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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 12, 1902

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Laily Edition No. 1239
��� .���" e
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Sunday, January 12, 1902
Eleventh  Yeai
An Address  to   the   Electors by Mayor Frank
Favors Public  Utilities and
"the Sustaining  of
Maynr Frank Fletcher yesterday
prepared the following address to the
electors, and shows the strong stand
which he takes on some leading
To the Electors of the City of
Nelson,���After having served you for
the pist year as Mayor of your oity, I
again oiler myself for the same honor
for the current year, with the foil
assurance that my candidature will
be favorably received, owing to tho
large number of ratepayers who have
requested mo to offer my servioe.
The unexpected condition of affairs,
that I found when I took office last
year, made it very necessary to pursue
an economical oonrse, and at the same
time to continue the necessary improvements in public works and carry
on the other departments of the city.
This policy, I will frankly say, must
bo continued during the present year,
or until such time as permanent prosperity sots iu. I feel confident that
thu majority of the ratepayers are
satisfied with the manner In wbich
lli.'ir affairs have been conducted during our term of office, and the many
improvements carried out as far as
the revenue of the uity permitted.
My belief in municipal ownership
ol publio utilities or franchises, has
never changed; and the course pursued
by the council and myself in making
a temporary arrangement to provide
the public with the necessary electric light nntil the oity is in a position to increase its own plant, never
for one moment jeopardized tbe city's
rights, or conferred privileges on any
outside corporaticn.
1 claim that the arrangement made
in purchasing supplemental power for
electrio light purposes is a good one
and assists our Tramway in continuing its operations, and is a financial
benefit to the ratepayers, as the uity
makes a large profit on all'power purchased and sold to consumers of electric light.
During mv term of office 1 worked
hard to secure a refinery plant for the
city, and although not successful,still
I have not given np hones in this direction ; and if elected I pledge myself to continue my efforts and keep
in touch with the parties proposing to
erect suoh reflnery, and perchance a
smelter in oonnnection therewith, and
I believe with favorable results for
the city.
The growth of railway business will
necessitate the establishment of work
shops; and the city must make every
effort to secure the same, as it would
mean the employment of a large number of skilled mechanics at good
wages, and tend to build up onr oity.
i have already done what I could to
wards the establishment of this industry in our midst, and if granted the
opportunity I will continue my
I have touched shortly on a few
important matters and I am prepared
to vindicate my administration, meet
fair criticism, and discuss municipal
matters on a publio platform.
Nelson has within it that which
should force it to the front; and all
tliat is required to realize the aspira
lions of our citizens is the cultivation of a spirit of harmony amongst
all classes. To assist in everythng
that will perpetuate peace and good
feeling will be my aim and object.
Despite the present temporary depression, which conservative men are certain will soon pass away. I and my
supporters am strongly in favor of
maintaining the present rate of wages
"id will do all that in me lies to further a policy of peace and progress.
Thus only can Nelson attain its proper
position in the province. Yours
Part  of Kettle   River   Valley  to  Be
Laid Out in Fruit Farms.
Gran-;   Forks,|Jan. U.���Percy God-
enratb , a iireen wood press correspondent, left today for Eastern Canada
for the purpose of promoting a ooloni-
ization scheme in the Kettle River
valloy near Orand Forks. He hopes
to induce people to engage in fruit
raising and market gaidening. His
options inclnde one of Covert's fruit
farms which will he subdivided into
ten acre tracts. Mr. Godenrath took
east with him specimens of tho fruit
and vegetables raised in the Kettle
River valley.
New Steamer Added to Hamburg-
American Line at Now York.
New York, Jan. 11.���The steamer
Seriphes of the German Levant line
left Hamburg today for New York
consigned to the Hamburg-American
line. This steamer is the first of the
new Levant service from New York
to the eastern Mediterranean. Hy
this new service, direct steamship
connection will be obtained with
Malta, Egypt, Palestine and Syria,
Asia Minor, (.'recce, Turkey and all
points on the Black .Sea.
Chamberlain Retracts Nothing From His Former
. Hockaday of Nelson. Meets
Death In a blizzard Near
Slocan City.
Slocan City, Jan. 11.���News was
brought into the city this morning
that S. Ilocl'iiday had lost bis life in
a blizzard on tbe Bondholder hill
about six miles from here on Thursday. He and three companions from
Nelson haa taken a lease on the
Bondholder aod weut up to the property on Monday to commence work..
Tbey had to break a trail all tho way
in and failing to reach camp before
night had to stay in the open. Next
day one of the men came back to
town while the others pushed on to
camp. Later on they flame down to
the road to get supplies and coming
back got caught in a blizzard and lost
their way, being forced to camp m i
snowbank over night. Hockaday became delirious but the other two left
him supposedly safe and got to the
mine. Early on Thursday morning
after partaking of food they went for
Hookaday but missed him and did not
find him till last night. He was dead,
having died from exposure. The body
will be brought here tomorrow bnt it
is not likely an inquest will be  held.
Colonial Loyalty More Than
Offsets Malice of Enemies.
American Legislators Develop tbe
Subjeot of Wireless Telegraphy.
Washington, Jan. 11.���The effect of
wireless telegraphy on thc future of
the submarine cable wa9 developed to
some extent today by the house commute on commerce in connection with
the hearing on the proposed Pacific
cable. Vice-president Ward of the
Pacific Commercial Gable Co.,continuing his statement of yesterday said be
believed the company he represented
would be able to make exclusive
traffio arrangements from points beyond the Philippines and connecting
with China and Japan.
Chairman Hepburn asked a series ot
questions as to the effect of wireless
telegraphy on tbe submarine cables.
Mr. Ward replied that the new system
presented a serious question. He was
not certain that tbe Pacific cable project would bave been undertaken if
the long distance experiments had occurred earlier. As to the claims' that
wireless telegraphy had been conveyed
two tbcusand miles across the
Atlantic, Mr. Ward said that if the
claims were good they would deter
people from laying any more cables.
When asked as to the effeot thus far
on lhe caule business, Mr. Ward said
that it bad depressed cable interests.
Mr. Stewart wanted to know if the
"cable companies had not chased
Marconi out of Canada" to which Mr.
Ward replied that he believed the
cable companies had insisted upon
certain exolusive rights they held.
Mr. James Ford stated that the
American Asiatic association doing
business in the Orient, favored a
cable under private control. It was
opposed to tbe government entering
the field of private enterprises. President Sorymger of the South and Central Americau Cable system made an
extended argument favorable to government control of the Pacific cable,
citing incidents of the Spanish-American war showing the importance uf
governmental control oi tbe cable.
London, Jan, 11.���Mr. Joseph
Chamberlain, the Colonial Secretary,
speaking at Birmingham tonight took
occasion to notice without entering
into a controversy rejoinder, the sar-
eiiems showered upon him in tbe
Reichstag during tho past week,
especially Count Von Bueiow's casti-
gation. Referring to the animosity of
foreign nations, he said he was well
aware that it was in some quarters
attributed to the" indiscrete oratory of
the Colonial Secretary."
What I have said, continued the
secretary, I have said. I withdraw
nothing ; I qualify nothing; I defend
nothing. As I read history, no British minister has ever served his
country faithfully and at the same
time been popular abroad. I, therefore make allowance foi foreign
criticism. I will rot follow tbe
example that has been set me. I do
not want to give lessons to a foteign
minister and I will not accept any at
his hands. I am responsible only to
my sovereign and my countrymen.
I do not denreoiate tbe importance
of the good will of the foreign nations
but there is something more important, it is the affection and confidence
of onr kinsfolk across the seas. Even
our great losses in tbe war that has
been lorced upou us, has brought in
their train one blessing of infinite and
lasting importance. That war has
enabled tbe the British empire to
find itself and has shown to all whom
it may concern that if ever again we
have to fight for our very existence
against the world in arms, we will be
supported by tho sons of Britannia,
in every quarter of the globe. How
can I, said Mr. Chamberlain, be made
responsible for what Lord Grey
has called filthy lies and what Lord
Rosebery describes as "vile, infamous
falsehoods," which have been disseminated in foreign countries without a
syllable of protest, without the
slightest interference by responsible
authorities? My opponents must find
some other scapegoat; tbey must look
further for the causes of hostility,
wbicb I do not think deserved, but
which always come to the surface
when we are in difficulty, and which
I am glad to say have never done us
serious harm.
Mr. Chamberlain said that when the
present ministry came into office it
was at a time when the country was
at peace with the world but the cabinet had to meet at least six burning
questions of international importance.
These legacies which Lord Salisbury
had to take up, included the Venezuelan boundaiy question, the Samoan
difficulty and the French position on
the Nile all of which the government
successfully grappled with and disposed of.
