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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 22, 1901

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 Daily Edition No.   ����� .?     .
-.  prov.ni. ������-.'____-.���
Nelson,   British Columbia, Sunday,  September 22,  1901
Eleventh  Year*
Development Is Showing up
Fine Ore Bodies at Deep
New  Company   Formed
Work Lardeau Claims.
Mining News.
It, is reported that the Silver King
mine in showing up better all the
time, altlinugli the management arc
extremely reticent as tn giving out
any Information to the press, concerning UiJ progress being made, It was
learned from some of the men employed at the mine that since tho
completion of tho new one thousand
fiut shaft about the l.st of July last,
Hint the mine has been shipping from
130 to Hill lolls of ore per day. The
ore at present is being taken principally from the six, seven and eight
hundred foot levels, and some extremely rich oie has been taken out
lately, I lin values having apparently
unproved with depth. There lire
now llli men employed al the mine,
that being tbe number on the payroll
for Angus;.
The Lardeau Eagle has good reasons
for believing that the Silver Cup mine
wiil work a force of about It) men
this winter, and ship anywhere fiom
son lo l.oon tons of ore. If this Information proves tc be correct, the
payroll of Ferguson will bo strictly
all right tbis winter, since thore will
he several othor properties shipping
'J'. F. Home left 011 Monday, says
thu Lardeau P.'agle, with a forco of
men and Bupplles to build cabins ami
commence work iu earnest on tbe
Black Warrior group,   bonded at 850, -
1  Inst week to  Charles   W. McUios-
san. Twelve men will bo employed all
winter. The 20-tcn shipment can be
mined in a week.
Itosfclaud, Sept. SI,���Tbo ore shipments from the Kossland camp for the
week ending tonight aggregate 1,740
tons. Of this fill) toiiH was shipped
from tlie No. 2 Lo Roi dump to the
Trail smelter, and 1,200 tons was
mined in tlio Josie and shipped to
Northport. The total output for the
year to date now reaches 233,318 tons.
M. Dempster stated it was the intention of the Republic company to work
on a large scale throughout tbe winter. Hi:, principals were well satisfied
with their visit and weie willing to
expend much money, New quarters
would he built at tbe mine and a big
lorco of men employed, under ln��
superintendency or If. ('. Oampooll-
Johnston. A wagon road would also
be constructed from the old Springer
mad to the Republic, giving an easy
access throughout tho winter Operations would bo in full Hiving before
the ftnow dies.
Last week's official Gazette contained thu ccrtilicato of incorporation of
tbe Slooan-Republio Mining .t Development Co., which will operate the
Republic mine The capital stock is
placid at .1,600,000, in if I shares, and
the company is licensed to do a genoral mining business. On Monday Vi.
D. McGregor started out to run tho
lines ami levels for tho proposed
wagon road, which, when completed,
will greatly help all (be piopertios on
tho hill. Tlie liebublic Company evl
dently mean business.
During the last week or so tho force
on the Enterprise has been increased
to aa men and it is the intention to
btil! further increase the number and
work tho mine full-handed all winter.
At the mill 25 men are employed
putting the finishing touches to the
machinery and setting up tho compressor. With the air drills in placo,
a vast amount of development will be
done, and a great deal of ore taken
down foi treatment. Hy the end of
noxt week the mill and tramway
should bo in shape for a trial run.���
Kl can Drill.
(lus Lund came in from the Bend on
Wednesday. Hi* lias been doing assessment work of the Mayflower claim on
Mayflower ereok, a tributary of tho
head waters of French crock, says
the Kootenay Mail of Revelstoke.
The property is showing np. Mr.
Lund showed us a number of samples
of froo gold taken from the ledgo,
which is 20 feot wide whero he uncovered it.
I). VVolsey ami W. Kirkup returned
fiom tho lleud Wednesday. Mr. Wol-
soy staked some extensions of the new
strike on V. MoCurty's claim covering
ground at the bead waters of Camp
and Graham oreek, on the French
Creek slope. He brought in some line
samples showing fiee gold.
Messrs. Kehuo and Ferrier, mining
engineers, returned Friday fiom the
ilig lleud where they had been examining tho placer properties .on
French, MoCullough and Smith
creeks, on behalf of the Gooderham
Blaokstock syndicate.
11. N. Corsier is getting ready foi
another season's active operations do
the Ophir claim nn MeCul lough creek,
and will shoitly call tenders for the
supply of20,0U0 feet of tiniOer.
J. MeMahon, .1. M. Kellie, and A.
W. Mcintosh left, for lhe Silver Shield
at Keystone yesterday in connection
with a pending deal.
A company has been organized in
Nelson which is to bo known as tho
Northwestern Development Syndicate
for the purpose of taking over the
Camborne and Oyster and other
groups ln tho Lardeau mining-division
and developing them. Tho syndicate, which lias been organized by
A. F. Rosenberger, is eapitalied nt
8l,(lil(),(i00, divided into ono million of
shares of a par value of ono dollar
eab. lt is the intention of the directors to placo 800,000 shares on the
market at 50 cents a share, and the
showing on tho properties such that
tho stock will no doubt meet with a
ready sale.
::l..rsfr! picturesque
The Czar Is the Object, of Af
lection but Is Very
Tariff Troubles In Germany.
Newspaper Men In
Oeneral Anilro, wli
decry   as   an objre
; so far as tho   Russian  government   is! /'TlDrMAATrT'C
concerned.    The Czar wotobed today'si ..Jjli_uJ.VIUlNl.DiJ
��� military  spectacle  with manifest ad-
niiiation,   wbieh   possibly  prompted ���-���*���
j the emphasis with which be laid upon
i the   word "Allies,"   wlien     be   pro-
, nimneoil it in replying to the tonst at
lnnchun Ilo uttered the word with
studied distinctness and paused a
moment as if to allow the full significance of his statement to bu understood, It is oxpeeted that the Czar
and Czarina will reach Kiel Sunday : PrcSCntS A'CddlS tO till* SOUtll
Duke of York Confers Knighthood on Well Known Canadian Men.
of'leek sister of tho Duchess of Com- -'PHP'T^! 0"P
will, ami ilu* latter walking up to OiUXllO UI
him recalled the Incident     Malloy ox* j r, t rpTT"D Tl A 1
pressed iii-* thanks .net wns bd anny. lOxlJ. U-tvUix.
The Duku uml   Ins   Mail were   later'
tin*   guests   of   (ie'   Itldeau    elub  nt 	
lin oi .'i. and   In   t he   evoning   ~ ith
tbo 1 hoss attended   a garden  party j GrOSCOUS   NoW  thC   ACknOVt
at   Rideau   hall.     The grounds were
Berlin, Sept. 21.-While the German papers havo devoted mueli space
this week to Iho ropoilH of the festivities in Franco   on the occasion   of the.
,,,..,.,. .,        .-I i.igliteen petroleum ears wore
I zars visit, to that country,    the   dis-      h *
,,        ... . .lire aud tlio express   train    was
cessions on the subject were few, and     , ,  ,     ,    ,        ,
Bucharest Roumama, Sept. 31.���The
express for Vienna collided this morning at l'a I'olota v.ith a petroleum
train, killing eight persons and injuring nine. The petroleum train which
dashed into the roar of the express
was deoendlng au incline at tho time,
sol ou
African Veterans and Unveils Statue.
The steamer Kaslo on Friday
brought down two carloads of ore
from the American Hoy for the Trail
smelter, and ono car of Rambler-Cariboo ore for lhe Selby smelter at San
Francisco | yesterday it brought one
ear of Sunset ore for tbo Trail
Great things appear to be in store
for Krin mountain this winter and a
new era of development and prosperity will open before that promising
section,says tlie Slocun Drill. To the
city itself the outcome will be ol material interest, as thc operations in
contemplation wiil nave a direct bear
lug upon local business interests. The
Republic nnd l'hoenix groups, both of
which have changed bands during thc
year, are to bo worked on an cxten-
���~~i scalo and will huve machinory
On Saturday evening the Republic
party |elt the eity, after spending sov
oral days in visiting various properties in tbe camp. Tbo party consisted
of F. 1J. Wilcox, C. A. Iliulliiirt and
F. IJ. l-Iovny, of Detroit! C. Dempster,
Rosslaud ; and R. 0. Campbell-Johnston, Nelson. Thoy thoroughly inspected the Republio, as well as the
Erin, Peerless, Phoenix and Combination groups on the same nill; thc V.
���& M. and Champion, on Twelve Mile;
��ud tbe Arlington.    In   conversation,
Tho     (Iovernment     of   I!.   C.   Find.*
Trouble in Getting Ministers.
Victoria, II.C, Sept. '.'1.���Tho political situation remains unchanged.
Tho government are still mailing advances lo different parties to join the
cabinet but so far without success and
ench day the tension is becoming
A number of local politicians advise
tentative arrangements between the
vaiions factions until tho redistribution bill has been passed and then
appeal to tbo countiy, probably on
party lines.
Notional���Boston o, Chicago 1;
second game was postponed on account cf rain-Philadelphia I, Pittshurg
2; New Vork 5, Ciniicinnati 1; Brooklyn :t, St. Louis 1.
American���Milwaukee 2, Baltimore
fi ;2nugaiiio,Milwiiukoe 2,llaltimorc 7;
Cleveland T, Washington 1.; 2nd
game, Washington II, Cleveland :t;
Philadelphia Hi, Chicago 'I; Detroit 2,
Iloston 1.
I.astern.���Toronto r,, Montreal 1;
2nd game, Toronto 1, Montreal 3.
Kan Franciscc, Cal., Sept. -1.���A.D.
Sheparil, general freight agent of the
Southern l'acilic railway coinpany, bas
handed in his resignation. lie will
go to Vlotoria as resident agent of tbe
l'acilic Improvement Co.
The President's Assassin Ex
amined and Pronounced
Elaborate Arrangements for
the Great Case on
showed Germany to be little concerned  ^       ���" *ei '
thereby.    Confidence   in    the  Czar's
peaceful intentions is sn   strong   here "R P A Tl"V"   "PHP    rP"RTAT
that   the  Frenoh   wooing excites  no��� MLlJlU 1    ... '���)'���;,    i > ���..'.;.*.>.
jealousy.      The newspapers, however,
take delight   in pointing  out that the
C/ar used the most measured language
in     replying   to   President     Loubet,
whose utterances aro here regarded as
an ill disguised intimation of Franco's
thirsts fcr revenge on Germany.     Ail
tbo Czar's  utterances   in   France  nre
bore regarded as meaning no inteifer-
ence on  the  part   cf   Russia   in   the
affairs  of other nations. ,
The German papers report with satisfaction the utterances of M. Do
Cassngnac and other French Chauvinists, to the elTeot that the Franco*
Russia alliance is devoid of any practical advantage for France, and means
lier final renunciation of the lost
provinces. The Char's words "unreasonable principles'' are here understood to be a gentle hint to France
not to misinterpret the alliance in the
direction of the recovery of Alsace ami
Lorraine. Hence the German press
concludes that the Czar's visit does
not change tlie status quo and that
Franco must be content with the bloodless victories gained over Germany in
winning tlie Czar's favor.
