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 _m?    w
ProviiiC-41 Lllirtry g31oo
_r" "   '
Daily Edition  No.   1139
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Thursday,   September ia, 1901
Eleventh   Year
to improvement r;;:.:
President's Condition Yesterday Very Gratifying to
the Doctors.
Not Decided Yet What to Do "^
With Emma Goldman, tho
Buffalo, Sept. 11. ���The following
was issued by the ['resident's physicians at Hi p. in.: The President's
condition continues favorable. Blood
count corroborates clincal evidence of
absence of any blood poisoning. He
is able to take more nourishment and
reiish it. Pulse 130, Temperature
100,4, (Signed,) I'. M, Uixey, Rose*
well Parke, Oharlei Park, M. I)., Eugene Wnsbin, Herman
Mynter, Geo. B. Cortolyou Secretary
lo the President.
Buffalo, Sept. 11 ���The condition of
the President continued favorable
throughout Ihe dav and nothing occurred to shake tho faith that tlio attending surgeons nnil physicians have
expressed that be will recovei. Todaj
two moie doOl'S wen' lo-'ked against
the arch enemy of mankind. The
danger from the two sources, was pro-
nounced practically over, Tbe holes
in the stomach proper caused by Ilia!
bullet are now considered healed by
Ur. McBurney and his associates, and
the eminent surgeon pointed to the
fact that the beef juice lid to thc
patient last night through tiie mouth
was readily digested, Sufficient tune
has also elapsed to warrant lhe doctors
in asserting that the danger of In Humiliation where tbe bullet lodegd has
disappeared. It is believed that lhe
ball has new become cnyested in the
muscles of the back and unices its
location should prove troublesome
later on there will never (ie any necessity for removing it. Dr. Mann, in
speaking in lOgard to this today, said
he knew a man who lived for years
wilh a bullet in the muscles of his
heart. The attention of the physicians is now therefore luaisly directed to the eare and treatment of the
wound caused by the incision made
in the abdomen above the navel when
the operation was performed. 'Ibis
wound is progressing satisfactorily.
"Decided bonelit followed the dressing of tlie wound last night," is tbe
way the doctors put it officially, The
slight scare which followed the announcement at midnight last night ol
the opening of the wound did not have
a leg to stand on today, when fuller
details of its significance, character
and importance weie cbtaiued.
The opening of the wound would
not have been mentioned in the history of an ordinary hospital case and
lhe physicians last night debated for
sume time upon the propriety of making it public. As they had promised
lo take the public into their cuiifi-
denco they final')' concl'ided that the
pledge compelled them to announce
It. Their frankness hus alieiuly had
one excellent effect. It has convinced
all who may still have harbored
doubts as to whether the public was
getting the wnole tiutli from the sick
room that their skepticism was un
founded. Another milestone passed
on the road to iccovery was the discontinuance today by the doctors of
figures showing resplrutiun variations
in their official bulletins. The Presi
dent breathes deeply and normally
and the addition of respiration record
to the bulletin wns considered valueless. Tbe President's pulse was
slightly aoeeleiated in the afternoon,
but the change was not deemed ma,
terial aud his temperature remained
practically stationary at 100.2 from
daylight until daik.
|ed   at   the   residence     al    10.110   and
twenty minutes   later  General   Chas.
osvenor. Judge  Thompson,   on  old
I friend of the President,   and
rank Buird of this city,were ushered
In,      At   it   o'clock   Oeneral   Smith
I entered the house.     General Harrison
Oray,   of   Los   Angeles, who left   his
| home foi Buffalo   the    tfoming   after
I the President was shot, arrived here
this afternoon aud came at once to
the Milburn lesidence. Governor
Yates of Illinois and State Senator
Templeton called at 1.30 to pay their
respects and also to advise with Sec*
y Cortelvou ns to the propriety of
proceeding with the arrangement for
Illinois day at the Exposition whioh
had been set foi next Monday. Secretary Cortelyou advised them not to
disturb the original programme. He
told thum it was the President's own
desire that none of the feature.! of the
Exposition sliou_il be disturbed by bis
illness. The members of the cabinet
wbo had remained at the houso during
the afternoon consultation of doctors
came away nfler tbe bulletin had
been issued. Secretary Hoot "as
joined by Dr. Parke, who gave the
Secretaiy personal assurances ol the
President's progress suustantially
similar lo those he had just given to
the repoiters.
The Cabinet officers were perfectly
satisfied with the assurances of the
afternoon bulletin, aud of the physicians individually, and it wns made
known that Secretary Hay folt warranted in leaving tonight for
Mrs. MoKinley took ber usual after -
neon drive,returning shortly after tbe
doctors bad concluded their consultation.
Mllbom House, IlulTalo, Sept. 11.���
After the consultation which was held
today, Dr. McBurney said: "The
abdominal wound is decidedly improved. The irritation has largely
disappeared and it will all be gone in
24 hours. It was to remove this irritation that the wound was dressed
last night with snch satisfactory le-
sults. There is not tbe slightest sign
of blood poisoning cr any otber complication. Altogether the conditions
are all right, you may be sure of
-Many Callers   at  the   Milburn
dence Yesterday.
Buffalo, Sept. 11.-Mrs. .McKinley
saw tbe President this morning.
When tho doctors arrived at tlie house
fur the consultation they passed hei
sitting in tbe upper corridor knitting.
She wns in good spirits and aftei the
visit of doetors they gave their assent
to her entering the sick- room again.
She remained only a minute.
Secretary of State Hay, Secretary
Wilson and Secretary Hitchcock arriv-
Milburn House, lluffalo, Sept. 11.���
The following bulletin was issued by
the President's physicians at 0 a. id.:
Tlie President rested comfortably during tho nigbt. Decided benefit has
followed the dressing of the wound
made last night. His stomach tolerates the beef juice well and is taken
with groat satisfaction. His condition
this morning is excellent, pulse 110,
temperature 100,2.
Milburn House, lluffalo, Sept. 11.���
The following bulletin was issued
by the President's physicians ut 8.80
p.m.: The President continues to
gain and the wound is growing more
healthy. The nourishment taken into
the stomach is being gradually increased. Pulse 180, temperature 100.2.
(Sgd.) P. M. Uixey, G, I!. Coitel-
you, Secretary to  the Piesident.
A Union Official Accused of Saying
tlie Game is Up.
Rossland, B. C, Sept. 11.���The
Kossland Miner quotes William McDonald, vico-piesldent of the Miners'
Union, as saying: "The game is up,
hut tbat he does not want the boys to
go back to work immediately." The
Miner states that it has in its possession incontrovertible evidence that
Mr. McDonald used thc expression
attributed to him, and challenges the
union official to deny on oath the
truth of its assertion,
A couple of days ago three men
wero discharged from the Josio mine
and camo down town to the uuion
hall whoio they were taken caro of.
Today one of the the name
of Edward l'\ Froy, of Spokane, was
anested for carrying concealed weapons. He was dismissed but the gun,
a (lid Smith *t Wesson, ;i8*calibru, was
Montreal, Sept. 11.���The police
have received a letter saying that
twelve Itiilian anarchists had arrived
in Monticai from Paterson, N. J.,
with the intention of killing the Duke
of York on his arrival here. The
police look upon the letter as a   fake.
New York, Sept. 12.���The World
will say: When the attention of Governor Voorhcea of New JcrEoy was
called to the report from MoLtreal re
garding the alleged plot against the
Duke of Yoik, lie said .
"I 6aid a week ago that I recently
received woid ficm thiee diffeien
governments telling me that plots to
assassinate on? or more political
heads of these respective countries
had been tiaced to New Jersey, the
woik of assassination to be carried
out as soon as tiie opportunity presented itself. I will say now that
one 01 these plots was that which has
been made public by t'.ic police of
Montreal. I have so far beeu unable
to locate the conspirators."
Observatory Inlet on tbe northern
coast of Brit'sh Colombia, paying
Messrs. Budge, Colison and I'lewin,
| residents of tlie north, $lii.(,(n) for the i
property! The claims were discovered
by an Indian a year ago.
Tbe new ore body in tlie Tyee mine.
Mount Sicker, is proving even larger
than nl first reported. Miners are
now :;.", feet in on it and are not yet
The latest news from the Onamlngo
In the Champion creek section is to
the effect that a water supply for the
mill has been   obtained   and that   the
ten-stamp mill is in full operation.
Work on the long tunnel has been
discctitinued and operations are confined to cross-cutting and stuping.
Leaves Waneta  With $900
New Machinery to Treat the
Intrusted    to    His
Granite-Poorman Ore to
Be Installed.
He Game to Nelson and Left
on the West Bound
A sensational incident occurred at
Waneta last Sunday in the absconding
of tho ticket agent, John Magnior. De
took with him an express parcel of
money containing in the neighborhood of 8000. The man had been in
the employ of the Spokane Falls S:
Noi them railway but a short time.
He was a married man, bnt had been
divorced, he said, from his wife five
years ago, and Had one son, a bright
boy ot about eight years, who accompanied hira in his ilight. The boy
had arrived from St. Paul, Minnesota,
on Sunday, and when the train
for Nelson passed through Waneta,
Magnier boarded it with the boy, and
enquired if anything had come fur
him, but got off on receiving a negative reply. Sunday he again got on
board and came through to tbis city
with the boy, stopping at the Waverley hotel. At night he left orders to
be called at 0 o'clock in the morning,
saying that he wanted to take the boy
around to see the city. This was
done and after breakfast he boarded
the C. P. R. train for the west at 7.30
Monday morning, since which time he
has not been heard of. As he was
under bond for an amount larger than
whit was taken the company is not
likely to suffer from his action.
From all appeaiance Magnier's action was not premeditated for any
great length of time as he could not
have known for moie than three or
four days before that the money
would he in liis hands, and he would
hardly have sent for the young boy to
be with him when deeing from justice, knowing how much such a com-
nanion would increase the likelihood
of capture.
St. Johns, Nlld,, Has a Half Million
Dollar l!U'_e.
