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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 21, 1902

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Array Provincial Library
Daily Edition No. 1296
Nelson,   British Columbia, Friday,  March 21, 1902
Eleventh  Year
Redistribution   Bill   Making
Many Changes Introduced.
Tales of Death and Disaster
From the Southern
Victoria, March 20.���The redistribution bill submitlod today increased
the motnbers of tho house to IS, Viotoria retains 1 and Vanconver gets 5,
South Victoria and Vancouver island
are united and part of North Victoria
is merged into Saanicli, while all
islands of tbe gulf aro made into the
Islands constituency. North and
South Nanaimo become Newcastle;
Esquimalt loses a member; Nanaimo
City, Alberni,Cowichan and Ooraox remain the same as before. Delta,Chilliwack, Dewdney, Richmond and New
Westminster has eacb a representation
of one, while Cassiar is divided into
Atlin and Skeena with a member
each. Cariboo retains two while the
remaining; ridings are: Lillooet, two
ridings combine; Yale, Kamloops,
Okanagan, Similkameen, Greenwood,
Grand Porks, Ymir, Revelstoke,
Slocan, Nolson City, Rossland City,
Kaslo, Columbia, Cranbrook and
Fernie. It is believed to be generally
fair, although an increase in representation is regarded as a step in the
wrong direction. The opposition will
llkel;. hold for a reduction in committee, while approving tho general
principle of redistribution.
Victoria, M%roh 2. ��� rii:-:-��.��.!iht
month of February the natives of the
islands of the South seas gather on the
coast in large numbers and the vessels
which go to recruit laborers bring
home many stories of .treachery. This
year is no exception to the rule and a
number of those stories beirg htought
here by th? steamer Aorangi, which
arrived this iroming from Australia,
Suva and Honolulu.
The Ketch Venture while in Cadell
straits.a narrow and difficult passage,
was attacked by natives who attempted to climb over tho sides. In the
tight which iollowed this attempt two
members of the crew were killed by
spears in the bands of tho natives
tleorge McCabe, recruiting officers ol
the labor vessel Rhoderiek Dim, was
another victim,
The cruise of the barque bad been
fairly successful and the voyage without speoial incident until tbe island
of Malayta was reached. However, it
was decided to land for tbe purpose oi
obtaining a few recruits, if possible',
and although no instances of treachery on the part of the natives were
known to the officers of the vessel,still
McCabe took precautions against disaster of any kind. In the boat commanded by MeCabe were a number of
his trusted men, and another of the
ship's boats was also in attendance to
cover the landing patty. No nativts
were seen on the island, but Bhortly
alter the officer had landed and proceeded some distance up tbe beach be
was suddenly fired on from the rear
ty some of the islanders concealed
in some thick undergrowth. McCabe
was killed instantly. The murderers
after committing theit treacherous
deed, immediately lied inland and
thus escaped tbe wrath of the crew of
the Roderick Dbu. McCabe's body
was recovered,and later buried at sea.
Tho captain of ono of the recruiting
vessels adopted a novel method of
gettiDg natives to enter into contracts
with him. He secured a phonograph
and before leaving Queensland had a
native, already engaged on a planta
tion, talk into it, telling of the good
time he was having. This was taken
to the native villages and turned
loose. The natives flocked to the re
cruitmg ship. The Danish barkentine
Puck with 170 recruits on board ran
ashore and was wrecked. The recruits
and crew were rescued by the Ger
many steamer Meteor.
Another wreck, of wbich news was
received by the Aorangi, was that o
the schoonor Prosperity bound from
Newcastle to north Queensland
When oft Point Lookout, Stradhoik
island, tbe man at the wheel drew the
attention of the mato to land ahead
The mate for answer struck tbe mau
and immediately   tbe  schooner  weut
ashore. The crew, with the excun-
tion of the male who locked himself
in tbe cabin, spent tho night in thu
rigging and swam ashore in the morning. The mate and cook were
A tribal war was in progress in
Noumea, one hand of villagers aitnok-
,'ed a rival village and according to reports received at Sydney a number ul
mon were killed and tbe wounded
were decapitated. It whs also said
that cannibalism was practised by the
sucessful party.
There were 20 eases of plague in
Sydney on February 24 and soveral in
llrlsbane. In Sydney tho theatres bave
been closed aud every precuation is
bciug takon to prevent a spread of
tbe disease. It is oonlined to one
locality. Tbo steamer \orangi called
at Suva this trip, this port having
been included in tbe ports of call of
tho Canadian-Australian linors. She
had 116 passengers. All accommodations en tbo two steamers to follow
her has heen booked hy passengers
bound fur London for the coronation.
j Reported  as Well   Supplied
!    With Guns and Ammunition.
graphed Australia inviting that commonwealth to send 2,000 more men tt
South Africa.
Luxton Returns Aft Reaching Australia With Capt. Voss.
Victoria, March 20.���N. K. Luxton
wbo left here with Captain Voss on
the yacht lillicum, ao Indian war
canoe housed over, returned home
today,having abandoned the trip after
reaching Australia. Capt. Voss has a
new companion and is continuing the
trip in whicb he hopes to encircle tbe
The news reached hero tonight of
the finding of wreckage on Mary
island on the northern coast. It is
believed to be from the collier Ilristol
which was wrecked a short time ago.
There are no idle ships here now,
the Gwydr Castle aud Ulenmark having been towod to Taooma to load
wheat, the owners accepting a very
low rate in preference to allowing
their vessels to remain idle. Tho
ba'k "^ter Trodal^Lelt Honolulu for
bere on March 1st and tbe American
schooner King OyruB, which also has
orders to come here, hats arrived at
Honolulu with coal from Newcastle.
Improvements  and  Addition to C. P.
R. in Koutenay.
The C.P.R. has beei adding to its
force of men on the line between Nelson and Robson until now there are
from 250 to 300 men employed. Work
has baen started on the bridge at
Slocan crossing but a much larger
force is engaged at the Kootenay river
crossing bridge near Nelson where
there are about 00 men. The two
piers are well undec way and can
easily be kept ahead of tbe rise ot the
water. The base of tbe masonry will
all be above water at the low stage
of the river, but not, by many feet, al
high water.
Good progress is being made witb
filing the approaches to thc Rcbson
bridge. A few days ago the most
powerful steam shovel on the Pacific
division was put to work and is doing
excellent execution. The design is
known as the Mairioo and tho machine is capable of lifting two and
one-half yards of earth at a load and
of filling a gravel car holding six
cubic yards in less than a minute.
It is expected that three weeks will
see almost, if not qnite, all ol tho
tilling done and then the Boundary
train will be run through to Nelson
ovei the bridge.
This change will make necessary
the doing of the greater part of the
repairs of cars for the division in Nelson. This will entail a eonsiderablo
addition to the working force here
which will number more than 150
men. A machine shop will be
equipped and it is possible tbat a new
one will be built.
A new Shay engine for hauling the
ore from tbo Rossland mines to the
Trail smelter has been built and is
expeoted to be oo the way to the
Koutenay division from the shops in
Lima, Obio,by April 1. It would take
about two weeks to come out. There
is already one Shay engine on the
division now on tbe run from I'honeix
to the Granby smelter. As shipments
from the Rossland mines increase tbe
rolling equipment in ore cars will be
added to also, and then od thc
division there will be a complement
of about 200 ore cars.
Winnipeg,   March 20.���Receipts  for
the    tbree   hookey   matches   for  the
Stanley   cup   played here were  about
$7,500,     The Montreals share of   tbis
|is $1,800.
Have Unlimited Support and
Large Number of
London, Marcli 21.���A desn.ttcb to
tbe Times from Klerltsdorp, Transvaal
colDny, says tb.,t the Iloers in the
western Transvaal are well supplied
with guns and ammunition aud have
unlimited support and a large amount
of stock, that their numbers give them
oonddenoe, whilst tho blockhouse system has not yet extended fat dough
to ftlarm them. What is possible has
been done, continuos the correspondent, but owing to the insufficiency ut
troops the llritish columns havo boon
too small to cope adequately with the
Iloer forces, which are all composed
of fighting men without any intention
of surrendering.
His Terms Regarding Purse Considered
Rather Exacting.
Los Angeles, Cai., Maroh 20.���Manager McCarthy of the Century Athletic
club, received a telegram from Robert
Fitzsimmons today stipulating the
conditions under which he would
accept the club's offer to fight
Jeffries. The text of Fitzsinircon's
message has not been made public.
Piesident McCatthy said: "Fitzsiui-
mons is too exacting. He combines
two of our propositions and wants
both. We still think our bid of a
$25,000 cash purse is the best to be
had and perhapB Fitzsimmons will
come to sse it that way. We have replied to bis telegram, but I am not
ready to state tho conditions therein,
an answer Is expected tonight,
When shown Fitzsiromons' statement that he would fight In Lo.
Angeles under certain conditions,
Hilly Delaney, Jeffries' manager,
said: I bave not heard from Jeffries
regarding tho despatch but I know he
will grab at anything that means a
meeting with Fitzsimmons. 1 don't
know whether the Los Angeles club
will consent to suggestions from Fitz
or not, but I do know that tbey will
do anything within reason.
. - i'\
Unitod States Has Not Asked Turkey
to Pay Miss Stone's Ransom.
Washington, March 20.���The persistent circulation of reports that the
State department bas made a demand
upon Turkey for reimbursement of
the money expended in tbe ransom of
Miss Stone, is causing the officials of
that department a good deal of annoyance. It can be stated as a fact that
tbe State department bas made so
such demand on Turkey and consequently tbe Turkish government bas
not flatly  refused to pay.
Washington, March 20.���Ambassador
Choate has transmitted to the State
department a circular sent to tbe
United States embassy by the chief
secretary to the Lord lieutenant of
Ireland relative to a proposed rowing
race at Cork in connection with tbe
exbibition wbich will be held in that
city next July.
