & Co. Get Green's Special
Notice is hereby given that the
laundry business of Wah Kee has
been sold to Mar Yick. All accounts due Wah Kee are to be
paid to him only.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan  Lino Tunisian Nov.  7
Allan Line Corinthian Nov. l(i
Heaver Lino Lako Blmcoo Nov. 8
Heaver Line Lake Manitoba Nov. 15
From Portland, Me.
Dominion Lino  Vancouver , Nov. lfi
Domiiion Lino Dominion Nov.23
From Now York
riunarJ Line  Umbrla, Nov.
Cunard Line Lucania Nov. Hi
White Star Line MojeHtio Nov. G
White Star LineOceanic Nov. 13
American Line Philadelphia .Nov. i:t
American Line St.   Paul , Nov. 20
N, G. L. Kaiser Wllholm derGrosse No... lit
Hamburg-Am.'rican Fursl. Bismarck...Nov, 2;t
Kronen. Line La Goscogne... Nov,  "
Fiom Boston
Cunard Line Ultonia Nov.  1G
Dominion Lino Commonwealth Nov. 27
Gen. Agent. Winnipeg, Man.
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A.. Nelson
MARK       Stamped on every
garment, insures
�� you genuine
the most perfect, most healthful,
k   most   delightfully comfortable
underwear made.   Endorsed
by physicians.
Vow Men, Women n*4
-K- Children, h-
v AiHlrM rliiHN DryGoodij,
Stores keep full
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont,
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. L. LKNNOX. Bakw 8*.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-1 White Pine Lumber Always In
Wo carry a complete nlock of Coast Flooring
Coiling. InHlde Flnhth, Turned Work, Sanh and
Doom,   Special order work will reeeivo prompt
hi tuition-   Mall orders HOllelled.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Of lion- Hondrvx and Vemon Ht��� NoImo
West Transfer Co.
Goal m Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Oflloe on  Baker Street
Manufacturers ofBEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson.
"Gbe IRoval Bank of-Canaba"
Incorporated 1869.
Capital AuthorlMd,
Board of Director!
���R.OM.OM.M I OP"*1 P��W'��P.
Kent,       ���       ���    .
Board or uirecton     1 nuruiw v.. ,v        	
Willi, Smith   II. G. Bauld, Hon. Duval Mackoen.
���     $2,000,1100.00
���     ���   WMiiii.imn.iKi
rhoruiw K. K3nny,_ Prosldonli;   ThomaB Rltohle, Vide Proslrlotit
���lead otlliT, llnllftixi
i^SS_&_ \_��ttt&B& W. B. Torrance. Etollta..
Quebec���Montreal, (City Oflloe), Monlm
WohI land (Uor. Notro Dame and nv\u~
nenrs Streets): Westmonnt (Cor, Qreona
Avenue and St. Catharines Street,
Newfoundland��� St. John's.
Tuba, Weal I ml lea���Havana.
Nova   ftcotla���Halifax   Branoh,   AntironM-
BrldgOWater. Guysboro. Ijoudondurry, ..u
enburg. MaiUand (Hants Co.), Piclou, Port
Hawkeubnry, Sydney, Bhubcnacadic.Truro,
New    Brunswick ��� Bathurst,     I>orrheHtor,
Kroderlcton, Kingston (Kent Oo,), Mono
ton, Newcastle, Sackvillo, St, John,Woodstock*
P. E* Island���Charlottetown, Suuiinertddo.
Hulled iUate��t���Now York (16 Kxchanfto Plaoe
Republic, Wiwti,
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria. *
Correnpondtints i
Canada���MorehantR Bank of Canada. Bunion-National Shawmtit Dank. Chicago���Illinois
Truut and SaviiigH Hank. Ban t'rnncliico-Fir��t National lUnk. London, Bag,-Batik ut
Scotland. Pari*, Franje���Orodlt Lyonnala. Bermuda- Bank of Bermuda, China ami j_.
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Hanking Corporation. Spokane I lid National Hunk.
(lenoial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange B��u_h
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposite and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
MISS  RUBY  MIGUEL.    Leading  Lady
Auditorium Stock Go.