The tariff discussion giows warmer.
Tho expressions of tbe Chamber of
Commerce against the bill are becoming more frequent and sharper. The
utter direct their attack chiefly
against tbo system of niaximinal and
minimal duties on grain, Tbe Conservatives advocate an extension of the
double system tn rough the other
schedules. The K roust Zoitung (Con
servative) points out that the Dingley
act olTors a model to follow, by permitting a twenty por cent, reduction
of all duties for reciprocity.
The affairs of the United States,
however, naturally occupied much attention this week. Considerable biographical and anecdotal matter about
the into President MoKinley anil President Roosevelt has beeu printed.
President Roosevelt's probable policy
and the possibilities of cubinet
changes excite general interest. Tlio
Vossisobe Zeitung discussed lengthily
the Unitod States eoal exports, and
concludes; "It is only a question
of cheap ocean freights, when American coal will play an important role
in the world's commerce. Tbo report
thereof would bo assisted hy the tariff
reduction which President MoKinley
and President Roosevelt have advocated since American coalers wero
able to get return cargoes.
A seimation lias been caused in Dresden hy the dismissal of live financial
editors and reporters o' leading newspapers of that oity for accepting hush
money from the bankrupt IJrcdit
Hank and tlie  Kunimer Electrical Co.
Frinee Chun, who letunii it to llorlin
yesterday, has resumed sightseeing.
Today ho went to Essen, where he
will be entertained by Heir Krupp.
On Monday and Tuesday t.!'0 Prince
will make an inspection of the Krupp
woiks.       It.
Chinese residents of Berlin who bad
kept themselves out of sight since
Huron Von Kettlers murder, have,
since tho Emperor William received
Prince Chnn, been mingling freely
with the rest ofthe peoplo ot lierlin.
Buffalo, Sopt. 21.--Justices Lewis
and Titus, who wore assigned to defend Czolgosz have just announced
that they will accept and that tbey
will bo ready to proceed with the case
on noxt Monday morning.
Leon F. Czolgosz whose trial for
the assassination of President McKinley, will begin next Monday, was
examined lis to liis sanity or insanity
for one hour tins aftmnoon by Dr.
Carlo F. McDonald, of New Yorir, an
eminent authority, who was for years
thc chairman of the state board of
lunacy commissioners, The prisoner's
Counsel, foimer Juticos Loian Lewis
and Robert C. Titus, were present ut
different times during the examination. Dr. McDonald declined to discuss the case and the attorneys would
not express theii' opinion as Co the
assassin's mental condition although
the inference drawn from theit answers was that they believed Czolgosz
to bo sane.
District Attorney Penney says that
he has received no intimation that the
defense will not be ready to proceed
with the trial on Monday morning.
It will be held before Justine True-
man C. White, in Part III of the
supremo conrt. Extensive preparations are being made to handle the
orowds which are expected. One third
of the court room it will he given up
to the participants in the trial and the
newspaper men. When the remainder
of Ih j court room is 111 led tbo doors
will be shut, and the city hull entry
cleared, The Delaware avenue entrance, facing the jail, will be locked
throughout the trial, and police Hues
wilt be established on Franklyn
street, so that no ono, except those
having business, will bo permitted
near the buildin,. Tho shciilT and
thc superintendent of the building
bave relinquished charge of the city
hall to Superintendent of Police Hull,
and he intends that there shall bo no
demonstration in tlie court room,
handsomely decorated and sereral
hundred spocially invited guests attended, Mourning is still worn by
tin.* court . but despite the rule, many
of tbe ladies won* handsome gowns of
lighter colois. The Royal party will
spend tomorrow quietly at Rideau
Ottawa, Sept. '.'I.���This was a day
of pretty ceremonial in the visit to
the Canadian capital of the Duku and
Duchess of Cornwall and York. It
began witn the Investment with the
decorations of tbeir order, of the
Knights created in honor of the visit
of the Duko ami Duchess, The great
bull room at Rideau hall was the
sceno of Investure and those upon
whom the honors were bestowed were
as follow :
Commanders of the Rath���Col. C
W. Dmry; Col, W, M. Otter, and Col.
F. L. Lessard.
Knight Commander of St. Michael
and St. George���Lieutenant-Governor
Jette, of Quebec.
Commanders of St. Michael and St.
George���Joseph Pope, under secretary
of slate; Principal Peterson, of Mellill University; Rev. Oliver Mathieu,
rector of Laval University; Mayor
Hou-land, of Toronto| Major Maud,
military secretary to tho governor-
general! Col. Uiichan, and Major
Knight Bachelor.���Thomas G,
Shaughnessy, president of the Canadian Pacific railway.
The scene at Rideau Hall whon the
now Unighls presented themselves before the brilliantly uniformed Hake
and his court with its action copied
from another age, was a picturesque
Sir John Anderson read tho Royal
warrant making the giant of power,
and Viscount Crichton, bearing the
insignia of the orders, escorted tho
kniglits forward in groups. They
knelt before tbe Duke who, in succession, touched each upon the shouldors
with nis swoul, aud commanded tbem
to anse. Lord Wen lock read the admonition of loyalty to tbo crown and
tbeir particular orders, to them, und
the Uulio offered eaoh his congiatula-
tious. Alter the investiture ceremony
tbe Duke and Duchess, escoitod bv a
detaehmet of Royal Canadian dragoons
and attended by his personal stall',
drove through the city ol Hull and
then on to Parliament Hill to unveil
a statue of Queen Victoria, The
statue from the design of Philip Ilei-
bort, tbo French sculptor, stands on
a commanding site on a knoll just east
of the handsome   Douse  of   Commons Isltude, oocaoioniug  spasmodic  efforts
History nf thc Late Actions and Reverses tc the Hritish Arms.
'London, Sept. 21.���Ex-Prcsidont
Ktuger and Leyds are drawing up
petitions asking the United States
and Russia to intervene on behalf of
tbe Boers.
The Hoers are helping themselves in
South Africa by celebrating tbo expiration of thc period in whioh Lord
Kitchener proclaimed tbey must surrender, by four notable successes.
Tlie situation is singularly like the
opening of the war two years ago, the
namcS of tho same places recurring
in the dispatches, Utrecht, where
Major Gough was entrapped, was the
scene of a similar ambush 18 umntliH
back. Acton Holmes, where the liners
yesterday reappeared, is 18 utiles southwest ol Ladysmith, prominent in the
early hostilities, ami tho Natal
colonials are mustering for the defonce
of the Tugola us when General Jonbort
invaded Natal iu 1809,
In Cape Colony lighting is again
going on south of Stromberg in tel'ri
tory traversed by raiders and their
pursuers half a dozen times. The government's publication of tlieso re*
versos, onuses an outburst of exasperation against the conduct of the war by
the ministry. Tlie great ministerial
journals accuse the government oi trying to run the war "on the cheap,''
by not providing Lord Kitchener with
n,ore men and sutllelent resource*-.
The Times while it has no misgivings
as to the Una] issuo, accuses thc home
officials of lack of organized effoits,
of a disposition and of failuie to grasp
the moral and intellectual damage
w iii<_-l] the prolongation of the struggle iulli.-lr- ou tlie Empire.
Other ministerial supportors aver
that precious months whioh should
have been spent in preparing foi another campaign wore wasted in elec-
tionooring and thai Lord Kitchener
lias not men supplied with the requisites for war. Ho ROon as Lout
Kitchoner squeezes one pari of the
sponge tbe mobile Poors trickle away
at other pails. The liners Held force
is continually iccruilod from the rebel
Dutch and supplied out .,��' liritisli
convoys ul hy rebel sympathisers. In
tim meanwhile the unfortunate events
disturb the government's normal   Ins-
ledged King of thc Trotting World.
Canadian   Amateur Athletl
Meet at Toronto���A New
Canton, Sept. 21.���At a meeting of
thi executive committee appointed
under the authority conferred by the
cabinet lor the purpose of conducting
remarked thai, the j the final obsequies of tbe late president
at Canton Hteps wero taken for tbo
organization of an organization having in viow the erection of a national
monument in memory of the late
Paris, Sept. 21.���The Czar of Russia
left French soil ill. I'agny Sur Moselle
late tonight after biding   farewell   of
Rio De Janieio, Brazil, Sept. 21,���
A revolution was declined in the
President Loubet at lhe station at j southern part ofthe state of Matto
Bethany. All those responsible for Groaso near tbe frontier of Paraguay
his safety breathed a sigli of relief foi j against thu government of the stato.
it has beon a most anxious time. The   rebels have  occupied   liellevista,
President   Loubet   was very   highly i San Carlos and Turn. The government
gratillod at the success   of   the   visit. ! forces  assisted bv tho   gunboat  Caro-j the crowd lost   Its lightheadedness at
An   interesting   note of the visit wus oico succeeded ln expelling  tho rebels   the sight of bim.    He bad heen visited
the Czar's   cordial {attitude   towards] from thoss points. lin an English hospital by tho Duchess
buildings. Today scarlet and blue
coated foot-troops aim hussars, and
dragoons in their red and yellow
splashed uniforms, were grouped about
it, and in the sunshine of the bright
morning the picture was au Inspiring
one. Outside of tho police and military lilies surged a crowd that filled
Parliament Square and overflowed
into Wellington street, and there was
a mighty cheer when the strains of
"God Save the King," announced thc
coming of the Duke and Duchess und
tbo Governor-General and Countess
Minto, Premier Laurier and the
Duke spoke a few words of tribute to
the dead Queen and the lattei pulled
a cord that drew down tho drapings
from tbo pilo of granite and bronze.
l'lm unveiling of the statuo was im-
mediately followed by the presentation of South Afiican war medals.
The veteran colonials disobeyed a
direct older of their commanders by
appearing in tho khaki whicli they
wore at the front, instead of uniforms
of their corps, but their appearance in
lighting clothes made them mine
interesting. Lieutenant Eddie Holland of Ottawa, who got the Victoria
Cross for saving a rapid lire gun in a
fight near llelfast,beaded thc line, aud
was given tlie greeting of a hero. 11 i h
mother anil grandmother were admit*
ted to the inclosure beside the Duke
and Duchess to witness the presentation.
At the end of the line of 1115 mon
walked Tiooper L. W. R. Mallo.v, a
young lawyer, who had both oyes shot
out ut Witlisport. A comrade lod bim
to tbe Duke   to   receive liis medal and
whon it ought long ago to bave realized that a fin largl I' and bolter
equipped and trainod force was essential to terminate the war.
New Yoik. Sept. 21.���Captain
Arthur Lee, former military attache
of the Hritish embassy in Washington, sails today for England arter
a brief vi si I to this country, captain
Lee roprosentod tho linglish urmy hers
during tin' Spanish American war and
was on the Island of Cuba when President Roosevelt was there as a colonel
of volunteers. Captain Lee Ih quoted
as follows; "1 became acquainted
witli the new piesident in Cuba and
practically ate und slept with him
during a large pari o! the oainpagn.
