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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 30, 1901

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 Daily Edition No. 1077
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Sunday,  June 30, 1901
Eleventh   Year
Trackmen's Strike Will Prob
aWy Be Ttermlnated In
a Few Days.
Six Seats In tne House ol
Commons Vacant���East
em News.
Montreal; June 29.���President Wilson of the Trackmen's union, stated
for publication that tbe indication*
now are tbat the trouble with the C.
P. It. will be settled within a few
duys by  arbitration.
The funeral of tha late Andrew Allan took place this morning, the ser-
vio. being held iu St. Paul's church,
Bev. M. Doudlet officiating in the absence of Bev, Dr. Barclay. The remains were Interred in Mount Boyal
Six seats in the Commons are vacant. They are. West Durham,
where court has discovered corrupt
practices to bave existed in the late
election; West Hastings, where Coiby
resigned; Beauce. open by the resig
nation of Dr. God Vou t to accept a
seat in the Senate Listlet, opened by
tbe appointment to the Senate of Mr.
Dechene; St. James division, Montreal, caused by.the elevation of Des-
maris to the bench, and York, N. li.,
whtre Mr. Gibson waB unseated fincorrupt practices by agents. In none
of them are parties ready with their
candidates, so it is probable that
elections will not be brought on before
fall, and then all together. In West
Durham and West Hastings a majority of votes cast at tbe general election
were for Conservative candidates. In
the former case, Hjougk, Thornton
Vvas Uot permitbedfo take liis.eat owing to an irregularity In his deposit,
whicli was not in cash, as the law
requires. In . West Hastings, Corby,
(Cons.) leads in tbat part of Ontario,
and won by a majority well on to a
thousand, but had. na relish for spending another five years in opposition
and so sent in his resignation. The
other three seats were held by supporters of the Government.
that all efforts to raise the wreokcn
Williatnette on Village Point, are unavailing. Work goes on steadily, but
every time an effort is mnde to raise
the ship the plates over the fractures
yield being unable to hold the steamers' posts together. Captain McLeod
j of the Danube says thc ship has not
been moved a foot.
Fort William, Out., June 29.���A
dead body of a man was found four
miles west of Sebreiber yesterday
afternoon by the C. P. B. telegraph
inspeotor. The dead man was one of
the detectives sent up from tbe east
by tba company to watch the track.
His uame is Montpeiier and when last
seen he was taking a gang of Italians
to Wolf river, and it is not known
whether he fell off or was pitched off
the train. The body was brought up
to Poit Arthur .for burial,'
Ottawa, June 39.���Tbe Minister of
Militia explains that thej dispatch
extending tilt- September the appoint
meat of General O'Grady Haly, the
general officer commanding the Canadian militia, baa been misunderstood. Tbe appointment was originally made for one year, but it is believed the government may retain his
services for four or five years to come.
Brboirtttle, Ont., Sana 89;���Alexander* Pi Allan, son of tho late Sir Hugh
. Allan, died rather unexpectedly at his
home here this morning, aged 50. He
had been ill for some time, and at
midnight acute kidney '���' trouble developed.
Halifax, N; ������ _;, June 29.���The
steamer Ophir Is to arrive at Halifax
September 20, the Juno and St.
George, ships accompanying the
Ophir, arc expected on tbe 13th aud
with the Ophir will lay here while
their Hoyal Highnesses are touring
the Dominion. The homeward voyage begins in October.
Toronto, June 29.���Sir Thomas Gale,
late thief justice of the Court of Common Pleas, died this morning at his
home, 09 Pembroke street. For weeks
be hud been In a feeble stat. and his
death was not unexpected. .
Beigna, N. W. T,, June 29.���The
West ��� Assl-iboia election petition
has been dropped and Walter Scott is
safe in the aeat.  '
Victoria, B.' C, Jnne 39.���Information    by   the   Northern  steamers   is
Winnipeg, June 29.���An application was made to the courts to commit
It. L, Richardson, M, P., to jail for
contempt of court for comments
made In his paper, The Tribune, during the progress of the Llsgar election trial, containing reflections and
Innuendoes on witnesses who gave
Winnipeg. Juue 29.���A detachment
of the Winnipeg battery, twelve men,
left for Dcserontn, Ont., to compete
with eastern gunners at the annual
Geo. F. Gait, wholesaler, left to attend the funeral of his father, Sir
Thomas Gait, this evening at Montreal.
Elkhorn, June 29.���The wife of
Adam Campbell, Two Creek Settlement, killed her five year eld child
and then attempted suicide, being
found in a dying condition with her
throat cut through.
Winnipeg, June 29.���Thos. Bran-
ston, a champion bicycle rider, was
given a supper by the employees uf
the Hudson's Bay Co., previous to
his departure for Nelsrn, B. C, to reside.
Operation to Commence in the Grand
Forks DlBtriot This Week.
H. li.llamy ot this eily is io receipt |
of instructions from the managers of
the Grand Forks Oil Compuny to proceed at once with the sinking of a
oil-foot shaft in the oil district. Representatives of the company have
made personal inspection of the property and are so well pleased with the
prospects that they have authorized
the above experiment to be proceeded
with. The property is owned by
capitalists in Seattle, Vancouver,
Mew Westminster and Tacotna. Mr.
Bellamy will leave for the scone of
operations on Wednesday next and
will be accompanied by a small force
of men wbo will operate the patent
boring drill which is Mr. Bellamy's
own invention, and has been successfully employed in testing for coal and
oil in various parts of the United
States. Mr. Bellamy will be away
about ten days and will receive reports every few days from tbe works
after bis return.
Elections at Nelson  and   Ymir   Held
Yesterday was the annual meeting
day of school boards of the Province
for the election of trustees and tbe
presentation of the annual reports.
The Nelson meeting was held in the
school house when the annaul report
was presented and read by the secretary-treasurer, Dr. E. C. Arthur. Mr.
George Johnstone was the retiring
trustee for the present year and on
the motion of Fred Irvine, Dr. Hall
was nominated as his successor. Aa
there were' no other nominations Dr.
Hall was declared elected.
Ymir, June 29��� The annul a schocl
election was held at this place today.
Mr. John McLeod was the retiring
trustee and was put up again for election. He was nominated by Constable
Forrester. Alfred Parr was then put
up in opposition and was nominated
by A. B. Buckworth, J.P. Aa neither
of the candidates withdrew an election was inevitable. The contest waa
an exciting one. McLeod had just
complied a three years' term and
Purr was a new man, but the latter,
having the ladies on his side, defeated
the former by a majority of 6. The
result of the poll was as follows:
Parr, 45; McLeod, 39. Majority for
Parr, G. The annual report of the
secretary was presented and accepted
as read.
The Nelson Gun club held its regular shoot last nigbt. The light was
very bad wnich accounts for the scores
not being up to the average. The
following are the scores, each
shooting at 25 birds:
H. W. F. Pollock, 19; Geo. Tierney, 11; C. D. Goepel, Hi; S. Nelson,
11; P. Nelson, 15. A sweepstake at
five birds was then shot with four
entries, thc result as   follows:
P. Nelson���0-1-1-1-9���3.
Goepel���1-0-1-1 1���4.
Tho shoot off at five birds between
Goepel and Pollock resulted:
C. Goepel���1-1-1-1-'���S.
Retail   Stores   Have Highly
Artistic  Windows for
the Celebration.
Some  of the Designs That
Will Add to the Beauty of
Baker Street.
Nelson merchants and citizens have
already acquiicd an enviable reputation for their ability and taste iu decorating both the places of business
and residen ;es for nn occasion like
the coming celebration. The bad
weather of the fast week has kept
back many of the preparations till
the last, and the probability is that
there will not bo many of Nelson's
merchants at chnrch today. Most of
last night hammers were tap, tap,
tapping in the store windows all
along Baker street, and Monday morning will reveal whnt has been achieved. Some had completed their preparations yesterday, but they were
in the minority.
This year the decorations are on
a larger scale than ever before, and
promise to do credit not only to
tbe originators of the various devices, but to the city as well In the
residential portions of town quite a
lot has been done in the way of
stringing Chinese lanterns, bunting
and greening. A suggestion that was
made yesterday to The Miner would
undoubtedly add much to the effect.
It was that where possible all front
rooms in houses should be brightly
Illuminated and the blinds left up
durin? tbe t~;o evenings of tbe eel
If the weather is good, the past
weeks of wet weather will have been
a blessing in disguise, as all the gardens and lawns will be looking theii
very best.
Much sympathy is felt for McPherson A McCannnon over tbe unfortunate
accident that mined their carefully
planned and elaborate decorations. In
tbe background was a large portrait
of her late Majesty, Queen Victoria,
draped in black and purple, with red
white and blue draperies from ceiling to floor. One side wail was covered witn bunting, over which were
rose vines and flowers In the centre
of the window was a crowned figure
of Miss Canada, arrayed in the national colors and on each Bide of her,
pillars surmounted by electric lights.
