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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 4, 1901

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Daily Edition No.  1132
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Wednesday,  September 4,  1901
Eleventh  Year
Manager Garde Talks of the
Electric Drills and Other
Indications of as Good Ore
Shoots In Lower Levels
���as In Upper.
"Tlie whole nr the Slocan country "
slid Alt' A. C. lliirde, manager of tho
Pavtic, last evening, "has had a revival of late. Lnst year the mines ceased
shipment on acecui t of the low price
of lend, 1.ul ns they have seen that tho
pi-Ice Mid not impiove the majority have resumed work; In other
words, Ihey have adjusted themselves
to the changed situation with thu
hope that conditions will inipove.
Two factors would naturally improve
conditions, One would he the establishment of a lead refinery at some
central point In the Kootennys like
Nelson. This would havo a tendency
to Increase the returns and profits of
tho silver-load mines. The ether
tliinjr thai would help them a great
deal would be for the price of lead to
go up in the London market, and
bring Its value to somewhere near
the figures of a year and a halt since.
As iniitteis are nt present the silver-
lead miners have to content themselves with a very small proiit and it
is icninruablc to note how many of
ill.'in nre shipping under the adverse
conditions new prevailing. It shows
that the mines are in good condition
when Ihey enn lie operated under such
adversa circumstances.
"In   addition   to   the   woll known
mines   in   the Slocan   district, in the
upper   ns   well as the lower   portion,
seveial new shippers   have within the
last few months   heen   added   to   the
productive   list,  which is,   ot course,
gratifying as it reveals   that   capital
still has faith in the mines of the Slocun although the price of lead is low.
"In   tegard   to   the Payne development, work is being pushed as fast as
possible     and      within    a   Oouple   of
months we will he   able   to   open   up
three new   levels, Nos. il, 7 and 8, at
one time, and show up the ore bodies
that nre bulow the present   workings.
The shaft connecting No. !i level with
No. 8   level,   which was driven   from
the north   side   of the   hill,  is  being
sum; at a high rate   hy   contract   and
raising from No. 8   is in   progress  at
the same time.    The   connection   be-
tweon these levels should be made before December   1st.   The shaft is now
130 feet down below the No. li tunnel.
A   new   hoist  was recently   installed
and is now-   being   operated   by   air.
This hoist lakes the place of Ihe gasoline hoist which was not  entirely sat
isfactory.    The air is   furnished   by a
compressor located   at   the   portal   of
No. :,  tunnel.      Air   drills   are   now
used in the shaft for sinking.    At the
same time the raising and   driving   is
in progress in No. SI level   nnd this in
futi-ro will be accomplished by means
of electric drills. I recently purchased
for the   Payne   a   complete   two-drill
electric plant and   it   is our intention
to give  this plant a   thorough   trial.
j The electricity for the plant   is   generated at   the   mine.    It   the  electric
'hills operate successfully, as we have
reason   to expect they will,  a    larger
P'MI   will at once be   installed.    The
pills   are   a    new    stylo,   called   the
���Onrkee.     They are mado on tho same
lines as the nir drill,   but  the  power
I'or the same   is   transmitted   through
a flexible shaft from a dynamo located
Nose to the faeo of  the workings.     I
loelleve  that    electric  drills will   ho
[thu solution   of the economical operation of mines located,   as many are in
Ithe Slocan,   remote   from   sources  of
p"PPly   and   whero  thc facilities  for
peaching   the   workings are difficult,
"'lie electric plant   hns   been   shipped
���vill he installed   and   ready   for
���Operation   inside   of two   weeks  atd
Piter   trial   I will bo able to give you
I'urtiior particulars.
'I have every hope of getting Into
jas rich and as laige ore shoots below
I o. r. U'vel as were found above in the
|��l'! workings. The showings o,- ore
j-n thofootwull of No. 5 level is very
Pncouraglng. While the development
8 Roing on at the greatest possible
���Peed we are taking 0���t ore simul-
I aneonsly from the upper lovel,regular
"Pments   are   being   mado     to   the
smelters   and as good returns  as ever
aie being obtained.
"Regarding ihe ooncentrnting <|ues'
tion,'' Mr. tlarde said, "Bcnlly we
have no ooncentraiing ore in the
mine, but we have about lUO.OOt) Ions
of back lillings that wo will be able
to ii-'at al. a profit, I am going east
in a few days to consult with Ihe
board of directors io Montreal and
one of the qui iticns that will I 3
seriously considered will be that of
treating these bacic lillings.
"We have '.i. 'ti bothered to a roll*
sideiablo extent by bush, lives, and
several timer, the buildings nnd the
tramav have been in jeopardy, but fortunately we were aole to successfully
fight the flames. On several oc.cn-'one
we had very little hope of saving '-' e
surface plant including the tramway,
and we wcte very fortunate to have no
further loss to report than that incurred in fighting the flames, and this
at times amounted to quite an Item,
''We are now working a force of
about BO men, whicli is the maximum
number for which employment enn be
found to advantage dining tlie period
of devlopment. The intuition is to
Increase the force as wc proceed."
Mr. (larde leturns to Sandon todny
and leaves for New Vork and Mon-
tieal at the end of the week. In New
Vork he will meet his family, which
lias been abroad for the last year
Mrs. liarde and the children wiil
hereafter reside at tbe manager's residence at the Payne mine. Mr. (Jarde
expects to be absent about four weeks.
At the record ollice yesterday the
following looations were entered:
Eonisou, on Evening Mountain, four
miles east of Nelson, two miles
northeast of Spokane Falls A Northern railway, by Johu Johnion; El
Dorado, at mouth of south fork of
Porcupine creek, by A. T. l'ollett;
Anaconda, about two milos east of
Hall creek, by T. Livingstone and 11.
James; Ruby, about two miles cist of
Hall creek. Certificates of work wore
issued to Hugh Hrown on Sunrise,
Hold Standard, Hold Bug and Mugwump; Joseph Caron, on First
Chance; Thomas Flynn, et nl, on Ceu-
tie Star, Twilight, Redman, Blind
Canyon, Crowfoot. Jonny : 1). Haz/er,
on Surprise; M. U. Driscoll, ou Rob
Roy Fractional, Cold Medal Fictional; Hall Mines, Ltd , on Grand
Fractional. National Emblem, Shamrock, Uoi.iehoe, Thistle, and Thoni
Fractional; Bella Devlin, on Hazel;
Auton Zeitler, on Anton /,.
Robert Heddle and J. Phillips nre
doing assessment work on the Toronto
group, adjoining the Venus mine.
Tbis group is owned by Dr. P. E.
Doolittle and L. L. Merrilield, of
Toronto, and the present work is expected to uutovei the. Venus vein
which is suppos'20 to run through the
property as the claims lie below the
working of the Venus.
The steamer International yesterday brought down ono cm load of
Rarablei-Cariboo ore consigned to the
smelter at Trail, and one carload of
ore from the Surprise, for tbe Selby
smelter at San Francisco.
lierlin, Sept. ,1.���It issaid in official
circles that the interview between
Emperor William and Prince Chun
must occur tomorrow or Thursday, as
his majesty goes to tbe manoeuvres
on Friday. The correctness of the report that Emperor William removed
all hindiancoa from Prince Chun's
coming to lierlin, by telegraphing
his willinnoss to receive him alone is
admitted in official circles.
The correspondent of tbe Associated
Press learns that Baron Von Ilicht-
hoff, the Foreign Sccrelniy, will
assist Emperor William at tho reception of Chinese envoys. Count Von
Buelow wilt not be present. Koen
Chang, the new Chinese minister hero,
will act as interpreter in the intei-
view. No other Chinaman will be
present. Prince Chun will lodge as
Emperor William's guest for two days
at the orangery of the palace at
Potsdam. He will then come to Berlin, whero the Chinese legation bus
rented an adjoining plaee for bim.
Eastern League���Hartford 1, Brooklyn 5; Hartford _. Brooklyn 1 ; Providence 10, Worcester 3.
National Lengu. -St. Louis II,
Brooklyn Bj St. Lou's 8, Brooklyn 7;
Chicago 10, New York 4; Pittsburg a,
Boston 2.
Aroeiicnn League���Boston (1, Cleveland 1 ; Boston 0, Cleveland I; Baltimore Hi, Milwaukee il; Washington -1,
Detroit 3.
Little Interest Shown Locally
in the Situation at the
Brown's Entrance Into Cabinet Does Not Excite thc
These aie truly tho dog days of
polities. Yesterday a Miner reporter
started out to liud out what loeal politicians thought of the admission of ,1.
C, Hrown of New Westminster into
the, Provincial Cabinet but no local
politicians were to bo found. People
who arc most actively stirring wlien
the political pot is boiling are so busy
thinking of hot weather, the coming
yacht races and other equally seasonable subjects that they have no time
to bother about politics. Mr.
Brown is about as dead an issue as
his glorious ancestor John, who narrowly escaped being bung on a sour
apple tree. It was in vain that leading Liberals were asked bow they regarded tbo entrance of a Liberal into
an otherwise Conservative Cabinet bin
instead uf expressing great satisfaction as good Liberals should, they
said they had not thought about it,
one going so far as to say , "Who's
There is sonic dissatisfaction with
the existing state of Provincial politics and several stated that, in their
opinions, the only satisfactory solution of the problem lay in the introduction of party lines into Provincial
affairs The minora that this ~im
neing attempted by the gradual formation of a Liberal Cabinet were
given little credence as the Cabinet is
purely Conservative with the exception of Mr. Brown and that party
would naturally have the upper hand
if the first move was to he made
But politics are dead, absolutely
dead, and no one seems to care whal.
happens. There was a sign of life in
only one man who said: "Just keep
your eye on Joe Martin, lie is by no
means dead as a politican and we will
hoar from him again. "
Mr. Brown was to be sworn in yesterday and interesting developments
were expected. The Miner wiicd its
Victoria i irrespondent to send a full
statement of the situation but the
Canadian Pacilic wires were down
and nothing could be received.
One Hundred Milliou Do'lar Combination of Electrio Companios.
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 3.���The
North American tomorrow will print
a story to the effect that a union of
all thu electiic railways and electric
light companies owned by Phlladelpia
capitalists in now under way. This
combination will involve over .100,-
DDll.tlOil and includes the old as well as
the new rapid transit companies recently chartered in this state.
A Merry-'Jo-Round Incident That Was
Not Very Merry.
Indianapolis. Sept. II.���Two hundred negroes and whites engaged In a
not at a merry-go-round in this eity
tonight. Henry Mills, white, was
fatally shot by Henry Miller, colored,
and Wallace Picket was shot in the
head. He may recover. The trouble
started by John Noel, manager of the
meiry-go-round, attempting to put
negro children off.
Kossland, II. C, Sept. 3.-A few
men are at work on the Le Roi group
of mines and they aie being stenglh-
cned by a few arrivals coming to the
citv. 'Ihe shipment of oro is to be
resumed, a tiain of ore cam having
already been loaded. Businessmen are
leelir.g much more hopeful and are
looking forward with pleasure to the
resumption of the big mouthy payroll which is necessary to the success
of tradesmen. There are indications
that the mines will have comparatively little trouble in socunng all
the men required to man thu mines,
desiratilc miners being attracted by
the liberal wages paid and ths prospect of rapid advancement.
Prosperous   Community
Frank Growing up at
Coal Mines.
Markets of the Crow's Nest
Line of Advantage to Nelson Wholesalers.
and Spokane were wired    to iu    vain.