Wo became Intimate friends, and, for
my part, I think the people of this
country have nothing to fear, but
gieat tilings to expect, of his administration, I have studied tho man at
close range and it is alnioit annoying
to me to hoar the expression made
that In' is ol the hot-headed type. I
know him to be conservative in bis
actions and his statements; that he
will carry out the policy of hlfl predecessor and will be believed in
England, notwithstanding the foot
that much has heen sent thero as information which is calculated to
create uneasiness ns to bis future
action sh president,"
(RI*K< I Al. TO Tim Mn.BR.)
Victoria. I!. C. Sept. -1.���An Ottawa special announces that Thursday, October 31st
Readville,    Mais.,    Sept.      21.-Tl
great   stallion   Cresceus   sustained
tirmer grasp on hiH crown as the kin
of trotters bv defeating liis only rivn
The Abbott, on   the   Readville   Urn
today in three out of four heats.    Tl
two tastest trotters in tbo world race
for   a   8-0,000   purso   offered    by Ml
Thomas W.   Lawson,   aud the   tnone
whicli the It',out)  people   paid   to   si
the race, all wont  to   a   well   know
local charity.       The weather wns pei
feet   hut   the   track .was   very lieu,
from   the   recent   rains,   although
looked   fast,    so that, no records wer
broken oi even approaeluid, in fact tb
fastest   time,   made in tbo last  hoal
was only 2.075f.     The   race was di��
appointing to a largo majority of  th
crowd and .seemed to lead to the   con
elusion   that   Tho   Abbott hus not re
covered     from   his   sicknesB   of   lot
Bpring.    For practically the first tim
in bis career on   the turf The Abbot
broke    repeatedly   and    lost   vuluabl
distance.      Finally   toe weights   wei-
resorted lo am1 while they apparent!;
steadied Tlio Abbott, at the samu tinn
they siippoil bis  vitality so thut whci
the   moment   camo   for   tho   Buprenn
effort    in lhe dash  for tl.e wire in Un
last beat,   exhausted   nature   rebcllw
and Cresceus won thc heat and race b;
several lengths.
Toronto, Sept. 31.���The eightoontl
annual championship meeting of thi
Canadian Amu tour Athletic unioi
h 'Id ut Roscdali today was the most
M.eiossful in lie history of tho organization. 'Iho ei iwd was tbo largost
!.:it had over a I ended a meeting ol
tbo kind in Ton oto:
Summary���100 yards, .1. D Morrow.
(McOill) lHt; VV, Ooverntoil, (M. A.
A. A.) Snd; J. 1' Craig, (M. A. A. A.)
Dl I.   Time,  in 2*5,
Putting 10-poi id shot���F. G. I leek i
(H. Y, A. 0.) 4: foot lo.S Inches; A.
! iltb, (M. L, C.) 43 ft. 4in. ; T.
ii Bourko, (T, L. & A. A.) 37 ft.
Pole High Leap���(J.   M. Hall (U. ol
Buffalo) 1 i. ft.  3 in;   A, (I. Anderson,
:,'. Y.   A.   0.)    lift.;   *l.    A,    Knox,
(nrillia L. 0 ) 10 ft.
One Mile Run Alex (Irant, (N Y.
i C.) 1st; ,1. .1. awthra, (Cambridge)
. d; Diok Grant, (Harvard) 3rd.
i   me, ���! :31.
Running High Jump���S. S. Jones,
. I. V. A. C ) 5 ft. 11 in; Geo.' h,
��� liool, (John Hopkins University)
5 ft. '.i in.
320 Yard Run���J. P. Craig, (M. A.
A. A.) 1st; ,1. D. Morrow, (MoOillj
2nd ; W. Covcrnton, (M, A. A. A.)
..id.    Time 33 1-5.
Throwing Mi Pound Weight���T.
u'Rourke, (T, L. tich. A.) 9tl ft. S In. ;
A. Sliiinmeli, (T. P. A. A,) 28
fl 1 In.I Hun Robinson, (T. P, A. A.)
,'i ft. 10 In.
Throwing Discus���T, 0' Roiirko,'
ins ft. 11 iii. ; T. 0. Flannigo ', (St.
M.) 10- ft.; J. T. Illggs, (U. of S.) 07
tt. ti In
Half Milo Run���Alox Grant, 1st; P.
Molson, (Mc(illl) 2nd; Dick Grant,
(N. Y. A. 0.) 3rd.    Time i'.Ol 1-5.   .
Running Long Jump���H. liray, (T.
L. Sc A. A.) 31 ft. B in.; (leorge
Sohoil, (John Hopkins U.) 20 ft. 4
in.; D. Robinson, (T. P. A. A.) 20ft.
ii Kin,
Thero was only one record broken
during tlio competitions, tho pole
vuult, which Jones of New York, went
over the bar at 11 feet tl inches, making a new Canadian record by two
' r           ' >-"-_R~��n��'.5_:<l.
Winnipeg, Sept. 21.���The result of
the big boat raoe at Winnipeg today
was as follows; Sullivan 1st, W,
i'earce 2nd, Towni, 3rd, Human 4th:
Time ii.ll. Time was last considering
thc heavy wind.
Toledo, Ohio,  Sept.   21.���The  Iocs',
plant of tho American  Tin   Can  Co.,
has boen   appointed j was   destroyed   by flro this afternoon,
OUy,   iHllOiiei    .,is,     nun   >iv,:u     *-J*l**'�� *' **-'��� ,  *  J  J    ���**   ���*"- ���-*	
ThanktjIviDg Day for tho yuar. \ Loss $300,000; insurance 31.0,000.
��� 1  ^cy^} ftkLStfN   DA.LY  MlNKR,   3.,'I.i.AY.   3!,PTC.MPEIt  -.,   lyoi
Tiie Nelson Miner
Mlflbed Ever** Moi il  ;  Exoopt  Monday
: '~   !BIP1 !   N  -A.TESI
Dallj.poi ' '"'er     r&>
Dally, por month, b.      *�����
Hail;, i  *'.$
DaUy.i ���"���������   ���JS
Hi. -'I'    J ""
~  '!��!
Woo   r.poi    .-,   '
Woe   ~i'    *  ��� ",	
abK   , .        ���        ladvanoe.
II* Blool Btroot, !���'.. C.
ntral Pro ��� A-Wncy, Ltd., Spoclal Agent*
.    ..... c0,   n  :���        :--. io, 8po]._.no
,v. | n  on tlio,  md arc oui
LdvortlsemonU ub*
bci   thinks   the  estimate
.  , yesti rday s issue   of The
\[j, : : be iilect that the Knob Ilill
.,���,! 01 i ��� les   mines   in   Pbeonix
i ible of producing, from
above thi ��� toot level in 50 years, at
tbe rate ��� I "0 tons per day, the
lar~e _������,.. ��� ��� ;,��� 000,000, io an exaggeration, II may seem so to him, but if
tbe dimensions, as given in the estimate referred to, are correct, and. as
.he ore seems to be of unifoim value,
there is no good reason to doubt that
the mines are capable of producing
the sum mentioned. There are, of
course, weak points about the statement, as for instance a smelter could
not be run continuously, as it would
bave to be shut down occasionally
for repairs. Of course, the sraeltei
capacity could be increased so as to
be twice 1,3 lO tons and in this way it
would talie less time to turn the
values in the ere into money. The
quantity of ore is there and the values
are pre ..'lit to tbe amount of iflTfi,-
000,000 above the 31*0 foot level, if the
figuring of the -boom.**. Pioneer man
is correct, uml Ils extraction and reduction arc mere matters of detail.and
with a sufficient equipment of machinery, a large force of miners and ample
sniciter capacity, it would be possible
to extract and redtics the ore in the
limits mentioned in live instead of no
The immense deposit ot ore in tin
Phoenix camp gives a dim Idea of
what Immense quantities of wealth
arc looked up In the mountain! of
Kootcnny and Yule. The Rut to camp
in Montana has produced about 8000,-
000,000 and there is every reason to
believe that the Phoenix camp, with
its much linger ore bodies, will have
when it is as old us Unite yielded as
much wealth as the Montana camp
The Comstock lode produced in round
numbers, about*$400,000,000 and the
NelsOu division whon a lew mon
mines like the I'mir, bave been exploited .'ind the district is a little
older .should have as large an amount
nut to thu credit of its mines. Eureka
county, Nevada, produced about 8130,-
000,000 and there Is one mine in the
Rossland camp, the Le Roi, the Deal
dvoloped property there, which, it is
claimed, provided it can be worked
down to a depth of 5,0(10 feet and the
values bold out, will yield alien!
.loo.nijo.ooo, Thureader will say that
this is too large a sum for a single
mine to yield, but the Consoldiated
Virginia In Nevada, whieh had only
I, ;00   (eel   along  the comstock   lode,
pioduced  over  8100, ooo.   The   Le
Roi ha   two full clai n i of  I,BOO feet in
lt'ngl:. li frai tion,     It bus In
He  ��� petty, whicli is known as
the Lc Uoi mineral claim, an on*
shcotthat   , j ally   1,500 feet   in
length,and In ] u 10" feet wide and
the ui" is Mop., from this width from
wall to wull and lenl to tbe smeller
without sorting. The Lardeau, ihe
Slocan and East Kootonay should each
produce as much as tbe Nelson, the
Trail creek oi the lioundary
divii Ion,
California on the 50th anniversary
of the disoovorj cf gold in thut state
bad pr enormous   sum   of
one In,     ��� :   , loan billion)   three
bin,On 0 : ona Ol dollar-, and in
British ��� ��� id bi il we have a much
largei m ��� ,,,,.��� ; area than there It
in the Qoldi ., state and we (Irmly believe !��� ie 50th anniversary of
the Inaugui itun of lode mining that
British lurabiB will not be very far
behind tho I lolden i talc in its production fcr the first bait century of mining there.
With such an outlook before the
people u should stimulate them to
renewed exertion to the end that the
present generation should he able to
get ib large a share of the wealth as
possible. It is stored in the. mountains and wo must devise ways and
means (oi .'cuing it out In the shortest posi ibli time,
Slocan City wants a smelter and iu
enterprising ctizens an* willing to
givo a site to whoever will build one
there, 'J be devi ipinont of the dry I
ore lodes, whisk i playing an important part in the revival of the Slocan, !
makes it pi Ible to operate a reduction plant there it is claimed, at a
Tbe city is admirably located  for a
���mi Itlng point, Thi 51 ican Drill ln
gking of tbe matter says; "Agitation for the establishment of n smel*
ter here ii having the desired effect.
.Mayor York has had two inquiries
from responsible outside parties, asking for information on the subject.
The eity stands ready to do everthing
in its power to encourage the location of a smehcl, am', tin* townntc
company will give a free site. Thut
is u good start, and it is being helped
out by tho   constantly   increasing   ore
hip'i ts from tbe division. So much
capital is liecoiiiing interested in tlie
camp, and the demand for dry ore is
such, that it is a certainty Influences
will be brought to bear to make Slo*
can a smelting ci ntro, The need is
grcu and the opportunity favorable."
Thu development of the dry ore belt
iu the Slocan is assuming considerable Importance, and is evidently an
important asset of that section. With
tbe increase in the quantity of wet
ore reduced by thc local smelters
there has come an augmented demand
for dry ore. which is essential for
fluxing the ores whien carry a high
percentage of lead. This has caused a
demand for dry ore properlies and
mineralized groun.1 even suspected of
containing this class of oie has buen
Bled on, there is a great deal of development ill progress and from mines
of this class shipments are being
made. The smelters reduce the dry
ores for a low price so there is
a proiit in them even when thoy arc
of a moderate grade The Slocan
under tho stimulus of the dry ore
boom is getting its second wind.
