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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 15, 1901

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 ���4y%fff .. ��� *��>r ���
Daily Edition Nd. 1064
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Saturday,  June 15,  1901
Eleventh   Year
Committees  Hard  at Work
Arranging for the First
of July.
Elaborate   Decorations   and
Electrical Display���Trades
Tho committee in charge of the
street   decorations   for   the Dominion
��� Day celebration met last night in the
office of the chairman. .Mr. A. G.
Gamble. It was decided to offer $50
for the best decorated hotel and 825
for the best decorated building other
than an hotel.   These prizes will have
- the effect of greatly beautifying the
streets,making the main thorouglifaies
things of beauty and a joy for two
days. The committee made an important chauge in the general character of the decorations by deciding
to discard Chinese lanterns for the
nigh', illuminations and use electric
lights. Some 850 incandescent lights
will be strung on llakcr street, be
tween Kootenuy and Hall, on Stanley
street' from Victoria to Haker and
from Haker down Ward to the City
wharf. This will be by long odds the
most ambitious attempt Nelson has
yet made in the way of decorating
aod should make the City decidedly
beautiful. Flags and bunting will
be used in profusion and with the
decoration on the buildings thc streets
. will be attractive both day aud
the chief individual attraction at the
Dominion Day celebration is evident
from the interest being manifested in
the water carnival und boat races.
Lost night the regatta committee
met aud selected the crews from
among the new members of the boat
elub who will compete for the j
prizes. Eleven crews have entered |
in this event and It is prob-'
able that some of the preliminary heats will have to be row.
ed on Saturday afternoon. The new
boats will be shipped from Vancouver
on Monday and arrive here in time
for the crews to become familiar
with them in   time for the regatta.
The crews chosen last   night   were:
D. J. Dewar, stroke, Sprey, Loring,
Goepel, bow.
VV.   A.   Fraser   stroke,    MeNichol,
Mills, Poole bow.
N. F. Fraser  stroke, Mason, Eaton,
Houghton bow.
Oeo. McLaughlin   stroke,   Faiwell,
Newport, Campbell bow.
O. Nase stroke, Hickling, Strachan,
Patterson bow.
'/.. Ault stroke, White,   Tuck,   Dug-
gan bow.
I'".   Pulleu   stroke,   Greer,   Holmes,
Johnson bow.
0. F. Somerville stroke, McLennan,
l~i'\ Bunyan bow.
Forbes   stroke,   Buchanan, Rutherford, James bow.
C. Dunn   stroke,   Cochrane.   Dover,
T. Campbell bow.
II. Mclleath   stroke,   Vunstone, Se-
atlc, F. Clarke bow.
Gold Development Company Operating
in   Lardo.
Mr. J.    McKay   Anderson,   who re
turned last week to
east, is stopping at
Anderson went cast
Next week   he   will
Kaslo   from   the
the  Phair.    Mr
last   November.
proceed to Lake
Prizes Decided Upon Hy the Committee in Charge.
The Dominion Day celebration
ciramittee In charge of the trades procession has drawn up an attractive
list of prizes for the big event it will
-be responsible for. For the best llout
thc point of merit being the best display of the trade represented- a cup
valued at $150 will be given. The second prize will be a solid brass bedstead, presented by Ueo. (.-ale & Co.,
Watervllle, Quebec, through D. McArthur at Co., Nelson, the third prize
will be 92a cusb, and the fourth 815
cash. No diplomas will bo awarded
as was lirst intended but such valuable prizes will be sufficient to induce
those prepaiing floats to do their very
For the best comic vehicle the prizes
Will be in cash, 1st $20,. Snd $10
3rd, $5.
The biys and girls will be given an
opportunity to show their artistic
tastes in the way of decorating their
bicycles. In order to whet their interest go'd and silver medals will be
offered, gold ones valued at $10 each
for the girl having the best decorated
wheel and for the boy with the best.
Silver medals, value at $5 will be the
second prizes.
Fur the best groomed aud decorated
team in the procession tbe lirst prize
will bu $8 cash. 2nd $4 cash and ths
3rd a box of Royal .Seal cigars presented by the Kootenay Cigar company.
For the union making the best rep-
leseutation of the trade or   labor   followed, the first   prize    will be a
valued at $25, 2nd   cash 815, and
third, cash 810.
Then comes the baby show
prizes will be awarded for the
decorated carriage crntaining the best
baby. The decision to include decorated carriage in the contest is a wise
one us each baby will be tho best.
Three prizes will be given, 1st, gold
medal, 2nd Jsilver cup, 3rd case of St.
Charles cream, donated by the St.
Charles Condensing Co. This feature
of fie programme will be distinct
from the procession and there will be
a sub-committee of biuve buchelors
appointed to look after it.
Percy   Chapman,   chairman
trades' procession committee
Creek, running into the Lardo river,
where he will start a force of men to
work on the Copper Queen group, a
free milling gold property. If the
property proves as good as expected a
mill will be pat in to handle the ore.
One lead averages 88.50 and is eight
feet wide, the other gave $19.60 in
gold and smaller values in copper and
is 30 feet wide.
At present the Gold Hills Develop
ment Company, which Mr. Anderson
represents, huve a small force of men
developing the Gharin, a silver-lead
property ou Little Glacier creek, at
the he. d_ of ��� Howser lake. The men
commenced work last week, and at
present are drifting on the lead.
Tho Gold Hills company is an eastern corporation, the directors belonging to Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton,
London and Quebec. hTey have eight
groups of claims in the Lardo but
will only work the two above mentioned this season.
Mr. Anderson says that mining is in
great disfavor throughout   tbe east at
Vancouver Sitting Postponed
For a Week on Account
cf Crush.
|U Is Now Said That Young
Redpath Killed  His
Objections to Prior and Earle
Election Petition Dismissed.
Victoria, H. C, June 14.���The bus-
iuoss of courts here is so congested
that serious dilHciilties confront the
judges. The Full Court has been
sitting nearly all week on one case
and several others are to be disposed
of. This morning it was decided that
the Full Court sitting at Vancouver,
which was to have been held on Tuesday next, shoulit be postponed until
the 25th. There are 30 appeals to
come before the court there which
will take perhaps a month.
Judge Wulkem this morning; overruled all preliminary objections to
the petition agaiuet the return of
Messrs. Prior and Earle with costs
to the petitioners. The trial is lo be
held before Deceinbei 2nd.
Enormous Business That Was Not
Transacted on Thursday Afternoon.
The Tribune's persistent opposition
to the Thursday half holiday movement Is making itself felt. In view of
the enormous business that The Tribune reports _ould be done on Thurs
day afternoon the merchants are
considering the advisability of remaining open on Thursday afternoons
and elosing for the rest of the week.
If they could do the business The Tribune says knocks at their closed doors
on that particular afternoon they
would be content to keep closed the
rest of the week. It Is certainly most
remarkable that on Thuisday afternoons people from outside points with
hundreds of dollars in their pockets,
come trooping to town. It seems that
all the contractors and big mining
men m the country choose Thursday
afternoons for their shopping. What
they used to do on that particular
day before the movement was inaugurated is not quite clear but they probably stayed at home and .ountcd their
One of the cases   of Thursday after
noon disappointments recorded in The
Tribune was that of C. W. Busk   Mr.
Busk visited   the   store ot J. G. Hun
yan A Co. on   Thursday   morning but
Montreal Society Is Shocked.
The  Family Remains
but it is expected that it will.be_along
some time this summer.
Mr.and Mrs. McLeod leave for their
new home this morning. The previous owner of the hotel is in the city
on a business trip and is registered
at the IInine.
present, and it is practically impossi
li It-  to   float   anything   in   tbat   line, as Mr. Hunyan was Dusy elsewheie an
there.    Farming is in a more prosper-1engagement   was   made  to   see    Mr.
ous condition in Ontario than it has
ever been before, and other lines of
business are also good. As fur as
weather is concerned it would not be
advisible for anyone to go east for
sunshine. For three weeks before Mr.
Anderson left it had been raining
steadily in Ontario, and even in Manitoba the drought had been broken
and a ''mortgage lifting rain" was
soaking things in good shape, when
he passed through.
Mr. Anderson regards the prospects
of the Lardo for the coming summer
and fall as being very good. When he
left Lardo a few days ago rails were
being laid and a construction train
was already running out of town a
short distance. There is great activity on most of the Upper Duncan river
claims at present, miners being on-
gaged in development work on a
large number of claims. The season
so far has_been a very backward one,
tbe snow remains deep on the hills
preventing development work on
many good claims whose owners are
anxious to put men on them.
There   were  only two cases   before
I the police court yesterday.    One   was
of   the !the onse ��* a.drunk who was so disarm
s   anx
ious to hear from ull those who intend
to illuminate their bicycles for the parade on the second night of the celebration. As soon as the names are in
he will have a meeting to fix the details.
Eleven Crews of Beginners Will Compete on  Dominion Day.
That the lake   will be the  scene  of
pointed on Thursday afternoon because all the stores were closed that
he got inebriated. He appeared before Magistrate Crease yesterday
morning and admitted the charge by
paying the customary fine of 85 and
costs. The other was a solitary vagi ant who had been run in for having
no visible means of subsistence. Ilis
case was remanded for 24 hours to
give him further time to ilnd out how
he lived.
Busk at 1.15 and he was then shown
the goods. Martin Anderson, who
was reported to have placed a large
order for bocts and shoes, was in
town cn Wednesday and got quotations on his order from all the merchants. He had lots of time to buy
ana was not for.ed to do so On Thursday afternoon. Mr. James Cronin of
the St. Eugene mine was in Nelson all
day Wednesday and Thursday morning, yet Tha Tribune endeavors to
make it appear that he was here only
on Thursday afternoon and could not
place his order any other time.
That the opponents of the movement do not stick at lying to gain
their end Is evident from the following conversation which took place between one of the opponents and a
prominent mer.hant who closed his
"You lost a couple of big orders by
being closed."
