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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 20, 1902

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 Privtnilil Ltbraryj*;
Daily Edition No. 1321
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Sunday,   April 20,  1902
Eleventh  Year
ac.opt more readily our habits of  life
and spend unire of   their   earnings   in
NOT  W A "NTTP H ' th��  oanDt'y>   ������'''   in all that goes to
llUl    Vl fin 1 ��l U j make   tor   the   permanent   settlement.
I of the country  tbey are quite us sen-
oua   a   menace   as   lhe   Chinese  and
'keener   competitors against the working   man.   and  as   they   bave
energy,    push   anil indepondenc
more   dangerous   in this regard  th
the Chinese.
As directly bearing upon this i|iius-
tion we beg to refer to the following
dspatcbes from the Honorable the
Secretary of State for the Colonios tu
the Governor-General of Oanada:
(More follows the correspondence of
Sir. Jos. Chamberlain with the
Governor-General in referenco to eer
tain acts ot the It. C. Legislature
affecting    .lapnte-e,    in   which   Mr.
Findings of Royal Commission Emphatic Against
Legislation to Prevent Their
Further Influx Recommended.
��*|Inaugurated at Kamloops During Week Just Past.-Introduction
of a New Factor Into British Columbia Politics.-Result
of Deliberations of tlie Labor Convention.
Ottawa, April 14.���Part II. of the
report of the Royal Commission in re
Chinese and Japanese loferring to
Japan'se immigration has heen presented to Parliament by Sir Wilfrid
Laurier. A briof statement of tbe
findings of toe Commission appeared
somo timo ago; herewith uro tbe timl-
ings in full:
In ondeavoring to convey an idea of
the hind of immigrant the Japanese of
the laboring class is it will bo convenient to point out first wherein he
differs from the Chinese of the same
class. He is more independent, energetic, apt, and ready and anxious to
adopt, at least in appearance, tbe
manners anil mode of life of the white
man. lie avails himself of every opportunity to learn English, and often
makes it a condition of his contract
of hiring thut ho may do so. It is said
ho is not as reliable in ropeot of contracts as the Chinese are, and that
while applying to a certain extant on:
habits of life he more readily falls
into the vices of tlio whito man than
the Chinaman does.    As was said of
he has a dilTeront standard cl morals
from ours, and what bas been said of
the one in this regard applios to the
other; and except for broaches oi saui-
tary bylaws,the absence of convictions
would indicate that he is law abiding, lie often works for less wages,
and iu some important industries
driving out the Chinaman. He comes
without wife or family, and on a
passport which requires him to return
���within three years, for which he has
to give bonds beforo leaving. He dues
not contribute to tho support of
schools or churches or the building up
of homos. lie seeks employment in
all kinds of unskilled labor, and
works at a wage tbat all admit is
wholly inadequate for the support of a
white man and his family; and while
the Japanose do not live in one particular quarter of tho city or town, tbey
are given to overcrowding in boarding
houses, and the fact that they are
adult males without family enables
them to live in a manner and at a cost
wholly incompatible with the homo
life ot a white working man who has
a family. Coming as they do for a
limited period,and very often remaining only a part of tho year and returning again for the season when
they car obtain employment, they
carry away with tbem
are of tho least possible value to tbo
community, pvy no fair proportion
of the taxes of the country, and are a
keener competitor in all the avenues
of unskilled labor than tho Chinese.
Tlieir presence iu large numbers
delays the settlement of the country
and keeps out intending settlers; and
all that has been said in this regard
wilh reference to the Chinosc applies
with equal if not greater force to the
There is a olear distinction to be
drawn between immigrants who, if
otherwise desirable, come with their
families to make Canada their borne,
and that class of immigrants who
come tor a limited period only, intending to return within a short
period and tako their savings with
them. Tbey contribute iu a small
degree to tbat support and interdependence upon which the stability
and prosperity of a community
depends; and they withdraw to the
extent of their savings the value of
the product of the natural industries,
and render it moro difficult lor the
permanent settlers of all classes, except possibly the employe, to obtain a
living or to cany on his trade or call,
ing with success.
Tho concensus of opinion of the
people of British Columbia is that
they do not and
with white peoplo,  and that while in
Bome   respects   they   are less undcsii-
ftble   than   the   Cliineso in thnt   tbey
Chamberlain strongly advises the
enactment of logislaiion along tbe
linos of the Natal Aot. Quotations are
also made fiom despatches of Lord
Salisbury to the Governors of the
Australian Colonies.)
Your commissioners fully appreciate
the action taken by the Government
of Japan on the -nd of August, 1000,
whereby the Governors of tbe Prefectures of Japan were instructed to prohibit for tbo time being tbo
laborers for the Dominion   of Canada.
It is stated In a pamphlet purporting to bo published by the Japanese
Consul at Vancouvr, ''tbo principal
reason for tbe measure thus taken was
,o a��oid any lriutiou tbat might occur
by allowing thorn to conic into llritish
Columbia where their immigration
was not desired hy a certain element
of that province," and that ''the Government of Japan wholly stopped the
issuance of passports to any intending emigrants for Canada since tiie
flrst ot August last (1900), and still
continues tu do so, under a provision
of the Immigration Protection Law
(Law No. 70, 1/iflO.)"
Tbo course adopted by the Japanese
government, if we may without presumption he permitted to say so, is
most opportune, eliminating all cause
of friction and Irritation between
Canada and Japan, and so favoring a
freer trade and Intercourse between
the countries than could otherwise
Nothing further is needed to settle
this most
upon a firm basis than some assurance
that the aotion   already   taken Iw   the
Government   of   Japan   will   hot    ho
Your Commissioners dosire to express their earnest hopo that in tbe
continuance of this friendly policy
legislation on this subject by the
Canadian government may be rendered
unnecessary. Should, however, a
change of policy be adopted in this
regard by the Japanese government
whereby Japanese laborers may again
be permitted to emigiate to Canada,
the welfare of tho Provirce of British
Columbia imperatively demands that
effective measures be adopted to take
the place of tbe inhibition now imposed by the Japanese govenment.
You commissiones recommend that,
in that event, an aot be passed by the
Dominion govenment ou tbe lines of
what is known as tbo Natal Act,made
sufficiently stringent and effective to
accomplish the desired result.
R. C. CLUTE, Chairman.
1). G. MUNN.
Will Be the Name ofthe Organization Formed to Carry Into Effect the Principles Set
Forth in Platform and Resolutions.���Chris. Foley, of Rossland, the Well
Known Labor Leader, the Choice oi the Convention for President,
Total For the Year Over the Hundred
Thousand Ton Mark.
Rossland. April 19.���With the output
of oro for tbe week ending tonight,
the tonnage for tbe year to date from
the Rossland camp is brought substantially over the hundred thousand ton
mrk, and this too despite the faot that
two of the largo producers have only
contributed to Ihe output un a small
scale as yet. During the week the
LeRoi sent out !i,b'!iu tons, tho Lelhii
No. 2, 1,650 tens, the Centre Star 270
tons, the Rossland-Groat Western S.'.O
tons and the Spitzee 20 tons,totalling,
H.nsO tons for the week, and lUii.s-lii
tuns for ths year to date. The ligurcs
are viewed with much satisfaction in
Northwest Assembly Prorogued With
Usual Formalities.
Rngina, Anril 19.���The session of
tho Northwest assembly was prorogued shoitly after 11 o'clock today
without functions. Lieut. Governor
Forget after giving assent to 24 bills,
read his speech which was couched in
the usual terms.
There has already been published in
tbe columns of tbe Nelson Miner
telegaphic despatches from Kamloops
giving the proceedings of tile first
Labor convention of tbis province,
wbich has just terminated ils labors,
from day to day in a summarized
form. Owing to the interest that has
been taken in the doings of the convention and the speculation which has
arisen as to the political issues which
will result from the formation of the
Provincial Progressive party, the
exact text of the platform as accepted,
and of tbe resolutions wliioh were
adoped, is here given so that the public of thc Kootenays may be
thoroughly informed as to the meaning of that which was accomplished
and the spirit in wbich the work was
carried out.
The interest that was taken in the
proceedings may be estimated by the
newspapers which were here represented, the list including the Victoria
Colonist, Nanaimo Herald,Vancouver,
News-Advertiser, Province,'.World and
Independent,New Westminster Columbian, Kamloops Sentinel and Standard, New Denver - Ledge, Sandon
Paystreak and Rossland Evening
The delegates were (i:i in number
and came from Nolson, Rossland, Sandon, Phoenix, Vancouver, Kamloops,
Y'tnir, Greenwood, Nanaimo, New
Westminster, Sioean City, Victoria,
New Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson,
Whitewater, Kaslo, Ashcroft,Silverton
and Fernie, representing the Western
Federation of Miners, thc Socialist
League,the Tiades and Labor Councils
of the principal cities of the province,
the Independent Labor party, Council
of Railway employees, Locomotive
Firemen, Locomotive Engineers,
Railway Trainmen,the Federal union,
Carpenters' union, Typographical
union, Cigarmakers, Boilermakers,
Machinists,Fishermen, Siugle Taxers,
Cooks and Waiters, and Railway
It would be permissible to suppose
tbat whilst so heterogeneous an assemblage of men witb littlo or nothing iu
common, with tbe exception that they
were one and all workers, that it
would have been a difficult roattsr to
diaw up a platform which would express the views of all without eon-
llict. Indeed, that tbis was accomplished without the formulation of a
platform of inordinate length and
without the introduction of planks
of contradictory purport is strong evidence of tbat feeling of amity and
well defined purpose which undoubtedly was characteristic of tho convention, ln some respects the platform
may be considered as an expression
of the hidings of lho workers on what
they eunsiuer to be tho burning questions of the day, and in other respects
the platform may be legarded as the
basis ou which the party will stann
in its efforts to obtain a shore of tbe
representation of tbe province iu the
provincial legislatuie. A unity of
principle may be lean to run through
the whole of its planks which is still
further evidenced in the resolutions.
One of the most characteristic of tbe
wholo of the formulations is that
which may be styled Ihe preamble to
tbe platform, and which thoroughly
proves the grasp of actual conditions
which the new party has already
attained aud its conception of tbe
only method in which it is deemed
its purposes may be carried to an
ultimately successful issue.
That there were differences of  opinion at the convent.on is   only   to  say
that it was like all oilier conventions.
Hut at lhe chrc of the proceedings
even tbo.se who had not succeeded in
impressing the whole of their views
upon the platform expressed themselves as satisfied with it, and professed themselves anxious to see tbat
thu bodies which they represented
would endorse it to their return. The
debates throughout were conducted in
an orderly manner and ,veording lo
the ordinary methods of parliamentary procedure, some of these present
showing tbat tbey were no mean parliamentarians.
In the election of tbo officers who
arc to form the permanent executive
of the new party during tbe ensuing
year, the convention showed its good
sense. Tbe choice for president is
Chris Foley, the well known Rosfiand
miner who ran for the Dominion election (or Uiis district ijr-inPtW, A.
