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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 28, 1901

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Caily Edition No.  1203
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Thursday,  November 28, 1901
Eleventh   Year
A Trainload  of Immigrants
Meet a Most Horrible
Perish In Collision or Slowly
Burn In the Wreckage.
Detroit, Nov. 27.���One of tho most
disastrous wrecks in the history of
the Wabash railway or of any other
Michigan railway occurred at Senaoa,
Mich., a small way station about 70
miles southwest: of Detroit between 7
and 7.80 tonight. Train No. 8, an immigrant train, with two engines westbound collided under a full head of
steam, with train No. 4 eastbound
alinut one mile from Seneca. The result was tbat five or six conches on
tho emigrant train were orushed
and its load of human freight sent
into eternity in a moment while one
coach on train No. 4, which consisted
of a parlor car, dining and baggage
car, were also telesooped and four
dead bodies have been taken from the
wreck. It is not known how many
people there were on thc immigrant
train but the death list will be anywhere (rom 00 to 150.
The people on thnt train were
caught like rats in a trap and crushed.
Then tbe wreck caught fire and these
who were not instantly killed were
slowly roasted to death and none of
the spectators who quickly gathered
from tbe farm houses nearby, were
aide to give aid. The whole immigrant train was soon consumed by the
tlamcs. every person on the train, it is
now reported, was killed. Ihe farmers residing along the track rushed
among the blazing mass to. rescue
those who they thought might be
alive. Tbe bodies hauled ont of Ihe
wreck were taken to nearby farm
houses which are filled witli dead and
a large number of injured were taken
to a hospital at Peru, Ind.
Along the track long lines of burned
bodies lie covered with blankets, presenting a gruesome sight. It may be
tbat the exact number of killed or
wounded will nover be known. At
present it is impossible to get any
thing resembling a list of thc injureu
from Seneca. It is said hero that the
accident was the result of a misunderstanding of orders. It is reportod in
Seneca tbat No. 4 should have waited
at Seneca station and No. 13 should
liave taken the siding. This was
done. Then the crash eanie. The
net result is that one whole train, No.
13, is burned, the engines are complete wrecks on both trains and on
No. 1 the coaches between the dining
nnd the baggnge cars are crushed into
kindling wood.
Expresses Regret For   Anything  Said
Not Approved liy the Church.
Chicago, Nov. 27.���The announcement was made today oy Thomas A.
Moran, attorney for the Ilev. Archbishop Feban, tbat tlio sentence of excommunication which was pronounced
against Father Jeremiah Crowley
wonld be real led within a few days.
This is expected to put an end to the
case against tho deposed priest and
the injunction proceedings begun
against him to prevent bis worshiping
in thc cathedral of the Holy Name will
be withdrawn. Attorney Moran .said
that some days ago Father Crowley
addressed his eminence, Cardinal
Martinelli as follows: Your Eminence
���To save the honor of our beloved
church and to repair thc scandal 1
may bave glvon to our faithful Catholic people, I sincerely regret whatever
I may have said disrespectful to your
eminence and most llev. Archbishop
of Chicago, and I also retract anything I may have either said or written which could not be approved by
the Catholic chinch.
The cardinal thereupon further
advised with the archbishop and as
soon HH the details are al tended to.
which will be within a few days, the
sentence of ex-communie.ition which
Was pronounced against Father
Crowley will be recalled.
No   Narrow  Spirit  Marked
tho Isthmian Negotiations.
Britain  Wants  Canal  Constructed and Neutrality
Minister   Wn   Working   Quietly   For
Admission of Chinese.
Washington, Nov. 27. ���Wu Ting
Fang, the Chinese minister, called
upon Piesident Roosevelt today. It
waa the first time he had seen the
president since ho took the oath of
office at Buffalo. In the course of an
interview which took place in tbe
cabinet room, the reennctment of the
Chinese Exclusion act was discussed
When the Chinese minister emerged
from the White House, he declined to
tell a group of newspaper men
whether his government was protesting against tbo enactment of the Exclusion law. All we want, said he,
is justice and fairness. As he was
saying this the minister was greeted
by Senator Foster, of Washington,
who is himself very much interested
ln the act Senator, said the minister,
turning to him, you aro a fair man,
remomber that justice aud right have
uot either color nor race. We do not
ask for favors, we only ask for
In the course of his conversation
with the newspaper men Minister Wu
suggested that he would be willing to
meet any three of the American
editors who favored Chinese exclusion
and debate tbe question before an impartial tribunal.
Another Accomplice Arrested Who
Makes a Confession.
!ireat Falls, Mont,, Nov. 27.���
Ucpnty Sheriff Ledbettcr has
"rested at Neibart a man known as
Hob Collins, who is believed to be O.
C Hanks, alias. Camilla Hanks, alias
Ncnf Charlie, a partner of Harry
hoiiiihbaugh, Kid Curry and George
Parker in tho Malta, Mont., Great
Northern train robbery of July 80th
Colli���s does not confess his identity
'"it admits he helped to rob tho train
""'I that he has $12,500 buried.
When Collins was told that Lough-
hnugh had been tvrested at St. Louis
he bocarae very nervous and finally
bad to go to bed. A physician was
called and gavo him a hypedcrmic
injection to quiet him. In the sleep
"no delirium which followed Collins raved about Loughbangh and
'he robbery. When he reoovered he
was thrown constantly in the com-
PWiloushlp of a man provided by the
authorities who succeeded In getting
a fuU confession. Tbo plot to rob the
"��ln, says Collins, was made by him
"M Loughbaugh and Curry on the
wcond floor of a saloon in this city.
Loughba��gh made the proposal to him
nnd he accepted ti and was in constant
associaiion with him and his pals
until after the booty was seoured and
'hvided. Collins will be biought here
MiniBter Pichon   Ordered   Baggage of
French Travelers to Be Searched.
Paris, Nov. 27.���Tho publication in
tho Matin and other morning papers
of Nov. 26th of alleged extraots from
the confidential report of General
Voyron, the former oommander of the
French troops in China, has revive!
interest iu the matter of the alleged
looting at Pekin. In a published in-
tarview, M. Pichon, who was thc
French minister to China at tho time
of the boxer outbreak, denies that any
womon connected with the legations
engaged in the looting. After Pekin
had been relieved ho himself ordered
that all baggago of French people
leaving Pekin be searched. As to
the auctions in thc legations, they
only oocurred in one legation, tbe
English or the American, M. Picbon
docs not say which.
London, Nov. 27.���Tho Maiqnis of
Lansdownc, socrotary of state for
foreign affi.irs, speaking at Darling-
i ton last night, leterred to the extraordinary keenness of the competition
for the world's markets as requiring*
the greatest precaution in questions of
foreign policy.
Referring to the negotiations with
the United States Lord Lamduwne
said : We desire to maintain the most
cordial relations with the United
States, and he said he was sure that
the recent expressions of Secretary of
State Hay and Jos. II. Cboate, United
States ambassador to Great Britain,
at the annual banquet of the Chamber
ot Commerce in New York were reciprocated on this aide of the water.
Like our brothers across the ocean,
said Lord Lansdowne, we regard the
distinguished man who has succeeded
to the presidency of the United States
with the friendliest predisposition.
With icfeicnce to the Isthmian
canal negotiations tho secretary of
state for foreign affairs, expressed
himself as happy to ke able to say
thnt a new chapter bad been opened.
Both goverumiits wero at this moment
engaged in fresh negotiations concerning which he could only Bay the
omens seemed propitous.
Throughout thc negotiiations, continued the speaker, the quostion has
been discussed from both sides in no
narrow or one sided spirit, but with
a genuine rieBire on our part that this
great enterprise should be conducted
to a successful end and that the principle of the neutrality of the canal,
for which we have contented, should
bo maintained, that the canal should
be open and free to the commerce of
the world and that these objects
should be achieved under conditions
honorable and convenient to both
sides alike.
Lurd Lansdowue made hopeful
reterence to the South Afrloan war.
He protested against the misrepresentations of the pro-Boers and said the
incalculable mischief, arising therefrom found a striking illustation in
the excitement produced in the continental press by the speeches of Joseph
Chamberlain, colonial secretary, at
Edinburgh, in which he Lord Lansdowne, found no suggestion of
Second Consignment Being Rushed
From San Francisco to London.
