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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 7, 1902

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 Daily Edition No. 1234
Provincial ilbr'in g31oo'
Nelson,  British Columbia, Tuesday, January 7, 1902
Eleventh Y
Is John A. Klrkpatrlck Qualified to Run for Office
of Mayor.
It Is Possible That He Oannot Be Put on Voters'
Consternation has heen sproid
1111111111; the supporters of J. A. Kirk
Patrick by the announcement that he
was not qualified to run for mayor.
The law in regard to qualiflca'tion is
very plain. It provides that those
who desire to have tlieir names entered on t,h,i voters' list must pay all
taxes before December 'st, or be left
off. Mr. Kirpkatiick failed to pay the
taxes on a piece of real estate in
wliub he is jointly interested with
anolier and owing to this delinquency
his name was not put ou the list. The
taxes have since been paid and Mr.
Kirkpatriok thought that all he would
have to do would be to go beforo the
police magistrate, Mr. Crease, and be
placed on the Hat, as such method had
beon in vogue in former years. There
has been considerable doubt as to the
legality of this procedure and thc
opinion of several solicitors was had
and they declared that names so
omitted could not be legally placed on
the list. ln order to seoure a ruling
on the question the office of the attorney-general was communicated
with by Police Magistrate Crease.
The attorney-general's office ruled in
effect that the police magistrate had
no right to put names on the list after
it had beeu revised by the mayor,
where the party seeking this right had
failed to pay his taxes before December 1st.
On looking up the law in the municipal elections act it is found that
police magistrate of a city, or auy
iudge of the supreme or county court
is empowered to hear or determine
when it is alleged, after the voters'
list has been certified as oorrect by the
mayor, that any person's name has
been improperly omitted from the
voters' list and the clerk of the municipal cjnrt, or presiding officer, is
authorized to add to the voters list the
name of any person whom the police
magistrate or judge decides is entitled
to vote, and whose name should have
been inserted.
Police Magistrate Crease does not
desire to act in an arbitrary manner
in the premises, but as the attorney-
general's office in a manner is over
him in this question,he cannot depart
from the instructions wbich he has
Judge Forin,yesterday in the case of
a resident of Slocan, wbo has become
qualified since tbe voters' list was
closed, refused to order his name
inserted because "his name had not
been improperly omitted from the
list of voters,"
It looks very much as if J. A. Kirkpatriok and a number of others, it
their names have not been 'improperly
omitt-d' from the voters' list are dis-
qualifie from voting or being voted for
at tbe forthcoming city election It
is possible that some other candidate
may have to be selected than J. A.
Kirkpntrick. The best and most
feasible solution of the difficulty,
however, would be to re-elect Mr.
Fletcher by acclamatiou.
enquiry sent him bv the council that
in Lis opinion the city was not liable
tor a month's salary tn ex-Chiet Lillie
or that the latter had any claims
upon it, and quoting various authuri-
t es and precedents.
A letter was read from the agent of
the Chicago foundry from which the
eity fire bell had been purchased, enclosing one from the firm to himself
in whieh they asked for a detailed
statement of thc cracking of the   bell.
A communication from I. lioyd,
applying for a position ns ("river of
the fire team was filed.
Alderman Irving asked If all the
persons whose names were on the
voters' list bad paid their taxes.
Alderman Madden intimated that be
though a number had boon left off
that should be there.
Thc city clerk said that to the best
of his Knowledge all that were entitled lo be on were there, witb the
exception of a few that might have
been overlooked. Anyone whose
names had been loft off wrongly by
applying to him would be given the
proper apolication form for filling
and attesting before a magistrate
when the name would be put on.
This ot course, only applied to those
whose names should by rights bave
been on.
Aid. Selous said that several of his
friends hail been after him to know
why their names had been let off,
nnd in each ease it was because they
had not paid their taxes on the date
required by tbe statute.
Several cases were mentioned by
Aid. Irving which were enquired into
by the oity clerk.
Chinese Court Returns to   the   Capital
Today Amid Great Pomp.
Pekin, .Tan. 6. ���The Chinese officials
have requested tho ministers of the
powers to keep the legation guards
within their quarters tomorrow in
order to prevent the possibility of a
collision between the Chinese and
foreign troopB. The ministei*. w..!^1
comply ���
The families of the foreign diplomats will occupy buildings which the
Chinese government haa tendered them
for the purpose of viewing the parades
iu connection with the return of the
court to Pekin. There is much criticism at this course among the foreigners who are rot satisfied that the min-
iters alone will remain in the legation. They believe that the event
should be completely ignored. They
say the presence nf any members of
the legation will be construed as
being a sort of homage and will be
thus proclaimed among the people.
The foreigners are divided into two
factions concerning the future relations of the diplomats with the court,
one of them holding that they should
be limited tn the fulfillment of the
most formal, obligatory ceremonies
and the other holding that in official
and social relations the ministers
should endeavor to be more intimate
with the court than formerly and
should meet all Chinese advances in
the most friendly spirit.
Many foreign soldiers and a few
officers today violated the government's request to keep off the streets
which have been cleaned and decorated for the royal procession. This
is likely to create resentment. Railway traffic between Pekin and Pao
Ting Fu except on the courts' business has been congested since the
arrival of the court at Pao Ting Fu
Special trains for two days past have
been bringing the court's baggage
here. Official business monopolizes
the telegraph lines and the postal service to Pao Ting Fu.
Defeated Nearly Two to One
for   Mayoralty   of
Prominent  Financier  Dead.
Dent Wants Cheap
Toronto, Jan. ((.���Municipal elections were held all over Ontario today.
Tho fight oetween ex-Mayor How-
land and VV. F. McLean, M.P., in this
city for the mayoralty chair has been
one of the most keenly fought contests for some years.
Complete mayoralty returns show:
Howland, 14,309; McLean, 8,720;
Woodley, 027. Ilowland's majority,
The following Ontario mayors were
electHd today. Peith, Capt. J M Bal-
dersine; Pembroke, Peter White, jr.;
Smith's Palls, J S Gould; Hawkes-
burg, Herman Robinson; Cornwall,
W J Durchie.
Col. Dent, the llritish army remount
purchase officer who is here, is indignant at the fact that he is unable to
obtaiu horses at a uniform price
owing to parties responsible for the
purchase of horses fur tbe Seoond Canadian mounted rifles offering better
prices. The War office, he contends,
in this instance is competing against
Walter Sullivan Lee, general mana"
ger of the Canada Permanent and
Western Canada Mortgage Corporation, died on Saturday night, aged OS
years. Death waa due to a severe cold
following an attack of typhoid   fever.
Russian Jew Arrested For Smuggling
Montreal, Jan. 6.���H. Stavitszky, a
Russian Jew., 60 years of age, was
arrested at St. Albans, Vt., on Saturday night by Charles E.Lewis, United
States treasury agent stationed at
Niagara Fall, N. Y,- When searched
$5,500 worth of diamonds were found
sewed up in tbe armpit of his under-
hirt Stavitszky professed surprise at
their appearance and declared they
must have been in the shirt when he
bought it in Montreal a few day ago.
Stavitszky arrived here from Antwerp
coming via St. John, N. B. During
his stay here he sold a number of
diamonds. He has made many trips
to Europe and the United States recently. Stavitszky is to be taken
before a grand jury at Rutland, Vt.,
It Will   Re   Held   On   Tuesday Evening By Fletcher's Supporters.
A grand rally uf the supporters of
Frank Fletcher,the people's choice for
mayor, will be held on Tuesday
evening in his committee rooms in the
Rums' block. Good speakers will be
present and the issues of the day will
be ably discussed. All are cordially
invitod to be present.
Conncil Enquire Into Preparation of
the Last Voters' List.
At the meeting of the city counoil
last evening, in the absence of Mayor
Fletcher, the ohair was taken by
Alderman Hamilton. After tbe reading of the minutes of the previous
meeting, a letter was read from the
city solicitor stating  in answer to the
Nentoundl nd Dare  Not  Oppose   Renewal of Agreement With France.
St. John's, Nfld., Jan. 0.���The colonial authorities entertain the hope
that the llritish government docs not
expect a renewal of the French shore
modus viveudi (wliioh expired Dec.
31st, 1001) for the current .voir. They
consider that this arrangement has
proved a very great drawback to the
welfare of the cilony and that its renewal would prolong the vexatious
phases of the French question (or a
further period. Were it not for the
Boer war,there is little doubt but that
the colony would refuse to renew this
measure. Even as it is, there is a
strong element in the upper house of
the colonial legislature which is op
posed to the renewal of this arrange
ment under any oircuustanccs.
A St. John,   N.  B., Man Meets  Gans
But Made Poor Showing.
Philadelphia, Jan. 6.���Kid Rroad of
Cleveland had a shade the better of a
six-round bout with Tim Callahan of
Philadelphia, toniirnt at the Pennsylvania Athletic club. The bout between
Eddie Connolly, ofst. John, N. H.,
and Joe Gans, of iialtimore, at the
Washington Sporting club tonight wus
stopped in the fifth round by the
referree. The Canadian was clearly
out of condition and Gans was his
master. Connolly persisted in wrestling and hugging his opponent to
such nn extent that the referee stopped
the contest in the fifth round, ihe
right was scheduled six rounds.
Hugh Armstrong Slated For the Manitoba Cabinet.
Winnipeg, Jan. fl.���Thomas S. Kennedy,K.C., a lawyer prominent in tbe
eaily days of Manitoba, died today at
Carman, aged 60.
A rumor is current today that Hon.
Dr. McFedden, provincial secretary,is
about to retire from the cabinet to
take the office of provincial veterinary
inspector. It is stated that in the
event of Mi. McFedden'a retirement
he will be succeeded by Mr. Hugh
Armstrong, ex-M.P.V,
Halifax, Jan. fl.���The troopship
Manhattan with 440 officers and men
and 567 horses of thu third Canadian
contingent will sail on Jan, 14th.
None of the western men will sail on
this transport.
Washington, Jan.6.���Representative
Jenkins, of the judicial special committee which 1b framing an anti-
anarchist bill, today introduced a
measure which in addition to providing the death penalty for assaults oo
the president, requires alien immigrants to take an oath not to assault
those in government authority and not
to publicly uphold the subversion of
tbe governmont by violont means.
Grand Junction, Colo., Jan. fl.���The
Colorado state bank of this oity closed
its doors today. An assignee is in
charge. No statement of tbe assets
and liabilities has yet been made
I public.
The   Thirty-Four Owner of   One   Lot
Are Not Allowed to Vute.
