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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 28, 1901

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Daily Edition No. 1075
r��.inc:aj Libmy g__
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Fkidav, June 28, 1901
Eleventh  Year
plan was
his guilt.
arranged   to make   sine  of
OF   SENTENCE I    Hamilton,     Ont.,   Jnne
aged 74, suicided
Murderer Collins, Now !n the
Nelson Jail. Will Not
Iilauie, aged 74, suicided today, by
cutting her throat with her husband's
Census Returns Will Not Be
Published Until September.
Ottnwn, .lune 27.���Premier Laurier
left tonight for Arthsbasonvillc,
where he will spend two or three
Weeks taking rest.
Seret.-Major O'Keefe, of the city
police died tonight. lie was 58 years
of age and a brother of (Johce Magistrate O'Keefe.
It has been decided to locate the
new observatory on the experimental
The case of Fred Collins, of Peter-
boro, East Kootenay, 11. C, in jail nt
Nelson, convicted of tho murder of the
liangor Kid was before the cabinet
today. The death sentence was chang-
ed to one of imprisonment for life.
Ottawa, June 27.���At a meeting of
poli-je commissioners, J, L. Dowlin,
the counsel for ex-Detective Flanna-
gan, stated he intended presenting 20
sworn charges against Chief Powell
nnd other otllcers of the police force.
Flannigan who put in his resignation,
was permitted to withdraw it in order
that he stauds suspended. The chargeB
aie said to be of rather a startling and
spicy character.
Census returns will not be ready
till September 1. It had been expected that bulletins would be issued by
July 2, but the assistant commissioner
stated that events had arisen which
would preclude such an early publication of returns. What the exact nature of these new developments may
be can only ho conjectured. Hut the
commissioner will not, he says, give
out the returns of cities and towns
piecemeal, and the whole will wait
until Sopteinber.
Vancouver, B, C, June 27.���The
coroner's jury at Ladncr has brought
in a verdict of wilfnl murder against
On Kwang who kille.1 four other
Chinamen with an axe. The murderer
has not spoken siuce his incarceration
except to ask for more food. Ills appetite is abnormal.
The C. P. R. has replied to the
wholesale grocers' protest, that there
Is no preferential tariff in existence
in favor of eastern shippers to the Yukon.
A special from Ottawa says that
Thos. McCatt'ery, formerly manager of
the Union Hank, Winnipeg, will be
manager of the Government assay
otlice Vancouver.
Dr. Wilson Herald, of l!>0 Mile
House, says the next Cariboo gold
bri :k will be ouo valued at 8200,000.
It will bo shipped to Glasgow for the
Montreal, June 27.���General Manager MeNicbll, C. P. R., states that
wero it uot for intimidation on tbe
part of the striking trackmen the
company could get all the men It
wanted In place of the strikers.
Hrantford, Ont., June 27.���At a con
vention of health   ofllcers  yesterday,
Dr. Kiddell   llayham   denounced   the
habit ladies had of kissing each other
as a very fruitful source of contagion.
Ainprior, Ont., June 27,���Gilbert
Duncan, aged seven, a Bon of James
Duncan of this town, was drowned
tl,is morning in the Madawaska,
while playing on a boom.
Quebec, June 27.���W. J. llryan, the
famous ex-presldential candidate of
the Democratic party in the United
States, Is at Chateau Frontenao with
his fdinily.       	
Montreal, June 27.���Valmore E.
Traversy A Co., lumber merchants,
assigned on demand. Liabilities exceed .80,000.      	
Montreal, Junu 27.���Ex-Policeman
Dieudonne Plouffe was sentenced to
three years in the penitentiary this
morning for having robbed a supposed
drunken man of a gold watch. Plouft'e
waa suspected of being a thief and the
New York, June   27.���The  Journal
of Commerce says:   Little information
is obtainable in reference to the  proposed consolidation of salmon canners
of the Purine   coast,   which  has been
hanging   fire for something over   two
months.    The repoit that several representatives of the canneries bad  left
the coast for New   York   for   tbe purpose of conferring with the  financiers
is confirmed. It is, however, too early
to say whether   thc deal will be actually   consummated   as   there   is   still
considerable work to be dose.    At the
same time the   fact that these gentlemen are coming indicates   that  there
is at I .si! t a prospect   that plans   will
be   carried  out.    It is conceded   that
the Alaska Packers' Association is not
interested.   It   is   claimed,    however
if the deal goes through on  the   basis
now  being   discussed   that   the   new
company   would   control some 70   per
cent of the   business.    It   is   not   intended to make any change in tbe authorized capitalization of the company
from   that  proposed   some   time ago,
namely 812,500,000 preferred stoek,812,
500,000 common   stoek and  87,000,000
bonds,    The issued amounts of   stocks
and bonds, however, will be considerably less, the   actual  amount  having
not been yet decided upon.
Striking Trackmen   on the
C.P.R. Still Holding
How Trains and Boats Will Run   For
July 1st.
A special holiday rate of a fare and
a quarter from station to station will
be given by the C. P. R., good to go
on June 20 and 30 and July 1st and to
return on July 1st and 2nd, except to
Nelson and Grand Forks where the
tickets will he good to return up to
the 3rd of July.
There will be no special service into
Nelson for the celebration as tbe regular service will answer all purposes.
The Kokand, will leave Kaslo at the
usual time, 7.30 a. m., on Monday
and Tuesday, and will call at all lake
points, in-living here on Monday
morning in time for the monster
trades' procession. It will leave for
Kaslo about 10.30 ou Monday or after
the water carnival. On Tuesday evening it will leave for Kaslo at 0 p.
m., Instead of four, to allow the Kaslo people to take in the afternoon
sports. On Monday the C. P. R. will
have a steamer on the lake for the regatta in the afternoon and the water
carnival at night. A splendid view
of both events will be provided and
banc's will be on board. A fare of 25
cents will-be charged for the boat
For tbe Grand Forks celebration a
special train will leave Rossland at
4.15 Sunday afternoon, and will
connect at Robson with the 3.30 tram
from here. This train has been arranged by tbe Grand Forks committee
who have shown great enterprise in
advertising their celebration in Ross-
land. Another special will leave
Phoenix aud Midway for Grand Forks
atsa.ni.cn tbe 1st and returning!
will leave Grand Forks after the
fistic encounter at night,
A special will leave Rossland
Trail at 11.15 on the morning of
1st and will return ufter the bull.
In Many Places the Neglected
Road-bed Is Thoroughly
Mayor Carlson ot Kaslo Needs Laborers For  Lardo Line.
Mayor G.A. Carlson of Kaslo,was In
the city yesterday In connection with
the purchase of supplies and the employment of men to work on his contract on the Lardo railway. Mr. Carlson has 350 men now at work and expects to Increase this lorce to 1,000
men within a few weeks. The work
at present consists of olearng thc
light of way, cutting, filling, grading
und bridging. His contract extends
over 30 miles of country easy to build,
tbe grades being very light and the
rock work not so heavy as usually encountered in building railroads in
mountainous countries. The engineers have laid out the line In a very
ingenious manner, taking full ad-
vnatage of every natural facility tbat
the contour of the dlstriat provides.
In this way the work haa been made
Mr. Carlson la In immediate need
of a large number of men, being able
to put four or five hundred to work.
He will give employment to any good
laborers who report nt his headquarters at Dowser. He leaves for tbe
north this morning. i
The strike situation is becoming
more acute as it continues. The service on tbe main line is reported to be
practically tied up. The sitnation in
the neighborhood of Calgary has be
come somewhat strained. When the
strike took place all *he Galicians in
the employ of the railway vacated the
boarding cars. As they had neither
food, money, or accommodation they
were naturally In a precarious condition. To help them out of their del-
emna and to avoid the necessity of
their having to give in to the company the citizens of Calgary are at
the present time running a monster
relief camp and are supporting the
foreigners. Some empty cars on
Tuesday last went through the bridge
ac Morley, falling a distanc of 02
feet. The trestle seems to have been
in an unfinished condition when the
strike was declared, and although
erected and thought to be passable has
given way. On account of this in ad
dition to the condition of the track in
that division,it is quite probable that
the traffic will have^to be diverted to
the Crows' Nest road,- unless the condition of the latter line compel the
trainmen to refuse to take their trains
over it.
It is said that there is only one man
at work on the road at the present
time between McLeod and Kootenay
Landing.. The pump men did not go
out on strike ut the commencement of
tbe struggle but all are now out and
the railway company ure offering 810
per day for men tc take their places,
so as to be able to keep, the passenger
trains running. One man was hired
from Breekenridge A Lund's tie camp
at Michel, at an advance on the wages
be was receiving but soon resigned
as the Dago's made it too hot for him
to continue. Section foremen are ie-
ported to have been offered an increase of 8200 per month on their
regular wages to take out their gangs
but cannot be prevailed upon to
do so.
Some excitement was created tbe
other day when a man of the name of
J. Gosling, wbo six months ago was
one of the most rabid union men, and
who worked hard to obtain prominence, was summoned before the
magistrate on the charge of threatening a man by pointing a pistol at
him. There was a large crowd of
strikers at the trial and although
Gosling got off he hnd few sympathisers. He admitted having the pistol in
his possession but denied having
pointed It at thc plain ti IV.
Telegrams received yesterday by the
local committee of the strikers from
various points on the main line reporting that things were much in the
same coi dition, except that tlie heavy
rains were knocking out the road bed
badly. At ull points the men seemed
jubilant as a rule, although some are
beginning to feel the pinch pretty
keenly. Muny of the strikers in Nelson have families living here and
their wages did not permit of keeping
much ahead, but all express their
determination to stay out until a fa
vorable decision is reached. Telegrams from Montreal yesterday stated
that the company's officials still refused to meet the strike leaders to confer
on tbe situation.