St. Johns, Nfld., Sept. II.���ln consequence of an explosion a fire occurred here today resulting in tho
destruction of several stores containing lish ami whale oil on the south
Bide of *jt. Johns. The crew of U. M.
S. Alort is helping to extinguish tho
conflagration Already theru is a loss
or $100,OUO. The lire has been in progress all day.
(Sl'l'.l I Al. TO   11110 MINKIl.)
Grand Forks, II. C, Sept. 11.���M.
J. Sullivan, light weight champion
wrestler of Washington tonight defeated George llrouilette, light weight
champion of tho Northwest, in a
wrestling contests, cntoh-as-catcli-cnn
best two out of three falls,three points
down, for 8100 a sido. The contest
took piace in Albeita Hall and was
largely attended. Betting was even
and several thousand dollars wore won
by Fred Russel, Clarence Morgan and
Ton Dunham, the tuickors of Sullivan.
J. S, Richardson acted as referee.
Sullivan very handily secured the first
fall in thirty seconds. The second
though proved more oxciting. Rrnuil-
ette with strangle hold almost scored,
b'lt Sullivan managed to rise from
the mat and swinging himself fiee
hurled his opponent, who lost consciousness for a moment. Time three
Amalgamated Gopper  Company Buys a Property ln
the North.
National League���New York ~',
Cincinnati 1; Pittsburgh, Brooklyn -1;
Chicago il, Boston Bj St. Louis 2,
Philadelphia 4.
American League���Chicago-Mi!wau-
koe, no game on a "count of iuin; Hos-
lon 8, Washington 0.
The compressor which is to be put
in at the Granite-!'ooinnn mines be-
teewn Eagle and Sandy ceeks is of
the latest type of compensating* compressors. One ol other special features
in collection with it is the niter-
cooler.. which cools the air between
tbe low and high pressure cylinders.
The compressor will be put in so that
it can be operated by the company's
own water power, derived fiom the
neighboring streams. In time of Ion
water the power from Bonnington
Falls Power plant will be available,
as connection is now being marie between the mine and the lino of wires,
which pass but. a short distance from
the site selected for the compressor.
For the largest part -of the season
tho company's own wator power will
be amply sufficient, but the connec-
ton with the power line will give
security that operations cuu be conducted all tho year around as it is the
intention of the coinpany to prosecute
operations on this propeity vigorously, which will, in all probablty, become on? of the best iiiiuos in the
district. The Ranu Drill company
from whom the compressor machinery
has been ordered have guaranteed to
nave it on the ground within forty
days, but it is not likely that it will
be here much before that. After its
ariival it will take about two weeks
to put into position, after which operations will commence on the ore now
on hand. A force of men are now engaged inputting in the foundations
on which the compressor will be
placed, so that no time will be lost,
As was mentioned in Tho Miner
last week there is at present a large
body cf ore blocked out ill the workings above the present lowest, or Uftn
level. This level is about illlll feet
from the outcrop.
During the last year'soine 8,BOO tons
of ore from the Poorman mine weie
put through the Granite mill, and
about 11,000 tons from the Granite
mine, during tlio eight months the
company   was working the latter.
At the record olliee yesterday the
following locations were entered, Elk,
between Eagle and Forty-Nine creeks,
olosc to the Kootenay river, by A. G.
Melander; Utopia Finctional, on
Forty Nine creek, by J. C. Porter;
Eagle, on the south fork side of
Forty Nino creek, a half mile from
the May and Jennie, by A. Olson.
Transfers, Blind Canyon, Johnny,
Twilight, Star Rciliuau, and Crowfoot
claims from Chailes Dundee to J. S.
O. Eraser, consideration 81. Certili
cates of work, were issued, to E. F.
Pick on Ilally lloo, Ajax Fractional
and Last Chance, Percy Chapman on
Transvaal; L. and M. S. Arthur, on
Victoria,   Supt.   II.-M.  K    Rogers
of   Seattle, representing   lhe Amalgamated Copper Company bas, according
to recent advices from the north,  pur*
ichased the Jionanza group of mines ou
Prisoner Tells of a Plot to Murder
Colonial Secretary.
London, Sept. 11.--Martial Fau-
gerin, a Frenchman, who was charged
today at Clerkenwell court with the
murder of Herman Jung, an old jew.
about ten days ago, told a remarkable
story of a plot to kill Joseph Chamberlain the Colonial Secretary. Fangerin
said he had been the recipient of
small loans from Jung. ��� The day of
the murder Jung summoned him to
his shop where they discussed the
misery ensued by the South African
war whicli Jung declared Mr. Chamberlain was responsible for and told
Fangerin that if be could kill Mr
Chamberlain he (Jung,) through in*
terraediaries, would guarantee him a
fortune, tendering him a ten pound
note to buy good clothes to enahle
him to approach his victim. Fangerin
says when he refused Jung declared
he should not leave the shop alive
and tbat thc latter picked up a heavy
iron, rushed ou Fangerin and felled
bim to tlie ground. Fangerin then
drew a knife and stabbed his assailant
in tlie neck. Tlie prisoner who signed
tho foregoing statement was committed for trial. Jung was a noted
socialist, the last survivor of a group
of which Gail Marx was a member,
They formed th Red International in
London in 1804, In spite of Jung's
reputation of earlier years of being a
violent and desperate Red, personally
he was a quiet and skillful organizer
and waa never specially connected
witli any of tne acts of violence in
whicli his reputed disciples were
American Idol Shattering Laundry
Ready to Wash Dirty Linen.
Washington, Sept. 11.--All the
members of Schley court of inquiry
are now in Washington, Rear Admiral Howison, the third member,
arriving last night. Admiral Howison
was extremely guarded in answeiing
inquiries respecting tlie court of inquiry, lie said it would not be
proper to sav anythring for publication in advance of the meeting as to
his own intentions or the probable
line of action of the court. It was
evident, however, that he has not
in any degiee altered his resolution
tn serve as a member of the court, if
the other members accept his own
view as to his qualifications, Everything is ready for the meeting of
court. The impression of nearly every
department is now that taking testimony will Dot begin tomorrow.
Large numbers of witnesses are in
Washington ready to take the stand
at a moment's notice but formalities
mo expected to consume incut of tomorrow's session, which aftei nil Is
likely to he'short owing   to   the   late
hour of beginning, No Bummonua
has yet been issued for Admiral
Sampson and it is said very few
formal summons have neon   issued by
tbe department,
This Is a Question Which Is
Bothering Police Authorities of Ghicago.
Meanwhile the Anarchist Fire
Brand Is Being Held Without Ball.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 11. ���The
Department of Justice has not decided
upon any steps to secure possession of
Emma Goldman for the purpose of
taking action against hor in the federal conitB, She was arrested by the
Chicago police on the tequest of
Buffalo authorities and it is supposed
by the Department Of Justice that she
will he taken to New York State. The
belief is that the Governor of Illinioa
will honor any requ��St the State of
New York may make for the prisoner.
There is no reason for the Federal
authorities to desire possession of
Miss   Goldman     now. They   have
plenty of lime while she languishes in
the hands of state authorities to discuss their plans and to act later if
they see lit. Secret service authorities
state she was not arrested at their
request and that they bave nu idea of
pioaeouting her,unless directed by the
Depai fluent of Justice to do so, ur
unless they secuie testimony that sl'0
was involved in the shooting of tho
Chief Wilkie said today that su far
he bas not heard any evidence tending
to show lhat the anarchist bodies at
Patterson, N. J., had anything to do
with the shooting of ilie President.
Chief Wilkie denied in most emphatic
terms the report that his ollice bad
received warnings Unit the President's
life would be attempt, d at Buffalo.
"Usually we get a large number of
letters from cranks every time the
President goes to a place," said Chief
Wllike, 'but we did not get even any
crank letters ju&t before the President
went to lluffalo. We investigate practically all tho warnings and intimations that come heie no matter how
convinced we may be that they aie
from irresponsible persons and wo
would have made an investigation
this time had anything been received."
Vancouver, B.C., Sept. 1 ���The road
from Steveston to Vancouver is infested with footpads who rob tlshenneti
coining into the city with lhe season's
earnings, Several were held up and
robbed at the point of a revolver.
The steam -hip Hating from the
north today, brought 8110,nnil trcasuM
of which 81110,000 was treated at the
assay oflice hore.
Chicago, Sept. 11.-Magistrate
Prlndevillo today decided that Emma
Goldman the anarchist lecturer would
be held without bail pendiug the decision of similar cases in the Supremo
court. Thc action of tlie judge in
holding her without lui'l extends only
to Friday of this week. At Hint time,
tlie question will be considered again
and the magistrate will decide
whether she shall be hold without
bail or released uurici bonds until the
preliminary hearing of the ohaigo
against her which is set for September 10th.
Miss Goldman appeared for a hearing before the magistrate during the
afternoon. She iiad not secured
counsel but in a determined voice
declared that she was ready to net
as her own attorney. Tho assistant
city prosecutor, however, obtained
continuance of the hearing until September 10, the date set fur trying
oilier anarchists here in custody.
The prOBCCntor said that the result
of au InvHallgation at lluffalo wns
being awaited. The coult postponed
iu decision in lb I matter of ball,
which Miss Goldman domandod tlio
privilege of furnishing, until lute, in
the day. Judge Chetlin in the .'upcrier
com t held thc other anarchists until
Friday, when be said lie would hear
arguments in the application fur
wrils of habeas corpus.
Victoria, Sopt. 11.���The contracl
for the north arm bridge lias been let
by the Government tn McLean
brothers of Vancouvei', and inslrno*
tions have liocn issued to pioceed with
their repairs at once. The OOD tract
price   is   between 81-,out) and 811,OOtl.