The application of the now famous
34 of Slocan City ta have their names
placed on the list of voters of that
city was heard in chambers by his
honor Judge Forin yesterday and their
application refused. The names of the
applicants had been omitted by Mayor
York in revising tho voters' list and
on their bohalf W.A. Galliher applied
for an order from the County court
judge, under section 12 of the Municipal Elections aot, to whom appeal
raty be taken, directing that their
names be Inserted. The refusal was
based on the preliminary objections
raised so that the general question of
the rights in joint ownership was not
passed upon. R. S. Lennie, who opposed the application, argued that
though the applicants may be property
owners they were not entitled to vote
under subsection (a) of section 6 of
the Act unless they were also assessed
owners on the assessment roll of the
city. The assessment roll used aa the
basis for the first election wbb the
assessment roll prepared by the provincial government for the area now
included in the limits of the oity of
Slocan ; the council had not prepared
one subsequently for 1001 and indeed
had no power to do so. The names of
the applicants not being on that roll
they could not now be the assessed
owners and had no locum standi to be
put on the list.
Mr. Galliher contended that the
municipality of Slooan city had prepared an assessment roll in 1001, and
sent out notlros and had called a oonrt
of revision. The previous year's roll,
wbich had been prepared by the provincial government, could sot be
taken as the assessment roll for the
city of Slocan. The roll for 1902 was
prepared in 1901, which, while illegal
for the purpose of collecting taxes,
was the pioper and valid one for base-
ing the voters' list for 1902-on.
He also contended that these Were
the parties chargeable with the taxes
on the property and could not bave
been charged with the taxes because
none had been levied.
Mr. Lennio's answer to this was
that the list for 1902 cannot be a list
for 1901 and that the only assessment
roll for the city of Slocan was the
provincial assessmentgroll.
His honor in dismissing the application said the assessment roll of the
provincial government was by virtue
of the Slocan City Incorporation act,
sec. 8, the roll upon which the assessed owners of land were to vote. The
act also makes other provision for preparing a list of voters Section 1 of
chapter 7 of the act of 1I>00, amending
sec. 6, chap, S, provides that the
assessment roll of a municipality for
the year preceding the holding of an
election shall be the basis upon which
the list of persons entitled to vote
shall be prepared. The question
ariies, what is the basis of the voters'
list for this coming election? It appeared to him that there ia only one
answer, namely, the assessment roll
of the year preceding, which is this
case is the provincial government
assessment roll, and the names had
not been improperly omitted. The
application is therefore dismissed.
In this case the 34 applicants had
entered into an agreement to purchase
a lot assessed at $50 and on Nov. 10
applied to be put on the voters' list as
assessed owners. It is calculated that
at the usual rate of taxation the
amount of taxes payable by eaoh
would be one-quarter of a cent.
Peter Hchomberg applied to be put
on the voters' list as a license holder.
He had been an alien when the list
waB prepared but had been naturalized
on December 21st. In this case his
honor held thnt the name bad been
properly omitted from the list.
Edward Haley also applied to be put
on the list as a property owner, hut
as all thc realty he owned was a shack
his application was withdrawn by
Mr. Galliher.
Meet   in   Louisville on   Washington's
New York, Jan. fl.���The 25-round
hout betwen Terry McGovern arid
Dave Sullivan will take plaoe before
the Southern Athletic club ot Louisville oi the afternoon of Washington's
birthday, February 22nd. The conditions of thc match are 25 rounds at
120 pounds weigh-in, at 1 o'clook,
February 22nd. The purse offered
and agiecd upon is 00 per cent, of the
gross re feints to be divided 05 per
cent, to the winner and 35 per cent, to
the loser. It was stipulated that If
Bob Fitzsiiiimniis should not go to
Louisville to referee the contest, IVnn
Hurst is to act as referee.
force of Hoer-i  on   January 4th, in the
central   part   of   thc     Orange    river
QfTjrwpr'NrT,iC,)l0"y'  a"(1 kIlk'(1  ViM Corneti
rjl TV I LlvX.IJ.Ll _. ' Pretorius and 10 men, and captured 35 I
prisoners     including   Field    Cornets
Leroux and ErasmuB.
Western Senators Drafting a
Rigid Chinese Exclusion BUI.
They  Wish   All   Chinamen
Registered and Photographed.
Washington, Jan, 0.���The senators
and representatives of the Pacific coast
who have been considering a bill for
Chinese exolusion, have perfected a
measure which will he introduced in
both houses in a few days. It is much
more comprehensive than any bills
that have been presented heretofore on
this subject most of which simply
provided for excluding Chinese or
reenacting the Geary law. Thc bill
under consideration does not limit
itself to any tern of years, as did tbe
Geary act, but if passed in its present
form would be perpetual unless
Tbe bill declares that all Chinese,
other than citizens of the United
States or those who are secured in
coming to and residing in the United
States under the present treaty with
China, shall be refused admission and
returned to the country whence they
came at the expense of the transportation company 'ringing them. Tbe
only Chinese persons permitted to
enter the United States under the
act are these who have become citizens
by birth and naturalisation and
officials of the Chinese government,
teachers, students, merchants, travellers for pleasure or curiosity, returning laborers who must have certificate
or domiciled merchants. No Ohinase
except diplomatic or consular officers
are allowed to enter tbe United States
at any other ports than San Francisco,
Port Townsend,Wash., Portland, Ore.,
Boston, New York, New Orleans,
Honolulu, San Jnan and Manila.
Ports may be designated on tlie Canadian or Mexioan boundary after contracts bave been made with the transportation lines to comply with the
Provision Is made for the registration of all Chinese now in the United
States to be completed within six
months after the passage of the aot.
All registered Chinese shall have a
certiorate with photographs attached
and those without certificates at ti.e
end of six months shall be deported.
Herman Neff Shoots a Girl, Himself
and Wounds Another
West Union, la., Jan. fl.���Horman
Neff, county surveyor and former
county clerk, today ahot and killed
Miss Rose Falls, wounded William
Sullivan, his lival aim then killed
himself. The deed was committed at
an hotel. Sullivan waa calling upon
the girl wheu Neff suddenly appeared
in the doorway and tired five shots in
rapid succession. Four of the shots
took effect.two entered the girl's head
and Sullivan was struok in the face.
He will recover. Neff then went to
his room, locked the door and reloading the revolver shot himself in the
temple, death being instantaneous.
Neff has lived here the greater part of
bis life. He Was about 45 years of
age.    He bore an excellent reputation
Washington,     Jan.   0,���The   house
transacted no business   today.    Immc
diately   it   met   Mr. Laudenstamer of
New Jersey announced   the   death  of
Senator Sewell and after the adoption
of the customary resolutions the house
as   a   further   mark   of   respect   ad
journed until tomorrow.
West Prince Albert, N. W. T., Jan.
fl.���John A. McDonald, a rancher,
and one of the Prince Albert pioneer
settlers, dropped dead of heart disease
on Saturday on the street. He wns
one of the old Selkirk pioneers and
moved heie in the very eirly days.
The deceased was prominent in
Masonic and Forestry circles. He was
well known in Winnipeg.
Hearing of Evidence Against the
Hunk of Liverpool Wreckers.
London, Jan. (1. ���Wnen the hearing
of the charges of fraud brought in
connection with tlie recent robbery of
the Hank of Liverpool was resumed
at the Bow street police court today,
the associates of Lawn Marks and
James Manccs, thu American bookmakers, testified to their sudden departure for the continent and their
subsequent movements in Paris. The
witnesses denied auy knowledge of
the prisoner"' movements after that.
Lawrence Soniers, a cousin of Marks,
said Marks waa so ignorant that he
oould not write a check and had only
read a single book, a philosophical
work, by thc late Col. Ingersoll, from
which Marks was constantly quoting.
Marks told the witness he was going
to Monte Carlo. Tne manager of an
hotel, a woman, testified that when
Marks bade hci farewell, he remarked : "Probably you will never see
my miserable face again."
Times Discusses American   Economies
Flying Machine Competition.
London, JJan. 7.���The Times this
morning devotes a long editorial to
a review of the economic situation in
the United States in which it takes
the view that in spite of the appar
eutly tremendous material progress
made in America of recent years, (his
progress is insufficient to warrant the
view of its economic results taken
either by sanguine Americans or timid
Europeans. The Times contends that
tho recent prosperity has led to over
investing and .that the faot that exchange during the past autumn remained in favor of London tends to
show that the balance of trade is not
in favor of the United States.
Regarding the published statement
that the managers of the St. Louis
exhibition have deciriod to offer $200,-
000 for an air ship competition, Sir
Hiram Maxim,tbe American inventor,
said to a reporter of the Association
Press tbis evening: I have uot heard
anything on the Biibject beyond the.
press reports and certainly sball not
spend any money on that basis. I
bwve spent 8100,000 in aerial experiments in the past If I gat an invitation in officinl form and the St. Louis
managers put up 8200,000   in   a   bank,
1 am willing to spend $100,000 more to
win. and thus recoup myself which I
feel reaonably confident i conld do.
Santo-Dimiont and De Langley are
mentioned as probable entries for the
King Edward has conferred the
order of the Knight Grand Cross of
the Bath upon Marquis Ito, the
Japanese statesman.
Deep   Sensation   Caused By the Shooting of Student Held.
Berlin, Jan. fl.���Fuil narratives of
the duel fought last Thursday at Jena
in the duchy of Saxe Weimar, Eison-
aoh, in which Lieut. Thieme, of tbe
0th regiment, killed a student named
Held, of Halle university by shooting
him through ihe heart, are producing
a deep sensation throughout Germany.
Lieut. Thiene is the best pistol shot
of his regiment and pistols are selected by the court of honor, which stipulated that five shots should be exchanged. Held was killed at the
third exchange of shots. The deul
resulted from a party of students having jostled some army officers on the
street. Held was with the students
and he slapped the lieutenant's face
who was in plain clothes About the
same lime that the courl of honor was
arranging the place of the duel, Em-
oeror William was receiving New
Year congratulations from thc German
generals. According lo goseip current
in military messes, the Emperor on
this occasion talked for seveial
minutes about duelling. Emperor
William is also credited with saying
that if in 1902 there ocourred duels
similar to some which had taken place
in 1901, he wonld demand resignn
Illoemfontein,   Jan.   0.���Berosford's
force of  constabulary   encountered a
Chile's   Declaration   Satisfied Government and People.
Buenos Ayres, Jim. fl.���The declaration by Chile, relative to the meaning
of the paragraphs of tbe Yanes-I'or-
tella protocol concerning the policing
ol the territory known as Ultima
Esperanza are satisfactory to Argentina. In so much us the points
wherein Argentina considered herself
aggrieved by Chile,have been provided
for, the two governments will approve
the paragraphs in question, thus putting an end to tho claims arising from
the Ultima Esperanza incident. Pub-
lie opinion is satisfied and expresses
its approval of the energetic attitudo
of the Argentine government.
Rival    Railways    Threaten
Each Other at Gur-
Teams Are Hitched to Timbers   of   Overhead
Grand Forks, Jan. ��.���A bloodless
clash, which at one time threatened to
assume dangerous proportions, occurred near Curlew, Wash., yesterday
afternoon over a disputed crossing
between lival forces ot the Great
Northern and the Republic and Grand
Forks railway respectively. Tlio
sheriff of Ferry county and several
armed deputies are now on the scene
with the object of preventing a breach
of the peace. Two miles south of
Curlew, which is a point fifteen miles
from thu international boundary, the
Repblic and Grand Forks road crosseH
the Kettle river on a high bridge,now
in an advanced stage of completion.
