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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 8, 1901

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 Daily Edition No. 1109
Nelson,   British Columbia, Thoksday,   August 8, 1901
Eleventh  Year
Horrible Example of Speedy
Justice in an Alabama
from I'okohama on August 16 for
Vanoou er. It is believed his trip
has been a most satisfactory one.
C. P. R. trains are carrying thousands of laborers to Manitoba. Three
thousand left Toronto on Monday, 3,-
000 on Tuesday, aid 3,000 today.
Confessed Having Committed
a Heinous Crime.���Cries
for Mercy.
Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 7.���With
agonizing screams and his eyes bulg-
ing from his head, John Wesley Pennington, negro, was burned at the
stake near Enterprise, Ala., before a
crowd of BOO enraged and determined
c'tizens of Coffee county this morning, Tho mob was composed of both
whites and blacks and though the
so .Turing man pleaded for mercy and
frantically endeavored to break the
chains that tightly bound him, not a
trace of sympathy was shown on the
faces that peered at him through the
Sanies. Pennington bud committed a
brutal assault upon Mis. J. C. Davis,
wile o' one of IheJ most prominent
farmers of Coffey county, and had
confessed his guilt. The ciime was
committed Thursday afternoon last
week, while Mrs. Davis was gathering vegetables in her garden. Pennington choked the woman iuto in-
scnsbility, accomplished uis intention
and lied through the woods nearby. As
aeon as she regained consciousness,
Mis. Davis crawled to the house
and told her husband what had happened. A large possee was quickly
organized with blood hounds, and
they chased the negro until early
this morning when ho was captured
in a swamp. He was bound hand
and foot and taken to the Davis home
for identification. News of the assault had been spread for milts
around Enterpirse and every farmer
in the neighborhood had joined in the
pursuit. When the posse arrived this
morning with Pennington at least ,100
persons were gathered near the Davis
residence. A great shout went up
when the prisoner arrived, but at ��
signal the men withdrew to the
woods and quietly awaited the result
of the meeting of Pennington and
Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis recognized
him as her assailant and the negro
broke down and wept. He admitted
having committed the assault and
pleaded for mercy, but he was dragged from the bouse to the woodB where
the crowd had gathered. Evidently
expecting the confession several citizens had driven an iron into the
ground and as the captors appeared
with Pennington, both whites and
blacks were piling brushwood around
the .-.take. Tho negio saw his doom
and with a scream of terror fell in a
faint. He was quickly revived and
drugged to the stake while the crowd
stood Bilently by. The frightened
man waa limp and had to be held np
while the chains were fastened
around his neck and body. A match
was applied to the pile and with oil
to feed upon the tiny flame soon burst
into a roaring fire. The terrified
negro pleaded for mercy In the most,
agonizing tones antl prayed 'o Hod
lhat those around him might perish.
He then calleJ. upon His Maker for
forgiveness aud as the flames leaped
up and lapped his neck, an unearthly
shriek was beard and the man's eyes
almost bulged out of their Bockcts.
By this time the Are had gained such
headway that nothing could be seen
except a wriggling motion in tbe cir-
elo of fire. A sllenco followed and in
a few minuteB the flames had subsided sufficiently to show that. Pennington's head had fallen forward and
hung limp over the iron chain. His
body was quickly consumed and nothing remained hut a pile of ashes. The
crowd then dispersed.
Washington, Aug. 7.���President
McK'nley today sent the following
message of condolence to King Edward upon the death of his sister,
tbe Dowager Empress Frederick of
State Department, Washington, D, C,
Aug. 7, 11)01.
His Majesty, Edward VII., London:
I tender to Your Majesty sincere
condolences by reason of the death
of your beloved sister, Her Majesty,
the Dowager Empress Frederick, of
(Sgd.)       WILLIAM M'KINLEY.
Nelson Will Have a $200,000 Block to Be
Built Entirely of White Marble Quarried in the Kootenay.
npsct last Saturday and fished out
by the same man. He never let go
his rod and wnen he was pulled into
the boat calmly continued to Hah,with
the remark that ho could dry as well
there as on shore.
Chatham,    N.   11.,   Aug.
Montioal,   Aug.   7.���Ames,   Holden
& Co., deny the report tbat they   will
build a shoe factory in Vancouver.
Fretlericton, N. B.,   Aug.   7.���Kev.
W. Jcffry is  dead, aged 81.
Toronto,' Aug. 7.���There is a big
batch of counterfeit $1 hills in circulation in Toronto and vicinity. The
engraving is well none, but the pnpet
is a cheap grade, the crispness of the
genuine bills being noticeably absent.
Montreal, Aug. 7.���William Whyte,
assistant to the president of the C.
P. R., who is making a tour of Rus
sin in the interests of his company.
is now at  Valdvistock.    lie   will sail
Work Will Commence Shortly on the Most
Unique and Beautiful Building in
the Dominion of Canada.
Berlin, Aug. ".���A man claiming
to be Mr. Holies of San Francsco, but
who registered at the Kaiserhof as
Mr. Holies of Boston, was arrested
today for presenting at a branch of
the Dradener Bank, checks identified-
as part of the booty obtained hy the
robbery of the American Express Com
pany's office in Paris during the
month of April. Bolles claims he acquired tbe cheoks legitimately.
Three masked burglars entered the
American Express office tbe night of
April 36th, and escaped with 3,000
francs after dynamiting the safe. Tne
burglars left behind them a complete
outlit of American burglars' tools.
Before beginning work on the safe,
the burglars bound and gagged the
colored porter who _was asleep in the
second storey. They overlooked a
packet of F'rench bills and a number
of gold pieces. A feature was that
the policeman ou duty in the viciniw
heard and saw nothing of the burglars, though the latter worked loudly, and the sound of the two explosions necessary to open the safe was
sufficient to awaken the porter on the
top storey of a building across the
street, and cause him to descend and
search his own liouse for intrudeis.
The express company's office is located
in the center of Paris, has a long
frontage faoing the opera houBe and
is Jsurrounded by business houses.
"Tom Edward," said to be a native
of Chicago and described as leader of
the gang, was arrosted the following
morning, and George Humher, reported to he the second member of the
gang, was taken into custody May I.
In his pockets was found burglar's
tools and a number of c leeks that had
heen stolen f.-om the express office.
On June 8th the police of Paris arrested a notorious woman, named May
Churchill, known as "Chicago May,"
who was suspected of complicity
with "Tom Edwards" in the robbery.
Finally in June last "Eddie"' (Juerin,
of Chicago, was also arrested by tbe
French police on the ehargo of being
one of the three burglars concerned
in the express company's robbery,
Guerin, it, was said by the police, iB
the same man who ten years ago
robbed the Banit of Lyons, Prance,
of 50.000 francs. The police of Chi
cago assisted in the identiiication of
Gueiin by meaus of tho llett.illon
meusures of the man taken ten years
ago by the French police.
Sat Francisco, Cal., Aug. 7.���It
waa loarnod today that the police
have in custody today a man who was
arrested on suspicion of being implicated in the Selby Smelting works
robbery in which 8340,000 worth of
gold bullion wai:_stolen. The identity
of the suspect is not known. Tho
police will give no information on
the mattor.
Hamilton, Ont., Aug. 7.���Rev. A,
H. Tyrer, pastor of the Unitarian
church here, has resigned. In a sermon on Sunday he expressed doubt
as to the existence of a future state
and a personal God and intimated he
was an f agnostic. He is going to
A two hundred thousand dollar
white marble block will, in the near
future, be one of the things that Nelson will have to boast of. lt will be
built with English and French capital represented by Ernest Mansfield.
It will bo of white marble throughout.the interior floors, walls and ceilings being of that material. It will
be the handsomest building in tbe
Province and while many in the Dominion have cost several times $-00.���
000 it is doubtful if any of them will
be more beautiful. Work will commence within tli./ce months and it
will take ths best part of a year to
t omplcte the building whicli will be
erected on the lots on West Haker
street now occupied by the offices of
Mr. Mansfield and T. G. Procter.
When, sometime over a year ago,
Mr. Mansfield purchased tho marble
quarry opposite Kas'o from the West
Kootenay Brick & Lime Company, it
was his mte.ition to push toe sale ot
the marble, which expert! stated was
as line as any quarried on the American continent. At present New York
and other eaBtern cities use a great
deal of marble from California,which,
io the east, like California w!ne,passes
off as the European article. Mr.
Mansfield figures that if marlile can
be carried ac.oss the southern part
of the continent it can be made to
pay when carried across the northern
part. He is now prepared to open
his quarry on a large scale aod to
make a bid for the marble business
of tho east. To demonstrate the mar-1
vellous quality of the marble aud the,
various uses to] wlrch it can be ap- ���
plied, both as a building stono and
in interior deeoratioi s, he haB decided
to build a block entirely of the
stone. It will be elected on tbe two
lots owned by Mr. Mansfield on West
Baker street. Besides the marble advertising feature the erection of the
block will be a glowiDg tribute to the
faith Mr. Mansfield and b-s associates
have in the futoro of this city. Mr
Mansfield left laBt evening via the
C. P. R. for Now York, where he will
take the North German Lloyd steamer
Kaiserin Maria Theresa on tbe 13th
inst for the Old Country. His trip has
largely to do with the block but also
concerns hiB mining interests. On
Tuesday he received a cablegram stating that the money for the building
was ready and he goeB to complete the
organization. He will be away
ahout two months and upon his return work will commence. Polishing
niacliiuory will ba installed at tbe
qua cry to prepare tne marble. It will
tuke the best part of a year to complete the building. Tbe front elevation will bo extremely handsome and
of massive design.
According to the plans prepared by
Mossrs. Cune & McDonald, and
taken by Mr. Mansfield to E-gland
to lay before his associates, tbe front
will bo of finely bus'icd und chiseled
marble and all the columns, cornice
and architraves of polished marble.
An arcade will run through thecentei
of the building ten feet wide, tne
building itself being B0 by 120 feet.
