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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 16, 1902

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 Daily Edition Nv *.^'-o
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Sunday,  February 16,  1902
Eleventh Year
Kron   Prlnz   Wilhelm   Prepared for  a Rapid
Consul Diederlch Refers Tactfully to a New Drel-
Uremerhaven, Feb. 15.���The Kron
Prinz Wilhelm is expected to break
her record. Her machinery when she
tailed was in perfect condition and her
bunkers were filled with picked coal.
Director Scbmidt,of the Noith German
Lloyd line to which tbe steamei belongs, informed the coirespondent of
tho Associated Press tbat he thought
she would average 22 1-2 knots all the
way over and get to quarantine at
New York at fl o'clock Sunday morning. The crew of the Kron Prinz
Wilhelm from the captain down are
determined to do their best. There arc
200 first cabin and 200 second cabin
passengers on board the Kron Prinz
U. S. Consul Henry W. Diedench.of
Bremen, made a speech at tbe 250th
annual dinner at Bremen yesterday
evening at the Navigators' guild that
has been more talked of today than
any other incident connected with
Prince Henry's departure. Mr. Died-
erich after dwelling on various i ea-
sous for amity between German; the
United States and Great Britain said:
"Prince Heury is not going to America to establish a new alliance of
friendship but to give renewed expression to the old friendly nations
natural to tho triple relationsnip of
Germany,England and America. Here
is a dreibund created by Heaven and
not by the arts of diplomaoy. The
great sections of the Geimanic people
should be united in elose ttes of
friendship for the advancement of
peaoe and civilization.''
Mr. Diederich's remarks were
cheered tremedously. Prince Henry
read a printed report oi the speech on
the train and when Mr. Uiedericb
met him at Bremerhaven station and
wished him a pleasant journey Prince
Henry congratulated him ou his
speech and thanked him tor the sentiments expressed, Mr. Diederlch gave
the prince a telegram from Mr. White
the United States amabssador at Merlin wishing in behalf of the embassy a
good voyage a happy visit to the
United States and a safe return.
There are several hundred weight of
delicacies, wines,cigars and cigarettes
unorganized contributions from all
ovor the German empire on board the
Kron Prinz Wilhelm.
Unusual Snowfall Throughout the
Cotton Regions.
Atlanta, Oa., Feb. 15.-The storm
which was central yesterday morning
near Vicksburg nas move eastward,
giving the section of country over
which it passod a variety of weather.
The disturbances caused rain, snow
and sleet, aud thunder s��orms occurred
at VickBburg, Montgomery and
Charleston. The snow is the heaviest
uf the winter In many plaoei. Charlotte reports 15 inches, Nashville 12,
Knoxvllie 10, Chattanooga 10 and
Atlanta 3,
Freezing temperatures extended
south to a line running southwest
from Wilmington, N. C, through the
central portion of the cotton belt and
much oolder weather is predicted for
tonight. In Atlanta, street car traffic
waa seriously Interfered with, many
of the suburban lines temporarily
abandoning their schedules. Sleighing
was indulged In on many of the residential streets. The train service from
the eabt was not seriously interrupted.
Ilenoh Warrant Issued Ear a Traction
Company Promoter.
St. Louis, Feb. 15.-Robert Snyder,
of New York, has been indicted for
bribery by the giand jury whieh is investigating the municipal franchise
scandals and this afternoon a bench
warrant was issued for his arrest and
given tu Sheriff Dlekman ta serve.
,k B. H. Snyder   is tho promoter who
is alleged to have pushod the Central
Traction bill through the municipal
assembly. Mr. Snyder is prominent
both socially and in a business way
in Kansas City and is well known in
St. Louis, Chicago and New York
financial circles.
German-Irish Team With the Big
Walking Contest,
New York, Feb. 15.���A crowd of
fair proportions assembled at Madison
Square garden tonight to witness tho
finish of the six-day walking match.
Of the 43 teams who crossed the line
on Sunday night, only 15 remained on
the tiack at tbe finish. Ten of these
teams only are entitled to prize
money. although the management
will return the entrance fee to all
those who finished.
Hegelraan and Cavansugb, the
German-Irish team, who bad been in
the lead from the start, held their
place with case and at no time was
there any strenuous contest, for first
place. The Hurst brothers, the
English champions, were compelled to
withdraw from the race at a late
Uegelman and Cavanaugh were the
winners.   Tbe score made was 770.4.
Civilities Exchanged Between Citizens
and the White Fleet.
Santiago de Cuba, Feb. 15.���The
squadron of United States battleships
under command of Rear-Admiral
Francis J. Higginson. commander-in-
chief of the North Atlantic station,
arrived here tbis morning. ��� Mayor
Bacardi entertained the military and
naval officers at an elaborate luncheon
given in the palace at noon, and
A :1minil Bigginson took Brigadier
General Samuel M. Whiteside and his
staff, General Castillo, assistant civil
governor of Santiago, the municipal
officers, the consuls and many citizens
for a cruise to the scene of the battle
with Admiral Cervera on the battleship Kearsarge in the afternoon. The
squadron left this evening for Cien-
Frank Nioholls Gets Five Years For
Victoria, Feb.15.���At meeting of the
local printing pressmen's union, the
pressroom of the Victoria Times was
declared unfair. The secretary was
instructed to communicate witb the
local typogaphioal union and request
tbat its members be restrained lrom
working in the pressroom of tne
Frank Nicbolls was sentenced to five
years' today for Killing Tom Netes.
It was obown that Netes was the sg-
gressor in tbe fight which ended in
his death.
Monte Carlo, Feb. 15.���No regular
round was played in tbe international
chess masters tournament today, but
according to tho rules, tbe adjourned
games and those that ended in draws
in previous rounds had to be finished
or replayed. When an adjournment
was made at 1 o'clock the following
games had teen decided: Maroczy
had worsted Teicbmann, Marshall had
beaten Eisenborg, Tatrascb had vanquished Scbeve.and Miese.- had provod
to be too much for Popiol. In tho
afternoon sitting only one other game
was decided Napier beating Wolf.
Watklns, N. Y., Feb. 15.���William
H. Waite, president of the Farmers'
and Merchants' bank of this plaoe
dropped dead irom applopoxy at his
home this evening, aged el years. Ho
was county treasurer from 18SS to 1801
and a member of tbe assembly in 1692
and 1803. He had held several local
offices and was a prominent citizen
and Freemason.
Montreal, Feb. 15.���The result of
the hockey matches today were us
follows: At Montreal���Montreal, 5;
Shamrocks, 4
At Ottawa���Ottawas. 8; Quebec, 0.
Grand Forks,   Feb.   15,���During the
week ended today the Granby   smelter
treated 4,010 tons of  ore.     The  total
tonnago treated to date is 313.520 tons.
New York,    Feb. lr>.���Bar silver, 55
1-4.    Mexican dollars, 43 3-4.    Copper
dull,.    Lead linn.
Health Officer Issues a Challenge to Antl-Vacclna-
Asks them to Supply Nurses
for Quarantine Hospital,
Minneaolis, Feb. 15,���Health Commissioner Hall, who bas become
wearied of the efforts ol the anti-
vaccina'.ionists to escape and prevent
vaccination, issued a challenge to
those wbo believe vacocination is
objectionable to produce two of tbei
number for duty at the quarantine
hospital where there are a score or
more afflicted witb the disease.
None of the present staff of nurses
have bad smallpuax but all have been
successfully vaccina'od and none bas
contracted the disease during the
three months of their service among
victims. Dr. Hall claims that the
efficiency of vaccination can now be
proven by having two uuvaccinated
nurses put on dutv. The auti-vaccination people bave decided to accept
Dr. Hall's challenge and have promised to produce two women for duty
who have never been vaccinated. The
anti-vaccinatiomsts believe tbeir
nurses will prove as immune to the
disease as have the others.
The opponents of vaccination have
appealed to the eourts and been
beaten. Many in the Twin Cities
are keeping their ohildren from
schools rather than submit to compulsory vaccination. They accordingly
were willing to jump at the chance
Dr. Hall has given to prove what they
believe the experiment will show.
Ice Boats Carry  Them  to the  Island
Charlottotown, P. E. I., Feb. 15.���
Winter communication this year haB
aa usual, been attended with difficulty
and discussion Last season tbe two ice
steamers Minto and Stanley ran together on the Georgeton Plctou route,
each leaving port in thc morning
when poBslble-and both oarrying mails
and nassengers During tbe coldest
period the to boats became tied up for
a fortnight, and the province was
without mails for the greater part of
tbat time. One of tbe steamers became
stuck in the ice and the other could
not leave port. Barring this interruption, tbe service was kept up regularly.
This Beason the eastern people, contending that the Summerside-Cape
Tormentine route was worthy of trial,
suoceeded in huviug the Stanley
placed there, while the Minto was put
on the Georgetown-Plctou 'route. Last
year a special train, paid for by the
Postoffice department, connected with
the winter boats'���an arrangement in
force ever since a wintor steamer was
pnt on.
At tho beginning of the season tbe
mails were sent by tbe Stanley, bnt
as the Postoffice department declined
to pay for a special train, and the
Railway department considering that
the other department bad a right to
carry out the same arrangement as ln
other years, refuso to do so, and tho
people Wero obliged to suffer consid.
eruble inconvenience from delayed
mails, Recently the Stanley failed to
make trips with tbe desired regu-
luiity, and tbe mails were transferred
to the Minto, which was making satisfactory connections, A special train
bas been put on, and things are moving serenely onoe moro. The placing
of the Stanley on the western route is
an experiment which is worth the
trial at least, though many doubts are
entertained of its feasibility. It has
naturally caused a rivalry between
the west and east, each claiming tne
honor of being the winter port.