The approaches on eithei side consists of long treBth's, the one on the
east bank crossing the grade of the
Great Northern overhead at a high
The accounts of the affair are very
conflicting but from reliable information it seems that the bridge men of
the contractors, Lane and Co., were
engaged in constructing the narrow
guage overhead across tho Great
Northern grade when a gang of men
in the employ of the Great Northern
put in an appearance and after a war
uf words started to hitch their t.iams
to the timbers of the trestle with the
evident intention of pulling it down.
The bridge men working on the
Republic and Grand Forks railway
sent for reinforcements and after
threatening to roll huge timbers down
on top of tho horses compelled the
invaders to withdraw. Although several teams had meantime tugged
away at the trestle work the timbers
wero found to have been practically
undisturbed. Several threats of reprisals were made but no gun plays
actually occurred.
Judge Palmer, of Republic, Wash,
who happened to be in Grand Forks
spending Sunday, was sent for hurriedly and on learning of tbe state of
affairs proceeded to Curler:. It is reported that ho subsequently issued an
interim injunction restraining the
Republic and Grand Forks railway
from continuing thc work The
sheriff of Ferry county, and several
armed deputies were summoned from
Republic and are now patrolling the
disputed crossing with the object of
provontlng a renewal of the trouble
and compelling both parties to observe
the order of the court. It is said that
bad feeling exists between the members of the rival railway gangs and
that it will require considerable effort
to prevent them from resorting to
force. Several people who arrived tonight from Curlew report tbat the day
passed off uneventfully.
American Ship Builders ia Position to
Compete With the World.
Berlin, Jan. 0.���Theo. Jard
Sohwartz, a German naval constructor, who was recently sent to tho
United States by the marine general
Btaff to investigate ship building
there, bas submitted his renort. The
investigator says that materials for
the construction of steel ships aro
lowo*- in price in the United Status
than in any country and the only
thing to be complained of Is the fluctuations in prices, which makes competition with foreign ship builders
(iirfioult. He refers to the splcudid
body cf American workmen earning
wages from 30 to 50 per cent, higher
than those paid in Great Britain and
100 per Cent, higher than thc wages
paid on tho continent.
Schwartz reports that notwithstaud-
ing tbe wages paid, freighters aro
being built on the great lakes as
cheaply as tramp steamers are built in
Great Britain. The new consolidation
of ship building companies in the
United States, he says, is the largest
and richest in the world and that it
will devote its resources to economic
ship building. In conclusion he lays:
We see therefore that the Americans!
are striving with all the means in
their command to put their shipbuilding industry in a position successfully
tu compete with the long established
ship builders on tbe one hand and on
the other with the younger but
rapidly develuping ship builders of
-trf Nklson Daily Miner, Tuesday, January 7, 1902
Tlie Nelson Miner
"ubUsbed   K.vory Morning  Except  Monday
Dally per nisuth, by carrier ��� ���    65c
Dully, per month, by mall     "00
Daily, per year, by carrier 1 * yu
nnily.perye'vr, by mail    g oo
Dally,peryuar foreign    Sou
iet, in lengthening the period of life,
it is to be feared lhat Mr. Loeb will
have to experiment considerably more
than he has before he will have sue-
"ceded in setting aside the decree of
providence that man must live a certain span of years and then die.
Weekly, por halt year	
Weekly, por year	
���Voekly.per year, foreign	
Hubeorlptiona invariably in adi
ad van oo.
. 11 V,
. 200
.   BOO
IU Kloot Street. E. C.
���:ontral Press Agency. Ltd., Spoclal Agonts
Alexander Sc Co.. 621 First Avcnnn. Spokane"
Wash., keep this paper on 111", and arc our
authorised aguota for advorlisomonlii and sub-
According   to thc London   correson
dent of the   News-Avcrtiser,    Hon.   .1.
II.   Turner,   thc agent-general  of the
province,   has   telegraphed   for    Mr.
Prentice to go to London to help  him
float a loan therc.but Mr.   Prentice is
unable  to   get   away.      It is  further
stated that   the   intention   of  floating
the loan authorized by the last   house
is   gone   and   that   the   idea  now   is
to   raise   merely   sufficient   money to
protect   the   government's   overdraft.
In conclusion the correspondent   says,
"Of   course   the   piesent state of  the
money market is a large   factor iu the
success of the loan, but the  unsettled
political   condition   of British Columbia is chiefly   the cause of the ik-cline
in the province's credit."
This means that thc government
cannot erect the Fraser river bridge,
nor can it do anything in the way o'
advancing the railway development
of the province.
This   shows   to   what a low ebb the
unstable   drifting   policy   adopted by
tbe    government     has     brought   the
country.   Mr.   Turner   on   former occasions   wns   able   to secure loans for
tlie province on favorable   terms,   but
tbat   was   before the   Dunmuir ininis-
tery   oame   Into power ana when   thc
credit   of   thc   province had not been
ruined by imbecility. When a government   is     discredited   at   home    and
abroad and its credit  so badly injured
hat  it   cannot   negotiate  a loan of a
Jew   millions   iu   London,   it Is high
time that it retires and makes room for
a   ministry   thnt   will be   stable and
���which   will restore the province's lost
prestige'and credit.    The province has
arrived   at that stuge in its  existence
when   large   public   improvement are
absolutely   necessary   for its    further
development.      It will not do to cease
in aiding in tbe   development   of  the
vast natural resources ut  this time, as
such   a course   would   be   disastrous.
The present ministry must be got   rid
of at any cost ar.d   at once and with a
new and better ministry  made up of a
more progressive element,and ouewhich
has   less   personal   interests  to serve,
,   the   credit   of   the province would be
restored  and   tho development go forward again with its old   time   swing.
It   is   hign   time   that the  people rid
themselves    of   an     incubus    whose
capacity and good faith aie distrusted
all   over   tbe Dominion   of Canada as
well as in the monetary centres of the
The municipal campaign may now
said to be fairly on, and from now on
till the 10th instant, when the polling
takes place, there will be much discussion ol civic matters and of the
men wno are before the publio for
municipal positions. For the place of
mayor there are two candidates,Frank
Fletcher, the present incumbent, and
.1. A. Kirpuktrick, who was a member
of the board of aldermen under the
Neeland's administration. Tho Miner
iavors the re-election of .Mr. Fletcher
to the position of mayor, because it
believes he is better fitted to fill the
place than his opponent. It favors
thc re-election of Mr.Fletcher because
he has shown during the time that be
has filled the offloe of chief executive
of the city that he was in fact mayor
and submitted to no dictation on the
part of those who desired to run municipal affairs to suit their pnvate
interests. lie has shown that he has
force of character sufilcient to admiu-
istet   tbe   affairs   of   tbe city in   the
Dainties in Fine Groceries,
Dainties in Imported Swl.s,
Dainties  in   Finest  Biscuits,
Dainties in Wines and Liquors.
Dainties in Cigars.
' In Everything to Eat and   Drink.
Dreamers of all ages have sought  in
vain   for   the   clixn of life,   but their
quest wns in vain, for at the appointed
time the searchers   succumbed   to   the
immutable law that all that live must
die.    The fountain of perpetual youth
is to   be found at the other side of the
river ol death and not ou   this   earth.
Dr.   Urown-Sequnrd    thought   he   had
discovered a fluid that  would   rejuvenate hi in and others hut died  after he
had   administered   to   himself a   few
doses of   his   medicine.      The   alchemists of old fussed and fumed   umong
their   chemical   compounds   in   their
laboratories  from   youth   till age and
died   the sooner from lack of fresh air
while   seeking   to   wrest.from nature
thc seoret_of   the extension   of   life to
limits beyond that   allowed   to   man.
The latest claimant to tho discovery of
the elixir is Jacob   Loeb, of  Chicago,
who nays.by means of  potassium suits
thnt ho oan delivei man from the King
of Terrors   and   render   him   immune
against the assaults ot disease and   of
the grim reaper.      His   theory   is that
death is   not due to   the   breaking up
of the tissues, whieh has so long   been
accepted as the  cause,   but   rather   to
enemies to life   in the blood.     These
enemies, be declares, can be overcome
by potassium salts and   death   defied,
Ml. Loeb has tried potassium salts on
sea urchins and says   it has been   successful and thinks it will   act   in   the
same way on the higher  form   of   life
as found in   man.      People   who   are
carrying life insurance need   not  cancel   them   for   a   while yet  as   it   is
more than possible that there   will be
some hitch in Mr.Loeb's elixir, which
will   render it   Inoperative.     Even if
Mr. Loch's theory   is true people will
continue to be victims of accidents by
sea and land, in Hood and IIre.in mil-
way and other wrecks.   Though scientists have succeeded by tbeir discover-
interest of thc people and to demonstrate that he considered the people's
interest paramount to all others.
With   regard   to the question of the
ownership   of   publio utilities and the
ownership of all franchises pertaining
thereto   Mr.   Fletcher regards  such a
policy as the proper oDe   beyond   dispute and no sensible person   will   dis
pute the soundness of   such   doctrine
Mayor Fletcher and his   council  have
never  by   any act or deed jeopardized
any franchise or public utility in   the
least   degree   and    every    concession
granted to any company   by   tbe  city
contains  a   clause   giving   the     city
power   to   purchase   at   any time the
privilege which is granted.   The only
companies which were granted concessions   during the   time he   has   held
public   oflice  were  the   Nelson   Coke
and    Gas   Company   and   the   Tramway   company.        Tbe   charters     of
both these provide that   they   can   be
purchased   by   ihe city at   any   time
the oity authorities deems it expedient
to take them   over.      Tho   matter   of
obtaining   eloctrio light was merely a
business proposition in   tavor   of  the
citizens, and   no   distortion   of   facts
could   construe   it into   any infringement of the   city's right   to   hold   its
own franchise.
It is admitted on all sides that Mr.
Kii'kpatrtick is in amiable gentleman
and a good citizen, but it is openly
stated on the streets that he is completely under thc domination of Mr.
Houston and that the latter will be
the mayor and not Mr. Kirkpatrick,
in the remote contingency of his
being elected. The publio utility
gag is used by the opponents of Mr.
Fletcher to throw dust into the eyes
of the^electors and as a cloud to cover
personal nntagonism of the editor of
the-Tribune. The^lattcr has claimed
the right, as though he was the Lord's
runolnted aud born with the divine
right to rule, to dictate the policy of
every mayor Nelson has had and failing in tbis he usually starts a crusade
of defamation till the people have become tired of his blusteringB. With
Mr. Kirkpatrick as mayor he would
run municipal matters to suit his own
ideas; on the other hand, with Mr.
