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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 18, 1902

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Daily Edition No. 1269
Nelson,   British  Columbia, TuesSday,   February 18, 1902
Eleventh Year
Rate About 24 1-2 on Land
and 2 1-2 on Improvements.
Loan of $35,000 Proposed to
Meet Payments Out of
At thc adjourned meeting of the eity
council last evoning the flrst business to come np was the receipt of
tenders for luinbor ior oity sidewalks
(or the year. There were three tenders
and tho contract was awarded to the
Nelson Saw and Planing Mills whose
tender of $8.75 per thousand feet at
tlio yard, or $&.25 delivered was the
Three applications for the position
of city medioal officer were presented
and on a ballot being taken Dr. P. A.
McLennan was olested by a voto ol 4
to 8.J
The report of tbe finance committee
was presented in which tne following
recommendations were made:
1. With reference to the claims of
James Hubbard and bis wife for compensation for the destruction of their
cabin and certain articles of furniture, etc., In consequence of smallpox
infection, that the olaim be not
2. That the city solicitor te paid by
salary and that the conditions of his
appointment be similar to those of the
city solicitor ol 189��.
3. That tenders be called for horse-
sheing and other blacksmiths' work,
and for a supply of drugs and similar
goods, for the current year.  '
4. That the collectors be instructed
to press lor payment immediately of
all outstanding aecounts due the oity
and that whore necessary, proceedings
be taken to enforce payment.
5. That the following accounts be
paid; P. E. Wilson, legal, |188; W.
A. Macdonald, legal, $158.SO.
6. Your committee has gone through
and considered the estimate prepared
by the eity clerk of the revenue and
expenditure for the current year and
recommends an approximate addition
to the rato of i7 1-2 mills on the dollar un lands and 2 1-2 mills on 50 per
cent, of a sessed value of improvements, required to pay interest on and
to provide sinking funds for the debenture debts, that a general rate of
five mills on the dollar and a school
rate of two mills on the dollar on
lands, be levied to pay for the current
expensos of the board of school trustees
for this year, and tbat the snm of
$35,000 be raised by tne issue of de-
bntures to repay tbe amounts paid out
of current revenue on account of
suwers, waterworks and electric light
construction, and for the new high
sQhool and city office building,
7. That in future the police department be employed in the collection of
road tax and dog tax and arrears of
the trades licenses.
8. That the requisite number of dog
tags be procured and that the collection of the dog tax be proceeded with.
9. That the following accounts be
paid: W. G. Gillette, high school,
$1,785; J. A. Say ward,sidewalks, $00.
Tho report was taken up and considered clause by clause. On clause 5
a number of questions regarding tbe
city hoalth officer wore askod by
Aldermen Morrison, Drew and Bosnian. Thsy wished to know ii the city
was bound to pay the legal expenses
incurred in the suit now in progress
in which Dr. Laliau was sued for
damages for acts done while acting as
health officer, and ii so, now far the
oity's responsibility went.
The mayor stated tbat the previous
council bad discussed the matter
thoroughly. The council was bound
in the present suit, but when it was
Mulshed responsibility of the council
was nt an end whichever way it
went. An appeal would, to all pur-
puses, bo a new trial. However,
until tbis trial was settled they were
Aid. Morrison wished to know if
they had the written opinion of the
city solioitor in the matter.
Muyor Fletcher stated that the
solicitor bad appeared before the
counoil and gave his opinion on the
matter, and had besides expressed
hlnisclt to him privately in tho
Aid.   Scanlan   said that   while that
was   all   right,    tbat as a matter   of
business ho thought   it better   for the |
council to have the writteo opinion of I
the city solicitor on file.
The clause was then passed, it being
understood that the written opinion
was to be obtained from the solicitor.
On clause 6 Aid. Selous arose to
register a kick. In raising money for
school purposes he thought it only
fair that those who got the benefit of
them should share in paying for them
and by placing the Increased tax
on lands alone and not on improvements this was not effected. Many
men with large families who were
getting the benefit of the school
facilities had pieces of land aud
houses, where they lived, in outlying
parts of the city,where the land values
were small. Their taxes for school
purposes were so very small oompared
with those of the man who owned a
business lot be thought it therefore,
manifestly untaiir to increape the taxes
on the one and let the other.foi whose
benefit the improvements in tbe
schools were made, to go scot free.
A petition was presented on behalf
of tbe boat club, signed by 175 people,
including tbe business men of the
city, asking that the city instead of
holding a clebration on Dominion Day
assist the boat club in the rcgetta to
bo given on July 25th, by endorsing it
and giving it what financial aid they
saw fit. After some little discussion
it was decided on motion of Alderman
Morrison,seconded by Alderman Scanlan, that this should be done.
Husband Feared the North and Now
is a Car Conductor.
Toledo, Ohio, Feb. 17.���Mrs Charles
Purdy has returned to Toledo from the
Klondike with a fortune. During ber
four years' residence in the north, besides keeping a boarding honse and
hotel, she bought and sold claims
aggregating milieus of dollars, and
when she finally came away it was
with over $1,000,000 in gold dust   , "
Mrs. Purdy and her husband marred
west nearly ten years ago. It is said
that at Vancouver they disagreed
aobut going further, the husabnd returning to Tacoma where ho is now
said to be a motoirnan for a street car
company. Mrs. Purdy went on to
Alaska and from all acoounts prospered. Besides looking after her business interests she ran a hospital,
where hundreds of destitute miners
were admitted free of charge. One of
her lucky Btrikes was a third interest
in a claim which she bought for a few
hundred dollars aud when she Bold out
eight months later, her net profit was
$200,000. She still has large interests
in the Klondike and holds a partnership interest in half a dozen well paying mines.
Monte Cai lo, Feb. 17.���The ninth
round of the chess tournament now in
progress in this oity began today.
When an adjournment was taken at 1
p. m. the following result had been
recorded: Reggio had gone down before Marco, Albin had disposed of
Eisenberg and Pillibury had beaten
Napier. All the other games were
decided in the afternoon session whon
Mortimer lost to Gunsberg, Tarrasch
defeated Popiel, Mason downed Mieses,
TBohigorn was worsted by Wolf, Mar-
oczy beat Marshall and Scheve resigned to Teichorn,
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
Is Mining 2500 Tons
a Day.
Ovens  Have a Capacity of
850 Tons, In. 24
Among the guests at the Phair is T.
C. Thompson, accountant and land
commissioner for the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Co., who is in the city on a
business visit. In speaking about the
affairs of nis company Mr. Thopmson
says that the output of coal .is very
satisfactory and there is a steady increase from the oollierles of both Coal
oreek and Michel, under the very able
management of T. R. Stockett.
In relation to tbe output of coal Mr.
Thompson said: "We are now mining close on to 2,500 tons of coal per
dny of IB hcurs. The coke capacity
of our 636 ovens, all of which are not
in operation, is about 850 tons a day,
and should soon reach the 1,000-ton
per day mark. Only about 200 tons of
coke a day is being taken by the British Columbia smelters, but we are ex-
oecting to market largely increased
shipments to the Granby, Trail and
Nelson smelters, owing to recent enlargements in these plants. The
Granby plant alone is likely to require
200 tons per'd&y. In addition to this
we have in prcspect the Midway, Ferguson and Marysvillo plants, from
each of which we hope to receive big
orders for fuel before a, great while.
In fact," the outlook lbr an Increase in
tbe consnpmtiun of our products is
very bright.
"Fernie," continued Mr.Thompson,
'.a very prosperous. There is an im'
mediate prospect of an understanding
being reached with the'government in
reference to tbe townsite interests;
when this is done it will'bo bl- great
benefit to the town, and will tend to
allay thc apprehension that has existed for some time past.
"The development work on the
Morrissey oreek colliery is being
pushed with vigor and the company
hopes to be able to oommence shipments from there some time this  fall.
"From Miohel coal ot an excellent
quality iB being shipped in large
quantities. The coal is so good that
some of our customers prefer it to any
other," concluded Mr. Thompson.
Washington, Feb. 17.���Todav in a
little more than an hour's time, the
Senate in executive session disposed of
tho treaty with Denmark, ceding to
the United States for a consideration
cf $5,000,000 the island of St. Thomas
St. John and St. Croix, composing tbe
groupjif tho Antilles known as tho
Danish West Indies, and lying just
east of Porto Bioo and thus, so tar as
this country is concerned, consummated a transaction whioh lias been
under consideration intermittently
since the administration of President
Salt Lake City, Feb. 17.-Thrce
thousand western horses known as
"cayusea," gathered from tho ranges
o the intermoiintain statess, are to be
shipped to South Afrioa for use in tho
British arinv. They have been concentrated in corrals in this city and
at Grand Junction, Colo.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 17.���Yang   Yu,
the Chinese  minister   to Russia, died
[here today after a short illness.
Snow and Wind Make Railway Travel Impossible.
Maritime Canada Will
tertaln the Blizzard
Provision Will Be Made",for 15,000,000
More Bushels at Ft. William.
Winnipeg, Feb. 17.���The Manitoba
bar has petitioneed the Dominion government to appoint a Supreme court
judge from the territory west of
A. B. Faulkner, of the Massey-
HarrisCo., Wolaley, N.W.T., dropped
dead on tbe sidewalk while going to
dinner today.