The entrance to the arcade will be
through a massive arch with polished
columns on either sido. There will
bo a ceiling over the arcade for 17
feet from the front, whero it will encounter the lirst of two light, wells
which will illuminate the interior
offlcos and rooms. Over the wells
there will bo a glaps roof and on the
level of tho third ceiling it will bo
paniii'llod with arch glass. Between
the light wells, at tho second and
third floors, there will be bridges
connecting the opposite Bides of thc
bnilding betweon the elevator and
staircase.   The interior of the  wells
will be made beautiful, with moulded
and Huted pila iters which will run the
full height. They will of polished
malblo. The stair ease will also be
of polished marble.
The plau of tho intcrio- has not yet
been definit-'ly decided upon and it
will probably be determined after Mr.
Mansfield tecelves information as to
the tenants that will occipy the
rooms. Everything inside will be cf
polished marble. The decorations of
tbe front elevation will consist of
turned balusters at tbe top and bold
pilasters carried the full height of
tbe second and third stories. There
will be marble balconies at the central windows of the same two stories.
The party walls will be of rock
faced marble and the rear elevation
will be of bushed marble with rook
faced pilasters. Commodious quarters will be provided by Mr. Mans-
fiel for a stock exchange. He will
p-.ohably call the block the Nelson
Stock Exchange and he hopes to have
all the brokerage aod agency firms
inl '. clly gatnered within his mar-
tie walls in order to centralize that
branch of the city's business. If
there is any demand for scores he will
provide them. 11 all the available
rooms a.e occupied by tenants,
it will give a return of over ten
per cent, on tbe money invented. Tbe
b.rlding will be lighted throughout
wi.h gas.
When completed tbe block will be,
by long odds, the most unique in Can-
da and it would take quite a journey
in any land to find another three
storey building composed entirely of
marble, the only woodwork in it be
ing the doors and window sashes.
Lots of Little Mishaps That Are Kept
Very Quiet.
The water is in such a hurry down
at Bonnington Falls and thereabouts
that it is apt to play the mischiof
with any small boat that is steered
into it with inexperienced hands.
Accidents occur but the victims prefer saying nothing about them when
they return to town. Some men
who live down tnere, however, have
no such scruples and lately they have
been saving lives at a rate that
makes the hair-breadth escapes lose
all their excitement as tar as they are
concerned. They tell sonic good stories. Three ultra religions ladies from
Nelson wero enjoying tho grandeur of
the rcenury and thought i*_would appear to better advantage if they got
mixed up in it, They were going out
in a bout when one of the residents
of the neighborhood warned them
that the water waa very treacheious.
They got back at him with a missionary talk calculated to make a Christian out of a stone nntl informed him
that unliiie bim,they could f.ce death
fearlessly at any time, as they were
prepared. Thoy also stated that tbe
all kind Pioivdencc would look after
tbem nnd Ucop them out of danger.
Tbey did get mixed up witli the scenery in a very wet manner but managed to gurgle out a few piercing
scream as they clung to the boat antl
floated about in the eddies near the
shore. The man rescued them and as
be had them lined up on terra firma
remarked that it wns all very well to
welcome death and to truRt to Providence to keep the boa. undei them
but he imagined their lungs wore just
as strong as those of other victims of
accidents who mado no special claims
to being devout ChrUiains. The ladies culled him a "horrid thing,"
BOUght the seclusion of the woods,
built a bon lire and	
A prominent resident of Nelson was
thousands of dollars worth o* timbei
limits are being swept by forest
firesj in Northumberland county, and
the crops and some houses arej included in the destruction. There bas practically not beeu a day's rain since the
end of May and the crops are a total
i Application for Ball for Lawless Fishermen Who Attacked Japs.
Paris, Aug. 7. ���Lato in the day it
became known that the French government was seriously considering the
question of suspending Turkish bond
quotations on the Paris Bourse as the
best available means of coercing
Canadian Company to Spend
Half a Million Dollars ln
the Yukon.
Cedar Rapids, la., Aug. 7.-���The
Republican state convention today
nominated A. B. Cummins of Des
Moines for Governor.
Pittsburg. Pa., Aug. 7.���The Times
tomorrow will Pay: "Another vast
industrial co.nbiuaiion, cne of the
greatest that bas ever heen planned,
is evidently under svay and two prominent Pittsburgers arc taking a loading part in the consummation of the
project which has for its okject the
placing in the power of one coprora-
tion tbe control of the world's supply
of window glass. The proposed oom-
bine is to tako in all of the window
glass manufacturers of tho world,
and if effected the business would be
conducted from Pittsburg as tbe
nucleus of the organization is the
American Window Glafls Company of
this city. This company practically
controls the window glass business of
tbe United States and the only factories in Europe that amount ta any-
thiug are located in Belgium.
Brussels, Aug. 7.���A representative
of the American capitalist:;, named
Chambers, wbo is negotiating to acquire tbe Cbarleioi Glass Works, had
a three hours conference with tho
present owners of the works this afternoon. The decision arrived at was
not announced. The glass company
cwns forty furnaces and values them
at 500,000 francs each.
Province Snows Clear Bill of Health
But Precautions Are Unrelaxed.
Dr. Fagan, provincial medical
health officer, informed the Colonist
yesterday that the last vestige of
smallpox has been stamped out in
the province. Sinco last November
over one hundred oases have b::en
treated. The disease was discovered,
at diffoient times, at the following
places, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Revelstoke, Cranbrook, Michel,
Fernie, Spencowood, Moyie, Pbeonix,
CJuesnel and on the Naas and Skeena
rivers, but by the prompt application
of peventativo measures the pestilence
was kept within bounds, antl its
spread effectually checked. Although
the health officers bave the satisfaction to report that the province is now
free from the disease, they have by
no means relaxed their vigilance
with regard to it. Smallpox exists iu
AlasKu, Washington aud the Territories, and every avenue of ingress
is being carefully watched to prevent
its re-entry into Brlt'sh Columbia.���
Victoria Colonist.
Montreal, Aug. 7.���The announcement is made here today that E. W.
Craig will bo appointed grain inspector for the Dominion The salary in
83,000 a year and travelling  expenses.
Halifax, N. S,, Aug. 7.���In an exhibition game here yesterday the Wanderers of this eil.y^ defeated the Belmont cricketers of Philadelphia by a
score of llf, to 104.
Philadelphia. Pa., Aug. 7. ���Another body was found today in the
ruins of Monday night's explosion on
Locust street, making a total ol eight
Victoria. B. C, Ang 7.���Application
for ball for thc striking fishermen
was concluded by'Mr, Senkler before
Judge Walkein this morning. Mr.
.-Kinkier, who included Rogers and
DesplaiJies in bis application, held
that the strikers were not interfering
with the fishermen, as no fish were
running, and tbat tbo canners and
police had laid a trap to lead them to
commit offense. Deputy Attorney General McLean in reply held that the
men were guilty, possibly of murder, by their own testimony, and that
they wore loose fish who would break
bail and leave the country. Mr. Senkler held, on the othor hand, that, as
the only reason Judge Ma-tin gave
for refusing bail was that the strike
was not settlud, settlement of the
trouble removed all validity of objection. ,Iutlg_ Walkem said that ho
would deal with the application as if
coming before him on habeas corpus
proceedings and not as suggested by
Mr. McLean as an appeal from Mr.
Justice Martin The decision will
be given tomorrow.
Vancouver, B C, Aug 7.���Tho
steamer Islander arrived today from
Skagway bringing $1.0,000 in gold
dust antl the news that owing to serious drought ou the creeks, that the
estimated output will not be nearly
a6 large as anticipated. Word was also brought lhat a Canadian company
capitalized at 1(2,000,000 by Montreal
and Toronto capitalists have obtained
concessions from tne government to
carry water in pipes from the Yukon
river to the creeks with the understanding that thev expend $500,000 in
work this year. This undertaking,
which is considered by Daweon miners of great importance, will be commenced at once.
Viotoria.B.C, Aug. 7.���A battory ot
six seven pounders has been mounted at Workpoint barracks, this station
having been created t.ie saluting station, and the guns will be used for a
Royal salute when the Duke of Cornwall and York arrives.
The military authorities have pur
chased five acres of land adjoining
Ihe naval cemeter-i at Esquimalt, for
interment of members of the land
forces stationed at Workpoint. Tho
Bishop of Columbia will consecrate
tlie English church portion of thu plot
next Sunday morning when tho troops
of that faith will parade.
Victoria, B. C, Aug. 7.���August
Marion, La Presses globe circler,
who was arrested in Russia, arrived
on tho Empress at midnight. Marion
says ho was told at Valdivostock and
at Yokohama that arrest, was duo to
machiations of rivals In the round tho
world race.
Now York, Aug.7.��� The Commercial
Advertiser says in today's issue: "As
far as can hej learned no communication has been received by J. P. Morgan & Co., oi by any of the steel companies here, from the labor leaders
since the conference of Saturday last.
Peace, however, may not be fur away
after all. II is learned that Independent Influences are at work which muy
surprise everybody within thc next
few days. Mr. Morgan will not say a
word about the matter, but it is believed in some quarters lhat be has
received important communications
from persons strong enough and independent enough to bring about a
settlement before Shaffer's order io
strike takes effect. Those who know
Mr. Morgan say thai he will welcome
any move tbat will hasten the end of
the controversy, providing the 'fundamental objections which he urged on
Saturday last are respected. That
something is being done in thc direction of amity is ipparont from tho
manner of tho men bore and the
course of steel stocks on the exchange.
fl tf___
I ���
Nelson Daily Miner,  Thursday.  August 8, 1901
The Nelson Miner
Published   Every  Morning  Except
lully,. or month, by carrier  l~c
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Wookly. por yoar, forrago. ��� i ��� ���
Sriplloni) invariably in ailvanoo.
. ?! ID
. 2 no
.   3 00
115 Meet Stroot, E. 0.
Prosit Agency, Ltd., Special Agent-
Alexander Sc Go., 531 i-'ir^t Avenue, Spokane,
Wu*h.. k.'Lrii tin- junior on file, anil aro our
authorised agents for advertisements and nub
ent direct from the Factory has just been received
we are enabletl to offer them at
A large consignm
&i-.\~<i~.i~.\~A~. iti^
J. Q. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
The    Dominion     autboriites    have
instructetl tlie ninniiger of tbe government assay office at Vancouver to purchase   gold direct   from   the   miners,
thus maki-g the establishment a purchasing as well   as   an   assay   office.