Chicago, III.,Sept. II ���Tho Chicago
police tonight have sent urgent messages tc the authorities al lliiffulo asking them to lake action which will
enable the police here to hold the
anarchists now in custody. Demand
after demand has heen made fur
either proof of complicity in the attempted assassination of tha President
or request papers be forwarded. Tho
Chicago police say that Ihey will nut
be able to hold the anarchists after
Friday morning unless tlie llulTiiln
authorities take noine steps in tho
' Nelsuk Daily Miner,  Thursday,  September i~, 1901
Tfie Nelson Miner
Mlsln"!   Kvory  Morninij Except  Monday
I idly, per month, by currier     65c
li.dly, iter month, by mall     fillc
II illy, per year, hy carrier   8 7 00
llnily, por your, by mall    5 OC
Iiaily, per yuar foreign    0 00
W'oekly.por half year  $1 2ii
vV ,'ukly, pur year    2 00
Wookly, por year, forelKu    3 00
ubnoriptlons Invariably in advance
lift  Fleet Hirert.  E. ('.
nirnl  Press AKoncy, Ltd.. Spoolal Agnnl*
Alexander ft Co., 521 First Avenue, Spokano.
vVash., Konp tills paper oil lile, and are our
aiulioriMHl u~onU* for advertisements and huIi-
The dispatches announce that the
Universal Peace Congress opened a four
I'.ays' session in Glasgow on Tuesday,
Dr. Trueblood, an Amorican delegate, declared that tho peaco sentiment in Amenca was strong and tbat
the U. S. government was absolutely
committed to Tho Hague peace conference. One of the signs of this, he
said, was tlie effort which were now
being made lo induce all the American republics to draw a mutual peace
ai hit ration treaty,pledging themselves
to refer all disputes to Tho Hague. It
will be observed that, Dr. Trueblood
says nothing about the war which the
Americans are waging iu the Philippines, and when tho recent trouble
arose, whioh it was thought would involve the neutrality of Panama, it
was observed that tlie Americans
sent war vessels to the scene of
trouble instead of dispatching a peace
envoy to The Unguis. While it is regrettable, perhaps, nations have
always indulged in wars and always
will do so until the end of time, or
just as long as men continue to be
born with the same belligerent nature
as at present. Peace conferences will
he held and their members may devise
all sortH of plans for universal peace,
hut wars will continue just the same.
This was plainly shown by the fact
that The Hague peace conference had
hardly concluded when the Spanish-
American and Sonth African wars
It is a curious fact that contemporaneously with the convening of the
Universal Peace Congress in Glasgow
a pamphlet is being circulated in
France and Germany which is en tilted
' An Appeal for Peace." Its author
is supposed to tie Count Von Waldersee,and it is even hinted that Emperor
William of Germany collaborated with
the count in the preparation of the
booklet. It reviews tho wars that
have takon placo between France and
Germany during 700 years past and
shows that the results have boon a
draw. France and Germany first met
in buttle at Benevento in 1286, and
since then they have fnced each other
475 tiuios without being able to decide
which is tho better lighting nation.
Victory has perched ou the banners of
the Germans on -'4(1 occasions and on
that of the French 2.15 times. The
Germans were victers on five occasions, more than the French, but if
they had played a stiing of toon battles the score might bo even or the
French might be four or five events
ahead, hut to all intents and purposes
the result was a draw, as the French
fought without allies while on numerous occasions tho Germans had tho
help of other countries, Tbe number
of men killed and wounded, in these
���175 hostile meetings, reached the
enormous total of 2,15s,;i()0, and the
losses wore almost equally divided.
A like result was reached in the matter of territory. Alsace and Lorraine,
the bishoprics of Timl and Verdun,
and Fianebe Conipte were tho theatres
in which these two nutions playe.l the
bloody game of war. Alsace and
Lorraine, togethor with Metz and
Strasshurg, belong to Germany, while
Prance owjs the other tenitory mentioned, The pamphlet closes with au
appeal to the chivalry of France for
peace and asks tin* soldiers of France
In listen to the appeal of a German
soldier who had faced tbuiii on the battle field and in diplomacy time aud
again, and had always found them
worthy foes.
Tlie appeal for peace is a most
effective OHO and doubtless will he
quoted by the members of the Ll ni versa 1 Peace Society at GliiNgow, as it
shows that two nations after lighting
nt intervals over a period of 700 years,
spending so much money at times as tu
impoverish one or tlie other nation
for years, (witness tbo condition of
I ranee at the conclusion of tho
Frniico-I'riiHsiuii was of 1070-1 when
the Frenoh were compelled to pay a
war Indemnity of 5,000,01111,1100 francs
to Germany,) and neither gained any
substantial advantage.
Will Fiance pay any attention to
lhe appeal of Count Von Waldersee?
Judging the future hy lhe past it dues
not seem that she will, for Frenchmen, in common with tlie most of the
rest of mankind, are belligerent
beings, and dearly love a light, the
peace societies and thu appeals foi
peace to   the  contrary   notwitbslaud-J
A carload of this Famous Boer has just  been   received  and
we arc selling it to the Family Trade at
$2.50 per Dozen for Quarts.
$1.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered to Any  Part of the City.
Special and very favorable terms to the Trade.
telephone:  no. 13.
ing. The times are not yet ripe, nor
men good enough, for the beating of
all the swords iuto ploughshares, nor
will they be until the inillenium will
have come.
Emma     Goldman,     the   anarchist
whose speoohes Czolgosz deolnres fired
his brain so   that   he   attempted   the
assassination   of President   McKinley
has   been arrested and Is held for con
spiring     against     McKinley's     life
When the pollco   located   Miss   Goldman   she   at first   denied her identity
and her account of her   meeting  Czol
gosz   and     conversations   with    him
showed tbat she desired   to   shift  all
lesponsiiblity for tho crime   from hor
own   shoulders,    but   her  admissions
also revealed that sho recogni.ed   that
she  was in a serious position.     It is
doubtless true   that   the  Intemperate
and   wild   doctrines   ennunciated   hy
Miss   Goldman   in   her  speeches  did
exert a powerful influence on Czlogosz
and this, together with   the conversation   which he had with her   in priv
ate,   led    to the attempt at assiissina
tion.      In   the   United     States    free
speech   is  guaranteed   and   is a con
stitutiunal right, but when it counsels
murder   those   who give  such   advice
me ami'iinulc to the law.     Anarchists
of thc typo of Miss Goldman are ready
enough when speaking or writing lhe
propoganda of   anarchism   to   counsel
all sorts   of   bloody   and   treasonable
practices,    but   when   thoy   arc  confronted with the fruits of their miserable doctrine and society, with which
they are at war, tries to hold them ro
sponsible thoy endeavor  in   the   most
abject manner to shirk, as Miss Gold
man has, tbeir responsibility.    In the
present   instance   tho   peoplo   of   the
United States will spare no   pains  to
fix the responsibility where it, belongs
and if Miss   Goldman   is   guilty  she
will be punished.
Whatever little excuse there muy he
in Poland, or in the other possessions
of Russia, and in some of the otnor
continental countries,for tho existence
of anarchy there is none whatever
on this continent whore there is no
oppressio.i and where all are equal
before tho law. Tho anaichist who
emigrates to America from niacos
whero people are oppressed has
hatred of all forms of governmental
authority aud seems to bo unable to
rccogni/.u thu fact when he is in
a country whole ho has absolute free
doni aud where all aie equal before
the law. This is because Ue is usually
a fanatic of the Goldman or C/.oigus/.
type, incapable uf recognizing the
difference between n liboial and a
tyrannical government.
In Frank Leslie's Monthly. Allan
I'liiiniiigiiaui has an article cn thc
whipping pust ill lielavvure and nays it
has prove I clllcucious pud economic in
deterring criminals from committing
ulienses. The lush, he declares, bus
more terrors than any term of imprisonment, and thus the burden
upon the ta.vpaveiH is very much
lightened, not only because tnere aro
fewer prisoners, but because it costs
less to whip a ciiiniuul than it does
in board liiin in jail. Another benefit
claimed is that if jails are consider*,I
schools of crime, as they undoubtedly
are, the number of pupils in these
institutions is greatly reduced, lt is
chinned, too, that Delaware is a narrow strip of laud with large status in
close proximity to it and that if what
is called Delowaro justice did not prevail it would bo overrun with
the criminal olassos from tbe adjoining states. As it is known that ihe
whipping pust is ono of its institutions
it is avoided as though plague
stricken by wrong doei'H and the cost
oi arresting, prosecuting and   keeping
states is avoided. It is hold by the
authorities that Hogging does not
degrade a criminal, but that the real
degradation comes at the timo the
crime is committed and not in the
moment of punishment. It is admitted, however, that once a criminal
has beon pilloried und Hogged in public he is ever afterwards in the particular place in which he is punished
an object ot public scorn, ridicule and
Notwithstandipg all that is said in
favor of the Delaware method the
practise of flogging does not accord
with modern ideas of thc proper treat
ment of criminals and is considered a
relic of tho barbarbisrn of hundreds of
years ago. when many crimes were pun-
ishablo with death and as many more
for which tho lash and the pillory
wero part and, parcel of the punishment inflicted.
��� I D. McArthur 8 Go!
Copper plates that havo been in use
for amalgamation purposes always
contain more or less gold; the longer
the plate has been used and the
richer tbe oro, the more gold it "vill
contain. Some years since, in Australia, this fact was taken advantage of
to tiie profit of one individual and loss
to many. In order to introduce a
new kind of plate an "agent'' stated
that he would rcplaoe old copper
plates for new oscs, for a limited
timo only. It was of course under
stood that the old plates should be the
property of the agent. As a result of
this operation the so-called agent
cleaned up several thousand dollars
from thc unwaVy.
Tho St. Louis Exposition, which is
to be hold in 1003 promises to be tho
greatest yet held. While the Columbia
fair at Chicngo cost .IS,lion,ooo, the
Paris sliow 89,000,000 and the one now
open at lluffalo, 810,000,000 the cost of
the one at St. Louis will be $30,
000,000. The Federal Government haB
been liberal to the proposed enterprise
a propria tin of 85,000, bpo and $2!~),000
for the erection of a government building andj an exhibit, St. Louis has
donated $5,000,000, the state of Missouri has contributed 810,Oiio.tiOti and
subscriptions to the extent of .",,000,-
000 have beon secured. Most of the
states will erect extensive buildings
and the papers of St. Louis think that
8:10,000,000 a moderate estimate of tlie
sum to he invested. The grounds
covei 1,100 acres and the buildings
already planned will civer 010 acres.
