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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 7, 1902

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 ���rovincVii Libr��rv b31oi
Daily Edition No.  1284
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Friday,   March 7, 1902
Eleventh  Year
Sault Ste. Marie Plant Ready
by the End of the
more   than   one minute in   delivering
not to exceed five balls to  one  of  the
basemen for the  purpose of   warming
up.    The advisability of removing the
hoadquarteis     of    the    legaue   from
Chicago to New York was brought   up
anil after some debate a resoluion was
I adopted leaving the matter   to the dis
, oretion of President Johnson,
Ganon Wood Resigns In Pro
test at Dean Carmlchael's
Toronto, March 0.--F. IT. Clergue
was in Toronto today and invited tbe
members of the legislutmo to visit Ihe
new steel plant at the Soo. liy the
end uf the month these works will be
turning out 700 tons of steel railB per
day. Six thousand men are now employed by the Clergue syndicate and
by summer this number will be increased to 10,000.
Capt. Barker, of the Argonauts, is
anxious to race some American crew
before leaving for Henley. The club
has money enough for the trip but
do not want to spend it if the crew
Is not gcod enough. For the purpose
of finding out, it is expected tliat
crews from the big American universities will be asked to enter a competition with the Argonauts.
The prohibitionists are much dis-
satislied with the latest changes made
by the Boss government in tho Referendum bill. They wanted the vote
taken on municipal election day.
Tbey also object to tho vote taken in
IStlU being adopted as tne standard.
The railway subsidies to be granted
this session by the Ontario government,according to a statement brought
down today, aggregate $013,000.
Montreal, March 0.���Hev. Edmund
Wood, of the Church of St. John tbe
Evangelist, the most prominent of
high church men of the diocene, has
resigned as canon of Christ church
cathedral as a protest against tbe
religion of the coadjutor bishop. Ganon
Wood does not enter any objection
personaly against Dean Carmichael,
but solely against the methoa of his
el aotion.
Marconi Intends to Visit Winnipeg
and the Pacific Coast.
Winnipeg, March O.���The rush of
immigrants int) the Canadian west
for the season of 1002 has commenced.
The Dominion immigration oftices are
tbe scene of great bustle and activity
and the officials aro preparing for the
greatest season of settlement since its
establishment. Nearly 500 Ontario
settlers arrived today.
It is likely that Marconi, tho inventor of wireless telegraphy, will be in
Winnipeg before very long. In a
private letter received in Winnipeg
today from some people in Ottawa,
who entertained Marconi in his last
visit to Canada, it is stated that the
inventor remarked tbat on bis retnrn
to Canada ho intended to visit tbe
Canadian west and the Pacific coast.
Hamilton Man Killed Instantly While
Examining a Gun.
St. Catharines, March 0.���William
���'. Davis, of Hamilton, who was visiting his brother-in-law, Stephen Furm-
ingur, was instantly killed this morning by tlie accidental discbarge of a
gun he was using to kill rats. He
leaves a widow aud two children.
Cutsburg Mine on Fire and Several
Lives Lost.
Monongahela, Iu., March 0.���An
explosion in the Catsburg mine of the
Monongahela Eivei Consolidated Coal
and Coke company today, resulted in
tbe death of live men aud serious injury of several others, two fatally.
Jn Monday a premature explosion
of dynamite caused gas to ignite and
since that time the mine has been
burning. All the air channels were
closed and it was hoped that tbe
flames could be sinotbored. This
morning 20 men entered the mine to
investigate. It is not explained what
caused the explosion but it is thought
Unit the turning on of air which had
been shut off by the fan, caused the
gas,which had accumulated, to ignite.
An explosion tollowed soon after the
mon entered. A relief party headed
by Supt. Seddon and Mine Inspector
Loutet made an effort and nearly
succeeded in reaching the imprisoned
men, but were compelled to return for
air. All were overcome and aie tonight in a serious condition. A second
relief party headed by John Coulter
entered tlio mine by another way, but
a second explosion occurred and they
were forced to retreat. The third
relief partj raBcle a futile attempt.
The work of rescue will be carried on
all night and at a late hour tbeie is a
crowd of woman and children about
the pit.
All Papers Approve Raising II. S.
Legation to Embassy Rank.
Vienna, Match O.���The Ausiriy-
Hungary government organs tomorrow
will announce and ootument editorially
on the decision to raise the Washington mission of Austria-Hungary to an
embassy in 1903, the news of which
was first given in these despatches
yesteiday. Tbey will all approve o'
the step regretting onlv that Austria-
Hungary was the last of tbe great
powers to thus show its appreciation
of the United States. The papers will
express a hope for tbe continuance of
unclouded relations between Austria-
Hungary and the United States official
circles here do not expect any change
in the personnel of tbe Austro-
Hungarian legation at Washington in
consequence ot the cbange to be made.
Umpire Not to Wast" Time During
the Game.
Detroit, March 0.���Tbe American
Baseball leaguo magnates at their last
session this afternoon adopted tbe
changes in the playing rules recommended by tbe liuffalo conference of
lust month with the exception of the
foul strike rule which will bo played
in the American league, the same us
it was last year. Tho most important
ol these recommendations is the one
providing that tbe umpire shall cull a
ball un the pitcher each time he delays
tho game by failing to deliver the ball
to the batman when ho has been in
position for moro than 20 seconds.
This exceptlou is mado, however, tliat
in the case of the first batsmen in each
inning,    lho   pitcher may   occupy not]day by tbe Hood
Good Relations Between [German Emperor and the Catholics.
Rome, Maroh 6.���The pope today reoeived a number of extraordinary missions sent to congratulate him on his
jubilee. They all brought costly gifts
and autograph letters from the heads
of the states they represented. Emperor William sent a porcelain clock.
His holiness, in thanking the Gorman
envoy, referred to the friendship existing between Germany and tho Vatican
aud said he congratulated himself on
the good relations existing between
Emperor William and his Catholic
Etruria Under Tow ' Thither in Disabled Condition.
Now York, March 0.���Vernon FI.
Hrown and Co., New York agonts of
the Cunard S. S. Co., received a
despatch from Liverpool today, saying
tho Cunard company is despatching
the Royal Mail Steamship company's
steamer Elbe to the Azores to take on
board there for transportation to England, the passengers of the Etruria of
the Cunard line, which is being towed
to the islands disabled,by the steamer
William Cliff.
Philadelphia, March 6.���The Germau
steamer Alexandria haa beeu engaged
to convey the Emperor's yacht Meteor
to Hamburg. The Alexandria which
reached this port today will meet tho
Meteor off Sandy Hook on March 17,
ond sail at onco for Europe
Canada's    Mineral   Output
Last Year Was $69,407.-   '
Leaving the Yukon Out the
Increase Was 37 per
Steamers  ln  Collision  and
the Waesland Goes
Ottawa, March (!.���A summary of
tho mineral production of Canada for
the year 1901 has been prepared by the
geological department. The fotal mineral production for the year was $09,-
407,031, as compared with ?04,488,0!17
in the year previous, or a total increase of (4,918,904, nearly five millions. In 181)5 the total mineral production was a little ovor twenty million dollars.
The entire gold production Is valued
at $24,402,222, of whieh the Yukon
gold fields contributed if 18,000,000.
Of copper theie was $0,(100,104; pig
iron, from Caadian ore, $1,121,113,lead,
$2,19!),781: nickel, $4,604,583j silver,
1(2,0113,008, and iron ore exports, $702,-
284. These, with the gold production,
makes a total $42,824,008 metallic
production. There was $20,282,333
non-motalic, and $300,000 products not
returned, wh'cn, added to the non-
metallic makes, mado a total production of $00,407,031.
Coal production is valued at $14,-
071,122; coke. 81,204,360; petroleum,
8053,415, asbestos, 81,180,434, and
building material, $4,820,000.
Notwithstanding a doorcase in the
gold output over 1000, the iucrease in
the total production is equivalent to 8
per cent. There was a decrease of
over four millions in the gold output
from tlie Yukon, but in llritish Columbia there was an increase of one million dollars. There was a falling off
iu the lead production over twenty
per cent.
Leaving the Yukon district out of
consideration, th�� permanent metal
mining industries show an increase
of nearly 37 per cent..notwithstanding
the falling off in the load production.
The increase in pig iron was 133 per
cent.; of copper, 115 per cent. ; nickel,
38 per cent.; asbestos 58 per cent.,
and coke, 04 per cent.
In the production of pig iron in
Canadian furnaces, an incroase of 184
pei cent, is recorded. This increase
is due largely to the operating of the
Dominion Iron and Steel company at
Sydney, N, S. ln steel furnaces whicb
are not included in tbe general table,
there was made 41,948 tons of steel
Scranton,Pa., Maroh B.���Traffic was
resumed   today   on   the     Bloomsberg
division of the   Lackawanna   line,   it
having  boon blocked since last Satur-
Presoott Company Unable to Meet
Competition at Ogdensburg.
Ogdensburg, N. Y., March O.���The
Prescott Elevator Co., oporating a
large grain elevator at Prescott, Ont.,
has been declared by tbe courts to be
insolvent and the Ottawa Trust and
Deposit Co.has been appointed to close
up its affairs. The elevator was built
several years ago to compete wnh the
Ogdensburg and Kingston elevator for
grain elevating on tbe St. Lawrence
route, and was capitalized at 8300,000,
Representatives cf the Wolvin syndicate inspected tho elevator and fleet
of eight steel barges and tugs today,
und expocts to purchase the plants in
connection with its new hike and
river route from Duluth to Quebec to
bo established the coming seasou.
Grew and  Passengers  Orderly,���Only Two Lives
Loudon, March 0.���Tho American
line steamer Waesland, Capt. Hatfield,
fiom Liverpool, March 5, for Philadelphia, and the British steamship
Harmindes, Capt. Ponton, from Para.