At the reassembling of the legislature this evening, Attorney-General
Campbell announced that the Liquor
Act reierendum would bo introduced
on Wednesday when he will go into
tbe provisions of the measure at great
William Whyte, assistant to the
president of the C.P.R., arrived this
morning from Montreal, leaving Manager McNioholl at Fort William where
he is looking over plans for a new
elevator at tbat place. Mr.McNiohol
will arrive in the oity tomorrow and
will give the grain exchange an
answer at the meeting of Wednesday
to the petition asking relief from thc
grain blockade. Mr. Whyte stated to
a reporter tbat it was now deoided
that the oompany would orect at Fort
William a new elevator in the spring
witn a capacity of 1,500,000 bushels of
grain. Tbls will give an additional
Btorsge for grain that will be very
acceptable to grain shippers, Accommodation for feed will also be made.
London, Ont., Feb. 17.���Early yesterday morning V. N. Somervillo, living at 040 Queen's, avenne east, cut
his throat with a razor, dying from
the wounds in the afternoon. Despondency is given as the cause of the rash
New Haven, Conn., Feb. 17.���Eight
inches of snow had fallen in this city
up to I! o'clock this evening, according
to the measurement uf the weather
observer. It is the heaviest snow fall
of tbe winter and piled into drifts by
wind of a velocity of 30 miles an bour,
has greatly delayed traffic all over the
state. Connecticut sound ports arc
filled with vessels waiting the passing
of tho gale.
Troy, N. Y., Feb. 17.���The storm
raged fiercely here all day and tonight,
delaying all car service, steam and
electric. At 0 p.m. over a foot of snow
bad fallen.
Ponghkeepsie, N.Y., Feb. 17.���The
snow which began Ht 3.30 this morning was accotnpaniod by a strong
northwest wind, aud hy noon had
tied up the Wappingers trolley and a
little latei the trolley lines in the
city. Central New England and
Poughkeepsie and Eastern trains were
delayed by the conditions prevailing.
Plattsburg, N.Y., Feb. 17.���The report? received hero tonight show tbat
at least the eastern portion of northern New York is again swept by a
blizzard, tho third large one since
January 1st. About six Inches of snow
had 'fallen here and a strong wind is
drifting it badly on the roads and
railways. The strength df the storm
now raging indicates that all the railways iu this vicinity except the main
line of tbe Delaware and Hudson
will have difficulty in moving trains
Washington, Feb, 17.���The severe
storm, central this morning off the
Now Jersey coast, has advanced to
south eastern Massachusetts increasing to almost buriicane force, heavy
snow and high winds have prevailed
along the New Jersey coast and thence
northeastward to the Canadian maritime provinoes. Heavy snow haa also
fallen in eastern Pennsylvania and
eastern New York and light snow in
the bwer lake, legion and upper Ohio
valley. Rain continues on the Pacific
coast and northern plateau. The temperature continues to rise along the
eulf coast. There has been a slight
fall in north Texas, Oklahoma and
over the central plateau region. In
the Rocky mountain region and westward the temperature continues above
the average in some places as mnch as
20 degrees. The storm will move
northeastward during the night and
will probably reach Nova Scotia by
morning. Winds of hurricane force
are probable on the New England
coast tonight, diminishing somewhat
Halifax, Feb. 17.-Thc city is enveloped in a blizzard tonight. Telephone and electric wiros aro all down
and the city is in darkness and tbo
stores closed. Groat waves are breaking over the wharves and the damage
to shipping will be large.
New York Stores Forced to Close at
4 p.m.
New York, Feb. 17.���New York city
bas borne tho brunt of the fiercest Bnow
storm that has struck this section of
the country since tho great blizzard of
1888, Beginning soon after midnight,
the storm increased rapidly in intensity,the rising force of tho gale piling
up the snow In great drifts. Suourban
traflio and communication between
Manhattan and Brooklyn was subjeot
to long delays and shipping generally
was almost at a standstill. A number
of steamers are supposed to be off
Sandy Hook waiting   for the storm to] not know.
abate  before   attempting to enter the
port, f
Tonight the local weather bureau re- j
port tnat the worst of the snow fall,
wbich began to abate in the afternoon, is piobably over. The fall up to
3 o'clock this aiternoon was nine
inches. The Congestion of tiaflic on '
tbe Manhattan street car lines was
sovero during the morning. Many of
the avenues were blocked with long
car linos. On Btoadway wheel traffic
was con fined to the narrow lanes
between high snow hills and along
these cabs, trucks and cars crawled at
a slow pace.
On the elevated lines tbeie was considerable delay in the early hours, but
by the evening, the rush hours, the
trains were running on time. In the
shopping district the blockade was so
complete that several of the department stores deoided to close their
doors at 4 o'clock,
Four thonsand men were set to work
to clear the streets of Manhattan early
in the afternoon. Throughout
Brooklyn the blockade was even
greater than in Manhattan and Fort
Hamilton and Canarsie were completely cut off from all communication.
Staten islanders suffered more than
tho residents of any other of the
boroughs ot Greater New York. The
boats were all baaly behind time. The
island itself was completely snowed
under and tbe movement of trolleys or
trains waB brought to a halt. The
fleet of wai ships lying off quarantine
to await the arrival of Prince Henry
was for hours cut off from communication from the shore by floating ice.
Boers Think Recent Diplomatic Disclosures Have Affected  Opinion.
Paris, Feb. 17.���Dr. Leyds, the
European agent of the Boers, who iB
now in this eity, was questioned by
the AsBsoclated Press correspondent
today regarding the object of the mission to the United States of the Boer
delegates, Messrs. Wessels and Wol-
marins, who sailed for New York
from Boulogne, on Feb. 14th, on the
steamer Rotterdam. He replied tbat
they were merely going to America in
response to invitations from American
piu-Boers with the view of reaching
an arrangement for the distribution of
funds and otbei assistance contributed
by people of the United States toward
the Boer cause.
In other quarters, however, the impression obtained that the journey 1b
prompted by developments of the
Anglo-German controversy as to the
attitude of the powers previous to the
Spanish American war which members of the Boer delegation believe,
has produced a change of sentiment in
the United States toward Great
Britain and the Boers hope to utilize
this supposed revulsion of feeling in an
endeavor to get the United States government to modfy its attitude towards
MacLean Has BUI Regarding
Telephones and Telegraphs.
Palatial Church Burned.���Inspection of Fruit.���Goal
Ottawa, Feb. 17.���W. F. MacLean,
M. P.. for East York, intends introducing today a bill to have tbe government regulate telephone and
telegraph tolls and rentals, and in
case of telegraphs,for their immediate
acquisition by the government if considered necessary in public interest.
An unusual ending to a Bhantymen'*
row is repoitcd from a camp near
Sudbury. Xavier Gonest was known
as the "dandy' of tbe camp and he
was the butt fur the jokes of all choppers. Some nays ago he beoaine angry
and struck one of bis tormentors. A
figbt ensued in wbich Qenest's tie wbb
grabbed by another man and tightened
about his neck until Gencflt wbb almost strangled before he was rescued.
Ho was unconscious for some time.
A deputation from Oanadian freas
Association is here today to urge the
minister of finance to reduce further
tho duty on paper,
A. J.Moxham Withdraws Frcm Position With Dominion Steel Co.
Syndney, N. S., Feb. 17.���At a dinner given him by the staff and some
of the directors here tonight, A. J.
Moxham announced his resignation as
manager of the Dominion Iron and
Steel Co. He explained his interests
in tbe states demanded more timo
than he could give them while iu tho
present position.
The staff of the Dominion company
is well organized and, all technioal
pointB solved, he telt the time opportune to make a change. He would
Btill remain vioo-presiilcnt and director of the company for the present and
would with his associates retain his
holdings. Be had a firm belief in the
profitablo outcome o( tho project. No
successor will bo appointed immediately. 	
New York, F'eb.17.���It has been announced that Dr. Mueller, the former
oonsul of the Orange Freo state to The
Hague, was one of the passengers on
tho steamship St. Paul which arrived
here yesterday. It was said that Dr.
Mueller was sailing under tho name
of F. Castborg so that his doparture
from Europe might be kopt a secret,
inquiry was mado of John V. L.
Prnyna, concerning the visit of Dr.
Mueller. Mr. I'ruyna said: Henry
Mueller, the lloer emiRsary, Ins been
in this country for a month. He has
been travelling through the western
part of tbe state. I think ho is at
Albany al present. Ho will come to
this city very  soon.    Just   when   I do
Flames Subdued Before They Reached
Father O'Donnell's Rumania.
Montreal, Feb. 17.���St. Mary's
church, Roman Catholic, corner Craig
and Pantelon streets, was destroyed by
fire tbis morning. The 'oss is between
$60,000 and 070,000, wilh insurance
between $35,000 and $40,000.
The remains of the late Father
O'Donnell, former parish priest, were
buried in the vault in the church, but
the firemen managed to check the
flames before they reached tbat part of
tho edific. The fire is supposed to
have started from a lighted gas jet
near the sacritty.
Fruit Inspection Act Being Vigoronsly
Enforced in Ontario.