Tl.c venture ol a transatlantic telephone is to be made by this American
Telephone and Telegraph Company,
which bought out. for thiee-quartors
of a million dollars the invention of
1'iofccsor 1'iipin. Thnt invention is
believed to have solved tho question
of long distance telepnony. It is bo
lieved that a cable telephone line
under the Atlantic could transmit
messages with about three hundred
times the rapidity of a telegraph cable
and for much nunc moderate charges,
l'rof. Puplll's patent covers thc discovery that by the insertion of little
inductive coils in the telephone wire
at  distances of one eighth ol a  mile
the electric current   is   renewed,    and
made operative for any required distance. Applied to land lines it enables
a very thin coppei wire to be as effective us a heavy wire is now.
The old controversy over sulphurous
fumes and theii disposition has
broken out again, this t inie at Ilnck-
lown In'Tonnesiee, says the Mining
and Engineering Journal. Recently
some farmers in the neighborhood applied foi an injunction to restrain the
Tenessee ('upper Company from operating its works, on the ground that the
suplhurous fumes given out wore destroying vegetation aud were nlso in-
juiious to health. The nsuiil temporary order was granted, but alter the
full beaiing in the case tbe court decided to refuse a permanent Injunction, aud permitted the company to
continue operations. Tlie complainants can, however, bring individual
suits for damages. A feature in the
case was tho presentation to the court
of a petition signed by 8,000 citizens
of Polk County, protesting against thc
injunction. Presumably nearly all the
pelllioneis had an interest In seeing
the mines at work, as they constitute
the only considerable industry of Polk
county, Whether the court decided
tlio ease ou the balance of benefits
conferred by the mines over injuries
Inflicted, does nut appear. It is not
likely, however, that o company,
whicli has invested a large amount of
money in mines and plant, will le
stopped; and the Tennessee court does
cot seem disposed to 11V it.
We offer many lines of
Ladies' Wear,     Boots and Shoes,
Gents' Furnishings
At Greatly  Reduced Prices
We wish to clear out our present stock
as much as possible before our new
goods arrive.
West Kootenay
ler Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Watch Our Window Display and Note the
Terms on the Goods.
Hut her beauty "'as completely hid
leu by sores, blotches and pimples till
she used lliicldeu '.*, Arnica salve. Then
they punished as will all Eruptions
Fever Mores, Moils, Ulcers, carbuncles
and I'eloiis fiom its use. Infallible
���un' loi Cuts, Corns. Hums, Seulds
and riles, ('ure guaranteed, 2Sc at
Canada Ding &  Hook Co.
The  most   miserable   beings In tho
wm Id aie those suffering from Itys-
pepsia and Liver Complaint. Moie
than seventy-flve per cent, ol the people iii the United States are alllletcd
with these two diseases aud tbeir
effects; such as Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache. Habitual Costlveness, Palpitation of the Heart. Heart-burn,
VVaterbrasb, Gnawing and Ilurning
Pains at thu Pit of the Stomach, Yul-
low Skin, Coated Tongue and Disagreeable Taste In the  .Month Coming
up of P I after Eating,  How Spirits,
etc. Ho to your Umgglst and get a
bottle of August Flower for 7fi cents.
Two doses will relieve you. 'I'ry it.
(lot Oreen's Prize Almanac.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
"{.be  .Royal Bank of (lana.a
incorporated i860.
Capital Authorised,    .    .   $3,000,000,00 I Capital Puld-np
.    .     i;!'.\nun.uno.ee
.   i:H, ",mi, mm. nc
Thomas Hitchto, Vloe*P**ei?tdent
Rfiani of Directors     rhomoa E. Kenny,  President!;
Wiley .Smith   U. G. Umdil, Hon. David MaoKeon.
Ilcail Oflice, Halifax!
General Managor, Ivlson I,. Pease, Montroal.
Suporlatondoifl or Hraiioliou, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance HallfaT,
Bran    es!
���bec���Montreal,   (City   Oflice),   Montreal
West Knd (Cor. Notre   lliuno and Solg-
Streets'j Westmount (('or. Groor
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by in'! receive careful and prompt attention
noil Pr.-r.ix.     TIipv arp
Udil Jjaiij.     3.UVJ  tiiio
Selling Fast.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
'��Vft   (..'...la-Halifax    Uranch,   Anti^onM
Brldgewater, Gtuysboro. Londondorry, Lu
on burg, Maltlnna (Hants Co.), Piotou. Porl
li'iwkoriluiry, Hydnuy. Shubuna<.iiili(\Truro,
New    isr.uisu.r!- ��� I_._Unir.-l,     Dorchofltor,
ETredorlcton, KiiiKHto.. (Ko.it Co.), Mono
Km, Newcastle), Suckvilio, -Ht, Johu.WoodHtook*
r. i:. island -Charlottetown��� Bummer-dde.
Avenue fUid Bt. Catharines   blroot,
Newfoundland���St. John's.
.'iiim. Ht.. Indies���Havana*
Untied States���Now York UU Kxcha'igo Plaoe
Ilopublio, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Naaalmo,   ftelscm,   Rossla?id.   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
Cnuada-Morohftnta Bank of Canada.   Iloston-National Shawmut Hank.  Chicago���llllnoli
Trust anil Savings Bank.  Han I'mnclsci*���First National Bank.   LuikIihi, Rng.- Bank ol
Scotland,   I'arls, Franco���Orodlt Lye ai.   Ilormntla���Bank ot Rerniuda,   China anil Jo-
pan���Hour Kohr ami Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Bpokunc���Old National Dank.
fleneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   (Miugli
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tho most favorable terms,   Interest allowed on special
deposits mul on Having Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manag-er, Nelson. B.C.
_ NO. 4 K.-W.-O. BLOCK. NELSON. B. G.                                 t
{ Gold, Silver Lend  uml  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.    J
�� IfBEE   MILLING   GOLD properties  wanted at once for Eastern   ^
* Investors.                                                                                                        o.
, Parties having  mining property for  sale arc  requested to send   i
t samples of thoir ore to thu EXCHANGE for exhibition.                             {
�� Wc   desire   tn   hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
r claims in liritisli Columbia,
> Prospectors  and  mining  men   are requested  to make thc EX-
�� CIIANiili their headquarters when in Nelson.
f All samples should he sent by express, PREPAID,
I Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Tulnphono No. 104.
P. O. Box 700.
F.   ROi
. *-VV ..���^"I'V-is.VVNiV'V-V'^'iV^V^./V'J^
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Put greatly increases the heating eapn-
city of the stove, and in connection wilh the deflector ring fortes the
heal to the floor. The base is hot, the floor being; warmer than w'th a
base burner.
The Hot Blast Attachment lakes in lhe cold uir through a duct at the
rear of lhe fire pot, thc healed air being discharged in a circle at the top
of lire pol, over fire, thus consuming all the gases and products of combustion. Il can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control of lhe sieve wilh nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the bade takes the cold air from
lhe lloor ami elects it. intensely heated, through the top ad. ing greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where lhe stove is operated according to directions wc guarantee it to
consume all (lie gas contained in soft coil, thus deriving the. benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkable saving of
fuel over any other stove on lhe market. The stove will hold fire from
2.| lo 48 hours without attention.
%Lli'Ci4-uJ Has
rf #14lMaj,
'^f $'Uw> wii^ruMMdc^ .
J* 0. GWiLLlM, B*.   Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Can**
ada.     Six years experience in li. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson, li, C.
Will pay tim highest cash price for all
kinds ol iieiiiind hand j_i>0(1h. Will liuy
or snll anything from an anchor tu u
needle. Furniture, ntovim, mrperti,
"ooking iitnniiilH, bought in hmiHiilinld
quantities, Ahio rotst off olothlng
Oall ami sue me or wrile. Address
Bilver King Mike, Box _"*.*. _j_UJ
Street, Neluon, B ii,
Is    lame    or    intci feres
bring  him   to   the   City
Horseshoeing* Shop, Jo
sephine Street
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
���kA  aa ��o\
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Kelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by malt to anv branch will have careful a*-*-d nrumnt attention.
*ry * * *tfr ** tv ** _y*** ^
B *
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.      I
I have a complete stock on hand ot
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sasb Doora,
��   Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Mill at PILOT HAY. Ynrds, NKI.SON
nnd LAI.Ml.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every mornlug Immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rate of
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to lie left
with the agent,
D.   J.   YOUNG.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce \
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
* Paid np  Capital,   88,0(10,00(1;   Reserve   Fund,   82,(100,000;
*     Aggregate Resources Over 805,000,000.
e    HON, OHO. A. OOX, President.     B. B. WAI.KKK, Genernl Manager,
9 London Officii:  60 Lomburd  Street,   II.  C.
I New York  Office; 10  Hxchange IMuce.
9 And 68 branohos in Canada uml the t/nltod Statos, innliiiiiiiR:
1 Atlin GnBBNWOOD Nki.so*. Sandon
u t'KANimoorc        Kami.ooi'b Nkw \Vkst.minhtkh   Vancoovrb
t Kkunik Nanaimo Uiisslanii Viutouia
9 YUKON DISTKIOT���Dawson and White Horsh,
X UNIT~I) STATES���Nkw York, San Fuanoisoo, Skaiti.k, PORTLAND, Skaiuvav,
I      Savings Bank Department.
T Doposlta Rooolvod and Interost Allowed.  Prcsont Uute ii Ver Cont
I Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager, j
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried   by the
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R,  offices.
Civil Engineers and Pro   u, l.-il {..and
P. O. Box li.. J*,    on, B.C.
Tlie wise man wbo wnits tn buy
shares ie thu BiinilUomeen Vulley
Coal CpinpitDy, Limited until transportation reaches tlie eoal fields would
have to pay at. least ^:, per share lor
what he ean now buy for _.'i cents In
(our equal  monthly  payments   from
J. 6. BUNYAN & CO.
We have thc Largest  and  Finest
Assortment in thc city.
COMPANY, Limileil.
1-HONE 278
Notioe is hereby given that an extra
ordinary general meeting nf tbe above
named company will be  held   at tin
registered offlou  of thu  Company 011
Baiter street 111   the   City   of   Nelson,
Hritish Columbia, on Monday,the S8rd
day of September,   A. D��� 1001, at the
I hour of    eleven   o'clock   in   the fore*
i noon for the  purpose uf considering,
land if thought lit,passing a resolution
authorizing   the dltectors toraise the
sum of one hundred thousand  pounds
(��100,000) by  the issue nf  mortgage
bonild, or debentures, m* otherwise, tu
Mich person  or  persons, uompony or
corporation, and upon Biieli terras nnd
conditions    us  to tho tUreotors may
seeui meet.    Hy urder,
Nelson, (ith September, ltioi.