However, last night's service included
I file   u'ual    repoit, of the burning of a
negro down south,    Ihe latest baseball
scores,  the winners of a   bioycle   race
in Boston and other equally  exoiting
news.     The   disappointment   of   the
01 (readers will be less  keen   when   they I
, aro assured that  the   C,    P,    li     "illj
charge full  price    for    tile Ken ice jllst |
the same.
The loci staff did its best lo get a
good seivice and no blame can l.e
attached to the Nelson olliee. Tbe
night operator waited until very late
in the hope of getting snine Millet
specials over the mixed up wires.
Wiieless telegraphy is the thing.
The business men of Nelson are looking after ami appreciate the trade derived from Ihe coal mining industry
of South Fast Kni.tenay, made possible!
aud aecessable by Ihe building of the
Crow's Nest, branch of thu C. P. R.
and which has resulted in the building up of numerous small towns and
opening up a mnrket for wholesale
dealers of Nelson well worth looking
after. Hut Nelson people, if they
wish to maintain Ibeir position as a
distributing center, must reach out
still further along the lino of this
railroad and compete for business in
the new coalfields of South Western
Alberta. Here capital hrs stepped in
to help nut the prosj ictor and the eoal
fields are being developed as fast as
labor and money can accomplish it
The center of this ne-v district is at
Frank, a station on the Crow's Nest
railway at a point on the middle
fork of the Old Alan river abont eight
miles up from where this stream enters the prairies. Here is situated
the Frank coal property which eight
months ago while yet a mere, prospect
was bonded by S. W. Uebo who interested with hiin II. F. Frank, a capitalist of Butte, Montana, who took
np tb" ' mid and bought outi igbt from
the Government 3,200 acres of coal
land paying some 830,000 for the
same. A force of miners were at once
put to work, whicli was added to as
fast as room could be made for them
in the mine, with the result that the
mine is now opened up to a depth of
1,200 feet and is producing 3110 tons of
coal per day all of which is being
taken by the C, P. R. for steam purposes. The vein being opened up is
twenty-two feet wide,of clean coal and
has heen dug upon ana traced upon
the surface for a distancu of four
miles. This vein stands neai ly perpendicular and lies in an iron sandstone and follows along about 000 feet
distant from a large mountain or upheaval of lime. This company has
now a payroll of $10,000 per month
and which by the lirst of the year is
expected to reach the neighborhood of
$40,000. Ground has bc.in broken for
the erection o' Sal) eoko ovens the
brick for pan of whicli is now on its
way from Pennsylvania.
This is a fine steam coal and computes favorably with that of Wales,
tho C. P. R. having up to date used
over 400 carloads of it without registering a kick of any kind. As a
coking coal it will stand comparison
with that of Fernie. The company
operating this property have set aside
tbe sum of $400,000 to bo used in development purposes.
A townsite has been laid out at the
initio which will be thrown open to
the public about the loth inst. For
the accommodation of their married
employees the company have erected
25 cottages neatly painted, plastered,
wired for electricity and plumbed for
water. These are already occupied
and ground is broken for 25 more and
a contract let to the Cranbrook Lumber Co. for 41)0,000 feet of lumber to
be used in their erection. An electric
light plant aid a complete waterworks
system are being installed. A large
sanitarium hotel is being erected at a
cost of ,13,000 and arrangements have
ulso been made for a newspaper for
the new town. Mr. Frank,after whom
the town takes its name, has declared
his intention of building it up on the
American plan and it will have ro
company store or hotels.
Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 3.���The yachting wager of $1110,000 between Walter
Kingsley, representing an English
syndic.te, and a number of Pitts-
burghers, was closed at 4 o'clock this
afternoon. The money was placed in
the bands of a prominent financier of
this city who desires liis ncnie nel lo
be made public. The Pittsm-gheis
allow the odds of a to 3 against
Sham rock.
Boston, Sept. 8.--Independence prn<
tically went out of commission Ibis
afternoon after she had raced over a
course in Massachusetts Bay and had
been beaten by a I'eet of fishermen
ten miles ou a 25 mile ionise. It is
believed she will be drydo.kcd for
dismantling next week.
New Vork, Sept. 3.���The Shamrock
II. returned to her moorings al 5.30
o'clock after a successful trial spin
lasting 3!.; hours. Al. no tune did
the strength of the wind exceed live
knots and yet the yacht with tne
wind abeam travelled at fullv a nine
kuot rate at times.
Both Sides Must Consent Before McKinley Will Act as Mediator.
Washington, I). C, Sept. :, il is
asserted that on August 24, during
Secretary Bay's recent visit to Washington, a telegraphic message was
sent to the ministers of Caracas and
Bogota, desiring them lo inform the
foieign secretaries of Venezuela and
Colombia of the distress with which
the President had heard of the likli-
hood of a disturbance of relations
between these two republics. Adverting to the possibilities of the influence
of the Dnlted States being exerted to
compose the pending questions, the
ministers were directed to say tbat
while the lelations of this Government
with both nations are equally intimate and friendly and every opportunity is taken to show the good will
we bear them: an offer of the President's kindly ollices to arrange any
difficulties which may exist between
Colombia and Venezuela would be
ineffective without, the consent of
Two Unarmed l.rillshers Captured by Boors and Summarily Killed.
Dewctand Myburtj Give Warning That They Are becoming Ferocious.
London, Sept. 3. The Colonial
olli.e puhlisl ,-.l tonight a despatch
from the (' .v. rnor ol Cape ( ilony, Sir
WiiIK-i Holy Uutchinson, received
Septen ber l.annouclng that Ihe Iloers
co A ni: n..|. utii. captured two unarmed
British scouts neni Baarloof and shot
them in cold blood.
Capetown, Sopt, 3.��� II is reported
thut Commandant Mybvg has Issued
an in.nr directing that all armed
colonial.-, captmod after September
I5th are lo he ��� boi.
Coptain Wallls, with a patrol of 25
men from Ouolisho-'hern, mas taken in
ambush near Mleringspoort He and
two men escaped, three others were
killed nnd four wounded, anil the rest
who took tne oath of neutrality wero
London, Sept, 3.���Dewet has issued
a proclamation, says a despatch j the
Daily Mail from Capetown, saying
that be will shool all Hritish troops
found in the Orange River colony
after September 15th.
C. P. R. News Service Didn't Know-
One Wrs Soiled.
There was to he another trial race
between Constitution and Columbia
yestinl ly to see which should defend
the America's C"np against Shamrock
II. The Miner pays the Canadian
Pacific telegraphs to supply the news
but all effort failed to bring any news
ofthe   race,   so   Miner   readers   will
Chinese Protocol Not to Be Signed
Until Penalties are Fixed.
Washington, Sept. 3.���A cablegram
received today at the Slate Department from Special Commissioner Rock-
bill at Pekin explains partly tl "
delay at the Chinese capital in securing the final signatures to thc prolo-
3oli Mr. Bock hi 11 says that Chinese
plenipotentaries received the expected
edict authorising them to sign the
agreement on behalf of the Chinese
(Iovernment on August 28tb. They
were instructed to delay the final signature, however, until they -houlil
receive another edict touching the discontinuance of civil service examinations in some of ihe Chinese cities
where the Boxer movement has found
its principal strength. One of the
penalties imposed by the foieign ministeis upon tbo Chinese Government
was tbe discontinuance ol these examinations which are dear to the better
clasj of Chinese. Where the Boxers
were particularly offensive, the
Chinese Government is finding il no
easy matter to discriminate in tbe
selection of places where the penalty
is to bo imposed.
Tho receipts for August at the Nelsou Customs house wen- 814,814.30, an
increase over the collections of July
of (1,003.48, the amount for that
month being 913,210.91,
At the Inland Revenue ofiice the
collections 'or August weie: Spirit-.
J2,005.27i malt, 424.281 I ibacco,
8297.50! raw leaf tobacco, *f-."..'.in;
oigars, 8197,40.    Total,  83,100,86.
Negro Who Assaulted a Oirl Receives
Suminai*, Puntshmont.
Troy, Ala,, Sept. 3.���Bill Fourney,
alias Ilill Billiard, a negro charged
with assaulting Miss Wilson at Chestnut Grove, was shot and his body
burned near the scene of bis crime
today. Miss Wilson, who is 1(1 or 17
years of age, and the daughter of Dr.
Carrol, about 12 years of age, were on
their nay to school at Chesnut drove,
just across the line in Coffee county,
when they were overtaken by the
negro, lie seized Miss Wiison and
the little girl ran off. As she did so
the negro lir-'O his pistol at her but
missed her. The little girl raised tho
alarm and soon a posse was In pursuit ot the negro. When tbey reached
tbe scene of the crime they found
Miss Wilson un -(luscious ami terribly
bruised. The possee tracked tho negro
to his home, where be was found in
bed saying he was sick. Tin- little
girl identified tiini and he was taken
out and shot and his body burned.
Miss Wilson is in a precarious
The arrival of a party of non-union
men lo work at the Northport smeller
on Monday night staited a row that
norrowlv escaped lerminating fatally, in defending a non-union man
who knocked down a striker for Interfering w'lh him a United States mar-
shall wns placed under arrest. Tho
officer in ;-ha <���'' of hi n became obstreperous and the two pulled their guns
ami blazed away at. one anotbei without doing any harm, The man under
arrest lied to tl..- smelter which was
protected by armed men. Another
armed party t.urrounded the smelter
to F ie that the man did nol escape and
the excitement was intense as it was
feared the f. i ues would conic   in eon-
llict al any mon t.    Uowover, bonds
were given for   tiie nri-iner's appearand- in eouit inn! the mobs dispersed.
London, Sept. II. ��� King Edward wa-
appointed a commissioner   to   invest)-
have   to wait.    Winnipeg,  Vancouver'gate Dr. Koch's tuberculosis theory.
Bosun Sep!. 3.���Mayo and Bowles
were the leaders at tbe iini-'i of the
six-day bicycle race at the River
Cycle track at 1.30 o'clock tonight
having covered 970 miles 7 laps, in
l.'.'.j hour- riditiv, The other three
teams, Moran and McLaren ; Bleecke'r
and Downey, anil Pierce and Mc-
Diill'ie, linished iu the order named.
llli; COM I..\i,RATION.
Hancock, Mich., Si pi. 3. ���Fire today completely destroyed the sawmills of tin Armstrong Thllmnn Co,
here. Loss, ,100,000, partly Insured.
In addition to ihe buildings burned
the entire summer's cut of hard wood,
pine, and tine shod lumber was
' I.ttisur. DaiLv MfisCK,  mUMMi, SepM Mt !, i^'
Tlio Nelson
HUbft.   Kverj   Morning  Kxrcpt  Monday
pi, i>. :������: mo ii t.. b]  '��� '!������ ler	
D;. ly, .ti montl   bj nial 	
Do ;., i "i ��� o -i       oarrloi	
Ih-'i.. per year, by mall..	
ui ly, por year fort:ik'.i	
���        .-y^O*^.
c_y../v./..>\./\./\}A.A^---^    l/i\iAii.*AJA~'.b\i/Uyil.vto\}/\fc^
V. I
_Sjt <
W..KK1.Y   MINK!'.:
v. wklv.por ha ' ���������- ir
VV..-).)). per ireat
W.-elil}-. jut roar, foreign .......
ubecriptlcraa Invariant) .n advance
, mil"   . ;; ;'v <M
.1    ...v."-,/ , ..._<.        v_i*P
J. Q. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Di tiers,
Undertaker:- and Embalmers.