Montreal, June 37.���Senator Villon-
euve died this evening at his residence, from kidney trouble.
Andrew Allun, head of the shipping
firm of H. A A. Allan, died this afternoon from heart failure. He has been
in ill health for some time and was
advanced In yeurs,
Peculiar Method of Mining on
a Windermere Lead
Sand   Carbonates  of   Lead
That Can Be Taken Out
With a Shovel.
Toronto,   June 27.���Mark   Seluosky
wus  drowned  today   In   a    pond  ut
Hanlnn's island.
Mr. S. S. Fowler has returned from
a tiip to the Windermere country
whero he visited the Paradise group
of claims cn Toby creek, in which
he is interested with H. C. Hammond
of Toronto, and R. Randolph Bruce,
of Peterboro, B. Ci Mr. Bruce is
manager of the property. About 850
tons of ore have been shipped from
thc Paradise whicli is one of the most
most notable properties in the Province. An incline shaft has been sunk
175 feet on the claims without a stick
of powder being used. This will sound
like a fairy story but it is none tbe
less truth for (he syndicate is mining
lead carbonates which can be literally
shovelled out and put into sacks
ready for shipment. It is known as
sand carbonates as it is about the
consistency of sand. It is between
two well defined walls and on account
of the remarkably cheap method of
mining that can be adopted, pays to
ship a long distance although it is
not particularly high grade. In no
other mine In the Province has tbis
kind of ore teen, encountered in such
a large body. A little was found in
the North Star property in East Kootenay- The lead carbonates, so called, mined ln the Slcoan are galena.
Mr. Fowler expects that as development continues on the Paradise, they
will run through the sand carbonates
and encounter, galena. Millions of
tons of this variety of ore were mined
in Colorado, particularly in the vicinity of Leadville.
Work on the Paradise will be actively continued this summer under
the direction of Mr. Bruce. There is
a wagon road np Toby oreok from
Peterboro within u few miles of tbe
propert" and it will be continued this
The construction of the wagon road
up Horse Thief creek in the same
district will open up a large number
of properties. The Red Line company
is adding 815,000 to the Government's
815,000 to build the road from Peterboro to its property. The Red Line
group is reported to be very rich and
the construction of the road will
probably lead to early shipments.
M>-. Fowler is of the opinion that
good transportation facilities would
speedily mean the development of a
large number ot promising properties in the Windermere conntry. On
Toby and Horse Thief creeks this season great activity will be diplayed.
A dispatch to The Miner last night
was as follows:
"Montroal, June 91,���At the annual
meeting of the North Star Mining
Co., yesterday it was decided, awing
to the low price for lead and excessive charges for smelting and transportation, to curtail the shipping ut
present, I). D. Mann was re-elected
Mr. Frank Robins," manager of tlie
North Star,who is attending the mine
owneis' meeting, stated to The Miner
that thc shipments from the mine
hnd already been curtailed from
nearly 2,000 tons a month to 1,000
tons. The company is under contract
to ship the latter amount monthly to
the Trail, Nelson and Everett smelters. They will continue to ship 1,-
000 tons a month. Thc situation of
the property makes the ore easy to
get at and only about 35 men are on
the pay roll. If the hardships under
which silver-lead mining is laboring
are removed the staff of men will bo
greatly increased and tlie shipments
speedily doubled.
Mr. David Heap, secretary of the
Last Chance Mining Co., who was
stopping at the Phair lust night, in
answer to a question of a Miner reporter, stated thnt the crosscut tunnel Ib now In 1,400 feet. ThiB long
tunnel will traverse the whole
group, and is expected to open np
nuiuy veins  of   greut value.   The re
sults so far have been very promising.
When completed the crosscut will
open the claims in u very thorough
manner nnd will be one of the longest
in Canada.
Like other Slocan had properties
the Last Chance is noi shipping at
present, Work being confined to diiv-
lng tlie crosscut on which 18 men sue
employed. Compressed air is used
tor working the drills. The property
is in u position to mnintain huge
.-ahipments as soon as u market is
The annual meeting of the company
will be held about the middle of July.
Dr. VV. A. Hendryx, president of
the company, und Mrs. Hendryx are
also stopping ut tbe Phair. After
the annual meeting Dr. Hendiyx will
go to Iloise City, Idaho.
Mine Owners' Association Is
Holding Sessions ln
the City.
Goo. B. McAulay, managing director
of the Cariboo mine, Camp McKinney,
and Frunk F. Mcnilcihall, manager of
the Rossland branch of the Jenckes
Machine coinpany,were in Midway on
Thursday on their way to Camp McKinney, says the Advance.
It is thc intention of tlie Cariboo
company to purchase 40 additional
tsamps for its mill, which will bring
the capacity of the mill up to sixty
On Friday Messrs. McAulay and
Mendenhall were going on to Fair-
view to inspect thc Smuggler twenty
stamp mill, which is owned by the
Jenckes Machine company. If the
plant be in a satisfactory condition
it will be purchased by the Cariboo
company and token to Camp McKinney,and as it bus been used but very
little since its inst.alliil.inn at Fair-
view, it is altogether likely that it is
nearly as good as new.
The mine never looked as well as it
does at the present time. It hus at
least 75,000 tons of ore in sight that
will run about 812. During Mr.
McAulny's stay ut McKinney he will
lay out pluns for sinking a new four
compartment shaft, together with let
ting a contract for the new hoist, with
sinkimr capacity of fifteen hundred
Some C. P. R. Oflice Men   Engage   in
Laying Rails.
Yesterday afternoon a Miner reporter noticed a group of men working at
the disabled switch at the west end of
the C. P. R. yard. On appiouehing
to see if the strike hud been settled it
appeared as if the section men had
donned boiled shins, high collars and
their Sunday best to celebrate the
return of peace. As the reporter came
up to the scene of activity the mystery
was still further increase.I hy hearing
one "navvy," who was swinging n
ponderous sledge hummer, shout,
"There that'll do d���n it," nnd n
mate, similarly equipped, answered
with a strong English accent, "No it
won't, hit it again with thut beastly
mallet." Both of them with thut fell
to pounding un iinolVendir.g clamp
rod, which nppemed to be slightly
bent, in u manner that made up iu
force what it rucked in regularity und
By this time thc workmen had proved to be lioadinaster Lewis, and
Messis. Freeman Lake, Weir, R. H.
Moe, and another whose name could
not be ascertained,nil from the general
offices of the 0. P. R.. It appeared
that owing to the greut need for the
west switch being repaired, tho indefatigable roadmastur hud gathered to
gether n gang of reeruils from the
oflice and with them wub doing hi*
best to put the repairs through.
The job appeared to be n particularly tough one. Engine 584 is extremely heavy, even for an engine, and in
its course along the ties it had snap,
ped each one it hail ~>me in contact
with in lis journey uf a ear length,
besides bending the clump nnd connecting rods which keep the rails ut
tho proper distance apnrt, und twisting the slide rails slightly. The rails
had first to be loosened from the ties.
then jacked up to allow of tie broken
ties being removed mid new ones substituted, the bars to he straightened
and mils changed und n few othei interesting operations to be managed.
How fnr they got before darkness
enmo it is hard to sny, but one trackman, who was probably biassed, said
thut they only hit a spike once out of
three blows on the uvemge, sr there
is likely   lots   of work left   for todny.
When the participators in this work
rise to be presidents and general man-
agers, the present pi act ice will doubtless prove Invaluable when they are
called upon to officiate nt the impos
ing ceremony of "driving the Inst
Market of Silver Lead Ores
a Question That Is Bothering It.
The Mine Owners' Association Is
meeting in Nelson. Just what the
gathering is for is not made public
but the large attendance of representatives of the leading lead propeities
gives color to the repoit, circulated
persistently of late, that the mine
owners wero getting somewhat desperate over the continued mobility to
maiket lead ores, aud were going to
do something towards providing a
market of their own. Various remedies hav been suggested, among them
the erection ot smelters by the mines
and the prospect of a lead refinery being established in Canada shortly
makes this scheme more feasible.
It is well known that some of the
mine owners are outsopken in favor of
building smelters of their own and
efforts have been made to huve the
compnnies tuke action in this direction. Another suggested remedy is
the formstion of whnt might be called
a selling association, composed of
the mines which have lend ores for
sale nnd which would appoint a sales
agent whose duty it wonld, be to find
a market, whether local or foreign,
und look after the sales of ore. This
would uiuko the companies stronger
through unity and more able to get
their rights when acting together iu
securing markets.
It is ulso said that the present meeting may have something to do with
Ihe strike at the Northport smeller.
Bernard Macdonuld, manager of thc
LeRoi mine and tne smelter, is attending the meeting and his latest
trouble will probably be di.cussed.
The asociation held u session last
evening in tbe board room of the London A B. C. Gold Fields, and about
midnight adjourned until thiB morning. Those attendng it stated that
they hnd absolutely nothing for publication. The sessions will be continued this morning and will probubly
lust all day.
Among those piesent are Bernard
Macdonald, Edmund B. Kirby, manager of the War Eagle, Rossland; II,
li. Alexander, manager of the Whitewater mine", Whitewater, B, U ;
George Hughes, a prominent mining
man of iSandon ; Geo. A. Alexander,
manager of the Ruth, Antoine, Jackson and other mine., and the Kootenay Ore Purchasing Co.; James Cronin, malinger of tlie St. Eugene Consolidated, Moyie; R. F. Tolmie,secretary
ofthe association; Dr. W. A. IIium
dryx, of Los Angeles, Cal., and prest*
dent of the Last Chance Mining Co. ;
David Heap, Sandon, secretiny of the
same compuny ; Frunk Robins, manager of the North Star mine in East
Kootenay; J, Rodeiick Robertson,
managing director of the l.oiuton A
B.C. Gold Fields, Ltd.; S. S. Fowler
of the sume company; Cupt. J. B.