The Lord Chief Justice has promised
to give a cup wbich is to be won "out
and out," not a challenge cup. The
race will be open to all amateurs of
all nations and it is desired tbat
publicity be given the project in the
United States.
Middletown. N. Y., March 20.���
Thomas Palma, of Central Vadley.
president elect of Cuba, who will assume office on Apirl 1, will leave with
bis family for the island on Sunday,
March 23.
 fl Ha
London, Maroh 20.���Lead ��11   lis.
New York, Marcli 20.���Close���Rat
silver r>:i"-Hc; Mexican dollars .1 1-4.
Copper dull, 1:1 to 12 1-.<_, Lead
quiet 4 1-1. tm_n
Scenes of Disorder and Tu-1
mult In the Imperial
Traitor and Liar Were Terms
Bandied Among the
London March 20.���One of the
liveliost scenes witnessed in tbe House
of Commons since the palmiest days
of the Irish Nationalists, ended tli 1^
afternoon with the suspension of John
Dillon. During the discussion of
South African affairs, the Liberal
leader, Sir Henry Campbell-Banner-
man vigorously protested against the
government's conduut in uttering
"malignant slanders" in calling the
Llbeials "pro-Boers,"
Tlie Colonial secretary, Mr. Cham-
beilain, in the cour..o of an equally
incisive reply, said bo desired deliberately to accuse Sir Henry Campbcll-
ltannerinan of losing no opportunity
for slandering bis countrymen, the
soldiers and tho government. Consequently, the "malignant slanders"
had come from tbe opposition side.
Mr. Chamberlain, proceeding, referred
to the Iloers who arc fighting in the
British side, when John Dillon. Irish
Nationalist, interjected, "They are
traitors," on which Mr. Chamberlain
retorted, "the honoiahlc gentleman is
a good judge of traitors." A scone of
groat cunlusion ensued. When order
was partially restored, Mr. Dillon
demanded a ruling on Mr ��� Chamberlain's words.
Tbe Speaker said : "An honorable
member spoke of soldiers serving
under the British flag as traitors. I
deprecated the interruption and I
depreciate the retort of tho other
Mr. Dillon then said: "I will tell
the rigbt honorable member that he
is a damned liar."
A dead silence followed this remark. Such unparliamentary language seemed to stun the bouse. Tbe
Speaker invited Mr. Dillon to with
draw the expression but the latter
said: "I will not withdraw
���'Then I must name you," said the
The government leader, A. J.
Balfour then said: "I beg to move
that Mr. Dillon be suspended from the
service in tho bouse.''
The motion was carried by 248 to 4S1
votes. Mr. Dillon's suspension under
tbe present rules cannot exceed a
The ejection of Mr. Dillon did not
serve to clear the atmosphere and the
remainder of the debate was fillo d
with personal allusions and unpleasant exchanges, the nature of
which would havo excited comment
bad they not be discounted by the
first explosion. David Lloyd George,
Welsh Nationalist, bitterly attacked
the government, drawing a harrowing
picture of the conditions in South
Africa and charged the war olliee with
pigeon-holing important information.
Sir Cbarlos Cajes, Conservative, interrupted Mr. Lloyd Georgo saying
that the speaker was playing to tbe
pro-Boers, whereupon Mr. Lloyd
George characterized tho interruption
of Cayes as "an insolent remark,"
This caused confusion in the honso
and cries of 'withdraw." John Redmond, leader of the Irish party in the
.-louse of Commons, appealed to tbe
chair, and Sir Charles reluctantly
withdrew his statement. Mr. Plummet and Mr. John Redmond then hud
an altercation and after moro disotder
Mr. Lloyd Georgo succeeded in finishing with tho remark tbat he did not
know who was responsible lor all the
errors and incompetency in South
Africa, but that the men who had
profited by these conditions now sat
upon tho government bench.
Mr. Broderick, the secretary of state
for war, answered Mr. Llr yd Georgo
with a long defense of the war
During the day's nlscnssion in the
House of Commons Mr. Broderick and
Mr. Chamberlain showed themselves
to be very hopeful over the position ot
affairs in South Afiioa. Mr. Chamberlain estimated there were still
0,000 lighting Boers in tbe field. The
optimism Is rather offset by the fact
that   the   government   has again jtelc
Assay Offloe at Vancouver Anticipates
Largo Receipts.
Vancouver, March 20. ���William Mc-
Cafl'ry, manager of the Vancouver
assay office, today intimated that he
looks forwaid to a rushing season this
year. Every oue on the coast in the
northern gold-bearing regions of the
Yukon and Atlin, and iu Cariboo and
the Northwest Territories is aware of
thc large amount of gild dust bandied
at the local assay olllcu last year, and
if the expectations of Vancouver are
realized the amount of dust received
this summer and fall will be far
greater than that handled last season.
All winter the Vancouver assay
office has been kept busy handling
small consignments of gold dust from
nearly evory placer mining section of
lower British Columbia and tbu
Territories,nud while it may bo stated
that tbe volume of business none was
not great, still the gold received was
sufficient to keep tho staff busily
Manager McCaffry stated this morning that ho tloos not expect to handle
much Yukon nnd Atlin gold dust until
the latter part of June or the beginning of July when tho first big cleanups from winter mining in the Yukon
and Atlin will uenin to arrive in the
city. Owing to the fact that it is
possible low water may prevail in the
North aftor the first freshets, it is
likely that tho minors will pnt forth
every effort to make tbeir cleanup as
rapidly aa possible,and such being the
case the gold will come in wilh a rush
when it starts Vancou verwards.
Tho excellent service rendered by
the Vancouver office last season is so
well known now throughout the
North thut in the natural course of
events much more gold dust will bo
handled here during the coming summer and full than was tbe case last
Second Canadian Uontlngent
Said to Bo Under Quarantine.
Young  Man   From   Victoria In Trouble In
Toronto, March 20.���The executivo
ol the Manufacturers' association met
today and chose Halifax for the next
annual meeting to be held in October
The Evening Telegram's cable says:
The morning pa pel a hero contain a
Cable from Ottawa to the elTcct thut
the steamship Victorian, wilh tho
second section of thc second battalion
of Canadian Mounted ritles on board
was held at quarantine ut Durban
with several cures of mild smallpox
among tlic men. Enquiry at the war
office and the admiralty today tailed
to elcit any Information, and at both
o'llces it was stated that no such report had reached them. Tin1 admiralty further stated that the Victorian
waa on hci way homo.
Russia Said to Be Concentrating
Forces at Vlndivostuck,
London, March 20.���With reference
to Russo-Japanese war rumors the
St. Petersburg correspondent of the
Times says he is able to vouch that
tbe Siberian railway is declining consignments from merchants because the
resources of the line are fully occupied forwarding troops aud war
'.materials to Vludivostock.
Ottawa, March 20.���The report of
the militia department has beon presented to parliament. The major-
general deals with the inefficiency of
the permanent oorps, from an instructional standpoint. He says that the
cavalry should be increased by four
officers, 12 sergeants, and 00 men ; the
artillery by four sergeants and 78
men; the infantry by IS officers aud
402 men of other ranks. He claims
that tllis is absolutely necessary if tbe
efficiency of he militia is to be kept
up. He would have the maximum
permtnont force at l,.r>00 men. almost
double its present strength and a third
company of garrison artillery formed.
He states that tho Kingston military
college is giving unsatisfactory
Stoddart Got Goods on False Order
and WaB Arrested
Montreal, March 20.���Stewart Cump-
bei), a woll known Insurance looker,
and military man. was found dead in
his bed this morning. Beside bim lay
a revolver which had been discharged. The hews came as a great shock
to bis large circle of friends, as only
the previous evening he had bucu .n
tbe best of spirits. No cause la yet
known for tbo act.
A young man named Stoddart, bailing from Victoria, B. C, was arrested
here today on tbo charge of obtaining
goods under present false pretences.
He called on a local house and produced an order purporting to bo
signed by hls'tather for $2Uil worth of
goods. These were delivered to bim
and the young mau at once proceeded
to pawn them. Meantime the linn
became uneasy and investigated and
the young man's arrest followed. The
case will probably bo settled.
Paris, March 20.���On application of
the Panama Canal company, the civil
tribunal approved the eventual cession
of the oanal property to tbe United
States toduy, subject to a teservo regarding modifications lo be obtained
fiom the Colombian government concerning two articles of the agreement.
Vancouver, March 20.���The arrangements have been Anally completed for
the dinner tendered to Hon. S.
Shimizu, Japanese consul-general, to
be held at the Hotel Vancouver tomorrow evening. It has been decided to
limit the tickets to 100.
London, March 20 ���Tho Times understands that Persia has concluded
an agreement with Russia under the
terms of which Persia is to get a loan
of 15.000,000 roupees and is to give
Russia concessions for a new road
from Tabriz to Teheran.
Regina,   March 10.���The Northwest
.Legislative assembly opened today.
Arthur Simpson, Shot at Calgary,
Died Yesterday.
Calgary.March 80,���Arthur Simpson,
the victim of the shooting outrage of
Sunday, died about 12.40 o'clock
today. It is considered phenomenal
that he lived so long. All yesterday
his temperature increased, anil this
morning little hopes were held out (or
his recovery, Simpson was a tent
maker by trade, aud an Englishman*
Scouting wbo did the shooting will
be hold for murdei.
Ottawa, March 20.���Stanislaus
Lacroix, will be executed at Hull
tomorrow morning for the murder of
bis wife. Radcliffe, the hangman,
got into a fight with some people this
morning and was pretty roughly
bandied, being kicked in the face by
some sympathizers wtih Lacroix.
Winnipeg, March 80, ��� Rev. James
Settee, a retired clergyman of tbo
Church of England, died today at his
home. Deceased had reached the
advanced age of 88 years, und all of
his long life wus spent in Manitoba
and the Northwest.
Three Rivers, Que., Maroh 20,���
James Thompson, harbor master, is
dead, aged 70. Before the days of
railways Thompson opeiatcd a stage
line between Montreal ami Quebec.