11/. Klecl Utroct. K. 0.
nlrul  Pros-- Ai*i>i*.-y. Ltd., H->���*1~1 Agent!
Alnanrlor&Co..631 Kir-i Avenue, Spokane,
W ,-b koop thll papor on Ille. mi'l are car
au hortzod ngonta fur ftdvortlsomont- anil -nl.-
sci Iptlons,
Those who have visile 1 the Pan-
American Exhibition say that the
m.in exhibition is run on a hlgB
pi ine, but lhat tin- Midway, which
hns been farmed out. is wors-e than
tho sain.- featuie was at Chicago, and
that it forms a blot on the establish*
m nt wlii-h Bhould not be tolerated by
a management whiob invites tbe
pBtrona,.-.' Of the peoples of two continents. The exhibition proper repre-
se its tbe material, moral and Intellectual greatness of man, and is symbolic of bis advancement in the western hemisphere, while the Midway is
a gathering of the vileness of the Old
and New Worlds. A visit to one tends
to elevate and to givo the vi-itor a
better opinion of himself and his fel-
lo v man, while the other has just an
opposite effect, as the tendency of thc
exhibitions is to brutalize and brmf
out the vilei instinct-. The American press is becoming disgusted with
_1..- Midway feature and tne New York
Evening Post bas the following in
condemnation of it:
"It is an outrage fur the nation or
01 a city to lend its support to any
gieat enterprise,Mice the World's lair
at Chicago in IS93 or the Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo this year,
and then permit the presentation of
6fectac.es which offend good taste and
even public decency. The Chicago
Exposition sinned in this le.-pect, and
th-- managers of the Ilutlalo Pair have
iniitated the bad example. Creditable
as is the scheme of tnis {.'rent show,
and magnificent as is the electrical
display every evening, there are some
features of the Midway which should
Diver have been permitted���bull-
fights, for example, even if they be
"fakes;'' Oriental dances, which are
advertised as offensive; slot picture
machines which show by their placards that they should be suppressed.
It has been the out- blot upon the Exposition which otherwise lefleetod the
greatest Credit upon those who conceived it. that a few concessionaires
on tin- Midway Bhould have been
ailowed to offend decent people until
ciitcistn bas at last forced the authorities this 've.-l: to stop what tbey
Bhould never haie permitted. The
promoters of the fair6 which aro to
be held in the early future at Charleston and St, Louis siiuj'al take tbis
1< 3son to heart at tbe start."
������ _-. an.
__._��. L-4 Iv_
A carload of this Famous Beer has just been  received and
we are selling it to the Family Trade at
$2.50 per Dozen for Quarts.
81.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered to Any  Part of the City.
Special and very favorable terms to the Trade,
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Come and See Our j SPEC    .... SALE 1
Now    Arrival     nf < 0akCcnterTableS|                      \v~ri~$.,.s~ror _.-,,, $
_.M_W       -_i_.i_.v_-i.       Ui;r$ "       "       "                                           "     $5.00 for 3.75 ��
D          (,'f   I       "L1      wi/-> rl   '"*' "        "         "                                 "                 "     $6.00 tor 4,50 _��
DeaUtlllli      irdmeU S oak Leather Seated Fancy Rocker,.             "     $4.50 for 3,7S g
.    .   -r       -1      ,.                |_�� Elm Folding Tables                                     'I     $5.00 for 3.7s 5
Art Proa'actions.    2  " w.oofor42S |
'9 Cane Verandah Chairs      -          -              "    $6.00 for 4.50 5-;
!-$ "           "       Rocki s    -           -              !'     $6 50 for 4.75 ��
\9 To make room for 0     Pall stock of Carpots and Rugs will go at ��>
-:-. Cost.   To clear,  Itaby Carrlajfes and Oo Carts,  lens than cost. 0,
Call Early.  They are;-_#��rwM^��^��(W
Selling Past.
HUC       .'S Bay Company. 'Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
into th - Uald*   eral   and   other   resources   of Hritish
ivin plan is   a proti the old 1 Columbia   should serve as  a means of
Idea that an indivii inl who cannot attracting both people and capital to
even read 1,1,0 v. 1;-.. Can hi riade tue our province. This is an opportunity
best mechanic, it is certain tbat he which should not be missed, and tbe
often make.- i good much uic, but he necessary organization should be at
would be a better one if he bad a: once comnienced so that British Co-
technical education like that which lumbla should be able to co-operate
tbuse who finish the apprenticeship; with Manitoba, the teiritoncs and
with tbe Baldwin Locomotive works Western Ontario In so important an
will have. enterpilse.
iWest Kootenay Butcher Ca
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
. EI.ERAI-    BI  IUUN-*
[iriseu   . ��� ; we in the
hu   represents
tractors vs ho
,...:,'.:���-,! in this
��� . - -
d in the
��� .1    laid.
A diffi rei  :i   I
:nI   ���      cti
Oity,     .
net   in
cont u
As an outcon
ha-- not]    id
more   of   t
dressed ac   irdii ion
of the  sj"   iiicati
government   and ���    ich   the
structure is bi
tect is right in   his 1   th it the
specitica'ions b( It mt the
stone be  cut   and   laid   accoi li
them,   an!   II     - is that   tbe
best way out of the d    leu] j  is for the
contractors to live np lo theagreenifnt
whioh they h ive ent.red into.    At tbe
same time   it   is   uot   pi-iper   for   an
architect lo be Ro exacting  as to make
the carrying oui   of   a   contract  uur-
densome. especially   in matters which
do not affei I the stability, appearance
or utility of   1       milding,  hut we do
notbcli ve thi   istheo se in tne present
instance.    A       tain la ic given
Fisu t.nd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nflson,
Delivered to any point:    0|d^ hy m... .._..__ _arel-u] __d ..:.omf. ;iUenti__
on Kootenay Lake.      J    =
Among tbe "fruits of tbe trailie'
cited by a Western paper, the Ottawa
Herald, published In the United States
corn bell, is that of a farmer who
was drunk at seed time and continued
iiis celebration till long after other
people's com was up. Then he had a
spasm of sobriety and got his seed in
so late that his crop missed the
drought and got the rain. He has the
most promising ciop in his couuly.
an ar. iii
.-,i~ 1. u -i 1
11 1
lie Inte .   1
dian v, . ���
.1 th   l-'c e
toi 5 has
tbey will ���
"The World's Work" Has an account of a Bcheme for practical education for hoys that lias been put into
oiled by the Baldwin locomotive
v. ..r.ts of Philadelphia. There an
tbne classes of apprentices under tin
system adopted. The first class i
n.ado up of grammar school gradu
a*es, who will serve four years, and
receive wages of five C-mts an hour the
lirst year, seven cents tho second, nine
cents the third,elceii cenls the fourth
year, and a bonus of Sl_3 when theii
appreuticeship is completed, During
their four years of service they will
b. obliged to attend a night school
sustained by the company, three evenings in the week, where the studies
are to be geomct -y. algebra, drawing,
perspective and teohnlcal course.
The company engage- to teach apprentices a trade and that their work
shall be changed from time to time so
that they will learn thu whole busi-
E- ss.
The second class is of high school
giaduales, who serve three years at
7. '.., and 11 cents an hour and a tonus
cf Si"'.. Tho members ot tbe second
class will take tbo technical studies
of the l ight scliool during a portion
of their tenn.
The third class is to be made up of
graduates of Colleges and technical
b liools, not as apprentices, but as
c nployes, at 13 and 18 cents an hour.
1 be members of the third class aro not
required to attend the night scliool.
Tb" school is established in recognition of the fact that where practical
s;:ill and technical education are com-
bined in individual- the very best re-
suits in the way of highly trained
aud valuable men foi mechanical work
are obtained. There is a growing de
niand.-v.-r-, there for men who r...t
culy understand the theory but the
practice of the various mechanical
branches of industry, for thos,. who
i .it only can draw tbe plana and specifications ol a inacbiiic, but who can go
��� which if
I    the pub
the guar-
I .   con*
tiiu i ....   icter
.   l.ie        '���   : nd
.. ii  ������   it
may taki       i     I        t.     avo the deferences ... ... '.      In thu
the  work   .... the ling vs
and at a tin ���    when -  al  bv
makes it possil le ������  ������ ruc
tion,    and    valua! le
.. ' . .   .        ; ��� ���
.nay result in .....
plotiou of tl ��� i ui Iding . is a matter in which the publio is interested
and   some   orgs, i  ���> I  i hould b.
made to settle tbe trouble as soon as
possible Tbe Hoard of Trade and the
City Council should use their good
ollices to have work resumed as soon
as possible.
Hl.tory very often repeats itself. A
few years since, owing to the strike
oi tlie engineers and other labor
troubles In Great Britain, a considerable number of eontir.cts for bridges
and other structures, for which hon
and steel were required, came to the
t'nited States because of the temporary
inability of the British concerns to till
tbem. Now the British papers antic
ipate great advantage to their industrial interests fiom the strikes in the
United States, as not a few orders,
which were formerly filled by American establishments have lately been
received bv tbe British manufacturers.
The Western Canadian Press Association has under consideration a plan
to organize an excursion to California
during the coming winter. So fur
the proposition Is to include nearly all
of tbe editors and publisnets in tbe
Northwest territories, Manitoba and
Western Ontario. The proposed excursion would embrace Minnesota.
Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado,
Wyoming, - -v. ��� -:. nia, Oregon, Washington, Idaho Montana,
North Dakota und fossihly Utah. lt
is purposed to tako a Bpeclal car with
the excursionists, which Ie to be loaded
with the agricultural and otber prod-
acts of tbe Northwest to show the
people what a fruitful country Western Cnnaon is and so advertise the
country. Tbis is a scheme ill which
the newspaper fraternity of British
Columbia should take a band. Thoy
Bhould iiiti the excursion party with a
car loaded ������.ith a.-, representative an
exhibit of the mineral resources of
this section as could be gotten together. Sbvi il1 slot'.- '������ bii b are to be
visited bave Important mini ral re
sources . h -��� arc ' illforna, Colorado, '.'- gton Id Montana
and i tab, tad a I ���"-��� impeded by a numb, i rs wbo
are thoroughly in touch with the rain-
it is often the case that Idlers are
received in the Miner ollice from
points in the United States which en
close American stamps for reply.
Tbis is because the senders do not
realize that an United States stamp is
useless for the purpose of sending letters or papers out of th s country. It
is of frequent occurrence, too, that
Americans temporarily sojourning in
Canada put U. S. stamps on letters
and wonder why their correspondents
never receive their communications.
This bas become the practice to such
an extent that the following notice
has been posted in the principal hotels
n Toronto: "American tourists and
others are respectfully reminded that
il is absolutely necessary to prepay all
corie.-pondencc and other classes of
matter addressed to points in and out
of Canada, with Canadian postage
stamps, for the reason that foreign
postage stamps are neither recognized
noi accepted in payment of postal
rates on any class of matter mailed in
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and U. __st. 1
Mouldings. Sasb Doors,
Inside Finish.
Ooaut Flooring, and
Finished Lumber*
Mill at PILOT DAY. Yards, NELSOM
airi LAW 0,
__.ce.e_.-i7 Railway aud Nav.
Company, Lid.
Shortes. and tjoickesl route to Lhooost nntl nil
points on the 0. K�� is. N. and Northern l'acilic Railway- in Washington, Oregon ami i
Southern States.
