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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 29, 1901

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 Daily Edit'on No.  1153
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Sunday,   September 29,  igoi
Eleventh.   Year
Neck and Neck the Cham
)n Yachts Pass Over
the Course.
Lipton  Still   Confident   but
Would Like a Stronger
New York, Sept. 2S.���In the closest
nnil most suul stirring race over sailed
for the old Amerioa'a cup, the white
flyer Columbia today heat the English
ohallenger over a windward and leeward course of 30 nautical miles by
tlio narrow heart breaking margin of
31) seconds. As Sir Thomas Liptou's
latest aspirant for the cup must allow
the defender 48 seconds on account of
the extra 833 squaie feet of canvas in
Inn sail area the ollieial record under
the rules, gives her the victory by ono
minuti and _2 seconds..
An   a spectacle, the contest was slip*
orb.   From the timo thu two skyscrap-
oroBsed   the   Btartiug   line  until
lied   across   the   viewless   finish
four and   a half hours later, thu
result   was   in doubt aud the   excitement   aboard   tlie   excursion flout increased until men became frenzied and
women almost   hysterical.      So   even
wore     these    two     scientific   racing
maohines that never after thoy started
were   the   rival skippcis out of  eaoh
others hail and more than three-quarters of the time   they   weie   so  clos
that Charlie llurr, who hud the   tiller
aboard   the   American,    could     have
tossed a busouit to  Captain Sycamore
on tho Shamrock.     Ifor miles as   they
beat their way to the outer   mark, the
hlack   shadow of the Shamrock's huge
club topsail   was painted on   the   big
mainsail of the  Columbia, and for an
hum- ou the mn home,    with the   two
yachts flying   like  scaled deer  before
the following wind, they   ran   almost
beam to beam as if thoy had been harnessed together.     The memory of the
races between   tlio   (lonesta   and   tho
Puritan in 1885 and Lord   Dunruvcn's
Valkyrie 1 and the   Vigilant   iu   181)3
which have been treasured by yachtsmen up to tnis time, will bo forgotten
after the magnificent  duel   of   today
It will   live for ever in the memory of
those who witnessed it.     In the years
to come,   yachtsmen   will recount the
thrilling story of tho   celebrated   first
race between tbe   Columbia   nnd   the
Shamrock II,,   sailed   oil   New   Vork
harbor in the first   year   of   tbu  new
century.     As a result of today's race,
though faith   in   the   Columbiu  still
remains in the hoarts of thu   patriots,
all the experts admit   that the Hritish
boat is the ablest   slojp   ever sent   to
these waters to lift the cup whicli the
old Sdioonei Amorica   brought   across
the Atlantic fifty yeaiH   ago   and that
the superiority of   American   seamanship and American naval architecture,
as represented hy the defender remains
to be established,     The   quality of a
Bailing ship is uninsured by her ability
to Curve her way into an adverse wind
und in the fifteen mile thresh to windward   toduy   the  golden    challenger
gained 80 seconds, while tlio run homo
hor lead was eaten up and the Columbia erussed tho winning   line  exactly
87   seconds   before tho Shamrock.    It
must ho   remembered,   however,   that
the ohallenger  had the weather gunge
in the heat to windward, no mean advantage and the nautical   experts said
after tlie raeo that during tho outward
journey she had been   Balled to   absolute perfection while beforo tho   wind
the American yacht not only showed a
Hooter pair of heels but in the opinion
of tho sharps,  was better handled.
In the liianoeuvei'ing before, Capt.
Sycamore had given the wily Yankee
skipper a genuine surprise, returning
a Roland for his Oliver of Thursday,
���lust when Iiarr thought ho had him
nnder his lce, the lOnglismau deadened
his headway and then luffed under the
Columbia's stern into the weather
berth. This victory for the Shamrock
at the very ineoption of tbe race, tho
Columbia could not overcome in the
���eng teat to windward,
The two big yachts wore an luspir-
lnB sight to the spectators, as thoy
plunged seaward, pounding groat
���showers of spray from theii bowl and
drenching tnu crews lined up along
the wontber rail. They h.eld to the
wind until their lee rails were   nwnsh
Provinc.il Libr��rv g311 .de they showed
.._ v. ineir bronze underbodios.
Neck and neck, tack ai.d tack, they
raced like a toam of horst.-,. Dismay
began to be written on the faces of
the patriots as Barr tried once, twice
and finally a third time to cross the
bow of thu foreigner, only to be foroed
around each time hy the lean golden
muzzle of tbe Britisher. Visions of
tho dear old oup that means the yaoht-
mg supremacy of the world, vanishing
across tho wator, danced before their
eyes,. On and on they flew turning
twin wings of foam from their bows
and the Columbia seemingly falling
back rather than gaining. As the
yachts got farther out, tho swells
lengthened and tho white flyers seemed to labor more heavily in tho long
waves, As the Shamrock wore arounr
with her spinnaker polo poised to larboard, the big steam yacht Erin opened her whistle long and loud. It was
the fiist time Sir Thomas had felt the
joy of victory and he and his party
probably enjoyed it to the full. The
Yankee skippers wore too polite not
to pull their whistle cords, but tho
toots wore not loud nor long and the
bands did not play, "Columbia, the
tlem of the Ocean." But when the
racers had spread their pinions wing
and wing, spinnaker matching main
sail and balloon jibs drawing forward
and the whito flyer, Columbia, began
to eat up the green water between her
and the challenger, dropping spirits
began to rise and when the yachts got
on even terms about half way home
tint bunds began to play and the people raised a cheer.
As they approached tho finish line,
Columbia loading by half a dozon
lengths, all their pent up enthusiasm
burst forth. About a quarter of a
mile before they reached tlie line, the
golden boat blankctted the white one
and for a moment it looked as if she
would be first home. Cheers died in
patriotio throats. Suddenly, as the
''olumbia luffed off and got hor wind
dear, she forged ahead and caine leading down like a mad thing. As she
ciossed the line three lengths ahead
the enthusiasm broke out again with
redoubled energy. Every Yankee
siiipper grabbed bis whistle cord and
the noise and din they made was beyond desription.
When 't was all over, Sir Thomas
Lipton showed himself the thorough
sportsman bo is. "Well," he said as
he stood on tho deok of the Erin,
"that's one dot against us, but in my
own heart I am just as hopeful ae I
was this morning, for I fesl that if I
only bad a wind I'm all right. It
was a fuir and Square race, no fluke,
but it was not Shamrock's day. We
want a breeze that will put that deck
six liuhbs under water and then yon
will see a mco. Hut be suro of ono
thing, 1 was licked fairly today."
Captain Hob Wringe, who was on
the bridge of the Erin, at Sir Thomas
elbow, said: "If we get a fresh
breeze we will lift the cup yet. A
nine to twelve knot breeze Is what wo
E. It. Morgan, while highly plonscd
over the result of the race, had little
comment to make, "We beat tbem
fairly," he said. "Although the wind
conditions wore not all that could
have boon desired, aftor turning the
outer ninrK wo wore oonfident of
bringing the Columbia home a winner. I will venture no predictions as
to the outoome as to the future races.
We huve carefully avoided boasting,
but shall put forth our best endeavoring to keep the America's cup ou this
sido of the Atlantic."
ready to lower away, if necessary, tint I  A    *[\yT A "DT7"pT_
fortunately il was   not   necessary,   as j ���"- -t"lii-ltli.J_,'JJ
Sir Thomas himself   announced   from
tbe   bridge   to   his   startled    guests:
"Its   all   right,    but provided   no one
was   hurt   I'd   sink a dozen   Erlns if
necessary to lift the cup,"
feel oonfident that the injunction will made   tho notification speech and Mr
be made permanent alleging that their Low accepted in a manuscript addrc
���nvriTTnTiTrtAT! i''!",s "'"'l' ,i'H'1 '"'M l""1 '"'���' t'"- ���*' ",c w"'"! t'"10 '*���"'""��� ���,l* (-*r""**
JjAUJjJr J.J.UIN i had already graded the line where tha candidate for comptroller,   and   ('has.
London, Sopt. 28.���The London
crowds bogan to watch the bulletin
boards, colored bombs and variegated
flash lights without much hope of the
challenger winning hut when it was
announced that tho Shamrock II. wis
ahead at the turn of tho outer mark,
the immense assemblages at the Crystal and Alexandra palaces and on the
Thames embankment became cheerful
and as the successive green Illuminations showed tbo Shamrock was stili
leading after the turn expectations of
her winning rose to a certainty but
whon shortly   after tbe  turn red   Ore
ii Smith, of Lillooet. Does not
Want  the  Portfolio
of Mines.
Preparing to Lay the Pacific
Cable.���Plan of the
other road attempted to cross. Tin'
petitioner company opposing the Hill
peoplo embraces among its directors
llun. .1. 11. Stratton, provincial secretary nf Ontario, I*. M. Holland,
Toronto, and Trucey VV, Holland, nf
Oraml I-'oiks.
Forbes, oandidato fur president of
the hoard of alderman, recoivod their
Victoria, Sept.  2S. ���Engineer Peak, j
of Clark, Ford   &   Taylor,    who   are
and red   rockets  suddenly   announced I laying the Pad flu cable from   Alberni
that the Columbia was ahead and
later that sne had won, tho multitude
stood silent. Here and there, there
was a wild American screech and a
few groans and hissos and then the
disgusted ciowds slowly broke up
The scanty accounts of tho race circulating in the extra editions of the
evening papers, describing the closeness of the finish, have bowevei, restored popular faith somewhat in the
possibility of the Shamrock's final
success, though more expressed judgment, taking both days performances
together, does not got much consolation. Tho netting has almost ceased
although around the hotels some
Americana rather freely offered two
aud three to one ou Columbia tonight.
Tho Ducai Party Will Pass the Great
Divide Today.
Banff, N. W. T., Sopt. 88.���The
Duke and Duchess were entertained at
luncheon in Calgary at the barracks
of the Mounted Police after which
thoy went to Victoria park for tho
display of rough riding. Several
bucking bronchos wore first ridden
across the field after which an unbroken pony was brought out, roped,
blindfolded, Bad died and then ridden
Several steers were then driven into
the park and lassoed. The steers were
frightened at the sight of tho crowd
and it was with great difficulty that
the cowboys got their lariats on them.
