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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 14, 1901

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 Daily Edition No.  119 *r
���77TtU*r��' fi3ioo
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Thursday,   November 14, 1901
Eleventh   Year
Tom Hamilton, of Ashcroft.
Chooses the Morphine
C. p. R. Likely to Get Contract for Carrying Australian Wall.
Ashcroft, Nov. 13.��� Tjm Hamilton,
clerk ��t the Ashcroft hotel, was found
dead in his bed at 5 o'clock this afternoon. He retired about 3 o'clock and
Miscalled twice shortly nfter. The
third nail about 5 o'clock was equally
ineffectual and as the door was
locked, entrance was gained from the.
verandah through a window when it
was found that he was dead. Dr.
Williams was called immediately and
pronounced him dead. A bottle of
iiiorpliinii and a note on the table in-
ilicatctl tbat he died by his own act
ami Unit it was premeditated. He has
been for a loop; time a heavy drinker
anil his mind was undoubtedly affected by it.
The deceased was a well kmw.i
man in the upper country and at one
time hud charge of a trading post in
tin-north for the llulson's Bay Co.
lie leaves a brother, Oavin Hamilton,
at I.iio la llache, and a daughter now
attlie 150-Mile house.
Torcntn, Nov. 13.���The Evening
Telegram says: The rumor yesterday
that tho C. P. R. had tne prospect of
securing the contract for Australian
mails, sent Pacific stock up two
Now Made Chairman of a War Oflice
Reform Committee.
I.onilii, Nov. 14,���General Sir William Butler, formerly in command of
the troops in South Africa, who was
recalled at the beginning of the
campaign against the Iloers, is at last
having his merits recognized* According to the Daily Chronicle he has
accepted the offer of an appointment
as president of the most impoitant
com rat tee In connection with war
oflice reform.
Winnipeg, Nov. 13.���The C. P. R.
is tn make extensive reduction in the
mountain grades at Field and vicinity
ami fur this work Intends to spend
about ff 1,000,001). Ihe coutraet has
been given to Contractor J. VV. Stewart, who will begin to move out his
gang at once.
The residence of Thomas Ryan was
badly damaged by fire, Bt an early
lionr this evening. The loss will be
over Jp.OOO, fully insured.
Northport, Nov. 13.���Oscar Szon-
tagh, the now smelter manager arrived lrora the south this afternoon
and went at once to the smelter.
Kennedy continues to improve and
his clnini:c8 for recovery are brighter,
but the bullet has not been located.
The town is quiet and there have been
no more disturbances.
The Mirers' Magazine states that
John A. Mackenzie, the new manager
of the Lc Roi, is a decided enemy of
the Western Federation ot Miners.
At the Mariposa mine, of which he
was manager, he bad posted a notice
expressing his strong disapproval of
the men join'ng the nnion which it
was proposed to form.
Albert Matthew Ford, the tide calculator of New York, is dead.
The American ambassador, Andrew
II. White, bas resumed his duties in
Dr. James Irvington Marolay was
found dead in his room in liuffulo
yestordnv, having been crushed in a
folding bed.
Ottawa, Nov. 13.���A telegram
received from South Africa today announced that Trooper W. Volans was
severely wounded at Trickmost on,
November 4th, and Trooper J. IJ.
builsiite, accidentally seriously
wounded at Vet River, Nov. 7th, both
���il the South African constabulary.
Volans comes from Portland, Ore.,
and Uulgate from White Lake, Ont.
The grand jury has returned an in-
diotmeut against Harry Toughbaugh,
nniier arrest in St. Louis, as one of
the Montana express robbers.
The late Georgevitehl cabinet has
been licensed of embezzlement from
Ibe secret serivoe funds of Servia. One
item mentioned is 123,100 francs.
A party of American jockeys, who
have been riding in Russia and Ger-
inanyy, have returned to New York.
They will go to California foi the
Broderlck Declares That the j Mrs. Rathbun Maintains the
Country Has Set Us
The Boers Are Killing Kaffirs
to  Conceal Their
Corpse Was That of
Her Husband.
Rathbun  Taken  to Indiana
on a Charge of Murder.
G. II. Rolando has challenged San-
dnw, who claims the world's championship, to ten feats of strength,
each party to select live,
posted $200 as a forfeit.
He bas
In the six dny walking contest at
Pittsburg, the three best records last
night were: Cavanaugh, 285 miles,
0 laps; Doan, 205 miles, 3 laps;
llarnes, 205 miles, 4 laps. There were
then  twelve   competitors in the race.
Monreal, Nov. 13.���The jury In the
tase of 0, E. lloissonette, arrested for
the murder of Suctuae Danserain,
brought in a verdict of manslaughter
tuday, Uanesraiu and boissoiiettc got
lulu a row on the stieet and Boisso-
nette Incited Danserain clown. He
���lied shortly alterwards in the
IIURNED in farmhouse.
Carelton Place, Nov. 13.���The farm
house of Mr. Ramsay was burned to
ll"' ground during last night, and
Mra, McLean, Mrs. McLean, Sr., and
�� farm  assistant named   Hoibert Mo-
The secretary of the llritish legation
to the republics of Central America iB
said to havo announced to the president of Managua that the llritish
have recognized the United States as
the porteotor of the Mosquito Indians
of eastern Nicaragua,
urpgor burned to  death.     Tho
members of the family escaped.
Montreal, Nov, 13.���Saered ooncorts
Wers given in Proctor's theatre lust
Sunday afternoon and evening. Today
tt summons was issued against the
manager of this theatre clnrging him
With uu infringement of the law.
S'adey, 0. It., Nov. 13 -The International mine at urMg')jp0rt1 closed
down tonight for an indefinite poriod
throwing 200 men out of work. It
"nay reopen In the spiing.
���Toronto, Nov. 13.-The Ontario legislature will  n,cet   on   .innnnry   8th.
It la hoped   the   session will end   by
Mnroli 3i.
.Joseph Mayer, who had been an
employee In the office of Albert Patrick, the New York lawyer charged
with the murder of Win. Riee, the
millionaire, has returned from Berlin
and  offered   to   give   evidence In the
trial of Patriate,
Captain Batman's cavalry yesterday
morning surprised a body ol 400 insurgents in the northeastern part ol
Luzon and aftc* killing 10 of tbem
dispersed the party. Two large boat
loads of arms are said ti have been
smuggled into tbi southern part of
Hutanags poninsnla.
A pitched liattlo was fought yesterday
between deputy sheriffs and outlaws,
who bad attempted to steal 1 horses,
near Pickee, a village of Kay country,
Oklohama. Some are suppose! to be
escaped convicts from Leavenworth.
The escape of the gang is considered
The new Colombian congress bas
appointed a "dcsignado" who Is to
succeed the pieBident upon his re
tin ment. The person In view for the
posit'on is General Reyes, Colombian
minister to France, but now at the
city of MexL-o. It is believod tbo
president will resign if requested
and n depntition will he sent ta in-
duoe Gen. Rc?es to accept the rew
1 office.
London. Nov. 13.���Mr Broderlck,
the British War secretary, speaking
tonight at a banquet given in London
in his honor by the City Carlton club,
declared that the Boers wore hiding
their tracks by murdering kafDrs
behind the"?. Lord Kitchener wired
today, he continued, that the cold
blooded murder of natives had become
frequent of late and that two dead
natives, their bunds tied behind their
back, were fonnd at the bottom of a
mire shaft.
Later in his speeeh Mr. Broderlck
said Great Britain now had 42,000
Iloers in custody in the concentration
camps and various islands and that
11,000 more had been killed or
wounded or bad left the country on
parole. He added that he believed
the number of Iloers now in the field
was about 10,000.
Tho country has set its teeth and
intends to go through the process of
wearing down, he exclaimed. We
intend to provide Lord Kitchener
with fresh troops to replace the tired
ones. Only ttday a certain colony
made an offer to help. Mr. Broderlck
said he "vas sorry anything had happened to affect the career of Sir Bed-
vers Roller aud he assured the company that the deafness of Sir Evelyn
Wood was not a bar to the work that
officer had to do as commander of nn
army corps.
Mr. Broderlck explained that fonr
battalions and two cavalry regiments
would be drawn from India for ser-
ivce in South Africa.
Some Whittakor Wright Companies
With Nominal Existence Killed.
London, Nov. 13.���The courts have
ordered tho compulsory winding up of
the West Lie Roi, and Colnmbia-
Kontenay Mining companies, all
Whittakor Wright concerns.
(A circular issued by tbe official
liquidator oi the llritish American
Corporation in August stated that
these companies had been formed as
subsidiary to the B, A. C, which retained practically all the shares in
them. At a later date new companies were formed which took over
all the properties of these companies
except a small quantity of valueless
ground left to each. Though by this
transaction the companies here named
practically passed out of existence,
nominally they did not, but instead
the stock remained as an asset upon
the books of the II. A. C. The mines
formerly held by the West Le Roi are
now owned by the Le Roi No. 2;
those of the East LeRoi now by the
Rossland-Great Western, and those by
the ColumblnKooteimy Mining company, now by the Kootenay Mining
Cnmpanv. It is not probable that the
action here mentioned In the dispatch
will affect the companies now operating these mines at Rossland.)
Louisville, Nov. 13.���Newell C.