Fletcher re-elected the wants and the
Interests of the public, and not of one
individual, would be looked after as
they should be.
The following 'candidates for aldermen will work, if elected,In harmony
with Mr.Fletcher: In tho EaBt Ward,
W. J. Wilson, popularly known as
Mlake Wilcon, Captain Gecrgo Paterson, and W. G Gillett; in thc West
Ward, Harold Selons, John Hamilton
and John Elliott.
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Have just opened up a handsome assortment
of goods suitable for Xmas tiade.
Trays, Biscuit Barrels, Butter Dishes, Salad Bowls, Servers,  These are Genuine English Oak, Silver Mounted
See our display windows before choosing   your
Christmas present.
Everything marked away down.    Call  and  see
for yourself.
20 per cent Discount on All Cash Sales.
J. G. BUNYAN & 60.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cnre in all Cases.
There is] nothing like Asthmalene.   It
brings instant relief, even in tbe worst
It cores when all else falls.
The Rev. 0. P. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
111., says: "Yonr trial bottle of Asthmalene received in good condition. I cannot
tell you how thankful I feel tor the good
derived from it. I was a slave, chained
with putrid sore thront and asthma for ten
years. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
saw your advertisement for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, Asthma, and thought you had overspoken
yourselves, bnt resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial aoted like a
charm.   Snnd me o. full size bottle.
West Kootenay Butcher Ca
Ker, Dr. Morris Wcritsler.
Rabbi of thn Oong. Bnai Israel,
Nkw York, Jan, 3,1901
Db. Taft Bros. Mbdicink Co.,
Gentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its oompoBitiou alleviates all
troubles whioh combine with Asihma.
Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it carefully analyzed, we ean state tbat Asthmalene contains
no opium, morpbioe, chloroform or ether.    Very truly yonis,
Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1901.
Drs. Taft Bros. Medicink Oo.
Gentlemen : I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife has
been nfneted with spasmodic asthma for th" past 12 years. Having exhausted
my own skill as well as many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon your
windows on 130 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of Asthmaleno.
My wife commenced taking it about the first of November. I very soon notioed
a radical improvement. After using one boltle her Asthma ha& disappeared
and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend the medicine to all who are afflioted with tbis distressing disease.
Youre respeotfully, O. D. PHELPS, M. D.
The Boundary country will woather
the panic in copper much better than
was. ut flrst thought it would. It is
claimed that the Granby Consolidated
ean manufacture copper with the
mnrket at nine cents per ponnd and
-till make a handsome profit. In
speaking of the situation there the
Phoenix Pioneer says: "Let ns now
look to the record ol the greatest copper iiroducer In the Boundary���the
Granby company. We refer to tbis
concern, not because its mines are
located in Phoenix, but because it
gels nut and smelts more oro than any
other copper concern in the province.
The economy with which the ore is
broken down and sent to tho smelter,
and the cheapness with which this
fluxing rock is turned into copper
matte; the fact thnt the company has
already discontinued sending its
matte to New Jersey for refining, but
will hereafter convert its own matte
at the smelter, the converter now
being almost ready for operation ; thc
fact that steam shovels will before
long still further reduce the cost of
extraction���ill these things go to
prove that at no point on the continent can copper be produced more
cheaply than right here in the Boundary   country.     This is  accomplished
Db. Taft Bbos, Medicine Co, ' Feb. B, 1901.
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried numerous remedies, bnt they have all failed. I ran nomas yonr advertisement and
started with a trial bottle. I found relief at onoe. I have since purchased your
full-sized bottle, and I am ever grateful. 1 have a family of four children, and
for six years was unable to work. I am now in the best of health and am doing
business every day.   This testimony you can make suoh use of as you see fit.
67 East 129th St,,Naw York Oity.
Home address, 233 Rivington street.
Do not delay.   Write at once, addressing DR.
00., 79 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
through the presence of  inexhaustible | ufaoturcd   under  the Lowe water gae
bodies of ore that almost melt like
butter in tho furnaces, coupled wilh
the latest and most economical
methods of treatment, together with
ample capital to carry out all undertakings."
The Ottawa Comiuonweath notes the
fact that an Engl i ah firm is reported
to be actually manufacturing a flying
machino for pale and has orders on
hand for several which are to be
delivered in March. This reveals that
the merely experimental stage has
been passed and that a workable,
practical machine will be turned out,
as it is hardly possible that a reputable British manufacturing firm
would embark ln the manufacturing
of an apparatus that would not operate satisfactorily and which would
cause loss of life wh.ui attempts were
made to use it.
The problem of lighting IB being
solved satisfactorily to those who use
it in some places. Iu an Ontario town
a tariff of live oents per week is
charged for lamps uf 1(1 uandle power,
The San Francisco Coke and Gas company has made a contract with the
Han Francisco Qas and Electric company to provide gas at 38 1-3 cents per
thousand cubic feet.    Ths gas is man-
process. A feature of the new process
is that the soft coals of the Pacific
coast can be use 1 with steam and
petroluom to produce coke at a less
cost than heietofore and at the some
time loive gas as a by product. These
prices are about the minimum for
electric  and gas lights,
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors-
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber*
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LABI'0.
Fresh   and   Salted  Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manauer.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls und Northern Railway,
Direct connection ut St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and ull points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for Goat at 9:10 )'. i
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:20 am
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8*00 p m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation Eaat
bound trains connect at Duluth with
theinogniftcent steamships North West
and North Land of theNorthern Steamship Oompany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, aps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
By., Kootei ai Railway Sc Navigation
Op , or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt,  Agt, W 701  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
Q. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nelson.B  0
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We are showing this season a full
line of these goods and solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
"Gbe IRo^al Bank ot Canaba"
J Incorporated i860.
Capital Antherlud,    .     .    93,0*M).-*M.M | Capital Paid-up,     ,    .    .     |n,a����,o*>o.
SMI,    ���I,1M,M��.I
Board of Directors     Thomas K. Kenny, Prestdont;   Thomas Ritohle, Vise-President
Wiley Smith. II. G. Bauld, Hon. llavld Maokeen.
Head once, Halifax 1
Henoral Manager, Edwin L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent or Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax,
Nova   Scotia���Halifax   Branch,  AntlponM-
Bridgowater. Onisboro, Londonderry. Im
enburg. Maitland IHanta Co.), Plctou, Port
Hawkesbury, Sydney, Shubcnacadle.Truro,
New    Brunswick ��� Bathurst,     Dorohostor,
Frederioton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Nowcasstlo, Stack villo, St, John, Woodstock-
P. B. I.lnoU-Charlottetown, Suniinorslde.
Office),   Montraa
.Notre   Dame and Seigneurs Streets); Weetmonnt (Cor. Qreom
West End (Cor.
Mi _ . ._ .._	
Avenue and St Catharines Street,
Newfoundland���St John's.
Caua, West ladles���Havana.
Untied ��tat����-Now York <16 Mxohango Plaw
Republic Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,
Vanconver East End, Victoria.
_'���*___._,_���__.._*     .   "���rw��Pon<le��t�� t
CaMda-Merebanta Bank of Canada.   Bosto-*-Natlonal Shawmnt Bank.   Chicane���Illmnli.
Trust and Savings Bank,   tan Fr*aelM!o-First National Bank.   london, nrnf^Bank  of
Scotland.   Farts. Prance���Credit Lyonnaig,   Bermuda-Hank of ______  tZ_.._7_\
pan-Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corpora���.^ g-SkVne-5ld WMtaff S��ik"
deneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bout-h
and Sold, Lstier. of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on ipeol&i
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulag*
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
I. E* CROASDAILE Agent Nelson*
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always la
We cany a complete stock of Coast Flooring
Colling, InHlde Finish, Turned Work, Sash and
Doors. Special order work will receive prompt
attention-  Mall orders solicited.
Porto BicoLiimberCo.,
Head Offtoo - Uondryx and Votnoii Ht, NoUon
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
. ,_.     ,    From St. John, N.B.
Ionian (now)  jan ,,
Lake Superior j!-' i
��� Tunwiu, (now) ::::::::::::: ���/�����
Hrath Cusi.ks  ,������ ...
���Corinthian  :....'.'::jaS: 26
"These steamers loavo Halifax two days later
_                         From.Port.land, Mo.
Dominion ������������.. peD_ 1
From New York
/caliind  T.n 0
Tculonio ;,',., o_.   3
Saxonia  jj?,?
St. Louis  '  jBnU
o��;X"10  ..........T.-.'.'.JaS 6
JUruria  i_��� ,w
____** :::::::::::::.j��n!
Ivemla* Jan 25
Contlnen'ol sailings of French. North Qer-
plication *" Unm on 8"
BJ!;^JiB2sB8l5ln'ftn'BJ��42-60' ��nd upwards;
Pccond |35 and upwards according to steamer
a'd ocalionof berth. Steerage quoUhI on np
plication. Prepaid passage! froinllngland and
the continent at lowest ratoa. ""'
tt L. BROWN,     W. P. F. C UMMINGB,
City Agt. NoUon.     (lea. Agent, Winlpeg.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shorteat and quickest roi ito to tho eoat and all
points on i.ho O. H. & N. and Northorn i '�����
oiflo Hail wny h ln Wa'-'hlngi-on, Oregon and
Southern States.
Time Card effective August I. 1901
Easlo & Slocan Ry*
S:30 a. to. Lv.
10:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. m
Lv. 1:4S p. ni
Int Nav* & Trading Co*
6:20 p. m. Lv.
9:10 p. in. Ar;
Ar. 11:00 a. n
Lv. 7:00 a. n.
Connecting at Fire Mile Point with Nelson
4 Fort wheppard Hallway both to aud from
ltoauiand, otc.
Tickets Bold to all part s ln United StaUio and
Canada via Great Northern and O. tt. Be N
Co. 's linos.
lines will be fumisliod on application.
For further particulars call oa or address
M.nsieer. RaHln.fi, C
T aokabuhv Agent Nelson i). a
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R v.
Red Mountain R'v.
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffet
Car service hns been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east  and  west.
Only io hours to Seattle and 18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
��:2() a. m Spokane 7:15 p.m
Vl:2n p.m KoBBland 4:30 p.re
10:30 a.m Mountain r> ���:','.) p. in.
9:40 a.m Nelson li Ao p.m.
H. A. JAOKBON, G-. P. Sc T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelnon, F.C
Be  sure and get tbo genuine   BENNETT'S QUTTA PERCHA PU8B.no
something that looks   like   it.    T.aw-
enee Hardware Co., Agents.
Notice is hereby given thnt I intend
to applv at the next sittings of the
Board of License ComJiissioners for
the City of Nelson for the transfer of
the retail liquor Mcense now held by
<ne for the premises known as the Imperial Hotel formerly known as tbe
Silver King Hotel, situate on lots 7
and 8 in block 10, sub division of Lot
P.5, Group 1, West Kootenay District,
Baker street In the said City of Nelson to Joseph Harwood.