Gilford, manager of the Silver King
mine; .1. J. Cuiupbell, commercial
manngei of the Hall Mining A .Smelting Co. ; Capt. T. J. Diiiican, of tho
Duncan Mines, Lid. ; Hon. T. Mayne
Daly, K. C, solicitor of the B. A, C,
Kossland, nnd others.
The great Inerohse match tomorrow
afternoon in aid of the General hos
pitul is attiactlng much uttentiun.
due of the articles of agreement between the two tenuis is that no practising must be indulged in. Yeserdny
il was rumored that the McKarlaiid
Mullets were practising in the office
nf their solictor, W. A. Macdonald,K.
('.. and the Tamblyn Tigers huve enter, -d a protest. The McKurlaud
M offers are retaliating by preparing
injunctions to be servo on any of tho
Tigers wbo score more than 111 games.
The prizes for the Dominion Day
sports which wero on exhibition in
Tcctzel's window buvo been removed
to the window nf J. Dover's jewellry
store and present a striking picture.
They are arranged on a plaid striped
stand uml have a hack ground of O'e
national lings. In the oentie, like a
king amongst his subjects, stands
the sliver cup which will be presented
to the winner of tho blue ribbon in
the trades' procession. It is un excellent display aud the prizes arc tempting ones.
  "  S!  f^ Nblson Daily Miner,  Friuav,  J����~_ 28, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Published   Evory  Morning Except   Monday
���BY THK���
Limited Ll-BILIT-.
Dally, per month, by carrier	
Dally, per month, by mail     ��"
Ilally. per year, by carrier * i
Ilally, per year, by mail    ��
Dally, per year foreign    ��
Weekly.per half year  *J jjjj
Wookly. per yoar    Jff
Wookly, por yoar, foreign    �� w
utwcrlptioiiH invariably In advance
115 Fleet Streot. K. Ci.
Coutral  I'roas Agency, Ltd., Special Agents
Al' Chocks should no mado payablo to tho
ordor of Nelson PuBLisuiNa Oomi>any,
Aloxnndor & Co.. 521 First Avenue, Spokane.
Wash., keep this paper on file, and aro our
authorized agents for advertisements and sub-
Sir Claude Macdonald says that dining the five years he served as British Minister in the Flowery Kingdom
he never saw a drunken Chinaman.
Perhaps it is this intemperate sobriety that makes the Chinese so unpopular in some locnlities in Hritish Columbia. 	
The newspaper men nod women of
Minnesjta ure u very lively lot. Two
or three yeurs ago they took in Manitoba, the Territories, uud Hritish Columbiu, and this year they are down
in Ontnrio, MO strong. They are
bound to know Canada. There ure
some other Ainericun editors whom it
would profit if they were to see with
tieirowu eyes thut there are other
countries and other people in the
world besides their's.
The Washington Government are
terribly annoyed over the report that
they had asked to have the Alaska
boundary matter submitted to the arbitration of Russia. The dispatch
omits to explain the particular cause
of their annoyance, but we suppoBe it
is at the suggestion implied in the
leport that they are simple enough to
run the risk of a just settlement
when by hanging out they can carry
everything their own wuy.
Since tho Good (Jueen's Jubilee Canada has figured lurgely in British
estimation, and for the past year its
name is supposed to have been in
every mouth in the United Kingdom.
Yet when Punch introdu.es Miss Canada to the War Minister,she is clothed
in blanket and moccasins,witli a flaming bead-dress of feathers. Perhaps it
was the excessive heat of the pust few
weeks that caused it to overlook the
snowshoes. We wonder if Englishmen
at home will ever cense to regard
Indians and snow as the special types
of Canada?
Among the Democrats of the United
States there is an apprehension, or for
party reasons the pretence of an ap
prehension, that it is still a set purpose of the Hebublicans to nominate
Mr, McKinley fcr a third term, notwithstanding his positive disclaimer
of a few weeks ago. It is maintained
that he is too weak of purpose to
withstand the influence of the party
leaders who have had special charge
Over him during the years he bas been
in the White House. Thut is not the
impression formed of him by those on
the outside, who regard him as one
Of the ablest and best of United
States Presidents since the Rebellion.
But whether inclined or not, there is
little probability of nnother nomina-
tlon, for one of the unwritten decrees
of thc American constitution is that
no mac shall bo President a third
time. Thnt wns a precedent establish
ed by Washington, and the American
people would sooner deny the Christian religion thun thus dishonor the
teachings of the Father of then country.
"Flaneur," nf The Toronto Mall,
having expressed his willingness to
accept tlio opinion of the majority of
medical men regarding vaccination,
iu treated to a letter in reply of whicli
the following is nn extinct: "History shows that this is not a snfe
thing to :":o. During the previous
century this 'majority' wns equally in
favor of smallpox Inoculation, yet
they have now made it illegal. For
forty years the 'majority of medical
men,' opposed Harvey's discovery of
the circulation of tlie blood; they bled
the people for n century, thereby
slaughtering thousands; for many
years they denied u cup of cold wnter
ton pationt consuming with fever;
they used to givo patients calomel till
their teeth dropped out, the flesh rolled off their bones, and the bones
crumbled into dust, and, in snort,
they have bitterly opposed every real
and scientific reform in the healing
art. Through vaccination they ate
poisoning the blood of the whole
civilized   world, and   so   introducing
We beg to announce that we have made a'rangements
with Mr, H. Moses, who comes highly recommended by
his late employers, the Spokane Dry Goods Co., at
Spokane, to
Make Up Fur Garments,
Eepair Fur Garments,
Remodel Fur Garments, and to
Renovate Fur Garments generally.
This is a rare opportunity for the people of Nelson and vicinity to
have their Fur Coats, Capes, Muffs, Collars, Caps, Cuffs, etc., thoroughly repaired and made to look new and fashionable.
If so desired, Mr. Moses will be glad to call at your residence,
inspect the garment?, submit patterns of latest styles, and give estimates of the cost of the work required.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
the seeds into the system, or, at least,
predisposing it to all forms of disease.
And all for the purpose of securing nn
imnginary immunity from a disease
with whicli few hnve nny acquaintance except by hearsay, and from
which 99 of every 100 recover."
in     a
few    days    ago,
chief     of       po
The   shooting took
in a drug store in
city, filled   at the
A gambler and
police of Seattle
shooting sciap a
in which the
lice was killed,
place in broad day
the heuit of the
time with customers, spectators, and
idlers. The sheriff, a police detective,
and several other police ofllcers were
present, witnessed the fracas from the
beginning and towards the end of it
interfered to separate the combatants. They weie no more than any
other spectators, however, no attention being paid to their authority as
peace oSicers, and the shooting went
merrily on. Such a thing could never
take place in Caoada among Canadians, thanks to that inbred and deep-
seated respect for the majesty of the
law whicli prevails in every civilized community that rejoices in the
protection of the British ling. The
presence of a representative of the
law, who demands peace in the King's
name, will overawe any brawlers leas
thun hardened and desperate criminals. That there is a deplorable want
of this respect among average Americans is due to the laxity of thc authorities themselves iu punishing
offences uguinst the lnw.
It is a mystery why women endure
Backache, Heada-he, Nevousness,
Sleeplessness, Melancholy, Fainting
and Dizzy Spells when thousands have
proved that Electrc Bitters will quickly cure such troubles. "I suffered for
years with kidney troubles," writes
Mrs. Pbebe Cheiley, of Peterson, la.,
"and a lame back pained me so I
could not dress myself, but Electric
Bitters wholly cured me and, although
73 years old, I now am able to do all
my housework." It overcomes Constipation, improves Appetite, gives
perfect health. Only 6llc ut Canada
Drug at Book Co.
General laborers, gardeners, rock
men, etc., will be furnished free of
chnrge to all persons requiring help
of this Kind by applying to the Secretary, Nelson Laborers' Protective Union, Box 287, Nelson. B, 0.
Gamble &   O'Reilly
Civil   Engineer*,  Provinclnl   Land
Surveyors, Beat Estate und in.
tiurnnce AgeulH.
Furnished house nnd two lots on Robson- Street, neur Kootenuy Street.
Buth room; vvnsh house. Laid
out in garden and fruit trees.
3 lots, northwest corner Houston nnd
Ward streets 8350
Lots 1 and 2, block 23, lot lo.block 29,
Lot 11, block 14, city of Nelson.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
469 nelson b c
nnd try a bot.Uo, a dozen, or a barrel of
OALGARY BEER as It Is tho bom. and
oneapest on tho markot. Alh-o try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M.n...>.
Teteohon    W. ���"���ai��r in   Nolson P. fl
J. C. GWILLIM, B.,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Can-
adu.     Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson, B. C.
This leafy month of June will start an
increased demand for
Our Summer Clothing was selected
with the most painstaking care. No
other store thut we know o* is so particular about the character of its light
weight garments. They combine coolness and dressy style, comfort and
Mnde plain, made with Hare, made
with flounce, or made with embroidery insertion. We have all Btyles
that can be culled new and winning,
at SI.0(1, 8125, SI.5(1, S3.00, S2.25,
$2.75, 88.00, and up to $6.00.
Made of While Wachuset Net with
cane nnd steel fillings; long or
short waist, at 60c, 75c, $1.00  and
Newness in Blouses���We have received another shipment of White
Blouses. The latest in bolero
effects, tucked effects, and lace
trimmed ; $1.50, 82.00, $2.25, 82.75,
83 00, $8.75, and fl.00.