Hitherto   the   Vancouver banks   have
purchased the assay   ollice certificates
at three-quarters of ono per cent, dis
count,  but   now   this  shave   will  be
done awuy witli and  the   assay  office
will give Cheques nn the bank of Mod
treal payable  at   par.    The only   deductions  will be   tbe  assay   and  the
mini charges.    Besides this there  is a
one   per  cent, rebate on   the   royalty
collected by the government, which is
returned lo the miners when they sell
their gold dust at Hie Vancouver oflice.
Another matter, which   should   ic-
dound to    the advantage   of the Vancouver oiiice, is a recent ruling of the
U. S. Secretary .if the Treasury   that
gold dust   antl goltl bullion   mined in
foreign countries, antl   sent   into  the
United Static foi assay and sale, must
be accompanied by a   consular invoice
and enter   subject to   customs regulations, the same as other merchandise.
This will result, we believe, in keeping
considerable gold away   from   Seattle
and diverting it to Vancouver. Ill TELEPHONE 142
is held that gold dust is not a medium
of exchange between bankers, and is
therefore classed as merchandise and
as such must conform to the laws
governing merchandise entering the
republic. Tho invoices made out hy
tho consuls antl the cn.toms fees,
therefore, undci the ruling, must be
paid and will constitute an additional
charge on gold sent into the U. S.
By this ruling thc secretary of the
treasury bas unwittingly played into
tbo bands of those wbo are endeavoring to se-jure for Canada some of the
bonofiU of the goltl which is being
extracted in Canadian territory. To
be sure, there will bo a small charge,
for the goltl passing in bond from
White l'ass to Skagway, or down the
Yukon river from Dawson to St.
Michaels, but this should not equal the
consular antl cuslums fees.
It has been suggested, in order to
get rid of this bunding charge, that
an assay office be established at Dawson, but the game is not worth the
candle. Tbe latest action of the Dominion in directing a direct purchase
of gold will accomplish what is desired���the marketing of the Yukon gold
in Canada and the collection of tho
royalty on a larger proportion of tho
metal extracted than has hitherto been
the case. Those who have paid the
royalty up north, will, through the
assay office at Vancouver, receive a
one per cent, rebate, which is worth
looking after.
While it is not possible that all the
gold taken out of the Yukon placers
will go to Vancouver it is certain,
under tho policy which is being pursued by tbe Federal authorities, that
tbe quantity will be largely increased.
Miners, as a rule, spund consideiable
of tbeir goltl where they market it,
and the effect of a slcatly stream of the
precious metal Bowing into this province cannot fail to be of great benefit
to not only the province but the Dominion. The go.d mined in California
revilied anil nddcil largely lo thc pros-
perity of the whole repnblio and that
whicli is now coming and which is to
come into Vancouver is sure to have a
wide reaching anil helpful Influence
on both the province and the Dominion. The pity is that thu Federal authorities did not take advantage of
the opportunity that presented it
self Immediately after the Yukon
placers began to yield their treasure.
Had this been done the country would
have been a good many millions of
dollars richer than it Ib at present,
and Seattle would not havo been built
up into a great city on gold mined in
Canadian soil. Had this been done
Vancouver and Victoria would now
have the increase which has gone to
the American city, lt is, howe/er,
better late than never to adopt a policy that is benelicial and the Federal
government should be duly credited
for what it has done to divert iho
stream of gold so that most of lt must
flow into their own territory.
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I'     $6.50 for 4.75
To make room for our Fall stock of Carpets and Rugs will go at
lo make womOT   Carr,a___ ._a Q. 0ftrt8j k.8��� than cost.
Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers
Elm Folding Tables
11 (< L I
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "       Rockers
Cost.   To clear,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
The Store With
Right Prices
New Goods Arriving Every Day
When our new stock is complete we will have by far the FINEST DISPLAY OF FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS
ver shown to the public of Nelson.
Call and see our Rattan Chairs, Baby Carriages,
Chairs, Verandah Chairs, etc.
Go  Carts,   Morris
J. 0. BUNYAN & GO.
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at $10.00
per month.
Fisn bud Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C. Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Otders by m��il receive careful and prompt attention
secretary ia his reports says that careful   samples  taken   from the  cars  as
thoy came from   No. 4 level,  600  feet
below the  surfa.e, showed a value of
over ��H to the ton of oro for   a  width
of tr, feet.    The  importance   of   these
developments will at once he apparent
when it is recalled  that   the  average
value of the ore lrom which past profits have heen derived was only about
-3 IDs per   ton.  The secretary further
states that the rate of operating profit
today is between BB0,000  and   ��60,000
j?or year, and it is thought   that  thia
wilt he further increased by  some   50
per cent,   upon   the   installment of a
full cyaniding plant.   It is his belief,
based   on   the   ore in   sight  and   the
developments at depth,   that the Ymir
shares  are  worth  considerably more
than thoir present quotation,   but   if,
as there is no   reason   to a doubt, the
vein continues equally  wide and good
to the 1,000 foot   level,  a  very   large
appreciation of the value of the shares
may he looked for.
The Ymir mines, since the company
was licensed hy the province in October, 18iiH, havo been steadily and scientifically developed. The best mining talent available has been employ
ed in the work and the result is
shown in the dividends which have
and aro being paid. It is no wonder,
therofore, that the secretary speaks
hopefully of the future and looks forward confidently to a very largo ap.
preciation in the value of the shares.
The conviction ia becoming firmly
fixed both in London and in Kootenay
that the company has in its mine,
located in tho Nelson mining division,
perhaps the most valuable mining
property in British Golumiba. The
fects that, tho values are increasing
with depth and that the deepest workings, iu ore, aie only 800 feet
deep and that, such good results have
beeu obtain, d at so near the grass
roots, would indicate that much larger
profits will he made when the ore in
the deeper levels has been reached and
taken out.
The succi .ss of the Ymir mines and
others in l'.ritish Columbia should and
will atone for some of tho failuros
that have, been made by Hritish investors iu some sections of tho Kootenays although we believe that most of
the lack ~f success is due to placing men
in charge of properties who were not
component to fill them. In some quarters it Heems to be the fashion to pnt
men, w-'.ho are cither without experience or who have failed in everything
which they attomptod, in charge of
minesv .on the theory tbat anyone is
capable of making a prospect a divi-
dead pa;rer, when it has boen demonstrated, time and again, that suoh a
task requires experience, technical
knowled ge and a great deal of ability.
The directorate of the Ymir mines
evidently believed in placing thoir
affairs in the hands of properly trained men and the results have demonstrated their wisdom in doing so.
element of uncertainty abont her   future.    One of the signs   of   this conil-
dence is about to be manifested   by  a
citii-e- of Nelson   who purposes erecting a   palace-like,    maible   business
block at a cost  of   tf'-'00, OOOi   It  will
be   tba   handsomest   and   most cost ly
structure  in   the   interior of   British
Columbia and   will   rival   the   large
buildings of Victoria   and   Vancouver
in  sizs   and   appcaance.    Those   who
have "dreamt that they dwelt in marble halls" can realize  their visions if
they   "have   the  price"   whiib    the
owner of the marble   block   will  ask
for rooms when it is completed.    The
marble   will   be   quarried    from   thj
mountains of the Kootenays, too,   and
will be   more comfortable   and   home
like   than   if it were taken from   the
quarries of Carrara. Italy.    Mr. Mansfield hy thus showing his faith in thc
town is a publio benefactor and is entitled   to  tha   commendations   of his
fellow townsmen.    Besides whal.   better monument could   he   leave behind
him when   his timo   comes to cross to
the   great   beyond   than   a    splendid
building, as it   would perpetuate   his
name and memory much   longer  than
tbe same sum invested in a large   and
costly masoieum.
Apply to
Baker Street.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
mrBr-******** Cgrg
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R   offices.
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, T.broe Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order, by mail to u��v branch will have careful _"d oranwt attention.
"I stuck to my engine, although
liiveiy joint ached and every nerve was
racked with pain," writes C. \V. Itel
lamy. a locomotive fireman, of Hurl-
ington, Iowa., "1 was weak and
pale, without any appetite and all
run down. As I was about to gve up,
I got a bottle of Electric Hitters and
after taking it, I felt as well a 8 I
ever did in my life." Weak, sickly,
run down people alway gain new life,
strength and vigor from their use.
Try them. (Satisfaction guaranteed
by Canada Drug .1: Hook Co. Trice
it) cents.
West Transfer Co.
Goal w Wood
Best  Fir  and  Tamarac   A\
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on   Baker Street Tel. 33
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
The directors of
Mines have declared
dead of one shilling
the Ymir Gold
an interim divi-
pcr share.   The
A delightful tonic���Ironbrew.
N. E. T. CO.
By kind permission of Capt.
In thc matter of the Estate of William Thomas Handles, late of the
town of .Salmo, British Columbia,
deceased, intestate.
Notice is hereby given, pursuant to
the "Trustees and Executors' Aot,"
that all creditors and others having
claims against the estate of the said
William '-'homes lleadles who died at
Nelson, 11. C, on the 17th day of
April, 1901, are required on or before
the '.-Ith day uf August, 1801, to Bend
by post prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned, solicitors for the administrator of the estate of tho said deceased at Nelson, B. C., their Christian,
names and surnames, addresses and
descriptions, the full particulars of
their claims, the statement of their
accounts, and the nature of the securities if liny, held by them.
And further take notice that after
such last mentioned date the Administrator will proceed to distribute the
assets of the said deceased among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard only to tbe claims of which he
shnll have th��n had notice, and that he
will not be liable for the said assets
or any part thereof, to any person
persons of whose claims notice shall
not have heen receved by him at the
timo of such distribution.
Dated at Nelson, B.O;, this 18th day
of July, 1901,
Solicitors for   James   Lawrence,   administrator of the estate of  the said
deceased intestate.
Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining ir.en are requested to make the EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All Bamples should be sont by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
_     Telephone No. 104.  P.O. Box 700. NELSON
IN, B. G.    >
M ___<4 _Bll I -flfct l__-1 ifl^l _-b-+___-^__fct- fl
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which is Amalgamated
The Batik of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve . Fund,   $2,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over 985,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, .President.      B. S. WALKEK, General Manager.