At her feet was a picture of the
present King. Besides this there
were several designs in novelties.
At tbe background were 28 colored
incandescent lights, with 53 others
disposed of at the sides and ceiling,
most of them being arranged in fancy
Geo. Bell A Co. have a tasteful window airanged with an immense assortment of fancy bottled groceries, in
the background with a foreground of
assorted fruits.
The Thompson Sationery Co. have
a quantity of bunting, flags and Fancy
stationery displayed.
The Hudson's Bay coinpany window decorations were not far enough
advanced to get a fair idea of what
they would luok like when completed,
but it is promised that they will be
exceptionally fine.
Patenaude Bros,, jewellers, have a
neat and pretty diBplay ol fancy
ai tides.
T. G. Procter and the Mansfield
Manutactming Company have quite
an elaborate design across the front
of their offices in ropes and designs
in colored tissue.
The Canada Drug A Book Company,
while not going in for anything elaborate, have a nice and tasteful showing, ^Consisting of cameras, flags and
McArthur A Co. have u novel attraction iu their window, in the
shape of two oarky figures lying comfortably in bed, and rolling their
eyts. The interior of tho window
space represents a bedroom, witb a
handsome set of hirdseye maple furniture, and toilet furnishings to
The Hume hotel is decorated with
greening from ground floor to tower,
with strings of   .lags flying from   the
Attracts a Large Crowd
to the Grounds.
and numberless colored incandescent
lights disposed over every part of the
front ot the building.' Frcm tbe
lake_the effect is most   beautiful.
Haidware is arranged in several
new and original ways in II. Byers'
window, and shows up  well.
The prizes for the water carnival
occupy Jacob Dover's window, nnd
are attracting a great deal of attention.
In Win.Hunter A Co.'s window Mi.s
Canada, in a handsome and comely
young lady, stands pointing to a map
of Canada. On one side of her is a
pile of Canada's fruits, on the other
nativo vegetables. In front of her is a
design iu oranges.
Gilbert Stanley, amid a blaze of
red light, displays fireworks and
bunting, with magazines for a background.
McLuchl.in brothers in one window
have a handsome display of cutlery,
Rogers, 187, and the I. X. L. being
the principal makes. In the other
window is a magnificent aluminum
Oxford range, and a blue flame coal
oil range. The latter will be in
operation all day Monday, Illustrating its economy in fuel.
The Lawrence Hardware Co. have a
mine, with tunnel and dump, and a
team carting away tne pre from the
dump to a smelter whioh stands in a
convenient cornei. This is different
from anything else displayed and is
sure to be much noticed.
Besides those mentioned there were
a number of places where the proprietors hnve not commenced to decorate yet. Many of the hotels and
saloons are decorated with greening
and most of the smaller stores will
also spruce up considerably.
McFarland's Team Take the
Others Into Camp by
Four to Three.
roof, and has  attracted   much    favorable comment.
Kerr A Co. in one window have a
very pretty sunset design worked out
in broche silks mil dueliessu satins In
many   brilliant   tints.    In   the   olhci
window a balloon   of] Japanese   silks ( roi
limits under   the   national flag, while j LaC.0SS6   for   Gfiarity'S   Sake
In the ear suspended    below   are   several dolls.
Walhlco & Miller have evolved a
very neat effect Willi gents' funish-
ings nnd limiting.
J. A. Gilker's window aro in pink
nnd white but were not completed
lust nlglit.
Irvine A Co. had not theii decorations In place, hut aie sure to have a
good display.
Teetzel A Co. have an attractive
showing of nssayers' supplies.
Morrison A Caldwell have what
might he called a plaid window,as the
goods of the Regal Company, tens,
spices, etc., are all put up in bright
plaid wrappers. The effect is quite
Irving A Co., grocers, have a window design in which Hondi tea is the
prinuipnl attraction, with fancy
groceries filling in. The work has
been done most skillfully and the
window is a most attractive one.
Martin O'Reilly has n most artistic
cornei window, containing font Corinthian columns, supporting a temple. White is the dominant color,
the pink shades and flowers Introduced bringing out the beauty of the
whole very strongly. The whole
effect   is    is extremely   artistic.
The Phair hotel has one of the
most qriginal designs in the shape of
an immense waving Hag of electric
lights,   at   the top  of   the   building,
When MlFnrluud's Merry lint
Merciless Muffers lined up against
Tamblyn's Terrible Tameless Tigers
yesterday afternoon nt l.lin recreation
grounds the two grandstands were
crowded and a largo number of people
lined the edges of tlio field. 'I lie hospital will he the gainer as a hand
some sum was realized from the nil-
mission fees. The lacrosse players
will he a trifle stiff today hut thev
snid they had a (.eat time and have
nobody but themselves lo thank for
any disastrous results that will follow their indulgence in such violent
exercise. The Mutters won by four
goals to three, but the Tigers tire
still quite sure that (liny ars hy long
odds tho best pluyors.
The teams were as follows:
Muffeis���Dr. Qnlnlan, P. Ciiddle.
Geo. Johnstone, Fred Irvine, I). A.
McFarlarid, W. A. Thnriiinii. ,1. II.
Wallace. John Toye. VV. A. Macdonald, A. (1. Gamble, ,1. A. Gibson. Geo.
Tigers���Judge Forin, J. Lawr,
Frank Fletcher, .1. K. Annable, II. I..
Cameron, U. J. Hamilton, VV. A, McLean. Ur. Arthur, I?. A. Tamblyn, II.
A. Hunter, W. \V, Ueer, Melville
Parry, John A. Turner.
I). Mark Cnrley wns referee; V.
Hyde linker and T. G. Procter, umpires;.lacub Hover .timekeeper: John
Houston Held captain for ihe Tigers
and (1. C. Hodge, field captain for
the Muffors.
The game opened by .Mayor Fletcher sitting down abruptly when
he tried to get the hall nnd was maintained at a pace that totally demoralized the wind of the players who got
near the hall. Karly in the game
W. A. Macdonald developed into a
star and he shone with brilliancy until the end. He scored the Hist game
for the Muffors from about a quarter
of a mile away from the goal. George
Kydd repeated the trick a short time
after by a very judicious and painstaking swipe at tho ball. It wasn't
very long afior that thai W. A. again
fooled the goal keeper with a inngni-
ficent shot and made the score Muf-
fers 3, Tigers (I. A breathing spell
was granted at half time ami when
play was resumed Hie indefatigable
King's Counsel again distinguished
himself by scoring with a long distance shot. Just 15 seconds 1 it to i Judge
Forin, who showed all the earmarks
of a champion player, scored the tirst
game for the Tigers, and Frank Tamblyn became so enthusiastic over it
Hint, he scored a short time after.
The judge repeated the trick a short
time befoie the hour was up. The
Tigers wore very anxious to play a
short time longer but the Uluffers
couldn't see it that way and quit
wlien they were ahead. Mr. Tamblyn is ready to play them again any
Handoi'.'s baseball sports are ambitious and have arranged to play in
Nelson cn Dominion Day, says the
Sandon Paystreak. The team will be
made up of Slocun talent, picked from
Sandon, New Denver, Three Forks
and Kuslo. Petty, the Three Forks
cyclone,will bo in the box and Geurge
Long of New lienver will act behind
the willow. Paddy Murphy will play
first, Fred Bailey, second, Willie
Richards third and Adam Esch of Kaslo Bhort, with Churlie Greenlee,
Tony Mayhnver and Ed Giegrich in
the field and Lincoln of Kaslo on the
bench. The nggregatlou tepresents
the most advanced students of the
baseball science in this district and
the Freaks may put it onto Nelson
and Trail very handsomely. The team
will leave here Sunday via the K. A
S, and will play in Kaslo on Sunday
evening. The Nelson games nre
scheduled lo come off on Monday and
Tuesday afternoon���that is, providing the Freaks do not get vagged out
of Nelson before the authorities discover who they are.
hit and   rliarged| hiin   8:.'d and   costs
for giving' him tbe information.
The bonders of tbe Iron Horse
group, on Ten Mile creek, have deposited the final payment in the bank
and are now absolute owners of the
property. The Iron Horse was owned
by Messrs. McLean and McDonald . f
Silverton, who staked the ground in
1894. The new owners, who have just
paid Ihe last $19,501) tor the ground,
are syndicated as the Burlington
Mining Company. Machinery is to be
installed and the" property developed
on a large scale.
AFTER     Atiltli'llLTl'RAL      LAND.