I        & 00.        |
I       MADDEN    BLOCK       J
g3rs,���� |
J   Tobacco
\X Phone 117 X
' ***********************fr**
A. R. BARROW, a. ,m. i. 0.1.
Frovincial  Land Surveyor
Corner Viotoria and^Kootenay 8t_.
P.O. Hox 600 T-lunhoue No. HI
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mc-
chanical Engineer nnd Draughtsman. Bank of B. N, A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write lor full particulars.
Between Henry Bey, plaintiff,ju'jB"
ment creditor, and John Harold Beloy
and lliiny Ijookwood, defcntlanWi
judgment debtors,
Notice is hereby given that pursuant
to an order of this oourt dated tlio
10th day of September, 1001, under ouu
by virtiio of the" Judgment Act' nee
Amending acts, sealed tenders for H|u
purohase of Lot 4811 [Pour thousand
and three hundred anil ileven) QrOOP
Ono (l), Kootenay liistriet Britisli
Columbia according to thebfflclal plan
or survey of said distriot, being tlie
property of the above named judgment
debtors, will be received by me at i��.v
ollieu at the Court lluuse , iVels"11*
Hritish Columbia, up to and until U'u
second dey uf Ootober, A. D,, ll)*'1i
ut 12 o'clock noun to nutisfy the judgment obtained in this action by H|U
abovo named plaintiff judgment
ered 1 toi against the above named defendants, judgment debtors, on tlio
:.'0th day ot .Juno, 1001, for the sum ol
8808.00 for debt and taxed costs together with interest therein! from 1 ��'
said _otb duy of June, 1001, at i"1'
rate of a por cent (live per eentiniil
per annum, and also together witn
the costs ur salo and all other cobIB
incidental thereto incurred BUbsoqiieni
to suid date. Tho charges appeal ing
on tbe Register uguinst Bald lanes
ure un ful lews:
1001���soth  June,   1001,   3.-16  p*  '"
Registration of |udgment Henry liej
plalutl-f,   versus John   Harold  uaio,
ul Harry fiockwood for ���fiui'i.'111*
Dated tbis 17_.li  day   of  Soptonibei
A. .D, 1001.
ey NfiUM  Da*uy MiMBK, Suni.av _.Eivn_MnKii .__, _$fe.
There will lie a Session of chambers
,���, Monday morning before Judge
Forin at the court house.
There will be recruit drill at the
Vniuiy ut 8 o'clock Monday evening.
Anv of the members of the company
who wish to brush up in tbeir drill
.,,-,. [nvited lu attend.
(joorge Alexander of Kaslo,   has on- j
tored suit against Chaplin .t Caldwell
for  a  one-fourth   share   of  all   the
amnios   received   from the sule of the
,������,. from the Marion mine.
The regular Saturday practice at the
butts which was postponed yesterday
on account of the rain will be held
tips morning, commencing at III
,i',l ul;. Tho usual iitiiiiimition may
bo procured at the Armory from n to
11,30 n, in.
A letter was received last ni_*lit in
Nelson from Camborne stating that
Pole Larsen, who was working on the
survey of tho Oyster and Camborne
groups iu tne Laideau under V. 0,
brucn, surveyor, of Nelson, had been
seriously injured by n fulling tree uu
Friday afternoon. He wus removed
lo Rovelstoko and it is believed bis
sUii11 is fracturod.
A number of invitations were received in Nelson last evening from
Mi. ami Mrs, .1. K. Hays, of Portland,
Oregon, to attend tho wedding of
their daughter, Miss l.aVeile Hays to
Cliiiilos li. Levis, of the (Ireat Nortb-
crn Expross office in this eity. The
wed ling takes place on Monday, Sept.
SU nnil the couple wi'l make their
home in Nelson ufter thoir honeymoon
Tiie lollowing members of the Nelson Rille Association leave this morning for Rossland to take part in the
return match which is to be hold with
the Kossland team tomorrow at tlio
uve, live ami six hundred yaid
ranges: Cnptain Macdonnell, N. T.
Marl,.,,il, II. ,1. Kobie, S. Shaw, II.
Bird, A, Camo, 3. Doilds, J. Tinkiss,
ami Dr. Hall, Tlie tea.n will return
to Nelson Monday evening.
Tim Voin Kippur or Day of Atonement of tin' Hebrews commences al (i
u'cliKik this evening nnd ends at li
o'clock on Monday evening. The ortho-
Son llebrows close their places of
business and devote themselves lo
meditation and prayer. During the ~'l
hours they abstain from fond of ail
kinds, as it is one of the muht sacred
ilny :n the calendar of lhe Jewish
1'. Vaughan, chief of pollco at Rossland, was in iho eity yesterday, liav-
iii|i in charge a prisonei named .Sullivan, win. is to serve a term iu tho provincial jnil here foi theft. Tnis is
Chief Vniighun's fust visit to Nelson
ami he is greatly impressed with tbe
evidences of prosperity in tho city,
uml like all Uiisslanilers envies us the
possossii f the   Magnificent body uf
water which adds so much lo Nelson's
0*.-~^x. 0*0*00.
1 ma uTn HIM 11 III
jyajs*.-    '~f~~rf..i~^|MJ3
;&��_ShftAVf~:i_-   t*- i-V*-"** ->- '�����*^'"'"S~��. .3:
Kid illoves in nil   the   newest   Fall
colorings al KERR & CO.'S.
^_tK._V V-
iw?m  FG>A? SALE OR *ENJ\j}i^scell^ne(ous
at-*���-"'**-.   ���   ������   ��� ���    - s-^-'-Tis
li**.--'.' '.." ��� -,'.���.. ": :; '-i^l
>_-. .-.-������,!'������ ��� ��� ; '��� .ti.' ��� ..-��� ���'���ifrt'U.1
.P' "'���,"     !    J    A' ������    ���'Iff.
- ��_._t,s.��..- BnnHtMEB
Advertisements inserted nnder this bead al
the rato of one oent a word vw insertion, No
advertisement taken for l.~-. than 'lb ixmL**..
Bttualion Wanted advurtiseDiunt. Inserted
ilu..'.! times free of charge.
WoJE U'l'ricr       pups       for       s.iK\
Thoroughbred.     Apply Minor ollico.
Are you in   want?    If   you are, telt i
tho peoplo, through   The   Miner want j
column, what   you are   i��   want,   oi
You'll .ret it.
DUKSSMAKINi; establishment on
Baker Btreet. Cor sain, beon running
tor fuur years. Belling out on account of ill health. Apply at Miner
olliee, or at Mrs.  Keinpllug.
POR SAi,E.���Upright Piano,     llird's
Eye   Maple    case.    (Decker   llros..
Besttnqnet's   English   team   ami    tho|New Vork.)    Apply I Sox'.is, Nelson.
Pliilttdelphi��"Colts,"was resumed to*|B0OMSTO RENT.- K. W. C. Hlook--
day under moie favorable oonditions. , Two rooms en suite, ou Wind si..
The wicket was fair and favored the also rooms facing the west. On yep*
batsmen,    E.   K.   Wilson   and   A   n,   tember 1, two  single mums  and   two
, ,     ,.    ,          ,��� ,   ,   .      '"' three   en   suite   fuclug   Baker   st.
Priestly, the first of thc English bats- burnished or unfurnished, Mrs. 1'.
men who were not cut   when   slumps ,]. Squire, Room II,  IC,    VV. 0.  Illock.
wore drawn yesterday.     At   the close
of yesteday's   play tbo  ''Cults"   bad
seoed I.'I all out, ami the Englishmen I west'of Ward
had live runs lor no   wickets.      When
play    was   adjourned    for   lunch   the
Englishmen had   scorud   Ul   uins  for
six wickets.
ROOM and board in   private   family.
Apply un Silica  street, second   door
lierlin Wool in Plain and variagatedj
colors at KB UK  ,v CO.'S,
St John... N, H., Si pt. 21.���Roland
I'ri-'lkcs, of Spriugllold,K'ngs county,
while hunting yestorday afternoon met
n tragic death, He hnd placed his
gun down when It accidentally discharged, the bul et entering his body.
(1001) hard-working   hoy,    aged     17,
wants   a   position   of     any     kind.
Apply Miner Ollice.
WANTED���A waitress for   b'ergnson,
U. C, salary $33 a   month.      Apply
Thorpe & Co.,  Ltd., Nelson,
WANTED���A lady wishes a   baby   to
tako care of.      Address "A.   II. C."
this ollice.
WANTlfiD.���A g I cook Btovo,   price
must be reasonable.   Address X.  �� .
/,.,  Miner office.
NELSON Employment Aguncy. Baker
lie struggled out   of   the woods,   met
somn ladies anil asked ihein fur a ilrink I    atreet.    Phono I ', Love,
of water   and as bo   received   It,    tell !     WANTED.���Cooks'    Helper.      Men
111*i��<1 _ for erib and bench work,    Waitresses.
.  I Laborers.        tiirls    fur    housework.
lid go r for  sawmill.     Stone   iniisons.
Kui Iroail men,     Dockliunds.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   ('ore
"(Iluria"      Shetland      Fl
Oooheting���Sec KERR'S,
The Hague,    Kept.. 31,    llnron   Von
WANTED.- Wiiitress,Ulrls for liouse-
wont.      Men for liiulrond .-onsti-ne-
tion work,   82,S3 and $3.50   pur   day,
Bvden.lhe minister of foreign affairs,
bas  forwarded   to   the   legation and | deck hands, cook, sawmill man
members of the council,   and court of I    Western   Employment Ollico,
11. A.
arbitration, a cop-, ofthe Hoer appeal,    ..,,���..,..,. ., illm, .,  j.,,,,,,   wlll.ehouse
| Prosser, Phone 370,
 "���' -l'i-*��� *     Storage���I havo a   lnrge   warehouse
for   arbitration   with   a   notifloation  for    storing      household    or   oilier
th a I. lie ititonds to bring ii|i the appeal  goods. 	
for consideration at the Hr.st  meeting j    	
uf the council.    The date of the mett MISCELLANEOUS
ing bas not been lined. ORGAN and PIANO   Tuning   aud re*
pairing. Leave orders at Grand Central hotel for one week, UU years experience. W. H. Whitoley.
iki.i; liiiliiiK <;��lil 1'iiiim*i*IIi*��-V*'_ lire
anxious to secure a row free nilllln~ nuiil
properties ul OIICC. Tlie Prospector's Kv
(-linage, Nelson, It. tl, Itoiiiu 1, K. tv.r.
NliLSON, 1$. C.
_l-l| N. -U. (iiiiiiiiins, lju.-seL--hvt.ij. known
vunely ot soft driuks, Co nux to. l'oleptiun
No. ::i. Hoover Street, Neisuu. liuiilui. ui tin
l-uuuus St. Leon Uot Spring* Mineral \\   Ler
C1A.NK tc MACDONALD |U. Oauo, Juiiiu
/ A. .YlauUunal'l) -Arcliituctn antl uuporlu
tumiuutti, Uronuu ilill lilutlv, curiior liakur aad
Ward tibruow, ..uinun
l J J. KVANS & CO. .Baker Stroot, Nol
*. 3 . sua- VVholCdalo ile.tli-ir; m liquors, el
gare, eeineni,, ni-i; hrluk and are clay, walui
pilie  Uud  sLeul   t'OllS, ami  |*OU01'Ul UOUIUltbtUOD
AMAODONALD   lc (Jo.-Oorner   Fron
���   aim nail **,(,n*utg���wliolesalo   Krooor
nn.l .loliuers  in   blaukOttl, gloV0.1, UlltUl,   boot-
rilUUers, uiaoklllllWs null inllier,' -.ilii'li ie;'.