Capetown, March 21.���A bulletin
issued at midnight said that the lung
difficulty of Cecil Rhodes had been
aniclioiatc, but owing to tlio heat tho
patient was unable ty sleep.
- '   ��� 1
London, March 20.���The Wcsting-
nouse Electric Co., Ltd., have secured
a contract to erect an electrical power
station for thc Metropolitan railway.
I     '
..-. mth,-   mr*   ��T Nklson  Daily Miner.   Friday,   Makcii at, iqos
The Nelson Miner
PublUbed   Kvory  MotuIdk  Kxoopt  Mouda-C
hurscuiptiun ratkbi
Dally por month, by carrier     6flc
Unity, por month, by mall     Wo
fJally, por yoar, by carrior $ 7 ���K)
Unlit, por fOWTi by mull    6 00
Oairy, por yoar foreign    9 00
Wookly.por half yoar $1 U
vVuekiy, por yoar    '2 00
Weokly.por yoar, foreiRn    3 00
f'.bHcriut.louri Lovarhibly in advance.
Display Advoiti^omrutrt,  $t   por  inch  po
month) DUplay AdvertUoraenta, IS wnti po:
Inthoaoh loaertioo loss than month] uooals, l-
rent** par lino oaoh insertion; I tlnsstflod A dyer
tIfejnonU,   I   cont   DOT   word  oaoh   lunortlon
wholesalo Cards, S2..V) per mouth; Hocioiy
("Urdu, 98.00 por month,
145 Hloob Stroot, IC. C.
Central   I'ronr? AROiioy, Ltd., Special Afloutu
Alexander ft: f'o.,521 Kirnt Avonuo, Bpokanu*
Wa*h��� koop Nn jmpor on Wo, and are our
ui; Iitit-i'/cii aKoulH for advortlHuinonU and huo-
The above Reward will be paid to
anyone Riving evidence that will con
vlct persons or stealing Tne Miner Irom
our subscriber's doors.
In connection witli tlie proposal to
erect an electric power plant at Ilon-
niogon Falls to supply Nelson with
electric lights and power �� suggestion
emanates from Rossland which seems
feasible and ia worthy of consideration. In hrief.it is suggested that the
cities of Nelson, Rossland and Trail
enter a partnership and erect the
plant, so that each of tho cities will
ho enabled to secure the power for
lights from the plant, It Is eon-
tended that the cost would he less to
eaoh than if three separate plants
wore erected and that the desired
result of plenty of power for nil lithts
lieeced would at the same time be
secured. The cities could each '.ako a
third interest in the plant or they
could hare interests in proportion to
their population. Tho proportion
which each should own is h mere mater of detail which scould be arranged later on if thc scheme should
meet with the approval of the
citizens cf this and the other towns
mentioned. Nelson is entitled to the
site and which will doubtless bo given
to it during tho present session of the
legislature. The above suggestion appeared in the Rossland World a few
days since.
One   tf   the chief objections to   the
city   of   Nelson embarking in tho enterprise of building tho   power   plant
last   year    wns   that   protests    were
made to incurring to large   an indebtedness as $150,000 for tho construction
of an electrio power plant and   a pole
line betwoen   bonnington   Falls   and
this   city   at a time when the mining
industry was under a cloud   owing  to
the very low price   of   metals,   which
made the future of the district Bnd the
eity   appear   gloomy   and   uncertain.
Now, however, tho price of   metals   is
riBing, a number  of new   raining and
reduction schemes are   being   pushed,
the out'ook is brighter,and the matter
of providing a power plant for the city
is again coming   to  the   front.     The
sugzestion   above   outlined,    if   it   is
caariod out,   has one merit which will
entitle lt to careful   consideration   on
the   oart  of   the  people of this city,
which is that it will enable   them   to
secure   all   the power needed for considerably less of an   expenditure  than
if they   alone   erected the plant.     Of
course,   side ownership is always better than partial ownership,   nnd   friction     would   doubtlcs   arise   wero a
plant owed by thiee cities.
One method of preventing this
would be to secure contracts from
Rossland and Trail to furnish them
with lights at a little above cost and
then to have Nelson erect the plant. If
this could be done the income would
be large enough to yield a pood profit
ami to guarantee the psyutent of the
principal of tho indebtedness in short
order. Besides this capitalists would
lend money on much moro faverab1!!
terms on n plant which w.-.s lighting
threo cities than they would on oue
which was performing a like serviee
for only one town.
The city authorities shook! carefully consider the above suggestion as
we believe it is worthy being looked
and give representation in proportion I
to papulation. Tho legislature with
IS members is quite laigo enough at
present and there wns no particular
necessity for increasing its si/.e by the
addition of four members. One good
effect of the redistribution bill, if
udopted, is that thu mi: ing sections
of tho province will ho a represented
by a larger delegation than hitherto.
Under this condition nmru attention
will be paid to legislation of a nature
that will bo beneficial lo the minirg
industry, fts the representative fiom
Kossiand, Greenwood, Nelson,eto,will
he elected by mining constituencies
they will of necessity have a
knowledge of the needs of those whom
they represent and will, at least,avoid
some of thu mistakes which have
hitherto beeu mode   and   which   have
not redounded  tj  the  advantage ol
those engaged in mining.
A redistribution bill wns submitted
ln tho house yesterday, which increases the number of representatives
from 33 to 42. It puts Vancouver
island, which formerly was in the
ascendency, in the minority, The
mining districts will he well represented. Nelson division, for instance,
will have two members nee from
Nels'iu and the other (rom Ymir, instead of one. The Hound:iry country
is given two members, ono at Greenwood and one at Grand Forks, and
there will still bo ore member for
Rossland. The redistribution seems
to have beon made with a desire to be
just   to   each   section of tbe  province
The Vancouver Province recently
published a rather pessimistic article
ou the condition of the mines and cf
business in the Rossland cump. The
Rossland board of trade took the matter up and stated that Rossland mines
were in splendid condition, that thc
quantity of ore shipped was laige ana
iucieasing, and lhat tbe general oondition and outlook were never brightei
in the history of the camp. The Prov.
ince realizing that it had been misinformed published the following
amende honorable: "The Province is
glad to learn from a resolution of thc
Russlnnd board of trade,reproduced in
another column, that the prospects for
tbe immediate future in Rossland are
much brightor than this newspaper
thought for in writing of it a few
days since. Rosslnud cannot be any
too prosperous to suit The Province.
Good luck to you, neighbor."
It would bo hotter for llritish
Columbia tc pay for the building of
tho Canada Northern railway through
its territory and keep tlm eight millions of acres of land, says tho New
Denver Lodge. ��� The building of the
road will make the land very prollt-
able and the province can make much
more than the cost of building the
road. To givo away the land and
money besides sounds like a scheme to
rob tho people. We should retain
something if we ever expect to got out
of debt.
A bonus ls offered by the Net
Zealand government to the inventor
of the most successful appliance for
saving gold Irom black sands. The
conditions of the offer are that the
invention shall be new, portable, and
capable of utilizing local wator; that
it shall have a capacity of 30 cubic
yards per hour, and be able to treat
material valued at bnt 3d per cubic
yard at a profit; that it shall save not
less than 80 per oent of the gold ln
the sands treated; and that it shall
work six months, treating not less
than 100.000 cubic yards of material,
before the bonus shall be payablo.
Copper mines as a rule are long
lived. Some of the earliest opened lis
the United States fifty years ago are
still productive with no signs of
becoming exhausted very soon. One
of the oldest copper mines of tbe
world is at Fahlun, Sweden. This
mine has b;en worked for seven hundred years and lias produced 500,000
tons of copper, fifteen tons silver and
one and one-quarter tone gold, representing a value of 8277,500,000. Evidently people in Sweden are not so
much in a hurry as they aro in the
U. S,, or their facilities for working
mines aro not as good. In MOO a
single copper mine in tbe United
States yielded 00,000 tons copper. At
that rate this mine will produce more
copper in ton years than the Swedish
mine has in 700 yenrs.
Should a Canadian accept knighthood or a baronetcy st thc hand of the
Imperial government, or, ns it is
formally pnt from tho crown, is a
question which has been ranch discussed. Knighthood and baronetcies
are at best but survivals of what was
once a reality. That reality never did
and never can exist in Canada. The
sentiment of Canada is against the
importation of the time-dried shell.
The man of action is admired in
whatever walk of life he may be, and
it cannot bo said that anyone has been
the reeeipient of this title has been
raised in public estimation by such
artificial honor. As a rule it wonld
appear that in this country the people
look upon a man who has accepted a
title as on one who has been tempted
and has yielded; they forgive him but
do not forget that he has fallen. They
honor much more those who have resisted. Then there are those who wish
to be tempted and it seems that it is
this desire to be tempted that is guiding to some extent the politics of
llritish Columbia.
The tonsorial establishment of J. II.
Matheson and the basement shop of
McMahon and Gardner havo consolidated and are now doing business
next door to the Hc.degn saloon, where
they will be pleased to meet old and
now customers.
onsets BAY
We wish lo call your attention to our immense
stock of
Spring and Summer Staple Goods
and Novelties
In making our selections this season wc have endeavored to choose a stock which will please the most delicate
tastes You will find the finest assortment of both Imported and Domestic goods in the country. New goods
arriving daily.
Lawrence Hardware Go.
Th? Fishing season is now open nnd we invite our Mends an d  patrons to
inspect our large and couipVle stock of
Rods, Keels, Casts, Flies, Fly Hook*, Lines, Fishing Baskets, Trolling Spoons
Guns and Ammunition
ftbclftosaLBank of Canada
t'aiillall Authorlird,
Incorporated 1869.
t8rM*itM.M I OejlUl raid-up,     ,    .    .     ri.oiio.iNio.no
ii.ii. si,Jmi.,Hiii,i,||
Roanl of Directum     rhomas K. Runny,  President I   Thomas ttltohlo, Vice-Proficient
Wllo�� tfniltb, H.Q. Hauld, Hon. I'nvlrl MaelCoun.