Chicago, Nov. 27.-Four hundred
and eighteen sacks of Australia-
London mail are boing rushed across
the continent to reach New York in
time for the steamer on Sunday for
QuconBtown. The mail left San
Francisco on Monday and is due at
Council Bluffs, Iowa, at 3.45 p. m.
tomorrow. It will be transferred to
the mail train of the Chicago, Burlington nnd Illonios, catch the Lake
Shore mall, which is to leave Chicago
for New York at 2 o'clock on Friday
morning. This is the second installment of Australian mail diverted from
the Suez oanal route to the trans
Amelican pathway.
An   Insane  Man   Fires   Three   Shots
Down King Street.
Toronto, Nov. 27.���A man stood on
the corner of King and Bay streets
this morning and fired several shots
at three men passing down street.
None took eifect. Tne police arrested
the man who gave nis name as Alex
Alderson. on route from Michigan to
Caledonia where his mother resides.
He said to tlie police: You're dend
here but I'll wake you up. He was
evidently insane.
Parry Sound, Nov. 27.���Jos. Parton,
charged with the murder of his five
children was acquitted at the assies
hero today. Uh house wns burned last
April and the children perished.
Suspioious circumstances led to his
arrest. The grand jury found tho
evidence insufficient and returned no
Quebec. Nov. 27.���The civil service
employees of tho province have formed
a labor union. The purposes aro
.social and mutual assistance nnd support. Tho movement Iibb the approval
of Premier Parent.
Policy Will Be Deteimined on December 18th.
W. A. Macdonald, a director of the
Nelson Tramway Co., was yesterday
asked whether the Tramway was to
suspend operations as it had been reported that it would in a few days.
Mr. Macdonald said that it was true
that the employees had reoeived notice
that their services would nut be required after Friday, Nov. 20th, but he
had since learned that C. S. Drum-
mood would be here from London,
Eng., about December 18th and that
arrangement had been made to continue operating the lines until Mr.
Drummnnd would arrive.
Mr Macdonald expressed regret
that the bylaw recently put before tho
electors had not received the necessary
three-fifths majority to put it into
effect, as it would have enabled the
Tramway company to make more advantageous trims with the West Kootenay Power and Light company than
at present, besides giving the citizens
a light hy which tbev could at least
see to road. He gave it as his opinion
that the adverse criticism to which
the bylaw was subjected was of such
a nature as to obscure the real issue
befoie the people and to disguise the
benefits that the passing of the bylaw
would have oonferred upon the citizens with reference to the lighting
question and incidentally npon the
Tramway company. Had thc people
thoroughly understood that it was
only a temporary arrangement, lor a
year, the result would have been
different. ���
Speaking of the patronage the company had received,Mr. Macdonald said
that thiB had been very good. The
company was well pleased with the
general support the pocple had given
the street railway. The patronage
had boen, in numbers using the lines,
over 50 per oent. more than it had
been in the previous year but the
increase in population of Nelson bad
not been so rapid as the company had
hoped and the heavy expenses for
power would have to be lightened or
it appeared to him that there would
be nothing for it but to suspend operations.
The street railway, he said, would
therefore continue in operation until
Mr. Druminond ai rived, when a meeting wonld be held and the future
course of thc company deoided.
Rebels Inactive and Government Position More
Railway Trains Not Allowed
to    Carry    Armed
Debentures Will Be Issued to   Procure
Station  Ground.
Grand Forks, Nov. 27.���W. S. Murray, H. A. Ross and Robert Yuill, of
this city left today for Sonora, Oal.,
where thoy will spond the winter
developing a free milling gold proposition.
Grand Forks and Columbia purpose
granting substantial aid to the V, V.
and E. railway to enable thc company
to acquire die right of way leading
to the depot site on the Van Ness addition. Bylaws granting 87,500, for a
total of $16,000, will be submitted
shortly to the ratepayers of both
oities. They are sure to carry. A.
II. MacNeill, solicitor of thc V. V.
and E. railway, came over from Ross-
laud this week on business in connection with the proposed bonuses, He
addressed the city counoils of both
cities. City debentures will be issued
and accepted at 1)0 by the oompany in
lieu of cash. If either city can dispose of its securities within one year
at a higher figure they will be credit"
ed with the resulting profit.
The ratepayers of Grand Forks
will also vote on a bylaw granting
tbe Republic and Grand Forks railway
$3,500 to enable it to acquire a depot
site on the Ruckle addition adjoining
the city to the south.
The Auditorium Stock company of
Spokane, played a three nights' engagement to crowded houses this week
at the Grand Opera House.
The Republic and Grand Forks railway has received its first shipment of
freight, a ear-load of merchandise for
a Nelson, Wash., merchant. The oar
was billed via tho C. P. R. to Orand
Forks and thence by the new line to
its destination.
Colon, Nov. 27.���The following
despatch has just been received from
Panama: The Colombian gunboat
Boyaoa was despatched on Tuesday
having on board about 50 soldiers for
Chamo, or itB vioinity where it was
olaimed a party of Liberals under
General Porras had received quite recently a fresh supply of arms anil
ammunition. San Paolo and Ilarbacoa are known here to be Liberal
strongholds and places very easy to
defend, while to cross the bridge
spanning the Chagres river, now
swollen,wbb next to impossible for an
attacking force. The feat was accomplished, however, but the reason the
Liuerals abandoned Ilarbacoa is not
marie clear. The death rate on the
government side was very great, many
bodies falling inlo the river. An attempt was also made to make a detour on the river in boats but the
Chagres was swollen, the boat were
capsiscd and many men were
General Castro commanded tho government force at Ilarbacoa. General
Alban tried to get a train yesterday
morning to convey 200 men to the
scene of the engagement at Barbaeoa
but Capt. Perry of thc Iowa, said that
not a single armed man would be
allowed to enter the train.
Thc feeling here against foreigners,
pariitcularly the Americans, runs
high. A special train to convey General Alban alone and unarmed awaited the arrival for hours of the corning train from Colon, but on thc arrival of the latter at 0 o'clock in the
evening bringing 40 wounded men,
among whom were several oltlciers
with the news that the government
troops had victoriously crossed the
bridge at Ilarbacoa, a special train
was net dispatched aud General Alban
remained at Panama. At 8.30 p. m.
yesterday a large procession headed
by a band of music marched in an
orderly manner all over the oity of
Panama shouting General Alban's
praises and proclaiming that the death
blow had been given to the Liberal
cause in this department.
It was learned on thc highe't
authority this afternoon that General
Jeffries is with General A loan on the
Colon side of Barbaeoa and that 300
men from Panama aro now marching
to join them
Rossland Claims Smallpox Inspection
at Boundary Was Not Thorough,
Rossland, Nov. 27.���The board of
health has instructed Dr. Roddick,
medical health oilicer, to enforce the
regulations regarding the quarantining of suspects and vaccinal ion of all
liable to the utmost limit. No new
cases aie reported. The city council
will demand of the Dominion government full compensation tor all outlay
occasioned hy the outbreak as tile
cases bad been imported into the
country. They contend that the precautionary regulations had not beon
properly enforced. On the occasion
of a previous outbreak the Dominion
puid its propoitionatc amount on
account of one ease which had been
brought into the city.
John H. Mackenzie, tlio new manager of the Le Roi, lies arrived to take
charge of that mine.
His  Losses  on  a   Railway
Contract is the Chief
(SI'HI'lll, TO THC MIKI'.n.)
Vancouver, Nuv. 28.���In an interview with The Minor correspondent,
Mr. E. M. Bewer, M. E., strongly advised that the department of mines of
British Columba should keep constantly on lilo up-to-date filatistios
regarding the copper markets of the
world. The supply and demand, the
customs duties, freight rates, etc.
Mr. Ilrewer expressed his belief that
British Columbia was so situated geographically that the capitalists could
carry Dn a profitable business in refining and manufacturing copper from
thc matte shipped here across the
Pacific. Tbe copper ore produced in
tbe province at present is a mere
bagatelle hut should a refinery nnp
inftiinfHctury start here many idle
properties would soon be converted
into producers. Tbo most important
tiling to do at present is to secure the
statistics and thuB induce capital to
Tlie labor problum would again be a
difficulty but that would work itself
out. Some strong man is needed in
the local legislature to Bland between
labor and capital, a firm, just, moderate man.
Montroal,   Nov.   27.���John    Herdt,
head of the firm of L.J. Herdt and Co.,
died   suddenly   at his residence   here
, this morning.