Galliher, the present member, and
who lately bas been associated witb
R. O. Clute and D. J. Munn in tbe
Oriental commission. The vice-president selected is almost as well known
a personage. James Wilks is a Nelson
citizen and lias been for the past two
years president of the Western Federation of Miners in tins province. The
secretary is D. J. McNivpn of the
Typographical union of Victoria and
is now the foreman on the staff of the
Victoria Daily Times. The executive
council of four compiises II. Ruckle,
of Nanaimo, of tbe Nanaimo Herald,
who is a member of tbe Typographical
union; J. Ii. Watson, of the Boilermakers' union in Vancouver; D. W.
Stevens, of the Oouncil of Railway
employees, of Kamloops, and T.
Buekton, of the Miners' union, of
Phoenix. Three of the number will
form a quorum of thc executive.
Herewith is given the text of the
resolutions which were cairied at the
convention with large majorities in
almost everv instance.
Proposed by J. Wilks, of Nelson,
seconded by W. Ebbs, of Nelson.���
That we, the delegates from the vaii-
ous labui unions and reform organizations, throughout this province hereby
express our disapproval of tbe indifference of present and past governments to the interests of the working
people. He it further resolved that
this convention immediately proceed
to organize an Independent political
party and adopt a platform for tbo
guidance of labor and other reform
organizations in future political campaigns. He it further resolved that
the name of thi-' party shall bu the
Provincial Progressive Party.
Proposed by A. Thompson, of Kamloops, seconded by .1. Graham, of
Kamloops.���That we elect a permanent executive committee consisting
of a president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer and four others. Also
that   a   secretary   le appointed   from
each constituency  represented In  this
convention with authority to correspond with the executive upon all
matters concerning the Provincial
Progressive Par'y, and further that
the executive be give powei to elect a
secretary for each district not represented in this convention.
Proposed by D, W. Stevens. of
Kamloops seconded by J. H, Watson,
of Vancouver. ��� Whereas a plank re
compultorj Sunday lahor has been
omitted from tbe platform, and
whereas t'uch action may needlessly
prejudice electors of tbis province
who may not be Informed as to the
reason assigned for it, and prevent the
wcrkingmen of tnis provirce from
securing their just rights in the matter'. Therefore, be it resolved, that
this convention pronounces unequivocally in favor of tbe rigid enforcement
of the Sunday law and recommends
such additional legislation as will
make it more workable and effective.
Proposed by O. J. McNiven, of
ltoria, .seconded by I. II. Watson, of
Vancouver.���-That this convention
heartily endorse the principle of the
hills now,before the provincial leg is ���
lature entitled lhe Work-man's Compensation Act, by J. H. Hawthorn-
thwaite,and the Dill respecting actions
against trades unions and kindred
associations,by Smith Curtis, and call
upon the bouse to support these bills,
also that oop'es Of this resolution te
forwarded to Messrs. Ilawthorti-
tuwaite and Curtis.
Proposed by G. T. Kane, of Kaslo,
seconded by W. Rodgers, of Gieen-
wood.���That the government Immediately enact legislation compelling all
employers of labor to pay all wages
due their employees in currency, and
that such payment bo made every two
weeks and that failing to so pay tbey
be punishable by fine and Imprisonment unless such employees have previously entered into wrilten agreement to the contrary.
Proposed by 0. Foley, ol Rossland,
-econded by 0. A. Mackay of Victoria.���That tbis body views with indignation tbe refusal id' the attorney-
general of this prvinec and the minis
ter of justice to enforce the Alien Contract Labor law, and recommend the
enactment of a law making it compulsory on the part of thc attorney-
general of llritish Columbia to secure
its enforcement: Further tbat circumstantial evidence as applied in cn-mi-
nal law shall suffice to secure a conviction applying alike to the manngci
or imported laborer.
Proposed by It. linlraer.of Rossland,
seconded by J. II. Watson of Vancouver,���That in view of tie lact of the
present building of the Pacific cable
and the movement in Great llritain
to secure other links in the chain
around tho world of all llritish cable
and wire, in tho opinion of this convention the time has ai rived for tbe
representatives of this province tn
urge tne assumption of the Canadian
Pacific telegraphs by tbe government.
Proposed by R. Todd, of Vancouver,
seconded by II. Buckle, of Nanaimo.
That the Dominion government be
requested to pass an iiut legalizing
thc union label.
Proposed by K. Todd, of Vancouver,
seconded by II. Buckle,ol Nanaimo.���
That the Proivncial government be
asked to have placed on all its printing, the union label, ami thnt the
union label bo made a specification in
all contracts where tie-same Is obtainable,
Proposed by H.Bnokle, of Nanaimo,
seconded by U. Macplietson, of Vancouver.���That in the opinion of this
convention all books used in the publio schools nf British Columbia should
bo printed at the government printing
office at Victoria and sold ut cost,
instead of as at present by contractors
in Eastern Canada.
That     this   Provincial    Progressive
Party lays it down as a first principle
that they will nominate,   endorse,   or
support  only   such men ns will place
thefl   signed,  undated lesigmition   in
the   hands  of   the convention   which
nominates or endorses tbem . lhat tins
resignation be sworn to, that this
resignation mny be handed in to tbe
l.ietitciianl-iidvornor-iii-t'uuiieil whenever a majoiiy of the convention shull
consider such action advisable.
1. Tbat we gradually abolish all
uxes on the producer and the prj-
ducts of the producer, shifting tbem
on land vjlucs.
:.'. Government ownership of railways and means ot communication.
3, That the government establish and
operate smelters and refineries to treat
all Kinds of minerals.
I. Thai the franchise be extended
to women.
5, The abolition of property qualifications for all public offices.
. Farm improvements, implements
and slock, not to be taxed, and wild
lauds to bo assessed at thu prices
abked for them by speculative holders,
7. No land or cash subsidies,
Lands to be held by the actual
8.���Ten per cent ot all public lands
to be immediately set aside for educational purposes, and the education
of all children, to the age of Hi years,
to be free, secular and compulsory.
Text looks, meals and clothing to be
supplied out of the public funds when
!i. Compulsory arbitration of labor
10. Restriction of Oriental immigration by a law on the lines of the
Natal Act; and if snid law be dia-
ailowed it bo rcpeatedy re-enacted
until the crd sought is obtained.
II. That to protect us from Asiatics
already in ibe province the government insert a clause in all private
acts to this effi-L-t; ''This aet shall be
null Bud void if thc company fails to
enter into an agreement witb tbe government as to conditions of construction and operation," and that the
house;pass a resolution Instructing
lho government to prohibit the employment of Asiatics on all franchises
granted by ihe Provincial bouse,
!;, Conservation nf oui forest riches.
Pulp mild leases tu contain a provision fir reforesting, so as to produce
a peiennia! revenue, and make pulp
iiiariiifaciuro.a grew ing and permanent industiy.
13. That ths Ant compelling the
scaling of logs by government sjalers
be enforced.
I I. Absolute icseivation from sale or
lease of a certain part cf every known
conl area, so thut state owned mines,
if necessary, may be easily possible in
be future. All coal leases or grants
hercatter made to contain a provision
enabling tbu government to lix the
price of coal loaded on cars or vessels
for shipment to 11. C. consumers,
ir,. Municipalization and public
control ol the liquor traffic.
10. Thc right to a referendum where
a valuable subsidy or [ranch's; is to
be cairied.
17. That all transportation companies be compelled to give free transportation to members of the Legislative assembly and Supremo and
County court judges.
18. Flection day to he a public holiday. Provision made that every
employee shall be free frum service at
least four consecutive hours during
polling time.
Probable   Effect  of  Rhodes
SclioKirshlps on University Life.
The Speaker Thinks Colonials
Would Leave Little
London, April It).���The Speakor
devotes a long article to the probable
"feet oi tbe Rhodes Scholarships on
Oxford university. It thinks it safe
to ignore the influence oi the viermuna
and colonials, saying the former will
naturally gravitate towards a Teutonic clique, but it will bo too small
materially to effeot the settled life
and traditions of Oxford. Tho
colonials, of whom there are many
already at Oxford,show no tendency to
impress themselves on tho life of tbo-:
college as distinct from the studenta'
of tbu United Kingdom. It kin tbe
American invasion that the Speaker
anticipates the greatest changes.
The writer of tho article remarks:
There are now two distinct classes of
Americans at Oxford, Ono of these
classes is tlm sons of rich men affected
by a more or less aoute form of anglo-
manla who aro often moro English
than the English tbemselvos. These
may alsu be ignored or thoy will not
want to participate in the Kliodes
ECbemo. The second class Is small. It
consists of sons of English bom
parents who have settled in America
but who wish to maintain English
traditions. I believe thut nearly all
the _et_ scholarships will go to
Americans of this class. I have uevei
heard of any puro bred Americans
coming either to Oxford or Cambridge
because be or bis patents though be
could get a better education at those
universities tban at homo. Tbo results, however, will bo tbe same, or
whatever their fathers may be, the
American who is a son of English
parents, is an American as anybody
and not be likely to forget bis
nationality when they find him at
Arguing on these premises, tbe
writer concludes that 100 'young
American students, "glorying in their
nationality" will become a potent
factor in impressing their personality
on the staid old university with tho
natural result tbat an organizod
American sooictv, college yells, class
buttons and thc young American
spirit generally, will sharply accentuate tbe existing differences between
Oxford nnd Cambridge,
Three Smelter Employees   Take Terrible Plunge Hut Escape.
(SPECIAL TO Till'; MIKI-'ll.i
Grand Forks, April I'.'.���Three
Granby smeltor employees, D, Kelly,
F. Kelly and I). Lowe were swept
over Ibe smelter dam this morning in
a small boat. Their escape from
instant death, was almost miraculous.
D. Kelly and 11. Lowe received slight
It seems that tliev wota engaged in
removing the artificial crib werk
added lo the top oi the dam duiing
the low water season. Acting under
the orders ol Foreman O'Ketfu ttiey
proceeded to accomplish tlieir task by
working from a boat stationed just
above thc bead cf the dam and held in
place by a rope stretched aero.,., tin-
river. After some of the timbers bad
heen removed tbe boat was carried
through tlie gap and snapped in two.
Tbe'tbzee occupants were.hurlcd into
thc seething cauldron below.' Luckily
each man was an expert swimmer,
and after being engulfed in the abyss
icaclied a rocky projection several
hundred yards below. Their lull
exceeded 71) feel.
New York, April 10,���Bar silver .'i2
1--1C Mexican dollars .2e. Copper,
dull,   lead, steady,
Hedley   City   Will   Re   Activo Centre
When Railway is   lluilt.
C. E. Oliver, M.E., of Hedley City,
is in Nelson on a business trip. Mr,
Oliver is interested in the Hedley City
townsite and stated that he believed
tbey had the makings of a good town
at tbat point. Although 50 miles
away from tbe railway, their nearest
station being Pentlcton, Hedley lies
at the mouth of Twenty-Mile oreek
thc valbv of which affoids the only
pass through the runge of mountains
enclosing the Similkameen, and
through which tbe railway will have
to flues an entrance. Close to the town-
site is Ibe Kingston mine on which IS
men bave been at work all winter,
and which is being developed into a
lirstolnss property. One tunnel is in
83 feet and another has just been
started. The lead ut the outcrop is HO
feet wide while the ore is arsenical
pyrites, carrying good values in gold,
the Nickel Plate is on the same
mountain, 4,000 foot abovo tbe King-
ion. A force of ','0 men have been ot
work on it for the past two years and
tho ore is extremely ricb. A large
number of tunnels have been run and
tho property put in shape tor shipping. Besides there are a large number of other good properties.