Rathbun, whi was arrested here on
suspicion of having caused tbe death
at Jeffersonville, Ind, of Chas. Good-
mn, who was found dead in an hotel
in that city last Thursday, death having resulted, it is supposed, from
laudanum poisoning, is tonight in the
Clarke county jail on a charge of
murder. Under instructions from tbe
war department at Washington, Rathbun, who is a deserter from the U. S.
army was this afternoon turned over
to the Indiana authorities and taken
across the river. Other features the
ease today were the decision of the
authorities to have the body of the
supposed lioodmiin retnrned to Jeffersonville from Little Rock for an
autopsy and identification and tbe
refusal of the civil authorities to send
Rathbun to Little Rock to testify at
tbe coroner's inquest ovei the corpse
that was shipped there.
Rathbun made another damaging
admission to the detectives loday.
For the first time be admitted that he
had a confederate in Little Rock and
when closely questioned he stated tnat
his wife waa in part of the conspiracy
to secure insurance money illegally,
although he insisted that she was
entirely inuocent of complicity in any
plot to put Goodman out of the way.
At rirst Ratlibnn had stated that his
only confederate was a deserter from
the regular army by the name of Blan-
ohard but he finally admitted that
this was false and that lllanehard was
fictitious. He then stated this morning that he had worked the plot out
alone. The suspicions of Copt. Sullivan were aroused by news from Little
Rock, that a Miss Corinne Prior had
stated tnat Rathbun had proposed a
very similar plot for delrauding an
insurance cpmpany to her aud had
said that if she would marry him and
carry out her part he would sond a
corpse home; that it could be buried
as him and that he and she could
divide the insurance money. He also
learned that Mrs. Rathbun insisted
that the corpse bo Font from Jeffersonville and now in Little Rock was
tnat of her husband.
Jeffries Still   the   Favorite.���Sharkey
Wants Another Go.
San Francisco, Nov 18,���While I
interest grows in Friday's Jeffries-1
Ruhlin fight, the odds are still 10 to 4
and no Ruhlin money is to be seen.
Harry Corbett, who will act as
referee, said tonight that the public
could be assured as far as he is concerned that the men will fight from
the moment they go into the ring.
Billy Delaney acting for Jeffries,
has made arrangements with the San
Francisco Athletio club to bring
about a meeting between him and
Tom Sharkey on December 20th, in
the event of tho champion beating
Ruhlin. Sharkey is expected to
arrive Friday morning and if the outcome of the big battle is favorable to
the proposition be will go into training immediately.
i Clifford,   of Casslar.   Gives
i       Reasons for His Defection.
Boston, Nov. 13.���The executive
officers of the American board of
foreign missions, concerning the
oase of Mis.s Ellen M. Stone, issued a
statement today intended to be corrective of erroneous reports that have
boen wildly circulated relative to the
conditions attending her capture by
the brigands. This statement affirms
that Miss Stone was in pursuit of her
customary duties as a missionary
when she was captured. The route
over which she was travelling is one
which is continually used hy the missionaries and thare was no reason for
apprehending any special dangor. No
warning whatever was given to Miss
Stoue as to this purtioular journey
either by tho Turkish or Bulgarian
authorities. She had the usual escort
of eighteen or twenty people and was
aocustomed to carry with her a Turkish teskro, or permit to travel. One
of the missiona ies acquainted with
the region states that tlio route Miss
Stone took was the safest of any in
thnt region. The statement further
affirms that there is no ground whatever for eriticitiiig Mius Stone for
want of precaution in making this
Support   no   Ally
the Bad Man. Martin.
Vancouver, Nov. 13.���C. VV. A. Clif-
ord, M. L. A., of Cassair, was a passenger on the Danube from the north
today. Mr. Clifford said to The Miner
correspondent that he had gone north
to meet his constitutents. Ho had
held three meetings. He was not
satisfied with the government, no
had been elected to oppose Jos.Martin
aud Mr. Dunsmuir, who had been one
of the best premiers British Columbia
ever had, had allowed himself to be
influenced by Mr. Martin. This had
weakened Mr. Dunsmuir very much
for Mr. Martin was a dangeious man.
Asked if he were satisfied with the
government's polioy, Mr. Uliffoid said
he did not see that the government
had a policy at presont and they were
weak in another very important particular. Mr. Prentice he feared would
be a failure as finance minister, although a lino man in many ways. lie
was entirely unsuiteu for the position
and would not create a favorable impression in England. Mr. Turner
made a good linaiice minister and he
believed Mr. Cai tor-Cotton would
make nn excellent finance minister,
"but," said Mr. Clifford, "who Is
there available now that can till the
position creditably?"
Norwegian   Barque    and    Crew    of
Sixteen Lost.
London, Nov. 13.-The Norwegian
barquo Inga, Oapt.Olsen,which sailed
from Falmouth, Ootober 28th for tho
Tyne, has been totally wrecked at
Tynemouth and 10 members of her
crew have been !ost.	
London, Nov. 13.���Tlio Swedish
barque Trio was driven ashore late
this evening at West Hartlepool, Durham and was broken up. Throe of
her crew wore washed aHhorc alive,
while the remsinlng seven were
drowned in sight of thousands of spectators who were helpless to aid them,
all attempts at rescue with rockets
oarrylng   life   saving   lines    having
failed.        ^	
Copenhagen, Nov. 18.���A terrible
gale and snow stotm lasting for the
past twelve houis has done great damage throughout Denmark. There aie
five feet of snow here. Eight vessels
arc reported driven ashore, two have
been wrecked and many lives have
been lost.
Mill, Office and Engine House Swallowed by Oave-in.
Joplin, Mo., Nov. 13.- In a cave at
Oronogo near here today the entire
plant of the Aurora Mining company,
one of the great zinc properties in the
distriot, was swallowed up. No lives
were lost, The plant composed a
hundred ton mill, office buildings and
engine' house, all of which were engulfed together with six gravel oars
and an immense tailing pile. On
entering the ground a short time
before the cave-in occurred workmen
heard the timbers cracking and signalled to be diawn up. The last man
had reached the surface only a few
minutes befoie the timbers collapsed
the earth yielded and with a crash
the whole plant sank into the abyss.
Further caving is feared and work <n
'.be vicinity has been suspended. It
is impossible to estimate the loss.
Port Townsend, Nov. 8.���The
steamer City of Seattle arrived from
Skagway today bringing 273 passengers, most of whom were direct from
Dawson having arrived at White
Horse last Thursday on the steamer
Ora the last boat to come up the river
this season. The captains and crews
ol various boats from the Yukon were
passengers on the Seattle, the bonis
having gone Into winter quarters.
Washington, Ncv. ill.���Such official
information as comes to tlio state
department from Sofia and Constantinople is confirmatory of the press reports of Dr. Diokinson's negotintious,
with tbe Bulgarian government regarding Miss Stone's oaso. It is believed that tbe consul-general's
efforts to secure Miss Stone's release
by negotiations with the brigands
without interference by the Bulgarian
government will be successful. It is
apprehended, however, that through
his declination to permit the Bulgarian government to exert its police
authority to effect tho capture of the
kidnappers, Mr. Dickinson may have
absolved that government from any
legal liability for the money paid
over as a ransom to secure Miss
Stone's release.
(SI-IK 1VI. TO Till'! MINER.)
Viotoria, Nov. 13.���Dr. Hamilton,
who was appointed to inquire into
the epidemic among horses of ChiI-
olen and Cai iboo returned last night.
He found the horses were affected
with fistula in the withers. He had
not concluded his examination but has
sent some of the pus to Montreal for
Wausaw, Wis., Nov, 13.���Joseph
and James Noiseu, uncles of Thomas
Leolaire, who was burned to death in
the theatre fire at Hurley, have returned from that place and assert that
their nephew was murdered and the
building fired to conceal the crime
They claim they niscovered that on
the evening of the fire Thomas
Leolaire had a fight over a variety
aotress to whom he hud been paying
attention. Leolaire, they say, was
on the same Hour as these wbo weie
saved but no one was found who had
seun him during the flro. The story
will be investigated.
Rossland, Nov. 18.���There was an
accident at he Velvet mine this morning, Morlarity and one other were Injured, the former v-��ry severely. The
men were al work cleaning out a drift
when the timbers caved in completely
burying Morairity and slightly injuring his companion. Further details
could not be obtained.
Progress   of   Truck   Laying   on     the
Republic Railway.
|Sl'l:il*l. TO THE! 1H1N1CU.1
Grand Forks, Nov. 13. ���A shipment
of 31 tons of unsorted ore from the
Lticile Dreyfus group, Nelson. Wash.,
treated yesterday at Granby smeller,
yielded n return of 812.4.1 per ton.
Despite reports to the contrary
James llroen lurs neither resigned thu
general managership, nor sold Ilia
large interest in the Brooklyn and
Steniwinder group at Phoenix, owned
by the Dominion Copper oompany.
Mr. Ilreen is expected to visit the
Boundary within a fortnight. His
early coming has given rise to tho
belief that development operations on
the Brooklyn group will be resumed
without delay.
A pile driver i:, engaged driving
false work for Hie proposed bridge of
the Republic ,4 Grand I' nrks lailway
across Kettle river at Nelaon, Wash.
The track lay ing gang, working from
the Grand Forks terminus. Is expected
to reach the Boundary line on Monday. Delay has been experienced
owing to tlio non-arrival of angle bars
and platus.