Toronto, Feb. 17.���Mrs. Mary Ann
Woodsworth, widow of the late
Richard Woodsworth, and a resident
of Toronto for 83 years, is dead, aged
>J3 years.
Elsen James was fined $4.25 this
morning for having in his possession
eighteen packages of apples with "big
ones at top." ThiB is the first conviction under the Inspection act. Mr.
James said the apples were cold storage ones and tbat the department was
pursuing lrni too vigorously.
Hamilton, Feb. 17.���There is a sori-
oub shoratage of bituminous ooal in
this city and it is feared that several
large industries wiil have to close
unless a supply is received in a few
He   Will   Not Attempt to Upset Montreal Elections.
Montreal, Feb. 47.���Ex-Mayor
Prufontainu returned from Europe tu-
day, He declared that the le gal proceedings had been instituted without
his knowledge and that be had no
disiro to alter the existing state of
affairs, All he deshed wus to oppose
a Tarte nominee if one appeareu in
the field. The ex-mayor stated that
while in London ho discussed the fast
line pmject with Lord Strathcona and
feels sure tbat it is nearing a stage
when an airangcmcot n ill be effected.
The feeling in London savors of choice
between Sydney, Halifax or Bomo
maritime province pint as the all-
year-round terminus of tho line.
Rccoider Weir dealt out a wholesome
lesson to election lelcgraphorB this
morning when he sentonced Albert
Chulifoiix.lllrich l.aiiiourin and Henry
Armstrong to 10. months imprisonment, nnd a line of $500 or six months
additional. Eugonc Gagne got 15
days, and a fine of $500 or six months
additional, All four were arrested
while attempting to telegraph vote*
in recent municipal elections.
4 Nelson  Dailv Miner,  Tuesday,   February 18, iqo?
i ��� i
Tlie Nelson Miner
Publlibed   Every   Mornina;   Except   Monda*
Daily per month, hy carrier ���    65c
Daily, por month, by mail     Wc
Dully, por year, by carrior V 7 OJj
D'lily, per y._r, by mail    6 00
Daily, per ytf*r foreign    900
Weekly,per half year $1 25
Weekly, por year    2 00
Weekly, per year, foreign    3 00
Subscriptions luvarlubiy in advance.
145 Fleet Stroet. B. C.
*>n!.ral  Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agent*
Alexander & C!o..521 First Avonno, Spokano
Wa"h.. kflep this paper on file, and are our
authorized agonts for odvertisomonts and sub-
The abovo Reward will bo paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
William M. Urowcr, representative
of the New York Engineering and
Mining Journal, is authority for the
statement that the mines ol the
Uoundary can extract aud tieat ore
that carries values of only $3 per ton.
Ore of this character, ho snid, might
not pay interest on the investment,
but it would make an allowance for
wear and tear. Mr. Brewer further
stated that this was the lowest cost at
which any metalliferous mines of the
world were worked with the possible
exception of tne iron mines of
Alabama. Mr. Brewer is a mining
engineer and in his capacity of correspondent has frequently visited the
different mining camps and made a
close study ot conditions. His estimate, therefore, of the cost of mining
. and reduction of the ores of the
liouuday may by accepted as approximately correct. The fait that mining
and reduction can be accomplished
for such a very low price speaks
volumes for the ability of the management of the mines and smelters of the
Boundary and reveals that they must
have adopted modern means and labor
tavmg devices to cut down tho cost
of operations in every department to
produce such a low aggregate result
for mining and reduction.
Mr. Brewer is of the opinion that the
Boundary mines could be mado co pay
with copper nt !i cents. This result,
too, could not bave heen accomplished
wero fuel at the high price which the
organs of the 0, P. li. have been endeavoring to prove that it is. The
Crow's Nest Coal and Coke company,
when it was demonstrated to it by
representatives of the mining and
smelting interosts of the Boundary
thnt the margin of profit had been jut
down by the fall in tho pi ice oi copper
very generously lowered the piice of
coko at Fernie to $4 per ton. Coal
costs but $2 a ton at Fernie, This is a
reasonable price for fuel in this
province where tbe cost of producing
it is higher than in the eastern portion of the Dominion where labor,
supplies, etc., are moro reasonable
than they are here, and yet some of
tbe henohmen of the C. P. R. are so
unreasonable as to quote Mar a time
pruvince figures and to expect that
ooke and coal can be sold for the samo
piicc here. The crusade which the
Canadian Pacific is making, however,
haa nothing but greed and selfishness
behind it, and the people here fully
understand what its objects are. One
is to seoure control of 50,000 acres of
coal land and thu other is to in some
way prevent tho Crow's Nest railway
from becoming the useful institution
it is intended lo bo.
In order to accomplish these objeots
there is scarcely any misrepresentation
that would not be mado by the O.I'.R.
its organs and its henchmen.
One thing is most palpable and that
is that thu smelters are not being oppressed and injured by the high price
of coke and coal when thu Boundary
smelters can mine and smelt ores that
only run $.1 to the ton. This is an
Irrefragable proof that thu statements
made la the interests of thn C.P.R. to
the contrary are simply misrepresentations.
Inquiry into the origin ol the cases
coming before tlie Supreme court of tbe
province shows that at least half of
tbem aro from that part of the province east of Ash'Toft. In appeals
before the Supreme court the proportion is even higher and amount to
three-fifths of the total, Of the appeal
cases tbosu involving nn interpitation
of,the Mineral act amount to one half
of thi! whole,    Appeals from  Y ukon
territory may be hoard either in thc
courts of the Northwest territories or
Iii llriti.-h Columbia and on account
of the convenience to tbo clients and
to counsel, ninety per cent, of them
are heard in Viotoria or Vancouver, a
fapt which adds to the proportion of
mining     appeals.       Within    British
Columbia east of Ashcroft there arc 6.1
members of the oar in active practice,
and in the remainder of the province
there are 130. Of the present members
of the bench all reside in Victoria
and when in active practice before
tbeir appointment but one of them,
except very occasionally, had the conduct of a mining case, and the exception, Mr. Justice Walkem, had an experience confined to cases with regard
to placer mining.
It is thus apparent that, as at present constituted, the Supreme court
bench can hardly be said to be representative of the different sections of tho
province or of the different departments of legal practice. They all
reside in the one city and consequently there is a sentiment that thc legal
business of the country would be ear
ried on more expeditiously and at less
cost it their places of residenje were
wider distributed.
Being the seat of tho so large a
proportion of the legal business coming before the courts, and of the residences and places of business of two-
fifths of the lawyers of the provinoe,
the mining sections oan with justice
practically demand that their interests
and those of the community should be
so far recognised tbat a member of
the bar familiar with the^practice of
mining cases should bo appointed to
the vacancy on the bench, though not
necessarily to the chief justiceship.
The appointment of either Mr. Bod-
well or of Mr.Davis to the bench or to
the chief justiceship would bo welcomed by the bar of all parts of the
province, but since both theso eminent legal practitioners, it is understood, have declined, or would decline
the position, the whole trend of feeling, both before the bar and in ths
business community, is 6trongly in
favor of the recognition of their vast
interests by the., nomination to the
bench of a man whose sympathies and
special knowledge of mining laws
would make him familiar with and
especialy fit him to deal with the
cases that arise in the mining sections of the province.
The flood of misrepresentation of the
Crow's Nest Southern railway and of
the Crow's Nest Coal company is not
confined to the nest, but is also in
progress in the east. The Mail and
Empire, of Toronto, on February 7th
published a dispatch from Ottawa
which stated that Mr. Hill, of the
Great Northern railway, had acquired
54 perc ent. of tho stock of the Crow's
Nest Coal Cb. ; that the company was
shipping its best coke snd coal to the
United States, and wns supplying the
Canadian smelters with inferior fuel
for which an exorbitant price was
being charged. The Mail and Empire
of February 12th, which came to hand
yesterday, contains the follwing
"G. 0. S. Lindsey, general counsel
for tho Crow's Nest Coal company,
limited, assures The Mail and Empire
that the statements contained iu an
Oltawa despatch to the Mail and Empire, published on February 7th, with
respoot to the Crow's Nest Coal company, are incorrect. He states that
Mr. Bill has not acquired 54 per cent,
of tho stock in the company; that he
has not secured a controlling interest,
and that tho company is not shipping
its best coal and coko to the Unitod
States, aud supplying the Canadian
smelters with inferior stuff at an exorbitant price. The Mail and Empiro
takes this opporutuity nf correcting
the statement, and regrets that publicity should have heen given to assertions which aro erroneous."
A despatch dated Meloburne, Jan.
1-th, says: In reply to the Canadian
manufacturers" complaint that the
now Commonwealth tariff is In luring
Cunadian trade, Mr. Barton, thc Federal Premier, says the Canadians havo
benefited by 35 years of protection,
and that he thinks thoy should appreciate Australia's desire to place her
manufacturers on a sound basis like
Has Been Kept   Up.Well and is Doing
Oood Business.
J. Wilson, superintendent of C.P.R.
telegraphs, wns in Nelson yesterday
on a tour of inspection of tho oAlong 0f
Kootenay, He will go to East Kootenay beforo leaving for the coast. Mr.
Wilson expects that there will be
considerable extensions to tho lines of
tbe company in Kootenay and Yalo
during the earning summer but exactly
what tbey ulc 'las "ot yet been determined.