Time C.rtl effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry*
Wholesale and Retail Meat Mercliant..
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Throe Foiks. Ne~w Denver and Slocan City,
Ordere hy ata'h ���� cs-v t��.-:u-^ will have careful &*nt otoraat attentioo-
I The Canadian Bank of Commerce *
VViiii WiiM-h i5 Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
8:30 a. >n. l.v.
10:5j p.m. Ar.
K.i.-'O Ar. 4:00 p. III.
���n Lv. 1:15 ]i. in.
Int Nav- & Trading Co*
5:20 p. m. Lv. Nelson        Ar. ii.nn a. m.
9:10 p. in. Ar. Kuslo Lv, 7:00 a. nt.
Connecting at Fivi tt_.oPoi.ni with Nelson
& Fori Phoppard lleihvaj both io and from
Rossland, etc. j
Steamer from  Nelson leaves  K.   R,  .V  N. 1
wharf. _C.aj.lu, ti, C, bt, for Lo 'do on Mondays,
Wed esdnys and Fridays ut UiaO p. in. returning the sain-' evening.
Ticket* sold ro all parts in United Slate- and
Canada via Great Northern and 0. R. ��c IS.
Co.V Hues,
Ocean -team-'.;;,  iv and rates via all
lines will be furnished o i appUi a Hon.
tor further particulars call on or addross
G. K T\( i.,\nu_-v Agent, Kelson, B, C,
A Paid up  Capital,   88,000,01)0;   Reserve   Fund,   32,000,000;           f
;. Aggregate   Resources Over 865,000,000.                              8
f HON. GEO. A. OOX, President.      h. 8. WALKKR, ��oneral Mauager.   j
*? London Office: 6.. Lomhard Street, E, C.                                  1
* New York .>i:iut", id Exchange Place. ��
�� And QSbranches in I ,mnda and the United States, InolUdlng: 1
J ATI.IV                       OKKKNWOOD                   NEL50N                                SANDl
��� Cranbrook       K wilooi's New Westminbtbr  Vakoi
Fernik              Nasalaio                  Rossland                Viotoi
f YUKON DISTRICT���Dawbon and Wnnit Horse.
�� UNlTl-l") STATES���Nkw York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skauway,
f Savings Bank Department,    f
j Deposit. Received tnd Ii -i. -i  tl lowed.  I'rcaeut Bate 8 Per Cent             t
| Nelson Branch.          GUANGB V. HOLT, Manager. |
8 *����������._>t*��~^*,.-.f... _t��(3iw_i~^-|.��;,i y*_>Mff.i:-f,.��N��-.iS~^EwQ)~ih*����gn#n<��ii8~C��<l
The ciltt HleH that the body sometimes need* :i powerful drastic, pnrf-ii-
tive pill lias beeu exploded; for Ur.
l-inff's New Life fills, which are por.
fectiv harmless, gently stimulate liver
and bowels, to expel poisonous matter,
cleanse tbe system and H-Solutdy cure
Consumption and Sit.��� Headache. Only
-Tic at Canada Drug A llook Co.
Corpoiation of the City of
There will be a meeting of the
nariabloners of St. Saviour's church
in the S'tndaj school on Wednesday,
September ith at s> p. m, It Is important that all parishioners should
FKED 1HV1N'-;,
Cburob Wardens.
J��\,0 %J f% _H DLL
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
it: carried by the
Notice Is hereby given that under
the provisions of liy-law No. It ot the
City of Nelsou, B. C, and of the Explosives Act, Chap. Il, 1807, it is unlawful to titore or ~eep in any way
moru than ten (10) pounds of dynamite or any other explosive substance, |
i-'Xcejit gunpowder of which one hundred ilo'i) pounds may be kept,) within the limits of the City of Nelson.
The Fire Wardens liud that quantities of explosives, largely in excess I
of this limit arc kept in various busi- |
ness premises and they heieby give j
notice that in the future tbe provi |
siona of the above named By-law and j
the Explosives Act will be atrintly
T. VV. I.I I.I.IK,
l-"ire   Wardens.
Nelson, II, 0��� Sept. ,.rd, 1001.
The Delmonico has changed   hands
and in the future will be run strictly
up-to-date in every particulnr
Meals Served in First-Class
Style at all Hours.
We will keep in stock a variety that
cannot be excelled in the Kootenay.
i-��i!ii*��_'i_'i_.*ii,i_.<l_i'_ji��-.i:_'*i ��-!--����� ..�������� --*_.-$.-..�������� __...ii<. .-(*��� .��������iitti*ii-i_?
We have the Largest  and  Finest
Assortment in thc city.
��� ^#### # mmk #^^4^#4_^##��###tt*
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning Immediately
on arrival of Btcamer, at the
nr'n"',    '��������� ;,''_,  .   Money to loan on Straight Moriga,e. | DROP IN AND SBB OS
lb (Jents per Mon1i__;_8&,toa,fcUW.10* B��kn S4
Canada Permanent and Whs-    REISTERER & CO.
tern Canada Mortgage
Corporation. Brewerso_ FineLcKsr
Beer an-l Poi ter,
_.v],;,uv   J'-.   0. .. -.44M��_��*.-_^__.���->__-.__���..^v-%?_.~~.i>,
l-:: t MJi:Tlll.l!_.,
Route   it Will Follow and Otner
..,  of tbe Yale Kootanay
Ulinbor C(
:i 1'i-iv
I   E, I'oiiport
nipany, was in torn yes-
.,,,,1 reports tbat he will within
duys begin work on a seven
ntniet which bo has secured on
,,������'_ Nest Southern railway.
',-, , section of the lino Bouth of the
Luuiar.'  line in well under way   and
���HI be opened for   trafflo   by winter.
,,,,, li,,,.. nc. ih of the boundary, Mart
���,' the   boundary,   where connection
,li;���l,' wiili a line frdln Jen-
Montana,    now    being   eon*
I   |,y   the   Montana    &   (Ireat
will b
Recommended for its lien
ties,    Sold by all   gr(
life. I
-.-,,_,|,.,,, Railway, and extend to
,i|ciu.| II. C . OB mileB. The route
|0 bc followed from the international
boundary at Tobacco Plains noitb-
������rcl toEllto, la through an excellent
forming country, though there are
n��� ,.0,is indications of  the  presence
of min-ials,
Th,. principal dilllcullies of the route
���ill be near Elko, where in rising
from the valley of tbe Kootenay to
thai of tlio Elko.a number of step like
terr__e_ ore encountered. There will
,.���,,,. ,������,!, rock work, but a number
oloeincnted -ravel cuts will have to
bo made. Above Elko tbo line will
probably nn on the opposite bide or
;���,��� ,ivcr  to  Iho 0. P. R.    Between
Ellio and Fernie the grade will
traverse bottom land, closely follow-
,,,,,. oi ni-v of the river through a
heavily tiuibu.od tiaet.
From I-'eiulc the river will be foi-
hum-., and tlie line will open up a
���voll-timbered country, cedar predoml
nntin_, with Strong mineral indiea-
tiona, and mine Iraots of land suit-
aide toi larraing. It i<* st��lB<1 lhat
the limit o! present construction will
boat l'-rnle, and tbat the extension
to Michel will bo proceeded with,
probably nexl year.
35 Cont Tin 12 Ounces*
Can bo l.iwl from any WboloHnlc Grc
jers in Hritish Cohiuibifl.
,.,<:s,a   \)M\ -  MfKBili WSi-HSS&A* ltH'i��k -   .. Wi   .
Thu Loading Canadian Whisky  Try It
To be had whole iale in bulk,
2, 4 and ; years old,   In cases
'83 and STAR
from the warehousa in Nelson
trout,December isi to September 30lh,
Whlteflsb,   Dooemboi 1st to September Both.
R, P. Rithet & Co- Limited
VIOTORIA, li. (',
A     T.     ( ' P    .  \r      i:������i,.���,.,���
P, (). Box 521 Kelson.
Patenaude Bros.
Miner-   Can   Kara     $500   in   Fifteen
MlnuteB���Chance for 11. C. Men.
Spokane Elks hnve set nsuio the sum
ut $1,000 to be devilled to a lock drilling contest during tbeir coming Jubilee, September 10  to 24.     Practically
all of this will go for prizes, and will
be  divided    into   ,8.0,    first;    $300,
second:   Slue,    tliird, and 850, fourth.
Tbo dale of the contest   is  September
23, but owing to the number of teams
thai mc expeotod to enter, it may not
be   possible   to  complete it until   the
following   day.      The contest will be
for Iconic, und  to keep   irresponsible
parties cm:, an entrance fee of $10 for
each team will be charged.   Secretary
Clipson, nl the Jubilee, 1ms tbo matter
in charge, nnd   announces '.lie following ruUs:
1, Time of contest, 15 minutes for
each team.
::. Change from hammer to drill
every minute.
:i. In changing from hammer to
drill the man on the hammer is allowed cue blow after his paitnor lets go
uf tlio drill; in other words, positively no fostering allowed.
���I. i-'ifleen pieces of K-inch steel
allowed tu each team.
fi, llitts on steel must not measure
less than %-inoh across tho point.
li, Four inches allowed for a bitt on
stoel; that is, a drill must not be
swedged back over four inches from
the punt of tlie bitt.
r. Hammers must uot weigh over
seven pounds apie-e.
8. If any team shall drill through
the melt befoie thc Of teen minutes
are up thoy shall start a new bole.
Ilinken steel in hole or fitcbered diill
is no excuse for starting new hole.
II. Kneli lean: is allowed a time-
keeper, a eoacber and a   water tendor.
Clly of Nelson the Principal  Oreditoi
at Yesterday's Session.
Al the session of tho Small Debts
court held before Magistrate Crease
j'esterdav morning, there wero quite a
number of cases to come up for trial.
Debtors for water and scavenging to
tlio City of Nelson filled up the list,
with one exception. Tho first case
was the Corporation of the City ol
Nelson vs. Hip Chong, for water rates
to the amount of $55. Hip Chong paid
$35 in court, and the matter was adjourned to tbe first week in October to
allow him to pay the balance. Three
othor cases for smaller amounts for
water rates wore adjourned for three
weeks to allow the defendants an opportunity to settle. In the case of the
City of Nelson vs. II. -Sutler, judgment was given against the defendant
for ,11, the amount of the account
charged against him for scavenging.
Nelson & Mallelto brought suit
against 11. Hoy I'or board. A counter
claim   was advanced by the defendant
aaginst Jolin Nolson,and tbo ease was
remanded   till   next week   for further
A carload of nors-jH was brought In
from Spokane by George Forgucon
yesterday, to be used in his livery
business in Nelson.
Three stone cutters from   Monti.nl.
who   weie   engaged    to   woik at   ',..
Kaslo (|iiarry on the   marble   (or   u..
Nelson poslollice, passed   through   tbe
city yesterday en route to Kaslo.
A meeting of the reception committee of the loeal Cli. istiau Liideavoiers
was held Ir-st evening at the Methodist church, when arrangements were
perfected for the meeting of tiie delegates wbo will commence to arrive
this evening. Everything is now in
readiness for tlio convention, whicli
promises to be a great tucoess in every
The Miner's telegraphic news this
morning had quite a trip before il
readied the leaders. Owing to a
break in the wireB betwee.1 Revelstoke
aad Kamloops the regular system
eon hi not be used. The ''A. P.,"
therefore, came into Canada nl
Buffalo, went from Eastern Canadian
ollices, via Winnipeg,to San Erascisco,
then to Portland, Olfl,, Spokane aud
finally to Nelson. Coast news came
via San Francisco.