London Office: 6a Lombard Street, E. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 08 branches in Canada and tho United States, Including:
ATLIN Greenwood Nelsov Sandon
Ckanbrook       Kamlooi-s New Westminster  Vancouver
Fernie Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT-Dawson and White Horse.
UNITED STATES���New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skagwav,
Savings Bank Department.
Dr. units Received and Interest Allowed.  Present Rate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
Nelson stands high
(and   the)'  arc euro
with capitalists
that there  is no
Band Gar and  extra
Stanley street corner  at
p. m.
and try a bottle, a dozen, or a bftTrol of
CALGARY BEER as. It la the ___ and
chonpiwt on , the markot. Also to our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and     CIGARS.
Telephone tu Baker Si., N Aon
I Nelson
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Minos Examined and Reported On.
Mining Engineer.
Room 4, K.-W.-C. Block,
Nelson, B. C.
Windermere Mines.  Corns, ondonoo Solid tod
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Nolu.il.. B. O.
I liave a largo warehouse and am
prepared to store all Itiuds of goods.
lJrosser's Second Hand Store, War-
Street. Nklson   Uai_.   Miner, Thursday August 8,  toot
Capital (paid   up)    ,
tl 8.0,000.
' UlreOtorB-H. 8. Rowland, president' T B. Merrilt, vice-president
Win.' Ua.nsay, Kobert .laffray, 1.
Sutherland Stayner, Elias llogcrs,
Wm. llon.ii in.
Head Office���Toronto���D, R. Wilde, general   manager;   E.   llay,    in-
"Vlrniiciiiis in Ontario-Toronto��� Well-
Inuton st. Leader Lane tliead ottice),
Yonge and Queen sts., Yongo and
Rloor st*., King and York st,s ; Essex -ergus, Gait, Hamilton, Inger-
s���il LlStOWel, Niagara Kails, Ottawa,
port Colhorne, Rat Poring-, Sault
Ste. Marie St. Catherines, St.
Tliomas, St. Thomas (east end), Weiland, Woodstock.
(im.bee Branch���Montreal.
Pinne.ios in Manitolia���Winnipeg,
Brandon, Portage �������� Prairie.
Branches in North-Wesl-Calgavy,
Alia., Edmonton, Ala., Prince Albert,
Bask.   Strathcona, Alta.
Branches In liritisli Columbia���Van-
Golden, Nelson.  Revelstoke.
videil   for)	
| Real Estate (other   than
np T. AW An AI    Bank Premises)	
ur vaW/uw. |Mort-a-e, on lu,al Ba,
tate sold by bank	
Rank Premi sen, in eluding
Safes, Vaults and Office
. niuitiiro, at Bead Oflice
and Branches	
Other Assets, not included under foiegoing
50(1,000;   rest, I
con vi
Dividend No. 51, t)i per
cent, (paid 1st December.   1900)       1U.4M 41
Dividend No, a"., a per
cent, (payable 1st of
June, 1001)        185,000 00
.      230,489 41
150,000 00
20,000 00
104,037 08
if     511,007 31)
Balance at Credit of Account, 31st May, 1000,
brought   forward If       80,038 58
Premium received on now
Capital stock         20,001 05
Profits I'or the year ended
31st May, 1901, after
deducting charges of
management and interest due depositors and
alter making full provision for all bad and
doubtful debts and for
rebate on bills under
Transferred to rest account	
Written off Rank Premises and Furniture Account	
Balance of Account carried  forward	
30,33(1 OS
54,103 03
7.-1,40'.) 45
373,822 11
4,1131 89
$22,182,543 (10
408,477 16
511,007 39
Ralance at Credit of Ac
count, 31st May, 1900.  If
Transferred   from Profit
and Loss Account	
Pr e m i u m on
New Capital.If 20,001 05
Krom Profits of
the ��� yoar... 123,098 35
1,700,000 00
150,000 00
If 1,850,000 00
Notes of the Bank in circulation    1,950,203 00
Deposits not
bear ing
Interest..$ 3,157,714 55
boa ring
lute rest
int.accrued to date.  12,358,048 31
 $15,515,750 80
Due to   other   Banks   in
Canada  1,545 18
Total   liabilities   to  the
Pnblio $17,407,595 04
Capital stocn (Paid up).    2,500,000 00
Rest  Acc't. .$1,850,000 00
Contigent Ac       88,071 14
Div. No. 52
(pay. June
1, 1901) 5%     125,000 00
Former dividends unclaimed... 75 50
Rebate on
Bills Discounted.. .       40,504 00
Hal. of Pro-
lit & Loss
Acct. Carried forward....'.      104,637 08
-$ 2,214,048 6..
$22,182,543 00
Gold and silver  coin..*   004,398 44
Do m 1 n i 0 n
Govern m't
Notes 1,500,434 00
 $ 3,104,732 44
Deposit   with  Dominion
Gov.   for   security    of
Note   Circulation  95,000 00
Notes of and Cheques on ,
other   Banks        618,814 15
Balances due from other
Banks  in  Canada        237,740 03
Balances due from  Ag'ts
in Foreign Countries.. 1,463,459 26
Balances due from Agonts
in United Kingdom        178,339 16
$ 4,091,085 04
Dominion &
Provincia 1
Gov. securities $   475,300 38
Canad'n municipal   se-
cur't's and
British,  or
Foreign, or
other than
Canadian.. 1,257,984 20
Railway and
oth'r B'nds
and Stocks.  1,010,697 54
Call and Short Loans on
Stocks and Bonds in
11, R. WI-KIE,
oeneral   Manager.
Extract from Mr, D. R. Wilkie, the
Oeneral Manager's speech, bearing
ou the Canadian Assay and Mint question :
It is fortunate that our political parti ea are not of the Bourbon type, that
they are not tied down to theories
unci Shibboleths, or bv the prejudices
of     political      ancestry,     but     have
adopted  policies    to suit  the   ever
changing conditions of a new country
and to encourage tlio development of
our great natural resources by the
granting of bounties to iron and steel
producers, Ily restricting the export of
saw logs ami pulpwood in their raw
condition, by encouraging the refining of nickel, by enlarging our waterways, by encouraging the construction
of colonization railways, and last,
hut by no means least, by the adoption of a policy that will create an
attractive home market for tbe product of our own gold and silver mines,
through the establishment of Government ussav ollices unci of a. branch of
the Royal'Mint. Much has been said
outside of Parliament against the proposed establishments, which however,
have been unanimously approved of
by the House of Commons and by the
Senate. I do not concur in the objections whicli have been raised to those
prelects, on the contrary, I am more
than over convinced, from a patriotic,
a sentimental and an economic point
of view, that no time Hhoulcl he lost in
completing thwir establishment. The
advantage ot attracting to our own
markets the producers of an ovei increasing output of gold and silver
won from our own territory, by the
establishment of Government assay
offices is self evident; the alarm lest
we have an over-production of gold
and silver coin through tbe establishment of a Mint, is needless; our present excellent currency systum will not
bo interfered with. Canadian gold
assayed and refined bv Americans
finds a market today in the shape of
U. S. bais or U. S. coins, whichever
is applied for by the depositors.
Whv should a Dominion Govornmont
assay and a Dominion Government
certificate, in the shape of an impression of Hie Majesty's head upen
each coin and upon each ingot debase
their value or divert their course?
It is not necessary or expedient thut
everything i" the shape of gold ci
silver purchased ut the Government
assay offices should ne coined into soy-
eloigns or decimal coinage���such is
not the course of events in Great Britain or in gold-producing countries
such as Australia and the United
States, where Government mints now
exist. Much of our Canadiau gold
does, under American auspices, uud
will, under Canadian auspices, find
Its market in tbe shape of ingots or
bars. Its coinage into sovereigns,
half sovereigns and decimal pieces
will not be compulsory. The profit
in the coinage of silver currency will
probably encourage our Government
to devise steps, which will lead to tbe
substitution of our own Canadian
coinage for the large amount of United States silver which now forms the
principal part, of the metallic currency
of British Columbia. Such a demand
for our silver coinage would, of itself,
go far to meet the expenses cf thc proposed Mint. The profit to the United
States Government on their silver coinage in circulation iu Canada is estimated at from $100,000 to $200,000, a
profit entirely lost to our Govei ninent.
Canadian sovereigns will circulate
side by side with the product of the
Royal Mints of England and Australia wherever a British sovereign
will pass as currency, and will advertise to each possessor, for thc time
being, the wealth of the Dominion in
that precious metal.
It was not until 1849 that tha value
of the gold and silver products of the
United States exceeded the present
gold and silver product of Canada, 5,1
years after United States assay offices
and United States mints had bi.en
establsihed. There are at this present moment three, if not four,Government mints in the United States, besides eight Government assay offices,
and this with a total output of gold
in 1807 of $57,303,000 only, us against
a present output in Canada of about
$40,000,000, without one such establishment. Seattle bas grown from a
town of 28,350 in 1890 to a city ot 80.-
671 111 1900, muiuly through its trade
with the mining regions of Canada,
and many millions, tbe product of
Canadian mines, have been expended
in its development, millions that
might, just as well have remained
wilh us. No less than 6,01)0 deposits
were marie in the United States assay
ofiice in Seattle during the year 100o,
the great bulk of tbem consisting of
Canadian gold. The assayer in charge
in his annual report for 1900 says:
''The value of the deposits amounted to 813,747,011, an average of 83,-
300.91 to each depost. The major
portion of the bullion handled was of
foreign poduction,originates from the
placer mines in the Northwest Terri-
tores of Canada." Don't let us hear
anything more of opposition to a policy that will build up the cities of
oui Pacific coast and which will open
up a wide und profitable trude for our
own manufacturers,our merchants and
our agriculturists, and tbat will be
another and an ossential forward
move towards Canadian nationality
without any Interference with British
The regular weekly rifle practice
of the R.'M. 1!. will be held at Ihe
butt* this afternoon, commencing at 9
Sam Thomson with a party of four
otbei prospectors left last evening by
the Crow's Nest boat for Creston
where they will spend a mouth or so
There will he no drill of the R. M.
R. this evening, or till after the fifth
und linal mutch in the series of the
Canadian Military Rille League,
which is to be held Saturday. The
first team will shooc commencing at
9 a. m. and the other at 3 p. in.