A storm of hail that quickly changed
to snow Dame suddenly but the Duke
and Duchess remained and applauded
the difficult feats of hoisemansip.
The Royal specials left Calgary at
���l and 4.30 o'clock respectively. A
great crowd gathered at the station to
offer larewell cheers. The trains at
onco began to climb through the terraced valley tu Haul! where they
stopped tor the night. The first
glimpse of the snow dressed mountains
with their peaks buried in clouds was
caught just at dusk. Han IV was
reached at 8 o'olook. The halt tor the
night was made there in order to
allow the royal part the greatest ad
vantago in seeing the mountain
Scenery, Tho westward journey will
bo resumod tomorrow morning,
to tho Antipodes, ia in the city, lie
says work will commence about tho
middle of January and there will be
three sections, Fiji to Norfolk, Norfolk to New Zealand and New Zealand to Queensland, Tho head ollice
for this coast will bo at Alberni
where a landing station was selected
somo time ago and it will have two
connections, one by way of Cape Benle
and Victoria with Western Union and
C. P. R, here, and the othor by way
of Nanaimo making connection with
tho C. P. K. at Vancouver.
Word been received here tbat the
body of Mounted Puiice accompanying
tlie Duke will bo twice as strong as
formerly intended consisting of sixty
instead of thirty men. Tlie streets
here will be lined by Hoyal lloiao
artillery, Hoyal Garrison artillery and
P.oyal Engineers.
A. W. Smith, JU. P. P., 'or Lillooet, is here. lie says Dunsmuir's
usefulness as a leader is gone. He is
evidently in opposition to the present
government. Mr. Smith says he is
not taking the department of mines.
"What did I want Willi a portfolio'.'"
he asks.
Rossland Shipments Increasing*���
Boundary Keeps Up Its Average.
Kossland, Sept. 28.���The ore shipments from the Kossland camp are
growing Steadily. Por the week
ending tonight tlie Le Roi mine
shipped a total nf 1,080 tons, of which
���Inn was second class ore fcr the Trail
Ismelter, nnd 1,200 Inns high grade
ore for the Northport smeller. The
Josie mine shipped SOU tons to North-
port, making the aggregate output
2,-lnO tons, as compared with 1,740
tons for the previous week. On Friday there wero 225 men at work in
the Lo Koi and dosio. Active develop,
ment woik nas been commenced in the
.losio, the drift from the station ut tbo
"Ou-foot level towards the Annie oio
shoot having been re-opened. Matters
are moving along quietly at the
(SPECIAL TO Till: JllVKll.)
Grand Porks, Sept. 28.���During the
week ending to.iay the Granby smelter
treated -1,702 tons   ore.    Total trealod
to date, 224,221 tons.
in  the   swirling   bubbling  sens  and' seconds  after
Sir   Thomas   f.tplon's steam   yacht
Erin narrowly escaped a serious   accident today when, just after the Shamrock and   Columbia   bad   rounded the
turn,   tho   rovonuo     cutter   Qreshara
Collided with   her.      Roth bouts wore
doing patrol duty.     The   Gresham   in
the hands of Commander T. H. Mnlker
and   the Erin for the day in charge of
Liout. .lohn   isoedueker  of  the U.   S.
revenue cuttor   service.     Tho revenue
cutter struck   tho   yacht   a   glancing
blow on tho port quarter  some   thirty
ur forty feet from tho stern.     A plate
viae bent, some paint rubbed   oil*  and
the rail bruised.   Insidj, a thwiirtship
deck beam was   buckled.     Then   the
Gresham came up to ask what damage
was dono and Sir Thomas himself from
tbe bridge,   through   tho  megaphone,
called*.    "1 know you could not   help
it.    Yuu   aro   the   last   man   in   the
world to do such a   thing.     Only   let
mo get   to   Sandy   Hook and   I   don't
care.      There's not a cents   worth   of
damage done, its all right."
Tbe       Erin's    small    boats     were
promptly    manned   nnd    within    15
.i-~    ambbI,    men   stood
,f. W. Dow, J. P., of Cioston, arrived in Nelson last evening and is
registered at the Queen's. Mr. Dow
has just ooinpletod the construction of
a trail for the government from
Kitchener to tho properties on   White
Grouse mountain, about  ::i   miles  in
length. He stated that business was
very good In Creston and some building' is in progress, a hotel and several
private dwellings being In OOUno of
erection. The C. P. R. has a large
number of men employed near the
town reballasting tho track und repairing trestles. The season has been
an exceptionally favorably ono for the
ranchers of which there are a number
in tho neighborhood. Mr. Dow has a
largo ranch of his own on the Hats
below Creston on whioh he has raised
largo crops of plums, apples, peaches
and other fruits this year. On the
farm of F. 0. Little, adjoining Mr.
Dow's, a quautlty of grapes have been
successfully ripened and marketed, as
nlso on the Reclamation farm.
Victoria,      Sept.    28.���The    Hritish
Pacific squadron including    II.  M.   S.
Warspite,    llagship   of Admiral Hick-
ford, and II. M. Ships  Amphion, Condor,    Phaeton,    and   Sparrow   Hawk,
left this afternoon   for   Vancouvor   to
meet Thoir Royal Highnesses the Duke
nnd Duchess  of Cornwall   and    York*.
Immediately after the arrival   of   the
Royal party at Vancouver,   the   Warspite   and   Amphion   will   return   to
Victoiia to await the   arrival   of   thc
party hero while   the  other vessels of
tho   fleet   will   aot as convoys  to the
Royal Mi.il Steamer Empress of India
on which the   party is coming to this
city       Dm ing   the stay  of tho  party
hero the fleet will tie  anchored in the
harbor  aud will he brilliantly illuminated     during   the    night   and    wil1
throw   their   seireh    lights   over   the
city.     The city  is   being   brilliantly
decorated.      As usual on an   occasion
nf   the   kind   there   has b en a "llag
incident."     Objection   was taken by
the American   residents   here   to   the
absence of tho Stars and   Stripes from
the general decorations   and  some uf
tbem decided   to decorate their houses
with their flags.     The   chairman  of
the decoration committee ordered   the
Hags   removed but the   order was not
obeyed.   Thc action of the committeemen is generally OOndomned.
The British Team Outmatob the Crack
Men of Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Pa., Sopt. '>'��.���When
stumps were drawn this afternoon in
the International Cricket match between all Philadelphia and Hnsan-
quet's English team, the Quakers had
defeat staring them in the face and
but little hope can be entertained of
victory The contest will conclude oo
Monday. There was hut one fault to
be found today, and that was with the
winkot. The turf is new and as a
result it will not stand the slnin of
the content lasting over one day. It
was noticed lust night that the ground
had started to crumble and it v/ns on
account et this fact that Parkin, the
English wicket keeper teceived a blow
over his left eye. Continuing their
over night scores tho Quakers carried
their total to lull before they wore all
dismissed, Loor, tho best howler with
the visitors, starting six wickets for
28 runs. In their second venture the
Englishmen compiled I:: for thiiton"
wickets. A. M. Holmes was the only
batsmen to show to advantage. He
scored 32 iiiiib in seven minutes making five boundaries with 'JO runs in
one over. When the Philadelphia
team started their second venture thev
needed :.'-ls runs to save defeat and
when stumps were   lirawn    Ihey   had
lost six wickets for mi runs.
Activity   in   Coal   Prospecting���Companies Former���New J. P.'s.
The following have been  appointed
justices   of   the peace   iu aud foi    the
province of British   Columbia:     Wil-
j liain Alexander   Dodds, Aspen Grove,
I Nicola;     Willis     John     Armstrong,
Rogers   Pass,    10.    Kootenny;   Charles
'.Mashiter Edwards,       Elko,    East
Munroe Miller hns been made a
clerk in the land registry office,
William Stephenson of Quesnelle
Forks has been made Mining recorder,
assessor and collector aud provincial
constable and ooroner, vice James
No sittings of the assize court will
he held tnis year at Barkervllle.
Two new companies have been regi.s-
tclcd, the (row's Nest Oil A Coal
company, limited, with a capita] stock
of $*Juii,0u0 in 2,00(1,0111) shares of ten
oents each. The objects are to sink
borings in search of oil, coal or other
mineral and to do all things appurtenant to Ihe business of raising, refining
and marketing oil or its products and
to a general mining business; The
Northwestern Development Syndicate,
limited, with a capital stock of SI,-
000,000 in 1,000,000 shares of $1 each
Th" head oliice is in Nelson. The ob-
je.-ls are to acquire mining, farm and
timber lamia and to carry on all
industries in connection therewith in
their broadest sense.
The Eclipse Mining ,t Milling company, with bead ollice at Uskaloosa,
Iowa, is registered as extra-provincial. The Hritish Columbia ollice is at
[Ceromeos, with J. o. Bristol, at
tornoy for tlie company.
The li. C. Wholesale Liquor complin', limited, of Kossland has assigned to H. T. Evans, accountant. A
mooting of eredituis will beheld on
October 3rd. Jean Sinclair McArthur
Mol.ecso, of Soda Creek, has assigned
to .1. A. Fraser. The largo amount
of attention b.'ing turned toward the
capabilities of tho province to produce
coal is shown by the fact that lust
Gazette contains notices of '.il applications for licenses to prospect for coal.
i Prince Chun MilsL Return Direct to China or be Considered Impolite
Street Railway not Allowed
to Cross Favorite Palace
Kingston, Jn. Sept, 28 ���M. Fon-
chaid, the former llaytiau minister of
finance, said to be one of lhe ablest
men in Ilayti, who is now in this city
and who is said to he tho choice of
the members of the Haytian national
assembly foi the presidency,to succeed
General .Same,declines to speak on the
situation at present, but friends of
llaytiaoH here say that the revolutionary movement was planned    long ago.
Paris, Sept. 28.���Reports having
been widely circulated tint a Paris
newsapcr correspondent hud Bent word
to the 1'igaro ou thu staff of which
journal he was said to have been employed, to the elTeet that he had just
loturned from a visit to Miss Elen I..