New York, Feb. 15.���Harvard's
hockey team was defeated tonight by
Yale in an unusually exciting and
roughly played match at the St.
Nicholas rink, the sooro being  4 to 3.
Blacksburg,   S.    0., Feb.    15.���The
snow fall here amounted to 18 inches.
No trains moved in any  direotion  for
several hours.
mate, C. F. Conklin, of Chicago, tonight by a score of 400 to 305.
iHigoumey and Norris will play off
the tie next Monday night and the
winner of the contest will play Wilson P. Foss.
Mysterious Death of a Prosperous Young Merchant.
Beautiful Young Woman Arrested Charged With
New York, Feb. 15.���Walter S.
Brooks, a young commission merchant
of tbis oity, was found dying in a
room in the Glen Island hotel, West
Cortliin.lt street, last midnight, and
after his death, several hours later, in
a hosiptal. tbe police werenotified and
took in charge Florence Burns, a
handsome Brooklyn girl, with whom
Brooks had for some time been beeping company. She will probablv be
arraigned in court tomorrow morning.
A negro bell boy identified the girl as
the one who came to the hotel with
Brooks, but Miss Burns denies she
was the one, and declared that she
met Brooks at his place of business
early on Friday evening, leaving him
at 0.30 o'clock to go to her home in
Brooklyn. Certain it is, howover,
that Brooks and some young woman
went to the Glen Island early on Friday evening registering as "J. Wilson
and wife."
It was midnight when the bell boy
Bmelled the gas in cne of the hallways. Brooks' room was broken into
and he was found lying across the bed
unconscious and the gas pouring from
the burners. Doctor Sweeney was
summoned and noticed what he
thought was a simple cut on the back
ot the head. Later he discovered it
was a bullet wound and Brook's removal to a hospital followed. The
girl was arrested at her Brooklyn
home. At tbe police station she did
not flinch at the examination through
whicb sue was put, maintaining she
did not spend the night with Brooks.
The bell boy, however, picked her out
from three women liued up before him
as the one who had been at the hotel.
Dr. Sweeney and the police put aside
the theory of selfmurder beoause there
were no powder marks around the
spot where the bullet entered the head
of Brooks.
Rae's Rink Was Defeated by Winnipeg Men Yesterday,
Winnipeg, Feb, 15,���There weie
many exciting games in the ourling
bonspiel today. Play was continued
in all the leading competitions.
Flavelle, the Lindsay expert, was put
out of ail the big events, being defeated by Steele, of Boissevain, and McLean, of Holland, Dunbar, of St.
Paul, won his morning game in the
Grand Challenge competition, bnt
latter was defeated in the Walkerville
competition by Scott, of Winnipeg
Granites, Edwards.ot Drayton,N. D.,
wbb beaten by McConaghy, oi Neepawa, 14 to 0. Smi'h, of Duluth, lost
both his games, going down before
Rowan, of Miniota in the Caledonian,
and Gibb. of Carman, in the Walkerville, Rue, of Nelsou, B. C, wis
beaten by Pane, of the Thistles, 13 to
5, in the Grand Challenge event. Play
was stopped at 7 oclock this evening
and will be resumed on Monday
Twe've Men Required to Carry Him
to the Grave.
New York, Feb. 15.���lt required the
utmost strength of twelve men to carry
to tbe grave the casket containing the
remains of Dennis Leahy, whose
funeral has just been held. The uead
man weighed 700 pounds. His enormous weight bad been acquired within
tbe last ten years. When he turned
the 500-pound mark, two years ago, a
physician pronounced his increase in
size due to fatty degeneration of the
heart, and told Leahy bis deatb wns
only a question of a short  time.
New York, Fob. 15.���Charles S.
Norris, formorly of the Chicago Athletic association, and now a resident
of this cily, is tied for the first honors
in the amateur billiard championship
with Wilson M. Sigourney, of Sau
Francisco.     Norris   beat his old club
They Ask the C.P.R. to Not Play the
Dog in the Manger.
Indian Head, N.W.T., Feb.15.���The
flrst annual meeting of the Territorial
Grain Merchants' association has just
been held, delegates being present
fiom tbe principal points of the wheat
belt extending from Moose .law to
Moosomin. Tbe greatest enthusiasm
prevailed. The organization was completed and the association starts cut
upon a career of boundless usefulness. W. R. Motherwell presided,
opening the meeting in an address
pointing out the disabilities tha grain
growers are now suffering, and suggesting reforms which are necessary
if thia western country is to progress
as it should.
Committees on credentials, resolutions, finance and legislation were
appointed and their reports came up
for discussion in tho afternoon.
Hon. Mr. Bulyea, Territorial commissioner of agriculture, made an important speech in which be pointed
out tbe great influx of people to the
TerritoiieB and the necessity for moving out tbe wheat now in tbo blockade in order to make room for next
summer's crop. The Canadian Pacifio
had admitted its inability to cope
with the situation and he suggested
that the force of public opinion he
directed towards compelling the railway to carry the grain to Winnipeg
then over the Canadian Northern to
Poit Arthur and fill up the available
storage capacity there and also to
carry grain via Moosejaw and the Soo
line to Duluth at the same rate as to
Fort William, There was storage for
ten million bushels at Dulutb, which
could be utilized in tbis way. The
Canadian Pacific not being able to
handle the grain over its own line
should not act the dog in the manger,
but should prevent the calamity of
impending loss by carrying at i poolal
rates to Duluth.
A number of strong resolutions were
passed, deputations appointed, olliocrs
elected and arrangements completed
for a thorougn organization all over
the Teiritories.
Fitzsimmons And Jeffries Sign
Articles For a 20-Round Contest.
New York, Feb. 15.���Robert Fitzsimmons aud James Jeffries signed
articles here today to meet in a 20-
round glove contest ou some date between May 10 and 20th for thc championship ol tbe world.J Tbe contest is
to take place before the club offering
the largest purse, thc winner to receive 60 per cent, and the loser 40 per
cent, of the purse.
Cranbrook Man Among Thoso in
Heidelberg Hospital.
Ottawa, Feb. 15.���A cable to the
militia department says that Francis
Morley Anderson, C division, 3.AC,
Jan. 23; Wm.. Thomas McCaugherty
and Robert Lindsay, are dangerously
ill of enterio fover at Hoidoiberg
bospital. The next of kin are W. D,
Anderson, Cranbrook, B.C.; J. 0. McCaugherty, Kingston, and E. Lindsay,
Innisfail, Alberta, N.W.T.
Canadian Act Suggested on Same
Lines as tbe United States.
Ottawa, Feb. 15.���The moif.ure to
prevent assassination or attemnted
assassination in Canada will be similar to the act which has recently been
enacted by the United States senate,
which imposes the death penalty on
all assassins or would-be assassins.
j Relations With Germany Are
Strained to a Serious
Europe Interested In Probable
Status of the Philippines.
London^ Feb. 15.���What the Saturday Review now terms Lord Cran-
bornes "indesretion" would doubtless
have brought upon the government
severe critioism had not the Anglo-
Japanese treaty diverted public attention, and bad not tbe alliance been
generally regarded as a stroke of
diplomacy. As it is, the dispute has
served to strain to a really serious
point rilations between Great Britain
and Germany, which were none too
harmonious prior to the first question
of the subject asked by Henry Norman
in the Houso of Commons. Among
diplomats in London the controversy
is generally regarded as offsetting the
benefits of what had been privately
termed "England's coup in China."
An influential member of the Spanish
diplomatic service, now here, said to
a representative of the Associated
Press: We view the squabble with
considerable amusement, but have no
intention of putting in an oar.
Should we sav all we know, our relations with several of tbe European
powers which ure now quite satisfactory might be seriously impaired.
Moreover, we are not in the habit of
breaking tbe hard and fast laws of
diplomatio secrecy. We are naturally
pleased, however, that the affair has
brought out tbe fact that we practically gave in to all the conditions
demanded by the United States and
tnat our submission, on whieh tne
ambassadors deliberated on April
I4th,1808, was suppressed.
This allegation of the suppression
of Spain's submission is also discussed
at length in English official circles,
where it is declared tbat unless a
satisfactory explanation is forthcoming, the incident will be banded down
to history as a repetition of Prince
Bismark's action in regard to the Ems
There are indications tbat pour
parlers have recently been exchauged
between some of the European powers
regarding the Philippines, exactly for
what purpose or wilh what prospect
of materializing into definite action it
is impossible at present to say. However the Associated Press is able to
state that there has recently been a
keen recrudescence of interest in
Downing street and at other chancellories in the conditions prevailing in
the Philippines and the attitude of
United States toward them. Whether
this bas any connection with tho
Anglo-Japanese treaty is only a mat-
tor for surmise, but that an important
international undeicurrent exists in
regard to the probable hiatus of these
islands, is undeniable.
Fire Destroys Durand's Riding
Academy of New York.