A3   BUUNS tc Co.���Baker Stroot, Nolson*
���   V. iiiiiesalu doalurd in tresd and ouroil
lui aU.    Uold biot'a^e.
i ���
_. ar +4.
li/KS'l'   KOOTKNAV   BUTOIllfllt   00.-
?V     Halter Slruot, Nelson��� Wliolosulu Uea
ors in in .ii and uurod luoam.
Streot,   Nolson ��� WlioiestUu  dealtus ii*
hardware, minors' BuppUos,   .uilin^ sootlti
(srmciAii to Tine niiM.u.i
Vancouver, R, C. Sept 21.���Dr.
Grant was interrupted hy a man while
preaching in bis church lust Sunday,
who is said to have made use of threatening language regarding the safety
of the Duke from anarchist attempts
nu his life. The matter has been considered sufficiently sor'ous to be taken
up by (leteelives.
Surveys Being Made fur a Big Dyke
Near the Boundary
The British Columbia and Alborta
Reohimatinn Company has a force of
engineers at work making sume surveys on the land al the foot of Kootenay
lake. 11 is said that the surveys aru
preliminary to the making of a ten
foot dike for the reclamation of the
land. The company already hns a
lille to 11,000 acres of land which it
reclaimed by moans of n ditch and
un embankment, but tbo wuter finally
bloke through and flooded the land.
A heavier dike is to be made and
nearly nil the land which bus been
tied up for the colli pany is to be reclaimed, The land consists of u strip
of low land which extends from the
boundary line to FortSheppnrd creek,
24 miles in length and about three
mill's in width, It is said that a large
sum has already been expended In an
OITort to reclaim tbo land which is
very rich and tbat now the company
intends tu put nut 880,000 more fur
that pntpoffl. A better and a more
cIVoetivc system is to be adopted tills
Pnlcursburg, W, V.i., Sept. 21.���A
gasoline ferryboat running between
Elizabeth and Palestine on tbe Kan*
whll river blew np this morning.
Several dead anil injured are nil their
way to this eity on a speciul train.
Ikilleiilierg Lace Collars and llnlerus
"1 KERR tVCC.'S.
Porl Huron, Sept. 31.���After having
keen lost for two days on Lake Huron
without food and wot to thu skin W.
I''. Bagnan, owner of tho schooner
Jupiter, whicli became waterlogged in
Sngiuaw Hay on Sunday last, bus been
rescued by a lisbing tug of Lyall
Island. Ilo was lashed to a raft and
was unconscious. Throe eotnpatiioua
"lio went with him when lhe Jupiter
wus abandoned uro believed to have
been drowned, O&ptain Ilnnson, his
wife and child, and one of the Orew
from the Jupiter, weie picked up on
Toronto, Sept. 21.��� loronto University ia to honiir   His   Royal   Highness
tho Dnke of Cornwall and   York with
tbo degree of h, L. I).
M. M. Auslin. a civil war veteian,
uf Winchester, ind,, writes: ''My
wife was sick a long lime in spite of
good doctors' trealment, but was
wholly cured by Dr. King's New Life
Pills, 'which worked wonders for ber
healtb." Tbey always ilu. Try
tbem. Only 26e at Canada ..Drug ��
Hook Co.
M'i..v.'lll,A~ ttl'.os. (Suoocssora to Van
ccuver Hardware Co, Ltd.1 Bakor Street
Nelson -Wliolesalo dealers ui Unrowiiro and
mining supi.ln.-s, ijliiinlier.V and linsiiiiUi.-,' suit
I'lie _
-LI |iann~, oils and s'i��ss; uiuuliiuiicu1 tools
A;:*.*nts lui Onturlo Powtlor Works; Ifuaimte
.' j.UUNKIt, BKKTON 4c Oo.-Ooiner Vurnoi
JL nud JobOpluuo Stroels, Nolson���Whcio
sun; dealers in lmuur.. olgars, and drygoodd
Agonts fur I'abst Browing Co, ot Mllwuukoi
and Calg&ry Jirowlng Co ul Calgary.
HUDSON'S HAY Oo.-Wliolosalo grocirlo-
and liquors eto,, linker Streot, nelsou.
~oi,i��sii.\i:i: < <ii*i*i >t iltii  Hint's   nuil
|,i*���sj,et*ls wuntcd.  Semi rcporl nn.l *nmi-
pli'i in Hie I'rOKilcclnr's K.veliaiigo. Nelson,
lit.    It, I I iv.  .V.I'. Iilnrlv.
Has Money to Loan at 8 per Cent.
On improved Heal Estate In
amounts of .1,000 and upwards.
Loans quickly arranged.
Three, four, liie and six roomed
bouses for rout.
5-Roomed Cottage for sale, IJ1.700.
Two :iri-fuut building Kits , IfBOO.
Insuranoe, Heal Estate, Rentals.
j.1 Oflloe ooruer ll__.ll and ITrout BLroela
NoIhoi.���Liinibur, ooillngi flooring, and ovory
tiling iu wood for L.ulidliiK purijoaos. UuL oui
prioun.   CoiTOspondouoo yoUolUHl-
thi. Flour manufactured
hudson's bay company
C;:.;^. FF.SZE
11 m ii i mi 1111-HTTiTrrrTTTrTT:
-,......_.        .��,-.. '���   _ -,~*       _^ . ^.^i.k     iiililfHiB   ai���Mlii  ,  ,
I East Kootenay's 1st Annual
W%*- (���'''-��� v^^%^pj:     Mineral, Agricultural
\��!Mjf^f��m I and Industrial Exhibition
r\ . GALLON tr. CO.-Doaler*, In ore sacks
Jl ��� am! twines. Always *v largo stark tin
bund. Telephone 295. Room 14, K.-W.-0 Blook
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
(.69 nelson b c
_?, rJS* *��� ^m -     *��M
x '������', ^saEff-iwmassiBSJaBBiaswa
���      ��M}15m.-*"
Uo  sure and i"i the genuine   BENNETT'S HUTTA PBECHA PUSB.not
something that looks   like   It,      aw-
icnce Hardware Co,, Agent! .
For Stoves and
If you don't li'to Blue Uib .ou Tta it's
bocause 7011   ever tasti (1 it-
Philadelphia,   Pa.,   Sunt.   31.���Tim
erieiini game began yesterday at Wls-
sahueken   Holghts   between    Captain
COUN AC,   possesses    a    delicious
DE IiAAOE l'lI.s & CO, X ~ X N
COGNAC is mellowed by iM great
aire, ami is rccominonded|to Con-
noiaeurs, and tor medicinal pur.
Agenoy for full stock ut  Victoiia
|3dlnbnrgli, tho lurgest holders in
tlie world ui Scotch Whiskies.
Tin. (Alil.l.ONlAN    LTQUEIt   Senteli
Whisky Ib onu of  the  leaders.���
Try it.'
Delivered or on Traok
in any Quantity.
Leave Orders with
Chas. A.  Waterman
& Co.
14 and 15 K. W. C. Block.
America's Hst
To All   Eastern  Points vra
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via  St.   Paul   or   Chi
JE;'.    _���_'&>
CRANBROOK. SEPT. 2'J YO 27.   .-i.-.   ===== ������	
'Three Days  of  Instruction,  Interest j NELSON WINE CO.
und Enjoymont.
:^.   I    Minor.] Rxbibit,  BnckinR Contests, gh-jagt   on   UTo   raarko
h     Agweultnnil Exhibit, HorseItaot*. TbelV.INE8,    Ll^UJitb
Hnd  try a hut;],*, a ilo/.eit,  ir a   barrel  of
(;.4LGA��Y  CCEH  as II  la II at mid
Al.*n   iry   our
1     CIGARS.
brsi piiiitimil ever seen in the country, [      FRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M._...*..
See posters nr.d circulars   for fur-hot  T���,eBhon0 93 o��VorSt.. Nelson
���mrticiibii***.    S.|n-i*i.illy lii\v i-etuiii  rail*    _ . ���������
A-flcn-iin   <. ^   ^o.linn'o't::in bo enl?aBed for Private Parties,
AtianlJC   O.O. Callings Socials. Receptions, Balls, etc. For
, particukrs   npply lo   |.   B.   PC'
Krom Muini'inl 1',   ,,,,,       ,.       ,       ,,   ,      ���       ���,-   *,
Au��� 30 LARD,   E,   J.   Robn s    lmlor
Corpoi ation of tho City of
Teuudors Tor Wharf Repairs*
R, P* Rithet & Co*. Limited
A- !>��� GRAY ropmS��ii
P. t). ��px 021       *       NuIhoii
The city c'luneil invite tenders for
repairing    and  enlarging    tlie city
Specifications cun bo seen and forms
nf tenner obtained at the oity offices.
Healed tenders marked outside "Tender for wharf repuirs" accompanied
hy n ciihIi deposit or ucceptcil elieelt
for (1300 ni" required to be sent by 1
o'clock on Thursday next, the lutb
Septeinlier Instant Tho city oouncll
iloes not bind itself to accept tbe
lowest or uny tender which may bo
Mint in.
liv oriler,
" .1. K. sTKAi'llAN, City Clerk.
Nelson, II  0., Hcptombei 1 Ith, I nol.
The time fur Bending in tenders  fur
the above work Im* 1 1 extended until 4 p. in. on Monday, the siBtli  Sept.
. instant.
BUFFALO. $76,00.
Sixly    Days'    Limit.
Good going Sept. 311.1, 171b
rhrough Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto, Arrowhead to Vancouver.
Knr pamphlets descriptive of Oan
mli11.111'lieillc touts nnd tor Timo Tab h
lintos,  Tickets,  npply
N. E. T. CO.
20  ?v_inute   Service
Curs leave top ol Stanley street and
the Purk at the lumr, twenty past
and twenty to.
\  10 CENTS
Late Car 10:40 each End.
The Company have many good
building lots for sale.
Apply al 1 lie Offices on Vornon
Allan I.im- 'i'uii Ian
AMiut   l.lno    ....,:..
Heaver l.tnu : ~. ��� i
!',,   > . l'l    I    1:  '���      ���   ilill UU
I- ���-.���*.< *> < nun II 11 I Im Uarl.li lliutll
���-"���l'i. 7 Establishment, Baker Street.
.An .'. .1"
!-��� l'l.   II    ���	
.au.. ;w;
Dominion Lino ��� ������ ���   ivoi    Sopt
Uuiiituiun 1,1,111  Doininlo .-1 pi. II
I'iuiii New Vurk
WhltoSI tr Lino Touionl ���   auk. is
~'in'.ti .*i..r Llnol itinio Sopt,   I
1:1111,ml Lli ������ 1. I'uriu    A iik .11
Uunaril Llnu  Burvi ^u|it. 3
Amorlcan Lino St. Paul    Auk. 28
Vmorloan Lino  .-:   UuIh Bupu  i
li'roncli  Llnu L'Aqullithui       Auk.'-'i
h'ruueli Lino Ln ( liaiupaunu Sepu n
N.U. L. Kill 'I'iii Marin Thoroma Bopi, In
Anohor LlnoCit.) "i Homo       SopL I
llaiubui'ij American tlouUclilauu bopt.  ������
For fin i her particulars apply In
Cltj l'a.���'ni:rr aki-iiI., Nolnon, M. 0.