Feb. 23, for Li'.eipool, met iti collision
tonight off Holyhead. Tbu Waesland
sank. Uor passengers and orew were
The Harmcnides rescued the passengers and crew of the Waesland and
is bringing them to Liverpool. Tugs
have been sent fiom Liverpool to meet
the Ilaimonides. The Waesland
carried 32 cabin and 82 steerage
The loss of the Waesland waa due to
the dense fog which enveloped tbe
Irish channel uuring the entire duy,
seriously delaying all vessels.
Liverpoo', March 7.���The disaster to
th3 Waasland only became known late
last night. The agents of the steamer
received a telegram from Capt. Apfeld
which was bunded in at Almwich,
a little place near Anglesey. This
telegram briefly announced tho fact of
the disaster and did not give details
or exp'anation how tho collision
occurred. Fifty-three ofthe passengers
.ind crew of tbe Waesland arrived at
Liveproul on board the Ilermonides at
3.30 this morning. Tbey were received
by tbe agents of the American line
here and were quartered at various
hotels. The collision occurred in a
thick fog at half past 11 p. m. on
Wednesday when the Waesland was
about 40 miles southwest of Holyhead.
The Hermonfdes struck tho Waesland amidships and there was a terrible Bboek, Most of tbe Waesland's
passengers had retired for tha night.
Perfect order and discipline prevailed.
The crew of the steamer rapidly
turned the passengers out and succeeded in assuring them that their
lives wero sale. The passengers were
greatly influenced by the coolness of
the crew and obeyed instructions
willingly and quickly
Tbe Waesland's wore quickly got
out and in less than half an hour tbe
entire ship's company had been transferred to tbe Hermonides. Unfortunately two lives were lost. The dead
are a steerage passenger named
Dangerfield, and a child named Elsio
Imraott, the daughter of a cabin
province, with the municipal police,
joined In tho pursuit. Thoro aro uot
300 arms in tbe hands of the insurgents and Ladrones in tho entire {
Luzon island today. This number is
reduced daily by suirenders, captures
or casualties. Tho constabulary witb
the aid of Trias, govornor of Cavite,
and the nativo police, during the last
two weeks, have routed the Ladrone
bands existing in Cavite for many
years, capturing and receiving by surrender over 100 arms.
The important feature is that the
sentiment among the inhabitants is
hostile to the Ladrones and insurgents. All other organized provinces
aro quiet. The situation was never so
good since the American occupation
and very encouraging, notwithstanding persistent attempts to create a
contrary impression.
Govornor Taft presented tho despatch to tbo Houso Insular committee
today, when tho questi on on tho re-
versos came up.
King and Queen tov Lay Corner Stone
and Christen Ship.
Lonnon, March 0.���Since the period
ot mourning for Queen Victoria expired King Edward and Queen Alexandra have shown that it is thoir intention to take a very active part in
the affairs of tbe nation. Ibo West
of England is eagerly looking forward
to the visit of tbeir majesties at the
end of thia week. Tomorrow the King
and Queen will leave .Marlborough
house for Dartmouth, and his majesty
will formally lay the oundution stone
of tbe new Naval College there, and
tho following day they will proceed to
Dcvonport, to be present at the launching of the battleship Queen. Tbe
chistoning ceremony will,of course.be
performed by her majesty.
Two announcements iu the same
column of the newspapers here today
are causing considerable comment,
One roads; The marriage arranged
between Mr. George Charles Montagu,
M. P., and Miss Custance will not
The 6econd says: Lord Alfred
Douglas waB married to Miss Olive
Custance on Tuesday at St. George's
church, Hanover square.
The marriago was extremely quiet.
Lady Edith Fox Pitt, daughter of the
lato Marquis of Quoonsbury, aud sister
of tho bridegroom, witnessed tho ceremony. The brido is the daughter of
Col. Custance, late of the Grenadier
R. G. Tatlow Prefers Charges
Against Dunsmuir and
Government  Adjourns Body
to Avoid Damaging
Detroit, March O.���The News this
afternoon said : The American Perfume Co , witn a capital of 85,000,000,
is a combination which will bo effected in a few days by about fifteen of
the large perfume manufacturers aud
handlers oi the United States. Headquarters will be established in New
York nnd thero will be distributing
centres in Dotroit and Chicago.
Monte Carlo, Maroh 0.���Tho 19th
round of the international chess tour-
niimo.it was played today. Napier and
Popiel lmd ties, Au adjournment
was made at 1 p.m. when the following results had been recorded: Wolf
had beaten Marshall, Schevc had
defeated Mortimer and Pillsbuiy and
Marco had drawn.
President to Arrange For a Joint Commission With Canada.
Washington, March 0. ���A favorable
roport was authorized by thc Sonato
Commerce oommitteo on the bill
authorizing tho president to appoint
a commission to corporate with Canada in an examination of the division of the boundary waters between
the two countries.
Though Mathews Fought Hard He
Was Outclassed.
Hot Springs, Ark., March 0.���Tom
Couhig, of Buffalo, received a well
earned decision over Matty Mathews
bere tonight after 20-rounds of hard
fignting. Mathews fought an up hill
battle all tbe way and fouled bis
opponent three times. In tho third
round Couhig received a foul blow
below the belt, which sent bim
sprawling in the ling. He was in evident pain. The fight was stopped by
tbe referee until a physician examined
him and pronouned bim able to proceed. At this jureture Referee Mulligan announced that another fuul committed would cause the loser to forfeit
not only the battle bnt would give his
part of the purse to a charitable insti-
tuion. From this on, Mathews had no
possible cbanco for victory. He received six clear knockdowns,each timo
taking the count,
Victoria, March (i.-The houso ia
holding a night sitting tonight, presumably at the instance of the governmont to prevent the oppositions members from attending E. V. (Indwell's
meeting. Hon. R. Mcliiide bus a
motion before the house asking the
government to table forthwith all
telegrams and other data bearing on
tbe alleged contract wilh Mackenzie
and Mann, and this will probably
reach a vote as the government refuses
to disclose the documents. Kailier in
the day a motion made by McBrido
asking the government to issue a writ
forthwith for the vacancy in North
Victoria was defeated hy a straight
party vote of 19 to 10.
At tonigfit's session the opposition
continued its demands for telegrams
bearing on tile Canada Northern contract. R. t). Tatlow asked if Grren-
sh'elds, who is pushing tho Beheme,
was tbe some man who wus described
by Col. Prior as making hundieds ot
thousands of dollars out of ouo of the
most disgraceful railway deals in the
history of Canada, naming tbo Drum -
mond county deal. Tatlow followed
this up with a charge against tho
premier that he had a side agreement
with Mackenzie and Maun whtrehy ho
sold his Cotuox and Capo Scott
This the premier fulled to deny. Mr.
Dunsmuir finally moved that tbe
house adjourn until Tuesday and this
elicited a storm of protest frum tne
opposition, who charge the government with inability to meet tho contention of tbe opposition and witli
adjoining to avoid an exposure of tho
government. Tho government carried
its point, however, and tbe house adjourned, all the opposition members
going to tbe theatre, where Ilodwell
was holding one of tho biggest meetings in the history ot the city. Here
the government's course was used
with gieat effect by the speakers and
the general feeling now is that Col.
Prior's defeat is certain and the government's fate is involved in thut ot
Governor Taft Reports the Situation
in Philippines Never Bettor.
Washington, March 6.���Governor
Taft has reoeived the following cable
dispatch from acting governor Wright
of the Philippines in rcsponso to an
inquiry as to recently reported mili-
taiy reverses.
The facts are : Bell's operations in
Laguna drove a band of insurgents in
the Morong about 25 milos from
Manila in a line. A small band of
Ladrones, driven frum Cavite by the
constabulary, joined them. Twenty-
five of the constabulary under a native
sergeant attacked them but on account
of having only 15 rounds of ammunition each, thoy soon exhausted it,
and weie forced to retire without loss.
Assistant Chief Atkinson, of tlio constabulary, with reinforcements, immediately took chargo and drove the
band with loss to the latter, into
Laguna. Tlie inhabitants of Rizal
provinoe havo been giving information and assisting tho enemy ae much
as possible.     Flories, governor of the
Coal Mineis Strike Because Agreement
Not Observed.
Shamokin, Pa., March 0.���One
thousand mon and boys went on a
strike today at tho Natalie colliery
operated by the Shamokin Coal Co.,
because of the bi-monthly payment
law not being strictly observed. During thc past vear the employees went
on strike to receive their pay rogu-
larly and now they say they will not
return to work unless the company
guarantees there will be no trouble iu
the future regarding disbursement of
funds at a stated time, twice a month.
Despite the two-foot snow fall yesterday twenty-live colleries in tbis
region would have operated today had
the railway company furnished cars.
The past two weeks there has been a
car famine in this bold owing to
floods and storms and the recent storm
will prolong the period of scarcity of
Rails Now Laid Within Sixteen Miles
cf Republic.
Grand Foiks, March 0. -The track
laying gang on the Republic and
Grand Forks railway has reached Pel-
ham flat, a point 10 miles from
In a hockey match at Phoenix last
night between (irand Foiks juniors
and the Pheonix juniors, tbe former
won by   a score of I) to 0.
New   York,     March   0.���Thc   Yale
boflkey team defeated that of Columbia
tonight by a score of 0 to 2,
Immense Ircn Deposit Revealed in
Plattsburg, N.Y., March O.-Tho
Chateauguay Oro and Iron Co. has
recently discovered that the vein of
iron oro at their mines neur Lyon
mountain. New York, which was supposed to bo 30 feet in thickness is over
70 feet and extends for six miles In a
northeasterly and southwesterly direction from Lyon mountain, making it
one of tlie largest deposits of iron oro
in the world. Tbe company has
increased its capital stock from $1,-
500,000 to $2,750,000, of whieh amount
the Delaware and Hudson Co. owns
81,400,000, a controlling interest.
