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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 23, 1901

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 Daily'Edition No. 1172
Provinc; ji Ci.br.��r*v g31 00
Nelson,   British Columbia, Wednesday,  October 23,  1901
Eleventh  Year
How the GHy Lighting Question   Is   Generally
Much Importance Attached to
Value of the Lighting
A Minor reporter yesterday spoke to
n number of Nelson oitizons regarding tlu-ir opinion of the proposed
changes in tim lighting system of tlie
eity uml as to what arrangement they
thought would bo best suited to the
city's needs ut the present time. Pew
card to have their names given in
connection with their opinions, but
tlio great majority sccmoil to think
alike on the principles involved in
���Jin matter.
All said thnt a bettor lighting system must be had for the coming winter thun wns had last year in this
eily. As to getting the, light from
the Honnington sompany there seomod
to bo a great distaste to entering into
any uoutraot to nny greater extent
than was absolutely necessary with
uny outsido firm. As ono moichant
expressed it ''Nolson is now in a position thut sho should not tako any
816,'S regarding the future running of
any ot her franchises that would not
adroit of onnsiilcrable modification on
short notico. While the progress of
the city is reasonably certain to he
steady, yet with the preuent positions
of things in British Columbia it
wouhl be vory unwise (ev,!H if it wer?
possible) to raise the large amount of
money that would be required to put
in 11 powor plnnt at the fulls on tho
Kootenay, and saddle tho city with a
mad of taxation that would seriously
injure Us standing. On the other
humi, if the city entored into any arrangement with a company thnt
wouhl in prnetiee if not in theory,
give that company tho franchise to
supply the eity with light in case of
thu city's making rapid progress
again it might iind it a good deal
harder to call thc nrrangement off
than it wus to enter Into It. The city
tliould secure what extra power they
neeil from the Bonnington people for
a year 01 two, as is necessary until it
is Heen what the course of events will
Another gentleman said, "I wonld
like very much to see an oxaot
financial statement of the whole matter mnde public Deforo I express any
opinion one way or tho other. I have
licanl that ii the cHy plant wero disconnected for a year or ir,oro and the
Bonnington wires connected direot
tlio cost of connecting with the city
plim again would be considerable and
that there is danger that the city
machinery would be alYectod by the
wire after
ter the full consideration lu* would
have liked to and there were some
I points on whioh ho wished to gain
moro information bofoie he fully
made np his mind as to bis position,
but he intended to go Into the question to satisfy himself. lie added
that he was certainly in favor of tho
city's retaining the franchise it now
Jacob Dover wanted light for his
place of business, good light, nnd he
wanted it right away, and if there
were no other way of getting that
than by renting power from the power
company ho would favor doing so.
Notwithstanding tbis he does not
want to see the power company get
Control of the lighting or power busi'
ness within tbe city, that was a valuable franchise worth probably hundreds of thousands of dollars. If a
lawyer could draw up an agreement
strong onongh to prevent the company
fiom getting any lusting rights he
saw no objec ion to leasing power
from the power "ompiiny. He thought
however, that the price asked per
horse power waa rather high. It
would be safest for the city to take
the power at tho eity limits so that
there wonld he no rights conceded to
tho oompany.
Brought   to Rossland   to   Work in the
Le Roi Mine.
Rossland, Oet. 22.���Tho Evening
World alleges that an agent of the Le
Roi Mining company loft Calgary
with (17 men who were engagod to
work iu the Le Roi mine und he
reaohed the War Eagle boarding
house with 28 of them. Ten left the
train nt West Robson and of thine
who arrived Here it alleges that 1(1
are Doukhobors. It further says that
tho cooks and waiters at the W*r
Eagle boarding house objec tod to
waiting on the Doukhobors and that
they were Anally sent off lo a cabin
where they will be allowed to do their
own cooking.
The Rossland Miner, on tho othor
hand, of this morning statos that a
speoial train arrived on Monday even
ing w th (15 men who wore taken on
the line up to the War Eagle bearding house and got off there, so as to
avoid the union men who were gathered at the station. It says tho men
were engaged at various points, east of
the Rockies on Canadian soil and are
as fine a lookirg party of Canadians
as ever oame into the Holden City.
length  of
be inresti-
alloroil condition of the
having heen used for that
timo by another system,
this is true or not should
P, Lamont said he would prefer to
8fo the oity rent tlie power by the
amount eonstiraod so that any profit
������mre may be in the business would be
Obtained by the city. The franchise
no considered very valuable and cer-
'"inly should be retained by tho oity.
I" the present emergency when more
powor is required, the gas company,
"nioh is a locnl enteipriso, Is entitled
to consideration, he could not say in
��M   what way, but   it should   not ba
lost Hlght Qf.
��. F. Teetzel said we must have
���W but the cny Sh0)1|rt by all means
"lain the lighting franchise aa well as
m ,or supplying power. There are
���"'"���ly other places on the river where
"Plnnt can be erected than on this
���"!";" "f Krn***'<* the oity is quarrelling
"'Hi the company abont,
sliould   an
J wns  opposed   to   any   percentage
���"���'ome-if prolits aro to be made   the
��*-��  'liould   have   them.    Thc   price
MUed by the   power company,  .__ per
""���so power per j ear nnd   up,   seemed
' hiin high.   AtUatnilton,   Ontario,
'�� Niagara  Power  company,   which
g   *" ��mvey its power as far as   thc
��ootena, Power company,   was ..ego-
J "tin8 with the oity on the  basis  of
' I"-" horse power, and there should
1 "o that difference between the two
ftod Irvine had not given the  met-
Dock Carter Found When at the Point
of Death. '
Nanaimo, Oet. 23.���The explosion ot
a gasoline lamp tonight wrecked
Ryder's, (ex-finance minister) store
at Extension. The stock was badly
damaged but nobody was hurt.
"Dock" Carter, timekeeper at the
Thistle mine road, Alberni, who was
loBt in the bush since Saturday was
fonnd tbis aftornebn. Fifty men hnd
scoured the country two days. The
man waa just alive when discoverel
and is now in a critical condition.
R. E. (losnell, the premier's secretary, ia here discussing the Malcolm
island colony scheme with Kurukka,
a leader of the Finns.   *
False  Cry  of  Fire  Causes
Wild Rush From a
Many Were Hurt and Some
��� Are Likely to Die From
Louisville, Ky., Oct. 32. ���Hundreds
of people attempted to rush out of the
Tempi-*- theatre because the cry of fire
was raised when a little Same was
seen about the polyscope machine. In
the scramble scores of people were
knocked down and more thnn twenty
wore badly hurt, while H is feared
that two or three wiil not survive
their injuries. It wus about 3.30
o'clock, just after tho first act of
"Tennessee's Pardnor." when the cry
of fire was raised. Women and cliil-
(11 i*n made a rush for the door. The
panic seized the gallery. Meanwhile
those who had retained their presence
of mind oudoavorod ti stop tho mad
rush for thc doors. The ushers and
theatre attaches noted witb great
coolness. Thc orohestra played and
Charles T. Rates, a member of tbe
stock company, danced. This was
effective in quieting those nearest tbe
stage. At the point here the stairs
came down from the gallery the two
mad crowds met. The weaker people
were soon knocked down and trampled
under foot, but tne crowd went on
pell mell through the doors and rolled
down tho long ilight of stairs. Evu-y
patrol wagon and ambulance in the
city was soon engaged in conveying
tlio most seriously injnied to the hostels or thoir Iioiucb. The play was
finished. Clarence Meffcet.an alt. olio
of the thieate, closed the wide exit
doors ns thc rush begun. He culled a
number of men and by main force
hold the crowd back. lint for this
hundrods might have been injured.
Just as the doors were closed, Mrs O.
W. Uliint pitched her one-year-old
child through the exit to a policeman.
lie caught it in his arms, but it
slipped to the floor sustaining, however, no serious injury, exoept slight
bruises. There was no damage by
opany   about.     The city
its own electrio   works.
Half the Business Portion Destroyed���
Loss 8100,000.
The prosperous town of Sydney, C.
B., was almost wiped out by lire on
Saturday alernoou. The conflagration started abont '! o'clock In the
afternoon, when a 45-mlle gale was
blowing. Four blockii. of the finest
buildings in the city were burned.
Tbe firemen were badly handicapped
for want.of water. The tire started in
a three story building ooeupied by A.
D. Hiles nnd Gordon Sc Keith. The
high wind, soon oarried the fire to
Prwse Bros. Sc CrovelPs big depait-
ment stoie which was soon doomed.
Assistance was sent for to North Sydney and Olaoe Bay and on its arrival
���,-otqnlcaly to woik but its efforts
were of no avail. Within halt an hour
one quarter of the business portion of
tbe town was m flames. Thc miners
resorted to dynamite and several
buildings wore blown up in the hope
of ohecklng the flames but the strong
wind carried the embers to other
buildings. The Union Rank of Halifax and the Haptist and Presbyterian
churches .-.ere burned. At 7 o'clock
tho fire reached the end of Charlotte
streel where its progross was stayed
Tho loss is roughly estimated at between ,400,000 and <s00,000.   J
A Catholic Priest Visits Czolgosz nut
Makes No Statement.
Auburn, Oot.32.���Leon Czolgosz, tho
asBassin of President MoKinley has
asked for spiritual consolation and
this afternoon received a visit from
the Rev. Szadinski, a Polish priest of
the Roman Catholic church. Czolgosz
request for a priest of his own nationality was made known to Warden
Mead in the morning. Father Szadi-
naki who is pastor of 8t. Stanislaus
church, Rocbeuter, was in this city
and was nsked to see the prisoner. He
went to the prison and remained there
about an hour. Upon leaving he refused to say anything. Warden Mead,
however, Bays that Father Szadinski
saw Czolgosz. Further than that thc
warden would say nothing. Father
Kelly, who accompanied the Polish
priest to tho prison also stated that
Czolgosz was visited. Father Szadinski before ho left for Rochester declined to say if he would return to
Auburn on or before next Monday but
it is learned that Czolgosz was bap
tised In the Catnolio church but never
received his first communion nor waB
be confirmed in that church. He renounced the Calholic church when he
embraced   anarchy.