���lend Olllee, Hall'im
Ueneral Manager, Hdson 1> Piwo, Montreal.
Superintendent of BranohiM, and nonrotary, W. B. Torrance, HalltoT,
Nova    Kcolla���Halltax    Ilnuieli,   Anu^ml-1
I,,;.1i'i-v/.m ���!-, UuvHborn. Ixuulomlcrry, Lu -
enburgi Maiuana Ulanis Co.), Plotpu, Port
Hu wkoHlmry, Sydney, Hhubonaoadlc.Truro
New    llrnfiHWIck ��� Hal.lmrer,     DorchoBtcr,
Krodoriclon, Klnnton (Kent On,], Mono-
ton, Newcastle,Hackvlllo SI, John,Woodstock-
r. _. Inland���CharloUr.town, Suoimorsldo.
Quebec-Montreal, (Oity |()nioo), Mnntroa
Wont Bad (Cor. Notre Dtuno nnd a���|K.
nou-H Btreonit weetroount (Cor. Urt'ne
Avonuo ntid tiC Catharines BbTMt,
Newfoundland-St. John's,
it'iiiia. Went Indira���Havana,
United mules-Now York (Hi KiohanRo Haas
BepubUo, Wean.
Grand   Furfts, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,
Vancouver Bast End, Victoria.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
There is nothing like Asthmalene, It
brings instant relief, oven in t e worst,
oases,   It cures When all else fails.
The Rev. O. P. WELLS, o Villa Ridge,
III., says: "Your trial bottle of Asthmalene received iu good condition. I cannot
tell you bow thankful I feel for the good
derived from it. I was 11 slave, chained
with putrid sore Ihroat nud asthma for ten
years. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
saw your advertisement for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, Asthma, nnd thought you had overepoken
yourselves, hut resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial acted like a
charm.    Send me a full size botlle.
Rev, Dr. Morris Wccnaler.
Rabbi of thn Cong. Bnai Israel,
New York, Jan, 8,1901
Dk. Tait Bros. Mbdicinb Co.,
Urntlemen: Your Asthmaleno iB nn
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates u 11
trouUes which combine with Asthma.
Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it carefully analyzed, we oar. state that Asthmalene oontains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.    Very truly yonrs,
Avon Springs, N, X, Feb. 1, 1901.
Drs. Taft Bnos. Medicine Co, .
Gentlemen : I write this testimonial from a Bense of duty, having tested the
wonderful eilect of your As!hiniilcno, for the cure of Asthma, My wife has
been affleted with spasmodic asthma for tho past 12 years. Having exhausted
my own skill us woll as many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon your
windows on 13(1 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of Asthmaleno.
My wife commenced takiDg it about the first of November. 1 very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using oue bottle her Asthma has disappeared
and Bhe is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I ean consistently recommend the medicino to all who are affliotod with ttiie distressing disease.
Yours respeotfully, O. D. l'HBLPS, M. D.
Dk. Taft Bkos, Medicine Co, Feb. 6, 1901.
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. 1 have tried nnmer-
ous remorlies, bnt thoy have all failed. I ran aoross your advertisement and
started with a trial bottlo. I found relief at once. I have since purchased your
full sized bottle, and I am ever grateful, I have a family of four children, and
for six years was unable to work. I am now in the best of health and am doing
business evory day. This testimony you can matte Buch use of ns you see St.
iiHome address, 235 Riviugton street, S. RAPHAEL,
87 East 129th St,, New V ork Oity.
Do not delay.   Write at once, addressing DR   TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
OO., 79 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
Will be received addressed to me at
the Imperial Hank, Nelson, B. C, up
to and including tho 21st day of
March next, for the purchase of the
plant, business, book debts and good
will of tlie "Nelsou Miner, " easily
paper published at the said City of
For terms and particulars apply to
Macdonald and Jchuson, solcitors,
Hums Blook, linker street, Nelson,
All tetiders to be marked in the
upper left hand corner: "Tender,
Nelson Miner."
,T. M.  LAt,
Manager Imperial Hank of Canada   at
Nelson, B.C., Maroh 7th, 1002.
Estate of A. B. Gray, Deceased
Take Notice tbat probate of the will
of the late Alexander llliiir Gray has
been granted to Kdvard Albert Crease,
sole executor. Creditors aie required
to send particulars of their claims
duly verified to the undersigned on or
before the 1.1th April, 1002. After that
date the executor will proceed to dis-
tiibuto the estate having regard only
to those claims of which he shall then
have received notioe.
Hated lilth March, 1002.
IT Fort Street, Victoria, B. C, Solicitors foi the Executor.
Our New Stock is now open,
A Very Fine Blip of
Hbw Dnipi ai
The Prices Will Suit the
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Oamipondettti i
t'anHda���Merchant* Punk ul Cunuda.   Bolton��� Natioua   Bhawmnt Bank,   Chlrago���flllnoto
I'vv.-A, ;ii'il Y'-w \,\&-: Hank.  Man Vi'HsiclHco-FlrHb National hank.   Luiirfon.   I %\\\.. H:uik of
Scotland.   Pari*, ������'ratter -Credit LyouimiB.   Itrrimulu-Hank 01 I cum 'In.   China ami Ja-
pan���Hon*; Kong and Shanghai Hanking Corporation.   Hiiok��ii�����Old NaUomU Bank.
General Banking Buslncas Transacted; Starling Hills of Bjcchangs   tough
and Sold, La&ers of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moBt favorable terms.   Interest allowed oo vpeola
deposits and ou Saving Bunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Be Sure and Get the Genuine.
I Lawrence Hardware Company 1
B Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C. 2
has been discovered on the
Similkameen   Valley   Coal     Company's
On the i_slh instant I will offer for sale the Company's stock at $1.10
PER SHARE, payable $10 monthly per ioo shares, A further advance
will lake place on April ist.    Rush in your orders.
Nelson, B. C.
Official Broker
Notion is bereby given that I intone!
to apply at the next sitting of the
board o[ license commissioners for the
Oity of Nelson to be held after the expiration of thirty days from tho date
hereof, for a transfer of tha retail
liquor lioense iiow held by rae lor the
ltoyal hotel, situalo on Stanley street
in the City of Nelson, on lots land 4,
block 211, subdivision of lot it. group
1, West Kootonay district to Sol Johns,
nf me City of Nelson.
Witnoss: Tl. A, McFarland.
Dated this 27th day of February,
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. 13.
Allan Lino Patislan March 2_
Allan Line Cnriiilhtan. April   5
Beaver Lino Luko Superior April li
Boavcr Lino Garth Castle April -."��
Allan Line Btoamun* call .at Halifax two days
Frcm Portland.
Dominion Line California!! April 12
Dominion Lino Colonial) April SO
From Now York
Cunard Lino Campania March 2!)
Cunard Line Umbria April .j
White Star Lino Teutonic Maroh 36
Whito Star Lino Oceanic April  2
American Lino Philadelphia March 20
A morfcan Lino St Paul, April 2
Hod Star Lino Morion March 2'J
Red Star Lino Haverford April 19
Continental eallingB of French. North German Lloyd, H. A. P. and Italian Lines on application.
RATES���Saloon fares ?(2.50, and upwards
Pocond $35 and upwards according to sloanicr
aid location of berth. Steerage quotod on application. Prepaid passages from England and
tho continent at lowest rates.
H. L. BROWN,      W. P. F, CUMMINGB.
Cil.y Agt. Nelsou.      Gen. Agent), Winnipeg
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Helios B. O.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always ��
Wo onrry a coiripiote stock of Coast Flooring
Ceiling. Insido Finish, Turnod Work, Sash and
Doors. Suucial order work will rooeive prompt
attention:   Mali orders suliclttid.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Mead Offlco-Hcndrvx ��nd Vorron He Nelnon
Will pay the highest oaub prioe for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperU,
cooking utensils, bought in household;
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Clall and see me or write. Address1
Silver King Mike, Box, 800. Hall
Street, Nelson, B. C.
Real Estate, Fire and Lire Insurmf
Money to Loan.
Houses to Rent in all parts of tht
City. See list at entrance to our
offices, next to McArthur's Furniture store.
��� ��� C^ifRA Nklson   Daily  Miner, Friday, March ai, 1902
I     MINING NEWS.     J
It is again rumored that the
Gooderham-Blaokstock syndicate, ih
negotiating for the purchase of tho
Trail smelter.
The Trout Lake Topic declares that
Lardeau's output of this year should
reach 82,000,000. A large output certainly and easily likely to be realised
quite so soon, judging by present appearances. But until railroad facilities and hotter general 'ransport, and,
perhaps, also the smull looul smelter
successfully at work, an output ol at
least (1,000,000, or more than thrice
thut of 1(H)1, would seem to be likely
enough. And appearance suggest
every possibility of tbo (1,000,000 ol
annual output doubling In 1908,
The   sample   mill   of     the    Sutisot
smelter (formerly Standard smelter)
at Houndaiy Falls, recently purchased
by the Montreal and Boston Copper
Company, is boing dismantled, preparatory to pntting in a larger plant,
says the Phoenix Pioneer. A No. li
Gates rock crusher and a Bridgoman
sampler have been ordered and a
largor engiue tnan the ono previously
installed has been purchased, and,
with the other now plant, will shortly
bo received at the works. Much of the
sampling plant lirst put in will bu
used, but it will be supplemented by
the heavier machinery. Nothing definite has yet beon announced us to Die
company's intentions in regard to the
furnace already built, but it is sntici-
puted tbat whatever butierments are
required in this department of the
new smelter will shortly be taken in
band. Alterations and extensions of
the buildings and the erection of
additional ore bins are among the improvements tbat will bo made. With
so much to do to g��'t the works in
proper shape for continuous bmelting
on a sufficiently largo scale to make
U pay, it appears unlikely that tbo
furnace will be blown in before next
The Ashcroft Journal of tbo 15th
inst. says: Four or five prospectors
returned from tho Horsefly discoveries
this week and report that they failed
to flud, after ten days' prospecting,
any encouraigng results. One of them
plainly says that he did not linri any
gold. He was one of a party of three
or four and he claims that thoy prospected all the creeks, sinking some 40
holes to bedrock, a dopth of about
three feet, and that the product in
gold was nil. The snow, ho says,
was from two to two and a half foet
deep, but they had no difficulty in
clearing it off and sinking to bedrook.