St. John, N. B., Nov. 27���At a
meeting here tonight which was addressed by Colonel DeniBon of Toronto, on Imperial defense, a resolution
was pusscd favoring the imposition* of
a specal duty of five to ten per cent,
nt every port in the llritish possessions on all foreign goods, the proceeds to be devoted to Imperial
Manila, Nov. 27.���The insurgents
have attacked a commissary wagon
between Magdalcna and Gaayjaza,
seriously wounding a sergeant and a
private of thc eighth regiment, and
capturing Privates Dunn and Fren-
ning, two horsemen, three rifles and
three hundred rounds of ammunitiin
There has been a revival of insurgent
activity at Tanauan, province of
Bataugus, southwest Luzon. An in-
teipretrer named Albeto has been
killed in thc market place for refusing to donate a percentage of his
salary to the insurgents. Other government employees have been threatened.
Vancouver, Nov. 27.���Thc Golden
Chariot Mine company which has become notorious owing to Itsbeing.balf
in Canada and half in the United
States, is situated in the boundary
line in the Mount Baker district.
Twenty thousand dollars was spent
on the mine by a New York company,
but when tho boundary dispute arose
work was stopped. Now that the line
has been defined woik is to bo pushed
in the property. Machinery will be
purchased from the Albion Iron works
and $100,000 spent in development.
Mr. Chas. F. Saivors, the manager,
has received instruction from his
compnny that tbey have faith in British Columbia and to branch out. On
the strength of this advice Mr.
Saivers started this weHt to make a
tour of the province to look up promising propositions which will stand a
working bond. He has unlimited oash
behind him.
Rated as   Third Wealthiest
Trader In British Columbia.
(SPECIAL TO Til 10 miner.)
Vio'oria, Nov. 27.���Thos. Earle,
M. P., wholesale grocer, last night
assigned for the benefit uf his creditors, to Arthur Robortson. The rumor
was on tho street yesterday afternoon
and created the greatest astonishment
as he has beon rated as the third
wealthiest trader in the province.
His business methods are believed to
he Bound, but ontside speculations
caused trouble. He had the contract
of building KH) miles of the Seattle
nnd International railway from
Seattle to Somas, and, litigation foi*
lowing, he (lid uot get bis money for
it. He wns also heavily interested in
salmon canneries nut these were regarded as remunerative. It is Bald
that the West Coast cannery cleared
him $20,000 a yoar for Iho last two
years, while he recently sold tho cannery of the ley Straits Packing Co.,
which he and Magneson owned at
Petersburg on Wrangel harbor, to
tho salmon combine for a big figure.
His largest creditors aro said to be
the Bank of British North America lo
whieli he owes 1240,000) Bank of Commerce, 910,000; nnd Molson's Bank
840,uOi); total liabilities estimated
variously at $300,000 to 8500,000.
Against this nre his lino warehouse
nnd stores, his beautiful residence on
Cadboro Bay Road, mining property,
canneries nnd other holdings all ot
tho geat.'nt value. He was a heavy
shareholder in the C. P. N. but the
sale of shares to the C. P. R. also
brought him in a great deal o( ready
cash. Opinion is divided here as to
whether In bankruptcy a member
vacates his seat,as in England.
Antwerp, Nov. 27.~Thc barque
Bnngrish, which was detained at
Victoria docks, London, by customs
officials under suspicion that she had
on board arms and ammunition intended for the Boers, has arrived
here. She carries a large cargo of
munitions of war, intended for the
Colombian Liberals, Including 4,000
eases of cartridges and 1,000 cases of
rifles, machine guns and chemicals.
Viotoria, Nov. 87.���Arrivals by the
steamer Miowera from Honolulu tonight state that there has been a recurrence of bubonic plague in that
eity. One passenger says that there
have been two deaths, n Jap and a
Chinaman, and that there are ten
more cases in the city.
J. C. Drewry, of the Sunset mine at
Rossland, the True Blue nt Kaslo,and
the St.Eugene and Great Dane in East
Kootnay, was in the eity yeasterday
and leaves this morning for East
Kootenay. Mr. Drewry is mentioned
as tlie probable choice of the Liberals
of East Kootenay for candidate to
the local legislature at next general
election. He lias been closely connected witb the development of some
of the big mines of the district and is
a prominent member of the Mine
Owners' association.
Washington, Nov. 27.���General
Roves, who has been asked to assume
the Presidency of Colombia, haB been
directed to go from Mexico, wnere he
is attending the Pan-American conference, to Washington to confer
with the government here prior to
leaving for home
Seattle, Nov. 'il.- -Advices from the
north state that tho schooner Ralph
J. Long is stranded at Unalaska harbor and thc passengers aro out of
food. Relief is being raised here and
the navy department will be nsked to
sond up a revenue cutter.
Louisville. Nov. 27.���Stuart R.
Young, retiring eity treasurer, committed suicide by shooting himself
this morning.
Victoria, Nov. 27.���Many wild
rumors are being circulated in regard
to the failure of Thomas Earle, M.
P. As a mutter of fact his liabilities
will not reach 8250,000, all of which
is owing to the Bank of B. N. A. and
Molson's banx, and veiy much the
greater part to the former institution.
As far as his Victoria and Vancouver
island business were concerned they
paid well but he was crippled through
having to pay interest on a heavy
loan incurred in connection with the
construction of the Seattle, Lake Shoro
and Eastern railway.
The Esquimau Marine Railway
company has been awarded the contract for the repairs to tho collier
Victoria which wns picked up at sen
in a disabled condition a short time
Thc bark 0, A. Sargont, with coal,
from Seattle to Snn Friincinco, was
towed into Esquinialt early this morning her pumps failing to work when
she had shipped a couple of seas.
The steamer Mannuenso hns been
chartered to carry ll.OOD tons of ore
monthly from the Hayes mine ou
Alberni canal to the i'acoma smelter.
The Monitor mine will also recommence shipping in the spring. Tbis
with tlie shipments from the Lenora
and oilier Mount Sicker minos will
make the output of Vancouver Island
mines reach a respectable amount
next season.
Bofore His Honor  Judge Forin.
Gamble vs. Stocks��� W. A. Macdonald, for defendant, moved to amend
the statement of defence; K. 8. Lennic, contra.    Grnnted.
Conruyt vs. Flcntot���H. M. Macdonald, for plaintiff, applied for judgment and for change of venae to Nelson, no plnce of trinl having been set
down. Judgment given by consent
for (1150 and Nelson fixed as place of
trial.    W. A. Galliher, for  defendant.
Alexander     vs.   Coldwell���R.      M.
Majdonald, for defendant, applied for
a   commission to examine one Sawyer
in   Toronto.      W.   A.   Gallilicr,    for
j plaintiff.    Gianted.
: <
:   .
1 '.'
ft Nelson Daily Miner, Thursday. November 28, 1901
_\_ 1    11   M������ ���"
The Nelson Miner
Published  Evory Morning Except  Monday
pally per month, by carrier     BBo
llaily. per month, by mail     0O0
Daily, por year, by carrier $ " 00
lirtliy. per yew, by moil   5 00
llaily, por yuar foreign    9 00
Weekly, per half yoar  *J p
Wookly, per year.......    2 ��
���Veekly.per year, foreign    owl
Subscriptions invariably In advance.
145 Flood Street. E. C.
Central l'ross Agotwy, Ltd., Special Agonts
Alexander Sc Oo.. 521 First Avenue, Spokano
Wash., keep this paper on III*-, und are our
authorized agents for opVortisemonts and sub-
The above Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will convict persons ol stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
we are advancing and this gives
promise when conditions change for
the better that the mining industry
will grow much more rapidly than
ever before.
On the whole there is much to la-
thankful for and the observation of
the day should be marked by a grateful spirit ana with devout thanks to
thc Omnipotent for ilis gracious
There will be no issue of The-Miner
on tomorrow morning. Tin- Miner
force desired to observe Thanksgiving
Day and out of deference to their
wishes an issue will be skipped. No
paper was issued from this office last
year on Thankgiving day. It was
then an evening paper. As most of the
work ol getting up a morning paper
is done the day before,in order that
everyone employed may be given a
chance to observe the holiday the issue
of Friday morning will be rnissod.
This is Thanksgiving day, an occasion set apart each year by proclamation for returning thanks lo the Giver
of All for the bounteous favors and
many blessings vouohsafed and to
pray to be kept from evil and for a
coiitinutnec of "our daily bread."