Victoria, Oct. 33,-News received by
the sohoon, r Casca is to tho effect that
three Japanese schooners sealing were
seized by Russians olf Copper Islands
one was the Josephine, the other two
names not recalled. In addition the
Russians seized tlio boats of a fourth
Japanese schooner on Rooin Island on
the Russian rookeries. One of the
hunters in the boat was Charlie
Diamond, formerly a hunter from this
port. He will now languish in a
Russian prison at Vladivostock for a
year His homo is now in Hakodate
where be married a Japanese woman.
Diamond's boat had 350 pelts In her
when captured,
Already Taking Steps to Have
a  Third  Shamrock
Not  Sufficient Time to Get
Ready    For    Next
Glasgow, Oot. 23.���Sir Thomas
Lipton while desiring tu avoid monopolizing the British side of the
America's cup contest has already
taken a step towards a third contest
for the trophy. Capt. Robert Wiinge
had a long conference with W. Fife,
Jr., as to whether he would undertake
designing tbe Shamrock 111. for a
series in 1903. It is supposed thnt
Mr. Fife considered the time too short
to do his best work, but was willing
to design a challenger to raco in the
autumn of 101)8, No absolute arange-
inuiits oan be made until Sir Thomas
arrives but there is little doubt that a
ohallenger will be sent.
Grievances Spoken of in the Chamber
���Strike Postponed.
Pnrls, Oot. 33.���During the oourse
of his remarks in the Chamber of Deputies today regarding the question of
miners wages and hours, M. Waldeck-
Rosseau said the government had
already announced that it was opposed to fixing n minimum wage, but
was disposed to continue its examination of tne question of miners' pensions aud sOe if it could not incorporate it in the general question of pensions. As to the eight hours work per
day, tho government, the preimer
said, was desirous of ameliorating
conditions everywhere later, but it
was impossible to settle hastily upnn
snch a question without injuring
national production. No imprudent
proralsts which oannot be fulfilled
would be dragged from the ministry.
He was opposed to an immediate discussion of tbe question.
St. Etienne, Oet. 33.���The miners'
committee, which had been in session
here for several days, adjonrned
finally tonight. The members refused
to make public the result of tbeir
deliberations,bnt it seems certain that
they did not come to a decision to
strike or postponed action indefinitely.
The committee will meet again in
Retired For Making That Foolish
Alter Dinner Spceoh.
London, Oct. 23.���Sir Rudvera Bnller
has been relieved of the command of
first army corps in consequence of the
speech he marie October loth, after
the luncheon given in bis honor by
thc Kings' Royal Rifles, dealing with
kio famous despatch to General White
at Ladysmith. He has been placed cn
half pay and General Frenoh has been
appointed to succeed him. In the
ollioial announcement the wnr oflice
says that the commander-in-chief,
"After full consideraton of all the
circumstances and the explanations
furnished, recommended that General
Bnller be relieved which was done.
Vienna, Oct. 33.���At the conclusion
of the sittings of the lower house
today, the president said that as booh
as lie received the message uf the
attack oa President McKinley he personally oonveyed to the Araeiicnn
minister an expression of deepest
sympathy, while after tbe death of
President MoKinley he again expressed to the American minister
com oleuco in lich.ili of the house, As
somo time has elapsed the president
had not thougth it neoessary to refer to
it again. Thc president denied emphatically that any one consideration
had influenced his course.
Constantinople, Oot. 32.���Should no
news be received during thu next IH
hours from the missionaiies who are
seeking the captors of Miss Stone and
hor companion, Mine. Tsilka, moro
missionnarles will be sen: to assist in
liwatlg the brigands.      It is   supposed
that tiie mission* io.-, have been waiting at places in the vicinity of whore
the brigands are supposed to bo, expecting to receive a communication
from them. It is proposed now that a
smirch party shall he organized to
penetrate to the brigands retreat.
Sofia, Oct. 23.���It is reported
Mme. Tsilka, tbe companion of
Stone, the American missionary captured by brigands died recently in
Vienna, Oct. 32.���Miss Stone was
captured, says the Sofia correspondent
of Neus Wiener Journal, not by
brigands, but by a detachment of
Turkish cavalry at the instigation ol
the Sultan.
London, Oct. 23.���On the authority
of Count Lamsdorff, I am able to declare, s��ys the St. Petersburg!] cones-
pendent of tbe Daily Telegraph, that
the relations between Russia and
Japan are qirt.e amicable and that the
rumors of the likelihood of wnr aie
quite unfounded. Certainly tbe Corean
question will not cause a rupture because Russia and Japan recently
arrived at an agreement which makes
Corea a soit of buffer state, both
agreeing to respect her territorial
Atrocities of Turkish Soldiers Cause
Much Friction.
London, Oot. 33.���Tho Morning
Leader publishes the following communication dated Saturday, Oct. loth,
from Sofia: On the frontier near
Grossbelovo yesterday five fugitives
from Ilanisku, Macedonia, among
them a brother of Mme. Tsilka, Miss
Stone's companion, were shot dead by
Turkish frontier guards while endeavoring to cross into llulgarian territory. U. S. Consul Dickinson believing that they were members nf the
American mission church has demanded an official Inquiry.
Great brntality exists in the district
botween ilanisku and the frontier.
Turkish oflicors have arrested over 100
residents of Bulgarian nationality and
subjected tbom to torture in ordor to
wring fiom them information as to
Miss Stone's whereabouts. Several of
them had died under torture. The
llulgarian authorities, likewise worried over thc affair aie continually
anestmg fugitives from Macedonia,
and this causes had blood.
Buffalo, Oct. 23.���The board of
directors of tbe Pan-American exposition this evening adopted the following: Resolved, that Saturday,
November 2nd, at midnight be fixed
as thc time of tbe final closing of the
exposition. At midnight, November
2nd, the lights of the electrical tower
and other lights used in tbe grand
illumination will be finally turned off
and the exposition closed. Arrangements are being made fcr a western
New York and exhibitors' day. The
date will be announced later. The
reduced rate of 15 cents admission of
the populaoe and sohool children of
Buffalo has been extended to all children inside ot Buffalo, providing in
tbe case of the latter that they will be
admitted at t.e reduced rate when 15
or more of them come In charge of a
teacher, the teacher to be admit ten
Washington, Oot. V. ��� Itcpio.-ontn-
tive James D. Richardson, Tennessee,
was today elected Sovereign. Grand
Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Order of Scottish Rile of Free
Masonry for tbe southern jurisdiotion
of the Uniled Stales. The following
oilier oflicors were elected: Samuel
E-uory Adams Minnesota, Lieut.
Grand Commander, succeeding Mr,
Richardson ; Martin Collins,St. Louis,
Mo.. Grand Chancellor, and Rufus
E. Fleming, Fargo, N. D., Urand
Minister of State.
About 20(1 Masons representing all
sections of thc ocuntry were elevated
to the 83rd degree or to the Knight
Coramanderslup of the Court of Honor.
At the afternoon session of the council
the newly elected ollicers were installed. The couneil present,* I Grand
Commander Palmer with a silver
gold-lined loving enp.
Halifax, Oo'. 23.���The Royal yacht
Ophir had a narrow osnapo from running aground while leaving Halifax,
ebb title carrying her within 18 feet
of shallow water. Somebody lost his
nead. The ships of the North Allan**
tic squadron, which esoorteil the
Ophir, ull returned loday eicept tbo
Crescent,    which i turned    to    lit.
John's, Nowfouulund,
Much surprise waa created here t*y
an announcemunt that robbery was
committed on the Royal yacht Ophir
while she was here. While tbo Royal
party was at dinnor on Sunday the
cabin of Prince Alexander of Teek,
wus entered and a valuable gold
watch and live sovereigns stolen.
Halifax society peoplo were on hoard
the yacht in large numbers of Sunday.
Detectives so far have been unsuccessful in trnoing the stolon property,
Pocatello, Idaho, Oct. 23.���The
Oregon Short Line west bourd fast
mail No. 1 waa wrecked four miles
cast of McCannnon this afternoon
The engineer and fireman wore killed.
No passengers were injured.    .
The Royal Yacht Ophir Had
a Very Narrow Escape.
A  New   Westminster   Man
Wants Special Lacrosse
Montreal, Oct. 32.���The 0. P. H.
has decided to place the Royal train
on exhibition at tho railway stations
of the principal Canadian towns.
Twenty-live cents admission wi.'l be
charged and procoeds in ench town
distributed among orphanages at each
plaoe visited. Tho exhibition opens
In Halifax tomorrow.
The coroner's jury this morning
roturnud a verdict of murder against
George E. Bissonette for having committed aggravated assault un Znotiquo
lliuisoi'oau last Thursday evening
which caused the latter's death yesterday. Bissonette will now have to
stand for trial on the charge of
Lord and Lady Minto and suite and
the newspaper representatives and
others who accompanied the Duke und
Duchess of Cornwall and Yoik
through the Domiuion arrived ln the
city from Halifax at 3.30 this alter-
The Montreal Star's London cable
says: Sir Charles.Tupper will spend
the winter in Winnipeg and proceed
to   Vancouver   in   the spring.
R, W. Shepherd, of Como, Quebec, is
preparing a shipment uf apples for
England, for tbe. use of King Edward VII.
C. Mackerrow, who referreed the
match between tho Y.M. C A. team
of Vancouver and Shamrocks of this
city, has received a letter from II. P.