It. will therefore be tho col losses of
From Victoria comes tlie. news that
Mr. K. V. Bodwoll will contest Hie
vacant seat thero Mr. ilodwell is
one of the ablest lawyers In the
province, and has ever taken a deep
interest iii public affairs. When questions of importance have come up for
discussion he hns always found time,
even during thc rum of his legal
work, to express his views from tho
platform and in the public prints.
The views so expressed have always
been broad, patriotic and able . It is
a pleasure to see men of Mr. Hod.
well's ability, character and sterling
worth enter politics because they are
certain to be of great service to the
public. There suould bo more like
him presiding over the affairs of tho
province. Ono thing is certain���that
it is not the salary or emollumeiits of
olllco that Mr. Ilodwell cares for, as
ho can earn moie in his profession
than is paid in tlie highest olliee in
the gift of the people or thu government, nnd so It is evident that be
enters public life simply with a desire
to be of servioo to thfl peoplo
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
J..G. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Oak Center Tables,
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Canada Drug and
Book, Co., Ltd.
Delivered to any point
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Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers
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Cane Verandah Chairs
" "       Rockers    -
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Cost.    To clear,  Itaby Carriages and Uo Carts,  less than cost. 0,
You shouldn't send out of   town for
cards for   yourself   or   your   husband
until you sue whal The   Miner oan do
nude:.'liable    immigrants    from   other   for you.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at tlie
rale of    	
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
witli the agent,
D.   J.   YOUNG.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors wesi
C.P.R   offices.
P. O.  URKKN        F. B. Ul_i_MKNT9
Civil Engineers and Pro   octal Load
P. O. llox MS N    on, B.C.
The wise man who waits to buy
shares In tlie Similkameen Valley
Coal Company, LI ml tod until transportation reaches the coal fields would
have to pay at least $r, per share for
what he can now buy for 2f> cents in
four equal   monthly  payments   from
I        & CO.        I
I- 1
1       MADDEN    BLOCK       I
\   Cigars... 1
^ Phone 117 X
������������������������������>* ********* *****$
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fisn bad Poultry in Season
,��.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nfi.son.
Oiden; by m*>il receive careful and prompt attention
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Brand. Markets in Rossland, Trail, Neluon, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by matt to ww branch will have careful aad orompt attention.
The*Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
I'aid up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000; '
Aggregate  Resources Over 805,000,000. i
HON. QKO. A. OOX, President.      li. E, WALKER, Menorul Manager.
London Office: All Lombard Street, B.C. ,
, New York Ollice; 16 Exchange Place. ' '
And 08 braiicliiiH ln Canada mid Iho Uiiilod ytaloa, including: ,
BltlTISH COLUMBIA | |               GwtBNwonn             Nulson                     Sandon
Ckanurook        KAMi.oors Nkw VV kstminstkr  Vancouvur I
Fbbnik Nanaimo Kossland Viotokia
YUKON DISTRIOT-Dawson and Wiiitk Hdhsk. '
W ~IT~1I JJTATK8-NBW Voiik, San Francisco, Skattlk, Portland, SKAGWAY,   (
Savings Bank Department.
Deposit. Bocoived and lateri'st Allowed.   Present Itiite 3 Per Cant
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
J. 6. BUN. AN __ 60.
We have the, Largest and  Finest
Assortment in thc city.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office Toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on HtralRht Hortjwso.
Apply to O. L. J-EMNO-X.  B~~i.  J*
Brewers of Fine LuRtir
Heer un j Porter.
Nelson II. O Nelson   Daily  Miner, Thursday September 12,  .gci
PI arles B. Heyd. M. P.i of Brantford, I How   One   Lord (lot Even With   Two
Thinks This is Quito a Country. Lords by doing High Enough.
M,-   Charles   I'   Heyd, M.    P.,   for]    Halifax,,N..S.. Sept.   11.���The
il, limnt, who was. in tlie city yes- ] son   for   the resignation of .Lord Wil-
Inv   was   interivewod   by a Miner  liam Seymour   as general ollicer coin-
mandiug the British troops in Hriiish
r.porter at the Hume.
'���In a hurried visit across suoh an
lunnonse territory as lhe lloimnion of
Canada," he suid, "and without thut
aiport knowledge that is absolutely
necessary for correct information,
one's impressions may be of nu illti-
K,iv oharacter. With the commercial agiivinltnrBl and industrial in-
lerests 1 am familiar, but my impressions of the great west and its miu*
oral resounds aie not so accurate,
lining derived not from personal information, but from information
derived from other sources anil necessarily influenced by either success or
misfortune, I have, couio in contast
with bright, brainy business men who
nil have unbounded confidence in the
iitliuiatu future of the western por-
tion of Canada and have found the
people with whom I have come in
contact industrious, enterprising and
progressive aud tbey think that I'arli-
ameiit cannot do too much to encotii-
uge the development of this portion
of the country. Judging from ray
otaervntion of the C. P, 1!. and tha
immense sums of money that tbey
have expended in the Northwest and
British Columbia, indicates tlio conn
tlence which Ihey have and realising
that ihey are among the brainest
mun we have in this country I don't
think Palnaiuent would make any
mistake in following their example
ami grant any reasonable request that
might einiuato from this section ofthe
nun try.
"1 Uml the labor trouble? which are
always serious, are a subject of considerable apprehension bore and the
sooner that capital and labor adjust
tlinr difficulties the sooner will
British Columtla's future prosp.eii,ty
be assured.
"With regard to the Oriental question, I am not sufficiently acquainted
from personal observation to express
nn opinion of any value out I would
assume that tbe people who coino in
daily contaot with the situation Know
best what is in the interest of thai*
ptovince. For Imperial reasons the
wishes of the people In this respect
have uot prevailed as the liritisli Co-
l'.unbia bill excluded Japanese as well
as Chinese hut I am inclined to think
that had the hill confined itself to
Chinese immigration tbo opposition
to it. would have been less pronounced.
tif course uut'l the report of the
Uneutnl commission is pieBen,ted to
Paillnment it is impu.-sible to
prophesy what action tbe Dominion
Government will take to grant the re
lief asked for.
"With respect to the scenery along
the line of the C. P. il. I can only ex-
p'resa my unbounded admiration and
with the efforts that the company has
put forth to secure the comforts of its
passengers. From Toronto, through
the lakes and over the western line
everything is first class. The hotel
accommodation is not surpassed in this
country aud always reasonable in
price. Everything that I came in contact with that was under the control
of the C. P, K. appears to be oily a
pari of a harmonious wholo. The engineering dillieullios lhat have been
overcome in the construction of this
line must be seen to be appreciated."
Mr. Heyd, who wn.-. accompanied by
Mrs, Heyd and George D, Heyd, their
ken, left lust evening for their home
In Urantford. They hnve been on a
visit to the coast.
North America has just become
known. When the Kirst Canadian
Contingent reached Halifax. Lord
Seymour assumed command. Colonel
llutton objected, saying that had Seymour hnd no jurisdiction over tne
tropps. Lord Seymour piotested to
Lord Minto, and Lord Minto decided
in Col, HutUm's favor. Lord Seymour Ilien appealed to Lord Lansdowne, and Colonel llutton was again
Supported. As a result Lord Seyraoui
resigned, When bo reached England
he appealed to the. war oflice board,
which has just rendered a deuisiop|in
his favor, reversing the decisions of
Lords Lansdowne and Minto.
Ottawa, Sept. 11.���Tbo strike of Ottawa machinists which bas been on
since May '.'fl has been settled. The
men asked a nine hour day and an in
crease of 121*j per cent, in wages. They
have accepted an increase uf five per
cent, in wages and the old hours.
Linton's   Tea   is   a winner.    Ture,
finest flavor, ami first package tea put
Many amusing, if hardly veracious,
Anecdotes have been related of that
mtieh-iualigiied corps, Strathcona's
Hoiso, and the latest oue deserves to
be recorded in print, oven if there is
BUIQO doubt as to the question of its
absolute truth, It is said that a certain sergeant of that ;"'il!ant body was
asked by lib, commanding offloer bow
it was that his men never brought in
uny prisoners, although constantly in
touch with the enemy.
"Prisoners, sir I" was tbe amazed
response, "Sorry, sir didn't know you
wanted any." The next morning the
sergeant appeared before the officer
leading   a   liner whom bo   introduced
Chicago, Sept. 11. ���A special tia.n
of one ear, bearing important letters
from Australia adreased to Jos. Cham.
berlain and other high ofllcers of the
British Government, arrived over the
Chicago,Burlington & Qunicy railway
at 0.10 a. m.
In order to catch the Southampton
steamer, wiiicb loaves New York to
morrow, an effort is being made to
break all records to catch the Lake
Shore '' Dyer'' which left here at 8.30
a.m. The mail was transferred here
to another special train and pulled by
an engine with a record ot 100 miles
���in hour, and in charge of otlicials of
the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railway, left at 10 o'clock in hot
pursuit of tbe ''flyer.''
Pollard's Orchestra for piivate
pwtics,  balls and dancing, etc,
Those whojjbelievc   in   spiritualistic
knocking will draw the limit  at that
practiced by a leading  spiritualist   in
Nanaimo yesterday.
��� *   *
Kipling is said to be at work on
another Soutli African war poem.    No
wonder he wants to try again.
��   ���   ���
A Yale professor is out in Colorado
spending time by demonstrating that
tbo tail of an adder may be grafted
on to a rattlesnake. Wouldn't it be
more profitable the professor to try
to discover some means of exterminating potato bugs?
��� ���   ���
Talking of potato bugs���a press
despatch the oilier day said tho potato
bng is alarming Euglaud, Well,that's
more than Russia ever did.
* *   *
If he asks you when did Maxey
Crone   tell   him   when he   made Pat
��  ���  *
If tho United States authorities
would let a few poor niggers escape
and hang Gzolgosz and Emma Goldman together they would show good
sense, besides killing two birds with
one stone.