"Did I?"
"Yes,   I   Eaw a   couple of men   try
your door and then go away. "
"Dead sure?"'
"Certainly   I am sure, I  tell  yon I
saw them."
"That's funny. I was inside behind the closed doors all afternoon
and not one soul came near them."
The opponent did not discuss tne
matter after that sufficiently to ex-
plait how he knew by tae sight of thc
men that their orders were to be
Montreal, June 14.���Montreal society is aghast at the shocking double
tragedy whicli happened yesterday afternoon when Mrs. John J.Hedpath of
Sherbrooke street, a widow, and her
son, 24 years of age,were found dying
In their liouse in M's. Red path's
room from bullet wounds in their
heads.' The son was taken to the
iiiisj itnl and was unable to make a
statement. The mother died within
an hour without making a statement.
Mrs. Redpath was one of the leading
ladies of Montreal society, and the
tragedy gave a terrible shock to all.
The son of Mrs. Redpath died at the
hospital shortly after midnight. The
family refuse any information and
even the police only heard of the matter by accident. The son was a bright
fellow of 24, and had just graduated
at McGill. Deceased was the widow
of John Redpath founder of the sugar
refinery business in Canadan, and was
very wealthy. The family have issued
a statement but from it nothing can
be learned of the details of the tragedy beyond the fact that the two people are dead. The family have refused all applications for details and
every effort is being* made, to have
us l'ttic publicity as possible drawn to
the tragedy. With that object in
view a strong effort is being made to
have the inquest private.
Later���It transpires in connection
with the Redpath trugedy that Clifford Redpath shot ills mother and
then put a bullet in his own head.
The two had been quarrelling. Young
Redpath is said tu have been under
the influence of liquor at the time.
Charlottetown, P. E. I., June 14.���
The prohibition act has been in force
a week and no conviction has been
yet obtained thereunder, although saloons nre openly violating the law.
The act onlj applies to Charlottetown
and haa not been submitted to vote cf
citizens before couiisg into force. It
is believed that a majority ot citizens
are opposed to Provincial prohibition
as being inefficient in its scone. There
are also grave doubts as to the constitutionality of the act and as a consequence its enforcement has received a
serious blow by the resolution of the
City Council on Monday night. The
Council decides that the police officers
must take no part in prosecutions
under the act. The enforcement
must be left with the Provincial Government. This ties up the act at the
present time and tbe outcome of the
conflict between the local and civic
authorities   is  watched with interest.
Cases Set   Down For Hearing   at   the
County   Court.
The County Court sKtings commence
at the court house on Monday morning next, June 17, at half past ten before Judge Forin, when the following
cases will'come np for trial. It is expected thut before the court sits, however, a number of the cases will be
tettled out of court, but as yet the
only one whicli have been removed
from the ducket is the one of Bell vs.
Costello, on a claim for $!i.50. The
remainder, except the case of Drs.
Hall and Rose against D LaBau for
8314.50 damages which has been adjourned by consent, will conic up for
Judgment summonses���Crawford vs.
Croft: Turner Beeton A Co. vs. McDonald ; Bank of Montreal vs. Howson ;
Hirsi'h vs. O'Driscoll.
Adjourned cases���Bell vs Costello,
claim for $9.50, (settled); A.W. Wong
vs. Stewart, 8200; Smith vs. Stewart,
New cases���Thelin vs. Gillies,
$72.65; Philbert vs. Bremner, $7.50;
Hazelwood vs. Minnily, $29.75; Hall
vs. Nagorsin, $85; West vs. Cliibb,
873.03; Allan vs. Chapleau, $697.39;
McCallum vs. McMillan, 873.80; Sayward vs. Lacey, $339 05; Painter vs.
Chapleau, $249.72; Vice vs. Brydges,
8200; McArtliur vs. Chapleau, 8.59.95;
Christie vs. Chapleau, 8146; MeFarlane vs. Chapleau, 890; McKillop vs.
Chapleau, 8115.13; Sayward vs. Molly
Gibson, $130.19; Express Cigar vs. Mc-
Vittie, 821.75; Campbell vs. Fairview,
835; Wilson vs. Molly Gibson,$50; McKillop vb. Molly Gibson, 809.03; Taylor vs. Wadds, 860; LaBau vs. Molly Gibson, $197; Lin
Hin vs. Uyclera $100; Ibbotson vs.
Simpson, 869,75; Arnott vs. McMillan,
$89; Linbucg _��. McPherson, 802.50;
Taylor vs. fiey, 830; Hey vs. Biley,
8340: Stone v.. Hey, *18; Mol.eod vs.
Ti-ttor, $22; Collins vs. DeNoyes,
$26.30; Zattoni vs. Western Canada,
850; Radcliffe vs. Provost, $50;
Thelin vs. Lindwald,$16; Andrews vs.
Ro-lllard, 8111.75; Martyn vs. Roche,
$97.96; Urquhart vs New North Fork,
$107,22; Darwell vs. Hall smelter,
843.50; Nipou vs. Jenckes Machine,
8400.02; Hall vs. Labau, 8314.50 (adjourned by consent.)
In addition to the above, applications will be made before Judge Forin
by the following aliens for naturalization; John Palmer Dris<:oll, James
Cardiff, Salvation - Bannacci, Paul
Moraling, Thos. Benton.
JThe Trackmen of the Whole
System   Will   Soon
Go Out.
Local Officials Discredit the
Report and Men Will
Not Talk.
Montreal, June 14.���The management of the 0. ' . R. having failed to
reply to the linal_deinands of the committee of trackmen, the men have decided to go on stiike on Monday. June
17. Trackmen all over the line from
the Atlantic to the Pacific will gooot.
Superintendent Downie of the C. P.
R. was seen yesterday afternoon by a
Miner representativ? who questioned
him about the report in yesterday's
Miner which staled that the trackmen
on the Eastern division would strike.
Mr. Downie (-aid that all he knew
about it was what appeared in The
Miner, but he did not tliink there was
any danger of it spreading out here
as the men seemed to be perfectly satisfied with their wages and hours.
The above dispatch was received too
late last night to be communicated to
Mr.  Downie.
Most of the trackmen on the Kootenay lines of the C. P. R. are union
men and it appears now that they are
to be called out by the central organization in order to back up the eastern men in their demands on the company. If this is true the striko will
be of huge proportions and seriously
handicap the road. In yesterday's
Miner a despatch stated that the men
would be assisted by tho engineers
and conductors. If this means a sympathetic striae hy those organizations
it is Impossible to tell what will happen unless the company speedily compromise with the trackmen.
It was impossible to learn anything
from the local trackmen yesterday
but it was gathered that they weie
closely watching developments at
Montreal. But none of them seemed
to expect the news contained In this
morning's despatch.
W. J. Astley has just turned out of
his workshop another handsome new
18 ft row boat, which he is adding to
his already laige supply of small
R. G.   McLeod    Delighted   With   the
Lardo Country.
R, G. McLeod, who recently sold
out his share in the Royal hotel on
Stanley street, returned yesterday
from the Lardj district. He has
been in that locality during the last
few days and is so well pleased with
its prospects that he has bought ont
the Lardo hotel at Comapiix from J.
A. Magce who has been in that locality for the last live years. Ilis object
in selling out his interest in the property is because he has so many other
interests in the district that he found
it necessary to dovote his time to
Mr. McLeod is very enthusiastic in
regard to the prospects and the future
of the country and states that now
claims of rich ore are being', staked
every day. One night as many as
forty claims were staked by moonlight and overy day Nelson people are
arriving in the district and the excitement is daily increasing. It is expected tbat a newspaper will be started
in Comapiix on thu first of the month
by a party from Revelstoke. The railway has   not   yet reached   that  place
Tne interest shown in the Quoit club
games is increasing and it is fast becoming one of the Icudiiur sports. Last
evening a crowd of about thirty spectators watched the games played by 14
members. The following is the
standing of the lirst ten players in the
club, up to June 14: J. 11. Wallace,
won 28, lost 0; W. Telford, 16-1; Geo.
Nunn, 6-2; G. Watchorn, 10 4 E. G.
Smyth,' 7-4; F. L. Irwin, 12-8; Chief
LillioO-4; John A. Turner, 9-7; E.
Purdy, tt-7; J. F. Weir, 4-4.
The Quoit club prizes for the celebration tounameut are now ou exhibition in J. J. Walker's window.
They consist of a silver cup, whicn is
to be held for one year, four lockets,
for the team championship; three
lockets for individual play, and fuur
sets of solid gold cuff links.
The large semaphore put up by thc
C. P. R. started operations yesterday.
It Is nearly thirty feet high, and is
controlled by a wire Gained along
through pulleys attached to short
posts for some eight hundred feet tu
the entrance of tho yards, where the
old semaphore is situated. By means
of this approaching trains are notihed
of tbe condition of the main track,
when they arc a quarter of a mile
from tbe yards.
Toronto, June 14.���At a meeting of
the Toronto Clearing House held In
Toprnto Club to.tuy, Mr. Stanger, who
is retiring from the management of
the Hank of British North Ameiica
and secretaryship of the Clearing
House,WSB presented with a check for
81,000 as a mark of appreciation for
his services to the Clearing House during a largo number of years. Mr.
Stanger has occupied responsible positions in the Bunk of British North
America for 30 years and is retiring
because of ill health. The gathering
was presided over by II. A. Richardson
of the Hank of Nova Scotia and Mi.
Plummer of the Bank of Commerce
made the presentation. A number of
others spoke iu appreciative tenne of
Mr. Stanger and his services to the
banking interests in Canada.
Toronto, June 14.���Absolute failure, so far lias marked excursions to
Buffalo from Canada to thcjl'un-American exposition. At an excursion on
Thursday, which was c.xpected_to have
attracted some 5,000 people, there
were not more than 500. These wero
chiefly from Toronto. The chief reason, it is assumed, is the lack of interest in the exposition.