Frankfort, Nov. 13,���Max'Qnarck,
editor of the Volkstimme, waa sen-
tenced today to three weeks Imprisonment for libelling the German troops
that were In China hy the publication
by him uf a letter headed, "German
Boasts " .
RoHsland, Nov. 13.���Judge Leamy
has been advisod by wire from Ottawa
that he has been appointed judge fcr
Yale, and consequently he will reside
In the Boundary country and not in
Rossland us he originally intended.
Rossland, Nov. 13.--The Miners'
Union ollloials were examined today
In the Le Roi damage suit. Much Information sought to be obtained Is
refused ou the advice of counsel.
Late news from the C. P. R.
brunch which is being extended into
the Lardo Is that good progress Is
being made. The contractors are certain that the road will bo ilnishwl
from Lardo to Selkirk, a distance of
3S miles this year. Track has been
laid to a point five miles beyond tbe
first crossing, or for a distance of 111
miles from Lardo. If the steel comes
to hand, and it is being delivered as
rapidly as r sible, the road will be
in condition for traffic by Christinas
or at the farthest by New Year's day.
The contractors do not wish to mnko
two jobs of the contraot an 1 are determined ...to finish the work this year
and so they will keep on till this Is
done, even If they have to finish tho
last of the road in a foot or two of
snow. Nelson  Daily Miner,  Thursday.   November 14. '901
The Nelson Miner
I'uiilMiuil   Kvery Morning Except  Monday
Dally per rucnth, by carrier ���.    65o
Daily, per month, by uiail     wo
Daily, por year, by carrier I 7 00
Unity, per year, by mall    �� CO
Daily, per j_t foreign    8*1
Weekly, per half year  IJ 25
Weekly, per year    j 00
���Veokly, per yoar, foreign    3 00
3'ibHcriptionu Invariably In advanoe.
115 Fleet Street, E. C.
Central  Press Aaoncy, Ltd., 8peclal Ajronte
Alexander & Co.,521 Finit Avonno, Spokane
Wrwh.. keep thin papor on tlio. and are our
,ui: lini Izod annul," for advertisements and sub-
Duirng the recent stirke of the railway trackmen there was a disinclination on the part ot the Canadian
Pacific railway ollieials to treat wither
the executive representatives of the
union for the reason that they came
from the United States and were not
British sutjeets. It is urged against
the 'Western Federation of Miners that
the headquarters of the executive of
the organization is in the United States
and not iu Canada, that strikes are
ordered there and not in   this country.
To meet this objection it is proposed
to organize an order of Canadian railway men, distinct from the International bodies, which at present are
in contrrol, to consist of engineers,
firemen, trainmen, conductors and
telegranhers. It is claimed on behalf
of the movement that the new organization would cut down expenses by
doing away with class organizations
and place affairs in the hands of one
body, rendering it unnecessary to contribute to the maintenance of five
grand lodges, and to insure recognition with railway managements by
placing affairs in the hands of grand
officers, who are British subjects, and
therefore being spared the humiliation
of being refused an audience on
account of being aliens.
There is considerable to recommend
this movement on the part of the railway meL as if they were organized as
a purely Canadian institution they
could have behind them public sentiment which is of great importance in
any contorversy they may have in regard to their rights, which they wonld
not have when the nragnization of
affairs are directed by alien
grand officers. It might. not
be a bad plan for the Canadian branches of the Western Federation ot Miners to form a similar independent body by divorcing themselves
from the parent or American oagniza-
tionr. As a body they would probably gain greater recognition from
the mine owners ns well as more sympathy and support from the public If
they had the independent oganization.
In support of the affiliation with
the American organizations the labor
union men allege that labor does not
recognize international boundary
lines. That the efforts of unions arc
along the lines of mutual assistance,
the sustaining of wages and the bet
termont of the condition of toilers.
That the labor organizations of the
United States, notably in the cases of
the railway men, miners and printers,
at first spread all over the United
States and that branches finally extended into Canada. The unions in
Canada were at first too weak to make
a sustained struggle and the fuuds of
the stronger branches were used to
help them when in trouble. Take the
Western Federation of Minors for
Instance. There are 00,000 members
In it, and of this number about 3,000
or 4,000 aro iu British Columbia.
When there is a strike funds can be
drawn from 00,(UK) members to carry
it on, whereas if the miners of the
province were to form an Independent
order they would have only 3,000 to
draw from in time of need. As it is.
the miners say that in nn international union there is strength.
NuttiwithMiiniliii!' these arguments
We firmly believe that the unions of
Canada would be better off If they
were organ 1 red ns independent Cann
dlnn bodies, and for the reason that a
prejndioe exists in the minds of the
employers and the public against in
terriational labor bodies.
The British Columbia Review has
the following to say of the Alhatasea-
Venus deal: "We referred some
time ngo to tho possibilities of amalgamation between tho AthabBsca company and tho ownors of the Venus
property in the neighborhood. We
now   learn   that    negotiations    have
fallen through, so that the future of
the Athabasca now depends chiefly on
the action taken by the Canadian
stockholders. We arc given to understand that tho English shareholders
are prepared to find their portion of
the capital required and it is hoped
that the Canadian interests will join
hands to put tbe property on a sound
basis." If the condition is as stated
by our contemporary the Canadian
parties at interest in the proposed
amalgamation of these two properties
should bestir themselves and raise
their proportion of the capital required. The Venus is said to have plenty
of ore while the Athabasca has considerable ore and a valuable reduction
plant which could be utilized to ad-
vantage.and a combination under such
circumstances would be profitable to
all tho parties concerned.
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Januaiy let, 1003.
The announcement made in the east
by General Manager Jay P. Graves,
that the Granny company will expand
8200,000 at Grand Forks and $100,000
at Phoenix in improving tbeir holdings during the coming twelve
months, these sums being earned by
the mines and smelter instead of
being drawn from the shareholders.
"There are only two absolutely
fearless politicians in the provinoe���
A. E. McPhillips is of Victoria and
Smith Curtis of Rossland," says The
Victoria Post. "They differ from
one another, and are both frequently
wrong. But the people are so sick of
political cowardice they would rather
have them wrong than other people
A party of minors left here on Monday, in charge of a mining engineer
with outfit and supplies sufficient to
carry on work during the winter, for
the purpose of operating a mine in
northern Idaho. It happens that the
enigneer, who is to have charge of tbe
operations on the property, ia a resident of Nelson and it is also a fact
that the property to be operated can
be reached easier from Nelson with
supplies than it can be from any other
point and therefore this is the best
outfitting plaoe for it. The scope of
country tributary to this city Is constantly enlarging and this is why the
business of our wholesalers and retailers is steadily, growing. No other
result oould ensue with a place having the splendid geographical position of Nelson.
Flat ropes nre in much favor in
Utah aud Montana for hoisting purposes, says the Mining Reporter.
They are built with round ropes of
four strands each without hemp or
wire core. The ropes arc laid right
and left band twists, round ropes laid
thns alternately so us to prevent side
"fleet." There are usually seven
wires to the strand. The round ropes
are laced together with a soft iron
wire of from sixteen to eighteen II.
W. G. A ropeman and lacer can lace
seventy-five to one hundred feet of
rope per day, or can rip 200 to 260 feet
nr can clean 300 feet in a day of ten
hours. At the Ananconda mine,
Butle, a new rope will have to be
resewed in about 200 to 300 days and
it is resowed, generally, four times
with a decreasing Interval of time
after eaoh sewing. The lacing weighs
ten per cent, of tho total weight of
the rope, .
One Mr. Ormsby of Chicago is missing, and the causes which led up to
the event are peculiar. In 1HU0 his
wife presented bim with twins, and
Mr. Ormsby was mildly happy. In
1H!17 the household wns made joyous
with another set of twins and it was
noticed that Mr. Ormsby was even
more jubilant after the evont than on
the previous occasion, The household
in 1800 became opulent with progeny
for triplets came to it. Tbis time tho
father was as happy as a big sunflower and loenl historians say he
celebrated tor three weeks, one week
for each of the dear little triplets.
About ten days since Mr. Ormsby was
told that be was again thu father of
triplets and he has disappeared and
cannot be found. The Chicago disciples of Sherlock Holmes have diagnosed tho case and their conclusion is
that Mr. Ormsby has bocome tempor
arily insane with |oy and that be will
celebrate this 'ime by taking two
weeks for each of the trio and that
He will reappear at bis happy home in
about six weeks from the time ho
Grocery and Liquor
The following Goods arc now in stock
or will arrive in the course
of a  few  days:
Two carloads of Ontario Canned Goods.
One carload Assorted Groceries from the East.
One carload Assorted Groceries from the West.
A direct shipment from England of Peak, Freen &
Co,'s Fancy Biscuits; of Pascal's Sweets and of
Rowntree's Confections.
New Evaporated Fruits direct from Caliiornia.
One carload of Canadian Whiskies.
One carload of Imported Liquors from Victoria.
A direct Shipment of the Celebrated Kilmarnock
Whiskey, straight from Glasgow.
A direct shipment of Sherry and Claret from France.
A direct Shipment of Port Wine straight from Spain
One carload of the celebrated Hudson's Bay Flour.
Haifa carload of Choice Fall made Creamery Butter.
One carload of Timothy Hay.
One carload of Upland Prairie Hay.
Three carloads of Ashcroft Potatoes.
One carload of Oats.
Ask  for Price List.
Our Fall Stock of
Furniture and Carpets
is now complete.