Witness: P. UcOoll Nelson   Daily Miner, Tuesday January 7, 1902
Snbstance of an Address by Dr,   Hall
llefore  the Socialist Club.
On Sunday afternoon   Dr. G. A.   B
Hall addressed a crowded   meeting  of
the   Socialist   league,   in the Miners'
union ball, on lhe.subject of   Municipal   government.     Amongst some of
the reforms he advocated,he expressed
himself in favor of the abaliliOD of the
ward syitem, as it created evils which
could only be remedied by the election
of a fuil   ticket.     He   also   expressed
biinsoll in favor of the   appointing   of
aldermen for a term of   two years and
so srranged   that   tho occasion   would
never arise that thc whole of   tbo   old
council   would   he turned out and the
city's   business   left   entirely   in the
ba'uls of inexperienced men.     He also
advocated the increase of  the number
o' aldermen,   from   six to nioe, as   st
the presint time,   with only six mem.
bers on the council, lt threw loo much
responsibility   upon a few men,   when
it   should   be   distributed amongst   a
larger   number   of the   cituens.     He
���lap     favored   municipal    ownership
wherever possible, especially in regard
to   the   telephone,   light   and   water
facilities, as well as  the   encouraging
of Industries by the granting of power
at   oost, where   municipal   ownership
was found   to   bo   impracticable.     In
this connection ho favored the ereotion
of an electric power plant,for the purpose   of   supplying the city with adequate   lighting   facilities  and   would
favor the granting of power at cost, to
such industries as the  Electric   Tram
way   Co.. and other infant indnstries,
of a purely local character. ' ' He   also
belioved in free education, both in the
higher     branches     as   well     as   the
elementary.    He also favored the payment   of good and   adequate   salaries,
to all ln the employ oi the   city.     He
condemned the system  of   government
of the city schools   from   Victoria,   as
that august body   was   always a year
or more belli nd tbe   times.      He   also
advocated the doing   of   more   of   the
city work by public contract.
A number ot questions were asked
relevant to the points enumerated by
thu doctor and considerable opposition
was raised to tho ideas he adarnced in
regard to the performance of public
vtork by contract and the fostering of
one industry,iu pielerence to another,
when it was not a part of the municipal government.
Thc meeting was one of the must
j argely attended, ever held by the
club, which indicates that the working men and citizens of Nelson are
beginning to study the questions ot
the day a little more Intelligently,
than they have been accustomed to.
sider themselves better qualified ; hut
1 did not authorize you to make the
statement which appeured in your
issue of today.
Aftor further consideration and interviews witli my supporters I nog to
inf'irm you that I have decided to
claim tho KuiTr..gPs of the citizens of
the Ea-t Ward as a stiaight independent candidato at the forthcoming
election. Kindly insert this in yonr
next issue and oblige, yours faithfully,
Nelson, Jan. Oth, 1902.
Tsko Laxative Promo Qulnlno Tabids. All
dnuyrutfl vt fund tlio money if it fails to onro,
��. VV. Giovo's signature is on each box.  25e.
To judge by tho rehearsals of the
high clasB vaudeville to be given on
Friday aud Saturday evening of this
week at the Nelson Opera House the
success attsined in the Chimes of Normandy will be repeated. It promises
to be a most popular attraction���popular in prices and popular in itself���as
it is catering to tne tasle of the pooplc
of this country. Sketches are taken
from the most attractive hits now
being produced in the varicus vaudeville theatres iu the eastern oities.
The sixtette from Florodora, by
Mesdames W. A. Macdonald, E. Mu-
Lcod, and Melville Parry, and Messrs.
Sherwood, Parry and Crickroay, and
The Purity llrigade, by Mesdames
Davys, Ooepel, Heathcote, Armstrong,
and Macdonald will undoubtedly
prove a very attractive feature of the
entertainment. Some of the other
specialties will bo Coster songs by E.
Criddle, negro sketches by C. B. Winter, baton twirling by D. MoAstokers
and ths Lilliputian song and dance uy
Miss Flossie JohnstoLo and Master
Harold Cameron. Besides this G'.orgc
Kydd sings the solo in the Scene
Celestial, with the assistance of a
male chorus, wilh special soonic effects
and choir costumes. The,whole performance will conclude with a excerpt
from tho Bohemia.-] Oirl, with Mrs.
Melville Parry, aud Messrs. R. Day
and R. Thompson in the oast, giving
some of the prettiest selections from
that popular opera. The orchestra
will icndi'r a number of bright musical selection during the evening.
Any person pwing postoflioe box
rent for 1901, will Dlcase pay it at J.
A. (Jilkcr's store.
A telegram just received this morning states that the total which The
[tutorial Life Assurance Oompany of
nanada set out to complete for the
year 1901 has been more than realized,
viz: Four millions of nerv business,
This is tlie company's greatest year's
business. Ml. Day, the company's
Nelson manager, states that the Western business is coiiMderuhly in exicss
of any previous year, indicating the
more settled feeling and prosperous
condition if the province, as well as
the increasing popularity of iuvesting
in a strong, substantial financial Ipsti
tution. line Tho Imperial Life.
Ih easily obtainable
through tho use of Now-
hro'B llorpioido, the only
mopstration on the market Oust roaches and annihilates tho germ or
miorolio that lis responsible for all soalp diseases.   Is thns makes das
slrssll' and falling  hair I
possible and causes a thick,
uxuriant growth to replace |
the former thin, brittle hair.
Tbe gentlemen will also!
And it an fnestlmablo boon I
to them, as it works liko a
charm on bald heads, bringing forth a
growth of soft, thick hair that anyone
might bo prond of.
Even  druggists proclaim its virtuosi, as
por tho following:
Prescription IlruKKlst,
Marysvillr, Mont., la-19, *��.
Dear Sin: llerpieisle Is certainly a good
arliclo, and will do tbe work as advertlssssl;
that Is why wc sell it, I mmrnntee every bottlo, and none has boon returned, rieasesend
tne another dozen, nnil obi be, Yours respectfully, \V. 11. MURaiTTKOTD.
Rev. F. II. Graham, who has ao-
cepted lhe rect-irship of St. Saviour's,
Nelson, was the recipient of irany
tokens of esteem upon bis severing his
connection with the congregation of
Trinity church, Montreal, of whioh he
has been in charge for five years. His
last sermon was on the evening of
Sunday week when there wns a very
large attendance at his church. The
last service he conducted was the
watcii night service. The congregation tendered him a farewell social
and the Auglican clergy of the city
presented him with an illuminated
address and a splendidly bound copy
of the Bible. The Sons of England
lodge, cf which he wus chaplain, presented him with m past president's
Proposition Afoot to Send Nelson
Rinks to That Event.
The Curling club held a largely attended meeting last night in the
Board of Trade rooms when the proposal to send a rink to the Winnipeg
bonspeil was discussed and action
taken. Llefore the meeting a letter
had been received from Calgary stating that the bonspeil there had been
postponed, and as the date set would
conflict with di trict fixtures the suggestion to participate in thnt was
After dicossing the details of the
trip to Winnipeg it was resolved that
the money that would have gone to
purchase a supper for the winning
side iu the president vs.vice-president
matoh be applied toward a fund to
send a rink to Winnip'g. A committee composed of Missis. W. A. Macdonald, Judge Form, A.11. Buchanan,
P. E. Wilson and F. A. Tamblyn was
appointed on ways and means for the
trip, and Messrs.Tnmei-,N.T McLeod,
J. F. Weir, J. Rae and F. Tamblyn tu
obtain the names of those who will be
able to go and from these a selection
will be made.
A set of stringent rules had been
drawn up by the committee governing
the use of the ice and the playing of
schedule games and these alter discussion were adopted.
Hns signed a contract to handle tho
aRency of the Hazclwood ice cream
for the season of 190a. All orders
from now on left with Tho Palm will
receive prompt attention,
W. O. BROWN, Prop.
Editor Miner,���With reference to
thc erroneous statement made in the
Tribune of this morning, will you
kindly insert the following letter
which hue been forwarded to Mr.
Houston for insertion:
Editor Tribune, - In my recent conversation with you I certainly stated
that 1 was willing to withdraw my
candidature for Alderman as I had nu
wish to oppose others who might con ���
The "flrst of the meetings of the
week of prayer was held in tbe Methodist church last ovening when Hev.
Wm. Munroe spoke on the subjeot of
The Churob, taking as text the words:
Thou art Peter aud upon this rook I
will build my church, Matt. XVI: la.
After referring to the disputations
that had arisen over (he meaning of
these words, Mr. Mnnroe said;: Peter
had just uttered thc words, "Thou art
the Christ.1' Christ turns to him
with an antithesis, thou art I'etcr, not
Simon, the son of Jonah, but Peter,
tho new man. Upon this rook, tho
new man, the man reformed by me,
the Christ, I will build my church.
I am the bed rock and upon the stone
quarried from the bed rock I will
build. Not upon tbe man. Christ never
suid be would build upon man. Thc
foundation iB the solid rock, Christ
himself. The superstructure rises
from it magnllicant in Its proportions.
Facing every wind and blast and
storm delimit of every tempest,
Uodlike in its purity and power because it Is built upon the eternal
foundation Chist in Man, He -'(included, it is the business cf local churches
to do Christ's work. To do this wc
must be controlled by none but
Christ. Wo must be free from the
bondage of men and true to thc commands ef (lod. Not bouud by laws
that man has made we must stand
face to faae with our Master. The
whole world for bim must be our
motto. Loyally then,man to man and
church to church let us build upon
tbis rock foundation, Christ in man
and the churches an incarnation of
the Christ.
Tonight the meetng will be in thc
Presbyterian church when Rev, J. H.
White will speak on Tho Church's
Duty to Home and Schcol,
Lately starved in Lor don because he
could not digest his food. Early use
of Dr. King's New Life Pills would
have saved him. They strengthen the
stomach, aid digestion, promote assimilation, improve appetite. Price
2fio. Money back if not satisfied.
Sold by Canada Drug aud Book Co.
A fine line of Imported and Domes-
tie Cigars, Peterson's Patent Pipes,
Lowe and B. B. B. goods-at Thur-
For Sale at all Flrst-Class Drug Stores.
rT^fttitasry *
Advertir>emunt8 lnaerLed under this head at
the rate of one oent a word per insertion. No
advoitirotnent taken Cor low* than 35 oenta,
Situation Wanted advertisements inserted
threo times free of ohante.
We use m .ci'iiil care in purchasing perfumes and
only tlio bust is secured. A drop of our perfumes
is equal to thc scent of a bouquet of flowers. All
lovers of good extracts will appreciate our judgment and discrimination. Any quantity from a
half ounce to a pound.
Wo havo In stock a largo lino of
Pm^t Ktncr Chamois Vests for Men and
,    7 IV,1IJ�� Iioys.madeofchainoislined
with flannel.