Agents for Standard Patterns.
KERR & 60.
Baker and Ward Sts.
NELSON,      -     -      B.C.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber.
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
unci LAR1.0.
Is   lame    or    inteiferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jp
sephine Street
Take notice that I intend to apply
30 days after date to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C., to pill-chase the following
described vacant Crown Lands in the
District of West Kootenay,  Ii. C. :
Commencing at a post planted on
the west line of Lot 302, group I, West
Kootenay District and about 200 ft.
from North West Corner of the said
lot, and which post is marked "James
Cronin's North-West Corner," thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
1101 th 80 chains to place of beginning,
continuing (140 acres more or less.
Dated,  tbe 10th day of June, 1(101.
Best Assortment
Come Early and Get
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
West Transfer Co.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Blairmore Coal, - $6.75
Crow's Nest Coal, $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -    $10.75
No order  can ho accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Offlee on   Baker Street Tel. HI
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds of seoond band goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, carports,
-00king utensils, bonght in boneehold
���innntities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and gee me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 800. _L*li
S'reet, Nelson, B li.
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
Apply to
B. li. CAMERON, Apt
Baker Street.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Line Parisian July (>
Allan Lino Austral..simi .luly 13
Allan Line Corinthian July 20
Beaver Line WasKnn July 6
Beaver Lino Lake Cham plain   .July IS
Beaver Line Lake Mcgantio July 111
From Portland, Me.
Dominion Line Dominion July <;
Dominion Line  Cambrunian July 13
From Boston
Dominion Line Commonwealth  July 3
Dominion Line New Kngland  July 17
Cunard Line Ivernia July fl
Cunard Line Saxon in July 1.0
From New York
White Star Line Germanic July 3
White Star Line Cymric July 10
White Star Line  Mijostic July 17
Cunard Line  Etruria July 6
Cunard Line Bervla July 9
Cunard Line   Campania.  July 13
American Line  St.  Paul July 10
American Line Bt, Louis July 17
Anchor Line Astoria July 6
Anchor Line Anchoria .July 13
French Line La Champagne July.
French Line La GflBOOgno July 11
N. G. L. Kaiserin Maria Theresia July 9
Hamburg-American DeutflOhland    July 11
For further particulars apply to
City Passenger Agent, Nelson, I). C.
General S.S. A-ml. C.P.R. Off-86. Winning.
Royal Bakery id Grocery
A new stock of Groceries, Fruit,
Home-made Bread, Pies, Cakes
and Rolls delivered fresh every day
to any part of the city.
S. D. HOWELL, Prop.
Notice is hereby given that the first
sittings of the Annunl Court of Revision of the Municinlity of the City of
Nelson will be lield in the Council
Chain]ber at the City offices, Nelson,
on Wednesday tbe 10th dny of July
next at 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of bearing complaints ngainst
the assessment as made by the assessor, and for revising and correcting
thc assessment roll.
���      J. K. STRACHAN,
City Clerk.
Nelson, B.C., Ma.y L'Sth, 11)01.
Windermere Mines.   Onrrescondenoe Solicited
^ vl> %!/ \l/ i<> v*/ \ii \*. i*. \*/ \i> V*/ il/i U/ Vl> id/ U> iii \i> \#/ .#> \d> ^; i*> ^^ ^
3 D. McArthur 8 Co. f
J. Q. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
From $10.00 up J
From $2.50 up rj
From $13.50 up tf.
"^ Reception, Easy and  Large  Rockers "f.
^ Reception Chairs, Couches, Lounges, Divans. i;
���0* . ���W 01  ,_ui,  &
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season*
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
W.-W.-C. Block. Ward Street, Nfi.son.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers,
Suits _.'��. e to Order, Cleaned, Dyed, Altered and Repaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Mail Orders Solicited. P. O. Box 634
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tim* Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* b> mall to opy- branch will have careful a*d pramot attention.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried   by the
Home Office Minneapolis. Minn.
Victoria, 73. C, May .nth, 1901.
Mr. Jno. T. Pierre, Nslson:
Dear Friend John,���Your favor from
Kaslo duly received with 85.00 enclosed and herewith please find
receipt for same, also herewith
please find fonr contracts for Sam and
one for Malum-. Business, I am pleas*
ed to say, ih just booming here and
I tell you they are talking Tontine
good now. This is the list of payments I have made this week:
P, Ciombie...81110 Dr.Lewi.Hall,8320
A.McLaggan.. 480 Harry Maynaid 32o
Tom Sarantis.  100 A.   Bancroft... (Kill
Jos.P  Slewart 100 Tl. T. Scott Kin
.los. Mayer  160 II. I.lebenbaum Kill
II. J. Case   180 N. Shakespeare 320
81280 88340
S3,.120 is pretty nice I tell you and
always looking for more. So just tell
your friends to get aboard. I have
now myself 30 and hope to got it to
50 before long. With best wishes to
you, I remain yours very truly,
' FRED CARM.'.Tr.,
General Agent 13.C.
For   fin tbe.   information    npply   to
JOHNT. PIERRE, sub agent, Nelson.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R   offices.
Caveats, Designs, Copyrights and
Trade Marks obtained in Oniinda
and all foreign countries.
Room 3, B.auk of British North
America, Hastings 8tr��. <-. Vancouver
About that second hand article of
yours. You'll sell it if you'll advertise it iu The Miner want ca.M_.11
��� 1
gp-m_Mw �������.-' Ablson Daily Mine.. Fri-ay, June _R, ryoi
i. *t*
��   #
Junior Four-Oared   Erent   Now Down
to the Finals.
Yesterday afternoon in spite of
wind and rain, the junior four-oared
crews rowed their preliminary heats
and semi-linals and as a result tho
Nase and l'ullen crews row off 3n
Monday for possession ot the handsome prizes.
The first heat rowed yesterday was
between Fraser aud Nase. Forbes was
scheduled to row Fraser but he defaulted and Fraser was consequently
advanced a Stage and rowed Nase,
who was a bye, The crews got away
well together and each rowed a good
race, but Nase was too much for his
opponents and won handily by u couple of lengths. The Flaser crew never pulled together before.
When the boats were being overhauled for the next neat a seat fell
overboard aud of course sunk, This
caused considerable delay during
which time the bottom of thu lako
was scraped with fish poles. Finally
another seat was secured and the l'ullen and ~omorville crews lowed their
heat.. It was a walk over for Pullen
as his opponents gave up when they
were opposite the city wharf leaving
l'ullen to paddle home a winner.
The Siminerville crew had trouble
with their slides.
J Mc Health and Nuwpurt then took
the boats. The heat went to the
former who proved much too stiong
for the other and won out by a couple
of lengths.
l'ullen and Melieath next rowed
their semi-final heat. Tho former crew
pulled splendidly and won by a good
Ihe results wero:
Foibes defaulted to Fraser.
0. Nase stroke, E. Sickling 3rd, R.
3. Strachan 2nd, .1. Patterson bow,
heat N. F. Fraser stroke, \V. A.Fraser
3rd, F. A. Eaton Snd, 1'. S. Ilorlon
F. l'ullen stroke, R. W. Brlgstock
3rd, N. M. Johnson 2nd, C. Campbell
bow, beat 0. Somervillu stroke, Dr.
McLennan 3rd, John Uae 2nd, J. G,
Bunyan bow.
II. Melieath stroke, A. V. Mason
3rd, F. Clark 2nd, \V. R. Seattle bow,
bent J. Newport stroke, W. Sprey
3rd, ('.  Holmes 2nd, C. K.Loring bow.
l'ullen beat Melieath.
Yesterday's Scores and the Programme
For Next  Week.
The regular shoot of the Nelson
Gun club took place at the traps last
night at 0.30. Clarence Goepel headed
thc score with 33 out of 25. aDd Dr.
Hall was second with is breaks.
Thc following is the score, each
shooting at 25 birds:
Pete Nelson O-l-u-1-0-0-1-1-0 0-1 0-0-
S. Nelson 1-0-1-1-l-l-o-U-l-O-l-O-O-l-
Clarence Goepel 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-
Dr. Hall 1-0-1-0-1-0-1-1-1-0-0-1-1-1-0-
Geo. Tierney 0-0-1-0-0-1 0-0-0-0.0-1-
1-0 1-1-1-1-1-1-0-1-0-0-1���12
Goepel's score of 23 was thc highest
ever made over the Nelson traps.
The club have fixed up the grounds
for the tournament on the second of
July and expect a lot of shooters to
take part in the contests. The shooting will be over five expert traps,
five men up.
Tho following is the programme
which is attracting trapshooters from
Revelstoke and other places :
Event No. 1.���25 birds, entrance,
price of birds; 1st prize value 810;
2nd, value 85.
Event No.2.���Sweepstake,five birds,
the entrance arranged at the traps.
Event No. 3.���Individual Championship Cup, entrance, price of birds,
50 birds, live men up.
Event No. 4.���Sweepstake, five
birds, entrance arranged ut thc traps.
Event No. 5.���Corby Challenge Cup,
entrance, price of birds, 20 birds,
live men up.
' Events No. 0 and 7.���Sweepstakes,
five birds each ; entrance arranged at
the traps.
Event No. 8.���Team shoot, three
men, entrance price of birds; prize,
three solid gold lockets to winning
Events No. 0 and 10.���Sweepstakes,
five birds each, entrance arranged at
the traps.
be loeated In the C. P. R. yards.