This   promises   to  be a very bright
season   for   the   Nel:,on   Operatic   .Society.     The executive committee held
a meeting last evening in   the otlice of
the President, Dr. LaBau and thirteen
out of tlio   fourteen   members   of   the
committee   were   present.      (ireat. interest was shown in the work   of   the
society.    The principal busi'less   discussed wns the selection   of   an   opera
lo be produced iu November.      It. was
finally decided to chose one from   the
following,   "Chimes   of   Normandy,"
Robin     Hood."     ''Yoemau   of   She
Guard,"    and   '-Ermine."     A   telegram was sent to an   eastern publishing house   ordering  the scenes  of the
above opetas to be sent and when they
arrive a choice will be made.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wright returned to   Nelson    the   beginning   of   the
week, after a pleasant and interesting
trip   in   the   eastern provinces.     On
their way back they  passed   the seme
of tbe terrible disaster  on   the  (ireat
Northern     railway     near     Kalispel,
Montana, on the Uist regular tram to
traverse tbe line after  tlie tracks bad
beon   cleared,   21 hours after tbo accident Happened.    Mr. Wright said that
of all the cars that had boen   piled in
that vast charuel heap   there was   not
a   piece   of   wood   the sii.e of a   lead
pencil left, nothing but   a   huge   pile
of  twisted iron   and   slnel   rods  nnd
wheels   still   glowing   red   hut,  over
which   the   sickening   odor of burned
human   bodies   still   lingered.      The
train they were in slowed down,   al--
raost   stpppiU_   while     passing     the
wreck, and all on   boar!   breathed   a
sigh of relief when   n   euvve   in   the
road shut out all view of tlie place.
N. E. T. CO.
FOR  SALE  I^O  Minute  Service
| Cars leave top ol Stanley street and
Reynolds' Livery   Stable the Park at the hour, twenty past
and twenty to.
Wili Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at   $10.00
per mouth.
Apply to
H. 8. CAMERON, Agent
Baker  Street.
TMMjn   10 GENTS
_Aili_D  10 TICKETS 50 GENTS
Late Car 10:40 each End.
I Artvori.inuinont-liiseruwl umlcr thin bead nl I Are vou iu want'.' Il you are, tett
1.I10 nuo of ono oc-iit. _ wonl uoi l.i-oriloi.. No tba people, through The Miner wain
advertisement! taken fur low than 29 cents.      ,,,-     l     ,   . . -���'"-���, --�����"*���
8it.um.inn  Wanted   advertisements   Innortocl   column,  vWiat   yon are   m   wuu*   ut.
Llirei) times free nf oharfCO. You'll  tfel  u
IfOB    BALE,���Cornor   Hall   and   i_ili-: _���/!..-�� j   j��� o ~, 1  _-
servatory   streets,    three   lots   and   WrlLJUt^ctAL,LZ
Bungalow,    erected less   than a yoar j i-/o/ /occ.
ago.   House has  drawing  room, din* n ___���__/oco
ing room, hall, two   brick lira places,
three   bedrooms,   a   large   bntliri  . NELSON   Is. C
kitchen,   ci-llar,   nuthouse,   wide verandah    two   soles  of   bouse,   water, 1
sewer and el.-ctiie    light,    veiV   eon,- ��� AhilA 1 till AN li .MlNLltA I. WATERS
plele, view i^noxcelled,    very   eomfor-   -
table home for small family.     To   be i V' m- u.N  boua   waTKH   FAOTOHV-
sold   with   or   without   furniture   at  -*-*   .v .u.i ,i���,;,,.,,.,,���, ,..   bvure jumwu
., , .,   , .,    i i.inu   ui-unmi,..,-.   1' U llux So.   K-u-eiuiii
once,   (hvni'i leaving Nelson.    Apply "���""v"
on   preml.es   or   lo Messrs. 11. .t  M
llird, llaker street.
ROOMS TO RENT.���K. VV. C. Hlock-
_ Two rooms en suite, on Ward St.,
also rooms facing the west. On Sep-
tern ber 1, two single rooms and two
or three en suite facing linker st.
Furnished or unfurnished*, .Mrs. !���'.
J. Squire, Room Jl, K.    W, 0. lilock.
ROOM and board in   private   family.
Apply on Siliea   street, second   door
west of Ward.
_��_ ^ ... .,,. , uui.ui.in, i��� , , -. r.> ,.i ��� munii
,.illU' ul -'ill un.,..-. J'.i 1-,. ;~. iullipUUU
SO. ill* lXuuYUf .-.ri,.. NulnOll,    l,;,,lul- ul     I'L-
i.iuiuiin bu i.e-it nui~-i'ini_- Aliuumi ~   lur
ROOM for   rent  at   Mrs.   Mclleath's,
Silica street.
AJ_" lll_.L_.--i
LlANh  ._   .MAI.'HO~Al.ll  ill, e urn,   J,inn:
/      A.  .li..lMUl>.0<l!  -AI'UUILUUI      '.Im   nUeCllll
LuiiUuuLe, Urunuu ilul mons, cumin- Uttkul uml
A ilill aii'UOUli ..UleUll
J.   liVAiv.'   ,>.   * ���' i.    bill.ci   Wai'l,   Noi
..     -V> liOlLnUllI   HOUluI'H  in   liquoiT., CI-
Kui'oi ooiuunL, ilro iifn.'v -_'i.i lin oi_i>, v\._ici
\ii\ic aud liLuul t'wib, nud K-iutij'i.i cuuiuiuttuua
PRIVATE SALE Of contents of I A MACUONAL1) tc Uo.-Conior frou
, ... __,, ,��� i���, i ���,���,���,. .0.0-* and u.iii biruoLs���nauiusam Ktui_r
drawing room and   two bod   rooms,   ���uu ,������  ,��� .,_._, ,, til���lu- ,,������,., uuou,
properly of Mrs, Iloiae.- Hume, Hume   ruonurti, muckuiawband uiiiu-ra'suiiurivs.
piopcllV  l'l   Ulia.   Iioiai.'    ninii*,   ..ni..��    inuuwi, iiuiuuuaiii iuiu u
i Hotel,   will   be  sold   by private  salo
The Company  have  many  good j this   week.    Articles   may be seen at |        ��"1""1   .-���������-���.
building lots for sale. 'any time.
Apply at llie   Ollice;   on   Vernon
^Ir.   I V4   __/ML_is
For domestic or steam use.
A full simply always on
Rales to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent-
Tel. No. 2G5.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R   offices.
I'UKSSMAN desires situation.    News-
paper or   job   woik.     "Pressman,"
Miner Olliee.
West Transfer Co.
Atlantic S,S, Sailings
From Moncroal
A llau Lino Tunlfllan.  Aug 80
Allan  Who Nuiuldinn BopU 7
Boavor Uno Lake C-tiporloi' Au/. :tn
Beavor Line Lake bimcoo  ..._ Bopt. f>
rrauoO'Canailian Lin .Garth Gaulle.... Aim. HO
franco-Canadian Lino VViwatui   ��� ...Sopv. I"
From l'ortliunt, Mo.
Dominion Line Vancouver Bopt. 7
Dominion Lino  Dominion  Bopt* 14
Krom Now York
Wliii o Star Lino Toulonh���, Auk- 28
White Star Uno Gonnanlo BopXi 4
1 Minimi Line Kirurki Auk.Si
Onnai'd Lino Borvla..   . . , Bopt. ���*���
American Line Bt. Paul Aug, Si)
Amerlcau Line St. Louis Hci.L 4
bVencb Line L'Aqult-aiao Aug. 2U
b'ronch Lino Lu Ohampaguo Bopv. 6
\. <i. L. Kai u- in Mana Tlioroala Sopt. 10
Anohor Line Uity ur itmiiu bept. 7
Uaniburg A.morlean Doutschland Bopt. 5
For furtlior parlicularsapply to
City Paaaengor AkoiiI, Nelson, B. C,
GoneralS.S. \ronO G.P.U. Oftl-,o.. Wlmiin^g
WANTED.���Situation as houHekeeper;
for refei'eoce apply   Miss 1.   Buineti,
Nelaon, if. 0.
ij   BI KNd & Co.���bakoi  Btroot, Nulson���
���   v\ nolodaiu uoaluLi. in Irc.li uml uuiod
nioatb.   Guitl ouiruHU.
i. I ��� J.- I     K(.'<Jli';.\A _     j.L T.JiKH    l -).-
VV     Bakor uiruei., iNolHOn    .Vnuiutialu u_a
uro wi (rodU and ouiud inoau*.
UAKDWAltE & MINING   :-t-il'LlLa
VVANT1.U.���At once,   a dining  room
girl.    Apply Uu.i.i' Hotel.
WANTED.- - Position us timekeeper
in mine or engineer's or m-suyer's
office. ICnowlodge of minu bnokkeep*
ing anil asflaying, PrauM&vl nnder*
ground experience, Willing to be
generally useful In small nutu1.
Alpha, Miner Oflice,
WANTED.���Young     man    to     drive
grocery     wagon.       Must   he   well
acquainted with city.     None but first
class men need apply,     Box 107   eity.
LAWUKNUJti HAlti-tWAitW < G - Bak. i
EiLrcul, iNoIiuit" Whoiomlo ilstalain io
nurdwuru, mini i ���' BUppliOfJ, sporting huqiIh
V,f'LaCHLAJS BXtGs), iBuceesHora iu V;m
_jJL   uouvor Uartiwuro. o, Ltd.) Uakui Buuut>
..uinon���-\\ iii-Usaiu (lualor.. in li_utlWatu uml
mining Hupphuu, pimnuurt. and unouaLUn' ..ui>
Rust   Fir  and   Tamarac   AT
ways cn hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Office on   Bo*-*- Street. Tel. 83
He   sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FUSE, not
something that looks   like   it.      aw-
renoe Hardware Co., Agents.
NELSON Employment AgoDey,  Baker
street,    l'hone 378.    .1. II. Love.
WANTED.��� Carnti'iiter 84,00.     Cook.
Bridge      Caipenleis.      Waitreases.
Railroad   men   for   Lardo.     Waiter.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
N~u-.').\    liAUD~Al.K   CO.���Wkuloaulo
p ..in,-., ui.. ...i.i :;...--, iiu;i huui'..   ijoi"
.\i.;ni~ iui u.n.ni'j fuwuur VVurks; lyuamlui
i nUHNKU, BKE'J'ON x Co.���Uurnor Vornuu
JL uml ju..u|)Uiiii> Eitrouto, iSui-itu���\v'ii(.it3
:>u.u duaiurd ui Uquoni, oltfaiti, aud dry _uoud.
vvnuni. cor i.i�� i Uruwuig _o. ot Mnwaukuo
aud Oalgur) lirowtugCo ol Ual_ory.
jl UUSONU li VY Co.-Wholo��al8 ni_,',:riu-
1.1   uml Uquorti oto., Jiakoc Dirut-t, nolaoo.
��� 40 - ��v
y.i?' :>'; >'iTkl\
The fanu* of Buoklan's Arnica Solve,
as the best in the world, extends
lound the earth. It's the one pei (ect
healer of Cuts, Corns, Ilriiises, Sorer
Scalds, Hoi Is, Ulcers, Felons, Aches,
Fains and all Skin Eruptions. Only
infalliho Pile cure, -"ic a hex at
Canada Drug & liuok Co.