The company has hurried a force of
several hundred men into its forests
to get out a supply of wood tor charcoal. Tbe charcoal blast furnace nt
Standish will bo rebuilt, wilh an
annual capacity of 25,000 tons of
charcoal pig iron.
London, March 6, ��� Lead ��11 10s.
New    York,    March   O.���Closo��� Bar
silver 51 3-1; Mexican dollars   43 1-8,
'topper,      firmer,    12 I-l   nr.d 12     l-'.',
I Lead, quiet, $4 I-S,
��-* . ��4?.''
���*^**   ' ��... Nklson   Daily Miner.   Friuay.   March 7,  1905
Tlie Nelson Miner
F'ubli-ined   Every  Morning  Kxoept   Monda��
Daily per month, hy carrior ��.    65c
hnily, per month, hy mail      6O0
Dally, per year, by carrier ,.., % 7 00
Onlly, por ypar, by mail    6 00
Daily, per yuAr foreign -    U 00
Wcokly.per half year fl 25
Weekly, per yoar    2 00
'Vookly, por yoar, foreign    3 00
Subscriptions invariably in advance,
Display Advertlwmenta, .1 per inch per
month; Dtoplay Advertbjomanto, 25 oenta per
inch each Insertion [oan than month: Locals, IC
.cuiitH p'tr line cuch inseiiion; ('lashitled Advor-
tlaementa, l oonl per word oaoh Insertion;
Wholesale Card*, 12,60 pur month] Society
Cardi, 13.60 per month,
U5 Klool Street, E. C,
Central Pross Agonoy, Ltd., Special Agent*
Alexander & Co.. 521 First Avennn, Spokane'
Wb__)Xh keep this paper on tlio, and arc our
authorized agents for advertisements and sub-
The abovo Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons ol stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
Thore is a necessity for a more
stringest enforcement of tho game
lawB, as if the destruction is kept up
at its presont rate there will be but
little of it to take care of. A correspondent who resides on Lower
Arrow lake pointed out somo time
sinoe how the game is being destroyed
in that vicinity by hunters who come
principally from the other side of the
line. The provincial police are
watching t'jese hunters Bnd nre seeing
to lt that the game laws are being
observed. They cannot be every where
however, as the territory which they
have to cover is so large and despite
the careful watch which they keep the
game is destroyed by those who hunt
principally for tha sake of tlio pelts of
the animals they kill. Wolves and
coyotes play havoc with the deer, elk
and caribou, and the bounty ou the
scalps ot the former should be
raised so that marc of them may be
destroyed. The preservation of game
is something which the tonristj association can take up and materially
assist in.
The Calgary Herald has the following ou the question of the preservation of gamo: "The Herald haa had
occasion in previous issues to refer to
the fact that If some radical departure
in tha method ot game preservation
wero not at once made, it will only be
a few years before the larger animals
indigenous to the country will be
entirely extermnated. In the nearer
peaks of the Rockies, it is now almost
impossible for the most assiduous
hunters to catoh a glimpse of the
splendid mountain sheep that not so
many years ago could be seen with
comparative ease. Hlack tailed deer
have fled away to the Northern solitudes, while tho moose that still
remain in the country north of Calgary
and west of the C. arid E. lino are
being ruthlessly slaughteicd by wandering bands ol Indians, lt will therefore ho understood that unless more
stringent regulations are soon put in
force, tho larger game of Western
Canada will be wiped out of existence
o completely as the buffalo.
"There is,however, no use of passing
regulations at arc not enforced. There
are saviog clauses to most of tho provisions of the game laws which nullify
their effect. Indians are practically
exempted fiom the operation ot these
regnatinns, and they are tho most
dangerous enemies of the big game of
tbe country. The white hunter, with
his mudern breech loading rille and
elaborate Camping outfit, does not
cause one-tenth of the destruction that
the Indian does with his antiquated
muzzle loader. The white man usually
hunts for sport; the Indiana to gratify
a love of slaughtci, and incidentally
for food. Assisted hy all the members
of his family, he will establish a cordon round u herd of antelope, and
drive them into some ravine where
the deep snow prevents their escape,
and commence an indiscriminate
slaughter. Everything is Bsli that
comes to the Indian's net. He is just
as glad to kill the "unseasonable
doe." as the "stag of ten," and what
he cannot eat ho leaves for the wolves
anil oayotes.
"There aie a great ninny sportsmen
in Alberta, and it seems a pity that
some association is not formed at
once, having for it objects the preservation of giiiue.
"Representations could he mado to
tbo Government to see that the Indians
are prevented from hunting out of
season, and, if necessary, their rations
conld be increased and strictures might
he placed also upon tho white pot
hunters, A sportsmen's association, if
composed of representative men,should
rapidly obtain a   bearing at the hands
of the Government, nnd   their recommendations attended <o,"
It inthe intention of the War Eagle
Mining Co., according'to an interview
recently had with T. U. ISlackstouk in
Toronto, to erect a milling and concentrating plant npon its property.
When this is accomplished there is no
doubt, Mr.Blackstook says, that the $f>
ore in the mine, which has hitherto
been of too low a grade, to be shipped,
can be marketed at a profit. It is
Known that the War Eagle Co. has
for a long time intended to erect a
onceiitrnting plant and the plans and
specifications have been prepared for
some liltie time, hoc there -as a
hitch as to the water supply.
Theie is a great deal of low grade
silicious ore iu the Rosuland camp
which is amendable to concentration
and can be concentrated four and five
into one, it is thought, with bnt a
small percentage of loss. The late
Captain Ball, when he was manager
of the Le Roi, made some experiments
in this direction which were successful. The reduction plant at Silica,
which is provided with a combination
concentrating and the cyaniding plant,
has successfully reduced considerable
of tbe silicious ores oi the Rossland
camp,and were it not lor thc fact that
the Northport smelter reduced the rale
for tho smelting of Rossland ores to
Ift.'iO per ton, the plant would be constantly employed. Of course the heavy
sulphide and pyrrhotite ores cannot be
handled to advantage in a concentrator, as there is little or no gacgue in
them. If the War Eagle carries out
its iutentions, and erects a concentrating mill it is certain that a new era
of prosperity will opeu for tho Rossland camp as it will bring within the
pay zone many hundreds of thousands
of tons of ore which hitherto could
not be toadied. If the enterprise of
the War Eagle is successful the Le
Roi, Centre Slar Rossland Great
Western aud other mines there will
follow its exapmle. All of which
will redound to the advantage of the
big copper-gold camp.
Thus it is and will bo that one by
one the problems of making the lower
grade ores of the Kootenays pay are
being solved, and tho importance of
thc section as a great mininsg center
is at the same time being more
plainly made manifest.
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Opera Flannel Blouses,  Silk skirts,
Ladies' jackets, Golf Capes,   Ladies'
Costumes, Dress Goods and  Furs.
At Largely Reduced Prices.
We do no} often advertise special reductions, but when we
do they are. genuine. No inferior goods are bought by us
and offered as so-called Bargains.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We are showing this season a full
line ot theBe goods and solicit your
iBloomed pinroiiago.
Lawrence Hardware
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
The fascinating game of ping pong
has conquered Nelson, as it has many
other places, and it now has so many
devotees that a tournament which is
to last three days will materialize in
a few days. It is simply a modification of lawn tennis that cau be
played indoors and in a mach smaller
space. To show how great the demand
for the materials which are used in
tho game is it may be stated tbat in
Urantham in England there is a factory which is Uopt in operation night
and day which turns out 4,320,000
ping-pong balls aweek. These balls
are partly marketed in Great Britain
and the remainder is shipped to other
countries. There never was a game
which sprung so quickly into popular
favor. Throughout Great Britain it
has become so popular that all other
pastimes are eclipsed by it. Tournaments are of froqnent occurrence and
society bets its small change on the
rosults. The game has spread to Canada, the United States and to other
countries, until no home is complete
without it. The question is will it
simply be tho fad of the hour or will
it bo adopted as a permanent institution? It certainly has met with extraordinary public favoi and it seems
to have qualities which will cause
people to adopt it for all time as ono
of their pastimes.
It is now stated that it is the intention of King Edward to confer upon
the Mikado of Japan the order of the
garter. The Earl of Ahcrcoru his been
selected to go to Tokio to bestow the
order on the Japanese rulor. The
object sought is to give emphasis to
thc reeent treaty entered into betweoD
Great lirtiain and Japan. The
Mikado, when the order is conferred
upon him, will have the unique distinction of being the only non-Chris-
taiu Asiatic invested with this much
coveted honor.
Tho Vanconver, B, C, Province re-
mnrks: "The organizing faculty has
at times in English history been displayed with conspicuous ability and
has heen fruitful of large results foi
good. Perhaps ot all the English
statesmen who were reraarakblo ior
its possession, Lord Wharton, the great
Whig leader during the stormy period
of Queen Anne's reipn was gifted
with it in the highest degree, and his
party and English liberties owe muoh
to tlio work he accomplished. With a
government possessing the confidence
if the people to tbe extent which Sir
Wilfrid Courier's docs, nnd with an
administrator and organizer of Air.
Sifton's capacity, there is little hope
oi Conservative success ior many years
to come."
j Co,
valises���'Ihe Wallace MilleJ
There is until iug like Asthmalene. It
brings.instant relief, even in t e worst
cases,   It cures when all else fails.