* ���   *
The planks on the side of the city
wharf when it is fixed up will be
eight inches high as Aid. Gillette
said a man steps jnst 1)4 inches high
and ono more half inch would interfere with his walking ofll the wharf
in the dark. Thus the dawn of the
new ccntnry murks the inarch oi progress. Tbe cxtiu half inch will force
the night wanderers to go oft' the
wharf as all good men should, vi/..,
head lirst.
Washed down a telegraph line which
Chas. 0, Ellis, of Lisbon, la., bad to
repair. "Standing waist deep in icy
W8tet," he writes "gave me a terrible cold and cougb. It grew worse
dmlv. Finally tbe best doctors in
Oakland, Neb , Sionx City und Omaha
said 1 bad Consumption and could not
iivo. Then 1 began using Dr. King's
New Diesoverv and wus wholly cured
bv six bultles." Positively guaranteed
for Coughs, Colds, uud all Throat and
Lung diseases by Canada Drug Sc llook
Co.    Price HOC.
With the laconic phrnso of "Prisoner,      German   Syrup   is  the special   pre-
uir."  '.'Hal" said.the officer, "that's sorlption   of. 1)., A.   Bosoliee,   a oele-
,      brated German  Physician, and is   ac-
very   smart   work, very   smart work,   ,(_ow,0Jgea ,��� be one of the most for-
Indced.    Take him   away, sergeant."   (unote   discoveries   in     Medicine,    it
'What   will    I   do   with him sir'.'"  quickly   cuies   Coughs, Colds  nnd all
'inked   the   sergeant,    "Shoot   him?"   Lung troubles of the   severest nature
,,,,,   ,    .,   ,, ,, .     .k     removing, as it does, the  cause cf thc
Oood   God I    man,"      gasped    Mie ���ff���tl0If' .,_  leavjug  the par.-. Jn,_
ollloer, "we don't   shoot   prisoners:" I sil0ni, ur,d healthy condition It is not
" All right,   sir,"   replied tho lmper* j an  experimental   medicine,   but   has
titrable sergeant., "I'm jnst as   haudy   stood the test   of years, giving   satis-
,,,1,1,-,     i   ii i faction in every case,    wbnli   its rap*
��� mi a unite r^jiy moreaalng sale every season  eon-
1 I firms.*    Two   million bottles sold an
STUDENT-   RATES   TO   TORONTO  Dually,    Ilosehee's German Syrup was
Attn MONTH IS AT I introduced in    the    United   StHies
A__l_AlU_.TKli.A__. 1868, and la   now sold in  every   town
For   bonnflde   students   enroute   to ] uml village   in   the   civilized   world.
College the Canadian   l'neillc   railway ' Three doses will relieve any   ordinary
will issue tickets tn Toronto at $30,40,   cough     Price   7,1   cts.    Get     Green's
to Montroal   ut   193.10,     Tickets  on | prj**,e Alumnae.
��"le Sept, Il anil l_.   Full particulars
at City ticket oflice or station.
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tia it's
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
Apply to
B. B. CAMERON, Agent
Baker Street.
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral. Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Three Days  of  instruction.  Interest
and Enjoyment.
Miner il Exhibit, Bucking Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse Races. Tlie
best program ever seen in the country.
See posters nnd circulars for i'urtbei
particulars. Specially iow return rail*
rates from all points.
_Vi Wi M'YITTIE, Sec ntary.
and Lry ft bottle, a dozen, or a barrel ot
CALGARY BEER >'" it Ih tho hem and
choapOHt, on tne ninrkot. AIho try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Telephone 9.1 ��nVfir St., Nelson
OAfiS.-MiiALS a. la 0AETE.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane witli trains of the
Spokane Fulls nnd Northern Railway,
aud atltouuer's Ferry witn Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Oo,
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New Yorli
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily forjEast atI9:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 8:00 p*m*
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season nf navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themiigmtlcent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNoi thern Steam
ship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Ry., Eiwlo & Slocun
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co , or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'l Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Selson. R'1
Spokane  Falls dt,
Northern R'v.
Nelson  *% Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
D. i: A., Nelson.    J beoaus. you  ever tasted it.
Spokane Interstate
Spokane and Return $9.50
Sept. o to 20, Inclusive
Buffalo and Eeturn
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrivt
OtOO a.m Spokane 1 its p.m
12:115 p.m RoHslnnd 4 :10 p. lu
10:11) a.m Nolson U.05 p.m
Spokane   W_e_
Agent, Nelson, B.O
Patenaude Bros.
N. E. T. CO.
20  Minute   Service
Cars leave top of Stanley street and
the Park at the hour, twenty past
and twenty to.
Late Car 10:40 each End.
The Company have ninny good
building lols for sale.
Apply at the Ollice; on Vernon
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Krom Mon ureal
Allan Line Tunisian  A Lift ;.0
Allan   Ltno Numiiiiati BopX.  7
Heaver Lino l_:iko BUpoi'lor Au-r. 30
Heaver Lino Luke tfimuoc Bopt,   (i
Frauuo-Canadiiin Liii'i Uiirlh Caslle ��� Aug. 30
Franeo-Canadiiin Lino wa81.aU ���. __.S6yfc.l7
Krom Portland, Mel
Dominion Line Vancouver.
Dominion Line Dominion .
Whito Star Line Teutonic..
White tsiar Line Germanic ��� ��� *
c.unard Lino Elruria	
Uunard Line  Burvia	
Amorican Lino bt. Paul	
Amur.can Lino St. Louta	
French  Line L'Aiiuiluiue	
French Lino La Champagne 	
N. G. L. Ivai orill Alana Thou: .ia.
Anchor Line Oity of Homo	
Hamburg iynqrican ix-uLsuhhunl
...Sept..   ,
 Sopt. U
From New York
 Sopt.   4
 Auk 31
 Sept.   i-
 Aug. '28
 Son.  4
 Auk. 20
..Sopt. 5
..Sept.. 10
.Sept. 7
..Sept.  a
For further particulars apply to
City Puasou_er Agont, Ntiluou, 11. C.
Uonoral S.S.  .will. C.l'.K. Olll-o-i. Winntn' g
lie   sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S UUTTA PEBC0A FUHE.nnt
something that luolcs   like   it.      aw-
rence Hardware Co., Agents.
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to   the   City
Horseshoeing Shop. Jo
sephine Streec
J* 0. GWILLIM, B*,  Sc,
Late of  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in li. C*
mining- districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B. c
Will pay the higheut canh price for all
ItindH of seooud bund goods. Will buy
or null uny thing from an nnelior to a
needle. Furniture, Htoren, ear pert*,
-ooking utensils, bought ln household
,-nantities. Also oast oil' clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver . King Mike, Box -00. Hall
S^eet, NhIwiii.  H  ft
Lipr Dptint.
A very full line of these, including' several reserved brands on
hand-      Shipments   for   Kootenay
are made from Vicloiia.
Additions to our .stocks are being
I'oiititiiiciu.sly received by Hailing vessels via Cape Horn.
��� Adverlit-oment-H lnHorled under inl- hoad at
tho rale of one cont a word por innortion. No
advertlHomenb taken for In-*.*- than 2d r..nt-.
Situation Wan'od &dvarLit_c(i.ei_t_-t Inserted
throe times free of charge.
FOB   WALK.��� Corner   Hall   and   Ub-
sirvatury   street.s,    three   loth   and t
Bungalow,    erflcted less   than ayear]
ago.    House has   drawing   room, din-1
in# roomi nail, two   bricK Are places,
throe   bedrooms,    a   large   bathroom,
kitchen,   cellar,   outboifte,  wide verandah    two  Hides   of   liouse.   water,
.sewer and electric   li^ht,    very   complete,  view unexcelled,    very   comfortable home for small family.      To   he
sold   with   or   without   furniture  at
once.    Owner leaving Neiaon,    Apply
on   pre tu ices  or   to Messrs. II. _fc  M
Bird.  Haker street.
 ������  ������
Are you in want? If you are, toll
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are i�� want of.
Vou'll act it
ROOMS To EBNT.-rK. VV. C. Block-
Two rooms en suite, on Ward st.,
also rooms facing the west. Uu {September 1, two single nooms and two
or three en suite facing Haker st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. V.
3, Squire, Uoom 41,  K.    VV. C.  Block.
KOOM and board in   private   family.
Apply ou Silica street, second 'door
west of Ward.
PRIVATE SA1-K of contents of
drawing room and two bed rooms,
property of Mrs. Horace Hume, Hume
Hotel, will be sold by private sale
Ibis week. Articles may be seen at
any time.
KUUNISHIOD   Room   with    bath     at
southeast corner   of   Josephine   and
Carbonate   street,  Nelson.
FOR SALE.-. Hotel containing :i-.
rooms, fully furnished, nnd now
paying well as a pnvate boarding
liouse, in the flourishing town of
Qalgary, For particulars, teriut*.
tc., address Airs. hi. Kobu, Calgary.
WANTED.���Assaver with wuuller anil
mine experience   requires Bit'iattnn,
Kefp books etc.    Address "W,"   Box
578, Nelson.
WANTED.���A I'oiufoi'talily   furnished
house of four   or   live   rooms.    Address l'i 0. box Mil.
WANTED.���YoqnK     man    to     drive
grocery     wagon.       Must   be   well
acquainted with eity.     None lint lirst
class men need apply,     iiox HIT   city,
NELSON Employ ment Agency,  linker
street.    l'hone 218.    3. II. Love.
WANTED.���Coon.      Woman    Cook.
.Second Cook.      Ilirls   for housewo 'k.
Laundress      Waitress.    Kail road men.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED���Waitress, for of town, .55
a month ; girl for housework, $''11 a
month ; three men for cutting roads,
if1!.!)!) a day; one man for buying;
dishwasher. Western Canadian Employment Ollice*. 11. A. Prosser.
l'hone ^70.