Latham, of New Westminster, asking
for newspaper accounts of the game
and also Miiokonow's opinion. He will
get the former, bin Muckoirow Bays
be does not sec why be should supply
the lutter, aa it is evidently tho intent to use it in the light between
New Westminster und thu Vancouver
Toronto, Oot. 32.���Doctors In attendance on W. l'l. II. Mnssey, president
of thu Masse.y I lai i is company announces that cerebral complications
have set in and that thero is vory
little hope oi his recovery.
The late Senator G. W. Allan left
an estate valued a ffSn.iKli) tc bis children with a life interest to Mrs.
Ottawa, Oet. 32.���The government
bus made arrangements to lake half a
million bushels nf oats fiom Alberta
grain growers for shipment to South
Africa. Prof. Roberts in Inn ves tbis
week for Calgary to uialtii the arrangements.
Brantford, Ont., Oot. 22. ��� The trial
of Mrs. Josephine White for the lumper of her husband began todny.
White died fiom strychnine poisoning
and Mrs. While nndeavoied lo collect the insurance ou his life. Tbe
crown will endeavor to piove that
Mrs.    White administered the poison.
Berlin. Oct.   33.���Emperor William
has conferred   upon   Surgeon   General
Koch, the noted physician,   the   rauk
of major-general.
i! i ;
Kri-so-. Daily Miner, W_-D-.i-S_.AY, UctdBtk ��j, ijju
The Nelson Miner
lllHbsd   Kverr Morning  Except  Honda;
Dally per mcnth, br carrier     66c
I���fitly, per month, by mall      60c
Holy, por year, by oarrler. I 7 00
; '"ily. per ye*x, br null    6 00
Huily, por y����r forolKii.    9 00
Wookly, i  r half year  (1 *t
vVoekly, por yoar    8 00
"I'lwkly. per yosr, foreign    9 00
8>itMcrtpUone Invariably ln advanoe.
IIS Fleet Btreet, K. C.
ntral  Proas Agency. 1.14., Bpeolai Agent*
Alojniidor&*no..5-Jl Klr-st Avonuo, Spokano
-Va**h.. k,-,'i> this mpor oo llle. and are our
���ii.'horlzod ngoiiLi for adverllBomonto nb
Dispatches from Ashcroft reports
that there is great excitement there
over the recent discovery of rich
pl-.cers on the north fork of the
Horsed/, river, which lias been named
Empire.cieck by the fortunate diB
coverers. The discovery party oousiBts
of six m?n and they state that thev
did not take out less than 8ve cents
from any single pan and they got
as high as *>.*! to the pan. Tbey had
not prospectetd to any great extent
and these results would indioate that
the ground is very rich. The glories
of Williams creek may be repeated on
Empire creek and many fortunes
taken out of the rich ground oy the
miners and it is no wonder, therefore,
that there is a rush for the new
Eldorado and that fifty of the residents of Ashcroft have started for the
scene of the find in the hope of getting there before all the valuable
ground has been staked. It is a little
late in the season for that country, as
ut this time of tho year the thermometer frequently registsrs below the
freezing point at noon and violent
snow storms are liable lo suhjeot the
tenderfoot to hardships. Seasoned
prospectors, who are used to an outdoor life and who understand how to
care of themselves under all circumstances, shouid not regard the trip as
one of much oon sequence.
The new find is locatod in the t)ne��-
nel division at a point directly north
of Ashoroft and about 120 miles
distant fiom there. The Horsefly
river and the north fork of the river,
on which tbe placers are located, ate
situated south of Horsefly lake The
lloiselly rivor rises in the Selkirk
mountains nnd runs southwest and
then noithwest and empties into
Quenel lake, the latte- lake is
drained by the Quesnel river, whioh
is one of thu confluents of tbe Columbia rivor.
lloiselly river rnns through a mountainous countiy and the lack of trails
and the difficulty oi reaching it has
prevented its barks from being
thoroughly prospected although it has
long been held by the old Cariboo
miners that there was a rich gold belt
aomewhere along its banks. It was
only a short time since that the party
of six who were so fortunate as to
make tbe discovery began prospecting
and they have been rewarded by
what is probably the most Important
plncer discovery made in a decade in
Hritish Columbia outsido of those in
tbe Atlin district.
Tbe season is too far advanced to do
much this year in the way of prospecting for locations, but those who
have staked claims may be able to
get out pay dirt during the winter,
after the practice in vogue in the
Klondike, provided thoy can get in
supplies to last thorn through the
long, cold winter of that section.
Tho placers of Biltisb Columibn
have been proliflo in yielding gold
nnd np to tbe end of 1000 their gross
output was $02,584,443. It is possible
that Empire creek may be like some
of the rich creeks ot Caiiboo, Cassiar
or ol Wild Ilorso in East Kootenay
and that tbey may yield many millions of the yellow metal and be the
moans of taising many an houest
miner fiom poverty to affluence.
The Journal of Ai-hcroft, with the
characteristic enterprise of tho prcse,
bas sent a representative to the diggings In order to get at the facts as to
the richness and extent of the new
rind and In a short time the public
will be better informed as to them.
Nelson intends to send a contingent
nnd the outlook is that the Horsefly
country will be thoroughly prospected if the season is not too far
advanced. Next spring there should
ho an influx into that section of considerable magnitude, as thero is nothing so alluring to those who engage
in mining as rich placer ground.
The Americans seem to be unable to
stamp uut thc expidemic of smallpox
with which It has been troubled during the past two and a half yoars. It
Is particularly prevalent along thc
northern bordor of the United Slates
and despite the efforts of the
Dominion health officers, which include the examination and vaccination of travelers  from infected   places
The best which art can produce and  money can  purchase,
is now ready for your inspection.
Novelties of AH Kinds
Stylish Goods in every shade and make for evening wear,
Sequin Robes, Dreams in Embroideries, Facts in
God Values.
From lhe Kitchen to the Ball Room and from  the cradle
to the grave, we have everything you can possibly require.
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Oompany.
of [he capital.   Invariably, the olllms
are ol very little value."
ICuttuiii papers report that the
members of the medical profession are
delighted with the result of an
experiment recently made in St. Catherines' hospital New York. One of
tho inmates, a lad of 14 years, was
afflicted witb lockjaw and anti-toxin
was injected into the brain cavity.
Within live seconds the jaws relaxed
and tbe lad became conscious. Physicians wero overjoyed at the result as
lockjaw had hitherto oeen considered
inuurable. Unfortunately the boy
died sovoral days after he had been
cured of lockjaw, and it is probable if
the anti-toxin had been injected in
some other portion of his anatomy
than the binin cavity, thut he might
have suivivud.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
There is nothing like Asthmalene. It
bring? instant relief, even in tbe worst
cases.   It cures when all else fails.
Thc Rev. O P. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
111 .says: "Yourtrinl bottle of Asthma-
lr-ne received iu good condition. I cannot
tell you how thankful I feel for the good
derived from it. I was a slave, chained
with putrid sore throat and asthma for ton
years. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
saw your advertisement for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, Asthma, and thought you had over-spoken
yourselves, but resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial acted like a
charm.    Send me a full size bottle.
Bev, Dr. Horrla Weeluler,
Rabbi of thn Cong. Bnai Israel,
New York, Jan, 3,1901
Dn. Tapt Bros. Medic-ink Co.,
Gentlemen i Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
troubles whioh combine with Asthma.
Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it caretully analyzed, w�� can state that Asthmalene contains
no opium, morphine, chloioform or ether.    Very truly yonrs,
Thomas A. Edison, the noted inven
tor, is pushing work on the faotory In
which he purposes making his newly
invented storage battery, but It will
be several months before the batteries
will be pliiced ou the market. Mr,
Edison feels abslutely .-crtain that his
invention will prove a success. It is
claimed for thu storage baitery that
all of the cartage in cities will be
done In elect n* wagons, bocause they
can do it cheaper than it can be
by homes. There will, it i�� claimed,
be no need for trolley wires and
poles as each car will carry its own
storage battery which will be charged
at the central power houses. The in
ven'ion, if it does anywhere near
what is promised for it, will revolu
tionize nearly all forms ot haulage.
Putrefying food in the intestines
produces effects like those of arsenic,
but Dr. King's New Life Pills expel
the poisons from clogged bowels,
gently, eaBilv but sorely, curing Constipation, llilliousncss, Hick Headache, Fevers, all Liver, Kidney and
Bowel troubles. Only 25o at Canada
Diug Sc Book Co.
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
beoausa you never Listed it
Our Compound Syrup of
White Pine and Tar
Cures Coughs and Colds
Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1001.
Drh. Taft Bros. Medicine Cn.
Oentlemen . 1 write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife has
been nfflicted with spasmodic asthma for th*** past 12 years. Having exhausted
my own skill as well as many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon yonr
windows on 13(1 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottlo of Antlinyilcne.
My wife commenced taking it about the first of November. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma has disappear!d
and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend thc medicine to all who are afflicted with tbis distressing disease.
Yours respectfully, O. D. PIIELPh, M. D.
Dn. Tapt Bbos, MuDIOINB Co, Feb. 5,1001.
Gentlemen : I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried nnmer-
oub remedies, bnt they huve all failed. I ran aoross yonr advertisement nnd
started with a trial bottle. I fonnd relief at once. I have since purchased your
full sized liottle, and I nra ever grateful. 1 have a family of four children, and
for six years was unable to work. I am now in the best of health and am doing
business every dny.   This tentimnny you can make suoh uso of as yon see lit
Home address, 235 Hiviugton street. 8. RAPHAEL
07 East 120th St,,New York City.
Do not delay.   Wiilo at once, addressing  DR.   TAFI BROS, MEDICINE
Sold by All Druggists.
and tbo prompt isolation of those
found to be infected, the disease occasionally finds its way into Canadian
cities. There was an exuiuplo of this
a fow days sinco in Nelson. The re-
salt Is that Dr. Mnntiznmbert, tbe
Dominion Officer ol Public Health,
vigorously favois genernl vaccination
throughout Canada. This is a precaution whioh nil should take, as it has
boen demonstrated that it in the best
protection against a dread disease.
