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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 12, 1901

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Daily Edition No.   lprovine:*
i labr-i'V g31oo
Nklson,   British  Columbia, Saturday,   October 12,  1901
Eleventh   Year
Emissary Sent to Negotiate
Release but Without
United States May Demand
Compensation and Punishment of Outlaws.
London, dot. il.���After detailing
tho history of tlio abduction of Miss
Stone, tlio Spectator remarks:
Prosidont Roosevelt and tlio Washington cabinet maintain justly that
tin* Sultan in responsible, as ii is Ins
mlsguvernment whteli provokes brigandage; and thoy Intend tn demand
reparation trom tlio I'orte. It will
not lie limited, we imagine, lo ��'���'., (nil).
The I'orte will be requested to punish
the authors of the outrage, aud ns
lnriii'v in sure to shuflle and Ameriea
Is tired of being played with, a naval
demonstration is quite nn tlio cards.
The Sultan will, of Course, yield 011
tin. first sliuw of force.
London, (let, 12.���"Tho Unitod
States legation hero," says a despatch
from Constantinople in the Daily
Tolegraph, "have received Informn*
tinn which they withhold, of soma ex-
peeled developments in the Stone
affair, tin Tuesday it was supposed
mi attempt would lie made to capture
tho bandits, hut nothing lias heen
hoard since Monday, when Mr. Hans*
I111H reached Saiuakotl'. lie is not
provided with funds, but lias been
empowered to arrange tho lowest
iTins. The attempts to capluie tho
bandits liiiv,. made the brigands shy
of future traps, thus rendering negotiations dillieult. Such tactics aro
sevetely criticised here. The brigands
may in rovenge kill their captive,
Moieover the fact tnat no money was
produced im thn Hist demand may
cause the brigands to mutilate Miss
Stone as a warning. "
Constantinople, Oct. 11.���ln compliance with a request from "Washington
thu search by Ottoaan troops for tho
ubdictors of Miss Stone, has been
abandoned, it being feared that the
brigands would kill hor siiould they
be closely pursued. Arrangements are
now being made to pay the ransom
Toledo, Ohio, Oet. 11.���Cresceus
this afternoon lowerod the world's
trotting record on a half mile track
une-quarter of a second. Tho record
was previously held hy himself having beon made on the Toledo traok
ono year ago. It was 3:00%. Uo
trotted this afternoon for the benefit
of charitable institutions of the city
and more than -10,0111] peoplo gathered
to Bee him, Thin is the home of Geo.
Ketchum, the owner, trainer, and
driver, and last spring before start-
lng on the circuit, Mr. Ketchum in a
li'ttur to Mayor Jones announced that
ho would [rive an exhibition trot on
the Toledo track for the benefit of all
of Toledo's charitable institutions.
The offer was at once accepted. The
result is that they will now receive
about 818,000.
Montreal, Oot. 11.���Only one match
will he played for the Minto cup, the
Bhamrooks refusing to accept the
Proposition of the Vancouver team for
three games. The western men are
somewhat disappointed as they realize
that after a long trip they have
Scarcely time to get into trim foi the
g'uiio. The Shamrocks' suppoiters
already slued up the nsitors as formidable opponents rind the refusal to
Play three games may have been partially prompted by this fact. Thero
has been but little betting, tho odds
"lightly favoring the Shamrocks.
���delegate Clayton Gives an Interesting
Account of Its Ilnsiness.
^ A meeting of the Trades and Labor
Couneil was hold last evoning fnr the
Purposo of bearing the report of President Clayton, on bis rooent visit to
Brantford,   Out.,   to  tho    Dominion
Trades congress which wa< hi III Iher
this year.
i Mi. Clayton gave a very full and |
' interesting account of the congress,
and the various resolutions Whioh had
been brought up al it. Uno resolution
was to the effeot that union men
should nut become members of militia
organizations unless in case of danger
to the country, This was passed after
an extremely warm discussion. In
support of the resolution eases were
cited in which the militia bad been
called out to overawe strikers. In
suoh a ease a union luuii bad to face
the probability uf threatening his
fellow union member with arms, and
helping to defeat the cuuso with
which lie was in sympathy. He said:
''I do not believe tbat it is in the interest of any man to belong to any
organization by which the government
can call him nut at any time to set hiin
against Ins fellow man, and I never
knew uf the militia being called out
t'*�� protect the lights of thn working
One of the papers read at the congress was by ,T. S. Tot in, of Boston,
Who strongly urged upon the unions
the scrupulous carrying out of agreements miulo with employers, as on
this all security in business rested.
A motion Diought up that all Innoi
employees holding confidential appointments under the government,
Bhould be shut out from acting as
members of the congress evoked eon-
sideiablo   discussion,   but was finally
On the Chinese question, on whioh
a resolution had been introdueted bv
Mr. Clayton, be had met with considerable opposition. Many uf tho mem-
uers uf the congress seemed to think
thnt the Chinese were not. so bad,
were very harmless, in fact, Finding
out that sume of thoso who felt in
this way were shoemakers and tailors
ho told them of onnditiuns in Vancouver, where 00 per cent, of the tailors
and 46 per cent, of tho shoemakers
were Chinamen, ns well as almost all
tho gaidoners. This brought the niat-
u home to u'uwm en no aim..mi of .eu*
soning could have and tbe motion,
which asked Iho government to ex-
elude the Chinese was passed. For
bis part, Mr. Clayton, added, the only
practical way he oould see of dealing
with the pioblcm was to have a minimum wage scale to be paid all workmen irrespective of color or race, and
thou if any wanted to employ the
Chinese at the same wages as white
men,why thoy might do so.
Although Hritish Columbia had ro
fow delegates at the congress, yet in
auiount of per oapita tax paid to the
congress it stood second among the
provinces, only Ontario coming ahead
of it. lie thought if the Nelson delegation next year handled the matter
properly that the noxt sitting of the
congress could be secured for this
city, as in the ballot this year it was
Odd Fellows Wolcomo Their Provincial Head���Benefit to Mrs. Young.
The members of tbe Nelson lodge
of the IndepHndnt Order of Odd Fellows gave a very enthusiastic reception to Wm. Hogg, grand master of
the order in Hritish Columbia, at the
lodge room last night. About 75
members wore present.
After the business in tho lodge was
cone hided, a banquet was tendered
tho visitor in the assembly room of
fraternity ball at whioh 175 people
wero present including quite a number of ladies the first time such has
been tbe oaso in Nelson. Geo. Kln-
oado, N. O. of tho loeal lodge, presided, with Oeo. Halo in the vice-
chair. The programme of speeches
was cut short owing to the desiro of
many to begin dancing. Mr. Ilogge
spoke on Ibe good Odd Fellowship is
doing, mentioning that in the past
year the order had paid out _3,000,-
000 in benefits, which was equal to 87
a minute. Among tho schemes afoot
for the good of the members of the
order was one to build a home for
aged and infirm members, He commended the projeet to the consideration of those present. Dr. Artuhr,
grand warden, also made an excellent
During tho evoning songs wore
nil en by Messrs. McAdam, Lennox,
Ori/.ell and Lahore, and a recitation
by George Keys. Millward's orchestra
[uriiished music for the banquet and
the dance whicli followed.
It wuf then deoided to give a dance
and supper tonight in Fraternity ball,
tho proceeds to be a benefit to
Young, whose husband was
off the Koknnoa on Thursday. With
so euiiiiiieudiible an object in viow
there should be a large attendance.
Friction  Between Him   and
the Ministry the Alleged
Baron De Blaqulre to Be Offered  Appointment  If
Minto Steps Out.
J.  Smith   Tells   of  the
System   In   Vogue
London, Oct, 11.���"We understand," says the Daily Chronicle,
"that, owing to friction with lhe ministry the Karl of Minto is not likely
to complete bis term as Governor General of Canada. If he resigns tiie appointment will be offered lo Huron
De Blaqulre.''
Surprised at the Number of
Mlchlganders In Kootenay.
by all appearances, the railways had
stopped at in, obstacle to get iii. In
the cast they seemed to wait until n
region was thoroughly settled and
built up befoiu thu enmpaniis dared
to put a line through, but in the
Kuolenays they put a railway through
almost anywhere through utterly
undeveloped countty feeling perfectly
cuntideiit that the country wonld build
up at oneo and whal he had seen
seemed to fully carry out theii
Commandant Loiter to Be Shot-
Others Get Iniprionment For Life.
Middleboro, Cape Colony, Oct. II.���
Sentonco of death has been passed
upon Commandant Loiter, tho Cape
Colony rebel, whose commando composed almost entirely of rebels, was
oaptured by Major Scobell, south of
Petersburg early last month, Lord
Kitchener lias confirmed the sentence.
Five of Letter's commando have boon
sentenced to Imprisonment for life.
One, a youlh, has nem sentenced to
twenty stokes with a rod to be followed by Imprisonment until the close
of "ic ">ar.
Toronto, Oct. 11.--The second day of
Toronto's welcome to the Royal visitors passed off most successfully. Over
11,000 troops marched In review before
tne Royal parly this morning and the
scene was one of the finest witnesned
n tho tour. Over 50,000 spectators saw
it. The Duke presented the Victoria
Cross and sword of honor to Major
Coca-burn. The ceremony at Toronto
University in the afternoon, and the
loception at night were most successful. The Royal party will loave to-
ruonow morning for Niagara.