Heretofore tbe zebra has been considered unmanageable and it remained
for Norris A Row, the world's
greatest animal trainerB to prove Ibis
to be erroneous. Alexas is a genuine
African specimen, and Norris a. Rowe
will forfeit 810,000 to any charitable
institution, if Alexas is not as represented to be. Some years ago a certain circus advertised a team of trained zebras, but they were Qunggus, a
species closely related to the zebra,
the only distinction being tbat the
zebra is striped to the hoof and tho
Qusggra's legs ore perfectly white.
Alexas will bo driven in tho now big
free spectacular street carnival and
children's fairyland parotic will be
given on the morning of the exhibition at 11 o'clock. No mutter where
you have been, If you havo not seen
Al.xas you never saw u trained African zebra. This feature alone stamps
Norris & Rowe as the greatest animal
trainers of the age.
The records yesterday were as follows: Certificates of Work���Alice,
Anna I!., Battle 13., Id&, to II. li.
Campbell; Maggie, to John Holm;
Maggie to August Johnston. Transfers���The Pot, Carthage and Ij. M.
Fraction to M. E. Parenteau, agent
of the Chicago N.uional Development
Co., from Henry ICearns, Oliver lllair
and .John Philbert; Marion and Aberdeen, fro"? II. II. Campbell and II.
McAlpInc to M. H. Coulter.
"One night mv brother's baby ��'aa
taken with Croup," writes Mrs. J. C.
Snider, of Crittenden, Ky., "it seemed it would strangle before we could
Ret a doctor, so we gave it Dr. King's
New Discovery, whicli gave quick relief and permanently cured it. We always keep it in the house to protect
our children from Croup and Whooping Cough. It cured me of a chronic
bronchial trouble that no other remedy would relieve." Infallible for
Coughs. Colds Throat and Lung troubles. 50c und 81.00. Trial bottles
free at Canada   Drug & Book Co.
The most miserabl beings in the
world are those suite ng from Dyspepsia and Liver mplaint. More
than seventy-five per cnt. of the people in the United States are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such as Sour Stomach Sick
Headache Habitual Costiveness palpi-
taton of the Heait, Heartburn Water-
hiash, Gnawing and Burning pains at
the Pit of the Stomach, Yellow Skin,
Coated Tongue and Disagreeable
Xaste in the Mouth, coming up of
Food after Eatin/, Low Spirits, etc.
Go to your Druggist and get a bottle
of August Flower for 75 cents. Two
doses will relieve you. Try it. Get
Greens'Prize Almanac. For sale by W.
F. Teetzel & Co.Get Greens' Piize Almanac.
���M. meets seoond Wednesday in oach
month.   Visiting brethorn welcome.
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodge
No. Hi, meets every Monday night,
at  their Hall-,  Kootenay street
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
John A, MoUao, N.O.   D. W. Rutherford, V.G.
Fred J. Squire, Por. Sec.
Nelson Royal Arch Chaptor No. 123, G. R. C.
Meets third Wodnosday. Sojourning companions invited.    George Johnstone, _.    E. W.
Matlliows, S. B.
Kootenay Teat No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold their
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, I. O. O. F.
block, on tho 1-tt and 3rd Thursdays of each
n.onth, Visiting brethren cordially invited to
attend. G. A. Brown, R. K.; A. P. Purdy, Com.;
R. J.Steel, D. S.C.
NELSON L. O. L. No. 1692 moots in Fraternity Hall on first and third Friday evenings
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting members
cordially Invitod. W. W. Bradley. W. K.:
A. Minty, R. S. 	
NELSON LaODGK No.25, K. of P-
Knicets in K. of P. hall, Oddfellows block
Iclevorv Tuesday evoning at 8 o'olook
���JAU visiting knights cordially Invitod
H. M. Vincent, 0.0.
A. T. Pakk, K. of R. and S.
NELSON' AU.RIK No. 22, F. O. K��� meets
every seoond and fourth Wednesdays of each
m onth. Visiting membors cordially lnvil.
Charles Piajsser. Secretary.
Nelson Encampment No. 7. Moots every 2nd
and 1th Friday of eaoh month, in Odd Fellows
Hail, coiner Bakor and Kooteiniy streots.
Nelson. A. H. Clements, C. P.; 1). McArthu.'
II. S.   Visiting brothers always wclejuaie.
The following   aie
the   ri
fte   range
scores for Thursday:
000 Tot'l
A. Grant 28
24        84
28       83
A.  Carrie 80
23       82
J. Simpson 27
24        74
11. J.Robie 2B
18        71
J.   Christie 21
12        51
E. J. Duttou 10
10       37
COURT KOOTENAY. I. O. F., No. 31*.
Meetings 4th Thursday of month. Fraternal
hall, J A Irving 0 R.   P- 'I. Fleming. It. 8
Nolson Court Star of  Kootenay, A. O. F.
Meets  2nd and   1th    Wednesdays In  overy
month.  Visiting brethren welcome. W. Mae-
Mlllan, O.K.   Robert McLeod, See.
1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings of
eaoh month at Fiaternily nail,
corner of Baker and Kootonaj
streets. Visiting brethern cordially invited.
,Tm��>aa     ATSON, Secretary.
Spokane Falls de.
Northern R'v,
Nelson  <fe  Fori
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
Cincinnati, 0., and Return
July ist, 2d and 3d.
Detroit, Mich., and Return
July 2d and 3d.
San Francisco and Return
July 13th, 14th and 15th.
Buffalo and Return
July 2d, 16th, and every first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Buffet service  on  trains between
Spokane and Northport,
Leave           DAY TRAIN Airlvt
II :00 n.m Spokune 7 :35 p.ic
12:50 p.m Kossland 4 :l() p.n;
11:15 a.m Nelson 7:15 p.n).
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. * T.A.
Spokane   Wnsi.
Airmit. Nnlaon. B.<'.
OAfiS.-M^ALS a la OAETE.
Close connection Kast and Westbound nt Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
aud at Bonner's Ferry wltn Kootenay
Railway .. Navigation Co.
Direct connection at .St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Loaves Spokane daily for East at 9:1b a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tot Weat at 7:15 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8:00 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation Fast
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and Nortb-Land of theNorthern Steamship Coinpany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls A Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co., or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'1 Agent,
Spa k tne, Wa.b.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nelson. B o
Large semi-detached house
owned by F. P. Gutilius is
offered for sale at less than
Has all conveniences and
rents for $50 per month.
AexaB, is the naroo of tbe only
trained African zebra in tbe world,
lie will be seen with Norri.s & Rowe's
Big Trained Animal Show,which will
exhibit in this city next Monday afternoon and evening under their
enormous waterproof tents which will
S. Saviours (English! Church���Corner
Ward and Silica Sta. Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a. m.: and on the 1st and 3rd Sundays
in the month after Mutt ins; Mattin. at 11 a.in.;
Sunday School 2,30 p.m ; Kvensong 7.30. Dally:
Mult ins at 9.30 a. ni. Thursdays and Saint's
Days: Holy Communion 10 a. m. Fridays:
Evensong 7.30 p. m., followed by choir prao-
tlce. H. S. Akehurst. Rector. Frod Irvine,
Geo. Johnstone, WardenB.
Catholic CH.RCH-Coriior.Ward and Mill
streets MaB8 ovory Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m
Benediction at 7.30 p.m.   Mosb every wook day
at 7.18 a.m.   Rev.  Fathor Ferland Rector.
Pkeshytrrian Church���Services at. 11 a.m
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayor meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndoavor Society moot* overy 'rues-
day evening at) B o'clock. Rev. R. Frew,
Mrthodist CHURon���Comer Silica and
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.3T
p. m.; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayer meet
Ing on Thursday evoning at 8 o'clock: Kpworth
League C, K., Tuesday at 3 a.m. Rev. J. H.
White, Pastor. Residence, josophlno Street
roar of church.
Salvation Army���Sorvio s overy ovening
at 8 o'cloch in barraoks on V otorl fitrec'
Adindant Kdg*iwmbo ln nharffo.
Baptist Church ��� Services morning and
evoning at 11 o.m. ani 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meet.
Ing Thursday evening at 8 p.m. the II. Y
P.U. Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Strangers
nrdially welcomed Rov. John Burtt Morgan,
B. V., Pastor.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rule of        >
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be. left
with the agent,
D.  d.  YOUNG.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, per pound I   to
Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds  1 OC
Fine Santos, 4 pounds  100
Santos Blend, 5 pounds  100
Our  BpecialBlond, fl pounds  100
Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds  1 OO
a tiual ouiifh hoi.h 11 ~l>.
KELSON,        -        B. C-
Prom Kootenay Common
Pan-American Exlitioi
BUFFALO, $76.00.
June 18, July 2, 16, Aug. 6, 20
Epworth Leape Meete
SAN FRANG1SGO. $50.00.
July 13, 14, 15.
MM Mum court
GING1NNATI. $68.50.
July 2, 3.
National Educational Ass'n
DETROIT. $71.25.
July 2, 3.
For   Time  Tables,    RnteB,  Ticket*,
apply, H. L. Bhown,
City Passenger Agent.
J. S. Oaiitur, E. J. Coyle.
Dis. Pass. Agt. A. G. P. A.
Ntdson. Vancouver
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
5,00 a.m. Iiv Nelson Ar. 10:00 p. in.
0.61. a.m. Ar, Kaslo Lv. 5:20 p. ni.
Bulletin No. II- Until further notice tho
(earner Alberta will Icavo Kaslo City Wharf,
fool. of. Third Street for Lardo on Mondays,
Wednesdays ard Fridays, al. 10,30 a. m.
10:10 a. 'a. Lv. Kaslo Ar. 4:50 p. m.
12.36 p.m. Ar. Handon Lv. 2:36 p. m.