From Twenty-Mile creek down the
valley is a rich farming and stock
raising country, which Is well
settled. Tbe great, need of the district. Mr. Oliver stated, was transportation, and when this wits secured tha
district would go ahead very rapidly,
ns despite the distance from transportation the country had already been
Mettled and mines opened up, which
were all ready to ship   their oies,
, ^__
_.���    -.
ssawasiui,' ii isssnn**'* Nelson Dailv Miner, Sunoay; April 20, tgoi
The Nelson Miner
Published  Kvory Mornlna Kxcopt.  MondiU
Dally pornienth.brrorrlor ���    ��*
Daily, per month, by ���"'"' , 7<~��
Dally, per year, by curror * 1 ��
iMilj.pcrjwr.bynwil    ��ffl
Dally, per vu��r torolun    �� w
Weekly.per half roar  *\ ��
vV  ikly. per yoar...    ' ��
'\  -kly por jroai-, t jrclicn .    �� <"
1 sbmrtpUoas invariably In advanoe.
A.IlVKK'1'IrlNll UATK3
Dtonlay advertlsamenta, it i��;r Inoh por
\\ Salo  Cards, |J.W t�� mo"lh: soolt'11
Carol $-150 per nmnili.
MS Fleet Street. K. C.
OeeiTal From Auonej, Ltd., Spoolal Agonl*
- /,'meander �� Co.. Ml Klr-t Avonne. Hpoknnp"
*. h., keep this paper on Me, and are our
.01 Wined igonw fur advertisements and sub-
The above Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlot persons of stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
I havo this day completed tbe purchase ot tbe Kelson Daily Miner and
panose publishing a daily morning
paper, Mondays excepted,to be known
as THE DAILY NEWS, on and after
Sunday, April 22nd, All subscription
and advertising contracts made with
the Nelson Daily Miner, and now in
force, will be observed by THE
DAILY NEWS unless instructions to
the contrary bo received.
At an early date tlie paper will be
eulaiged and an improved news service supplied.
Nelson, R. C, April 10th, 1902.
The feeling in the Kootenays and
Yale ia growing that the Federal
government has detenrined that there
shall be no change in the tariff at tne
present session of parliament. II this
resolution is adhered to the silver-
lead interests will bo compelled to
continue nnripr the present distressing
and almost intolerable conditions for
perltans a couple of years before tho
relief wbich it so sadly needs can lie
secured. Tbo wishes of the peoplo
wore fnlly set forth in the resolution
re lead passed hy tbo Associated
boards of trade, which were presented
to the government hy Messrs. Aldridge, Cronin and Ruehanan. This
committee went to Ottawa and inter-
viwed the government and exhaustively went over the question of increasing the duty on pig lead and the
manufactured products of lead, and
the crying necessity therefor. The
desire was to raise the import duty on
pig lend from 15 per cent, ad valorem
to 35 per cent, and, if this was
thought by the ministers to be too
high to at least S."> per cent., and to
have tbe import duty on white lead
Taised from 5 per cent, to 25 or 35 per
cent., in short the desire was to raise
the duty on lead and its products so that
lead a ined, smelted, refined and man
uia tured in Canada might lie sold to-
the e.nsuiners ol Canana and so take
the place of foreign products.
What was -wanted was to bring
.-.bout the same conditions in Canada,
.is prevail in tne United States, where
the mine owner who produces ore con-
laming lead, tbe smeltorman who
reduces it, the refiner who turns it
into pig lead nnd the maufacturer of
tbe products of lead are all protected
by imp n duties on lead Bnd its products wlich are intended to be
V.'int b the result of the conditions
no ��� attaining on the mine owspers on
bote su'es ul tile line'.'
Ibe silver-lead and lead miners of
the province receive from 81.21 tn
$1.40 per hundred weight f"r lean
while the American rivals in the same
business receive *:i.r.O per hundred
weight. These figures are eloquent
testimony on the si lo of tile. Canadian
lend interests and cited as a simple
statement of conditions should in
themselves bo sufficient to convince
the Federal government ofthe necessity for making a change in tne tariff
laws so us to save the Canadian market for the- home producers oi lead
and its products.
It is not pretonded thai the simple
passage of the necssary legislation
would at once proouce conditions as
favorable to the load interests here as
they are in the United states. This
impi-ovemeiit would be wrought gradually. Tho conditions in the U. S,
are the result of gradual evolution,
thc dame as tbey would be here if the
Federal government can be made to
seo its duty in the right- light. At tbo
beginoing of the lead industry in the
United .States  it had  to  meet con
ditions somewhat similar to those
which Confront those engaged in
the same line nore. Smelters, refineries, corroding works lead pipe
factories, shot towers, had to be established and tlicss gradually came into
existence as they were needed. In
llritish Columbia at lirst all of tbe
silver-lead hid to be sent out of tbe
country to be smelted, but now smelters have been provided which together
witb those which are under erection
are of sufficient capacity to reduce all
of tho ore that is produced.
HUbert'1 not a sinlge pound of pig
lead has been made in the province.
The next steo is the providing of lead
refineries, One refinery will lie iu op-
eraton about lhe middle of .May and
the other will be erected later in the
year. Next will follow corroding
works, lead pipe and other factories,
each a forward step in the evolution
of the lead industry and each mailing
it mere possible to market Canadian
lead to Canadian consumers of the raw
and manufactured material.
It la essential to tho success of each
stap of tbe progress of the industry
that the porteetivo duty be sufficiently
largo to keep out liko products from
other countries. Why cannot the
Federal administration se.t the matter
in this light and grant the petition i f
tho Associated boards' of trade a
presented hy tbeir delegates'.1
Them must be a reason for their
failure to do this and it is said to he
a l'e.\r that it will offend ths farming
interests. This .should not deter tiler,
rum ending a condition of affairs
'which is almost intolerable and which
s retarding a most important interest.
'"The beef, eggs, vegetables aud other
'products of lho fanners are protected
by nn import duty and why should
they oppose like piotection for the
miner'.' Put tho import duty up
higher, as asked tor by the mine owners, and thero should almost immeci-
ately result a betterment iu tbeir condition and this improvement should
steadily grow. The Slocan, Ainsworth, Lardeau, etc., would become
the theaters of increased activity,more
men would be employed and the result would be increased prospeiity ano
consequent growth of the country,
which would redound to the advantage of tho l nner, who would find an
increased in rket for all bis products,
whieh wo Id compensate him for his
supposed aorifice in allowing the
duty on ead and its products to he
raised. There really would bo no
Sacrifice entailed on the farmer for
the Canadian manufacturer of lead
products conld alTord to sell
him white lead, for instance.
cheaper than he can purchase it at
present. It could to made" just as
cheaply in Canada as in the United
States, and there would not be the
present small import duty to pay.
Wo do not believe that eveu the
farmer would object to the putting on
of the proper duty if ne properly
understood the situation.
There is widespread indignation in
this section of tbe province ovor tlie
apparent unwillingness of the eo*>orn
ment to grant the petition of the As
Bociated bcarils of trade in relation to
the lend duties, and it is intimated on
the part of tbosa vitally interested in
the matter that expression will bu
given to Ibis in no uncertan way. It
is tbe intention to show the government that the peoplo ol this section
are a unit on this question and that it
ia one of vital importance which
must meet immediate attention,unless
the government desires to see thc
decadence of an industiy, which, if
properly fostered,can be mado cf great
importance to the commonwealth.
Success here is largely due to the fact that we never
violate the confidence of our customers, but are determined
to increase it more and every  day.     Here  are  the  proofs.
Dress Goods.
New York styles slioukl be good
enough for Nelson.
Pan Satin Clotli,   only   one   costume in each, per  yard  $1.50
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day skirts, 5.1 inches,  per
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Serges, Hlack Navy,   42 in.,
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Shetland F'oss, pink, blue,
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^belRo^alBanU of Canaba
Certilicate of Improvements
Drum Loimnon Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division 0
West Kooleuny District.
Where looated : On Craig Mountain,
lake notico that 1, ,|. I). Anderson
P, L. 8., ot Trail,  B   0.. agentfoi
. ���'8' _.����** Mtaai'i Certiti-
onte No. BB05S8, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to imply
to tho Mining Recorder for a Oer.
tillcate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Orown Grant of the
above claim.
Aud further take notice that notion,
undei' section 117, must, he oommenoed
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this Hth day of March
A D. lliO''. T. n. AKDBB80N
i'iiiiIihII .Authorised,
Incorporated 1869.
.    <M,o��o,ooo.o4i I < :u.iiui raid-up,    ���   .   .     ��s.n*o,on0.o<'
Board of Director*     rhomas K. Komvf,  Hroiildoub 1 iThoraas Ultohlo, Vlce-Prosldmil
Wllov Brattb, 11. Q, Bauld, lion. H��vlil MaoKeen.
���load oiiirr. Halifax I
(ionoral Manager, Kdson I.. PeaHO, Montreal,
Superintendent ot Urtuiohm.   W. 11. 'I'orranoe, Montroal
BraiM'hca 1
fc'ova tcolte-Halifax Branoh, Antlpoiil"!
BrtdKOwator, Cur moot, GuyHburo. l.on
riondorry. l.im-iilmis. Maitland, (Hani*
(Jo.l, l'iotou, Port HawkOHbnry, Sydney.
Shuiranacadlo, Truro, Woymouth.
mew llrunnwlck - Bathurst. DalhOualo
DOroheatei Froiloricton, Monoton, Now
cbhUo. Koxton iKont Co.), Sackvillo St,
The residents of Greenwood fully
recognize tbat railway competition is
an essential to the prosperity of their
city and the rioh mining areas that
Burround it. They want their ore,coke,
ami supplies hauled for a reasonable
figure, which seems impossible where
one company has a monopoly. Tbey
nave finally become indignant at tbe
tactics of the obstructionists who are
working so strenuously In favor of a
monopoly in transportation, The
obstructionists, und the publio is well
aware of tiie influncos thin are behind
them, have kepi a competing railway
out of tiie Uoundary ever since 1HU8,
when the lir.-,t chatter was applied for
by "iijs and means of a devious na-
tu-e. and thut bus beeu done notwilh-
stnndi g the almost unanimous desire
of the residents [or a competing line.
At first the light, wan confined to
Ottawa, where they succeeded in preventing a oharter ftom being issued.
Now tho opponents of tho progress of
the country are adopting different tactics and are invoking tho aid of the
courts and by means ol injunctions are
preventing the construction under tho
charter of the V.,V. and E.
At a well attended publio meeting
held in Greenwood on Thursday evening resolution were adopted expressing appreciation of the (iieot Northern's efforts to give tho Uoundary the
benelit of a competing railway, expressing sympathy over tlie delays and
expenses it had been subjected to by I
thc obstructionists and requesting tho
federal arid provincial governments to
facilitate   the completion ol the Great
Those interested will kindly call at
The Office where they can find
find out all about it.
V. K, I��li.nd���Oharlottotown, Sumniorsldo,
Qaebee��� Montreal idW Oltlool, Monlrei.
Went lCnd (Cor. Notre Damo and SelK-
non"H Streets)] WeetJnouut ICor. Oreen'
Avonno and St. Catharlnos Street,
Nmfounrtlaiid���St. John's.