Quebec, Oct. 11.���The Donaldson
liner Trltonia from Montreal tor (llas-
gow arrived here this morning after
going aground off St. Antoine. The
diver's examination showed that she
bad sustained a rip in ner keel plates
extending 10 feet. The cargo is
being discharged from the hold. At
the time of the accident tlie doptb of
water in the river was 2(1 feet 7
nehes, and the ships draught was all
Montreal, Oet. 11.���Alfred Lofobvre
is suing the Royal Victoria hospital
lor 81,900 damages caused by the loss
of a foot. Lcfelvre was a eoal cart
driver and had his foot crushed. Tho
doctors partially amputated it, but
gangrene sot in and tho remainder
had to como off. Lcfebvro alleges that
the amputation was unnecessary*
Toronto, Oct. 11.���The funeral of
the late Hon N. Clarke Wallace tomorrow promises to be the most im-
pressive of its kind ever held in Canada. Special trains bave been arranged to carry Orangemen from
Toronto to Woodbridgo and the representatives will include delegations
from Halifax and Manitoba.
Montreal, Oct. 11.���Allan line
steamer Sicilian sailed for South
Africa with a cargo of SIS horses for
the British army. So far this yoar,
5,148 horses havo boen shipped from
Montreal to South Africa. The S. S.
Montfort has heen chartered to carry
800 more, sailing November 15th.
Lundon, Oct. 12.���A mass mocting
of students of St. Andrews university
today unanimously asked Andrew
Carnegie to become loid rector of the
university in succession to l'rof.
James Stuart, whose term expires in
New York, Oct. 11.���"It is a little
premature to say that I shall ehal-
lgene again for the cup," said Sir
Thomas Lipton, when seen on board
the Erin today. "That is h matter
for future consideration."
A. J. Seott, of Hancock, Mich.,
president of the Northwestern Devel*
opment Syndioate, who has been in
Nelson for the last two days leaves
for tho Lardeau this morning, where
be will spend a week looking over the
properties of the company, and incidentally enjoying a little shooting.
Mr. Scott stated that the shareholders
in Michigan in the By nd lea to bad been
ranoh intorestod iu the samples of ore
aud description of the properties sent
thorn, so much so that he had been
sent out to inspect the properties
thoroughly and tako back more samples for assaying at the Scliool of
Mines, which was situated at Houghton, Mich., across Portage lake from
Mr. Scott was much impressed with
the country, which he believes within
the noxt twenty years will be tho
leading mining country of tho World.
He had been Btruek with the immense
amount of territory which was so
richly mineralized in British Colum-
lba, In Michigan tbo copper mines
were confined to one large lode which
was about one hundred and fifty miles
lung by fiom half a milo to a mile
wido. In this Dolt were many rich
veins of copper, but veins which
neeflq-jL Enormously oxpensive operations, as compared with tbo average
mining properties of this country to
devclcp. Mining in Michigan practically started about 1880, The belt
mentioned was on tho wost sido of
Kewanee Point, a long spit of land
extending into Lake Superior. There
are 35 mines in operation of which
the Calnraet. Quinoy and the Tamarac
aro among the principal. The average
doptn at which theso mines are worked is 5,000 foot, although the Calumet
had paid from tho surface. On others
of the mlnos it had been necessary to
attain groat depth befoie paying ore
was reached. The capitalisation of
all of the companies ran well up into
the millions, which was mado necessary by the oxpensive character of the
mining. The veins weie generally
from 10 to 15 feet wide, carry native
copper with a little native silver.
Tho metals were pure, not needing
any refining proceses. In most of tho
mines a couple of boys were kept to1
pick out the pieces of silver, which
average about. ,'!00 or $300 per month.
On the Calumet tho present lowest
level worked was 5,500 feet and a
large number of workings were below
the mile level. The vein had a regular dip of 85 degrees to tbe west. Oie
which was one and a half or two per
cent, copper was considered good.
Mr, Scott said that one reason why
the peoplo in his vicinity were so
much interested in tho Camborne
propeities was because thoy were free
gold, and as such the processes to
some degree were akin to those used
in the mines at home. He had been
much surprised to note tho large number of miners from Michigan who
were working throughout, not only
Hritish Columbia but Montana and
Washington as well, and said that
the Michigan mines had evidently
been the school in which a majority
of tbem bad learned the tiade.
Mr. Scott said that NelBon had been
a wonderful surprise to him. lie had
read how new tho country was as regards opening up, and having boen a
pioneer in the Michigan copner fields
and seen how long it took to develop
the mines and towns there, he had
expected to find a mining camp like
those Been in the oast at home.
When he arrived here the city was a
revelation. He had spent must of the
dav "taking in the town'1 and trying
to figure out how for such a small
population there could be snch immense freight yards, fine stores,
which lattor especially evoked his admiration, and other signs of gieat
progiess. He said in Michigan the
towns had to use all kinds of inducements to get the railways to build in,
muny places having even been bonded
to raise money for   subsidies.     Here,
lie   Will   Attend   to Stocking   Inland
Lakes of II.  C.
(SPECIAL TO TUB  Ml; I-.lt.)
Victoria, Out. 11.���The Bteamer
Danube due from Skagway has on
board $101,000 of N. A. T. & T. Co.'a
money upon which it hoped to obtain
a rebate here. lion. Mr. Sifton, bow-
ever, has wired that the rebate does
not apply to companies allhuiigb the
present shipment was mined on the
company's own property and it has
royalty receipts for it. Negotiations
a~e still pending with Ottawa.
.lohn P. Babcock, tur eleven years
chief deputy of the fishery commission
ot California bus been appo'n ted by
the piovlnoial government tisb commissioner for Hritish Columbia. He
is one of the greatest fishery authorities on tho coast and Is highly spoken
of by Washington and Sacramento
authorities. lie takes up bis duties
hero on October lfith and goes almost
immediately to the Jfrasor to study
the conditions thceei', Fberts says in
addition to his duties in establishing
hatcheries and fostering tlie salmon
industry he intends Unit he sha'l take
up tho qucstiott.of stocking the lakes
of   the upper ' Ith the delect
able white fls fist.
The   solum 1 reached port
this   iiioini'i; Japan   coast
with 683 of th. . is she  caught
during   the season.     The others were
brought over on previous stoatnors.
Montreal, Oct. II.��� The Star's London cables says: "Possibility of a
Canadian Rugby football team visiting the Hritish islen in December, is
arousing Hie keenest interest in spoiling circles. At the annual meeting of
the Scottish Football union held at
Edinburgh last night, it was stated
that the Glasgow clubs were prepared
to combine and raise a guarantee
fund. Tho Union ground at. Edinurgh
uro oneo but was forced to leave it behind. The expedition will also take
an instrument which it is claimed
will locate gold by magnetic nitration
but which is not attracted by othei
metals. Justin Gilbert, stenographer
of the Supreme court and formerly of
New York and Spckane.is at the bean
of the company.
Fairmont, W. Va��� Oct. 11.���At r,
o'clock this morning there was an
explosion of gas in the Fairmont-
New England mines, a mile and a
half Soutli of this city. The gas was
ignited from a shot fired by one of
tlie miners, tbe loose coal at once taking fire and 11 big blaze resulted, and
tilling thu mine with smoke at a
point where it pievented the exit of
miners for a time. The men were
thus penned in fur fuur hours and it
looked for a while as though there
would be fatalities. The tlames were
finally shut oil by the putting up of
brattices and tho men all oaine out
Victoria, Oct. 11,���A company with
a capital of (110,000 is being formed
in this city to make another search
for the treasure believed by many to
be buried on Cocos island, off the
coast of Cnsla Rico. The company ha*
secured the plans of tho island anil
tho location of tbo treasure sojured by
Captain llaackett of this city from the
widow of a mariner of Nova Scotia,
wbo claimed to have found the tieas-
bas been provisionally promised for
one or two matches. The Border clubs
also approved of the proposal to raise
a guarantee fund.
Windsor, Ont., Oct, 11.--Peter
Seguin, of Elmetead, carried a small
bottle of carbolic acid and a plug of
tobacco in biB hip pocket. The buttle
broke and the tobaoeo absorbed the
acid. Despite tbo tobacco's peculiar
flavor, Seguin obewed it two days.
As a result his throat swelled up and
tbo flesh became almost black. The
pain was excrutiating and an slices-
formed on his lungs. This broke yes-
teiday ani death resulted.
Mines to Resume Above the
Zone of Damage by
Shortage   of   Goal   Causes
Alexandria  Mine to
Start Again.
Victoria,   Oct.   11.-The   Wellington
ulliery company has decided to plaoe
um   nl   work   in   the   Union   mines
auove   the mine which thoy ale Homing.      This   IH the mino in   which the
I'rible explosion followed by nikoavy
loss of life  occurred   in   midsummer.
'be   oompany has been pouring water
into the mine at the rate of   1,000,000
allons   a   day and will have to enn-
11110 to tin ku  fur   sumo   time ^before
ae   firo is   out   but there   are  works
ibovc tlie parts which aro on   fire and
t is these that the  company   Intends
.0   wurk    now.     It   will   also   put  a,
louble   shift   to work  in thu Alexan-
Iria mines,    This action is   necessary
ui account of Bhortage of   coal coiise-
lucnt upon the disastei  in the Exten-
don mines and   also   to give work t
he largo number of men   thrown   0
if employment by tbo disaster,    The
-���ompany   is   also   opening up a   new
seam near the Extension mine.
While the sealing schooner Director
from Copper islands, was enming up
the straits, a Jap, whoso mind hud
become deranged, attempted to set tbo
schooner on lire by saturating a sack
with coal oil and lighting it. He
was discovered in time to prevent a
Immediate Steps Taken to Prevent
Spread nf tbo Disease.