Stone of the American board of
foieign missions led there by brigands
in Turkey, and that Miss St,mo was
being treated wilh exceeding courte*
ousy, M. Henri Des llo'.-.x, erlitor nf
the foreign Figaro, says he is giosty
mystified as to the origin of th-1 statement. Nothing of the kind has ye;
been published iu the Figaro, and the
l'i,aro foreign editor says that the
Constantlonplc correspondent of the
papei has not yet left his post, ami
that the latest advices from him made
no illusion to Miss Stone,
the   crash   men  sti
London, Sept. 28.���The wedding of
MIsb Helen Morton, daughter of tl
Hon. Levi IL Morton, formerly vice
president of tbo United Stutefi, and
CountDe Perigord.Dukeof Talleyrand-
ot-Sngnn, will occur October Bth at
St. Mary's  Catholic church,   Chelsea
Tho  Two liepublic Roads   Fight   fur
Crossing Rights.
(SPBCIAL TO TIIK Mir.l-.ll.)
Grand Folks, IL 0., Supt. 28,���The
long impending clash between the
��� Ileal Northern and the Republic A.
Grand Porks railways respecting
crossings has occurred. Hoth have
large gangs nt work grading between
here and Republic, Wash. A few days
ago Robert Roberts, a sub-contractor
of the Great Northern, ordered his
men to cross the existing grade of the
Republic *t Grand Porks line about
two miles north of Curlew lake. The
Older was carried Into ell'oct and as
the Oreat Northern crossed at a
slightly highei level, tho olVoct was to
destroy the existing work of the other
railway. Consequently the Republic &
Qiand Porks company applied and
obtained yesterday from Judge Palmer, of Republic, an interim injunction rnsliuining the (Ireut Northern
from continuing work at and near thc
cmssing. The order was made returnable on Tuesday, October 1st.
Now that the matter has got   into the
Port au Prince. Ilayti, Sept. 28.���
Tho occurrences at Jeretnlo are without any impoitaiice. The nine men
arrested there Were released today.
The sltnntion in the interior is perfectly tranquil.
The contract work on the California
ceased  lust week, and   tho   mini-   has
closed pending resumption of work hy
(SPBCIAL III  111 10 in-.'i.ii.)
Vancouver, Sept. 28.--The C. w. A.
meet was pulled off today, a fair
crowd attending. In the Australian
professional pursuit race Angus McLeod beat Frank Cotter. The two
started at opposite sides of the track.
McLeod overtook Cotter on scratch
when I2"i miles was coveted. Tie'
race was for $:;.*,l).    Time 34.41,
lladdon won the Canada Cycle trophy,
day labor, when shipments of ore wil!
begin, On this property 1,700 feet nf
tunnels, raises and drifts hnvu been
tun, says the New Denver Ledge.
The nre shows from the surface In Nn.
I tunnel, a distance of 340 feet. Tin-
ore averages from four to eight inches
in width. A good strike was recently
made iu No. I raise. Iii the past it
has cost $lu to 81:) a ton to transport
nre fiom the mine to New Denver, lint
when a tram is put in tu the wiigon
road tho cost will bo 81.10 a ion. A.
1. Math:, of Nelson, is tie* manager
of tlie proporty,
Berlin, Sept. 28.���The papers havo *
been engaged in a warm eontioveisy '
this week over Emperor William's refusal to receive the mayor of Herlin
on the subject of running the city's
electrical mad across Dnter Dei* Linden. While the papers representing
tho municipality's views admit that
his majesty has a legal right to forbid
the road from crossing the thorough-
fnro, they point ta tho hardship for ,
thc city involved in such a decision
sinco tne council bought two lines at
a high pi ice. upon the assurance of
tho mayor and thc police president
that Emperor William would gwo his
consent to using these roads by crossing into Untei Der Linden. His
majesty has also rejected three monuments intended for one of Berlin's
parks,on artistic grounds,and 'uitber,
he has rejected the plana for one new
bridge and the rejection of the plans .'
for the other proposed bridge is expected. Tho papers argue that a strong
feeling exists at the eonrt against the
municipality. Some of them connect
the above incidents with the re-oloc-
tion of Herr KaufTu.iiu as vioe-maycr *,
after the Emperor had once refused to
confirm him.
The emperor has  ordered   that  all
Invitations forwarded to attend   func-   i
tious be sent in future   to the provincial president or the   minister of wor
ship for examination.
Although the semi-official presa
denied the correctness ol tho story
that tho German government had
hastened Prince Chun's departure, tho
I.ukal Am/eiger again makes the assertion as follows: The hastening
uf Prince Chun's leturn nnd the selection ol bis route corresponds with thu
wish uf the German government
wnich considers it important that the
character of the mission he not
obscured and it would regard it aa
being an unfriendly attitude of the
present Chinese government if it had
permitted Pruice Chun to visit otber
capitals. Aocording to the pence treaty j
Germany alone could be regarded as ���
the missions   destination.
'lhe statement in a Copenhagen
paper that Ihe chief subject of tho
meeting at Dant/.io of the Czar and
Kiiiperor William was the getting of
Germany's consent to the annexation
uf Manchuria is discredited i .,- mil I
considered   absurd.
The tariff discussion continues iu a
most lively manner. Tiie mooting of
tlie Verein Fuer social politic,embracing all the leading German Interests,
n,et at Munich this week and engaged.
iu a lengthy discussion of tho tariff
hill. The criticisms of the measures
uei-e loudly applauded and the sentiment that Germany's export business *
in well suited tu lie the foundation of
our economic system met with strong
approval, While no vote was taken
lhe genernl opinion was strongly
against the tariff bill.
Iho lirst German woman pharmacist
has   received her diploma at CarIsiuc.
A monument tu tin* Poet Boeffel pas.
unveiled at Saoingon today.
It will bu followed by a small wed- j courts a lively light between opposing
ding breakfast at the residence of her j counsel Is expected. The authorities
Sister-in-law, Mrs. W. C.   Eustis. of the Kepubli
Sr.  (hand Forks road
one   mile,   from    Wood   and
Olympiu.        Time   :'.:':.''._.
(ilyuipin won the mile open,
did not compote,
Rust   of
Rust   of
New Yoik, Sept. ���.'���*.--Sctli Low, tht
fusion candidate foi mayor, was
tonight formally not I Hod of hi-, nomination by tho Republican party loprc-
SOnted ��by the advisors of the convention.     Lieutenant Governor Woodruff
Willemstadt, Inland of Curacoa,
Sept. 28.���Reports which have just
arrived here fiom Venezuela confirm
the rumors thnt the partisans of General.lose Manuel llernanedz, Imown as
"El Mocho, ' I the maimed, because
of a crippled arm) nre very active, A
new outbreak is expected nt several
points shortly.
Chloago,     Sept.   28,���Mrs.     iio*-sie
Anthony, ol I'lonview,  today won the
Western woman's   golf championship.
London,Sopt, 28.* In the Prince Kd-
ward handicap Kilmarnock II. started'
a hut lavorlte at ;i to I against. The'
betting un l'lamarian wus 10 to S
against and oil Royal George 100 to 8
against. Waldo landed tho winner,
Kancyman, cleverly by a head. Three
lengths separated s'OonH and third
horses, Loch Dnoti (.1. Relff,) won the
Palatine liandicap, (1100 soverelgs,) to\.
three year olds and upwards, distance
live furlongs, Van Stella (L. Rolff)
won the Saturday soiling plate (103
sovereigns, for three your old* and upwards distace six furlongs. Uamu
thick, II. Rlefl.) won the Michaelmas plate, of 800 sovereigns, for two
yenr olds, distance Ave furlongs.
Cbrlstlanla, Sept. 28.���Tbe reports
uf IlenriH .bum's illness are untrue,
lie is still Improving and goes uut
driving dally. NftL3di. Daily Mimsi.. Sunday, September ay, 1901
-*-w- - ���"-������'���'������������������ '-r-JHifciWirr;.
The Nelson Miner
l.lidiod  Every Morning  Except   Mondai
O&llr.per nicnth,b*/ carrier     j
Dally, per mc-'h.hl" maU  .'
t**_ ,:.*;.���. ,-,..r hv mirier * 1
Dally, per year, by carr er.
Daily, per yew, by mail..
Daily, per j.-u foreign...
5 00
a 00
Jl 25
2 Od
3 00
Weekly, 1  r h.Uf year	
Weekly.per your......	
ivppklv per year, foreign. ��� ��� ��� *
utoOTlptlons invariably in advance.
115 Fleet Street, E. C.
Dtral Press Agency, Lid., Special Agents
Alexanders Co., 621 First Avenue, Spoiane
*tah! U.eu (hi- paper on iii". oi) are our
authorized agents for advertisements
Tho press in a new country like
British Columbia plays an Important
part in calling attention to its varied
and splendid resource" ami the advantages it possesses for se tilers and as
an investing place for capital, to say
nothing of the m��ws which it di-Seml-
nates and the power for good which it
exercises. British Columbia is a
province of magnificent distances,
and, in proportion to Its aiea. the
population is small, and. as a consequence, the publication of newspapers
lias not heen a remunerative occupa
tion a-* il is In Borne ut the older
province where there are more people
to the square mile than there are here.
Many publications have heen in existence for years and have led a hand to
th es nee. Of course, with the
increase in popoulation and an en*
largeim nt ol the inilustnea there will
conn- a time when the newspaper
business will be much more profitable
than it is now.      As   matters   are   at
prest-:.1 the newspa]    suit   must  be
cut according to the cloth, In othor
words, r iblishers must meet the conditio!,*- as they are.
Xhi of British Columbia iB to
meet foi the purpose of forra-
ing'anasi lati a,at Halycon Springs,
and there   ore   a   number   of matters
whi'-  tight   up   at   tbis
i:.-t ������ One of these is the gradual
' ci;U'._ ofl of legal advertisements and
the ..-. 1,.' sure way in which tho
prices of these have been cut down.
I.' 1 j tbi articles of inooiporation
of ��� uiei   bad to be published
some:      ��� "ut now they are given
publi'il li ly through the Britisli
Col :, 1 ������ tte. It 'is no longei
necessary to print tho bylaw of incorporate in tbe newspapers.
Applu... certificates of im-
proven,!-:;' have to be piinted in a
newspaper in the district in which the
claims for tvhich tho certificates wore
applied for are located,and there used
to be a separate anddistinot advertisement for each one of the claims, but
now where several claims are owned
by one individual or corporation one
advertisement doo:i duty fcr the lot.
The trend of the wholo is In the
dlieution of building up tho British
Columbia Gazette ot the expense of
the press of the province and the province can get along much better without the official gazette than it can
without the press.