The well known company comes to
Nelson for one week. This company
is well known to theatre goers of the
west beiuij formerly the llittner
Company who has always been prime
favorites of the west having jost
closed a 25 weeks engagement in Spokane and are the best repertorie company ever travelling in the northwest
having the most extensive reportorie
of plays of any company traveling and
it is a well known fact that Killing,
manager of the company, who is one
of the oldest and best repertorie
manager in the west is employing
none hut the best of tale t presenting
the most p ogressive ideas uf the most
modern and up to date plays, equipment���in fact a combination of all
that Is necessary to produce the best
results is ono thn'. is most eminently
successful in pleasing its people with
the object in view of providing just
tne kind of entertainment demanded
by theatre goers of the present day.
The management uf Auditorium Stock
Co. have this season excelled all previous efforts not only in personnel of
the company but also of entirely new
plays and new wardrobe.
La Hello Marie is a beautiful five,
act comedy drama in which the Dinner's made their great hit in Spokane
and have repeated this bill many
times Dy request. Miss Huby Miguel
wbo bended this faniuus company all
thruugh Hitttiers' success in Spokane
still remains at the head. Mr.
O'Connor who has been Bittosr's leading man for n number of years and
who lead some of the most noted
actors of the west still remains ae
leading man and on the whole the
company, has no equal giving new
ploys each night and a continuous
performance. This compnny wherever
opening are pronounced by press nnd
public as one of the best companies
over visiting any city and come to
Nelson in the hope of maintaining
tbe large and liberal patronage that
the excellence of their performances
merit nnd (hose who miss their opening bill will miss a rare treat. Don't
fail to hear their great song and dance
eomedinn In the person of W. H.
MoBride, the best the west hns ever
PRICES :   25 & 50 GENTS,
Saturday Matinee.    Seats  on   sale
at usual place.
Corpoiation of the Oity of
illtylatv In Ki'Kitn) io INirrlniMlnK Certain
Power I'm ii i Hie Wertt Kooteiutjf Power
and LIkIiI t'oimmiiy.
Thfl Municipal Council of tho Corporallon of
the t "ity of Nelnon iu (.'ouucll asHombl^d ouocLh
iik ToIIowh:
1. Hubjoct. t-o tho tormrt, OQndttfoni und pro-
v hIouh herelnftftoroontatuea. it, in agreed Umt,
tin' ('iH'iiui'iii i<m i im!! inko (ind I Im* Company
him II Hiipply oiccl rlr. poWOT ill, I he Kill) still ion of
iho OOUipatiy in thu City of NuIhoii for tho
powor aud huW i"i; purpOflMOi ihuCorporation.
2. Tho quantity ��>f powor to bo t ��kon hy tho
Corporallun from the Company will tot bo lew
Hint] phi Ikii k pi'wci, urii horso power to bo
dullvarod at a pressure of BMP voltn.
3. Tho Company will supply all iho roj_ulnt-
Iuk uppural us in I heir stih-Htation for ret(ulatli'K
iho Power nouusarj f'��r properly operating ln-
4. Tho Company Shall supply power from 100
horno power to 160 horse powor if required by
tho Corporatio-i at tho same rate ai hereinafter
agreed upon, without further notlooi Tho ox-
oohh of powor over 100 horso power to bo
oh irired for according to Iho borne powor iinod.
ID com) of tbo Corpomt'on requiring further
powor tho Company will agroo to supply tbo
same upon 30 ilajs notice upon the following
basis: In (aflQ lot) 10 BOO liorso powor Is required
by iho Corp'intion, the Company will agree to
supply tho same up to 800 horse powo- bi ro-
qmred onaralns for a minimum of IA hor-o
imwer and for tho OXOOU of horse powor ovor
00 according to the horse power used, lit case
9001-�� 800 horso powor Is roquirod by the Corporation the Company will agroo to Httpply 1 lie
same, charging for a minimum of 200 horso
powor and from that up to SUOhom power according tothe horse power uhoiI. In ciiho 800 to 800
norse power i-i roquirod by the Corporation tbo
Company will agree io supply the same charging for a minimu of 800home power and from
thai up to '.MM horso powor according to the
horso POWOT used in case 800 lo 400 horso
power is reqtiir u by tho Corporation tho Com
pnny will agree lo Hiipply thu snne charging
for a minimum of BfiOnOf 0 power and from i hal
tip to 400 bono powor according in tho borHo
power used. In can400to400 horso power Is
required by the Corporal ion, the Company wii.
agree to mipply ihe sunie cliarglng fur a minimum of 100 horse power ami  from thai up lo
400 bone powor aoooril g to tho born power
uhciI. Incase 400 to 000 bono power is re- 1
quired by the Corporation, tho Company will
agree to toipply I lie naino, charging for a mini |
mum of 450 bone power and from that up io
500 horso power according to the horso powor
used. It being tho intention th-t the Company
will always Keep in reserve 00 horso p wor
over nnd above tho minimum stuted hy tbo
Corporation to be required, and i-hnll charge
for the B'lid 60 horso powor according only to
the horse power unod.