New York, Feb. 15.���The building
on Central Pink west, occupied Ior
many years by Durland's Riding
academy, was dostroyud, and ib)
neighbor,the I'oillon apartment house,
slightly damaged today by n fire that
threatened for a time to prove more
destructive. The first dremen to attack
the burning building were caught lu
a ''back draft and several were badly
hurt. The old auademy wns nuilt 15
years ago by Boston capitalists at a
cost of $100,000. lt was being converted into a hippodrome. The chief
damage to the I'oillon was to the roof
of thu building. Its hundreds uf
tenants rushed from their apartments
when tho heat began to crack the
��� . j
Indianaoplis, Feb. 15.���Claude
Crouse, a printer, of this oity, has
broken the world's record as the fastest operator on tbe Linotype machine.
He Bet up in 7 bourn and 45 minutes
86,200 ems. The fastest record heretofore made was   the  same   number  In
eight hours, by an Iowa printer. ,
'Detroit   Bank   Defaulter Will Have to
Rossland,     Feb.   15.���The   "Father      Detroit Feb. 15.���Frank 0. Andrews
Pat"  memorial   fund   has   grown to   was arraigned in the police court this
$332.10 and subscriptions   are  ooming evening onjthe charge of.'misappropri-
in rapidly.      Yesterday tho committee  ating     funds  of   the   City    Havings
received     from F. Aug.    Helnze   and   Bank.      His ball was fixed at   $16,000
, fnendH.of Butte,Mont., a contribution I with two sureties.  As he did not have
J of $120. j b.-n-lumen, he was taken to gaol.
HBR9E^"L     .*" V
Nklson  Daily Miner,   Sunuay,   February 16, 1902
Tlie Nelson Miner
^ublinbed   Evory Morning  Except   Mondal
Dolly per month, by carrier ������    65c
Dally, por month, by mail     Stic
Daily, per yoar, by carrior I 7 00
Dnily, pes ye*\r, by mail    6 00
Dally, per yt^r foreign    9 00
Weekly.per half year $1 25
Weokly, per year    2 00
Weekly, per year, foreign    3 00
Htibsoriptious invariably in advance.
115 Fleet Street, E. C.
Central  Proas Agenoy, Ltd., Special Agents
Alexander & Co., 521 First Avenue, Spofcano
vVosh., keep this paper on file, and arc our
authorized agents for advertisements and sub-
The above Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
Several Hritish Columbia journals
have recently shown much agitation
over the assumed superior, not to say
sinster, influence of James ,1. Hill, in
the matter of coal snpply from the
mines of the Kooten&V district in
Canada, says the Monetary Times.
It is alleged that Bill has obtained
control of the Grow's Nest Pass Coal
company, and that he is about to so
manipulate matters that the United
States smelters south ot the boundary
line can obtain all the Canadian coal
they want at low rates, while Canadians must pay high prices. This
rathor alarming report lias caused us
to look into the conditions really
A dozen years ago, or more, an
offer was made by the Rritish Columbia governsueut of 20,000 acres of land
per mile to any parties who would
build a line of railway to dcvlop the
coal deposits known to exist nt the
Crow's Nest Pass. And ten thousand
acres of ooal bearing lands near the
Elk liver were bought, abont the
year 1802, by the Kootenay Coal company, whose successors arc the Crow'n
Nest Pass Coal company, situate to
tlie east of Elk river, and extending
from north of Coal creek to Morrissey
Creek, B. C. In ls',17, or thereabout���a
oharter having been previously granted to the British Columlba Southern
railway���au agreement was effected
between this road, the Crow's Nest
Coal company and the Canadian
Pacific railway.for the construction of
a road which should tap and develop
this valuable coal-bearing section of
British Columbia. Such construction
was deemed to be in the public
interest. A portion of the lands
granted by the governmont of British
Columbia to the British Columbia
Southern railway, also east of the
Elk river and adjsiining tlio lands of
the original purchase, was taken over
by the Crow's Nest people, who bo-
came liable to the conditions imposed
by virtue of that concession.
The Crow's Nest Pass road having
been built, the company came under
certain obligations. For example, it
was provided by tho government that
the prioe charged for coal by tho company should not cxeeod two dollars
por ton on board cars at the minos.
This arrangement was .'oi the protection of the people of Western Canada.
Again, a stipulation was made by the
C. H. R. foi its own protection, as a
large consumer, that the profits of tlio
coal company were not to excocd "a
leasonable price," that is to sny, 75
cents per ton prollt. Further, the
Dominion government insisted upon
receiving 50,000 acres of these coal
lauds as security for the due perform-
ane ol covenants, And tlie C.P.K. or
their part were given six suctions,
eiiual to H.H-IO aores of theho valuable
lands, siibjos.'t, however,to the restriction that for ton years from 1SU7 the
C.P.R should not mine coal. It would
seem, then, that what with restrictions as to price to be charged for coal
and the giving up of some 51.DOO acres
of its lands, the Crow's Nest Coal
people had given reasonable hostages
for good behavior,
They went to work developing at a
great rate, not only mining coal hut
ranking coko, the srrcltors of Kootonay demanding coke in great quantity. We are not told hov much was
expendel iu the years previous lo 1001,
probably from one to two million dollars, but In that year their expenditure wo�� 11,045,000, as follows:
In   plant,     machinery   and
buildings '   $   H.ID.OOO
In wages and  salaries      808,000
Iu' supplies      801,000
81,1 US, 000
fif the TH:ifi,0O0, llrst mentioned,
more than half enuie to Ontario; much
of it wont to Quebec and even Nova
Scotia, for miuhineiy. And the total
of their pay roll h-is boen steadily increasing until for the month of Decern
her last year it was (01,J01. In tho
erection ol coke ovens nt Fernie and
thereabout,   tbo   company   spent,   we
aro old, about ball a million dollars,
and their production and sale of coal
and coke was as under, for several
Coal, tons. Coke, tons.
1688     8,086 361
1800 116,200    20,658
1900 232,345    72,810
1001 425,350    122,450
Total, tons ....783,881 225,  79
I This was very satisfactory progress
indeed. But is 1000 came the miners'
strike in the Kootenay district; production of ore fell off, and the consumption oi coke at the smelters fell
from thousands to hundreds of tone,
and finally, for three or fonr months,
the smelters were closed and ealeo of
coke in British Columbia were absolutely nil.
In these circumstancs, in order to
retain their men and to keep their
coal-raising and coke-producing plant
at work, the company had to look
about for other markets, seeing thai a
change in the mining laws or a stikc
of miners could work such bavoo to
productive industry as was done in
the Kootenays in 1000. Owing to the
greatly superior character of the
Crow's Nest coal and coke to that produced ,in Montana, it had^been lonnd
possible to transport our coal to Washington state, and also to take Canadian coke through the mountains
arouud by Lethbridge and down a
narrow guage railway across the
boundary and sell it to the Ilntte and
Anaconda smelters in Montana. But
the profit was slender because of the
long haul over an ill-equipped road.
Here, however, was a steady market
offered, which coneumed 5,000 tons
per dny and wanted this better coal.
The Great Northern.' railway of
America and its connections eon-
trolled j all tha railway mileage for
hundreds ol miles to the south along
the boundary. A direct route was
needed, to get tbis coal south instead
of making an expenive detour eastward, and the Crow's Nest people set
about getting it, A Canadian charter
was secured for a road from tho ..coalfields due south to the boundary, and
this is expected to be ready for work
in six months' time. J. J. Hill has
agreed to build southward from the
boundary an Amercan connection of
this railway, and this, too, is under
construction. To secure Hill's cooperation in the supplying of Canadian
coal to the Montana mining region,
he wiib admitted some months ago a
shareholder of the Crow's Nest Coal
Oo., and he bought a three-tenths
interest, at a premium, paying $800,-
000 for $500,000 of the stock, extra
shares being issued to him for the
purpose. Upon this last-mentioned
fact has been based a story that Hill
bus got control of the Crow's Nest
Coal company, and that the interests
of the consuming publij of the Kooto-
nays have been sacrificed to Mr. James
Juggernaut Hill (for Bo these B. C.
journals would designate him) and
his American associates.
We are unable to see the dangerous
and destructive etiaraoter of the transaction. If the situation had beeu re
versed, and American producers of a
superior Montana coal had arranged
to carry it by direct rail route across
tho border, to serve tbe interests of
Canadian smelters, it would perhaps
have been oonsidored a clever move.
Mr. Hill does not control the Crow's
Nest company, be is rot even a director of it, nor has he a single director
representing him, but he does help lt
to sell Canada's coal to Americans.
And the same safeguards exist that
havo always existed to protect the
rights or reasonable claims of the
Canadian Pacific railway and the
Canadian government in the premises.
The malt used in British Columbia
is brought in from abroad and costs
about lf.10 a ton. The Kulmoops Sentinel is endeavoring to induce tlie
farmers who raise barley in that
vicinity to erect a malt house. The
plan would only cost $5,000. Barley
in tho vicinity of Kamloops costs
about $20 per ton and as the malt sells
for $80 it is obvious that there would
bo considerable prollt in tho business.
The name of thu Fort Steele Prospector was inadvertently included
among the papeis who could be depended on to parade Canada Pacific
railway literature whenevor   it  comes
up. Tllis wsb a error as the Prospector
is absolutely Independent of the 0. P.
R. and is houustly nnd energetically
engaged iu working for the best inter
estfl of Southeastern British Columbia.
This apology is due an enterprising,
honest and well conducted contem
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Opera Flannel Blouses,   Silk skirts,
Ladies' jackets, Golf Capes,   Ladies'
Costumes, Dress Goods and  Furs.
At Largely Reduced Prices.