Cuba, Wi-Ki Indira���Havana.
Hulled Huii-i Now York (Hi KxchatiRO I'lac
Republic, wash,
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver
Vanconver East End, Victoria.
Correspondent!! 1
Canada-Morchantis Bank of Canada.   Boston -Naiiona   Bhawmut Bank.   CUeago���IlUnoll
Trust and Savings Hank,   ttau Franollco���Nevada National Hank.   Lnndou, tng.-Bank   01
Scotland.   Farm, a'rance -Credit LyoiinaiB.   Bermuda-Bank ot Bermuda.   China and Jo
pan- Honn Kong and Shanghai BimkliiK Corporation.   gpokane-Old National Bank.
Ueneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills ot Exchange   Baugh
and Sold, Letters ot  Credit, Eto., Negotiated.
Accounts roceived ou the most favorable terms.   Interest, allowed on specie
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Certificate of Improvements
Alleu Minerul Olnim situate in the
Nel ion Mining Division ol West Kootonny District.
Where   located���On tlio divide be-
tween Sheep and l.onl, Checks, 111 miles
Iron Salmon Siding.
T4JKB HOTIOB that I, N. f. Towns-
end, anting iisiiRoot tor.I. W. Thompson Free Miner's (lertlHcate No,B420l)7,
intend sUty days from the date hereof
to apply to tho Mining Recorder for 11
certilicate ot imprivemouts for the purposo of ohtoiuitig a Crowu (iriuit of the
above claim.
Aud further take, notice that action
under unction HI, must he oommenced
before the issuance uf such certilicate ot
Dated this 2nd day of Novemlier, A.
Northern's Kettlo Valley   railway   by]
every   means   in   their   power.     Last
nifrht Grand Forks also littea its void-
in prnsest
It looks now as though the olistruc-1
tiontsts would soon be powerless to |
furl her prevent the extension of the
tracks of the V., V. and E. Tho railway committee of the house has re
ported favorably on the question of
granting a charter for the building
of the V.,V. and E. This is equivalent
to the granting of the charter by parliament and once this is done further
attempts to injare the enterprise hy
obstruction should prove abortive.
The Uoundary shipments last week
were 18,689 tons and this shows how
the trs3ic io ono direction is growing
and gives a fair idea of what it will
be in the future. There are large
profits in tbe Boundary traffic for tho
railway company that at present
enjovs a monopoly of it. lo this cao
be discerned the reason for the unceasing aud bitter fight which is being
made to keep a competing line of
railway out of the rich and active
Uoundary country.
ported coal. The imports of coal at
the California ports have for many
years amounted to about three-fourths
of the aggregate coal tonnage imported into the United States. Eastern
coals reach the PaniHc coast only io
small quantities, tho Koeky mountain
field haa uot boen a BOUCre of supply
for twenty years. Tne contribution
from thc three Pacific states to the
San Fianoisco market is growing
greatly, iu 1801 it was less than 30,-
000 tons; in 1U00 it was about 830,000
tons out of a total of over 1,800,000
Special Values in Parasols   at   Ken
and Co. 's.
The Sunset mine, of Alamo camp,
on Friday paid another dividend of
$0,000. Ihis mine is one of the richest
in the Slocan and has paid from the
grass roots. The dividends all remain
in the Kootenays and Yale as the
Sunset is the property cf a copartnership made up of tbree or four fortunate residents of this section. The
ore reserves is flight are hardly touched and there is assurance of many
more dividends and a long life of productiveness for the mine.
Lovnrs of the horse racing are seeking a site for the purpose of establishing thereon a race track at some point
close to thc city. Tliib is a step in the
right direction and should bo carried
out so that during the present year
summer and fall meets could be held.
Nelson has many advantages for an
enterprise of this character. The
climate is milder hero and there is
loss snowfall than there is in most of
the towns of Kootenay, while its central position and easy accessibilitv
would insure tho attendance ol people
from nearby cities when races of
merit nre run. All should cooperate
with the horEomon lo make the race
truck aud its meets a success.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand o!
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Ooast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
Be Sure and Get the Genuine.
I Lawrence Hardware Company 1
B Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C. 2
Manufacturers cf BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Unde���'ground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
Of the threo Pacific coast states
Washington easily ranks flrst as a
coal producer, with California second,
although in 18uij and 1SW7 Oregon's
output exceeded that of California,
says Briidstrccts. In the Sao Francisco marnet the coals of the World
compote. Foreign coal enters that
port chiefly as ballast in tramp
steamers seeking grain cargoes, so
that the condition of the wheat export
trade has a direct bearing upon tbe
coal imports. The coal supply of
California comes from Kngland,
Wales,Scotland, Australia and Japan,
in addition to British Columbia,
always  a   principal   source   for   im-'
Real Estate, Fire and Lire lnsurnner
Money to Loan.
$22!i���Four roomed house, with furniture, outbuildings and garden,
south cf smelter.
$800���Five roomed liouae and two lots
on Mill street, good garden, fenced.
$41)0 cash balance easy terms.
$120���Four roomed house on C.P.R.
land between Cedar and Park streets.
$22.50���Six roomed house on corner
lots on Front street. Modern conveniences and electric n^rht. Owner pays
water rate.
$8.00���Four roomed house corner of
Ward and (lore BtreclS, Owner pays
water rate.
$22.r>0��� l'umished house on Carbonate street, good position.
General teaming. A specialty of moving Furniture and Pianos. No 1 Dry
Wood, all lengths. Orders left at the
Wesetrn Canadian Employment Agency
receive prompt and careful atttntion.
obtained in all oountrieB
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
For   artistic   jib   work place   your
oders with Ihe Miner. Union Label.
That 90 per cent of the headaches are caused by eye strain ? That nearly every
person's sight is impared to a certain extent ? That to neglect your eyes now may
mean total Blindness a little latter on in life ? That you can have your eyes scientifically tested free of charge by an expert Optician ? That we do not handle spec-
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bother you why not call and let us prove to you the truth of what we have said ?
Certificates of Improvements
Queen, Niagara, Lewiston, and Burlington (Fractional), mineral claims
situate in thu ��� clson Mining Division of
West Kootonny District.
Where located���On Wolf Oreek. a
branch of Sheep Creek, which iaa rihu-
tary of Salmon River,
Take Notice tliat 1, William Wnldie,
B\ M. 0. BB0020, for myself aud as ag -nt
for John A. Turner. If. M. O. BB01B0.
and Michael Scully, Free Miner's Uerti-
licnte No. B50000, intend (ill days
from the dato hereof, to apply to the
Mining Kecorder for certiticates ol
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Orown Grants of the ahovs
And further take notioe that aotion,
under section _1 must ho commenced
before the issuance of snch Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of February,
A. D. 1902.
Certiiiuale oi Improvements
Farnham Mineral claim situate iu
the Nelson Mining Division of Wrest
Kootenay District.
Whore located���Near Ihe Ymir Mina
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Kenneth L.
Burnet, agent [or John Dean.F.M.O.No,
BI'OtKG aud Martin Salmon, l'\ M. 0,
No. B50<l8i), iuteud, sixty days from the
dote hereof, to apply to the Mining lie-
colder for a certiticate of improvements
for tho purpose of obtaining a Crowu
Graut of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under seotion 37, must be oommenced
before tlie issuance of Buch ceriilicute oi
Dated thia 10th day of April, A, D.
To Whom it May Concern :
Take Notice that two months afttT
date, I, John Hamilton, iuteud to apply
to tho Honorable the Chief t'oiumis-
sioncr of Lauds and Works for permission to pure-base forty (40) a.'res of land
for a quarry, which may be described
as follows :
Commencing at a post planted on the
Southern Boundary ot the right of way
of the Columbia and Kootenay Riiilvcay
and situated about four thousand (4000)
feet north-westerly from the North-
West corner of Lot 08, Group 1.
Kootenay District; thniee West two
hundred (200) feet; thence South twelve
hundred and fifty (1250) feet; thence
Enst two thousand (2000) fcrt; thence
North-Westerly, following the South-
Westerln boundary of the Columbia and
Kootonay Railway right of way two
thousand seven hundred aud thirty
(27110) feet, more or less, to point of
oommeucemeut, and containing forty
(io) acres, more or lees.
Dated at Nelsou this 15th day of
April, A. D 1902.
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern t-Ty.
Nelson Sc Fort
Sheppard R'v?
Red Fountain R'v.
Watchmaker and Optician.
Robie's Old Stand Baker st> Ns|son
Between Nelson and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle
Nelson to  Vancouver    -
Nelson to Victoria
21 hours
26 hours
26 hours
...Spokane  7:15 p.m
...Rossland 4:30 p.m
.Mountain 5'59 p. m.
...Nelson 6:45 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, a. P. &T.A.
Spokane, Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.
0:20 a.m..
12:25 p.m..
10:30 a.m.,
9:40 a.m.
*"# ���'*��-*.<- Nelson  Daily Miner, Sunjay, April 20, 1902
��������� ***********************
J     MININQ NEWS.     I
It is reported that a   strike of a rich
shoot of oro ; haa  been   made  on
Oreenongh mine at McGuigan.
The Slocan Star shipped 11 tons of
ore over thc K. and S. railway last
week and was the only shipper from
Sandon during tho week.
G. W. Hughes delighted the owners
of tho Sunset on Thursday by distributing among them a dividend of
10,000, F. J. Finiuane, manager of
the Hunk of Montreal at Greenwood, is
one of the partners in the Sunset and
he received a dividend check for !f:.',0Ui)
for his portion of the dividend.
Georgo W. Hull, manager of the
Sullivan Group Mining Co,, will resume work on the Sullivan mine iu a
short time with a forcu of forty men.
A shaft will be sunk to the ISIS foot
level and will there connect with the
lower woiklngs, from thnt point a
drift will be made for (fi feet, whicb
will open up the old workings, where
there is now said to be 1105,000 ton
of ore blocked out and ready fo
ln London, the market
of the world for fine wines,
Pommery-1892" sells at
$5.00 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Pommery" 1893" sells at
$8.50 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Wherever Champagne Is
sold according to quality
the highest prices are
paid for
Finest and Best Bar ln tr.�� City.
The best Brands of Liquors
and Cigars.
On the last shipment fiom the Wellington mine at Whitewater, 15 1-3
tons, the net returns were 11,802,87,
sayB the Sandon Mining Review. Tbe
ore carried 231) 1-2 ounces silver, 41.0
por cent, leid and 19.1 per cent, /.ino
to tbo ton. The ore was lrom a body
recently struck on the lower load,
which is from one to two feet wide
and which gives everv indication of
permanency. W-irk bus been temporarily suspended on the s'.iike owing
to tho surface wator.
A deal was completed in Rossland
Thursday, whereby W, Y. 'Williams
of tbe Granby mines, und Louis
Jacobson and Oie Johnson of Rossland, sold to '.ho Standard Oil company two claims on Copper Mountain
in the Similkameen country for
(58,000 cash. Tbo claims aro the
Mound ami tbo Copper Cliff, and they
adjoin the Nickel Flate property
already owned by tbe Standard Oil
people. Superintendent Williams
grubstaked Johnson and Jacobson to
locate the properties now sold nnd
comes in for a third of tne purchase
K. F. Parrish, manager of tho I). 3.
mino near Eholt, is at tho Phnir. He
reports that tho intention is soon to
resume prospecting and development
work on the II. C. At preient the
mine is shut down. He stated that on
all the big properties near Greenwood
work was progressing favorably.