Our American kinsfolk, contiuued
Mr. Chamberlain, have agreed to a
treaty to enable the construction ol an
inter-ocean canal which I believe will
be of great advantage to tbe commerce
of the world, as it will be of great
advantage to the United States. I
might have included the stuggle between the Boers and Great Britain for
supremacy in South Africa, but I say
these are solid achievements io thc
oause of peace; and if we have been
unable to remove continental prejudice, which has always existed but
was never more coarsely expressed,
we bave at least been enable to settle
many substantial differences which
might have caused international
Extolling colonial patriotism, Mr.
Chamberlain said; Only a day or two
ago I read in an influential Canadian
paper an editorial which declared that
the pro-Beers in England were injuring the empire abroad and destroying
the unity which is our national safe-
This is only a sample ot the loyalty
expressed In every colony of the empire. This is a new factor in politics.
You must hereafter consult the
colonies upon every vital question of
Imperial politics.
Mr. Chamberlain concluded by paying tributes to Lord Kitchener's stern
resolution, the army's cheerful courage and Lord Milner's wise administration. .   	
Spring Will  See a Whlrl-a-
gig   of   Sporting
Feared That Smallpox May
Become Epidemic Before
London. Jan. 11.���On all sides in
the United Kigdom, extensive precautions are on foot to deal with the unprecedented outbreak of smallpox.
Tho total of smallpox cases in London
now only amounts to about 900. but
the cases are so scattered that they
create the greatest anxiety. Mediosl
men point out that the danger lies not
so muoh in the proportion to the population as in the proportion to the
usual smallpox figures of the metro-
polls whicb, generally scarcely
amount to a score per annum. Lon-
dons'laboratories are all busy turning
out lymph, thousands of tubes of
which are daily supplied. But even
then, tho demand cannot be met.
Almost all the large firms are ordering their employees to be vaccinated
aud it is doubtful if ever a city in the
history of the world contained an
manv sore aims bb London does today
Expert opinion prophesies that the
epidemic will not reach its height
until May. If the oases increase only
at tbe present ratio, and not at
double and treble the present rate, as
some people declare, there may be
several thousand smallpox victims in
London. The effect of such a state
of things "n the coronation, international business, and English trade
is almost incalculable.
Now tnat W C. Whitney's Derby
candidate Nasturtium and his stable
companion are safe at Newmarket and
the English experts have had a ohance
to see him, Nasturtium has become a
prime favorite for the Derby, sharing
with the entry . the Duke of Westminster tbe top price 6 to i against.
There is every reason to believe that
under anything like favorable training conditions the Ame'ican entry
will carry more money than any
starter in the coronation Derby. The
sporting papers devote columns to
describing Nasturtium and the bookmakers are counting on a plethora of
American money.
They are determined to make their
trans-Atlantic customers pay high for
tbeir patriotism. Seldom bas a horse
with the exception of Flying Fux,(the
Duke of Westminster's horse, which
won the Derby of 1899) which ~t.a
known to out rank all competitors,
started at Epsom with odds on, yet it
is auticipa ted that time will be Nasturtium 's penalty for fame. There is
more or less speculation as to who
will ride Nasturtium and there is
some talk tbat Mr. Whitney will seud
over a new jockey.
Second only to the interest taken in
the Derby is the anticipation regarding tbe Ascot meeting. This fashionable event, coming just a week before
coronation day,promises to be of more
or less brilliancy The fact that King
Edward has entered a number of important horses for this meeting
heightens tbe interest. With seven
sealed and four open New York
entries, out of 6 candidates for the
Ascot cup, the race cannot fall to attract Americans. Mr. Whitney is
undoubtedly responsible for one or
two of the New York entries, which
probably includes Nasturtium while
the Keenes and Mr. Crocker, have
two such entries. Tbe King is entering Lauzen. The Keenes are evidently
prepared for a vigorous English campaign, Foxhall Keene having no less
than tour entries for the Chester cup.
The papers here announce that the
coronation of King Edward will be
marked by an international athletic
tournament in London in which the
world's champions in boxing, wrestling, fencing and other branches of
sport will compete. Jeffries, Fitr-
simnions, Corbett, Sharkey and McCoy are said to be likely to appear in
addition to amateur boxers from Yale
and Harvard wbo will meet representatives of Oxford and Cambridge, One
of the largest halls in London has
already been procured. The winner
of the heavy weight boxing contest
s to receive in addition to the stakes,
a "coronation belt," valued at ��1,000,
which will be the gift of the National
Sporting Club. A tug of war between
soldiers representing the British and
American armleB is said to have been i
arranged while the strong men of
those countries ant; Franco, Germany
and Russia will also appear.
Tho Earl of Ilysart has offered
��1,000 towards the erection of a
national opera houie provided the
balance of the ��500,000, which he
believes is needed, is ruised in six
months. The carl has long been interested in this sohetio and has associated hiniselt with Profemor Stanford
and Sir Alex MaeKenzie in an endeavor to get the county council to
assist and subsidize a British home
for opera. It is doubtful whether the
earl's present effort will stimulate
inteiest in tho matter or meet with a
satisfactory response.
Salt Lake, Utah, Jan. 11.���Jimmy
Burns of Spokane knocked out "Mexican Pete"Everett in the 13th round at
the Salt Lake Athletic club last
General O'Grady Haley Compliments Canadians
Halifax, Jan, 11.���Every available
man of tbe seoond Canadian Mounted
rifles paraded yesterday afternoon.
They were all mounted and equpipod
and marched through tbe principal
streets under command of Col. Evans.
They were viewed by thousands of
spectators who lined the streets. General O'Grady-Haly viewed the parade
and in an interview afterwards, sain
they were a very fine body of men end
made a splendid appearance on the
Pittsburg, Jan. II.���In the hockey
game at Dnquesne garden tonight tbe
Keystones of this city outplayed the
Queens, ot Kingston, Ontario, winning by a score of 3 to 0.
An  Asiatic Mining   Project
Which Has Not Proved
American Captain Steamed
off With the Whole
Ottawa 1,
Jan.   11.���Shamrocks  2,
Quebec, Jan.   11.-
treal) 9, Quobecs 5.
-Victorias   (Mon-
British Men of War to Seize Revolutionary Steamer.
Willemstadt, Jan. 11.���It is report
ed here that British war vessels have
received instructions to seize Venezuelan revolutionary Bteamer Libertador
(formerly the Ban Righ) if tbey meet
her flying the British flag and bearing her original name. A steamer
said tu be the Libertador was cruising
off this island Thursday last. She
is said to have succeeded in landing
arms and ammunition all along the
coast of Venezuela, It is farther reported that numbers of guerilla bands
were moving in the Venezuelan state
of Faloonneterre,going towards designated points of concentration and
avoiding the governments. Some
Britikh war vessels are expected to
arrive at Laguayra tomorrow or the
day after.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 28.���A somewhat painful impression has been
created in interested circles by the
dissensions which brought to an end
the Riisso-Amerinan gold mining enterprise on the Russian shore of
Bearing sea last year. The following
account roaches tho correspondent of
tha Associated Press from Russian
souroes: "Von Laelerstry and Co., a
Russian concern in whicb English
and American capital is interested,
bas a concession for gold mining,
embracing 3,000 versts of shore line,
for a period of 15 years. An exploration party, composed of American
engineers, skilled miners and Chinamen was organized at San Francisco,
and last year it proceeded to Cape
Nome and from there to the Chukchee
peninsula, whenoe the Russian contingent was brought by the Russian mail
steamer Yakoat. The Russians numbered 30 men besides 30 Cossacks, the
representative of the company being
Mr. Bogdanovich. The leader of
the Americans was Captain .Iansen of
the little steamer Samoa which conveyed the American party to the supposed gold fields and wbich was used
by the entire party as headquarters in
the coast work, no permanent settlement being made. Soon after the
party landed dissensions broke out
between the Americans and Kufsians.
Mr.Bogdanovic accused the Americana
of turning the affair into a farce for
stock jobbing purposes and of hindering the Chinese laborers from working. One day when the party wax
steaming along the coast, Capt. Jan-
sen headed the Samoa out to sea and
betore the Russians fully realized
what he was about he was half way
to Cape Nome,
There he told the authorities he waB
afraid the Russians would seize the
vessel. They are said to have found
the story untrue und to have ordered
Capt. Jansen to take the Russians
back to the nearest port. He refused
to do so and an American naval officer
took possession of the Samoa and
carried the Russians to l'etropolovski.
The American party returned to San
Francisco direct from Cape Nome.
Trenton, N.J., Jan. II.���Tho United
States Light and Heat Oo , capital
$3,000,000 today filed a certificate of
incorporation. The company i-i to
furnish electricity, light and best,
especially for railways and railway
cars. Tbe incorporators, W B Irwin,
Wallace Young, John Gilbert are all
of Jersey city. The Distilling company of America, today filed a certificate amending its oharacter and decreasing its authorized capital stock
from $125,000,000 to $85,000,000. Tho
new amount !s still a little in exoess
of the company's issued capital stock.