We bny of the Largest Manufacturers and Importers.
J. 6. BIMflN & 60.
The Complete House Furnishers.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce "
Willi Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 805,000,000.
HON, GEO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, General Mannger.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Olllee; io Exchange Place.
And 68 branches In Canada and Mm Jailed Statos, lnoludlng:
Atlin GnuENwoon Nelson Sandon
Cranbrook        Kamlooi-s Nkw Westminster  Vancouver
Fernie Nanaimo Hossland Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT-Dawson and White Horse.
UNITED STATKS-New Yokk, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland. Skaoway,
��  ���
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Bute 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
All   Upton's   tens mo grown in his
own gardens In Ceylon.
"I would cough nearly nil night
loi.g," writes Mrs.Charles Applcgnto,
of Alexandria, 1ml., "and I could
hardly get nny sleop. I hnil consumption so timl thai it wnllint a block I
would cough frightfully nnd spit
blood, but, when all other medicines
failed, three $1 bottles of Dr. King's
Now Discover,? wholly cured me and
I gained 68 pouuds." It's absolutely guaranteed to euro (V.ughs,
Colds, Lu Hrippi, Bronchitis' and nil
Throat and Lung Troubles. Price Mo
nnd 81. Tilal bottles free at Canada
Drug & Iiook Co.
There is nothing like Asthmalene. It
brings instant relief, even in the worst
oases.   It onres when all else fails.
The Rev. O. F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
111., says: "Your trial bottle of Asthmalene received in good condition. I cannot
tell you how thankful I feel for the good
derived from it. I wus a slave, ehained
with putrid sore throat and asthma for teD
years. I despaired of ever being cured. I
saw your advertisement for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, Asthma, and thought you had overspoken
yourselves, but resolved to give it a tiial.
To my astonishment the trial noted like a
charm.    Send me a full size bottle.
Bev. Dr. Morrln Wrr.hHler,
Rabbi of the Oong, Ilnni Isrnel,
Nhw Yokk, Jan, 3,1801
Dn Tait Bnos. Mbdioinh Go,,
Gentlemen: Your Asthmalene is nn
���excellent remedy for Asthma nud Hny
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
troubles whioh combine witli Asthmn.
Its success is astonishing nnd wonderful.
After having it carefully analyzed, we can state that Asthmalene contains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.    Very truly youis,
Avon Springs, N. y, Feb. 1, 1001.
Dhb. Tavt Bros. Medicine (Jo.
Gentlemen i I write this testimonial from a souse of duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene, for tho cure of Asthma. My wifo has
been nfllcted with spasmodic asthma for th"- past 12 yenrs. Having exhausted
my own skill as well aa many others, 1 chanced to see your _ign upon your
windows on 130 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of Aethmnlen*.
My wife commenced taking it about thu first of November. 1 very noon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthmn has disappeared
and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I enn consistently recommend the medicine to all who are afflicted with this distressing disease.
Yours reaTieotfully, O. D. PH ELPh, M. D.
The new Coal City is owned by the Similkameen Valley Coal Company,
Limited; who have placed oee thousand lots on the market nt the following
prices: from $50 to $225, one fourth cash, balance three, Bix and nine months,
without interest
There is also a small block of the Hrst one hundred thonsand shnres remnin-
to be sold at 35c, 5c. a share down, balance in six monthly payments. Whsn
these are sold the shares will be advanced to $1 each by the Oompaoy.
The Company's land, including the townsite of Ashnola, is underlaid with at
least three fine seams of coking, stenm and furnace coal. Tho Compnny also
own the water rights nnd at least 25,000,000 feet of fine timber. All the above
is owned by the one Company, and every shareholder will participate in the
profits accruing from the sale of any of tbe above mentioned property.
A full force of men are now at work nud will be kept on continually during
the year.   For further information apply to.
E. J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson, B- 0-
Or Vedder & Cunningam, Greenwood, B. C.; J. E. Church, Viotoria, B, C,; W
W. Fellows, Sandon, B. 0.; C. E. Douglas, Vancouver, B. C.
Gold, Silver-Lead   and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
"   MILLING   GOLD  properties ...
wanted at once for Eastern
Parties  having   mining  property for  sale aro   requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We  desire to  hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors  and   mining   rr.en   are requested   to make  the  EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Telophone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B 0.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
*.g> ******** -SMI
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Order* by mall to in branch will have careful and ormwat attention-
will be Given Away with
one pound of No.   i   Coffee
for 50 cents cash.
Db. Tait Mhos. MhDIOINB Co, Feb. 5, 1001,
Gentlemen : I wns troubled with Asthmn for 22 yonrs. I huve tried numerous remedies, bnt they hnve all fnileal. I ran across your advertisement Bud
Started with a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have since purchased your
full sized lmttle, and I am ever gratoful. 1 have a family of four children, and
for six yenrs wns unable to work. I am now in the best ot health and am doing
business every day. This testimony you can make such use of as yon see fit.
Home address, 2.'I5 Kivington street, 8. RAPHAEL,
(17 East 12!)th St,,New York Oity.
Do not delay.   Write at once, addressing  DR.   TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
OO., 70 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
Watch Our Adv't next week.
Civil Engineer* and Provincial Und
Survey orn.
P. O. Box 145     -- Kelsolli ���<t)
He sure and get the genuine BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FUSE.not
something that looks like it. Lawrence Hardware Co., Agents.
���m Nelson   Daily Miner, Thursday November 14, 1901
Ga;ner Greek Property Shows
Verg   High   Grade
Lower Freights Will   Bring
Out Many Shipping
the I
*   *     -?��--a��SiGSsi_>���^-
-_!_*<-___?$ I &5_t_j*y_    -    ���
Superior to Alum Baking
Powders.   Equal to any
other Anti-Alum Baking
Powder and costs but
x half the price. >
j 0 Ude a��'l VV. B. Pool, who
b���'e been working tlic Ophir group
!��� tlie Lardeau, were in Nelson yes-
ienlay on their way back from Trail,
,vhitlier they had gone to look after
8iimpli��K of IO'OI)0 P��unds of ore
had sent down from that property to'ihe smelter. This was only a
lest shipment to give them an idea of
what the mo t��"s they havc on tlll!
a���mp would run The returns were
highly satisfactory and they go back
notv to make preparations for the
winter's work. The ore they hud
divided by sampling Into two classes.
The first grade gave them smelter
returns of 37.07 ounces' in gold and
three ounces In silver, mnkinga value
of 8TH1 to the ton, and the second
grade oie gave 8.12 ounces in gold
and almost no silver so that its value
Wns (109 ton the ton.
Mr. I'o'.l for himself and associates
ban taken a bond on the Ophir group
which ironists of the Foundation,
Olive ltlahel, Ophir, Annie L., Ool-
denvalo and Famous mineral eluims,
on Porcupine creek, but reaehed by
way of Gainer creek. lie and Mr.
Lade have been working on it for
sonic time and have run a erosscnt
tunnel which pierood the vein at a
depth of ns feet. The vein was found
four feet wide, and all shipping ore.
Tkcv then drifted on the vein and
took out 160 tons of ore. This they
sorted into two grades, of the first
class of which there is about 100 tons
and of the second olass 80 tons. It
was sample lots of this ore that they
took to Trail smelter. This ore bore
a strong resemblanoe to galena.
The construction of the railway will
mean a great deal for the Lardean
camp they remarked. Their property,
foi instance, is now aDout 18 miles
from transportation. When the railway is completed it will be about six
miles. This means that prospectors
can now go ten or flfteon mileB further back and he similarly situated to
what the Ophir is now. It also means
that properties of lower grade ore
than at present can be worked with
profit. Just now ore tnat does not
run JlliO to the ton is not worth taking out. With the advent of tbe railway a gnat many more claims will
be operated. Considerable ore could
be taken out this winter but many
will simply let it lie on the dumps till
spring when cheaper transportation
can be had.
Among the mines to ship this winter, in order ol tho extent of shipments, me, the Silver Cup, Nellie L.,
Triune, Ileatrice, Cromwell and
Black Warrior and among those that
will be ready by the spring are the
Opliir-Lnile, Old Oold, Primrose,
Lucky Hoy, Ruffled Grouse, Kathleen
and America. Mr Pool was manager
ior the summer on the Nettie L., on
which about 40 men are now engaged,
A drift was run on the lead and now
thoio are haoks of about 400 feet so
that the output of that mine now is
limited only, practically, by the
quantity teams oan be got to haul
Mr. Ude during tho past summer
worked the Triune under leaBB. The
mine is thus in a position to ship ore
Mwidlly whenever the owners are
foady to do so. Tho Ophir-Lade Gold
Mining oompany has been organized
to take ovor the bond and work the
property. The capitalization of the
oompany Is $180,000 iu ��20() shares, all
���o 00 paid ���p in CBBh, TniH wiij give
"am |100,000 to pay for the property
ami $80,000 for operation. The shareholders are all Revelstoke men of
considerable means and quite ready
ami able to supply the money as
Mr. Pool and Mr. Ude are delight-
0,1 wlt" tllu satisfactory returns they
K��t not only for what It means for
tbemielvos but also on aocr.unt of the
8ft��ot it will bave on the mining
C��'��P. Heretofore the I,ardcau has
'"'I'" known as a silver-lead ca
"ow it is  kD
Lade relocated it for gold and that
year he sent to the Hall Mines smelter
a shipment of two tons that yielded
13 ounces of gold to the ton. A picked
specimen of telluride ore got that year
assayed 507.2 ounces to the ton. He
was engaged June 10th to Oct.. 15th
with a force of eight men including
the cook. In tho time mentioned
they made fonr miles of trail, did 05
feet of dead work and tcok out 120
tons of ore. which ran in value from
$2D0 to $310 to the ton, which shows
how easily the ore can be mined and
its richness.