Speaking of the Dawson line Mr.
Wilson stated that there had beon
some difficulty during the winter in
keeping it open and for morn than
threo weeks nt the end of December
and tho beginning of .lanunry communication had been cut off, but on the
whole the line had worked very successfully. Ho understood that the
business done by the Dawson line had
been very good and that it had, if uot
qnlto, almost paid operating expenses.
Two lino repairers   are   stationed   at
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Opera Flannel Blouses,  Silk skirts,
Ladies' jackets, Golf Capes,   Ladies'
Costumes, Dress Goods and  Furs.
At Largely Reduced Prices.
We do no} often advertise special reductions, but when we
do they are. genuine. No inferior goods are bought by us
and offered as so-called Bargains.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
There is noth ing like Asthmalene. It
brings.instant relief, even iu t e worst
cases.   It cures when all else fails.
The Rev. O. P. WELLS, o Villa Ridge,
111., says: "Yonr trial bottle of Asthmalene received in good condition. I cannot
tell you how thankful I feel for the good
derived from it. I was a slave, obained
with putrid sore throat and asthma for ten
years. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
saw your advertisement for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, Asthma, and thought you bad overapoken
yourselves, but resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial aoted like a
charm.    Send me a full size bottle.
Rev, Dr. Morris rTccnaler,
Rabbi ot thn Oong. Bnai Israel,
New York, Jan, 3,1001
Dr. Taft Bnos. Medicine Co.,
Gentlemen:     Your  Asthmalene  is an
excellent  remedy   for  Asthma  and Hay
Fever, and   its composition alleviates all
troubles   whieh  combine  with   Asthma.
���* Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it carefully analyzed, we can Btnte  thut Asthmalene oontnins
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.    Very truly yours,
Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1001.
Drs. Taft Bbob, Medicine Co.
Gentlemen : I write this testimonial from a Bense of duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene, for the cure of Asthma, My wife has
been nlllcied witb spasmodic asthma for tho past 12 years. Having exhausted
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My wife commeuced taking it about the first of November. I very soon noticed
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Yours respeotfully, O. D. PHBLPS, M. D.
Db. Taft Bbos, Medicine Co, Feb. 5,1001.
Gentlemen : I was troubled *vith Asthma for 22 years. 1 bave tried numerous remedies, bnt they have all failed. I ran aoross your advertisement and
started with a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have sinoe purchased your
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for six years was unable to work. I am now in the best of health and am doing
business every day.   This testimony you can make suoh use of as you see St.
Home address, 235 Rivington street. S. RAPHAEL,
07 East 129th St,,New York Oity.
Do not delay.   Write at once, nddressing  DR.  TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
CO., 79 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
         Sold by Ail Druggists.
every 40 miles along the route and
these have been able to keep the wires
up pretty well. The Dominion telegraph lines within the province are
not now under his charge, but a superintendent has been appointed from
Commencing Wednesday morning,
lllth inst., thc K. R, and N. Co., will
resume their regular schedule, Leaving Nelson City wharf daily at il p.m.
for Kaslo nnd way landings, and arriving at 10.30 a.m.
Until further notico the steamer
Kokanoe will only malic a trip to
Lardo ouce a week on Thursdays.
Canada Permanent an u Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to (i. I,. LKMNOX, Bukw 8t.
Will pay the highest cash prloo for all
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needle. Fornitnre, stoves, oarperta,
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Silver King Mike, Bo�� MP. Hall
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Progressive Games.
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in Prizes 1  WINTER CARNIVAL g
Thursday, Friday b Saturday,
February 20 to 22, 1902
" Grand Hockey Tournament (for the senior and jnnior championship of the province), Five Skating Races, Six Snowsboe Races, Ski
Running and Jumping, Carnival Masquerade, Cutter Races for Pacers and Trotters,
Single fare for round trip on all railways. Tickets on sale February 20, good to return until Feb. 24, For programs or any information, address H.W.O. JACKSON, Seo. Carnival Committee, Rossland   (*
Stoves and
Ranges . .
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Lawrence Hardware
EbelRosalBank of Canaba
aa.oon, ooooo
Incorporated i86p,
Capital  Authorized,     .     .    ��I,<!O0,ikxi.O0 |  Capital raid-up
K��Ht, . .       i
Roard ot Director*    Thomas K. Kenny, President;   Thomas Ritchie. Vice-President
aWUev Smith, H. Q. Bauld, Hon. David Maofceen. rresiaeno
Head tlfflco, Halifax ���
Ueneral Manager, Kdson L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent ot Branches,, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifav,
Nova   Meotlo���Halifax   Branoh,   AntUmni*!'
Brldgewator, (Juysboro. Londonderry, Lu -
enburK. Maitland (Hani,, Co.), I'ictou Port
Hnwkesbury, Sydney. ShubonacadlcTruro
dew    Kriiimwir i ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,
Fredoricton, jtlneHton (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sackvilln St, John.Woodntook'
r. K. lsluod���Charlottetowu, Summorside.
��J��ebf��-Montre��.l, (City lOffloe), Montroa
West End (Cor. Notre Dame and Sete-
nours Streets); Weatmount (Cor. Greene
Avenue and St. Catharines Streot.
Newfoundland���HI. John's.
Cuba, West ladle*��� Havana.
���^anM^EbT Y��rk "6 ,""ha'",e PlM9
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pan-Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane-Old National Bank
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Geo. Kydd. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Delivered to any point
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Winter Carnival
Feb. 20,21, 22
Will issue return tickets at
Single Fare
February  20,   ar,  good  for
return till February 24.
Full particulars from  local
For berths, time tables, rates amy 11II
Information apply to,
J. 8. Oaktkii, B, J, Ootle
Dis. Fbsb. Agt. A. Q. P. A.
Neltion Vancrnre
About that second-hand article ot
yours. You'll sell lt If you'll adver>
Use it in The Miner want col'ituu Nelson   Daily Miner. Tuas-ay February 18, 1902
H,   W.   Kent  Discusses  Up  Country
Line and the Coming Regatta.
yj. W. Kent, superintendent of (he
Veinon and Nelson Telephone company, oame in on Sunday from Vancouver and loft yesterday for Kaslo.
The company has been putting a considerable amount of money into bet-
torments of its lines in th-j upper
country and it is its intention to make
all the exchanges with metallic
circuits. This will entirely obviate
any possibility of induition.or, as the
telephone people call it "cross-talk",
besides making the conveisations
hoard more distinctly. No materia'
extensions of the up-countrv system
nre contemplated for the present. The
business of the company during the
past two years in Kootenay and Yale
has not been too profitable on account
of an opposition line operated in some
tonus, hut now that that company is
out of the way, the Vernon and Nelson
Intends to make tbe improvements
Mr. Kent is secretary of the North
Pacific association of Amateur Oarsmen, which holds its annual regetta
for this year in Nelson. He said that
there was continued Interest in rowing
matters at the ooast and that prospects
nre guod for a large attendance at
Nelson. The Vancouver Boating club
intends competing in all the events,
that is, they would send a senior four,
a junior fonr.a senior double, a junior
double and a senior single and a
junior single to compete.
Fur some of these events there might
he more than one entry from tbe club.
Victoiia and Portland clubs would
likely send the same number of entries
so that the regatta, so far as cau be
judged from the present outlook,
should attract a good crowd and be
an enjoyable event.
An effort was being made to persade
a crow to come from Winnipeg, but so
far nothing definite oonid be said
about it. Besides the events named it
is in the power of the local oomraittee
to put on extra events, as is often
done, among them being races for
lapBircak boats and canoe races. The
association piovides for an intermediate class in the races but so far these
have not been filled though they may
be this year. Another event Bometimes
put on is a "has-beens" race for thOBc
who have not been in a race for five
years. This event at Portland excited
great interest.
Speaking of the course Mr. Kent
said thut it was everything that could
be desired and he predicted that there
would be a large crowd oi enthusiastic
oarsmen and their friends in Nelson
at the time of the regatta.
Tuko lAxativo Promo Quinine Tablets.   All
di'ii'mi- ts. refund the money if ii falls to core'
E. w. Grove's signature iu on each box.  25c.
The Miss Georgia Harper company
rrosented "East Lynne'' here last
Tuesday evening to a large house and
although the subjeot was old, tho
company held the audience spell
bound thronghout the performance.
Miss Georgia Harper as "Lady
Isabelle" was a prime favorite with
the audience���and ber realistic acting
touched tho hearts of her hewers an d
more than one handkerchief could be
seen in the audience. Wednesday evening they presented "My Wise Uncle"
and those that cried tbe night before
in sympathy with "Lady Isabelle"
had a chance to laugh until they
cried. The Harpera are all right and
wo can recommend them to our neighboring towns.���Grand Forks (N.D)
A fine line of Imp'orted and Domes
tic cigars, Peterson's patent pipes.
Lowo and B, B. B. goods-at Thur-
3. E. Annable, manager of tho Nel-
sou Opera house, states that he has
closed with the Frederic Warde oom
P��ny of 21 people, for April 10th and
17th, when thut talented tragedian
will present Horatius, the Montehank
or King Lear. This is tho first time
'hat a tragedian of note has beon
engaged for the Kootenays, and the
opportunity to hear so distinguished
an actor as Mr. Warde is a prlvlloge
which tho Nelson public will, no
doubt, appreciate. The prices will
he no higher than is charged for the
same performance In the large cities.
fix date uf trial and to other matters.