Storage���I have a large warehouse
for storing household or other
i iti.i:   .niili-ii! iiolil   I'roiMiiicv Mc are le s.'ciir-' a lew free mlllliiK ��<>id
propel III s u( (HICC. The riii^peelor'-. Kx-
cliiinil-'. NcIf-UU, M. .', Houin 4, ILrMVG*
Itlock. nU'VEU-LKAV^MIiU-H   mill
pruNprrtN .tallied,   -.nnl report mnl HHlll
pic . lo the. Preipcctor'* KxcIiuhkc. N.'Imjii.
B.C.    Koom 4 K. ��. . . block*
VTKLriON   SODA    WATJiili    KAC'rORV-
_i3l    -f.. Mt Uuuiuund, Lmwee���lCvory kuowa
vurit-ly ut nutl driu k**.    1' U Oua On.   iuiuL'lioii
r.u. ai. Hoover titreuti Nelsoa,   Bottler* ut tbe
i.tmuu - ai. i.fL'i il.Ji r.,ii ii.,; ��� Muiurtii VVtiXer
ClAXK & MACDONALD |H, Cane, Jams
J A. .MiuMujuild/ ArcliilooU uud Mi^urm
h:miuin..% oi iimiii iiiii tiiook, curuur iictkui und
U ai'd C-iruuin, iNuliuii
HJ. DlVANd cc CO.���Bakor btreet, Nul
���   hou���H'huitnuiu dealufti lu  iniuurn, ci*
KtU'o, oeiueat, dro bock and lire oiay, waiur
plpu  uud  aLuol   I'-ills, uud  g-Jiiuiul uuiilUlltM-lOU
AMACD'JNALD   6c Co.���Corner   Jfrou
���   und   Hull   aLreul..���V\ liulusalu   grocer
mill.   JObOUl'n   111    lii.mlvCI  ���, Klu. .*���-.  llilCLn,   UUOlH
rooburr., uiaeklJaaWu uud uiiueni' H_uidri_w.
ij   BUHNd He Cu.���Bukor titreet, Nelson���
.  ���    VV noie-sulo iluidurb in Iiur.ii und cored
liloul*..    Uuld SLoruh'e.
liiikor btreot, Nelson��� WhoietuUe ilea
en. in fit:in aud ouced meats.
ttAJftDWAttJfi & MINING   SUl'PLIhs
titreet,  Nelson ��� Wholesale  daalats w
hiirtlwuru,   uiineir.'   supplied,   nporLuiK   UOOdis
M'LACHLAiV BUOS. .auocepaora U> Vun
uouver UardwareCo. L-ul.i Bakor titreet-
Nelspa��� tt 'holosalo dealers in hardware and
mining supidieH, pluiubors1 and inii-muili.' nop
\TJflL80N   EARDWAilK  CC.- Wholesalo'
i.1     painu, uiln aud ait-SBi nioehamen'  Lool..
AiKonts foi uiiiurio 1'uwdur W'urks; lyoamlte
rpUANKR, BKKTON & Co.���Oorner Vornon
JL nnd Ju-i'ijiuim: niiTi.'L., Nolson��� Wholo
salo dealers in liquors, yigurs, and dry Kootlrf.
Agents fur Fabs't Brewing Cu. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co oi Calgary.
UDtiON'ti BAY Co.-Wholertalo Krooerio_
and lniuors eto.rBaker tilrouL, Nuihud.
J.l| Ollice eorner Hall and [front StJrOOtS
Poison���Ijtimbcr, oeiliug, llooring, aud ovory
tiling in wuod fur building purpuses. Uot oui
pricos.  Correspondence solleited.
rn   GAI_l_o
X ���   untl tv
ON ft; CO.���Dealera in ore saoks
  twines.   Always a large  stock  oil
hand. Telephone��13.  Boom 11. K.-W.-C Block
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
A stork of those embracing the loading brunfls, ih carried itt. Nolson,
thoroby enabling quick delivery to
Kootonay luiyoi'K,
.Carried in Btook in Nelson,
obtained in ull oouutiicH
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughts.
man. liank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., V.incouver, 15 C.
Write for full particulars.
COMPANY, Limited.
Notice is hereby given that an extra*
ordinary general meeting ol the above
named company will he hold at the
registered otlice of the Company (1"
linker street in the City of Nelsini,
liritisli Columbia, on Monday,the :;:ird
day of September, A. li., 100), at the
hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon for the uurpose of ooii.siileriiiL',
nnd if thought Ml, piidsiug a resolution
authorizing tbe dliectors toralBO the
ciiiit. of nne hundred thousand |ioiinds
(.tUlll.nllil) hy the tssite of mortgage
bonds, or debentures, or otheiwise, lu
nucli person or persons, company or
corporation, and upon sueb terms ami
conditions as tn Iho directors may
seeui meet,    Ily order,
JOHN .''l.Asi.u,
Nelson, (lib September, 1001.
ica's (Most
To  All   Eastern   Points   via
Lake Route, All-Kail or Soo
Line, via  St.   Paul   or   Chi
R. P* Rithet & Co*, Limited
A- x>* (jrJLvA. \ KciMUKiiiiuiivu
P. O. Hox 521      -      Nelson.
West Transfer Co.
Goal anu Wood
Best   Fir  and  Tamarac   Al*
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming aud
Commission Work*
Olll.'i' ou  Baker Street Tel. IB
Pa-WciD ExDosiUon
Sixty    L��a)'s'     Limit.
Good going Sept, 3rd, 17th
Fhrough Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
Kor painplib'N iliwcript.ive of (Jan
adiiin l'acilic lours anil fot'Time Tab h
Kales,   'liekefn,   apply
Oity I'liHseuger Agent
,1. H. (Jartkh,
lb"  I'm "   Ant.
A. 0. 1*. A.
msni; imiiMii. moiki i*i iiiii
Wlndormore Muum.   (lorroHUnuiliinooSol'.ttliii
W1N0EHUB&U, Ii. 0.
' Nklson Daily Miner Thursday, September 12,  1901
This cut il
lust rates
the simple
way which
Ibis popular
pen is filled
with ink ;
no unscrewing of tho
pen .section,
no inky fingers, and always an even,
regular How cf ink. Made in all
grades of points���fine, medium,broad,
coarse. Absolutely ffuarauteed. S-'i to
S... Money back if not satisfied-
Strangers are welcome to look through
our store, and your welcome is not
dependent on a purchase.
l'ianos to Kent at 87 per month.
��� ��/vwww*****> WW wwvvw*
t A drunk was brought before Magistrate Crease yesterday morning and
lind .r, and oonts.
All trains were late coining in last
evening and in consequence the mail
was not sorted until a late hour.
Two cars of ore from the Whitewater mine were brought down from
Kaslo by the International   yesterday.
The stonework on the High School
building was finished the beginning
nf the week and the hriok work will
be started immediately.
The excavating on the site of lhe
*iew Salvation Army hai racks has
been completed and work on the stone
foundation will be started as soon as
the weather improves sufficiently.
Owiug to a landslide which swept
away a portion of tbe traok of the
Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway nt
ilendrick's Cut, about three miles
from Hossbnrg, the train was over
two honrs late as the passengers and
baggage had to be transferred around
the break in the line.
At the record yesterday a
rather amusing incident occurred.
Two men, both foreigners not very
familiar with English, were in getting licenses, ono a mining license
and the other a marriage license. The
man who wanted a mining license
was served ��iist and the other listened
intently to the explanations that weie
made a., to lhe time for which the
license waH good and othei particulars. When number two's turn came
aud he had beon served, ho waited expectantly for a moment or two and
thou anxiously asked, ''How long is
this license good for?''
J. E. Annable yestorday disposed of
twenty acres of land to W. J. Hug-
gins who will enter noon the raising
of nigh-grade poultry for tho western
market, having selected Neluon as a
good looation for the business, at
which ho is au expert. Tho land is
situated at Powder Point, about six
miles up tho lake, and is well suited
for the purpose. J. Shell) also purchased tell acres, which he will put in
fruit, and Emory & Wallcy took live
acres, which they aro having cleared
antl will have planted with fruit trees
this full.
Built  Up  by   Omnium   Sense
������ il z.11
"l''or years I have not been able to
drink ooffee, as It made me very nervous and gave me a headache, No one
loved cofTi'C more than 1 and it was a
severe trial to abandon its us��*. Nearly three years lino '. saw I'ostum
Cereal Coffee advertised and concluded
to try it.
I have been so well pleased with il
ami Its healthful effects that I have
used it ever since. I carry pncUagOB
with me when I visit other plaees.
When I began to drink I'ostum, my
muscles were tlahuy. as my habits are
sedentary, but for Hie past two years
my muscles have been hard and I
never felt stronger In iny lite than I
do now at sixty years of age, and I
attribute my strength of muscle to
constant use of I'ostum. 1 drink ii
tbree times a day. 1 feel so enlliiisi-
astio about Postum that 1 eannot bnt
recommend it wherever I go. Wishing
you   great   success,     yours     truly,"
Uev. A. 1'. Moore,   iti   Rhode  island
street,  Buffalo,  N. V.
The reason I'ostum builds up the
human body to a prune condition "f
health, IS that when coffee ic left olf
tho drug effects of the poison disap*
pear and the elements In Postum unilo
with albumen of the food to make
gray matter and refill the delicate
nerve centers all over the body and in
tl.n brain. 'Phis sets up a perfect
eondition of nerve health, ami the
result is that the entire body feels tlio
effect of It.
Rev..7. H. White returned last night
from the Boundary country.
J. P. Byers, manager of the Mac
Machine shops at Trail, was in tbe
city yesterday on business.
Rev.   H. Ueer, of   Kaslo, who has
been   in   Nelson for a couple of days
left for Kaslo hy the Kokanee yesterday afternoon.
J. W. (lallop, light liouse keeper at
Halfour, took a run np to Nelson
yesterday in hia steam launch to
secure supplies.
L. S. Otis, piano tuner, left on Tuesday for California and will be at sent
for six weeks. During the time ho is
away H. F Wambold will attend to
his duties as piano tuner.