We do no} often advertise special reductions, but when we
do they are. genuine. No inferior goods are bought by us
ajnd offered as so-called Bargains.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
There is noth ing like Asthmalene. It
brings mstanb relief, even in t e worst
cases.   It cures when all else fails.
The Rev. O. P. WELLS, o Villa Ridge,
111., says: "Yonr trial bottle of Asthmalene received iu good condition. I oannot
tell you how thiiukful I feel for the frood
derived from it. I was a slave, chained
with putrid sore throat and asthma for ten
years. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
saw your advertisement for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, Asthma, and thought yo-; had overspoken
yourselves, but resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial anted like a
charm.    Send me a full size bottle.
Rev, Dr. Morrlsi Werlisler.
Rabbi of thn Cong. Bnai Israel,
New York, Jan, 3,1901
Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.,
Oentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
tioullcs whieh combine with Asthma.
Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it carefully analyzed, we cat state that Asthmalene oontainB
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.    Very truly yonrs,
Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1801.
Drs. Taft Bros. Mbdicinb Co.
Gentlemen : I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene. for tho cure of Asthma. My wife has
been Bfflcted with ppasmodic asthma for th" past 13 years. Having exhausted
my own skill ns well as many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon your
windows on 180 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of Asthmalene.
My wife oommenced taking it about the first of November. 1 very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using oue bottlo her Asthma has disappeared
and she is entirely free from all symptoniB. I feel that I can consistently recommend the medicine to all wbo are afflicted with this distressing disease.
Yours respeotfully, O. D. PHELPS, M. D,
Dr. Taft Bros, Medicine Co, Feb. 5,1801.
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 yenrs. 1 have tried numerous remedies, bnt they have all fniled. I ran aoross your advertisement and
started with a trial buttle. I found relief at once. I have sinoe purchased your
full sized bottle, and I am ever grateful. 1 have a family of four children, and
for six years was unable to work. I am now in the best of health and am doing
busiuess every day.   This testimony you can make suoh use of as you see St.
Home address, 235 Rivington street. ��� S. RAPHAEL,
67 East 129th St,, New York Oity.
Do not delay.   Write nt oune, addressing DR.  TAP! BROS, MEDICINE
OO., 70 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
poet to make a profit out of the transportation of the Mongolian hordes, if
tho bars wero thrown down. One of
tho most powerful lobbies is now
mussed at tha American national capital working for the admission of the
Mongols. It it* not likely that the
lobby will he successful. The American people have seen lho evil effects
of the presence of a large number of
negroes of the south and will scarcely
care to add another perplexing
problems by opening the gates to tho
unrestricted immigration ot Chinese.
The testimony of ex-Mayor Phelan
of Snn Francisco before the house
committee on Foreign affairs, at
Washington roeontly, must have enlightened the uicinbcrs as to the necessity of Chinese exclusion from the
United States. Mr. Phelan showed
beyond a peiadventure that those who
nre most win in in their advocacy of
thu free and unlimited admission of
Chinese to the Stales, are not the
people of the country but rather tho
ti-.ins-I'iieitlc steamship linos and the
trans-continental railway!, which ex-1
m~mm_m_ >
If You Kill the Dandruff  Germ  With
the New Treatment.
John N. Fuller, a well known citizen of Oolfax, Wash., says: "I had
dandruff so badly that it onked on my
scalp. Ilei-piaidc completely cured
rae." George H. McWhirk, of Walln
Walla, Wabh.,snys. " Herpicide completely cured mo of a bad ca6e of
dandiiff of 30 years' standing." They
took the only really sensilile treatment, a remedy that destroys ihe dnn-
drult germ��� Uewbro's Ilerpioide. Stop
dandruff, hair wont fall out, but
will grow naturally, luxuriantly.
Allnj-B itching instantly and makes
hair glossy and soft as Bilk. At
druggists. One bottle will convince
any doubter of its merits,
Ping-Pong $ 3.25
Duplicate Whist, Paines
y Tray Set    4.25
16    "      "    6.50
Bridge    Whist,     with
Cards Complete    2.50
" "          3.00
Laws of Bridge       90
Billiard Nicholas 10.00
Complete stock of Invitations, bcore Cards, Prizes,
Punches and Markers for
Progressive Games.
Canada Drug and
Book Co.. Ltd.
Thursday, Friday 6 Saturday,
February 20 to 22, 1902
Grand Hockey Tournament (for the senior and junior championship of the province), Five Skating Races, Six Snowsboe Races, Ski
Running and Jumping, Ournival Masquerade, Cutter Kaoes for Pacers and Trotters,
J{ Single fare for round trip on all railways. Tickets on Bale Febra-
W nry 20, good to return until Feb. 24, For programs or any informa-
K    tion, address H.W.O. JACKSON, Sec. Carnival Committee, Rossland
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We are showing this season a full
line of these goods and solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
^belRosaLBank of Canaea
Incorporated i860.
falillal   Authorized,
��3,OV0,00V.OO I Capital raid-no,
Ke.t,      .      .    .
Board of Director.    Dromon K. Kenny, President
:|Wilov Smill', U. G. Bauld, Hon, David MaoKeen.
>     ���       QS.00O.INIO.00
���    ���  aii,;iHi,mio.oo
Thomas Ititohlo.  Vice-President
Bead Olllee, Halifax 1
Uenoral Manager, Kdson L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Seoretary, W. B. Torranoe, Halifax.
Branches I
Nova Reotla���Halifax Branch, AntlfrouMi
Brldgewater, iluynboro. Londonderry, Lu -
enburg. Maitland (Uante Co.), Plcton, Port
ttuebec-Montreal, (Oity lOffloe), Montroa
West End (Cor. Notre Damo and BoUt-
neurs Stroots); WoBtmonnt (Cor. Grteuo
Avenue and St. Catharines Btreet.
Newfoundland���St. John's.
tuba. West Indlea-Havana,
**_%_%%___. Tb* (l6 J0"hM" Pta"
  iiiauu uiiir.sss \jo.l, nciou, 1'ort
Hawkesbury, Sydney. Hhubcnncadio.Truro,
New   'UriniKwlrli ��� Huttnir.'t,     Dorchester,
Krederlcton, Kingston (Kont Co.), Mime-
ton, Newcastle, Saokvilln St, Johii.Woodsiiock-
P. li. Ikli.ud���Chai-loitetown, Summerslde.     _
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland
Vanconver East End, Victoria. '
Correspondent!! 1
Canada���Merchants! flank of Canada.   Boston���Nattona   sissiw,,,,,, n.nw   *.,.. .,���   .
Trust and Savings Bank.   Han Franclsco-Flrst1 Natlona\____    _____ C.l��*_'a_no.
Scotland.   Paris., iVance-Credit Lyounala.   Slermnda-Bank of ��_.?,__'  }.??���-B*"*   ��'
pan-Hong Kong and Shanghai Banting Oo^SSc?.   _i^t^��.^____g__.* ""*
Ueneral Bukloc Bualnees Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bough
and Sold, Letters ol Credit, Etc., Negotiated.      * *
ACC0UntBMCeiV*Co^^^ 0Q ,peda
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
have a complete stock 00 hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Ooast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber.
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tards, NELSON
and LABDO.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
Wo carry a oomplote nlook of Coast Flooring
l.olling. Inside Finiah, Turnod Work, Sash and
Doors. Special order work will receive prompt
attentions   Mall ordors soilolted.
Porto RicoLumber Co.,
Head Offloe-Hondrvx and Vernon "ft, Nelson
sold by All Newsdealers
Furnishes Monthly to all lovers of Snnif
and Music a vast volume of New, Choice
Copyright Compositions by tho most popular authors. 64 Pag,. of .i.no Music,
hall Vocal, hall Instrumental���tl Complete
Pieces for Plano-Once a Month lor ai
Cents. Yearly Subscription, ����.oo. II you
will send us the name and address ol Five
performorson the Planoor Organ, we wlllscnd
jou a oopy of tho Magazine Free.
.. ..'.J-."- "pM*. Publisher,
Iljhth a Locust Su., Philadelphia, Pa.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points
xiM      <_  General A��ent'
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R. offices.
-FOR-    ,
Winter Carnival
Feb. 20,21, 22
Will issue return tickets at
Single Fare
February  20,   21,   good  for
return till February 24.
Full particulars from local
For berths, time tnblea, rates and.ful)
information apply to,
J. S. Oaktrr, B. 3. Ooylk
Dis. Pops. A��ft. A. ii. P. A.
Nelson Vancr are
About Hint second-hand article of
yours. Vou'll sell it If you'll adver-
tlse It in The Miner want col'iiae Nelson   Daily  Miner, Sunjay February 16, 1902
^^���������������WMttlM ******
At lhe Ivanhoe, in the Slocan 30
men are at work and the property ls
looking well. There is a nice body of
orc in No. 5 tunnel.
The Mining Review of Sandon says
that ii. J- McLachlan and A.Erickson
,ro getting ready to ship a ear of
iq 000 ounce dry ore from tbeir Bear
Lake property.
Development is in progress with a
small force on tbe Soho gronp. The
property Is in shape to make largo
shipments but is waiting for an improvement in the price of silver and
The American Hoy, saj'B the Sandon
l'oysteak, has quit using the Last
ijhance tram in transporting oie to
the Keco siding. There was some dissatisfaction between the two companies as to what the tramway service
was worth.