He contended tnat section 8fi of the
Municipal elections act, under which
the action had boen commenced, is
defective in operation and consequently that the trial jndgc had no jurisdiction either to fix the date of trial or to
compel the attendance of witnesses.
The argument of counsel for bcth
sides went into the question of tbe
fundaments of the jurisdiction of the
His lordship in delivering judgment
said that in section 80 the intention of
the legislature was to provide a summary trial and it did not intend the
lengthy and exhaustive procedure of
the Dominion election trials. The
section was sufficient in itself for all
purposes for a trial of this nature and
the general power to "try" a petition
for such a contested election meant
that it .should bo tried by a judge in
accordance with tho UBual procedure
of the courts, whicb meaut, if necessary, the power to summons witnesses
and did mean a power to fix a time
and place of trial.
Counsel for the respondent not consenting to short notice of trial, tbe
date was fixed for Feb. 38th and tbe
place at Rossland.
Wins Again Yesterday and Working
Up to Finals.
Winnipeg, Feb. 17.���Hochon, the
Fort William curler, remains the only
undefeated skip in the Winnipeg
bonspiel. He won in three games
today and stands a chance ot winning
two or three trophies. The international match belweeci, Canadian and
United States teams was the big event
of today and was won by the Canadians
by 28 points. Dunbar, the St. Fanl
crack, was beaten by Flavelle of
Lindsay, 14 to 5. Smith, of Duluth,
played u tie with McLean,ot Holland,
in tho Grand Challenge competition.
Dunbar, of St. Paul, won from McLean, of Pilot Mound, 15 to 11. Rae,
of Nelson, won from Smith, of Dulutb,
by four points. Tho finals of the bonspiel will probably be reached on
One of Richard and Prlngle's Company Gets Mob Law.
New Madrid, Mo., Feb. 17.���A mob
of masked men overpowered tbe gaoler
and took a negro, Louis Wright, a
short distance from town last night
and hanged him,
Richard and Pringle's negro minstrels gave an entertainment here on
Saturday night when an altercation
arose between one of tho musicians
and some person in the audience. The
whites mado an onslaught on the
musicians and one of the negroes on
the stage began to shoot. Several persons in the audience were hit but no
one was seriously hurt. All the
negross were put in jail and in the
preliminary examination tho name of
the one who bad done the shooting
was discovered. Ho was lynched and
the others will be released. Several of
the prisoners were baily beaten.
Seattle, Feb.17.���Mrs. Sallie Cohen,
a descendent of the famous Vallejo
family, of California, und formerly
one of the belles of the little city of
Monterey, committed suicide last
night in a lodging house here. Less
than an bour later Edith Curran, a
beautiful 19 yoar old girl, who had
been employed as a waitress in an
hotel, also ended her life. Both took
carbolic acid. Despondeucy was the
cause in both cases.
The annual meeting of the Nelson
Library Association will be held ln
the Library rooms at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Keb 10th It is requested that
all the subsicrlbers and those that are
Interested iu the Library will attend.
Slooan Election Petition to Be Heard
in Rossland.
In tho Supreme court yesterday the
esse of Bremner vs. Arlington mine
occupied the forenoon and part of the
sfternoon, and the defonce bad just
begun Its Bide of the .-.aso when it
gave way to the Slocan City election
In Hub caBo R. W. Harnlngton, for
Uio respondent,ralsod technical objections to the hearing-   f  the motion  to
London, Fob. 17.���The Rev. Newman Hall, D.D., former chairman of
the Congregational union, wbo has
been very 111 for some time past, is
pronounced this evening, to be sinking.
London, Feb. 17. ���Lead ��11, 13s.0d.
Now York, Feb. 17.���Bar silvor, 55c
Mexican dollars, 43 3-4. Copper, dull.
Lead, firm.
THF    MINFR'S   st Kootenay Butcher co.
Advertisements lneortred under this head at
the rate ot one oent a word per Insertion. No
advertisement takon for less tban 25 oents.
Situation Wanted advertisements Inserted
three times free of charge.
FOU   ISA LE���Cheap,     a    semi-grand
piano.    Apply box 70 Nelson, B. C.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
board.     Apply     on   silica    street,
socond door west of Ward.
Applv   to   Mrs K. J. Squires, Room
40, K. W. O. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Fhone 278.
Wanted���Railroadmen for Lardo.
WANTED.���Ladies and Gentlemen
enjoy yonr evening at home by making $12 per week. Send your address
and two cent stamp to box 205, London, Ont.
WANTED���Pupils for Piano or Organ
by   Mrs.   Starmer   Smith,    address
residence or P.O.Box 137.
WANTED.���Men and  women   wanted
to work   at   home.       Good   wages.
Write   Glasgow     Woollen    company,
Dept. C, Toronto
HELP of all kinds wanted and
furnished. Western Canadian Em
ployment Agency. Large warehouse
lor storage; call at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet. ���
MEN WANTED-On     Crow's Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages, long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C. A.
Guthrie Sc Co.
ENGINEERS, Firemen, Machinists
and Electricians send for 40-page
pa-uphlet containing Questions asked
by examining board of engineers to
obtain engineer's licence. .Address
Geo. Zeller, publisher, 18 S 4th St.,
St. Louis, Mo.,   U.S.A.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
V��lgnq   B. O
Too many times the origin of a hoadnche i.
miscalculated, and one begins dosing the stomach for it. whon an application of Griillths
Menthol Liniment would draw out tho pain
and give immediate relief. It will euro any
headache no mat ter how sovoro.
Kor sale by J. H. Van alone, Nolaon, B, Cl
NKLSON LODGE    No. 23, A. P. Sc
M. meots second Wednesday ln
month,   Vinltlng brothern welcome
Phnir���J. Wilson, Vancouver; John
G. Sullivan, Trail; H. P. Christie, J.
O. McCallnm, A, Ycru, Slocan; J.
G. Gordon, Silverton; R. R. Paterson,
Portland; T. 0. Thompson, Fernie;
W. L. Bowers, Paul Van Ness, St.
Paul; .1. A. Caughren, J. A. Herro n
numo.���F. Klrkbam, Winnipeg; C.
W. MoAnn, W. N. Brayton, Kaslo; .1.
A. Dalton, Sherbrooke; H. Giegerlch,
Kaslo; A. E. Carmichael, G. M,
ChriBtle, Winnipeg; H. (Jlovoland,
Danvillo, Quo; V. M. Purdy, Sandon;
Mrs. Wm. Hunter, Silverton; W. H.
S. Poard, Medicine Hat.
Grand Central-O.Peoord, Pilot Hay;
Mrs. B. Munroe, i'crnie; A. B. Dock-
stader, Sandon; Y. Logron, Elko; N.
McMillan, Molly Gibson; F. McGinn,
Maddsn-D. McKay, Slocan; D.
Campbell, Vmir; J. JohnBton, Erie.
Queens���Mrs. Fennon, Slocan; A.O.
Healni and wife, Jamestown, N.  D.
L O. O. F. Kooten&jr Lodge
No. 16, meets ovory Monday night,
at  their Hall,  Kootonny stroet
Sojourning Odd Fellows oordlally invited.
O. VV. Halo, N, G.; G. F. Motion, V. G.; A.
Longhurst, Roc. Boo,
Nolson lloyal Arch Chnptor No. 123, G. R. C.
Moots third WednoHday. tiojourning compan
ions.  Invited,    Georgo Johnstono, Z.    1. J.
Sims,   8. K.
i_       NKLSON L.OUGIC   No.25, K. of P.
\S\niootB ln K. ot P. hall, Oddfellows blook
'J[5BVoryTuosday evening at 8 o'olook.
[/All visiting knights cordially Invite
WM. iKVINis, O.C.
Hugh Stevkns, li. of R. and 3.
Nolson Knoa pinont No. 7. Moots ovory 2nd
and 4th Friday of oach month, in Odd FoIIowb
Hall, oorner Bakor and Kootonay stroots.
Nolson. A. II. Olomonts, C. P.; D, McArthu.-
R. S.   Visiting brothers alwayH welooron.
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1892 moots ln Fraternity Hall on first and third Friday ovonlngs
of ouch month at 8 o'clock. Visiting moiiilier
cordially invited. W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A, Mlnty, R.8.	
N. M. Cummins, Loshoo���Evory knows
variety of Hoft drink*. V O Box 88. Iillophon
No. 31. Hoover Blruol, Nolson. Bottlers of th
famous SU Loou Hot Springs Mineral Water
A MACDONALD & Ca-Cornor Fron
��� and Hull Stroots���Wholesalo grocer
and jobbers hi blankots, gloves, mitts, boots
rubbers, maokinaws and miners' sundries.
P  BURNS Sc Co.-Bakor street, Nolaou-
.   Wholesale doalors iu fresh a     cured
moate.   Cold Storage.
Bakor Stroot, Nelson���Wholesalo dea
org ln fronh and ourod moats.