W. P. . .1 UMMIN08
QonoralS.S. -t~'*it, Cl'.lt Odl-a-i. Wlnnln�����
-.    -
H. 8c M. BIRD
Kootenay Haiiway and Nav.
Cuiiiyany, Ltd.
i       ��� Inn
|   .   ���   | ���      !   UliWATi
IN'l I. . ��� I I'lO IAL     IV, ( 1 K _U cn  !.'��>
si,csir i in.i ..ii' i ������ ' : nihi       ���  .ml  all
I i   on       D. I ml   Nmtl  l'a
.ii,.  || .I1  \s t IiIiikIoii, im    mil
Hunt Inn II SI .'. ���.
Time Card Effective August I. woi
Kaslo & Slocan Ky*
i M ,. >ii Lv, i. Ar. I
V, p.m. Ar, i  nl in Lv. Lid I
II. L. Ukown,
Oily Passenger Ageut
J, s. OATvntn,
Dis. l'usH. Ant.
K. ,1. 0OYLH
A. (I. P. A.
HIRING ieK-.uku, ,-iM.ai riiui.il
Wlndoruioro Minori.   Corro--puii(lQnooi.Ql'.oltci
_.', I:,a new, sfvi-n-rniiined iinnse on
lliiii'ver street, thoroughly up I" date,
lirst elin-s plumbing,    Kasy terms.
might rooineil hiioso on Mill stieet
and fuur hns. I'lumblng oomplete,
New furoaee, Tcrins to suit purchaser.
Seven rimnii'il cottage and  three lots
on Observatry stroot.    I'lumblng com*  j;.',.;,, I,.,:,," . !^.Tp,~~_ui__i;
lut Nav* iii Trading Go*
>i i -<>\   ui-iii iiiii ii..
..���ju | Lv, ' ' I on        Ar ll-.non m,
!i.n.,i. mi. Ar. i     . . l.v. Wil. in.
I , nun Un,; III  I-, . i    Ul .    Pollll    Willi   Ni'l*'HI
4 p'i.ii -in pparU  Itnllwii)  ImiiIi to and from
ltie-l.ui'l, i to,
'Hckoli Mil toi lin rl In I nl i il BI ito anil
Canada via Ureal Snrthom anilU, l( .v N.
i o,   lino.
11, i:,,,   tr.,,,, l'i   | ... ���    anil  ratM via ah
- ��� .���'
QAB8.-M^AL8 a la PARTE.
Olos inneotion En i and Westbound ni Hpokano tvll hi ns ������! i be
Spokane Kails and Northern Railway,
nuil ul. limner's hi ny witn Kootenay
It.niway ,\ Navlgu Ion ( o.
hired i iiiel it Bt Paul without change of depot with ill trains for
Chicago, Toronto, Montrenl, New York
ami nil points Wi st ami Hotlth.
I; ] Loaves Spokano dailj forjEaat ;it._:l_ a in
Leu.es Spokano daily to: West 'it 7:1!) a.in
Loaves 8pokano daily lor ','.', Bt at 8*00 p-m.
West -1111111111 trains mal e illrccl con-
nection for  Vlcl u la  an I  \ anoouverj
I'lnllanil. San r'l'HIlclsoo, uml all ptiinl.a
nn tin* Sound,
During the seas nofi ivlgntion Kast
I nl tn,in   ,im,   i I    i     ! iiilnlli   willi
tbemagnlllcenl iieainshlpi North West
nuil Ninth I jiinl .'I t ho Norl in i n Sli-ain*.
Bblp Company Line, uporated In emi*
nection wild the Ureal Northern Knil-
pli'le.     Knsy lerinn
lull KKN'T.
Kor rurllior pni I ��� ui  *���!��� I��� *-���
....    Knaln.B, (
(I. K 'I'e n inuuv   '.'> nt. Nol on, n tl
(213.00 -Sovon   roomed bonso   on  Cnr-
bonale   stioet    vory   hand      toi
town.   Healed by furnaco, Wired i    ��ui dii l   ���
for  oleelrlo light. cards for   j  ~-l(  oi   .
812.00- Cotlago on Robson stroet,        luntllyouseo what The  Minor can do|Q, K, TAOKABUIii, LOoal  \ [not,
���ftri.llii -Cottage uu Waul street. for you.
I or further Inforniatl maps, fohi-
eis. eie., npply lo any ni;; nt ol opokann
t'lills Sr Northern Uy., Kiuilo It Blooaa
Uv , Knntei ni Railway A Navigation
c' ,i,i-',i.
11. A, 3AOK80N, Oom'l Agent,
. p kn i , Wai b.
Nelson. B C Nelson Da.lv Minsk Sun jay, Skptember ii, tgoi
Wo havo or. Kile for
.  ,..-.  ii.tj-s it llnu of
Remnants   of
The    enormous *a]e
of our well-known
hafi li'i'i   ua   with   ���>
few <���!<���-   and   onde
i!i:ii we wi-li lo olear
NELSON,  13. G.
*-****i-*i'**��_**.--^i.>_ .. L_
'.'ileeus. -
Cltyj 0. 11
A. Davies.
Hot) son.
A shipment of rails for the tunne
track at the Juno mine was sent
np the hill by I . II. Steeper'sJ teams
yesterda .
The heavy storm of yesterday was
the Brst to salute the advent of llie
equinox, which occurs on the 23rd of
The sawmill at   Porto 11 ieo   siding,
which   ���  ��� ing to a break   in   tht   raa-
,.-,- . .   ,i shut  down for somi
��� :;,. pBrts were being re-
pai    tai;. ���:  ip again lastThrusday.
tens       Wire    Works    report
ei Ii their line lias picked
up during the last week, and
the; ��������� bi :. ling out a considerable
i .   , Blnpments   to ueio'liboiiEj.'
.., ... alliher, M. P., proposes to
onden seoure, during tne coming
ae uf tbe Dominion Parliament, a
grant if 825,(100 for tiie ereet inn of a
hands itno bu Iding at Uevelstoke for
posit, oe a , ms department ami
otber Dominion government purposes.
The building will be located in a central pi ition awl will be constructed
of brick oi Bt( ue.
A local linn of furniture dealers
yesterdaj received one of the most
uriistii specimens of the taxidermist's
handiwork lhat has been seen in
Kelson. It is a large moutainn lion
standing in an altitude of defiance
unit holding a young fawn in its
mouth. Under the animal is a young
cuh. lying down. The grouping of
the animals is most natural and artistic, and the group has attracted eon
sjderable attention.
A Kelson business man who returned trom Winnipeg yesterday suited
that a fruit exhibition had been hold
Bt the latter city last week to show
ihe delegates from the stales who
were visiting Manitoba to look over
iho land, what could be done in that
piovince in the way of fruit growing
There were fifty-seven entries of fruits
fiom tbe country adjoining Winnipeg
most, of them Hessian varieties of
apples, of a si/.e and llavor that sur
prised the delegates, who had no idea
that apples were grown   in .Manitoba.
Mr. Titsworth, of Hyde & Tits
���worth, stated to a Miner reporter yes
terday that the retail fruit trade was
n,iw at its liveliest, tiie wholesale
branch not being so brisk. During
the week largo quantities of plums
had been received from Washington
which had the effeot of lowering the
'Wholesale price. This was followed
by n price cutting contest among the
retailers of which the consumers bad
reaped the benefit. Ontariogropes had
also come in freely and the price liud
dropped considerably. Apples were
still firm and crabs apples wore
scarce for this season of the year.
Pears wen- probablj as low as thoy
wonld be lliib season, the dealers huv
ing cut prii"s on tturn In competition
v. itb each other,
Tin- ateamet Kokar.ee will be laid
up at the yards bere niio.it the loth of
October for a thorough overhauling.
The Nelson will take hor run.
Captain Wost yesterday sold his j Haworth
ranch, consisting of 51 acres located
near the mouth of the west arm of
Kootenay Lake to Ab Wing for Jl.OOOi
The place hns been under lease to the
purchaser for the past tivo years and
he lias IT acres cleared and under cultivation in whioh be raises vegetables
whioh are sold in Nelson,
Tbe steamers Kokanee and Kaslo
had a race from Five Mile Point on
Friday which wa an exciting one.
The boats kept nlongsideof each otber
until near Bogustown when the Kaslo
began to spurt and ran swiftly ahead
of the Kokanee, heating ber neatly a
quarter of a mile, The passengers
took a deep interest in tlio race ami
several wagers were made.
Wood oontlnues to be used to a considerable extent in Nelson notwithstanding tbat coal and coke can be
purchased for a fairly low price. The
tug Halj'S, Captain W. W. West,
brought in live baiges of wood daring
the past month and will tow another
in on Monday. The wood comes principally from the ranches along lhe
west anu of Kootenay lake.
J low sturgeon make theii wuy from
tin* ' olumbin river into tbe Kootenay
river In this vicinity is a wonder for
ihr, mo I bi i] leudid swimmers to
gel over the falls at Bonnington.
Capt West ni II'- tug lial,,* reports
that be saw a large sturgeon a slant
distance above Nolson a day or Uvo
since and -ay: that several were seen
near Port Hill In the early part of
the year,
Lads who do not know how lo swim
should not play around the
docks, yesterday at 10 o'clock Ben
Harris, a nine-year-old lad, was fishing on the city dock when he accident ly slipped and fell into the water.
A boy companion reached under the
dock anil got hold of him but did not
have strength enough to pull him out.
A loud ory went up fiom both lads
for help Al Ibis juncture Captain
West of the tug Ilalys happened
along and succeeded ill pulling young
llau is out of the water. The captain
did not arrive a moment too soon for
Harris would undoubtedly have been
drowned but for bis prompt action, as
both lads were almost exhausted.
~>_l_on, Victoriai A, H. Belly, Hpo-
kane; I). C. McQrbggor ami wife,
Vancouvei; Kdward 1!.   Gage,   J.   D.
Anderson, Trail; II. Walker. Toronto;
I).    V.    Dickson,    Vancouver;   J.   W.
Slocan City.
Phalr.���Mr. and Mrs. S. V. Tuck,
Miss Ida Tuck, Victoiia; Frank
Vaughan, Kossland; M. F, Christie,
Winnipeg; I.. Coombs, Charles Dempster, Kossland; L, H. DeVeber, New
���Thomas Heiiton. Slocan
Appletnn. Eight Mile; \\ .
Kaslo;   II. K.   Livingston,
Orand Central -ii.   fluwerd,   Silver
King;.lames Spellman,   Camborne.
At tbe St. Saviour's church today
owing to the departure of Mis. Astley
for England last evoning, the organist's position will be filled by Mr.
Weir who will have charge of the
organ in her absence.