Business was rather dull in Green-
Wood but ship-cents from the mines
were steadily growing. On the other
side of the mountain, at the Mother
Lode, preparations were being made
to ship steadily to the smelter which
bas just started its first furnace. At
thc Providence claim near Greenwood
there is a good sized vein of high
grade silver oro from which shipments
are being sent out steadily, as also
from the Klkhorn,' wbich is close by.
At tho Jewel, at Long lake, seven
miles from Greenwood, a force of men
have been at work all winter, and
have uncovered a ledge of gold bearing quartz, from which ore is being
shipped to the Granby smelter.
* Fruit trees, ornamentals, strawberry plants, eto. Dug and shipped
from Riverside Nurseries,Grand Forks
one day, ready to plant at Nelson the
next da;.   Verb sap.
The local club held its regular
weekly shoot yesterday and a large
number ol shooters were present. In
the first event, the Patenaudo Handicap cup, J. R. Hunter won with a
handicap of six birds, ha making a
total of 22 out of 25, This is Mr.
Hunter's sceond win. In the sweepstakes, as usual, some good shooting
was done.
Tbe scores in the Handicap event
were as follows:    Dr.Armstrong broke
7. handicap 0, ID; Geo, Kurtz 13,
handicap ii, IH; J. A. Gilker B, handicap 8, 17; J. R. Hunter 16, handicap
6, 22 | G. Tierney 14, handicap 4, IS;
C. D. Goepel 13, Bcratch; Jasper l'hair
17, Bcratch; Jim Wallace, 14, handicap 4. 18;   Soren Nelsjn   .8,   handicap
8, Hi; J. H. Ward 10, handicap (i, 16j
H. W. F roi lock 8, handicap 4. 12;
Frank Ward 10, handicap s, 18. Jasper Phair won the gold button, Hun.
ter the silver, and the bronze resulted
in a tie between Tierney and Wallace.
It will be shot off next w?ek.
In the sweepstakes, which in each
case were at five birds, no handicaps
were given any shooter, Seven events
were  shot with the following scores:
Event No. 2���Sweepstake r> birds���
Tierney 2, Phair 3, Pollock 3, Blackwood 4. Frank Ward 4, Geo. Kurtz 2,
Horcn Nelson 0, Geo. Steele 4, J. H.
Ward 2. Williams 2, Goepel 4.
Event No. 3.���Sweepstake r> birds--
Tierney 3, Phair 4, Pollock 0, Black-
Wood 4, Frank Ward 8, Geo Kurtz 2,
Soren Nelson 3, Geo Steele 4, J. H.
Ward 4, Williams 3, Goepel 4.
Event No. 4.���Sweepstakes 5 birds���
Tierney 6, Phnir r>. Pollock l, Blackwood 3, Prank Word 1, Geo. Kurtz 0,
Geo. Steele B, .1. II. Wind ���;, Williams
2, Goepel I.
Event No. .I���Sweepstake _ birds'���
lllockwood 4. Geo. Kurtz 3. Geo.Steclo
4. Goepel 4.
Event No. n���Sweepstake 5 birds-
Tierney 1. I'tuiir 3. Blackwood 4,
Geo. Kurtz. 3. Geo. Steele 4. Gtepel 8,
Event No. 7���Sweepstake 5 birds���
- l'hair I. Blackwood 6, Geo,
Gccpel 4,
No.   8���Sweepstake n birds���
6,    Blackwood   4,    Goepel 4,
Tierney I
Steele 5,
l'hair, II.
No. !i���Sweepstake
Blackwood R, Goepel 5.        H_\
In tho !'swe-pstukes ,'Gcepel and
Blackwood each broke even with 83
out of 40. The money was evenly
divided,nearly every one getting their
share,    About 700.birds were trapped.
IIVi:itAL mil', i-.i-- ,        BMDALMEBI
max uKAiixK ik nu
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural  Implements, Bee Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers,
Catalogue Free.
M.   J.   HENRY
Mineis,   wnioh   was   held during the 3009 WestminsterKoad,Vauoouver,B.r
Annual   Meeting of District   No, �� at
Kamloops���Officers Elected.
The   annual   convention   of District
No.   li   of  the Western   Federation of
past few days at Kamloops, has just
terminated its labors. Tho convention
sat upon April 11, 12 and 17, its proceedings being interrupted by the
Labor convention whioh sat upon the I
intervening days.   President Wilks in | ^QQ^Q^y    Q0ffee     CO,
his opening address congratulated   th-
delegates present,   25 in   number,   on
the prog!ess made during the past year
and in referring to some of  the labor 1 Quantities
questions of the day,   especially those |
which bad cropped up during the last
year of his term of oflice   adverted   In
strongly   condemnatory   terms to  the
convention of the Associated boards of
trade   which   lately met in Kaslo atd
alsu   to   the   Rossland hoard of  trade
which was assailed very vigorously.
Tlie selection of tlio officers for the
onsuiiig 'year resulted iu the election
of Georgo Doherty, of Greenwood, as
president; Angus MacDonald, of Sandon, as vice-president, and T. Buck-
ton, of Phoenix,as secretary-treasurer.
The first choice of tbe convention for
the last named post was Frank
Woodside, of Rossland, who,however,
declined the honor on account of the
heavy work that lay before him during the coming year in his own
The next annual convention will be
hoi in this city.
They Are to Be Held Here During the
Coming Week.
H. Uarmicbael, provincial assaycr,
arrived in the city last evening, and
it a guest at the l'hair. Ills mission
is to preside over tha examination
assayers, which is to commence
Monday and last till Friday night..
The examiners will include Mr. Car-
miehael, J. Cuthbert Welch, of Trail;
A. Ii. McKillop and Henry Harris,
of this city. Thero will be 13 candidates fur assayers' oertificatos,
including one from Butte, two from
Spokane and some from Nelson and
other portions of the province. The
examiations will take place in a
laboratory which has heen fitted up in
the warehouse of W. F, Teetzel and
Tbe examinations will cover the
following subjects:
Sampling���Samplng of oros or furnace products and the reduction and
preparation of sample for assay,
including also tbe melting of gold
dust and sampling of bar for assay.
Qualitative Determination ��� The
qualitative determination of the common elements in ores and furnace
Qualitative Determination ��� Assaying���liuilion���Gold bullion, for gold
and silver; copper bullion, for cooper,
gold and silver; lead-copper bullion,
or lead, copper, gold and silver.
Coal���Determination of moisture,
volatile combustible matter, fixed carbon, ash and sulphur.
Ores and Furnace Products���Firo
Assays���Gold, silver and lead. Wet,
and combined wet aud fire assays,
gold and Bilver by combined method.
Copper, by electrolitic, colormetric
and volumetric (cyanide or utlier approved) methods
Roasters of Choice Coffees-
to    suit    at   wholesale
Our Java and Mocha at 40c, and Our
Choice Blend at '.'.oils the  best  value  for  the   money.
We  jruariintee  satisfaction  if you
buy or order direct from us.
Pure Choice Teas
All varieties and grade.
West Baker St. Tei 177. P. O. Box 182.
Brewors of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
w��ioo., p, r
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 1-15 Telephone 2fil
and try a bottlo.  a dozen,  or a barrol of
CALGARY  BEER aa tt la tho boKt and
cheapest   oa   tho   market.    AIho   try  our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
PRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M........
TVleohnnn PI Hnknr St. N1 lso 11
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
AdvortlMonionlri InHorUxl amlur thin head at.
thn rate of ono cent a word por Innorllou. No
advoritni'im-ntj takon for Ifttt than 25 conU.
Situation Wan toil advorttMCinunUi lnnortod
i.hreo Union froo of chaxKo.
Kills SALE I'hciip���*ri)0 cash,    t>t)0 in
hull years, $800   per   year,   i
at s per cent,wil! hoy t'i-rcoui cott&ge, \
with all   conveniences  on  Carbonate i"NKyo,? ,"ol,A:
, ,   , km ,     ii      i **     ^> at.( iniiiiii
street     between    Hull   nnd    llcndrvx   variety ot sots dr
streets.    Address II. ,1. M., llnx 10s
Similkameen Vail***- Coal company, a small block ul this oompany's
Btoou has boen placed in my bands tu
sell at '.'ii cenis. stuili certificate!
win lie, delivered on payment, E, II.
KLAT   FOB    RENT���Over    Lester's
grooety store Water street.    Bright
pleasant rooms,    Oomplete bathroom.
Hut wuter connections, gas inline, etc.
Apply S. I,. Lester.
LADY whose husband is away, will
let (oheap) to lady roomer, well
furnished room with free use of
silting room, Inquire whito cottage
across from l'hair hotel, Victoria
i, l.ur.Mio-Kvi'ry kimwi
���   ���   -.   I'n Mux __ TelephOD
No. 8L Hoover Btreet, Nelson.   Uottlema* ih
famous til, Iai-h Hut Bpringi Mineral Wator
AMACll'lNAI.ll it Co. I'ornur Kron
��� uml Mull streets-Wholesalo Kruror
uml Jobberi in blankou, gloves, mitts, bout*
rubbers, maoklnawi uml iniiR-rn luoarfaa,
1>   llUltNri SC ( o.~ llaknr SLroul,  Nul-on-
���  w bolesals dealers in tn-r.ii u     curod
menu,.   Cold riuiniKu.
Baser Stroot, Nolaon- Wholosale don
ors in fresh luel oared moats,
IO BENT,���Furnished    house    near
Baker street.      Every   convenience.
P. ().  Hox 028.
FURNISHED ROOMS.���Large furnished moms with homo comforts.
suitable fur two gentleman or man
and wife. Reasonable terms. Apply
room 1, McDonald hlock, cor. Josephine and Vernon streets.
FOR    KENT    CHEAP���Twenty-three
bedrooms   and   newly fitted dining
room in good hotel centrally   located.
Apply X.  Y. '/..,  Miner otlice.
FOU SALE���Two good lots with six
roomed house, bath, hot and cold
water, wired ior electric light, (800
cush, balance easyt.rms. Apply U.
and M. liird.
TO LET���After   May 1st the   Central
hotel,   Kront street.    Apply Samuel
M'llington, Kaslo.
FOU SALE,���Eggs for batching,Black
Minorca,     Drown       Leghorn,     and
Plymouth Rocks.      1'. O. Bos U03,   or
Miss Edwards, Fairview,
STORE   TO    LET���Second door from
corner Josephine on Baker. Enquire
at Vanstone's Drug store.
TWO Oentlemen can   get  comfortable
room, breakfast and   dinner for S'ir>
per   month,   within   two   hlocks    of
hospital.    Apply \. H.. Miner otlice.
FOR SAi.E���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in the Kootenays,
best location, 25 nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best business proposition m the district today,
for full particulars write Nelsou Cate,
Hox Tlfi, Nelson H.C.
FIRST-CLASS Hoard ano Room, 85.50
per week, Silica   st , :in<l   door west
of Ward.