A. K. Harrow, P. L. S,,isat present
engaged in surveying lam) for the
Crow's Nest Puss Coal Company on
Morrluey creek where the company is
arranging for extensive building and
construction work in order to open np
a   new vein of coal in that locality.
: HL-iL.. _��_.�� on-**. .... <r_f~r-n rowoa*
'���I would cough nearly all night
long," writes Mrs. Cbus. Applegate,
of Alexandria, Ind.,"ano could hardly
get any sleep. 1 had consumption so
bad that if I walked a lilock I would
cough frightfully anil spit blood, but,
when all other medicines failed, three
31.1)0 bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery wholly cured me and I gained
s pounds." It's absolutely guaranteed to cure Coughs, Colds,La Grippe,
Bronchitis and all Throat and Lung
Troubles. Price :,l)c and $1.01). Trial
bottles free at Canada Drug & Book
Made by Thorpe .t Co.���Ironbrew.
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Oold l~._~.-l, Midwinter Pair
Avoid  -taking Powder* coiiti-luluK
alum.   'Uny uro itxjurlaui to buulth
AdvuriiHUiiieiilN iiiHur t/Hd under t rtl ��� huiui til
tlie mto Of ono 00nt u word per InHorti 0 n. No
nk-lvertiMuni-mt taken far lew thun ... cf.nl*.
Sttumion Wiiniud titivurtlhunu'iitH ttuertod
three tinu'H free of ohur.ro.
I-AIU.ain I���Up-to-date  .adieu' Hart*
font bicyole for sale cheap.   Money
talks.    Apply Bike, Miliar.
Are you in   want'.'   If
the people, through   Tin
column, what   you are
You'll i~_>t it.
you are. tell
iMiner want
wan*,   uf.
**** **********************
& CO.
I       MADDEN    BLOCK       1
\  Cigars- j
Tobacco |
| Phone 117 ���
*********** ***************
W, Morgan of Ihe 0. P. It. Shops tloes
in Swimming With Ilis Clothes on.
Yesterday il was decided to take
engine 603 to Revelstoke to undergo
some repairs at tlie shops there that
could not be fixed at Nolson as well,
Owing lo the lacK of some machinery.
As the engine could not be transferred at Robson it was necessary to
take il. out over the Crow's Nest and
to do this tne slip at the C. P. K.
wharf, where cars are transferred to
barges.bad to be propped up. As there
were no regular section men available
Formean W. Morgan, locomotive Inspector Patterson, and _ar Inspector
Gilbert wiUi two or three of the C. P.
R. ollioials from the otlices went
down to put in the supports. Mr.
Morgan was guiding a support which
had to be forced down when he lost
bis balance a took a header into the
lane, the support following him. 12
the resoue which followed another
member of the ciew is said to
have got a clucking, but which one
could not be ascertained. Despite this
ini-adventuio the supports were finally fixed and the engine placed on
board the barge.
J, 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
ROOM TO HUNT in K. W. 0. Bloek,
on July 1st, corner room facing
Baker and Ward street. Two rooms
en suite on Ward st,, and two inside
rooms. Furnished or unfurnished.
Mrs. F. .1. .Squire.
TO RENT.���Rooms and office in  Clement,   Ilillyer block.    Apply to   the
Nelson Electric Tramway ollices.
ROOM and board in   private i. family.
Apply ou Silica street, second   door
west of Ward.
ROOM for   rent at   Mrs.   Mclieath's,
Silica street.
FOR   HALE.���Pianos.    Used     pianos
for sale or rent.    Big   values.   Canada Drug & Rook Oo.
NELSON Employment Agency.   Maker
street.    Phone :178.    J. II. Love.
WANTED. ��� Pantryman.       Kailroad
men for Lardo.    Dishwasher. Wait
er.    Laundry Uirl.    Waitresses.   Oirl
for Housework.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond  Core
WESTERN Canadian Employment
Office.    Phone   270.  fl. A.    Prosser
WANTED.���Railroad lanorers. Girls
for   housework.   Woman   to   Cook
N. M. Cummins, laiHsoe���fcvory kiiuwn
variety of soft drinks. P I) Box 88. Telephone
No. 31. Hoovor.-ii.'. i. Nolson. Dotllur*of tl.t-
fuinous St. Loon Hot Springs Mineral Water
. A. Mao-onuldl���Arc-iUict- untl supertn
l eudi:iiir., Broken Hill Block, oornor bukor a_d
Ward streets, ~e~,on
HJ. EVANS 8c CO.���Bukor Stroet, Nol
���   sou���\V hol-salo do-iem in liquore, oi-
gars, oeiuont, tiro brick and lire cluy, wato
pipe uud ,,i ,-,���) rails, uud goneral couimlssio
Wholobule aod retail dealers ln grain,
hay, Hour, feud. Mills at Vlotoria, New Went
minuter; Edmonton, Alta. Elevators on Calvary aud Edmonton Kail way. Mauuf-ouiroi.
ot the celebrated B. Sc K. brand cereals.
Baker Street
Nelson. B. c.
East Koot.nay's 1st Annual
Mineral, Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
The most miserable beings in the
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventv-five per oent. of the people in the United States are affiicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such ns Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Pal-
nitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Waterbrash, Gnawing and Rurning
Pains at the Pit of the Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue aud Disagreeable Taste in the Mouth Coming
up of Food after Eating, Low Spirits,
etc. Go to your Druggist and got a
bottle of August Flower for 75 cents.
Two doses will relieve you. Try
Get Green's Prize Almanac.
.KICK Milling tiolll ITolii'l'IK-L, Wl- lire
auxIouh tu secure a Tew free milling gold
properi le�� ut once. The Prospector's Ex-
eliiiliiir. Nelson, II. ���', IS,mill 4, K.-W.C.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
~t>MiMI,vKK-COPI'KK __AD-MIncn   and
pros.eels wunteO. Henri report mid hhiii-
l,les lo the ProHiicclwr't, Kst'liiuiKC. Kelson,
B.C.   Hou m i ii..w.-r. I,.,.!..
About that second hand article of
yours. You'll sell it if you'll acivt-r
tise it in The Miner want _����� _nin
Three Days ol  instruction.  Interest
and Enjoyment.
Mineral Exhibit, Bucking Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse Races. Tbe
best program ever seen in the country,
See posters and circulars (or further
particulars. Specially low return rail-
rates from all points.
A. W. M'VITTIE, Secretary.
Subscribers in Kaslo
A MACDONALD fie Co.-Corner Ftod
��� and Hall fcitroetB���W holtmlo Krocor
uud jobb orn in blaukold, gloveH, mitt*., booU
rubber-;, muckinaWH and num.*. i,' BunUrioB.
BURNS fie Co.-Bakor atreet, Nolaou-
Wholutiale dealer*, lu _re~ih und cured
moatb.   Cold t_toruKe.
H.titer -Lreot, NolKon���Wtiolesale doe. <
ers in frooli aud curod meats.
Street, Neluon ��� Wholesale dealam in
hardware, niinurs' su.iilie . HUortin_ Kood-
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors Ui Van
couver Uardwaro Co, Ltd.l Baker Stroot),
Nelson���Wholesale doulen; in fiLirdware aud
uilniu_ -.uiij,in- pi 111:11,..v.,' aud tiusurltbH' suo
_J.    in.mi.. oUh aLLil K'i.-..; mechanics' toolH.
Cooling  and   refrestiing���Ironbrew.
If you don't like Blue Etbbon Tia it's
because you never tasted it.
lie   sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PEKCHA FUSE.not
something that looks   liiie   it.    Lawrence Hardware Cc... Agents.
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rate of    	
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the ap;e_t,
D.  J.  YOUNG.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Lan4
P.  O. Bxo Ui .Netmn   B.��-
Is   lame    or    interferes
bring him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
H. & M. BIRD
Mr. Hen Hodge's residence on Mill
street with four lots; five rooms down
stairs, three bedrooms and large
bathroom upstairs. Furnace just put
in���A well built and comfortable
home.    Terms of payment   easy.
See also list of bouses and lots for
sale and residences for rent, at door of
our offices next to MoArthur's oil Baker street.
nlcs' toolH.
AKentii foi Ontario Powder WorkH; -fnamito
rpUltNEIt, BEKTON Sc Co.-Cornor Vornon
JL and Josephlno Street-, Nolson���Wholo
salo dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry kooiIh.
Agents for Pabst UrowingCo. of Milwaukoo
and Calvary Brewing Co. ol Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholosale
,   and li'iuorH ole., linker Stroot., 1
OII'lco corner  Hall and  Kront Streets
Nelson���Lumber, cciltng, liooring, and every
-ling in wood'for building purpose     '	
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
T   GALLON Sr. CO.-llealerr, ln ore
���   and twines.   Always a largo sto
hand. Telephone 2tlo.  Room M, IC-W.-C
Bave you tried���Ironbrew.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand dt
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at. PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LARDO.
For Rainbow Trout
T. G. Procter's houseboat is now for
rein by the dny or week. Special rates
for family parties. First-class cook
and attendant iu oharge. Rates $2.50.
per dav. Parties can fret oif boats
either going or returning from Nelson,
The boot for the next two weeks will
be stationed below the Brickyard.
First class Ashing, swimming and boating. Applv to T. G. Procter, Baker
street, for further informatioi^	
8. Saviours (English! Chukch���Cornor
Ward and Silica Sts. Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a. ni.; and on the 1st and lird Sundays
in tho month after Mattins; Mattins at 11 a.m..
Sunday School 2,30 p.m.: Kvensong 7.30. Uinly:
Mattins at 9.30 a. m. Thursdays and Saint>
Days: Holy Communion 10 a. m. Fridays:
Evensong 7.30 p. nl��� followed by choir practice. H. S. Akehurst. Hoetor. Fred Irvine,
Geo. Johnstone, Wardens.
Catholic Church���Comer Ward and Mill
street- Mass overy Sunday at 8 and 10.011 a.m
Benediction at 7.30 p.m.   Mass overy weolc day
at 7.15 a.m.   Rov.  Father Ferland Keel nr.
Pkksbvterian Church���Servtcus at 11 a.m
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p-m.
Prayer meoting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society meets ovory I uos-
day evening  at 8  o'clock.    Kev. R. Frew,
MkthG-Ibt CrruRCii-Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p. m.; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayor moct
big on Thursday evoning at 8 o'clock: Kpwortji
League C, E��� Tuoiday at 8 a.m. Rov. J. H.