At the forthcoming meeting of the
press association the question of
whether it would not bo ill the public
interest to abrogate the public gazette
and give the advertising patronage
which it contains to the papers of the
province should be brought up. The
issue of the Gazette for September
19th contains il pages and there are
about 415 advertisements in It. The
advertisements are set in solid minion
and a large number of them are noi
given to the newspapers. The
(iazetto costs ui per yeai and is only
subscribed for by a few and only a
few of the citizens ever see it. The
money spent for advertising in the
Gazette is Blmply thrown away bo-
cause of the few copies issued and is
a trtaiiy unnecessary tax on tbe
public. If, however, these advertisements und announcements appeared in
tho press in tbo districts, which
the companes were formed to operate
in and in the sections directly Interested the objeot sought in auvertising,
giving them publicity, would be subserved, The government publication
receive at least 880,008-per annum
from the public which should by
right*, go to the newspapers. Tbo
government would be perfectly right
in Issuing a Gazette uuntaining proclamations, oil,rial announcements,
etc., but when it enters into competition wiiiiii, newspapers and under
takes exclusively to do advertising
not even oi a competitor hut in certain lines -.ii a monopolist, it ia doing
onmeth ��� hich the newspapers and
ri -int. These and
' - lionld   be   luought   up
���"' ��� ��� e appointed   to draft n
' -  above points and the
V-' ill Bhould be advooat-
'"' roioo of the press  of
nay and Yale, and t_)B present 5-eason
has seen a numbei ti! promising projects put forr.ard. New deals are
constantly being made and old ones
eorganized and put on a better working basis. This has been so much tbe
case tbat the piesent season will compare favorably with any in the history
of thc country. Nelson has a number
of enterpiising mining men and tbey
have been very active and now more
than ever this city may claim.without
fear of successful dispute, that it is the
chief mining center of the interior
and that more mining deBls are put
through heie than anywhere else in
the province. One of the latest mining companies projected is the Northwestern Development Syndicate,
limited. This concern was organized
for the purpose of taking over and
operating the Camborne and Oyste
free milling groups in Pish River
camp iu the Lardeau. Tbe Camborne
group consists of nine claims and the
ledges are wide and assays run from
Slh.ii'i to 828 iu gold per ton. The
Oyster group consists of six claims
and the ledges are from four to 17 feet
in width and tbe ore assays from 84.80
to -J47.00 in gold to the ton. Tbe ore
bodies are certainly large enough and
of sufficiently high grade to justify
the expectation that, if tho plans of
the company are carried out, will
be successful, and aH the management
is in the hands of able and osperi*
enced men, well known in this community, there should be no fear on
that score. Free milling proposition,
wheiu there is ample water powor for
tl.e operation of stamp mills and air
compressors and where there are wide
veins of ore of a fairly good grade
aie among the more profitable forms
of mining. Where the ore can be re
duied at the mine the cost of haulage,
which is an important consideration
is ontlrely eliminated and tho mining
company gets all the proiit there is in
the ore without dividing with tho
smelter or the transportation companies These conditions surround
the projeot of the Northwest Development syndicate and there is every reason for believing that its project will
be a success.
New Fall Goods Arrived
The very latest creations in Ladies'Costumes
Jackets, Skirts, Waterproofs,
Japanese Dressing G-owns,
. | Parisian Blouse Flannels and Wool Delaines,
American Silk and Satin Waists.
Dress Fabrics (1 suit lengths) in Newest Shades and Weaves.
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
.  IN'   fill IKi r.
The boundary line which divides
the United States from Canada follows, at its eastern end, ud irregular
water line formed by tbe great lakes
and their inlets, says the Manitoba
Kree Press. Hut through that great
tract of mountainous woodland roaeh-
ig westward from the Lake of the
Woods, in Mlnesota, this line is we'll
defied at regular intervals by pillats
of wood aud iron, earth mounds, or
stone cairns.
Beginning at the Lake of the Woods,
east-iron pillars have been placed���
alternately by the American and our
government���one mile apart, until
reaching the Ited River Valley. These
pillars aro hollow castings of a
pyramidal form, eight feet in height,
having a base eight inches square and
an octagon flange one inch in thickness, with a top four inches square
suimounted by a solid cap. Into
these hollow posts aro fitted woll-
aeasonod cedar joists, with spikes
driven through apertures made fur
that purpose iu th. castings.
One-half of the length of the pillars
Is liimly imbedded in tbe ground, so
that the inscriptions oo their sides,
in raised letter*: two inohes high, face
the north and south���the first reading,
''Convention ot London," the other,
"October '.'0,  1818."
lleyond tho Ked river, earth mounds
and stone (.aims (seven feet by eight
generally denote tho boundary lino.
Whenever wooden joists are used,
they aro tho same height as the fron
pillars, and painted red above the
ground. Through forests n clearing
has heen made a rod wide, so that
the course is plainly indicated,
Where bodies of water are crossed,
monuments of stone have been raised
seveial feet above high tide. Over the
mountains shafts of granite like giim
sentinels guard the     way.
'I'llnn aro the lines between Hritish
North America and the United .States
brOUgbl into tangible reality. It is
rare that boundaries are thus sot forth
on this continent or elsewhere.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
i- NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK, NELSON. B. C.
t Oold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at tbe EXCHANGE.
?FREE   MILLING   GOLD  properties wanted at once for Eastern
i Parties  having  mining  property for  sale are   requested to send
I.    samples of their ore to tbe EXCHANGE for exhibition.
�� We  desire  to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
r    claims in Hritish Columbia.
_ Prospectors  and  mining  ir.en   are requested   to make  the  EX-
* CHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson. _L
E           All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.                               i
# Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to 5
I     Tolo phono No. 104.   P. O. Bon 700. NELSON, B. O.    5
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining: Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock tarried, eslimates furnished.
H. E* CROASDAILE Agent Nelson*
properties are to be worked this
winter. Ore shipments continue at a
satisfactory rate and it is quite probable sovoral important deals will be
closed np ero the snow flies. The
otulook for the winter is bright."
Wales has a quartz mining section
at Dolgolly and ore is being crushed
at the rate of 100 tons a day. Tho
miners aie nil Welshmen and do nut
speak a word of English. They form
a community In themselves and siren
uously object to the intrcduction of
foroign labor, meaning thereby Eng
lishmon, says the London  Daily Mail
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop. Jo
sephine Street
Tl"      ... i   ri       opportunities
(or enter] rii ..,. ,, ,.   mineral
urea i :.:  n ihe'Koote*
Good tidings Continue to come from
the Slocan and the dry uro boom is
daily growing in strength. The tide
is Honing there and much better times
than for years past are plainly in
night. The Slocan Drill of Slocan
City has the folio ving to say of the
situation: "The situation In tho
camp has become further improved
within the last fortnight and more
men arc being placed on the p&yfall.
In a few days the new mill and com*
pressor plant at the Enterprise will be
in regular operation, and so opening
up another chaiico for pruperity ou
Ton Mile. The Iron Horse will follow
with the installation of u largo hoisting, pumping, and compressor plant.
Closer to homo are to he noted the
proposed extensive operations at the
Phoenix and liepublic mines, whicli
will employ largo forces, and ultimately establish ore-treating plants,
Work has been resumed on the Bondholder   and   two   01 thiee other  now
Sometimes a fortune, but never if
you have a sallow complexion,,! jaundiced look, moth patches and blotches
on the skin ���all signs of Liver
Troulbe. Hut llr. King's Now Life
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Itich Complexion. Only 2.1c ut Canada Drug & Hook Co.
Maples, lilacs, roses, Snowballs, ole.
Lots uf time to plant, but the planning and ordciing siiould be done
right away. liivoisido Nurseries,
Grand Forks.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressad
Mouldings, Sash Doors-
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill et PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
a::d LAK1 -O.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
ou arrival of steamer, at the
rale uf    	
75 Cents per Month
D.   J
Subscriptions to bo left
with lhe agent,
Brewera of Fine Lager
Boer an J Porter.
Nolnon K O
Kor Provincial Exhibition New
Westminster, Oct. 1 to lib. Tbo Canadian I'licilld Railway will issue round
trip tickets from Rovolstoke at
818.88, Tickets on sale Kept. 20, 80,
Oct. 1 and ., good for return till Oct.
The wise man wbo wails to buy
shares in tbo Slmllknmeon Valley
Coal Company, Limited until transportation reaches the coal fields would
have to pay at least $r> per share for
what be can now buy for 26 cents in
four  equal   monthly   payments   from
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
J Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to u. L. t-KNNOX. l,��k-r St.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R, offices.
Civil Engineers ana Pro   octal Land
P. 0. Box 145 N     on, B.C.
can be engaged for Private Parties,
Socials. Receptions, Halls, etc. For
particulars apply Io J. H. POLLARD, It. J. Robie'a Tailoring
Lstablishmcnt, Haker Street.
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction in service, taking place
Sunday 29th instant. 40 minute
service before 11 a. m. and after
7.40 p. m.    20 minutes between.
Tim: taule,
KoKiisiiin 11 Stanley St.
7,00 a. "���. 7.20 a. m.
7*40 8.00
8,20 8.40
9.00 9.20
9,40 10.00
10.20 10.40
11.00 11.00
11.20 11.20
Every 20  minutes between, at  the
hojur, 20 past and 20 to.
7.20 p. **
law car.
Stanley Ht
7.20 p. m.
j. 20
10 40
last car to switch
P. L. S.
KASLO,  B.   C.
MineralVl��ims and mines suiveyed. I
Martin O'Reilio & d
i Fall   and
Golf iCapes
Skirts, Etc.
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Spokane Fails &
Northern R'v.
Wejgon & Fort
Sheppard Ry.
��3ed fountain R'v.
To San Francisco and Return
$51.50 ALL KAIL
$46.50 BY STEAMER.
This especially low rate is made
on account ofthe Episcopal Convention to be   held  in   San  Francisco.
Dates of sale, Sept. 23rd to 27th
inclusive. Good to return until
Nov. 13th.
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
11:00 a.m Spokane 7**J5 p.m
18:86 p.m ltoBsland 4 :ll) p.m
In:lo 11.m Nelson 0:05 p.m
H. A. JACKSON, Q. P. ft T.A.
Hpokane   Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.O
You should'nt send out ofjtown for
Oarda for yourself or ymir husband
until you sec what The Miner can do
for you.