A case of smallpox revealed itself in
the city yesterday and the victim,
James Hubbard, was Immediately
taken to the isolation hospital. Tho
cab in which he wns taken is also in
The patitnt, who lives in a small
liouse on Water street neai the Fisher
A Bridges mill, wont to Dr. LaBau's
illice to consult him, when it was
ascertained what his illness was. The
statements made by Mr. Hubbard
would indicate that tbo only means
by which the contagion could have
been brought to the city was thioogh
Mis Hubbard, who returned about
three weeks ago from New Westminster whither she had gone for treatment
at the asylum. Mrs. Hubbard and
laughter loft yesterday by way of
Spokane for South Dakota and steps
have been taken to prevent any
further spread of tho aontaigon.
The bouse In which they lived will be
burned today.
At the skating rink last night the
annual inspect ion of the Nelson company of the Rucky Mon: tain rangers
was held liy Lieut.-'ol. Holmes. The
oompany turned out 10 strung, looking
very neat and soldierlike, They
wore put though parts of squad and
oempany drill and the manual of
arms, by the company offices, After
the conclusion of the exercises, Col.
Holmes addressed them in a Short
speech In which he complimented
them on the progCSS they had made in
their drill. He said that it was hoped
that in time it would bo possible to
form a battalion between Nelson and
Rossland with a separate establishment. This would give two companies and a band to each eity, with
headquarters at whichever place was
boit suited. It was Imped that in a
short time a good drill shed would bo
provided, '.bu matter now lying entirely in the bands of Dominion government, Mr. Galliher, the member
fur the district, had promised tu giv
the matter his Immendiate   attention.
After the Inspection tho company
was marched down to the armory by
Lieut. Brown, where the men wero
dismissed. Col. Holmes leaves this
alte 'uuon for Kaslo.
Vancouver, Oct 11.--Tbo verdict of
nut guilty was returned in thoehnrges
against tht union fishermen charged
with kidnapping Japanese flsbcrn on.
A charge of venue has been allowed
to New Westminster on the remaining cases. R-'-i
Nelson  Dailv Miner,  Saturday   October 12, 190.
The Nelson Miner
Dished   Kvory  Morula-;  Except   Monday
acnsciuiTiON rates i
Dilly per ncmth.br currier     jjjjo
I>.xlly, per month, hy mall     wo
Ii-illy, per year, by carrier. ��� \ yU
Lmily, poryp*u\ by mull    5 W
ly,pory^��r (orci��n    BO)
Weekly,!  r half yoar  .1 2*>
Weekly, per yoar    * 0"   ,_,.       , ,  .   , , i i
weekly,rer year, foreiKii......  8oo The best which art can produce and   monev  can   purchase,
ubscripUons invariably In advanoo. , .     r ��� ���**
is now ready for your inspection
145 Fleet Streot. E. C.
ntral Preen ARoiior. Ltd., Special Agent*
Aloxnndcr * Co . 521 Hlttt A venno, 8pokano
VFanh.. knep this paper on lllo, anil arc our
authorized agents for advcrtiiomcnUi
Novelties of All Kinds
Stylish Goods in every shade and make for evening wear,
bequin Robes, Dreams in Embroideries, Facts in
Good Values.
The death of the crafty Ameer of
Afghanistan may cause the Bravest
of complications unless his successor
should display the same wisdom as he
did in playing one Kuropoan nation
a;-aiiist the other and tli'm saving his
riominioua from conquest. Afghanistan is a country shaped like a
triangle lying to tho nurthwist of
India. Across its northern frontier
lies Russia Tujkestan and to its west
is Persia and south and east is India.
Afghanistan is, tbeiefore, the buffer
state between British anil Russian
interests in Asia. ln the struggle
which has been going on fur a century or more for dominancy In Asia
the Russian idea has boen to secure
control of Afghanistan so as to push
on and secure seaports on the Persian
gulf later oo and thus give the
country a better outlet to the ocean.
Russia bas been trying to get an outlet
on the warm seas since the time of
I'eter the Great. Russia haB also
designs on India. Slowly but surely
the Russians havo been oonquering
Central Asia. Ono after another the
savage tribes of Turkestan have
acknowledged the sovereignty of the
Czar. The advnncco has been by
degrees to Khiva, to Merv, to Ilook-
hara to Samakand and tbe 1'amits, at
the foot of the Hindu Kush mountains.
On the other hand, the British have
kept close watch on the Russian aggression and bavo steadily widened
tbeir frontier to the bank of tbe Indus
and into the mountains towards
Kabul. Thoy have possession of the
fow mountain passes over wbioh the
Russians could pass and here Great
Hntuln and Russia face each other at
the present moment, the latter saying
to the former, 'So far shall thou go
and no farther."
If Uabib Oulah Khan, the successor
of Abdur Kalians Khan, is wire, he
will follow out the orafty policy of
his father ami play Oreat llritain
against Russia, with a strong leaning
toward the former. Should he adopt
a different pnltoy aud one which
wonld menace Hritish interests the
result would be that his territory
would be overrun and ocoupied by
Hritish soldieiy. Tbe father of tbe
pieeeut Ameor was taught a Icsboh
which he never forgot by Geneial
Hi beits when be wont to the relief of
Kandahar only a few years ago. The
present Ameer was probably a boy at
that time and perhaps hae some grim
recollections of the drubbing which
waB then administered to the
The dispatches   during tho past few
days   have   been   rather   disquietinp.
Habib   Oulah    Khan,    who   has boen
proclaimed Ameer,   is   tho   oldest son
of the lato Ameor.  tie has progressive
Ideas and   visited   Kurope during   the
progress   of   the last Paris exposition
and    paid    short  visits   to   London,
Paris and lierlin.      His suceesssioii is
favored   by    Hritish     influence.       A
dispatch   from   London   statos     thai
Russia   doslrf-s   the succession of   the
fourth Bon of   the Ameer,   Mohammed
Oulah Khan,    thnt   Russian icinforoe*
ments   have    been     ordered   to     the
frontier,   and   that   ordeis have been
issued   for   the troops to  be In readiness to seize,   if necessary, Herat.    It
Is   within   the range   of   possibilities
that the question    of   succession   may
be   used as a pretext by Russia to stir
up strife and made the excuse for taking more territory which would plaoe
her   a   little   nearer   to   the  coveted
warm seas.      Now   tbat   the   liritisli
foroos     aro     concentrated    in    Soutli
Africa,      Russia   may   oonslder   it an
opportune timo to take a forward step.
The       British,     however,      hBve     a
force in Inlia sufficient, it is thought,
to   checkmate any movement mado by
tbo soldiers of tho Czar,      The   situation seems  to   be   seriuua   enough   to
warrant      considcrablu     uneasiness.
Sooner or later it is evident   lhat   one
of the greatest   wnrs of   modern times
will be fought on the plains and nmid
tbe mountain passes where the Briton
and   Russian are now watohing   each
other so closely,
From the Kitchen to the Ball Room and from  the cradle
to thc grave, we have everything you can possibly require.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
its effeots. Miss Stone was captured
together with a party of friends on
September 3rd, near Raslog, a Bulgarian village. All of the mombers of
the party, exoept Miss Stone and the
wife of a Bulgarian teacher, wero
released by tho brigands. The two
captives were carried into tbe mountain., of Bulgaria, and at first a ransom of $150,000 was demanded for
Miss Stone, hut thin was subsequently
roducod to $110,000. There aie some
queer complications to the affair. It
is charged that thc Macedonian committee, which IB engaged in organizing a movement hostile to Turkey,
connived in the plan to abduct Miss
Stone. The Bulgarian government
sympathizes with the committee, and
s reluotant to take any action, exoept
tho payment of tbe ransom. Tbe
Turkish government is opposed to tbis
as it would result in placing funds in
the hands of the revolutionary committee. Miss Stone is in the curious
position of being the means by which
a revolutionary movement is tc be
financed. The United States, considering that the safety of Miss Stone is
the firHt consideration, will advance
the ransom and immediately thereafter imminence proceedings to compel
Turkey to repay the sum and to punish the btigands.
Tbis form of brigandage is not new
as on a number of occasions foreigners have been captured by these
gentry and held for ransoms. In a few
instances the governments raised tbe
sums demanded, bnt this encouraged
the practice to snch an extent that It
developed Into a regular industry. To
offset this an agreement was entered
into among the ministers at Constantinople whiob prohibited the payment
of ransoms for foreigners In the hands
of brigands and holding the Turiksh
government responsible for the safety
and rcieaseof those abducted. Thishas
worked advanagaously till Miss Stone
was abducted, and now it seems, aa
the captive Is a woman and there ie
fear of her safety, a departure from
the plan is to be mado. The United
States doubtless will make Turkey
pay the 3110,000 with an apology and
should add on a little interest.
The abduction of Miss Stone, the
American missionary, by Bulgarian
brigands has becoi:'.e an international
affair, wbich may be wide reaching in
The bands of red tapo which so long
iiave tied   Lord Kitchener's hands in
Sooth Africa   have   been   broken  and
are now free to smite the   enemies  of
the empire there and   close   ine   war,
Martial law   has been   proclaimed   iu
Cape   Colony,     everything   is    under
control of   the   hero   of    Omdurraan,
the oivil authorities have no power to
interfere with him   and if he does not
now accomplish   the task of whipping
into submission the   hostile Boers and
checking   theii   sympathizer   it will
be   because   he   lies not the ability tu
do so. The placing of the Cope Colony
under martial law   is   but   a   prelude
to  a  moie vigoious  policy that  will
immoditttoly be put into effect.   Those
who   give   aid   and subtcnance to the
ouemy and who are guilty   of Iraitor-
iuus and   rebellious   acts will now be
summurily dealt with.     The struggle
has   reached   u stage when it is absolutely necessary to used   drastic measures to put an end   to it, as it has not
even a shadow of a chance to succeed.