Col. W. N. Brayton. land agent
of tho Kuslo & Slocan railway, has
been in the eily for some days. In
Conversation with a .Miner reporter
he snid    th.it    he    was   now leeeiving
more enquiries for agricultural land
than ever before, the Dumber coming ir: during the past :iii days lining
greater than nil the rest he ever re-
celved. lie has just completed the
sale of two blocks of land near Creston to Roht. Helm, nf the Dominion
Express Company here. The blocks
contain Ho acres. Ed. Nohbs has'pur-
ehased -tu ueies In the l.urdo on the
line of tlio C. t*. It. and will at once
L'omineiiee the erection of an hotel.
Col. Brayton has sold is blocks near
Creston 'or agricultural purposes and
the demand for ibis kind of land
which is now so keen menus that the
country is rapidly becoming one thai
will produce ull the fruit and vegetables tliai it can consume.
From the latest English papers to
hand cabled reports from the mine
managers of the Le Roi, Le Roi No ".
and Vinir p'operilies givo tlie following returns for the past month:
Le Roi.-���Returns for month ending-
May Hist, 23,706 tons, yielding 7,iiiiS
ounces gold. 16,100 ounces silver,
and 306 tons copper, gross value,
Le Roi No. ..��� Shipments for Mny
���I..'.ill tons yielding l.V.l ounces gold,
til tons copper. Kstiinutcd value,
The Ymir.���The manager repoits
lhat for May, 80 stamps rnn (157
honrs, 0-'7 days, Il hours). Estimated profit on operating, 138,080,
The race war is assuming large
proportions in this city. Notwithstanding the fact that there has
been so much pleaching against this
ungenerous attitude towards tne foreigner, it still continues. The Chinese are frequently subjected to a
petty persecution which if directed
towards a Canadian would result in n
law case. The Chinese have begun to
realise that they have a reinedV in
the court of law. At the. same time
there am scores nf acts of petty
tyiunliy showered upon the unoffen-
Bive Chinese which lire a ditgruce to
those who peiform them, but are
born in commendable silence hy those
who suffer them. Another ease of
this kind came before the police couit
yesterday when Bin Joe laid a complaint against one C. Howell, a boy
about 10 years of age, who ran into
the washee man on Victoria street.
The buy was carrying a basket of
fruit and the Chinaman was currying
a basket of clothes. Through an overt
act of Ihe boy a had mix up iiccuiied
,tnd foi a while it was hard lo separate the basket, boy and berries. Th.
bcy will be summoned to appear in
the police court. The men war has
assumed a peculiar form in another
direction, where the negio ami the
Mongolian come Into conflict. Jioi
Ring, a Chinamnn, accuses one Jesse
Alexander of assaulting him. The
case came before the chief magistrate
yesterday morning, wlien the evidence
went to show Hint the accused had attacked the plaintiff and otherwise ill-
used him. The accuse:: denied the
charge of striking hut admitted the
fact that he too!; the plaintiff by the
throat and choked him, because he
abused him with language not ut tn
print. The magistrate claimed that
the a'cused had no   right   to take the
aw Into his own   hands in that man-
The water enrnlvnl will take place
on Monday night���the lirst night of
the celebration.
A horseless cairlnge or wireless telegraphy is not so bad but this sum-
merless summer is just a little too
The C. P. R. train which leaves at
8.80 this;; afternoon will connect at
Robson with the special from Rossland for Grnnd  Forks.
In Dover's window is displayed a
handsome special prize donated by
Capt. and Mrs. Troup for the bei>t
illuminated launch, row boat or
canoe, iu the carnival tomorrow
night. The competition for it will
be keen as the illuminations promise
to he most elaborate.
Services will be held at the First
Haptist church at ihe usual hours today. The morning theme will be
"Pauline Christology" as presented
In his Epistle to the Collossians. In
the evening the pastor will speak upon "I'eisoiuil l'urity|or the Seventh
Commandment in Modern Life." The
public is cordially invited.
Mr. McMnnnnion, of the Track,
men's Union, returned from Cranbrook Inst night where he has been
Inquiring into the derniling uf the
engine. While tile perpetrator of
ihe deed has not yet heen caught. Mr.
McMnnuinon said that Die engineers
an;1, trammel as well as the people of
Cranbrook) seemed fully satisfied
tlial the* strikers had nothing to do
with the outrage.
The services at tho Presbyterian
church today will be conducted by
Rev. Dr. Wright who will preach in
the morning on the Jubilee. At tho
evening service Dr. Wright will con-
tinuehisdiscnurse on the "Dignity
mid Claims of Labor." ami Mr. John
Lochoro will render a tenor sola entitled "My Hopu is in the Everlasting,'' from Stumer's "Daughter of'
.lurius.'' At the close of the evening service the Christian Endeavor
society will hold their weekly meeting instead of on Tuesday, tile date
���eing changed on account uf the Dominion Day celebrations.
The two crews to compete for the
first, prize on the senior four oared
event tomorrow afternoon will bo
those stroked by Winter and llevan.
Tiio preliminary beat was rowed
last evening between the crews composed of C. II. Winter, stroke, E.
Mjers 3, J. Vt. Ford ., .1. A. Wet-
more how, and J. M. Hedley stroke,
F. A. McCrae 3, G, C. lloi'ge 2, K.
C. Wragge bow. The new bouts were
used. The seats in Medley's were
uot working well nnd caused him to
lose several strokes which contributed to make the race nn easy victory
for Winter. Ilis crew rowed splendidly and Weluiorc steered a perfeot
COUISe. i'hc tinnl tomorrow proiniscB
to be a very good contest.
The knights of Hie easel have been
up to the eyes in decorative work
during tho Inst few days and their
otlices readable an improvised printing otlice more than paint shops.
Bradley A Co. have painted handsome banners for tin: Miners' Onion,
containing the following mottoes:
"Arbitration Implies Peace, Prosperity. 1'iogress" ; "Canada Is Free, is a
Nation, foi Freedom is Her Nationality"; "8 Hours for labor, H hours for
Recreation. B Horns for Best:'' "La-
bin- Oigani/iitions are the Bulworks
of Modern Society.' Thompson A
Douglas are piepnring two lnrge
streamers for the city decorations
containing the emblems, "Welcome,"
nnd "This Dny We Celebrate."
They are also preparing two large
banners for tho Mansfield Co. float,
one for the Plasterer's 1'nlon and a
palm shaped banner for Bruwn'a confectionery and fruit store. Nelson Daily Miner, Sunday.  Tune 30, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Publtrthod   Every Morning Except   Monday
���BY THK���
I.imitkd Liability,
Daily, por month, by carrier      R5c
Daily, por month, by mail      50c
Daily, per yoar, by carrier f 7 00
Daily, por yoar, by mail    5 00
Dally, por year foreign    9 00
Wookly, por half year  $1 25
Weekly, por yoar    2 00
Wookly, per year, foreign    3 00
j-ibHoriptlonB invariably in advance.
.145 Floet Stroot. E. C.
Central Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agents
Al! Checks should bo made rmynblo to tho
order  of   Nklson    Puulishino    Company,
Alexnndor & Co., 621 First Avonuo, Spokano,
Wash., keep this paper on ille, ana are our
authorized agonts for advorliscuionts and subscriptions.
Thu next issue of The Miner will be
on Wednesday morning next. In order that all employes of the oflice may
enjoy to tbe full the celebration of
Dominion Day, there will be no paper
on Tuesday.
Washington    State     is   profoundly
agitated over the murder of the   chief
of police of Seattle.    Most   of   the reports and   dispatches  speak of him as
the ex-chief of  police.    He   had been
chief, and only   resigned   on Saturdoy
last.    His   resignation   was forced by
the mayor, bocause he had become obnoxious   to   the   lawless element, the
element that stood for a "wide open"
town, and that has hud   it ever   since
the first election of the present mayor.
He was forced   out   on Saturday, and
on Tuesday, one of   the mayor's chief
supporters, a leading gambler,   killed
hiin.    He was killed because his sense
of duty compelled him to a course that
had for its   object the suppression   of
the   uglier and more open   aspects   of
the vice which was giving   the   city a
bad   name.    This was more   than   the
lawless element   could  endure, for   if
it was   pormlttod   the   city   might in
time elect a mayor   who had some respect for the decencies and moralities
of life and in the end  become respectable.   It was better tu kill  him,   and
he was killed.
For the first tiime in its life the
moral sense of the city has been aious-
ed. it required something beyond
the ordinary to awaken the torpid
conscience of the place, and they got
it in this daylight tragedy in the
heart of the city. The sentiment it
has occasioned in Seattle itself is
voiced in these words, froir. the Post-
Intelligencer: "It is time for an
end of the wild and reckless ways of
the frontier, of savage disregard of
law, of virtual anarchy in this community. We have been through
troublous times of late, and sounded
all the depths to which as a municipality we ought to sink. ,It i_ time to
lift a new standaid." How Seattle's
example has affected other towns we
shall let the Spokane Spokesman-Review, tell. It quotes the foregoing,
and then adds: "In this seeming resolution of Seattle to lift a new standard, other cities of the Pacific Northwest have more than the passive interest of the onlooker. In corrupting
itself Seattle has exerted a demoralizing influence on Tacoma, Portland,
Spokane, and other Northwestern
cities. It has been heralded an a fine
example of what a lively, progressive,
business community should be in
its ticatmentof vice and immorality."