Profit OlIPfMI Chcmoi.s Vests for Women
* * wt. VHwU andtiirls-madeofchamola
covered with French flannel.
If you want to make a Xmas gift that will be a
Boiirco of comfort, pleasure, and a guard to health.
these aro the proper things.  Price, $3��<H).
Children's sizes, $2.00.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply  always  or
Kates to   all  railway and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
��� IS   THE ���
Leading Scotch  Whisky
R. P* Rithet & Co*, Limited
A.*  13*  GrRA.Y ReprosontaTlv
P. O. Box 521       ���      Nelson
After this dnte will bo under the
management ;.of J. W. Tramill who
has purchased a half interest in the
busi-jtss with J. P. Forcsloll. Tlio
kitchen will bo in charge o( tho latter
and again the union cards are in
First class butter, Mnplc Syrup and
Cream Always on hand.
Try The Delmonico
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1.00 to $1,110 per day. First
class MealB, 25c. Next door to Opera
liouae. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria 8t��� Nelson.
FLAT for rent over   LeBter's  grocery
store on Water street   (opposite 1ms-.'
pitall.    Three bright,   pleasant rooms ;
and complete bath room,   hot and cold t
water,   g*.s   range,   etc.      Bent   very
low.    Apply to 12.  li. McDermid
FOR     BALE.���One     heavy    draught
team, apply to .1. A. Sayward
NICELY Furnished   rooms   for   rent.
Apply    to     Mrs.   Mclleath,   $8     a
WEST   CLASS   room   and   board   in
private   family,    reasonable   terms.
Apply   on   Silica st.-eet,   second   door
west of Ward.
ROOMS and HOARD.���Every convenience ;   south cast   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
Appiv   to   Mrs F. J. Sqnires, Room
40, K. W. C. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Fhone 278.
Wanted.���Men for railroad construction. Waitress Girls for housework.
WANTED.���Men and   women   wanted
to work   at   homo.       Good   wages.
Write   Glasgow     Woollen    company,
Dept. C, Toronto
WANTED���A   woman   to ; help   with
house work and baby; good   wages.
Apply   to   John     Hutchison,     Cranbrook, K.C.
J desires position as bookkeeper,
stenographer in general olliee or outside work; thoroughly reliable. Ad-
dress'.U. M. S., Box 549, Nelsun, B.C.
WANTED.--A     reliable    r/urse-maid
apply   between   10   and   12 a. m   to
Mrs. D. R. Young, Silica street, opposite Methodist church.
HELP     of   all   kinds     wanted    and
furnished.     Western   Canadian Em
ployment Agency.      Large warehouse
for   storage; call   at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
DJ. ItOBKitTSON Sc CO.-Noxt door to
��   tlie now  I'.,hi  mils',s Building, Vurnou
Sl., Nelson.    Day 'yhollo ��ti. Nlrfbt 'phono '.117
N. M. CuunuiiiB, Lessee���Kvory knowt
variety of soft drinks. I'Dlteim. Tolophon
No..31. Iloovor Streot, Nelnon, Bottlers of th
(anions Hi. Leon Hot Bprihan Mlners.1 Wsl.r
A MACDONALD Sc Co.-Cornor Frou
a and Hall Streets���Wholesale grocer
and jobbers ln blankets, gloves, mitts, boot*
rubbers, mackinaws and minors' sundries.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Brandx Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelaon, Kasl.
Sandon. Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan Cit>
Order* by mall to tun- hrancb will have careful and -moral attention.
It will pay you to calljind inspect our stock of
I Crockery,   Glassware.   Fine China, |
| Lamps, Etc., Etc.,                f.
�����* *���*���
;-S We have a very Choice line of Christmas  Goods,
P   BURNS ��c Co.-Baker Street, Nelson-
���   Wholesale dealers io  fresh a d cures
meat*.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale doa
ers in fresh and cured moats.
J Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale dunlins Ir
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Van
couvor Hardwaro'Co. Ltd.l Baker Street
Nelson���Wholesale dealors in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup
paints, oils and gluss: mechanics  tools
Agents (ot Ontario Powder Works; umamito
TURNER, BEETON Sc Ca-Oorner Vernoi
and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whr.lo
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of MUwauke*
and Calgary Browing Co. of Calgary.
UDSON'8 BAY Co.-Wholesalo grocerle
and liquors etc, Baker Street, Nolson.
Offlce corner Hall and  Front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes.   Oet oui
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C.      A.
Huthrle & Co.
LOST.��� Bit ween C. P. R. station and
Postoflioe on Jan. 2nd, $25.     Finder
will be liberally rewarded by   leaving
at   H.   B.   Cameron's    office,   Bake!
Money to Loan at 8 per cont.
Insurance Real Estate
FOR RENT.- Office Baker   st,'815.5-
room   cottage,   $15;   7-room house,
Stanley   ot., $30; 7-roorfl house, Front
St., 822; 4 and 5-room houses.
FOR SALE ���2 lots,   Observatory   st,
I450-; 5-rooin cottage,   $1050; 7-room
house, 82100.
Money to Loan at 8 per cent.
Winnipeg Vancouver
Toronto Viotoria
Ottawa Beattle
Montreal Portland
New Yoi'k San Franoiseo
via Soo Line, fit Paul, Chicago
and all U. S. points.
Tourist Sleeper Service
�����t a c*~ft Lv Revelstoke Wed-
r A ^ I nesday, Friday and
L-JTWJ I     Snnday.
Lv. Dunmore Jet. Monday, Thursday and Satnrdav.
Lv. Kooteuay'Ldg. Friday, St. Paul,
Toronto, Montreal and HoBton
��� , r_���\_~*rrt Leave Revelstoke
11/ H ^ I Mondav, Wednesday
VV L-_J 1 an(j Saturday, Vancouver, Seattle, flonst
VANCOUVER to Alaska, Hawaii,
China, Japan, Australia,
Through bookings to Europe, via At-
lantio Line
Prepaid tickets from all points at
lowest rates
For berths, time tables, rates and full
information apply to.
J. S. Oartbb,
Die. Pass. Agt.
A. G. P. A.
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds ol seoond hand goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to ���
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperU,
cooking utenilla, bought in household
'quantities.     Also  out  off  clothing.
'Call and see me or write.   Address
I Silver  King  Mike.   Bos  MA    Ball
I Street, Nelson, 11. G.
J    A.  M'DONALI).   wholexale and retail
���   Confectioner,   Tho largest s'.ock of Con
fectionery in the Kootenays.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
NELSON LODGE    No. 23, A. P. Sc
M. meets seoond Wednesday in
month.   Visiting brethern welcome
L O. O. F.     Kootenay Lodge
No. 16, moots every Monday nigh!.
at their HaU, Kootenay street
Soiournlnaf Odd Fellows cordially invited.
John A. MoKae. N.O.   D. W. HuUiorford. V.O
Fred J. Squire, Per. Sec.
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. 183, O. R. O.
Meots third Wednesday. Sojourning compan
ions invited. George Johnstone, Z. K. W.
Matthews, S. K.
.       NELSON LODGE  NO.S5, K. of P.
^meots in _. of P. nail. Oddfellows blook
jeveryTuesday evening at 8 o'olock.
yAll visiting knights cordially Invite
Wm. Ikvine, O.C.
A. T. Park. K. of R. and S.
Nelson Knca pment No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and 4th Friday of eaoh month, in Odd Fellows
Hall, comer Baker and Kootonay streets.
Nelson. A. H. Clements, C. P.; D. McArthu.
R. S.  Visiting brothers always welcome.
NELSON hll. L No. 1602 meets in Fraternity Hall on flrst and third Friday evonings
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting momber
oordlally Invited. W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A, Mlnty, R. a	
NELSON AERIE No. 22, F. (>. ��., ineoU
every seoond and fourth Wednesdays of eacl.
in onth. Visiting members oordlally invti
Charles Prosser. nonrotary.
Kootenay Tent No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold, tholi
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, 1.0. O. F
blook. on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of ono!
month. Visiting brethren cordially invited U
attend. G. A. Brown, R. K.; A. P. Purdy, Com.
R. J.Stoel. D. S.C.
NO. 24
1st and 3rd Wednesday ovenlngs o.'
eaoh month at Fiaternlty hall
comer of Bakor and Kootona]
streets. Visiting brothern cordially invited.
KiiwAiin Macleod. Secretary.
COUltT KOOTENAY, I. O. F��� No. 31SS.
Meetings 4th Thursday of month. Fratorna
hall, J A Irving C R.   ft H. Flsmlm*. K.8
Nolson Court Star of   Kootonay, A. O. I,
Meots 2nd and   4th   Wodnosdays ln  ovoi-j
month. Visiting brethren welcome W. Mao
Millar O. H    Pobert Molxiod. Boc.
J. C. GWILUM, B*.  Sc*,
Lfite of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre< Nelson. B. C
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B.N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
i MTarland&BroGkman i
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Witb Which la Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   |2,000,0u0;
jn��������i��  u��D���n>neB Over 165,000,000.
B. E. WALKER, aeueral Manager.
���j.-���,   �����,���,���,   ...........   ....,.,,   ,
Aggregate  Resources Over 865,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. OOX, President.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Pl.ce.
And 68 bmuchos ln Canada and the United States, including i
CitA-.imooK        Kamloops Nkw Wkstminstkb  Vanoouvkb
Kkknik Nanaimo Rossland Viotohia
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson and Wnmt Horse.
UNITED STATES���New Yokk, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Bkaowat,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Reoeived and Interest Allowed.   Present Bate V Per Cant
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
) Pt^H^4 *_w**_w **^**W**^aM*^P **
Y. O. GREEN        Y. S. OL-EMENTb
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box US Telephone 283
Certificates of Improvements
Jupiter, Katie D. Green, InRersoIl,
Last Chance If.-iinilt.mi and Lnudou
Fraction Mineral Clair...., situate in the
Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenny District.
Where located���On Jupiter Mountain,
nenr Craigtown.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. D. Ander-
con, P. L.S , of Trail, BO. agent for the
Katie D. Green Gold Mining nnd Development Company, Limited, Non-
PerRomil, Liability, F.M.C. No. B551173,
intend, sixty days Irom the date hereof,
to apply hi tho Mining Recorder for ccr-
tinuttes of improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must tin commenced
liefore the issuance of such certificates
of improvements.
Dated this 15th day of November,
A.D. 1001. J. D. ANDERSON.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
V-tonn   P. Q
JTSl.'jy. i-l^lSS'-1* down, or a barrel ot
CALGARY BEER an it la the bent and
pheaooat   on    thi   market.    Aluo  try  our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    0I0AR8.
Telephone S3 Baker  t. Ne
Certilicate of Improvements
Copper King Mineral Claim, situate
io the Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where looated : On Craig Mountain,
nenr Craigtown.
Take notice that I, J. D. Anderson,
P. L. S., of trail, B. O., agent for
Mrs. Katie D. Green, F. M. C. No.