Grand Forks, Jan. 11.���During the
two days of his week that bave
elapsed since resuming operations,thu
Granby smelter treated 1,374 tons of
ore. Total treated to date 291,17(1
tons. The making of blister copper in
one of the sets of new converters just
installed, will be commenced on
Tuesday or Wednesday. Extensive
shipments of matte from the B. C.
Hmeltar at Greenwood, and the Hull
Mines smelter at Nelson, have accumulated here.
Proposed Christening of  tbe  Keiset's
N?w Yacht hy Miss Roosevelt.
Berlin, Jan. 11.���In connection with
the proposed trip ol the Hobenzollerin
to New York, Emperor William telegraphed as follows, in English, to
President Roosevelt. "I am much
gratified by your kind permission for
Miss Rosevelt to perform the christening ceremony of my yacht. It
gives me much pleasure to announce
to you that I bave ordered my yacht
Huhenzollerin to cross over and be
present at the ceremony. My brother
Admiral Prince Beury of Prussia,will
appear as my representative and will
be able to express to you once more
my sincere feelings and friendship for
tbe United States and their illustrious
head.    (Sgd.) William, R.I."
President Roosevelt replied as follows in German: 'Your Majesty's intention to send over your yacht
Hohenzollerin to attend the christening by my daughter of your new
yacht is the source of great pleasure
andjs.atisfaotfon to me. I can assure
you a heaity welcome for yonr
brother, Admiral Prince Henry, to
whom I shall personally express my
sincere feelings of esteem for your
majesty, as well as my best wishes for
the welfare of the German people.
(Sgd.) Theodore Roosevelt."
Seattle, Jan.11.���In a 20-round boxing contest last night at the Seattle
theatre befoie 2,000 people, Dal
Hawkins was given a desision over
Perry Queenan. At the end of the 20th
round both were on their feet ready to
fight, but the referee decided that
Hawkins had the better of it. Nblson  Daily Miner,  Sun jay,  January 12, 100?
Tlie Nelson Miner
Following are the candidates lor
mayor and aldermen and inorder that
the publio may know just who they
aie voting for they are put in parallel
columns. Those in the first column
may be relied on to give the city a
first eluss.eeonomical and progressive
government, and The Miner is in
favor of their election:
The Miner Ticket
Kor Mayor
Frank Fletoher
West Ward Alderman
AM John Hamilton
Aid Harold Melon*
John Klllot
Kant Ward
Aid W O Gillett
AM J s sis is i-aturmin
W J WII��on
The Tribune Tickot
For Mayor
J A Kirkpatrick
West Ward Aldermen
Capt lie McMorris,
Tho* J Soaulon
11 W Drow
Aid J A Irving
t'lirls Morrison
Mayor   Frank   Fletcher has   issued
an   address  to   the electors and it Is
one which meets witb the  commendation of every fair-minded  man  in the
community.     In a modest manner   be
points   to   his   record durng the   past
year an expresses the   assurance   that
his candidature will bo favorably   received.    In reviewing  the policy pursued   while   in   office he  states  tbat
the      unexpected       condition       of
affairs, which be found when he   took
office, made it necessary to follow  an
economical oourse   and   at   the  same
time to carry on the  necessary   public
improvements and publio   works  and
to keep up the   other   departments  of
ths   city.     No oue   who has watched
ft>e manner in which the affairs of the
city have been   conducted during   the
year   1901 will be able to successfully
deny that they have   been managed in
a   careful,    bnsinesslike   an 1   at   the
sane   time economical and able manner.     Mr. Fletcher says the same care
will be taken during the preseut year,
if be is elected,   to make tbe expenditures of the  municipality   no   gieater
than its revenue.     Tbis  policy  will
meet with tbe lull   approbation of the
ratepayers as during the present year,
the   same as   last  year,   considerable
public improvements should be  made
with the minimum of^expenditore.
On the question of municipal ownership of public utilities there is no
uncertain ting to what Mayor J?let*
cber says and he asseverates that his
belief in the wisdom of this doctrine
has never changed. He further Bays
that the oourse in making a temponry
arrangement to provide the public
with necessary light until Ihe city is
in a position to increase its own
plant, never, for cne moment, jeopardized the city's right, or conferred
piiviliges on any outside corporation.
This is the truth regarding a transaction out of which the opponents ol
Mr. Fletcher and the aldermanic can.
didates who are supporting him have
strongly endcaovrcd to coin into political capital, bnt as it is counterfeit currency the ratepayers will have none
of it. Then, tuo, as the mayor says,
the arrangement wbich was finally
made of purchasing supplemental
power from the Tramway company
assists it In continuing its operations
aud, at the same time is a financial
benefit to the ratepayers, as the city
makes a large profit on all power purchased and sold to consumers of eleotrio light. Had the wishes of the
opponerts of leasing the power from
the Tramway company been carried
out the cars of the company
would have been compelled to cease
operation to the great injury of a
large number of residents of Nelson
who have houses adjacent to the line.
In addition to this it would have beeu
a harm to the prestige ol Nelson to
have the Tramway cease operations bb
rival cities would use the incident to
decry the town. The arrangement
finally made with the Tramway company, we think, is one that reflects
credit on both Mayor Fletcher and
the councilmen who supported it.
Although a strong effort was made
to secure the lead reflnery for the eity
by Mayor Fletcher and his colleagues
io 'he council those baring tbe
matter in hand have decided to put up
an experimental plant at Trail.
Notwithstanding this fact Mr. Fletcher pledges himself, lf.electcd, to
endeavor to keep in touch with the
parties proposing to erect a reflnery,
and perchance a refinery and smelter
in connection therewith, will bs
erected In this city and he believes
he may be Anally successful.. He is
slso in favor of se-nrmg laige rail-
wav workshops fcr the city, which
will give employment to a big force
of men at good "ages.
Another important matter which
Mr. Fletcher favors is the cultivation
of a spirit of harmony among all
classes and he promises to assist in
everything thst will perpetuate such a
condition, This is a policy which
should be strongly promoted, as a
deposition has been shown by certain
parties to nrrav class against class.
A house divided against itself is sure
to fall and if Nelson is constantly
torn by internal dissensions it cannot
hope to be the great city wbich is
splendid geographical position and
tbe wealth of resources with whioh it
is surrounded naturally entitle it to
In conolusion be shows that he is
a friend of the workingman aa he
pledges himself to favor the present
rate of wages.
Altogether it is a atrong platform
and one on which a large majority of
the electors of the city can stand, as
it favors an economical administration of municipal affairs, the protection of publio utilities, the securing
for Nelson of a lead refloery, a amel*
ter and railway shops, tbe maintenance of preseut wages,harmony among
the residents of Nelson, and the upbuilding of the oity. With Mayor Fletcher
and his supporting aldermanic candidates standing un so good a platform
tnereshould be no doubt about their
s election by a large majority.
Mr. Kirkatrlck's platform ia evidently abjut as follows: "I pledge
myself, if elected, to do exactly as
the Tribune tells me to."
The supporters of John A. Klrk-
pattick are resorting to doubtful devices in order to bolster np a weak
cause. Tbey are endeavoring to create
distrust among Mr. Fletcher s supporters and hope by dividing to conquer. One of Mr. Kirkpatrick's sup*
P'-neis yesterday approached Captain
Paterson, candidate tor re-election as
alderman, and asked him if he knew
tnatMayor Fletoher was sacrificing him
in order to secure his own election.
Captain Paterson, wbo knew.that the
charge was not true replied that he
did not believo the statement made as
be knew to a certainty that Mayor
Fletcher is working as energetically
for the election of tbe candidates for
aldermen wbo are supporting him as
be is for himself. The Kirkpatrick
man then said that he thought he was
not doing wrong in warning Captain
The charge made is too Billy to be
considerd, for Mayor Fletcher would
scarcely desire to be elected unless he
could have aldermen in sympathy
with bis very excellent policy to aid
him in carrying it out. All his supporting aldermen must, therefore, be
elected, notwithstanding the peculiar
tactics which have been adopted by
the friends of the Kirkpatrick candidates.
Alter January 16th Mr. J. A. Kirk
Patrick will again "go 'way back and
sit down."
Tbe Tribune's silent candidate" has
at last made a speech. He asked a
couple of the boys to have Bone re-
Perhaps the Tribune
him   to   make   longer
fresh ments.
has forbidden
A rally of the friends of Frank
Fletcher, John Hamilton, Harold
Selous, John Elliot, W. G Gillett,
John Paterson and W. J. Wilson will
be held on Monday evening [in tbe
opeia house. Tbe issues of the campaign will be fully discussed by the
candidates and tbeir friends. It
promises to be tbe liveliest meeting of
the campaign. The public is cordially
invited to be present.