Kefore vaccination was known smallpox was one of the scouigts of the
world and during its epidemics many
thousands wore carried off, but now
vaccination and a better understanding of the treatment of the disease
have reduced thc inortality to
small proportions. Among those who
contract the disease, the proportion
of vaccinated who die is much
smaller than of those who have not
heen so proteotud. Evoiybodv should,
theieforo, lollow the recommendation
cf Dr. Montizambert and be
The Toronto Globe says: "Reports
are in circulation thnt a British
Colombian is to bo taken into tho
ministry. These repot la arc signs r,f
the growing political power of the
west.     Tho application  of the people
of the Territories for enlarged self*
government is another indication of
the same kind."
Typhoid fever in war causes more
losses than bullets, and the disease Is
principally due to the lack of pure
drinking water. Dr. Leigh Oanney,
an Engl lab physician, proposes a
Royal water corps, whose sole duty it
would bo to guard troops against suoh
water-borne diseases as typhoid,
dysontry and cholera, and who would
be held accountable for thc occurrence
of such diseases. The plan has heen
widely discussed and is meeting with
much favor as many of medical and
military journals consider it fonslblo.
United States Consul McCook of
Dawson City has published a warning
against investing io certuin Klondike
mining compunies floated in thc
Unitod States. Ilesa.s: "These companies issue prospectuses, giving as
roforences, without anthority, piomi-
neut government officials and others
in Dawson. The statements made are
in most instances flagiantly false,
and some companies have beeu known
to actually pay unearned dividends in
order to sell thoir stock. For instance, upon examination in court,
the manager of one of theso companies recently stated under oath that
the dividends declared were  paid out
Beware   of   the   "just   as
good" kind.    Insist  on   getting the genuine C. D. & B.
Compound   Syrup   of White
Pine and Tar.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LAR] >0.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rule of    ...
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent.
We are doing the Blanket Trade of Nelson.
See values. Every pair full weight and prices
We duplicated oar
Jackets and ._,-_..
Tailor-Made Suits
They are a success.     Every garment a model
Our stcck ol Gloves, in Kid and Wool, are fully assorted.
An exceptionally nobby thing is a Silk Lined Kid Glove, warm
and not clumsy, just the thing for cold weather.
It will pay you tn see our Wool before buying elsewhere.
Ur.clei wear, Vests, Drawers, and Combinations, all sizes.
8 CO.
Cosmopolitan Patterns. All Patterns 15c each
J. 6. BUNYAN k 60.
We have the Largest .and Finest
Assortment in the city.
b new Goal City is owned by the Similkameen VaHcy Ooal Oompany,
1; who havo placed one thousand lots on the market at tbe following
from $50 to 8226, one fourth cash, balance three, six and nine months,
The new Goal City
prices: fromS
without interest.
There is also a small block of the first one hundred Ihontand shares remain-
to be sold at 35o., 5c. a share down, balance in six monthly payments. When
these are sold the shares will be advanced to 91 each by the Oompany.
The Company's land, including the townsite of Ashnola, is underlaid with at
least three fine seams of coking, steam and furnace cool. The Oompany also
own the water rights and nt least 86,000,000 feet of fine timber. All the above
is owned by the one Company, aild every shareholder will participate in tbe
prolits aooruing from the ssle of any of the above mentioned property.
A full force of men are now at work and will be kept on continually dnriiiR
the year.   For farther information apply to.
B.J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson, B* C-
Or Vedder & fiunningam, Greenwood, B. 0.; J. E. Ohntoh, Vi.toria, B. C. ;
W. Fellows, Sandon, B. 0.; O. E. Douglas, Vancouver, B. O.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
WenVe showing this season a fnl)
line of these goods nnd solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
rhead office toronto,
D.  J.  YOUNakE_r��"��'r����*
loan on Straight Mortgage.
Baku  Bt.
Brewer* of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
****** B.0 ��� Mi '
������"���-^ ���*'���'--���-    :--:*
KWor   bAli r  MiNtfR, WiCtiMfeiaBAY 0*3t_>i.i_R a&  _90i
I    JWfNING NEWS.     |
advlcos      slate     that
h      .muir   is   about lo foreclose Ilis
com pu"J'
,ii ������ iii'iu I-1'".**    """"" '
feet in   ���'��"""	
whiuh oonsists
riunsinuir   is
, mortgage for  8150.000 on the
uf   mc   Noble Five   Mining
The property   oonsists   of
...M claims neai Cody.    About 12,000
of  development   haB been
pri"oipally   of   eight
U|l ],,     Tlio nouccntraloi and tram-
nuknoivlcdgod to  be  amonjr
the   Slocan   and   weie
nt   a oost   of   800,000.
wo)* a
t|ic linebt i"
.���recliul in 18��<1
Tl���, ooncentrator has a capncity of lflO
to-is per day. The Finlayson double
lc trara��ay is 0,100 feet long and
..jlei.ils from the concentrator to the
,���)���,, which is situated 2,100 feet
���bove the oonocntrator. Tho t.amway
l,���s�� capacity of 400 tons in 21 hours,
th�� buckets on tbe tram loading and
lhe ore automatically.
Noblo Five conoen-
i one and the  ore oon-
The ore of th
irate* eight Into
centtotcs uvorage 100 ounces in silver
a���,i 05 po��' cont. lead to the ton.
There is also '��� *-evon (lrl" oomprcssor
plant wlnoli is opoiated by watai
���jo-vcr. Tho Noble Five company got
Into flnanolnl dlflicullies and Mr.
Doosmulr advanced the money to pay
the debts off. Il's loan was soeured
by a mortgane whicli it is alleged, is
now to be foreclosed. This has caused
a fall in tlie price of thc Noble Five
Colonel S, VV. Ray, of Port Arthur,
one of thn large Ktock holders in the
Mollie (libson company, which is
operating a mine 12 niiloa west of
Kcotunay lalto on Kokanee creek in a
recent inteiivew Htated that the qnes-
lion of rates for the reduction of tho
:>re is now under consideration and as
soon ns theso are arranged shipping
mil Ira eninmoiicod. If the rates are
reasonable the shipments will lie con-
sider.ible, but if not only the higher
(���mile of ore will be forwarded.
Recently the workings In the lower
tunnel intersected the lead. The lend
Is a strong one and the ore of a pay-
grnde. Another tunnel still lower
down tlie mountain lias beon started
nnd this will tap the lodge at a vertical depth of 1,0(10 foot. The oio snoot
is 100 feet in length ns far as explored. Col. Uny favors the erection of a
smelter of u capacity of 7(i tons per
dnj neai the mine to roduoe the ore
from it and (rom the adjoining mines.
Such n plnnt could be enlarged should
it be found necessary. If it be decided that it is inexpedient to ereet a
sandier a concentrator will be put iu.
Another projeof under consideration is
tu extend the present tramway, whioh
is built from thu mine to tbe terminus
of tne wafion road, to tho lake.
At the tecord ollice yesterday tho
locations entered were: Yukon, about
five miles south of Nolson, on the east
side of Kootenay liver, by George De
Maine; Iionsidcs, on Stewart oreek,
by Oscar Anderson ; Hai bara VV., on
Tamarac mountain, by A. Hurgess;
Chen Chaco, cn Fish creek, about tour
miles from Pond O'Reille aud slbont
half n milo nortli of the International
boundary, by A. E. Oallupe; Hillside,
about two miles from Kootenay river
nutlet, on Kokanee creok; Northern
llolle, on east side cf Forty-Nine
ereet, by Alix Long; Uolden Giant,
on east side of Forty-Nine creek by
Alex Long; I. C. U. R. O. K., on
Kokanee creek, about 12 miles from
Kootcnny river, by D. F, Strobeek
Certificates of work were granted to
w, P, Hull, on Monterey, Alex Long,
on High Ore; VV. Tolford, on Gold
Note; A. C. O'Neill on Yukon fractional, and C. Uossitcr, et al, on
Ml'jor. Transfers, Tory fraotlon,
'ram I). T. Mowat to W. J. Young,
and one eiRlitl: interest in the Trans-
wal fiom It. VV. Day to C. D. Jaivis,
consideration nominal in both sales.
The Nulson yesterday brought down
'rom Ainsworth a carload ol ore from
"i�� No. l iiii���d.
okS ICXso-^-
Superior to Alum Baking
Powders Equal to any
other Anti Alum Baking
Powder and costs but ...
x half the price.     ��������� '.:y
A. B. Gray Returns From a Hunting
Trip With Lots of Oame.
Mr. A. H. Oray returned last night
from a few days Bhooting in the
vicinity of ltiirton City, where he whr
thc guest of F. J. Richmond, J. P.,
of that place.
He brought with him a splendid
string of grouse���a baker's dozen
twice over���showing that his Increasing yoars have not detracted from his
Ni in rod qualities. He also brought
with him a magnificent set of deer
horns; but as there was no vension
nttaohod thereto, there is a suspicion
tnat the trophy was innocent of his
gnnj however The Miner did not
question Mr. Oray too closely on
the subject and the reporter affected
to believe Mr. Oray to be a. vciitablc
ueer slayer. There is no question
abont the grouse���they were'high'*
���and through tho kindness of Mr.
Oray, The Miner staff was able to
dine on game pic.
The interim injunction taken out
by the Lo Roi Mining company
agam-it the members uf the Itossland
Minors' Union restraining them from
"watching or besetting, or causing to
be watched or boset the C. P. K,
station at Rossland, and stations,
tracks and crossing of said railway in
British Columbia or the stations,
trunks or crossings of the Columbia Si.