Hamilton, June 14.���James nenigan
while riding to work on his bicycle
this morning was struck hy a trolley
car at the corner of York and James
strets, receiving injuries which caused bis death two hours later. Mr.
Honlgan was aged about 45, and employed as a clerk.
Mrs. Svoboda, thc Russian woman
who has been hunting for her husband
throughout the City, has been sent
to tbe Robson district where it is
thought that some trace of the gentleman she was looking for could be had.
He is supposed to be working on the
section in that neighborhood, and the
good lady wns sent out to him yesterday. In any event it is thought that
the husband will take the lady off
the City's hands.
Winnipg, Juno 14.���Sergt, Richardson, V. C, N. W. M. P., Bnttleford,
who is on his way home, Is in thc
city. The cross was presented to him
hy King Edward at St. James palace
for an act of great bravery at Wolver-
spruit, on July 5, He is a member of
Strathcona's Horse.
Mrs. Scmniens, wife of Rev John
Scnimcns, a prominent Methodist divine, is dead. Mr. Semmcns is at the
Hemes River Indian agency and a
speiial tug will be sent for him. It
will take four days lo reach him. Nelson  Daily Miner   Saturday,   ."ne 15,  1900 _
The Nelson Miner
Published   Every  Horning  Except   Monday
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Limited Li-Bilitv.
Dally, por month, hy carrier     CSc
Dally, per month, hy nuill     90c
Dally, per your, by carrier $ i W
Dally, p��r yoar, by mull    5 JO
Dally, por year forolifn    9 al
Weekly.per half yoar  $1 *
Weekly, per year.......    �� W
Weekly, por year, Emtlgn * IW
utwcrlptioiis luvarinbly in ailvunoo.
115 Fleet Street. E. C.
Central  Prow Agency. Ltd., Special Agent-
Al! Checlcu Hlioul'l he made payable to tho
order of Nelson Publishing COMPANY,
Alexander & Co.,tSl First Avenue, Spokane.
Wash., koep thl�� paper on Hie, and are eur
jiut l.a.i-i~.-.l u_cnt~ for advertisements aud nub-
until the end of June.
From 20 to 35 per Cent off
Regular Prices.
It is many mouths now since it was
first suggested that the Federal Government should or would appoint a
Commission to investigate the raining
industry of the Dominion, anil especially of British Columbia. Latterly
nothing lias been heard of the matter.
but The Colonial Uoldflelds (iazette is
still in the belief that tbe suggestion
is to be earned ont. It is thought to
be regarded with special favor in
this Province, whose Government,
however, "have been very slow to
lealise tbe importance of making
known the mineral wealth of the
country." We are afraid our London
contemporary is doomed to disappointment. There will be no mining Commission. Since the matter was first
broached the governing authorities at
Ottawa have no doubt come into pos
.session of much new information on
tbe subject, and while this may not
be a sufficient excuse for abandoning
the idea it will likely be made to
The   idea of a Commission   has   always   been   regarded   with favor   in
Hritish   Columbia.    It   was   felt that
there mere many things affecting   the
industry in   this   Province,   which   it
was most desirable the Government at
Ottawa should know.    No d.;ubt Ministers are possessed of a greater knowledge of the conditions than they could
pretend to have a year ago; but   there
are   many  things   they   have  vet   to
learn, and which   can   only be ascertained with any degree of satisfaction
through means of a  Commission.    We
may   take, for   instance, the effect on
the industry   of   the   mining   laws of
the Province.    Ou this point   there !s
much dispute.    Those   who  are   most
directly affected   say the laws aie   in
many respects injurious to   them   and
prejudicial to the best interests of. the
industry.     The   Federal    authorities
have no   right,    it   is true, to meddle
with the laws   of the   Province,   and
even if   this   were ascertained beyond
doubt to be true, they could not afford
relief by legislation. Hut they can appoint a Commission with power to inquire into all conditions affecting the
industiy, and the effect of the Provincial laws would necessarily be considered as one of the most   important   of
these.    Our rulers at Victoria  have   a
perfect confidence   in   their own wisdom,   nnd   me   known to he satisfied
with the laws that are made to govern
the Milling industry of   the Province.
The   protests   nnd    remonstrances   of
those affected do not   influence   them
in   thc   least;   but   if   an   impartial
Commission,     composed   of   men    of
standing and intelligence in the country, were to report that cctain   features of the   law   were   bearing somewhat heavily   on   the industry,   Miey
might be induced to take the   expediency of a change   inta their very serious consideration.
Hudson's Bay Company.
Best Assortment
^ajS il/1^/ il/1^> W/ \4> ill/ il/ i^/ \4/ ��i^> il/^ .4/ i^> n<l/ \l/ U> V^/ \l> \#> .1/ V^/ v^/ .f ���_/
' D. McArthur 8 Co.
f .   K
Come Early and Get
very clearly that the metric system Mr. Tarte. of the Government, and
was based on an error in calculation. Mr. Clergue. the American magician
A little matter of that kind, however, who is building up a big eity at the
cannot daunt its admirers, and they Canadian Sault. were joint gnests at
advocate it today with as much con- I a banquet at Owen Sound a few nights
tidence as if no such cbjection had i ago. Mr. Tarte said Mr. Clergue was
ever been raised. One of the few in ��� a man of great enterprise aud ability,
Canada to recommend its adoption is and Mr. Clergue saial .Mr. Tarte was
The Monetary Times of Toronto, | one of the greatest statesmen of the
which had an article ou the subject | age. Mr. Tarte was fishing for polit-
that provoked a rejoinder from a cor-1 leal support, and Mr. Cle g ie for Gov-
respondent in   Milwaukee.    This cor-, erument favors.   They both made gqpd
respondent does not botherlus head
with theories, or with finely spun
arguments against the principle of
the syst-m. His objection is the
practical one that it would cost an
immense deal of money and disarrangement of business to exchange
our present   system   for   a   new   one.
There seems every probability of a
settlement of the School trouble iu
Winnipeg. The Catholics have been
keeping up their own scbools.and.pay-
ing rates in support of tbe Public
.School system. The double burden
The advocates of the change, he says, 1 has been too great for them. They ask
are tbe professors and students of | the Public School Board to take over
colleges,   men   who compare the  sys- f their schools  and   maintain   them   as
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
West Transfer Co.
Goal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Blairmore Coal,    ���   $6.75
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -    $10.75
No order can be accepted unlese
accompanied by cash.
Office on   Baker Street Tel. 147
The Lieutenant-Governor of Hritish
Columbia is a gentleman of many
virtues���more than arc usually found
iu the undisputed possession of one
man. Hut we do not __o~- that
among the number is to be reckoned
his infutuation for the metric system
of weights and measures. This has become a hobby of his. aud he never
loses an opportunity to trot it out
Not that be is singular in this, however, for it must be confessed that he
is in goodly company. There are quite
a number of admirers and advoeates
of the metric system scattered
thionghout the United Kingdom, the
United States, and Canada, but in
the propagation of their creed they
are not making much progress. The
most enthusiastic of them would have
to admit, if questioned, that tlie belief whioh embraces, so far as it is
concerned, is a plant of slow growth.
Some few years ago, when the dis
cussiou ol this question was In one of
its periodic revivals, l'rcf. Huxley,
jn The North American, demonstrated
tems, as systems only, without regard to tbeir practical connections.
We commend to his Honor the following matter-of-fact, business consideration, when next he takes up the subject; it is a paragraph from this Milwaukee letter: "Suppose the fiat goes
forth that we make the change to the
metric system next year. First, all
the scales, measuring rules, and measuring instruments, of whatever kind,
would be confiscated��� would have no
value only as relics. Much of the intricate and costly machinery for making such articles would be of no further use; our constructive literature
would have to be written over again.
All kinds of machinery, for making
special sizes of anything, such as for
bolts, nuts, sirews, rolled iron, pipes,
and tubes, etc., would be greatly ie
duced in value, if not made entirely
valueless. The same, of course, would
apply to the stock on hand; the greater part of it would become scrap.
But. the objector says, we should not
attempt this at once, but should take
time. That would only extend the
worry and annoyance over a longer
part of the established system. Nothing is said of religious instruction,
but it is probable the authorities have
got a hint to shut their eyes tu whatever measure of it the Catholics may
determine as necessary in full satis-
faction of their conscientious scruples.
For Women and Children
The editor of thc University of Toronto Monthly, himself a graduate,has
been going over the list of graduates
of a recent year, and selects the names
of thirty-one with whom he lias personal acquaintance. Of these, seventeen are either still in Canada or some
other portion of the Empire; one is a
resident of Japan, another of Mexico,
and twelve arc permanently settled
in thc United States. If we were to!
go to the records of the High Schools
and Collegiate Institutes we would
Und a similar state of things, perhaps
in aggravated form. One result of tlie
higher education our school systems
are being forced to afford is to drive a
large proportion of our youth out of
the country. They are educated out of
a taste for farming or mechanics,
and finding but a limited field for the
exploitation of tbeir new ambitious
at home they seek it abroad. That
may be good for the youths, hut it is
bad for the country.
Store news of interest to women
whose shopping list includes a summer
dress for themselves or th- children.
Our offering comes just at the moment
when hundreds of women are planning
their summer dress wants, and it offers
economies tbat will be helpful. While
giving those of modest means the op-
poitunity to buy better and finer materials at the pric stbey might oidinari-
ly pay for the commonplace, it also
gives an assortment of ever} thing that's
newest and prettiest in the way or
dress materials.