The Tribune says that the people of
Nelson had confidence enough in its
editor to make him mayor three times
and thiB fact has perhaps made bim
egostical and it ia feared has swollen
hiB head. In order that his head may
be reduced to its normal size there is
to be a change and it now looks as
though the people are going to turn
his candidate down by a large majority. They will not let him be mayor
for the fourth time by electing Mr.
The supporters of John A. Kirkpatrick seem to be unwilling to back
their faith in his election with coin of
the realm. One of the stiongest sup-
porers of Mr. Kirpkattrick offered to
bet $200 that he would be elected. A
friend of Mr. Fletcher, who was present, offered to take bim up, but when
pressed the Kirkpatri<k man refused
to bet unless the Fletoher backer
would give such odds as a majority
of three-quarters in favor of Mr.
Fletcher. This shows tbat the hope of
electing Mr. Kirkpatrick is nut very
strong among his closest friends.
A Bauer street business man yesterday remarked, when commenting on
a letter published in yesterday's
Miner regarding tho employment of a
Chinese by the editor of the Tribune
to cut his household wood, that he
supposed he would try to blame some
one else for it, as be did when thc
articles appeared in the Tribune last
summer during the strike of the trackmen on the C. P. R. The articles
were said by the editor to have been
in the paper through the fault of the
night editor who wickedly took advantage of hia absence and Inserted
them. Cf course, be knew nothing
about them until his attention was
called to them.
"I wonld cough nearly all night
lohg." writes Mrs. Charles Applegate,
oi Alexandria, In., "aud oould hardly |
Dainties in Fine Groceries,
Dainties in Imported Sweets,
Dainties  in   Finest  Biscuits,
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In Everything to Eat and  Drink.
The Hudson's Bay Stores
have added to their stock of Hardware a full stock of
Portland  Cement,  Fire Clay,   Scotch  Fire  Brick.
and have taken the agency for
Wilkin's & Co.'s Celebrated English Steel Wire Rope
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Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
Therejb] nothing like Asthmalene.   It
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It cures when all else fails.
The Rev. 0. P. WELLS, o Villa Ridge,
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saw your advertisement for tbe cure of
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To my astonishment the trial acted like a
charm.    S��nd me a full size bottle.
Rev, Dr. Morris Wechtler.
Rabbi ot thn Gong. Bnai Israel,
New York, Jan, 3,1901
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excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its oomposition alleviates all
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Its success is astonishing and wonderf uL
After having it carefully analyzed, we can state that Asthmalene contains
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Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1001.
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My wife oommenced taking it about the first of November. I very soon noticed
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Yours rcspeotfully, 0. D. PHELPS, M. D.
Db. Taft Bbos, Medicine Co, Feb. 5,190L
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Home address, 235 Rivington street. S. RAPHAEL,
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Do not delay.   Write at once, addressing DR.  TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
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get any sleep. I had consumption so
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Ranges . .
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Lawrence Hardware
"Jibe IRo^al Bank of Canaba
capital  Authorized,
Incorporated 1869.
���W.ooo.aoo.oa | capital raid-aa,
������ard of Director.     Thoruaa E. Kenny,  President;  Thomas Ritohie. Vice. Presl dent
iWiley Smith. H. G. Bauld, Hon. David Miwkeen.
Head Ofln, Halifax,
Uenoral Manager, Kdton L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Socrotary, W. B. Torranoe, Hallfa*.
Branches i
Nova   Seotla-Halttax   Branch,  Antlgoni��h
Bridgewater, Oujaboro. Londonderry, Lu -
onburg. Maitland (Hunt* Co.), Piotou, Port
Ha wkiwbury, Sydney, 8hrabeaaoatUe,Truro,
.low    llrunswlck ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,
Fredericton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton. Newcastle, Sackville, St, Johu.Woodstock-
P. B. Inland���Charlottetown, Snmnrerslde,
Uaebee���Montreal,   (Oity
West End (Cor.jNotn
Offloe),    Montrea
  _ otro   Dame and Seigneurs Streets1; Westmount (Cor. Greene
Avenue and St. Catharines Street.
NewfoaadlaBd-St. John's.
Caba, West ladles���Havana.
Halted atates-Now York (16 Kicta. nge Plaoe
Repnblio, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vanconver East End, Victoria.
ttuaada-Merohants Bank or Canada.   Boetoa-NaUonal Shawmut Bank.   aneago-IUlnom
^k_.    -il^f* _t*'__?_&_**'l'a^FiI,'t National Bank.   Loadoa,   taJf-Bankof
Scotland,   r*rl��, Fraaee���Credit Lyonnals.   Bermuda��� Bank ot Rarmnaa:   ihin. ...u.
wm-Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking ^r^^_a^___V^_mS_Uoo"S__f
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bough
and Sold, Litters of Credit, Etc, Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on roecia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John. N. B.
* Ionian (now) Jan. 11
Lake Superior Jan. 17
���Tunisian (new) Jan, 18
Grath Castle Jan. 31
* Corinthian Jan. 24
'Theae steamers leave Halifax two days later
FromjPortland, Me.
Dominion ]reb, ]
_   , From New York
SSSteS Jan 8
Teutonic Jan   a
g"��nta. Jan 11
St. Louis janl5
Germanic    Jau 16
Ktruria  Jnn is
Philadelphia ��.:...M....aBr*8
Ivernla.  Jan 25
ConUnen'al sailings of French. North German Lloyd, H. A. P. and Italian Lines on ao-
plication. v
RATEfU-Soloon fares fOM, and upwards
Second ��35 and upwards according to steamer
a-d location of berth. 8tee��age quoted on application. Prepaid pa��8agof from England and
tie continent at lowest rates. ���B*�������na
City Agt.. Nelson.     Gen. Agent. Winnipeg.
Windermere Mines.  Oo-TUpondeneOoiloU
W,N11RRMF.PK. B.  _.
The Leading OaDadian Whisky-Try It
To be had wholesale in bulk,
2, 4 and 7 years old.  In cases
'83 and STAR
from the warehouse in Nel so
R. F* Eithet & Co*. Limited
ENFIELD will sell the
balance of her
A*  33*   CrX\.A.Y RoprosontaUv
P. 0. Box 621       *      Nelson
Be  sure arid get (he genuine   BENNETT'S GOTTA PERCHA POSE.not
something that looks   like   It.    Laurence Hardware Co., Agents. ���hi
Nelson   Daily Miner,  Sun. ay January 12, 1902
French Minister to Present Credential!
to Chinese Court Shortly.
Vekin, Jan. 11.���The indications
point to a satisfactory settlement ot
the French claims in time to permit
M. Beau, the French minister here to
present his credentials iu company
wlth his clleagues at the flrst. audience, a few days hence.
The lorelgn ministers, at a meeting
today, settled the details of the audience" Doyen, of the diplomatic corps,
was instructed to insuie observance of
the stipulations of the protocol In all
the arrangements. Otherwise the minister will not attend. In the government's present temper, the agreement
will undoubtedly be observed.
The general audienoe of the diplomatic corps occurs the day a'ter tbe
presentation of thc new ministers. All
the officials including the commanders
ot the legations will attend this ceremony. All the ladies of corresponding ranks will attend the dowager
empress' receptions ar.d will take
their children with tbem at the
dowager empress' request. Considerable progress has been made in the
allotment of the indemnity. The
governments return, with the exception of the British and Japanese have
consented to  pro rata reduction.
Wc use special care in purchasing perfumes and
only the bent ie secured. Adrnpor our porhuncl
is equal to thc Ecent of a bouquet of flowers. All
lovers of good extracts will appreciate our Judgment ana discriin int.. lion. Any quantity Irom a
half ounce to a pound,
We have in stock a large line of
Frn-Sat Kln<y ChnmolsVestaforMenana'
a iwji ixiug BoyK.maduufchamoisllned
with llauncl.
Prncl OilPfMi Chamois Vests for Women
riwv VUCCI1 and Girls, madoofenamoii
covered with French flannel.
If you want to make a Xmas gift that will be a
source of comfort, measure, and u guard to health,
these aro the ptoikt things.   Price. $3.00.
Children's sizes, $2.00.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Left Victoria on   Dee.   2nd   and   Has
Not Reached Honolulu.
Victoria, Jan. 11.���There is grave
anxiety here for the sloop of war
Condor which left Esquimalt on tne
morning of December 2nd for Honolulu. Advices dated at Honolulu,
Jan. 3rd and reoeived via San Fran-
ciso, contain the infermaton that the
vessel had not reached that port
then. It was on tne evening of the
day on which she left that thc big
storm ocourred causing the wreck of
the Mattewan. It is possible that she
may huve run short of ooal and is
sailing down but even at that she is
making a long passage as the bark
Ilesper. whieh put into Honolulu in
distress left here but two days before
the sloop of war. If no news is received of her by the Monna due from
Honolulu on Jan. 22nd, H. M. S.
Phaeton will be sent out to look for
The quarantined passengers of the
steamer Rosalie were released today.