Others who reached the creeks about
the same time, this prospector says
are coming out by the lake and others
down the river. The Journal nevertheless doolares that it bolieves there
is something in the much "boomed"
discovery. Meanwhile really substantial corroborations is still wanting,
and the most that can fairly be said is
tbat the Cleaiwater and Horsefly districts will bear furthet prospecting by
a fair number of men, who know their
way about and can afford to risk loss
of time and of a moderate amount of
cash and energy should their searches
prove unsuccessful as regards gold
finding. It will, however, be worse
than folly, as matters stand, to encourage an early tush of many hundreds to tbe spot.
(12,lr>8 15; populaion, 0,159; revenue
per capita, 81.08.
City of New Westminster���Gross
revenue, 10,880:88; population, 0,409;
revenue per capita, (1.15
It is visible at a glance that British
Columbia is three times as valuable
from the postal revenue of tho Dominion as tho province of Qubece. Yet
we find that in tbe matter of oxpeni-
ture,while it costs 00 cents in the city
of Quebec to collect (1.00, iu Vancouver it cost's :is oents, and in Victoria
54 cents.
Stop now, think it over, bolter examine our bhoe stock���The Wallaco-
Mlllor Co., limited.
TN'olson Loads in Postage   Revenue Per
Head of Population.
The following figures illustrate the
difference between British Columbia
and other point of Canada,particularly
those in tho province of Quebes, as
producers of revenue in the matter
of postal service:
Provinoe of Quebec���Gross postal
revenue, (969,191.12; population,
1,050,000; revenue per capita, 59 cents.
Province of British Columbia���Gross
postal revenue, 8249,457.68; population, 177,300; revenue per capita,
City of Quebec���Gross revenue,
841,403.78; population, 0B,840; revenue
per capita, 61 cents.
City ol Hull���Gross revenue, 84,-
253.43; population, 13,003; revenue
per capita, 30 cents.
City of Three Rivers���Gross ievenue,
(",259.78; population, 9,981: revenue
per capita, 73 cents.
City of St. Henri���Gross revanue,
(4,031.70; poulation, 21,193, revenue
per capita, 19 cents.
City ol St. Hyaointhe���Gross rtvenue, (8,502.82; population, 9.210;
revenue per capita, 92 cents.
City ot Sorel���Gross revenue.
$2,346.08; population, 7,057; revenue
per capita, 32 cents.
City ot Vancouver���Gross revenue,
(52,289 75; population, 20,133 ; revonue
per capita,  (2.
City of Viotoria���Gross revenue,
^47,247.57; population, 20,810; revenue per capita, (2.26.
City of Nelson���Gross revenue
��13,693.08; populaion, 5,273; revenue
per capita, (2.60.
City   of  Rossland���Gross    renevue,
A meeting of the Miiiu Owners'
association was held last evening at
winch tontine business alone was
transacted. Among those present wero
Frank Robblns, J, J. Campbell and
Captain Gilford, of Nelsou ; Edmund
II, Kirby, manager of tho War Eagle
and Cetitto Star, Rossland, Bernard
Macdonald, manager of the Rossland
Great Western, Lo Roi No. 2 and
ICootenay Mines, Rossland; S. _.
Parrish, manager of thu B. C. mine
nenr Eholt, Boundary; tl. W. Hughes,
of the Sunset at Alamo, and A. C.
Flummcrfclt, of tho Granby Consolidated, of Phoenix and Grand Forks.
Don't overlook us in our new quarters opposite Miner oflice, Word street.
Coal aud wood, West Trauslor Co.
An account of a curling match held
on Wednesday by rinks composed ol
members of thc Curling club, copied
from the club minute book is rather
interesting. The extracts reads as
follows: "Tho games were skipped
by Wallace aud Carrie, Wallace winning by the score of 10 to 0. The
game was a hot one right from the
start, some sensational plays being
made by Tamblyn and Carrie
(although some said they were flukes,
but some people don't know good
pluying when they see it). Wallace
and Stocks could occasionally set a
stone in the rings, and Bird would
sometimes get one down by rolling it
on edge. Beer would get the broom
just whore he wanted it but the stone
did not seem to land just where he
expected it to. Turner played a star
game chasing Tamblyn and Carrie
close for the honors although when he
made an extra good shot he would say
hat tbat was what be played for even
when it was on the opposite side of
the ice rink from the broom.
Wateborn played a good independent
game. He didn't believe in showing
partiality to any particular part ol
tbe ice and wben be did get the
bioom the stono generally landed
somewhere. Dr. Armstrong played a
very showy game. He would start his
stones one afier another without playing any attention to the skips and
tbon he would step up on the boards
and walk down to the other end
smoking his cigar and would look
mad if Tamblyn didn't sweep his
stones into the rings."
Men's and boy's shirt waists and
colored shirts, latest American styles,
just received���The Wallace-Miller Co.
St. Louis, March 20.���Kid Broad of
Cleveland and Abe Attell of San Fran -
cisco fought fifteen fast rounds to a
draw before the West End Athletic
club tonight. Broad was tbe aggtessor
throughout, but this availed him
nothing against the extreme cleverness
of the Californian.
Tremont���Alabama Minstrels company; P. Stefler, Goat Creek.
Bartlett��� D. Stewart, Bonnington
Falls; M. Ewen, Eholt; G. Benny,
Madden���W. Montgomery, F. C.
McLaughlin, Kelowna; O. L. McCarl,
Queen'B���G. Braisden, Philadelphia;
W. Harris, Sioean City; W. F.
Jeffrey, New Denver; W. Jones,
Saysehomuoh ; E. Farr, Vancouver.
Grand Central���W McCleroont, T.
Love. Brandon; H. D Hall, P. Day,
A. F. Day, Indenepdence, Ia.; J. G.
Newlundi Minneapolis; C. Schock,
Ladysmith, Que.; J. N, Gation,
Republic, Wash.; M. Augur, Toronto.
Hume���R. McGuire, Molly Gibson
Landing; W. Sherratt, Kamloops; W.
Holden, Vancouver; T. A. Cross,
Victoria; G. A.Mitchell, Rossland;
J. R. Gifford, Hall Mines; D. W.
Moore, Trail; R. Harron, San Francisco ; F. J. Doane, Kamloops; C. S.
Craddook,Medicine Hat; R.J. McSbea,
Spokane; A. Wylie, Toronto; A.
Stewart, Otta.va; II. Eagleson,
Phair���George Buffum, St. Louis;
0. O. Lalonde, E. B. Kirby, A. C.
Gait, Bernard Macdonald, F. G.
Stevens, Rossland; G. W. Hughes,
Alamo; S, F. Parrish, Greenwood; A.
E. Payne. Toronto; Mrs. Coles,
Greenwood; Mrs. Purvis, Camp Mc-
Kinney; James McMillan, Cityrutt,
Cai.; W. F. Brock, Montreal; A, E.
Fairweather, Quebec; A. C. Flumer-
felt, Victoria; Mrs. J. H. Gray,
Viotoria; A. E. Rowland, Toronto; A.
R. Heyland, Victoria; A. H. Wal-
bridge, Vanoouver;T. B. Beokwith,
Montreal; F. F. Buateed, Vancouver^
AdvurtiHemunUi iunerted under thin head al
the rate of one oent ft word per inHorLion. No
udvertlnoineiit) lalcen for Iohn than '26 oents.
Hiiuatlon Waniod odvortisemonta Inaortod
throe Union free of eh ante.
FOR    SALE   or    Kent���House, Silica
street, will sell  or rent,   furuisbod;  AERATED AND MINERAL WATERS-
all conveniences.    C.  E.  Miller.
N. M. CuiiiinliiH, While���Kvery knowi:
varloty of noft drinks, I'll Hox Ha. "'olophun
No. iii. lime. -or Street, Nelnon,    Hot Hoi's of til
famous tic Loom aot Bprloffi Mineral Water
FOR 8ALE���Eggs for hatching from
Barred Plymouth Rocks and Pekin
Ducks; oboiee stock. Strawberry
plants. John Houghton, Crawford
FOR SALE CHEAP--(MO each, will
buy Uvo well finished cottages 32x24
on Gore street, between Ward and
Josephine. Terms easy, for further
nartlculats cull at Miner olllee.
FOR SAbB���The Nolson Cafe, tho
finest restuiiiaiit in the Kootenays,
best location, 25 nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best business proposition in the district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cale,
llox 225, Nelson H.C,
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
board.     Apply    on   Silioa   street,
socond doot west of Ward.
Appiv   to   Mrs F. J. Squires, Room
40, K. VV. O. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Phone 278.
WANTED���Railroad men for Lardo,
wages (2.25, ship today. Waitresses.
Woman cooks. Girl for housework.
Boy to learn shingle packing,
LOST���On   Tuesday   ovening between
Bodega saloon and 0. P. R. station.
(40 in 810 bills.     Finder   will   be rewarded on returning same to Miner.
WANTED���Shingle   Packer.     J.     A
HELP of all kinds wanted and
furnished. Western Canadian Employment Agency. Large warehouse
for storage; call at Piosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet. i.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,   B.   C.     A.
Guthrie Sc Co.