The Rev. O. F. WELLS, o Villa Ridge,
111., says: "Your trial bottlo of Asthma-
iene received in good condition. I cannot
toll you bow thankful I feel for tho good
derived from it. I was a slave, chained
with putrid sore throat, and aslhmii for ten
years. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
-aw your advertisement for the eure of
this dreadful end tormenting disease, Asthma, and thought you had overepoken
yourselves, but resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial acted like a
charm.    Band me a full size bottlo.
ltev, I>r. HorrlH WcclMlcr,
Rabbi of tha Oong. Bnai Israel,
New YottK, Jan, 3, IBM
Dit. T.vft Bitos. Medicine Co.,
Gentlemen: Your Asthmnlene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
troubles which combine with Asthma.
Its BuccesB is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it carelully analyzed, we car. state that Asthmalene contains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.    Very truly yonrs,
tlbelRo^alBank of Canaba
Incorporated 1869.
I'upltal? Authnrlzrd,     .     .    Wt.lHMI.OOO.Ou I Capital Paid-up,     ,    .    .      *'.'.(i(io.i!(in.i,(i
Kent, Wl.ll.ir.lHic.n;,
Thomas Ritchie,  Vice-President
Ronrri of Director*     1'homas IJ. Kenny,  Prosldont
:iWllov Smith, U. Q. Hauld, Hon. David MaoKoon.
���lend OlDce, llaliraxi
Ueneral Manager, FA_i_ 1. Pease, Montroal,
Supoi'lntondoiit ot HrauohoH. and Socrotary, W. B. Torranoo, Hallf&Y.
���ti'iim-lirn t
Nova Scotia���Halifax Branch, Antltronl"!*
Brldgewater. Ouyxburo. Londonderry, l.u -
ontnu-K*. Maitland (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port
HiiwktiHbury, Sydney. Huubonacadie.Truro
New Brunswick ��� Bathurst, Pornhostor,
Fredericton, Kingston (Kent Co.l, Mono-
ton. Newcastle, Baokvillfl st, John,Woodstock*
P. _. I��li.iid���CharlottoUJwn, SunmierHide.
Quebec-Montreal, (City lOlllcc), JMontrea
Went End (Cor. Notre Damo and SoIk-
neurs Streets)! Wostmount; (Cor. Uruena
Avenue and St. CatharlnoB Stxeob,
Newfoundland���St, John's,
Culm, Went ladle*���Havana.
United Mates���Now York (IB Kxctla-'ne Place
Koimblic, Wash.
Grand   Furfcs, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
Vanconver East End, Victoria,
I'nrre fttionrtentx i
Canada���Merchant p Bank of Canada.   Boston��� Nations,   Hhawinnt Hunk,   Chlaigo-TUlliiolfl
Trtut and Savings Bank.  Ban Fronclico���First N ation ul Hank.  London,  Bait���Bank of
Scotland.   I'nriH, ���fraiicc -Credit LyonnaiH.   Bermuda��� Hank of Bermuda.   C'hlnn ami Ja>
:11m    l!i>n>: Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.    Spokane���Old Natimal Dank.
General Banking; Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Beugh
and Soid, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on epecia
deposits aud on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager. Nelson, B.C.
Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1901-
Drs. Taft Bbos. Medicine Oo,
Gentlemen : I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wile has
been nfllcted with spasmodic asthma for tlm past 12 years. Having exhausted
my own skill as well as many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon youi
windows on 180 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle ot Astbii,iilen��.
My wife commenced taking it about the first of November. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma has dlsapi eared
and she is entirely free Irom all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend the medicine to all who are afflicted with tbis distrasing! MBjaBe.
Yours respectfully, O. D. PHELPS, M. D.
Db, Taft Bros, Medicine Co, Feb. 5, 1801.
Gentlemen: I was troubled -with Asthma for 22 yenrs. 1 have tried numerous reraarties, bnt they have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and
started with a trial bottle. I found relief at ouce. I have sinoe purchased your
full sized bottle, and I am over grateful. 1 have a family of four children, and
for six years wns unable to work. I am now in the best of health and am doing
business every day.   This testimony you can make such use of as yon see St.
Home address, 235 Rivington street, S. RAPHAEL,
67 East 129th St,,New Vork Oity.
Do not delay.   Write at once, addressing  DR   TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
CO., 79 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
Kor flr��t-cla��H lcathor write
B. C. Leather Co.
Vancouver, B, C.
British Columbia Agent.* for tbe celebrated
* PVWETANCt * Bole Leather, Cut Solefl and
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Manufacturers of Cloned Uppers of all
kin (Ik.
shoemakers' Tools and Findings, Saddlery
Hardware, Hide1* and OMh.
Catalogues aud price lints ou application.
Subscriptions taken for thc Nelson Daily and Weekly Miner at
publisher's prices by J. F, D ELAN K\\ New Denver,  li. C.
Lumbago, pains In the baok or side, soreness,
swelling ��r Inflammation find ho standing
ground alter an application ol Griffiths' Liniment���penetrates i" 11 mlnuto, dispels the pain,
ntops the suffering* Vou will find it hotter
than plasters,
t* Mr. Muck While, well known trainer of tho
Toronto Lacrosse Club nod Osgoodo Football
Club says: "Griffiths' Liniment Is unequalled
for athletes or thoso training. I havo unori ii
wtili ihu best ot success for sore hack, stlfinoss,
soreness, sprains and all forms of swelling and
ITor salo by j. II. Van stone, Nelson* B. 01
Men's and boy's shirt waists and
colored shirts, latest American styles,
just received���The Wallace-Miller Co.
Ping-Pong $ 3.25
Duplicate Whist, Paines
b> Tray Set    4.25
16    "      "    6.50
Bridge    Whist,     with
Cards Complete    2.50
" "          3.00
Laws of Bridge      90
Billiard Nicholas 10.00
Complete stock of Invitations, bcore Cards, Prizes,
Punches and Markers for
Progressive Games.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
m m
.Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand o'
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doora.
Inside Finish,
Ooast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAT. Yards, NKLSON
and LAR1 >0.
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply always  on
Kates to  all  railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office  - Two  doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
Notico is hereby given that I intend
to apply at the next sitting of the
board of license commissioners for the
City of Nelson to be held afler the expiration of thirty days from the date
heroof, for a transfer of the retail
liquor license now hold hy me lor the
Royal hotel, situate on Stanley street
in the City of Melson, on lots i and 4,
block SB, subdivision of lot 05, group
I, West Kootenay district to Hoi Johns,
nf me City of Nelson.
.1.   l,OVELL SMITH.
Witness: Ti. A. McFarland.
Dated this 27th day of February,
Atlantic S.S, Sailings
From St. John. N. B.
Allan Line Tunisian March 8
Ailan Lino Xtiinidian March 15
Boavor Une Garth Castle March II
lieuvor LiDO Lake Ontario March 28
Allan Line Hloamcrri call al Halifax two days
From  Portland.
Dominion Line Dominion March  8
From Now York
Whito Star Lino Ocoanic��� March  5
White Mar Lino Majosfcto March \_
White Stur Lrtne Gonnanic Maroh 18
Cunard LtneUmbrla March 8
Ounard Lino Lueania , Maroh 15
Cunard line Etruria March 'li
American Lino Sl. Paul March 12
American Lino St. LoulS March 1!)
Red Star Line Pouthwark March 5
Uud Slar Lino VaderJand.. ,Maroh 12
Continental sailings of French. North German Lloyd, H. A. P. and Italian Lint;., on application.
RATES���Saloon fartw $12.50, and upwards
Peoond $35 and upwards according to steamer
a"d location of berth. Steerage quotod on application. Prepaid pa^aget^ frum Kngland and
tlic continental lowest rates.
H. L. BROWN,      W. P. F. CUMMINGS,
City Agt. Nelson,      Gon. Amont, Winnipeg
"relsteker & CO
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer uinl Porter,
MrUoa B. 0 '
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always lo
We curry a complote .-.lock of Coast Flooring
Colling, liwldo Finish, Turnod Work, Sash aim
Doors. Special ortler work w .11 receive prompt
attention-   Mail orderB solicited.
Porto Eico Lumber Co.,
Head Office���Hendrvx and Vernon J*c, Ncl-on
Winnipeg Vancouver
Toronto Viotoria
Ottnwa Seattle
Montreal Portland
New York San Francisco
via Soo Une, PI Paul, Chicago
and all U. S. points.
Tourist Sleeper Service
IT*  A  OT'       I'V. Duuniore Jncc-
hAvS I  dily
*���** *w' * Lv. Kootenay Ld|r,
Tuesday nnd Friday, St. Paul, Toronto
Montreal and Uost'on.
Leave     Revelstoke
ily,       Vancouver,
Seattle, Ooast
Home Seekers' Westbound
Excursions, March i to
April 30.
Through bookings to Europe, via all
Atlantic Liue
Propaid tickets from all points at
lowest rates
For berths, time tables, rates and full
information apply to City Ticktt oflice
H. L. BROWN, Agent.
3. S. Oabtkb, E. 3. Coyle
Dia. Pass. Agt. A. G. P. A.
Nelson Vancrnre
Will pay the highest oasb prioe for all
kinds oi second band goodB. Will boy
or sell anytbing from an anchor to a
needle, furniture, stoves, oaiperts,
cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
silver King Mike. Box JIM) Hall
Street, Nelson,  II. C.
Real Estate Fire and Lite Insurance
Money to Loan.
Houses to Rent in all parts of the
City. See list at entrance to our
offices, next to McArthur's Furniture store.
r fti.otf*' Nhlson   Daily Miner, Friday, March 7, 1902
*,����������������������������� ������������������������������������������
The New Denver.Lodge says the oie
in tho lower workings of the Payno is
The Truo Blue at Kaslo, is shipping
r,dO sacks of copper oro that is said to
run 18 per cent copper.
The New Denver Ledge says that
pending a meeting of the company in
Loudon, the Bosun shut down on Friday ol last woek. Operations will be
resumed in a short timo whon a compressor will bo installed and othor improvements mace. The Bosun) last
month shipped 200 tons of ore. Of this
100 tons wus zinc ore which was sent
to Antwerp.