3. II.  LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 4(15. phone 278.
Wanted���Cook, 875. Dishwasher,
$40. Waitress, 830, Girl for chamber
and laundry worn. Railroad men.
Oirl for housework.    Nurse Girl.
GIRL WANT ���"ositicn   as  housemaid
or   general   seravnt.      Apply N.   S.
Miner otlice.
YOUNG LADY   Wanted   lor   store   on
linker street for Friday   and   Saturday afternoon. {Apply Miner Oflice.
WANTED���Toicher tor   Beavermoutb
school,     duties   to   begin   May   1.
Apply to .1. A. Morrison, secretary.
MEN AND Women wanted to work at
home,    (load wages   Write Glasgow-
Woollen   Company,    Department    C.
J strout, Nolson - Wholosale ilonliim Ir
hardware, minors' supplies, spulliltK Kood*
\/t 'LACH1.AN BROS. Baker Stroet Nelson,
l.L ii. 0.,���Donors in general barhwaro,
mining supplies, glass, paints, Portland Co-
moot, nre day and Booton Bro brick. Agents
fur wiiklnsmiit Co.'s oolobratod steal wire ropa
NKIiiON   HAUDWAHK   CO.- Wholonali
paints, oils and RloBSi moohanlos tool*
Dishing Tackle and Bpotttng liujd- a specialty
rpUHNKH, BEETON tc Co.-Cornor Vornoi
A.   and Josephine stroetn, Nelson���Whole
sulo doalors in liquors, OigarB, and dry kooiIi-
Agnnu for Pabst Brewing Oo, of Milwaukoi
ami Cnltfnry Brewing Co of Calgary,
UIWON'S BAY Co.-Wholenalo Krocnrlo
and linuornet.c., Haker Hlroot, Nolnon.
OJlico oornor Hall and Kront. Stroetr-
NolHon���Lnmbor, ceiling, Mooring, unci ovciy
LliinK in woo-1 for bniUhn^ nnrpoHOri. Uoi oui
pricoH,   (Jorrohpondenou nolicitod. ,,..   *-,
rA.   NTDONALD,     Akuiii   Hatelwood
���   Dairy Co. loo (.'roam.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Krom Montroal
Allan Line Paiiwfan May   'A
Allan Lino Tunisian  May JO
litiavor Line Lako Blmooo  Mny  i
Heaver Kino Lako Manitoba May   u
Dominion Lino Dominion  Muy 17
Frcm  Tori land.
Dominion LineCitliforuian .May  .1
I*'rom Host on
Dominion Line Now England May  7
Krom Now York
White Pt-ir Lino Mnjenlic May 7
While Star Line (Jer.nanio   May If
Cunard Line Umbria May   :t
Ounard Line buounla , May 10
A nioriean Line Philadelphia *  May   7
American Line St Paul, May II
Contlnen'al Hallin��s of Trench, North Gorman Lloyd, H. A. 1'. and Italian Liner- on application.
KATKrt���Saloon farei* ?I2.50, and upwards
Hocond $,'15 and upward* aceonliiiK to steamer
tvrl location of berth. Hl.eo"ajs'e quoted on ap
plication. Prepaid pa-waKen from England and
tho continent at lowest rates*
H. L. BROWN,      W. P, F, CUMMINOS,
City AkL. Nclr-oii,      Gon. Atfent Wlrnlpon
\nrt   Eljrht Years Tortured   With  Asthma
Kent    in an   Airtight   Room   for Months
Was Cured WHhClarko's Kola Compound
Mr. L. n- luminous, 0. P. EU engineer, Win-
nipcK. Kan. write.-: "My son, whole ,iii��i e gh��
leen years of age, has been a terrible sufibier
from asthma for eight yours,   Hundreds of
dollars 1 spent on dootors and remedies durinK
tho-e years only brought temporary reief. For
months   lie   was   kept   i*>   nn airtight   room.
About tho llrst  of  September,   1808, welpur-
eliaseil   some   Clarke's   Kola  Compound    Me
tool; in all seven bottles and  has  siuee  h^on
completely  cured.   H   has certainiy  heen  a
blowing to him."   fcold by all druggists,    Rn-
e ose BIX cents in stamps for free samplo, lo
the Griffiths and Macpherson Co., Limited. 121
hurch slreet, Toronto.
Kor nalo bv J- H. VanHtone.NeUon. H.C1
HELP     of   all   kinds     wanted    and
furnished,     Western   Canadian Em
ploymont Agency.      Lnrpe warehouse
for   storage; cull   at Pros.ser'.s Second
Hand store, Ward Meet,
111(1,000 slianis "f SiuiilliiiiiH-rii
Valluy Conl Co. htccir lu be noli! in
blocks at :;:ic a share. Apply W. W,
Fallows, broker, Sandon, li.C
New York
via Hon Line.
nnil all LI. S. points.
San Francisco
Paul, Ohioago
Tourist Sleeper Service
*"����� i C""Tn      '/V- Dnnmore June-
r AS     ti.niy
A-tl \\J A ]jV Kootenay tag,
Tuesday and Friday, St. I'aul, Toronto
Montreal and Boston,
��. �������^c^nr*- kaayo Revelstoke
W/ r> I    dally,      Vancouver,
��V __J_J A      Seattle Cl.iiist.
01     .  pi 11,     1 .iu.:.        1
Swannell, Secretnry
litie niethed. Iron, lead, lime, zinc,
sulphur and silica, by any approved
wet methods,
The mineraloftical determination of
a number oi simple mineral
On Friday evening next at tho conclusion of the examination there, will
be a meeting of tlio Assayers' sssocla-
Nickel, by electro-1 tion at Ihe l'hair hotel.
l'arties wishing liulf or any stockings
knitted or footed can have them done by
applying   on   corner   ol     Ward   an
Victotla street, opposite postoffice.
For the following supplies will lie received at offloe 01 the Heoretary of the
Kootenay Lake General Hospital op to
noon on Friday, April 25, 10n2, viz;
Specifications for Groceries and Drug
may lie seen at the office of the laecre
Home Seekers' Westbound
Excursions, March i lo
April 30.
Through bookings to Europe, via all
Atlantic Line
Prepaid tickets from all pointH at
lowest rates
For berths, time tables, rates and full
information apply to City Ticket olliee
Cily  Agent.   Nelson
J. H. Oaktkb, K. J. Cuvi.k
Dis. Pbms. Agt. A. (1. P. A.
Nelson Vnncrnr*
J. 0. GWILLIM, B.,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada,    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts,
Baker Strc- NeHon. B. c
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Strlft, Nklson.
Older* by mail receive careful anil prompt attention
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which U Amal|t��matrd
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up Capital,  M,00U,i ,   Uescrve   Lund,  S2,oon,0ooi
Aggregate Rssources over 103,000,000,
HON. QBO, A. COX, President.      11. K. WALKER, Ueneral Maia�����i
London Oilier:   (Ml l.oinl.nr,! Slrrct,   !!.   C.
Neu  York OfflH! ig Bxchaiifa Place.
Ami BSbimnohai la Canada uml lho 1 nil---! Btatas, Incluillng
An.m Qrvbhwood NKUOM BAN-noN
ciiAMiitooK       kammiuih NbwWasTMsrcrn  Vawuuuveb
nraMlfl Nanaimo RfflMTJlHTI VicroltlA
Vl IKON DIBTRIOT���Dawson ami Wiiitk lluiian.
UNl'I'Kli BTATE8���New Vohk. .-. \n Kiiam-isoo. Hkatti.k, 1'oiitijim). Skaoway,
Savings Bank Department.
1 iDepoilti Raoelrad ami Interest Allowed,  Present Hate H Pat ('ant
LlSelsmi Branch. &RANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
aj__-******** __^��
Branch. Markets in Hosdaiid, Trail, Nelson, Kasl.
Sandon, Thrua Forks, Ne**- Denver and Slocan Citj
Order* bj mr.ll to aw hrancb will hnve earetiil and nromnt attendon.
Receiver's Salo  by Tender
100,000 SHARKS OF C.   _ C. MINING
CO., Limited Liability.
Ilctwrpri lliu-rv H.   ll'iir.    Plaintiff,
anil 1'i-iiotliy O'Leary, AJministTator, j
i-t al. Defendants,
SuaU-il tenders addressed t" Ft, W.
Day, Receiver, Nelson, R.C . [or 100,-
IV0 sharps in the above named company will ha received by the nii.li-r-
Bigned R.W. Day up to noun of April
:;:.', 1902. 'I'iih Bale will be mad,- to tne
highest b'dder. Terms 20 [or cent,
whon tondtr in accepted,balance within ten Mays thrii-al'li-r. Tho nominal
par value of eaoh share i-. ?i.mi nnd
tbe authorised capital of tin: oompany
is $r.00,0u0.00. The company ����* Incorporated in British Colombia iu 18dG
uuiii-r tlm Coaipanies' Act, Ih'.'U, and
Amending Acts, The company 1-siiid
to own tbo ('. and (J. mineral claim
near Bossland, B.C, Kor particulars
applv to
Nelson,H.C, Solicitors (or tlio Urn Iver,
or lo
R.  VV.  DAY,
Receiver, Nelson, B.C.
Dated Nolson li.C, April 10th, 11)02,
For Stylish Up-to-D;itc Hats
go to
Opnro House Block
Graduate in Vooal and Instrumental
Music, is prepared in receive pupils in
Voice Culture and Piano. Latesl Conservatory Methods taught. For rnrilwr
particulars apply ��t .Si udio room 5, Mo-
Donald Blook, Oorner Josephine atid
Veruon tilreeis.
Dominion   and   Provincial   Land
Surveys nl ininr-s, mineral claims,orown
lands, crown iriauh  obtained and assessments roanAffod lor Absentees.
Certificates of Improvements
King Alfred and Ring Solomon
mineral Claims, situate ln tli"1 Nolson
Mining Division of Weal Kootenay Uis-
Where located���Oo Iron Mountain,
about o tniU-H from the mouth of the
South Pork if Uio Salmon giver,
TAKENOT1DB thai I. i'nincis J.
<i Reilly, of Nelson, 11. C, iih afciool for
1-'. W. Lewis, of liaiiaiiapoliH Iml.,
U. s. A,: Free Miner's Certifloale
Nn. 2610, Intend, aixly dnys from iho
date hereof, in imply to tlm Mining He-
cordor fur certlttoftlrtsoflmproveniente
for tin1 purpose of obtaining Crowa
Grants 01 flu; abovo claimH.
Aud further take notico that action,
under section 87, must bo oommenoen
before tin- Isanancoof suohoertlHcataaoI
Diituil thia mth day of November,
Certificate of Improvements
Armour Plate Mineral Claims Bituntfl
iu tin- Nelson alining Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where looated : On Mineral Mountain,
near Krie, B. O.
'1'ake notice lhat I, -Mr Aid.irsoi ,P,
L.8., of Trail, H.C. agent roi I! Dall v
MorktU, Esq..Free Miner's Oortificatu
No. Ii. B014U, intend, sixty day-, from
t he date hereof, in apply to t lo- Mining
Recorder for a Certificate ol Improvements for the pnrpobe of obtaining fl
Ciown (irant of the above olaim.
And further take notioe that action
under section '.il. must l��- Bnmmenoed
betore the issnanoe of snob Certificate
of Inn rovementa.