Streot, Nolson ��� Wholesalo dealars lv
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. Bakor Stroot Nolson,
B. C.,���Dealers in general harhwaro,
mining supplies,, glass, pants, 1'oniand Co-
ment, liro clay and Scoteh lire brick. Agonts
for W ilkins and Co,'a celebrated steel wire ropo
NELSON   HARDWARE   CO.- Wholesale
painus, oils and glass; mechanics   tools
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; lynamlte
'pURNKU, BEETON & Co.-Ooraor Vornor.
A and Jossophine Strooh,, Nolson���Whole
sale doalors in liiiuors, cigars, and dry goods
Agonts for I'abat Browing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
UDSOWa BAY Co.-Wholosale grocerie
and liquors etc, Baker Street, Nelnon,
Oflico corner HaU and Kronb Streets
Nelson���Lumber, celling, flooring, and every
i.hlng in wood for building purposes, Oet oui
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
J     A.  M OONALD,   wholesale  and retail
���   Confectioner,   Tho largest stock of Con
footlonery In tho Kootonays.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
tfq .   nelson b c
J. 0. GWILLIM, B.,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre�� Nelson. B C
obtained in all oountries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
NELSON A1CU110 No. ii, P. O. K, inouli-
overy sooond and fourth Wednesdays of eacb
month. Visiting members cordially lnvit
CharloB Prosser, Hnnretary.
Kootonay Tont No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold thoil
rogular meetings In Fraternity Hall, I, O. O. P.
blook, on tho 1st and 3rd Thursdays of eaot
month. Visiting brothron cordially Invltod tc
attend. O.A. Brown lt. K.| Dr. How, Com
B. J .titoel, D. 8. C.	
1st and 3rd Wodnosday evenings o:
each month at Kiatcrnii.y hall
oornor of Dakar and Kootona)
stroots. Visiting brothern oordlally Invited.
KiiwAiin Maoi.kod. Booroturv.
Nolson Court Star ol Kootenay, A. O. .
Moots 2nd and 4th Wednesdays In ovory
Month. Visiting brothron welcome. V Mao
Mllilan, O. I'.; Horhnrt MoLeod. Bee
COURT KOOTKNAY, I. O. F��� No. 3138
Meetings 1th Thursday of month. Fraterua
hall. J A Irving C. a   P. t. Flomlng. It. H.
Certificate of Improvements
PortBpin Mineral claim, Bituato in
the Nelson Mining Division of Went
Kootenay District.
Whom looated- On Poroupine Oreek,
TAKE NOTIOE that I Theodora
Beuuoliamp, acting ns ugent of Frank
Desnuluior, free Miner's certificate No.
B48340, anil E. S. Lnrsen, Y. M, C,
B42071 intend, sixty days from the
dato hereof, to apply to tbe Miuing
Recorder for a certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining u
Orown Grunt of the above claim.
And further take notice thnt action,
under section 37, mnst bo commenced
before the issuance of such certificate
of improvements.
Dated this 8th dny of November
Finest and Best Bar ln the' City.
The best Brands of Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Man aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
w*___f ������������������������ CE��v��
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kasl.
Sandon, Three Porks, Ne-w Denver and Slocan Cit>
Ortefs by maB to u>v branch will have careful and nromot attention.
0AR8.-    AL8 a la 0ARTE.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of tht
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
D rect connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 a. "in
Leaves Spokane daily ior West at 7:20 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 800 p in.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all point*
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Dulutb with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of the Northern Steam
ship Oompany Lino, operated in connection with the Great Northern Bail-
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Fells & Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Koote] ai Railway & Navigation
Oo.. or to
Oity Paes. and Tkt   Agt,  W  7ol  VV,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash,
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nel win.fi 0
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffe*
Car service has been inaugurated
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or th'
Close connections made at  Spo
kane for the south, east and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and   18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Leave DAT TRAIN Arrive
9:30 a.m Spokane 7:13 p.m.
12:25 p.m Rossland 4:30 p.m
10:30 a.m... .Mountain 5-69 p. in.
9:40 a. m Nelson li ;45 p. m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane j Wasn
Agent, Nelson. B.
Kootenay Railway and Na$
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and qnloKOHt route to the cost and al
points on .ho O. H. ft N. und Northern 1 't>
ctfio Railways ln Washington, Oregon ana
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Easlo & Slocan Ry-
fc30a.in. Lv. irwlo Ar. 4:00 p.m
10:65 p.m. Ar. Bandon Lv. 1:48 p. ra
Int Nav- & Trading Oo
6:20 p. m. Lv. Nelnon Ar. 11:00 a. ir.
0:10 p. in. Ar. Kunlo Lv. 7:00 a.
Connootlng at Five Mile Point with Nelnon
& Fort "heppnrd Railway both to and (roin
llOHKMIld, 010.
and trr a bottle, a doron, or a bnrrol ot
CALGARY BEER an lt In tho bunt and
cliisauunt on tho inarkob. Alno try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    OIQAR8.
Telephone 03 Baker  L Ne
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1.00 to $1.50 per day. First
class Meals, 35c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria St., Nelson.
Be  sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FUSE.not
something that looks   like   It
Kootenay Street, Next Oddfellows' Ha
P. O. BOX 633.
If there is anything you require, ask
for   It   in    b*  ���oluriio   of the Miutr.
'I'liskotn sold to all parts ln Unitod Stale and
Canada via Groat Northorn and O. It. Sc N
Co.'n llnon,
Oooan nteamnhlp  tloketn  and  raton vl   a
linen will bo furnlnned on application.
For further particulars call on or oddroos
N��naaer. Kanln.B, O
Taokaiiuhv AkoiiI. Nulnim  K. C.
Certificates of Improvements
Oolilen Crown, Golden Regie, Ool-
den Cap. Union Jack, OrettOD. American Flag. American Flag Fr., Union
Jack Fr., Oroy, X-Hay, X-Kny Fr.,
Maple Leaf, Keepsake, Rhodesia,
Hnow Cap, Ln Grande, Cracker Jack
Orncker Jack Fr., Cynic, Oynio Fr.
Cymric, Dakota, Idaho, Atlantic, lJa-
oino, Old Glory, Morning Glory, Hat-
tier, Rambler, Agnes, Emperor, Emerald, Emerald Fr., Czar. Czar Fr., Oanada, Toronto, Montreni, Montreal Fr.
Scotland, Scotland Fr., Osborne, Ores
ton Fr. Mineral Claims situated In lho
Cloat River Mining Division of West
Kootenay District
Where located���Between Goat lllvcr
and Arrow Creek.
Take Notice that I, A. It. Heylaiid.
acting as agent for T. O. HliaiixluiHssy,
F. M. C. B887M, E. B. Osier, F. M. 0,
B88708, II. B. Angus, F. M. O, B88702
C. P. Hill, F. M, O. BMisW, intend,
sixty days fiom the dnte hereof to
apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements for thn purpose of obtaining Grown Granis of the
above claims.
And further take notico lhat action,
nnder section .'17, must be commenced
before the iBBiianoe of suoh certificates ol
Dated this 10th day of December,
1001 A. R. HEYLANP
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. B.
Beavor Lino Lake Superior.; Fob. 28
Beuver I/no UarlhCaHllu March 1ft
Allan Line Ionian Feb. Id
Allan 1'rctorian Feb. 22
Allan'Lino riloamorH call at Halifax two daytt
From  BoHton,
Dominion I Am: Cnmbroman....  Feb. 2ft
Dominion Lino Now Kngland March 5
From Now York
Cunard Lino Ktruria Feb. 22
Cunard Lino Camurtnia March  1
White Star Lino Teutonic Fob, 26
WhiU) Star Lino Oceanic Maroh  &
American Lino St.. Loiim  Feb. 20
American Line Philadelphia  Marcn  ft
Bed Star Lino Friwlnnd Feb. 2fJ
Bed Star LlnoSouthwark March ft
Continental patliiiKB of Kronch. North German Lloyd, li. A. P. and Italian Linen on application.
KATKS-Saloon fares $J2.fi0, and upwardn
Second %... and upwardn according to steamer
and location of berth. StooroKO quoted on application. Prepaid paflROKCri from JCnglaiMl and
the continent at lowest rates.
H. L. BROWN,      W. P, F. CUMMINGS,
City Agt. Noltton.      Uen. Agent, Winnipeg
Certmcates ot Improvements
Ilomestake nnd Ilnllues Mineral
Olaims, situate in the Nelson Mining
Division of West Kootenay Distriot.
Where located: Gn the west side of
the Moith Fork of Salmon river, near
Take notice that I, J. D, Anderson
P. L, By of Trail, Ii. O., agent for The
Copper Farm Gold Mining und Development Company, Limited, Non-
Persoual Liability, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B507O8, intend,
sixty days from tbe date hereof, to apply lo the Mining Reoordor for a Certificate of Improvements, for the pur-
pOHO of obtaining u Grown Grant of tbe
above claim.
Ami further take nolica tbat aotion,
under socliou '17, must be commenoeu
before tbo issuance uf such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated Hub 1.1th day of November A.D
HiUl; J. 1>. ANDKUHON.
Certificates of Improvements
Jupiter, Katie D. Green, Ingersoll,
liiest. Cbanco Hamilton and London
Fraction Mineral Clair...,, situate in the
Nelson .Mining Division of West Kootenny District.