Is    lame    or    intei feres
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
WANTED���Waitress, for ol town, $3S
a monlh; {jprl   for housework, $30 a
month; three men for   cutting   roads,
$2.50   a   day;   one man   for   haying.
dishwasher.     Western   Canadian   Kin-
ploymei-t   Office.      II.   A.     Prossor.
l'hone :i7().
Storage��� I'havu a   large   warehouse
for    storing       hou Behold    or    othei
NKU. >.N HAW ANU I'LANINQ _\ili.i.-
oiii-.u uoruor  LlaU aud  front Utrouta
.-i:lsuii--JJuinb�� r, cu.luiK.  UoorilJg, ami  tnufj
Litiun lu woud tot buUdit-K purpotfoti-   Qot oui
pilouii.   (JorruDpoudunco HuhulUid.
rp GALLON n. CO.���Dealera In oro ?ackn
X ��� and twines. Always a large stock on
liund, Telophouo-_05. Kuuiu II. Iv.-vn'.-C lilock
J* 0. GWILLIM, B*t  Sc,
Late of Geolo{,ic,il Survey of Canada. Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
ntEi. -fiiiliiK <�����-<! Properlles-Wt. ure
aiixl^iiH it* ��nviic ii few free mUiinu gold
pri��|M.rilcH ai oQce,   The  Prospector's   Kx*
chiiitnc,   Nclsan,   tf.   *',    Itooiii  1,   li. >V. ( .
<;oLnsiLii:it f nt'i'iit i.i:\i�� uiucs ami
prosprrli. uanted.   unui n ;��ui I and sakm-
plon to ihe I'm-iMcini"*. Bxeknuge. Nolson.
B.C.   Boom 1 li. W.-C. ii <mK.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor,
Baker Street
Nulson. B. f.
��� 11 yJtr-'VKrc'
���i'<v int: ut.ici:!',!.., btmght   in taouBuhold
OAKS.���HJjAL3 a laOAETE. .juantitifiB.     AIbo   unat   off   clothinR.
Oull  aud  fee  me  or write.   Adire.is
Will pay the highest oaHh price for all
kinds oi Rt-eouil bund |*oods.    Will bay
or   Bell   inn I lnn~ from   an nu. lini to a
Spokane Fails &
Northern R'v,
Nelson  &  Fort
^heppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
The most miserable lielnfjs in tbe
world are those t.-iTering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. Won:
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the United States are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such as -our Stomach, Sicl��
Headache, Habitual Coativeness, Palpitation of tbo Heart, Heart-burn,
Water brash, GnawlnR nnd Bm-ning
1'aius at the Pit of the Stomach, Yellow Skin, routed Tongue and Disagreeable Ta-te in the .Muuth Cuming
up of Food after Hating, Dow Spirits,
etc. (lo to your Drnggist and get n
bottle of August Flower for ia cents.
Two doses will relieve you. Try it.
Get Green's Prize Almanac.
Close connection Bast and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Fulls and Northern Railway,
aud nt Ilooiier's Ferry wit.n Kootena-y
Railway ft Navigation Co.
Direct connection at St, Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New York
and all points West and South,
Stiver   King   Mine,   Bo*   UPO.
S'-'-eet, Nelson,  B  '*.
F. 0. QUEEN        F. S. OI_l-Mt__.T9
Civil Engineers and Pro   octal Land
Leaves Spokano daily for.East at'0:15 a m j Surveyor*.
Leaves Spokano dr.iiy lor Wost at 7:15 a.ui    .,   ,,   .,     . ���
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at BOO p m.
West-bound trains make direct con-
Spokane Interstate
Spokane and Return $9.50
Sept. 9 to 20, Inclusive
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via St. Paul or Chi-
on, B.C
The fullowing are the open seasons
for fish frequenting the inland waters
uf British Columbia:
Large grey trout, (Rainbow,)
speckled trout, landlocked salmon,
March   Kith to October  14th.    Salmon
If you don't like Blue Kib'jon TV a it's
beoanse you   ever tasted it.
1( you are at all Boeptioal about trying tit if
lulls Monthol Liniment yonrdruggiHt will -,t!l
It with tho understanding that if nut entirely
siUlHf-ctory  your  money  tmek.    Uno it for
rheumatism, noural'gtit, surtiius, brutuOB, iiiiim
oular soreiu-s^ anil all forms uf swelling and in
llanunat ion.   t'riun 'ia cunts.
Kor sule by J. 11. VuuBtout* Nt-laon, 13. C.
Notiee is hereby given that I hnve
assumed sole control and management
of the Hume Hotel and that I will pay
all liabilities of Hie said hotel and
collect all acconntB.
Dated at Nelson, li. C, Aug. :;7,
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through    passenger    trains    lv
nection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season nf navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagnificeutsteainuhipB North.West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Hallway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane	
Ryll,K?o��te.^ TRADE MARKS ami COPYRIGHTS|}��;aS p.m'.'.V.V.'^rBBUnd
0p   or tn no.iOa.m Nelson.,
Pai-Aprican Exposition
BUFFALO, S7b.00.
Sixt)'    Days'    Limit.
Good going Sept. 3rd, 17th
Through S lee ping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto, Arrowhead to Vancouver.
 ��-B*-   1 -���--     -   !   For pamphlets descriptive of Oan*
tween Spokane and Nelson.   Buffet adinnPaciao tou..sand ,,,, Tlmi. Tab B)
service     between      Spokane      and
Bates,  lickeU,  apply
H.A. JACKSON. Com'l Agent,
Spokane, Waih.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
X. (son. P r
Von shouldn't Bend out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see 'vkat The Miner can do
for you.
obtained in ail countries
I Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Write i'or full particulars.
Ix-ave DAY TRAIN Arrin
;i ;l)l) n.m Spokane T i3fi p.m
.Kossland 1 till p.m 1
H11111 a.m Nelson 0 ;05 p.n.  ' ,|, s. OARTBB,
H. A, JA0K.SON, O. P. Si T.A. ""'  PB" jielsu
Spokane  Wa.r *
Agent.Nelson., B.I)
II. I,. Hh.avn,
Cit) Passenger Agent
E, .1. Ocylr
a. a, i". a.
About that si-uond hand article of
yours. You'll sell it if you'll adver
Use it in The .Miner want cu'iuiu
j Wta_orniere Mlnos.  Corro��ioii(ionooBol'.cni'il
I WINDBBMBEK, li. 'J. NtUM D..1L-- MWM Wf&t'M-j-T Bin ���.) tgoi
0-r0-*j> Im' ��� **t'       '-*'-ft--��^
���_��-*���--.  %���&.--.   WHUM!��>u��I��
��� -: : 11 e 1
��� ���
.    ��� :���
pen Is I
..- i:
I   .
pei -���  '.
j.     . . . ......
r ������     .- ��� ���     ��� Ml a   a91
~ |       ..       .     .
o ar--      A ������      .���.���..-        |   I
J".      Mr i ���    If   -   t   -i-
~ r_- ��� met         --���--:.-
oar store, a ���   ��� ��� lc   ���_          -  I
c per   ent  . ��� a pai  I ue.
.,..*,,....���     |          [hi -     -    I . < :  tlllll
ting parties��     ' r          ���     ���. .      - Drlglnnlli
:-�����������   ���*>*��  ���"���-re*eot't I planned     Tbi    oi ���. ���    also decld6d
���     '     -'           I:    -.':���' --'      '���'���.,., ,             ,       ;,     ,l,
eft for. trip to Va,   . ver and U�� ���                       ��� '"   ""'
l  ���  .    -.'���_.-        ...  |  --, ���-.      pro-   Stadium at the E��i tl a  during tbe
���   tbeir home io Seattle
A few ��� ���;. .-.-.
Mrtsi See tben
KERB & 00
. r.;   ~ . ��� -    '������������'
are Ten n
Pianos I    ;. el st 17pa ~. l::.
��� -/vww\
'   _     ..:
:-���--���    ds wit " ���    .
I. .    pent
.     ... ... - ::-
- ���   ���  ���   -   -   -i   I     :       ' -
'    .-:��� ..-.:���-.       :. =-
until tbe firet tree.    !
::        II	
- - ' - .      '���     '
E '    '
Power plant ��� ���    : - -
.- :��� - .     ��� . i
ting  ever Un ���'     ' ���               s ter*
��� -        "      I '
�����.-         _   - ht
*���������'-   ' - '    - "������   ��� -���"    ; ���'' Pb.ir.���J. D.   Mel   D.M   Rossland
*.     ;.     ... ^     :_��������_������ I   -'������������    I   nnlnjl  n   l'i..-. B
more -.v. i   si      ������       -C�� c   _.   at! -   ���     ' :" "-      .'' ���*"*��'Tl f   .;���;'.
��� -:��� Itaoe   G. Aloto, S���� Westminster
--'   '���'���   ;    -'-    "     ���     ���'��� '��� r   W. Tajlot   Edward Pitt. Montreal
ii...-     Telegraph!     -������.���.. bit   i . ".       sum   :.   Swurd, Greenwood;  M.   A
,.-    ,    ..  .    -  -.    ,��� |    -,    ��� - li     r��l tn _ld wife   Gnbam,   leias: 0
��� ���      .      . A. -andon : J. ir-.Desctainps
��>ng | -������ ���       ..-.-:.    .7.     E.    Mac-ay,    Gran
ii ��� ��� . ;-       -.-'.'.-: I     ���:-    Mrs.   E.    D.   McLaren    M
( came into J i "
r;".:.   *....*    '. 3 rr ���    B r:   ad*
. *A*\A. VVVtWV.VV*ikVVV^AAA/i/VVVV*t---VVVWV^.i_*-S^..-j^t^y
week of Septi n .:   inclusive,
. ling a i a    .' li record.
.'   - e��� Maxwell   Stevenson,   J.   E
Ainsworth;   A. B.   Jack*
-.: ���    '     M   Moirbe-ad, Van-
!..   ii.     Bn 1st. -       Lot     : .
'���".:---     >.: glan :    '���'���"   I ��� ...- : ���
-.  Ri       Re.elsU Ice;     J.      Be.1.
��� ��� -���   mine;    il.    E      J.rare.
& UO.
Oold. Silver  Lead
j>    Investors,
Parties   having   mining
samples of tbeir ore to th
Wc   desire   to   hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
Prospectors   ami   mining   n en   are   requested   to  make   the
CIIA NOB their headquarters when In Nelson,
All samples should be sent by express, I'KEI'AID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
upper Mines wanted at the EXCBANOB,
properties   wanted at once for Eastern
Ing  property for   sale are   requested to send
ie EXCHANGE for exhibition.
r0     Tc-lephono No. 104.   P. 0. Box 700. NELSON.bg    _
* \W*A**r**Af**V*f*J*yyr*^ssi^t+0%****^\0^^
"Xi.bc IRo^al Bank of Canada"
(nlillul    Aulhiirl/i'il.
Incorporated 1869.
$3,000,000,001   Capital   I'nlrl
Phone 11?
��� !
��    .    .      69tOOO.OM.0l
Tboaiarf Kiuchle. Vioe-Prdildonl
******** **���**
t A:   ::��� ;.    lee .    ri yesterd.] tbere
��i! bnt one rase   ���-> 1 r ink,   wbo  w��
fi -' : :   ���: _     -.    '.' -.: I    rats.