H. L Arame and B. 0. Burton have
sold the Silver King and Iron Mask
claims to the McDonald Mining syn.
dicate for $4,000. The olaims are
locstod on MoDonald creek in the
Windermere district. A considerable
force is engaged in developing the
Work on the Estella group, in East
Kootonay, is malting good progress,
sayH the Fort Steele Prospector. One
hundred and twenty feet of tunnel bas
been run since the 500-foot contract
��ae made and there is four feet of ore
in thc face of the tunnel.
The prospects for tho resumption of
shipments by the St. Eugene are
brightening with the advance in tho
price of lead. Since the concentratoi
was shut down about 40 men have
boen employed ou development woik.
bast ween two additional machines
were put to work, which meant tbe
employment of half a dozen more
They had a singular experience at
the Lust Chance lately, says the Mining Review. After passing the lead in
tho long tunnel, and finding it by
tests on return, they commenced to
drift and In ten feet struck a nice ore
body, which tbey find enlarging aB
they continue the drift and an upraise.
The assumption is, thore is ore on the
other side of the erossout also, that
they passed the load in thc only blind
spot on its length. There are 55 men
at work on the property all told.
A fine line of Imported and Domes'
tic cigars, Peterson's patent pipes,
Lowe and B, B. B. goods���at Thur-
At the sitting of tho Supreme court
yestorday iu re Sioean City contested
election, S. S. Talyor moved for an
order fixing security for coBts. Th e
motion was granted by the judge,
security being fixed at 8200. A seoond
motion was made to have dale of trial
fixed. His lordship adjourned this
motion until after the hearing of the
Beruner vs. Arlington case, Tihioh
lasted all day. R. W. Hannington
appeared for the respondent, Mayor
Bremner vs. Arlington���All the
witnesses with one exception were examined for the plaintiff and on Monday the defendants will enter upon
their defense and present their counter
A Help In Time of Need
Sometimes bad teeth cause illness,
particularly when they are"notfitto
masticate food. A man iu Ada, O.,
liad all ol his teeth drawn. Ho was
sick with indigestion and lack of
vitality and his toeth were in bar;
condition. He expoctcd, with a new
complete apt oi teeth, to regain bis
lioalth by thoroughly chewing his
food, but he had an experience that is
well worth knowing of.
''Instead of improving I continued
tu lose Btrengh," ,ho says, "until 1
was a mere moving skeleton. I tried
a nuinbor of propured foods but none
ol thorn helped me until I got Grape-
Nuts. The flavor pleased my palate
at once. I soaked the food in cream
ami got along with it nioely. Within
a few days I noticed that I was not
so tired aud jaded. Gradually I
grew stronger, so I left off all other
foods and took only Grape-Nuts.
My old time vigor came baok and in
two months I gained 17 pounds. This
was romaikablo for I am of spare
build. Now I sleep and feel wonier-
'"lly well,
Inasmuch as I am doing so nicely
without teeth I have concluded to
wait until my gums have finished
���Drinking before having a sot made.
1 don't bolievo I could havo gono
through the drain on my system had
't not beon foi Qrape-NutB. There is
��o doubt about the life-giving und
"erve-buildlng forco of that food. I
talk Grape-Nuts to all uf my friends.'
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
&*��_, Mich.
Copy of Order Made Against tlio Rossland Miners' Union and Others.
The following is a copy of tlie application by A. C. Gait, on behalf of
the Centre Star Mining company, in
its suit against tho Rossland Miners'
union, No. 38, W.F.M., the Carpenters and Joiners' union, No. 1, of Rossland, the Blacksmiths and Helpers'
union, and several individual
(1) That thu defendants Rossland Miners' union do forthwith file
an affidavit as to the documents
admitted to be in then- possession by
their financial secretary, Frank Wood-
side, and particularly the following:
(a) Minute book or books, letter
book, and all other books of the said
defondant Miners' union containing
any entry relating to the matters in
question herein during the year liiOl
down to the date of the commencement of this action; (b) all documents
relating to the defendants,tbe Western
Federation of Miners, Bosslaud
branoh; (c) seal of the defendant
miners' union; (d) resolutions regarding the secret ballot of July 3rd, 190J ;
(e) resolution declaring the strike
herein; (f) notices warning workmen
to keep away from Rossland; (g)
membership roll of defendant union;
(h) all letters and telegrams received
by the defendant miners' union from
any of their co-defendants and cupies
of all letteis or telegramB by the
defendant miners' union to any of
their co-defendants, from April 1st.
1901, down to the commencement of
this action.
(2) That the defendant, Frank
Woodside, as such officer of the defen
dant miners' union aB aforesaid, d<
attend at his own expense before
Frederick Schofield, Esquire, special
examiner, at such time and place as
the said special examiner shall appoint, and answer as such officer all
lawful question which may be put to
him on behalf cf the plaintiffs relating to the matters in question herein.
(3) That tho defendants, the Carpenters and Joiners' union, No. 1, of
Rossland, the Blacksmiths and Helpers' union, the Rossland Co-operative
Association and the Western Federation of Miners, Rossland branch, do
forthwith file their affidavits as to
documents herein,
(4) That tho defendants,, James
WilkB, W. H Wooley, T.M. Beamish,
Alexader Coustantine, Neil McLean,
J. H. Macdonald and J. M. Johnson
do forthwith, respectively, file their
aflidaivts ns to documents herein, or
In default thereof by the said defendants cr any of them, that a writ or
writs of attachment be issued against
audi of the said defendants as may
make default iu filing their affidavits
as to documents.
(5) That tho defendant minors'
union and other defendants against
whom discovery is sought by this application, may be ordered tu pay the
costs of this application forthwith
after taxation thereof. This pnrt of
the order was granted and provides
for the commitment of acv who may
make default. In addition these
defendants who are out of Rossland
aro to file their affidavits immediately
upon their return, or upon their addresses becoming known to their
solicitors, and in case of default they
will be liable to attachment. Ten
days are given for filing tbe union
What is by some considered tho
crucial part of tho application was
the following:
That the defendant miners' union
do forthwith produce tbe said books.
Beal, resolutions and other documents
abovo mentioned for inspection by tho
plaintiffs at Rossland, and in case ot
dofault that a writ of attachment be
issued against Frank Woodside, being
financial secretary of tho said deten
dant minors' union, and the custodian
of the said books or other   documents.
This part of the application was
Advertisements Inserted under this head at
the rate of one coal & word per insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 25 oonts.
Hit urn ion Wanted advertisements inserted
three times free of chance.
FOR   MALE���Cheap,     a    semi -grand
piano.   Apply box 79 Nelson, 13. C.
FURNISHED rooms witb   or without
board.      Apply     on   Silioa
socond dooi west of Ward.
Apply   to  Mrs F. J. Squires, Room
40, K. W. O. block.
N. M. Cummins, Lessee.���Kvery knowr.
variety of soft drinks. P U Hox 88. Telephon
No. ill. Hoover Street. Nolsjon. Bottlers of th
(..nis.u,  su Leon Hot Springs Mineral Water
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Fhone 27S.
Wanted���Railroadmen for Lardo.
WANTED���A   dining
Phair Hotel.
room   girl   at
WANTED.���Ladies and Gentlemen
enjoy your evening at home by making $12 per week. Send your address
and two cent stamp to box 205, London, Ont.
WANTED���Pupils for Piano or Organ
by   Mrs.   Starmer   Smith,    address
residence or P.O.Box 137.
WANTED.���Men and  women, wanted
to work  at   home.       Good   wages.
Write   Glasgow     Woollen    company,
Dept. C, Toronto
HELP     of   all   kinds     wanted    and
furnished.     Western   Canadian Em
ployraent Agency.     Large warehouse
for   storage; call   at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job. Headquarters, Elko,   B.   C.     A
Guthrie Sc Co.
LOST.-A    plain   gold ring, with en-
gravinir   on   inside.    Finder   please
leave at Miner office and got reward.}
FOUND--On Carbonate street, a lady's
feather boa.    Owner may have same
at tiiis office by   proving property and
paying for this advertisement.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter.
V*1ann   H. O
A MACDONALD Be Co.-Cornor Fron
��� and Hall Streets���Wholesale grocer
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mil ta, boots
rubbers, maukinaws and minurs' sundries.
P   BURNS & Co.-Baker Street, Noteon-
���   Wholesale dealers iu fresh a      oured
inuu.tr..   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholosale dea
ers in fresh and cured meats.
J Street, Nolson ��� Wholesale dealara ir
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. BakerStroet Nelson,
B. C������ Lienors in general harhware,
mining supplitb, glass, paiits, Portland Cement, fireclay and Scotch fire brick. Agents
for Wilkinsand Co,'s celebrated bteel wire rope
paints, oils and gluss; mechanics  tool*
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; ljroamlto
TURNER, BEETON & Co.-Cornor Vernon
and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whole
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for Pabst Browing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesale, trrocerie
and liquors s,lc, Baker Street, Nelnon.
sTelson���Lumber, coiling, flooring, and overy
thing in wood for building purposes. Get out
prices,   Correspondence solicited.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVE3.   Man aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
m   *���-     * _.______*.____    ^r.   __
~* M_J   TTTTfTTT ^CaT^-S'
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Easl.
Sandon, Tnrue Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by malt to w>w branch will have earetnl and nratnpt attention.
OARS;-    ALS a la CARTE.
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
J     A.  M'DONALD,   wholesalo  nnd retail
���   Confectioner,   Tho largest stock of Con
fectionory in the Kootenays.