200 yards Bijou Organdie in Paisley
and Scroll Patterns; Colore,
Black, Sky Blue, Pink, Mauve;
29 inches wide;   guaranteed fast
colors; special, per yard  15c
Irish Dimity, Valence Organdie,
Lappet Muslins, Mercerized gat-
ir.es, in scroll and fancy designs;
fast colors iu Black, Green,Helio,
Oaidiual,  Pink, Sky;  500 yards
logo at, per yard  20c
1.0 j aids Wesserling Organdie, finest quality, special designs, in
colors, Helio, Fawn, Grey, Sky
Bine; special >alue; per yard... 50c
I pieces Silk Dimity, colors Helio,
Cream, Black, White, .10 inches
wide, fast dyes. These are not
all silk, but have tliHt bright,
silfey finish whieh is just as rich
in appearance as th�� pure silk,
aud they wear much better.   Our
price, per yard  05e
For Trimmings���Valenciennes Laces,
Allover Lace., Allover Embroidery,
Allover Tucking-   See out stock.
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at $10.00
per month.
Apply to
fi. E. CAMERON, Apt
Baker Street.
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
From $10.00 up
From $2.50 up
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Reception, Easy and  Large Rockers
Have just opened up a carload in Tapestry,
Velvet, Beam Oriental or Persian, Saxonnie
Ascot, Browzae, Jute, Wool, Brussels,
La more.
in 27, 36, 72 ~nd 144 inches wid-?, neat, fancy,
architectural and unique designs.
in 4 yds wide material, neat and pretty patterns.
Reception Chairs, Conches, Lounges, Divans. ��
Fancy Colors  ��
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Flsd and Poultry in Season
.��.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
W.-W.-C. Block. Ward Street, Nfuson.
Oiders by m*il receive careful and prompt attention
Ladies' arid Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers,
Soitg Mule to Order. Cleaned, Dyed, Altered and Eepaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Mail Orders Solicited. p. 0. Box 634
KERR _ 60.
Ward and Baker Sts.
Ontario will deeply regret tlie death
of Hon. A. 3, Hardy. He was for over
twenty years a member of the Mowat
(Iovernment, und.cn the retirement of
Sir Oliver in 18!I0 became Premier.
A few years later failing health compelled him to aeek the comparative
quiet of an oflice under his own (iovernment. He was vary popular pei-
sonallv, and that he was an honest
politician was made evident hy the
fact that he retired a poor man.
Tho building permits in twenty-one
of the leading cities of the L'nited
States, aecoidjng to Mr. John Charlton, aggregate already this year 8.17.-
000,000, agai.st 818,000,000 for the corresponding period of last year. This
is a tremendous increase, aud one that
should tell to tome purpose on the
lumber trade.
Buy   Only   Union - Made   Shoeu
This stamp used by the JOHN Mc-
PHERSON CO., Limited, of Hamilton,
the   only Union factory in Canada.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Mont _ 1 mi '
Allan Line Corinthian June  lo
Allan Line Tuni-uan  June 29
Allan Line Nuniijli&n June 2$
Beaver Line Lake Megan tic June 14
Beaver Line Lako Superior June 21
Beaver Line Lake Ontario  June 29
From Portland, Mr.
Dominion Line Vancouver June 2V
Pominion Line Dominion July ti
' , From lin. ion
Domimo__ Line New England  June 19
Dominion Line (.'otiiiniiiiwoalih  July 3
From Now York
Cunard Line Campania Jure 15
Cunard   Line Umbria June 22
Cunard Line Lucania June 2.)
White Star Line Ocmnlc Jure Ml
White Star Line Teut-ocic lune 2I>
White Star Line Germanic July 3
American Lino St. Paul June 19
American Line ft. Loui. Juno 28
Anchor Lino Furnw.ia.  June 15
Anchor Line Ethiopia June 22
French Line L'Aquitaine Juno OT
French Line La HretflKne June 27
N. G. L- Kaiser Wilhelm der Gro_~-C... Juno 25
For further pari icu.'ars apply to
City Passenger Agent, Nelson, B. C.
.General 8.S. a-.nl, C.P.K. om-ei>. Winn',,..-
Large House-Boat completely
furnished, for rent by the week or
month on most reasonable terms or
For Sale at a Bargain
This is a good investment  for  man
who could look after same, and personally take out tourists and fishing
parties.    Apply
T. G.  PROCTER,    Baker Street
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
���TC ?TTT VvWV H_5lN__-
Branch Markets ia Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
order- by __aft to ����� v branch will have careful r��4 oromot attention.
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Potter.
Ncliop. B. 0.
Notice is hereby given that the first
sittings of the Annual Court of Revision of the Munieiality of the City of
Nelson will be held in the Council
Ch_mber at the City offices, Nelson,
on Wednesday tbe 10th day of July
next at 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of hearing complaints against
tlie assessment as made by the assessor, and for revising and correcting
the assessment roll.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B.C., May 28th, 1001.
Windermere Minos.   _~r~6~po__e_oe_ol'.ollc-
Home Office Minneapolis. Minn.
In August, 1S1I7 this Association introduced a special feature in the form
or the sale of Diamonds on the installment plan, under the Tontine prinoiple
and have received and disbursed in satisfaction of Diamond Contracts
OVER $572,772-00.
On signing an application for a Diamond Contract you pay the agent of
ihe Association $5,00, when an explicit
contract is delivered to yon by the As
sociation. The con tract calls for the
payment of |1.25 for 00 consecutive
weeks, making the total payment l|__.
Then when jour contract, is reached in
the order of performance ihe Association will deliver to you a two carat clear,
white and flawless Diamond, worth
1200 or will give you 8100 for the diamond.
For fuither information apply to
.TOHNT. PIERRE, sub agent, Nelson,
Pierre Bro��'.Ifcilur Shod, Josephine St.
FRED CARNE, Jr., General Agent
B. C, Victoria, B. O. 8
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R   offices.
Caveats, Designs, C-pyriglits and
Trade Murks obtained (n Canada
and all foreign countries.
Room 3, Bank of British North
America, Hastings fltkroot. Vancouver.
About that second hand article of
yours. v,,.,'|] sell it if you'll advertise it in The Miner want coi-imn
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO. Aelson Daily Mrom. Saturjw, June 1,5, iyoi
*   fl
I    I
an 51
���'P li
rs  c
ie s_
Y,  ��
09, V
fr    2
���S   ��
=        i*^
Copsiderulilu discussion has tula n
place lately In Nelson concerning tl.e
probability of a lead refluery being
located here. The general trend of
opinion is that outside of either
coast, N-'son or Trull lias the greatest chance, and iliis opinion is well
founded. Trail's hopes aie basid
principally on the CI. P. It. already
operating a lend .smelting department
nl the smelter theie, that tho company
hue lately bought up a tract of land
iintnediata'l.v ail joining tlni present
.worlt-, through which the C A VI.
jura mill runs, thus providing the company, with an excellent silo on their
own pinpeit.v. ln Nelson the view
ll.tajien that this city's central position, greater accessibility from every
direction, proximity to tho principal
lqijd.produeing mines, better trans-
poyation, fuel, and po ���ver futilities
slioiilil entitle it to the refinery above
any other point in the interior. The
building of the refinery is of such vast
Importance not o'lly to tho town in
which it will he located but to the
district surrounding ns well, thut 1*
is strange that moie Interest has not
been taken. While under tlio present
action of thc American lead trust the
mining of lead in Hritish Columbia
is distinctly unpiofltable, the building of a refinery hole would put a
very different face on it. With a refinery to treat, the matte of the smelter* such an impetus would be given
to tho worliing of muny lead properties that arc now lying idle in the
Kootenays that it would alter the
whole position of trade in Hritish
' II the refinery comes to Nelson some
of .the changes mado by it would be
decidedly beneficial. In nil probability n smelter devoted to lead alo_e
would be built heie. It would make
Nelson the lead centre of Canada,
and ull lead produce.), in the Dominion would come heie for treatment.
In the Nolson district alouc some
twelve properties now unworhed
would be developed immediately. In
t|ie Slocan the effect of the refinery
wpuh! be to infuse new life through-
opt the camps. As uny improvement
ia the towns of the Kootenays must
necessurily effect Nelson, through it
being the wholesale centre of the interior, the good to be derived would
ppt only be direct and immediate but
Ipdirectly it woula he immense nnd
fur-reaching. It.would mean within
six months the employment of at least
two hundred more men in the city.
and trfe prospecting and searching of
the mountains bordering the lakes especially, in a manner  never equalled.
A iew departure of the C. P. R.
would ulso be of great assistance in
���*>. nection with the development of
silver-lend mining caused by thc refinery. Ore reaching Kootenay lane at
any point can now be placed direct
on ears, as the company send barges
to any place wished, either with or
without cars. Ily this menus great
expense in extra handling o* the ore
is avoided. If many of the numerous
silver-lead properties near both Kootenuy nnd Slocan lakes cun he worked
, at a profit, as would be the case were
, the refinery placed here, the question
of transportation alone would become
of great atlruntageto Nelson.
More Smelters would nndoubtcdly
follow the erection of a refinery
and they would be located as near the
refinery as their source of oie supply
would admit. Tins would, in
turn, mean the opening of u large
number of dry ore properties which at
present cannot bo   profitably   worked.
Many citizens are of the opinion
that the Hoard of Trade should take
immediate action regarding the refinery. It should bo ascertained if possible if thc C. P. K. intenils to erect
it and if so, what inducements Nelson
would hnve to bold ont to secure it.
It is u matter of vast importance to
Nelson to get the refinery nnd consequently worth working fur and paying for.
Committee of Ladies Have in Charge a
Church Fair.
A.meeting if the Sisters and patrons
of the St. Joseph's echool was held
at the convent on Thursday afternoon
last to discuss tho pioje.it of arrant'-
ing for the holding of a church fair
during the fall, in the interests of the
convent school to liquidate the debt
still remaining upon tho institution.
On account of the inclement weather
there pas not as large un uttendanco
as there would otherwise have heen.