Red Monntuin railway, or the work*
of tho plaintiffs or any of the approaches hereto, or the places of residence, or any place where they may
happen to be, of any workmen employed by, or proposing to work for
tbe plaintiffs, for the purpose of
persuading cr otherwise preventing
persons from working for the plaintiffs, and from procuring any persons
who have or may enter into contracts
with tho plaintiffs to commit a breach
of said contraot, and to restrain libel
aud for the costs of this injunction,"
will coino np before Mr. Justice
Irving at Greenwood on tbe applica
tion of tha oompany to make such in
junction permanent. Italy & Haniil
ton, of Rossland.appear for the plain
tiffs, and 8. S. Taylor, of Nelson, for
the defendants.
,, . ���������  I
���*��� t0"'"   <���'.'
'���I"      "       ���'"'
MRS.   ENFIELD   wishes   to  an-
flounce to the ladies ol Nelson   tnat
owing to the   increase   of business
she has  secured
All orders can now be got ready
on the shortest notice at most
reasonable prices.
H. & M. BIRD
89S0O���- Six roomed house on Victorin
stieet, close tu the citv hnll nil
improvements. Cash $1080, balance easy terms.
$|500���Threo roomod furnished honRO
nnil 5()-foot lot on Hoover   street
11400���Two story house nnd corner lot
oloie to depot. Cush 1)1500, balance easy terms.
815.00���Four roomed   cottage on Ward
$18.00��� Six room liouso on Robson St.,
close to Stall loy streot.
10,000   Royston   Oold     Mining   Co.
shares for sale at r, cents.
��� BEE ���
West Block. East Baker St.
mid try a boUto, a dozon, or a barrel 01
CALGARY BEER ���'.��� It, is the best, uml
ulioatiost on Mia mtirkot,. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and     CIGARS.
Tdeohoio 1)3 i��>*>ortit.. Kelson
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Wo|i�� the Cvngh
nnd Worka ���ir the Cold.
tel,i'.0���Bt0J,-o^'lln'n�� Tablotj. ouro a cold
'n ui'ii'lay.   No Cure, No l'ay.   Price 25 oonts.
Tim Imperial Ilrewery,   Emerson   &
Rrtst-ter, proprietors,   will   have Ub
lirst beer ,m the market on Thursday.
Hii i now   brewery  lias   a site   well
���llpled for its business, being pr the
'������������I Minos  road.     The   fall   ol   the'
mound   enahleB  one   story, that oon-
'��'"'"*.   the cellars,   lobe  below the
|PV**1 of the road affuiding   the deliv-.
���Ty and dray wagons a suitable drive-
����J on a level with the floor of them.
-"�� brewed!*, is flited to
���"Rer ami Btenm
11,0   district
make  both
beer, tho  former foil
husinesB   to   which .the
Proprietors intend f. give oonsldera-bl.
Mtantlon,   and   the latter for  family
*��������'*-' nnd it U ,0 this branch that
y "111 particularly cater. For this
P'rpose   thoy    ���**.��  ohMatu   from
��*���������,��� two beci wagon|j o{ the .|atMt
������>-Kn, the only ones  of tbe  bind   in
k"'""       The   capacity of thc
Uriels   per day   but
l;��� than that can bo turned out.
*  ls  ��n   additional enteiprise for
ZZ ""'   un'l0��>'(��dly   get   a
__ U'<! Which wil1 ��q��lre��noh
"������rue   premises.
C. 3. Murray, a member of a lead
ing firm of Toronto brokers is spend
ing a few days in the city. Speaking
of investments in mines and mining
stooks, Mr. Murray said be thought
there was still considerable money lu
Eastern Canada available for such
enterprises but muoh greater care
would be exercised than in the past.
The people there had beon pretty
badly scotched, it is true, but bad not
given up belief in the possibility of
obtaining good returns on then-
money from these sonrceB. It might
be that they wonld prefer close corporation to publio flotations but the
stock offered on the open maiket
would still find purchasers as soon as
tbe mines owned by the company
whose stock was offered showed likelihood ot working profitably. Industrial stocks bad not Become a favcrite
forip of investment for the man of
email means, in fact he understood
that some of the later Botalions had
gono off rather slowly.
Another ridiculous food fad bas beon
branded . *y tho most competent
authoiities. They have dispellod the
silly notion that one klnd.of food is
needed for brain, another for muscles,
and still another for bones. A correct diet Will not only nourish a particular part of the body, but it will
sustain every other pait. ��� Yet, however good your food may be, its nutriment is destroyed by- mdigostion cr
dyoepsia_r You must prepare for their
ppcarnnce or prevent their coming by
nking regular doses of (-teen s August
Flower, the lavonte medicine of the
Healthy millions. A few doses aids
digestion, stimulates tho 'Ivor to
healthy action, purifies the blood, and
makes you feol buoyant and vigorous.
You can get Dr. C. O. Hreen's reliable
remedies at VV. F. Teetzel Sc Lo. s.
Get Oreen's Special Almanac.       	
ill   service,
taking place
Sunday   2
ath   in.'taut*
40   minute
service before   1
1   a.
m.  and  after
7.40 p. m.
minutes between.
TIME T.Wtl.l*.
Hllillll*)' Sl.
7,00 a   m
7.211 a. m.
***. 20
Every 20
minutes  Between, at  the
, 20 pust and 20 to.
ROBUStO-fl 1-
Klan ley Sl
7.20 p    "-I
7.20 p. m.
7  40
���) 20
io 40
car to switch
West Transfer Co.
Goal am Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Oflice on   Bakor Street
Tel. RS
NELSON LODGE   No. 23, A. V. &,
M. moots floco-xl Wodnorulay  in
monLh,   Vi.a!in., brothorn wolcomo
1. O. ... F. Kootonay IjcxIko
No. 16, mnot-H ovory Monday night,
at   tholr   'lull,   Kooivn.iy  Htroot
Sojournlmr Odd FoIIowh oordlully invitod.
John A. Moltan. K.G.   I). W. Kuthorford, V.G
Fred J. Squire, Hor. Hoc.
NelHon Royftl Aroh Chapter No. 198,0, K. ...
MoetH third Wcdnosduy. nojourning cumpan
ions lnvltod. (Joorgo Johii_.tono, Z. K. W.
MatthowK, s. K.
NKLSON* LUDUIC   No.25, K. of P.
KmootH tn K. of P. hull, Oddfellows blook
jew vory Tuewlay ovonlng at  8 o'clock,
yAU visiting knights cordially   invito
Wm. Iiwink, O.O.
A. T. Pakk, K. of K. and a.
Nolson Itlnca pmont No. 7. MocU-i ovory 2nd
and 1th Friday of oj,ch month, in udd Follows
Hall, comer Balcor and Kootonay strooti
Nolson. A, II. Clomonts, C P.; J >. AlcArthui-
R, 8.   Visiting brothorn always WOlnoniAi
NKLSON L. O. U No. 1092 moete in Fru-
torulty Hall on first and third Friday ovonlngs
of each month ut h o'clock. Visiting niombor
oordlally   invitod.     VV.  VV. Brudloy.  VV, K.
A, Mhit.y. U.S.
NKLSON AKKIK No. 22, F. O. K��� moots
evory Hooond und fourth VVodnosdays of oaoh
in onth. Visiting members cordially lnviti
Churlos Prossor. Hf^nrot-ury.
Kootonay Tent No. 7, _____ O, T. M��� hold tholr
regular meetings in Fratornlty Hall, I. O. O. F.
block, on Lhti in,, und ;ird 'i'hui-Kdays of oach
n.onth. Vi-'itin. brcthroo cordially invited t-o
ui tend. G. A. JJrown, R. K.; A. P. Purdy, Com.-
R. J.Btool, I), a, 0.
80NS OF ENGLAND, moots
1st and 3rd Wednesday cvonlngs of
oach month at Fiatornity Hall,
oorner of Hukor and Kootonay
strcete. Visiting brothorn cordially lnvltod.
KmvAKii MacjiKod. Seorota,rv.
Meetings 1th Thursday cf month. Fraternal
hall, J A Irving C R.   P. U. Floining. K.S.
Nolson Court Star of   Kootcnity, A. O. P.
Meets  2nd und   1th    Wednesdays In  ovory
month.  Visiting brethren welcome. W. Mac-
Millar O.U    Pobflrt MoLood, Sec,
You shouldn't Bond out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
AdvortlHomoota Innartad unrtor tliln head at
tho rate ol ono oent a word por tUHertloo. No
advortlHemonti takon for Iiwm than 96 onnl.��.
Bltuailon Wamod advortlaemeata Innorted
thme i iiui!. free of ohanro.
Wlci.L Furoithed llOUBO to   runt.   Il����
irotiiH   fur   (i   DiontliH.      Apply   ISO
Latimer tree., noai Htaiilcy.
IIOUSK   to rent   on Vernon     atreet,
Apply Captain X, .1. Ounean.
trUBNISBD      BOOMS.��� Apply      on
SI Man,     loiiood   door   west     Ward
ROOMS and IIOAIII).���Kvery convuiii-
eoet*;   south oast   eorner of   Carbonate and Josephine utreet.
ITOR HUNT���Homo Temperance hotel,
SO bedrooms, dining room, parlors,
kitchen, all furnished complete; $75
per month. Apply to A. U, Gamble,
.i|;rnt��� lialior Btreet.
ROOMS TO KBNT.-K. VV. C. BlocS*.-*
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facing the west. On September 1, two sirgie rooms and two
or threo on cn.te facing Baker st.
i'lii-nisli?'- or unfurnished. Mrs. F.
J. Squ.re,  Koom 41, K.    W. 0.  Hloclt.
MKN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   By.      tlood   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C.     A.
Outlirie & Co.