The   guilty   will   now   be   promptly
punished,   the aid and comfort iu the
shape   ol   supplies, arms and recruits
cannot   now be   so leadlly supplied to
the enemy and within   a short   period
the few   scattered   commandoes of the
Iloers   should bo routed and dispersed
and   the   struggle brought to au end.
Martial   l��w   was   necessary to bring
thoso who havo hitherto been inecon
oilablo   to   terms.-.    Lord   Kitchener,
now that he has   been   given   his own
way, although he has   a   disagreeable
task to   perform, is   not thc   uiun    to
falter until it is completed.
It Is stated that supplemental and
levised reports of the Dominion
Census now to hand will increase the
first estimate of our country's population from rather over 5,338,000 to
more than 5, .100,000, says the Columbian. Meanwhile the delay continues
in forwarding to this Province ibe
details of the count in all the rural
distiicts, and many of the towns of
British Columbia. There are oircum-
stancea to account for this in tho oase
of Atlin and certain points on the
North Coast, but there appears to be
no sufficient reason for the delay in
summing up aud publishing the returns from some forty or fifty small
towns, villages and rural districts
which are within fairly easy reach of
Vanoouvcr, Victoria and Nelson, or
one ot them. We are still without
any data to show the distribution of
considerably more than 100,000 of our
Province's total estimated population
of 190,000 souls.
Tbe assay office established by the
Dominion government at Vancouver
is proving successful in accomplishing
the objeots for whioh it was aesignod,
towit: Diverting the flow of Yukon
gold from the United States into Canada and bringing the business of the
Yukon from the American into the
Canadian cities. This is as it should
be and the benefits to be derived from
the enterprise of tbe Federal govern-
ment will increase for some time instead of decreasing, as the gold fields
o' the north -,;iil oontinue to pour
forth thoir wealth for many years to
come. The Vancouver World in commenting on the good effect of the
establishment of the assay offioe there
says: "Seattle Is beginning to feel
the effect of tho establishment of the
assay office in this oity and to realize
tbat the Klondike miner will hereafter come here to sell his gold and
spend its price, as well as lo buy his
outfit, the fact that Canada oontrols
the trade of this treasure land within
its own borders being now admitted
oven by Seattleites. No argument as
to the success of the assay office here,
and its pioflt to the city and the
country, could be more potent than
the protest that Soattle is now raising
with regard to it."
White and Grey, All Weights and Excellent Values
The Blanket weather will soon be with us and buyers of Blankets
would do well to consult us before making their Fall Purchases,
Pianos for sale
prices for cash or
payments on
thc instalment
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Delivered^to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Ynrds, NELSON
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of Bteainer, at the
rate of   	
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent,
D.  J.  YOUNG.
For domestic or steam use.
supply always on
Another ridiculous food fad has been
branded by the most competent
authorities. They have dispelled the
silly notion that one kind of food is
needed for brain, another for muscles,
and still another for bones. A correct diet will not only nourish a particular part of tho body, but it will
sustain every otber patt. Yet, however good your food may be, its niitri-
mont is destroyed by indigestion or
dypepsia. You roust prepare for their
ppcaiance or prevent their coming by
aking regular doses of Oioen's August
Mower, the lavonte medicine of the
healthy millions. A few doses aids
digestion, stimulates the liver to
healthy action, purities the blood, and
makes you feel buoyant and vigorous
You can get Dr. C. G.Oreen's reliable
remedies at VI. F. Toetzel Sc Co.'
Oet Orcen's Special Almanac.
all  railway and
A full
Kates to
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two
C.P.R, offices.
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction In service, taking place
Sunday 29th instant. 40 minute
service before 11 a. m. and after
7.40 p. m.    20 minutes between.
"'I���*���* Stanley-*.
7-����"  *��� .   7.20 a. m
7*40 8.00
8'20 3.40
9-���� 3.20
9-40 D.oo
Another Warm   Proposition )s  the Values.
We are showing in Natural Grey and White,
Knit  and   Wove,   Women's  nud  Children's
Vests,    Drawers,  and   Combinations     remarkably low prices.
Just opencd a very Natty  Line  of Ladies'   French
Flannel Blouses, just the thing for cold weather.
Children's Jackets,   Children's   Caps  and   Hood**,
Infantees and Bootees and Shawl Wraps
Night   Gowns,   Drawers and
pretty   Patterns,
Every size in Women's and Children's Hose,
and Ribbed at popular prices.
Filled with Medicated Filling, and excellent values,
From $1 00 up.
Jackets, Tailor Made Suits and Wrappers, all Newest Notions.
8 CO.       |
We have the Largest and Finest
Assortment in the city.
Spokane Fails &
Northern R'v.
Nelson &  Fort
Sheppard g-Ty,
Red Mountain R'v.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Is   lame    or    interferes
bring him  to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop.  Jo
sephine Street
Every 20  muiines  Between, at
hour, 20 past and 20 to.
Hl*|*ll*llO,l il
7.20 p  -ti
Hlanlry hi
7.20 p. m.
J. 20
To San Francisco and Return
$51.50 ALL RAIL
$46.50 BY STEAMER.
This especially low rate is  made
on account ofthe Episcopal Convention to be   held  in  San Francisco.
Dates of sale, Sept. 23rd to  27th
inclusive.     Good
Nov. 13th.
to   return   until
lo 40
i_ cat.       ia!,r car to sw*tcj,
P. L S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral *!��__-_,_��� and mines suiveyed.
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
10 lag*" ?Pok*_ne   7:35p.._,
 i-ieiBon 0:0j p.m.
H. A. JA0K8ON, G. P. & T.A.
O. K. TAOKABURY 8pokane ' W��b1.
Ascent, Nelson, B.(J
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Hhortost nnd quid-cut route to tho oust nnil all
P.���11** on the O.K. ��c N. and Northern l'a*
cilu: Railways iu Washlngi.011, Orogou nuil
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
S:30a. >n. Lv.
lU:o5p.m. Ar.
I Kaslo
Ar. 1:00 p. m
Lv. 1_U P. ni*
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
������:20 p.m. Lv. Nolson Ar. 11:00 a. m.
D.I0 p, in. An Kaslo Lv. 7*10 a. in.
Connecting at Five Mile Point with Nolson
& Foil Sheppard Railway both to aud from
Hossiand, eu-.
You should'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your Sand
uutil you see What Tfc. nil "usuan,a
for yoij e Miner can   <���������*��
Tickets sold to all p*rts In United State.*, ami
Canuili*. via Great Northern and O. R. K N.
Oo. a linos.
Ocean stoamshln tickets and rales via all
lilies will be furnished on application.
nor further particulars call on or address
_ _ ���, Manager. Kaslo. fl. C
O. K TiOKABURy Agont. Nelson B. 0.
J- 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in 13. C,
-mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
_   LBj,H0Jt_  B|J.ar Bt.
Money to loan Nelson   Daii v   Mi er,  Saturday Octobei. \?.t  _gon
I    MININQ NEWS.     |
Wbat promises to be an important
find of free gold ban heen made on
tbo south fork of the Lardeau. The
Lardeau Eagle gives the following
uooonnt of the And: On Saturday last
a report was circulated in town that
Napoleon Emo and W. U. Howard had
made a discovery that some believe to
be tbe richest gold strike fouud in
this seotion for a long time. Tbe new
snene of attraction is up the south
fork of Lardeau creek on tho eastern
slope of Silvei Uup mountain, above
tbo Sharon and other properties already staked. Thc owners have staked cloven olalmfl, Berkley, Berkley
No. 2, Berkley No. 3, Clyde, Clyde
No, 2, Master Harry, Somerset,
Hurley, Yorlce, Yorke No. 2, and
Yorlie No. 3. While the owners of the
property are not any ing much about it
themselves, lt is nevertheless true
that they did submit to S. Shannon,
II, A., for assay carbonates picked
from the ledge outcropping which
run ,(110 in gold and $8.40 In Bilver.
Further explorations will determine
how much of this ore there is in the
ground, bnt as the ledge can bo
traced over tho length of two claims,
it is probable that Messrs. Emo and
Howard are ln luck.
I andJ.T. Myers Cray, left this morning
! for the we*,t fork conntry on a lmnt-
I ing trip, and arrangements are being
i made to despatch two four-horse
| teams to bring homo the bag from die
j scene of carnage.
J. W. Westfall who has taken a
bond on the Lucky Boy and Pedro,
says tho Trout Lake Topic, will pnt
men to work at once to continue
throughout the winter, The second
payinonnt is to be made on June 1st,
1003, and tho last on Ootohei 1st, 10(12.
Mr.Westfall says those claims has one
of tlio biggest loads he has cor seen.
It has been atitpped foi 400 foet and
extends througn four claims. T ie
paystreak is about 15 inches of almost
solid grey copper lying between well
dunned walls. A parallel lend gives
values from 81,100 to $1,21)0 to the
Values have advnnced steadily in
thc Old Gold Company's properties at
Trout Lake, until now they run from
$10H to $1S5. Tha company expects
soon to ship ore stoadily.
A litiike of six Indies of grey ooppor
has been made on tins Unltled Grouse
claim, lying ou oue side of runnel
which is lu 80 feet. About 70 sacks
of ore, practically all grey copper is
ready to bo taken down and the output for the winter will be eight
or ten tons which should run several
thousand ounces in  silver to the   ton.
The Lardeau Eagle states that
Charles M. McCrossan, managing
director of the Metropolitan Gold
Link and Golden Circle companies,
of Ferguson, has formed a company
knowu as the Lardeau Smelting &
ltefining company, of $7f.0,00u to build
a smeltor. Mr. M-'Crossan statos that
he hopoJ to have the smelter, which
it ia proposed to locate at Ferguson,
in operation by January 1st, 1902.