DO YOU Need Your Clothes Pressed
or Cleaned? If ynu do make a chII
at the City Cleaning and Pressing
I'arlors. Your clothos well kept in
excellent repair and vill be sent for
and delivered to uny part of the city
for (1.50 per monlfi, allowing one
suit per week. Any work you may
have, give mo a trial. A. L, Hays,
Broken Hill Block, Nelson, B. 0.
WANTED���A   Nurse,   apply between
11   a, m,   and   13   o'clock, to Mrs.
Thoburn   Allan,    WeBt   end   Victoria
Foster Crafts,of Charles'own, Mass.
write home as soon as you can as
financial intereat await you there.
Very important,.   I. F. Crafts.
ENGINEERS, Firemen, Machinists
and Electricians send for 40-page
pamphlet containing Questions asked
by examining board of engineers to
obtain engineer's licence. Address
Geo. Zeller, publisher, 18 S 4th St.,
St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.
Parties wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footed oan have them done by
applying   on   corner   of     Ward   an
Victoiia street, opposite postoffice.
Finest and Best Bar In the City.
The best Brands or Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
JOSEPH harwood,   ���   Proprietor
A    MACDONALD   Be Co.-Cornor   Fron
���  and t un BttMta ���w holesolo noon
mil joblKirri in blunkiiLH, kIovch, iniLU, IwuLh
rnlili -i .-., n.iu-I' i 'i.nv - .tini minnr/ uindriOH.
1>  BURKS Be Co,���Bakor Street, Nohou-
���   WholuHulu ii'-nlc:- ��� iii fff.ii v.      curod
moftU.  Oold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale dea
orH in frenh and cured intuitu.
i Btreet, Nelson ��� Wholosale daalars ir
hardware, miners' HuppiJot;, sporting good*
M'LACHLAN BROS, Baker Street Nelson,
jJfJL  li. C.,���Do;iiorn in general harhware,
mining ���ujinli-������., glass, pal i; ., I'ortiuml Co-
m> nt, llrooliiy and Booton Uro brink. Agents
for wiikiuHiunl Co.'h celebrated stool who rope
pninlH, nil* and kIiihh; meohanlos   t-ooln
Fishing Tackle and Spotting Goods a Bpeoialty
HpUHNKR, BEETON & Co.-Corner Vernon
X und JoHophino KtrootH, Nelson���whole
naio dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods
AKontti for Pabat Browing Co, of Milwaukee
and CaiK��ry Brewing Co or Calgary,
UDSON'8 HAY Oo.-Wholosale groeerie
and Liquors etc, Baker Street, nelson,
OffiOO corner Hall and Front Streets
Nelson���Lnmbor, celling, flooring, and ovory
thing in wood for huilding purposes* Got oui
pricoH.  CorroHpondor.ee solicited.
f     A.   M'DONALD,     Agent   HasolWOOd
' ���   Dairy Co. Ice Creum.
Kootenay Railway and Na-
Compauy, Ltd.
Shortest and quickest route to tho cant and al
points on uho O. U. 8c N. and Northern J'n
clfle Railways in Washington, Orogou and
Southern Statin.
rime Card Effective Nov. 10.1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
3:30 a. ra. Lv.
10:55 p.m, Ar,
���Km-io Ar. 4:00 p. ro
Sandon Lv. 1:45 p. ro
Int Nav- & Trading Co
Nelnon Ar. 10:110 a. ra,
Kaslo Lv. 7:00 a. in.
G:00 p. m. Lv.
9:10 p. m. An
Connecting at Five Mile Point with Nelaon
& Fort "heppard Hallway both to and from
RoHBiund, oto.
Tickets sold to all parts in United State* and
Canada via Great Northern and O. It Be N'
���Uo.'a linen,
Ocean Hteamnhip tlckots and rates vi   a
lines will be furnished on application.
For furthor particulars call on or address
Hhunger, Kaslo.B, C
O.K.Taokabury A��Bnt, Nolsou B.O,
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Gor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone Sfil
Canada Permanent andWes-
tern Canada Mortgage
head offiob toronto,  ont.
Money to loan, on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. L.;LBNNOX, B��k�� Bt.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manaver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which I., Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000j
Aggregate  Resources Over 148,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. GUX, 1'reeident.      B. K. WALKKK, Uonernl Mnniuei
London Olllee: 6n Lombard Street, F>. C.
New York Olllee; 16 tiichangc Place.
And. 08 bronchus In ('unudu and lho JnltM ���*: ,u- , lnoludlnR
Chaniihoor        K.vMixiora Nkw V?t______   Vanohuvkh
Fkhnik Nanaimo Hohhlami Victoria
YUKON DISTRIOT- Dawhon and Wiiitk Hoiihb.
UNITK1) STATKS-Nkw VoitK, Han Khanuikou, prattle, 1'oiiti.anu, Skaowav,
.      Savings Bank Department.
T lii'iiniiim Uocclved ��nd Int.-r.-Ht AlloWOll.   l'roimt lliite 3 Pel Cut
| Nelsou Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager. ]
$i,00o will buy cottAgo containing live
rooms nnil *.wo lots in Bume Addition ; beiiuti,ful view ol the lalte
from verandas,     Vury oas.v terms.
$100   down   balunoc   in montlily pay
ment* will buy a Q.rootnod cottage, all modern Improvements,
1 1 -2 lots. Close to Halter street
and   pleasantly    situated.        full
particular* ol
R. J. STEEL, Broker, Nelson, B. C.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIEE HOPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished,
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Kelson.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
____��J-__ ________./_ J_.m_-___.__ _z _____
^rK^_rV_*_r_r_r_*_f NifCJ
Branch'Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kasl.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan Cit>
Orders by mall to as>v branch will nave careful and oramot attention.
NELSON LODGE    No. 23, A. F. &
M. meots second Wodnesday ln
month.   Visiting brolhoni wolcomo
I. O. O. P. Kootenay Lodge
No. 10, meets every Uonday nigh I,
at their HaU, Kootenay stroot
Sojourning Odd Fellow��� cordially Invited.
VV. H. Smith. K. G.; O. F. Motion, V. U.; A
Loiighurst, Kee. Sec.	
Nelson Hoyal Arch Chapter No. 123, S. It. C.
Meeta third W wlnesday. Sojourning compnn
Ions invltod. George Johnstone, I. n '
Sims,  8. K.
1. J.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Hailway,
D rect connection at SL. Paul without change Of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, Ne . York
and all points   East and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9.-40 i 'm
Leaves Spokane daily ior West at 7:20 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor Weal at SOO p.m
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and ail points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trnins connect at Duluth with
themagniflcent steamships North-TVesl
and North-Land of theNortheiu Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Bail-
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls A Northern Ry., Kaslo Sc Slocan
By, Kootei ai Kailway & Navigation
Co., or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt. Agt, W 701  W,
Rirerside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABUBY. Local Agent,
Nelaon.B O
NELSON LODGE  No.25, K. of P.
ftmeetn lo K. of P. hall, Oddfellow* block
gevory'f uoHday evening at 8 o'clock.
lAll visiting knight* cordially Invite
Wm. Ihtine, O.O.
IIvou Stkvkkh, K. of K. nnd 8.
NoIhoii Knoa pnient No. 7. Meetn every 2nd
and Ith Friday of oach month, In Odd KoIIowh
Hall, corner liaker and Kootenay Btreota,
NelHOu. A. H. Clements, C. P.; 1). McArlhui
U. ti.   Vlnltlng brothorK always welcome,
NKLSON L. O. L. No. lfW meets in Kra-
tcrnity Hall on first and thirll Kriday evenings
of oach month at 8 o'clock. Visiting member
cordially Invited. W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A.MInty, U.S.
NKLSON AKHIK No. 22, P. O. K., meote
evory seoond and fourth WodnesduyH of each
mi onth. Visiting members cordially tnvlt
Charles Pressor, Secretary.
Kootonay Tent No. 7, IC. O. T. M��� hold their
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, 1. O. O. F
blook. on tho 1st and 3rd ThurndayH of oach
in,mlli. Visiting brothron cordially invited tc
attend. O. A. Hrown It. IC) lJr. Rosa, Coin-
lt. J.Steel,U.S.C.
JL'KKN    NO.   211
KNGLAND,    moeu
1st and 3rd Wednesday ovening* ol
" )g>
oaoh month   at Fraternity hali
cornor of Halter   and Kootenay
stroots.   Visiting brethorn cordially Invited.
KnWAKD Maci.kod, SocrotHrv.
Nolson Court Star of Kootenay, A. O. F
Meets 2nd and 1th Wednosdaj-H in every
Mouth. Vinlting brethren welcomo. V Mac
Minimi, C. 1'.; Horborl MeliOOd Sec
Mooting* Ith Thursday of month. Fraternal
hall, J A Irving 0 K.   P- K. KlBinlng. 11.
For Hrst-claHH loalhor wrlto
B. C. Leather Co.
Vancouver, B, C.
British Columbia Agents for tlio celebrated
������ rMMHIfAira " Sole lxiather. Cut Soles and
Heel I'iet'eH.
Harness Loathcrs, Bridlo, Saldlo aud Skirling Leather-*, Ijicc and Latigo Leathers, Upper Loatihers of all kinds *
Manufacturers   of   Closed   Lppcrs   of  all
Shoemaker!.' Tools and Findings,  Uaddlcry
Hardware Hldo< aud Oils.
Catalogue' and prico lists on application.
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nejaon Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Between NelsoD and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle
Nelson to   Vancouver
Nelson to Victoria
2i hours
20 hours
26 hours
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
9:20 a.m Hpokane 7 :1!> p.m
13:25 p.m Rossland 4 :30 p.m
10:30 a.m Mountain 5*69 p. in,
U:40 a.m Nelson 6:45 p.m.
H. A. JA0K80N, O. P. Sc T.A,
Hpokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.
Certificates of Improvements
Queen, Niagara, Lewiaton, nnil Hut-
llogton (Fractional), mineral claims
situate in the a olson Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located���On Wolf Oreek, a
ljrnucli of Sheep Creek, which is a trilm-
tary of Salmon Kiv,-r.