Dated this i")th da;, of Maicli, A. D.,
imrj. .1   n. ANDERSON.
Certificate of Improvements
Catherirc Mineral Claim, situate in
the  NalBon   Mining  Division   of  Wesl
Kootenay District.
Where  looated���On il:- east of X.
Sc Y, B. Hailway, adjoining tin- Rob'n
Hood mineral claim.
TAKE NOTIOE thai I. Francis .1.
O'Reilly, sgent ior H. K Hedley, Free
Minor's Oeniflcate No. IJ.'n:;7s. tbe Dun-
Duncan .Mines, Limited, (Foreign)
Free Miner's Cortlflcste No. I'.'iiin.i
intend, sixty days from tbl
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certinoateof improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining n frown
(Irani of I in- above claim.
And further take notice tbat action,
under section -17, intuit be commenced
before the issuance of ��ncii certilicate of
Dated tbisl2tb day of February, A.
D��� 1902.
To A. II. Fischer or to any
parson or persons to whom bo may
have transferred his intereat in the Manila and Silver Queen Mineral Claims,
situated nt the bead of Midge ('reek,
Kuskanook Mining District,West Kootenay.
yon and eacb of you ue hereby noli-
lied that I have expended one hundred
and thirty-three dollars in labor ami
improvements upon the above men-
lioned mineral eluims in order to hold
laid mineral claims- undei- tin, pi-ovin*
lona of tbe Mineral Act, nnd if within
ninety days ol tlm date of thia notice
you fail or refuse to contribute yoar portion of such expenditure together with
sll i-lists nf advertising, yotir intereat iu
said claims will become the property nr
t he subscriber under section 1 of an Act
entitled "An Act to Amend tno Mineral
Act, moo.
.i. p. ci,run.
Hated this loth day oi February, II-''
To Ml.AS il. OR08S, or to any person or persons to whom be mny bave
transferred hislnteresl in the Harvy
Joy Mineral Olaim, situate on Morning Mountain, about 1 1-2 milea westerly from the Silver Kiug Mine,  in
the Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenay Distriot, li. C.
SOU or any of you are hereby noti-
Bed thai 1 bave expended one hundred
I and two dollars and fifty cents in lav
I bor and Improvements upon tbe above
��� mineral claim, under tbe provision of
I Lhe Mi al Act, nnd if within  ninety
| days from the dato of   thia uotiee you
fail or refuse  to contribute your proportion of  such expenditure   together
wnb all costs of advertbling, your in-
tereal in said chum  will  become tl.<*--
property of the subscriber  under section I oi  an  Act eutitled An  Act   to
Amend the Mineral Aot WOO,
Dated this lllb day of March. J��08,
I ~\
Nelson Daih Miner Sundw, April 20, 190*
Our light, roomy  s:ile room gives
ample lacilities lor inspection.
Samples mailed to out of town customers.
Booksellers, Stationers
Show Boom for Mason A Ilisch pianos
Dr. J. P. Coghlan, Revelstoke, is visit-
ing S. 11. McAstocker, Robson St.
L. R. Cascallen, of ihe Wilson, Lytle,
Radgerow Co., of Toronto, is a guest at
the Phair.
George \V. Hughes, manager of the
Sunset at Alamo, loll yesterday for a short
visit to Rossland.
. Robl, A. Itcnwick rrlnrned from Pernio
last night, and will join lhe editorial stalT
of lhe Daily News.
At the police court yesterday Ihere was
but one case, that of a disorderly character, who was fined I lie usual $25 and cosls.
White -Underwear for Children at
Kerr and Co.'s.
Rev. Dr. Wright will preach in the
Methodist church lliis morning. The
evening service will be conducted by the
P. J. Flnucane, manager ofthe Paul; of
Montreal at Greenwood, lefl yesterday lor
Ireland, whither he was called by the serious illness of his mother.
Call up 33 if yon _ant furniture
or pianos moved.���West  Transfer Co.
Fred Starkey went to Kobson yesterday,
returning in the evening with his wife and
their little daughter, who have been visiting at the coast.
The funeral of the late James Amiot
look place yesterday morning to the cily
cemetery. Services were conducted at
the undertaking parlor-- by Rev. Wm.
Children's Dresses in Whito and
Colored at Kerr and t'o.'s
Tlie following books have been added
to the Nelson library: ''Right of Way,"
by Gilbert Parker; "Kale Bonnett," by
F. R. Stockton; "Methods of Lady Wal-
derhurBt." by Frances P. Burnett,
T. Mulvey, of Slocan City, who has been
spending the last few months in Vinton,
���Ontario, returned lo Nelson last evening
and leaves shortly for Slocan, where he
will open up the Calumet and ilecla mine.
New White lliousos at Kerr and
Oo. 's.
The new flooring on the fire hall has
been completed, making a great improvement in Ihe building. Work on the drain
and other alterations being made in the
stable are progressing and it is expected
that the building will he in good shape by
the end of the week.
The partition in the city hall between
the new and old sections was broken
. through yesterday by the workmen. The
alterations will be of great assistance to
the civic employees, as before the aeldi-
tion was made all Ihe business was transacted in one small room, causing- a great
deal of unnecessary work' The new portion will probably b,' ready for occupancy
some time during tin- coming week.
The Baltimore Man SayB Things
You meat caters who are ailing in any
sort of way might lake a valuable hint
from the following ;
ft gentleman in Baltimore writes, "For
. n long time I steadily ran down because
of an intense pain in my side, and also in
the pit ,,f my stomach, I was miserabl
and everything I ate caused distress. I
fell away from 185 pounds to 150. Lost
my ambition lor work, was drowsy all of
thc time, felt tired in lhe morning as I did
upon going i0 1���.(1 at night.
I was a steady meat eater three times a
day for several years. Somebody told
me tliat if 1 would change my diet and
lake Crape-Nuts Breakfast Pood at two
meals in the day I would improve. 1
made the experiment and in less than two
���weeks began to improve very rapidly.
My appetite came back and 1 slept belter
than 1 had for months.
1 used Grape-Nuts both at breakfast
. nnd lunch and ate a little meat for dinner,
but not much. 1 discovered that a few
teaspoonlnls of Grape-Nuts would fur;
rush more nourishment than quantities of
My improvement has continued until
now I weigh 10,5 pounds, which is a gain
of about 45 pounds in five months, and I
_JW1 in magnificent condition. Please do
not publish my name if you use I his letter
but 1 will gladly tell any person of the
the benefits received if self addressed,
sfamped envelope is sent." Name given
�����y Po#t��m Co., Umtlc Crsek, Misth.
J. Pied Ritchie, P.L.S., of Rossland, is
a guest at the Phair.
Thoburn Allan, wife and family left on
the Crow's Nest steamer lor Ottawa for
a visit befoie taking up Iheir residence in
Emmett C. Brown, United Stales consular agent, leaves today for a three
weeks' trip. During his absence his
duties will be attended to by Walter S.
Toilet Paner���Morley and Laing.
Al lhe city wharf yeslerday throngs of
small boys spent tlieir time fishing. A
large number of whitefisli were- captured
wilh an occasional trout. A number of
fishing parties will try their luck today at
Bonnington Palls, Granite Crossing and
oilier fishing resorts near the cily.
Tonight at Emmanuel's church there
will be a special Young People's service.
Kev. Win. Munroe will pi each on The
Two Sons. The music lor lhe service will
be: Anthem, Blessed be Ihe Name of
"od, (Leslie.) Soprano solo by Miss Ida
Hanson, Song Divine, (St. Ives.) A cordial invitation is extended to everyone.
All kinds of oipress work, coal and
wood. ���West Transfer Co. Telephone
Services at Sl. Paul's Presbyterian
church today will be conducted in lhe
morning by Rev. J. II. While, who exchanges with Rev. Dr. Wright. Mrs.
Melville Parry will sing the solo, Saviour
1 Come, (Westendorf.) In lhe evening
Dr. Wright will occupy his pulpit as usual.
Tbe choir will render the anthem Sweel
is Thy Mercy.
II. T. Ceperley, on behalf of lhe Sun
Insurance Co., of Kngland, has appraised
lhe losses sustained by E. T. Smith hy tho
fire in the house owned by Mr. Rolfe, The
loss on clothing was $.162.75 and on wearing apparel$75, making a total of $3,17.75,
for which Mr. Smith will in a few days receive a check. Mr. Ceperley leaves today
for a lour through East Kootenay before
returning 10 his headquarters at Vancouver.
Phonograph Records���Morley and
Lee Coombs, of lhe Rossland Warehouse and Transfer Co., was in Nelson
yesterday for lhe purpose of purchasing
horses. He secured a pair of heavy draft
animals from W. P. Tierney. The horses
weigh 3200 pounds and the price paid was
$s;oo. Last winter when business was
dull in Rossland Mr. Coombs sold two of
the learns of lhe Rossland Warehouse and
Transfer Company to Nelson parlies, and
now that business is reviving iu Rossland
he comes to Nelson lo replenish lhe Stables
of his company.
Riverside Nurserie-i, Orand Forks,
cau Buoply you with At shrub and
trees for that yard.
At Kaslo the wharf where ore is taken
on is not well suited tor the purposes lor
which ii is used and as a consequence a
number of tlie steamer men have had
duckings while loading ore. On Thurs-
dao evening, at dusk, while one of lhe
deck hands was wheeling a truck on
which was piled live 200-pound sacks of
ore down lhe inclined plank, lhe heel of
his boot caught. The force that he had
been exerting with the weight of the load
tore off the boot heel, but caused him to
swerve, with the result that the iruek,
with him holding the handles tightly,
dived over the side ofthe plank inlo fifty
feet of water. He went down a long distance and came up partly under the boat.
It was over ten minutes before he could
be reached and drawn out. The ore and
truck vvenl lo lhe bottom.
Garden Hoao., Cotton and Rubber;
guaranteed to 300-lbs. pressure, at
McLachlan Bros.
Tourists Association Meets Much En-
couragement  in Slocan.
W. A. Jowelt, secretary of the Tourist
Association, returned on Friday evening
from a trip through lhe Slocan, during
which be visited Slocan Cily, New Denver
and Sandon. The journey was in the
interest of the Tourist Association. He
reports that in each city visited the idea of
lhe Tourist Association is meeting with
great favor. Committees were formed in
Slocan Cily and Sandon while he was
there, and one had already been formed
in New Denver. Al the latter place the
Committee has been working for some
time and is doing excellent work. A trail
is to be built to the glacier which is located about four miles from New Denver.
This glacier is one of the scenic wonders
of lhat vicinity. On May 24th lhe committee, accompanied by many citizens,
visitors and tourists, will visit the glacier.
Each of the towns visiled will have written
descriptions of lhe features ofthe scenery
as well as photogravures in the Illustrated
pamphlet which the Kootenay Tourist Association is gelling up. Confidence was
expressed all along the line that all that
was necessary to attract hundreds of
tourists annually was lhe liberal use of
advertising along lhe lines proposed by
the Nelson committee.
A check for $10 has been received by
tbe Nelson Tourist Association from the
Royal Bank of Canada. Il was handed
in by George Kydd, the local manager.
Phair.���L. A. Carscallan, Toronto; A.