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street.    Phono 21$.   J. 11. Love.
WANTED���Chambermaid.     Shingle
jointer and packer.    Laundress.   Bailroad men for Lardo.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED.- Waitress.Ulrls for llouse-
won<.      Men   for     Bailroad    work,
men for sawmill, second cook $50  por
month, stone mason.
Western   Employment  Ollico, U. A.
Prosser, Phone 210.
Storago���I have a   large   warehouse
for     storing      household    or    other
rUKK Mlllliiy -Void Propertlefr-We nre
uiixIoum to He-cure h few Tree milling sold
I��ropertlch ut ouce. Tlie Prowpec-or'H t&x-
cbmige, Nelttou, B. ���, Room 4, li.-W.-C.
._<>_._�� sii.itit 4 orr.;.- lkad-much   and
proxpectH wuitf-ed. Send report and nam
plcHtothc ProHpector*H Kxehunffe. Nelnou.
B.C.   Uoom I K.-W.-C. b.oelc.
Real Estate. Insurance. Money to Loan.
0*BooraIIonne, modern, 8i3.r>0
I room Unmet Illock, ,f5.t)0.
5-Boom House,   modern, $10.
Several small houses.
For Salo, a good garden plot.
btewery  is  12
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral il-uws aud mines suiveyed.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors wesi
C.P.R. offices.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Allan Una Australian
Allan Lino Tuniman
From Moucronl
 Nov. 2
  Nov.  7
SeOToTtTn. Uko Champ aln get- '�����
Hmver Linn Me Megai*. Nov. 1
BOnvor Uno Lnko Simcoe  ���... Nov. 8
From Portland, Mo.
Domi ilon Lino Cambroman ..Oot* ��
Dominion Lino   Vancouver.... -;-No��- "
��� E rom Now York
Cunard Lino Klnirl*. >fit. 2��
llmwrd LinoCamiiuiila.  xjov*
Whlto Star Lino Col tic. S??H
While 8Ur Lino Toulonip. g���� f
White Star Lino Upraianlo. SOgg
ts_|o^n^fH"::::::: ��n
Dotntnion fin* g2g"!SJS2S��.". :::v.-.*H��?' S
Domtnlon Lino Now fcnglana      ��
CuiiaidLlnoSaxonia  "�� >
   f,lr  tho abovo linos  also
���^^*rfHS-apd^*rt*a 11. A. P.
Co   N O LloydonappUction.
(ien. A-rcnl, Winnipeg. Wan*
Close connection East and Weflt-
bound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Kailway,
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with ail trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for jEast at��9;15 am
Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:15 a*m
Leaves Spokane doily lor West at 8*00 p m*
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Fraucisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Kailway.
For furthor information, aps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
FbIIb Sc Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Railway Sc Navigation
Op , or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt. Agt, W 7ol  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
Q. K. TAOJiABURY. Local Agent,
Nelson. HO
Kootenay Hallway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Opo rutin**
Shortest and qntoko*4t ronto to tho oa*t and all
poiiitd on oho O. K. & N. and Northern l'acilic Hallways' ln Washington, Oregon nnd
Southorn dlutm.
Time Card effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ky-
S:30 a. m. Lv.
10:65 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. m
Lv. 1:1*3 p. in.
Int Nav- & Trading Oo-
5:20 p. m. Lv. Nolson Ar. 11:00 a. m.
11:10 p. ni. Ar. Kaslo Lv. 7:00 a. m.
Connect Ing at Flvo Milo Point with NoIhoi
fc Fort -hoppard Railway both to and Ironi
Rowland, oto
Tlokots sold to all parU, ln Unitod State and
Canada via Uroat Northorn and O. It Sc N.
Co.'*i lino**.
Oooan HtaamRhlp ticket*, nnd rates vlo all
Hues will lie fnmi-lint on application.
Kor further partlculam call on or addrorti
M-tnairnr. K*a>,ln.(l. C
a. K Tackauokv AganU Nolson H. U.
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Wejgon & Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Rdountain R'v.
DJ. ROBERTSON _t CO.-Next door m
m   Mioncw   1'or.i, Ulnco  J-tulldhiK.  Vurnou
si., NiUaoOt   Day \iuiw ml Night) phone _U7.
17i    N. M. OuuuulilSi Loririou -Kvory knuwit
vtirloLy of boft tlriuliH.   I'UHoKtm.  Tolouhou
Nu. Ul, Uoovor Street, Nelwo.  Bottlera of i in.*
I'aiiHJUr. tiu Lonu J int .-(imiiK" Miiloriil W'ulor
C^lANK to MAfUONALO (E, Cano, Jamo
J A. Mac_loiii_l_l.���Arvliiiocu aud niiuorin
loudoniH, Hr.iKi.-ji Hill HIuuk, oornor iiakui aud
Ward atrootM, iSulj.011
HJ. KVANti Sc OO.���Haker Btrdot, Noi
���     HON ��� VVhoICKUlo   itit.llui'H   ill   ll'lUOItf,  ol<
Kin.-, cuiuond. n;-.. brick mul tiro Olay, wulor
pi|.-; and hLuul ruiln, uud goum-al ouiuuiibhioa
A MACDONALD & Co.-Cori.or Fron
��� and Hail dLrooLw���WbolOBOlO Kruour
and jobbom lu bluitkots, u;Iovoh, mlbtk boolri
i ubinirs, mackinaWM aud luinorn' Hundjius.
PBUUNri & Co.���Uakor dtrool., Nolwu-
���   VVhotosulo dealera In frohli and cured
inoaln.   Oold bioraK'J.
Dakor tilrout, NeiBOU��� Wholuwiio doa
era in frunh and ourod inoaln.
AJ titroot, Nol��4uu ��� WHolenalo dcalatti Id
liurdwai'u, udnorri' HUppheH, uporUug goodd
M'LAOHLAN DUOS. (8ucco*iorH lo Van
cuuver Hardware Co, LUlJllakordirooli.
NcIhou��� Wholeaalo doalorb in hurdwaro aud
mining tmppliud, pluuitwra' aud UiIhuuLIih' hup
NELSON   ilAKDWAltlO   CO.- Wkulonale
palnUi, olLj aud i;-''*^; tnoohauict.' IooIh
AKonlrt foi Ontario lJowdor VVorkti; oyuaiulio
UHNKIt, BEBTON & (>*o.-Cornor Vuraon
_ and JohOptduo tilrouU, NoIhou���Whcle
mUo (loiilurn In li'jNOrh, uigara,and dry ^--hnin,
AgenLH lor Pabut DrowlnK Co. of MilWuukO?
and Calgary Jirowin^ Co of Calgary.
UDSON'8 UAY Co.-Wholoaalo Brooeriea
and UqaorH etc., Itakor mruob, NolHon.
OOtco oornor Hall and Front SirooU
NolHon���Lurubor, colling, flooring, and ovory
thing in wood for building puruortos. Uut our
pricoH.   Corrospondouco solicited.
rp GALLON ft CX)_���Doalora in oro HackH
X ��� and twinoH. Always �� largo nt.oc.lt on
luind. Toiopbonu2UJ.   Koom 11, !.. H .<; Dlock
Dominion s,rA
Laod Surveyor.
Wlndonnoro Mluea.   V.orre i'.(;i.,ii,>ici,Hor.oit
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffet
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
U. S.
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east  and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and 18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
12:25 p.m.
10:1(1 a.m.
 Spokane 7:35 p.iu
 KohhIiukI 4 :10 p.II>
 Nelson 0:05 p. m
H. A. JAOKSON, Q. P. & T.A.
Hpokane   Wane,
Anent, Nelson, B.U
A. R. BARROW, a m. l o.a
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria rui-fT Kootenay Sts.
P.O. Box 500 Talephone  No. o
Kootenay Streot, Next Oddfellows' Hall
P. O. Box 633.
CARS : : :
addition   to  usual  equipment   on
Crows' Nest Section*
. Leave Kootenay Landing
Tuesday and Friday for St
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for '1 oronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
For berthn, timetables, rules and full
inf'iiin.il ion apply to.
II. L. Buown,
Oity Ptissouger A|<eiit
Are you in want? if you are, tel.
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are In want ot
You'll get it.
J. 8. Oartbb,
Dis. Pb-s. Agt.
E. J. Ooyi-K
A. Q. P. A.
If there is anything you rcquirtf.ask
tor   it   in     ii-  ���uluiuu   of the Miner. _i_a_f'rti.'' I tea  .-������'" tt
���"" 11���    ' ta Iit .ruin
A ttronH t-tiiafatl. -tot*
has *. flavor that sp-peal,
to nil and lu ''Heart and
:-t,inl" Mrs. Skinner haa
produced such a book. The
wonderful variety of the
hero's adventures can only be approached by a perusnl ot tbe book.
As the plot.'coinmenclng on the border
of Windsor and Detroit shifts to New
York, Pari* and the Southern States
the rondcr will lind oxciting roading
tlirmiKliont the whole story. This
bonk is in onr popular 75c series, and
is on exchange to members of our
reading club. Have you joined It
yet? If not, wc will be pleased to
l.avo you do so. we are sure that the
service we can give you will please
The young man Durkee.who died at
Kaslo as the result of the Lardo railway accident, waB buried at that uity
The   lako lias remained at the same
level for more than a week now with
out rising or falling half an inch.    Il
is still eight inches  above   last   winter's low water mark.
The steamor Nelson made a special
trip to Lardo on Monday night for
the purpose of taking up 36 more
laborers for the now railway who had
arrived from Manitoba that afternoon
and wore transferred at Procter from
the Moyie.
The Chiuamen of the city have de
cided to contest by-law No. 100, lelat-
ing to the carrying of slops in open
huckots aud have engaged counsel to
conduct their oase. The hearing will
take place this morning in the police
court befoie Magistrate Crease.