NELSON  sroiini:
And all points East, and West, via Str. Alberta,
r>tr. Kaslo II. &N. and K. V. Rys.
and G, N. Ry.
5:00 a. nr. Lv. Nolson Ar 111:00 p. m.
2:00 p. in. Lv.    Bonner's Ferry    Ar 1:15 p.m.
0:10 p. m, Ar Spokane Lv 8:011 a. in.
Connecting at Bonner's Ferry with Gro'it
Northern "Flyer" castbound ond at Spokane
with Great Northern for Pacific Coast points,
leaving Spokano at 8:00 p.m.
-Daily freight service between Sandon and
Steamer Alborla leaves Kasle for Lardo and
Argenta, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
To ascertain rates and full Information ad.
dress I
W_-a_ar, Kaslo,B, C
G. K Tackabury local Agont.
Advertisements lnsortod undor this hoad al
the rale of ono cenl a word por Insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 25 cent*
Situation Wauled advertisements Inserted
throe times free of charge.
KOOM TO BENT iu IC. W. C. Block,
on July 1st, corner room facing
Baker and Ward streot. Two roi.ins
cn suite on Ward st., antl two Inside
rooms. Furl Is'ieil or unfurnished.
Mrs. F. .1. Squire.
Are you in want? If you arc, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what   you ure   Ik   want   of.
You'll _et it.
BALE.���G,   Frank   Beer oilers  for
sale his residence, corner of Hall   and
Carbonate streets. Recently completed, supplied with every convenience,
ample grounds and desirable location.
This oilers an excellent opportunity
for uny one desiring a comfortable
home. Kor further particulars apply
at the olliee of Ueer Bros.
KANCII I'OR SALIC-About two miles
from Nelson, on the sunny side of
Kootenay river, comprising about SO
acres of good land, a comfortable
Dwelling house and out buildings.
Three are about .111 fruit .trees, vi/,:
Cherry, Plum, Apple, Peat and Peach,
besides several hundred smaller fruits
ulso a profitable strawberry crop.
Will be sold cheap to an immediate
puiebaEer. Clear title. Apply T.
Morley, Nelson, B. C.
Q.   Frank   Ueer   offers   for   rent   his
furnished house,    including   piano,
situated corner of  Hall and Carbonate
streets.    Apply at Ueer Bios,   ollice.
TO RENT.���Rooms and ollice in   Clement,   HI liver block.    Apply to   the
Nelson Electric Tramway ollices,
ROOM and board in   private i family.
Apply on Silica  street, second   door
west of Ward.
ROOM for   rent at   Mrs.   Melieath's,
Silica street.
FOR SALE.���Tug Hoat "Red Star."
and Barge���At reasonable figures to
cash purchase) or time with good
security. Apply to Ontario Powder
Works,  Nelson,  II.  0.
HOUSE to   Rent. ���Furnished   or UU'
furnished, apply T,  Miner ollice.
WANTED.���Immediately   an   experienced housekeeper for .small   hotel;
reference required.  State salary,   Apply to Elk hotel, lOlko, 11. C.
WANTED. ��� Foi a museum collection
for Lever Bros, Port Sunlight,Eng.,
ancient buckets, troughs, washing
boards, or ironing utensils obtained
from Indians or imported from foreign
countries. Liberal value paid.
Write us with explanations. Watchorn A Mclntyre, K. W. C, blook, P.
O. Box mi.
WANTED.���Trustworthy men and
women to travel and advertise for
old established house of solid financial
standing. Salary S?sn a year and expenses, all payable in cash. No canvassing required, (live reference and
enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Address Manager, :iti!i Caxton
FARES-Cash, 10 cents.
Tickets, 10 for 50 cents.
SERVICE���Every 20 minutes, leaving
park and up-town terminus at 7
n in. lo 10.4(1 p.m. Early car leaves
H. B. Stores (1:15 a. m.
TRAINS-Oars meet 10.86 a.m. and
0.45 pa, and outgoing only on
SPECIAL���The public are requested
to stop en's only on the far side of
cross streets; not to ride on, enter
or leave by front platform; also to
nmtion by band if they intend to
board the car, and to notify conductor a Bhort distance before they
wish to leave.
OOMPLAINTS-Will receive prompt
nttention nt the Company's office,
Vernon Stieet, Oity.
A large number of good residential
building sites adjacent to the lines of
their tramway, chiefly In the southern portion of the city to be sold on
easy teiras.
Apply   Tramway      Office,    Vernon
Managing Secretary.
NELSON Employment Agency.  Baker
Btreet.    Phone :;78.   .1. II. Love.
WANT E D���Tea m ste rs.        Wait re.sses
Oirls for housework.    Nurse Oirl.
Situations wanted by .ooke, Laborers, lilacksmitb, Carpenters, die.
From date until October 1 the denial
offices of Nelson will be closed at I
o'clock, p. ii,, im all Saturdays, remaining closed during the balance of
the day.
VV. .1. QUINLAN,   D. D. S.
F. E.   MORRISON,   I). I), s.
T   II. STODDAI.T.   II.   II. S.
Mr. .1. 11. Cray having resigned
his pusilimi as Lund Commissioner of this Coinpany, all communications in reference to Kaslo A Slooan
Railway Company's lands should be
addressed to ROUT. IRVINU,
Kaslo, II. C, May .list., Hun.
Minos Examined and Reported On.
Mining Engineer.
Room I. K.-W.C. Illock,
Nhlhon, B. C.
'PHORl'K A co. Limited-Corner Vernon
Jl and Cedar streets, Nelson���Mauufitetur
ers of and wholesale dealers in aerated waters
and Inut syrups. Sole agents fur Halcyon Ilo
SliriiiKS mineral wider.   Telephone _0.
JJ. N. Al. Cummins, Iaissou���-Every known
variety uf soft drinks. P O llox 88. 'telephone
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nelson. Hot Iters of the
famous wu Leon llul_prin_s Mineral VVaUir
CIANE Sc MACDONALD (11. Cane, Jaino
/ A. MuodontUdl��� Architects uud supurlu
leiideuts, Droken Ilill Block, corner Dakar and
Ward 8troot~, Nelson
HJ. EVANS Sc CO.-Baker Street, Nel
��� son���\V holesale deuleis iu Ihiuors, ei-
Kars, cement, lire brick and lire clay, Water
l"l"- and steel rails, and t;-'neial comuilsaion
��� JKAUKAIAN-Kllilt M1LL1NU CO., Ltd.-
JL. VV holesale und retail dealers In Kiain,
hay, Hour, feed. Mills at Victoria, New Went-
minster; Edmonton, Alta. Elevators ou Cal-
~ury and Kdiiioiitou Itailway. Mauufacturers
of tho eelehruted H. & K. brand cereals.
A MACDONALD & Oo.-Cornor Fron
��� and Hall streets���Wholesale Krocer
and jobbers in blankets, Klovus, mitts, boots
rubbers, maekinaws aud miners' sundries.
1>   BUUNS & Oo.���Baker Street, Nelson���
���   Wholesalu dealers in fresh and cured
moats.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesalo doa .
ers in fresh and cured meats.
Notice is hereby given that I have
made application to the Chief Commissioner of Land" and Works at Victorin, B. C, for a special license to
cnt and carry away timlier on and
from the following described Crown
Lands in the Ooat River section of
West Kootenay district, li. C.;
Commencing at a post placed on the
South bank of Meadow Cirek and
marked "South East Corner," said
Meadow Creek being a tributary of
(loat River and above point !s situated about four miles cast of tbe station known as Kitcbenei on tbe
Clow's Nest branch of the B. 0.
S. Railway. Commencing at said
southeast comer and running west
160 chains, North 4(1 chains, East 160
chains and south 40 chains to place
of beginning, containing about 040
Dated at Movie, 11.C , .lune 18,  1901,
Mr. Macbin, general agent Dennett
Fuse Co., headquarters at, Victoria,
H. C, begs to say that in consequence
of attempts to impose spurious and
cheap imitations of their white coun
tered, patent safety Fuse, Crown
llrand, he feels it necessary to ask
consumers to ho sure that tbey gel
the genuine Bennett's Fuse. The sole
agents in Nelson is the Lawrence
Hardware Co.
POSITION   WANTED���Hy   ft   woman
as housekeeper.
WANTED ��� Woman   for   housework,
out of town; girl to care for
children; laborers and teamsters.
Western Canadian Employment Office,
Ward street.   Phone 210. '
LOST.���A black  silk   umbrella,   gold
mounted, ,). M. W.   on    handle.    .).
E. Annable.
ALL KINDS    of   goods bought    sold
or exchnnged   nt   Prosser's   Second
Hand Store,  Ward stieet,   Phono   :;7ii.
IT WILL PAY you to read  our ad. io
another column.  Our hlend of tea at
Thirty cents   per pound will suit you
Kootenay Colfee Co.
JAPAN TEAS���"Spider Leg," "Pnn-
Hred,' "Sun Cured,"���hnve a place in
our stock. Tbe new "Ceylon Green"
is fine llavored and economical. Kootenay Coffee Co.
FKKK HilliiiK ��������������� Properties���We are
anxious lu leenre a few free mlliii.u a"i<l
properties ut once. The rrospeclor's Kx-
change, Nelson, II. ., Itiinui I, Ka.-W.-C.
WE HAVE   in stoek choice leas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan.   We
blend them to your taste.    All   prices
and qualities.    Kootenuy   Coffee Co.
PIANO.--Miss   Tyers   is prepared   to
give piano   lessons at her   residence
on Silica   street   four   doors west   of
Hendryx.    Terms moderate.
tiOl.l. *l l.�� Kit <<>ri'i:i! I.KAII    lllnis    ami
liriisiM'ils wanted.   Hrnd reporl anil Humpies lo the ProHpeclor's ~\rliaiia.e. Nelson.