A pack train of supplies was shipped yesterday up to the Robinson
Crusoe group on Hnll crook, the property of R. James and W. Miller, who
intend putting in a month'a work in
opening up one of tho veins, which
has given encouraging results for
what work has been done on it.
The Duquosne Mining company, of
Pittsburg, now operating placer leases
on Kmitli creel; in the Big Bend, has
raised its capital from $400,000 to
.1,0(10,OCO, which means a considerable extension of its operations in
the district.
At the record ollice yesterday oorti-
licutes of work wore issued to D. T.
Mowat on tho Niagara and Oregon
Nis Inches of ll'0-oiinee ore has been
strnck  on the Seucrita   group, Trout
Sunset Miners Trap a Big Fellow,
Weighing 817 rounds.
Another bear Btory oomes to us from
"io men at the Sunset No. 1. at
Whitewater, says the Koocnaitan.
i'or several weeks past tho miners at
���hn Sunset No. l have been grentlv
anunyed by a huge silver tip. Al"-
'hough they took soveral shots at him
"ley never seemed to have much effect
on bruin. Alex Smith, J. W. Peacock
��'"��� K. Lucas dnally conoeived the
idea of trapping the monster, bnt
"Ily with the result thnt their trans
"ire always sprung but no bear,
jnnally after burying their trap in
"io earth they were rewarded last
Saturday by hearing a loud g,owl
"Inch brought them to the trap and
���"���'it the foroman nnder his "bunk"
"���"  o'  harm's  way.     Peacock   and
���"0,-iii soon dispatched bruin with a
����'i<-l.n-ior   and   a   44 Colt   IOvolver.
'��' bear tipped tho Jackson scales at
"'Pounds.     The  boys   brought  the
''���'' t0,KMl�� today. It is a fine speci-
T.  "a��l*vcr tip.     They   also sa.d
���"' they are not sure whether the
J""* is still  unc,er   ���,,   bunk  or
Greenwood,   Oct.   n.-H-  C. Shaw
The new time table on the C. P. R.
goes into effoot on Monday, October
14th. The morning train, westbound
leaves Nelson at a. m., connecting
at Robson with the train for Rossland
and the Boundary. A train wiil leaie
at 10 a, m. fo.' Slocan City, returning
at 3.40 p. m. Another train leaves at
0.40 p. m., connecting nt Robson with
the steamei for Arrowhead and all
points on the main line of the C. P.
R. and with one for Rossland. The
incoming trains on the C. & K. arrive
nt 11.35 a. tn. from Rossland aud way
points only. At 10.10 p. m. a train
arrives from,Robson having conneoted
there with trains from Rossland
and the Boundary and the 6teamor
from Arrowhead nnd the main line.
The steamers connecting with tbe
Crow's Nest railway leave at 5 a. in.
and arrive a 5 p. ni.
On Sunday there will ba two trains
on the O. P. R. connecting with the
steamers at Robson, ono leaving at
7.11 in tho morning, the oilier at G.40
p. tn. Saturday's steamer for Kootonay lauding will be held over till
Sunday at a a. m. There will he no
change in the time of arrival and d3-
parture of tho steamer for Kaslo.
The Ladies' Aid society of the
Presbyterian ohuroh has made arrangements for a sale of work to take
place, on Hallowe'en. Supper will be
served and au enjoyable timo may be
Tho monthly meeting of the finance
committee of the city council was
hold last evening to pass the monthly
accounts whicli will come bufore the
council nt the next meeting on Monday night.
Everybody will attend the dance
and supper to be given at the Phair
ou Tuesday next and the indications
are that thoy will bo most successful.
The members of the Ladies' Hospital
Aid society, who have the entertainment in charge,are striving energetically to make them great successes.     J
The Imperial hotel, which is the
name by which the Silver King hotel
will be known in future, has beon
handsomely decorated ana completely
renovated by tho new management.
The dining room has been consider
ablyjmlurged, aud the whole interior
of thc building shows a groat improvement.
The Methodi.it church was crowded
last evaning on the occasion of a lecture by Rev. C. M. Tato on British Columbia. The locture was illustrated
ty excellent lime light views of
scenes in all parts of the province.
Mr. Tate having been a missionary
for several yoars for the Methodist
church at Fort Simpson and.other
northern districts, ho was able to tell
cf many parts of the province with
whioh most of bis audience were unfamiliar. Mr. White leaves today for
Kaslo and the Slooan.
Crow & Morris of the Quoon Cigar
Store havo resolved to oonoontrate
their business at Rossland, and with
that end in viow wil*. remove their
stock of goods from this city to Rossland. They sold tho fixtures to Jasper
Phair. Thc latter will carry on a
cigar and tobacco business in the
stand winch Crow St Morris havo occupied during the past year and a
half. Maxev Crow who has been iu
ehargo of the Nelson branch will
return to Rossland in a few days,
whore as iu thc case here, he has
many warm friends.
Ooppor���New York���Lnko, 810,75 to
$17; casting, $10.50 to ,10._2J<_, an
advance of ISMo. London�����03. 15s.
for spot and ��03. 5s. for futures.
Lead���Now York, 84.37K, unchanged ; London, ��11. 15s.
Silver���Now York, ai%; London,
20 U-10d.
'Our little daughter had au almost
fatal attack of whoiping cough and
bronchitis," writes Mrs. W. K. Haviland, of Armonk, N. Y., "but when
all other remedies failed we saved her
life with Dr. King'B New Discovery.
Our nieco who had Consupmtion in an
advanced stage also used this wonderful medicine and todav she is perfectly well." Dospetate throat and lung
d'seases yield to Dr. King's New Discovery as to no other medicine on
earth. Infallible for Ooughs and
Colds. 60c and 81.00 bottles guaranteed by Canada Drug & Book Co.
Trial bottles free.
What will grow at Riverside Nurseries, Grand Forks, will certainly
succeed at Ne Ison. Why go poking
oft* to Eastern Canada or thc coast for
trees that you can get from a nursery
at your own door?
F. O. GREEN        F. 8. OLEMENTB
Civil Engineers and Pro   octal Land
P. O. Box 145 .,N    on, B.C.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
Wo nTe -showing this sonson  a full
line of these goods nnd solicit your
esteemed patronage
Lawrence Hardware
���jf *%no ah,iAs *tv -e**ft-u A/ aUi/
rf /M^&Maj    dj/itCt^rxJ JLAS
incorporated under the laws of British Columbia.
Capital $ 1,000,000 In 1,000,000 Shares. Par Valuo S1.00 Each,
All Treasury Stoek.   So rronwtcrs'nml No Preferred Hloek.
Cambourne Group, 9 Claims
Oyster Group, 6 Claims
Located in the Free Gold Fish River Camp,   Lardeau Mining Division, British Columbia.
Large Veins.
Free Hilling Gold Ore
1. view of the splendid shovrings of both high and low
grade ore and the unrivalled facilities for the economical
developing and working ofthe properties, it is confidently expected lhat, not only will the present issue of stock be sold
quickly, but that no more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for
stock to  .
P. O. Box 556, Nelson. B. C.
Official Broker.
m IN GASH, j
We will give the above reward to any person who will correctly arrange the f
labovo letters to spell tho names of three Canadian cities. Use each letter but J
Lonce. Try it. We will positively givo the money away, and you may be the J
f fortunate person. Should thero bo more than 1 set of correct answers, thei
��� money will bo divided ec-ually. For iiiFtance should 5 persons send in correct 1
C answers, each will reccivo $40; should 10 persons send in correct answors,T
Peach will receive $20 ; twenty persons, $10 each. We do tide to introduce!
lour firm and goods wo handle as quickly as possible. SEND NO MONEYi
I WITH YOUR ANSWER. This is a FREE contest. A post card will do. f
Those who have uot received anything from other contests, try this ono. **
Pormanent Cure for Catarrh,   That In What a
Well-known Toronto GonMeman Says
About Japancso Catarrh Cure.
Mr. John Sloan, 78 McGill Ht., Toronto,
writes: "I havo had catarrh in tlio mo*l disagreeable form for years: havo at times cot
romedios which would reitovc mo, but nothing
to oure mo completely, until I tried Jap.noHO
Catarrh Cun*. Krom the very first it pve mo
much roliof, and ovory day's uso showed a
marked Improvement. I used in all sis boxes,
and it has completely cured mo. It certainly
doos all claimed for It,, wliich I cannot, say for
scores of other romodios trl**4. nnd I fool it my
duty to at'ost my appreciation of anything so
worthy. All druggists, price 50 cents, or mulled
by tho Griffiths and Macphorson Co.. Limited,
I'll Church strouL Toronto.
For sale by J. F. Vanstone Nolson. B. C.
Will pay the highest cash prioe for all
kinds of seoond band goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Fnrnitnre, Btoves, oarport*.
-ooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also east off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200, Hull
3<"-��ot. Nelson. B  ��
- SEE ���
West Block,
East Daker St,
A. R. BARROW, a ilo.k
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Corner Viotoria and* Kootonay Sts.
P.O. Box 500 Tolenhone No. on
Save Your Snowshoe Tags
The most popular brand of Chewing
Tobacco in Canada today is "Pay
ftoll." Every Plug of "Pay Roll1'
bears a "Snowshoe" Tag. Consumers
should save these tags, as valuable pres-
sentsare given for them. When you
buy "Pay Roll" UhowinfcToboooo, ask
your dealer for our new Illustrated premium catalogue.