It is reported that the force at, the
Whitewater iB to be increased to 150
Some of the ore cf tho Silver Glance
runs as high as l,00i) ounces in silver
tr the ton, says the Ledge of Now
Denver. Three cars have been shipped
within two months.
II. R. Warden superintendent of the
Silver Cup, was in town yesterday on
business in connection with the housing of the Silver Cup ore. He says
there is now in the warehouse 11,000
sacks, which on the basis of 18 sacks
to the ton, figures out at -about 010
tors, says the Trout Lako Topic. This
has beeu the output since November
last. With the oro in transit and that
which niu be taken dowu before
sleighing breaks up, tho chances are
there will bo of Silver Cup ore at
Trout Lake, something over SOO tons.
Tho valuo of this ore figured at $145 a
ton is Sllti.OOO. Not a bad record for
a winter's work for one mine.
The Nettie L. people have down
about 140 tons and the chances aie that
before sleighing breaks up this will
be increased by another 10Q tons, a
total in nil of 240 tons. Figured at
$125 gross a ton this will give a value
of $30,200. The chances are the
Nettie L. people would have made a
much better showing this winter, but
thoy had several hundred feet of dead
work lo do before they conld mino ore
as economically as tliey wished to.
Last winter they had lo raise all tlieir
ore, which was a very expensive
method. This winter things have
changed on account of thc completion
of the long crosscut tunnel uud drift
und the upraise, which was completed
a short time ago, it the became possible to dump all the ore mined into
chutes, thus doing :i'.vav with the expense of raising it ami the delay
entailed. However, ou account of tbe
progress of tbe season, the effects of
this will not be very noticeable before
next winter.
Thc output for Trout Lako by tho
beginning of April next will be about
1,100 tous, valued at about $150,000,
and it is more than probable that by
tho close of this year this will have
beeu increased to $200,000. This is
from properties which are alieady
sufficiently developed to warrant tbis
estimate. With the completion of railway couimuication between Trout
lake and Kootenay lake which places
us in direct touch with smelters it is
reasonable to suppose thai an additional stimulus will ho given to
mining in the Lardeau. Capital ought
to flow in with the solution of the
transportation problom and now properties will be opened up, whieh, with
those already in advanced state of
development ought to assure an era of
prosperity to tbe country which it has
waited long to experience.
Raincoats, umbrellas, rulbcrs, new
goods, just leceived; everything with
style, quality value, you'll find here.
���The Wallace Miller Co., limited.
Some Statistics Showing the Value of
Canadian Fisheries.
Tho annual report of the department
of Maiine and Fisheries states that
lor the year 1000 tie industry employed
over J0,000 men and tho value of the
boats, nets and other implements
aggregated 110,900,185. About 1,200
sehcODors wero employed, using 38,9b0
boats and 0,205,100 fathoms of nets,
Tho expenditure on various services
amounted to $401,500 and the receipts,
including that from American vessels
under tho modus vivendi was $08,178.
The valuo of the product was $21,557,-
639, a decrease of 8334,007 from 1809.
There was a falling off in British
Columbia to the extent of $335,254
owii.g to the shortage of the salmon
pack, but the quantity of halibut
taken in that province showed a
marked increase. The total catch in
the province waa 4,201,000 pounds,
valued at $213,050.
Salmon stands ot the head of tne list
as a commercial fish, bringing in
J3.893.217, and cod comes seiond wilh
$3,014,775, and lobsters a close third
with 83,055,350. Herring is fourth in
the list and mackerel fifth. The total
production of the province of British
Columbia is put at $4,878,820. Tho
catoh of seals is put down at 24,422,
valued at $350,000.
Whon you have any team work or
want coal or wcod call up 33 West
Transfer Co, office Ward street, opposite Minor office.
Tne Patenaude Handicap cup put up
for weekly competition among members of the Gnu club will be shot for
every Saturday afternoon at 2 o clock
sharp. The lirst contest for tho troniiy
will take place on Saturday. Each
shooter will bu allowed a certain
number of dead birds. The handicapping will he as follows,each shooting at 25 clay pigeons: J. Frod
Hume, 0 birds; Geo. Tierney, 4; Geo.
oteele, scratch; J. II. VVard, 8;H. VV.
F. Pollock, 4; F. VVard, 8; J. Hunter,
9; C. VV. Rusk, 9; J. McLachlan, 0;
.1. II. Wallace, 8; Capt. Gore, scratch;
Dr. Armstrong, 4; C. 1). Goepel,
scratch. The club has also been given
three loohets, gold, silver and bronze,
which will go to thc tbree high guns
Those will also be shot for at each
weekly shoot.
Sportsmen   Disappointed   From     Not
Knowing Where to Go.
The starting of the Kootenay Tourist
association already has been the
means of making known a large number of instances where such an institution in the past would have brought
to the eity many visitors and prevented those who camo from being
disappointed. in the London, England, Field, one of the best sporting
magazines in the world, in a recent
number is a long article on hunting
in the Kootenays which gives anything hut a favorable impression of
tho district. The writer, who had
shot big game in many parts of the
world, says that he loft tho main line
and went south to see if there was any
game, although he could get no in for
mation us to where to go. Ho writes
that he reached a town called Nelson.
From there he took steamer aud went
up the lake 20 miles and landed with
supplies, He struck off from the lake,
was away a week and did not see any
signs of game. Reaching the lake
again ho saw an Indian in a cuiioe
and hired him to take his outfit and
himself to Nelson. They met with
heavy weather and tbe canoe sprung a
leak and swamped and be lost his
outfit und hod a very unp'easant trip
to town and he left thoroughly disgusted with the district. He says the
scenery was very beautiful but tbat
the mountains were filled with an
army of hungry prospectors who apparently bad cithei shct or chased
everything in the nay of game a stay.
A former employe of the railway
comnanv at one of the resorts on the
main line said that nearly every
sport&rnun that stopped there was very
curious as to the country to the soutn,
and if they could get any information
such as will be afforded by the association would undoubtedly take a trip
as far us Nelson.
Fine      American     shoes���Wallace:
Miller Co.
MoKanlass with his company of
Alabama Warblers appears at Nelson
Opera House on Monday evening. The
press speaks highly of the performance.
McKanlass is a host within himself
and the most wonderful violinist of
this ago says the Chicago Conservatory.
The Buffalo Courier: The great
McKanlass with the Alabama Warblers la tho best violinist, sweetest
singer and high class amusoi that bas
visited Buffalo Ibis Season.
The tonsorial establishment of J.
H. Matheson and tho basement shop
of McMohon and Gardner bave consolidated and are now duing business
next door to the Bodega saloon, where
they will ho pleased to meet old and
new oustomers.
Fiechtl's Players came, they saw,
they conquered one of tho largest and
most enthusiastic audiences that has
thronged the Occidental Theatre since
its erection ; and for throe solid hours
tbe house was in an uptoar of laughter from the very moment of tho opening act until tbe closing scene. The
play was fraught with funny situta-
tions, and times without number was
punctuated by tho applause of an appreciative audience, Johnuy Riloy
and Shulty, the two leading stars of
the comio roll, showed u wide range
of humorous genius, and captured the
house from their first rally and held
it without difficulty until the end of
the farce. The specialties, toe, were
equally well staged,and one can safely
say that tho Otto Fiechtl's Comic
Players is ono of the best attractions
that has ever appeared in Salt Lake
City.���Salt Lake Tribune.
Advertisements inserted under tbls head at
the rate of ono co.it a word per insertion. No
advertisement) takon for Iohs than 25 oentn.
Situation Wan tod advertisements lnnortod
throe Union free of chargo.
TO RENT���1st March,    store in   good
central   position   on   liuker   street. ' AERATED AND MINERAL WATERS
Apply S. M. Brvdges, K.W.C. Block,   j
FOR RENT. ���A desirable residence.
House contains largo double sitting
room with open fire place, hull, smoking room, three bedrooms, kitchen,
etc ,und modem conveniences. Largo
garden and tennis court. Apply to B,
J. Steel, Bilker street.
RusBia and Germany Do Not Intend to
Exclude Others in China.
Washington, March O.���The United
States has received fresh pledges from
Russia and also from Germany as to
tho conservation of the commercial
rights of other nations In China
within the zones of influence of the
above named powers. Tbe Russian
promise   has   been   repeated at  snort
A SNAP���in house rents! Six-roomed
house, double plastered, hot and
cold water, bath, etc, in good condition, $10 a month. R. J. Steel,
Baker st.
FOR SAcE���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in tho Kootenays,
best location, 25 nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best business proposition in the district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cale,
Box 225, Nelson B.C.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
board.     Apply     on   Silioa   street,
second door west of VVard.
Applv   to   Mrs V. 3. Sqnires, Room
40,  K. VV. O. block.
3. H.  LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Phone 278.
Wanted���Railroad       Laborers     for
construction.      Waitress.       Girl   for
house work.
WANTED���To   purchase,    a house  of
not lass than   five  rooms.     Address
A. B., Box 414,P.O.
LADY wants employment as cook   or
housekeeper, good   salary   expected.
Highest references given.     Apply   '/i.
T��� Miner Ofliee.
WANTED���Pupils in shorthand,
Typewriting, Bookkeeping or ordinary English branches classes day
and'evening. Custom typewriting a
specialty, Victoria Street, opposite
City Library.
HELP of all kinds wanted and
furnished. Western Canadian Employment Agency. Large warehouse
for storage; call at Piosser's Second
Hand store, Ward stect.
1V111.1N    VV t\IS _PjU���VO       Clu���'o 11..I
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages, long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C. A,
Guthrie Sc Co.
ENGINEERS, Firemen, Machinists
and Klectiicinns send for 40-page
pamphlet containing Questions asked
by examining board of engineers to
obtain engineer's licence. Address
Geo. Zeller, cublishor, 1"8 S 4th St.,
St. Louis, Mo'.,  U.S.A.