At least that is the spirit which the
day is set apart for, thought a few
depart form it and simply make it an
occasion of feasting. Riving little heed
to thc real significance of the day.
One feature of thc day in Canada is
that it Is the occasion for family reunions, the time when the members
gather under thc old home roof tree.
from far and near, for the purpose of
holding fraternal reunions and observing thc day with devout spirit. Mixed
with these devotions there is the
deep pleasure of once again communing with kith and kin which
thnlls and leaves a feeling In the
heart which is like no other experienced by mankind. These reunions
are the embodiment of the family
spirit and the devotion and love.which
one member bears for the rest of his
kin, is a dominant characteristic ot
the Anglo-Saxon, and is one of the
secrets of the dominance of the race.
Canana is about the only important
British country in which the Thanksgiving festival is observed. It is
cousin germane to the harvest festival
observed In the ehnrehes of Great
Britain where it is purely religions
and in which tho Btatc does not participate. The Uriton's real autumnal holiday comes earlier in the-year
in tho bank holiday popularly known
us St. Lubbock's day, in honoi of its
launder, but there is no real religions
sentiment attached to it ns is the case
with our day. Here it carries the
earnest religious feeling of most of
the people, who, while it recognizes
no state church and endorses no particular creed, still is participated
in by all. It is in keeping with lofty
national ideals and sentiments. It
is distinctly a Canadian holiday, although the Puritans were Ihe first
modern observers of it.
The people of Canada have much to
lie (harmful for. They have garnered
one of the most bountiful harvests in
the history ai the Country, and the
prices of farm products are high
enough to leave a good margin of
profit. Tin- manufacturing industries
have been kept busy during the year
and in some lines factories havo been
kept going night and day to keep
pace witb tlio orders. The foreign exports have been larger than heretofore. The railway and steamship traffic has been the largest yet
enjoyed hy the common carrieis in
nny yeor since the foundation of the
Dominion. There has been plenty of
employment for all who could work
and at increased wages. The,number
of business failures have been smaller
than usual and the amounts involved
in these have not been large. The
good times have been steady during
the year and all the signs point to a
continuance of prosperity. In tho mining section of British Columbia there
have been troubles, but mine owners
are adapting themselves to the
changed conditions and tho year will
show for the whole of Southern
liritisii Columbia an increase in production over the previous year. It is
satisfactory to know that under
Miinenhat      adverse     oiroumstances
Hon. J. D. Prentice, minister of
finance, goes to London for the purpose of floating the loan or a portion
of the $o,0011,01)11 debentures authorized
under tlie act entitled the "llritish
Columbia Public Works Loan Aot,
1901." It will be remembered that
The Miner stated several weeks since
lhat Mr. Preutice was about t'i go to
Loudon to float the loan, but this
wns denied by sonic of the government
ogan.-,, which stated that he was going
east for the pmpose of meeting his
wife and that he had no intention of
visiting London. It is evident th.it
the government has a great deal of
personal interest in the several railways to he subsidized under the provisions of this act, and is determined
to hold the reins of official power as
long as possible to the end that the
Subsidies may be disbursed in a proper
manner���from their standpoint. The
premier has large interests on Vancouver island and is said to be particularly solicitous about the railway
which is to be subsidized under the
provision of this act. This is the
road which is to be extended from
the present terminus of the Esquimau
nnd Nanaimo railway to tho northern
end of Vancouver island, a distance of
210 miles. It was charged that Mr.
Prentice went east for the purpose of
seeing the management of the C. P.
_. as to the governmont policy for
the railway which is to he extended
from Vancouver, via Chilliwack and
Hope, to Midway, a distance of 330
miles. The presumption is that he has
seen the proper parties and that he
has been loaded up with data and a
railway policy and that he will, if
possible, raise the money in London
on the debentures.
There was no necessity whatever
for Mr. Prentico'B visit to the Old
Country. Hon. J. H. Turner, who
has been finance minister ot the province, and who arranged the several
loans made on behalf of the province
during a number of years past, is in
London as the agent-general for British Columbia. Had the task of selling
the provincial debentures been dole-
gated to him it would seem, from his
previous experience and success in
such negotiations, tbat he would be
ablo to accomplish the task to much
greater advantage than Mr. Prentice
and the expense of tho lattor's trip to
London would havo been avoided.
The time, too, is inopportune for
raising money on British Columbia
security in London. Owing to the
collapse of the Whitaker Wright companies, thc strike in the Rossland
cairp, the two per cent, tax on tho
yield of the mines and oilier things,
the province is in bad odor in London,
and linnncers say it will be next to
impossible- nt present to raise the
money there, and it looks ns though
the honorable gentleman is on a fool's
errand, and one whose only result
will be a considerable hill of expense
to the province.
Christmas Gifts..
Several days since a brief cable
from London announced that the Manitoba Liquor act had boen upheld by
tbe Imperial Privv council. Tbe full
text of the decision will not be known
for some time, perhaps until it arrives
by mail, but the act has been declared
constitutional. The law in question
is a very strict prohibitory law. It
may be- put into ell'ect at any time by
proclamation but it is not probable
the Winnipeg papers say, that anything will bo done with it till the
provincial house meets. The effect of
the enforcement of the act would
work considerable i.nrdship on those
engaged in the liquor business, and
already there is talk of claims for
compensation on tlie part of those
who are to lie nfi'eeted.
When Hugh John Macdonald was
premier of Manitoba he told the
people thot while he was not a prohibitionist lie would, if ti.ey passed a
plebiscite in favor of prohibition,
bring down a bill favoring it. The
plebiscite was adopted Bud tlie Macdonald government adopted a stringent prohlbtion measure. An appeal
against tbe aot was taken to the Privy
council and it has been declared constitutional. The Macdonald government has since been succeeded by the
Roblin government upon Which devolves the duty of enfoicing the law.
It is said the members of Ihe Roblin
government are divided on tbe question of enforcing the law. It is therefore witbiu the ranee of possibilities
that the law may be abrogated by tbe
present government. The declaration
by the Privy council that the prohibitory law of Manitoba is constitutional
places Piemier Ross of Ontario in a
peculiar position. Be has declared to
the people of  Ontario that should the
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To my astonishment the trial acted like a
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.My wife commenced faking it about the first of November. I very soon noticed
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Yours respectfully, O. D. PHELPS, M. D.
Du. Taft Bnos, Meiwine Co, Feb. 5, 1001.
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Privy council find that prohibitory
liquor legislation was within the
power of a pr.iivnce he would bring
down a law giving effect to the wish
of tlie people expressed by plebiscite.
Now that the Manitoba prohibitory
measure is declared to be legal Premier Uoss will bo compelled to keep
his plodge.
"I would cough nearly all night
long," writes Mrs. Charles Applcgate,
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Thanksgiving Day
A cnmplote and elegant product  i( n of
new version of the   sterling
TWENTIETH   SEASON    1882-1901
iola  Pomeroy   and Solect   Company.
Special Scenery.      18 People
Electrical   Effects.
Tho Carolina Quartette.
The Torpedo Explosion,
The Great Steamboat Scene.
Will pay the highest cash price for all
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The Canadian Bank of Commerce j
With Which Is Amalgamated I
The Bank of British Columbia. |
Paid up   Capital,   88,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   02,000,000) f
Aggregate Resources Over 805,000,000. i
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, t*encrid Manager. "
London Office: 6fl Lomhurd Street. E. C. ':'
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place. H
And 68 branchoi in Canada anil tho United Slatos, Including! *
Atlin                Greenwood             Nelson                     Sandon '������
Cranbrook        Kamloops                  Nkw Westminster  Vancouver 0
Fernie               Nanaimo                    Hosslano                 Victoria I
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UNITED STATES���New York, San Francisco, Seattle, 1'ortijvnii, Bkaowav,
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lli-uiiHltH Received -ind Interest Allowed.   Present llute 3 for Oont
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"Zbe IRo^al Bank ot Canaoa"
Capital Authorized,
Incorporated i860.
#.'1,000,110(1.00 I  Capital  Paid-up,     .    .     .      W!,(i(Hl.iKl0.iKl
���test, hh.ioo.op-iki
Itnurd or Mreetar*     1'honian 10. Kimny,  President!   Thomas Illtjohio, Vice President
Wiioy Smith  11. Q. HiHild, Hon. David MaoKeon.
���lead oilier-, Halifax t
Gonoral Managor, Edsoo L. Pease, Montroal.