NKLSON LODGE*   No. 23, A. F. &
M. meots soeoiid Wednesday tn
month.   Visiting brethorn wolcomo
!. O. O. F. Kootonay Lodgo
No. 16, moots ovory Monday niglil,
at  tholr Hall, Kootonay Btroot
Bolmirnlng Odd Fellows cordially invited.
John A, MoRao. N.G.  D. W. lluthorford. V.G
Frod J. Squire, Per. Soe.
Nolson Itoyal Arch Chaptor No. 123, G. 11. C.
Meets third wodnosday. riojournlna compan
ions invitod. George Johnstone, Z. l'l. VV.
Matthews, 8. E.
.moots in IC. of P. hall, Oddfellows blook
WoryTuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
All visiting knights cordially  invito
Wm. Iiivink, CC.
A. T. Park, K. of It. and B.
Nolson Rnca pmont No. 7. Mootfl ovory 2nd
and ah Friday of eaoh month, iu Odd Fellows
Hull, cornor Baker and Kootonay streots,
Nolson. A. II. Clements, (J. I'.; 11. .Mi.Arthu,-
It. S.   Visiting brothers always, welcome,
NKLSON L. O. L. No. lfioa moots in Km-
tcrnlty Ball on first and third Friday ovonlngs
of oaoh month at B o'clock. Visiting member
cordially   Invitod.    W. W. Bradley, W. K.
NKLHON AKRIK Na 82, F. O. E��� moot*,
ovory second and fourth Wednesdays of eacl.
month. Visiting members oordlally invii
Charles Prosser, Hnorotary.
Kootoni-y Tont No. 7. K. O. T. M��� hold tholr
regular mooting* in Fraternity Uall, 1. O. O F
block, on the 1st and 8i*d Thursdays of oncli
n.onth.   Visiting brethren cordially invitod lo
1st and 3rd Wednesday ovuiiIiiks of
oaoh month at Fraternity liall,
corner of Baker and Kootenai
"*���"��*��   Visiting brothern oord-
ELwabdMaci.koo. Socrotary.
COUKT KOOTEttAT, I. O. F��� No. 3ia.
Mooting* 1th Thursday cf month. Fraternal
hall. J A Irving ORTp. 't. Kloming. U.S.
NolBon Court Star of Kootenay. A. o. F,
Moots 2nd and   1th   Wodnosday* in  every
month.  Vinltlng brothren welcome. W  Mac-
Miliar U.K.   Pobert MoLood, Hoc.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until yon soe what The Miner oan do
for you.
AdverLiHoreoiiU. UiRertod nnder this bead nt
tbo ritio of ono runt, a word per inaortion. No
adverUseinonU taken for lettf* than 26 ceDU.
Bimiauon Wanted adverLiaemcnta inserted
-.hroo limes friio of charge.
la.KNUSED       ROOMS.���Apply       on
Milieu,     sououd   door   west     Ward
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through Tlie Aiiner want
column, what you aro in want of
You'll Ket it.
FOB SALE.���No.     2   i'elton     water
motor for suie.      Almost now.    Address Trail News, Trail, 1!. C.
TWENTY-TWO unfurnished rooms,
corner Uall and linker streets, to
rent, all modem conveniences, suitable for lodging rooms or living
rooms. Applv at shoe store on
Ii'OR SALE,���Cheap   for cash,   house,
chicken house and lot, 00x120, oornor
of   Cedar   and   Observatory     streots.
(Joml paideu.    Apply on premises.
FOIt SALE.���-A tame doe iawu; would
make   a   nice put, perfectly   docile.
Apply A. 11. a., (irituito Hiding
BOOMS and BOARD.���Every convenience ;   soutli cast   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
FOB KENT���Home Temperance hotel,
20 bedrooms, dining room, parlors,
Inleheu, all furnished complete; Sia
per month. Apply to A. O. (jumble,
Egent, llaker street.
JJi   M. Al. CuuiiniiiK, LMMe���ttvery known
No. HI, Hoover tiiroul, Nelson.   BolLlun_ uf Lhe
I'.iijioiu, ibu 1a;uh Jiut duniitia MiuortU Wultir
CI AN'*; & Al A' i��OXAl_lt |il. OtUicH J.-rno
/ A. Alacdunti!d)���ArchiLeulH and bupcrin
LondenlB, l5iui-u.;i tiiii lilock, corner llakei aud
Ward bLreuw, NetttOU
HJ. EVA.N8 & CO.-linker BtfOOt, Nol
Karri, content, iiru brick aud liro clay,  water
[jijj*' and .-1 t-c- railii, aud {^uueral counuiHt-ion
' Two rooms on suite on Ward St.,
also rooms facing the west. On September 1, two sirgio rooms and two
or three en m.to facing Baker st.
Furnislie- or unfuruislicd. Mrs. F.
J. Squ.ro, Room 11,  K.    VV. O.  illock.
LOST���A   pair   of   eye  glasses   with
small gold chain attached.     Finder
will leave at this oflice; reward.
MEN WANTED���Ou     Crow's Nest
Southern   Ry.      (iood   wages, lou*^
job   rieildqnarters, Eklo,   H.   C. A.
Guthrie .t Co.
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street,    l'houo 378.   J. il. Love.
WANTED.���Woman   Cook.      Waitress.      Laundress.     Railroadmen   ior
Lardo.    (iirls for lmuscwoik.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED.- Waitress,(iirls for liouse*
work.      Men   for     Railroad    work,
men for bnwmill, second cook $50   per
month, stone mason.
Western   Employment  Otlice, II. A.
l'rosser, l'hone 270.
Storage���I havo a   large   warehouse
for     storing       household     or    other
A MACDONALD & Co,-Uornor Fron
��� and Uall Struota���WholeHoio irrocor
und jobbers in blankets, Klcvos, mitts, boots
rubbers, luackinuws and nitnors',-1 in Orion-
11   BURNS & Oo.-Baker atreet, Nolson-
. ���   Whole-sale doaloi-s lu frosh aud cured
moat*,.   Cold Sioi;.;.,,-.
jlakor Street, Nolson��� VV Holesale dou
ors lu frosh and curod meats.
Stroet,   Nelson ��� VV holesale  doalai* in
liardwaru,  minors'  supplies, sporting good*
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Suceosrfora to Van
oouvor UardwiU'oCo, Ltd./Jlukor Stroot.
Nelson���Whulosalo dealers iu hardware and
mining supplies, pluuiburs' aud tinsmiths' sup
paints, oils and Klaus, mechanics' tools
Agents for Outario 1'owdor Works; irnamito
fr'-ifc-*; ilitlUajr (-.old rrouertlcH���Wc are
an.vlous to Bt-cure a few free mllllUK gold
tiroi-crUcit at ouec. TUe PrONpeclor'H Exchange, N'-'Imhi, H. C, ttlMilll 4, K.-W.-C.
GOLD SILVKK t'OfFJ-U Lt.U* -.MIiim    and
pro>.|icctH wanted,  ttend report aud ttum
l��l*rs lo the S'r-Mi-rclor'iS Exchange. Nelxou.
KX'.   Uoom 4 (���_.. ��. O. block.
Real Estate. Insurance Money to Loan.
0-RoomIIouse, modem, $20.
5 Room House, modem, $15,
5-Rooiu House,  modern, $10.
Several small houses.
For Sale, u good garden plot.
0AB8.-M-EALB a la OAETE.
Close connection Bust mid West*
hound itt .Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Fulls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection nl St. Paul wilh-
out change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, Ne* York
and nil points West and Kouth.
Leaves Spokane daily for.East atJSllS am
Leaves Spokane daily ior West at 7:15 a.in
Leaves Spokane daily ior West at 8*00 p m
West-hound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Fraucisco, and all point.i
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation Kast
hound trains connect at Duluth with
themagniflcent steamships North-Wes.
and North-Lund of! he Northern Steam
uhip Company Lino, operated in connection with the (ireat Northern lUil-
For further informntlor, a is, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern I ty., Kaslo & Slocan
Ily., Kootei ai Kail wuy Sc Navigation
Co   or to
-      H. BRAND!',
City I'h��h. and Tkt   Agl, W 7ol  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, VViwh.
ti. K. TACKAUUKlf. Locnl Agent,
Nelson, lid
ri lUKNKU, BUMTON tc Co.-Corner Vornon
X. uud Josephine titroots, Keleon���VV'luilo
salo dealers lu liquors, oi^ars, uud dry good*.
AKOuts tor Ivi-Nl. llt-owing Oa of Milwaukee
aud Calgary ilrewing Co. or Calgary.
liDSoN'S BAY Co.���Wholosale grooerlos
and liquors etc., liakor Street, Nelsuiu
Ollice corner Hall mul trout BlrouU
Mtjtsoii- i.iinituT, cuiliiiKi iluoriiiK, hi ni cvory
lliiutf in wood for buUdiuK purpOHot-* UcL oat
pricoi..   UoiTCHp-.Huiuiice sonuitcd.
r|1   GALLON t OO.-0_-al-.r-, In  ore nfickn
X- ���   aud twiuoH.   Always ������_ largo Htork  on
hand. Toiuphono tfjj.  livuui H, K.- vV'.-t; Jtlock
Dominion and
LaDd Surveyor.
169 NELSON b c
WlnderinoreMlnos.   CorrespondenooSollolle
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via  St.   Paul   or  Chi
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going Oct. 1 -i 5th
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For  pamphleta descriptive of_.Oan
adian PaciUo tours and for Time Tub
Rates,  TickeU.   apply
II. L. Bkown,
City PaHHiniRer Axeufj
J. 8. Gaktrr, K. J. Oovlk    -
Dis. Pass. A|ft. A. (4. P. A.
Neluon. Vanconver
"   : ���-T.