B.C.   Rao in 4 _..��.��:. It'ock.
A. R. BARROW, a. h. i. as
Provincial Land Surveyor
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box 5 Telnnhonn No.
Canada Permanent anoWestern Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to U. L. Lh'NMJi.. _��k��v St
LAWRENCE HAltllWAllB CO-llakei
Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale dualuis ie
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN IlltOS. (Successors to Vim
couver Hardwarul'o. Ltd.) Baker Street,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup
_Jl paints, oils and glass; mechanics' tools.
Agents foi lint arid Powder Works; dynamite
riiUKNEIt, BEE'I'ON A ~o.-Cornor Vornon
X und Josephine Streots. Nelson���Whcle
salo dealers in liquors, cigars, aud drygoods,
Agents for Pubsl Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
aud Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UI.SON'S BAY Co.-WhoIcH.Jo Krooerlet
andli<iuor~.Qtc., Jtnkor -.trout., NoIhou.
tlAUKOUNIA WJNK CO., IJnii tod-Corner
y Front and Hall HtrootH, NoIhou���YV'hWu-
huIo dealorn 11 wjnutt <ooho and bulk), aud
doinetitic and imported oIkath.
Ollloo cornor Hall and Kront Street*,
Nelson��� Lumber, coiling, .loorhiK, and everything lu wood for buildiiiK uuri-OHOH.   del our
UrlUUK*    ( '<il I .:��� - [KiliiliiDi'f���  Kolicltod.
rp GALLON fc CO. Dralerr. In ore hai^h
A ��� ami twine*. Alwnys a laive atoek on
l.ttno. Telephone205, Koom H. K.-w.-c. Block
Brewers of Fine Laf.ir
1 li'i'r and Poi In-.
Nelonn. B. O.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Pio 1.5 Votmn   B.^
By the week from $5 to ?G.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'LAUGHUN. Pro* NELSON    DAM   MlNEK,   iP��|OAV,    JPNE   .8,    I9"��
Can be used In
every eoncelva
ble shape for
decorating and
entwining upon
the inside and
outside of windows, buildings, clubs, floats, boats.
It is made in all national, society.
antl elub colors���attractive, and brill-
iuiit. It is BU per cent less in cost
than   anv   other   kind   of   decorating
material. Besides the festoons we
have wreaths, stars, shields, Maltese
eiossps, and parade and horse plumes.
See them.
Pianos to Kent.
��� ��^W*'VWVWWWV^,WV\WW��
A new sidewalk is being laid od the
east side of Kootenay street between
llaker nnd Victoria streets.
The local strawberry crop this year
will in all probability be a very small
one, owing to thc continued cold, wet
The Arab bo Id at I'enrson auction
sale was cuiitinud yesterday and again
adjourned until this afternoon.
There is a large assortment of valuable articles yet to be sold.
Many of the retai' store men took
advantage of the half day closing
yesterday to decorate their windows.
Competition for thc prize for the best
dressed window will be very keen.
Owing to the inclemency of the
weather the contests in ihe Quoit club
tournament did not take place yesterday but all quoiters in tne team are
requested to be on hand this evening
at 7 o'clock sharp.
The presentation of prizes and closing exercises at St. Joseph's school
will take place this afternoon at 2 p.
in., when pa.ents and relatives of
the scholars and those interested in
educational work are invited to attend.
The alterations and improvements
to the Phair hotel are at last approaching completion. Smite of the
old timers will remember when they
were commenced. The hotel will be
elaborately decorated for the 1st and
2nd of July.
In thd baseball game yesterday
afternoon the Clothiers went down to
defeat at the hands of the Grocers by
the score of 2a to 11. The return game
will be played on Thursday July 11,
when the Clothiers will have all their
own team on bond and not have to
use any subs.
Martin Madden, contractor for the
McMillan block going up on the corner of First sreet aDd Knob Ilill
avenue, has the foundation of the
structure up and is crowding the work
as fast as possible. When complete
this bloek Till cost about 88,000, and
will be one of the best buildings in
tbe city.���Pfteonix Pioneer.
The accident on the Crow's Nest
road last evening is not as serious as
it was first supposed. The engineer,
llughie Ijroclt, who was injured, is
progressing favorably. He was badly
injured in the groin but the injuries
are not regarded as likely to be at-
t.'iided with any fatal consequences.
No knowledge of the perpetrators of
the tampering with the switch is as
Vet to hand and although the company
have offered a reward oi $1,000, so
far no arrests have been made.
; Start tho Day Eight.
The breakfast is perhaps the most
important meal of tbe day. Europeans usually eat a very light break
fast. Many Americans have stomach
trouble because thev eat too much or
focd of not the right sort for the
morning meal. An ideal breakfast is
a baked apple or some other fruit, a
dish of (Irape-Nuts Food with a little
cream, and a cup of Postum Food
Leave off all meat, hot biscuits, etc.
tlrape-Nuts and Postum both furnish the phosphate of potash together
with other food elements that go to
make up brain and nerve centers as
well as muscle and tissue, and both
can be digested by the stomach of an
It is the part of wisdom nowadays
to use fooa! especially selected for
nourishment and that can be easily
digested. Ten days trial of this
breakfast nnd you will feel as though
you had "cleaned house."
Tlie exhilaration of bounding health
is worth a hundred times the small
outlay of time and care in arranging
such a breakfast.
Mrs. Eiley, 1215 Chesnut St., Camden, N. J., says she formerly breakfasted on chops, hot biscuits and
coffee, "After such a meal I would
have severe pains and they would
last sometimes far into the night"
She finally determined on a change in
her diet and hud for breakfast only
Orape-Nuts Food and a little cream
with I'ostum Food Coffee. _h_ says,
"In a very few days tho intestinal
trouble all disappeared. I have regained my old-time weight, lostj the
irritability and nervousness, and life
takes on a new aspect.
When I feel a little exhausted in
the day I simply drop everything and
stir a spoon'ul of Qrape-NutS in a little cruarn or hot milk,and in ten minutes I have regained my vigor and
Orape-Nuts Food is best when served just as it comes from the package
without any cooking whatever.
The food has already been cooked ten
or twelve hours in the process of manufacturing it. When made up into
puddings, pies and other desserts it
does not hurt it to be cooked again,
but when served simply as a breakfast
food it should never bo cooked. On
the contrary I'ostum Coil'ee absolutely
must be boiled 16 or 30 minutes befoie the food value and ilavor can be
brought out.
There was a large turnout of the
quoit players last evening to prepare
for the Dominion Day celebration
games. The following wero chosen
to represent the Nelson Quoit elub
against outside teams: J. H. Wallace, W. Telford, Oeo. Nunn, W. W.
The district land office of the C. P.
R. is now transacting business. It is
in charge of A. Taylor, sou of Sir
Thos. W. Taylor, formerly chief justice of Manitoba. Mr. Taylor is distiict land agent and is assisted by II.
Waters. The loeal oflice will have
charge of the company's land in Hritish Columbia.
The new cigar and tobacco store o'
II. II. l'layford at Co., was opened last
evoning. The work of transforming
the Madden block quarters into luxurious smoking parlors is not yet completed but when it is the store will be
very handsome and comfortable.
Meanwhile the popultr manager is
attending to a large number of customers.
The reception committee of the Dominion Day celebration met last
evening in II. II. Cameron's olilco. It
was decided to serve lucheou on Monday and Tuesday in the Macdonald
block, where the guests of the city
will be entertained. All the visiting
public officials of other towns and the
outside iiewspapn- men will be guests
of the committee while here. Representatives of the reception committee
will meet all trains and boats coming
into the city to look after their visitors.
J. Lonsdale Doupe, assistant land
commissioner of the Canadian Pacific, is at the Phair. lie has spent
some time in the Lardo country super-1
intending the work there that comes'
under his department. A townsite, !
named Selkirk, is being laid out at
the south east end of Trout Lake,
which will be the present terminus of
the road. The townsite will be put
on the market in a few weeks The
company will build freight sheds and
wharves at Trout Lake City, at the
other end of the lake this season. Mr.
Doupe leaves for the east in a couple
of days.
The new lap streak boats of the
boat club arrived in the city on Wednesday evening from Vancouver and
are now safely housed in the boat
liouse. The boatmen express themselves as more than pleased with their
purchase and say that the boats aie
much superior to the ones they had
expected. They are about 35 feet
long and two Met wide. The seats
are constructed on the sliding scale
principle with patent foot holds. The
boats weigh about 1.10 pounds and are
of most excellent workmanship. They
were launched yesterday afternoon
and gave great satisfaction. The
crews will practice in them during
the next few days when a decision
will be made as to whether they will
be used at tbe approaching  regatta.
The barges on_wh)flh the fancy dress
ball will be given on the evening of
the Dominion Day celebrations will
be anchored in mid stream and a tug
will ply between the wharf and the
barge for the conveyance of passengers. The judges' stand will also be
on the barge and the arrangement of
the course for the water carnival
bas been left in the hands of Captain
Gore. The course will be somewberc
between the C. F. R. wharf and a
place near to One Mile point.' Illuminated buoys will be placed at the required intervals to define the course
and it is expected tbat the procession
will take the form of au eight or
double eight. At 8.30 the barge will
brought alongside tbe wharf for the
convenince of those attending the
Government Engineer Keefer, who
is in town on Government business,
last evening sitting in the comfortable
reception hall of Ihe Phair hotel, told
some interesting reminiscences of the
changes that had taken place in the
appearance of Nelson since his first
visit here, which had been in connection with running the line for the Columbia at Koo.enay from Robson to
Nelson. At tbat time tbe accommodations for travellers in the present city
were so scarce that visitors of any
consequence were generally invited co
the rough shacks and tents of tbe engineering staff, on the site of the old
shipyards. Most of tbe streets were
but trails winding around the rocks
and up and down the ravines with
which the townsite was libeially cut
up. It was only a rough minir.g
camp, and looked one of the last
places where such a handsome city as
in bere now, would be located.