As the result of the gathering the following officers were elected, President, Mr6. Pourpore; vice-president
Mrs. Strugeon ; secretary, Miss Oigot;
treasurer, Miss O'Reilly. In addition
to the ofllcers, Mrs. Clarke und Mrs.
Sturgeoti were uppointed buyers to
purchase material which will be irudc
into various nrticles to be offered for
sule nt the bazaar. Ladies huve also
been appointed to take charge of the
arrangements for the other departments  of the affair.   The  first meet-
i mum or TaMn* rowoan
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Qold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Itukliig, Powil-rs coutnl-luff
alum,   -hoy uro Injurious to lia-ultL
ing of the actual work of the society
will bo today at half past two at the
convent. All ladles interested In the
work of tho school, ana who are desirous to manifest their appreciation
of She work lielng dpnc by 4it have
an opportunity of showing it by attending. Tlie educational work being
performed by the Sisters at the convent is worthy of support and) affords
nn opportunity for those of all denominations interested in seeing the work
continue to give their support and assistance.
The   following   is the fcores of . the
Hi He association whicli were   mado at
the rille range on Thursday afternoon :
300     500     000 Total
G. A  B. Hall 38 -fi IS 71
A.   Cariie 211 32 14 7S
II. A.'Longford. ,.86 24 111 OH
.1. Rue 24 17 11 r,2
J.   Roberts 2S HI It) 54
J.   Simpson..; 2ft 24 15 04
A.  J.     Robie 21 20 8 55
Duttou Ill 8 10 37
Williams, Rossl'd.28 24 21 34
About twenty privates of the R. M.
R. were sworn in on Wednesday evening ut the armory before Magistrate
Crease. As there are forty-five members of the compuny in all provision
has been made for the swearing in of
tho balance, information respecting
which cun be hud by appllcuiton to
the section commanders. It is eai-
ncstly requested that all who have not
already complied with the requirements of the military regulations, will
avail themselveB of the opportunity
of doing so at their earliest convenience, as no uniform cun bo ordered
until the members of the coinpany
have fir't taken the oath.
M. M, Austin, a civil war veteran,
of Winchester, Ind., writes: "My
wife was sick a long timo in spite of
good doctor's treatment, but was
wholly c.ired by Dr. King's New Life
Pills, which woiked wonders fcr her
health." They always do. Try them.
Onlv 25c at Canada Drug A Bgok
What proved to be a more profitable find than gold happened the other day to a traveller'froin San Francisco, while at lunch in one of thc
lending restaurants in Nelson. Ue
ordered a portion of Pumpkin pie,
when to his astonishment his appe-
titie, which he had loBt fifteen years
ago in Arizona, suddenly returned to
him, with renewed vigor. The pic
had a very solid texture and a rich
mellow flavor. The cook informs us
that it wns made from "The Morse
Pumpkin Flour." None other,just as
good.    Insist on "The Morse Brand."
to -line a cold in one day
Take Laxative liroino Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the money If It falls taouro.
!So.   K, W, drawn,, sl-nn.'.raa i��� -~  nnnhf~nT
ThlH in'gnature is on every box 61* the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Qiiinioe t�� wr t��
t_e remedy that mm n -��M tm one ��!�����
Delivered to any pqjnt
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand o'
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors-
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber.
and try a bottle, a dozen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER as, it is ktho bent and
cheapest on the market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    OIGAR8.
Tnlephon    S3. I-ker 8t    Nelson, B C
The most mlseinbl beings in the
world ure those sulle ng from Dyspepsia and Liver inplaint. More
thun seventy-five per ent. nf Ihe people in the United States are nfflteted
with these two diseuses and their
effects; such ns Hour Stoinnch Sick
Headache Habitual Costiveness palpl-
taton of the Heait, Heartburn W nter-
brash, Gnawing and Hurnlng pains at
the Pit of the Stomach, Yellow Skin,
Coated Tongue and Oisugreenble
Xaste in the Mouth, coming up of
Food after Eiui. _'. Low Spirits, eto.
(io to vmir Druggist and get n >'"Jtu'
of August Flower for 7!i cents. Two
doses will relieve you. Try it. (jet
Greens'Prize Almanac, For sale hy W.
1. Teetzel A Co.net Green*' PiiM Al-
If yon don't like Blue Bibbon Tea it' a
because vou never tinted it.
Wife (In despnir)���I don't know,
.luck, dear, what we should linve for
desert today, it is so exeeedinlgy hot.
Husband���Emnin, why ilo yon not
gn a package of the "Morse Pumpkin
Hour." It will make three or four
pies ni d with such n delicate llnvor,
n great lnhor snver, and no perspiring
over a hot stove. Ueuiemher The
Morse llinnd, Emma.
H. & M. BIRD
These lots nre opposite to Bloek 49
reserved hy Government ard on which
a school will probnb'y be erected.
Lots 1 nnd 2, price 8575 for the two.
Lots 0, 7, and 8, price SMI) each
Several   houses   furnished   and   un'
furnished for rent.
Porto Rico Lumber
Oo,, Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
Wo carry a complete, slack of Coast Flooring
Ceiling, Instdo Finrt.li, Turned Work, Satd. ana
Doom. Special order work will receive prompt
attention-   Mail order-* solicited.
Porto RicoLumber Co,,
Head Oftlne���Fb^^t and Voinon -'U  Nolson
Gamble &   O'Reilly
Civil   KngliicfrM, Fruvlneliil   Land
surveyor , Kent l.Ninie aud In*
-urniic-  Aseutn.
That desirable properly of Mr. C. W.
West's, consisting of acre lot, *!
Story ...dwelling house, chicken
houses and market garden, good
water, cheap  S'JODO
3 lots, northwest corner Houston und
Ward streets 8350
Lots 1 and 3, block 23, lot 10,block 29,
Lot 11, block 14, city of Nelson.
Will pay tbe highest cash price for al)
kinds of seoond band goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an nnehot to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperte,
-ooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Addreee
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hal>
8^eet, Nel��on. H  f
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. h. LENNOX B��k��r Bt
Is    lame    or    intei feres
bring  him   lo  ihe   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
Dominion and
Laud Surveyor.
By the week from $5 to K,
By the day tti.oo.
J. V. O'LA UGHI_TN, Pron-
DEPARTURES   NELSON        aukivals
ll):.~-|itu I IvOtiti liny   Landing   Sleatuor I 1 a,in.
..-.Hy . Imperial LI trilled Rant \ Unity
-t.&ip.m i ltoH..|i.iii. and Boundary j-j.i5p.n_
Kxriun i Creak; so. tion, Sunday train-; Kx Bun
) to nnd from HoBRlatta only I
7:90a,in i Blooan city, Slooan Lalto i":30p.m
I.~ Sun /        Points, uud Sundon [ K.x Sun
���p m
J>.   Kokanue for    Kh.-.Io i
4 n.m,   I    and Inlet-im-dlalo .'"im       I 11 a.m.
Kn Sun | Tuoa.i 'I'h in-   . mill Hat unlay | Kx Hun
7.10...... Rowland,  Columbia  Kivor (,,,.,,
"ttliy   )    Btoko with Imperial Ltd,   l   u
j S. -4. Kokiin.T fur Ku.-.lo I
I and Inici-tnt-dlalo I'oIoIn I
i 'fuoa.,TuurB.,and Saturday i
V       through to Lardo       )
JUNE 4.   18.
JULY 2. 16.
AUGUST 6. 20.
For   Time   Tables,    Rutes,  Ticket*,
npply J I. L. BBOWN,
Oity l'aiH8eii~er Agtiiit.
J. s. Darter,
Din. I'ties. Aul.
E. J. Coyle.
A. G. P. A.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south tc
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane wilh
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lalu
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connect, at Bossburg with stage da.il)
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Buffet Sleeper run   on  passengei
trains between Spokane and North
I~3Bve DAY TRAIN Arrlv*,
I) .Oil a.m Spokane 7 .35 p.nc
13:5(1 p.m Hns.land 4:00 p.a
0 15 u.m Nelson 7:15 p.ji,
32 hours to Seattle.
,37 honrB to Victoria.
80 horns to Vancouver.
Spokane Wasi
Aeent. Nel-on, B O,
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
aud at Bonner's Ferry witn Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Co.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:1b a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor WeBtat 8:00 p_a.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
and Nortn-Laiid of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls A Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co,, or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'l Agent,
Hpokanp, vVasb.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nelson. B O
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, per pound 9  le
.laTiv and Mocha Blend, 3 poundn  1 0C
Fine Simla) , 4 poundB    1 00
~an~>n Blend, 5 pound-  1 00
Our  SpecialBltmd, 6 poundH  1 00
Our Rio Ron-t, 6pound��  1 On
a trl-i, obdfb hwi.i. itf.u.
NELSON ���        B-C,
AdverMHomoi-t-4ln*urterl uutltir th... bond al
t ho ruif. uf one ouni a word per liiHortlou. No
iulvort.iHMiM.nl. Uikun for Iuhh than 25 mni.-
8Il.uti_iiin WuiHtut ndV-ii'LIi-utiunU tni-mli(1
Mir nn tiiutiH free of ohurvo.
FOR SALE 01   will exchange for city
gropti'ty���A   fni'iii     containing   Hill I
iiciuh, 'Ml   miles   from   Kdinonton,   If,
acres under cultivation.   The property
is sui'iuiiiiiIimI liv   wire   fence.    Apply
to ,1. K, Annapfe.
TO ItliNr.���Humus and ollice  iu   Clement,   llillcer hloeli.    Apply to   the
Nelson EJectiic T.11111 way olllccfl.
IIOOM anil board in   private .family.
Apply ou .Silica .Street, second   doiiv
west of Ward.
t'OU ~ALl.--l'-iii'-liorse team, harness
and   wagon.    Appy    II. S.   Siiwyer,
behind Uraml Central hotel.
ROOM for   rent at   Mrs.   McUeatli's,
Silica street.