Nelson Daily Miner Satur ay, October 12,   .901
Wall Landlords who frequently
U havo   occasion    to    repair
HapCr houses for tenants are invariably finding that paper is cheaper
and infinitely mora satisfactory than
kalsomine, paper costs less and wears
longer without becoming soiled. It
secures and holds a better class of ten*
nn**8: in fact a good tenant will insist on
having paper. There is Wall Paper and
Wall Paper, our Wall Paper and the
othor kind. Yon will pay no more,
mnch less, in fact, for our np-to-date
papers than for inferior and older designs elsewhere. Our Fall Sale is worth
the attention of every householder.
The Imperial Rank of Canada is
establishing a branch at Ferguson,
B. C.
A son was born yesterday to the
wife of E. N. Murphy, mining recoi-
rtor at EuBkanook.
The Kaslo brought in two oars of
Last Chance oie, and three of Whitewater, all for the Trail smeller.
The pastor will conduct both services in the Methodist church tomorrow. Subject for the evening, Does
Religion Pay?   A Talk to Young Mon.
Ducks and geose are said to be very
plentiful iD the marshes near Kootenay Landing, but owing to the bright
line weather it is very hard to got a
shot at them.
Mrs. A. C. Nolson passed thiough
the city yesterday. Sho was on her
���way from Greenwood to Muuson,
Me, whither she was conveying tha
remains of her nnsbaud who had diad
at the former place recently of
Socialism vs. Anarchism is the subject which will be discussod by the
Socialistic Educational club on Sunday next iu the Miners' Union Hall at
3.30oclook. The subject will ho introduced by Miss. M. Ii. Merrill, and
a free discussion will follow.
The lirst appearance of Mr. W. li
Iledloy, violinist, wiil be one of the
many features at the grand operatlo
perfonnonco next Thursday night,
October 17th. Mr. Hedley is visiting
relations in Nelson, he comes highly
recommenced as a soloist by the Lou
don and Continental press. For the
past six years he has studiod in fier-
many and- is a graduate of the Lcipsic
conservatory of music. His selections
for tho evening will be Reverie,
Vieuxtemps, and the Spanish Dances,
Sarasate. Tlie box plan will open
Monday at 11 a. tn., McDonald's fruit
But Coffee Oertainlj Ruins Some of the
Most, Highly Organized People*
"One year I livod where tho water
was bitter with iron and I could not
hear to drink it, so I began dunking
coffee three times a day.
Gradually I noticed nn uncomfortable feoling in the stomach, and more
or less constipation. In a fen
months 1 began to lie awake at night
long after I had retired.
This increased, until I never
thought of going to sleep before three
or four o'clock In the morning, and
then only after getting out of bed and
walking thu door for an hour.
I was talking of my nervous state
with a friend, who suggested that
pei haps it was the coffee I had been
using. She felt quite sure it was, and
stated that coffee would not stay on
her stomach at all, bnt as she fait she
must have a hot drink for breakfast,
sho had been using Postum Food
Coffee. She said sho didn't like I'os
turn particularly well, and at breakfast the next morning I didn't wonder, when I tasted the lint drink that
the servant brought In.
The same day I was Invited to take
dinner with another friend, Mrs.
Foster. '. lind visited her often before
nnd knew she made delicious coffee,
so when she asked how I liked her
coffee, Baid, 'It la jnst as Hue as
usual.' Sho invited me to have an-
othor cup, but I said, I would uot
dare to take the second' 'lib, you can
drink as many cups of this as you
like; it won't hnrt yon. Tbis is I'ostum Food Coffeo. Wo have been using
It a year now, and the little children
have all they want and um fnmih
have never been as healthy ab in tin-
past year.' 'I'ostum,' said 1 dnubt-
fnlly,' why the Postum I hid tint-
morning didn't taste anymore like
this than disli water.' 'Perhaps il
was not made right,' said my friend,
'1 have known more tlian one person
to be turned away from Postum tic-
oause it was poorly made. Thoro is
no seeret in It; only allow it to boil
long enough to bring out the taste,
Hnd there you are.' I have been nllng
Postum since, ami am entirely cured
of my trouble. I cannot say too much
for it." Grace A. Foster, Omali.-i,
The censorship in Sooth Africa now
oovers all private letters from
The body of George Young, the unfortunate deckhand who was drowned
off the Kokanee on Wednesday waB
recovered yesterday afternoon and
brought to Nelson to the undertaking
parlors of D. McArthur Sc Co., where
an inquest will be held this morning.
At Emmanuel church on Snnday
Kev. Wm. Munroe will preach in the
evening on Christ and the Worker.
This will be the second series on The
People's Christ. Appropriate music
will be rendered by the choir, A cor,
dial inivtation is extended to everyone.
A meeting of the Retail Grocers'
association was held last evening at
the MiDers' Union nail at which mo6t
of the city giocers were present. The
objaot of the meeting was to discuss
the circular whioh had been sent out
by them, and the action of the Board
of Tiade the night before in regard
to It.
A meeting of the Northwest Development Syndicate was held yesterday
afternoon at which the following
board of directors was elected: A. J.
Scott, preident; G. A. B. Uall, NelBon, vice-president; J. P. Uyers, Trail;
P. Lamont, J. Fred Hume, J. C. T.
Crofts, Ohos. Stillwell, and S. M.
Bridges, Nelson; J. Magee, Kevel-
stoke, and A. F. Rosenbergor, secretary ami managing director.
Invitations are out for the farewell
social which is being tendered to the
Rev. H. S. Akehurst, rector of St.
Saviour's church, who is leaving lor
Kamloops in November. The function
is being arranged by the Sons of England of which the reverend gentleman
is an old and prominent member and
will be held in Fraternity hall on
Wednesday evening October 30th,
1D01, an exceellent programme being
arranged in which the leading talent
of the oity will take part and refresh
ments will be served during the
eveniu   .
Yesterday afternoon a Ch inaman,
who bad been fishing at the end of
the C, P. R. wharf and was reurning
home noticed tbat an engine was coming rapidly down the track on whioh
he was walking. As he was near a
switch, and thinking the locomotive
would continue along the straight
traok, ho stepped oil on the branch
line, not notic.ing that the switch waa
pen. When tne engine suddenly
beaded straight for bim he was almost
paralysed, and moved in time only
for the cowcatcher to miss him by a
bail breadth.
Mrs. Gordon Grant, of Victoria,
provincial organiser for tbe W. C. T.
U. is holding a series of meetings
throughout Kootenay and will spend
Sunday in this oity. Mrs. Grant is a
gifted speaker and advantage has been
taken of ber visit to arrange addrosscs
during her stay in several of the
churches. A mass uieotiug will be
held in tbe Presbyterian church at
'.he close of the evening service and
children's meeting iu the Methodist
church at tho close of Sunday school
at both of which Mrs. Grant will
speak. An address to ladies on Mon
day afternoon will also be held, time
and place to be announoed later.
While tho ore brought down from
up the lake was being transhipped
from the steamer Kaslo to the cars at
the C. P. R. wharf yestorday morning
one of the deck hands experienced i
nuaden and unpleasant cold bath
Owing to tbe Kokanee being tied up
next to the wharf, the Kaslo was only
abU to get within twelve feet, and
across this space the gangway barely
teached. As Dan Woods was wheel
ing a truck loaded with six sacks of
ore aeioss this tbe plank suddenly
slipped off thc edge ofthe steamer and
oie, truok and man were precipitated
into the lake. The ore and the truck
went to the bottom, but Woods quickly camo to tho surface and was fished
out with a boat hook, none tbe worse
for bis experience
Michael Smith will come before his
honor, Judge Forin today, on extra-
ditionary proceedings. Tho story told
by F. J. Lowery, sheriff's officer
from Republic, corresponds with that
of the prisoner in most respects. The
gold had been hidden by Mrs. Neai,
wife of tho man for whom the prisoner had worked, In the earth beneath
the Hoot- of tho hen house. One day
Smith was told to clean out the place
and in doing so name on the can in
which was the pickle bottle containing the gold. He did not stay to find
an owner but started for Canada immediately, having a good time on the
way. Iloforc he had reached Robson
he nail bought a ticket for Victoria
it is said witli tho intentio- of going
to Manila. His recognition and arrest
by Constable Forroster was a clever
one. The constable was at his supper
when the telegraph operator brought
him the dispatch whicli nsked bim to
uiiikii ll.e arrest, but no description
was given. Mr. Forrester hastened
Io catch the steamer across the river
and found his man in the lunch room.
Smith haa letained S. S. Taylor as
solicitor and will fight extradition.
It will take some days to get the
necessary witneses.
The special committee on ways and
means of the Nelson Boat club met
last night and decided to hold a dance
on the evening of Monday, October
28th. E. E. Phair haB kindly given
the use of the Vhair hotel for the oc-
oa8ion. The price of tickets was put
at $3 for members and $2.50 for non-
men-bers. These wil) admit one gentleman and one lady. When more
than one lady attends with the holder
of a tioket an additional charge of 50
cents will be made. Members may
invite friends from surrounding towns
upon paying for those who attend.
The following were appointed on the
tioket committee. A. H. Buchanan,
C. B. Winter, W. J. Beaven, H. E.
CroaBdaile, D. Rutherford, D. Rae,
R. Cochrane, E. C. Wragge, J. G.
Bunyan, J. W. Ford, W. A. Fraser.
and J. A. Wetmoie. Those on the
dance oommittee are H. Selous, H.
E. Croasdaile, C. B. Winter, and E.
W. Matthows. No efforts will be
spared to make tbe danoe a most
enjoyable one.
West Transfer Co.