Their-; iepaitmeot tai sl easy
t:-ne .as-. :c::.\: . r.v. a r~��� .' aty
a- -^riptioti re-quiring their se:-;.e��.
Tbe balance of i-acLean's   stork   of
drags   IS   -.ti__- jf'b:~L-d cfl  in lots   to
the trade,by S. rbompson   wbo represents   tbe   firm cf   Hendeison   Bios
In tbe mention '.c a previous is~ue
of -.':.--' amount of the Bret assessment
on the stock of tbe Fairriew Corporation which is due on September lotb,
V.e amount should h&.<- read 1J_ cents
p-.-r share ;l piace of 10 ;ents.
'. .   tc
dregs   d it.     Is tbei - ���   -' -       :
to j   a 10 know w   .: - lit
'.z.   ar.-!:.--   t [. ami    will    be fom
���1 sdvertisemt ot fcr Asbr    a,tbe new
:  wnsitc in tbe   SimilVameen   ->.. ���;���
-.. ���    .-.   .-.-      mers think  wil!    e thi   -
metropolis of tbe   . >.        tioi       Tbe!"
a^Te::-.'.:--eI statet tbat hall amillion
fi:~a:= is *. be Bpent    in   betterments
and   1 mproven;-r.:-   .r. ���-.-: sbont Ash
particulars can be obtained from bin;
'-.. tl MicLrej, Yancouver. Mis; E.
. : . = : te. Smith Vi..-. Oct. : Will
.' .'.���.:���- Winnipeg; Kev E. D. McLaren. Vancouver; Tbcs. A. Noble.
I ttsbnig; W. B. WrCgbter, Spokane;
.. T. Cross. Mi-.s Cross and Miss
Bive*     - Iverton;   S.    Nc:~.a:~    >rr-
-.--.   3   C. Jamieson , wife and  two  backed by Ihe pavn      '    id  iwned by
1 gbters   San Francisco; G. A. Wil*  the Similkameen Valley (,'oal Go ,Lim*
Qninn,   and  ited; wbicb is an   :.���_���,':   he follow-
Rnuril  of  IMrrrt.trn      PhOmas K. Kettiiy,   .
I****** ++**** I IWUey Smith  H. O. Bauld, Hou. David UaoKeou.
Bead Ollice, Haiir-ivi
fJt'nrn.l Managor, V. I-on I.. Peaso, MontreaL
auperi.-ittndu-ii of Brancbes, an-i Becretaqr, W. B. Toir��occ. Halltay,
llran     esl
'ova   Seotia-Ealtlax   Branch,  Antl_;oiii-i       ;��bee���Montreal    (City   Offlcci,   Montreal
BriflK'.'wriur. (luj-horo. Lonaondorry, Ln West Kn-l (Cor. Notre   Damo and Soli*.
enbtug, Maitland (Hants Co.), lictou. Porl        nsars stn-ui.i; Wesunonat it;or. Qreoiie
Hawkostrary,Sydney.8hubona_adlo.'fVuro, I      Avenue ard Ht. Catharines Btreet,
Weymonth. oniarlu���(ituwa,
Se-w    Rrmuwlck ��� Batburst,     Dor-hester,  WewfonwilTaBil-���St. John's.
Kre-lericion, Kinu-'.on iKenl Oo.l, Mono     Cuba, ��>��! ladies��� Havana,
ton. Newcastle, Baokrule, at, John.Woodiitook'
%-. t. Island���Charlottetown, Uummerrlde.
nd C.r.-.ra; ��� A.  Bremnc   Slocf
R.   J.   Dacitis.   Procter;    P
.:.j   ��� xpendil ~ -- lu-ing the  <-"u ing
������    r by the foil vintr ( im)   -.    :
ai'o.o-jo   ) ���     - '���'��� od Light
1 ���        .
Called aiales���New York (10 KxcbaDge I'laro
Hepublic, W'wh.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,     auconver,
Vanccnver East End, Victoria,
�� a~nclii-.Merchar.t-'Bank of C'.innaa.   ii_-ii.ii -National RhavTnnt Bank.   Cbleaco-IUInoli
1st and Barings Bank,   ��nn  f'r-nrt.r.i-i-"ir, .  National  Bank.   Lnndnn,   l'.ii��. - U.mk  ol
in-i.   Paris, Praneo���Crodil Lyonnals.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda.  China and Js'
g Corporation.   Bpoluuse���Old National Bank,
land.   Paris, France���Crodil Lronni
���Honi' Kong and Bhanghal Banking
Picur-.' fiames and a.'. 1.-'.~.r.iw* to
5^;-. c. r;iL;- '.J pictures at i~e QueeD
Ic tbe report   '.'. the   address 0? Mr.
i E. A. C;ea>e opon the tnunlcipai own-   s
ifrshipof  pu'-.'.ic   utilities before   *.b
Nelson   Socialistic  Club last   Sondaj   fot.ll   Ofje Half   MilllOfl
I aXterooou thete   is   a  oongratal&tory
yf.  ��5,(MM ':. :     . 1.
# i.'t.ui, j ::��� ��� ���      '--'.-''' ���
Land depar be i onipfi>.
r* r.o.tm t to b. exi   . Comi a
���      -.
$ -i'.cuf . ���-���   i bo   .-'Or-Ku.y.
.uso od -. -���-:        ���.-'-. / and other en-
ten ��� -- ���- ..->-:   ifiged i.;.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
1 !r��~ nwood, is
W.H.Bnllocb-Webster left ->:--���:av
for   Ben Istoke on bnsines
Jam-.-- D. Sword,   of
registered a*, tbe phair.
Dr. II. I). Senior of Bossland
yesterday thc architect in charge of Ispending a few days iu Nel o .
tbe construction of the new post-
offioe building, had photos taken of
ti c stone work ana cut marble com-
piainwi of, which will be sent to tbe
department at Ottawa with bis report.
The Ka.-I. w;ii probably take the
ruD cf the International for a few-
clays, commencing todav. The Internationa! will tben   resume   her   trips
reference to the fact tbat the City
owceil its own franchise fcr electric
igbting, and   aiso   further  reference  J.   ,;      ... ::'.    ";
intimating   that   while   there was a
i/reai deal of dissatisfaction
.     .   -.    ��� ,\   work
di velopii -������������::��� ��� : * ear,   Hj- .
with tne   Oc ober 1st, 1901 a ..'..'  ol the Com-
ten, as it w__ being handled at tbe ggr;     .
with tbe pol   .department. ��*����    time,   claimed    that    time eomme. ^ffgg.
a    h    ii���H.t,,   ~. wnuiiiK ~-nn    wonld see a great improvement" The 0f the Compsn:    ��� -��� .0 doubt
S.    H.    Bodston    of Wllbins __ Co., ...   ,     iD(.,,r.ee-       ��*_,- double the valui    tevr. lotin A=hnola. which
wire rope manufacturers -.'.   ffapping,    launr ieierenes    .5   incorrect.     .i..r.   ;_,,._.,.._.,.   r_ ... - :, .,. mci
Lonri-jt     Enz~    i-   a     Koest   al   the   strongly   advocating   the     municioa:   Va.-y   .:.. 0. ���  :    !...:,_��� re-
',.,..,,.;,      souro-f: Co    _��� ,    n ,   -. frnit, urairi. :
c wn-.-rship of lighting franchises   ilr.      ...  ~ with a cli-
:ion apply :o : 1,e Com-
h ',rr. '
J.   W.   Whitehead,   of   Ibe I Crease congratulated   the city on   ob*  v-r.'..-..'.
Ward Company. Ltd.. is in tr.c c::;, taining and operating its own electric  panr'sofflclal
_.,..._���-        ...... u   1   ,'ri'i-i l'   1
�� ���.������_���--     ...       ii. si '   -��
a business   visit   anc is a _-je-t at ::.a
lor about two weeks, when the   KasloIHnme.
Mrs.    McLachiin   wif- :.' Is.  .3 M ;-
i Laciilan cf McLachlan Uro'   left   ;.���-���
! terday morning for the Coast on a :���-���������
we^ks trip.
|    John   Lahore.    Mr-. Otis and Mrs.
I Wambold left   yt-terriay morning   for
will replace her for the bala-roe of the
The new town of Elaiimore. staited
lsst spring on the line- of the Crow's
Nest I'a-s railway. 56 miles west of
Haeleod, now ha-- tbree general stores.
& clothing and a large hardware
st'jre a butcher shop, confectionery
store and tbicc hotels. Co.   and   famUy.  will   -pend   a   few
_.   , , _     ,..    _      ,    weeks in   .1.    R.    Robertson's cottage
Tickets   for   tbe   raffle of -he band-  aor_ss the lake.
6t.me little -aiiicL-   boat "'Bobs, *' part;     ._   _ . ,  . ,      ,   _
, ,     f   .     , p N. Cummings and famuv wbo   have
of the proceed, of which   are to go   to !, ..._ carn-in~ ~n the other' side of the
tlie funds of the Nelson Boating Club,   la���e   during tbe summer,  returned to
are selling very well,   and   it   is   ex-1tbe city yesterday.
peeled   that   the   drawing  wiil   take      Mrs. Walk-- and 1 ttle   laughter  of
place shortly, as   soon   as the rest  of |8ack.ille.   N.
the tickets are disposed of.
plant, and that the move   ~as a   good
.:��� eren though there was  sometimes I
dissatisfaction as to supply.     The re-
s;:.-.   had -.-.irneij out to the advantage
of the city.    The difficulty, if any ex* j
i-v :     cf   a   full   supply was easy   to j
rem-:;.',    as   nature had been prodigal
R J. STKELE, h-   . Nel    '.. B. C.
FRANK SEArtA .Oral    Fi :.<-. B. C.
Greenwood, H. c.
the east over the Nelson .v. Fort sbep-1 tv;ti, power at Bonnington  Falls   and
pard railway. | j,e strongly advocated the city obtain-
N, T. McLeod of the West   Transfer   ing   additional   power   there,   which
coupled   with    tbe     present     supply.
KELSON LODGE    No. 23. A. F. &
M. meets soGOnd Wednesday in
month.   Yi-iung brethern welcome
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lo-i~e
No. 16, mcet�� every Monday night,
a:   their  Hall,  Kooicnaj* st��-cet '
wcuid     give     an-ple   power   for   the   fslourcinir o:_ -;���.:    ������������ ���- r;.:V_/isvi-od.   _
B r       ' . John A. McRac. X.G,   ii. \s. Kuthertord. V.G
development   of     manufactories,     for   Fre-t J. Squire, Per. Si   .
which Nelson, centrally  located as  iti
is.     ba=     such       .splendid     natuia!
eve-ning's   Crow's   Nest boat, and arc-
guests of Mr. and Mr-. J.A.   tlilker.
J. Desciiamps. ���\ >he firm of Blue i
Descbamps. lumber merchant:., Boss-
land, was in Nel* n estei lay on his
wav to Montreal for   a   two   month's
W.    H.    rtter,   of   liter   -v   Askew,
newsdealers   of   Grand   Forks, was in
I the citv vescerdav oo a business visit.
facilities   and   to   a    certain  extent Ur-, jtter is the  agent  of The   Miner
Tbe C. P. 1!. Co, is. said to be nego- j
tiating for running privileges over'
the Kootenav Bailway and Navigation
Co.'s line between Sirdar, on the
Crows Nest Pass Railway, and Kusko- j
nook. II. C, with the object of I
utilizing     the     Kuskonook   terminal]
abandoning Ksotenay Landing.