Take Notice that I, William Waldie,
1'. M. r. B0O686, for myaelt end u an -"'
for John A. Tinner. 1'. M. O. BB0166.
anil Michael Scully, Flee Miner's Certilicate No. B60000, intend 60 days
(roni the dato hereof, to apply to tho
Miuing Becorder for certilicates of
improvements, for lhe purpose of obtaining Crown Urants of the abova
And further take notice that action,
nnder section 117 must ho OOmmepOM
before tne issuance of��snch Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this IStli day of February,
A. D. HHW.
W IlL-IAM WAL- IE. Nelson Dml\ Minerr Fridu, March al, 1902
Choice Designs for
Dainty People-
The dainty colorings of thi* season's goods have never been
equalled. In choosing Wall Paper
you want the prettiest and best.
Von can tret a better variety of Designs, Tints and Colors in Florals,
Stripes and Ingrains with Ceilings
and Borders to match, at our store
than anywhere else and at prices
ranging from 7c. per roll up-
Booksellers, Stationers
Show Eooru for Mason ,t Riscli pianos
��� www*/* V*W VWWWWWV}
Rev. A. W. McLeod arrived Jlast
evening lrom Kamloops and will take
the Sunday services both morning and
veuing at tlie liaptist eliurcb.
A social will be held at the residence
of Mrs. Newitt, corner of Cedar and
Victoria streets tbis evening, under
the auspices of the Ladies' Aid of thc
Congregational Okuruh. Afternoon tea
will also be served frum :i o'clock in
the afternoon.
The tags for dogs were received yesterday by the city clerk and will be
furnished to these wbo pay the dog
tax 011 tlieir canines. As soon as mat
ters ean be arranged the ownerless
(logs and those carrying no tag will
bu taken to the pound
Rain coats, umbrellas, rut hers, new
goods, iust leoelved; everything with
siyle, quality value, you'll find here.
���The Wallace Miller Co.,  limited.
An advertisement whicb has been
posted up on a telegraph pole on Ward
street evidently indicates that the
wiiter is a "self-taught" man, as the
spelling is some of the most original
yet encountered. Tbe notico reads
"Furnished chaks far sale or rented
inqueir krose tho trak fram the
Anything you want in gardening
tools at MoLaeblan Bros,
Mr. and Mre. J. H. Carter left last
evening Jor Kobe, Japan, where tbey
will in future reside. Mr. Carter was
for some time niatu on the stoamer
Nelaon, but lately lias been on the
steamer Rossland, on Arrow lakes.
He has taken a position with the
Tasania Mineral Water company of
Japan, as shippping agent.
We have just received out new
spring stock of Wall Paper, F. J.
Bradley and Co.
Regarding'! tbe proposal tbat tbe
Fish and Uanr.e Protective Association
should endeavor to get the government
to pass a law prohibiting the selling
of trout, a very pertinent suggestion
was marie by a gentleman interested
in the matter yesterday. lie said that
it would in all piobabllty be found
impossible to get the legislature to
take any sucb drastic step, but that if
instead to have a license required to
sell trout it could bo arranged with
out much difficulty. This would have
much tlie same effect as the prohibi
tory law, if tbe license were made
high enough,say $T,0 per year. If once
the market for trout was removed tbe
unlawful means of destroying trout
would quickly ceise.
Cause of Hay Fever
Hay fever is not so much a result of
climatic oonditloans as it is a showing
of tbe "weak spot" in the general
condition of tbe body. If a hay fever
sufferer can be fed up to a prime condition of health by the use of well
selected food th? chances are the hay
fever will not present itself.
As an illustration, a lady in Cave
Spring, On., explaios bow the cbangi
of food affected her. "Tbis past sum
nier I found myself in a very low
state of health and much emaciated.
I got down to OS pounds and was wor
ried, especially as I had to look
forward to my annual tussle with hay
fever in September acd lelt it would
push me even father down.
One   day   a friend told me she   had
been   using    Grape-Nuta    Breakfast
Food and that shy felt like a new person with greatly Increased strength
and vigor. 1 graspd at the straw and
begun the use of Urape-Nuts. The
effect was really magical. In a week
I felt toned up and in a 111 nib berran
in earnest to gain Oe.to and strength.
Ity September my weight had I a areas-
od to 110 pounds an I inu.-h to my
amazement I discovered that when the
hay fever sufferers began to Qompla in
I had not one symptom and escaped it
altogether. Inasmuch as I had suffered for yeBrs from this misernblo
disease and bad male no change except in my food,I naturally concluded
that my imp-oved condition was
caused bv the daily use oi (irape.Nnts
and bv observing lhe usual laws of
health." Name ean be giveu by
Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
W. F. Ilrock. inspector of the Royal
U-i 11 If. is at the l'hair.
On Wednesday, Maroh 19, born to
the wife of Mr. John Myers, a son.
Harry Coleman, operator for the C.
P.R. at Procter, was in the city yesterday,
W. Ilolrien, tbe well known Vancouver insurance ageut, is at the
A. C. Halt, barrister, of Rossland,
was in tho city yesterday on legal
Thomas Al lice, traveling representative cf Turner, Beeton and Co., was
at tlie l'hair yesterday.
The tire team turned out for their
regular practice yesterday, going up
the hill as far as the skating rink.
tl A. Mitctiel), traveling freight
agent of the Northern Pacific railway,
was at the llurne yesterday from
A number turned out jesterday
afternoon at the recreation grounds to
practice Rugby tuotbull. A good
hour's work was put in.
C. 0. Lalondo, ex-mayor of Rossland, was in Nelson yesterday to meet
Mrs. I.alonde and children who are
returning from Eastern Canada where
they spent the winter.
New Hats. New Hats, New Hats.���
Tho Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.
Mrs. H. M. Cummings desires Tbe
Miner to state that it was not she
who wrote tbe letter to tbo editor
which appeared under the title "A
Protest" in the issue of Fiiday last.
As an induement to buy wall papers
oarly, Morley and Laiug will give a
special discount of 26 per cent, off all
wall paper purchased until the end of
tbe month.
The representatives of the government on the Kootenay Lake tieneral
Hospital board for the ensuing two
years were announced yesteiday. Tbey
ar3 Messrs. Swannell, Starkey and
Before pHcing your order for wall
paper it will pay you to see our new
designs,!''. J. Bradley and Co.
The Carpenters' union on Wednesday night elected a delegate to the
convention of labor and allied
societies to be held in Kamloops Last
night the Trades and Labor council
elected two delegates.
When you have any team work or
want coal or wood call up 33 West
Transfer Co, offlce Ward street, opposite Miner office.    ^__��	
In the report of the winners at tho
ping pong tournament mention was
omitted of tbe Ladies' Open Compe
tition, in which the first prize was
won by Mrs. R.M. Bird; second prize,
Mrs. Pollok, ; third prize, Mrs. J.
At the record office yesterday Robert
B. Bell entered tne location of the
Moonlight claim on Round Mountain,
between Salmo and Ymir. A. Phillips
recorded the Lucky Fraction, situate
on Erie mountain about one and one
quarter miles south west   of Erie.
The wedding of James Wharton
Ford, fifth son of John Ford, of Tan-
cred house, Potter's Bar, London, and
late of Tanered, Wbixey, Yorkshire,
and Caire Pearson, second daughter
of Arthur Pearson, of Hull,Yorkshire.
Eng.,teok place yesterday afternoon at
2.80 o'clock at St. Saviour's church.
The eity workmen tbis week completed the sidewalk on Latimer street
leading to the new high school, and
laid ciossings at Baker and Falls
street, Victoria and Falls streot and
Victoria and Hendryx streets. Work
is also progressing rapidly on the
bed of Cottonwood creek.
At Ihe opera house last evening the
"Alabama Minstiels" formed the
first half ol the program me. wbich was
concluded with "Lucy Long's Party,"
a farce which received hearty ap
plnuse. Tbe specialties given were
well appreciated, and the music
rendered by the orchestra was bright
and catchy.
A meeting of the Fisn and Game
Protective association was called for
last evening, but as at $.30 only eight
of the members had arrived at the
meeting place, it was oalled off, there
not being sufficient for a quorum. The
work of the association is so important to Nelson that it will bo a pity
tf the movement be allowed to lapse
The examination for discovery of
Jainen Wilks in the case of tbe War
Eagle company vs. the Rossland
Miners' union and others, took place
yesterday afternoon at the court
house. The War Eagle Co. was represented by A. C. Ualt. of Rossland,
and the defendants by S. S. Taylor,
F. 3. Peane, editor oi tbe Kamloops
Inland Sentinel, and secretary of the
Chinese commission, is in Nelson.
Mr. Deane is on his way back from
Ottawa where he has been in connection with the work of the commission.
He states that though very volumiuus,
the report ol the commission was prepared with the utmost care, there
being scarcely a sentence that was not
read and reread before being finally
approved. He was confident that the
report which was in such shape as to
be easily comprehended, though long,
wonld undoubtedly alter tne opinion
of the poople of Eastern Canada on
the question of Oriental immigration.
Ogilvie Mills Will Ship 35,000 to
South Africa.
Winnipeg, March 20.��� lt was announced that F.W. Thojipson, general
manager of the W.W, Ogilvie Killing
Co., has just closed the largest single
sale of Hour ever made in the Dominion of Canada, being an order for the
shipment, to South Africa of lio.OOO
barrels. The magnitude of this order
cau probaMy be better appreciated
whon it is stated that it will comprise
a solid shipment equivalent to ten
train luads.it is a matter ol congratulation, not only to the Ogilive company but to tbe entire Dominion of
Canada, that such an extensive ordei
can be so promptly handled by this
large Canadian concern.
One Boy Struck Another on tbe Head
and Death Followed.