Following Nature's footsteps*
"I have a boy. twj yours old,
Weighing forty pounds and in perfect
health win, has been raised on drape
Nuts and milk This Is an ideal food
and evidently   furnishes   the  element
in wary for a ��� ��� ��� i  as   well   as  for
adults We have used Grace-Nuts in
large quantltii and graatly to our
advantage," F, W, Levitt, Minneapolis, Minn.
'in'-  advantagi mt   (Jrapo-Nuts
I'' od is thai il i pre-digi led in the
pn cess of manufanture j llial is. tbe
sin ill   contained in   the   ���., heat   ami
bai le*      transti rmed Intog su��ar
'���'.ly the same motbod us tins
procoi - i- eai i nil out in tho human
body, .��� , :,. I.,, libo ol moisture
"od    lung    ,   po j,,.     to     moderate
WttrDll Il i,   |   ' .".'      the distaste  iu
tbe     . |   makes Hie remarkable
ohangi      on          to   grape-sugar,
-Then '        ,,. m, ..   oclioate  stomach
''���' ���     >jii iNulK and the food is
' ' absorbed  into the   b'ood   and
1     "��� ��� 'i'a      parts   nf   it    going
"' ���           ling   and   nourishing
'"" . i ve centers,
,,Ji" -'���' lhe   pnie food factories  of
���n" P��    teal Co.,  Ltd., of liatde
Vrcen. Mich,
Having your   photo taken is a duly
not a luxury���Queen Studio.
Lee   Coombs of   Rossland,   is at the
Charles Dempster, of Kossland, was
at the l'hair yesterday.
Ralph Bradford left for his hotel nt
Lardo yesterday afternoon.
A son wns born to the wife of Chief
of I'olloe Jarvis early yesterday
morn ing.
A. II. Kelly returned to Nelson yesterday after a throe day's visit to
LeBaron   de   Vebre, of the Hank of
Montreal, at New Denver, was at tb
l'hair yesterday.
Mr.    Charles   Stovell    left   for    lb
Trout Lake district today to attend to
the development of his claims,
It. .1.  Robertson,   who has been on
business   trip   through   the  Similkameen,      returned   to   Nolson     Friday
.1. I) AndeiSon, 1'. L. S,. of Trail,
passed through Nelson yesterday on
ins way home from Kast Kootenay,
where he has been surveying a number
of claims,
Hoy Moo and Marshall (Irillin. of
the C, !'. 11. general ollice, at Nelson,
left yesterday fur a few days hunting
at Slooan Junction,
F.B.Qibbs,manager for Brackman ,v
Kerr in Nelson, leaves thi.* morning
for Vancouver win re he will attend
the stockholders meeting of the company aud spend a mouth's vuoatlon al
vai inns coast point: .
Miss A. 10. liakerville arrived iii
the eity last right fiom Toronto via
the Crows Nest r**Ut6, She speaks
this morning and evening at the Bap-
t church, uud will pei haps remain
over lui the V. 1'. s. ('. IS, rally on
Tui'stlay evening, befoie journeying
nest ward.
W. VV, [Jeaton, who for three years
has been connected with The Minor
editorial stall', left yesterday for
Seattle, where be has accepted the
position of telegraph editor of The
ITines, uf which K, ('. Ileaton,
formerly of The Miner, is city editor.
Ibe telegraph "desk'' is au Important
one un such a large paper as The
True', but .Mr. Huaton's long expert-
in newspaper work thoroughly
(Its him for the position,
A. F, Rosenberger returned lu Nelson Friday night alter a fortnight's
i~in through Montana ami Idaho,
i'u a Miner reporter .Mr. Rosenberger
stand that be had never before renlr/.-
I how valuable the deposits of Until Columbia were till he saw wbat.
mines had been developed in tho states
mentioned from showings that weie
in mi way superior tu those of British
Columbia, while in extent of mineral-
���ounlry be tiad seen nothing to
compare with almost any of tbo mining sections of thiH province.
At the morning service in the Presbyterian church today the quartette
will sing I.ynes' well known anthem
'1 was (.Had. When They Said Unto
.Me." During the evening service the
full choir will sing the Rev. II. II.
Woodman's anthem ''The Hadiant
Morn llatb Passed Away.''
Tonight at Emmanuel church there
will be a memorial service in honor of
the late President McKinley. liev.
Win Munroe will preach from the subject ''Mighty in Death." Tho music
for this service has been appropriately
chosen and will be as follows:
Anthem. "Shall I Receive a Welcome
Home;" Baritone solo, "Who Treads
the Path of Duty.'' by W, Caldwell;
anthem, ''line Sweetly Solemn
Thought|" solo and chorus, "Say Not
I Journey Alone, "Mrs Murray and
choir. A cordial invitation is extended to everyone.
A Phone 10
_4_ #t*
Box 197
Miss A E. Baskerville, of Madras,
India. Missionary of the Haptist
Foreign Missionary Hoard of Ontario
and Quebec will speak at both morning uud evening services at the Kirst
Haptist Church today. Miss Baskerville is Hpoken of as a speaker ot more
than ordinary power and should attract
largo audiancos. She is making a
tour of wosterii cities and was expected
to be present and speak at the recent
Christian Kndoavor Convention. Those
who were disappointed in not. hearing her then will be glad of the pros
ent opportunity to listen to her. The
public is cordially invited.
Well told never gets old. Once more we would draw your attention to the STRONG points in our TEA
and COFFIiK, that is the flavor. We have been sending out so much Tea and Coffee lately that we feel
we are doing thc few who have not yet tried these goods, an injustice by not informing them of the fact, so
that they may go^vith the majority, buy the best, and have their spirits revived with a cup of delicious Tea
or Coffee. They arc both good, we Know it. If you haven't tried them how do you know, how can you tell
your neighbor who sells thc best.
Remember it is with Tea and Coffee, as with all our goods, if you don't like them send them   back,   but
our Tea and Coffee never come back, where they go .hey are used.
Novelties in Swii'S and Linen Handkerchiefs at K'KliK A CO,'S,
Sault Ste. Marie, Mioh., Sept. 21.���-
All doubt about the fate of tho steamer Hudson was removed when thc
steamer J. C Ford arrived here today
witli the body of Sherman G. Brooks,
one ofthe Hudson's wheelmec, on
boaid. Tbo iiody was picked up is
the wheel house of the craft, which
was floating bottom side up, 7ii miles
from where the Hudson is supposed to
have foundered last Monday.
(let your trees and shrubs from the
nearest nursery. The advantages are
obvious. All varieties of fruit and
shade trees grown ut Riverside Nurseries, Urand Forks.
851,50, Sopt. 83 lo Sept.  :!7.
On account nf Episcopal church
meeting at San Francisco the Canadian l'acilic Railway will sell round
trip tickets via Portland and Shasta
route at (61.60 good till November
"i for return. Full particulars from
local agents.
D.  P. A., Nelson.
Ow'rg to change of management all
accounts due the Hotel Ilium- Co.,
Lid., must be paid tt) inn on or before
the Illlth of September, 19(11. If nut
same will ho placed in the hands of a
Hume, ��� W. A. Blair, Medicine Hat;
(ieo. Aikiuaii, Winnipeg; Pied Hieh-
nli.uii, Victoiia: A. 1'uisland, ,1. II.
Taylor, Robson; Louis Altaian, Vancouver; Prank Western, Toronto; T.
L. Kdinondsoii, Montreal; W. H.
Millmaii, V. L. Kali,   Toiolito; W, 11.
West Transfer Co.
Goa! ,.���_-Wood
lir  and   Tamarac
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Olliee on   Maker Street. Toi. '���!
Anil Kit-lit Years 'I'lirlureil Willi Asthma
Ke|,l lu an Airtiglil llciiini for Moillhn
Wan Curod With Clarke'- Kola (lompound
Mr. I, i) l.-iniiieii . ('. P. l(. onglnonr, Winnipeg, Man. writes: "My sun, wlini- Just e Killeen years of ORO, has boon a terrible BUfftltl'r
from aribluna for uight yours. Hundreds of
diillai-h I upon! un doctors and romodtos during
Miotic year-* wily brought ti:lli|iiirary relief. Km-
neiiiili- he was kept in an airtight room,
Alijul Ike tlrsl of Seulember, I.HIIK, we pur.
ehit-'il sume Clarke'- Kola Compound, lb-
1'itik in all seven bottlon nnil lias since been
OOinpletoi*,'   eureil     p    ha-   cerlainiy   linen   n
Mousing to him."  Bold by all druggists,   Kn
e u-e glx COIItfl ill  stamps for free, sample.  In
II,.. Cri lllli.aiul .Maiiilns-i.il Co., Limited.   I'll
ciuu'i-h nl reel. Toronto.
Por sale by j.p Vunstoue Nelson,B.C,
If you want any and can't sjet to town, mail us your orders, we will look after your interests just tne same as
if you were personally present.    Jars, all sizes. ������
McPherson & McCammon
.sk ___/_. sk ���*# -ste, *mL skr 4l ^t ���_*_-_, *4l i. _, ^i sk __k -ste, ^i $i SS ^ .^ ___-_. __k *k _& __k __k __k __k __k -sk % __k sk �� &
fC   )i*r   <c   ~c   ��i>r   tftr  ��,(r   ~c ^i    ~c   t,c   i*   *"<   ��v   ��������    fir   ��v  ** ** W ���-">    W   W  W  W   wva   �����    tW  t<*    ri��    <<*    '���*   '"   is it I
If This Dosen't
Bring You
etiring Sale
Shall stand as a Record Breaker for time to come. We would rather count
dollars than goods. Therefore we are going to trade everything for dollars
that welpossibly can. That is why our stock of Clothing and Gents' Furnishings are going to be sold at such Low Prices.
These Prices Show the Extent of the Reductions
Mens' Tweed Pants, worth $3 for $2.
Mens' Worsted Pants, wotth $4 for $2 75.
Mens' Blue.Beaver Overcoats, worth $12 for $8.
Mens' Grey Tweed Overcoats, worth $12.50 for 8.50
Mens' Serge and Tweed Suits, former price $14 and
16, now $9.50 and  10.
Sec our Mackinaw Coats at $3.50, usual price 5.
7-lb Canadian Grey Blankets now $2, worth 3*5��*
All Rubber Goods at Cost.
V [
A Personal Inspection Will Convince You.
Baiter St. Nelson
THE DOMINION WIRE ROPE CO., Ltd.! reisterer & co.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Iloistitij,', Mining Wire Rope.
Lang'a Lay for Tarmw
iys and Undcffground Haul
Brewers of Fine Lager
liner and Porter,
1)1101' IN AND SEE US
Noloon   Tt. O
Stock tarried, estimates furnished.
H, E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson*
Aliuut that second hand article of
yours, Vou'll sell it if yon'II stiver-
i he it in Tlie Minor wunt ujI'-uim
Canada Permanent and VVk
term Canada Mortgage
Money to ^����U*^*S*S��
Apply to G. lu liESNOi   t*-4*
You sho-ild'nt   send out
.curds   for yourself   or
until ynu nee wUat Tlie
���for you.
,r town 1
.,.".��� hi.st.������
Miners"  Ju


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