Vi. A. Ilnrnsebmidt reports that
work on the Robson bridge is making
good progess. Th" false work ie
being put up frotu both sides of the
river. The water is still a little too
high and interferes moie or iess with
tlie onerations. It is expected, however, that the river will be lower
within the next week or ten days.
Fo-jLd Ou: How To Feed Herself.
Many school teachers, at the end of
tl eir year's -.vork, feel thoroughly exhausted ami worn out. physically and
mentally. Tne demand upon the
nerves aud brain of a teacher is unusual and unless they are well fed
and fed upon properly selected food,
it is natural that they should run
A Iktle woman teacher at Coble
ville Mich., wbo has been teaching
regularly for a number of years, has
always found herself thoroughly exhausted ut the end of the session,
until within thc last year she bad
made use of lirape-Nuts Food with
the result that she closed the year as
a robust, healthy, strong, vigorous
woman, having gained in weight from
We pounds to li>'; her nerves strong.
face bright and cheery, and really a
wonder to all her friends, who constantly comment on her color and
fctic-ngth. She knows exactly to what
the change is attributed, for in the
years past, living on ordinary food,
she has almost broken down before
the school year closed whereas since
using Orape-Nuts, this change has
been brought abont: evidence piima
facie of the value- of lirape-Nuts Food
foi rebuilding   the-   brain   and   neiv,
The name of tbe teacher can be
given by the Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.,
ilattle.C'reek,  Mich. J
in Grand Forks.
A. C. Garde, manager of the Payne,
is in the city on a   business visit, and
makes his headquarters at the   Phair.
He intends to go east on busini
nected -��� ith the m ne in a fe~     .   i
Mr. and Mrs. !!��� rn ,. Hun e ������ itl
their family, will leave on the 15th
inst. for California, where they wi..
spend the winter. Mr- Hume Is
offering for private sale tbe content;
of a drawing room and two bedrooms.
J. G. Ross. C. P. R. telegraph operator and a man who ~nows all shoot
copying "press" for tbe newspapers,
left" last evening via the Crow's Nest,
for Montreal, and other eastern
points. H��- will have a ccuple cf
months holidays.
H. Bradley of the Canada Drag .v
Book Co.. i'red Eradley of Bra li
Co.. I). 3. Dewar, W. E. Wasson,
assistant city clerk, and R. Thompson, of tie Ymir mine leave tonight
over the Crow's Nest li: ��� fi r the Pan-
American and other paster,   points.
11 L. Brown, city ticket agent of
the C. P. R.    leavi -    tonight    v.a   tie
Crow's Nest line for tbe Ka-t on a
month's holiday trip. He will visit
the Pan-American at EufTalo. New
Vork. Toronto. Montreal, and otbei
points, and will probably take a n:,-.
out to Kempville, Ont.. his boyli
borne, to take a look at tne crops,
which he understands are very good
this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Will J. Prest, of
Ros*iland, ara among tbi guests al
the l'hair. They are on their wedc'in_-
trip,having been married in Rossland.
September '-'rd. Mrs. Prest was a
popular young lady of Rossland and
Mr. Prest is a pioneer -if the city and
numbers among his friends nearly
every resident of the Golden City.
Thev left on the afternoon boat for
Kasio and after a week will return to
Ros-land which they will make their
permanent nome.
The wedding toon place last evening at 5 p. m. of L. P. Pe.rl. of
Seattle, and Miss Sarah Rev.-, Dover,
of Nelson, Rabbi Oornfleld i ' Spokane officiating, assisted by Rev. Mr.
White, of >elson. Tbe groom is a
merchant of Seattle, and t.v biide a
.sister of Jacob Dover   at   whose   ruii-
Young James BMey,   wbo   was sentenced to a term of 19 months   in   the
penitentiary in Magistrate Johnston's
court, was taken' to   Nelson   Monday
ief of Police McMillan.
It w;ii be remembered that Riley
wa- arrested od two charges, that of
stealing a bicycle, the property of J.
J. O'Connor, aDO also a watch from
tbe bottling works, the property of
Fied Lawrie.
Upon being committed on the
charges, the prisoner elected to he
���,;:e'i by the committing magistrate,
lohnsl o. Eeing brought befom him,
on Saturday last, for trial, the
prisoner pleaded gniity, and the court
sentenced bim to one ye%r for the
I icycle theft and six months in tiie
case of the watch. From Nelson the
prisoner will be taken to either New
Westminster or Kamloop.
There was something peculiar ahout
the prisoner, being, previous to his
conviction, very obstreperous. Con
tab!*.- Linsrnore. who made the arrest, had great difficulty in getting
his prisoner safely moored ; theD be
desttoyed everything destructible in
his ceil.���Grand Forks News.
��� evening of e- ch  E-ti
Nei-on Roy ,. Arch ���:.,;' r No. 123, G. B. C.
MeeUthiid -'. ������. ��� ; :.   E~>journiug cotnpan
(io;:.- Invited.    George Johnstone,  ���.    v.. \v.
! Matthews, S. ~.
i /TJi.       NEI.SON    iODGE   No.B. K. ot P.
j .���"��'; Eif.: m K. ,1. V.hall,Oddfellow.-block
Imonth -t:  i o clock.
Ail visiting knights cordially invito jj
W.-r. Ihvc-k, CC. ':
A. T. Park, ii. of H. n:,'i =. J
Kelson Enca   pment No. 7.   Meets every 2nd   ���
and f.h Friday of each month, in Odd Fellows J
Hah, coiner llaker an.t Kootenay Btroot-, I���
Nelson, A. H. Clem uts, i .1.; D.McArthUi ;J
H. c'.   Visiting brothers always welc-nniA, ���
NELSON  L. 0. L. No. 169-2  meets in Fraternity Ballon first and third Friday evenings 1
of each month at S o'clock.   Visiting member
oordlally   invited.    W. W. Bradley, \V. K,
A. Mi: ly. R.S.
Our Hardware
The bookkeeper takes
a trial balance; you
take a trial of onr
hardware, and you'll
stay with us the bil-
ance of y uir days and
the balance will always be in your favor
Hardware should be caro-
fullv selected, because it is
not bought every week in the
year, and once a geiod article
is purchased you are doubly
'Sixty miles of new Great Northern
line is to be built in Western Montana
to connect tbe Great Noithern
with the Northern I'aciGc. and to give
an outlet for Crow's Nest coal to the
smelters and other consumers at Rutte
an : adjacent points, " says the Minne-
Charlee Pro.-e;, 8*wrf.tA_T-    : '. ��� ���������      *
Kootenny Tent No. 7. 1-. ��� ���. I. ..��.. hold their
regular meetiDgs ;., Fraternity Hall, 1.11. u. F,
block, on ihe lit and 3rd Thursdays of each
u.on.h.   Vl&itinK brethren cordially Invitod to
attt-nd. G. A.Brov. u. It. K.; A. .'. ru:dy. Com.
K. J.Steel.D.S.C.
/&s=BSi^ SONS OF ENGLAND, meets
l(( \.   l-t ai_d 3rd Wednesday evenings ot
tne. each month at Fiatemity nail,
|_��*v��ca cornor of Baker and Kobtenaj
\jv ih  streets,   Visiting brethern oord-
<^-=?=~&'    iallj invited.
Edward Macleod. Se<:reta,rv,
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope,
Lung's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
COURT KOOTKXAY, I. O. F., No. 'iim.^
Meeting.- Ith Thursday cl month. Fraternal i
hall. J A Irvine f R.   P. *. FlBmlntt. R.8     I
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
 H. E* CROASDAILE Nelson Agent-
Kelson Conn Star o:  Koo&enn-r, A. (i   K.
Heeta iml nnd   i:h   tVodnosdayi In
month.  Visiting brethren welcome.
MilUu, C.K.   lloberl McLeod S.v.
\V. Mao*
Certificate of Improvements
Gold S Cauda rd Mineral Claim situate
in the Nelson Mining Division ol West
lines | Kootenay Di-.tik-t.
Where located On Tosd Mountain,
nni-tb ra-t t>f Silver Kim; Mine,
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, K. C Green,
acting as agent for A. II. Kelly, Free
Miners Certificate No. U.". |.">1. intend,
anolis Journal. "The constiuction will jsi,SI>" ^P [���*. Ihe date hereof, to ap*
���a ._    ix i .l ,     . I ply to the Mimng Recorder for a Oer*
_v     :-.:,,,:,;!.,-���,t.v   of tr.'.-   ,ong   haul   [,i'ku���. ,���! I���,t.:,.v, niont...   for the pur-
to   Pacific   Junction   and   then couth  pose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tin*
ov-r the Montana Central. aboveclaim.
���it was- recentlv stated  in Missoula!    And rurther take untie-, that  action,
,     ,.     ,     '    n   .���        .,,      ,    under section at, must   ��- commenced
that the  Northern   Pac,6c   will  rely Ufore the issuance of audi CerlWcat.
upon   President   Hill's   Crow's  Nest  of Improvements,
fields for its'company   coal'   for   the :     Dated this29th dny of July.   A.   _),
western   division   as   soon an th*. n��� I* r.  t . t-'l.l'.hN.
lin-- is open'-d.
as   soon as the new
New York,   Sept. ?.. ���The
It is just like throwin
K '
East Kootonay's 1st Annual
Mineral- Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
H. & M. BIRD
Three Days   ol   Instruction,
and Enjoyment.
Minoril Kxliihit, Bnoklllg Contests,
Agricnltnnil Exhibit, llorso'liaces. The
h-st program ever seen in the oonntry,
See lusters m.d circulars for fur thei
particulars.   Specially low return rail*
rates from all p,>ints.
A. W. M'VITTIE, Sec otary.
'Mr. Hon Hodge's residence on Mill
.-treet with four lots; tive roo.n* down
.-taiis. three bedrooms and Inrpe
bathroom upstairs. Furnace just pnin���A well built and comfortable
home.    Terms of payment   easy.
See also list of houses and lots for
sale and residences for rent at door ol
our otlices next to McArthur's on ��������'
Iter streot.
Having    been    appointed    official
broker for the above Company   1   will
H,e   SNt)W -;t:;h~..rundo_.,.e_fvli��n.. 'as
bile Club of America announced today   SHOE TAOS which aro on   every  plug rapidly as did the   Crow's   Nest   1'nss
that consent bad  been   obtained from  of  Bob.s,   Pay   Koll   and    Currency f-*��*l Company,
the   local   municipalities by the Tan-   Chewinjr.   Tobacco
VALLEY COAL CO..  Limited. I nnd  try  ~  botlle,  a  dozen,  or a  barrel o]
OALGARY BEER aa it I* .���_�� b,e;.! our
elu\iiie-l oil ihe m.irkct. A^'i'.nT
WINES.    LIQUORS     nnd    CIGARS*
American authorities for the  holding  you can have your choice of 160 band-
of   a   lOn-mile   road     tact*    l>etween   some presents.
iluflalo and Erie,   and five  clubs will      Ask your d'��l__' |.r a catalogue
Pill   and   ].-or fulliK,r partieularsand prospeetus
tapes!    on    the
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M������-����-
Ua'-ertft.. NolHOIl
Talc oho
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l a*
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Corner Viotoria and .Kootenay St~
P.O. Hox SOU l_lophone  No- w


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