Halifax, Muich M).���ttarl Pye, thc
14-year-old son of the registrar of
det'ds, of Uuysboio county, died yesterday at his home, in Sherbrooke, as
the result of injuries indicted a week
ago by John Murdoch, a chum Hi
years old. Thev got into an altercation, and Murdoch hit him with a
clothes pole in the face. Last night
Pye dico in agony. Botli belong to
respectable families. Murdoch has
been arrested.
Engineer Sullivan of Trail Goes to
Winnipeg, March 20.���A. C.Dennis
divisional engineer of the Canadian
Pacific railway has been transferred
to the Mountain division, where he
will be employed on reducing heavy
grades in the road. Engineer Sullivan
from Kootenay wili succeed him neie.
Fine      American     shoes���Wallaec
Miller Co.
Vancouver.March 20.���Accompanied
by Mrs. Coyle. Mr. E. J. Coyle, assistant general passenger agent of the
C. P. R., with headquarters in this
city, returned on Tuesday night from
Seattle, completing a tour of Eastern
Canada aud thc Middlo and Southwestern States.
Mi. and Mrs Coyle were met at the
train by many of their friends. Mr.
Colye looks hale and hearty as ever,
and it is evident that his honeymoon
trip through tho sunny South
thoroughly agreed with him. Upon
their marriage in Winnipeg early in
February, the bride ond groom left
for Toronto, from which city they
traveled to Buffalo, St. Louis, and
finally reached New Orleans. From
the Bayou City they traveled west
ward to Los Angeles, and after spend
ing somo time enjoying the midwinter
sunshiue of Lower California ihey
went to San Francisco, and thence
bome to Vancouver.
Ottawa. March 20.���Mr. Smart,
deputy minister of tht interior, when
before the coloniation committee this
morning, said Ireland, fur iinmigra
tion purpoi'68, will be divided iuto
two distirotF, with Mr. Devlin in
charge at Dublin and Mr. O'Kelly at
Belfast. In Scotland the head office
at Glasgow will be in charge of Mr.
Murray. Local agents will be appointed in every central district in
Britain and will receive a commission
of twelve shillings for every emigrant
over twelve years old sent to Canada.
Ottawa, March 20.- Marconi left
for Cape Breton tonight to commence
construction on bis wireless telegrapl:
station. His contract with tho government was signed today.
Edmonton,  March 20.���W,   Macdon
aid, managger of the Ferguson branch
of the Impelial bank, is to bo married
iu   this  city   March   20th,   to     Miss
Trunks, valises���The Wallace Miller
Wellington, N /,., March 20.���The
Pacific cable steamer Anglia has
reaohed Doubtless bay, thus completing the Australia-New Zealand link
of the cable.
Is Rivaled liy Human Hair Where
Dandruff in Eradiated,
Sealskin is admired the world over
for its softness and glossiness and yet
the human hair in equally as soft
and glossy when healthy; and the
radical cause of all hair trouble Is
dandruff, wblob is caused by a pestiferous parasite that saps the vitality
of the haii at its root. Newbro's Herpicide is the only preparation that is
fatal to the dandruff germ. Without
dandruff no falling hair, hut a luxuriant giowth of glossy, soft hair is certain. Scouring the scalp won't cnio
landruif. Kill the ''andruff germ.
Thousands of women owe thoir beautiful suits of hair to Newbro's
Monarch Soecial
A Watch built especially to stand
the hard usage of this country, it has
as a fine timepiece. It will be at
home on the railroad or in the
Have a look at it before  buying.
��� ���
��� A shipment, just arrived  and we  2
��� can now offer you a choice selec-  ���
, Hon  of  everything   known as 5
��� Jewelry J
J Watches,     Clocks,    Jewels, ���
Souvenir Goods, Etc.
Patenaude Bros.
To enable us to dispose of the stock of Tweeds nnil Woollens just puroha��ed   at
a rate on the dollar from E, J, JKobie,   Merchant Tailor we will for the next
30 days give the largest discount ever given in ordered clothing.
line !n::ii,!, Worsted Trouserings, Made to order
Fine Beotell Tweed Uniting! Made to Onlrr
line Itlaek Knsllsli Worsted Miiiin;-.-. ninth- c, Order
S S.60
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Union Hade.
H. M, VINCENT, Merchant Tailor, Baker St.
-^ \^ ii/ \^> vi/ \:> it'/ \*> h?/ ^6/ \^/ 4i/ v,<, S i^> \4> \e> vi/ \*> ^i ^i> \*> \��/ i*> Vd> \*/ ^
3 __ I
I MARCH 25, 26 and 27 I
��� *���** *��. ���
:$   Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and following days   ^'
1     KERR & co.     I
We can please yon in choosing a ���
a Wedding Present, ���
Fine Vrttch Repairing a Specialty J
! J. J. WALKER j
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
<    Baker and Ward Sts.
Nelson, B. C.   5;
Will always haven well tried and reliable
remedy in the houBe for scalds and burns, as
accidents' are liable to occur .it any time wifli-
out warning. Griffiths' Menthol Lii imenl
slops the burning sensation instantly and uro*
duties that soothing and cooling sensation, a
virtue possessed only by this rmnedy. No home
should be wiihou' il.   Pr ce'lb cents.
Kor salo bv J. H. Van stone. Nelson. B. Cl
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre�� Nelson. H c
100,000 SHARES OF  C.   & C.   MINING
CO., Limited Liability.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Ooast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber.
Mill st PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
mid LARDO.
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural  Implements, Bee  Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
IL DIRECTORS. line h.iiiks.
max HEARSE in cm-
In the Matter of tlie " Winding tip
Act" and Amending Aits and in
���lie Matter of tbe ''Tribune As-
sodistion, Limited.11
NOTICE is hereby given tliat by an
order of tbe Hun. Mr. Justice Drake,
made herein on tbe 14tli dav of Maruh,
lOOl, it was ordered tbat Friday, the
-ith day of April, 1B0S, at the bunr of
eleven in the forenoon, and tbe olliee
of tne Distriot Registrar of tlm
Supreme Court of British Columbia at
Nelson, be appointed as die time and
place, fur tbe meeting of the creditors
and contribiitrru-s of tbe said company for the purpose ol tlie receiving
proposals by the said District
Uegistrar 'or tbe appointment of a
proper person to be the ollieial liquidator of tho company and tbat the
said District Registrar do forthwith
report the result of such meeting to
tbe court at Victoria and tbat Friday,
the llth day of April, 1002, at the
hour of 10.80 in the forenoon and the
court bouse, Bastion Square, Victoria,
beforo the Judge in Olmrabeis. be
appointed the time and place for the
consideration of the report of the result of such meeting and for such
appointment and order to be made
thereon as may be deemed expedient,
and it was ordered that notice of the
said meeting be advertised seven con-
seeuti"0 times in "The Miner," a
daily newspaper published in Nelson.
nnd twice in tin British Columbia
Dated the 17th dav of March. 1902,
���IO Langley Strict, Vietoria,  B.C.
Solicitors     for   John   Iloiuton,      tho
petitioner herein.
Between Heur" B. floie, Plaintiff,
and Timothy O'Leary, Administrator of the Estate and Effects of
John 11. O'Leary, deceased, and
Timothy O'Leary and Daniel
O'Leary, Defendants.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
Iiiehard \V. Day. receiver, Nelson, B
[C, and marked ''Tender" on tlie
envelop", will be received by tbe
undersigned up to 13 o'clock noon of
the 2nd day of April, A. D., 11102, for
the purchase of one or more blocks of
shares in the 0. and C. Mining company, limited liability. luo, 00(1 shares
will* be sold in blocks of 10,000 eacb,
Tho highest tenderer will receive
one block and have b'ist choice, at
same pike, of as many other blocks
as he desirss. The tenderers next
highest in order will eaen according
to the amount of the tender be given
the opportunity of taking one or more
biocks at the highest tenderer's bid
and this plan will be lollowed down
the list of tenderers until all blocks
are disposed of.
All tenders must be for at least one
bloct- at an amount per share and not
per block, and the highest or any
tender will not neccessanly be
A marked cheque payable to the receiver for at least 20 per cent of the
tender for one block must accompany
each tender and should the tenderer
not pay tho balance within two days
after his or her tender is accepted aud
telegraph iu noiice sent to the address
giveu in the tender this amount will
be forfeited to the receiver and the
shares will be re-sold. All cheques
accompanying tenders not accepted
will be promptly returned to the
respective unsuccessful tenderers.
Tin nominal par value of each share
is |l.nO and the authorized capitalization uf the   company   in   85(10,000.00.
The company   was    incorporated   in
Hiitish   Columbia   in (80S   under   the
Companies   Act,    181)0 and   Amending
Acts.      'The   company Is said to   own
the   C. and   O. mineral claim   within
tbe immediate  vicinity of  Rossland.
II. 0.
For further particulars apply to
Nelson,    li    C,     Solicitors   for   the
Receiver or to
Receiver, Nelson, li.C.
Dated at Nelson, B..C,   loth Maroh,
A.D., 190S
Catalogue Free.
M.   J-   HENRY
3009 Westminster Road, Vauoouver, B. C"
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply  always on
Rates to   all  railway and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office  ��� Two doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
Subscriptions taken for the Nelson Daily and Weekly Miner at
publisher's prices by J. F. DEL-
ANEY, New Denver,  B. C.
Fare  and One-Third
On sale Mar. 27th, 28th,29th
good to return till April 2nd.
For berths, time tables, rates and full
information   apply to    Local    Agmts
City Agent. Nelson
J. S. Oabtkb, K. 3, Coyle
Dis. Pass. Aut. A. G. P. A.
Nelson Vance nre
Si'��.ti7.����.,>0!i,!��'_ft down, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER aa lt Is the best and
?l'.';',iV��."i ". .lho market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Tole��hono93 Buker at Nelson
obti. in ed 111 all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1.00 to $1.50 per day. First
class Meals, 25c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria St., Nelson.
About that second-hand article o
voure. You'll sell it if you'll adter
Use il in Tin Minor want col'im*


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