The residence of Mr. h. Pogue,
Victoria street, was the scene of a
quiet but pretty wedding yesterday
morning at il o'clock whon his
Orother, James Pogue was united in
marriage to Miss Elizabeth Heanmont,
recently captain of the Salvation Aimy
forces at Rossland. The ceremony
ivas performed by Pastor John liurtt
Morgan of the Haptist church in the
presence of a few friends. Last evening Mr. and Mrs. Pogue entertained
about forty of their friends at supper
ill their new home on the corner of
Josephine and Carbonate streets.
Having done ample justice to tbo
good things so bountifully provided,
and enjoyed a delightful social evening the company dispersed leaving
their host and hostess rioher by a
largo store of good wishes.
Have   your   house photographed befoie the frost comes,    tjueon Studio.
Ilnine. ��� R. II. Kienvert, Milwaukee;
R. McGuire, Molly Gibson, Landing;
T. Tye, Lardo; C. Vi. A. (Irani, Montreal; S Newswander, Kaslo; G.
Mitchelson, St. Paul; II. Fisher,
Montreal; J. Fred Hume, Victoria; J.
F. McNaught, Spokane; Ilr. J. Rus-
sel, Hamilton, Ont. ; W. E. Hoie, Slocan City.
l'hair.���V. II. Potherlngbam, Montroal; A. S. Far well, England; T. P.
Mclntyre. Winnipeg; 10. II. Clarke,
T. C, Webber, Montreal; A. N. Hush
and wife, A. Hush, Jr., Salem, Ore. ;
F. II. Neltleten, Erie; T. Mouigues
and wife, Lemon creek; II S. liurdell,
Arlington mine; W. L. Iiowess, St.
Queens.���J. R. Allan, Macleod; Vi.
MacAdams, Sandon; G. H. Moikill,
Kaslo; Roy Anderson, Thompson's
L'lnding; J. Anderson, Erie; Mrs. J.
Miller,  Erie; A.   York,   Slocan.
(hand Central���tl. Sheill. Kaslo; H.
L. Forrest, Vancouver; J. Reioux,
Cranbrook; P. Thomas, Slooan City;
F. Caivell, Sandon; W. Robertson,
Cranbrook; (1. il. Keefer, Stanley
Falls; Mrs. A. Allison, Rossland; II.
Fraser, Victoria.
Traeklaying   Will Shortly  Commence
on the R. & 0. F. Railway.
Orand Forks, B. C, Sept. 11.���Thus
far nearly ten miles ot grading on the
Republic & Orand Forks railway have
been completed. Several camps have
been estahlisned between here and the
Boundary lino. Tho graders aro now
at work a quarter of a mile from the
city limits. It is understood that
traeklaying will be in progress within a fortnight as thu steel rails will
reach bore within a few days. A
couple of thousand tons were shipped
from Chicago last week
T. H. Holt, of Vancouver, has been
here after inspecting the Winnipeg
mine in which ho is interested. He
expiossed himself as well pleased with
the progiess of recent development
work. The mine is shipping one carload of ore daily tu thu Orauhy
There is a good deal of oven betting
on tbo result of the "il-rnund glove
contest to be fought here on the -let
inst. between Hal Hawkins, the light
weight, champion of the l'acilic ooast
and Coolgardie Smith, of Australia.
Iloth men are training hard for the
contest. Ilawkin'i. beadqoai tors aro
at Greenwood. Smith jh in lino condition. Ilo exercises several hours
iiaily, mostly in long tramps over tho
hills before hoxii g with his brother
who is very prolicent with tbe gloves.
A. II. W. Hodges, superintendent of
the Granby smelter,has gone south ou
a holiday trip. Meantime the enlargement of the plant Is being rushed.
Three carloads of machinery arrived
this week- from   Chicago.
Chailes T, Long, a well known
Toronto journalist and .Mr. and Mrs.
Long are here on a tour of the province prioi to visiting California.
A groat deal of unnecessary anxiety
iias been displayed over the delay in
beginning work on tho l'hoenix
branch of tho V. V & E. railway. It
is understood tbat whatever obstacles
may have existed have now been removed and that the work will Ih* commenced within a fow days. The railway company is not responsible for
the delay. Mann & Mnckenzio, wbo
are interested in the project with J.
. Ilill, of the Great Noithern. art)
also the leading shareholders of the
Dominion Oopnei Co., owning tho.
Brooklyn and Stemwinder mines at.
l'hoenix. The prolonged absence of
.lames Itreen has occasioned no little
comment. Mr. is understood,
was to acquire a controlling interest
lu tbo properties in return for advanc
ing the cash for development work,
and for agreeing to ereet a six hundred ton smolter. Simultaneously
with tho announcement that Mr.
Breen is in Butte. Mr. Joseph Boss,
has arrived here to confer with Chief
Englineer Kennedy. Mr. Boss is also
a shareholder in the Dominion Copper
Co., and he is credited with being
here as the representative of the
Toronto interests. The cost of mining
development in the Brooklyn .t Stem-
winder seems to be no longer paid by
Mr. Hrceu and all disbursements are
being made from Toronto.
until Friday morning or until she can
come before a judge in the upper
.Synod Opens its Sessions in Montreal
Montreal, Sept. 11.���The synod of
tho Church of England opened its
sessions this morning with a choral
celebration of the Holy Communion in
Christ Church Cathedral. The celebrant was the Bishop of Toronto,
while Bishop Dunn, Quebec, and
Bishop Kingdon, of Fredeiicton,
were opistler and gospeller, respectively. Litany was intoned by
Bishop Mills, Kingston. The Arch
bishop of Montreal was preacher.
At a meeting of the Iny bouso Dean
Carmicbael was chosen proluctor;
Dean Innes, London, deputy piolocu-
tor, Canon Clarke, Ancoster, Ont.:
Clerical Secretary; J. J. Mason,
Hamilton, lay secretary, and Charles
Gerth, Montreal, treasurer. A resolu-
ti",n of regret at tho attempted assassination of President McKinley was
passed. The remainder of the afternoon session was occupied by a discussion on a resolution favoring the
adoption of the Gothenburg system of
lioensing in Canada. No decision
waa teached, _ _
A   Trustee   Who   Should   Oo   Into  a
Peimanent Trance.
(SI-ECIAI. TO the: miner.)
Nanaimo, II. C, Sept. 11���James
Watters was arrested today on board
the Mioeola in the Straits on his way
to California charged with embezzling
tho funds of the Nanaimo Spiritualist
Society. He was sinco released ns
the funds and books were found all
right. Samuel Jones, the trustoee nf
the Spritiualist Society, who swore
out the information, is now in an
awkward position. Mr, Watters is a
prominent man, being the president
cf the local Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals, and has held
many other public ollices.
Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 11.���While
stories of a peaceful settlement of the
strike at tne Amalgamated Association were heard with much force and
persistency, President Shaffer continued to deny them emphatically and
said that the battle ol steel workers
would go on until they won. He
denied that the executive board had
instructed him to settle the strike on
any term? aud said that he would not
go to New Y'ork to make any further
peace move for the Present.
8.11.50, Kept.  S:i to Sept.  27.
On account of Episcopal church
meeting at San Francisco the Canadian l'acilic Hallway will sell round
trip tickets via Portland and Shasta
mute at $51,50 good till November
5 for return. Full particulars from
local agents.
D. P   A., Nelson.
Colon, Sept. 11. ���(Via Galveston)���
Dining the stay of the U. S. gunboat
Maclnas at Boeas Del Torro, the
United Fruit Company obtained possession of tho steam launch seized not
long ago by the Liberals. Tho minister of Panama has issued a decree
enforcing military conscription in
the case of all Colombians between 18
and f,0.
Victoria, B, C, Sept. 11.���Reports
received from tho north state that
surveyors sent out by the Piovlncial
Government havo found nu uifllonlty
in finding a good route from lhe head
of Kittmatt Arm to lla/.elton, the
headwaters of navigation on the sks-
ena river and by which unite it is
proposed to build tho railway into the
Omineea countiy.
London, Sept. 18, ��� It is said that
Hon. (I. W. Rush, Premier of Ontario,
who sails for Canada today after a prolonged visit to Oreat Britain, has
made a provisional agreement wilh
Elder Dempster ... Co. to convey emigrants ti 'Jl Hi I a rio at the expense of
tin, Ontario Government.
London, Sept. 12.���The Marquis of
Anglesey was robbed last night of
jewels valued at ��30,OHO which were
taken from a room at Wiils'iigliam
liouse,  while    ho was at the theatre.
I'ngwash, N. S.. Sept. 11. ��� VV, II.
Brown's new store and storohoiisii wns
destroyed by fire IniH morning. Several ether buildings had a narrow
escape, Had tho wind been blowing
nothing would have saved the towu.
Loss, *-'."> iiin.  no insurance.
Chioago, Sept.    11,���Justice   1'rindi-
voil��* tato  this   afternoon   decided   to
bold   Emma   Uoldman   without   bail
They Met Yesterday and Enjoyed a
Naval Display.
Hella, 1'russia, Sept. 11.���Count
Platen, tbe> Kaiser's aide, went on
board tbe Stamiart today to escort
the Czar who went on board the Ho-
henzollern. The Kaiser received hi8
Imperial visitor at the gangway
where the two mnnarohs embraced
one another. They then inspected
the guard of honor together, after
which they retiicd to the quarterdeck
where they remained in animated conversation until luncheon wlien the
Cza ��� sat on the right of the Kaiser
nnd Grand Duke Alexis on the left.
Jnst as tho meal ended the Bella was
sighted. The German squadron was
drawn un in double line. The Ho-
henzollerc, with their Imperial Majesties on the Imperial bridge, steamed
slowly between the lines, foi lowed by
the Standart and her escorts. The
two yachts anchored at, the heads of
respective lines after which the ail-
miials and the principal olliceis of
the squadron wont on board tho Ho-
henzollern and were presented to the
! NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON. B. C. *   t
| Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE    *
, F'REE   MILLING   GOLD  properties  wanted at once for Eastern   5
"    investors. <
! Parties  having   mining  property for   sale are   requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We  desire  to  hear from prospectors wbo have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors  and   mining  ir.en   are   'i -i   >sted   to  make  the  Ex.