It has,and the example has been cit="
ed as far afield as in Nelson. Here
thc frontier spirit is still rite; not
only rife, but at th8 present moment
triumphant, and the man who dares
lift a voice in protest, or reproof, or
warning, is overwhelmed with tho
abuse of every rowdy,blackguard, and
ruffian in the city. Men who should be
the first to join in the protest are the
first to condemn it. This bodes ill
for Nelson, which will probably have
to become worse before it is better.
We shall have no such tragedy us the
Seattle one as the price of o-.ir too
open disregard of the common moralities of life, but there will be much
shame to overcome and many painful blnshes to hide.
| \o.\T forget to Inspect the HUDSON'S BAY STORES
"JV/TONDAY and following days this week.
TNSIDK our building wo will aBtonlsh you:
���^"OT with our ordinary slock, but
TNSTEAD wo havo on our holiday attlro, and wo invito you all to como and sec us.
OF variety of iroods wo havo no end.   Our stook Is complete In Dry Goods, Carpets, llou-e
Furnishings, Boots and Shoos, Gents' Furnishings, Qrocorios, Crockory, and Liquets.
NONE of our goods aro of tho trashy kind, but are selected from the best markets of
of tho world: so
"TVON'T leave No'.son without making your purchases at our slcro��,
A ND thus terminato what wo hone has boon a well spout holiday.
"Y"OU will novor regret It.
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
FARES-Cnsh, 10 cents.
Tickets, 10 for 50 cents.
SERVICE���Every 20 minutes, leaving
park and up-town terminus at 7
a in. to 10.40 p.m. Early car leaves
H. B. Stores 6:45 a.m.
TRAINS���Oars meet 10.35 a.m. and
0.45 p m., and outgoing only on
SPECIAL���The public are requested
to stop cars only on the far side of
cross streets; not to ride on, enter
or leave by front platform; also to
motion by hand if they intend to
board the car, and to notify conductor a short distance before they
wish to leave.
COMPLAINTS-Will receive prompt
attention at the Company's office,
Vernon Stieet, Oily.
This leafy month of June will start an
increased demand for
Best Assortment
^ \*> \*> \*> i*> i#/ \l��/ \i> %d> vd> ii^> i*> \d> 4\d/ i*> i4> vi> \i> i*> ^/ \4^ vJ ii>
D. McArthur 8 Co.
J. Q. NELSON, Manager.
.    Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers,
Come Early and Get
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
A large nuraher of good residential
building sites adjacent to tbe lines of
their tramway, chiefly in the southern portion of the city to be sold on
easy terms.
Apply   Tramway      Ollice,     Vernon
Managing Secretary.
H. & M. BIRD
Four roomed house on Victoria
street, close to Cedai street.
Two    lots   on   Robson   street,
close to Hendryx.
liouse    and    lot   on   Victoria
street; house 32x14.
82,300 New   0 roomed   house   on Victoria street, close to city offices ;
cash 81,000, terms for balance.
SIR Five-roomed cottage on Ward st.
830 Furnished house on Victoria street
828 Furnished   house    on    Carbonate
820 House   on    Mill   street,   all   improvements.
830 House on Robson street,   close   to
Stanley; all improvements.
Large semi-detached house
owned by F. P. Gutilius is
offered for sale at less than
Has all conveniences and
rents for $50 per month.
We do not know how good the authority may be, but an old hand at
weather predictions assures The Miner that It will be perfectly safe in
promising fine weather for Mondny
and Tuesday. Considering thc trouble taken, the expense incurred, and
the heartiness with whicli everybody
has entered into the celebration of the
next two days, it would be a pity indeed If all were spoiled by bad
Weather. ,
& CO.       I
I Phone 117 I
Our Summer Clothing was selected
with the most painstaking care. No
other store .hot- we know o* is so particular obotit the character of its light
weight garments. They combine coolness and dressy style, comfort aud
Made plain, made with flare, made
with flounce, or made with embroidery insertion. We have all styles
that can be called new and winning,
at 81.00, 81.25, 81.50, 83.00, 82.25,
82.75, 83.00, and up to 86.00.
Made of While Wachuset Net with
cane and steel fillings; long or
Bhort waist, at 50c, 75c, 81.00 and
Newness in Blouses���We have received another shipment of White
Blouses. The latest in bolero
effects, tucked effects, and lnee
trimmed; 81.50, 82.00, 82.25, 82.75,
83 00, 83.75, and $1.00.
Agents for Standard Patterns.
KERR & 60.
Bpker and Ward Sts.
NELSON,      -     -
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand oi
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LABI'0.
Is   lame    or    intetfe.es
bring him  to the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
West Transfer Co.
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Blairmore Coal,    ���   $Q.75
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -    $10.75
No order  can bo accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Office on   Baker Street, Tel. 147
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
*        ���
Apply to
fl. fl CAMERON, Apit
Baker Street.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
t���    _.,     ���   , From Montreal
Allan Line Parlaian July ([
Allan Line AustralnHlan July is
Allan Line Corinthian July 21)
Beavor Lino Wnauin July 5
Beaver Line Lake Champla.il July 13
Beaver Line Lako Megantic Julv li)
_     , . From Portland, Me.
Dominion Line Dominion July 6
Dominion Line  Ciunbroman July 13
���     , ,     T, From Boston
Dominion Lino Commonwealth July 3
Dominion Line New England July 17
Cunard Line Ivernia    Julvd
Cunard Line Saxonia July'20
��.. .._.<��_. From Now Yori
White Star Line Germanic July 3
Whito Star Line Cymric    Julyjo
White Star Line  MijesMc    July 17
Cunard Line Etruria July 6
Cunard Line Servia   July 9
Cunard Line   Campania.  July IS
American Line St, Paul    July 10
American Line Bt Louie July 17
Anchor Lino Astoria     ju]y (j
Anchor Line Anehoria July 13
French Line Ln  Champagne ..July1
French Line La Gflscogne July 11
N. G. L. Kaiserin Maria There.;, a  July 9
Hamburg-American Deutechlnnd  Julyil
For further particulars apply to
City Passenger Agent, Nelson, 11. C.
Oonoral S.S. *trmt C.P.R. OW-oe. Wlnnln��({.
From $10.00 Up
From $2.50 up
From $i3.5o llpI
Reception, Easy and  Large Rock
Reception Chairs, Couches, Lounges, Divans
West Kootenay Butcher Q
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Man Am
W.-W.-C. Block. Ward Stf.eet, Nklson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Ladies' a.Dd Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers
Suits Ma<!e to Order. Oleaned, Dyed. Altered and Repaired.
Josephine^St., Opposite Clarke llotel.
Mail Orders Solicited. p   q  ;j���-jj(
Gamble &   O'Reilly
Civil   Engineer*.  Provincial   Land
Hmvcvorx, Seal l-talc and In.
suranee Agents.
Furnished house and two lots on Robson Street, near Kootenay Street.
Bath room; wash limine. Laid
out in garden and fruit trees.
3 lots, northwest corner Houston and
Ward streets 8350
Lots 1 and 2, block 23, lot lO.block 29,
Lot 11, block 14, city of Kelson.
Take notice that I Intend lo apply
30 days after date to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C., to purchase the following
described vacant Crown Lands in the
District of West Kootenay, B. C. t
Commencing at a post* planted on
the west line of Lot 302, group 1, West
Kootenay District and about 200 ft.
from North West Corner of the said
lot, and which post Is marked "James
Cronin's North-West Corner" thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to place of beginning,
contaiuing (HO acres more or less.
Dated, tbe 10th day of Jnne, 1901.
Royal Eatery ii Grocery
A new stock of Groceries, Fruit,
Home-made Bread, Pies, Cakes
and Rolls delivered fresh every day
to any part of the city.
S. D. HOWELL, Prop.
lesaJe and Retail Meat Merchants
_____CJti   __���_-_-__-_____________     _____    _B
m* ���*"-' ~r V fr ft W W V v "C_T9
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Km
Sandon, Throe Porks, New Denver and Slocan Oil
Order* by man to ��i��w branch will have careful a��4 oromot attention
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and':
convinced that the most complete -stock
is carried  by the
*r_v t.M.