Superintendent ot Brauohos. and Socrotary, W. B. Torranco, Halifax,
Nova   Scotia���Halllax   Branoh,   AntiKoni��h
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onburg. Maitlaud IHants Co.), Pictou, Port
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Time Card Effective August 1. W��'
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
3:30 a. m.Lv. tKoslo Ar. 4:00 p. m
10:56 p.m. Ar. Sandon LV. I'M l>-
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
5:20 p. m.Lv. Nolson Ar. 11:[�� ����� EJ
9:10 p, m. Ar. Kaslo LV.7.00S"'-
Connootlng at Pivo Milo Point jJ^ffiS
& Fort Hhoupard Railway both to ami iron
Kossiand, oto
Tlckots solit to all parts in Unitod State" n*1
Canada via Groat Northorn and O. tt. ��-
CO.'H HllOS. . .���  ..In nil
Oooan steamship tlckots and ratos ra����
linos will bofurnlsliod on application.
For further particulars call on or adcira����
Mn.na_.ir. 1-
G. K TiCKAntiBY Auont. Nolson
int. Nelson I'-1 ���
If there is anything- you requirs-M11
(or  it  in    _����� ��olu_n  of the Mm��r
V Nelson  Daily Miner, Thursday November^, 1901
Some important Changes Made by the
Federation of Miners.
One  important item of buslnesB bathe   executive   of   the   Western
���'deration of Miners, which   has just
adjourned a session at Denver   was to
,1s. ihe constitution of that body.
Three  important  changes   from  the
.,���a���l Ihe old document are noted.
The first Is the organization of state
..derations oi miners, from the local
'.,.__ ,.f the federation The second,
_,, establishment of an insurance
' 1 for all members of the federn-
ti!ir third, relates to tbe ratification
J ih,. convention agreement for in-
terchatigcahle membership cords with
tl,o Western Lnboi union. The first
Wo nrrangroonts are considered one of
the most Important moves made in thc
Wilis of organized labor in tbe west
in a decade. This change and the in-
nuranco feature have not yet been ln-
eorporated into the constitution, but
lviH |lt, submitted to the union to be
.elated during the winter months.
Ne_t May each union is to send dele-
rates Instructed on those two propositions. The entire constitution Is to
1,,-volcd 011 by a referendum vote.
Aniens- the objects of the federation
set out are the followng: To prevent
,���i���ing companies hiring detectives
and an armed force to intimidate or
shout the men in time of strike; to
pio'iiote friendly relations between
mine owners and laborers; tho rrponl
of tlio conspiracy laws and the prevention of governmont by injunction.
Tlic constitution provides that 21)
miners at any one place may be sufficient to lorm a union. The representation in the convention will be one
delegate for every 100 members. It
is provided that if at any time over 50
por cent, of the entire membership
presents a petition on any subject this
petition shall bo regarded as an
"imperative mandate," on the officers
and exeentve board, and thc terms ot
tlio petition must be carried out.
Before a union can go on stike,
tlirce-fouths of the members must so
vole, and a bond must be filed with
the secretary of the federation before
aid can be received. The board must
also indorse a striko before it becomes
effective, and must approve all contracts made by unions or individual
Members with mine owners. Engi
neers and blacksmiths working in the
mines are to loin any local union of
that craft wherever they may be.
The initiative and rcicrendum shall
(,'Ovcrn nil matters of legislation and
all propositions must be submitted
to this kind of vote. If 10 per cent.
of tlie entire membership petitions
on any subject, a referendum vote
must he taken on that question.
The president and vice-president of
the Rossland Miners' union are drawing salaries of (8.50 per day and tne
secretary 8125 per month during the
stiike. The members of the union
while on strike draw $5 per week.
Take Ijixjilivo  HromoQnin.no Tablots.   All
flrumlBtarefund Utomonoy if it fails to euro*
K. W. Grove's niKimturo in on each box.   25c
Superior to Alum Baking
Powders.   Equal to any
ptherAnti-Alum Baking.
Powder and costs but %
^half-the price.; '-'..M
served during tlic evening. Everyone
prccnt hud a very enjoyable time
and the function did not teimnnto
until > late hour this morning. The
club is to be congratulated on being
so successful in the art of entertaining
their friends, The committee desires
to give special thanks to Mine Host
Phair of tbo Phair hotel, for his many
Any parties contemplating a trip to
California about Decernner 15th please
see (1. K. Tuckubury, Oity Agent, (1.
N. Ity.
Dressmakers will bave during Martin If Ueilly anil Co.'s sale, an excellent chance of putting in a good supply of linings at less than whole-
:iln prices.
The application of (leo. Lynch for
an hotel license, for Ymir, which was
to have come before tin- district court
on November Mth, has been abandoned.
All the applications for renewal of
liquor licenses in the Nelson district
have been filed and will come before
tho court, which consists o, Messrs.
VV. F. Teetzel, J, A. Qilker and J. H.
Mntbeson, on December llit'i at 10
o'clock. The changes from tho old
list are: O. II. Linkhiter applies for
a new licence at .Halmo; (irant
Morris applies to transfer his Licence
to the Ymir hotel, nt Ymir, to J. W.
Masterson; J. VV. Mastorson applies
to transfer the Cosmopolitan hotel
licence at Ymir to Flnlay McLeod,
and Louis Noll takes over the hotel
business at Porto Uieo formerly conducted by Noll and Cox.
The hotel licenses are distributed as
follows: Kuskanook 1, Wancta 1,
Pilot Hay 1, Procter 1, Woodville 1,
Kitchener 2, Hall 3, Silver King mine
1, Fredericton 1, Crestou 3, Florence,
Park 1, Crawford Bay 1, Salmo 2,
Erie 2, Fairview 1, Sirdar 1, Porto
Eico 1. Ymir 11, making a total of 111
for thc district.
Matinee This Afternoon and   "Fogg's
Ferry" Tonight.
"A Romanco of Coon Hollow" was
produced at tbe Nelton ofora house by
tlie Fogg's Ferry oompany. The
scenery and accessories were elaborate
and appropriate and a spirited enaction was given to what proved to be
a sensational drama. Miss Iola Pomeroy in tlie character of (leorgie was
tlie life and soul of the play and is a
winsome, petite and handsome actress"
(it the same class as Lottie, Maggie
Mitchell and Kati6 Putnam. She gave
a vivacious and pleasing piece of
character acting and won her way
into tlie good will of thc audience.
Miss Cecil Jefferson was effective as
the revengeful mountain girl and gave
fresh emphasis to the aphorism that
"hades hntli no fury like a woman
scorned." The balance of the cast
was ncieptttble. Tbe singing and
dancing 0f the Carolina quartette
evoked loud applause.
A matinee will be given this afternoon, commencing at 2.45, when the
company will reproduce "Coon Hollow," The price of admission has
teen placed at 50 cents for adults and
25 cents for children.
In tlie evening tho  popular comedy
Pugg's Ferry" will be given. A
'ory handsome scenic presentation is
promised with the added features of
the quartette, a troupe of trained
plantation danccrB and Miss Iola
Pomeroy in the stellar role of Chick,
"his chaiaoter was made famous by
Mlnne Maddern,
"I stuck to my engine, although
every joint ached and every nerve wns
racked with pain," writes C. W.
Bellamy, a bcomoive fireman, of Burlington fa., "1 was weak and pale,
without any uppetite and all run
down. As 1 was about to give up, I
got a bottle of E.citric Biittcrs and,
uftcr taking it, I felt as well as I ever
did in my life." Weak , sickly, run
down people always gain new life,
strength and vigor from their use.
Try them. Satisfaction guaranteed
by Canada Drug uud Hook Co. Price
60 cents.
If you have a fancy to try Llpton's
Delicious Tea nsk your grocer to please
not tell you that he has something
just as good, for you are tired of that
talk and you have an idea of your
Will be here in only four weeks.   Take advantage
now of the abundant selection we offer in new,
handsome goods, useful and  ornamental.    Just
what your friends will be pleased to receeive.
STERLING SILVER���Always rich, chaste in design
and in good form.   We have an immense stock.
CUT GLASS���Nothing more refined and suitable for
presents than these sparkling crystals. We
have an excellent selection.
TOILET GOODS ���In Ebony, Leather, Sterling and
Oxidized Silver; for ladies and gentlemen; useful
and always appreciated.