And it H understood that iho highest minimum load fur any month during i he contract
hereunder shall be iho minimum load for each
of the ensuing month* during the i ontraet. unless tho minimum is increased by the Corporation.
5. Calculations of tlio q nan til y of powor used
by thcCor poration are to be b;i>ed upon tho daily
average peak lo d, such peak loud to be arrived at by taki g volt-unipcre readings, and
the calculai ions made from such readings,
such readings shall be taken after the power
has passed through tho regulators.
6. Tho Corporation will pay to tho Company monthly on the 20th day of ouch month
for iho powor usod (not being less than P0
bono powers during the preceding month at
the following rate: For all horso power up to
300 horso powor at * ho r.itc of 88.70 per horse
power por m.>uth; and for all horso power i
excoss of 3u0 hor.-r power nt the rate of $3.33:\
por horso power per mo. th.
7. Tho power supplied by tho Company shall
bo continuous as required during tbo whole
twenty-four hours of each day.
8. If by reason 11 any accident or any cause
whatsoever over which the Company shall have
no control, a stoppage in iho supply of power
shall at any time occur, tho Corporation shall
be allowed a robate from the price in (ho
agreeme.it provided, proportionate to the actual time of the said stoppage.
9. Tho duration of ihe agreement hereunder
shall be for tho period of ono yca�� from tbo
date tho Company shall commencethedelivory
of powor to tho Corporation, which dato shall
not he later than Decomuor 1st, 1001.
10. In the event) of auy dispute or dlffbrtfflco
arising between tho Company and tho Corporation in regard to the construction lo he placed
on this by-Taw or tho contract io bo executed
embodying tho provisions hereof, or (lie administration thereof, or any details of business
botwoon tho Corp. ration and tho Company in
respect thereof, <he same thall bo referred tu
tbo arbi ration of threo arbitrators, o o to
bo chosen by tho Company and ono by tho Cor.
poration and these r.wo arbitrators so selctcd
shall select a third, and any decision upon tho
point or points arrh od at by tho majority of
such arbitrators shall be Una! and binding upon both the Corporation a'id company. Such
abritration otherwise shall bo govei nod by the
provisions of 1 ho Arbitration Act,, being Chap-
tor 0 of tho Revised Statutes of British Columbia, ano any amendment thereto now or hereafter made.
11. A contract embodying tho provisions
hereof and covenants ^n the ua-t of tho Company to conform io and ;fultii all matters and
Srevisions hereby required of it, shall bi
rawn and shall bo executed by tho Corporation and iho Company within one month after
iho dato on which this by-law shall tako oU'ect.
12. lt Is understood that nothing in this bylaw contained shall be construed as conferring
upon tho Company any right or privilege to
BQuorate or distribute or dispose of electric
ght or electric powor within tbo limits of iho
City of Nelson excopt to iho Corporation.
13. In this by-law tho expression " Tho Corporation " wherovor us ;d shall refer to and
mean tho Corpoiation of tho i ity of Nelson,
aud tho expression "Tho Company" wherever
used shall refer to and mean tho West Kootonay Power & Light Company, Limited, its sue
cossors and assigns.
14. This by-law shall tako effect and be In
force on and after the 20th day of Novemoer
15. Th's by-law may bo cited as " The Power
By-Law No. 101.
Done and passed in Council assembled this
day of 1901.
TAKR NOTICE that tho above is a truo copy
of the proposed by-law upon which the vote of
tho Municipality will be taken on Tuesday the
19th day of November Instant between the
hours of eight o'clock A.M. and 4 o'clock P.M.,
for iho Kast Ward at tho City Police Court on
tho east side of Josephine Street aud for tho
West Ward at thu ofllco of Waid Brothers on
the nori n sido of Bakor street between Stanley
and Kootenay stroots in tlio < 'ity of Nelson,
Clerk of tho Oouncil,
Nolson, B.C.,
November 0t.li, 1901.
Corporation of the Oity of
Public Notico Is hereby given that tho vote
of Iheelectorsof the inuniclpalfty of tho City
of Nelson will bo taken on By-haw No. 101. "A
By-Law in regard to purchasing certain power
from ihu West Kootonay Powor 8c Light Company" on Tuesday, tho 19th day of NOVOinbor
fnsl nnt between tho hours of 8 u'cJook a.m. and
1 o'clock p. m.