Tne swing section of the Robson
bridge has been placed in position
but there are yet two spans of the
rest of the bridge to be erected.
Owing to tho non-arrival of some iron
work that was needed the work on
the bridge was delayed a week in the
early part of October.
Work will be comraeced on the laying of the new water main on Vernon
street between Waid and Stanley
streets today. Tho pipe will be a six-
inch one and will make an important
link in the present system of lire
protection. Nelson at present uses
mere water in proportion to its popu
laticin than any town in Canada.
lhe snail bnys of Nelson have
started on a new and peculiar game
called "knobbies " It is played with
two short sections of rubber hose con
nection by a band of leather about
six inches long foi a uiissile,and light
sticks witha slight bend at oue end
for handling It. The rules of the
fame are similar to those of lacrosse.
At the coast, whence it was brought
to Nelson,there are clubs and associations for playing it, bnt in Nelson tho
hoys have not yet organized, A match
is talked of hetween the public school
and St. Joseph's.
Rightly selected food will cure more
than hall the diseases. Try a scien
tide and healthy breakfast:���Fruit ol
some kind, preforably cooked ; a dish
of Orape-Nuts, with oroam ; two soft-
boiled eggs. Put two eggs in a tin
pint cup of boiling water, cover and
sit ofF for nine minutes. Whites
will then be the consistency of cream
and most easily digested. One slice
of bread with butter; cup of I'ostum
Cereal Food Coffee.
On that bicakfast yon can work like
a horse and be perfectly nourished
until noon. Your nervous troubles,
heart palpitation, stomach and bowel
troubles, kidney compaints and various other disorders will gradually
disappear and Urm solid healtb will
set in.
Why? You have probably been
livng on poorly sclented food, that is
food that does not contain the required elements the body needs. That
sort of food, and colTee, Is the direct
or indirect cause nf more than hall
the ills tho human body acquires.
Urapc-Nuts Is a perfectly cooked
food and both that and the Postum
Food Coffee contain Sue microscopic
particles of phosphate of potash obtained ln a natural way from the
grains of the field and by slcientilic
food experts Incorporated into food
nnd drink. That elemeni JDins with
the albumen in food to make gray
matter, which is the filling of the
brain cells and the nerve centers all
over the human body.
A man or woman thus fed is scientifically fod and rapidly grows in
vigor and vitality, and becomes capable of conducting successfully the
affairs of life. To produce a porfoci
body and a money making hiain, the
body must have the right kind of food
mid the expert food specialist knows
how to make it. That is (Jrape-Nnts
mid I'ostum Cereal Food Coffee, produced at the pure food factories of thc
I'ostum Germ) Co. Ltd., at Ilaltle
C'eok, Mich. 	
A olistifte of time II llk.ly MOD to
b,- put into effect on tho Nelson A
flint Sheppard railway. The chief
diiii.-1-cflco will be tbat the trains will
arrive In Spokane aboi t two hours
earlier than at present.
A Wise Woman was repioduced last
night at the Nelson Opera House to a
good house. The play being put on
by a well balanced company never
fails to please and was interesting
from start to finish. The musical
specialties were agaiu a delightful
feature of the performance.
R. J. Steel, aeont for the townsite
of Ashnla, sold within the past two
days sixteen lot- in the townsite of
Ashnola. Each of the purchasers
mentioned that they had seen the advertisement for the sale of the lots In
the advertising columns of The
Miner. This reveals that The Miner
is a valuable advertising medium.
At the police court yesterday morning there were but two cases to come
before the magistrate. One of these
was a tramp charged with vagrancy.
He was given two hours to get ont of
town which opportunity he took.
The otber case was that of two Chinamen who had been violating one of
the city by laws. They wero remand
ed until this morning.
Provincial   Constable  Forrester,   of
Robson, came to Nelson   yesterday for
the purpose of   interviewing   the   an
thorities     in   regard   to   an    Indian
woman who is seriously ill in a shack
at Castlegar.    The woman's husband
llaptiste   Christian,   is   away in   the
hills hunting and will not be back for
some time, and   the only persons with
the woman are several   small children
and   an   old   woman in   her   dotage
The Indian agent at   Fort   Steele has
been   communicated   with   and it   is
probable a doctor from Nelson will be
sent to attend to her case.
Yesterday morning while the work
men on the wharf were engaged in
replanking that structure, they
looseued tho inner supports of tbe
derrick used by the postofiice contractors in transfer] ing the marble from
the barges to the wagons on the
wharf. Tho derrick stood for some
time all right, but a heavy team passing, caused the derrick to topple ovur
into the lake tearing out the ouiei
supports and smashing the stays.
The main timbers were uot much
damaged, but it will he extremely
difficult tu put it in place again as
will have to he taken apart before it
can be removed from its present resting place.
An indication of tbe near approach
of the end of work on construction of
the Lardo-Duncan railway is the fact
that a number of horses which were
taken up to work on grading will
be brought down this week. They
wero hired from John F. Lindbnrg
of Rossland, who sent up liis own
teamsters. II. L. Nicholson acting
for him went up yesterday to get the
horses and intends to bring them
down this week. What hastens this
step is that the Velvet mine, near the
boundary southwest of Rossand, intends to ship ore which has to be
hauled about five miles to the railway
track and Mr. f.indburg has the non-
tract for the worn. Mr. Nicholson is
accompanied by Itolicit Lowry, a
foreman in the Velvet who is going
on a holiday trip to Moyie.
II.    Aldridge,    manager   of the
smelter,   was in Nelson yestcr-
L. A. Campbell, manager of thc
Kootenay Power company, is in the
Chas Stillwell nnd family leave
for St. Louis this morning, where
thoy will live in future.
James O'Shea, barrister, who has
heen in the hospital for the past
week, is able to get around ouce
Joe Birtsch, who has been in town
for two weeks looking alter his interests in regard to his mining claims,
left yesterday afternoon by the steamer Nelson for his ranch on Kootenay
Mrs. D. II. Ma I.can leaves today fcr
Grand Forks to join her husband who
has gono into partnership with Wm.
Oannell, late of Nelson. The new
firm has gone into business as con
tiactors in that city.
The many friends of II. II. Playford,
the well known tobacco meichant,
will be pleased to learn that he is
now able to attend to business again
after being confined to the house for a
month with an acute attack of
Rev. Dr. Wright has returned from
Slocan City where he preached on
Sunday at the reopening of the Presbyterian church there wbich has been
closed for repairs. It now presents a
very pleasing appearance and the progress made by the congregation is satisfactory testimony to tlie excellent
work being done by tlie pastor Rev.
S. M.   McKoo.
Hume.���H. F. Nioholson, R. Lowery, Rossland; W. 11. Annable and
wife, Montreal| F. C. Baker, Cody;
It. J. Kirkwood, Slocan ; C. F. Fisher,
Montroal; B, Ureene, wife and child,
London, Ont.; A. L. McDertnot,
Oanhrnnk; J. C. Bl-azin, High River;
W. Cowling, New York; R. W.Water-
son, Toronto; W. Holden, Vancouver;
II. S. Willinins, Toronto; J. Mo*
I'teatli, llroenwuod.
HtlMtk bAftV U.im IfffMfflljiM, Wi'WflM!,}, ttjol
M. A. Hlohiastu ft, Bi B(i|W��i ..8-w
Heniy tloV, Rossland! Mrs. H, 11.
Kl.iser; Toronto l W. H. Aldridge,
Tra'.l; W. V. Hunt and wife, Bonnington', W. C. Cooper, Winnipeg | B.
Marpole, C. Sweeny, Vancouer; II, ,).
Cambie, Vancouver! Orant Uall,
Revelstoke; A. F. Armistead, Vancouver,
Orand Central.���R. Morean, Silver
King Mine; J. II. McKlm, Port Hill,
Idaho;; Mrs. W. Laoy, Portal; A.
McColl, Ottawa; A. Ryan, Fonruicr;
F. Radcliffe, Slooan: M. S. Dickson,
Wlnlaw's Siding; T. Nicholson. Silverton; W. H. Peabody, Oberlin.Ohio;
T. Thurston, T. Pierson, Slocau; F.
Jenks, Greenwood.
clttb .fa.M- ah MeMlM ml ID, .otfgjj-*-
to (be first (Juatel- In 41%. 1-iiaolied tliO
half tn 1.30 and the three-quarters
in 1,57)., making the eighth in 13
��tM TRogal Battlt of Cmm"
Incorporated 1869
capital AuW.rlied.
"W.oe-.o_-.-�� I Capital rald-ap,
Queens���Mrs. 8. H. Roy,
patrlck, Ymir; A. McAnn,
R. II, Williams, St. Louis.
W. Kirk-
Havo you used healthful Hygenic
Raking Powder, the latcat discovery
in chemistry '!
R. Marpole, general superintendent,
II. J. Cambie, cbief engineer, Qrant
Hall, mechanical superintendent at
Revelstoke, of the C. P. B��� and
Campbell Sweeny, manager uf the
Rank of Montreal at Vancouver, came
in yesterday. Mr. Marpole is on a
trip of inspection of the lines under
his charge.
The C. P. R. is making many improvements on Its lines In Kootenay,
chief among which ia the Columbia
river bridge, on which good progress
is being made. A round bouse is
being increased in bize at Eholt and
loss important repairs to rolling stock
will be made there. The Nelson
round house is being enlarged by four
stalls and the machine shop will be
one of the most important ou the
division. On the construction of the
bridge and across the Columbia all
tbe engines running between here and
Midway will be repaired here and
this will necessitate a staff of ma
chinists of  25 or 30 men.
Qrant Hall has recently taken the
position as chief of the mechanical
staff at Revelstoke in succession to F.
E. Uobbs, removed to Vancouver.
Mr. Hall ia making his first trip over
the ruad and inspecting the work that
coraeB under bis supervision.