The steamer Skagit has commenced
carrying ore from the Hayes mine on
Alberni canal to the   Taooma smelter.
The full court ot British Columbia
has affirmed the judgment of Mr. Justice Drake sentencing Elder Brookes,
of the Christian Catholic church in
/.ion. to three months' imprisonment
for counselling one of this adherents
nut to engage a doctor when his chil
dren wero suffering irom diphtheria
It is thought tbat this will drive
Dowie's little bands out of tbe prov.
New York, Jan. II.���file shell
plating on the steel schooner yacht in
course of oonstrnotion at Shooter
island, N.Y., for the Emperor of Germany is being pushed rapidly. From
present progress the yacht should be
ready for launching about February
2Cth. During the coming week Wallace Downey, president of tbe Town-
send and Downey Shipbuilding com*
any, will visit Washington to arrange
a launching date, to*meet the convenience of Miss Roosevelt, who will
christen the new yacht and Mr.
Downey will also probably consult
with the German attache at Washington regarding the launching.
Chicago   to   Have   Greatest   Athletes
Event in History,
Chicago, III, Jan. IV,���-Information has been received from abroad
that an inquiry has been made regarding the possibility of including in the
exposition of sporting equipment and
apparatus, an exhibiton of hounds
and hunting horses and there is reason to believe that the management
will be able to make this an attractive feature of the games. A stadium
which will seat 75,000 people and
whieh in point of side, elegance and
excellence of arrangement will probably exceed any other building ever
erected for a similar purpose, is outlined in a set of preliminary plans
just placed in the hands of Mr. Harry
J. Furber, Jr., president of the
Olympian games association.
The structure, it is asserted, will
house the Olvmpia games to be held
in Chicago in 1UU4. The building will
cover approximately 11 acres the area
alone being 800 feet long and 130 feet
wide. The stadium at Athens where
the Olympian games were held in 1800
was but 070 feet long and 100 feet
wide. The stadium at Athens seated
between 45,000 and 50,000 persons.
The plana for the Chicago stadium
provided for more than 75,000 seats in
case they may be neessary on the dnys
when thero will be special attractions
���at the-games.
The games of 1904, it is predicted
will be greater than any every held
befoie at any period in history.
Athletics have advanced with the arts
and sciences and where the ancient
Greeks had but u few tests of strength
and endurance, there nre now scores.
The ancient sports will be reproduced
in Chicago but the modern games of
all nations will doubtless attract
greater attention. There will be the
old Greek foot races and wrestling
and the Egpytian chariot racing, but
also modem fencing, boxing, wild
cowboy racing, everything in fact
except mediaeval jousting. The ath-
letio end of the games will be under
the direction of William Hale Thompson and A. Q, Spalding. The former's
duties will be to round up every sport
in the globe and Mr. Spalding is to
select trie contests which are to make
up the programme for the month.
Berlin, Jan. 11.���The Supreme mill
tary tribunal bas annulled the two
previous judgments of the military
court in tlie case of Sargeant Hikel
and Sergeant Maten, charged with
murdering Capt. Kroaili of the Prussian cavalry, and has referred the
case to the court of appeals. At tbis
first trial of the alleged murders
April last, both men were aquitted
but new evidence having been discovered, they were again placed on
trial the result tbis time being that
Hikel was aquitted and Marten sentenced to death.
Advertisement Inserted under this bead at
the rate of one ou.it a word per Insertion. No
advertiHemont taken (or less than 36 oents.
Situation Wanted advertisements Inserted
three tunes free of charge.
TO LET���Comfortably furnished   bedroom   with use of bath, on Victoria
street opposite Phair Hotel.    Address,
M. K., Miner office.
FOR SALE���A bargain; 4-roomed
house, stoves, tables, chairs, bed,
etc.; stable,chicken houses and fenced
gulden. South of smelter. Price $225.
Apply H. and M. Bird.
FLAT for rent over Lester's grocery
store on Water street (opposite hospital). Three bright, pleasant rooms
and ccHpiete bath roum, hot and cold
water, ess range, etc Rent very
low.   Apply to E. B. McDurmid.
FOR     BALE.���One     heavy    draught
team, apply to J. A. Sayward
FIRST   CLASS   room   and   board   in
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply   on   Silioa st.-eet,   second   door
west of Ward.
| Apply to Mrs F. J. Sqnires, Room
40, K. W. O. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 465. Phone 278.
Wanted.���Maebine-drill sharpeners.
Men for railroad.
WANTED���Work cutting and packing
wood. $1.50 for cutting and packing
per cord.     I need the work.    Address
John Roche, tbis office.
WANTED.���Men and  women   wanted
to work   at   home.       Good   wages.
Write   Glssgow     Woollen    company,
Dept. C, Toronto
desires     position    as
stenographer in general
-Capable man
office   or out
side work; thoroughly reliable,
drens G. M. S., Box 549, Nelson,
WANTED.--A     reliable    rurse-muid
apply   between   10   and   12 a. m   to
Mrs. D. R. Young, Silica street, opposite Methodist church.
HELP of all kinds wanted and
furnished. Western Canadian Em-
ployment Agency. Large warehouse
lor storage; call at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward sleet.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job. Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C.     A.
Guthrie Sc Co.
to   Loan   on   Improved
Estate at 8 per oent.
For Rent.���Office. Baker street, $15;
5-room   cottage, $15;  4-room  cottage,
Vernon Btreet, 810; 0-room bouse, Vernon street, $25.
For Sale���Ranch, 12 miles fiom
Nelson ; 2 lots Observatory street, 8450
-room house, $2,100.
Russia's Reply in Question of  Sealers
Reaches Washington.
Washington, Jan. 11.���The State
department has reueived a copy of the
sub-rejoinder of the Russian government to it last brief in the arbitration
of the claims of American sealers
growing out of the seizure of vessels
owned by them in the waters of
Asiatic Russia amounting in value to
about half a million dollars. The
Russian brief, though extremely ingenious in the view of officials, is
based entirely upon a plea already
contravened by the United States,
namely that the seizures by Russia
were justified. Tho United States will
make no response to the Russian
Los Angeles, Jul., Jan. 11.���Al Neil
of San Francisco was given the deci-
ison over Mike Donovan at tbe end of
the 20th round last night.
11.���W. W. B. Mo-
Victoria,   Jan.
Innes has not yet been
minister of mines.
sworn   in  as
London, Jan. 11.���Tbe manager of
one of the large trans-Atlantie lines
was asked by a representative of the
Associated Press today if he expected
an unusual number of Americans to
be present in London at tne time of
the coronation of King Edward. He
said: "No. By May, I fear we shall
bave such a smallpox scare and epidemic that London will be iu quarantine when King Edward is crowned."
New York
via Soo Line, Ht
and all U. S
San Francisco
Paul, Ohioago
, points.
DJ. KOBKKTSON Sc CO.-Next door la
���   the new Post Otlice Building, Vernon
Hi., Nelsou.   Day 'phone __ Night 'phone 207.
J_\ N. M.Cummins, Lessee���Kvery knowi:
varioty of soft drinks. 1' O Box 88. Telephon
No. 31. lluov'er Htroet, Nelsou. Bottlers of th
famous, til. Leon Uot Hprings Mineral Water
A    MACDONALD   & Co.-Uornor  Fron
���   and Hall Utreets���Wholesale grocer
and jobbers in blankots, gloves, mitL
rubbers, maokinaws and miners' aundri
P  BURNS Sc Co.-Baker Street, Nelson-
.   Wholesale dealers in Cresh a d oared
meats.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale dea
ers in fresh and cured meats.
Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale dealars lr
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. BakerStreet Nelson,
B. ''..-- iJevei's iu general harhware,
mining supplies, glass, pants, Portland Cement, lire ilay and Scotch lire brick. Agonts
for Wllkinsand Co.'s celebrated steel wire rope
_7t paints, oils and glass: mechanics tools
Agents for Ontario Powder Works; Ofnamite
TURNER, BEETON Sc Co.-Corner Vernon
and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whcle
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDBON'S BAY Co.���Wholesale otooerie
and liquors etc., llakor Street, Nolaon.
Oilleo cornor Hall and Front Streets
Nolson���Lumber, ooiling, flooring*, and every
thing tn wood for building purposes. Get om
pricoK.   Correspondence solicited.
J     A.   MDONALD,   wholesale  and retail
���   Confectioner,  The largest stock of Con
fecUonery in the Kootenays.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
J* 0. GWILLIM, B*, Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre* Nelson. B. C
London,   Jan.   11.���A   dispatch   to
the   Central   News from Hong   Kong
savs   that   the   foreign   consuls
��� The Liver
{Is Seldom
: Healthy
While Coffee  is  the
daily drink.
Chinese authorities there today signed
a draft of the provision for the administration of the new international
settlement on Kuangsu lslana, opposite Amoy.