Another effect of the construction of
the railway will lie that the people
will naturally look to Nelson as their
trade centre and already their attention is being turned this way. As
far as Trout Lake the moans of communication aro quicker than with
Revelstoke and with a steamer on the
lake a still larger area will be made
tributary to this city.
Advices from Ymir stntes thai Tier-
nnrd Macdonald, of Rossland, and
Charles Dundee, of the Dundee mine,
have been there for the past two days.
Mr. Macdonald has been engaged in
examining the Dundee mine in the
interests of a London syndicate which
purposes purchasing it.
The London & Ilntish Columbia
Gold Fields oompany has tionded the
frco milling gold property recently
staked by Godfrey Birtsch near the
Yellowstone mine. It is reported
that the prieo is (35,000 and that five
pur cent has beun paid down.
H. & M. BIRD
Monryto Loan  On Improved  Ken I EMale
lrtt MortgageH at 8 per cent.
Hair Brushes
Nail Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Clothes Brushes
We are showing a
splendid new lot at
Very Low Prices.
Hair Brushes 50c. to $3,50-
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
The LeadiDg Canadian Whisky-Try Tt
To be had wholesale in bulk,
2, 4 and 7 years old,   In cases
'83 and STAR
from the warehouse in Nelson
R. P- Rithet & Co-, Limited
P. O. Box 521
% 850 Fonr roomed house and cellar
and improved lot ou Mill street,
planted with fruit trees
$ 850 House and lot on Observatory
street, west of Josephine, cash
$250, balance easy terms
$2800 Eight room house and two oorner lots, plumbing complete,electric light, $000 c��sh, S'JOO in 12
'  months and assume $1,100 loan
$25 Seven room house, modern improvements, corner Stanley Street
and Mines Road
$20 Six room house, corner of Observatory and Stanley Streets
$15 Cottage eor Ward and Gore streets
$25 Furnished house on Carbonate St
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R. offices.
The Rossland of the Lardeau
Advertisements Inserted nnder thin head at
the rate of one oent a word por Insertion, No
advertisement taken for less than 25 cent".
Situation Wanted advertisements Inserted
three times free of chargo.
FOR RENT.���Comfortable   warm furnished     rooms,   cheap.      Apply   X
Miner Oflice.
UOUSE   to rent   on Vernon     street.
Apply Captain T. J. Duncan.
FURNIKED       ROOMS.���Apply       on
Silica,     Becood   door   west     Ward
ROOMS and HOARD. ���Every convenience;   south east   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
Two rooms en suite on Ward St.,
alBo rooms facing the west. On September 1, two siryie rooms and two
or three en tu.to facing Baker st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. F,
J. Squ.re, Room 41,  K.    VV. C. Mock.
WANTED.���Gentleman      with     wife
wishes furnished room   with board.
Reply to A. I!., Miner oflice.
YOUNG Man wants  situation,   oflice
work, timekeeper or   any   position
of trust.    Apply L.   h.,    Miner Ofliee.
WANTED.���To rent,   small furnished
house;   state   price     and   loeatic n,
iiililiess box 058,
EMPLOYMENT.��� All kinds of help
wanted ���Orders for help receive
prompt attention. Ii. Purdy, Employment agent. Phone 44. P O. Hox,
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's       Nest
Southern    Ry.      Good   wages,    long
job    lliiaili|iiiii'ii'i'.s, Elko,    li.   C.      A.
Guthrie & Co.
NELSON Employment Agency,  liaker
street.    Phone 278.   J. !l. Love.
WANTED���Cook,   2nd   Cook,   Dishwasher, Laundress
On the Kitty Aldoen group, which
adjoins the Tammany in Burnt Basin,
a strike has Been made of a ledge of
free milling ore in whioh there is
considerable freu gold.
Tho compressor at the Poorman-
Granite mine lias lienn completed and
work will be commenced with it this
week, when the sinking ot the shaft
will be pushed ��igoiously to completion.
At the record ofliee yesterday certificates of work were issued to the
Royston Gold Mines, limited, on the
Skeeue Dow and Ilarrie.
The steamer Kaslo brought in a car
load of Lust Chance ore yesterday for
the Trail smelter.
Wishes to inform the public that
he has started in business as a
Chimney Sweep. Work carefully
and promptly attended to. Orders left at Prosser's second-hand
store, Ward Street.
Full particulars of
Windermere Mines.  OorreeiK>ndenoi>9oIlolt
OIHces now occupied by R. M. Mae-
ooiiald ; possession De. 1st.
7-room     house,     modern   convenience, $22.
G-room     house,    modern     conveniences. 81:1.50.
4>rooni house, water only, 811.
Two lots, Observatory st, 8450.
5-room house, uarbonate st.   SI.000
7 room house,  Carbonate Bt,    $2,100.
J. ROBERTSON & CO.���Next iloor \o
_ Iho now Punt uilleo iiuililiiiK, Vernon
Nulsoo.   Day 'uhuneSDS. Night 'phono 2U7.
Xl    N. M. Cuuuulns, Lohhoo���Kvory known
variety of soft drinks.   P O Box 88. Tolouhoii
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nelson.   Bottlera of the
famous si,. Leon Hot Spring* Mineral Water
J A. Macdoualdl���Architects and suporiu
i.ewinui.s, Broken Hill Block, oorner Baker und
Ward SlreotM, Jvolsou
A MACDONALD & Co.-Corner Kron
��� and Hall streets���Wholesale grocer
aud jobbers iu blankets, gloveii, mitt*, boots
rubburs, inackinaws and minors' suudries.
IJ BURNS & Co.-Bakor Strout, Noliou-
Ji- . Wholesalo dealers iu fresh a d cured
iiieau,.   Cold Sloraxe.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale dou
orn in fronh and curud meats.
J Street, NoIhoii ��� Wholusule daalais in
lumlwaro, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Van
couvor Hardware Co, Ltd.l Baker Stxoot,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers lu hardware and
nulling supplies, uliiniburs' and tiimuiil dr. sup
Niclson   HARDWARE  CO.���Wholesale
paiuls, oils ami gli,ss; mechanics'  tools
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; lynamite
iURNER, UEETON S, Co.-Corner Vornoii
and Jusuphine Stroots, Nelson���Wliclo
sale dealers in liquurs, cigars, and dry goods.
Ageuts fur Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UUDSONS BAY Co.-Wholesale groceries
and liquors ol-o., Baker Street., Nelson.
O/tlce eornur Hall uud fc'roiu, SLreets
Nelson���Lumber, oeiltng, llooring, and ovory
thing in wood for building purposes. Get out
priees.   Correspondence solicitod.
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral s loin's and mines suiveyed.
Tako Ijvxativo BronioQ.uinlno Tablets. All
druggist* refund the money III }t fails to ouro.
E. VV. Grove's signature is on each box.   25c
Copper���London, ��05. 15s. up 2s.
spot; ��04. 178. futures; Now York
$16.85 to 817 for lake. ��10.37>. to 810.
02). for oasting.
Lead���Loudon,��11. :is.'.Id down Is.3d.,
New York, |4.87>_.
Sllvor���London,   20%d ;   New  York
"I stuck to my engine, although
every join ached and every nervo was
racked with pain," writes C. W.
Bellamy, a 'ocomotlve fireman, of
Burlington, Ia. ''I was weak and
pule, without any apatite and all run
down. As I was about to give up, I
got a bottle of Electric Bitters and,
alter taking it, 1 felt all well ns 1
overdid in my life." Woim, sickly,
run down peoplo always gain now
life, strength nnd vigor from their
use. Try them. Satisfaction guaranteed by Oiinada Drug & Hook
Prloe 50 cents.
& CO.
You can put in your coal and then light the fire
from the top. It has a large ash pan so the ashes
can be removed without trouble. It has a draw
grate so the clinkers will go down in the ash pan.
Ask for the
Ox Air Blast
Will pay the highest oasb prion for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, carport*,
-ooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 800. Hal)
Street, Nelson,  B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
nown  to   be
mp, bnt
, ��  a gold pro*
"���"��� ��s well. It has been shown by
���Went prospecting, said Mr. Bool,
I ""'"' nre two gold belts running
'faugh the camp on a south easterly
""" northwesterly  direction.    Oold
��� aR fo"nd ��n Fish creek north of Fer-
B��Mn ami that reef
tllr'��>gh   to   the
miles.    _he
has been traced
southwest for ten
other reef is the one on
, ,,Irh ,,,c Ophir is situated. It has
WM traced for about six miles.
Jt is a peculiar fact that   the  Ophir
���""ward abandoned.     In   1807   Mr.
| Phone 117
t++*++***'-**++*++++* ******
Kootenay Street, Next Oddfellows' Ha
p. o. Box 633.
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.  C   TRAVES.  Manager.
K.-W.-C Block, Ward Street, Nrlson.