Will pay the highest cash price for all I
kinds of seoond band goods. Will boy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, carports,
-ooking utensils, bought ln household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike,/ Boi Ma Hall
Street, Nel~on, B  U
Notice is hereby given that the first
sittings of the Annual Court of Revision of the Municiality of the City of
Nelson will he held in the Council
Chamber at the City offices, Nelson
on Wednesday the 10th day of July
next at 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of hearing complaints against
the assessment as made hy the assessor, and for revising and
the assessment roll.
J. I
correotl ug
05 ty Clerk.
Nelson, B.C., May 28th, 1001.
W_i_erm.ro Minos.   CorresBondoiiooSolIoltoil
Home Office Minneapolis, Minn.
��� ��� Victoria, li. C, May 20th, 1001.
rar. Jno. T. Pierre, Nelson:
Dear Friend John,���Your favor from
Kaslo duly received with 85,00 enclosed and herewith please find
receipt for same, also herewith
please find four contracts for Sam and
one for Malone. Business, I am pleased to say, is just booming here and
I tell you they are talking Tontine
good now. This is the list of payments I have made this week:
P. Ciombie...S100 Dr. Lewi. Hall.8320
A.McLaggan.. 480 Harry Maynaid 330
Tom Sarantis. 100 A. Bancroft... 000
Jos.P. Stewart loo D. T. Scott., ico
Jos. Mayer.... 100 H. Liebenbaum 100
IJ. J. Case.... 160 N.Shakespeare 320
81280 82210
~l���_58��i 'I .Preity Diee 1 tel> -vou an<l
always looking for more.   Ho inst tell
your friends   to get   aboard.    I   have
now myself   30   and hope to _et it   to
80 before long.    With b.st   wishes   to
you, I remain yours very truly
Oeneral Agent 11 C
Junw 1. PIERRE, sub-agent, Nelson.
For domestic or steam"*
A  full   supply always �� |
Kates to   all  railway *
lake points.
General Ag*
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors ��"'
C.P.R  offices.
PATENTS       j
Caveats, Designs, OopyriK��j
Trade Marks obtained it ��r
and all foreign oountriei-
Room 3, Bank of .BritWaj
America, Hastings 8tn"
About that second hand ��[%(
yours. Vou'll sell it if you'll'
tiso it in The Miner want eel*
���\ r.HL_0N Daily Mine. , SunjW, June 30, rgoi
0.00 up ]
2-5o up
3-5�� up i
Ian mi
An Interesting Interview With Mr.
I Norris on the Subject.
As an appropriate climax to a series
of experiments in the matter of ed-
U-atln'g a three-yenr old monkey,
Pr ifeasor C. I. Norris, the famous animal trainer, Of Norris & Rowe's Dig
Shows, will endeavor to make the
monkey talk. To begin with his ae-
jfamplishiuents, he si ts at a table with
flfimplnccii -.y ; wears shoes and stockings; is a wonderful bareback rider
and can dress and undress himself.
He rejoices iu the name of Jim Robinson-.'., lint the most intoiesting e.x-
lertm'ent is Uu> attempt Professor
"orris is making to develop Jim's
cnl organs. After a careful inves-
atlon the professor concluded that
it these were perfect and capable
ihe nower of speech. Tbo method
employed to teach the monkey to
talk, the professor does not at present
desire to give in detail for publication.. He say:; it.consists of parts of
the methods used to teach blind children, birds, and the deaf and dumb.
The progress made is very near to
that made hy a child of similar age
of Jim, for he uses at present the
words, "papa" and "come back."
Professor Norris does not hope ever
to make an orator out of .I im, yet he
feelJ sbre he will witjiin a reasonable
time, be able to show to the scientific
world a Siimau who speaks in the
English tongue. Jim is a wonderful
jockey. He rides a pony man fashion
and turns back soinmersaults while
the pony is going at a tcrrllllc rate.
Jim 'will be seen with the Norris
& Rowe's New IH�� Trained Animal
Shows which will exhibit in this
city next Monday afternoon and evening. A new grand free spectacular
street carnival and children's fairy.
land parade will he given on the
morning of the exhibition.
The following are yesterday's mining records:
Locations���Cresant, about 2 1-2
miles south nest of the town of Erie,
and about one mile from Nelson &
Fort Sheppard Railway, to W. P.
CSunn'p; Woodburn, between the
north fork und the east fork of the
Salmon River, to Martha Collins and
D. Iloyer; Walla Walla, on west fork
of Kokanee creek, about two miles
from where it empties into Main
creek, to Hy Reichart,
Certificates of work���Last Chance,
to J. F. McKay; Montague, to M. C.
Transfers���Red land and Highland,
from Herman Weidemann to Richard
Pape,; Farnhara, from Jerry C. Spell-
man tu Martha Salman.
Twelve years ago J. W. Sullivan,
of Hartford. Conn., scratched his icg
with a rusty wire. Inflammation
and blood poisoning set in. For two
years he suffered intensely. Then the
best doctors urged amputation,
"but," he writes, "I used one bottle
of Electric Bitters audi;., boxes of
Hucklen's Arnica Salve and my leg
was sound and well as ever." For
Eruptions, E/cnia, Tetter.Salt Rheum
Soies and a'l blood disorders Electric
Bitteis has no rival on eait'i. Try
them. Canada Drug A Hook Co. will
guarantej .'atisfaction or refund
money.    Only 50 cents.
If you don't like Blue Eibbou Tea it's
because you nover tasted it.
The most miserabl beings in the
world are those suffe ng from Dyspepsia and Liver mplaint. More
than seventy-five per ent. of the peo-
] pie in the United States are afliicted
with these two diseases and their
j effects; such as Sour Stomach Sick
j Headache Habitual Costiveness palpi-
taton of the H.ait, Heartburn Water-
biash, Gnawing and Burning pains at
the Pit of the Stomach, Yellow Skin,
Coated Tongue and Disagreeable
_,aste in the Mouth, coming up of
Food after Eating, Low Spirits, etc.
Go to your Druggist and get a bottle
of August F'lower for 75 cents. Two
doses will relieve you. Try it. Get
Greens'Prize Almanac. For sale by W.
V. Teetzel & Co.Get Greens' Prize Almanac.
). Ito.T Ml
��� _. "������'#*
We sell watches that are
reliable and that we can guarantee. Learn our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Watch repairing our specially. This department is
second to none in the country. All work guaranteed
satisfactory or money refunded. Get a price on the work
before leaving it.
A most appropriate Souvenir of the Dominion Day Celebrationis
the Sterling Silver Miners' Candlestick, Pin and Badge. Don't fail to
secure one.    Only 50c. at
Jewelers,   Nelson,  B. C.
on, Mi
can Ciij
all and':
There is a great advantage in painting if
you have good paint.
The paint we pell goes
on easier and more rapidly. Saves the time of
the painter and looks
well with less paint.
The real cost isn't any
gi eater, so tho advantage
is plain.
Ask for Ramsay's
Unicorn Brand.
team v ���
hv ays' |
tl Age*
"Zbe TRo^al Bank of Canaba"
Incorporated 1869.
Authorized,    .    .    8_,uoo,��oo.oo I Capital Paid-up,     .   .    .     S2,omt,o��(i.oo
Bout.       0 Wl.llW.UOU.UU
ward of Directors     Thomas E. Kenny,  President;   Thomas Ritchie, Vice-President
- lie. Smith   H. U. Bauld, Hon. David MacKoon.
���lend Office, Halifax I
Gcnoral Manager, BdbOD L. Pease, Montreal.
tjuiiuriu tcndciu ot Branches, and Secretary, W. II. Torrance, Halifax,
Itruii    eft I
. ebce���Montreal,   (City   Office),   Montreal
West End (Cor. Notre  Dame and Seigneurs Streete); Westmount (Cor. Greene
Avenue and St. Catharines Street),
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba. Weat Indies���Havana.
���eatla-Halifax   Branch,   AnUgouM
ator, Guysboro. Londonderry, l.u
onbulfe Maitlund (Hur.ts Co.), Pictou, Port
"law-esbury, Sydney. Shubonacadlc.Tniro,
���Irnmmirli ��� Bathurst. Dorchester,
���edericton, RinKsLon (Kent, Co.), Monc-
ewoasUe, Suckvlllo, St, John,Woodstock-
Inland���Charlottetown, Muuimerrido.
���'ll ""
United states- New York (16 Exchange Place
Republic Wash.
Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria
,   -.    .    . ~       ,   Catrespondentu t
~ *a-Merc.hnntB Bank of Canada.   Boston-National Shawmut Bank.   Chicago-Illinois
Trust and Savlnics Bank.   San trmirhco-First National Bank.   London,   Eng.-Bank   of
Scotland.   Paris, Friiuee-Oroda Lyonwde.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda.   China and Ja
��bb���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane-Old National Bank.
aeqeral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Beught
and Sold, Letters ol Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on .pedal
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O.