Where loontcd���On Jupiter Mountain,
nenr Craigtown.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. D. Anderson, P. L.8., of Trail,'B.C. agent for the
Katie D. Grocn Gold Mining and Development Company, Limited, Non-
Personal, Liability, F.M.C. No. B56673
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of tha
above claims.
And further take notico that action,
under sootion HI, must bo commenced
before the issuance ot such certificate*
of improvements.
Dated tllis 16.h day of November,
A.D, 1001. J. D. ANDERSON.
>*7 *��*���   J !
Nelson Daily Miner TtjesdVY, February i8,  1902
Trunks and   Yo" can Bec ln
our  store  a   very
VallSeS complete  line   of
TRUNKS frum the very cheap make
to the solid oak travelling Trunk canvas covered with brats fittings, a regular clone trotu-r. We can supply you
with (iRIFS at price ranging from Sfic
to $20; also SUIT CASES from $2.50
to Si's each.
Booksellers. Stationers
Show P.oom for Mason Sc Risch pianos
��� Vvv��UWA>��WWWWWWI
A son was born to the wife of William Uunton on Sunday,February 16th.
it is expected thut Ernest Mansfield
will retnrn to Kelson in the course of
the next two weeks.
W. B. Scatle, who has beeu at the
hospital for the past three weeks, is
able to get around again.
At the record office yesterday a certificate of improvements was granted
to Frank Desjardin and E.   S.   Larson
0 n the Fortepin mineral claim.
At the regular meting of Nelson
Lodge, No. 25, Knights of pythias, at
their hall tonight arrangements will
be made to celebrate the regular anniversary. All Knights are invited to
be present.
Tho medals to be presented to the
individual members of the rink winning tho New York Lite Challenge
trophy for competition at tho Sandon
Curling bonspiel bave been bought
through J. J. Walker, tlie jeweler, of
Nelson. Thev are now in his window
for inspection, and are worthy to
encouragtt the best efforts of any
Owing to the rain and mild weather
that have extended throughout the
whole Slocan, the Sandon Curling
club has suggested to the cluOB likely
to compete in the bonspiel tnat was
set for today, that tho event be postponed until Thursday. This meets
the approval ot the Nelson curlers and
it is likely that with the postponement the personel of the Nelson rinks
may be ohanged in a few respects.
The rain ot the last two days has
cleaned the snow pretty well out of
the lower part of town but up the hill
there is a large   number   of   stretches
01 sidewalk where theownerahave not
yet heeded the warning sent out as to
cleaning off the wnlss. Wh'le the
present soft spell lasts this can be
done with but little labor. It is the
intention of the police to ouforce the
bylaw legarding it.
The lecture under the auspices of the
Florence Crittenden society tllis week
is to be given this evening instead
of on Wednesday as last week, and
will be in the Baptist instead of he
Fiesbyteiian church. Dr. llall iB to
deliver the lecture which will be upon
thu feeding of infants and children.
In it he will explain some of tho
causes of morality among infants and
give a large number of useful suggestions regarding their treatment.
Tho rains thnt have extended into
the Slocan have made trouble for the
railways. Tbe Kaslo and Slocan
suffered from n snow slide about
eighteen miles from Sandon. On Sunday morn ing the rotary snow plough
left Kaslo to remove the obstruction
and shortly after it got to the scene
another slide came ilown behind it
covering upward of 100 feet of track.
The snow plough was ti.us shut in
and unablud to operate on only lhe
smaller slide. The ono noar Kaslo
has a rare collection uf logs and rocks
in it and the work of removing it will
occupy some time. Traffic will likely
be sUKpc.ulcd fur th ree days.
Tbe Old Thing Would "Bob Up."
Colfee puts its sword into people
first one place and then another. Yon
may depend upon it,if you nro a coffee
drinker, and have ailments in some of
the oigans of the body, that coffee is
uoing its work. You may prove
Whether it is or nut, by leaving it off
for ten days or two weeks, although
it uften takes from nine monthi to
two years to recover fiom its effect*,
Mr. .1. W. Ashby. Ml. Airy, N. C,
says: ''1 was a coffee drinker for 25
yours. About three years ago I Buffer*
ed greatly with pains in the region of
niy heait and the pit of my stomach.
These pains appeared about lhe slime
time each day. I wondered if Ooffee
might not be the limit so began the
test of leaving off coffee, The pains
ceased, but when I began to use colfee
nguin tbe Mme old pallia would 'bob
np.' I have now been using Postum
for some time in place of coffee and
am entirely cured of the neuralgia of
the stomach and heart.  Rcspoctlully."
Yesterday was the fifth nnniversay
of the birth of Miss Florence Roberts,
of Florence Park. Several of tbe little
girls juvenile friends called to celebrate the event and a pleasant time
was had with games, luncheon, etc.
F. O'Reilly, P. L. 8., returned yesterday from a professional trip to
Silverton. He reports that a number
of snowslides took place in the Slocan
on Sunday. There is not much snow,
but the sudden thaw of Saturday and
Sunday caused the slides.
It has been foutd as the result of
thc ballot fur a candidate to represent
the medical men of tho interior in
the Provincial Medical council that
Dr. Arthur was practically thc unanimous choice. Ballots were set out to
the various doctors of the interior a
couple ot mor.tns ago and .ludge Forin
consented to count the ballots, tbe result of which has now boen announced. As tbe council at present is constituted, four of its seven members
belong to Vancouver Island,two to the
City of Vancouver and one to New
Westminster, leaving the interior
without representation.
On Saturday when the Boundaiy
passenger train reached Weat Robson
it was discovered that one of the
brakesmen was missing. The last that
had been seen of him was when he
left the car to set the brakes after the
train emerged from the long tunnel.
A party uf men went "back to see if
any trace of him could be found and
they had not gone far belore they
came on nim walking along the track.
It appears that as he walked along
the r oof of a car that he stepped on a
loose piece of ice and was pitched off
the irain which was travelling rapidly. By a fortunate chance he went
head foremost into an immense snow
bank and was not even scratched.
An entertainment is to be given on
the evening of March Otb in the Congregational church by the Enid Martin
Concert Co., under the auspices of the
Ladies' Aid of the Congregational
ohurch. Miss Martin has lately returned from Paris where she bas been
studying under the renowned teaoher
Madame Marchesi, who has expressed
the opinion that her success as a vocal
artiste is assured. Her voice is a
mezzo-soprano and is said to he of
rich qualit) and of great purity of
tone, with a very extensive range.
She is supported hy Fellowes Hanson
and Edgar Bayliss, the former a baritone, and the latter an organist of
ability, both of tnein with an established musical reputatiun.
John Gryfl and Harry Lanola were
recently committed for trial at Nelson
by Magistrate Armstrong, of Fernie.
They are charged with stealing on
September 21st, money Lorders of $22
and $50 issued at Clearwater, Man.,
and payable to the order of John
Graves, of Fernie, and also with forging thu signature of John Graves to
thu money ordors and thereby securing the money on tbem from A. W.
llleasdel, branch agent of the Dominion
Express Co. It seems that John
Graves had been expecting remittances
from Manitoba aud made inquiries at
the poBtoffice ia September, but found
no mail for bim. Soon after he was
taken sick -with typhoid fever and
went to the hospital at Lethbridge
where he remained for two months.
On his return to Fernie, Graves found
that someone else had secured his
lett.rs. Chief Barnes began an investigation and it was learned that the
letters had beun delivered to Gryff,
who is a Slav, and who pronounces
bis name so that it sounds like Graves.
With tbe assistance of Lahola the
signature was forged to the orders and
the money sueured. The accused wore
arrested at Elko.
Our windows are small. If you
don't fee what you want in onr window, ask for it.���Thu Wallace-Miller
Co. Ltd,
Over $8,000,000 Worth Put Up Last
Year in llritish Columbia.
Victoria, Feb. 17.���Tho British ship
Beliord arrived tonight 1110 days from
London with n general cargo. She is
the winner ofta race from England
wilh tl.a ship McDIannid which sailed
from Liverpool on the same day as
she left London and there was considerable speculation regarding which
would arrive hero llrst.
Tho British ship Uankburn will sail
tomorrow. She is the last of eleven
salmon ships which havo taken 670,-
847 caseus of salmon valued at $2,71d,-
UHH to Liverpool and London, With
the shipments made by steamers over
three million dollars worth of salmon
has been snipped from British Columbia this year.
Additional Demands Through the Age
of the Society.
Toronto, Fob. 17.���The executive of
the grand lodge, A.O.U.W., met here
today, preparatory to the annual convention which opens on Wednesday.
The convention will likely order increased rates. If the recommendation
is adopted, members over 40 will have
their rates increase 2S per cont., other
ages increasing propoitionately.    Tho
k_ Destroy the
Remove the
Newbro's Herpicide kills
the dandruff germ which
causes falling hair, and,
finally, baldness. No other
hair preparation kills the
dandruff germ. Stop dandruff, there'll be no falling
hair, no baldness.