B55072, and Joe Bernard, Esq., Free
Minei'n Certificate No. HMiIIKi, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to tho Mining Heoorder for a Oer-
titiciite of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Grown Grant of the
above claim.
Aud further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of November,
A   h. 1001. T. r��. ANDEUSON.
Certificates of Improvements
Golden Crown, Golden Eagle, Golden Cap. Union Jack, Creston, American Flag. Americau Flag Kr., Union
Jack Fi��� Oray, X-Kay, X-Kay Kr.,
Mailc Leaf, Keepsake, Rhodesia,
Bnow Cap, Ln Grande, UrackcrJack,
Cracker Jack Fr., Cynic, Oynio Fr.,
Cymric, Dakota, Idaho, Atlantic, Pa-
cillo, Old Glory, Morning Glory, Rattler, Rambler, Agnes, Emperor, Emerald, Emerald Fr., O/.ar. Czar Fr., Canada, Toronto, Montreal, Montreal Fr.,
Scotland, Scotland Fr., Osborne, Ores
ton Fr Mineral Claims Bitnated in tho
Goat River Mining Division of West
Kootenay District
Where located���Between Goat River
and Arrow Oieek.
Take Notice that I, A. 11. Heyland.
acting as agent for T. O. ShaughneBsy,
K. M. C. B38701, E. B. Osier, F. M. C.
1138703. K. B. Angus, F. M. C. B88702
U. 1'. Hill, Y. M. O. B3.Sii88, intend,
sixty days fiom Hie date hereof to
apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of Improvement* for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants ol the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under "section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of sach certificates of
Dated this 10th day of December,
1901. A. R. HFYLAND
Kootonay street. Next Oddfellows' Ha
 P. Q. Box 633.
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral   l*>;n.B and mines surveyed.
Concentrator For Sale Cheap
The plant now contained In the
bm I ill n gs at Thunder Hill, Upper
Columbia lake, consisting of one SO
ton concentrator, complete, with
engine, boilers, etc. For further particulars aply to A.S. INNIS, Victoria.
Certificate of Improvements
Pai-tepjn Mineral claim, situate in
the Nelsou Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where looated* On Porcupine Creek.
TAKE NOTICE tbat I Theodore
Bcnuohump, ocling as ugeut of Frank
Desaulnier, free Miner's certificate No,
B433I0, and E. S. Larson, F. M. C,
B42571 intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply tu tbe Mining
Recorder for a certilicate of imrruve-
inentH for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant ol the above claim.
And further take Dot)OS that action,
under section 37, niin-t be commenced
before the mHiiance of such certificate
ot improvements.
Dated this 8th day of November
1001. T. 1SEAUCHAMP,
Certificates ot Improvements
Homestake nnd Hnllaes Mineral
Claims, situate in the Nelson Mining
Division of West Kootenay District.
Where lecated: On the west side of
thc Morth Fork of Salmon river, near
Take notice that I, J. D. Andprson
P. L. 8., of Trail, B. O., ngent for Tho
Copper Farm Oold Mining and Development Company, Limited, Non-
Personal Liability, Free Minor's
Certificate No. B5o7o8, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, lo
apply to the Mining Recorder for
Certificates of Improvements, for ths
purpose of obtaining Grown Grants of
the above claims.
And farther tike notice tbat aotion.
under section 37, rnnnt be commenced
bpfore the issnanoe of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this lBth dny of November,
A. D. 1001. i. V. ANDERSON.
���^rr Nklson Daily Miner Turs'dw, January 7,  190s
1 HANKS   TO     We desire to thaul
THE OOOD     you     all     fur     th.
PUBLIC        hearty   support   yoi
have given us during the present   sea
son.     We appreciate tho many kindly
expressions that have been extended ti
It iB gratifying to know that our
effort to improve the old store meets
witb your approval. We shall endeavor to retain your good feeling
towards us dining the coming year by
rilling your wants both as to me"1
dise and price and the more frequently
you use our store thu sooner you will
be convinced of these facts.
Wc   wish   you   all   a   Happy    and
Prosperous New Year.
Show Room for Mason & lUscb pianos
One car of oro from the Molly Gibson was brought in by the Koaknee
The skating is still good on the
ponds along the lake front and large
numbers took advantage of the ice
The steamer Kaslo yesterday
brought in three curs of Whitewater,
and one car of Silver Glance, for the
Trail smelter.
The iuneral of Edward It. Langdon,
the three-year-old son of Edward
Langdon, will take place today at '-'
o'clock in thc afternoon.
The fancy dres; carnival at the
skating rink, which was announced
fpr this week, has been postponed
until the Weather is suitable.
The local branches of the Society of
Christian Endeavor held a song service on Sunday afternoon at the Kootenay Lake General hospital.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Congregational church will hold an afternoon tea today from 3 to .1 o'clock at
the residence of Mrs. II. K. Cameron.
All lady friends are invited.
While a delivery wagon was being
loaded at the upper end of the wharf
adjoining the Hudson's Hay warehouse yesterday afternoon the horses
attached to the wagon backed the
whole arrangement over the side and
toppled with a giand crash to Ihe
ground HO feet below, killing one
horse and injuring the other. Thc
wagon was nlso smashed,
A barge of marble was brought
down from Knslo early on Sunday
morning, but unfortunately stuck fast
about one hundred feet from the Nelson cily wharf, having tried to approach from the side. Another barge
was procured and a forte of workmen
were engaged on Sunday and yesterday transferring enough marble to
lighten the barge. It will probably
be got in eome lime today.
The public schools opened yesterday
witb an increased enrollment as there
were   20 pupils   from   outside  placet
who how   enter the Nelson scho'ls for
the flrst time. There is also a gratifying addition to the   number entoiing
in tbe lower rooms.   Of the live pupili
who fvrote the entrance examinations,
four   whose names   appeared   in last
Friday's issue of Tbo Miner,   passed.
The   report of the marks made on the
examinainn   has been received by Mr.
Sullivan,   thc     principal,   and    they
show that Misi Lottie   Isabell   Pease,
ho failed, made the highest   aggregate
of   all   writing from Nelson,   but she
\v,is live marks too low in arithmetic,
J. G. Sullivan, engineer   in   charge
of  construction   for the  0. I'. II. in
Kootenay   and   Yale, is nt the   Phnir,
from Trail, and at the   sami   hotel   is
Horace F.  Forrest,    engineer   for   Ihe
Dominion   government,      with   headquarters at Winnipeg.    They leave for
the Lardeau today (or the   purpose  of
going over the SO miles of track.which
has jnst beon   finished.      Mr.    Forrest
will decide whether lhe road as far as
complete will be accepted by tbe government.     Mr.   Sullivan reports  that
there was a partial lhat down of operations on the road hut thnt   now work
is   in   full   swing again   and an en*
uavor   is   being   made tu finish construction   at     an     early   a   date    as
E. It. MjDermid, who fur over two
years has been accountant for the
Duncan Mines, limited, and eity auditor, has opened ofliees of his own
account iu the Clements-Hillyor block,
where he will undertake all work in
the field of an expert accountant, such
as auditing, contract bookkeeping,
the settling of estates, special examinations of mercantile concerns, assignments, and the arrangement of
settlements. Mr. McDermld, during
the eleven years ho was with the
wholesale trade of London, Out., had
a great deal to do with special examinations of mercantile concerns, the,
arrangement of settlemnets and tlie
winding .ipofestates.su that lie now
takes up again work with which he
la thoroughly familiar.      ���__
P. J. Jaynes of the Ymir mine has
chimed from spending two weeks'
lolidays with friends in Vancouver.
In county court chambers yesterday
pplication was made in Tattril vs.
Valinsley to make a charge against
he defendant one against the Arm of
vbieh be is now a member. Adjourned till Monday. In McNish vs. Arl-
ngton, a garnishee ordci was granted
igainst the Hall Mining company for
At tbe record offise yesterday a certificate of work was granted to L. K.
Larson on the Little John mineral
���laim. Certificates of improvement
were granted to the Hall Mines and
-imelting Co., limited, on tbu Thome
fraction, Thistle, National Emblem,
ind Shamrock. D. J. Steele transferred a half interest in the King of
Forty-Nine claim and Canadian Boy
to R. W. Wllley, consideration
Henry Roy, of thc Silver Bill
mines, came in yesterday from the
mine and passed through to Rosslana.
Tbe tramway from the mine is not
yet finished but Mr. Klblet is on the
ground and will not leave until it is,
which he expectant to be this week.
The oompany owning the mine hat
purchased   eleven   teams    ot    horses
Household Pumiture
Bio Watch Sale
Under instructions from J. S.  Lawrence   we   will   offer for sale the
whole of his elegant household furniture consisting of
Drawing Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Bed Room Furniture
also  Pictures,   Books,   Silverware,
Carpets,   Bric-a-Brac,    etc.      Sale
will commence on
on the premises formerly occupied
by Rev, H. S. Akehurst, on Stanley
St., opposite Pr, LaBau's. Terms,
See Our Window
Twenty-five per cent  discount,  the
best value ever offered.
Chas* A, Waterman & Co,
N. E. T. CO.
which will then be employed hauling
ore from the end of the tramway to
tbe lake for shipment. There is yet
little snow at the lake but shipments
will be commenced, on wagons if
Instuctors are being prepared by the
Canadian l'aciiio to go over the entire
line and instruct train crews upon the
new standard American rules regard-
ing signals,lights and methods of running. The Grand Trunk and Canadian
Pacific recently reached an agreement
to use these rules in future. The
Orand Trunk has been using the
system all summer, but many of the
rules arc new in the Canadian Pacific
system, which makes the uso of instructors necessary. The introduction
of the universal system will enable
any Canadian engineer to handle a
train on an American line.
H. b. Brown, city ticket agent of
the C.P.K., who has been in Winni
peg for a few weeks assisting that
otlice over the rush incidental to the
holiday season returned on Sunday.
Me states that the farmers' eastern
Christmas excursion business this year
was fully 40 per cent, more than in
any past year. Winnipeg business
bouses aie rushed as they never were
before while the bnnk staffs have to
work regularly far into the night to
keep pace with the business done,
Quite a large proportion of the harvest
hands wbo came west to gather tbe
last crop is staying preparatory to
purchasing land and preparations arc
being made fur a still greater acreage
uf crup next spring.
BOfiUSrOWN���7:00 a. .rn., 7:40, 8:80,
etc.. being odd hour and 40 minutes past and even hour and 20
minutes past.   Last car 10:15 p.m.
STANLEY ST.���6:45 a. m., 7:20, 8:00,
8:40, ��;20, etc., being even hour
and 40 minutes past, and odd 20
minutes past.   Las*, car 10:30 p.m.
Students prepared for   Departmental
and other Examination
Commercial work a specialty.
.1. 0. SLATER
1th  door above City Hall.
Leaves   to   Unearth  Treasures
Buried in 1821.