1901 1901
The Store With
Right Prices
New Goods Arriving Every Day
When our new stock is complete we will huve by far the FINEST DISPLAY OF FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS
ever shown to the public of Nelson.
Cull and see our Rattan Chairs, Baby Carriages,  Go  Carts,   Morris
Chairs, Verandah Chairs, etc.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   %%,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over 805,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. H. WALKER, Oeneral Manager.
London OHlce: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New York OHlce; 16 Exchange Place.
And 08 bvanchos in Cannclii anil the United -tales, Including:
Atlin Greenwood Nklson Sandon
CiiANnnooK        Kamloops New Westminster Vancouvkr
Fkknik Nanaimo Kossland Victohia
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson and White House.
UNITED STATES���New Yoiik, SanFiiancisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaoway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Rate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GEANGE V. 1I0LT, Manager.
Pine China, Crockery, Glassware, House Furnishings ana
B.r Supplies.
A large and well needed slock to choose from.
We carry the largest line of White Ware suitable for hotel ose
this side of   Vancouver.
Prices right.
linker Street
Our Fresh Boasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arabian Mooha, per pound $  *ii
Java and Mooha Blend, 3 poundn  1 0C
Fine Santo . 4 pounds  1 00
Santos Blend, 5 pounds .100
Our SpeclalBlcnd, 0 pounds  1 (H,
Our Rio Roam, 6 pounds  1 W
I\.El_SON. - B. C
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson, B. C.
und try a bottle, a dozen, or a barrel of
OALGARY BEER as II. is tho best and
cheapest on the m&rkot. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
TfllflPhon    OS.
Hob.., PI.   Nelann  R. C
A. R. BARROW, a. _. i. o.B
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box h Talenbnne Nn.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. li. LENNOX, B��k�� St
Kootonay Tent No. 7, K.O. T. M��� hold their
regular unci inn* in Fraternity Hall, I. O. O. t.
block, on tho 1st and ;ird Thursdays of each
n.ontli.' Visiting brethren cordially invited lo
attend. U. A. Brown, It. K.I A. P. Purdy, Com.
K. J.Steel, D. B.C.
from Kootenay Common
Advertisements inserted under this head at
tho rate of ono cont. a word por Insertion. No
advertisement taken for loss than 2.1 ccnU
Situation Wanted ndvcrliscniuiui inserted
throe tlinos free of chargo.
l<'OR   HALE.���Good   secondhand    bicycle, 810, or will trade for good gui-
Miner utli.-e.
Are vou
>   If
you ure,
tbo people
tu rough
Miner ~
column, w
in   want
Vou'll _ot
KOOM TO RENT in IC. W, 0.   Block,
on July 1st, corner room facing
Baker ami Ward Btreet. Two rooms
en suite on Ward st., it nil two inside
rooms. Kuriiis'iod or unfurnished.
Mrs. F. .1. (Squire.
IO RENT,���Rooms and office in   Clement,   Ilillyer block.    Apply to   the
Nelson Electric Tramway otlices.
ROOM and board in    private | family.
Apply ou Milieu  stieet, second   door
west of Ward.
ROOM for   rent at   Mr
Silica street
FOR SALE.���Tug Hoat 'Red star."
and Barge���At reasonable figures to
cash purchaser or timo with good
security. Apply to Ontario Powder
Works,  Nelson,  Ii.  C.
MOUSE to   Rent.���Furnished   or  unfurnished, apply T, .Miner ollice.
WANTED.���For u museum collection
for Lever liros, Port Sunlight, Eng.,
ancient buckets, troughs, washing
boards, or ironing utensils obtained
from Indians or imported from foreign
countries. Liberal value paid.
Write us with explanations. Watchorn A Mclntyre, K. W. C. block, P.
O. llox 707.
WANTED.���Trustworthy men and
women to travel and advertise for
old established house of solid financial
standing. Salary $780 a year and expenses, all payable in cash. No canvassing required. (live reference and
enclose self-addressed stumped envelope. Address Manager, .li. Cuxton
Iildg. .Chicago.
NKLSON Employment Agency,  llaker
street.    Phone 218.   3. II. Love.
WANTED���Teamsters.        Waitresses
(���iris for housework.    Nurse Girl.
Situations wanted by Cooks, Laborers, Blacksmith, Carpenters, etc.
POSITION   WANTED���By  n   woman
as housekeeper.
WANTED ��� Woman   for   housework,
out of town; girl to care for
children; laborers and teamsters,
Western Canadian Employment Ollice.
Ward street.    Phone .70.
LOST.���A black   silk   umbrella,   gold
mounted, .1. M. W.   on   handle.   .1.
E. Annable.
ALL KINDS    of    goods bought    sold
or  exchanged   at    l'rosser's   Second
Hand Store,  Ward street,   Phone   :.'70.
IT WILL PAY you to read  our ad. in
another column. Our blend of tea at
Thirty cents   per pound will suit you-
Kootenay Coffee Co.
JAPAN TEAS���"Spider Leg," "Pan-
fired,' "Sun Cured,"���hnve a place in
our stoek. The new "Ceylon Green"
Is fine llavored and economical. Kootenay Coffee Co.
FREE Jlllllns; ~<ilil Properties ~v ore
anxImiK lo secure a few free milling gold
properties atoliec. The Prospector'* r.v
ebaUKe, Nelson, K. -, Koom i, K.W.-l'.
Prom date until October 1 the dental
offices of Nelson will be closed at 1
o'clock, p. tr.., on all Saturdays, remaining elosed during the balance of
the day.
W. J. QU IN LAN.   D. I). S.
F. E.   MORRISON,   D. I). S.
T   II. 8TODDABT, 1). D. S.
Mr. .1. II. Oray having resigned
his position -is Land Commissioner of this Company, all communications in reference to Kuslo ..Slocan
Railway Company's lands should ho'
addressed to HOliT. IKVINO.
Kaslo, B. C, May .'list., IDOL
Mines Examined and Ueported On.
Mining Engineer.
Boom 1. K.-W.-C. Block,
N KLHON,  B.  C.
rllHOUPH & CO. Limited-Corner Vernon
JL and Codar _trccl~, Nelson���Munufavtur
ors of and wholesale dealers in aerated waters
and fruit syru. s. _o!c agents for Hulcyou Ilo
Bgringg mineral water.   Telephouo lie.
JJ. N. AI. CummiiiH, Lossoo���Kvory known
variety of soft drinks. P O llox 88. Telephone
No. 31. Hoover Blreot, Nelsou. Uottlersuf Hie
famous tit. Loon liot~priu|<s Mineral VVutor
CANK & MACDONALD (11. Cano, Jamo
A. Macuouatd)���ArcluUiets aud superlu
tomtoms, llroken Hill Uloe.k, oornor Haker and
Ward titroolH, Nelson
HJ. KVANS & CO.-Baker atreet, Nol
��� son���Wholesale dealers in liuuors, ci-
Kars, eemeul, tire brick and tire day, unlet*
pipe aud steel rails, und uouerul commission
Wholcsulo and retail dealers in Kiain,
luly, Hour, iced. Mills at Victoria, New Westminster; Kdmonton, Alta, Kluvalors on Cal-
Kury and Kdnioulou Itailway. Mauufacturor.-
tif the celebrated il. .V K. brand cereals.
A MACDONALD A Co.-Cornor Fron
��� and Hall ~tl.cls���Wholesale ~rocer
aud jobhers in blankets, gloves, mitts, hoots
rubbers, mackinaws and miner*' sundries.
PHUHNd A Co.-Uaker Street, Nelsoa-
���   Wholesale dealers hi fresh and cured
meal*.   Cold ~U)raKO.
llaker Street, Nelson��� Wholesale dou -
ers lu frosh aud cured meats.
WE HAVE   in stock choice teas from
India. Ceylon, China, and Japan.   We
blend them to your taste.    All   prices
and qualities.    Kootenay   Coffee Co.
PIANO.--Miss   Tyers    is prepared   to
give piano   lessons at her  residence
on Silica   street    four   doors west   of
Hondryx.    Terms moderate.
ican Him
BUFFALO. $76.00.
June i8, July 2, 16, Aug. 6, 20
Epiorlli Leap Statin
July 13, 14, 15.
Christian EHfaor Court
July 2, 3.
National EHional Ass'n
DETROIT. $71.25.
July 2, 3-
For   Time  Tables,    Rates,  Tickets
apply H. L. Brown,
City Passenger Agent.
J. S. Carter,
Dis. Pass. Agt.
E. J. Coy lb,
A. G. P. A.
_<>l.l��HII,v~lt nirrFK i.~*l>  Milieu   nnd
prospeclH ��aiiicd.   ~. ml reiiorl uml samples to Ihe Prospeclnr's Kxrliuuffe. Nelson.