White, Pastor. Residence, josephino Stroot
rear of church.
Salvation ARM.-Sorvio a overy ovenlnR
at 8 o'clooh In barraoks on V otorl streot
AiUlidant Edg��<vnnbo tn charge.
Baptist Cuuhch ��� Services mornmg and
ovening at 11a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayor moot.
ing Thursday evening at 8 p.m. tho B. \
P.O. Tuesday ovening at 8 o'clock. Strangers
nrdially welcomed. Rov. John Burn Morgan,
B. \... Pastor.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
���,   PACDFIC
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Line Australian Aug. 17
Allan   Lino Vretcrian A.ug. il
Allan Line Tunisian  Aug 30
Heaver Lino Ijiko Champlain Aug. Hi
Beaver Uno Lako Megaulie  ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� A.W.a
From Portland
Domiuion Lino Dominion  Augt .
Dominion Lino Camhroman Aug. 11
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quickest route to the cast and all
points on tho O. R. & N. and Niirlhern l'a-
ciiln Railways in Washington, Oregon and
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via St. Paul or Chicago.
8:30 a. m. Lv.
10:65 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p.m.
Lv. 1:15 p. in.
-$ 2,744,048 02
,2,103,380 58
$ 9,!~t3,514 23
Other    Current     Loans,
Disco'ts and Advances.  12,086,325 98
Overdue Debtb (loss pro-
Will pay the highest oasli price for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Fnrnitnre, stoves, oarperts,
-ooking ntensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 3-0. Hall
SVeet, Helwin, B  O.
BrnlwOR, Soro Hack, Buns, Scalds, Neurnl-
gla, Hoiuliichr��, Lumbago, Soro Throat and
ovory other ailment whero outward application is wanted to give quirk rolief.
Mr. Mack White, the well known trainer of
the Toronto Lacrosse Team and Osgood Hall
Football Club writes: "I consider Onfllths
Menthol LiiiiiLicnt unequalled for athletes or
those training, I have used it wilh Iho best
success anil can heartily recommend it. for stillness, soreness, sprains and nil forms of swelling
and Inflammation.   I'rlco 25 cents.
For salo by J, H. Vanstone, Nolson, B. C.
Domiuion Lino Dominion  August 10
Dominion Lino Cambroman Ai
From BoBton
Dominion Line New England August 11
Dominion Lino .oninionwcnllh Aug. a
From Now York
White Star Lino Celtic Aug. 13
Whtto Star Line Majestic Aug, 14
White Star Line Cteoanic _��8"~i
Cunard Lino Campania , ��� ��� ��� ��� Aug. ill
Cunard Lino Umbria Aug. I.
American Line St Louis Aug. It
Anchor Line Anrhoria Ann- H
French Line La Brclagno  ��� Aug. Ij
Hamburg American August- Victoria Aug. 16
N G. L. Kai crin Maria Thercsia Aug. U
For further particulars apply to
City Passenger Agont, Nelson, B. C,
General 8.8. A_cn~ C.P.B. Oubes. Winnlppg
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
20 p. m. Lv. Nelson Ar. 11:00 a. m.
11:10 p. m. Ar. Kaslo Lv. 7:00 a. in.
Connecting at Five Mile Point with Nelson
Jt Fort s'heppnrd Hallway both to and from
Kossland, etc.      _______
Steamer from Nelson leaves K. H. 4, N.
wharf, Kaslo, B. C~ St. for Lardo on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays al 0:30 p. m. returning tho same evening.  ,,������.-,, ,
Tickets sold to all parts In United State and
Canada via Great Northern anil O. K. sc N.
Co.'fl lines,
Ocean sloamship tickets anil rates via all
lines will bo furnished on application.
For further particulars call on or address
ii...,,._... . Kn.sln.1., C
G. K Tackaduiiv Agent. Nelson, B. C.
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going August 6th, 20.
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For pamphleti descriptive of Canadian Pacilic tours antl for Time Tables,
Rates, Ticket*,  apply
H. L. Bbciwn,
City Passenger Agout.
DiB. 1'bbs. Act.
A. (I. P. A.
Vancouver '
Nelson Daily Man, Thi.. sow. hxxmsi tL  1901
-   the   Picnic !    Tbe nc_r_.r Kokane-e -gain   pot   in
���  und we _rt Undid   of    Bebeda-i   Un*    vc-t- ���-���h\
���. - '.or it with :b��riiLg madr _ reni_:i'.-(*rj   s~iit trip
Picnic   and   L.nch   Baskets-.    Wei    Bnall firei are vtypcotei to -be wood*
have   -.' ���   tt:~__   Japan.s-. ' i.tt���t,t_i T'ai! i._d   Bo__u,   and   _K<l
;      ..;--���.-    ; ,t  toat-MOSH   oaeaeM B-lfo-i     _i..!i'jngh   Bene   of
sandwich   appeal   ^<  enticing:   we
ha\v- t_*e Pi i 3~r* Lu'..'   I
ket in :��� -. . Proas 15c tc   35c
nnd ���. . L   nth Bafr-
ket, mat can d a lot oi  j:ood i
things tad       ��� |    ' '
Come it .   '   . ������ '   <���
:���       ���     ��� mpicrtt
Plan 1- 1     .��� " ;,: ��� bm___,
-.in-.- 1 at. yet n_r.   resabed propor.H.-'
to ���_u~e anv albrui.
Crack teams, froni Montana Colorado
and I" t__ nave also e_pi__SB��fl an in-
I: - as od ��� 1 *.- t'.np.
. .m
._.'��. ouu-ajw .
I.cr ccintr.c      sra    i' -.rn   t~t Lardo
Bay  t_��K    BOI    .-���;.    -    '''.-.at'irfi-'ii-iL
exisu i_"T :: ;.- ��� : kx ���'"��- on Ote new
li__ ol r_E*_j a��__i oc~___~-_t~c-
ano that ��� strike ii proba-le.
A. B. (Siay, -i   the   E-p .    C par
Company, bat received len cases of
cicars .ire'., trow tbe T'hillipine islands. Sn- ott '.-'nd BOSbov
1 Tint -~ own ; a ...cvei'i.-t por:.. as a
_-S_ri-*_->-g center.
An ice ;���-���- ... ;,, -���; >,eld last
Lie::::- a; till ���'-'���' onafl   c-ljuicti
by   tin   Siren    ��� ' ���'.-     Addm _�����
wer* :!���        ������ .v. Mesf-fi. WI lit
Moigar.. and Hvnrcte, and otficert of
tne Salvation Inuy Music ~-t -.op-
plied by the -    >:      1  Aim; hand.
Hie wort ���' "������ __���-be-"tj water
s.'rv '."��� folly sen ��� - .������ wj_3 _3G '������ ��� ���-
terT it- aln   - - ���:.--.      Tbe   four-
teen-.':���' ��� '": B��] : ly pipe "at tapped
atiore On '������-���':������������ aod u short b~a__~
line put ;n. ~-_5__ "-ill furnifch a
great 0O_-~B__-_C- for beautifying the
Tbe Kelson Saw _ I'Jsniiig Mills
has be��n l-nsr Oris week (.hipping
lumber and timiding material to 1be
Arlington mint, for the new buildings that are to V -.acted there. Considerable shipment- bare also be n
made to tbe Dew bridge being boi It
at Eohson. and nlso 1.0 the Ltirdc.
TnesdaT em i 1 :��� 1 E_er the perforro-
siLoe one of t_�� menbera of ihe miE-
trels went down town and entering a
Balocn got into an altercation with a
well known prospector narred Cliarles
Cameron. H- finallip struck Cameron
in the side of tbe head. Oameron fell,
Btriking his ear against a corner of
tbe bar aDd received an nglr- gash.
Tbc/anrn Ailsn oi tbe P. Borni Co..
ha- '.-tunned from a" trip through
East Kootenay 1 be hat-iness of J-e-
Ixmes - Co. t. 'th sbfins id all ihe
East Kootenay towns l;.> been taken
over by P. Bdrm .,; Co., who dow
control the meat b_*lneai is all tbe
Kootenays and Mr. Allan has been
on a tour of inapeetuni of the various
The cj:~: ' B _e which obscured tbe sun yesterday came from the
Lardo where a large octaDiity of
wood it being bnin���'"? in clearing the
right-of-way aud ranches along tbe
line of tt.e totrdo rail-ay. A Strang
wind blew tha smok. wu the Jake
and along the arm. Oo lue main lake
ihe smoke 1- reported to be tut
The bar. concert at Lain Part las)
night attracted a large number oi
people who U irosgl ��� ���', yed the
nraacsspo ��� y the B. II. B. t.iiDd.
Kels. :. is I ��������� Bgral it. <j "D ua>-
ing a hand wbl_9    I ���     ft   play-
Ing tbe m | la such a ca
pable t_an;.>.';.i.i;Q ih;.-. Htiaena appreciate tb< ��� efli rta - shown by tbe
Large  ait..-. at ail the oonoert
at   the   Pari
In the rapidly _mtiring we* r-
"bodbiog '���   ��� :     tbe " brr.Dchc.
liu-ttr" ti"- d -, ���. eomnKmlj n ��� -
tb>���-. were aomi -..�������� ago. The man-
acemenl oftbeGSas, K.....-.���-nay Mini
Agricultural ��:.~ [oduitrial exhibition 1
to be bc-id ai ranbrook, September 15, t-i. and'.";, !jh>. made arrange-
ments for a Srat time bod
C-iitei-t. Henry ; aleth and ..'hers.
and also a nnmbei I '.' lanB, famed
for their riding ��� ��� scented to
take jin: t.    It il
tbat this attraction will he very
popular, and from arrangement*
mad-- tbe BpectatoM wlJI have royal
Il would appear I al Home party or
parties han ..rnpaign
of d* - - alaable and
high   bico   ��� I >.     ��� ��� '��� rred   ai,
TICtjICS 1 ��� :, ���  M     DI
more that  ban lea   during
the- last wee) yesterday a
bantlsL'Tne little fox ten ring
to Bill Herring.   11  had piv~n  blftb
to a litter of po] ���    -   '   ���   I ay '������ fori
and a)l-<" . ' I  Bgl
enongh to etan ) 1 -re aod die tK-^iric
its young ( -
destroyi-d have   roel theii fate bj
son.  It i^ t>   ' ��� ��� .<
of metho':     '���'���
of the gu il -y party.