Orders by mVil receive careful and prompt attention
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We are showing this season a full
line of tbesp goods nnd solicit your
i Fifi'i'iiii'il patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson A  Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using- this
popular line, a direct daily Buffet
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
U. S.
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east  and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and 18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points,
rp   GALLON ft CO.-Duuler,,
in oro sucks
Always a large stock on
hand. Telephone SM, ltoom ��, K.-W.-u Block
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Take Notice that I, Mar Kim,
have purchased the laundry business of Kim Chung and that 1 will
not be responsible for auy debts
contracted by Kim Chung.
Nov, 7, 1001. MAR KIM.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrivt
9:20 a. m...... Spokane 7:15 p.m
12:25p.m Rossland 4:30 p.m
10:.')() a.m Mountain S'lSQ p. m.
0:40a.m Nelson 0:45 p.m.
Spokane  Waei
Agent, Nelaon, HO
ind try a bottle, a dovicn, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER an It Ih tho bom. and
iitiennoHl. on tho market. AImo try our
PRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M........
Ti-lcphonn 113 Bakor 8U. NoIroii
Aro you in want? If yon arc, lei.
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are "In want of
You'll get It.
OARS : : :
in  addition  to  usual
ment   on
Orows' Nest Section-
Leave Kootenay Landing
Tuesday and Friday  for  St
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for 1 oronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
For Iierthn, timetables, rates and full
indirmiition apply to.
Hi L. IlltllWN,
Oity Passenger Af?eut
,1. H. Uaktkr,
Din. Pais. Agt,
E. J. floYl.lt
A. 0. P, A.
J. 0. GWILLJM, B.,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B C. Nelson Daily Miner Thursj\y, November 14,  190'
Wodcslro to Inform
tlio public that wu
tmvo taken  over tho
tm-inusH of
which will in tho future bo curried
ou uml 1 r tho Ktyle of
We ask for the support of the reaidenU of
Nelson und Ihu Kootomiy Country.
Our premiums are being enlorsea and improved to incut the ever growing trade of tho
The slock of Hooks, OfflOQ Supplios, Stationery and Fancy Qoodfl will be increased and offered at prices which will make it worth your
while lo deal with us.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
V.lonn    P   O
��� vtM WW WW WW WW %W\f
Work ou the city wharf was resumed yesterday and tho whole will be
completed by Saturday. ~^V^__\
The new railway siding for the use
of the wholesalers on Front street
was completed yesterday.
At the police court yesterday four
disorderly characters were fined 825
and costs and a vagrant was given
four hours to get out of town.
If the parties who stole Bill Iler-
ring's eight pigeons will return the
two pets he will not mako any
trouble about the others; four were
taken on Saturday and four yesterday.
A oliimncy on fire on Halter street
last evening created a miniature fire
works exhibition for a short time, bnt
was extinguished without tho services
of the tire brigade being called into
A new steamer for the C. P. N. Co,
was shippod from Toronto last week.
It will be called the York and will
temporarily replace the Aberdeen on
Okanagan lake. The Aberdeen is to
undergo extensive repairs after which
it will take the Okanagan run again
and ihe York will be sent up to Trout
Messrs. Morley and Bobert Thomson
Laing have bought out the interests of
the Thomson Stationery company
Mr. Morley will, as heretofore eon
tmuo to act as business manager. The
Thomson Stationery company was
started five and a half years since as a
limited liability company with T.
Morley as manager. It has been successful Irom the start and ooder the
new arrangement it will be more
popular than ever. Mr. Laing will
look after the bookkeeping and office
work as his experience hitherto has
been in that direction.
A. Lean, of the Queen Studio, has
several nmall silver bricks obtained
in rather a peculiar way. All sensi-
tizod paper used in photography is
washed with nitrate of silver. The
paper clippings accumulated and preserved for several yeais in Mr. Leans
studio amounted to thiity pounds. A
couple of days ago he sent the whole
to an assayer to have the silver extracted with the result that he now
has six pounds of the pure metal in
bricks. He states that in the large
studios in the cities the saving of the
silver used in the various photogaphie
processes amounts to a large sum in
the course of a year.
Caused by (JooiTeo.
,lI have been a coffee drinker, more
or less, ever since I can remember
until n few months ago I became more
and more nervous and irritable, and
finally I oouhl not sleep nt n'ght for I
was horribly disturbed hy dreams of
all sorts and a species of distressing
Finally, after hearing the experience of numbers of friends who had
quit coffee and gone to drinking fos-
turn Food Coffee, and learning of the
great benefits tbey hao1 derived, I eou-
c'uded coffee rautst be the cause of my
trouble, so I got some I'ostum Food
Colfee, and had it made strictly according to directions.
I was astonished at the flavor and
tuste, it entirely took iho place of
coffee, and to my very great satisfaction, I began to sleen peacefully and
swee'ly. My nerves improved, and I
wish I could warn every man, woman
and child from the unwholesome drug,
ordinary coffee.
People really do not appreciate or
realize what a powerful drug i, is and
what terrible effect lt has on the
human system. If they did, hardly
pound of it would oe sold. I would
never think of going back to coffee
again. I would almost ns soon think
of putting my hand in a lire after I
had once been burned.
A young lady friend of ours hud
stomach trouble foi a long time, and
could not get well as long as she used
coffee, She finally quit coffee and
began the use of I'osluui Food Coffee
nnd is now perfectly well.    Yours for
health.     Dont   publish     name.	
Herrington, Kas. Name given by
Postum Cereal Co.,Ltd., llattle Creek,
At the Kootenay Lake tieneral hospital yesterday a son was born to|the
wife of Mr. Harry Johnson.
A horse belonging to the Ha/.elwood
Dairy Co.took a spHsm on Front stree*.
yesterday morning and smashed the
shafts of the wagon lo which it was
Tho incoming passenger train from
Itobson last nignt was delayed three
hours by an acoident to a freight
tialn. which had jumped the track
about three miles east of the city.
The gjvemor-general has decided
not to Interfere in the oases of ThomaB
M. Heamish and .loFeph ColiBtro, confined in the provincial goal on a sentence of two months for interfering
with one Horn, a non-union man at
Uossland. The defendants appealed
to Ottawa some time since and yesterday were informed that their appeal
had been Jeniod.
Tho appeal of the plaintiff in the
case of Malone vs. Ferguson has been
dismissed by the foil court. The
action was tried before Judge Forin
at the last session of the Conuty court
in Nelson whun it wns dismissed with
costs. The suit was one for damages
for the overturning of a portable
engine which the defendant, a drayman, was hauling for the plaintiff.
The appeal by the defendant, the
City of Greenwood in the case of
Waterman vs. Greonwood, came up
before the full court in Vancouver
yesterday, and judgment was reserved.
This was a suit for damages sustained
by the plaintiff whose property was
flooded by water dammed by the construction of a roadway by tho Oity of
Green *ood At the trial of the action
in Nelson before Mr. Justice Drake
and a jury judgment was given for
the plaintiff for 83,000.
A telegram from Vanoouver yesterday stated that the appeal had been
allowed in the case of Drs. Hall and
Bose vs. Dr. Lallan and the City of
Nelson, with costs to be taxed against
the plaintiffs. Lt will be remembered
in this case that ecunsel for the defendants wished to amend his pleadings. Judge Forin allowed him to do
so, but adjourned the case till next
court and put the costs on the defendants. From this decision an appeal
was taken by the defendants to the
full court and the appeal has been
allowed. The case will thus be tried
anew at the next sossion of the court.
Taylor & Hanuington appeared for
the plaintiffs, and P. E. Wilson, as
solicitor, and W. A. Macdonald, K.
C, as counsel,for the defendants.
In the case of Peters vs. the Nelson
Tramway company, before the full
court at Vancouver on Tuesday, an
application was made to allow the
plaintiff to appeal, or in the alternative to extend the time for appealing.
The application was dismissed with
costs so that tbe verdict rendered by
the jury last spring in favor of the
Tramway company will stand. This
suit was to recover $10,000 lor the loss
of an arm. Peters was a motorman
in the employ of the Tramway com-
any when it first began to mn its
ears. A car got away coming down
Kootenay street and was upset with
the result that Peters lost an arm.
Macdonald & Johnson represented the
Tramway company, and Taylor &
Hanuington, for plaintiff.
Jewels, candy, flowers, man���that
is the order of a woman's preferences.
Jewels from a magnet of might power
to the average woman. Even (bat
greatest of all jewels, health, is often
ruined in the strenuous efforts to
make or save the money to pnrchase
them. If a woman will risk her
health to get a coveted gem, then let
her fortify herself against the insidn-
ous consequences of coughs, colds and
bronchial affections by the regular
use of Dr. lloschcc's German Syrup.
It will promptly arrest consumption
in its early stages and heal the
affected lungs and bronchial tubes
and r'rive the dread disease from the
system. It is not a cure-all, but it is
a certain oure for coughs, colds and
all bronchial troubles. You can get
Dr. O. G. Greens reliable remedies at
W. F. Teetzel & Co.'s. Get Green's
Special Almanac
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. II.
Allan Line Parisian Nov. a
Allan Line Nuinldlan Nov. 3(1
Thcso steamers sail from Halifax one day
From Portland, Mc.