Parties wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footed can have them done by
applying on corner of Ward and
Victoiia street, opposite postoffice.
Monday, March 10th
Alabama    Warblers
Gallery 35c, Reserved Seats 50 _ 75c.
Seats on sale Friday at McDonalds
intervals and is regarded as quite as
binding as any written statement can
be made. In the case of Germany,
which Dower has been projecting some
railway and kindred enterprises in
Shan Tung province, back of Kiacbou,
the German naval port on the Chinese
coast, tbe department in answer to
enquiry on . the subject has been assured that there is no Intention to exclude the citizens of other nations of
advantages to be enjoyed in thin quarter of China by Germany.
Don't overlook us in our new quart
ers opposito Miner ofhee, Ward street.
Coal and wood, West TranslerjJCo.
N. M. Cuiniuhiri, Lo��t,uo���Kvcry kuowi.
variety uf *uft drinks. P O ilux 88. 'i'eluphun
Nu. 31. Iloovor Btreet, Nelson. Bottlers of Lh
fituouH tic Leon Hot hpi'iii,:-, Mineral Wiilcr
A MACDONALD Sc Co.-Cornor Fron
��� and Hull rttrcels���Wholesale K*roeor
and jobbers in blunkelH, Elpvefl, liiitU, booUt
rubbers. nmckumWH uml miners' sundries.
P   BURNS Sc Co.-Iiukur Stroot, Nclson-
���   Wholesale dealers in fresh a      curui
mouth.   Cold SloruKo.
Baker Street, Nelson��� Wholosulo dou
ors in fresh and cured meats.
J   Stroet,   Kelson ��� Wholesale  daalars  ir
hardware, minors' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. Baker Street Nelson,
B. C.,���Donors in general Imrliware,
miiiiiig supplies, glass, pair's, Portland Co-
ni-ut, lire clay and Scotch llro brick. Agents
for VVilklusiind Co.'s celebrated stool who rope
NKLSON   HARDWARE   CO.��� Wholesuli
paints, oils and glass: mechanics  tools
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; lrnamitc
rpURNKR, BEETON Sc Co.-Corner Vcrnoi
X and Josephine Streets, Nolson���Whclo
salo doalci-H In liquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Mllwuuko'-
and Calgary Brewing Oo or Calgary.
UDSON'B BAY Co.-Wholesale grocorio
and llquon ut*., Baker Street, Nelson.
OHIco corner Hull and Front Streets
Volfion���Lumber, ceiling, HonriiiK. and ovory
LliinK iu wood for building purposes, Got oui
pricoH.  Correspondunco solicited.
T    A.MJ)ONAM),     Agent   Hatolwood
Dairy Co. Ice Cream.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc-,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
riuhii Strc* Nelson. B C
Finest and Best Bar ln the City.
The Dcst Brands ol Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
JOSEPH HARWOOD.   -   Proprietor
obtained in all oountries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full Darticulars.
Kootenay Railway and N
Company, Ltd.
Shortortt ftnd quickest routo to Lho cant and ai
points on iho 0�� tt. & N. mid Northern i*��
olfio Hallways in WaHhirigiron, Oregon and
Southern Stutea.
Time Card effective Nov. 10. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
8:30 it. m. Lv. Kimo Ar. 4:00 p. m
10:53 p.lu. Ar. Uandon Lv. 1:15 p. in
Int Nav- & Trading Oo
0:00 p. m. Lv. Nol��on Ar. 10:30 a. m.
0:111 p. in. Ar: K.i lo Lv. 7:U0 a. in.
Connecting at Five Milo Point with Nolnon
& Kort Hhoppard Hallway both to and from
KosHtantl, etc.
Tickets Bold to all parts In United Statoo and
Oanada via Great Northern and O. H. sc N
Co.'h lines.
Ocean riteam-.hlp  tickets and  rates vi   a
tines will be fornuhad on application.
For further particulars call oa or adrfro.fl
M��n��a:8r. Kmlo.Q. C
G. K. Taokabuhy Agent. Nelson H. O.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head offiob toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Ktraiplit Mortgage.
Apply to ii. i. IttNNOX, __..r St.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Man aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   88,noO,OOti;   Reserve   Fund,   83,ooo,0ooj
80S, ooo, ooo.
AI.K1SR, Hcuernl Miuingei
Aggregate Sesonrcea Over 166,000,000,
HON. QKO. A. COX, President.      B. E. W.
London Office: on Lumbard Street, B. C.
New York Olfice: 16 Eichange Place.
And 68 branches in Oanada and tne Jailed SUIoh, Including
Atlik OREBNWOOD Nkmon Sandon
Cii'MmnoK        Kamlooi'D Nkw Wkhtminhtkh   Vancoi'Vkr
Fbknik Nanaimo RobsxaHd Vxotobia
YUKON DISTRIOT-DaWUon ant. Wiiitk Hoksk.
UNITK1I STATUS��� Nkw Yokk, San Kkakcihcu, Sbattlk, Portland, Skaoway.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits ltoceivcd and interest Allowed.  Pretest lute B l'er Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Similkameen   Coal   Stock
For   full   particulars   apply   to
R. J. STEEL, Broker, Nelson, B. C.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting', Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Unde-ground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates turnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
*_���-!. ********___*
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kasl.
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan Cit>
Orderi by mail to im branch will have careful and nromot attention.
0AB.3.-    ALSalaOAETE.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
D rect connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Loaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 i jn
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:20 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 800 p-m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-Wesi
and North-Land of the Northern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Hail-
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Ky��� Kaslo & SlocaD
Ry., Kootei ai Railway Sc Navigation
Co , or to
City Pass, and Tkt   Agt,  W  701   VV,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
��. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nelson. B ('
nnd try a bottle, a down,  or a  burrol of
CALQARY  BEER an It Ik lho btMl and
chcupiwt    on    Lho    mnrkot.    AIho   try   our
Tilopbono 93 Bukorat. Nilson
Northern R'v.
Nelson  Sl  Fort
Red Mountain R'v.
For the comfort of the number ol
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily BufJfe*
Car service has been inaugurated
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or th
Close connections made  at  Spo
kane for the south, east  and   west.
Only io hours to Seattle and   18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points,
Lenve DAY TRAIN Arrive
H:20 B.m Spokane    7 :15 p.m
18:86 p.m Rossland 4 :30 p.m
10:110 a.m... .Mnuhtain S'Sli p. m.
11:41) am Nelson li :45 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, O. P. & T.A.
Spokane, Wasn
Ageut, Nelson. D.
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural  Implements, Bee  Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Catalogue Free.
M.   J.   HENRY
8006 Westminster Road, Vancouver,B, C.
If there is anything you requlro.aok
for  it  in    Is* ��u1uisd  cf the M.i_xi
'.*!**��� Nelson Daily Miner Fridw, March 7,   1902
King I" all matters  of
.-. , ,  .... cnrreHpondouco   it
Edward VII       t, of 'tl)B  utraoHt
Note Paper        importance   to
bavo tlie best and newest.      You   cannot afford to be without Etna Edward
VII.    Note Paper, il would   be   "bail
You can procure it at our store in
the three newest .shapes with envelopes
to match in either white wove or It Id
���surface. The pi ice of King Edward
VII Note Paper is 750 for r. quires,
packed io a very handsome and useful
box. King Edward VII Qnvelopeu at
the same price,  boxed.
Booksellers. Stationers
Show Room Tor Mason ft Itisch pianos
��� WW WHtWV vvwvwww* ���
��� *A/VW'iVW%V*'V**VVAAA*VV��
Mr. and Mrs J.L. Parker who have
been at the Phair ior the past few
days, leave today for tho North Star
mine in East Kootenay.
The funeral of Mrs. 1'. Sirvold.
formerly of Minneapolis, Minn., will
take place this afternoon frnni her late
residence on Water street to tho city
The exeoutive committee of the
Kootenay Tourist Association will
meet this evening at S o'clook in the
Hume hotel when a plan of work for
the season will be laid down.
D. W. Moore, ore buyer for the
Trail smelter, was at the Hume yesterday en route lor Sandon. Mr.
Moore reports that good progress is
being made with the lead refinery
building at Trail.
The executive ol' the Tourist Association bus not yet met and therefore no
official arrangement has been made in
regard to printing as stated in the
issue of yesterday. The intention ol
the association i�� to patronize home
A quantity of lumber was teamed
out yesterday over the Nelson-Granite
road to tho Poorman mine for use in
tho shaft now being sunk. Thin road
is still in fair condition and has stood
the winter very well there being little
subsidence anynlieio along it although
only finished late la&t full.
3,000 barrels of men's suits���The
Wallace-Miller brand���your size, your
price and pattern to please you are
here.    Call in.
.1. A. Benson transferred yesterday
at tlie record office all his right, title
and interest in Lost Mine mineral
olaim to (1. Sobwinkle and ,1. Daniel*
son, consideration nominal. A certificate of work was issued to G.
Bob winkle on tho Hidden Treasure,
and to Michael ligan ou Main.
The lake still continues to rise and
yesterday afternoon reached the low
water mark of last year. As a rule
tbe raising of tbe water noes not commence until about the middle ol or
end of March, but from all indications
this year'here will not be uny very
high water. Tho oldest residents are
prophesying that the coming summer
will be a very dry and hot one.