Between Henry Hey, plaintiffjudg-
ment creditor, and John Harold Ueloy
and Barry Lockwood, defendant/1,
judgment debtors.
Notico is hereby given that pursuant
to an order of this court dated the
llSth day of September, 1901, under Hiiil
by virtuo of the" Judguiont Act' and
Amending acts, sealed tenders for the
purchase of Lot 11J11 (Four thousand
and three hundred aud tloven) Group
Ono (i), Kootenuy nistrict Britisli
Columbia according to tho olllcinl plan
or survey of said district, being the
property of the above named judgment
dohtcrs, will be received by me at my
otlice at the Court House , Nelson,
British Columbia, up to and until tho
second day of October, A. I).. 1001.
at 12 o'clock noon to satisfy the judgment obtained in this action by the
abovo named plaintiir judgment
ereditoi against the above named defendants, judgment debtors, on the
���JOth day of June, 1U01. for the sum of
SM.UO for debt and taxed costH together with iuterost thereon from the
said 20th day of Juno, 1001, at the
rate of 5 per cent (live per centum)
per annum, and also together with
the costs of sale and all other costs
incidental thereto incurred subsequent
to said date. The charges appeal ing
on the Iiogister against said lands
are as foi lows:
1901���20th   June,   1001,   2.45   p.   m
Registration of judgment Henry Hey,
plaintiff,   versus John   Harold   Holey
and Harry Lockwood for $808.00.
"   B. T. U. SlMPKINS,
Dated thiB 17th  day   of  Septemlor.
A. .D, 1901.
Late of Geological Survey of Can
ada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Bakcr.str.ct Nelson. B.C ���)
fc&ioiti  _JAiLs,HMi-.iiK1 SUnbay Si-i-iiMuiiU i|j *.��_._
������-������������������������4-i-O* -K44 �����*-��������������������������
|     MINING NEWS.     J
At a meeting of tho provisional
borad of directois of The Northwestern
Devlopraent Syndicate, Ltd., a company recently'organized in Nelson, a
bond was taken on the Camborne and
Oyster Free-milling gold properties in
the Fish river camp, Lindeau. These
properties have beon under development by the Rosenberger Prospecting
syndicate with, it is said, most grati
fying icsulta. While no work has
been done at depth, all who have seen
the properties are agreed that the surface showings aro most remarkable,
both as to size of ore bodies aud
The Camborne group comprises nine
claims and covers more than a mile of
a large aurlferlous lode, which is
oxposed in different places on each
claim, and at every point of exposure
carries gold values, some places being-
very rich. One ore body 82 feet wide
averages $10.00 gold per ton, and
another 10 feet wide averages .:'8 per
The main vein shows in places a
width of 100 feet. Ou tho Uold Finch,
the uppermost claim, aro four parallel
veins of solid quartz, which have
been opeued up at many different
points and aie shown to oontaln gold
values throughout! A tunnel started
at the mi'.lsite level on tho lower
cliiin?s and driven a distance of 4,000
feet on the lode would tap the upper
showings at a depth of I,SOU feet.
The Oyster group comprises six
claims, cut by two large veins uf
auriferous quartz and a galena cross
vein carrying good values in gold,
silver, and lead. On one of the large
veins, an ore shoot over 300 feet long,
and from foui to 17 feet wide with
average values of from 84.80 to .47.60
gold per ton is opened up.
Both these properties are covered
witli a heavy growth of excellent
timber anil there is a splendid water
power appurtenant to each.
Surveys have been mado and preliminary steps taken to secure crown
Andrew F. Rosenberger ia managing director of the new company.
F^_>^MB-d.-c0-.fs WiW
Conrad Wolfe, of the Golden Mon
arch M. ift M. Co., is in from Spokane
to see the superintendent of roads
about u wagon road to the Foghorn
mine near Ymir, which that company
is developing on quite an extensive
scale. There is a mad now up the
noi til fork of Wild Horse creek following the valley. It is proposed to
make a branch that would lead farther
up the bill and enable wagons to
reacli the uiinr.s situated nearer the
summit. Heretofore all supplies have
had to be packed up from the valioy
below. The other properties to bo
served by this road would be tho Oood
Hope, Rainy Duy, Independence, and a
few mo'-e on which work has beon
done. The Foghorn peoplo have been
carrying on woik without intermlB-
Bion for upward of a year. A long
crosscut tunnel is being run and is
expected to reach the lead in about 50
feet. Simultaneously with this a drift
has been run on tho vein, which is
about eight feet in width. The ore is
an Iron sulphate carrying its chief
value in gold and si Ivor.
Kerr ft Cc. will have their Fal1
Millinery opening on Tuesday, Octo-
bei 1st and following days.
At tho rifle ranges yesterday aftor-
noon tho wind was strong at tho commencement of the shooting, but died
down to a pleasant breeze after a
little while, and the light being
favorable, also assisted towards good
���work although tbo scoring waB not
extra nigh. The following scores were
200     !i00     000 Tot'l
Ur. Hall	
Lieut.   Hrown,   .
Pto. Richardson,.
Pie. Simpson	
Capt. Macdonnell.
U. F. McLeod....
French and American Pattern Hats
will be displayed at Kerr .t Co.'s Mil*
linry opening on Tuesday,October 1st,
and following days.
Reaped a rich harvest from their
American tour aud cettainly took
their audience by storm. There seems
to be more finish to comedies written
by English authors. And, by the
way, "A Wise Woman," wub first
produced at the Strand Theatre, London, wbeio it had a phenomenal run
of 238 nights and was the hit of the
season. They come high, but we
must have thorn.
The ladies of Nelson aro Invited to
attend our Fall Millinery opening on
Tuesday, Ootobei 1st and following
days.    KERB ft CO.
Colon, Columbia, Sept. 28.���Tbe situation at Panama is unchanged.
The Colombian gunboat Oeneral I'in-
zon is still laid up hero. News fr-mi
Kieo Uache, through a Venezuelan
source is momentarily oxpected.
(John Ilurtt Morgan.)
(1) Th; discovery of a mind in the
universe through the intelligibility of
tho universe. As I tern my attention
to the phenomena of tho universe 1
find thorn presented to sense in intelligible order and relationship. Ir,
other words I find the operations of
nature to be such that I can understand tbem. To certain processes
and sequences of thought we apply the
word "rational,1' by whioh we mean
that tbey aro such as are common to
all minds of normal powers and activities. Tho discovery of a rational
method anywhere argues, therefore,
the presence of mind to order this
method, and when 1 Hnd a rational
order in the universe, I am led irresistibly ot he conclusion of tho presence of an ordering mind. The force
of this argument will, perhaps, bo
moro readily appreciated by the aid of
a simple illustration, I have placed
in my hands a piece of mechanism,
which upon examination I Bnd to be
constructed upon rational principles.
No sooner is this discovery made than
[ forthwith conclude tbat the mechanism is the product of a rational mind,
working according to laws similar to
those which govorn ray own mental
processes. Why then should I reason
differently respecting tlio universe'.'
(2) The discovery of a mind in tho
universe through tho idea of cause.
Nothing oan be more obvious than the
relation of causation in tbe world
about us. Everything is inseparably
bound together by it, and every fact
must submit to the enquiry for its
cause. Now there can be but one of
two things possible respecting the universe, either it nad a beginning or
it has always existed. If it had a beginning, this beginning must have
had a cause, If it has always existed
then there must still be a cause for
this eternal existence. In either
case a great First Cause, adequate to
account for all that has boon, ami is,
and is to be, must be sought. Examination of the universe as an aggregation of effoots, we have already seen,
shows this cause to be nothing less
than a mind. Mystery it may be but
the search for an ellicient cause of all
existence must rest in a self-determining intelligence, or it can rest nowhere.
(8). The discovery of a mind in the
universe through the presenoe of ends
in tho universe. The universo presents
one vast order, abounding in adaptations to sccuro definite ends. Purposeful plans are everywhere rovealed.
"Nothing walks with airaloss feot,"
and so vast and complete is the
abounding order that our poet-philosopher of the last century caught
glimpses of "a far-off divine event
toward which the wholo creation
moves." Here again nothing but the
supposition of an originating mind
can afford a reasonable explanation of
the factB.
Thei'o three lines of evideuoe lead
faiily to the conclusion that a mind
caused the universe, made it intelligible to us and is conducting it to an
end. The only power that could conceivably do these things is a mind,
self-conscious and self-directing. But
a mind self-conscious aud self*direct-
ing is peisonal, the word may be inadequate, but is not untrue. It is the
natuie of mind to be personal, and we
speak correctly when we Bay that the
universe is tho woik of a porsonal
spirit. There is a mind in tho universe, that is to say, thero is a Uod.
(To lie Continued.)
Another ridiculous food fad has been
branded by tho most competent
authoiities. They have dispelled the
sillv notion that one kind of food is
needed for brain, another for muscles,
and still another for bones. A correct diet will not only nourish a particular pnrt of tho body, but it will
sustain every uther patt. Yet, however good your food may be, its nutriment is destroyed by indigestion or
dypepsia. You must prepare for their
ppe arance or prevent their coming by
ailing regular doses of Uieen's August
Flower, tho tavonte medicine of the
healthy millions. A few doses aids
digestion, stimulates the liver to
healthy aetion, purifies the blood, and
makes you feel bnoyaut and vigorous.
Vou can get Dr, C. U. Green's reliable
remedies at VV. F. Teetzel ft Co.'s.
Oct Green's Special Almanac.
COGNAC, possesses a delicious
COGNAC is mellowed by its great
age, and is recommended t'j Con*
noiseurs, and for medicinal purposes.
Agency for full stock at Victoiia
Edinburgh, the largest holders in
tho world of Scotch Whiskies.
Whisky is one of the leaders.���
Try it.
"Gbe IRoval Bank of Ganaba"
-'aplfi.1   Aii(liorU<'-l,
R. P. Rithet & Co*, Limited
A* J->*  CxilA. il   Representative
P. O.  Hox 521
|        & CO.        |
I       MADDEN    BLOCK       I
I  Cigars��- I
X Phone 117 Z
aude Bros.
West Transfer Co.
Goal ��Wood
Best  Fir  and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on   Eakir Street.
Tel. RS
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Moncrcal
Allan Lino Tuniniftn  Oct, J
Allan Line Corinthian Oct, 12
Allan Lino Parisian  Oct. li)
Iioavor Lint* Lake Simcoe Out. 4
Beaver Line l__iko Manitoba Oct. 11
Boa vor Line Lako Ontario Oct, 18
From Portland, Mc.