Henry Bar   of the Ijondon   DoBlBO-
:'.n;.vr. \t a .ne-i at the l'hair.
I raa I EU �� MM le*l for the eust
Ui altcDd   the   Pan-American   K-poti-
G. W, .]|,ei;w;. leavef for the Boaod-
_n 0 tantrj   U  ���    moTBing on a bn_i-
uess trip
( _.. Luc of KoBSland. pa_B-d
throng- toe city fiom Ea.t Kootenai
yenerday en route for hit home.
W. .1. Bosg c:-.y freight agent of
the C. P L. at Kobfc.'ond. and wife.
are in Un city and will remain here
lor �� jojinigbt.
Jainei, L-jckhead ol Ainpwort.h leaveu
tonight iia the c. P. It. and Allan
Jine for England, where be will visit
for some nioDtbs.
Mr. C W. West, fur many years a
resident of Nelson, is iaovjDg to Vernon where he and a partner wiil go
intu the brewery business.
Word was received from Ii. McAr-
-.bur yesterday thai his health is slowly returning aDd tbat he will prob-
Btoli be back to NelBou iD about a
K. Douglas was amonc the C. P. E.
passi Hirers to tlie east. Dr. T. F.
Btoddarl and .lotm Henderson left last
evening via the C. P. K. 1.0 visit
Buffalo and other eastern points.
Mr. and Mis. A. EC Wattle left last
evening via the Crow's Nest for the
east. Mr. Wattle was recently released from tbe general hospital and takes
the   tiip to recuperate bis health.
A. P. liosenoerger left yesterday for
the Lardeau to look after the interests cf bis syndicate there, lie will
be gone about a week ana was accompanied by Mr.E.Kelson Pell, wbo wiil
spend a week looking over properties
in the Camborne camp.
Bev P W Stapleford. of the Metb-
ori-*. l , urcb at Vmir. is in town on
ii. '.. jy 1.0 the coast after which he
wil] go east to Toronto to complete
his coo-se at college. A social was
held Sues-ay at tie cbureh iD Ymir 1.0
-iid him laie��*e]l al which a purse was
C. 0. Laionde. mayor of Boasland
who came m od Monday, left for
home ye.terday. Mis. LaloEde was
en her wav east for tbe purpose of
sfLending the summer with ber relatives, and Mr. Lalonde escorted ber
this far od ber jci-rney. Tbey were
guests al the Pbair hoiel.
Melville Dcwnie. who has been act-
UBg ab express messenger on tbe
Crow's Nest Pass for some time, has
accepted the pofitiOD of mail clerk
on the C. P. II. He will be stationed
od the iud between Vancouver and
Caigary tor a monib. and tben od bis
old route. VT. Mc-Candiifb bas heen
appointed to _U the vacancy caused
bv hit transfer.
I)   6. Stanley leaves tomorrow to do
  ���    moj.  development wc.-k on   b*B
...t ti.   Coal   Mountain,   the Clif-
Goo_ Being Done by Gov.rn- to_ and a~n~~-~~m   The amtm is i.-.
on the __a_w_n_r iedge and tbe sur- I"
'.ii:>e asssTt average .. ��� to .li- Cid
���;.��� Miaihcona there if a ledge ausay-
-,p |i? on which he intends to sink.
The ieaa,- on both claims have been
���:'   J01   a   coii-.ide.'ahie   distance
merit Wagon Road V.'es!
ol Nelson.
Late Reports of the Silver   **^******
King and Ymir Mines.
Other Notes.
A;   the   record office yesterday   the
It.ilowing   locations     were     entered:
He.set Fractional, on Toad Mountain,
bj    :.-..oen   lie.su-'.ej .     .loyal    Irish
,,a~. a1 heaci of   Sandy Creek, by
BI.  S     Daws.      iiriificat.es   of   work
When   toe   wagon road now   being   _(,���,    -ri[I,u,a  H,   ,,,,��, <���,,��� (,i   m-
built westward from Nelson I     ��� _    BjB___f �����_   Oofflpar   King claims.
with   the  Qranite  uiad   Is eHende ..'_.   j!anif.1e 011 Ki__ oJ lbt. w��st
Dext year to Ward's Cr_s_!n_    a '.���-.-���   aua ,t  ~   -lV   _||lniS   __   su.-,wil)oer.
tory  wiil   be   pui   ta   _o__iii_Hical : 	
with Nelson ihat corers many good ji;t Corrish driil which was taken
propenies. A1 the present tin* twn __ 1; l(jf. ss;iTtJ. i..rjr juine a few
gangs of men are at worker atra r;:;, s ago ii-pjcaing a great suooess.
from where the road no- being bo13l jtiSaverj rapid machine, making
will end. to Bird creek, and the lim ,.;���.. tUihvi. U) uru, of cll,er machines,
of this traii will bt BSea-UaHy foi- ���_���... raDee .,. tj,(. _.j jvtr King has
lowed hy the road. The present ^-^ considerably increased of late
method of   reaching   the   WM-EWBtej   __^ .-m.-��� SJ.e row ClTt,r   0IJ6.   bundre'1.
can be engager)   tor   suix-mer   mcnilib
for h'_curL-ient, Picnics. Lawn Soeialu
or anything that reouiies mune.
Wambold's Orchestra
Beeeptions,   ban.
for Palls
t'liion Prices. All are members ' !
Local No. '..4. A. V. of M.. Musical
Protect i ve A HOC lation.
Applv to J. Ii. POI.LA..H. at E. 1
Boole's Tailoring Establishs-Oat,Baker street.
MWMh ^VAblV^]^^-.'^.;. ���'.,-
Zhc IRoyal Bank of Canaba"
.      .        H..~0��I.CX.II..*
.     ��l. -.!��. II".. .1,11
Tbor_i~  ihtchle, Vioe.i>residc-ii'..
lncorporate<i 1869.
Capital  Aaibvr-u-d.    .     .    UjMMMoe I (���[���itut ful-.up,
flteard nr ii.tr��ri��r��     rhoaat E. Kei::iT.  Presidcut
Vi-jlej- Smith  H. G. Bnuld, Hon. David V.bfKecra.
" ��� tid <l_lre. ICnllt.i;
General Manager. Eel ..>_ L.-.wc. Montreal. '
6npcr._tetde-i uf ba bee. and Seer-taiy, V,. a. TorraLoe, HaUfai,
Sinn    ea'.
. et>er���Moulie-    ICity   Offioel.   Hontroal
M'eA Eud |Cor, Noire   l>ai~c and
Tbe steamer Nekon tCL...k a paity
of teD tourists with tbeir servantt and
uggage out to tbe C. }'. R. houseboat
yesterday. T'ney e_pect to spend
about ten days fishing and visiting
various Jilaces aloDg the shore of tbe
main lake Kev. Dr. J. II. Turtle
who is one of the party, formerly had
a large interest in the Pilot Bay smelter. Following it a liirt of the partv:
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Cooke, Mr. and
Mrs. J. 0. P. Wheelwright. Lev.
Dr. 3. li. Turtle. Geo. M. Turtle. M.
D. -baiter, Master A. W. Bhnlter
and servants.
mine and the other properties on   Bo-
mar creek is   by   the ojd   gov���������
traii from Nelson to Waund's  cnoBBing.
al. tbe mouth oi Bon r     ���" t   audi  ������
up the valley   of   tin   -   .:   at a :������-���
steep    grade   fot   our   eight   tl- ei
From Nelson by   trail   to   FortjrKini
creek is about -i_ miles, from   I'oity-
Nine creek by tbe eld   trail   to   1:
creek   is ns   miles.    The  new   r
does Dot follow the river from   Fort;,-
NiEe creek like tbe present   trail   hut
keeps srradually rising all tbe way   -���'.
thai   when Borer   _Msa_    is react-
is Dearly as high   as   the mines   ai
ooly a sbori   t-itchhack   is __e_BEa~j
to reach   them.    Between   P.over
Forty-Nine   creeks   is   situated   Bird
creek, and at its bead   waters, but    ;,
short distaoce above tbe projected road
the whole   countiy   is   staked,   tber*
being   maoy valuable   claim!-   among
tbem which  haTe not  been woirbei
far for lack  ol   tkt_aaportati_n   fad   ���
ties. Tbe ore in this distiict is net
all free-milling gold cjuar.?..    On Rover creek there are   two   brunches, 1 r
the east fork are many gola claims and
od ibe w-EEt fork   it a   hematite        1
district, in which a Dumber of  elain
are staked.    Some placet   mining
been done on Bird creek  but nol with
much success.    Ail that anus   attempted id this way. however.was with the
crudest appliauces.    and   it is possible
that with tbe road making   communication   with   tbe   Si-tract  e.a��y   son:..
good discoveries   may be made   in the
m_nv Email creeks thereabouts.
men at  work.
A large number of prospectors are
���: work on Toad Mountain iD the
neighborhood of tbe Silver King do-
Sng a-B-Bflment w-ork on their   claims.
'���-a   S-oUa-H-lil-x   _____D.   AntlKonM
Bri_-ewat~T, Guj _ua~L L.Lin_0liderrr, Lu
eiit'-rg, M_itlaud (Halts Co.l, I .c-t~u. Port
Hnw-esbur., Hyduer, Shubeuaca-it.'i'nira
We. mouth.
Krw     Kr_niLWick ~ Bbtbur^t.     I>oivhe~er,
Fredericto-, Kiitpnton iKctlI C'..l. Monc
ten. Ke-vvo_.L_e. S-r.kville.. St., .lobc.WoCLd.toc-k-
P. E. lfclund��� C'liarlot.let-wrj,.- unjujcj'L'ide.
Patenaude Bros.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Something That Will GladeD the
Bean of tbe Small Boy.
The city bill boards were made gor
geoua yesterday with the lurid pap.-r
of Sells A Gray's united shows which
appiear hi:-re c.d Monday, the 1.1b
n*:t. The sliow Iravels on its owd
hpeeial train and carries a Dig menagerie, carloads of superb horses and
...ver IO0 performers. IreUi from winter quarteiB in Savannah. Georgia.
a ootnea to Nelson resplendent
Id the glittering glory "I new costumes. gorgaOQS trappings and heau-
tful bandwagons. Its parad. aDd
performances are described by the na-
persai exceptionally brighi. eleaD.
r< tined. interesting and exitertaining.