Goal me Wood
Best  Fir and Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on   Baker Street. Tel. S3
Sidney Ncrman, of Spokane, is registered at the Phair.
A. G. Creelman,   contractor on the
C. P. K. roundhouse, went to Rossland yesterday.
T. G. Holt, of Vancouver, is at
the Phair. He has just returned from
a visit to   Spokane.
Bruce White, general manager of
the Mollie Gibson, is at the I'liair.
He has just returned from a visit to
A. G. Brown, recently employed by
D. J. Robertson, furniture doalor,
went to Grand Fo-lts yeBterday to
make bis home.
J. A. Baker of Slocan, and James
Wilks went to Rossland yesterday to
attend an important meeting of
ofllcers of the Western Federation of
Positively after this date no Lethbridge Gait Coal will be delivered
excepting paid iu advance.
Phair���W. A. Williams, St. Louis;
Mrs. Helen HeVille, New York; F. J.
Holman, Spokane; T. G. Holt. Vancouver; A. F. Rich, S. 0. Cavill, Eos*
���on; W. S. Stout, Toronto; Sidney
Norman, Spokane; G. Ford, Winnipg;
A. C. Sullivan and wife, Grand
Hume���R. G. Druramond, Fernie;
G. II. Ramsay, Vancouver; J. P.
Miller, Kaslo; W. N. Bravton, Kaslo;
J. 1!. Gifford, Hall Mines; Miss
Stickney, Vancouver; S. Vila, Hamil
ton; G. W. Thompson, Sandon.
Grand Central.���H. P. Forrest,
Vancouver .1. M. Fuller, J. Carney,
Kirabeley; H. W,Carroll, Lotbbrldgo;
J. Crowley, Halyoon; J. M. Mcintosh, Vankleek Hill; A. Hudson, A.
Normand, Ottawa; W. 1). Sorenson,
Queens���Mortimer Collin, Wardner;
n. D. Dibblee, Lardo; Mrs Luff,
Great consternation was felt by the
friends of M. A. Hogarty, of Lexington, Ky., when they nav. he was turning yellow. Bis skin slowly ohanged
color, also his eyes, and be suffered
terribly. His malady was Yellow
Jaundice, He was trea'ed by the best
doctors, but without benefit. Then
he waB advised to try Electric Bitters,
the wonderful Stomach and Livei
remedy, and he writes: "After taking two bottl*-s I was wholly oured. "
A trial proves its matchless merit for
all Stomach, Liver and Kidney
troubles. Only 25o. Said by Canada
Drug & Book Co.
We havo reoeived personal and un
questionable information from the
east that "A Wise Woman" is mak
ing tbe strongest kind of a hit and
has been doing an enormous business.
Since the day it was started the management have been digging out and
adding to it without fear or favor,
until now it stands without an equal
in its line.
yon don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
because you never tasted it
stamped on every
garment, insures
"you genuine
the most perfect, mpsi healthful
most   delightfully comfortable',
underwear made.   Endorsed
by physicians.,
Vor Men, WoomiuI
.��*- Children. .J?""
All llrhi-'f-ir,-, OryOoodiL
*-   Stores km fun    a
Bnd try a bottlo, a rtoKon, or ft bnrrol of
CALGARY BEER m. lt is tho bout and
cnei*.pi*Ht on tho market. Aluo try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
PRANK   A, TAMBLYN. M.......
Telephone 93 Bator SU, Nelson
Porto RicojLumber
Co., Limited,
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always Id
Wo carry ft compioto Block of Ooast Flooring
Coiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash und
Doors. Special order work will rceoivo prompt
attention*   Mail orders solicited.
"XEbe TRoval Bank of Canaba_"
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorlied,    .     .    ��-),00��,000.001 Capital Pald.��p.     ���   ���    .     g'.OOO.O-...,
Hoard of Dlr��ton    ThomajiK.Kenny.  Preoideiitii  Thomas Kltohlo. VloeSlSJ*
Wiley Smith  H. 0. Bauld, Hon. David MaoKoon. ����i.
Head Office, Halifax!
nnnerol Manager, Bdbon L. Peaso, Montroal.
SnSS-endont oi Branohon. and Socrotary. W. a Torranoe. Halite..
Bran    ca I
Ontario-Ottawa.    ��� ���""*"'���
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba, West ladle*���Havana.
""iSKi^w-S:York (,ti Kic"ar"��- ��-i
���ova   Scolia-Halifax   Branch,  AntlgonM*
Brldgowater, Gureboro. Londonderry, Lu
onburg. Maitland (Hants Co.), l'ictou. Port
Hftwkesbury, Sydney. Shubonaoadle.Truro,
Sen    BrunHWlck - Bftthurnt.     Dorchester,
FrodoricUin, Kingston (Kent Co.l, Mono-
ton, Nowcastlo, Sftokvllle, St, Johu.W oodstook*
V. 1;. Itland���Charlottetown, Sunimentlde.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver
Vanconver East End, Victoria '
Cnnnda-Morohants Bank of Canada. Boston-National Shawmut Bank. ChleaKO-minni.
Trust and Savings Hank. Han 1'ranclnco-Flret National Bank. London, Bug. - Hank ���
Scotland. Paris, France-Credit Lyonnals. Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda. China mm j.
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. Upokane���Old National Hank.
Ueueral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange Ooui-li
and Sold, Letters ol Credit, Etc., Negotiated. *
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Oflice���Ho*"lrrr and Vemnn Ht. Nolson
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Uno Australian .., .OH, 25
Allan Lino Pri!,orian Nov. 2
Allan Lino Tunisian  Nov. 7
Beaver Lino Lako Obaninlaln Oct. 25
Beavor Line Lake Megantio Nov. l
lioaver Lino Lako Simcoe Nov. 8
From Portland, Mo.
Dominion Linn Oambroman Oct. 2(1
Dominion Lino   Vancouver Nov. i)
From Now York
Cunard Line  Ktruria Oct. 26
Cunard Line Campania Nov. 8
VVhitoStar Lino Celtic. Oct. 22
Whlto Star Line Teutonic  ..Oct. 23
Whlte Star Line Uormanis Oct. 40
American Line Philadelphia, Oet. 2H
Amorlcan Line St.  Paul Oct. 30
Anchor Line Anchnria Oet. 26
Anchor Line Pumesettt Nov. 2
N, G. L. Kaiser Wilholm dorGrossc Oct. 22
French Line L'Aquitaine Oct. 24
French Line La Champagne Oct. HI
HamburK-Aiiifrieaii DueleohlancL.  Oct. 31
Allan Stale Line Lauren Han ....Oct. 30
Fiom Boston
Dominion Lino Commonwealth Oct. 23
Dominion Line New England Nov. 20
Cunard Line Saxonia ��� Nov. 2
Further palling4--- for thc above lines also
French, Hod Star, Holland-American, H. A. P.
Co., N. Q. Lloyd ou application,
Gen. Agent, Winnipeg, Man.
J. S. CARTER. D. P. A��� Nelson,
(������.lures in ths abov<> Company can be
boiiRht for 35 cents now.
Rueli in your orders as there is
every prospect ot another advance in
the near future.
H. & M. BIRD
A ten-roomed house and corner
lot on Stanley street, close to Baker
street complete with furniture. A
Bargain for immediate sale. Terms
on part of the purchase money.
Several good houses  at  reduced
rents.    Call and see our list.
& CO.
X Phone 117
*********** ***********4
lie   sure and get tho genuine   BENNETT'S GOTTA PEI.CHA FUSE, not
something lhat looks   like   it.      aw-
rence Hardware Co., Ai-on"*"''
Brewers of Fine Lngor
Beer and Porter,
��-l��(_u   ft, 0
! NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON, B. C. J*
{ Gold, Silver-Lead  and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCriANOE.  J
, FREE   MILLING   GOLD  properties  wanted at once for Eastern  |
J    investors.
J Parties having  mining  property for  sale are   requested to send
,    samples of their ore to the EXCHANUE for exhibition.
> We desire  to  hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
I    claims in Hritish Columbia. J
Prospectors  and  mining  iron   are requested   to make  the  EX-  $
CHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson. ��
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID. j.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to |
TelopllOlto No. 104.   P.O. Box 700. NELSON, B. 0.   i
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
*>'Z> ******** ZScvS
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Neluon, Easlo
Sandon, Tnree Forks, New Denver and Slocan City,
Orders by mall to a** branch will bave careful a**i nrampt attention.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   88,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   _2,000,000*
Aggregate  Resources Over .05,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. OOX, President.      B. B. WALKER, Oeneral Manager.
London OHlce: 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
New York OHlce; io Exchange Place.
And 08 branches ln Canada and tho tlnii ml Slates, Including i
Atlin Greenwood Nklson Sanuom
Ouanbeook        Kamloops Nkw Wkstminstbb  Vancouver
Fkrnik Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT-Dawson and Whito Horsk.
UNITKll STATICS-New Yorr, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaoway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.  Present Bate 8 Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot greatly increases the heating capacity of the stove, and in connection with the deflector^ ring forces the
heat to the floor. The base is hot, the floor being warmer than with a
base burner.
The Hot Blast Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at the
rear of the fire pot, the healed air being discharged in a circle at the top
of Are pot, over fire, thus consuming all the gases and products of combustion, lt can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control of the ste ve with nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the back takes the cold air from
the floor and ejects it intensely heated, through the top adding greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions*we guarantee it to
consume all the gas contained in soft coal, thus deriving the benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkable saving of
luel over any other stove on the market. The stove will hold fire from
24 to 48 hours without attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn und Poultry in Season
E.   O.    TRAVES.   MANAGE*.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by m-.il receiv_ car_fu| and prompt attention.,


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