Victoria, Jan. fi.���A southwest gale
which blew yesterday did not cause
injury to tho stranded ship Santa
Clara on which salvage work has
been commenced. The ship's Japanese
conk died yesterday and his body wai
brought ashore.
The biigantino Blakely, Capt. Hac
kett, sailed this morning for Cocos
island to setiroh for tbe treasures be
lleved to have been buried there by
the hark Mary Diet in 1835, and by
pirates In 1821.
(leorgc   Noma   of the Nanaimo
Press Passes Away.
(M'F.CIAI. TO nil-. fillNKIl.)
Nanaimo, Jan. i,.���Oeorge Norris,
editor and proprietor of the Free
Press, died this atternnon, aged 57.
He bad actively managed the paper,
al most the oldest In thc province, for
27 years, lie practically died in
Attorneys   Arrive   in   Washington
Start the Fight.
Washington. Jan. fi.���W. II. Doug-
Ins, attorney-general of Minnesota, an
M. D. Munn. of St. Paul, assistant
counsel, arrived in Washington today
fur tbe puip"se of asking permission
(if the United States Supreme court to
file a petition ol mandamus against
Ihe so-called Northern Pacific merger.
Mr. Douglas did not reach Waslnng-
t-in until later in the afternoon and
tbe request will bo presented
Patenaude Bros.
Notice to Our Customers
With each purchase from $10 to $25  one
handsome   Oil   Painting.    Over  $25   a
large Oil Painting.
This Is for One Week Only.
Finest and Best Bar In the City.
The best Brands of Liquors
and Cigars.
On tho American or European Plan
The  Roslaurant is In charge of CHKF
MORlU-tSBY, wi-llknoAmBsaslowurd of
tho boats on tho Columbia River.   ,_.
JOSEPH harwood.   -   Proprle'or
West Transfer Co.
Goal am Wood
Best Fir and Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
AJ1 Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
iffine on  Baker Street Tel
O*0*0*0*0*0*0*0*t>ro* 0440*>0
Holding a   *
Every act helps to create a rcpu- '
tation and by reputation you
judge character. Our ri-putation
is founded on the excellent
thinge we have sold and our
character depends on he-ping
up this reputation. Wo take
every precaution to give our
friends the benefit and we offer
special valne and some low
prices on a variety  of   beautiful
Watches, Rings and
Suitable for   women   nnd   men.
Lamps, Cut Ulass, etc.
Watch Repairing a specialty
Cor, Baker & Stanley Sts., Nelson
Windermere Mines.   UnrrespondnnoeSollolt
Queens--W.    J.   Lemon,   Trail;
Williams, New Denver.
Hume���G Lucas, Fort Steele; Mr
and Mrs n Giegrioh, Kaslo; J Fleishman, Vancouver; R A Upper, Revel-
ctolte; C H Andrews, Mrs Almarch,
Phair-TI Boy, Rossland; II F Forest, Winnipeg; J G Hjllivan, Trail;
S Norman, .Spokane;   E   ,1   Brannick,
air nnd Mrs F Bobbins,    Bosslaud;   J
L Parker, Phoenix.
Grand Central-J J Scott, W J
Gallahger, Elko; W E Linday, Lardo;
R D McTaviher, Elko; M L Peterson,
Lardo; F H Hagarty, CrankbiookjP
F Jaynes, Ymir; A J Thompson and
wife, Nakusp; R Sherlt,   Fire Valley.
"When a child I burned rov foot
frightfully,-' writes W. H. Eads, of
Jonesville, Va., "which caused horrible leg sores for 30 years hut Buck-
len's Arnica Salve wholly cured me
after everything else failed." Infallible for Hums, Scalds, Cuts, Sores,
Bruises and Piles. Sold by Canada
Drug ana Book Co   25c.
E.  J.  KERR versus   WM.   DAVIDSON
Take Notice that a default summons was issued out of the County
Court of Kootenay, holden at Revelstoke, by the said Kerr against you
Wm. Davidson of Nelson, B. C, for
the sum of 849.41 and costs on the liith
day of December, A. D. 1901, and an
order was made for substituted service
of thc said snnimons.
.1. M. SCOTT, Revelstoke, B.C.
Solicitor for the Plaintiff.
Dated January 2nd, 11)02.
Too many times the origin of a headache is
miscalculated, and one begins dosing tho stomach for it, when an application of Griffiths
Monthol Liniment would draw out the pain
and give Immodiato relief, it will cure any
heudacho no matter how severe.
(in1 salebv J. H VansiUim'Nel-Klii, It.   C
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnlahaa Monthly to all loverfl of Bong
and Mimic a vast volume of New, Cholct
Copyright Compositions by the mast pop.
ulsr authors. 64 Pages of Piano Music,
half Vocal, half Instrumental���ai Complete
Pieces for Piano- Once a Month for 2%
Cents. Yearly Subscription, $1.00. If you
will nend us the name and Address of pivr
performers on the Pinnoor Organ, we will send
you a copy of the Magazine Free.
J. W. PEPPER, Publisher,
tl(hth a Locust SU., Philadelphia, Fa.
London, Jan. 5.���The War office on
the authority of Lord Kitchener, tbis
eve- ing den cs thc refort telegraphed
from Pretoria on January 1st, that
two officers of the intelligence department, who were sent to a party of
Boers who desired to surrender near
Wnrmbaths, were treacherously shot
by concealed Boers.
Certifioale of Improvements
Londor Mineral Olaim. situato in the
Nelson Mining Division of West Koot-
nay District.
Where looated On the north bank of
Wild Hoi so Creek about (1 miles from
the Salmon River.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Kenneth L.
Burnet, agent for William Blair, F. M.
O. No. 51,028, W. H. Danhy (assignee
for J. A. Bartott) F. M. C. No. B56118,
Charles E. Desrosiors, F. M. O. No.
B61027, Ferdinnnd Morin, F. M. O.
No. BMOUanfl Joseyh I'itre, F. M. O.
No. B61018, intend, Bixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining lle-
Oorder for a certificate af improvements
for tho pnrpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, m.ist be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 21st dny of November, A.D
Representing the  oldest and best
Fire and Life Insurance Companies
doing business in the city,    Agents
for the
Mines bought, sold and reported on
Cor Ward* Baker Sts
Nelson, B.C.
Corporation of the Oity of
Used All Over the World
More Sold Ban AHOther Brands Combined
Are you In want? If you are, tel.
the people, through The Miner want
column, what  you are  la  want  of I
Public notice is hereby given to the
electors of tbe Municipality of the
City ot Nelson that I require the presence of the said Electors in the
Council Chamber at the City otlice on
Josephine street in the City of Nelson,
on Monday the 13th day of January,
1902, at 12 o'clock noon, 1( r thc purpose of electing persons to represent
them in the Municipal Council as
Mayor and Aldermen and for the further purpose of electing persons to
represent them in the Board of School
Trustees for the City of  Nelsou.
Ihe nomination of candidates shall
be as follows: The candidates shall be
nominated in writing. The writ ng
*hall be subscribed by two voters of
the Municipality as proposer and
seoondei and shall he delivered to the
returning officer at any time between
the date of the notice and 2 p. m. of
the day of the nomination and in the
event of a poll being necessary, such
poll will be opened on the 10th day of
January, 11102, between the hours of 8
o'clock a.m. and 4 p. tn., for the East
Ward at the Police office on the East
side of Josephine Street, between
Victoria and Baker streets and for the
West Ward at the oflice of VVard
Brothers, on the North side of Baker
Street between Stanley and Kootenay .
streets, of which every person is
hereby required to take notice and
govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Mayor, shall
be snch persons as are male British
subjects, of the full age of twenty-one
(21) years and who ure not disqualified under any law and who have
been lor the six (fl) months next preceding the day of nomination, tho
registered owner in the Lund Registry
otlice, of land or real property in the
City of Nelson, of the assessed value
on the laBt Municipal Assessment roll
of $1,000.00 or more, ovei and above
any registered encumbrance or charge
and who are otherwise duly qualified
as Municipal voters.
Tae persons qualified to bo nominated
for and elected as Aldermen of the City
of Nelson, shall be such persons as are
male British subjects of the full age
of tweuty-one (2i) years and who are
not disqualified under any law and
who have been for the six (11) months
next preceding the day of nomination,
the registered owner in the Land
Registry oflice of land or real property
in the City ol Nelson, of the assessed
value on the last .Municipal Assessment roll ol $50u.()0 or more, over and
aoove any registered encumbrance or
charge and who are otherwise qualified as Municipal voters.
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as School
Trustees of the City of Nelson, are
such persons as are householders in
the School District of the City of
Nelson, who arc British subjects of
the full age of twenty-one (21)
years and who arc qualified by the
Public Schools Act to vote at an election of School Trustees in the School
District of the City of Nelson.
Given under ray hand at  Nelson, B.
C, the 3rd day of January, 1002,
Returning Officer.
Insist; lipoq rfaVlqg
of the friends and supporters of
Candidate  for   Hayor   for   1902
will be held this
Tuesday Ev'g, Jan. 7
at the Committee Rooms
Over Imperial Bank of Canad*
At the request of a largo number of
property owners and ratepayers I
again offer myself as candidate for
mayor of the City of Nelson at the
coming municipal election, and respectfully ask all those who think I
have served the Uity's interest to vote
for me.      XoilTJ    Respafully,
Jan. 4th. 11)03.
I beg  to  offer myself   as an Alderman for the West Ward   and   respectfully ask your vote and Intorest.
Dated .Ian. 4th, 1902.
I beg to offer myself as an alderman
for the east ward, and respectfully
ask your vote and interest.
At the request of several I have consented to offer myself for election as
Alderman for the West Ward and
respectfully ask all those who think
the interests of the city will be served
by my election to vote for mo.
Nelson, Jan. 4th, 1002.
You'll ��et it.
If there is anything you require, atia
Jor it in    h*> column ef the Miner.' Nelson.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. L. LENNOX, Baktr  B��.
WARD     OF     THE     CITY     OF
I hereby   announce myself ns an ir..
dependent candidate for  alderman for
the   East   Ward.     I   have   served as
alderman  for  three years and on my
record during that time I an   willing
to stand or fall, and respectfully   ask
your vote and influence.
Jan, 4th, 1902.
In response to the request of a largo
number of property owners and ratepayers I again offer myself as a candidate for alderman in the Enst Ward of
th? City of Nelson, at the coming
municipal election.
Thanking you for your support in
the past, your vote and influence respectfully solicited.
Nelson, B.C., Jan. 4th, 1U02.
Ladies  and   (lentlemen,���I   beg  to
announce myself  a  candidate in the
forthcoming election of  aldermen  for
the East Ward and respectfully solicit
the favor of your vote and influence.
Nolson, B. C, Jan. 4th, 1002.
I beg to offer myself  as  an   Alderman   for the West Ward  nnd respectfully ask your vote and interest.
Dated Jan. 4th, 1902.


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