Doml lion Lino Dominion Nov. 23
Dominion Line Catnbroman Nov. 30
From New York
Whlte8tar Line Ccltio Nov. 2(i
While Star Lino Ucnnnnb Nov.,27
While Star Lino Mnjestio Doc   i
Cunard Lino Etruriu Nov. 2:1
Cunard l.lne Campania Nov. 3(1
Cunard Line   Umbrla. l>ec.   7
Aiuorlcan Lino Havorford Nov. 27
American Line Philadelphia  .Dec.   4
Anchor Une Astoria Nov. 80
French Lino L'Aquitatno Nov. 28
Fiom Boston
Cunard Lino Saxonia, Dec 7
Dominion Lino Now England Dec, 4
For further information retarding N. G.
Lloyd Hamburg-American, Holland-American
linos unit for rates, reservation of berths, etc.
Apply lo
Gen. Agent, Winnipeg, Man.
S. CARTER. D. P. A.. Nelson
Auditorium Stock Co.
"La Belle Marie-"
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
4-1 White Pine Lumber Always Id
Wo carry a complete stock of Coast Flooring
foiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and
Doom Special order work will receivu prompt
iltoution-   Mail orders solicited.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Houston returned to Nelson Tuesday evening
alter their wedding trip.
Mr. and Mrs. U. Alexander and
ehild of Kaslo, passed through Nelson
yesterday ou their way oast for an
extended trip.
Conduetor and Mrs. Durkee and
family came down from Lardo yesterday to Kaslo, on their way to the
Boundary countiy.
A. F. Rosenberger left last evening
for Camborne to incpeet the progress
made in the development of the
Oyster and Camborne groups.
The   Queen   Studio
picture frames.
is giving away
Queens���D   A   Rankin,   Lardo
Barker, Toronto; Mrs T
Mrs Young. Miss Young,
0 MeUonHld, Lardo.
���II linker,
Winnipeg ;
Hume.��� II P Howell. Vancouver; W
K lioio, Kaslol J .1 Flentot, Frank;
H Ker, Vancouver; W J Mathers, New
Westminster; C Kenny and wife.
Greenwood, 0 \V Hull and wife,
Toledo; F P Ilogan, Spokane,
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Office-Hendry x and Vernon Mt. Nelxo
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting;, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground HaulaM
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
"Gbe IRoyal Banh of ganaba"
(iiiillal  Authorized,
Incorporated 1869.
��:i,immi (HKMHII Capital I'aid-np,
Bent,       .       ���
Board of  IHrrrlors     rhomasK. Kenny,   ��� ���
Wiley Huiith  H. G. Uauld, Hon. David MacKeon.
���   ���     92.on4i.tMto.no
���      ��� ���       ���        ���    ISI.7llll.IMMi im
Thomas Rlliohlo, Vloo Preslilont
���lead Ofllro, Halifax 1
Genoral Manaitor, Kdson L. 1'enno, Montreal.
Superintendent of Brandies, and Secretary. W. a Torrance, Halifax.
Ilriini ���iii'�� I
Quebec-Montreal (City Olllee), Mont���,
Went K111I (Cor. Notro lliuno iiml ��_,._
ileum Stroouo; Woslmount (Cor. Uremia
Aviiiiuo ai.d Ht. Catharines  Btroet,
Ontario    Ottawa.
Newfoundland���St,. John'ri.
Culm. Went ludl.-sHavana.
United Ulnlcn- New York (III RlxchanKri P|SOT
Republic, Wash.
Nova   aeotla-nalllax   Branch,   AntlfjonK
Hrtrtitowiitor,Uuysboro. Londonderry, Mi
outturn. Mallland(Hnr.t��Co.l, Pictnii, Port,
Hawkesbury, Sydney. Bbubenacadle, I ruro.
Vew    Brunswick ��� Rathnrst,     Dorchester,
Kroderlclon, KliiKston (Kent Co.l, Mono
ran, Newcastle, Hackville, Kt, Jolin.VVoodstook-
I*. K. Inland���Cliarlottotown, Sunimorside.
Brand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
VDrrrHpondcntH t
Canada-Merohanta Bank of Canada.   Huston -National Shawmut Bank.   Chicago��� Illinois
TruHt and Savings Bank,   nan Friwclsrn��� First National Hank.   London,   Una.-Hank ���(
lootland.   Paris, France���Credit l.ynnnais.   Bermuda-Bank nf Bermuda.   China ami J��.
pan���HonK Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.    Spokane -did National Hank.
iteneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bill* of Exchange   Bou_h
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on ppecial
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
MISS  RUBY MIGUEL.   Loading   Lady
Auditorium StocK  Co,
PRICES :   25 & 50 CENTS.
N. E. T. CO.
Forty minute service until 11 a. m.
and after 7.40 p. tn., 20 minutes between. Leaving H. B. Store 6.45.
IhOgtutowB Hiaiilcy at.
7,00 a   m. 7.20 a. m.
7 40 8.00
8,20 8.40
9.00 9.20
9.40 10.00
10.20 10.40
11.00 11.00
Twenty minutes until 7.40 p. m.   at
the hour, 20 past and 20 to
Bogustonr Stanley St
7.40 p   m 8.00 p. m.
8.20 8.40
9.00 9.20
9.40 10,00
10.40  last rais. 10 20
The 10 p. m. car from Stanley street
meets the 1(1. lo p. m. train nt the depot,
goes up Stanley street and then to Bo-
Good lots for sale in Addition "A"
close to Tramlines. Por all information apply at the Company's office,
Vernon street.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand o(
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors,
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PI LOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
Phair���0 C .Tolmsun. Everett; Mr
and Mrs .1 C Webber, fori Arthur:
W V Alney, Huston : .1 0 IJrewr.v.
Rossland; (i A Alexander, Kaslo j J T
Sullivan, Trail;   I. A Campbell, Iioss-
land; Mrs ii M Eden, Vancouver.
(irand Central. ���K Met.inn, Feign-
son ; P Hardoastle, Winnipeg"; ,1 J
lioets, Kaslo; V Bather, Begin*) W
H Pinchbeck, Fernie; IJ uurty.lia Is,
Slocan; W Riley, J Regnicr, Erie.
Mr, Muck Whtto, the well known trainer of
ihe Toronto Lacrosse Team uud Osg-.od Hall
Foottmll Club writes : "I consider Orilrllhs
Montbol I.iiilnienl aneqadied for athletes or
thoso tratnll-g. I have usod It with tho best
success and run heartily recommend it for stilT-
news, soreness, sprains and nil forms of HwelliiiK
and iiill.iiinn u ion.   Price 25ccntn.
Kor nale by J. P Vanwliine No)-ion. B. C.
Yon should'nt  send out of town for
cards  for yourself   or   your  husband
, until you see what The M incr can  do
J for you.
Saturday Matinee.
at McDonald's
Scats  on  sale
Nov. 13II1.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
ShortOHt and quickest route to the o:uit and all
points on bhe 0. ti. ft N. "'"I Northern Ptv
oiflfl Railways in WaJUngwrn, Oregon and
Southern atiitcs.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry
3:30 a. m. Lv. IKaalO
111:55 p.m. Ar. Handon
Ar. 4:00 p. m
Lv. 1:15 p. in.
Int Nav- & Trading Go-
5:20 p. in. Lv. Nolson Ar. 11:00 a. m.
11:11) p, m. Ar. KokIo Lv. 7:00 a. in.
Connecting at Five MHe Point with Nelson
& Fort -heppard Railway both to and frotu
Rossland, etc       	
Tickets sold to all parts In United States and
Canada via Great Northern andO. R. & N.
Co.'h liner1.
Ocean steamship tickets and rates via alt
lines will be f urnlsned on application.
Kor further particulars call on or addreoe
Waniucer. Kaflli.fl, C
Q. K Tackabury Atrent. Neloon B. C.
West Transfer Co.
Goal m Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work.
Office on   Biik��r Street Tel
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
hbad office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply toG h. LENNOX, Bakw Sf.
Corpoiation of the City of
BY-LAW   NO.   101
A By-Law In Krgunl in PurrlmHlnKCcrlalii
Power from (lie West Kuoli'imy Power
ami Llgui Comiuiny.
The Municipal Council of Iho Corporation of
the City of Nolson iu Counoil assembled enacts
as follows:
1. Subject to the terms, conditions and pro-
v'sioiiB hereinafter oantained, it Is agreed that
thoCorporation shall take and the Company
Shall supply elect rlo power at t he sub station of
the Company in the City of Nelson for tho
power and HRhtiug purpOfesof Lho Corporation.
2 The quantity of power to be t��ken by the
Corporation from the Company will i.ot bo less
than 100 horse power, such horse power to bo
delivered at a pressure of 2200 volts.
3. The Company win supply all tho regnlat-
ipg apparatus in their sub-station for regulating
the power necessary for properly operating incandescent lights.
4. The Company Phall supply power from 100
horso power to lw horse power if roquirod inthe Corporation at fihe same rate as hereinafter
agreed upon, without further intieo. Tho excess of power ovor 100 horso powir to he
eh lined for according to (bo horso power usod.