I'Olt SALIi.���Tug boat 'lied Stur."
and Barge���At reasonable figures to
cash purchaser or time with good
security. Apply to Ontario Powder
Works, Nelson, 11. C.
HOUSE to   Kent.���Furnished   or unfurnished, apply T,  Miner ollice.
FOR    KENT.���One    room   on     Ward
Btreet; one inside room in the K.VV.
C. block,   furnished   or   unfurnished.
Mrs. I". J. Squire.
FOR BAI.E.-Well established dry
goods business stock, new. Rest
|)U8ines�� city on coast. Low expense,
good stand, stock 810,000. Al chance
for hustler, (lood reason foi selling.
D. G., care Miner.
WANTEIJ���By married woman (one
child) position as housekeeper.
Salary $:.!i. Hood references. Address Mrs. A. care Burch at Co., Red
Deer, Altu.
WANTED���Competent and experienced bookkeeper to take charge of
mining books, a married man preferred. Uood Balary 11 the right man. Address R, Miner Office.
WANTED���Firsc   class  machinist   to
take charge   of   mine   plant.    None
but   competent,   practical   men   need
apply.    Address E, Miner Ollice.
WANTED.���For a museum collection
for Lever Hros, Port Sunlight,Eng.,
ancient buckets, troughs, washing
boards, or ironicg utensils obtained
from Indians or imported from foreign
countries. Liberal value paid.
Write us with explanations. Watchorn A Mclntyre, K. W. C. block, P.
0. llox 707.'
WANTED.���Trustworthy men an<i
women to travel and advertise for
old establiihed liouse of solid financial
standing. Salary $780 a year and expenses, all payable in cash. No canvassing required. Give reference and
enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Address Manager, 305 Caxton
NEL.SON Employment Agency, llaker
street.    Phono '-78.   .1. II. Love.
WANTED���Teamsters.        Waitresses
(iirls for housework.    Nurse lllrl.
Situations wanted by Cooks, Laborers, Blacksmith, Carpenters, otc.
WANTED.���First   class    hotel cook.
Two sawmill men: planer.
Sltuatloiir. wanted by Waitresses,
Cooks, Miners, Blacksmiths, Carpenters, Laborers. Western Canadian
Employment Ollice,Ward street, Phone
AGENTS WANTED���For our Boer-
British Wai, Family Records, Marriage Certificates, Religious anu
Landscape Pictures. Bright and hustling men, women, boys und girls, can
clear from S.I to 810 per day. Send
r,o cents for sample. Descriptive circulars free. Write today. Home
Noyelty Mfg. Co., P.O.Box !,18 (Dept.
381) Chicago, 111.
LOST���Small cocker spuniel���answers
to name of "Smut." Finder will be
rewarded   by   returning   to   Clarence
ALL KINDS   of   goods bought    sold
or exchanged   at   Prosser's   Second
Hand Store,  Ward street,   Phone   -70.
LOST���Between Uieat Northern Telegraph Co., and Telephone ollice,
the sum of $17 in bills. The finder
will be rewarded by leaving at Miner
IT WILL PAY you to read  our ad. in
another column.  Our blend of tea at
Thirty cents   per pound will suit you-
ICootenay Coffee Co.
.IAPAN TE^S���"Spider Leg," "Pan-
fired," "Sun Cured,"���have a place in
our stock. The new "Ceylon Green"
is fine flavored and economical. Kootenay Coffee Co.
IKKi;   MlllliiK Void    rniperllra,-��> nre
.IIIXinilN III aaeCU-- II If ~   riMM' Ull 111 ll�� RIlM
I��r��|,. rlli-H nt onre. -be rruHpertor'M i:\
a-liiiiil. \ Ni'Imoii, R. ., Koom 4, l_.-W,-('.
WE HAVE   in stock choice teas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan.  We
blend tbem to your taste.    All   prices
and qualities.    Kootenay  Coffee Co.
LOST���Monday evenisg. old fashioned
bar pin, with curv-d face of green
lava, surmounted with pearls. Finder will be rewarded for leaving it at
C. P. R. city ticket oflice.
t.lH.I. SILVKII (Ol'fllt l.l'.AI!     ~l���, .     anil
l��roatpeHa, ���tinl<-il.   K. ml ri-p���rl anil Hlllll-
plraa to the rri��a.po,-lor',a K-rhn-Se, %1'Ihoii.
B.C.   lt��ulu4K. -W. t'. b'-flt.
PIANO.- Miss   Tyen   is prepared   to
give piano   lessons at her   residence
OH Sili.'a    sMei't,   four   doors west   of
llendryx,   Terms moderate.
FOUND. ���On May    '.'Ith an' umotliyst
ring.    Owner   may   huve   same   by
proving nnil paying for this   ud.  Miii-
01 ollice.
Are you In want,'.1 If you are, tell
the people. Ihrgilgll The Miner want,
column, what you ure i�� want of.
V.in'll  net ii
From date until October 1 the dental
ollicvs of Nelson will be closed ut 1
o'clock, p. ir., on all Saturdays, remaining closed during the balance of
the day.
W. .1. QIMNLAN,   D. I). S.
F. 10.   MORRISON.    D, I). S.
T   II. STODDART,   1).   1). S.
Notice. ���
I have Ibis day lented my boot
blacking stand on the comer of Ward
and Buker streets to .lames Hughes
fur two weeks. I urn going into tin-
Business of cleaning carpets by a new
piocess of my own. Carpets do not
have to be taken up. Please leave
orders at boot black stand. Give me u
trial. Work guaranteed.
Mr. J. II. Gray having resigned
bis position as Land Commissioner of this Compuny, all oou-iuuni-
cutions in reference to Kaslo .t Slocun
Railway Company's binds should be
addressed to ROUT. IRVING,
Kuslo. B. C, May .'list., lllill.
Mines Examined aud Unpolled 0u.
Miuiug Engineer.
Boom 4. K.-W. C.   Block,
Nlil.HON, B. 0.
'IMIOUPK & CO. Limited-Corner Vcmon
JL ".. <i Cuuur airuolH, fselnou���MuuufneLur
urn of ami wlioleHule dutilerH in acrulud wnLerri
aud fruit hyrnj-.i. bole uuenu (or . laloyon Uo
jpriugH uuumat wuUir.   Teluphuue W).
Jj( N. M. ( uuiiiiiiiH, l.t'Hscc- Kvury known
Vainuly ui noii.ilnnkH. 1'UHoxtW. TttlupUonu
No. 31. Hoover street, Nelson. l.ottlei-io( the
i.-uioil. til. Leon Hui. rtjniiiKh Miner*! Wuter
C1ANK & MACDONALD (11. Cane, Jamo
J A. Macdonald)���Architect*, and buuerin
Lundeut-i, lirokeu ilill iilock, corner linker aud
Ward t-troeUi, ftei_��on
HJ. 1CVANS & CO.���Bakor Wtreet, Nei
��� won���WholOtiale dealtMN in liguor-t, oi'
h'uiv, cement, lire brick und lire cluy, water
liijKj and ttcel railH, and gkiuerul cummituiioii
V\'hoieKule and retail dealerh in grain,
Hay, Hour, feed. Milla at V iutoria, New VVewt-
uiiimler; Knmunion, Alta. l_Jevatoi~u on Oal*
Kary and ivinu.iimii ltailway. Manufacturcit,
��� A tlie celebrated 11. M K. brand eerealn.
A MACDONALD & Co.-Cornor Froo
��� and Hall &treel�����W lioleHule Krocer
und jobberi- in blanket*,. gloveH, mills, boot).,
rubber-., uiackinawi. and minerH' HuudiieH.
P   BURNS & Co.~Baker Btreet, Nelson���
���   Whole.ale dealen. iu (reisli and cured
meat*.   Cold Storage.
Bakur atreet, Nolflon��� Wlioleualo dea
ore) in freeih and cured meatH.
Btreet, Nelson'��� Wholrwile d.alam in
iiardware, miners' kuppUch, porting goo*l~
M'LACHLAN BROS. <SuceessorH to Van
eouver Uaiflwaro Co. Ltd.) Baker tStroot.
NelHon���V\ holubale dealerH in hardware and
mining KUiipiien, plumbeiV and tinciniilbH' hup
_13( painU, oils and glit~iH; mcchanicH' U>o1h.
AgentH foi Ontario Powder Worku; ljrualnitc
rpUHNKU, BKKTON & Co.-Corner Vernon
X. and Josephine Btreetn, Nclnon���Whclo
.ale dealers tn liquors, cigarw, and dry gnodn
Agentn for I'abnt Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.	
UDSON'B HAY Co.-Wholesalo grocerios
and liquors etc.. Baker Blreet, NcIm.hi.
C.ALIl'OHNIA WIN K CO., Umltod-Cornor
J Kroit and Hall -trceU, NcIhuii���Wholesale dealors n wines Icohu ami bulk), and
domestic und imported Git-airs.
Olllce comer Hull and Front -treet-,
Noluon���_uiiibor, ceillnK, lloorin~, and every
thing in wuod for hitildliiK purpuHUK. Out our
inirc..   Corrospondunoo uolicitiMl.
rp GALLON tr. 00,���Dealer. In on: mcVt
X. and twInoH. Always a lar��o Hiock on
hand. Telephone2UJ.  Koom 44. K.-W.-C. Itlock
F. O. GREMJ        F. S. OUBMKNia
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Bio Wi li. 1-on  B.O Thu     Crisis,     by
Newest Winston Churchill,
Book5       whose   success   as
an author has been
establi.shed by his Richard Carvel,
is a story of the same period, the
beginning of United States history,
and equally good; Pro Patria, by
Max Pemberton; Work, by Zola;
Mistress Xell, a merry tale of a
merry time; The Helmet of Navarre,
by Runkle; The Observations of
Henry, by Jerome; Sirus, by Helen
Fowler; Her Mountain Lover, by
Hamlin Garland. All 75c, or in
our Lending Library.