Suff> red Slnco His Birth and Found Help Only
Thrnuish Clarke's Kola Compound. Now
Free From Asthma.
Mr. Robert S. Taylor, New Westminster, B.
C, writes: "I havo heen a constant sulrcrer
from bronchial asthma since my birth. H5 rcari
aim. I have tried every remedy over heard of
for this troilhlo and spent hundreds of dollnis
wilh doctors, but to no purpose Clurke s Kola
Compound U the only remedy that over gave-
me any permanent relief, lhave also gamed
much in weight since being ured. 1 can honestly recommend il to any unfortunate sullerer
from asthma." All druggists sell Clarke s Kola
Compound, or write the GrilUthsaudMacpher
son Co., limited Toronto.
for salo by J. H. Vanstono. Ncison. B. Cl
NKLSON LODGE    No. 23, A. F. &
M. meets socond Wednesday ln
month.   Visiting brethorn welcome
I. O. O. F. Kootonay Lodge
No. 16, meote every Monday night,
at  their Hall, Kootenay street
Sojourning Odd FoIIowb oordlally invited.
Q. VV. Halo, N. G.; G. F. Motion, V. G.-, A.
Longhurst, Roe. Hoc,
Nolson Royal Arch Chapter No. IM, G. R. C.
MooU third Wednesday. Sojourning compnn
Ions invited. Uoorgo Johnstone, _. 1. 3.
Sims,   S. K. 	
...       NKLSON L.ODUK  No.25, K. of P.
5ameots in K. of P. ball, Oddfellows block
"JwovoryTuosday ovoning at 8 o'olock.
f/All visiting knights cordially Invito
Wm. Iuvine, C.C.
Iluan Stkvkns, K. of R. and 8.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
469 nelson b c
J. 0. GWLLLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre* Nelson. B. C
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Sp ikane Falls and Northern Hail way,
D rect connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 %'m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:20 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at lift) p in.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
andNorth-Land of theNorthern Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection witb the Great Northern Bail-
For further informatiou, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
By., Kooterai Railway Sc Navigation
Op, or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt, W 7ol W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
9. K. TAOKABURY, Local Ageut,
Nel son.B O
obtained in all oountries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Nelson Knoa pniont No. 7. Meots evory 2nd
and 1th Friday of each month, in odd follows
Hall, oornor Bakor nnd Kootonay Btroets,
Nolson. A. H. Clements, C. P.; I). MoArlhuf
R S.   Visiting brothers always wolem""
Reports from Ottawa are to tlic
effect that the Dominion government
has decided upon and will shortly
announce its seleotion of ooal lands in
the Crow's West Pass. ��� From what can
be learned the ooal areas selected are
favorably situated as regarding the
quality of tho coal,and an opening for
its successful operation. So valuable
are the lands selected tbat it is said
that returns will recoupe the government for its subsidy of $3,000,1100 to
the B. O. Southern railway, leaving a
balance of several million dollars.
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1082 meots in Fraternity Hall on first and third Friday ovonlngs
of each month at 8 'j'clook. Visiting member
oordlally Invited. W. W. Bradley. W. K.
A, Mlnty, R. S. ___
NELSON AKRIK No. 22, F. O. K., nieotf
evory sooond and fourth Wednesdays of each
month. Visiting members oordially invito
Charles Prosser, Herarotarv.
West Urookfleld, Mass., Feb 15.���
The house of T. Elmer Gonla was
wrecked tonight by a gas explosion
and Mis. Oould and Mary Tomblyn
wero killod, while Mr. Oould was
terribly injuied.
New York, Feb. IB.-Ths British
chess club hns wiitten to the Brooklyn
chess olub accepting the dates ol
March 14th and 1.1th for the seventh
annual match by cable for the Sir
Gcurgi N��nn��'ti trophy.
Kootonay Tont No. 7, K. O. T. M hold thcli
regular meetings In Fraternity Hall, I. O. O. F,
block, on lho 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each
month. Visiting brothron cordially invited to
attend. G.A. Brown H. K.; Dr. Koio, Com
11. J.SUsol,D.8. O.
1st and 3rd Wednesday ovonlngs o.'
oaoh month at Fiatornlty hall
cornor of Baiter and Kootenay
BtrcotM. Visltiug brothern oordlally invited.
ItuwABU Maci.bod. Secretary.
Nelson Court Star of Kootenny, A. O. _
Moots 2nd nnd 4th Wednesdays in every
Month. VlBiting brothren weloomo. V Mao
Milllan, C. P. ; Herbert Mnbond Sec	
Finest and Best Bar  ln the] City.
The best Brands ol Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
For the comfort of the number ol
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffe*
Car service has been inaugurated
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or th'
U. S.
Close connections made  at  Spo
kane for the south, east  and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and   18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
9:20 a.m Spokane    7:15 p.m
12 -.in p.m Rossland 4:30 p.m
10:30 a.m Mountain 5 -59 p. m.
9:40 a.m Nelson 6:45 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane -, Wait
Agent, Nelson, B.
Kootenay Railway and Na?
Company, Ltd.
Shortost and quickest, route to tho oost and al
point i Oh ���ho O. H. & N. and Northern V.
ciflc Railways ln Washington, Orogou and
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo &��� Slocan Ry.
3:30 a. ni. Lv.
10:65 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. m
Lv. 1:15 p. ro
and try a bottle, a donen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER as it is the best and
ohoapost on the mnrket. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    OIQAR8.
Telcphono03 Baker  L Ne
Certificate of Improvements
Portepin Mineral claim, siluate in
the Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenny District.
Where locnied- On Porcupine Oreek,
'1AKE NOTIOE that I Theodore
Benuehump, acting us agent of Frank
Desnuluier, free Miner's certificate No.
R48340, anil E. S. Larsen, Y. M, 0,
B12671 intend, Bixty days from the
date hereof, to npply to tbe Miniug
Recorder for a cortilici. le of Improvements for tho purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above cluim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before tho issuance of such certilicate
of improvements.
Dated thia 8th day of November
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1.00 to $1.50 per day. First
clasB Meals, 25c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria St., Nelson.
Int Nav- & Trading Co
5:20 p. rn. Lv.
9:10 p. m. Ar;
Ar. ll.-OO a. it
Lv. 7:00 a.
Connecting at Flvo Milo Point with Nelson
& Fort Hhcpiiard Railway both to and from
Rossland, oto.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Bt.John, N. a
Beaver Line Ijuko Superior, j Feb. 28
Bouvor L'no Garth Cantle March II
Allan Lfno Ionian Feb. lei
Allan PretorlWQ Feb. 22
A il:ui;l.ini: Btoamuru call at Halifax two cluyn
From lioritoo.
Dominion Lino Cambroman Feb. 20
Dominion liine New England, March 5
From Now York
Ounard Line Etruria Feb. 22
Cunard Lino Campania March 1
White Star Lino Teutonic Fob, 26
White Star Line Oceanic March  5
Aii,rri<-iii l.ii.c M. Louis   Feb. 26
American Line Philadelphia Marrn 6
Red Star 1 ine Frlo-Iaud Feb. 28
Uml Star Lino houthwark March 6
Continental nailing of French. North German Lloyd, li. A. P. and Italian Linen on application.
RATES���Saloon farm |42.fiO, and upwards
Second $35 and upwards according to Bteamor
u-mI location of berth. Steerage quoted on application. Propald paBBogeu from England and
tho contlnont at lowest rutea,
H. L. BROWN,      W. P. F. CUMMINGS.
City Agt. Nelsou,      Gen, Agent, Winnipeg
Ticket* sold to all parts in United 8tate�� and
Canada via Groat Northern and O. li. Be N
Co.'s linen,
Ocean steamship  tickets  and  rates vi   a
linos will be furnished on application.
For further particulars call on or address
Ujtn&aer, Kaelr.B. O
Taokabury Agent. Nelson li. Oi
Kootenay Street, Next Oddfellows' Ha
p. O. Box 633.
If there U anything you require,auk
for  it  lb    li* aelumn  et tbe Miner.  1001.
Certificates of Improvements
GoldeD Crown, Golden Englo, Golden Cnp. Union jack, Creston, Aini'ri-
enn Flog. American Flag Fi-., Union
Jack Fr., Oray, X-Ray, X-Rny Fr.,
Maple Leaf, Keepsake, Rbodeila,
Bnow Cap, Ln Grande, Cracker Jack
Orackti- Jack Fr., Cynic, Cynic Fr.
Cymrlo, Dakota, Idaho, Atlantic, Pacifio, Old Glory, Morning Glory, Kiit-
tler, Ramliler, Agr.es, Emperor, Emerald, Emerald Fr., O/.ar, Czar Fr., Canada, Toronto, Montreal, Montreal Fr.
Scotland. Scotland Fr., Osborne, Ores
ton Fr. Minernl Claims situated In the
Goat River Miuing Division of West
Kootenay District
Where located���Between Goat River
and Arrow Creek.
Take Notice tbat I, A. H. Heyland.
acting as agent for T. O. Shaimhnessy,
F. M. 0. B38701, E, II. Osier, F. M. C.
B38703, R, B. Angus, F. M. C. B88708
O. P. Hill, I'. M, O. B38(,8tf, intend,
sixty days fiom the dBte hereof to
apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Omuls of the
above claims.