Iu ra i- of Iho Corporation requiring further
power the Compnny will agree to supply tho
tamo upon 30 dajs notico upon Iho following
basis: ln(aso 160 to 200 horso power is required
by the Corp nation, thu Company will agree to
supply the same up to 200 hose power as required charging for a minimum of 16 hor-o
power and for the excess of horsf power over
|60 according to the horso power Used, in case
luuoSSO horse power Is required hy the Corporation tho Company will agree lo supply the
Mime, charging for a minimum of 200 horse
power and from that up to X60 horso power according to tho horse power used In case 800 to 3T.t>
horso power i< required bv the Cm poration the
Company will agree to supply the sumo churg-
ing for a minima of 800 horse poworand from
that up to 860 horse power according to the
horso power used In case 850 to 100 horso
power h> requir u by the Corporation the Com
pany will agree to supply the s-me charging
for a minimum of 360 hor e poworand from ih it
up to tOO horse power according ti tlio horso
power used. Iu case 400 to 160 liorso power is
roquirod by the Corporation, the Company will
agree to supply Iho same charging for a minimum of 400 norse power and from that up to
160 horse powor accord] g to the horso power
USrd, Incase 450 to 500 bore power is required hy the Corporation, tho Company will
agree to s��pply the same, charging for a mini*
mum of 150 horse power and from that up to
600 horse power according to the hors> power
used. It being the intention th >t the Company
wjli always keep in reserve 60 horso p wer
over nnd above Ibe minimum stated hy the
Corporation to be requ'red, and shall charge
for the 8'iid 50 horso power according only to
the horse power usod.
And it is understood that the highest minimum load fur any month during llie con tract
hereunder tdiall bo the minimum load for eaoh
of tlio ensuing months during the rootract, unless the minimum is increased by the Cut poration. ���
5. Calculations of thequantity of powor usod
by IheCorporation aro to he based upon the da liy
average peak lod, suoh peak load to be arrived at by taking volt-ampere readings, and
the calculaiioiiR made from such readings,
such readings shall be taken after the power
has passed through the regulators.
(i. Tho Corporation will pay to the Coin
pany monthly on the 20th day of oach month
for tbe power usod (not being loss than UO
horso poworf during the preceding month nt
the following rate: For all horse power up to
300 horse power at ' he rate of $3 75 per horse
power por mouth; and for all horso power i
excess of 300 horso power at the rate of $8.88)
per horso powor per mo .th.
7. Tho power supplied-by tho Company shall
be continuous as required during the whole
twenty-four hours of eaoh day.
8. If by reason rf any accident or any cause
whatsoever over which tho Company shall have
no control, a stoppage in tho suppiy of power
shaUat any time occur, the corporation shall
be allowed a rebate from the price in tho
agreement provided, proportionate to tho actual time of the said stoppage.
9. The duration of the agreement hereunder
shall be for tbe period of ono yoa" from the
date tho Company shall commence thcdelivorv
of powor to the Corporation, which date shall
not bo later than December Is , 1901.
10. In the event of any dispute or difference
ari-ing between tho Company and the Corporation in regard to the construction to be placed
on this by-Taw or tho contract io bo exoeutcd
embodying the provisions hereof, or the administration thereof, or any details of business
between the Corp. ration and the Company in
respect thereof, iho same shall be referred to
the arbi'ration of throe arbitrators, o e to
bo chosen by the Company and one by the Corporation and those rwo arbitrators so selected
shall select a third, and any decision upon the
point or points arm ed at by tho majority of
such arbitrators shall be final and binding upon both the Corporation aad company. Such
abritration othorwiso shall be govei nod by the
previsions of Iho Arbitration Act, boing Chap-
tor i) of the Revised Statutes of British Columbia, an-i any amendment theretT now or hero-
after made.
11. A contract embodying the provisions
horeof and covenants un tho pat of the Company to conform to and .fulfil all mutters and
provisions hereby n quired of it, shall bi
drawn and shall be oxecuted by tho Corporation and tho Company within oee month aftor
the dato on which this by-law shall tako effect.
12. It is understood that nothing in this bylaw contained shall be construed as conferring
upon tho Company any right or privilege to
generate or distribute or dispose of electric
light or eloctric powor within tho limits of tlio
City of Nelson except, to tho Corporation.
13. In this by-law tbo expression *' Tho Corporation " wherever us:d shall refer to and
mean tho Corpoiation of the < ity of Nelson,
aud the expression "The Company" wherever
used shall refer to and mean Ihe West Kootonay Power & Light Company, Limited, its sue
cossors and assigns.
14. This by-law shall Uike effect nnd bo in
force on and after tho 26th day of Novemucr.
15. Th's by-law may be cited ns " The Power
By-Law No. 101.
Done and passed in Council assembled this
day of 1!��1.
NELSON LODOH    No. 23, A. K. &
M. moot*? bocoiul WurincritUy in
ii urn ih,   Vlnitiug broLlmi'ii wolcome
L O. O. F. KooUiuny Lodp
No. l(i, moot* every Monday night,
al  Ihoit  Mitll,  KooLuiriy utrut't
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
John A. Mel toe, N.G.   D. VV". Ruthorford, V.ll
Fred J. Kquire, Per. Sec.
Nelson Royal Axon Chapter No. 183, II. It. 0,
Moot*! third Wednesday. r'ojourniiiK i:uiii|i:in
ions invited. Ucorgc Johnstone, Z. u n
Matthews, S. K.
K. W.
TAKE NOTICE that the abovo is a true copy
ot the proposed by-law upon whioh the vote nf
tho Municipality will be inken on Tuesday the
Will day of November Instant botwoon tho
hours of eight o'clock A.M. and 4 o'clock P.M.
for the Fast Ward ut tlio Oity Police Court on
the east side of Josephine .Street and for tlio
VV est Wimlal the olllee of Ward Brothers on
the nori.ii sido of Baker street between Stanley
and Kootenay streets iu tlio I 'itv of Nolson
��� .       ��� - Clerk of tlio Council.
Nelson. B.C.,
November 5th, 1901.
NELSON LODGE  No.25, K. nf P,
\J\incets in K. of P. hall, Oddfellows block
jLovoryTuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
All visiting knights cordially  Invito
Wm. Ihvinr, CO.
A. T. 1MKK, K.of II. andS.
Nelson Enca pniont No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and III, Friday of eaoh month, in Odd Fellows
Hall, coinor Bakor and Kootenay strunts,
Nolson. A. II. Clenionts, C. P.; 1). McArthm
It. S.   Visiting broihors always welnnoiA.
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1602 meets in Fraternity Hall on ��rst and third Friday evenings
of eacn month a'. 8 o'clock. Visiting member
cordially invited. W. W. Bradley. W.K.
A, Miuty, R. S.	
NELSON AERIE No. 22, F. (>. E., mcols
every second and fourth Wednesdays of eaoh
in onth. Visiting members cordially invlti
Charles ProHsor. secretary.
Kootonay Tent No. 7. K. O. T. M��� hold tlielr
regular meetings in Fratoruity Hall, 1.0.0. F.
block, on tho 1st and 3rd Thursdays of oncli
month. Visiting brethren cordially invited to
attend. G. A.Brown, R.K.; A. P.Purdy,Coin.
R. J.Stool, D. S.C.
1st and 3rd Wodnosday evenings ot
eaoh month at Fraternity nail
oornor of Baker and Kooumii?
stroots. Visiting brethorn cordially invited.
Eoward MACLEon. Secretary,
COURT KOOTENAY, I. O. F., No. 31*.
Moetiugs 4th Thursday of month. Fraternal
hall, J A Irving C R.   P. H. Fleming. It.b
Nolson Court Star of Kootcnny, A. 0. F.
Moots 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in every
month. Visiting brethren welcome. VV. Mao-
Millar CR    Pobort McLeod See.
Corporation of the Oity of
Public Notice is hereby given that tho voto
ortho electors of the imiliinlpiilll.y of thn Citv I
of Nelsou will he taken on H, -Law Nu. 1111. "A
���i,''���'!n,.'u!'"^",1-1'" Pu���k��""B certain power
from tho West Kootenay Powers Light Com.
pany on Tuesday, the tillh day of r?0"oinbor
"o'elnek ,  mC"        '10U1N ��f 8 ��'C"";k "���'" '"'ll l
For tho East Ward at tho City Police Court j
on Josephine .street and for the  West  Ward I
sidonr'iffi,?' S'"''1 """i""'". on the north
side of Baker Street, between Stanley and
Kuotonay streets i��� the City ol Nolson I
i w,:���',',-'."." �� or '""',"lt!. 1,u,i"" "r lh" f"11 ego of
,, ,i J r51''"'! wh0 '" ""> nssomed owner of
riS ,., ,.- [ n',1' ProP��rty wiltiln the inu-
niclp.ili!j shall haven vole either combining
wtKi'.TV'"-'���i'1 ,Hy-|awinl'"'* Sin
real iM-ii,���,rly -�� "m" bo MSMaoa ,or h""1 a'
VoIn?bot,MflBOI1'B,0"thta 8lh d"y 0( N��-
Returning OAlccr
Cloao connection East and Weft-
bound at Spokane with trains of tne
Spokane Falls and Northern Railwiiy.
Direct connection at St. Pa"' without change of depot with all trains tor
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, NewY��r��
aud ull points West and South.
Leave3 Spokane daily for East at 9:151 m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:15 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8 HO P"��'
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound, .
During the season of navigation Earn
bound truins connect at Duluth witn
themagniflcentsteainships North \V> ���
and North Land of theNorthern bteiun-
ship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Runway. .,
Kor fui'thi r information, aps, f""1'
era, eta., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern By., Kaslo & Blof"
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Op , or to
H. BBANDT, ,  ...
City Puss, and Tkt.  Agt,  W  701  VV,
Bivemide Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
��. K. TAOJiAllUBr, Local Afjent,
Nolson. U.k


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