G. Creelman, Rossland; W. R. Angus,
Toronto; W. S. E. Baurdo, Toronto; W.
Carss, Orillia; George Crear, Boundary
Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Barclay, England:
Mr. aai Mm.  Wilson, Scotland; IUrbert
It Is! Always Something New and
and In the Latest and Most
Correct Fashion-
Tho remarks we hear every day about
nur New Jewelry, must be so for  wc
hive great demand for it at prices that
suit nil punas,   Seo for yourself.
Patenaude .Bros.
Baker St. Nolson. I). G.
Carinichaol, Victoria; Noinianl'.-iriui. hael,
Granile; J. Fred Ritchie, Rossland.
Hume.- D. McGregor and wile, Van-
lUVerj P. Kiikham. Winnipeg: J. II.
Duncan, Winnipeg; P.. N. Murphy, Creston; J. Beveridge, Vancouver; II- \-
Plager, Toronto! S. A. Reid, Spokane;
D. Gardner, Ottawa; P. HcQuaid, San
Madden.-J. llaiinhard, Granite; S.
Roney, Kemptville; S. Douglieily.Oitawa;
N. Pearse, Ottawa; T. Mulvey, Ottawa;
P. Levigne, Ottawa-, J. McDonald, Erie;
M. Kealey, Erie; J. Munroe, Sandon.
Bartleit. J. R. Sherman, Poorman
Mine; D. McLaughlin, Victoria! VV, W.
Whitford, Nakusp; J. Williams, Makuspj
W. II. Kessell, Nakusp.
Queen's.���J. Hartley and wife, Vancouver; J. M. Appleton. 8-Mile Point; H.
N. Livingstone, Toronto; P. Barker,
Grand Central,���P. Uahal, Cornwall,
Eng.; Mrs. W. B. Kearns, Pi. Steele; J.
Riley, Erie; A. Bremner, Snohomish; W.
Williams, Republic.
Fremont.���John Bennett, Bon Accord.
Curling lions��� Morloy and Laing.
Passenger Train Will Pass Over il on
Passenger trains will commence crossing lhe bridge over the Columbia river
at Robson on Monday next. Work on
the bridge was commenced in the fall of
1900, and thc total cost of the structure
has been close on $175,000. Tne bridge
proper i- 700 feet long and consists of
three 50-foot deck spans, each of 200
feet, and a swing span of 120 feet in
length, which when open leaves a channe'
of 60 feet between spans. The steel
trusses rise thirty teel above the spans.
There are eight piers, lhe highest of
which is 80 feet in height. At low water
this pier stands in 35 feet of water, and
in extreme high water in 70 feel. The
piers are 10 feel wide and 20 feet long,
wilh cutwater fronts, and the rock for
Iheir building was quarried close to Nelson.
City Getting More Money Than for Same
Period Last Year.
At the meeting of ihe finance committee
which was held on Friday lhe financial
statement for the three months ending
March 31, 1902, was read and considered.
A gratifying feature of the report, as
compared with thai for the similar period
of lhe previous year, was that the receipts
hnd been $1241.77111 excess of the pre
vious year, ln 1901, in the three months
mentioned, tlic total receipts from the
various sources of eity revenue had been
$18,955.94, in 1902 they amounted 10 $20,-
197.71. Real estate tax.collections, 1901,
were $1399.27, in 1902 they were $1683.711
electric light collections, 1901, $4838.50,
corresponding term of 1902, $5738.56;
licenses, 1901, $.j9oo, corresponding term
of 1902, $5350. Of lhe decreases in
revenue it is gratifying to note that, while
in the lirst three months the revenue from
burial permits amounted to $217.20, so far
this year Ihey have amounted to only $95,
Ned Butler Takes tho Big Event Going
BB Miles in an Hour.
Boston, April 10. ���The bicycle racing sensnn opened at Charles river
park today, a one-hour molor paced
race being the lending event. II was
won by Nal llutlor with 30 miles, two
laps; Bobby Walthour second, Hugl
McLean third. Walthour lost five
laps on the start penalise bis wheel
broke down. Champion then went to
the frout but soon bad trouble with
his wheel and was passed by Untler
who held the lead to tho finish.
Champion quit when he had mnde SSI
miles.     A purse of S10U0 was divided.
Romo, April 10.���Bishop Thomas
O'Gorman, D.D., of Sioux Falls,S.D.,
who is a member of the American
commission appointed to confer with
tho Pope with leferenco to church
questions in tho Philippines, arrived
hero to.1ay. Governor Taft, who is to
stop here on his way to the Philippines   to   consult   with   the    ahurch
authorities, and .Judge Smith,    are expected shortly.
Princeton, N. .1.. April 111.���The
thirteenth annual opening handicap
games were held here on University
Held today. Thirteen colleges wore
represented and 1:10 men were entered.
The meet was won by Princeton with
43 points, University of Pennsylvania
second witli 30 poiDts, tlaverford third
with IT.
Will   Remove   the     Loose    Dandruff
Scales But It Won't Cure Dandruff.
If your hair is brittle and thinning,
vou have dandruff. The mere scouring of the scalp of the li ose scales,
won't cure dandruff; because dandruff is nothing but scales of scalp
being trown up bv a pestiferous little
germ in burrowing its way to the root
of the hair where it snps the vitality-
causing falling hair and,in time oald-
ness. Now your can't stop dandruff,
cor falling hair, nor prevent baldness
unless you destroy that germ ; snd the
only preparation that can do it is the
now seiontilici'discovcry, Newbro's
Merplcide. In fact no other hair preparation claims to kill the dandruff
germ���all of them will clean the
scalp; sonp and water will do that,
but only Newbro's Berpicide gets at
tho root of the trouble and kills the
dandruff germ.
A  Subject   Jr'or   Remarks,
Tho new Wall Papers attract favor
able attention. Thoy reflect good
tabte in colors as well as in pattern,
and people of tasto cemmeud tbem,
Thev havo an air of elegance and are
most durable in quality, Investment
in such Wall Paper is a paying investment, before placing your order, it
will pay you to .seo our new designs,
and get our prices.
F. J. Bradley & CO.
SIkii ralnlliiK :iinl ricture FrAmlng
u Specialty.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber.
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always lv
Wo carry a com via lo nlook of Coast Flooring
('oiling. lnHtdo Blush, Tun od Work, Kiwb fttlfl
DoorBs Special order work will receive prompt
atlotitlon*   .Villi! ordern unlit-it ml,
Porto BicoLumber Co.,
Head Offloe*-Hondrvx and Voinon **o��� Nolaon
For domestic or steam use.
A full   supply always  op
Rates to   all  railway and
lake points
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Office - ��� Two  doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head  offiob toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage
Apply to Q. 1 -. LWNNOX, Buk��r Bt.
We arc leaving our present premises on May 1st and the balance of the Stock left at that date we are Moving to Ontario consequently everybody buying from us can depend on getting Big Bargains, for
the less goods we have on hand the less freight money we will have to pay out.
The stock consists of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes.
This is an opportunity to purchase goods at less than   Eastern   Prices.    Conic
and sec for vourselves.
My Residence and 2 Lots on Carbonate Street is For Sale at a Bargain.
��� .������ <*.
W-'-^T- ��SJ- WS WT'- ������^���St'- ^�����?���" ���^'���S?' ^ ^ 8T^^ ^ <C^ ��S'^&��'
Established in Nelson In 1890.
Don't Overlook Jakey Dover
I'm Here With tne Goods
And I want you all to know. All goods that I
sell I guarantee quality and as reasonable as
anywhere in the East. I want your custom,
and will do the rest. I have the goods and
want your money. Fair exchange is no harm
either for you or me.
Don't   Forget   Jakey's    Place.
Our Watch and Jewelry Department
Has no equal in the Kootenays.
nail  and   Express   Orders   Receive   Our
Prompt  Attention.
JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler
���AS.w. ^.-^>.>��>..^.>^.. *��������. ^���^���^������^���^y-JS��t-^&**a-*s-^*a'-^>'-a'>.-*ai-*a--.2s-2Bi.*-f>:/l
K>��MX>o:^^i^^tXKKn50��KKK>��nK QREAT NORTHERN
Fred Irvine 8 Co. f RA1LVAY
And now about onr Dress Goods Department,
We Have a Beautiful Eange  of
Ladies' Suitings
in Black Broadcloths, Black, Blue and Red Serges, Cashmere nil colors
Striped Flannels, Woollen Crepe do Chine, in all fashionable shades.
Something to suit everyone,
In summer poods we have a line range of Colored and Plata Dimities,
Flowered and PIriped Organdies. Striped Muslins,   Victoria, Bishops,
and Persian biwns, Striped Grenadine Muslins,   High class Dry
Goods in all lines,
Our New Stock is now open,
i Very Fiu Mm of
The Prices Will Suit the
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Kootenay Railway   and  Na
Company, Ltd.
Shortlist and <|uicKont, rouLo to die eoHt and a
points on the 0, R, Be N. and Northorn Pfc
rlilo KtillwayH in Wa^lihtKlon, Oregon and
Southern staton.
Time Card Effective Nov. 10. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
8:30 a. m. Lv.
10:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 1:00 p
I.v. 1:16 p.
Int Nav- & Trading Oo
NolHon Ar. 10:30 a. m
Kaslo Lv. 7:00 a. m
11:00 p. m. Lv.
11:10 p. m. Ari
Connecting at Flvo Milo Point with Nelaon
& Koil Hhoppard Hallway both to and from
Honhinnd olo.
Ticket* 'old to all parln ln United stui o��� and
Canada via Groat Northorn and O. K. Sc N
Oo.'h Unci'.
Ocean .��� .cianiiliip tickets and rates vl   a
linen will be (uriiinnod on application.
Koi- further partioularH call on or address
Unnaser, Kanlo.8, C
O. IC.TACKAntinT Aeont. Nelaon B.O
Subscriptions taken for the Nelson Daily and Weekly Miner at
publisher's prices by J. F. DEL-
ANEY, New Denver. B. C.
Close connection Bast and Westbound at Spokane with trains nf the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway.
1) reot connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, Now York
and all points   Kast, and South.
LeaveB Spokane' daily for East at 9:401 in
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:20 a. in
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 8:00 |i-u-
West-bound trains make direct conneotion for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, Han Francisco, anil all |"��"lB
on the Sound, ���   .
During the Benson of navigation Earn
bound trains connect at Dulut-U witli
themagnificentsleainships North-"es��
and North-Land of theNortln'i-n^township Company Line, operated In oon-
nection with the Great Northern Hall-
For further Information,   aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of BpolJa
Falls A Northern By , Kaslo ft BloeM
By.,KooteiaiBailway & Navigation
Oc, or to
H. BRANDT. . ,  .���
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt. W 701  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Vt asB.
Q. K. TAOKABUBY. Local Agent,
Nelnin 1> '���
Will pay the highest oasb prioe foM|H
kinds of seoond hand Roods. WW mj
or sell anything from an one110'1"/
needle. Forniture, stoves, . <WPSS
cooking nt-ensils, bongbt in bonae 1 old
quantities. Also oast off d��f���*
Oall and see uib or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 8W>. ��*�����
treet. Nelson,  R. C.
About that second-hand artlcl-n
yours. You'll sell it if you'll ��dver
Use it In The Miner want celum��,


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