Have beer, sislnij Herpjotde, ana have nasd
about onc-thlrsl isfa 81 botlle, and llnsl that
lt ilofss all, and even rnore.than yon elatin for
it. lt not only cleanses tlie Benin from dandruff and provs'islB llns hair from tailing out,
but promotes a new growth. Have only nas'd
the Quantity uieullonsssl. and bave more bale
on my head than I have bad for years. I nlso
find that lt keens tile balr soft and glossy.
Edwaku Dodd.
For Sale at all First-Class Drug Stores.
member expressed the situation hy
saying that the order has been in existence 35 years and the old members
are begining to die off and in conse
quence the demand ou the funds have
largely increased.
James Haitney, Manitoba immigra
tion agent, has just returned to the
city from a tour of the province. Ho
teports that immigration to Manitoba
from Ontario this year will bo larger
than ever.
The best shoe value in B. 0, at The
Wallace-Miller Co.
Senate Asked to Pass a Suitable Measure For His Retirement.
Washington, Feb. 17.���The Senate
in executive session today ratified a
treaty oetween the United States and
Great Britain extending for twelve
months from July !i:ird, 1001, tbe time
within whieh llritish colonies or
foreigu possessions may give their
adhesion to tho convention, signed
March Snd, 1899, for the tenure and
disposition ol real and personal
The minority roport on the Pacific
cable bill filed today dissents frum the
view that the government should
build the sable and states that a pri
vate concern, the Corumerieal Cable
company, has already contracted fo;
cable to Hawaii for November next,
intending to extend the line to the
Philippines within two years alter
The president today sent to the sen
ate a message recommending the re
tireraent of naval constructor Rich
mond P. Hohson, and in accurdance
with this recommendation, Senator
Gallinger immediately introduced a
bill providing for Ilobson's transfer to
the retired list.
In his message, the president given
as his roason, tbe tronble that Mr
Ilobson has had since 10U0 witn his
eyes and recited the history of that
trouble. It appears that in June. 1900,
he was admitted to the naval hospital
at Yokohama, Japan, when, according
to the records, he suffered from weakness of the retinas of the eyes which
infirmity is was stated had been contracted while on duty in repairing
ships at Hong Kong, In January,
1902. he was examined by a retiring
board which decided thut his incapacity was such as to justify retirement.
The messago concludes as follows: lu
consideration of the foregoing, but
especially of the gallant service rendered by Mr. Uobson in the sinking of
the Merrimae in the harbor ot Santiago during the recent war with Spnin,
I recommend the enactment of �� suitable measure for his retirement.
k Why Man You Can't See!
and what are you  waiting
for ?    It is a matter  that
shouldreceive our prompt
attention.    Consult
Patenaude Bros.
It won't cost anything to  find  out.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce ,
Witb Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   (2,000,000;
js Over 865,000,000.
B. E. WALKER, Ueneral Manager.
Aggregate Resources Over 865,000,000.
HON, GEO. A. OOX, President.      	
London Office: 6o Lombard Street, G. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branches In Canada and the United States, Including I
Atlin Grbknwood Nki^on Sandon
Cranbrook       Kamloops New Westminster Vancouver
Fernie Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson and White Horse.
UNITED STATES���New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaowat,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Reoeived and Interest Allowed.  Present Rate 8 Per Cent
GRANGE Y. HOLT, Manager.
Nelson Branch.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
Call and see us and we will use you right and charge
no exorbitant prices.
D. J. Robertson & Co.
Vernon St., Next New P. O. Building.
We have shoes to fit all feet, all
purses, all occasions���Thu Wallace-
Miller Co,
Wireless   Messages    Reoeived     From
Kron l'nn Wilhelm 140 Miles Ont.
London, Fell. 18.--Paris correspondent of the Daily Chronicle believes
tbat there is suino tmtli in tlic ninmr
that an Irish revolutionary coinmithc
has boon started in l'aris bj an Irish-
Arncrican, who has just returned from
South Africa, for tho purpose ol aiding the Boors hy a reign of dynamite
and terror.
The olllcial at Marconi's olliee in
London says their Lizard station was
in communication with the Kron
Prinz Wilhelm, which is hearing
Prince Henry anil bis suite to New
York, up to li a.m. todav when tho
steamer was about 110 miles nest of
the Lizard.
A powerful Mnrconi station at Mnl-
lion, Cornwall, was continuing to
dispatch wireless telegrams toward the
Kron Prinz Wilhelm, lint tlie distance
covered will not he known until the
arrival on tlio other side of the
Atlantic, as she is nut equipped with
an apparatus powerful enough to enable her to reply.
Supples is Unable to Break Away in
the 17th Round.
Buffalo, Feb. 17.���Referee McBride
stopped the bout between Tom
Couhig, of Dunkirk, and Curley Supples, of Buffalo, beforo the International Athletic olub at Fort Erie,
after 30 seconds fighting in tbe 17th
round and gave the decision in favor
of Couhig. Supples had the better of
the fight up to the 13th round when
Couhig put a hard left to thc jaw and
a right to tho stomach, sending Supples to nis knees. Couhig continued
to play for the stomach with hard
rights in the succeding rounds and
when Supples came up for tho 17th
round it was evident that he was in
great distress. Conhig planted a hard
left on the jaw and a right to the
stomach. Supples clinched and refused
to break. Tho icferee then stopped the
tight and declined Couhig the winner.
Wednesday, Feb. 19
A  magnificent production
of the great play
by the eminent emotional actress
G-eorgie Harper
and her refined Dramatic and Specialty   Company.
Santos-Dumont Not Seriously Affected
Hy His Accldont.
Monte Carlo, Fob. 18.���SantoB-
liumiint experienced a slight chill as
a result of remaining in his wet
clothes tor two hours after tne disaster
to his airship in the Hay of Monaco
last Friday, during which the aeronaut had a narrow oscapo from death.
Ills condititon is not considered
Quebec, Feb. 17.���Ned f'roan, atone
time one of tho most popular   railway
conductors in this province, is dying.
Stops* llie Cough
nnil Warts nir lhe I'olil.
Laxntlvo Biomo-Quinlno Tablet* euro   acold
n oiso day.   NoCuro. noPav.   Prico 25 cents.! I
between acts.
Miss   Harper's     Wardrobe     Is
POPULAR PRICES, 25, 50 6 75c.
Seats at McDonald's   io o'clock
Tho Nelson Cafe, the finest restaui -
ant in tho Kootenays, best location,
25 nicely furnished rooms in connection. The best business proposition
in the district today, for full particulars write Nelsou Cate, Hox 2t!5 Nelson 11,.0
in China,   with  beautiful   En- Z
amelled   Canadian  Emblems,  ?
Only a few left. ���
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty
Cor, Baker & Stanley Sts., Nelson
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box US Telephone 2
J. G. Bunyan and S. G. Campbell,
trading and carrying on business
together as partners, under tbe firm
name and style of J. G. Bunyan ��nd
Co., of Nelson, British Columbia,
Furniture Dealers, have by deed of
assignment, bearing date the 6th day
of Feburary, A. D., 11)02, assigned all
tbeir personal property, teal estate,
credits and effects, which may be
seized and sold under execution to
Norman T. Maeleod of the said City
of Nelson, accountant in trust, for the
purpose uf paying and satisfying rate-
ably and proportionately without
preference or priority all the creditors
of tbe assignors, tbeir just debts ae
cording to law.
Notice is also hereby given that a
meeting of the creditors of the said J.
tl. Bunyan and S. G. Campbell, is
called ior Monday, the 24tb day of
February, A. D., 1H02, at the office of
Elliot and Lennie, solicitors, Baker
St., Nelson, British Columbia, at the
bour of tbree o'clock in the afternoon,
in pursuance of said act, for the giving of directions with reference to the
disposal of the said estate.
Dated at Nelson, B. 0��� this 7th day
of February, A. D. 1U02.
Elliot and Lennie,
Solicitors for tbe Assignee.
As a going concern the business carried on by the
under the management  of the late
A. B. Gray,
will be received by the undersigned
up to 12 o'clock noon, Monday,
February 24th, for the stock in
trade and fixtures of the above company,   made up as follows ;
Cigars, Domestic     -      $3262.94
Clgurs, Imported     - 434-53
Cigars, Imported, In bond 367-80
Scotch Whiskey, In bond 316.69
Fixtures 6 Office Furniture 48025
Separate Tenders will be received
for the Cigars, Liquor and Fixtures.
2S per cent cash, balance in 2, 4
and 6 mouths, with approved security with interest.
This is an excellent opportunity
to secure a good paying business.
The stock, bobks of the Company,
and stock sheets may be inspected
on application to the undersigned.
The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Clemcnts-llillyer Block       Liquidator
Ihiirng the last :i0 days 108 men
bought 10M suits and there lias not
heen one complaint. Why don't you
try The Wallace-Miller Co.
Afternoon 3 to   5.30
Evening 8 to 10.00
Admission 25c.
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral ilaliwa and/mines suiveyed
Sealed Tenders for the erection of a
Floating Boat House for the Nelson
Boat Club will be received by the
undersigned up to Saturday .the 88ad
day of February, 1V.02, at. IS,, o'olock
noon. Plans and specifications' can he
seen at the office uf Architect George
D. Curtis.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accoptod.
Secretary the Nelson Boat Club.
Nelson, B. C, Fob. 13th, 1008,
"T   Z


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