Agents for Empire Typewriter
Ninon   Dahv Miwkr,   Satlrdav,  jt*i  rj, .901
The Nelson Gun club will hold its
regular weekly -hoot this afternoon.
The traps will    be set at   -'.30   p.    m.
A gospel meeting will be lielii on
Sunday in tbe .Miners' 1'nion hall at
10. 0 a. in., Eev. N. J. Wen. II will
Yesterday the linemen were engaged
in transferring the telephone line
wires to the new poles erected on
Josephine street.
The other day The Miner contained
an item stating lhat a prospector was
conOdent the weather would change
because the covotes were howling in
the hills. It looks as If the coyotes
were howling because the weather did
not   change.
Tomorrow evening at Emmanuel
church there will be a one-hour service beginning at 8 o'clock. Rev.
Wro. .Munroe will preach on "Must
the Chinese Go'.'" Mr. Stjele will render the baritone solo., "The Heavenly
Gates." Tbe service will begin at b
o'clock sharp.
A drunken man.with acapon which
a   biand   of   yeast   was   prominently
advertised,     caused   a   good deal   of
amusement     yesterday   afternoon   on
Hiker   street,   by   trying   to arrange
the cap so   that    the   printing   would
not show.    After trying   it on   inside
ont. upside   down, and   several   other
original ways he finally gave  it up in
At tbe Methodist church tomorrow
the pastor expects tu preach morning
and evening. Subjects. "A Fourfold Justification." and "Tbe Hands
of Jeans," Communion at the close
of the evening ^eivice. The beautiful
individnal communion set which
was introduced fur tbe Brst time at
the recent conference will be again
used. Sei vices at 11 a. m.. and T.30
p. m.
A Husband _ Question.
When a man. from coffee drinking
gets to such a condition that he cannot eat bieakfast without throwing it
up. it seems time to quit, but there
are thousands of weak-minded people
who have not logical brains enough
to understand that when an article of
food or drink produces such conditions
as these, it should be absolutely left
A little woman   in liutte,  Montana,
Mrs.    l'iumauriee,   wiites   that    she
and her husband are a different   kind
of people.    They knew enough to quit
coffee when it had rapped   them hard.
She says,  "My husband was so   badly
ffected that he   ate   no  breakfast   for
three or four years.    He  would   often
try to ib'ink a few sips of   coffee   and
invariably threw it up.  When I'ostum
Food Coffee was biongbt to my attention   I tried   it   without having   any
faith in it, but when   I   found what a
delicious   beverage   it was when prepared   according   to   directions,   and
from trying it on myself  found   there
were no bad effects,I induced husband
to take   a cup   without  tel'ing him it
was tho Food Colfee.     He   objected at
first, saying that he   would be sure tu
throw    it   up,    but   when    I    insisted
upon   his   dying   it. it   agreed   with
him.    Morning after  morning I   gave
him    Postum     without    telling   him
that it was any   different   from ordi-;
nary    coffee.    His   stomach    quickly
recovered and he began   to   eat breakfast.    He asked   mc   one   morning   as
hejasked    for   a   second   cup   of    the
I'ostum "what   witch    bad taught me
to make such    delicious   coffee,"   and
where I "found some that would agree
with him'."'    Then I   (old him for the
first time that he had not heen drinking   coffee but Postum, which   had so
strengthened     his   stomach   that   he
could now   eat   as much breakfast   as
any one.
My two sislers were badly troubled
with stomach disorder but after leaving off coffee and taking I'ostum they
both recovered (heir appetities and
took'on considerable flesh. I wish
everyone could be indn:ed to use the
health giving, aromati I I'ostum.''
< iiiem- Goepel has lot! bis handsome ooeker spaniel dog. If Jftn fee
one pasting called "Smut" that's it.
Some samples of free milling ore
from Hubbard and Council's claim al
Six Mile Point are on exhibition in
Brown Bros.' window.
Mr. J. Matheson opeued up for business again yesterday in   his   place   on
Baker street,which has been enlarged
and   entirely renovated.
The   Phair   hotel   steps which for-
| merly led up to the office   and   recep-
| tion ball were removed yesterday, and
the   entrance   is   now    by     Ihe   new
ground floor.
Manager Annable has in his office
several umbrellas and a pair of spectacles, which were left in the opera
hoase during the performances this
week. They will be restored to the
owners on application.
The fireworks for tbe Dominion
Day celebration have been ordered.
They include VuO pounds of red fire
which will produce a blaze of glory
un the lake during the carnival. The
display will be by long odds Ihe best
ever seen in the interior of Hritish
The interest in Ihe ladies' races in
thc Dominion Day regatta is increasing, and every day a number of tbe
fair sex are on the water engaged in
friendly rivaliy for buats and partners. Today if the weather changes
there will be another piaetice which
will be continued every day until
the races lake place. j
R. H. Williams, of the Nelsou
Freight ami Transfer Co., bas let tbe
contract for ^the erection of a new |
livery barn 30xiia on tbe corner of
Stanley and Vernon streets, opposite
the registry office. The contract has
been secured by Contractor (iillett and
the cost of the building will be about
52,000, It is expected that work will
commence immediately.
The mining records yesterday were:
Bills   of   sale���Red Bird,   from E. N.
Delong to Chenango Mining Co.; Clara
Bell, From   iien-'amin   Harible   Spic
er, Rossland to Sam J.egraut.    Certificates   of   work���Gold   Leaf   to    Otto
Johnson. J. P.Swedburg, agent; .Myrtle, to C. H.  (.tillwell,   Emerald   No.
-'. to Thos. Brown ; Legal   Tender,   to
Fred     Olson.    Lo-atons���Kano,    four
miles   southwest   of  Nelson,   located
by   Agapit;   Thistle,   five and a   half
miles east of   Waterloo, and  adjacen.
to the Shamrock on the noith, located
j by   Arthur   Taylor   and A. N.    Vitrei
Washington,    on   the   north   side   of
Pen d'Onelle   river,   one   quarter  of
a mile east of Seven Mile creek,located by Chester Glass.
An example of horse sense was  seen
yest.rday   at the noon   hour   when   a
team of  horses   demonstrated the fact
that they knew enough to come in out
of the rain,   which is supposed   to   be
more than some two   legged   animals
are given credit for.  At the noon hour
a   couple   of   teams   were   tied   to  a,
wagon while   tbe   teamster:,   went to
dinner. One of the men had taken the
precaution to   unhitch  his team from
tbe wagon but tbe   other was left  attached   as   tbey   came in   from   their
work.    When   the   heavy rain   storm
commenced the latter team broke loose
made a rapid journey   up Cedar street
where they were still going when last
seen by a   leporter.    Luckily no   further harm   was   done than   a   broken
wagon pole.
The next few days will be busy ones
at   St. Joseph's    convent as   the midsummer examinations are  now   under
way.    It is   all   the more   interesting
on account of the fact   that   the   competition   for   prizes which have   been
awarded by citizens is one ofthe chief
features of the occasion. A gold medal
is   being offered by   Mr.   A.   Perrier.
A.    E.   Crease   is   offering   a   second
prize of 85 and a third   prize of a silver medal is being offered by a friend.
Iu   addition to tbe above   the   Sisters
are offering a number of oilier   prizes
consisting  of   medals  and illustrated
books.    A   silver medal is  offered   to
the convent   music   pupils.    Tbe   examinations will close about tbe end of
next   week   and it   is  expected   that
the summer  vacation will   commence
on the 2,th.    Prior   to the   closing of
the school for the holidays there   will
be a   public   distribution   of   prizes.
I'arents and friends desirous of   being
present will be given the  opportunity
��� ���I     attending,     fnll     particulars   of
The Store With
Right Prices
���5  I -  ,   Is
Prospectors' Supplies.
New Goods Arriving Every Day     ��
PLAY OF FIRST0.!, _-^_te5 Ui" have b>' far the F,N,EST  DIS- I
Chairsr.^^^^^^-' ^by Carriages,  Go   Carts,   Morris |
J. 0. BUNYAN <& CO.      jl
Everything That Is Needed in
the Hills.
We wish to -ail thc attcn-!��      M'LACHLAN   BROS.
tion of the several " Celeb.-.-IE
tion   Committees"   a
public in  general to   .__ 	
lhat we are prepared to turn, a
out anything in  the  way of
���j  -
artistic jewelry.   New designs
in medals, trophies, etc.    We
can do it on short notice and
at reasonable prices.
nd   the B ��� , I 3
���>�� faa-t'-lUIIIIUIIIIlillllUllilUlllllllU^UiMillillutiHn^,��� -
,0,"rn,    "Cbe TRoyal Bank of Can_~~^~
Incorporated 1869.
C.pllal    * ,1 rll. al        .       .      tCI.IIIHI 1MMI.IMI I   0*|>tte]   rulcj-up,       ,     .      .        ��>,n(HI.II|KI0t
Manufacturing Jewelers and Watchmakeis.
rhomae K. Konny,   President;   Th'omLi n'li.M.  *  """""'""-W
I, Hon. David MacKeon. ��� nomas Ritchie.  Vloe-Pnwldom
R. A. Uaidy, who has lieen giving
kineteseope exhibitions through the
Kootenays. left Kelson yesterday
morning for Spokane, from which
point he will probably   go to Buffalo.
Mr. George C. 8. I'atterson. late
bookkeeper for tbe West Kootenay
Butcher company, leaves in a day or
two for Okotoks, N. VV. T., where   he
will   .-a,!.!-       ��������      ��---
FARES-Cfisb, 10 cents.
Tickets, 10 for SO cents.
���   .-.._, ... >>, _��� ( where   he!
will reside. Mrs. Patter-on. accoui- SEKVICE-Every 20 minut*, ieavin-
panied bv her father, proceeded there I P��* and UC-town Hzi"!
last week.
Queens��� W. F. Maudsley and wife.