Dominion Lino   Vancouver Oct. 12
Dominion Lino  Domiuiun Oct. 10
Dominion Line Oantbroman Oct. a>
Fiom Boston
Dominion Lino Now Fliv-flnn.. Oct.  i)
Dominion Line Commonwealth O t. 23
Cunard Line Evernta  Oct. iy
Cunard Uno Saxonia Nov. 2
From Now Yon:
 Oct.  5
 Oct 12
 Oct. ID
.. . Oct..  2
 Oct.  !t
... .Oct. HI
... .Oct.  2
 Oct.  il
 Oct. IU
Cunard Line Campania	
Cunard Lido   Unibria	
Cunard Line Luoinia	
White Star Line Uormanio...
While Star Lino Majestic..
VVhitoStar Line Oceanic	
American Line Philadelphia,,
American Lino Bt, Paul	
American Lino  St. LouIb...'
Further failing* for Ihe above linos also
French, ited Star, Holland-American, 11. A. 1'.
Co., Nt 0, Lloyd on application,
Cen. Atf*-'"', Winnipeg, Man
J S. CARTER, D, P. A., NulMin.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quiokost rout)! to iho east, and all
pointHonthoO.lt. & N. ami Northern l'a
citle Railways in Washington, Oregon and
Southern StateH.
Time Card Effective August 1, 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
-.-30 a. m. Lv.
lu;55 p.m. Ar.
I Kuslo
Ar. t:<K. p. in.
Lv. VAC p, m.
Incorporated iSdp.
$3,000,000.00 I  Capital   -\-iil-u*--.      ,    .     .       $��.q.mi imo.ii.
__.���-.., 91|?00|00W._KI
r?o__r<_ of iMrfTior-4     rhomas X. Kenny. President;  Thomas Ritchie, Viee-Prflirtdeai
Wiley Smith. II. O. Bauld, Hon. David MacKeon.
is-in! Offled Uallf-Ut!
General Manager. K<i.-on L. Pease- Montreal.
Superintendent of Blanches, und Secretary, W. B. Turraneo, BalifftV,
Bran    �����.-, I
'ova   B-eotla���Halifax   Branch,  AntlgonM*
Bridgewater. Guj sboro, Londonderry
enborg, MaiUand (Bants Co.l, Pictou. Porl
Hawkosbury, Sydney. Shubonaoadie, Truro,
Sew    l_r.ii>-i-,vl--!i ��� Bathumt,     D ore hosier,
Frcdcricton, Kingston (Kent Co.I, .Mono
ton, Newcastle, Sack ville, St, John, Woods took'
v. E. Island���Charlottetown, Summevslde,
;*ebec���Montreal, (City Ofiice), Montroal
West End (Cor. Notre Dumu and S..i*<-
neurs Streets); West mount. (Cur. Green*
Aveuue and st, Catharines sin-Hit.
Ontario- Ottawa.
NewfOmidlniul��� St. John's.
(Joba*, West lo diet���Havana*
Hutted Utates���Now York (t6 WJxohaogfl Plao
Republic, Wash,
Grand   Furks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Viotoria,
Cftl-respondents i
Canada���Merchants Bank of Canada.   Itoatun-National Shawmnt It,ink.  t iiii-ni*��   llllnol
Trust and Savings Bank.   Mini FrencUco���First, National Bank.   London.   Kn(.   Utink  ul
Scotland.   Parts, Vraneo���Credit Lyonnnls   Bermuda- Bank ot Bermuda.   Vblnn anilJs
Dan���Hong Kongand Shanghai Banking Corporation,   Spokane���Old National Hunk.
General Banking Bi!��ir.c*s*9 Transacted; StcrliriK F-Jilia of Exchange   fc*��*u.'*.!:
aad Sold, Letters of   Credit, Etc., Negollatcd.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,   Interest allowed .in
deposits and on Saving Bank ac-jounts,
Geo, Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C
AdvortiMimontsInserted un.l��:r Lhisbeada
urn rati* of oui* ct'iii ii word i���,r InsortioQ. Ni
advertisement taken for ir*.- than ii ������<>mi-
Sltuatlon Warned advertisements Inserted
three iiim*** free nf oharge.
FURNISHED Rooms,   every eonv. ���
encei soutli east oorner of Oarbocali
and Josepbino streets.
FOU UENT��� Homo Tempeiance liotol,
30 bedrooms, dining room, parlors
.melton, all furnished cotnplet��! **7*.
per mouth, Appl*, to A. li, Uamble,
agent, Halior  itreet,
esale and Retail Meal Merchants
**&���***** ***<<&*)
Branch Markets in Rosr-land, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Tlorye Forks, Jfew Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to asis branch will have careful o**l crso-st attention.
FOB SALiE.���Upright Funo.     Bird'*,
lO.vi)   Maple    case.    (Decker   Kins..
New  Vork.)    Apply Box im, Nelson,
BOOMS lu BENT. K. W. C. Block-
Two rooms en suite on Ward **'..
nlso rooins fucini; tin west. On Sop*
tember I, two **ir_,u! rooms und twu
or tliree en r.u.te facing Buker st.
Furiiislii-���: or unfurnished. Mrs, I'.
���I. Sqtt.re,  Boom  II,   K.    W. 0.  Bluet.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
[be people through The Miner want
column, what vou arc in want of.
Vou'll get It.
_   I      UN    vOUA    H'AVr.ii    I-At "l'i litV -
J-.     .*..   U. I UIlUUll ..   I..     ..     |.\,T)   kuowu
... ui* .,i  ,,ii ,i,.,.k,.   FoUoxSa i'elapbon
* lioovortiireui,Nolson,   UotUeniol  the
i.iiiou, .11, iaioii HultjpniigH AI,i,i:ini Wuter
BOOM and board In   private   family.
Apply on Siliea street, second  door
west ol Ward.
Special Features of the
ence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot greatly increases the heating capacity of the stove, and in connection with the deflector tint,'' forces the
heat to the lloor. The base is hot, the Moot* being warmer than W'th a
base burner.
The Hot ''last Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at the
rear of the fire pot, the healed air being discharged in a circle at the top
of fire pot, over fire, thus consuming all the gases and products of combustion. It can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, instiling complete
control of tbe strve with nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Flue on thc back takes the cold air from
the floor and ejects it, intensely heated, through the top adi'ing greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions we guarantee it lo
consume all the gas contained in soft coal, thus deriving the benefit of
all the beat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkab'e saving oi
fuel over any other stove on the maiket. The stove will hold lire from
24 to 4S hours without attention.
A VOIJNU  Lady wishes  plain sen ing
by   tlie   day.    Mending   especially,
Apply Seamstress, Miner Oflice.
A noud woman cool;   wants   a   situation   in   e hotel  or camp, or would
accept anv position lu a hotel,    Apply
Miner Oflice.
1 -AM. ...  MAt iiu.v.u..     '  1 m . Jamo
V>     A. ,,,..,',l���i,..;,i,     ArOll
��� Caul.L.I, HlOKL'll ilu, in,*.,.,
H am Diroui*, .sci.-ou
J.   I: .   V.N.* .*.io., ...   .....
bon rt Iiulceuiu IR..;. . , ,11 Uquoru, oi*
...,.-, cun",,.. urubi.uk aud liru cm>, wuter
,'iij aud ..Led railb,iuid u^uorui uouiuiiSBion
iiiurcmuu -.
A MACliONALU tc Uo.���Corner Frun
Xi.. and 11 ul airucte���Wholesale itrooer
<>uu jobbuni iu blaui.ets, glovo-i, milts, bvvui
rui iuiti. f.1.u...:,..,��,. and uunura nuodrios,
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street,    l'hone 378,   .1. II. Love.
WANTED.���Second     Cook.       Two
Miners.   Sawyer.   Edgcr for sawmill.
Oirls Cor houswork.    Waitress.
Contractu taken   for   Diamond  Core
ALtrV   MK
4$/ 4*0
<��fUfi-i��. ft/ CiiJi/
I The Canadian Bank of Commerce |
I With Which Is AinalEnmatcd 4
f The Bank of British Columbia. |
WANTED.- Waitress,Olrls for Uouso-
��� worn. Men for Railroad work,
men for sawmill, sojond cook $.*,u per
month, stone mason.
Western lOinployment Ollice, II. A.
Pressor,  l'l one 270,
Storage���1 have a large warehouse
for storing household or other
,   Ncl-
uie.l cuiod
ij>   UU11N3 .t iu.   Uakor I'iruct, Nelsou
.   v> holudale di mors iu fresh t
..I*.   Uuni tiioraxu
iIlKnT    lvOilii;;.AV    ilUTt'Ill.K   ed._
Tt     Baker bLruut, *.c! u..   wiioicilu uc.
ur�� 111 freah and uured ineaut.
UAiiDWAKli __ MlNiNO   SUi'PLlKb
I    AV.KhM.K    IIAitllU Al;i;    l.'lj-    luke,
A J  Ulroul,   Nultiou ��� Wboicrfale  dsaiai*]  In
I'li-ttware, ininurti' Hupplles, sporting KuoUd
FKEli Milling Uold Propcrtlet���We arc
lUucloun 10 ..1 cun* n fi*,v rrecuillllng gold
properties at once. The Prospeetor's Kx*
cliunge, Nelsou, it. tl, Uoom I, k ��.<.
���UIII.U SIO Kit�� <!l*l-i;!t l,K ill-Nines   Mild
prospreta ivantcd.  n**ud report anil nam*
i,;.-. ie ilu- Prospector's I'vcium**,'. Nelson,
B.C,   Hnolu 1 K. W.*C. block.
litis Money to Loan  at 8  per Cent.
tin improved Real Estate in
amounts of SI.Out) and upwards.
I.,,ans quickly airanged,
Tbree, four, five and six roomed
houses im* rent.
6-Hooraed Cottage for sale,  ,l,70u.
Two Sfi-foot building lots , $500.
Insurance, Real Instate, Rentals,
Will pay the  highest oimh prioe for all
Kinds of Hecond hand (*oooh.     Will buy
or  sell  anytliing from   au anchor to u
coedle.    J*'i)riiitur��,   stoves,   onrperts,
ooking QfeensUs, bought iu household
^nnntities. Aluo ojst oil' olothlng,
Oall  and  see  ine  or write.   Addri*.-*
������liver King Mike, Box ���MM. Hf-!'