"I stuck to ray engine, although
every joint ached and every nerve was
racked with pain," writes 0. W.
Bellamy, a locomotive fireman, of
Burlington, la., "1 was weak and
pale, without any appetite and all run
down. As I was about to give up 1
got a bottle of Electric Bitters and,
after taking it, I lelt as well as I ever
did iD my life." Weak, sickly run
down people always g��m new life,
strength and vigor from their use.
I Xiy them. Satisfaction guaranteed by
���Canada Drug and Book Co. -Pride ��Oo.
Tourist Sleeper Service
__) A C"T*      Lv Revelstoke Wed-
LAo l asa&Bf;Friday and
Lv. Dunmore Jot. Monday, Thursday and Satnrdav.
Lv. Kootenay Ldg. Friday, St. Paul,
Toronto, Montreal and Boston
Leave     Revelstoke
Mondav,   Wednesday
and  Saturday, Van
couver, Seattle, Ooast
VANCOUVER to Alaska, Hawaii
China, Japan, Australia,
Through bookings to Europe, via At
lantlo Line
Prepaid tickets from all points at
lowest rates     	
For berths, time tables, Ta tea and full
Information apply to.
, _. Oarthr,
Dis. Pass. Agt.
B. 3. Ootlh
A. G. P. A.
Suffrred Since HU Birth and Found Help Only
Through Clarke's Kola Compound.   Now
Frfo From Asthma.
Mr. Robert S. Taylor, New Westminster, B.
C   writes' "I  havo boon ft constant sunerer
from bronchial asthma slnco my birth, 25 year;
ago.   I have tried every remedy oyer hoard or
for this troublo and spent hundreds of do liars
with doctors,but to no purpose,   nis,ii:,.,s hsiiss
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Me
chanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full oarticulars.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
turn ******** Mfr-a
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kasl.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan Citj
Orders by mall to at.- branch will have careful and nrora��t attcatiom.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which I* Amalgamates1
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   82,0O0,0u<);
Aggregate Resources Over 805,000,000.
BON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. B. WALKER, General Manager.
London Office: oo Lombard Street,  B. C.
New York Office; 16 Eichange Place.
And 68 branches in Canada and thu Jolted States, Including!
Hltri'1811 COLUMBIA
Atlin Gbkenwood Nklson Sandon
Ohanmiook        Kami/tops New Wkhtminbtih   Vanoouveb
Fernie Nanaimo Rossland Viotoiua
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson ant> White Hohse.
UNITED STATES���New Yohk, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland. Skaoway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.  Present Bate 8 Per Cant
Nelson Branch. GBA.ME V. HOLT, Manager.
Civil Engineers and Provincial  Land
Cor. Kootenay & Victoria sts. Nelson
P. O. Box' 145 Telephone 283
Corporation of the Oity of
Brewers of Fine Laget
Beer and Porter.
auwo   V. O.
CALL on thi
and   try  a boUle.a  docon,  or a  barrel  of
CALGARY  BEER aa lt la the beet and
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1.00 to $1.50 per day. First
class Meals, 25c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Box 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria .St., Nelson.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office tobonto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgages
Apply to Q. L. UBNNOX.  Bak��  Bt.
Compound fi tho only remedy that over gavo;
me any permanent roller.   I hi
me any pornii--- .
much In weight slnco being cur
nvo alno gained
��� ,��� ���,.���.,.  n..jred. lean honestly rocommond It to uny unfortunate Hiifforcr
from aBthma." All druggiatu joll Clarke ��� Kola
Comtjouud, or write thc Griffiths and Macpher
son Co., Limited/Toronto.
Fm sale by 3. H.Tan��u>ne, Nolson. B, O
Finest and Best Bar In the City.
The best Brands ol Liquors
and Cigars.
On the American or European Plan
Tho  IlonlRurant is In ohargo of CHBF
MORitl-iSKY, well known nsa Bloward ot
the boat* on the Columbia River.
JOSEPH HARWOOD.   -   Proprietor
Public notice is hereby given to the
electors of tbe Municipality of the
City ot'Nelson that 1 require the presence of the said Electors in the
Council Chamber at the City office on
Josephine street in the Oity of Nelson,
on Monday the 13th day of January,
1002, at' VI o'clock noon, ltr the purpose of electing persons to represent
them in the Municipal Council as
Mayor anrl Aldermen and for the further purpose of electing persons to
represent them in the Hoard of School
Trustees for the City of   Nelsou.
The nomination of candidates shall
be as follows: The candidates shall be
nominated in writing. The writ ng
ohall be subscribed by two voters of
the Municipality as proposer and
eeoondei and shall be delivered to the
returning officer at any time between
the date of the notice and 2 p. in. of
the day of the nomination and in tbe
event of a. poll being   necessary,   such
Soil will be opened on the liil.li day of
anuiry, 11102, between the hours of 8
o'clock a.m. and 4 p. m., for tbe East
Ward at the Police office on the East
Side of Josephine Street, between
Victoria and Baker streets and for thc
West Ward at the office of Ward
Brothers, on the North side of Baker
Street between Stanley and Kooteuav
streets, of which every person is
hereby required to take notice and
govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Mayor, shall
bo such persons as are male British
Bubjects, of the full age of twenty-one
(21) years and who are not disqualified under any law and who have
been lor the six (6) months next preceding the day of nomination, the
registered owner in the Land Registry
oflice, of land or real property in the
City of Nelson, of the assessed value
on the last Municipal Assessment roll
of $1,000.00 or more, ovei and above
any registered encumbrance or charge
and wbo are otherwise duly qualified
as Municipal voters.
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected as Aldermen of the City
of Nelson, shall be such persons as arc
male British subjects of the full age
of twenty-one (2i) years and who are
not disqualified under any law and
who have been for the six (6) months
next preceding the day of nomination,
the registered owner in the Land
Registry office of land or real property
lc the City ol Nelson, of the assessed
value on the last Municipal Assessment rollol $B0o.00 or more, over and
anovo any registered encumbrance or
charge and who are otherwise qualified as Municipal voters.
Tlie persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as School
Trustees of the City of Nelson, are
snch persons as are householders in
the School District of the City of
Nelson, who are British subjects of
the full age of twenty-one (21)
years and wbo are qualified by the
Public Schools Act to vote at an election of Scnool Trustees in the School
District of the City of Nelson.
Given under my hand at   A'elson, B.
0i, the 3rd day of January, 1002.
Returning Officer.
the    market
������RANK  A. TAMBLYN. M.
Telephone 93 Bakor
Alno  try  on��
1    OtGARS.
Kootenay Street.
P. O.
Next Oddfellows'Ha
BOX 633.
Pa L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral   '���>J**��e ��nd mines smveyed
Concentrator For Sale Cheap
The plant now contained In the
buildings tt Thunder Hill, Upper
Columbia lake, consisting of oue 50
ton concentrator, complete, with
engine, boilers, etc. For further particulars aply to A.S. INNIS. Viotoria.
Kootenay Railway and
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quickest route to the east and ftfl
points on t-he O. It. Be N. and Northern V*
cifle Kitiiwjiyn in VVaftbinirwii, Oregon And
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan By*
SfDO a. in. Lv.
10:45 p.m. Ar.
Ar. .-�� p. m
Lv. IM p. ra
Int Nav* & Trading*Co*
Sf.'fi p. m. Lv. Nelson Ar. 11:00a. n
8:10 p. in. Ar. Kaslo Lv. 7:00 a. m
Connecting at Five Mile Point with Nelaon
& Fort "hoppard Railway both to and. tram
Kossuvml, eto.
At the request of a number of ratepayers who are interested iu school
matters, I have decided to be a candidate for Sthool Trnsteo at the coming
election. J. E. ANNABLE.
Are you in   want?   If   you are, tel.
)he people, through  The  Miner want
column, what  yon are   la  wast  of I
You'll get It, 1
I hereby announce myself ns a   candidate   for   Alderman   'or   the    East
Ward at tbe coming civic election.
Nelson, B.C., Jan. 7., 1803.
Tickets sold to all parts in United State, and
'anada via Great Northern and O. It. ft N
fo.'ss lines'.
Ooean HteamHhlp tioketa and - rates vl  a
linos will bo furnished on application.
M��n��m*r. Kaalo.B, O
TAORABUBT Airont. Nelnon  B. O.
i  ���
West Transfer Go.
Goal sEWood
Fir and Tamarac
ways on hand.
Ml Kinds of Teaming and;
Commission Work*
Oflice on   Balm- Street, Tel
N. E. T. CD.
BOniJSTOWN-7:00 a.  m., 7:40,
etc.. being1 odd hour and  40
utes   jiiist    and   even   20   minutes
past.    Last car 10:15 p.m.
STANLEY ST.���0:45 a. m., 7:20, 8:00,
8:40, D;20, etc., being even hour
and 40 minutes past, and odd 20
minutes past.    Las*, oar 10:30 p.m.