For the Kast Ward at tho City Police Court
on Josephine Street and for tho West Ward
at the olllee of Ward Brothers, on the north
side of Bakor Street, between Stanley aud
Kootenay Streets In tho City of Nelson
"Any male or female being of the full ago of
twenty-one years who Is the assessed owner of
hind or of real property within tho municipality shall have a voic either couil>-mlng
or negativing ihe said By-law in each ward in
which he or she may bo assessed for land or
real properly."
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 8th day of Novombor, 1001,
ItH limine Onicer
Tie  sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FUSE,not
something that looks  like   it.    Lawrence Hardware Co., AgeoU.
NKLSON LODGE    No. 23, A. F. &
M. moetfl second Wednesday In
month.   Visiting brothern welcome
I. O. O. F. Kootonay Lodge
^ No. 16, moots every Monday night,
at their Hall, Kootonay street
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially invited.
John A, MoRao. KM. 1). W. Rutherford, V.O
Fred J. Squire, Por. Sec.
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. 123, G. H. 0,
Meets third Wednesday. Sojourning compos
ions invited. Ueorge Johnstone, Z. ft. \V.
Matthews, S. K.
~.~,��       NKLSON LODGE  No 25, K. of P.
/5/fe^meetr- in K, of.P. ball, Oddfellows block
J^o very Tuesday evening al,  8 o'clock.
j/All vihiting knights cordially Invite
Wm. Ikvink, C.C.
A.T. Park, K.of R. and 8.
Nelson Kncu pment No. 7. Moots every 2nd
aud 4th Friday of each month, iu Odd FelloWB
Hall, ool nor Bakor and Kootonay Stroud,
Nelson. A. 11. Clements, 0. P.; 1). MeArtlnu'
it. s.  Visiting brothers always welcnmn,
NKLSON L. O. L. No. l(i!>2 meets in Fraternity Hall oo first and third Friday evening!)
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting member
cordially invited. W. W. Bradley, W. lv.
A, Minty, R. S.	
NELSON A1CUIE No. 22, F. O. K., mceUi
evory second and fourth Wednesdays of each
iu oiuh. Visiting members cordially iuvlb
Charles Prosser, secretary.
Kootonay Tent No. 7, K. O, T. M��� hold their
regular meetings In Fraternity Hall, I, 0. 0, K,
block, on tho 1st and ;ird Thursdays of earli
month. V i it In < brethren oordlally invited to
attend. G. A. Brown, It. K.; A. P. Purdy, Com.
r. j.stool, v* a. a
1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings of
eaoh month at Fraternity hull
corner of Bakor and ICooUmay
streets. Visiting brothern cord-
lallj invited.
EDWARD MaOUGOD. Secretary,
COURT KOOTENAY,  I. O.  F��� No.  3138,
Meetings 4th Thursday ef month.   Fratenml
hall. J A Irving 0 R.   P. 't. Fleming. R.&
Nolson Court Star of Kootenny, A. 0. F.
Moots 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in every
month. Visiting brethren welcome. W. Mao-
Millar CR    Robert MoLood Sec.
Clom connection Bust i��<' Wo*
bound at Spokane with trains ol i��������<���
Siwkiino Fulls ii.n.1 Northern Mwuy.
Direct connection at St. Paul wi ;
out ohange of depot with all tralnB '>
Oliicugo, Toronto. Montreal, New ��o��
and all points West and South.
Lsaves Spokane daily for East at 9:15 �� m
Leaves Spokane daily tor WeBt at 7:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8<X) P���'
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vaiicon ,
Portland, San Francisco, und all pomw
on the Sound. ,    ..    ,.���,..
During the season of navigation WJJJ
bound trains connect at Dulul > "'"!
the magnificent steamships North W"��
and North Land of theNortheru Steam
ship Oompany Line, operated in ��
nection witb the Great Northern U��"
way. �����i,i.
For further information, aps, wm
era, etc., apply to any agent Ota po*��u
Fulls & Northern Hy., Kaslti, * SJooaO
Ky.Kooteial Railway & Navlg��>on
Op , or to
H. BKANDT, . ,  .v
City Puss, and Tkt   Agt. W 701  V��>
Kiverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
U. K. TAOHAJIUUY. lMcalJ^' jj 0


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