Lack  of Eight  Food is  the  Oause  of
It is Hardly fair to blame the doctor
for not curing his patient when tli
patient attempts to live on food that
furnishes Ihe wrong kind of nourishment. When sickness comes on it is a
pretty good sign that tlie food is not
keeping the body up. There are
thousands of cases where ft change in
food alone Has brought the sick one
out into a prime   condition of   health
As an illustration. A lady in River
side, CaliL, says, "After teu years o
service as a teacher, during whicl
time I suffered three or four attacks of
La Grippe, I finally found myself a
physicist wreck. Medical treatment
would help my strength nud vitality
temporarily but I would always go
Husband and I moved to California
in the hopes that this genial clime
would restore rne. I got better for ft
little while but in a few months became so weak and debilitated that
we wero in despair.
Finally through tho influence of a
friend 1 changed my diet and began
using Grape-Nuts and Postum Coffee.
I used Grape-Nuts at two of my meals
each day nnd have gained 1.1 pounds
in weight and thc incieasc in strength
is really wonderful.
I am hack to the healthy, good fecl-
ingnofiny girlhood days. I enjoy
Postum better than any beverage I
bave ever used. My friends remark on
my improved condition and I am impelled to write this letter with pro-
foiina gratitude, hoping that many
other may lie induced to go and do
likewise. I have proved that health
is the natural consequence of properly
selected food. Please do not use my
name bnt I will be glad to reply to
any inquires." Name furnished by
I'ostum Co., Battle Creek, Micb,
It is'reported that Ralph Herron,
travelling agent for George Hermann
and Co , of San Francisco, who has
been laid up with pneumonia for tbe
past two weeks, is convalescent.
A   session   of the county   court will
commenco   in   Nelson   on  Monday   of
next week.      The   list of cases Is   not
xpected to ho lurge on account of tbe
lucent date uptin which   the   Supreme
uurt session Was held.
3. II. Poff, of Vancouver, inspector
of agencies for the province for the
Sun Life AsMiarnce company, was in
Nelson yesterday. Tllis company is
represented here by A. II. Dock-
steader, who is general agent for the
The advent of spring is showing up
trongly the necessity of continuing
tlie planking on Front street from
where it terminates at present opposite the warehouse of lliaekinnn and
Ker, west to Ward street. The soil
there is a blue clay which after the
frost leaves it is almost impassable for
weeks for tratlie.
At Emmanuel Congregational ohuion
last evening despite the inclement
night an appreciative audienco turned
out to attend the concert given under
the auspices of the Ladies' Aid society
by the Enid Martin Concert Co. Miss
Martin has a highly cultivated voice
and was hoard to good advantage in
lho vaiious numbers which she sang.
Mr. Fellowes-Hansou rendered a number of vocal selections very acceptably, and the accompaniments and
Instrumental solos by Elgar Ilayliss
evoked much applause.
A meeting of the board of works
was held yesterday afternoon at the
city hall. It is not likely tbat any-
ting will be done in_the way of city
improvements until there has been
another ��ale of city debentures v ith
the exception of the alterations in tho
channel of Cotronwood eicek, whicb
will have to bo completed before the
high water sets in, In the high water
of last year the corner of the tennis
grounds was swept away, and a large
portion of the bank below the Sherbrooke hotel carried away. The work
lhat has to be dono in straightening
and deepening the channel will prevent further damage by high water.
Stop now, think it over, better examine our shoe stock���The Wallace-
Miller Co., limited.
The Miner is in rocopt of a pamphlet from Percy F. Godenratb, the
newspaper correspondent of the Uoundary, who went east two months since
on a colonization scheme. The
pamphlet, wbich is neatly gotten upi
is entitled "Own a Piece of the
Earth" It deals with the farming
possibilities of tho country adjacent
to Grand Forks, which is ono of the
garden spots of British Columbia
Mr. Godenrath in an interesting way
tells of the possibilities of the land in
question to the end that he may secure
purchasers for the ten acre tracts into
vhich one large farm has been
T. V. Mclntyre, the well known
commercial traveler, returned last
evening from a visit to the Lardeau
country, lie reports that the Vulcan
smelter at Ferguson is finished and
ready to be blown in, but thero is a
shortage of lime rock for fluxing.
When this is obtained tbe plant will
commence reducing ore. Several
mines aro being operated and considerable ore is being taken out. The
railway which is being built to open
up the Lardeau country is having a
stimulating effect und those who have
interests there aro in a more hopeful
mood than they havo been on any
iormer occasion when Mr. Mclntyre
visited there.
Grand   Forks   Takes   Steps  to   Make
Them Play Fair.
isrl'.l I VI. TO   1 UK .HIMill.t
Grand Forks. March (i.���Archie
Mowat is erecting a 30-room hotel in
the north addition opposite the
Granby smelter, for the accommodation of the smelter employees.
At the first annual meeting of tlio
shareholders of the Phoenix Wator
and Light Co., held recently the following board of diiootors was elected:
II. N. Galer, G. W. Woosler, J. F.
Ilominway, 0. B. Smith and Give
Pringle. At a subsequent meeting of
tho board Mr. Galer was elected prosi
dent; O. H. Smith, vice president; G
W. Wooster. treasurer, and Mr. Hem
in way, secretary and general manager
The cempany has secured a 2.1 years'
franchise and has already expended
!f35,O0o in installing a water-works
system, which is giving good satisfaction. The water supply for domestic
use is pumped from Marshall lake to a
100,000-gallon reservoir tank located
on the New York townsite, giving a
400-foot pressure. In addition there is
another tank of tho same capacity and
which is supplied from the Old Ironsides mine. This reservoir is held as
a reserve for fire protection. The company his aho socurad the light frun-
hise and has already taken over the
lighting plant hithoito operated by
the Greenwood Electric Light Co. The
plant will be improved and placed in
llrst class condition immediately.
These improvements will   tend to give
Phoenix all the advantages of older
and moro favored centres.
A public meeting was held here yesterday for the puipose of discussing
the Chinee question in its bearing
on the market gardening Industry,
Many prominent rancheis were present aud a thorough discussion took
place. Thoso present were a unit in
emphasizing the extreme desirability
ol discouraging the presence of the
Mongolian element bolh in th? valley
and in the country at large. It was
eloarly shown that the competition   of
the Chinamen rendered the raising of
vegetables piolilless tu the ranchers,
It was suggested that a blah license
should be placed ou all peddlars aud a
public market be established.
After discussion a resolution was
adopted advocating the prohibition of
all puddling ami thc establishment of
a market where all (aiming products
can be publicly sold and where any
competition between white men and
Mongolians will ut least be opcu and
above board.
At a largely attended inciting of the
Board of Trado in tlie evening this
question was brought Dp in older tu
obtain au expression of opinion from
the business men of tbo community.
A vigorous discussion ensued, the
scope of which embraced the various
phuses of this vexed problem, lt was
contended on the part of tho ranchers
that tbey would bo inevitubiy driven
out of tbe business by the Competition
of tbe Chinese. All piesent concurred
in endorsing the view of tne ranchers
and a hearty endorsation of the market scheme was given. A strong committee was nominated to lay the matter before the city council.
Jas. 11. Kennedy, chief engineer of
the V. V. and E. railway, has left for
Toronto on business.
Story That Australians Were Shot For
Avenging Uoer Cruelties.
London, March 0.���A strange story
is exciting much ciscussion among
military mon, although it has kept
out of both press and parliament. It
relates to alleged reprisals takon by
Australian troops for Boer outrages in
firing upon tho wounded, and the
Draconian measures adopted by
Kitchener for enforcing discipline. It
is Etated that the Austialian officers
and men who toik the lex talionis
into theii own hands were tried by
court-martial and some were sentenced
to bo shut. The story is told with
precision and full details, but the
censorship has excluded it from tbe
ordinary dispatcher and omeiai v._
planat'.ons cannot be obtained from
Pall Mall.
Puttee and Ralph Smith Will Vote For
the $M)o Tax on Chinese.
Ottawa, March 0.���Mr. Pntteo, the
Lahor member for Winnipeg, has gone
through the voluminous report of the
Chinese commission. He states tonight the report establishes beyond all
doubt the justice of the claim advanced by the Labor party in British
Columbia for the exclusion of the
Chinese. Mr. Puttee aud Mr. Ralph
Smith will support the raising of the
poll tax on Chinese entering British
Columbia to $500, which virtually
means exclusion if enforced. Both
members will present their views
dunug tho budget debate. Mr. Smith
is at present eon lined to nis room
owing to indisposition, but hopes tu
be out aguiu early next week.
Details of the British Disaster Near
London, March 6.���ln a dispatch
from Pretoria, dated March 3, Lord
Kitchener sends details of thc disaster
to the escort of tho convoy of empty
wagons at Vondouop, southwest of
Klerksdorp, Transvaal colony.
The British casualties in killed,
wounded, and men made prisoners,
reaeli tho tctal of 032, In addition thc
Boers captured two guns. Lieut.-Col.
Anderson who wns in command states
that the st length of the Boers was
estimated at from 1,200 to 3,7<i0.
Commandants Delarey, Kemps, Cel-
liers. Lemrser, Wolmarans and Put-
gioter were all present. Commandant
Lemmer is said to have beeu killed.
New Y'ork, March O. ��� The Journal
of Commerce says there seems to be a
disposition among financial interest'
identified with the Northern Seeurit:cs
company to hold tho Canadian Pacific
responsible for much of the legal opposition to the merger. They do not
believe the Canadian Pacific is taking
any formal action, but that legal
talent friendly to that railway is
active in discovering nnd emphasizing
points against the merger They look
upon Northern Securities of Canada,
recently formed, as beluuging to the
Canadian Pacific.
Toronto, March,O.���The decision   of
the directors of the Golden Star to sell
out   the proporty   closes   a disastrous
episode in Ontario's   mining   history.
Monarch Special
A Watch built especially to stand
tlic hard usage of this country, it has
as a fine timepiece. It will be at
home on the railroad or in the
Have a look at it before  buying,
Patenaude Bros.
Be Sure and Get the .Genuine.
| Lawrence Hardware Company
B Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C.