AdverUnemonlH innortorl nmler thin head at
(hu ralo of one oonL a word per liiHorLion. No
iulvorttrtoment Lakon for Ihhh than 25 eenla.
Situation Wanted advorLlHurarjnta Irwortul
,hroo Union froo of charge.
KOR     HALE.���One     hravy    draught
team, npply to J, A. Sayward
PIANO���For Sale, clieap. oi will
rent, almost new, Mason and Risen,
upright,   Apply Miner uffice.
HOUSO   to vent   on Vernon     street.
Apply Captain T. .1. Duncan.
WAltM.   well   furnished   rooms
runt, 818 Kant Halter street,
I'd BENT.���Two  furnished rooms on
Maker street,   $2o; sixroomed house,
I1B.     8.     M.   Brydget,    K.     W.   0.
ffURNISHSD       ROOMS.���Apply      on
Silica,     second   door   west     Ward
ROOMS and BOARD.���Every convenience!   wrath east   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
BOOMS TO RENT.���if. W. 0. BIpcU-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facing thc nest. On Sep;
tombor 1, two sir^ie rooms and two
or threo en EU to facing Baiter St.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. If.
���I. Snu.re, Room II,  If.    VV. C. liloelt.
EXPERIENCED Lady Stenographer,
a graduate of Burdett Business Col
lege, Boston, Mass., who will furnish
her own typewriter, desires a position
at once. Address 'D," Box 844,
Nelson,  11. 0.
WANTED.���General   servant    would
lilto   to   come to Nelson.    Any time
from   Jan.   1st   to   June   1st.     Hood
character given,     Apply Miner olllee.
WANTED.���By   mini and wife, situation   in   mining   camp  as cook) or
help iu kitchen.      Apply   I'. 0.   Hox,
WANTED.���A    situation    at    light
housework   or  talcing oare of baby.
Apply W., Miner olliee.
WANTED. ���Men   nnd women wanted
to   work   nt   home.      (lood   wages.
Write   Glasgow     Woollen     company,
Dent. C.. Toronto.
EMPLOYMENT.���All kinds of help
wanted���Orders for help receive
prompt attention. 11. Purdy, Employ-
iiont agflbt. Phono -11. P O. Hox,
J. ROBHSHTSON & 00.���Next duor io
Lheaow rat Ofliee iiuiitiinK, Vornou
BuNnlaon.  Day 'phone '����. Night'plums '���*"���
N. M. Cuounlns, l.<wrtoo��� Every known
variety of soft drinks, I'ulioxss. Teiuphon
No. :n. Hoover Street, Nelnon.  ji<,< 11,,  ut the
l.unim:. til. I.'-um  11.��! . in ii.u- .Miiim,I Water
J A. Mucdoniil'li Ai i liiir. i ���. and KUptirln
tendente, HruKun Hill lllocli, corner Maker and
Ward (Streets, .Nelson
A   MACDONALD  to Co.���Corner  Fron
���   and   Hall   SLruotH���Wholesale   irrocur
and .mill,.:    in blankets, ;.-l.i. <-., mitts, boots
rubbers, macklnaw* and miners' sundries.
P  BURNS & Co.���Baker Street, NelMn-
.   Wholesale dealers lu fresb a d cured
moots.   Cold Storage,
llakor .Si reel. Nelson���Wholesale dou,
ors in fresh and ourea moats.
Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale dmliUH Id
hardware, miner.-, supplies, Bporttng Hoods
YI'LaCHI.AN HllOS. (Suecc-sors to Van
_.._ oouver UardwanfOo, Ltd.) Baker street
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup
paints, oils and glass; mechanics   tools
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; ayuamito
rpUUNEH, HKETON & I'o.-Cornor Vornou
X and Joncphlno Streets, Nelson���Wilde
sale dealers in liquors, olgars, and dry goods
agonts for Pabst Browing Co. of MHwaukoc
and Calgary Brcwinx Co el Calvary.
UDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholesalo grooerlo:
and Hijiiors olc, linker Streot, NolBon.
Olllee oorner Hall and Front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, ooUlng, Mooring, and ovory
thing tn wood for lmiMint< purposes, Got out
prices.  Correspondence solicited.
These are a few leaders.    From year's  end  to year's  end  we  have  always  the  largest
and best selected stock in the Kootenays of
Watches, Clocks,  Rare and Precious Stones, Fancy
Lamps, Fancy China, Patriotic and Souvenir Goods,
Jewelry and Everything in the Jewelry Line.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's NeBt
Southern   Ry.    Good   wages, long
job   Headquarters, ElUo,   B.   C. A.
Guthrie & Co.
rp BALLON fr, OO.-Doalor, In ore sacks
_.. and I wines. Always a large slock on
liana. Telephone 195, Room II, u.-W.-C Block
Money to Loan at 8 per cent.
Insurance Real Estate
FOR RENT.���Two olIiceB over Queen
Cigar store, Sir,; 7-roomed house, bath
and sewer, If'"; 4-roomed house, water
only, 811.
FOR SALE.���Two lots. Observatory
st., on car line, ?4ri0; n-ruom house,
Carbonate St., 11,000; 7-roomed house,
Carbonate, st, 8:1,100.
Watch Repairing a Specialty
The Jeweler.
The Rossland of the Lardeau
Pull particulars of
Tlie Nelson Hoat club gave the
second ot its winter series of dances
at the Phair last evening and it was
'"Hy as BuooeSBiul as the first one.
Seventy-live couples were present.
���The large dining room was utilized
tor dancing purposes while the parlors
"ere used for reception and refresh
'neat rooms. The music was furnish
ed by Milhvard's obrehestra, was of
the periodand, therefore, conducive to
good   dancing.     Refreshments ^crc
Hair Brushes
Nail Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Clothes Brushes
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
We are showing a
splendid new lot at
Very Low Prices.
The Waverley Hotel
Victoria St., Nelson
Hair Brushes 50c, to $3,50-
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
You can put in your coal and then light the fire
from the top. It has a large ash pan so the ashes
can be removed without trouble. It has a draw
grate so the clinkers will go down in the ash pan.
Ask for the
Ox Air Blast
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. B.
Allan Line Ionian.  Doo, i
Allan line Tunisian Doo. 11
Beaver line Lake Superior  ..uoo. tl
Boavor Lino Oral.li (luatlo Doc. 20
ThOBQ Bteamora nail from Halifax ono (lay
From Portland, Mo.
Dominion Lino Vancouver Doc. If
Domi lion Lino Dominion Doc'28
From Now York
Whito Slrtr Lino Majestic Doc.  4
Whim Star Lino Cymlrio  Dec 10
While Slar Lino Oceania Dec 11
Onnanl Lino   Unibria 1 >oc   7
Ounard Lino Lucania Dec. U
American Line Philadelphia Dec.   4
American Lino BU Paul  Doc 11
Anchor Line   Anchnria Dec. 14
Anchor Lino FurncKsla Dec -8
Fiom Boston
Onnanl Lino Saxon ia Dec. 7
Ounard Lino L'ltonia Dec 21
Dominion Lino New England Dec,  4
For further Information roK*nUnK N. O.
Lloyd Bambum-Amorloan, Holland-American
linen and for ratort, rcHorvation of berths, etc
Apply to
Ucn. AKont, Winnipeg, Man.
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A.. Nelson
\ H. H. PtAYFOED \
\        & CO.
|       MADDEN    BLOCK
\  Cigars._
X Phone 117
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draug-hts-
man. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We are Rbowing this MMUOtl  n full
line of these goods  mid solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
Thanksgiving Day
You shiiiilil'iil send out of town for
carils for yourself or your husband
until ypu uec what The Miner can do
for you.
Fare and One-Third
For round trip to and
from   all   stations   in
local territory.    Good
27 and  28,
Nov- 30-
II. L. Bhown,
City Puwnger Agent
J. 8. Oartrb,
I (is. I'ius. Act.
A. (1. P. _.
J. C. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of (ieological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nel job. b C
\ :���
J !,!{
s' I
'1 1
���V-. Nhlson Daily Miner Thursjay. November 28,  1901
imcirn- tt	
MOPS  PY    &      Wcdenlrp to in foi m
tho  public   that   wc
have taken over Ui
buriinosH of
whieh will in tho future bo carried
on under tlio stylo of
We ask for the support of the residents of
Nelaon and the Kootonay Country.