! (
'   ��� Nblson Daily Miner Sundvy, January i2, 190*
There are  a  few      D. Wilson, public school   inspector.
Typewriters     things that should   returned on Friday   night from a trip
be inflated on   by   to     Victoria   where     he   spent    the
tbe   buyer of a   tpyewriter.    First,   it  holidays,
should   be   made of the best   material
so that it can stand the wear and tear
and last fur a reasonable time without
having to bo rebuilt. Secondly, it
should huve as few parts as possible.
In this ago we nil avoid complicated
machinery, simplicity is tbe rule in
mechanical engineering. Thirdly,
insist on invesiigating the merits ol
our three machines���the Empire at
fOO.OO built on exclusively its own
design; tbe Manhattan at |90.00,exact
duplicate ol the Remington ; the New
Century at tUis.OO,
Show F-oom for Mason Sc Risch pianos
Mrs. F. W. l'ettit and son have returned from a prolonged visit to relatives in Victoria.
V. D. Dods. representing the Royal
Soap company, of Winnipeg, is stopping at tbe Hume.
Arrangements are Velng made to
have a game of hockey played a week
from Monday between the senior
Nelson team and a team from Sandon,
at the Tramway rink.
O. W. Taylor, wbo was identified
with the Joker mine, moved into the
house at the corner of Lake and Cedar
streets which lie purchased from
Captain Hayward some months ago.
Tbe Knslo jesterday brought in two
cars of Rambler-Cariboo ore for tho
Helby smelter at San Francisco, one
car ol Surprise ore for the Everett,
and one car of Snnset ore for Trail.
The pastor will conduct both morning and evening services at the Baptist church today. A cordial invitation is extended to everybody.
Strangers iu the city especially
W. H. Ilullock-Webster returned
yesterday from Kaslo where he had
been conducting the prosecuting of
J, Milne, who was accused of maintaining a gambling table at his hotel
at the seoond crossing of the Lardo
river. Tho prisoner was found guilty
nnd fined $20 and costs.
Tonight at Emmanuol church Rev.
Wm. Munroe will preach on The
Coming I'eoplo. The music for the
service will be: Anthem, He Shall
Lead His Flock, (llgden); solo and
mixed quartette, Great Jehovah, God
ol Nations, (Emerson). A cordial invitation is extended to everyone.
There is to be a general meeting of
those interested in the project of
establishing a branch of the Young
Men's Christian association in Nelson
at the Congregational church on Wednesday evening next, when it is hoped
that there will be a large attendance.
The committee who have had the matter in hand will present their report,
which is said to be encournging as
regards starting the association.
At the social which is to bo given
on Monday evening nt the Fraternity
hall for the purpose of welcoming
Rev. F, H. Urnhnra, the new rector
for St. Savior's church, the following
Nelson amateurs have kindly volunteered to give sslections during thc
evening. Mesdames 1. 3. Campbell,
E. MoLeod. and B. W. Hannington,
Miss Iola Heunett, and Messrs. John
Lochore, W. A. Jowett, R. M. Macdonald and R. Thompson. The ladies
of the congregation who wish to provide refieshments will kindly have
them sent to Fraternity hall on Monday afternoon.
Ladles are often accused of being
over-oaiticular in matters of dress,
and an incident that occurred at thc
Opera House at the Vaudeville performance wonld appear to show that
the accusation is sometimes merited.
A lady in a blue dress occupied a seat
and another lady coming in to occupy
the adjoining seat discovered lo her
dismay that the other's dress was ol
a shade that contrasted very unfavorably with ber own. She stcud or
rather sat it for some time, but finally
the services of un obliging usher wero
called into recjiiisitiun and nn exchange of seats was effected wiib a
lady in a brjwn dress, who had been
sitting between twn*in black.
It has been arranged to continue the
services of tbo week of prayer duiing
the coming week in the same order as
those already held. Beginning with
Monday evening the programme will
be: Monday evening, at the Mctho-
I  it church, address by Ensign   Hcottf
The scr.ices in tho Methodist church
today will be conducted by the pastor.
The subject for the evening sermon
will be, Wbat Must I do to Be  Saved.
The Vaudeville entertainment was
repeated to a delighted audience last
night in the opera house when all the
numbers were given with the marked
ability which distinguished the first
production. Those who took part are
to be congratulated on tbe success
they have Bcorcd.
J, B. Easton, representing thc Bar
ker and Ellis company, wholesale
paper dealers, of Toronto, arrived
liiit evening on his usual trip to
llritish Columbia. Tbe business ol
this house hns increased to suoh a
degree in the west tbat now Mr.
Easton devotes his entire time to tho
country west of tbe great lakes.
Yesterday Captain Vatorson was approached by one of the workers of tbe
Houston faction and told that he had
been dropped by the leaders ol the
ticket supporting Mayor Fletcher,
who were trying to trade votes for
him. However, the captain knew
enough of the dodges employed by the
Houston men to estimate tbo information from his sympathetic opponent at
its proper worth, and told bim so.
The Trimnm once stated that
"l'olitics is business reduced to a
practical science," and tbe proprietor
evidently believes in carrying out the
Owing to the lew stage of water in
the lake the Kaslo had to tie up out
side the Kokanee yesterday and have
the freight taken through the latter
boat from the wharf. A short time
after the Kaslo tied up the Moyie
came along and had to tie up ontsidq
the Kaslo again. The Kaslo Is considerably higher than the Kokanee,
the lower deck of whieh is considerably below the level of the wharf, and
the Moyie is also somewhat lower
than the Kaslo. The effect of this
was tbat to pass from the Moyie to
the wharf the passengers and baggage
had to be taken over a regular switchback walk ol gang planks.
Yesterday's frost had a beneficial
effect npon the ice at the rink though
it is not jet ready for use. It is expected that it will be by Monday
night when the ties in tbe Bunyan
competition will be continued. Tbe
following is the schedule for the first
round of tit a not yet complete!
OurlreB are reminded tbat by the new
rules recently adopted If they are not
ou hand at the appointed time or bave
not arranged for a substitute game
that they will default: Monday,
Forin vs. Stocks, McLaughlin vs.
Lillie; Tuesday, Starkey vs Walley,
Turner vs. Maeleod; Wednesday,
Tamblyn vs. Wallace, Pox vs. La-
mont; Thursday, Hodge vs. Oarrie.
Porter, the United States ambassador,
presided here today at the second
meeting of the American residents,
called to raise a fund to erect a statue
in honor of tbe late President McKinley. It was decided to issue an
appeal for subscriptions which will
be posted in the United .States consulates, in the American banks and in
the other American houses.
6lo watch Sale
Saratoga, Jan. 11.���Mrs. Julia
Selby has been g anted a divorce from
her husband, Norman Selby (Kid
McCoy) pugilist, now in London.
Tbe plaintiff resumes her maiden
name, Julia Woodruff.
It Will Be Held at The Opera House
on Monday Evening.
A meeting of the supporters of
Frank Fletcher and of the aldermanic
candidates who will support him will
be held in the Opera House on Monday evening. Candidate J. A . Kirkpatriok is invited to attend in order
that he may discuss the issues of tbe
day with his opponent. The publio is
cordially invited to attend.
Ottawa, Kans., Jan. 11.���John
Booth, an old .nan, was murdered
Bonne time last night, and his body
was thrown Into a well on the
premises of Mrs. McCoy, a block fiom
bis home. Booth's skull had been
crushed with an a\c nnd the body put
into the well bead downward. Clrts
of blood and a bloody axe were lound
near tne well and what appeared to
be a blood stain was found on the
kitchen floor of the McCoy house.
Mrs. McCoy and a daughter have been
placed under arrest. They say they
know nothing about the murder and
that Booth was not at their honse last
night. The Kansas City authorities
nave been notified to arrest another
daughter wbo is believed to nave left
for tbe city on an early train. Booth
received $100 yesterday. His pockets
had been rifled.
Stops the Cough
and Works off the (fold.
Laxative Biomo-Quinlne Tablet* core   acold
n one day.   Ho Cure, no Pay.  Price 25 co nU
Alick Pitt, says the Lardeau Eagle,
bas just returned from the Fish
creek camp, Lardeau, where he has
contract for thc Wide West company
of Lima, Ohio J. C. Murray, the B
0. representative, reports that the
tunnel, which is in over 350 feet has
opened np three very nice leads.
The Silver Cup Mining Co. is keep
ing the teamsters hauling ore to Trout
Lake. Andy Daney who has the contract for teaming this ore has several
teams on the road. ,
It is reported that Mr. McCarter and
associates bave taken up the Big Bend
mica claims. The Era reports Sl.000
has been paid down, and an option
taken subject to examination. The
original owners retain an interest.