The great built of tbe money lost was
subscribed by Toronto people chieily
in small holdings. Much of H. having
been bought at from 04 tl HO cents a
share some three years ago. For the
last year and a half il has been hovering around tbree or fonr cents.
Boston, March 6,���Joe Walcott
signed articles today to box young
Peter Jackson at Balt;more on March
Vl. Walcott contracts to stop Jacksun
iu 10 rounds.
Queens���A. P. McDonald. Silverton;
D J. McDonald, C. Clilte, Sandon; J.
Wilson.Crestou ; A. \V. Winlaw, Will-
law's Siding; J. A. Long, Kaslo; .1.
H. Cai ter, Kootenay Lauding; C. A.
Cunlilt'o, Ashcroft.
Hume.���C. S. Craddock, Medicine
Hat; D. W. Moore, Trail; J. S. McLeod, Winnipeg; F. Davidson, Tor-
nrtoi ri. t__, vpntuuvm , rr. n.
Wilson and wife, Morrissey.
Bart lett-W. R. Monetl, 3. R. Mo-
Kenzle, Erie; J. Dunn, Michel; P.
W. Ward, Winnipeg; T. McLean,
Fernie; G Benny, Sirdar; W. A. McDonald. Vuiir.
Tiemont--n. II. Mocre, Greenwood;
0. Monroe, Cedar Canon; II. Leaker,
W. Young, D. Steffer, Goat Creek.
Madden���D. A. McDonald, Seven
Mile; J. Garvey. Fern mine; P. W.
Cody, North Bend.
Grand Central���D. . S. McVnnnel.
Slocan; J. Carlson, Erie; II O. Steck,
Pkair-,1. H. Poff, Victoria; H. Van
A. Swilzer, Toronto; T. P. Mclntyre,
Dandruff is Caused by   a   Germ   That
Saps tlio Hair's Vitality.
It is now a settled fact that dandruff is caused Dy a germ. Falling hilir
and baldness are the result of dandruff.
Dr. E. 3. iteiirdsley, of Champaign,
III., got hold of the new hair preparation. Ncwbro's Herpicide���the only
one tbu; kills the dandruff germ. Ho
says: "I used Herpicide for my dandruff and falling hair, and I am well
satislied with the result." Dr. J. T.
I'ugat, of Urbami, Ul., says: "I havo
usod Herpicide for dandruff with excellent results. 1 shall prescribe it.
in my practice." Herpicide kills the
dandruff germ. Physicians as well as
the geneial public say so.
Presenting High-Class Farce Comedy
ViurJcvllle   and   Comic
A meritorious Oompany or fifteen
picked and selected Artists fira ibuir
Individual excellence] The most talented Singers, Dancers, Comedy and
Vaudeville Artists in tbe profession,
Laughoble Comedies. Pretty comedlen-
nos. Sweet Singers and Funny
A COMPLETE  I HIKE or  I'lun.R tiiMi:
Seats .it  McPonald's.
Civil Englueera and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box US Telephone 2
Between S. S. Bailey, Plaintilf, and
Dellie Mining and Milling Com
pany (Foreign), Defendants.
Iii accordance with the By-LaWB of lho Po-
ciuiy, the Annual General Daretlng will he licit)
in tho Board of Trade ltoo ns on Tuesday,
March llih utli p. in.
All annual subscribers lo tbe Butncf Ton I>ol
lfuvurc members of thi Bnoioty, oligtbla Lo
Lake part In the election of directors for the ea*
sui"g term and in oaso of Ulnots aro untitled to
free treatment in tlio hospital,
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
The Waverley Hotel
3, N. DAVIDSON. Prop.
Rates $1.00 to $1.no per day. First
clusa Meals, ano. Next door to Opera
Honse. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria .St., Nelson,
MBNIS' ACT,   lsOIl.
Pursuant to an order of the Honorable, Mr Justice Martin, made in the
above action on Friday, thc -'1st day
of February, 1!I02, and oi lho registrar's directions dated the 1st day of
March, 190a, and Hied herein, tl'iere
will bo ottered for sale with the approbation of the Deputy District
Ueg sirar at Nelson, by .Samuel P.
Tuck, Auctioneer, at the couit house,
Nelson, lli-'tisn Coin .ibia.on Monday,
the 17th clay of March, Hatt, at the
hour of II o'clock in the forenoon,
ADD AND SINGULAR tnat certain
pared and tract of land and premises,
situate, lying and being in the hTootc-
nay District of British Columbia,coin-
posed of Lot 241 in Group. I, and
known upon the olHcial plan or survey, of the said district, as the
"Dellie" .Mineral Claim, for the purpose of satisfying the plaintiff's judgment, which ��vaa obtained on tho IStb
day of February, 11)02, for tbo Eura of
$5,761.97 and costs taxed nt $24.14
* ith interest thereon at the rate of 6
per cent, per annum, since said date
and the costs of these proceedings.
The purchaser wiil be required to
make payment in c-s'i at close of salo.
The purchaser will also be required
to satisfy himself us to the interest
and title nf the defendant?. The highest bidder will be the purchaser,
Further particulars may be obtained
from the plaintiff's solicitors or the
Dated at Nelson. Uritish Columbia,
tllis 1st day of March, 190H.
T.  A.  MILLS.
Deputy District Registrar.
Elliot und Lennie, Plaintiffs'
- OK
: "-^ �����"!
0 A remarkably beautiful DSBOrt- i
_ ment of all Ibe nice things  that o
��� go to make up a  complete  toilet ���
_, outfit,In many new patterns and S
��� shapes, all of the  best  quality ���
1 of  Sterling Silver,  and   at   ex ���
��� ,..��� 1.. _ -.!.,..     n	
��� wnnt you to see them,
J Fine W^tch Repairing a Specialty ���
Tenders will be received by the   undersigned ut his olliee,   Nelson, until noon on
Wednesday, March 12,1902
for the purchase of the
stock in trade of J. G.
Bunyan & Co. consisting of
Fu rnlture. Picture Moulding, carpets,
Draperies,    and   Undertaking
Fixtures and Suppllos.
as follows :
Furniture, etc. $2596-69
Moulding - 171.45
Carpets, etc. - 1332-38
Undertaking Stock
& Fixtures   -      817-28
Bids will be considered for any  one
line or for the whole stock.
Stock lists can be seen at oflice
ol the undersigned, Nelson, B. C. ;
at the oflice of The Canada Furniture Manufacturers, Toronto, or at
tha office of H. R. Ives Sc Co.,
The stock is all new and up-to-
date, no old shop worn goods, as
the linn has only been in business
for a short time.
Any further information will be
gladly given by
N. T.  MACLEOD, Assignee.
Nelson, B. C, Feb, 24,  1902.
NKLSON LODGE    No. 23, A. P. Sc
M. moots second Wodnosday In
mouth.   Visiting brotborn wolcomo
j^Ufei,.    1. O. O. P,     Kootonay Lodge
-^fiKjjfiujlM No. 1(1, moots ovory Monday night,
^SraCTs**"  at  thoir Hall, Kootenay stroot
Sojourning Odd Follows oordially invltod.
VV. H. Smith, N. G.;  G. F. Motion, V. G.| A.
IjOUghurst, Hoc. See,
Nelson Koyal Arch Chapter No. 123, G. It. O.
Meets ihird Wednesday, sojourning- compan
ions invited. Goorge Johnstone, _. '1. J.
Sims,   S. K.
.        NKLSON L.ODGK   No.25, K. of V.
i^Imieels in _, of 1'. haU, Oddfollows blook
ovoryTucsday evening- at 8 o'olook.
^All visiting knights cordially  Invito
Wm. Ihvink, O.O.
Huou STBVhNS. _. of It. and S.
Nolson Knca pmont No. 7. MecU ovory 2nd
and 1th Friday of each month, in Odd Follows
Hall, cornel- Bakor and Kootenay streets.
Nelson. A. ii. Clements, C. P.; D. MoArthur
H. S.   Visiting brothers always welnnme.
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1692 moots ln Fraternity Hall on first ami third Friday evenings
of earn month at _ o'clock. Visiting meinour
cordially invited. W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A, .Minty, It. S.
NKLSON ______ No. 22, F. O.  K., moola
ovory second and fourth Wednesdays of oach
m onth. Visiting members cordially invlti
Charles prflssfu-, H"0!-���t,ary.
Kootonay rout No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold tlieir
regular meetings In Fraternity Hall, I. O. O. F,
blook, on the 1st, and 3rd Thursdays of each
month. Visiting brothron cordially invited to
attend. G.A. Brown K. K.; Dr. Hojo, Oom-i
It. J.Stool. D. H. O.
1st and 3rd Wednesday ovoningsot
Blioh mouth at Fraternity Hall
corner ot Bakor and Kootonay
stroots. Visiting brothern cord-
lallj Invltod
EiiwAlli) MacLeod. Sneretnrv.
Nolson Court Star of Kootenay, A. O. F
Meots 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in ovory
.Vtonth. Visiting brethren welcomo. V7 Mao
Mihlan, C. I'. ; Herbert McLeod Soc
COURT KOOTKNAY. I. O. F., No. 3138.
Meetings Ith Thursday cf mouth. Fraternal
hall. J A Irving 0 K.   P.   _. Fleming. H.
sold by All Newsdealers
Furnish** Monthly to all lovers of Song
and Music a vaBt volume of Hew, Choice
Copyright Composition* by the most popular authors. ��4 P��ge�� of Piano Mualc,
half Vocal, half InBtrumental-ai Complete
Piece* for PI*no���Once a Month for as
Cent*. Yearly Subscription, ta.oo. If you
will send us the name and address of Fivj
performers on the Piano or Organ, wo will send
you a copy of the Magazine Free.
��    J. W. PEPPER, Publl*h*r.
Eighth a Locust Sts., Philadelphia, '������


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