Violent Deeds of Filipino Bandits and
Soldiers. 1
Washington, Oct. 22.���The records
In 20 court martial cases wherein the
charge was murder have been received
at the war department from the headquarters of the division of the Philip
pines. In tbe majority of the cases
the sentence of death by hanging
were imposed and approved. All of
them bore features of unusual ba
barity and cruelty, so marked as to
warrant spcoial mention. In one of
the latter five natives, members of an
armed band of outlaws entered the
house of a native named Ragado,
seized and bound hia son, h&nqed him
by a rope and tied his father and
mother by their elbows to a rafter
They then demanded money of the
captives and the forthcoming amount
not being deemed sufficient they
wrapped rags saturated with oil about
their feet and legs and set their
clothes afire. For two honrs the torture was continued, blows tram the
butts of rifles being rained on the
helpless captives meanwhile to add to
their sufferings. The young daughter
was struck down by a blow from a
bolo on her head. All five of the natives were sentenced to death. Two
American soldiers, Privates Chas. R
White and Thomas H. Mathlas, both
of Company "H," 4th infantry, had
been captured by the insurgents. They
finally passed under the charge of
Esteban San Jann, a colonel of the
insurgents, and the ranking officer in
the vicinity of Cavlte. He had them
bound to trees and Strang lea to death
with coide.
Often children aro tortured witb
itching nnd limning eczema and
other skin diseases but llucklen s
Arnioa Salve heal the raw sores,expels
inflammation, leaves the skin without a scar. Clean, fragrant, cheap
there's no salve on earth as good.
Try it. Cure guaranteed. Only 25o
at Canada Drug Sc Hook Co.
********************* *> ��� ��� ���''
& GO.
{   Cigars...
X Phone 117
��        ��>._<HI.|--_I.,.|
��� ��� *l,lue,��M.w
rnomaa E. Ksnnr, Pr_-ldont* Thomas Ritchie. Vloe.pr_,id0���t
Hon. David MaoKeen. "������
Board of Mrecton
Wiloy Smith  II. O. Bauld, lion. David
Head om��, Halifax ���
Oeneral Manager. Edaon L. Pease, Montreal,
lent of
Nova Matla-HalUax Branoh
Bridgowater, Ouraboro. Load
onburg. MalUana (Hants Co.). Piotou^ Port
Branobea. and Secretary,
���tranche! I
Weat End (Cor,
nouns Street,'
Avenue and
Newfoondlaad-St. Johna.
Cuba, Weal ladles���Havana.
W. a Torraooe, Halifax.
Office),   Montroa,
ind r
. - 1. Qi
Vn��. \aiSL NS00'' Montroa
(Cor. Notre Damo and h0i���
���to): Weatmount (Cor, Unit
rn, Catharines BtSet,    *"*
Vailed MUee-New York (10 -.xchn11-.11 VUm
Republic Wash. ���
Qlinnrg. maiuuuu iiibiiu* \jv.t. �� .vwv, . v.,
Hawkesbury, Sydney. Bhubonaoadlc.Truro,
Mew    Braaawlek ��� Bathnrst,     Dorohoetor,
Frederloton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newoastle.Saokyllle, St, John. Woodntook*
P. K. I��land���Charlottotown, Bunirnemldo.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,  Nelson.   Rosslaud,   Vanconver,
Vanconver East End, Victoria.
Oarnapoadeata 1
Vaaada-Henhanta Bank of Canada.   Bunion-National Shawmut Bank,   Cfclean-llllnol.
Tnwt and Savings Bank.  Saa FrauelKo-Flrst National Bank,   loadun, Hai.-Hank at
Scotland.   Pari., Vraaee-Credlt Lyonnals.   Bermuda-Hunk o( Bermuda.   China an * *
paa-Houg Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane-Old National Bank.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B.
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
Civil Engineers and Pro* octal
P. O. Box 145 N    on, B.C,
Bermuda.  Ck.aa ooiu.
Oeneral Banking Buslneea Transacted; Sterling Bills ol Exchange
and Sold, Letters ol  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Aooounte received on tbe most favorable terms.   Interest allowed 00 special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
lie  sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S UUTTA PERCHA FUSE.not
something that looks   like   it.      aw-
renoe Hardware Co., Agen
Will pay tbe highest oasb prioe for all
kinds nl Reoond baud goods. Will boy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperta,
-ooking utensils, bought In bonsebold
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver   King   Mike,   Box   too.     Hall
Slw-flA**    N��1**<**n    V   O
Victoria, Oct. 22 ���The Victoria
Sealing oompany has aiready shipped
to London 5,000 skins taken by their
schooners tbis eeaton. Tha only arrival yesterday was the Viva with 860
skins. This leaves 10 of tbe llehring
Sea fleet and one of tbe Asiatic fleet
still out. In thc latter fleet there
are 11 schooners and placing the
catch of the vessels atill out at 700.
the catch of the fleet whicb hunts olf
the California coast and tben orosses
the ocean, will total 7,068. On
schooner, the City of San Diego took
1,038 pelts. Unless tbe rest of tbe
Behring Sea fleet take inure than
those already in have, the oatob of the
whole of tbat fleet Will be a short
,     I'liair.���S.   VV.   Kay,   Port   Arthur;
Indianapolis, Oct. 22.���The straw-
board manufacturers met here today
and took steps towards the formation
of a national combination. It will be
similar in many respects, to the
Standard Oil company. It is proposed
to form a combination with head
offices in New York and a capital
stock of ���22,000,000.
" Kansas City,  Mo., Oot.22.��� Ciesoeus
today   at   tbe   Kansas  City    Driving
Corpoiation of the City of
Notice to Municipal Voters.
Notice is hereby given that under
the provision of the "Municipal Election Act," the following are entitled
to vote for Mayor and Aldermen nt
City Municipal Elections,  viz.:
Any male or female, being a British
subject of the full age of twenty-one
years, who has paid on or before the
First Day of November all Municipal
Rates, Taxes, Assessments, and
License Fees
payable by him or her, and
t "Who is the assessed owner of lands
or of improvements or the assessed
occupier of lands within thc Municipality, or
"Who is a resident of and carries
on business, and is the holder of a
traders' license in the Municipality,or
"Who is a householder within the
Householders are required on or
befoie the first day of December to
enter with the undersigned, their
names as a voter, and lo dol'ver at
the same time a statutory declaration
in the form provided by the statute
Citv Clerk.
Nelson, II. C, October 18th, 1901.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce t
(Villi Which U Amalf amated i
The Bank of British Columbia. I
Paid-up  Capital,   .8,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   12,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over .05,000,000.
HON, OEO. A. COX, President.     B. E. WALKEK, Oeneral Manager.
London Office: 6e Lombard Stroet, B. C.
New Vork OHlce; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branches In Canada and the Unitod States, Including!
Aixm Qiiiknwood Nelson Bandon
CiuNBiiooa       Kamlooi"8 Nkw WBmnmn  Vancouver;
rwuiw Nanaimo Hobslanii Viotoria
YUKON DISTHICT-Dawson tun Wiiitk Hoiihk.
UNITK1) BTATKS-Naw York, San Khanoihoo, Hkattlk, Portland, Bkaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
Depoalti Received and Interim! Allowed. Preaeat Rate 1 Per Cant
Nelsou Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager,
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot greatly increases tke heating capacity of the stove, and in connection with the deflector ring forces thc
heat to the floor. The base is hot, the floor being warmer than w;th a
base burner.
The Hot Blast Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at the
rear of the lire pot, the heated air being discharged in a circle at the top
of Are pot, ov^r fire, thus consuming all the gases and products of combustion. It can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control of the stc.ve with nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the back takes the cold air from
the floor and ejects it .ntensely heated, through the top adding greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions we guarantee it to
consume all the gas contained in soft coal, thus deriving the benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkable saving of
fuel over any other stove on the market. The stova will hold fire from
24 to 48 hours without attention.
NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON. B. C. &
SnSl.-.Sli7fr~I'ead  and ����PPer Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE. *
MlKl-  MILLINO  GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern *
Investors. a
Partiea having  mining  property for sale are  requested to send >
'   Baml?'cs f "leir or0 to the EXCUANGE for exhibition; I
We desire to hear from prospectors who have proraiBino* mineral ,
,   claims in British Columbia. i
���    nn a^S^S?0/8 Lttni?  miuiD��  n*en   are requested  to make  the EX- |
CHANGE their headquarters when In Nelson. i
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID I
Correspondence eolicited.   Address all communications to C
t.i��.i.��..n�� ,���a   Br.ANDREW  F- ROSENBERGER.
Teleohone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON. BO,
*V***^^'*%-<VWV��VV*VWII^*V��.it^v>**4A^^ t
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
��v*ra ...._,���. **bni
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Ord-.fi by moAutom, branch will have careful moot _���_���<.,. atteatloa.
Lumbago, pains In the buck or Hide, noroncss
swelliiiK or Inflammation lind no standing
ground nflcr nn application of Qrlflltlw' UnP-
inont-iicn*'! rates in a minute, d&pols tho pain
SfjKircri"K* You wl" ,t"d " ���*������*��
Mr. Mack White, well known tralnor ol tho
Toronto Locrono Club and Osgoodo Koolliall
l\h.ffi',K: G,,''""*; Llnlmont"Is one,���, M
S.. k ', ��,r t,1"***' tr**l��i'iK' I have used it
with the iKwtpf success for sove hack, HlllTnosi
SSZ'S ""d "" f��''",s of 8wolli**K and
Korsalu l,y J. H   Vi,,,,,!,,,,,,   V��lion, B. C.
You should'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or yonr husband
uutil you see what The Miner can do
for you.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisii and Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block. Ward Street, Nklson.
OiUors by nail receive careful and prompt attention


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