And further take notice thnt notion,
nndor section 1)7, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certilicates ol
Dated this   19th day   of  December,
Certincates ol Improvements
Homcstake end Helloes Mineral
Olaims, situnte in tbe Nelson Mining
Division of West Kootenay District.
Where I, cnted : On the west side of
the Moith Fork of Salmon river, nenr
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson
P. L. 8., of Trail, B. O., ageut for The
Copper Farm Oold Miniug and Development Company, Limited, Non-
Personal Liability, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B50708, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the pur-
pone of obtaiuiug n Crown Orant of the
above claim.
And nu-llit-i- take notice that aotion,
under section 87, must be commenced
befoie the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 15th day of November A.D
1001; J. D. ANDERSON.
Certificates of Improvements
Jupiter, Katie D. Green, Insereoll,
Last Chance Hamilton and London
Fraction Mineral ihiir...,, situate in the
Nelson Miuing Division of West Kootenny District.
Where located���On Jupiter Mountain,
near Crnigtnwu.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. D. Ander-
son, P. L.8., of Trail, BO agent for the
Katie D. (iiciii Gold Milling and Development Company, Limited, Non-
Personal, Liability, F.M.O. No. B556I8,
intcud, sixty days from the date hereof,
toapply to tin Miuiug Recorder for certificates of improvements for the purpose of obtaiuiug Crown Grants of the
above claims.
And farther take notice that aotion,
under section !I7, must be commenced
before the isMiauco of snch certificates
Of improvements
Dated this l&th day of November,
A.D, 1801. J. D. ANDERSON.
n_m__U__________li Nelson Daily Miner Sundvy, February i6,  190s
Trunks and   Yo" can Bee in
onr store   a   very
Valises complete  line   of
TRUNKS from the very cheap make
to the solid oak travelling Trunk canvas covered with brass fittings, h regular globe trotter. Wo can supply you
with GRIPS at price ranging from 85c
to $20; also .SUIT CASES from $2.50
to si.i each,
Booksellers, stationers
Show Room for Mason Sc Risch pianos
��� S/WV WWW^ V*WW%*W%%��
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Rosenberger are
on thoir wny bock to Nelson and will
probably arrive here the beginning of
tho week.
The steamer Kokanee this week
brought down several shipments of
ore from tbe Rambler-Cariboo and
Sunset mines to Procter.
W. C. McLean is at present in r"mir
looking over tho site for the bridge-
over the Salmon river to replace the
structure which was carried away last
The ladies of tlio W. C. T. U. will
inset on Monday afternoon at 3 oclock
in the Presbyterian church parlors. A
cordial invitation extended to all
ladies interested in the work of the
A Hash light photo ol the soloists
nnd chorus as they appeared on the
stage of the opera bouse at the presentation of Stabat Mater given a few
weeks ago is on exhibition in the
window of the Queen studio.
The regular meeting of the Socialist
League will be held this afternoon in
lhe Miners' Union hall, commencing
at 1 o'clock. The subject for the
afternoon's discussion will be, Jos.
Martin, tbo Newly Appointed Liberal
Leader and His I'atform.
To have tbe cars running again in
the day time was gioatly appreciated
yesterday, especially by residents on
the hill aud in Fairview, who had
become so accustomed lo the convenience that it seemed like a great hardship to have to walk again, as was
necessary for the past few days.
II. W. Harbour, who has been C. P.
II. agent at Sandon for a year, leaves
shortly for Rossland to take the
station there. A. C. McArther, who
now holds tbe Rossland station, will
get tho down town cllkie there, and R.
I). McCammon, now at Trail, will
succeed to the Sandon agency.
The lake was frozen across this year
on January 24, nut broke up the next
day when the steamers came in. On
January 20th the International was
only able to get as far as Five Mile
point, and after that date all transferring whs done at Procter until yesterday when tne International broke its
way to tho city wharf, shoving in
front of it a bargo loaded with cord
wood. The lake was first crossed on
foot on January 2llrd and the last
crossing made was on Tuesday, February lltn. If the present soft weather
continues theie will bo but little ice
left on the lako by the end of this
week. I
Tonight at Emmanuel church, Rev.
Wm. Monroe will preach on The
Pastor and the Church. Tlie music
for the serviee will be: Anthem, Gcd
is With His People, (Leslie); bass
solo, The Promise of Life, (Cowan,)
by Fred Smith ; anthem, I) Lord Be
Thou Merciful, (Perkins). A cordial
invitation is extended to everyone.
A small oak cabinet to be used as a
holder for a dictionary card catalogue
was received at the Nelson library
yesterday. The cabinet was the gitt
of Mrs. W, lieveridge, of Kirkcaldy,
Scotland, who became interested in
the library while visiting her Bister,
Mrs. J. Laing Stocks, in Nelson, last
summer, and had this presented to tbe
Among those in the city yesterday
was 11. B. (iilmore, M. L.A., for the
City of Vnaeouver. Speaking of the
approaching scssiou'of the legislature
Mr. 'Jilmore said that Mr. Martin had
given his word that be would insist
on a redistribution bill being brought
down first, before be would consent to
anything else being dealt with. This
did not necessarily mean tnat there
would be a general election,but it put
things in such shape that should tha
government bo defeated the election
that would be forced on, would return
a house properly representative of tho
people. After the passage ol that act
ho could not predict what course
events wonld take.
Circulars fiom a Oerflian state lottery have been received by a number
of persons in the city this week. The
phraseology of the circular is most
peculiar, having evidently been
written by one who had learned
English from books only. One paragraph reads: "After the drawing we
inform our customers lrom the result
of their participation, joining the
official prize list and forwarding the
prizes to all countries. Each customer
can also let cover the amount of the
obtained gain by a banking establishment by delivering the prize tioket."
There ought to be a prize for an explanation of the meaning of tbe last
Our windows aro small. If you
don't see what you want in our window, ask for it.���The Wallace-Miller
Co. Ltd.
At present none of the steamers or
railway trains leaving Nelson on
Sundays carry mail. This is being
found quite an inconvenience to the
business part of the community aud a
movement is on foot to nave an alteration made. There is a train out on
the Spokane Falls and Northern railway but no mail goes by it; the
Crow's Nest steamer leaves early in
the morning but it does not carry
mail, ncitner does the steamer for
Kaslu and Kootenay lake points leaving in the afternoon. Another great
convenience to business men would be
the oarrying of mails by tho morning
train over the C. P. R. for Trail and
Kossiand. The mail from Rosslanu
by tbe S.F. and N. arrives at 6 o'clock
p.m. and that via the C.P.R. at 10.10
p.m. These mails are distributed the
same night but after business hours.
In tbe ordinary course of events the
answer to a letter from Rossland
would be too late to catch the S. F.
and N. mail which leaves the upper
station at 10.80. If that mall is
missed there is no opportunity of
forwarding the letter until 0.40 in tbe
ovening by a mail that reaches Ross-
laud at 10.40, so that almost two days
are consumed before the Rossland man
gets a reply to his letter to Nelson.
If the correspondences originates in
Nelson ths conditions are no better.
Output Again Lou- From Interruption
in Power Supply.
Rossland, Feb. 15.���The shipment"
of ore from the camp since January
1st, are subjoined. While the shipments lor the past week can only be
approximately given, those for tbe
previous psriod have be;n corrected
and give tho gross weight in short
tons of_2,()00 pounds.
Week     Year
Lo Roi   4,551   27,500
Le Roi No. 2  ,    350     0,168
Velvet  ISO
Totals 4,901    B4.808
Tho corrected shipments of the Le
Roi No. 2 for the month of January
are 5,20b wet tons, equivalent to 5,01*1
dry, sent to the Northport smelter.
Tho output for the week has again
been light, owing to tlie shutting
down of the West Kootenay Power
plant for overhauling.
Work started up again in the Le Roi
No. 2 on Friday evening, bnt during
the whole of the week developmcn
work on the Josie was alone at-
empted. This was accomplished by
aid of tbo old steam plant still in
operation in tha propcrtty.
Until further notice tho steamer
Kokanee will only make a trip to
Lardo once a week on Thursdays.
New York, Feb. 15.���Eight blocks
of land on the South Brooklyn water
front have been bought as a site for
one of tho largest freight teiminals
in the world. Irving T. Hush, paid
over $1,500,000 to the Hunt estate for
the property. It extends from Forty-
Second to Fiftieth-street. It will be
taken over by a new corporation capitalized at 15,000,000. Former Comptroller llird S. Coler, is financially
interested in the corporation, and it
was rumored that ho would become
president of the new company. The
property comprises the largest stretch
of water front held by any private
interest in Brooklyn. Money will be
spent lavishly to develop the pioposed
terminals. A systom of wharves, piers
and warehouses will be erected, to be
larger than any now existing along
tne waterfront of New York or New
Jersey. Each of the 1,300-foot piers
will accommodate three of the largest
ocean freight steamers at one timo. It
will be pussiblo to unload vessels
directly into railroad cars. The cars
can tbon be lightered across the river
to any point. Won- will begin or the
terminals within a few months. Mr.
Coler, Irving T. Hush and others said
to be interested refused to discuss tho
Duirng the last 30 days 108 men
bought 108 suits and there lias not
been one complaint. Why don't you
try The Wallace-Miller Co.
Groton, Mass., Feb. 15.���The latest
report concerning young Roosevelt ia
most favorable. Mrs. Roosovelt atatod
late this afternoon that her sou was
doing splendidly. Miss Alice Roosevelt arrived at Groton this evening.
The best shoe value in B. C. at The
Wallace-Miller Co.