B.C.   Boa in 4 K.-W.-C. Ii'iick.
Notice is hereby given '.hat I have
made application to the Chief Commissioner of Land1; and Works at Victoria, B. C, for n special license to
cut and carry away limber on and
from the following described Crown
Lands in the float River section of
West Kootenay district, Ii. C.:
Commencing nt u post placed on the
South hank of Meadow Creek and
marked "South East Corner,'' said
Meadow Creek being a tributary ol
Iioal lliver anil above point 's slttnit
ed about four miles east of tho station known (is Kitehenei on the
Ciow's Neat branch of Ihe B. tl.
S. Railway. Commencing at snid
southeast corner and running west
Hill chains, North 40 chains, Kast 180
chains and south 4(1 chnins to plnce
of beginning, containing about 840
Dated at Moyie, II.C , .lune Hi,  1901.
J atreet, Nelson ��� Wholesale dcaluis in
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
Afl'LAOHLAN HUO~. (.Successors to Van
JL comer HiirdwuroCo. Ltd.)llaker_u-eot.
Nelson- V\ holesale dealers in IsLrdwaru and
inininK supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup
NKLMIIN    HAItDWAHK   I'd.     Wholesale
painl~, oils and Kh>ss; mechanics' tools.
Agent- foi Ontario Powder Works; :ljrn.unite
rllURNKU, IIKKTON A Co.-Corner Vornou
X and Josephine 8treets, Nelson���Whcle
salo dealers In liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for l'abst Ilrewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgurf Brewing Co of Calgary^	
UDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholosalo grooorlos
and liquors etc., llakcr Street. Nelson.
CIALIKOKN1A WINK CO., Limitod-Cornor
/ Kroil and Ball Streets, Nelson-Wlivlo-
side dealers u wlucs (case and bulk), and
domestic and import ed cigars.
Ollice comer Hall and Kront Hireetu,
Nelson���Lumber, colling, flooring, nnd every-
thing in wood fur building purposes, del our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
rp   GALLON ft CO.-Dealer* In oro sac.s
I ���   ami twines.   Always n large slock on
hand, TolephoncSSB   Itooin 14. K.-W.-C. Work
(Icneial   laborers,    gardeners,   rock
men, elc, will   bo   furnished   free of
.'h:,.',.!'  In   lilt      nprtn.tu   ......,.! ����� i ...r     li.'lp
Mr. Machin, genernl ngent llennctt
Fuse Co., headquarters nt Victoria,
B. C., begs to nay that, in consequence
of attempts to impose spurious ami
cheap Imitations of their while coun
tered, patent safety .use, Crown
llrand, he feels it necessary to nsk
consumers lo be sure thnt they get
the genuine Bennett's Kusc. The sole
ngents in Nelson is the Lawrence
Hardware Co.
Dominion ���,nd
Land Surveyor.
469 nelson u c
Brewers of Fine Lager
Boer and Potter,
Nelson. & O.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Rio WI V-~��m   B.*J
By the week from $5 to -6.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'LAUGHT-IN, Proo. Nelson   Daily Miner, Sunday,  jwe _.��,   1901
Can   be  used   in
Decorative      ?y��r-   ooncei-a
bio     shape     for
Tl5SUe decorating    and
_-      . , entwining   upon
FestOOning the inside and
outside of windows, buildings, clubs, floats, boats.
It is made in all national, societv.
nnd club colors���attractive and brill-
iant. It is oil per cent less iu cost
than any other kind of decorating
material. Resides the festoons wc
have wreaths, stars, shields, Maltese
crosses, and parade and horse plumes.
See them.
Pianos to Bent.
Indian peddlers of bead work are
quite   numerous in town at present.
June has a chance yet to entertain
the grandstand   with a red hot finish.
The decoration committee of the
Dominion Day celebration will hold a
meeting at 11.30 this morning in thc
oflice of (lamble .t O'Riely, The executive committee will meet at 3
o'clock this afternoon in II. R. Cameron's oflice.
Ail recruits and members of No. 3
Company who have not taken the oath
will be sworn in by Magistrate
Ciease at the armory at 8 p. in. Thursday evening. Section commanders are
requested to have the members of
their section on band promptly on
Word was received yesterday by tbe
friends of Mr. D. McrAthur that the
specialist under whose treatment he
placed himself in Montreal stated tbat
ull he now required wns a few >.onths
rest from business. He left yesterday for Cape Breton, where he will
probably spend the summer.
~. L. Long yesterdav posted a notice
at the court house applying for permission to take 300 inches of water
from Five Mile creek, in connection
with working the Lakevicw mineral
claim. The water is to be taken out
1,000 feet above the railway track and
discharged at the mouth of the creek.
A family of foreigners arrived in the
eity yesterday on their way to an
outside poin~ The party numbered
a baker's dozen and all were members
of one family. Emigrants of this
stamp coming even in moderate quantities will soon solve the difficulty of
settling up the country's vacant
The trials of a telegraph company
are sometimes great and spring from
very insignificant sources. Yesterday
the district manager of the Canadian
1'aeilic telegraphs here received the
following report from one of the linemen : "No. 9 broke 11 miles fiom
Kaslo. Cause, some one cut a tree
down to get worms to fish with.1'
A man of the name of William
Gardner was brought in from Kaslo a
lew days ago on a charge of indecent assault and routined in the Pro-
vinciul jail His case came up for
hearing before His lienor Judge
Forin when the prisoner olected a
speedy trial and pleaded guilty to
the charge. Sentence was deferred until   the   arrival   of   the   depositions.
The wild cat which the fire boys
havo been at such pains to catch and
to lose on more than one occasion
has again "come back" and has heen
provided witli "all the comforts of a
home," tnrt is not developing that degree of gratitude that a well provided
for eat should naturally be expected
to manifest and has therefore compelled its benefactors to exercise n little corporal punishment, which it is
now undergoing in durance vile.
The regular meeting of the Social
istie Educationnl elub will be held
this afternoon at the Miners' Union
hall at 3 o'clock, when the subject
for discussion will be "The Justifiability of Strike." As this is a
prominent question at the present
time it should attract a large attendance. C. J. Clayton, president of the
Trades and Labor Council, will introduce tlie subject and the public are
Invited to attend and discuss the question. Ladies are also cordially invited to attend.
Tonight at Emmanuel church there
will be a patriotic service. The church
has been elaborately decorated with
flags, bunting and streamers. Rev.
Wm. Munroe will preach on "Canada My Countiy." The music for
the service will be: Anthem, "(Jod
is with His People" ; baritone solo,
"His Majesty the King," by Mr.
Steele; anthem, "The Gl.ry of God;"
soprano solo, "The Holy City," Mrs.
W. J. Caldwell. The service begins nt
S o'clock. A cordial invitation is extended to everyone.
There will be a continuous vaudeville performance at the opera home
on Tuesday the second day of thc celebration, commencing at 11 o'clock in
tbe morning and continuing till 11
in the evening. The company is made
up of 10 specialty people including
the Kirchner family of five persons,
the Berlin sisters. A. B. Baslco and
others. Two hours of solid fun and
Manager Annable says the performance will be neat, clean, refined
vaudeville and up to date. Tho price
has been placed at 10c for children,
and 35c for adults with 25c added for
reserve seats.
The ohildren who nre to take part
In thc children's loat are requested to
he at the Congregational church at 10
o'clock sharp on Monday morning.
After the procession the children
will be the guests of Dr. LaBau at
the Palm where luncheon will be
served. Iu the afternoon thoy will
go to the circus with the Doctor who
will Supply them with tickets. The
parents who have made arrangements that will make it impossible
for their children to attend the circus
will confer a favor on Dr. Lallan by
informing him of it before the pio-
cesslon on Monday morning.
Given good weather the water oai-
nival tommorrow night will be thc
grandest affair of its kind even held
in the province.
The two teams who played lacrosse
yesterday are not satisfied with their
woik and now wait to play baseball.
It is probable that on Satnrday af
ternoon next W. A. Macdonald and
Judge Forin will captain opposing
baseball teams.
On account of the great Iscrosse
match in addition to the nonunion
Uny preparations, the attendance at
the weekly shoot of the Ii. M. R. yesterday afternoon was very small.
Thc highest scoie made was obtained
by Sergeant Steele.
A leading feature of the wafer carnival tomorrow night will bo thc
musical boats, A handsome prize
for the best ono in this line Is being
offered aud several parties are endeavoring to secure it. Une launch
will carry some of the leading vocal
ists of the city wbo will sing operatic music during the parade of decorated craft.
Geo. Smith, builder, formerly of
Greenwood, and well known here,
is reported to have met with a serious accident at Walla Walla, Wash,
It is reported that he either fell or
was thrown from his horse snd, his
foot catching in the stirrup, ~as
dragged some distance before he was
released from his perilous position.