CHANGE their headquarters when in Nelajn
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, n n
>WWWWI^WWW<AVVI*^^WW^\^VAI^*V��'Vtv\w>A     ''
"Zbe IRo^al Bank of Canaba"
Cniilinl   Aulhorlird,
Incorporated 1869.
lf:l,lMHI,(MHl.lMl I Capital raid-up,
Ite .1,       .       .    .
. .'.lltlll,IWII,_
Troy, N. Y., Sept. 11. ���A cloudburst broke over this oity shortly he-
fore 3 o'clock this afternoon and damage resulted to tho amount of about
Ottawa, Sept. 11.���The international
cricket match between Americans and
Canadians ended today iu   the  defeat
of tho Canadians by 00 runs.
''Will wonders ever cease?" inquire
the fr'endfl of Mis. L. Pease, of Lawrence. Kan. They knew she had been
unable to leave her bed in seven
years on account of kidney and livei
troubles, nervous prostration anil general debility; but "Three bottles of
Electric Bitters enabled mo lo walk,"
she writes, ''and in three mouths I
felt like a new person." Women
suffering from Headache, Baeliaclie,
Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Melancholy, Fainting and Dizzy Spells will
And it a piiceless blessing. Try it.
Satisfaction is guaranteed. Canada
Drug ,t Book Co.    Only Mc.
can be engaged for Private Parties,
Socials. Receptions, Bulls, etc. For
particulars apply to J. B. POL
LARD, E, J. Robic's Tailoring
Establishment, Baker Street.
Bruises, Boro Hack, Ilnris. Scalds, Neural,
���.'in, Headaches, Lumbago, Sore Throat and
every oihor ailment where outward applloa-
lion ii wanted Logh 0 qulok relief.
Mr. .Murk White, tbo well known trainer of
the Toronto LacroBSO Team and iIskjoiI llall
Knot hull Club writes I "1 consider Grlflllils
Monthol l.iiiiineni unequalled for athletes or
thoso training, 1 have used ii with ihe best
success anil can heartily rccouiniciiil it, for still'
ness, soreness, sprains unit all forms of swolllag
ami inflammation,   Prioe L_ cents.
Kor sale by J. J1. V tinstone  Nelson,II. 0.
NKLSON LODGE    No. 83, A. F. &
M. moots second Wodnosday in
nioiiLh,  Visiting brothern wolcomo
1. O. O. F. Kootenai* I.o<Iko
i No. 10, moots ovory Monday night,
at tholr Mull, Koolonay stroot.
Sojourning (Mil Fellows cordially Invitod.
John A. Mcltui���, N.Q, 11. W. ltulliorford, V.o
Fred J. Squlro, I'or. Hoc.
Nelson Itoyiil Arch  Chapter No. lit, li. It. r.
Moots third wodnosday. tiqlournhig oomnan
ions Invited, iiiioi'ko Johnstone, '/.. u.W.
Matthews, 8, ic.
NKLSON i.oiime  1.0.M, K.of I'
, Jillll'i'lN in |i  of I', bull, IMillcllim . blook
"Jufli*stanut.litt*e Tuesday evoning of c oF
inn li ul.  8 o'clock.
'All visiting knights conlially  invito
W.M. Iiivink, CO.
A. ']'. I'AltK, K.of II. uml ~.
Nolson Knoa pmontNo.7. Mods ovory 2ml
uml nil Friday ul oaoh month, in Odd Follows
Hull, oomor linker uml Koolonuy HtrcotH
Nelson, A. H, CloinonU, O. P.* I). MoArtluu
It. a.   Visiting brolhors always wolnnmn,
NKLSON 1.. (I. I,. No. 1IKI2 meotsTn Kra
U'lnity Hall on 1,1,1 uml third Friday evening!
of oaoh month at 8 o'olook, Visiting member
oordlally lnvltod, w. W. Bradley, \v. k.
A,Mloty, U.S.
NKLSON AKItlK No. -it, K. 0.  K��� moots
every seoond uml fourth Wednesdays of eacl.
Ill onth.    Visiting   ineiiihorH  cordially    invlt
Otiurlos Prosser, Senretjiry.
Koolonay Tit.i No. 7, K.O. T. i\1��� hold lliclr
regular mootlngs ln Fraternity Hall, i.u. u. p,
blook, on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of ouch
n.onili. Vi-iUiiK brethren cordially lnvltod lu
attend. G.A.Brown, It.K.iA.P.Purdy,Com
it. J .stool, 11. a. (1.
.au,v, OP ENGLAND, meets
lstauu8rd Wodnosdai ovoningsof
ouch   at,   Kiulonilly  hull
corner of  llakcr   uml   Kootenai'
Btreets.   Visiting brothorn coril-
1 oil Invited,
KnWARO MAi'l.r.on. Secretary,
COURT KOOTKNAY, I, O. K��� No. 818k
McciinKx lib Thursday of month, Fraternal
hall. J A Irving ('  IC   I', 't. FlemingIt a
Nelson  Courl  Hlar ol   Kootenuy A   ()   |7
Mods 2nd ami   im,   Wednesdays in' ovorv
monlh.   visiting brethren welcome \v   Mao
MlUao. O.K.   Hubert McLeod ace.
Board of Dlrect-rn     Thoniaa E. Konny,  Prosidonb;   Thomas Kltohlo, Vlco-1'riwMnm
IWUoy Smith. H. Q. Bauld, Ilou. David Maokeen. "��"1
���lead OHlce, Haliraxi
Genoral Managor. lCdson L. PoaHO, Montroal.
8uporiatondont of Hranohos, and Socretary, W. I). Torranoo. Ilullfm,
Bran    es1
'ova   Scotia���Halifax   Branch,   Antti'oiii-1
Bridgowater, Guysboro. Londonderry, l.u
enburg. Maitland (Hunt~ Co.l, l'ictou. Port
Huwkosbury, Sydney. ahubonacadio.Truro,
New    Brunswick ��� Batlmrst,     Dorchester,
Krodorletoii, Kingston (Kent  Co.l, Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sack vill,*. at, John.WoodHtock*
E. Island���Charlottotown, aunimorHldo.
;*bee���Montroal,  (City   Offloo), Montnai
Wost Knd (Cor. I lame uml si
neurs Strootei; Wostmouut (Cor. Una���,
Avenue and at. Catharines  Hlrcot
Ontario���ot tawa.
N,'wI'ohi���IIuii,I   -;t. John's.
t'uba, West ladles���Havana.
I inlcd Mates���Now Ynrk (II! Utehtn-je l\n
Hopublic, Wash
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
Canoda-MorchantR Bank of Canada.   Boston-National Shawmut Hunk.   Chlcaco-llllnnt,
Trust and Savings Bank.   San National Hank.   London,  ___,,.**..�����!
Scotland.   I'arls, Prance���Credit Lyonnais.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda.   U1I1111 mm j,
pan���HOng Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane-Old National Bank,
(leneial Hanking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   ttouzh
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on sppcial
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
fE ~~ 3
Ie l Our Hardware      |
I     ^kS Hlts        1
������ _J_///   <__r '^u> bookkeeper takes        ^3
Tlio bookkeeper tako
a trial balance; you
tftke a trial of onr
hanhvart\ and you'll
stay with us tlio 1> il-
ance of your days and
the bnlance will ;iI-
ways be in your favor
Hardware should he care
fully selected, because it i>
Dot bought every week in tin
year, and once a yood Hi'luli
is purchased you are doublj
*jf ��%no AHlA/ *tv 4**f(nr A/ CicA/
rf /F-UiMaj,    &4Xl<*U^-i<J  ft*/
H. & M. BIRD
JMr.   Hon Hodge's resilience on Mill
streot with four lota; live rooms ilown
HtairR, three bedrooms ami large
bathroom upstairs, Furnace just put
iu���A well built ami comfortable
home.   Terms of payment  cnay.
Sec also list of housos ami lots for
sale anil resldeneos for rent at door of
our otlices next to MoArthur _ on lia
hor street.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l WMte Pine Lumber Always in
Mh,?!7.ili co'i'Pii,-it-tookpfOoaatPloprlnsr
11 Iiik, liiHldo Kin toll, Tnriii-l Work, Hash alul
ffiSlnSMutti0r_5r W0I~ wl" rl!c*>lvo Prompt
attention.  Mall orders Bouolted.
Kootenay Railway and Nav*
Company, Lid.
Shortest anil mtlokost route lo tlio i'n-1 n"1' "]' tc N. ami Northern l\
oldo Railways In Washington, Oregon w��
Southorn state,..
Time Card Pfrcctlve Auijust 1.190*
Kaslo & Slocan %���
Bi_0a.rn.Lv. [Kaslo Ar. MOP* J
IOiHSp.rn.Ar,        Sandon        Lv.liUP**11'
Int Nav* & Trading Co-
Ml p, ni. Lv. Nelson A1*''MI'S
11:1(1 P. ill. Ar. Kaslo l,v. ,:i��u'"'
OonnoollngatPlvo Mile Polnl with [MJJJ
_ Kurt fhoppard Hallway both in ������ Ir��
Rosaiand, ete.	
Steamer from Nelson leaves IC. Ij. '* ��� '
wharf, ivasln, ii. c, si. for Lardo on S'*-"!1"':'
Wednesdays and Fridays nt 0i30 p, m- d"""
in;: i lie sauieevoniiiK,
Porto RicoLumberCo.,
Hoad OAtc_-_.-t-.-i*-*--. _���_ Veinon HL, Neluon
i'iekoU Hiilil in nil parts in Unilciil Bhvl-J ~
Canada via Groat Northern andu, K, -*- ������
Co.'s linos, .      ,    ���.., ,.11
(looan Btoaimhln tlokota and ratosviam
lines will bqfurulstiod on appllontlon.
For farther particulars call on or iiili"LW
G. K TACitAnuiiY Agent. Nolson, U.��'
The late storm hns driven *������<-
ducks into the Koolonay H'ls
The House-Bout is lor rent I" Pnr'
ties wishing to go duck shooting.
Man and canoes in charge.
Kor terms apply to
Or to The Miner Ollice.


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