Our promises arc being oolorgod and improved to meel thu over growing trade of tin-
Thestookof Books,Offloo Supplies, Stationery and Fanoy Goods will be taoreased and of
toredal prion whicb will make it worth your
while lo deal with us.
At the Salvation army Darraoks
toilay a concert will be given this
evening,coinmeciug at 8 o'clock. There
will be loth instrumental and vocal
music.    Admission free.
A large foice of men are employed
in the C. P. It yards-and along the
water front, getting the tracks in
good condition for the winter. Nelson now posEesses one of the best
arranged yards in Canada and freight
handling faciilitics that receive much
commendation fiom visiting railway
Thanksgiving day will probably
pass very quietly in the city. Nothing
special in the way of sports has been
arranged to take place. A large number of shooting parties have been
made up, and if the day is tine con-
sidctable boating will be done. At
the Opera house a matinee will be
given in the afternoon.
Miss Queenie McCoy arrived yesterday from Slocan City and leaves today
for Kaslo where she takes part in the
St. Andrew's concert to be given there
ou Friday night. Miss McCoy has
completed arrangements for her concert here on Monday evening next in
the opera house. The programme is
to consist for the most pait of Scottish music.
A quiet and very pretty wedding
took place ln St. ���._ Saviour's
church last evening when Miss
Minnie M. Mott, a daughter of
John D. Mott, of London, Out., and
sister of Mrs. VV. J. Chittick, of Victoria stieot, with whom she made hei
home, was united in marriage to i-'red
S. Clements, P. L.B., Ht. Hev. Bishop
Uart ollieating. Tlie bride was attired
in a handsome blue travelling costume
trimmed with sable and carried a
bcautilu! bouquet of bridal ro;es.
The bride is a veiy well known and
popular young lady and was the recipient of many handsome presents.
Mr. and Mrs. Clements will reside at
the corner of Mill and Cedar etrets.
They will be at home after January
Tells Seme Plain facts.
One of the heaviest importers of
coffee in America, and who requests
that his name bo kept from the public
in connection with the following subject because of tile effect it would
nave on his business, says. "I have
used coffee for over thirty-five years,
hut about a year ago was compelled to
discontinue its use on account of itb
effect on my health. Since that time I
have used nothing in its place but
Vostum Ct-Nil Food Coffee and prop
erly piepared, it is simply delicious
with cream and sugar.
In connection with this I have also
used Grape-Nuts Ilreakfast Food.
While in Florida this winter I carried
a package with me all the time, so if
I was unable to get what I wanted
for breakfast I could rely on my own
Any one who couid have known of
my condition a year ago, and the very
great improvement now, would have
no causo to question the wisdom oi
my change from the old fashioned diet
of the present."
Tbis man Is one of the best known
coffee experts in the world, and his
testimony regarding the flavor of
I'ostum Cereal Food Coffee is noteworthy.
Now and then a person gets Postum
Food Colfee served under-boiled and
consequently alraoot tasteless. A
chemical ohange takes plaoe in I'ostum after it has been actively boiled
for IL' to IE minutes; this change
brings out the food value and the delicious taste. It does not answer_to
simply leave it on the stove for in
minutes, it must stand on the stove
until boiling commences, then be
allowed to bubble 15 minutes.
A piece of butter twice the size of a
pea should be put in the pot to keep it
from boiling over.
Manv a man or woman continues
in a hall sick state from month to
month, not knowing that the drug in
tbe coffee they use is the oause, try
leaving off colfee and using I'ostum
Food Coffee. That ohange bas worked
salvation for many skeptical sick
ones. I
The new team of horses for the fir
department arrived last evenlug from
Rossland, and have teen installed in
their new quarters at the lire hall
Iloth tbe Nels.in and the Kaslo took
up heavy shipments ol freight yesterday for Kaslo, from which point
moat of it will be shipped to Lardo.
A son was born to the wife of Alexander Munro. roadmaster on the C. P.
R., residing at the corner of Carbonate
and Josephine streets, yesterday
Miss Violet Emory, who has been
residing wilh her sister, Mrs. Ritchie,
of Carbonate street, sine? last spring,
leaves this morning for her home at
the coast.
At the auction sale of the effects of
D. J. Dewnr yesterday only about half
oi the goods were disposed of by 11
o'clock necessitating a coutinnation
of the sale on Friday.
J Docherty, formerly of the Kootenay Wire works, and Miss Marie
Roam, were married yesterday evening at the "residence of the bride's
father ln Salem, Oregon.
The transfer of the Yukon fraction
from A. C O'Neill to P. Daly, J.
Ryan. A. J. Hughes nnd \V. Colfey,
consideration'nominal, was the only
transaction entered ai tho record office
Owing to the large number of
laborers coming down from the Lardo
lately Italian laborers are very plentiful in the city. Over 100 arrived
during the past week, most of whom
have remained in the eity.
Teams were employed yesterday in
hauling gravel from thc corner of
Lake and Ward streets to be used in
filling in the roadway on VVard street,
where a large quantity of mild waB
removed. If a little more of the hill
mentomd is removed it will open
Lake strec-r through to Ward.
At the police rourt yesterday morning a stranger to Ibe city was brought
up on a charge of druukoness. Inves
tigation showed that the man was
suffering from the effects of an overdose of morphine of which he was an
habitual urer. llo was given two
hours to get out of town au admonition which he complied, taking the
train for the south.
A union service of the Presbyterian,
Methodist, Congregationalist and Ilap-
tis* denominations will be held today
in the Presbyterian church at 11
o'clock. Rev. Dr. Wright will preach
the sermon and the music will be of
a special nature by united choirs.
Miss Lillie, of the Methodist church,
will sing a solo. The pastors of the
various churches will take part in the
Turkey lunch at the Office Saloon at
13 o'clock today,
Thanksgiving dinner at tho   Nelson
Cafe today from 4 to s p. ra.
Your opportunity is now of securing a tailor made at less than cost at
Martin O'Reilly and Co.'s closing out
W. Illakemore was in the city yesterday on business connected with Unwinding up of the business affairs of
the Kitchener iron mines for the season. He leaves this morning for
Kitchener and thence to Montreal.
Sinclair Hunter, of Kaslo, is in the
city. He has just returned from a
trip to the const. Mr. Hunter has
been in charge of tho Surprise mine
near Meduigan station. A force of if,
men are employed and shipments are
made every month. Mr. Hunter
leaves lor the Surprise on Saturday.
The oro of the Surprise runs as high
as 1,000 ounces iu silver to the ton.
The Kaslo yesterday brought in two
ears of Last Chance, two cars of
Whitewater, and two ears of Slocan
Star, all for the Trail smelter; and
one car of Full Rig, for the Hall
MirVcs smelter. Tho lat'er shipment is
the first one to be made by the Full
Rig, which is situated on the south
fork of the Kaslo, and is being worked by J. W, Hell. Un Tuesday the
Kaslo brought in two cars of Rambler-Cariboo for the Selby smelter at
San Francisco, and four cars of Slocan
Star for the Trail smelter.
Attention is called to the advorine-
inont of Martin O'Reilly and Co.
which appears in tbis issue. This i:
a genuine closing out sale as the in
ton'.ion of the firm is to remove to
Fernie on or about the loth of December. Under the circumstances the
goods are being offered at oost price.
The stock is too large to move and
hencij the intention is to sell as much
of it as possible. Ilargains in all
kinds of dry goods will bo offered Rnd
those who desire to get fine goods for
the most reasonable prices now have
the opportunity. It is a chance thnt
ssldom comes and therefore advantage should be taken of it. Everyone
nows where the store is, oorner of
Ilaker and Josenhine. The premises
are to be occupied by the Impciial
bank just as soon as O'Reilly and
Co. remove.
Hume. ���   A.   Small.     Vancouver;
C. ii. Hunter, Phoenixi Miss Queenie
McCoy.  Vernon ; (J. Williamson,  Denver; K. Hray,  London,  Eng.
Phair.���J.   C,   Prewry,     BosbIbuiI;
(>. A. Carlson,CI. O. fiuchanan, Kaslo;
W. M. Curtis, Detroiti L. M. Rice,
Seattle; Mr. nnd Mrs. A. J. Ferran-
den. Northport! 0. P. Hill, Spokane;
L. A. Campbell, Rossland.
Queens.���0. S. Callahan. New-
York; Jas. Edmondson, Ymir; A. J.