Phair.���S. Norman. Spokane; T. P.
Mclntyre, Winnipeg; II. Chapman,
Victoria; W. V. Hunt, Bonnington.
Queens���R. H. Bradshaw, Slocan.
Hume���Mont Smith, Vancouver; W.
N. Brayton, Raslo; W. D.R. Stewart,
Medicine Hat; C. Gottschalk,
_. Why Man You Can't See!
and what are you  waiting
for ?    It is a  matter that
shouldreceive our prompt
attention.    Consult
Patenaude Bros.
It won't cost anything to  find  out.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which la Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   J2,000,000).
"��� "   " "-as Over 865,000,000.
B. E. WALKER, Ueneral Manager.
���r ,     ��-��-���I '     �����"~-.~     _ ___,
Aggregate Resources Over 865,000,000
HON, GEO. A. COX, President.      "   "  ' '���	
London Olllee: oo Lombard Street, E. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branches in Canada and the t/nited States, lnoludlngt
Atlin Oreknwooo Nelson Sandon
Ckanhroob       Kamloops New Westminster  Vanoouvib'
Fernie Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson anh White Horse.
UNITKD STATKS-New York, San Francisco, Sbattli, Portland, Skauway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Reoeived and Interest Allowed.  Present Bate 8 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Manufacturers ofBEST STEEL WIRE HOPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
The following notices appear in the
last issne of the llritish Columbia
Frederick William Warren has been
appointed registrar for the pnrposes
of tho Marriage Act at Trail.
Certificates of incorpoialion have
heen granted to the following companies: The Nicola Valley Iron and
Coal company, limited,capital $1,000,-
UoO; Novelty Mines, limited, capital
School districts lias been formed at
Creston, West Kootenay, aud at Kim-
berley,  ,nd MorriBsey, East Kootenay,
An official list if the authorised
land surveyors of British Columbia
appears in the issue.
Notice is given of the special meeting of the shareholders of the Boyal
Victoria Gold Mining company, to be
hold in Greenwood ou the 7th day ot
March next, to discuss and, if deemed
advisable, to authorise the sale of the
assets of the company.
Slopn the Cough
and Works off lhe Told.
Laxative Biomo-Qiitnine Tabled cure   acold
n ono duv.   NoUure, noPay.   Prico 25 cents.
Wo are coming back to you with
those overcoats, overshoes, and suit
bargains, we told you about at the
Wallace-Miller Co.'s store.
It probably comes lo every thoughtful person at tunes Unit there lire
plenty of common mediocre p.'ople,
and that if one determines to. he or
she onn pre^s to the front, pass tile
crowd, r.nd win position, fame and
gold. It is largely a matter oildeter-
munition and health, Many a determined character with brilliant possibilities, Is held bank by ill health.
Some find that bright, keen thoughts
refuse tc come to their brains, and
wonder why.
Tbe Itind of brain work that   makes
successful   professional   men     makes
heavy draughts on tlie   filling   of   the
minute nerve cells of tho   body,   said j
filling being composed   of   a   greyish:
sort of material which must bere-l Postum Food Coffee furnishes tbe
placed day bv day, or the brain and | gluten and phosphntes of grain needed
oth'.-r parts of the body will not act | by nature to nourish brain and nerves
properly. | with food.      It does not narcotize and
Ooffee Is n hidden but powerful j teai down. It Is frequently misjudged
enemy to one's progrcBs in life. Its i on first trial because of improper
subtle, narcotic poison weakens heart, [preparation but it will bo found to be
interferes with digestion and hns a'a most delicious beverage if aftor
definite   and   destructive effect on the , boiling  commences   it   lie allowed to
nervous system. People who aro content lo load themselves with impediments to progress wno refuse to supply body with food and drink of the
kind needed to make up for the flnily
disintegration of nerve and tissue
must stand aside in the race for preeminence.
Tho ones who nre proporly fed   will
surely win tho laurels.
continue boiling for 15 minutes. This
is necessary to extract the food value
and flavor.
There are those who a"o entirely
careless aa to what goes into tho
stomach bnt tho one who wonld mane
al1 his movements tend towards health
and possible greatness   cannot   afford
New York, Feb. 15.���James B. Hag-
gin will build a 8550,000 private
staole on a 8200,000 plot near his
projected $550,000 palace in Fifth
avenue. The land cost $200,000 and
the stables will be constructed at a
cost of ��55,00, making a total outlay
for laud and building of $750,000. It
will be tbe most elaborate private
stable in the world. Mr. Baggin will
soon demolish the Progress club
house, ou the north corner oi Fifth
avonuc and Sixty-third street,to make
a site for hiB $1,500,000 mansion. He
paid $735,000 for the Progress club
Ottawa, Feb. 16.���0. R. Devlin, immigration agent for Canada in Ireland
denies the published statement that be
has succeeded in inducing the govern-
inet to pay the passage of Irish immigrants to Canada, aud that his chief
objeot in coming home at this time
was to secure from the Rovornment an
arrangement for payment tor further
London,Feb.15.���The War socrotary,
Mr. Broderlck, said in the House of
Commons todsy that the number of
horses purchased during tbe war
totuled 440,088, of which 77,101 came
from the United Stutes and 11,304
from Canada. In addition, about
'.i,705 horses had been captured in
South Africa.
New York, Fob. 15.���Although
Charles Stewart Smith, chairman of
the committee on opera, vehemently
announces that no schedule of priocs
has been determined upon for Prince
Henry night, Maurice Gran nonchalantly acknowledges that grand
tier boxes will be sold at $250 and
single seats at from $5 to $80. A
mighty rear probably will arise from
the multitude, as these prices are apparently exorbitant, but Mr. Grau
says the cost of production will exceed
We have shoes to fit all feet, all
purses, all occasions���Tbe Wallace-
Miller Co.
New York, Feb. 15.���No chance is
to be given to tho general publio to
witness at close quarters the launch
ing of Kaiser Wilhelin's yacht. Tho
invitations are to be reserved for the
favored few. It developed yesterday
that official circles in Washington
hnd imposed a limit of 1,000 persons
as guests at the launching, tho workmen, however, to be included in those
to witness the launching.
New   spring   hats,   just arrived, at
The Wallace-Miller Co.
As a going concern the business carried on by the
under the management  of the late
A. B. Gray,
in China,   with  beautiful  Enamelled   Canadian   Emblems,
Only a few left.
Fine witch Repairing a Specialty
Cor, Baker & Stanley Sts., Nelson
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
oor. Kootenay & Victoria sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telepbono 2
Afternoon 3 to   5.30
Evening 8 to 10.00
Admission 25c.
Be Bure and get the gennine  BENNETT'S GOTTA PERCHA FUSB.not
something that looks   like   it
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral iUi����s and mines suiveyed
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loon on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to Q. L. LENNOX, Bak�� St.
Will pay the highest oasb price for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Fnrnitnre, stoves, oatperts,
cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike. Box 200. Hall
Street, Nelson, B. C.
vi ill be received by the undersigned
up to 12 o'clock noon, Monday,
February 24th, for the stock in
trade and fixtures ofthe above company,   made up as follows ;
Cigars, Domestic     -      $3262.94
Clgirs, Imported     ��� 434.53
Cigars, Imported. In bond    367-80
Scotch Whiskey. In bond      316.69
Fixtures 6 Office Furniture 48025
Separate Tenders will be received
for the Cigars, Liquor and Fixtures.
to risk   adulterated
even coffee.
lood or drink   or
John,   N. II.,    Feb.   lr>.-The   New
Brunswick legislature has been called
to meet March 0th.
2 s per cent cash, balance in 2, 4
and 6 months, with approved security with interest.
This is an excellent opportunity
to secure a good paying business.
The stock, books of the Company,
and stock sheets may be inspected
on application to  the undersigned.
Clarocnte-Hillycr Block      Liquidator
Sealed Tenders for tbe erection of it
Floating Boat House for tho Nelson
Boat Club will bo received by the
undersigned up to Saturday the 22nd
day of February, 1003, at 12 o'clock
noon. Plans and specifications can be
seen at the office of Arohitect Ueorge
D. Curtis.
The lowest or any tender not necos-
sarily accepted.
Secretary the Nelson Boat Club.
Nelson, B. C, Fob. 13th, 1903.
J. Q. Bunyan and S. O. Campbell,
trading and oarryiug on business
together as partners, under the firm
name and style u* J. G, Bunyan ��nd
Co., ol Nelson, llritish Columbia.
Furniture Dealers, bnve by deed of
assignment, bearing date the oth day
of Feburary, A. D., 11102, assigned all
tbeir personal property, ical estate,
oreditB and effects, which may be
seized and sold under execution to
Norman T. Maeleod of the said City
of Nelson, accountant ln trust, for the
purpose of paying and satisfying rate-
ably and proportionately without
preference or priority all the creditors
of the assignors, their just debts ao
cording to law.
Notice is also hereby given that a
meeting of the creditors of the said J,
O. Bunyan and S. O. Campbell, is'
called for Monday, tho 24th day of
February, A. .,, 11102, at the office of
Elliot and Lennie, solicitors, Baker
St., Nelson, British Columbia, at the
hour of three o'clock in the afternoon,
in pursuance of said act, for tho giving of directions with reference to the
disposal of the said estate.
Dated at Nelson, II. C, this 7th day
of February, A. D. 1002.
Elliot and Lennie,
Solicitors for the Assignee,


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