The extent of his injuries is not
known here, but it Is understood that
he is in a dangerous condition.
A quiet wedding took place yesterday afternoon at 2 o'o'ock in St. Sav
our's church when Miss Hedley and
Or. Senior of Rossland,were joined in
the bonds of matrimony by Bev. Mr.
Hedley of Rossland, assisted'by Rev. H.
S. Akehurst, The bridesmaids were
Miss Frances Hedley and Miss Mar-
got Whitney and the groom was supported by Mr. Duffie of Rossland.
After the ceremony the wedding party
took the Vedette for Mrs. Win. Hed
ley's house across the lake where a
reception was held. Dr. and Mrs.
Senior left on the four o'clock boat
for Kuslo, en route for Banlf, where
they will spend a short time before
going to Rossland, where they wil'
make their home.
A quiet but beautiful wedding was
celebrated last evening (Saturday) at
the residence of the bride's parents
on Silica street. The contracting
parties were Mr. Alfred Jeffs, of
Byer's Hardware Co,, and Miss Mabel
Augusta Colwell, second daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Colwell. The
ceremony was performed by the Rev.
Dr. Wright. The biide who had recently recovered f.otn a serious illness, looked charming in her bridal
attire of white organdie, with white
carnaticus. She waa assisted by her
sister, Mrs. W. Priugle, of Coiville,
Washington, U. S., and the groom
was supported by his brother, Mr.
Charles Jeffs. After a sumptuous supper the happy couple were driven to
their new home ou Observatory street
where hosts of warm friends wish for
them many years of wedded bliss.
A policeman on day duty is having
a great laugh on a friend of his In
this city. On one of the rainy days
this week the friend was standing on
the steps of the K. VV. C. blook when
the policeman joined him. Together
they stood watching tho rain when a
Iidy known to the policeman but
unknown to his friend passed by
wearing a straw hat and a print
dress. She appeared to be in a hurry
to get in out of the rain, nnd the
good natured policeman requested the
loan of his friend's umbrella for the
use of the lady. Without question
the umbrella was handed over and
tbe lady went on her way rejoicing.
The laugh comes in on account of
the fact that the owner of the nm
brella kuew nothing of Ihe lady and
was made to believe thai the borrower of it did not know either. After
the laugh was over the proprietor was
disillusioned and the following day
the borrowed article was returned.
The work ou the post office may be
said to have been fairly started and
after the Dominion Day celebrations
will be in full swing. The contract
of suppling the lumber and doing
the factory work has beeu given to the
Nelson Saw & Planing Mills. The
Mansfield Co. has received an order
for the supply of brick, and from
their quarry the whole of the marble
required for the contract will be taken. The work of erecting the derrick
and the construction of the bunk
bouses at the quarry is already being
undertaken and no time will be lost
in gett;ng the stone cutters to work.
Three derricks will be erected, one
at the quarry another at the dock
and the third at the works A number of men have already been engaged
in the work of preparations and the
foreman of the work is employing
more almost every day. Men are already at work in the erection of lime
sheds and the derrick on the works,
the latter of which will have a 70 foot
b uml. Shackleton A Simpson are
now engaged in getting out the
granite rubble and footings for the
base and first story. Arrangements
have been made with the hardware
men of the city for the supply of
hardware, and the other supplies will
be procured as necessity arises. The
old building, at the present time on
the grounds, haB been fitted up as
the office for the superintending architect, the back part of whijh will also be used as the bookkeeper's ofiice.
The main part of the building will
be erected first and the office, which
stands on the ground required for the
other building, will remain until the
works are considerably under way
The plant of the controctors has not
arrived but is expected in a few days,
unless the existing trackmen's strike
causes nn unfoitunate delay.
A/loPnerson & MGGammon
The Baker Street Grocers
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson,  B. C.
The Oldest, Largest, Richest and Best List
Kind in the World, Will Exhibit in
Monday, J
Performances at 2 and 7 p.
In tk Flames    Norris&Ro
On Friday night, among the dec-_.   ~     .       . ��   .
orations in our window which were K fl 3 p/]|11ftfl nll.fO
destroyed   by   fire   that   evening, UIU " UIIIUU MIIINI
King Edward was to have taken a
very prominent part. We rescued
him at the last moment. He is slightly disfigured, but another cup of
Goldsworth Tea will fully restore
him.   See him in our window.
Who was to have been the centre of attraction, and who stood life size, richly dressed
in red, white and blue, wearing the crown,
has not yet recovered. The doctors are
prescribing two cups of our celebrated
Colfee every hour, the only measure that
will save her.
We regret very much that owing to
the fire which totally destroyed our window decorations on Friday evening we will
not have any window display, but we cordially invite and will heartily welcome all
visitors who may be in the city, to call and
inspect not only one of the finest stocks of
Groceries but also one of the finest stores
in 13. 0. today.
Trained   Elephants,   Trained   Monkeys,   Trainee
Trained Ponies, Trained Seals.  Trained Ga
Trained lilks, Trained Zebu..
20 Funny Clowns'
Don't Miss the Big Free Street Parade Monday Jk
More New and SpeciAl Features Than Any Oti
Show  in  the World !
Ookl, Silvc.-I.__il   and   Copper Mines wanted at the EXCH1!
FREjBI   MILLING   SOLD  properties  wanted "t once for Ei*
> Parties  having mining  property for  sale arc  requested !o>
��    samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We.  desire  to  hear from prospectors who have promising mi��
claims in Hritish Columbia.
Prospectors   and   mining   nen   are  requested   lo make the.
CHANG-, their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, BBEPAI1 .
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Tolerhono No. 104.   P. O. nox 700. NEW*'
Every year a large number of poor
sufferers whose lungs are sore and
racked with coughs are urged to go to
another climate. But this jb costly
and not always sure. Don't be an
exile when Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption will cure you at
home. It's the most infallible medicine for Coughs, Colds, and all Throat
and Lung diseases on earth. The first
doao brings relief. Astounding cures
result from persistent use. Trial bottles fiee at Canada Drug A Hook Co. I
Price 50c and 81.00 Every bottle guaranteed, j
Alf. S. Moore of Sandon is a guest
at the Royal hotel.
George W. Aye, of the Queen Bess
mine, is a guest at the Waverley
The Rev. Dr. Wright will conduct
religious service at Bonnington Falls
this afternoon.
Robert Clark, of Pheonix, and J.
Howes of Silverton, aro guests at
the Trentont bouse.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Gregg of
Rossland, are in the city to attend
the celebration. They are guests at
the Hume.
F. 3, Itailey, agent of the Norris &
Rowe show, arrived in the city last
evening and is registered at the Waverley hotel.
Charles McKay, a well known miner of this city, who is mining on his
own account in East Kootenay, is in
tho city for the Dominion Day celebrations.
Arrivals at the Hume yesterday
were: James Ryan, H. McKenzie,
Cranbrook; C. F. Williams, Hamilton;
Thos. F. Borbridge, Vancouver; Fred
Edwards, Toronto; 3. Cameron,
Sandon; Miss Cameron. Grand Forks;
C. J. Fagan, Victoria; William Gib-
ben, Winnipeg; G. M, Blown, E. L.
Park, R. Clark, Spokane,
Yesterday's arrivals at the Phair
weie; F. E. Filer, W. S. Miller,
Rossland;.!, L. Allison, Bonnington;
J. C. Drewery, Rossland; C. H.
Hutchlns, Toronto; E. U. Thompson, Phoenix; W. F. Newell, San
Franoisco; W. B. Bower and wife,
Grand Forks; 3. M. Frlpp, Victoria;
Jno. L. Retallaik, Spokane.
Mrs. Sinclair, of Kaslo, wife of
Mr. Sinclair late of lhat town, who
recently arrived in tbe city to assume
the position of bookkeeper to the West
Kootenay Butchei Co.,in succession to
Mr. Patterson, nirived iu the city a
few days ago with her family, to join
her husband. They have taken up
their residence   on   Josephine   street.
The arrivals at the Queens hotel
yesterday were: D. C. McPherson,
Powder Point; Mrs. J. A. Thompson
Minnie Thompson, Sandon; II. Bran-
dis, Andy Winkler, Russell Robertson, Miss McGillivary, Slocan; Geo
McLeod, Wm. Ross, Sandon; H. C.
O. Adery, Denver; J. R, McDougall,
Sandon; Albert Irving, J. D. Carman,
I Bargains!Bargains!
In China, Glass and Earthen?
Reduced 20 to 40 Per Cent on Usual Prices.
Excelsior Coffee
Has stood the many tests for years, and it still excels.
Excelsior Tea
Is something new, but it will soon speak for itseK
as it is one of the finest blends ever imported f��m
Ceylon, and has been packed especially for
���_.  ���


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