Edwards and wife, II. H.HIninanauer,
New Denver; (i. D.Bell, W.Donnelly,
Salnio; J. Lenard, VV. B. LoFevre,
Grand Forks; VV. Ellen. I'airview;
Mrs. Johnson and child, Seattle
(hand Central. ���A. McDonald. VV.
G. McLeod. M. M. Koran, B. Brown,
Lardo: F. Shatter, J. Scott, J. Hull,
sioean;.!    MoCormack,   Whitewater!
G, Piou, Erie; J.II. Wickcs and wife.
M. F. Newsome, New York; Mrs. H.
II. Foi Iter, Vernon.
Tis true, that Martin O'Reilly is
giving some snaps in Dry (loods, during Ills clearing out sale.
Copper���London, ��68. l(ls..'ld. ; spot.
��68. His. 3d. ; futures, New York.
$10.85 to 817 for lake. 810.33 to Slo.
02���_ for casting.
Lead���London, ��11. i.ls.New York
Silver��� London,35 5-8d. ; New York
China Silk for 20c per yard at   Martin O'Reilly and Co.'s selling off sale.
Spokane, Nov. 27.���Today A.Klook-
man, of Rossland.was married to Miss
Frances Ilewett of Spokane. The
ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr.
llrown at the residence of her mother
on First avenue. A sumptous wedding breakfast was served at the Hotel
Spokane after the ceremony. The
happy couple will make their home in
Rossland. Mr. Klockman is the well
known theatrical and mining man of
Rossland while the bride has attained
a high reputation as an operatic
soprano and is a young lady of uo-
complishmeut and refinement.
Jewels, candy, flowers, man���that
is tho order of a woman's preferences.
Jewels from a magnet of might power
to the average woman. Even that
greatest of all jewels, health, is often
ruined in the strenuous efforts to
make or save the money to purchaso
them. If a woman will risk her
health to get a coveted gem, then let
her fortify herself against the insidu-
ous consequences of coughs, colds and
bronchial affections by the regular
use of Dr. lioschee's Ocrman Syrup,
It will promptly arrest consumption
in its early stages and heal the
affected lungs and bronchial tubes
and drive the dread disease from tlie
system. It is not a cure-all, but it is
a certain cure for coughs, colds and
all bronchial troubles. You can get
Dr. (j. 0. (Ireen's reliable remedies at
W. F. Teetzel & Co.'s. Get Green's
Special Almanac.
Chun     Chowder
Pioneer Caterer.
at   Spear's.���The
Think of it I   Pernn's kid gloves for
00c   at   Maitin   O'Reilly   and    Co.'s
clearing sale.
Previous lo thc introiluolk.n of Griffiths'
Menthol Liniment, belladonna Menthol nnd
porous plastors wero extensively used, For
pains in any pari of the body Griffiths Menthol
Llntmont Is superior to plastors ol my kind. 11
immediately penetrates to the im-.,,;ul parts,
relieving in a fow minutes.   Prloo 2fi cents.
For sale bv .1. P. Vanslone  Nelson. 11. U,
Civil Engineers nnd Provincial Land
Nelson, B.C
I'. O. Rox 145
and try a bol.Uo, a dozen, or a barrel of
RALGARY BEER an it is the best, and
cheapest, on tho market. Also try out
WINES,    LIQUORS     and     CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M.......
Talc ph on c 93 Bakor SL,, Nolson
P. L. S.
KASLO.   B.   C.
Mineral   l->in-<; and mines stnveyed.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Boer and Porter.
Moloon   R. 0
West Transfer Co.
Goal m Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac  Al
ways on hand.
Ail Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on  Baker Street Tel
Windermere Mines.   GorrsspondonosSolicit
Closina Out Announcement.
|ARTIN O'REILLY & CO. in making their Closing Out Announcement, beg tp tender their thanks
to their many friends and customers for past patronage during the time they have been in business in
Nelson.    We propose giving the public generally, a life's opportunity of buying Dry Goods at prices
never before approached in thc Kootenays or elsewhere.
On Friday Morning Nov. 29th, 1901.
Wc will commence one of the Most Startling Cheap Sales ever attempted in the annals of Dry Goods in
this city. This sale will not be prolonged���short and sweet���and ladies see that you get some of "The
Plums", as there will be many during this, Our Last Sale in Nelson.
" Come one conn- all' the j,'oods must go.
And all we wall! is but to show
The Bargains we can k'ivc."
Suit and Jacket Department
Wo mean .his.
Suits that were $10.00, now ,
"      "      "       '5-oo,      "      	
" " " 20.00, " 	
" " " 22.50, " 	
" " " 25.OO " 	
Dress Skirts
In Black .'ind Navy.
Black Creponnc Skirts, $10.00 now	
" " " 6.50.	
���v    S 00
.      8 25
���    13 00
15 00
.    16 00
.$ 6 00
��� 4 5��
3 75
Black and Navy Series,   7.50     4 75
Two ilozi-n Black, Navy, Fawn and Green Jackets at Half Price.
Ladies' Rain Coats, were $7.00. now  *
'1*1  ^     j    QQ
_ ravenette (Raglan) the garment of the hour, a $12.00 garment for   7 --
The best grade of Cavenelte, $18.00 for    ,.
Domestic Department
Towelling 5c, 8c., and foe per yard.
Bath Towels that were 35c per pair, now	
 40c ;   30
 75c ���    50
 '     "    9��e        60
Tablelngs, Sheetings and Bed Spreads.    Now is your time to buy them
anollii-r chance like this you may never have.
Blankets and Comforters
We have a large stock but the sale price  wi
Blankets for	
$2.00 Comforter for	
reduce  them.    $3,75;
��� * 2 'in
1    DO
Dress Goods Department
All kinds, classes and colors of Dress Goods are marked at   the following
Several pieces Black Figured Dress Goods that were 50c, now $      25
A lot Fancy Dress Goods, were 75c, now  40
All Colored and Black Dress Goods that were $1.00, now  65
Tlie $2.00 line now      1  2
Silks, Blouse and Dress Silks
China Silk, regular 3:5c, now	
Our ij inch China Silk, regular 50c, now  35
Some of the nobbiest Blouse Silks and Colorings, that were $1, now 60
Another line that was $1.50, now  90
Still another that was $3.50,  now  1 90
Dress Linings
Now is your time to buy Dress Linings.    The  dressmakers'   opportunity.
Plain and Fancy Linings that were 15c, now $      10
Also our Fancy Colored Linings lhat were 25c, now  15
Corsets, Gloves, Underwear
Ladies will be interested to know that Corsets,  Gloves and  Underwear
are not left out of this sale.
Our     75c Corset goes for     4      ,,,
" *������*> "   "  " ......!!'..!'.',".'.".1.....   ta
"        ''2S        K5
1.So D. and A. short waist, black, while, pink and blue     1   10
"        1.50 D. and A. Girdles, drab only     , ���n
Children's Corset waists thai were 90c and 75c are now	
GLOVES���Our Kid Gloves require no introduction otherwise than
to mention that thoy are "Perrln's Make", in colors modes tans
and black.    Think of it, only, per pair  n.
Underwear In Ladies' and Childrens'.   A nice, well finished Combination lor Ladies, in white only, three sizes, each        0
Ladies Natural Wool Vesls, were $1.00, now  n
A line of Ladies' White Vests, were 90c, now  6
Children's Vests and Drawers in white only, from 20c up.
Pins 2 papers for sc    Hair Pins 2 for ee.    Those that were  10c now ��
hvervthmg in the Sm.-ilhv.iie line similiarly reduced.
~?r  The above price quotations are selling prices, and it is absolutely necessary that we
^ make things move, as we intend moving ourselves in two weeks.
New Century
Producing Straight Front Elfect With
The New Waist   The Straight Front        or without Straight Front or Erect
Effect complote Form Corsets.
Porloctor adjusted  on
The Only Perfect Article to Give the DIP FEONT Effect
tO the DreSS-
Is a simple little device that attaches to the corret as In  Fig.   1,   and  is
used to give that long- graceful effect to the   shirtwaist,   without  having
to slope the waist band  or  wear   "Erect  Form"  Corsets.    It  is  self-
adjusting to long or short waisted figures.
For Sale by
1 MTarland&BroGkmanl
5 We have just opened a line of \
'* -' _���
J5 Very unique in design. ��
|   China Hall Baker Street f
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates lurnished.
E. E. CROASDAILE Agent Nelson.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tnree Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order, by ml U amw branch will have careful and prompt attention


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