10 tbe conventional features neces
aary tn every tent Jsiiow are added
��� . t taining iDDovations. many of a
startling nature which make the per-
fonna_ee unique and well worth seeing.
.ij-angenHe.   cint..     Aug.     7.��� Th<
reai   old   daughter of  I).   II.
;. manager   of  the   Bank   of
Hamilton, at Niagara Falls. Out..
was drowned in I'aledon Lake fester-
.;., -.^:.' p.ayiDg aroaDd the boat-
bouse with some other children.
Qnebee. Aug.  7. -Mr. Audet. a resident of Stanberg east,   was   in   town
sy.    Although   only   30  years
.Lit), be is the   father   of II   children
all Bona, and al, liviDg, tbe eldest be
; .���    ' -.ar old.
Montreal, Aug. 7. ���So far this   ���
-.    ~-ean   ��������� M li   with
Dig)     '       "..  bave   arriv-
disooverv  "J '" P"r! ah compared with the same
j cate last year.
The folluwint- reports appeared in
tbe last B. C. Review, cf Lmclon.
EDg.: The Ball Mining and S__elt-
iDg Oonapany��� Tbe mine manager reports that tb..-main shaft is finished
down to the tenth level, and tbat he
is now driving on tbe ninth aDd tenth
levels eastward, to reaeb tbe ore bodies found in the lewis a_o��_. Copper
smeltiDg���Theie  heir;, now ei    -foal
9 in sight, the board decided to
start tbe small fornac-e (No. 31 on
oopper ore from the Company's tciDe.
and the lurnac-e was blown In an tbe
nn mst.
Tbe Ymir Gold Minis���The directors have declared a fu,-,: ��� teruc
dividend of Is. per -bare, free of income tax. payable cn the Mtl in--t.
The secretary add,-: I am also pleased
to say that a mail to    hand   y	
confirms in tbe most Batisftwrtorj manner tbe information cabled and puD-
h^bed on the 25th nlliino with regard
u. tbe rich development., in No.ilevel.
Careful tests of samples ta. c from
the cars as they came in f-on No. 4.
level |C(Ki fee, below the surface showed a v-lue oforer E8 to the ton of
ore for a width ot li feel. The importance of the.-e oc -.������;.���������-��� Bti will
at oooe be apparent when it if recalled that tba average salue ct th�� on
from which past profits ban been derived was only aboot ii JOB I   1  Ion.
John McKsnr. managing dirt toi   .J
the Lavina gioup which il dim i tbs
piomitring mines of the Lardo-Duncan HPcion. was at tbe Pbaii yeater-
day. He bad jusi returned from ;,d inspection of tbe property aod reports
that it is developing ;_ a sat
manner, .praising and sinking between the lower and ihe upper tunnel
is in progress and considerable ore
is being stuped and ��ac~eu ready for
shipment. As soon as Die Lardo
rail-ay is finished il is tboagbl shipment! will be started and kept up
ooDtiDuousiy lrom the Lavi_;j group.
Mr. McKane left on the BfWtoon train
for KosslaDd.
(me of the feature- at the coming
Elks' Streel Fair anil labilee -:< ���
kane September 10 10 M.will t.e a big
rock diilling contest. The cotun.ittei
iiaving the matter in charge now bas
a fund of $l.ii" ' raised and exp.
ret about WW more. Tb. first pri?.e
mil be no less than V.-' I ��Dd the balance of the moni-v will be iioi
to several sma. prises. P issarpeeted
that drilling teams from ail over the
tributary mining section will compete.
Rough and
Dressed   Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l TCte Pine Lnm&er Always In
VTe Ciitrrj- a complete ..t-ck of Coast Flooriup:
C'.L-iirif;, Inside Finish, Turned IVcirh. Sa~b and
IK.C.!-,. glpeciaj orcier work will reoeivepi^raipt
aU-iii-oii-  Mail orders solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Heafl C'SiCR���Pb-^wt and Vf.Tfin *t.  Nelsoii
obtained in  all countries
Registered   Patent   Attorney,   Mechanical Engineer and Draughts-
Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver,  B.
Write for full particulars.
\Y. ft KEOWN i: 00-    .     NEI-iON
PttB   ALL   KIM'S  OF
Construction Work
Kl-nLSOK LODOG   No. 2.. A. F. _t
M. tOMta aoyond V_r<e_l_MMU_J  in
moiiUi.   Ti_ai,i_ig brethem welcome
L O. O. F. Koolonay Lodge
�� N'o. l(\ mt*!. even- Monday nighi,
&.1 ibt-'ii Hail, Koolonay street
So.it��t-mii:c Oid Ftiiowj- oordi��~L1t invited,
Sehm .v M .Rm , N".G. I> W. KuUicriord, V.Q
I :������ ������  . . Si aire, Pot Sec.
NVi-'.in Bond .Vr.-h Cln.pl-jr No. 123. G. K. C.
'.<.'���&.:��� third Wednetidaf- rtojouriiij-c com pan
hmi Invited, (icurge Johnstone, Z. K. W.
Mattfcewf, S. K.
NKLSON UJIHJK   No.!i5, K.of P.
-.iW.'f > jn K. o_ i'. hall Oddie_low_ faOflob,
���i i n   Tu .r-.day   evening a;   S o'ciock
fodS&All vi-:*jiic knighl^ cordiaUy  inviie
Wh.1j.T1NE. C.C.
A. T. Pake, li, of Pw and &.
Ntl-icHi Eaca pmenl No. 7. -Meet, every 2nd
..od filit Pn.[. y of e_fcc-h month, in Odd Fellow..
H��il. Dorn ; P. ker end Kootenay street*,
sc^d;;. A. i., QeaieBta, C. P.; 1). MeAltbu
;: B_   V-j_ttj_3g bra-hen always w-elnnr-.*.
L. 0.
L. No.
lfCS  met**
* in  Kra-
[��rn_lT Hal*1
oa f r*
and third Friday
'  : with ... *>.
n cloti.
\ iKiting
D   "
W.  V
*.  i. n_dley. "\V. K.
.vMitilv. 3
L S.
N'KUBON AKK1K Na 22. F. O. K_, meet*
>. very Hetond (��nd fourth Wednenday. of each
iu omh. V_-.i_Qg memtwre eordi__Ily invU
Charlet- Ptohm-T. aecretiiry.
neuri- BteeeM; Wotinguja. <Cor. Gretno
Avenue aid 0b Catharines  Btrt*et,
girtmrte fittniTii
i.e*if��onrt!ti.rt���������.!, John's.
���'t:l.u. Wi-ri l��dl**i���Havana.
r .nt- ti *tal**��-N .v. york UO Kxchv rc Ploc.
P.epubU,, WfV'J.
Grand  .Forks, Ra&atao.   Kelson,   Eosslar-d,     bi center,
VaacotiTer East End, Victoria.
r��B_rtl�����Mercihacl.. Bank of 0nada.   RoHton���National Bhav-mut Bank.   C'hipnjto���lUtnota
Trust ard Saving;. Bank.   KhJi Pr��i. tiuco���Fij-rt Natioii-il Bank.   ~u#nden*   i.nt;. - P.-mk of
Beotland,   Part*., Trailer���C'redit |_Kmc__ii.   KiruinJa-B.nk i;f Rwutud*.   f%UU nnd .In-
pa.*���Honp Kong and Bhanghj-i EanLir.K Octrpacslloti.   I]k_duuir- Old National Hack.
Genera! EJanking Buslne&s Tr&ns&cteti; Sturl.n^ f>j!ig of BacchAiifft   .u.iij.lt
and Sold, Letrers oi  Credit, Eu., Nogotlsted..
Accounts received on tbe most -svorable U*rn_s.   InU>rest allowed  oq ?peci;il
depoBJLE a-ud on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Kelson. B.C.
lri{/ AHMl/ 'TO tiUrtru   A/ CtxA/
rf- /H^tL/CUf.    CL\U,L>CCfrviJ  fU*S
Ev^rv houseTvife vrbs
takes delight in a
spick ana ��.p~m kitchen will Snd what the
vrants iD Our stock of
The &hii.inp quality
of the E_ur___toe "jb indicative of the em-
perior merit of the
poods through aDd
thro igb
Spokane Falls &,
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A Fort
Sheppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. i. c fi
Provincial  Land  Surveyor
Ooin?r Victoria and Kootenay Sw.
P.O. Box . T.lenboneNo.
Winnipeg One Fare Round
August 20th to ~8th
On Account of Medical Association Convention.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto.  ont.
Money to loan on SrnuRht Mortgaf..
Apply to G. 1~ UKNXOX.   B��k��*  Si
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
an_ third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Througti passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
12 ;~5 p. m,
10:10 a-m.
 Rossl-nd  ..
Tenders wi3j be received bT the
vride-i signed up to tlie -0th day ot
A'jg-si, Mun. for the pni_h_se of the
ttock in iia~e of general mereha"-
_i;.-.'. book debts, business and goo.i
will of the late William Thomas
Beadles, of -am-.o. and Erie. B. - ���
-h>re__eper. The property eonsisl.s ('
a two-sl-rey frame building at l-r~
witb a slock of general merchandis. ���
and a stock of genera) merchandise a'.
Intending   purchasers   may   hid .-.'
the whole   or either of the stocks.
Stock iists and  inventories   can    -<���'
Men on application to .lames Itanner-
Ariivf i man at Erie.  H. C.
.. as p.n.
.4:10 p.r_
.<���..<- p.na
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wa__
Aeent.Nelsor.. B.C,
1'aied this ISth Llav of ,lnly. 1901.
Solicitors for    .lames   Lawrence.    A>:
mlnisttator of the estate of Willi,.;:
Thomas lleailles.
....       . ,. '��� Onstoni House Ettoknt and Employmei.t
If there is anything yon req_ir..ask i Office,    Telephone H.    P. O   Box BUS
for  it  in   tbi columns of ih. Miner. I Stanley Sureet, NeUon. B. U.


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