S-i-ei,*,. fi*i:*ofi.   il   -J
Paid-up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   88,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over 865,000,000.
HON, GEO. A. COX, President.     h. E. WAUvEK, Oeueral Blouager.
London Office: (>i\ Lomlmnt Street, H. C.
New York Office) iG Bxchttflge [Mace.
And 68 branohoB In Canada and Lho Lfnlteu BtAtes, Inolndlnffi
Atlin Ohkicnwood NKLSON SANDON
Kkknik Nanaimo Rossland Viotokia
vukun DISTRIOT���Dawson and Whitr Horsb,
UNITED statks���Nkw Yuuk, San Fjianoisco, Bbattlb, Fort___and, Skagway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Reoelvod and Intorcst Allowcili  Prosont Ratfl 8 Per Oent
���a ; 1-ai ULAN BHOS. (tiuoco*ora Lo Van
-Hi. oo u voi Uardv. ire Co, Ltd.; Buker Biroot><
N-eibon���\\ buloeale du-Uon m hardware and
iiK supitliiw, pluuibors' .ind UiuunithB1 ��up
KLHON ULA.RUWAltfi CO.-Wholosalo
mi Kl&Brf; oieuhantotf' Looiri
lJowdei *> orkaj ifnaittlie
AKtllltStOI U
'i'LHNKlt, BKKTON 6c to. -Comer Vernon
X unit Jo, u'iIiiiiii Slrouir-, .S'ul'uu ���Wln.lo
*.iu aoslers in liquors. Uigur., aud dry goods,
Ageut* lur i';ilj*-L UrowUiv Co, ol Bdltwaukoe
aud Ualgur; liicwini* i_'o oi Calgary.
UUDSpN-S IIAV Co.-WllolonalO |*riH'orio^
and iiguoin t^c, Hukur Btroot, Nolson.
f^*KLSON .saw ANU l'l,:,:,isii jtn.i,-
J.*l ullloo oorner Hall and front nireeta
N'olson���JLumbor, ceiling, flooring, and ovory
tidng In wood for building purposes, tint oui
pricu*..   Corrospondonos uolicltod,
r|t GALLON tc CO.-Doalsr. In ure moks
X. nn,I Iwinos. Alwayx i> largo stock on
liund. lolophono 293. Room ii, li.-w.*C Ulouk
Dominion and
Laud Surveyor.
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
6:20 p. m. Lv. Nelson Ar. 11:00 a. m.
0:10 ji, m. Ar. Ivuslo Lv. 7:(Hi a. m,
OonnooUng at Five Milo Point with Nolson
& Fort Hheppard   Railway  both to nnd  from
EoBBiand, etc
Tickets wold foall parts in Unitod Btato-aand
Canada via Great Northern undo. H. _sc N.
Co.'h llUOfi
Ocean stoamshto tloketa aid ratosvtaal]
Htiuh will bofurnlahed on npplloatlon.
Fur furtlicr particulars call un ur addrOeS
Mftnqirnr. Kn.H-n.fi, 0
O. K TACKAnuiiY Affenti Nelson, B.O,
West Kootenay Butcher Co
Fresh   and    Salted   Heat*
Fisa and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block. Ward Street, Nklson.
Otders by m-iil receive careful and prompt attention
0Af-8*.-M��__J_8 a la 0AETE.
Close connection Boat and West-
hound ut Spokane with trains of* tbe
Hpoknne Pulls and Northern Railway,
uml nt Bonner's Kerry witn Kootenay
Hallway Si Navigation Oo.
Direct connection at Ht. I'mil with
uut change of depot with all trains f<u
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New Yotl
and tulpoints West and ,**mitli
Leaves Spukane daily for.East aC9:lb am
Lftaven Spokane daily lor Wost at 7:15 a.in
Leaved Spokane daily lor WeBt at 8*00 pm
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver*
Portland, San Francisco, uml all points
on tin' Sniiiil.
During the Beaeon of navigation K��si
bound trains connect nt Duluth with
the magnificent steamships Ninth Wet!
and North-Land of theNortbern Stoam*
Bhip Company Lino, operated in con*
neotloD witli the Oreat Northern lt'iil-
Kur farther Informntiou, maps, folders, etc., npply to hu> agent of spokam
Falls & Northern By., Kimln & Blocan
Ry., Kootoi ui Railway Sc Navigation
Cr , or to
H, A. JACKSON. Com'l AKint,
Spokane, WuhIi.
G. K. TACKAUUKY, Local AReut,
Uci-Hiij. in:
To All   Eastern   Points  via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via St.   Paul   or  Chi
lean k
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going Oct. . -. 5 Lli
1 hrough Sleeping Cars Kootenay Lilt;, to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
Fur   pamphlets descriptive of  Can
mlinii I'ui'iiii: Minis uml for Time Tab
Rates, 'licki-u. apply
II. L, HltOWN,
City Passenger Agont
J. s. Oabthb, K. J. Ccjylb
A. U. 1*. A.
Dig, Pass, AkL
���Otura KKOHKK, IOTABT 1-11111
Wlndaruiorc Mines.   CorrenpomlcmccSoltoItu
WINCKKMEHK, B. U ti_*__^.---������:     ���
b&��< on ��1_M��    Tlio   st-onii*.     Kjijo     ytttU-daji Ub* hilt-fay Bt OrflBl.* Bliliiiji
,i [ow i ��� ��� -
Bonn  i
l'i,,.    enoi mon ' unlo
Of OUT well-kliu-vll
1, ,-   lofl     11*    'Villi    11
few odds i"'*'1 ""������"*
thai k wl.-h to clear
-WW"***"* wwvwwwvo
ife nf   Mr.
A son was li im tn
John   Richardson, Stanley   street, oil
The tug Surprise towed in a barge
loaded wit1! lumber from I'ilot Hay to
Nelson yesterday.
| The funeral of Mrs. Heckunett was
held yesterday afternoon, tim service
being- held at St. Saviour's ohurcb.
Wurk ur, tlio Kobson bridge over the
Columbia Is steadily progressing anil
it i*. expected thnt it "ill be ready fur
traffic    ."I.' ti in*-' in November.
K��*v.    houias   lanaclougb,   nf Van-
omiver, arrivi    in   -lelson last evening
'und wi.l   pi I   tb'   morning   ami
evening at ti,.  Mi tbodist church.
A paity 'it   '-��� :��� iung p i pie   iuti ''���''
to   make  tht  I i ;   ' "   raountaii
o'ppositi "���'��� I i 'day, if the weather
perm ts, sn I plnci a fl ���-: ai the
At tlie police   eourl     -  terda.'    twi
drunk' appeared, charged with aotlng
-   jB   ���,   dtsor l i ly    manner   un   Bakor
street  tho   nigbt  before.     Eaoh was
I1h.h1 $5 anil costs.
In St, Paul's Presbyterian c'jurcb at
them rning's Borvioe Mrs. Melville
* Pany will sing Westendorf's beautiful
6oio, "Saviour, 1 Come " In tin
evening the anthem by the choir will
be Shelley's "nark, Hark My Soul."
This evening at Emmanuel church
Kev. Win, Munroe will preach on
'���The Churches in Sulson.'' Thu
anthems foi tiiis service will bu.
"���Hear Us 0 Father," by Leslie, and
"t'uiile Mi* 0 Thou Great Jehovah,
by Blerly, A cordial invitation
extended to everyone,
The services at St. Saviour's church
today will be conducted by Rev. Mr.
Beer, of Kaslo. In the morning tbo
choir ������"'ill sing, '"Tha Earth is the
Lord's," (Simper) aud in the evening
"The Magulfloat," (Simper,) and the
"Nunc Unnitis" (Simper.) The an
them will be "Ye Shall Dwell in the
Land" (Stainer.)
On Friday afternoon   the   presentn
tion   of   an   address   and   handsome
. locket and chain was made to J. llost-
ley Soady, the retiring princla! of the
NelsiH Public school,  by thu pupils of
' 'the school.      Mr.   Sondy left the same
-     evening   for   Montreal   where he will
enter McGill university to take up tin
study of raedioine.
As the brick   manufacturers at C'as-
tlegur could not gaurantee delivery of
more than half   the amount of pressec
���*     brick   necessary for the   building   cf
^rTTie new postotlice beforu   June next it
. is probable that the contract   Will   be
.-���given to the   Spokane   dealers.     The
brick from Castlegar   is of good qua!*
��� ity and if it were not for the diffioulty
about delivering it in   time, the local
brick would bu used.
Very little difference in '.he statu
of the wholesale fruit and produce
market was reported by the dealers
yesterday as compared with lutt
week lilue plum:- &ru still coming In
most plentifully, bb also grapes and
fall apples. Peaches aud pears are
almost out of the market. Crab apples
Bre exceptionally scarce this year, the
demand being fully live times greater
than the supply. Bananas and oranges
;* are commencing to come in freely,
although as yet thu demand is very
A letter was received yesterday by
tlie city clerk from the secretary ol
the Vancouver Property Owners' Association, asking, in tlie name of his
association, for 'particulars of taxation and management of your thriving
city, the object of this enquiry being
to enable this association to formulate
somo economical reforms. What we
particularly desire to know is the
present tit , Ion of. da(o and
amount      I ied   valuation,
'saiv.fi of i.-. taxation and the rate
stiuok, any partioulare ss to police,
tire, v.uii i woi .'���  trl     light,    (th'
last two we under..laud arc owned li*
the city] tved streetB, sidewalks, and
'other civic matters, will be gladlj
:Tconsidered, the land .value-if highest
_,:pri-'<'<i i ������ of proporty vsuulil ',c ac-
������ep'a'ile Ms,,, kindly state if you
i upose   any   special   taxes such as'for
lifOUgtlt down ono I'tuloai! hi oro from
the KamblM-Cariboo for the ijelbj*
r.nelter at San Francisco.
The tug Herogles on Friday met the
Moyie at Procter and took np another
party of laborers, who had arrived
from Manitoba, to work ou the l.ardo
The water main on Stanley stroet at
the oorner of Hall Mines road sprang
�� leak again yesterday afternoon, cov.
citing a large section of the roadway
into a sea of liquid mud.