Procter; C. V. Eakin, Pilot Bay; E.
E. Williams. Spokane; TI106. Aidul.
Hume���Mrs. Smith, Kaslo; C. B
Burke, Victoria; J. B. Eager, Chas.
Law, Toronto; D. .1. Dyson, VVInni
peg; E. T. Lowery, New Denver; F.
Iicwis, Louisivlle, Ky.; Mrs. Harris.
Grand Central���J. Dugley, Rossland; Howard Thompson. Moyie; VV.
10. McLennan. Columbia; Jno. B.
VV'inlaw. Slocan.
_....j _.> tijiiiiia.Pr. leavi
park and np-towo terminal at 7
a m. 10 lu.411 p.m. Early car leaves
H. B. Stores (1:45 a. m.
TRAIN.���Cars meet 10.38 a.m. and
(I 45 p ni , and outgoing only ou
SPECIAL-The public are   requested
to slop Ciirs only on the far side of
cross street.; not to ride on. inter'
or leave by front nla'fornt; also to
motion by band if they intend to
hoard the car. r>~H lo notify conductor 11 short u,-.iuice before they
��� wish to leave.
OOMPLAINTS-Will  leceive prompt
..���,  ,-veive  prompt
atteution  at the Company's ollice,
Vernon Stieef, City.
1 A large number of   good residential
NOTICE    TO    "OXTRACTORS   AND   building sites adjacent, to   the lines of
OTHERS their tramway, chietly   in    the south
ern portiou of   the   city to be sold   on
General   laborers,    gardeners,   rock   easy terms,
men, etc., will   be   furnished   free of      Apply   Tramway      Office,     Vernon
charge to all   persous requiring   help   Street.
of this uind bv applying to the Secre- . 4  |   MASON
tary.  Nelson Laborers' Protective Un- i Managing Secretary
lOn.     rWV    '"<��� IUJ��a*a  ________
Hoard of Dlreriora     rhoni_e K. Kenny,   I'n
W'Uoy Buiith   H. G. Bauld, Han. I'avld MacKeon
llruil  OIHrr,  llall~i.:
Genera) Manager. Edson I.. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Hmncbos. and Secretary, w. B. Tori_-co. Hallfav
Bran    ei I
'ova   Seotla-Halilax   Branch,   Anti-OnH   I      .be.-Montreal    (City   Office).   Monirwil
Brlditewat-r, Ouynboro. Londonderry, l.u VVwt Knd (Cor. Notro   Dame anil selai-
enliuraj. Maitlaiid (Hants Co.l. Pictou, Port n-urs _treot��l;  Wcstmount (Cor. Ureeue
Bawke-burj, Sydney.-hubonacudie.Truro, Avenue ai d St. Catharines 81 reel,
Weymouth. j Ontario --Ottawa.
Hf-w    Krunxwlck - Balhuist.     Domhostar, , Newfoundland-3L John's.
. rodericton, Kin.t-.~~i  (Kent Co.l, Mono     Cuba. Went Indira���Havana,
ton. Newcastle Sack villo, St, John, Woodstock-   i_..,ri ���____��.. Vnrii na a.r-1,���.--1.1.
p. 1:. I��l_nd-Charlotu.town, Summon, ide.      j ' ".5j___c' w���h*    0rk (1  '���I"m w """'
Grand   Forks, Ncrairco,   NcIscd,   Rcss.ard,   Vanconver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
- i>rr*aap_nda��ni*
rl.ro���First Natl  m.-.,,.,,��� 01
oniiaiB.   Brrntnda��� Hank of Bermuda,   ('bin* nnil Ja-
 -..-.11: -.uiik ana OMngMU 1-iikli ir Corporation,    Cpolmnr-Olfl National Hank.
(i-neial Baakint Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   ttvught
and Sold, L 1 era of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed 01 special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
C-w">>��^��~��.  a>~^^��.aO-  ���?,l��,l��ll��,.��ll��,l#l,��ll��ll��..��.l��.l>���J,l��ll��,.��.l��
The Canadian Bank of Commerce j
Will, Which I- Amalgamatrd
The Bank oM3rjt_sh Columbia.
.aaaj. -.eimjn j_aoorers' Prott
ion. Box 887, Nelson, B. C.
Paid up  Capital,   18,000,0001   Reserve   Fund,  12,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over S(l.~(KM),(,oo.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. B. WALKJBB, General Manager
London Ollice: 6a Lombard Street,  E. C.
New Vork OHlce; 16 Exchange Place.
And CS brancho* in Canada aud Ihe Bolted States, including:
Atlin Grebnwooo Nkixon Sa.vdon
Ora.mirook Ka.mlooi ��� Nkiv WE8T.MIN8TKB   Vancoi'veh
Fkhnik Nanaimo Roest-XD VicrokiA
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson and Warn Hoksk.
UNITKI) STATES���New Yokk, San Kkancisco, Seaiti.k, PORTL-ND, Skagw.iv.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Hotai7 Publio,  OonTOjanoer
���� .  -_    "' "~' ' '���*��� 1'OHTI-i.Nn, SKAI
Sayings Bank Department
Ifcpotiti Received and !_�����_,, A���mv^\lg*LT??!C!,l��
Nelson Branch.
uaui s sijOCAN RAILWAY, Two   nice   lots on   Victoria   street,
INTERNATIONAL NAV. ft TRAD. CO Ltd   convenient to Baker street. II000.
.       ��� . .^..-a*.   .._. . .   a-    1 -All.    -1
 ua.cr ~m~.   flOOO.
Seven room house,   \'ictoria   street,
all conveniences, lot 30-120, $2,500.
I    Five room cottage, new, all con von-
x~L~ov~��A!��oo\ ienees, lot 45x1-0, only $1,275.
,   .. o,m^....-��� .,,���.,,n.. ~_.,        Best hotel Bite in the  city   cheap at
Daily STEAMKK ALBERTA Dally  ���,,��� ' ��� *
6O0a.ra.Lv Nelson ~r. I0~Op. m. |��a"�� "��� 	
~55a.ni.Ar, Kaslo Lv. 5:30 p. 111. | ��� FOB RENT
Houses in al1 parts of Ihe city.
Loans      on     improved       property,
straight or monthly payments.
No commissions. No forfeitures.
Bank Department     ��
-t��g,rMge v"H0LT' Mm&sw-1
10:10 a. rn. Lv.
12:35 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4J0p.ro.
Lv. 2__ p. m.
KEL-0.\-gPOK_ \E
And all point* East and Weft via Str Alberta.
Plr. Kanlo. B. & N. and K. V. Rf s.
and G, N. Ry.
5*0 a. 111. Lv. Nelson Ar 10~<l p. ra.
200 p. m. Lv.    Bonner's Ferry    Ar  1:15 p.m.
0:10 p. ni, Ar Spokane Lr 8.-0- 11. m.
Connecting at Bonner's Ferry with Great
Northern "Flyer" ea��tbound and at Spokane
with Great. Northern for Pacific Coast points,
leaving Spokane at 8:00 p.m.
Daily frt-lghl service between Sandon and
Steamer Alberta Ipaves Kasle for Lardo and
Argenta, Mondajs, Wednesdays and Friday*)
at 11 a.m.
To ascertain rates and fall Information address 1
��� ���' >*j>"��lB>r. KasIo.fi. C
G. K TacKABUKY Local Agent.
Royal Batey ty Grocery
which will-be given Jacer.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on m rival of steamer, at Ihe
rate of
Anew stock of Groceries, Fruit
Home-made Bread, Pies, Cakes
and Rolls delivered fresh every dav
to any part of the city.
S. D. HOWELL, Prop.
Championship  Quoit
Will close at the CLUB HOTEL at
8 o'clock p. m.,
In the Race.
���   ���    ���
Wc were Jn it
mJ900 and keep
forging ahead ia
We have long
passed   the preliminary   canter
_ ' in the art of making   high    class
acme of perfection.        *        "* D��mmion to bc the
Ernest Mansfield arrives freni England this afternoon.
Mr. al M. Young, representing Copp.
Clark at On., of Toronto, left last
evening foi the east.
W. R. Seattle and Percy Wileon
leave shortly for Buffalo, to take in
the Pan-American exposition.
Mr. John Tierney returned last
evening from Eliolt, where he has a
railway grading contract on nand.
Mr. Charles Dundee. Rossland, of
the Dundee mine, accompanied by
Mrs.Dundee, is stopping at tlie Phair.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Mnudsev.
who were married in Ihe city a few
days ago. have just returned from
Procter where they have  been   spend
I'Ing their honeymoon,    and   are regis
tered at the Queen..
 ��� j ��uciucit p. m,,
75 Cents per Month! Saturday, jUDe 29th, 1901
Snli--/.r;.,��:    _._____���._.. '
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent,
p. d. YOUNG, r
Game will start at io o'clock a.   m.
July  1st,   1901.
NKLSON' LODGK No. 23, A. F. & A
M. meets second Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting brethern welcome.
I-  O   O.  F.     Kootena- Lod(fe
7' 5 mec"'"ery.Mona_.rnii[ht,
at   thei,   Hall,   Kootenay VL
Fred at&,ulre, Pef Sec    * ' Kttth��tord. V.G.
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. 123. G. R. 0
Meet.- third Wednea-fty. sojoumi-ar compan
ions inviled. George Johnstone, Z. K. \Y.
Matthews, S. E.
J": C. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.     Six years experience in B. C.
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson, B. C
A. R. BARROW, a. u i. o.B
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Victoria and Kootenay Sts.    ,
IP. O. Box 6
Talephone Na
NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK, NELSON. B. G. *
Gold. Silver-Lead   and   Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANdlC for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who huve promising mineral
claims in liritisli Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men aro requested to make the EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be scut by express,  PREPAID. ,;
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to .   ' !
Telephone No. 104.   P. O. Box .00. NELSON, B. C.    , i


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