Associated with Mr. McCarter are
Messrs. Kilpatrick, Klncaid and
Development work is progressing
va pi 11 y on the Nettie L. The raise
is now up 100 feet with about eighty
feet to go. Two shifts arc working in
the raise and punching it through at
about two feet every 34 hours. The
air in the mine is very good. They
are sacking about two tons of ore
daily and only aim to take out enough
at present to keep the team moving
and keep the road open.
T i onlay, at the Presbyterian church,
address by Rev. W Munroe; Wednesday, at the Congregational church,
address by Rev. J. H. White; Thursday, at the Haptist church, address bv
Rev. Dr. Wright; Friday at the S. A".
Barracks, address by Rev. J. B.
Morgan. Each service will begin
promptly at 8 o'clock. The services
so far have attracted wide attention
and the attendance has increased Irom
night to night. Many speak of them
as being the most interesting religious
meetings ever held In Nelson. Regular services in the participating
churches will bo withdrawn.
Number ol Names Added to Voters'
List by Judge Forin.
Before Judge Forin yesterday morning those who claimed to have been
unjustly left off the voters' list were
heard. The following appications
were granted, Charles J Wilson, T H
Applewhaito, J Meagher, J G Simpson, J Spear, D C Wilson, A K
Vaug'uan, A Macdonald and Co., W J
Murphy, T C Luscombe, W Irvine, J
Henderson, T Holland, L C Brown, E
C Clarke, Mary E Peters, Mary
Booth, K A Renwick, John Kirkpatrick and A E Gardner. In regard to
the ease ot Mr. Kirkpatriok, City
Clerk Strachan, who presented the
eluims to the judge, showod him Mr.
Kirkpatrick's affidavit thai he had no
interest in the lot in question and the
application was granted on the
strength of the affidavit, no objection
being entered. Among those refused
the principal trouble was on account
of the non-payment of the road tax.
In connection with this bis honor inquired of the city clerk why his own
name did not appear on the voters'
list, ana wus informed that it was
because he had not the necessary tax
receipts. Ho laughingly remarked
that he thought a judge was eiompt
from the road tax, but if he was not
then he was in the same box with the
other disqualified applicants.
In adjourning the sitting Judge
Forin stated that any morning in
chambers up to the day of the election
be would hear any further applicants
wbu believed that their names should
be on the list.
Flakes  of Dandruff on the Collar and
Shoulders of a Gent email in
Full Dress.
This   is   the   thing   you quite fre
queutly see in the ballroom���a   man's
black   dress   coat   literally    covered
with dandruff.
It must be annoying to the wearer,
and certainly not a pleasant thing to
observe. Hut dandruff can be eradicated. It is a germ disease thrt will
some day cause baldness.
Newbro's Herpicide kills the hair-
destroying germs, and stimulates the
hair to a rich, abundant growth; it
noes more���keeps the hair soft and
Furthermore, Herpicide is a most
pleasing toilet accessory; pleasing for
odor, and cooling to the scalp.
See Our Window
Twenty-five per cent discount,  the
best value ever offered.
Patenaude Bros.
Slaughter Sale
For the next thirty days I will  give  a great
Slaughter Sale in all lines in stock consisting of
Boy's and Men's Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Caps
Boots and Shoes
In order to make room for Spring Stock I must slaughter some of my present
stock and wish I ogive my many customers the benefit thereof. Now is the
(���bunco to partuke of some of the best Bargains ever offered in Kootenay. The
sale is genuine, the stock new and the prioes away down. Gall, get prices, examine goods and be convinced that I am offering the greatest bargains ever
offered in Nelson.
Notice to Our Customers
With each purchase from $10 to $25  one
handsome   Oil   Painting.    Over  $25   a
large Oil Painting.
This Is for One Week Only.
Spokane Falls <&,
An Aristocrat
Among Foods
Phair���H   n Walsh,    Victoria,   JG
Billings, Joseph Genello,   Victoria,   .1
R Kaston, Toronto.
Queens���G Farmington, St Paul;   T
Henderson,       Minneapolis;       Y      H
Northern R'v,
of the  supporters of
Candidate  for Tlayor   for   1902
will be held every evening till   Election Day,
Jan. 16th, at Committee Rooms,
Over Imperial Bank of Canad>
All Friends and Supporters Are Cordially
Invited to Attend.
Holding a
Every act helps to create a reputation and by reputation you
iudgo character. Our reputation
is founded on the excellent
things me huve sold and our
character depends on ku.*piug
up this reputation. We take
every precaution to give our
friendB the benefit and we offer
special valne and some low
prices on a variety of beautiful
Watches, Rings and
Suitable for   rromen   and   men.
Lamps, Cut Ulass, etc.
Watch  Repairing a Specialty
cor, Baker & Stanley Sts., Nelson
.* OU i*>0*K3*K3��K3*-0*>0*K)*>OCK*>04 ;
At the request   of some of the   ratepayers,    who   like   myself    are   very
much interested   in school matters,
have decided to   be   a   candidate   fo
Trustee at the coming election.    You
support respectfully solicited,
Ladies and Oentlemen,���I beg to
announce myself a candidate in tho
forthcoming election of aldermen for
the East Ward and respectfully solicit
the favor of your vote and influence.
1 am heartily iu favor of civio ownership of public utilities.
Nelson, B. C, Jan. 4th, 1902.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Seattle;      J   A     Brown,
At Grocers
Hume���,1 C Ryan,Kaslo; J N Carey,
Mcliuigan ; E Farrer. Montreal; b C
Lake, New York; Y Elwell, Bonnington Falls; J J Thompson, J J Sonth-
cott, Vanjouver.
Giand Central���A G W Foster, Pilot
Hay, J McDonald,Sandon; J W Look-
hart, Silver King mine; A L Gordon,
Salmo; F H Hagarty, N A McDonald,
Ymir; J M Ross, Salmo; IJ Johnson,
K H Costlev, T H McMillan, Erie; C
II  Iledell. Kaslo.
For the comfort of the number ol
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffet
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every I
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
Close connections made at  Spokane for the south, east  and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and  18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
At the request of a large  number of
property   owners   andj ratepayers
again  offer myself  as  candidate   fo
mayor   of  the  City of Nelson at  th
coming   municipal   election,   and respectfully   ask  all those   who think I
have served the City's interest to vote
for me.     Yours    Resnefully,
I am heartily in favor of civic ownership of public utilities.
Jan. 4th, 1003.
Paris,    Jan.   11.���General    Horace
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
9:20 a.m Spokane 7:15 p.m.
12:25 p.m Kossiand 4:30 p.in
10:30 a.m Mountain 5'59 p. m.
9:40 a.m Nelson 6:45 p.m.'
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. _ T.A.
_ . Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.
At the request of several I have consented to offer myself for election as
Alderman for the West Ward and
respectfully ask all those who think
the Interests of the city will be served
by my election to vote for me.
$1 am heartily in favor of oivie ownership of public utilities.
Nelson, Jan. 4th, 1902.
In response to the request of a large
number of property owners and ratepayers I again offer myself as a candidate for alderman in the East Ward of
the Oity of Nelson, at the coming
municipal election.
Thanking   you   for your  support in
the  past,   your vote and influence respectfully solicited. ,
I am heartily in favor of civio ownership of public utilities.
Nelson, B.C., Jan. 4th, 1903.
WARD     IN     THE     CITY   "OF
Ladies   and  Gentlemen,���Ab  Indo
pendent   candidates   we   solicit  your
vote and influence in   our   behalf   as
candidates   for   Aldermen   at the approaching election.    Wc claim allegiance to no party or clique in the   contest, but if   elected,    will   serve   you
faithfully and  just  on  all  questions
affecting the welfare of tho city.     We
aro   in   favor   of oivic ownership  of
public utilities   and will advocate tho
control   of   all   franchises   which  by
right belong ot the municipality.
(Capt.) D. C.M'MORRIS.
Nelson, Jan. 8, Mil):!.
0AB.8.-M AL.S a la 0ABTE.
I beg to offer myself  as an   Alderman   for the West Ward  and respeot-
fully ask your vote and interest.
I am heartily in favor of civic own-
iership of public utilities.
Dated Jan. 4th, 1902.
If there is anything you require, asK
for it ln   h�� Milium oi the Min��rJown��r��nip of publio utilities.
I beg to offer myself as an alderman
for the  east   ward,   and  respectfully
ask your vote and interest.
I am heartily in favor of  the -clivc
I beg to  offer myself  as an Alderman for the West Ward  and  respectfully ask your vote and interest.
I am heartily in favor of oivio ownership of publio utilities.
Da.ua Jan. 4th, 1��0��.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane FallB and Northern Railway,
D rest connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 a.^m
Leaves Spokane daily ior West at 7:20 &.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8 =00 p m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-Weel
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further informatiou, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Eootei ai Railway & Navigation
Op, or to
Oity Paas.and Tkt Agt, W 701  VV,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nolson.B 0
You should'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.


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