I iii_>ii��ii��.i#ii��ii��~>ii��ii��ii>ii_Hi��~��ii��ii��i*��ii��ii��i'��">"��"��"��"��">"I i
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which l�� Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Capital,   88,000,000!   Reserve   Fund,   J2,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 1115,1)00,000.
A. COX, President.      B. S. WALKER, Oeneral Manager.
London Office: On Lombard Street,  I-:. C.
New Vork Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 08 branches ln Canada and the United ~tat.es, including:
british columbia
ati.in gbbknwood Nklson Sanoon
ciiANiuiooK        Kamluoi's Nkw Wkstminstkh  Vancouver
Fehnik Nanaimo Hiissi.and Victoria
UNITK1) STATES���New York, San Francisco, Seattle, 1'ohti.and, Skagway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Kocelvod and Interest Allowed.   l'ruBent liate U Pet Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager,
I _. m
We sell watches that are
reliable and that we can guar
antee. Learn our prices be
fore purchasing elsewhere.
Watch repairing our specially. This department is
second to none in the country. All work guaranteed
satisfactory or money refunded. Get a price on the work
before leaving it.
Watchmakeis and Manufacturing Jewelers.
Manley    vs.    Collom    Defendant
Wins Hefore the Full Court.
A telegram was received irom
Vancouver last evening by Macdonald
A Johnson, solicitors for the defendant, iiifoiniing   them that tne  appeal
1901 1901
The Store With
Right Prices
New Goods Arriving Every Day
When our new stock is complete we will have by far the FINEST DISPLAY OF FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS
ever shown to the public of Nelson.
Call and see our Rattan Chairs, Baby Carriages, Go  Carts,   Morris
Chairs, Verandah Chairs, etc.
defendant appealed. In the appeal
court the case for the plnintiif was
argued by Mr. L. P. Duff, K. O , and
J. II.  Lawson.
Messrs. E. P. Davis, K. C, and W.
A. Macdoiinlcl. IC. C, appeared for
the defendant.
Dan McLaehlan, Dublin, Ireland, is
at the Clarke Douse.
W. Whitehead, Marble Head. B.
C, is registered at the Tremont hotel.
Colin C. Brown and J. G. Egan of
Rossland, are registered at the Queens
W. J. Driseoll and E. Bransteller,
Slocan, are registered at the Madden
Dr. Wilbur Hendryx, president of
the Last Chance Mining Co.. and Mro.
Hendryx are stopping,   at   the Phair.
Judge Forin, who has been at Fort
Steele on county court work, returned '.o the city on Wednesday   evening.
Mr. V. Hyde Baker, of Cranbrook,
who is largely interested in the Blair-
more coal fields was in town yesterday.
Miss Howe, of the Kootenay Lake
General hospital, who has been
spending her vacation up the lake,
returns today.
F. S. Clements, of Green A Clements, who has been surveying near
Ymir for some dayB will "return to
Nelson on Sunday.
W. II. Harrison, Granite Mill; John
H. Old, Ariow Lake; W. Whetster,
Slocan, and Philip White, Ymir, are
guests at the Grand Cential hotel.
Auction Sale
Sale of Archbold & Pear
son's household furniture and
instruments, commenced yesterday, will be continued
At 2 0'CIock P.M.
At the residence, at the corner of Kootenay and Baker
Chas. A. Waterman
& Co.
!        & CO.
Captain and Mrs. J. R. Gilford, Sil
of the defendant in Manley vs. Collom  &$��&*^__co_v_. . ' $T��&
had been allowed with costs. Thc suit
involved the title to the Native Silver
Frac. lying between the Arlington
and Builington mineral claims near
Slocan City. The property was of
considerable value on account of its
location. The defendant contended
that the mineral claim of the plaintiff was fraudulent and invalid on account of having, beeu located in the
interests of a previous owner without
having obtained the consent of the
Gold Commissioner, and through defect of stiking in not showing the approximate compass bearing of the location line. It was also contended
that the plaintiff did not find any
mineral in place on tbe claim and
that the free miners' certificates were
defective in having been issued by E.
M. Hafldllnnds, of Sandon, who was
neither Gold Commissioner nor mining
recorder. The trial of the action took
place at Nelson last October before
Mr. Justice Walkem. who gave a ver-
ery, New Denver, und J.   H.   McGill
Vancouver,are registered at the Hume
T. G. M'Manamon, who is looking
s.'t.r the interests of the striking
trackmen in this section, left on last
night's boat f <r East Kootenay to investigate the affair at Cranbrook in
which an engine wan ditched. Mr.
M'Manamon snid the trackmen would
do al! they could to bring the guilty
party or parties to justice.
Those registered af. the Phair yesterday were, II. B, Alexander, Sandon ; Geo. Hughes, Sandon; Geo. A.
Alexander, Kaslo; Mr. and Mrs..J. C.
Webb Sau Francisco; T. Mayne Daly,
Bernard McDonald, Edmund IS. Kirty,
Geo. E. Pfunder, Rossland; T. K.
Parkhurst, Portland; Edward Brough
Greenwood; A. C. MacDonald, Winnipeg; E. J Wilson, Greenwood; P. F.
Melheiin, Milwaukee; W. H. Jeffrey,
Kaslo; John G. Sullivan, Trail;
James Cronin, wife and child, Spokane; G. F. Ehrenzeller, L. Beer,
New York; Mis. J. H. Gray, Kaslo;
G. B. Winter and wife, Spokane.
Cigars __
Phone 117
H. & M. BIRD
If youldon. like Bine fiibbon Tea it'a
dit for the plaintiff, from   which  the  beoauBe yon never tasted it.
Four roomed house on Victoria
street, close to C'edai street.
Two   lots   on   Robson   street,
.lose to Hendryx.
House    and    lot   on    Victoria
street; house 22x14.
82,300 Mew   0 roomed   house   on Victoria street, close to eity offices;
���cash 81,000, terms for balance.
815 Five-roomed cottage on Ward et.
830 Furnished house on Victoria street
828 Furnished   house    on    Carbonate
8'-'�� .House   on    Mill   street,   all   improvements.
$.p House on Robson street,   close   to
Stanley; all improvements.
Extra! Extra!
|Norris& Rowe's
Bio Trained Animal Shows
The Oldest, Largest, Richest and Best Institution of its
Kind in the World, Will Exhibit in Nelson
Monday, July 1st
Performances at 2 and 7 p. m.
Trained   Elephants,   Trained    Monkeys,   Trained   Zebras,
Trained Ponies, Trained Seals. Trained Goats,
Trained Elks, Trained Zebus.
20 Funnu Clowns 20
Don't Miss the Big- Free Street Parade Monday Morning !
More New and Special Features 1 han Any Other
Show in  the World !
�����-��� ~0*m
Thet'O is a great advantage in painting if
you have good paiut.
The paiut we sell goes
on easier and more rapidly. Saves the time of
the painter and looks
well with less paint.
The real cost isn't any
greater, so the advantage
is plain.
Ask for Ramsay's
Unicorn Brand.
Zbc IRo^al Bank of (Tanaba
Incorporated 1869.
Capital   Authorized,
K��l,ii(io,(ii��i.il0 I Capital raid-up,
Kent,       .       .    .
���     .       9��,000,000.00
.    ~l,7~.IHK��.UO
Board of Directors     riioiuas K. Kenny,  President;  Thomas Ritchie. Vice-President.
Wiloy Smith. H.G.Bauld, Hon. David MocKoen.
Head Office, Halifax:
General Managor. Edson L. Peaso. Montreal.
Superintendent ot Branches, and Socretary, W, B, Torrance, Halifax,
Bran     en I
'ova Scotia- Halifax Branch, Antl~oni��r
Bridgewater, Guyaboro. Londonderry, Lu
cn hurl. Maltlltud (Himl-s Co.), Pictou, Port
Hawkesbury, Sydney, Shubonacadie, Truro,
New Brumwlch ��� Bathurst, Dorchester,
Fredoricton, KinKHton (Kent Co.l* Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sackvillo, St, John.Woodstock'
. eucc���Montroal, (City Oflice), Montreal
West End ICor. Notre Dame and Seigneurs Streets); Westmonnt (Cor. Greene
Avenue ard St. Catharines Stroet.
Newfoundland���St, John's.
Cuba. West Indies���Havana,
United -talcs���New York (16 WxchaDge Place
Republic Wash.
E. Inland���Charlottetown, Summerside.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Kossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Cannda-MorchantR Hank of Canada.   Boston-National Shawmut Bnnk.   ���hlca_o���Illinois
1 rust and Sayings Bank.   Snn Francisco���First National Bank.   London,   Elite.-Bank   of
Scotland.   Pnrls, Prancc-Crodit Lyoiinnis.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda.   China and Japan���Hong Kong nnd Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Bpoknne-Old National Bank.
tleneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  GVeught
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Gold, Silver-Lead   and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in llr.tish Columbia.
-tt_.i',��~,?e.ito.'s  and   m'niMg  n-.en   are requested   to make  the  EX-
CIlArJti_, their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples Bhould be sent by express, PREPAID
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104.   P.O. Box 700. NELSON  B.C.
Wl.lfflB.U   iJt.H'1


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