There will be a recruit drill
on Monday evening at H o'uock
at the armory, and all recruits aro or-
ilun.il to be in atten,lance, tin Tuesday
evening ttio euinmittee on rille
mutches will meet at U o'clock In the
otlice of tlio West Transfer company,
T. 0. Ilriscoll will start on tho construction of a trial this week to connect will thu present Sandy ei ek
trail, and to lead up to tho bead of
lhe creek where he has Several mineral
claims on which be intends to prosecute development work.
The car transfer system of tlio C. P.
It. between Nelson and Kooleuay
Lauding has been knpt very busy this
week conveying lung trains of
empty cars which are being rushed
eastward to convey the immense grain
crop cf Manitoba to the markets of
the world.
Freight traflic over tlie Nelson ,fc
liedlington line bus boen heavy this
past week and will continue so for
Borne time as the principal amount of
upplies which will te used in the
const ruction of the Crow's Nest
Southern will bo shipped In by tha*
route, connecting at Creston Junction
with the C. P. R,,and thence to Elko,
over ihe Crow's Nest branch.
The local tent of the Heights of the
Maccabees will give a dance in Fraternity hall on the evening of Tuesday,
October 8th. Tickets have been placud
���it 81.50 which includes a supper
which will be served in the ball. As
this is tho first dance the Maccabees
have given, and with arrangements in
the bunds of such an anergatic com-
nittee as A. W, Purdy, K. J Boyce,
���A'. Lynch, and Q. A. Ball, those who
mend may expect a very pleasant
time. The music will be furnished by
Wambold's orchestra.
Word was received by the returned
South African volunteers residing in
Nolson, from Col. Saunders at Cal*
;ary, that unless they could come to
Calgary or some other point where the
Duke was making the presentation of
medals, that they would have to wait
for them until the tour had beon
tinished and their Royal Highnesses
have returned to England. The
medals would then he firwarded by
mail from Oltawa. As few of the
contingent care to make such an expensive trip to get the medals at, once
it is probable that it will be some
time before the men who went from
Southern British Columbia will receive this recognition of their
services. ���
Una to tbe terminal) di tho road for
tlilfl senson, which Will lie the Ma}'
and Jennie uKgon rOttd, in but II lulf
mile more. Tnis latter part of the
road will be considerable lightei to
build than the rest of the roule, the
line running along a gravel billeiae
on which the work is easv.
^^jggjj^g^ggj^gAjAjj^ |igS-_--8^____i^ '
Mrs. Thomas Parkinson waa removed to the hospital yestorday morning su tiering from typhoid fever.
Albert   Sullivan of Revelstoke,  tho
new principal of the public school
here arrived last evening and is registered at the Hume,
11. S. Wallace who recently purchased tbe townsite of Camborne, iu
the Fish River district, Lardeau, is
a guest at the Phair.
iu'iss  Alice   O'Reilly,    who   for the
past four years has been attending the
Ville Mario convent at Montreal, arrived last evening tc make her home
witli her brother Martin O'Reilly.
The Northwestern Development
incorporated under thc laws of Britisli Columbia.
Capital $1,000,000 in 1,000,000 Shares,   Tar Value $1.00 Each.
All Treasury Stock.    No Promoter's and No Preferred Stock.
Hume.���W. E, short, Montreal! W.
J. Armstrong, Kelowna j A. C. lteaoh,
Montreal; F. sidl!, Toronto| A.
French, Vancouver; A. M. Swan,
Pittsburg;!'. Kirhham, Winnipeg;,!.
J, .Mouthcott, .Victoria; Albert Sullivan, Revelstoke; 1)   W. Moore, Trail.
Phair.���W, V. Hunt, Honnington
Falls; II, S Wallace, Rossland; I).
H. Gordon, Victoria; F. 3, Kinuoane,
Greenwood: C. R. Miller, Owen
Sound; 0. A. Campbell, Slocan.
Orand Central.���James D. Rond,
Sandon; A. l'l. Thihodor, Kaslo; H.
P. Forrest, Vancouver; P. E.Simpson,
T. L. MoAlliStter, Sandon.
Queens.���T. P McKeohnie, Knoic-
nay; 0. IJ. Aleton, Point Mile Point;
David Arnot and wife, Slooan.
watermains,     and
W.   P.   Dickson,   manager  of  the
Kootenav Electric Supply company,
and A. B, Cousmaker,of Grand Forks,
leave on the Great Northern today for
Cambourne Group, 9 Claims Oyster Group, 6 Claims.
Located in the Free Gold Fish River Camp, Lardeau Mining Division, British Columbia.
Large  Veiqs, Free  Milling  Gold
Mrs. Enfield desires to announce to
the ladies of Nelson that her Milllin-
ery opening will take placo on Tuesday and Wednesday, 1st and 2nd of
Ontober. in tho Opera House Rlock,
next dour to postotlice.
W. Valentine Hunt, of the Honnington Falls Power Co., was in Nelson
yesterday arranging for the connecting
uf the wires from Honnington with
the Nelson system. This was done in
less than two hours, so that it wan
possible to turn on the lighs by
o'cIock last evening. The armature
of the alternating eurient which
burned out on Friday leaving the
residence und part of the business districts in darkness most of the night,
���vill take some time to repair, and it
may he necessary to procure a new
dynamo, the old one being entirely
obsolete and noi manufactuied now.
In any event it will probably be a
month before the city plant will be in
shape again, and until then the current from Honningtiin wil] supply the
needs of the circuit affected by the
A little over a month ago three
young men from Nelsou took it proti*
pectlng and hunting trip starting
from Slocan City and finally emerging
at the mouth of PasH creek, near Robson. About ten miles from Robson,
where the creek was lirst met, tlio
party emptied their last quart bottle
of Scotch, and one them, lilling the
bottle half full of water placed it
upright and corked in the centre of
the trail, with a card stuck in the
cork boaring tlio fallowing inscription, "Please take a drink, but leave
enough for the next man." Last week
threo of the staff from lhe Honnington
Falls Power plant took a trip over tlie
same trail and toiling up it wearily,
espied the bottlo with the card still
attached. They could hardly behove
their eyes, but the lirst one to get the
bottle drew the cork and without
waiting to smell the contents took a
considerable drink of the stale water.
He has since beon making enquiries
for the perpetrators of the joke.
The grading on thu Nelson Granite
iv agon road Is now within a quarter
if a mile of tho commencement of the
Poorman road, to which the right-of*
vay is alreudy cleared. The road
.vill he complelud to this point somo
;imc this week, wlien direct communication hy wagon will be possible between the Nelson and Granite-I'oor-
man properties and the mill, and also
A Cathedral Courtship and Penelope's English Experiences by Kate
Douglas Wiggan; Penelope's Progress,
Her Experiences in Scotland, Penelope's Irish Experiences, by Kate D.
200,000 Shares Now Offered at 50 Cents per Share.
In view of the splendid showings of both high and low grade ore and the unrivalled facilities for the
economical developing and working ofthe properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will the present
issue of stock be sold quickly, but that no more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for stock to
P. 0. Box 556, Nelson, B. C. Official Broker
If he'd had Itching Piles. They're
terribly annoying; but Uucklen's
Amice Salve will euro the worst case
of piles 011 earth, lt has cured thousands. For Injuries, Sores or Uodily
Eruptions it's the best salve in the
world. t'riee 2uc a box. Cuie guaranteed. Sold by Canada Drug i Rook
If you don't like Blue Eibhon Tea it's
beoause you   ever tasted it
H. & M. BIRD
SSOO��� House and two lots on Robson
street, close to the terminus of
the tram line.
,1,500���Three and a half acres of land
in Addition A. House, Stable
and Chicken house.   Easy terms.
31,700���Six roomed house on Mill
street, between Josephine and
Hall streets; almost now, Piasy
,l.r, 00���Cottage on Ward street.
$1- 00���Cottage on Robson street.
j,5 uo���Seven roomed liouse on Carbonate street. Very handy to
town.    Heated by furnaco.
S2a 00���Six roomed houso next to the
comer of Stanley street and
Mines road.
and try a bot.ili*, a do7.on, or a lmrrol ot
QALQARY BEER as it Is tho boHl and
oboapest on the mnrket.. AIho try our
WINES,    LIQUOR8     and     CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M._...���.
1'i-lcuho-io (fl flaVor Ht. Nelson
If This Dosen't
Bring You
Do   sure and get the genuinu   HEN
something that looks   like   it.      aw
renoe Hardware Co., Agents.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l 0B
Provincial  Land  Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria and^Kootenay Stfl.
P.O. Hox 560 Tulophone  No. ����
Sull' red Sinco Hla Birth mid Found Help Only
Through Clarko'a Kola Compound,   Now
Free H'imi Asthma,
Mr. Robort S. Taylor, Now Westminster, B.
, wriie*-: "1  Iiave been u constant BUfroror
om bronchial asthmn since my birth, 2&yoarfl
-ii.   I h.ive tricl every reined*'over lieanl  of
tor IhU troublo antl spent hundreds o( ilul'iim
with doctors, 'nu to no purposo,   Clarke'** Kola
Compound U tho only remed** that ever gave
any permanent relief.   I have also gained
oh in weight slnoo being cured,   lean hon*
e-tlv rocommond it Loany unfortunate sufferer
All druggists icll Clarko'8 Kola
nnl. or write the i,riItl!liMunlMae)iliL'r-
son Co., Limited Toronto,
^.Kor-.alobi J. J' Vansltrae  Nelson, B. C.
e Retiring Sale
hall stand as a Kecord Breaker for time to come. We would rather count
dollars than goods. Therefore we are going to trade everything for dollars
that we possibly can. That is why our stock of Clothing and Gents' Furnishings are going to be sold at such Low Prices.
These Prices Show the Extent of the Reductions
Mens' Tweed Pants, worth $3 for %?..
Mens' Worsted Pants, wo-th $4 for $2 75.
Mens' Blue Beaver Overcoats, worth $12 for $8.
Mens' Grey Tweed Overcoats, worth $12.50 for S.50
Mens' Serge and Tweed Suits, former price $14 and
16, now $9.50 and 10.
See our Mackinaw Coats at $3.50, usual price 5.
7-lb Canadian Grey Blankets now $2, worth 3.50.
All Rubber Goods at Tost.
A Personal Inspection Will Convince You.
Baker St.


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